Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 26, 1843, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 26, 1843 Page 3
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of private companies which mutt evuntiial!y(and inevitably tupemoite thit canal. The following ia a table Chait ok Railroad* connrctimu Bo*ton with Bckfalo Market Coitper prire nj Junks. Length, mite. Total. i lock Bnatonand Wo-cetU'r. 41!, ?.tl kfo tl 93j 'tsi 110ali2 Worcet'rfliStoekbridtfe 1'7 "> "" ) W. 8 ock a, d A b'ny 38'J ? **> \ 7'M5'791 49 BoModo A'ha'y, 2 0 9 582 772 Mohawk v Hu is n, in bs.t'o l.'oo.fion 37 Utici b Si-h-r.rCt-dy, 73 21732 1.901?5 119*120 Syr-cuse St U in, 51 19,7'0 1,011,000 ioot'0' Auburn b Syracuse, 2i 20 316 670,000 93s 95 Auburn b Rochester, 70 19,277 1,500 000 95% it' 'Chester b B'livu, 3? 12,'00 700,000 Bumii tc Biffilo, 12 9,500 100.070 Albany to Buffalo, '25 $0,912,785 Boston 10 Alt>3uy, 20il 9 507 772 Total, 515 $15,115,557 The?e will uliimately form the great route to the Weit. The link with New York is now broken between here and Albany, and New York will be icon actuated in relation to the Western trade pretty much a? she would have been without the Erie oanal. The Pennsylvania line of public works affords a route to the great West, it is true, but notwithstanding the great reduction in lolls i the diiiiculties of transhipment are such that she cannot compete with the New York canal. The unbroken line of railNtads to Boston must give that city a great advan- j tage over New York. When the Northern line of railroads carry freight, as soon they must, all that they carry will go to Boston. Not a barrel will stop at Albany to 1 be shipped in a boat for the New York market. Whereas < if the Riilroad continued tothis city wilhout delay or rehandling it would still come here. Sales at the Stock Exchange. $2007(1 Ohio 6"s, 1850 73% 29 Then ix Bank 78 s,' ' *40110 do .3 73% 33 Canton 2h% . 3000 <l0 HO 71 110 do 21.52 ' 30"0 do 160 73% 100 Lons Island It R 1(!% , st'flo do 150 d > 1874 2000 do 73% 20 New Jersey 6*t% , 10 0 do 160 71 % 50 do br.O 69% ' 10 0 d? 1.30 73V 25 Mohawk b30 Sl% *000 do slO 71 58 Patterson s3 11 300O ^ do^ ^ 71 50 do 41% inmnnii v o ?, ju yrs sl?4 zo <10 11 11 WW do 901, 25 Harlem 19k fil'00 do 91 % 150 do )9>i MOO Indiana 75k 150 do flO 19 2 CO N York 7's, 1819 105k lno do sl5 19 5000 do 5k'?. 1001 99 10 StoninKtou 29k 160'0 d" 5'? 18 8 95k 110 Msnha'tan Qai L. O 72k ' |50> Oliin 6'?. 1850 73k 20 Utica it Scheneo ilO 119 2000 Krnt'y 6's, short In 90 15 Auburn k Rocli'r 95k 35 thai Ilk America 93k 50 do 190 % Second Board. $5000 Ohio 6'a 71k 20 Mohawk 31k 3000 do 74k 15 do 31* : 2000 do 7?k 65 do Jlk ; 120(0 do b3 75 25 do k30 32 ' 4000 Kentucky 90V 15 State Dink 80 45 this Bx America 93k ' New York Public Stock Exchange. $9100 N YSk's. 1801 b20 100 1000 "hioG's. P60 74 I0C0 d t 6*J, 1861 105k 5000 Kcniucky 6's ltd 91k 1 1(00 do 1862 105%' lOflfl do 91k j 9(00 do 105 k 3000 do 91S 10W do 105k 3 00 do Wl?4' . lonoo do 103^ 5000 do atw 91 2000 Ohio f.'?, 1C60 73 inoo do 9 k toon do 73k 2W0 Illinois G'a. 1870 24k 2000 do 73k ROW do 24 1000 do sl6 73k 90 ghat Canton Co b30 22 30W do bl5 73k 10 Harlem K R 19k 1000 do 73k 100 Loi'U I .land U R 48k Second Hoard. 1 $1(109 Ohio 6's, 1840 b3 74k 7000 do 75k 3000 do 75k 50 ihai Harlem It 11 19k l"00 do 75k 10 d? 19k i 8000 do 75?, State of Trade. { The report of the Secretary of State present! the following table of the quantitiei and valuos of the various 1 articles weighed, measured or inspected during the years 1 1841 and 1643 1 1811. '812. Qi? antity. Va lut. Quantify Valur. Kloar and Meal, bla. 1,8 7. CK 10,'59,971 1,910 38 10,033.5*3 I n-.f, bhls. .'6.6"2 33i.651 23 447 153,">02 . Pork, " 177 9 6 1,531 850 155,129 99 1 671 r.HPsn, id?. j z.3Z*,j d t>:u9nn i Peail uh, bbls, 3.82I.852 241.693 3, 06 940 506.489 Mraiu, 3.2BI ??37 1,747,982 2.73^ 3>8 I 592 851 I fl Ml HH?I, 995 316 57.097 4,845 895 246.515 Fl-x S'eil, buili. 33,390 54.258 26.416 30 303 Fsh.bhlf. 127 551 1,005 4.375 Fish Oil.bhU. 141)3 18,525 1.061 13 717 ' eaf Tebacco, lb?. 14 991,000 1,047,903 13 31'9^0 RO'i.MI Hops, )l?. 315, 38 <7,7 '6 I MH 131 906 lumber, las. 18 539 9 5 2,98",473 12 530,371 1 983 215 Spirits, i'otneatic,clu. 116,520 1,777.<97 00 507 477 071 Klivo, he PCI. 3,591 153 311,9)3 3,491 8m l'4,00l Lumber,le?t, 8',108,452 1,5"2,092 30,477 487 372,527 Total. 22,732 041 17,961685 De4luct Leaf Tobacco, 1,047 9 3 800 5 4 Mostly product* of this State, 21,081.738 17,161171 The following is the classification of the inspections:? Kbit. Value. Superfine, 1,705,748 9,'9I,'70 "I'ra, 59,719 r8,18! Fine, 22.602 114.09 H id, 49,099 17 508 Fine Middlings. 9,789 4 3,619 Mitldl ns?, 10,5'8 39 509 Ship Stuffs, 4,359 12,136 Hye, 16,50! 57,710 Indian Meal, 61,417 171,424 Li* ht Wheat, 388 1,783 Total 1812, 1,910 380 10 033.553 1811, 1,857.546 10,359,971 " 1810, 2 975,916 10,517.960 A sale of Real Kstate waa made as follow* :? Property known as Lovejoy's Hotel, on Park Row, 23 feet 9 inches front, 26 feet 6 inches in rear, 76 feet on the north and 843 on the south?sold for $14,000 Flour?Ohio via New Orleans 5,06fn6,12}; southern, common, 4,50a4,62); Richmond city A,60;'meul 2 62ja2,7l; rye flour, north river, 2,75 $3. In grain .there is little alteration from > paterduy'? rates. Proriiiont?Mess $9 76al0, prime $7.73o8. Prime beef 1 $6a6,60; mess $7,87. l'ickled hams 4}a6l, shoulders 3n3j; tides 4a4j; smoked liams 6Ja7J; shoulders 4a4J; sides 6}: smoked lieef 7c; bntter 6jal6, cheese 5a7c.; No. 2 lard fold al 6}; for ki'ga6^. S.tdt?New York seed, free, sold at 9J; Timothy $16a$17; rough flax 9,26. Salt?Sain Liverpool, course at [1,36 ; 1,52 to 1,62 for fine. Foreign Market*. Mataouez Maref.t, Afril 2.?Sugars?Prime 3r*. ; 2J (jimmy *g'iv j uvnee?riimt* vfdog , niu tjuniuy tatj. e**change on New York 6 prem; St. Thomas 64l. SpeciePatriot doubloon* ?17; Spanish $17,60 Poses, (r a ) Arm. 4 ?The crop of augar ol this district will not much exceed half the uvei age, and the quality, in consequence of the long continued drought, being moa'ly inferior, compared to former years is being shipped to France and British colonies. The district af Ouay air a is sullerit.g even more than Ponce. The crops of that place are nearly over. Matanhs Market, Arsr? 7.?Sugars are firm and the market animated; yellow we quota Sja6j to 6rs. Died. On April 22nd 1943, Mr. Patbick Rrddv, aged 37 years, of er> sipelas, after a short illness of 6 days. He died regretted by a numerous circle of friends and acquaintances. His remains were interred on Sunday, April 23rd, at the Roman Catholic New Burial Ground. Albany and Uticapapers pleasa copy. Oa Tuesday morning, April 25tb, Miss Maroaritta Mallei*, aged 2A years Her ftiends and acquaintances are respectfully invited to attend her funeral this afternoon at four o'clock, from her late residence No. 12S Church street, corner ol Thomas, without further notice. Weekly Report of Interment* In the City and County of New Yoik, from the t5th day of Ap'il to the I day ot April, IS43. , % Men ; 32 Women ; 3S Boyl ; 31 Girls. Total, 131). nitCAsrs. Aueuiurn, t; Apoplexy, I; Asphyxia, 2; Bleeding from the lir in, I; Burned or scalded, 1; Caclieiis, I; Cane r. 1; Cholera i i*,Taiituin. I: Colin. 1: Cniisiiinntinn. 'Ill: Convulsion*. 14: Cnn citation of oraiu 1; Congestion of Iudim, I; Croup or hives, 4; Delirium tremens, 1; Disnhea, 2: Dropsy, 2; Dropsy in llir head, 9; do iti the chest* J; do iif bro", I; Drowmd 2; Pytenta'y, I; h'piler'r, 1; E isypelaa, 2; Ferrr puaruersl, 1; <lo remit'enl, 3; ?lo scarlet, 5; do typhoid. 3: do neryoos, I; Gin grime of leg. t; InlUmmaiion nl brain, 4; do of bowels, 7; da of chr??, 1; do of luugs, 12; do of liror, 1; Mirainmi, 7; Mrsaim, I; Old Age,l; scrofula, 1, Small Pol, 3; Teething, I; Ulceration of throat, 1, Unknown, I. Ad*. Under 1 year. 3 ; I to 2 yr?r?, 21: 2 to 5, 14: 5 to 10, 3: 10 to 20, J; 20 to 30, 18 . 30 to 40, 16: 40 to 30, 12; M to 60, 9; 60 to 70, 5; 70 to 80, 7; 80 to 90,1; jiiknown, I. places nrm riTitr United Statei, 93; Ireland, 34; Km-land, 5; British poastations in North America, 3; West Indies, I; Unknown, 2. Of the aliiPe, ?nr from Alms House, BrlleMl-, 2; llotnital, B-llevne, 9; Blackwell'a Island, 4; Cite Hosni'al, 3 ; Lou* lalacd, t; do lloapital, I; State* Island, I; Albany, I. Crloit-d prrao Il JNO. H ORI8COM, M.D.City Inspector. CitV lnsi>eetor'? Office, Apiil 24. 1843. Paowngers Arrived. Nkw Ori-fahs?Brig Choctaw?James Hi?y. Foreign Importation*. Ma*>f.ii i.?a?Shin Henry Thomna-t?too half ctaka madder, t bis Mrrle?82 b?? brimttone 200 do Irmr)ns3l biles almonds S Brnntn It en?t cuka serdigr a A Begodon <t cn?200 hkta oil PAH Renault It Ca?I ho* etr w I bundle I hoi fruits las Bnnchanil?2 cuka Yer.ligria B ivlard. Jr?t hoiramdr.e ! B?a;lin, Kooi t It co? 5 pkra silks J McCall It cr,?2 b sea i il 38 csbs brimstone Pill t it l.e Rubor?5 iik?s straw A R Wei Il r?193 casks wine .30 '|r d > do 319 hVs nil 180 b' *rt p ckh s 2 0 d? sosp4 casks Terdis-is 8 do ore nil t.irtar Kngene Gronai I? : 2 hales nlankcta Alfred Limbs ?2(10 b' I'l ?"ne 1.30 do i irkli a 17 hale corks Julin vlichil?3 caski md/.e 37 bofss do 11 biles d PAR etlitupi?2 cnakt ore"in tsrt >r llaitlaud Co. teuer) ? 1.30 bt s a "r naea l,m k Pale men ? I rkiis im r. s Pitch tt i o? 3 J bile inil/.t 6 do coik> 2 pi cs mdr.e I be* do 1 il i trees 2.3 do lei^chss I cask nislr.i 20 do annato .