Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 24, 1843, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 24, 1843 Page 1
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\ TH Vol. LX.?-Ho. 111.?Whol* Ho. 3334. Te th? Public. THE NEW YORK HERALD?daily newspaper?published evory Jay of tka year except New Year's day and Fourthef July. Price 3 ceuts per copy?or $7 36 per annum? postagos paid?cash in advance. THE WEEKLY HERALD?published every Saturday morning?price 6J cents per copy, or $3 13 per annumpostages paid?cash in advance. ADVERTISERS are informed that the circulation ot the Herald is over THIRTY THOUSAND, and increasiap ast. II hat the largeit circulation of any paper in thil city, or the world, and it therefore, the hett channel for businett mm in the city or country. Prices moderate?cash in advance. PRINTING of all kinds, executed at the most moderate prices, and in the most elegant style. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, Pbofimetok or the Hesxld Establishment, Northwest corner of Fulton and Nassau street* HOU8K.S TO LET AT YORKVILLt.?x large |. houses on the coruer of 81th meet and 3d avenue; either XAHLof them i* calculated for a public houie, ttrocery or private residence. On the premise* is a tine liable, howling alley, and a fine garden, consisting of 8 .ota, with grape rineaand fruit trees thereon. For terms, inquire of JOHN A. MORRILL, Esq., m8 ?wr N". II Chairhars it. MPi. TO LET ?Toe inoiern built two story and attic ho ise, On <78 Henry atrc*t, corner of Jefferson. Th'' house h s every convenience. Crotou water introduced ih- kitchen and oath room in the secoud story. C-n be seen at anytime. Apply ou the premi es or to S. S. Gdpiu, Etchance reading room. a22r_ a TO i ET?Ttie 'wo storv In nie Nil. ?9 Vesey st-eet, with ths bark building The rent wi I be iron* >525 to >575, eccording to the site of the family It quiie ol C. C. TH-'MPION, _ a?2 31*r No. 55 Cedar street. A^A TO LET?The elegant Mansion House, loriuerli the ffv? residence of leremiah Thomson, on Murray Hill, at 37ih JL* JA street. The house is leise and commod'ous, with stable Stc. I he grounds are reautifuMy laid out with flowers and shrubVry, and there is an entrance both from the old post-rosd and third avenue. Als >, Siore No. 289 Broadway, corner of R-adest, presently ocrnpled nv M'. Samauez as a segar sore. The stock and fixtures in the store will be soil cheap,if required. Also, the cellar on ths corner of tirade streetaad Bro"dwar. ent"iiig from Read'strce*. The cellar is elegantly fitted up wiih buses, bar, he. and is well sdaptel 'or a r? fect.#ry or oyster cellar. Applyto WILLIAM M?EWEA. a2? Jfrc 35 Liberty street. JgA TO RENT?The extensive Bnildiog erected the pretJTjW scut season b? the subseriner, for his awn residence, on ,i'.yA'1* margin of 'he E<st River, at Oowanus Heights, two and slialf miles from South Brooklyn Ferry, commanding splendid views of the Bay and Jersey snore, the C'ties of New York aud Brnokh n, 8ratea Islaud ard the East *Ld North liivers. Th# H use is biick, a superior building. five stories h'sh. covered w'lhcoppei; ine hall and it?irs of marble: the water fron' ab mt one thensand feet, and the bathing within* ft w - aid> of the door, excrlle't fishing and fowling in the im mediate vicimtv. Th'drive from New York is aboutlifteen luiiiU'rs, nuu nif |ucaii??*8 nrc inn. cxccnra ay nuy M'Uii'inu near this ri;y Oue hundred persons con be accommodated.? Possession immctf alel"-. Annlv to JOHN F DELAPLAINK.68 Wallst. ALSO TO LET, ilie three story brick Houie, 31 Walker street, between Broadway ard Church atr'et, occupied by Mri. Ver, Luck; ard the two ?torv brick Home No 229 .Muetesnth treet occupied by Mr- C. W. Feelu?Rents moderate. alO Im'gc TO LET?The Mansion House at Blonmingdaie, known at the " Abbey" ?icuat>d a eh <rt ''iitance above the tit mile stone, just Above Slryker's Bay, and nearly opposite St. Michaels Church The place is well known at one of the moat delightful situations on the Island, and is remarkably hea'thy in iheanmmer season. T??e Hloomingdnle stages pars and repass the gate every hour in the day. The gate is new, and numbered 101. The tent will he in accordance with the present state of the times. a ply on the premises, or at 132 Chambers street. n. B.?Arran.t mei.t cuuld be made, if desirrd, by a satisfactory tenant, to leta part of the furniture now in the home remain, or a part of the house will be rented separately. apli 1m*r STO LET?PAVILION H"TEL, at Saratoga Borings, together with the Furniture. To a popular and suitable person, i' will be rented tow. For further I particulars,apply to O. HAKPfcR, At the office of th Pavilion Fonmain or of alex^h l. Mcdonald, at3 1w*ec _ No. 52 John street 3d story. New Y Tk. M TO LF.T?Kirstoi May, the modern built three story rjl house, No 16 Orsua street, with marble mantels, grates -LJlLailver plaiting throughout. For lerma, apply to Aitkens Brothers, 122 Fulton street, or p. Shriraten, corner Oreen and Brand streets. ag2w*r MTO LET?The Are proof brick store, No. 105 "ouih at, with immediate roaa-asion if required, apply to WOODHULL k MlN PURN, nClr 07 Honth street. TO I ET?The iwo sto'j brick House and premises, No. 113 Wooster street, finished in the most modern style, with maible mantel-nieces and folding doors hunt Apply to JOSEPH Mc.MBRRAY, mC3r 100 Pine street MTO LET?A Hail Loft .n store Ns. 61 South street, r... >? Jjfl. "'rJuHN HERDMAN, _m?lr Ou the premises. T -Th' S itorr brick store N? JOS West ?t. in he rinnity of the depot of the Y. It Eric Railroad end itremh <ete and ?loop*, (living bet we n Weatpoint, ''"Id **ii ing, Perkakill. fin* Sing, kc. kc A good locn'iou for a g~ ocery, ihip chandlery, liqnor or floor store.? Rent modem e roe goon tenant Apply 10 B C'STEI.LO, enrnerC amhere and Wert it*, or to OWEN CMLG4N, ?9 Jtmea at Brooklyn. a!9 Jt*r KOR SALE?That well known Coach Factory, to F-?y geiher with the dwelling Home, and Iwenty-fonr lota of ground, aitnnte at Harlem, on the 4lh Avenae, between I2?th and 129th atreeta, and formerly occupied by John Umpire mo* The f-ctory < a aubatantial two atory brick bnildine, 40 feet by 20" feet On 120th atreet the e are five two a'ory baaement aud attic brick nib inga, well finiihed. each 20 feet by 35 feet Ailjniini'g the dwelliLg honaea ii a brick Carnage Honte, 18 feet by "IS metOn '28 h atraet there i> *n Engine H nae of brick, 18 feet by )5 fret. Abo, a Bl-- katnith Sh ip UO feet front by 8f-?tdeep, wi ll fixture*,kc The atreeia ?nd-veuue are regulated, curled and guttered, an all a*se<smenti paid- The premises are o complete order, and ready far immediate occupancy. The same will be aold cheap Th*ee-fouriha of the pur hasc money remaining on bond and mor'gige for a number of eara Aprly to AN ORE W McOOWAN eorn?r of Thiid tv. nne -nd IJfith street, Harlem, or to C. W. VAN VOOR JIS 3>i John street, where a mtp of the property can be aetia. a 20 faf^r MIR *AL P.?I he lease, at ck and fixture* ot'he old Hp -Cl ratablia' ed and ee l known Bar Room, IM Chatham at, Hfi^tfLn-it door tithe Theatre. Apply on the premises from nto 3 o'clock al? 1m*' if rtMNs* lVXma ho iEl?ICS no lin t home I Btvw nuiwiolrt. It i< situated -n the coiuer nf Washing KM. on and Liberty street, and will be letsed tit any good uaui from the fimtor nnt May. It hat lately been marh en '?