Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 2, 1843, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 2, 1843 Page 1
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TH ol. IX.?Wo. 110 ?Wbola Ho. 333'! To th? Public. THE NEW YORK HERALD?daily newspaper?pubUahed evory day of the y ear except New Year's day and Fourth of July. Price 2 cents per copy?or f7 26 per annum?postages paid?cash in advance. THE WEEKLY HERALD?published every Saturday morning?price Of cents per copy, or |3 12 per annumpostages paid?cash in advance. ADVERTISERS are informed that the circulation of (he Herald is over THIRTY THOUSAND, and increasing ast. It hat the largest circulation of any paper in thit city, or the world, and it therefor*, the bett channel for butinett men in the city or country. Prices moderate?cash In advance. PRINTING of all kinds, executed at the most moderate prices, and in the most elegant style. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, PaoraiBToa sr thi Hkbald Establishment, Northwest corner of Fulton and Nassau streets TO LET. IN BROOKLYN?Ho-sea No- 14 and 31 t!?Tw Tillary street, suitahl for genteel families. I'VB The new house, with three lots of around, in Pel'l st, ar joining t e church, come' of WillougMiy nnd Pearl streets, having four room* on theifirit tlo<>r, with marb'e mantles arid sliditw doors, and in every r-spect snitab e and conveniently nrragged for a rented la or or small family. The dw.liine parts of two of the houses in Linden Row, handsomely finished with marble maat'es, folding dojrs, Ac Aoartmsnts of three rooms at til par y?ar. STORmS?No. I Linden how, junction of Fulton and Wil longhby ats, now ocenp ed aa a Bakery, having a fine patent oven; or would be a good stand for a fou-v store of any kind. No. 2?A good stand for a Dry Goods Store, which is much w'.u'ed in the U'lahborhood. N.4?Has l een occupied as a ardw.te stoic. A good attentive sdioemaket woul1 do well a. this stand. Thaabive homes and stores will be let to good tenants at very Idw rents. Apply ?o SAMUFL A. WILLOUOHBY. ml m Fn'too ?t earner J 'y ?t . Brook'vn. 'J O LET A Cottage beautifully situated ou toe p~B nor h ?h re or Staten l-'aud, about three tniuutea walk iT'jffl <""" the landing. and V of a mile fr?m Brghton. T re ii attached tu the preuaiiea aevrml pleasure eonts, a tp-rior iriv.ste bath on the shore. The place ia well haded, abuLdinee of fruit, and the heat water; neighborhood nnri'eptionable. Cot'aae contains 8 rooms, beside* k'tchen, with lerge cellar A pnly to a?#tr U KTNOSLA'vn. 'r. 33 Jot* at. KlIRMSHKD BEU BOOMa t nd Frm-h l.ang age?Two geutlem<-u rau be accunmrdtted with furuishr d rooms, with breakfast and tea, or without, at C. ys upon, teaci er of the French langnag- 65Walke'st ee'.naar Bmadwav. They misht aye the privilege of (cllowi'ig the cour e of the erei inn elasaes without any extra charge. Frenrh iioulv ap'<keu in the house. C. Aupoix wib commence a new course in the beginninc of May. ai8 6t* r HOUSe.8 TO LET AT YORKV1LLE.?* large house* on the corner of 84 th street and 3d avenue; either J'.'AaL of them is calculated for a public house, grocery or private residence. On the premises is a fine stable, howling alley, aad a fine garden, consisting of 8 ,ot?, with grape rineaand fruit trees thereon. For terms, inquire of J?HN A. MORRILL, Esq., m8 2wr No. 11 Chambers at. jtaA TO RENT?The extensive Building erected the presentseison b? the ?nbscrioer, for his own residence, on XUjLthe margin of'he Erst River, at Gowanns Heights, t wo and ? half miles from South Brooklyn Ferry, commanding splendid views of the Bay and Jersey snore, the cties of Vew York and B rook I \ n, States Island and thie East and North Rivera. Tha H use ii b ic>. a superior building, five stories h sh, covered w'lhcoppei; Ihe hall ard st?irs of maibU; the water fron'ab iui one thousand feet, ?nd ihe bolting withma few ' aid*of the door, cxcelle t fishing ard fowling in'he im mediate v icimtv. The drive from New York ii about fifteen miuurej, and the premises are not excelled by any >i'uation near this ri'y Oue hundred penona can be accommodated.? Possession immediatel-. Annlv to JOHN IT DELAPLAIVF.68 Wall at. ALSO TO LET, Uie three atorv brick House, 34 Walkei stieet, between Breadway aid Church str-et, occupied by Mrs. Verplanck; and the two ?torv brick Honve No 229 .Nineteenth street occupied by Mr- C. W. Feeka?Rents moderate. alO lm*gc . i TO LET?The Mansion House "at Bloomiogdale, tttTM known as the " Abbey" situ at- d a sh ?rt e i .tance ab ove Joll, he six mile atotle, just above Slryker's Bav, and nearly opposite St. Michaels Church The place is wall known ai on-of the most delightful situation* on the Island, aRd ia re ma'kablT hea'thy in the summer season. Toe ttloomingdale stages [was and repass the Rate every hour in the day. The gate ia new, and numbered 101. The lent will be in accordance with the present state of th? UN. A ply on the prrmiin, or at 132 Chimbrn street. N. B.?knan-emeiit cauld be made, if desirrd, by a satis factriry leuaut, to let a pari of the fnroitnre now in the boose remain, or a part of the hoose will be rented separately. apli lm*r Jm4 TO LET?The fire pro.n orick store. No. IBS ouu T--;H *t. with immediate post- stion if reqnired. apply to XML WOODHULL It MiN l URN, _jnJ4r IT Sooth street. JM TO LET?The iWo swy brick Hoose and premises rjl No. 145 Wooster street, finished in the most moderi style, with maible mantel-nieces and foldinir doort throughout Apply to JOSEPH McMURKAY, mar 100 Pine street. JkL TO LET?Severil Work Shop*, with (food light, a 105W Ann st'eet. will be let at low rents to (food tenants X^LEnqoire of WM. PULLER, 4th story, fiont building between II slid 2 o'clock. all 2w*r TO LET OR FOR BALE?A three story mode a ! hmlt b-iek dwelliui l oose an t store, wih two lots o jyBLgniu id attached, suaated in Williamibnm, shout two minutes walk f-om the Peck Blip Perry Apoly on the premises, corner of Fourth and South-Eighth >treets. wjiiiamaburg or o W. fc J. T. TAP8COTT, _a_4r tlPee^jlip. sm FARM FOR SALE, conta-'ning forty acres, thirty90S fire ouder eultiralion and the balance a good growth ol gJUwsss. ()u the premises is a heme in good repair, a new coar.h hoote and a large bain Id front of the hoose is an excellent well ol water, secured Irom the weather by a new well hoose, and a fine lawn in front of the hoose. On .he above drsciibed l-rin is foit in abnDdance, such as apples, cherries, pears, quinces, currants, gooseber ies.oc. The above farm is two n ilea from the steamboat landing, one fr mihetowa of Rye, on the North street road. A foil yiew of the Sound ; can tee two light henseswhen lighted; is in every respect a desirable location for a gentleman's residence. This farm is in Westchester County. Call on the premises, 01 An Mr. J. H. WELCH, 35 Leonard street, alB lm'ec oral the Polite Office. DRESS BOOTS. LATEST FRENCH STYLE. THE SUBSCRIBER respectfully invites the citixens ol New Yo k sad strangers visiting the city, to call at 114 FULTON STREET, and examine a large assortment of Dttcss Boots, made in thi l.ite-t laahion, and of the finest French calfskin. Gent emrn can hare boom made toord- r in the best manner, at sis dollars per paii, and footed at fonr dollars, warranted equal to any manufactured in the city at from seven to eight dollar*. Ijy Persons having Under feet, or being difficult to fit on a* count of Inoips, bunions corns, fcc.. can have boors made >o ai to be easy yet handsome, by the subscribe 's method of lakinf a drawing of he leet and fitting np and keeping a pair oflaau f or each customer. Strangers leayrng their measures can, by writing, hare boon made and forwarded to tr em without delay. consraitTLT ra hand. H-nd-ome Boots, from |] 00 to $6 00 Half Boots, ' J 50 to J 50 CMter Boots, 2 00 to 2 50 Shoes, " 1 50 to 2 50 Slippers, " 50 to 1 00 rumps, fcc., he., equally low. Teems, Cash om Delivery. JOHN L. WATKINH, allm*r 114 Fulton st. between Nassau and Dutch sfs. REMOVAL. frEORGE B GKANNISS' STO K OO BOO TS, 8 OK8, fcc , ia reutnvet ^n>"' Nn. 11} lo No. 9( Maiden L-iuc. opposite side fiv don above Ptail street. The firsi srorv is fi'terl u . for re lailii g hue c-lf sewed B.mts st THREE DOLLARS, Thi lolu lor Mots a- d shoes at wholes rle. ml gt*r WHO WANTS BOOTS h SHOES T THE O-eatest Reduction In Prices ever known ^PRfOnlr think of Oentl-men's