Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 23, 1843, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 23, 1843 Page 1
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s I TH Vol. IX.?Ho, 110.?Wbole No. 33?3. To tlio Public. THE NEW YORK HERALD?doily newspaper?publithed every day of the year except New Year's day and Fourth of July. Price 3 cento per copy?or $7 36 per annum? postages paid?cash in advance. THE WEEKLY HERALD?published every Saturday morning?price 6J cents per copy, or $8 13 per annumpostages paid?cash in advance. ADVERTISERS are informed that the circulation of the Herald is over THIRTY THOUSAND, and increasing ast. It hoe the largeet deculatien of any paper in thil city, or the iotrld, and it therefore, the belt channel for butinete men in the city or country. Prices moderate?cash in advance. PRINTING orall kinds, executed at the most moderate prices, and in the most elegant style. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, PaoratBToa or the Hebald Establishment, North went cornet of Fulton and Nassau streets HOIISr.8~TO~LET~AT * ORK VILL,L7-* "Tirite houses on the corner of 84th street and 3d avenue; either of thein is calcnlatod for a public house, erocerv or nri vale residence. On the premiaea is a fine stable, howling alley, and a fine Harden, consisting of t .ols, with grape vines and fruit Oreea thereon. For terms, inquire of JOHN A. MORRILL, Esq.. mil twr No. 11 Chaipbara at. mgL TO LET.?The moiern built two story and artic hour, ino 171 Henry stre?t, corner of JefTersou. Th" X.UL house h a every convcnieuc-. Croton va'rr introduced lulo ihe kitchen and naih room in the secoud story. O n be seen at anytime. Apply on the premises or to 8. S. Gilpin, El change reading room. *22 r aTU i El'?The 'wo storv in use No. ?9 Vtsev ?t eer, with th? back buildu g The rrnt wi I be 'rom $515 to $575, according to the aire of the family Ii quite of C. C. TH"MP*ON, ^a72 3t*r No. 55 Cedar streetMTO LET?Tne elegant Mansion HoU ?e, lornierlr the residence of Jeremiah I'homsou, on Murray Hill, at 37ih street. The hruse is Irree and commod'ous, with stable arc. i he groamis a-e ceautifuMy laid oat with Rowers and shrubbery, and there is an entrance both from the old post-road and third avenue. Also, Store No. 299 Broadway, corner of ll-ade st, presently occupied hy M-. Satnanez as a segar sore. The stock and fixtures in the store will be sold cheap,if required. Also, the cellar on the corner of Reade street and Bro?dwav, entcrinir from Re.idr street. The cellar is elegantly fitted np with boxes, bar, tec , and is well adapted 'or n refectory or oyste? cellar. Apply to WILLIAM M*EWEA, it1 3f re 35 Liberty street. TO LET?Large Work Shops, with a go d yard and ; -Dasmall house attached, suitable for any mannfactuting l"fl ?| Euquire on the premiset, 70 Pike street. a3l 3t?ec TO RENT?The extensive Bnildiug erected the prefryj sentseas-in b> the snbserioer, for his earn residence, on XJLthe marniu of 'he E<st River, at Oowanus Heights, two and * half miles from South Brooklyn Ferry, commanding splendid views of the Bay and Jersey shore, the cties of New York and Brookl' n, S'aten Island and the East aid North Rivers. The H"use is biick. a superior building, five stories h kh. covered with copper; ine hall ard stairs of marbln: the water fron'ab >ut one thousand feet, and the bathing withina ft w vaidi of the door, excelle-1 fishing ard fowling in the im mediate v icinitv. The drive from New York ia about fifteen miun'es, and the premi<ea are not excelled by any ri'uation near thia ci*y One huudred persons can be accommodated.? Possession iinmctf ateK. Apolv to JUHIN * UbLAI'LAl ^ t.. 68 Wall St. ALSO TO LET, tli?! three storv brick Honse, 34 Walker ftreet, between Broadway and Church ?tr> et, occupied by Mri. Veii'lanck; and ihe two ?torv brick Hou<e No 229 Nineteenth street occupied by Mr- C. W. Feeks?Rents moderate. alO 1m* gc TO LET?The Mansion House at Blonmiogdale, known aa (he " Abbey" situat-d a ah 'rt ittance above ih* six mile stone, juai above Stryker'a Bay, and nearly opposite St. Michaels Chnrch The place is well known as on* nl the most delightful aituations on the Island, aBd is remarkably hea'thy in the rummer season. T"? Hlocmingdale stages pass and repass the gate every hoar in the day. The gate is new, and nnmbertd 101. The tent will be in accordance with the present state of the times. A ply on the premises, or at 112 Chambers street. N. B.? Arrangement canld be made, if desired, by a satis-* factory tenant, to teta part of the luruiture now in the honse remain, or a part of the house will be rented separately. apla lm*r ati t'O LET?Ihe handsome btsemeut House and large Jr.-sit G>ri!en with fruit and ornamental trees and shrubbery, &f\iJ at th* corner of Pacific and Clinton streets south Brooklyn, three minutes walk from the Ferry. Apply on the premises, or at No. 14 Wall street. New York. Also TO LET in lh>s city, the snug two story House, No. 101 ard 107 Vlercer street, near Prince street Possession may be had immedist ly Also, a small frame Honse, and store and stable No. H8 Ridge it'eet. Also a house and store in Mariau street?the house and stO'e't the corner of 7th street and the B iwery?several nrru of houses in Madison and Rrvington streets Auv of the above will be let low to respectable tenants. For further particulars apply at the American La d anil Loan otic*, No. 14 Wall street apl7 6r*r M TO LET?First oi Msy, the modem hui't three story house, No 16 Green sireet, with rouble maule s. grates si'ver plaiting throughout. For termi, apply to Aitkens rs, 122 Fulton street, or P. Shtiraten, corner Green and Grand streets. aO 2w*r tTO LET?The fire proof brick store. No. ltd *'ouin st, with immediate loss- s> ion if reunited, apply to WOODHULL fc MiNTURN, 17 South sireet. A* TO i-ET?The wo slo'y brick House and premises, fak No. 14S Wooster street, finished in the most modern JLiJLstyle, with maible mantel-pieces and folding doors throughout. Apply to JOSEPH McMURRAY, nrSSr 100 Pine sireet. MTO LET?A Sail Loft in store Na. 61 South street, on reasonable terms. Apply to JOHN HERDMAN, tn?lr On the premises. JbA T* L" T ?The 3stary brick store Na M5 West St. in he vicinity of the depot of the N. Y k Erie Railr;H rosd and steanih'ats and 'loop*, plving betwe n Weltpoint, Cu|d Sp i?g, Peekskill. Sing Sing, fcc. kc A good Ioranou for a g ocery, ship elrsudlery, liquor or flowr store.? Rent mcden e roa good tenant Apply to n rnarrl t o r .mk,n anil w,.i or to OWEN C^LO^N. ?9 Jrmes at Brooklyn. >19 3t*r ja KOK SALE? well known Coach Factory. to T7 ge. her with the dwrPing Howe, and IWeDtj-four loti J"H ' "* - " -*? on the 4th Arenne, between 128th and 129th atreeta, and formerly occupied by John Stephenson The (ictory <i a inbftantial two atory brick bnildin?, 40 feet by 200 fret On 129th atreat the e are five two siory baaement and attic brick suildings, well finiihed. each 10 fret by 35 feet AdjniDirg the dwelling houses ia a brick Carriage Home, 18 feet by 20 faet. Ou >20 h atreat there ii ?n Engine H-nae of brick, 18 feet by 35 fret. AUo, a Bl*rk?mith Shop ICO fact front by 8 feat deep, with fixtnrea, kc. The atreeta *nd areuoe are rrEnkated, curbed, ami guttered, an . all aaae?amenti paid- The premises are in complete order, and ready far immediate occupancy. The aame will be aold cheap Three-fourths of the pur chaae money remaining on bond and mor'g ige for a number of year* Apply to andke W McOOWaM corner of Third Arr tine and 126th atreet, Harlem, or to C. W. VAN VOOR H>8 36 John atreet, where a map of the property can be seen. _ a30 tt*r tKOH SALE? I he leaae, at <ck and fixtures ol the old established and we I known Bar Room, 151 Chatham at, next door to the Theatre. Apply on the prt miaea from o'elock ain2w*r JmA PENNsyXVaMA HO I EL?This net lie1 t honae ffTjW ianrw to let. It ii aitnatrd en the cornet of Waahi gXML <>n aad Liberty atreet, and will be le tied to any good tenant from the firatof next May. It haa lately been mach enlargrdand improved, and is cont'gooas to the Jersey Kerry, Albany boat Pirn and Western Railroad Depots. Kot farther pirticuUrs.enqnire of E RUCK MAN, alO I2t*r No. 160 Washington at, N. Y. SPACIOUS AMD KASHIONABLE HOTEL IN PHILADELPHIA. THE fashionable Hotel, Marshall Honae, capable of ffTjS accommodating 150 persona, sitnate in Cheetnnt