Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 30, 1843, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 30, 1843 Page 1
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TH ol. IX.?No. 117.?Whu:? No. 3330. v iu? ruour.? T1IK NEW YORK HERALD?daily newspaper?published r.v. ry day of tha year except New Year's day and Fourth ef July. Price 3 cents per copy?or f7 30 per anuum?postages paid?cash in advance. THE WEEKLY HER ALD?published every Saturday morning?price 6J cents per copy, or |S 13 per annum? postages paid?cash in advance. ADVERTISERS are informed that the circulation ol the Herald is over THIRTY THOUSAND, and increosisg ast. It hat the lorgett circulation ol any paper in thit city, or the world, and it therefore, the beet channel for business m<n in the city or country. Prices moderate?cash in advance. PRINTING of all kinds, execnted at tha most moderate prices, and in the most elegant style. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, PaoraicToa or thb Heuld Eitablishmint, Northwest corner of Enlton and Nassan streets JgA 1 O LET?A Cottage heiotifully si'uated on the TttTw n?r h ?h re or Sialen 1 -land. sbout Uiree minutes walk "xH limn the lauding, and * of a mile Iron Br'ghton. T > re is attached to the rf mites sever I pleasure boats, a s'-p rior irivite hath on tlio shore. The place is well shade i, aburdince of fruit, and the best water; neiith . . ,,?r* tuh'uiow. uoi'nje coniaiDS b rooin?, ae id*'* kitchen, with |rrg? Cellar Aii^ly to *20 6fr D KtNQSLANO. ?r. M John ?t. KURNIiHfcD BfclU ROuMs >nd ifau'li tang-age?Two gentlrm-u can be acc >mm. dited with furoiahi il r oma, wi'h breakfast and laa, or without, at C. ? upon, te*cv ?r of lhe French Ungual- 65 Walks'at e? ,uear Bma^wav. They uii.-lit ave the p-ivilega of followi-'gthe c'.or r ?.f rhf erei ins rinses without any extra chance. French ia on'r a|i'ikeu in the house. C. Anp< ii wit. commence a ivfw course in the beginning of Ma?. ?29 6t*r Jflwg HtJI Sr S T<? LET AT YORK VlLLE.?a largs house* on the corner of 84th atreet and 3d avenue; either ."'JJ!.of them ia calculated for a public house, grocery or private result wee. On the premises la s tine atahle, I'uwliug alley, and a tine garden, comistiog of I ots, with (rape vines and fruit trees thereon. Fur terms, inquire of JOHN A. MORRILL, Esq., m8 ?wr No. II Chambers st. MTO LET?For a private residence, and possession given immediately, a arge house, fine garden shiubhery and fruit, with be'ween two and three acres of ground, neautifully sitaatid ou the East riv> r, aor.ut 4 m lea from the City H til. Abo to let, end possession given immediately, the convenient two story brick hinge No 29 Fourth street, with under cellar, attic, maible mantels, slate roof. Sic At piv to JEKKM'AH TOWLE, Esq *28 7t*r? Nav it Office, Cnainm **1 ute. JBgjk. BPLENU1D Ai'AKTMENTa in a tliree s.ory house p.* 'o L t, in h" vie uitv of Br?ad?ay end Leona-d crecta, LjflLto u small f u ilv, or to single gentlemen. Enquire before he l'tol' May at 91 losby etiett. henttnodn* e. *28 3t*rc MTO LET?The upner parts of the three new Sato rv brick house. 345 . 347 and 349 Broome street, between he Bowery and streets, with twelve roomi eac , with kitcieu rud ee'lar. Abo th 'hrre sto-y brick house and fore 351 Broome street, ?ver> fi; f >r a groeerv?to el (rum 'he 1st May Lett. N B?' ipea for the Crotan water will be intn dnced iuto eitl ir of ilte houses, if it he rro-'ir-d. For furher iu for matic. enqoi e oi SChULZ fc BLH"ORA, a 7 4t?i 9IX Bowery. JmA TO RENT?The extensive Building erected the prefr.a sent sera, n ha the auhseriner, for his own residence, on X^Lthc margin of he E<it River,at (jowanus Height*, two and g half miles from South Brooklyn Ferry, commanding ?plendi'l views nf the Bay and Jersey shore, the cities of New York and Bro?kb 11. States Island ard the Esst atd North Hivers. Th? H use isbtick. a inperior building, five stories h th, covered wuh coppet; the hail and st?irs of marble; the water fron'ab >ut one thousand fuel, and the bathing withina frw s aids of the door, eicrtle1 t fishing ard fowling in the im mediate v iciuttv. The drive from New York is about fifteen miuu'es, and the premier* are not excelled by any si'uation near this ci'r One hundred peisona can l?e accommodated.? Possession Immediate!*-. Apiilv to JOHN F DKLAPLAIVE.68 Wall at. ALSO TO LET, the three storv brick Home, 31 Walker itreet, between Broadway anl Charcti str- et. occupied by Mri. VerrluDCk; and ihe two "torv brick Hnu'e No 289 .Nineteenth atre< t occnpicd by Mr- C. W. Feeka?Kenta moderate. alO Im+gc TO LET?The Manaion Houie at Blonmingdale, ffjW known as the " Abbey" situated a ah wt 'iitance above It* tit mile atone, juat above Stryker'a Bay, and nearly opposite St. Michaels Church The place la wall known as one ol the most delightful situations on the bland, and is remarkably hea'thy in thesamtner aeason. T"e Hloominedale stages pass and repass the gate every hoar in the day. The gate is new, and numbered 101. The tent will be in accordance with the present state of the times. A ply on the premises, or at 1S2 Chambers street. N. 11.? \rrau.t rnent c?uld be made, if desired, by a satisfactory tenant, to tela part of the foruiture now in the house remaiu, or a part of the house will be rented separately. spli lm*r UMk TO LET?The tire pro.n nnck store. No. lib -oulU fTTra St, with immediate poas-snon if required, apply to I'ilM. WOOOHULL it MIN TURN, jn?4t 87 South street. TO L.ET?The i#o story brick Honse and premises. No. 145 Wooater street, finished in the moat modern style, with maible mantel-pieces and folding doors hout. Apply to JOSEPH Mc.MVKRAY, mI3r 100 Pine street. JfA TO LET?Beyers' Work Shop*, with good light, at pi Aun sfeet. wnl be let at low rents to good tenants. Ei quire of WM FULLER, 4th story, fiout budding, bete ecu II and 2 o'c'ock. e>S 2w*r Awl k'OK SALE?A truniry desidence, situate I en Far fljf Rnrk'swss. li. I : between fife and at! acres of land XJwL" t oat in worked peach trees. There is on the premises a large dwelling h tuse. barn and other out oitdii gs, together with a good well "I water, situated on the rurneine leading fr- m J -Ulrica to Kockawav, at the junctiou of this road leading t? Near Hockaway. and ahont two milea from the Ma ine Tavilfon. For further pattict'a-a aoply to JuH.N L NOKTON, Jr at Abel 8. Hm rhy 893 Bowery. a2i 6t r Jgg TO LET OR FOR 9ALE?A three story modern J.."* I udt b ick dwelling l ouse an-l atere. wi h two lots of J; (pound a-t chfd. a mated in Williamsburg, about two minutas walk f oin thr Peek Srip Ferry Apidy ou the prem-a - r IT t. ....I 0..?,h. h,?l,,h .free!. W III i. m.1,. re " W.-fc J7?.~T AP8COTT, " _a_4* 4) Pec> tlip. aojm FARM FOR SALE, contaniog forty acrea, thirtyffytjk fire under cultivation and the balance a good growth of jJLfcWoef. Ou the premites ia a honae in good repair, a new coach houte and a large ham In front of the honae ii an eicellent well of watrr, aeenred from the weather hy a new well houae, and a fine Uwn in front of the houae. On ihe above deaciibed farm ia fiutt in abundance, auch aa applea, cherriea, peara, quincei, cumnta,gooteber iea, ac. T?e above farui ia two n ilea from the ateamboat landing, ore fir mihetowu of Rye, on the North atreet road. A foil view cI the Sound ; can rev two light hmteawhrn lighted; it in every retpect a desirable location for a gentleman'a reaideuce. Thia f trm ia in Weateheater County. Call on the rremiaea, ot on Mr. J. H. WELCH, ii Leonard atreet, aid lm*ec orat the Police Omc?. Ad DRESS BOOTS. LATEST FRENCH STYLE. rPHK SUBSCRIBER -eaprctfully invito the citizena of A New Yo k aad atrxneeia visiting the cuv, to call at lit FULTON STREET, and examine n large aa<o>tmei t *?f Uaeaa Booti, made in the laf-t lashion, and "I the linoat French calfakin. Oeut em?n can have boo'a made toord-r in the beat manner, at ait dollars per p?ii, and footed at four dollara, warranted equal to any manufactured iu the city at from aeven to eight do'lara. ?7" I'craona h iving tender fe? t, or being difficult to fit ou acc tuut o; lumps, bmnona corua, ki.. can have boura made ?e at to be eaay yt hand-owe. bv the subscribe 'a method of taking a drawing of he leet aud fitting np and keeping a pair of laeu f or each customer. Straugara leaving their meaanrea cao, by writing, hava booti made and forwarded to t> em withont dalay. cotaaratrrLv era hard. Hmdiome Boota, ftom $2 no to $? 00 Half Boota, " I JO to 1 50 Gaiter Boota, " 2 00 lo 2 51 Shoes, " 1 50 to 2 50 Slippem, " M to 1 00 Pttmpa, Sic , Sic.,equally low. Ttaats, Cash oy Dv.livkrv. JOHN L. WATKINA, a9 lm*r 114 Fulton at. between Naaaao and Patch a'a. WHO WANTS BOOTS St SHOES / THE O rati-at Reduction in Prfcea ever known, wg^PHwOnlv think of Genii*mrit'a fine dreaa call atitchi-d Boot*! of tlje moat fashionable ?ha|ie,(2,75 to ,?3 .01. Fashionsble pegged '-oats gl 50 to (2,00 a pur. Ladira fancy colored French and city m ids Uaitera lor $1,35 to $1,50 a pai'. And all the faahions for <$43, for Gentlemen, Liadiea and Children,from thirty to forty per cent cheaper thau ever, at 212 Oreenwich at, corner of BarcUy. J AS. WIGGINS. a5lm*r . AOOLPHE MONDKON, Boot maker,from Pa^ ^^rria, reapect fully infiirma the inhahitanta of New V?.L ik.i k. h.. ?1 k. ll.i .. m? ,an n...,.i way, where lir is u adv to execute all orders entrusted tohim of toe Ispst fashions and best workmanship. Ont'emen wishing to hay* an eleitani fit will do well to call and exarnae hi? worlt _____ n2 lm*r . BOOT AND SHOE STORK. JOHN h KADY respectfully informs hi?friendi ana toe ubl'C.tnai he ha* commenced bniiueaa in the aboxe line, at No. 90 Nassau street, where lie will thauklall) rtcetrr aud tai'lifnliy execn e, all orders he u.