Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 3, 1843, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 3, 1843 Page 3
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The month of February waa the heavieat month for exporti of produce, and March for importi of good* and specie in return. The importi of foreign gooda increaaed 1 it appeara, 100 per cent in March over January, and givea indication! of returning trade.* It ia to be regretted that aimilar statements for all the Atlantic citiea are not frequently compelled by law. They would afford a very useful guide to merchants. It haa been generally supposed that the U. States, as compared with the nations of Europe, are in a manner free from debt,and pay le?g taxes than do inhabitants of Europe. If We draw near In rnul inolrei funis hns'Mtr xve infill fin<l that the last ten years of bank rule has done more to reduce the people of this country to a level with those cl Europe than would ten years of war. The following is a table of the population, debts and revenues of the German Confederacy, in detnil,and the aggregates of the same features of the other States composing the north of Europe, Also, the amount of paper money in those States where it circulates. The figures for the United States present the aggregate debts of the Federal government, the several States and oities?the revenue for the same. The propor. tion of paper ^currency, which is a sort of taxation, is fearfully large, although it i'> only that which now exists, and scarcely one-third of what it was a few years since. Drnr of Qcbmaxt, Pofui-atiois, Retrnue asd Paprh Monkt. Population. Dvht. Ri venue. JExienie. P. APy. Austria, 35,047.533 243,750,000 72.030,000 57,500,000 2,847,%? Prussia, 14 193,752 140,3(9,064 42.144,800 42.144.800 20,694,778 Bavaria, 4,315 400 62,814,062 13 982,000 13,660,401 ? ' Sasouv, 4,580 370 5.794.784 4,240,312 4,044 571 6,768,533 Hiii"Ver, 1,688 305 12 553.027 5,075,183 5,050,853 ? Wintb'g, 1,588,048 11,831,507 4,660,(816 4,500 000 ? 1 Baden, 1,208 697 13,116,370 2,064,151 2,000.001 801,021 llasaai tassel 701,253 511,810 081,917 891,000 ? Frankfort, !63,2>>0 4,251 000 38(1,0(0 350,' 00 ? I Himbur*. 140 700 9,750,000 750 000 730.000 ? Bremen, 57,8(0 4,000,048 428,863 464,171 ? L u beck, 31 803 1 925,000 263,000 250,000 ? Hesse- , Darms edt, 718 373 5,782,188 3,273,053 3,340,000 ? H. litem. 410,185 none 1,200 009 1,150,000 ? . Lux-mb'g, 315,000 none 910,000 1,000,000 ? 1 SaseWeimer, 241,046 3,600,000 1,143,876 1,000.080 ? Meininteu, 142,061 2,751,778 625,329 630,'00 ? Ateiburg, 121,266 637 552 200 500 201,000 ? Coburf. 133.675 680,000 207,590 200 000 ? Brunswick 218 Olid 18,708.400 2,045 000 2,608.000 ? ' Meckliub'g 453,082 4,759,000 1.650,000 1,600,00(1 ? 8. relua, 85.257 ? 250,000 250,000 ? Old nburg, 251 785 nous 750,000 745.090 ? Nassau, 370,374 7,308.000 903 000 000 Id 0 ? Aiihslt, 136,951 2.650,000 750,080 760,000 ? Bchwatsburg, 54,080 72,000 80,036 89 1100 ? Hudulitadt 64,239 87,000 240,400 235,000 ? IIOIIPU zullern, 21, COO ? 65,000 65,000 ? 1 Sigmaringrn, 42 542 ? 102,009 102,000 ? < Lu cht?cstein, 5,88) ? 60,(00 60,000 ? Hruu, 81.636 ? 305 000 300,100 ? Lcippe, TO,718 350,000 215,000 2(5,000 ? Schnumb'g- 1 llppe, 26,000 ? 107 500 100,000 ? Waldeck, 56,000 700.000 210.000 2 0,000 ? Hone Ham1 burg, |'24,000 225,000 90,000 90 000 ? ToUl, 65,508,-77 551 016.620 162.807.955 146,958,996 41,111,291 Belgium, 3.816.000 159,270.000 16.875,000 17.000,000 ? Hums, 56 500 OdO 285.690.000 80,000,000 81 000 000 21,000,000 Sweden, 4.226.000 15.0iio.000 9,243 700 10,000.001 8 000 000 Kiauce, 31 191 875 918 000,001) 213 75", 00 310 001 000 62,000,000 Holland. 2,450 0"0 721.000 000 20,000 000 22 500 0'0 ? Denwark, 2,000 000 29,125 000 6,187,500 7,100,i00 ? Each and all of these European States have been guilty of the roost barefaced and outrageous robberies in the way of repudiating their debts and cheating their creditor*, in various ways. The French asaignat transactions we recently explained. British irauds are without number, and their atrocity is only equalled by the cool impudence with which they abuse the United States for temporary inability to pay. The Austrian government have unceremoniously and repeatedly abolished their debts, in 1811, the amount of government money in circulation was $360,000,000, and greatly depreciated. The churches had been robbed of their silver, the people of their ornaments, by the government, which coined it into money, adulte iai.v u iv u?i u? vbiuc, nuu iueu mailt} u iun:cu luau vi $35,066,900, to reduce (omich of the money outstanding. Notwithstanding all this, the issue* reached $530,000,000, when Count Wallis, the minister, issued quittances of $1 in payment of five paper dollars. This was to repudiate $400 000,000 of paper money. The operation was precisely like that of the mandate ei France. In 1813?14, forced issues of $600,000,000 more were made. The paper became so reduced, that Count Stadion, who succeeded Wallis, repudiated 60 per cent more of the money in nearly the same manner, making near $900,000,000 unceremoniously repudiated. The amount of interest paying debt was neverjknown, but the best German authors estimate the sum repudiated at $600,000,000, making the enormous sum of $1,400,000,000, to keep one imperial robber on the throne instead of another. Yet, notwithstanding this, Rithschild negotiated a loan of $-20,000,000 for them in London soon after. The reason of this was, that all the governments had committed so many robberies, in their mutual struggle to keep the people in slavery, that no publicity was given to any of their rogueries. No press dare expose the bad faith of any nation, because all governments were implicated, and all monarchical governments arc allied against the people of all nations. When, therefore, the self governing people of the United States were seduced into debt beyond their means, every organ of all the tyrants of Europe, including the oligarchy of Britain, is bursting with vituperation, as if such a matter never before occurred. The Austrian operation was perpetrated in Denmark on a smaller scale. A large amount of property was taken from the unsuspecting citizens, under pietence of safe-kcepiDg, and certificates giv. en for it, still known as the " blaue zettcln," or blue certificates, not a dollar of which was ever paid. It would take volumes to record all the paper rogueries of existing monarchies within the present century. On the other hand, the United States, since she got clear from the smo' thering grasp of her English oppressors, has waged a war with, baffled, and defeated the so-called " Mistress of the Seas," on her own element, and paid all its expenses, and those of the preceding war, amounting, principal and interest, to $600,000,000, to the last cent. This has been the result of free institutions?the perfectly free exercise of the will, commercial, religious, and political. Such a s ate of society expands the mind and invigorates the body, encourages enterprise and industry, enhances the national wealth, and improves the moral viitues. Why is it that the same individual from whom a tax is extorted at the point oflthe bayonet in Europe, emigrates to America and pays as large a tax cheerfully I It is because he breathes the air of liberty and equality. When the Englishman rejoices in the glory of Britain, he feels that it is the power of his own oppressors, and not his equals, in which he prides himself. The citizen of the United States, 011 the other hand, feels that he himself is a part oi the great whale, and that every individual in the Union catches some rays of the glory which radiates from the U nion. New York Public Stock Exchange. $2000 N Y 4X's, 1864, b30 llflW 6000 do blO 80 K 2*00 do 6's, 1862, blO He'll 1600 do baw 80* 1000 Ho do s30 l?i?4 3100 do 70V 1000 Ohio 6"?, 1860, snw iOOO Illinois t'l, 1870, 27J? 2000 do 80 10 s Canton Co bow 23 1000 do sit Mhi 26 Mohawk It Hod b20 3IH Second Board. $|000 Ohio 6's, 1850, tl 78k lOOfl Kentucky 6's bit 03 1000 do i3 78k Ml ntonington RR bnw 27 20"0 do 78k 60 Halem 11H op* 18>? 1000 do 78* Snlea at the Stock Exchange. $1000 Tieasury notes 100* 12? shi Hir^m RR 10 3000 do 100X S Re' k Hudson 99 3000 Illinois bonds 2R 70 Minhaltun B* 71* 1100 N Y7%4 1849, 106 20 Bank 79 avuv iv j-? , lavi, J" "w rj-4 ft. nn Kentucky bonds 91 iA.ireiicant. xBk 71 30(10 do 92}i 5 do 70 4000 Ho 92fi 10 Bk orCom, Toll OR 000 City 7 H O 10 do scrip 98 1150 do 108t? '/5 Mnhtwk RR blft 3I?< SOflO Ohio G's, IflGO, 79>i iO Long Island K R 48 lJOOfl do 794i 40 Sromugton RR 26 3000 do ?3 79>i 12(1 N Jdrsey R K. 70 Second Board. 10 400 State 7'?, 1848. b3 lO'.JZ 2ft Mohawk 1)30 31 10, 00 U S t'a, 1862. blO 11146 2i d> :tflW 171 Mechanics Bk 95H 60 Phenix Bk 86 State of 't'rade. There wrre twelve boats cleared at Albany on the canal yesterday before 12 o'clock. The canal is in good condition, and promises to be busy. Tallnv?There is a demand. Sales good western at 7$o. Prolusions?Price* are Arm. Mess Pork is 9 90 and Trime 7 7ft; Old Mess $8 75 a $9; Prime $7; Trime Beef J6 a $6 2ft tor country,and city Mias7 7? a $s. Pickled llains 6 a 5}; Shoulders 3J; Smoked Hams atflje; Butter 0 a lftc; Chaese ft a 7c; low grades of hutter are wanted. At Boston, sales by auction 20 bbls western Lard GJ a 6Jc per lb, ca?hy 21 do and ftl kegs dodo, GaGjc; 6 bbla Ohio clear l'ork 11 j| per bbl; 21 bbls, Mess Pork 9j do, cash. WAitkry?Prices are lower. Drudge cat-ki at 20c. Western bbls 91 Jc. Hay ? Salve at 40 a 42c for prime. USeeif? Clover is dull. Prime free H asj; inferior at 6} a 7J. Timothy?Sales at $17. Rough flax at 9 ftO. At Boston, the market for Grass Seeds has sustained Rome further advanceon prices; sales Herds Grass Jj a2| j?er bush; Clover, northern, 11c, and southern 7$ a Sc per Hour?Rules Genesee at $ft 19}; Ohio and Michigan $ft a $ft 12$. A sale, via the Pennsylvania Canals at $4 7ft a $4 97$; Brandy wine at $4 7ft, Richmond $ft AO. Rye Cln... a.) a7i u CI fnr I>: T, ,1 . ..... ?