Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 20, 1843, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 20, 1843 Page 3
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Br. Bank Mobile. #60 Oo?, payable in Kew York, May 1. " " Montgomery 20,000, " " " 1. " ? Hunts* ille 12,600, " ' "1. " " " 12.800, " New Orleans, June I. " " Decatur 28 000, " New York, Mav 1. " " " 12,80#, ? New Orleani,June 1 Tetal ami. of int. #182.800, due In May and June. We have not learned In what manner the Bank contemplate! remitting the New York interest, hut auppoae it it intended to purcha?e eichange, as over #160,000 was sent l-,o .,,V. ? , VU nvw VU QV LUII1H Wl IUC nun K. Ths Legislature of the State of New York adjourn- d yesterday. Amonj ita pood deed?, may he enumerated it* refuanl to receive the $84.S?9 50 lent to it as part of the distribution of the public, land money, and now on <le' poaite In the Commercial Bank of Albany. The federal government will therefore take itlback and apply it to its debts. The law abolishing the Bank Commissioners wo will give to morrow. A most beneficial act to the trade of this city has been the abolishing of compulsory inspection. This inspection tax has weighed heavily on the produce trade and its rumoval is of great service. It is another step towards aa abandonment of the artiflciallbarrisrs set up between the free commercial intercourse of individuals. Legislatures are beginning to recognize the fact that merchants have sense enough to take care of their own business. The gross inspection fees in the State of New York for 1842, amounted to $178,000. The following aro the leading articles which bore this tax in the city of New York Beef and Pork, gross fees, 1842 $50 827 I.t-Hincr , a I3,I"V Ornin 1.671 Hides 2.283 Hops 1 307 Tobacco 24.609 Ashes 22,210 Spirits 4,277 The position of money afTnirs in this country nnd in England, is very remarkable. All the elements of a revulsion are apparent. Money for a long time has been exceedingly plenty, while prices continue very low Rnd the stagnation of business very great, fhe result of this state of things both here and in England, is an exhorbitant rise In stocks. The following is a table of the state of affairg in England, March 6,1842 and 1843:? CnKRENCT OF KlSOI.AISD WITH THE KATE OF INTEREST A^D 3 PFR PrsT Coxsoi.s. Bull'on Bank of Country Total Bate of 3 j> ft Mar. in hank. Rngtand. Bank*, currency inte't. console 1842 6 281 009 16.894,"09 15.397,9JS 33,69t.9M 5 P. ct. 81 ' 1<>\^ " 20 349,98(1 15 511,521 35,851.St 1 IK 97'i u tfT.'rtl 1 5,446 000 2 259,596 tX. Dee. , 286,404 3X p. Ct. This artificial abundance of money in England has failed to stimulate trade hitherto, nnd money has found investment in stocks to a degree which has raised consols 8J per cent within the year. This desire for investment has, in >ome degree,counteracted the strong feeling against American stocks, and induced the hol lers of the latter sort to hold on, more particularly as but little could be obtained or them here. In the United States, money has been also iccnmtilating in consequence of the stagnation of trade, nd its results arc seen in thr following comparison :? Rate of JV. York 6 per Price U S. * mi trtst. cents of 1863. 6p rets. darch 1842, s a 7 per cent. Rfl 93 a 99 " 1843, !MaJ 104 109 a 110 nrrease. 24 11 a II n both countries the rate of money is too low and price f stocks too high. It has been looked forward to with onfidence, thnt when the spring trade of England with le North of Europe opens, business will revive. The urrent will then turn. The ?5.000,000 of unemployed ankers' dpposites in the vaults of the Dank will be withrawn and holders of stocks begin to realize. The doubts nd discredits hanging over United States stocks will ex"t their effect, and send to this market large quantities, here the prtsent high rates will insure of their being alized without much loss. We are aware already of ... .... ,w:. .AT..4 V-l__ . ! 4_ T .1? V... Ients here. Simultaniouslv with this movement the re' val of trade here will rpnew the demand for money, d the present small banking capital will find ample emoyment in the channels of business; coniequontly a rapid realization of the preaent inveatments in atock must sue. It is very evident that if bank funds are to be intted in government fiper cents at 110, yielding no more an per cent, the capital had far better be divided nong the atock holders, who can individually do the ma thing without expense. Trading capital is always b valuable in this country to allow of its lying at 5 per nt interest. It is true that a small amount of money in hde now goes farther than a very large sum formerly, it with the reanimation of trade prices will rapidly rise <1 money be absorbed by the double process of increask values aud activity of demand. The whole state of lairs here and in England indicates that stocks have appached their highest points, and that a fall, heavy, rail and disastrous to the weak holders must speedily take Ice. ITho temporary abuadance of money here at the comInd of speculators, has served to sustain those stocks? aiddence in which has been lost on the part of capital1. Even Illinois, Indiana and Ohio have been sustainHn some degree. The prices of the latter stock in Deist ?r last was 77 ; and in spite of the large sums thrown In the market at 80 to 40 per cent discount by the State lay temporary loans made to discharge its interest and lis borrowed of the banks, the State stock agents le managed to prevent a fall greater than 10 per cent Bhe stock. 01 late their efforts have been very great 1 backed by the great abundance of money, they have laly sustained the market under the large sales ot capilits. Their object in so doing was to introduce the It loan 01 i jici emu iur ?h,bhu,ww iuicicot ouu jniuvi|>iii ble in New York. Proposals for thii loan were ad:iied yesterday, receivable until the 18th May. The ceitates ai follow* hi* loan ii authorised by an act of the General Assemof Ohio, passed March 13, 1843 ; and for it* payit there i* specifically pledged and appropriated the plus Revenue received ny the State of Ohio from the ted Stale*, and all land* belonging to the public ks, except inch a* are pledged for the redemption of pa iuued under the act of March 7,1842. The amount M Surplus Itevenue i* $2,007,000, and the Land* are Lated at $430,000. lose propoial* are an open unbluihing violation ef p laith. No better comment can be made on the action than to give the opinion ot the man that perItes it, John Brough, E*q. Auditor of the State ol I, in his nnnital report, dated Dec. 6,1842, alter deling the misery of the contractors, remarks, page Hound a* the State is, by the volantary pledge of her I. in the act ot March last, not to make /urther sales Ireign stacks, her authritie* will be compelled to look Ixne reiource* * * The heavy sacrifice* that I already been made, on the part of the State of Ohio, kuntain her faith with the holder* of the stock, have liven to, and maintained for her, that character and It to which she i? entitled. This, however, does not en in anywise, the obligation ; and should not in Ito any act by which that faith and credit may tie Iromited. There is much due to the present hol ler* Ir stocks, and by no act should their value ho wanton xn'rsd." Iir little months after thi- itoctrinc i* preached finds l>sals lor $l,.Vi(t,(100 foreign stock advertised in New I by John Brough, Auditor of Ohio, and not a 6 per I lock, but 7 per cent, a* if in very wantonness to the State creditor*. Yet these people talk ot the if Ohio with a* much|*elf complacency a* N. Biddle 0 talk of that of Pennsylvania. > recent puffs that have appeared,preparing the way is honorable loan, have roundly asserted that ne was sold to pay interest. Turn we to page 29 of the report and we find the following :? uringthe last month (November) a call was made me by the fund commissioners, to advance them KM) of the revenue oj I he turrtnl year, for the payof the January interest. This I declined to do." tCsnal Fund Commissioners, in their report, state rey sold $1,500,000 ol 8 per cent stock at an average tent* on the dollar. Ol these, $400,000 were to Bar. [others, at 80 cents on the dollar, worth while to notice also what the report said in Ltion to the collection of taxes, page IS pm the best information I have been able to obtain me several counties, I am inclined to the belief that 11 experience an increased detalcation in the revert the current year. * * * The forfeited list now Ices an amount of prupertv so large, that the taxes Ing upon it exceed $80,000 per annum, and it is 1 increasing! * (page 14) The same difftrullill surround the sales of forfeited lands , and so Ire things now undersjood, that httndrrds suffer their Ito become forfeited, ns the bell meant of avoiding ft was under the low tax, yet he would have us hehat he has doubled the tax, and that svery dollar paid ! L.. n.l.rt rr.flr.r-l i,u.n IV> Slr~ulll._ -f >k l?r I," ~ ? ?lx>>iinlii VI tuvaui|?"