Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 20, 1843, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 20, 1843 Page 1
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TH Vol. a.??#, 108.?Whvli No. 33*41 T?? the Public. THK NEW YOKK HERALD?daily newspaper?publi.hnd every day of ths year except New Year's day and , Fourth of July. Price 3 cents per copy?or f7 38 per annum? portages paid?rash in advance. ? THE WEEKLY HERALD?publishedevary Saturday 1 morning?price 6 J cents |>or copy, or $3 13 per annum? I postages paid?cash in advance. ' ADVERTISERS aro informed that the circulation oi ; the Herald ts over THIRTY THOUSAND, and increasing i ast. If has the largest circulation o1 any paper in this city, or the tnorlJ, anil is therefore, the best channel for busiticss , men inthe city or country. Pricee moderate?cash in ad' j vancc. j PRINTING, executed at the most moderate prices, and iu the most elegant style. ' JAMES GORDON BENNETT, ' VnnrH'KTon or thb Hksai.d EtTABi.nHUrnT, Vnrttiw?e Konim of Ptilton an A "Vnssso streets. ?? msmmmmmm i ( j|f-\ MODS'-8 TO LET AT YORKV1LLB..-I wige t jlj* bou*e,? oil the corner of (lib jtreel soil 3d avenue; either ..ti'Aal. of tl.rm it calculated for x public home, grocery or prir f vale truth ace. On the premises is a fine stable, t-nwliag al'ey, t aail n flue yiuilen. cisristma of 8 on, with (rape vines 2nd fruit * trees there >u. For terms, laonire of JOHN A. MORRILL, Esq., IiR?Wr No. II Ohsmbsr* ?t. ^ dflrjL TO llE NT?The cstensive llnildiug eree'rd the pre- | I# ?u"?<-ri?er, lor nrs own respit-acr, on iI'yML'1" "?r? in of lie K si Hirer, at (ins* mix Heigli's, I wo anil i-half miW* from South Brooklyn rerfy, commanding splendid vi w* ? f I lie Bsy anil Jersey shore, tin- cties of vrw Y ok and Brn?kl n S'sfrn Island *? d tlm E?al "id North Hirer*. '1 h? 'I sue isb icr. a an. trior buil ling, five stories li ih r"*i red w h enpiei; inn ball aril atsir* r.f msible; the at .ier f on' sb ts'one thousand feet, and llie b nhiniiwthin * fi w .1 d of I lie dom. Cicdle t fishing m d fiwling in 'he i in inrdi t- v icinit i. 'I ll -drive from Mew York ab nfli'reen Bin i< eri, and the premi * are not escrlled by any i ua'i"n near lhi? ri y O re hm.d-ed pe sons can be accommodsied.? Poxeuion iiiimtifarel' . Apnlv rn JOHN K DELAPLAIVK.6R Walln. ALSO TO T.ET, Mm ihre- ?iorv brick House, 1? Walker M*eel, between Brnnlway ?i-d Church stricr, occupied by Mr*. Ve I iick ; ard Mie rvro-rorv h?rck Hou'e No 22!) .Muetemth ?t:e< I nccip id by Mr- C. W. Feeks?Hent* moderate. _alO I in KC n '10 LET?The Minsirn Houie at tllo'mingiljle, Ici .wo av the " Abbey" sin sr. d a *h rt' i tinc? above li - aii nri'e a'one, iu?t above Str\ ker's Bir. and nearly opposite St. Michaels Church The place i* well known a* r of tlic mo-t delightful situ irious on the Island, and is re ma-kebly he* thy in therussuier season. T " Mormiugdsle stagt* pas* and rt-paia the gat# every her in the car. The gate is new, and numbered 101. The tent will be in accordance with the present stits of the timer. A ptv on tli? premises, o* at 112 Chamber* *treet. N. t.? fYrran t meat C'uld be made, if desired, by a satisfactory tenant, to >eta p?r: of the furniture now in the house remain, or a part of ihe house will be rented separately. apli lm*r jgnI TO LF.T?A tw.i*tory Hoase, No. 8 Lafayette Place, f '1 m ar 4<h street. Inqniran t'e premises. apl71t*ec Vy we ' O L ET?I he hand some bisemerit House and large I E ik Or.'en with'ruM and orna'Diu'il tree* and (brtibbe'V, r ? si th" corner of Pacific aud ClinMn street* south Biooklyn. thr?c ini-utvs w Ik from the Ferry. Apply on the preni'*r.s, or a' No. M Wall a reet, New York. Alio T1") LET in this citv, the sung two stori House, No 101 m d. 107 fiercer street, iear Prince street Pos*e*?ion may be had itnmedi t ly Also, a sm ill frame House, and store and stall" *o. I'8 Ridge St eet. Also a hou .e an ' store ia Ma* rim ?tre?t?ihe h ruse and sto e t lie cnroe'of7ih street and the B wery?several pans of houses in Madison and Ilivioeton strew Anv of the shove will he let low to respectable t"U ov?. For further pir'icoisrs apply at the American La .d and Loan o be*, No. Id W.iH street apl7 0t*r JpA TO LET?Virstoi May, the modern hni't three story h 'Use, No 10 Orien street. with matble msnte s, grates _v i plaiting tlirouvrhnnt. For terms, anolv to Airkena Fr. >ihcrs, 12! Futon street, or P. Shtirafen, corner Ureen and ( tBrsp.l streets tS 8w*r , MTO LET?The fire proof brick store. No. IBS "outh ] ft, With iinuedu'.e imi-mon if returned, apply to WOODHULL fit Mi.N I URN, 1 ;.'i"4r Iff 'Aonth street. 1 txo i ? The two ?to'V Brick House aud premises, I ( No. 145 Wooster street, finished in the most modem , style, with matble mantel-pieces and folding doors hoot Apply to JOSEPH McMWRRAY, < wC3r 100 Pine sireet^_ I vsoL TO LET?A Sail Loft .n stote No. 61 Booth street, ' p?B on leisoosWe terms. Apply to i XJ*. JOHN HERDMAN, m" tr On the piemises. Jrafl. T'-h L* T ?The J stary brick store N? J01 W est st, tj^m in h" sicmity of the depot of the N. Y. St Erie Rsil- 1 J!Ji!!?rosil and steatnh 'tits and -loops, pIvinK betwe-u Westpomi, ' old Sp i- g, rerkbki'l. Isin* Sine, Ac. &c A poo I lo- i ea'iou for a e ocrrv, ship chandlery, liquor or flour store ? Rent nindrra e to a good tenant Apply to n CtiSTF.'.LO, mrnnC amhrrs and West sts. or to OWEN C'-'LOkN. :'9 Jones st Brooklyn. all) 3'*r JML TO LET?PAVILION H'lTtL, at Saratoga ( p-B Sin nca. toge her w th the Fumiturr. To a pnpolir ( .Oil and suit"Me person, it will !> -cD'ed ow For further part c il its. apply to aLEX'H L McDONALD, wl? 3t_No. 52J hn street 3d_story. 1 Jg-L TO LtfOH LEASE?Two tnree story hon-es in i I"*? B oome ueir Wooster s>, with neat c^U't vardsiu front. i. -jE!L''he 3 store house No iTl.aurens at. The two stgry Fo ... 46 i.d 4P 6t*i a-eime. The two st. rt rot age known as the Mfrsi'i'istoi Ha!| comer of Fourth and Thompson streets, i op. o- rv- W ishingyiu Square. I he olios* are in peil.ct order, and were lately painted throostp tiL Will b? r,ni?d low to good tenant*. Apply to 1 J A PElL. 4 Bord Jt. before J A. M. or between 4 aud 7 P. M.. or "t 30 WaP at. a*> 7teod*m >?l S'OR tAl?*'?The lease,?t ck end figtnres ol he old ff'.W established and we I known tar Room, 111 Chatham ?t, 1 J-M ?I'o if to the The me. Apply on the pet nun from < TajtoloM ck ain 8w*r ( 'o* FOR Skt.fc. Ott TO LE I? A n*w two story and . fhW attic ho 113 K-ale street, second d >or ahoee Ureenwirb finished in modern strie throughout, with nnrble piantr 1-at (1 gruea, s'tding aid fo'diiig doors, c muter I Ci- I-', ' nd esee' n.ang in rompl?ie oid< r i For Inr her pani-h ars ? ply at ISAAC II. ARCHER'S h*t aud cap store. 2t.fl OreetiWiin st. a|i.7 lw*r ?.i I K.NNft> LV a M A H(TI KI.?This ext. He I house ff.uj n iv lo If t. It i> situated en the corner of Washi'g 1 <in ami L'herfy ?rrret,aud will t>e le ned to any good [ tenant from thefirst of nut May. It nat 'alely b?eumurheula-,>rl j U im aoeed, ftft| ji coiit'tt.'OJi to the Jeriev felt J, A'ha. v b .it P" n end Wesioru K ulroad Depot*. Eor further p rticulars.enouire of K RUCK HAN, *10 lit'r No 100 Washing'. o at N. Y. SPACIOUS A" D FAMllONABLE HOTEL IN 1 PHILAD .LfHIA. JjbA THE faaht*n<ble Hotel, Marshall House, capable of ! ffv.? arcommodrrng i.'iO persons, situate in Chestnut street, Ji** ***'" .