Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 29, 1843, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 29, 1843 Page 1
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TH Tot. IX.?No. 110 ?Whol* Ho. 3339. To tin Public. THE NEW YORK HERALD?dailynewapaper?pubUahed ev^ry day of tha year except New Year's day and Fourth cf July. Price 3 centi per copy?or f7 36 per annum? poatagee paid?caah in advance. THE WEEKLY HERALD?publiahod every Saturday morning?price 6} cent* per copy, or $3 13 per annum? poatagea paid?caah in advance. ADVERTISERS are informed that the circulation ol the Herald ia over THIRTY THOUSAND, and increasing aat. It hat the Urgcit circulation of any paper in thii city, or the world, and u therefore, the beet channel for butinen am in the city or country. Pricea moderate?caah in advance. PRINTING of all kinda, executed at the moat moderate pricea, and in the moat elegant etyle. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, PmoraicToa ar the Herald Establishment, Ndrthwect corner of Fulton and Nassau atreeta M HOUSES TO LET AT YORKVILLK.-g lar^ honaes on the corner of Stth itreet and 3d avenue; either of tiiaan ia calculated for a public houae, grocery or private residence. On the premises ia a tin.- stable, bowling alley, and a fine garden, consisting of 8 >oli, with grape vino and fruit treca thereon. For (errna, inquire of JOHN A. MORRILL, Esq.. m? twr No. 11 Chambers at, JbTO LET?OreeLwoodCn't gt. at Oow,tnu?. Bro h T77TW'yn. containing six rooms cel'ar and wondhouse apis?.- ] in front, and latge vs d-n, b-atitifuliy litnaf-d, o*t - | Ioom< g th- Bd", and com mauling a moat rx'en>ive view. To J a im?H r ?peclable Sinulr, this i? a very desirable reaidence. I Enquire of R. MARTIN & CO. >26 it*m 26 John ?treet, N. Y. TO LET?For a private reaidence, and possession RiffTjw ven immediately, a a>Re houae, fine Rnrden. slnubaery J,"J^aml fiuit, with be'ween two and three aciea of ground, beauttrully limated on the East n?? r, about 4 m;lea fr-m the ( icy Hall. Aim to let, end possession Riven immediately, the convenient two story brick name No. 29 Fourth street, with under cellar, attic, maible mantels, slate roof, We Andv to JEREMIAH TOWLE, Esq sIB 9t*re Nav it Office, Custom t*eose. SflPLE VOID AI'ARTMENTs inathtee siory houie to lit, in h? viemilv of Bruadway ?nd Le?na>d streets, to a small f u ilv, or to single gentlemen. Enquire hee 1st of May at 91 C rosty stteet. Jhenl modna e. >28 3t*rc MTO LET?The upner parts of the three new 3 sto rv brick houses 343. 347 anil 349 Broome street, between he Bowery and Elii ibelh streets, with twelve rooms eac , with kitchen nud cellar. Alio th* 'hrte story brick house and s'ore 331 Broome street, ?vers fit for a grocery?to 'el Irom the lit May test. N. B?Pipes for the (Jrot*n water will be introduced into either of the houses, if it be reo*>ir*d. For furber in formatien. enq'ti e of HCHULZ It BLk I DOHA, a 74l*r 9lX Bowery. AaA TO RENT?The extensive Buildiug erected the prefvfrS sent season hi the suhsrrioer, for his own resideace, on , J^JjLt'ie msrkiu of the Esst River, at (jo warms Heights, two and s half miles from South Brooklyn Feny, comunanding splendid views of the Bay and Jersey shore, the C'tles of New York aud Brook I > n. Statea Island ?rd the East sad North Rivera. lheH use is b ick, a superior building, five stories h:sh, c?vt red whncoppei; the hall and st?irs of marble: the water front ab'iot one iheai.ind feet, and the bathiuR within a ft w s >>d. of the door. exc-lle- t fishing ai d fowling in the im mediate vicinity. The drive from New York ? about fifteen miuu'es, aud the premises are not excelled by any >i'Uaiinn near this cry One hundred pe<sons can be accommodated.? Possession imBU'if-atelv. Apnlvto JOHN T DFLAPLAINF.. 68 Wall at. ALSO TO LET, the thte? atorv brick House, 34 Walker stteet, between Broadway at d Church street, occupied by Mrs. Vetnlanck; and the two -tors brick Home No 229 Nineteenth a tret t occupied by Mr- C. W. Feelts?Rents moderate. aid lm*gc TO LET?The Mansion Houie at bloomiugd tie, known as the " Abbey" licuatxl a sh art < i.tance above XJJL be six mile stone, just above Stryker's Bay, aud nearly opposite St. Michaels Church The place is well known as on* ol the moit delightful situations on the Island, and is remarkably hea'lhy in the summer season. Too Rloommgdale stages pass and repass the gate every honrin the day. The gate is new, and numbered 101. The tent will be in accordance with the present state of the time*. A ply on the premises, or at 133 Chambers street. N. B.?Arran.i muni canld be made, if desired, by a satisfactory tenant, to teta part of the furniture now in the honse remain, or a part of the house will be rented separately. JgL TO LET-PAVlLlO.N HuTnL, at Saraioga [ -w Springs. together with the Furniture. To a popular JUHaud suitable person, I; will be rented tow. For further particulars,apply to Q. HARPER, At the office of th Pavilion Fotn'?in orof alex'k l. Mcdonald, a23 1 w*ec No. 52 Jnhu street 3d story. New Y< rk. JtaH TfFXET?TfieTfre prooi brick store. No. las South FTf st, with immediate poss-ssion if reqnired, apply to JiitfL WOODHULL k MINTURN, m24r 87 mth street. JmL TO LET?The iwo story brick Honse and premises, rjlNo. MS Wooster street, finished in the most modern JLiflLatylo, with snaible mantel-pieces aad folding doors throughout. Apply to JOSEPH McMURRAY, mS3r 100 Pine street. MA TO LET?Revrral W<irk Slwspr, with good light, at T"!* * Ann it'cet. will be let at low rents to good tenants. XMl Enquire of WM FULLER, 4th story, fiont budding, iiieceu II and 2 o'c ock. e2 iw'r AA FOR BALK.?A l < uuiry Residence, situate t en Far Rorkawa*. t>. I : between fire and sn acres of land. XiJL?< t out in worked ivach trees. There is on the preroises a large dwelling h mse. barn and other out uildii gs, with a good w-ll o| water, situated on the turn.ike leading (mm Jun<4ea to Rockawau, at the junction of the road leading t<? Near Kockaway, ana about two miles from the Ma'ine Pavilion. For furher pattica'ars aoply to JuHN L NOK1 ON, Jr a1 Abel 8. Bm th's. 291 Bowery. a2S 6t*r nw TO LET OR FOR SALE?A three story modern ISTB fmltbiiek dwelling nonse an I state, wi h two luts of XJft giound attached, a tuated in Williamsburg, about two minut'S walk f on the Peck 8'ip Ferry Apoly on the premises, corner of Fourth and South-Eighth streets, Williamsburg, or o W.kJ. T. TAPSCOTT, a 4r 42 Peek slip. antf FARM FOR BALE, containing forty acres, thirtyW|q| five nnder cultivation and the balances good growth of ^Jkswwood. On the premises is a honse in good repair, a new cnaeh honse and a large barn In front of the honse is an excellent well of svatsr, secured from the weather by a new well house, and a fine lawn in front of the house- On the above described f-rm is f ult in nbuutLnc*, such as apples, cherries, iieais, quinces, currants, gooseber ies, Sic. TL. .V... r...? i. nil.. I~._ .u- .taMiu.., 1?J: ? on* fr tnihelown of Rye, on the North street rosd. A foil Tiew ?l the Sound ; can tee two light hcuies when lighted; is in every respect a desirable location for a gentleman's residence. This fsrm is in Westchester County. Call on the premises, ol on Mr. J. H WELCH, 35 Leonard street, all lm*ce or?' the Police Office. DRESS BOOTS. LATEST FRENCH STYLE. THK SUBSCRIBER >e?peetfnlly invites the citizens of New Yo It sad strangers visiting the citv, to call at lit EULTON STREET, and examine a large assortment ?f Dress Boots, made in the latest fashion, and of the finest French calfskin. Uent'enicn can have boo's made to ord r in the best manner, at sit dollars per pait, and footed at four dollars, warranted equal to any manufactured in the city at from seven to eight do'lsrs. Persons having tender feet, or being difficult to fit on acc vunt of Inmps, be tin ma corns, lu. . can have boors made to as to be easy yet hutdrome. bv the subscribe 's method of taking a diassin.; of he tcet and fitting up and keeping a pair ol laata f or each customer. Straugers