*y be favored with 01 tlie m''St reason* > r term* for rash -,JJ, LAUIEH, COOK AT THIS 1 9000 pairs ol Freuch trailer Boots, nno 3C00 purs ol Slippers, jum rtcnrau, a^rl for sale wholesale and retail, at the loilowioi vrv low prices 3000 pairs of Fie"Cli Uaiters, of the best riB'hty, sod of all colors,S1,50; and 3000 purs ol Slippers, T. cents, at 3ti7 Broadway and 91 Canal street. Ladies, in lliesas'ores you will hud ihe greatest and best as. sir nv-nt m the world of Boots, Outers, Shoes, Slippers, Ac an-* Misses aid' hildreu's do Oi n U men, we wish to dtaw rrnr 'Mention to ocr splendid a<siuttmlit of Boots, Shoes ?nd elo'h htition Oaiters, of ihe n-w nyie; French calfskin Boats, of the best (polity and made to order, $5. ar d k leii'h calfskin Boots on hand, from 13 to Si per pi ir; cloth button Oslo is. $',30; Pmnella SI SO. lh> floral ?l calfskin Shoes, 1,20 to S3; hoys'* Boots of th. best quality l.SS 10 $2,73; Mioet, SI I 23; vouih's llnois, $1 to 1,30, Shoei 30 r?uts ic SI. Boots, Ositeis, H ipprrs, Ties, Buskins, Shoes Ac m endless variety, and all wainnt'd to I e ol the best kind OKKGOHV fc OAHILL.. 367 Btosdwsy a23 lm*r and 92 Canal street. Fish hoons anb fishing tackle.?t. & j BATE' ? received by the late ariivals from eheie man..' factc'T f I M . a sent ral a>sorte>TDt of supr lor Fish Hocks lid Fill in. Tt ale. which ih-y nff'r fur nil on the cheapen tanni ; Mi>uu Kelly's (Dunlin) Limerick Honks; salmon, b isa. hlsck, w< < k. lr> ut. pickeril ..i.d cat Fi li Hooks; palen ilk nut';h. mp *nd !; r.-di. reeli, hask If ; l firi l Fhri; ailninn *111 trout Mi.?o<ls on gimp; doable .iud single Ou'l, with * Tit.iety of iriielts, suitable for American Fit'umr. Superior drii.ed eyed Needles. 2fi Im'r TAJ. BATK, 70 .Vlaid-u lane, no stairs. hm) sfoktsmen?john CUNltOV. 52 Fulion meet, L cr ruer of c|j(f, has received iso Bin.i.oo Hods, fiesh from CaleulM. of i bemiiiful l*|ier, and free from worms. which lie oll'e.i n ?a'e chetp, uv tbedoieii or untie one. He hag also reeet'e \direct front Melsga, OOOO nlm .n liik worm ignt, . I the bait quaii.y that haa been scon lor many yean, round, wniie strong J. t; s general ancTli.irut ef Fishing T.iclt e is ll e moil c m,ilete ihat t ne an r h-cti seen iu Ihii or iny other city. He kunrtu'cct tJ sell hit tackle Car*. er t an any other store iu the cry. Hn rods nod reels are either mule hy himself or under his immediate suparintendaace, and warranted A i.'lers are lespectlully mri.ed to iu?p?ct his itock. a?W?r E NE N r% BROWN li CO.'S One Price Hat Htore, 178 Chatham ' d^^sq'iare, couer of Mott st., where fashion, beauty, dartbilitv anu economy are combined to ..doiii the head. The rr<>" pro-tors h ive the plea sie now to offer a ne v style of oat, the I on of b? aver, which closely reseinblc-t those formerly | old fir %'j and pi at the low lived price of $i; those who from iDcl'tiati *ti or necessity are induced to study economy ill that tnJis ei.hwhlc article of dress, hare now an opportunity of dome o. and Kfi 11 keep op the apiwannce of the moil (fashion ible.? Brown h. ? o. in pre-curing this hat to the public, think they have reached i!i ultimatum of beauty. cheapness, n- stness, durability and corr lort to the wearer. All sales a??* for cash, therefore no food customer pay? the losses incurred by the bad. BROWN & CO. 171 Chatham souara, a8 lm? rom?r?.t Mo t st fjh SPKftNO V \>HIOv rUH GK.NTLkMk.v8 MAll ?The undf rsi<uvd r?spectftill V informs customers and the , ub'ic g :nr?ally, thet he has now ready for uisi-ecri<?n and sal'*, the much admired spring stylo ol teutleui 'U Hats, which for beauty of finrhand and symetry of (or in, exceed any ormer effort, in this ^r any other city. To the economist they are a desirable article, as they combine cheapness, durabil ty and elegance, warrant-d equal to any aud luferior to none. In the in mulacture of Hats le challenges compr lion; ne therefore solicits a * are of t ublic patrouage: lie would a'so call their attention to his li'gc assor incut of Ckjeu's, Youth's,and children's cap , of cloth, relief, mc. all ol his own manufacture, which for eariety of italterns cauuot be equalled. . . , , . Also, hs new style of children's drab and pearl colored fancy hats tnmmed with velvet of various patterns, for ?j?nn?r end summer wear, r*ry much admired. A call w?II conviuee the most sce| ticn! of the superiority ol the above mentioned articles, low ready for sale at the o'd established ??ores it 18AAC H ARCHKll, all lm* r 704 and /It Greeuwich ft, N. Y. TH|(. WAKV1 S A LT WAT E R BATH is now open at the foot of Desbross's street, N. R. Kor in advantages over fruh water, aee Medical J omnia. Five Tickets on* Dollar, apt# lm*r \/f INKRAL WATERS OK KlirtiNUEN, ~Utrm*ny, called SAKOCZI.?The B^i en has an acidulous la'iue flavor, uf an tg eeabie taate, ai d briug powerfully promotive of setrrtion an I ticrenou. a j>u ifier, a atr a* aoirent, nnil at th - same tiui* at eug'heniug wi li in; healing, it acts as a no tent spar ifically on ine l.vrr, toe >ytrema ecu ir. port amine rine avaltm, and dttiipaiing any extiliug ob?lru<-U03, il used according to directions. The Kakuczi is sold at the following places, at S7X cents a quart iu<, or Sd,M> a doz-n Sold b? Hcury King It' o. Druggists. SSI Bro?dwav, cor. Grand Sou dard, Dclluc A Co. <lo 581 Broadway A 2 Park row Thrs. T.Ur eu 399 Broadway. Thoa. H. Hart, 278 Broadway Church's Dispeusary, 188 Bowery. Wholesale d retail by FLORiAN STRAUSS, 66 Bearer street, a15 lm*r up a'airs. tpO THE LOVERS OF SUPERIOR BLACK TKAt Howqua's Mizture?This extremely delicious and unparalItled Tea, so highly celebrated in China and Europe, just imported, it now for sale rt tlie Canton Tea Company's General Tea Establishment, 121 Chatham at New Yo? i?in ?rckag?a r.;?? e ' each al' '?"*ee 'PC DEALERS IN CIJTLERV.-Wm Wild, No. 162 l Diriaiou stieet. Manufacturer of Cutlery ofera to the trade, cheapfor cash, 1000 dozen of assorted t. udery of superior quality, consiatiug of one, two, three and lour blade kni>cs. alt in', HARDWARE cutlery and guns. rpHE i UBSCKiB ilU are now opening, by receui arrivals, T their assortment ofHirdware, Ac., which they ofler at the lowest market prices, for caah or approv ed paper, riz:? Bait Hinges and Screws. Fine Pen anc Pocket CutisBrsai ftnrli Goods. If. Ja aurd Tea Trays. Table Knives and Forks Tinned Hollow wee. Scssors, Kdzors and .-hears. Saws. Riles an I Tools. Dink Sous Warn. Bolts, Locks, Ac * aators, Caudle*tuks, Ac. Scytoea, 8 ckles, Shovela, Sondes. Ac Ac. Also, a full aa?ort neut o Uuus, Pistols. Killes aud Gun uaaliri >la, al lower p-icea thun any other h > use can afford to sell, living been purchased at auctian aud else where, much below original cost. A W SPIES A CO, 022 lm*r 218 Pearl atr-et op.ioaite I'latt street. ''itiv w1 l'r N CEN'l ia fe. pu in>U iUH. FREIGHTS FROM NEW YOnK TO BALTIMORE. Shi pers of goods to Baltimore from New Ymk are reape t fully nformrd that goods ccnaixn-d to the su-iscribcr, ngeat of the Philadelphia Wilmington A Baltimore Railroad Line, will he fnrwar led from Phitad. I.,l,,n ... .. .h- ..r.... cet ti pel 100 lbs. eilh.r by steamboat or ra I road G >od. de.lined lor ny point sooth or we?t of Baltimore,will be forwarded fr. m theure at the low. at rates, arid our arrougeDienta are such as w II easure Oetpatch. For lurth. r information apply to U. H HUDDELL, at the office of the Union Transportation Lin* Tier No. 2. W. L. A8HMSAU. Agent, ail t? Philadelphia. PASSAGE TO 1 PITTSBURG. THE subscriber has eomoleted arrangements for the conveyance ol Passengers and Merchntid'se to Pittsburg aud internndi.te n'acet, on the most reasonable terms, iwr' Citizens Portable Boat Line " People abont to procred to the Westward, will find it much to their advantage to mag" their amusements by this d-sirabie conveyance, a- the'strict* st attention will at all times be pa.d to the ce fort of the passengers, as well as the panctuility of adi.vct conveyance with despatch. If or further particulars app'y to JOSEPH MoMURRAV altec 100 Piue a'leer, corner of oonth. If OR LIVERPOOL AND HALIKAA. The Royal Mail Steam Ship BRITANNIA, J. Hewitt, Esi] comniit.dcr, will leave Boston forlheabole ports on Monday, 1st Msy. Passage to Liverpool $12-1 Passage to Halifax 20 Apply to D. BRIGHAM, Jr Agent, *24 Wr i Wall street. UTATKN ISLAND FKHK* Foot of Whitehall street. On and after Monday, April 10th, the steamer STA1 EN ISLANDER nil) leave as follows, until further notice LEAVE HTATEN ISLAND. NEW VOKK. At A.M, At ? A.M. 10 ill DKP.M. IX P.M. 2 X 3* 9 6 All ffDAflaaKinnefl arm varinirail fA Km avbionlavlw mavVo/l an. are at the ri?k ntthe nwnc'ra thereof. ' ' abac ma NEWARK AMI) NEW YORK?Fare only 12Ma Cent* !?The ?