fine dress nail stitchet Boots, nf the most fashionable shape, $2,75 to $140. Fashions We i egged lioots SI 50 to *2,00 a pair. Ladies fancy eoioret French and city made Qaiters for $1,35 to $1.50 a nat?. And al the faihions for IMS, forOentlemcn, Ladies -nd Children,from thirty to forty per cent cheaper than aeer, at 212 (Jrrenwich st corner of Barclay. JAB. WI (JOIN 8. a5 lm*r ADOLPHK MONURON, Boot maker,from Pa ^Ofli^Vrit, respect fully informs the Inhabitants of New York, that he has opened kis establishment at No IIS Broad way, where he is ready to eiecute all orders entrusted to him of the lat'St fashions n'tid best workmanship. Oeni'rmen wishing lo haea an ele?ant fit will do well to cell ami eiamiwe hi? work aO lm*r BOOT AND SHOE STORE. JOHN BEADY respectfully informs hisfriendi si.o me 1 ubl'C, tnat he has commenced business in the abov< lin,-. ?i No.99 Nsaaanstreet, where he will think fall) receiei orders he uay be favored with ot the m1 at reason* b * lerma for cash ig2r LADIES, LOOK AT THIS! >000 pairs o French Oaiter Bunts, aim 3000 p uva of Slippers, jo? rvCeiVail, ad ror sal- wholeasle and retail, at thr foMnwiuf v?rv low prices 2000 pairs of Fic-ch (Jailers, of the besl rjn Bty, and o' all colors,$<.50; and 3000 pairs of Slippers, 71 eenu, st 367 Broadwav andt'Caeal strret or maul id thi' world of Bond, Gaiters, Shoes, Slippers, lie U'* Minn And ' hddreu't do Q. d I. men. we with to draw Tear Attention to onr tplendn torlmenr of Boots, Shoes end cloth button Gaiters, of ihr new style; Knn.h rallskin Bo. ts ol the best q-i lity end math to order, $5, end Kienrh callskm Boots on hand, from $3 to $i per i> it; cloth button Oelt- is. ',10; Pmnella $1 .'>0. th> ftnesi *1 calfskin Shoes, 1,25 to $2; noys's Boots of lh. best quality 1,25 to $2,75; Klines. $1 to 1.25; youth's Bno's, $1 to 1,5b, Hhoei 50 rents to $|. Boots, Oaiteis, S>ipi?rs. Ties, Bnikins, Snoes lie in endless variety, and all wairsnfa to he ol the best kind GRKGOllV It OAHILL, 367 Bioadwuy a23 lm*r and H7 Canal street. T ij< IMPORTATION OF SEGAR9 AND TO J-i BACXO.?Th* Subscriber, ha?ilk recently arrived rou Havanna, oilers t? the d> alert and nraarema ol supe ior tegait telected by himself,) the following bunds, La Norma, Li m|ire>s, Woi dv illr, Trab ccn, Ca .ones and Lord Byron, o varh ns kinds. I?t, 2d. 3d and <tn qtslity ol Havana, stinerio St Jad<> and (iutsa tobacco. Ow nw io the death ol 8li phel Siman i?, the n.nt of Samauot It Hr.ithi r is di>snlted On the is' Ol Mav.lhe old eaiablishment of tt.e late firm wH b# moved to No, 6 Wall it* et, second door below Toe umcdc for the Lo?d B> ron mannU tory in Havana, add for 'he Real tartar* Tobacco. in Baltimore, are h? Id hv th* guhirnti$i which he uffeia at whole.?l? end reuil. A. A. 8AMANOB, U1 lm*r ? Well atreet. JOHN ROACH, OPTlClJtN 71 Numh, Meet J hit ?t eet, N. Y. HAVING lh" Lca? fc,ound Under hu own arrenuiuu >hrm id ihe iuu ? obacura hnnilf, lie feel weireotrd in mi ing t at iperatora name Iva eppiratn. here ol tain d more aaccrai th?i tho.a ntiua c uneiaa with foreign i- n, for'ha latter aie ofmu iuiperfec , and alill ofiener imp opeil adjaated. The ad* aruaer requeue a trial lor hia cameraa. Kn teen fare practice aa Optician enablea him to grind and ai r.inge Lena to anit the purpoae lor which they era wanted, aP lm*eo E NE EXCHANGE HOTEL. BALTIMORE. fPHIrt houie having uudrrgoue many iuipi riant alteration* A aud thoreurh tepairv. having been in part rcfurniahtd with tich aud elegant furniture, it (gain open for the reception oi company. The poii ioa of thil Hotel ii 'oo well known to require a detail of it* ndrautt - ei. It ii cottfeaaed to be, for peo- le of buainets orpleaanrr, one of the moat favorable of any in the rity The prevent proprietor icteudi that care aud indnatry ahall not br wanting to nni-rove it? natural advantage*, under hia auperiutend tnce, and he reapectfully solicits the patronage of hit friend* ana the public. ERA8TU8 COLEMAN. Baltim re, April 20,1813; a2jeod1mr T? XL II AN (J E HOTEL.?The Proprietor IVela gran-ful I'm J-a t'-e patronage he continue* to receive fr"m an enlightened uud libeial pubMc and beg* Pave tn la'nrin them I hi* utiiemi' ted eudearors to please all who make the Eveuange Hotel then home. '1 he p ic of bond is now reduced to $1 ij e? 11 s < r day wnhou any "extta charge'or fire, lig -ts," fcc Home importanl changes h-ve receutly been inide in the ofllreri about the housi villi -h be feels asturod will meet with the approbati in of the public. He is also prepared to receive a few permanent gentlemen with their families, or i'ugle gentlemen, to board ou the must lib) ral irrms for ike eusuiug season, tientlem n visiting the Exchange Hotel wilhth ir horses, are i forced that the beal care will be taken of ihem by Mr. JA.V1E3 HAKDEN, wluise Stable 11 co'iticuons to 'lie Hotel. it On and alter the 'at f May, the charge to yearly board era, for mealaonly, will be lednced, in the gentleman's Ordinary, to $2C0 per yen ; Ladies' Ordinary, $'25. VKEOEKI K BOYDEN. Richmond, Ap'il2ls', 1813 ml ?w i-vkliwy r EX HANOK HOTEL. POl'TSVlLLE, Peuna J SEIIZINOER icapectfn Ir announces io lhe Havel'nig community. ih?t he keeps that larg and aphud-d establishineut tli- Exchauge Hotel, situate ?t the corner of Centre anil Callowhill streets, nearly oi poaite the Town Hall, in the Borough of Pottsville, which hes been tho uglily repaired rod m< trria'lv imrroTed for h? rccommo ation <>l' viaitor*. The ho tel la forty fret fr-ut ou Ceuire street and ouc liundrt d anr thirty eisht leet front on Callowhill, three stor e? high; it ii admirably piov ded with i a Ion, sitting roouia, reading room and large airy ch -mht r?? lie moit spacious, pleasant and con vemenl dining room in the country?a new and superi rhuhini establi?hment? ind every conveuiei ce and comfort to rendei ; it in all n sprcts a most desirable hotel. '1 he stanliua attached, is laige and well const'ucled,ant uperiD'ended by experienced and attent ve hostlers. Horrei aud c. rriages may be Dad at any time to convey persona to any put of the co utiy. An omnibua ru- a from this hotel d-ily, to :md f otn the depo to meet the ca'i, for the uccoinmodttion of persons travrlliLi on the Ruin ad No charge fuomnibus fare to this hotel. Pottsville,May 1, 1843. ml im*ec ROSSViLLE BuAKUINO SCHOOL, sTAl'EN ISLAND. WWESTTHCRP respectfully informs his friends and thi public, that his school will reopen on Che 1st of May Patents and guardiaua are also informed W. W. makes it i point of conscience to gnard in every possible wav the moral of children committed to his care, from mar to twelve years o age. Reading, writing, orthography, arithm>nc, geographt aud grammar taught. 1 he local on is dcligh'fnl and healthy the orchard, gardeua and play ground are spacious; about tet miuntrs walk from the lauding. The steamboat Raritai leaves Barclay itreet ?*-erv day at 3 o'clock, tor Koaavtlle. Terms, for board aud tuition, including wasning, $36 pe quarter, paid in advan- e. References Hev. David More, Staten Island. W. N. Seymour. Esq., 4 Chatham Square, N. Y H< nr? Stewart Segniue, Esq., Sta eu Island. Win I udlam.Eaq., 124 Btekmau street. John Qninn, Esq , 3" Mnnroe street. Mesiri. Colvill aud Fleminv, Esq., 18 Cedar street. Capt Edward Frrber, Esq.. Hicks street, Brooklyn. 1 Mrs. V?rian. 21 E'i ridge street New Yor . a2t lm*r tpcTSEVTLEMEN WHO lo. 1END 1 O V.Hl l O-.K A MANY?MR. HL'tsHES, P.ofrssor in ihe Royal Milt tary Cnros of Cadets in Dmdrn, i as accommodations in hit house for gsnt emeu as bonders aud laagers. He addrt sses himsel' particularly to ?uch as, roming to O'j 1 many for the purpose of learn ng tne language, wish to lacil. late theii advancrmeut ih it, by placing ihimselvts inafamtl] where it is constantly spoken. ' Mr Hughes, though iweuiy-five yeari a resident iu nv, is a native of Kurlud, aud therefore considers a residenci ' in his family <ss particulaily sn-tab'e for yoonu Americins u their 4Je>man s udie>? his is iliaritv with b--rh lai.