Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 4, 1843, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 4, 1843 Page 1
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1 TH Vol. 11.?Ro. 141 ?Who:* Ho. 333*. To til* Public. THE NEW YORK HERALD?daily newspaper?publiahed every tlay of tha year except New Year's day and Fourth ef July. Price 2 centi per copy?or f7 26 per annum?postages paid?cash in advance. THE WEEKLY HERALD?published every Saturday morning?price 6} cents per copy, or |1 12 per annum? postages paid?cash in advance. ADVERTISERS are informed that the circulation of the Herald is over THIRTY THOUSAND, and increasing ast. II haa the. largest circulation of any paper in thi$ city, or the tcnrU, and is therefore, the beat channel for burinett men in the city or country. rrices moderate?cash in advance. PRINTING of all kinds, executed at the most moderate prices, and in the moat elegant style. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, Pp.oraiKToa or thk Hebild Establishment, Northwest corner of Fulton and Nassau streets. hd ROOMS TO LET?To tinyle g.n'lemen. i i the three ffvw itnry house,i OA'lisle street, firit street ah?se Rector "t. to a small funny. All in rood order, with asement kitche*. mait*ie MI'O LET?To a >in II respectable family, part of a nr*> two story hi u<(, within one minute* walk ol the City 11*11. or a oaek paring fnrniahrd or unfurnished, to a single grnil-mw A p'v at 3 He*' e afreet. ma It r a'l O LK r A Cottage beautifully sbuaied on tbe mr h ?h re o'" Biaten 1 -InnJ, about tnree minutes walk rom the landing, and V of a mile from Urgbtou. T. ere i? attached to the premises (ever*! pleasure boat*, a * p-tirr wivate baih on the shore. The rlace ia well shades abui d nice of fruit, and the heat water; ueiphhorhoorl nil'*' e. tionahl". Col'arre rontaina 8 room*, hesides kitchen, with I. rg? celbr- Apoly m ,-29 6tr D K1NOSLAVD, 'r. 83 Johm at. MKUtTMSHKD BED ROOM a end Frrnch Lang ate?Tw i gmtltmeu csu be aec'inim. dited with furu ah, d rooms, wi'h breakfast anl taa, or without, at C. .e on .is, ?e*c'<r of the French langu?*? 65 Walkei at ee .near Broadway. They mirht are the privilege of followh'gthe cnnr e of tlir eveiua claasea without any extra charge. French Mr ?p ken m the MMt, C. Auia.ia will commence a tvaw courae in the beginning of May. a?9 6t*r HOHSt-3 To LET Al' VORKVlL.Lt..?a large house* on the corner of 84th street and 3d avenue; either of throt it calculated for a public house, grocery or private miulrara On the practises b a fine ilabia,?ovtii| alfey, and a fine garden, consisting of 8 ota, with grape vineaaud fruit tteea thereon. For terms, inquire of JUHN A. MORRILL, Esq., m8 2wr No. II Chambers at. TO KENT?The extensive tini'ding erected the presenue'snn bj the suhserioer, for hia own residence, on il'i'JBi '* * martin of lire E?st River, at Gowanna Heights, two and o half miles from South Brooklyn Ferry, commanding rnlendi 1 views of the Boy and Jersey snore, the c'ttes of New York and Hro?kl' n. S'aten Island and the East "i.d North Hirers. 'I he H use tabic*. a superior btiihliog, five stories h th. covi red W'th coppei; the hall ard stairs of marble; the Water fron' tb u' one thousand feet, and the bulling within a few H-d-of the door, cicelle t fishing aid fowling in'he im mediate v icimtr. Th drive fron* Now York is about fifteen mi'.U't's, nod the pnuii"! are not excelled by any -i uaiinn near this ci y One hund-ed persons can be accommodated.? Possession itnrntd alcl>. Aroilv to JOHN F DELAPLA1NK. 08 Wall st. ALSO TO OUT, the three aiorv brick House, 34 Walker meet, betwen Broadway at d Church ?tr?et, occupied by Mrt. Ve'olaiick; and the two "tors brick House No 229 .Nineteenth street occupied by Mr- C. W. Feeka?Rents moderate. RlO lrn*gc a TO LET?The 51 union Home at Bloomiugdele, kn.rwu a? the " Abbey" d a ih rt 'i>tinc- above h" ?ii mile stone, iu-t above Striker's Bav, and nearly Br. Michaels Oliarch The place it well known aa on-of the inoit delightful situations on the Island, and ia remarkably hea'thy iu thusumuier season. Toe K|oomin>;dale stages pass and repass (he Rate every hoar in the day. The Rate is new, and nnmbercd 101. The rent will he in tccordmce with the present state of the times. A ply on the premises, or at Itt Chambers street. N. B.?Arrangement could be made, if desired, by a satisfactory tenant, to let a part of the Inrtiiture now in the house remain, or a part of the honse will be rented separately. wpla lm*t MTO LKT?The fire prooi Dnck store. No. 105 south st, with immediate poss-ssiod if required, apply to WOODHULL at Mi.N I URN, m?4r tl Aonth street. jmL TO LET?The ivro sloiy brick House and premises, No. 145 IVoosler street, finished iu the most modern JUAstyle, with maible mantel-pieces and folding doors throughout Apply to JOSEPH McMIIRRAY. tnI3i 180 Pine street. staA TO LET?Several Work Shop-, with Rood light, at (' Is Ann -t eet will b? let at low rents to Rood tenants. JleMtEbqaire of WM FULLER, 4th story, fiont biHdn.r, bet?iru H and 2 o'clock. s2- 2w*r J/m To LET Olt FOR SALE?A three sciy tit rdern KitiIt b ick dwelling i.ousr an I state, wi h two I ns of .iitgiou'id a't ched, s mated in Williamibarg, about two minuos walk f om the Peck S'ip Fetry Apply on the premises, corner of Fourth and South-Eighth ?t*ee?s, Williamsburg, or o W. It J. T. TAPSCOTT, a 4r 43 Pec- slip. FARM FOR SALE, containing forty acres, thirtyfive under cultivation aud the balance a Rood growth of sawirood. (>n the premises is a hcuae in good repair, a new coach home and a l?r,;r barn Iu front of the boose is au eirellent well of water, secured irom the weather by a new well boose, and a fiBe lawn in front of the honse. On he above described f-rm is f nit iu abundtnee, sneh as apples, eherries, pears, qninces, currents, gooteber ies, sc. T e "bote farm is two ? ilea from the steamboat landing, one fr mihetown of Rye, onihe North street road. A full view ?l the Sound ; cau see two light hi uses when lighted; is in every respect a desirable location for a gentleman's residence. This firm is in Westrheater County. Call on the premises, oi on Mr. J. H. WELCH, 35 Leonard street, a IS tm*ec or a- the Police Office. 5,000 OKEENHOUSE PLANTS?H. m. LEVEN4Jl\>N tutorms Ins friends and ih - public generally,'that wJbwhe h1- made sriDg meuts with Mrssrs. O. S. Maun k Co., No. 331 B-nadway, coiner of Anthony street, in their private rales r oin. u stairs f rthe purpose of depositing aud disposing of -1 nriv te sele, "II ol hi- large and extenove surplus vnnr v of Greenhouse Plants, ?h ch Were raised at his well known establjehmeut at Yorkville ,98ih street 3d "Vence. For veri t, seanty nnd th i'lv growth and la ge nssortn euf, they will be f< on uneu passed by anv.oth era taised in this vicinity. They heee not been lorct d and will retain their buds and flow eta "s Well ae p'arits |H>?sibly can do hy receiving proper tltution to t leir cu'iure, and fur which Mr L. flatters himsaif that his pi 'n s a-e wejl known iu thi< market '1 h-v will he so d lo- forctsh. A daily t apply wi I be received during t'tr season. Lad es are pa t'cu'a 'y invited to attend. ml lw*cc DRESS BOOTS. m' ' LATEST FRENCH STYLE. THE SUBSCRIBER respectfully invites the citizens of New Yo k aud stringers waiting the city, to call at lit FULTON STREET, and examine a large aaeortmei t ?f Drkss Boots, made in the latest fashion, and of the finest French calfskin. (lent emsn can have boots made tooid- r iu the best manner, at sis dollars per psii, and footed at four dollars, warranted qrnil to any manuiacmrca in uic cuy uttum ictcu iu ci|iu dollars. CP" Persons having tender feet, or being difficult to fit on aseyum of lump*. bunion*, corn*, kc. can hare boot* marie sn a* to be. eaay yet handsome, by the subscribe ^ method of taking a diawin; of ihe Icet and fitting np and keeping a pair of lasts for each cuiloiner. Strangers leaving their measures can, by writing, have boota made and forwarded to tr em without delay. coaitistlt cie hand. Handsome Boots, from *2 00 to $6 00 Half Boon, '* 2 50 to 3 50 G-dter Boots, " 2 00 to 2 50 Shoes, " 1 50 to 2 50 Slippers, " 50 to 1 00 Pumps, kc., &o.,ennally low. 1'ibw, Cash on Dkl.iv?:rt. JOHN L. WATKINS, a0lm*r lit Fnlton st.between Nassau and Datcli s's. REMOVAL. GEORGE B. GRANNIES' STO K Ok BOO T8, S OKA he , is removed ^twI^Srfrom No. 115 to No. 96 Maiden Ljhe. opposi'e side, tie doo sabove IVa'l street. The tint sio'V \ fi'ted un for reinilirg hue calf sewed Biaits st THRF.IC BuLLAKt. The liritstor hooij Mrd shoes at wholesale. ml 6t*r WHO WANTS BOOTS k SHOK8 7 THE O entost Reduction in Piircs ever known. ^g?"WyOnlv think of Oeutl men's firm dress calf stitched boots, of Ithe most fashionable shape, $2,75 to $3.00. Fashionable leggrd boot* $150 to f2,00 a pair. Ladui fancy colored Frrncti and city made Gaiters lor $1,35 to $1,50 a (wir. And all to, tashiiius for IM3, for Gentlemen, Liad'es and Children,from thirty to forty per cent cheaper than ever, at 112 Greenwich at, co*ner of Barclay. JAi WIOOINS. *5 im#r ADOLPHK MONDRON. Boot maker,from Pw ri>, nsport I u 11 v inAirm* the iuhabitauU of New York, that he lids opened hi* eitnhluhmrnt at No m Broadway, where he ia rfth to eierute all ordera entrusted to him, of the laf it faelrions ilfttl hrr.t workmanship. < Jeni'enu-n "i-hnit to li tre au elegant fit will do well to call and emrriae hie wort. al lm*r ~ fc, HOOT AND SHOE STORE. JOHN I KAIIY rr?