Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 26, 1843, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 26, 1843 Page 1
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TH Vol. U,?No. 113 ?Whol* Ho, 33X6 To Um Public. THE NEW YORK HERALD?daily newspaper?pul Untied every day of the year exoept New Year'* day an Fourth af July. Price 3 centa per copy?or f7 38 per ar num?postages paid?caah in advance. THE WEEKLY HERALD?publishedevery Saturda morning?price 8$ centa per copy, or |3 13 per annumpostages paid?caah in advance. ADVERTISERS are informed that the circulation! the Herald is over THIRTY THOUSAND, and increaaii. aat. It has tht largest circulation of any paper in this ct<) or rite world, and is therefore, the best channel for husinet men in the city or country. Prices moderate?caah in at ranee. PRINTING of all kinda, executed at the moet modorat prices, and in the most elegant style. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, PaoraiEToa ar this Hkbald EitabliimmkHt, Northwest corner of Fulton and Nassau streets MHOU8H8 TO LET AT YOKKVILLt.?7~larjr homes on the corner of S4th street and Id avenue; eitlie .k-'JJLof iham it calculated Tor a public house, grocery or pri sale residence. On the premises is a fine stable, howliug alley ami a flue Harden, coasistmjt of 8 ots, with (rape vines and frui trees thereon. For terms, inquire of JOHN A. MORKILL, Esq., mtiwr No. II Chambers st. MOOMS WANTED?On the north side of tV eity within a convenient distance trom the Ci'y Hall ani s a mod-rat-rem?Two smill rooms, with privilege c yir<l, plac? fir fael, aud Cretou water for a family of only t* pe-sons. For ruch a good tenant may kt found by leaTing note at l"6 Liberty street, corner of Creenwich, for B. A. a?' 3-' >||L TU Hfc..\T?Tlir exteusise building erected the pn p"jM seutseis n b? the subscriner, for hit own residence, o 'narsin of he Ent River, at Oowanns Heiahta, tw autl a half miles from South Brooklyn Ferry, cornmaitdin stdendiil views of the Bay and Jersey shore, the c'ties of Net Ynk ainllBronkl> n. 8'ateis Island and the Esst aid Nort Rivers. '1 lie H- use is b ic's. a auperior building, five storie It lh. covered wuh coppei; ine ball and st >irs of mitb'e: ill wtterfion'ah utone thousand feel, and the bathing within fr w aid. of the door, eicelle t fishing and fowling in the in medi itn v iciturv. The drive from New York is about fiften mil u'es, and the (wjiag are not excelled by any >i uatio near this ei'y One hundred peisons can be accommodtted.i'ossestiou Immcif ateln, Aimlvtn JOHN F DELAPLAIVE.88 Wall ?t. ALSO TO LET, til" three story brick House, 3-1 Walke sfieet, between Broadway ai d Chircli street, occupied by Mn Verplauck; ami ihe two Morv brick Home No 229 Ihlueteml stiert occupied by Mr- C. W. Feeks?Rents moderate. alO lin*gc _ a TO LET?The Manaion Home at Blonmingdile f known aa the Abbey" i itual da sh >rt ? i .tanc? abov L ha six mi'e stone, iust above Stryker's Biv, and m-arl opposite St. Michaels Church The place is well known a one ol the most delightful situations on the Island, and is ri mvkably hea'thy iu the summer aeasou. Tis Hloomiugdale stages pass and repass the gate ever hoar in the day. The gate is new, and numbered 101. The lent will be iu accordance with the present state of th times. A ply on the premises, o' at 182 Chambers street. N. B.?Arrau.rmeiit cauld be made, if desirrd, by a sate factory tenant, to let a part of the luruiture now iu the hous remain, or a |>art of the house will be rented separately. j apis lm*r MTO LET-PAVILION H'?TeL, at Saratog Springs, togeiher with the Furniture. To a popnl; ami aiiilahle |>ersou, it will be rented ow. For lurtht particulars,apply to O. uahi'LIl, At the office of ih Pivilion Focn-tin orof a lex'it l. McDonald, a23 1w?ec No. 52 J'hu street 3d ?*ory. New Y'-rk. ~ TO LET?The fire proof orick store, No. 105 *oui PW it, with immediate i own ion if required, applv to iiML WOODHULL & MfsiUllN, ni>4r B7 Houth street. AfKj. TO t.ET?The two itory brick Home and premisei rBNo. US Wnoile' itreet, finished in the moat mnder JlJJLftyle, with maible mantel-pieces and folding doo) throughout. Apply to JOSEPH McMURRAY, m23r 100 Pine nteet. mTO LET.? Sn Irgantly fartu lied home, in one < ihe moat respectable streets, for 6 ur 12 monihi. An family wishing 'o spend the inmmer in New York wi find this a rery eliemle orp?nunity to aceommoda'e than aaleea. Applejfl A. B. at ihi? office. ap 24 3t? J|p4 TO LET?Severs' Work Shop>, with goad light,; f?h? on Ann ?t'ret. wnl ha lei at low rents to good tenant jVjvL Enquire of WM. FULLER, 4th itoiy, fiont buddini tii?n ii II and 2 o'c ock. s21 2w*r Mk OR SALE?A t i.Uuiry deaidruce, situate i m Fi Rookawav, b. I ; betweeu five and six acres of lam art ont in worked p-ach trees. There is on the pretoi ca a large dwelling house, barn and other out uildii gs, trget er wi ha good well -1 wrier, situated on the turnpike leadm from Jain iea to Roekaway, at the junction of the road !ea< in* t? N-ar ttockrway, and about two milca from the Ma it Pavilion. Fur further iwrtic i'ars a, ply to JuilN L NOl T {IV, Jr a- Abel 8. Sm th's. 291 Bowery. a25 6t* r . T'l LET Oil FOll SALE?A ihreet aiory model prs Vmlt b ick dwelling i.ouse an I steie. wi h two lata i Ji-ll?giouud a't-ched. a mated in Williamtburg, about tw minutta walk f on th? Peck S ip Ferty Apply on the premi ea, corner of Fourth and South-Eighth atreeta. williamiburi or o W. it J. T. TArSCOTT, a 4r 43 fit'' alip. aww FARM FOR SALE, coiitjTmiig forty acrea, thtrt' JffAi five under cultivation and the balance a gool growth i sAa wnni* On the p emiset is a heme in good repair, a new coach hoo' and a Urge barn lu front oi the Kuuse is au excellent well i water, secured Irom Ihe weather by a nrw well house, anil fiue Ihwu iu front of the house- On ihe ab?ve described f-r is fiuit in abundance, such as apples, cherries, pears, quince curr-nis, gooreber iea, sc. T"u ,.b >.? farm is two wiles from the steamboat landini one fr m ihe town of Rye, on ihe North itreet road. A fu view 'I the Sruud ; can tee two light hi uses when lighted is in every reapect a desirable location for a gentleman's res dencr. This f urn is in Westchester County. Call on the premise oi on Mr. J. H. WELCH, 33 Leonard street, a!8 lm*ec orai the Police Office. j DRESS BOOTS. LATEST FRENCH STYLE. THR SUBSCRIBER respectfully invites the citizens < New Yo k and ilmnvers viattimr the ci'V, to call at lit FULTON STREET, and examine n large as'oitineLt ?f Dress Booti, made iu th latent lashion, ?na?l the fmeat French calfskin. Geut ? ait n can have boon made toord r in the beat manne at aii dollara tier paii, and footed at font dollari, warrante ntnl to any manufactured in the city atfromieven to eigl do'I lira. N [C7" Persona having tender fe?t, or being difficult te fit en a emulol lumps, bunioua cotoa, lie., can have boo'a made ?o i to be eaay yet handjotne. by the aubacttbe 'a method of takit a drawin.- of he teet and fitting np and keeping a pair of laa for each customer. Stranger* leaving their meaanres can, by writing, have boo made and forwarded top em without delay. COMTARTLV rr? HAND. H'ndtome Boota, fiom $? 