Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 24, 1843, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 24, 1843 Page 3
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(JO? A FEAST ' A KEA8T !?TOM BURKE OF OtrRS.?The May part received in advance ia now published at 30 Ann atreet, in the New World Supplement, No. 4. together with the April parta ol the following splendid novel*:? Martin Chuztlewit?By B07.?his beat work. J? Treasure Trove?By S. Lover. ? Loitering* of Arthur 0'L*#rv?By C. Lover. * Windsor Caatle?Bv W. H. Ainaworth. ^ All these five splendid aeriala for 1-2) centa only?juat the hook atore price of each ?eparatelv- Subacriptlon price $1 a year. Apply at 30 Ann atreet. Lady I see thv narian brow, Marred hy invading hair; Ami darkling o'erthy tempting lip, The same deapoiler there lat" UOUKAUD'S FAR KAMKD POUUKK lUB l'lLr. eradicates, completely, safelv, and permanently, til such unsightly appendage*, whether on the Intellectual brow, the upper lip, sides of the face, anna, back of neck, or eyen the more ituhhom beard of man, if used in accordance with directlona. Teated before purchaaed. if wished. To be had in New York only at the original office 67 Walker afreet, one door from Broadway. $1 per bottle. Beware of apurioua imitation!. One door from the corner ia the atore. flfT- WHAT A VAOAZINE OF HEALTH IB COMprehended in Petera' Vegetable Pilla. Medicated Lozenges and Vegetable Plaster Thev are amone the very few remediea known as patent medicines that have been recognised and endorsed by the most eminent pro*essors ol medical science in this country, England, and France. The bills were the result of vears of research directed solely to the selection of the medicinal productions of the veeretahie kingdom: and when the herbs and roots from which the extracts that compose them were selected, vears were consumed in obtaining and combining th' sp extracts. Our wonder at the almost miraculous effects produced by these pills is dimenished, thrrekiro. when we reflect that the labor of half a life was expended in bringiag them to perfection. But let the siek rsjoice?they are perfect. All Dr. Peters' preparations have been compounded with infinite care and under the enlightened supervision of science; It is no wander therefore that they are as far superior to the quack nostrums of the day. as the genuine coin of the realm is to the basest counterfeit. Office 125 Fulton corner Nassau at. flf?- PROFESSOR VELPEAU'g CELEBRATED Pills are guaranteed to cure all cases ol gonorrhoea, gleet, o' any unpleasant dischargeifrom the urethra in a shorter time, and s 'fer than any remedy at present known. Since their introduction into this country by the New York College of Medicine and Pharmacy more than a thousand boxes haye been sold, and the College defies a single instance of failure to he shown. Professor Velpean, the celebrated disct^yerer of this spe ciflc, after an experience of twenty years in the hospitals of Paris, asserts that these pills are the only remedy that has been known never to fail in effecting a cure. Sold in imxruo' one nunoron puis nt *1, at the Principal oHice and consulting rooms of the Collego <" 97 Nassau street, Npw York. ?' W. 8. RICHARDSON. Agent. MOIVEY MARKET. Snitilny, April 33?B P. HI. The stork market on Saturday evinced a degree of activity and buoyancy to which it has long been n stranger. Price* of almost all descriptions rose rapidly, and there is every indication of a season of great speculation at hand. The following will show the progress of the stock market through the week :? Price *Aj>ril 15 Jlpril '9. Jlpril ">1 IT n<t'd Prates, r. !?? > msV tin; New York 7 into nuV liwv inc. ' ? tap? ioi^ imw IMV " 5 1MB 91 951{ 91*i Kentucky S 19*0 (hi ?' 9? Ohio 0 1900 *7V fWV 79V Jl'innii 6 1170 2914 21\ 81V Harlem 17 IS 90 \ Average, 75*4 79*4 Here is an average rise of 5 per cent In ono week in light stork?.and with the rise in prices business increases. The animation attracts buyers. The public mind seems to he past recovering from the depression under which it has been laboring, and as is usually the case, inclined to go to the other extreme. Already stories are gravely circulating of the most improbable nature of large 'fortunes suddenly acquired by the rise of government loan. Persona known to have been penny less 90 days since, are represented to have made (50,000 by the rise, when a little reSection would show that to do so would have required to "carry " (alto,000, which are still to be realize 1. All these stories are indicative of the state of affairs. People are now prone,as in former years,to put the bast construction n thing*, and the representations of financiers obtain some credit; even the self contradictory and absurd talk of the Ohio agents are listened to with gravity. This disposition is fed with money from the Bank* which have no other employment for the funds accumulating in their vaults, and erery thing tends to excite speculation. The late news from Europe has given the impulse to thisstateof thing*. We described in an article of last week the progress of event* which ha* led ta the immense accumulation of money both here and in Europe, and the fall of the rate of interest to exceedingly low rates, while, by a singular anomaly, prices have also been (ailing. Every packet from England has added to the specie in the vault* of the Banks notwithstanding the continual fall in the great American staples. The late accounts from England bring indications that the plenteousness of money has. at last, produced its u*ual result. Specula, tion in stocks and cotton h's started, and prices of all other products will follow ; *a rise of 1 dper lb. in cotton, as seems now not improbable, will make a difference of about I $7 per bale, amounting on the stocks here and in Liverpool. in transitu and to come forward, to over $7,000,000 additional specie to come to this country ; a rise in tobacco, and other articles, will swell the quantity of import*, j and their valne from thi* conr.try to a difference, alto- , gether, ofriiing $1-2,000,000 Thi* money will but slowly i find its way into the channels of trade, because the bank* 1 which were the great anawering spring hero to inflation ( In England, have been broken down. The farmers cannot ] buy goods snd mn in debt for this money in antici" pation. They must wait until it is realixed.? 1 The return trade will then grow gradually. While ' this operation is going on, very large sums will remain I Idle in the hands of the Banks. so happens, by 1 natural consequences of the events of the past few years, that all the large moneyed houspa, whose influence con. i trolf these hanks and gives direction to their action, have \ become full of atocka of all kind* at low prices. Hence , by encouraging the present feeling, and feeding it I through the movement of the banks, in loaning freely ' upon stocks, a great rise in stock* will ensue, which will place fortuues in their handa. This movement if greatly t,,. H,n r,?i <V.? .U - - .1 tm England, hai smothered a great ileal of the feeling'against all American atocka, and thoie like New York and Mailachnietti, which are undoubted, are again coming into favor. That will relieve thii market of large *umi, and carry up thoie of othen here leat known there. The event ia fraught, however, with fearful reiulta to the Kngliah paper system. For actual investment, the sales have not been large here, but aro increasing. Those stocks bearing high ra**s of interest have been chiefly purchased, because the investments are temporary ; but the stocks bearing low interest are now in demand for permanent invest- j ment. The result of investments'is nearly as follows Amount ofprinci 1 pal <f- inte,t if re- Received ! deemed at ma- for Si in- ] Price, turity. veiled. NewYeik, 6 I860 106 206 196 ' 5 1859 OS 1*0 1 07 1 " 4X 1869 88 172 1 93 I The 4} per cents return a better profit, by two to three per cent, for the same perloil of years, than of either of tha higher ratea. The following is a return of the Banks of Ohio to the 81 at of March Banks or Ohio Jan. and March 31, 1843. January, March 31. ? , iv'/" ""d Nntee and Namet of Hanks. hi It dit'd. Specie, hills dis'd. Specie Bei.kot Ueaugi, S136.I8<I $10,880 $'34,778 $10,883 Commerl Bk of f^inn. 1,606 778 42 206 1,017 8 4 '8 26 Bank of Norwa'k, '73,601 50 682 175,159 31,61' Bank of Wooa'er, 329 917 77.011 310 969 80.413 Bank of Munition, 723.690 4 0 821 24 ? 851 44,0'2 Cbn on R* of Colum'i, 465 818 116.712 527 610 21* 691 RankofX-nia, I'5.957 31 741 135,470 46,461 Bank of Circlev lis, 337,079 49 174 310.421 46.531 Bank of Bani'iukv, 189,l"5 50 672 190 686 48 168 I Lalayett BkifCinn., 906,251 52 212 835 506 61,558 $3,897,513 $524,196 $3,929,374 161', 726 Names iif Hanks. Cirrula'n. D-p. Cireula'n. Dep. Bandora-'-ua, $15,691 $16,817 $I4.99| $'l,:i98 Commer'l Bk of Cinn., 58 346 202,34 0 50,895 260,54? 