> rand itifatein all the States, will easily understand terly valueless it such a security. Even in this New York the surplus revenue loaned out hai been quant attempt! to realize the amount, by sole* ol perty at auction, have failed. If thia is the caso in ork what must it be in Ohio whero land speculandtha exhausting system of agriculture practiced, lit land securities valuelei* ? Sales at the Ntork fCxchatiffa. hio #'?, 1288 h'O 13 do 99 V* [do . in 89* 280 VI i c iniea Bk 70 | do i| w-j 200 Pheni' B ?k 75 IrtiKiis Sfrrl'a }i t 'Mi'BiNi 05 ymt'v 8'?, H v* -'li 25 Dank Commerce 94 I do hi tn% 25 do *mtp 98 > I do 19 en 0' o- "It I do toil I I HI Lou* 1st I?d 47', I .1(1 80 50 .> w Jrrv, 88 8 ? I do 87Id 25 Mohawk sono do ijo inw io do boo :tn IOU .?o 27* 25 do !??(] tin ,10 irrjJ 5(1 Harlern IK. 500(1 .V. Yoik 7V, l|4f I05H 75 do bS 1000 (Jo 6s, 1862 103S 0 ao " 1 "H1 IfOfl Ho 103*4 75 do 160 1 ' t 6000 (Jo 5>4'? '861 9Sli 25 Stouiug'on 1(>S 12000 N York 5'?, 1868 96M 60 Mohawk RR bd*5 T* "5 .6000 Ho 1859 93H 97 N len?y HR bill7 3000 N Y W Lo?j, 1858 96 41 Mech Bkg Vn "5^ '000 Ho 1870 95 59 Ho 50 ill t Del fc Hudson 93 87 Aub 8c Rochester 95'4 Second Heard. $5nOOHtatr7'i,18t9 b3 105V 1900 City 7'?. 1852 P-oK 3000 Ho 1818 I053{ 25tha* Storington !9'4 New York Public Mtock Kxchaniie. $20000 U ?t!tes6's, 186J II !k '3000 Ohio 6'?,1860 G9't 2000 do liw 11IV 100(1 do tw 6'W ' 1000 Ho haw 111*4 3000 do (.9* S 10(1(1 do s60 11l3i 1000 do s)0 69V 390(1 N Y t*4's 1859 * 30 87 ' 000 do itw 69V 5000 dog's. 1861 cvh 105 7000 do 6'<V 2000 dob's. 1)30 105 2(00 do f'lW 3000 do 5's. 1868 htw 956? 8000 Ho s|Q 69 2000 Illinois 6'?, 1870 t 22',' llOOO do 69 7000 Keu ncky 6's ' 87J4 3'00 do 1)15 6134 JO.O do l>20 88 25 shas Moli'k k Hud 1>20 30 Second Board. $13000 Ohio 6's, I860 13 69 10000 N Yarli 6's. 1862 I05J4 1000 do 3'ls 69 1000 do 1"5J4 3000 Ho b3 69W too s'm? Moh'lc k Hudson 3'( 1000 do blO 69)4 50 Har em Railroad 1834 State of Trade. The market* are generally improving. Cotton?There has been a steady demand lor export at full prices. Fair New Orleans end Mobile may he quoted 7 a 7$ cents, t he sale* include 1760 bale* Upland and Flo rida at 6 a 6}c; 860 Mobile, a 7$; and 200 N Orleans, 6 9?together '2600 bales. Coffer? There i* no change in price*. The sale* include 700 bale* Brazil at 6 a 7J cent*, i>art very Inferior; 260 Laguayra,7) a 8J; 200 Java, 11 a 11 J, 100 green do, 9|; 260 Cuba. 6} a7J; 100 Mararaiho, 100 African and 66 Porto Rico, 7f, all 4 months; and2$0St Domingo, 5J a 6#c, cash. A tea sale took nlace with the following results:? Terms?Notei at si* month*, payable i" this city, to la made satisfactory to sellers. Hyioa?6 double chant* 03 cent*, 19 do 92, 10 do 91, 27 Chest* 71, 16 hr do 68, 15 do 57, 20 che?t* 47$, 199 do 47,107 lb boxes 49, 200 do 48, 300 13lb do 47$. Young Hyson ?14 hf chest* 78 cents, 10 do 74$, 10 do 74 10 do 78$. 15 do 72 13do 71$; 120 do71, 30 do 67$, 110 do ?7,80do 65$, 18 chests 63. 16 do 62$, 28 do 5.5$, 51 do 55,99 do 54, 190 do 53$, 115 do 63. 295 do 62$, 30 do 61 J. 250 do 61, 87 do 50$, 100 do 50, 34 do 49$, 60 do 48$, 20 do 47, 193 do 46$. 33 do 46 35 chests 45$, 70 hf do 45, 185 do 14$; 143 do and 30 chests 14, 20 do 43, 25 do 39, 14 do 38, 1100017$, 86 do 37. 45 do 36$, 118 do 36, 150 do 35$. 1*4 ches'g 35, 30 hf do 31$, 540 do 34,35 do 33$, 81 chests 32, 110 half do 29, 262 do 28$, 104 chests 271, 109 hall do 16$. 155 do 16. 300 6lh boxes 36, 25 1411) do 33, 125 do 30$, 100 do 30, 76 do 29$, 275 do 29. Hyson Skin?10 chests 83c, 94 do 31$, 64 do 31, 24 do 29, 61 do 26$. 30 do 26, 82 do 25, Gunpowder?10 hf chests 88c, 20 do 87$. 30 do 61,44 do 64, 60 cases 12 each 2lh canisters 68, 60 do 67$, 126 61b hxs 57,176 do 66,600 I3lh do 62. Imperial?10 hf chests63$c, 54cases I2 2lb canisters 57, 00 6lh hxs 56, 450 do 64$, 300 13lh do 52. NingyoDg Powchong?90 hf chests 48c, 52 do 39, 78 do and 50 chests 36$. 35 do 35, (31 161h hxs withdrawn ) Souchong?60 hf chests and 43 hf do 36$c, 54 chests 36, (721 chests withdrawn ) Oolong Souchong?13 hf chests 66c, 20 do 65, 15do 63, 12 do 53$, 88 do 53. 50 do 62$. Ningyong Souchong?30 chests 57c, 20 hf do 63, 50 do 20 chests 62$. Cassia? 7350 mats 18$, 3350 do 18. Died. On the !8th instant, Mr. E. W. Arnold, Printer, aged about 43 year*. Hi* (ripnds, and the Members of the New York Typographical Society are requested to attend his funeral from hi* late residence, No. 106'East Broadway, Friday alter noon (21st instant,! at 3 o'clock. Hi* remain* will he taken to Williamsburg. (fty- The Kingston, (Ulster Co.) papers will please copy the abova notice. I.nteat Advice* KUEIVIll A1 1 It K NKW YOKK HKKAU) UKKIUK. Africa Feb. 16 Macao .'an. 1 AnxCayes F-b II Madras Pec. 24 Antigua Maich 16 Manilla Not. 2*1 Bombay Jan. 2 Montevideo Feb. 18 Batavia Nov. 31 Maranham Feb 20 Bermuda March 11 Matanzas March 30 Bonaire April 0 Mayaguez March28 Buenos Ayrra Feb. 9 Maracaibo March 9 Bahia Feb 23 Matamoraa March 13 Belize, Hond. March 20 Mexico March22 Barhndoes March 23 Neuvitaa March 16 Bogota Pec. 24 Naaaau, N. P. Feb. 5 Berbice Feb. 20 Oahu, 8. I. Dec. 7 Cape Town, C. (i. It-Jan. 15 Paris MarehJl Curacoa March 23 Portau Prince March 21 Cienfuegoa Feb. 16 Ponce, P. 11. March 15 Carthagena Sept 15 Para March 6 Cataccas May 17 Pernambnco March 16 Chaqres July 1 I mama Sept. 23 Callao Sept. 7 Ri > de Janeiro March 2 Calcntta Dec. 22 Singapore Dec. 9 Demcrara Jan. 30 Sydney, N. 8. W.* Jan. .' Fayal Jan. 29 St. Helena Feb. 12 Gibraltar Jan. 9 St. Thomas March 21 Gnayaonil Oct. 16 St. Barla Jan. 3 Guayama, P. R.- March 18 St. Jago de Cuba March 25 Oonaivea March20 St. John*, P. R. March 21 Galveston April I St. Croix March 10 Havre March 16 St. Martha Doc; 2 Havana April 2 St. John, N. B. April 7 Hayti March 12 Surinam March 18 Halifax April 4 Tampico March 9 Jeremie March 3 Tobaaco Jan 20 Jacmel March 10 Turks Island Feb. 8 Kingston. Ja. March 23 Trinidad de Cuba March 19 Loudou March 26 Talcahuana Der. 26 Liverpool March 21 Valparaiso Dec. 15 Lathjarni Feb. 27 Yucatan March 30 Lima Nov. 6 Zanzibar Nov 25 Passengers Arrived. I.oixdoix?Packet ship Mrdtitor?J Svnionds, of Canada; J Smith Oeo Smith, of New York; A Marpheraon, H llolmcs, London?104 in the s eerage Havre?Packet ship St Nicolas?Mrs Ann Philadelphia Madame E Ba birre. Taris: Misa H Vilade. Bordeaux; Dr F Campbell Stewart, lady, children and servant, Virgiuis; Chis M?qnaire, St Lou's- barm Trigeant de la Tour, France; Rev F. Klanrrach, Kev Xasicr Sec'oa, Hev Chss Boswell, Mr Burdeca; Herounie Schank, Austria?150 in steerage. At PHiLsDELrHia?Barane Cora, from Maracaibo?Win J Dubbs, Esq. late U 8 Consul at Maracaibo. Foreign Importations. Lohdos?Ship Mediator?12 raaea J C Cohen? 12 Q Mever St too?It Wi|?on St Brown?1] A H Ward?2 Nevitia it co?7 C King?2 J M Opprnheim 8c ro?8 Wm Vyar?7 C Ahrenfeldt? 4 "onrue 8t co?3 cka aeed D Landreth?2 rka IS boxea Clark it McGowan?1 pkga fc Henry?3 E Garner?2 Gndmrll it co?2 A A Low?24 caaet aleel K 8 Sanderson?16 cka linac-d oil G Meyer 8l aon?26 cka G B Morewoorl?14 pkga N Lennig it co? 2 R 8 Butrerfield?1 O Pearce?I E Meyer?2 H Gr'ffiii?I J C Mn'ler?I Newlurv it Burne'?I Juaeph it ton?1 J Thornat?1 Simla, Foe it Wright? i W Mortimer it co?2 J F Palm?r?I box Prime, Ward it King?17,534 bira iron and 72 caset mdae to or' rr. Hatre?Ship St Nicolas?6 pkga E it F Srhiimaker?I Moran it laelin?1 Brrar, Benjamin it co?I C H Schneider?1 Poirier Frerea?l Gilbrrt An e?1 T C Mali?2 Wiley it Putnam?I Sal It Haym?I Seiea Chriat It co? I E Bergonzio?I Cerf, Beer It May?4 J R St Felix?I Lewia it Ftirmati?2 C Gign ux It co?1 Wolfe it Oilleapre?5 E B laaange?I S laaaca ?3 Tiftauy, Young It Rllia? Werkrneiaier?2 Biningerlt co? 2 C Dord?I I> Ball?I T Oonaldaou?1 Ballin It Sander?'J S Haakel?I F H Meyer?5 Barflett it Wilford?I R Kipling?I H Bodmer?I PAil' A-gaite?I Haind> n it co?I Umber it l>amhinann?1 F W Schmidt?6 Schmidt it Voge1?SC.iffelt Melber ?5 A Hart?3 L Pilleeuyt?I Voin g Smith it co?2 C Paven St co?I L B Birioe It en?I Genin it Van Vianken?I Hill it Thomino'i?I O Roaat it co?1 Haher?haw (krone.?| Fell'wa, Wada worth it co?I Theological Seminary?I C Fay?1 T Valentine?3 J A Voiiin St co?I P A Meaier?I P A Bret?1 Bruatlein, K >op it co?| Candle It Danguea?2 Loeachigk It Wi*e... donclr?I J Pickrragill?2 E B Strange?2 -I R Rohe?3 Wm Vvie?31 A Birhey?3 H Etcher?2 Prime, Ward it King?I J Dnpre?2 A H Ward St n>?2 Dubcia, Jacot it c"?4 F Cottinet ?1 C O Ginther? 1 H Orand'ean?1 Brntiner Frerea?1 J II Robrrt?1 C H Sand?6 July Frerea?I D M Kevaer It co?I Chevrolat St co?I W B Drapei?6 nenkard St Hntron?2 Boiceau it Huach?I Schnlzit Ble'dnrn?2 Hentehen it Ualtar'?I J C Ernenspiitarh?16 K A Biuinger k co?16 C K. Ilahei ht?I Cant A Canfteld?3 Larhaiae it baurhe?I Merian St Brnard? 