Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 19, 1843, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 19, 1843 Page 4
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Fact and Faucjr. Mikk jw Boston?The consumption of milk in Boston, annually, is set down at 2 000 000 gallon*, tlnd in London, with a population fifteen times la'* ', the rs i mated annual ronsun p'ton is only 2 vat 00) Billons One man hnngsuito Boston over lit- Wor -eater railroad, ahout 200.000 gallons yearly. TaSMKN tta ?LIDK ON THB KKADING H AM,R04I) ? Another Hide occurred on Tuesday night on the Beading raihroad, near Manavunk, being the third accident of the kind which has occurred at the m ite spot It is estimated that 10,000 tone of rock ami earth were deposited on the track, tearing up the rail* and causing obstructions which will take xiniagnM to rem ve. The slide was occasioned h. the ACfion of the warm weathe r on the frost in the figuresof tn? rock which overhangs the road above the river. The company liave made arrangements to have train*placed on each aide of the obstruction, so as not to delay travel and the transportation of the mails. Extraorturary Weather ?In the north western part ot North Carolina ail the peach, plum, and ap pie trees have been killed by the late frosts On the 211 ult. the thermotm ter fell at Greenville to 16 degrees above zero, and snow covered the mountains to the depth of 6 inches. Novel, ("onnundrum?Why n a corkscrew like one of Dickens's characters'! Because it is ail-uf aT+ht. Swaixowino Pins ? A voting ladv of Manchea ter, N H , savs the Memorial, swallowed twentyfive pin? and one needle, at one time, on Fast-day She had unpinned h*-r cloak and carelessly placed the pin* in her mouth, when something excited her risible faculties, and caused her to swallow them. A physieian was called, and the pins were with great difficulty extracted. At one time her life was despaired ol, but she is now doing well. Ohio River?At Wheeling, on Wednesday, the Ohio River had eighteen feet of water in the channel At Pittsburgh, the same day, there were eltven teet of water in the channel. Another Murder.?We are informed (says the Athens Banner o! 7ihinst.) that a murder was committed in Jackson county, t>v a negro, ti|>on Win Foster, of F'anklin county. North Carol na. The negro belonged to Mr Fos er, and effected the murder at the camp where tliey were staying, by striking the deceased several blows on the head with an H*e These facts have been confessed by the negro, who is in the jail awaiting hi* trial. Steamboats 1-ost.?The Clarion struck a snag iatelv 'n the neighborhood of Mobile, and sank with abou' 9 to hales of cotton on board The Kmelie, a valuable boat, struck a snag tn the Missouri, two weeks since, about 100 miles above M Louij, and s-ink '? her boiler deck. Boat and cargo a total loss, but no lives lost. Another Cotrt Holtsk Bprned??>n the 25th ..l. .u., a _..i j:j p l. _r *t . UI1 , (ur nr-w nuu spiruuiu vjimri I'Uiw, oi ;nooie county, Indiana, was consumed by fire The greatest part ot th-records ol the county were destroyed. Honor to Whom, ?tec ?It always affords us pleasur to record acts ot humanity and gallantry, of which th-" tollowmg deserves special notice :?On Sunday morning last a silver ntedal was presented io Corporal Pti'lip Cahtll, of U. S. vtartnes, attached to the frigate Brandy w ine, ov Commodore Parker, in the natne ot the officers of the Irtgate Constitution, lor his gallant and noble conduct in saving Irom drowning midshipman Weaver, who fell overboard from that ship wh le lyt g ofi the navy yard on the n.eht ot 3d Vehruary last. Commodore Parker complim- nted Corporal Cahifi for his praiseworthy conduct, and concluded his remaiks by announcing his promotion to the rank ot Sergeant. Poverty, Sickness, Insanity, and Suicide Saturday morning. Col Pratt was called to ho1 u inquest in Kingston street, upon the body ot G> ^e L, Uuflet, who had cut his throat during the pi reding night. He wasabout thirty five years of age? a native of England?had been in litis country about nine years, and been generally employed as a laborer He was a mun of steady and correct habits, and whs a member of Trinity church. During the past fifteen months he had been in feeble health,and unable to work, and for the last fortnight was greatlv depressed in spirits, occasioned by his bad health and his inability to provide for the wants of his family Oa Thursday he became decidedly deranged, and continued in the same condition through Friday. He went to bed at 9 o'clock, and at 11, his wile, supposing htm to he asleep, laid down by his side Io a few minutes he sprang out of bed, t)l? w the light out, and returned tubed. Soon alter he sprang out ot bed again, and ran into an adjoining room, his w ife following him. He seized a razor, which his wite endeavored to take hway from him, and in the struggle both fell down, and whtle down he succeeded in completely severing his wi dpipe and jugular, and his wile wasiustanily covered with his blood Verdict?suicide, caused by partial insanity. Reside his widow, who is a very exemplary woman, ihe deceased has tett two voung children, one i f w hom is a cripple ?Boston Post. Naval Cokpt VIartiai..?The Naval Court Martial sitting on board the United States ship Penns?lvania, at Norlo'g, for the trial ot Cap'ain Kamsay, met on Thursday tnorutng agreeably to ad)onrnment. The examination ot Purser Moore wa? vii'iuuru, n> uie ciosc ?>I wnicn vipiimi Ttamsay read h memorial that he wished to forward io the Secretary, in which he urted his objections to the members of the cour? before retenr< d to. The cottrt was cleared, and <m being re-opeucd. Captain Raineav was informed th-it the court had grouted his request Purser Moore was then cross-xamined by Captain Ramsay, after which the court adjourned until Friday morning at 11 o'clock. On Friday, Captain Ramsay wished the court to expunge the proceedings of Thursday in relation to a portion of the evidence of Purser Moore. After deliberation the couri decided not to expunge the evidence, and Captain Ramsay then entered a protest Hgainst the deci ion The examination of Purser Moore was continued, and the c?urt adjourned to Saturday. Deaths, and "Sincerely Regretted" Deaths.? It ap ears that the London Times charges 7s for publishing an advertisement of a death in its simp est torm, and ihat ihe addition of the words" sincerely regretted" raises the charge to 10s. Fire, amd a Boy Horned to Death.?On the night of 'he 29 li sit , the dwelling house ol Jonathan A'drich, ot Croghan, was consumed by fire, with all its contents The family, with the exception of a son of Mr. Aldrich, aged nine years, had b-irelv time to escape in their night clothes, but he was hurued to death. The family walked three querters of a mile, barefooted that inclement night over driffs of snow, to their nearest neighbor, where they found protection.?Lotcville Jour. I?-Distress among the Indians ? A letter from the U. per Missouri, published in the St. Louis New Era, states that whole tribes of Indians are coming in to | tn?- ironwer, aesinuieoi provisions and ammunition, owing to the severity of the winter. A deputation had gone to Jefferson City to solicit food of the government. A nothkk Fortification.?A new military poat has been established at the Racoon For-is of the Desmoines river, bv the U S War Department. It is the intention of the Department to station there two companies, one of dragoons and one of infantry. Rhode Island Supreme Judicial Court?The grand jury finished their inquest on Saturday morning, and returned hIhjui thirty indictments Among them was one fortreason by levying waragainst the State, against C. S. Manders In the treason cases continued from last term, the court overruled the objections takrn to the indictments on account of the alleged pariialny of some of the grand jury who lound them The pleas in these cases were agreed 10 be filed by Wednesday next.? Providnue Journal, Ap U 17. Important Decision ?The Supreme Court has decided the questions ui.der th* will of the late l)r. Plennn, of Mantua Village, and has adjudged that bis b quest to charitable and beneficent institutions si Philadelphia, <fcc , means those fiavtrg a charter, for the relief o| bodily infirmities, and organized wi'hin the limits of the city proper It has also decided that the words of the will Ho not mean the 01Hioary beneficial societies.? I'n.lad t hrrmtclt,April 18fA. Naval ?It ia stated that a number of additional workman have been taken in at the Philadelphia V V J Mw irtro, mwioi wriom are employed on the aiearner Princeton. Moat of iht* machintry intended lor the Princeton, ia already completed, and it is contemplated to prepare the yemel lor it* reception during the mailing auminer. THK WAKM SALT WATER D VTH II 111* ').?!, at the f.nt ?f Oeahrnea'l atrfet v, H ? ''"J." * *'M?*e? o'er I' ah water, tee Med cil J ornate f ?'T ii >.?'? Dll-r. a, ain>*r *3 I "Cf < t?- relit given that 'lie .nii'ie' * lemon i r t'i i X* teen I ir c or. t.i he N-w V rk .no H- l.etn K.o> Hood < o n I 'Ut , ? i be held ?i their i.i ce, No t I r, ou How in the ri ol New to k the 16, I h? tot the hi it I tad , y' i I> a> |?* hetaeeo Ida hours oI tvtelt* o' i k unou, and two o'ei ea r M Uite Ao 'I t* 'HI ?pl? ini*r i,a.e,i HKa-LiiM MICH?LEKCHlui. d/\ nnn LAKOK healthy hweeoi.h ind German Leeches TvJ-VJtJW ?received |er harijue W?ahiri?innIrotn Hamburg and tfailv expected Wi leo a?re?)i?h and German Leerhei, tier (hip Holaud anil barque krtnkun Irom Hamburg Kor tele a( nueleraie pro *e> bv o. A. it H W HI'IK,, r- fkllft .? laanne'er nfl eeehes lit \V.1 li.rn *aV, paper pr.HRAE || DKOOKH, No. 61 Liberty aireet, hare lor wile I the following? I a newi printing 13 by SO mx " " 33 by 41 ** " " 13 by 46 MO ? 26 by JT ** ? 23 h) 43 ?? o " " ? b? * K ? ?> K AUo. mv.k |? bv 24, 24 b, j, ,4' b 1 ? N?- ?1 Liberty ?tr??t OEHTLEMEN'S FASHIONABLE FUiOilSHITTO STORir^ I DARSBLLSfc AGATE, Old Jtiublithed M?naf*ctnrer? , . Y Kfidyniidf Lium, Stocks, HnipeO'^n. kc., lie., offri , * 1r" KMo cnieni of the following IwhiowbUioodi , .? richtignred SAtin. silk and m h*ir; i?fam M?ck and n|%? k figured ?it aaiin. silk, in- hair, ara?