atreet, Xii&between 6th and Tth atreeta in Philadelphia,having been rerentlr much improved and repaired thrnnghont, is to be let at a reduced rent, for a term of tears. Apply to SAMUEL POWEL, 207 Chestunt afreet, or to JOSEPH B. TOWN&END, m2S 2'sw lm*r 309 Arch etreet. fAH FOR SALE, conta uing lorty acres, thirty 90k five nnder cultivation and the balance a good giowth of aJkaaooH. Ou the premises is a home in good repair, a new coach home and a large ham la Irnnt of the honae is au excellent well of water, itenred Irom the weather by a nrw well honae, and a fiae lawn in front of the house Ou he abase described farm ia fun in abundance, such as apples, cherries, pears, quinces, The e\>ove farm i? two ?ilea from the ateamboat landing, one fr mihetown of Hye.onthe North ?treet road. A fa11 view I the Si and ; can ire two light h uvea when lighted; i> in every reiprct a desirable location for a grutleman'a realdenee. Thia firm ii in Weatehealer Coun'v. Tall on the nremiaea, 01 on Mr. J. H. WELCH, 35 Leonard afreet, aid lm'ec oral the Police Office. DRESS BOOTS. LATEST FRENCH STYLE. THE SUBSCRIBER -eapectfully invites the citirena of New Yn It aed atrnnrera viaiting the ci'y, to call at 114 PULTON STREET, and eiamine a large aa*0'tmei.t ?f Dncaa BooTt, made in the lateat taahoin, and of the fineat French cvlfahindent emrn-can hare boo'a made lonrd r in the beat manner, at ail dollara t>er pell, and f mted at four dollara. warranto e jual to any manufactured in the city at fiota aeven to eight (Peraona having tender fe?t, or being difficult to fit en acc runt ot l?n pa, boniona coma, At .etui have booM niat'e an aa o be. eaay yet handvotie by the aobacnbe *a method of taking idtawtniof he leet fitting up and keeping a pair ol laata or each cuatomer. . Strangers leaving their meaanrea cao, by writing, have boota nade and forwarded tott em without delay. cotejTatvTLT rte haivd. Handmme Boota, from t> 00 to $? 00 Halt B< ou, 2 50 to 3 50 (later Boota, I 00 to 2 50 Shoos, 1 50 to 2 50 Slippers, " 50 to 1 00 rumps, Ac., Ac., eiinally low. Tmaaa, CaaH on Dklivkpt. JOHN L. W ATKINS, a91m*r 114 Fulton at. between Nassau anil Patch ?'?. ~ Who Wants boo i s a shoFTb i " fTHK O rutin Keiloction hi Price* c?er known. Onlv thiuk of Oentl-men s fmr dre*? cull ititched le mmt fashionable ihapr, $2,75 to93.00. Kuhmna boot* $1 51 to (2,00 a pair. Ladi*I fancy colored city mada Gaiter* lor t i,tt to $1,00 a iwi* And all lor IM3, for Gentlemen, dailies *nd Children,from rtyper cent cheaper than ever, at 212 U-eenwich it. arclay. J AS. WIGGINS. A DOLPHK MON DHtllN, Bool maker, from Pari*, rr?pect lnlly inOitin* the inhabitant* of New he ha* o.iened hit establishment at No ID] Broadre he i* ri-adi to i-iecate all order*entrusted tohim. I fashion* ud best workmanship, rn wishing to have an elegant At will do well to call le hit win* ( im*r BOOT AND HttOft OioRftL. JOHN h KADY r?*t|i?ctfahy inform* hit friends blic, l i?l he ha* c mmenced hnt neit in the shore . San \u street, wheie lie will 11 i< h I w 11 > receive Ity etecu'e. all order* he u.a? be favored wiih on a?Q '-h e term* lor raah. _ _____ "'Wr UhOKGE W. NKWCOMBE, MINIATURE L'AINTEH, 3(i BHOAUWAY. 9*th Wur ceaitaa or Whitk StEht. * vnitipg the city are respectfully invited to call and te ape*. Ben* at the *ab*crib<r'* reonu. an l*?*i IB TV P! ]S FOR NE\ KLKANS. LOUISIANA AND NEW IRK LINK OK PACKETS Kor the better accommodation? ?hipi>er?, it i^utTnlTd t? letpaich a ship from thia nort pn the lit, 5th. 10th, 15th. 20th, mid 4th ul each mouth, com i rucinit the llltli October aim coat main until .May, when regular day* will W appoiuted far the re"tV, , " YeiT> wherehy great delay* and diaappoimmout* will be j reveuted during the auiamer mooiha. The following hipa will commence this arraugeinsul : Hiip YAZOO, Cantaiii Cornell. Ship OCONEE, Captain Jackson. Shy. MISSISSIPPI ("aptain Hilliard. Ship LOUISVlLLfc, Caiitaiu Hunt. Ship 8HAK8PKARE, Captain Miner. Ship GASTON, Captain Latham. Ship HUNTSVlLLE, (Captain Mnmford Ship OCMULGEE, f.aptain Lvavitt. gli'p NASHVILLE, Captain Dickinaon 8hip MEMPHIS. Captain Knight. SNp LOUISA, Captain Mnlibrd. Theae ahipa were all built in the city ef New Vjprk, eipreaa for packet*, are of light draft of water, hare receatly been i'wly coppered and pat in splendid order^with accommodation* lor paaaengers unequalled lor comfort. They are commanded by eiperieuced matters, who will maka every eiertiwu to giye teneral aatiafaction. They will at all timei be lowed up and Jowu the Mississippi by steamboats. Neither the owner* or captains of theae ahipa will be respoatible for jewelry, bullion, preciou* atone*, silver or plajad ware, or for any batters, parcel or package, teat by rpat oiHmard ol (hem, unless regular bill* ei lading are taken for the tame and the value theieon eipreaaed. Kor freight orpassage, apply OLCQLLLNS fc CO.^56 South at., or __ HULLIN tWODUKUrr, Agent ill New Orleans, who will promptly forward all good* to tKeir addreu. The snips of this line are warranted to sail punctually as advertised, and great care will be taken to have the goods correctmeasured. mi PASSAGE FROM GREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND m m & m. HAVING cotnplet- d extensive auu important arrangements for bringing out passengers from the old country, the subscribers can with confidence inform those who may wish to settle for friends to emigrate the present season (1843) that they wjll find it their inteieit to make the uecesiary arrangements with this liae; being the oldest or lougest established out of this port, it is well known that that the arrangements are complete?the ships of the first class stiling weekly, and the accommodations fitted np expressly for the comfort and convenience of passengers. Should those settled for decline coming out, the passage money will, as usual, be refunded to the party from whom it was received, without deduction. A free passage per steamer from the various ports of Ireland and Scotland, to Liverpool, can be secured il desired. Apply to SAMUEL THOMPSON. Old Established Passage Office, 273 Pearl St., Or to C. ORIMSHAW St CO. 10 Goiee Piazzas, Liverpool. Drafts on London, Liverpool, the National Bank of Ireland Northern Co. nd National Bana of Scotiaua, tv sight, and for any amdunt. Applv as above. n 8 lm*r NEW LINE Ol- LIVERPOOL PACKETS, allfrom New York on the 25th and Liverpool on the lllh uf each month. m m. k bom NtwTori. Ship OAKRICK, Captain Won. Skiddy, 25th February. Ship ROSC1US, Captain Johu Collins, 26th March. Ship SIDDON8. Captain E. B. Cobb, 25th April. Ship SHERIDAN, Captain K. A. Depeyster, 26th May. Fhom Livvrfool. Ship 8IDDON3, Captain E. B. Cobb, 13th February. Ship SHERIDAN, Captain F. A. Depeyster, 13th March. Ship OARRICK, Captain Wm. skiddy, 13th April. Ship ROSCIUS. Captain John Collins, 13th May. Theses hips are all ot the first class, upwards of I DM tons, onilt snthe city of New York, with sach improvements a scombiue great speed with unusual comfort for passengers. Every care has been taken in the arrangement of their accommodations. The price of passage hence is $100, for which ample stores will be provided. These ships are commanded by experienced masters, who will make every exertion to give general atiifaction Neither the captains or owners of tl SiL .' twill be responsible for at y letters, parcels or package ssen by them, unless regular bi lip of lading are signed therefor. For lrvight or pasatgfe, apply to E. K. COLLINS & CO., 6C South St., New York, or to WM. & JAS. BROWN ?t CO., Liverpool. Letters by the packets will be charged 12X eeuts per single abe? t; 60 cents per ounce, and newspapers 1 cent each. f3 r Jl? -iff; JAC i&uEL ju&En JbBWL PA88AOE\ROM ORKAT^RTTAIN AND IRELAND BY THE BLACK BALL OR OLD LINE OE LIVERPOOL PACKETS. [Sailing from Liverpool ou the 7th anil 19th of every month.] Person* wishing to lend tothe Old Country for their friends can make the accessary arrangementa with the subscriber*, and hare them come out in this superior L.iue of Packets, sailing from Liverpool nnctnally on the 7th and 19th of every month. Tt rv will also have a first rate class of American trading ships, sailiny every six days, thereby affording weekly communication Irom that port. One of the firm (Mr. James D. Rochet is there, to see that they shall be lorwarded with care and despatch. Should the