-guxges ena tiling h>m to give, iu the course ef conversation, those '*i laua ious wWch every one finds at first > utcetsary, aud which hi > willat-H tisies be must willing to offer. Tne different professors of ihe Co |it o' Cadets tia.e kindly promised to insi'uct any nea^I'men ri siding with Mr. Hn,h?s i so that every faculty is offsrid us im.itove ih-we sciences ie qmsite for any fu'u-e p fession. den. Mr Aaro-.New Ynrk.ano Mr Th. W. Wi'liams, Connecti J cot, h'vc kindly prmn led 10gwtl any engHw. fig tttV > A FEW GENTLEMEN of itiady h-ibits ran be accomine A* dated with good boird aud pleasant moms in a private lami It, at 204 Fultcu street. Also, a few day boaders can be sce> m modaled on the most reasonable term. A pari or and bedroon ' to let, with or without board si ec I WASHINGTON GARDENS, HOBOKEN. TOHN IRELAND, the well known proprietor ol the Firs ?? Ward Uonse, No. 28 New street, (coruer of Exchr.ngi Place.) grateful for the patronage hitherto received Irom hi: ' friends, and ilesiroui to merit a continuation of it, respectfnlli 1 informs them and the public generally, that he his lately pnr chased the large and commodious House and Gtrden* knowt > as the Wa hirgton House, situate in Hudson st-eet Hobokm within a few in uutes walk from the Kerrv, formerly accupiet by the latt James Hweenv, where he will be happy to rrceivi calls from ih" friends of the late proprietor, also the jmblii r generally. Tile Gardens being newly and tastefally laid ont will be supplied dn'ing the season with -n evcelleul assort ment of the rarest 'nd choicest of flowers. The bar, beini greatly enlarged and newly fitted up, will contain a ?o das sortmont of W ines and Liquors of the most approve d qu ility andcigirac.f the moat superior bends?also hheiry Cobblers Mint Ju'eps and Punches tmde in the best stvle ; Kefrrslt ments. including Ice Creams, and oilier delicacies of theses son H-' has also fitted upseperate and agreeable sitting par j lor? f .r ladin. which front upo i the Bay. and furnishes a v iew <f the most delighifol scenery. The snbtciiber, determine! that norhiug shall bt wauling to seenre the comfort of tiii p trons, has also refilled the Bowling Saloons, wiili two e ilirt Dew Alleys, built i n the most approved plan, for exercise ant ' the recreation ofviaiiora. Of the attention of the waiters, i is unnecessary to say more 'h n tint they will in ill cases b< found stt ntive to the wants ol the visitors. The subscriber from his long experience in the business, respecifully solicit a share of the pub ic patronage, and pledges hunse'l that noth ing shall be wanting ou his part, or those iu his employ, t< , contribute to the comfort aud enjoyment of llioae who mar r visit the Washington Gardens s30-2w*r JOHN IRELAND, Proprietor. REMl TTaNCES to Eagisud, Irelaud and 8 rot land ? Drafts payable at sight, in snms of <5, ?10, ?li, A'0 ti any amonnt. payable without discount Tina isadesiiabl J and safe method for persons wishiug to remit to their friends ii Europe. Apply to 8. J. SYLVESTER'S, . a39Mr 99 Wall street and IIP Broadway, i TMPOeTANT I O ALL.-Uaddorfi Id, N. J., April 20 ! J 1843 ?1 In the I3ih day of ctnber, 1841, I was attacked by : I severe pain la I es'iL , m the region of tne liver, which c n tiuutd some five ni. Tne turn was then relieved b- ill i breaking of an abscess internally. Subieq entv, aud dmin the whole winter of 1841, '42, I sufTer-d in'enaely from th sam" cau e? cot tn u.V pain in the side, etc pi when tempi rar Iv relieved brad scharge of matter from the abscevs. MM all tint time I was c infixed to my house, had a violent cougl raised much blo< dy matier. aud was supposed by myself an others to be iu the last stages of consumption. The Kebruar following, when appirrn'iy my life was near its close, I pre enr d a bottle of wistar'a Balsam of Wild Cnerry. As sot as I commenced the use ol it I began to re' over. The ton U'saof my ai l, constantly graw less, mv cough eradnallv lei m-,lheprorme # xpecioratiuu and apiltting of biood ceaeei and my g nera'health bream" by drgret a r>ati red. I routint rd uuug thr Balaam, and by the later part of Ma-eh I r< ana <d my ttadr, tb.v t f a. ar|tenler, which my health ha ei able | me to continue wuh' ut iuterrup inn throughoo Ihr paar yeai t I w II furtlirr remark,thia remarkable enrr waa effect-d by th uae of only ihrer. bottles ol Wiaiar'a Balaam ol Wild Cherry , THOMAS C?ZKN8. Gloucester County, N. J., aa.?Peraooally apparcd befor me, ike aubaeribrr, one of the jnaticea of the p> ace in ami fo aaid eoauiy. Thoma-r Coxern, who br-i g duly affirmed accor dins to law, aaith the above ta emeut la in all thn gt true. A/fir mad Del ore me, ane 20lh uay ol April, 1813. : J ( Lcmknt. j. p. [ A. Williamt, Eaq , counaellor at law, No. it William atreet ' waa cured of anaamodicaathnra of 1 wenty-fu ye >ra attndiug by the uae of one hotllr- of ihe Wi'd Ch ny Balaam. Let ihoa who doabt thia wondeiful cure all at hi* < flier and ee- him. Jaa. W. VVnodr iff ol h I x bethtowu, N J. waa cured o da grrona bleediur of the lung* by thr uae of only our bo tie Two juaticr a of the p-acc certify loihia rur?. Wr luve ui ' room to namr any more ol the i nmrrous aim lar rears. Puce tl pbr hotilr. Sol i at 12.) h'ulton ?tr-ei, corner of N ia aan, by laaac Butta; Dexter, Albany ; Oo.hain, New Haven 1 ag7 lm*ec I CAA PAIB OK OOOU DOUBLE AMli Ml *ULIL SOLI 0\J\J BUSKINS, ol all colore, tro.o ia to 6a and (1, war Mated good Ladiea', Miaaea, and Children's Oa'trrs, black brouxr, green and light eolora, of the lateat ftahion, ti J7 ti t (I 7i, a..d$2. Oent'a line Krench and native calf dreaa boota l prime calf drraa quarter boota, ahoea aud gaiteia; mena'. Iioya > 'nd childr n'a, good low pnr rd boota; prime mena', boya' am I children's, of all aorta aud a ilea, ilw cheapen you ever aaw Lamm* assortment,beat quality, andloweal pricra in the ciry . J. S Walker, 419 Bioadway I h rr sold ont my other alorr ! and will pay all attention to accommodate my Irremla and thi pnhlic. Good above at low pricea. Good gaitrra. Ifc. j al 'm?r i phR'iAN BKUb/f b-RllZM T k LO. import thi kX above arliilra dtre t from iht ir manufactory, wmeir era blra them to tell Dearly 100 per cam lower ihrn any Othe bouae. Dralrra and c>naumera ahoi.ld rxamiee our lull aui aplendid aaioitmebt vefi re uuichaalny elaewh- re I aW la'r Hl'ZELr It 14 Pine at , (VI Ul lLK?The ' opartuerahip her lolore rviatiug Dctweei , Kilis k M'ddlebrook, is this day dissolved New York, February let, l?f3. 1 K. H. ELLIS, ! 8. MIDDLEBHOOK 8. MIDDLKBROOK reapectfollT lulprm* die cnatouier* o the late firm and the pnnlic, that he ea ti#? n Bookbinding 01 hi own No. 122 Kulton arreet, Nf? York N. B.?Order* rr*|ieetfully aolictted. Cloth cover* madi promptly and cheap for country booaaellera. at lrn'rr ' C?RANC|B R CKl'MP. ChruMintiai, Watch md t i cl " Maker aud Jeweler, formerly with w. J. Tnbi >a lot ii-arli 1 ?ii y?*ra, and recently with Mar.|Uanda It o., Brovd way, n| 1 watd* ol three yeata.bega to acquaint hi* Irieud* and the |inohc 1 that he ha* taken a itorc at 241 OianJ atreel, where h. int. nil " to piertine the above bnainca* and'r ial* limn hi* mug rii en nee and known ability, to meet with that aharr of patron >yr ti ' whicp hu ahilitiri entitlr him. In rem nine thank* <et aI V t nat favour*. he would remind hialiieydi iliat he repair* evert Je?< upturn of Walche*, Ki pr itera, Muaical and 1>U| let, thi ' inort complicated that can be piocured AUo. Jewelry and Diamond work aet ; Pearl* twotrnny everyarti le lifty percent cheaper than any t o ar in the city lieum *0 ibled to do the whole hmiaelf, and not trnat to the in enperience ol oilier*. Ulaaae* au key* in proportion. Caal lor old trnlrt ?pd I.??r *1 'm*r HAVANA aKUAIta. BM. II' A III H LiOfiiy ii f?t, mu Numi offer for sn'n ttw I 'l'owinn ? 