*'** and 7th streets in Philadelphia,having beeu rn . n'l much impniTed aud repaired throughout, is to be let at a redu-ed rent, fur a term of rears. Apply lo dAMUKb fOW?l,. 207 C^estont street, or to . JOSEPH B. TOWNBEND, ' m23 7 aw 1m*r ____ _ 309 Areh street. j usyw FAitM FOR SALE, eonts'uing lor'y acier, thirty- ' te.vS he, under cultivation aud the balance a good growth of uteSIM'l. ... 1 On the p-rmise* is a hcttse in good repair, a new e.o.teh home , and a large k?n In Irontof the house is an excellent wi II ol ! water, secured Irotn ill" we'thrr hy a nrw well house, and a 1 fine lawn in front of the house Ou he above drsttibed f rm ( is f u t in ahutidince, sueh as apples, cherries, pears, qoinrrt, curr tots, gotceher ies, ? c. ' Tue ?b ive l'?r.n is two > ilrs from the stesmboat landing, I ore fr m he town of Kye, on the North street road. A foil view I the S: mid ; can ree two light hcu:es when lighted; i? in every respect a desirable loeatioa fer a gentleman'* resi- 1 denee. 1 This f irtn is in Wcst-hesfiT Conn'v. Call on the premises, i ot on Mr. J. H WELCH, 35 Leonard strict, al8 lm*ec ora* the Police Onica. ' >fcg DiihSsliuOTtii ajjg J LATEST FRENCH STYLE. , THE 8ITB8C.niBEB esprefi'ully invites the citizens of I New Yo k and stranveis visiting the ct'v, to call at 114 FULTON STREET, ' and examine a large assortment *f Umcss Boots, msde in the lat. ?l lashsoo, anil ' I the finest French calfskin. I Or-nt eniiD tao have boo's made to o'd r in llie best manner, at sis dollars per p"ir, anil faoted at fonr dollars, warrants i . e<inal to eny manufactured in the city at from seven to eight 1 do'lais. , Cenions having tender fe? t, or being difficult to fit #n ac- | eauutol Inn ps. bnnions torus. It .can have boo's marie to as to In e?sy y?t haud.ome, bv the subscribe 't method of taking a dm*in.-of his 'eet and filling up and keeping a pair of lasts I for e .("> cn-fomer. , Sirs' g-n leaving their mensnres can, by writing, have boots made aud forwarded tot rm without delay I COOSTITTLV (IV nsisn. I It n,1 nms It. .or. <t > flIt la la HA ii?riYot., ' "jM to *3 M , O-iter Boots, " 2 mill) ] il Sheet, " lWIn J SO Slipper*, " it to 1 CO i rnmp?, fte . kr.,e,in?MT low. I Tinin, C/i"H ry Ogi.iTRitT. JOHN L. WATKIN aSlm'r I'l Fulton tt.betwrrn V*mn and llnteli '? I " WHO WANTS BOO PS Bi sflOKS F"~ THK (I filtit Heiincilim in Piiee* crer known. Onlr think of (Jentl-mfn'i fin- drew coll stitched Boot!, of i If milt f .thionable hope, Si.75 to $3.00. Fashion* hie I egg d boota #1 iO to *2,00 * purr. Ladita fkney colored K<?r.rl. slid city made flatter* lor $1,13 to $1,50 a oai'. And all the fa.hioi* for 1(43, for Gentlemen, L?*diea ind (.hildrrn.from thirty to fort* i f: cent cheaper than orrr, at 212 G--eiiw,ch at, corner of Barclay. JA8. WIGGINS. I ai'm'r ?? i iBji ADOLfHh MONUKurt, Boot mater,from Pip til. 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For HALK I r.KAP-K m-pi'd l?f in n f* ? d yi, *i tl?. i tor will h-ire to h? renmyrd.?A eopvrr ketilr of tun in petit t'ftliy Imrrt'i, wi'h ml", Vxt ,co >ier?, lotltmill, coi? I l?-, i in, "t,hotrrlt, po rhront, he- Apply to flit B(|wK"t, ilii B'-e. un tt. nit Bi*t tj IK A I MINtt rAI'fcM?2# b*le?.ol *ery nprrior anility i ' i. it.ihle for roM? of invite < nid tui'* bottomi, lor ??le by mil) . K. COLLIN* k CO.M.SonU ,tt I T7 TVT T? JLU -LI XL Ni Winding up of the Legislature. It being understood that the Legislature of this State would close its session on Tuesday last, at 12 o'clock, we despatched a s|>ecial reporter, attached to our corps, to Albany the dav previous, to report proceedings, and were thus enabled to lay exclusively before nearly all the readers of this paper, yesterday morning, the passage of the important lets at the cloee of the session. The Hall of Legislation.?At 10 o'clock, we ?ntrred the Hall of the House, the lobbies and g?lery of which were crowded to excess, and found he Rev. Mr. Huntington addressing the throne of trace for the protection and reformation of the nembers in particular, and the world in general >Io sooner had he closed, than up jumped some fozen members at the same time, each uttering he words, " Mr. Speaker, 1"?" Mr. Speaker, iir"?"Mr. Speaker, it"?"Mr. Speaker"-"Mr. Speaker." The Speaker, Mr. Davis, here entered his seat with a large red bandanna handkerchief tied round ns jaws, which, contrasting with his frosty pow, re lemwed a rea caonage in uecemoer, decorated iviih a border of fallen snow. He cast hw eyes ibout and caught those of Mr Daly, of this city, ivho cflered a resolution in relation to an investigation into the Leake and Watt's estate, which was adopted. The Speaker's mouth had bnrdly closed in thp announcement of the result, when about twenty members jumppd to their feet with the cry of " Mr. Speaker," " Mr. Speaker," from their mouths. Amid the din and noise, with rap, tap, rap of his hammer to preserve order, he caught the eye of Mr McVlurray, of this city, who asked unanimous consent o have entered on the journals a statement precared by him, relative to his recent breach of crderin attacking a member of the House?(cries of ' I object," from several members ) Mr. McMurray rontinued amid confusion, and said that the entry cn tiie minutes stated that he had made a "humble ipology" which was so contrary to whit actually nad transpired that he would sooner have been excelled than submitted to such misrepresentation.? lie, therefore, again asked the unanimous consent af the house to enter a statement on the journals. Here followed cries of "no, no," "I object," and VIr. 'V'ewer calling to order, Mr. McMurray withdrew his request, and the matter closed. The next movement was the reception of the order ot reports from standing committees, when we wrceived a sudden movement of some dozen re:entlv ?pi>ointed Inspectors of lleef, Pork, Flour, Hum and Tobacco, in the lobby and on the fl >or, trging on ther favorite members to object, oppose, itave or beat ofl the proposition, for the purpose of defeating action upon any report of the Senate bill ibolishing the compulsory features of the Inspection Laws. Among the most active was Col. J. D. Sterenson. Inspector General of domestic distilled spi lts. Every nerve appeared to be brought to hear to defeat taking up the reports, and the count running very close, me loouies were searched and members scorted up,one by one,on both sides until the clerk closed, whenatnid the utmost confusion, and while mine thirty members were crowded around the shaker's chair, he announced 47 for taking up and 18 lor laying on the table. The annual Supply bill was then taken up and read a third time and passed. An attempt was made to take up the reports of Select Committees, which was rejected and laid on the table. Voick?" A message from the Senate"?(and silence or partial order prevailed.) "The Senate has concurred in the act abolishing the office of Bank Commissioners" (Loud cries of "good, good," " bravo," " well done," " that's something at last," "to hell with the commissioners, they were of no more use that as many setting hens," " d?d glad the re out " Speaker?"Order, order," (rap, tap, rap with his mallet)?" the officers must preserve order and compel gentlemen to take their seats " It was now quartrr past 11 o'clock, and the hour of adjournment was fixed at 12 Mr White of this city rose " to a question of privilege," as he called it, to compel Will s Hall, a member from Albany, to reports bill relative to the office of Register of the city of Albany, which lie said ihe member held as one of the unworthy of the jomtnittee. Mr. Enoch Strong jumped up and said, " Mr. Speaker, I move that we take up the supply bill."