1 Rank of No.walk, 22,,.75 56,07 1 22,217 66,445 BankofWooater, 280,591 37,367 29 211 27,319 Bank of Maaaillon, 159 550 56.046 174,665 31,148 Clinton Pk of Colura's, 297 959 I88.4H 363,460 228,256 , Bank of X nil. 97.257 67 867 ?4,5 8 56,172 1 Bank of Cix leville, 171.299 58.785 168 811 40 446 ' Bank of Randntkv. 180 346 35,108 179,808 22,008 Lafayette Bk of Cinn., 66 276 109.790 70,138 5 \359 #1,330,143 #74B,679 Theae are the bank * left in Ohio to commence the bn?i- ^ ne?? #f the year. We may compare their aggregate* with thoie of the bank* in operation at the aarne period j laat year, aa follow* . . 1842. I8?3. Jati'y March. Jan%u. March Loam, 4.201,403 4,607 213 3 892 333 3,0 9 374 Specie, .182,3'# 330,993 324,096 #30,720 Clrcnlatiou, 1,214 449 889 237 1,330,143 1.431,7 7 Drpotilea, !,##?,073 1,14 1 368 748.679 80 3 247 The line of di*count*and depoaite* is much lower thi* year than laat,in the aggregate, but ia much larger for the rreppctive bank*. The circulation now i* nearly double in ten bank*, what it was laat year in eighteen. The immediate mean* of thabank* now are. . .#1,1*3,728 " Liabilitiea a,760,4-34 Eiceaa liabilitiea #1,64)1,690 Thoatate of exchange* and poiition of trade ia auch at to give these bank* wida acope for evil. We yeaterday gave from the report of the Comml*. aionera of the Canal Fund, a table of the tall* paid on each article on the canal* for four year*. We will now nnst a tahla of the miantitina and value of all article* I transported on 'all the cauals, for 1841 and 1842, as tolIswi Dsst.HirTioN. Quantity and Value of all thk Profemtt ClUSID at all thk CoLI k< i0b?' OfKICF.I on the New vim State Canals in ISM and 1842 Jlrtich a Estim'd raDeecriptiim. Ine of each The For ft. Quanfy^ article. quantity Value. Knr Mid ne'trv lhs, 6,068.000 $7,463 355 $2,568 000 $2,561,669 Product of Wood. B? rda k Bcantinfr, fret- 209,134,200 2,316,345 178 678,200 1 687,409 Shinties, M 54,526 158,693 51.801 126 087 Timber, cubic ft, 4,021,660 302,238 1 521,2(0 110,617 I, 121,708.000 565 506 59,086 000 201,642 Wood, cords, 48 240 124,406 44 6 8 96,913 Ashes, barrels, 37,681 910 559 49,636 1,173,882 Total of the forest. 11,841103 5,957,219 Agriculture Product of Animals? Pork, uarrels, 113,810 1,423.117 100 060 754 389 Beet, do 21,153 154 755 97.133 157 621 ?_heese. pnards. 15.458 O^O 924, 66 19 574,000 1 046,737 B'it'er 81 lard, do, 18,660,00(1 1 982 872 18,964.100 1,881131 Wool, do, 4,490,000 1,659,511 4,312,000 1,168,628 Prod't of animals 6 )44 521 5.008.506 e egeranii jood. F'our, harrelr, 1,911.768 10.478.416 1915,829 7,914 361 Wheat, tushe'f, 3,083,300 3,373,451 2,689.200 2,298.897 Rye, do, 22 320 13,260 32,323 17 821 Torn, do. 267.900 14M83 369/94 152,273 Ba'ley, do, 378 200 192 867 491,920 186 661 O hergnin, do, 569,000 259,214 916,480 276,982 Bran -nd ahip tluffj. do, 940 900 1"7 4I8 1,973 600 154.092 Paai and b< am,do, 46 883 41.364 31 700 24,343 Po'atooa, do, 61,"60 9 803 34,810 0.622 Dried fiuit, Iba, 1,156.000 67 469 1,8%,000 90,328 Vegetable lood, 11,687,745 11,122.381 Ml other Jluricultural products. Cotton, pouada, 3,760,000 389,870 2.611.000 244.913 Tobacco, do, 2,144.000 261,846 2,214,000 268,354 Clover and grass >eed, do. 3.806,000 292,416 2.854/01 172.940 Flaxseed,do. 1,864.000 48 <82 2,6'fl.OOO 4 5 899 llops, do, 450,000 76,733 8111,000 91.854 All other Agricultural products, 1/69 417 856,956 Total Agriculture, 21,901,713 16.987,843 Manufactures. Dom apirita, gall, 2.188,400 600.498 791,200 136.412 l.eather, ponnda, 2,424,04)0 537,479 2,270 000 4 83.101 Furniture, do. 12,942,00,1 1,423,454 16,866 000 1,746 313 B?r& pig lead, do, 591.000 39,796 I .968,000 .95.836 11,060,000 298.367 14,628.000 221,890 Iron ware, do, 12.196,000 571,839 0,204 000 317,414 Dom. wool'us. do, 4186,000 1115,631 576 000 5 0,675 Dom. cottnua, do, 1,368 000 475.704 1,442,000 419,213 Sa't, birrela, 632.227 708.817 481,366 414,135 Total manure's, 5,422,615 4,435,289 JVerc/iandije.lbs, 282,108 000 50,134.320 202,892,000 30,042,153 Other Jlrticles. Stone, lime and cliqr, i oui ds. 263620,000 470,571 96 220.000 177,217 Gvpmm, do, 61,772.000 101.79 2 47,750.0(0 83.315 Mineril coal,do, 49,394 000 127 596 53,466 000 106,008 ouLunes, ?o 30,/ju.uut * zju.zrj uj,uj:,uuu ?,??? jjt Other article!, 2,903.178 2,594,104 Total tons, 92,202,9 ;9 60.0I6.G08 The result gives a diminution of trade equal in value to $32,01)0,000, or 33 per cent, af which $20,000,000 is in merchandize going west. The remaining $10,000,000 of diminution is in the produce of the State of New York, as seen in the table we published yesterday of the comparative quantities transported on the canals, and those received from other States. The following is a table of the Wheat, Flour, Pork, and Ashes, received from other States :? Wheat. Flour. Jlerf if'Pork Jlshes bushels. bbls bhls. bbls. Pennsylvania, 1.274 3 2 590 Ohio, 707,162 413,358 35.638 10 '77 Michigan, 103 669 186.466 7,617 3,689 Indiana, 77.?42 11.038 4 069 43 Illinois, 329 624 7,254 9,035 55 Wisconsin, 8,84 8 4 62 653 69 Total 1843, 1.226,915 649 8 1 57 324 14,723 " 18.1, 1,207,135 648,139 69,067 8,859 Increase, 89,800 1,715 5,861 Decrease, 11 743 The Pennsylvania line of works on the one hand, and Canada with their new regulations on the other, are now making dangerous efforts in competion for thia trade. Corn Trade. This market is now rather dull. Sales of Oenesee have been made at $0 26 a $5 37{. Richmond City Milla sells at $5 80. No Wheat in market. One dollar a bushel would be paid for a lot. Rye and Corn are wanted. The former to arrive has been sold at nu a 01 cents. We learn from Rochester that on the 14th init. the amount of Flour, be. stored there and awaiting shipment is much smaller than it has been for many years past, namely Flour, 12,480 bbls; Wheat, 5,250bushels; Oats, IS,000 do. On the opening of navigation last spring, there were about 40,000 bis of flour on hand in that city, some 17,000 of which went to Canada. Many of the millers have purchased at the West a large quantity of Wheat during the past fall and winter, which will be received on tho open ingof navigation The amount is variously estimated from 100,000to 150.000 bushels. As near as can beesti. mated, there are some 700,000 bush els stored at different points on the Lakes, a large proportion of which, probably one-half, will be ground at Rochester. A gentleman of that city has handed the following amount ef flour known to be in store at oiher points on the canal in that county. We presume there are some 2000 in the county, not included in this table. Scottsville, bhs. 4350 Bushnell's Basin, bbls. 1000 Pittaford, 2000 Bpencer's Basin, 700 This will make, if our estimate in the preceding paragraph be correct, about 23,000 barrels now in store in that county. Foreign Markets. Havana Markrt, April8?Flour.?The large stock on liand of this articie was considerably increased this week liy the arrival of some four or five vessels, of two of which the cargoes yet remain unsold. Tho last sales were made JUJ per bbl. The catgo of the schr Hero front your port, is still in market. Lard.?The 500 bbls, of which mention was made in otir former report, were disposed of at $11J per quintal. The lot brought by the Hero consists of 129 kegs, 11 bbls, and 3 half do,which was held for higher rates, as the quantity now in store is quite small. Rice.?There is a full supply of this article in market. The cargo of the Toland, from Charleston, is offered as first quality, at 04; inferior at 7}. The last sales were made at 8 j. Nothing doing in Tork?stock on hand small. Freight* are inclining to give way, on account of the lumber of vessels arrived for some days back; but the imountof tonnage, (computed capable of carry ing aliout 30,000 boxes of sugar,) is yet insufficient for the heavy itock of produce 011 hand and being received from the interior. The prospect is that former rates will he maintained, viz. To the Baltic, ?4 5s a ?4 10s. " Cowes and a market, ?3 15s a ?4. " France, 90 11 90f, " Mediterranean, ?4 a ?4 10s. " United States, $3 a $3 50 per hhil; $1 50 a $2 per bbl , 374 a 50 cents per sack of Coffee. married. On Thursday evening April 20th, by the Rev. Joseph Andrade, Michakl Ci'nnkkn, of this city, to Miss Ual'harl Cottrcll, of New Jersey. At Fishkill, on the 19th instant, by the Rev. John Morris Pease, Mr. John Walton, of New York, to Miss F.liia Marsh, of Fishkill. * Died. At 195 9th Avenue corner of 21st street, on the evening itthe 'J2d instant, Mr. James Service, tormeriy 01 ramley. Scotland, aged 83 year*. The friends a"d acquaintances of his sons Thomas,William and John, are requested to attend the funeral from 185 8th Avenue,on Monday the 21th instant, at 4 o'clock, [?. M. On the 23d instant, after a lingering illness, Sarah Maria, wife of William Francis, in the 28th year of her ?KePaissngeri Arrived. Carton? Barque Valparaiso?P W Snow, late American Consul si Canton. St Jaoo?Briii O H Wright?Mr Worth. Capl Venn. Charleston?Ship Ansor.?Mrs K R Morris and family ami terrsnt, Miss Chase, Mis Iterry, Mr Sumner, lady, child auil art*. Havannaii ?Brig Wilson Fuller? Mrs Van Nest, child and lervant, Mrs Crauston ?nd two child'eu, Mrs Mattisnn apd two children, Mrs Brikg*. Mrs Cobb ami three children. Miss Bates. Miss Rolfe, W Van Nest. D Cranston. E Vinson, J F Dillon, J Crook, J Webster, (J Webster, 8 Maiuson, J B Howell?II in the steerage. Foreign Importations. Ba isTOl., Eng?Barque British (Jneen?50,000 fire bricks I Masters, Marline Si co?107,000 do Davis Si Brooks?1) hampers glass W Swaiin?lOOfl iron sugar mnnlds I hot KA Stewart?3 eks clors (J Mever 8i son?I ck seeds J N Wilkjns I out At; Prince?Schr Ostrirh?100 hags coffee 57 do cocoa 5 'oiis logwood A c Kosaiere?150 ceroors tobtcco Skelding It Ferris?si sticks mthogany A Kolker. Mataoirra?Schr Velocity?104 hhds sugar Alsop ai Cham.Bev?39 baiia coffee F O Thuriion. Porto Carello?Bug Henrietta?oo hsgs coffee P Harmony ?91 J Fonlke? SOO C H 8and*?I 0 G Dongl ' ??23 N Li ning ?185 J C Docnrlai, PhilR.lelphia?269 Avmar k co. Porto I'abello? Schr John D.ew?32 bags coffee O Whittaker?JI0 Duti h x Cousenari?205 Maitlanrt kco?106 J Horner?311 do IT ceroons indigo Avmar k co?2 do 409 hass coffee I4? hides Howiand St Aspiowall?S6 hags coffee to master. Ouatama?Brig Rowland?179 hhils sugar 13 do molasses B De Forest It co?111 hdt molasses 60 do sugar Mason Si Thompuin 8t Jaoo, Cuba?Brig Violet?1706 bigs coffee M Taylor?1 I bbl do A Agnew?S Drew It Brothers?J bbls 167 bags coffee lo order. 