parties agreed for not come tot, the money will be returned to those who paid it here, a about any redoe tion. The Black Ball, or Old Line of Liverpool Facets, comprise the following magnificent Ships, vix The OXEORD, The NEW YORK, CAMBRIDGE, COLUMBUS, EUROPE. SOUTH AMERICA, ENGLAND, NORTH AMERICA. With such superior and aneqnalled arrangemeats, the subscribers confidently look forward for a continuance of that support which I ias been extended to them so many years, lur which they are grateful. Those proceeding, or remitting monev to their relatives, can at all times obtain Drafts at sight for any ainonnt, drawn dirsct ou the Royal Bank of Ireland, Dub lin, also on Messrs. PRE8COTT. GROPE, AMES k CO. Bankers, London, which will be paid on demand at any of the Banks, or their Branches, in all the principal towns throughout England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Apply,or address, (if by letter, post paidj ROCHE. BROTHERS k CO. 15 Fulton street. New York, next door to the Fulton Sank. N. B.?The Old Line of Liverpool Packets sail from this port for Liverpool on the 1st and 19th of each month. Parties retnroing to the old country will hud it to their comfort and advantage to select this Ihvontt Line Ibr their conveyance, in preference to any other. dCT r OLD LINK LIVERPOOL. fAUKETb. m m m yHK OLD LINE of Packets Tor LiTerpooMrnniereafter be A despatched in the following order, excepting that whan the dsy of taxiing falls on Sunday, the ship* will tail on the tucceeding day. For New York. For Liverpool The SOUTH AMERICA, June 1 July lt Sit ton*. Oct 1 No* IS D. <J. Bailer, I Feb 1 Mar 19 TheENOLAND, June 19 Ang 7 750 toat, Oct 19 Dec 7 _ B. t.Waite. ( Feb 19 April 7 The OXFORD, I July 1 Aug 19 ?00 ton*. Not 1 Dec 19 J. Rathbone, March 1 April 19 The EUROPE, July 19 Sip, 7 10 tons, .No* is Jan 7 ETC. Marshal Mar 19 May 7 The NORTH AMERICA, Ang 1 Sep, 19 618 tons. ' Dec 1 JKQ 19 A. B. Lowber.l April 1 May 19 The NEW YORK, Ang l? Oct 7 *0 ton*. Dec 19 Feb 7 T. B. Cropper. 1 April It June. 7 The CAMBR1DOE, .Sep. 1 Oct 17 50 tons, .Jan 1 Feb 17 W.CBantow. May 1 June it The COLUMBUS, Sept 19 Nor 9 700 tout, Jan 19 Mar 9 O. A. Cole. May 19 Jn|y 7 Punctuality, a* regards the day of sailing, will be obserfed as heretofore. The price of passage outward is now fixed at On* Hundred Dollars, for which ample stores oferer* description wiy be provided, with the exception of wines and liqoort. Which will be tarnished.hy the stewards GOODHUE It CO.. 04 South St., C. H. MARSHALL, 38 Bur!int?-fllir> N Y JeMlyh BAR1NO ""iTIlfIt'tirKl HE NEW LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS. JBk, *^iy To *<ul Irom New York I61I1, and rrom Liverpool 5th ot each month. Ship ROi'HE^TER, 800 ton., .... - .. Philip Woodhouae, ; ,#lh 'ebbr. Ship HOTTINOUER, 1050 tona, .... w . Ira Buraele, I6th March. New ehip LIVEHPOOL, 1150 tons, .... A , John Eldri.gc, 1#th APnINew .hip . 1200 ton., |#lh M(ly_ Theae anbatantial, fr-nt tailinit, firat elan thin*,all built in the City of N"W York, are ctninakdcd by turn of rxi>erirnce and ability, a.j will be deapntched punctually on the IStii n( each ninth. Their cabin* are elgant and eominodiom, and are furnithed with whaterer can conduce to the eaar and comfort of pauenM> Neithert e captain, or owner, of the.e ahira will be reaponaihle for any , arcel. or package* aent by thrm, nnleaa regular bill, lading are aigned therefore. For freight or paauge apply to WOOD HULL k MINTURNS, 87 South atrert. New York, or-to FIELDKN, BROTHERS k C.O., f T v r Liverpool. ^BfWfV.TS ITO^^ \RSF.ILLES?The undermentioned akiina arill be regularly diapatrhed from hence and from Maraeillea on the lit of each month during the year, the*? From New York. Marseille*. MINERVA, Cant Brown. Nir I. Jul 1 H'RY THOMPSON, Cap Sylre.ter, Dec 1. Feb 1 COURIER. Capt Dugati, Jan 1. Marl TRESOOfT. Cap*. Lawrereo, Feb 1. Apl I HELLESPONT, t-apt A, I. ma, Mar I. May 1 COKIOLANUS, Cap Hmle, Apl 1. Jnu 1 They are all conperea and copper fartened.and have excellent accommodation, for pauengeraThe price of cabin paaaage wilt be S108. exclu.ive o. wine, tndliquor*. ,_Q^o<U u> BOYD k HINCKEN, the a gent.v will w-j-? ???M irer 01 o trier nnmrt than thaae actually |<aid. tor Irewht or paasafte apply to (J. BROOM k CO.. or to o??t BOYD k HINCKKN, A*rnU. BHIT1HH AND NOH'AJi AMKHICAN UUVAL MAIl BTKAM SHIPS. Of lltOfltona find 446 horse power etch. Under contract with the Lords of the-Admirnltr. HIBRRNIA, C. H. tt. Judkina, Commander MmTANNlA, J. Hewitt, do CALKDONI A, B. O. Lott, do ACADIA, A. Ryrie do COLUMBIA, tt. C. Miller. R N do Will at! from Liverpool and fiaalau, via Halifav aa follow* t noM LITKRPOOI. PROM BoaTOH. Acadia. Rvrie. Keb * Mar l 'J ilumbia. Miller. M?r I Ap''I I Britannia, 'dewiti, Apl i May 1 Hibrnna. Jndkiua, Ap'l 19 May Id The accommodations for paaaeugera are auperier. The ve?aela are accompanied by experienced surgeona, and tinidy supplied with frantra' Patent Life Boata. Passage irdnaed to BI98- No Bertha aeenred autil paid frr. o'HftSM'iT.'aWaiSoHl? con. N., I WOW. JN? n v u fEW YORK, SUNDAY M< ^ OLD ESTABLISHED PASSAGE OFFICE. ! No. Si HOUTH STRKET, N. Y. PASSAGE to and from Great Britain dud Ireland, via Liver , l>o I and London. by the regnl v packets, ta In g weekly to and | from Liverpool, and in ami fr m Loud' n on ihe at. 10 h and , 20th o''t juii month. The ubscriber liar made eietsive airaiiKemeiit-to eriue oatemiyranti, and can, with gresl c afi- | cence, a* ure thoie person, tendiu; or the r < peudr .that every | due and It ("tit attention will be shown thrrn and tli w1 o , emnarli with them. as a<e can also be engage I from Liver | pool . I ect to New Orleans, Vlo ile, Sa< amiaii, Ba timwe, hi adclphit, B ton, and to toe ff-re' t ports of trie British Pr-'Vinres w iih these ariaiweiiiculs, together witn the advantage which his ivarp ol c irrespoudeula possess, beina | la (e shipowners and rate-sisel engaged iu the r> milling nsines,?having I st year despatched uowirds of 100 lir>t class , ships to the various ports of ih? United Stales, with freight nud , pa<seu(ers. The facility offered bv this establishing t is unsurpassed, and from the large numhe r of first clasa ships employed in the line there can he no <1 ten ion whatever, which will be guaranteed The price of passage will be at the lowest rates, au should any of those sent tor < ccliue e tui g, t lie pas sage money will Da returned es customary. The s'e-inbuat fate from trie diffrre t ports to Liverpool. an,as usual, be secured. Those remitting muu-y to their friends can have drafts to any amount. . a, able III a I the n IIIC nal t ?am wiruail .1.. cou t, throushout G't-a Britain and Ireland. an arrtuncinent why h has gi?eu lite greatest satisfaction. The subscribe' leu es to r < eive a continual on of the public padouage, which h s >?eu so libnally bestowed for many years past. If or further particulars ati|>lv, (if by Irtter post paid) to JOHN HF. RDM AN, 61 South st, N Y. or J. ?t W. ROBINbON. No 16 Gotee Ptaizas, ] George's Dock, aud I Neptune at. Waterloo Dock, Liverpool. , AGENTS. j Tims J Timmins, Es .No 165 S ,uth Front st, I'hilada. i Patrick M lton. Esq Buff ,u>. N Y. Jnsei h Kir patric .Pittsburgh, Pa. I Mtrhi McQ ade.Utica, N Y. i J. A Nonriao, Vlil*-ukie, Wisconsin, Ty. Ctis MeCorkey, Dubuque, Iowa Ty. J. H Elliott, Detroit, Michtsau. , Core elius Calinl. Peru, Illinois. J ihu R ca y, Roches er, N. Y. . N. B.?The subscriber I* also a ent fo' first class packet ships saiii g every few dry diva ft on New York to New Orleans, Mobile, Ch lrleston, aud Siranuah, by which passage ra i be secured at the lowest tate. iii2*r TAPSOOTTS GENERAL PASSAGE OFFICE, 43 PECK SLIP, NEW YORK. m M M. m. The subscribers beg to call 'the attention of their Irteuds and the public generally, to their suiierior arrangements for bringing out passengers (roin, aud regaining money to, any par* of England, lielauu, Scotland or Wales, tu tne maguiliceut packet ships, comprising the ' NEW LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS* VIZ.:Ship KOSClUS, Capt. Collins. Ship SIDDONS.Caplain Cobb. i Ship SHfc. KID AN. Captain Depeyster. Ship UAHtKH,?