|i?rtfuliy inform* hi* friend* aiiu iBe ohl'c.tmi he hai c.imiueticed hai nrn in the above liar,*l No. <>9 Na??*rt street, wheir he will tnanklally rrceire uiid fanhfuli) ciccn'r, all order* he n.av be favored with on ine no et ri-a-o'o !> e trrri* tor r**h stir LADIES,' LOOTT AT Tins ! JOOO pant of ^9f Fiench Oeiier Boot*, nnc SCOO puyi o( Slippers, jnit r?Ctiv?o, ard -or ?alr wholesale anil retail, at ihe In lowing *?rt low pre* NtOO pair* of Fiwch Gaiter*,of the btat qn?hty, aiol of all color*,; and .1000 ptin ol Blippen,7i cent* at 767 Broadway andlMOannl itnct. Ladle*, in lhr*e a'orra yon will find ihe greateJt and best a*?rr nirut in the world of Bona, Oliter*. Shoe*, Slipper*, etc. and Mine* and I hildreli'i do G> n leineu.w* wish to draw yrnr attention to onr aplendid a-eorimeut of Boou, Shoea end clolh bnnon Oaiten, of I he n< w *ty ( ; Kiebeli ealltkin Boi t?, of the heit ip hty and made to ordei, $1, and k renrh calltkin Boot* on hand, front S3 t" St prr P> ir; I loth hottnii Oait- ri, S \50; Piunella SI .'>0. the finest el calfikm Bhnea, 1,25 to St; boy?'< Bool* of ih. heat quality, 1,21 io S2.7J; Shoe*, si to t,25; touih'a Boon, SI to I,Ml. Shoe* 50 run* to at. Boot*, Gaiter*, Slipper*. Tie*, Buikiri*, Shoe*, K c. utile** varietx. anil nil wairant'U to he ol the beat kind. j OKEOOIlV h (XVIilLL, 367 Broadway ail lm*T if) Canal .liret. TO HOOT-MAKtRS. U. MOllO HAS REMOVED frflm 132 to is Leounul street, where hf con mutt t<? cut. Kit. Oo hand ready cut kit, French aod Eiutirv _ iniini f t I A IE IM TOUT ATI ON OK 8EGAR* AfSD TO ,, "ACI O.-Th Sub-cr I her, having r, trolly ?rr rorn llaaaiiua, nttera to the deal'i* ami amatenr* of .one inr (aelri ted ly hliriMtll,) th* following biauda, I.a Norma 1* Emprera, Wo dull. Trab cco fia.oue* and Lord BySw.7* VMI. .I. kind, l.t, Sd. hi, and 4th >10,lit? ol Havana, ?.in,r\?, St Jigo and Gmrr tobacco. Owing to the death ol Stmhen > . 'I" firm ?'l Sitna 101 & iir.>th? r it dutolvrd Un riu :h ..I May. the ..u aiublialiiMii ol r *> leu tirm w.n I), moved to No, 6 Wall ai> el,second dooi below Ti e aaeorv I, " the Lord By ron inannta lory in Havana, and for he Si at iarlati 11 har Co, in Ballimor., are helrl hy iha Siiharriner win Ji ho off. r* it whole.ale and retail. , . A A SAMANC8, T No ? WelT'e we,. VI U > h. k I t) i K MI.-rtltiiAiiA ,?i J. JaLKwOiV I awn ' , "'0*rr, No lit Hrnde a,rret, near Broadway, loan, ri oney I" l*'ita or ainall >nm*, ** miy be reqm ed, on watetie*, jewel ry, nlvrr wire,dry good*, wearing apparel, anil i#i*one I proper y ol every description. al? 1m*ie I ??^ggSg?^w**"^gMe! E NE i n BROWN & ro.'S One Price Hat Store, 171 Chathan J^^eqimre, corner of Mott it., where lathiou, beauty, dura DllitV and economy art combined to idorn the head. '1 he rro prietora hive ttie ple.noirc now t i offer a new ntyle of net, thi imita' on of t? nvr, winch closely resemble* ilioae formerl: old for St and $6 at the low fired price o( $!; those who fron necessity are unlaced to study economy in tha iijui>i r-nxablr article of dress, have now an oppoitunity ofdoiuj to. nil I still keep up ihr appearanceof the molt I slnonable.Browii u Co. in presenting this lint to the public, think thel have reached th* ultimatum of beauty, cheapness, neatness durability and conilotr to the wearer. All sales are for cash therefore ho good cnstower i>aya the looses incurred by the bad BROWS Ik CO. 178 Chatham squire, aft lm? corner if Mi l ft (J "SPKI.NsJ K A t>HIO v M)K Ofc VILEM K.K's HATI J**?The und'rtiriiiF'l ruprctfuUv infortr.i i is cmioineri and the , ublic Ipon-ally, that he lira now ready for inOpectmt and ^nl-, ti e mu< >i ndn.ircd s.ciu.' style < 1 nein letn-u's llali which for beauty of fiunli and aud lyinelry o( form, exceed aui ortner effort, in this <>r any other city. To the economist thev are a desirable article, as they com bine cheapness, dnrabil ty and elegance, warranted equal to any and inferior to none. In the manufacture of Hats he chal lenpes competiou; he therefore solicits a share of rublic putt on age lie would a'so call their art?nton to Ins la-ge as-onmeui of Men's, Youth's,and children's cap., of cloth,velvet, 8tc. all o his own inaiiulncture, which for variety cf patterns can not bi equalled. Also, h'S new style of children's drab and pearl colored fanci hats trimmed with velvet of various patterns, for tprinn ant summer wear, very much admired. A call will c.onvin-e th< most sceptical of the superiority ol the ?bove mentioned arti clcs, now rcudy for sale at the o'd stablisheil stores ol ISAAC H. ARCHKK, all lm'r 704 and 560 G'eenwich at. N. Y. OU)l KIM) I'A I RONS and the public urn respectfully iu viced to r..?I' and examiue our tocli of hardy l erbaciou Plauta, consisting of Pnloxas of various colon, Campanula! Lilies, Sp'reas, Sic Sic , together with red .nd white moss Ho sei, yellow Harrison and other hard > K< ses, Tea and Chintm mOiphiy K"Ses iu great variety, 200 vaneiies choi :e doubh Dihlias, tube Hoses. Amsryliss* s, Gladiolus. St:, A numbe of new aud brauti ul Creepers for c ivering arbors. *0 (00 greti ho'"" plants, at the lowest rates vert-table a rl choice tlowe seeds of every variety, wrarran ed fresh. Frui' and otuamen ial trees of every variety, on the lowest terms fur cash. Thou in w 'Pt v ill please cill at d judge tor themselves. a288.*m MBLO St PUM.aP, 57a Brrradwav. THK WAKVf SALT WATER BATH is now open at the foot of L>est>ross?s street. N. K For its advantages over fr< ah water, see J nmala F-ve Tielrees ou? Dollar. apl6 lin*r IN&KAL. WATERS OF KISSINOKN, Oermsny called KAKOLZI.?The Hah, u| |4^? ,(u acidulous saliui flavor, of an eg eeabie tssta, a'd b- lug powerfully promotivi of srrrelion au.l t>creiiou. a puiifier, a str aa ro vetit, i.ud ? the same riui? st engOieu'ng wi ll rut healing, it aces as a no teut spacifically on the I ver, tl e systema ttmr.porl and u'e nne svsltrn, and drssiraiing any existing use* according to directions. The Itakoezi is sold at the following places, at 37>? cents I quart jui, or (4,04) a dozen Soldbr H-nry Kiuk &' o. D.ugfists, 461 Bco-dwa*, ror. Grand Snul'lsrd Dclluc lit (Jo. no 581 Broadway (t 2 Park row Thos. T. Gr en 389 Broadway. ' has. H. Hart, 278 tSr?adway Church's Dispensary, 188 Bowery. Wholesale " d retail bv FLORIAN STRAUSS, 66 Beaver stree', a<5 lm*r up s'sirs. DAILY EXPtlr.f?8 FcMn^^^Y, THOY BUKFALC CHlOAUO AND '1 HE C ANA DAS The aubacrihrra hivioir cowilel il rherr arraogementa wit the People's Line of Ble.amboa'a, on tin Nmth ttivrrandlh Han Koad Companies wear of Alb my lor running 'heir Ex >rei I or the season ol 1843 an Express wdl ltt>r lhe;r nffier, No. Wall atre ft, New Y'-rk, every ev. ning, >l qu irier to 7 oVlocii for the above named a d iute'?n?du e places. IMPORTANT. For the greater a fery ?nd security of all valuable and rrone package! ent Uitrd to their care, they have ?al?m ind?r Iro Softs on brard of the atea oboata, in a a'atc room occupied el c'u ively by theinaelvea, a1 d the messenger in ch"g? sleeps n the same room with the trou safes, m'o winch all rue1-. package are placed. POMEROY It COM r*A \ Y, _mlec No. 2 Wal' atreet. X31 IOK NORFOLK, RICHviOND, CITl da ta^rr(llNT' &c- Va- Steamer BOSTON ^ w * 1 a. tain H< Imes.?The atioug and aubitaoti' >-trainer Uosiuti, Will commence r cular tnpa *.etween * e\ York and, Va. on Baiur 'ay. 6th, leaving Net York at 8 o'cock, A. M. and Norlfjlk on 9th mat. Passage *nd fare to or Irotn Noito:g, $10 Forward PM?engera do do 6 Paaaace from Richmond Cit? Point, *c. by one of the. rivi r ateamna. end per Button from Norfolk 12 Forward paa'cogera, d<? do 9 Pa-sage to Norlolk and back, return trip 15 Forward Paaaeng rt, do do 12 Freight taken at the tunal ratea. Fo- frrii. liter ns??gea| ply to ihe Cap'am on board, or to WM TU ;KER, m2 la eod WTh(kF*r No. J6 Broad alreet. a* p oplk'a line uf steamboat A . FO \ ALBANY?Dai'v at 7 oVock, P. S e Pier fetween Courlandc auil ib-itv sheets Sienmboar ROCHESTER, C?p * Hooghton, will lea* Tin s<ld , '1 hu'sdav end Ha'ordav eveniug.<, at 7 o'cu ck. Steamboat -OUTH AMERICA, < vi.tain L W B'iian will I. ave Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings, at o'e'ock. Steamboat NORTH AMEKIf A. Captain M H T oe del lainl nc a' interm diale places, will leave Tuesday, Tliu ada and Saturday afternoons, "t 5 o'clock. Paueuktri aking this Lute of Boat* will invariably a<TiTc i Albany in ample tune to take the Mornu g Train of Car* It the <m? or writ. lT7r'The above boat* are new and substantial, are futnisbe wnh new and el iranritate room*, and lor *peed and accuinmc ditiou* are nnrivalled on th- Hudson For passage or fr? 