-0 do madder 472 bkia oil to ' IUomciUc lin|>ortnl loin. Nf.w oi i kami-Brig Yecmar.?211 Mr lird 101 Clil? liama i N L 8c O Qriiwold?I11 hds .ng?r 23 his drii <1 peaches 12 twin I f-athcr Utesfl need Havr-u 8c co? 311 lodes I bale fart V B Koi'ln k?li baits mnss K Bormng??bl tcs gnaie I t>b< X bbl 1 and } kegs arui'ge skins Meruit 8c c.>?in hhdi 31 lit tallow t l owing. Michinon I, Williams 8c co?In k-gi f> hi Itrd Hit. - i dam, Sage 8tco? C hit 3 kegs lard J Brash?25 bla c Mot oil Mw rtlc Maikor?II bla tallow D Sayie ? 5 hhds tthicc.i 12 I halea dei r skina order, i Nkw Oni-asna?Brig Lioo?331 hhda sugar W Barnwell?180 ] hhta mnlasaea R Irvin. M A R I T I M EH E R A L I) Ship IHuteri and Agent*. "" Wr ahall esteem it a favor, if Captains of Veaaela will giva to Commodore Kobkht Sii.t**, of our News fleet, a He oort of the Shipping left at I he Port whenee they sailed, th? Ve.trli Hpokrii < n their Pottage, a List of thear Cargo, rod gov foreign Newspapeia or News they in.if liaro. lie wi.l board thrrn immediately no then arrival. Agents and Correspondents, at home or abroad, will alao confer n favor by a-odiug to thia Offlee all the Marine Intelhgenee they ran obtain Nautical Information of any bind Will he thankfully received. 'Hi-. POUT or RKW VOHK, APRIL KO ICS ntsi 8 (moor aura 3 21 icr ? i ??'?h with 7 20 Cleared* Ships Sarah Sheafa, Gray, Antwerp. G F Oeidi"*; Bullimmr.lB em) Mner. Bnn en, J I' Mutter; Huu'svillt-, Mum(. xi New Orleans, K K Collins it Co; t, Barstuw, I herb I'm, 4 H Maisl *1.? Briit D It h'li, (B') Clement, La l'otite, NF Ooodhiie it Co?Sehrs Alexandria Lawis, Ale* nutria. S ur^r* St Imrni'u; At irietU Hyau, Wilden, Fhiladd 1 liia, A B ' coil y It Co. ArrlTfd, SI nH' -y i'honiwnn, "ylv-jtri. from Marseilles, Feb. 11, Gi iett?t Ma ch t, with mil a, to 8 Broom I'pi.tiau hri* 'i in, Schmidt, 90 days Itoiu Bordeaux, with bra' ile. to Moix iii Pot I i-z Rni; Star, I'rinrr 43 days from Tofcaico. via Newport, with losw oil, to Neimith, Lip iliit Co. Buliih hiiir V inert a, Finn* y, 19 days Irorn St Kitta, wi h 201'ft buiht-ls salt to J. rl. Braiue. Lett haique II-da, Willi nn?, i!hk. Brit; V toman WrstnD, 22 days from N'cw Orleans, with auEir. Ike. to H Havilanu Briu Choctaw, Flit in r, IS daya from New Orleana, with 440 hh'ls sue ir 133 bids wheat to oid?r. b'ti; Loiettj. H<, 18 d.iya from New Orlee.ns, with 502 hh'ts suitar to vrder. B nt Androacof.itoi Puis, 16 ilavg from New Oilcans,with 202 hhd? lo^ir 6ti uo luola'ies to W Barnw ell. Bliit Tybee, Md.ormick, 7 daya from Cliarl. stun, with rice lift cotton,toG. Bu'ktey. Si.t r Hemileir, II if. ins, 18 days from New Orleans, with 160 I hits hi; ir to Clark Si Co, New listen. rclir J liu, Ynuuir, 10 ilayi from New Oilcans, with 185 hhila itxar MOO gallons molasses to H. Hitilacd. Sailed iuco. wi.h ici is I ?n, Furdy.aud Ceres, Bnrbauk, for NYnrk. Schr Vinfinia, Lewis. !> days from Newborn, NC. with naval itorea, to De Peyster A Schr J. T. Bc:tine, Conway, 6 da;s Lorn Wilmington, NC. nith timber, to ms'fiT. Srlir Kocheatcr, Wise, 3 days from Baltimore, with mdse, to :r 'er. Schr Watchman, Jamieion, from 1 homaston, with litre, to n'ster. Schr Antilles, Stanley, 7 days from Tliomaiton, with lime, [j master. Schr Effort, Spear, 7 daya from 'fliomanon, with lime, to master. Schr Granville, Smith. 7 days from Thomaston, with lime, io maater. Schr Cnrlew, Gray, 7 daya from Thomsston, With lime, to master. Si hi Old Hundred, 6 days from Marines, with lnmber, to ani'er. Schr Hydaspc, from Thomas ton, with lime. Below. One barque, one bris. Heraltl marine Correspondence, Offfirv AV TMf Hunnif let tMnvn 1 Newimrt, April 24, 1843. I Arr 22d, Fort Hill, Simmons. Buxton for Wilmington, Del; Anon, Heath. NewYmk for Providence; Midas, Dennis, Provi ilence for NYoik. 81d Ocuvin, W Indies. Arr 2.t'\ Echo, Measer, NOrle->ns for Providence; Leo. Farwell, NYork for Boi'wn; Pilot, Crowed, Philadelphia for <io; Despatch, Nickerson,D-nuis for NYmk; Itoscns, Eaton, New York for St John, NB; Hoht Morris.Compton, Philadelphia for Warren; Miranda. Perry; Juitice,Sleeper, and Freeman,Spear, l'homaaton for N Y?rk; Victor, Hallett, and Cornelia, Davii, % York for B .Hon; Pioughhoy, Pierce, Lubec for Georgetown, SC; M-tsmera. Franklin, Warren for W Indies; Kieuzi, Duller, NYork; rt v cut'er Ewing, do. Sid Star, do. Passed np, a m, two full rigged brigs, and several achrs, one fr-i in Wilmington, NO. (ianeral ltecora. Packet snip Siddoms, for Liverpool, is detained until today. Herl-tter bags close at Gilpin'. in the Exchange, at half past U this moruinr. Nbw BkdfoRD Mkrcubv.?We call the attention of the editor of the abi'Ve paper, to our report of whalemen iu this day's paper. On comparing the same with their'*, the quantity of oil on board ol many ships reported, will be found to be very considerable. Our authority is the American Consul nt T.lcahuann. the convenes! of whose reports no one can dispute. Briu Tili.i.tbasii, before reported ashore on lire East Bank going into Mobile, has been got off v ithout dam<ge. Ship Inez, Lorg, at Bosten from Liverpool, reports, 16th iu taat, auction d Nt, of South Shoal and scut the mate and four of the ciew ill a I oat'o-the pu pose of .oundiug, in order to find deeper water (as repotted by the mate ou his arrival at Nantucket); 17th. ft A M,, being moderate, got our anchoraud stood east info deep w iter ; L'Oili, South Shoal N by W, thirtyeight miles, fell in with brig Tuskar. Lo?ell, from New Olleaua for Boston, who kimlly supplied us wi ;h two men ; this morning, off the Highlands of Cape Cod, fell in with the pilot boat Belle, and received from her a pilot and three men (.apt. Long most gratefully tenders his thanks to Capt. L< veil, of the biigTuskar.and to the crew of the pilot Bvlle, for their kindness in rendering him assistance. The Intzhaauot sustained any damage. Notice to Mariner*. Little Koi'ivd Shoal?The Nrwbnryport tHerald states the schr Signal, artiveu ft that port (rom Providence, in passing over the Shoals on the 2<l h mat. ricked np the hnov which was placed on Little Round Shoal. It had gone adrift in convenience nf the rim- in the .1.ankle ..(V Tk,. iron ring is very large, ami mutt have hern a Ion* time in chafing thr< uxh, so that it appears hardly probable it cou'd hare been properly looked to last fall by the p'rteii whose duty it it to look after the bnoyt in that vicinity. Whalemen. New Bedford, April 22?Arr J?vs, Shock ley, New Zealand, Pernamboco March 9, with 220? hips wli iROsp oil. Spoke Nov 21. lat 40 ft. Ion 165 W, Faunv, F.<rdham, 811. 1850 ?h MOaom? Cart Fordlr >m reported Nov 10, Panama, Crowell, 811. 280O hit, tpolte off NZealaud Nov II, Mr Vernon, Sh arman, NB, 28C0 1300 ap); Jan 27,lit 56 8, Ion 76 W, Corinthian, Easterbrook, ol Bristol, I rt wli. Alto arr, E'ele. Terry, Pacific Ocean, St Carlus Dec 32, with 2100 bbls oil, 300 so. Arr 23d, Istac Howland, Swnin, Pacific Ocean, Talrahusra Jan 5, 2500 libit tp Spoke and heard In m Hept lmh, I it 5 25 8, Ion 103 52 W, Jtva, Lane, FH, 12mot,700 tp;IOct 3 lat 5 37 8, Ion 102 22. Frances, Chrisiian, i>B. 34*4 mos, 1400; 23J, lit 5 13, Ion '02 29. Hector, Gray, do. 23 mos, 2000: Nov l?r, lat 5 t'5, Ion 103 50, Metacnm, Reynolds, do, 12 mot, 600. At Taluta 6th Oct, Splendid. Coffin, Edgar-town. 33 mot, 2300; Nov 7, Henry ("lay. Saver, Nam, 35 mos, 2250; Chas h Henry, Coleman, do, 23 mot, 300; Nov 12th, Vineyard, ('rocker, Kdgartown, 26 mos, 600. At Piteairr't Island Oct 7. Henry Astor. Pinkhain, Nant, 3lK mos, 1300; off Shore Nov 15, Auu Alexander, Taber, N B, 13 mos, 250 : 21st, Eagle, Coffin, do, 27 mos, 1300; off (iallip'gcs Islands Dec 10, Phenix, H tnblin. Nant. 30 mos, 1600; Lesiocl?n. Weeks,do, 28 mos, 1450; off Maasafoero Dec 10, New Be l ford Crowed, NB, 32 mot. 11(0: Dec 24, Virginia, Luce, do. 2J mos, 1800 "n board: "5th, Iris. Spnouer, da, 40 mo?, 1400; at Talcahuana Jn 3d, V. uie. Hillvr, Nciit. 44 mos, 1900; Atlantic. Hoag, do, 41 mos. 130(1; J me. Eddy, Warren. 34 mos, 300 sp 1600 wh; Plouthb tv, Brown, Nant. 43 mas, ?00 so 750 wh; Frank in, Beeile, NB, 42 mos, 10001|>; Cherokee Adams, do, 25 mos,52n sp lino wh all bauod home; America, Michmoml, Bristol. 550 tp 460 wh, houud oil a eru'te: Luiniuary. Pr ce. Warren. 30(hl; tnokr Feb *.'at 40 11 8, Ion 50 50 W, Noble, Browa, New Suffolk, from "v '/. aland, baond into Bahia, full?Cspt Brown reported Arm Mary Aun. W inters, lat 50 20 8, Ion 62 lo, 70 days ftn SH. mi oil?had !<>at her 21 officer, fell from main vard Capt, lale ot the Orbit, of Nant, came pas.-engrr in the I How I toil. Also anr, Eqnrtor, Fisher, P-cific Ocean, last from Pcrnamhuco March 8, with tro t sp. Heard from in Auk, Rose, Sw tin, Nant, 6 mos ou', lit : Henry, Brown, do. 27 mos, 1150; Oa-rges, Pitman, do, 13 mot, ?' 0. Spake Oct I, Pacific, Taber, do, 1400; Jan 28. Ann, Curry, S11, Irom NZealaud, lull, hound into llio Janeiro tor water. At Pernamhuco March 8th, Washington, Sanforo, SH, lor home; Blaeks'one, Baker, Mystic, do. Arr at Somerset 23d inn J iue. Manchester, Indian Ocean, St Helena March I, with 1(00 hbls oil, 200 sp. Left at 8t Helena, lrayard, Kordham, (Jie?a|iort, 2200, for home. Spoke off Crot-tte Islands, J ill 6. Plimuix, B igits, 8H, 3 whales; Ontario, Oreen, do, r, mns, 7"il hbls; (iesi. Worth, do, 6 whs; Atlantic, Bridgeport. 5d?; M< teo-, Burrows, Mystic,5 do; Millwood, Luce. N B. 5 do; Jtsper, Bennett, do. 700; Portland, Paine, 5H, Kttlt,; 2'?rh, Tiisc.arora. White, Cold Hi ring, 17 1-3 mos, 12*11 M.wcus. l"per, SH, loo bbls. Heard fiotn iu Jan, Majestic, Hawes, NB, 180. Air a' Matt ipoiseit 23<I iust. Richard Henry, Snow, from Atlantic Ocean, w>rh 30,1 sp. Sailed from Talcahuaria Nov 8. Iris, Spoouer, NB, 1400 spm; ?U II, n'lK'iaia, !