*?anJ ba.ratien; era- ( cat* of rich hwurrd ar-d pi tin fc.ii. I is?ilk aud lajiiis: ncn tig plain and i?i*i U ? f Kreuth and lu?ian silks; pocket kei chiefs of 9|.itr f e'd Intdia and Tnrin htttV. far immediate me; read\ mml# It k-ij rnid rro-lin shirt*. nidi In the most fismon \ Kir and fdi.hfa) m.Dun: .lock, of English mode satm aud ?om fc<rf,cravat ttta.fali front?. *c.ia great variety; glove* cf ki t, gnat tLnj, ai'k, .u#n cot'o ? thread of all description*. fto*p# iid rs of iLDgiiah, fr renrh, German and Amencau nanafiterar* , gmt'emm's irmni gowns, hosiery, liuru collnri, ilrrM flouts, silk lod wttun i ighi wp*, pnfKi, um trrllsi. csvies, musioy bel's, *od under garments of silk,meVino, I mbi'-worl enltorc, Si lie r U A would iM'Utu'nrlv r. commend their improved arti?lr ,he genii mr.u's Husvia riding belt. Their ealabliahmrnl i is bee j liiounMi kuswn for 'he last fifteen years as the eir?po ium ot f >hiii,i, nsd ky s net and andirided attention to be r st ai d astea n| their cuatomeis, thsy hope to merit a continuation of their patronage. rAKSELLB It AOATR, *2 ' m*rc 737 Broad way, corner of Park Plana. ( H^AP* Ash TAILORING ESTABLISHMENT, W John afreet, {near fVillimm) I'HK inbarriber reipoctlully aauoarees to his friend* and the 1 i uhlic generally, thai he has opened an Establishment on (he Cheap Cash System, where gentlemen will always find a New and Vashionahlv Aasortmentof Cloths, Cassiineres and Vrstiufis, which will be up to order in a style ol lit and oorkuianship, not surpassed by auy other establishment in thr ihe Pillowing low prices r tue Diem or Frock Coats, auy color, from |M 10 III *u|?eitiur do do do 18 to 23 Pints ofWool B ack, or Fancy Cassiineres 5 to 8 Vestsol 3y,iu, Sila, Volenti*, Velvet lie., 3 to 5 Just received, a splendid assortineuifuf Spring aad Summet <oods. at ettraordmary low prices. O" <J- nilemen lunrishmg their nwu goods can have them aad' and trimmed, at the lowest possible prices for Cash, ml linec J a M ICS LA* Y. VI AM TIN'S CASH T A ILOKlft O t?TA BLISHMENT. 164 It UUam Sheet, Corner of Jinn Street, 18 decided!* the cheai?st in the city. There is always on > hand a sele ttatock of seasonable goods, purchased for cash which will I... made up to order in trie style of make, fit, trim ning, Ac., t)i a has given such general satufaetioa daring tfc? set Tour year s.aud at a positive saving ol N per cent. Gentlemen are requested to call and aiaruins. Those .who 'earishth'euown sonde, can have them MADE AND TB1MMKD. Dress Coats, made and mmmed. -FT 04 to ft SI Frock Coats. do do 0# to 9 51 Pants and Vesta.." ""175 to 208 Over Coats, t 09 to 11 CO Xy Terras?Cash ob delivery. ?V?? *? MICHAEL K MABTIN LiuNDuN A NO tfANOH ESTER INDIA HUB RER GOODS. WHOLK8ALK AND KKTAII., No.l Wall etreet. Tb * anbacnhrr haa received and offcra for aMe a Urge aaaartrn-nt o( imrorted India Knbber Water Proof Good*. vit: Coats and Capea. of superior Lama, Caabmera L&ma.PeniM. Merino and C nttou. of all colon and aices. Cloth?India Ttnhber. Water Proof, anper Lama. Lama Persian and Cotton, prepared forlnilora India Robber Wahbinpa for ruspcnders, cortata, fcc. a!??en<?- C HAM AHRAHAM80N. op FRENCH MILL1NEKY GOODS. Of ENINtr i f th' Binine Fashions*' he Magaaiu da Modea, 80 I anal a'reet. MAD. D BKHRviAN I* yi to inform her unmeroui frienda and (he puhl r ahr has just received from Fiaice an rutirr new and heauti el style of *-ilk mate rialt fi r Udirt hati, and along with it inmr caaea of Paria ailk nau. which fur nor el y and tlritauee ol atyle never Tet Wit pr. sen ed t? the ; untie ' efore ' a uo jg which it moat ptv-em'uent a silk ha" ra 'ed Capote d El uoo, which la nu'red emhlematiCil of Parma" Imle. Mad nu B has ju t opened at-vvral c iae? of Krrurh impor rd f-ury whalef-mies aud alrnw hati f the choice it atylea; alao a i -rge -ssnrtinriit of T usrsna and f'n.c Dnnarap'ea: ajac a I rgc and va-ird MMMMK 111 French lawn h-ila from ibf-nia up to lailiea?ihr whole of which Mad B h ia detrrmr ril, m oicer to meet the cngcucy of he 'itnea, to effr at audi low peers, aa gmt emu a liei the con'ibnarice of her patrons. who lor mauy years hive lioooied her with their cmm-lids, aid trust* to obtain the nre'eretice of h ar whose i>ailona e ahe now solicits An early call ii rcjut an d at the olu F>riich rat-b'inh nt, Mat-aria de Modea, SO Canal ?t'ret. Mad B has ?.]- lived an assort mi nt 01 Pans Bowers and ribbou*. ? 1 variety and st\ li s, may be c-iled nenpUfe. n*r A > i .II'dkt A 1 v-iDmATION FOH THE n LADIES.- K- r, N*? 6 Ltspentvd I t etUi thi iiaiti ev impoiiini invented Ab m Bipi qm hmhh *nd tr> i gtn during pregnane . Oiis *bdomiual Su porter has ailed loithth? fullest approbation of the most e milieu t Medics men troin the satisfactory results to those ladies who have Ottd thNBa It is ncrI.; in us applica1 ion, acting as a support tud preventing allstiiiu ujiou the n useles. aud he consequent mu'ur ai m es nulla. oi the whole ivr.rm dur og pregnancy Nothing iIihi hs? in m invented, otter* so nmuy decided idvautngrs fc in?i? ng ihr system annusi ever? iccidrut at the period u at the same time [Trim IIIit the natural rortn. Con uta and my retailer* sui idled od advantageous it I *inir time call* their attention to her 'itir Biacea, for misses, a* being thr loin the exp?nii<>Hof the chest. Mrs. L. has he begs m refer in rela'ion to the above, to t iurnl men ef the Medical Faculty?Dr Francis. oud.Dr MrDonaid, ' rofea<or Uillmau, M. D., i'loiei i .alter, M 0., Dr. Ni Ison, A. C. Castle, M D . Dr. J. VV. itioore, J. Neilsou, M. D . J. W. Francis. VI D. m20 Imr BANKttl Pi' 8 A I- K ?The entire stock of a tailoring estab I sh iii"Ut, aboni $1500 wortliol ready made Clothing, must he so d is ithout reserve, as the credi'ors wish to close toe conrem. The gondg will be mm in lots to snit purchasers, either by wholeide .ir re'ill. The s ock consists of about 300 c-a's o< almost e> erv style and fashion?the avtrage prices are Irom $4 i? $l? 50 for mb erfiw ; 600 pairs of pantaloous ol various v inrts, Com $1 to $4 50; 500 v. sis, assirted. from 75 cei la to $2 50;alarg< <|uantit\ rouiid jai beta; boys' clothing, together with a ijuautuy of summer clothing ol all kinds, which must be s,>ld without reserve, at 205 ('anal at. N B? If any of 'he goods should n main after a >? weeks, they will be sold at imbue auction i" th store 205 ("anal st. a7 2w*r f ENTLEMEN AND LADIES' LEFT OFF WAKD"T KOBE?Oentl men or lamiliea 'lesirons ol cnuserung heir left off wearing apparel into cash, can obtain for the .list the highest cash price To lamires and gentlemen routing the city or changing rvsidrnihaving any superfluous efferu to ilisi>oir of, will find It much to their advantage to tend for the luhsrriber, who will dllcud them at their residence hv unpoin mcut. H. LE V"ETT. No. 144 Varick street. New York. A line through the Post Office, or otherwise, will receive prompt attriti on a8 lm*r o 'K A tiOOD*.- I.. BENNETT, Imiaiter nod Mann s? f cmrer, m prrtlnlly inf rina hn _ customi ts that he has Of td for 'he iCtson with a iplendid sts uimeat of ladies' fashiouab e Sinw Goods, ?is?Fancy Sche'l and Imperial, of the most superior quality. Prince Albert, Ori-ntal and French L Ce fists, f various lwtterus; white Siberian Hair, Whaleb me Am. ion, French Dunstable, Italian, Holland, Tuscan Bonnets, SiP lie also has the pleasure of informing the ladies that he has jntt received a beautiful new ihai c, the Orleans G'ptey, one of the most becoming patterns that has ever been intioduced into this market. N B ?The store will be removed from 39 John street, on the firsl < f May ni it, to 21 John s'reet a 14 Itn* rc JOHN M. DAVILS <fe JONKS, 166 WILLIAM STREET, COKNEK OF JOHN, HAvE jnst received from receni importationt, and of their own manufacture, a very superior assortinent of Bpnng Goods, constating of every thing neit. tasty and fashionable in the gentlemen's furnishing line, which added to their former itock, cnmjvisei an assortment of goods rarely if ever before (ound iu cue store, among which are:? CAP4?In every variety, for gentlemen, yonth and children. CRA* ATd?Of plain and figured satin, gro grains,cam 8f'A H k H?Of yestinir iatib, broche. ULOVL8?Of hid, silk, brown and eheie linen, lisle, ipnn (ilk, lie, HOSIk llY?Of cotton, merino, wool ipnn (ilk, he, LNDtH GARMENTS?Of Shaker knit merino, woolen, (ilk, cotl' n, he. LINEN COLLARS? Plain and Byron, of all qnaliriea and ahapea. SHIRT*?Of linen,mnalin. French cambric, plain and with rufllea, he 8U8IENIJKKB?Of onm el tape (3k, cotton, he. OILED SILKS? Of white and fancy colore, warranted not to adhere in any climate The above cun.priaea only part of their assortment. and pnrchaarra will consult their own interest bv eiaininnut this aplen dul assortment < Igiimh before poichasinK. WHOLE"AlE AND RETAIL, at their old established t ap, S'oek. Linen and Oiled Silk Manufactory. NO 106 WlLLLAM STREET. CORNER OF JOHN. oi31m m NEW FURNISHING STORE* 1 INHERE the subscriber is now nprniua l-esh Paris an I Lon 'i jdoii Goods o< the latest st> le and besl qu ill v, cunsi sting in part oft ravais. Sea ?, plain and embrmil- red, Stocks and Stuck I'ica, Gloves. Hosiery. Drawers and Sinrrs, Braces, Linen and Milk Hanukc rchiets Ready Made Linen, he., be , and such other artie r? as are n quired for (entlemens wardrobe, either at hume or while travelling, at CHAFFEN'S ad lni*r No. 17n Broadway. HAVAN k SEUAR8. BM. I'l'ABI K. No. 4? Liberty it eet, near Naaaau offers lor sa*e tne f d'owio* inn.rim La Norma Sevan, 1st quality, very surerior. 30.< no Diana d s CO do 2'>i00 Favniira di do do 4 ,0 0 I udla Basera, Tery old, and do 41,0 0 E-'nanzt do do 50,100 H-it Iim, Oar. a, and Conouet, dn do. The ?hole etititl. d to deben<ur?. and in luta m sals mi. chair ra. aplg lm*r SWAN 8 ATMnSPH* KM SODA FOl Nl AlA, OK MINEKAL WATER APPAM A TUS?United Statea l.ettrra Pa-em, Nut. 3, 1838?Menu fa, ruied by L B. Swan, Kn.