1 B de la Roaai>re?3 E Fiedler?6 E Bolrer?2(1 Howland it A?pinwall?3 A St II Waller?t De-aiamei it Boir.ard?2 (' it Whifehona.?I Baratow It Pope?2 A Belmont?1500 burr atonea J C A'li.pach?24 ca ro order. Liverpool?Ship Roacoe?360 ska aalt 50 tona eoal Grinnell, Mintnrn St co?7 pkga I ton .1 Connah?17 anvila Wnlah It Vtallor ?5 pkga R Pat'ick it co?3 J H Berrian?2 Warren, Hoyr it Lealie?61 J St C Willetta?00 H Winclrley ?J I) Hadden it aon ?2 J A Newlrold?5 Newbold it Ruaaell?67 W Chaun ei-'2 A T Lagare?]7 Tooker, Mead it co?I C Catlidge?7 caaka 12 anvila 9 haga K Hunt?2 bxa fc Patliaon St co?27 cka Ponltnay It Jetikint?4(0 bxa tin 7 ca to order. Domestic Importations. Mobtli?Brig Angnata?57 bale? rottnn Wood, Johqaton St Bnrritt?12 O'rar St Ho) t?6 W S Haatie?III Allen St P.iiaon? 158 Brown it Dimmnck?126 Wimrr, Gale St ro?11 Greenwav, Henry Stc?7 I'erkiaait Honkina?25 R L Maitlmd It co?100 Hi.ear' tit Kllfrlat,,l?26 S. oil nl Til...Ton it c,,_? trr.iik. T I Black* ell?1 bo* A Comstock?1 J Mount?0 pkgs copper W H Hal 'on?289 nl?*s to order. M A ll I T I V1 iT H E K A ITTv Snlllng Days of the Stram Will pa. from RtvoitivD. from amkhu l Britannia, Hewitt April 4 Mar 1 O. Western, Hosken April 15 May 11 Hibernia, Jinlkin* April 19 - May 16 Packets lo Arrive. Packets to Sail. from livf.RP00L. for LIVFRPOOL. Geo. Washington, Mar. 25 Liverpool, Itldrldge, April 20 U. States, Button, April I New York, Cropper, April20 Kochester. Wood house, Apr 5 Siddons, Cobb, April 25 Kuit'aud, Ba'tlett. April7 for Portsmouth. from Portsmouth. Went m iuate r, At wood, A pr 20 Wellington,Chadwick, Arril I Sr. James, Sebor, May 1 Quebec, He bard, April 10 for havrf., from Havre. Rhone, Johnston. Ap?il 20 Otichesse d'O. leans, Mar. 24 V de Lyon, Stoddard, April 24 Willy, Burrows, April I Ulica, Hewitt, >lay I Whip IHasters and Agents. We shall ?steern it a favor, if Captains of Vessels will give to Commodore Korkbt Silvrt, of our New* Klret, a Mr nort or the Shipping left at the Port whence they sailed, the Vessels Spokso on tht ?r Passage, a List of their Cargo, and ativ J*ort?iAjn Newspapers or News they may hare. Hp will bond trwm immediately on their arrival. Agents ami Cor* respondents, at home or abroad, will also ennfer \ favor h> sending to this Other all the Marine Intcibgence they ran obtain. Nautical Information of/my kin.) will he thankfully referred. I'OllT OK NKW VOKK, APKIli !i0 i, i i is | MOON 34 mn int.I 43 I Hum 13 S3 ClAHrMt. Shipi Wf?tmin?tfr. Atwnnd, London, John (JriawolJ; Aniwlinno. Kdwatlv Amaterdiim, Behnohardt, Fure k Co.? Hrii: Wellingnly, Covington, Hiram H Mariland ?Aohri C K Tuorne, Oaniherlaiu,, <?r. 11)1 D'mill; A K Thorne, Sanfnnl, Wiiminnton, NC. B 8 Powell; Helena, Kelly, H?! IN 8 H Underwood. .... Slit Arlnina- Burg- ?v for New Orlrnni, and Wig Mniriao, Brvntcorub. for Vera Cru*. rtemd on the iVh; ?rlir .Vlary Shirlila.Wo'thini'on, fo ? ' " ? ' ' * " A' Unfa, l.awlin for Went Conai ' 1 for S?r?Di??h, on the llth ? iTirrrl. I'.ike- ?,i|i M. \v , ' a-lrMfk l?"h ' ".I Pom. " . I in t, 3.'.. with mil -> John ( t* < <1 i.ft hip Si. Nlcolaa, Pi", I on) Hou M'roh 17, with m n> Boyd h Hinckru 33d nit. I*' JO. Ion 23. I>??*d ?hi|> I_ - ^ N?w E||llMl|Af Boston, standing |i(lMIMlWttNl| 27tli,l It IL JJJ ,f)- spriketl m AldfblM, Of aud for Boston, from LlWP ' Tli- Sr \ iiirlmrril in the lower hay on Tuesday evemi'R 1 nrkef ship Roteos. MeWilliaau Hiyi from Livsrp with idy to Grvnnsll, Miotvotr ?29 stosvsfo wwHJ ,l fUftlMt 'it rn f., I Q j$ spoke ship Qneeri VirrorM. IfOM ' w Orl-ana for Liverpool. From Ion 16, the R. eierienced ?oiitninal westerly eales. is I ' i in. Bur kntn, ?a di\ from iisfeeioitwilh !M 1 Us i' ci hooey t.. rha'tefiiu 8i PonvSTt LeO. 30'h n't hr%t Northernor, H?(eh, for RinboTv. is S dityi; ' h " ** tile, ff r Boston, Idg; schr Hquire & Brother!. ftoin Philadelphia, diag. B 1 bi b InUoi, i oalflHtt II Boys Aon Bt AinN Bav, J>. H\ vi (?.ul, f.uiti, | ioo h-ip* pimento 10 i lbs old OOPt I order. I.eft no Ameitcan vi ?*el?. Brig Augusta, Hhnwood, 17 days fiom Mobile, with cotton, to Sturg-s (k Olearinaii . Brtu Moon, Haves, 0 daya from Charleston, with cotton anu rice, to O Bulkier. .. SchrOulv Daughter. Tucker, 8 days from Eaatport, with lath and plaster to master. Schr < ruelia, Ricketsou, 2 days from New Bedford, w ith oil, Id order. Be low. Packet ahip Stephen Whitnty, Thomp*ou, from Liverpool, March 2 wlih indse, to R. Kerinit. Ship Chester, Doyle, 2> days from Liverpool, with mdse, to Roche Biothers It Co. British barque Allison, from Hull, wilhrOO tons coal 100 tons chalk to order. II"7"The British frigate Warspite wan at Hiding off the Woodlands oa the IStli, under double reefed sails. Hernial Marine Cwrreapowdene*. Office of thk Khodk |slandkb,I Newport, April 18,1841. 1 Arr I7ih, Mo es Eddy, Jama s Lamphere, J ames L Lone, fm Providence for N York Shi Adams, A Marshall, aiid Wave, Philadelphia; Emerald, for the Chesapeake; Susanna, Kreale nekshurg; Candace, Baltimore; Argon, Virginia; Albany, Albany. Oerierssl Herorst. Kobkiciis Lettee Officb.?The Liverpool, Sheffield, and New York, for Liverpool; Westminster, Atwood, for London, and Rhone, for Havre, w ill sail to-day. Their letter bags are at (iilpiu's, in the Exchange. Ship C HtLi. Delano, of and for New Bedford, laat from Pernainbuco, with IfOO hhis sperm oil, took a pilot from pilot boat Superior, on Sund-y afternoon, off Moutana Point, while lying becalmed?hao been becalmed in a fog for fonr days Bam Csai.r.Tota, Jameson, which eh ared froin this port on the llth init. for New Orleans, was afterwards taken up for the West Indies. DisaaTr.H at Sea.?Ship Sheffield, of Bath, Po-ler, from New Orleans, which arrived at Havre on the 3d of March, re- j porta that on the I2lh Eeb. .1 saiior was ln?t overboard from the bowsprit or jibnooin. A boat's crew of five men i sanednlrly put r ff to his aniafance but before they reached hnn, their boat was upset by the violence ol the waves. They atiempted to >ave themselves by getting upon the bottom of the b at, hut succeasively washed off in lull view ol the ship. Pom Charoei?Od ve?n Ii at Kingston, Jimaica:?Island Secretary, each vessel, $3,75; Surveyor, $4; Harbor master, >)> (> SB, brig Sfi, schr Si; Health officer, ship S3, brig |2, ichr $1; He reiver general, each veuel, 74 cents; Fort pass for all ve??el?, S'J; Tonnage duties on all vrssels, per ton, 95j? cents; Mouey lor lighthouses on*|| vrssels, per tou, 7)? cents. VVhalemrii, A letter from ('apt Cole, of the Wm Hamilton, of 1MB, on Tristan (jruund, date not recollected, with 4 whs. Npokcri. St Lawrence, of Cork, hound W, March 3, lat 42, lou 31. Sophia. (Amrrican) March 2, lat 26, Ion 60. ' F.lixa Thomson,' March 3, St Agnes N by E 46 miles, with cutwater and stern damaged by H M ship Nautilus, at Portsmouth. Hogarth, from London for New Orleaus, Feb 22d, lat 49 N, Ion 12. Cassandra, for NOrleans, March 5, lat 36, Ion 24 Lion, Patten, from Bath, and Heliespout, from Cardenas, April 1. off the Moro, bound in. Km'ly Taylor, Boss, ftom New Orleans far Liverpool, April 3, off Carvsfort Keef. W llace, Turner, from Boston for Havana, April 17, off Caius Cod Light. U S ship Erie, 14 days from Boston (or South America, Feb 24, lat 30, Ion 30 13. Foreign PortR.. Antwerp, Mm B?Arr Sarah, Lowe, Cowes; Cyclops, Rogers. Bost- n; Diligence, Huyl, Baltinioie. Alexandria, Feb 10?Arr Cambridge, Chase, Boston; John BartWlt, Legt'orn. Amsterdam, Mar 7?The Padang, from Batavia, arr at Helvort, experienced very bad weather, and threw 500 bags coffee overboard. Bordeaux, Mar o?Arr Saratoga, Bedell, NYork. Bristol, Mar 14?Toronto, Douglas, from Charleston for I-nudun, put into our channel yesterday and has been piloted to : King road; sh- experienced a dreadful gale in lat 42, Ion 40, in which her masts and boat were carried away, and the vessel received damage?she will have to proceed to B'isto! to discharge and go into dock Cld 7th, British Queen, NYork 4'fe Beachv Head, Mar 6?Hansa, Martens, New York for Hamburg; Ann, Godfrey, Mobile lor Flushing. Cowes, Mar II?Arr Oak, Williams, Char'esteu, and sld 12th for Newcastle; 7th, Ida, Barclay, Havana, and aid 10th for Amsterdam. Cadix. Feb 28?Sld Encore, Gruchy, NYork. Cove op Core, Mar 8? Retna>ning, Richmond, Charleston; St Petersburg, \ Yoik; Crusader, LiverpoolCltde, Mar 6?Arr New Hampshire, Mobile. Deal, Mar 20?Sld Duke of Clarence, NOrleans. ArrSfh, Hauuibal, Moriartc, N v'ork for Antwerp. Sld Mersey, Savan nan; is* rsnire, viouue; fin, oaran Dotsiorn, uo. Off Dover, Mar 4?Louise, Baltimore for Bremen. Fn'SHino, Mar 7?Sid Mary fc Jane, F'itner, Mobile. Glasgow, .Vlnr 8?Arr Venns, McKenzir, fihullHW Oravfsind, M <r 8?Arr Salem, Charleston. Havre, March 17?In |>ort, Ducneise d'rtrleans, Richardson, NYork; Sullv, Burrows, do; Ahugun, Wright, af Plymouth; K Thornton, Keiiuebunk; B Patterson, for New Orleans 20lh; Rochester, Owen, do, first wind; Sheffield, Porter, do do; 8tnlitig, S unders, Suvannah, do; Warsaw, Hawkins Charleston, nest d>y;Cnmera, Whitnev. Havana, fiist wind; Damariseotta. Howes, of Neweaste; A nol lo, W tnsor, Boston; HWTyler, Tyler, NYoiU; Thames, Prince, Portland; Jupiter, Carter, do; Remittance, Silsbv, do; Leodes, Kobins, Kingston; Tippeocanoe, Gray, Baltimore; Clint in, Hartley, NYork; Superior, Bailey, do; Wakoua, Botland, do; Nonnan, Kenrick, Boston; Horester, Burnel, Salem; f'.dvwn, Robinson, Warren; Kdiuhnrg, Slowr. Gardiner; Viritinii, Ball, Alexandria; Ta'uutn, Moody, Boston; Augusta, llsley, NOrleaus. Several of the above sailed on the 17th. Sid 7tn, Oregon, Glidden, New Orleans. Hunn, Mar 18?Arr Astracan, NOrleans. Isle or Wight, Vlar 6?Off, Chandlrr Price, Dunlevy, New Yolk ror Antwerp; 9th, Elizabeth, NOrleaus for Havre. If.rset. Mar I?Sid Old Tom, NYor*. Lisbon. Mar!)