- <l d imnrored, .yd MMMBM to the Jeraev Kerry, lt>a..y boat Pu re aud Weatern Railroad Depota. Kor fnrther p .ruciiknrs,enquire of K RUi'KMAN, alOJJt*r No 160 Washington at. N. Y. Beua| KAHM FOR SALK, conta ning tony acrea, thirty^Kw| five under cultivation aud the balance a good growth of dia. won't. (In the premiaea ia a houte in good repair, a new coarh home <l ,i large ham lu lr"ut of the houae ia an eieellent well of alrr, serurril trom the weather rya WW well house, and a < lawn iu front of the house On he absee described f rin t nit in abundance, aueh as applrs, cherries, pears, iinincea, rnnta. goiorbcr iea, ac. The a buff l"rm is two a ilea fro-n the ateamboat landing, e fr mihetnwn of Rye, onihe North arreet road. A full aw < f the Hound | ran ?e* two light h mea when lighted; in every reipect a desirable location for a gentleman's rrai Bl'liia firm ia in Weateheater County, f'all on the rremiies, on Mr. J. H. WKLCH, 35 Leonard street, iD lm*ee or a' the Police (><Bc?. Qw DRESS BOOTS. LATEST FRENCH STYLE. H SUBSCRIBER 'ea|?ec'fnMy invites the citizens of New Yo k awd strangers visiting the cuv, to call at lit FULTON STREET, l eiamine a large naaoitoiei t ef llmtss Boots, made iu the ^Wsl laahinn, nna uf the finest French calfskin. lentIMIMH have boots made to oril- r in the heat manuer, ail dollars per p?ii, and f>oted ai four dollars, warranted to any manufactured in the city at from aeven to eight lara. Wry Persona having tender fert, or being difficult tu fit on ac nt oi lumps, humous corns, ki . can have boots nra?'e re as >? easy yet haml-nme. by HM anbaciihe 'a mrthod of taking awing of he taet and lining up aud keeping a pair M laata earn cnMonirr. irai.gsia leaTmg their menanres eau, by writing, hare boots ]. aud forwarded to t< ein without dslay. ootvaTiisTLT en hard. H 11 > - ? ?? . iiinn CO tl> <6 IKI Halt O'-nM, ' 2 JO to 3 Ml i r*t Boot*, 2 no -o 2 J > Sh'.ea, 1 Jo to 2 ?0 Clipper*, ' 5? to 1 M romp*, kc . Ac . tonally low. Trail*, Cabh o* Dklitkc*. JOHN L. WATKINC, lto*r I * Knlton al.h-iwrrii N??*nii*nd Dutch a'a WHO IVANTS BOOI'H k SHORSI Ia_j I HK o ea*at mmm id Piire? e*er known. HOnlv lliiiik of Uentl mrn'i fine tire** call ttitchcd Bu, ofllie moat f ahioiiable *hape,$2,7J In (3.00. Ftuhiinu Begged boot* *1 'hi to *3,00 a pair. Ladira fancy colored Rrh and riiy mad* Oaifra lor tl,3J to $ I, JO a par And all Baihion* for IA4J, for Gentlemen, l>adiua -nd Children,from By to Irrty per cent cheaper lliau arcr, at 212 Greenwich at, Krof Barclay. JA8. WIOOIN8. Blm?r AUOLI'HK MOHMUN, Boot makai,from PaHBna, reaped fully inFirm* the inhabitant* of New that he ha* m>ened hi* e*l*blt?hmcnt at No 183 Broad where he ia ready to eircuie ail otder* entreated to him, B lafat fathiona itnl lieat workmauahip. nth-men wishing to hare an elegant fit will do well to call amine In* work a? lm*r B^j iitiui a,ni> sriOlt aTtiHfc. JOHN l< KADY rraiwctfully nilorm* hi* fnrud? Hne uhhc, tnai he ha* c unmeiicrri hotline** in the above ?t No. 09 Na***n atieet. where he will t:i mklally receire Bnlifnlly entente, nil order* he n.av be faTorei'. with oil Bitt reaao'i'b'e term* lor caah. -,|tr ^4 I. A I) IKS, LOdK At '1 HIS! '000 pair, of French Gaiter Boot*, MM 3COO pnra ol KUi i>*ta, joil K*n, aail 'or *ale wholesale and retail,at the to lowing low prir-* :-??0<l pair, of F,e-rh (Jalteri, of the beat ty, an-'of all color*,Si.40; and 3000 |M,r? oi 8|ippera,7j Bat 367 Brov way ABO 01 Ojoal atreet. Biea, m tliew a < rr* y on will find ihe create*! and heat ** ?i.t in tlie world of Bo la, Outer*, Shoe* Bit opera, kc line* and > h'ldten'a do IT ||>VII, wv wian ; > ureTT *' m "iianunn in nrr II leDlllil nn.i ill llonta, Shorn inn cloih bn inn Uilteri, of ih< i\ > ; Firm h rilukiii Donti^nf lb* beat <J I litjr Hid ini.t cr, $'i .it il b rrn'h lullikli B una oil baud, from $3 i $i ir; inib bnt'nn ()lit i?, $ ,50. Pitinrlli Si 50 ih fl'ina' '.kin Ahnoa, 1,34 to $2; hnya'a Boot a of ih. brat quality S3 7j; * ll'H-a Si m 2 ; \ outh'a boo a, Si In 1,40, Hhni a ui< si. bnoia, Oiiina, S ip|i>r*. Tin, Bnaknw, Bbors inilraa V'li. || , ami ; II wa<r<nt it lo bn m ih> brit kind OKKOOKY * OVHILL, 3(17 Broadaaiy m*r ami 9! ('.mil almot. gkokgl; w nkwcxVmhe, ~ MINIATURE l-'A INTER, _ 381 bhoauwav, North Wmt oiniikp or Wiiit* Htmkt. ignra rmtint the nty an reapnctinhy mailed u? rill end m the aprvmuM it the inbecritHt'i reomi. ?2J lm#i E NE NE WASHINGTON TEMPERANCE HOTEL, 356 PKAKL ST . FRANKLIN SQUARE, N. Y.; T FOWLh.R & SON respecll ullv infirm their frieuds and 1 the public, that the* hav? opened the above well kcowti ' Hotel itrict tefni?erauc principles, and pledge themselves to conduct the aiuae itrictly iu thoae priucii Irs. The accom j modriti ius need no commeut, at they are good and comfortable , Permanent anil transient iinarners ny the day or werk. Pri- ( *ate apartin uta for faniiliea on th- most reasonable terras. The I ication it convenient to tile London and Liverpool Pactets, and the Albany, Buffalo, Boat m and Philadelphia boau. Every inf rotation givm <o persons travrlliint; also the f t*est arid chrape t way of conveyance to all parts of the United St-tes and Cana 'a. Toe Heading Kooin will be supplied with English and American n.apers, andall the Temperance periodicals. Te ins?B nrk'iig per week $i; [>er day 75 cents. Tea,coffee. cakes, Ike. always ready. We, the undersigned, would cheerfully recommenJ the above Hotel to the nonce of our Washingtjniau friends, and I tile travelling public generally. Hon Aaron Clark 1 Hon. Geo. Hall, President Parent Society, Brooklyn. . James Vau Dyke, President of Wall ibout r. B. Society. James H irper, President o the Franklin Temp Socielgr. Win F. Lrgget, Vice President Broadway >ociety. A C Flanagan, President of Prospect Society. Kev. Isaac Covert, I'resisent Waahiogtonian T. B. Society Nicholas Duff, President of Anderson Society- . A D Wilaon, M, D. President of Marshall T. A Society. apl Im* ec , KOSSViLLE B OAK DING SCHOOL, STATEN ISLAND. WWESTHOLP respectfully inform his fnends and the public, that his school will reopen on the 1st of Miy. P.ients and guardians are also informed W. W. makes it a ] point ol conscience to guard iu every possible way the morals of children committed to hia care, from tou' to twelve yeara of i age Heading, writing, orthograptiy, ari'hin ?tic, geograph v t and grammar taught. The location is deligli fill and he ilthy; I the orchard, gardens