Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 3, 1843, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 3, 1843 Page 1
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I TH Vol. IX.?No. 1U0 ? Who No. 3333. To til* Public. THE NTSW YORK HERALD?daily newapaper?published every day of tha year except New Year't day and Fourth *f July. Price 9 cent* per copy?or f7 98 per annum?poatagea paid?cath in advance. THE WEEKLY HERALD?published every Saturday morning?price 6} centa per copy, or M 19 per annum? postage* paid?cash in advance. ADVERTISERS are informed that the circulation of the Herald la over THIRTY THOUSAND, and Increasing ast. It hae the largest circulation of any paper in this city, or the world, and is therefore, the best channel for bustness men in the city or country. Price# moderate?cash in advance. PRINTING of all kinds, executed at the most moderate sHocs, aid in tho most elegant style. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, PaorniEToa or the Hksald Establishment, Northwest corner of Fulton and Nassau street* Aj^a ROOMS TOLET?To ainsle gen'lemen, ii tho three ]?!! sfry housr, ) ? i lull- street, 11(11 street a^nse Reotor rt, within three minutes Willi ol Wall at. Or diev would beT-t to a small fstni.y. All in food oruer, with < asemeut kitchen. m2Jt?re mm To lET?To" a sin ll_ respectable f-rnily, rait of a I ENm neat two story hittie, within ouu minutes wa'k of the .UULCity Hall, or a oack |>ailnr. iuni'thrd or unfurnished, to a stnttle Rentb'mtn A |t'v at 3 R-ve street. mZltr 1 0 LET??A Coltase beantifnlly situated on uie nor h ?h re of Sulen I,land, ibout. three minutes walk from the landiuz and V id a intle from Br ebtou. X. rre it attacjied to the premises sevtr-1 plrttnre boats, n, f jj'tinr tiivatc ba'h rti tile shore. The place it well inadc-t, abutdiuce of (tuit, and the bett water; neighborhood nu-x-eitiouable. Cottage contains 0 rooms, besides kitchcu, with lent* cellar. Apo'y ro 29 6tr_ l) KINQSLAVD. rr. 33 John ?l MiUKvIdHED B&D ROOMa mil Frtueh t-an' faster-Two gititlein.u can be ?cc unin di.ted with furaaithrd rooms, with breikrast and taa. or without, at C. Suii-m. tesc1 rr of the French language 65 Walker si en',near roadway. They mirht are lie privilege ol lolluwioglhe cour eof theevei-inn classes without any extraeharxe. French iionly sp'ken m the house. C.Au,*iix vsili commence a new course in the beginning of May. ?Sfl 6t*r JgT HOC Be. 8 TO LET AT VORtfVlLLg..?i targe [. -v houses on the coruer of Wih street and 3d avenue; either JUMLof titesn is calculated for a public house, grocery or private ressdeuce On the premises is s line stable, howling alley, and a tine garden consisting of 8 ots, with grape vines and fruit trees thereon. For terms, impure of J61HN A. MORRILL, Esq., m? twr No. II Chambers it. JbA TO RENT?The extensive building erected the preseDtsesson b? the suhscrioer, for his own residence, on Jiai&the margin of he Eist River,at Oowanus Heights, two and half milea from South Brooklyn Ferry, commanding splendid views of the Bay and Jersey snore, the ctiea of bfew York and Bro?kl' n. S'aten Island ard the E-st North Rivers. The H nse is b ick, a superior building, five stories h sh. covered w:thcoppet; the hall ard strirsof matbls: the water fron'ab >nt od? ihontand fret, and the bathing, withina ft w fS'd? of the door, excelle t fishing ard fowling in the im mediate viciuits. The drive from New York ia about fifteen miliums, and the premiss are not excelled by any .i uation near this ci'y One huud'ed pe>sons cut be accommodated.? Possession immediatele. Anplv to JOHN T DELAPLAINE.C8 Wall *t. ALSO TO I.ET, the thre? storv brick House, 34 Walker street, hetwe*u Broadway ard Church street, occupied by Mrs. Ve'i lanck; and the two "tors brick House No 229 Nineteenth street occupied by Mr- C. W. Feeks?Rents moderate. alB lm*gc JtaA TO LET?The Muition House at Bloomingdale, tttT? knowu as the " Abbey"situatida ah rfiitance above hs six mile stone, just Above Stryker's Bay, and nearly opposite St. Michaels Church The place is well known as out ol the most delightful situations on the Island, and is re ms-kahly hea'thy in the summer season. Tie Sloomingdale stages pass and repass the gate every hoar in the dav. The gate is new, and numbered 101. Theieut will be in cccordance with the present state of the times. A ply on the premises, or at 132 Chambers street. IV H wtrrnn.,mi.i.t rnntil he made if desired tir a anhi. factory tenant, to let a part of the furniture now in the house remaiu, or a part of the house will be rented separately. i?p!5 1m*r Jhff TO LET?The fire prooi brick store, No. 106 south st, with immediate noss-srioo if required, apply to Jjjl, WOODHULL k MiNTURN, mT4r IT South street. Jam TO bET?The iwo sto'V brick House and premises, evTB No. 145 Wooster street, finished in the most modern -Ulatyle, with maible manfel-pieees and folding doors throughout. Apply to JOSEPH McMUttKAY, inI3r 100 Pine street. tTO LET?Severe' Work Shop,, with good light, at *1 Ann rt-cet will be let at low rents to good tenants. Enquire of WM FULLER, 4th story, fiont budding, en It and 2 o'clock. el"' 2w*r TO LET OK.?OK SALE?A three siory modern frlB built b<iek dwelling i.onse an I sceie. wihtwolos of JCLground an-ched,situated in Williaraiburg, about two minutes walk f on th- Peck Slip Ferry Apuly on ihe premises, comer of Fourth and Houih-Eighth streets, Williamsburg, or o W. It J. T. TAP8COTT, a 4r 43 JPec* slip. FARM FOR SALE, containing forty aeres, thirtyfive under cultivation and the balance a gooJ growth of wood. On the premise* is a house in good repair, a new coach home and a large barn In front of the house is an excellent well of water, secured Irom the weather hy a new well house, and a fine lawn in front of the house. On ,he above desciibed f-rm is f'Uit in abnodince, such as apples, cherries, pears, quinces, corraDta, goottber ies, ac. The snore f*rtn is two miles from the steamboat landing, one fr m ihe lowa of Rye, on the North street road. A fall viewot the Snaod ; cau tec two light hi,asea when lighted; is in every raajmci a desirable location for a gentleman's residence. This firm is in Westchester Cuumy. Call on the premisea, oi on Mr. J. H. WELCH, SS Leonard street, all lm*ee orai the Police Office. juLc*~ Dress boots. latest french style. rPHE SUBSCRIBER etpeetfnlly invites the eitir.ens of J- New Yo k add strangers visiting the city, to call at 114 FULTON STREET, and examine a large aswtmei.t of Dwcsa Boots, made iu the late-l fashion, and of the finest French calfskin. Oenl enirn can have boois made to ord r in the best manner, at sis dollars per peii, and footed at four dollars, warrantee equal to any manufactured in the city at from seven to eight do1 Its. , IY~? P. ..U |.?J? r,. t It, K..irttt ,1,1V,/., !, tn l,f n, I,. esnnt of lumps. hnniooi corns, kc. can hare boon made so at to bt eaay yet handsome. by the labscribe ' method of raking a drawm; of he leet and fitting ap and keeping a pair of last* f or each customer. Straugeis leaving their meaaarei can, by writiog, hare boot* made and forwarded to ti em without delay. cornyarrtlv en hard. B>nd<ome Booti, fiom $2 en to $C 00 alfBoote, " 2 50 to J SO (later Boots, " J 00 to 2 50 Shoes, " 1 50 to 2 50 Slippers, " 50 to 1 00 Tumps, he., kc., equally low. Terms, Cash on Delivery. JOHN L. WATKIN", s9lm*r 114 Knlton it. between Nassau and Dateh s's. removal. george b. grannies' 8TO K HP BOOTS, 8 IOE9, kc.,isremored frou. No. I IS to No. 96 Maiden Lrue. opposite tide, fir doo sabove Peail street. The first story is fitted an for retailing fine calf sewed Boots at THREE DOLLARS. The loltslor Roots ard shoes at wholesale. ml 6t*r WHO WANTS BOOTS k SHOES I TIIK G'eatest Reduction in Prices ever known. 4edttw^7 Onlv think of Uentl-man's fine dress coll stitched Boots, of the most fashionable shape, $2,75 to $3.00. Fashionable pegged hoots $150 to (2,00 a pair. Ladies fancy colored French and city mads ilaiters for $1,35 to $1,50 a pair. And all the farhioos for IE43, for Gentlemen, Ladies rid Childteu.from thntv to forty per cent cheaper than aver, at 212 Greenwich st, corner of OarcUy. JAB. WIGGINS. a5 lm*t ADOLPHK MONDRON, Boot maker, from PaW$Pntru, respect fully informs the inhabitants of New York, that he has opened his establishment at No 123 Broadway, where he is reedy to execute all orders entrusted to him, ol the lat'St fashions end best workmanship. (Jent'emen wishing to have an elegant fit will do well to call and osatnine his worn ag lm*i ~ m a BOUT AND SHOE STORE. JOHN hKADY respectfully informs his friends auu ine ublic.tnat he has commenced ' nsineis in the above linr, si No. DO Nasi an street, where he will thankfully receive and faithfully eiecu ', all orders he n.ay be favored with on the most rea?oii?b e terms tor cash t,22r LADIES, LOOK AT THIS! 7000 pairs of g,I. iiait.r Honrs ami 7C00 puts of Shelters, imt received, aid <or ?al* vrhnleaain and retail, at the lo lowing ?