Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 27, 1843, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 27, 1843 Page 1
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TH Vol. IX.?Mo. 114 ?Whole Mo, 3897. Tt th* Public. THE NEW YORK HERALD?daily newspaper?published every day of thi> year except New Year's day and Fourth of July. Price 9 cents per copy?or $7 98 per annum? postages paid?cash in advance. THE WEEKLY herald?published every Saturday mornia;?price 6} cents per copy, or >3 19 per annum? pottages paid?cash in advance. ADVERTISERS are informed that the circulation of the Herald is over THIRTY THOUSAND, and increasing ast. It hat the largest circulation of any paper in thii city, or the roar 14, and it therefore, the hell channel for htuinetf mm in the city or country. Prices moderate?cash in advance. , PRINTING of all kiuds, executed at the moat moderate prices, and in the most elegant style. J JAMES GORDON BENNETT, PnoraiETOR OF THE HraALD ElTiBLIIUHk'HT, Northwest corner of Fulton and Nassau street* jMt HOUSES TO LET AT YOKKVILLB.-s MS { p 'S houses on the corner of Btih street and 3d avenue; cither X'LA. of iheni is calculated for <i jm lie houar, grocery or private resnlrace. On the pieinises is a tine stable, cowling alley, so.I a fine garden Consisting of 8 ots, with grape vines and frmt trees thereon, r or leruu, inquire of JOHN A. MORRILL. Esq.. m8 2wr N'>. 11 Ohambsia St. M OOMs"\VANTED?On the north side of the riiy. ' (>;! within a eoi.vemrui disinn'e Irom the Ci'y Hall and at JhJJLamod rat- reni?Two stnill rooms, with privilege ef ' yard, plac- f ir fuel, and Urnton w.tter for a family of only two , l>e>sohs For Mich a good tenant rosy b* fauna by leaving a r. note at l<6 Liberty sticei, corner of Greenwich, for B. A. I! art v J >-1 dj--J7r; tiol.sE To LET?A handsome two s ory ] j p:m ?P 1 ^ frame H. use. filled in to the roof with brick, < t "tin " " " " and rupolt on the ronf, mar- i i>'> mantels i?ii touring uoors, ?nu silver putetl Hardware 111 1 ill* priuriiwl i'orv,plra<ai.tly situated ou North 8-Ciml street, ( iu William burg Wlwrin 8 * li and Kevenih arrets, within ten minutes wilk of three ferries to Ntw Vnik?or apart r would be li t ?t a low rent.ti a family of not m re thau three | persons. .Enquire on the p-emUea. r of t W. C. 8HAW. .at Fulf n at. N. Y. , Jbrjl TO LET?P rti f a two storv suit att c br ck House; J piMW a desirable r aidincefor a imiil lamilv, in a g nteel VBi "*ifr1-1*-"1?and two mioutea walk of two 1 ii... ? of s'ars. which run ev.ry four minutea. Location heal- ' t -T aril home iu tin .d order Apply on the premises No. 303 Eish'eenth street bet ween Eighth and Ninth Aveuu-a, or at52 * Maul-u lane. It. nl #00 ?26 3t*r ' a TO LET?Oreei.wood Omt ?t at Oowanua, Bro k- ; yn, containing aix roomi cellar aid wond.aouse, at in/.- j sa in front,aa* larga va d-n, b*f U'lftiliy aitnat-d, ore.- j IooIiimk th - Bar, and comoi.inr'iiiit a moat i x'cn>ire view, To i a small respectable finiilr, tin* '? a verv o<airable reaidtnce. i Enquire of H. MARTIN St. CO. , a26 si*isi 2d John atreet, N. Y. TO i E l'?The a'ore or waiehouse "1 Maiden lane, a first roe atand for the dry goods or other butineai, now ' -"jjtL".. by Mr. CoiD?to"k The first 11 >or and cellar 1 will ue r-riied separate, if nipnred. | Also, the mod rn three rtorv and attic hrick houie 156 Wl- ' Ter'y Pi re. neat door to the sub'Criber, at $500. A Ian, the btics house I2'> Hammond a reet, near Greenwich. ] Will be reuteuat modcri e oriee. Apidy'n E. SUYDAM, 151 Waverty P'aco, 1 a'6 3t*r or 46 wall atreet. 1 JewJ. TO RENT?The extensive Building erected the pre- i rr.'B aeut serson hi ihe auharriner, for his own residence, on i J^Jlihe inaraiu of he E?al River, at Uowinus Heixhla, t wo , and half miles from South Brooklyn Ferry, commanding | stilendid views of the Bay ami Jersey ahore, the c ties of New York and Brookl'n, 8'atea Island ard the Eaat and North j Rivera. Thu H 'use ixbiicV, a superior building, five stories h'tlt. rovered withcoppet; the hall ard stairs of marble; the water front .lb >ut one thousand feet, and the lolling withuia feav vaidi of the door, eicelle't fishing ard fowling in 'he im I mediate vtcinita. The drive from New York is about fifteen suit.iites. and the laremiira are not evrelled he anv .iflialion near litis ci'y One hundred person* can be accommodated.? ! Possession immed .itel''. Apnlr to JOHN F DELAPLAINK.68 Wallst. ALSO TO LET, tlm three story brick House, 34 Wnlker meet, between Broadway ai d Church street, occupied by Mrt. ' Ven lanck; and the two story brick Hou'e No 229 .Nineteenth street occupied by Mr- C. W. Feeks?Hcnta moderate. alO lm*gc "TO LET?The Mansion House at Bloominitd.ile, H?!? known aa the " Abbey"situatrda ah 'rt -"i.tauce above ] >he ail rni'e atone, juit above SlO'ker'a Bay, and nearly , opposite St. Michaela Church The place la well known aa | on-of the most delightfulaituationa on the Island, and ia remarkably hea'thy iu theaumuier season. , Toe dloomingdale stages pass and repass the (tale every honr in the day. The gate is new, and numbered 101. i The tent will be in accordance with the present state of the j times. . i A ply on the premises, or at 133 Chambers street. N. B.?Arran. emi-nt cauld be made, if desired, by a satisfactory tenant, to let a part ofthe luruiture now in the house remaiu, or a part of the house will be rented separately. I ?pl5 lm*r i .ftw* TO LET?PAVILION HOTEL, at Saratoga I ^T? Springs, together with the Furniture. To a popular i and suitable ptrson, i: will be rented tow. For further i particulars,apt lv to Is. HARPER, i At the office of th Pitilion Kocn'sin or of ALKX'tl L. McDONAf.U, ' sfl lw'ee No. 53 Jehu street 3d story. New Y,.rk. I MTO CKT?The fire prool brick store, No. 185 Bouih ! at, with ill.Mediate poss-esion if required, apply to WOODHULL It MiNTURN, __ m?4r _ 87 Aouth street. MC TO I.ET?The iwo story brick House and premises, | No. Its Wcoster street, finished in the most modern JCwJflL style, w ith maible mantel-pieces aad folding doors ] throughout. Apply to JOSEPH Mc.MUKKAY, < WtSft 100 Pine sireet. j AHI TO LET?Several Work Shop-, with good light, at ffv.fif ?a Ann st'eet. will be let at low rents to good tenants. JeMfeEnquire of W.M. FULLER, 4lh story, fiont building, Eelweeii II and 3 o'c'ock. p3"' 2w*r art E OK SALE?A t^cuu'rjr Residence, situate i en Far TT.TW Rorkawa*. L. I : between live and six acres of Isnd, '"/H ' out ill worked p-ach trees. There is on the premis- ] in large d wellinx h mse. bam and other nut nildii gs, tcgett.- I er wih a good well e| wiltr, situated on the turnpike leading i fr-tn J.iniiica to Rockaway, at the junctiou of the road lead- i nut t<> V-sr Kockiway, aud about two miles from the Ma ine i ravlicu. For fiinher partica'ais apply to JOHN L NOK1 ON. Jr a* Abel 8. Sm 'h's. 29 i Bowery. a2SCt*r ] asms Tvl LET OR FOR SALE?A three siory modern ff?T? tudt b'ick dwelling t.onse au-l stuie. wih two lots of j Ji itL ground att?ehed. equated in Williamsburg, about two minntrs walk f nia the Peck S'ip Ferty Apniy on the premises, corner of Fourth and South-Eighth "tree's wilii*msburx. or o W. It J. T. TAPSCOTT, * ?- At P_ .li_ I T>#'uivSaLICoR KXOH A VUE?A Farm of 60 urea . >f excellent laud, wi hi.rab'e beildingi, all in good re- . .MlaM'aiti. recently printed. The garden is already made ami g'.me aeeda planted; audaiaowooi enough at the door cut op lor one yrar'a n?e, and a large qamtity of manure in heapa.'nil a well of ixrellent water at the d>or. In fret. everything about i'm in fine c,million, and all re >? V f >r a f?mily to move in Thrhnute i>one and a half atory high, with & piazza all round. A good eellar, two room', a milk room, pvutr'ei, cloaeta, lie. on the first lloor, and four ro-ma above. The liel<t? ate well watered, 7 acraa ol wood SO aerei of meadow, and SI pf pbnghtd l nd.wi h an abinrtauee ol frnit. The farm wool I te aold orcn hinged. A gi at bargain >f diapoaed of mimediale'v, anil va in tapntable tide given. Very liole m nrv woqid be r>qtiiN paid d iwn The firm ia annated on l^ciigiiill. MoriiaCo. New Jerrey, about 20 milea l om New York ' he a'ag?? n?M every day to and fiom the eiiy. Apply 10 " H LUDLOW St CO., Auctioneer!, No. II Broadway. I ?ui r' KOK SALE, containing forty acrea, thirty- \ yffl| five nndcr cultivation and the balance a goof growth of ( aiLwotfil. On the piemiioa ia a home in good repair, anew coach home and a large harn In (ront of the home ia ao excellent w< II of water, arcnred Irom the weather hy a uew well house, and a hue I iwn in front of the houae. On he abave draciibril I rra , 11 fruit in abundance, iech aa applet, cheriiea, leva, quiucea, cninnia. gooieber in, ac. The above f?rm it two r ilea from the atrainhoat landing, one