Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 28, 1843, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 28, 1843 Page 1
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np TT i 1_ 11 - Vol. U.?No. 119 ?YVbuia No. 3328. To tlae Public. * THE NEW YORK HERALD?dailynewspaper?pub- (j lished every day of thu year except New Year's day and ^ Fourth ef July. Price 3 cento per copy?or f7 '16 por annun-postages pai l?cash in advance. THE WEEKLY HERALD?pubUahodevery Saturday Jj morning?price cent* per coj.y, or |3 13 per annum? ^ poet age* paid?cash in advance. ADVERTISERS arc informed that the circulation ol the Herald ia over THIRTY THOUSAND, and incrensiag *] oat. It hat the target! circulation of any payer in thin city, ^ or the world, and it therefore, the heft channel forhutineit men in the city or country. Price* moderate? cash in ad- I vance. 'a PRINTING ofail kind*, executed at the moot moderate te prices, and in the most elegant style. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, <i PhPFBIKTOB or THE Ilc* EaTAflLMHHrNT, ^ Northwest corner of Fulton ond Nassau street* _ a HOUSES TO LET AT YORK VILLE.?a urge "I houses op the corner of 8tih street and 3d nvcrme; either ' of them U calculated for a public house, grocery or pri- fo vale residence. On the premises is a hue stable, Cowling alley, ai sail a line garden, consisting of 8 otr, with grape vines aud fruit hi a... thereon. For Irrin*. innnire of .1. JOHN A. MORRILL, Esq., ra m* 2wr No. 11 ChatnSart ?t. re J*A tllfl'7^ HOUSE To LKT?A handsome two aory e<! pjQ V.A franie Heme, filled in to the roof with brick, ,l i'ssltL *i'b l,'.o c ''urn us 'n front. Hud cupola on the tool, met- w Die mantels ?' d IbWing doors, and silver plated hardware in *' lh? principal a'orv.olraiautlv s'tnatcd on Nort" Second street, I ?( iu Wil'iatn I'urg between S x h and Heveu'h a reels, within | ten minutes willt cf three ferrie* to ISrw'koih?or a pait j T won'tl be let t a low r?nl. to a family of not m re than three A prrtoni. Knqu're ou th? p em'ira.' r of bl >r Jt*r W. C. SHAW, -at Full n at. N. Y w Jwjk TO LKT?P rt< f a two atorv and att e br ck Honae; JJ fffjfiT x ih'flirible r lithncefor a ?m\ll Ismilv, inat nteel ? i rft"'*" *' ' '"I aod within two miuutts walk of two J* li j. t> ,>r atn ??. which run e?-ry loir minotea. Location heal- '' t'l* m d house ill go'd order *i-plvo i the prrmiaei No. 2i'3 j? Ei li een'h street bet- ren Eighth and Ninth Aveou-a, or at 12 Ma'd-n I m-. R'nltl'O r26 3t?r tQ Jajjl 'JO LET?UreeLWoed C"tt ge at Oowtuus, bro h- m r^J vn. C' tiMiuiug six rooms cellar ai d "oodaouae. a |.i?zJ 7.' iuf'onr.and If gees d n, b 'dutifully situat-d, am, Iuokieg th Ba<, and coiniuaiir'iiiK a must t x'emire view. To a mall respectable fiuiilr, thi? in a very desirable reiidence. I Br qnire of R. MARTIN Si CO. J "26 <1*m 26 John street. N. Y. jj MTO i E P?The s'ore or wa'ehouse 1 Maiden lane, a re fir t rtte slaad for the dry soodsor ether business, now th ocupiid by Mr. Connto-k The first 11 xtr and cellar w win be voted separate, if reqiiired. f lio, tha mod m tl.rae atorv and at'ic brirk house 156 We- c< vcr \ PI rc.nextdooi to the sub'Criher, at JiOO. gi Also, the brick house U'> Hammond reet, near OreeuWich. ci Will be reLteUat moderne i iiee. Apolyro h: L. 8UYDAM, 151 Wave rly P'ace, a'6 3t*r or 16 Wall street. TO RENT?The extensive Building erected the pre- r| ffiW sentaesaon b? the auhserioer, for Hia own residence, on J JfcJjLih? rrars in of 'he Ent Hirer, a' Ouwinns heights, two st and half nii'es from South Brooklyn Furry, commanding ai splendid views of the Bay and Jersey shorn, the c'tiei of New y York and Brookl ii. B'atea Island and the Eiat and North Hirers. Hie'I use is b ick, a superior building, five stories th h i-li. covered whheoppex; tne ball aid stairs of marble: the hi water fiou'ab u'one thuu' and feet, and the btrhinp withina ,, fe w a>d. of the door, eicelle t fishing aid fowling in'he im m mediate v iciiutv. Th-drive from New York > about fifteen it minu'es, and the premiss are not excelled by any >i uation ti near this ri y One htind'ed pe'sons can be accommodated.? Possession immeif atel-. Apolvto bJOHN F DELAPLAINE.68 Wall at. ALSO TO LET, ili? three storv brick House, 31 Walker vi St'eet, betwe-n Broadway ai d Church str?et, occupied by Mrs. j, Ver, lanck; and ihe two "ton brick Hou'e No 229 iMuetetnth Di stre< t occupied by Mr- C. W. Feeks?Rents moderate. si alO lur'gc Mil) LET?The Mansion House at B.loomingdale, ~ known at the " Abbey" situated a sh <rt i.unc? above T he six mile stene, just above Stryker's Bay, ami nearly x oppusite St. Michaels Church The place is well known as *' on-ol the most delightful situations on the Island, and is re- ' ma-kably hea'thy iu theruminer season. hi Tne Hlocmingdale stages pass and repass the gate every " hoar in the day. The gate is new, and numbered 101. * ' The tent will be iu accordance with the present stare of the ' tiihe?. , * A ply on the pretnises, or at 132 Chambers street. " N. B.?Arrau.einent could be made, if desirrd, by a satis factory tenant, to let a pare of the (uroiture now in the house f< remain, or a part of the house will be rentsd separately. ? ?pl5 lm?r ? Iks* To LKT-fAVlLlOM HiiTeL. at Saratoga " I'SI D",ln?*' rogeiner wun ine rurnuure. 10 a popular J'.TH.nt.d auilahle person, i' will he rented low. For lurther part.culms, apply ?o O. HARPER, At the office of ih Predion Fountain or of ? dLEX'tt L. McDONAf.D, ' ^a23 lw?ec No. 42 J' hu atreet SJjPory. New Y rk._ J MT<> LKT?The fire prom nnck store, No. 1W "OUih at, with immediate i oiuiiiiw if required, apply to WOOD-HULL fc mIN lURN, 'n tn"4r 87 South street. ai M l'(J i.ET?The Ciko sio<v hrtck llonte and premises, d No. US Wooiier street. finished in the moat modern atvle, with mcible mantel-pieces ami folding doora throughout Apply to JOSEl'fl McMVHUAY, mClt 100 Pine aireet. * a TO LET?Serer*' W..ili Sliop<, with coed light, at y to Ann st'eet. will h# let at low renta to good tenants. Enquire of WM FULLER, 4lh atory, fiont budding, j kci ?irii 11 ami 2 o'cock. a2S 2w*r ^ Ml OR HALE?A Louutry Residence, aitoaie > so Far r< Rorkaway. i.. I : between five and aix acrea rf land, att out in worked peach treea. There la on the premie- at <a v Ur*e d wePinc house. barn and othtr out uildi, ga, tegetier wi h a pood w?'l t water, aitnated on the turn ike leading ** from J undea to Rockaway, at the junction of the road leading ta N ar Rockaway, and about two milea from the Ma- ine Pavilion. For fori her partiet'ara apply to JuHN L NOR- 1 1 ON. Jr a- Abel 8. 3m thy 291 Bowery. a2S#l*r ?l aw To LKT OK FOR HALE?A three atory modern ^ fTT? hudt biek dwelling I onae and ateie. wihtwolots of " J & cound att'Ched, aitnated in Williamsburg, about two ? minutta walk f om the Peck Sdp Ferry Apply on the premia- " ea,corner of Fourih and South-Eighth'tree's. dviliiamiburg, T or o W. fc J. T. TAPSCOTT, _ a 4r 43 Pee'-' tlip. F m^ FOR SALE OR EXCHANGE?A Farna of 60 a-rei ^ JKSfcif evcellmi land, wihsei'ab'e buildings. all ii good re- tt wwt^p.aiia recently painted. The garden is already made and ? me aeedi planted; and atao woo ( eunuch at the iloor cut tip p for one year's n<e, and a large qa <ntity o| manure in heaps.and a well of-xeellent water at the door. In fact, everything r, about t> in in tine epndi'ion, end all re tdy for a ftmily to more in The hinie i> one and a half atory high, with a piazza all ? ronnd. A good rellar, two room', a milk room, pantries, t| cloveta. be. on the firat floor, and fear ro-mi shore. The fields ate well watered, 7 acre* of wood 30 acrea of meadow, and 21 pf pit ughr <1 1 ml. wi h an sbondanee of fruit. The farm would te aold oren hinged. A vr at bargain t' disposed of immediate'v, aud a j iu tapotable title (ir.n Very li.tle mrney would be r> quired paid d iwn Th? f rm it situated on Erugliill MoriiaCo. New Jer-ey, about 20 milea bom New Vnrk ' he a'aaee n?s* ererv day to and fiom the eitv. Aotlv to I*' H LUDLOW fc CO.,"Auctioneers, No. 11 Broadway. * mX lt? in ma CARM FOB HALF., com* ning forty aerea, thirtybH five under cultivation aud the balances good growth of ?dBm.wo?d. 1 On tor premiacs it a house in good repair, a new coach home and a Write ham In front of the house it au eicellent well of f water, tern