?Arr Motto, Forbes, NYork. London, Mar 10?Cld Atlantic, Robertson, for Savannah, in ballast. Maracairo, maf "8?In port, Thos Hooper, Bearae, from St Thomas for Boston April 5. Penzance, Mar 6?Arr Louis Pnilippe, Dunkirk for Texas, leak; and purnpchoaked Portland. Mar 9?Off, Mela, Meyer, NYork for Bremen; Charlo t", Hohorst, NBedfird for Bremen; Isabulla, Anderson, N Yoik for do. Porto Cabkllo, March 80?In port, Orion, Wilk'us, for Philadelphia, next day; John Drew, NYork. do. hroNET. NSW Sept 2'?Arr Lark, Tiboirts, NYork. St Crkx, Feb 19?Arr Chenango. Snow, Hamburg. Shields. Mar 7?Sid Stephen, Wright, rhiUdrlphi s. Stromneis, Mar 2?Victoria, of Salem, bus disgd her cargo to repair Scillt. previous to Mar 6?Arr Katharine Jackson, Baltimore for Rotterd-m Texrl, Mar 9?Arr Astrea, Lang, Surinam. Home Porta. Eastport, April 10?A?r Melville, Kent, NYork. Lubkc, April 12?Sid Ruby, Carlton, Baltimore. Franrfort, April 14?Ari Hope, Arey. NYork. Sid Adamant, Puirington, for Buckspoit, to finish loading for the West Indies. Portland, April IS?Srr Amaranth. Thornton, New York; I6th, c. rdelia, Crock?tt, Havana Salf.M, April 17?Cld Glints, Hutchinson, Montevideo and a mkt; 15th. Lnbee, Campbell, Ouadalvape; Berry, Seara, Philadelphia; Mth, Naumkeag, Tnwne, Brazil. Boston. April 18?Arr Dorchester, Ca'dwrll, Liverpool; Oar Res, Elliot. New Orleans; Milton, York, Trinidad; Chas Thomta, Doughty, Havana; Henry Leeds, Homphreya, St Marks. Cld Wolga, Stoddard, Frnlericksbnry. Put bark 17'h, Ci'izeu. Brown, hence for Ci-nfuegos, and auchored wide off? cironrnnsly supposed the Wesson, of BrooksviUe, from Cape Hivt en. Holmes Hols. Anril 17?Arr Spartan, Dill, Boaion for the ('heaa)ieike. Slil H T Hinckley, Bangor; Atlaa, Clifton, Fair Ploy, end Herald. Providence, April 17?Sid John, Burroughs, Albany. Brisiol, April 16?Arr Caledonia, 8[relm n, and Hero Spelrnan, I'm Prmidence lor Albmy. Sid Nepluue, Uladding, lor ,M |i or/.aa. f hii.spklphia, April 19?Arr Cora. Wnrner, Maracriho; Virginia Trader, Steward, NOrleaus. Below, Cooaa, Moore, Mobile. ( d New Jersey, Bell, NYork. Norfolk, April 15?Arr Alliguash, Kilbonrn, New Orltana; Forest, Kldridge, Boston. Mobile, April 11?Arr Lightfo t, Ulnar, Boston; Ohio, Hatch, NOrlrana; Carotin E Piatt, Rice, do; Joa ph Blown, Read Havana. (.Id Chirlotte Hatrison, ( Br) M< Intyre; Areatua Lincoln; Brunswick, McManns; Odei*a,(Br) Vaughan, and Elizabeth, (Br) King. Liverpool; Growler, Ulmer, Boston. Arrbt'i. Birmingham, Robinson, NYork Cld Chas Humberston, (Br) Eastman, and F,li7.abe:h, (Br) Nelson, Livet|>ool; Savannah, Hnwlev, NYork. New Orleans, April 9?Arr Otho, Hnrd, Sr Thomas; Importer, Howard, do; Joseph tJorham, Williamson, do; Marion, Higgin*. <lo; Amanda, Ainr s, St Jago da Cuba; Virginia. Bermuda; Mary, Por>e, Kennebmik; Palestine, Stephenson. Uarbadoea;Trias. Baker, Sisal Cld Humphrey, Gait, Baltimore; Hnrtense, Smith, Charleston. Arr 7rh, Catharine, Wingate; Ada, Major, and Arc'urus, Plummer, St Thomas; Taranto, Kales; China, Small; Monioe, Gilchrist, and Ottawa. McNear, Boston; Oipsey, Crowell, and Casildn, Goodell, Providence ? Cld W-shinfton. Johnson, Lagntia, STRAW BONNET AND LEGHORN HAT WAREHOUSE, 36 MAIDEN LANE. THE Subscriber has now on hand and will r rive daily from the mano'actnres, the fallowing desirable styles of ladies sud m'-ses Straw Bonnets;? AMAZ *NK, MARSEILLES, MtlOENA, ZKPHV RINK. I.MPEK1A'.. MICK STRAW, CI'(' ASiIAN. RUTLAND, ENGLIS H DUNSTABLE, ALBERT, DOUBLE SHELL, OPEN FRENCH LACE The above description of Bounds are made alter the Orleans Oiraey ai d other approved I' shioaa. and Palm Le af Hal?. Ann Sh aker H^ods, Cords, Editing*, F1 rwers and Kibnini. All of which will he mid bv the case, do/.eu or single hat, at the h.we*t market p ier, lor cash, by aw iwi?*m H. E. KETCHUM. printers' and binders'warerooms, Noa. 'J9 and 31 Oold stroet, N. York, April, 1843. PRICKS ORKATLY REDUCED. The hoi> cimn it* g press mai hine and saw MA ^LIFACToRY, iu conirqnence of the addition nf new ?nd impr 'vrd machinery to tbeir works, and thr reduction in th* cn*t nf material* and labor, are enabled urea'ly to r duct thr'priert nf their Presses, tud of Printer*' and Binder*' materials generally, as will be seen by their newly printed circular, to which they beg leaye to refer. This establishment i? etiTl under thr personal superintendence of Hie us en M. Hog and RnnaaT Hc-r, and they assure their fiieiid- ih.t, notwiihtfendiug _the great reduction in prires, a'l articles manufactured by this establishment shall retain the high reputation'which til y hare hithrrto sustained. It wi I a'so be their constant endeasrorto improve the quility ofthem -n eeery partieu'ar. They flitter rhems-lves a'so that th-ir old friends will not only enntr mn the ir firo a, but th it I'tintets eerie rally will appreciate th?ir rnileavora to furnish the ?erv est reticle* at ba.efy rrnmnera'ins prices. O de's from any patt of the conutiy lot all irtie'e* used by Printers or Brnders, inc'ading Types. Ink, P-ter, kr . wi I be eirru'ed with the greatest rare and promptitude, and oil thr br?i irrms. Jobbing wnrW and repairing will he 0 rue at the lowest possible prices, with earcry attention and etpeditinn. V. II.? AH ariir'es mannf ctorcd by tin* establishment will he stamped K HOE k CO , so ihn b ' ?'l 1% R V not hf impfttd upon with tpurioua articlfi, made iu imitation of then* Pru t-r? of newapapeu who puhliah thia advcrtuemen'. with thi? nolo, ill oo timm before ilio firat < f Jnlv nrir, a> d aend on of their pap ri to in, will ho eolith d to P' vm ut of thoir hill on buying four turn* tin amount of it aptOii r NI'.W S VN AtMKir K -A pi r'Min . f hraeli'ei nr.- shout to e?tnhli?H a new Bvii'gof ue?the location n in Broadwav, No. <13, the entrance la in Lupcnaid atrert?it i? to h? fined up temporary for tho I ant two lip a of tho prrieli t holidavi. The inoitiolobrai. il T Itiria, K?.| n to perform icrviooi on the lair day of th* holol.a' t, at 3 o'clock, P. M Same day a Oncourio in the Ho brow I anir.iai:i- will bo dehrered by the moat highly learneo good, man, llahb H reb Mr. Oold arrit. N. B. Immediately alter th- Inilinayi iho Synagogue will be tilted np in fir?t atylo aa a ol worthip._ aj# Ji#r ! OTRONO, Mi KIBIIIN h ItR('K, No. 4bSealer treat, offer fo. tale, '"J ? ''r* taeayjr forty inch black wadding. 8" Package! Varna, Warp aril Oop Killing 1 aietr.heeia, P' ilxlelphit manufacture A r it ory nrhinached > of v pom wiihui n I o.i :li i a atoV(*V Shepherd'! Hlfaeh uid Dye .ha PAUTNKK WANTKD. with a euk capitM of from ?IJ?n * ro 2100, in the lieery nthle hininrii, wi?ll e*iahli?hed and ii pn li'jbln bo-ine**. The hen of reference and nndnuh'ed **riafariinn riven, hy appl ink' at No. 2 Heater ?tr? et, ft the jutie?i?n of DiTitton *f a2fl lt*r WANTKD-At the IVeoratire KatabliahnieDt of Willum (}ib*? II, ')I8 Pe*rl rtren, near Bin lety, * tcnrg mm ?ho In* h"l c>n?il?rth'e en er1 - rce in theme of cabinet nitkei* or e?T|ieut?r?''oi l* To a-unable i*r?ou thli would be a ,~rininent ti n -t Alto, an opening for two or three hoy? wh ir parent* -re tb'e to *apin rt them during the tir?t p?rt nf their top ent er snin. " tH'iy '* ?n??ve. alR 3?*fC THK MKW M1HK0K7N<^ "I OFO. P MO11 KIM k N p WILLIS, EDITORS THE THIR n Nt'MBKIt nf thi* new perodical will be ready for delivery on SitartUy mnr'.iug, the 25th instant. The literary centen' in- n foliovir: ? " A How up a*If H ver " an "r ginal t ile for pol ticians.with a spirited an I original il'urtMtion l?v J (1. Chapman. 1'h- Oipav's Ht?r, ata'e of the A hm/so, chapter 3. Sketches efthe Bar. J hum li Whiting Recollection* of the late Tyrone Power. Art? ond ArtUt-. "'he Sword rnd the Staff; a room Ho aehold ('hat on the O'lgm of Government Administration of Jut ce in Egypt. Suniet Reflection*; a poem. Au Antiquarian Research on K< g'lah Surnames. Lettera from Correspondents " " The Laii of R'chn ond Hill " From the Kron' of the Home to John Jacob Aafor. " From the Or It Eagles to Mr. Simpson. To Keadera audCnrrespii dent*. Literary N< tic a of the week. * ayetieaand O avitiei, fcc. Oerna of Poetry. Wiae S?- ins* of Wiie Men. kc. Wit, Auecdote, Gossip, kr., ke , fcc. The New Mirror ia publiihed every Saturday Morning, iu the auner royal octavo form, and is intended for binding. Fach nnmher cnrfaiut siiteen large closely printed pages. and ra adorned with an original etching on steel by Chapman. The tern 1 are only three dollar* a year sj, L,|e ' timber* cent*. Agent*, uew*ni?u, fcc ssppli don the naual ternri. PKCKHAM fc CO, rub'i.lrer*,