<ri low price* WW pair* of FiO' ch liailer*, of the b?*t <iu?hty, ape of all colors. Si.3d; and 3440 pair* ol Slipper*, 75 cent*, at J67 Broadway and 9! Canal street Ladies, in these s'o'ea yon will find ihe greatest and best ai* r in?kt iu ttie world of Boot*, Outer*, Shoe*, Slipper*, Sic. mid Mitira and * lnldroii> do. G? n It men, we wish :o draw yrnr attention to onr splendid n>*orimeni of Oon'a, flhnes ana cloth button Uaiter*, of ihe new ?iyie; Kmmh cnlltk'n Boot*, of the bett <in lity and made to order, ?3. ami b icurh callsk n Boor* on baud, from $3 11 St l*rp irt rloth button <l*it-1*. $',50; Pmnell* SI 30; ihe fined of calfak'U Shoea, I,S3 to S3; Doya'i Boot* of th? heat quality, 1.23 >0 S3J3; Shoe*, $1 to; youth's Boot*, St to 1,30, Shoe* 30 rrnt* If SI. Boots, Gaiters, ftipper*. Tie*, Buikim, Shoe*, ?tc in endlea* vanetr, and all wairant.d to he ol the be?t kind. GUJCOOKY It CtAHILL, 367 Broadway *23 Ita't and 92 Canal street. I AIK 1M I'ORTATION OS" 8EGAl[F^kSir"TOL< BACCO.?Th, Snb.criber, having recently arrived rom Havatina,ofter* t" the dralera and amatenr* of anpe ior segnis, (telet ted hy himaelf,) the following brand*. La Norma, La kirprca. Wo, d- ille, Trab ceo. Ca .onea and Lord Byron, ol varteoa kinds I at, 2d, 3d. and 4rn qu tlity ol Havaua, auner<or 8t J.iko and Uniaa tobacco. Owin* to the death ol Stiphen 8,manna, the firm of Hamaoo* ft Itr.ithi r is til,*ol*ed. On the Is' ol May. Ihe old establishment of tt e late lirm will hi innvrd lo No, 6 Wall ati et, aecnud dno, below Ti e agency for the Lord By run mannla lory in Havana, and for the Seal farlat. Tobacco, in Baltimore, are held by the Subscriber, whivh he offer* at wholesale and retail. A A SAMANOS, alt lm*r .No 1 Wall street. daguerreotyim; apparatus. ~ JOHN ROACH. OPTICIAN. M ? 7 J Numii, 11*11 J. Iin?t eft, N. Y. HAVING th > Lena *.ouud Under hi* own inipeetioiynd arr'DuioK iheui in the ran.rra ob*cura him'flt, he feel* w omuled i'i ?? in* tliel operator* u? >tiu hi* ?|ii?*i?Jn* he** ob Mm il iuor? *ace*** th?a tho?e u?iti* cuiiera* witii furn*ii i?D*. for'heUtter*r* often imrerfec , * id will ofieuer imp opetl) eiljiurtl. The *d'#rli?er rei|ite?u * tiitllor hi* camera*. Hi*teen rear* practice u Opt ci*i? enable* hnn to Rrilld and er imp I.en* to ?uil the purpoee lor which iliey ete wanted. *17 Imeec TNAOUiilftRKOTYPK ?L. H. HiNmm. E . n ,..i..,n. I hntn* inplmta that ihey have rcmorrd from their old ?t.iud No. 31 vmdeu laue, to No. SI William atreet, >ou*h writ cornor of Maiden Una, ?w the Id Hour. They hare on hand at |ir aent a complete ataortmant of platen, rhrmicnla and Icnara. 111 < ii.elle t qmlity, to which they reapecifolly incite the nrteotu.u ' I nprmloia. Aiiieiea are in e?cry inatanre warmuted. Tneir rhem.oali are irwn (h? laboratory* ol lh. 6rai chemiata in Paria, ntni their plaiei (penally n luct.d n> lhair imtutr iheie leadin*, bear their initial*, ami Hre inlly warranted to ?nre the proportion of ailrrr, which ia (tamped nponthem. Any peraon* who hare their iloni.t. on the anb> ert. are re-mratcd t" hata them runyrd. 1ma, jm? ? -i i._ , r . E NE fl BROWN k CO.'S One Price Hat Store, 178 Chatham < Jp^square, corner of Molt St., where fashion, beauty, durability and economy an coin jined to idotu the head. The pro- ' pneters hsve the pleasure now to offer a new style of hat, the i imita'on of leaver, wli eh closely resemble* those formerly i told for BS end $6 at the low fired price of SI; those who from i inchn.ti >jii or oyer:"sttv.ere iudvccddn study rcnim/ny in that < ind ormrI lc article of U.ess, hatr un'r u cppoilfini V of doing so. and still lump a;i the app-ar.iticc of the mint fashionable.-* I Brown kto in pre-euting this hat to the public, ihinh they i have resetted th ultimatum of beauty, cheapness, n -atneas, i durability and comfort to the wranr. All silts are for caah, I there.oro bo good cu? >n or navs t^e losses incurred by the bad i BROWN dt CO. 178 Chatham square, i at Jm* corner of Mo't at rft HPRIV.I b'A>lllO , Milt OK.vTLfcMKN S HATS 1 ?The itudcraji"ued r apecifnlty informs his rnnoraeri and rl.e nhlic le u - ally, that he has unw ready for infection . and aal', lie much admired arini style cf eruiloin u'a Hats, which for beauty of fiunhaud aud syuielry of lovrn, exceed any ' firmer effort, in this '>r any other city. To the economiar they are e deniable article, is they com Line cheap less, di'rahil ty iihl elepance, wsrradrad en aal to ' any and inferior to n ine. In the manufact-ire of Kats he chal- j leuyes compr tion; he therefore solicits a ?*-are of public patronage: he would a'so call their artent'oa to Ins la'ge ai?ortment 1 of Men's, Youth's, and children's cap-, of cloth,telret, arc. all of his own manufacture, which for variety of patterns cauuot be equalled. Also, in ne w style of children's drab and pearl colored fancy l hats tr.iumed vritn velvel of various patterns, for rprinir and most iee| iic?I of the superiority of the ?bovo mentioned arti- i cles, now ready for sale at the o'd established ?rores of l ISAAC H. ARCHER. aH lm*r >04 aud S60 Qtreiiwn-h ?t, N. Y. , OUH KIND I'A I RONS and the public are lesjectluhy in- . vited to call and examine our stock of hardy herbacious 1 Plants, consisting of Pnloxat of various colon, Campanulas, 1 Lilies, Spireas, Itc fie , together with red ?nd white moss Iio- 1 ?es, yellow Htriison and other hard" ll< ses, Tea and Chinrae Mtonthiy K- Ses in great variety, 200 varieiies clioi;e double 1 Dihlias, tube Roses. Am<rylMa- a, Gladiolus. Iti. A number ' of new and brauli ul Oeeperi for c iverwg arbors. *0 Oflil green 1 house plama, at ihe loweal lates vravublo a il choice flower ' seeds of every variety, wairan ed fresh. Fruit aud omatnen ' ?al ireea of every varii ty, on ihe lowest term' for caah. Those ' in w?nt ? ill please csll a> d julae tor tnemielTea. a28 8 *m MBLO et DUM.Al', 47t> Broadway. THE WAR vl SALT WATER BATH is now open at the foot of Uesbrosars street. N. K. For its advantages over fresh water, see J uruala. F ve Tickets ou? Dollar. ai>IG lm*r INERAL WAT ".118 OK KIs.HIMJEN, Germany, called KAKOCZ1.?The Kah< czi his an acidulous saliue flavor,of an eg eeabie tiste, ar d being powerfully promotive of aecreiiou ami evcrenou. a pu'lfier, a atr ? soivent, and at the same lime st'cug'hening wi h >ut heating, it acta as a no 1 lent specifically on the I ver, the systems vrn>r. port and u'e rine avatvnt, and dtsatraiing any existing obstruction, il used according to directions. The Kakoczi is sold at the following placet, at 37){ cents a i quart jui, or t4,10 a doz.-n Sold be Henry King & ' o. Druggists, 461 Bro*dwar, ror. Grand Sou'Mard. Dclluc A Uu. do 381 Broadway 61 2 Park row Thrs. T.Or en 329 Broadway. 'I hos.H. Hart, 278 Broadway Church's Dispensary, 188 Bowery. Wholesale *'d retail by FLOR1AN STRAUSS, 66 Beaver street, a>3 lre*r up stairs. DAILY EXPKilsS FOR ALB ANY.TKOY. BUFFALO, sows CHICAGO AND 1 HE CANADAS The subscribers hivint compleld their arrangements with lite People's Line of Steamhoa's, onthvNoith River and the Ran Road Companies west of Alb my lor tunning their Ex tress lor the season 0/ 1843. an Expriss Will lta?r their office. No. 2 Wall stre.-t,New Y. rk, every evening, ?l qtt iricr to 7 o'clock, for the ab ove named a'd iutc media e places. IMPORTANT. For the greater i?feiy -u<i security of all valuable and money packages ent Uitrd to their care, they have ^al?m <nd?r Iron salts oa board of the slea n boats, in a state room occupied exrlu ivi*lv hv lhf-m?>IVM. and thf m'tupmrer in rh iiivo tlhfnt m the surra rocm witli the iron safes, in'o winch all suc\ packctes are placed. POMEKOY it COM 'A .NY, rolec No. 2 Wall atrcct. PASSAGE TO 8L&3BmK5B PITTSBURG. THE subscriber hat completed arrangement! for the conveyance ol' Passe ngt rs and Merchandise in Pittsburg aud intermediate placet, on the moat reasonable tetins, |>er- Citizens Portable Boat Line." People about to proceed to the Wettward, will find it mueh to their advantage to maU' their arrangemenu by this desirable conveyance, a- the 'atrictait attention will at all be paid to the ce fort of the passengers, as well as the punctuality of a direct conveyance with despatch. For farther particulars app'y to JOSEPH MoMURRAV, allee 100 Pine s'leet, coiner of Sonlh. aTATEN ISLAND FERRY. Foot of Whitehall street. On and after Monday, April 10th. the steamer STAT EN ISLANDER will leave as follows, until further notice:? LEAVE 8TATEN ISLAND. NEW yOUR. At A.M. At 9 A.M. l? II J?KP.M. IK P.M. a* 3* a 6 All goods shipped are required to be particularly marked,ano are at the rith of the owners thereof. a9 ec artl NEWARK AND NEW YORK?Fare only 12K t entt !?The si lendid steamer SdwiiaCaKB PASSAIC, Captain John Gaffy, has been put in complete orde., and will commence her trips f?r the seatt.n, on Monday the 10th instant, as follows, until further notice :? Leave New York at 4 o'clock, P. M. " Newark at 7K o'clock, A. M. Freight carried at reasonable rates. *16 f mee rtl OtOfOuTOLK. RICHMOND, C1T? & Wgl rUet-QlNT. Ac. Va. Steamer BO?TON. Jfc?W r ' a, tain Hi Imea.?The strntig and substantial .rrtii.t-. B..stun, will commenc: r gular tups t etween "tew Yora and, Va on Saturday. 