? [Order, order, rar, tap, rap, goes the Speaker ) Mr. Ham. replied that he was ready to report, but Mr. Brown asked to lay the bill on the table, which was adopted, and thus ended this movement. Here commenced a perfect scene of confusion. It appeared as though every member had mine hohjy bill that had been left in the lurch, and that this was the moment to seize to pass it About forty members were on the floor at once, all crowding towards the centre of the hall, so as to catch the Speaker's eye, and crying, " Mr. Speaker, sir" ?" Mr. Speaker, I rise"?"Mr. Speaker, it is"? Mr Speaker, 1 move"? Speaker?Order, order?(rap, tap)?Gentlemen must keen order, as it is next to impossible to hear ?w?rd that is said. Officers, keep order in the obhies, or they must be cleared entirely. The Clerk here began to read with such a hur ??. v. fw.v* ?.|?V VHW nuiu ill iwciliy UUUUI UC ieard. We caught the sounds of "Caughnawaga Bridge Company,passed"?"Village of Goshen, pasjed"?" Free Schools in Poughkeepeie, not isked for"?" Rensselaer and Saratoga Insurance Company, passed"?" Order, order " We here cast a glance around the House. Ahmet I every member was on his feet and the lobhy borer? were flying from one side of the house to the other in perfect desperation, al1 anxious to secure the pasrage of some favorite scheme, and only twenty-five minutes left! Jonathan I). Stevenson stood in the right lobby biting his nails, with his eyes upon the rlock, probably thinking to himself there is but a Few short minutes left, and if the Inspection Bill Joes not come in soon all is safe?but hark? A Voice is heard?"Message lrom the Senate"? (silence prevailed ) Si-raker?The Senate has sent back the Assembly bill repealing the compulsory Inspection Laws with an amendment that it shall go into operalion on the 1st of December nrxt. Like a shot from a gun round to the left side went FJol. Stevenson, to rally his forces to make a sortie an this movement ol opposition and defeat to the arospects of the newly appointed lns|*ctors, and a Jozen members wore on the floor on the instant, ?ach stretching forth his neck and elevating his roice above his neighbor, until our old friend Jem Thompson of this city, blew a blast that nat only caught the eye of the Speaker but half the house beside, and he commenced Mr. Speaker?There in not, there cannot be any necessity for the passage of this bill?("order," rap, tap, goes the Speaker's mallet,) this hill is of vast importance to the city of New York?(order, gentlemen, order)?and its beneficial effects, if passed, will be made apparent?it is a bill that will open the door for the cupidity of knaves?it is a bill that will materially interlere with the business of New York for the sale of goods in f oreign markets?the ptili! c have not asked for the repeal of the present law and why do we force it upon the in?is it to oblige those who have been disappointed in obtain ing appointments or what is the object. Let us take up other measures ol more importance and let this passuntil it ia called lor by our constituents? (great contusion and disorder, ind lorty memberaon their hoots ) Speaker ? Gentlemen must be seated?the gentleman from New York alone has the floor. Thompson?I do not intend to lie compiled to leave this floor by noise and contusion, nor will any nterference close niv mouth while in the perform<nce ot my duty?(cries of " go on;" "go on," " hear it out," 44 O, yes". I move, sir, therefore, to 3lose this argument by laving the bill on the table. A Po/.k.n Members?I hope not, Mr. Speaker ? Let it pass?let it slide?(laughter)?1 move to lay he Inst move on the table. (Laughter ) Speaker?Oentlemen, (rap, tap,) mutt (tap, rap,) keep (rap,) order. One at a time only?(gieat confusion ) Somebody moved the previous question. Another Voice?I call the ayes and nays. Anotiii k?O no ?there ain't time?I nmv? m ihe Inst move on the table?(laughter ) SrEAKKR?Order, order, gentlemen. Shall the main question be now put 1 The hands of the large clock in the hall here stood it 13 minutes to 12, when su ldenly they were moved hark by .in unseen hand, in the rear of the wall, to it) minutes past 11?(great laughter and noise anting the members?great confusion and considerable crowing among the lobby borers, who calculated make something by the delay ) iW YC :w YORK. THURSDAY M Mr. Thompson?I call the ayes and nays on that ti ? (great contusion.) I Speaker?order ; you must keep order. Officers, g keep the gentlemen quiet in the lobbies. Mr. Caldwell?Let us have the vote?no more F talking to bunkum. 1 The main question was then put by a vote ot 75 to 11, and the amendment concurred in by almost a J; unanimous voice?(aj>p!ause?clapping ot hands and 6timping of tieet ) Speaker?Who was guilty of that disorder 1 'I A Voice?The member troin Orunge?(Great b laughter and noise.) A message was here received from the Senate c extending the time ot adjournment troin 12 o'clock to 4 I1 M., which was concurred in by the report of it the Cletk,62 to 52, being more than the number pre- ti sent. n Hie Ulkrk thrn commenced the reading of bills ? at such a pace that not one member of fifty could 9 understand five words he said. An amendment as passed making the anti-sectarian part of the tl Public School Law more cnti than ever, which was sent to the Senate and there defeated. P The amendment abolishing the office of Inspector 8 of Green Hides was run through with, and a bill to allow Ilenry Patchin and others to build piers at tl Brooklyn, nlso passed. h The excitement and contusion, although moderated, was such that some of the borers succeeded, a< in the absence ol members, togetupthe billtoex erupt goods sold at auction on account of foreign s< underwriters, from payment of commissions to port wardens of this city, and obtained its passage. ft Mr Glazier, of this city, who had been absent b for an instant, came into the House and immediately moved its re-consideration, which was o adopted hy almost a unanimous vote, and tfieri laid upon the table with but few dissenting voices.? (Here was one among the many evidences of the b day, of hasty legislation ) 8 8fkaker?The < fficers must atop the conversation in the lobbies?if not the gentlemen must be turned ? out of the House. Nelson R. Wheeler and Wells Brooks were here " elected by ballot a committee to examine the Treasurer's accounts. j* The members here began to drop off for dinner, it being about half past one o'clock, and a call of y] the House was made and but 88 answered to their names At this moment we perceived our old P1 friend Nonus and several others extremely active P1 and busy in bringing up members, and suddenly w heard the Speaker announce a bill to amend the act incorporating the Nautilus Insurance Company, 8< eiving it ihe same powers us the Mutual, ol Lite, a Fire und Marine Issuance?passed ! This struck us as passing