-he.ter, N. V. The -tt unnn of Prorgiata at d other Tender, of Soda Water i. .olicited to thi. u.etul and ero < sobatiiule for the ei pensite, complicated and trouble ne app.rain. hereto)ore in n.e Th'adeantagea of the Attnoarhere Knnnraiu oeer the old meihnd, are, the ecu my o' ns appar <toa. the original eo.t to the porch-aer heme le*. ihtu . ne ijtiartrt th t of the old foantaio, i-a .implirity of con.t-octioii being audi that any oue of ordmarv capacity can readily und-riuud it" operation and manag. inent; the Hiding, t. etiae of material, for .apply u g it, logerher with Uie nuall amount of labor required and it* compact form It la now in nae in earicaa paru of the United Statea, Canada, the Weat Indiei. and South America; and, aa may he aeen Irom certificate, in the hand* of the pio. rietoi and hia ageuta, give, entire aalnfaction. Uioagnu a d other, in the Soothers Statea and Weat Indiea, will find ihia fountain paiticnly adapted >o their climnie, a* tne aynipa will not ferment or tujure in the waime.t aeaaona. Knll direction, for palling up and O'lpg the apparatus, Preparing the different .arte,lea of avroi a, lie , accompany each. F?le aaie by the pr ipnetoi, also hy Ueo. D. Coggrahall, 431 Pearl alreet, New York, General Agent. F Lieie, 103 >oho itrret, (oinrairi.) Lawrence V Kerae, 121 M. nltu Lane. Kohmaon A W aid, i4) " ' Williams.Mahe- k Clapp, 83 Maiden lane. H adiey Phelps It Co., 143 Water it. A. B A D. Saudi, 79 Fuhou at. aUTION?All persona are cautioned againit minora, turn g or a.i g an. infringement npon this appar i?a, aa he Patent" la d-te iininad to protect hia inteU-iU ag oust the Iran rnc mrlimi iii. L, B. #WaN. 7 -in ?e H' h i r ANAL. " O ?l A V ? 1 A Pi I A L. ?Jon,(iO ?In , ur auan.-e of i. 0c ol the I-gia atqre o Peunay I'ani i.euiitled '.u a. i to authorise the Got. iuor iu 'nr. rp.not. theKrie Canal C -iiipany" Booh, will h? oi eii.d for rh ' aalxeriptiun o the capi al ( ck of aideomt-any, an Mondiy, iheftth d,y of May n- li, ai the following pla es to w<t: al llie Ifeed Houae in ihe ,,1 En, ; at liie hr nae of .Vlttr.1 Ta'?j at the horn* of D vidlJ. Webber'iu"jai'ktoimllr, E ie conuty At i he houae i.i John footer id Co?ueaui|?ille. at the hmiae ol Huniutl ti Kidiiv, id Mrndtilh. and el the houae ol Martin Ma, taall, <d llarutown, Crawford county At the home ol Jarnea M Powei.iu (iirrorill M the home of Jame? Hie wart, iu Meirer,ai.d at ihe public home ol ? Chritlie, in Nrwr?e la, in vie en county A' the home ol Hn>ert lownaend, m 1 Bnithtoa, end at the tu<uae el Daniel Ak r?, lu Bearer,BeeyeI counry. At the home ol William Beatly, in Butler, Bo icr couuiy. At ihe Mouougrheta Home, in the city of fit tbnrgti *uil at ih? MriehuU' k.tcha ge le the city of i hlladel, It l T he Booht ?t'l he hei* open lean tn honrt for tee Con?eCOlilt I dicut divt or u til the capua, atoi k of ten l>'. iimihI , I tree tl til i' folly tubic ibe d Que or inoie 01 the coinim*- , iod re, ? !' i.-ted by wild acl, will attend at the tune and placet o.ew lourd, lur tr.e o leer Mint the uhtrripllou. CHAKLr.B M. KRr 0 1 ' J lis 11 ALU hAlTH, > Com'ra. WILLIAM KKLLY, \ Kri?, March ?4. 1*41. > >*' 1>?a7 I H PAkABLr. A I BlUHT onail parte of T TO FAKVkJIS giU?IKUaf * AQHICULTUK4JT8 I 1 ?PlTrTKRll*Kt, Dmiiiat and Chtmnl. from I Isml, 51 E-texttr?e*. New York, would e meetly ' i" ?' the it'entica a'l eoottnrd in Itir welfare of liorsti and c? lie hi the f< Rowing inr .Inable im-dl-lne>, prepared accoidirg ?o ihe fon?n'? of one ol the moat eminent ?eterinaryr? K*"na now pr citing in the toath <f K g'atd, and procured hy liie pre tent p'op i? tor at c 'H?t.'e'?bi>- eo?i DlURE+I MOH AE tIALLS?lh.i* balls are a rrdi't1 remedy for ell diao dm in hones, ati-ing froin impuritv of the blood, gron hum ta, and" Obitiuctr d ierapiralinn, inch at grease m the her It. welled leg*, str-mgnry g a?el, eruotiont oil the akin, !w. They inty he ..dmiuuirred at any nm or season. wiihnnt tliangr of diet, or iottife reuco with ii'dsl labor. At the fall of i' e year, wht-e honet yener-lly ni deryo a change of h ibit. the regular ute of >h< se halls will p ?* highly Wnefiri il, at d even n prereDtiveof many uia-atet to whn h, at thia tea?en, hort-a are peculiarly tiab'e. Hold in package* containing tit b-Ut. 3? , with amolr directions. CORDIAL FELON D cdedlv the belt medi ciue tnai can or aw uiaierea, i >r nil ditnrdert in horned cattle, anting from cold, uuh at hidebouud, fetert, Iota of appetite, ahivcmiff, cuueha, honeing, Iota of milk, lie. Sold m packagea, tri>h iiuec'innt 3.6dea<h CLEANSING DRINK lor new Ca'red Cowa?'a of iufinate at rvier and ahonld Ua ver be omiltad, iu all eaten whrre the pi Hcnta. tecuui'imt, or c'tauaiug, it obstructed. It not on! f irwanit the. ditch >rge, t>at mot' admirably .-fforde nainre mnelv .taeitlarce, in expelling that exlrant out tmPrr, wh eh iinpnlet the cjnrte of the aliini-nttry :autl,pre?euli"g n fulli mint of i t pr >per lunctinn. Thia drink ?t?o eouu eiactt a var r ty of comp'ainta to which the an mal it a'terw trda liabl*, ni l it the flow of millt it woudtrfully pnmiltd. lu packag'?, with dirertiont 3?6deth. KED Ke STfcH BOTTLE?Kor mMuing infl-mma't n and morhiJ ewe'ling* iu hor-et. alao an excellent cooling lotion, for lelaaeil ainetts, hruiaea, ?p aina. galled haefca, wnu-'dt, Sic. In bottlea, with dircCttona, 2a td rath. No atehla thoui ' he with n'it. Vl'LNKRAUV BAI.SAM-For eradica ing erarMea in horara. he iljog.cil'i and woundi, li wrver deep or trgtavaviP tl o in app'itM' on 'ormli'ta in the hoof and <) ic^ probea, d-cid il y the b -at r inedy that can be naed. *lpinld be lu eveiy t th'e. S ild ij b i t'ea, w i h ttiteclona l-Gdea'a. *<r'i 1,1'n'ipi r i tl Worm Bal'a, L ([uid B hater. & Stc At rliia r 'nbli hmm?. thr utmost c-niiu ta invaiiably ob terV'i, in 'li telec'ion f ?e- nj ? I m1'* me 1 ci ire IHVSK IAN'SPKKSCHIPIIONS? J B fil'v d with a arnar of tbrii titel im|ia>rt>iice, ah tit i wi-blyoba tee t^e.-mot' tctupuloua rccuracy in the preparation of phjtlci-ii'a prescriptions. The aNire medirioea are prepar'd and sold eic'utivety at the M.dical H?ll, 8 Essex ttiect, three doora Grand, oppoai'e the Marhel, New York Onli-ra from th-- c nntri pri mpt'y ex*ru'ed. a!8 3m*r WtiRAiVI St HEaTHO No. ST7 BROADWAY, UPHOLSTER ERS. (XT it H. respectfully inform their Irtendt o'jd the public, ' thatteev a'P-tid to the abo e hnaiurat in all its hranchei. and make up carprta iu the ueateat and beat ttyle on moderate t rmt Estimates and con'racra given at the ahortaat notice. N B ?All kinda of old wutk attended to with punctuality, ml' Im*r TO I HE PUBLIC. WHK.RICA8 my name his hren published to the world, being cured by SANDS' BArtbAPAR ILLA, sud whereas the sut-inrni as published by Mr. Sands it not in t statement bni one of his own, and entirely different fr"m the one he obtained from ine, I feel it iny detv to Mate in a pi tin manner. In.w the statement of my case be Mr Sands, was hronitht helore the public, also to Matr Ly what meant so nreatarure as mine whs effected I was taken .irk in Sepumber, 18 I, with lh?t a flic ting disease, hernials; I w?s at tended b\ medical gentlemen, who tieaud mv cis? i the usual way wiih various preparations of n.ertory, until mv ystem was Ailed with it, and Chronic Rheumatism iu its naust aggravated fbrm se In. I then had recourse to va riona nmedtes recommended b> physicians and others, hut with lutle or uo he. efit to me iu effecting a cury. In this sitasttoii. I < ommenced using Mr Sand,' SarsaiMnlts iu August, lit} I had taken five Dottles or it. The op-raliun ol which was a- follows r? boon slier I commenced raking it, my wl.ole system jecnmc benumbed and stupiA- d, leaving me cold and my flesh deprived of all ii 'tur,l feeling. In this condition I was enabled to leave my bed ud go out. Th a change, althougii m ineiitary, was very pleasiug to me, and Mr. Smi^s iinniedii.iely am lied to me for a certiAtate ol'cttre, which I d> c'ined .iving, as I did noi consider myself cured; but Mr. Sands continued nis applications to me for a certificate, snd would give ine no real uutil I nave him our about one-quarter or one-third the length of the oue published by Intn. ihe wliole of which I did not ttWB uuderMand fully, uot brine myself in 'eelinu-, foi although my pains were greatly benumbed. 1 was still suffering mm h fioin my alflic IIOUS a I limes Alter a few days tins iiuinhi.. ,s left me, an I my distress became more severe man before, auf. if possible, I wis worse lliau evr I li ol beeu. I was sfaiu confined 10 Ihe bed, from wlncb 1 never ejected to rise, lor I w <s fist gl< king ? My whine system seemed to give way; I had iskeu in all eight bodies ol $aud?' 8 .rsipanlla. Iu this condition, a friend cal'eil in to aee me. and advised me to continue th< Sarsapanlla I bad been taking, but as I was last failing under ll.e use of it, I determined uot (o use aay more of it, as i had done me do good wh'tvier. Mv friend then slated that if I was determined uot to Use Sands' article anv more, he would give me a preparation of SaraananUa ih<t he knew wou'd cure nie I then enquired what it was?lie lolo me it was BRISTOL'.! 8ARSAHARILLA. I ilieu rciin inhert d bearing of BRISTOL before, and ol thegrea: curea it had peifotmed. I th. u said I would be glad to have it My friend stated (hat he did not wish to interfere with Mr. Sands in any way whatever; but as I had previous to this determined not to use any more of Mr. Sands' article, my fiiend fuiiiivhrd me with a bnltla of Bristol's warsaparill.; this was .bout ihe third week in "eocember, 1842 I couriuued the use of it, until I was satisff. ? it had produced a thorough cure in me. and now I am able ro perform a, much labor iu a day, as I ertr did in many years. I in fn-e from Scrofula, Rheumatism,as also a most sfllicting complaint, he Piltsl with which 1 was long afflicted, and a severe cough of eight years standing. I, therefore, declare to ine world, aud iu the presence of nim, whd shall judge the w orld l'>at my core, great as it has been, was eff ev ed by Pristo''s Sarssisril a a'one, uuder the blessings of God,* *nd cot by Sand's Samp.rilla as has neen published Tne r.ilmni >1- will, lb. k-r M, V,? 11,,....'. ... - ..,,.1.