Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 4, 1843, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 4, 1843 Page 3
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to ?hake confidence in Uie view* of thii Utter party. Tb< taking up ot favorable contracts and seeking to repudiat unfavorable ones, too closely assimilate to the movement of Boorman, Johnston & Co. to command either confl denc.e or respect ; and wc should not be surprised if i should turn out that they have the same Itgal advisers a that redoubtable firm. The welfare of the city dependi upon a Railroad connection of this city with the east sni w?st, by the Harlem route. Hence the airairs of thi company become matter of great public interest Now that most of the absurd notions of politicians in u 1 at ion to some paper method of relief to indebted Statoi have faJed from the public mind, common aensu has cX' erted iti iniluenco and the alternative preaenta itself eithe totax the peopleol those States in debt tor the paymentii lull, or to give up the State property and settle the debt by compromise. In many of the States taxation ia utter); out of the question to the extent requisite for prompt pay ment. The other method of compromise, is therefore th only resort Illinois, Pennsylvania and Maryland have at tempted it. The plan of the first mentioued State ia feasi able and desirable for all parties, and there is every probs bility that it will be carried] successfully into operation Michigan has acknowledged part of her debt, but post poned the period of payment some years. When thi couutry, new hare of currency, shall have earned a suf ficiency of specie, trade will revive so far over its wholi surface, as to enable legislatures, without encountering much opposition, to impose a small tax, which will discharge such'remtinsof indebtedness as will not be settled by compromise. Tbisjwill undoubtedly be the case in llli nois at its next session, if the people are encouraged t< exert themselves by a present disposition on the part o their creditors to help them out of their difficulties by ad vancingthe small sum requisite to complete their caual The following is stable of the produce of Illinois accord irgto thee nsus Agricultural Faonucrs or Illinois. Valutd at Horses and mu'es, 109.235 $21 00 $4,980,87.' Neat cattle, 626.274 8 no 1,010.191 Sheep. 391.672 I 10 193 Ml Swine, 1,491,231 71 1,'21.ISO Pool rv of all kinds, ? ? 309,70' Wheat, bathe la, 3 331 393 M 1,667,694 Bailey, " >2,211 25 20.16! Oats, " 4 998,002 12* 624,321 Hi e. " 68, 97 37>$ 33,07! Buckwluat, bnah, 17,814 10 28.91! Coru. " 22,634 211 20 4,116,81: Wool, Iks, 610.1107 37* 243,71! Hopa, lbs. 17,724 12>4 2.711 Was. lb.. 29 173 21 7.29 Cotton.lbs, 2' 0,917 10 20.09' Sugar, lbs, 399 813 8 31 98! P t unes, bushels, 7,0/1,120 12* 713,19' ICuV, tons, 161,982 1 00 824,664 H<mp aud flia, I,v76 8 00 118,''8< Tobacco, Ids, 164,326 4 22,17! Silk c< coons, lbs, 1,110 1 00 4,604 <(> <1. of wood sold, 134.149 3 10 269.091 Dairr products, ? ? 428,174 On hud, do ? ? 124 774 Wines,galls, 474 I 00 47 H< me made factory goods, ? ? 993,56' (harden produce, ? ? 71,91 Nurisry ' ? ? 22 99 $2S,398,18 ClPITAI. I.IVgSTKD. Iron 40,3*1 Lead 114,10 Uold 10 Other metals Coal, huuiniuMti 120,07 Demesnes, 10,00 U ai.ile, marble, lie 14,02 Hi r iculture 17 5 Commercial homes iu foreign trade 313,80 Ket-i'l dry goods, groceries and other stores 4,904.12 Luin' er \a ds anc trade 93 31 In'eru*1 transportation, butchers, packers, Ice 642,4 4: Pi.lieriei _ Maniitactunug S,'36 5i: $9 4 28,72: In the southern States the debts contracted have beei for bonking purposes ; and all such banks have failed Florida, Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi and Arkansai have all met with a common fate. Arkansas in respect t< some of its bonds, threatened repudiation ; but it is not* pursuing a course of compromise that will do ample jus tice to all parties. The following extract from a lettei to an eminent house in this city will clearly explain th< position of alt airs there :? Littlk Rock, Arkinssi, April 18,1843. " Having thus briefly replied to the imixmantquestioi contained in your letter relative to the prospect of pay merits front the cotton crops, Ac., I will, in a lew words express my opinion in relation to the Banks of Arkansas and the value ot the State bonds. You are aware that th< two banks ot this State are now in process of liquidation The State Bank is owned exclusively by the State. Th Real Estate Bank is owned by a large number of th< planters ot the State, who gave their bonds and mortgage to secure the State against loss upon the bends issued b: the State to the bank. I learn from a very intelligen friend here who is well acquainted witn the whole sub ject, that the Stale issued to these two banks $'2,600,000 u bonds bearing an interest of 6 aad 6 per cent, which sun constitutes the whole debt of the State. In these bond the United States have invested for the Smithsonian fum and Indian annuities, $800,000 and $1,200,000 now be!on| to hoi lers abroad. The United States and the foreigi holders are not disposed to sett tor less than par, trom i conviction that ao rich a State will, with great eaae, pa; ofl the email sum that may remain due upon her bonds ai ter the asiets ot the bank, shall be exhausted. Thus it ap prarsthat ubout $2,000,000 of the Arkansas bonds canno be purchased for less than par. 1 am informed by the ^am p. r?on that of the remaining $600,000, about $400,000 ari supposed to belong to citizens of the city New York. am the free banks of the State; beaiso represents that mor than $160,000 are now owned by citizens of Arkansas tha have been purchased in New York at less than 40 pe cent on the par of the bonds, and that orders hare beet sent from here that will exceed the whole amount sup nosed to be for sale. The orders are for the bonds issue* by the State to the Real Estate Bank of Arkansas, and th< . demand for these bends arises in this way. This bank wa based upon a subscription made by the Planters forth stock, which stock was paid for by mortgages u|>oa th< most valuable plantations of the State for $1,500 OOOo State bonds issued to the order of the Real Estate Bank and upon these bonds moDey was obtained by thebanl for hanking purposes. The State is now willing am ready to surrender to any planter his mortgage upoi receiving an equal amount in the bonda o the State iaaucd to the Real Estate Bank. Th Planteri are now pnrchasiugtheae bonds at tho lowea price they can procure them in the New York