fr inihetown of Rye, ou the North atreet road. A full view <1 the Sound ; can tee two light housea when lighted; i' in eveiy rei|>ect a deiirable location for a gentleman'* reiideuce. This Iuin ir in Weatehevter Coun'y. Call on the preiniiei, ot on Mr. J. H. WELCH, S5 Leonard atreet, al? lm#ec oral the Polite Office. DRESS BOOTS. , LATEST FRENCH STYLE. . m ML' aiTHU'Dink It ,Mr,u/.ffwllw in.ila. ?k. -! New Yo k and" straiurr rs'visiting I he ci'jr, to cali at ! Ill FULTON STRKKT, and examine a large assoituiei.t ?f Duksi Boots, made iu the latert fashion, ami of the finest French calfskin. | Gent pairn can hare boo's made toord-rin the heat manner, , at six dollars i?r pMi, and footed al four dnllara, warrantee , equal to any manufactured iu the city at from seven to eight do'lars. 17^ IVrsous having tender fer t, or being difficult to fit on ac- , c milt ol ItlM, bnnuins corns, fce . can bare boots made so as , to be easy yet handsome. by the subscribe 'a method of taking , a diawui. of he leet and litluig up and keeptug a pair ol lasts f or each customer. Htrangnrs IraTiug their measnres can, by writing, haye boots made and forwaidcd tot' em withont delay. ror?TarrTt,T rts trsirn. H'nd-ome roea, fiom $2 00 10 9 6 00 Half Boors, ' I SO to 1 M Outer Boots, " 2 oo to 3 JO Shoes, " 1 SO to 2 fO 8!irr?rt. ? . . ? . so to i oo Tumps, Ike., fcc., equally low. Tl ttMa, C*tH ON Uklitkht. JOHN L. WATKIN<?, "In'r 1.1 Ft'lton st. between Nassau and Dateli s's V^IIO WANTS BOOTS f, SHOK8 I THK O-eatest Iteduction in Trices e?er known. Only think of Gentle men's fine dress evil stitched Boots, of the most f.ishiouoble shape, $2, IS to $3.00. Fashionahle ttgetd boots $1 SO to 62,00 a |?air. Ladies fancy coloted Fienri. anil city madr Gaiters for $I,3S to $ I ,30 a pair And all the faihioi'B for 1613, for Gentlemen, Uadies end Children,from I thirty to forty per cent rheapcr titan arer at 312 Greenwich at, corner of Barclay. JA8. WIGGINS. I aS lin*r ___________ ' AOOLPHK MONUHON, Boot maker,from Pa- 1 ??MP^Frie, rrspert fully inSirma the inhabitants of New Y'ork, that tie''iicncd liu establishment at No 133 Broadway, where lie is re.idt to execute all orders entrusted tohim, ol the lat'tt fashions ntid beat wotkmanship. Geni'einen e-isliing to hare an elegant fit will do well to rail , iin rTniriR" ni? work ?Him?r j boot and srtot bxuhb. ~ 7 < JOHN HKAUY reapaclfnpy inlormi h friende | and me he hne commenced bniiuere in 'he above I in.-. ?t No. ?8 Naaaan nlirct, where he w ill thinklnlly receive I and fat'hfaliy eieen'e, nil orrien he ii-av lie favored with on the mi nt rcaro'i'b e tcrma tor <-aeh '.Mr I ladiks, I,OOK at this! 'owi pal re of French Ih il.T Boota.rno 3C00 port o( Hlippera, jtlrl n c. iv?i<i, a il <or aale wholesale and retail, at lhs'o lowing i v?rv low pncea :-2000 paira of Fic ch (J iUtri, of the best an'I'tV, Tit of all colon,tl.50; and 3?00 pun ol Slippcre,7J ( ecule, at 3b7 Broadway and til Canal etreet. Cailiei, in thcac a'r,re? you will find the greateat anil beat aa- i anr m tit in the world of noon, (Jutrra, Hhoea, Hlippera, he. and Mince and children a do. ( (}. n letnen, we wieh to draw ymr attention to orr ?| lendid I anortment ol Booti, Slioca anil cloth hu'lon Uaitera, of ihe t nrw eiyir; French rallahin Bocu, of the heat i| i lity and ma le I to order, $7, at il Fiench ealfakln It not a on hand, from >1 to $1 I l>er p tr; i loth button tl ut'ta.f',70; P/tuirlls (| 70, ihr finral I ' ci'fakui Hhnoa, 1,27' .$2; hoya'j Booti of th. heat finality, I 1,77 0 S2 7i; Shoaa, $1 to I 2',; loinh'a tiooia, ?l to I..7V. Shore I *0 ol* III (I. Pooh, Uahe.e, S I pp. ra, Tin, Ilmluns, Hhora, I he. In endlcaa variety< and all watrant?d to he ol the heat kind' OHKGOKY h C'AHILL, 3?7 Broadway im*y and 17 Canal atrret. ( "IfK/V.M ID' PAIJCM Lirit BOAT,' No. 7 * Wall a jraC Mil ENE NE EXCHANGE HOTEL, BAI.TTMORET iiiluffB "PHifi hiu ? hat iiic undergone many iinpi rum iltcntiom A and thor uh repairs. Iiaring been in |>ar? refurnished with ich and r.'igaui luruture, ii egain open forthe reception of tompauy. The poai i in ol thii Hotel it 'oo well known to require a deail of ItsadvaiiU1 <'3 If I? confessed lobe, forreoi la of busiicss or pie -sun, one of the moat lavorable of atiy in the city. The present propiietor intends that care and indnstrv shall tot bi wanting to improve iu natural'advabta'.es, under Ilia sulerintetid ince, and lie respectfully solicits the pitronage of his tiends ami the public. KHASTU8 COI.KMAN. Baltim"re, A|>iil 20, 1813. a23 eod3mr THE GLOHE HOTEL. NEW YORK, iN CONNECTION WITH THE PAVILION, NEW BRIGHTON. B TAT EN ISLAND. rIK OLOBK HOTEL, at New York, has for sereral years been adrautaceously known, uot ntilv to the Amerimn, but to the Kurnpraii tr?vell?r, it having heeu 'h- resort of nauy of ilir dntieguished nelsons who have visited theUuited States. The proprietor o/the eit rdislnricnt is grateful tor the iberal support he hns received from tr vellers ol all nations, lad feels assured that the arrangements he is now making,will tecure a continuance ot their pitronage. Many improvements lave been made in the interi -r ol the H Pel prcntrutory to he fnmmeiiremeiil of a uew season; and to meet the exigeneies of he present times, the cnargrs f r apartm-uts/or mea's, and for ftines, have been reduced end da uot exceed those of hotels ol' lie same class throughout the Union The frequenters of the Globe have n advantige over'hose il almost every other house?they ran limit their expenditure, n the Restaurant, every thing is supplied a la carle, the price leing atfued against each dish, so that a traveller cm either sit lowntoafeast worthy el Ap'cus. or a repast as Irugal as an Enchorite's. The viands aie prepared according to the most am iroved system ol Kuropean cookery, bv experienced French laoke, and for va iety and exce lence may challenge compart lou wit" those or the best Pan?i in res'am Ate lira. Tm doMlth arrangements are of a very suptrior order; very thing is conducted with the in?st nt'iiute retard to the :oin"on ol ih" guests The waiters and oilier attendants are espcctful know lh?ir business, and go thn ugh it without bus,ie or confusion The tilooe, in fact, combines sll the contorts of a private residence with ,1)10 advantages o a lirst-rate lotel. There are apartments in it capab'e 01 accnmrnedating he most numerous families, with splendid drawing rooms at:achtd?otr.ers lor smaller families, or separate bed rooms for lingle travellers. In addition (o the above, the Globe possesses an excellent Ba lung (establishment, supplied from the C.roton Aqueduct, where hot and cold water baths toay he had from re'eu in the morning until eleven at night. This is luxury which every :raveller knows the advantage of; and it is greatly enhanced by being able to obtain it in the house in which lie stays. What can be more refreshing than a warm bath, after the fatigue of * ong and uncomfortable sea voyace, or even a land j uru-y I The batlnue establishment is fitted up in the beslP.iritian style, mil the naihers aie supplied wnh large wrapping gowns (Peignoirs) and sn abundance of oth-r lineu. The local pesirion of the Gluhe is one that will reci utmend it either to the man o' f'shion or the man of business; it is sitniled at about an equal di-tance firoin the Exchange; in Wall st, nd the Battery .that deiigh'ful marine promcunfo. which commands so magnificent a view of the Bay o' New Vork. The proprietor of 'he G'obe has just concluded arrangements for taking that splendid building, "THti PAVILION," AT NRW BRIGHTON, and is fitting it up in a superior style of elegance and comfort. Those who nave not visited the Pavilion, may form some idea sf the extent of the establishment, when they are informed that :wo hundred and fifty perrons can be comfortably accoinmoda:ed within its waMs. Along ike priucipa frent, which is upwards of two hnadred snd thirty feet in length, runs a noble piazza, formed by lofty columns. The piazza fronts the Bay of New York, aud commands the most splendid views t>f the Jersey shore, the cities of New York and Brooklyn the Hudson aud Kast rivers, Long Island, and the coast of Slateu Island, nearly as far as the Narrows. The grand dining room, which is one of the largest and best proportioned id the United States, can comfortably accommodate three hundred and tifty guests, tnd aj a ball roam, is altogether unrivalled. There is a covered corridor, which traverses the centre of the establishment, about fifteen feet in width, and of the same length as the p'sizxa, which form an admirable promenade for the ladies and children, either in wet weather or when the sou is too powerful to permit their rent urine abroad; this communicates with the wines, in each of which iltere is corridor