leaving their measures can, by writirg, have boots made and forwarded to n em without delay. coisitaistlv cis hard. H'ndiome Boots, ftom $2 00 ta |f> 00 Half Boots, " 2 50 to 3 JO Otiter Boots, " 2 00 to 2 53 Shoes, " 1 50 to 2 it Slippers, " 50 to 1 00 Pumps, etc., ?c.,eanally low. Tebiu, Cash ox Delivebt. JOHN L. WATKINS, a9Itn*r 1_M Fulton st.between Nassan and Patch t's. WHO WANTS BOOTS It SHOES I THE G eatest Hedoction in Prices ever known. wHf^^HFOnlv think of Ocutl-men's fine dress call stitched Soots, of Ithe most fashionable shape, 12,75 to SJ.OH. Fashionable yegged boots SI 50 to >2,00 a pair. Ladies fancy colored French and city made Gaiters lor SI,35 to $1,50 a pair. And all the faihioue for 1(43, for Gentlemen, kudus -ud Children,from thirty to forty per cent cheaper than ever, at 212 Greenwich at, corner of Barclay. JA8. WIGGINS. s5 ltn'r ADOLPHE MONDHON, Boot maker, from Pa*n^V^wris, res|iect folly informs the inhabitants of New Yora, that he has opened hit establishment at No 1?3 Broadway, where he is readv to eiecute all orders entrusted to him, ol the 1st' st fashions and best workmanship. Genl'emen wishing to hare an elegant fit will do well to call end eismtae his work __ eg lm*r .8hoe- btohe. ?? ? ..,?r?wt r f i ,ifi i n i1 v ininrma ma Irtemra and me i ublic.that h" hat commenced bnaiueia in the above line, ?i No. 99 Nattau (treat, where he will thmklully receive mid faithfully rycetve, (II ordert he o.ay be favored with on the m' itrcmoiiih'e temi? lor rmh, -.n, LADIES, LOOK AX THIS ! 7000 pain of French tidier Boota.r.nd .1( 00 pirn ol Blip-pert, juit received, aid 'or tale whileaale and rruil. *1 the to lowiug verv low prim '.?2000 paira of Flinch ( the belt (ju-lity, and of all colore, 81,50; (nd 3000 pun ol Slippcra, 75 centa, II 307 Brood way and 01 Canal (trr et. Ladira, iu ilicae corei yon will find ihr irratetr and belt aaeor nti,t in the wnrlrt of lioota, Ojitera, Short, Blipptra, Sac. nd Minci and ' Inldreu'a do. Oi n leincn, we niah to draw venr attention to oar iplendid ' oiimeut of Booti, Short ami clo'h ba ton (iaitera, of the new tiyle; Kreneli ralftkin Boata, of the hear qu lity and oaclr loonier, $3. ai d French calfik'D Boofa on hand, from $3 to ft per p> HI cloth button Out- ra. $',50; Prunella $1 50; ihe fineat ol calfikin Short, 1,25 to $2; boyt't Boolt of lh, belt quilitr, 1.25 to St 75; Hioea, $1 to 1.25; y ouili't Boon, SI to 1,50; Short 50 cr mt 10 SI. Boon, Oaitrn, S ipi?ra. Tirt, Butlnni, flhoea, Kc in endleaa ?"ii? ty, and all w airmt-il to he ol thr beat kind. OKKOOllY k OAHILL, S67 Bioadway a2S Im'r and 92 Caoal atreet. Fish hookb anb fishing tackle.-t. it j. BATS, hare received by thr lite anivala from 'heirman'ftet'i y i* uglaud, a general ( aorlrrrnt of tupe lor Fiah Hooka aod Flitting Tackle, which ih-y offer for ailr <>n thr ehraprat trnna ; Martin Krlly'a (Dublin) Limerick Honkt; aalmoa, hata. black, week, to lit. pickeril aid cat Ft h Hookt; ;>atcn til b gun; lump and , rata Lmn; r.?lt, rrela, haak It ; a t final Flica; aa>moii and trout S.,noda on Kimr; doable and aiugle fiu't, with a yaiiely of articlea. tuilable for American Fiahimc. Superior drilled eyed Needlea. a?# 'tn*r T.fcJ. BATE. 70 Maiden lane, no ataira. rr>Q SPORTSMEN?dOUN CONBOY. St fVlinn .?ra.t I ri rner of ' lif, h?a it' Mini IMI B inn (hi Koda, fi r' i' 'rem Calentta, of a beautiful taper aid free from norma, which he offer# lor aale chaap, by tbedon-n or amyle on*. He ha alio receired, direct Imin Malatta, 6JOO eitmon nlk worm gat, f the beat quaii y that ha? been aeeu lor maDT yeara, round, whito and a'rnng J 0 genrraf a.arrimcnt *f Flailing Tack e ia ti n moat complete ihat haa ei tr h en arm in llna or iny nthtr city. lir gii.nn'eei toarll hit tackle Chen ar t'-nn any other atore in th' city. Hi. rod. nud reela areiithrr made by him.elf or under hia itnin.diete aupatintaud>BC?, and v? uianied Anlera aro ciii.cllully mvi ed to inapert Mattock. aW?f r SHKATHlNw I aFkH?SO bale, ol very anpenor unaiity arable for ronfa of hooae. and ahi|it bottoma, lor tale by ml* . K. COLLINS k CO M Booth att T7* "IYT Ti 11 I!i NE I:X ! t \\ ;i. HOTEL, HAI HMOR] rpilia huU-e liaviu* undergone many imp. runl *1 U ration* and (horruth repairs. lining been 10 part refurnished with nchand elegant furniture, u egain open for (he reception of company. The posi ion of this Hotel ia <00 well kuowu to teouire a detail of its adranti.'ra. It is confessed to be, for reoi le of business or plrsanrr, one of the most favorable of any in the tity. The present 1 rnpiielor intends that care and indnstry shall not bi warning to improve in natural advantages, under his superintend tnce, and he respectfully aoliciu the patronage of his friends anu the public. KKASTUS COLEMAN. Baltimore. AprUlO,1813. a?3 eod3mr NEPTUNE HOUSE, NEW ROCHELLE. 'T'HE Proprietor of th? above est tb'ithm'ut levls grate fnl for ^ the verv liberal and dislinauished natroniue he haa harem. fore >eceiveJ, and with renewed rgertions he hope* to seture acoutinuauce < f their support. He most respectfully inlo-ms hisfricudi and the j uMic in general,th.v his h uae la opened for the reception ol company anil th it he is nrepaed to make arrangements with fam Ilea to board for the ensuing season npon I reason ible terms There ia not a Ho'el in the ci nntry which i combines he advantages of tltia lor health, cotn'o t. and pleasure Single gentlemen or gentlemen with their fsu.ilies, wantirg superior accnmmodatione for the summer, with all the I convenieucea aril adv images of a handguns and retin d residence, cinnol fail to be tuned. C. F. BICE. ap' S 6tr WASHINGTON TEMPERANCE HOTEL, 326 PEARL ST , FRANKLIN SQUARE, N. Y J FOWLER & SON reapecttullv inlorm their friends and the public, that ther have opeued the above well Iibowu Hotel on strict temperance principles, and pledge themselves to conduct the same strictly in tboae prtuciplea. Tlie acer m modati ins need no comment, as they are good aud comfortable. Permanent and transient Boarders by the day or week. Private apartm-ntt forfamiiiea on the moat reasonable terms. The location ia convenient to the London and Liverpool Packets, and the Albany, Buffalo, Boston aud Philadelphia boats. Every information given to persons travelling; also the best and cheape.t way of conveyance to all paiti of the United States aud Canada. The Reading Room will be supplied with English and American papers, and all the Temperance periodicals. Terms? Boarkiug per week $3; per day 75 cents. Tea, coffee. cakes, Ike. always ready. We, the undersigned, would cheerfully recommend the above Hotel to the notica of oar Washingtonian friends, and the travelling public generally. ' Hon. Aarou Clark Hon. (Jeo. Hall, President Parent Society, Brooklyn. James Van Dyke, President of WalUbout T. B. Society. James Heritor, President o1 the Fraoklin Temp Society. Wm F. Leggrt, Vice President Broadway lociety.. A C Flanagan. President of Prospect Society. Kcv. Isaac Covert, Presisent Waahingtoniau T. B. Society Nicholas Duff, Pres'deut of Atiderton Society. A D Wilson, M, D. President of Marshall T. A Society. apl lm*ec ROSSViLLE BuAHDING SCHOOL, sTATEN " ISLAND. WWESTTHORP respectlolly informs his friends and the public, tha' his school will reopen on the 1st of May. Pa ems and guardiai.s are also informed W. W. makes it a poiut oi conscience to guard in every possible wav the morals of children committed to his care, from tpur to twelve years of age Reading, writing, orthography, aritnmuic, geography aud grammar taught, 'l he location is delightful and heilthy; the orchard, gardens and play ground are spacious; about ten miuatrs walk from the lauding. The steamboat Raritan le aves Barclay street averv day at 3 o'clock, lor Kossville. Terms, for board aud tuili >n, including wasuiug, (25 per quarter, paid in advance. References Rev David More, Staten Island. W. N. Seymour, Esq., 4 Chilh?m Square, N. Y Henrt Stewart seguine, Esq., Staea Island. Wm 1 ndlam, Esq., Ill Bcekman street. John Quinn, Esq , 3 a Munroe