Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 22, 1843, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 22, 1843 Page 1
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TH Vol. IX.-?Ho. 109.? Wholt Wo. 332*. To ?h? P?KII. I THE NEW YORK HERALD?daily newapaper?publiihed every day of tku year except New Year'* day and Fourth af July. Price 3 cents per copy?or $7 38 per annum?postages paid?cash in advance. THE WEEKLY HERALD?publishedevt*y Saturday morning?price 6} cents per copy, or $3 13 per annumpostages paid?cash in advance. ADVERTISERS are informed that the circulation ol the Herald is over THIRTY THOUSAND, and increasing ast. Tt has the largest circulation of any paper in this city, or the world, and is therefore, the hetl channel for business men in the city or country. Prices moderate?cash in advance. PRINTING ofall kinds, executed at the most moderate prices, and in the most elegant style. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, PnorniKTon sr the Herald Establishment, North west corner of Enlton and Nns?an street* ( HOUSt8 TO LET AT VORKV1LLE.?* ! house* on the comer of 84th street and 3d avenue; either < of them is calculated for a public house, grocery or private residence. On the premises is a fine stable, howling alley, | and a fine garden, consisting of 8 ?ots, with grape vines and fruit ( trees thereon. For terras, inquire of . JOHN A. MORRILL, Esq., i *wr ____ No. 11 Chambers st. TO RENT?'The extensive Building erected the preT|Te? seutseeson bv the suhsrrirer, for his swn residence, on . J^JflLthe mars in of' he E ?st River, at Gowinus Heights, two ' and * half miles from South Brooklyn Ferry, commaudioir splendid vi**w? ? f the Bay and Jersey shore, the c>ties of Vfw ' York and Brookh n S'aten I viand ard the E?st *iid North Rivers. 1 h? H use is bicV. a superior building, five stories I n hh. covered wh copper; ine hall aid stairs of mtible: the wmer fron' ab u' one thousand fee'. and the b*'hint{ witnina lew ?a aids of the door, eict-lle t fishing ard f ?wlimt in 'he im medi it** v iciniri Th- .<* vm A-,,... w? v.,-l miuu'rs, and the premiss are not excelled by any ti'ua'inn i near this ci'y One buud'ed prisons can be accommodated.? Possession immetf.atelv. Aprdv to t JOHN F DELAPLAIVK.68 Wallst. , ALSO TO LET, the three storv brick Home, 34 Walker t itreet, between Broadway and Church atreet, occupied by Mr*. t Veri lanck; and >he iwo >torv hrick House No 229 .Mueteruth j atreet occupied by Mr- C. W. Feeka?Renta moderate. c alO Itn*gc t nTO LET?The Mansion Houie at BlooiniDftdale, known aa the " Abbey" lituati d a ah <rt itUnc* above 11 . ih-sii mile stone, just above Strykei's Bur, rud nearly ' oppoaite St. Michaels Church The place la well known aa on? ol the tnoat delightful aituationa on the laland, and ia re- a ma-kably hea'thy iu theaummer aeaaou. I T"f Bloomingdale stages paaa and repass the gate every hoar in the (lav. The gate ia new, and numbered 101. The tent will be in accordance with the present state or the times. A ply on the premises, or at 133 Chambers atreet. N. B.? Arran.i mci.l could be mide. if desired, by a aatia- ' factory tenant, to let a part of the furniture now in the house ' remain, era part of the home will be rented separately. ap!5 lm*r 4*0 LET?Ihchaudaouie btsrmeul House and largo Oirdeu with fruit and ornamental trera and ahruhberv, at th- corner of Pacific and Climoa streets south Biook lyn. three minutes wslk from the Ferry. Apply on the premis'a, or at No. 14 Wall atreet, New York. Also TO LET in this city, the snug two story Hnnse, No. 101 ard 107 Mercer street, near Prince atreet Possession may be had immediat ly. Also, a small frame House, and store and stable No. 118 Ridge street. Also a home and store in Marian street? the house and sto e-t the corner of 7th street and the B'wery?several oarts of homes in Madison and Kiviugtonstretts Anv of the above will he let low to respectable tenants. For further par'iculars apply at the American Land and Loan office, No. 14 Wall atreet apl7 6l*r JtaA TO LET?First oi May, the moderu built three story ff-7B home, No 16 Green street, with matble mante s, grates ' l m -j'? plaiting throughout. For terms, apply to Aitkens f Brothers, 122 Fulton street, or P. Sheiraten, coruer Ureen and !J Oranrt streets. a8 2w*r J MTO LET?The fire proof brick store, No. IBS "outh n at, with immediate ross-siton if required, apply to ti WOODHULL It MIN TURN, pr,4r 87 South street. b TO L.ET?The iwo stcy brick House and premises, I g I No. 145 Wooster street, finished iu the most modern Latyle, with maible mantel-nieces and folding doors ushoui. Apply to JOSEPH McMUKKAY, m23r 100 Pine street. JM TO LET?A Sail Lofton store N?. 61 South street, - UJL JOHN HERDMAN, On the premises. . T* LET ?The 3 atery brick ?tore N? 205 West it. tj-j? in he vicinity of the depot of the N. Y it Erie Kiilroad and steamh at. and sloop', plying brtwe 11 West- 1 point. Old Sp iog, Peekskill, Hing Siug, tc. &c A good lo- l catioo for a g ocery, ship chandlery, liquor or flour atore.? Rent modern r 101 good tenant Apply 10 1 B COSTELLO, corner C ambers and West sts. r, or to OWEN CMLO * N, "9 Jimes st Brooklyn. al9 3c*r 'I LET?PAVILION H'?TI>.L. at Siraiogs sr I Sinings, toge her with the Furniture. To a popular li J J? and suitable ptrson, i will he rented ow For further tl part c ilats,apply to aLEX'K L McDONALD, pi e!9 3t*r No. 52 J. ha street 3d story. M FOR SALE?That well known Coach Factory, to J1-' ge. tier with the dwelling tlouse, and twenty-four lots of ground, situate at Harlem, on the 4th Avenue, be- ,v tween 128th and 129th streets, and formerly occupied by John S htephrtwou 1 The f .ctory ?? a substantial two story brick hnildinv, 40 feet by 20(1 feet On 129th street the, . ??e five two siory basement ano sitae n.i.,a >u..i?i, well finiihett.. ,..1. > at, o. <0 av.. Adjoining the dwelling houses is a brick Cariiage House, 18 feet by 35 feet. ~ On '28 h street there is en Engine H use of bnck, 18 feet by K 35 fret. Also, a Bl?- k*mith Sh ip 1(0 feet front by 8 fret deep, wi'h fixtures, Ac. The street* end ?venue are regulated, cur- . bed, and guttered, an . all assessments paid. The premises are "! in complete order, and ready far immediate occupancy. The same will be sold cheap Thtee-fourths of the purchase money retnaiuing 00 bond and mor'gige fore number of years Apply to ANDRE W MeOO WAN corner of Thi.d 7 Avmne tnd 18fith street, Harlem, or to C. W. VAN VOOR {? H'S 38 John street, wbete a mtp of the property can be seek. a20 6t*r MKOK eALt- I he lease, st ck and fixtures ol ihe old established and we I known Bar Room, 151 Chatham st, neit door to the Theatre. Apply on the premises from It to 3_o'ch<ck Sin 2wCr p< jam FOR BALE OR TO LEI?A n-w two story snd r* P? atuc house, 153 R-a<ie street, second door ahove a<1 f*'tf Oreenwicb. finished ik modern style throughout, with E marble mantels ai d grates, siiMng ai d folding doors, cauuter cell 11, and everv rhigg in complete order. I Forlnr her parti eh ars srply at ISAAC II. ARCHER'S hat and cap si ore. 280 Oreenwicn st. ap.7 lw*r PENNbk LVaMA HOTEL?This excellent houxe H isnvwtolet. It is situated en the corner <U Washiog- 1 on mad Liberty street, and will be leiaed to any good d? tenant from the first of next May. It has lately been much en- 1D larg> d and improved, and ia cont-gaous to the Jeraey Ferry, Albany boat Pirrs and Western Railroad Depots. For further p-irticuUra,enquire of E. RUCKMAN, alO 12t*r No. ISO Washington st, N. Y. 1 SPACIOUS AND FASHIONABLE HOTEL IN v.i.rhia. 1 MTHE fashionable Hotel, Marshall House, capable of accommodating 150 persons, situate in Chestnut street, betw-en 6th and 7th streets in Philadelphia,having been i receotlv much improved and repaired throughout, is to be let at a rednred rent, for a term of years. Apply to SAMUEL POWEL, 207 Chestnut street, or to a JOSEPH B. TOWNBEND, m23 7 aw Im'r 309 Arch street. leeuM KARm FOR SALE, coma mug forty acres, thirty- ' hve under cultivation and the balance a good growth of On the premises is a house in good repair, a new coach house and s large bain. In front of the house is au eicellent wrll of waur, secured trom the weather hy a new well house, and a fine lawn in front of the house On .he abave described f rm ' is f ait iu abundance, such as apples, cherries, pears, quinces, carr snts, gooieber ies, Ac. The ab ove farm is two rr ilea from the steamboat landing. I one fr mihetown of Rye, on the North street road. a fml hi view ?f the Sonud ; can see two light h' uses when lighted; H is in every respect a desirable location for a gentleman's resi- w deuce. w This fsim is in WestchesteT Coun'y. Call on the premises, oi on Mr. J. H. WELCH, S5 Leonard street, alfl Im'ec or a'the Police Office. DRESS BOOTS. LATEST FRENCH STYLE. H THE SUBSCRIBER 'espectfnlly invites the citizens of aj New Yo k and stratum visiting the ci'y, to call at ' 114 FULTON STREET, and eiamine a large as*o'tmei.t of liners Boots, made in the i.,.., i..i...... , i >k. ? .ir.L.r. Gent em* n can have boo'l made toord r ill the he>t manner, at aii dollars per p?ii, ami f .otrd at four dollara, warranted equal to any manufactured tu the city at from seren to eight do'Urs. lO" I'eraons having trndtr fe<t, or being difficult t* fit on ncciuntot lumps, bunions .can have Itoniimti'ttssi to ht easy yet hsnd-ome, by th' subscribe 's method of taking a draw in.