of 136 feet in length. also under cover. The whole building is well ventilated: the rooms are loftv, spacious and light. The wa'ks and drives in Slaten Island, are varied and beautiful. Krom the Pavilion, there ate excellent roads leading dawn to the Narrows,the Light house, round Amboy Bay to Itichmondandthe Kills, and through the centre of the Island, by the Clove road. Btaten Island, in f>et, possesses advantages uperior to thoie of any s ,.ot in the Union; and the sea balliiug is excellent. The Proprietor is making arrangements for a daily supply of the Winers, from the principal Springs at Saratoga, so that the frequenters of the Pavilion,will have the advantage of drinking these waters, without the inconseuience of performing a fatiguing-anl disagreeable journey of 200 miles. There is a reidmg and smoking room for the gentlemen, in a building altogether detached from the Pavilion. The distance from New Vork to New Brighton is nnder six miles, and daring the whole of the summer season, good and well appointed steamboats will leave Pier No. 1 ou the Noith Ri?er, and New Brighton, regularly every hour, from hall-past > in the morning, un,il 8 in the evening. The distance is leaerally performed in twenty-five minutes. V BLAVCARD, m2t ?tw 5w Globe Hotel, 66 Broadway. " WASHINGTON TEMPERANCE HOTEL-, 3>6 PtCARL ST , FRANKLIN SQUARE, N. Y. JKOVVLh.K it SON respectlnllv inform their friends and the public, that thev have opened the above well known Hotel on strict temperance principles, and pledge themselves In conduct the same strictly iu those principles. The accom modati jus need no comment, as Ibey are good and comfortable. Permanent and transient Boaruers by the day or week. Prirare apartm-nts for families on the most reasonable terms. The lucation is convenient to the Loudon ami Liverpool Packets, and the Albany, Buffalo, Boston and Philadelphia boats. Every inf rmation given to persons travelling; also the best and cheape-t way of conveyance to all parts of Use United Betes and Canada. The Reading Room will he suppl<ed with English and American papers, and all the Temperance periodicals. Terms?Boaikiug per week $3; iter day 75 cents. Tea,coffee. cakes, itc. always ready. We, the undersigned, wonld cheerfully recommend the shove Hotel to the notice of our Washingtoniau friends, and [he travelling public generally. Hon. Aaron Clark Hon. Geo. Hall, President Parent Society, Brooklyn.' James Van Dyke, President of Walllbout r. B. Society. James H rper. President o the Kraukliu Teinn Societa.-. Wm K. Legget, Vice President Broadway >ociety.. A C Flanagan, President of Proiprct Aocietr. Kev. Isaac I'overt, Presiseut Waahiogloniau T. B. Society Nicholas Duff, President of A ndrrsou Society. A D Wilson, M, D. Prendeut o< Marshall T. A Society. aid lmVc RO88V1LLE BOARDING SbHjUL. s'l'Aitl.x ISLAND. WWE3TTH0RP respectfully informs his friends snd the public, that his school will reopen ou the 1st of May. Pa enls and guardians are also iaforinril W W. ni'krs it a point ol conscience to ituard iu every p issible wav the morals of children commitred to his care, from lour to twelve years of age Keating, writing, stthofnyay, ariihm < ie, geography a rid grammar tsiwht. 1 he location is delightful and healthy; the orchard, ganlens and play ground are spacious; shout trn minutes walk from the laniliiig. The steamboat Kwitau leaves Barclay street sverv day at 3 o'clock, lor Kossrille. Terms, for board and tuition, including wasniug, $2i per inarter, paid in advance. References Kev. David More, Staten Island. \V. N. Seyroonr, Esq., 4 Chatham Sqoare, N. Y Henrv Stewart aeguine, Esq., Scann Island. Win l.udlam, Esq., 121 Brekman street. John Qoinu, Krq , ;p Monroe street. Messrs. Col rill aud Flemm/, Esq., 14 Odor street, (.'apt Edward Kerber, Esq , Hicks street, Brooklyn. Mrs. Vsrian, 21 F.hiridge street, New York. a2? Im'r WASHINGTON OAKDF.NS, WOBOKEN. JOHN IKKLAND, the well known proprietor of the First Waid House, No. 28 New street, (corner of Kschrnge Place.) grnte'nl for the patronage hitherto received Irom his Irieuds, and desirous to merit a continuation of it. respectfully informs them and the public generally, thit he h?s la'r ly purchased the large and commodious House aud Girders known is the Wa hirgton House, situate in Hudson at eet Ilohokcn, within a lew minutes walk fiom the Ferrv, formerly uconpieo hy thu latr Jsines Hweenv, where he will be happy to receive nils from the friends of (lie late proprietor, also the public generally. The Gardens being newly and tastefully laid out, will be soon lied diirinv ihe season with ?n m?c? ll..?? inent of the rareat -n?l chnieent of tloweri. The bir, being (really enla'ged anil newly fitted ui>, will contain a to d aalortmeutcf \V inr* and Licjiior* of the moat approved cpnlity, indcigtrarf the moat aupennr hrantla?alao tlieiry Cobbler*, Mint Ju'epa and Ptmrlipa made m the b-tt atvle : Helrrrhrnriita. including Ice Creatni, and oilier delicaciea of >h<'?e? ( n. He hu alto htti np?pa rata nf urtaiiit titling pw lnr? f ,r ladira. which from upn i the Hay, and furnithea a new if the mint dlightfnl rcenery. The >N''9c>iher, determined that nniliinE ahall he wanting to aecnre ihe com fort of hie p trout, hit alao rehtlcd the Bowling Salonna with two entire new Allivi, hniit i n the mo?t approved plan, for? werciic and ttie recrepiiou of yiaitora. (if the atrontion of the w altera, it ta nnnecettary to aay more thin that they will in jlleaaeabe found art ntire to the want* of the riaitora. The anbacrihrr, from hit Ion* ciperit-nee iu the htlaineaa, reapeetfnlly eolicita a ahirr of the I tin ic patronage, and pledgee litmaell that nothing ahall b? wanting Oil hia part, or thoee ii hn employ, to contribute to the comfort and enjoyment of thoap who may viait the Waahtngton Gardet a ii;- w'r JOHN IRKLAND, Proprietor. KIIANC18 K. CHUMP, Chronometer, Watch and Clock Maker and Jeweler, formerly with 8 J. Tohtaa lur nearly lit ynara, and recently with Manjuandt It i'o., Broadway, u| ward* ol three yeait,hega to acquaint hit friend* and the public, that he ha* taken a atore at 248 Grand atreet, where lie uiteoda to practtae the ahote batineti and tr nti from liia long eipcrience and known ability, to mret with that ahare of patronage to which hia ahiltlict entitle loin. In retu mug thanks let all Ijaat fayonri. he aronld remind hiafiirtuli that he rep lira eaery vwnpuwu in tt aicnrs, nrppiiif r*, lYimicsi nno uupifii tnc most complicated that can be prom red Alto, Jewelry and Diamond work ?et ; Pearli rt-?trung; finery artile fifty percent cheaper thin any * on?e in the <it v. taiug enabled to do the whole niniK If, and not trnat to the inline rieuce of others. Glaaaca an keys in proportion. Oath >aid *or old cnl?l and al 1m* t RAMSEY'S CELKBKATK!) CHKMI'AL COSMETIC &HAVING COMPOUND. TV) ??? gentleman who may ptucluan thia article, the money 1 will be refunded. if not rmircly ,ati,fieri, alter o, UK it one nejnh. To be hid of the inventor, hi hit unu.utactor; aud *arrhou>e, ii Maiden 1 nnr. ALEXANDER RAMSEY. Jeitificale ol Dr. T. E. Bond, Nonnr Editor of the Christian Advocate and Journal. Mr. Alexander Ramiey ? Sir?1 have laitly tried yonr Chemical Coime'ic 9hiving Sompomnl, aud have k alway, been in the pranice ol ahavit r nyarlf. hid previ' u?ly tued many ot the va iou? preparation, ah ch It'll been offered to the i nblic a* facilitai iiir tine periion 1 have no lieaitatiou in tayiai; yuan la the be it I have ned. 'I lie lather I, readily made, mid ot a prop, r eoeiii'eiiee; t to mild, iudeid, Wholly inoffenaive to he lace..ven when here may he alight ahr t?iOU? of the akin,Mid adhere, tenacion, y ami elotely.aneitnaive the neenaaiy atiffiie*, to the beard ,, render cl'.>" xhavinit pleaaent aoii eaay New York. April I3lh. Hit. T. K. BOND, all Im* e g , ! SHE \ 'IH INI ( I'AI'ER? -'II h'llea ol very tnpenor mialny aoitable for roofn of ho.iaca and Miipa bottom..for Raft by mi? . K. COLONS h CO. 'A South at: I W TO :w YORK, THURSDAY M BROWN (c ro.'S One Price Store. ITS Chatham J^ksquare, corner of Mott it., where fashion, heauty, durability diiil economy are combined to adorn the head. 'I he rr?