(KACapiairn.Skid ly. iirn mnii mil l I >uuc.iy, captain oursiey. Ship SOUTHERNER, Captain Woodhotise. Ship ROCHESTER.Captain Palmer. New ahip LIVERPOOL. Captain Eldrrdge. Sailing twice every mouth; aud with the " UNITED LINE," composed of superior first class American ships, sailing every ten days, will make fire shi|>s in each month throughout the year, (or one every six days) thereby preventing the possi ualuv of unnecessary detention. Pillages direct froin Loudon, Bristol and Grccunck to New Also from Liverpool to New Orleans, Mobile,> L " Sesion. Philadelphia, Boston and Baltimore, and the vano ' - in British North America, can at all times he engaged on liberal terms. Persons wishing to send for their friends, wi'l not fail to see the advantages to he derived from selecting this line in preference to any other, and they may rest assured that unusual care will be taken to make she passage agreeable, the ship* being fitted up with an eye solely to the comfort of passengers. In all cases whe 1 the parties sent for dccliue coming, the money will be r< juded without any deduction, as usual. A free passage from the various seaports of Ireland and Scotland, ran also be secured. The regular packets for which the subscribers are agents, sail as follows, viz To and from London on the 1st, 10th, and 20th of each month. To and from Liverpool on the 1st, 7th, 13th, 19th, and 25th of each mouth. New Orleans, Mobile, . Charleston, weekly throughout the season. REMITTANCES. Persons in the country wishing to send money to their friends by enclosing the sum they wish sent, with the name and address of the parties to receive it, m.y rely on a draft for the amount being forwarded per first packet, after the receipt thereof, and an acknowledgement for the same returned per mail. Drafts at sight, for any amonnt, are payable on demand, without discount or any other charge, at the National and Provincial Banks of Ireland and hrauches, Eastern Bank ?f Scotland, Greenock, and their hrauches, Messrs. James Bult, Son Ik Co., Bankers, Londvu, Exchange aud Discount Bauk, Liverpool, and in every principal town of Great Britain avid Ireland. Further particulars made known on application, if by letter, post paid, to u5yr W. fc J. T. TAPSCOTT, 43 Burling Slip. NEW JERSEY RAILROAD AND TRANSPORTATION COMPANY. NEW YORK AND NEV/AiiK. From tne foot of Cnurtlaadt street, New York. (Everv day?Sunday s ex epted.l Leaves New York Leaves Newark s t 8 A. M. Ai 2 P. M. A: 7 A. M. At I* P. W. 9 -to. 3 do. I do. 4 do. It do. 4 do V do. 5 < do. 6* do. 10K 7X <tn. X do. 9X do. 8 do. Oil SUNDAYS. From the loot of C?nrtlandt street. Leave New Vara. Leave Nowark. At 9 A. M. and 4 X P. M. At 1J4P. M. and 9X P. M. NEW YOuri, ELUABETH TOW cs, Leave Nsw Y"?k ' *?* Eli*?heth '''own At 8 A. M. At 2 P M. At 7 < A. M. At is P. M. 9 do., 4 do. do. 3X do. 4X o- 10 do. do. 5* do. The trainsfor W esuiveid, Plainfield, Bonndbrook,Sotnerville, Itc., connect with the 9 A M, audi 4X r M trains from New York, daily, Sundays excepted. Fare between New York and Elizabeth Towu 25 cents. Fare between do and Somerville. 75 cents. SKV YORK. RAHWAY AND NEW BRUNSWICh. Kare reduced. I rom the Toot ol Courtlaudt street, doily. Lease New York. Leave New Brtiiiswtek. Al A. M. Ai A A. M. 4 P. M. 7X " 5X " l?S noon. IX P. M. ON SUNDAYS L??*v New Yn*k. Le-ve N?w Brunswick. At 1 \ M and 4^ P M At 1 X noon, and 8-4 P M Kare between New Yo-U cad New Brunswick, 75 ten,. Kahway, jO ceub, The fare in the 6 and 7X A. M. train from New Bitnuwick, and 4 and on P- M. train from New York, haa been rt| dnced. New York and New Brnniwick, to 50 cents. " and Rahway to J7X " Passengers who procure their ticketa at the ticket office, re eeive a ferry ticket gratis. Ticketa are received by the con doctor only on the dLy when purchased. I 11 1m* WINTER AKRA alGEMEN'l. NEW YORK AND PHILADKLPITiA RAILROAD LINK DIRECT. Vta Newark, New Brunswick, Princeton, Trenton, Bordestown and Burlington. THROUOH IN HI* HOURS. Leave New York,from the fn>-| afCnnillandt atreet,daily, at 8 AM and 41(1' M The morning cine ifer?4e te Morae-iiowu, Irorn thence by atcamboat to rhilaOelplu* The Evening Line -.weeda direit to Camden, (opposite Philadelphia) without eh iua> of ran Passengers will paorate it.eir tickets at the office loot ot Conrtlandt atreet, where a commodious steamboat will be in readioeaas, with baggage crates on board. Philadelphia baggage crates an eooveyed from city to cirv, without being opened by the way. Each traiu is provided with a Ladies Car, in which are apartments and dressing rooms eaprrialy for the Ladiea use. Returning, the lines leave Philidelphia from the foot ol Chestnut atreet by railroad from Camden, at 9 o'clock A M.and i o'clock, P M. The Lines for Baltimore, leave Philadelphia at SX 'nd8 A M, and 4 P M., being a continuation of the lines from Naw York. <128 Im?r MORRIS AND ESSEX RAIL ROAD, New Arrangement?This Road having been re-laid at great Mpn?A witli the moat approved and heaviest II nil, to secure a safe and eiprdilions conveyance betweeu New York and Morvistown, will commence running two tri|ia daily, Sundays excepted, on and after Monday, Jan, VI. KirstTrain from Moiristown will leave at*X A M. Second Train from MoTristown will leavt al IV P M. first Train from New York will leave at 9 A M?Newark at 9\ A M. Second Train from New York will leave at 2R P M?Newark at IX P M. I'aaaeufera by the Morning Train from Morriatown will arrive ai Newark in time for the 9 A M Traiu to New York, or the morning Train to Thilapulphia; by the Afternoou Train they will arrive al Newark in time lor the 3X P Si Traiu to New York or the Evening Train to Philadelpr ia. Passengers by the Monnug Tiai Irntn New York will airive at Mornstown to dine and take arty of the Stages running west or north from (hat place tif, linger PUL.LEN & COPP, 3 Wall etrret. -flBb N EMrvTftff ALTRgV^SiOCTT k EA L EXPRESS. Messrs. Harndrn St Co. having disposed of their route from New York to Albany and Troy, the subscribers, the old conductors of Harndeu It Co s Northern Express, from New York, will continue to tun as heretofore,leaving New York, Albany and Trey, Daily , and conuectatTroy with Jacobs' Montreal Express, and will forward Specie, Bank Notes, Packages, Bnudlrs,Cases of Ooods. Sir., to any place between N?w York and Montreal, ami throughout the Canada's. Also East, from Troy and Albany to Boston, and West from Alhauv to Buffalo. All business entrusted 'o toeir charge will be promptly attended to. Particular attention will be paid to the collection of uotcs, drafts, acceptances, Str., an i prompt returns made for the same, PULLKN St corr. Office*? Pullen & Corp. J Wallttrcet, New York Thoa. Ooniin, la Ktchange, Alb.iLp. A (J. fr'ilkina, 22* Kirer *treet, Troy. 8. Jacob'* Kiehaiiitr Court, 8t Paul at, Montreal. KKKKRKNCK8. Nrw Yoh*. Alb* *. Trot. Prime, Ward Ik King, K. J. Humphrey, Jno. Payne, Jacob Little,* Co.. Thoa.Uough. P. Well*, John T. Smith, At Co., 8 K. Stow,

Peroon * Hoffman, C. 8. Domtlaaa, Cari>etiter h Vermilye, K. Leake Houghton It Co. . Drew, Kobin*nn * Co. nM KOH TKIK.8TK?The .unior ihipWCOTLA V? iHI^1 ap am . In he |.r inptl y deanati lied K r i inn til Mbiir lor iMa.iii', having hand orm tccoinmodatinun, aprii to (I 'I* TKIVIBI.K, or to altrc BOYD * HIM KKN, Brokera. Affe B tRUK WANTMJ?Out of two Itargea wanted, J Dial wilt carry from Itottttoua, tor count'* , -IMWNw or goo,I unprored city prnprrty will be exchanged. , The bo ,ta n.uat be tound and in perfect order Addrea* a line j Barge," to thia office, atating agr and lull particular*, which will be regularly atteadeu to. uWtw*in RK I 3RNING, APRIL 23, 1843 WASHINGTON TEMPERANCE HOTEL, 3V6 PCAKL 8T . FRANKLIN SQUARE. N. Y " r KOWLtR St SON r>specllullr inform their friends mil ] J . the public, that thev have opened thi* above well known 1 Hotel on ?trict leuiperaiic- principles, and pledge themselves in conduct the tame jinc ly in tiose principles. The accoin jj nodal l nu need no cnmmeu , ,1? ihi-y jood and comfortable . Perin-uent and transient by the day or week. I'riraif a|wrrm ma for families on the moat reasonable 'erms The location ia coovemeiit to the Loudou null Liverpool ^ Pseuds, arid the Albany, ButTilo, Uoal in and Philadelphia a Oonla. Every inf rin 11 ion giv-u 'u persons rr?v? lliuit; alio the eat and heipe t way of conveyance to all paste of the Uuitcd Start and Caiia la Toe Reading Hoora will b* snppl ed with English and American capers, and ill the Tempeiduce periodicals. Termt?B inkiug |>er week $J, per day 74 Ccuts. Tea.cofree cakea, lie. always ready, , We, the undersign**,!, would cheerfully recommend tl e ihove Hotel to the uo.icr of our Wuhiugl.ui iu friendt. And 1 lie travelling public generally " Hon. Aaron Clark " Hon. Urn. Hall, President Parent Society, Brooklyn. , James Van D> ke. President of vValltb nit r B.B iciny. .lames H l|ier, President o ihe Fraokliu Temp Society. Wm K. Lrggrt, Vice President Broidway -ociety. AC Flanigao, I resident of I'roiprcl Society. Kev Isaac < overt, t'resisent Wathiiigtouiaii T. B. Society , Nicholas Oiiff, Pies drut of Aoderiou Society. . A I) Wilton, M, D. President ol Marshall I A Society. *i apl lm*ec , KOSHViLLE BOARDING SCHOOL, STAI'K.N J ISLAND. WWK9THOLP respectfully luform his fuends and the public, tha' his school will reopen nu the 1st of May. P.ienti and guardians are also ioftnm'd W W. makes it a j poiul ol conscience to gua'd its every possible wav the morels ' of children committed to his c ire, from mur to twelve years of a He Reading, wroing, onlcg ap iy, .irithmuic, geography * slid grammar tea<ht I he local.on is drltgh ful and be ilthy; I he arehatd, g.rd-usand play g'ju c'are ipaciuns; a out ten I miuut-s W MK iron uir lawniug. 