- of he leet and fitting up and keepiug a pair ol lasts e' for each cnslomer. a' Strai gars leaving their measures can, hy writing, haTe boots m made and forwarded tot' em without delay .. . ColfiTaUTLT CF? HARD. w Il nd ome Boots, from $2 (10 to $6 IK) K? Hall B. .its, ' 2 50 to 3 50 Gsgter Boots, '< 2 00 to 2 5) " Shoes, " 1 50 to 2 tO bl Slippers, " 50 to 1 00 Pumps, fcc., Itc., enually low. Traua, Cash ny Delitkrt. u JOHN L. WATKIN 4, a8 lm*r 114 Fulton at. belweeu Nassau and Dutch s's _ WHO WANTS BOOTinrSHOKS I ~ ^ 'V2\*' SodBCtion Tn Prices crer known. I ^0WOnlr think of Gentl men's fine dress csll stitched j boots, of the most f .thinnable shape, $2,75 to $3.00. Fashionable legged boots $150 to (2,00 a pair. Ladies fancy colored it French and city made Uaiters lor $1,35 to $1,50 a imi-. And all i< the faihions fur IMS, for Gentlemen, Ladies >nd Children,from thirty to forty tier cent cheaper tliau seer, at 212 (Leenwich at, M corner of Barclay. J AS. WIGGINS. H a5 lm*r C ADOLTIIK. MONDKUN, Bool maker,from Pa- J W^PPni, respect frilly inFirms the inhabitants of New ,? York] that he has oiieneil hit esiablishment nt No 183 Broadway, where he is readv to execute sll orders entrusted to him, of ins 1st*st fashions slid best workmanship. Geutiemen wishing to hare au elegant fit will do well to call ? agld etamise his work " lm*r 1)1(1*8 PATtN 1' KLASl Hi MfcTALli. SHARKS, b< U for Boots and Shoes oS r description ?The nse of this imiiroremfit ramuti in tliu ;olios?wjt important advantages over the common maunr*ol mak'tig Boots and Shoes of til floarrintinna tltAf if m p. rk. .mmi.ri.r mr nf =" the foot frifm heel to We, giving lit the aame time ? pleUM? eliil'O. motion in walking, end nlao keeps the Boot to it? omgiiml sh-pe, preventing the shank, or hollow of the fool ftnm> pressiug down, tuid the heel from liirn'iiR out behind, eud *S< effeelnilly prevents the Pant loon Straps from ever eoming in ennl icl With the pavement and wearing off. Aueihei great evil i? removed h? it? n?e, aa it pr ve' u tlie loot from work ing tO'Ward, and pinching the toes,and cauang coina, or ' I t1 inn thoan already made ; it alao, by keeping the hoot in shay* in the ahank, prevents the tipper on the .nstrp from drawing tight, and cau ong thoae paiulnl lum|>s to grow on tee top ol the ii ateiv It can be used with a very low heel, much more Com'oilab'e to the weirerya d if the bo"t or shoe get* thorough ly water-soaked ihey tvlain their shine in the anffof polling tfirm off. which the common odea will not alwaya no bat adhere to the aole o( the foot, c using the shanks to hrrak a Manufactured only by the ui.deraigned in New Yoik, Jersey jr City.aud Brooklyn. . a LORIN BROOKS, o Mnnufaeturer. I3? h niton street, N. Y. JOHN DICK, Patentee and Mannfaetnrer, 15? Knlton street, third door eaat of Broadway. . mM lm*r under Lott and Chapip's Book atom, N. Y. SIlKATRlNU PAPfcK?ao halea ol very snperior quality amiable for roola of honsea and ahuw bottoms, lor sale by D mlO . K. COLLINS k CO.a* South at: E NE NE1 FOR NE\ RLKANB. LOUISIANA AND NEW IRK LINK OK PACKETS For the better accummouaUoi^oi shippers, it i^iutenaed to Jespt.'ch a ship from ihia nort ou the 1st, 5th. 10th, 15th. 20th, and ?5th of each mouth, com i curing the 10th October aud continuum until May, when regular days will he appointed for the renajudvr of the year, whereby yreat delays aud disappointments will be j reveuted during the summer months. The followiu* hips will commence tins arrangement : Hftip YAZOO. Canum Cornell. Ship OCONttk, Captain Jackson. Shy. MISSISSIPPI, Captain Milliard. Slop LOUISVlLLfc.Cantain Huut. ?J??p 8HAK8PEAKE, Captain Miner. Bhip GASTON. Captain Latham. Blup HUNTSVtLLK. Captain Minnford. Ship OCMULGEE, Captaiu Lvavitt. Ship NASHVILLE, Captain Dickinson. Slop MEMPHIS, Captain Knight. 8hip LOUISA, Captain Mulford. These thi[is were all built in the city of New Vf>rk, express for packets, are of light draft of water, hare recently been i/wly coppered and put in splendid orderjyith accommodationa lor paaeeugeri une quailed lor comfort. They are commanded by experienced masters, who will make every exerbw to give lenerai satisfaction. They will at all timet be towed up am! town the Miuinippi by steamboats. Neither the owners or captains of these ships will be responsible for jowelry, bullion, precious stones, silver or plated ware. >r for any Utters, parcel or jutckage, sent ty a rpxt onboard Ot hem, unless regular bills of lading are taken for the ,\nd iho value theteon expressed. Vor freight or passage, apply E7IL COLLINS k CO., 56 Sooth at., ot HULLIN St WOODRUFF, Agent in New Orleans. who will promptly forward all goods to their address. The slops of this liue are warranted to sail punctually as adrertised, aud great care will he taken to have tne goods oorrectmeaaured. ml PASSAGE FROM GREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND m m M. H aV l>O coinplft- d extensive nno important arrangenenta for bringiug out tiasseugers fiom the old countrv. the suh cribers can willi confidence inform those who raw with to actio for friends to emigrate the present seanon (1843) that they , will find it their inte'??t to make the necessary airangemunts ' with this lioe; being the oldeat or longest established out of hia port, it ia well known that that the arrangem-utt are comilete?the ahipa of the first class s nliug weekly, and the acomtnndatioita fitted up expreaaly for the comfort and couventttce of passengers. Should thoae settled for decline coming out, the passage 1 noncy will, aa usual, be refunded to the party from wnoin it i ras receiTed. without deduction. A free passage per steamer Irem the various porta of Ireland a nd Scotland, to Liverpool, can be secured il desired. Ap- 1 SAMUEL THOMPSON. t Old Established Passage Office, 373 Pearl St., Or to C. GRIM SHAW tk CO. 10 Uoiee Piazzas, Liverpool. Drafts on London, Literpoo1, the National Bank of Ireland, Northern BauEng Co. nd National bans ol bcotiouu, at ight. and for any amount. Applv as above. n 8 lin'r NEW LINE Ob LIVERPOOL I'ACKETb. fn g-IIYom New York on the 25th and Liverpool on the 18th itf each m?nth. s ffi Jt ft ji I ^^f^m New y^kil" j Ship GARRICK, Captain Wm. Skiddy, 25th Kebruaiy. Shin KOSCIUS, Captain John Collins, 35th March. Ship 8IDDONS. Captain E. B. Cobb, 35th April. Ship SHERIDAN, Captain K. A. Depeyster, 25th May. T Erom Liverpool. ,, Shtp SIDDONS, Captain E. B. Cobb, 13th February. Ship SHERIDAN, Captain F. A. bepeyster, 13th March. . Ship GARRICK, Captain Wm. bkiddy, 13th April. , Ship ROSCIUS, Captain John Collins, 13th May. v Theser hips are all ol the first class, upwards of 1M8 lens, nuiit j, nthe city of New York, with such improvements nscombine reat speed with unusual comfort for passengers. Every care n as been taken in the arrangement of their accommodation. f, .'lie price of passage hence is S100, for which ample stores will c e provided. These ships are c/immanded by etnerieuced tasters, who will make every exertion to give general atisfac- ^ on 0 Neither the captains or owners of tl e?l. Mwill be responoi- p le for ai y letters, parcels or package ssen by them, unless reular b' Iff of lading are signed therefor. For f night or passtgfe, apply to E. K. COLLINS St CO., 56 Sonth St., New York, ot to n WM. St JAS. BROWN St CO., Liverpool. j Letters by the packets will be charged 12X cents per single ?oc t: 50 cenu per ounce, and newspapers 1 cent each. f3 r tl 'M ^ A8SAGE FROM GREa i britain and IRELAND ci BY THE BLACK BALL OR OLD LINE OF U LIVERPOOL PACKETS. B Sailing from Liveri>ool on the 7th and 19th of every month.] ai serums msinuK loicuu 10 ire cmu country lertheir IrienOs an make the accessary arrangements with the subscribers, and p< arc them come oat in this superior trine of Packets, sailing om L ivernool i uuctoally on the 7th and 19th of every month. 