and play ground are spacious; al>oul ten I minutes walk from the lamliug. The stenuihoat Riritau I le -vea Barclay street tvery day at 3 o'clock, lor Kosaville, J i Terms, for board and tu li n, including warning, $55 per | t quarter, paid in advsn e. References t Kev David More, Staten Islaud. W. N. .Seymour, Esq., 4 Chalh-m Square. N. Y 1 H-nri Siewarl Segurne, E>q , Sta en Island. ' Win ' urtlam, Esq., 121 B, ekmau street. John Qoiun, Esq , iP> Monroe atreet. i Messrs. Colvitl and Flemins, Esq., ]tt Cedar atreet. t Capt Edward Ferber. Esq.. flicks street, Brooklyn. s Mrs. V 'rian. 21 E'eridae street Nsw Yor . ?21 im'r t WASHINGTON GARDENS, HOBOKEM. TOHN IRELAND, the well known proprietor ol' the Firat ?' Ward House, No. 28 New street, (corner or Exche.nge J Place.) grateful for the patronage hitherto received Iroin hit ! friends, and desirous to merit a continuation of it, respectfully ' informs them and the public generally, tint he his lately pur- ( chased the I trge and commodious House and Gardens known as the Wa hmgtnu House, situate in HudsouSt ect Hobokrn. , within a few m notes walk from the Ferrv, formerly eccupied by the late James Sweenv, wtiere he will be happy to receive ' c ills from the friends of the late proprietor, also the public generally. The Gardens being newly and tastefully laid out. : will be supplied du'iug the season with ?u sscellerit assoit inert of the tarest and thoicst of flowers. The bir, beiug ] greatly euUiged and newly fitted up, will contain a eo d assortment of W mes and Liquors of the most apnroyrd qn ility, . sridcigrrsof the most superior brands?also Sherry Cobblers Mint Ju'eps and Punches nude in the best stvle : Relre>hmentx. including Ice Cre?ms, and other delicacies of ;he season He has also fitted up seperate and agree..ble silting par lnr< f.r ladies, which front upo r the Bay, and furnishes a view rf the most delightful scenery. The sabsoiber, determined that nothing shall b* wauting to leenre he comfort of his p trons has also re fitter! the Bawling Saloons, with two entire Dew Alleys, built on the mo?t approved plan, for exereite and j the recreation of visitors. Of the attention of the waiters, it is unnecessary to aav more 'Inn ihit they will in ill cases be found alt ntive to the wants of the visitors. The subscriber, ( from hi* long experience in the business, respectfully solicits a sh.,re of the | ub ic patrouage, and pledget himself tnat nothing shall be wanting on hit part, or those ir his employ, to contribute to the comfort and enjoyment of those who may viaic the Washington Girdee* a2f-iw*r JOHN IRELAND. Proprietor. : TEN CENTS PE lOO POUNDS. FREIGHTS FROM NEW YOnK 10 BALTIMORE Shi, pers of goods to Baltimore from New York sre respe t fully uformed that gnodi ccnsian-d to the inascribr'r, agent of rhe Philadelphia Wrlmingrou & Baltimore Railroad Line, will be forwaroed from Phi'sdtIphia to Baltimore at the rate often ceeta pel 100 Iba. eith-r hy steamboat or ra 1 road G 'ods de,lined tor ny point south or west of Baltimore,will le forwarded from thenee at ihe lowest rales, and our arrange- < meets are such as w II ensure oespalch. ' For mrth r information apply 10 li. H HUDDELL, at the , office of the Unu.n Transportaliou Line Pier No. 2. VV. L. ASHMSAl). Agent, a2l cc Philadelphia. PASSAGE TO B?SBBEB5el PITTSBURG. thk subscriber has completed arrangements fur the cod- , eyanceot Passengers and Merchand se 'o Pittsburg and inter- | mtdi te n'aces, ou the most reatouable te'ms, |*r' Cuizeos i Portable Boat Line." i people ahont to proceed 10 the Westward, will find it ranch , to their advuiage to mak- their ar'angenients hy this d-sirabie coiiv? yance. a- the 'strict' st attrut'on will at all be pa d to the ce lott of the pa<sen?ers, as well as the punctuality of a di.-ect conveyance witn despatch. < Kor faither particulars app'y to JiiSK'H McMURBAV, a!8ec _ 100 Fine street, roinerof Honth. STATES ISLAND PERK.* root of Whitehall street, 9*oo and after Monday, Ap'il 10th, the steamer s'pal en ' islander will lease as follows, until further notice i leave 8taten island. new vork. ? At a. m. at 9 a.m. 1* 11 :?kp. m. ik p.m. ; 2)4 3* * i . 6 ? All goods shipped are repaired to be particularly marked,am. i are at the tub of the owners thereof. ?9ec j ^newark and new york?Fa-e cl i jo orly 1214 ' ents '.?The si lendid steamer t jCmBCK. passaic, Captain John Oaffy, has been putin c mpli te ordc, and will commence her Inpa ( r the i searon, on Monday the 10th iuslaut, aa lo lows, until further t notice Lease New York ntd o'clock, p. m. ( " Newark at 7 w o'clock, a. m. Freight coign at reasonable ra'ea. al6 Cmee i .mso -w h. v enl\o ettnk foh albanv, lg^lqs wiihint landing?From the font of Barclay ' SmJLJu street ao'th side, the splendid commodious 1 Steamer diamond Canla n a Flower, w.|| lea?e as above ' every Tuesday, Thu sday, and katuiday, at 6 o'clock, p m. 1 For Pa>sage or Fteisht arplv ta the Caplaiu onboard, oral 1 the office of said Bo t, font of Ba-clay st i The above boat will leave Albany the alternate days, foot o< * Hamilton s<rert. an 6 r i new vukk and kino*'on ? eam freioht 1 and pab8ao< I +IK. For Kingston, and Pelawsrr and Hudson clhtw.r, ^ernisi?steamboats emerald and nor ^iflg-wich. The emerald, Captain John Krtrham, will leave New Vork foot of Murray stieet, every Monday and i'tiursduy at 5 1 o'c'ock P. M. t wi i leave Kingston (Rondout landing) every Wednesday < and saturday ar 3 o'clock, p. m j i iw i'v?? ivii( v/npinin rfimu nrinacnt win 'tflff new' of Many street, every Weduesaay and Saturday at i S o'clock, P. M. ' Willi are Kingston (Rondout landing) every Tuesday and F Friday at 3 o'clock, P. M 1 EXTRA TRIPS. The EMERALD will leave the fo?t of Murray street every 1 Pundy morning at 7 o'cl ck. Returning leaves Kingston at 1 1 o'' lock aain' day. I For freight or pnaaare apply on Koa?d. or to WILLIAMSON, BAhLOW ?, CO, > aJl lm*r '61 Wrr slr-et. 1 f'HALLENMK TO CttOLIUS ' THE Sixteen loot anil hoar '"TROUBLER" will |J**y aland ready to aail any distance, from ?o to '0 mi lei. JMMfaiigainit anyaail hoatever hu t by Wm. Crolius, from the lira day of June Uu'il tho firat day ol Auruat next, one montli a notice beirjx given,to sail two aeparate dai a for the ?um a of t '00, each day. 1 he aole object ia to teat the sailing qualities > of the boars. , N. B.?To aail without oars or tenders. C. L. INOERSOLL, a7 lm?ec 406 W?tr>r street. t .Mfl aia TO THE OWV'ER OF THE SkIL ' Qt Pg-CjBBOAT ' TUOUBLER "-The owner of , jMMJAJLlhe sni'boat 1Troubh r" having r dbived c tnree ehilleuvea trom boa's built by Wm. Croliu* within the t la-tiix months, and not ha* ng yet arcep'ed the same, it ia t presnmr d that ill l ubl ahog his eh;llengc to sail egainat any boat e?er built bv Crelius, hu mweii >g i 'agination has taken f a flight Irom the terra firtna of Water street to those mystic le- * glOLS? , " Where the mm by m my odds, c Obtains receipt* from living goi'i." Aa soon as convenient ..fter h he haa goi a few more of those receipts, and de?c< u'rd from that atrial innnufictoiy cf honois, it is hoped thai lie will c ndescend to notice some one of the i cha'lnigr-a already given him a thit"hi* so'* ohjr et of i?sl I ing ttie a'iling qua ities of the boats" may be obtained? 