8t Jaoo, Cuba?Brig Oaidner H Wright?100 lihds sugar 20 'o molasses 721 bags coffee IB6 botes tobacco Maaon St Thomp ion. P.iwce?9-hr Bniatr?91 hhdi molawi 52 do 3? bbli >ii(nr 9 W Lewii?26 hhdi incur W Archibald?10 do H Bonthmayd St ion. Domeatle Importations. Nrvr Oai.r.ani?Sbip Hprinr?283 hbli molaaaei 30 hhdi tohicc De Pry iter k Wiotmar h?5 bhla n.g.r .1 W Von Pelt k co?380 do pork Bngati k Kn-el ind?310 do floor 30 do flaxired Snydam, k co?960 do floor P I Netiut k ion?I cue inligo Wm Bergei?10 bnla 37 kegi butter O P Mills?181 balei coi'on 36 nbdi tobacco R I Tin. Nr.w Oni-r Ail?Brig Huatli?22 Imlci cotton C Ki'ea?700 kega lard H'ck? k rn? 15 hhdi hami I hhl poik 25 do a krg. lard I hhl hum. Herd k S. b- rmnho-n-'On do pork K McLean?42 b?? K Pation?311 ?k? corn IS bbli porK fo onlcr. Chahlkitos?Ship Anion?lift ck.i rice Smith, Mills k co? IV> tierdingk Kiinkrlm'n?180 do 10 hi" do J Prricoft?50 rki K Laffm? III do 2 ?d do Tnotnpion k Adimi?50 bbli Head k Brothrn?70 (J Robin.on?I caik Phclis, Podge k co?H ikr> F Raynoldt? I Benj Brandrcth?I Hall k Brothen? I Brock k I'owmrnd?4 K Fieldi?1 Bunker k co. HirtaatH?Brig Wilmn Fnllep?112 balei cotton H Irein? 20 II M O area?60 G Collini? IIS B (Jrarei?7 S Bromon? I bog Kilburn k Hogeri? 2 Lawrence k Trimble? 2 (' Whitmo-e?2 H Wincheiter?I K H k K Lathron?S (2 f Darby?I D Johnann?I N Mai well?I C Lanby?I J Le I'outte?28 balei couon J Wood?4 buH8 Maiiea?1 clock Dunham kDunon MARITIME HERALD. Ship MuUri ?n<l Agent*. We hall ctteem it a favor, if Captain* of V?a?eli will give to Commodore Robert Silvkv. of our New* Kleet, a Report of the Shipping left r.t the Port whence they tailed, the VeueU Spoken on their P.itsage, a Cist of their Cargo, and anv Foreign IfflMpn or Nrwi they ui iy have. He will board thein immediately on their arrival. Agents anil Correspondents, at home or abroad, will alao confer a favor by sending to thia Office all the Manor Intelligence tliry can obtain. Nautical Information of any kind will be thankfully received. POKT Or NKW VOUH, APRIL. ?4. sow 5 P | noon 2 35 sutv SETS 6 46 | HiriH 5 24 Arrlwert. Bremen ship P'uline, Wackier, 31 days from Bremen, with mdse. to Oelrichs It Kroger?176 passengers. Ship Spring. Hamilton, 25 days from New Orleani, with molaa*ei, Itr. to De Peyater It Whitmarah, Shin Anton, Barkmau, 7 dtya (rom Charleiton, with rice, to U Sutton Batqne Valparaiso, Lock wood, IIR days from Canton, with teas and silks, to W. PI tit It Co, Philanelphia. 3d inst 1st 23 II, !?ti cn 12, spoke schr Perseverance, l2diysfrom Baltimore for Aatigna. British barque British Qie'n, Lord, from Bristol, Kng. 7lh March, with mdse, to W. It J. T. Tapscott?26 steeiage passeniters. Brig Henrietta, Farrell, 16 days from Porto Cabello, with coffee, to H. D. Cotheal. Brig Violet.Nowland, 20 days Loin St. Jago de Cuba, with coffee, to M Taylor. Brier Gardner II. Wrigh', Cutta, 22 days from St. Jago de Cub i, with cofTee. Stc to Masou "r Thompson. Brie Rowland, Adama. from Guayatna. PIL Ap il 2. with suitnr and molataes. to trder. Left lings James McCobb, aud Wallace, and schr John Hill, a'I lily for N York. Briy Ava, Chase. II days from Matanzss, with 278 lihda 26 tcs molames to F. G. Thurston. Left ahi|> Ash burton, for Cowes, soon: briy Hibernia, Idy: sclir l*rru. Brig Kussia, Line, 21 days from New Orleans, willi cotton, to Nesmith, Leeds & Co. 9th inst. 1st 24 5, Ion CO, spoke barque Toulon from NOrlean4 fo- Amsterdam, 8 days out. Brill Wilson Kn'ler, Cnbb, 8 days from Savannah, with cotton, to Dunham It Dimon. British briy Leader, Davidson, 13 days from Windsor, NS. wilh plaster, to master. Schr Ostrich, K.llia, 22days from Port au Prince, with coffee, to A. C. Rossiere. Left briys Wm. Neilson, for NYork, 28tli; Marine, for Philadelphia, in 2 tlavs; Omar, Kendall, of nnd for estop, yv;scnr Doia nunner, Mamie, trsg. | Bohr Velocity, Montgomery. 21 di*s from Msf SBjBSI. Pit. with sngar and molasses, to A'sop & Channcev. Left brig ' Llewellyn. Card, for NYork, soon; srhrs Anti,, for NewbnryiKirt. 7tli itst; Klien Perkins, Gilpatrick, to tail l.'ith; Hope, Mitchell, wtg cargo. Schr Samuel, 8vlvp?ter, IG days from Havana, wi ll 138 hhili 111 tcs molasses to M Taylor. Left brim Charles, uuc; Adeline, do: Atneri a, Maatera, do. and othrra. Schr Falcon, Moore, 23 daya from St. l)omi"gn, with 1203 | ca I in crotchet mahoeinv 8 hbl? honey to G S. Stagg. Srhr John Drew, Alden. 2! daya fri in Porfo Cabello, with coffee, to G. Whitakcr. No date, lat 2G, Ion 71, tpolte brig Orient, 30 days from St. Stephens for Mn'anzas. Sclir Susan, Mantin, 17 daya from Ponce, PR. with suear and mo' S. W. Lewis. Left barque Mtfnolia, Grnnnis, for NYorlt. 4 days; brie Will, Philadelphia, soon; achr Tatquiu, for Charleston, I. Schr New Union, Chaae. 20 days from Porto Rico, with 135 hlida 'G tea molaaara to S W. Lewis; 2 eases gluss K B. Mills. Schr Mary Augusta, Farnharo, 23 dava from New Orleans, wi'h 310 bbla moUsses 225 hlida sugar ro P. Harmony St Co. Schr Doctor, Jorea, 2 daya from Virginia, with cotu, to the mattrr. Sthr Ann, Cropper, 2d>y? from Snow hill, with corn, to H. P. Havens. Schr F. L. King, Thornton, 2days from Maryland,wi'.h corn, to H. P. Hivcna. Sclir SallvM. Pitts, Cropper, 2 days from Maryland, wilh thinirlet and oata. to H. P. llavens. Schr Ellen Rodman, Shejiard, 2 days from New Bedford, wiih oil, to master. Retcbnfd? Ship McLellan, Reea, 10 days hence for Amsterdam, leaky. Will have to go on the screw dock. fleralil Marine Correapondence, Office of thf. Rhode Islatvdeb,) Newport, April 22, 1817. S Cld 21st. Octavia, Wade, for the West Indies; Star, Priuce, New Yoilt. General Record. Packet smr Siddons, for Liverpool, will sa I to-morrow.? Her li ttcr hags are at Gilpin's in the Exchange. Bhio Ofkloi'sas. Forrest, of Baltimore, from Martinique for New Orleans, went ashore oil Pickle Reef, on the 21th ult. Vessel a total loss. 8 lils, rigging, Ike. were taken into Key West nnil sold. Capt. Elliot Wood, ol the brig Atlantic, died very sud 'euly at Havre de Grace on the way to New Htren, where his family res iled. A loaded ship, with painted ports, anparently i i goon condition. his bren 111 s:ght of Portland for 2 days. I'yiDg to get eastward; at snnset on the 20th. she was ESK from Portland Head, I leegU's distant, with light ESfi air. Whalemen. At Pitcairn's Island Oct 26, Ceres. Wilmington, 11 tnos, 100; 20ih, Kmgst n, Nan ,39 tnos, 1000; Dec 2. Samuel Robertson, NB, 13 tnos, 400; Nile, Cook, do, 17 mos, 1100. Spohen. Eliza. 