'ght, apply on hoard, or to P. C. Schnltz a the office ou th- wharf. m 1 - c Jjl PEOPLE'* GINK UK BTE A viBOATl fl.. FOR ALBANY DAILY. Sunda ? eicrnte 6 o'clock, P. M ?Through direct? k i"r the steamboat pier between l'nnrtl?ndt and Liberty aire en.The stea'eer ROCHES I'EK, Capt A H-nuhton, leave Monday, Wedne-day, and Fridar eveni' va, at 6 o'clock The .steamer SOUTH AMERICA, Cant. L. W Brainard leaves Tuesday, Thursday, and tiatu day eveniUK*, at o'e'ock. The iteamer' NORTH AMERICA." Capt. M. II Traei dell, leave* Tuesday. Thnrsday and ."aturday afternoons, a | i i 'cb ck. landing a intermediate places. The above Bnau are new and substantial, are fern'thed wit! elegant Mate Rooms, and (or speed and accommodations an unrivalled iu tne H ulson For pasnagc or height apply on beard, Or to P. C. Bchnlrx, the office on the wharl. a24 liar .Mfk an EVENING L'NK FOH ALBANY CL? iM'ms^ without landing?From the foot of BarcU) lsef A0 street north side, the splendid cominodi'iu Steamer DIAMOND. Captam A Flower, w II lea?e as abovi every Tuesday,Thuisday, and -aturdey,at 6o'clock, P.M. For Pa>sege or Fietshtarplv to the Captain on board, or a the office of said Boat, foot of Baiclay St. The above boat wall leave Albiuy the alternate days, foot c Hamilton street. ap 6 r NEW TURK AND KINGSTON 5 I EAM FllKIUH' AND PASSAGE J,*/E. -at* For Kingston, and Delaware and Hndsn CL~, Canal?steamboat! EMERALD and NOP *?~^araLwicH. The EMERALD, Captain John Ketrham, will leave Net York foot ot Murray atieet, every Monday and Thursday at o'e'ock P. M. \Vt.l leave Kingston fUondnnt landinel e?erv Weilnetd* ami Saturdav at 3 "'clock, P. M The NOBWICH, Captain John *amuel?, will leave Net York, foot of Mur-ay alrect, every Wednesday aud Saturday I i o'clock, P. i'vl. Will l>ave Kingston (Rondont landing) every Tne ay as Friday at 3 o'clock, P. M EXTRA. TRIP3. The EMERALD will leave the font of Murray street cvei Pnndy morning at 7 o'clock. Returning leaves Kingston at oVIock same day. For freight er pssiaee apply on hoard, or to WILLIAMSON, BAhLOW A CO, wtfl3m*r IM West street. a?a/CI ?TO TH?: ownek cik the a Ml CL i * T " TROUBLKR."?The owner < JL?Mr nr the sai'boat ' Troukhr" having r-ceive three oh,Unices Irom bo.ara built by Win. Crolius witlnn If lavtsii months, and not hav,n^ yet arcep'ed the aame, it presumed that in i.uhl'shirg his rhillrnge rn sail against an boat ever built by Crelins, his mweii..g i pagination has take a (light Irom the terra firms ol Water street to those mystic ri giona? " Where the man by many odds, Obtains receipts from living gods." As soon as convenient ?fter h- he has got a few more of thos reosipts, and de*c< n''cd from that aerial manufactory ofhonou it is hoped thai he will c ndcscend to notice some one ol th ch:i letiges already given htm a that " his sole objiet of Irs log the sailing qualities of ihe boats" may be obtained?vftv which,if his boasted" 1 ronaler"does not proves aullicirt troubler to him by cnp.iziug his epaiat'oii at she h~s don hn self, he sin! I ihr nhave the opportunity up.iu Ins own let tin $00 per day for two days, of again aef log his vann'r d nam fo'lowing in the wake of Wrr,. ' rolius, at the tetprcllui rat ol three miles in eighteen, as it did last pri' k- alg-lm'm ~jjKP PASSAGE Fob LONIX ?N?Packet of the 10c Mai ?The ?ui>erior fast sidling packet ship MOi> JjUktbTliKAL, Captain Tinker, will sale as above , he rrgula day. Has inperior aeeommodationt for cabin, aeeond cabin an steerage pasavngers. Persons msh'tiv to embark should m?h early application 10 JCHN HhHBMAN, CI South strser. N. 13.?Persons sending for their frianls residing in 1 <rcr Britain and I earn1, can have it em hrin.hiout as usual, n any of the sBIrs compoaing this line; and rralta furnished ft any am pint, payanle without discount thionghout the IMre IVi |(oom. npi"v * wrpyp, TT13 r KOH LIVERPOOL.?Hegiilar packet of |t>e 7i gJrflVV Miv ? Th? vcrj aupenor nut aa ling packet ahi KaMa-Apil BIJ RTtlN, Captain MuUlunn, will positivi ly Mil atbort. Having Tery superior accommodations for cabin.second eabi and atrernge passengers, Persons wuhino to rmbnrk ahonl make farly application, on board, foot i f Maiden Lane, or to JOSEPH McMllKHAY, 100 Pine at., cor. Sonth. Persons wishing to tend for their (riands rending in th oldcouulry, can nnve tbcm brought ont by the above ahip, c IT of the regular pickets, by applying ai above ; if by letlei Mil paid. mlr KOK L1V KB POOL??Packet 7ih Aiay-Thi yfjCTVaple"<id p cket ahip can yet accommodate a lew mm JMMaKae.ibin. accond nbinnnd aterMae raaamgeia, o? rci aonahia term*, if early ai plicafi -n be made on board, or to W.fcJ T. TAPtJCOTT, m2r Ptck Mlipcor Sooth at. UHALLBNUB TO CHOLIU8 J|fg- THE Siiteen loot aail boat "TKOUBLKR" wil ldfwjy itand rendy to rail any diatanca, irom 20 to :0 miiei jaMflbtKiinrt any a ail boat ever bu.t by Wm. C'roliua, froi tne lira day of June un il the first day ol August neat, on mooth'a BOtice being gisen.tnanil two arparate dai a for the on of Binn. each day. The aole object ia to teat the sailing quilitie of the boat*. ' N. 11.?To rail withont oara or tender*. C. L. 1NUEH30LL, ?7 lm*ee fflfi **ter atreet. fAtMOt KOK LONDON-Pack t 10 h blay^ Jflfc^Thr aplendnl.laatsailing picket ahip MON J'HKA L ^dfet.ap: E. U. Tinker, will tail poa,lively aa >bov>, Ik "Slaving i lendid accommodations for cabin, aeeond cabin an ateeraae piaaei gerr, (or passage early appluation ah <uld h made o . 6o?d. or to W. A J. T. TAPBLOTT, jpjf 4JJ eck Hlip , or Sooth at yoit LONDON? Hegelar Packet of the 10th c ,#VBW May ? The very gupenor laat sailing packet ahi JmmKwM'IN I HEAL, Captain Tinker, will sail , ab ve net regular day. Hanug very snpetinr accommodations for '*bin. aeconn cr bi i.jan,l iieeimir inaaencers. peiaona wishing to embark ahonI make early (indication on board foot ol Maiden lane or to JOSEPH McMtllRAV, 100 Pine atreet, corner of Koutli aiteet. Peraona wiahing to aend lor their frienda, can have ther br xrght out by the above ahip, or any of the regular packets, b applying aa above, if by letter, poet-peid. mJ r ,W VEW YORK, THUlfSDAY r T*<> PARENTS DK8IROUB OS' A SUPERIOR ENO : 1 LI3H AMD CO V1MERCIAL EDUCA I JON FOR THEIR FAMILIES?The advertiser, who ha* wceir?d mi enlarged and liberal education, is a mano-d Irish gentleman . jnst airired in tnis country, ai,d would devote his time to the , instruction of pupils, ladtt's ?sd gentlemen, at their awn restt dence. , He will impart to th*m a correct knowledge of the English la< guage, including composition in various siy'vs. polite liteY rsry a?d coiomefi <1; also, wit'ug and art' metie, with a thorough knowledge of bookkeeping as practised by the first ' h nglish honses He wit' give It < utes on geography, with the , ' mtuitera, coatoma antl J.istoiy of all nati on, ancteut an>J modern, suited to th igraudcpa i'y of the pupil The advantages d-rived from p iv?re nil i >n are so obrrm , and of such in portauce that it is ipiite uuaecessary tocojiineul ' oil iliens here ' Leto rs d Iressed to Mr John Walsh, at th" office cl the ' II-raid will be promptly at'indcd to hv It* adyer ise.', who < will wait on any par- n'a or r uardiim nntl gives satisfactory tes' titno' ills of Ills abilities. 'I ,n.i,l...... The Itdy of the shove advertise, who has received a muiie?l dMoioa from M* Logier, the first. piiguton the cooti' netit and wtins* sys em is so much approved in Engl >nd a"d |r. la"d, won't' wt-li to give lessons in music, inc'uding thorough bass, also English writing and Krcncti. Address as almve n2J >i" , SHIELD'S X Y LOG It AC H10 PRESS, No. 45 Maiden Lane. Now York. [ rPHB rHOPR ETOB of his w II known estnb'isli 1 1 ment,restar'fullv iuvi'es the attention of M nnl'nctnrets, ' Dru?ui?tr, Per timers. Grocers, lit d?ar? and Dry G >od i caters, and all oth-rs, t Gs extern i"e fa i ities for th esecntiou of Copper PI.te Mid Xi logr | lite Engraving auti Pri liug, that he It ts gre'tly t ddeil to Ins stock of mat-hiuery, -nd in tuy new auti improved plates tur su. eiior to these of any other I est hli Inn-lit in America. , His sulci ss has so f irtxcerded his expectation, as tn ensh'a i liiin (o ohal rug* a comp risoti wnh those from the best Euro1 i tau priuling t.flic-s, aud is now pr pared to execute al1 order J . in a stvln uo ro be surpassed on either side of the Ajlan ic. . It will b? the tim of the proprietor tn r"ntinue hi. improve- I . mettl? hsf he ,v h. .1,1.. i? ....... I. - .11 . -.1 - t~. .1. . t-.ll- i g circular*, wrap .ers labt Is, directions, &e. o the belt quality, r at the lowest i ossiblc piic-s. Onsiiul Hi signs ana put** of e?e?v of m^nuf ctur rs, txt cap d m the tirst style e of ih-art, and elcgnurlv piloted in gold i r silver, bronze, er fancy colors at short notice. A 1 ojfe and gr ncral ***ortnienf of Drnggis's, Mar.ufac'urcra, Prrfim rr, Or 'Cera, and other labels, c "tisuuily ou hand, and iniy ho had wholrss e ?no ret i , au>J . II rticles , entire I conUrCl'd with 'he tra e. Job Printing in i Vrry v riety ofst?e, i e>tlv ex- -nted to ord r. end ou tho ino>t reasonble terms, aid 'I ? prop icior tray lore oiserve, that the lowet t pessinte I rice 's charged for wort don - in his ??tab i-hiue t a system wliih the tjrrrt extent (t tii? hniltrti , naMcs him fully 10 j cairv out Old r- will he ex*cu:eil wilh that punctuality and ? r g rd fo-the w ish'i ?f h's cusioTers. which it is hoped, will t hit 'il the u most satisfaction, and all orders from the country pane ually a trniied to, and t'e anien s ordered or forwarded to any part of ihe United 8tat ? er 'h* rainil*?. j m2 lm*r t'H V8. SHIELD'4. Proprietor. i^S'iLU 1 ION OF PAKl NERHHip ? j e c -partuer ship hereto ore t xWm g Ui d r'he firin of D. Pe.8p?er h 1 o., 49 Gather nn street. New York, ha. this day dissolved, by I mu'ual con entot both parti s. 