00 to |6 00 Half B< ou, 2 JO to 3 SO Uwter Boots, " 2 00 to 2 JJ Shoes, " 1 JO to 2 ?0 Slipper*, " JO to 1 00 Pumps, fcc , kc.,eqnally low. Terms, Caih on Delivery. JOHN L. WATKINS, a0lm*r 114 Fulton at. between Naaaanand Datrha'a. WHO WANTS BOOTS It SHORS 1 THR O catcat Reduction in Prieea ever know W^S^*/Ontv think of Uentl-men'a fine drew call atitcht Boota, of the moat fnahumable ahape, f2,7J to f 3.00. Kaahiou b'e pegged boota $1 JO to *2,00 a pair. Ladiea fancy colore Fteurh and city made Oaitera lor $I,3J to $1,30 a pair. And a the fadiiona for JM3, for Gentlemen, Ladies and Children,froi thirty to forty per cent cheaper than ever, at 212 Greenwich I cornrr of Barclay. J AS. WIGGINS. aJ lm*r ADOLPHK. MONDRON, Boot maker, from P ria, rca|>ect fully inlbrma the iuhabitaota of Ne York, that t.e has opened his establubmeut at No 111 Broa way, where he ta readv to eaeeute all nrderaenttnated to hit of tlie lac at fashions and heat workraanahip. Getit'emen wishing to have nn elegant fit will do well (oca and fiunnr hie work a| lm*r boot anu shoe bToRE. JOHN PEADY reajwctfnlty inlormi hiafriem Run me ubl'C, t >at he haa commenced huaiueia in the abot liar, at No. DO Saaatnatreet, where he will thankfully recen and fannfuliy electee, all order* he may be favored with t the m'st region'b e terra* la* cash. ''22r LaoIrs, LltiK a 1* TTTis !??ooo pair* < French Of iter Boota, anu 3COO pur* of Hlippeis.jn received, ajd ior aale whuleaale and retail, at lha lo lowii Trr\ low pro's 2000 paira of Fie'rh Gaitera, of the bri qu I'ty, and of ?ll colon,ti.Jt; and 3000 purs of Slippcra,' cents, at 367 Broodwav and 9! Caual street. Ladies, in these stcres you will find ihe greatest and best a a "if mint iu the world of (loita, Gaitera, Shoes, Sltppert, It Mr' Mimes and ' hildreu's do. G> n lemen, we wiah to draw yrnr attention to onr aplend anortmeut of Boota, Shoea cloth hu'ton Gaiters, of il new style; Fienclt ealtakiu Boeta, of the beat quality and ma< to order, $3, and French call'ak'n Boots on baud, from $3 to f per p III cloth batten U?it-n,$',SO; Piunella tl V); ihefine of ealfik'n Shoes, ,26 (u ft; boyt'r Boot! of iht belt qualit 1.25 10 S2 75; Shoes, $1 to I t5; youth's Boon, Si to 1,5(1. Bho 50 rf nih io tl. Boon, Omnia, Sipp*ra. Ties, Buskins, Shot ike in endless vmirtv. and all wainnten to be ot the belt kiu PKEOOKY St OAHILL, 367 Broadway ,-2'i im'r ma 91 Canal itrnt. AKKVV OETLEMEN of steady hibiti em be kcromm'd with Rood b'nrd and picasint rnoma id a private Ian lv, at 204 Knlf n street. Alto, a lew day boadrra can be ace< l modeled on thr moat reaa ,natile term. A parlor and betlroo to let, with or without hoard a5 ee HAVANA BKUAKS. BM. PII'ABI A. No. 49 Liberty it.eel, near Nassau.ofe . foraa'e the followinir ino.rofl La Norma Sevan, lit ipiality, yen- mreiior. 30.(00 Pima an do do 25 d00 Kavoiita Ho do do 41,0 0 Pnalta Baaera, very old, and do 40,010 K.ipennva do do 58,I'M !tra<lia, Oarna, and Cov.^nei, do do. The whole entitled to debenture, and iu Iota to luit pa chasers. sp!6 lm*r DKAKT8 ON IRELAND ?t*er?ont wishing t" set d monr to their f ii'iiils in any part of England, Ireland. Heotlan or tie snppli. tl withd-alts for large or em til amount pty-ble no demand, wrhnnt disconut, ii all ih' princip towns of Ihs United Ktntd 'in. end iheaam* forwarded by i| regular packets of the 1st. 7lh, '3th. 16t'? llkh and 2>ih of tar m 'nth; by the Boston Hteamrrs ol the l?t ai il 'H I', and by tl Ureat Writern. Apply to . W, It J. T. TAPBCOTT, s22-r 43 IVi It Slip. cor. South st MlNKRA'C 7*ArTffg?of KTsSfNUEN. German called '?AKO( Zl.?'1 he H*bi cti hei an acidulous sa'ii Il ai11, of n eg eeib r t isle, a> d being powerfully pronvlit of let retion an I eaereuon. a pn ifier, a str ? soirent, and the enine tune st'riigthening wiihmt heatmg, it acts as a f* tent pacifically on the l<yer( t^ e nyatcma ?rmar. port, find u r?n? avitt-in, and dfiftipAiinR any ? rifting ohmruction, if according to directions. The It.ik told at the following placea, ?t 37 X cer.ti Quart 1111. or t4.'i0 A dcvtcn. HnM K? Hrnry Km* k o. Diwuiate. <81 Biovlwar, rnr. (Jran Si ii 'laid, Drllac V Co. do Ml Broadway h 2 ('ark rot Yin a. T. ?<r. en 399 Broadway. Thoa. H. Hart. 218 Broadway Chnirh'. Oupenaary, 188 Bowery. Wholraalr <1 r?'ail fcv FLORlAN S I RMJSS, (6 Rearer rfref, ''"*r _ up raira. '1M> THE LOVKR8 OY SUl'fcHIOK BLACK TEA I Muwgua'i Mitrnre?Tliia ettreraely aud unpara laird Tea. to hmhiy celebrated iu China and Rnrope, juat ie potted, it now for aale at the Canton Tea Company"! Oeocr I'ta k.alaliliahnw nt, 111 Chatham it. New Yer i?in ttrkaea Trice M rrota and $j each all lia*ec I E IS E NE\ rOR M>'\ RLKAJVS. 5. LOUISIANA AND NKVV IKK LfS'K OK PACKETS For :ne better accommodation of il?i r., it i'( i iteiined t>? deey'th h ship from (his nort on the 1st, nli, inth. lit 20th, nt-d _ 25th in each mouth, com i cueing the Kith Oct ' , r I c >eitiua* ing uti'il M.-.y, when regular days will be (|>pniutrd for the re? miiiuili'i of the year, whereby (treat delays and iliaippolu'racna will br t rerouted dnnnf the summer mouths. The fo'lowicg ships wi:! rnmmrmt litis arrausouuiut : >1 f'tiil \ AZOO. Captain Cornell. _ Ship OOONKK, Captain Jackson. 5 Vh.j. MISSISSIPPI, Captain Hi'.Knrt. ,, Nut LOUI8VILLK, CajKiun Mont. Ship MIAKSPKAKK, Captain Miser. " ^nip <i ASTON. C ' in l.aionni. 1. fii! lIUNTSVlLLE. Cptiiu Mur.iford ? Ship >'H ML'l.fJKK, Captain In vit;. V.IUIIMII 1 !. ' 1M-I.I ?IIS|? .wsskcyis r r,, ^HUi/llU UltH UlVII. a Ship MEMPHIS, Cap'aiu Knight. Ship LOUISA, Captain Mulford. These ships were all built in lh? city of New York, express for iiacketa, are of light draft of water, here recently hern i'wly coppered and put in splendid order,with accommodation* lor passengers unequalled lor comfort. They are commanded by experienced masters, who will make every exertisn to (tire Seneral sstisfactiou. Tliey will at all limes be towed op aid own the Mississippi by sleambosls. _ Neither the owuera or captain* of theae ahipa will be responsit ble for jewelry, bullion, precoma atones, silver or pla?d ware, or for any litteia, parcel or package, tent by rput otrueard of them, utiles* regular bills ?r lading are taken for the tamo ,*nd ! the value thereon expressed. For freight or passage, apply ETk. COLLINS & CO., 56 South St.. or HULLIN Ik. WOODRUFF, Agent m New Orleans, who will promptly forward all gooda to their addreta. ' The ships of this line are warranted 10 anil punctually as adit vertised, and great car: will be taken to have the gooda oorrectil rueaanred. ml " PASSAGE FKOM GREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND & m m. m ! 11 vVI.NO eompl?3?exten?ive ami important arrangen menta for bringing out passrngvri fiom the old country, the suh0 scrihera can with confidence inform thoae who rrnv wish to setf lie for friends to emigrate the prrseiit season (1813) that they J will find it their intei?-t t > make the necessary arrangements " with this li ie; being the oldest or longest establi.hed out of ' this port, it is Well known that that the arrangein-uts are come p'ete?the ships of the lint class suling weekly, and the ac* coinmodations fitted op expressly foi the comfort i.ud couveui1 ence of passengers. o Should those settled for decline coming out, the passage a money will, as usual, be refunded to the parly from wnoin it ~ was received, without deduction. A free passage per steamer from the various ports of Ireland and Scotland, to Liverpool, can be aecured if deaircd. Ap r ply to ' SAMUEL THOMPSON. " Old Established Passage Office, 273 Pearl St., Or to C. GRIMSHAW Sc.CO. 10 Goiee Piazzas, Liverpool. !, Drafts on London, Liverpool, the National Bank of Iteland e Northern Co. nd National bank of Scotlana, i. y sight, and for any amount. Apply is above. g Im'r J* NEW LINE OK LIVERPOOL t'ACKE'la. ' T? a lfrom New York on the 26th and Liverpool on the ll'.h _ <tf each ninth. m gk FK?M NKW Yohk. Ship OARRICK, Captain Wm. Skiddy, 25th February. Ship ROSC1U8, Captain John Collins, 25th March. e Ship 81DDONS. Captain E. B. Cobb, 25th April. Ship SHERIDAN, Captaiu F. A. Depeysier, 25tli May. P ROM LilVKRPnai.. :i Ship 8IDDONS, Captain E. B. Cobb, 13th Februarv. ir Ship SHERIDAN, Captain F. A. Beiieyiter, 13th March, ir Ship GAKR1CK, Captain Win. oknluy, 13ti> April. Sliip RO.SCIU9, C-yilaiu John Collins, 13th May. Theses hips are all ot the first class, upwards ol Itvt tons, built intlie city or New York, with snch improTemeuts a (combine great sliced with unusual comfort for passengers. Every care h has been taken in the arrangement of their accommodations. The price of passage hence is $100, for which ample stores will be provided. These ships are commanded by eioerienced masters, who will make every exertion to general atisfac? uou Neither the captains or owners of t*. til. Mwill be responsin ble