't ev wfll also have a lirst rale class of American trading ships, tiluiC every sis days, thereby affording weekly cornmunicaon from that port. One of the tirm ( Mr. James D. Roche) is tere, la see that they shall be lorwarded with care and desatch. Should the parties agreed for not come cnt, the money will e returned to those who paid it here, auhoat any redue on. . . * Tne Black Ball, or Old Line of Liverpool Packets, comprise te following magnificent Ships, viz he OXFORD, -the NEW YORK, CAMBRIDGE, COLUMBUS. EUROPE, SOUTH AMERICA. 4 w uiVsncV superior and unequalled ftftiTuftnMUfJUt luu* j iribers confidently look forward for a continuance of that supjrt which lets been extended to them so many years, lur which ley are grateful. Those proceeding, or remitting monev to their relatives, can all times obtain Drafts at sight for any amount, diawn direct 1 the Royal Bank of Ireland, Dub lin, also on Messrs. PRE8COTT, OROTE, AMES It CO. Bankers, London, hicti will be paid on demand at any of the Banks, or their lanches, in all the principal towns throughout England, Irend, Scotland and Walea. Apply,oraddre?.(ifbli.c?.ir^o.Bt^HKii9 & J5 Fulton street. New York, next door to the Fulton Bank. It, N. B-?The Old Line of Liverpool Rickets sail from this y >rt for Liverpool on the 1st and 19th of each mouth. Parlies turniug to the old country will find it to thuir comfort and [vantage to select this favorite Line ibr their conveyance, in {g efrrence to any other. d27 r OLD LINE LIVERPOOL JACKETS). t-IBLw JUL, JfL,,. L despatched in the following order, excepting that when the ( ly of staling falls on Sunday, the ships will sail on the succeed* day. For New York. For Liverpool, rhe SOUTH AMERICA, June 1 July 19 616 tons, .Oct 1 Nov 19 . D.O.Bailey, 1 Feb 1 Mar II TJ rhe ENGLAND, i.Jnne 19 Aug 7 ta 750 tous, .Oct 19 Dec T R I. W,in. I Feb la A nril v The OXFORD, I July 1 Aug 19 800 tons, Nsv 1 Dec 19 5? J. Rathbons, i March 1 April 19 40 rhe EUROPE, i July 19 Sipt 7 610 tons, Not 19 Jan 7 E. O. Marshall l Mar If Mar 7 The NORTH AMERICA, Aug 1 Sept iC 618 tons. Dec 1 Jau 19 A. B. Low her. I April ! Mar 19 The NEW YORK, ilAng If Oct 7 N 900 tons, Dec 19 Feb 7 T. B. Cropper.I April 1* June 7 Vi I'he CAMBRIDGE, ijBep. 1 Oct 17 850 tons, Jan 1 Feb 17 W. CBarslowj May 1 June 19 L< Hie COLUMBUS, i|8ept 19 Nor 9 A 700 tons, Jau 19 Mar 9 O.A.Cole. {May 19 Ju|y 7 ?' Punetuality. as legards the day of sailing, will be observed as rretofore. The price of passage outward is now Gicd at One PI undri'd Dollars, for which ample stores of ever* description iU be provided, with the eveeption ol wines and liquors. Inch will be fnnnshed.hy the stewards. re GOODHUE k CO.. (4 South st? C. H. MARSHALL. )8 Burliog-slin. N. Y. * ivh "hothi*"hs a. cZ tfrZ) /HE bEW LINE OK LIVERPOOL PACKETS. S& i2k Mk " o sail Irom New Yor^6th, and fro^HL^TrpooI 5tl^^^Sm^ an month. , Ship ROCHESTER. 800ton., .... P Philip WooHhouse, i 18,h Eeb'ryShip HOTTINUUER, 1050 tons, l M . Ira Burselv, 16th March. New ship LIVEKPOOL, 1150 tons, , .. John Eldrivge, 16th April. New ship , ,200 tons. j! |(th May ] These substantial, last sailing, first class shirs,all built in the "s tv of N?*w York, are c mummied by Mien of ciimrieiice and Vl, illHV, ana will be despatched punctually on the l?tn of eash ei '>nth. I Their cabins sre elgant and rnmmodions, and are famished j ith whatever can conduce lo the ease and comfort of passeu- I ire. >., Neithert e captains or owners of these shirs will be respon- j b'c for any . arcels or packages sent by them, unless regular ,,| lis ladiug are signed thrrefore. I For fseicht or passage applv to I pl. WOODHULL It MINTURN8, th< 81 South street. New York, iht oil to KIKLDKN, BROTHERS k CO., N? f T y r Liverpool. j Mb jtife ^ WHtT'.TS 1^^^m\r8EI l^^^^fhe undermentioned iiiw will be regularly dispatched from hence and from Marbiles on the Ut of each month daring the year, thns? From New York. Maraeillca. lINERVA.Capt Brown, N->* I. J?n 1 'RY THOMPSON, (lap Sylvester, Dec 1. Keb I Nl OURIKR, Capt D?gan, Jan 1. Marl RE8COTT, Cap". Lawmen, Feb 1. Apll KliLESPONT, I.apt Adana, Marl. May 1 Iro ORIOLANU8, Cap Haile, Apll. Jon 1 bei They are all copperea and copper faateued.and hare excellent H.i icomtnodationa for paasetiKera. be The price of cabin passage will be |I0?, exclusive o wiuei coi idliquora. wr Goods addressed to BOYD k H1NCKEN, llie a gents. w ill kc I forwarded free of other herges t>van these actually paid. ihi e or Height or passage apply to Be O. BROOM k CO., or to ??r BOYD It HINCKKN, Agents. ?i H1T1SH AND rtUKJH AMe.ttlC.Art ltUVAI. MAIL 1, 8TKAM SIIIP8, h( Of )200storis and (4# horae power each. Under contract with the Lorde of the-Admiralty. "WTANNVA. J." C?mm*dU0der K CALEDONIA, E.O.Lott. do ft COLUWftlA, El C' Miller, K N do Will *>' from Liverpool and Boston, via HaMf-i aafollow*: fj' l??* LIVERPOOL. rROM SO?TO?. u' cadia, Kvrip, Keb ' Ma. I olnmtna, Miller, AUr i Ap'l i J ritannia, Hewin, Ap'l 4 May 1 fl liberuia. Jndkim, ApM 19 May l? The accommodation* lor passengers are superior. , The ?e*sels are acceinpanied by experienced snrgeons, and ... mply Riipplied with (francos' Patent Life Boats. Paa?a?e reduced to $120. No Bertha aeenred until paid for. 'riH?afeik?jK,,tarHA^1SDKN h COH, No. I Wall-*. J?? a* w rn V ? J W YORK. SATURDAY H ife tflfr OLD ESTABLISHED PASSAGE OFFICE. No. ?l SOUTH STREET, N. Y. PASSAGE to and from Great Britain aud Ireland, via Liver wl 'iid London. by the regular packet*, 1a In g weekly to aud riom Liverpool end to andfn in Loud >11 on itie it, lO'li. ami 10th o'? each mouth. Ti e "uhicriber has made e* euaive airaogemeut' to uriuv uut emigrants, and cat, witli great C"ulience, ai ure ihoie poisons lending or tlie r "rends.that every jlie and ii g?nt attention will bo ihowu them and al> w1 o r in nark with tliem. at age ran alio be engage I from Liver ,i ml i i eel to New Oriram, Vfo?ile, Sa-anuan, Baltimore, hiadlphu, B tou. and to toe i ffrret't porta of ttie Britiah Province! ith limit' ariaiKeinenti, together witli the ?drantage which liii iv?rp ol Carreip uidenta poitell, being a ge ihiiHiwueii and este'titeli engagrd in the righting uoueai?having I it yi ar deipit< hed upward* of 100 lir>tclasi ilupi to the varioua portaOltHa United State*, with freight and ?a?iengen. The facility offered by thit eitabli*hine"t ii nuinrpaiacd, and from the large number of lint elm ?hip? employed iu the hue there can be no d-ten ton whatever, which will be guaranteed The price of pasiage will be at the lowest atei, an t ihnnld any of those tent lor ecline Coming, t he paa mge money will l)* returned at fiiftiimary. The i'e<inboat aie from the differe't porti to Liverpool, an, a* uiual, be ietared Thoie remitting mou y to their frieudi can have draft* o any amount, avable in a'I the p inc. pal tawui, witnont du:ou .t, throughout Giea1 Britain and Irelaud, au arrangement ah" h has given the greatest aatiifacuou. The itibicriber b"i et to r reive t com mint on of the public | . atroingi , which h i men (> lihi iallv bellowed for many fearspatt. For further partirulari aoplv, (ifbv letter psit mid) to JOHN Hk'KDMAN. 61 Sonth it, N Y, or 1 J. St W. H'iBlNSON No 16 Goree Piazzas, 1 licoige'a Dock, and 1 Neiitune *t Waterloo Dock, Liverpool. AGENTS Tlmi J Timmim, Es , No. I6.V 8 uth Kront it, Philada. Patrir1' VI Icon, Eiq Bull"00. N Y. 1 J -iei li Kir patric*, P'ttibnreti, Pa. ' Michl :VlcQ ade.Uticr.N V. J. A No ima.i, Milwaukie, Wticonsin, Ty. Chi. McCorkev, Dub'tipie, lowaTy. J. K. Elliott, Detroit, iVIichigau. Coreehus Cahiil. Peru, Illinois. 