market lor the purpote of redeeming their mortgaged plantationi This is one cause that so many orders have been latel; sent to New York for these bonds, and it Is perfectly ap parent that this demand must continue as long as th bonds are below par. Beside this source of immediate d< msnd there are many here who wish to purchase and hoi these bonds, because they believe that the assets of th Bank will pay uot only the debts, but within $600,000 o all the hoods of the State. Thi< 8 ate will not therefor owe more than $600,000 to be collected by tax. s from th people of the State who now, although in their infancy export a larger amount than either Illinois or Indiana.The conclusion, therefore, to which I have come is, tha you had better tend no more goods or cash here at present but invest all the cash you can spare in the bonda of th Btste given to the Real Estate Bank of Arkanaai becaut we can uae all you can obtain in the purchase of rotto' i lucir |#?i ?wuc Ha iuiju aa iu? iw vv aciaimmug uvnui hi taken out of the New York market " Male* at the Stock Exchange. $5000 N Y #'? II IK 2000 do 92 2000 do 1862. 105 1000 Kentucky S'? 77' 3000 N Y 5V*. I860, 99V ]!X>0 do 77 5000 do 99*, 40 Cit* Book 103 1000 do 995* 34 National Bank 93' 5000 N Y 5'?, 185S, 95){ 50 Bk of Com, ocrip, 97' 1000 Ohio 6'*, 1850, 79 50 d i 97) 11000 do I860 , 78*1 10 Del It Hndion 99 3000 do (10 78)4 60 do 100 10000 do 78*3 50 Parrrer*'Troat 18 50110 do b60 79V 50 U 8 Bank 2) l'no do 70V 10 Manhattan In* loo limn Illinois B >nd? 28?4 30 Kquitabie In* 87! 2l'00 do 29 50 Canton Co 22! 1000 Kentucky S'i 92'4 SAub&huch 96' 1100 do a3da 92 Second Board. $1000 Minoia Bds, 1870 , 30 1000 do 13 80 7000 Ohio blO 80 1000 do alO 80 lOtKl do bI0 79% 1000 do bin 80 10'10 do 80 3000 do 130 80 lfioo do 80)4 50 Lone Ialand 45 1C00 do b!0 80'* New York Public Stoak Kichange. $1900 Ohio 6'?, 1860 , 78)4 1000 do bnw 28; 9000 do ln% 1000 do bnw 29 20' 0 do 79 2000 do 28 3000 do bl5 79 2000 do 28' tono Kmtticky 6'i, bnw 92V 1000 U 8?'i. 1862, blO III1 1000 do 92)4 2000 N Vork6'a 105; 1000 lllinria 6k, 1870. 2*74 50ahi Hailem RR 18 Second Board. $8000 Ohio 6'a, I860, 80 W 1000 do 921 1800 do 60)4 1000 Illinoii 6*?, 1870, 31 4000 do b3 80 2000 tlo bnw 31, 4000 do 10 50 Palenon RR 020 46 5000 Kentucky 6'a 0'H 25 Canton Co baw 23 11)00 CO 92)4 State of Trade. The market* generally exhihit a want of flrmneti i price*, which will probebly increaie aa the acanon a< vance*. Flour? Some conce??ion on (lie part of holder* ha* in provod tran?action*. Salet Ohio flat hoopa, $4 04 a $i do via New Orleana, ft 75; Oeneaee, $ A a f.3 12; Sotitl cm brand*, $4 37Jaf4 67J; nve flour, northern, $2 ?7 ?? lor,., ?:t lit. Corn Meal. Ohio, old. $2 371; neu $3 76; Jer*ey, $2 63 a $3 75. Grain? Sale* Northern Corn, *3 a 53; Jersey white, ft yellow, 64]; Rye, northern, 57 a .VJ; northern Oatt, 37 29; Hay, sale* 40 a 43] .Ishm?Sale* pot*, $6; Pearl*, $6 35 a $6 37. Srtdt?Clover dull, at 6 a H; 'i'imothy, $16 50 a $17. A tea dale took place to-day with the following result Note* at *ii month*, payable in the city of New YorU,t be made ?ati*lartory to lellorf f/yton?17 cheat*, 49; 10 do 43]; 6 do 43; 19 do 41; 10 <1 SB], 71 do 37], (103 do offered at tame price, but not bid Young 94 cheat* 44c, (613 more offered at?air price, but not bid;) 15 hf do 36; 30 do 34, 79 do 33]; 303d 89; 656 do 33], (140 more ottered at ?amo price;) 10 ch 39]; 63 do withdrawn.) rfyton Skin?80 cht* 36]c. Goinpowirr?36 131b hose* 40]c; 100 do 40; 76 do 3 100 do 3B]. Pouekone?108 Jfllh boar* 38c; 68 do 33], 103 do 32; do 31; 120 do 30]; 878 do 30. Corn Trade. There has been another decline in flour. O ne?ec no *ell*at $6 60 Southern flour bring* $4 60. It there w any wheat in market it would fetch a dollar a huihi Corn is up to 56c. Kye is down to57] a 6flr. Wheat ha* advanced to 60c a btiihrl at Ztnriville ?i flour to $8 per barrel. In Chi??go, on the 20th ult., wheat advanced to 64c. trifle more perhaps could havebeen obtained. There w* however acarcely any in market. Flour *tood at fro $3 60 to $3 76. B The receipt! of Flour at St. Louia, to the 21*t ult., ha< e been large, and the article readily aold at $2 62 a $2 71 for luperfine country brand*, and $2 76 a tS city mill* There wa? u brisk di mond for wheal, though the reooipti >- bail hern considerable, and the price ivn up to 47 a Mi t per bushel. One sale wae made at 64c, but it wai doublet whether the price of llaur in the east would continue t< " justify purcasers in paying quite so much tor wheat there It was probable the price would recede. 1 In Michigan City, (la ) on the 20th ult., there was bu' g little wheat coming in. The price paid ranged from 45 tt 6tio. Very little corn was coming in?it brought trom It to 42c per bushel, and was in demand. Considerable flam >" was daily arriving, and sold readily at from $2 75to$f i for superior brands. Inferior brands at from >2 60 tc $2 76 There have been large receipts at Pittsburg, and salci r during the week i nding 22J ult were at an advance, ami d sales trom boats and wagons ? f,i so a *2 R7j; for choice $2 90; from store, $3; retail sales, $3 26; and choice while, $3 60; wheat,60c; rye, 22c; corn, 22 a 25; oats, 14 Y a 16. ' Flour was selling in Rochester, on the 26lh ult., at $5 _ 60 up to $4 60; wheat, 88*a 91c; corn, 38 a 40c, and oats, 20c. In Baltimore, on the 1st inst., holders of Howard street i- llour continued to ask f4 18j. There was but a limited i- demand. The receipt prise was $4 061. No sales of City Mills flour?holders ask $4 60 for fresh ground. A salt ' of 400 bbls Susquehanna flour at $4 26, cash. There had been no Maryland wheats at market. On Saturday t B cargo of prime Pennsylvania red was sold at 99c; a cargc r_ not so good at 96c; and a cargo of inferior at 93c. Salei white corn at 55 a 66c, and ot yellow at 64 a 66c. Mary a land oats at 26 a 26c. The green fields, and vegetation generally, in Mary land, have improved very much within the last twe weeks, and now presents promising appearance. Should the season continue favorable, w? may expect a fair aver age crop of wheat. t In Ohio, fears were entertained by many that the pasl severe winter would materially injure the wheat crop * And we learn from some of the North Ohio papers, thai . in a few instances fields of this grain were "tro/.en out.' But we are happy in having It in our-power to say thai ' the wheat fields in the vicinity of Zinesville look well From present appearances, more than an average yield may be anticipated. More ground was put in wheat lasl (all than has been the custom heretofore in that valley. The wheat fields in Michigan are represented to look i unusually well for the season, being already clothed ! with a rich mantle ot green. We are glad to learn thai I none of them, in any quarter ot the State, have been in1 jured materially by the winter. fllarrletl, j At Locusl Orange, Bay side, L* I., om Wednesday, 3d instant, Dy me m. Kev. Bishop (Jinlerdonk, Henry A Smythe, of this city, to Mary Fitch, daughter of Joieph L. Franklin, Esq., of the former place. ' Died. On Wednesday morning. Mr. Thomas Scott, printer, after a short illness, sged 34. Foreign Importations. Hamaubg?Brig Suu?50 tons sp-lter 13 bales moss 3 bale; mdie Motx 8i Polli'z?5 pkgs M Wrrckuitisier? 