-. - r- ... ....... iiivvr. Branny wine > urn Meal $2 HTi.hhili are helil at $13, casli; Jersey VJ <WJ a I f2 7ft: Htufts 12j{a 13. At Boston, th? of the week comprise MO bbl* How. ard street, $4 01 a $4 82; 1000 ilo Fredericksburg $4 60, ami do "extra eagle" *6 par bbl; 1200 do Georgetown. *4 82 a ^4 76 Ho do, 4 mo? cr, Genesee, comntan, H6j; Ohio, fft a J6;26 per bbl; 600 hblsRyc Klour, for shipping, $.1 26 do do; and < orn Meal, also lor rxport, f 3 par bbl. (ivain?Northern Corn 61a 86; Jersey yellow 43}; rye 67; Northern Oats 20. At Boston, Jersey yellow Corn sold ntfiOc, an 1 northern round, fair, at the same price; 10,000 bushels yellow H it ; 0 a 60c, anil white 67 a 6Rc, per hn?h, cash and short ct. Oats, Delaware,good,30c, northern the same, and south, em i-ommon 28e, per hush. Rye, best, (16c, and hut little wanted. Rales Mhorta 26, and Bran 2-JC, per dnuhle hush; so ck at jfre ent small, but nrrtrala expected. Married. April 3ftth, by the Rer. Mr. Quarter*, Mr. James Farrki.l, to Miss Mary Holland, all of this city. April 30th, by the Rev. O. Benedict, Mr. HtNRv r. Pilrcv, to Miss Catherine Rebecca Noble. Apiil ?0th, by the Rev. Joseph Audrade, Patrick O'Meara, to Miss Mary Ann Chittrey, all of this city. Died. At Wallabnut, Brooklyn, -JOth tilt, William M. voune out Hon of John A. and Orace Formnn, rigid 1 5 ear,"2 months, and 20 day*. A'.Wnterford, Ct., on the 1st inst , ol'consumption, John C. Champion, aged 23 years On Monday, 1st inst., a Vam Hol'tsn, wifo of Elijah Wilson, aged 39 ytats. The relatives and Iriends of the family, the members of Abram's Lodge No 20, masonic order, the members of Knickerbocker Lodge No, 22, I. O of O. F , and the order in geneejl, are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, on Wednesday, 3d inst., at 4 o'clock, P. M., from 106 Monroe street, without further invitation. Weekly Itrport of Interments In the City and County of New York, from the 221 day of Ap'il to the 29ili day ol April, 18*3. to Men ; ]7 Womeu ; t9 lioys ; 30 Girls. Total, 136. dmkasks. AbCesa, 3; Aneatism, 1; Apoplexv, 5; Afophy, 1; Bleeding from the s'cmach, Is Burned or lealded, 2; Cane r. I; Crtarrh, 1; Casualties, 2; Cholera infantum, 2; Chnler' mo-hus, 1; Consumption, 31; Convulsions, 9; Congestion of brum. 1, Crt.up or hives, 2: Ditrrhea, 2; Dropsy, 2; Dropsy in the head, 7; do in 1 lie chest, 2; Debility, 2; Dyseota-y, I; Disease nf liver. 2; Eulargemeut of heart, 1; Epilepsy, 1; F, isyprl.ts, 2; Fesrr 2; do puerperal, 1; do scar , 5; typhoid, 2: G itg'eie, I; Inflammation of brain, 6; do of bowela.|3i do of heart, 1; do of luugs, 15; do of pericardium, 1: do of stoinich,?, do of throat, 2; Killed or Munlered, 1: Malformation, t; Marasmus, 5; Measles, 4; Moritficalieu, 2; Old Agr, 3; Oig mic disease of heart, 2; Scrofula, 2, Small Pox, 3 ; Tumor, 2. auk. Under 1 year, 35; 1 to 2 years, 18; 2 to 5, 14; 5 to 10, 3; 10 to !0, 9; 20 to 30. 18. 30 to 40, 19; 40 to 50, 12; 50 to 60, 10; 60 to 70, it; 70 to 80, 5; 80 10 90, ?. flacks ok ISArlVlTT United States, 121; Ireland, 26; England, 2; Scotland, 2; Germany, 4; Norway, 1. Of the above, were from Alms House, Brtlevu*, I; Horpital, Bellevue, 10; Blackwell's Island, 4; Lunatic Asylum, 2; City Prison, 1; City Hospi'al, 2; Long Island Farms, I; Long Island, Hospital, 3; Siateu Island, I. Colored persons 10 JNO. H GRI8COM, M. D. City Inspector. City Inspector's Office, Ma* 1. 1843. Pusengers Arrived. Livkrfool?Packet ship Rochester?C Brown,Sarah Brown, D M Farish?780 in the steerage. HamhuBo ?Barque Frauklin?Messrs Schule, Koppel, and Reid?5 iu the steerage. Savannah?Brig Clinton? Mrs Heild, Mrs Rogers, Mrs Hill, Miss Rovers D B Nicho'sand lady, Messrs Fuller, Hale, Wood, Cook, Winter, Miller, Hickok, Adams, Thompson?35 in the steerage. las Woodley, late of >chr Kowens, old at 7.. Paaaengers Sailed. London?Packet ship 8t James?Two Misses McCloud, L Uetiter, New ?ork;Q L Cheesman, London From Boston?In the steam ship Britannia, for Liverpool? Dr H (J Howe nod lady, Horace Mann and lady, Chas Mister. TOW I'ieree, N Chandler, ('has H Dorr, H Grew, Benj K Bates. K II R La man, T G Appleton, J K Walker, Jaa A Dick ton. Rev Amos A Phe'ps, Mus Loncfi llow, Miss Waal, of Boston; John Dove, Andover; Mrs and Miss Sedgwick, Sp-ckhridge; Dr Thos Cock O Mitchell, W W Wrdswnrth, U K Stone. Jat P Hidden. H Smith, D Mellis. Antoine May, S S Lynde, Mr Pollard. Mr Ward and lady, Dr John Morrhead, of N- W York; Geo D Strong, of do, bear-r of sp?ciH despa'ciies to our Minuter at London: Gen DulT Gie-n, Waihington, DC. bearer ol despatches; Dr Thos Seawell, Joseph B Varnum.of do; Rev Jacob Abbott. Farmington, Me; John Taalor, Troy, NY; Mrs Fullerand daughter, Skanealles, N Y; John Hoatson, Heurv Farnham, HC Corbitt, Philidolp la; John Stewart and lady, Richmond, Va; Capt Crawley, beirerof despa'ches from Canada; Rabt W Harris, N Berry, of do; Wni Jtrnm . Havana; Francis Peter, West ladies; R 8 Batterfield, A H Crawford, Capt Hancock, England; Jwnes Riach, London; WmHurd, Wm Borrows, Jas B ill, Thos Shanson. Alfred MorrisoD, Liverpool; C J Backingham, Manchester, Eng. Foreign Importations. Liverpool?Ship Rochester?I pkg H McGowaa?161 Lud. low St Washington?3 Sheldon St Phelps?161 Phelps, Dodge & co?2 Brown St chipley?2 Qirner & co? 1 R Hyslop?3 8 (J Jones?1 J Newhold?10 Gnffin & Pullm.iu?301 Hogan & Miln ?1 Hadleyltco?I S Goodfellow?I J Bishop?1 C Allen?5 cs 23 pps oil Hendiicks St co?8 casks 750 sacks salt Woodhnll & Minium?30 000 sovereigns Brown Brothers & co?2'8 crates 8 bales to order Hamburg?Barone Franklin?i pkg F W Wiedemar?i W A St A Witte?I Halstead, Haines St co?5 R C Smith?21 L Woldschmidt?2 J H Faher?3 RolU?t T Gu'man?3 Wiley St Putnam?2 F F Holf- 4 N Roster?2 R Crook??1 C Alirenfeld ?4 W Deering?2 Brustlein, Koop St co?I T H Jackmann?9 J M Oppenheim? 1 W H Mover?2 Meyer St Slacken?I D Lenaw?2 F H Schm'dt St Vogel?7 F D Freudenlhal?6! E Wierke?12 G A St H Wittr?II F A H-yer?I A Wiedrmsn ?50 E St T Poppe?19 W Seht St co?12 D Wilhelms St co. Newcastle? Barque Industry?40 cksoi. 48 do soda 25 bbls Vermillion 15 hhds lampblack 40 chaldrons toaI 10 tcs 104 pkgs 7000 firebricks Geo B Morewood?100 cks colors 25 hhds lamp black U .Meyer St sou. Domestic Importation*. Savannah?Bng Clinton?133 hales cotton R R Graves?ii Cahnon, Ki'riny Stco?I5C Carvill?15 Bromhall, Abemethy 8t Collins?33 S B'on?on?58 G Collins?101 C Barstow St Pope ?17 D Lcs'ei?7 D Woodbury?39 bales 1 bbl J M Prescou? 20 cks rice 20 bins2 btles Williams St Noitham?1 bbl S W Lewis?10 bit M Hag.r St eo?I hnd 1 boi I hdl L H Church?2 bis W A St M White?I bale Post St l'aiu?9 bags Greenway, Hen. ry Stco?433 bit guns Col J Cross?4 lis E Howe St co?25 do F A Gay. Mobile?Brig Savannah?301 bales cotlou Greenway, Henrv St en? 3 Field. Thompson St co?63 Holbrook, Nelson St no?99 R Si liulrz?25 B H Oreen?53 Heoon St co?23 Peruse Si Rronk. ?20 Collins Ik Brothers?42 J Ogden?14 ? C Eties?29 do 44 hides 2 bdli skins J M Walters?II pkgs Spear A r I Merntl & co?2 C O Reynolds?I J Tumor & co? ( H R Spofswell ?1 Vandevoor' St Haywood?2 A Mil K O Rider?2 A Pelander?1 Phelps, D idge Stci;?3 hhdt mm T F Audrews It cc?21 bn tea Mr Baiilell?4 tub* plants J Raukin St son?50 bales to order. MXRTTTM ? HERALD. Ship nuton and Agent*. We shall esteem it a faror, if Captains of Vessels will r.ire to Commodore Hobf.rt Biltkt, of our News Kleet, a Ke port of the Shipping left st I he Port whence they sailed, the Vessels Spoken on their Passage, a List of their Csreo, and anv Foreign Newspapers or News they may hare, lie will board tHein immediately on their arrival. Agents and Correspondents, at home or abroad, will also con'er a favor by sending to this Office all the Marine lalellMRUM they ran obtain. Nautical Information of any kind will he thankfully received. POUT OK NKW YORK, MAY 3. sue 4 59 I Moots srts 10 56 ?CW 6 56 I HlflH |SSSTKR II 18 Cleared, Ship Maiiseni, Coffin, Hamhunr, Srhmidt Ik Balehen.? Brigs Delhi, Heam, New Orlrans,ClTV & Co; Selma, Smith. Mobile, Stnrgei It Clearman; N-hmakanla, Baker, ApaUclncola. I'ost & rnilljpt; Ava, Chase, Alt sandna, Nesmilh. Leeds It Co.?Sehrs Vi*gmia, H'II, Dmen. (it. R M Demill; Foam, Adams, My-tic, H Underwood; Velocity, Montgomery, Calais, Brett K Vose. Arrived. racket ship Rochester. Woodhonse, from Liverpool, April 9, with mdsc, to Wo'idhnll lit Minium. Hamburg barque Franklin, Sleebooni, 70 da}s from Hasiburg, with mdse. to hchmidi Ik Balchcn. Norwegian barque Industry, 74 days from Newcastle, Eng, with mdse, to onler. Brig Savannah, Hawley, 18 days from Mobile, with cotton, to Sturges kt learinan. Bng Clinton, Lvon, 6 days from Savannah, with cotton, to U. S. revenue cuuer Je (Tenon, Nonea, 4 daya from Charleiton. 8chr Atlantic, 8 eveua, A daya from Georgetown, SC. with coiton, to Sprague It Kobinaou. Schr Alihca Corneline, Kaikenburg, from Wilmington, NC. with cott n, In K. Crook. 8ehr Mary Elizabeth, Ludlam, from Washingt in, NC. with naval itnrei. 8chr Napoleon, Sweetaer. 