/ * 19, lit),'.til M'" . Lire i1 , eon u ll' I'Ms, v ?nratier, Nnnt. 1200 ?p; Jolin Wells, Kumell, Nv vvtrk I ill sp MOO wli; ?ltt Uichard Mitchel1, Gaunter, Nant, I'00 sp; 23J, Arabella, B b~oek, 811, 250 sp 750 win 27ill, Altn.C* ffiu, NB, 600 ?p; 10th, Altxander, Doruin, NB.7# ip?all oncroiara. At Catlao Dec It, Aagmta. D >rn, N B, R mot, 200 ip; Jan 2t, James Manry, Hnssey, Salem. 050; J'at, Mary Mitchell, Lawirnee, Nan*, R mri, !00 spin: Feb A, Alexander, Doraio, NB, 5 1 t mm, 33 Isp. At Piyia Dec 10, Junior. Hathaway, NB, M 1-2 mm, 700 aom. Touched at do SeptRth, Hcory, Brown, Nant, 1100; 2.'tib, Pantheon, Taber, NB, 350; Meek ir, Shearman. Newport, 251; Geo Washimrtnn. Warehana, 120 The Wiurlnw, Teaae, N B, on a cruise. Sailed Irom Sydney, NSW, Oct 15, no report. II-aril from?On Off Shore Gronud in Nov, Chas W Morgan, Norton, NB, <50 so At sea, no da e, lat 19, ?lizt A lams, Holley, FII, 7 1-2 mot, 25(1 sp. At jea, Anj 30, Amazon, CIaik, FH, 183 bbls. Hpokam Grcnadj.of Boston, f om New Orleaaa for Liverpool, Apri' 10, off Cape Florid i?by the Yeomao, at thin port. Retrieve. Meant, from New Orleans for NYork, April 22, lat 37 12, Ion 74 50?by the Yeoman, at this |>ort. America, Stevenson, from Philadelphia tor Montevideo and Bnenos Ayrei. April 8, lat 25, Ion 03 30. Hwler AM, Derrick, from New York for St Croix, April 17, lat 37, Ion 73. Cyiioanre, Macloop, from Boston for Aralachicola, April 22, Caiie Cod NW in inilra. A ahip aupnmed of NYoik, with lots of foreyard, April 13, lat 15 17, Ion 73 41?by the John Odtin. at Boston. A rbip with lowrr masts and a ards ataadiug. had courses set and wen rigaiiiK topgallant sails ore; them, nod appeare i deeply loaded, was seen riff Nantucket S Shoals, shout 15 miles Kan, Aptil 21?by the New World, at Boston. Latin, from Bos on for New Orleans, April 22, off Cape Cod ?bv the Lion, at Boston. St .rstnan, 40 ilavs from Havre for New (J.leans, March 27, lat 21 18, Ion 51 30?by the Java, at New Bedford Auti, Pope. 26 dava fiom Geo'grtown for Btrhadors, March 30. lat 22 47, Ion 53 18?by the Ettllt, at New Beof >rd. Beaver, N'Orleatit for Liverpool, April!?, off Hand Key?by the SiT.aror, ?i rrov ilenee. I* belta, Brigis, from NOrliAlts fur Livrrpool, April 8, Int 21 J I, Ion 7!> VI?by trie Malaua, at Providence Hope, Smile, from New Oilcans for Liverpool, April fi, off Cape Florida?by the Florence, at Boston. Foreign I'urtv. Nassau, NP. April 12?Arr Mtry Ann, (Br) Whitehead, N Or'eats. I>r Mr koi April 1?In p >rt. (Vmanrrm, HI vteharil, from N Oilenns. to sail for St Thomas in t or 5 ilays; Oen Marion, fm NOileanj. dikt. Areas. Africa, Dec 10?In port, Kodcnck DKn, Him?, for WildeiM, lliTf.R GtBoo-r, Jan 15?Mary Paulina, Hint, for windward coast an J ilie islands, soon. Home PorlJ, PaosprcT, April 11?Arr .Maine, Black, Delaware. Bostox. April 21?Arr Thoosa, Lswsan, Aur Cayrs; Damascus, Freeman, York River; I 'timet, Nickeison, New York; Surplus, Nichn's, Lnlier lor Philadelphia. Hid Ch? strr.Browe, Hi Johns, PR. Pearl, D >anr, Nassin, N P; Splendid, Crswrll, NYork. Arr 271, Inez Lone, Liverpool via Nantucket Shoals; Flovrre, Onsl iny N Orleans; New W, rid, Yonn*, do; John Udlin, Hanover. Mnbi'r; Carih, Nirkera ill, Charleston; Was>on, Dniivlass, Cape Hiyiirn via T?r"?nlin Ccve; Hellespont. Randall, llivana; Tnsrar, Lorell, NO l??na; Clarion, Peitinrill, CbrrUston, For Play, Whitlen, St Thomas via Vineyard; Dneco, Kelly, b mdertclishtinE; Oil Bias. Howes, NYoiU; iii ral.ClarProvidenre. Bid, wind K to F.BK, schr L). ti nee. indl'oin b?lnw, brif Clt aen. Hnr.d y, w i d SKloS;Kana S. w ith rain, Ir in Alary Ann; -eh- Hcsp tit. Br R Kl'sworth we, l down an Hii iday and anchors d in ihe Hnads, ami rem mis an li seh Marieu, which went down on Saturday, a. tl a t a kcl i i's supposed the F.lla. Ship Laura, br y- ttsrn n!:d Ail' I title, an"1 to sea from below abi u sunset mi Friday. Nkw Br.DvoaD. April 21-Aer Ortefo. Reed, Philadelphia '"iiliac, lied, NYork; 21d, \Vm Brown, Hum pita, , hiladelphia: Industry, Cushtnau; Helen. Perry, and l'omo a. nerrnan, N York. A_ herine came tnfo the bay yesterday, but area shortly after lost in the f.vyr. Nothing wis seen of her at URft, she probahly wehljip the bay or uic'-orrd rwnbr IVnsne. robMf ? noL?., yiprn 21?A?r arid ild, Pomfret, Hi^it * I n NYoik At Liicom.t. Smi h, KftMport for I'hilwdelphn. V.% i?d by. Prait, NYork for Portland. Aid k2d, Lirfonin?no rfi?I in port Ktli m PftOTlDF.ifCF, April 22?Art Senator, Pepper, Mobile; IfanniMl, bernta. Kolly Landing; Providence Brown. N York; Vicory, French,do. Bid Midaa, Dennis. MYork. At 23d, New BoiCtaud.OrawF. Kitle, (Br) Card, Pictou; Kcho Metier, NOrleaua; Mikr, Bnrieia, Mobile; Hpar,n, Brown, * v*nnah; Kidient, Wonlaey, HomIouI; J Ik L Long.Hawkins; Khodc Inland, Hollt Wilmrd, Miller; Jnno, Acutgeu; New York Monro, end J Lampheer. Kenny, NYoik. Bmitol. April 2:?Arr Kicel, Utinuinar, NYork. 8IJ Sil.y, ''w'tlii>Ki<?AI'Til W?Arr P*t?r Drmill, L?wi?, N?w York. 10 load oil for ! nropet l o u month, Allen, NYoffc. 8ld Metemorn, Demerara. . . Haii roe n, April 21?Arr Alford, Mat on, N Or leant; R L P.ik. r,C ark, New Yoik. Sid 2irh, Moe?lle, Stanwood, Al"PHlLiDKLrHl*. April ii-AtrU-hll'^krr, t ur'n Tr>y. Bnl> ifit, H.1I1..0..1I, \iw Voik. <..d N.>rlh Hur, *kr Imiiituii. Ulmtl. ttoii; IVtM-nt, Lri(hron, Bnatun. t Hiiuti?\April v|?Arr Sink; .mm," h?w. h'I Hi rer: Ar-iiinu. kcutrr, Mmnxit. * Id J?n>r? In huh, II-II, U.caner. (Br) llfndrrton. lUmbnrj: Buprrb, (Br) Mr 7 7 -? I _ m I II ? ? M'llau; iNrpinif, (llr) Krii'k> ulinia, .mil < l\il'.( Br) II I'crow, | loverpool; INaj?le, <Ham) TaggrDbiook, Hambaig; Alwina, I Brum) Art-utMilt Bremen; Draco, Srars, Boston; ICachange, mug! i uu. oiu " o acnr * nri, uam.teiianrei. ?'"IKion, UiHowev, N Yoik; Mote*. Lovrlaud, ao; Randolph, Ooldnnith Philadelphia; Firm, Tluimptnn, Aleiaudria. CM Llio, ( Br) Klockhart, Liverpool; Diinou, Kobiuaou,NYork; Richard, Hawei.Boiton _ 8avaw:iaH, April 2!?Cld Othello, A bee, Hivre; Kqliuton, (Br) Muir, Liverpool. Molii.v, April 18?('Id Win Ti nn, Colr-man. Trieitr; Ohio, Ha i ti, Titinllo; Kileralie. Wallace, A'nifeiila ": Caravan, Brav, Liverpool; Soiaunah Ctimmiinr. ha ter, do; D hilin, ( B') ll'Kf n, do; 7th, Rpeed, I Br) k. Iia, do; Kai well, > arwell.Tn il?; M-irv Kimball. lie.'r-ham. Bi?;ou. Niw Ohlkahi, April IS?Lid Pioneer, Giaham. Liverpool' Potomac; Ami rica. ( Bie) Ca luni, Piemen; 8, holer. (Ire) Ji liameii, do; I) m Uia. Howei, 1 mate; CI reinoro. 'l'riiiirll, ItichmoU'l; l.aisbow, 8?inp*oii ll.iui'uv; W Ulin Arderaoti. (Br) Oilliei, <il >tu w; Mandarin, Colley; Auburn. Durfee; ft a.ik'in, B i ;' ?; Commerce, Pend; Dtph no, Klve, ard (ili-auer. Read, NVo t; Nashville. Pern be lion. A'ltwe'p; Plato ( h ne, do; Charlei William. Keatine; Silina Pny.and Itnou ne, Sh-d, "Hon; Ontario, Staplea, Km. ?tou, Jain; A'binn. Buy, Providence. Arr N'orlo'k, Snow, Liverpool; Ten Brother!, C aw lord, limp u; Z line, Kio Janeiro. (^^2 700 LOAN, on bond and mortgage, in autdry ' a til 'r J. B. NO NEB. >3 Nan an at. rPO YOUVt) MKV?Two or liur voutnr men can bit aeA c imini dated with r>tmirhe<l re mi with or withtiul hieakfaat and lea, in a <iui*( pioni I innlv, where (hey will fi d the conilo.'ti of a hou.c Addiria M. 0. at thia i dice immedintely. .i2G It*r ?TlU utVTK BRA NOY, NOW LAN OINO.-ICO half pipe* SO quarter caiks, SO Indian hl li, of the old and irennine brand, and of .superior quality, hit ill g at pier No 13 KK. frcm brii; Audrodui.juit arrived from Ro< h II*, and Icr ;le by 8. T. NICOLL tioFioiital. Alio. LS half riper, 20 quarter cailvB, 20 bbl> Binlran* Brandy, J. J. Dtnnv brind. lam'iiiir n above. n26 :i i?# ?|M> bPOKTAMBN?dO HN CO^HOY, 42 Fulton itieet, A corner of ('litf, hat rrceivrd ISO B in,too itndi, fre?h from Calcutta, of a heaiirifnl ta|ier, ?nd free from w ormi. w hicli he olfeia for inle cheap, by the dozen or ni'le one. lie hai alio recei ed, direct (r un Malaga, 6009 ulinnn tilk worm gut, of the b*?t quaii y that hai been lern for inaur years, round, wbito and a trout J C '?genera' assortment rfFiahi g Tack e ia ll e mmt complete that hai ei i r been iren iu this or my ether city. He gutrili'-es toaell hit tackle cheer er than any other atore in the city,. Hit vodt and recta aretilher made by hitnielf or uudei hia i mini diale iu|ieriutemUuce, and wartanted Anvlers ire rerpeetfnlly tnvi ed to iuspt ct his itock. a26 6'*r , rpo THR PUBLIC?Wnereaa,*H'ticlelappea<i in the daiA ly paiieri, nuiler the head of a Piiitdcript, wil ully roiacon strumaa firmer n'vr riiiemrut of the subscriber, thereby viAini^ the [niblic an imp ts'iiin that the ta'np formerly k own ni weOD's ourner waa nbso'utely Ins. Webb's enl-rr invent-on ? Now.the subrcii-?r would most (specially iul'orm (he public (hat the lamp in qu? stio'i omtps all iti recall' improvements to him a'rne. And the article alluded to says, Webb's latest imI rovemeut iu lauis is operating ty the now inverte<l cone move menti?linteut light se-uri d?uid can oulv b.i fswi at his s'orc. Now, in order to show the. srro' of the nbeve assettion, the lubsciier has only to let it be known that be hss a Write assmtmeiit of the above Philosophical Lairps, recnla'ed by the iovert?d cone, together with still further improvements, ard for whi-h there is no extra charge made. He would iuvite the public to caM and judge for ihemrelvra which is the humbug?only give him a cdl, and d in't forget the old and permanent location, No lit Grand street, one door fiom Broadway. a2ii3t*r JAMK8 HINDS, Manufacturer. "A THOMSON'S BLACKING WAREHOUSE. No. 2 -il.. Courtlandt s reel.?A. THOMSON respectfully uf >rms the inmchaLts ol the ci'y and ilie | uhlic in general. 