2 casks J hi Howlaud?5 A II Witte?2 cases W Vau Seh;?3 Warburg & Van D mine. St Croix?B'<g Cashier? 41 hhds sugar 10 pipes rum Ayma: & co?85 hhds molasses De Forest 8l co. a Domestic Importations. Apalachicola?'chr Tioga?91 bales cotton Rogart it Knee 0 land?139 W H Howlaud?116 J H Talm u?70 W Btruwell?1 0 box Post & Phillip ?2 i kgs 13 Woodhurv. 1 M A R I T ImTHETA L D, 0 0 ? 5 Ship Blasters and Agents* ? We shall esteem it a favor, if Captains of Vessels will gin ? to Commodore Robert Sii.tet, of our News Fleet, a He 1 port of the Shipping left at the Port whence they sailed, th Vessels Spoken on their Passage, a List of their Cargo, am " anv Foreign Newspapers or News they may hare, lie wil board them immediately on their arrival. Agents and Coi J respondents, at home or abroad, will also confer a favor by sending to this Office all the Marine Intelligence they cai l obtain. Nautical Information of any kind will be thankfully received. 1 PORT OF SKW YORK, BIAY 4, ) ' SUN RISES 4 57 I MOON SETS It 41 SUN SETS 6 57 | HIGH WATER 11 53 Cleared. 7 Shim Hellespont, Ellis, Havana, Spnfford. Tileston 8c Co Spring, Hamilton, Cuba, De I'eyater 8t Whitmarsh ?Brig. Chairt s, Chapman, Santa M-rtha and Carili'gtna, Everett 8 Battellr; Vsnaalier, Berry, St Domingo City. Buck 81 Peters I Rebecca, Silliman, St Johns, PR. J B Laiala; Svea, (Swediih Godberson. Baltimore, J I. Phipps; Monaco, Wording. Nee Orleans, J Elwell It Co; Moon. Hayes, Charleston, Dunham 8 Dimon.?Schrs Oordon, Lea< itt, St Kitts. lohn Elwell St Co ? New Conveyance, Tn-ner, Philadelphia, W J McKee It Co. 0 Brigs Grand Tmk. Mavo. for Tobasco. and Ormeiana Me I. Lellau, for Tainpi Bay, Fla. cleared on the 29th ult. I Arrived. B Britishmhi|? Caledonia, Cnrbitt. from London, and 22 duys fn * the ballast, to Maoryk Brothers. f Brig Sun. Watlington, from Hamburg, aud 26 days from Cus t haten. with mdse. to Motz St Pollitz. Brig Oshier. Allen, (of Taunton) 23 days from St. Croii, M t End, with mgar, to master. 1 Schr Tiog i, Tyler, 18 days from Apalachicola, with cotton to J D. Cos. 8 Schr Iowa, Conaut, from Charleston, with cotton and rice, t 1 master. . Schr Francis, GifTord. from Newbem, NC. with naval stores to master. Schr Marcia, Smith, from Newbern, NC. with naril storn 1 to muter V Schr Union, Ballsnce. from Willismston, INC.'with nava 1- storis, to Bry>ut 8t Maillaud. |. Schr Sainl C. Abbo t, Lamson, from Baltimore, with mdse ,? to Johusnn it Lowdeu. Schr Gen. Scott, Kincade, from Philadelphia, with coal, t< master. B Schr Margaret, Cash, 6 days from Portland, with plaster, ti i master. 0 Sloop Chase, Paine. 3 days from Philadelphia, with coal.ti t master. r Below. . Ship Vic'otia. Woodbury, fr?m Cronstadt, via Stromness ' Scotland, with mdse, to T. K. Youngs, j ?eneral Kecord, (, Commkuck or New Yo?k.?The following tsble eshibit the amount of commerce of this port for April, 1813, as com pared wirh that of Apri1,18I2-? e Total number of foreign arnva'i in April, 1?<2 21 B ' " " " 1843 16 f " " Clearances 14 " " " coastwise 29 ' Ship Docolsis. (Br) Brewster, at Savannah from Ltver , pool, while going into the barbor, 2!)th ult. got on the soutl 1 breaker near where the Ghngarv was wreckea. She w? 1 loaded wirh silt, 600 sacks ol which were thrown overboard f when she floated off with the change of tide wrthnut damage o Schr Delaware, Stokely, e( Vienna, from St M<rks fo t N York, with cotton, was wrecked about 4 miles 8W of Beau fort bar, 13th ult. Cargo all saved lu a damaged state, aui with the wreck sold on the 26th, for the beucfit ol all con ' cerned. y Notice to Mariners. The following is a translation of a notice officially commnni 8 rated to the Department of State by the Consul of the Uuite< States at Naples:? ,i Napi.ii. Feb. 1, 1813.?This general supenntendencv o heel1 li having been tnfoincil thai lort ign veaat Is arrivii g iu th ? King' dominions arc often unprovided with hills of health, ha f nn- wed the r qnisitinn that they should positively be I1 in pre 0 i itled; as without such document they cannot le admitted iut e the said dominions. Whalemen. - Aer at New Bedford 2d inst. George, Cash, (lite Lake) 14 it days fm Oahu via Eimo Jan 13, I'00 I bis sp. Sai eil fin Oahi 1 Dec 8, Francis, an 1 Nye N B. on a cruise. Left, Wm It Klin fitting; Fortune, Plymouth, 400, heaving down 10 stop a le k The above have sent their oil home by the Vic'ory, of N York e which shin would sail for home 25'h Dee S|mke Die 25 lat Q N, 'on 53 W, Columbia. Joy, Nant, 7(10; Feb 13. off C pc Hon e Nimrnd. Shearman NB, 90 days out, clesn The Oeorge fi brought hnme by Capt Casli, late of the Jefferson, of Nant, bi fore wrecked at one of the Sandwich I lands in Julv last.Died on board the G. July 13, 1840, Edward Woods; March II 1811, Saml Waggoner, 1st officer, aged 26; Sept II. 1842, S'li |g Richmond, eged 22; Oct 8, John Montgomery; 13'n, Capt Ahi Lake: 16th, David H Hill, colored, 28; Warren Niekerson, 5 27th, Rowlsnd Al>en, 30. 1^ A'so are, Juno, Ssndford, Atlantic Ocean, St Thomas M-i' 10, with >20 tp end 40 blkfuh oil. Reports tld from St T. on 4 cruise, Mch 4, Montgomery, ol Warren, 30 bbls. Spoke'Mt It II, Theophilns Chase, Westport, bound to Bay of Mesico, ! bbls: April 22. lat 30 46, Ion 79 II, Edward, Mattapoisett, 1: bbl? sp. v At Otaheita Dec 5, Timnleon. Baylies. NB, with 1800 bb tp, bound on Chili to cruise till Apiil. and then go in ro fit It l.nn,. U.,.1.,1 It t'.l.l..ll -f M ... > -e 2 T. aged34.'died on boatd. 