street. Messrs. Colvitl aud Flemins. Esq., 14 Cedar street. Capt Edward Ferber, Esq . Hicks street, Brooklyn. Mrs. V?rinn. 21 E'rridge street New Yor a22 lm*r Fit A.N CI 3 K. IHUMr, Chronometer, Watch aid Clock Maker and Jeweler, formerly with 8. J. Tobiai lor nearly it years, and recently with Mar.juaud* It' o., Broadway, upwards ol three ye trs.begs to acquaint his friends and the public, that he has taken a store at 248 Grand street, where he intends to practise the shore business and tnsts Irom his long exoerience and known ability, to meet with that share of patronage to which his abilities entitle him. In mu ning thanks let all past favours, he would remind his friends that he repairs every description of Watches, ltrpeaiers, Musical and Duplex, the most complicated that can be procured Also, Jewelry and Diamond work set ; Pearls re-*trnng; every article fifty percent cheaper than any ouse in the city, being enabled to do the whole himself, and not trust to the inexperience of others. Glasses an keys in proportion. Cash p?id for old yolH nd <ie*r at 'm*r KAOlSmY's CELEBKA i'Ku CUKMI' aL COSMETIC & HAVING COiMPOUND. npO en" gentleman who may purchase this article, the money -I will be refunded, if not entirely satisfied, alter ns ng it one m-mh. To be had of the inven.or, at his maanlactory and warehouse, 45 Maiden lane. ALEXANDER RAM8EF. Certificate oi Dr. T. E. Bond, Senior Editor of the Christian Advocite and Journal. Mr. Alexander RamseySir?I hive fairly tried yonr Chemical Cosmetic Shaving Compound, and liavi- gal ways been >n ihe practice of shaving myself, hail prev< us>v used msDyot the va inn preparations wh ch h il been offered t? the i nblic as faciliia'iug this peration. 1 have no hrs'tatiou in tsyieg yours is the best I nave tried. The lather is readily made, aud ol a propr r consutrnce; it is mild, itide, d, wholly inoffrmive to the face. - ven wliere IMMBSy be slight nhr Minus of the slriii,Mi'< adneres teusciously and closely,so ss to n've the necrisny stiffness to the beard to render close shaving pleasant aud easy. New Vork, April 12th, 1812. T. E. BOND, a 12 !m*ee "DIANO FORTES.?The subscribers respectfully invite J- tneir friends aud the publie in general, merit at their esta blnhment, No. 261 Eut Broadway, where they h*veon hand a well assorted s'rek of m'hogauy and r. se wood French grand action Pi?no Fortes, with all the late improvements warranted, and to b.-kept in tune tor one tear. The subscribers also beg leave to triform .he pub ic, that this is the establishment fnrmrr1. kept by Bennetand Hawkins, but at p-esent occupied by the subscribers The pr.ces will be f n il uiilinn to the times.? Furch?ser? are respectfully invi ed o call ml examine. N.B. Allkindaol pianoa Ir >m 6 H 7octaves will he made toordt r. Also pianos tuoed and repai-ed, or exchanged on the most reasonable terms. Also-e oud h md pianos for-ale. HENRY RICHARD !t JOHN RU< K. a25 lm*r 251 Eist Bioadwav. PK1NTEK.S' AND BINDERS' WARE ROOMS, Nos. 29 and 31 Gold street, N. York, April, 1843. PRICE8 GREATLY REDUCED. THE HOE PRINTING PRESS MACHINE AND SAW MANUFACTORY, in consequence of the addition of new and impr vrd ma. Inuery to tneir works, and the redaction in the cost of materials and labor, are euatlrd greatly to rrdnce the prieea of their Presses, and ol Printers' and Binders' materials generally, as will be seen by their newly printed cironMr, to which they beg leave to refer. This establishment i? m l uncle' the personal snperintend re of Hitman M. Hor. and Uobkrt HoK, aud they assue their friend- ilut, notwi hstendiug the (real reduction m |>rice?, a'l articles manufactured by this establishment shall retain the high rei iraii m which th y hate hitherto sustained. It wi I a so be their constant emleavorto impro?c the qmlity o' them in every particular. They Hatter themselves also that ihrir o d fiiends will not only continue thrir favo s. bnt tn?t Printers generally will appreciate their endeavors to furnish the very nest articles at baiefy remunerating prices. Odetafrom any pa it of the country ioi all articles used by Printers or Binders, ine'uding Types, Ink. Pater, dtc .wil be rircuted Willi the greatest care aud promptitude, and uu the best terms. Jobbing work and repairing will be none at the lowest possible p'ices, with every alteu'ionand expedition. N. B.?All arfic'es mannf ctured by this establishment will he stamped II HOE & CO , so ihat persons from abroad may no: be imposed upon with spuriout articles, made in imitation of thens. Printers of newspapers who publish this advertisement, with this note, three times before the first of July next, and send one of their pap rs to ns, will be entitled to payment of their bill on buy I no four tunes the amount of it. ap?0is r DICK'S PATENT JCI.ABllC METALIC SHANKS, for Boots and Shoes o! e??. r description.?'The nse of this improvement consists in tue loliowiua important advantages over the common mmoer ol making Boots and Shoes of all descriptions, that it e-cually sustains the weight or pressure of the fool from heel to toe, giving at the same time a pleasing elastic motion in walking, aud also keeps the Boot to its o*s> ginal shape, preventing the shank, or hollow of the foot frqnn pressing down, am. the heel from laming oat behind, end also effectually prevents the Pantaloon Straps from ever coming in contact with the pavement aud wearing off. Another great evil it removed b* its use, as it pr. ve'ts the loot from working forward, and pinching the toes, and causing coins, or butting those already made ; it also, by kropiug the boot in shape in the shank, prevcuts the upper on the instep from drawing tight, and causing those paiiilul lumps to prow on tbe top ol the i"strn. It can be used with a very low heel, much more conffoitable to the wearer; at d if the boot or shoe gets thoroughly water-soaked they retain their shrne in Hie Mf of ruling them off. which the common ones will not alwsyi do, but adhere to the sole of the foot, causing the shanks to hfink. Manufactured only by the undersigned in New York, Jersey City, and Brooklyn. LORIN BROOKS, Mannfketnrer. 138 Knlton street, N T. m26 lm*r JOHN DICK.Pyg^ee. DAGUERREOTYPE APPARATTt" JOHN ROACH, OPTICUS. 72 Nassau, near J.-hn ?t est, N, Y. n/x V \J IflT urui ?I"?UU miwcr inn UTIH niB|iu.viUU,nuu arr^DKiDK ih^in id ih? nin.rrx ob?cura him fh, he frf! wumuUiI in aating that operators ai tie h iapptratui have ? b lain d more anccesa th?-> iho.v uiidk c intern with foeigu tent, for >helatter are ofivi'J imptrfec . a ><l aiill ofieoer unp operlr adjusted. The ad-artiaer rrqaein a trill tor h'S cameras. Hi*teen jeara pracice aa Opt cur eDablea him to icrinrl and arrange l.ena 10 anil the purpoae for which they are waalcd. a >7 lm*rc NOllcK?The Copartnership her-tufore eiiituil betweea Kiln k M-ddlebrook, ia this day diaaolred New York, February lat. 111], K. 8. KLLIS. 8. MIDDl.KUHOOK. 8. MIDDLKBROOK respectfully luformi die customers of the latr firm and the public, that lie ca liei n Bookbinding od h?a own No. i2i Knlton afreet. New York N. H.?Orders rea|ieetlally aolicitrd. Cloth covera made promptly aad cheap for country hooaaellera. ai lm*er ~T~ POST OkKlcK. I Rvon.u ,1.11 . NEW YORK, April 24, l?IM J-4NGLI8H MAIL?Letter Bag? per novel Mail Steamer II Itannia, wht li leaves Boa loo on VIoniLv neit la May, will he cloard at the Upper and Lower Post OfBoi a on tlatiiidai the 21 h li st, at 45 ininuiea ni?t4 P M. a27 3tr J^HN LOKIMKR UK Ml AM P. M. AI ICVV tif, I LICMhN of atrady lubita can be accotmnn dated with good board and pleasant rooma in a private family, at 204 Kullou street. Alao, a few day boadrra can be accommodated on the most reaaonahle term. A parlor and bedroom to let, with or without hoard rr HAVANA HKtiAHh. ~ BM. riCABIA. No. <9 Liberty at.ret, near Naaaan .ofcrs for aale tlie follow in* 100,1 no La Notma Hnw, lit qnalitr, ?ry mr'tiot. 30 .Mill |)inm d > do do ?A ItlW Faverita do do do 4i,H 0 Kuclta Uwrra, Terr old, and do 4n,OoO F.?