'Ill builpr s will b-contluu edb, U Spver, No.<9 a'd hy F.. Spyer, No. 51 Catherine St., and all the debts will be settled by the latter. DAVID SPVER. ELI An BPVK'l New York, May 2d. 1813. m2-3t*r SO ETHINU N EW?To all wh i would be Caving?C tsh Tai.ori.i* Est b'i h netit, ICR Oreeuw rh street. u>?r the Paei':c Hotel?The Che iprst Vlsking and Trimmng EsnblithmeDt inthe cit ?The p oprietors t ke thii method of recomk mending to -II g. nth me wanting CiOthes, the ec nominal . f st? m of i nrciii iog the r ow.j cloths, iherrhv sating the en ,rI 111 us profits la d oprhe "a trial by th-it tailors, ?ud getting ' thnn m de and ttimmt d, lor which thisestablishment olfrrsan V| ti(lT.<ntage over a 1 others, ihe nroprntors having nude t x eue ?i * arra geinents to u.ake this the p iucipal niauchol their j men' ptrsual y. They ho not p-earn! Its (hp pubi c a flaming lilt of redured ' p< ici r. os an indue moot, but hone i bat a suneno' siyle of wo kma ship, a s'udioUi attention to tbe individual taste of ur cuey tomera and the prevailing fibkioD, Will a ways be snflwiMti ? and the be?t attraction we can offer to onr rat")"i. . in2 Im'rc I'OQI.EY St BBOWW. ? HARDWARE, CUTLERY AND GUNS. * rPHK a UBBCRlBEKB arc BOW opening, by receut arrivals, A their assortment ofH irUware, Sic., which they otter at the lowest market prices, for cash ur approv ed paper, i ria:? . Butt Hinges and Screws. Fine Pen and Poeket Cnt!eI Brass Snelt Ouods. rr. v Ja anrd Tea i'rajs. Table Knives and Forks, v Tinned Hollow Wu'e. Scissors, Razors and ehears. Saws, h ilea an 1 Tools. D sou St Sons Warts. Bolts, Locks, Sic t.astors, Candlesticks, fcc. Hcytnea, S ekles, Shovels, Spades. Itc. fcc. Also, a full astoH-aent o Guns, Pistols. Hides and Gun ma13ri ill, at lower p-ices than auy other h mse can afford to sell, ttviug been purchased at auctien and elsewhere, much below original cost. A W SPIES It CO , > n22 lm*r 21B Pearl rtr-et op josiie Piatt strort. NOTICE ?To those ?ho seek heal h *ud com'ort combined wiih luiury?P ice redu ed?Old Established M?S dieted Vapo- Ralhs. 21 Cnrtlandt stiert. 1 Mrs. C atfKOi L, m acc id ince with the exigencies of the e times has reduced the price ol h r hatha and solicits a coutinn ant e of ihe pationaze of tbe Facu'fy iu i articn'ar anil the puhe lie in g' lieral. Cold . sore throtlt, swelling of the BUN, rheuma ism, stifiurss < f the j huts, ague an fever, &c lac. are I, immediately relieve*. Portthle hatha sent to any pait ot the 7 city?f Urooxlyu Op*n Irnm six in the inttvLiug till nme o'clock at night Sulphur Baths require one hour's notice . I, a29 6'r y 'pO DEALERS IN CUTLERY.?Wen Wild, No. 162 A Division stieec, Manufacturer ol Cutlery, offers to the " trade, chenp for cash, 1000 doxen ol assorted Cutlery of superior qualitT, consisting of one, two, thiee and lour blade knites. j sl'lni't DEMI PTaNCE8 to England, Ireland and Scotland-^ n- Ltrafts payable at sight, iu sums ol $5, ? I0. ?15, C >0, to t anv etroui.t payable without discount This u a dcsiiah'e and safe method for i ersons wishing to remit to their friends in 5 Europe. Apply to 3 S. J. SYLVESTER'S, aJ96tr Wal'street and I3fl 8rn dwaT. - pO NTRY DO. 6XEll8 are iovrcdt can at the great me i dicine and Perfumery Warehouse, 357 Broadway, wh-re th-y ean always find, whohsale aud retail, tv-ry ponulu me I dicine, and the richest Perfumery in th? cnuntiy c nriviinflr uv>pnfi>ff nml noitlw nidl/?<) bum 4'.II ami make a *? lection a29rnd2w*r i po? THK FACE AND 8KIN-h. id dive fliKcKi ou the t r face and skin, such hi pimles, blotches, tan, fetter, ncg worm ; %J>o freckles can be speedilv er-dica't*d by the use of i Chur?n*s Vegetable Lotion, ivhich has heen in estc sive us* a inrhc United States a d in Europe, and it admitted to be the best cosmetic in use for clearing and rstab'ishnga brilliant complexion. Sold at whnlesa'e or retail at Church's Dispensary. 188 Boweijr, corner of Spring street. Price 75 cents prr battle. *20 m od.m ; p ERMAN-BKliNZES^ROZEIT * cu. import me s above artiilis d re I from th ir minulhitory, enae blesllhem to sell very much lower lhan auv other hou r. Dealers and e nsnare s should examine our mil an 1 splendid t as-ertmci t f k putcha:iin; elsew' ere. a28 lm*r Hi ZELT & CO. 14 Pine st '' L'uAM.18 K CHUMP, Chrobomatcr, Watch and Clock 1 Maker aud Jew* ler, formerly with s J. Tobias for nearly r six years, and recently with Marquands It' o., Bmsdway. upwards ol three to acqumnt hit frieudt and the public, n that he has taken a MM at 248 Orond StW t, where he lutends 1 to practise the a> ove bnsinesa and trista lr?in hi* ion* experience and known abilitv, to meet with that share of patron-ire to w which his abilities entitle him. In rsin mint thanks 'or all i past favonrs, he wnnld remind his friends that he repairs every dascription of Watch-*, Kepeaters, Musical and Duplex, the 7 most complicated that c'n be procured Also, Jewelry and Diamond work set ; Pearls re-strung; * every article fifty per cent cheaper than any > onie in the city, tt being enabled to do the whole himself, and not trust to the inexperience of others. (Basses an key* in proportion. Cash id p-id 'or old gold am sie?r al fm*r ANCHOR?One of Pen r's Patent Anchors The anchors of ih.s i aient hare many advantages over iho-e geoenlly used 4 ?For sale by E. K COLLINH (t CO., m2r 56 South s'reet. vpO GENTLEMEN WHO I* PEND TO V;SI r O-.K 1 MANY?MR. HUwHES, P.ofessor in ihe Koval Military Corns of Cadets in Dr-sden, i as accninmoduiona in his ~ house forgsntlemen as bonders aud Iwogtrs. 0f He addi, ssei himseli particularly to inch as. rnming to G?rmany for the. purpose of lear i ng tt.e language, wish to facili,P late their adiancment i? it, by placing thcmselvei in a family i, where it isconatantlr spoken. y Mr. Hnghes, though twenty-five years a resident in Henna ? nv. is a native ol England, and ihr refore considers a residence >. in his fumi'y as particulaily suitable fur young Ameiieins in their Unman s udiei?his la mliaritv with bulk languages enabling him to give, in the coarse of conversation, those expansions which every one fnds at firit so necessary, and which he e will at Ml times be mint willing to ofTer. , The dilTerrnt professors of the Coips ol Cadets hate kindly p promised to itiauuct any seutlemen residing with Mr. Ho.hss, [ so that every facility is olTered te impiovc those sciences ier quiaite for any fulu'c pnfession. It For tcnns, i te , | tense ,to apply to Piofessor Hughes, Orese d'n, Mr. Asm-. New York, anu Mr Th. \V. Wi'liaros, CnnaectiJ cat, h v? kindly pn m seil to answe, any en loiries. a28 nn*cc A FEW UENTLEMEN of sit ally h-bits < an be uecmnmo dated with good board aud pleasant rooms in a private lamih ly, at 204 Fnltou street. Also, a few day boadrrs can be secernI modeled on the most rrasonaole term. A parlor and bedroom r to let, with or without board ?5 ec WAHHINOTON (JARDKNR, HOBORKN. ' TOHN IHF.LAND, the well known proprietor of the First ? ' Waid House, No. 28 New sln-rt, (roruerof Exchange Place.) grste'nl fur the patronage hitherto received from his Irieiids, and desirous to merit a continuation of it, lespeetfnllv 1 informs them and the public generally, that ho h?