'ftar a which,if lis boasted" "I rouble" does not prove a sufficient i trouble to him by cap*izimi his eputat'on asshe ti * dene u henelf, he shall the nhave the opportunity upon his own terms, V ?()0 per day for two days, of again acting his vanuied name j fo'lowing in the wake of Wm. < rolius, at the lerpeciful rate ol three miles mi eighteen, as it did last spring. a|g-lm*m Mb FOR LIVERt OOL.-Regular packet of the*ih J9HPV April ?The ver> superior, fast sailing packet ship fluKhsBiDDONS, Captain Cobb, will positively sail as above. Having very superior accommodations for cabin,second cabin and steerage passengers, persons wishing to embark shonld maks early application, on board, font < f M<idcn Lane, or to . JOSEPH MeMlinHAV, 100 Pine at., cor. Sonih. 1 Parsons wishing to acncl for their Irieisda rending in the ' old country, con haye them bronght ont by the abntre ships, or any of the regular packets, by applying as above ; if by letter. postpaid. ?'<T (11.1) KHTAIII.IHHKII KM 111 It A N 1 ifMVSAOK OKKH;K.?l Smith street, New York-Reg MSflkwuUr Line of Packet*?The subscriber rnntmncs to bring ont iieriona from any part of Ureal Britain and Ireland, who may be engaged by their frieuda here, hy the regular (me of packet ships, tailing evev'y six days 'rom Liver|>ool. Person* sending tor their friendx, may rely that jntt rare will be taken to hat Ahem despatched without delay in Lirerpool.and will always endeavor to merit a continna ire of the pnblit parsonage which has so liberally bestowed for many years past: and llioae remitting money call have drafts payable at all the Banks and brioches throughout the United Kingdom. K or further particulars, apply f if hy letter, post lmidl to bP lowV hKHUMAN. ?i Hculh.t ALL 1 Hit KEUULAH PAt Klt l S?Steam snips strain boats, and other pasiengei vessels, carryiuk ggkMlbn ing "brands' Patent Life Boats," have the word " Patent" plainly stsmp'd or painted on the spfe f la-tfr "rJk kb KUH LON UOM-Kegslar Packet ol the lit m nXvYV. May ? The vrrv tup.nor last sailing packet shir 11 N ' JAMKS, C'sptain Rehor, will sail * above net regnlat day. Having very superior accommodations^ for cabm^second ca nuke early application ou 'io?rd foot o7 Maiden lane or'to""""" t JOSKPH McMUHhAY, IOC Pine atreet. corner of Stonrh atreet. Feraena vvialung to aend lot ihoir Irienda, can have them hronght out by the above alup, or any of the regular packrta, by ippllltHT <h,)V> ! hv I'l'er I'Ot-I'Hld. .21 r fiSt INKW IJ.NP. LlVr HI'OtIL I A< KK t ?lacaei 1 oSI^V?5 ii Aoril?The aplriidul f at aadn.g i>ac??l ah>r ' KKafa* DDONW, ( at tain f. B ('olib. will aan poainvely t aa ab.Vr. her reanlar day. Trie ahl| 1 of thia liu-are all t 00 toua hmthen, ai.d opw mU.aud 'heir aeeuinmo.latinna lor cabin, a?eond rabin ami aeernyr luvmert. it la well known, are j noerior to any other line ofpacket* I'hoae wiahiD* to aetnie I berthe ahonld uot fail to make early application on botrd. Or to | W. k J. T. TAPBCOTT, ***** 4) peck Slip cot Death at. w yo *i*r vnnT7" a ir itrr i n X UAH. 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V. a I .HA e'CH PA Via Ht,* AT SlUHT, without discount on *i' (I ''porta of Ka* and, Ireland and 4collaud, iu auiai ol Jit, <!l, at ii, to any amount, for tale at r? 8. J. HYLVKSTKR'8, '7 ?128tr n Wallatreei and IP' B"> ilwae "* f,H2Do.1N,BnoVVNl-TOUT-li , l??eu it /.rit OtiQo, I ft, i #Al >,?dit Brouu Stout. 23 do. eight dote a each, of piuu . Irown Siout, for tale by 0< ? WOODHULL k MINTURNH, h' *** r South eireeot. ' 4? RK f )RN1NG, APRIL 24, 184: 7try Important from Slim Sing.?Appolntm*nt of Agent and Keepers at Sing Sing State Prison?Sev. ral hundred disappointed applicants?Itcvolt of the Female Convicts?Prison Set on Fire?Sunday School Practices Kxposed-Monroe Ed. wards ? Further particulars of his attempted tCscape?Key to his defence on Trial, &c. By a Special Reporter from Sing Sing, we are nabled to present exclusively to our readers iinortant information, including the list of persons ,ppointe?l as Agent, Keeper, Deputies, &c. of the ling Sing State Prison, as agreed upon on Saturday, >y the newly-appointed Democratic Inspectors, ohn W. Edmonds, of this city, Thornton Nevin, if Newburgh.and Henry Romer and Isaac Birdsall, if Westchester. Thomas Baily, the whig incumient, whose term of office does not expire until the 6th of August next, took no part in the selection, lenry Hariis, who has been appointed in place of dr. Bailey, will not take his seat until the expirainn n( thp la ftp r tronlLmnn'a There were some dozen applicants tor Keeper and Igent, and some hundreds for the appointment of )epuiy Keeper and Guards. Those disappointed vill growl tor a few days, and those who have been uccessful will laugh al the downcast countenances f their recent opponents. Oc the announcement, he village of Sing Sing, that had been in a perfect erment for several days, became quiet, and the exectants who were unsucceBstul soon made tracks or other quarters. The following are the appointnents: ? For Aocnt. Michael Hodman, ot Herkimer. For ICkkfrr. Elam Lynda*, of Onondaga. For Piitiician. Andrew K., of Sing Sing. For Assistant Krepkrs. Ahner N. Bard?ley,ot Hudson. James W. Jackron, of Albany. Peter Tooper, ol Foughkaepaie. Joel Whitney, of Nawhurgh. William Brown, of do. Jnmi * Banks, of White Plains. John Mead, of do. Edward P. Agat.of Mount Pleasant, Henry D. Storm", of do Joseph R-qua, of do BurgherVan Horn, of do Jacob MotrosH, of do Thomas Cottard, of do Joseph L. Smith,o( Sing Sing, Nathan J. Green, of North Castle, James Weeks, ol New Castle, Jonathan Knapp, of New York, Benjamin Wood, of do U. Bloomer, of do James P. Martin, of Sullivan county, Alvah Colwell,of Putnam county?21. Messrs. John T. Yoe, Frederick W Worden, and John ^orahee have been retained for the present, they having icen recently appointed by the old Board. For Chaplain. John Lucky, re-appointed. Matron. Mrs. Isabella Bard, of Fing Sing. Assistant Matron. Mrs. Carpenter, ol New York, Mrs. Hammond, of Mount Pleasant. For Guards. i James Reed, of West Point, John Acknrt, Milton, Ulster co., 1 John Jenkins, of New York, jumcr Michaell, of Jo Christian B. BlanrhurJ.of New York, John Romeyn, of Yorktown, WarJ Acker, of Sing Sing, Philip Whitney,of Jo Elihu ScofielJ,of Jo Wrael Puwlt , of White Plains, George Banks, of Mount Pleasant, S'ennen Acker, of Jo Wm Hunt of do Benjamin Kum, of do John Angevine, of do William F. Yerkes, of Jo Thomas Hitchcock, of do Benjamin F. Brown, of do Mamucl