*21 3trc No f Ann streetIJhF.F. LECTURE" ON MAN- 01,tinned at Clinton c Hall, by Mr. O 4 Fowler?hnbjecf thi* evening ; Anal* i*. Location, aud Adiptation of the ()-gi ?, iiicluiting the jugfa position of org 1* acting together. To he contiuued eyery Tuesday and F iday eveninr*. commencing at 7)< o'clock. anil clo*ing with nuhhc eitininatiou*. On Friday evening, Mr. F. will form a cla*? for teaching practical Phrenology, a* 'o ex'iniliiug head*. Ticket* 25 ctl. Profe?*ional examinations it hi* office daily. Families and pirtie* a tended. ap?0 ll*m GAOUERREOTYPE P..ATKT ((QJCOVILLS'' first quality plate*, pronounced by the fir*f k ' oreratoi* in his country, to be superior to any imp rted plate*, for sale by theii agent*, WELTON fc TOWN8END, *R lw*ec *2 Beaver street. NOTICE.?To lho*e who svek haalch and comfort, combined with luxury.?Price reduced ?Old Etahlished Me. dicate l Vapor Brth*. H Cert ain't Mreet. Mrs.CARKOI L, in a-cordanee with ih? <xigencie* of the times hrs reduced 1 lie 1 rice < ' her hnths and solicit* a continuance of the patronage of the Faculty in partieula' and the pubI'C in general. <Old?, tore throat-, swe ling of 'he glands, iheiimatism, stiff 'en f the jo'n'*, ague and lever, fcc Sc. are im nediateli relieved. Port-ble haih* sent to any part of the coy or Brooklyn. Open from ?* in the morning t I nine o'clock t aiirht Sulphur Bath* reauire one hour'* notice ?20 6li?r _ _ american patent i clastic inkstands. rpHK subscriber hu just received frcm (he manufacturer a I lottfmWnpt'ior mmm, vmli he warrants to excel any inkstand ever before invented Bmineas men who are trou 'led with their ink growinu (hick, will liud (he fault somI leti ly ob"irteil by the una i f (his Hand, as it ki-?ps the ten clean and durable, and the i k at all times ready Inr use, free from dual or evaporation, and utiifortn in color and (hirkness till it is all used. Th~ publ'C are requested t" ca'l and exim ine this sitnide ai d ingenious contriv nee This is warranted to be a perfect articl-, a id the money re'urn-d iu all cases if dissatisfied. Kor a> le, wlioleaale and r tail by L. KKANC1S 83 William street. Corner Maiden Lane, a 20-ttm* After l"t May, 76 Maid?n Lane. ATCH KM, DIAMONDT" Ike - The subacr.ber having retired from the late (inn of O ''ton, Ladd ,V Co. has commenced business at the comer ol Bond and Wall streets, opposite the Custom House lor toest'e of fine Wa'ches, l)i'mouds and Gentlemen's Jewelry, at prices iu atcordauce wnh the times. AH Diamoud Jewe'ry bought of the subscriber will be it1 nrehaied by him afrer d-dueling 7 percent; tnerebv offering to purchasers an op|H>rtu iiry to convert their diamonds into money at anv time they may please. Kine Duplex, Lever and Lenoir- Watches, which he can recommend an<l warraut as good time keepers?also,Gold Chain, Pencil Cases, Watch Keys, Stc Silver Forks, Wpoons, and Tea Sets, of the newest patterns, and rery best qu-Iity and wort mauahip at 5 per cent advance on the mmufxciu'er'* prices. Ail tne above articles shall be equal 10 the b-si made in New Vork. Watch-a and Clocks repaired under his personal snperintendsnce, with the assistance of the best workmen. Di'minds, Pearls aud other precious Stones and Silver bought or exchanged, WM. F. LADD, 12 Wall street, onnnsite the Cnstom House. h20 ! m is'm BARRY'S WIGS ANU SCALPS. rPHK Importance which all ago htve attached to the Head of > r clear ioilei of the value aet on personal figure,and when bp some capricious freak of Nature the human form it MpnTM Of to Mir proportion Art if resorted to, ill order, by artificial means, to Mtpply the duScieccv. Hence have atiseu those wondvrful discoveries which bid Nature defiance, Barry's Ventilating and Onasamar WIOS AND SCALPS, The complete success Out the abive named has met with in the manufacture of bis unrivalled he. os or hair for th' last two tears, far exceeds his mo?t van- nine expectations. He respectfully solicits a call, coufident of satisfying the inoit fastidious that he isthe best and che ipest maker in th-city. They can only be bad at 140 Broadway, comer of Liberty it., up stairs. Priv ile rooms for fit'iug wigs ami .mipees. a 20-li*r . BEACON COURSE-TROTTINQ THURSD AY, April 20th ?A tviatch for floon will come off over the Coiir.t- this day, at 3 o'clock P M.. between the celebrated horses Htpton and Cayuga Chiel; one mile aud repeat, in harness atO lt*r PAPER HANGINGS. Wit O. CURTIS, No 52 Maiaeu Lane, have received their new patterns of Paper Hingingsof every quality and at lower prices han ever be'ore offered. The attention i f the trade and ofconntry merchannts is requested to our assortment. Landlords and others warning rooms papered, can h*ve their work done kv the best workmen aud wa< ranted, on the most reasonable terms. WINDOW SHADES We have also received a large assortment of transparent painted w indow shades, of every variety snd price. Also, chintzes and linens for shades, shade trimmings, tee. HAIR MATTRESSES. We have constantly on hand pure curled hair msttrcssei, of evrry size. Alt". mosz m ittresses, feath-r beds, and every article in the beiidinp liue Families about going to housekeeping, can procnre a first ra1 e article at the moai reasonable prices. Stcainboati and v-stela furnished at ihe shortest notice. U'HOLSTERY ARTICLES. We have also on hard every article in the Upholstery business, consisiing u part of satin and wors'ed damasks, of all colors; m reeus, furniture chintz, tilt ornaments, poles, rings, pulpit trimmings, fringes, bindings, cords, tassels, See. fcc. W. <k O. CURTI8, aSO 6tis* r '2 Maiden Lane. PACKET SHIP LIVERPOOL, FOR Ll VERI'OOLThis -hin having beeu d-iauied by the weather, will sail this morning at 10 o'clock precisely. PssseiigeTa will please be on board steamboat Hercules, Whitehall Ooek, at tnat time. The Letter Bags will be clratd at a quarter before 10. a->20 It m BELMONT HOUSE, NEW BRIGHTON. 'T'HE subscriber begs leave to inform his friends and the pub s lie, th.i< he has taken the above well known house, whigh has heen thoroughly repaired and painted in the heat manner, newly lurnished throughout, an I will be open d on the first of M IT Ml, 'J he I ouse is delightfully situ?ted immediately opposite the st"imboat landing, and from i's piazzas c onma"ds a view t1tradiag up the Kills sud ovorthe bay and hirbon'nf Vew York. To th isde esirotis of a pleasant residence during the siimm"r months, possessing 'he advantages of fine salt watei bathing, together with beautiful drives and walks, and conve nient ?ccess tc the citv every two hours by steam, the Belmont House offers Inducements unsurpassed by anv Other on the Is land, atul the subscriber trusts that his former efforts to give satis'aetmn as proprietO' of the P vilioti, with Ins renewed determination to spere no pains to render his honse agreeable, will ensure him ihe cnnnmiatiou of a p.aitiou of the pitrouage he h-s heretofme heen favored with. GEORGE PIKRI8, Nfw Bhiohtoiv. April 12. 1813 or '3i?tfr ~ HEADra OF HAIK. ~ AC BaRHY, Arnst in Hair, from London.?The real Heada of H >ir still stand pre eminent above all others Their peculiar light, gossamer and ventilating character?their being shaped exactly as the natural hair grows?their elasticity and their superior material and workmanship, as well as their stale of funsh and arrangement, all comhiue to form such per feet heads of hair, that they must be ie?n to be fully appre nated. A new system of (lie art of Wig Miking 'aurht in five lessons See a specimen of Barry's Wigs and scales which will satisfy the most fastidious that he is th* hot and cheapest mi ker in the city? IP, Hroadwsy, corner of Liberty st. up stairs. HI lwis*m OUNO MKN out of employment would do well to justify themselves "% Boos-Keep??rs Vm PVordrn't Writing ami Boo*.Keeping Acolnnv, 28* Broadway, second floor, a* Mr. V.'