|ietanza do do M.uM Kr? >lu, Dai.ia, and Cononoa, do do. Too whole entitud to debenture, and in lota to mil norehaiera. ipU lm*r W YO W YORK. SATURDAY 5 BROWN k 'lO.'S One Price Hat Store, 171 Chatham I comer of Molt at., where faihiou, lo-auty, dura- | uiiiiv anu economy are comoineu to aaoru the head. The proprietor* have the pleasure now lo nlfrr a new style of not, the imitation of braver, which closely resembles those Connelly sold Cor $i and (6 at the low Cued price of $1; those who from inclinati >n or necessity are induced to study economy iu that indispensable article of dress, have now au opiiortunity of doing so, and still Itcep Bp the appearance of the 111 >st fashionable.? Brown It Co. in presenting this hat to the pnolic, think they have reached th ultimatum of beauty, cheapness, neatness, durability and comlort to the wrarer. All sales aie for cash, theiel'oie no good customer pays the louses incurred by the bad. bkown lit CO. 178 Chatham square, afl 1 in* comer of Mo*t sf fd? SPKINU KAbHIO.N KOH ( HA l'U The undersigned respectfully informs hi* cosioiners and the public generally, that lie lit* now ready for inspection and sale, the inuch admired spring style < I ueutlemeu a Hala, which for beauty of finish and and syineiiy oflorm, eiceed auv ormer effort, in this or any other city. To the economist thev are a drsuahle article, as they combine cheapness, duribil ty and eleitauce, warranted equal to any and lulerior to none. In the m uiulactnre of Hats he challenges compr hod; He therefore solicits a st are of public patronage;lis would a'so call their attention to hta large ai'Oriment ol Men's, Youth's,and children's caps, of cloth,veil et, Itc. all of his own manufacture, which for variety of patterns cannot be equalled. Alao, li i new style ofcliildren's drab and pearl colored fancy hats trimmed with velvet of various patterns, for sprinir and summer wear, very much admired, A call will convm-e the most sceptical of the superiority ol the shove mentioned articles, now ready for aale at the od sMblished ttnrea ?l ISAAC H AKCHKK, *1' lm*r 70s aud i60 Oreetiwich st, N. Y. THK WAKVl salt watrr BATH is now open at the fnot of Uesbross-s street, N. K. For its advantages over ftcsh water, tee Medical J 'urnals. five Tickets one Dollar. ai? 16 Im'r MTnKKAL Wa?hTr8 OF KISSINUEN, Germany, calls d RAKOCZl.?The Kahi czi au acidulous aaliue tlavrr, of an ?g eeabic t iste, at d bi-tug powerfully promotive of secretion au.l ncrenon.a pu titer, a str ?u so.yeut.Hnd at the same time it eng'heuing wt It'tit heal tut, it nets as a po lent spatilically on the l.ver, tlie tystema vruar. purl, aud ucrule svstctn, hikI dtsttpatinK any tutting obstruction, tl used according to directions. The li.ikoczi is sold at the following places, at 37X cents a quart ju r, or #4,40 a do*an. Holdb' H- oty King k ' o. DfUggist*. S61 Bro'd war, eor. Orand Sou 'lard, Dclluc & Co. do 381 Broadway ill 2 Park row Thra. T Or en 399 Broadway. 'I'ltos. H. Han, 2)8 Broadway Church', Dispensary, 188 Bowery. Wholesale *'d retail bv FLORIAN STRAUSS, 66 Bearer street, a23 lm?r up s'aits. 0~THE LOVERS OK SUPERIOR BLACK TEAHowqua's Mixture?Tnis extremely delicious aud unparalleled Tea, so highly celebrated in China and Enrope, just imported. is now for sale at the Canton Tea Company's Ucneral Tea Establishment, 121 Chalharnst. Now Ycr r?in esrlnees pri?e ' ? ? ><! t' each ?2' tn-'ec HARDWARE. CUTLERY AND GUNS. fPHE ? UUdCRiB ERS are now opening, by receut nrrtrals , f their assortment of Htrdware, tic., which they ofter at the lowest mtrkel prices, for cash or approved panar, rix:? Butt Hinges and Screws. Fine Pen and Pocket CutleBr'ss fitieli Goods. rr. Ja aued Tea Trass. Table Knives and Forks. Tiuued Hollow Wa-e. Si issors, Uizors and chears. Saws, riles an (Tools. D link Sous Warn. Bolls, L >cks, tic t-asiors, Caudlesluks, Ac. Scvt. es, 8 cklet, Shovels, Spades, kc &c. Also, a full as tort oeut o Ouus, Pistols. Hillcs aud Oun msliri .Is, at lower p-ices than any other It use can afford to sell, living been puichassd at anctien and elsewhere, much below original cost. A W SPIES k CO , a22 lm*r 218 Pearl str-et opposite Plait street. tfa&g" i e N CEV'I rm ?0 cuuTTus. F?E1 iHTS FHOM NEW YOnK TO BALTIMOKE. Shi pets of goads to Baltimore from New Yotk are respe t fully nformed that goods ccnsicn-d to the an-scribrr, agent of ihe Philadelphia Wi'mng'on k Biltimore Railroad Lioe, will be (orwarned from Phi'adclphia to Baltimore at the rate often certs par 100 lbs. eiihrr by steamboat or ralroad. O >odi dr. tilled lor ny point eonlh or west ol Baltimore,will be forwarded fr<m thence at the lowest rates, aud our arrangements are such as w II ensure despatch. For turth- r information apply to *i. H HUDDELL, at the office of the Union Transportation Lin- Pier No. 2. W. L. ASHMtSAD. Agent, a2l ec Philade I phi a. PASSAGE TO EflBSRIfiBfl PITTSBURG. THE subscriber has completed arrangements for the,conveyance of Passengers and Merchandise to Pittsburg and intrrmtdt .te placet, on the most reatouable terms, |ier" Citizens Portable Boat Line." People about to proceed to the Westward, will fiud it much to their advantage to mak" their arrangements by this desirable conveyance, a- the 'siricltsl attention will at all limes be pa.d to the ce foit of the passengers, as well ox the punctuality of a direct conveyance with despatch. For farther particulars apply to JOSEPH MoMURRAV, alSec 100 Pine s>reet, coiner of "tooth. KOR LI VERPOOTTAND HALIFAX. The Royal Mail Steam Ship BRITANNIA, J. Hewitt, Esq commander, will leave Boston for the abuse porta on Monday, 1st May. Passage to Liverpool $120 Passage to Halifax 20 Apply to D. BRIGHAM, Jr Agent, a2t 3tr 3 Wall street. STATE IN JSLAND P'EH RY Jfoot of Whitehall street. On ?.nd after Monday, April 10th, the iteamer S'l'A'l EN ISLANDER will leave aa followa, amil farther notice :? LEAVE 8TATEN ISLAND. NEW YORK. At I A. M, At 9 A. M. 19 ,11 :?KP. M. IX P.M. *X 3* j . 6 All goodsshipped are repaired to he rtrtii marly marked,an*. are at the aiak of the owners thereof. a9ec mm~ NEWARK AND NEW YORK-Fare CL. JP orly 12X Ceuta !?The i| lendid steamer JC^JLZ. PA SSA10, Captain John (Jiffy, haa been put in o.mplrte order, and will commence her tripa I >r (he aeaaon. on Monday the luth uiaiant, aa fo lows, nntil further notice :? Leave New York at 4 o'clock, P. M. " Newark at 7X o'clock, A. M. Freight carrjgd at reasonable ratea. al6 fmee .(MkM mm PKOTTV/S LINE OF STKAMBOATll CLT. r*^-ra?FOK ALBANY DAILY, Sundays e.cented 3L?JK_Z_at 6 o'clock, P. M ? Through direct?kmm the steamboat pier bet ween Conrtlandt and Liberty atrceta.? The atea'?er ROCHES TEH, Capt . A H' uahton, leavca Monday, Wedni ?day, and Fridav evenings, at 6 o'clock. The iteamer SOUTH AMERICA, Caot. L. W Brainard. leaves Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday evenings, at 6 o'c'ock. The Iteamer" NORTH AMERICA.* Capt. M. H Trues dell, leaves Tuesday. Thursday and ratnrday afternoons, at 5 o'ch ck. landing a intermediate places. The above B >ats are new and substantial, are fern?hed with elegant btate Rooms, and for ipeedaud accommodations are unrivalled i n tne Hudson Kcr passage or fieight apply on board, er to P. C. Schnl'z, I the office on ihe w liar I. a 24 liar fl -of FOll ALBANY Hour Changed?? The u*!*? jd* steam nuts ROCHESTER and SOUTH SE_^jBL?d?.AMKKU. A will, on and after Monday, May 1>I, itavv every tveuing, (Sundays cxcepied) at 7 o'clock instead of 8, aa heretofore. ?2r> 7tr .^*W| mm EVENING CTNT: FOR ALBANY, J* wuhont landing?From the foot of Barclay A-JE. street north side.'he splendid commodious Steamer DIAMOND. Ca. ta n A Flower, wdl leave as above tvery Tuesday, Thursday, and "alurdsy, at 6 o'clock, P.M. For Pa.s tge or Fteishtarply to the Captaiu onboard, or at the office of said Bo it, foot of Baiclay at The above boat will leave Albany the alternate days, foot of Hamilton street. ap 6 r NEW YORK AND KINGSTON STEAM FREIGHT AND PASSAGE I.* IE. seal For Kingston, and Delaware and Hudson ^Im5* Canal?steamboats EMERALD and NOR 3kLJ*3Lvvich. The EMEoALD, Captain John Ketrham, will leave New VorS foot of Murray stieet, every Monday and inursdayat5 o'c'ock P. M. Wi I leave Kingston (Rondout landing) every Wednesday and Saturday at 3 "'clock, P. M