red Irom the weather hy a new well house, and a r fine lawn in front of the house. On ihe above dreciibed f -rm e it f uit in ahnndtnee, torh at apidet, cherrict, peart, quinces, a comma. gooseber iet, ac. ? The abuse f <nn it two n ilea from the ateamboat landing. t ooe fr mihetown of Rye, on the North street road. A fall n new. I the Sound ; cap tee two light hi. n set when lighted; j it iu erery respect a desirable location for u gentleman's residence. q Tliit I tim it in Wettehetter Countr. Call on the premises, oi on Mr. J. H WELCH, 33 Leonard street, sIHIm'ec nrai the Police Office. Aj DRESS BOOTS. LATEST FRENCH STYLE. THE SUBSCRIBER tespeetftilly invites the citizene of New Yo k and ttraueert visiting the ciiy, to call at lit FULTON STREET, and examine a large ai?oitmei.t ?f Dam Boots, made in the latest fashion, and "f the finest French e ilfaliin. ?. Gent emeu can have boots made toord-r in the best manner, j at sis dollars per peit, and footed at four dollars, warranted j equal to any manufactured in the city at from seven to eight j do'Wrs. r (J^ Persona having tender fe?t, or heins difficult to fit on ac- a caunlol lumps, bunions corns, k< . can have boors made in ns v to-be easy y?t handsome, by th? suhacribe '? method of taking | adiawin.-of b? iret ana fitting up and keeping a pair of lasts c f or each ruitomer. K Strangers leaving their measures can, by writing, have boots a made and forwarded tot- em without delay. ? COriSTAIITI.V CIS HAIVP. . Hand?ome Boots, fiom $2 IN) to 16 04 Hajl B^OW, ' 2 30 to 3 3d ? ytmict ama, a uq 10 I DJ ' Shoea, " 1 M to 2 30 r Slipren, " 30 to 1 00 a rninpa, re., fce.,eonally low. TkKSM, CalM P* UF.LII rJT. , JOHN L. WATKINS, , ?9 lm*r 11< Frlton at.between Nttamand Deteh ?*?. , WHO WANTS BOOTS k SHOES 7 1 THE O tatcat Kedoction in Prim erry known, ' ^0S3m*I Only tlnnK of (Srntl- mfii'i fin# dreta call Hitched ! Boola, ofthe oioalf.iahmnableahape,t2,y5tofj.oe. Faahioua- ! Mr t t'HRf d boota 91 M to ?2,00 i p ur. Ladiaa fancy colored French and city inada Oaitera for $I,2J to $1,5# a nair. And all " the fathiona for IM3, for Gentlemen, Lruiti ?nd f'hildrru.from 1 thirty to forty pet rent cheaper than ever .at 212 Greenwich at, t eornrr of Barclay. JAB. WIGOINS. 1 ai Im'r ______ ADOLrHE MONDHON, Boot maker, IVorn Pa- ] wMHWr ria. rrs|>ect fully inftirma the iulmbitanla of Naw York, ihatl.e hat m>aued hit eatabltahinrnt at No 183 Broad- ' way, whrre lie it ready to execute all nrderaentrusted tohim, Of lire lac at fnahinna Mid beat workmanahip. Oent'emen ishina to hare an elegant fit will do well to call * and caainiae hi? work al ltn*r ? BOOT AND SHOE STOKE. , r 40BV JOHN HEADY reepeetfolly inlorma hiafrirnda J a.>,1 toe i ubl'C, tnat he haa commenced hnainera in ihe abore " line, ai No. o? Naom atreet, where he will thankfully receire and taiilifithy eieea". all order* lie u.a? be fayored with on * the m< at reaioi'b e terma tor rath 23r b LADIES, LOOK AT THIS! "000 parra of ? h touch Gaiter Boota, ana jcoo pure ol Slippera, jn>t rrci lead, aad >or aalr wholeaalo and retail, at tits lo lowing I err; low |>nca :-20?0 parra of Fre eh (iaitera, of the gunny, and of all colore,Bi.iO; and 3000 pure ol 8liprera,73 r 387 Broadway and hit.anal atrret. i.ndiea, in thrae a "tea ton will And the preateat and heat ay ? air mint in the world of Booia, Oirtera, Shoea, Slippera, Sic. ? and Miaiee and ' hddreti'a do. G> n hmen. we with to draw yrnr attention lo oor ?| lendid i a aortment of Boota, Shoea and clo-h bn'ton Oaitera ofihe a V>"r; r me tie.t qnlity ?n<l mute ? to order, $5, si cl k ieneh calftk'n Boole on hand, from $3 to S? per |r in iiuth button Gait* re. $ ',10; I'mnelU ft JO; tin-floret i *( ceTtkm Bhnei, 1,25 to $2; ooye'j Boon of th* beet utnliiv 1,35 10 $2 75; choce, (I to I 35; intiih'e Uwi, $| to 1,50, Bhoea " SO or iim in $|. Boon, flatten, ft ip|i*rs. Tin, Buiktne, Shoea ill tndlraa ??rii tv. rnl ell w?irant*o to be oi thr heat kuH flMKUOllY * OAHILL, 3?7 Broadway '] >23 lnt*r eim ?3 Cenel etreat. 1 .. jgM fOll ALtlANV-? Hour Changed- ? fhe p C~t. - ^**1 'ajJ*e*con.hotta KOCIIKBTKK ent ftOTf'I H t, ~.W?m i W1 <T AvlKlth A ?ill, on and after Moriley, lljiy let, i???r ? vcty ermine, (Sundayi1fcepted) at 7 o'clock, mI . it to ri tolore |M Str l,Frt^lLetXTiCN>1 Ut* AOaT''' * R NF, N. iWjQ PEOPLE'S LINE OP STEAMBOATS vj* FOR '?I BANY DAILY, Sundaes eicrnted kaJS-n_?t fi.'i'cW, P. M ? Through direct?Krom l?.l!','l,,, ,l"r ' ' n ''"oft1 adt mi'l Liberty streets.? Tin- !?% ' r KOI. !!ts I'E't, C'pt A H nehtnn, leaves So"d y, V edee-day, ami Prili< fini st.atti o'ebcV. The r. vis, r SOUTH AMEBIC A, ?."* >i. L. W ISaiuard, !?ve\ 'J aesJay, ThUrsJiv, and Situ day tvrnuigs, at 6 C O) li. Tl. sreimr r] NORTH AMKK'CA KOnpt. M. 11 Truea ell ', ? s Tii id >j\ Thursday aid rauirduty afteuiooua, at oci ck la diiga iu'e.inedible place*. 1'he abote 11 irrs u-c new <tud substantial,are furn h"d with Icg-iti' " llo">c*, and fur .-peed and atcor mod linns are uriv.l'.d >11 toe II di'ii For i?s agr or lifiu' r tpp'y ou lizard, or to P. ('. P I".1't., t ia offics u v ill, > .!i leaf MBlf I! OKS AND Ki m I Mi~< KLB ? * J. 11A I id h.vr rtreived hy the lite arivi!* fioin 'hiirmanuictojy, J- u^lan't, a neut ral n-sortioeiit ofaupe ior Fish Hooks .d Fisfing Tackle, which they offer fur sale on the cheapest rnn ; Martin Kelly's (Dublin) Limerick Hooks; salmon, i?s. black, week, |r( ut. pickeril. end cat Ki ll Ho"k?; paten'k eutt; lit m;i aiidsMss Lines; rods, reels, hask-ls ; a t rial Khrs; salinou and trout Suoodf on trim: | double and riiie Gait, with a vaiirty of articles, suitable for American i?hing Superior do Me eyed Needles a2G 'm#r T. Ik J BATE. 70 Msid*n U"e, un stairs. nEptune house, new rochelle. "'HE Proprietor oftha above estib'ishm-nt fes-ls grate Inl (or the very lil eral and distinguished patronage he has heretore'cceived, an I with renewed exertions he noiies to sei ure cootmuauce of tbrir support. He mo?t respectfully info'int , friends and the tuMie in general.'ha; his h use is opens d for e reception ol rompauy. and th t he is orcpa ed to make arngeineuts with fam lies to board for th'.e .suingse?son upon asoiiible terms There is not a Hn'el in the c. unlry which imbiuva die ndrantaces of this lor lienlth, com'o t. and nieaire Sin.I* gentlemen or gtntlemen with their .families, inti-g mpetior accommodations for the in timer, with all the in eniences and advantages of a handsome and retir il rest :XlCCf C ' IJUUl till IU UC HUCU. *_/.? IMVEJI up' 5 6f )|AVO KOttTES.?The subscriber* respectfully i.vite tn?ir I.i-n l-end tli? public iu Keneral, to csll at their cm shutout, No. 251 Eut Broadway, where they h"*e ou hand u ell H'sorrrd s'i of m'hnsaiiy aa r i- wood Kreuch grand tion Pi mo Fortes, with all the late improvi-meais warrau'i-d, id tob- kt pt iu tuae tor one 1 ear. The moorhen a|?o belt ave to iaforin he pub ic. that thii it the vsubluhrpen' formerkept by Ben et anil Hiwbios, b it ai (i-pioiI occupied by the ibsrribers The pr.r.ea will lie f u d ruitinvto rtie times.? iirch'at rt are teapeetfnlly iori ed ocatl ud examine. N. B Allkiudaol piauoa It in 0 ti 7octaves will he made order. Alto pianos tuned and t< pti ed, or txchauyed ou the ost reasonable terms. Also ?e oud It nd nimos for al?. HENRY RICHAHD & JOHN HU< K, r2'? lm*r ?5I Etsl Bioadwav. I'D M'OKThMEN-jOdN C'tMlOY, 52 Fulton aneet, I corner of f'liff, his received ISOBtn.roo Rods, fresh from alentta, of a beautiful taper. ?nd free from wortas. which he Tris for eale chtap. tiv the dozen or s nyle one. He has also cei?ed, direct from Malaga, COOO s duion silk woim gut, of le best rpiaii y that has t-ceu areu lor many years, round, bite and s'ron? J C a general assortment efFiahiig Tack e is the moat >mi>lete that has e\er beetl seen iu this or my ether city. He sir tu'ees to sell bis tackle cheai er than any other store iu the ity. His rods anil rrela are < ither made by himself or under is immediate superintendsnce, and warranted Anelers are reipccllully invi.ed to inspect his stock. >26 6?r r) THE PUBLIC?Whereas, an article at pea's in the daily papers, under the he id of a Postscript, wil'ully leiacon ruing a f irmer ? rrrtisemtnt of the subtciber, thereby ginit ihe publican imp ss-innrhst the >a">p formerly k. own as febb's Burner was ebsolutely bis Webb's out re inrent on ? low. ihe subscriber would most especially inform the i ?bl*e lat the lamp in question owes nil itinera' imnrovemeo.s to iui alone. And the article alluded to says, Webb's latest im-ovement in lams is oprra'ing by the tew inverted cour raovi cuts?patent tight te ifed?