100,0011 La Niirma Wcoara, tit quality, very mieiior. > to. i no IIuhv do do do > as,000 Kavnrita do 00 do i <4,8 0 Jitntlta iJaaora, very old, and do <(,000 Raperauza do do I- Hegalia, Uai.ia, and ( do. Tho whole entitled to debenture, and in Iota to anit par ohaaort, apl? Im'r I w yc NEW YORK. TUESDAY ?1 BROWN It CO.'S One Price Hat Store, 171 Chatham Jp^sqnare, corner of Molt St., where fashion, beauty, durability aud ecouomy are cumbiucd to adom the head. The proprietors hive the pleasure now to offer a uew style of hat, the imitation of braver, which closely resembles those formerly sold for Si aud S6 at the low filed price of SI; those who from ncI -iiAt ill or necessity are induced tostudv economy in that indisiwnsable article of dress, have now au opportunity of doiua so. and still keep op the appearance of the most fashion able.? to the punlic, think lliev have reuehed ih ultimatum of heiutv. cheapness, neatness durability aud comlort to the wearer. All sales are for cash, therefore ao good custor. er nays the losses incurred by the bad. BROWN U CO. 178 Chatham souarr, afi lm* corner of Mo'i at HP'IIN'J KAtsHIO > KIK OC > l'LKMK:> S HATU The undersigned respectfully informs liis customers and the , ublic generally, that he his now ready for inspection and sal', the much admired sun nit style of ueutlemm s Hats, which for beauty of fiunh and and symctry of form, exceed any ormer effort, in this or any other city. ivmr ccKuuuiiii miy ait a uisuame article, as tney combine cheapness, durabil ty snd elegance, w*rram-d equal to any aud inferior to none. In the manufacture of Hats be challenges cmniw tion; tie therefore solicit! a si are of rublic patronage: he would a'so call th-ir arteut'on to Ins large assortment of Meu's.Yonth's.and children's cap-, of cloth,velvet, Ike. all of his own manufacture, which for variety of patterns cannot be eqnalled. Also, h i new style ofchildren's drab and pearl colored fancy hats trimmed with velvet of various patterns, for ipriuir and snmmer wear, vrry much admired. A call will couviu'e the most sceptical of the superiority ol the above meutioned articles, now ready for sale at the o'd ?st iblisheil s'nres ol ISAAC H ARCHER, al I lin'r ?04 and ?60 Gieruwich st, N. Y. OU t KIND PA i RONS ami the public are lesjectlu'iy invited to ca|i and eiamiuc our stock of hardy ' herbaci-ius Plants,consislimr of Pnloias of various colon, Campanulas, > l.ilies, Spire as, tic tic . together with red ud white moss Koi ses, yellow Htirison and other hard H so, Tea and Chinese mouthiy H srs in great variety, 200 varieties choi e double i D ihlias, lube Host s. Am.rvlin s, Oladiolui. it:. A number of new and brau'.i ul C-eeprrt for c veriug arb'>rs. 0 SOU green house |ilan,s, at ilie lowest ,ates vev>tablr a d choice dower I seeds of every variety, warran ed fresh. Fruit and oiuanien i 'al trees of every varirty, mi the lowest term* for cash. Tnote in w 'nt v ill please c .11 ai il judge lor themselves. a38 8i*in NlBLO St DUN LaP, I7ii Broadway. the warm salt water BATH is now open at the foot of Desbross's street. N. R. For its advantages over frtsh water, see Medical J -urnals. Five Tickets one Dollar. ap!6 Im'r INKKAL WATERS OF KIpHINUEN, Uermany. called '< AKOCZI.?The Kak, Czi hat an acidulous aaliue dav r, of an *g eeabie tiate, ai d being powerfully promotive of aecretion and rscreiion. a pu ifier, a air an io,veut, and at the same time st<eug'heumg wi h >ut heafng, itnetaaaano | tent apat ifically on ilie 1 ver, the systema vm>r. port aud u e, nne system, end dteaipaiing any existing used according to direct" ns. The Kakoemi is sold at the following places, at 37cents a t quart jar, or f4,50 a dozen Sold b? j Henry King St1 o. Druggists. 461 Bro'dwar, ror. Orand Sou'Uard. Driluc St Co. do 581 Broadway Si 2 Park row | Thrs. T.Ur-en 399 Broadway. , 'I hos. H. Hart, 278 tfl..adway Church's Dispensary, 188 Bowery. Wholesale -' d retail bv t FLORIAN STRAUSS, 66 Beaver street, j al*! lm*t up a-airs. TO THE LOVERS OF SUPERIOR BLACK TEA? a. Howqua's Mixture?This extremely delicious and unparalleled Tea, so highly celebrated iu China and Enrope, just imported. is now for sale at the Canton Tea Company's General s Tea Establishment, 121 Chatham at Now Yr?? t?in aekurss f?** ?e end ' each a2' '"> ? ? 'PO DEALERS IN CUTLERY.?Wra Wild, No. 162 1 Division stieet, Mat.nfacturet ol Cutlery, offers to the f trade, cheap for cash, 1000 doxm ol assorted I u l?ry of superioi 7 quality, consisting of oue, two, thiee and lour blade knives. , aP lie* r ! hardware, cutlery and guns. THK i UBSCRiB S.K3 are now opeaiug, by receut arrivals, r -1- their asaortment of H irdware. Sic., which they ofier at the lowest mirket prices, for cash or approv ed paper. Buit Hinges sud Screw*. Fine Peu an.. Pocket CutleBr?s? s ieli Goods. rr. Ja au-d Tea frays. Table Kniv-s and For)'*. Tiuued Hollow Wa e. Sc'stors, Razor* and -hear*. Saw*. File* ail I Tools. Dunk Sou* Wur.i, Bolls, Locks, kc I a*tor?, Candlesticks, kc., 8 ckles, Shovels, Shades, kc. kc. Also, a fall assort aeut o Guns, Pistols, Rifles and Hon maItri ,1s,at lower p'leas than an?.other h ate can afford to sell, , tin nit been purchased at anctien and elsewhere, much below original cost. A W SPIES k CO , *22lm?r _ 2'8 Pearl ?tr-et opposite Piatt street. f VTOTloE?To those who seek heal h ?nd com'ort comi-v bm-d with luiury?P ice redu ed?Old Established Medic ited Vapr.' Rath*. 21 Cortlandt st ert. s Mrs. CkKRO' L, in acc rdtnc- with the exigencies of the 1 times ha* reduced the price ol h -r b tlhs and solicits a cnntinu auie of the natioiiage ol'the Faculty in rartlcular and the public in K' ueral. Cold, tore ihroats, sw-llinKof the glacis, e rhruma ism, stifiurss < f the j .iuts. ague an fever, kc kc. are immediately relieve.!. Porttble baths Sent to any put ol the J city of Brooklyn Op*n from six in the morning till n.ue , o'clock at uight. Suiphur Baths require uue hour's notice . a29 6'r ? Tr.N CKv'l n Pe. on i'lHJ su*. i FdEI IHTS FRO vf NEW YOuK TO BALTIMORE i- Shi per* of goods to Baltimore from New Yoik are ret|>e t i- ful'y nformed that goods ccntisn.'d to the U tcrib'r. agent of > 'he Philadelphia Wilmington k Baltimore Railroad Line, will be forwarded from Ptu'sdelphia to Baltimore at the rate often cei ts pel 10# lbs. eith-r by steamboat or ra I road Goods de-tiDed lor ny point south or west of Baltimore,will 1 be forwarded from thenre at the lowest rales, and our arrnugemeets are such as w II ensure despatch. * For mrth r information apply 10 G. H HUDDKLL, at the ' office of the Union Transport ition Lin- Pier No. 2. W. L. ASHMEAD. Agent. 1 all ee Philadelphia. 1 M PASSAGE TO SnSBtOfififli PITTSBURG. 1 THE subacriber hat completed arrangements for the conj veysnce ol Passengers and Merchandise 'o Pittsburg aud interim di .te places, ou the most reasonable terms, |?r' Citizens Portable Boat Lina.** ' People aboot to proceed to the Westward, will find it much to their advantage to mair- their arrangements by this d-tirable conveyance, a- the sirictest attention will at all times be paid to the ce fort of (he passenaers, as well as the punctuality of t a di.-s ct conveyance with despatch, i For further particulars app'y to , JOSEPH McMURRAV, , aHeC 100 Pine s ieet, coiner of Sonth. | 8TATEN ISLAND FERRY Foot of Whitehall street, 1 On and after Monday, April 10th. the steamer 8TA1 EN ISLANDER will leave as follows, until further notice ' LEAVE STATEN ISLAND. NEW FORK, f At I A. M, At 9 A. sM. 10 _ II iwr.a< i? f. m. 2* 3* 18 6 t All goods >hipp?d are required to be rAiticniarly mirkrd.ani. a are at the risk of the owners thereof. at re ^^|f> ^ MltWAHK AND NEW YORK-Fa;e only 12k> Cents !?The si lendid steamer 3C3KZ. PASSAIC, Caplaiu Joha O.ifTy, has beeu pot in complete orde>, and will commence her tri|<s I r the a season, on Monday the loth instant, as loilows, until further i* notice e Leare New York at 4 o'clock, P. M. It _ " Newark at 7,S o'clock, A. M. <" ffreioht eiy^yrt at reasonable ra'es alfi Smec 'J " FfcUpLK> LINK I IK BTKA si BOATS * KOK \LBA\Y UAILY, Surda-s eicrpted I j?.at 6 o'clock. P. M ?Throach direct? Ir m " the steamboat pier bei wren '-ourtWndt and Liberty streets.? _ The steamer KOCHKSTKH, Capl A. H qchmn, leases ' Monday, Wednesday, and Kndaa eseni kS, at 6 o'clock. w_ The steamer SOU PH AMERICA, Caul. L. W Btaiuard j, leases Tuesday, Thursday, and Situ day cseuiuKs, at 6 , o'c'ock. ; The steamer NORTH AMERICA.* Oapt M. H Traes dell leases Tuesday. Thursday and ?aturday afternoons, at ,1 5 'eh rk landing a intermrdiste places. . The above B .atsare uew and substantial, are f?rnnh?d with ' eleg int state Rooms, and (or speed aud accommodations are , unrivalled ?u tne H idson For i>aa'>a?e or freight apply on board, or to P. C. Scholia, the odlee on the wharl. s?< imr ' sWQ BYENINO LINK FOH ALBANY, wiih'Hit Isniiiijs ,k. n..., -1 u? SEbmMUK- atrret north aitTe.rhe aplenditi commodious Steamer DIAMOND Centaur A Flower, wll lea?e iu above r v?ry I'uesilay, Thti-irlay, and -aturday, at 6 o'clock, I*. M. , For Pa-a <ge or Kreiahf arply to ihe Captain onboard, oral , the office of said Bo t, foot or Barclay it. e The thove boat will leave Albany the alternate daya, foot ol Hamilton ?tr?et. ap'6 r f new York and kinosm5n~sieam kheiuHt AND PASSAGE I. (B. 9 .MM For Kingston, and Delaware and Hudson fcL *!*? . JnCmal?ate imboata EM E KALI) and NOK ' W ooir u The EME' ALD, Captain John Ketcham, will leave New v ork foot ol Murray atreet, every Monday and innradnyali 6 o'c'oeh P. M. ? Wi.l leave Kingston (Rondont landing) e?ery Wednesday , and Salurdav at 3 "'clock. P. M i The NOKWiCH, Captain John Q*mnel?, will leave New , York, foot of Mur.ay alreel, every Wedneaday and Saturday al 1 o'clock, P. M. 1 Will l-aee Kingston (Rotidnut landing) every Toe ay ana Friday al S o'clock, P M