8 days from New York for Santa Ctuz, Anril 2, lat 26 39. Ion 65. Nenvitns, McFatland, of Ellsworth, 5 days from NYork (or Gnadaloupe. April 6 lat 31 30, Ion 69 15. Ariesto, F.ihens, of Boston, from Havana for St Petersburg, April 11, lat 35 20. Ion t.9. Home Porta. I.imrr Annl 17? SM Rose l.snnHee, Pn.r Pi?rce. Georgetown; Brilliant, Mclutvre. Providence; Me'*il'? K?tit, NYork: Siam. G<int. Philadelphia. Portland, April 21?Cld Carolina, Jo-dan. Havana. Sid Cardenas. I'ensacola. Galen, and a fleet of go coasters. Owl's Hkad. April 18?Arr Win Wallace, Haskell, Richmond Sid Curlew, Gray, from Thomaston lor NYmk. IlLn, Ami! 21?Arr Hnhy. Lubec. for Philadelphia Sid Olinda Hutchinson Montevideo; Nsumkeag, Towac, Aracatry, Bra/.i'; Ltiber, (ill >d ilnupe; Ruby, Philadelphia. Boston. Ap'il 22?Cld Columbia, Dver, Trinid id de Cuba; E'lsworth, Homer, Havana; Milton, York, Wiscasset; Union, P-ine, Nsrfo'k. City Point aud Richmond; Ornament, Kell , Albany. Sid Radius, Martha Kinsman. Osceola, Cvnosure. Harriet. Ha->nah; and from the Roads, Nah'nt, Venezuela, G Ryan, Maria Theresa, Rocket, and Christiana. I aura, Snsin, Adelaide, Citizen, and Ella started, but anchored in the Roads, and remained at sunset. Holmes Holk. April 20?Arr Albion, Oarv, New Yotk for Frankfort; Hudson, Damon, Washington, NC. for Boston 2'st ?Sid Fsirplay, Atlas, Deposit, and Huron, Boston; Signal, Newbury|iort; Albion. Frankfort. Passed by, Sharon, Lucas, l.oi d n for Boston; Wasson. Douglass, Cape Hivti for do; Meridian, Biltimora for do: Andromeda. NYork for Eastport. The above are all in sight, beeilmed, at 9 a m. Providence, April 22?Arr Vigilant, Heath, NYork. Lewes. Del. April 20?Antares. Sylph, Foster, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Pocasset, Meteor. Damascus, Superb, Wave, Lion, Fonntain, Wyoming, Thaddeus, Joy, and seveial others, have left the Breakwater, mostly hound out. Norfolr, A pril 21?Air Hannibal, Newbury, Georgetown for Beaton. Sid Wm Joy, Young, Attakapas: Km pi re. Powell, NYork. Sid from Hampton Roads, JSotoff, Cross, Rio de Janeiro: Orleans, Smith, New Orleans; Somerset, Baltimore. Below, Isaac Towusend. O.uin, Boston, detained by adverse winds. Washington, NC. A pril h?Cld Roanoke, Webb, Newbarn, to load for Boston; 15th, Anaconda, Longman, NYork; 2fllh, Jae Otis, Elms, Boston; Angelina R Thompson, Thompson, NYork. Charleston, April 20?Arr George & William, Merrymao, Prosptct. Me; Wnndopaiso, Eddy, Fall River; Orray Taft. Lo ett, ProsiJ<nre Cld Catharine, Baird, Liverpool. Sid Victoria, Darby, NYork. New Orleans. April 15?Arr Earl of Duiham,(Rr) Hocker, Halifax; Whittnn. Curtis, NYork; Manhattan, Doane, Port Leon, Patriot, Rich, Boston; Hero, Sahate, Havana. Cld cset, Taylor, Liverpool; Maryland, Smiili. do. Leopard, Snow, Glasgow ;St George. Long, NYork; Mobile, G-'fllths, Pensncola; Convert, GarJner, Philadelphia; Water Witch, Hoffman, Vera Cm*. aswhwwambbsnnniinawmsmi PACKET SHIP SfDDONS, for Liverpool ? Passengers by l this sl ip w II please be on bond ths steamboat He-coles,at Wnit-h-ll, tomorrow aft-ruoon, 25th iust. at 2 o'clock, at which lime the ship will sai' Letter bags w>ll c'ose at Gilpin's and Hale's news rooms, at half past ons o'c'sck, at which placrs only letters will be re cetved a24 2tr APPLICANTS KOK OFFICE are iuf rmed that notwiih vending tee injunc ion 01 MMf n pu uponevcry Democratic Concilmm elect, an < ffuient person has been eir.plnyed in keeping an ear nt thr kryhoir of the caucus lootni, and will frr m litis d <v report every appointment and the proapec's rfp otninent candidates, at the aonlh weat corner of Wall an ! Broad street. a?4 11 r ff'HK CALEDOMAN WASHINGTON T B SOCIETY a. will g,ve a Orand Concert of Vocal and Instrumental M naic in Hie National II <11, Canal street, this ( Monday) even- I inr, Ap'il 24, at 7)4 o'clock. Some of ihe most farorite Scottish melodies will be surg. such as " The Flowers oi the For?st"?"Takyour Anld Cloak about ye"?" Saw re my wee th'tig,* kc] As wel I as the " Star Spangled 13 anner," and other national songs. A b,ass bard to diversify ihe harmonv. and a professor on the yisno, will likewise be present The Lady Caledonian Tein|ierance Choir will sing their favorite odes and glees, duets and solos, hv ladies and gentlemen of great rrnairal talent. Tickets I2X cents, to be hid of the members of the c ammittee, and nt the door on the evening of the concerta2 Hi?m HUM ELS' HALL BflWLIN?_SALOON.1IO Broadway, one door below th< Olympic Theatre. The propriv tor of the above favoritv place of rmtisement takes this method lis acquaint his customers and the public in general. that in conformity wi h the present times he has reduced his rates for rol<ing to half price and will be happy to see his old friei ds, and as many new ones, as may wish to drop in. The choicest liquor* slways on hind. M. L>. WINCHELL. a24 lt*m _ T OST?A Gold Pencil Case, marked A. C. Havens. The -I J finder will be suitably rewarded by lea ing the sair.e at 434 Water street- ap 21-31*m THE Committee appointed to take measure* tor the relief of the stiff,-rers by ihelate earthquake at Gnadah upe. have the p'easnre to announce to the nut,lie that the artists of this city, havewi'h humarne 7.eiJ spontaneous!y volun'ecred their sett ices to give a gsnd Conceit, at the Tabernacle, on Friday neif, ihe 28 h inal All the most eminent artists will he heard on this occasion, as Will be seen by a programme, which will be publish d hi due course. The committee beg leave to call the attention of the ptivlic to this concert, bath on account o< ita intrinsic merit, and the benerolcnt application ol ita proceeds. O. DK. 1 A FOREST, Pieaident, V. I1K LAUNAV, Vice do. K I. ?HKVS. Treasurer, m24 4rr BRUUUlK.rtE, Secretary, KECHCB ! LEECHES ! LEE~H KA ?84iOI rery fine large hea'lhr Ofinun Leechea, j"?t recrired, for tale wholesale or retail, 01 cirefollv api lied by * competent person. * A"0'h?cary'a Hall. 36 Catherine ?t a2i |m*r C AUTION.?The pa lie are Cautioned against ne/otiatmg orunair the following no'ei.dr wn bv the tub?r?iher, and paid at the City Bank?Out dated October 18 1142. at 6 nine tor s 142 29: one dared Nor 1-t, 1842 at Gmn.for $164 79. and one dated Nor. I ll, 1812 ?t6"ioa fir $ 41 47. All mailt pay able at th- Leather Mano rturer'a Bank. Said iote? were tolen fri in mv pocket on Friday, the 2iar Anril /;np2l lt*in JOHN A LORD. 163 Sprirg at. AOENTLF.MAN aad hit lady, with' ut childrtn, wiihmg a pleaunt home out ol town daring the rummer, can he accommodated in a reipectable private family in Blooming dale, pleaaantly aitnet'd on the North Hirer, about an milni from the city. Referencra eicliinged. Apply, with real name, at bo* .'>66 lower Pout Offiee. a24 lw*ec TO TAILORS. TIIflT RECEIVED, a foil aaaortment of Baeklei for reita J and rantaloont. by the doien or groaa , Alao, Linen Coll-rt, Linen Boaomi, Hmpendera rf all kinda, Storks. Rtiffnera, Slionlder Bracet, and Riding Belts, < ?2l ll*r IHA rKHf.OO, 71 Vei?len Unr. N()T|(;K.~AII leMonTimrhrr'by^ionflMliiniirTriiiriinv'oi the ctesr of the Britiih (hip Clicater. from Liverpool, as 1 o debts of their crntmcti'it *111 be paid h? the Captain or c n-mi.eei. ROCHE, BROTHVR8 It CO. 1 a2tr 36 K'llton stree'. ' 1'HK OVTAHlO BA>K will nay on ihj l?da\ of M. y I ne*1, ? semi annual dividend i f 6 per cent. ? "ir stock i holders will receive i'*vment at the Mechanics' B ink nil r city ol'New York. We have no bid or do biful paper, and nr- ( tbinp past i*ue or in ruit, etc*rt on hnnda and mortunaes to the ( amount of nine Ihomii d lour fund rid dollars, wliii h we cou- | sidrr safe anil collectable. H B. UIBHON, Cishier. , Canands'gm, ApriH". 8 3. >84 3t*r , BRITISH HHIP < HESTER. Doyle, msi'er. from Liverpool ?Consuires t.y th? above ship will roofer a favor hy < endirg withont delay, iheir permits on board, foot ef Hector treat, N. H , or to the office of 'he .ubsc'ibers. < ROC IIK, BROTHERS It CO. aft 36 Falton s'r et. U/ll'lU.I.M MKYN, who WHS in the city of New York I ?? ahont 'lie middle of March last, is hereuv mfoimed that | his hrotktr Teter may be seen or heard from in Newport, Rhode Island. m Iw dyfcltwy*r I \y ANTKL)?A Nurae to attend a young ehild. She in ml *" be capable of doing plain tewing, ana have good reeom mendaliona. If ahe can ineak Kreuc^ and mnch the better. Annie to B B at thia nffirr . ap II tt* Affii TO LET ? *ii ?Irgautly farm lied home, in one of ]ojW the moat rraprct&ble ateeeta, for b or 12 mon'hi. Air UA family wialiing 10 a|iend the aummer in New York will find thia a very eligible opportunity to accommodate themaelvta. Apply to A. B. at thia office. ap 21 It* Ju^. TO I.F.T OH FOR SAI.K?A il,r. e atory modeni TTT? built hiiek dwelling tonae and atoie, wi htwoloia of J*, d? ground attached, aunaird in Williamitiurg, about two mir.ntra walk f-om the Perk Slip Ferry. Apply on the premiaea, corner i f Fourth and Souih-Kiehth "reeta.^^Uliamaburg, U. ? n. a J. 1. 1 Arouu 1 I , ? 4r 43 Pec - :lip. a* OOMS WANTKD?On the north side of the city, within a convenient distance Irom the Ci'y Hall. ami at a moderat* rent?Two until moon, with privilege at yard. plac? for fuel, and Crnton w.iterfora family of only two persons. For tuch a good tenant m?y be loond bvleariug note at ICO Liberty itreet, corner of Greenwich, lor B. A. _ all 3'r to OtT? I'he two-stoiy Houses, .No. 47 Oreenwich atreet. No. 7 Oliver street, No?. 116 and 118 Bank itreet, No Thames atreet, No. 108 Cedar street, the nK part of No. 18) Chatham street, and No. 53 Beach at. with a stable. Also, a very pleasant Country Betide oca. about 5 miles from this city on the west side of the Hudson, at a low rent to a good tenant, App'y to J. O. DYCK^AN, ?19 SMs*r 139 Fulton or 114 Bank at AwA, ?'?