-0 as t-eitig come ream w ith mv ease, it not trnr ; that geutlrm in uever saw the a-ticle puM'shrd nul'l he taw it in print With hit n me attached to the tame. Alio the name 01 Mr Brown turd without hit content ; alto Mr Tardy and oihert : the wiolc slat met t wit on rue, hav-ug never receivd 'he sancttou of the pe-sona wloir nainrt tie attaehrd to the tatae at puh'iahed by M. Saudi, rela.ive to m? I make thii at'teeient without the knowledge of Mr Bristol or h.s aguls, or fro any requ-st rrotn liein I do itbec>u*e 1 believe it to be my duty. I there lore < heerle'ly ttale whet it trm, nei'hrr conning the favonri nor learing the hownt of any, and is doing thu, I do no more thrnwha' i.nt ce drmmds of me But tor me to aii'emt.t 10 gue Bristol's Sarsapuill* the pr-i-e ii deserves. wonld be something more thau I oouM accomplish. i conclude by laying, that ii any one denr'ito know more of Brit'ol'a Svrsapanlla, I will be . le-sed, a' any time, to give all the information I tin able, it my residenc e, ISo. 43 Anthony ilreet. New Vork. in27 in'm THOMAS TURNER W. CROLJUy, BARGE. RACE, CLUB AND SAIL BOATS, \TO 4(0 WATKH ST.-KKT, four d. on K-t?. of t'arbeiine 1' Market, New Yotk?Builder ol the Soltau "f Muscat's Posture Barge, the Race Boatt W-?e, O-nelle, Vieto i c, A:l tic. Wakuna, Brooklyn.Aon of Pe fikill. VVaihiugtou of Poor h keep-ie, Buche-t of Hyde-Park, Sylph and Wave o* Mobile, George Stewart of L- uiarille, Madame Celeste of Ne w Orleans, Ac. Alto, the tail noa't William Crolint, Fashion, Eureka, Zam ,i, Star. Kdwir Kcrrest, fa, >13 Im'tc TOOLS?TOOLS?TOOLS A LBERTBON'S, Conger't, Herton'tand Gilford's warrantO rd Cast Steel Coo,cert. Carpenters and Ship Carpenters Edge Toolt, can be had at wholesale and retail,of OSBORN St LlTTLK, 33 Foltnn street, New ork, (10 per cent allowed to merchants) and who keep on nand a fall assortment ol Coopers' Tools, Iron Rivets, Truss Hoops, Slave Jointers, Stock Howetls and Crates. Also, Importers and General Dealers in English, German and American Hardware, Cutlery, Nails, Sic. Ac. CHARLES OSBORN. f 13 3m ee? CHARLES S LITTLE. ltlCKN PATENT EI.ASllC MtTALlC SHARKS, L-e fur Boots and Shoes ui et?.r description ?The use of this improvement ecnsuti in Cue olinvsiug important advantages over the cummou n.aDrie' ol m*k-U4 Boots and Shoes of ill d -scriplions, that it e ually sustains the weight or pressure of the foot from heel to toe, giving at the tame tttne a pleat'm elastic motion in walking, aud also keeps the Boot to its original eh <pe, preventing the shank, or hollow of the foot from pressing down, and the heel froin turning out behind, end also cfTrclu ally prevents the Pantdoon Straps from ever coming in contact with the pavement sud wearing off. Another great evil it removed bv its use, as it pr ve ts the loot from working forward, and pit ching the toes, and cani ng coins, or < uuttiir the se already made ; it also, by keepii g trie boot in shape 111 um maim, |jiriciiii u r tapper od toe uirp iron uibwiuk tight, and tho?e paioiul lumpi to grow on the top <if the instep. It cau be used with a eery low heel, much more comfortable to the wearer; a d if the bom or ?hoe get* thoroughly water-soaked they retaiu their shape in the act of pulling thein off. which the common ones will not always do. Dot adhere to the role of tlie foot, causing the ihnuk* tu hrraik. Manufactured only by the undersigned iu New * oik, Jersey City, and Brooklyn. LORIN BROOKS, Maunfaelurrr. 138 hu ton street, N. Y. JOHN DICK, Patentee ai d Manufacturer, 1'6 Kult in atrerl, third door cast of Broadway, m?6 1 m*r under Lott and l.hap'u's Boot store, N Y DAOUtiRRKO I YPK ?L. B BINSSe.hcO iutorm ' lioio. raphisis that hey h**.- ri mu?> d from thetr old stand No 31 waideu 'aue, to No 8< William itiee , sou h wnt cor ner ol Maiiien lane, on the id lloor Ta-y hare on hand ?t pr tent a ci mplete aawirt iieei n'plate*, ch-micalt and It Dies, all ol ei^elle t quality to which tney respecifuHy inviic ihe attention nl opera ton. Amities are in every iuetauce Warranted T'<eir chrmcali are from lh< laboratories of the firr chem'S't n- P.rii, and their plies specially * lect d or thtir p itu?r ihr e res d og, hear their in>1<ais and are tally WarraDtr d to sire ihe proportion of silver, which I* stamped upon lliein Any pe sous who b tre their douxs on the subj eel, aie equetted lo hase th in esuyid apli lin*i UNITED STATES TEA EMPORIUM, 121, latt 129 Chatham ttrret, New York. Anraci 311 Blbkckcp stbkct. WHO Lit. HAL It. AND He. JAIL. rIB CANTON TEA COMPANY continue to offer for sale new and fragrant Teas of every variety and style Their assor'inenl specially incluJes the most delicious and powerfnl grades of Ureeu and Black E'ery iwr.ksgr hears thr stamp of neatness and elegance, and the Tea* therein are so thoroughly secured from light and air that quality and power will remain unimpaired in any climate. Their svaten of prosecuting business is perhaps scarcely lo be eicelled It is founded npou the utmost regard to the rights of he custom er. especially with respect to weight ana quality, and unri railed cheapness. All pnrcnascrs are called opou to return anv articles which tail to give them the fullest sslisfaction, whirl the money will he cheerfully snd promptly reftiuded Conn try merchants, public establishments, beads of families, and shipmasters will find its decided advanlsge to supply them cimirum hub tl?viunjocui. Coffee routed ever* d?T. Order* from all part* of the United BtnM* eieouled with momi'tunde end despatch. rn*" The on I* nerehonie in America for the aale of Hoe CO* ? celebrated B'eci T?? m'7 lm"? XTUTTtJFL?Tlie Copertuerihip her-lotorr eusliug Oetweea I' K111 e k Vl.odlr brook, it lhi? day diuolred. New York, Krhenary let, lllJ. K. 8. K.LLI8J 8. MIDDLfcBROOK. 8 MIDDLK,BROOK reepectfall* informe >he customers ef I he let* firm end the luolic, tnei he re tie- < n Bookbinding on hi* own N<>. 22 Kulton street, New York. N. B.?Orders n-*|iccifiilly t-iliritrd. Cloih lorrn made promptly ? ><! cheap for e on try bon> se'lt-rs ?< lro*ec NfcW AND IMP<iRTANT IMPHOVE.M KNT.-PAH 8KLLS & AO A TK,-offer for the iritprr-non ot the pa hi it their unproved Miner** Bhonlder Br*ce, perfectly tantfled thai the vest improvement! th? y have made in tt>e article pt^ce it far above an article of the kind heirtofore manufactured.? Thit artice it inteultd t.? bnc? lip- ahou dera and ei|Mi*d the chrM, giving at the tame time free ute of the arms, ami fall and (lerfect ac*i??u io the lunga It not only beautihet tlie form of .he wearer, toit ib hnthl, KCOMRN l4td bV DfOVMliaiil |flitlt men, beinit contidered aaalrnoat iiidiapenaiblc to pertont of ?e* dentary habit*. Parent* ami guardian are requested to give tint article rheir attention, at it will be found of infinite benefit lochildieuof either tei, and to all peraout who have acquired the habit of atooping. fVraout tending ordert will pleate tend the tife acrota the imuHirra nun airmen me wai?i, ntin nmctinna Will he torw inled with the Brnee, to obviate any difficul y that may oeenr id the lite. Kor taJe wholetale and reuil. at 'he old eatabliehment of PAK3KLLS & AIM I K. at Im'i r tJT Broedwa*, comer of rath Place. MAKTIN It COOPA, Oaitaf Mauufaetann, No. Jt' Broadway, op tatra, have cout'autly ou hand t la ga aI nment nl (loi'ara, mi nfi.m.d Ir m the beet maten.ilt o< nipenor tone and , erlecl in even rt tp< ct. Martin It Coii|ia, having made ?cvt ral imp-nvementa m the nan-il cluing Inanrh are i n Died to olfei their i ratiuinrnir owei ill ii oii> othi'revtah'ialitn lit in the city. htrangera belore making their parc'ia*?? will find it to theii advantage to call and r l imine their aaaortment which if the laigratiii the United Btatea. N. B.?The Uuiiars are warranted to eland any change of el ate. * Id vholeeal* aad retail at MS Broadway, (up rtatra.) No W ^oatloB-itJiOie htlaw. ?!! ? iva klHCAJL. GUIDE TO SOUND TEETH. A D K 8 1 D E HA T I' M IN n v. N T I 8 T R T. DR A. C. OA'TTE, REMOVED TO Ml BHOADWAV, corner of WHITE HTREr.T.hae a Paste lor hlin. uc.aved hollow lecdi. It can it iiui iMo the moattutdei tret* without anypain or inconvenience, with which it becomes impacted iii( ' ONE herd solid bedy.rhaa restoring aa<> preuerv ag (hitherto painful and oieleaa teeth) artificially sound.auc perfect IB all their reipecti. ? uses for life?ore renting IN ALL CASES, the necessity of eitncuou. Ladies the moat diatm guished id society, otter their teitimoniala in die moat ricic terrna, as to i'a efficacy. The Editor ef the Evrniim Post says " It ia admirably adapted for lender teeth and net , ona peraone, and Dr. Caatle operates on the teeth with greai care au<! ability." 1 he New York Anrora, aaya ?" It mokes the teeth in nl! reapeeta perfect for life." The Bun, aaya S? " Dr. Caatle haaob ained mack celebrity forhmeieeHent mode of filling the teeth." The moat eminent gentlemen ef the Medical Kaeulty, hare personally tried and recommend Dr '.'title's Paste for filling the teetti. 1 ooth-aeb* Pilla, one of which cut in the aching teoth, will affect a permanent cure. [Kroin the Journal of Commerce 1 DELICATE AND SUCCESSFUL OPERATION.?Dr A . C. Caatle haa replaced by a most ingeiiiotu piece of deulal nechmitm. the lost portions of the upper and lower jaw bones shot away in the case of Lienl. b . of the U. 8. N.. who met with this ternhle and severe casualty, while in pursuit nl the Indians in Florida. We haye teen letters Irom Lieut. 