for at y letters, parcels or package sseti by them, unless rer* gular b< Us of lading are signed therefor. For irvight or pass we. apply to fi. K. COLLINS it CO., 5$ South st., New York, or to >f WM. k JA8. BROWN Ik CO., Liverpool. Letters by the packets will be charged 12H cents per single 11 ibe? t; 50 cents per ounce, and newspapers 1 cent each. (3 r \\ PASSAOETfUOM OREATBim'AIN AN DUllU.N D J BY THE BLACK BALL OR OLD LINE OF *' LIVERPOOL PACKETS. [Sailing from Liverpool on the 7th and 19lh of every month.] j Persons wishing to seud to the Old Country for their friends , can make the necessary arrangements with the subscribers, and have them come oat in this superior L.iue of Packets, sailing 1 " from L iverneol uuctually on the 7th and 19th of every month, f Tt ey will also have a first rate class of American trading ships, sailing every six days, thereby affording weekly coininuuicai tion from that port. One of the liim (Mr. James D. Roche) is there, to see that they shall be lorwanJed with carc and Jespalch. u Should the pailies agreed for not come < nt, the money will if be returned to tliose who paid it here, <v about auy reduc o tiou. ? Tne Black Ball, or Old Line of Liverpool Packets, comprise C, the following magnificent Ships, viz :? The OXFORD, The NEW YORK, CAMBRIDGE, COLUMBUS, y. EUROPE. SOUTH AMERICA, 'f ENGLAND,. NORTH AMERICA. With such superior and unequalled arrangements, i he sub>e scribers coutidciilly look forward for a coutiuuance of ihatsnpof port which Iws beeu extended to them so many years, fur which a lliey are grateful. m Those proceeding, or remitting money to their relatives, can a, at all times obtain Drafts at sight for any amount, drawn direct on Ihe Royal Bank of Ireland, Dub tin, also on f Messrs. PRE8COTT, OROTE, AMES k CO. li Bankers, London, I; which will be paid on demand at any of the Banks, or their j. Branches, in all the principal towns throughout England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, i. Apply,or address, (if by letter, post paid.) ROCHE. BROTHERS 8t CO. 35 Fultbn street, New York, next door to the Fulton Bank, a N. B.?The Old Line of Liverpool Packets sail from this f port for Liverpool on the 1st and 19th of each month. Parties returning to the old country will find it to their comfort and r advantage to select this fkronte Line for their conveyance, in preference to any other. d27 r OLD LINE LIVERPOOL I'ACKETts. m m m H OMIE OLD LINE of PacCttMor LiTerpoo^wiTniereafter be it 1- despatched in the following order, excepting that when the dar of tailing fallt oo Sunday, the ahipt will tail on the tucceedc ing day. ' For New York. For Liverpool. |R The SOUTH AMERICA, (June 1 July 19 ' 616 tona, .Oct 1 Not 19 D.U.Bailey, I Feb 1 Mar 19 t* The ENGLAND, i June 1* Aug 7 760 toni. Oct 19 Dec 7 B.L.Waite. I Feb 19 April 7 The OXFORD, .July 1 Aug 19 600 tout. Not 1 Dec 19 J. Hathbone, <1 March 1 April 19 The EUROPE, i.July 19 Kept 7 610 torn, '. Not 19 Jan 7 E. G. MarthaJl i Mar 19 May 7 The NORTH AMERICA, i Aug 1 Sept 10 610 tone. ? Dee 1 Jan 19 A. B. Lowber.r April 1 May 19 The NEW YORK, i Aug 19 Oct 7 n. 900 tona, 1 Dec 19 Feb 7 d T. B. Cropper.i April 19 June 7 a- The CAMBRIDGE, (Sep. 1 Oct 17 d Rid tona, Jan 1 Feb 17 ill W.CBaritow.i May 1 June 19 m The COLUMBUS, i.Sept 19 Not 9 it, 700 tout, \Jau 19 Mar 9 (J. A. Cole. May 19 July 7 Punctuality, at regArda the day of tailing, will be ofcterved at - heretofore. The price of parage outward it now fixed at One " Hundred Dollart. for which ample ttorci of ever* dewription ? w?y be provided, with the exception ol winei and liquoit, a" which Will be I'uruiahed.hy the ttewardt. " GOODHUE It CO.. 64 Sonth at., ? C. H. MARSHALL. 38 Burling-tlip.N.Y. ? j#S4 1yh BARING *ROTHFH8 It co.. l"p?oI. i'he NEW link of livetlpool IAcReTo. S & M: ,c To sail Irom New York 16ih, and from Liverpool 5th ?l tach 10 month. Ship ROCHESTER. 800 ton., J i?,k a-.hv. of Pliilm Wondhouse, 1 l6lh *?b'T. st Ship HOrtlNOUER, 1050 tons. ,Cth March it New ship LIVKKPodL, 1150 tons, U John Eldriage, 16th April. New ship . 1200 tons. |glh M#y c. Thrse substantial, fait sailing, first class shins,all built in the City of New York, are cmmatided by men of >'*pericnr.e and id ability, ano will be despatched punctually on the 16th of each ic month. te Their cabins are elgant and commodiona, and are furnished 14 with whatever can conduce to lha ease and comfoitof paaseay, * Neither tl c captains or owners of these shirs will be responrs eib'e for any i arrt Is or parkanes sent by them, nn'm regular s, bills lading are signed therefore. d. For freighter passage apnly to WOODHULL fc MINTURNS, in South street. New York, r or-to FIELDEN, BROTHERS It CO.. f7 v r Liverpool. undermentioned n #>il* wili be regularly dispatched from hence and from Marseilles on the 1st of each month dnriug the year, thus? From Now York. Marseille!. MINERVA,CantBrown, Nov 1. Jan I H'KYTHOMI'SON, Cap Sylvester, Dee I. Feb 1 COURIER, Cant Dugan, Jan 1. Marl THE SCOTT, Cap" Lawrrrce, Feb 1. Apl 1 HELLESPONT, Cam A dame, Mar 1. May 1 ir- CORIOLANU8, Cap Haile, Apl I. Juu 1 They are all cr pperen and copper fastened,and have eicelleul - accommodations for paeeeiigrri<y The price of cabin passage will be $106, exclusive o wines d sod liquors. s, Onoda addressed to BOYD St HINCKEN, the a gents, will si be forwarded free of other barges than those actually paiu. For Iraight or laasaac annlv to h G~ nUOOM * CO., or 10 le oMr BOYD fc U1NCKEN. A*enU 8KI1IBM AND NOK'llI AAlhlOLAN ilUtAL MA It 8TEAM *Hir?, .. Or llMltoni mill 440 hone power each. ,e Under contract with the Lordi of ths-Admimlty. 11 H1BRRN1A, E. Jndhine, f'omuiandeiUKITANNlA, I. Hewitt. do * CALK.PONIA, K. O. do . AC A PI A, A. Hyrie do COLUMBIA, E. C. Miller, K M do ',Vil! tail from Liverpool and Boetou, via Hahln aafo'.lowa t raoM LivaapooL prom aotTeo. Acadia, Kyrie, Keb a Mar 1 Colombia, Miller, Mar ? Ap'l 1 Britannia, McWitl, Ap14 May I Hibeniia, Jtrdhlna, Ap'l 19 M*y It The acommoCationa for pnaaenaera ere ant error. Theae.aela ire accompanied by eapen.-n. ed anrfeom, and d amply aupplicd oith Erancea'PatentLi.e Boata. a I ,iaaa(e irduetd to S12?. No Bertha aecnred until paid for. I1. D.^oVaM^H^mHA^OEN It CO*K, No. I Wall*. jMa W TO V YORK. WEDNESDAY 1 4S& OLD EST A HUSHED PASSAGE OFFICE. \ No. 61 SOUTH STREET, N. Y. PASSAGE to and frnrn Great Britainand Ireland, via Livrr po"l and London. by the rtKnlar packets, r a'ltt.g weekly to and l hoti Live<T. ol. and In and fn in Lnnd. n on the i?t, 10th, nnd J 2<)lh of each moutli. The fitbsrribor hat made ea'euaive n- o rtugement. to oritur out emigrant), and can, with (treat conli- p fence, as.ure those persons sending or thcr rritnda.lhat every u due and |l gent attention ?t ill be shown them and all w1 o si era'iark with them. as>gge can also be engaged from Liver it p ml i ict to New Orleans, Wo^le, Sa'annan, Ba'timore, n hi'adelpht-i, B too, and to ti>e i fferect iiorts of the British si Prnviuces. w,th time arum, crneuts, together with the ?d- U vintage which his eivarp ol c .rresp indents possess, being h la ge shiiNiyinets and exte snel r engaged in the rrighting u- d s'uess?having I st ytar despatched upwards of 100 fint class tl fh'i 1 to til" various p- rfs of the United St ites. with freight and paisetigers. The facility offered by this establishment is uusurpassed. and from the large number olfirst diss ships em- 7 ployd in the line there can be no d-ten ton whatever, which I will be guaranteed The nr.ce of nassaire will he at the lowest. rates, an ' should any of (hi/watut lor i ecliue <pmiog. t he pat al sage money wil o- returned ss cuitomnry. al'he s'e'tnboat ? fine Iromihe diffcre-1 porta to Livrrpool usual, be ae- ( cured. Thoae irmitting raun-v to their frieudt can have drafts to any auiouur, i avable in a'l the p mc pal tnwus, witnout dii- (, rou t, throuuhout Oiea1 Britain mid In-laud, au arrangement a which has given the greatest ?a;isl'dCtiou. I, The subscriber ken es to r reive a c iu'inuat on of