The NORWICH, Captain John Samuels, will leave New York, foot of Mur.ay street, every Wednesday and Samiday at 3 o'clock, P. M. Will T ave Kingston (Hondout landing) every Tue ay and Friday at 3 o'clock, P. M _ EXTRA TRIPS. 1 he RWiF.HAtU will leare the met ol iMumty street every Pnnily morning at 7 o'el ek. Krtuining leaves Kingston at 4 o'< luck same tlay. For freight or passage apply on hoard, or to WILLIAMSON, BAliLOW ?c CO, aJI 3m*r _ 164 West street CHALLF.NUK TO CnOLILs THE Bittern fool sail boat "TKOUBLKR" will Iff j}>stand reedy to rail any distance, Irom ?o to SO miles, JSflliKvireinrt atiysail boat ever hnt by Wm. Crohn*, from the hrs day of June until the first day of Angus! next, one month's notire being given,to sail two separate days lor the sum of S100, each day. The sole object is to test the sailipg qualities of the boats. N. B.?To sail without oars or tenders. C. L. INGERflOLL, a7 1m*?c 40* Water street. mm TO THE OWNKK~OF THE 8 1IL BOAT '* TRiifJBLEK."-?Ths owner of jEniiBJMLaa9b.lhe sehboat ' Troubli r" having r'reived pirrr i h .lleimrs from boats hnilt by Wm. Crnlins witinn the lait six months, and um has ti( yet accepted the same, j| n inesiiinrd that in ^uhl-shing Ins chrllcnye to sail agsinstany boat ever builr by Crnlins, his rnweii g I .agination has taken a flight from the terra firuia ol Water street lo those my,tic iegioi s? " Where the man by many odds, Obiainareceipts Irom living gods.1* As soon as convenient ^fter h- he has got a few more of those receipts, and derci n '< d from (hit aerial manufactory of honors, it Is hoped thai he will c ntlescend to notice some one ol the chs Irnges already given hiai s that " his so'e otytcl of lest iog the stiling onsniies ol the boats" may be obtained?after which,if bis boasted" 1 roubler" dors Dot proven sufficient trouhler to him by reprizing his rpuiation aasue h-s dene herself, he ah si I thr nhave the oppornuiiry upon his own terms, 00 pi t day lor two days, o( again seeing lna rannir d nam* following in the wake of Wm. roliut, at the reapeciful r?le ot three iniies in eighteen, as it did last spring. slUm'm sSf- FOR LUN DON?Regular Packet of the 1st ol sJfll^WMay ?The very superior fast sailing packet ship J?|A^SS|N'r JAMES, Captain Sebor, will sail as siniv, net regular day. 11 unlit very anperwr aeeommndationa fur rabin, eeconil ra bio, nml tlerrase pa??engen, peiaoua wiahiug to embark iliould make early application on board foot ol Maiden lane, or to JOSEPH .\le MURRAY, 100 Pine ttrret, cornet of South ureal. Teraoni vrithina to lend lor their frietida, can have them brought ont by the above ?lii|>, or any of the regular parkin, by applying at ahoy if by letter. omMiaul ail r JtJtg htlK L VK R~nTT,??h im Brili. i 8hit The vHW well known, very Im ?ai lint H Huh ahip CHK8jfelKi, Captain J ho Doyle, will nave immnlivtrdea patch t.o the a iove port Kit freight at ply to the au.thscnber, KOOHK, BROTHERS k t'o. 35Fulton ?t. a2lr iini il"'?i i" the Vniton Hank LARD^TbhN tnTme ~~ *X1 itr M South atreet. * IRK I dUKJNIJNtt, APRIL 2U, 1X4 City Intelligence. \ I Pomck.?Mr. Edward F. Howard, of No. 1 New ' I street, was arrested on Thursday evening by officer * ! Cockefair, on u charge oi obtaining a contract valued at $15,U00 and upwards, by false pretences.? t James T. Rogers of No. 12 Wall street, of the firm ' of Slanim, Rogers ifc Co., which includes John G. ? George, appeared at the Lower Police office and t stated that in the early part of this month Howard 1 called upon them and desired to make an arrange- ' ment whereby he could participate in the benefits ( of a contract that had been entered into between the Lehigh Coal and Navigation Company and the a Northampton Hank, atAllentown.Pa. for the delive- ? ry of 30,000 tons of coal this year, which contract t had been transferred to their firm. He represented c that he was able, with the assistance of friends, to r advance $20,000, in dry goods to said firm on cer- x tain conditions to be agreed upon in a written con- , tract. On these representations, a contract was i prepared to the effect that Howard was to make an r advance of said amount before the 18th instant, ? which was to be paid from the proceeds of sales, t with interest, in a certain time named therein. The coal was then to be delivered by the firm of Slamm, Rogers ?.t Co. as Howard might direct, under the usu?l charges, and he was to receive a commission v of fitly cents per ton on all sales made by himself, t This contract was signed by the parlies, and a blank \ lelt to insert the name of Jonathan Thompson, Pre- j sident of the Manhattan Hank, or some other person to be selected to hold it, in " escrow," until the ( conditions were fulfilled by Howard. At this point t of proceedings, the blank being then unfilled, as | Messrs. Slamm, Rogers tte Co. supposed, Howard asked the privilege ot showing the original contract between the Lehigh Coal Company and the Northampton Bank, to his triende, who were to assist him in the advance ot goods, promising to return it when desired, or within a day or two afterwards. Presuming that all was correct, they gave him the original contract, and a day or two subsequent desired its return, ana also the performance ot the agreement between them and him, when, to their utter astonishment, he informed them that he had transferred it to a third person, having been so empowered in the agreement entered into between them and him. This they denied, when he referred them to the agreement, where, to their utter astonishment, they found in the blank, intended for the name of Jonathan Thompson, (who was to hold it in "escrow," ' until Howard had performed his part of the con- < tract.) the name of " Edward F. Howaro" written ) in tail! They now allege that at the time the contract was signed, no name, was inserted in the blank, and that Howard must have placed his name there 1 surreptitiously while they were busily engaged in | the counting-room talking the matter over. Since then lie has relused to return the original contract, or make any advances, as laid down in the agree- 1 ment between them. Being, therefore, unable to obtain the contract on the goods promised, and having made heavy advances in anticipation ot the profits arising from it, they obtained his arrest, and he was fully committed on the charge on Thursday evening. On his examination he g-ve the following answer to the allegation against him " All I have to say is, that there is no foundation tor the charge. ' I consider it altogether a business transaction, 1 which can be fully explained at the proper time." The supposition that a party to a contract should be g allowed the privilege, by consent of parties, to hold if in "escrow," carries rather too gross a front for 8 Mr. Howard to estublish as a fair " business tran- 1 saction. 