8 I con! rinatory of this extraordinary care and its entire suceett i thai the loss 01 tnese important organs so tamimiv renitcea or Dr. Castle is now uo more a sou ice o( regret to the Lieutenant Dr. C. inserts artificial teeth on the principle of adhesion bv atmospneric pressure. D- A. C. Castle refers to the Spanish. Rreiich and English Ambassadors, Mr. Stoughton the Spanish Coosul.Kear Admiral Walton, Lord Morpeth.Uen. MeCarty, Gov. Mason, Dr. K U. Johnson, President of the Medical So eiety, S. N. V.; Mis Gen. Games, J. B. neck, M. D.,Dr. J. A. Smith Dr. E. Delvneld, Dr. Be.idle, Dr. Boyd, Dr. Buger, Di J.C Clieesman. Dr. A. H. Sevens, Dr. J Toney, Dr. Bavlies. Dr. Wm. Grayson, Dr. Derrinit, fce. Icc, Office 381 Broadway. in IT lmi THE New York College of Medicine and Pharmacy, direct the attention ol the public to their new and highlv concentrated Extract of SAH8APAR1LLA. which has beeu prepared at great expense by a uovel process, never as yet attempted in this eooDsty.and which they have effected by an amiartuai from Pa m?. D*. Branpe, the editor of one ol the most valuable Dictien aries ol the Materia Medica, speaks of this article in the most unqualified terms ol approbation. He asserts that in the treatment of rheumatism, diseases of the skiu, dyspepsia, debility, scrofula, sv|>hilis. aria all derangements of the sys'em, t 'is remedy possesses virtues not observed in any other article of the Materia Medica. The sale of i' during ihe last year t as been immense. Cures of a very remarkable chiractrr have beeu affected by its use, and some of the case* have bten published >n the medical journals. It it guaranteed to be made from .he choicest South American sarsapa.ilia, aud free troro all mineral prepartiuus. One bottle contains tevra times the ooantilT of the a-tive principle contained iu a pint ol any of the ordinary preparations. Bold in tingle bottle* at 7) cents each. Cases of half-a doxen, f t Ml. Cases nf one doxen. fa 00. W. 8. R1CHAHDSQN, Agent. Office fc'Consnlting Rooms of the College, 97 Nassau it, N.Y m50 iwii DH AFNEbS DNS CASTLE & EDWARDS, AURTS1 \ OOI BROADWAY, hive for many yea'i attended to the OO JL Care of Dcafuni, ami every 1 flection incidental to the e?r?. Their treatment is btsed ou the rational pr unples of science and practical knowledge. The New York Sun. it si easing of diseases of the ear mention that Ur Castle tk Ed wards hare obtained a high smarting ?s acc-mplisheil AurisUACOUSTIO DROPS, A tare care for incipient avafuess, earache, pains, buzzings, or singing sounds in the ears, collections of hard wax or vitiated secrrlions of the org-rns. 1 heir Acoustic Oil has been a ponu lar remed. as a curative in all disrases of the ears lor upward) of twenty years. Offices removed to 381 Broadway, corner of While si. m 19 lm*r OkcviS lUUIh W Arttt?frepateu liom the original rs cipeatNo.t Gold street. New Yrok?The Urns Tootl Wash is purely a vegetable preparation, possessing the proper :ie?o cleaning the teeth and month restoring tire gams Cos Healthy state, and preventing any unpleasant taste or odour it the month, whether arising from decayed teeth or from a 4s s.igcd state of the stomach. It is designed to be used with a tooth brash, and will be four io supersede the necessity o fa roWder .keeping the teeth clear ad prevention the Wearing essay of the gums fr to the teetli It is particularly useful in cases of spongy gams, restoring then to a healthy state, and causing them to contract around thr teeth. In painful affections of the teeth and gums, arising fron exposure to cold, it will be fottod highly beneficial. It is per acnlarly serviceable to nse the Orris Tootli Wash at night jus before retiring to rest. This method is recommended by rmi urnt dentists, as by so doing all panicles of food which aeea mnlate during the day are entirely removed, and the montl tept through the night is a clean, sweet, and healthy state. Sonud teeth and white teeth are the most valuable portiotn ef poor humanity; bnt how many neglect the attention ne sossary for their preeervetion, even when annoncded by all thr means needed Among .these \Ve know of none more plcasan and effectual than the Urris Tcoth Wash -it cleanses and whi tens the teeth, strengther.* the gems, pa Ces the month, ant sweetens thr breath. We recommend it. nse to all, yonngam Id ?[Boston Morning Yost. The Orris Tooth Wash is the best detergent we eves used o> ear enamel.?[ Boston Transcript. For sale by the principal druggist* in ir.itr oi ? A CERTAIN CURE. T^R. THOMAS' StEblKlt! PILLS are certain, safe and f-r apt rdy cure lor oee cla s of direaies. These pills mry be safely teli>d upon in ..radicate every vestige o< the d.seas-, and leave the patie .t free Irmn the vt ealtm as and drbi'ily remainiug aftrr the disease n appart ntly cured.?Th-se pills will cure the most difficult, comp icateri and protracted cases in so shot a rune is to as'onis i auv one accustomed to h long and lulloos c urse rxjuired with other remedies. They are ted to core all c*se?, a d it is hoped that all who have tried othe. tt i, gs, and have suffered iiinil rhi y are weary of sit IT r ng.wil u-e them. Rsceni cases are cured in ihir v--,x hours by the use f lime t il s Trier S . Sold a 77 i a?t B oadway, come >1 rkrt street; 79 and 100 Fallon street; 271 Broadway, corner Chambers street. al8 6t'r THE HA1K FORCED TO GROW, STuPrED FALLING, AND DANDRUFF CURED. BV a fiftv cert hr tile of Jones' Coisl Hair Restorative Th?re cin be no douht (ae ong tic feasible or srientific) that his is, without exception, t' e most efficacious article ever Inriord bv science for the puroose V'e hue laulv offerrdseveral uaines of persons who, af er ntint this, hare foond it all iepn semed. Let p-rsons rive ii one trial, ti? bat half a dollar?wc assure them they will be wtll satisfied Yon mnstb-lirve when these |ie't us give their names, and certify the above are the 'juali'i- s of Jones' Cora' Hsir R- storative. Mr. W Hop, ins, 92 King it. New York. Mr. fhilli(? 198 Broome, cor. i f Woosterst. The Hon. lodge Edwards. f Philad-. Iphia. * Mr. J Pearson Nam Yarn. Charleston n. 1. rower, kino , ruin nst, Brooklyn. We could offer fifty oih r ntmfi of persms who have found this all it n repre?ent-d; but if the above in not enough,nothing will coavice riceot one trial; it is told at the sign ol tne American Eaile, ?2 f iioiham'st, N. Y.; ami by these agents?in llnl id- Iphia. by Zieh?r. cur Third and. Dock sts; or n< it to t e Amciicau Hotel. Washington, D C.; in Bostnu, A SiMr it, in Charle-mn, S. C? 87 Kings'; in Alnaiiy, s7 State st; in Brooklyn, 129 Fulton. Agents wanted in all other cities. at Im'rn BEWARE OF COUNTERFEIT FEMALE MONTHLY PILLS. /CAUTION TO KEM-i l,ES??The pitiful and contempt! ^ ble attempts mane by some drui gists to impose Ui>ou unsos rx-ctng or eredulons females, by imitatiug and cuuierfeitiua "Female Monthly Pills" must convince the public that such druggists will not scruple in attempt auy imposition, it thereby a few iwltry dollars ran be made. It is well known that the Female Monthly Pills were fi at introduced into this Country about seven years ago by Madame Bealell and in consequence of their gieai repuiati -n for efficacy and mi'duess tu all cases of menstrual obstruction o> irregularity, every conceivable quack nostrum has been styled "Female Monthly Pills," and the bet tertn c< ver the impnsi'ion, assumed to be 'moorted Such trickery is loo contemptible. To guard against imposition fem les aie cutieurd io purchase only at Madame Restell's Prii cipal office, HI Greenwich st, and agents by appointment, 121 C> er*y st, near Carhanue. and 2 it Grand st, corner of Allen, N Y.?Boston office No. 7 Esset si. Female Monthly Pills advertised elsewhere are counterfeit. See that Madame Kestrll's signature it written on the cover. in20 Im'iua r THE PRIVATE TKEATI8K.?This is a little von me oi A certain diseases, in which the most convenient and ptivau meant of cure are stated in the plainest possible manner. Ana uol only are directions given for the more simple end receni eases, but those which nave fallen into improper hands, am eoutinue on from month to month, are particularly dwell on.Such persona will tee immediately the difficulties which iro pede their cure, whatever they may be, as well as the plan t< S? pursued in each particular case. It ts obtained only ol the author. Dr. Ralph, 8t Greenwich it. Price SI. Dr. Ralph also takes this epportuity of sayimt that he may be consulted on trie peculiar diseases abevc referred to, at|hu private reaidenee, at any hour. Aware, however, of the deep aqd jut solicitude which many feel to consult a person of integrity as well as experience ii these peculiar complaints, the author deems it prof er *o girt the following short sketch of the opportunities he has > ad to fit himself for this trust. And this be is the more inclinea to as uj hare assured him that, for want of information of thi> kind , they have selected from a list of advertising people the one who nad boasie i most of wonderful cures?but not without the bitterest repentance. He therefore begs to state that, be sole his rank as gradnate ef Edinburgh, he. he. Ike. lie has been watching these diseases, both in hospital and city practice for more than thirty yeara, and has published two editions of s work aiprrasly on them. Alio that he ha* testimonial latterfrom the moit eminent physicians n( Europe, to the mo*t emi oent in A m*ncv?as Sir Astley Cooper to Dr. Moll, of N. Y and Ur Phyaiek of Philadelphia, and ether*; ana fnrthei, that he ha* the privilege of referring to almost ever* plirn eian of eminence in this city. Nothing can he stated, he cot.eivea, as better ground of confidence to those who are SUM gers to ham. Consultations may bemads k'/ post, and for such he has * littler rirate ehest, containing eiery thing necessary for s speedy od private cars In* forwarded aa may be directed. Price tl) _ m24 lm*r HULL'.- T US8E8 NOTICE TO K.PTUSKD PERSON*. PERSONS nrtiieted with ran ret may rely ui?in the best instnimental aid th* world affo ds.on application at the office, No. 4 Vesey street, or to either ol the agents in the principal towns in the United Stales. Be carefnl to etamine the back pad of Hall's trnssrs, to see il the y are endorsed by l>r Hall, in writing. None ere genome, or to be raliad apop a* ood, without niasignatara Many persons ha*e undertaken to y*n<l mitatureof Hall's celebrated trasses, and thousands art impose, iron in eouse guruce. These imitations cannot be relie t.poii ; Ihey arr made by unskilful mechanics, and are no better then the ordi nary trusses Rooms hart been fitted np at No. 4 Vreey street, exclusively 'or lediet, having a separate entrance from the businesa depart meat, where e female n in constant altendanee to wait upon ernale patients. _ _ ejlas THK VERNAL 1Q''|MoX with lis P as, and gates, and ' c I, tie ou? changes of weather, is a liyii.g lime lor iwrsona who-e lungs ri riches e. Ui u h- snd e'lius, the avant couriers o I misump ion, are > ?lr< uiely prrv hm, and th? Ion datioti of mau> e fatal msetfi fl ?mn ation of 'he unys. hr ncoil a, rheiimstic lcr r, pleurisy, lie., 'a now being hid. Vet why >1 ou'd these de.mic'ln diseases be |il i?rd to gather heeil wheu ih? v an he an- dried in thi ir incipience, (or ralhi I when the aff r i?ns o( ilie respiratory org-m whtrh lead to thenr, can he anhd cdl b> the u e of J*> lie's Especlornil 1 ' raie p use for a re lv ' Pr pare I iv |)r. D J AVNE, 20 South Third atreet. Philadelpua, an" Wi Broadway, New York ?p 7 It ec I ' ? " ??r J'.prr.nnu,' i.inunnni/r< wmin j NY-Office 36 Wtll atreet. Thi? Company eoutiuue iheir biuiiHtt of iniartuec igiintl Iota or damage bv fire, >11 goode, warn and werchaiidite and alio, ou map It and their eargoet ngainal lota by inland navigation. ? DIHJtCTOHf. 