the public patiooage, which h a tien ao lib,-tally bcatowed for many () years past. For further particulars apply, (if by letter post p pani) to JOHN HEllD MAN, 61 South st, N Y, or J. St W. U'lBlNhON, No IG Uoree Tiazzaa, George's Dock, and I Neptune at, Waterloo Dock, Liverpool. u JhENTS The a J Tinunins, Ka , No i65 8"uth Front at, Philada. Patrieh Milton, Esq Bull'no, NY. c Joaei h Kir''patric?, Pittsburgh, Pa. Michl ivlcQ'.ule,Utic*, N Y. J. A Nooni.iu, Mil waukie, Wiscoiisin, Ty. CI* McCorkey, Dubinin, lowiTy. J. H. Kilintt, Detroit, Michigan, Cornelius Lnhiil. Peril, Illinois. I J >hu II vs-y, Kociiea er, N. Y. I N. B.?The subscriber is also a. eut for first class packet ships Hlli'fimy le w d ly d ivs fr un New York to Ms w Orleans, Mobile, Charleston, ami Sivtiuuah, Ly which passage van Oe ' secured it the hiwi st iate. ml'r TAPSCOTT'S GENERAL PASSAGE OFFICE, n 43 PKCK SLIP, NEW YORK. d m M M M I iTTvibscribera beg to calTthe attention of theirlrietida P and the public generally, to their superior arrangements ? for briHiring out passengers from, and remitting money to, any c par* of England, Ireland, Scotland or Wales, in tne magniticeut r picket slops, coinprisinytlie u " NEW LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS." V1Z.J- n Ship ROSCIU8, ('apt. Collins. n Ship SIDDON8, Captain Cobb. ti Ship SHr-HIDAN, Captain Depeyster. tl Ship IJ AURICK, Captain SkidJy. c New ship HOTTINOUER, Captain Bursley. I; Ship SOUTHERNER, Captain Woodhonse. tl Ship ROCHESTER,Captain Palmer. h New ship LIVERPOOL,Captain Eldredge. Sailing twice every month; and with the" UNITED LINE," l composed of supenor first class American ships, sailing every ten days, will make five ships id each month throughout the rear, (or one every six days) thereby preventing the possi Inlitv of unnecessary detention. 1 I'm aces direct from London, Bristol and Greenock to New J .a let. from Liverpool to New Orleans, Mobile, 8ava? I. ' ikrttou. Philadelphia, Boston and Baltimore, and the varioi c.n in British North America, can at all times oe engaged on liberal terms. Pcisons wis mug to send for their friends, will not fail to see the ndrautages to he derived from selecting this line in prefer- t ence to any other, and they may rest assured that unusual care y will be taken to make the passage agreeable, the ships being fitted up with an eye solely to the comfort of passengers. t In all eases whe i the parties tent for decline coming, llie . money will be re -tided without auy deduction, as usual. A free passage (rom the various seaports ol Ireland and Scotland, can also be secured. _ ' The regular packets for which the subscribers are ugrtits, sail as follows, vir. :?To and (rom London on the 1st, tOtli, and 20th of each muutli. To and from Liverpool on the 1st, 7th, 13th, 19th, ai.d 25th of each month. New Orleans, Mobile, Savannah, an . Charleston, weekly throughout the season. J REMITTANCES. Persons in the country wishing to send money to their friends by enclosing the sum they wish sent, with the name and address of the parties to receive it, m.yrelyou a draft for the amount being forwarded per first packet, after the receipt . thereof, and an acknowledgement for the same returned per ' mail. I " uraita at sight, tor any amount, are payable on drmaud, without discount or any oih< r charge, at the National anil 1'rovin- I cial Banks of Ireland and brnuches, Eastern Bank of Scotland, Gieenock, and theirjiranches, Messrs. James Bull, Sou It Co., fi Bankers, Louden, Exchange and Discount Bank, Liverpool, 'I anil iu every principal town of Great Britain mul Ireland. b Farther particulars made known on application, if by letter, c postpaid,to o5y r W. & J. T. TAPSCOTT, 43 Berling Slip. b NEW JERSEY RAILROAD AND TRANS. PORTATION COMPANY. 0 NEW YORK AN1) NEWARK. Karc reduced to N5 cents. Frnn tne lout of Courtlandt streft, New York \ ( Ever* s c* cpted.) i Leaves New York Leaves Ne wan: 1 At 8 A.M. At 2 P.M. At 7 AM. All 9 do. 3 do. 4 da. 4 do. t II do. 4 do de. do. t iX do. OX IX do. , i X do. Q)i do. a 8 do. On SUNDAYS. From tl>e loot of Courtlandt street Leave New Yors, Leave Newark. At 9 A. M. and sX P. M. At IK P. M. and 9?{ T. M. NEW YOkK, ELIZABETH TOVv it, I.e&ve New York ' ??*? Fliv heth ''"own At 8 A. M. At 2 P M. At 7* A. M. At P. M. 9 do., 4 d\ *X do. 3X <1". 4j? o. 10 ao. km do. do. l The trains for Wesiix-id, Plainfield, Bonndbrook, Somerville, > he., connect with the 9 AM, and<4KPM trains Irom New York, daily, Sundays excepted. Fare between New York aud Elizabeth Town 25 cents. j Fare between do and Soinervtlle, 75 cents. NKV YOKK. RAHWAY AND NEW BRUNSWICK. . Fare reduced. From the foot of Courtlandt street, daily. Leave New York. Leave New Brunswick. I At t A. M. Al 0 A. M. 4 P. M. IX " 'jX " "K noon. 1 8K P. M. 1 ON SUNDAYS 1 Lc?vc New Yo'k. Leave New Brunswick. At 4 A M and 4^1'M. At 1 X iioou, and 14PM, Fare between New Yo-kand New Brauswich, 75 cenis. Rahway, n) cei U, The fare in the 6 and 7K A. M. train from New Brunswick. and 4 and jya M. train from New York, has been rr| ? duced. New York and New Brunswick, to 50 cetxs. . " and Rahway to 37K " I Passengers who procure their tickets at the tieket office, re eeive a ferry ticket gratis. Ticketa are received by the con f doctor only on the dt.y when purchased. I 11 3m? s WINTER ARRANGEMENT. NEW YORK AND PmLADELPHIA RAILROAD LINE 1 DIRECT. f Via Newark, New Brunswick, Princeton, Trenton, Bordei- t town and Bnrliugton. THROUGH IN SIX HOURS. t Leave New Ynrk,frora the loot ef Courtlandt atreet,daily, at 9 A M and P M. I The morning cine proceed* to Bordentown, from thence by , tenmbORt to Philadelphia. 1 The Evening Liue proceed* direct to Camden, (onpotiie Philadelphia) without change of car*. i Pasaeueers will piocure their ticket* ?t the oflice foot of I Conrtlanat ?trert, where a comtnodion* iteainboat will be in read'ue***, with bigga** crate* on board. , Philadelphia baggage erxte* are couveyed from city to city, without being opened by the way. ' Each train u provided with a Ladie* Car, in which ere apartmenu and dreiwu r room* etpreialy for the Ladie* me. 1 RrturainK, the line* leave Philadelphia from the foot of , Chestnut ttrret by railroad from Uamdtu, at 9 o'clock A M.aml i o'clock, P M. Tli? Liue* for Baltimore, leare Philadelphia at 6X and 8 AM, . and 4 P M., being a continuation of the line* fcoin New York. ' d2tlm*r MORRIS AND ESSEX RAIL ROAD, ! New Arrangvnioot?Thi* Road having been rr-Uiil at great e*pen?e with the mi?t approri d and hrarie*t H roil, to tecure a tale and ei|*dilion? conveyance between New York and ] Morriitowa, will commence rnuninrt two trip* daily, Sunday* 4 eicepted, on and after Monday, Jan, : 8. t Kirat Train from Morriatown will leave atTX AM. n Sennnd Train from MoTriitown will leave at 1\P M. o Fi rat Train from New York will leave at 9 A M?Newark at o 9X A M. Second Train from New York will leave ? 2X P M?Newark at IX '' M. Pa"-epger? by the Morning Train from Mo-r'?town will ar- " rive at Newark in tune for the ? A M Train to Nr w York, or / the mmairj Train to I'hilapelphia; by the Afternoon Traiu they will atrive at Ncwatk in tun" for the 3fi t' >1 Tram to i New York or the Evening Train to I'liiladelpt in. Pavtrnaert by the MnriiiDK Trai from New York will airiv* at Morrntown in tune in dine and take any of the State* run- L