3 daya from Swansboro, NC. with cotton, ike. to De Peyater k Wlntmarih. Sailed iu co. with achr Isabella, for N York. 8chr A. K. Myriclt, Jonea, Com Georgetown, DC.wilh llour, to W. H It C. Hitchmrk. Schr Erie, Wing, 3 daya from Norfolk, with md?e, to the master. Schr Argo, Baldwin, 3daya from Virginia, with SOObblaahad to Smith A Boynton. 8ehr Warsaw, Smith, from Virginia, lat it at. raw achr Saml R Tiyntrr. hence for Baltimore, ashore on Ca|>? Henlopen. Seht Detroit, Cammit, 4 daya from Boston?bound to Albany. Schr G. M. Meaarreau, Young, 2 daya from Philadelphia, with coal, to maater. Srhr Fanny, Conolly.S data from Black Bird Creek, with ship timber. 8 hr Ruhieon, Baker, 3 daya from Virginia. Schr Cornelia, fiom Virginia. Schr Coaster, Virginia. Sailed. Ship St Jamea. Sebor, London, and othera. U Sbiig Somera aailed for Norfolk, not Africa, aa rei>orted. Ueneral Record. Schr Condor, Cahoon, Irom Boston for Baltimore, waa in colliaion about 3 o clock morning of 30 h nit with the ateamer Columbia, for Alexaoilria, and sunk immedia'ely in 4 fathoms water, off Point no Point, the raptain anil erew saving nothu g but what ihey had on. 'I lie captain of the atearoer rendered every a??i t mce after the accHent happened. The Condor was laden with plaater SHir Annan, Dumareaq. on her paaaage from China for New York, got nahore on a coral reef, near the isl.m.l nl Borneo, which it jineil her bnitom and ranseo her te leak badly. Bull! It Hid?nil.' and for Mae, on her paasage iroin aiajunca, et>* ncnrrd a irry severe huriiranr in the Mo7. .mbiqur Ghaawl, and wai dr.rrn on a reel near Mozambique Island, nut was k it off after beuiR ash in- several daya and taken to M. Willi loss of masts, *p ira, sails, cables and anchors, and leaky?she was rc|>aiitd at an rliruseot about $16011, alter beidr detained about ail weeks. Comiikrck ok Boston ? Arrira's durine the month of ' Ships. Barques. Br'gs. Srhra. Sloops. Total Coaatwiae, 4 10 40 269 7 S39 Foreign, 5 2 !s0 64 0 142 Ol the foreign ariivala, 15 br;RS anil 57 srhra weru British. Clearances during die same p nod: ? Ships. Bar.iurs. BriRs. Srhra. Sloops, Total, ('oast wise, 5 9 19 130 3 195 ForciRti, 4 II 47 61 0 126 O the foreign clearances, 1 barque, 6 brigs and 51 schrs were BritishWhnlenien. Arr at New Bedford 30:h ult. Hodman, Wlntteu, fm Pacific Ocea i, Tahiti J hi 8. lull caigo (r050 i.h s) sp oil. Left at T Java, r'ire, St Johns, :i7 mos, 15IKI spin Kind ah, heating out ? Spoke Feb R, lat 49 30 S, Ion 63 W, Mt Wallaston, K Salem, waiitn R I wh?had spoken on the passage fm ban Carlos, no date, Kibe, Jenney, FH; Catoliue, McKeuzie, .N'B, end I erant, Kusscll. Wart ham, oil m t at ited. Spoke A pril 18, I t 29 25 N, lou 64 25. () otge, C all, last from Kuno, of and lor MB, 1400 sp: 29th, Uty Head NN K.RI0? miles, Aiinnwaii, Ueiter, and Lagrange, Lambert, of and fm Mattapoi ett f>r Atl ililic ? Heaid from in Sept, off Boaian Itlsuds, Voum Phenii, Shemman, NB.21 mos 1700 sp, hid taken 1000 bids in 2 inos, tost off deck in a typhoon, 100 bbis sp oil, lost 2 boats and had another badly stove. Arr at Warren. Rl, 30 Inilt ^Philip Tabb, Jenney, fm Pacific, ".v?-" w,i Jim?|>on, in noo n? ii.n.i? old inn ip il Valp*rai?n, ?n?l *00 wli at ll n. Air at Hulinra llolv .'Mill, Caitrr Hmxtou, SpaiUn, fm Biv <>t Mciico 'or Provincf town, 250 up, i'lie Columbnt, (Jtrdiirr,at Kdaartowii. ipoke Jtti II, l it ST 10 S, I m ?,) 1(1 vv, John Jay, SH, oil uot anted; iaUl, lot 51 30, loll 71 10, Jc a Me k'i, Matiapnar't, clran, all well. Al rayt*. 8*t t 28, Fellow", Bi.wtter, Stolid KtOP, *> tnoi ont, 120 bh ; M?rv A tk t *, K U.ntowo, 2X mot 45(1; t. i u, i trior. I tit- lirlil, Warn I), 17 in s 2'tftO w 2 11 ep (reported in *|IK yn); I7lh, 1 Otf?, II u. in ti.l, B 1m ? <?; Urnrne 1| i a '1 at, 1 ii.hui"', il m m I I i: Anu/o i Clark, FH. I o? ;'20:?Jili, IK- U " How .i il Ml, n mot am, 17 b, h * . do r'. n i; Not 25, M ry Kr /'-r Son h, .1(7. in 2 0 I'? r It I. tim' tv, Wnk?, N inr, i)0(ir|,tu. r P I?it Aitihii ' I KM 'in. Captim lv*?r , ?h irr Ilk liii.l. il n aif :uik 11 mil Ij? 27, 'I httlr, ( effig, Nan , 1 mm !L0. Hpoktn, NtitofiHi?fi(of NO'lviiiii Apfil 13) lit SI KMIfft 77-i'v 1'it tfavaiiuah, ( thin port. Goodwin, of Portsmouth, for Mobile, April 19, Ut 26, Ion 85? by the H*v tnnah. Ontario, NOrients (or Liverpool, 19 days out, April 9, lat 40 25, lou 17 14? by the Lucas, at Ch rleston. Mason Bnruev, Scot., Buenos Ayrrs (or N York, 28 dais rut, March 30, lat 8 *3 H, ion 33 7?hy the Orleaii*. at Baltimore. Oscar, r'yre, Caut n for N York, 108 day* out, April 10, lat 23 7. lou 61 24?by the Orleans. Niantie, Hepburn, Cautou for N York. Mirch 30, 1st 3 18 N, lou 28, who reported Hichrnono, Bale*, Mozambique for Salem, iu sight aster i?by the Klisa, at Salt m. Carolina, Pabrtit, Cant* n (or Bostou, no date, ?a Strait* ol Ronald.on, K< x, NYork lor Cantos, April 25, lat 30, loa HO 53 ?hv the Boston. Win Ives, Young, Norfolk fur Altakapss, April 24, lat 35 50, In-. 71 "ii? li, il.t Albert, at Boston. A-libnifoii Plutntner, M itni7.a? for Rotterd'Ol, out 2 diys, April 17, off Indian Key?by the (J W Kni?ht, ar Boston. < 'hristiana, Warren, Boiton for NOrleaus. April 25, lat 31, Ion 7120-by the G W Knight. Cliatliaui. of Boston, steering W, April 4, lat 21 43, Ion 54 10 ?by the Columbui, at Kdgartown Foreign Parts. Antwerp, March 23?Sid Lel-nut, Henrirk, Chsrleston Trinidad. April 1-2?la port, Windeor. Linnell, for Cowes, 3 or 5; Madeline Slianklmil, (or N York, Idir; American. Ailie, from Portland, dug-, Rienzi, Hancock, for Boiton, Idg; Bourne, Bradley, for Loudon, do; Saginaw, Luring, Boston, do; Larch, Allen, NYork, next diy. Buenos Avrf.s, March 7?In nort, Kdward, Steele, of Philadelphia, wig cargo; La Plata, Michaels, for do, ft or 10; Henry, one; Vintage, Pbippa. for Boston,4 or5; Cidet, Gore, unc; Dingo, MeSear, fin N York; Painrlia, lngalls, fm Salem; Carolinian. Morry, NYork; Jersey, do. St Helena, March 1H?Sid Akbar, Dumaresq, from Cantou, N York Zanzihar, J ia 21?la port, Rowena, late of Salem, sold? oulv Teasel. Tahiti, Jan 8?In port, Cyprus, for Kejees. Sid Clienatr.ui, Couch, Boston. Home > orts. Lijbec, April 20? Sid Surplus, Niehols, Philadelphia.; Belfast , April 21?Sid Tippecanoe, Norfolk. Art 25th, Luperr, Rankin, NYork Cai ais, Apiil 24?Arr lole. Norwood.NYork. S!d Pavilion, Kali Hirer, ami went ashore 10 miles below, and is b.dly inju ed. Bangor, April 26?Arr Charles, Berry, aud Roanake, Colby, Baltimore. Portland. April 23? Sid Oiford, Cutter, Matnnzis. New Bt'nvroK r, April 30?Arr Joseph. Pike, NYork. Salem, April 29?Arr Dolphin, Remick, frem St Thomas for Newhnryport; 30tn, Eliza, W.illis, Zanzibar. Cld 29th, Roxana, Shetiard, Parr. Boston, Mry 1?Arr Omar, Kendall, Port au Prince; Mary Ann, Hartlv, Malagi; Alhert, Stanles, Havana; O W Knight, Stafford, do; Franklin, Bowley, Trinidad: Anrelia, Dunbar, Charleston; Applna, Means, Wiltnimitou, NC; Win Penn.Taylor, Philadelphia; Rmpres* Seivey, NYork; hianklin, Bryant, tin; Richmond, Hrder, Fredericksburg; Medium, Hardiug, Richmond; Isabella, Clark, Baltimore; Maryland, Russell, Snou hill, Md; Abbatliula, Sawyer, Portland for Richmond.? Cld Biitannia, (s) Hewitt, Liverpool via Hilifax; Florence, (hashing, Havana; Meteor, Curtis, Nassau, NP ArrAnnl30, Juo Crosby, Wheeler. NGrleans; Growler, Ulmer, Mobile; Sylph, Nickerson, aud Wm M Rogers, Harding, PhilsrMnhia; Georgians, Biker; Cornelia, Davis; Hero, Sleeper, and Wive, Holhrook. N York; Zephyr, Crockett, do lor Weymouth; Tims Wytms, Doughty, and Raleieh, Stewart, Washington. NC; O Pollock, Casey, Newbeiu. NC; Mary Maria, Ulmer, Richtn'd; Isaac Townsend, Ornm. Georgetown. DC; Governor, Goodrich, Ralliinore. Cld 29th, Dover, Perctval, do; Anaconda, Hall, NYork. New Bedford, Anril 59?Arr Cornelia, Ricketson, NYork; Index, Oibhs, do via Hartford. Nantucket, April 2H?S'd Nancy Finley, Adams, Albany. Ari 28'lt, Mariner, Adams, Baltimore. Holmes Hole, April 29?Arr Creole, Wyman, Havana for Boston; Calcutta, Stetlman, and Samuel McDowall, Hitchins, Philailelnhia for do. I'lmi inLM-L a?HI 'u_ar. la; Charles. Mason; Southport, Meeker, and Moses Eddy. Bliven, New Y'rk: Jupiter, Been. Albany. Sid 30ih, Now York, Rliode Island, and Juno, NYork Newport, April 29?Arr Echo, Messer, Providence for Wilmington, NC; Pioneer, Prealty, N V ork for Taunton; Pentnyl vania, Crowejl; Oa'v Dausrhler. Tucker, and Wolcott, Ryder, N Yotk for Boston; Champion, Do w, dn for Nantncket; Superior, Barlow, do f >r Sandwich: Sultana. Freeman,do lor Weillleet; Richmond, Ames, do for Thomaston; John Fairfield, Grant, do ilo; Exit. Smith, York Riv-r for Chatham; Dolphin, Crowel1, Norfolk for Yarmouth; Mass-ami , Brown, Fall River andsld for Albiny. Arr 30'h, J A Lucitler, Savannah for Boston; Roanoke, Webb, North Carolina for do; Rhode Island, Hull, and Juno, Sturves, Providence for NYnk. Philadelphia. May 2?CIJ Harriet Thompson, ^Harris, Montevideo and Buenos Ayres; Louisiana, Marsh, St John, PR;Watchman. WinsOw, Boston' Baltimore, May I?Arr Orleans, Lewis, Buenos Ayres 7th March. Charleston, April 29?Arr l.nct, Eldtidge, Antwerp; Princess, Smith, Neuvttas. Cld United, Invrahsm, Baltimore. I S'd Lady of the Lake, Jameson, Liverpool. In port 2Sth, Mosel'e. Hunt, and Teeumseh, Ripley, for Havre. Ida; Mttarham, [Br] F'eroing; Hichd Anderson. Bennett; Tiitou, [Br] Wilson; Elizabeth. [ Br] War.en, and Southerner, Palmer, for Liverpool, Ida; Sutton, G.a'lowav, for New Yotk, do; Lucas, Eldiioge, from Autwe'p. wtg; Lanarkshire, [Bt] Carmichael, undergoing repairs; Christiana, Simpson; Aurora, [Ur] Sloan. Liverpool, Idr, Lagrng-, Torter. for