1 J >hn R gn-y, Kociiet er, N. Y. 1 N. B.?The subirriber i* also ? ent for first clais packet ihip* aili' g every few dty divi fr >m New York to N. w Orleans, 1 Mobile, f 'lnrleiton, aud Savannah, by which pnisagc i a > be ' ecurcu at tne lowest tatc. mj'r < LAPSCOTT'S GENERAL PASSAGE OFFICE, ' 43 PECK SLIP, NEW YORK. 1 m m m The subscribers ben to call the attention of their mends nil the public generally, to theii superior arrangeint ut* ' or bnngiug out passengers from, am) remitl'iig money to, my t ar* of England xlrel.tnd, Scotland or Wales, id tne hi.tgtuhcent t acket ships. comprising the ' NEW LINE 6F LIVERPOOL F AGKET>V VI/.:- ? Ship KOSClUS, Capl. Collins. < Ship 8IDDONS,CaptainCobb. i Ship SHERIDAN. Captain Dopeyster Ship GARR1CK, Captain Skid ly. 1 New shin HOTTINOUEK. I ,p' n. Bat.ley. I Ship SOUTHERNER, vVoodhmue. Ship ROCHESTER.Captain Palmer. I New ship LIVERPOOL,Captor Enl.edge. t iailing twice every month; aui) ??itli the " UN I 1'El) LINE," . omposed of sn|>erior first class American ships. sailing every en nays, will make live ships inra-li niouih throughout thr e rear, (or one every sis .lavs) thereby pieveiiliii* the possi I ajsiv of unnecessary detention. c i^sitgesdirect from Lnudou, Bristol and Urrcnocl: to New i ikf from LivrriH.ol to Ni s Orleans, Mobile, Sevan i i. n.Wraton. Philadelphia, Boston and Baltimore, and .he I ano i t^ts in British North America, can at all times ne en- i aired on liberal terms. Persons wistnug to send for '.heir friends, '.sill not fail to ire I he advantages to he derived iroin sr.It ctinc this line in prefer- t nee to any other, and they may test assured that unusual rare i rill be taken to make -he pass.'ire an coble, the slops bciur. : itteu up with an eye solely to the comfort of pisseuge/s. i In all cases whe' i the parties sent for decline coining, the loncy will be re u'jd. d without uy deduction, as tun*]. A rec passage from tin: various seaport* of Ireland and Scotland, an also be se> tired. 1 The regular packets for which the subscribers -r igenti, sail t follows, vir ?'I n end from London on the 1st, mth and '-'Uth t f each month. To and from Liv? rpool on the Is', 7th. 13th, Kh, and Uth of each month New Orleans, Mobile, Savan- I:, Charleston, weekly throughout the season. REMITTANCES. s Persons in the country wishing to send money to their friends v y enclosing the sum they ivish irut, with thr tmine and ad- 1 ress of the parties to receive it, m.y rely on a draft for the 5 noont being forwarded per first packet, after the receipt g leteof, and an acknowledgement for the same returned per lail. Drafts at sight, for any amount, are payable on demand, withit discount or any oth? r charge, at the National and Prurient Banks of Ireland and branches, Eastern Bank ( Scotland, Ireenock, and their branches, Messrs. James Bult, Sou A Co., 1 ankers, Londeu, Exchange and Discount Bank, Liverpool, ? id in every principal town of Great Britain and Ireland. H Farther particulars made known on application, if by letter, t< >st paid, to m diy r W.kJ. T. TAPSCOTT, 43 Burling Slip. P 1EW JERSEY RAILROAD AND TRANSPORTATION COMPANY. I NEW YORK AND NEWARK. : Kare red need to Ho cents. ft iramine ro?t ol Ueurtlandt street, New YotI (Every ilar?Suuday sihrepted.) al Leaves New York Leaves Newark tl I 9 .A.M. At 1 P.M. At 7* A. M. At IS T. M t)i do 9 do. ? do. 7 do. 11 10 do. ON SUNDAYS, from the loot ol Cenrtlandt street. Leave New York, Leave Newark. At 9 A. M. aud 4K P. M- At IK P. M. and 1ft T. M. NEW YORK, ELIZABETH TOWN. Leave New York. Leave Elizabeth Town. ? A. M. 7 A. M. * P.M. IK A.M. IK " lo'KA. M. T. 4* P.M. IK M. \ I 1'. M. ' 9K " p The traina for Westfteld. Plaicfield. Bonndbrook, Somerville, conuect with the 9 A M, 2 ; nd 4.X P M trains Irom New ol Drk, daily, Sundayseicrpled. Kare between New York and Elizabeth Town36 cents. *' Kare between do and Somerville. 76 cents. ! fc'W YOliK. RAHWAY AND NEW BHUNSW1CA. Jr Kare reduced. ,e from the foot of Coortlandt street, daily. Lea.e New York. Leave New Brunswick. 1' At 9 A. M. At 6K A. M. $ : 9 P. M. On Mondays the 5K aud 7K A.M. trips from New d 2% P. M. train from New York, are omitted. Kare between New Yo-lt and New Brunswick, 75 cents. Rahway, 60 cents _ The fare in the 5* and TX A. M.trainfrom New Brnns ick. and 2X and 4X r. M. tnin from New York, has been re ceu. I New York and Nrw Brnuswick, to 60 cetKi. . " aud Kahway to I7K " Passengers who procure their tickeU at the ticket office, re Dl ive a (erry ticket gratis. Tickets are received by the con M etor only on the di.y when purchased. fll 3m* uriVTVH a M H a viiu-aa icm-i te hw >()RK ANINE la Newark, New Brnuewirh Princeton, Trenton, Bortlei- , town and Burlington. ? THROUGH IN SIX HOURS. J* are New Vork.from the loot af Couitlandt atreet.daily, ill M and i\ P M. The morning L,tue prtceeda to Bordeutown, Iroin lucoce by _ amlroat to Philadelphia. K The Keening Line nroceeda direct to Camden, (opposite iilnlelphia) withont change of care ri Passengers will procure their tickets at the "(Tier foot ol J lurtUndt atreet, where a romrnndioua iteamho?t w1' be in adioeaaa. with baggage cratea on laiard. w Philadelphia baggage cratea are conveyed frum Clt7 to cur, ithotil being opened by the way. Q Karli train la proeided with a Ladica Ci,r, in which arc '.part nut* and dressing rooma eipresalv for the Lediea use y Returning, the liaea leave Phil'delt hia froni the foot ol leatuut atreet by railroad from Camden, at 9 o'clock A M./.nd p ('clock, P M. ~ The Linea for Baltimore, leave Phila.h Ip'ua a; u -nd ? A M, w d i P M., being a continuation of'he lines brim New V?r* >, 128 ?m*r [r MORRIS AND ESSEX RAIL ROAD, ,lh pense with Sicjniott np|irovt*d <ikJ !u.av;rir il rul, to h-cur* ale and espedilioua eon'eyanee betw een New Vrrka'd orriatown, will coinineuc- running two trip* d< ly, Suinlaya hi repled, nti and after M inlay, Jan, 'K. Kirat Train from Mom-down w II I- are at "S A M " Secoud Traiti from MoTriatown will leivr at l'i, P \>1. <" Kirat Train from New Vork will le ve at 9 A >1?Newark it lib ; A M. I? lecmid Triiiu Irom New Vork will le-.i r at i'4 f M?New ? > t at JH I' M. Hi 'asaeugera by the MarHiuv'I'ri'ir fioin Mot, iimwi, will if- h.i e at N< work in time for e 9 A ,M Train to New Yo:h. or du . morning Train in I'hi'apelphiy; by the A t. rnoon T> it. th v will arrive at Newark in Mine (or the lai. P M i'm:', lo ?w York or tnc Kv?i ini( Trtio to PhitadHpi ?n. PafiieiiK'Ti by th? Momuu Ti .? Iroin New York will m Morrntovru iui'Id* to dine nud Uiui anv of the brni(r? ruo if writornorr^ from ibkt rtarf r'kj I n'r PULLEJN >V COPP, 3 Wall atreet. "j] mfi asm <K? ? W YtnlK, ALBANY, TROY AND MONT R. K A L KXPKKS8. Vleaara. Harnden h Co. having diapnaed of their rouie ?f >m New York to Alban7 and Tim, the tnhacri h:, n, the old couductora of Harnden It Co'a Northern f itireaa, from New York, will continue to ran na ' re to fore Me* vina New York, Albany and Tray, Daily , ?nd t ' Miect at Troy with Jacob*' Montreal Ripreaa, and will forird Specie, Bank Notea, Package*. Bundle*,Cave* of Oood* ., to any place between Naw York and Montreal, and r|, nughont the Canada a. Alao Koat, from Troy and Albany to laton, and Weal from Albany to iluffdlo. , All buaineaa eutmateo o tneir charge will be promptly at- ? ided to. Particular attention will be paid to the collection | ' note*, drafts, acceptance*, Ac., and prompt tetania made for ' ? aarne, an PULLBN St COPP. mi (lflicea?Pnllen Ik Corp, 3 Wall atreet, New York go Thoa. (tough, lb Kachauge, Albany. Bli A U. Kilkiua, 228 (liver atreet, Troy. I111 8. Jacob'* Bxchauge Court, 8t I'aul at, Montreal RRKF.RKNCKB. mi Nrcw Yoat. Aurtifry. TRoy. oh me, Ward it Km?, K. J. Hnmphrey, J no. Par tie, d? cob Untie, Ik Co., Thoa. Goturh. P. Weil*, mi hn T. Smith, It Co., 8 K. Stow. thi noonk Hoffman, C. 8. Douglaaa, an W! enter St VermilTa. Y. Leake w DtlQhtOD tk CO. J rew. HobmtOD A Co. ttH tJf KOK LONDON?racket of 20th Ar-il-The tu- ?l HfW ,, i . - iM<I w- II known packet shti WIC8TMIN* . * Qyy?^ I KK, Atwoou, Moore, master, will sail as above, rreguurday. . i Can handsomely accommodate a few more cabin,second c >bin 1 d steerage passengers, if early ap?-lu-ati<tii is n ade on board be r ship or to JOHN HKRDMAN,61 South st. ch N B.?Passage from London or Liverpool, can at all times he rr gaged by the regular rackets, and drafts furnished for any {N lount, payable throughout the United Kingdom, by applying above. alii 1 |RK E CORNING, APRIL 22, 1& THE GLOBE HOTEL, NEW YORK, ) IN CONNTTION vVITU , THE PAVILION. | NKW BRIGHTON. 