nine wr?f or north from that place j2f? lin'ec # FULLENNfc COPP, 3 WaU^nrC^^ * s i ?*v i a*iM mvi^ i nriALi c KXPKV.dS. ii M-sste. ll-rti'Un h Co. disposed of their mate ? Irom New York to Albany and Tiny, the snhscri- t' hers, the old condnctors of Hcrndcn A Co'a Northern h Kipress, from New York, will continne to i ill aa a heretofore, leaving New York. Albany and Troy, Daily .and fi connect at Tniy with Jacobs' Montreal Express, and will for- o ward Specie, Bank Notes, Packages, Bundles.Cases of Hoods, ic., to any place between Niw York and Montreal, and hronuhont tire Canst).*'a. Alan Kits', from Troy and Albany tc J 8oston, and West from Alhn.t? >0 Bnffalo. All business cnttnateo ;o loeir rhars-e w<ll be promptly attended to. ('articular attention still he paid to the collection " of notes, draffs, r-centaucea, fce.. an I prompt retnrna made for ? the same, TULLRN ft COPP. OlScea?Pollen A Corp. 1 Wallstreet, New York. Thoa. (Jensen, 1j Kiclinuge, Albany. A H. Kilkins, 23# Hirer street, Troy. 8. Jncob's ttschanae Conrt, 8t Panl at, Montreal. u WEKKKKNCK8. Nrw Vor* Alba**. Taoy. I'rime, Ward A Km*. C. J. Humphrey, Jim. I nyne, Jacob Little, ft < o.. Thoa. Ootuih. P. Weils, I JohnT. Smith, ft Co.. 8 K. Stow, j Pepoon Ik Hoffman, C. 8. Done lass, ai Carpenter ft Vermilye, r. Leako Houehion ft Co. bi Drew, Robinson ft Co. n84 m DIllTlSH 8HIP t HKHTER, Doyle, mss'rr, from LiterIs pool ?Corsmn-et tyr ih- ah- te abip will confer a lavor by en in k without delay, ) eir permits on board, foot ef Krcior h stte.-l, N. it , or to I't. Mitc.ftli- ?'?"lot, Ito Hcl, BRO rHh H.V ft CO. " aS'r 3> Kti Iron street. OOLLECTION8 on allptris ot the United Btttes made,on J " the nvmtlfavn able rerina, by p> S. J. SYLVESTER, a^ :tr :l Wall street, and IM Broadwiy. RK I MORNING, APRIL 26, 1 CHILDREN'S SPRING HATS, _ LEARY fe CO.'S STYLE. A LABOK awortmnnt < f Boyi ind CbildnB ^TivlitOD ifitTllffTtntlt (iivnricty and beauty, foflft*! ! ur afore*, !No? 4 aim! 6 Aator Hon*#. a22 3i*r X BROWN MO 'S One Pncc h.u Store. 178 Chatham uare, corner of Mod ?t., where fashion, beauty, durailitf end aeonomi are eonbiftra to adooiUw head# The prorietora have the pleasure now tooffei nnw style of nat, the nitaton of braver, which closely resembles ilioae formerly >ld for $;> and $6 at the low hied price of $1; those who from iclinati m or necea^ity are induced to study economy iu that feJiiM ntabli irtit I of on >a, have now an opportunity ofopins i, and still kqep np the a ip trance of the most whiooaWe*? rown It * o. hi preaendag t|iie hat to the pmoiio* ihinh they iverapsh -l th 1 natin of beinty. rheipn?. neatness, urahility and comfort to the wearer. All tiles are for cash, lereforc uo tfood customer nays the louses incurred by the bad. BlOwN fit CO. i7? < halhanaaqaare? a8 lm* corner of Moft at XSPHl.NO KAslllO.v HOK OKVrUMKN'H HaT8 ?The uuilrriicned rrspectfully inform* his cmtomers nd the , uhlic generally, that he Ins n?w ready for inspection ud sal-, the imirh idinired sprinit style cl sentlemen s Hals, rhich for beauty of fiunhatnl and sytnetry of form, exceed any inner effort, in this or any othe' city. To the rcouomut they are a durable article, as they comine cheapness, diirabil tv auil elegince, wirrint-d equal to uy and inferior to none. In the mnmf icture of II its i.e c'uil iilte* comi* tiou; ie therefore solicit, a *: are of i ublic patron, re; In would a'.o csll their a'tennoi to his I. ge <is*or'ment f Men's,Youth's,aud children's caps of clotU,velvet, 8cc. all of is own manufacture, which for vorie.y of patterns canuol be quailed. Also, Irs new style ofchildren's drab and pearl eoloreil fancy at, trimined with velvet of various patterns, for tpriu-r and mmer wear, vrry much admired. A call wdl ennvin e the ost reel licel if the ill eriority ol the above mentioned arliles, now ready for sale at the oil'it ihlislifd vtores of ISAAi H ARCH ICR, alt tm*r ?0> ann "60 Urcruwieh st, N. Y. 'l'HK WAR VI. SALT WATER lATII is now open at the foot of Uesbroasv* street, V. 11. J Por it* advantage, over fn sh water, see Medic il J urn .I,. Eve Tickets on** Dollar. apl6 1 III * r vl'K'S PATK..NT KI.ASlIt; MKTALP: 8HA>KS, f for Hoots Hill Shoes o: i ??.T description.?The use of this nproveraeut cousisii iu tnu olio* nig import.nit advantage ver the common manner ol ni,l:>ur Boots and Shoes of all rnntiont. that It flultallv 1IML.IM the weiirhf or ne-inrn nf le foot fro'm heel to t<v, giving it the tame time a phaim I it tic in ilion hi walking, ami ulao keriu (he Boot to iu orlinal ?li 'pc, preventing toe thank, or hollow of the foot from resting dowu, anu the heel from turning out behind, ?nd uNo IfeCtaiU* prevents the Pmhloot strupa from ever coming in ontict WIUI the pavemeut and wearing off. Another itreat vil it remoerd br it* use, at it pr vr> ts the loot from workik forwanl, and pinchiua the loet, and cau? iik conit, or ' unlit p.iotn already made ; it also, bv IteepioK the boot iu thape i the shank, prevents the upper on the iiistep from d.uumr ixht, and cauong thote paiuiul luuipt to mow on the top of lie ii'itep. It can be na il with a very low heel, much more omfortaole lo the wearer; a' cl if thp bo >t orthoe get. thoroughv water-toiked they relain their thine in the act of pulling iiein off. which the common ones will not alwayt do, but aderr to the tolr of the foot, earning the thanks lu break. Manufactured only by the undersigned iu New Yo.k, Jersey hty.and Brooklyn. LOR1N BROOKS, Manufacturer. 138 b u ton str?et, N T. m?6 1 in * r JOHiS DICK. Patentee. O O'l'ICb?The ropirtuerahin her loloie rutting between i" Ellis St V, .ddlebrook, it t o, d?y dissolved New York, February 1st, IS!3. K. S. k'.LLH. 8. MIDDtEBROOK. 8, MIDDLKBROOK re'peetfullv informs die customers of he late firm . lid III- i-n..It.-, tliat he ca ties > n Bookbinding on i<? own account,tt No. <21 Kultou street. New York. N. E.?Ordatl retpi clfully solicited. Cloth covert made inaptly tnd cheap fir c ?nntry hoo?t?'lert. m iin*ec PR I'AYaBL" AT SlwRT,without discount onall LJparts of Kag and, Ireland and Scotland, iu sums ol til, 12, ?3, to any amount, I'm sale at S. J. SYLVESTER'S, a2Z8tr *' Wall street anil 13a Binolwav. LONDO N BKOWNj-TOUT?2J caskt, teveu e,.c:i, Wett India Brown Stout. 23do. eight doaen each, of pints drown S.out, for tale hv YVOODHULL It MINTUKN*, a22 (7 Hnn h ttrcetf. W' -nMP -VWWi TEN CENTS PE - icq HOUiSDS. rHEHHTB FROM NEW YOnK 'IO BALTIMORE. Slu peit of goods to B tltimore from New Yoik are respe t nt'y nfirmcd 'hitipiodi censi/n-d to the ill iscriber, agent of be Phil ulelphii Wi'inuig'ou U Baltimore Railroad Line, will e forwarsed from Philadelphia to Baltimore a' the rale often ei t? pel 100 lbs. eithtr by steamboat or ra I road. O >oil, lie-tioeil lor -ny point south or west of Baltimore,will e forwarded fn m iheure at the low* st rales, and our arrnugeariits are such as w II ensure nespatch. For turtle r information apply to tj. H HUDDELL, at the iffice of the Union Transportation Lin- Pier No. 2. W. L. ASHMEAl). Agent, n21 cc_ Philadelphia. PASSAGE TO PlTTSBUnO. THE subscriber has roini.leted arrangements far the conreyeuce ol ng-rs and Merchuiul ?e ns Pittsburg and interni.di.te places, on the most reasonable teims, per' Ciliters portable Boat. Lin,*.'' People about ti> procred to the Westward, will find it much o their advantage to mail" their arrangements fcy ihis desirable louve jauce. a- III* ' attfiit on will at a'l times be p.i.d o the CO foit of ihr fin-tenners, aj well as the punctntlity of direct conveyance with despatch. Kor fuither particulars app'y rn JOSfH McMURRAV alSec 100 Pine s' j> et, comer of South. K(JH L.IVKKI'OOTTAND HAETFAT The Royal Mail Stesin Bhip BKITANNIA, J. Hewitt, Csq comm mder, will leive Boston for the above ports on Holiday, Is* May. Passage to Liverpool SI30 Passage to Halifax 20 Vpply to D CKIOHAM, Jr Agent, a!4 itr 3 Wall street. SlATKiN 1SL.ANU FJL11K.?1 *'l>ot ?'^Vh'teh4ll,tree'On aud after-Monday, Ap'il 10th. the steamer STAIfcN SLANOP.h will l?a<e as follows, nn'il further notice aKAVK STATION ISLAND. NKW YORK. At It A. M, At 9 A. M. 1* til i'xp. m. ix p.m. 3* 3* i 6 All goods shipped are required to he ..vticutarly marked.aui. re at the tisk of the owners thereof. n9*c .MQ NEWARK ANU NEW "YOHK-Kare 'e-^-r*?r is* only I2X Lents I?The si lendid steamer ?* W Jr PASSAIC, Captain John Outfy, lias hren ut in c mpli te orile-, and will cotiimei<re her trips I r the rasuti, on .Vlouday the lOih instant, as follows, nntil further Lease New York at 4 o'clock, P. M. " Newark at 7'i o'clock, A-.M. Freight carted at reasonable ra'es. at? dinee .inji ' r r- line Pop Albany, ?? iJHikd1 wiihmt l.indi g ?From the foot of Birelay ** aoith side, ihe splendid commodious Iteamer DIAMOND ra,.ta'ii A Flower, w.