NYork. do; Nina, [Br] Eden, from Liverpool disc; Sidi Elly,[Ft] Despajol, Senegal,Idg; Stephen, [Br] (Jadshy, for Ro:terd -m, ready; Lafayette, Atwood for Detnerarn, do; Ventrosa. Davis, Boston, Idg; Alwina, [B'e[ Arenfeldr, (or Bremen, ready; Tremont, Chase, NOrltatis, Idu; Thomas P Hart, Pendleton. re|>r; Susqnehanna, Tatem, to undergo repairs; Mines, Lnvelaud, for NYork, Idg; Randolph, Goldsmith, Philadelphia, r.ady; Arabian, Foster, fm Matanzas. wig; Horteute. Smith, to load f >r Boston: Ban iel, [Btem] Wencke, from Bremen, wtg; Victoria, Elwell, Fall River, disc. Savannah, April 28?Cld John Cummiug, Thayer, Glasgow; Alicia. Hall, B iltimo e. SldJme Young, Nassau, NP. Afalachicola, April 18?Arr Metamo-a, Ashhv, NYork; Pocahontas, Hauttns, Baltimore; 19th, Timoteon, Bltven, Boston. Cld 13th,TTioga, Tyler, NewYork; 10th, Mozart, MeFarland,do; 18th, Emilv. Perkins, do; Ellen, Msdcliff, do 1'f.nsacola, April 5?Arr Burliogton, Howes, NYork. Cld Clara, Stetson, dn. Mobile., April 25?Cld Wallace. (Br) Main, and Caroline, (Br) Crawford, Liverpool; David Dtiftel, Adams, Richmond; Portland, Clouzh, NYork; Talleyrand, Knowlton, Baltimore.? Arr Navarro, Damon, Boston. Zr.w Orleans. April 23?Arr Mars, Peterson, Liverpool; LochinTsr. do; Emily, Smith, and Frances, Soule. Philatlelthta; Jefferson. Mills; Choctaw, Miller: Eliza, Kenny, and and Danube, Rich, New Yotk; T Street, McConnel, Havana; Tiemont, Koadick, and Wive, Scaron, St Thomas; Zealand, Coombs, and Nevis, Kenny, Richmond; Oregon. Crowell. Savannah; Nisr, Romero, Lagans; Salem, Prince, Laguua; John A llvn, Collins, Analachic ota; dim, Loon, ?. REMOVED-OH. AHNOTTI/l'S Office to l 2 Leonard afeet. Office hour.?lioin 12 to 3; and in the evening, at 5 o'clock. mi 4t?r DKMOVAL-I' MAE", Hm Ur'asrreud Wig Maker, as JCV irrnoved f tun 1*2 to 189 Broadway, a few doors hrlow the Franklin House. and opposite John street. Hivi ig fined up a new room in the most fashionable stjle, he will c ntionethe same business, and will be pleased to see his old fiienda and patrons, and others who i-av favor him with a call. He has sU" print# moms lor Ladies* tisir dressing and jampooing. This powerful Kx'rnct of Jimpo my is cnimi.i. r-,i n- tliouanrms of New Yorkers and strainers as one of toe health'cst crticles for the enre of drndrnff end strengthening ihe hair, is approved bv the Faculty of Medicine in Ps'lt. and patented at Washington. Nothing is more pleasant ??d delightful than to go through this operation in the hands of p. MAES. m3 tw'r E/?U DE FLECK D'ORANGS & MADEIRA WINE? F ir tale by E. K. QUIDORT, ISO. 49 Clinton street, at low prices. m3lm*m MR!*. BE8CHOK begi 10 inform her friends -nd customers that the has removed to F4 Canal atrect, N. Y., and is tendy to execute their o dera on Millinery ailiclet, Dreisei, Mantillas, 4tc in the latest fashion, at prices to suit the times m3 3t*r ion CHATHAM STTtTET. NEAR PEARL NE'THEK (QUACKERY NtJU IMPOSITION. DR. EVANS, well known in New York for many years, guarantees to cure a certain disease, glee's, strictures Sic , hvraty process, without hindrance from busiuris. Charge, Three Dollars oulv. in all new eases. m3 It* r CPO ILLINOIS BONDHOLDERS-A Oeoeral Meeting J- of all those interested iu the bonds or sciipt of the Slate of lllioois, it requested at the Asior House, on Wednesday the 10th of May, at 4 o'c'ock, P. M. It will be for the interest cf the Bondholders to give a general attendance. The Books will be opened to receive subscriptions, urfkiar thu new canal law, at the American Exchange Bank, on Th'irn* uay, the lllli ol M iv. CHARLES OAKLY, } r?m n.3 tolOr MICHAEL I'KYNN, j Com, of Illinois <jb 1 AA REWARD ?Lost this day aboo; 2 o'clock, between 4> i Spruce a'rett anu 103 Chathamstreet, a loath* r pccket hook. < ontaining? l note of the Merchants Bank of New York, for SW, 2d > do of $luf) each, A?onti91 btinlea, in New.York city notes, of <2o'a, $'0's, vrnl IVs each. A! o i wo or three Baltimore back notes of $1 ceh, and a ch?ck on the M rihant's B oik d 'nl _'tth April No 703 b/O. and J . Lrur e. isvjr Solomon J vl*? e s or hearer for $100,raymentof whicbhos been stepped, with sundry other papi r<, cf i.o use to any bodv bat the owner. The above reward will he P-i J for the recover of the pocket bekaed its coutents, il left af ihe < (Tic# if the Jntintl of Commerce, and no questions a-keel. N?w York, Mar 2,1043. Eml lt?r IMPORTANT TO KARMERS-The New York Night A Soil Company are now pieparrd to receive and fulfil orders for manure, which is prononnced by the most practical sud respectable farmers to he uoerinr m ir. f.rtll. .; .. lie* to any manure now iu n?e, aud they intend selling it at such price* as to make it .accessible In every farmer. Kor particulars enquire at the office ?f the attent, IS Chamber* atreet. Order* may alto be left for the removal of the content* of e#>* pools and sinks. which will he attended to Willi all possible clearhliet* aiid.puiictnality. They have be*ti at the great i xpense of purchasing ve*?el? for the purpose of conveying it from the ci.y, and to make it agreeable to the riti/.ens, they have close tuba and carta, mil have it sea-ranged aa to hare a veatel at the wlitrf. tie .rest to where the work it going on, so at to p ev< lit -he of carting it through the ruy All orders may be left or letten addreaaed to ih-office ol the agent. IS Chamber* atreet. mi lui'p WINK9 BRANDIES. tkc. TH E subscriber effe.s th- following Wrnea, Ac. for aale at 45 Pioe atreet, corner ef Wilmin. Madeira in pipe*, hhda, quarter carls. dem johna and br.ttlc.t, a put very old a> d li gli cost, direct and via Indii. t hemes, tn pipes lihds, quartt r csaaa and in glass, of vari ut grades?Amontillado in qnaitrr eatks. Tort?Impoitrd eipresaly for family use, in wood and in glass. Clarets?Chateau Margeaux, Latourc, St. Kslaphc, I,arose, S Jn icn?dsoiiic sks He cks?J diannesberg Castle,Mareabrunner Cab n'l.Chartiherger, Broneberg, Asruiaushauaeu, Urei hansel., Hiatsrh-u sen, RudrshMmer, Hattenhrun PeisportW, LtiSfeaumilch, (Jie enhetm-r, Hoehhenner,fce.Ac Ac. Sauterne, Barsac, Musraf, Chabha > Kurgund ea?Oloa de Von rest, Cliarnbertin, Romance. Very old Cognac Brandy, vintage PHI; cipraaaly for inmmer u?e. Kinc Holland Gin. The ,ib- ve arti lea .are recommended to the iufi m a* a sovereign remedy lor th< ir maladi'i. GILBEHT DAVIS. rt ,3 1m ~~Jt >HN 1 IENI-EY ~ BANK AGENCY AND EXCHANGE OFFICE, KOR THE ( tii,L,M nu ? '!< nii,i.h, ,-sotkh "HAFTS, Sc. Jcc. MOM UU*. ALA. RKFEItK.hC ' Maiwr'l kin. ) " I'erme k llr >nkg, | " .1 icob Little fc Co. i New York. " Perking k flunking, I Ab.aham Br II k Co. J ' St. Jnh'i Pnwerg k Co )w?v:i_ ... " Whitike- k Sam ..on, S Mnt,ler AliJohn Whiting, E ,| , ('sillier ol 1 Branch Bank, I Jack Tl.i liagtou, Er.| , \ Montgomery, Ala p. D S ver. Eiq. I Phit!i|? tk Mumlort), J ml im s ec " TO BOOT MAKERS. 0. M011G HAS HE .MOV KD from |j2 to IJi Leonard gtreet, where he common 1? cut Kit. On I.An,l rcaily cut kit, French iiJ Enainh. ml Im'ec NEW CAMfHINC . A MPS??Th* etibionber hii ja*t completed g lamti nrgortmeot of imgle ami double burner Camphine anil I'heinicel Uil .amp . np^n ?n improved plan, nrpeiaing VI o'hi r? now in rie for br 'Inney of lighi, comht'irilwih i r m m I in Inning?MMII ( MM fount mi. I Iuniting pti>l s-*i <11 hr hi iinil * rtrcil :r reflecting thr improved mn hinir?' l?a rip, tui'aMa (or four m? n to work by, at nn , j,u n?- of thro - c -n't per night. Al o, op'.rl HHnttmi nt o' Lioi| * ( em ether man it rtnrrn. Thr ! rubl e arc r. f|a*ite<l, tr fare p lehaawg fliewhere, to rati in n lnimiir nr rh-m*rlfea, ihc pricea hrinJLjnt dowa ti mi; fho riim* One price i? aiked, and no <"liadprrnt. Alto, the improved Cainpliikr tod Chrtnical Oil rmt mend ] in vrarotu ai nan <I, by H MiTl'HKLI., 8 ('all erine tired, and Branch dure, [ ?21 Gtia'r 478 Greenwich (fred, corner of (' tnal < IITA> TED? IIy a y unti women, a itnation aa chamberre maid 01 waller. Il'iuuc at No. 3 0 Monroe rtrret. ml U*m VlfA.vI'ED?A mpcrtcble touiu woman, French or Oarer ir au, to lak-rare of a child ami to do lewim;. Unbeatable ?itv reier.-nce will be miuircd. Apply at this office in 3 31 ii*r OKA M ST R K 8 H SI |U A TION^Wanted by < ymn? wckJ 111'li II n no ohiretion m lake rate of a few children, and i? a it'>od drenmakt r "I he beat city inference ijiven. Ap nlr at 3 9 flaiml ttree' n'33t?nni W ANTIC 0? At the llicora'ire KatabliahmrDt ol Will mm Hkn.tliK.>.l... . > i n....e man of tearly habit i, who i, cot, v. riant with the u>,' of ?'arpv titers' < r Cab,ne-m ikm to, ?, to work -t a d 'eoH'ive br nchot btistnell As this will h a permanent situation to a compel'lit potion, none othersue- d apply. ml-at'r N'VRSB WANTED?WsnUd, a rcipectable young wo ui?n to take rare o' a child and do sewing. One with good rcfercrces tn.iy a, ply at ihisotfl e. __ **2f! n TN FORMATION WANTED L-'t the rp! ice* ol resiT denee, Cliutou 'ownshin. New Jvrcey, on the evening of'he l7ih April. two boyi, .Red from thirteen f fourteen yean?one named Stephen Aug ii'm I.yon, is of a light completion small blue eves, red face, and ra'lier ilendtr make: had on when he went away blue tniieil Kentucky jean paotalconi and roundabout, roane ihoei, and straw li it. The other, Aletander Har .iion, dark coo p'exion, an t r-ther itout built; had on w hen he went away Kentucky jean pant,loons, (dark mind), dark gueu roaud.ibi.ut, end dark overcoat. Their intention, it 11 iipposed, II to go to i-a. e All persons ?f? lorb-d h.