<ud can only br f'und nt Ins orr. Now, iu oid-r to show ihe srio- of the ab re asteron, the subsci rer has o?ly to let it be known that he has a rae assottmeot of the abo?e Phdosoph'rat Lstrps, resuU'ed y the inverted cone, together with still fur'het 'mproven e< ts, id fi>r whi h'h t-ii uu tx'ra charge made. He would in itc ti e public to caM aud judge for ih;m>e!ves whiih i< ihe umbug?only give him a call, and d n't forget the old and persmeut locauo.i, No. Ill Oraud itretl, one door from Broaday. a26 3t?r JAMES HIND**, Manufacturer. MPOnTANT TO ALL.?Uaddor fi Id, N. J., April 20, 1843.?''Inthe 13ih day of t'ctuber, 1841, Iwasatlacked by a tvere pain io t"ei >L:, in the region of the liver, which c nnutd tome five d?va. The ntin waa then relieved bv ihe reaking of atl nbiceas intrrnnllv. Subirq.enlv, and dining le whole winter of 1841, '42, I suffer d in'enaely from the ime cam?tm tiuua' paiu in th?aide, etcpt wheu lempurarir relieved bv a d act arge of ninl'er from the abaceaa. liming II thia lime I waa c inliuedto my home, had a violent cough, liaed much hlo <dy maticr, and waa anppoatd by myself and tliers to be in the last stages of consumption. The February illowing, when appar-n'iy my life was near its cloae, I prour d a bottle of vvialar'a Balaam of Wild Cnerry. Aa soon i 1 commenced the uae ol it 1 began to recover. Theaore.asof my aid, conatautly grew l-?a, my cough gradually left I",ihe profuse i xpectorati in and apittting of biood craaed, nd mv g netal health bream'by d?grc a r>ati r-d. 1 rontiuud u<iug the Balaam, and by the latpr part of Ma-eh I rtaurn il my tiade, that i f atarpenter, which uiy health ha ei anted le to contintu without iuterrnp ion ihioughon'the paatytarw II fnrt'ier re mark,this rerrarkahle core was effected by 'he ae of only ihree bottles ol Wistar'a Ba'sam of Wil-' Ooerry. THOMAS C" ZENS. Glonces'er Connly, N. J., as ?Peraoually app .ami bclo'e le, the subai rib. r, ooe ot the juaticea of tin |? ?oe iu ano for id eouuiy, Thomai I'oxem, who bti K. duly affirmed acco:iov to law, saith the ab lie ?'a ement iu all (hi g> true. Affirmed before me she 20th cay ol Aptil. 1813. J CLEMENT, J. P. A. William", Erq , counsellor at law, No. 58 William street, raacnredi f siuumodic asthma of 'weuly-fou ye. r.i at Hiding, y the uae of one bottle of ihe WildCh riy Balaam. Lrtihose rho donbt this wordeiful enre all at bia ffice und see him. Jai. W. Woodruff ot > I x bethtown, N.J. waacund of a geroua bleeding of the lungs by the use of only one bo tie. 'wo justices of the p-aec cert f?' to iliis ?ur*. We have no mm to name any more of the umrrous similar cases. Piice H per bottle. Sola at 125 Eiiltou ?tr ei, comer'f Nilin, by Isaac Butts ; D<.iter, Albany ; (Jo,ham, New Haven. a27 lm-ec WASHINGTON TEMPERANCE HOTEL, SV6 PEAKL ST , FRANKLIN SQUARE, N. Y [ FOWLER it SON reapvctlnllv inlnrm their friends and 1 ihe public, thatthev have opened the above well known lotel on strict temperance principles, and pledge themselves > conduct the same strictly in those principles. The accnm lodati >us need no comment, aa they are good and comfortable, ermmcnt and transient Boarders by the day or week. Priare apartm'iits for families on the moat reasonable terms. The location it convenient to the London and Liverpool ackets, aud the Albany, Bnffalo, Boston and Philadelphia or?ta. Every infirmaiion given to peraona travelling; also the est and cheapeit way of conveyance to all puts of the United t?tes and Canada. The Reading Room will be supplied with English and Lmerican papers, and all the Temperance periodicals. Terms?B.iaiknag per week S3; per day 75 cents. Tea.cofM.cakes, tc. always ready. We, the uudertigned, would ch?erfu!ly recommend the hove Hotel to the uoiics of our Waahiugtonian friends, and le travelling public generally. Hon. Aaron Clark Hon. Oeo. Hall, Preaident Parent Society. Brooklyn.' James Van Dyke, President of Wallabont r. B. Society. James H'rper, President o' ihe Franklin Temp Society. Win. F. Lrggct. Vice President Broadway cociety.. AC Flanagm, Preaident of Pro?pect Society. Kev. Isaac Covert, Preaisent Waahingtonian T. B. Society Nicholas Dnff, President of Anderson Society. A D Wilson, M, D. Preaident of Marshall T. A Society. apl lm*ee ROS8V1LLE BOAKDINO SCHOOL, STATKN ISLAND. ilT" WESTTHORP rrapectfully informihii friends and the rv public, thai his school will reopen on the 1st of May. I. ? 1 a: -i :-c. .j ?r ur i loint of conscience to gnard in every possible wav the morals if children committed to his care, from lour to twelve years of ge. Heading, writing, orthography, ari'hmoic, geography ud grammar taught. The location is delightful and healthy; he orchard, gardens and play ground are siiacious; about ten ninutes walk from the landing. The steamboat Karitau eaves Barclay street sverv day at 3 o'clock, lor Hossville. Terms, for board and taition, inclnding washing, $25 per aarter, paid in advan-e. Keferences Hev. David More, Htaten Island. W. N. Seymour, Ksq., 4 Chatham Square, N. Y Henrr Stewart tsegaine, Ksq., Sta>en Island. Wm. I.udlam, Ksq., 13* Beekman street. John Qninn, Ksq , jo Monroe street. Messrs. ColvilI and Flrmini, Esq., 1? C?dar street. Capt Edward Ferber, Esq., Hicks street, Brooklyn. Mrs. Varian, II E'endge street, New Yort. all Im'r WASHINGTON GARDENS, HOBOKEN. JOHN IRELAND, the well known proprietor of the First ' Ward House, No. 23 New street, (corner of Exchange 'lace.) grateinl for Uie patronage hitherto received Irom his rieuds, and desirous to merit a continuation of it. respectfully nforms them and the public generally, ihit he hit lately porhased the large aud coinmodions House and Gudeu* known s the Wa h'tigton House, situate in Hudsonsfeet Hohoken. vilhina few m notes walk from the Ferrv, formerly vccipied ly the Iste J sire* Hweenv, where he will be hippy to receive tils from ill- Iriends of the late proprietor, also the pnblic rnerally. The Gardens being newly aud tastefully laid out, vill be supplied during the season with ru esrellent attorinent of the lareat ?nd choicest of flowers. The bar, being [reatly enln>ged and newly fitted np, will con'ain a ro.,d aaortmentcf Wines aurl Liquora of tho moat approved quality, nd cigars of the most superior brands?nlso Sherry Cobblers, dint Ju'eps aud I'liuchrs made in the best style t Refreshnents. inclnding Ice Creams, aud other delicacies of iheseaon. Ha hat also fitted npaeperate and agreeahlr sitting par on f.r ladies, which front npo i the Bay. aud furnishes a view f ihe most delightful scenery. The tahsciiber, determined hnt noihing shall be warning to aeenre ihe comfort of his i irons, has alto re luted ihe Bowling Saloons, with two entire lew Alleys, built en the most nnpioved plan, for eserelse and he recreation of visitors. Of lh? attention of ihe waiters, it s unnecessary to say mote ihin ih it they will in ill cartas he oudiI sit ntive to the wants of the visitors. The subscriber, torn his long tincrieucr in the h'.tutirss, re-iectlnlly solicits i sli?rc of the | ub ic patronage, sod pledges himself that nulling shall be wanting on his part, or those in his employ, to rpntrikute to ihe comfort and enjoyment of thoes who may lisit the Washington Oirdc-a a21w*r JOHN IRELAND^ I'rop:ietor. LTRANCIS H. CHUMP. Chronometer. Watch aid Clock r Maker and JeWVlef,"firm. rty with ti J fubii.J'i nearly ii yean, tod recently with Maroaandt k' o., Broadway ,nprarda i)t three yeue.feege to acquaint hielrieiuleand the public, hat he haa taken a atore at 211 Grand streat, where he intend" o |iractiee the above baeinete and triala Itnrn hit ion* eiperi nee and known ability, to meet with that ahare of patronage to yhich hit abilitiea entitle Inm. In retu.ning thanka lor all <ait fayonrt, he would remiud hiafriendt that he reptira etery letcnption of Watchet, llepeatere, Muaical and I'uplei, the aott complicated that ctn be procared Alto, Jewelry and Diamond work set ; Tearla re-ttrung; eery article fifty ner eeut cheaper than any ' onte in the ettv. eing enabled to do the whole himaelf, and not truat to the in aperienee of olhert. (Jlataca an keya in proportion. Caah i?id for old eold en-l !? *. at tAMSKY'S CELEBRATED CHKMP'aL COSMIC TIC oHAVING COMPOUND. rO an' gentleman who may puichtae thia article, the mouey will be rrfaudrd, if uot entirely tatiatied, alter ua ng it on> n?mh. To be had of the intcn.or, at hit inaanlactory and rarchoute, <S Maiden Lane. ALEXANDER HAMSKY. Certificate ol Dr. T. E. Boud, Senior Editor of the Chriatian Adtocale and Journal, dr. AlrnuderRamaey? Sir? I h ive Ituly tried Tour Chemical Coamrtie. Sharing oinp'unu, aim mil- k ???m uuwn .11 ine piai.uce ol aharii.a nraelf, had preTp.uaiy uaed many ol Hie ?a i ma preparation ?h ch li d been off. ltd to the publir aa facititaiing this ner?. ion. I hire no ht-ailnliou mi raying yuan ia the bait I hare r.ed. 