|| lea?e as above sery l ues lay, Thu sday, and * atuid>y, at 6 o'clock, P.M. Per Pa,sign or Fieishtapply ts the Captain on board, or at lie offtce of said Bon, fool of Ba'clay st The above boat will leave Albany thu alternate days, foot ol lamilton arreet. up 6 r s'KW YORK AND KINOt t'ON fl HCAM FRKIUHT A^D PABSAO"". I. IK. Kor Kingston, and p. lawar* an I Hudson a. t-.mboats E.MEllALD and Nf)lt The EMk. -ALL), Captain Juhn Ketrham, will leave New Pork foot ol Murray atieet, every Monday and 1'nnrad.ty at S I'c'oek P. M. W| | leave Kingston (Hon.l"ut landing) every Wednesday md Satntdtv at 3 'cluck. P. M 'l'he NOHWICH, Captain John "nmuels, will leave New If oik, low of Mtir ay street, every Wednesday and Situ: day at I o'clock, P. M. Willi a <e Kingston (Koudout I and inn) every Tne ay and Friday at 3 o'clock, P. M EXTHA TBIPS. The EMERALD will leave the fo?t of MnrTty street every *vititly morning at 7 o'cl ck. Hemming leaves Kingston at 4 iVIock same day. For freight or pasiare apply on 1 oard. or to WILLIAMSON, BAHLOW Ik CO, a?I 3m*r '64 Wear street. MALLENUK TO CKOLIUS THE Bisteen loot sail boat "TKOUBLKR" will rfy?y stand ready to vail anv distance, Irom Jn to :0 miles, hvmawrvgiinst any sail boat ever bait by Wm Crnlias, from he tin day of Jnne un'il the first day ol Auirovt nest, one sooth's notice ben i j i vad two separate dai ? lor the mm f 1100, eaeh day. The sole object is to test the sailing qualities f thv hoars. N. B.?To sail without oars or tenders. C. L. INOEHSOLL, aTlm*ee 400 Water street. nam* fo rm: o v hH of the sml fr^fi*JLCg?BOAT " TUdVBLEH "-The owner of MJBLJLlhr sii boat 'Troubles" having r ceived ntie i h lleiiHss nom bus's hnilt by Wm. Croliav within the tit m months, and not hav n{ jet arrep rd the same, it is rrinmid that in lUlil-shirf his challenge t" sail against any cat ever built bv ( rtvliiis, his ti weii g I nsginniou his taken light Irom the terra firms ol Water sticet to those myiticreioLS? " Where the man by many odils. Obtains receipts from 11>iuK go ? " As soon as convenient aftrr h lir has got a f-w more of ihoae scripts, ?nd dc-et n-'cd from ihst ac rial manufactory of hoooia, : it h?|ird thai In- will c ndesceu I to U"ticr some nnr el the h l'!eng-|> alreany given l.iui > th at " hi t ro'n ohj, et of test ig the sii'ing i|usniiea of ihe brats" may he obtained? fter thsi-li,if I is boseted" 1 roau rr *does not proven sufficient oohler to him Ivy his > v potation as she h?s done ertelf, he sh ill tht nhave the opportunity upon his own terms, on per day for two days, of main seeing his raonird name l'lowing in ihe wake of Win. < rolius, at the respectful rsto f three miles id eight***, as it did lust >prii g. ala-lm'm OLD ESTABLISHED EMIGRANT PAS 8AOK. OYKPUK.BI South street. New York?Keg aWMMsa'i'vr Line of Packets?The subscriber eontiunes to ring nut persons from any part of Great Britain and Ireland rho may be engaged by their friends here, hy the regular hits f packt t ships, ruling every sis days 'rom Liverpool. Perms sending lor theirfriends, may rely tliat just rare will be ih?n tohaidkhein despatched withoot delay in Liverpool,and 'ill always rmleavor to merit a continna n-e of the public atsonage which has h?en so libcrallr bestowed for many years sst; and tho?c remitting money can have drafts payable at all te flanks and branches rhronghout the United Kingdom, e or further particulars, api ly f if hy letter, post paid J to i*> I' 'UN it a It I) VI A N. SI Aniilli vt aghrt- bCIt LUNMON?Hegnlsr Packet "I thr I ' "I 4JWWV.iv?The very aup< . sailing packet ship llilf,!! s I \T JAMES, Captain Sebor, will sail as eve her regular day. Having very su|>erinr accommodation.' for cabin, second c* in, and steerage pageen?cri. pet sous aviating to embark shoffli' lake early application on iuvird foot of Maiden lane or to JOHKP1I MeMIJKHAY, Ifth Pine meet, corner of Booth street. Persons wishing to send for iheir friends, can hsve then ronghl out hy the above sh'p, or any of the regular rackets, hy [.plain, as -hoc- 'I hv l?rter post-paid ,2l r Xjtj*- Milt L Vr K (Mil. First Bros tinip l i e jMMPWva .11 kn it. vriy list sal lug ll.ilish ship ( HK?ilt4d|L l>.l<, Usptsia J hn l)oy le, will hare immuli trdt s iicti far the aaove oori Km freight si ply to th* su.ebscnber, POCHE, BKUTIIKH8 St Co. 33 rnlton St. S*4| nest door to the f niton Bank T H A i Jri Jti ii. 843. Nlng Cling. (Corretpoudeuceof the Herald. 1 Si no 8ino, April 22,1843Dome* ??? Sing Sine?Inspector* of the Prison?Of fice Seeker*?Obeying Order*? FiglU with Amazon* ?Decapitation of IFhig Officer*?Appointment of Michael Hoffman and Flam Lynds? Demonstration* of IVrath?Iiourk, llunter and Holmes?A Mob?Burning in Fffgy?Threats of the "Sing Sing Guards" against l.ynd*?TV Herald. FRIEND Bknnett :? Dear8IR :? Let Gotlmm be forgotten lor Sing Sing. We ute Babel. God only knows what the infuriated populace may do. Edmonds, Birdsall, Bouok, Holmes and Lyndsare in the mouths of all the people here with a vengeance. The common people, who have leas pride of decorum, rage, while the ii ore grave and prudent keep them in countenance by forming themselves into a bodv of "remonstrants," which is understood to mean, "do what you please und we will support and shield you from the consequences." The Inspectors, since Wednesday last, have been in session, and closed their labors this day at noon. The number of applicants for situations was immense. Wednesday was the great day of begging for the cru.nbs about to fall from Col. Bouck's servants' table. Between three and four hundred applicants from various quarters presente 1 their claims in person. Nearly as many more berought by proxy, "''he Board met in the Prison, but the Inspectors out up at Col. Peck's hotel, in the village, about half a mile distant. On Wednesday it was almost impossible for the Inspectors to break through jhe ranks of the multitude surrounding the hotel waiting their appearance from dinner. There were ten candidates ior Agent, twenty-one for Principal Keeper, about a hundred for Assistant Keepers, and the remainder of the host for Guards. Here and there a portly matron was to be seen, as a candidate for a situation in the female d' partment of the prison, and also a few "gentlemen in black" dancing attendance upon the Inspectors, hoped for,nay,begged the cure of the souls of the poor convicts; professing abundant ability to heal nil their spiritual maladies with an action of the tongue somewha more intelligent than that of the canine quadrupeds, who licked the sores of the beggar in the Parables of Scripture. Owing to the unbounded popularity of the present Chaplain amongst all classes, this last description of applicants seemed to entertain but little hopes of success. The general impression is that he also will be dismissed, and the legislature be petitioned by the Board to abolish the office and banish all religious instruction, Sabbath school, Bible, prayer book and all from the prison. The "remonstrants" above referred to, seem very willing, that the people should believe this, and find no difficulty in making the report to coincide with the fact of the appointment of Lynds for principal keeper. Besides agent, principal keeper, chaplain and physician, the economy of the prison embraces a matron and two u^-istunts, twenty-four ussisrant keepers, and twenty-four guards?55 ail told, 'lli? applicants numbered 400?the number of the disappointed aspirants, must, therefore, be great; and their respective friends, interested in their appointment, greater still. The Whig officers embraced the guillotine with the fortitude of martyrs, not one "gtinned horribly a ghastly smile" as the knife decapitory descended upon his fated neck, like the executioner described in Quentin Derward. Your man, Edmonds, has a happy faculty of putting Whigs, if not out ol existence, ut least out of office. " Vi cl armtV seems to have been his rule of