| lendid steamer * M ** PASSAfC, Captain John Gaffy, ha* been pat in complete orde>, and will commence her trip* f"r the season, on Monday the loth inatant, as loilows, until, further notice :? Leare New York at 4 o'clock, P. M. " Newark at 1% o'clock, A. M. Freiaht carijfd at reasonable la'e*. a 16 f mec _ma PEOPLE7* LINK OK STEAMBOATS A.T. rH,. j?|fOK ALBANY DAILY, 8uucL?s eicepred !SCanJ& 6 o'clock, P. M ? Throuah direct? b r"m the steamboat pier between Cnurtlandt aud Liberty street*.? The stealer ROCHES I'Ka, Capt A. H-nehron, It are* Monday, Wednesday, and FruLv eveni- ys, at 6 o'clrck. The rreamer SOUTH AMERICA, Cant. L. W Brniuard, leave* Tuesday, Thursday, and Sstn day ereuimt*, at 6 o'e'ock. The steamer' NORTH AMERICA.*Capt. M. H Trnes , dell, leaves Tuesday. Thursday and eatnrday afternoons, at S o'cb ck landing a intermediate place*. The above B *ats are new and substantial, are fern"h?d with | elegant a tate Rooms, and for * peed and accommodations ere unrivalled ?n tne Hudson. For passage or freight apply on board, or to P. C. Schnltz, t the office oo the whart. *24 Imr .MM m* EVENING LINK FOR ALBANY, JA without l.indu'ir?From the foot of Barclay 1 jCmBLZ. street, north side, rhe splendid commodious Steamer DIAMOND. Capta<n A Flower, w-ll leave ns above 1 tv?ry Tuesday, Thn sday, and Saturday, at 6 o'clock, P. M. For Paastgeor Fieiahtarply to the Captain on board, or at the office of said Boh, foot of Barclay st. The above boat will leave Albany the alternate days, foot o! Hamilton street ap 6r NEW YURK AND KINGSTON S l EAM FREIGHT AND PASSAGE I>IK. .MM MA For Kingston, and Jlelaware and Hudson Canal?steamboats EMERALD and NOR S^JU.wii;h. '1 he EME"ALD, Captain John Keteham, will leare New Vorh foot of Murray street, every Menday and 1 l ursday at 5 o'e'ock P. M. Wi I leave Kingston (Rondout landing) e?ery Wednesday I and Satnrda* at 3 'clock, P. M The NORWICH, Captain John "emnelt, will'eave New I York, fooi of Mnr.ay itreet, every Wednesday and S.stutday at I S o'clock, P. M. Willi are Kingston (Houdont landing) every Tue ay and , Friday at 3 o'clock, P. ,M EXTRA TRIPS. The EMERALD will leave the foot of Murray street every Pnndy morning at T o'cl ck. Returning leavea Kingston at 4 o'< loch same day. ' For freiaht or passage apply on hoard, or to WlLLlAMbUN, BAKLOW A co , , a21 3m*r 164 Wen itreet. , ''challenge TO CttOLlUH ' 1 HE Siiteen foot aail boat 'TROUBLKR" will vrJMPy stand ready to-ail anv distance, Irorn ? to 0 milea. JnUKaig'iinit any tail bo?4 ever bn>l by Wm Croliut, from I trie nn day of Jone uu'il the first day ol August ucit, one montli'a MMbenje tail tW" sepsratr dni for the turn , of $ 1(10, each day. The aole object ia to teat the tailing qualities . of th? hoau. N. B?To tail without oart or tender*. C. L. INGERSOLL, r allm*ee 4(16 sVater street. \ .MPI MM TO-THE OWNER Of THE 8 ML BOAT THOUBLEB."?The owner of L jEa_JLw?_(ke tai boat ' 1 roubl. r" havirg revived three rh,Ileuses irnm boats built by Win.Croliut within the lait tia months, and not having yrt accepted the time, it it pretntnt d that ill luhl'ihing hit chtllengr tn tail against any boat evet built bv Crelitis, his roweii ,g i tgiuatiou hat ttken I a flight from the terra firms ol Water ttreet to those mystic legions? " Where the man by minv odds, I Obtaiut receipu (torn liviug gods." At toon at convenient after he he hat got a few more of thoae | receipts, and de?oi iHcd fretn that aerial manufactory ofhonoit, .. .. mm wm win c iiurscenu to umice u,"J "J'r '"J" chi'lniKca Hlrrnny Rivra limi th?t"hu lo'eobjrctol <"1 ' iug the citing qualities nl ihe boats" may be obtained 'Iter which,if his boasted " 'I rouDler" does not prove * tufhcirnt troubles to hiin by cnpiizins hit eputauon atttie ti't dene hetielf, he ?Hall th. uhaie the opportunity np.mhis nun tern a, JhOOperday (or two days, ot again temig hit tann ed nagw btlowing in the wake of Wiii. rolius, at Ihe teipecilul rate i o' three miles id eighteen, as it did last iprp g. alfrlm m . KOR LONDON?Regular racket of the 1st Ol lf'fVy.May ? The very stipe,nor faat sailing packet shir ' I NT JA.vifcs, Captain Hebor, will sail at anovi i.e.i regular day. Having very superior accommodations for cabin, tecond ca bin, and steerage iMaaengert; prisons withiiig to embark ahoulu make early application on board footol Maiden lane, or to JOSKPH McMUHKAY, 100 Piue ttrret, corner of Bonlh ttreet. Pertont wishing to tend for their friends, can have them bromiht out by the above ship, or any of the regular packets, by applying as ahoy-, if by l-ticr. post paid. all r f iIX- bUR L Vb.Kl'OOl. bust Br.ns , Snip I'lie well known, very fast sai lug B.inth ship CHb.Pfik?Bhal l,'K, Captaiu J hn Do> le, will have immediait ties i lor the a->ore i>ort Ko frnthi ai ply lo ih. au.tliscriber, ' ttoCHR. BROTH It lis fc Co. MFaiionst. A24r tint door to the V til ton Bunk ^AKD-c, hbl7 p,,mc U.T ^^LlWs k CO 2tI M Boaih street. "rar v n ff I 'EW YORK, SUNDAY M< GUIDE TO 80UND TEETH. A DE81DKKATI' M | v DENTISTRY. DH A C. CA^TI.E, REMOVED TO 3S1 DKOADWAY, cerner of W HITE STREET, nat a Pane lor tiiing decayed hollow teeth. It ctu be put into the mo?i teide' teeth without any pain or inconvenience,* ith which It become! mpac'ed into ONE hard soli,t body,that restoring an-> preterear (hitherto painful and vselrtt tretii) artificially sound, and perfect in all their rptpecli. j met for life?presenting 1M ALL '' ASKS, the necettity of extraction. Ladirs the utotl distinguished in society, otter llieii testimonials in the most tirid tr run, at to iii efficacy. The Editor of the Keening art" It it admirably adapted for letidei te?th r.nd ner'OUt per*OPi,tnd Dr. Castle operates on the teeth with great care and ability." 1 he New York Anrnra, says '?11 It rioktr he terjh iu all respects perfect for life." The Sun, taye ' Dr. Cattle hatobiained inuck celebrity for Imexcel!rut mode of filling the teeth." The inott emiuent gentlemen of the Medical Faculty, hare pertoualle tiled and recommend Dr Castle's Past# for filling the teeth. Tooth-ache Pills, oue ol which pot in theaching teoth, will elfect a permanent cure. [From the Jonrna! of Commerce 1 DELICATE AND SUCCESSFUL OPERATION.?Dr. A. C. Cattle hat replaced by a moit lugeniont piece of dental mechanism. the lost portious of the upper and lower jaw bonet, thot away in the c.a?e of Lieut. 3 . of the U. 8. N.. who met with (hit terrible and severe casualty, while in purtnit of the Indiaut in Florida. We have teen letter* from L.ant. S coulirmatorv of cilia extraordinary cure aud its entire lur.ceu, that the Ion of theie important urgent to thillfully replaced by Dr. Cattle i* now no more a touice ol regret to the Lieutenant Dr. C. inserts artificial teeth on the principle of adhesion by atmospheric nretiure. D- A. C. Castle refert tothe Spanish, blench and English Ambassadors, Mr. Stoughton. the Spanish Contnl.Rear Admiral Walton, Lord Morpeth,Uru McCarty, Oov. Mason, Dr. K.U. Johntou, President of the Medical Society, S. N. Y.; Mrs (Jen. (Jainei, J. B. neck. M. D.,Dr. J. A. Smith Dr. E. Delaneld, Dr. Beadle, Dr. Boyd, Dr. Buger. Dr. I. C. Chessman, Dr A H. Stevens. Or. J Torrey, It'. Ba<*. hes. Dr. Wm. (JrtrtoD, Dr. Derring, lie. Ike. Office 381 Broadway. n%1 lm*r RI'SHTON 3, , O'S COMPOUND FLUID fe'.X I'M ACT I SARSaPaHILLA-A remedy or all I'lirnaea of the i b'ood, turh as scrofula. ulcera, cutaneous eruptions, ic . a .d for removIoa all thore diseases oiigmatiui in the excessive use orabuse of inercttiial remedies It has alio beeu proved to be "f g eat effic cv in the matic iff ctinus eit >er chronic or iufl.mmatory, and i rim mr diseases ot the liver. In the Compound Fluid Extract of S ta psril a, ai prepared bv the su ?c-'hera'or several ears past. i? contained all the valuable medicinal qualities ol Sarsanari'la, united with those of several Otkof rsfMbla rum-dies which h |V| b'tn f unl efficacio s in similar diseases It pos eases m*<ny advsu'aees over the numenui preparations'"f Sirs iparilla n w in utc.aud Ins been used wi h the grea est success bv tnauv phyicians in this citv of the highest reiiiectshility; a'so in the U. 8. Navy, where it has met with t e general approbation of the most eminent turseoni in the service. It is put up iu bottles nearly double the size generally sold, ai d is warranted to be as good a preparation as any m use Price $| per bottle ; or a liberal discount made whrnpur chased by tne quantity. Pre.