.? pupils generally obtain good situations as accountants, through the influence ofhis patron*. Mr V's course in book-k'eping is strictly practical, as nr author's work it copied in his school, and he endeavors to impress ui-on the minds of his pupils bv familiar illustrations, that flie science of accounts is founded in common sense ^nurse of instruction. Wholesale, Ketail. Commission, Eichaug* .and Compound f o. Specula ion Acconnfs. Van Norden's system ol splend d business p tinmnship imputed to nl> in an intritdiblc short space of time Terms eitrrmely moderate. Day and evening classes, 281 Broadway. . ' V ' ' . bhoadway EATUS. PRIOBS REDUCED? Sinala Baths '5 cents; twenty-five tickets foi tl ?Hot, cold, vapor, snl|thnr, shower, medicated andarom itic hstlis, ready Tr im sunn.e until II (.'clock, P.M. 11. DliRELL, al5 fit is*r 600 Broadway. SHIP UTI' -A KitOM HAVRE ?( oiisigneea will pirate tend their rermiu on board at the foot of Morris street, North, All Goods no' permitted by the 2Id in?t. will bej sent to the public store. . aid Itr KEMOVAL. /NHARLKS COX, THLOR and DRAPKR, la'e 61 Na?V-/ sin street, respectfully informs his patrons and tha com miniity, that he hat removed to v o 33 Maiden lane, Naasoi street, in connection with Oilley It Rising's Cloth and Trimming Store Gentlemen desirons of charrnnir fashion with economy, ire invited to call and riiminc a large and fashionable assortment of tine and medium clotha, casrai-res, wa srcoitinga, drillitnts, Ac., sshrcii the subacriber'a facility foe obtaining at the unporrev's prices, enahlr a him to make up at an iminenae reduction f om usual charges (for cash isiir), at the same time gnaran'fr ill* a c iir nti nice of hia h<n* known superior style, fi t, and etc gance nf worinatMhip. nttiw hihI irtmmiDK on proportion at- I -w term*. Particular attenl ion paid to nmforma of apery detcription. C B. Babcochcontipnea in the curing d-pnrtmenf. CHAKLKS COX, No 11 alT lm Iw inacr third door below Nataen ?t. WA i I HK s: A NO i kvv kTX'k V lower than peer?At I tltf miitrriVr 11 co; rtintly recemng all deacript iona of gold and ?ilv, r watch !. of the wwnt atylea, direct from the n lntilactnrrro, in Kngland, F mice. and Switzerland, hp uab'ed to offer a larger mourner,t, and at much le?? priceo, at retail, than an Pother honie in the city. Onld w-.tchea aa low " IS each W itchet and iewell fry eiehanged or bought All < uchea warinted to keep good time, or the money re' mod. Watch i, clo.k- nd jewellery ep? red in the pp?t manner nid warranted loin- than at ai nth- r' 'h? itV O, I -Alien, importor of wateltn tod -well ' I'll r. II- ol ; W M It l?A' K' T Sl"l" II Itll.AN TROvl l.iYr.KC.i' t -? io< ?l-p will id ??e lend tli-ir e mili n m rr O ... t, ( ? rtf .11 AI g d? not permitted in t. 1 ? i I he I, . ,ihlic .lore al9r A TTflTIDM SAT.F.S M A- % ' f ? ?^i? Tit1 A ' 1 -v ri-k no v*MD ; ?#?>? ?? {mi i < " * THI'??n\V, A. ril JO At 1"K o'clock, at Ml Cliff ?t. Fn.nifere H->le?Th- entire furniture of the above hnnac ^ C^mp laing a eene-al variery of iniil hnoaekrei 'ng hIp' pi ?earpe?a rbaira, tahlea, anfaa. atdehoard, mji. mantle nrnamenta, good be if room furniture,'oil cloth, runs, Ike. all in g u d order. KR'D A Y. Large Hale of Valnihle Dry Ooodi. fane* and pledged irtletei ruin, cutlery, hardware, and anv ijuantity of furiti'nrr, at 10K o'clock at the aales room. HAT KDAY. r gterarte and frnlv ?ulnabl? aa'e of the verr heat hand and ni-w nrnitiire of all deae'iptiooa in the aalea roonaa. _ Alan, n large and really valnahle lot of aeeond-hand furniture from Bronk'vn. Alan, the entire atock of a furniture dealer giving up the hnrineaa, emoved fmm the corner of Oliver 'nil Medium atrenta. Th'a ?a'ewill he fnnnd ilaiemna the particular a*(eation of honlekeenera ard othe-a, aa it comptiaea the moat citenaive vaiiety offered thia aeaaon. MONDAY. Hale of yaluaele Painting#? At Mm o'clock in the firat floor of the dwel'in* 106 Liberty at. will he an d the choice collection of-are original [minting! by the beat riaatera. Th'a co'lecji'in baa been arlceted with great care by the well known eonnoiaaeur Dr t Hpnoner. rattlngnra in time. The paintinga will be arranged for ethibition on Haturday moripng TI'F.HDAY. Furnitnre Hale?At 10K o*. lock will be aold the entire liand ome Furniture contained in the Louie 1(18 Liberty at. WF.DNK-D \Y. Genteel Furniture at '0 1-3 o'clock at 493 Hoititon at. V B ?The ?alea of Bell It Howard will take place min or ihiue. TROWBRIDOK k f'O . Aoetiiin-er. 304 Bioadwav, comer Dnane atreet. " THIH OAYi At 10 o'clock in the itore 304 Broad woe. cor Dnane at. Furniture, farpeting and H irdware?Wjthont reaertre. u fine ?i"?rtmrnt of cite m nl" furnilure, including all the differen' a'vlea nf mahogany chairg, ottomana, mahogany and Boaton ram-an I wood a?at" rock- ra; e'egan' tufted and ap-ing anfaa, pier anil breakfaat t iMea. inahngcnv, French aud patent hedateadi, aofa htid?teail? ftota oo'i, ilrening and plain bnreana, one atl ma-ble ijer ruble, fcc. tc. Also, two of Knti"*lri? brilliant til octavo piim? lories, rmhrcingnll the qualifies of firm rate instrument* Alto, iooo v*rd* supc* ingrain and new mg carpeting, in qnanfivs to suit r urrl as rs Alto foracc tint of whom it may concern, to i*av storage, an invoice of hardware, including locks, shears, fenders, bolts, cutlery. tn?l<. Sic Sic. Al'o. a quantity of second hand fnrniture. Brussels carpels, black walnut, chairs and kitchen ntcsils, removed for conveDlDBM Of sile. Also, the h?l ?nre of fine plants from the nnrsrry of J O otc, Esq. of Hartford, with which the sale will commence. _ *20 lt*gc BY F. J Bk'A~WN8, Auctioneer ( HO /'W/un afreet ) THI8 UAY~ 20th Af 1? o'clock at No. 16 City Hall *lace, Elegant Furn ture?' he en'ire furniture of the 'hove house, the property of a'aiYiijy breaking up houseker inv. consist tig ofth" be*t quality Wi'ton. drawing room,' intra!n. b*d room and Venetian t'air carpeting, mahoganv French shape cbairs, patenr sprite sofas, mahng ny ton centre titles, mi^oganv t??i and dining tables, pierglases, divans, elegsnr dami?k window en*taiu* and ornaments, set of -ieh girandoles, rain*lesticks, plated castors, cake baskets, steel fire sets, nigs, rich China tea and dini er sets, cut gl ss tea rrsvs and waiters, mahogany hat stand, hall 'amn fea?h*r bed*. hair maitresscs bedding mahogany wash?tands. looking glasses, dressing hureans, chairs k'rerch edsfeads,Ike, togeiher with a fn'l assortment of eicellent kitchen furniture, wirh which the sale will commence Also. 1 high'v finished fine toned piano forte. Catalo ucs >re now tn<lr itm l? H. TTMP-ON, Auct AUCTION NOTICE -Hirdwa'e. Cutlery. Housekeeping Ar'icl-s, he ? JACOB 8 P ATT will sell This Day ft 10 o'clock, at the stoie, No 1?8 D?vision street, the entire stock of a hardware merchant retiring from business, consisting of builders'and o'her hardware housekeeping articles suit ?Me for'amilies, he Sic Together with the store fixtures, he? j?ale positive and without reserve a 20 11 r Auction notick bulletin o? bcll at howA HD'"* 8 A LK "*2 Am and M5 Fulton streets. THURSD ^ Y?O-nteel Furniture at 66 Cliff st FHI HAY?Extensive sale of D-y Oo^ili, Pledged Articles, and any nnsntit" nt urniture in tl e sale *ooms. fl A TIJHD A Y? The most eifenslve >s"?rtinrnt of elegant Furniture of all de-criptions offe.ed lor B?m? fiu?t?. MONDAY?The splendd Oa'lerv of Paintings own* d by D'. Bpooner, at his house No. 106 Liberty street, at 10K o'clock. TUESDAY?The handsome Furniture contained in 'hr house no iob Liberty sf WEDNKLDAY, 26th inst.?Genteel Fnrniture at No. 4S3 Houston st 0'her*ales will be announced in order. Sales to take place Tain or f?ir weather. a'9 1wis#m THOMAS BELL. Auctioneer. AUCTION vOTICE.-S co"d Id. ol fniin Frni' TV T'?r? 'rowi 8k rri 's r?lebr.v?d nurserr, Livrrpiol.? A. LVVY will ffll on Thursday mnrnimr, (it II - 'clock, at 151 Bron-twiy, in cmmuatin"\ ? c'injcr ?nl ciK-m ve I it of Kintli.h Tru't (r>e?, orniwrnral shrubs. ros.s of variom and h?st sorts, yooicbtirri's, currmts, #o. Just receive- , and sslectrd with ca?e, (mm Ski'Tio'ic'rhrntrd niim-rv, L verpool, all in find order. Also, dahlia r iots or rare sorts, iuiiii Irrt seed, with other [lints and ?erd, by catalogue Sale positive and worthy public attention. alt tt.*m wxwtik: Auctioneer BY CAT ALOGUE?Elegant ^uroi tare?Carter fit Co. will sell on Fridav. 