'J ha lather ia readily in ide, aud 111 a propi 1 conaiatvuce; I iiimld, i.idt-i d, wholly inoffi ntire to -ha lata.. ran when hart may ba a 11 k I > t abranona of Ilia akin,'n<i adnerea leuacwni r aud elo?ely,M> ? 10 aire th? oreeiaaiy tiilfnaat to the heard II render ?.lo?e thaeiuic pleaaaltt aod easy New Verb. April l?th, 1315. T. E. BOND, an lm*ea J llb'.A I IIINil I'AI'fcM?20 halaa ol eery tti|>erior gnality J aaiubla for roofk af honaaa and thine botioma, for aafo by ?>* . ST COUJNS It CO. M Boa lb an w vn J JL "V^ EW YORK. FRIDAY MC IB BROWN k CO.'S One Price Hat Store, 178 Chatham Jp^square, corner of Mott St., where lathiou, beauty, durability au<l economy are combined to adorn the head. '1 he proprietors hive the pleasure now to off-r a new style of pat, the imitation of bearer, which closely resembles those formerly sold foi S3 and (8 at the low liied price of $1: those who from inclinsti >n or necessity are induced to study ccouomy in that indispenrable article of dress, hare now an opportunity of doing so. and still keep up the appearance of the most fashiouable.? Browu k Co. iu preaentiug this hat to the public, think they have reached rh ultimatum of beauty, cheapness, neatness, durability and comtort to the wi arer. All sales are for cash, therefore no good customer pays the losses incurred by the bad BROWN St CO. 178 Chatham square, as lm* corner of Mo't st [% HPKINtJ KAstllU v KOR OtNTL.KMKN'8 HA'1'8 J*?The undersigned respectfully iufoims his customers and the , ublic generally, that he has now ready for inspection and sal", the much admired spring style 11 ireotlemeu s Hats, which for he luty of ftuish aud aud aymetry of form, exceed any oriner effort, iu this or any other city. To the economist they are a desirable nrticlc, as they com bine cheapness, dnrabil t? and elcyince, warrant-d equal to any and inferior to none. Iu the mauul ictire of Hats he challenges Compr tiou; tie therefore solicila a si are of public patronage: lis would a'so call their attention to Ins laigc as-orimtut of Mcifs, Youth's,and children's cap i. of cloth, seiset, &c. all of his oivu manufacture, which for variety of patterns canuot be eiJIIill'CU. Alio, h i dpw style of children's drab and pearl colored fnney haw trimmed with velvei of various patterns, for tpriue and summer wear, very much admired. A call Will couviu e the most sce| ticnl cf the superiority of the ?bo*e meulinned articles, now ready for sale at the o d - st iblishnl stores of ISAAC H ARCHER, *1' lm*r 704 and'<60 Oteeuwieh st, N. Y. THE WARV1 SALT WATER. BATH is now open at the foot of Uesbross's street, V. H. For its advantages over I'rt sh water, see J >nriials. firs Tickets one Dollar. apis tm*r A FEW OKTL&MEN of steady li ibits can be accomuio d it' ll with i;ood board and ple-sint rooms in a private JOt Fulli ustrrrt. Also, a lew day bi'ailers cau be rco in modated on the most reasonable term. A parlor and bedroom to let, with or without board a5 cc HAVAN \ BKOAKS. BM. PICABI No. 49 Liberty at eet, near Nassau.offers fi I s.s'e tile f WMiu KM.100 La Norma Serars, 1st quality, very superior. 30,i 00 Diana d > do do 25.090 Favoiita do Co do 4i,0u Pualia Basera, very old, and do 4i',0 iO Etperau/a do do 58.000 Regalia, Dania, and Conones, do do. Tne whole enLitlcd to debenture, and lu lots to suit purchasers. Spll |m-t DMAFTS ON IRELA NL> ? I'ersous wistnuK l" sard money to th< ir fiieuds in any pait of Enitlind, Ireland Scotland, or Walcs.can be suppli. d with drafts for large orsm ill amouuts. pay tb!e on dnnauil, wphout discouut, 11 all the principal towns of the Unites! Kim d on. end the sam- forwarded by the r<gular packets of the 1st, 7th, i:ttli, Ifitb 19th and 2nh of each imii'lli: by the Boston Steamers of the 1st at d Hi b, and by the Ureal Western. Apply to W, k J. T. TAPSCOYT, a22-r 43 Hock Slip. cor. Sonth st MlNERAL WATSIRS OF KlsSlMOEN, Oermany. called KAKOCZI.?'1 he H*6< , ,.\ has an acidulous saline lltver, of an in eeabie t wte, ai (1 bring powerfully promotive of setreiiou an I txcrenon. a pu ifier, a ttr air so.vent, and at the seme rime stieug'heuing wi hmt heating, it acts as a po tent spatiftcally on ihe l.ver, t?e tystema venar. port, aud u'eriur system, and dtmipaiini; any existing obatiUctioa, it used according to directions. The ltakof7.i is sold at the following places, at 37 centa a quart HU, or 94,50 a dozen. Sold bv Henry King 8t' o. Dtuggists, 461 Broad wav, cor. Grand Sou Hard, D, line k Co. ?!o 581 Broadway k 2 Park row Thca. T 44r en 399 Broadway. ' 'bos. H. Hart, 2)8 tir .adway Church's Dispensary, 188 Bowery. Wholesale d retail bv FLORJAN STRAUSS, C6 Beaver street, *25 tm*r tips'nirs. rpO THE LOVERS OK SUPERIOR BLACK TEAA Howqua's Mixture?This extremely delicious hx4 unparal leled l eL, so highly celebrated in China and Europe, jast imported, ii now for sale at the Canton Tea Company's General Tea Establishment, 121 Chathamst. New Yo? t?in sarhaga* ^ *"?'i ?ed ? each a2' 1m#rc hardware cutlery and guns. 'THE a U BSCRiB ?.KH arc now o|>eairig, by recent arriTals , A their ipr,ng assortment of Htrdware, Ike., which theyofler at the lowest mirkct prices, for cash ir approved pauer, rii:? Buit Hinges and Screws. Fine Pen and Pocket CutleBrass Miell Goods. rr. Jvaued Tea Trayi. Table Knives and Forks. Tinned Hollow Wa-t, Scissors, Rrzora and t-hears. Saws. 0 ites ail I Tools. L) ion III Sons Warts. Bolls, Locks, Sic Castors, Candlesticks, lie. 8cyt?es, 8 ekles, Shovels, Spades, lie. lie. Also, a full assorl sent o. Guns, Pistolt. Rifles and Gnn mat.iritls, at Iowar p-ieei than any other h mie can afford to sell, living been pnrchased at anctien and elsewhere, mnch below original cost. A W SPIES It CO , a22 lm*r 2'8 Peail str.-et opposite I'latt-treat. *U-^iSF*?r TFN CENTS re ico ROU N OS. F? EIGHTS FltOvt NEW VO >K TO BALTIMORE. Shi pets of go >ds Co Baltimore from New Yoik ere rest* t ful'y nfirmed ihatgnodi ocnsiirn-d to the ?u^scriber, agent of ihe I' .iladeli'hia Wi'iniU7ton It 11 llfunore Railroad Line, will be forwarieil from ('ni'adrlphia to B iltnnore at the rale of ten cei ts p o 100 His. cili-r by steamboat or ia 1 rnrd U>od. dr-lined tor ny point sonth or west ol Baltimore,will Cmtorwarded frnintheu'e at ihe low-st ra'cs, and our arrangeat#' ts are inch as w II ensure despatch. Fi.north r information apply 10 U. H HUDDKLL, at the ollce of the Unn.n Transportiiioa Line Pirr No. 2. W. L. ASHMEALI. Agent, _a2l? Philadelphia. JTTTTTgBali PASSAGE TO PITTSBURG. THE subscriber has completed arrsngements for the conveyance ol Passengers and Merehsnd se to Pittaburg and iut-rmt ili te p'aces, on the most reasonable teims, per Citizeus Portable Boat Lina " People ahont to proceed to the Wettward, will find it much to their advantage to mak their arangementi by this d'sirabie conveyance, a- the 'siricf st attention will at all times be pa d to the co fort of the pa>seiuers, at well as the punctuility of a direct conveyance witn d.