strange,w hen all through " the session every attempt to grant Life Insurance R to companies asking charters or amendments ? relused. Another evidence ol the eviU nt lun-tv le. gislation, thought we< f< The n<-xt thing we heard was the passage of the ? Astor Mutual Insurance Company. Speaker.?Officers invite the members to take s, their seats. Y Mr. Dai y front this city, here informed us, that () the house during the session had been quite digni c fied and orderly in its character, and that the scene before us was entirely novel. We said no- ei thing, but thought the novelty was certainly of the first order- b A law authorizing the Corporation to purchase lands sold for taxes when there were no other bid- B ders, was passed. Somebody offered a resolution asking for an alte- jj ration of the constitution, so as to allow the Legislature to reduce the tolls upon the Erie Canal, when- te ever the public interest required it. (Voted down at in a dead shot) A resolution allowing the loan holders of money '* for the Unitea States Public Fund, a longer time to * pay the amount due, was adopted. " The Bill incorporating the Washington Monu- n, ment Society of this city, was passed and sent to the Governor for signature. The Public Land Mosey.?The amendment of pi the Sentre to the annual supply bill, providing for u receiving the ?81.358 15, being this State's portion deposited in the Commercial Bank of Albany, wns c< here announced, and about thirty members rose to get the floor. c Willis Hall, of Albany, moved to concur. Mr. M. Bkown moved that thcv do not. The ayes and nays were ordered, and the House c refined to concur by a party vote except Church, of Jefferson; Dickinson, of Broome; Findlay, of P1 Westchester, and Fassett, of Oneida. The House here took a recess until three o'clock. Evening Ses?i?\. 'ie On re-assemhling. the members were quite orderly, and a second attempt was made to concur with ; the Senate in receiving the $81,000 public money, which was non-concurred in by a vote of 28 to 53. The House at this |>oint was crowded to excess, a| and nearly all the members were in their seals r? Mr Brooks here oflVred a resolution returning thanks to the Speaker lor his impartiality, courtesy, L A:c., in presiding over the deliberations of the House during the session. " Mr Fulier, from Monroe, a whig, refused to record his vote in rendering thanks to the speaker as 2, he thought he was not deserving of notice. Y The Croton Water bill passed. A message was received from the Governor in- C forming the Jlouse that he^had signed the hill ubol inning ine oince 01 ttanK uomrni.-sionera?(cries of o "good," " bravo," "good," "all right," " O. K " Willis Hall made another movement to obtain the passage ol a resolution, to credit that $85,000 to y the State government?rejected, ayes 36 ; nays 72. 3.5 The amended hill from the Senate, incorporating the Cayuga and Su-qnehanah Railroad Company ci with a capital of $18,000, was concurred in Another attempt was here made to receive that ,n $84,000, and Fuller, of Monroe, made a speech in N its favor, averring that the State was too poor to do ' without it. Holmes, of Westchester?" Never receive it? h 'twill be our proudest, noblest act to send it back " The vote was again taken and resulted in ayes th 36, nays 72; and the money now remains in the Commercial Hank of Albany, awaiting the action " of the general government. th Mr. Hawlry, of Cattaraugus, moved that the joint executive rules, relative to the adjournment at g, 4 o'clock, be now taken up, which was adopti d nnd thus cut off all further bu.-inese, except by unani- ct motis consent. _ ei Mr-Daly asked leave to introduce a resolution a< instructing the Trustees of the State Library to enquire into the propriety of purchasing the library of Mr. Warden, in Paris, the most of which relates to American affairs. Granted and adopted. lt Mr Hibbard here made several attempts to ob- r, tain leave to pass his hobby, the flowery Fire Insurance Company bill, authorising them to hold real in estate, now in their possession lor five years, for five w years longer. Objections were made as often as he moved, and he finally gave up the attempt as useless. Messages having been received from, and com municmru 10, mr ornate unci rrovernnr, Mr. Speaker Davis rose and returned thanks to the ^ members for the assistance they hud rendered lum during the session, in the preservation of order, and the House then adjourned sine die. The militia bill fell to the ground in this Inst rush, as well us several other very important measures. K The bill to gi ve to the Seamen's Fund Retreat the m money loaned from the State, was not passed o< RttrmtATioii.?In the Senate on Monday night, the lollowingresolution was offered by Mr. Dennis- ol ton:? fa "Whereas,It appear* from resolution* introduced in refe- V rence to a communication from the Secretary o( State, <la- 'a te<l M ireh 17, I84S, and from discussions had and rote* ta- H ken. that tin* Senate is of opinion that the Stat* of New hi York i id good laith hound to pay every debt which *he ,|( has mciirreil, and ought to redeem every dollar of ?tock which she haar anted to he issued ; therefore || " Unsolved, That the lurther consideration of all reso- , lotions in reference to said communication ho postponed until the 4th day ot June next." J* After considerable debate, the resolutions were pl finally laid on the table by the following vote :? Arm.?Messrs. Dennistnn, Deyo, Dickinson, Hard, Hunter, Piatt, Torter, Tutnam, lluger, Scott, Strong, ,l Work*?1 J. th Nors?Messrs Ttartlit, Bockee, Chamberlain, Corn- SI ing, Ely, Faulkner, Foster, Franklin, Lott, Mitchell, n Wright?11. The abolishment of 'he office of Bank Commissioner was taken tip at 12 o'clock at night.and the debate continued on it until 5 o'clock on Tuesday ?' morning, when it was passed by the following m vote?" Avsi Messrs. Dennislon, Deyo, Di. . ,n*on, Hard, Hunter, Piatt, I'orti r, linger, Scott, Strong, Work*?14, !1' Nays?Messrs. Bartht, Chiimherlain, Corning, Ely, ln CinllihiT 1,'nat. r Vran k tin Putnam. W t i?rht?0 ill On Tuesday, in the Senate, Mr. Hunter was J?' elected President pro trm, in the absence of the President, whe vacated the chair. Mr Ely was ap- w' pointed n member oi the joint committee to exa- " mine the Treasurer's accounts. Thf. National Domain ?Mr. Hark submitted a minority report in relation to the national domain, wlvch was ordered printed.