25ih Nov last. Emerald, Marchaut, NB, spoken Keb 5, oil not repotted. Spoken Siddooa, Cobb, N York for Lirerpoo', Arril 29, off Nantncki Shoals. Cl\da, Bio de Janeiro for Philadelphia, April 29, Iat27 41 Ion 67 10. Soph'a, Jones, Rio de Janeiro for Baltimore. April 2(1, I at S 40. Ion 67 10. Ellawo'lh, of Bnaton, from Briatol for Havana, April 19, li 35, Ion 73 30?by the Tioga, at thia port. foreign Porte. '* Awtwi.rp. Mrli 3f?Talma, Winaor, Havana, haa diacharge two thi'da of her cargo iu a d imaged atate. Arr Apr 2, Corn ^ lanna. Elwell, Button. L- Oi wra, Apr 6?Arr Schools, Hopkina, Porto Rico, and'si >4 for Btemen. if Clyde, Apr 3?Arr Eaaex, Raynca, Charleston. Dartmouth, Ai r 5? Off, Duucan. Putnam, NOrleans ft Antwerp; Kraneios lot, Aintworth, N Yoik foi Havre. Dovicn, At r 3?Off, Arethnaa, Baxter, Chaileaton, Deal, Apr 5?Arr Alrato, Whitney, Havana. Hi OintiLTta, Mch 16? In poit, Kenhawa, Page. line, only Ai U veaat I. (lihrallir. Yates, had procec dvil to Cadiz, where ah was Idg for S America Havre, Apr I?Arr Charles. Henderson,NOrleain; Arahelli do: Oneida, Knock, NYork; 2d%J H Shepherd, Redman, Ne' Orleans; Sea Lion, Howe, do;Catharine, Charleston; 4th E ten Brooks, Howes, NOrleans; Champion, Wairen, Charle ton. 1. Marseilles, Veh 29?Arr Washington, Stevens, NOrlean 31st, Kdinbnrg, Crocker, da. Malaga, Mch iv-lu port, Empress Townsend, fm NYor J" via Gibr Itar under detention for having contraband goodi o ?> boerd. t nly American vessel. l- Swansea, Arr '?Off, Obnlin, Knapp, 4 harlestnn a Smyrna, Mill 15?Arr Catheriee, Otrilner. Boston, r, Saugor, Jan 19? *ld Kranklin (Joodhue, Boston; Concordi Dorr, do. , "t Croix, West End. Apr 9?No Americ ii vessels in port ' Julia, T? llsir, for NYork, aid 3 days hi fore. The H-nrv, froi " St Thomas, was expected at St Croix, to load for N York. Home Ports. Bath, Apiil 2B?Arr Saml N Uott, flray, New Yo k; Nort Star. Smith. S ivatn ah. Sid Cet loll, Tioit, II nana; Empire 1 Kelly. W Indies. O Poii ri.aan, May I?Arr Lisbon, Nichols. NYo-k; Win Hei ly, Thorntou, Thorn iston fo> NYoik A Isrce fleet of roas lo era arrived timing the day, whieh have not heeu ashore tori \ ro't. Cld April 29, Exchange, Clsrh, New Yoik. S'd Lydi ' lls'ey. Ouadaloupe [" bostoiv, Mav i?Arr Hi.lit A Rowland, O.lchriat. Philade 10 phia. 4''d Holland.r, Ewer, Rotterdam; Augusta, Lesrh.M U lanns; Tim Pickering, Til leu, NOrleans; Almrna, Dill. B ill more; Holder Borden, Norfolk; Niag.ra, Lovll. AIImui Marietta, Crowell, NYork. S d Rome, Fomm, Col TavIo< o Stvnt in, Eagle, Allen King Partridge, Metainora, Dover, A fre t Tyler, Ansiist, Ri'al, Novemher, and a fleet of coaster Arr Joseph B, Brown, Norfolk; Alhanv. Bae .n. i., <3 Will, WmT Kiu?, Crowell, NYork; 30th, Talma, Conckln Haaannah. Nkw Bipfobd, M?v 2?Arr Fama, C'in?. NYork, to lot oil lor knopr; Film Hodman, Shepherd, NYork. x antuciirt, April 10?Mid r lizabcth, Boninc, VVilminRtm w Cory. Brown, N York. ? V ai,l Hivrn, April i*?Bid Smrtherner, Uihbi, CharVatri , rhO'U.frwi. A merart, lor do; n ft, M,.*sunit, Drown, Alb. nv; Kmti r, Barfor, Me. I> K, May I?Sid Camilla, Mnidr uil. NYorh; M?r id K alio a, .'Hilda,am! (Jlivmfc Vir.ima, K<>liina?< di-iickshnri Time, Oatriaon, Sufloik, Va; Sparta, Brown, Fnilaoelptna. A PHir.aPici.rHia, May I?CM Orion, Wilkina, I?a Unayn IVrto Rico. Oray, Boaton; Noltnarell, Hornan, Porto Kieo; ' NV Smilh, J irvia, N York; An?rlintr, Joline, Ncwar't; Plain I" lirrru, N York. Ric hmond, May I?Arr Hichmond, Chatter, NYorkj Au 1 Him, Tnwueead. do; Pamlico, Stoddard. Boaton. S'd k A J "'ward, Hon, NYork; Jane Kiak, Allen, Beaton; Richmond, Hnlbrook, do; Mail, Norria, Hartford; fcttr?, Overton, Jeraey ! Cinni.KiToH, April OT?CId Richd Anderaon, Bennett, Li?; er|>ool; Maria, Spoouer, Newport, HI. Sid Alwlua.(Bremen) ' Aienfrld, Bremen; Miiiri, Liveland, NYnrk; Randolph,Uold> am th. Pin I -rde Iphia; Pre id? ut, Palmlrrc, do. Gkoroctown, SC. April 28?Arr Herint, Watcumau, and Van Bu.en, NYork. _ . . i SaVavnaM, April ; >? Arr Dnia'aaa, (Br) Br?wrier, Liver- , fi m I Mil Jauc Au.uita, (lii) Hmilh, ? tl Coiintcaa or Aran, ' Br) O'Bryan, Liveipool. 8td Queen, ( Cr) Dickatu,do; Love, ' Nicketanu, BiiKoii. Mohii.k. April 86?Air Long Ta!and, H.iwill, NYorlt. Chi I Tu Uiu.i, Johuaon, llano; M Aim i (on. Whitney, Rotterdam; N , Biddlr, Truni m, and A e, ( Br) MeAlirl'r, Liver, ool; I imoIron, Dmer, NOrleana; Sanh Mirka, ( Bi) Crowt 11, Ol it"*; Solon. B ll, N York. 1 New Orlkaci, April 2J? Arr Johu Mintu'ii, Stark New 1 York; tCornpr, B okrr. Ilivrt; I,aae Studlev.Kry Wn'l , K.ancis. Lnlou. Yueitan; Lome H"i k, Aolil, NYork; Adua. , Sinrtnaii. fhi'a! Iphia; f" idrut, (Spau) Toor", Barcelona? Brlow.aliip* I i'? hnv ir; Walter, from Cork, and ' wo htiga ? M.l Prentice. Hnpkina. Boriou; Lucy, Lptle, Antwerp; dp i. Cowan Natchez; Hricml an Ho'mea, Liverpool; M jra I tic, Tru , NYurk; Brother* Mtvhrw, Charltaton; Apaiachi, coli,Place, a d Ha'cyou, Pattrraou, Lagnm; Brl'e, Uuldiiig. Havai a; Maimer, Latham, Nrw London [ ?Ji^<YHL.WaHD ?Loat laat evening hoii ;| o'clo k, ill going ?JP thn mth .Maiden Inn* to Hnw?,d'a Hole',a pocke bonk c ntaiuiDg *oine money, notea and other papera, ard mcmoranduma. The above reward will be pud on ita being relutned I with the content! to No. H Maiden I ana. n>< ' dji 1 ttsWARD ?Thn above turn will be paid by 'he i ?jp I \J\J tubennb r, to any one who will uive tuch inlormai noli aa tnay lead to ihr diacovery and conviction ol the peraoa or peraona, w ho wil'nlly ai d aecretly deittoy ed in hia atore, ebont thirty Ladiea'Bnuneti.eoimatipg of Amaxonea and other kinds, by ineena of oil if vitriol. 1 hia milii ioua net war com rait eu on Saturday Evening I ut. JOHN BURTON, ' ml3t*r Bowery. ' dt>1 OH REWARD?Loat thia day about 2 o'clock, between IP A v'V-'Sriucf a'reet auJ 103 Cl atham atrcet, a leather pccket t hook, r obtaining? I note of the Mctcbanta Bank of New York, for $',oi, , 2 d i do of $ti'0 each, , About Shi bratdra, in New York city notra, of S20'?, S 0'a, . rnd SS'i each. ' Alo'woor three B t'tinior* bink notea of SI e'eh, and a ch?ek on the M rrhtm'a Bink d led 21th Apr.I No 700 b?Q> I ran j.uiurr, ma irn m'lll I >1 e . or neare r lor S It (l.liay meat of which h<t hern itcppr it, with sundry olh*r pa|>er?, cl lo use to any body lut the owner. The abn-e reward will he pais for the reco?er of the Mint b Ml and it? contents. if left at the cilice cf the Journal of Commerce and no qneniom ailied. New York. Mav 2, 1843. at H?r DISSOLUTION Of CO-PARTNEH*HIP.