-tpaich. For further particulars app'y to JOSEPH McMURRAT a I gee 100 Pine sMeei, coiner of Sonth. FOR LIVERPOOL AND HALIFAX. The Royal Mail Steam Ship BRITANNIA, J. Hewitt, Esi| commmder, will leave Boston for the above ports on Monday, 1st May. Passage to Liverpool $120 Passage to Halifax 20 Apply to D. BKIGHAM, Jr Agent, all vtr J Wall street. -stated 13lamp ferry Font of Whitehall street, On and after Monday, April 10th, the steamer HTA1 EN ISLANDER will leave as follows, until farther notice LEAVE BTATEN ISLAND. NF.W VOHK. At I A.M. At A.M. IS If 2*XP.M. IKf.M. ax s* a 6 All goodsshirped are required to be pirticniarly marked,ant ate at the riak of the owners thereof. a9ec .MQ NKWAKK ANU NEW YORK?KaTe CLr-wJfc*?.i id* only I2X Cents !?The t| lendid steamer PASSAIC, Captain John tiitfy, has been put in complete orde', and will commence her inps I of the season, on Monday the luth iusunt, as lo.lows, until further notice Leave New York at 4 o'clock, P. M. " Nrwark at 7X o'clock, A. M. Freight carried at reasonable ra'ts. alt 6mee aMA 00k KYENfVO L'NK FOR ALBANY", fctSNwnR wiihont landug?From the foot of Barclay street north side .the splendid cninmodinus Steamer DIAMOND. Captain A Flower, will lease as above every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, at 6 o'clock, P.M. For Pais me or Freiehtarply to the Captain ou board, or at the office of said Boat, foot of Barclay at. The above boat will leave Albany the alternate days, foot of Hamilton street. ap 6 r NEW YORK AND KINGSTON JMKAM FUttiOHT And passagic i,4ik. jMnt 00k For Kingston, and Delaware and Hudson j C ' ii a I ? s t? am bo a ts K.V1 r.KALD and NOR Thr EMEr ALD, Captain John Ketrham, will leave New York foot of Murray atieet, every Monday and I l urid iy at 5 o'c'ock P. M. Wi I leave Kingston (Rondout landing) e?ery Wednesday and Saturdav at 3 'clock. P. M The NOHWlCH, Captain John "amnels, will 'eave New York, fooi of Mur.ay street, every Wednesday and Saturday at 5 o'clock, P. M. Will l-are Kingston (Rondont landing)every Tne ay and Friday at 3 o'clock, P. M itXTRA THirS. The EMF.KALD will lease the foot of jYlnrray street every runny int-iuiur, hi. ( u r.l (.?. lBaT[l IVIUKIIUU HI 1 o'< lock name day. For freight or paarnre apply on hoard, or to WILLIAMSON, BAhLOW V CO, all 1m*r 111 Wen street. CHALLEffUK TO CkOlTL/S 'I IIK fliitr.o loot aail boat "THOU BLKR" will Jw*^>?taiid ready to rail auv diatntiee, trnm 2o to f t) miles, JRfkRKwra iiort any * ail bout ever bntt by Wm. Croliot, from the lira day of June tin it the brat day of Angurt ueit, one month's notice beirjr ni sen,to sail two separate da,a for the turn of tlOlt, each day. The sole object ia to teat (he sailing qualities of the boats. N. B.?To sail without oars or tender*. C. L. INUKR80LL, aT1m*ee t(M Water street. 0M TO THf. 0"?VT%KK_OF THE 8 ML ft t>g-r>BOAT ' THOl'BLEH The owner of BLaJBaJLlht' a ii boat ' Troukl, r" having rceived three ch.lleuurs trom bin's built by Wm. Crolius within the last aix months, and not h irn { yet aeeep'ed the same, it it nietumtd that in lubl'thirg his challenge to tail against suy heat ever bnilt by Crelint, hit mweii u i ragioanon has taken a flight liotn the terra tirma ol Water street to those myalid regious? " Where the man by many odds, Obtains receipts from using gin's." At soon as convenient ..fterh- he has got a few more of those reaeipt*, and deic, na<d from thtt aenal inanuficloiy ofhonnit, it is Imped thai he will c ndetceml 10 notice tonir one ol the cha'lenges alrrsoy givrn him s that " hit sole object of (est iug the sailing qualities ot ihe boats" msy be obtained? ifter which,if his boasted" 1 rnnbler"doea not proves tuffici. nt Poultler to mm oy ra|uuiii| m? rpuni'on uHirinaiur hei>clf, he ulnllthi uhave the opportunity np.inhi* own term*, t Oil ] t rday (or two dav*, of again *e?id* Imi vanuit d nam* following t'l the wake of Win. roluii, *i the reipectlul rale Of three mile* in eighteen, ?? it did laat ?prii'*. al?1in*m KOK LUNI)OM-H?i(ilir I'acket of the 1*1 ol w9VWMkt ?'The very auperior fail aailiu* packet *hip JmQb*S v]nT JAMES, Captain Sebor, will aail a* aoova tier ie(ular ilay. Harm* very luperwr accommodation* for rabin, aecond ca bin, and *teera*c pa**eni(?r*; peraon* within* to embark thonld make early application on board footol Maiden lane, or to JOSEPH MeMUMKAY, 100 Tine (treet, corner of South *ireet. Per?on? wiihinft to tend lor their fiicnd*, can have them brought out by the abort uliip, or any of the regulai packn*. hy ?ppl huit aa ?tvir- 'I by > tfcr. ro*' i?ml ?*| r KOR L WH I KM. Tini Br u* . Ship I ne pfl^Vwell known, very la*t ?ai in* If itiih ahip CHK?aBHbTKH, Captain John Ooyle, will have immadiatedea patch lor the above nort Knr freight ai ply to the *u.*b*eriber, HOCIHC, BKOTHEltH k i o. WKultonit. nast door to lha If niton Bank ?_ _ _J iT? XT I ' IX IV JL (RNING, APRIL 28, 1843 TYPE AT REDUCED PRICES. TYPE8, AND ALL OTHER PRINTINGMATEK1AL8 MANUFACTURED AT CON NER'S UNITED STATES TYPE AND STEREOTYPE EOUNDRY, Cornkr or Nassau awn Akh Strkf.ts, NEW Y"KK. CAN BE HAD AT EIGHTEEN PER CENT DEDUCTION FROM OLD PRICES. THK undersigned resnerHu'ly inl?'iri l*'e OM ratrous of the Type and Stereotype Found.>, loiinerlv known as JtMli Cohnvh s, ami uioie reoeutlv a'. Cwvrkr Si Cooke's, ami the public ill gcucral, thut tnev are prepared to rwcule olden for PRINTING TYPES, PRESS'S, CHASES, CASES, IMPOSING STONES, INK, FRAMES, and every other article necessiry lo form Complete Pribtin? Establishments, on as favorable term*, and of as good a ou.dity a* any other establishment m the Uuited State*. wicw prices, rr.R room. old pricks, ff.r routra. Agate, . Wi cents. Agate, 10R c ent*. Nonpareil, if, ,, Nonpareil, At ? Minion, 44 ,, Minion, 66 ,, Brevier, _ <6 ? Brevier, 44 ,, Bourgeois, 40 ,, Hourg-nis, 46 ,, Long Primer, 36 ,, Long I' imer, 4t ,, Sm ill Pica, 34 ? Small Pica, 40 ,, Piea, 32 ,, Pica, 38 ,, Borders,Cut*, Br.-u Rule, and all other articles mannfactnred at this establishment, at the same reduced rate*. New Ailicles got up lo older, ou being furnished with patterns. I'he Type casl at this establishment, is, both in the style or Face and ne materia' o fwhich it is made, particularly adapted for service in Newspaper P, iuiing. All kinds of Hteieotyping furnished to order. I- 1? ?-UCII ,1 r WS|aiOCra lu TTIII cniiy UIHHWJIP inrrc IIHICI, wilt be entitled to pay in Type, on making a bill of four Mint * the amount of the tbire i men ions nl NOTICE. . THK Crotan Aqnrduct Board reipectfnlly ca'l the attention of thei- fellow citizens to 'he Ordinance of the Common Council, pnb iihrd btlow piohtbii'nK. under penal ie* nl'fiue or tnip'iionmeat, the unnu horiscd opening of the Hjdranr* erci (I tor the rxtiugniilnneut ofli'vs In ine abieuce of such a" Or'iimnce I.eiVtofor-, all the efforts of the agmts of ihe Aqueduct D pan int lit have failed 10 correct an alarming evil, winch ii i? the Jutr of every Ifood etiten to assist insupnrrsii"K Many of the Hydrants have been broken and rendered until f r ae vice, in eo iseqarucr ?f the cv-lessness or iiitxpe ience of i eraora who have opened thorp : thui cans'nx great expense to ihe city?and bv destroying th- utefitlneaa or the Hydnu'a in ca^e of fire, hazarding the safety of the neighbor ia? bu ldings In coust uuence of the wanton wate from Hydrama improperly opened, and kept open, ilirongliout the citv, the head of wat-r at the dia'-iibuting reaervmr lita been much diminished ; and should lirea occur, an efficient action of the Hydrants cannot be looked for uulcn atrict obedience to the Ordinance now paiaed, ahall he yielded or enforced. Tne Croton Aqueduct B aril therefore earn *-|y ?