Mr. Faulkner called for the consideration of the concurrent resolution in relation to calling in certain moneys belonRin* to the U. S. Deposit Fund. Mr. Harp's amendment, lorhiddinR the Comp )RK ] [ORNING, APRIL 20, IS roller to call in any portion of said fund until direced so to do by a concurrent resolution o! the Leislature was negatived by the following vote ? Aye??' lnmberliin, Dickinson, Dixon, Ely, 'ranklin, Hard, !lo|kins, I'latt, llhoailc*, lloot, Works? I. Nsr??Meixrs Barriitt. Docket!. Corning. D'-nnUton, leyo, Kaulkner, Fn?trr, Mitchell, Porter, Rugur, Scovill, itmrwood, Strong, Varivi, Wri/lit?18. Mr Fauucneu oll'Ted an amendment, postponing he calling 111 ol any portion ol the lund until Octoer 1844 The amendment was agreed to and the resolution oriotirred in. The Pilot bill for the better licensing and govemitg the pilots of Sandy Hook, authorising the e|ecion ol the commissioners by the chamber of Comaerce, board of trade and the pilots, each selecting ue comm'ssioner, was called up and on motion of lenator rrcou in this city, was laid on the table. The bill to amend the usury laws was laid upon tie table in the Senate. Nothing was done lor the public works beyond a artial settlement with contractors for damages on uspended contracts. The Annual Tax bill fortliis city was passed, and tiat abolishing the office of Ward Collectors; the liter to take effect from 1st April next. The bill authorizing the Corporation to buy land 3ld for assessments became a law. The lien law for New York having passed the As* ;mb|y, was not taken up in the -Tnate. The bill of the Assembly, repealing lite law us- j iringto persons claimed as lugtttve slaves a trial ( y jury, was passed over in the Senate. J The bill to postpone the calling tu ol 25 per cent I n the hilled States deposit u.itil October, 1^4 4, 'as passed. The bill to incorporate the Bickeer Choiem, n enevolent society intliecity < f New York?passed yes 95, noes 1. A'so, the bill to incorporate the New York Float* tg Dry Dock Company?ayes 95, noes 12 The amended law makiug the appointment of an ispector General ot Hides was repealed. The act dividing the Flour Inspection of this city etween three Inspectors, with no Depilttes was delated in the Senate. This bill was got up by one r two disappointed applicants lor the office of lour Inspector, who, failing in accomplishing its issage,lhen lent their energies to abolish the cotniilsory Inspection Laws alter December next, and 'ere successful. The bill reducing the hospital fees on steerage pas ngers Irom 73 to 25 cents per head, was passed, nd also reducing the lees of the Health officer. The biliin relation to the Assistant Justices'anu larine courts, in the city of New York, was read a lird time, in the Assembly, and laid on the table, n motion ot Mr. Paulding. The following is the list ot acts passed during the -sion, not included in the above report, winch are f interest to the citizens ot our city:? Concerning the title of the trustees of the New York ocicty Library to Certain real estate in the city of New ork To extend the time for making a second and final diviend among the creditors of the Commercial Bank in tho ity of New Yerk. To confirm the title of Tbomas Graham to certain real itnte In the city of New York. To amend on act to incorporatothe New York City Mar. le Cemetery, passed April 26, 1832. In relation to tho trustees of the Seamen's Fund and etreat in the ci'y of New York To alter the map or plan of the city of New York, by iscontinuing lD-ilh street, between the 10th avenue and iidson river. To prohibit members of common councils of citirs.trusej of villages, and superv >rs of towns, to be interested i certain contracts. To amend an act entitled " * i net to incorporate the irk son Marine Insurance ipauy of the cny ol New ork," passed April 23 I, 18 ad the several acts amenilory thereof. To incorporate the Mutual Insuranco Compa f nl lk? xitu ?r V..... \ In relation to the Natural History of N?w York. To repeal so much ot the Revised Statutes as directs the tymestof a commission ot two and one halt per cent pon duties paid by auctioneers. Relating to the court of common pleas for the city and juntv of New York. To incorporate the Pelican Mutual him ranee Company. To incor|>or!ite the Croton Insurance Company ia the i'yof New York. To incorporatu the Atlas Mutual Insurance Company. To reduce the capital of the Mechanics' Bank of the ity of New York. l'o incorporate the Alliance Mutual Insurance Com any. '1 o incorporate the Merchants' Mutual Insurance Comjny in the city of New York. Authorising licenses to linep taverns without includig a license to sell spirits and to abolish foes lor the ime. To incorporate the American Baptist Home Mission Soety. Relative to the Mutual Safety Insurance Company. Appropriating money to pay the expenses of the agent ;>pou<tedto procure ami transcribe documents in Europe, dative to the Colonial History of this S ate To eitend the charter o( the Brook!) n Apprentices ihrary Association, and for other purposes. To eitend the time lor which the New York Dying ad Printing establishment was originally incorporated. In relation to the inspection of role leather. To repeal an act entitled " An act tor the better nrganiition of criminal courts in the city and county of New ork," passed May 14, 1840. To incorporatu the tru-tee? of the New York Annual onferrenceof the Methodist Episcopal church To enable the Supervisors ot the city and county of >w York to raise money by tax. For the reduction of the capital stock of the Hudson ire Insurauce Company io the city of New Yoik. T<>amend an act entitled " An act to incorporate the ouseholders Mutual Insurance Company, passed May ith, IS41To incorporate the JohaniUr Benevolent Society of the ty of New York. to amend an act to incorporate tho Williamsburgh Fire durance Company, passed Ap'illS, 183d. To amend an act entitled " An act to incorporate the ew York Bible at d Common Trayer Book Society," iced April -list, 1841. To amend the revised statutes in relation to the Marine nspital and its funds. To incorporate the New York society for the relief of e widows and orphans of medical men. Cslrt or Ssmors.? An act to repeal an act entitled an act for th<- better organisation of criminal courts in < city and county of New York," passed May 14, 1840. Passed April 13, 1843. 't he people ot the State of New York, represented in mate and Assembly, do enact as follows :? ()l. The act entitled an act for the better organization of 'iminal courts in the city and county of New York, pass. I May 14, |H40, chapter 311, and the third section ot the !t for returning a greater number of Grand jurors at the Durisof Oyer and Terminer and General Sessions of le Peace in the city and county of New York, passed lay 18, 1841, are hereby repealed. (jl Nothing contained in this act of repeal shall he con. i ued to render illegal the judgments which have been mlcivd by virtue of the act hereby repealed. f-1 Tbe organization and powen of the criminal court* ilhacityol New York, shall be in all respect* a* they ore before the passage of the said actol May 14, 1640. t; l. This act shall take effect immediately. State or Nrw York, ) Secretary.! Office. J I have compared the preceding with an original act of e Legislature on file in this office, and do certify that e same is a correct transcript therefrom, and of the hole of said original. s. YOUNG, Secretary of State. Alratt, April 18, IMS. Al ointmkvts tit the governor.?ArRII. 