> LKT?The handsome b iieineut House and large JKj Gtrilen with fruit and ornamental tiees and shru hbety, Wffia at the corner of Pacific and Clintou streets south Brooklyn, three minutes Willi from the Kerry. Apply on the premises, er at No. 14 Wall s'reet, New York. Also T'l LKT in this city, the suud two storf House, No. 101 ard 107 Mercer street, Leir Prince street. Possession may he had immeilivt ly. Also, a small frame House, and store and stable No. 118 Unit; -street. Also a homo and store ia Marian street?the house and store at the corner of 7lh strret and the B <wery?several runs of houses in Madison and Kivington streets Any of tilt shore will he let low to respretable tenants. For further pvr'ictltrs apply at the American Laid Mid Loan office, No. II Wall street. ap!7 6t*r ALL Persons ire hereby lorhiil trusting any person or per-fa. sons employed on board the schooner ' Major Ueonre Howard," of Birdiwick. Hil>t, mas'er, on account ol said schooner, or on account of the cadaiu or owner ANTHONY HUL8T. Owner. Bnshwick, April ?1, 1811. a21 Iw'rrc AGKKAT BAHOAIN ?A first rate Soda Fountain, with all the apparatus in good order. For sale at one half the first cost. Has hern used only last season. Inquire of Comstoek St Tyler, al 88 Rarclay street. a22 3t itis*r T) M. 8f IXAS). I a.narter of Hasiina K..nan al ?f -U- 89 Cedar stre't, bcgi leaf* to info-m his friends aud the public, that his rrtablia'ine> I wi'l In* 'amoved on ilie 1st of May to No. 3 Maiden lane, (Howard's Hot* I ) For the liberal patronage extruded to It m duiii,g the last eighteen yean, be rrtu-ni liismos- grateful thanks, and trust* to merit a entinu'nee of the name a23 1wis*r JOHN BURTON, M'O 92\i BOWEIIV, New Yotk, beg* r<spectfully to int" form toe ladir* and fashionable wnild in general, that lie Ina i uat receiveil from nuclion, at prices to suit the timea, a deauable easortment of AMAZONE BONNKT3, which lie ia emhled to offer at remarkably low prices, viz :? Superior and lirst quality, Irom three to fivo dollars; fair and second qualitv, (mm one to two dollars. Ladies wishing to purchase, are requested to make an early call if desir"ii? of a good selection. a2] 8tis*r A PUBLIC BENEFACTOR. The i> rsou lhaTmakis a blade of grais grow where none grew before is reckoned a pub'ic benefa tor. On the same principle, I co> el ide, by firnisbing vei tlern?n with (ashimible Wearing Appar?i at half th? usual micrs, I am at least doing them an essential service. Whi doubts? Let him call at 5 Wail street, opposite the Church, and examine my goods aud prices? A ssi'endirl black Coat, for ('5 a 28 Pants from $2,75 n 6 Ve?t?, from $1,50 a 3 N. B.?A full suit made up at twenty four hours' notice. All goods made up warranted to fit. a?3 Im'ee J. OURNKE. _ BELMONT HOUSE, NEW BRIGHTON. fPHK subscriber begs leave to inform his friends and the pub A lie, that lie lias taken the above well known bouse, which has been thoroughly repaired and piintsd in the best manner, newly lurmshed thioughout, and will be opeu-.d on the first of Mi)' next. The I case is delightfully situsteil immediately opposite the steamboat landinir. aud from its c >inina"ds a vi?wtxtending up the Kills aud over the bay and hirbou'nf Nrw York. To tlnade esiron< of a pleasant residence during the summ-r nvuithr, possessing the advantages of fine salt w.itei bailing, together with b?a?tiful drives and walks, and cn.ive nicnt access to the city every two hours by steam, the Belmont House offers inducements unsurpassed by anv other on the Island, and the subscriber trusts that his former efforts to give satis'action as proprietor of the Puilion, with his renewed determination to spare no pains to render bis hnose ng-eeablo, will ensure bun the con'intiariou of a psrtion of the pttrouage be has heretofore been favored with. UEOROE PIKRIS, Nrw Brkjhtoiv, April 12. 1843 er !3i"tfr NOTICE.?To those who seek health and comfort, combined with luxury.?Price reduced.?Old Etablished Me. dicateil Vapor Bitlis, 25 Cort'andt street. Mrs. CARKOl L, in a cordancc with ihc exigencies of the times has reduet d the price of her baths aud solicits a continuance of the patronage of the Faculty in particular and the public in general. Colds, rore throats, swe'lmg of the glauds, rheumatism, stiffness of the join's, agus and fever, See . kc. are immediately relieved. Portable baths sent to any part of the city or Brooklyn. Open from ax in the morning t I nine o'clock at night. Sulphur Baths require oue hour's notice. n20 Ctisr J PEASE Ac SON'S COMPOUND EXTRACT OK HOARHOUND CAVDY. for the cure ol' Coughs, Co'ds, Hoaricness.^lrri ration of me i ilium. i'ii)u|<, ?> iioui'iuii uomn, A?nm', palpitation 01 iheH?art, Liv?r Complaint, Niaht Sweats, Difficult or Profine Expectoration, uliI all Diseases leading to Consumption air' D-rth. ... T' i* pleasant medicine is formed by a combi-atinn ol twenty-five different ingredients, a'l celebrated for the cu'e of colds, ciuglis and pulmonary comrlalnti; and bv ita combination, if one ot there .in cite should be used, ami afford u> re lief in the Compound Extract ol Hoailiounil they are so amalgamated that the benefit ol the whole is experienced in one c impound. An iinponant ingredient 'his candv is sarssptri'la, and fir thar reason a grea' many physicians recommend it as a purifier 01 the bin d and renovator of the system. Hold ?h-legale aud retail at 15 Division street; 10 Astor House, 1 '0 Bro?il?ray. and 85 Wiliim street HEAD THE OPINION OK CLERGYMEN. The uiilerngiitrd have used J Pease Ik Ho Vs Compound Eitraet of Hoarhouod Car.dy, nnd freely recomtnsn I it to these effiicied witn roughs, colds hoarse..ess, and consumptive complaints, as an exr-elleut lemtdv in th*se ctses, aud for the use of the voice prt fesaioually, nothing can equal it. We recommend it to our brethren throughout he Uuion. R v. J. I.indsctr, recent pastor M. E. Church, Second st. Rev. J. Crawford, iiastorof the second M. E. Church, Hudson, N. V. Rev. Mr. Lncky, presiding aide' New Yorlt Conference. Rev. Mr. Whittaker pastor ol Presbyterian Church, corner <! osa'j-on ?nd Gather ue streets Rev. W. C. Ilawley. chaplain a' City Hospital. Rev. Mr. Oiffen piator of M. E Church, Bedford s'reet. R-v Mr. Ha>t, re eit pastor ol Baptist Cl.urch, Gold street, re-idi-nce 521 Pearl street. Rev. Mr. Brings, pastor of M. E. Church, Forsyth street. NO HUMBUG. Esteemed Friend?1 tm no f icd to p-iffi -g or quackery, but havii g been cured ?f a very bad cold ly the use of your iuvaluible Compound H iirhouini Candy, I 'eel desirous to recommend >t to otaers, that each ono may give it a fair trial, and then judge for himself. Youra, respectfully, SOLOMON JENNEB, Teacher, 75 Henry at. N. Yoili, *d mouth, 3uh, 1843. To Messrs. J. Prase h Hon, 45 Division st. The following is from John Tvler, President of the United States 1sr.a?rial. The President desires me to return Messrs Pease & Hon his acknowledgments and very ainct re thinks for the box of candy received at th'ir hinds. He hu me 'it with muco benefit to himiell' as n remedy tor cold and cough. I am, with great respect, JOHN TYLER, Jr. Private Hecrctar'. Means. Tease & Son. Assents?Rnshtoa fe Aspinwall, 10 Astor House, 110 Broadway, aud 06 William at; Owen. 3 Sixth Avenue; Timpson, cor William and Fulton sta; Bauean, 260 Bowery; E L Cotton. 263 Bleeoker st; Martin, cor '1st st and 9th Avenue; Mrs. K'liV, lower Post Olficr; ferliirfllii, 114 Canal street: Dodd, 771 Broadway; Lecount, jun .turn of Grand and Division st; Church's Dispensary,188 Bowery, cor Spring st; D W Stone cor Montgomery and Hudson its, Jersey Cny; Bardett, 19 3-d avenne; Godfrey, 31 Carolines!; Brtghim cor Houston st and avenue D; Kei?ted,529 Broadway; Reer, 746 Broadway; McKumiu. cor Church aud Chambers sts; Smith 9) West Broadway; Rogers. 107 West Broadway: Chilton 80S Canal s'reet; Thayer, 241 Spring st ; Rosenmiller, 311 Blcecker st; Grsen, 399 Broadway; Driggs.681 Broadway. N. B ?Each igent who sells the genuine Horehound Candy, has a certificate signed J. Pease Ik Son, 43 Division st. Agents ont of the City? Burgess 8t Ziebsi, No. 3 Ledger Buildings, I'hladelphia; Redding tt < o.. No. 8 State street, Boston; Dexter, 57 State st, Albany; Robinson. No. 11(1 Balti more st. Baltimore, Md.; Weed fk Waters, Troy; Morgan, New Orleans; ana Hays, 139 Kulton st, Brooklyu; and Handley's , 15 High st, do. n?4 Im MEDICAL ATTENTION?Talk of the snlihnr baih, warm bath, sea bathing, ami change of climate, as a enre for chroute, srerer, aul mercurial d'ir?n?ill moonshine, hope d-ferred, and en Is in despondency. The only snre roors to pu sue, if you wish a tnoroujh cure, ii to apply to th? mecie*l proprietor of the Huulerisn Dispensary, No. 3 Division St. Use his hoianic remedies, and follow bit dire-lions, wliieh are p'ain and simple, aud yon wpl soon be placed in a eondition to transmit a pine and healthy constitution ro vour offspring, instead of entailing on them a snort and miserable exitrence. This is the only plrce in this City or state, where the now famous Hunter's Red Drop can he obtained. ? A counterfeit Of this medicine is sold by a miserable milig nant wretch somewhere in Ann street?let the knowing ones h-ware ol it. This sneiln ine cinnct be obtained gemine in Boston, although a con is spread all over that cily. A counterfeit is also on sale in Charleston, 8 C a2l lr*m TXOCTOR OLOVKR is one of the very lew advertising I ' phyaiciini who hat received a regular tnrnical education. He hat CO..fined himself to an office rractice for ilia last fourteen vean in ihia i itv. He