1 hnmat W Thome Ehtha Kiffga T Woodruff Benjamin n Robton Joha K Davtor krancia P Haft Thornton Price. Joteiih Allen John H Lee Joha P Moore Matr-t Tncber Jnmaa K Holrnea* Caleb C Tnnii Jainet H Whitmi Anton Uabe>| W'n K Tl.eru foteph Urate Irad Hawley John 0 Merrill . Thomaa Morrell THOMAB W THORN it, Preaident GEO T. HOPE. Reeretarr mU v jeb_ J^LILA' HI Mi> PoWChH?M catkt ol J?oyd*e topeiur e?iT?t?eM #W-M> BROOK!,B1 Liberty it oaertiua friend* ana cWMMri of the neighborhood and abroad, that.he will furniah Acid* of erery description, Dye Stuff*, porticaljudhr the Kitracts of Logwood auJ Quercitron Berk, Iron ana Red Liquor*, ke? Copair* 0 .r *le?, l.nuar Caiutic, Labarraqne'* Chloride of Soda, Anna Amonia, Bweet Botm* ">f f itre,Chlorie and Bulpharie Kther*. Pyrolignaou* Acid, Aq?? Ph'e Nitric Acid, JPruiaie Acid, Iodine* of Potae am, SoJidrar, Diamond Cement, lion. Mercnry and Lead? likewise all the Daguerreotype and Electrotype Appeiatu*. " appartainiiui chemical*; with an aaaortnient of Drug* are all offered on the mn*t leatnuahlr term* Voi ?ale bv ar ? e. . DR- LKWIS FKUCHTWANOER. I Wall at. r*. B. Calico printer*, dyer*, hatter*, wholetale and retail orugKiata, will notice the aoove adiertiarinent iu nar'icula, Alio, Polishing Putty for marble yard*, Kouvr fer Dajnerreo ??.,*?rrfe?- compound Chemical Whale Oil Soap, Bedbug (%??, wmm una rviosohetoe fouous, Seed Protector, j>Teiwa cioa for Hides, (f|y Pa|>er, ficc itc., ami all othsr poliihW Ji* teriaia for clcamng bra? tad silver,on hand. jy33tm c? A ?\LW WOHDa OK ADV|;? TO PAWCNT8 ?But tmall ?rO|K) .ion of children reach manhood The cum bet of a alhs between the ages of five and fifteen e?ceed those of ai y eth-T ages of existence. Children sic too ept to be Beglee*, or left exposed when they of all o.hcis, lecture the mouattrulon. T r diseares to which they are most liaole, particularly in cold seas) lis ol the Tenr, ere WHOOPINU GOUUH. CRAMP, AND SCARLET , . FEVER, diseases which in a multitude of cases termina'ed fatally. These compl.ints arise mostly from eiposur-, mid/re p'cceeded by symptoms which denote their approach that can lb destioy-d. PEV8E St SON'S ''LAKIHED ESSENCE OF tiOAnHuUND CANDY will in ell aueh attsrks in which child en are liable, prevent them liorn I kiuit such complx'tits ,or in sucli a modified form thitro d'Un'rr u-rdbc 'eared. What prre^t woull not rather expend a fortune than lose a faeuritj child, or perhaps his whole < fFspri gl No one. He e i< a remedy that c its hut a F w D liar a most, tint will ave pe Imps liie lives <>> a wr ole family. Wnat lather or in thrr w .11 u. gleet fo an ii.slaot h viug in their po>se smu a few packagts ol the (emeu noarhouud Candy, which has saved the lives of bBa'-reds if a -ag>a, and almost id exery stage i f disease, i'areut* must not fortvl that it i* by timely application thn life lai&ved, au I that thef shqn.d be o epared to meet the ci nipla n s of the r children anting fr m a chilled si stein at Uie first a.lack Sold wholra le and n-tiil bv JOHN PEASE It SON, At No. 45 Division street. New It ok. LIFE INSURED FOR TWO DOLLARS. New V oas. Jan. tt, IMS. I waa afflicted wi h an uncommon ?nd .etce con?h f >r ilie last two years which was first occaa oned by hani it laken a severe cold. ?y c"U*h was so severe that 1 was fearful my Iie-<se woaM terminate in confirmed conaumptn n. I turd vaiious me Urines, cough syrup* dr'pi, lie., but without snccest, uutil at length I *v induced to try ? tne of your Clenfi-d Essence < f tfoarhi uu 1 Gaudy, whe<> alter using but about Two Dol'ars worth, I war fully restored to health. I can slul recommen t it as th* b<st article uow extaut for ihs cure of eiuglis, colds and all such c niplainti. FRANCIS McDO.nALD, No. 99 Broome it. To Mean. J. Pease It Sou, 45 Uituiou street. Pease's Hoarhound Gaudy?Whooping Cough.?I can recom meud ease's 11' athouud Can y for this Dangerous con pi tint. My child was afflicted it, and this Canny afforded immediate relief. J. PATTcN 131 Cedar st. Agents? Uushtou It Aspinwall, It Astor House, 110 Broadway, and 18 William st; Owen, 3Six;h Avenue; Timpsou, cor William and Kuliou tla; Bade.iu, 266 Bowery; E L Cot ton <163 BUecker st; Martin, cor 2Isl st and 9th Avenue; Pastor, 165 tirernwic it; ecount,juu tion o( Grand and Divtm u it; Church's Dispensary, 188 Bowery, cor Spiiug st; D W Stone cor Montgomery and Hudvn its, Jer.ey Ci y; Burdett, 19 3rd tvenue; Godfrey, 31 ''armiuest} Brighim cor Houston avenue D; Knitted. 520 Broadway; Keer, 746 Broadway; McKumiu cor Ch?rch a >u Chambers its; Smith 9JWe?lBroau way ; Roirtrs 107 We>t Br ladwayt Chiuou 69* Caial s reet; Th. ver, 241 Spring st; Rose um ller, 311 Bleeckerst; Green, 399 Broadway; Ac new 3 6 Houston it. N. B.?Cach agent who sells the genuine Hnrehound Candy, has a certificate signed J. Pnese (k Son, 4} Division st. Agents ont of the City? Burgess It Ziebei, No 3 Ledger ftoildiugs, Phladelphta; Redding fit I o., No. 8 State street, Boston; D*xter, 57 State st, Albauv; Robinson. No. 119 Bait) more st. Baltimore, Md.; Weed it Wilers, Troy; Morgan, New Orleans; una Hays, 139 Kulton st, Brooklyn; and Hundley's , 15 Hnrli st. do. rn2?r PUBLIC NOTICE.?An article headed "To the Public" has recently appeared in reveral <1 the city papers, sigucd 'Thomai Turi er, relative to a cure effected u|h)d h'ur by Bristrol's Strsaparilla. and denying a ststeinent m de public id the prints previously, tuat ne was cured by tsanu's S irsapariUa M vs lie eas my uaine is brougnt before the public iu each of tnese articles.I fee) it my doty to make the /blowing statement of facts as I r a I im c mceied. Ab <ut the last of July or first of August, 1643 Mrs. Tuiuer, the wife o( " Tlioma' Turner," called ou me, r questing a certificate from me that tr.ey were nee'lv. and pioper persons to receive the b-neficence of Mrs is. Sands, as rhev hud advertised that " the poor would be furnished with theii Sars pa-ula by a recommend <tion fron iihtr the Alderman ot the Ward iu which they live, or thminuter of the Church where they we e attendants " I freely wrote such ce> tilic .tr, upou which I was subsrquently informed that the roedici-e lud teen obtained. Ou the 33d ol August Mis Tu-ner carl d on mergaiu, wishiug me to write a certificate for them of t >e cuie that nrd bvrn effected by Sa.d's SarsapariMt. upon herhusbund. 1 wrote such certificate, embracing two facts at I supposed: the one o< (lie due air wi h which he had beeu aff cted, and the o* her of the cure that h d oren made She then said that her husba-d hail taken the 8arsaparilla about three wteks; that his p-ins had all left hirn, and he had goue to his wo k; aud th t lie was very th<ukf.<l for the rurelhith d been effected. On ilia evening of the K<lh of October 1 c lied at Mr. Tp.roer's residence, and h ids few tne tha- it wee very good. I inquired of him relative to the effrets of Sandy's gar auarilla upou him; witn he told met hat ?I1 he wanted wax more sire. gth. and th it with t.'is exception the Sarsaparilla had cured him. Bmh are the facta in t'<e car; and I iruit con'ess, 1 felt utterly as'onishe-1 at the a|ipratancr uf the article in aereial papers denying he ataten eut which h d hern made to me, end wtvih I fully believ d a< the aaid "Thorn is Turner" haJ testified to a similar statement Celore tile Mayor of thi city. (S.gued) SEYMOUR VAN DUSKN. Pastor ot the v'eth' dm Episcopal Church, Dunne at. New Vo h. March 3'. 1843 n2 lm*ec TO THE MEDICAL PRACTITIONERS OF THE UNITED STATES. ATA MEETING OK THE MEMBERS of the "COLA LEOE OK MEDICINE AND PHARMACV of the City ot New York,' held at the Couiu'ti.g Rooms, 97 Nassau street, on the 13th of February, IS43, it wa? unauimously Re?ol?ed?That a circular letter be prepared and forwarded to the medical practitioners of the Urnred States, informing them of the ohiectn sad design of the establishment of the College, and inviting their co-operation and support. The following circular, was in pursuance of thia resolution prepared and is now inserted in this p-tper for the purpose of firing it additional publicity ''Tn the Medical Practitioner* of the United Slate*." QgrSTLBMCIS >? About sii months since a number of physicians in this city, aware of the alarming orevale ee of qaackery in thia country, tnd desirous ol contributing as mnch aa in their power to suppress the wholesale ravages of this system of imposture, aaao cialed themselves together for the purposs of opening an institution for the treatment of all uiseases, and the sale of genuine Medicine. Thia institution was founded under the title of the "College of Medicine It i'hannary ol the City of New York," and has since the mouth of May, I8i2, been in full aud successful Operation, la order te convey some idea of the natare and number of the cases which have been uuder the treatment el the College several extracts from the case books are h-re with transmitted. From these it will be seea that s vast uauibrr ol those cases which too ofteu fsll into the hands of the quacks have been successfully treated, and the patients preserved from the most dep'orable results which follow the pernicious treatment of uneducated pretenders. We allude to the imtiente sutfprinx from venereal diseases These cases have almost nui versally rielded in a very limited time to the new remedies introduced from Paris, the preparations of which, in this country, is confined exclusively to the Collate. Oar gre*t object in now addressing yon is to solicit your eo operation in this great work f reform and benevolent. Th? high character cf the gen'temen who alternately fill the offices of consulting physician and surgeon in this institution, sre well known to you, snd must ensure yourcnrdial ppiobstinn. By advising such ef your patient* ss may visit New York fee the purpose of seeking sncn medical advice as the umtad skill and experience of our most distinguished practitioners can render, we trust that you will testify at onee your favorable opinion #? our undertaking and your regard lor the welfare of your pa tients, by directing them te our doors. We have united agaiusi