7 ? irta'c County ?Samnel Garrison, justice of the itinicipal cotirt in the city of Brooklyn, vice Tliefore Fames, term expired. afml 13.?Military Nominations? Edwin Itose, Bingliampton, brigade inspector 33d brigade inntry, vice Felix Downing, resigned. A. Kirltzing ost. New York, brigade inspector 10th brigade inntry, vice John McVicar, jr., resigned. Edward arnnian, New York, brigade inspector of the 45th igade ot infrtnlry, vice Wm Moore, resigned, ihn McEwen, of Albany, brigade inspector of the 1st brigade of infantry, vice Wm. Seger, deceased, enry Sanford, of Blenheim, brigade inspector 2Sth igade of infantry, vice Peter I Borst, resigned, aston G. Cnrtiss, of Hastings, brigade inspector of e (>tli brigade of riflemen, vice Wm. F. Allen, rcgned. Melancholy Death of Mrs. Shklton ?We take ie following announcement of the death of Mrs. fiellon, wife of the late President of the Brandon ank, who recently drowned himself, from the icksburg Sentinel of the4th instant:? It is our painful duty to announce the sudden death | ' Mrs Shelton. She had suffered the most acute | ental torment from the moment she was informed "the melancholy end of her husband, and she was ?ver i ermitted to be alone. Her physical organi>n mink under the moral torture, and she expired ! spasms, on Sunday last. If is long before the ight of hopes and happiness, Ihe black and bloody 1 ith ol the "creditsystem"?shall have disappeared , rever. Would to tiod that its obituary could be . Utten ; butso long us the organized money power . Kngland has the means of purchasing the mind* such venal orators as Volney Howard, of corrupt esses, and of proclaiming the morality of payinc iblic delus?so long will the "trail of the t-er ' nt" be overthe flowers of a'l that is pure and love- ( inhumanity. Adjourned.?The Pennsylvania Legislature. Cool.?The weather in this city. rr l.i i> a LX .Pi XV xl 543. I'. s. < 11 <111r < ourt, Present t'.inCircuit and District Jtiilget. Apsii. 19?I'mint Statu vs. Jtttr Il.tyt ? The crossexamination ol Mr., the cashier in the Cus'om House, was resumed hy ?1r. Ilotlmsn?A small amount of Cash is always retained to meet emergencies; the amount varied accenting to circumstances; mini's paid under protest received by me would he iticlu led in the slips; at first tliry wi-r? not received hy me; afterwards 'he collector deposited protest monies with the cashier. A'ter March 1S39, those slips would show the protest monies; those slips show the aggregate umount ol the monies handed over to the collecior; t he collector could not, by them, correct tho cashier's account; errors like tl ose may oscur, as in the case ul permits lor instance; paid excess id cash to vir. H >yt; the documents for charging it to my particular account being missing; the excess ol rash is not a profit to thecollectur;does not know wheihrr it Iihh been charged I argued thus the money is not mine Mr Hoyt is liable to be chai ged w i'h other errors, then-. fare he ought to have it. iu McDamel's cas i the mer chants were losers. Direct resumed?The difference of Phil lips was $.M3 69 cents; amount refunded $349; witness is not familiar with accounts in auditor's othce;thh reason witness is not familiar with them is, it was Intimated to witness thut any interference on his part, with other departments, would ne considered bii lauusion; 11 Mr. noyi wn? cnarged wiin the whole amount of dutioN in uccount currant, He ii entitled to the lurplui of cash as a matter of rourie, the do t'osit list* com prim tho whole amount of cash received hy Mr Hoyt; the protest fund was all accounted lor in 1818, and paid over; deposit lists were made out daily at elose of day, al'tert wo o'clock; rereiptof cash wusdi continued and lists made out lor deposit. HF.tsar Oookis, lata cashier in tho Custom Hou*e, examined.? I preceded Mr. Walters as cashier of Custom 'louse; I whs there lor eight years before Mr lloyt rume in, and lor eight months alter; Walters succeeded witnuts; tne same course in tho management of the business wns pursued tiy witness ami Walters; the hanks resumed specie payments on Ut May, 1838; from the commencenient of iloyt's collectorship to last of April inclusive, the amount handed to Hoyt was $lh 793 68 cents This was nut included ill deposit. It was the balance in the Cash ior's hnnds, tho rest havirg been expended ; during the suspension, Mr. Hoyt took no money ami made no disbursements; Mr. Hoyt received and disbursed nothing until alter the Banks resumed specie payments. Treasury Drafts were all paid hy Collector from funds in his hands From 1st May to :21st November, daily deposit lists were furnished to Collector, and monthly checks giv 'n hy Collector to Cashier for clerka' service*, (kc. in Walter s time. Cross-examined.?I do not mean Mr. Hoyt received no money, I mean he received none that was to he paid to thocridit ot errors like those ol Phillips; such errors will often arise from permits being taken away. In my time, the memorandums were made, and the rash put them into a trunk with other monies. Nothing like McDuaiol's conduct occurred iu my time Direct examination resumed?Deposit lists put in evidel r j from lat May, 1&38, to 2d March, 1811, inclusive. Phi Hip*' statement also put in evidence; it commenced on the 18 h July, 1818, and ended31 It November, 1838, both days inclusive, and the balance again't Phillips was $543 19. Witness proves four checks lor $21,080 paid to clerks lor aalaries Mr. Unresists objects. Mr. CsrwALOiDKii.?Our object is to show the source from which tho payment comes, and not the foot of the payment. Judge Tiiomhois?What consequence is it from what source the money came, If it be public money, and d?fendant has gotciuli'. lor it alieady. Horrststs? I lie queuion to be tri> d, is us to the items of difference between the government and deti ndaiit, iitDinir from charges in tho accounts lende hy him, which charges the government have disallowed. The defendant endeavor to make another issue, nnd to discharge himself by inrereuces that the system ol keeping accounts was erroneous. J ii 'go Tiiommow?The evidenco may come within the ru'e Isi I down by the court. Mr. Hoyt may show that in iHiint o f ct he never received the money charged against nim. The evidence may be admitted. Oodln's examination proceeded with?One of tho checks, that lor $10,000, lias my mark, the others arc not marked by me; the amount paid out as shown hy the cash books, was $ Jo ,000 and over ner month; I do not knew from personal knowledge that those checks were paid lor otticcrs' salary. jiinn m. iii:id w^a caiiru <.111 pxaminfn?wns Ul'inct Attorney ol the Kastern Distiict of Pennsylvania until 3d March, 1811; on th? 17th of April, 1839, l r? ceived in. formation in relation to guods smuggled at New York, and that they were in store in Philadelphia; I wrote to Mr. Ifoyt In consequence; Winn was sent to I'hilmlrI phis an I Baltimore; Mr. Wasson was kept eight weeks in attrn lance on the trial* that lolloweit those leisures; he attended court every day as an agent, giving iufjimution. Horrsssiv?The charge f..r Wasson is $556 33; for Philadelphia and for Baltimore $960 45, mak ng a total ol $1510 3.1 Mr. Hoffman said that there were two ol the suita j et undecided, and for those which had been decided he received the fees to which he waa entitled by low. Cross-examined? Presumes the witnesses were su'1pasoaed; Blacbman and Taj lor's case ia suspended by a writ of error; if 'here hud been no dispute between the collectors and officers, Mr. Hoyt would have hal1; the grass amount which Mr Hoyt would he entitled to would be about $tnilO; the account fop Wa&son'a expenses was trom Match 4th to April IS h, 1840 WsLtras recalled?In 1841 I pr< pared a statement of monies disbursed by Mr. Ilmt from mon-y in his ens tody ; the one now product <1 is romoraiuhle to one pieviously prepared lor the use of the Commission; it is a state inn tofvlr