\rb iring or employing them, under the penalty ol the law. Any pereoO discovering them will p'eaia send them to Churlei L Oarpeuter. No. 3 Sixth street, w here 'hey will be le warded for their trouble. a!9*t?r QBADIAH LYON. INFORMATION WANTED OK THOMAS C. HITCHE A ?who left his plaee of residence on the morning ol the *2d Apr I, with the Intention of going 11 I'ier No I North River? expected to return immediately. Keare are entaired that sotnethtng has happened o him. He had on when be left home a black cloth coat, light casaamere pantaloons with uraps, g-een figured Valencia vest, fash onahle hat; lair eoniplexon with blue eves, dark hair, a little bald and a mole uuder his left eye, abou' live fert high ami about forty i ears of age. Any mf um.v tion respecting htm will I e thankfully >ec< ired by his afflicted wile sndfimi'v, at Z9>? South street, New York. N. B.?Souihsrn, YVesiernand Eastern papers will please to give this oue insertion out of cnarity to his li-mily ml 3t*r TNFORMATIN WANTED?Of WM. MILDER, Iste of A (tierliug, Scotlind, who left tint place, vi i Liverpool, for New York, in Sept. 1821. He was last heard ol as ill the employ of Mr. Pierpniut, distill- r, Brooklyn. It this shout, meet Ins eve, he is h ,pleat d to immediately coinuiuai' ate liy letter to Win. Jfiller, Jr. No. I Mi ..afield street, Liverpool.who is in po sissisn of iiilunnaiion of great uii|iortance, or to the at- wrd on board the Geo. Washington, lajingat the f-oit of BurllDg slip. *n IW*ec _ REMOVAL?DR CALDWELL has removed from 45 Walker street to 508 Broadway. ni'2 0t*is r LADIES' CORDWAINER8' HOCKTY -An adjournal meeting of this SoC'ety, will he held at the hiineol V Mager, No. lot Elizabeth street, on Thursday, May I h, at one n'eloek. P. IVI. Kverv mr 10her is renuested tu he present to adopt measure! Ior the pro ec "ion or the trade, and to hear the report of the committee appointed to regulate the Scouring commi'tees oflhs different district!. N. B.?The regular meeting wi'l be held ia the evening at the same place. JOHN C. PlJLId, Secretiry. m2-3t*r T EECHK8?LKK4.11E9?LEE'"HK.8?Jusi received from J-4 Hamburg, per bark Howard, in 28 dava passsge, a very line lor of 8 weeoish Leccb?s, very large and healthy. For iale at $7 per hnndred, by JOHN ALLAY OLD. 106 Bowery, and by JOHN LYME, comer of Fulton and Wntei street!. in2 6t*r GLASS AT No 3 JOHN STREET. near Broadway. Depot. of 8TOUVENEL & BltOIHH.R'S Glass vlaiiff.ic tory, ihe only place where people can gi t mpplied, cheaper than any other plrce in this city. A full assortment of the richest cut and plan glass, Lamps for halt; Aittal and Solar Lamps, Girandoles, French anil English China, 8tc. Ac . all at mri ufactney prices. Kverv article matched to pattern, Glass cut to order. Wholes ib retail for city and country trsde at the above, and it their fn- ory, No 20 Gold st " 2 'in* rc tfls 1 Q HAfj WORTH of Ghiua, Glass and Esrth'n Ware dp J. <WjV_7" J\f for sale at I70 Eighth Avenue, by Thorn** Mcsnrly.?Thu ware is now oren, and will h? lo'd to retailers, at the following pries:?blue soup siuj flit Pistes, Fierch shapes, 7s. per dt)7..; tufiers, 5s C l ; Paiis white plates, stone ware, 6i. per doi ; tufters. 5' ; dishes, bakers and toilette ware et|Ua'lylow: bowls from 2s lid to Is. 3d; lamps, oil, Liverpool, 12s ; hall lamps from S3 to $6,th? same as the down- i wn stores sell for S10 and $12; common ware for grocers, by the bu hel. No credit syst m "ere N h No oh irg- f t crates to conn try : merchants. China tea sets fiom 12<.t?$i6 Public sale on Wednesday, in 411 Broadway. m2-lm* rc DR. CARPENTER'S PECK SLIP DISPENSARY. DR. CARPENTER is a regular educated physician and surgeon, and receiving Isis diploma in this city in the year 181*; in a grid late of Union Colics- ; was a surgeon in the army of the United Statis duting the late war. as may be set n by a reference to ebe army and usry register of officers thereof; ia a Licentiaie of the New York State Med. Moc . and for the last twenty-nine years a practitioner of this citj ; has kept his effice formauy years at No. 4 Peck Slip, near Pearl, and wnit is most important to know, is the fact, that in all delicate rnd private diseases, whether recent or of lone duration, he is enabled ?o perform speedy and effectual cures. Dr C. won d most sericutly caution the invalid to bewa'e of the numerous cat jh penny nostrums (li it ere continuslly paraded to their notici by a host of n ipriliciplt <1 and uneducated pretenders, as al-o many otherwise respectable druggists, who nave seen fit of lafe to sane ion the imposition by adr-ncing and v ndiug as infallible specifics, their multifarious and dangerous compounds. How important, therefore, to the victims of indiscreiioii, in the incipient stage of disease, to nhice th? mselvt s in ill c ire oT an experienced physician, on whose judgment and discrimination they may re'y with confidence, as the issue of life or death ere olten determined by the first application in his formidable ma ad . L>r. Ca peuter wou'd add that his rooms and offices are admirably adapted to the irivaryof patients, and his charges will he found reasonable. _ _ Office open until 10 o'clock. m3 2tins- r ? BEACON COURSE?TROTTING. THUK8DAY, May 4th, at 4 o'clock, P.M. Sweepstakes. Two mile heat* in Imrtirss; $100 Sub. h- ft. 14. WrtnHre|Fnam*a br. m DatcVuss Wm Wheel ir name# b it. llctir itii 3t*p W. S. llei'd iiamei itt g Sua IB /SOPAIITN Kl( h H11*.?Tlie undersigned hare Mrs dsv assoa-' c alrd themselves together lor the putpoie of transacting a (leneral Stock and Exchange Brokerage Business, under the firm "I (Jeiiin it Loi kwood. Office No. 1 Hanover street one door from Wa'l. SIDNEY C. UF.NIN, Lb. ORAND LOCKWOOD. New ycrk, May 1. If43: Untied States, State, City, Bank, Insuranc and other Stocks purchased anJ sold on commission, at thi Public Mtock Exchange. Foreign ami Domestic Exchange and bnsiness paper negotiated. Collections made on all of the principal poiuti in the United States, by OENIN St LOCKWOOD, ml 3t*r No. I Hanover st'eet one door Itoin Wa'l. THIS NEW YORK MEDICAL AND SURGICAL INSTITUTE, No 75 Chambers street, Established to rendkk to the afflictED sound aud Scientific Medical Aid. All kind of diseases will he treated, and surgical operations of every detcrip ti"n performed iu the most careful aud scientific manner. One of the first oeonlisti in the city will attend to the treatment ol all diseases of the eye aud ear. Particular attention is paid to the treatment M all female complaints. Patients who ilesiie it will be visited at their houses. Those whose means are limited will only be requited to pay for their medicines. Three or four rooms are provided for private consult* tion. The diug department is attended by sn apothecary of Ri-eat experience, and a:l medicines dispensed may he re led on ?s pure and genuine. Coppiug and leeching will be done at the shortest notice Open dav and night. Tatientsfrom the country wishing to avail themselves of the scrofulous affections, cutaneous diseases, and surgical ?|n-ration*, can In- accommodated with board and rooms in its imine diste vicinity. DR. IIOMKIl BOSTWlCK, Altc.idinit Physician and Surgeon, 75 (Jhamben at. Jd lionse wcat of Broadway rhis incitntiou is under tne patronage and commendation of the following gentlemen rev. on. KD y. hiubee. REV. DK W. C. BKOWNLEE, UKV. DH OKO. POTTS, REV. DH. O SFRINO, alSlmisec HKV. PH. BI'H KOF.OF.R Money to lend ?abkaham j. jackson, pawn Biokcr, No. 53 Reado street, near Broadway, loans money in la'ge or small snms, as inay be requited. on watches, jewel ry, silver ware, dry goods, weiriug apimrel, and peison't pioperty of every description. a28 1m*ie MEDICAL.AID~ FAR. GREGORY may be consnlted confidentially at .all f-e hoursof the day oresening. at toi private residence, No. II Barclay street, near Broidway He has hren eminently successful in the trearmeul of those "half cured" eases, whirn lesu't from concealed causes, or utsy be from mistaken or er rooeous practitioners. Dr. O's medicines are powerful in their curative effects, though mild in thrir opperatiou Another important consideration, which has not been overlooked, is the adapting of remedies to the convenience of pati-nls, who for the most part are solicitous to o.nam irure as privately as possible. in] It'ir VTKS. N RCHEUTKMA SMETS 2 8 Broadway, op ?j d'l sile the Park, rei|ircifullv informs hrr customers and the l.sdies getierslly. thai she has just received by the late artivols from Paris, several cates, comprising a I rite and splendid assortment of Millike y, Eunr "drries, Bilks, aud other blew (foods for Ur-ssrs, Laces soil E nicy (r)ods of all descriptions. N.B.? In the Dies Making De|u>rltnri t ell orders promptly executed in the tic wi s' and most approved French style, being suptliu'cnOed bv a Isdy who has just arrired, and who has had ei eri'tice in the most fa burnable French houses Will open sev ral cn?es of French MilliDery, this day?Conlistinir cf t'apottes, Tirlattn Dresses, si lend'd embroidered Cans f,.r ladies, ot a very new style, entire Iv different from any behrsoffend ; ti nBnrxgnDratMt, Childrena' Has, and a gencnl assoitinent of fane/ articles, which will be pat a* a very low price as usual. ml 3i*ec IAKD?6 bbls pnme Ltai t,arJ. for s,le hv d K. K. COLLINS k CO hi I II r Sonlh street. PIII NT E ItS' AND HI NI )ERS' WAK.EHOOMS, N'oa. 10 nnd 31 CJold struct, York. April, 1*43. prices greatly reduced. The HOf "KIN l'| O press MAt HINK ANDSt'V MA UFAC T''R Y, in eoim qurnce of the addition r.f new aud impr'Vrd ma. hmury to linir works, and the reduction in ill' cost of in ilerials and labor, are euath d greatly to ....