6th, leaving New I York at S o'c o. k, A. M. und Norlfolk on 9th inst. Passsge ?nd fare to or from'a, (in Forward fastengtrs do d<t 6 Passarefr.m Richmond Cits Point, he. by one of the riv. r steamrrs. ..nil per Boston from Norfolk 12 Forward pasieneers, do do 9 Passage to Norfolk and batk, return trip 13 Forward Passeng rs, do do 12 Freight taken at the usual ratea. For frei, hr or asttge apply to the Cap am on hoard, or to WM TU1KER. m2 Ira end WThkF'r No. 36 Broad street. P OPLEM LINE OF SI EAM BOATS * ALBANY?Dsi'y at 7 o'cock, P. M 1 nrongn uirect t"<aH"?y'< ri-rpted) liom t c etnm'o.ot Pier t-itwren Coor lar d; and I ib-rty stieeta Stennboat ROCHESTER, C?p> a Hunghmn, will learn Tnesda* , 1 hu'?dav and Sa nrrlav evening!, at 7 o'clock. Steaabrat *OUTH AMERICA, Caotain LW B-aicard. will leave Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings, at 7 o'c'ock. Steamboat NORTH AMERICA. Capfin M H, land ns a' intermediate placet, will leave Totaday, Thunday and Saturday afternoons. ?t 5o'cl?ek. ? fniliW 'aking tlna Line of Boata ? ill invariably rntl in Albany in ample tune to take the Morning Train of Cata (or the east or west. O^The above boata are new and substantial, are furnished wiih new and el'gant atate rooms. and lor apeid and accommodations are unrivalled on the Hudaon For passage or freight, apply on board, or to P. C. Schnl z at the office on th*_whajrf. ml re .Met PEOPLE'* LINK. OK STEAMBOATS FOR ALBANY DAILY, Snnda.a eicrjited SC^ 6 o'clock, P. M ? Through direct?brem I thv steamboat pier between Conrtbndt and Liberty streets.? The stealer ROCHES PES, Capt A Hughton, leavea Mouday, Wednp?day, and Fridav evenings, at 6 o'clock. The ateamer SOUTH AMERICA, Cant. L. W Braiuard, leavea Tneaday, Thuraday, and Situ day evenings, at 6 o'c'ock. The atcamerl NORTH AMERICA.* CarL M. H Trnea dell, leavea Tuesday. Thuradav and eaturday afternoons, at 5 o'ch ck. lar ding a intermediate placet. The above Beatsarc new and substantial,are f?rii'?h?d with elegant Mate Rooms, and for apeed aud accommodations are aurival'rd t n tne H idaon. Forpaasage or freight apply on board, or to P. C. Schnltx, J the office on the wharl. a24 liar aMQ /m EVENING LINE FOR ALBANY, without landing ?From the foot of Barclay XMaXjC. street north aide .'he splendid commodious Steamer DIAMOND. Captain A Flower, will leave n? above ? very Ttieaday, Thn'aday, and -aturday, at ( o'clock, P. M. For Pa>aage or Kreightarply to the Captain on board, or at the office of said Bo it. foot of Barclay at. The above boat will leave Albany the alternate days, foot of Hamilton street. ap tr NEW YORK AND KINGS I ON 8 I KAM FREIGHT and passage r,*je. /rat For Kiogaton, and Delaware and Hndsnn ^L:?TgF??.r3?r.?nal?steamboats EMERALD and NOR 't he Mit,'ALD, Captain John Ketrham, will leave New Vork foot of Murray itrect, every Monday and sr.ur?dayai5 o'c'ock P. M. W1.1 leave Kingston (Rondont landing) erery Wcdneaday and Saturdav at 3 o'clock, P. M The NORWICH, Captain John "amtaele, will leave New York, foot of Mnr-ay street, every Wednesday and Saturday nt Willl'ave Kingston (Ilondont bndiog) e.very Tu? ay and FriJny at 3 o'clock, P. M KXTnA TRIPS. The EMERALD will leave the fo?t of Mnrray street -very Hmnly morning at 7 o'el ck. lletmning loaret Kingston rt 1 oV lock same day. For freight or passage apply on hoa'd. or to WILLIAMSON, UAKLOW Ik CO , ?St tm?r ___ 'fit A Veil street. _ari i jgM TO 75a U?v>mi oF THE SklL flT: BOAT ' TKtHTBLEK."?The owner of SikMli^^B^ttie ani'boat ' TrcmUI. r" having r reived tnree rh illeuurs Irom hosts limit fey Wm. Crolini within the la?tiix months, and not has n< yet accep'ed the aims, it is presumril lhat in lUhl-sliti.p Ins chillengs tosail against any brat ever built by Crelins, his towril g i agination has uken a flight Irom the terra firina ol Water street to those myitic legions? " Where the man by many odds, Obtains receipts from lisiug go- a " As toon a? convenient after he he has got a few more of thiae receipts, and da?r? n <ril from ill it aerial uianufsctory of hoeois, it is hoped thai he will c udesceud to notice some oncol the chi'lenges alreaoy given hlai s that "his sole ohjret of test iug the sailing qnauties ol I lie boats" msy be obtained?sfter which,if his boasted" 1 rontiler''does Dot proves snfbci-nt trouhler to him by rapair.ina his epoiatiou sssne h-silsm lieiself, he shilllhi nhave the opportunity upon Ins own terms, 4 On per day for two days, of again aei log his vanuieil nam* following III the wake of Wm. rolins, as the respectful rate of i.iree miles in eighteen, as it did last spring. ali-lm'm ?l'An8AOL FOR LONDON?Pack t N h May? |U|> i hi- ijirudidjaaisailing picket ahip MON 1'KKAU, JHIbCapi K. (J. '1'nikei, will tail positively aa .bur., her irwuinr day. Having ? leudid ircorr modationt for cabin, eond 'ahin and a'eerage prsieigert, for paaaueenly application ill mid be made o. board, or to W. It J. I . TAPBCOT'i , inir tS IV,-li Slip . or Nonthat. KOH LOIS DON?Kegnlar Packet ol the mih ol aJfll^V.Mav?The eery superior l.?t sailing packet ahip jB?|?,\ioN 1 ItKAL, Captain Tinka-, will tail u toove har regular day. Having very anpennr aecommodationa for cabin, aecond ea bill, ami tlrrrnge pietenfart; peiioua wiahing to emhark ahonld make early application on board foot of Maiden lane or to JUKkirH McMWHHAY, Ilk) Pine atrret, r.orner ol Honth ureal, reraoiii wishing to aetid for their fricnda, ran h?ve them htaright out by the aborc ahip, or any of the regular pargets, by aimlvingaa -h-ve. il hy le"er mar-paid. mft ruiri' a..? hot lull Copper If.,m It to U o?, mannv-r iae.nri d from the beat ( re and wiih great care, for anle by K K. COLLINS fcCC., alSec J? Sout atrtet. W YO W YORK, WEDNESDAY _. _ \ Jtw^.? - ' TO PARENTS DV81ROUS OF" A Sl'l F.KIOR ENO LI9H AND CO VIMERCJAL EDL'CA I ION FOR rHEia FAMILII" 8 ?'Thr adver'iaer, who has r?ceiv-d in Enlarged and liberal educstiou, is a inarm d Irish arnlletinn nit arrived in this country, SLd would drrote hii lime to the inunction of puiuli, lidiei end gendemeu, at their ewnreaiICDCF. He will impart to lh?m a correct kitowledre of the English a"gu?go, including rompoiition in Tariot*a sty Us. polite, litetry a?d coiemercitl; alio, writing and art^luetic, with a hor-u?h knowledge of bonlikrei itig as practised by the firit ? nglish houae* He will give h c uiei on geographv, with ihe mutters, customs aud history of nil naii OS, auoeul ani nndern, suited to th* rge aud c <pa' i'y of ihc pupil The advantages d<rived Irom p ivate tin i in ere so ob'i tu tnd of such importance that itis quite unnecessary to comment ou ihem here Let's rs <d Ireueri to Mr John Walsh, at ih* office cl the Herald will be pioiniuly atvinled to b) >he adver lie.', wno will wail ou any par lit* or r uvidians and gives satisfactory teiiinoci tls of hn abilities. Terms mod-rate. The ltdy of the above advertiser, who In* received a mu?i:il educ ilion from Mr Logier, the first pi mist on the continent, and wnnti? sys em is so much approved in England a"d Irilit'd, would wi-h to give lesions in music, mo tilling horengh bass, also Eugliin writing and French. Addicts us ibove n 2 3 *ee Oil elds' XVlOGKAPHIC PRr-8T iNo. ii Maiden I P law#, ISewYoik?Tftr proprietor of his W'II kiowuertal>lis!;ineot, rrspsc'fuliy invi ea the a'trntiou of Minufactnrers. Druvaista, Prr umera. Grocers, llsidware and Dry O >od ralers, and all nih rs, t htsrxtfoi"e fa> i'iiiaa for th-rieculiou of Copper Pl.te lid Xi logrq liic Etigrsving aud I'ri tug. that he hts erectly, ddeit to Ins sti ck of machinery, -nd inauy new cud improved plates far supeiior to those of any other jat bli Inn-nt in Ain-rica. His *occ> ss has so f o t gceedrd his expectation, as to enah'e aim C't chal eng' a comp rison with those froin the best Eurofan tuiniing i ffic-s, and la uow pr pared to exrcuie al' orders n a ?tvle urn to bo siirpaated on either aide of the Atlantic. It will be the sim of ilte | roprietor to c oit i-ue his improve mr.ijts.iliat he uuy be able to snpi ly alt "til rs forsho* bill* I 'irculnri, wrap .er? I'll Is, direpliniis. See. o the best quality, I tt the lowei* i oaiible pries* Oiuinl ililitM auu pistes of r em il-tciiplion of inaunf otur.