Hoyt's checks receive I by me for disbursements; thev all passed through my hands, and were de voted to public, purposes; don't know but other monies were pii I by Mr Hoyi. Cross examined?"tatrment was made np from daily memorandums miide by me; then- chunks were deducted trom amount previously deposited, thus operating a? a credittoMr Hoyt, and adi?rhurgeof amounts charged ; the amount of this list is $1,553,996 64. This statement includes all paid hy Mr. Hoyt, over which I hal contiol This list is a copy of one m ule out for the Govern, mi nt Commissioners, vlr Paiodeater, lie. Here a volume of letter*, the correspondence of Mr. Hoyt with the Treasuiy Department, were given in evi dence and read. Wii.i.ism 8 Cols called and exnmined?Was naval oflicer while Ml. Hoyt was Collector; received the circular, now produced, trom Mr Hoyt. The circular was put In and read. It related to the examination of the quarterly accounts. At faur o'clo. k the Court adjourned until 10 o'clock, (to morrow) this day. Freshets and the Weather ?We continue io receive accounts of floods, ice-bergs, nnd thunder storms. Such a variety we seldom have. Connecticut-?Connecticut River at the present time, lie* spread out to a width of something like two miles! Within this compass there muat h? five or six hundred families in a very uncomfortable sit uation? the water taking possession of their kitchens, parlors, and hed rooms. The extraordinary amount of snow north of us, which has been saturated well with water during the past month, seems to have s ddenly dissolved. Added to this, largeqnantities ol rain have fallen within the |Hst week. The consequence is an extraordinary flood, which must remain for several days, lor it is not one of those sudden swells which disappear in a night. The water has risen about an inch an hour during the day, and was at 4 o'clock this afternoon, within 111 inches of the highest point reached by the flood of 1801 The suffering am?ng the poor families must be very great .?Hurl/aril Timet, April 18. Mkt.anchoi.y Ac went?A boat freighted with flour, having on board four hands, recently passed through the rapids of James River, where it runs through the Blue Ridge. The boat was broken to pieces, the cargo whol'y lost, and three of the hands drowned. The Buchanan Motinfnineer, from which we learn the above particulars, complains loudlv, and we doubt not justly, of the want of proper attention in repairing the canal at that piace, which if put in proper order, would be the means of averting such melancholy disasters.? Baltimore Patriot. Fi.oop--? We leatn from the Lowell Advertiser that the Merrimack and Concord rivers were yes terday higher than they were ever known to be hefore. The Merrimack was twelve or fourteen feet above low water mark, and still rising. Most of the mills in Lowell were entirely stopped by the hark wafer, and the sp<*ed of others was retarded. notion Transcrivt. Ami 18. Extraordinary Haii. Storm.? A letter received by a gentleman of Washington City from Tampa Bay, dated 5'h instant, says:?" It has rained, thundered and lightened more severely than I ever saw it before in my life ; nnd about three o'clock it began to hail, and continued (or over half an hour, sending down hail stones as large as my fiat; and had it not been for a small sail we had to protect us, I really believe some of us would have had our brains knocked out. One man picked up ten doves and other birds killed, and it actually killed fish in shoal water near the shore." Thunderstorm ? There was a severe storm'here r>n Monday evening It is said t' a thunder was louder, and the lightning more vivid, than any that have been remarked for a long time.?Phil. (iaz. April 19. Fresiiet in James River-?'The violent Southeast winds of Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday have produced the invariable eflect when so long continued, of a flood in Jamea river. The tiver began to rise rapidly between 10 and 12 on Friday mnrniug. and continued to rise until ate J-ahinlay night. It had then a greater height I iy f iRlitccn inches or two leet than the Ireshet ol I July last, and beyond question a height exceeding I my example lor filty years, il not since the grea I iresh. t ol 1792 We await with great apprehension intelligence f trom above. Flying reports have come in ot exten | ive injury to the canal, but we wait for more I authentic accounts. That its banks have been I greatly damaged there ran be no room for doubt. | Richmond Whig April 17. M LD. rn? www owm. City liitrlllgtnce. Dkatii from bkirg run ovkr ?The Coroner held an inquest yesterday at the Bellcvue Hospital on the body ot an Irishman, named Wm. McKellum, about ;W years old,who was run over yesterday morning about 8 o'clock, by the train ot cars coming from Williamebridge, near the corner of Twentynimh street and Fourth Avenue. He had been CHrting sod ii the morning and had left his horse and cart standing near the railroad track while he went into a porter house. Hearing the cars coming he attempted to cross the track and quiet the horse hut was run over by the cars in making the attempt. Hi- whs considerably mangled and taken immediately to the City Hospital, but before he could be undressed he died. The jury returned a veidict in accordance with the facta. Musical. To thf. fliltor of title Herald :? I and several of my friend :t were at Mr. H. C. Tiinm's Concert, nt the Apollo Saloon last Tuesday. I cannot forbear to express re opinion publicly in regard to Mr. Henry Hetclvtr-' t new pinno.who has indeed immortalised himselt ,?y tins invention, and I think all present were of ih" same opinion. It combines the strengih of the org tit with the sweetness of the ptano. Its outwaid construction is handsome and neatly finished The Concert was a rich treat- still I think ihat Mr. Timmdid not display the lull powers of the piano, probably not be. tug used to the instrument. But his next Concert will, I am sure.fully repay this. Iam told that Mr. H. Keicbard is a first rale rate tuner and piano manufacturer, and any body that wishes to seenre a good instrument, may do so by calling at his f. ctory Mo. 251 blast Broadway. Patronise him?he des> rvea it. A Subscriber. Convicted ok Manslaughter ?Louis Bourgrous, indicted at the Albany Circuit for the mnrder of James Kennedy on board a canal boat at Watervllet, has been found guilty of manslaughter in the third degree, and sent to the state pruon for tour years. Rights of Women ?The Legislature of Msrylantl, have passed a law enabling married women, after coverture, to hold in their own right real property or slavi s, ortnoney of their own earning, to the amount of one thousand dollars. Pastime in New Orleans ?Fighting duels. The last was between La Sere, Sheriff of the Parish Court, and h osseaud, Mayor's Clerk. Weapons smallswords. Iloss^nud was slightly wounded. General Sessions. Before Recorder Tallmadge, and Aldermen Purdjr and Leonard. April 19.?Assault and Battkrv with a Felonious Iwts.nt.?This case occupied th? attention ol thecsurtsll tiny. Thejnry retired at H o'clock,and at late hour ia the evening had net agreed. Adjourned. Court Calendar. Scrr.nion Court ? Nos. 31. 38, 71,72, 0-1, 41,0. S3, 89, 01. SI, 13. 83,88, 74, 76, 78, 77, 78, 79. 26, 27, 48, 67, 97 , 08, 39. 