* lately piry chas< d the I <rgo anil commodicins House ,id<I Otid'iis known 'J as the Wa h ' gron House, siinste in lludsnu st-eet Hobokm, d within a lew m nu'rs walk from the Ferrv, formerly eccupit d by lh? lati J umci Rweenv, where he will he hippv to receive c ills from the friends of die late proprietor, *! <> the |.nblic " generally. The Hardens being newly ij tastefully laid out, will be supplied difing the season ?Ri en stcellent assorts ment of the nirest ?nd ihnirrst of flowers. The bir, lu-ing greatly eu'aired end newly fitted ii|, will contain a good *s*j sortmentof Wines snd Li(|tiors of the most approved quality, indrigtmrf the most superior brands?also felierry Cobblers, Mint Ju'epttud PiiBrhrs made in the hest style ; ltelrerhrneuts, including Ice Creams, and other delicacies of ihe season M- lias alro fitted up seperate and agreeable sitting |air ? Ion for ladies, wh'ch front npo i the Bay, and furbishes a view ' if the moit delightful scenery. The sahsciiber, determined that nothing shall h? wanting to secure ihe comfort of hit p Irons, ha* also rchtted the Bowling Bnloous, with two entire is new Alius, hunt .11 ihe must approved plan, for cxersise and e the recre.uon of visions. Of the Attention of ilie waiters, it > II unnecessary to snv moie 'Inn that thry will In ill cases be found att.ntive to the wants ol tlie visitors. The snbscrihrr, fioin hi i Iodk evperiencv iu the business, reipeeifnlly eolieiti a *h->re of th' | nb io patronage, and pledges hitrsell that nothing shall he Waning oa his part, or thoae in his employ, to II contribute 10 the comfort and enjoyment of those who may visit the Wathii.g.on Hardens n a3*-2w*r JOHN IRELAND, Propnetor. r st LISI'KNAKi) DTKhifcT n VffADAMK COBTKL.LO, I*>ta.ale I'hysieian and Urn Inate is f-'A as Midwife, odars her ptnleimonil serrices to the ladies jf this city and conntry. The aoatomicm and physiological peculiarities which distinguish the female from the male, impose uiHm her diseases and functions altogether her own.? \' my o tlirse diseases are exceedingly complicated and ob 1 (Cure, requiring an accurate knowledge of the female eyeiem 10 , treat them with success. j Madame < otillo having had long eiperience and enrpriiing success in the treatment ?f diseases incidental to her set, ap,1 prises ladies on the point of confinement, or those suffering ? from suppression, irregularity,ohstruci 1011s, Ac. thai she will ho happy to afford a comlortable lemuorary home at her residence, where they can always have the beat medical treatment and the most matronly care and nursing, or if preferred, w ill wait on d ?nd attend them at their own hoils-s until peifeeily recovered I VladsmeC. paiticnlariv begs to impress eu the ininJs of the is lelienta, that she officiates iiersotiallv "1 every esse, so that hesitation or dread need never be apprehended. ' N. B.?Mads mi I nsttlio would niiorm ladies lesuling nnt ol ' V! j' w,,0*p health would not admit of travelling, that she would devote her personal attendance upon them in any pert ol M j States wiliun reasonable distance. Madame C. can be consulted at her residence, S4 Lispenard ? n !" *" times and with tne strictest regard to the wiahes of her p itienta. A I csmniuuictlions gad letters must be post paid, a20 lm*?e >RK I MORNING, MAY 4, 184 ?fl? 1 Q nnn WORTH of China, Glui and i>rth?n Ware SP -a f?r ,-() Eighth Avenue, by ThOm?i Vfr Sorly.?Thia wire i* n iw or en, and will be iuM lo retailers at the following piie,:?Slue anup and ll t Plates breach ahapes 7i. per do?. ; lulu rr, 5i. C l ; P?iia wlite platea, atone ware, G pt r dog ; r ifteri. J ; diahea, bike -a and toil lte ware equal v low: b.iw a from 2a Gil to It. 3 I; lamps ni1, L verpool, 121 ; Gull 'ainpi from 13to $U,.li- aa-rnaa the d .wn-< wu atorea aell for t|0 anl $12; common wire for giccera, bytbebu liel. No cull aist in i re N It NocIum; f r cratea W cou jtry inerrG .Ills. (.'lima lei aeta f. -in I t i. $ 'i Pnb'i- aa'e on Wed i a lti, in 111 U n: d ariv. m2-lm*rc LWKlUll i It will upaa an ofluaid diacruul nil <ie . p ite <i O w go, N. Y., on tile l't o' Miy u?x'., and w<ll in.iUa c illcctc n 21 <1 rem,paucea at r'aanuahle rale1. He ferto D Ku'ict*. Jr. "Hi , caahirr New York. S11 > a v<tgt & , New Yo>k. l>lew, R bintnu it Co. New York. A U I'.itcniu, e-iij., culiicr, Aibunv, Oiwe'Q April 2(1 1811 ?2? Gw? HOSSViLLK UuAKDINO SCHOOL, STAl'JfiN ISLAND. WWKSTTHOKP reaiiectlully informahia frienda and the public, thi' nia achuo' will reopen on the latof May. P..eiUa arid ynardiaua are also infonneil W. W. rnukea it a point ol conacience to guard in every p iaaible wav the mnrala of children commitied to tna care, from 'our to twelve yeara of age Heating, wn'itig, orlliograpoy, ariihinuic, geography and grammu taniht. The I lent.0:1 'a deligli.ful and healthy; the orchard, gird'.ia and play grouuh are apucious; a''oqt ten minus a walk from the lauding. The ateamboat Ilaritan It- <ve* Barclny street sverv d >v at 3 o'c'ock, lor Kossville. Terms. for board ai.d tuition, including wasuiug, %ii per quarter. paid in atlvan is. Hcfereucrs l<e? David More, Stxteo IsUud. W. N. Seymour. Esq., 4 Chtlh-m Square. N. Y H-nn Stewart aeguine, Esq , Staen I viand. Wm I ud'am, Esq., 121 Brehmau atreet. John Q'liiiD, Krq , 1' Muuroe atreet. Messrs. Colvill nod Flermut. Esq., K. Oder atreet. Cnpt Edward Eeroer Esq.. Hicks atreet, Brooklyn. Mra. V?mn. 21 E'cridgp street New Yor . n21 lm*r "GMSH HOOKS AND Klon'lNO JM.CKLE.-I. ?t J. " BATE hear received by the lite ariivsls fiom 'heir man fact "y. e n*U.ii, a general a-sorlmeot ol tupe lor Ktsh Hooka 8'd Ktsl.iug Tackle, who h ih-y offer for asle "U the clirapeal terms; Matin Kelly's (Dublin) Limerick Hooka; silicon, biaa. black, w-ek trout. pickeril anil ca' Fi h Hooka; paten *aIk gutt;h,inp and ,tm LlDea; r ..|a, reela, bask ta ; a l field Kites; aalinon and trout S unda nu sun ; double and aingtr Quit, with a variety of nrlklea, auilable for American fishing. Superior ?'ribei| eye ' Needle*. a26 m"r T.SiJ It ATE, 70 Mvid-n lan?, un stairs. I'OOLS?TOUL5>?TOUHw ALBERTSON'S, Cocu-r'a, Hortou'aand Uiffnrd'a warrant ed Cast Steel Coopers, Carixutera and Sinn Carpruters Edge Tools, chu lie had at wholesale and retail, of OSuORN St LITTLE, S3 Fulton street, New ork, (It per cent allowed to mercliauts) and who keep on r.itid a full asaortineut ol Coopers' Tools, Iron Rivets, Tiuaa lloopa, Stare Jointers. Stock Howella and Crazes. Also, lm|iorl.-ra aud General D-alers in English, Geonac and American Hardware, Cu'Je.-y, Nails. Ike. tic. CHARLES OSBORN, f ltSm ee? rilAHLES S LITTLE. TU THE LADIES, bit. HULL'S UTERO ABDOMINAL SUrPORTEH. THIS new Instrument for the radical cure of Ptol.rpaua Uteri a or Eallinif of the Womb, by external application, supersed ingtlieuae ol the Pessary, is confidently recoiu mended to the ilflmted as the means of perfect restoration to haalth, it never having failed of performing a ?are, even under the most aggravated circumstances. The Supporter has attained s rery high character in Europe ax will aa in this country. L is adopted to trie entire disuse ol pessaries,and all other pamlul surgical expedients,iti this Lyiniti:i-Hnspltals of liMkdoa and Paris, slid is universally recommended in Europe by medical men of the hirhesi rauk lu this country i tis snstuiued by the leading members of the faculties of Oollefeatuu Hospitals, sr.d by tU the eminent private pteeti nonet* li'Mirns have been tarnislisd delusively for ladies, at No. 4 itr^P.L hftvina' I* *>r.tranr>* ire\wn the h>t* <1*. pertinent, where a?lady is in constant Attendance, to applv Trusses an<] Supporters to female patient*. a5 Imt FIFTY CENTo PER BOTTLE. By LETTERS Patent of the United State*.?The Trie phecoui. or dedicated Compound ior ihe Hu man Hair, is wi li confid uce recommended to all whose luir is beeominir thin from disease, *cu f, and dandruff. The sureit rmcdy to prevent baldmss and Rrev hair. The moat healthy dr same that can possibly be applied to trie head, renderiuK tne h\ r soft and * lossy, and free ior the sculp from all huoin s and irritatious, removing every parlirleof scurf and dui dniff. and oispo.iug the air to curl. Its fiequrr use wi 1 preserve ihe hair in health and beauty to the latest pt. riodol lire. For iu'anl heads it i invaluable. To be had only at the Hair Cutting Rooms, 116 B.oadtvay, corner ot Liberty ?'. up stars. ore,I ihe ap oiut-d scent* *29 lin*ec DOCTOR BELL. 1AOCTOR BELL devote* his peraoual attention (daily, antr t,i 9 p. M.) to the removal of private diseases in every stage. All suffering under protracted cases, aggravated or unsuccessfully treated by inexperienced or pteteuded practitioners? tr.os , taborins under the destructive effects of mi rcury or i|uaca nostrums, and all who suspect the lemains of di ease lurkinR in tiie system, may consult Dr. B. always with a guar antee of a cure.. Persona contemplating marriage, who have been the subjects ?f delicate diseases, may consult Dr. Bell with honorable confidence. Past-paid Ictieis, describing the case of pel sous at a distance, have his prom inattention Jr. B.'s treatment never exposes to suspicion, and is well known to Le safe and permanent. QCf"Private 4 Courtl-ndt street, two doors from Broad way. *S Irn?re THE GKEEiNVVJCH BATH, NO. 337 Hadson street is now open for the season, with warm and co'd CROTON WATER. Single Buhi at the reduced price of IfJtf cents, or eight tickets for Slur lm-ec ALEX'R MARSHALLTMPtntTANT?HERMAN SILVER! GERMAN SU. 1_VEK?JAMES O..MOFFET, 121 Prince street, N, Y? otter* tor ?Me, wholesale anil retail, liuu lb* ol (ierman silver, at the lowest market prices. |?7~ In consequence of manufacturing the article him*elf he can wa- rant it far superior to any ever before mactir?etnred io thi*country, and fu'lv equal to the imported *19 Im-m EW *0"tC AMD HARLEM HA1LHUAL) COV1PA. NY?No-ice i* h*re"> givm thai the train er nook* of thi* comp-nv will be closed from the 1st to the 17th of May next, born day* inclusive By order of the Board of Directors, BeNJ'N. COX, Secretary. New York, Apri' 27, i843. >28 20t?m PLUMBE DAUUERRIAN OAlleRY ?