lK? rnmmnb fnM nf mir nrnfaiamn anti t\f hnm.atiilu an<l anxiously look to oar brethren id the country lor aid in preferring tke sufferers from diteeie, from falling into the merciless hand* of charlatans and uostrom-oiongeri. We aend packages ol onr medicines, aceomi>anied by fbll and explicit directions for nee, to all parts of the Union. Kvery Iierson who rransmits an account of his orhercase; and the value of the mudicme ordered by the Consulting Physician of tna College is supplied with punctuality and despatch, and may at any time receive en application, additional advice or medicine. We invite your attention to the list of oor most valn.yble me", diciues, which yon rray find in the columns of this paperThese preparations have been made up with the greatest care, id',! have already gained the highest reputariou amongst our brethren in this city Any of them which you may wish to order will be forwarded to you at greatly reduced prices. As the College publish a medical lournal entitled "The Family 1'hys cian," they will feel indebted for any niirreitinii communications, suitable for ita columns,which you may think prope. to iranarait. A n ovsment, on prinnplea similar to those on which Bl B-it. olomew's. London, is eonducied, is at present in progress heie, for the re-organization of Bellevue Alms H inse. the largest nospilal in onr city, and as we I elieve also on this c Diluent. This is in fall accordance with onr views, and to it we are riving onr hearty support. The leading journals here are fa'ciahle to the |roi>osed change, and aay that "all these mjsements (or the advancement or pharmacy, the suppression ol nnackcry, and tor improvement of our public hospitals, under the direction of each men as Drs. .Molt, Krvere, I'aitison. Peiker and Oilman, there is every reason to hope lor a new and belter era in the history of medical science " Holing that yon may entertain the same views, and contribute yonr efficient aid, I have the honor to be, ke. (By order.) M. O'RkOAN, M. IL C. S. L. Secretary. Collude op McDicitsg aivo Pharmacy, V Nasaau at. New York, Feb. If, IMS Kxtracl from the Minorca ef the College. flfrnd twr W H. Kl<'-11A K' * HON. Register. WIDOW WELCH'S FEMALE MONTHLY PILLS. ''PHIS MKDICINK, so celebrated in Kngland and over a Knrnpe, has for the first time been into the United States Its wonderful virtnes in cnring female complain ts,and removing ohstrnctions and disorders more esi>ecinlly incidental to the female sex are well known to all foreigners; and a-.snap aa ihey become ai tvrll known here as they are in Knrope, no f> male will Im withont thrm. To pre vent their being counterfeited, ihe owners, who reside iu London, hare selicted hat one place in this cotnitqr wh?re the gennine pills can be obtained. Tuce SI per box. All letters mnst be post paid. For sale at The New York Medical and Suigieal Invtilnte, DOCTOR BELL. PVOCTOR BELLderotea hia personal attention (daily, noL/ ill 9 p. M.I to the rrmoral of pnrate disease* in ertry Itage. All anlTrrina nnder protracted caaea, aggravated or nntacceswnllv treated by inegperieneed or rveteuded prncntioners?-cfto* a tabor ins under the destructive effect* of m# rcory or inacs noarroma. and all who auaprct the remaina of di eaie forking in the ayaiem, may conanlt Dr. B. alwnya with a yunranlee of a cnre. , Prraona contemplating marriage. who have been the anb(ecta af delicate diaaaaea, may co??olt Or. Bell with honorable ronfidei re. Peat-paid lettera, describing the eaae of peiaona at a diatance, hare hia prompt attentiou >r. U.'i treatment nrrer ei|Kiaea to anapieion, and ia well known to Le aale and parmaunit. (?7^ Private offlcei 4 CovrtltMt street, two deors from Broadway. *8 lm#rc TO THE LADIES. DA. HULL'S UTEHO ABDOMINAL HL'PPOKTEK. ''PHIS new Inairumem lor lha radical cure ol I'rol.ipttia Uteri A or falling of tlie Womb, by etlernal application, anperaed nsthecaa of the nhjecunual Peaiary, ia confidently rtcora uianded to the afflicted o themeanaof perfect reatoration to oealth, it never na? in, failea of performing a rare, even under the moat aggravated mrcninatancea. Tha Supporter haa attained a very high character in Knror* at well aa in thia rountry. It it adopted to the entire divnae nl peaaanea.and all other painful anrgical the Lying n-rioamtela of London and Paria, and it uuireraally recotjiraanded m Korope by medical n.en of the highest rank In thu ^onntry i tia aaatained hr the leading members of the faenltiea ' ""'httala, and by til tha eminent prirate peat Kooina hare been furnished eielnsiTely for ladies, at No. 4 veaey street. having a separate antrance Irom the business detftacDl, where n lady is in constant attendance, to aprl* f rnn? and Hnpprwcrs to female patients a3Wiic TO THK UOVKHM OK SCri.lilOH BI.ACIJ TCA. .11 *iwn'i Mi,(nrf?Tlii? (twintlt ilelieii.oa and tfnrnral tied highly celebrated in China and fcnrope, I"?< : ported, it now for ?*lr at thr Canton Tea Company* OjIMjnl Tea h.atablishmeiit, 121 Chathamat. New Yc t?in Chineaa elra.^t IW#? -?o rents and ftl m _ CLN STIUCTUiLE AND Ilia CUiOw. t1!.* jtql^owino remarks will tlace ib* fOEE the public a few mot. deeply inte* timg facte*Firei% That the diteate called Stuictukb, uoi i em [Sequent occurrence and often exittt in tftTsons who are no. in the lean \ omare of it i next tkmi a vary emmtotu notion jnevmit r* tWOdinm ntricttm* Urni S-ox, ~Axe**tomnm*m oii bad advantage of t\ u err one w* notiim; then, that litre flfi three ^articularctrcumetancet bp which m stricture map /? miayi known?and an thr lait p'ocs, that tk* curt Of Strieturt n oarf-<-n, fr*< ftom pain, ana gentrally aecampkthH tn a?eryUttletm*. With regard to lli>> first of these rsmarha:? '? k'.,?w,u that Stricture is the result of ? be fly treated Gonorrhea If, for lastiiuce, that disrate isiuffeiid to eontinne ou ftoin month to month, it slide* into a gleet. Now, there is no uatn or ineonyenwnee in gleet, sod therefore it M oftrn suffered to rerniun indefinitely Bat rt should be known that gleet implies a chronic lutlameiatioo of me passage which naturally terminates in thickening, and this thickening at one part or other ol the passage is stricture ; and. farther, that al though strietare may thus re uain unnoticed for a length of time, it it for from laying dormant, bat is the hidden caase ol many serious maladies, not only of a sexual, but those alee of a nelsons and dyspeptic kind. But what especially leads theal eniion off from this disorder is the idea that stricture e snoot exist so long ss no impediment to the flow of nriue is observed, which is unite a mistake. A stricture often stilts for years without prodnc.iw any eery strikpag change in this respect; indeed a nimimsneu or interrupted stream of nriue belongs only to the worst of eases, awl it is to prevent this very slate that these remarks are pttbMied. The advantage, however, which ignorant advertising people take of this err?ueous notion is very cruel. Kvery body knows how men of this discriptioo swarm about this city, and thai they will sell their nnstrurne as long as any one will nny them. Now, it is a fact, and one which eyery real physician will ina> edialcly acknowledge, that all the medicine in the world, atone, can never cure a stricture. Iu proof of this, nothing is mure cominou tha- for the writer to he consulted by persona who have been t&k trig all manner of things?as colored drops, and pills, and cordials, and the like, for many montna together, but whom, on seeing the real nature of the case, he I -s cured in us many days. With a view of preventing these impositions, therefore, if seems desueble to lay before the public a few pSin circumstances by which a Stricture may be known, which can be racily done : for although the svirur corns of this disease are newerons, there are three of capecial import, and tbese tniee may Be l?i?d very briefly?they are the following : The hrst relates to /tm warmer of -u inating.?It has beenaJieady said then ream need not be muor. diminished or impeded. But observe attentively, after it ta luished and the clothes are readinsted, whether a Uop or two. will ever steal sway, so ss to wst a littis? D0"*!f mo*J; indicative of itrieture. The next?e 7Je (me a Gonorrhoea hat remained unrurtd.?It it di?1 alt to say how long a Oonorrbma or Gleet may ran and not produce a icnztare, for one it naturally more disposed to etriotare than another ; but, as a general rale, ifit ehonld be enffered to go on beyond six weeks, this alone would afford sufficient ground, at least, for the suspicion of a itncture. The last is? The ejfect a atnefur? hat upon the mind.?The effect of Stricture u to depress the spirits, and ?olessen both bodily and mental activity. This also is one of ita most common effects. Not, however, that it is seen alike in every individual, bat it it so common that the writer rarejy tees a case of stricture (and he sees many every day) in which the patient doeanotcnmplaia more or less, that he is net to capable ofbusincss'as formerly. It is gratifying also to witness the uniform return ol epints.'and the disappearing ol other maladies as the cure progresses With regard to the cure of St ricture, on this subject it is sufficient to observe (and it is .stated with confidence and pleasure) that this is certain, free from pain, and generally accomplished in a very little lima. So much as this conld not have been advanced imnr years ago ; but such has been the im prnvemciit in this art, am) snch the practical experience of tno writer, that he can now accomplish the cure of stricture to as many days as formerly It demanded months. The writer also begs to state, that for those who wish to undertake the cure themselves, he has published a little volume, called " The Private Treatise," in which not only stricture, but the cure of all those delicate diseases which require especial, ears and privacy, if directed in the plainest manner. It is advisable, however, that those who inspect a stricture, if possible, should consult the author personally. and nothing will surprise them mote than the ease end certainty of his mean* Of cure. Separate rooine, also, ere arranged for these who may have to wait a little. It only now remains to say a word or two on the gToand oa which the public, and especially strangers comiug to litis city, may rely with confidence on what has been advanced. With this view Dr. Halpti begs to state that, beside his rank as graduate of EiUntnrgh. he. he.?he has been engaged in the cure of these diseases, both in hospital end city practice, for more than thirtv years, and has published ttvo editions ef e work exereisly o:; mem .?Also thai he has testimonial letters from the most eminent physician* in Ear-ape to the most eminent in America?as Sir Ascley Cooper to Dr. Mott. of New York, Or Phystck, of Philadelphia, and ethers, end that he is permit ted to refer to almost every Physiaitn of emvnecee in thm city. Dr. Kalph is consulted si his private residence. No. M Greenwich strert, towards the Battery, at any hour.?He may alto be consulted by poet. The little volants a no re referred to u one dollar mat tm*t CERTAIN CURE IfOR ALL L)EAFNES?. MON3. M ALLAN?SOUND M\GNIFIERS? 