42, 84. Common Pleas?Nos. 40, 41, 42, 43, 104,44, 43, 47, 40, 8, 13, 102. I.K.EC-I4KS ! MfCH"!!! C(VtfV KINK HEALTHY 8WECD18H leeches? tJVJVJU Jn,| received. Also R ventral assortment ot Orngi, l'.? uls, Oils, I've Wlnir.. tic.. 8e For sale cheap at W OH EENWIt;H, NEAR VESEV. N B ?Arrantreitvcuts h-va been msde for Iresh supply from Swffil n sever il limes during Hie s. as n, ?imI will put up s that hrt can be sent to rut part of the United Mates witn p. r<Vrl -af ty al I im* f.NO .ll-OLL'S OltKAl' HliXT bAZAAIt KOK 1143? I Retncmb-i one ruler and oak boat is worih twenty I'ioe and while wo d ones. I I.u sahirriber mien- s daring the coming season to fully s'tisfy l"e world of the difference herweea amid bolts n I tad outs Tinrefore eyery boat frosa his establishment warranted will bear upon it the stamp of C. L. Infers oil. Irur'ti..' the past season the subscriber hss produced 'Hat inimitable 16 foot sailing D'tikev Troitbler, which receiTed the challemte fnun the Am, ric in loa Itute and ton It the go Id ruvd -I ; she is now ready to show het stein 'o any ssilii a boat, no matter where built or who by, lor any ??luib a ln>rny?Also pie io? boat Henry Stork, which w >n hr?e races in mere aion, with ?-?< Also th- t.iainidi in< O W Chapman, which w r our an effort in ,de t' e >|Uii lta s' timr nnou reco.d H wtyer, duri, a the commit evn he iutends learinf all his owu forme' elfor's inthesn He. h? will > si m te for any kiu.l or dear ipllou nf bo. ts from ou- to fotv tons builhen. end slie-evrr lit stamp m iy lie found '"err- wilt be a boat that au't ih beat. C. l I s oehholl. Boa- Bataar, 406 and 411 Water St. and 121 Cherry la. Jas. w. Hale, aole A nt. 5* Wall at. P S ?H 't-c, .at', c'tth, life, and pl-esu'C nosta, mar always ho f.intnl ,t Inurrsoll's Barair, cheaper than they csu be por cnawtu eitrw nere pt Im'r ' MALl tNlii TO CMOLIUB ~ lAi* IHk Nituen f >ot a*i'boat ' TKOl'BLKH" will Mjtf^hatanri rcdy to ?a'l anv di'tance, Irom to .'0 milta, BMb'11 any n ?iI li?ii rrtr a I by Wrn Cnliat, from t ? III. 'lay of Jon. unit ihe first day <1 An|i>l ue it, oca mo tli'a noiii c ben e irrp.torail two ariu ai' da a lor tin* tarn f * on each day 'I he aule nbjetl ia to teat the sailing qualities f the hoax. N. B.?To tail without oar* or trodrra. C. L. INOKRBOLL. *T lm??t tM Water af*oet. >M TO TH< O V^KR I F THE BAILIE a^rC^tPOAT TK> UBLER Thr owner of jC?S2-^i5i-1 hr i boar "Vrnubb r" haaiog r eeirrd I ire' -h lie art 10m b n't b-nlt by Wm.On!iu? within ihe It t a months, ami u l h?r n < jcl a cep'rd the earn*, it ia |ii?>noi'd 'bo in ^ub' rh |{ h't < h I'enge to tail rgiinttany hr-xr nil boil' hv Crnliua, hi< > weii a tgiuatioii hat taken a fligh'tinui the leira ftruia ol Witrr atieelto ihoae my.ta.egklMW " Whrre the man by mmv odda, Ob-a-na rrcript- 'torn using go' a.'* As toon as conveu'en' fttr h he has got a f a mora of those reeeipt*, and dec ii i d from ih <t a>rial inanaf.cioiy olhonoia, t it hnprd thai he will c nde.cemt to notice tome one i f the clu'lrnc ? ?lre?oy giren I lei a th*t"lii to'e ohJ? Ct of leal iat'es i'ing qut ities ol ihe boa's" may be obtained? Iter which.if lis bois'ed" 1 roub'ei''do?s not proae a anffiei- nt t'uub'rr to him by eap inn* hit rpmatioii astneh-tdane henclf, he th 'li Ihi nhave the oppo i'iv op..o hit own tern t, tooprrday fir two days, of ego- rug his rann rd oama fn'lowing I i ihe wake of Win it, ai Ihe letpecifnl rata ol thiee mi>rs in eighreen aa it df 11*, t pri a tlhirn'm .Mfl 0M rVKkhU T"\7 FUH ALB AN V, wiiliont landi g?From the'uot o'" Barclay ar BW itr street no'th tide. 'he tp'rndid commodi?ns Steamer DIAMOND ft li ii A Flower, w-|| lea'e aa above yery I'uesday, Thu aday, aud -aluidry, ar ( o'clock, P M. F <r Pa i ore or b'leirhtarplv to the (Japlaiu onboard, si it ihe office of tai l Bo t. Ton! of Ba'clay it. The -IPore boat will Icaea Albany the alternate dart, foot of Hamilton arrett. ap ( r .^ at jgm jv)CWAKIC AND NEW Y"KK?Fare Bm i ft?only I2H I euta!?The t| lendia ateamtr II mw I'AdSAIC. Captain John O.By, baa been put in C'lniplete orde , and will commence ber ims f r the teasi a. on Monday the 10th inaunt, as fo Iowa, tin ill further notice :? Lease New York at f o'clock, P. M. " Newark at TVi o'clock. A. M. Frnrnt al reatonahlc n*??. alt *m??? .Mf) mm P'OPLX7' LIN?. (T^TfXMBOATS KOH A.I BANY DAILY?Thr< a an dirvet KaJHjL at i o'clock. P M , - iiu'Uyi rtcept'd fr m th? steamboat pier hei wren ' onrt|?ndt and L her v treat'.-a The ilrf"r KOCHESI'Kis, Cipt A H u.h'on letrei Vendiy, Wednesday, and Yndi' erroi as, at 8 o'eb ck The nrtmrr SOUTH AMERICA, < a t. t?. W Barnard, leave* Tueaday, Thnraday, and Buuday evrnugt, at o'e'ock. The above B'eta are new and auSatanti I, are Tiro h*d ?i h e|?.g nt Mite Homes, and in alt reelect* are m.aQ'passed among the Unison Hivev 8te mrii. for passage or fieigMapply on board, or to P. C. Bohot I, at thejfR ec 'irt the wh?u ALL TI1K RKMULAKPA' Kei B?Saeam amps |C1V> hoars, and other enseenser eraaels, carrying JVUsKa tug "krencis" Patent Lile Boats," have the wore ' Patent* n'siu'v stamtietf or psin'ed on 'he aHe f 'Arfv run ?.at.W nKvJtV Packet ol 2itl April?The Splendid Packer Ship SHB.!tlDr)ONS, Captain B. B. Cobb, of IftftO tons, will iKiaitivelv sail aa ahoee, her regular day. F?r Ireighter nasaif, having aeeominodationa unequalled for splendor 01 eomlort, ar^ly on bnarJ^i Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street* ?r to t. IR COLLIiVS 8t CO. M Booth street. Price of postage, $190. 1 ne Paeket Shin Sheridan, Cape A Depeyster, ol 1MB on*. will aueceed the Siddoua, and aail the Uth of May, he> egnlar das. Lr Iters for the ahipsofthia line will oe'y he received at Oiloin'a and HaJe^ News Hosm. Passengers inav re I v on the ahipa of this line saflug pnetaatV as edver'iaed a7c NEW LINfc LIVERPOOL PACKETB-PMkst hEVW"rr. April?The splendid, f at sailing paeket shrp jEpyg^SlOOO NM, Captain h B Qohb, Bill sail poni'ivety a? ab.Vr. her regular day. Toe shir t of this line are all 1 00 tons hurthen, a. d npsardi.and 'heir accommodations for cabin, aaeond rab n and a eerage raasenrera, it K well known, are au. erior to any Other line of packet*, rhose wish ng ro ?*cnr* Oerths ahonld uot fad to mi'c tarly application on hoird. or to W. A J. T. TAP8COTT, Itrfl 4) Peek **lipcor SaierhaC. any r v/i\ n a t r% r.?1 nvcoDU u'ni r? i m ? "?' ? 1 1 KrW^ C * . > retltrick lie welt, will ail??lh?l?t of Mar. BOVI) * HIM KK>. ? <t, No 9 Ton'me B iMime. t'OK THlelfcTE?Theen'?n??f'.h't>>t>? "fA5? am , to be |>r?ui|'ilv deaneftJied ryeOU fir ?r ,ur p""!'tarin^ hinVHiVBcr:kT ^ at Jet? BO VP * HI_vI KltN. Br.k-?. JSLnicwK o'ie*'e Turi'nJ (ara'i.hed eccommodatioak apply s*d. Ally truiw* u> that tBeet will ha g???n and folftllad hit ma? hi* rtQDiicil \^roc* t? V Orle ns.HnlliD It Woodruff, who will pronp* i forward ?M ?o tb*i? iddrtaa. 'IV- rvN?fc?f ?hn Ocinal e??, I'trotf* |>*t willeeere^ tWe ifiinMv i -1 /' ?* ' M it 1 ?T ??wU' '?> 2*' r tt vfttur^ WAiVi ?. ti?Dijr or 1*0 Dnie? w*?ai?d. JrVy that will tarry from ItoSM ton*, lor ccoutry Mib or good improied city pfprrty will bt#MW>te4 fhr bo-iU trust be sound and in par fact order. Addrass a iina n . ? >a >k.. ??l.. ? i fnli itArfifnUri. Wnicn u? K<7, ini? umcr, IMIIUK M1" _ # will b? regaUrly u>. m" ** m

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