Dingce, of do l Abraham Lee, of Pleasantrille, i Joseph Miller, of Peek?kill, I James Fanning, Canterbury, Orange co., , Emary Dingey, of Bedford?J8The agent, Michael Hoffman, was formerly a nember of Congress, canal commissioner, Arc., ' nd is considered an able financier, and every way I ualified for the station. Mr. Lyndes, the keeper, 1 ras appointed in charge of the prison at its first es ' ablishment, and brought one hundred prisoners 1 rom Auburn to aid in its construction. He is conidered the father of the penitentiary system of this >ta es. and is so noticed bv the French Prison Com- 1 nissioners, who visited this country a few years I ince to examine into our prison system. He is a igid disciplinarian, and eminently qualified for the tation to which he has been appointed. Mrs. Bard, lie newly appointed matron, was formerly .in charge if the Female Department, and removed only a year ince by the whig inspectors, notwithstanding the bjections of Gov. Seward, and also a severe phil ppic in the American newspaper published at that ime. Considering the multiplicity of candidates and the laims that every man appeared to have upon the jelings of the inspectors, the other appointments I ... ?r?... ? 1 ? u IC Willi ?ci y irw r*cc(niuil!i, aa fjUOU COUIU UC rade under the circumstances. The condition of the prison and the lack of proper 1 iscipline has been made fully apparent to the Inpectora during their short administration, and the ' rcent escape of the female convict Ann Foster, has een found, on investigation, to be attributed solely ! n the negligence on the part ol the matrons. A fe laleconnected with the prison has been found to e enriente by one of the Guards, and other ex- ] osures no doubt wilj follow as time gives oppor ' unity for investigation. The whole amount of J i?n"y deposited in the State treasury, being about 180,000, placed there through the economy and ! roper management of the Tormer democratic inpectors, has been drawn for the support of the in- ' titution since the Seward inspectors came into ! ower.thus compelling the State to be taxed in future or its support unless the present Inspectors can retore it to its former prosperity. Among other disclosures made by the newly apiointed inspectors, was the following, which acounts tully for the unknown manner that commu- ! lications have been imparted to the convicts for the ast several months. It appears that through the ] nfluence of certain philanthropists, who supposed , hey were adding to the future happiness of the conicts, a Sunday school was established S'tne years ' ince, which in due course of time has been per- , erted by the ingenious minds of the prisoners to ommunication of evil and concert of action among 1 tem The new inspectors, apprehending that this f tas the opportunity seized for these cominunicaons, took measures on Sunday last to discover it, [ nd thus obtained a knowledge of the system by 'hich the whole matter has been managed. The r onviels are arranged into classes in the Sunday f hool, and an intelligent prisoner has recently ^ een selected to act as a mi nttor Among others laced in this situation was a notorious, shrewd, ;heming, calculating woman, who had been sent urn this city lor numerous oflences, and whose H me had nearly expirt d. She has presided over one v I the classes of female convicts for several months, nd in the course of giving instruction in the Bible, 0 y rending; in company with her claw, she was * card to proceed nearly as follows, trom the 15;h hapter of Exodus, beginning at the hist verse :? 1 "1 Then sang Mmpj and the children of larael this >ng unto the Lord, and spake saying," (girl*, ray time i< itthclftthof next mouth,) "I w 11 aing unta the Lord" ( am agoing to keep a house in Anthony straet,) "for he v nth triumphed gloriously;" (the furniture ia already c ired, and) "the horie and hi* rider hath he thrown into a le sea." "2. The Lord is my strength and song, and" (the room* e all first rate and the bed and board will be comtort- ) >le.) "and he is become my salvation;" (the price of iard will be cheap,) "he ia my Ood, and (there will be , enty ot fellows there with the chink I "I will prepare n im an habitation; my fathers (Jod and 1" (know that n rary girl that comes there will do first rate,) "will emit ? m. ' | "3 The Lord is a man of war"?(a* soon as any of you 0 imp out, come to my house right straight.) "The Lord |, his name." This system has been practised by these tutors for * length of time, and it is supposed that Monroe 11 dwards, who is a monitor, communicated his I' an ill pvpniis In 11.4VIS. who is in his SniiHh v or-honl * H88, in something like the following manner, ? hile resiling from tlie fourth chapter of Keve- ti itions, commencing from the first verse:? h "I. After this I looked, and behold, a door wm opened w heaven Bnd the first voire which I heard was,as it were, trumpet talking with me, which said, come up hither'' h leep h close watch until you are me come out of the 1' locmaker's shop) "and I will" (then dodge into the car- o nter'a shop) "and show thee things which must be here- u t.T." r "X. And immediately I was In (he spirit," (and as soon 1 11 hare bad time to get into tbe hot you giro the alarm ' a man overboard) " nud behold a throne was set in eaten and one aat on the throne." I And he that aat waa to look upon like a .jasper and s t IKRA I. sardine stone'' (vou then point to the river and say there's where he jumped off) "and there was a rainbow round about tha throne, in sight like unto au cm raid " "4 And round about the throne were lour and twenty seats;" (Shortwell will leave my rap on the string piece with a letter in it) "and upon the seats I saw lour mid twenty elders sitting, clothed in white raiment" (and when they run down you pick the cap up ami say it is mine) "and they hail on their heads crowns ol gold " "6. Anu out of the throne proceeded lightnings ami thunderings and voices" (srnl as soon as the alarm ta ll is rung you tell tho keepets you saw me godovvu under water) ' ami there were seven lamps ol ti e burning before the throne which were the seven spirits of Uod " (And stickto it if they undertake to whip you to tell the tiutb, and I will give yon g 10,000 il I get clear) " 0. And hsfora the throne there was a sea of glass like unto crystal" (yau do this for me and I will have you out if it costs $4,000), " and in the midst of the throne" (I will give you $5,000 more as soon as you come out) " and round about the throne" (and no mistake, I assure you) " and there ware lour beasts full of eyes before and behind." to t >i ; ii? i lit itraiminero ui ihp cimivicih wrrr uhmmy given while reading to the tutor in the following manner:? 