1 li t lie stilj CO"inu-*s to manufacture his inimitable P itie B'acking.bciiu the sole inveutor and maniifac'ure'. Tills blacking is known ihr ugh the world, and parti illariy the li n ed Stales, as L?e a d Thome <n'? It.iste Blacking. A. Thompson would f irlher iiiloria h ? l'rieudi that he lias made tx'enaive improve in nts in his old ma-ii!acturi"g establishuivn', which enables h in to supply them Willi any quautay aid at r-dsend i>rn'e?. lie ware of interlopers. Strain is a modern applicsi iou, and ii sometimes resorted to wiilnm m ich benefit. A III in s -n las never admitted steam in aoy ahaiie to enter his insiiufaelory? his workni-n are not likely to main; mistakes an-' route uucutly it cau ha oep-nded upon as genuine. A. THOMSO V, late Lee fcThomson.formerly 2b5 Broadway, -low 2 Cr iirtlandt street,"(ar Broadway. ' Manufacturers'agents lorlln Wa-h;ugr?n Fr ctiou Matches, Shu pert and others supplied on teaion&b'e teimi, by cue or siusle gross e2C lm*in "FISHHOOKS AND FISH I NO T ACKLK ? T. ~U J. P BATE have received hy the late anivals from 'heir manufactory. England, a geueral assortment of supei ior Fish Hooks and Fishing Tackle, which iliey offer for s lie <-n the cheapest terms ; Martin Kelly's (Dublin) Limerick Hooks; salmon, biss. black, week, trout, pickeril. and cat Fish Hooks; patent silk gutt;himp aud grass Lines; rods, reels, baskets ; a t final k'lies; salmon aud trout Suoods on gimi ; double and single Guit, with a variety of articles, suitable for American Fishing. Superior do hie eye-i Needles a2S >m*r T.St J. BATE, 70 Maid-n lane, un stairs. A TREAT FOR ThEFANCY- Self Def-uce C V. "TTIGNON begi to announce to the citizens of New York that he will give an xhni-ion n the art of Self Defence this rveD.'ug, at his r-oms at ihe comer of Broad way aud Chambers st-eet On this occaiiou he will be assisted by several well known Pugiiis s. Mr. G. will ei gage ia a grand trial of skill with a celebrated bcxero tbii city. T-ckrts 50 cents each, to be had at the rooms timing the day and t veiling Doors oi en at half past 7?span iug locommetcc at 8. a'6 it*r POST OFFICE, New York, 2>ih. 1841?Eastern Mail to New Haven and Mar f >r', vit Ntw Haven stoanboars aud Hartf <rn .and .New Haven Railroad : ? On and af er the fust dnv ol M iy n*xt the ah-ve mail will be closed at ihis often at !0 mioutes past 5 o'clock A. M d.ily, exo- pt Sundays. a26 3tr JOHN LOR1MKR GRAHAM. P M. Spanish sawfRon, &c.?i case Sptmsli Sallrou, 1 lb. cues; I do Smyrna do 10 bales while Jamaica Ginger Root 5 cases fresh China ltbubaib? for sale by a2'3twm JAS. 8. ASTNtVALL, Williams!. CENTRE VILLE COURSE. fpROTTINO,?The proprietor* offer the f Rowing iu"ies? I to cnmmene- the fi-st Wedneidiy in Me : ? Turie No. 1?Four tnile heats, under ths saJnle?free for all trotting horses. Pnrse No. 2?Two mile lissts in harness, far all horses (hit nev*r won a nirse ever $210. Purse No. 3?Three n ile iicats in h&ruess, for all trotting nnd psci g hoisea Purse No 4?Two mi'c heats, for mate 1i piirs of horses, to Bo in wagons. Pnrre No i?Two mile hr?'s nnder the tadile, A r horses thet never won a nurse over *100. ? Purse No. 6?Tnrte uiile he?t?, 1 >rallpairi of horses togo in wn. oiis. Purse No. 7?Mile heats, hts' 3 in 5, in harness, fcrtll horses that never won a t n'Se ol *201 or over. Pu se No. 8?Two mile heats in harness, for horses thit never won a purse Purse No. 9?Two mile heats in harness, for horses III it never won a purse of *100 or over. The amount of the ahovern-ses will consist of all the money rer.eived at the gate and stands of the Course at esih day's trotting. after deducting the expenses of tin day. All n' the above purses will c'ose this dav, (VVrdu sday, Ap'il 26th.) bv ten o'e'ock P M. a' Jonrs' Second Wnrd Hotel. Kive dollars only will be ri arged for each entry, to be pai I at the time of the entry The win irg ho'se ol any rf the above pa ses will not be excluded (mm trotting for the oth?r puts s. Tt e following sweopsrahss will come off over th* above Course on Thursddy, Apti 27tli, at 2 o clock P M?two mile hrats in livn'st, lor hora's that n?ver won a pu:?e?Sub. $10 ? closed with three subscribers. Win W'elan na es hr g Yankee Hill Mr Rreil nsin-s b g Hardware H Woodruff namra br m Cha-lotte Jonrs Friday, April 28 h, at 2 o'rlotk P V?Sweepstakes for horses that never won money?two mi'e heats io harness?Sub $5(1? closed with twostibsc ihe-s. C Carman names sr g Ivaohoe H W"ndruff t anes br m t barlotte J trer. Regular Purse Veering will he riven in June. *2^ H*r Va FKKNCH HiT's-fltM n k VAN VKANK'N, j21' Bioadwsy, opposite St. Paul s (. hureh, hive this d ly ne- ived by ship St. Nicholas, a eonngnmriit ol French Hats. 'I hesr Hats were orde eel l>\ us upres-ly with a view ol meeting the fminerit drmr-nd inade tor ihst article : and as they comprise tu assortmest ol the tir-t (.uility s-l-eted from thmost erlebrateil m mufictoiies ol Pans, we confidently recoin msrd tbrm to the attention of gM.t'emen wish i g to purchite. (}. & V. V lnv? also constantly on hind a full e.tsortmeu? of white and black Beaver, Nutria, B ack nnd Peail Cassitnere nnd Moleskin Hats, of the prevailn g styles ; I'anatiii, Vanilla ami Leghorn Hats, Caps. Ike Hf. Also, the n? w style of Boys' Tarlatan Hati, adapted for summsr wear. a38 i?*r PALKKT SHIP SIDDON9, forLiverpool, will be itHin d until to-day at 12 n'c'ccli, at which Ibne III* paaaemiera will plraae be on boenl the af-a-nhoat Wnitcliall. Letter hipj w II close at Uilrio'i and Hale'a new? ronma, at half-paat l . A M. i 26 Itr TNOCTOR OLOVKR la one of the viry tew advrtmng '' phyttciaut wlin hat received a trgular mroical education. He baa confined tiimarlf to an nfiiee i net op for th" laat fourteen yeari inihiaiity. Ho hid rape ien-e in the tr-at mcnt of atricrnrea, ana hie rnr, d core cnea of that kitiKlixn any nth-r pit rician in thia rily. I)r. ft. m kea bia chir<i a moilrritc to anit'li* timet and circimttaneea of hia ntiiutt I'e putanpm dioin* for the rore ol one apeci-anf the il aeaae, at (I, with direeti ui ami a abort rcatira, giving aymplnmi, treatment and euro. Office in No. 2 Ann at, private entran-r, 4th doo from Muaerni , a8> M * re MEDli'AC AID. DR. ORRHORY may be eonanlted confidentiallv at all honrj of lh? day oreaenirg, at hia private reaidenoe. No [ II Uarclty afreet, near Broadway He ha I bi en eminently aneceiaful in the treatment ol thoae "half cured"caeca, which leau't from concealed canaea, or may be from mistaken or erro eona practitioner!. Dr. (i'a medicines are poweiful in their enrarive elTeeia, th nngh mild in their npperation Anoiher important ccnaideration, which baa not hern overlook"'!, ia the adapting of remedies to the convenience of pati-nli, avbo for the moat part arc aolicitona to o itain a cure ai'privalt l> -a ooa aible. p2i> It'r rPHK ONTARIO BANK will ray on h> l? day of M y * neat, a armi-annnal dividend of 5 per cent. Extern stock lio'dera will receive payment at the Mechanics' Bank in the city of New York. We have no bid or do bifol paper, and notain: p.ut due or in ruit, rirepl o bondi ai.d moiuracra to the amount of nine tlionaa d lour hundred d dlart, whi'h we consider aafe and collectable. H. B. OIBSON, Cashier. Canandi'gm, April 2fl. I ^ ?tt 1>*r MM. W. ROBINSON, intending thor ly to vieit hi? n?rive country, will give a farewell lecture on Ireland, in V'aihp g'ou Hall, Broidw <y, on Wrdti'adav eveuinv.jr, h, at ( o'clock. Mr. fla-t *"ght, the ( d vocaliat, wilt am: *r Si kU tickets 25 can'a. T cketv ai'mi liniihntiFomi.M cttili ajS 21* ce NO I IO-. -TO i ABI>*.T vMKMt.-v y*M) Cl'ltol.8TKR8?The ? b'Clilifniffrrloml* Half Sea it it nt <1 Cured Hair, at very low p ices lor cuh. Tteir araettmeiit o all kiudt laeom|iletf, and they invite those intrusted to tall a. m N atau at under the cliuicli. a?5-,t*r O. LANODON fc CO. I CUTTING AND NtlAVINU. HIM., the inimitable Hair Cutttr, tahea ihle unthod or intormina hi* 1'iiendaand ihe public in ?> neral, that he haa r? rn Ilia Old Slant. 86 11 arl ittert, immediately adjoining I 'lie IVvrl Hfret House, whirh has been newly titled up, and where he will he I'lraaed to wait en all who may favor hiu with theii patronage, in hit neat and akilHul atyle, at the fol lowing unidvmte pricea Hdl's inimitable Hair Cuttintt, 12>tf centa. Cttrloig, '2H " Shaving, , ? _ dm O"- D >u't f irget tint nu-abet?No. 86 Prail atreet. mSO lm*m DAOUt [IHkVOTlPfc F-A'l &t?. "?COV1LLS" first cjvulity plitea, |>f urn i ced by the first tr oieraioiii.i liia ci un.iv, to be an per or to any imp rtid plates, for a tie by thiitageu a. ? Wk.LT ON & TOWN8KND. a20 lvr*ee '2 jl-itn tlieet. B wr. SiTlXAS, I I |I Tter .if lla?a;u Seiara, at present ai W Cedai aireet, hegi leava to info m hit frierHs anil tbt lublie, that ht? e?tihha' m*r t will be iemoved on the 1st o< VI ,y. to No. 1 M(idee lane, (llo.vaiil'a Holt I ) Knr the lihr tal I atr.msge ettmded to limiluii.g the last eighteen yeait, he ritn rn im mnf grateful thanks, and trmts ta merit arm tinnaneeol theaarae. alllwu*r POft STEK ( Ilk'.AI'?A hamit" e Swiuy eijn Tor SfiiliJ I- nery and Drrai Making. Apply at O l Cherry street. a?h ?t*r "W , (.') WANTS A SITUATION, u < hambrnnaid mid He?m lyoiinKwonna ?