*k the r.ctl"e co-operatiou of heir tellnw citizens. in eff.ctiug the important object which the Ordinance of tne Common Council ia int. nded to nucomplith. JOHN L. LAWRENCE, M. VAN 8CHAICK, J. I HiLLIPS PHOENIX. CRl MELIUS W LAVVRENCE, SAMUEL B. RUGOLES. New York, April 15th, 1S43. AN ORDINANCE TO AMEND AN OKDI-AN-E TO REGULATE , THE WAi'KM WORKS OF THK CITV OK NEW YullK Paaard September 'ith, 181?. Section i. No p'raon or persona xe?pt the Mayor, AlderHen or Assistants of the rrnwttvt wtrdl, ibaQ wi heir previona permission in writi"g from the Croton Aqueduct Boird, unscrew or epan any In drant belonging or attached t? the Cro, ton Water VVo>ks eieced for the extinguishment cf ftrea, except in MM of A c in the neigMroihrn d tor ahall leave attch tire hydraut open lor a lin ger rime than ahall ba limited in aui h permission nor ahall nac the water for other pu-poies than maybe mentioned in aaid pern itsinu, under the penally ol t sentyfive dolln a lor each ortence. Sec 2. No person or rersona. except anch *a may be licenced by the Croton A -u-ilnn Boa <1 to sail water to shipping, aha'l take the w ter from any hydrant ere ted or to be erected in ihe city nf New Yoik and attached to the Croton water pipes for the purpose of selling .he aaid wster or offering it for sa'e, under the penalty ol ttvcnty-five dollars lor each offence. Sic 3. Any pennliy herein prescribed shall be imposed on the offendrr in like m interns la provided in the first section of the aereuth liile of the Onliuau:e hereby amended, in respect t<> the penary therein prescribed And in default of the p yineut. the offender shall be subject to the like punishment by imprisonment, as is in the said seciiou prescribed. Sec. 4. It shall be the du'y of the rtr?et Inspectors, Con stables, Marsha's, Police Officeis, and Watchmen, to e, force the observance of this Oidtnance to the inmost cf tlirir abilities, and to make complaint of any violcti-ia iheieol to the proper authority. Adopted ny the Board of Aldermen. March 87'h, 18*3. Adopted hy th- Boa-d or Ai islants, March 27th, 1813. Received fiom li s Honor tve Mayor, April 13, 1B<3, without his approval or objection* thereto. Therefore, und-r the iroviaioiis of the amended Chatter the tame btr.rmc a law. (Signed) JOB. II. TAYLOR, apl6 2w r Clerk,C C. KflH OP GOOD DOUBLE A.ND *|\ULESOLK OVJvJ BUSKINS, of all colors, from 5s to 6s. and (1, warranted good Ladies', Misses, and Children's Gaiters, black, bronze, g<eu and light colors, ol the latest fashion, $ I ft to $1 75, a..d $2. Gent's line Kivuch and natirecalf dreaa boolSj prime calf dress qnarler hoots, shoes and gaiters; mens', boys. ?urt chilrtr-n's; good low p-ir rd boots; prime mens', boys'ana children's, of all sorts and s izes, tly cheapest yon ever saw. Largest assortment, best quality, and lowest prices in the city. J. 8 Walker, t!9 Bioadway. I have sold out my other store, and will pay all attention to accommodate iny friends end the public. Good shoes at low prices. Good gaiters, 12s. al 'IT'*r IPlMl THE KACE AND 8KIN ?Erui.tive dlse.sei on the fare end "kin, such as pirn des, blotches, tan, tetter, ring -n... . h. tile .. he lb. ..... ,,f Clinr* Ii'j Vi gcable Lo'iou, which has beeu iu eitei lire use in the United States a-d in Europe, and < admitted to be the best cosmetic in me for clearing and estab'rshng a brilliant complexion. Hold at wlinleia'e or retail at Church's Dispensary. 188 Bowery, coruer of Spring itreet. Price 75 crun per battle. ?20 1 m od?m TAMES O. MOFFET, 121 Priuce it.. Mew lurk, itai at w way on hand and offers lor aale by wholeiale and retail, at the loweit market prices, six :? German Silver of different thicknesses, a very inperior article ; Sheet Brau ; Plate'i do; Coopers' Brail ; Tail ban and Riveu ; Umbrella, Paraiel ami Shade furniture. Which he warrant! in quality equal to any in the United Statei.and ofhiiown manufacture. VCr Gold, Silver, and ail kinds of metal, rolled at the ihort ?t nneir#. a 9 'm m IMPORTANT?GERMAN SILVER! GERMAN aik. 1 VEK.-JAMEH O. MOKFET, 121 Prince itreet, N. Y., offers for iale, wholeiale and retail, 1500 Ibi of German Silver, at the lowest market prices. IE?"" In cmisequeuee of manufacturing the article himselfhe can warraut it far iui>erior to any ever before manufactured in this country, ami fully equal to the imported *19 Im - in W. CRUL1U8, RARGE, RACE, CLUB AND SAIL BOATS, NO 4U0 WATER STm KKT, four doors Kastof Cathetine Marker, New York?Builder of the Sultan of Muscat's Pleasure Barge, the Race Boats W've, Gazelle, Victoria, Atlantic , Wakoua, Brooklyn. Ann of Peekrkill, Washington of Pouahkeepaie, l)oche?i ol Hyde-Park, Sylph and Wave of Mobile, George Stewart of Louisville, Madame Celeste of New Orleans, he. Alio, the sail boati William Crolios, Fashion, Eureka,/? not'i, Star, Edwic Forrest, he. all lm*rc TOOLS?TOOLS-TOOLS A LBERTSON'S, Conger's, Hartou's and Oifford's warrantR ed Cast Steel Coopers. Carpenters and Ship Carpenters Edge Tools, can be had at wholesale and retail ,of OSBOKN ft LITTLE, 12 Fulton street, New > ork, (18 per cent allowed to merchants) and who keep on nand a full assortment of Coopers' Tools, Iron Rivets, Truss Hoops, Stare Jointers, Stock Howells nod Crezes. Also, Importers and General Dealers in English, German tnd Americaa Hardware, Cutlery, Nails, he. he. CHARLES OSBORN. f II 2tn ee* CHARLES S LITTLE. fpO DEALERS IN CUTLERY.?Win Wild, No. 162 I Division stieef, Marufaeturer ol Cutlery, offers to the trade, cheap for cash, 1100 deirn ol assorted ( Utlerv of superior quality, consisting of one, two, thiee and lour blade kuites. all lm*r P)AGUERR EOTYPE ?L. B. B1N88E h CO. inlorra I J Photographists that ihey have removed from tlirirold stand No. 34 viaideu lane, to No. 81 William atieet, rouih west corner of Maiden lane, en the rd floor. They have on hand at pr sent a complete assortment of plates, ch-micals and lenses, wafsicwt t quality, to which ttiey respectfully invite the attention nl opera tots. Articles are in every iusrance warranted. Tnetr chemicals are Irovn ths laboratories of the firs'chemists in Pari*, and tlirir plates i|>ccially s-lectrd oy their p-rtnsr there lesid'D*. bear their initials, and are fully warranted to save ihc proportion of silver, which is stamped upon thoin. Any peisoas who btve their doubts on the subj eel, are 'egursted to hate th -m estayed. aplj lai*r MEW AND IMPORTANT IMPROVEMENT.?PAR La SELLS It AGATE, offer fur the inapeclion of the public their improred Minerra Shoulder Brace, perfectly aatiafied that the vaat improvement* the y hare made in the article place it far abore auv article of the kind heretofore manufactured.? Thia article i? intrn led to hrice lit'1 ahou'der* and rioiud the cheat, airing at the aamr time free uae nf the anna, ana full and perfect action to the Inmri- It not only beantiliea the form of the wearer, bnt la highly recnmaieuded by professional gentleram, heiug considered aa almoat ludiapenaible tn peraoua of aedentary habita. Parenta and anarduna are leoneated to aire thin article their attention, aa it will he lonnd m inlirnte benefit tochildienof either aei, and to all prraopa who hare acquired the habit of "looping. Peraoua sending otdera will pleaae tend the aire acroaa the ahonldera and around the waiat, and directiona will be forwarded with the Braoe, to obviate any difficult y that may occur in the aire. Kor tale wholeaaleand retail, at the old eatabliahment of PAHSKLLS It AUA TK, a J lm*ec 237 Broadway, comer of Park Place. MAHTIN fc COUPA, Guitar Manufactorera, No. 315 Broadway, up ataira, hare ronaiautly on hand a large aaa nxmeni ol (jni'ari, maun far pi red from tne beat maleriala of auperior lone and petfect in every rraprct. Martin 8t Coups, haring made aerrral improrementa in the manufacturing branch are enabled tn offer their iaitrnmeuta lower th in any other eatabliahment in the city. Strangers belnre making their purchaaea will find it to their advantage to call and examine their aaaortment which ia the largest iu the United State*. N. B ?The Unitara are warranted to atand any change of climate. Sold wholerale and retail at 3ti Broadway, (up itaira.) No connection with the mime atore heio ? aj 1m*r WIMJUW sHAL) *.S?The subscnter offers ler talc at Ida a ore No. 37i flleeeker a icet, a gen-'nl aaaortmem of beau'iful traus arm I alian and Kiench Window Sha tea, at prices lower thin atauy place in thia city. And alto a taatelnl vsao tnieut ol Dty Good* a8 3w c DANIEL E. TGOKKH. /N|TKI?'