>k Colored Photographs. Broad w.y, corner of Nlatray street Ne? York ? I'he sole privilege of taking p tent colored Daguerr otype Likenesses, being confiued to this establishment it has been recently tnnch improved end enla ged for >he see cial accn modation of ladies, and now embraces no fewer than difTereut apittmrnts. Plumbe'i Pdtf-nt Coloring Daguerreotype Appirafoa. and PI unit* c Patent UalvauicGildia Apparatus, and fustructions and Pitant for each.lorwardad to any part of the United States rh tograpbers supplied at lorvsr rates than at any other place in the citv. O.lvanic Gilding anil Silvering done o order. P ivtpvid letters only attended t<? s2t |m*r " BAR H Y'fa" WKit* Ai\Ll SCALPS. rrvH11'. Importance whieh all ngea h-ye attached to Ihp Head of 1 H c ent index of rhe talus set on personal ficu e.and when by some c p-icioui freak ol Natare the human form u deprived ol its fair prop rtion A'I is r? sorted to. in order, by artificial means, to rupply the deficicecy. Hence have arisen those wonderful discoveries which bid Nature defiance, Barry's Ventilating and Hossamer WIOS AND SCALPS, still stand pte-eminent above all others. Their peculiar light, gnssam*r, and ventilating character, their being sh ?ped rxaetlv as the hair grows; iheir elasticity, and their superior material and workmanship, as well as their style of finish and arrangement, all combine to form such perfect heads of hair, that they must be seen to be fully appreciated. Thecnmidete success that the ab've named has met with in the manufacture of his u uiv-lh rl heads of hair for lh? last two \e >rs, far exceeds his m wt *au uine expectations. He respectfullv solicits a call confident ofsitisfying the mo<t fastidions that he is the best ant) cheapest maker in th city. They c?n only be nad at 146 Broadway, corner of Liberty it , op stairs. Private rooms for fitting wigs and toupees. m2 lm*ic JAMES 41. MOKKET. 121 Prince si., New York, has a I ways on hand and otter* lor sale by wholesale and retail, a the lowest market prices, ?ir. :? ticrman Silver of different thicknesses, a very saperior article ; Sheet Brass ; Plate's do; (hoopers' Brass ; Pail Ears and Rivets ; Umbrella, Parassl and Shade Furniture. Which he warrants in qnnlity equal to any in the United 8tates, and ofhisown manufacture. <rr Uold. Silver, and all kinds of metal, rollsd at rhe shot!est nnrice. * 9 in>*m FORTY YEARN. IT 19 A FACT that LICK'S Hieam Blacking is universally * admitt d ro be'he best article rmnnf rrnred in the United States. C. l ee has mauufaciur-d Blacking in th s city forty years. The first thirteen yea.s and two u>"n'hs by himself? tneu to'.k in |aitnersbip a. 'I homsoo?twenty jears and ten monthi it was known as Lee A Thornton's B-ackixr. Di solved partners' ip with said Thomson, and the last six years hate made it again on mv n-n account. I am the o'deat Blacking Man facto irr in the United States. Have made more in quantity and hct'er in qu lity than aby other person io tl.ii country; but grod aa it always has been, it it greatly improied of late. by steam pi.wet, M known a Le s Improved Steam B acking, No. 1 John-tr et corner of Broadw?y. (LL looks down wit^ conscious pride oo all compcti tion, and won'd only say to hi* customers and the puts ic that i.c still coot nttes to mat,of-cto.-e his lie pro red S eam Black ing?Dot wny enlarge i a worn to toe wue n aumcieni CHARLES LKE. r1t>1m*r No. I Johnatrret, c rnrr of Broadway. NO i'lCfcj is hereby (iron, that the animal election Mr Thirteen Director* of the New Yjrk and llarlaem Kail Hoad Company, will bo held at their otfice. No 4 Try on Row, in the cita of New York, the it!, (brine tlie iliird May neat, between the houra at tweltc o'clock noon, and two o'clock, t. M. Dated April Mt 1841 nt>l? !m*r Loan ok ?3>n,ot>o. ro'it ahhiakaokh to conTil ACTORS AND OTHERS O.N THE PUBLIC WORKS.?The C tnmiaaionera of the Canal Emid, by eirtne of the act entitled "An act to provide lor paving arrearages 10 coutiactora and ethera on tne public works," p?s*ed April 18 1613 hereby gire notice that ?ealed propvaala will be reeeired until Eiid ly the 3th day of May neat, at 4 o'clock in tne after noon of that day, for a loan of three hundred ihonaand dollar* for which transferable certifier ea of stock, similar to thoae l?r the seven per c.enia of 1818 and 1819. will be iianed in the uamt of the People of the State of New York, bearing inleieat at the rate of m percent i crannnm, payable qnarlerly, and the prin cipal reimhuriah'e at the pleaaure of tlio Coinmiasionera of the Canal Knud alter the year lf*W. It la to be iioderatood that the Commtaaionera are to be at liberty to take a leaa turn, if the off' ra are not anch aa ill their opinion a-e advantageous to the iutereat* o' the State. The propoaala may be lor the whole or any part of aaid loan not leaa than (10 000; all prnpnala to be aralea no and udnratd "Loan for the pai mrnt of anrarasea to contractora and otheia on the public work>,"and eucloaed in an enrelope directed to the Con ptioiler at Albany. The muuey will be ri quired to b? paid on he 6(h of May, to the credit ol tha Coinnmaioneia of the Canal Kund, in aucx oaxki in the city of MewVoik or Alba y aa ahall be deaiffna ei by the Oornnitaaioiirra Stockh ildrri ret'diiiit io the lat and 3d Senate Diatricta, and thoae rendu K out of the Sta t", - ill receiee the intercut on the atoek held by .hem, quarterly, at tho b nk of the Manhattan Company, in llie city of New York; all other atockholdera, at the New York State Bauk 'n the city of Albany. Dated Canal Depart men-, A h?ny. April IS, till. D. 8. DtCKlNMON, Lieut-(for. A. C. KLAOW, Comptroller. 8. YOUNw. Secreiaiy of State. T I'aMIIIMJlON, Treaaurer. O P. BAHKKK, Att'y Ueneral. v,|"M1t N JONK9. Smeeynr Wcneeal. ANCnOH?One ol rotter a Patent AiiCtiuri, wt iai.iua about 4000 lOnoda, for a:,!e by , k. K. COLLINS k CO.. aKOrc 56 Somh ttreet MANAKKN COT TON?lO balea, for aale by j lN PfcKsSC k BROOKS, apn ec No. 61 Libanyiw* J HERA :3. Berlin. [Correipoodence ol the Henld. I, March 16, 1843. Awful Diacloturet in firr/in?Amuumtnt* of the Court?Buaineu. James Gordon Bennett, Esq.:? Sir.? So little has occurred in this quarter which would interest the American public, that sever"' months have passed without my being able to iimke a communication to you, and even now 1 have nothing of much importance to relate. Since the meeting of the repres utmives noticed in my Ui-t, i the political movement has been dying away, but some excitement ol a domestic nature has been created by a series of robberies, housebreaking, shoplifting, and similar exploits, which commenced with the new year, and one of which is distinguished by circumstances of peculiar atrocity- Owing to the strange system of secrecy that prevails here, the particulars were not mentioned in the newspapers until several weeks after the pub'ic had b"en in pos session of them. They are p- lollows: ?The houses in this city are generally very large, and inhabited bvseveral families on the sane- Hoor. and the unart ments belonging to the different inmates can be shut out from the general communication or lobby by mpans ot glass doors The rcene of this outrage whh in the outskirts of the city; the family inhabiting one of these divided stories being from home, had lett their apartments under the care of the ma id servati', who fastened the glass door at dusk from a vague feeling of apprehension caused by the loneliness of the place. Soon alter the bell was rung, and a person came to make an enquiry; the girl opened the door cautiously, but the vestibule being dark, three men rusht d in alter the first, threw her down, gagged her, and proceeded to abuse her in the most cruel and inhuman manner. The bureaux anH drawers were then broken open, and rifled of all the money and valuables, amounting to about $-100, and the wretched girl was finally dragged into the yard, and left there in a state that defim all description. She was found bome hours after, and recovered by medical assistance, when she gave the above information; but has remained in the most precarious situation ever since. The perpetrators of this outrage have not yet been discovered, although the police are# continually on the alert, and considering the strict' surveillance they maintain in this city, it might be thought they would not be long in ferreting them out. No reward has, however, been offered, as it would have been in the United States or in Kngland; so, that notwithstanding the boasted vigilance of the authorities, these monsters in humnn shape have hitherto remained unpunished. Many more robberies have been committed this winter; some persons have been stopt in the Park by footpads and robbed of the property thev had with them. In a word, the capital of Prussia cannot boast of better morals ihan the other large cities of the old or new world, and the Mary lingers