>n emi cut end fttd?m??for children. At ply by Inter to M. H-, at tha Herald office. ?2?nor ^ t'HA>rBKo'\iAin'S"g|TI'ATION WASTED?flit rnpantv in a p'i?atr family. His perfectly nrderatanda the duieaofsii It* sitiat'on; n * cood |je|tet np of linen: haaliv>d in her present aitiiati u for about I wel?e mnntht, and lea?c* in coMeqni n- nr the ft ily br akin- ?n hnnat k'ei in' An plv pr r<'ii)*lle or by nut* at 16 Ciiv Hall (.I ce. twiafir tnry ! fer?' c?s will be rieeu. e2" |i?m \V A> Nurse in attend ,1 youuK rhild. She n?t?? * * be capable of duiin; n a n s.-wn k. aud have ri'C'?*?inendatiom. If ?he c?n ane tk Eiane1 an I Ent'iih. ? > t. och ih- he:t?r. A ' !\ I i R B ?t lliii cIRei. _ *:> 21 ?t* rOVEKNKIS W \ I El>? A lady iifleaiHCtaH' eha-er ter, uf cmd .ilerary arrainmeti'a, who un'mtinA music, am' ran-i eak and teach Kfeurh well, ia want'd in a reai>?cta He family in ni,e cf the moil d-'i. h'fnl ami plemtint situations II rhe CO'ii'try, In whom aa'i farto'y compensation wi I he iriven. Kor further n fiirmatnm apply at No. 7 Chamber- at , between t d 3 P VI. until tha 1st d y of May. aH 3t*1 A YOUNG MAN muu'tl beidad to meetw.tli* st'ta'ion in a <1 y iti'oda o- itrovery atore. He iacoinptt1 ut at accnuii'a. .ml H-nuld iiiiti.e li iriaelf utReratly ua- u!. Addr??i III H .Heraid.iffice. al'.3fr ]\/l USlC LESSONS FOK bOARO.?A leather of the e" I'iano K< rtespd ( wish-s l" onlain hoard ine piivute family or boarding honae m Nr w V ink or Brooklyn, for which he ia w .l iuK t" itier inaMiclinni on either of the above named imlnifru i If required, the hert of lefertoci can he itiaeo. Any eominniiication >L'drea<ed to MUBIC, and left at tuia office, wll rromptly he attended to. *2'> H'r ACS K NTI> "1 1 \ . u ! Iii.a lady wilt ul children, w ishing a plea* lit heme out of town curing the summer, can be aecommodated in * respectable piivate family in Bloomin? dale, pleasantly Mtuit-il on the North Bierr, abcut tit mil'a f tilt the ritv Referent ea ext bulged Apply, with rea' name, at hnx 5C6 lower Post Ofli'-e. a2l fw'ec (11? 1 P* HOUSE To LET?A handaome two a'ory I' '?S tP. frame House, filled in to ihe rouf with brie*. J 'rit ii " :'1' 'it c 'lumna n front and cupola on the roof, martile niaiileli ai d folding doora, and ailver plated hardware in ilia priucipal Cory .plea-antlyiit'iated on North S.cond street, in W i I' iarn - bit r?r. between Si h and Heveu'h areet', within ten minu'rs wilk of three ferrie* to New Voik?or a put would be let M a Liw rent, to a family of not in re thau three perrons. Enquire on the pemiaea. > r of ?21 3t*r W. C. SHAW. 121 Fulf n at. N. Y. aTO LET?P rt of a two story an,I att e br ck Honae; a deai'able r tidence for a imiil latnily, in an nteel ncinhborhrod, ami within two minute* wain of two ii . ? of stavca. which tun ev.ry four mintilea. Location healt' y ard houae in yo id order. Apply on the premises No. 2113 Kivh'eenth street between Eighth and Ninth Aveuuea, or at 52 Maiden lane. Kent $Ofl *26 3t?r Mfll lE|-A Jill t of ihe roimn idicua three atorv brick house 113 wath'ustou iireet one door from the corner of Cedar rtreet?ei'hri ihe first oraacond story, Willi a ro, in on ihe third story if cquired. The above prrmisea will be let in any manner to suit a good tenant. IL-uf iji'juciair. rtpji v ?ii m" premises. hZ'i lT"n TO LET?(JreeLWoadTCmt g< at Uow-mus, tiro Ilyn, containing six room. cellar and wondhouse, a piiz'-'jUSLfront, mill huge u* il !), b'lilltlflllly ?irtl r<-d. gti looking the Bac, nnd commanding a moit tx'cnwve view. To h pin-It respectable fiiml', I his u a very desirable residence. Erqnire of R. MARTIN Si CO. a26 4t*m 28 John street, N. Y. m TO 1. ET?The store or wa>ehou*c 'I Maiden lane, a first rite ?(anil tor the dry iooiIi or other business, now ocupie.d hy Mr. Uomito-k The first fl tor aud cellar win o? r?-Dli d separate, if required. Also, the mod-rn three storv and at'ic brick home 156 Warer'v Pl?ce. neat door to the snbrciiher, at 1500. A ls?, the hrirk home 12s H iiniiioud reet, uecr'Jreenwich. AV il I be renlid at moderate mire. Apply 'o L. 8UYDAM, 158 Warerlv P ace, a'6 3t*r or 46 Wall street. > *1 TO I.ET?"The two-?lory Honara, No. 47 OreeuT'.-n wich street. No. 7 Oliver street, Nos. 116 ?nd IliiBiuk VMl ' No 1">)( Thames street, No. W8 Cedar street, the uweliing part of No. 185 Chatham street, aud No. 53 Beach st. with a stable. Also, a very pleasant Country Ketidence. about 5 miles from this rily on the west side ol the Hudson, at a low rent to a good tenant. Apply to J.O. DYCKMAN, *19 5tts*r 13"! Fulton or IM Bank ?t. wj* FOR SALE OR EXCI-1ANOE? A Farm of 63 a'res WdQt'if evcel'eni land, wUhaii'ab'ebaildi'igs, all ii good re^dma-pans, recently painted. The itarden is already maleacd some seeds planted; and also wool euough at the door cr.t up lor one year's use, and a large qasulitv of mauuie in heapa.stiu a Well of rxcellent water at the door. In fact. eveiylhing about it is in line erudition, and all re idv f >r a fimily to movr in The house is one And a half story high, with a piazza all rouud. A good cellar, two room", a milk room, pautrlee, closets, he. on the first lloor, and f<Mir ro-ms ahove. The firld? hip well watered, 7 acres ol wood 30 acres of meadow, and 21 pf nhtigh'd land, with an abnmlanre ol fruit. The farm would be sold oresr hinged. A cr at bargain 'r disposed of immediately, and ai in- ispntable title given Very li lie money wouhl be r<quired paid d iwn Th? firm is situated on Longhill. Monis Co. Near Jersey, about 20 miles Com New York, i he stagss p?sa every dav to aDd ftorn the eiry. Apply to E 11 LUDLOW St CO., Auctioneers, No. II Broadway. a3fi 3'*m PIANO FORTES?The subscribers resp-clfullv'e their friends ami (lie public in general, lo call at their establishment, No. 251 East Broadway, where lliey have on hand a well assorted strek of tn'h'mauy and r se wood French grand action Piano Fortes, with all the lata improvements, warranted, and toll - kept in tunc for one < ear. The subscribers a'so beg Ici-ve to inform ihe pub ic, that this is the i atshlishment former1' kept bv Beimel and Iliwkitis, bnt a: p-esept occupied by the 'nbtcribers The prices will he fi urd suiting to the times.? Purcinsers are respectfully invi rd 'o call ndexamine. N. B. All kinds of pianos from 6 to 7octaves will he made toordtr. Also pianos tuned and rspii-ed, or ixchanged ou the most reasonable terms. Also ?e rind h oh) pi <nos for al?. HENRY RICHAUD !t JOHN RU' K, f25 lm*r 251 East Broadway. JOHN BURTON, NO 925? BOWERY, New York, begs respectfully to inform tne lad e* and fashionable world in general, that he has i ust received from auction, at prices to suit the times, a desirable assortment of AMAZONE BONNK.TP, which he is enabled to offer at remarkably low prices, viz :? Superior and first qua'ity, from three to fire dollars; fair and sceond qualitv, from one to two dollars. Ladies wishing to purchase, are requested to make an early call if desircm of a good selection. s23 8tia*r \fOTICE.?To those _who svek health and comfort, com s-v bmcd with Inxurv.?rnee reduced.?Uld Etcbiislieu Me. dilated Vapor B itlis, 25 Curt'andt street. Mrs.CARROLL, in a cordance with ilir exigencies of the timet haa re<!ueed itie rrtre of her baths and solicit* a continuance of the patronage of the Faculty in particular and the public iu general. Cold*, rore throat*, twe'liiig of the glands, rheumatism, stilTiest < f the join's, aguu and fever. 8cc . nc. are immediately relieved. Port *ble bath* *?ut to any part of the city or Brooklyn Open from *i in the morning t l nine o'clock >taight. Sulphur Bath* require one hour'* notice. n'<?0 Ctisr THE Committee appointed to rake meant o-s tor the relief of the stiff, rcrs by itie late earthquake at Ouidal upe. have the p'eauire to announce to the putlie that the artitt* of this city, hiVewi h Iriiniiiie zeal spontaneously volun'erred their icrv ice* to give a g and Conceit, a' the Tabernai le, on Friday DCX'. ihe 28 h inst All 'he mint eminent artpt* w ill he heard on this occasion, as writ be ?een by a programme, which will be publish d in due course. The committer beg leave to rail the attentirnof the public to thi* concert, both on recount o< it* intrimic merit, and the benevolent application of it* proceed*. r. DF, I A FOREST. rreiident, V. BE LAUNAY, Vice do. E. L * H E VS. Treasurer, ?2< ttr BHUOUlEltE, Secretary, S A BHATH?An adjourned meeting of tjrocers and all oth er* friendly, will h- held at Military Hall, 191 Bowery, on Wednesday evening, ?Sth iost. at! | .ut 7o'cloca P. M to measure* that our laws may be en'orccd resp-ctiug traf, fic on tho Sabbath. All persons interested are invited to at trod. k25 it*re By order of the Committee. STRAW BONNET AND LEGHORN HAT V/ A REHOUSE, 8fi MAIDEN LANE. THE Subscriber ha* now on hind and will r rive daily from A the manufacture*, the lollowtug dnirib'e style* of ladies anil mi'ics Siraw BouneUt? AMAZ'NK, NURSAH.LES,. MMOKNA, ZEPHVRINK. IMPERIAL, RICE STRAW, CIRCASSIAN. RUTLAND, k N'-LISIl DUNSTABLE, ALBERT. DOUBLE SHELL. OPEN FRENCH LACE. 7 he above description of Bonnet* are made after the Orleans Oir**y aid other approved fmhion*. Aleo. Men's and Boy's Panama, white and colored Leghorn and Palm Leaf Hats. A ?o, Shiker Hoods, Cords, Edgings, Flowers and Ribotis. All of which will be sold hv the case, dozen or tingle hat, it the lowest maiket price, lor cash, by a'.'0 I wis* in H. E. K ETC HUM. VfOUN'O MEN ont of employment would do wrll to qualify themselves ss Boot-Kerpvri at Van Norden's Writing and Book-Keening Ac.demv. 281 Broadway, second floor, as Mr. V.'s pupils generally obtain good siludlions as accountants, through the influence ofhi* patrons. Mr. V'? course in book-k-eping is strictly rracticsl, at no author's work it copied in hit school, and he rudeasors to im....... ni^n it,. ,n i,,t? oil... ....... I. I,,- i 11.1 r. I >n..? that the science of aeco-int* i? (oanilcd in common ?en*e Courie "I in?trnc'ion, Wholesale, Ki t nil, Commission, Eich?ngi .and Componnd Co. Speculation Account*. Van Nordrn'* system ol splend d business prnmanship imported to all in an iotrrdible short spar* of time T?rma rltreinely moderate. Day an J evening claaara, 211 Broadway. aiiwii'in PRINTERS' AND BINDERS' WARE ROOM 8, No*. JO and 31 Gold street, N. York, April, 1343. TRICKS GREATLY REDUCED. The hoi- thin i p (j ritK.s* mai hine and saw MA v IJEACT'lHY, in ronai ijneuce of tlie add tinn if new >nd Impr red ma' h'nery to tttrir worka. and ilie reduction in ill- rort of miteri'l* and labor, are enabled cr- a'ly to r-dtiee tlie'priei a of their Prt ?