-The co-partnership ens imc under the A>m of K A Artault It Co is this dav disiolvrd by mutaal content. The business of the late firm will be letllcd by iV Courtin. r. a. artault, ml 3t*r A. N. COURTIN. Z. LACV, DENTIST, HA8 returned to the cityand returned the practice of hii profession, at 79 franklin it., wettof Broadway, where he it "prepared to tee hit former ps'ienta," and all othera who need hit profettional aereieea Z. LACKV mltw'ec FHK8H SALMON?1 h- tubtcrihera would reapect ullv iu" form the public that they have now far trie tome of the heat of thu deli'lout article ever offered Theirfriendt and the lovert I of salmon wonld do well to call aod tee how heap he can acll it at tl-eir o'd stand 26 Fulton ms'ket. ml tt?ec MIDDLBTON 8t BAKb'R. | TfAMlLY BOA" DIN<* HtHOOL in the country. Al.dy t " who it an rspsrieuced teacher, withea to ta*a luto her family sir children at boardera and scholars. She will spare do r i aina 0 render hr r houte n pleasant home 10 the pupil aud io ad vance tli as in their t'ndier. I'very proper attention wi'l be paid to their he-lth and morals The loca'ion is very healthy and retired. No day scholars ad roit'ed. Terms moderate. Refer to?Mr. A. Arnoui, 145 Fulion si; H. Hunt. Esq No. 9 Clumbers slieet;'Mrs. Pcet, "65 Ur-enwich street; Mrs B. F. Hart, 3 7 Houston srreet; Mrs t tnnbrrion, 156 Laurens slreett and to Mr Joline J. Butler, 19 Jehu street, where terms will be made known. mttw'r NOTICE. ' THE TRUSTEES of the Villa?e of Willi,msburnh hereA by Rive n "tice.thst thev | urpoae to adopt meatuies for the s e <ly liu lids'ion of all leral claims strains the Villmre? Tnosc, therefore, who have claims eg.intt s. id village. in the 8 shape of warrants either against the vi'lage or any street or well and pump in the Tillage, as weM as those who may hold a e judgment or a <laim of aay description for the payment of i which the Tillage is li b'e. are hereby requested to give infor1 mation to the Clerk of said village, at the Tr/i ee's Hall, ou w or before the 23d day of May ins'.; stating particularly the nar ture, Rmouni and date of the claim, together with the name of ? the ortfi-at owner. r The said Truitees wou'd a'to give no'ice, tliat they have made arangeinents for procu-ing n<w asiessmeut maps of the : entire village, in three distinct sections. All persons, therefore, holding real estate in thit rlace are he.eby requested to give notice, at as early a period as possible, to Mr Edward Bnrcham, at the Trustees' Hall, Nor h 2d at eet, of t' e nature j ami locationo the re?l est'te held by them, so that hereafter all such pr >nerty mivhr d to the true owner. By order of the Boa?d of Trustee'. : JOHN C. MINTURN, President. Willi.'m-ha gh, May 2, 1813 ml t23'cc ' AT A M EKTINO of the Wii'eu'Night Gurrdiau Associa1 fa t;?u, held at Hermitage Hall, Ma? 2d, 1843, it was re solved, that E. O. Wetmuie Amos Willets and S M. Lan| uieur, be a committee to preient the thanks of this Association ' to Mr. At wood, p oprietor of Hermitage Hall, for his kindness ' in tendermK the use o1 his roon.s, and Tor his geDtlemauiV con. duet in using all eiertions to accommodate tne Willeta Night Guaroi'n A ssociatiou. The above Coism l'sr take much ple'inre in recommending Mr. Atwood to ihe puhlic as a deserving aad worthy host t AV'I) GARTHWaITE, Chaiimtn. AMOS W|I LETS,)> JOS1AH SVLNE3. j necrrtaiies. ml If ec WE, the undersigned, seeing an advertisement of Captain H'dH, our old teacher of Na< igttiou, called on him at his Nautical, Mathematical, and Commercial Academy, No. " 27 Cherry street, near Pearl, ?ere r xceedingly happy to find in Nest York; lis location is pleasant, with an Olxervs, t'uv for Astronomy and the Lunar Observations, has the same Optical instruments we were tanaht with every way cnmnlele. o and a choice library, also the largest si/.e celestrial globe si very explanstory of the heavenly bodies that astronomy is if clear!v understood. His strict atten'ion and superior talent d? maud in to recommend him to ike eirir-nsof New Yoik si an > extensive practical mathematical arholar and teacher of lnng ? xiieiieuce, particularly to mariners, hi< suprtinr knowledge J ol'the whole icieiice of navigation in every reapect, me of In strumru'i and putting them In order, ao very essential to accn. , rncy and safete. Ha experimental improvementa in t arigation ia clearly ahowu in a mannacrii t ready for publication, a which is much needed, auii ctuh'to he published; itia pu'ely a p-acticil work. Hit loux pi'Cti"eo( teaching, both by tea a and land, tnahlei him to inatiuct aailnra in a very tape rtor manner and ia a abort time Thia we, with maov other a. can clear> Iv teatify unto. Some of ut had previontly studied with othais. obtained very little, and that imperfectly. We were aatouiahed to fi: d -o gtest difference iu te<chert; we could readily aee the , advantage of havi g a general achol tr iu all hraoehea lor teacher. H'd we met with profeaani H nd at li'tt, it would hive aaved nt many dollara, aa well at lot* of time. Seamen and others will fir.d it greatly to their advantage to be iaui ht by * him, and obtain a certificit- of ci mpe rucy. it being the rert liu meant ol promotion innearly every pott in the world. The i xpense of coming h-re from other placet ia no object to gain U the advintage of biing taught bysogreat and able a teacher. U Captains Chaneey, Tuilcy, Clopper, Elriage, Shanklin, Dea, ton, Moore, Thomson, Lord, Barrows. Lockwood, Ketliug, ' Miller, L-tonr. on 3t*r ti lkffE )l Al. NOTICE.?The proprietor of the long estabs d.VX listed Huut> riau Dispensary No. 3Diri?ion street, with, e i to inform toe afflicted, that he ia attll to bi fou^d at all hours at hit prieate parlors in the Dispensary. The D. ctor wishes to r b- perfectly uudrrstood, that un'esa he ma et perfect and lasting cure, by the use r f that never failing remedy. Or. Hnn1 ter's Red Drop, he will not take pay. The D etor, m thus d'pining, in a inrasure, from the beaten paths of his brother pr<ctitinn rs hy advertising his remedies, liuiply to infirm t^e utnid and d flid-nt where there ia one they can approach without fear, and one adequa e to his profession as we I as a j Iri-nd. m4 Nf.ITHErt QUACKfcRY NOR IMPOSITION. r\OCTOU EV >N*, inn CHATHAM STREET. NEAR e Le t'esr , the or gioal proprietor of lie old G ilen's H'ad, an,I " well known in New Y -rli lor more h iu v rs.uuariTees to ttre all p-rticmar at d eorfnleuta'd seairs by a pleasan* and 0 may proccsf, without biudiance fro o luiii-ss, or die ing. Haa had 40 years >x eriem e, "id ?n ex -ellr t m deal and sur g c tl practice. Charges only S3 f r all utw cases. One trial 1 will r iivin?e. u N. B.?Th? apartm?n's are well "rrargeil for rrivacy. Prac i t c-strictly coufilrnii'I. Open daily till 10 P. ,\i. Noroutiec1 (ton wlllttvei svittl nyoth-r office ml lt*r <i DR. WHEELER, CCCULIST. , oq GREENWICH BTRhKT, near the B ttery, N Y? re, OO sp.ctfully informs the t ublie, that amo* g the minvhnn. dreds oi cases which he