tragedy b not without its parallel out of New York. A more pleasing picture thnn this, and one that has been the constant theme of conversation for several weeks previous,is the grand masked ball given by the King to the nobility, merchants and citizens ol Berlin, on the 28th ult. The public in general were on the tiptoe ol expectation, it being the first entertainment of the kind that has taken place Btnce the accession ol his present Majesty, none of his predecessors having given a similar fete, to which all classes of his subjects were admitted. Four thousand ticketB were distributed, and at the appointed time four immense long lines of carriages drove up to the different entrances of the palace. The company in general appeared in dominos, while the Royal family and the Court sustained parts in a splendid pageant, representing Alfonso d'Este, Duke of Ferrara, the well-known patron of Tasso, surrounded by the principal Italian sovereigns of his time. 1 he dramatis pereonae were as follows :? A'fonso II. d'Este, Duke of Ferrara, Prince of Prussia; Barbara ol Austria, Duchess of Ferrara, the Queen; Guglielmo Gonzago, Duknol Mantua, Prince Charles ol Prussia; Leonora d'Este, At onso'H sister, Princess of Pmsna; Cardinal Ludovico d'Este, Prince George of Hesse; Leonora, Duchess of Mantua, Princess Charles; Alessondro Farnege, Prince of Parma, Prince Waldemar; Ladies and Gentlemen of the Court, lie. tic. In one ol the most splendid apartments of the palace, called the white saloon, a series of tableaux vivants were produced, for the entertainment of Alfonso and his court, under the direction of two gentlemen, who performed the characters of the potts Tasso and Gnarini. The scene was opened by a prologue in verse, in which Tasso stated, that the creations ol the immortal Ariosto, spirits, heroes, and ladies fair, had been summoned to the presence of the duke. ana oniy wauea nis permission 10 appear uetore mm. Upon a sign to that effect by the duke, the procession of masks entered to the sound ?f a march, composed by the celebrated Myerbeer, who superintended the musical part of the festivity. The hrst quadrille consisted ol the Emperor Charlemagne (Count Rr.indenburg,) attended by the fabulous kings of Britta^v. England, and Denmark, the Dukes of Bavaria IV?bant, and Aquitaine, and all the Paladin.-. Tto u followed the second quadrille, th s .10 remand fairies, amongst whom I will oulv mention the nrliuiiin ss Alctna, represented by Countess Uo-m ( lie well known cantatrice Mad<-inoiae|(r ?* > iri.g ) and so cornpanied by all the Nymphs and Knigh's who h'd been metamorphosed intp trees by the enchantress Alcina, but liberated, which appeared by the plumes on their helmets having still the shapes of trees.? The third quadrille was composed of characters tr? rn Orlando Furioso?Orlando(Prince Angustus of Wurtembere)Angelica,Astolfo.Kuggiero, Zee ;i!ie fourth the Saracen Army of Agramant, wiih theirchristian prisoners. After the quadrilles had be 11 executed,the poet Tasso advanced and regaled some lines from his " Jerusalem delivered," r? questing the orders of.the Duke of Ferrarafor the tubltaux vivants to be introduced, which formed the third part of die festival. They consisted of the following scenes from that noem :?the Angel Gabriel appearing to Godfrey of Bouillon, the Army of the Crusaders before Jerusalem, the Wiles of Armida, Erminia's visit to the Shepherds, and the Death of Chlorinda?all from drawings by Cornelius Alter the close of the performances, the supper rooms were thrown open, and about 1200 guests took their places at the tables presided by the King and Queen ; the remainder of the company were served in the other saloons on benntets, with refreshments consisting of all thedelicacies inseason and outof season. After supper dancing recommenced in the white saloon as well as in the other apartments,which were all fitted up for the purpose. TheKing was seen walking from one party to another, dressed in a plain domino, and behaved with an affability and condescension, that hus quite overcome hit) loyal subjects. In this respect the ball may be considered us a sort of political manmuvre,having acted as a counterpoise to the dissatisfaction occasioned by some of the mea sures lately adopted by government. I his is a cheap way of allaying any symptoms of a refractory spirit, and if it has had sucn an effect, the -<0,000 dollars bestowed on the f6tt may be considered as well spent. Acomack, V*. [Correspondence of the Herald.] Accomack C. II. Va., April 2H, IH43. James Gordon Bennett, Es.} As you and your readers scetn to think yoarselves entitled to the earliest | osaible intelligence concerning " matters and things in general," I take pleasure in sending you the result of our Congressional election of yesterday, in the two counties on this side the Chesapeake. The entire official returns are as follow?:? Hill Curler. Henry Jl. IViee. Accomack, '-lis 399 Northampton, 73 181 m 010 980 Wise'* majority, 393 It will be borne in mind, that these same counties gave, in 1840, the overwhelming whig majority of eight hundred and ten. With that fact (not the fixed Constitutional fact), staring him in the face, Mr. Wise boldly denounced Bank, Tariff", Distribution, Bankrupt Law, together with the whole category of federal abominations, not omitting the great Moloch of federalism, Henry Clay, and he has triumphed, notwithstanding his opponent was an " out and out" -Clay man. He defended Captain Tyler nobly, and to ihe Anti-Tyler party who would accuse him of inconsistency, he replied in this ttr~ gvmerxtum ml hominem strain: ?" In 1SM0 1 went for Tippecanoe And Tyler too. And io did you.". Hi J'I Carter, Esq , is a fine noble soul; the people over here like him very much, but with his i'o lilies they cannot be satisfied, and must wish him dllthe domestic mioyments of Shirley Ail worth and Curtis (Dem.) were elected to the House of Delegates from Accomaca without oppo- ( sition. Yelby (whig) from Northtmp.on, also with- j out opposition. J" A D ?w? Utatt, Court of Common Plena. Before Judge Inglit. M?r 3.?Hannah Haughty v?. William Haughty?TbU la Mil II-.IIUUU1 aaaumpait. IUI iwy vaaia *iv,a-a iennfireil by the plaintiff to the defendant, in attending in hia grocery (tore, and family affaira- $100 hail been paid, and the action ia for the balance of her wages. The detenca whs that alie waa to work for her living, and waa not entitled to unytb ng. Veidict lor plaintiff ftW.dO. H P. Allen, lor plaint ff J M. Smiita, Jr. for defendant. Jnhn Ba' krr va ll'a. P.illai A ? Thla waa an action on i'?ied all tier to he aa n-eu'ity !<> nt, ut en draw n on to include i rn vie di his U i k< r ami Hewliti ? ?re in part* oer-ln,! II i k' ' aold - ill *o Hew I'lt, or gave up the rouci ru into 1. e- li-1 |iai,da,on coudi'ion flew lit' ahoti'd find a amety lot final ri-ut. Win P dlnrd went the aernrity and Hie pm t u -o dr iwn as 10 inclu le 0 n ker'a p rional d bta I h del nee is iItHt the paper was signed on representation 'bat it or rent, and waa never read. < 'me not ti i sin t. >! Iliad plni till' Mr f;j ard'or defendant. Pfii'ij) AfcCiHikn/ v?, IV I iam #y ? The verdict iu thia case w ia'or piain'irt, t lvi < Irrtili Court, B fine Judge Kent. Mav 3.?Patrick Jllnrun va John Cork at. ?i ?Tb le was an action to recover pay for labor and work done ? The defence waa a denial of copartnerahip. The copartnerahip waa proved, and a verdict given for plaintiff? atibj-ct to a question of law?of $1143,31 damages. Benjimin Oalbraith for plaintiff. E. P. Nelson for de. lendant. General Evasions, I Qnfnrn llofnriliir Tallma<l<v* and A Idarmon IInfH?M ? > J ?- - - -"n*. ?? ... >?