*<-?, and ol Prititera'and Binder*' rnateriala yree ally, a* will he reeu by their newly printed i m iliar, to which tin y bryt Irave to reler. 'I hia rutablialiment i* air I voder the personal superintend0 ce of I'll H1ID M. Hov. and BontlT ft- H. and they assure their friend- ill.I, notwihatendiiig the urea' rednr ion in l-i i< e i, a!i article* in-nnfiein-i'd by this ratab'ialiinri t ilnd letain the high rtpuari n win- h th y hare l.ither'n sustained. It will a aa be their constant rinl nTorto improve the <|ii I itv o them in every pirticu'sr. Tbey tl itt.-r thrrnarlvea also th it their o .1 fiienda w ill not only,eoii'iitJe th ir fivo a, hot tl?-?t Printers generally wi I -ppreei lie th- ir endeavor* to furniili the vrrv- bt a' article* at batefy reu-nnrrating I ri-ea. O deta from any pait or ilie country for ali article* u*rd by Pt titers or Binder*, inc'nding Type*. Ink, Pi| er, 8tr , wi I lie eieru'ed with the greateat care aud promptitn Je, and ou the heal trrin*. Jobbing work ar.d rr paiiing will he none at the lowcat posaib'e price*, with every attention and etpeditinn. N. B.?AH anic'ea inannf-ctnrrd by this eatahliahment will lie ?t.nipeil 11 1IOK It < O ,*o ilia- p raona from abroad may no- be mpwed open with spuriovn articlea, made it imitation of 'belli. Punter* of newaparera who publish tli* advrrtiaement, with thi* note, th-ee time* before the firat of Jnlv Dear, ai d ?eml one of th-tr pep r* to n*. wi'l be eull'led to p*ym-ntof their bill on b'yniT four times the amount of it. ap'Ois r THE NEW YORK MEDICAL AND SUIUITCAL INSTITUTE, No 7.h Chamber* atreet, ESTABLISHED TO RENDER TO THE AKKLIOT Co ED *onnd and Scientific Medical Aid. All hind of diarises will be treated, and anrgieal operati-ns of every deacrip tinn performed iu (he moat carefnl and scientific manaer. One of the first oconliatf in the city will attend to the treatment o( *11 di?ra*ei of the eye >nd car Patticnlar at'epti- n i* paid to the trei ti-.-nt n( -II female eoin| l..inta. Patient* who daaire ir ,11 tie viri'cd .it their l,n i?.i Tl. vl.nt* means are limited will only be required to pay for their medicines. Three >r fn?r rooms ere provided fnr pnsate consults uoa. 1 lie limit department is attended bv *11 apothecary of crest est erieree, snd s i medicines dispensed mtv he ret.rd on ~s [Hire i*id genuine, Capping end Irecii ing will be done fat the shortest iioliee Open dsy and night. ratients from the country wishing in anil themselses of the great advantages this Institution possesses in the treatment sf .crotnlniis i(Ti citons, (tiuiieons diseases, and surgical n|ierations, e ui he accommodated with board and rooms in its imme vicinity. D(l QQUga BOSTWlCK, Attending Physician and Surgeon, 75 Ehsm'.iett st. 2<l house west ol Broadway This ius'itation is under the patronage and commendation of th? following gentlemen HKV. DR. El> Y.HIOBKE. Rt.V. DR. W. 0. BROwinLke, t ItEV. DR. GEO POTTS, HKV. DK O. spiUNU. slGlmisee REV. DR. WCHROEDER CHAIN IKON-MI tons siperior I* tifiish ( lion Iron, now on board ship Ashbtitt' n,f>otn l.ivetpool, for sale by WO0DHMLL It MI^TURNS. all 17 Ponth street. AUCTION SAM'S. I THO.hl.AS BKi.I., Aocn meer. rv ricul * Howard. 'lev if ff it 2? Jinn nirf lis creel WfeDNKRD AY. (lerteel Kurnilnrr (t 10 M oVIoeh ?t W Hod?'on At l?H oVlnrk, In the (lie rw (. will he ennlnp't 'l the (Mr of r'emint Imi iter of ?l| deier'ptinn*, rrcm f.'millit retnorinr !<R. romm. lire.'on Saturday. AN , v iinoaiidle liree, eifennive (0*1 e.i'nnb*e r(nerrnr elioire fiirni' r< of n|| dr*i ri' ti 'H?. V mii"mrr' ui fnin'liei, rub n tin ke t nd a ,i on nVI rli in the sal.- roonu. thursday. ai inv_ I*.. I.... 1. .. , I... Ilr.inrr e aril L-nretit afreet. t'w rrnlly good In iilfnrr, gll nmV tonrd>",nl a itnill family K i v 'jr up houtskerpiig It ii of* i ceiription Inst recoe.melid itself At l' o ?:l< ck. a gnanti'y of hr iischohl furniture, at 348 (Jraud street, cor- tr of Norfolk. FRIDAY, 8' oof Fiirtii'ure?At III * o'clock, the entire handsome furnitnre contained in th' In me "R1 Fast Broadw-v. Pisno Forms?At l3oV"ck, at the rooms of Sir Rocket, 131 fleu'sesirei t, between White n | Walker, 8 flrst rat second hand end nrw piano fori". Can On seen oil Tlinrs'iay. N B ?-The tales of Bi ll Si Howard will take place min or ahine. _ BY OaRTKR 4 ItO. (Store No 102 Broadway.) WFDNKSDAY,~jiith~A ill. at in^T'c'oc.W. elegant fsah. ionahlr inroilure. to repay adraurci, including French and I alf French aofaa. of the most elegant paileror; In If. threc-ipi ir'era anil loll French roaewood and mahogany chaira; wardrobes, rcckera, ott"tn#ut, roaewood and mahogany centre fblea. cle gant card and diipiig anil breakfnat tahlea; d casing bureaus, wiih innible and troihog'ny topa; nurse and tewing chain; upright deakl, French bedsteads, plain bnreina. tables, cau< aeat maple chaira, work tablet, wash standi with and without marble tope, Sir Also, a lot of second band fur'itnre, carprfs, ?c Ca alojnes o i ihe morning of sale. The 'itmilure ia or tho best deferrptiofl, and will l-? sold without 'eaerTe. a2l 3ii?r R_H*rt I MPSON. Acctioceer AUCTION NOT!' E-Jewelry, I'lated Ware, Wat' l""?, I'nt'eiy and Finev Goods S ie?JACOB 8 PL ATT will sail on Friday, 2P'h irst at 11 P aft stre-1, at 10 o'clock, an ent're set rf Sheffield Pattern Cards, of every variety of of mmrnm A'so, gold and gilt Je 'clry and Fancy Cloods, Watches, &<". &e. N. B?This sale will be worthy the attention of country as well as city dea'rr". N. P.?All invoic-t for this talc must be s?nt in be T uriday, at 13 o'clock. nfiStt'r W il JONES, Anc ion-rr.?FLKO A NTFCKNITU"w ?, 'A brs w?n' Piano Clia.delie s. Oil Piin'iegs, Sic?On Thnrsd _y, April 27, a'10 o'clock ?r No. 229 I'enth airccl. he tween Fi-t sad AvennoA, near Tompkins Square, splendid rose wood f >rniiure of every variety, Biuisci- and ingrain e.nrpe'a, ii ah Frisian chandeliers, iliuner teivice, css'oii, cske brtske *,-gg cu s mailt, I ornaments, recumbent i hairs, full French licditeads,chaira, Paris made chat's, sofas ami couches; aitral lamps, marble top centre wd p:er tables. &c. Also, a upeiio' 7.ehra wood pianoforte made bv Bmmlay ill Smith, sal in wo'd lined, grand anion hoi iiontal, &; &c, A'to a choice collection of oil primings, " t"h?' itv," bv Raphael," a copy; "Onido's Cupid;" '"Venus," by B rch; Lai ilscapes by Brrnpan. Alto, the kiti Imn furaiture. with svh'ch she sale will commence. Catalogues now ready at No .1} Lib-tty strecr. a26 2t*m T)KNJAMI\ MOdNkfT, Auc'ion*c ?Suctio" Notice? JJHardwar-, Cutlery, Jtc.?B. MOONEV Ik CO. will tell this day at Id o'cl -rk. at .VI Maiden 'aim. a large and anperinr nisortmenr of ts'-le and drae't ki-irea and f -rks star guird carvers. per Iter acd O ?n knives, scissors, in/ i's. <tr Also, n general aa-or mcnt cf haul ware. Also, an invoice , f fancy goods* Alio. Hi l> 'lam e of as'orlt hrlnni i'ig 10 a stove maker. tresis iuu of patterns, utifini?hed goods, copper, (cuileis St" by orderof adiipnistrtfors. CtMlotmi ?re ready. a2> 11*r AUCTION NMTlUr ? Furniliir.? n W, nnlav, at ten o'clock,all the Furniture contained in the hou?e Nn. JS8 Spring street, cun-iitiuif of Brussels *ud ingrain iiiK*, nil cloths, mahogany chair*, sofas, rnfa bedsteads, aHe boards, bureaus wardrobes bedsteads, beds bedding, matrraieg, china, cut gl'ss, clock, vases, limps Sic. Also, the kit "boo fiirui'ure. Kurili nre?Thursday, at 10 o'clock, at 2J5 Pe-trl at. Urocuif-Dn do at I7S William street. F.Wanf Furniture?Friday, at |a o'clock,-t s38 Broadway. a25 2 i re* 8. P. INGRAHAM. Auctioneer. UCTION NOTICE?a^d-n Heeds, Fruit Trees and PUlita.?A Levy will tell ou Wednesday morni.ll>. at I0X o'clock, at lit Broadway?an esfeiiaivc yavtrty of kitchen g <o dena ?rrd?, )tu receind from Oarcissomtne and Oomei (France) and may be relied upon aa beina freahj ynt up in tack: suited to dealris; also a l.vgr quantity of fruit treea. put no it assorted but dies, r-ken from the ground within < data, in were parked to ?end to Illino'a, bat the like prevents: ihrar iters were imported for private uie, and ere all cf the choices ML A'aotha remainder of the Engli ah (rait trees, with varioai other plants. Also, a quantity of Dahlia rooti. an 2V?t*rc SHERIFF'S SAL H?ll> virtue of a writ of fieri f ciaa, fn me di-ected and delivered, I will eipose to a.yle on th* 26th day of April, 1843, at 10 o'clock A. M.. at No 25B Grand street, a Isr/e au I general assortment of mmic ard mmieal inat'Uments, consisting in p*rt of violins. violincellus. flutes, trombones, one valuable piano forte, and fisturei of >tnre. M. B HART, Sheriff. a?5 2t*.e J A 8. C. WILLKT. Deputy Bh'ff. By W. H. b HANK LI N, Auctioneer, pABINET FU8MTURF?