-rs, ex- cap d in the lir*l ?cyle if the art, and elegantly punted in gold ir direr, kionzs, or raticy c-tiers at *hcrt A l-ige andgrcetal 'tsnrtmen' of Urnggis's, M.srufae'urcrj, Pc-rfrrin r?, Or >cer?, nnu other label*, r -nst rtitly on hand, and m.y beliMl wholesale and ret i1, and - II-nicies eutirel eonl.ct-d with'he true Job Piintiug in r ?rry v rietv ofst'-e, ae'llv ex-'tited toord r.end on the tnort reason-hle term*, mil the prop'ieior may here oeterre, that the loweit pessio'e tire ? charged for wort <lou: in hi* utab'i'hiueet a sv-tcm ni.ii h the a re- t extent if hi* t>n?iurs? i cablet him fully to ctiry out On! r* wi II be executed with that | nnctualty and r g rd fo" the * ishes of h;s cui'n rera. which it it hoped, *, .11 If oil the u m .it s -lisfaciion, ai d all order* from ihe country .unc'ually a tended to, anil t< e aiticle* order-id or forwarded to *ny part of the United ?tat-? ?'r ill' '"a. m2 Im'r < H \8. SHIELDS. Proprietor. DISSOLUTION OK 1'AK t'NfcHdUIP-T e c -tartuer ship hereto ore rxUto g u- d?r ilie firm of D. E. Sp,er St L'o., 49 Caiher'ne stre- t, N.w York, ha. tliiiday d.'tolred, by mum-l con.eulol both parte t. Til- buiior a will be continu eil b, U Spver, No.'9 a d hy K. Spyer, No. 51 Catherine tt., and all the debit will he settled by the latter. DAVID 8PYER. KLIAt SKY Kit New York, May 2d. 1813. m2 3t*r SO- ETH1NO N KW-To al> tvh i would be Saving?C-th Tat.oliia Es' b'i h uent, 168 GreetiW'Ch street urar the Pacific Hi tel?Tin- Che'peit Making ami Ttimmmg Emhlithtnentiulhe cit ?The p oprietora t ke thia m.thod of recommending to i<II K-'btlrine wanting O.othet, the ec nomi'al t* tti in ofinrcna ioglhtirowncloth*, thereby saving the tnorm ns proflti la d on rhe'na rial by thai' tailor*, and getting litem m du and itimmed, (or which lh's'itabli*limeiit ofTi r? an advantage over ad other*. the ndnitlM having made i x euli n arra genietts to make ihit the p incipal manch of their business, uprrintendiug bom tne cutting mid *c wing depart* men' per* 'Utl y They do not p esmt tit the public a flim tig 'itt of reduced price* as an indue mrut, bat hope iliat a sun-rio' ttyle of wo lima.-,ship, a t'udioUi attention to the individual taste ot > nr cut* tomera and the prevailing fashion, will a way* be mflicieut, and .lie be?t attraction wc can offe- to onr ratnix*. in2 Im'rc POOLfc-Y St BROWN. HAKDWARE, CUTLERY AND GUNS. THK i U libClliU <jU are now opening, by recent arrival*, T their spring as.rortment of Hardware, ike., which they of er at the In west market prices, for cash or approved paper, riz:? Butt Hinge* and Screw*. Fine Pea and Pocket CntlaBraat Shell Oooda. rr. Ja aned Tea Trass. Table Knives and Forks. Tinned llollow Way. Season, Razor* and t-hears. Saw*. File* auJ Tool*. D.xon It Soni Warn. Bolt*, Lick*, Sic Castors, Candlestick*, lie. Scylnes, Scklcs, Shovel*. Spades, fcc. ke. Alio, a full assort nent o Guns, Pistols, Hifles and Gnn mal?ri ,1s, at lower p'loes than an; other h mse can afford to sell, tiviog been piftchaatd at auctien and else where, much below original cost. A W SriES b CO , *22 lm*r 218 Pearl street opaosite Piatt street. NOTICE?To those who seek heal h and comfort combined with lnxury? redu ed?Old Established Jliillxit.d V a nr.- R .'I.. V* *'.?- I..Pi Mrs. OaKHOi L, in acc-rd inc* with th-exigencies of the timet hat retim ed the price ol h r baths end snip-its h cnntino an. e of the pationage of the Kacn'ty in i articular and the public in general. Cold, tore throats, twilling of the glands, rheuma i?tr, stifiuess of the j tints, ague an ' fever, Ste itc. are immediately relieve-'. Porttble baths sent to any put ol the city of Brooklyn Op?n from si* in the miming till nine o'clock at night. Sulphur Baths require one hour's notice . a?9 titr 'I'D DEALERS IN CUTLKHY.-Wm Wild, No. 163 A Division ttieet. Manufacturer ol Cnllery, offers to the trade, cheap for cash, 10C.0 doxen ol assorted t_ntlrry of topeiior qnality, consisting of one, two, tluee aud lour blade kni?ei. all lrr*r REMl TTaNCES to England, Ireland and Scotland Ural's payable at sight, lis stuns ol ?5, CIO. ?15, X 'O to any srrount. payable without discount This nadesiiabla end sa'e method tor i ersons w ishiug to remit to their frirnds in Europe. Apply to 8. J. SYLVESTER'S, a?96tr Wall street and tin Hto.ilwsv. COUNTRY DKALEK8 are iovped t ea'l at the great tne I diciaa and Perfnmerv Warehonsr, 957 Broadwsy, where th?y ean always fnrt. whol-sale aud retail, tv-ry |?p iltr me dicme, and the richest Perfumery in the couutiy All o iters promptly executed and neatly packed for auy distauce. Call and make a se lection. *29 eod2w*r TJ'OR THfcTTfACE AND SKIN ? krai'live dise. sri on the " face and <kio, such as pirn del. blotches, tan, trtter, ring worm ; also freckles can ha speedily er-dica'od by ihe use of Chnrsh's Vegeiatde Lotion, which has been in eitei sive use in the United States a d in Europe, and t admitted to be the besr cosmetic in use for clearing and eslab'ish ng a brilliant romp'i ti'iu. Sold at wholes# e uriet .il at Church's Dispeusary. 168 Bowery, comer of Spring street. Price 75 ecu's prr battle. .170 tn "d?m GERV1AN. BKUNZES^ROZELT !k tu. imp. rt me above articles d re t from their minu'actory, wnicnetables ihein to sell Pearly 100 prr tent lower than auy oiler house. Dealers and ensnmers should examine our full and splendid assortment ?cf, re pu'chaiinv elsewh-re. a 38 Im'r KfZEL I' ?t CO. H Pine s' F'tsANt-lS K CRUMP, Chronon.eier, Watch aad Clock Maker aud Jeweler, formerly with H. J. Tobias (or nearly six years, and recently witb Marqaauds 8c o., Broadway, upwards ol three years,begs to acquaint his friends aud the public that he has taken a store At 218 Grand street, where he intends to practise Ute *1 ove bnsiuess and trust* from his long experience and known ability, to meet with that share ofpntmu*ge to which his abilities entitle him. In retu ning thanks lor all past favours, he woold remind his friends that he repairs every description of Watches, Repeaters, Musical aud Duplex, the most complicated that can be procured Alio, Jewelry aud Diamond wotk set ; Pearls re-<trnng; every arti. le fifty per cent cheaper than any ' ouse in the cuv. being enabled to do the whole nunself, and not trust t > the in experience of nthcra. Glasses an keys in proportion. Cash paid 'or old eolrt ?irl tinr 1 'm*i ANCHOR?One of Pelt r's Patent Anchors The anchors of ih ? i stem have many adr?ntar?esov?r those irener<lly used -For sale by E. K COLLINS It CO.. m2? 56 South street. T"0 GENTLEMEN WHO Iix TEND TO ViM I' G'.K A MANY?MR. HUl-tHES, Piofessor in the Koval Milttary Corns of Cadets in Dresden, t as arcoinmod Jlions in his hottsi forcrnt rmen as boarders attd Ingrrs. He ad it. sirs hitnselt particularly to ?uch as. rcmintr to 0?r. mauy for the purpose of learn tig the language, wish to lacil;ta'e their adrancmienl ta placing themselves tu a family whce i' is cnnstnotlr spoken. Mr Hughes, though twenty-five years a resident in Genua n?, is a native of KuglsLd, and therefore consider* a residence in his funny as pnrticulaily su'tab'e for youmt Aineticinsin their Geiman s U'lies?his latiiliaritr withh-th languages enabling him to give, in the course ?f conversation, those explauaions which every one finds at first i t necessary, and which he will at ell times be must willing to offer. The different profesaors of tne Co ps ot Cadets hate kindly promised to insi uct aay geutl'men rending with Mr. Hukhss, so that every facility is offered tu imptuTe ih >sc sciences ieqinsitr foranyfuiu e profession. For terms, etc , incase to apply to Professor Hitches, Dresden. Mr Asto . New York, auu Mr Th. VV. Wi'liams, Connecticut, hv? kindly prom sed to suswei any vn mines, a28 nn"ec A k It. W GENTLEMEN of steady h tbits can be accoinmo al. doted with good hoard and pleasant rooms in a private lamily, at 701 Fulti a street. Also, a few day boaders can be ecccmmodotnl on the most reasonable term. A parlor and bedroom to let, with or withont hoard a.5 ee WASHINGTON GARDENS, HOBOKKN. TOHN IRELAND, the well known proprietor of the First " Ward House, No. 70 New street, ('onierof Exehenge Pliee.) gratetnl for the patronage hitherto received Irorn his friends, and desirons to rnenr a continuation of it, lespectfnlly informs them and the ptthlic generally, that he his lately |.n*chastd the large and commodious House and "irdeDs. known as the Wa ho gron, situate in Hudson speet llobok,n, within a few m nn'es walk from the Eerrv, formerly erenpitd by thu l ite James ftweenv, where he will be happy to receive calls from ihe friends of the late proprietor, also the public generally. The