1 Robbery of Robert H. Mact.ay's Dwem.ino.? r On Monday last the dwelling of Robert H Maclay, j 42 East Broadway was entered and robbed of a j diamond ring valued at $60, an emerald ring worth , #25, a cameo brooch, two gold chains, locket and , Bold pin, and other jewelry, together valued at #175. , Officer Sparks, "King of the Points," took the scent, , and has since succeeded in arresting two boys, one : n newsboy named Adolphus \V. Stewart, aged only , 14 years, who has resided at the corner ot Norfolk , and Hester streets, and the other known rb James j fnhnsnn nlina LnplrwnnH Sfpwarf hf?in? vnun? in crimp, conf essed the robbery and stated that the ring ( wonld fie found with a girl named Mary Jane Bry- t ' son, who said she had received it from Johnson. ( lie nlso confessed that the rest of die stolen property . had been sold to a man named J#Tin Daly, who had j since been arrested, and was now in the Lity Prison, j The house of Daly was then searched and the f emerald ring, cameo brooch, gold chains, locket j and gold niti recovered. The parties were examin- ( ed and all committed for trial. , Levi Cole Convicted ?The rogue known as a Levi Cole alias Clark, who was arrested by officer t Low some months since in this city for passing a n note on the Greenwich Bank, altered from a $1 to t $100, to the cashier of the Elizabethtown Bank, 1 was tried a day or two since at Newark, convicted f and sentenced to the State Prison for five years. This fellow was one of an expert gang that had long committed depredations about town, and his disposal for a few years reflects credit upon the officer who secured his arrest and finally succeeded in his conviction. Policy Offices.?The hench warrants issued against a number of dealers in lottery policies have all been served through the industry of officereDavis ' and Baker, and we understand that some fifty black "pigeons" have been selected to purchase numbers, ' and "hit" or no "hit," are to appear before the next 1 Grand Jury and indict all carrying on the unlawful ' business in the city. So look out. 1 Female Bigamist.?A woman named Susan Jane * K>itiray. was arrested on Thursday evening by f officer Gil Hays, charged with bigamy. The evt- ^ dence presented against her is to the effect that she i was married about nine years since to one James Ohisholm, and lived with him for several years. a That on the 4th of February last she was attain married to a man named David Kattray, while her for- ? mer husband was living. The proof being conclu- J sive, she was fully committed for trial This is the second case of fenHe bigamy that has been pre- % sented to the Court of Sessions within a few j weeks. , More Counterkbits.?Officer King Tom Doyle, c of the Fourth ward, who is a perfect corkscrew h among rogues, yesterday succeeded in arresting a v fellow named Snyder, who had been successful in ji passing of! a large number of $3 counterfeit bills of g the Agricultural Bank of Putsfield, Mass , in tke city ot Brooklyn. On searching the rogue, King t Tom found #103 in counterfeit notes in his pockets, f and then escorted the gentleman over the river and t delivered him to the Brooklyn authorities. The { public should be on their guard against these notes, , and also a new batch of the Owego Bank in this ( State, that have been altered. Look out. I A Land Speculator?A few days since a genius " named David Beecher, who resides somewhere in 1 Canal street near Washington, undertook and sue- c ceeded in raising the wind by the following oxpe- s dient. Ife waited upon Mr. David F. Butcher, of b 748 Broadway,and afterconsiderable delay,succeed- P ed in convincing him tha'he owned a tract of land f of one hundred acres, in the township of Dingman, Pike county. Pennsylvania, being jmrt of lot No. a 170. His straitened circumstances and great neces- e sity for money was such, that he proposed to sell it r ... M. I... ,1... ......n.KL ?r ai . t I. IU i'I I I'' l I" * I IIIC irnmiiinuic I'liui. in |'tl |1 acre, and give him n full title, free from all incuin- v brance. Butcher |i?id the #100, but upon examina- ii tion into the titles found that they were illegal, and 0 that thepro|>ertv belonged to Eleazor B. bldridge, a and had oren deeded to him by Captain Torbell, of ti Walker street. Beecher was therefore fully committed for trial in default of bail. . Corrkctkd?In an article published yeaterday.the S name of Patrick Coyle, of Elizabeth street, was P Rubliehed as the hail of Brown, the burglar We d nve merely to say that Mr. Coyle was sufficiently 11 qualified as such security, and that he immediately I1 surrendered Brown as soon as he ascertained that 1 he had committed a second offence. The property K at 16 Front street was stated by him in his affidavit, " to yield #300 per annum, instead of #1300, as was published yesterday. Mr Coyle, who is a hard ' working, honest man, was induced to become bail in this case by representations made that ill be- a come certain persons who were the instruments, to c aid in the release of Brown from the City Prison. P Onk Armrd Man Drownrd ?A man whose left '' arm had been cut off immediately below the shoul- 11 der, was found drowned yesterday in the Hudson.? ? He was dressed in a frock coat and mixed pants. * but no papers were found upon him tending to lead V to his recognition or name. The body will be kept ^ in the dead house during this day, in order that his j friends may claim it. Tim Burglar Brown.?Officer Clapp, of Boston, arrived in this city yesterday, and having secured s1 Brown, the burglar, with a pair of " ruffles," escort- r, ed him to the Boston boat, on his return to that city, a where he will be tried for the two recent burglaries, and then sent back to this city for a turn at Sing ,, Sing, by the way of finishing his education g Coronkr's Office.?The Coroner held an in- Ii quest yestetday on ihe body of a lad named Wil- v i liam Johnson, a native of Antwerp, aged 16 years, r [KRA 13. vlio belonged to, and was drowned from the ship Florida on Thursday evening while going on board it the foot of Rector street, in a state of intoxicaion. Also on the body of an unknown man who enered the tavern of Jutnes Howe, at McCnmb's )am, on Wednesday evening, and soon after fell on lie floor, and died almost instantly Irorn apoplexy. Ill that could he ascertained relative to him, was hat he was known by some persons who had Been lim in the vicinity, as a stone mason, but no papers vere found on his person that could lead to ins re ognition or his name. He was interred by the 'oroner. A Bary Scrape ?On last Saturday week, rather in aged woman called at the house of iMrs Lent, if 434 Fourth street, and left a nice fat little girl ia!>y to nurse, representing herself as the ''granny " She said that the parents of the child resided at the corner of Broome and Elizabeth streets, and that its lame was Isabella Darby. The parents called seveal times to sea the child, and appeared to take nuch interest in her late. On Thursday morning vhrn Mrs Lent, the nurse, awoke, she found the itlle foundling dead at her breast, with one oi her tipples in its mouth. The Coroner held an inquest, mil the Jurv returned a verdict of "death Irorn accidental suffocation." Excursions out of the City.?We have had a 'ery long and excessively severe winter ; and it is lot until within a few days, that the genuine spring veather, with its warm benignant sun, soft balmy ireezes, and irresistible allurements to country ex o escape from the city, where they have been so ong confined. But the time hus at length arrived? The spring time of year is coming, Birds are blythe and gay, Insects bright are humming, And all the world is May. The glorious sun is brighter, The balmy air is lighter ; E'en woman when we meet her, In this sweet time is sweeter. The gale is gently swelling, With fragrance from the grove ; And youthlul swains are telling, Their happy tales of love. Spring makes the pulse with pleasure beat, Spring makes the heart with rupture thiill; E ich maiden bastes her love to meet, With hope and joy his heart to All. Several places in our immediate vicinity are at his moment throwing out strong fascinations to a country drive. Among the more prominent are the following: ? Hobokkn.?Of this paradise, with its Elysian Fields, little need be said?for there are no places betler known to New Yorkers, nor more perfectly appreciated by them. While it is emphatically the poor man's heaven, it is also by no means despised by even the rich and the aristocratic. At this particular crisis of the season, Hoboken is in a peculiarly interesting situation?dressing up for company?in partial dishabille?just putting on the delicate touches of paint?and decking herself out to be admired. If you are inclined lo look indoors, call at Ireland's Washington Gardens. Nowla.nd's?Prospect Hill.?This place with icarcely less attractions than Hoboken, almost as iccessible, both as to time and expense, is