>1,.......... ?l" it,..,. Pp. a. . . .1 ..I l> ...J D. I material) neiie'tilly. na Will be ieeu by their newly printed circular, to which thry ben leave to retcr. Thii eitahlUhinent it ti I under the personal superiuteudm ce of Iticiiani) M. Hoa and Unarm r Itm, and they aasu-e their friend* that, notwithstanding the meat redaction in prices,a'l article* manufactured by this eaioblialnneut ihall re tain the hifheepti'aii m which th y have hitherto aiiataintd. It wi'l a'to be their constant endeavor to improve the nudity of them in every particular. They flatter thcms-lvea alio thii their o'J friend) will not only, continue their favo a, but that I'rinter)generally will appreciate their endeavor) to (umialithe Very beat articles at baiely remunerating I ricea. Ordctafrom any pait or the country lor all articles used by Printer) or Binders, including Types, Ink, Purer, Ike , wi I hie ratco'ed with the greatest erne and promptitude, and oh the hr?t terma. Jobbing as ark and repiiiiiig will be done at the loweat pontile prices, with evi ry attention onil espediti 11. IV. B ?All art'e'es in atlitf rtured by tlua rjtobliahment will be stamped It IIOK & CO ,?o ihat perrons from abroad may not he inpjard upon wilh rpnriout .articles, mrd:* ih imitation of 'hein. Punters of newspapers who publish this advertisement, with this note, thee times before I lie f' rat of July next, a- d lend one of their i ip tj to m, will be entitled to piym -tit of thi ir hill on hifr u.' four tones 'he ' mount ol it. apil'ia r run.!ut.*uiviB. rr.niAiji!. m.i,s rlfc'SK f?H >??<( Md (elrl<ip.t?4 r<M?, f am I'ortiurtl, ? * i?wn>, 10 hp obi if.l in thi* r-iumrv* K#p;<dv n ( ?? Mtitnillh* tia f ??" ***. NANK* KN i'II'I' TON -in !uI. v .,y PKKS.HK k KllOOKW, PIT *c No 61 Libciiyttrea AUCTION SALES. THOMAS BK.i. I., Audi meet. BY B?:l,L * IIOWAHD. T N'l. tlJInn in rf IIS tuUtn tUtti. t WKDNE-4DAY, At IOW o'clock, in tho ??le room., ,.r .11 ,,f hiuioholH fornitnro, which could not be arranged in time 1 or Tuesday. The cupels. ru ?, oil cloth, pninri i?, two piano fortes, lie , will b: sold id the Fnlton sin et ito e . A'*o, an extensive viiety of choice furniture fromBloim nit'liV h"d Brink); n; anil, wilh which tli? sale will commence. _ [lie en ir? f irnirn e contained iu the afore 20 Ann ?t A? tn<store it it is o( i uixitt.snre every a-tide tliooM be re .oved the day uf a'e. THURSDAY, , I lano V ortes?At It n'rlcck. * the ware room of Mr unckett, 118 Centre street, between White end W* Iker afreets, 7 rrlushle ? innd hand and n- w roiewnod end mahogany I'iino j lortes, some * ? pay eiprt set and other* on commission; to tell which positive orders have bren recened. ('an be teen on Thurid-iy. FRIDAY. . At 10)^ o'clock, in the Biles Kooms J I.ante sale ol I) y O'cdi, comprising West Knglard cloths, eusimerrs, vcstinus. sills, de lanes, ehillys, mnal-ns cal.eig, lint D and n tton slier tin ;s and shirtii us, hosiery, glovts, & U'\, in lots to in it. Also, new and second i .aid clothing. A'so, Loudon puis j-wclry, die. N B ?The sales of Bell It How ml will take ; lace, rain or i slime. BY CAHTKR It Cfl>T 1 (At their Store No 116 Broadway, Ootliic Hall.) WK.LtVK -' > A V . Id Mav, at hi^o'clock. Snperh Cabinet umiiure, ("utlerv and ICaithenwsre?Consisting ofeleieant French and half French sofas; ss.irble ami m-hoxany top washs ands^ parlor rrcksrs; lhree-<|uartnrssod full French mahogany chairs; splendid wardrobes and bank cases; dressing hurras wiili suti wilhont mirble top; marble | top Centre tab ea; ottomans; divans; ladies' work fibles: plain mahogany hnreans; h sr inatt'rsses; superior French mahogany brdstids; eletant sard, '.ea and bteakfist tiblei; rosewood centre ami soft tables; superior i< ory rhand'e cast steei knives and for-s; black and while dinner ann loilrtsettThese srticlea are all m?ili o| ihe heat materials, and will positively be sold to Ihe highest bidder. " - 1 - ? <- C -.1. ml 1r?ia r J Itow IIKIDI.K k CO., Auctioneer#. Store 304 Broadway, corner Dnaae it. TH t SMO HN1 Mf.~ . A' 9X o'clock, Hlthc siles mora. Cata'oruc Sale el New ami Second hand Carpet# ami Furniture at Auction.?The 'umiture of familira hreahinK ,?P housekeeping, cousislp-g of sofa bidstea1'#, wardrobe#, chaiis, table# lami'#, eroekery, lie, &c. J At# >, a large lot of splerdid ingrain three plv and Brussels carpet#, Wilton,chenile and Brussels tugs, In lie. Also, second hand piano lories. I Sale to commence precisely at half-pa#t9. Catalogues now ready at the ?tore. HKNKV K. KIKLL, Audionear. BEDDINO AND HOtTSFKKF.PINU AHT'CLKH AT AUCTION?HKNKV K KIKLL will sell by catalogue on Friday nest, May 5th, at 10 o'clock, at the largs ?torea Noi. 156 and 158 Greenwich atrrer, corner of eitensive eaaoitinenr of beds and btddiug, manufactured bv Samuel 8. Parker expressly for the spring trrd?, consisting of I about 1(10 feather beds, 300 bolste-s and pillows, 300 mattr#s? s, i 200 bedsteads, French, windlass slat and cord, single and doub'e, 1(0 eomlnrieri. sin-le aril double, 25 pound# live gee-e feather#, 2800 pound# curled hai , wardrobe and sideboard hed tradi, with a variety of other article#, which will be sold iu I its to suit purchasers, and cau be eiarained at any time previous to the sale. ra Ir3t*r AUCTION NOTICK?Wil be sold at aoctiou.atNo 333 Broadway, at 10 o'clock this day. a variety of nrw aud second hand f'irnitnre and lioun -furnishing airic'es.atnnng which are sofa#, divans, chairs, tables, rcckers, bedsteads, cut glass and china w.-te- splendid girandoles, candelabias, mantle anil ( MtTltl llMW llll do ball d", gentlemen ami ladles'dressing cites, work boxes, with various othei useful articles, hv rn 3 1t* in ()E?. H_ ma N N A CO. AUCTION NOTICE-TROWBRlBOE It CO. will 21 sell Saturday Morning May 6tn, at their sales room, on accoimtof whom it tn.av concern, a very splendid glass show case, left in store by previous occueams ; also, tonr brass fet ders. all of which will he sold to pay storage, a# they cannot I ascertain the right'nl owner#. IW3 la ] By m*. H KH * NKL'N. Auctioner. ' CABINET FURNITURE?The public are respectfully informed that the subrcriher intends selling off at auction on Thursday the I'h of May, by W. H. Franklin, his entire j stack of splendid Cabinet Furniture Bring of hisownmMiu fac ure, all '# war "tiled to be el first rate wnikmMishiti ami materials. Persons about purchssiug are rt n 'esteil to rail and examine. BAMUrX WAiERBUBY, it I4t*r is (10 Beestnan corner t)'lil street. C? BINET FURNITURK-Thepublic are respectfully iufortned that the its soriber iut*t.ds selling at auction, ou Tuesday,th? 9thof May, Ins entire stock ol Cabinet Kurmtuie, bring of his own manufacture, and is warranted of best materials and workmanship. Persons wishing to purchase will please call and examine for themselves. JAS. B. OARRETFON, ml 8t*ee 46 Beekinan street. mm PHILADELPHIA BOTANIC OAKDEN TO LET IkSS?Well known at tin; McA'ann Girileli, situated on i A *--i- Fi'bart, Scluvlkil) ai <1 S'xih streets, id the city of Philadelphia, ci plaining ab >ut feur acrea of Erooril. with il tailing house, bar, summer house, extensive ween and hoi hou*rt, sin ill the'tre, scenery, transparencies, illuminating lamps, Ik 'J he Garden is taste ully laid out ia gravel walks, snrabbcry, and orua Mtll shade 'rues. To a g iod a'd suit ble tenant, toe prerois-s wonil be let on reasonable terms. Possession -"ay b? bad trm-d'auly. Apply to JOHN W. KRAuKH, m2lt6t*r No. 7b North Tenth street, Philadelphia. eeuS8 NIBLO'9 GARDENS?Choice and rare Aunnal JrcfiSfcFlowcr feeds, one package containing '0 varieties, | nt ^An-Iip neatly in separate pnne-s, for one dollar?vir. Bartonia Aurea?One of the most choice and beautiful of all the beautiful iilautt introduced from Calilornia, beariDst a rich gold coloied flower Troiscilum Prregmiutn or Canary Bird Flower?A eery beautiful hardy Annual, showing cut and fringed flowers, canary c lots Rupert) PansDouMe Balsams?This delightful plant has long beeu the favorite of Flora. Superb Herman Double and Quilled Asters?20 superb varieties, mixed . . i- Choice Heartsease?This seed is from named Frixe Flowers fmn the principal exhibitions in England last year. Phlox Drummondt?This desirable border unu\l increases in varietv md attraction every year, there being at this time at left 12 <1 stinct varieties, having flowers vu ying from a deep rus?-eolor velvet hue to a pile lilac like pink Portulscea fpleudens?Another desirable border plant, very dwarf, hearipg a rosv rcirlet flower. Fiue M x-u Zinnias. Niereiobcrgia Plicc.iicss?This annual will cover any border or trellis work all through the summer with a might rurplc flower. Dwarf Rochet Larkipnr, mixed colors." Mexican (blue) Ag-ritum. Sweet Scented Alyssum. Megmnneire. kine (letinau Teu Week Stock Oilli Flower?Udiilinet ovlors mixed, very fine. Lupinns Cruifcsh inkii?The most varied nrd hamlsntneof any of the Lupins, has flower* of nearly every s li ide brtweeujiurple, blue, pink, yellow and white,and continues in flower from Juee to the end of August. Ipomopsia Klegans. Clarkia El-gins?A beautiful flower from California, rose color?Iter pi in flower f or mnnth*. Schizsntl ui ltetu- us?'I hi* it the mnt handsome of all thi* spr cie* ( I animals, bun re fue fltWtll o( ye Mow and scirl-t. Eichscholtzia Crocev?A line orange flower, ami an abwndant flowerer. Morning Glory. 