Gardens tieinr nrwlr ao.l ir^r?Hw in.) ??r will hp mi|>r>lieil rtn-inc ihe season with en atetllent inent of llie rates'. . tul ihoicat of flowers. Thr bar, bring greitly en'secd ami newly fitied n;i, will contain a good nsmrtmeiiK.f Winr? and Lim'ors of the mn<! approved quality, anil rig in of the meal superior br.iuds? also blierry Cobblers, Mint Ju eps and Punches made in the heat alvle ; ltelrr?hineuta. including Tee Creams, and other delicacies of i he season. Hi list also lilted no seperite and agreeable sitting per lor? f.r ladiis. which front mm i the Bay, and fnruiahes a view if the nia?t delightful ncenrry. The subscriber, determined that limbing shall h* wauling to aecoro the comfort of rot p trona, liaa also refitted the Howling Saloons, with two e itirr new Alleys, built on lite mo?t approved plan, for netei?e *Dd toe recra.ticn of visitor*. (If the attention of the waiters, it is nnneceaairy to say more 'Inn I hey will in all cases be found attentive to the wants of the visitors The anbsrnber, from hi i long rsnericure in the huiinrss, rcspecifully solicits a shore of the | nil ic patronage, and pledges himaell tost nothing shall be Wanting o i his |>art, or those in his employ, to contribute to the comfort and enjoyment of thosjaaho may visit the Washington Hardens aW-Jw^r JOHN IKKI.AND, Proprietor. It Llbl'KNAHU HTKBtT MADAMK COStRLLO, Kemaie Physician and (iradnnte as Mnlwife, olfera her pmlrssiooil ervices to tlieladus of this city and conntry. 1 he anatomical and physiological peculiarities which distinguish the female from the male, tinooar upon her disnasea and fuuciiona altogether Iter own.? Many o . these diseases are eiceedingly complicated and oi> icnre, requiring an accn-.ate knowledge of the Pen-ale system to treat tliem with success. Madame Costello having had long eiprrieuee aorl turprtsicg access in the treatment *1 diseases incidental to her sea, .apprises ladies on tlie point of confinement, or Uioae suffering Hum inuiJa liiT iT' - c.. ,l--.-u -JiiC happy i<> aiford * r.oraioTtahl# lemvorary home at list residence where they can alwayi have the beat medical treatment and the Dual matronly taw end nuning, or if preferred, will wait on toil attend litem at their own h?u?-? until perfectly recovered Madame 0. |>a'licularly befci to imt.ret* en the iniu'i of the Ivlicitte, th.U she ntfiriatp* personally u every C4*e, *0 thnt hevtuion or ilrtml uoeil oevvrlte apprehended. fv. n -Madame l ovt.llo wen Id inform tadiei rratdinf out ol the tity, whote health would not admit of travelling. tliat *!>; would devote her personal atte.adanee npon them in ?"y part ol the United State* within reatouahle dtttance. Madame C. can be construed at her rvtidenee, H Uitrtenaid trept, at all tmtei and with tne atrictett regard to the wiahet of her pitienta A I communieVivnan.l le'lert mutt he pcati ?id *30 lm*?c 11 ?RK I f MORNING, MAY 3, 18' PTTRLir NO !"I("I:?*T liT'TII \1N1)ICATKL? AYlNO ??rn t? * IT' I pnf liCKtioni calcu'atcd to deceiee 11 and miatead the i Yi.\ m r.f re ?r- to in\ hrloTsil and 'ate 'eeen..1 u-1 and, ifo. I nio bo .111 in n mbenl d'l'.y (ilhonth to re' h in. t my (> vn i aim i c!ii;/.) i- ?i-d c it? the ctuae of Tr and Jin < -.end mitelf f o i tucb f?l?e en 1 nnfoundrdaa toll it a. 'J h i c. nficjtt. a pub'itmd by n.vhnibinH ii atricilv trit-.aii ' w n it u"' f)i an , uteellns and uoi rinclpled man. I ahould a< iv lie rp r d the pa-nl il toaity i f a oiiariUK before my titan'? au I t c cubic to claim lli.t tymtatnv and pro'cfiofl p-imivd to the n i '.>w nol ihn oipha ' Tnr r*c?n' note- that Im r jit-, r t-. | ,i ,1 i.|,,e m itav ihu me >n? mute nae i f Jo ?' la''- ill- aur nf the cn-ih Co invttiil't on I a eri'ai rd.|ei?'iiti in I II .aou. employed by rr.U'tUol, could lici* me Tina inform.! on on he aufj ct I ea fed on la m, ol't i in d a i inrm u.?l duriuy which ho ?a-1?h id we applied to h ta, h iv >. I 1 h iv ej,.,. , ? , fl in"'' 8.riaparill? at he hn I I- n iwu tnr I tin, nJ for >evera! \ ram Ji. th< n a - id my huaha dw-a treated by i Do to,- o il \V#?I, tu'. he could not reuieinb.r Ii > lum.?tint would a-certam an I let n e Uuowr? tliattlieD etor who cored hcnfthaii Ho^aii)of hiiditeate win out at Duff t'n Ai iv had no frirndt wet' of Albany and a* I knew nv hutbmrt inver was u idrr the care of a weateru 1 lay ticiau. 1 w it ?< xiout to k on the name, ho pins it mi|{t?t be the me.iut of throw i tff rl' er I ttbi on the tnbject aud p=rhap? rce-al lb* antho' of auch wickeil and 1 l?e at iteuienta. When I neat mw Hcttm Ii- n ft ed to ti II he narne or the Doctor, and referred tn' to n mm f r information who abn.e I me uioat ntiao elhllv. Mv mied * r,1 ...M I. .ti.irof I could not rest: from whu I hoir.i I (idly brli-ved It wis the luienuou of some evil dispoted p.-.sons to isiuter my husband's remain", to anvauco their own uefariotis d sunt. Tneaeiotnii nyiog documents fi.liy set forth tne immediate cause of dea n; but a severe fall h? m?t with, which dis-oct'- d th- h;pjoi t, was the men s of reducing him vcrv liwand intli" tnaoou of the lungs selling in, the ?\ siem was incapable ot surviving the attack,and mv b'loVedC' mpanion bowed himself in death Helreclos ng ihi* c ?i mnu c ttiou I now puhiicl* acknowledge lit was cured ol lUeScroluUby the u-e nl Sacd'sSirstps ilia and while I desire to submit in bum le reve-ene to this afflicting diapenstlion of I'rovid IMt 1 hope to be slit- l.led from f Use impnt. lions thrown nt ny artful and di signing inen. I slud be glad tn see any person who may wi'h farther iutorvali n, aud will chterlnlly com-enoica'e iniuy n rt"uUrs I cin-O' w te. Respectfully, MARY ANN UULAY, No. 2"5 S aotid st, It eof 111 1V1 let ?r. This i.a to c?rtify,t'>a' 1 am well acquuntid wi h Mrs Dil 17, and know the for-goi-g ?tstemeKl to re true I also knew h-r hu band, ai d know ill 1 he wis cured ofthe Scrofula by using San i's S rsa.-arilla. New York, April :-7, 1813. JANfc GOODWIN. No. 119 Houston it. Ti e statement Heretofore made, i" which mi naine is connected with that o( Geo gc Unl v, liav ng been c III d in quein m, this u to certify,that 1 lie certified e at 1 uhinli-d ia strictly true, and 1 again willingly reassert the .-ante. My family taw Mr Oulay aim st drily duii g the time lie was taking Sand s Sa'.sapariPa, and alter h i cure, and will b; pleated to give any information on the tubjec . ABRAHAM HATKIELD, Alderman of the 'I h Wa.d ol the cry ol New York. New York, Apiil 2', MS. * This is to certify t ial 1, Ma'y Marks, lived in the house ' * th M'. Unlay from ih- time th p lie reciivtU his fall up to th? time of hit dr atli, and have fr ipn-ntly heard him say that 8 ind'Saisapa'il a cured nim of the Srrjfu'a; ana. I am well satisfied Hint the t ill c uied hi > dea l), couibiu d with n disease of the lungs, wh ell set m alter he inel ? itn the accident S.eucf, MARY MARK*. No. 114 Willet st. I hereby C'rii'y 'hat Ti oinns Hogau called on nt. r- questing I would furnish him with the d ite of Oeir;e Dulay ', death,h>? age, and place ol iutenneiit, as lie wiihed to send ttnUul.iy's liivuds in the west, but I now believe it was to injure others. THOMAS BEAL. 99 Allen sr. g, xtrn o Alien street 1. hutch. YYitnes ?THOMAS StN.VOT, New Yoikt April 27, I8i3. This Csitihes ihat George Unlay, born in New York, aged 47 1 ear*, died at 114 Wiilett st,ou the 6th diyol the first mentli, Q11 ?! - in mrili n eigne-". STEPHEN WOOD, Physicmn. New York, 1stmonth, tcntu, 18 3. To the u alio?Having wiiusued with disgust the advert-sement in the city papera c n,cerniog Mr. Dulay'n making use of Hand's "tar-spirilla, I If el it to bo rnv duty to state what I knaw re>p-cting his case. I knew Mr. Dulay mauy ye us,and was au iutunate irimd ol lis for leveial years lie w is nfll cted with a di.