yet toally different from the Jersey Paradise. Instead >f stepping into a lerry boat, and crossing the river othe clanking of a steam engine, you step into a -ailrond ear and ride lo the nuffine of a " black lorse." The tunnel which runs under Prospect Hill is one of the greatest curiosities in this part of he country ; and were our citizens obliged to travel tonte hundreds of miles to see it, it would he visited is a great curiosity. Ii you would enjoy a plight touch of the sublime with a little of the terrific, lust tuke a position about mid way under the tunnel, and there quietly await the approach of a long train of cars with the engine?stand one side, and let it pass you, pell mell! thunder and blazes! From the hill above,and especially from the promenade and jbservatory upon the summit of Nowland's House, he prospect is by far the most extensive of any that :an he obtuined in all this region. From thisspot tou may see upon the North, Manhattanville and Harlem, with its wide and beautiful plains, and the Harlem river winding away as far as the eye can each:?upon the East, East River, He|| Gate with is boiling pots abd cauldrons foaming furiously, the expanse of waters above almost up to the Sound interspersed with pleasant islands, and whitened with i multitude of sails, with here and there a steam>oat;?beyond the river are the hills, und villages ind fertile farms of Long Island, widely extending hemselves fro"> Jamaica down to Astoria, or Halett's Cove, and thence onward down to Williamsturgh, and Brooklyn, all of which are in full view ; ipon the South, is the city of New York with its lumerous spires streaming up toward heaven, amid he smoke and murky atmosphere upon the We6t s the line of the Great Croton Aqueduct, the charmng valley of Bloomingdale, North River, the palitades, and the hills of New Jersey.?All these, and many more beautiful sights which tune would fail i)3 to specify, may be seen from Nowland's Pavi ion at Prospect Hill. Burnham's, at Bloomingdai.e.? If you drive a rast horse, or wish to try his speed, you will take :he course upon the Third Avenue, which is wide ind level, and affords plenty of room to drive four i breast But if you like a qu et, genteel, rural ride, rou will drive out to Burnham's,upon the Blooming lale road. This is a narrow turnpike, rounded up in purpose, through the influence of Pr Abram V Yilliams, tiie popular democratic ex-alderman of 2th, and ex-President of the Board, in order to pre'ent all sorts of fast driving therecn. All the wealth ind aristocracy, and all others, indeed, who are ible to keep an establishment, take their slow and ;ent!e drive upon the Bloomingdale road, which neanders along amid the most delightful and ronantic scenery, and most beautiful country villas, vith their neat lawns and stately trees, that car be ound in all this northern country?indeed, we think . ... ||,? IT Cl.l.. A?,l in tl,n m ,1 u t if this is Burnham's?the half-way house to Manlattanville?and regular breathing place. Take a valk in his beautiful flower garden, and take a aunt down to the North river upon his pleasure [rounds, and you will come back refreshed. New Brighton.?We hnd intended to say somehing more at length of this delightful spot, >ut must defer it to another time. A ride can be aken to Staten Island by steamboat, from the city, very two hours, and it gives you withal this adrantage over tne other excursions?the benefit of he fresh sea air. From the broad piazzas of the Belmont House your view extends up to the kills, ind all over the wide and beautiful bay of New fork. And those who may be looking for aome onvenient, accessible country residence for the nmmer, where they can enjoy fine salt water lathing, elegant drives and promenades, and a feasant residence, would do well to call on Mr. 'ierisof the Belmont House, opposite the landing. New Rochklt.k.?This delightful village is siruted about 18 miles from the city, and accessible ither by land or water. It is quiet and retired, ural and romantic, and a most desirable spot for a umily to spend the summer season. It is the taorite resort of many of our first families. The fishng is line, plenty of nail boats, and everything both n land and water to make one happy and comfortble, especially if you put yourself under the proection of Mr. Rice of the Neptune House. Latr prom Goadai.oupr.?The Rapid, arrived on Ltwday last, from Point Petre, having lelt thai ort on the 30th March. We learn from Captain M. hat Point Petre was recovering very slowly from he la'e calamitous earthquake and but a moderate rogress in rebuilding it thus far, had been made, "he inhabitants were principally employed in diging among the ruins in searcli of their embedded rnnprfv nrwl fhp rpmxins of their friends and rela ives. From five to ten bodies were daily recovered, t is estimated that upwards of nix thousand persona ist their lives. The market was well supplied with Imcst every article of American produce. Liberal ontributions, Irom various sources, in articles ol revision*, have been made, and is daily distributed y the authorities to the indigent. Tnis has created dullness in cargo sales?and only moderate supli"s are required The latest sales of Flour were t per bbl., Mess Beef #8, Pork ?9, Rice 3 cents - r lb., Fish ?3 per cwt , White Pine and Pitch Pine .umber was selling at ?18 a sales slow, ill sales by retail, and all articles free of duty until iily.?Savannah lit publican, April 23. Baii.hoak to yrrinofirt.n.?A meeting of the tockliolders of the Hart lord and New Haven Kailand Company was held in this city yesterday, to ct upon tne plan of the directors lor distributing the nrfeited stock of the company to the stockholders, n connection with opening subscription ?' .n'w tock lor extending the road to Springfield. It is heleved that the road between this and Springnei rill be commenced as soon as the preliminary - i angements can be made.?Hartford t our am- u ?? I 1 LD. w* twi Oaiittt I Yucatan Inteluokncr.?Advices from CamI peachy to the 5th and Sisal to the 12th inst. have been received at New Orleans The Mexican army of three thousand strong had landed, and were within nine miles of Mends, at a place called Giahhako, and were then fighting, and it is supposed would succeed in taking Mertda, as there were many disaffected persons to the Federal caose. A letter from the political ahief of Motul, dated April 1st, gives, however, the following unfavorable account of the landing of the troopa i atTelchack, and their march in the interior:? "To tlio Secretury of War at Merida :? "About A o'clock this evening, Captain Francis Puech presented himself to me, bringing with bim seven armed men, two of whom are Mexicans , who, on being asked from whence they had di svrtrd, said they were Irons Telchark.and that they had deserted from the Mexican army, llrHtly. thut they were forced into the service, sad that, secondly, the troops were famishing for want of provisions?the allowance being only ono biscuit and a little rice every tweuty-lour hours. They added that three of them left together, but one had given out from exhaustion on the way, and had probably died, and that It was now three days since either of them had tasted lood. They inlermed that about jiMiO men had left Telchack in the direction of Merida, and that Lemus and his son remained with 500 men to guard the port. Of the 'Ji no, they r? port that many have died or deserted, and that ver since they lalt Xalapa, many of the men had been determined to desert or revolt in favor of Yucatan '* All was quiet at Campeachy, and the inhabitants were in good spirits, believing themselves capable of keeping (he Mexicans at bay. The Mexican squadron was of! Sisal, bombarding the fort, bur without a result. Latest from Texas.?An arrival at New Orleans brings intelligence from Galveston to the 15th in atant It appears that the prisoners taken at Mier, have positively escaped. If the accountabe true they disprove their reported recapture by the