EXTRA TRIPS. The EMERALD will leaee the fo?t of Murray alrvet every f Sandy morning at T o el ck. HetUrning leaves Kingston at 4 o'- lock aam? day. For freight er panaxe apply on hoard, or lo WILLIAMSON, BAHLOW * CO, all Sm*r '64 Weir atreet. , CHALLENGE TO CKOLIUH I lAP; 1HK Srxteeo foot tail boat "TKOUBLKH" will WMV >"l,ld r'"dV 1(1 "f anv distance, irom m to r.8 milea JHUifcriiainit any ail hoat ever hu t byWm Crolias, from tl.r lira day of June in il the tint day of Angnat next, one 1 month' nolii e beitj given,toaail two se|iaratr da.a for the mm iii gum, earn any. i nc note object i* to tent the uniting in.ilitn ofthe N. B.?To Mil withoat onrn or tender*. C. L. IN0KR80LL, Al lm?ee 4M <v?trr afreet. i MA To THr, OWN Kit or THK 8 ML y^gJ^BOAT 1 TUOUBLKK "?The owner ol ,X>_JK_JE_thi- ? 'i bont ' TtouWI. r" having r ceieej three rh Unite* trom hn*rn hnilt by Wm. Cmlim within the Imt'i* month*, nnd not hie n< yet mcepied the mmi, it ii nreMimtd ilint in juhl ?hn g hi* i hillrnge to Mil fninit nuy * boat ever built bv Cretin*, hi* tnweii if I agination h*? laker t fligltr 'mm the terra firmn ol Water ntreet to thore my .t c^egionv? " Where the mm by nuiiv oitdn, Obtntnnreceipt* from tiling foil*." , A* ?onn nn convenient after h? he tin* got n ft w more of tho?e receipt*, nnd ileici n*rd frmn ihit aerial ninnufictnry of hmiot* ' It 1.1 boiled thni he will c wlenCeDd to notice *ome one ol tbi ch t It titi' nlrenoy given him * thit"hii *o!e object of tent iog the * tiling i|Ua ilie* ol the bontn'1 m?y be obtained?ifle in boaittd" Irenbler"doen not prove nafltcien rroubler to him by cnpiixiag hi* 'epamtioo nn ntie h*n detn lietieif, he ?h*lllh< the opportunity upon hi* own term*. * (in per day lor again *e?itg In* mutped nam fo'lowing in the wnke of Win. < rolin*, m the te-pecifnl rati it Ilirei mile* in eighteen, nn it did lant epri"g. nlfrlm- m FoH L Ve U' OOL?-rim Brit'*> Ship Th* ^j^Vwell known, vety mi iog B itmh ?liip t Hl.*AAahb I I1.K, Captain J tin Doyle, will have iinineditlrdea i tich for the *"ove port Ko frt inht > ply to th- nu.nbacribtt, HUCHK. BROTHKKS h Co 3S Cotton nt. *g?r neit door to ihe Pulton Hnnk f ARD?? bkl* pnme Lett Cnnd. for nnle bv " *** K. K. COLLINS It C? rt7 ttr 5* South itreet, >RK I MORNING, MAY 2, 1843. New Orleans. [Conetpondrnee of ihe Herald.] Nkw Ori.kans, April 21,1843. Flcncfi Market?Flower Girls?Trxns?Shinplaitert ?Colonel Dick Johnson?Children?Fushiun? Opera?Business Jamf.s Gordon Bennett, Esq. Dear Sir: ? The summer here in New Orleans, has now put on her beautiful garments of green, and decorated them with a myriad of bright flowers, whose perfume is far more delightful than that which comes from the kerchiefs of most of our modern belles. This is the most beautiful season of the year in New Orleans. Both the mental and physical qualities of all, are now freer in their exercise, and more healthy in their nature, than at any other part of the year, and happiness seems more particularly to be a constituent element of New Orleans society in the early summer, while you at the north have not vet entirely cast off the white robes of winter, and must still muffle up your noses to keep away the biting blasts oi the old hoary headed Boreas, we here, in the sunny south, are luxuriating ourselves in the cooling breeze, and bathing in tiie great father of waters. The flower girto are now more busy than ever makingup beautiful bouquets, in order to draw Irom the |>ocket8 of the lovers of Flora, the extra bus that might otherwise be devoted to more un- ' worthy purposes. By the way, this vending of flowers is a great business in New Orleans. Whether there is much profit in it is more than I can tell, but I judge that it must be something handsome. Most of the venders sell from two to ten dollars worth of flowers per day. The handsomer and more interesting the flower girl is, the more beautilul of course are the bouquets in her basket, and the more bits does she carry home to her master or mistress. Two bits will buy a very handsome bouquet fit for the most adored lover to present to his lady love. 1 bought one the other day at that price, and presented it to mine, and she declared it to be fur superior to any she had ever gathered in the " green fields of her childhood." But her Fcotch curiosity was so great, that she soon pulled it to pieces before my face, to ascertain how many different kinds of flowers there were. She counted twenty-three, and all of the choicest kinds. I judge there are from one to two hundred thousand dollars worth ol flowers sold in New Orleans |>er year. This sounds like a large sum, but I do not think it is above the mark The news from Texas the other day, would seem to indicate pretty strongly the impiession that all the Mier prisoners had made their escape from the Mexicans, but I fear this news is too good to be true. I fear the result will be, that but very few only have been able as yet to effect their escape. By the way. why is not something done either by the United Slates Government or Great Britain, to put a stop to this foolish quarrel of Mexico with Texas 1 Texas nas fairly won her independence. Our government has acknowledged it. Great Britain has acknowledged it, and yet they sit by with folded arms, and see the black-hearted scoundrels of Mexico committing acts against Texas which the very savage himuxelf wmil/l rfiQninr? uu Koinrr KonaniK A1 f??i warfare. Yesterday we had later news from Yucatan. There has been some pretty severe fighting, and the Mexicans have been thrashed soundly by the Yucatecoes, the particulars you will see in the papers. The different municipalities of this city are exerting themselves to the utmost to rid themselves and the community of the great nuisance of shiuplasters. The 1st municipality having had but a small amount in circulation in comparison to the other municipalities, has been successful in reducing it to a very small item. The council of the second municipality has passed an ordiuance which has created some considerable talk. It lays a special tax of one per cent upon all real estate in the municipality. All persons who pay this tax will be entitled to receive treasury notes, bearing interest at the rate of s x per cent per annum, payable in 1845, 1816, and 1847. Til the payment of this tax, it is calculated that all the second municipality shinplasters will bp swallowed up You will perceive tlia' tuis is nothing more nor less than a forced loan on the part ot the munici pality, to enable her to get rid of the hurt leu of taking and disbursing money that is from ten to twenty five per cent discount. This, I think, is an honorable proceeding on the part of the municipality ?for we all know that she has the power of laying a direct tax on all properly within her limits, which would at once enable her to swallow up this monev, and thus make an end of it. But rather than to do an act which would at the present time appear onerousfshe prefers to act the liberal part, and (>ay back again in two, three, and four years with interest, what she now demands. The second municipality will by this act, be now enabled to go on ihe cash principle, and save at least $50,000 per year in her expenses. The third municipality is in a worse plight than the second; her bills are at a discount ot 70 per cent. It is believed, however, that her council will soon enact measures to put her financial affairs in a more prosperous condition. Col Richard M. Johnson arrived here yesterday, looking hearty and in good spirits. He has not any very great marks of genius or greatness about him, but he looks like a good comfortable, cozy country gvniieman, wno wouia mucn rdiner sit in a judge's chair to decide the result of a horse race, than tosit in the President's seat, to wield the sceptre of power. However, Ambition sometimes takes a lowly hue, and would