hid sipit rue. ienee in the rr-ac mrnt of air'otnrra, and h m run it more ct>p< of that k in J thin any other phyeician in thil city. Dr. li. makea hit chargt a modmfe to aiiit'lie timet and c>rcnmttancea of hiv patients H? putt Dp m-diein? for the rare ol one speci'tof the diseaae, at , II, with dirrrli i|i? ami a .hurt im, giving aymntnmv, treat- { mei't'nd rnrr. Oltce in .No. I Ann at, private entrance, 4th dop' from Mmenm. aHlt'm MEDICAL AID. OH. ORK.fiORY inay be consulted confidentially at all j hours of the day omening, at hie private ireidenrr, No , II Barclay a'reet, near Urotdway He haa been eminently j inceraiful in the treatment ol those "half eared" eases, whirh , leiu't from c neealed c?nte?, or may be from miataken or rr- i ro eons practitioners. Dr. O's medicines are powarfnl in their j curative rfTrcts, though mild in their opperation Another important consideration, which haa not been overlooked, ia the J adapting of remediea to the convenience of patients, who for the moat part are aolieitona to outain a care as privately aa pot , eihle. .21 lt*r DR. MORRISON. ATORTH RIVKK DISPENSARY. MfK Pnlton near 1 * Oreenwich.?Dr. Morriaon, Member of the Royal College of Someone, London, and formerly Surgeon in the British Nil I ry, eontianea to be conaalted daily on all diaeaaea oft delicate r nature, and all thoae diatreaainc aymptoma conaeqnent on iiiji- ' liciona treatment, and the imprudent use ( fqnactt medicine*. > Dr. M. hat had an etperience of twenty t wo yaaia in treating ? delicate diaeaaea in all their variant andc implicated lorma, ana ate* a mild, tafe and infallible anhatilote I or merenry, eradicat- " ing the venereal virus with certainty, without '.objecting the " oatient to any riak or reatncting him in I mutual dieta or pur- c raita while nit medicinea are agreeable in taste and email Per a >a.uientobatrnctiona in the urethra, aueh aa atVicttirrt aad entitlement . ( the prostate gland, accompanied with much nri[Uiou and dull pain about theue part*, are tome of the conae ' uencesof mal-treatment. Dr. M. treataatricturea in a acien |f|e manner rmmoting absorption of the thickened circular 0 embrane without any pain. a CONSTITUTIONAL DEBILITY.?'Thousands of your,g l> HB*n irr lUIirr.U* I.W.I. - ?. .u.n..,cMw .? ? sret destructive id whose nervft Are further irgared from | he aif of nostmmsAi d pretended specifics, which itimniati ?< inly to indnee create rdepreaaion. Dr. M. treats such cases on n purely r*tholoHioel principles, and never fails 10 establishtng a .ar?_the strictest honor and confidence are observed. c Letters post paid, and containing a suitable fee, will ensure f he correspondent fall advice, and aedicule to any part of the ' fmon, by his fiwng a h?storv of hit esse in detail. **4* vn| ? on street, near Greenwich. s2t Jm+r fl nTHK LOVKK9 Of BUrKHIOK BLACK TEA- ' nwqna'. Minute?This eitremc ly dclmi.n, sad nnparal <1 sled Tea, ?o highly celebrated in Chine and Knrope, Jut tot >on*<!t is now Tor sale at the Canton Tea Company t General b Sa hlatabluhmcnt, 131 Chatham!!. New Y?t-in aaehama ce M cents and II each all lm*ec AUCTION SALES. TU/1M A a It Iff i A.?fi > >??. * BV"BKLC k 'fib WARD. ' 'Mltrit Wil tUnn 1 n<f 115 Fullon :ln4i.? MONDAY. . . . . Hale of valusele Tainting!?At I0H o'clock tB the first floor of the dwel'ing 106 Liberty it. will be so'd the choice collection of-are original paintings by the heat mnstera. Th'? collection haa been selected with great care by the well known connoisseur Dr A Hp-inner. Can Ingue* in time. Tiie ittintlngs will be arranged lor eihihitionon Saturday inorn rig. To Manufacturers, Ca'ico Printer!, Hatineft makers, and others?At 12 o'clock, precisely, in the aale rooms, will l?e aolil without reserve, 3 ? perb larg-size copper rollers, suitable for manufacturers, as shove. Also, 3 paper rollers. All the ah"re , have the gearing, wheels and other apparatus,and wilt be found deserving particular attention. TURRDAY. Furnitnre Hale?At IflK o'. lock will he sold the entire handsome Karnitare containeif in the honae 108 Liberty at. Comprising rarions p'r'or, room and s'air oa-pe's, oil cloths, mra. looking glasses, card centre and otln r t'hles, handsome sofa and chain to ra*tch?in short, ih- usual hardsome parlor, drawing and bed room iurniiure, k't'heu utensils, Ac found with a genteel lamily, anil all well kept. WKDNKRDAY. (ser.teel Furniture at >0 1-2 o'clock at toy Houston it At ISH o'clock, in the aale roo- s. will he continued the sale of elegant luri.itare of all descriptions, from families remov- , tng, Itc. commruced on Saturday. THURSDAY. At I0X o'clock, at No JIM (fraud at cor of Suffolk. 7 he handsome furniture of small family giving housekeeping FRIDAY, Saie of Fnrni'nre?At lOit o'clock, the enti.e handsome furniture contained in thrhcuse "83 Ka*t Broadway. N B ?The sales of Bell It Howard will lake place rain or shine. BY OAUTKK tfc CO. (Store No 102 Broadway.) Wk'.DNRHDAV, asth A'-ril, at ItlK o'cloelr; limit (istiionahle Iurniiure, to repsy advatiees, including French and half French sofas, of the most elegant patterns; half, three-quarters auil lull French rosewood aud mahogany chairs, wardrobes, rockers, ottomms, rosewood and mahogany Cetitre tables, elegan'card and din:nt breakfast tables; d easing bureaus, with marble d mahogany tops; nurse and sewing chairs; upright desks, French bedsteads, plain hurc>uf. tables, cane seat msple chairs, work tables, wash stands with and Without marble tops, See Also, a lot of second hand fnrnitnre, carpets, Ike Caalojnes on the morning of sale The 'urniture is n'The best rl?serirtion. and wilt lie sold without reserve. ail Jtisr A UGTION NO'I Il K-I:?3|'I'KII HOLI.KHS?To Manu- I -** t.icHi autl other*, Finishers, Calico end Satinet Priu'er*, 1 &c ?Will ha inM, This Day ef P n'cloc* in liie l.uga rooms I 32 Ann and 1 3 hl'OIStreet, without reserve, 3 UlftMHir rull'is, weighing 900 Ibi, and 3 pap-r mll?r?, with the gi-auugs, < trici,cottr,kc. BRLl tit HOWARD. aJ4 It THOB BELL, Auc'r. tt?1, W. 8HIHLKY, Auctioneer. " ! I'HIS DAY, Monday, April 21th, at 10 o'clock, at No. J25 Center street, closing salt-, wi h int rcorrve, P>r cralr, the atore giving up, a general assorted stock of China, glass and ear'lien ware, in lota to suit retailer* and familina, consisting i f all rawdiuner. tea, coffee and tr ilet ware; pi'rlrera. basins, chambera, teaa, teaser*, howla, plates, dishes; cut, plain and 1 other glass lamps: and other goods. Alto, a lot of furniture Thote wanting c&ah bvgaiui, will do well to attend. a?4 lt?rc I By W. H. > KAMKLIV, Auctioneer. ( CABINKT FU-'MTURK Tlr* pub ic are respectfully ' informed that the subscriber iot-nds seeing off a> auc'ton on Thursday the 4th of May, hy W. H Frmk'ii, hisenti'e stock of sn'endid Cabinet Furniture- Being of his own maun- t faeture. all is warranted to be of first r"te an1*nd I msteri'ls. Tersot * ahout pur-hnsing are rrouea'ed to call and i examine. 8amukl WaTKUBUKV, 60 Beekm in, i ?gl lw*m c 'met Gold street. A I CTION KOTICtt.-Oreeuli-.use and foreign Plants? A Levy will sell on Monday m ruing, at II o'clock, at 1.31 Broadway, an extensive collection of choice Oreenhousc Plants, consisting of miuy rare a d valuable sort' to suit the ' i>arl?r or g -rden. Also, at the same time the remainder of the Foreign Fruit Trees, &c,,ainmg which are an extensive as- ' i iriu.ent of Harden llo?e?, of mtny vrietie* a222iarc , ' UCTION BALKof a Bankrupt's stock of ready made Cln- j iv ih ng will take place at 211.3 Canal street, corner Hudson | sir-art, on Min.ilav.24 It, witu-mt rese-ve. for cash- also awing pots, and a variety of other Goods The sale will hegin at 10 ] o'clock, and continue from day to day until the entire stock is soldiff. s?14t*tc Auction notice bullktin ok bkll & Howard's balks, 32 Ann and 115 Fulton streets. MOMDAY?The spleud d Oa'lery of Paintings owned by Dr. Ppooner, at his house No. 1(16 Liberty street, at I0R o'clock. TUKBD 9 Y?The handsome Furniture contained in the hnllse No 109 Liberty IWEDNKLD9Y, 2Cth inst.?Genteel Furniture at No. 493 Honst-'ost. Othi r rales will he announced in order. Sales to take place rain or fair weather. I n'9 Iwis*m THOV1A3 BKLL. Auctioneer. , PRINTERS' AND BINDERS' WAREROOMS. ^ No*. J9 nnd 31 Gold N. Vork, April, 1S43. J PRICES GREATLY REDUCED. The hoe printing press machine and saw : MA^UFACTORY, in consequence ol the addition of j ucw and improved machinery to their works, and the reduction in ih* cost of material! and labor, are enabled greatly to reduce the'prices of (heir Presses, and ol Printers' and Bindera' materials gonerally, as will be aeen by their newly printed circular, to which they bep leave to reler. This eatahliahment i? soil under the personal superintend ice of Kk.hsro M. Hok and Bobkrt Hok, and they assu'e their friend? (hat, notwithstanding the ureal reduction in price*, all articles manufactured by this establishment shall re- ( tain the high reputation which th y have hitherto sustained. , It wi'l a'so be their constant endeavor to improve the <]u sliry , orthem in every pUliMlU. Thev llliter themselves also that their o d fiieuds will not oulv eon'iu ic th ir faro s, hut lli?t , Printers geueyally will apprecitle their endeavors to (urtiiili the , verv hest articles at barely remuneratingprices. , O'detsfro'n auy pait of the countiy tor all articles used by | Printers or Bioders, inc'uding Types, luk. Paper, tic , wi'l be , erecuted with the greatest care and promptitude, and on the t best terms. t Jobbing work and repairing will he none at the lowest possible prices, with every attention and esnediti 'u. b N. B.?A'l arn'c'es ntanttf ctured by litis establishment will ? bestainpedK HOE A CO . so that persona from abroad may ( not be >inpMed upen wtlh spurious articles, made in imitation g of'hrits. Printers of uewspnpe-s who publish this advertisement, with this note, three times before the first of July next, ami send one of their pap-ra to lis, will he entitled to paymeut of their hill on Inlying four times the amount, of it. apTOis r (] STRAW BONNET AND LEGHORN HAT WAREHOUSE, 36 MAIDEN LANE. ] rPHE Subscriber has now on hand ami will r eive daily from \ A the manufactures, the toll iwing desirsb'e styles of ladies and mi-sea Straw Bonnets:? AMAZ'?NK,1 MARSEILLES,! ; MOOENA, ZEPH VRINE, I IMPERIAL, KICK STRAW, x CIRCASSIAN. RUTLAND, WNULISH DUNSTABLE, ALBERT. DOUBLE SHELL^ . OPEN FRENCH LACE. ] The above Jesciiptton of Bonnet* are mails after the Orleans a Uitsey and other approved Lshioos. A'so, Men's and Boy's Panama, white and co'.ored Leghorn and I' 11 in Leaf Hats. A'so, Shaker H"ods, Cords, Edgings, Flowers and Ribons. All of which will be sold bv the case, do/.vn or single hat, at the lowest maiket p ice, for cash, by a to Iwi.'m H. E. KETCHUM. ALL NATIONS HOTEL. No. in Broadway, n?*t below City Hotel ?Table d'Hote from 12 till 5 P. M? in the au- { perh Saloona I'huge for Dinner 25 cri U. The bill of Fire ehall not be anrpassrd by any es ablishment in the city. Handsomely furnished bedrooms can be procured from^' to S3 per week, or JJ cents i er day, ' N. B.?Private Dining Rcoms for Parties, kc. On the ground floor as yon enter on Bmadway or Thamet itreet. there are lonr beiuiifnl BOW LINO ALLEYS, in perfect ordar and neatly ornamented, for which amuaemen t the chargra *re reduced from 2} eeuti to I2X- Yon aacend the el egant marble ataira, there yon find Dining and Lodging Rooms nnr<|nalled in this conntr" for neatness and elegance. There i is also a Billiard Halo in, unrivalled for bsantv, well ventilated ' and lighted, with four elegant tables, nnder the direction or I Michael Phslan and Joseph White, who are well known as po- o lite and gentlemanly persona in their vocation, fc-. r a 18 fiti.i?r JOHV COTTER. tl PAPER HANGINGS. Wk O. CURTIS. No. 52 Maioen Lane, have reeeived a their new ratteras ol Paper Hangings of every quality and C at'ower pricea ihan ever be'ore SHIM ? Th? attention cf the trade and nfc wintry merrhannu it reqneated to our atsortment Landlords and others wanting rooms parerrd, can have their work done by the best workmen aud wa'ranted, on the most reasonable terma. WINDOW SHADES. H We have also received a laige asaortment of transparent 0 painted window (hades, if every variety and priee. Also, chintzes and linens for shades, shade trimmings, ke. !" HAIR MATTRF.88K8. '? We have constantly on hand pure curled hair mattresses, of . every site. el Also,moss mittresses, feathtr beds, and every article in the ' bedding line . Families about going to honsr keeping, can procure a firat ? rat e article at the moat reaaonab'e prices. Steamboats sod v-s<ela iur'^ahed a' ihe shortest notice. A U HOLSTKRY ARTICLES. ? We have also on hai d every article in the Upholstery hoc- T nesa, consiaiiog in part of a-Win and worn'ril damaaka, of nil " colon; m >reeus, furniture chintz,' tilt oruainenta, poles, riLgt, pulpit trimmings, friDges, bindingi, cools, lasaela, kc. kc. u W. k U. CURTIS. H rli iris* r '2 Maiden Lane. _ YPOUNO MEN out of employment would do well to . * inalifyrhcinaeWea aa Bnok-Keepers at Van Nnrden's J ?? iiuiiK uiu Dooa-neening nuflpmr, zgi onxawnv, accnnu floor, at Mr. V.'a pnpila generally obtain good eilnatiooa aa w ccouiitama, through thr intlnerce of hit patron*. ri Mr. V'a course in bonk-k>eptng la atrirtly practical, at no efl intlior't work la copied in hit school, and he cndea?or* to im- 01 [?r at ii|>on the minde of hie pnpila by familiar illustrations, bat thr acience of acen'inta ia founded in commoa terae Com ?f inatniciion, Wholraalr, Ketail, Commission, E?- *? MHajM Cnmimund Co. Specula'ion Arronnta. ' Van Nordrn'a system of aplendul buaiiirat penmanship imported to all in an intredihle short eoare of time Terms el- P1 irrinelv moderate. Day and evrniag claaaea, Ttl Broadway, li twta*m *. REMOVAL. J PtHARl.KS COX, TOI.OR and DRATKR, la'e 61 Nas- J I-' aiu itrect, reaorctlu'ly minima hi* patrons aud the com pa nunity. that he haa removed to * o. 13 Maiden lane, uaar Maai?u at'eet, in connection with Oalley k Itiaiug'a Cloth and Trimming Stora Onitle-u* n detirnnt of observing fathina with reonomy, are J nTited to call and *x imine a large and fashionable naao'tment JJ if flue and medium rlotha, caatnnere*, w < atcoitinga, drillingt, # kc., which the ?nh?cribet'a facility fo* obtaining at the impor- ' er'a prtcra, enahlra him lo make up at an iminenae reduction 'iom utuil charges(forraah only), -t >he *ame lime guaran eg ** ng a c ntinn nice Of hit long known anprrior atyle, fi t, and e|r ,e' [auceof workminahip. Making and trimming on proportion itr l-.w trrma. . Particular attention paid to nniformaof every detcription. 3. B. Babcock continues in the curing department. CHAKLKS COX, No. JJ Maiden lane, I* g|T Im Iw in?*ec third door below Nataan at. *' IXTATCHKS AND JKWKLLKHY lower than ever ?A* i VV the anhacriber it eoDftantly receiving *11 description* of ~ told nnd tileer watche*. of the new**t Kyle*, direct from the J naunlacturcr*, in Kngland. Franc*, end Switzerland, he ie H nthird (o offer * larger aaaortment. end tt much lex price*, at * etui I, thou any other hotue in the city. Gold watche* u low ? tli earh. Watche* and jewell ery exchanged or bought. , til watche* warranted to keep good time, or the money re nmrd. Watche*, clock* aud jewellery repaired in the beet 4! nanner, and warranted lower than at any other place in the at ity. G. C. Allen, importer of watche* and jeleellery, whole ale and retail, Ji|W*II aireef, up atair*^ a'Hm ina'in ? WATCHES, DIAMONDS, See. I rllK Subscriber having retired from the late firm of Gel ton, Ladd h Co. haa commenced bnaine** at the corner fy f B-oad and Wall itreet*. opposite the Cuatom Hoiue, lor tne i'e of fine Watches, Di imond* and Gentlemen's Jewelry,at on rice* in accordance wi h the time*. All Diamond Jewelry bought of the anhecriber will be re- I nrehaaed by him after deducting 7 per ceut; thereby offenng I a pnrchaaer* an opportunity to convert their diamond* into W aoney at any time they may pi Mae. wh bine Duplex, Lever and Leoine Watche*, which he can re- a ommrnd and warraut a* good time keeper*?*lae,Gold ( ham, *d. 'encil Case*. Watch Key*, Jlc '-J* Silver Foika, Spoon*, *nd I'e* Seta, of the newest ,h*' nd rery best quality and workmanahip *t J i?r centtadvene A >n the manufaelerer'a price*. All the .bore ?rticle. ah.ll b. |y| mual lo the be?t mad* in New York. ..netinien. u Watche, and Cl.ich* repaired under hi* personal anp*nnten Hni lance, with ihe assistance of the beat workmen. a.. Diamond*, Pearl, and other tprecioo. Stone. and Silver ought o, "^'VjUetrnt. 1 M ! AMUSEMENTS. P'HK THMTRir. 3 I J,,f S .-nrn"'.f?th" Whitrhr.d. vr I'.i-Ki. . ?r ' Ml?'Turn nil will >cp.<r jo L. Lwh,r,? Hl?", f.OW. JACK?King of ?, r i?ner ; W'.li el We.rtJ, >ri Kniaht To will. i'r. ^ rt'II STOI'Y. Bniei. W r,t'- W?, ?i ct?; Gallery, 12H et?. Doom open at 7; performance, rnmimn-e at v>xl< p?t 7. C'll ATII AM TIIRVrurH "~ BK.NKKIT Of VIK BHOlJOH A V MONDAY "A ?.m vt mkm) nv?-W?nr Mendnn, Vr. Bmneham. It mm - M-.\|? iie-> n at am To co"clnil? with BOIIY 0*MORK?Korv () .>- Mr Broigham; WMow O'More. V? In-Uh Prieea el Admi,*"m?Ore,, Cirri. e.ntl; w.rnn.l in4 Third Tier* 2A: Pit I2X; OiPerv I2I< iwu Door* open '? be'ore 7?enrtain ri?.? ar 7t< o'clock rrrcinli. MITCH L.L.'S OLYMPIC TIIKATH.k . <U Broad w?? MONDAY ?VY.NIN? ORANDFATDKH WMITK(IKAD?(Irandlafh r Whit h ad?Mr M 'eh- ' |, ,M,, D-avion. Mi?? Clarke A''er whj-h, AMY LICK.?J--i. h Specklrb'clr, Mr W*lco?; Amv L"? M-* Timm. To with OIOVAOI IN OOTHAM-Do? Giovanni. Mr* Timm; Leporelli, M Grahini. 1 r Ihi unoii will be opened at 17, AMI Ike neiormaarea Id-nmrnrr at h.If- * -? ym ev.rv evening, AfflKHICABI TIIBATHR-WAUUT-BTI PHir.AmCI.MlIIA. Und r Ihe direct' no' Mi,, f ('i iiiMtn MONDAY W.V NINO-MITI.KTKKR OK PALERMO. Alter which. TRIAL IJY BATTLK. K. A. MARSHALL L?e?.n AKKKICAM "TrABim. WINOHELL. th? n'e.t Cnnriir Delineator, in '* character*. MI9M MAWY DARLING rh.- Vnrliih Knrhanfreee. CHANO KOM'i, t|.? Ohineae Junrler. Mi,. AnrLAIDK fHII,LIPS, ihe popu'ar Dinieo.e. OLD St YOUNG N|('K ait original and nni<|ne Play. .. Mr J NATHANS, the great Snake Tamer. 