-E Gfr JhhSEKSUN IN Mi nANt ,a. CdiVUA v-e NY?Office 36 Will atreet. Thia Company continne thefr bnsaoeta of lusnrnnee uiamst low or damage hv lire, on goods, wires and merchandize aud aleo, ou Teasels and (heir earsoc* against loss by inland novig-.iiou. DIHKCTOMH. The mas W Thome hi it he Hicks Thomas T Woodruff Benjamin R Hobeom Jobs H Uaeiaor Praneia I' Saga Thornton Price. Joseph Allen John M Li o John P Moora Metre Tucker Jauiaa K Holmes' Caleb 0. Tunis James K Whiting Ansoti B.iker| Win K Thorn Joseph Draae Irad Hawley John C Mamll Thomas Morrcll THOMAS W THOHNK, President. tir'.O T. HOPK. Accra tare m!3 y igb C~ HEAP 'iiPHOLBTEKV?W-lton, Brussels and Ingrain Carpels, made, altered end repairs*, and warranted to fit iu the neatest manner, am! at a moderate price, by an experienced Upholetrste. rpl im*r MRS- BOLTOtl, M Monroe sttMt> *1 IEBA I. Ntwborgh. [Correspondence ol the Herald ] Nkwburoh, April 22, 1843. Jas. Gordon Bennett, E*q :? There has h?en an extraordinary";revival among our many different churches for several weeks past. The spirit has indeed been abiding with us. Hundreds have been brought to sec themselves in a new light, and have gained a hope for a blessed immortality beyond the grave. The old and young, the ' learned and the illiterate, have alike (locked to the altar of a redeeming Saviour. Mr. R. pastor of the Bapli&t Church, has already immersed between fit) and 70 ; he is a young man, and has been with us but a short time, and certainly has reason to leel much flattered in meeting with such success. The addition to the Methodist is larger still, numbering near two hundred. All the other churches have done their share in the good work. Quite a flare up has taken place between a portion of the merchants and freighting establishments of this village. The former complained of the prices they were charged for freight, but the latter refusing to make any reduction, a meeting was called on the llih ult to take the matter into due consideration. The "gallant Col. II." whs called to the chair, when resolutions, all cut and dried, were offered by "Alderman George," and unanimously adopted. 1 have been unable to obtain copies of all the resolutions. Thpre was nnitp a buzz amoner our citizens a few days since, in consequence ot a report that our present Post master, Mr D had been removed, and that the "many-faced Daniel" had been commanded to step into his shoes. The disapprobation of the people so readily manifeste 1 before the report was authenticated, is but a taint evidence of what the general expression would be, were such really to take place. Madame Adolph is here, feeling'of heads and telling fortunes Prive fifty cents 1 think of calling on her to make inquiry about the Millenemn. To morrow is the last day. Jo Smith, Jr. Putnam i o., Ill, I ('orre?ponileucc of the Herald. I Putnam Co., Illinois, April 3, 1843. Condition of illinoii?Scarcity of Money?Plenty oj Jieef?F ricea. Dear Bennett I address you from the fariwest.'and propose to give you a few iteniB of the news of Illinois. Times are hard enough here, not but that we have plenty to eat and wear,' but we have no money; without any circulating medium whatever; the larmer cannot raise money to pay his taxes?he is obliged to team his wheat from here to Chicago, a distance ol one hundred miles, and sell it there lor the beggarly pittance of thirty to forty cents a bushel; then go to the broker and pay him from five to filteen per cent to get his eastern paper exchanged for gold and silver to pay his taxes. Can any one say that the *armers of Illinois have no tight to complain I The people are, however, waking up to a sense of their situation, and will soon speak to their corrupt legislature in tones not to be mistaken. The weather here the past winter has been most severe, there is now eight inches of snow on the ground, fallen within the last few days, and no immediate prospect of the weather getting warmer. Below I give you the price of produce? Wheat .11 a 89 cts ; Potatoes 7 a 9 cts ; Corn 8 a 10 cts ; Oits 8 a 10 cts. These are ruinous prices to the farmer. There lias been a division created lately in the democratic ranks,by ihe removal of Secretary Trumbull by Gov Ford. We have strong hopes here that our canal will be completed in two or three years, this will be some relief to us. " Temperance Lectures."?Many of the sensible and intelligent friends of the great cause of temperance are beginning to be seriously alarme d by the conduct of sundry vagabonds who are going about giving what arc called "temperance lectures." In this city there are several individuals whose utter destitution of every thing that gives a man respectability is notorious, who have taken up this trade, and are most industriously engaged in throwing the greatest possible discredit on the cause of temperance. We very readily admit that men of character and talent?men possessed of all that influence which an unblemished reputation and high intellectual ac quirementsalways create, might largely contribute to the advancement of the interests of virtue and sobriety,by getting up entertainments with a special view of attracting public attention to the temperance cause. But when persons of the most profligate character?fellows whose impudence and mental debility are equalled only by their moral worthlessness, are lound placarding their names at every corner, as the choBen champions of the Tern, perance Societies, and inviting the public to partake o.' their "intellectual feasts" atashilling a is impos-ible for any reflecting friend of the cause to refrain from expressing his alarm and disgust. We cannot doubt that effective measures will be taken by the influential members of the Temperance Societies of the city, to prevent a repetition of the disgraceful exhibitions perpetrated on their name. Only think of fellows who live, move, and have their being in the vilest haunts ot obscenity and vice, lecturing on temperance and virtue, pocketing the proceeds, and then spending them in debauchery! It is a gross outrage on decency and morality. If such conduct be Buffered much longer, the cause of temperance will be covered with disgrace, the obliteration of which will be almost as difficult as the regeneration of its reprobate authors. "A Pevkhk Rkbckr to Evil Doers."?The congregation of " the Church of the Ascension," have lately turned out all the vestry who behaved I so unbecomingly to a clergyman of high standing in the western part of this State. We are glad to see improvement in ecclesiastical as well as temporal affairs. Promising.?'The wheat crop tn western New York. Extraordinary.? William Mason, who made such a horrible confession ot committing the double murder in Harrisburg, has proved an alibi, and is dis. charged. Distress in New Brunswick. ?Cattle are starving to death in New Brunswick as well as in Canada and at the west. Fodder was never so scarce. Another Mormon City.?The Mormons are about buiiding a new city at Shokokan, on the Mississippi, three miles below Burlington, la. Hen. Orifk had not attempted to capture Montevideo at the last accounts. He was ten leagues from the city. OCJ- The Bay opposite Erie, Pa., was clear of ice on Saturday last. Peach Trees are in full blossom in New Jersey. Civilization in Cuba.?A race course has been established in Havana. Prick of May.?Fifteen dollars a ton in this city, $20 n $24 in Canada, and $18 a $20 in Maine. Tracked.??hipman, the absconding robber, passed through Cincinnati, under the name of Johnson, for Dayton, on the 15th, supposed to be on his way to Canada. Two Philadelphia officers passed through in pursuit two days after. One went south and the other north. Ai'puiNTMRNTsnYTHK (iovKRNoR.?Edward Cruft, Jr , Robert E. Hudaon, John A. Rolled, MlRM Morton, Jr., and Norman T. Leonard, of Weetheld, aa commirtaionera for taking acknowledgment* of decda, &c., in Mnsdachusetta, to be uaed hi New York. Another EncotrTTER?The celebrated Mr. "Head him or die" Hotta and Mr. Dromgoole, had a fight i in f'eteraburg, Va , Ibhi Friday night Dromgoole ' waa hurt badly. / T.TV ww* Cento, City Intflll(<inc?. Police.?One of the moat hideous excrescensea of the police system of this city, ia the abuse of the spirit of the writ of habeas corpus an practised by sessions counsel within the past several months. To this evil may be traced the lack of efficiency that oftentimes appears on the part of the police in pursuit of ordinary criminals, such as pickpockets, dec. They very reasonably say "What is the use of our spending time and money to arrest these rogues if they are bailed out at oace, allowed to run at large, and never tried?" And certainly what ia the use? We have in our possession the names of several of the most daring burglars, pickpockets and thieves that ever infested our city, who have been arretted, hailed out the next day on "straw bail," and who, secretly, are no doubt now committing depredations on the community We have also the names of several noted rascals who have been tried and convicted, but who by management of counael hnvc afterwards been allowed to run at large on pretext of arguing a bill of exceptions