-e*se of tne face, as described in hit certificate, and I opposed, in common with hit friends, his di,eas was i ast care; ' n< astonishing to relai*, one week after commencing the me of Sand's SasspirilU he applied to me for wo, k, and in 1)1 ee weeks his siitht, which pretiously was I most gone. ni'W itturnad He was in my tmiloy at the time olgniag the cer ificae, and ha t Id me ho was a well mat, and I considered him such. Any pers n wishing to kuow farther pn ticu'ars can learu the same by cilliog on me at my residence. Signed, ASAHEL HEED. No. 11 Ludlaw street. New Yoib, Anril 27, 1813. m1 t>;?r BARRY'S WIGS AND SCALPS. Til K importance which nil ayes hare attached to the Head of a. r c:ear index of the valu-t set on personal figure,atid when by some cpricioua freak ot Nature the human form is deprived of its fair prop irtion. At is resorted to, in order, by artificial means, to tupply the defcieccy. Hence have arisen those wonderful discoveries which bid Nature defunce. Bar* ry's Vrntilatiug and Oossamer WIGS AND SCALPS. . still stand pir-emineut above all others. Their peculiar light, gossam-r, and ventilating character, their being sh iped exactly as the hair grows; their elasticity, end their superior material and workmanship, as well as their style of finish and airangement, all comhiue to form such perf .ct heads of hair, that they inuet be seen to be fully appreciated. The complete the ab >ve named has met with in the manufacture o' his u liv 11, d henna of hair for th* last two years, tar exceeds his m ?tsan nine^ expectations. He respectfully solicit! a call, coofid nt of s'tisfyiog the mo t fastidn ui that he isthe best and cneaptst mtkeriu tincity. They c n only be nail at I4G Broadway, corner of Liberty it , up stairs. Pr'v ite rooms fur fitting wins and ion,.eei. in2 lm"ic PARK'S LIFb PILLS. A RE au excellent Family me.ticine, and to persons of sedenwi tary occupations and habit* will be foun i invaluable, beinset'a mild ntture. si d very efficacious in removimr llie com plicated and subtle diseases common to thi? c1 ss of the comi: uu'ty. They ate also unequalled in rt moving the numerous d seaaes iriciur nt tl to the spring of the year, anting from impurities of iho blood and other causes. The following are the erelative agents for the sale of Parr's Lite Pills, whc.e miv be had gratis the Life and Times ol Thomas Parr, with two tine engavinus. and first Americm testimonialscf cures effected in ihe United Slat-s:? James Aspinwail,Druggist and Chemist, 06 William street ; Hushtou It Co. 110 Broadway and 10 Aslor House ; Abraham Hands A Co. draggles and chemists, granite buildings. No. 273 Broadway. center Chamber street; David Sands It Co. No. 77 East Broadway ; P. Dickie, 411 Broadway, cornet Lispenard street ; John B Doud, druggist, Broadway, corner Bieeckei meet; N. W R-idesn, Bowery Mtdiciue store, 200 Bowery John C. Hart, druggist, 341 Grand, corner Norlolk street; Syme's Medicier store, 61 Bowery, corner Walker street; John Syme, corner Fulton and Water ctreeta ; Horace Ever tt, druggist, 82 Hudson at; J. It J. Codding ton, apothecaries. 227 Hudson, corner ol Sptiue street; E. L. Cotton, chemist and UWtMMry, 191 Bleeclier, comer Jones street; J. WeDdovrr, drotrgist and aoo'h-cary, No. 141 Eighth avenue. Brooklyn?C. Wells Simons, drug, patent med cine and seed warehouse, 1?4R Ftaltuu street, and wholesale at the proj pnetor's-tpee T. ROBERT'S St CO, Clarendon Home, 144 Broadwes.cor. Duaui st, first tloor. Small oozes 2a ceuu. Large or family boies SO cents. Persons desirous of obtan in? an agency for their sale in the country, will please direct their letters, post paid, to T. Ho harts kt Co.letter boz 907, New York. a?0 lm*m IA11KS U. MOKKET, 121 I'rtuce St., New kork, hasal ' ways on hand and offers for sale by wholesale and retail, a the lowest market prices, >iz O-rman Silver of different thicknesses, a very superior article ; Sheet Bra?s ; Plate's do; Coopers' Brass ; Pail Ears and Rivets ; Umbrella, Pa.-.isel and Shade Furniture. Which he warrants in quality equal to any in the United States, and of his owu manufacture. lCr~ (Jold, Silver, and all km ia of inetal. rolled at the thoit?sf unties. a 9 '"I'm RAMSEY'S CELEBRATED CHKMP'AL COSMETIC ts HAVING COMPOUND cPO nn- gentleman who may pmchase this article, the money A will be refunded. if not entirely satisfied, alter us ng it one m-Dih. To be had of the inventor, at his manufactory and wa'ehouie, 45 Maiden Lnn*. ALEXANDER RAMSEY. Certificate of Dr. T. E Bond. Senior Editor of the Christian Advocate mil Journal. Mr. Alrzander Ramsey-? Sir?I have fairly ti'ed your Chemical Cosmc'ic Shaving Compound, and havi-g always been in the practice of shaving myself, had previously used many of the sa i .ns preparations wh ch had been off-Ted to the public as faci'itatiug this vperation. I have no hasitatiou in saying yours is the best I have tried. The lather is readilv m tde, and ot a prope r eonsistruce; it is mild, indeed, w holly inoffeniive to 'he face, even where there may be slight abrasions of the skin,>nd sdneres tenaciously and closely,so as to give the neceisary stiffness to the beard to render clove shaving pleasant ajil easy. New York, April 12th, 1112. T. E. BOND, ^12lm*ec LEECHES! LEECHES'. LEfcCHEsf* ntiwi vi-iyTme laige hea'thv Geirain Leeches, ina'. received, for sale wholesale or retail, oi carefullr applied by a competent iietson, at A"Othecary's Hall. 26 Catherine st a2i lm*r FOR 1Y YEAR-. IT IS A FACT that UKK'S (Ccsm Blacking is universally I adrni't d ro he the best article m mnl' ctnred in the United St it s. C. lee tin masufaclnr il Blackleg in th s ritv ferry years. The fust thirteen years and two mnhs by hiiniell? then rook in paitnrrs! ip A. Thomson?twenty } ears ami ten montlii it wa< known aa Lee It Thomson's liinckn v. Oi solred pirtnrrahip with aaiil Thomson. and the laat s;i years have made it again on my n'*n aceouut. I am the o'deat oUcking Mam ftctuier in the United Sfatea. Ha*e made more in quantity and hettf r in n't ility than any other perann in this country; hut good as it ?U sys has hr-n, it is greatly improred of late. It is now mmnfVtori'l by steam pawer, atd known a Le.'s Improred Ste in ll'nrkipy. No. I J ihu'tr et. corner of Dreadnay. C.L looks down wirk conscious pride o i all competl tiou, and would only sav to his rjstomern and the pnb ic that a till cont nuea to matiuf'crn'e Ins Improved 8 rain Blacking? but why eklttnl a won! to the wise i< sufficient L.KE, nH !m*r V l Ml -treet. e rner of Broadway. No riCJb n hereby (tree, thai the anaeal eleeuon i >r Tnrtrrn Ufrrctor* oi the New Yc.rk and ll.irlacm Hail Koad Company, will be held at their nfire, No 4 Tryon Knur, in the city ol New Y oik. the II, (beint the ihiid May neat, between the houm ol twelve o'clock noon, aud two o'clock, P. M. Dated April It, IMI. apl lm * r r CAN Ok' f.l'0,00(1. Fell AKHKMI\?> S Ki t u U TKACTOR8 AND OTHKKS on THE PUBLII WORK-*?TheC inmistinnrr* f the Caual Fund, by yirtne of the art cnlitli-l "An Ml to provide (or paving arreai ages to eniinaetors ami sillers on tne public worka," p'S-ed April 18 1811 hereby lire notice that eealcd proposal i will he received until rti.lay the Jth da* of M iy next, at 1 o'clock iii tne afterno >n of that day, lor a loan of there hnndrrd lhon?and dollars, for u Inch transferable ceiuNcs'es of stock, simi'ar to those l?r th? seven per cents of 18(8 and 1819, will he issued in the uaine of the People ol the State of New York, bearing iuu est at the late of ?n per crnt per annum, twyehle qtnrler'y, and the pnu npal reimhursahle at the pleasure of the Coinniistioutrs oi' the Canal h'lind a'ter the year I8M It is tn he nndeistood that the Commissioners are to be at liberty to take a less sum, if the off- is are not sncli as id their opinion a e ailvanl(genus to the iotrrests of the Hi ite. Tne proposals may he for the whole or any part of said loan n >t less th m $10 000; all |uop ssa's to be "paled it > and ndorsed 'Loan for the p.?> inent of arrearages to onuacior* and othe.s on the public woiks," and enclosed in aa ruyelope duected to i he Co i pi ellet at Albany. The money will be required to be p.\ d on he fith of May. tn (he credit ot the Commis tone's ol the Canal Ku"<!,insuch ospkt in the ci t of NawYotk or Alba y as shall b? designs en htockholdrri tfi'tlmg Id the l<t Mid 9<l Brnate Diatruli, an I thoee rexnltoK nut of the Btate, illrcceire the interest on the it.?cU held by Item, quarterly, at tlie b nk of the Manhattan Company. iu lite <i;y of N<.v? Ymk; a'l other stockholder*, at tho New York Stve fl mk >n the city of Albany. Dated I anal Depart-non , A'bany. April 19. I8l1. D. ?. DfCKiNSON. Lieut. <H>t. A KLAO'j, Comp'rolier. K YOU NO. Secretary of Btate T K > HHINU I ON, Treajurer. O P. nVHKh.rt, Alt'* Oeneral. atltoM'r N. JU>M. 8?ir?got <ftmnl. . .. HO r?One oi Fortei i PWM am re, wri*i,u,* bduSI /\ tOthl.onoda.for M|.bJ K C0LL1NBfcco aiOvC M Sou.h itrecU to IKRA 13. Kurther ' mportant Proceeding* ofonr highly Intelligent, deeply Instructed Democratic Board of Aldermen and Assistants, In Caucus Assembled. For the past week, it has been considered expedient not to hold more than a single meeting at any one place, in consequence of the rush of office seekers, which would prevent that attention to the public welfare, and the distribution of the spoils, which is called for by the " usages of ttie party," and the oath cf office, which is taken once in every five minutes in the day. Accordingly, the board has shifted from the old Watch House in Ludlow street to a temperance hotel in Chatham street, next to Boss Richard's big boot shop, then to Killinger's, in the Five Points, where they got liquor at 3 cents a glass, and on Friday last they made out to get down to the City Hall, where some two or three hundred of the "young democracie" were in waiting to receive them. A few minutes before dark, the worthy and favorite A! ;erman of the lOih ward was seen rounding the north west corner of the Hall, pulling away tor the caucus room, somewhat di.