-ar'-d and sold, wholsale and retail, bv Rushton St Co , Drut gis a and Chemists, 11" Broadwny, nd '0 Av'or House, New York, where may also be hid Band's, Brisml's and Carpentei's hxtiai.tot Sarsni<aiilla. a!7 lis'rc PAKK'S LIKh PILLS. A RK an excellent Family meaicine, and to persons of sedenrs tary occupations and habit- wdl be foun < invaluable, being of a mild nsture, and very efficacious in removing ihe com plic ated and subtle diseases common to lhi< c'-svol ill- c >inmuu'ty. They are also nni quailed in rimoving the numerous d sess-s incident il to the spring of the year, arising from impurities of the bluod and other causes. The following are the eielusive agents for the sale of Parr's Lile Pills, wheie may be had piatis the Life and Times ol i'homns Pan. with two fine cng-avinat and first American testimonials of cures effecteu iu the Uui'ed Stat's:? James Asniuwail, Druggist and Chemist, tri William street. Kuxhton & Co. 110 Broadway ?nd 10 Astor House ; Abraham Sands St Co. druggists and ohemisti, granits buildings, No. 773 Broadway, curuer Chamner street; David Sands Ik Co. No. 77 (Cast Broadway ; P.Dickie, 413 Broadway, cornet Lispennrt! alieet ; John B. Doud, druggist, Broadway, corner i street ;N. W. B"adeau, Bowery Mtdiciue store, 2C0 Bowery John C.Hart, druggist, 318 Grand, corner Norfolk street; Byrne's Medicine store, 63 Bowery, corner Walker stieet; John Byrne, corner Fulton and Water streets ; Horace liverett. druggist. 82 Huilaon at: J. & J. Coddiuglou. apothecaries. 227 Hudson, corner ul Spring street; K. L. Cotton, chemist and apothecary, 253 Bleecker, corner Jones street; J. Wendover, ilruggitt and apo'hecary, No. Hi Eighth avenue. Brooklyn?C. Wells Simons, drug, patent medicine and seed warehouse, 1S4R Fulton street, and wholesale at the prol prietor'?-flic T. ROBERT'S St CO, Clarendon Home. 304 Broadwav ,cur. Duau> St., first floor. Bmaii uoxrs 25 cents. Largo or family boxes 30 cents. Persous desirous "1 obtan m,1 an agency for their sale in the country, will please direct their letters, post paid, to T. Ro bcrt* IX Co. I ester box 9(17, New York. a?0 Im'm OK'.tlS J OUTll WASH?Prepared trotn tne origins, rs eipe at No.S tiold street, New Yrok?The Orris Tooth Wash is purely a vegetable preparation, possessing the pioperties o tcleanmg the teeth and mouth restoring uir gums to* healthy state, and preventing any unpleasant taste oi odour ie the mouth, whether arising From decayed teeth or froln a del tanged state of the stomach. It is designed to be hied with a tooth brush, and will be Sound to supersede the necessity o fs powder .keeping the teetn clean snd preventing the wearing away of the gums it ni the teeth It ia particularly useful in cases of spungy gums, restoring thein to a lieakny state, and causing them to contract around the teeth. In painful affections of the teeth and gums, arising from exposure to cold, it will be found highly beuelichl. It i? particularly serviceable to use the Orris Tooth Wash atnightjust before retiring to rest. This method is recommended by eminent dentists, as by so doing all particles of food which accumulate during the day ate entirely removed, and the mouth kept through the night in a clean, sweet, and healthy state. bound teeth and white teetn ate the most valuable portion* of poor humanity; hut how tn&ny neglect the attention ue eaury for their preservation, even when susrouuded by all the means needed Among these we know of none more pleasant au<l effectual than the Orris Tcotli Wash -it cleanses and w'ni Uns the teeth, strengthens the jams pu fie* the month, and iv. eetuns the breath. We recommend it. use to all, young and Id.?[Boston Morning Pott. The Orris Tooth W ash is tho best detergent we ever ssed * ear enamel --[ Boston Transcript. for sale by the -principal druggists in t: i city '->4 r DR. MORRISON. NORTH KIVEf! Dlfil'ENP.*- UY.IdlK Fulton sirs*' ccar Orecnwien.?Dr. Morrison, Member of the Royal College of Burgeons, London, and formerly burgeon in the British Nil vy, continues to be consulted dmly ou all diseases of a delicste nature, and all those distressing symptoms consequent on mjodicious treatment, and the imprudent use ( fquaclt tnedicinea. Dr. M. ha* had an experience of twenty t wo yeais ir treating delicate diseases in all their various aiida implicated lorms.and uses a mild, safe and infallible substitute (ormerenry, eradicating the venerea) virus with certainty, without subjecting the patient to any risk or restricting him in I isusual diets or pursuits while nis medicines are agreeable in taste and smell Per mauenr obstructions in the urrtlire, such as strictures aid enlargement of the prostate gland, acer jnnanied with much iirilacion and dull pain about these parts, are some of ths conse guences of mal-treetment. Dr. IV). treatsstrierures ia a scientific manner, nremoting ahsorrtion of the thickened circular memhrnDe without any pain. CONSTITUTIONAL DEBILITY.?Thoustmdsof young cu rre suffering Iromt'ii cnnsequeuoes of indulgence in ft secret deetructive habit.aud whose nervts ft re farther injured from the use of d pretended specifics, which stiinnlnts only to indaer greater depression. Dr. M. treats such cases oo y7rely pathological principles, and never fails in establishing a care?the strictest booor and conlideuce are observed. Letters post paid, and containing a suitable fee, will ensure the correspondent full edvise, and medicine to any part of the Union, b? hit yinry ? hi?iory of his casein detail. J?4V Eul ton atreet, near Preen ?if h. ?2I Im*r tiULUc TtUJStfEfc NOTICE TO HUPTUHED PEHBONH PERSONS rf.ieted with fun^ res may rely upon the beat I instrumental aid the world affo rda, on application at the office, No. 4 Veiey street, or to either ol the agents in the principal towns in the United States Be careful to examine the back pad of Hull's l.ajies, to see il lliey are endorsed by Dr Hull, in writing. None are genuine, " to be relied upop ?a good, without his signature. Many persons have undertaken to yawl-Dilation*of Hull's celebrated trusses, and thousands are impose, 'iron inconsequence These imitations cannot be relie tpon ; they are made hyunskilful mechanics, and are no bettei than the ordinary trusses. Rooms bars been fitted ap at No. 4 Vetey street, exclusively for ladies, having a separate entrance Irora the business department, where a fetnalt it in constant attendaoca to '.vait upon male patiet ta. aS imr SHERMAN'S LOZENGES. ENORMOUS oiianutics of these popular medicine are sold during the year, and still the demand is cons'aoliy increasing. In live years the Doctor has gone liom a few pounds up to il tons in a year, and w here it will stop we cannot conceive. Whi'e Shernlaa's Lozenges are so pleasaut that "children cry lor them, 'they are wonderfully efficient, or they would not be patronized by our wo-thieet citizens, ae for instance?Es-.Mayor Clark, J. Sherman Browuell, Esq., Regular of the city, W. H. Bonn, Esq. deputy legister, Hev. M-. Dunbar, of tlie McDougal street Church, Hev. hebast-an Sireeler, ol Host n. Rev. Mr. Authouy, of the Oneida Conference, Hon. Senator Archer, Col. J. C Etbnskie of New Jersey, and hundreds of others of the like high r spcctability. Sherman's Wonn Lozenges?Tested in over a million of c??r?, and acknowledged by the faculty to be ihe only <fe au<i rrrtaiu worm destroying mro'Cine id me world. They are prescribed i aily by uraily ah our thyvicans. r-h"iminv Lozenges alone hare at y r^fatatioii? ihe D >ctor i* a member of the Medical Moeiety nud skilful practitioner. 8li?rmin'? C<mphor Lozenges?Headache, ?ea sickm-ia, palpitation, Inwiiess of (pinti, and despondency, cured io a lew miti 11 tea by thein. They hire oeen fully proved lu a multitude ofcasea and never known to fail. Mhrrmuu's Cough Loreogea allay ell tickling or irritation of the throat or In iga, promote ex, ectoration and cure the moat harraaaing Cough or cilds in one day; also aalhmt ana whooie nig con*h, and tightneaa cfthe rheai. Couimnption haa repeatedly been not only if liei'ed but effectually cured by Sherman's Cough Lozenges, when all other ineens failtd. Sore Nipi lea poailively cured by Sherman's Cap llury Oil. Warehouse IIM Nassau atieet Agents, 110, 2'3 and 4Vi it'ondway; 10 As'or House, 377Hudaon?t.; lag Bowery,T7 K?a; Broadway; 130 Kolton at. Brooklyn; Krddiug.t Siate street. Boaton; Dyer. 42 Weatminater at. I rotideLCe, (inthr e, 4 Miauwu Hsll, Alo ny t 8. K. Urquhart, Toroato f'anad ; 3 Ledger buildinga Pniladelj hia; and O. K. Thomas, 14* M in at f.inriini li, Ohio a 19 linr WONDERFUL DISCOVER*. Ol RI&KH'M solution for the hair, wlncli will change grey kJ hair u> iu original color iu a few minntee. Thiaaolntion a ditrerent from any yet offered, and cannot fail of anperaedinii all othera. It ia highly efficacious, and poaaeaeea the great advantage of beautifying the hair, without iniuring its growth. Thoae who doubt ita virtnea are requeued to have their hair changed before paving tneir money. It humboya would lake thie method there would be no reason to complain. One trial will prove the tact. Mold whole vale aud letnil, and applied, at No. 5 Chatham II, oppoeite the Hall of Hecorda, New York, npataira. 19 lm#r " MADAME COSTELLO. I7KMALK PERIODICAL PILLM?Guaranteed in every " caee where the monthly prriode have become irregular from coldt or other causes. Their certainty of action haa I mg been acknowledged by the inedictl proleaaion, and hundreds that hove uselessly tried various bogaird leme dies. Care ia aoinrtimei necessary to their nee; thotiuh lh?