conduct thus far. In the exercise of himself according to this rule, however, he has not escaped personal danger A most delectable combat took place this moraiag in the female prison between the redoubtable Inspector and the matron, a quiet but energetic Quakeress, and her assistant. I.' aging and swearing about, Edmands was quaintly reproved by the matron for bis hasty language, and especially for the oathfnl part3 thereof, at which lie grew suddenly indignant, and attempted to thrust the matron and the assistant out of the room. A fight ensued?the Quakeress turned amazon forthwith, and at first the Inspector had the worst of the strife, and came near uciii^ uicoocu 111 <i niii|?r-u iruun mm luturu m ? urn. The assirfaril matron declares it would have been done but for the arrival of the other Inspectors, when the nma/.on9 dismissed their captive lawyer, end left him in triumuhant and undisputed possession ol the female prison. It were impossible to describe the joy of the convicts therein at the prospect of a masculine matron. From the strangeness of the proceedings and the broken reports which had reached their ears, they might very easily imagine him to be none other than theirluture laiiitor. This IrHcas has given rise to much scandal and gossip. The husband of the assistant threatens prosecution,which will probably be effected, while the matron with that spirit peculiar to her <piiet sect, regreis her carnal haste in making fight with the Inspector, and feels "the spirit" in her to forgive the rudeness of the simple child. Wednesday was the great day of this feast of lean things, and a feast it was of the rarest kind to the mirth-loving spectator, who had no interest at stake in the mailer It was difficult which most to pity and ridicule?the office seekers or the office disposers. The great effort of the former seemed to be to see the latter, and of the latter not to be seen of thelormer. The only chance the applicants had at the Inspectors was while coming from the prison and returning to it, or at the hotel about meal time. Lo! Peck's dining chamber is unlocked, and the Inspectors, with Edmonds in the van, pour out?the vast crowd makes a struggle to get near?they open to the right and left?as they pass along the guaotlet course "Mr. Edmonds!" beseeches one?"Mr. Homer! Mr. Roiner! bquire Romer!" implores another?"Mr. Birdsall! Isaac! Isaac Birdsall! Just one word, Isaac!" All in vain. The spirit does not move Isaac to speak?Edmonds is blind for the moment, and Romer deaf, and they all pass on like so many voiceless skeletons. Tlia crowd is enraged. They give chase. The shad bellyed coat of Isaac flaps in the wind.ashe separates Irnm his compeers, chased by ti *?r mure uiumikm ittiirp auu uv-wuy? i?? mrprison, where, at Inst, breathless, and bespattered with mud as to hia lees and feet, he arrives in safety, minus a rent in his Quaker coat, from the desperate grasp of one ol hia foremost pursuers. Equally fortunate is Edmonds. He takes quicker step as he perceives the Ran? at his heels; and the gang take quicker step, too, to ouertake him. A wild-turkey chase in the western priaries is nothing to thischase of the inspector by the office-seekers from Peck's to the prison. First, a fast walk?then a faster?then a trot? ind then at full jump away rushes Edmonds down hill towards the prison, with the lull pack of office seekers, some hare-headed, (the wind having blown off their hats) and some in their stocking feet, (having lost their shoes in the mud) all close upon iiis heels, puffing, blowing,and shouting in the chase. It were difficult to tell what might have been his fate had the race-course been longer than it was ; but the crossing of bayonets in the face of his pursuers by the prison guards, brought them to a lialt, and rescued the Inspector from his fate ; and after half an houFs endeavor to breathe tree and regular again, he iB in >1 condition to resume his seat at the board, and assist in doling nut the pap Not so Rorner. Heing less fleet, he is overtaken and captured by n gang of seventeen or eighteen, and islet off only on the most solemn protestations of his determination "to do nil Ve can for them"? upon which he is suffered to depart; and his captures return to Peck's to brag over their fellows, and exult in their success. It was a solemn time. Nor has the utmost harmony prevailed in the Hoard itself. About the middle of the session Nevins left tor Newbtirgh. Intimations were given that the domineering conduct of a cenain member, who took upon himself to do all the business, was .1 _/l . 1 ...... .u. mr CHI1SC (91 111.1 iruvill^ III uisgusi. wiMiuuiy ttr inr: order ot the Hoard, he whs prevailed ii|>on by one ot those who wished to he looked unon as a person of authority and influence, or as a kind of ex-nfficio disposer of the patronage of the prison, to accompany him down to the prison, where the Hoard was in session The guard, stationed at the avenue, attempted to enforce the newly imposed rule of exclusion, by which no person besides the inspectors were to enter on any pretence whatsoever. The Inspector from Newtmrgh resented the insult. A small nltercaiion ensued, in which the guard represented that it was in perfect accordance with the genius of locofocoism, that the makers of laws should be the first to br?ak them. The guard at length yielded, and let them both pass in ; for which lie was instantly, by order of the chairman, decapitated ; and Nevinssoon left for hom?, leaving his ] compeers to finish the business which had called them together. tireallault was found with the management of the prison by the Inspectors; and es|>ecially by the one from your city, & very thing wax wrong. uaxity of discipline was complained of in the most violent style, besidrs defalcations eurmised, and abundant animadversion* uttered in regard in every thin* I There was probably aonie reason inihis; hut most I | i>eople think (his great ado was to show the peojxe I I of your city that it contained a man from whom LD. rrtM VWI Ofau. rogues could hrpe for no favor or mercy, in case he should be appointed District Attorney ; and also to impose upon his fellows in the Board the absolute necessity of having for principal keeper Elam Lynds, who was ultimately appointed ; and who but for the above plea of laxity ol discipline, could not have hoped lor the situation Sing Sing sings with indignation, and White Plains, and, indeed, the whole county, as far as heard from, is in a fer rneiit at this appointment. A bee hive or hornet's nest disturbed, is the excess ol quietude compared wiili the commotion in this village. Besides, the general dissatisfaction of the more orderly and disinterested portion of the locotoco party, the ilisapIKiintsd ones (and their number is legion) keep the place in a continued uproar. The whigs are in ecstacies. Though in a considerable minority, they even talk of starting a ticket for the election of charter officers next week. An indignation meeting is talked of; and the " remonstrants," composed of the most influential of both parties, are uuietlv at work, preparing tor a tremendous demonstration against the appointment of I.ynds as principal keeper. "Cayuga pours her exiles into WestphputPP I" romjslfc ??? * "tl'l ?t- -? 1? ........... nn .HIT-. ? ny uiu ni mey maae nun inspector of sail, or any thing else, rather than impose him upon us 1" Hsks another. "Why din'nt he go back to Auburn 1" is the sarcastic question on every hand. " I've engaged a barrel of rotten eggs!" says one. " And I have a bag of feathers!" savs another. 