-The pub ic are respectfully a-7 informed that the subscriber int'uda selling off at auc'ion tm Thursday fits nh of May, Uv VV. H. Franklin, Ilia entire stock o! sp'endid Cabinet Furniture. Being of his own inanefi.eiure. all is wairanteil to bn of first rate wo-kmamhln?n<l materials. rersot s about pur-basing are reoura'ed to call antl esamine. SAMUEL W ATKHBURY, bit Bckm in, a2l lw*m c-rner Gold ?tr?et. POSTtCHIPT?Whrrers, advertisement* hav- rp.ieire l it the paiiera. lie.of this city, effernv for s-le Lamps " for rtrrly known" ss " Webti's," wi h all h;a improve m,.nts : nn this is to inform unr traders, that "Webb's" latest improve inent in Lamps are thine opera ipg bythenew inverted com mi.vrineut?patent light secured No twrstn can he inducer to purchase any one of his former improveinents. if they ?il hut first call aud witness the novel oriuciple of Inverted Conr Lamia. For??le only at the Phtloa phical Lamp Story, no Broadway, one door South of How-rd at aV> 6tis*r LOiT?A Gold Pencil Case, marked A. O. Havtns. The linder will be suitably rewarded hy lea ing th- tarr.e at <31 Water street. up 2l-31?m PAPER HANGINGS. TIT fit G. CURTIS, No. i2 Mainen Lane, have received "? 'their new pattern* of Paiutr Hangings of every quality aud at lower prices 'ban ever be'ore offered. The attention cf the trade and of country merehannts is requested to our assorlinetit Laudlorls and others wanting rooms liaia-rrd, cau have their work done bv the best workmen and wa'ranted, on the most I?tmnkla terms. WINDOW SHADES. We have also received a latge assortment of transparent painted window shades, of every variety and price. Also, chintzes ami linens for shsdea, shade trimmings, fcc. HAIR MATTRESSES. We hare constantly ou hand pure curled hair matlreaier, ol every sue. Also, moss mattresses, feath-r ledi, and evtry article in the bedding line Families about going to housekeeping, can procure a (itst rat e article at the most rrasou <b'e prices. Steamboats and vessels furnished at the shortest notice. i UtHOLSTERY ARTICLES. L , L . *? v ii-tir ai?u un iii' u c?cry diurie hi uir u|innnifry namness, Consisting hi part of satiu aud worsted damasks, of nil colors; moreens, furniture chintx.'ui'.t ornaments, poles, riDgs, pulpit trimmings, fnugr s, bindings, coids, ta?sr l?, Ike. he. W. h G. CURTIS, a?0 ttis* r '.2 Maiden Lane. PAPER HANGING, WINDOW SHADES, UPHOLSTERY, AND PURE HAIR MATTRESS DEPOT, 31 M-idcn 'a.e. ?->r I he co rue r of Nassau street ?G. P St I GRATACRAP ofTer for ?*le, at greatly rerlncpd riicts, their lar<a stock of Up* noUtrry goods. Country mnch^nt* and th# crix^nn of ihii me tropolis, are . espcctlally re<iuestrd to call, brf re pu-chasing els-where. a"S lwis*r ALL IVrsout sre liereov forbid trusting any nersou or persons employ,| on hoard the schooner 'Major George Howard, of Bushwick, Hil.t, mssrer, on account ol said schooner, or on ticcoMh of the caotain or owner. ? . , . , ANTHONY HULST. Owner. Hiuhwick. April 71, fgpp a? lw*irc NEPTUNE HOUSE, NEW ROCHELLE. rF,HE Prcprieror of the above est ib'ishm*nt fesls grateful for A the very liberal aud distinguished patronage he has heretofore tcceived, and with renewed exertions he hopes to secure ncou^nunncr ' f their support. He most respect fully informs hit friends and the i uhlir. In general . I ha,' his h use is opened for the reception of company, ard th it he i> prepared to make arrangements with fnm lies to hmrd for the e .suing ie?son epon r ason ihle t' ritu There is not a Ho'el in th-r uotrv which eomhines .he advantages of this for health, com'o t. and r>i eaMire Single iienilemen or g?nllrmrti with their families, wanting superior at comin idjtions lor the so r.mer, wbli ?M Ihe conveui nces and advantages of a handsome and retireil resiCeLce, c 'Duot fail to be suited, C. F. It ICE. a of .i 6tr BELMONT HOUSE, NEW BRIGHTON. THE subscriber b'gs leave to inform hi? friends and the pub lie, thai he has taken the above weII known house, which has been thoroughly repaii ed and punted in tht best manner, newly furnished thionghout, en.| will be open d on Ihe first of Slay next. The (f use is delightfully situated immediately opposite the slescsboat landing, auJ from its piax^as commands a vi-w rstendinn np the Kills aud over the bay and harbour of Mr* York. To th>?sde esiron< of a pleasant residence during the summer in >nth?, possessing the advantages of fine salt watei bathing, together with beautiful drives and walks, and con re nient access ic th" city evrry two hours hy steam, the Belmont House offers inducements unsurpassed hy anv other i n th- Island, and the subscriber trusts lhat his .former efforts 10 give aatis'ap.tuin as proprieto- of the Pisilion, with Irs renewed determination to spare no |usins to render Ills hunse agreeable, will ensure htm the continuation of a psitiou of the pstrouage lie has heretofore been favored with. GEORGE riERIS, Nrw BeniH ros, April 12. mil ai!Si?tfr REMOVAL. fN1IARt.ES COX, TMLOR a d DRAPER, la'e 61 Nas vy i n street, r**' < crlu'ly informs tin , .iron* and the com inanity, that he ha* removed to * o ?3 Maiden line, near No* ? >>< rireet, iii connection with Galley Si Uiiiig'i Clolh and TrimminK Store Gentlemen di-sir mt nfohi'rvii * fashion with economy, are ioTilrd to call and > limine a It/Re and Usiiior.ihle asso'twent of fiue Mid medium cloths, css'ine-ei, w < stcouinits, drilling), lie , which the subscriber's f-tcilnr fo? nbtaiuiiiK It ihe importer'* price*, enshles him in make op at an uniiirnse leductmn fioin mini charses (for rath otiiy), at ihe me lime cunra-ji.-e in* a c nfiuuance of hit I'm* known superior rtyle, fir, end ele e met of workm nehip. Mai in* ami trimni.iu on proportion at'- I -w icrins. Particular attention paid to uuiformt of every description C. B. Babcoekcontinni-s in the ent in* e'partment. CHARLES COX, Ne. 33 Haulm Ian.-, *17 1m 1W iut'ec ihinl dnor helow Na?? "i at. SOUNl)lW>T. AWKN PRESCOTT, Pilot, take* charge a* muter of vet sels bound to New Bedford, Naurneker Shoals, Boiton, Porttmnaili, Portland, Kvnnebeck, and OTHER PORTS eaat o( New kork. Office at Krye k Shaw's, 23* Water street, corner leekman. Reference to a number of Meret-anf?, ami the aeveril Insurance Cew>"*inr* in th.* city, Boston, ?nd Port'an-f. *H 'mise s*n KOIC A I. HA NY, TROY, and Intermediate Ar -*7 S -eef* Place* ?Th* splendid low prestnre ttramboat *** ewai i niv Certain McLean, will leav> the foot o' C?-urtl.indt street this Wednesday afternoon, Aiml 26, at .6 o'clock. The above Is a sub'tantial bost, fitted op with e'evant State Hroms, and for accommodaliou Is unrivalled on the Hudson. a '6 itr iar-"fr01l ALBANV itaiChanged the ROCHESTER ant SOUTH JII i J?. AM ETM A will, on and after Monday, May 1st, Iravr every eTrnm* (Sundays (icptcd) at 7 o'clock instead of 6, as heretofore. *26 Itr ^ K)H ALBANY Bam v a iA' ? rl , 6 o'clock p\l ri ' "ob<li?? c*c-iif*?l Vu oat I"" between ill !"!'! rfirrCI-From The?tc*..*r KI)i;HM I'I.'m o *1 Liberty ?trc?t?.? Mgoclay, Wednnday and k'v - H-oi-hton, have* i rke (learner S()l! T it i viv uir i,n!'''1, " ' ?'cll"'k Tur?i.? rr.i ,AMKK < A, <;*, , iw Bmih.mI, o'clock. r' Thur,d*y. " I ?itBT<iay erenimr*. *1 ?i dcHh|M?,?,Trh N?,UTH AMKHIfA C?pL W II Tror. / l?r,lin* M miTm'a *V afternoon., atlo'clock, I tk- i ln,',in*dnte j-ikcm. *1, |. *r* new and ?ub.t mli 'I, urn f?ri"?hrJ with I m. Jfw ii i ao?l for ii?eii nu<i nccommnrfAtirn? trt*htd mi to* Ifodano. or fiemlii ?|'| I y on br. iril, or to P. IPol.lift. t| to* ""lea op the wi n,I. ,i^l |Ikr tfg ALL TmT.~|TkUI;lTk /\*rkk I S-Ktram ihlM IKWV Irani boat*, anil other imeseiurer itmll, Carryin* WMb 10* " Pranci.' Pitent Life B.mW," liar* the word Patent" plainly .tamped or painted on the ude f l<Mfr AMUSEMENTS. ^ PAKK TIIKATftr. TIMS KVRN1VO, will h#? p#?rform*d MKHRY WIVES OK W|N|)>.o???Mr H'ekelf; Aon P?*e. Mr* !.n?H Mi** JuliaTunholl and M m Wnlfrrs will prwir in the Pa* Hiyri'n After which IIIOH, LOH , JACK? Kin* of gp*l ?t Mr Eiiher; Qi'eu of Heart*, ?n. Knight B i"', V> e'?; Pit, M eu: OnlUry. I2H ct-. Doori 0|*D at 7; peiftrmv-'H ""nrnmcn r n > *t| nnl * vimtii.VM IIIKM ~ I? * H "p emtut of Mr ip<l Mr* am. TH^.JuV V|' h* ROSIN A MEADOWS? f*r-v M?nilon. Mr Sr iwh?rn : Retina M * R tiKharv Vtrr whi h th.- IHHHMAN IN LO\D >v?X nrfrrh^ Dp-laney, t Mr Kr?n * *m ; c roline. Mr* Iipa UOVI'IS so iwiiwi W> TWAI l-Delortne, Mr Stevens; (sio'grtle, \1r? Hio'nuvlllt Prices et Admission?Prwi Cirri- 'n cuts; *-rond an ThrdTieraWj Pit II*; OsHsrv 12* e*?i?. Duma open before 7?en-fain rises at T1^ n'rlocV neeisety. OLYMPICTHK 'I'M THIS fVKMNO. will be 11 norm-d, the VET OK THK PKTT1 OATS? Zsphvr. Mr Mitchell: Kinnu, MnO ,|r. A'frr whi h. AMY I KE-Jn?"lh 8pecW?eb<rS. Mr Wslrnr; Arm Mri Timm. To conclude with the BAHWAI.K ROOM. r; ' i ll* Moors will be opened et '7, ID* the a murines. errnm?ie* at hal'-*?t 7. sverv eveimr. AXKHICAN THifiATHR-WAMU'WT. PIIILADKI.PUIA. Ifiid r the direeti'n m Mi?? C. f't'sHMaw. * r Vandeqhnff'a First Nght. TIIIH KVENIN", T?h. Will be 11?rformed, MtU'H ADO ABOUT vOTHINO. After which, the MULETEER OK PALERMO. E. A. MARSHALL. Le?c. amukkm; AN nti'i'mcn*. WlNi'HEI.I., the cent t'omie Delineator. in aif characters. MISS MAllY DARLING. the English Enchantress. I'HLVn || livn, i|i-Chinese Jnggler. v' AOU'LAIRE PHILLIPS, the p-ipti'sr DinssBse. OI.I) 8c YOUNG NIC K, en original end itnione Flay. Mr T N A'l H ANH, the great Snake Tamer. The Oiant Boy? Knermons 1. vi g ?nsk ? Alb'tm I .ady, fce. P rfertnoiTi- i-vrry eveninir and W. iln.ia.lev end 8 ltnrdsv afternoons et 2 o'clock Day visiters admitted arnar evening Irre Admission to Museum and eiitrrtaiumcuta 25 cents? children half pri-e. t'KAI-E H VK.VV VOIOl tnt'MKliai Bronlway nnpoaite th- City Hall. Mr. H. BENNETT. Manager. Dr. VALENTINE'S admired alirtchea ol O.nmic Characters. 