-v contain nn medicine detrimental to the oonatitnlion. Advice .inn oralis to al thoae who use the I'llla. by Madame Cot t*i!o, >1 Luftoani it, where the PilU are sold rc nnm# Price $1 rmi boi e90 im*? rartft kinkkhV.alt'hyl swkkuwh lkkchkpO UVJU Jam received. Alto a K'neral asaort nent ol Druga, Paint*. Oil*. Uye auiffa, Ac., Ike. For aile cheap at !09 UHKENWICll, NKAH VK8KV. N P.?Arrangement! haya been made for lieah (apply from Hwerden aeveril tintet daring the tracn, and will ne pnt ar ? . thai ihry rati he aent to ?uy part of the United Htatea with jwrlfri olMV all iro*T K?CHK8 LKEClTEs! LEECHES ' 6liOJ very hue Lk laryo hea'thv (letman l.eet hea, jaat received, for (ale wholerale or retail, oi carrfnllr applied by a competent peraoti, at Aooiherary'( Hall, 3d Catherine at ?T Im'r NANltr.EN ' OTl'ON?10 b*lea, tor vile by rtHsHK A MKOOKU, apIT ee No 61 Lihenyatree NDTiCK. i* herehv given, thai the annual election lot Thirteen Director* ol ihe Nra Y.ili and llarlaem Hail Ko?d Company, will be held at their oihcc, No. 4 Tryon How, in the city oi New Yoii, the 16, (beiug the third Tueadav in May near, h? tween thchouraoi twelve o'clock noon, and two o'clock, r. M Dated April 14, 1141. apll lu?*r i x> \r i r jlv iv jl 3RNIN(i, APRIL 30, 184 EXCHANGE H(>TKL, ISAI.TIMORE. rPHl.i h. u v bavmir utnlt raonc many imp< nam ?iteration* L and thor h ti -epai-a Invin* h?en in pert refuriiialit d with tich and tit K'lui luru tare, u . k tin open for the recepiiou of company. The poai ha of ll.ii llotcl iaoo well luo-vn to rrouire a detail of it* ailv,uiti t a It > cot (rued to he, for reo> la of buailien or plr-?ur, olci f the moil i ivurable of any id tho i ity The preaeut proprietor intan'? date ire and luduitrv ahall Dot b- ?iu I1 g to Mil rore i'i natural .-ilvaut.u,e?, iiDder hi* au* pennteid Mice, an i lie reapactlully aolcita the pitrouage of hia frienda auu the public. KRA3TU3 COLEMAN. _J5altim re, April 20, I8IJ. a?SeodlMI NEPTUNE HOUSHi N1W ROCHE?D? THE Pmpr erorof th<- iboec eat'b'ialrm-nt tenia ifrntefnl for the r?ty_ literal and d atinsuiahed patroutye he has hereto for** iccnteil, on i with u nt'Wrri x-rti ?im he hoi et to ure a continuance * f their supt ofl lie no?t respectfully iafo'im hi?fnen?f? nnd the i Usli iu grneml 'ha hit h u?e it opened for the tecephon oi conjany. and th t lie i* prepa id fo make arrangements with Cain li?? to board f'?r the e >?uiDgte*ioii upon reason >ble term* There it not a Ho el iu th- c OQ'rf which combine* he atiriiiiajje* of (ins for health, com'o t. and p'earure Siottle ui nt?emen or gtutlemen with their f?nilies, wuoti' K tu^eiinr a' c >min<>datioii* for (he ?n i>mer. whh i11 the con*miiem e? ai d adv u)t*tce? of a h<uuU< me n"u r?rir d 'cuideuce, c ouot fail to be suited. C K. M('K. ap 5 6tf WA?ITNGTQN TEMPI RANCE HOTEL, 3.C PEAKL ST , FKANKI.IN 8QUAHK, N. Y T FOWLIf.R St SON r'lpt ctlullv ii:( mn their fri?uds and ? rhe public, that the v hive opened the above well khowa Hotel on strict temperance principles, an.I pleil.e iliemaelvr* to conduct the same strie'ly iu those principles. The teem m?dati ins ueed no coinmrnt, is they ate .rood and comfortable. Perm*uent and lrou?ienr Boarders by the day or week. PriTate ajiartin- nti for flmiliei ou the moil reasonable irrmi. The I'cation is convenient to the Louda-i and I iv. -pool Packets, aud the Albauv, Buffilo, Uust?n and l'hiladel|>hia boats. Every ir>f"rmaiion given 10 iiersnns trtv.lliug; also the best aud r.hcape t way of conveyance to all parts of the United States and Canada. The Heading Room will be suppled with English and American papers, ai.dall the Temperaure permdirals. Term.?B >a. king per week $i; per day 74 Cents. Tea, coffee. c.ikt a. Sic. always rta ly. We, ilie uuder-igu?d, would rheerfully reemmend the above Hotel to the none-of our Wnahingtoniau fiiends, and tile travelling isiM.c generally Hon. Aaron Ulark lion. Geo. Hall, President Parmt "ocii tT, Brooklyn. James Van Dylre, President of Wall ibout P. B. Society. Jainrs H rper, President o' ihe Franklin Temp Society. Wm K. Lrgget Vice President Bratilway society. AO FUuigan, President of Project Society. Kev. Iiaac 'ov?rt, Prea's-m Washiogtonian T. B. Society Nicholas Duff, Presideut of Anderson Society. A D Wilson, M, D. President ol Mars!,all T. A Society. at>l lm*ec THE GLOBE HOTEL, NEW YOKE, iN CONNECTION WITH THE PAVILION, NEW BHIOHTON, 8TATEN ISLAND. rpHK OLOBE HOTEL, at New York, has for several A years been advantageously known, not only to the American, but to the European travrll-r, it having been ih- resort ol in any of I he distinguished persons who have visited theU uit?d Stales. The proprietor o.f the establishment is grateful lor the liberal support he has received fiom tr vcllrrs ol all nations, and tecls assured that the arrangements he it now making,will secure a continuance ol their patronage. Many improvements have been made in the interior ol the Hotel prcpsratory to IM commencement of a new season; and to meet the exigencies ol the preseut times, the charges f r apartm?nt?,for meals, and foi w ines, have been reihireil nud d > not eireed those of hotels ol the sain? class through'.u' Ihe Umon The frc,|nenlrr. of the Ol ihe have n advant ice ovvr tho I 01 almost evert' OlDBr nonte?tney ran limit tlll'ir cspi naiirrr. In the Restaurant, crery thin* is supplied .1 la carte, the price bcin* atfiird againat each dish, so that a traveller can either sit down to a least worthy of Ap'Ciis, or a repast as frugal as an Anchorite's. The viands are prepared according to the most approved system of European cookery, by csperienced French c joke, and for va-iety and esce lence may challenge comparison with those of the best Parisian rea'anratcurs. The domestic arrangements are of a very superior order; every thing is couductnl with the moat initiate regard to the comfort ot the guests. The waiters anil other attendants are respectful know tli -ir business, and go thri ugh it without bnsPe or confusion The silone, in fact, combines all the coinforts of a private residence with the mIv tutages o a first-rate hotel. There are apar'm -uts in it capab'e o> accommodating the most numerous families, with tplt-ndtd draiving rooms attached?oil .-rs tor una', lei families, or separate bert rooms foi single lavellers. In addition to the shove, the (J'nbo possesses an excellent Ba hmu p at iblishmcut, sup,lied frtHB toe Crotou Aqueduct where hot and cold water baths may be had from ie*rn in 1 he morning until eleven nt night- 1 his is luxury which every traveller knows ihe hdvantage of; and it is grestly enhanced bj being able to obtain it in the house in which he stays. Wha can be inore refreshing than a warm bath, after the fatigue of 1 long a- d uncomfortaoTe sea voyase, or even a land journey The bathm" establishment is fitted up in the bestP.irisiin style and the nathers s,e >npi lied with large wrapping gowns (Peignoirs) and an abundance of other linen. The local m-aiticu of the Globe is one that will reei mmrnd it either to the man o' f-stiion or the man ol'hnsioesa; 1' is situated a. about an equal di-tan-i- from the Kxrlitugi ; 10 W ,11 ?r, aud the de ifli'ful in irioe promenade. whi-'i commwdsso inaguilirrnt a view of the Bay o< Ni* York. T'*/?roi ru tor of 'lie O'ohe lias just concluded an alignments for tiking that sidrndiil huifoiug. " THL PAVILION," AT N K W BlflUHTON, and ia fitting -t up in a superior sl\ Ir of elegance and comfort. Those who have uutvisifd the rasiliou, 111 ly form some idea of the . item of the establishment, when tliev are informed thai two hundred and lifty persona can be cumlortably accommodated within us wa'ls. Along the princlpa frsnt, which is upwards of two hundred and thirty feet in lerig'li, runs a tiohle piarza. formed by lofty columns. The piazza frnu'i the Bay of New Y ork, ana rominitidt the most splendid views af the Jere y shore, the citi-a uf New York and Brooklyn the Hudson and K.aat rivers, Long Island, and the coast of Staten Island, nearly at far as the Narrows. The erand d<ning room, which it one o( the largest and best Sroportioned >n the United Stales, can comfonably accommoate three hundred ami fifty guests, and aa a ball roem, is altogether nnrivallrd. Then is a covered corridor, which traverses the cen're ofthr establishment, ibuut liltei u feet in width, aud of the asms length as the pmzza, which lonn an admirable prom-mole foi Urn ladies and chil.iren, either in wet weather or woeo the tot is Too puwerfn to permit their viMinir'ng abroad; this comma locates with the wings, in each of which here is > corridt i o 136 le?i iu length. also under cover. The whole building is wel ventilated: the rooms are loftv, spar ions and light The ws Its and diivrsia Suten Island, aie varied and bennti fuh from the Pavilion, there aie excellent roads leading d iwt to the Narrows, the Light honaa, round Amboy Bav to Kich ninml and ihe Ki Is. and through the centre of the Island, uv the Clove road. Sialcn Island, in Oct, possesses advantage! superior to thoie of any s.iot id the Union; auil the sea bathiuii is crccllcnt. The Proprietor is making arrangements for a daily supply ol rhe Waters, from the principal Sprouts at Saratoga, s<> in it the lrei|Uentera of the Pavilion,will have the advantage of diinkiog th?s- w iters, wi hout the incon-etiietice of performing a la tig nog *111 disagreeable jourucv of 20(1 miles. Die re u a re ding and smosing room for the gentlemen, in a building altogether detached from the Pavilion. The disiauce from New York to New Brighton is under s:i miles, aud during th? whole of the summer season, g od and well appointed stexinbnats will leave Pier No. 1 on the Noith Hiver. nud New Brighton, regularly every hour, from hall-pas' 4 in the inoruiug, 8 in the eteuiog. 