41 And I a barrel of tar!" shouts a third ; while another still,giveshberty to take rails from his fence, provided they are used only lor a certain purpoee. The excitement is immense. It is hoped, however, that before his arrival those an?ry passions will subside, and the newly appointed keeper will he permitted quietly to enter upon his duties The Sing Sing Guitrds have been requested by the Inspectors to hold themselves in reudiners to join in drilling with the regular guards ol the prison, who, alter consultation, returned answer that they expected to be otherwise engaged. Signals are pre* pared in every part ol the vil age and its vicinity. A conspiracy is suspected to exist between the Guards and the Fire companies, in which hundreds of others are concerned, to prevent the landing of the new keeper. Spies are appointed on the steamboats, and small boats in readiness to hail any sloop that may be approaching the dockirom tip the river. From present demonstrations, the dock in the prison yard is the only place he can land at with salety. It is consider* tl by all a most unfortunate appointment; and through the twoforeign inspectors and Isaac Birdsall, is charged home upon Governor Bouck. I hear of no serious objection to the new agent appointed. His appointment was equally unexpected with that of the principal keeper; but the inhabitants not being acquainted with any previous management of his in prison affairs, can find nothing of that sort to condemn in him. From hiB conduct in the legislature, hy which only he is known to the people, thev anticipate to find in htm a faithful and efficient officer. The only objection against this appointment seems to be that lie is from abroad ; and even this would cease, h d the keeper been taken from this county. The IocoIocoh contend th; ihe pride and interest of the county has been sacrificed by Boock and Holmes, in their pusillanimous strife with Hunter ; the former because he fears him, aud the latter because he envies him and wants his place. Others again pronounce Hoffman to be a more indomitable " Barnburner," or " Ptgringer" than even Hunter himself, and that Edmonds has sold himself to the Hunter and Ruger party ; having also a side glance to the Uistrict Attorneyship in your city, where that inter* st is in the ascendant. The great wonder ia, not whether the old Dutchman at the helm of State line been looted, hut whether Hunter and Kdmonda fooled him, or whether he has tooled himself. Muny who have great respect for the Governor, think lie was deceived in the political character of Hdinonds, and taking his zeal mani.ested last fall in Tnmmany Hall as an earnest of his swimming and sinking with him in the nam" <-onservative caese, appointed him 1111 inspector, both to reward his zeal, nnd by giving him two tools in the board to control it and give the patronage of the prison in a way to crush Hunter, nnd prepare an open way lor his man Holmes to become Hunter's illustrious successor? Others again, kuowing Hunter to be a powerful antagonist, have attributed to Hourk the sagacity to discern that he can be cancelled from ihe list only according to the rule of political affected quadratic equations, and has undertaken to kill off one of his enemies by setting another of them in a fighting position against him, as a rival in the. county known to be composed almost to a man of " barnburners and pigringers." In hne, all manner of speculations are afloat as to the causes of, or the influences brought to bear on, the two chief appointments just made in the prison ; Hnd in the extreme difficulty of accounting for unaccountable acts, the people have doubtless lallen into many uncharitable and evil surmises, as they are wont to do, especially in these days ot political profligacy, when the professions of men are little better than records traced in dust, which the first breeze of interest sweeps away ? Here were the old agent Mr Wiltse, reported to be a Hunter man ; Wr. Wicks, a Rouck and Holmes man ; Mr. Roscoe, all sorts of a man, especially when the honor or profit of an office is concerned ; Mr. Peck, a mechanic of Sing Sing; Mr. Marshall, the old principal keeper, and Mr. Kowell of your city, formerly clerk of the prison ; all three of the last named not identified either with the Governor or Hunter, and strongly supported by the ,i? .1... I .H.. i... ?fr .u. j-? ?i P* lilt- miii.i j u y ait ilic lutuiwtu juu^cfl auu supervisors ot the county,and a vast majority of the party. Their failure is variously attributed, some to Hunter, some to Holmes, and all to Bouck. The rejection of Col. Carmichacl, hy the Hunter influence, who was understood to be nominated at the suggeston ct Holmes, and the uncompromising and threatening substitution ot BirdsaU in his stead, seems to fling the responsibility on Holmes in particular. It is affirmed, and boasted of as an evidence of the intimacy of Holmes with the Governor, that the Governor gave him the privilege of naming a third person for inspector, who, together with the two presented by himself, (Edmonds and Niven,) should control the Board against Hunter influence. It is a pity that this sentiment pravails as it does, as Holmes lias been considered the pride of Westchester county, from whom the locos anticipated mighty things It is feared by his more prudent friends, that having identified himself with tne "no clique" party, as it is called here, and understood to mean the " all spoils" party, which numbers about a dozen names, and whose pure professions are read to be a mere collateral squeaj inr .he loavea and fi-hes, he hHs oeen led asiray into the forbidden regions of political transcendentalism, till he haa become a transparent extreme to unwathed democracy, unternlied in aspect, and bedaubed with subterranean mud. This is a curious world ; and I believe it would be much more quiet if Governor Bouck. senator Hunter, assemblyman Holmes, Michael Hoffman, Elam I.ynds, Father Miller, and every body else, friend Bennett, but you and 1, were out of it. You know more about us and ouraffdirs than we do ourselves ; and we are all waiting with the moat intense anxiety to hear, through the Herald, what wc have been about up here in our Sing Sing ; together with the causes, courses, and ultimate results of all our mighty doings. As you are a man of peace, do say something to allay the angry passions of the people ; at least, exhort us against any disgraceful and riotous behavior. F. i*. While 1 am writing this postscript, the mob in the -mare are burning Edmonds and Birdsall in effigy. By the glare of the flames I | erceive that the two fictitious martyrs arc dreseed to the life.? The flam-s gleam from the ppectacles on the nose of the one, and play among the broad flaps of the Quaker coat of the other. I iu*f 'earn that a general indignation meeting ia c*l r,i on Tuesday eve ning next. Your*, in uaste. z. z. z. Fracas in High Ltr*.?We have the particular* from a correspondent, of a fight that occurred at Staunton on Tuesday last, between Governor McDowell and Governor Thomas of Maryland Governor Thomas reached that place in the Valley stage about 11 o'clock, and Governor McDowell in the Charlottsville stage, about an hour afterwards. They put up at the aame hotel, and met there, but did not speak?both designing to take the Lexington stage When the stage came up. Governor McDowell handed hia lady into the stage, and he was also in the act ot entering when he observed Thomasat his side, and demanded to know where ^he was going?to which he replied?" in the stage This he was assured he ahooM no' do, and 'nm words they proceeded to blows, ' .owrnor McDowell em?t....nhrella wiili in irked rfleet upon his adversary. The bystanders then interfered, and the battle whs itopped?Orernor Thome* declaring ih if he had not received lair play Ky the persuasion of friends, Governor McDowell with hi* lady took a private conveyance to Lexington, Governor Thomas continuing on in the stage It was antici' puled ihat another scene would occur at Lexington, from which place aewa wan anxiously expected. The aflair had caused great talk and excitement at "taunton. Thus we go?all the world, great and small, high anil low, being afflicted with the fighting mania. Citizens, editors, legislators, governors, and all, are at it. What a world! Where is Parson MillerT? Richmond Star, April 22

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