fain climb the ladder of popularity without much noise, until when near the top it gives a shout and is heard to a much better advantage than from those who hurrah when they reach the first round. Who knows but what in 1844, when " little Van" and " Old Harry" get almost ready to start their nags for the great race, Col. Dick will give a shout ihat will at least frighten the "regulars" into a fit. He will be a great " lion' here whde he stays. The fash onable world jogs along here in pretty much the same path as ever In fact there is never but very little variation. We can get up no runaway matches here as you can in New York, to give a spice and lively variety to the world of lash ion ; but all goes along in a steady, ox-cart sort of a style, from year's end to year's end. Balls and parties, and soirees, are as much in vogue as ever, where young men go to show their wit and wisdom, mixed with folly, and maidens to show their bright eyes and graceful forms, and use the eloquent tip-v>f their tongues, to wring Irom the hearts ot theirbackward lovets, that question of questions. Old ladies go als > to these balls and parties, to help their daughters tohusiands. For, ever since Gen.Jack?nn made that successful military mamsuvre about five miles below the city, the stately matrons of this beloved town have been (famous in the art of mamBUvring; and from some few specimens 1 have seen, I am inclined to think they would out-general the General himself. Some few northern youths who are not used to such tactics, frequently get themselves into hot water, and in order to get out, allow Home jackass or other to shoot cold lead at them. New Orleans is a remarkable place for beautiful and healthy children. In all tny travels I never have seen in any city so many good looking bovs and girls ns in this place. There seems to be a life and sparkling joy about them all, that is to me astonishing in so warm a climate as this. I think it may he owing, in a greHt measure, to the haoit or custom of allow mg the little things to scami>er about on the b nquets after the sun has gone down, and thereby getting good and healthful exercise. It is a great amusement for me to sit by my window for an hour before dark and watch the rornpings of about a dozen cherry-cheeked little girl* on the opposite side of the street from me. All of them are drsseed in iiir nrnir?i inrtiMir-i, m j'MIK linn i?iur miiNimfl, wim their hair hraided down behind, and lied with pink riband. What a bright personifies'ion ol happinew are the gambols of these little ones No cares nor sorrows trouble their minds.and their little thoughts as yet are as pure as the ether that flotft*round the throne of ihe Almighty. Ah, bright, joyous, beautiful little Corn! May there ever be a guardian angel to watch thv footsteps through hte, and keep thetn in that path which is strewed with the bright flowers of happiness. May that eye, which is now the index of a glad and joyous heart, never be dunned with aught eUe than with that tear of holy grief which may be dvemed loyful. For there is a joy in grief when paace dwells in the breast of the san The Italian troupe from Havana are here, and have performed two nigh'sto full houses Hut we miss sudlv front among thetn the rich, heavy voice of Salvatori, and the brilliant tones ot Hossi. A certain t?i i/inmU nobleman, calling himself 1 Count Bsrato, who has been lecturing upon Greece and Lord Myron, in this city, got a very pretty flogging the other day for extending his gallantries rather beyond the limits ot propriety, in his hoardinghouse. It is almost needless to say that this Count iiarato is a numoug, ana no count at all lie win t soon find this climate much too warm lor his perso- t nal comfort. < Wr are all anticipating a great flaod here soon, from the immense rish of watera Irom the Upper Mississippi, the Missouri, and Ohio, which is all coming down upon us this year in a heap. All ac- . coasts agree m the report ol the immense quantity ( of snow whioh has collected in the upper country. | In all probability we shall have to traverse ouratreets i i^ 1" 11 I'm A i pj n a i in canoes and flat-boats Won't it he magnificent, though, to get into a nix oared gondola, with a party of ladies and gents, and traverse through the city as in Venice, singing songs and making love "by the light of the moon " IJu-iness of all kinds is dull, and with hot very sm-iH presnect of a change for the better at present Jfl.ViS (>6<) in specie arrived here yesterday from different parts ol the world. More anon. Yours, Acc. Hkrin. Philadelphia. | Correspondence of the Herald. I Philadelphia, April Ik), 1843. Jas. Gordon Bennett, Esq.:? Dear Sir :? I sit down to scribble you a few lines regarding the splendid concert given by Signer Nagel on Saturday last. From the brilliant reputation which the Signor has made for himself throughout the country, much was to be expected, but in truth our expectations were exceeded in every way. Our large Hall was crowded in every part by the beauty and fashion of the city. There must have been over one thousand persons present. Of Nagel's performance I cannot speak in terms of too high praise. His first piece was a concertina, consisting of Adagio Sentimentale, Rondo Scherzando, and Finale Piccante. The Adagio was played with a depth and intensity of pathos and sua taiument of feeling that I have never heard equal led. The Rondo formed a beautiful contrast? full of briljiancy and quaintness, and the Finale was a fit ending to a performance in every way so perfect This piece was unanimously called tor repetition, but the Signor came forward, received the tribute of admiration, and retired. The second piece was a Concerto a la Paganini, in which he introduced a favorite southern melody, and improvised variations on the spot. This was a truly great performance, displaying the wonders of his mechanical powers, and the great resources of his inventive and imaginative faculties. The third piece consisted of movements from his grand C?ncerlo, dedicated to the American public. The Recititivo, the Adagio Religioso,and the Rondo Melodioso. The Recititivo was|>erfect musical speaking?if ever die violin discoursed deep feelings and beautiful thoughts, it was on this oceasion. Our mind and feelings werv by turns moved and elevated, and well prepared to receive the deeper impressions which were communicated by the Adagio Ifeligioso, which followed. Ot th? movement 1 find it difficult to Hf>eak or write, for my feelings were, in a measure, overcome by the sublimity ot its character und the depth of its passion. It was an exhibition of perfect art comtined with powerful genius. The rondo melodioso was a beautiful singing and impa-sioned air, played with refined grace and sweet expression, Hud acted with a soothing power to draw the mind from the graver feelings excited by the previous movements. Do not think my praises too enthusiastic, for I only expres-sihe sentiments of all who heard him on Saturday evening. Mrs. Edward Loder, Irom your city, was engaged on this occasion, and added greatly to the delight cf the evening?her voice is rich, mellow, and ol much power?her style pure, impassioned and classical?her execution distiuct and rapid, and her shake the most beautilul and perfect I ever heard She sang several Italian and English songs most beautifully, and created quite a sensation. Mr Dempster is too well known to need any en comium from me. Mr. Thorbecke, our pianist, gained much admira tion and applause in a piece by ^halberg The last pertormance of this great aflair was f Duett Concentante for two violins, performed by M If alma and ^lgnor Nagel. This is a novelty, am one ot much importance. It is a composition o great brilliancy, full of beautilul counterpoint ant imitation; exhibiting every variety of difficulty, pu into audi sweet and agreeable forms, that the in tercet of the hearers is kepi up without Hag ing fruit the beginning to the end. M. Ha ma gained mucl credit for the admirable manner in which he mis tuined his portion of the Duo. Signnr Nigel's per form IBM was above all praise. Thus ended a con cert which is acknowledged on all hands to be the most delightful one given here for years. Signor Nagel gives his farewell concert in your city, ou Friday next, when you will have an opportunity of hearing this magnificent duett I write this