1 lie steam no,I Ktntaii i u le vet Barclay street ??cr\ d?v at 3 o'clock, lor Knssville. (I Term* fur board and tu ti >11, including warning, S-i per 1 inarit r, paid in advau e. References t! i<?v David More, Hcateu Island. W. N Seymour, Esq., 4 Chsth m Square. N. V I H nr 8 ewart fiegnine, Esq , Sia m Island. Win ' udlam, Esq., 121 Biekinaii street. John Q linn, Esq , J' Mil 11 roe atreet. 1 Messrs. Colvil I dull Flomillr. Esq., I? C*dar street. Cap! Edward FerOer, Esq Hicks strc I, Brooklyn. a Min. Vthii 21_KVridX< strert New Yor . ,n2? |m*r [ BELMONT HOUSE, BIUOIITONT THE subscriber b gs leaae to inform hi* iri- nda and (he pub , lie, thai he haa uken the <buve well known hou.e, wlpch > I'aa been thoroughly repai rd and pnnt-d in the best manner, , newly urnuhed throughout, aul will be open d on the firat of , M>y neat. 1 he t ouse is delightfully situ .ted immediately oppoaite the aleumkoat Idudinv. aud from iia Piazzas c xinna di a view 1 a lending up the Kills and over the bty and hirbou'nf New 1 York. To th ade esirou-of a pleasant reaidettee daring the < summer m -utiir, possessing <he advantages of fine silt watet ba In. g, together with beautiful drives and waika. and conve 1 ui> nt cccss ir lb ci v every iwo hou.s by sieam, the Belmoni I House offers inducements untiirp iss d by anv other on the Is land, and the subscriber tiuaia that his lortnei efforts 10 give satis actum as proprieto of the Fsviliou, witn his reuewed df I termination to spare no pa 'us to render hia house agreeable, will euaure him the cou'tnuatiou of a paition ol the patronage he h-a heretofore been favored with. GEORGE PIFKI8, Nvw Briohtoiv, April 12, 1843 ?i *3i>tfr WASHINGTON O A RD K N 8,H OBOK EN7 I JOHN IRELAND, the well Known proprietor of the First " Ward House, No. 28 New atreit, (corner of Exchange i I'lice.) grateiul for the patronage hitherto received Iron his friends, and desirous to merit a continuation of it. tespectfullv informs tliera and the public geuerat'v, th 1 hehtfl lately purs 1 chased the large and commodious House and Otiden* kuowu as the Wa higton House, situate in Hudson at crt Hoboketi. within a few m liutes walk from the Ferrv, formerly occupied by this lats J sine, Hfftrnv, where he will be happy to receive calls from ih- friends of the late proprietor, also the public generally. 'I lie Girdens being uewly and tastefully laid out will be supplied du itig the season with 11 i/vcellent assnitineiit of the larest -nil 1 hoieest of flowers. The bir, being greatly eula ged and newly fined up, will contain a en d assortment t.f Wines and Liquors of the most approved qu ility, and cig irs 1 f tli? most superior brands?also Sherry Cobbler* Mint Ju eps and Punches made in the best stvle : Refreshments. including Ice Ure'ins, aud other delicacies of he sea son H- has also ti:f d up seperate aud agreeable silting par lor? f.i ladies, which from upo 1 the Day. and furuish 's a new if the most d ligliiful ?ccnery. The lubsctiber, determined that uoihing shall ba wauting to secure he comfort of his |i Irons has also refitted the Bowling Bsloois wiih two e.itire new Alleys, built on ihe mo?t approved plan, for 1 xereise and the recrestiou of visitors. Of file atfeutiou of the wait-rs, it 1 is uniiecessiry to suv more IBIfl lint they will in j 11 cases be I found aft ntive to the wauls of the visitors. The subscriber, | from hi 1 long experience in t,i basinets, Tsspeetfuly soli its a slure of the |ub ic patron ute, 1 ml pledges hnuse'l tna' nothing shall be wauting 01 his part, or those i 1 his employ, to eon'ribute lo the comfort aud enjoyment of those who may visi the Washing on Gardera a2.'-:w?r JOHN IRFLAND, Proprietor. REDUCTION W11HOWT HUMBUG. T AMI'S formerly known as "WF.BU' BURNiCR8" can 1-4 now be bad at HIND*' Manufacturing Depot, No 111 Grand street, one il lor from Brail way. with the sd>a<tanrof a I his uuprovcHient .a d cheaper by fir t an cm he found 111 , tab til y. The milociih, r ha> lux every f-esHty for muuuf u t*t lug. and with the esperieuce i f over five years is now de Uiiiii ed to make his Lnrjis fh" ches|iest in th' market, av ny recently been got up u brass, liu he., rthdeuug the n io poiut o' finish superior to ihe l<mps of oilier dealers, and by doi g aw-y wilh an exhorhi ant store profit md bei gsitialied wih ih niaiiufaciurug nioiit alone , now uefies competition 'Ihe suhseiib-r would call ihe attention of 1 hose who are lilting up sforts aud the pu'ilic iu genera!, to call and s itisfy themsi Ives ol the truih of the above a-serlions hefoie purchasing el e where I All drain* r applied at a reatouab e anvance no first ci?t Aalral L imps altered to burn CMm heue, and all kinds of I imp work tloue with neatness and the greatest dean tch. JAMES HINDi, Manufacturer, a2l lm*r __ No 1U (J-and atreet. Late-jwportatRSFI of bITgXrT" avd to"BACI O.?Tn Sub eriber, having recently arrived from Havauna,ofrri t > the d> alera and amatrura of aupe ioi aegars, (aeleited by himse f,l the following b anda. La Norma, La Eirp-era, Wo d illr, Trab cco, Ca nmrs and Lord ByroD, of varims kinds l?t, 2d, 9d nnd 4th i|u litv ol ILva is, eunrr'or St Jtgo and G ns? tobacco O * IU r to the death ol Stephen S rnun >a, the fi no of Sama ioa 8t dr.itb t is di solved On the la* ot M y, thi* oi l establisntnem of t' e l?te firm will hi moved to No, 6 wall ati ct, aecoud d'O'h-low T. r ag?ory for the Lmd By ron mannla toryr iu Havana, and for the Scat firlati Tobacco, in Bdtimor , are held by the Subscriber, whi h he offers at wholesale and retail. A A SAMANOS, aj? Im't No 4 Wall atreet. Tb N TEVTS PE (ii POUNDS F^EI ;HT8 FKOvi NEW YO KIO BALTIMORE Mlu pe's of go ids :e R Jtimore from Vew Ymk are reipe t ful y nfnrmed -hat ({nodi ccuai.n I to the ill acrib-r, ageut o' he P' iladelphii Wi'm n?ton St Bd'imorr Ka 'road Ltue, will be lorwar led from Pni'-id, Iph a to Baltimore ar the rate of ten en ta p-i 100 lha eilh-r by ateainbna' or ra I ro d (J od.dr tihed lor ny point aonth or weal ol Baltimore,will ' e Inrw iriled fr< m theiire at the low-at rales, and our arr ibge iue> La are sue11 aa w II easure -teapateh F-irinrth r iuforinatiou apidy to U. H HI'DDKLL, at the office of the Union Transportation Lin- Pier No. 2. W. L A8HMe.AU. Agent, a21 ec Philade't hia. wvw?jpfflwaafc PASSAGE TO ITifTlTlUlfc? PITT3BURO. THE subscriber has romoleted arrangements f t the conveyaucr ol Pass-tig-ra and Merrlnnd ae ro Pitt- burg and inl-rmtdi le places, on the moat lea-onable t-.tma, per Citizens Portable Boat Line " People nlioul tn proceed 10 the Westward, will find it much tn their advantage to mak their arrangements by ihia d-iirabie conveyance, a the 'airictist atteut'no will at all limeabe p.i d to the ce (oit of the pn aen.eii, aa well na the punctuality of adi-rct conveyance with d-sputch. For fuither particulars app'y to JISE'H McMURHAV, algec 100 Plue s'l-ei, coinerof Month. ^ STATEN ISLAND FERRY Foot of Whitehall gtteet. JrOu and after Monday, Ap'i! loth the steamer S'l'A'l EN ISLANOb'.h a-II leave na follows, nnnl further notice LEAVE STATEN ISLAND. NEW VOKh. At I A. >1, At 9 A. M. 19 II :?HprM' IX P. M. 2* 3* i 6 All goods shipped are required to be ,.irticaiarly marked,am. Art1 At thp liilr III thp nwiiera ihprsnr * a# ?