8TATKN ISLAND. , 0i fTMIK GLOBK HOTh.L, ?t New York, has for several g, ? years heau advantageously known, not only to the Aineri- w can, but to the Kurnpenn travell -r, it havitig t een 'h- resort of |c " any of the dntiiigiiishcd oeranns who have visited theUuited t| Htale*. The proprietoi o.fthe e>t I'duhiio ut ii grateful lor the liberal support he has received from tr Teller* ol all nations, f, and leeli assured that the arrangement* he is now making , will j aerure a continuance ot their patronage. Vlauv improvements c, nave beei inade in th -inteii ir<il the Hn el prepiratory to he commencement of uew season; ami to meet the engenc ea of r, the prevent tiuiri, the cnsrgrsf r apart in -Iifv.for raea's, and lor t| win**, ha*? been retltired and d j uot exceed those of hotel* 01 ,,| tile aame cla*? throughout the UMOB w| The frequeuter* or the Olobe have n advant ige over ".hose o| almost every other house?they eau limit their expenditure. u lii the Restaurant, every thing i? supplied a la carte, the price y beiuit alhxed -gainst each dish, so that a traveller c iu either ail 3 down to a feast worthy n| Ap'Ctis, or a repast as frugal as an Anchorite'*. The viand* ate prepared according to the most aplirnved ivatrm nl I*'.,,,,,..,,. v~ ?. -v cookf, anil for vaiety mid eicelence may challenge cnmpan- I sou wit** those of rha best Parisian rss'snrsteurs. * The domestic Arrangements are of a Tery superior order; every thing is conducted with the most minute regard to llie ? comfort ot ih- guests The waiters and other attendants are ^ respectful know th?ir business, and go thr< ugh it without bus- , tie or eonfusiou The tslotie, in fact, combines all the coinforu of a nrivaie re>idence with the idvautages o a lirst-rate [V hotel. There are apartnieiils m it capab'e o accommodating pj the most nuinrrous families with splendid drawing rooms it- j [ached?others loi smaller families, ur separate bed rooms for linglo 'ravellrrs. In -addition to the above, the Globe possesses an excellent Ua h inu stiblishineut, sup lied from the (Irotou Aqueduct, I wnrre hoi and cold water haths tr ay he had from reveu in the morning until eleven at night 'Ibis i? luxury w?iclr every L [rayeller knows the adv ltiUge of; and it is greatly nhaueed by r being able to obtain It in the house in which he slays What 'V cau be more reireshing rhau a wuim hath, after the fatigue of < 1 m long a- d uiicouiforta ilv sea vovaee, or even a land j urn-y I | to The bathinv rstablishinunt is lilted up in the bestParisien style, (| ind the oa'hsrs me ?np| lied wi li large wrapping gowns (l'eigloirs) and au ahnudaiice ol oth r linen. _ The local pesitinu i.T the Globe is one that will rect in in end it either to the man o1 l-snnni or the mau of business; it is situ- , rtcd at about an equal ditance from the Kxihauge; in W ill at, slid the Battery,that de ifli ful marine promenade. which com- ,iiandsao uiagnificeiit a view of the Bay o' New York. -p The proprietor of 'he Uhibe has just couclnded arrangements ' 'or taking that splendid huih'ing, -, "THL PAVILION," AT NKW BRIGHTON, ind is fitting 'tup 111 a superior si vie of elegance and comfort. Those who hare not visited the Pavilion, may form some idea p rfthe extent of the establishment, when they are informed that r wo hundred and fifty persons can be comfortably accoiuinoda ed williiu its wa'ls. w Along ilsr priucipa fraut, which is upwards of two huadred l() ind thirty feet iu leiigih, mns a noble piazza, formed by lofty p, olunns. The piazza Irons the Bav of New York, ana com- (,< n uids the most splendid views vf the J r<ev shore, thelitis ,|j if Mew York and Brooklyn the Huds-in and Kiut rivers. Lung lrl island, and the coast of Staten Island, nearly as far as the t|,' ^arrows. The grand doing room which is one of the largest and best n> noportioned >n ihe United States, can comforiahly iccommoI de three hmdri d and tifty guests, and as a ball roam, is alto | ;ether unrivalled. There is a covered corridor, which traverses the centre of the !u -st-blishment, about fifteen leet in width, and of rhe same " eutt'h as the p'azza, which form an admirable nrommiul* for h? Indie* aud children, either in wet weather or when the ititi " s too powerful to permit their venturing abroad; this cominn licaiet with the wings, id each of which ihere i? ? cnrrid ?>r of . Uti fa i in ItMtfa.alao udttwm< The whole btiildlng is well ? lentiUudt the rooms areloflv,ipeoiou and light *' Tlii- wi lts and drives in Slaten Island, aie varied and be.auti- J* u1. K'oin the Pavilion, there ate ex~ellt-nt roads leading d >wu ?! 0 the Narrows, the Light t dux, round Ainboy Bav to ttich- , noud audtlie Kills, and through the centre of tliu Island, by / ''D Clove road. Miateu Island, in f*ct, possesses aevantaiies . HI er or to tho.e of any s ot ill the Union; and the sea bathing ?. s excellent 0< The Proprietor is making arrangements for a daily supply of ? he -v (iters, from the principal Spungs at Saratoga, so th it the g reijnenters ofiht Pavili ,n,will have the advantage of drinking <j. Ins? waters wi hoot the incon euience of performing a la guingauJ disagreeable journey of 2u0 miles. g I lore is t re ding and smouing room for the geutlemeu, in a mi'dinr a'togethei detached from the Pavilion. The distance from New York to New Brighton is under s'x riiles, una Uuiiug ill - whole of the summer season, g oil and ? veil apixritited ste'inli iats will leave Pier No. I on the Noith x| liver. ?nd vew Brighton, regul?rly everv hour, from half-pasi I in the morning, uii il 8 iu the evening. The distance is eaerally performed in iwenty-five mirutes. 4.1 F BLAVCARD, & m2l ?tw iw Qlobe Hotel, (16 Broadway. ijs WASHINGTON TEMPERANCE HOTEL, ^ J'S P?iAKL ST , FHANKLIN 8QUAHB, N. Y 1 FOWLk'.H & SON rispectlullr inlorm their friends and the public, thatthev have opened the above well kuown lotel 00 strict temperance principles, and pledge themselves j 1 conduct the same stiic'ly iu those principles. The accost lodati ?us need no comrnem , as they are good and comfortable. ? HWamt and transient Boarders by the day or week, t'riate aparrm> ills for families on th- ino?t reasonable terms. D The location is convenient to the London and Liverpool X ackcts, ami ihe Albany, BufTiln, Bosluii and Philadelphia oals. V.very iafonMUUM given 10 persons travelling; also the est and chrape t way of conveyance to all paita of the United teres aud Canada. The Heading Koom will be supplied with Kngliah and nneric iu papers, and all the Temperance periodicals. Terms?B rarkiug tier week $1; per day 75 cents. Tea.cofre. cakes, kc. alwavs ready. We, the undersigned, would cheerfully recommend the j hove Hotel to the noiic of onr Waahinglouiau friends, and le travelling public generally ~ ' pai Hou Aaron Clark lot Jamri V an uyae, rrcsiaent 01 waiianoui i . d. society. James H i|?r, President o' ihe Franklin Temp Socieli*. it Win F. Lrgget, Vice President Broadway society. Vl A C Flanagan, President of Prospect Society. Icr Ke?. Isaac I 'overt, I'resiaeut Wasliingtonian T. B. Society jol Nicholas l)u(f, President of Anderson Society. A D Wilton, M, D. President of Marshall T. A Society. fa, aid lm'ec An KO88V1LLE BOARDING SCHOOL, 8TATEN ISLAND. VWESTHOLP respectfully inform his fnendt and ihe public, tha' hit school will reopen on the 1st of May. en's and guanliaLt are alto informed W W. makes it a )iut ol conscience to sua'd in eyery possible wav the morals . rchildren commitied to Ilia care, from 'our to iwelm years of . |e Reading. writing, or'hng'aphy, ariihm'i'c, geography id grammar uuaht. The locat.ou 't delighful and heillhy; m' le orchard, gaid-ns and play ground are spacious; about ten . innti t walk from the landing The stramboat Raritan 111 yet Ban lay street neri day at 3 o'clock, tor Kostville. Terms, for board and tuition, including wasniug, $25 per l"a lartrr, p^id in advame. Keferencrs I Key band More, Staten Island. eo< W. N. Seymour, Esq., 4 Chsth-m Square. N. Y H? nr* Stewart Segaine, Esq., Sta en Island. h*" Wm. ndlam, Esq., 131 Beekman street. ei John Q linn. Esq , 3" Manroe street. !?? Messrs. Colvil I aud Fleminr. Esq., 14 Cedar street. ' Capt Edward Ferber Esq.. Hicks street, Brooklyn. **! Mis. Vunn 21 E - ridge street New Vor . a3t Im'r i""1 BELMONT HOUSE, NEW BRIGHTON. H PHE subscriber b' gs leare to inform his friends and the pnh r| lie, thai he has taken the abore well known hou.e, which D it been ihoronghly repai, ed and paint-d iu the best manner, . w'y urniahed thionghout, ami will b? open d on the first of ? y uest. The i onse is delightfully sitmted immediately oprosite the esnboat Undine. anJ from its piazzas c on ins di a fiewsx- p nding up Ike Kills and ovortne bay and hirbon'of Mft nrk. To ih>sde etirou" of a pleasant resident-- during the 1 miner months, possessing ihe advantages of fine salt water Try ihikf, tagstiwr with issstifsl Ilnvrs au.l waiks. an-1 conre m,, tlit ocess to lh-ciiy erery two houis by steam, the Belmont pnr ouse offers ii ducemects unsurpassed hy anv other cn the It p nil, and the subscriber liiisis his former efforts io give to , lis aetmn as proprieto- of the Pisilmn, with