- 1 (irirtora have tlie pleasure now to offer a new style of hat, the imitation of bearer, which closely resembles those formerly sold fir $5 and $fi at the low fiwd price of f t; those who from incliuati ?n or necessity are induced to study economy in that indispensable article of dress, hare now an opportnnity ofdoiu* so, anJ still keep op the appearance of the most fashionable.? Brown k Co. iu piesentiiiK this hat to the punlic.thiuk they hare reached ill ultimatum of beauty, cheapness, nratneas, durahility and eornlorl to the wrarer. All sales are for cash, therefore no good customer pays the losses incurred by the bad, ' BROWN tit CO. 178 Chatham square, a8 lin* corner of Mo-t st t iV SPItINO KAhlilO.N KOK Ufc.NTCfcMfc.N 8 Hsil'8 l' ?The uudersianed rrspecifully iuforma nit customers and the , ubhc aeiieially, tliHl he h is now ready for inspection ' ii!?i tha naeh vuiiired ipriiigityU uf ictttleomn Hiti? I which for beauty of liai-hainl and symetry of forin, exceed auy ' oriner effort, in this or uuy other city. ? To the economist they are a drsirable article, as they com- fc bine cheapness, durabil ty and elerance, wsrnnt-d equal to anv and inferior to n,,ii.? li, f1,- st II t .. . i> . i. > lenses contortion; hf therefore solicits a > are of i ublic patron- T ace; lit would a'so call their attr ition to hi* la'fa assortment S of Men's, Youth's,and children's caps, of cloth,velvet, Stc. all of I his own manufacture, which lor variety of patterns cannot be f QMIIML I Alto, it t new style ofcltildrrn's drab and pearl colored fancy ! hats tntnmed with velvet of various patterns, fjr iprimr auu F summer wear, vrry much admired. A call Will conviire the most sce| tical ( f the superiority ol the above mentioned arli- t cles, now ready for sale at the o d established stores el ISAAC H AKCHKR, P alt lm*r 7Q? anil '60 Greenwich tt, N. Y. THIS WARM ! SALT WATER 1 BATH isnowaiicii at the foot of Ueabrosars street, N. R. For it* arfvaulaxes over fri sh water, s* e Medical J urnals. v F'Ve Tickets our Dollar. aplfi Int'r tl ASfcW liKTLr.MK.N of steady hrbits can be accemuio dated With Rood board and pleisaut rooms in a private latni- r Iv, at 204 Fultr u street Also, a few day boaderi can he accent inodated on the most reasonable term. A parlor and bedroom j to let, with or without board ai ec HAVANA hKUAIIS. e BM. P1CABIV No. 49 l.ibeity at cet, near Nassau .offers a for sa'e trie fil'owtnit / 100.(00 La Norma Srears, 1st nnality, very superior. v 30,1 (III Diana d i do do s 25,<:A0 Favotira do do do u 4i,0 0 Fuelta Baaera, very old, sud do *j 4ti,010 Espersnza do do e 50,000 KeR'lia, Daroa, and Conones, do do. F Tne whole entitled to debenture, and in lots to suit pur- i chasers. ?|i!6 lin* r d DuaKTSON IHELAM)?Persons wishtnu t" seed money Jj to thi ir fiieutls iu any part of End and, Ireland Scotland. or Wales,can be suppli. d with drafts for large or sm ill amounts, , navahto no ilamand n,..l,r,?r ,1.......... .11 .1 i ..t,..! * to?n? of the Uuitml Kintd'tn. aud the sam* forwarded by the ri iiular packets of the 1st, 7th, 13th. IbtH I9tli and 2Jth of each month; hy the Boston Strainers of the 1st si d '6 h, and by the . Great \V, stern. Apply to W. it J. T. TAP9C0TT, 1 ?22-r 43 Peck Slip. eor. South tl MINERAL WATKR3 UF~ KlsSlNGEN, Germany, call-o K A KOI XI.?The Rak, czi has an acidulous inline llivcr, of sn stt eeabie tute, ai d being powerfully promotive of serration and excretion, a punfter, a str air, and at the isine time st'etig'hening wi h nit heating, it acts as a no tent spatilically on llie l.vrr, tlie lystema TSBMT.port aud u'erme svsti in, nud dtisipa1 ing any existing obstruction, if used ,, according to directions. The Kalioc7.1 is sold at the following places, at 37X cents a quart ]U|, or S4.50 a dozen. Sold br Hrttry King & * o. Diugitisu, 46I Bro*d war, rnr. Grand. Sou i|atd, 13 r 11 it c h Co. no 381 Broadway St 2 Park row Thrs. T.Ur en 399 Broadway. ' 'I hos. H. Hart, 278 Broadway Church's Dispensary, 188 Bowery. . Wholesale d retail by FLORIAN STRAUSS, C6 Bearer street, . a23 ttn?r ttps'airs. TO THE LOVERS OK SUPERIOR BLACK TEA? I Ilowqua's Mixture?This extremely delicious aud uuparal- I leled Tea, so highly celebrated iu China and Europe, just imported, is now for sale at the Cantou Tea Company's General ? Tea Establishment, 121 Chathnnst. New Ye't?in ckatrss. I P?"*e sod ' each s2' ' " ec i HARDWARE. CUTLERY AND GUNSl { PPHE * UBSCRiBa.KS are now opening, by receut arrivals , c A their assortment ofHirdware, Ike., which they ofter at the lowest mirket prices, for cash or approved paper, t ri*:? t Buit Hinges and Screws. Fine Pen aud Pocket Cutis- t Brass Shell Goods. rr. n Ja.aued Tea Trays. Table Knives and Forks. i Tinned Hollow Wa r. Scissors, Riznrs and e hears. Saws, e'iles an J Tools. D ion & Sons W?r?s. Rolls. I.irks. Sir- ' I? 0. - Scytnes, 8 elites, Shovela. Spades. he. he. Also, a fall assortment o. Ouna, Piatola, HiiLs aud (inn ma- p, at lower p-iees than any other ti >uie nan atfuid to aell, living been purchased at anctiau and else where, much below torigiual cost. A W 8PIK8 h CO , Y a22 lm*J 2*8 Pearl street opposite I'lntt a tree t. TKN GKNT8 PC - 100 POUNDS. FREIGHTS FROM NEW YOnKTO HALTIMORK. J Hln i*is of goods :n Bilumore from New Yoik are respe t J fully nformed thatgoodi ccnsign'd to the subscriber, agent of ' he Philadelphia Wi'mrngton St Bil'nnnre liailroad Line, will I be forwaricU froin Plipedtlphia to Baltimore ar the rate often ' centi per 100 lbs. eitli-r by steamboat or ralroad. | G>?ds de-lined lor ny point aoolh or weat ol Baltimore,will 1 ce forwarded from thenre at I he low, spates, and our arrange- " in? "ta are such as w II ensure oespatch. 1 For inrth-r information apply io ti. H HUDDELL, at the 1 office of the Union Transport itmu Lin- Pier No. 2. W. L. ASHMCAD. A Rent, "i a2l ec Philadelphia. J PAS9AOF, TO PITTSBURG. [ t TIIK auhscriber has completed arrangements for the con- f vevaucc ol Passengers and Mercliand se to Pittsburg and inter- ? mtili.te places, on the inoat reasonable terms, |>er' Ciliieua 1 Portable Boa; Line." People about to proceed to the Westward, will find it much ? to their advejitage to mail* their arrangements by this desirable i conveyance, a- the 'sinctiat attention will at all times be pa.d to the ce fort of ihe paiaensera, as well a> the punctuality of adioct conveyance with despatch. For further particulars app'y to JOSEPH McMURRAV alSec 100 Piue S'terl, eoinerof Month. FOR LIVERPOOL. AND HALIFAA. ' ] The Royal Mail Steam Ship BRITANNIA, J. Hewitt, n Ksi] commander, will leave Boston for the abuse porta on Monday, 1st May. c Passage to Liverpool (120 tl Passage to Halifax 20 Applyto D. BRIOHAM, Jr Agent, a24 Vtr J Wall street. STATUN ISLAND FKKKY ] Foot of Whitehall strset. ' On nil,I all., UnnJie A i.pil ICfK Aw u'l'llk v ISLANDF.ii willleave as'follows, until further notice a LEAVE STATEN ISLAND. NEW YOHK. r At I A.M. At 9 A.M. 19 11 5 ix f. M. 2* 3* rl 6 i All goods shipped are required to he particularly marked,am. t are at the risk of the nwnrn thereof. n9ec J .Mf) djgi NEWARK AND NEW YORK?Fare t. dm J? only 12V4 I ents '.?The a| lendid strainer ( SbbMJL PASSAIC, Captain John Oaffy, has brru f putin complete ordrt, and will commence her trips l>r the season, on Monday the tilth instant, as to lows, until further a notice I.eaye New York at 4 o'clock, P. M. " Newark at 7kj o'clock, A. M. ; Freiirht carried at reasonable rates. air. Cmce EVENTS (J LiTTE FOR ALBAN Y. , tk .LiTtrr ri* with >ut landi. g ? From the r0ot of Barclay ( street sole, the splendid commodious Steamer DIAMOND. Captain A Flower, will leave as aboTe very ruesday, Thn<sday, and vatuidsy, at 6 o'clock, P. M. i For Passtge or Freithtarply to the Captain on board, or at the office of said Bo it. foot of Barclay st. The above boat will leave Albany the alternate days, foot o( J Hamilton street. ap'6r , NEW YORK AND KINGSTON A I EAM FREIGHT a AND PASSAGE L*1K. a For Kingston, and Delaware and Hudson r fl??S*"*?^?laCsnal?stenmtioats E.Mf.KALD and NOR fi ar-raraBLwicH. u The K M E'l ALD, Captain John Ketcham, will leave New w Vork foot of Murray street, every .Monday and J luridly at J n o'c'ock P. M. j i Wi I leave Kingston (Rondout lauding) e?cty Wednesday and Satnrdav at 3 o'clock. P. M f The NORWICH, Captain John "amnels, will leave New * York, foot of Mur.ay street, every Wednesday and Sain,day at 1 S o'clock, T. M. {.? Will l-ave Kingston (Hondcnt landing) every Tue ay and ' Friday at 3 o'clock, P. M A EXTRA TRIPS. el The EMERALD will leave the font of Mnrrev street cverv I? Pnnily morning at 7 o'tl< tk> Hctoiniiig leaves Krugaton .it I " o'i look same day. ? For freight. or passage apply onboard, or to WILLIAMSON, BAhLOW A CO. aJllftn'r Ifit West street. f.HALLKNoK TO CuOI.H S " <#e- THK Bittern foot sail boat THOUHLER" will it KyjP^V Hand ready to ?ail any distance, Irom in to fO miles, w JWmKvavainat any ail buggesar tmt by Wm. ('minis, from ? the lira day of June un'il Hie IWst day of Anguat ueit, one toon til's notice he nor yiten,to sail two separate da as lor toe torn of tllin, each day. The sole object is to test the sailing nullities of the boats. ? N. B.?To sail without oars or t-nders. a C. L. INOERBOLL, i* aTtm*er 40R Water street. a; .Mrs MM TO THE OWNER (IKTHE 8 ML ,u fl^**JT3*B0AT " TROUBLKH "?The owner of 3L^a>JflLa2Lthe sni'boit 'Trouble r" having r reived Irom boats built by Wm.Crnlina within the 10 laitsis mniiths, and tint having yet accepted the sime, it la presmnrd lhat in (Ubl'shirg his challenge to sail against any i1 boat ever built by Crelius, his toweii ig I nagiuatiou has taken ,a a flight Irom the terra firma ol Water street to those myitic re- . gin a? cl " Where the man by many odds, Ohtainsrrceipts from living gods." *J As soon as convenient ..firr h- he has got a few more of those l receipts, and dnri nJ( il from lint acnal inanufrctory of honors, V It II HOPOU 111*1 II* Will C HUeacellil 10 notice ?