*f KOK LIVERPOOL.?Regular parbel of th? ?<h JnHfW A pri' ? Tlie very annerior, faat aailing packet amp fla3&SII)D(>N*, Captain Cobb, will poaitirely anil abnrr. Having very auperior necommodationa for cabin,arcoud cabiu and atcernge paaaenggn, peraona wiahimi to embark ahonld make early application, on board, fool nf M?iilen Lane, or to JOSEPH McMlliiKA*, 100 Piur at., cor. South. Peraona wi-hity to aend for their fnendl r? aiding in the old country, can bare them bronght out by the abore ahipg, or nuv of the regular packcta, by applying o abore ; if b? letter, port paid. a!4 r XS&* OLD ESTABLISHED EMIOKANT PAS atyxV SAOE OEKF ' K, SI South atreet. New York?He* IMhlfaii''ir Line of Packeta?The atibicriber coutiunea to bring out lieraonr from any part of Oreat Britain and Ireland who may oe?ngigrd try their friend* here, hy the regrilar'ina of packet alii)*, aailing rvafy aia daya 'roin Liverpool. Peraona aruduig lor their frieuda, may rely that juat rare Will be taken io bar Ahem deapntched wighont delay in Liverpool,and w II alwuya endeavor to merit a continue ice of the pnhln pataonagr which baa been ao liberally bestowed for innnv yeara pnatt and thoae remitting money can bare drafta payable at all the Banka and br tuchea throughout the United Kingdom ror further partieulara, apply fifby letter, ixiat i?tidl to ikr JtlflV HKIinM AN. Ill 8n?jh .1 ALL IHE HEUULAH PACKEl S?Steam am pa attain boata, and other passenger vessels, carrying t immiim ing "kraneia' Patent Life HonU," bare the woio e " Patent" plainly atamped or painied on rbe aide. f IS-tfr K( IK 1,(JN DON?Kegalar Packet of the lai o" May ? The very au|ierior laat aailing packet ahip JKLmLh a I NT JAMES, Captain Hebor, will aail as ' above her regular day. I Having very aii|ierior aecommodationa for eabin. second re t bin, and steerage tiaaaengert: peraona wishing to embark should , mate early application on i>onrd footol Maiden lane or to . JOSEPH McMUKKAY, * 100 Pine atreet, cornet of South atreet. Peraona wiahing to aend lor their frienda, ran have them r brought out by the above alup, or any of the regular packeta, by applying aa 'bov 'I by l-trer. I oil-paid. all r (| vaa^T- P'OH mvehpool?,N?.W l.i.n fc?.Urhuiai il rfjWka.Packet ol 25lb April ?The Splendid Packet ahij H ?uh||?a'<h)u()\m, Captain e. b. Cobb, of iooo tona ti will positively aa above, her regular day. For freight or il >wtaaagc, having accommodations unequalled foi splendor oi comfort, apply on bear I, at Orleana wharf, foot of Wall atreet :j or to K.k. COLLINS A CO. )? Snath tl Price of pnuitk'r, *100. h "I ne Packet shin 8heri Ian, ('apt. A Depeyater, ol Huh tone, will sncceed'he Suldons, and tail the afttlt of May. he? 1 eunlarday. Lrtteia for the ahipa of this line will only b? reeeirrd at Gil pin'a Mi.lHale'j Newi Room. Passengers nny .-ely on the shirt of tl i? line saili jg pautetnal y ? advertised ?7c iHP ~ NKW LINK LIVERPOOL PACKK.Tt?PareTi | aJM?k?Jn At>nl?The apltudid, f it sailing ticket sh>i * OD" NS, ? aptain K B Cohb, will sail positively I at ah Tr, her reeular day. Toe ahii of thia lin* are all I (Hi Luis hnrtnen, up w inla.aud 'fleir accotnmodationa lor cahiu, I'rond > ah n and i eer?i(e i assrnters, it ia well known, ait r inferior to any oihei line of packets I'hoae with nt to tecnre I oertha ihoald cot fail to make early application uii Uoird. or to H W. k J. T. TAP8COTT, allec 41 Peck Blip cor Boothat. IKR A > THK WARM SALT WATER i A 1 '? >? now 0[?fii at thi' f lot of Desbroia'a atreet, V*. H. ? 't? iflvaiitaK**^ oter fr ih water, ae? Mptl.cil J timala FiVf TioWeia o?? DolUr. apl6 im'r N I 11 K8UANC E of an order of the Surrogate o' the County ol New York, notice ii hereby given t * all persnu* having hums against I'eler Murphy l ite of the city ol New York, eiltlelllah, deceased, to present the same with llie vouchers serrof to tile subscribers, at 'he otfiee .f Mmuti'l H. Kerry, Jo 51 Will atr-rt, in the c l* of New York, on or before the ighteeulh d ry of September tieit Dated New York, the 15th da. of March 1,43 J\i <?h HAKVEY. JAMES C BELL, ml6 Iaw6m r 'Admioistrators with the will aimried. A KKW (IETLEMEN of itendy h >biti can be accnmmnt d-t-d with k rod hoirdaud tie-sat rooina 111 a pnvaie lamty, at 204 Killl' n street. Also.alew day bonder* i-iuhe acr. 111 indited on the moat reos 11 iide term. A parlor and bedroom 1 let, with or with' ut board n5 ec ?EM?ANCI8' PATENT LIFE BOAT, ' Office No i r Will I'rrr' ma I YRANUE CREAM CANDY.?Meaara. J. Peaae & r*on. ' OhAmMMI, <5 Dmsf.-n street, have brought forth n uher delicious compound to gutily the aweet teeth ami irklrs the palates of those who indulge III such "sweetmeats '' Phis candy putsches ihe Urn tlavor of 'he Havana orange, anil, ve think, cannot fail to the patrouage of the ladirsaud overs of roiifeeiinnarv i" general ?Aurora. 2Sfr DAGUERREOTYPE. TO THE PH 'TOURAPHIC ARTI8TB. ^ A. AKl'AlJLT kCO, 'UH Fulton street opposite 8t Piul's church, ir nectl'illi in orm ttie photographic arris's, ml rverv perausi engaged in d gue rrotvpc hu inrss, that they vi'l recent by pscaet ships Em r?hl mil V'l'edr Lvor ? 0(1(1 Kren h d <gue re;'type ,1 .tea, inch, s by 8)?, No. 30; U fieucli sc.otna' c lenses, 3)iuches d one cr, in de by L? ie"Mi'aaud ckIf (Jimui; 8 V rnn n ncr ma ic lenses,, 4>? iuches liarne'e', preoared by l hnalier, for'aking large sizes of jair raits; 5(1 "Uuces b otniue: 5(l"Uiicr s chl >riue of iodine, and all In-chrinic il> net-ess irv ho the dague'rem vne a$ Ins*? SXPRESS FOR CLEVELAND AND DETROII PHE subscribers will send au express through Irotn tms city, ' to the above named ind intermediate places, on the morntil! o< the 0th 111st., lor the tr irsporiation of specie, hank DOUi lundlrs and packnges ol IMS, eollecook ol drafts, hills U 'tei .ltd accounts,and all such other bourns* as ntay he entrusted to he in. POMEHOY h CO.. 2 Wall st., N.Y N. B. Immediately on the opening of lake navigation, the ibove eipress line will be extended to Chicago, Cincinnati, or.. and cnuutmcd throughout the ent ie season, in c oun iioi villi their New York, Albany, Troy, and Buffalo daily ex >ress ma r a dams it i'O.'S NEW YOHK AND NEWARK E fx PUK8R?The public are reapcotfully informed thai t t ubscribers btve established an Kiprra between New Yo ad Newark, N. J.. fin In inMjiitTippnid rf'f'T. 4packages, bundles, tMMT,tw.fce.; the collection.] M i iU'I Inili, awl all otherbusiurnaanpcrl liuing toSB Expirs* Jrdcn foi articlei W) bp returned ha the Kiprcas will lelirercd free of charge. Office in Near Vork at No. 7 Wall atreel, and in Newark, ai SMITH'S Newspaper Depot, No. 320 Broad at. Leave New York at IIS A. M. md i\ F. M. Leave Nvwaih at 9 A. M and IK P. M. gtae,. ADAMS IV CI,. I vrOltTANT TO OLD COUNTRYMEN.?MESSRS I II \RnDEN St CO will draw at their Express and Foreign l^natOiSm,No.i Wall strerl.imall bills of aeManIron L? in ?ll<i>, iii auma to suit, payable at aunt, lor the accomm ? lati <u ol'p rao&a wiahiuit to remit to tlieir irienda in England f.tknd. or "- '.otlaud. The fetter hags lor the Royal Mail Steainera forLiv rgoo are " lao m.'di a|i at their office For fartin> information apply o HARNDEN It CO, I Wallitre ( Atteuuu. Loudon?MACLEAN, MAURIS fit CO. f.i?rpool-WILMKR k BMITH PAHKK. Peusse ?? uk >ok8, No. 61 Liberty srreet.lnnve lor sail the lollownu? lilt renins uewa printout 33 by 50 200 32 by 40 2i0 " " " 32 by 46 500 " " " . 