his renewed d- cr>ri iinination to spare no pa;ns to render his house ug-eeable, to , ill ensure him Ihe ron'inuanon of a p-.tinu of the pstrouage n I li-s heretofo'e hern fayored with. V GEORGE PIER 18. Nsw BaioHTOi*. April 12. '843 a '3' 'fr n A>i?e.Y'S"Ctt LE BHA 1 iE*i7 I>s E VII at, COS vi EI'lC ? ^having compound f n- gentleman who miiy puichsaethts article, the money I will he refunded if not entirely satisfied, alter ua tie it one X nth To be hail of the inveu.or, at hie manufactory and 0 arehouir, 45 Maiden l an>. mi AL.CXANDSR RAMSKY LK ertificate of l)r. T K Bund. Senior hditor of the Christian MNiite and Journal. Ir. Alexander Ramsey:? Hit?I have lairly tried your Chemical Cotmerie Shaving omiioond. and havi g alwaya been .11 ihe practice ol shavi g veelf. had |irevi Italy nseil many of the ?a i ua preparation! / h ch h d ben oflVird the 1 ublic m faei'iiaing this - peri- are on I have uo hesitation in s-yieg you is la the beat I have ?? led The lather is readil made, and 01 a p-op. r consistence; t mild, i d->d, wholly iooffrlliive to he face. veil where j? vrcmay be si ght abra-ions of the akin, nd adnerea tenaciousand cloat aa to *ive the nece-saiy aiilfueaa 10 the beard , re der close shaving pleasant aad easy K St w Vork, April IJth, 1812. T. K BOND, *u? ?12 lin'ec mal 1 BROWN It ' (> 'S Our Price ilat ?n>rr. 178 Chatham toare, comer of Moti at., where laahion, beauty dura- P lit and economy are combined 10 adoia ihe head. 'Ihe p-o- old i 'ore have the pleaatire now to offer a new style of t at, the any pi'ttnri of b, aver, which cloaely resembles those formerly post ill f 8.1 aud 86 it the low lived prut of $1; those who from I'ltrt! ii or necessity are induced to atudv economy in thai hs mi hie article of dress, have now an opportunity of (loin* iiid -till keep op thi- appearance of Ihr m' at fashionable.? hriti OWekt (p it) prcetMimi thll hat to the pnnlic, think they w|? v reach d dl ultimatum of beaoty. chea.uess, neatness, ?f lability ami contort to the wearer. All sales are for caah, lefurt no aood customer pays the losses incurred by the bad. ;,w, BROW S h 1(1 17a Charh irn son ire n v* 1m corner nf M" 1 at p,t, 5. !-T'i|M? KAhHIOv KOR OKNTL.BMKN'8 HATS {?"' " ?T1 f undersigned respectfully inform r>is customers L .1 li e uldic generally, that lie has now resdy for ms|.ecii 11 ^ il 1a1 . ihr much admired ao'ini! ?tyle 1 I gentlemen) Hats, I r 11 tot hi iM) nf ft ill" h and and symetiy of lorin, eaCted ana A, I n off ri in Hii? r any othecity. J" I'o the econiimial they are a dutiable article, aallieycom JH re cheapness, diiMhil ly mi elrgince, warrant-d oq m' 10 Pi y and Inferior to none. In the manutrctire of Hrta rectal iltes ei inp. (ion; ne therefore solicit) a s< are of. ublir patron JM wnohl a ?o call their aileniion (o hia la (c aa-nr meat Veil's Youth's, and children's cap-, of cloth, selset, ftc. all ol I no II manufacture, which for variety of patierua cannot he ' nailed. Alan, h a new atyle of children's drab and pearl colored fancy 0 ' ta trimmed with velvet of Tenons patterns, for 1 printr arid }' mmer wear, rery nm h admired. A call will cnnvin' e the ~ nat ?Ce| tic?l ol the superiority ol the nboee mentioned artirs, now r< ady for sale at the o'd established "'ores of ISAAC H AUCHKH. r*l' ill lm*r '0? and ^80 O.eenw i? h at, V. Y. sTo ..KeOLL'S (JKKA r BOAT BAZAAK KOK 1843Kememb*r one c< dar and oak boat n wnr h twenty pine r*i il white wo id ones. The nbscriber luiemls duting t he c nv "Ji ( a.'.n 11 to lolly satisfy the world of the diffeience hetweea Jl . .ilb'ti lid lad one a Therefore erery bout from his rati' ffi hint lit wairau.ed will bear upon it the stamp of C. L jt moll. "" " llnrin.: the paataeaaon the snbamber hia produced tint inj- : * table 16 font *?iIiriif Diui ev Troubler, which received the "" allenge fiom the Aim rir m (natitute nnd took the gold me- J ,j I ; the i? now ready to ahow her atetn to any Railing bout, no itter where built or who by, lor any valuable trorny.?Alio e row boat Henry Stork, which won three racci in incci- ?S ' in, with eur Alio the triumphant O. W. Chapman, which ^ t' cut ail i ffort, in ale the quicluat time upon recoid. Jffj However, dunog the coming nan n he intend* leaving all Ml i own forme effor'a in the ah tie. He will ratini te for any ol ml or deaciptlon of booa from on? to fifty torn bnrlheu, end H revrr hit a tamp m V I" hiuml there will be * boat that jM n't he beat. C. I. I NflKKSOLL, Boar, flu 406 and 411 Water at. and 121 Cherry a*. I*?. W. Hai.r, Sole Ay nl, 51 Wall ,t. P S ?llaee, tail, rlnh, life, and pleaau'e boata, may alwaya ?-j found at lugeraoll'a Bataar, cheaper than they cn* be puraaeil eltewhere. epl ltn'r 1 AN K KKhT COT rors-io balra, for aale by I flJJ < PKHS8K k BROOKS, ' bI iplT cc No. 81 Liberty atree will f KR A 13. TALUABLK B< )()K.? Raymond's CopT of Ounna's Do ' IIIt'SfIC Ml-linn, - 1"his book w <? written by Dr. J. C luno, agreeably to the most approved practice of nidicinr for ?e use of families. 8 nee its first publication, more than 100. )0 copies bate bceu told in the Rmi'h and West. It has under ne a revision, been enlarged t?> WO pages. and embellished nth costly nlntes aud eleg >utlv bun d, and sold at a mu< h >wer price than any other F imily Jdedical work approved of ie regular facu'ty. It is cietr, coucise and instructing on the rt of preserving heal'h, and points out m pla u Un|u ige, free om m *dic*1 te m?, the di?ra?ea of M*?n, W men ud f'hil fen. with (he luesr and in ?sf approved men s u?*d ?tl their lire?hi itwil be found a useful catalogue of Mr die in * . with ie?r doses and propoilies A I .o a lull <1 sorption of the Mediil Hoots aid PI ill's of our Couutry, with the necessary nirc ons for us tig ?h? in The w rk it arrmged on a veiy nmple ! ?n, bv which the practise of medicine is reduced to pr.m ipl?s i MIBBOB sense This work is now ready lor deliverv and cm he furnished at holes"le or retail, by RAYMOND at ( (i.Vll'AN ? . '8 Muidt uhne upstairs, and the bookstore ol Haxtoii 8t Miles roadway, and A. V Blake. 77 Y uI'qh at a!6 hi*! THK WAKVI SALT WATER )ATH is uow ooeu at the foot of Desbrnsiei street. N. K. 1 For ill advantage? over Irt ah water, see J lunula. F'Ve Tickers on- Dollar. anl6 ttn'r N fU HSU ANCfc of an order of Ihe Surrogate ol the County ol New York, notice is hereby given t all persons having aims against Peter Murphy l ite of the city of New York, 'ntleman, ceceaaed, to piesent the lame with the vouchers ereof to llie subscribers, at ihe office "f Edmund S. IJerry, o. 51 Walt atreet, in the cty of New York, ou or before the ithleeuth day of .September ueit Dated New York, the I5lh dav of March. 1843 JACOB HAKVBY, JAMK8 C BELL, ml6 lawtim r Administrators with the will annexed. I KKW OETLEM EN of atendy h dtita can be acciatninoY d 't'd with nnod ho ud and > le a 'lit ruins iu a private taini, at 2(14 Kulli n afreet Also, a to w day bOldHI can be jcc. m odated on the moat reaa. n ode term, a parlor and bedroom let, witli or without 'mard aire IIJKANCIB' PATENT Llk'K BOAT,' Office No. 7 T Will .'reel in2t YRANGE CREAM CANDY.?Meaara. J. Penae Ik Son, ' Confectiouera, 45 Dinahu atrert, have hrouvht forth lother deiictoua compotiiid to gi.iti fy the sweet teeth and iklea the palatea of those who indulge in anch "aweetmeala " hia candy poaaeaea the kite ffavvr ol t tie Havana orange, and , e think, cannot fail to the i alronage of the ladies and vera of cntifeetiooarv to ? Annm 28fr DAGUER RKOTYPE. TO THE PH 'TOUKAPHIC ARTISTS. 1 A. ARl'AULT A CO , I68H Fulton street, opposite 8t Paul's church, le nectlulS in mm ti n photographic artists, id every peigon eugsged in d guc reotvpe bu mess, that they ill receive by packet ships km re'd and V'I'ede Lvot ? 1)0 Eren h d 'guv reotype ,dates, 6X iticln a by 8)4, No. 30; *2 reuch sc oni-i c lenses, 314 tuches diatne er, in de by L?-reii>a and vlf Ui.-oux; 8 French acr,.ma ic lenses, 4)% inches amete-, prei an-d by i hrialier, for'akius tame sixes of tor tits; 5(1 ounces b ominr; 58 ounces clih<riue of iodine, and all v chemicals necessary [ni the dkguerreolyps a8 lm*r XPRESS FOR CLEVELAND AND DETROIT. "HIE subscribers will seud an extireaa through frotn tnia city, ta the above named and intermediate places, ou the mornir of the 9th mat., lor the transportation of specie, bank notes, i lie i Sad pickaxes ol goods, collection ol draltx, bills notes d ICC'units,and ail audi other bitaiin as as may he eulrusted to cm. POMEHOY k CO.. 2 Wall ?t., N.Y N. B. Immediately on the opening of lake navigation, the tore ci| real line will be rxtended to Chicago, Cincinnati, c . uud continued throughout i lie entire aeaaou, in c mneiiou till tbeil N'cw York, Albany, Troy, and Buffalo daily exess m6 r k DAMS A CO.'8 NEW YORK AND NEWARK E I Y PRES.A?The public .re res|>cctfully informed that i t ibscriberv have establis.