7." Ami the first beast was like a lion" (I'll do it. certain sure), " and the second beast like a call" (but 1 hope you won't deceive me) " and th" third beast had a luce as a man" (as I Know I shall be licked to be nude to tell) "and the fourth beast was like a flying eagle." From ihis examp'e, or specimen of the manner ot conversation, it is plain to he seen that almost a perfect concert of action could be got up by the convicts throughout the whole prison. The present Inspectors li.ive therelore wisely decided to either abolish the school entirely, or prevent any of Unconvicts from acting in the capacity of tutors. The safety of the prison demands it, but we understand that several of the crazy (so called) " philanthropists" of this funny age, went to Sing Sing yesterday to endeavor to interfere in the decision ol the Inspectors. They will find determined men prepared to resist all uncalled for interference in the discharge of their public duties. A scene took place on Saturday morning in the female prison that not only evidenced the lack of proper discipline, but for a few minutes resembled in an extended degree, "Mitchell's Revolt of the Poor House " On concluding the appointments the Inspectors proceeded to the Female Prison foi the purpose of gtving some instructions previous to leaving tor tit" week, when they found all the eeventv-six convicts up in arms and ready for a fray.? John W Edmonds, one of the Inspectors, ordeied them to their cells, hut they refused to budge. He then ordered the Matron, Mrs Clark, who had just been removed f rom office, to direct the convicts to be cpiiet and attend to their proper duties. This was not promptly complied with,as Mrs Clark considered herself removed and without power, hut after some difficulty and a sharp spat between lnspectcr Edmonds and ex-Matr<ui ("lark, order was restored, and Mrs. Hard, the new Matron, placed in her newly elected station. At the hour of twelve, when the female convicts are usually ordered to their colls to receive dinner, it was discovered that the prison in which they were confined had been set on fire, and the flames I nun actually prngressen 10 sn ai rming extent, ny the extraordinary exertion of the persons within the prison limits, including some of the Guard, the fire was extinguished. This attempt was made with tlie hope that the alarm would create confusion, which combined with the laxity of feeling of the turned out-keepers, might offer an opportunity for some of the inmates to esca|>e Everything was quiet when our reporter left yesterday. The new keepers, generally, will not take charge of the institution until the first of May. In an investigation by the Inspectors as to the manner that Monroe Edwards attempted hisescai*, Fayette W. Davis, the convict who gave the alarm that Edwards had drowned himself, stated that Shortwell, the agent in the bootmaker's shop where Edwards was engaged, told |hun that he intended to prepare the shelf in the box where Edwards was found, and also prompted liimtogoto the wharf, and give the false alarm of a man overboard in order to aid Edwards in his escape That Shortwell had promised to give him $4,000 if Edwards succeeded in getting awav, and Edwards himself had agreed to give $10,000 if he accomplished his purpose through the aid of Davis. He also informed th-? Ins|>ectorB that a short time previous to the attempt of Edwards to hide himself, he saw i?hortwe|| come out of the workshop with the cap of Edwards under his coat, and the inference therefore is, thai Shortwell lumselt placed the cap on the string piece of the wharf , where it was found with the letter deposited therein. We have also recently obtained copies of the following original letters written by Edwards while in prison in this city. They evince great ingenuity and cuuning, and are a perfect key to many of the movements made by him during his trials in this city. At the time of the examination of the cell of Edwards, after the disclosures relative to his attempted escape from the City Prison were made, Mr. Deputy Keeper Homan found in his possession a number of papers, and among ihe rest the following letter which, from the peculiar object intended, re quires a short explanation. The letter WU written most probably by some one of Edwards' accom plices, with black ink (not in pencil, as was customary with hint), and in a disguised hand. The superscription was first written ? M O O New Tork." And the word " Miss" on the inside. Thus prepared, it was placed in the Post-office of this city, and after receiving the post mark, was taken out by an accomplice of Edwards, and delivered to him in his cell. He then, in blue ink (probably not having any other in his cell) added ihe etters " iss" to " M" on the superscription, making ' Miss," and to the other initials the full name of r?ne of the most fashionable and wealthy young adies of this city, placing her residence in the space between the namp and the words " New York" written below The name was also added to the word "Miss" on the inside ol the letter. He ihen cut two pieces of pa|>er sufficiently arge to cover the name and residence on the utperscription and the name on the inside eaving the word "Miss" exposed in both cases, tnd pasted it over them with a wafer The object fall this preparation has since been discovered to ~>e to create a prejudice in the minds ol his counsel, Messrs. Marshall, Crittenden, Edmonds, Emmett, fee against Oliver M. Lowndes, E-q , and Recorder Vanx, of Puiladelphia, they being the principal witnesses against him; antl e Iso to impress his counsel with a belief that he could command lunds by such means if he desired. Previous to showing the letter to his counsel, he informed them that these gentleman had become possessed of a number of his private letters, from which they had ascertained his intrigue with the young lady to whom this letter was addressed, and as the initials were 'L M. O being those of Oliver M Lowndes rrrersed, there was no doubt that he (Lowndes) had esorted to this base trick, to make money out ol ii? misfortune, and those who had become unfortulately connected with him in his days of prosjierity; ie very cunningly relused to show his counsel the mmc of the young lady in the letter, it being cover d with whit? paper; for, il shown, the trick would I ho?'n it u fhpv prill IH tfw>n hn vs nntn*. I liatdy ascertained whether slit* had received hiicIi i letter through the poet office, as falsely alleged bv idwads, and which he then said she had rent him ih soon as obtained. This bait partially took, us it vill be remembered by those who wi re present on he trial, that Justice Lowndes was charged by the ounsel ot Edw*rds with keeping possession nl prirate letters belonging to their client, which he ought ohave <|eliv?red up Mr. Lowndes was questioned y ike District Attorney as to me fact, and he after vards showed the counsel of Ed wards the letter, as ;iven below. The imHals ol the letter having been iriKinully written in blink ink; and the tilling up vith/>'ur. showed conclusively, with the other facts nmbmed, that the object in writing it was as is ibove stated. Here is the letter New York, 30th May, 1942. -1 i?R The writer ha* under In* control several letters of ours to the notorious Col. Rdwards, written in the sum aer ot 1S40 They c m- in'o my pntsesiion by the per nnsion ol the Re<-oidsrol Philadelphia, and in order to avc the feeling* of voorsell and family 1 have concluded it allow yon to have thrm on condition of the payment f $1000 II these letters are given to the nubile what efact will they haveon you, no one can doubt. I make mt demand thus moderate out of r?