2laf in?t. at IflU nVlnrk At. the stir* No. 102 Broadwa", a yrry extensive assortment ' eity made Furniture , to repav ulvaticet, comiitiat of elegant sofas, cushioned and spring seat; parlor rook era; \ and full French chairs;nnr*r and sewing chair*; clegmt hreasfast and ira t b'es; French hedstrad*; marble aud "'ahoganv top centre tables; work do; plain bureaus; square oUomana;card tables; dressing b ireans, wirh and without marblr topa; common French bediteada;bonk ease; piano stools; pluah rochera; double rncloard washstands, v> ith marblr and mahoftany top, lie. The fitrniiare ia all made of the aery brat matrriala, and in the most fashionable style. Catalogues ready on Thursday, when the furniture may be examined. R ile without reserve a!!) 3tisr OEO lT ROLLINS Auctioneer NEW RN'D WARRANTER CABINET FURNITURE ?On Friday, Aprl '1st, at 111 o'clock, will be sold the enlire stock of ths well kuown cabinet manufactory, 51 Beekman street, consisting of ottomans. divans conches, sofas, arm chairs, French bedsteads, and French chairs Also, . very arti cle in the line of the latest and most fashionable style, and made expressly for city uae. Catalogues may be obtatneu at the w re rooms. .s18 11is"r WlLKINR St ROM,I NR. Au-innrers. CABINET ' 'URN ITU RE?The public are respectfully informed tha1 th?suhscrth-r in'rnds selling off at auction, ahout the first of May, his enrite stock of splendid Cabinet Furniture. B' ink of his own rnannf ictorr, si| i< warrant-d to be of first rate workmanship and mateiials. Persons about purchasiriff are requested to rail and examine. The paction lay das of sale will Se msde known in a future ?d?ertiiemrnt. SAMUEL WA > EKBURY. al7 lw*ec No SO Beekraan street, cor. Oold. a TO LET IN BROOKLYN-Three houses Itnosrn as Nos- 29, 31 ami 33 Butler street, a few minutes walk from the South Ferry, and wsst ol Atlantic street. The lots are 29 hy 100 feet. The houses have three stsries shore the basement, with an utdrr cellar Each house contains ten looms, are nearly new, anu in one of the n'easantest streets in Brooklyn; excellent water, a Rood neighborhood, with a rublie school in the adjoining street ; and above all will be reeled yerv 'ow: or either of them may he purchased if preferred Remember the rent it not half as n gh as in ihe city of Ne y York for similar houses, and one of the heslihie-1 snets in that city. Inquire of WILLIAM A COLMAN, No. 203 Broadway. Who hat a fine store at No. 203 Broadway, New York just finishing to rent at a moderate prcr. Also a Irrge toom in ihe rear, 18 by 35 feet, well lighted; sunab'e for a manufacturer, merchant taylur, or lawytrt' office. Enquire up s'si s a20-3t*jgh M FOR RALE?That well known Coach Factory, to [ geiher with the dwelling House, and twenty-four lots f ground, sitnate ai Harlem, on the 4th Avruue, be twern 128th and 129th streets, and formerly occupied by Joht Htephenaou. The factory is a tuhttantial two story brick buildin", 40 feel by 200 feet On 129th street rheie arr five two story basemenl *nd attic brick hniltlings, well finished, each 20 fret hy 14 feet Adjoiuing the dwelling houses is a brick Carriage House, II feet by 35 feet. On I28ili street there is_ an Engine Hcuse of brick, 18 feet hy 35 feet. Also, a Bl-'Usmith Shop lOfl fart front by 8 feet deep, with fixtures, Itc. The streel* and nveuue are regubited, curbed, and guttered, au all assessments naid. The nremises are ill complete otder, unit ready far immedialc necniuiacy. The iimr will be sold cheap Three-fourths of the puechase money remaining on bond and mor'gige for a nuinh-r of years Apply t" AN UHKW McOOWAN corn?r of Third Arenne ?na I2fith street, Harlem, or to C. W. VAN VOOR HIS. 36 John atreet, where a map of the property can be ?rru. _a2l) 6t?t a 'l O Lb.T? The three atorv brick honar No 51 Orore, neit to ihe corner of Ble'cker at It contains ten good rooms, beside a counter ceMer. The Croton water is let in to the house. The rent is $275 per annum?also in the three storv house adjoining the ahove: ihe kitchen in the hack basement, ihe whole of the first fl 'or, and a hed moin in th* third storv, with < fire-place tber'in Kent $135. App y to JOHN II THUMPBOW, ',7 <lrove at n? it'r TO I.KT?The two-stoiy Houses, No. 47 OreenfJoof wich street. No. 7 Oliter street, Nm. 116and IIRBink ..'-JlLstreet, No t'iX Tham's street, No ICR I'edar street, the dwelling part of No. 18) Chatham street, anil No. 53 Beach at. with a rtahle. AUo, avrry pleasant Conntiy Residence, about 5 miles from this city on the west side of the Hudson at s I w rent to a good teuai t, Apply to J. O DY('KVAN, 19 5Ms*r 139 Fulton or 114 Bank <l PA IH K '8 Is IKK PILLS ARF. an icellent Family medicine, and to persons of sedentary occu iatious and habit- w II befoutitii ralueble.beingef a mild nature, and very efficacious in temoying the com plicated and subtle dncatcs common to thi c' sa of ihe c immunity. They ?re also unequalled in ri muring th. nnmeroas d sesses inci enttl to the spring of the year, arising from impurities of the blood and other causes. The fellewiuu are the delusive agents for the sale of Parr't Lite Pills where mat be bad ratis the Life and Time- o Thomas Parr, with two tine eng ?->ngs *nd first Amrriem testimonials of cures effecteu in the United Htat's:? sm? James Diuggisiaud t. <chiisi, m William atreet Knshron & Co. 110 Broadway and 10 Astor House; Abraham Aanda Ik Co. druggists and chemuls, g' mils buildings, No 77 Broadway. comer I 'hatnber street ; Darid Bands 8l Co. No. 77 East Broadway ; P. Dickie, 413 Broadway, cornet Litpenaril street ; John B Doild, druggist, Broadway, corner Bleeckci street ;N. W Badeau, Bowerv M.dtciue stiwe, 300 Bowery John C. Hart, drnggist. MtOiaad, corner Norfolk street; Hyme's Medicine store, OS Bowery, corner Walker street . John Hyme, cornet Fulton and Water streets; Horace Erer stt, druggist, 82 Un ison at; J. fc J. Coddington, apothecaries. 227 Hudson, corner ol Spiin. street; K. L. Cnttoin chemist ana apotnecary, 251 Bleed er, corner Janes street;/. Wendorer. druggist and apoihecary, No. 141 Eighth arenne. Brosklvn?C. Wells Riotous, ding, patent tned cine and seed warehouse, 184H Fulton street, and wholesale at the pro} prteto-'s-Tie. T. ROBERT'S ft CO, I larendon Honi?, 3*4 Broadwaa.eor. Duan? at , nrat Uoor. Sumli MM 25 cents. Lars*Of firmly hum 5* cents. Persons desirous f obtnn iiik an agency fur their sale in the country. will please direct their letters, post paid, to T. Ko b*'ta Ik i'n letter bo* 107. New York. a20 la'm ALL NATIONS HOTKL. No. Ill Broadway, n?it below City Hotel ?Table d'Hore from 12 till 5 P vt., in tin* superb Safoona Charge for Dinner Vt ce la. Thr hilt o'Kare shell not be aurpaaaed hy any ea abliahmerit in the city. Handaotnely furnished I edinnma can be procured ff"in*$'> In $3 per week, or 51 renta l er (lay. N. 6.?Private Diuinit Rooms for Parties, fcr On the ground floor as you enter on Broadway or Thames street there arc lonr be tutifnl BOWLI^O ALLKYR. iu per'eel ordar auil neatly or-iarnenied, for whic?> ammemeij t thr charge! <re reduced Irom 25 cents to I3X. Yon ascend the el egant marble ataira, there yon lind Donna; and Lodging Booms unequalled tn this country for neatneaa and elcgai ce. There it t en a Billiard Halo in, unritalied for huoitv, well Teutil-tril and lighted, with four elegant tablet, nnder the direction o. Mirhnel Philan and Joaeph White, who are well known aa po lite nd lieutlemauly peraona iu their vocation, A-. si?f._Ns?r_ J'lHVl COTTKR. and Intermediate Placea --The aple"did low preaaure steamboat ^LmmJKjbL s hV A LI.<) W, Captain MeLean, will leavr the fool ot Courtlandt street thia Thuraday afternoon. April 20th, at 5 o'clock. The above la a aubatantial boat, fitted up with e State Rooma, and for accommodation ta unrivalled on the Hudson. ?2tl Itr M ?V/|f ' ft ' i'v lOi ? te|? v " 1 m, , It nan .eorek i O I'liKK Pi ?R PR w t >rk Oh "i t k"rye \ -thaw's, ' street,, i er flee k man He i ere nee to a > umber I Vie t a "it , the teveral Inanrance Ccteinani'i iu thia city, H n? '? Portland. |B"* ' "" # AMTSEMENTS. P'HK TffK*THW. TSN Kvrviw will . _ MERRY Wivr.a OV WINDSOR. K*l.t?ff, Hvkf tt j Vn P*k?, MnHHiit Atrer ?ni?r>wilt ?opwir it* I.n Sylph'd*. u un*Wu.V',HK ^M'VavTA'hIS TLKHIC. " r,"Thl? . B "rV I T't Climboki. "Uiidl Mith Mnhnty. Viw B -loid giifM.Wttt: Pit. Vt or,. 'iiMcrr UKrfi CHATHAM TffR/tTHl?: AI to red?I n future ihed 01 will open ?? intter before To'elorkand ft,- r?r will r,? 7. ' * dlS<l',;2."rr"*y* 'M r nl?. Heeoud tad Third Tiem 11: Pit l?K; Oaller '1W r,nt* THIS KVp?ill h? perform"* H'Vff.v V|<>ON Doke Arnm?. H'rriton I la'Uni, Mr* B rootham After ? h'rh. i THK OMNIBUS. Pit Roonry, Bronnhv/t I fulix. Mrt Htntmmlle To moe'iine wit MARRIED HAKK. IITPnBI.L'S (MjTWPfC THR4TV 444 Rro?il?7? New York THIS EVEV|N(j, viJi orlotnMxi JOHN or PA HIS. After whir'i, AMY LEE. To rotirlode with HOW TO PAY THK RENT. J"*" "he Rmrt will be:p.ned *t T. < ?< ? o :nixiei lon-incicr It lul'-? 7. i*HV **"*"'1718 ~A1? E RICAlTfiTE AT If E - w ? W PT-AT. PHIT.AORM?HrA. UNDEH T"' DlPK. "T'PV oy v?TSu OUSHMJN MR WHEATLEY'S BENEFIT. THIS v vKNINr> Ap--il *i *MI h? pnfor-'i JULIUS UACSAR Cueiis, Booth | Mire Antony, Whutley A 'tor which THUMPING LEOAOY. To coiirhnto wtth WANDKRIVO MINHTREL. P \ V * HHHA LL. e AINKHIfAA NUHMITiB. " I1'.' Vn'I 'inr comer ol Rm.dwey *nd Ann . reel, I" " P * ItNUV Menii-r Ri engagement of J T. Hood, known ? DANIEL LP .1 BERT. Jnnr the wonderful OIANT BOY. He ii but 11 vein old, i* 4 feeI nnA I inohei tilth, end wo -he *1 .round* Knintfementof MISS ADELAIDE THILLirS, the l.ild of ? mil oa l onlv nine nan I Mr. T. J. W1NCHFLL. the inimitable Comic Drollemt. MISH MART DARLFNO. The eeleh ated Engli*h Euehantreea. CHANOOtONO. The celebrated Chineae Invrler. ENORMOUS SNAKES, BOA CONSTRICTORS. He. Which here ji?r arrived in rhi* con-try, together with Mr. T. NATHANS the Ore.f Sement Tamer. RLECTRA GALVANISM. Juet added to the Mneetim two powerful Electro Galvanic Berteree. F*nrv Olaaa Blowing. HHAND COSMORAMA?ALBINO LADY. Day Performances ererv WedneeHay and Saturday aftomool 1} o'clock. Admittinn |o ?