-.ed an Expre-.s between New Yo a id Newara, N. J., (or ihe t, iniiuiis in and speedy delive , packages, Iu..dies, money, tic. Ac.; the collection of noi 1-1 bills, an I all other buaiur?j t. rr-ining to an Express rdera for e.rr>- !e> to br rettr ' ed by the Express wi'l w tltvered free or ihcnc. Office in Sew York ut No. I Wall -meet, am' .-. Newark, ?i MITII'S Newspaper Oepot, No. 130 Broad at. Leave New York at II '; A. M. and 4V P. M. Leave Newark at 9 A. VI. and IK P. M. 41Ve AI1AMM k m MPOKTANT TO OLL> COUNTRYM KN.-MEHSHS fJAHNDICN 4 CO ?ill draw at their Express and Korei.iu iilfice, No 3 Wall street.small bills of eichange Iroui I CO C lot', in sums to suit, payable ?t sight, fin the acroiuui tion of persons wishing to remit to their trieuds in England land, or Scotland. Die letter lugs tor the Royal Mail Steamers forLiv i^.ool i also r.iade op at their office, for further information npply to HAKNDKN fcCO., J WalWcra c Audits hi London? M AC L It A N, MAllRIB la CO. Liverpool?WILV1KH k SMITH ? PAPER. iERHSK Sc BKOOK8, No. 61 Liberty atreet, have lor sale the following? 1 0 re.uns news printing 33 by 50 200 " " " 32 by 48 250 " " " 32 by 46 500 " " " 26 by 37 300 " " ' 28 by 42 251 " " " 21 by 36 350 " " " 82 by 32 500 " " ' 21 by 31 I Also, book paper, 19 by 24, 24 by 28, and 24 by 38. | Phey have also a large assortment ol writing aud wrapping i ier, oi different sites and gaaliliea, which they offer at the rest market prices. mi ee < naisunitio. r TE AUK NOW RECEIVING our urual handsome nod ' lar<? assortment of the above gootls, embracing evwrv lie ( iptiou of curtain material, trimming* aud ornaments, win ? ilia e , frarn the lowest pr ce lo the tnott mav inliceut, i ich we import exclusively from Paris. Also, the most . bionable Paper H iugiugs, mclu hug Krencli, English and , lericm. from the cheapest to the most costly description I alher Beds, Mauesses, Pilliastres. (kc.. of warranted puie ( lerialt.and winch, witn every other article in the above line offrre at lower prices than at an> other establishment in the , " SOLOMON It HART, Importer! and Mannfacmrers of Unholstrey Hood, I 187 Broadway, opposite John St. { I. B.?The trade, both city aul country, supplird as uso?l at olesale^orja-tinl a4 endlm'r J KANCIS R CRDMP, Chrouoinfi'cr, Watch nud Clock I ' Mnk^r aud Jcw-ler, formerly with H. J. Tobh? for nearly years, anil recently wim marquaitus or o., Drosuway, op- ( ilia nl three yean,begs to acquaint lilt friends and Ihe public, t he hat taken a atore at 2)8 Oraud atreet, where he lutrndi 1 Itracttae the above baatueaa and rrtata from hit long eioeri [ :e and kuowu ability, to meet with that ihareof patronage to tch hit ahilittet entitle him. In retu nine ihanka tar all t favours. he wonld remind hiafrienda that he repairs every icriptioti of Watch"!, Hepeatera, Muaical and Duplex, the at c<imp1 icaled that can he ptocured klto, Jewelry and Dtamoud work aet ; Pearls re-'tmug; rry arti le fifty tier cent < heaprr than any 0"?e in the citv, ing enabled to do the whole himself, and not trnat t> the in- j erieiiC'ol others. Glasses an keys in proportion. Cash , id for old gold -nd e?ir aVm*r LUC, SMALTS?2# casta tuner Saxony Blae em ilia, lor sale by PEKS8E as BHOOKS, fir No fit Lihe-tv street. Wr?Jntrroah A8SAGE TO BJKSHwfiSH PITTSBURG. 'HK subscriber has eomnleted arrangements for the coo accent Past*ngertand Merrhvnd se to I'lttrburgauil interIt te n'aces, on the most reasonable terms, per Citiuoa tih e Bos; Lino " i -o|ile about t" proceed to the, will find it much | heir adv<ntaye to tnair their arrangements I y this d*sirabte vtysnce a th? srirt-tt attetit "11 will at all liuis be ps H he co hut of ihe |ia ten. eis, hs well as the punctuality of ct cnnvevame witn despatch, or futlhcr partuulars app v to JiSE'H McMURRAV, I8'C 100 Pine sttrei, coiner. f *outh, , SlATfc^TlSjlaAJNU KKKKl IToot of Whitehall street. in and after Monday, Ap'il lfth. the steamrr STAT EN ,AN'DKN *ill leave as follows, nntil further notice AVE STATEN ISLAND XE.W VOKH. At I A. M, At 9 A. M. tfi 11 rXp M. IK f. M. 2% 3* J 6 ill goods shipped are required to be parti, marly marked,and at the risb . f the owners thereof. *9 -c EOHTjVIEKI OOI..?Kegtilat pat kei o' in. T> h April -The rerr toner'or, fast sailing packet stop QMbSIDDONS, Captain Cobb, will positively sail tt re. larins very superior accommodations for cabin,second calm I steerage passengers, persons wisbinu to embark shon'd Ire early application, on board, foot. f .VI iden Lane, or to JOSEPH Me M U it is A V 100 Pine st., cor South, arsons wi-hing to seud for their trieuds residing in the g country, ran have them brought out by the above shii>a. or of the resultr perkrte. l?v applying * above ; if bv letter, ipakf. aJ4t ^ if OLD ESTABLISHED KMMlllANi PA* ' J^^SAOE OKKLK,H Sooth street. New York?Heg h HK,"Io Liii** of Pucker*?Tha lulcarnbcr eont'nnes to iai not persons Tom any |>nrt of Ureat Britain and Ireland > may be engaged by their friend, hen , hy the regular !in# r acket allien, aiilinu every an daya rom Liverpool Peri sending lor their friends, naav rely rhar jnal care will be n 'o ha*Ahem despatched WKliout delay in Liverpool,aod I always endeavor lo merit a coolinu* ice of the pohlii ainagr which liaa been ao liberally bestowed for many yeara * land those remitting money can have dr iflt pay able at all I Bank J and br luchea throughout the United Kingdom l orlarther particulars,apply [if by letter, post paid] to nwv h/ft?m4n *' ?otuh ,r r if ALl7HK KEUULAK PA< Kb . ?-Sc.e^. triiia *" steam boats, and other paasengrr vessels, carryina 1 Uh ing "kronen' Patent Lite Boats,* hare the word || stent" olaiu'y atamoed or painted on the aide f nwrfr ^ a* rtrn l.i v ekpt??il.? >r. w ti.m-.itr,u.? , WrW Parke? ol lith April ? Tip Splendid Packet 8rn[ fcnfi.'MDDONS, Captain K. B Cobb, ot 1003 tons " I poaitirrly tail aa above, her regular dav. for freight or l] urge, having aaciimmodalious nnecjoalled for splendor oi ,, ifort, apply on boar J, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street I) K. k. COLLI WB St CO. M Sonth street. I" ice of passage. tlftO. J ne Packet Ship Sheridan, Capt. A Depeyater, of 1000 t, i, will succeed the Siddous, and sail the 2Mb of May, he< liar day. " otters for the ships of this line will only be received at Oil n and's hrwi Room w tasengcra inav r*lv on tne s ups of this line (aiding punctual , advertised ,7c 8' Pk NEW LINE LIVERPOOL PACKETS? Packet '1 P#W?yn April?The splrnili'l, f st sailing packet shir C adlDDONH, f aptain L B Cohh. will tan i*osi'ive:v a b ,v.-, her regular day. Tne shit a of this lin- are all 1 00 -i btirthen, a il up at Tilt,a: d 'h* ir accotnmoilatinu* lor c ibin, nd labui ana a errage issi naers, it ta well known, are v for to any o h?< line of p-ck* la l"l cue with nu' to atrure t ha iboalcl I ot tail In ma.e .oh .... I,,. ..I ... ... k., ..I ..... .. J i j "f'TAW'OTT, u , 41 tVrh HI in cor gonlhtt. ^ , f \1*v >o <t Tommr B i^'i";V ii ?s-iiu TRlf.I*TK? I 1? ?"<>' Jjy' 1 ' ML'?'? ??l;r" "M1,:; o? 'V.-! I ? BOVD k Hl^CEfcgi ? ..lIe7, St-rarorwijnrn^g^^^ehc%. -< BL th*twil' ewry fr'!'n , .,,, ,,-r'v Wl11 RJ},,! . tiM ct *V? wwsli- """-""Si . to VefaUily .tt*nJ?0 '? Ji 1). W?* Two Out*, Albony, (Comwposcleiice of the 1<1.] Ai.bany, April 18, 1S43 The Author's Position with Goo. Howk?Strictures on the Governor?Appointment of Hank Commissioners?David Hamilton's Course? Col Yountr ami Ins Seiond letter?Next Candidutt for Governor. My Dear Sir :? When 1 sent you my last letter, I imagined that it would not be possible to make any lurther communications from tliia city; but having just received information that business of a pressing nature re quirt's my immediate attention in Onondaga county, and not knowing the length of time I maybe absent, I take the liberty of occupying a vacant hour for the benefit of the hundreds of Herald readers in this city. I perceive ih... the truths which have from time to time been disseminated through the columns of the Herald,have aroused some one of Governor Houck'a lackeys, who accuses me of being a disappointed office-seeker, anil that in consequence of being refused office, therefore I, in a spirit of revenge or animosity, have said certain naughty things m derogation ol the character of the Governor The missile directed at my head falls i>erfe?dy harmless at my feet?for the facta which I nave revealed Hre so well known in and around ihe capttol, that no man, unless an obstquious prowler about the Executive Chamber, would venture to disprove Hny assertion which I have made, during my entire correspondence since the commencement of the session. Have I assailed Gov. Houckl II a fe.;rless criticism of his course and conduct?of his qualifica' ions lor the station he now holds?of hia non-committalism anil his non mi rtrortlo-ism?is to be considered as being offensive to him or any of his hpwisdom malapert.