<!? UIU Crolius. Mav 4.?At the opening of the Court a Grand Jury ?u sworn, consisting of the following gentlemen:?Bachu McEvers,foreman; Peter O. Arcularius. James T. Bartini, Giles Buthwell, John C. Coaohjnon, William F.verdell, J icoh Fanlknvr, John Lewie, George Pomeroy, James Van Norilen, Anthony V. Winaae, Wm E. Wilmrrding, Darius Darling, Thomas S. Miller, Jared W. Bell, George ibell, Joseph J.ickson, William Smith, Daniel S. Phillip*, Patrick Martin, ami William Burrell?Total 21. The Recorder then charged the Grand Jury, and briefly alluding to the few caaea u|ion the calendar for tins term, ami the general dutici of the inquest, they retired, for the transaction o* the business to be presented for their consideration. Trial eor Perjury.?The trio1 uf Israel Hallanatein, a German Jew, lor perjury, comh..tied in giving evidence before the Marine Couri, in a suit between John and Wm A Darling, was continued from the day previous. Tho witnesses for prosecution and defence testified as opposite to each ether at the two Poles, sad in conclusion a number of witnesses were called to pase opinion upon thn reputation of witnesses for defence.? Such swearing and cross swearing, and backing and filling, and re-swearing, and suspicion of doable perjury, wan rarely, if ever, equalled in any ordinary case before the BesMons. Thn matter commenced in a snarl which was mere entangled in this trial, but alter an ab?ence of about an hour thn jury returned a verdict of guilty, but recommended him to the mercy ol the Court. The prisoner was remanded for sentence on Friday next. First arrival dirkct from Galena.?The steamboat Amaranth arrived last nigtit direct from Galena. She had on board and in barges nearly thirteen thousand nigs of lead, and a large amount of other cargo. We learn that the Miestestppi wm not rising above Rock River. Below that point it had commenced rising, and it has had ihe effect to produce arise of several inches here The Wiscon sill was still frozen over.?St Lovii Erf, Ap 11 20. Truth Stranger than Fiction ?A man wu convicted last week in Vermont for bigamy, and sentenced to two years imprisonment in ihe Mate Prison. Alter the trial he was handed over to the sheriff of the county in which he was tried, for commitment. The said sheritt pave to the culprit the necessary papers to gain him admission into prison, telling him to go, present his credentials, and he would undoubtedly gain admission On his way to the prison he stopped at Woodstock, when some, less honest than himself, endeavored to persuade him to run away; but their sympathy was of no avail, he delivered his documents faithfully, and is now expiating his crime in prison.?BoitonDemo rat. May 2. epo |t LIN'OH rtlNUHOI u K8-A General Meeting | I of *ll i)i<?e luleretod iu 'he turds or actipt of the Bute of Mliuoit, 11 request, d at the Anor H>tne, on Wednndny the If) li "I M iy, at 4 o'clock, r. M. It will be for the luteiest of the Bondholder* to sirea general attendant e. The Bonks will he opened to receive subscriptions. andei ihe new eau-l law, at the American Kxchauge Bank,on Thanuay, the Ilth ct May. I HaRLES OAKLY, )rnm -r n.JtolOr MICHAEL PRYN*, of lllinou. DAGUERREOTYPE APPARATUS JOHN ROACH, OPTIC MS. 72 Nassau, near J hi itieet, N. Y. t-TAVINO ihe Lent giound under hi* own inspection, tad l-t arr-nging them in ihe ramera obicora himiell, he (tele watraulrd in sa\ing that operator* as'ttg h? apparatus hare obtain d more succeaa then tho,* nio( cunera* with fo>ei(g l-na. for'he Utter aie of-wu I laerfec , a id atill oftcner imp opcrly *'turned. The nd-ertiier rt quest* a trill for hi* camera*. Nisteen year* prur'ice na Opt cut- enable* hi in to grind and arr.iDgr I,en* to suit Ihe purpose lot which ihey are wauted. a-T lm*ee mOTIr.NKKOTYPr -I,. B HIN88E It CO. inform ho'.ogtaphitl* thai iliev hire re more d froin their old stand No. 34 vteideu line, to No l> William tl.eei, ?ou h writ <ornerol Maiden lane, ou tt.e d doer T v hire on ham at pr *eut a complete i???.rtiii?'i o'plet#? eh inic-la an I lenie*, it* "lex el|e t qiiliiy, to which toe, rrspecilul y luri e the tttelltil.n C.I >p r?t *. \'|ic,e??'e i l *Ver> i.l-MUCr WITrant?l T en ch in c?l -re from ih? lahn-itoiier of the 1 ? ch. in.* a i P li-ni t'n-ii pipe* *p ria ly * Uct d hy tin p ititi h- r iri d m hear th-i? hi I :*s nid rr rnlly * r?-nt? d .o i re he pro,o i u of d'ei r. which u ?t m.ri inn iliein A y p-* i , ?hi iheir dou j * on ih- -abc I. .| i. ?ied >h u th ? vm! _*pli lm*( PL iff h NP'l I K ? Ao ?i ic h- ed d "1u the Public** hatTnei.ll; i^e.pd in eve a' I thr c ty paper*, * f ed "Th iiiai i'p' T.'iel '1*. t ? cne eliei led |-ol h bi I'T llil .e inSa *ij .r-Mit, an i l? ny |i a a *i't m M m ,le oilic in he |inol? pie?o. i?ly, i t n? ? ? r* en by -i*uii'? 8 r?-pT'U: nd whe ei? w c ? e '? brnugi i he.uit th- pn'n c hi ea'h 'I C . ?.-erccle? I f. el it my il Hy to m~k*'hi. lo ffa Mil I i ii I -ill c >uce.ej. Ab at the l~?t rf 'lily o fi ?t of August, IBI2, Mr*. In Of., the wife of " t hums 'lame'."* called -n me, r jueti iik a cerhficate from me that thee were ueedv, and pro ei perron* to receive the beoelieence ol Met-r*. 8ands, a* ihevh id adrertiaed that " the poor wqpld be fornirhed with their Sars-pa-ula by a recomiaend-tion from eilher the Alderman ol the Ward in which they lire, or the minuter of the Chuich where they we'e attendants ." I freely wrote inch certificate, upon which I waa subsequently informed till' the mediri-e h?d been obtained. On the 23d ol August Mrs Tu'ner called ou mcagntn, wishing me to write a certificate for them of tie care that lied been effected by 8a. d'* Saraapr.nils, upon her husband. I wrote *uch eertincate, embracing two facta a* I supposed: the one ol the diseaie with which he had been aff-cterf. anil the o'her of the cure that htd been made 8hr then said that her hu?ba?d hail taken tho 8ar tpariila about three week*; that his pains had all left him. and he had goueto hi* wo k; and thit he waa very thankful for lb# cure illuli-d been effected. On the evening of the 10th of October I r. lied at Mr. Tnrner'* residence, and had a few minutes conversation with him in relation to hit health; he told me tha- it wn* very good. I innnired of him relative to th* ef fecrs of8.iiid"'? Hariaiiarilla upou him; when he told met hat 11 hi wanted was more strei gth, and fh it with t.<ia exception the Ssrsaparill* had cared him. 8nch are the facta in the eaet aud I mtMt contest, 1 felt utterly aatoniahed at the appearance of the article in several papers denying he statement which h<d been made to me, and which 1 fnily believ d, as the said "Themas Tamer" had testified to a similar statement before tha Mayor of this city. (Signed) SEYMOUR VAN DU8EN, PPastor i t the Methodist Episcopal Church, Dsiane tt. New VoiN. March 31, it43. at lm*ee NOTIC rpHE Croten Aqueduct Board re-p. ..(fully call the attention a of their fallow citizens to 'he Ordinance of the Common Council, pub ishrd below prohibicmr, or der peeai ies ol Ane or imprisonment, ihe unau'horissd opening of the Hsdraots erret d 'or the ettingmshineat of Arts. In the absence ol snch at Ordinance heretofore, all the efforts of the agents of ths A'jnednct D-piirtmrin have failed to correct an alarming evil, winch ir is the dots or etery good c'tizen to assist in suppressing. Many uf the Hydrants have beeu broken and rendered onht fir seivice, in consequence of the rarrlessnets or inexpe irnet of pers'ioa who have opened them : that eausina great eiprnse to ihe city?sod by destroying the nsefnloess ol the Hydrants in ease of Are, hazarding lire cfery of the neighborins buddings In cousemience of the wanton w ate from Hydianr* Improperly opened, and hept open, thronshonr the city, the head of wet-rat the disti ibuttng reservoir hsa much diminished ; and slionld tires occur, an efficient ac ton of ihe Hydrants cannot De looked for Uulega strict obrdieuce to the Urd'nance now passed, shall be yielded or enforced. Tun Croroe Aquednrt Board therefore ram stly ask the .eti*e eo-opeistiou of heir lellow citizens, in efT-ctl. g the important object which the Ordinance of the Common Contrail ts inunded to accomplish. JOHv L.LAWHENi *. M. VAN 8CHA1CK. J, IH.LUP8 PHOEMX, CR< NELIUS W LAWRENCE, SAMUEL B. RUOOLEB. New York, April 13th, IMS. AN ORL)INANCE TO AMEND AN ORDIHN E TO REGULATE THE WAl'KK WORKS Off THE C1TK OK NEW YORK Petard September 'ith, IM1. SrcTioi* 1. No p- raon or permnnt i' apt the Mayor, Aldermen or Assistants ul the respective wards, shail ?i ho a previous peimissinn in writing from the Croton Aqueduct Board, nnscrew or open any hydrant belong'ng or attached t ;ne Cro, t'Ul Water Winks elected for the et insuiibmehl if Ares, ?I Cupt io cm? of (Sir In the n-ighbo?hn?d nor shall leave such fire hydrant open for a luigtr imt thsnshsli be limited 10 saih prrm-ftion nor ahull nae tne water for o'her |?u noses than may he mentioned iu mil permission, under the pe'Uuif of t ventyd*e dollars lor each offence. . ... Kite 2. No person or persons. etcept soch a? may be licensed by rh* Crotou A urdw i B<>? d to ?<ll water to shipping ha'l take the w ter fr.?m suy hydraut ere fed or to be erected in the city "f New York and sfisched to the C rot on waUr pipea fur the .mrpos? of selling he said water or offering it for .tale, under the penalty of twenty-live dollars (or each off-nre. Src- ]. Anr penally herein preeenbed .hall be impoeed on 'he offender in like manner a?ie pro Titled in the drat eection of the ae.euth title of the Ordnance hereby emended, in reepeet III ihe penalty thereiu preeerrtvd. And in detenlt of the per menl. the offender .hail Oe anbject to the like poniahmeoi by impriaoament, m ia in the enid aeciion prescribed. flic. 4. It .halt he the dn>y of the Mtreet luapecCora, Coo lalilea, Muiha a, Police Unleera, end Watchmen, to eoforce the observance of thia Ordinance to the tnmoat 01 thrir ebilitiea, end to make complaint of any violation thereof to the propi-r authority Adopted by the Roaril of Aldermen March 17 h, 'i'3. Adopted by th* Board o* A a tatauta, M irrh 3T7tli, lil-l. Heceiveil Irom h a Honor tke Mayor, April 13, IhJ, without lie approval or ohjecuoua thereto. , i nerelore, under the provisions of the ameuded Charter the nme becrtne alaw. apM tw, (8'?Ued) W* M C.

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