letter as a just tribute to the Signer's fine talents, and as a duty owing to the public In conclusion I trust that his regrets at parting with your liberal community will be comforted by hs brilliant and enthusiastic assemblage as welcomed him in Philadelphia on Saturday evening A Lover of Music. Common Council. Bnirnor Ai.dfhmf.x ? Monday, May 1st.?Present Alderman Woodhull in the Chair, and all the Aldermen present except Alderman Bonnell, who was absent from sickness. Veto The Mayor asnt in his veto to the passage of an appropriation of $l'jM for erecting sheds round the Washington market, retiming to sign it on the ground that extending accommodations at that maikrt prevented the Bttenuance at the other markets of the city, and also that the expense ?a< unculled lor in the present state of the finances of thecity. Hille for Election Kuans ?Alderman West, of the Ifith Ward, ottered a resolution to pay J Bo>d $16 tor extra U6e of room to accommodate the election Canvas sera of that ward. Alderman Balis objected to the pay. meat, as he said that every other person who h-d rented .1 room woald send in a bill for extra services, w Inch would have to be paid. Notw ithstanding this Ihe bills was pass ed, Alderman Balis alone voting in the negative. .Ihnlishmg Offiret in the Twct/th }VarJ.? The Com mittee on ordinance* to whom a number ol petitions were referred relative to the abolishment of the office* ol Street Inspector, Dock Muster, and Health Warden of the Twelfth Ward, reported in favor of auch a measure, and presented an ordinance to that effect, placing the performance of the duties upon the Superintendent of Roads, who ha* a salary of $1000, and who ia hereafter to be appointed from that ward. Alderman Pcanr said that "it was better late than never," but he thought it rather strange that the gentlemen in power had not thought of it before they were all sti pping out of office except the grntlrm .n in the Chair Alderman Davits said that as the people had asked tor it from that ward they should be listened to. Aldarmar. said he had voted for the abolishment of these offices a year ago, believing they were useless, particularly the Dock Master, as but $78 were collected during the past year for all the whaives inthat ward, when hissala-y was $4<i0. Aldeiman I'nds.rwuod said that as this request came from the democrats oft 'nat ward, he thought that that party in the bond should go for it Alderman Purdt said he was rather astonished to see Alderman Underwood so ready to adopt the view* of his political apponents?he was not formerly to quick a'the perception of their good sense. Alderman Carman Raid that he knew it might interfere with the appointment* of some gentlemen who had worked hard to elect certain other men to otttce,hut he though! 'twas time to commence relorm, as things look squally on the democrats coming into power. He should therefore ge for it. The ordinance was (hen adopted, by a vote of 19 to 4? Aldermen Martin, Hatfield, Purdy and Dee in the negative. Impaction of Hay?The Corporation Attorney, to wh<>m was referred the suit of Oeo. S. Nichols, fined for violation of the ordinance relative to the inspection of hay, reported that it waa not advisable to carry the suit uny urther, as Mr Nichols hail obtained a reversion of judgment in the Superior Court, which had been confirm ed in the Supreme Court- The committee to whom it was referred therefore reported in favor of paping him the amount of expense* incurred thereby. Adopted 1'irr foot of Murray ilrtrl?The Committee of Finance reported in lavor of selling the ph part ol pier foot of Murray street, belonging to the Corporation,to Peter Ooa let, for 91,7 V). Adopted f?P Dead Boditt.?The Police Committee, to whom was re,erred the application ol J K. Cow pert b waite to be released from fine for violation of the Corporation ordinance in interring the dead body of a child In the church yard at the corner ol Chriatie uml Stanton atreeta, without depeaiting it aix foot below the aurtace. Alderman Lkk oppoaed it on the ground that he continued to violate thi* ordinance in defiance of repeated reqneata and of public opinion, that waa then excited upon the auhject?he therefore hoped that hia fine would not he-remitted by thia Board. Alderman CaoLira adrocated the remiaaion of the fine on the ground of the poverty of the applicant. Alderman Smith aald he did not believe that one child in one hnndred wna buried at that depth,and rarely that a grown peraon waa placed that far down. Alderman Lrr aaid that the burying of thatchild waa not the only inatance? that it had been violated time and gun in that churchyard, and he had aeen the grave bgger in opening a grave fur th" interment ol a grown person to knock the acull of 11 child out of hia way, aayn g "get out ot the way yon little devil and make room 01 i big one," and this too when Mr Cow perthwaite, th? ippiicvnt now for remiaaion of tine, waa in the yard. Alderman CaoLiut aaked it Mr.rowperthw-aite waa pre ent at the grave when thia rem irk w aa made. Alderman t.r.x aaid he waa riot preacnt, but waa in the ,-ard not larotf. A motion w aa made to lay the report and revolution on be table, which waa negatived by a votn ol 7 to 3 ; and he <|ueation waa then taken on ita tnal adaption, when it vaa loat by a vote of 8 to 8. Tht two Mr Qutirrt ? The matter relative to the two vlcdHirM. nna nt uihnm V.n.1 ? ah., I e. ... at..I thi' ther the cab law, ?a* revived by the report ol the 'ollce Committee, who atated that the McOuire who tad violated the hoj law ha<l eaeaped Justice, and the ther McOuire wl o had violated the cab law. had bean mprtaoned for keeping more hofa than the oidinance al lowed, when in truth he had kept no hoga. They, there ^ I LD. Ww vwi 0?nta. fore, offered a resolution, that this MrOulra beTaidtOU lor hi? false imprisonment. Tim resolution u as finally referred hack to the committee, and the impreasbin is that Mr McOuire trill b? compelled to auethe Marshal that imprisoned him halorehe ohtaina any aomp>-iiiation Printing Lawn by Contract.?The resolution of tho other boaid relative o printing the volume ol the St?te laws, an I MM) copies of the tevistd ordinances t y contract, was concurred in. Also, to concur in a resolution to pay the Al 'erm-n sitting as Judges in lha Court ol Hessmns ft per da> tor their services, since the tleciaion ol the Couit ot Rirora in their favor Alderman Dsns called up the resolution to change the name < f that part o' Lumber street in the rear ol Trinity Church to Trinitv Place, wna adopted. Call's H.iha?That % 1,000.?Alderman CeoLice said that that $1 .000 that had been received from the HherttT, had hern placed in the New York state Bank to tha special credit of Mr. Taylor, as the Clerk ol tha Board, and as he was soon to commence other buainnas, tome dia. |iosition should he made of the note. He said it had baen kept I In re as a special delimit is order that it ml?ki h? identified. It wan finally decided that the deposits wm made in the name ol Mr Taylor, as Clerk of the Board, und not to hit special credit, and therefore no change waa necessary. Alderman Cash is introilnced a resolution authorizing the Mayor to appoint two clerltt, with salaries ol t*?) each, to keep a duplicate c py of the set of books in tbn Comptrollei 'a and Street Comuu-sioner's office, lor uae in the Mayor's office?R lerred. Grading the Eighth Jtvanue ? Alderman Wnt called up the repou and resolution in lavor of gr iding and mil ad. .limning the 8h avenue, between dOih atreet and IMih street, til an expense of ffi'MK) Alderman I'usnv said he thought that since the Alderman of the tweilth and hit constituents hao gotndof their water tax by a legi-lative tax, they could hardly have the luce to nine into this Board anil aak for ait expenditureol $6,000 for such an ot ject Alderman Lkoxahd also opposed the appropriation Aldermen Datiks, Balis, Woodhvll and Caxmait advo cated lit passage. The resolution waa finally put, and loat by a vote of 8 to 8. The Board then adjourned to Wednesday evening next Decisions In Chancery* Before the Hon. Lewis H. Sandford, Assistant Vice Chan' cellar. Mat 1 ?John I. lAiwrenct adtnT of Dorothea Brine kerhuff v? J I. Rrincke.rhoff and J. S Seharmrrhorn emae'ra ot Jlhraham Hi incke.rhoff ? Messrs. O M. Ogden and W. II Harrison for complainant ? Mr. M. 8. Bidwrll fer