-, then the sooner the muzzling of the pen and the press is effected, so much the sooner will officious and arrogant authority become as arbitrary as that of IVter the Headstrong, rendered so illustrious by Irvirg Gov. Boui k nor ins silly defender, need imagine that he is perfectly invulnerable ; he may rest assured that he will not escape 'he vigilant eye of many who were originally his friends, and some ol whom he imagines are so still; his conservative cabinet will not be able, with all their well known sagacily, to buoy him up through the next sc.-sion. My ill-tempered antagonist, who has volunteered to cnterthe lists in defence of his natron and donor very confidently asserts that the kovernor's truducer, (meaning Jo Smith,) is well kuowri in Albany. Well, who has desired to remain incog ! From my almo-t daily intercourse with his Excellency, both in the Executive Chamber and at his private residence, he must become satisfied who I am. My Blanoereris unknown to me; but if he will consent to leave a note with Mr. (million of Congress Hull, between this time nnd the first of May, with hta real signature and name, I'll give my " head for a football" if he is not one of Ins Schoharie pets. I will merely relate a single instance, ahhough a dozen could as easily be cneri,) of his compromising disposition, arid of his absolute want of dignified independence. His conservative advisers assured him that the full repealing the bank commissioner's act, although huving passed the House, could not, by any possibility, be carried through the Senate. He instantly sent up the nominees tor bank commissioners, under the old law?an executive !>e*?ioa whs held at midnight?these names were laid on the table?ilie Senate theu op> ned doors, took up the A-sembly bill and passed it into a law, ihus abolishing the otKce; and the next momma, instead of seeing tiis nominations confirmed, ihe clerk of the Assembly presented the law 10 him lor his signature He took tiis pen,pocketed the insult, and signed the bill *itii as much mm rhalnnre as if it were a mere ordinary transaction! What course would Clinton, Marcy, or Seward have adop cd under the ct cumstancesT Aye. aye?a pocket veto! Bouck's attempt to billet David Hamilton u|ion the Treasury of this State, as one of ihe Canal Appraisers, at the lust moment of the session, and at the dead hour ol midnight, too, is one of the most darefaced transactions on record. This Hamilton ias been dancing attendance upon the legislature low supposed to be in Texas awaiting the arrival of "Ihipman, he became convinced he could not obtain t; he therefore altered his course, and prevailed jpon the Governor to nominate him for Appraiser. Bui the noble Senate, with a magnanimity which >ught never to be forgotten, promptly rejected htm, rs being utterly unworthy of holding public office. Thanks, thanks to the virtuous Senators who threw iiirriiHeivrH iiuu mc ureuuii, iu i?rcycui uic uuiibuiiimation of that unrighteous measure! Let the inunction of secresy be removed, bo that the people may know their benefactors. The second letter of Col. Young to the Lieut. Governor, apjieared in the papers this morning. It s intended for the especial consideration of the demrting conservative^ of whom t. ? ut. Gov Dicknsnn is the chief. The New York md Erie RailOdtl elevated him. and Col. Young is in a fair way )f bringing him down. By-the-by, with all the ivhig and conservative strength in th Senate, totethrr with the goading of the late and i t seat State Printer, a vote oi' censure could not be \ t; i < c upon ihe Secretary ol State. Neither did Gc.t < ; Root with all his lerocity.and vindictivenesa, da re to call up his windy resolution to remove htm from office. Col. Young has conquered the whole combined power! I quote a single sentence of the letter referred to above. In speaking to the Lieut. Governor,he thus plainly and unequivocally remarks:? "And now let m? invite you to coat your eyes about you and over the that vou may duly eitimatu tho moral pnwer which you command, and which i? marshalled against me. You cannot fail to perceive among tho whig editors, na well aa among the conservative "cohort," iomr of the moat reckless and degraded of mankindpeculator*, gambler*, a'ork jobber*, renegade* " who ight lor any Ood or man"? mi'creanti, who have degraled their friend*, ch"ated their enemiei, repudiated their li'bt*, sacrificed their honor and lilai'ml their fame Vhat a apectacle for a high-minded man?a Lieutenant }overoor?to behold himsell aurrouuded and sustained iu in attach on me, by wretche* wanting character, "WBntng principle and wanting bread"?nut who, like him, lave a holy horror, a virtuous indignation at State repulintion In the grand eruption of the conservative l*va of he Senate, tax-payer* and their wives and children wero vholly overloi Ited; the holder* of State stocks were the inly innocent psraoni lor whom conservative tears were he<l ; and because I had alluded to the frauds and perjn ira and rottenness ol the lawa by which th> ae stock* vern created, I was denounced as guilty of stock jobber ' blasphemy" and Wall atreet desecration " You would oblige your readers by copying this ntire letter, and also the subsequent ones as ihey lull rom that gilted pen The Lieut. Governor will nourn over the day when he attacked the Secretary if State; this State con'ains few men as capable if vindicating 'hemselves in a position they take is Col Young, and especially when that position is n diarnetii''al opposition to the rnonied powers and ;ambling interest ol the State. The Colonel will ie the next democratic candidate for Governor; and ill the speculating and bank renegadoes in existence annot prevent his election Let this assertion be emembered. Yours, 4rc., Jo Smith. Trial op mirmkkp* ? On Monday, the 10th infant, a Naval Court Martial was convened on loard the Texian sloop of war Austin, lying in the tarborof New Orleans, tor 'he trial of nine persora ut a charge of mutiny on hoard the Texnin schoonr of war San Antonio, on the I Ith ot February, 812, whilst lying in the Miesiesippi river, opposite iiai city If will be tecollected that Lieut. C. F. 'uller was killed, and Midshipmen Odell and Alb n rere wounded ' he mutineers have been confined i the prisons of New Orleans until recer tly, when ley were delivered to Com. Moore, ot the Texiau avy, on the requisition ol the President of thai Reublic The chief witness against the prisoners is us I) Shepiwrd, one of the parties implicated, who irned State's evidence u|>on h grant of free pardon y the President of Texas. He Rave a his ory ot die tutiny from its inception to its consummation Oswald, the sergeant of marines, was theprincipol inngator and lender The plot was first broached at tie Island of Mug'-res, or Worn, n's Island, on the astern shore of Yucatan, where the ?an Antonio nd the Sa? Bernard hud gone to f.?ke in water ? riie attempt was to be made, by the crews of both 'esseIs acting ia conjunct!' n, to capture both schrs , ike them to Vera Cruz, and ilis|i.>sr ol them to the tfexic ins In the first project the mutineers were riisirated by a < oncurrence ol eirci m-tar.ces, and in lew weeks 'he San Antonio reached New Orleans, "he second night after Iter arrival, w hen Capt 9eeer and most of the officeia w> re on shore, the crew lutined, in accordance wuh previous deternnn. on. The fatal results are already know n !t ap ars that a person w ho died in prispn, named Br umin Purnt* lly, was the murderer ol Lieut. Fuller, having conlessed the fact but a few hours preous to his death. It was supposed that the trial ould occupy but a short time, as several of the ses were concluded during the sittings of the twq st days.

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