1 ne mailt nny?tnnrmnsi Liver Hnak??Albino Lilly, fce. Performance every evening,and Wednesday md S itonl.r afternoons *t I o'clock l)av visiters admitted nmt evening free. Ailmiwnn to Mnseum and euiert.iiuments 25 cents? children half price. PBAIiR'M WKW YOKK ntT?KUHt Broadway, opposite th? City nail. Mr. M IIRVaiRTT, Manager. Dr. VALENTINE'S admirrd sketches ol Comic f'hancttrt. BBIONOH BL'TZ. th' greet Magician aud Ventriloquist. LA PETITE f!EKITO, the much admired Dauseuse. Adtniaaion 26 rents; Children half price try The OIPSY OIRL can he private!/ conmlted day and evening. Performance! in the Lecture Room to commence at X m R ?Afternoon eutertainmenls on Wednesday sud Hatnrdty at * a'clock. Day visiters admitted the same evening free of :harge. A splendid Hell Playing Melodeon to be seen alRcc MKH C. F, HORN'S IRISH MUSICAL KVTK.RTAINMENT, A|miI o Roomv Wednesday, itth April. Love's Vonng Dream?A young lady (pnpil of Mrs. C.K.Hon her fi'st appearance), Sir Rotter and Mr. jvnssett. harmonised hy 'OMaeder Dermnt A*to e?Mrs C E H"ra, F W Crouch Fantasia?Flnte?Rerollections of I-eland?Mr W . J Davis, Nicholson Ummarliree Molly?Mr F W Rosier. Ancient Air The Irish Mothers Lament?Mrs C E Horn?First rime, B>rt?n "She c-rs-d he* voas for diroheying her orders, and th*y eere drowned in the L'ke that n ghr. She prepared supper ror them, Pii> when >h" saw their ghosts at tne table, she died nad, aiming the Irish Keen." nirai il Vi iation??Piano Forte?The Angel's Whisper?MrHCTime, HCTinm The Las' Rose of Bummer?Harmonized for three voice*, by J O Maedrr PART II. Dnett?Piano Forte?Messrs Timin Ik Alrers?On Irish Melod et, Moschel't His sorrow thy yniiiig dsya shaded?Harmonized for three voices, b' J O Maeder Moll* Raw*? Mrs Horn, Ancient Air Song?Mr Masset, ?? Duet?On where glory waits thee?MrsHornand the Y mng Ladv, Ancient Air K?te Kearney?Mrs Horn, A Lee Flv not yet?Harmonized,: Ancient Air Between the first and second parts, Mrs Horn will (hv artiruiar desire) ainz the celevr?ted "Northern Rc Ir is." introducing the peculiarly musical crv ef the New York Sweeps. Mr Timm will rreside at the Piano Forte. BTii commence atBo'c'ock precisely. "Tickets 51 cents each, to he had at the -esideres of Mrs. Horn. 24 White street; st the music stores, and at thedooron the eyeniligof performance _ a?4 3i*? SINGINU. AAA DAM SUTTON, having arranged to 1 cturo to Italy the I'd beginning of Angust, pnrposea reeeiv ng punils until that line,to give fiuishing lessons in the Italian, Ft tich. and English ifyle of Hinging Her method is that puran-d I V Botdogni and Raccai, th? first masters in Knrope, increasing the strength and lompaas with astouishmg rapidity. Her pn| its will have the dvantage of her singing with them, which can he punned iv masters alone, who have been eminent suit ers. Ladies deirons of availing themselves oCMadam Button's limited stay, nay ascertain terms, he., by application at 77 (.'hamhers st*eet, rom 9 o'clock till 2 mtt tm* r THE NEW VOHK MEDICAL AND SURGICAL INSTITUTE, No. 75 rtumbfn itrrnt, ESTABLISHED TO RENDER TO THE AFFLICT ED sound and Scientific Medical Aid. All kind of diseases will be treated, and surgical operations of every descrip .ion performed iu the innat careful and scientific manner. One of the lint ocoulists in the city will attend to the treatment of all diseases of the eye and ear. Particular attention ia paid to the treatment ol. all female complaint!. Patienta who ileaire it will be visited at their houaea. Thoae whoaa mi ana are lituitad will only be required to i>ay for their medilines. Three or four rooms are provided for private conaulta ion. The drug department ia attended by an apothecary of treat experience, and a I inediciueadiapcnaed mav he rel ed on ia parr and genuine. Cupping and leech ing will be done Tat he shortest notice Opeu day ai d night f'a'lents from the country withiuir 10 avail themaelvea of the real advantages this loatitutinu poaaraaea in the treatment of crnfuloita afTeoioua, cutaneous diseases, and aur^ieal nperaiona, can be accommodated with board and rooma in ita imrnei rite vicinity. DR. HOMER BOSTWICK. Atlrudimt Phyaician and Surtreon, 75 Ehamheia at. 3d houae weat of Broadway Thia ina'itntion ia under ttie palrouage and commeudation o f tie following gentlemen :? REV. DR. ED Y. HIOBEE. REV. DR. W. C. BROWNLFE, REV. DR. OEO. POTTS, REV. DR O. SPRINIi, alftlmiaec REV. DR. BCHHOEDER ^HAIN IRON?50 tona anperior Engliah Cha<n Iron, now -> on board ahip Aahhurtcn, Trnm Liverpool, foraaleby WOODHULL kMINTURNS, a22 g7 honth il-cct. COLLECTIONS ou all porta of the United States made.on J the mostlfavorable terms, by 8. J. SYLVESTER. all ;tr ' 17 Wall afreet, and ISO Rroedwsv. TNCURKENT MuNKY?Of all onrch'.ed at tbo J loweat ralea by S. J. SYLVESTER, a22 Iwr 22 W*JI ifreer. anil ]VI Broadway. FORU,IVEKPOOL AND HALIFAX. The Royal Mail Steam Ship BRITANNIA, J. Hewitt, isq commander, will leave Boston fortheabote porta on doudav, lat May. Paaaage to Liverpool $120 Passage to Halifax 20 \pplyto D. BRIUHAM, Jr Agent, aJ1 Jtr S Wall struet._ otrwixu riLiUT. ^WKN PRESCOTT, Pilot, takes charge as master of ?? -e ael? bound to New Bedlonl, Nanineket Shoals. Boaton, 'ortamooth, Portland, Kennebeck, and OTHER PORTS eaat I New York, Office at Erye k Shaw's, XU Water atreet, orner Berkmati. Reference to a number of Merchant', ana te eerert! Inaarance Communes in tliia city, Boaton, and or Rand. alt laa'r iMQ am PEOPLE'S LINK OK STEAMBOATS W ad* K)K ALBANY DAILY, Sni.cJ in eacpted C_mLat 6 o'clock, P. M ?Thronch liiract? b rem iv steamboat pier between Conrtlaudt and Liberty streets.? Thcateanrr ROCHESTER, Cap! A. li'nahton, leaven lonilay, Wednesday, and Kridar eveninga, at # o'clock. The steamer SOUTH 'AMERICA, Cant. L. W Brainard, avea Tneaday, Thuraday, and Hatmday eventnga, at 'c'ock. The ateamer NORTH AMERICA. Capt. W. H Truea II. leaeea Thuraday and Saturday afternoons, at) o'clock, riling at intermediate placet. The above B iataare new and substantial, are fvrmihed with rgant brate Kootna, and for tpeed aud accommodationa arc rivalled an tne Hudson Knr paaaage or freight apply on board, or to P. C. Schnlrg, t le office on the wharl. a 24 I car am EOR ALBANY. TROY,and Intermadiau V n icea ?The aplenuid low preaunre 'rambosl CawJCZ,bWALLl)W, Captain MeLean, will leave e loot ot t.ouitlanili atreet ihie Monday afternoou, April at 3 o'clock. The aboyr it a suh-tantial boat, fitted np with e State noma, and for accommodation la un rivalled on the Hndaon. a 24 Hr nl? EOR LIVERPOOL?NEW LI NIC?.Regular IWK Picket of 25 th April ?The Splendid Packet Ship RCa^SIDDONS, Captain K. B. Cobb, of IMO tona, ill poaitively aail aa above, her regnlar day. Kor freight or mage, having atcommodationa unequalled for ipleiMor or imfort, apply on beard, at Orlaana wharf, foot of Wall atreet, to K. k. COLLINS k CO. M South atreet. Price ol paaaage, SIM. 1 ne Packet Ship Sheridan, Capt. A. Depeyater. of ltM us. will succeed the Siddona, and sail the 16th of May, her Car day. ttara for the ships of thia line will only ba received at Giln't anJ Hale'a Newt Room. Passengers may rely on the ahipe ol this line sailing pun^Cmalas advertised aTc KOR L'VERPOOL First Bntiah Ship The nfVwrll kn iwn, very fast uai'ing Bntiah ship CHK8 ||KTKR, Captain J hn Doyle, will have immediate ileatcli for the u'onj ou Fio_frei?h> ai ply to ih- auhaenbera. HOCHK, BKOTHEH8 k Co. 35 FnUon ?t. ?2lr urtt door to the Pa'tnn Bunk. * LU BLACK HALL LINK O* PACKETS IWyKOU LI V ERPUOL?P?c?et o< the lit M .v?The kfgB^wrll known first chee packet thin CA MBHIDUIC, iri Btritow, will be drepatehed ? above. her regular day. Her aecommodatioiie for cabin,2d cahin and ateerage paangm, arc antorpaaaed by any other ahip.?thoye wianmg to cure bertha abonM mak eearly application on board or to JOHN HERD MAN. 1 Booth atreet, near W?ll at. N B?Paaaage from Kmc'.and, Ireland, Scotland and Wale*, n be engaged with the aobe niber by aplendid drat claaa cket ahipa aailing weekly from Liverpool, and Drafta eaa aoal be foimahed lor any amonat, payable without diaout throoghoat the United Kingdom. Apply ? ebo'e. air leCT- Kon HAVRK-H Second Lme 1-The ah.p UTIK $&"*** HeW'"' B"oTD k Ha oi may. No , Tontine Bmldinea. iA-J r TKTMSKS"*"'lVr? ?<>"p k HINCKKN. Broken. HUNTS VlLLlCpO H M.m A br11 hi above. her enlar <Lrv. Vnt ifkiuht [*-*** fortmli, <| iccommwUtion. V^iboarJ, il OHeana wharf, fool of Wall ,? ?,?!r M* *ppl* If u p/if . i? o1*1*?' *0 *hippar? will plcaac send in fhcir bilU nf i a Wo7"* " Wo?.i? will b? ou boud ?r n i l*d,n*lhl? dir. , II itrrrl, to-mnrruw afternoon j\iV. ,u *" '{ '??? of ?!< tint. Dm ihip wiII mVi 0' wlh " * o'clock, n wd'tluc Mm* ?h I UT( thliVinf ,h?i\r '""d* MIMIIf mum rS!*~? jIitHU .nV/JPt ^en>?'?*,?' I'ect, will raccaod tka mic. .nri .ail i ii K M IT h-f l.c ^4,^RTUOUKSfc; MMALE flLLsT^ Hk. BE far famed and oal.brated Pilla, from Portawal ara .^sraai^ca^'"-"

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