>lnc i M "I til* hr rhvlengea alrrarty given him ? tint " hi* to'e objtet of tmt pi tactile* i in q**lltia* ?l tli* boat*" m?y b* obtained? 'fter M which.if bi* boaated" 1 ronbler"doc* not prove a mfflcicnt tmubler to liitn by capMtiug hit cpmat'ou aatneh'tdanc . heiieli, he ihilltht IIline the opportunity nponhia own term, ( I no i? r (lay for two ilayt, of again tyring hi* vaun't'il mm- . fo'lowing in the wake of Wm.? tolnu, ?i the reip*ctfnl rite J of ihtee mile* in eighteen. *? it did lait ?pri-g. al?lm*w ^ biilt CONDON?Kegnlar Packet oi me leto nMWV^lay ?The Tery ?U|>*rior fa?t tailing packet thip JKm?si|nT JAMES, Captain Sebot, will tail at above tier regular day. Having very tuperior accommodation! for cabin, tecond c* bin, and Herns* pattengrrt; pertnna withing to embark thould nmie early application ou board footol Mahlen lane, or to JOSEPH McMOKItAV, 180 Pine ttrret, corner of South ifrcet. IVrtont withing to tend for their frienda, can have them brought onl by the above thip, or any of the regular packeta, by ipplvmy at ahoy* d by Ut'er. coat paid ill f euH L Ve H' lltiLr bmr Brn t < 8m,? I'be MnfcJW well kn > *n. very fiat tai nig Biilith thipCHP.?- l~ JnAaBb*TKH. Captain J hu Doyle, will have imgo li?t? ilea vpaich for the ,i-orr port For freight at ply to the tu.tbtcriber, in MOCHE, BROTHERS it Co. JJ Fulton at e? altr iictt door to the Fulton Sank R K J ORNING, APRIL 27, 18 TYPE AT REDUCED PR1CB0. l'YPKS. AND ACL OTHKtt PRINTING MATERIALS MANUFACTURED AT CON N E R'S UNITED STATES TYPE AND STEREOTYPE FOUNDRY, Cornkr or Nuau Aran Streets, NEW Y"RK. :AN BE HAD AT EIGHTEEN PER CENT DEDUCTION EHOVI OLD FH|CE??. pHE udmigm d res per'lull v ialoimt l''e Old Patrons of the Ty|* and Stereotype Kouiidr,, lormedv known a? Jams )onri:R'i, iiul mo'e rereulli u Ctrrat:* k Cook'i, and the mblic in general, tlMt ini-v urr prepared 10 - act uie otdsra for PRINTING TYPES, REST'S. CHASES, CASES, IMPOSINO STONES, NK, ERA .VIES, and every other article necessary 10 form Complete Printing Este.blishm*ma, on is favorable terms, and t as good a oualuy as a iy oilier establishment iu the United Itates. nkw pricf.s, p f. r pound. old prices, pk.r pol'nd. Lgate, 86 omits. Agate, 108 cents, fonrareil, 66 ,, Nonpareil, 84 ? lieiou, ;,4 ,, Minion, 66 ,, Irevier,, 46 ? Brevier, 54 ,, lourgeois, 40 ,, Bourgeois, 46 ,, .ooi! Primer, 36 ? Long P irner, 4? ? lin ill Pica, 34 ? Small Pica, 40 ? 'ica, 32 ,. Pica, _ 38 ,, Borders, Cuts, Brass Rule, and all other articles mauufacnred at this establishment, at the same reduced rates. New Aiticles got up to order, on beiug furnished with atieros. The Type cast at this establishment, is, both in the style of Face and he material o fwhich it is made, particularly adapted ur service in Newspaper Printing. All kinds of Stereoty ping lumished to order. N B ? Soch Newspapers as will copy the ahose three times, rill be entitled to pay in Type,mi making a bill of lour times He amount of the thirr insertions al NOTICE. rHE Crofn Aouednct Board respectfully ca'l the attention of their fellow citiiens to 'he Ordinance of the Common Council, pub ishtd hrlow prohibiting, under penal'ies of line r imprisonment, the unau'horised opening of the Hydrants rrrt'd 'or the extinguishment of foes In the absence of such it Ordinance heretofore, all the efforts of the agents of the Lnuednct D partmeut have failed to correct an alarming evil, illicit it is the dutv of eiery good e'tizeti to asrist in surprising. Many of the Hydrants have been broken and rendered utit f r set vice, in rouseqnenee of the carelessness or inexpcience of pernors who have opened them : thus causing ijrest ipense to ihe city?and bv destroying the usefulness ol the lydnn's in cam ol lire, hazarding the safety of the neighbor?K budding* III consequence ol the wanton wate from Hyrants improperly opened, aud kepi opto, throughout the cilv, he head of w?l-r at the distiibuliug reservoir has hero much iminiahed ; and should lirea occur, an efficient action of the lydranta cannot be looked for unless strict obedience to the )rdinance now passed, shall be yielded or enforced. Ttte Croon Aquednct B ail therefore earn-illy ask the ecti"e co opealiou of licit fellow ctt zetts. in i ILcliug the important obect which the Ordinance of the Common Council ia int nded o accomplish. JOHN L. LAWRENCE, M. VAN SCHA1CK. J. IHiLLlPa PHOENIX, CRt NEL1US W LAWRENCE, SAMUEL B. RUOOLES. New York, April 15th, 1843. AN ORDINANCE rO AMEND AN OH 1)1 v A N< E TO REGULATE i THE WATER WttKKS OF THE CITV OF NEW YOKE. Passrd September'ith, 1843. Section 1. No p>iaon or persona '*e?i't the Mayor, Alderor Assistants of the respective wauls, shall ?| |m| preriona permission in writing from the Croton Aqueduct Board, luicrew or open any hydrant belonging or attached t-> the Cro, an Water Works erected for the vtingiiMliment if fires, ei:ept ill case of fire in the neigbbothond nor shall leave such iie hydrant open lor a )oigrr time than ahall be limited in su< h ' rm'saion nor ahall use tne water for other pu-poscs than may ie mentioned in sniu permission, under the pcualiy ol t venlyive dollars lor each ollence. Sf.c 2. No person or persons, except such as may be licenied by the Croton A mrduct Boa.d to sell water to shipping. iha'1 talre the w -ter from auy hydrant ere ted or to be erected n the eity of New York and attached to the Croton water npes for the purpose of selling .he said water or offering t for sale, under the penalty of twenty-five dollars lor each iffeuce. Sec 3. Any penalty herein prescribed shall be imposed on he offender in like manneras is provided in the first section of he seventh tide of the Ordinance hereby amended, in respect o the penalty (herein prescribed. And in default ol the p y* rient. the offender shall be subject to the like pnuishuicnt by inprisonment, as is in the said section prescribed. Sec. 4. It shall he the du'y Of the Street Inspectors, <^on tables, Marsha's, Police Officers, and Watchmen, to er force he observance of this Ordinance to (he utmost if their f billies , and to make complaint of any violati >a thereof to the proer authority. Adopted by the Board of Aldermen, March ?7h, 18<3. Adopted by th" Boa-d of As istants, Msrcli 27ih, 1813. Received (torn h s Honor tke Mayor, April 13, 1813, without lis approval or objections thereto. Therefore, und r the provisions of the amended Charter the line beer me a law. (Signed) JOS. R. TAYLOR. apl6 2w r __ Clerk, 4; C. '(Sn PA III OF UUUUTjOUBLE A.NU Sil MILE SOLE JVJvJ BUSKINS, ot all colors, Irom is to 6s. and $1, war anted good Ladies', Misses, and Children's Gaiters, black, irrnize, g.-eu ml light colors, ol the latest fashion, $1 37 to )l 75, a..d $2. Gent's line French and native calf dress boots, prime caif dress quarter boots, shoes and gaiters; mens', boys, ind childr-n's; good low pric ed boots; prime mens', boys'ana :hildren's, of all aorta and s izes, tin- cheapest you ever saw. Largest assortment, best quality, anil lowest prices in the city. 1.8 Walker, 419 Broadway. I have sold out my other store. iml will imy all attention to accommodate my tricnds and the hi bin;. Good ikons at low prices. Uood gaiters, 12s. al im*r PUK Tllb FACE AND SKIN ? Eruptive disenes ou ilie ftesandtldn, such as pirn ilea, blotches, tan, truer, rieg rOrm ; al?o freckles can b? sperdiloer dica'ed by the use of )hnr-h's Veg.-iable Loiion, which has beeu in exlei sire use u the United Stiles a d in Europe, and admitted to be the lest cosmetic in use for clearing and estab'ishnga brilliant :omplraii>u. Sold at wholesa'e or let il at Church's Unpenary. 188 Bowery, corner of Spring street. Price 75 cen's per isltle. ___ "20 ' m oil?in TAMES Q. MOFFET, 121 Prince si.. New Iora, nasal J ways on hand and offers lor sate by wholesale aid retail, at he lowest market prices, ?iz Uerman Silver of different thicknesses, a very superior article l Sheet Brass ; Plate's do; Coopers' Brass ; Pail Kara and Kivets ; Umbrella, Parasol and Shade Furniture. Which he warrauts in quality equal to any in the United dlales.and of bis own manufacture. o- Gold, Silver, and all kinds of metal, rolled at the short1st notice. a 9 im'n impuktant-uk.k.vian silver: uerman ?i*. I VKK.