*nect to you, nd to enable you to meet it without applying to your ither whine known wealth would induce b>m at ence to ay five yes ten thomand dollar* in a moment rather than utter the exposure ot hi* daughter'* letter to an infamou* lan. You will *ee the delir.HCy of my motive - I w ish to >?/?? """ i"'" m it iui iuiihu- i iirunmtinct' thai the Ml pra have fallen into auch hand* for any one flap would ave gone to \ our father at once and not have negotiated nth yoiiraell for their poaacasion. My deat lady, you muataee the rock you itand on you ave it now in y our power to avoid the tall and I no? lace it in vout power by th? payment of the rmall aun> f % 1000 I will meet you at any time and place you m?i iamc lor the | ur^o*-1 of handing y ou the aaiil letter" ii|"" eceiving the money. Addreaa me thioughthe Poa' Ch Ice to L. M. O The following ie the first letter, wriiten in pencil nark, sent by Edwarde to his eu|ipooed accomplice, ifter the firat trial, i>ointing out the means and man LD. Wwm Cent*. ner of his intended encase It w illbe seen Th^7h7a preparations were well lanl out lor burcr-e _ * IS Sept 41 Dr Some circumafnnces have occurred lalelv that would have induced a leas credulous m in (bun tin ielf to suppose that yon miight have been the cause ol the late chanqeot ties-m-nt toward* me It i haul however lor me to believe that any m?n who has been to me a* j on have been, would go so far a< to seek the confidence of one in my ai (nation in order to betray it You say you are ilill my r.end Si h* an evidence that I place confidence in your profession, I proceed to make of you a request, inch ai I could only da irom one that I consider a fro nd, It if you comply do so ut once for it ii essential that no tim? b? lost First buy a file inch a one as Blacksmith generally uw to file iron, one side oval one aide flat Ii (he edges sharp. Any smith will tell you the name of that |>articular kind ol file. 1 also send vnn hspi.ii.itS I. mn.lslni ? ,i?.n !>.* r want made. The model ii intended more to denote the size St length of the drill than oiherwue but any smith will take the idea, the piece of paper enclosed with 4 ho e* ia a model u* to size of a piece of Iron far the drill to work in, let it fie made exactly the size oi the paper Si J of an inch thick It hardened. When yon get thu go at once to a imith shop you can huy a tile of him u ntiu ona k in W minute* he can make the drill, wait until it ia don' k take th> m with you if you order the thing made St go oil it will probably be forgot, hence you had better nay and ace it mule. Thedrill i* to bore iron St must he hard I want to make a hole about the *ize of y r tittle linger St it tnusf mil he made longer than the model or it will not answer. Then I want about two yard* ol (trong cat gut about the sua of twine with which quills are tied St a Hickory stick ai.out the size cf y r finger one that will bend St such a one as t ou will huy from a ratio boy or at a shop lor a shilling. That completes my wanta at present, these things will all not coat orer a dollar 8t as I cant very well inalose two halves that I have, in this letter, I must ask you to advance that targe sum untill you call, now these things arc important to me * * * St if your are disposed to befriend me do it on the inst for delay is dangerous. I should hare defrred this request until you called on Wednesday, but I cant loose the time St I wish you to bring the articles then. The file you ran stick in y r bosom the cane in y r hand, k the drill the top place St cat gut you had batter wrap up and put them in \ r hat, & when you put your hat on tlio table I will manage to get them out even tho Mr P ia looking on The file you can slip out St drop ia the cot, tinperceived, St the cane you can lorget when you leave. It is needless for me to make anv promise to you, it the past dose not entitle me to this small ierv ace the future cannot I shall expect to see you pottively on Wednesday by 4 OCIock St let me hope you will not omit to provide the articles 8t bring them with you, dont come and tell me that you did not have a dollar lor to pay forthem yr txtra ring will command it, if need he until y ou see me, I wiill are the cash ready when you come. 'I he drill should hare a piece ol wood on it for the stiing to wotk upon, hut tho smith w ill fix it right lar you and have it made as light as possible to answer the purpose Dont hring a part of the things for if any otic is omitted the whole are melt is Yoa mar tel the smith thedrill is in*ended to bore in very hard alone, to make a hole the size of yr little finger Si IJ inch deep Thi* will give him the idea ami he can make it accordingly hut it mttBt not fie longer than the model I send you. Here in fail not as you hope for peace in this world It salvation in the next N 1* S Since writing the foregoing I have procured a dollar hill which is enclosed to fprevent the possibility of failure. Tell the smith thnt thedrill is to be used with a how k [ string & not in a brace Sijdo bring the thing* when you Call to morrow. Nnrr Can. The following is the second letter, by which it will tie sern he says that Tatt, the carpenter, had been selected to aid hint in his est ape, wni'.e passing Irom the City Prison to the Court ol Oyer and Terminer, as he was then allowed the privilege of walking up Kim street through the Bath 011 Chambers street and back, each day. 33d Sept. 1843. Dr I have learned that you were retimed admittance and of course I am satisfied that yr absence ws? no* caused by yrown wish. Y"U have as.uied me that you were my friend and in my hour of rtlremi'y to call on you. That hour ha* anlved & if this requei' fails I make uo other in tliiM world. Ttii* will be bunded to ycu by an elderly man named Tuft, I have told him you are wy ntphrw St dont undeceive him on ttii* point- tie baa apian suggested to me long ago, by which my liberty csn be easily attained with the co-operation ol one confidential person I did expect my married lister but she h?i been taken sic't in Virginia and cannot be here in lime and 1 did inte-id for her to operate w ith Mr Tuft, all that I ihall ask ol yon can be easily done Ic with a little energy all will be well, Mr T's plan ia to make a false