1 he distance u generally iierfonned in twenty-five mil utes. F BLAVC AKD, m2l 2tW 5w ' Hobo Hire I, If, Br old wr XV. KOSiVlLLE BOARDING 3CHJUL, oTAAEn ISLAND. WWKSTTHORP rrsnectlully informs his friends and the punlic, tha' his school will reopen od (he 1st of May, Pa>ents and guardiar s are also informed W. W. uiakes it s poiul ol conscience to guard in every possible way the morals of children committed to his care, from tour to twelve years ol age Beading, writing orthography, ari'hmatic, geography and grammar tsiight. the location is delightful and healthy; the orchard, gardens and play ground are spacious; about tea minutes walk from the landing. The steamboat Raritau leeves B irelav street t verv day at 3 o'clock, lor ttossviile. Terms, for board aud tuition, including wasning, $>5 pei quarter, paid in advati- e. Keferences Her David More, Sfaten Island. W. N Seymour, Esq., t Chath-m 'riuare, N. Y H^nrr Stewart Begun *, Esq., Sta ru Island, Win I udlim. Esq., (21 Bcrfcinan street. John Q linn, Ksq , J' Manroe street. Messrs. Coltall aud Fleming, Esq., I* G?dar street. Capt hdward Ferber. Esq Hicks street, Bro klyn. Mis. V?rian. 21 E'cridge siree' New Yor-. all lm*f FKANI I.U H. CHIiMP, Cnrsjuoii.e rr, Walcti ml ( lock Maker and Jeweler, formerly with H. J. Tobias lor nearly sii years, and recently with Msr jii inds It t'o., Broxdway, npwarris ol three yests.hegs to acquaint Ins friends and the public, that he l:sa taken a store at 218 Grand street, where he intends to practise the above bgsiness and trista from his long eioerience and known ability, to meet with that share of patronage to which Ilia abilities entitle him. In retu ning thanks tur all (list favours, he would remind his friends ihvt he repairs every description of Watches, Repeaters, Musical and Duplex, the most complicated that can be procured Also, Jewelry and Diamond work art ; Pearls re-trung; every artu le fifty nerceut cheaper than any o"ve in the city, being enabled to Jo the whole hims-lf, and not trust 11 the inexperience of others. Glasses an krys in proportion. Caah p?id'or old ?oM xnd ?i??r al'm*r P)AGUERRKOTYPK-L. B. BINS8E k CO. inform No. 31 Waideu lane, to No. 81 William atieei, ioaih west ror ncr of Maiden lane, en the *d They have on liaml ul l>r if lit a complete assortment of plain, chemicals ami lenses, all ofeicelle i ipiality, to which tney respectfully invite the attention of operators. Anieiea are in every iuatauce wiirrameil. Tneir cheinicali are iroin tin laboratories of tl firs'chemists in Paris, and their plates specially leetui tin ir p^itonr there ieliding, hear their initial!, nud are lulls warranted to ??ve ihe proportion of ailver, which n stamped npun them. Any peisotis who h<ve their doubt! on the subj eel. *re requested lo hare th -m essayed aplj lm*r New and important improvement.?pah SELLS k AOATE, o^ler for the intpei tinn of the public their in.preved Minerva Shoulder Brace, |ierfectly satisfied thai [he vaat improvement! they have made in the article place n far above auv article of the hind neictnlore manufactured.? Thin article ia intended to liner the shoa'ders and ciuand the cheat. Kiting at the aame fmne free use of the anna, and lull and lierfect ac'ien to the Itniga. It not on'y beautifies the form ol the wearer, but 11 highly rcconmieudrd by nrofessioual gentle men, hem. ,i laalmoit indisptnsibl* te personsof ae deiiUry habiu. Parents and gnarduna are requested to givr thia article their atlenlion, as it will be ionnd of infiuite benefn to children of eithei sci, nnd to all lereous wlio have acquired the habit of stooping. Persons sending orders will please send the aize acroas rhe shoulders and around the want, and directions will be forwarded with the Braoe, to obviate any dilBcuiiy that may occur in thr aize. Kor sale wholesale and retail, at 'he old establishment of PARSKLL8 It AOA TE, ajlm'ec 337 Brondwav, corner oi Paik Plus. ha Vans sbuahb. BM. riCADIA. No. tfl Liberty at eet, near Nassau offer lor sa e the following lOsl.i 00 La Norma Heuars, 1st quality, very superior. 311,100 Pintm do no do *>,m? rn'"nin "" ra 44,6 0 Aueiia 4)uert, very old, *i.d <lo 40,010 K?|*r?nx? do do 511X00 Hfg'li*, l)*rr?, sad Conoaei, do do. Tne whole entitled to debenture, *ud in loll to >uit inr ohMora, M>1? ln?*i , T K R A 3. NOTICE?The (^partnership heretofore erutinc between iCiliv U VI4(IdlehrooM, in thi* day difttolvrnj New York, February lit, lAU. IT M li'l I N h! middle is rook. 8. M11) DLK BROOK respectfullr informs 8ie cni'omen ?f the late firm ami the no die, Hut be ra tie* 11 BnokbiudiutC on bw own No i> Kultou r? ?i, Ne w York. N. B ? ()i<l, i* respectfully i llicit'd. M b io?rri made Dioinptly and cheap for C^UUtry boo* hc ler* ' linger A FEW (JKTLICMEV of ?; ilFy h btt.? an be nccommo d^t'd wuh g >od hoar.I an.I pie ??ut poms in a private Lmi* lv, at 204 Fultoni'rert. Alto, a tew day komlert can be sec m in'xSafed on the moat reasonable term. A paiior aud bedroom to let, with or with' nt hoard ?5 ec DAGUERREOTYPE APPARATUS! JOHN ROACH, OPTICIAN 7! Naeeau, near J host eat, N. Y. HAVING ih" Lrut ,,oui)J Undrr l.ia own iraprciion.end arouviiiK ih-in iu the ian.rra obt.-uta tinn 1*, hr f.rle w nriuti d in ins C at oper.itore c. 'in; h > .?,?i> .Mint |.i?? . b tain- <1 more euccret tli'1 tho.e ntii'K c .iner?e witi. In i*n?. fn? 'I.e I tiler .ne ofmu i nperfrc , a >d a.ilI ofiener <mp opt rl? v jutted. The ntl-erlieer itqueita a iri ?l lor h'e ctni" rat. ?* *tern veare prar'ice at Opt coo etnblra him to niluJ end ar rtnic ' rnt 10 .ail the parpoee lor which they are wauled. u?nm*te ___ _ kfyti ik ok uo<5l> ihmTblk *i mils. holb 0\J\J BUSKINU of nil colore, Iron 5e toG. nod $1. wtr rtated KOod Ladiee', Minere, and Children'e Od'trre, blaca bronie, urreu aud liuht colore, ol the latoet f?ehion, t1 J7 tt H 7J, a. dS'J. Gent'e line Kivnch and nelieecalf dreee booia liriirn-cail dren qiianer borne, thoee aril unitrre; ntena' l?oye nd rhilrtr n'e; rood low |>nr ad boots; prime meoe*, boye' nno chihlreu'e, of all eorte and a ilea, llir cheapeet you eerr en w Large.' >r?onment. heel quality, and loweit pricea in the ciiy J. H Walker. 119 Bi'.ndway. Ih.vreoldout my ether .torn. and will nay all attention to accommodate rav Irietiila and the public. (1 md siossat low price*. Uood gaiters, 12*. al lm?r Fltil THb FACE AND SKIN ?Kru"liee mac set ou the face and ski", sncb as pim Ira, blotches, tan, lilitr. m i ??rm ; al-ofreclit a '-su he apredilver dica ed bv ihe me "I Chor li'a Vrg- able Lotion, which his been iu rife tier use ill the United St ties a d ill Europe, and 11 admitted to be ihe best cosmetic in uie fir clearing ?u.l ealHb'ish nir a brilliant corapb xi?ti. Hold ai wlmlera r orret il at Church's Dispensary. IBS 0 iwery, eoruer of Spring alreal. Price TJcrn a per battle. ail) I in oU in W. CROLIUS. BARGE, RACE, CLUB AND SAIL BOATS, NO 400 WATER STmKET, four doors Kaatof Catbeiine Marhrt, New Yolk?Builder ol the Sultan of Muscal't Pleasurr Barge, the Race Boats W-ve, Oaxelle, Vietojia, At antic. Wal una, Brooklyn. A"ii of Peekakill, Washington ol Pnttvhkerpaie, Uorheia ol Hyde-I'ark, Sylph and Ware ol Mobile, (ienmn Stewart of L uisvnle, Madame Celcate ol Nl W Oil. nil, die Alan, the ?ul boata William Crolius, Fashion, Eureka, /1noni. Star. Ed wit Forrest, Ike. alt lin*ic VJ/INUOW SHAD'S?The aubacrtberoffera for aale at hit "* a ore No. 272 Bleeeker n iret, a geii-nl aaaortmeu. u bean iful trana art u'. 1'slian and French Window Shaba, at prr.ei lower th in at any place iu this city And alao a tasteful tuao itnrnt ol Dry Goods. >.8 3w* c DANIEL E. TOOKKH. MM) SOUTHERN AN H WESTERN MERCHANTS? A CONFECTION ARY?'The ubarriber ia d i'r tn t. u ictuni Ki very variety <f pure an wholesome confection uira ? Pores cot.toting2ft 25, 30 ?ml 100 I na eath can be bad at ihr ahoiieat bo.ire, el ihr low. at market nice lor c.itli?and e?e. J article wan u ed lo seep in he. moat t ymt r'linate. THOS. V. PEERS.265 Bioadway, ??8 3 *r Betwe en Chambers au I Wanen ata. ERVlAN BRONZE*?R.7iZELT k CO. lmrxrt lh< above artitlra d're l from their manufactory, whicti era Urlthanto sell pearly 100 per cant lower ilian auy oihe loose. Dealers anl c 'nauine's should tnmiue oar lull am aplrndid as mt met t vef, re puichaiintf e'aewh-re. I a28 lm*r Ku/KL I' k UO, 14 I'ine at. j rpo (iENTLEMK^ WHO INI ENU TO VlSI I' OVI A MANY?MR. HL'UIIES, P.ofrtaor iu ihe 11 oval Mil t iry Corna of Cadrta iu Dresden, t .as accornmod nioua m In I liouae f.irgmtcinrii aa boarders lodgers, i He nddr. aiea liimaell particul irly to such aa, coming to (J m my for ti e propose of Irar-i . g me language, wish lofMlll r turn thrir advancemeut iis i', b> placing themselves in a lamil wlice i is constantly apnkeu. 