1 The iiro|Jietor? beg to call the attention of their friends and the cultivator* of Flowers, to the above selection ol Annual I Seed*,chosen out of aNoit :100 of the inoit choice va, it-ties known at the preient time, all of which ars warranted freah Beed, itnporied from Europe th's a|>riug. Bulhnui Flowering llooti?viz: the Jacobean Lilly, Gladiolus, blorihundii", and Psitar.ii.iii, Mnicati'Tiger b lower. Double Tuherme, Double Dahliaa, fcc. Sic ?all of which are now ready for planting out All ordera prt mptly eiecnted App'y to m23'i*r NIRLO (k UIJNLAP, 671 Broadway. mm 6~i>00 GREENHOUSE PLANTS? H. 1*1. LEVENOpMH 1'UN inform* h>* friend* and ih* public generally,'that Jim to- ha? made ifenn wnli Hmi, G S. Mann Ik Cu*v No. 331 IIroadw IV,comer of Anthony alreff, in their private i.alea room, n > itair*, f r the pit p)*e of depositing and dupoiirg of at printe sale, all ol his large and extensive ampin* vane v of Greenhouse Plant", winch were niaed at hi* well known e*tahljihmeut at Yorkvilie ,98ih ?trcet 3d avenue. for vari t, beauty and thiiltv growth and la'g- a*aortmciir, they will he fnun I utisu pa?*ed by any other* taiaeil in lhi? vicinity. They hiee not been forced and Will retain their tin I* liid tlowen a* w-ll a* plant* possibly can do by receiving proper . tteu- , tion to their culture, and for which Mr L. fl sttrr* himaelf that nil pi ID;* are well know n in ihi* market Th-v will be so'd low for ca*h. A daily supplywi I be received during the *eason. Lldies are p.vticu'ady invited to atteud. ml lw*ec iUiLMONT HOUSE, NEW BRIGHTON. , rPHE *uh*criber brg* leave to inform his friend* and the puh L lie, that he he* taken the above well known home, which , ha* been thoroughly repaired and piinttd in the be*t manner, t newly furui*hcd t1 op, and will be opened on the first of ] May tieii. The t onse is di'lightfull situated immediately opposite the steamboat landing, oi l from it* iuar..a? command* a view ex- i lending up th- Kills ami ovor tne bay and harbonr of V'ew York. To thoade esiroti'sf a pleasant reaideucn during the ittmm-r month*, po**et*ing the advantage* of line ?*lt water bathing, together with beautiful drivel and walk*, an I rinve nient eccea* tc the city every two hour* by *team, the Belmont Houae offer* inducement* unsurpassed by any other on the I*I'tid, and the lubicnber ttu*t? that his loriner efforts to give satis'act'on a* proprietor of the Pavilion, with his renewed determination to spare no paint to render hi* home ag-eeable, will ensure him the continuation of a pat tion of the patronage he ha* heretofore been favored with. GEORGE riKRIS, Nfw BaniHTOtv, April 12. IHJ. ai '3i?tfr nusnvibLf. uiiArcm.ii* 9isnuiri?, ~ i A i e, .> ISLAND. WW KSTTHOKP respectfully informs his friends and the public, thai hi? school will reopen ou (he 1st of May. I'4'fnu nod puardiins are also inform- I W W. rn<kes it a point ill conscience U) ||M in INIT possible wav (hr m<>rala of chtldrru committed to hia care, froin lour to twelve years of age HhiNiw, writing, orthography, ariihrn'rtr, rtairnky , and grammar taught. 1 he location is delith'fnl and healthy; the orchard, gardens and play gronnd are siwcious; about tee . minatra walk from the landing. The atcamhoat Kiriten leaves Barclay atreet sverv day at 3 o'clock, lor Knssville. , Tcrma, Tor bo nd and luiliou, includiuK wasiung, W> P*> I quarter, paid in advance. Itefereuccsj Key. David More, Stolen Island. , W. N. Seymour, Ksq., 4 Chatham Square, N. Y j H> nrr Stewart Scgume, Ksq,, St.f.rn Island. Win. I udlam, Ksq., 12a Beekmati alrcet. t John Qnien, Ksq , It Monroe street. , Mcairi. ColvilI and Klemius, Kaq., Hi Odar atreet. Cap! K.dward Kerber, Ksq , Hicks street, Brooklyn. Mrs. V-nan. 31 K'dridge street New Vors. at! Im*r Ft-m HuoKa an.) ki. ?111vo tackle.-r. st j. ] MATK hase received by the late ariivala lions'heir tnano- J factory, h tig I aid, a general assortment of sape lor Fish Hooka c and Fishing Tackle, which they offer for sale on the cheapest J1 terms ; M.aitin Kelly's (Dublin) Limerick Hooks; aalinon, ' hist, black,'week, trout, plckeril. and cat Fnh Hooks; ,paien <* silk eutt;htinp and ?ras? Lines; rods, reels, haakcts ; art li- t ci ll Kites; salmon and trout Snoods on gimp; doable and sin- h gle Oatt, with ? variety of articles, *n labia- for American ' fishing. Superior drilled eyed Needles. ' aZti tn*r T.&J lvATK.70 Msid?n lane, uintairs. a TV THE LAIMKS. I otv jiULL 8 UTKHO ABDOMINAL 81 PPOHTKU. i IMIIS new losiruir.eut for the radical cure of Prolapsus Uteri I or Failing of the Womb, by eiteraal application, aapersed , lag the ise of the objection*! Pessary, is confidently recoin- ? mended to the afflicted ?s the meaus of perfect restoration to t health, it never ha unit failed of performing a cure, evtn ntider the must ayirravated circumstances. , The Sui-iaiter hea attained a very high character in Kurore t as well as in this country. It ia adopted to the entire drauae nt pessaries.aud all other iwiufnl surgical eepedienta,in the Lyinxin-Hoapijali of London and Paris, and ia universally recommended iu Europe by'medical men of the highest rank In tbie couulryj tit sustained hv the leading members of rhe facultiaa if Colleges and Hospitals, and by all th? eminent private psae- i liMMta J Hooms hare been furnished eiclnaively for ladies, at No. 4 t v r me,, ha! Hi* a icparma entrance irom tna cutioess da- I ' partiiirut, wliere * lady i* in constant attendance, to apply I ' I rou-i and Supporters to female t w'.tfiiu. ajlnu I DOCTOR BELJj. I ' I \OCTOB BKLL devotes hit personal attention (daily, no- I a' III 9 P. M.) to ill* re?inya! of private diseases in every I italte. All snffrriiiv under protracted esses, amtravated or uniiieeess'ullv treated by tuosiarTieiised or pre tenJed practilion- J ers?tho* 'aborinv nmler tlie destructive effects of mercury or l?v* nostrums. and all wiio sns|vct the rem.mis of dlssaas intlntiR in tlir system, may consult Dr. B si ?rays with a irnar ultee of s cure. , .... ... -i Persons contemplating marri**'- "h" h'Vf h" n.'? *?. he leets ?l dc licvle rlissaset, may ,I|U. Dr. bell with hon , eon Alienee Past raid letters, describing the C' V.'Llnr ??.!! ? t distance, have his prompt attention " '""f ?i[loses to suspicion, and is well known to 'are and perma 1,1If"- Trivete offices i I'oorllandt street, two d?ora ftom Broad- ? way. * ln?*re ?< -I amusements. PAHK Til K AT It It. HIH KVK.NINO. will br rerfor"i?d. M1CHRV WlVf.* UK W|ND^OR-Sir John FilM-ff Mr H?rk*ir; lord. Mr; Mr. F?rd, Mr. Knifhr: Mr* P*??, Mr* HwirAftri which Mr Hiilcy ami hU S'?n will appotfin YA B' lcrn. Ami M.?? Jnt,* Trrrhu'l in L* ylphirfo. To e-nHud. with THUMPING LEGAf-Y?J?:ry Omnibus, Vv H WiHurn#. Boirt >? ei?; riv.Mcta; OfiHrry. 12# cts. Doom open at 7; XtfoTTOaiiivi romrncni'p at half past 7. < II ATIIAM Til (CATu*!.. rUl?.. SyKNIMU. will S., WZ\RD OF THK M'lOH?KUlii- W M.r-UII; l.-M, Mr. M?di???. A trr which OKOltOK. BH KNWF.L.L.?Barnwell. W M lrihall: T "ci? Mri H ?nt .? ?.u? t? .-J- -...u TUf AN(:K?TRfc 88-Oonnt B*ro.i?iD,K*niwn; The Aueeiir ?? >ire Judah. Prirei of Admiaaion?Prem Circle 50 e-nti: fecund ? I Third Tirri 15; Hit 12ki; Oallerv HV4 reoia. Doori ejien ii before 7?curtain ri*e? at n'. lock i rr.iiely. liw.ia *> CITS' OLYn HlCTDHAThk rHIH KVENINO, wilt b- pi-form-d, Br.\UTY AMD THE BEAST?John Qml1 Vr Mitchell; I)r. ,.,hnda,Miaa Taylor. After w|?l"h, AMY LEK.?Amy Li-f, MraTimn; Lily Morgan, Miu Taylor To conclude with HIOHWAYM AN?Squire Jjlly, Mr Nickiwon, Colonel Rocket, Mr Duu . j,- The Poor* will be opened at T, and the H omutei loinmenee at ha I f-ee* T. ererar evening. ' AnX KICAIti nt'HKl'lH. rhe MODEL Ok' THE CITY OV PARIS, eorering an area of 25# feet, ALL IN CARVED WOOD, mclndog every itrret, larr, bridge and building inlhat vent city, the reru'r of urteen yean labor, and riecnted with men remarkable fidelity that any nrreon who beg been in Par ii can point out the very home in which he livee. Mr WINCHELL. in a dogen different character!. Mr HHK.MMaN, the beautiful Ballad Singer, Mill ADELAIDE PHILLIPS, the belt Dmieme in America. A UVI.NO ?#'a LM><?, from New Fonodland. ENORMOUS SCRPEVT, 2# feet long, and aa large aa the hodyofa man The Indian'. O-thnnir () ?M hikI Silver Plating! Albino Liiiy! Fancy Olaii B|..wm: and 500,000 eurio?itie?. Day vinteri admi't-d note evening Iree, Admiaaion to Mmeiim and entrrtHinmenu 25 centi? children half price. PEAI.E S >TKW VHHK .HUMKUM Broadway, unnmite the City Hall. Mr. H. BENNETT, Manager. REDUCED PRl1 E?ADMISSION ONE SHILLING. Mr JENKINS, Coinic Delineator, Tenor Singer and Banjo Placer, i 8IONOR BLITZ, the great Magician and Ventriloqniat. Miu (IROV'.A, the much admired Danaeuie A'aiter RATTI ER, the beit Ethiopian Dancer in America. Taney Ulan Blowing. Afternoon eutcrtnumente on Saturdiy at 3 o'clock. Day ri Performances in (he L?c(ure Hoom to commence at t o'clock' A splendid dell Playing Melodeon to b? Men. SKJNOR NAOEL'S GRAND FAREWELL CONCERT. QIGNOR VAGF.L, First Violinist to the King of Sweden, k} and pot il wf I'sgnmm,Ml the honor to annouace to (he citizen" ol New Vork and hit fiends, that before leaving lor Europe ha intrnda to give * GRAND FAREWELL CONCERT AT THE APOLLO ROOM, On FRIDAY EVENING, Mar 5th. He will be aaaiatrd bv the following artists MBM. KDWAHD LODER. MR V. RAKEMAN. MR DKMSTKK, the favorite Ballad S'nger. MR. TIMM, to preaide at the Piano. And Olli-r artists, whirh will be 1'iirther announced By luggeaiion of many of Signer Nagel'a friends, he haa relueeu Ina price of (icketa to "iO centa, to be had at the Mnaic Stores, and at the door on the evening ?f the Concert. To cnmm?n e at 8 o'cloek 1)0 5t r BENEFIT CONCERT?Mr. John A. Kyle respectfully infsrins hia frienda and (he public that he w>ll give hie Annual Concert a the Ap ?i|o Rooms, on Monday evening. May the Hih, 1811. The following Artie ea have kindly volunteered their assistance, viz ? Mrs. Edward Loder, M'?. Horn, Miaa Mary Taylor, (from the Olympic Theatre, bypermialionofW. Mitch?M. Kiq ) Mra. W.