-guised in a new hat and boots from Boss Richard's siore, where the last meeting but one had been held The disguise didn't answer the purpose, and us "Oil ironsides," as the worthy Alderman is now called, placed his left and best foot upon the last step,"Alderman ! Alderman!" "I say, Purdy!" "Here, here, Purdy:" " Purdy! Purely!" came buzzing around his head from all quarters, and every nook and corner. His Honor, tin- ,V1 nvnr. little knowing wliut was count on. ven lured out of u private room, with a " Ion# nine" 111 his mouili, wiiieh he hud a moment before picked up off of Cleik Vulenliue's de&k, uud before u retreat could be made, he was assailed wi ll a volley of"l voted lor you, your Honor!" "land bill Green got you nominated!" " Here, your Honor, take my soger, your'n is out!" "Order,he's going to make a sjieech!' "Away wid your order, old hunker,out with him!" "Purdy!" "bob Morris!" und a thousand other equally impressive and effective ejaculations were tumbled out, one alter the other, like the host of colonizers in the Sih ward on the morning ot the last election. In the course of the melee which here ensued, Morris and l'urdy made their escape, the latter minus a tail from his beniamin and the loss of a bandana?value, two and two pence. Nearly all ot the board by this time had succeeded in reaching ihe chamber, and while Old Ironsides was busied in making a spencer ot his one-tailed benjamin, Alderman W.came rushing into the room, pale and breathless. He had proven himself, on more than one occasion,asgentlemen well knew a successlul water man, (applause,) but to stem this rush alter oflice, was like trying to.swim up the Niagara with both hands tied. ( thunders of ap.ilause. Purdy drop'd his jack-knile and squeezed his eyes together closer than usuul at this burst ot eloquence.) " It is our duty," continued the worthy Alderman, " in the distribution of tins world's goods, to look alter our own household?the old white horse ot Schoharie, and our intellectual Senator Waiian, saw the neces siiy ot following strictly this rule in all of their ai>pointments. (Much indignation.) We are admonished to this consideration also by the scriptures, which I've got in my hat:?Thay are called heathens who disobey or overlook it. (Much coughing? some sneezing?and a little applause.) I have now a list in my hand?" "Stop, boss," interrupted the Alderman of the 10th, "you have noihing to charge yourself with in this particular. You have taken devilish good care of your family, thus far.' Suppose you now leave a little ot this matter to others 1 I've a brother-in-law, and what's more, I want him appointed." (Great sensation.) Hatfiei.d then mounted the chair; the minutes of the last meeting were read by Bonos, from the Herald, and on motion ol Alderman Lkk, the name Vanhu'i: linff f ThlinHPf \ Wna in0u.?,.,l v u^uv u \ - ? ?/ ' ?*-? *notiira. ii^eiaiuui Alderman Patterson nominated for the ofiice of keeper of Bellevue, Alderman Purdy's brotner inlaw, Mr. Mosa. (Dead silence.) "Question," says Hatfield. Carried unanimously. Note.?The relationship in tnis case i3 no objection. Moss is a good Van Buren man, and will reflect credit to ihe office. Limp Lighters.?Nearly all of the old lamp-lighters were voted in by acclamation; as were also about two-thirds of the watchmen Note.?There are now over 500 applicants for ofiice in these departments. Alderman Emmons stated that supper was on the table. He thought that Aldermen had better fill their empty stomachs, and in all probability things would go on butter for the remainder of ihe even ing. Agreed to. Note ?There are certain gentlemen notoriously in the habit of stuffing in their pockets what they can't eat, and as was ihe case on Friday evening last, their hats also. This habit must be abolished. On the return of the Caucus, a letter was read from the Burr gate of Columbia county, in answer to one addressed to this functionary by the Caucus. He regretted the circumstance, but believed all those wanting office in the county had been provided for. He enumerated some twenty judges appointed in various parts of the State, together wnh five or ten in this city, and after returning thanks to the Board for its discernment and disinterestedness, recommended to its favorable attention the five gentlemen from that place who are now applicants for District Attorney, Corporation Attorney, Public Administrator, Acc. An answer to the resolution, passed at the last meeting, to the committee ol finance at Tammany Hall, was read, and the names of all applicants who had not contributed, was ordered to be marked. Council to the Board. Peter A. Cowdrey politics, office ; claims, office ; qualifications, office.? Mr C. was opposed by James It Whiting, Esq Superintendent Public Repairs.?E Hoflmire ; politics, Van Buren ; claims, a hard working man? good appointment. Superintendent fstmps and Gas ? Daniel E. Delavan ; politics. Van Buren 5 claims, good. Adjourned. Ordered printed in the organ of the Board, the New York Herald- (Signed) , Secretary of the Caucus. Caucus Chamber, May 2d. Keeper of BlackwelCs Island?John Orser: politics, Calhoun ; claims, inspector of beef and pork; qualifications, sold his commission from Bouck for $1000?hard working man. Assistant Cleric Common Council? David T. Valentine ; politics. Van.Buren ; claims, well known ; excellent appointment. Superintendent of Pavements?Bryan McCahill ; politics, Van Buren ; claims, leading Irishmen, urnvtra liordov mtrnnra Intuipr nnH mnrp hnn^Qf than any other democrat in the 10th ward. City In*ptdor?Dt. William A. Walters ; politics, Van iWen : claims, held the office before, ahavts once a week, holds caucuses in his drug shop in the 13ih ward, and physics gratuitously all the locos ot his ward. The Doctor was opposed by Hasbrouck, a young physician,who must one of these days come in lor a share of the spoils. Progress op Cxvimzation in Boston.?it really appears| ihat Boston, the model city of morality, the pink city of civilization, is rapidly becoming the city of modern chivalry, in the shape of street fights and broken heads. We have lately recorded three or lour lights and riots in that place, and have now to add another to the list. [From the Boston Mail, May I.] A most ditgisr.elul row occurred last (Sunday) night in the wi <1 part of the city. A gong of ten or Aiteen p?r> sons, somu ot tiiem partially intoxicated, entered Mr. Mct'iural victualling cellar under the West Boston Mnilct House, and, being very turbulent, wereflnally ordered to leave the premises. Being toe itroag for the kteprrs of the cellar, they soon commenced the work of demolition, and upset a long table, breaking the crockery ii[>on it, and perfoi ming other feats which per son* bent on mia-hief may be supposed to engage in. Mr. McCluro lent lor a constable, an I one soon arrived, but finding the rowdies loo strong for him, went for assistance. During his absence they made their escape, went threugh the street creating a good deal of naisc and disturbance. They soon met a party of colored people, whom they first insulted and then attacked. The blacks took to their heels, and were pursued up the bill te West Cedar street, where some two or three of them made o tan.I an.I mi?mntrd to defend themselves. In the frnv. one oi them, named Richard Oardner, wm badly stabbed in the abdomen. In the mean time some ot the police came up, and after a hard brush with the rioters, two ol the riot-rs were arretted. They are undergoing examination this morning at the police. Warrant* are out against others ; but we omit their nanus until we learn the remit ol the examination. VinniNiA Ei.kctionn.?We have not yet received sufficient return* to indicate the resnlt in many ol the Congressional districts. Mr. Dromgoole (Kep ) is certainly elected. Mr. Jones (llep.) iscertainly elected over Mr. Bolts. The Clay papers say Mr Goggin iselecte,d over Governor Ctimer hy a small -naiority. Mr. (Dillon (Fed ) is elected. MrHopkins(Rep ) is elected Mr t?te< rod do lm| Clay napere, also say Mr Newton (Fed ) i? elected over Mr Hunter; andthai Mr. Toler (Fed ) is elect-1 ed in th^e lourth district. Wise n surely eleo'ea ar LD. JPtUm v?