-JAMKS O. MOFFET. 121 Prince street, N. Y., iffers for sale, wholesale and retail, 1500 lbs of Uerman Silver, it the lowest market prices. VTf lo consequence of manufacturing the article himself he sh warrant it far superior to any ever before manufactured in Ins country, and fully equal to the imported. al9 Imam W. CROLIUS, BARGE. RACE, CLUB AND SAIL BOATS, UO 4uO WATEH HT t* K.KT, four doors Kast of Catherine -V Market, New York?Builder ol the Sultan of Muscat's 'leisure Birge, the Hace Boats Wtve, Gazelle, Victoria, Atantic. Wakoiia, Brooklyn, Ann of Peekskill, Washington of 'nuahkeepMe, Ducheis or Hyde-Park, Sylph and Wave of rtobile, George Stewart of Louisville, Madame Celeste of k* Orleans, lie. Also, the sail boats William Crolius, Fashion, Eureka, Zaloni, Star, Kdwic Forrest, fkc. all lm*rc TOOLS?TOOLS?TOOLS. A LBKRTSON'S, Conger's, Hnrton'sand OifTord's warrant's ed Cast Steel Cooiiers, Carpenters and Ship Carpeuters -due Tools,can be had at wholesale and retail,of OHBOKN i LITTLE, S3 Fulton street. New > ork, (19 per cent allowed a merchants) and who keep ou nnnd a full assortment of hoopers' Tools, Iron Kivets, Truss Hoops, Stave Jointer*, Lloxlr tlnwalle a?y.l I ' -evee Alio, Importers an<T (tenrral Dealers in English, German ntl American Hardware, Cutlery. Nails, fcc.fcr. CHARLES U8BORN. f 11 >m ee? CHARLES 8. LITTLE. PO DEALERS IN CUTLERY.?Wra. Wild, No. lt>2 i- Division sheet, Manufacture! ot Cutlery, often to the rade, cheap for cash, ICOO doxeu ol assorted(. uilery of auperior juality, coiisistiug of one, two, three and tonr blade kuites. Ml lin'r DAGUERREOTYPE-L. II. BINSBE k CO. iulorm I hotogiaplnsis that ihey have removed from theirold stand *io. 31 Maiden lane, to No. 81 William itieer, souh writ cor ler of Maiden lane, on the 2d floor. They have on hand at ir lent a complete aaaortinent of plate a, chemicals and lens-?, ll ofeicelle t ijualily, to which they reipectfully invite tlir Mention n( operators. Articles are iu every instance wariuled. Tneir clu-rnicals are Irnm the laboratories of the rat chemists in Paris, and their plates specially s-lertnl hy heir pirtnsr there les'dmg, bear their initials, and are tally rarranted to save the proportion of silver, which is stamped pon them. Any persons who have their doubts on the subect. aie requested tohava tli-m essayed apl'r lin'e kJEW AND IMPORTANT IMPROVEMENT.?PAR s SELLS fc AGATE, offer for the inspection of the public leir improved Minerva Shoulder Brace, |ierferily satisfied that ic vast improvements they have made iii the article place it ir above anv article of the kind heretofore manufactured.? 'his article is intendrd to,brace the shoulders and riiiatid the nest, giving at the same time free use of the arms, and full and erfect action to the limits. It not only beautifies the form of le wearer, hot is highly recommended by ornfeiaional gentleirn, being considered as almost ludnpensihlr le persons of serntarv habits. Parents end giiarli ins are ISMMN to (ire lis article their attention, es it will he found of infinite benefit childtenof either sei, and to all persons who have acquired in habit of stooping. Persons sending orders will please send the sire across the loulders and arouad the waist, and directions will be forwarded nli the Braoe, to obviate any difficuhy that may occur in the re. Kor sale wholesale and retail, at the old establishment of PARSELL8 k AGA TE, al Im'ec 237 Broadway, corner of Park Place. A ART IN k COUPA, Onitar Manufactorers, No. 315 " Broadway, np tours, have connantly on hand a laige ssrsxient ol Oui'ars, ma .nficluird Irnm the ketl materials of iiieriur tone aud perlect in every respect. Martin k Coupa, haviog made several improvements in the anul'during branch are enabled to offer their listroments wer thinany other establishment in tha city. Strangers helnre making their purchases will lind it to their Iv,tillage to rail and examine their assortment which is the rgest in the United States. N. B ?The Uuiiars are warranted to stand any change of imalr. Sold wholesale and retail at 385 Broadway, (up itaks.) No inflection with the mnsie siore he'o*. sllm'r 17 I >iU()VV SHAD >.S?The sutucriter off. is lor sale ai his * sore No. 772 Blercker s tret, a sen >?l siinrtmeu. of lti'iful irana ami I alian nnd French Window Hhaiia, at lera lower ih?n ?t any place in tlm cuy And al?o t taateful to imi utol Dry Oouda. id 3W r 1) ft \IKL R. TOOKKH. \FKI? K OK Jf.KKfcK?0> lft?UJ)AAU CoMlA * NV?Office J6 Will atreet. Thia Company ronunne cir buuufu ul inannnce artainat loaa or danmce by lire, i aoodi, wr.rea and merchandize and nlao, on veaaeia add their jcoea i\g*iuat loat by inland nmijrv.ion. DlltKCTOH*. Tbomaa W Thorne Kliaha Hiciti ThoniaaT Woodrutf Benjamin K Kobaon John U UaviaOD Krauria P Sane Thomaon Price. Jote h Allen John H John P Moor* Man a Tncker Jamea K Holciea' Celeb C Tumi Jnmea H Whitinj Auaon Baherl Wm K Them Joaeph Drake Irad Hawley John C Mewitt Thornaa Morretl THOMAB W THOHNR, rreaidenl ?K.O I Hnrr. Hee,ef,? mllviah yhRAP I)I'HOLSTEKY?Wilton, Hmeaela eM WrMr , , ?rpr'?, mnai, aurrru luo ifjiitirf?, an<l ? uauteil to fii I ,l,r in it. it minuet, nnd at a innilerair v>nre, by au uperi I 11 i 11 I) i 11' i' 911' 1 1 , pi la*r MU8. BOLTON. *0 Monro# itx??t. ? IKRA 143. Tiik Latk Extraordinary Rohbrry in Gkoroia.?Annexed in a sort ot semi-ofiicial account of the recent stupendous hank robbery ;n Columbus, Georgia. It was not only a stu|iendous, but a curious and remarkable one. It was a piece of the choicest rascality ever known to have broken out among the orange groves of i|(.? sunny South [From the Golumhut, Geo. Times, April -I0 ] Moit Dshinu Rosas ht.?This community has been most putnlully excite I lor several days past in constijueticeof a most tlariug theft comnutteil in this city on Friday evening last, the 14th inst. and the subsequent disclosure:) and tumors which have met the public ear.? On the evening in ijuestiou, as early as a o'clock, anil while the Secretary and Clerk ol the Western Insurance and Trust Company, were in the Company otllce, tgw ged in cloving the huainess of thp day, and depositing money in the vault and securing it, their operations were arrestud hy the preaence of an individual, wearing a vnnulr urlm n vt in irn icli <td tli? lirrbf huM hu tVias rlmlr anil I ?? ?U>.^U?UV? UIS >lgl? iu instantly seizeil him ut the same time that the secretary was caught by anotlier individual?anil tioth of them threatened witn death if a syllable were attend. At the moment of the seizure, the secretary was inside the vault, plaaing away the packages seeurely, and the clerk was holding a light at the entrance. The light extinguished, and the clerk and secretary secured and held in the vault, packages o( hank bills ami a quantity of gold and dimes were thrown into a hag, amounting in all to between 60 and 70.000 dollars, when the robbers retreated from the building, having closed the inner door ol the vault, turning the k< y on the outside, thereby securing the oltici rs, and ptecluding them (10m an immediate escape to give the alarm. After the extinguishment of the light, and before the robbery was completed, several shrieks were uttered l y both the secretary and clerk , but they were unheard eithur by the passers by in the street, or any of the occupants on the fli.or above; and being threatened with instant assassination, and several cuts with a knile biisgactually inflicted upon the hot andcMioftheoterk, cries ot alarm on the part of the officers ceased, and the robbery was consummated. All this occurred immediately alter tea, when the moon was shining most brilliantly, in one of the most public parts of the city, within a lew feet of the post-office and Oglethorpe House, or,d in a building directly on the street, by which persons are cons antly passing at almost every moment of the day and night, and the second story of which is occupied by a numerous family. After the retrrat of the robbers, the persons confined in the vault renewed their shrieks lor help, and alter two or three hours coiffinrnient, being worn down and nearly exhausted by unceasing ciiesfor aid, and the heat ami confined air ot the vault, they wire fortunately heard by a gentleman in a room above, and relieved from their peri ous situation. On Saturday, the town was in commotion, and various measures were suggested for the recovery of the money ami the arrest of the thievoi. A search was commenced, suspicions having been excited by the statement of a negro, that a certain individual hod been seen by bin, near the place of robbery, early the evening before ; and in the forenoon of the day after the thelt, between four and five thousand dollars of the stolen money was found deposited under thu