26 hy 37 300 " " ' 28 by 42 258 24 by 36 350 " " " 22 by 32 500 " " ' 21 by 31 Alto, nook paper, 19 by 24, 24 hy 28, nud 24 by 38. They have alao a large aaaortineut of writing and wrapping aper, of different aizea and qnalitiea, which they offer at the nwevt market prices. In9 re irrHOLATEKY, WINDOW SHADES AND tVuTTi HANOI N4J8. VXTE ARE NOW RECEIVING our uiual haudaome . ! < 'V large aaiortinent of the above goods, einorncing evurv tie icriptiou of cnrtaiu material, triminiuti< nud oriiaraeiila^ win low rha'ei, from the lowest pr ce to the most magnificent ehieh we import tacluaively fern Paria. Also, the m<>i itluonible Paner H nigiiua, including Krtnch. hURlian am American. Iiom the cheapest to the moat costly dr-cnptloii Heather Beds, Matreaaea, Pillinstres. Stc., of wairautctl pun inneriali.and whicn, witn every other ankle in the above lini tr* offere at lower prices than ai an other est iblishtm lit in tl aity. SOLOMON Ik HAKT, Importers and Minufac'urera of Upho airrv mood, lfft Broadway, oppovite John sr. N. B.?The trade, both city aui country, supplied as usual a wholcaale or rrtail ?4endlm*r FttANCIS H CHUMP, Chrouome'er, Watch .ad Clocl Maker and Jewtler, formerly with S. J. Tobias for ueerlj ix years, and recently with Mar juauda A o , Broadway, up wards ol three yesis.brgs to acquaint Ins Irienda and the public, that he has taken a storr ai 2t8 (Jiand street, where he intend) lo practise the a> ore beainrsa and trusts liom his loug experi nice and known ability, to meet with that share of patron ge to which hit abilities entitle him. iu reiu uiiik thanks i?r all awf lavntirk lie* wnnlit hit fil?lift< fit if ho ranairi aiarv Inscription of VV?tche?, Kcputer*. Musical aud Duplet, the moil complicated that cm be procured Also, Jewelry and Diamond work set ; Pearls re--trung seryarti le fifty percent iheaper than auy oose in the xiiiK euahled to do the whole luinsrlf, and not trnst to the inritierieuce o( others, ( an keys in proportion. Cash fi*?d for old ?ol>1 -nd ii??r st ItA-iiSaY'S CfcLh.BltA I El) C"EM| a L COS ai E I'lC tsHAVlNG COMPOUND. rPO an* gentleman who may porchsse t*"i article, the money ' will be refunded if not entirely satisfied, alter us ut it on? m rih To be had of the iueen.or, at his uianalactury and narehouie, ti .Vlaideu i an- . ALCX W-IR BAMSKY. Dertifirnte o( Dr. T E Bond. Senior Editor of the Christian Ads ocate and Journal. Mr. Aletander Kamsey? Sn?I have (airly tned your Chemical Cosmetic Hhvving Com|ioui d audhavi g always been ,u ilia practice ol shivi n invaelf. had prrvi uiiy used many o' ike va i us preparation wli ch h d bc?u olferedi the | nblic as faci'iia'lint tins par Hon I have no hesitation in spying yoms is the best I nave ried The lather is re-add made, and 01 a prop, r consis'euce it is mild, iiide.d, who'ly inolfrnuve to he 'ace. veil where herein.; lie si ght nbr.'ions o> the skin,-n-t adreres leuacioa. y aud closely,so as 10 *ive the nee? s ny slilTuest to the beard to render close shavuu; pleasaut and easy New York, Ai 111 I2th, 1311. T. E. BOND, tH lm*ee CHILDREN'S SPRING HATS, _ LEARY te CO.'S STYLE. \ M A LAKOii BHrtttmeit i f Boy * *nd Children's Turlfto Hni, never surpassed for vauety aud beauty. Forsa'e h m scores, Nm 4 *ud * Aator House. a23 Ji?r BROWN k CO '8 One Price Hd (9tore. 171 Chathan Jl^jqnarp, co'Der of Mod K., wherv fashion, beauty, dura ulitv aud economy are com >ined fo ddorn the head. The rr<> m-fors have the pleasure now to offer a new style of r at, fin mifat on of b? aver, which closely resemble* those formerly mid for $5 and $6 at the low filed price of $<: those who fro? nclinati >u or necessity are iMiluced to studv economy in thai nJis,ien?able article of dress, have now an opportunity of doini 10. and still keep up th?* appearance of the rnest fashwuable.? Brown k i.o. iu presenting this hat to the pnrdic, think fhry nive reached th ol'heiutv, cheat nrss, ueatoesn lurahility and comfort to the wt-arcr. All sales ate for rash iherefore no good custon er nays t^c losses incurred by^he bad BROWN k CO. 178 Chatham so aare, afl I in* corner of Mo f st j| HPKINfi KAbHION FOR OIL VTLftM KN'9 HAT8 ?The undersigned respectfully iuforins customers ind the . ub'ic gencally, that he has now ready for insuecu n uid sal*, the much admired spring style ( f erndem rH Hats which for beauty of fiuih and and syonetiy of form, eiecfd am oriner effrt, iu this r auy othr city. To the economist they arc a desirable article, as they com bine cheapness, dnnbil tv ind elegance, warrant'd r<\ la c? my and luferior to none. In the matiuf ict ire of Hitsiec' ai enges comp'tiou; ne tli re fore solicits a s arerfntdic patron ?ge. bt wouhi a'?o ctll th-ir aft*Qf on to h?s Is g* as*or rnent of Yj en's. Youth's, aud children's cap , of cloth, velvet, kc. nil m his own manufacture, which for varie y of patterus cauuot h? (J MA ' if-d. Also, h s new style ofchildren's drab and pearl colored faney hats tnmmed with velvet of various patterus, for ?priug and lurnmrr wear, vry much admired. \ call w.ll eenvin e th? most sce| ticsl of the superiority of the ?bo*e men loned arti cles, now ready for sale at the o d st iblished ores of IsSAA'- H ARf'HKK, *1' lmfr '04 nod ' 60 (ireen* i h st, N. V. rNO'CRsOLL'S GREAT BOAT BAZAAR FOR 1813? Remember one ctdar and oik boat i* wor h twenty pine ind whirr wo *d one*. The snbicnber luten *s during the r rnng season to fully satisfy tor world of the difference between rood boits *nd had ours Therefore every boat fr??m hi* establishment warranted will bear upon it the stamp of C L ugrrsoll. During the postseason the subscriber his produced that inioit tble 16 fool sailing Dinkey Troubler, which receiver! the Inllengr from the American lus'itute and took the gold rueM ; she is a vv rvMf to show !?? itarn to any tailing b iL n natter where built or who by, lor any viluib e fro?ny ?Also he iow boat Henry Stork* which WOW three races in lit > , ? ion, wi'h e^se Also the triumphtu* <i W Chapman. which gitMovt an efFort, in >de V e quick* st time 01*00 reroid However, during the coming *e ?* n he intend* leaving ail us owu former effort 10 the sh oe. He will rstim te for auy nnd or desciptiou of boits. from one to filly tout burthen, >u vherever his stamp msy be found f?-ere wil. be * b?at that aii't h? beat. 0. L I no ICR boll, Boat Baiaor, 406 aud 411 VV iter st. and 121 Cherry St. Jas. W. Hai.Kt Bole Ay nt, bS Wall st. p 8.?Race, wait, club, life, and pleasti e oo?t?, m iy always e found at Ingersoll's Bataxr, cheaper thin they ran be nor* hased e lie m here. rpt lm*r i yirira patent elastic metalic shame*, Le f,,r Boots and Shoes otM* iVsmi tion ?The use of thu mprovetnent consist* in tin? .oliowiog import ait sdvaimge* ver the common manor* oi rualrng Boots and Shoes of til tescriplions, that it t iually sustains the weight #r pressure of he fiait from heel to toe, giving at the same time t pUasMa I attic motion in walking, and alio keeps the Boot to its osa.i -h.? iL. *Kinu <?r iioiinw ,,r rh?. f,in? r irriung down, anil the heal fioni InrnuiK not behind, -ml a So ffitcluillv oreTruli the Pantaloon Ntrapi from ever roming in oouet wnK ihn luirnrnl and Wf irinii off. Another ureal Til ii remorrd l>r i?? OM. it pr Tertl the loot rrnm workin forward, will pinching iho toei, ,iud cam nil conn, or ' miIK thole already made : it alio, hv keeping the boot in ihape ri the ahatik, preveula tlir om>er on the uatep from drawitu ight, nod in* thole paiulul Itimpi t > tcfnW on the top ol he iistep. It can be turd a? ith a wry low heel, much mon oinloitab'e to the we arer; It il if the bo >1 or ?boe gel- th lough / water-soaked they mam their ih'pe in the ic^ of polling tem off. which the common nei will not alwaya do, hot toere to the lole of the foot, earning the shankt to hr-ah Manufactured only by the underaiirued in New York, Jerrea ity.nnd Brooklyn. LOHIN BHOOK8, Manafivinrer. IM niton ttreet, N. Y JOHN DICK, Patentee ai d Mauufartnrer, lib h nit iu itreet, third dmir eaat ( Broadway, mW lm*r glider 1-oti and < hapm'a Boot itore, N Y hap' 18 PAY a bLl AT 8 MJHT, without d acoon' on nl epart! of ICnK'aiid, Ireland and Scotland, iu sums ol 4.1, hi, 5, to any iinunnt, lot iale at 8 J. 8YLVK8TKR S, aJ2?tr rt w ,li ,i?>i an,I in R, ow.e ONDO N BNOVV'N.w rOl'T?Ji. a*l?,? U i?u e. c .. J Weat India Brown Stoat. 2Jdj. eight doi-u each, of pint" Irown 8,out, for ia!c hv WOODHULL A MINTt'llNN, ??| 17 VoiihilfMil. I - > LD. Farmvltle, V?. (Correspondence of the Herald.) Fakkvilm, Vv, April 17, lft43. 'Hie Herald and the Ixidiet?Matter* and Thing* Mara!* and Military?Belle* and Renux?lsmr. and IVhiskrr Dear Bennett: ? 