'r Heches, though twiiiij-five yeara a reaidenl in Germs it i> ' ' c:?eof Kual iud, and th rrfore cousidera a reaidenci in nil ftOn y , a particuU'ly su ub'e for young .kin iinm u their tsenn in s u.lier?his ta rilianty with both languages ens bliu* loin to give, in thr eourtr of ronreraatiou, those e iplana ions whict. every one ti'iita at first a i necessary, and which hi Will at 'II tieiea b - mutt wiIIiiik to olfer. The diff-rent professors of the Co'pani Cadets ba'e Irii.dlj promiaed to iusinict any t eutlnnen rraidiug with Mr. Hu?hva so that every facility is oflVrtd t? improve iliose acieuci a e cjuiaitc for any future pitfraaion. For terms, t tc , pltaae .to apply to Piofeaior Hughes, Dr?s den. Mr As'o-. New York, anu Mr. Th. W. Wi'liama, Cnnuecti rut. h?v? t'indly prmn ard toanawet any emuiriea. a28 irn*e MU|t KIND I'A I RONS and the pnhlic arc re a .ecitul.v in viied to c<-M and esamine our stock of hardy herbaci iu Plants,coniiatiuv of Pnloiaa of various colon, Campauulai Lilies, Hpireaa.kc kc .togetner with red ,ud while eioaa It i sea, yellow Harrison and other hard - K sea, Tea and Chit" a m n hiy R a,-s in great variety, 200 varieties choi e dnubl L) i hi i ta, tube It,.sea, Amsryliss t, Uhdiolus. kt. A mini be 1 ol Be*' *?'! t"au'i ill l-'eeper? lor c ivrnnguroori. uowusrrr ' houv plans, at ihc lowest intra vee. tibia i J choice flowe ' vecdr of every variety, warran ed fresh. Fruit ral trees of every varii ty, no ihe lowest term* for cash. Toot 1 in unit v ill please cdl * d judge 'or tnemielvei. 1 a28lf#m MBLO k DUNLAP, 476 Broadway. IMPH, TANT 'IO ALL ?Uadd irfi Id. N.J, 20 ' I 1813.?' III ilic I3'h dry of ' ct..bcr, 1811, I wai attacked by i levrrc rain in t es d-, iu the region of trie liver, which c u | (iuutd tome fire d.fvi. The linn war lien relieved br ihi breaking of an ahveeat iruerriall v. Mubveq enty, am* dmini the whole winter o' 1841, '42, I autfered lUietnely from thj >ain-cdu e?eoLtf ua'pain iu tli*aide, exc ptwhititemp rari Iv relieved bv a d act arge of matter from the abaccia. IJmi.u all t.oa rime I *a< c mli.ed to my hou r, had a violent cough ruieed much hlo-dv mailer and waa a.ppoa J by myself am nihere to he in the laat stages of comuuiptiou '1 lie Kebroari following, when apjitr U'iy my lire wat n? ir itacloae, I pro cur d a bottle of w ia ar a Balaam ol Wild Cnvr'y. As aoi i aa I commenced the uae of it 1 began tore over. Tie tor. tin ?f my ail conatantlv grew l-?a, my cough gradually lef m , the pro'uae . ipectoratwu aud apilttirig ol hiood cased aiidinvg neia* heal'h becam by degre* a r-ati r'<1. I coutinu rd uiing the Balaam, and b, the latPrpart of Ma-rh I r an in >d my t ade, tha' i f ? arpentcr, which my health lia c abler tne 11 coutiiiU with >ut iuterrnp ion thtoughua' the paa' year I w II fuit'nr reina.k.ihia remarkable enre waa effect J by In use of ouly ihree bottles ol Wistar's Ba'aam ol Wil'Ccrry THOMAS C"2tNS. Ulouce-ter County, N. J., ai.?Peraoually app areil belori me. the aubarribt r, one o' the juattcea of the mace lit and fo aid comity, Tltomai (lozent, wh . bri g duly affirmed accoi dine to law. aaitb the abo>e ?ta ement tv in ail tbi g. true, Affir.nad beiine me, atte 20th oay ol ^pril 1813. J 'TKMItNT. J. P. A. William1, E?q , couaaellor at law, No. 58 ?V tl tarn atreet 1 was cured of spasmodic asthma of ' went)-fou ye r.atiuHug ' by the uae of on" bottle of he WildCh ny balsam. Let ihoat 1 who donbt ihie wordeiful cure all at his dice and ae- htm. j. Jaa. W. Weodraff of t I z beiritowu, N. J. wasennd o da gerou* bleeding of the lunga hy the use of only our ho tie Two justices of tfie pace ceil fy loihia tur-. ?c litvem room to name any more ol the i utneroua similar casea. Price 4 | per bottle. Sol. at 125 Fulton .tr ei, corner of N i 1 aan, by laaac Bulla ; D. xter, Albany ; Ou haul, Ni w Haver 27 lm 're I T OVDON B MOWN.-TOUT?22 casks, lieu d Itu ?Ci L Wett lud.a Brown Stout. 23 do. eight dozen each, of piut Brown b.out, for sale by WOODHULL St MINTUHNS, 71 87 Him hatreeet. DOCTOR BELL. T\OCTOR BELL devotes his personal attention (daily, on O til 9 P. M.) to the removal of private diseases in rv?r stage. All snffsring under protracted cases, aggravated or an lucceavullv treated by iuei|>erieueed or luetcuded praciition era?tr.oa . '.aboring under the destructive effects of mi rc ury o qnaca nostrums, and all who suspect the remains of di roai larking in the system, may consult Or. B. always with a guar antee of a enre. Persona contemplating marriage. who hive been the ?nb ject* ofdelicate discise*. may cuu<uU Dr. IJ.-11 with honorable confidence. Past-paid letter*, dricribing the e tse of peisons a: a distance, have hi* prompt attention it. it.'* ireatmeut uevei eifiose* to suspicion, and i* well knowu to La *ale and perina nent. (n"Private offices 4 flourtlaudt itieet, two deors from Broad way. ag lm*tc I TO THE LADIES. Dh. HULL'S UTEKO ABDOMINAL 8UPPOKTER. THIS new Instrument for the radical cure of Prolapsus Uter or Falling of the Womb, by eaternal application, supersed 1 ing the a** of the objection*! Peiiary, i* confidently retoin uiended to tlie afflicted a* the mean* of perfect restoration ti health, it never having failed of performing a cure, even nude the most aggravated cirenraatance*. The SapjHjrter ha* attained a very high character in Knropi a* well aa in thi* country It-ia adopted te the entire draoae n pessaries,and all other painful surgical e*|?dients,in the Lyme in-Hosrutal* of Loadon and Paris, and i* universally ret.on: mended ia Europe by'medical men of the highest rank In th. country^ us sustained t>T the leading members of the facnllie of Colleges and Hospitals, and by II th* eminent private pcai titKiuers. Ilooms have been furnished exclusively for ladies, at No. Tesey street. haviiiK a separate entrance from the business lartment, where a lady is in constant attendance, to appii Trusses and Htipporter* to female patients. *5 Imr 34 LIMPENAHD ?TKEET. A/fADAME COSTKLLO, Kcmale Physician and Uradnarr IvT as Midwile, offers her professional services to theladiri of this city and country. The anatomical aud physiologies peculiarities which distinguish the female from the nisle, im nose upon her diseases aud functions altogether her own ? Many o i these diseases are exceedingly complicated aud ob score, requiring an accurate knowledge of the female system tc treat them with success. Yiadstn* Costello having had li ng eiperience and surprising success in the treatment ef diseases iocnlent?l to heisei, ap prises ladies on the point of confinement, or thove snffrrini from suppresiion, irregnlariry.obatrucuons, kc. that she will be happy to afford a comfortable temporary home at her residence wheie they can always have the host medical treatment ami tin moji matronly care aud nursing, or if preferred, will wait oi and attend them at their own h?>u??s until perfectly recovered M .dsme C. im. tienlany begs to impress en the minds of the delicate, that she officiates personally in every c.ise, so that I hesitation or dri- d need never be apprehended. I V o _.,.ll? mh.rm l..l,..? reel.lino not of I the rity, srhose health would not admit oi travelling, thai she would devote her rrnonal attendance upon them id any part ol the United Sutrs wthiu rrvsonnble JiiMurt. M tdaine C can be consulted at her residence, 14 Lispssard ?lrr. t, at all limea and with trie strictest rryard to the wishes ol lierpitients A I communications and letters most be poat paid. a20 I m ee _____ TM PORTA NT?OMIM AN SILVER! WKltMAN slk^ 1 VEK.-JAMKS ?. MOKKE T. 121 Prince afreet, N. Y., offcra for talc, wholesale and retail, 1600 I ha ol Uennau Silver, at the lowest market prices. OjT In eontr lucner of manufacturing the article himaeiriie can wairaut it far superior to any ever before manufactured id this rouuiry, and fully eqnal to the imported a 19 lm" m OKKDE OK JhKMMtSU.N IN rtU AANCE tU.lllA NY?Office 36 Wall street. This Company eootiDue their bussuess of lusuraure against loaa or damage hy fire, >ti goods, w res and merchandize and also, ou vessels ailil thaii cargoes against loss by inland navigation. DIRECTORS. Thamaa '.V Thorne K.liaha Kigri ThonvaaT Woodruff Benjamin R Kobaoa John R Dav sou Kratios P Bags 1 ivtroaou Pnes. Joseph Allen John H Lee John P Moor# Moat a Tucker Jamas E Holmes' (alebl. Tunis lame' R Whiting Anson Baker! Wm K Thorn Joseph Drake Irad Haielcy John C Mesritt Thoinas M uiell THOMAS W THORN*!. President HfM T llOPtr. n.f?t.T, m'J r i?b fiHEaT UPflOLBTKKk ? W lton, Blu-sels and V-/ Carpers, made, altered and repaired, ami warranted to IJI n the tit-fttett maimer, ami At amoJemte pnr.e, of <e eTp'lW'l"M- MMff. BOIsTDWi IKi ddonroe street- ' LD. PrlM *? Cullt A BKAUTiPtn. SrtKcu ?The Natchetz Free Trader conta na 11 report of a speech ot Col. Webb, tha celebrated halt breed chiel n( the Choctaw*, made in reply to J J. McH-te, Fwj, the ajent tor enrollin^aml emigrating the Indian* to 'hewestoftho MtwisBippi, who had made a speech to the Indiana, about one thousand in nutiber, He?enibled at Hopahka, it (ormtoK tlteni that " ihe.r council firea could no more he kmdh d liere tha*. " their warriors can h IN BO tie d lor their Klnrv. and that their I HiuritH will decay within fhrni;" and thai it" ihey I " should tnke the hand of