Mexicans. It is said that the prisoners had all reached the Gusdaloupe, and that some of them had arrived in Montgomery county. The overtures of Santa Anna find but little favor with the nreua in nnv imrt nl the R pnnhlin Ii u?mu that they will be cons.dered by the Government in friendly spirit, and be neither rejected nor accepted in haste. The Texian of the 8th has the fallowing paragraph?" Hon. Capt Elliot, H B. M. Charge a'Affaires for Texas, arrived in town on Tuesday, and after a long interview with tl President, left here for Houston on Friday morning- It is rumored his visit is connected with the recent despatches from Mexico." The Houston Telegraph states, on the authority of a gentleman from Victoria, that a party of Mexicans had recently captured and carried Col. James Powers from his residence at Liv? Oak Point It seems that there is a large detachment of Mexican soldiers stationed at the bay of Corpus Chrisli, and small parties of Mexicans have been discovered at several places on the Nueces, below San Patricio ; supposed to be picket guards, stationed at a distance ' from the main body, to give notice of the approach of an enemy It was feared that the Custom House officeral Aransas would be also captured by these troops, und other outrages cemmitied by them. It was currently reported in town a few days since, that a secret expedition had bef n raised in the counties on the Colorado for the purpose of conquering Ritnta Fe ; and it was said that several hundred men under the command of Gen. Burltson had marched towards Santa Fe. "We have, however, ascertained thit (Sen. Burleson in still at his residence near Bastrop. We think, therefore, that the rumor is incorrect. A party of men from the vicinuy of Bathrop and Gonzales was recently embodied at Gonzales, but not for ihe purpose of marching to Santa Fe. Their object, we understand, was to make an attack upon some one of the Mexican settlements above Laredo. Col. .Tames II. Cook, of Washington, was killed on the 31st ultimo, by his friend Mr. Adkins. It appears that the deceased and Mr. Adkins waa drinking together and conversing, when a dispute arose relative to a horse, and some sharp words passed, and Mr. Adkins struck Col. Cook with a whip; both, unfortunately, were armed, and the latter, drawing his knife, stabbed Mr. Adkins in several places, and would probably have killed him on ihe spot, but Mr. A drew it pistol and shot his aaversitry, who ten ant expired a tew moments alter receiving the wound Four young m?n from Victoria recently went out beyond the Nueces, and, having discovered a large party of Mexicans, they concealed themselves in the woods until night, when they crept into the Mexican camp, selected thirty of their best horses, and brought them safely into Victoria, feiimulated by this success, they raised a small company and have gone to the Rio Grande, to make a loray into the settlements near Comargo. They are all well armed and mounted on excellent horses. There is little danger, therefore, that they will fall into the hands ol the Mexicans. It is pleasing to learn that large numbers of emigrants are still isiuring into the northern and eastern counties of Texas. A gentleman (rom the Sabine, states that he passed several large groups of emigrants on the road near Nacogdoches and f<an Ausustine. Forty or fitty families from Missouri and Illinois, lately removed to the settlement in the Cross-Timbers, and numbers have also settled in Fannin county. Many families also from Alabama have recently removed to the uppercounties on Red River NOTICE. epHK Crot?n Aonednet Board rcapertfully caM I he attention I of rhei' fallow ciriaena to 'he Ordinance of the Common Council, rub ithrd b-low prohibit'iut, under penal-i-a of floe or imp.itonniraf, ihe ntiauhoraed opening or the Hydranta trict- d 'or the extioffiahuieot of firea. In the abaenee ol inch b'i Ordinance heretofore, all the effort* of the agrnta of 'he Aqueduct D'pertinent hare failed to correct an alarming tvil, which ii it I lie duty of every good e'tixen to aaaiat in auppreaaing Many of the Hydranta hare hern broken and rendered nnhl ft ae.rice, in rouaeqaence of the carrleeineaa or meipe ieiicc of i eraor.a who hare opened them : thai eaoe'nv great eipmae to ihe city?and by deaf roving >h? tuefnlneaa or the Hydran'a in ea.<e of fire, hazarding M.e a fety of tha neighhorinir bn Idiuga In conaequence of the wanton wata from Hydtanu improperly opened, and h> , , i*n, 'hroaihont the city, the head of wat-r at the diati i mg reaerrotr hia b?en maeh diminished ; and ahonld lirea occur, an r the tent action of the Hvdranta cannot be looked foi uuleaa atru-t obedience to tha Ordinance now piaaed, ahall be yielded or enforced. Tue Crotoa Aqnednct Board therefore earu-ally, aak the acti*a eo-operatioa of heir 'ellaw cititena, in elf-cling the important ob jecl which (he Ordinance or the Common Council u mUkd?l to accomplish. JOHN L. LAWHRNCE, M. VAN 8CHAICK. J. PHiLLlPS PHOENIX. CKi NELIUS W LAWRENCE. SAMUEL B. RUOOLES. New York, April 15th. 1043. AN ORlilNANCE TO AMEND AN OKDI% A N* E TO RROULATK LTHE WATKH WORKS OP THE CIT* OY NEW YOMK Passed Septrmber ".th, 1143. Stcrion I. No p'raoo or persons < I'ent the Mayor, Aldermen or Assistants of (he respective warda, thall ?i hen- preyiona permission in writinn from the Croton Aqneduet Board, nnaciew oroncn any hydrant beionain* or altai hed t < the Cro, f>n Water Weeks elected for the ei intniahmert of firea, ??cept in ceae of fire in the ueifhboihond, nor ahall leave each fire hydrant open for a lor ft time then ahall he limited in anrh iierm-eaion nor ahall nae the water'" n?l-er po'poaea than may be mentioned in sain permlaaiou, n> d the penalty ol t senty fkre doMara for each offence. Src 3. No peraon or peraona. eteept auch aa may be licena'-d hy (he Croton A 'tiedact Boa.d to aril water to shipping, ahall Ulke the w iter from any hydrant err ted or to be erected in the city of New Yoik and attached to the Croton water pipea for the nurpnoo of leHine .he raid water or offering it for tale, order the penalty of twenty-Are dollars lor eacn offence. Sro 3. Any penalty herein prescribed ahall bo imposed on the offender in like manner aa is provided in the first section of the seventh title of the Oriliuanee hereby amended, in rev pert to the penalnr therein prescribed. And in default of the p y mem. the offender ihail be anbject to the like pomahment by imprisonment, as is in tho said section proscribed. See. 4. It ahall ha the dmy i.f the Street Inspectors, Constables, Marsha's, Police Office'a, and Walrhmen^io e-force in* onservance 01 mis uiainnnce to in* iinixt 11 itv ir *imties, <nd to make coinpls'ut of any riolati a thereof to the proper authority. Adopted by the Board of Aldermen. March 77 h, II J. Adoptrd by lh* Boa-d o' As istants, Mtnh 27 n, H'l. Received liom h s Honor tke Mayor, April i3. IIU. without his approval or objection* thereto. Therefore, und r the provisions of the amended Charter th* same beerme a law. (Signed) JOS. R. TATLOR, apl6 1wr C'erfc.C C. TAMKH O. MOFfKT. 121 Pr.nre .1, N*? *'>'* J ways on hand and offers lor sal* by wholesale and r (at , a th* lowest market prices, en ?? German Sile*r of different thickness*, a eery snp*no. arMi; teiSXi/IW &. -dH.eet. ; uSa, Paras-I and ln ta, Uluud Which he warrant. i? W" ,'i* Y f-?' g?,Jmetal, rolled a, if _ -t, utiaTAhT-OKKMAN SILVER! GERMAN SIS I viScZmmks O. BOKMr, Itl Pnoce street, N V, (lifers for sale, wholesale and retail, 1*0 lbs ol German Silver, si the lowest market prices. It y- In conse inence ol manulncinnna tha artie'a himselfhe >*? warrant it far seperior to any ever before manuraetnred in this eoonrrv. and fell* eqnsl to the imported alt lm*m (IT I at DOW SHAD <8?Th* subscriber offers for eel* at his V* s ore No. 272 Bleecker a tret, a srn-'al assortment of (Mauulbl traos,arcnt Lallan and Kiench Window Shalt*, at prices lower than st any place in this city. And also a tastefnl isso tment ol Dry (Joods at lw*?e DANIEL K. TOOKER