has attended, many of them have been _ oiit ted on by other pmfr snirs wi.hcnt success and pronounced 2 hy Ihvtn inrurahle ; yet he h-s never f.ii rd to eradn'ite the ,j disease and effect a pt rft r; cu-e despite of everv disidvaktage ? wh'ch may have presented u?elf, aud in inattv luitanrei aim >st j. against hope. It is this unprecedented sucrrsv in his treatment ' of the v nous (hitherto cousid?ted incurable) diseases f the j, ere, thaten-bles him witheonfdeuce ts nfer the afflicted who ? mil be unrcjusiutr il vith htm and his mild mode of treating I, the disorder of this organ, to numerous restored patients in the g, first class of society, respecting his ptofessionai aS ill and abtliIn tics being pre-eminent in his tujeess as a scientific ocrnlis'. Chronic ioflsmmation of the eyelid, or sore eyer, however |t long standing, c III be effectual.y and permanently cured; films, ,r specks, lie removed and cured without mrgicsl opeJatieu. IC Cataracts removed by any cf the operations practised here or in Europe, STRABISMI! * , (Commonly crlleil Pquin'ing) cared in a few seconds on (Jut-rut's c?lehrated plan, which is free fmm pun or dinger rt Offic hours fro 8 A. M. to 1 P. M,, after Which hours he visits out door patients. mi lm*cc I, TkOCTOR GLOVER is one of the r,ry lew adv nismg physicians who hgs received a tegular tmnical education. !7 He baa routined himself to an office practice for I he last fourteen yesr< iathisiity. He hid great expe ienee iu the tr at it meiit of sT'Ctures, and has cur, d store ctsi-s of that kin J than any other ph. sician in this city. Dr. (4. m kit his chsrgis mod-rite to suit'he time s nod crcumslances of bi< patients He puis up m-uicui- nir ine cnr -01 one s|*cisnl me iliseaar, ai <1 SI, with (Iirecti >ns slid s short realm, girlng >1111101111111, treat> incut and cure. OTice in No. 2 Ann 11, private entrance, 4th d >ot fro in Muienm. nit It^ec ll T? ? U DE FLEURT>'ORA NOK AMADKIKA WI.Ne."i F rsate hy E. F. QUlDOHT, IXo. It) Clinton street, at low prices mlIm'm PRINTERS' ANlT BINDERS' WARE ROOMS, No*. M and 31 0*M struet, N. York, April, 1843. PRICES GREATLY REDUCED. , THE HOE PRINmO PRESS MACHINE AND 84 W A MANUFACTORY, in consequence of the addition of , uew and improved maihiurry to their works, aud the rednction in the roat of material! and labor, are enatlrd (treatIv to 1. reduce the prices of their Presses, and ol Printers' anu Binders' j. materials generally. as will be seen hy their newly printed circular, to which lliey bog leate to teler. ! This rslablishmenl is iti'l under the i>ersonal inperintend' mice of Kintianu M. Hob and Mobkrt Hi t, and they asiu'e g their fiiend ihat, nntwi hiiamliint the treat redaction in ? prices, a'l articles manufactured hy this establishment shall re tain the hi()i teputa.i m wtich th y have hitherto snitamed It wi I a ?o be their constant endeavor to improve the rja Iity o' tip m in every Thev ll itter tip mi lies alio lhat , thtir o J fiiends will not only cont'd >e th ir f>vo but that ' rit.leis generally will apii-eci ite th-ir endeavors to furnish the _ vcrv rest articles at baielv remunerating prices. n O'detsfrom tuy psit of th'coantry >ot sll articles used by Pr uteri or Bilideri, uic'uduig Types, Ink. I\?| er, Ac , wi I be eaecu'ed with the greatest care and promptitude, nnd oa the belt terms. h Jobbing work at,d rrpaiiing will be none at the lowest posPi sib'e prices with eri ry atitu'ion and rspeditinn. N. B?AH art-c es inanufdure d hy ilns establishment will , he stamped R HUE A t'O , > >' hat persons from abroad may t. not be >mp>?ed apun with tputiout articles, made iii imitation j. of'heiis. Jt Pnntera of newapapes who publish this advertisement, wiih ' this note, three times before the first of July next, and send one |. of their imp-ri to us, will be entitled to payment of their bill on ?. buying four times the amount of it. apfOta r i- IMPORTANT TO FARMERS-The New York Night r; I Boil Company are soar piepan il to nceiro and fulfil ors.? ders for manure, which is pronounced hy ihe most practical ' and respect-ihle farmcn to be superior in its ft rliliring qnali* tira to any manure now in use, and ihey intend selling it at ! such prices as to make it accessible to every farmer. " Hor particulars enquire at the cilice of the agent, I) Cham. b'rs street. Urrlvra may also be left for the rrmoysl of the content* of cess pool* and sinks which wul he attended to wilh sll pos *? sible cleairl ne?a anil punctuality They have be?n at th- gun. 1 xponsc of patchouli* vessels lor the purpose of conveyii a ii ' from lie 01 y. and to moke it agreeable to the citizen*, the* * have close tubs and certs, itnl have it rearranged as 10 hare a vessel at the whir'' nearest to where ihe work is going on, so Y as in p 1 v nt the nni nice of coning if through the city All > r lers may he left or letters addressed 10 the "Ifi re ol ilc agent, 15 Chamber*street. m> lm*p J POttTUOUESE FEMALE FILLS. ' CpilESK far famed and celebrated Pills, from Portugal, aiu, A w? parcel vs. 10 bs obtaiar J in thu country. n MUM o tilths Ism e'sa i, fnurth ***?. TITAN1ED by a vourg man, au Amoacto of good moial .f^aracti T' a to travel with a gentleman aa valet; would have do objection to goin* to any part of thiaconntry : or the old; or tlie adverti*? r woald have uo objection to attend any gentleman who is an invalid. A line addrrtard to J R , at the office of this paper, will meet with immediate attention. Eatiifac orr referenda w ill be giveu. it. I 3t#c

WAMTEl)?A respectable vomnr v6non, Ktench 01 Oern an, to tak? rare of a fluid and to d?? tewing He?i>?ctable 1 f itv ref? reure will be rnju rtd. Apply at tWa c ffice- . m3 3tti+r I 0&AM9TRE88 SITUATION?Wanted ky "a vjuhk w? ' hJ man. Hat no objection in lake care of a few children, ami it a tr^nd drrsitnakt r I lie best city rrf r'tiee given. Ap , rlv a' I'll ''anal s'reet. n-j 31* rim TITANTItO?Ai the Dtcori'in ftinbtilluttflt of William ] ?