dirt, in a large tub or hull barrel in which a geranium was growiag, sitting just outside the door of the room, occupied by the person 011 whom suspicion had rested during the morning. Thomas C- McKeen was forthwith nrri'st i?it unit nltur snmH sliirht rnnaii ltnt inns he was given up temporarily to the control of two individuals, lor the purpose, it w:is snid, of endeavoring to elicit the whole truth?to discover where the remainder of thestolen money was secreted, as well us the persons en gngrd in the theft. Late in the evening, it was asserted that McKeen, who was lodged in jail late on Saturday night, had avowed himself us one of the p< i pet rotors of the crime, and that he had statod in whose posses-ion the money was?or perhaps what individual knew the place of de|>osit, and would deliver it. Col. Jalin L- Lewisam] wn mention his nnmc only because it has been publicly done before, ami with the view merely to state (acts which ore notoiions?was applied to for the money, it being tepiesented to him that McKeen hud stutod it to De in his possession. Col. Lewis took the individuals, and pointed them to the spot w here he understood the money to be concealed, avowing that he had not seen it. The hag was iound at the place indicated ; and on examination of its contents, it was ascertained that six or eight thousand dollars, exclusive ol the money Iound in the flo w< r box, were still missing, which haa not yet been found ? On Suuday morning, McKeen was brought before Judge Sturgis, ami bound over in the sum of for his appearance at Court, to answer lor the offence ; and failing to givu hail, was committed. At the same time, a motion was made by counsel to commit Col. Lewis, stating that probable ground of suspicion existed against him, liom the fact 01 the bag being in his jtossession. Coi. Lewis resisted this motion?ami the Judge remaiked that the circumstances authorised the suspicion?that it was due to the facta which had transpired, Riid to the character of Col. Lewis, who had become involved in the transaction, that a ludiciil investigation should be bad, ami uccnrd ingly, directed Colonel Lewis to give bond in the mm of one thousand dollars to answer at the next term of the Superior Court. Thus stood matters on Sunday afternoon. In the evening of Monday, William N.Jackson, Bgainst whom suspicion had existed, and who had been arrested on Saturday but immediately released, was again taken into custody; and at once avowed hia participation in tha robbery, and gave a detailed history of the whole aflair, implicating in it. as one of the parties to tkethelt, the Clerk, Allen O Bass, who, with the Sec retary, had bean attacked, and with him had been confined in the vault? This disclosure, and the whole statement given by Jackson, aroused the public mind and gave new force to the excitement. Allen G. Bass was arrested, and Col. Lewis re-arrested?and the Inferior Court (Judge Sturgis being engaged in holding Harris Superior Court,) was in setsion t,ie whole of Tuesday and a part of yesterday, engag ed in hearingthe confessions of Jackson. It ordered Col. Lewis and A, G. Bass to give bonds, each in the sum of J-40U0, for their appearance at the next term ol the Superior Court. It is proper to state hero?and we have endeavored fo collate simply the lacts as tuey have transpireil, omitting altogether conjectures and inferences, as out ol place now, and unsuited to the heated condition ol the public mind?that Col Lewis thus explains bis knowledge ot the location os tha stolen money ? when suspi cion attached to McKeen,or immediately alter tho arrest of MrKeen, the latter communicated to Col. Lewis the secret?told him where the money could be found?and nounu mm in nonor not to nivuige tne lact except on condition that he, McKeeti, be permitted to escape?or that Col Lewis interest himself in inducing the ow tier* of the money to allow him to go free, on pintle that their property he restored. These are the prominent lar.ts connected with this moat extraordinary rohbery?and they have impressed moat painfully tho public mind. God grant that light may be thrown upon the transaction, and upon the developments which have been made?and that if the innocent he confounded with the guilty, and are writhing under the awful force of public condemnation, they may be relieved?and bleeding hearts, suffering indiscribable anguish, may be restored to peace and serenity. Important Indian Intelligence ?We have received from the southwest the subjoined news. It will be read with interest. [Krotn Rhreveport (Red river) Gazette, April la.] Gov. Butler, with a division ot bis retinue, who had been commissioned on tho part ot the United States to negotiate a treaty of amity, or aid in doing so, between Texas and the tribes of Indians in the south, west, arrived at this place on Saturday last from the Brazos River in Texas. Welearn from nim that a counoil was held on the day appointed, on the Brazos River, at which Texas was reprssented in the pi rson of Gen. Terrell, and the following tribeaof Indians by their chiels, head-men and warriors : the Wacoes, Wichetas, Keechies, Tiwockoriea, Comanches. Caddoes, Annndorchoes, loonies, Shaw{ nees, l.appuns, and Tompiaa. The treaty was not fuljy consummated, though placed and left in a favorable train. The Indians expressed themselves willing to enter into a treaty of peace, and pledged thamselves to observe it faithfully. It appears that they had no confidence in the faith of Texas without the interposition of the United States, towards which they entertain the most friendly feeling. Texas offered to give them as murh territory as they wanted, and a great many presents,with which they were satisfied, and upon which they renewed their expressions ot a desire for jieace. A suspension of hostilities was agreed upon.and an interchange of flags to that effect made, excepting the Tonquas and Lippans, with whom they would not make peace. Toxas yet holds Comanche and Waco prisoners, taken nt San Antonio, and the Indians retain a number of Texan children,stolen at different times. The chiefs with the Texas commissioner have gone to see President Houston, uil,i>-k .Ml.ri....,,, .. .II tl,? .ILrlnl o,. < exchange of prisoner*. War partius ot the Kaecliies are still out, but as toon us they come in, the time ami place (or a more definite treaty will b- llxed tipan.whirh the Indiana prefer holding near '.ho head wateraot Red River. The attendance of this council would have been more ntimerniia on the part ol the Indiana, had they not been distrustful of the Texana, and suspicions of a decoy or trick for their destruction. During the progress of th? preliminaries lor the convention of the council, they were told that a plan was tail by Texas to poison them with the small pox by presenting them with goods infected with that disease. This suspicion was, however, lulled, and confidence established. Most of the upper trihes ar? a roaming, unsettlwd race, sometimes w thin tho limit of Texas, and other times in the United S.ates; they make no corn, but rely almost exclusively upon gsme lor subsistence, which is very abundant. The anxiety for peace on both Irontiers is extreme, and with Texas, it is believed by Governor Butler to be a matter of the last importance, and it is thought advis ible for all to kuep oil the frontier until permanent peace is established,which it is hepedwill he achieved in the fall. We were informed by Governor Butler that the Comanches had just returned from a war party in Mexico. They represented that they had dpstrayed two townt in the viainity of Chihuahua. The Dclnwnres.who were in their lodges, aaw several women and children who had been taken prisoners by tho Co manches, and a (jauntily of silver. The poorer class of Mexicans on the frontier are not allowed to keep arms.und were compelled to detend themselves with clubs. The Mexicans had messengers among them to come in and e uke peace, to which they had agreed. In company with Governor Butler is an artist by the name of Stanley,lrom .>ew i orK, qtine a young man, whose object in accomp*? I Jl> *u* p*rtv, waa to >ketch the chien oI the virioai I tribes who mrt in council,and h? succeeded in pioctiriag a latge number. <Governor Ruiler. niter upending a ?hort tinw nt hia (arm. will proceed to Kort fhbson, where ii shortly to be held another treuty. Poetry ift Nrw Orlk?:>s ? Count Barato, in whose arms Byron dietl, according to his showing, has been moat shockingly lynched in New Orleans, and headed towards the north I LD. PrtM vm Otatt, Chirlmton, I <"orrrip<iu<Unce <if the Hartld.