-idenhoper, pupil or Mr H. 1'itnm, Me?srs. Alp ri, Tnnm, Koaaowaki, 8??, King, Marlra, Roller, Maaaatt and Kyle. Particmara in fu'ure ad ertiaementa. Tickets Fifty Centa, to be had at the principal mnaic atorea, and at Mr. Kyle'a reaidence, tl Forsyth atreet. in It VAUXIIALL OARDEN?Open (or ihe Season?The aub ecriher bega to iuforaa the public that thia avorite place of reanrt will open lor the aeaaon on 8nndny evening, A?ril Nth. For the better accommodation of the patrona of the eatablish " ent, ard to keep out improper pertona, 1 'K centa adniiMion will be charged on Sunday eyrntuga. for which refreshments will be 'urnished. Other ereni. ga admiaaion free. Public patronage gratefully solicited a'9 lw?ec BRADFORD JONE8. WATCHES AND JEWELLERY lower thnn evur.-As 'v the auhacriber it conrtantly receiving all description* of gold and ailver watches. of the new eat styles, direct from the manufacturer*. in England. Fiance, and Bwitierland, he in enabled to offer a larger aaaortment, and at mnch leaa pncee, at ictail, than any other liouae in the city. Gold watchea aa low aa $15 each. Watchea and jewellery exchanged or bought. All watchea warranted to keep good time, or the money returned. Watchea, clocks and jewellery repeired in the neat manner, and warranted lower than at any other place in the city. G. C. Allen, importer of watchea ana jewellery, whole axle and retail. ap|Wa|l atreet. up ataira. _ ult-lm itia'm I WRIGHT Ik CO. will open an office of dtacount and de J- piaite at Oiwego, N. Y., on the Itt of May next, and will maka collection! and remittaucea at reaaonable raiea. Re] ferto D Ebbeta, Jr. E?,| , cashier. New York Hnyoaf, Sage 8c Co., New Yoik. Dtew. Robinson St Co., New York. A. U l'atchiu, Esq., caahier, Albany, Oswem. April 20. 1813 a28 8w* M* FOR ALBANV. TROY,and Intermediate fl.i P"L.. ?Je Placea ?The apleouid low preaiure steamboat SEkBSLhWALLOW, Captain MeLean, will leave the foot ol Courtlandt atreet thia Wednesday afternoon, May 3, at 5 o'clock. The abovr ia a substantial boar, fitted up with elegant State Rooma, and for accommodation ia unrivalled on the Hudson. ml ~ ~ M SOUNDPTLOT. OWEN PRESCOTT, Pilot, takes charge as master of Teste Is bound to New Bedford. Nantucket Shoals. Boaton. rorumoulh, Portland, Keunelxck, and OTHER PORTS east of New York. Other at Krye it Show's, 22J Water itreet, corner Beekinan Keferrner to a number ol Merehanti, and the never il lusuritice OmMM ih this city,. Button, and Portland. alt Imiar PAS3AOE KOR LONRON-Paeket of the loth iMk Mav-The superior faat tniling packet ahip MONJaQbAbTKEAL, Captain Tinker, will aale a? above , hew repulvday. H?a taperier aectirinodatioui for rabto. aeeond cabin and steerage passengers. Pert..tit within.- to etnhark thnuM mike early application to JOHN HEBBMAN, 61 Sonth street. N. B.?Peraona aendinir for their frier di residing in Great Britain and I eland, ran have them hrruk ht out as usaal, by any of the shins roin rosing this line; and drafts furnished for auy am aunt, payable without diacount throughout the United Ki'g'tom. Apply aa above. m3 r |0 If OR LI VERl'OOL.?Regular packet of the Tth iH^Mtr.?The very anperior faat tailing packet ahip SSdUwAHHBURTON, Captain Hultleaoo, wtJl positively aail at above. Having very aupertor accommodationa for cabin second cabin and atnafige pyienteta, n?n? within* to embark should make early application, on board, foot of Maiden Lane, or to JOSEPH McMUKKAV, 100 Pine at., cor. South. Peraona wi'hieg to tend for their frieada reaiding in tho old country, rm have thein brought out by the above ahip, or any of the regular packets, by applying aa above ; if by letter, pool paid. ________ ml r kfg- KOR LIVERPOOL?-Packet 7th May-Thi. wf.Vjytph ndid p rket ahip can yet accommodate a lew more ^ HKaeabin, aeeond cabiuind steerage passengers, on reati.liable t-rtnt, if eaily application he made on board, or to W.kJ.T.TAPSCOTT, m2r 4} Peck Slipror South at. CHALLENGE TO CMOLIUS. THE 8iiteenfoot?ailhoat '"TKOUBLER" will Mrlfcfl'y afand read!' t<> "oil any diatanee, from K> to 60 mi let, jBVaKB.ii."mat tny tail boat < r h by Wm I roliut, from tf.e lira day of June the lirat day of Auguit ueit, one month't notice he. fjg , -ail two aeparate davt for the torn of 1100, each day. The ..eject it to Leal the tailing qualities of the boats. N. B.?To tail without oart or tenders. C. L. INGKR80LL, a? 1 rn ?er 408 Water street. WATCHES, DIAMONDS, Jcc. THK Sub?criber having retired from the late (inn of Gal toil, Lad-1 Ik Co. hat commenced btivineaa at the corner jf B ond anJ Well ?treet?. oppoaite the Cn>tetn Hoaae, for tne in'e of fine Watchej, Diamond! and Gentlemen's Jewelry,at (iricei in accordance with the tirree. All Dininond Jewelry bonitht of the anbacriber will be re t nrehared by him after d relucting 7 per eent^ tnereby olTering to pnrchaaer* an opportunity to courert their diamond! into money at an* I'mc they mty pleaae. Fine Duplet, Lever and Lenine Watchea, which he can recommend and warrant a? good time kecpcrv?alto,Gold Chain, Pencil Caaei, Watch Keya, lie Silver Fnrka, Spoon*, and Tea Seta, of the neweat patlerna, and very heat quality and workmanahip at 4 per eent advance on the manufacturer'* pricea. All the above article! ahall be equal to the b-at made in New York, Watch'* and Clocki repaired under hi? neraoual anperintendmce, with the *>ai*t*nce of the beat workmen. Diamond*, Pearl* and other prrcion* Stone* and Silver bought or cichanged. WM. F. LADD, 12 Wall *trret, o|ipoeite the Cuatnm Home. a2H Ira i?*m Exi llAMih HOTKL.?'/'he Proprietor feela gra'el'nl for t'e patr?i>ngc he continue* terecti*e from an enlightened and lilieial pnblic and bee* have to luhirm ihem of hit unremitted rndr.trora to pleate all who make the Eiehange Hotel their home. '1 he p ic- of hoard i? now reduced to $1 74 een rr day wuhnu my "eatia charge 'or (lie, ,light!," Ac Soma important rhitige* h re recently been m ide ill ih? officer* about the houae will n he feel* aaaured will meet with ihe approbation of lha juiiiic. He i* *l?o ( repared to rrceire a few permanent gentlemen Willi their familie*, oi a'ngle genii, men, to board on lhe moat ibe ral term* for the eutuing leaaon. Oentlem n Tinting the ICichange Hotel wilh Ut ir horaea, are iiformed that the beat aie will he taken of thein by Mr. JAMK9 HAKDKN, who*# ktabl# Kco-.tiiuona to ihe Hotel. lD^*On and alter the lat ef May, the charge to yearly board ra, for weala only, will lie (educed, in the gentleman'* Ordina y, to 5:10 per yesi; ciaics uruinarv, FREDERICK BOYDEN. Richmond, Aprilllst, HM3_ ml >w dyfcllwy r p*i HAMJK HOTEL. POTTSVILLE , Penu. J. Hi SKI I'ZINOKR. respectfully announces to the travelling orrniuniiy. ih?t he keeps that larg- and aplenditl ettablishiient th- Exchange Hotel, situate at the corner of Centre and lailowhill streru. Dearly 01 |>o?ite the Town Hall, in the Boraah -f PottsvtUe, which h?? been thoinghly r<i*irtd *ud mannCly imricved for 'ha pccommo alioo o| visitors. The hor! II forty feet fr< ut ou Cen're street. and one hundred and liirty eitht leaf front on Callowhill, three stores high; it u dmirahly pioodrd wuh i a lore, ailtinK rooms, read in* room. M lame airy chamber ? ha Miott spacious, pleasant end cons' lent d.niug room in the country?.1 new and superi r bithuig itabliihmriit?and entry convenience and comfort to render t in all respects a moat deairable hotel. 'I ha slanting at'sched, is iaiae and well eonstmcied, and nperintended by experienced and attont'ee hostlers. Horses nd c-fringes may be had at any lime to conrey persona to any nit ol the co' iitiy. ., . . An omnibns rut s from this li itel d?ily. to snd fions the depot o meet the ens, for the uecoinmndtfion of persons travelling in th; Railroad. No charge f.r ontuibni fare to this hotel. Pottsville, Mav I, 1813. _ "" * ** TOOLS?TOOLS?TOOLS. ALBERTSON'S, Conger's, Morton's and Clifford's warranted Cast Steel Coopers, Carienteis and Ship Carpenter* >'.dye Tools, can be had at wfiolesa.s and retail, of OSBORN k LITTLE, 33 Pulton stteet. New 1 ork, (II per cent allowed o merchants) snd who keep on naad a full assortment of r. -? frr.n (lYBll. 1 riill floOIM. HtAVB J.cnlpn Itork HoweDi CWMI. Alto, Importer! and Geuer&l Dtala.a id Kngliah, Uernua uJ American Hirdware, Gallery, Ntilt.4ic.kc. 'flARLES UPBORN, f lIJin e.. CHARLES n. LITTLE. FIFTY CENTfc FER BOTTLE. ?Y LETTERS PATENT of the United Ptatei.-The ' 1 no'pheroot, or Medicated Com pon ud tor the HuJ i? Hair, it wi h conlid'tice recommended to all whoee ir i< becoming thin from diseaae, tenrf, tnd dandruff, he an rest remedy to pretmt bnldnett and giev hair, he inoat healthy (trusting that etn |imtibl? he applied to tne ad, r-nilerinu the h vr toft and gloaty, and freeing the icalp >m all liu'iio t and irritatioua, remonn* carry particle of nrf and dat.drnff, and disposing the air to curl. Its frequent e will preaerve the hair ill health and heanty to the lateet p? >d of life. Kor iafaat heads it i? loealnahle. I o be had oily the Hair Cutting Ksoma, 146 Broadway, corner ol Liberty , up itairte or ol (lir uppomtol lm*ec

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