* Oibinn.J 8 Pearl urn t, ear Hroadss y, a young mau ol steady ? aH11?. wlin ii eonvcraaut with the uae of i.'arp?nier?' or 1* makera tonl?. to w >ik it a d-corative branch o? buai- ; nea* Ah this will b a permanent situation to a c impel nt person, none othersneed apply ml-tt'r TN FORMATION WANTkD"?L t the r plaees ol reai1 ilrn'-e, < lintnri township New Jeiaey, on the evening of h- , '.7 h April, two bura, .ged from thiitrrn t fonr'ern years?on* n-ined Stephen Auk a'tit I von, ia of a light completion.small j blue o? ea, red fare, and ra>h?r slendsr make: had on when he went away bliie^raixed Kentucky jean pantaloons and roundabout, coatae ahora, and strawjiat. The other, Aleiander Har .ison, dark cooip'enon. aui r theratout built; had on when he ( went away Keutticky jean pantdoons, (dark mned), daik green roundabout, and dark orercoat. Their intention, it ia anppoaril, ia to go toa-aSl All reraoua are lorbid harboring or einployiug them, under the penalty ol ike law. Any person discovering them will p'rsie seud them to Charles L Carpenter. No. 3 sixth street, where they will be rewarded for their i trouble. I ?W6t*r OBAPIAH LYON. i TMPOKMATIN WANTKD-?Ol" VVM. MILL ICR, late of ] A 8te ling, Scotland, who le't that place, til Liverpool, for New York, in Sspt. 1821. He was laat heard ol as in the employ of Mr. Pirrpoiut, distill' r, Brooklyn It this ahouh. meet ii'? eve, ne is repeai-a to iminr(Palely- commuaKate nv T11"' toWn. V i'ler, Jr. No. \ Ms afield street, Liverpool,who is in po session of information of grest importance, or to theatrwrd ou board the Ueo. Washington, laying at the foot ef Burlltfdtp. a29 I W*ec RK VIOVAL?PA I'l A. BRkZ Importer of Watches. h is removed his offiee froin 75 Waitenstreet to 31 Cnurtl.andt street. m< 1 w?c WM St JNtJ. O'SJKIKN lisve re > ovesl their oCtce to No. 16 Wall street, under the Mechanics* Bank. ml 3t*r NOTH'K and removal.?F. a. aktault, lately 16? ' i Ft) I toil sr. having dissolved hy mutual ennsriil his copartnership, for giving all his attention to the Dngiierrrotyiir hus nets, respec-fully infiirms ins friends ami the public that tie has removed his old Daguerreotype stand from 168)4 Fulton it. to 833 Broadway, 2d stir v. where he hss just openeii several Eackagrs received hy the last arrivals, containing 1000 French laguerreotype Plates. No. 30 and 10 warranted French Acromatic Lenses and all the chemicals necessary?complete apparatus. He will be very glad to see all his old customeis visiting his new place. I'lrase to give a call?235 Broadway, 2d story, rooms Nor. 2 gad 3. m< lm*r i REMOVAL. MRS. O. NBWCOMBE, TOBACCONIST, retu ns her sincere acknowledgements for the very liberal patronage ritendrd to her Or the last 13 years, and would In** leave to inform her patrons aud the public geneially that the has removed her old established snuff anu tobacco w'rehouse to the spacious store No 4 Wall street, Mor-imer buildings, where she would invite the at'eution of cnnnoisieurs to Per large and well selected stock of Foreign and demean - snuffs Just received from Hamburgh a laige supply of Varina's.Kanailfr I laf 9tul unit Irtl ,ni alifv 1 nlil iiwl vi-rv cuiiprifir Turkish Spanish, Scafa'Jatti ami I'orto Kico, 'tonkins tulucco; cavendish fvarious kinds,) ami line cut chewing ditto. A ch >ice assortment of the bear brand* of II tvatia and Principe rigars, constantlv on hand. Fancy pipes, ogar esses, snuff botes, pocket lichts. t'luaese tuner ice Sec All 01 which lor sale 011 the most liberal terms, wholesale or retail. Strangers and country dealers arc invited to call previous to making their purchases elsewhere. mi lm*ec REMOVED?DK~aTINOUL'( '8 Olllce to 101 Leonard street. Oflite hours?from 12 to 3; and iu tha etemnit, at 5 o'clock. tnS P?r Removal?p. mak?, iim iu sser and Win Maker, has i removed f om ICS to 189 U.oadway, a few doors below the Franklin H'Use, and opposite John street. Hivi gfi'tcdupa new r on in the most fashionable style, he will c ntinuethe same business, and will be pleased to see hit old fiends and paltona. and others who n av lavor him with a call. He has slsnpiivat" morns for Ladies' hair dressing and jampnoing. This powerful Extractot Jampovny is considered by thousands of New Yorkers and as one of toe healthiest articles for the rnre of dtudruff *nd strengthening the hair, is approved bv the Faculty of Medicine in Pain, and nateited nt Washington. Nothing 11 more pleasant and delightful than to go thiongn this operation in the hands cf P. MAES. ma 'm*i Removal?dr caldwell has removed trom 45 ] Walker street to 508 Broadway. m2 6t* ia r 1 ADIKS' OORDWAINEK8' soci ?.TY-An adjourned Lt meeting ef this Boc ety, will be held at the hou<e ol V. Mager, No. 101 Elizabeth street, on Thursday, Mav 4 h, at one o'clock, P. (VI. Every member is requested to be present to adopt ineasnrci for the pro;ec'ion of the trade, and to hear the report of the com-y'tlve appointed to regulate the scouring commi'ters of the different districts. N. B.?The regular meeting wi'l be held ia the evening at tha same place. JOHN C. PULfS, Secret iry. tn2-Jt*r T It ETl HEH?LEKChES?LFK''H ES?Jusi received from -La Hamburg, per bark Howard, in 28 days passage, a very fine lot of Sweetish Leerh?s, very large end healthy. For sale at $7 per hundred, by JOHN ALL A YOLD. 106 Bowery, and by JOHN LYME, comer of Fulton and Water streets. in2 6i*r GLASS AT No 3 JOHN STREw.T, near Broadway, Depot of 8TOUVEN EL & BROTHER'S Glass Mauufac tory, the only place where people can g< t supplied, cheaper than auy other place in this city A full a?s?rtmeDt ol the richest cut and pla n glass, Lamps for hall; Astisl and Solar Lamps, Girandoles, French and English Chtua, Itc lie , all at mtnufacto'y puces. F.vety article matched to paitern. Glass cut to order. Wholesale and retail for city and country trade at the above, and at their f 1 nry. No 29 Gold st n 2 'in* re TRENTON RACES. F.e.f gnelne Me.tintr will enmmenee mi Toesdav. Msv I 9 th. First Day?Sweepstake* for fonr yeara old, two mile heats, Sub. Sitno. closed with five subscribers. 1?Samuel Laird entera bay c Delaware, by Mingo, dam by John Kicharda. J?Charlei Loyd enteri ch c Billet, by Ming", dam by Mambrino. 3?J K. Van Ma'er entera ch c Rerel, by Mingo, dam by Eclipse. 4?Juseph Helliuga entera b c D. Webater, by Priam, out of Fairy. . . 