8IONOII "I, T7.. th-great AWi-ian and Ventriloquist. ( I.A I'ETITE ( k.KITO, the rrnch admired Dauseuse. ' Adtniaaion 25 cen's; Children hell price. T7" The GIPSY GIRL can be privately consulted day and evening. Performances in the Lecture Room to commence at X to A ?Atf-mo'in entertainments on Wednesday ?nd Batnrdsy at 2 o'clock. Day visiters admitted the same evening free of charge. A splendid Self Playing Meloileon to he seen a'gee GRAND CONCWP OF VOCAL 4- INSTRUMENTAL M97 SIC. qo() he given at the Broadway Tabernacle, on Friday, April I 26th, 1813, for the BENEFIT OF THE 8UEFERKR8 BV T1IF. EARTHQUAKE OF GUADALOUPE, on which occasion the following Artists hare volunteered their MADAME SUTTON, MADAME VARON0ELLI. AND M a DA ME OTTO. Mnns A. BOUCHER Bignor RAP"TT| Mod-. KTiEN-'E Mr. E. RaKEMAN Mr, IT C. lULL Mr. IV srHARFENBERO vs. 'ftMM m. at Plena Also, h numher of *in't?ur? wbowjl a'nv aeveral GERMAN CH0RUSSE9. The O'cheatra ? ill conaiat of new* da ol li?'y performers, competed ntinrjpallr of the membe** of the PH'I.H aKMONIC ik EUTERPEAN SOCIETIES of New York. Ticket" <1 each. to lw l.a<l at the piincipal mntic (tore*, and at the door on the eyenirg of the |t?rfor anca. Uoucertto commence a'. 8 o'clock precisely *2^ MH h. RAICK.MAN'S third an i leit MUSICAL SON REE will t<kepl ce an Wednesday e*enirg, April 26lh, a'th-Lee'ore Ro <m of he New Yo k So.iety Library, aaaiated by Meas's. llaortti aid < harfenherg. i PART I. 1. Overture?f^beron?for Piano, for foni hands? Mrtarr. Seharfsnberg and liakemiui, C M De Weber J. Piano Forte Solo?Mr Kakeman. it?Somr without w?rd?, Mendeliaohn /??La Poat?Sepe bv Schsbcrt?arranged by L'itt 3. Hrand Solo for the Violin?Signer Raeett'. ' 4. fantasia for Piano?on air* fiom Koaaini'a Soiree* Musicals*. i La Sereuau e l'Orgi ?Mr Rakemsn Li?*t PART II 1. Piano Forte Solo?Mr H.ikemrn. <i?Nottnrne, Chopin A?La Chamn*n?lla, T^detire] Dreyichoek t. Orai d Ran 'or Violin and Piano. Mraar*. Rane'ti and Kakeman. Oaborne k Do Benot 3. He*?meron?Orand Fanl?*ia and Yariation* an the Duo from " Y Puiitaoi," Iby deaire]?Mr Ilakemati, Li'at, Thaibe rg, Pitia, Heix, Cxernr k Chopin. Soiree to commence at 8 o'clock. Ticket*, three tor Two Doll an, to be had at Mr. Hoy er'i Mnaie S'or". 30 Brnadw<y all tt*ee MHS ?t. K. HORN'S IRISH MUSICAL KNTEHTAINMENT, AikjI o Koonn, Wednesday, 76th April. ; TArt I I Love'* Young Dre?m?A young lady (pupil of Mn C.K.Hon her first appearance), Nr Hotter aud Mr. iviaiaett. hartnoniard by Ifl Maeder Dermot A-to e?MraC E H"rn, F W Cranch i Kantetir.?Flnte? Recollection* of I eland?Mr W J Ravin. Nicholson ' fJramachree Molly?Mr F W Rosier. Ancient Atr The Iriah Mother * Lament?>lr? C E Horn?Firtt I t'me, B.rton I "She c"M*d lte? rona for diroheviiig her orden. and they were drowned iu the Lake ihat li ght. She prepared supper I for ilierrr, but when air- aa w their glioata at tne table, ahe died mad, singing the Iriah Ke?n." (rrar d Va mtinn??Piano Forte?The Angel'* Whisper?Mr H C Timm, HCTinn The Last Rose of bummer? Ha'monixsd for three vnicer, by J O Maeder PAnT II. Dnett?Piano Forte?Messrs Timm k Alpcre?On Irish Melod'ei, Morchel's ft II initntt ll," O llae. .V,n,Ud_M.,rnnn, ...I for throe voices, he JO Maeder Moll* Bawe?Mra Horn, Ancient Air Son*?Mr Maml, ?? Doet?Oo where glory w?:u thee?Mrs Horn and the V mng URi Ancient Air K*te Kearney?Mrs Horn. A Lee riv not yet? Harmonized, Ancient Air Between the firit and leconil part*, Mr* Horn will (by arti culardeaire) nine the cel?hr\ted "Northern Retrain," intro dneinr the pecnlurly mnsical ct* e( the New Ttork Sweep*. Mr. Ttmin will t reaide at the Pjtno Forte. To i otntretice at 8 o'clock pret iselv. Tick't* 5' cent* each, to be had at the'fiidenc* of Mre Hern./( White street; at the muiic stores, and at the door on the evening of perfoitnance- aid 3t*? SINGING. IWADAM SUTTON, having arranged 10 t rtnrn to Italy the beginning of August. purpose!receiving pupils until rha< time,to *ire (hushing lessons in the Italian, Fi nch, and English style of Singing Her method is that pursued l<y Bordogni and Vaccai, th* fust masters in Kurope, increasing the strength and compass with astonishing rapidity. Her t>u| ila wilt have th* advantage of her singing with them, which can be panned by masters aloue, who have been eminent e,iu,erf. Ladies detironanf availing themselves oftMndam Sutton's limited stay, may ascertain terms, Ike., by application at 77 ( ham ben spent, from 9 n'eloclt till 8. ml* I n*r XJBP- k')|{ LOMJ- 'N?Biioali Vessel?The A 1 Br. dHwybantue BKITISH QI.'KK V. Lord, master. will have 4IM*<Bwei mediae drspitch tor the above port, having a eon' sideraole (Hirtion of lu r cargo engaged. For fiei*ht or paaI sage, arply to W'lODHULL ? MINTl'RNS. 8" South at. or to CO,)K Ik SMITH, Ship Brokers, e?6 3hr 68 Wall a'reat. 1 ie?t iKOl* LIVERPOOL?NBlfrLINK?.Regular iHfVPach.t ol 2ith May.?Th? Splendid Packtt Shp 4KiKSHhRIDAN. Captain 8 Depevater, of 1000 tons will positively sail as above, her regnlar day. For freight or passage, having accommodations unequalled for splendor or comfort, apply on heard, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, or to K. K. COLLINSfc CO. 3* Sonthstreet. Price of passage. 41 on Tne Ticket Ship Oarr'ck, Capt. Wm Skiddy, of MM tons, will succeed the Sheridan, and tail the 13th of June, her regular dar. Letters for rhe ships of this lice will only be received at OUpir's anJ Hale's News Room. Tap' ngera may rely on the shipe of this liae sailing pnnetualy ?s *dv rtieed. e?6r ' ~fljj? FOlTTrrvWKPOOL?RegiHarnpeekeT^f^ihsrTtii wJJkM<r~'l'U very snperior fast sailing packet ship ?0?&ASHBURTON, Captain Hottirson, will positively sailas above. Having very snperior accommodations for cabin,second cabin and steerage passengers, persous wiskine to embark should make early application, on board, foot of .Maiden Lane, or to JOSKPH McMUttKAr, 108 Pine at, cor. Sooth. Parsons wishing to send for their frienda residing in the old country, can nave them brought out bv the above ship, or any of the regular packets, by applying as above ; if by letter, post i??id. sSi "AdKg- FtnrtlVtClTFOOL? R*sola. Packet 1Tfblay? kHI|V A few men cabin, second cabin and steermse juassenJMUbSoCera can be accootm'da'ed in a veiy comfortable ra inner ou board the regular picket of the 1st May, if early application be made to ? W.k J. T. TATSCOTT, 43 Hack ' lip cor South It. The Siddoos will nil this moruinr, and cm tike a few more paseenei rs nM 11L0 BLACK BALL LINK OP PACKETS iMfWKOIt LI V Kit POO L?Ticket of rhe 1st May?Th* JMmUmWiII known first class packet shin fyOUTII AMKRICA, C.ipt Bailev, will ho despatched a* above, her regalar day. Her aecomnioditioii* fur cabin, 2d cabin and steerage peea-ngHrs, are unsurpassed by any other ship?those wuhmgto ecus tiertlis should mik ee-uly applicatioo on hoard or to JOHN HEKDMAN, 61 Sooth strest, ne?r W?ll ?t. N II?Paasige 'rnm England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, can ha rngagrd with the sukaviber by splendid first else* picket ship* tailing wtrklv from Liverpool, and Draft* can is mus I be furnished lor my ?mou?t, payable without discount throughout the United Kingdom. Apply aa aio*e. M>R HAVRE?< Second Line )?The ahip UT1fc?*yv 0%. Frederick llevrctt, nw<'?', will tail "tithe lit jiUfa of Mar. BOYD h H1NCKEN, ai'ir _ No ? Tontine Bmldioea. A.MM- FOR MARSEILLES?Peekat of thn lat Ma) ? Jyfy The shin HENRY THOMPSON, Capt. Sylrceier. nUlbwill be uuasoidably detained until the Ith May. For fr ighl or iiasasge, apply to S BHQOM It CO. or to BOYD It HINCKKN. Afenia, aJOr 9 Tontine Buildings. adKg- FOR OKK- > OCK?Packet of lat Mar-The nn' MlwW dies fut sailing Packet Ship HENRY KNKKJHb LAND, Captain Loek, t?ill be despatched ? abort, an can comfoitahly accommodate a few cabin, aicnd cabin and steerage passe ngi rs at leaaonabl* ritra, if early applicition be made on board .foot oi Peck slip, (rait aide) or 10 WkJT TAPHCOTT. II Peck Slip. |p gf firnrr Scum trrel. ti^ FOR THlEsTE-l'heenperior.hipSCTlTLAND ?t to b* prempdv -mmlafioM mtSLor lor passage, harm* haodjom.^ cc^ ^ (<> applv to n<?vr> a HIM KEN, Broken. -4^1- ffii,, vrH liTtl KaNS?LoVlAIANA AND JQL new ^ohK KLNk-rotiurrtT ??? ?*?"? ' JHKhekel-IMh M?r oCMULOKlt, Cept Teet, lliefMt jibore. |,er reaa!.n day. Fur freight will positively ?a^ mnnehed accommodations, apply or psaanse, baring 1 wh4r?, foot ol Wall SL or to on board, at Orleans Wh K> COIjL[Ng fc |_0. M Sonth at. Jt.,, m irrr'r ?poB harm* their gr??li correctly cneaenrJ IffiSZtdi! ablw '< "' ? Un: " a P?ne???llr M ?d?ee tieed. Arv iruniu*** to that effect will be girrn and fw 1011*4 "iV* ?u'o -"V.'orle wi?, llallin It Woodtuff, who will prompt forward ill iroo<!? to ihwir eddreaa. The iwebet alup OemuU ee, Captain Pert, will eoeoeed tko I ,nH "l" ,:1,1 Mae. her teenier daw. atll bit,. p kP KIHT OK CHAHTKK-'fhe" *ae Br. KLLIAON. W Pnmlrell, mitat, 370 tnna, SAAfawili ha rrndy for frriiiht in >11 ihia weeb. For freight or rher ?r, appl* to the captain, orfo _?2ilr WOODliyLC Si MINTlfRNS. tt tonthat. A&dr It LiV K KPOtlb, LO < UUM orH HISinL h*WV-The A t B.. ba'qoe BRITISH (JUCEN, lord, JMAMLft'n*ftr.-r. 4 W ton F.?r frriphc rr *hn?trr apply to WOI )|)lil LI * VI IN TI UN'S. S7 ftonfh it pOTTPi I ' KKMALK PILLS. PPllKSS far-Omrd and crlebra'ed Pilla, from Portntal, aiot ^ we pe rente, to be obtained in thin roontry* Aee^deerno#, Mitorl b# Itel eolawn.f >enh net* mO

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