* Cute, Theatricals, Movements and Doings?The Broughams nave terminated their engagement at the Chatham, and have gone to Boston, where they will receive a cordial welcome. Mr. Brougham ia the best Irish actor of the day, and Mrs. Brougham possesses great versatility ol talent, and is a very charming woman. The pretty Mine Reynolds has gone to Albany, to play six nights at the Museum. She is engaged at Ntblo's for the coming season, where she will be one of the chief attractions. Qr> The ice upon Lake St. Peter ia said to be still firm. John Sefton, who is at present in New Orleans, will have the management of Niblo's this seaion. Burton is engaged, and will superintend the production of Itis own vaudevilles. The Ravels will not appear at Niblo's this season. Miss Clarendon has taken the management of the theaire at Mobile. Mr Knaebel, the well known composer, after an absence of many mouths at the South, intends to return to Boston, his former place of residence, in the early part of the present month. We under* stand that Mr. K. has just completed his grand musicnl composition, called "The Raul- ..r 0..-1? Hill," and intends to bring it before the public in the course of th?- next month At the Italian Opera, in New Orleans, I Puritani has been succeeded by Donizetti's La tiemna di Virgy. So far, the company seem to have been very successful, and have drawn full houses. Col II. M. Johnson artived in NewOileans on the 20th, and was received by a committee composed of a number of gentlemen of both political parties Colonel Burton made him an address in behalf of the citizens, to which Col. Johnson responded. Lake Champlain is again < en, and those two magnificent steamers, the Bar! ?gton and Whitehall, under Captains Sherman and Lyon, two of the most accomplished gentlemen and commanders in the country, have resumed their trt|>s. Navigation on Lake Ontario has also again commenced. All the boats have commenced their regular trips Dr. J. G. Palfrey, of Boston, late editor of the North American Review, was at New Orleans on the 21st. The Hon. Walter Forward, late Secretary of the Treasury, arrived at his residence in Pittsburg, on Friday last, after an absence of "bout a year. Go ernorPorter has appointed Richard S. Elliott, late editor of the Pennsylvania Intelligencer, one of his aids, with a rank of LieutenantCclonel. They talk of giving Daniel Webster a public dinner in Baltimore. Mr Gushino ?We learn from the Boston papers, that Mr- Cuslung has returned to that ciiy*trom Washington, and that he will ofler himself io the electors as a candidate lor Congress, independent of any party organization. The Miulkk Tabkknaclk ?This building, located in Howard street, Bnsion, is to be dedicated to Almighty God on Thursday morning next, the fourth of May. The sermon on this interesting occasion will be preached by the Hev Mr Hawley, formerly an orthodox congregational minister. A series of meetings, we understand, are ufterwards to be held every morning, allernoon and eveningThe room is a very large and c<pacious one ; it is estimated that about five thousand perrons can De scaled in it?this, however, we deem questionable. Father Miller will not be present at the dedication, his attendance being prevented by a severe illness. Parson Miller.?The Signs of the Times says Mr. Miller is qui>e low at.d feeble, and tears are entertained thai he may not recover. It would be singular if the end of the world should in truth come to him about these days, when he is expecting it tor all. The Tre.mont.?Mr. Forrest has been re-engaged for five nighis longer at this theatre; he draws well, and when sustained by such a person as Josephine Clifton, cannot fail of securing overflowing audiences. Presbyterian Assemblies.?The General Assemblyof the Presbyterian Church in the United States of America?old school?will assemble in the Central Church, Philad., at 11 o'clock in the morning of Thursday the 18th May. Dr. Edgar, of Nashville, Moderator of the last Assembly, will preach the opening discourse. The new school Assembly will assemble in the 1st Church on the same day, and the sermon will be preached by Dr. Wisoer. The Pennsylvania Episcopal Convention will meet in St. Andrew's, Philadelphia, on Tuesday, the 16th May. Mr. Russell's Concert.?The Melodeon was filled to overflowing Saturday evening, with ladies and gentlemen, to listen t? the last of Russell's series of musical entertainments. As on the occasion of his first concert, the principal seats were occupied soon alter the opening hour, and beiore the vocalist began, the floor of the hall and the encircling boxes were filled with a sea of faces, all radiant with anticipated pleasure and blissful exp-ctation. The Graves absquatulation has been dramatized at Jackson,and performed in the theatre to a crowded liou e. It is said to be cleverly dnne. CmI. R. M Johnson, after sojourning in New Orleans some days, left on the afternoon of the 22d, for Vieksbur*. The Hon. James G. Clinton, member elect to the next Congress, Irom New York, and Hon. 5 S. Bowne, have arrived in Washington, and taken lodgings at Beer's Temperance Hotel. A Juvenile Divine.? It is stated in the Baltimore papers, " that the Kev. T Eva, sixteen years of age, was to preach in one of the churches in that cr.y." We advise Master Reverend T Eva to tarry at Jericho till his beard is grown. Doea his mother know he is out 1 National Theatre ?This establishment at Washington, will open, we understand, the first of this intuitu. i iir niitiuiger, nor. niciu, una sucvrcucu in engaging the talented opera company, now on their way from the South. Court of Common Pleoa, Before Judge Inglis. Mat 2?Philip Mc Clunky vs. William Haughty.?Thin was an action lor an assault an<l battery commuted last August up in 31st street. It was tried and reported not long since in the Court of Sessions. The present action is to recover damages. H. B. Allen for plaintiff, and J. M. Smith, Jr., for dafendant. General Ses?tnn?. Before Recorder Tallmadge, and lermen Hatfield and Crolius. "Tc'csosT, May 3d?The names of th? Grand Jurors wers called, and but thirteen appeared in Court :flve who were absent were fined $26 each, and there not being Situ rieat present to lorm a grand iDqueit, the thirteen prcser. l w ere discharged until this morning. Of the Petit Jurors called hit twenty one answered out ofeighty-lour summoned; eight were lined >16 e sob, and o number excused from further attendance. Foafmtkd Recount*sisCts.? Cane of Albert C /> t??r ritt?This well known financier, indicted on three ul.i ie bills for grsnd larceny, sne for forgery, and ore i spiracy, with William O. Watrons, was called < >' io ana wring, bia recognizances were declared to!i> 'o i' > it ed. The security in the above caaes was entered by Mary Intau, (ho mother-in-law of Pe Merritf, and amounts to $1,700. Cost of Pete Sherwood ? This man, indicted for picking the pocket ot Stewart Mollan, not appearing, hit recognizances were declared forlelttd. 7Vi?f for P?rjssrjr.?A Oerman Jew, named Israel Hallenstein, waa tried for perjury, in nwaaring lalsel) in a suit in the Marine Court between John Fishhlaat, plaintiff and William A Darling, defendant, on the 80th of January last. It was proved that If illnusteiii iwore, that on tba 12th of January last, he went to the atom o! William A. Darling, in company with Mr. Levi Heine and that the latter, in his pretence, presented a bill to Darling Irom Fiahblost, for mulls and trimmings, to the amount of about $70. which Darling said was all correct except the last muff* The prosecution showed by wi nessea, that Hal Ipnstein's statement under oath waa incorrect, with tr.?ir knowledge of the ca*e. At thia point of proceedings, an announcement was made that ex. Alderman Francis Kick' ett, of the Eleventh Ward, elected in 1834 and 183d, had died, and was to be hurled in the afternoon; when the .'ourt, out of respect to his memory, and to allow Alderman Hatfield to attend the funetal, adjourned until thia morning at 11 o'clock. Baltimorr A.mphitheatkf. ?The splendid cguestiian company under the management of Messrs. Welch and lJelavan, will close die Front *,rfet Theatre this evening The performances of this very efficient corps are in tfie highest degree of perfection, and elicit the greatest admiration from large and lashionabe audiences. ?faith more 1 aper. Ohio Canal.- We learn Irom the acting Canal Commissioner that the Ohio Canal will be in readiness for navigation on Monday, the 1st day of May, throughout its whole length. A Ball?The ward room officers of the 17. S. Masts Rrnndvwine gave a brilliant ball on hoard of (hat vrssrl a night or two ago, at Norfolk. Mississippi River ?'Thf rivrr is still rising, and wp learn that vast quantities of prodace are afloat from the upoer countTV- Our market will ? >n,nr' as cheap as any in thr world.?Natrhtx Frt* lrat ' April 21.

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