1 have just time, whil? tarrying here for a day to recruit a frame wearied by long travel, to inform you that here too I find that the Herald in the decided lavorite of the moat refined and rerhtrehi. A gentleman conspicuous for hia fine sense and unaffected politeness,iaforms me that the ladies vote all other papers "wearv, stale and unprofitable," when compared to your sprightly and varied sheet Some of them. 1 am told, even contemplate having some of their finest linen converted into paper to be forwarded to you, to be immortalized bv the impression of'your type; for even in the hardest times (ihey say), you can make a shift to be entertaining. I am sorry to learn, however, that though you have many readers, you can claim comparatively but f- w subscribers in this goodly village. Most of them appear to think, in contradiction of the old proverb, that "borrowed wit is best," and to he decidedly of the opinion of ancient Pistol, " Bare is the slave that iihvs" for his newsoaiier Ynn ? I have often insisted upon your giving mis class of i arsons h ii occasional hint in your paper, in order that they may be shamed out ot this most annoying ot practices. As 1 have picked up various items of information relative to this place, I will, according to promise, give you the results of my observations and enquiries It is as bustling a little place as you would de| sire to see ; in which the people keep a close eye to their own business, and also manage to bestow hi occasional glance, in pure good nature, on that of their neighbors?however, they are decidedly a church-going people, who rigidly observe hII the proprieties oflile, and rarely snore loud enough to interrupt the preacher Independently ol the restraints ol the church, their morality, I learn, is further guarded by a temperance society. Formerly many of the citizens were (as young men you know are i apt 10 be^ ardent lovers: like Othello, ihcy " loved not wisely, but too well," and like every " victim of misplaced attachment," their faces were - Celestial rosy red, Love's proper hue." A wonderful reformation, however, has taken place, and no one is ever known to indulge in tha I wine cup, except in cases of crump choltc, rheumai tieni i;i the stomach, indigestion, iVc , which ol late ' prevail to an alarming degree, and have assumed , such a malignant form as to require the most spirited measures to subdue them when the fit is on; then 1 the most conscientious practically contradict the old rule in arithmetic, which avers that "there are three scruples to a drachm." An enthusiastic military spirit, by which I suppose is meant a love ol brass buttons and corderoy p.intalooiiH, is said to characterize this vicinity. p rhey have established a line company, numbering ! sixty rank and file, called "the Farmville Greys " This is as it should be; a country whose institutions are hostile to standing armies should encouiage and promote the discipline ol the militia The Greys, I I doubt not, would make a very efficient rorps, espcI cially in a hall room, lor female hearts flutter with oeugniat me Bigiu ? ! epaulettes, even though they chance to he made of cotton. The Indies of Farmville are real trumps. Language cannot describe, nor can mortal imagination conceive, the numberless charms that cluster around them. Rosy as the first blushes ot morning, and 1 graceful us bounding antelopes, they attract the gaze of every eye, and win the homage of every heart. Like Alexander ol old they go lorth " cot quering and to conquer." Their eyes send lorth such an iri resistible volley of radiant darts as to make the lans ci-d lady killers kite the dust before them. They ( are perfect Nimrods "miclity hunters, whose game is man." The natural consequence of all this is, that the exquisites of the place confess a soft impeachment, or, to adopt the language of S*crub in the play, are , "consumed I y in love " They have all those marked i symptoms common to love and dyspepsia, and showing their kindred nature, such as depression of spirits, restlessness at night, a swimming in the head, lossot appetite, shooting pains about the regions of the heart, Arc. They may be known among a thousand by their fixed habit of kissing their i hands, embracing the air and ogling at th? ir shadows. The labor that hardens the hands, and the ' exposure that roughens the skin, is their special abhorrence. They attect effeminacy and cultivate 1 whiskers. In short, such is their condition that they mean to hazard the most desperate remedies, and will venture boldly on either suicide or matrimony. A wont of paper and of time alike admonish me to I conclude,with assurances of the unabated regards of Yours, Arc. Philo. The late Mercer L aae. Dear Pir? Being a constant reader of your paper, lam about i to trouble you with a lew words with reference to your very able editorial on the Mercer case?an articleadhering ao closely to truth, and containing Hitch right sentiments, that all must have approved, who have had the good fortune to read it. There was, however, in the opinion of many in this community, one fault. It whh not severe enough Hgaiaat the parties concerned in the late, properly designated by you as a farce, trial of Mercer. Why, Sir, did you not come out, too, against such perversion n ol all law and justice, and tne indulgence of such lt false sympathy, as the one-stded consideration of this case seems to have produced. I should consider b this family of Mercer deserving of censure for not e taking more rare of this daughter than to allow her " to he running round the streets of a large city after 8 r o'clock at night in the depth of winter. Not onee ; 1 but it would api>ear commonly. Did they not,by such , conduct,cause thisawlul catastrophe?the murder of He her ton ? According to the evidence, she voluntarily entered the hou-e of assignation She made no resistance to her hat and cloak being taken off. The counsel stilted that she finally resisted as long as she could; that her screams were heard by the inmates of the house ; but this wan never attempted > to be proved by evidence. Why not! Why was not lleherton prosecuted for the rape I and if shooting was so praiseworthy, Mercer might aub-equently have " put on his manliness," and performed the noble act It must surely be the doctrine of a n?-w school that dignities assassination with ihe term manliness; and surely assassination was nloiia contemplated and alone > fleeted. Heberton was in i aelose carriage, and knew not that Mercer waa i near him?neither saw the other The murdered man had no chance for defence It was a cowsrdly j murder The chsc ol Colt inthe killing ol Adama was noble in comparison. Adams wa9 a sioutar man ; was prepared for defence by an angry altercation ; and ('oil might have been the slain?ha risked hiti own lile in inking revenge tor his honor, being bullied by the term liar Applied 10 hitn. Yet he whs to expiate, and I think justly, this act bv his death If.again, Mercer thought he was justified in taking the lite ot lleberton, where whs the manliness in setting up the plea of insanity! It was contemptible. Most Strangely has the whole business been conducted. The counsel for the State objected to the scenes which occurred when Miss Mercer was introduced as a witness, (and whose evidence, by the way, was quite irrelevant to the murder.) as they might have an undue influence on the jury?yet this counsel, as reported in the Herald, at the conclusion of his address to the jury, "leant lus head upon his hands snd wept." In conclusion, I would ask you, sir, the simple question?have the jury in this ease brought 111 a verdict according to the evidence? The community should he enlightened on the subject With many apologies for taking up so much of your valuable lime, I beg to subscribe myself, A Lovrk or J ostitis. An American Caftain Srntkncso to tm? Gali.rys ?The Wilmington (N C ) Chronicle says Captain heighten, of the brig Abigal Richmond, from St. Thomas, informs us that before he left there intelligence was received that Cajitain C02zens, of the brig Pilgrim, of Baltimore, had been tried in Guadeloupe on the charge ot robbing a house it Point Pelre ot #40 001) ?t the time "I the earth <1 take there, convicted, and sentenced to ten years laoor tn the galley* in France, whither he wc.s t? be sent Captain Cozzens belong* to the ."hate of Maine. Army Nkws.?The Sfatira, and Sampson, armed last evening in five days from Fort Leon. They have on board companies A, '', H, H, and J, of the United States infantry, on their way to Jefferson barracks Officers?Viajor William W Lear in command; Captains Colton and Wheeler: Lieuts. <rerdon, Johns, Bowman, Dobbins, Kicn.rdeon, Brooks and Sikes.?,V<re Or ten n Pu/xr, April 13 t| Ohio Kivkr - \i Wheelingon Tuesday, the Ohio River had eighteen feet of water in the channel,and was rising At Pittsburgh, on the same day, the River had twenty-two feet of water in the channel. At Cincinnati, on Monday, the River was in the k. finest stage lor the largest boats.