theirgrcat father, the Pre. I eiderit, which 'd offered to them to lead them to their western homes, then will their hopes be higher, their destinies brighter " 1'he Natciietz Courier appropri itely Bays of thin hit of eloquence that, for comprehensiveness and brevity, lor beauty of diction and force, for affecting s ublimity and propriety of sentiment, we have never seen any produrtion to exceed it. We publish it as a composition worthy to be preserved ;? SPKKCH OF COL. WEBB, Ulud Mingo of (At Ciue'?u)i F lit of />* Miisiittppi, is I rtvly la the Slg?nt of the U Statu Brother?w? h-ivehuard you talk a? from tha lip. of our father, tha grunt White Child at Washington, anil my ' people have culled upon mo to spenk to yon. Ths rod man has no books, ami when ha wiihei to make known f his vi '?ri, like his lathers before him, he speak* from bis mouth. He is alruhl of writing. When he sneaks, ho knows what he says ; the Qreat Spirit hears him. Writing is the invention of the p ile faces ; it gives birth to error and to leuds. Tue Great Spirit talks?we hear him in the thunder?in tha rushing winds, and tha mighty waters?but he never writes. Brother, when you wars young wo were strong ; we fought by your side ; but our arms are now broken. You have grown large j my people have hesomeamall. Bother, my voicn is weak ; you can scarcely hear me ; it is not tha shout of a warrior, hut the wail of an infant. I have lost it in mourning over the misfortunes of my people. These are their graves, and in these aged pines you hear the ghosts ol the departed- Their ashes are here, and WO have been left to protect them. Our warriors are nearly all gone to tha far country west; but here are our dead. Shall wo go, too, and give their hones to the wolvea ? Brother.two sleeps have passed since we heard you talk. We save ! thought upon it. You ask ua to leave our country, and r tell ua it is our father's wish. We would not desire to disi please our Father. We respect him, and you his child.? r But the Choctaw always thinks. W? want time to an swer. Brother,our hoarts are '-ill. Twelve winters ago our chiefs sold our country, r". '?ry warrior that you see here was opposed to the treaty. If the dead could have been counted, it could never have bewi made ; hut alas,though they stood around, thoy could not be seen or heard.? Their tears came in the rain drops, and their voices in the wailiug winds, but the pale faces knew it not, and our lai d was taken awav. Brother: We do not now com plain. Thti Clioctuw sutton, but ho never weeps. You Imvo the strong arm ami we caunot resist But the pale face worships the Great Spirit. So does the red man.? , The Great Spirit loves trutn. When you took our connr try, you promised US land. There is your promise in the book. Twelve times have the trees dropped their leaves, and yet we have received no land. Our itousea have been taken from us. The white man's plough turns up the * bones ot our fathers We dare not kindle our fires; and yet you said we might remain, ami you would give us J land. Brother: Utb.strutn? But webeltave now our Great Father knows our condition; he will listen to us ? We are as mourning orphans in our country; but our Ft[ tlier will take us by the hand. When he lutflls his proi. mise, we will answer his talk. He meias well. We s know it. But we caunot think now. Oiief has made children of us. Wlien our business is settle I we shall be men again, anu talk to otir Great Fsther about what ha Ins proposed. Brother: You stand in the moccasins of great chief; you speak the words ot a mignty nation, and your talk was long. My people are small; their shadow scarcely reaches to your knee; they are scattered and gone; when I shout I hear my voice in the depths of the woods, but no answering shout comes back. My words, therefore, are few. I have nothing more to say. but to tell what I have snul to the tull cuiel ot the pale laces, whose brother* stands by your side. 'William Tyler, of Virginia, brother to the President of the United States, recently appointed one ot the Chootaw Commissioners. Lllsrsry Notices. United States Gazetteer.?This is a complete Descriptive and Statistical Gazetteer ol the United States of America. It contains about 6000 names more than any other work of the kind, with a particular description of the States, 1 erritories, Counties, Districts, Parishes, Cities, Towns, and Villages?Mountains, Rivers, Lakes, Canals and Railroad'; also an abstract of the Census and Statistics for 1JH0. Itia intended to exhibit a complete view of the agricultural, commercial, manufacturing and literary condition and resources of the country. This is a large and beautiful octavo, ot nearly ' eight hundred pages, and does great credit to the J talents, industry, and good judgment of Messrs. Haskell and Smith, who have performed the edito rial labors, as well as to the typographi labors of ' the publishers. Messrs Sherman and Kmith, corner * of Broadway and Cedar streets. It ia needless to i say that this work is entirely unrivalled, and must be the standard < Gazetteer tor reference and use, for many years to come. If has been compiled with the greatest care from a multitude of sources, uot .' the least of which have been the new post office book, furnished by the Hon. Chas. A. Wickhffe,Post Master General, and a volume of the late census I statistics furnished by the Hon. Daniel Webster, Se' cretary of State. f It is a book that should be placed in every library, o both public and private, throughout the country. i- Hobokkn, a Romance of New York?By Theo' dore S. Fay, author of Nsrnian Leslie, &c . and - published by the Harpers, in one volnme. for GO cents A novel from tlie pen of Mr Fay, and from the press of the Messrs Harper, is sure to be read by every body, as a matter ol course. We have not had time yet to read it, but shall do so forthwith. We are informed that it possesses great into rest. Dubm* University Magazine?American edition. Vol 3, No. 4, tor April- By Joseph Mason. Christian Observer Conducted by the Established Church. No <M, for April. Thk Family Companion.?Vol. 3, No. 3. Lieut. Eyre's Narrative?Military operations in Cabul, price 26 cents. By Carey dc Hart, Philadelphia. The Rover?A Weekly Magazine, price 6 cents. Saturday, April 29. E. B. Tuttle, 4 Ann st. The Democratic K f.vibw?Number for May. j This number opens with an excellent engraving of . Crawford's Orpheus, and an essay upon the same - subject. The whole number is replete with ortgiJ na|, useful, and entertaining matter. American Eclectic, aud I <seum of Foreign ! Literature for Mav Tnis nu,. -r Is unusually mod. \ It contains the famous artic'r about the New York Herald from the Foreign Quarterly Review. ? The New^Yerk Legal Observer, Saturday, April * 29?A valuable number. r type at reduced prices. - TYPES. AM) ALL OTHMt PH1NTINO MATERIALS MANUFACTURED AX CONNER'S I UNITED STATES TYPE AND STEREOTYPE FOUNDRY, C'jbwbb op Naiiai' ai*i> Aw* Stbbbt*. IMCW Y 'HK ? CAN BE HAD AT EIGHTEEN PER CENT DEDUCTION KHOVI OLD PHI< P.*. I THK HdrpunN reanertln'lv inioioiv Ur Old Patron* of tho ? Type and Sfrroivne Foundry, lormerlr known Jamb* I Confin'a, and morr rereutC *a < otaivrn * Cooaa'a. and tit* I public ID KCIiera!, that mev are nre-ared to uln Older* for PRINTING TYPES, ' PRESSES. CHASES, CASKS. IMPOSING STONES, 1 INK, FRAMES, 'nd every other article necran*r> 10 f.rm Complete I'nennu F.a'xbliahni'uta, on favorable term*, and of aa B?od a'iiuliiy a* any other establishment in the United State*. *? w rnicBi pbb pouvd. old PBiosa, pbb rorien. Aga'e, 86 rents. Agate, 10a . ,-nt*. Nonpareil, 64 ? Noupareil, *4 ? Minion, 54 ? Minion, M ? Br-vier, 46 ,, Brevier, '54 ? Bourgeois, 10 ? Sount'oi*, is ? Lone Primer. 36 .. Long P imer. 44 Small Pics, * J4 Small Pies, " ?0 ? Pies, 3t ,, Pica, M a Borders, Cum, Brru Ru'e. mil all other articles uianafastnred at this establlshinenl, at the same r?<loe??J rates. Nrw Aiticlea KOI ap to oidrr, on being iarnished with patterns. . The Type east at this establishment, is, both in the snrls or F see and he material of which it is made, particularly adaptsd for terries in Newspaper P. ni'ia^. All bis Is of ?te eotypin* 'nrnuhed ,0 . , N B ?Koch Newsiwoers a. will cony the abose three times, will be sntitled to par in Trpe.oo m>Mcg ab'll ot lour uncs ths amount of the thiee mse.tious al_ f MDMANCTrTATBRT Ei? BOAT,' UAm No r w,n ??#( "w flKITISH SHIP t Doyle, mo'er, front List*1J nod -Comuici'i?T ^ Vr hipwillc?rf?rift?ov by arnJiDC. wuhoat d?'tf.?bcir pennies ou txMid, fool tf Hector .meet N ft . or to the i,dee of 'he rnbsenbem. street. ROCHK, BROTHKRS A CO. sj'r H Fallon street. NEW FUtlNISHINU STORE* tl'HKHK the lnbioriber is now openingf.-eth Paris sat Loner dull (# odaof' h?. latest sly Is and best .jti ,li r. c -nilsnug in part of raeata. Sea 's, plain aid embroidered, Stocks and Spick Tics, Uloeet Ho-u-ry, Drawers ai d Shirts, Braeee, Linen and Silk Hanuherth-eft Ready Made Liren, he., ?., and anch other artie'ra as ire reaoired for gcutlsmsns wardrobe, ei btr at hvmc oi while trasp>>ib?, at .u,v?ewia ( HA J* * " No-17? Jctmdway

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