before the Supreme Court. One of these men, Ned Hammond, alias Ned Simpaon, since hia conviction for grand larceny, has been re-arrested for picking the pocket of John Teller, at Tammany Hall, of a nocket book containing 9160, on the night of the 19.h inst.. and immediately hailed out by Jane Holmes, of 30 Kim street, and Henry Heynolds, 58 Maiden lane, who justified under oath, before the Recorder, that they were worb $1000, over and above all debts and demands. The second instance to which we allude, is tha case of Brown, the Boston burglar, re-arrested on Tuesday, a notice of which was published yesterday morning This man was lodged in the city prison, a lew months since, on a clear charge of burglary and grand larceny, and several thousand dollars' worth of property stolen then recovered. Upon examination of the papers in his case we find the following endorsement on his bail-bond:? City and County of New York, ei ?Patrick Coy Is, No. IA Elizabeth street, being duly (worn, deposes SDd says, That he ii worth the sum of $9000 over and above all duel, debts and demand* against htm; and that bis property consists of throe lot* of land situate corner oi 110th street an.l 11th avenue, which are free from any incumbrance; leasehold property 16 Front (treat, worth at least $1,3110, together with personal property worth at least uvk uunuieu uuimri, nnu mat ne noes nor own iweniy uoilnrito any person or perfon*. PATRICK COYLE. Sworn before me this 'id day of MTCh, 1943. K. A. Tallmador. Since this man has thus teen allowed to be at large, strong circumstantial evidence has been presented of his participation in two recent burglaries in Boston, ana Beveral in this city, and therefore it is, that well may the police say ''what is the uae ot our arresting these rogues if they can never be brought to justice 1" Pickpocket.?A lellow who says his name is James Williams, succeeded on Wednesday night in (licking the pocket of Michael Doran of $7 at the store of Nicholas Doran, in Seventeeuh street, near Ninth Avenue, and was arrested yesterday morning and fully committed on the charge. Coroner's Office.?On Wednesday, while the coroner holding an inquest at Blackwell's Island on the bodv of Ned Dougherty, known as " Poverty parts friends" and also as a witness agairaj Justices Matsell and Parker beiore the County Court, it was announced that a vagrant named John McGinois, aged 38 years, who had been sent up by Justice Taylor in the morning, had also died. An inqueat was held on his body when it was ascertained that bs died inafi', una upon examination his brain was found to be so much congested as to cause death. Common Conncll. Srr.oial Meetino ?Board or Assistants?April 97.? The reading of the minutes of the last meeting wers dispensed with. Petitions?Of Charles H Hill, for extra compensation for digging "hard pan"?Referred Of M. landlord, to have manure removed Iron piers in district No. 3, Corporation docks and slips?Referred. Of Michael Fly nn, for compensation for damages to his house by a mob Referred. Of Jonas Book nun, for a public hydrant in Pearl near Oak street?Roforred. Of Smith Sl Dai row, for the introduction ef Croton water i"to premises No. ft7 Liberty st.? Referred. Reports?Concurring with the Hoard of Aldermen In the adoption ol an ordinance to establish an office forth* collection of taxes in the city of Now York. That the Counsel of the Corporation apply to the Conrt of Chancery for the correction of error in the contract for regulating 96th street. A report offering aa a substitute a resolution that the subject be relerred to the Counsel that he shall take such steps as he shall deem necessary. Paveri from tho Board of Jfldtrmtn.?Report and reeo lutian in favor of correcting the tax of J. V. D. B. Fowler?Concurred in. Report and re-olution in favor of correcting the tax of David Demareat?Referred. Report and resolution in favor of granting the petition of George Ehninger, Assignee ol tha American Firo Company for relief from tax?Concurred in. Report and resolution in favor of relieving Oliver Vanderhilt from fine lor violation of the Corporation ordinance on payment of costs?Concurred in. Report and resolution in favor of relieving GeorgeD. Baldwin from Judgment for a violation ol the Corporation ordinances? Referred. Report and resolution in favor of rvpafiug Hester it, between Mulberry and Orangesta.?Referred. Report and resolution in favor of constructing a sewer in 'JOth sireet, from the Bloomingdale road to the 4th avenue. Concurred in. Report and resolntisn in lavorof regulating and paving Uth street, between avenues A and C. Referred. Report and resolution in favor of transferring stall No. 8 Catharine Market, to Walter Anderson. Concurred tn. Report and reso uli n in favor of authorising the Chief Engineer, under the direction of the Committee on Fire and Water to organize an Engine Company, to be known as No. 10, ta be located in the vicinity of 9th avenue and Sdth street, and that he present the names to the Common Council for appointment. Concurred in. Report and resolution iu favor of granting permiaaion to the Public School Society to erect a School House on the plot of gronnd bounded by Anthony,Cress and Little Water street. Referred. Report and resolution in favor of correcting the assesement of Curtis, Blatchford, end Graham, trustees. Con. curred in. A Communication from the Board of Aldermen, stating that they had concurred in a report and resolution ol this Board in permitting 1. and B Brush to build a Bridge en part of the wharf foot of Clarkson street. Ordered on tilo Resolution by Assistant Alderman W. Dodge, that tho Chamber of this Board be appropriated fortheosoof tho Supreme Court at iti next May term. Adopted. Resolution by same, calling up the special order of tho (lay, being an ordinance to establish a work house, was, after an unimportant amendment, adopted. After which thn Board adjourned to Wedneaday, tha 3d May. Superior Court. Before Judge Vanderpoel. Aram 27.? Edward Mirandnli va. Merrhanli' Exehanga Company.?This was an action brought by the plaintiff against the defendants to recover a sum oi $5000. Early in the year 1838 tht defendants contracted by parol wltn the plaintiff'for 450 tons ol Italian marble of a certain quality and certain dimensions, for shafts and piilare, to complete the rotnndaof the Merchants' Exchange?the plaintiff not having delivered the -nurble pursuant to the original agreement. In Decemi of the same year a written contract was entered int iwean the parlies on the basis of the first, but modifying it very considerably. By the last contract it was agreej between the parties that the defendants should charter a vessel themselves, and send it out to Leghorn for the marble, and it was further stipulated that the marble should be delivered at the port nt Leghorn within 85 days after the arrival of the vessel at that port, and that she should sail in ten days after receiving her freight, la pursuance of this agreement the defendants chartered thn ship Sarah and Aneelia, Oardlnor, master, who arrived at Leghorn in the month of March, 1839, and after considerable delay only portion of the marble was shipped and delivered at l*aw York- The defendants set up as t defence, that tha marble was not delivered pursuant to oontract.that tha veaaal waa detained lor several davs bevond tha time agreed epon. for which the defendant* had to pay S19b0 demurrage, and that the marble waa of a very inferior quality flrseral witnesses were examined bv the plaintiff*, and the Court adjourned until 10 o'clock this morning. Court Colendsur.?This Dst. ourmivi VUURT.?HOT. 04. 00, 40, ?0. 00. (U. V W (1. 39,49, 93. ....... *. Navigation between Chicago and Milwatikie ia open. Whto Extravagance ?The salary of the Mayor of Portland has been raised to $500 per annum. Emigration to Oregon -Extensive preparations are making at the wcet to emigrate ta < "regon. Stf ?.mkh Boouk Homa has been totolly lost In the Bayou de t.laize. Blossoming.?'The apricot and plum trees in Baltimore are in tull bloom. Clear or lea.?All the rivers in Maine. (Jrkln Peas were in Savannah on the 18th ins*. Positive Flow?Comp. flower? Superl. fled. Pos. Show?Comp shower? Sup. Shed

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