} Chari.kston, April 23, 1S43. The new* by the Columbia?The devil in town?Mr. Calhoun?Mr. Van Burtn? Street Fight*?An Elopement?Theatrical*. Sfc. tfc. James Cordon Bknnktt, Esq :? Dear Sir? Tlit- news by the Columbia reached ua in an extra Herald this morning. Though the news in general May not be of great interest, we have bad nothing from the other aide which lit up the countenances of our merchants, as did ihie intelligence, for a long time. There is still a large quantity of cotton in tins city to go forward, whiul; has been held back for an improvement in prices The Devil has been in town, during the last week, carrying head and tail erect, like a mad bull. He superintended no less than three street rencontres. None of them, however, have terminated fatally, as yet?though it is thought something serious may grow out of them, in the way of duels, the parties being " all honorable men" His Satanic Majesty wound up his mischievous career, for the week end.u~ U?. ? - ? n>s wic **iiu, ujr uuiiuiiuiiiik a iiiouh eiopement both parties being members of the Baptist church. The gentleman was no less a personage than of New York, who lias a wife either there, or on her way here, as he stated previous to his departure, and had come Irom the country, where he has been preaching, to meet her The lady was , with whose mother he boarded at the time the matter was arranged, and previously, when employed by the Washingtoniansas a tempermce lecturer. The saint came to this city with letters to our most distinguished divines, and was at once received into their families, and treated with marked attention and hospitality. He was to have preached here today ! But he took the cars yesterday morning for the south, and is probably now on his way to Texas. It appears, though the lady was Iree to run oil with whom she chose, the escape had to be conducted privately on account of the |x>sition of ihe Rev gentleman. They contrived to abstract all their baggage from the house the night previous, and rose early to take a morning walk on the Battery, as had been their custom since his arrival in town, and not returnin-, Ht the breaklast hour, the lady of the liouse sent to their room, when the missing baggage o|iened their eyes in relation to the true state of the matter. The lady's previous marriage?which makes the whole more remarkable?was brought about in the same way?by eloping. Nothing else was talked about yesterday. The fights, before njluded to, were fist fights, with one case of cowhtding. The first was between two very respectable Israelites, and it isBaid.grew out of religious differences. The science of gouging was apparently inirouuced, but without further success than showing by the mark of the nail, where the thumb should strike, by the eye, to pry it out of its resting place. The second was between two brokers?the cause, and amount of damage unknown. The cowhiding was for insolence on the part of a repudiating tenant. Thus you will see that we are not entirely free from the besetting sins of the age; though in general, may compare favorably with any city in the Union, in respect to morality and good order. The politicians were all anxiously looking tor the Herald this morning. The friends of Mr. Calhoun are not at all disheartened by the nomination of Mr Yan Bttren by the New York Legislature. The keeping of the tarill question out of sight, they look upon as sure to defeat?to destroy the hopes sf Mr. Van Buren forever. True, they hoped better things from the Albany regency?but are sure ol better things from the democracy of that great State?the people themselves. The Si guins, with Archer and Miss Coad, are doing opera 10 good houses. And, notwithstanding t ie hardnesHol the times, Manager Forbes has done a good winter's business. Business is dull?goods plenty in market- But trean provisions are very scarce and high. Beef, 12$ to 15cents per lb.; Veal, 15 to 16. Harrlsburg. [Coneipondeneeot the Herald.] Harrikburo, April 24, 1848. Matters and Things in Harrisbkrg. Dear General The " lack learning" legislature of Pennsylvania has adjourned, and the members gone home to their families, laden with the spoils ol the winter, averaging about #300, besides pay and mileage. It was an unpopular body, and few of its members will ever return as public men. The political atmosphere was agita'ed during the whole session by the schemes of those interested, and now there is quite a calm. The principal business on hand was to head the Governor. In this, successdid not attend them. He has proved himself a match tor the cunning of all the combinations formed to put him down, although at the time the Keystone treachery took place his enemies were sure of success. Even in the election of printer he has come out victorious. ! is now ascertained, that after the expiration o> tb days after the passage of the law creating the .ce of State Printer, no election could be held, uie law requiring the election to be held within three days. It was not held fcr some days after. The reform bill turns out to be a mere humbug, driving out of the treasury three times as much as it can bring in. The bill releasing the lien of the State upon the Nicholson lands, throws away about $300,000 at one sweep, and places the settlers in the hands of theheirsof Nicholson, who will make millions out of it. Never had we a legislature which did as much injury, and so little good to the people. We now have considerable talk about coal. I allude to the opening and bringing to market the Bear Valley Coal, situated about twenty-eight miles from the river fusquehannah. I he company have discovered a route far a railroad from the river to the mines, which presents a natural grade of seventeen feet to the mile in every mile, a circums ance seldom met with in the history of railroads. This road can be made very cheap, with iron, cast on the route, and when completed will open a market for the best coal in Pennsylvania The road will come i iu inc ranai n irw mum bhuic nun |? ate. The Bear Valley coal is situated about twenty eight miles from the river, and is embedded in two mountains The veins are regular in their formation and of immense thickness, no coal field in tha United States presenting more inducements to the capitalist to embark in. Coal can be delivered at tide water lor #2 .10 per ton, alter the completion of the road, the prospect of which is very promiaeing. It is the nearest coal to market in the state, and will sell always for the highest price, it now being prefered to any other where it can be had. Our canals will be in full operation in a few days, and it is thought an immense banners will be done during the season By Wednesday the whole line to Pittsburg will be navigable. At the October election we are ?o elect three canal commissioners, which will afford sport sufficient torall ourpoliticians. It is expected that aectional feelings will govern the election. I sec that the Little Magician has been nominated by a caucus of the members of your State Legislature. In Pennsylvania he would he beaten by any candidate 9l),000 votea, and by Col. Johnson 50 0U0 Matty never stood well here, and as he ia a northern politician with southern principles, never can. . Curious Affair.?Notwithstanding the confession ot Mason of the murder of the two old people at Harnaburg, au account of which we published in our Sunday paper, he is likely to prove an alibi and get clear. Read the annexed letter, dated Harrisburg, 25th inst. [From the U. 8. Gaiette, April iAJ The tritimony taken this morning in the case ofMa oa, charged with the murder of the rartnemorea, goes very clearly, as waa intimated by me laat night, to prova the innecei.ce of the accuacd An alibi at the time the murder waa committed ia clearly male out by two of our most respectable citizens Jacob Jfercher swears that Mason helped to unload a caeel '.oat en that morning (flood Friday;?that he w as th. ie during the whole time I tnun about h o'clock in the morning, when the work commenced, im'il it wm finished, which hethinkawaa not before II o dock. Now old Mr. Parihemora waaaeen about 10 o'clocMetting out liia cattle, and about II the murder ia said by tha aon to have been diacoverad.? Oeorga P. Weiaailing, who purchaaed the wood above referred to. recollecta that the defendaat waa on the boat, and is satisfied that the unloading of the wood waa not completed before II o'clock. Rome other testimony corroborative of the above was also taken. The hearing ia postponed until tbia afternoon, for the purpoaaof exam ining the tailor at Hummrlatown, who. it is said, waa asked by Mason how long he would be in thia country before a man would be hnng after committing a mooter. ? The Connael for young Parthemore latenda also to possible, of Mr. Goldsmith, at tha Inclined Dane, to whom it is alledged. some confessions were made by the prisoner

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