door to a privy at some House be h is in view k when I past it going to Court with the officer* I am to tain sudden diareor fc. ask to go to the temple?fasten the door, I open the other door that leads back to where a cab or cart must be in watting for me Si thna have tune to drive off before the offices are aware of it, Mr Ts plan was to have a cole cart Si to have me put on a ole heavers frock, but in that case it would require one or more confidant! and that I wish to dispence with, you and he are all that need know any thing about it. He is a mechanic Si can tlx the door and you can provide scab ut the time agreed on Si U & I can then drive where we list the cab man need know nothing of the matter. You hire him by the hour and station him at tha place required nnd by providing a long morning wtapper lor me to throw over my clothe* Si yr old cap Si a hilkl or 3 round my face a la invalid the d 1 himseit wouldnt know me. I have the most indubitable evidence of the go ad faith of Mr T k h s refusal to confer with any one but a near relation ol my own on this subject is an evidence ot hi* cau'ion. II > ou will do \ r part us laithlully as he will do his there Is no douht of success I have promised Mr T . (I ,000 if we sneered Si as certain as I live he shall have it as to yr self faithfully perform the servaco tor me and if you wish it you may command my life. I wish you to assure Mr T that he will be certain ef the ft,000 if wa succeed I know that you are prone to confide in others hut as you value life 1 beg you will not breath to mortal ear any thing ol this matter there ia a life a soul at staka. Throw orf yr luxurious habits tar one short week and put yr shoulder to the wheel for once, * little en. rgy tnd all is dene. You had better arrange some piece ol meeting Mr T, conter w ith him freely on this sut ject and he sure you understand each other. The thing must ha st I tendi <i te at one* for on tieSt Tuesday morning I expect to go out to Court go and see the pl. ee proposed And out and see all about it St write me immediately k fully, ttaejr will not let you see mo now and you need not be afraid to write. I do not now keep any letter longer than read it St I cannot get the needful intelligence any other war take the letter to Mr. "" St he will bring it to ire. You mtiat give up every thing till this is done St ri member I am on thorns til I hear from ynti I must be advised af the exact location of the House St all particulars k as I shall know Mr. T. the moment 1 see him it will be as well to arrange for him to be at the doer on the street k yon remain hack thus when I enter and ssk to be be shown to the temple he as an aparent stranger can show it to me It when I step through \ on will be there to receive me It wejump in the cab tinil are o. p. h. If this thing succeed* I will take this old man to my heart It love him with tho devotion of a son It now my dr lellow let meconjure you to fulfil rtiose oft repented St ardent assurances of devotion. I'here is no one more than myself who de?lres to have a good opinion of my fellow man St tho I hope all are not traitors jat as yon know my experience has bv>n inost bitter It is hard to reflect that tho I have ever been ready to throw my purse or risk my lite tor others yet In my extremity I find it difficult to find one who will even devote a few hours and a little attention w hers my more than life is at a stake. My relation to you in times past were such as to induce to believe that I had one friend on whom I could rely under any circumstance* k as I have oft given the most unhoanded evidence of confidence I hope tor yr sake it not for mine you will honoiably reciprocate the triiat Ood knows th.-servace I n-k 01 j on is in itself a trifling one but to me it is everything I would perform such a service for any unlortuiiate man, What would I not do lor a friend, you voluntarily assurt d me of yr desire to serve, I accept yon oft as freely hi if it was given fc us vnti have eveiything to lose and nothiug to gem '.y refusu g to tulfil yr ptomise, I rely with the most implicit ot yr performance, On this occasion brmth to no mortal. ar except Vic T. any thu g of this y r own experience should tell you how dangeious it is to confide to anothri besides it is foolish unless necessary. N. The following letter, it appears, was sent by Taft, uic corpeuier, 10 me accomplice ?d Sept. DR "* Tho enclosed was writsn with the intention of sending to >011 hjr the person therein ruined but I think it best to send y ou to k m In the open note enrlosed I in. trodtire yon tu my Niphew and so you must appear to him if there la a man on earth to be trusted be i? that man and unless hethaught you my relation he probably would not act with yon. This is my jorlnm hop* and I hope in goda name you will exert y ruell in my behalf now I tear this will not reach von till you go home to night in that case rise tarly 111 the morning and goto aeeMrTfor ha ia a man ol iinluiti lous habits and will be out long be ore yr usual time ol getting up dont neglect this tor tis immenrely important for to see him early to morrow if 10U get this in time ge to him lor tl ere is not a mon ent re be lost tho there is littieto be done tka liitle should to* well done. To morrow ns so.>n at you have seen Mr T write me at oncetake yr leiter down o Mr * and request ii is mediate dilevery it is necessary for me io hear rum y on, 10 answer andheartrom you sgain before Saturday night, hence to action just devote a tew day a to this thing and all goes well k surely aayouhaee nothing tud? you can leave off yr pleasure for a lew tint ? when mi more than life is at atnke you can manage thi? thi'g ' cuiniulljr it you will k in less than r fortnight we will tie 111 1 own with a pocket <ul ol racks lolfh my hopes k expectation ol you 81 you may command my lite After you get this loose not a moment n -e. i.U Mr I' k then write me rm stantly. rtcolltcl Monday is f ourt k Tue vi'r T will ha the day for action, In vr interconne cth M r T if you like take the name of lieai I. but be hat as< you ike Mr T is an old laabioned mn k tt, re or the tnore to ie trtis id ka i.a Mechaoick kth-ie m -lodoaMofhs ...1,1 faith his eantioi 1 .1 rood evidencet! ihatfchewill >ot < onf>T with von nnlesa he (hi: Ua you try near vela* jn beat this in rmnd (font fui e t it for the anawer ol any lettera irom yon fo mo yon had better call at Mr * office >r if aenttoyr lodging* it ntigh fall into other hands but tct quickly in thia huaineaa k reaien bcr, I am in H I til I iear from you On this occaaion dont confide in ary one hut Mr T for my more than life u at (take, atand by me ol,| el low k Hiobaril will he himaelf again a little energy k a few hour a a'tention ia all I aak Ik aitrely you will do thia much lor me at any rate adviac my immediately *ug.

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