|| 25 renta?Children ha'fprice. <16 BRAI.R'K NKW vork mpiEun Broadway, nnpoeite th- City Hall. Mr. H Bennett. Manager. T f Reepertftil'v aonnnncve thtr he h? returned the direrfion of the aboe e t*Miahm*nt which will onen > Monde' , April 17th. He it happy to inform th? oublie that ha hae effcotrd an engagement with the ce'?hr*t-d DR. VALENTINE, who will introduce hi* much admired aketehe* o( Cotnie character* The manager ha* much piet*nrr in *ta ipg that ha haa entered into an "rrangement with SIONOR BLTZ, The greateat Magician and Ventriloqniat that ever yiaitad thi* onntry LA PETITE fKHITO. the mnch admired Danaauie, will appear in two of her moat imeu'ar dance* signer Rlitr will perform I'm wonderful feat of" Dancing Rig Dinner Plate* on a Common Tanle. Fancy Gla?a Blowing by Mr. Owen*. Adm!**ion II cmn; children half price. IfT" The GIPSY OIRL can he prirately conanlted day and evening. Performance* in rhe Lecture Room to commence et K'og ?Alternoon entertainment*on Wedneiday ?nd Ritnrd'V at * o'clock. Day yialter* admirteo the *ame ereniag free of charge. A aulendid Bell Playing Melodeon to be *een. a'dec . pROORAMME OF SIO. F BF.neDID'S CONCERT. 1 r which will take place ou Friday Ereniug, the tltt inatant. at Niblo'a Saloon. PART F _ 1?Guitar Solo?Erom Norma. Sig F irnedid. Bellini 2?Aria?From F.a Snnn mhnl*?A* I riew fhe?e iccnc??o charmin ; with the icconipenimcat of guitar* Mr Ball?rdt Bellini 1?Grind Potpourri?Flute end Guitar?From L? Precio**; Lehman and Sig Betiedid, ' M He Weber 4?French Romance?Bon h?nr tie ?e de voir; Mon* Martin. 5?Romania?From Kligir d'.A more?I 'na tnr'ir* la grime; with Oboe Obligato and Sit Qnitar* accompaniment ; Met?r* Ralomon?ki and Wei*a, Donixatrl PART IF. 1?Orertnre?From Semiramide.arranged for twelve guttata, by Sig F Beneditl, Fleeiini 2?Atia? From LaSr nnambula?Ah perche non poa?o ?di*rti,; with the accomramment of twelve gnitara; Mr Salnmnniki Bellini 3?Flnte and Onitar?From William Tell, Mr Lehman and Rig Benedid, Ronini 4?French Roeianer ? M,.n Ange; Mon* Martin._ 5?La Cracnvietme. with > hrre guitar* acromran mcnt; Sig Renrdid. (T7~Tirket? 50 cent*, to be hail at all the principal Mmic I Rforci. Concert to commence *t 8 o'c'nek *20 2fr 1\AR FRED RAKE?iAN'S third and last " Musical *1 Soiree" will fake place on Wednesday .veiling April 24. at the New York Society Library. On 'his orcniiin Mr. R-ikeman " ill be assisted hy Hignor Raiidti an ' Mr Srbarfeohertt Ticket!, (ihrrr for |2 ) may be obtained ?t Mr. Hover's Music store, Tfll Broadway* a2fi3t*r GRAND i OnTpi IVIK^T VrTT7)N( I- KT o( Vocal and Instrunmital Mouc to JOHN ANDKRSON.-John Anderson re?|iectfnll v intimates that h numner of hi* old_ friends have proffered to him a Compliment <rv Oonaert. which wiH take place at the Atiollo Concert Saloon. No. 41i> Broadway, on Friday Keening. April liar. IM3. He haa the honor to annonnce that on thie occasion he will be * listed bv the MISSES CUMMINO. Whose rxeenfion of the Scottish Duet, (a Melod* recently introdoced by them with great success) has elicited the warmest aprrohati in hv crowded assemblies. MR. CLIRKHIMH, The Scotti-h National Melodist, having also in the kindest manner volunteered his valuable aid, assisted by Mr. AUSTIN PHILI IPS, Mr. K. R. ERB"N. Mr A. J A MIS-SON. Mr. HOFFMAN. Mr ROSIER. Mr. KYLE. And several Amateurs. PROGRAMME. Pa*T I. Glee? Hail Smiling Morn,?Messrs. Rosier, Morgan, Phillips a'<d Kyle, Spoff rth Sonir?By the pare light o lore?John Andersen, SUpp Duett? To riiitan' lands?Misses Cnmmipg, Bishop Song?The Les Rig?Mr. C'trehufh, Burns Caeatina?Should he npbraid? Mus M. A. Cummins, Bishop Dnett?larboard W?tch?Messrs. Pcillips and Morgan, L Williams Ballad?Lovie o'Rorh in?Miss B. O. Camming, O Haeket Bod*?Tha Laas n' ISowrie?Mr Clirehugh. i Duett?I know a I ank? Vi?ses Cnmming, C E Hern Psht II. I Dnetto Viclino?Spe-d t> e Plnngh, with Yariationa?Mssars Alesander Jami'fon and K. Hoffman, accompanied on the piano forte by t Mr A Phillip. Song?Thr Iriah Emigrant's ' amsnt?Mr CtireI hash, Dempster Seng?Oh. Whistle and I'll come tJ yon, my Lose ?J Anderson, Burns Ballsd?Auld Robin Oray?Mias M A Cnmming.LsdyLia 'say Song? Mr Morgan Duett?Row weel my 'Boatie, row wsel? Miss's Cnmming, R A Smith Song?A man*- a man, for a' fha'?John Anderson, Burns Song?r'arr o'C'ssilc Cary?M ' lirehnah, MeNiel Waett?What'a a'the steer kimmrr?Misses Camming. A Lee Final?Auld Lang Syne?Bv Miss M A Cnmming Miss B (J Cnmming, Messrs Clirehugh, A. Phillips Hosier, vie, J Anderson M. Pk.11 ill ..... .1. ... . c boon open at 7 o'clock; Ooneert to commence at o'clock nrrciacly O^Tick'ta 60 cent'?To he bed at the principal italic a'nrra; Mr. V ClirrhuRh, No. 706 Broadway, and Mr P. Milnn, 17 Centre atrert. Alio, at the door on the rrenin* of the Concert. *tin?r SINdlNlr. VfADAM SUTTON, harm* arran*ed lo i etiirn to Italy the ' hi-Kinniu* of Allien". i urt>o??t rereir ri* pnnila antil th" time,to *ive fmtahina leaamia in the Italian, Ki nch. and Rn*liah atvlr'of Snoring Her merhod ia that ptinn-d ly Bordo?ni and Varrai, tha firat maatera in Kurope, iucrresinu the atrenrth and rntnpa.a with aatoniabing rapidity. Her pn| ill will hare the id vantage >( her ainging with them, which can he named by rnaateri alone, who hare been eminent a,n en. Ladiea dn ironaof availing themaelrea of Mailam Snti> o'a limited etay, may aaeerrain terma, fcr., hy application at 77 I ham hen it-ret, from a o'clock till 7 eaT* tro*r FOB THK EACF. AND SKIN ? Kim n*e diaeeaea on the face and *ki". inch aa pirn lea, hlotchea, fan. fetter, tint worm ; iNofrechlee can he aiierdilv re ilicated hv the ore of Oir? h'a Vegetable Lotion, which ha? keen >n rate aire nee in the United Sr itea a* d in Europe, and i admitted to ke the be-- emmetic in n?e f>r clearing <ud eatah'iah p* a hnlliant c< mp'i run. Sold at wholeia'e orret il at f'hnrch'a Diapeeiar\ 188 Bowery, corner of Spring atreet Price 76 cen'a per battle. a2ft 'm-ndem MEDINA L AID DH. ORRCIORY may be consulted confidentially a' all hoar* of the day or evening, at hi* private residence. No. 11 Barclay street. uear Broadway H* Hit been eminently ?ncc***fal in the treatment of those "h?tf fartd^enN, which result from concealed causes, >r may be from mistaken, or erroneous practitioner*. Dr. ON medicines sre powerful in their curative effects, though mild in their opperstioo. Ano?h?r impnrraul consideration, which has not hern overlooked, ?s tho adapting of remedies to the convenience of patients, who for the most part are soliritons to ontain a cure aa privatelv aa poa* ible. a2C It ?n JK^AME COSTKIdLC> K'EiOalii. rn.muuu.AL. iilli*?in esnry case where the monthly periods haee become irregnlar from colds or other causes. Their certainty of action has long been arknowleoged by the medical profeenH*. and hundrede that hare uselessly tried vanona boasted reme liea ('are is sometimes necessary ta their nee; though they contain no medicine detrimental to the oonetitntion. Adeice risen untie to all theee who nee the Pills, hy Madame Coeletlo ti I.ueenard it, where the Pills are sold genuine Priee tl per Soi ? lt*ee it LifPF.NAftD ?TRKkt ]UADAMK COHTRLLO, Kemale Physician and Oradoate L*a aa Midwife, offers her professionil aemces to the ladies of thii city and country. Th? anatomical and physiological pecnliaritiee which diatiminii). the female from the male, unwise npon her diseases and functions altogether her own ? Many nitheae diseases are eiceedtngly complicated and o? more, repairing an accnrate knowledge of the lemale system to treat them with sneer is. . Madame Cost'llo having had long esperienee and anrpr < * iicceaa in the treatment ar .lieeaaes incidental to oer , ? prises ladies on the point of confinement, or thos ... . from enppreaaion, irregnlarity, ohitrnciiona, ke^f w hippy to afford a comfortable 'emiKirary home at - . 'here they can always have the best *? ' matron'v care and nursing. or 11 i re eir . and attend them a, their own ^~ ^ '^STITSi Madame L. paiticajarl) ,n M tu-t leticate. thacthftoffriflte* hciitMion or dm* inform ladioe mtidinff out of -h c,fy"whod.eTealTh w!,nld no, admit of tTaeelllng, tUt .he mid devote her personal atteedanae opon them in any part ol , I- |,r Mt.tea .V hi- r- . 'Pa de d-st nee i * -r t ?!# ? mi ? \rm ,||i? v ,iu'4 of i iM* I i -jA ?? 1 II.LK - K V - * ON I I I. 1 ? I . f krl tu wrk rf < ' "*M if im h* wi'i | v ? ' in I f *rei|4 ih. " ' ni" I r <t 'v . I XS i' " 'K* l 11(117 ?c No. hi Lib*"* ?"?