1NVI8I BLK VOICE CONDUCTORW.-To enable persons instantly, at an advanced age, and of forty and fifty years standing. of estremr deafness, and of those who are only slightly doll of hearing, to join in general conversation and to cttch Die sound ol adislaut low speaker at a public assembly. They are the size of a very small gold seven shilling piece, and when in tne cavity of the ears they are not in the least perceptible, nor more uncomfortable than having a small piece of fine wool in its place. And although they are so extremely small, yet they enable those afflicted wirh extreme deafness to hear, IB every respect, equal to those of most accurate hearing. To be had of Mous. Mai I an A son, Snrgene Dentists, eels agents for the patentee. No. 112 Broadway, oeftt to tne Oniba Club. i he above invention has been in use in Europe tor some ears and is strongly recommended, beiua one of the greatest discoveries ol tVe age. Persons, Bon-rvsideuu in New York city, en the remittance oft 10, csD have e pair forwarded by poet to.any partmil 'm*-e PHYSIOLOGICAL MYSTEKItS AND KEVKLAJ t TION8 IN LOVE, COURTSHIP AND MARRIAGE. An infallible Guide Book ior M tried and Sirgle Persons, In nuiltrrs ?f the u:muat importance to the hamtn race. Amongst the aatte-s duly c nside ed in (hit work, are " Matter* of >enons importance f sinale iod young married person* " ' The cansev ol, and certain cure fur barrruue**." " The arte of beauty and courtship." "The dingerot solitary practices, and how ihe habii ma) be removed and its effects cured." 'The causes of love aoHjetlousy, with iniall lile remedies for eradicating troni Ihe mind the seeds ot a hopeless or unhappy |<a**iou " ' Offspr-ug, wi'h newly diseove e<l mode*, b<seu on scientific nriLf illicit. lor the nrpYPuUnn. or nroiii;ia-inn fLcrrnf w "IVtfg for knowing tin- sr trs of uuborn children, with hints for procuring either according to choice."" lu.rrm image.'1 "Dress, with the firms and colon noil becoming to the varum* strap.* and complcsious." The molt auspic oils kUud lor wetilock ' "And most other mailers of iutrnst in single-lid married life, relate* to Pie n-iucu le >nb|ect> above noted. B? hum ii- Bock'.rtr.l, M. 1). l'rauslated lr?m the third Fane edition, by Phillip M. Howard, M. P. A ro*t [wid onl-r, enclosing one dollar, directed to H(X<LAND A GLOVKR, New \ ork city, will procure a eopy of the work being scut to any pari of the United States, or the Canada*. or three copies will be seur for two dollars. The rade supplied si lilt >as?aa Hree'. S Y. ir.1l lm dfcw r CAUTION TO F till ALL.". VffADAMK BKSTtSUL. K KM A UK PHYSICIAN, would inform ladies who with a proper deiicacv, have a retufaaueets the tjratmentof their oomi Liuu rsorpl by our of then owo set, that iu all oases the attends to them persouallv.her ri', perience, practice and knowledge enables her to do so. She teems it necessary to stale this, as she does not wish m ha classed with the pretenders continually appearing and disappear mg, advnaiving as "Female Physicians, who too ignorant and competent themselves are obliged to get soap scarcely leas ignoraot quack to eiperiment instead. parlors and rati-tenee Ml Greenwich street, between Conrtlandt aud Li aerty streets. Honrs of a'.tendaoer from * A\ H. ml> Ini* FLMALE MONTHLY PILLfc. / JWING to the crlebrity, efficacy, snd iuvarrahle sacceaa of " ' Madam* AesteH's Kemn'e Monthly Pills in all cases of irregnlaiity, sumir-rseion, orateppise o< those functions of na tare upon which the health of svery leitaie utprnda, sinta their muodnetion into the United States, cmr rl.tnt four years, sornterreit* and imitation! are cnnsrantly stternpred to bs sainted off for the genuine Che>p common pills are purchased sttwelve ceuta a borjjrait op in different botes, and called? "V'emala Monthly Pits." with theobieciof selitof tnam, if *oa?.blt, at one or two dollars a box. Females amt tnerefor* lautioned axarns; thesr attempts to im-pnsa upon them. It r* sufficient hers to slate that all Kemale Monthly Pills ate eoan tsrfeits, f icept those sold at Madame Kestell's Price,(MI OfSca U Greenwich street. New Yore and 7 Ksiex street, bnsioa Plifl# il. (?*? *;*' lirrnbtnia sat ? ? " ?f each box. N. B ?They can be naed hr married at ?i n?rle, hy following che directions enclosed inside of etch box. SoM also by't sointtnent at t#4 O-ipd street, eorper of Allen. New York. m O '? TO MAKRiKD LAlUKb. \ITA0AMK RE8TELL'S PREVENTIVE POWDERS. ! "?These invaluable Powders have been unirers oily adopt** in Koropa. but Krence in particular, fornpwardsoi ihirty year*, as well ?a t'jr thoaiaml* iu tliis comitiy, a< bei>..: me only mila, ?*f#, and hicaenras remedy for married ladiet. wnnae haalts forbid* a too rapid increase f family. Madame Keslefi a* i* wall known, ?u for thirty run >t( uale Phyaieiao m die two nnuripal Fei.iab Hospitals id E?rope?those of Vieuua and Parir?where ftvoreu by her great axperianc* and oprortnnitie*. see attained (hat eelehrtry those great discoveries in medical aeisuca ao specially adapted to the female frame, for which her medicines unw stand aori railed, aa well in tins eonntry aa in &uro|>?. Hrr acqa <wtane* with the physiology and anatomy of the lemale frame, enable.' her? by tracing tlie decline and ill health of married lemale* aearce in the meridian of life, and the consequent rapid and often apparently ineipTieable causes which eocaigu many a fond mother to a premature grave?to their ini* aoarce?to ar nve at a knowledge of the p'.inary causes ol famaia mdiiposition*?especially of married females?winch, in '.Ml, led to the discovery o her celebrated " Preventive Powders.r Tbair adortion has been the means of preserving not only the health, but oven the life of many ao affectionate wife aid foad rnothar The advertiser feeling the myorttM* of tins enhjeel, and Ml titaating the vast bene-its resmniiK to thousands by their adep lion, wonld most resi*.ettnlly arouse oie attention of the married, by all that they hold near and dear, to their coijsideratier.. (sit not wiae end virtunruto prevent evilp to whnh we are like iect, b>simple and health f means vrithtn our control. Every dispassionate, virtaons, end enlightened mind will unhesitatingly answer in the affirmative. Price Aye dollars a psrkcgg, accompanied with fall and particular directions They ean he forwarded by mail ta any pert of the United States. >kj| letter* mast be post paid-, and addressed to MADAME ME8TK.LL, Female Physician. Principal office, HI Greenwich street, Naw York. Office noors !rom # A.M. to a o clock P.M. Beaton office No. 7 Essex at. ml# lm* MADAMERE9TELL. JfEMAI.E PHYSICIA N, Office end residence. 141 Orson wicn atreat, octweeu < .'onrtland; ..nd Liberty i-.reou. where ihe cu br oouaulted with the cic'eii' iintsdenee on MM plaint* incident to tlx female Madame Ke.tcll'ierpeiieiic.hnud knowledge in the treatment of ?b?tin.-ia ci?e. of fr<r. le irr-xujailty, ttoppag., .appremicn. kc., it M to require hot o few dirt to effect t peifeel core. LmIifi dc.irinjr proper medico! attendance dnrina eonAnemrntor other iuilupotition, will lir errnmmodeted i! print each time, with rivet* and re.peolable board. " Preventive Powderv," for named lediet, wf -re de licate or preeiuionk health (orhiilt ? too rapid inrrreteo family, will be tent by rati! to miv part of the United State*. Trite S e package. ill! Letteia (put paid) to ' hot Ml. New York. Dotton OiTice, No i fcaae. .treat." N. B.?Madame KKSTRLL would inform ladie. residing out of the city, whote health would not admit of travelling,that he would drvntr lierpertonal attendance opon them iu auv part of the Uniteil State. within r.aiomhle d'.rance mlOlm* P0RTU(?IJK8E FEMALE PILLS. IffTKWTJCD 1RD FfCPAlCD M. DK BOUDKLOtjUE. M B.. LISBON , ?*? KTUUAfc T1IK Heienf Ac combination of ine~die,il. nl which there 1 l I'll it are comppred, have mado ther. the woudei and admi ration of the world They arc known aU ever Europe to oe the only preparation net ditrovrred that hae proved invana' ly certain in prodorin;' the Monthly turn. Their certainty, iu all eaaea. being ?'ich thai thevmu.i not b* atedduring pretntm t. for tlmneh alwiy? inltd, aafc. and l.-nlthy, they I" r?rrtin to produce mi. w nan a if u?cd during l/iat permd. The direc*""*Are tr*n*.fUeu luto P'nflub ,#iid fire entelo; id round With ihe'teal of the importer, .ramped. Kacb bo. ..ncj uina the iicuatnrr nf M. de Botideloque, ain1 the Kngli.i di met'om. have the t.?natnre of Br. OSTRlTkAU. .utho.i.ed cent fer the of America. Thev can be trainmitteo by mail to toy pat of the United rttatee. Letter, directed to Br. K. iMel.eau, bot M, New York, will na-art with iramediai. attention All letter. in>..| ?v>?f raid Soli! hv arnninlinei.i ion o?t imeitroe' I'rioo *' ti No ImlY koiet imit by mal| mio tip dfcw .. ?- ? . ?a PUBLISIIKI) DAILY BV JABIKr* UOIIDON BB*I?KTT, N.W.COHNKR KVLTON AND NABHAI' BTREKT8. Trii New Yonn Hhulu? A 'Uily piper, itined urery iB'inti I? of the Week?prior Iwn mill per copy Country nib tcribei fimiiMied it th? iiinr r?t?, lor mr iprr he period, on I rnun inrr m idvitice No Mpcr sc-iat, nulei |*id in ?<lr ,,,ee Thk WkiiLi HttkiLO? iMiiird erery Snturdiv rooming ti nino o'clock?prtco tit ?nd aautritr!t\rerropy? furnuhod to country in Written it fJ.i'i per lunaro. in dinnee, or it the Mine rote for nnr opeeifleo period.

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