defendants Decree tor complainant lor whole amount of annuity, with interest and costs. Jamee Jt Slerem rial vs. David P. Mapai.?Mr. H. P. Edwards lor complainants?Mr. 8. Sherwood for defendants. Decree allowing the 1st and overruling the 3d ?n~ ception taken by defendant to master's report. B'tlliam Jl Coil v? Jamei Harn at at-?Mr O. N. Titus for complainant?Messrs. J. 8. Lawrence and Henry Niroll, lor defendaut,Hern.?Decree for oomplainant,with costs. The Partners' Loan and Trust Co- vs Joseph Maaer at al. ?Mr. W Curtis Ayres, lor complainant?Mr. J. Dikeman for defendant, Garrison?Decree exonerating the premises of Garrison from complainant's mortgage, with costs Jihrahom Pan Sett vs. Richard Jt Yaa at al-?Mr. J. W Hammersley for complainant? Messrs_ Jona. Miller and J. Blunt lor delindint Chat lea Yoe. ? Decree lor complainant, letting aiiile the HHRtgnmcnt ot Yon It Bleackar to Cbarle* Yon. Cuuming 4' Pollock v?. Charlei V Willimmian ?I ml ? Mr. H Hdirihun lor the complainant!?Mr. D. D. laid lor the defendant*.? Decree for the complainant* agaimat twothiidsof the mortgaged prrmiae* owntd hy Wiliam" ion and wife am) Bayard Claike, for two thirda of ths debt and their coa<a. Bill diamiiiied aa to Cochrm and wife, and her third ofthe premiaea without coat* and without prejudice*. V. 8. circuit < ourt. Before Judge Belt*. Mar 1.?Adjourned for one week Judge Thompaou has gone up to hi* country aeat at Poughkeepaie. The Diatrict Court waaopened, but no buainea* waa dona. 1 Supreme Court. Before Chief Juatice Nilaon, and Judge* Bronaon and j Cowan. j Mat 1?Thii Court met and tranaacled aome hualneaa . of no gri at interest lo die public at large. We under^ atand that iliere urn, however, avveral cane* ol great ln1 terent coming Bp in the courac of a lew day a. 1 Superior Court. 1 Beiore a lull Bench. Mat 1.?The Jury ?er?di*charged for the term. De.ciauma?Jean J Meriam tl at v*. Jacob Jlcktr ? New trial aranled?coma lo elude the event of the autt. Jlhner Benedict, ad* Henry IP. Hrinknall and Gad H. Pkeljit ? Judgment for the plauuitt*. Amount to be ad. jutted. Arguanenta followed. Court of Oy er and Terminer. Before Judge Kent.and Aldeimen Lei and Jone*. Mat 1?The Grand Jury were diacharged for tha term. No buaineaa done. Common Pleas. Before Judge !ngli*. Mat 1.?John Matthews * Jamee Btaritley and John Tracy ? Declaration in treapa** lor taking one draft tube, one cooler and leader*, and two aoda fountain*. Plea ot Beardiley admit* the taking, and juatifle* on the ground that the property waa taken on a diatreta for rent in ariear for premium 100 Hodaon at reel Replication to Beardaley 'a iiIrd fllh'PH Ikflt th?i npnnuHw woo ran* unnn ik" sea with B-ardsley's consent, mid that he told plaintiff that the piopertv should not he taken lor rent. Verd ct for plaintiff' f 12-V A. B Millard for plaintiff. H- Brewster for detendaats. Usneral Reoalona. Before Recorder Tallmadgn. and Aldermen Hatfield and Cmlin*. Msv 1?The May term ot this Conrt com.nenced this morning. but owing to the tart ot its being general mov. ing day,but lew iurors, parties, witnesses or loafers were piesent. not a single specimen of the latter genius being seen in the gallery. Th'- calendar 'or the term consists of the following cases Burglary 4 ; grand larceny 10 ; forgery S ; perjury 1 ; assault with intent to kill I ; robbery I ; falsa pretences I ; bigamy I?tot-I'd'}. Pr> viously indicted 22 The names of the Grand Jurors being called only ten answered, who were excused until Tuesday The few of the |>etit jurors who Bnswered were also dischargtid, and the court then adjourned till this morning at eleven o'clock. Fish hooks and fhhino tacki.b.?t. a j. BATE ti v received hy the late snivels fiom heirmao ? faeto-y 1 n. wm , s general s-sortirent of mpe lor Hooka a il Eishin a ir'e. whuh'h V off-r for e de rn lt>e cheapest terms ; V??' Kelly's (l)ohli-) Limerick Hanks, sstiooo, h'ss blsc-, soh tr lit, pickrril ud est KI h Hooks; ratem si'k iini;h mp awl .rss- L lies; rods, reels, hask-is ; a I Bri -I El e?; salmon and treat S "Oils mi r;mi ; d mule sod siug'e Oa't, wi'h s variety of snides, suitable for American fishing Superior drp ed eye ' Needles a2fi m#r T.fcJ HATE 70 Vlside* Isnr, an stsirs. f O AN Or S3 si'noo FOR AKHKkRAO1- 8 Tt? I'OV l> TRACTORS AND OTHKRs ON THE PUBLIC WORKS.?The C mmistiouers ef the Csnsl Enod by virtue of the ?et entitled "An set pi provide (or paving arreei?ges t? contractors and silhert on tne puM-e works." ps*ed April It. IBIJ hereby cive not ce tlilt "-sled propi.Mli will tie rvteiVed uutil K iday the 5'h day of Msy neit, at i o'clock in t e *fterI noon of 'list dsy, tor a loan of three hundred thousand dollars . f >r which 'rantferable eertifiri es of sroca, simi'sr to those let the seveu per rents of IRIS slid 1B<9 will be issued in the usme of th? People of the Wlate of New York, heanog inM e?r st the i.tit- hi in-r uvus. |iri amino), pay amr i|uf[iri<y, sou Ulf ['Tin cipal reimhupab'e at the pleasure of the Conimissiour is 01 tha [ Canal Fnud alto the year IMO It a to he understood that the Commissioners are to be at lihe?y to take a leaa ma. if the off ra are not sarh aa in their 1 opinion ae advantageous to the interests o' the ttt ite. The iwoposals mav he for the whole or any part of said loaa oat 'eaa than $10 000; all proposals to be sealed a aud ndorsed "Loan for (he pat nii'ut of arirarasea to eonttaetora and othera on the poMir work-." and encloaed in aa enre'ope dnrrtad to the Coirptiellarat Alhauv. The mouey will be reqnirrd to be pa-d on he 0'h of May. to the rredit ot the ' ommiaaiotie a ol the Canal Fand. ro secli niaka to the crv of New York or Alba y aa shall be designs ad hy the Coram aaiouera StnekholOrri rea-d'tut la t' e l?tand II 8-roare Piitrieta. and those rrsidt t out of the dratr, ill irtiivf the iaterest on the stock h'ld by Itetn, quarterly, at the b nk of the Manhattan Company, in the rjty nf New Voth; a I other stockholder^, at the New York State It "tib 'n tte citv of Albany. Dated Canal Depart en . A bray. Ann 19. *1)9. I). 8. DH K'NHON, Lieut (Jot. A r. Fl.Atl'C t'ompiroller. f? YOUN'i secretary of dtate. T F i K HINO I ON. Treasurer. O T Att'y Henerel. alltoMSr V. JIlaKS Snryeynr fleneral. M LI8PKNAHD 8TRMtT ~ VT ADAMK COSTKLLO, Female Physician and Uradaata "A si Midwife, offers her services to the ladies of this city and conafyr. The matomicai aud physiological peenlianliea which dutinyonh the female from the male, irn;Kjr npoa her dtseasea and fnuctioas altogether her own ? Manyo these diseases are eiceednifly complicated and oh scare, requiring en accurate knowledge of tha female system to '.rest them with aocrrss Madame Coatello having had long eiprrience and surprting succ-sa in the treatment ef diseases iaciilental to her set, apprises l.adiea on the point of rouAnement, or those suffering from tnppresaion, irregularity, ohatnte. ions kc that she will be happy loalford a comfortable 'cmoorarv horns at h-r residroce. ahere they can always hare the b-at medical trestinen aed tha noa1 matronly care and nursing, or if preferred, will wait on tud attend them attheirowD hona's until perfectly r*co*J ^ MailaineC. particularly beta to impress en the minds of the lelicate, tliat she nrfSc, net personally in every ease, ?o that mutation or drr at] need nersr he apprehended. N. B.?Mas). !oe' suello weuld inform ladles residing out of . I . .}> whose 111 lit'. w> lid ot , if . 1'i u irvoie 'tei per*.'!?. unrfi n.i' ???-" ? Vl'inted *Ufr? wurtia hm*>" ?*'?; ul#f9f ^ . , ? liiw C ean bt foatti;:r(i u h^r '*n?< ?nt'?, 34 Lii^rnard irret, *11 time. ami wxh tor .r:"*:< ( rcf*ra " 'he wnhea of >. r u lit*uIn A I rom.r.mi'<mi. !!.??< >nn*i b? i*>?t p?id. .M 'fn r r __________ n x)?,s?t< ?< > i T( h > L.r I L8KM I SON'S, Cowrcr'a. Hottnii'aaod Clifford's warranb 1 rd l ul Strrl ' arpcntcr. ami Shin <'?riieQtrri Tool*, c*u * " *?f?ole?*l?? *ixl retail of OSBuRN i LITTLK, J1 Fulton (treat, New urk, (It per cent allowed n mcreKanCe) *?'' ?f>" >?iu a fuM uaorrment of ,?>l?.?' Tool., Iron H Ima Honpa, Stare Jointer*, loel Howell* aud Ciaffi. A!*<>, Importer. m<l tleecal D"*l*r? in Kngliah, Oermaa I America* Hanl-eara, I ot r r Nail*. he he rliwti I \ M'HOK-O i" ofl\.rter'? Patent Anchor., wetnhtnc aboa t ib. .noil poti"<la, for .air br K. K COLLIN* k CO.. ? Somh strtcC

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