5?David Toma entera ch c Stanley Eclipse, by Bosiria, dam by John Stanley. Same Day?A rnrae of f>0, mile heats. free for all agea. Second Day?A puree ol $!H0, two utile heata. Same Day?Sweepstakes, for 2 yeare olda, mile heata. Third Day?A puree o? S3 0. three mile heat*. Same Day?A puree of $100, mile heataFor further particular!, lee New York 'Spirit of the Times. MULX MACE. On Fridav, May 12th,(which ia the day following lh* Hacea) a rurae of (100 will be given for a Mule Race, mile heata, beet In five, $25 of which to go to tne aecond beat. JAMES BROWN, Proprietor. Trenton, N. J.. May 3d, 1843. m4 gt'rc BEACON COURSE-TROTTING. THURSDAY, May 4th, at v o'clock, P.M. Sweepatakea. Two mile hiata in hirer aa; SIOil Sob. h ft. H Woodrrffnamta br. m D'Ucheat. Wm Wheel?r names b g. Hector. m2 3t*p W. S. Heed names gr g Hnaffl'. MRS. N. SCHKLTKMA 9METS *8 Broadway, oppo site the Park, reipecll'ully informa her cuatomera anil the Ladiea generally, that ?he haa ju?t received by the late arrivala from casra, comprising a l?rge and splendid assortment of Milliae y, Embroideries, Bilka, and other New Oooda for Dr -asea, Lacea and Fancy Ooods of all description!. N.B ? In the Dresa Making Department all orders promptly rtarnted in the newest and moat approved French atyle, being superintended by a lady who haa Jnat arrived, and who haa had ei >eri*nee in the most faihionable French honaea. Will opensev-ral c""es of French Millinery, thin day?Consisting ?f t'apottei. Tarlatan Dressea. splendid embroidered Caps for ladies, ol a very new style, entirelv different from any bef. re offered ; rirh Bar ege Drsasea, Children*' Ha s, and a general assortment of fancy articlca, which will be put at a very low price a* usual. m3 3t*ec NEW CAMPHINE iAMPS Th- subscriber his just completed a largo assortment of single and double burner Camphine and Chemical Oil ampt, noon au improved plan, surprising all o'herv now io "se for hrilfianry of light, comhiued wiih ecnnomv in bnrning?consisting of glass, fountain, hanging and a' n il lamps; brass aad hroni* circultr retlecting Camps, the improved mechanics' Lamp, snirahle for four m?n to work by, at an eipcns* ot three centa per night. Al o, "general assortment is? Lamps f om other msunfaetarrrs. The public are r? queated, h-fere p rehasing elsewhere, to call in and eaamine or themselves, the prices beiimprrt down to suit tha tim< s line pries is a keri. aad no ahawlWei.r Also, the improved Cami'luuc end Chemical Oil sent round in wagons as nsntl, by (I MiTCHELL, I Catherine street, and Branch Store, i296i|s*r 478 Qreenwieh atr-ef. corn-r of Canal. THE NEW YORK MEDICAL AND SURGICAL INSTITUTE, No 71 Chambers street, T7STABLI8HED TO RENDER TO THE AFFLICT: J-v ED sound and Scientific Medical Aid. All kind of disease* will be treated, and aurgical operations of every descrip linn performed iu the most careful and scientific manner. One of the firit ocoulists in the city will attend to the treatment ol II diseases of the eye and cat. Particular attention ie paid to the treatment ol all female complaints. Patients who deaue it will be visited at their houses. Those whose means are limited will only be reqnimd to |>ay for their medicines. Three or fonr rooms are provided for private consult* ti D. The drug department i> attended by an apothecary ol gr> at eiperience, and ail medicine* diaprnaed may he relied od is purr and genuine Capping and leeching will be done at the (horrent nntiee. Open dav and night I'aiKiiH from the country wishing to aeail themaelTra of the great advaiitavea thu Inatitution pniaeaaea in the treatment af armfulou* affeCiiona, cuwneoiit diaeaaia, and anrgiral op, rationa, can he accommodated with board and rootna in its iinme diatr vicinity. DR. HOMER BOSTWiOK, Attending Thyaician and Surgeon, 7i Chambers at. 2d honae weal ol Broadway Thia invitation ia under tne patronage and commendation of the following gentlemen REV. DR ED V Hid BEE. Re.V. DR. W. C. BROWNLKE, REV. DR. (IKO. POTTS,j REV l)K O 8PR1NO. alg'lmia rc"*1HKV. DR. HCHWOKIUCH. BELMONT HOUSE, NEW BRIGHTON. rpHE subscriber brga leave to inform Ills frirnda and the pub I- lie, that he has taken the above well known houae, which lias been thoroughly repaired and painted in the beat manner, nrwly lurmthed throughout, and will be oi>eii-d on the brat of Mayneil. The honae ia delightfully ait n a ted immediately oproaite the alcanboat landing, and from ita pier*** commands a view e*tending np the Kill* and ovor the hay and harbour of New York. To thnade eeiroit* of a pleaaant reaiilenee daring the aunimer innDtha, poacriiing >hr advantage* of fine aalt watei bathing, together with beautiful drive* and walk*, and conve men! sreraa Ir lh" ciiy every two honra by ateam, the Brlmoni Houae ofTrrt ibdueemcnte nuenrpaaaed by anv other on the la i nd, and the auhacrib 'r I'pata th.t hia former effort* to give satisfaction aa pmprieto of the Puilion, with hia renewed determination In apare no paint to render Ins houae agreeable va ill enaiire him the eon'IDU itiou of a pinion of the pttrotitgr he hi. lieretofoJe been favored with. new Bhiohtoiv. Apnl II, IMl an !3i?tfr Mltn Ith.ACHtlK hrei 10 inform her Ir end* and nvo-ners I hat aha haa rem lved to II Canal atrert, N. Y., and ia ready to n-< me their o dvra on Millinery article*. Dreiaea, M an the lateat iMhton, at price* to anil the timaa. IM*t AUCTION SALKS. THOMAS BKC.i.. Ancn ineer. BY BELL k HOWARD. {ttf II ft >1.11 Jinn and 115 ((fMl-l Tht'ksDAY, Hple ndid ami eitenaiva atle of elegant and valnthle I1 urtiitire of ill description*. ?t !0X o'clock in the tales rooms Thin sale will romnriie >11 kind* i( fnrnitare and houseircpmg nrtirln, ireladinc olmrst every article in the line; ?tu >f ill- brat, middling and otherqualities. Also, elegant carpets, 2'"'rat rate piano fortes, k . At the rotnrii' nermenti f the axle will be ditpoard of, with)u* rerrrvc, 25 bMa. prime ale. Ptano h'ortea?At II '< lock. ?t the wire room of Mr flock"tt, 118 Centre afreet, be' wren White at'J Walker airce'a, T valuable a rood hand and new r"aewood and mahogany piano lor tea. aoine to pay aipriiaea an I othrra on eorrmoaiou; to aell which poiitive ordeia h?ve hern received. Can be arm on riiuraday. FRIDAY. A' 10V? "'clock, 'U the Biles Rooina Large sal* of D j 1) > di, con: pritnig West Knelard c'otha. euaim*r> a, veatinga id lane a. enallya, mrsVna cal.r >a, I'm n and tton thratings aud thiiling!, noaiery, glovaa, kt., Stc. in lota to guit. Alan, n?w andaecond hand clothing. Alan, London aura jewelry, fcc. N B.?The aalea of Bell It Howard will take'litre, rain or ihiue. _ by cahtbr a co. FR(l)Ak , Mav 5th. At half past 10 o'clock Elegant Cabinet Furniture Cutlery. China and <Pa*<ware, it lift Broadway, Gothic Hall?Bv Catal nA sp'eudnl aalortrarnt of new cabinet furniture, tit?1 4 ami full French roerwood and mahogany cli tin, toie wood table*, tea and breakrait table*, maple chair* cane teat, wardiobei, aofni, m <rb!c top rnclosed waahstauds, bookcue*. marble loiyientre lable*. piin'i itoola, dresaiug bareaur, plaiu bn'eaua, card lablta, nnrae ind sewing chain, dirani, otmman* Kreueb bedftead*. Iia>rand [)lu?h rocker*, Ac. 20 *et? superior isory handle Sheffield cutlery, cnt gt?s* bowl*, diahei acd ramblers, China dinner and [ollet let*, blue and white. Catalogue* ready on th> morning of aa'e. m4 2t*r HKNKY I- KIKIX. Aae>ion?ar BEDDING AM) HOUSEKEEPING ABT CLK8 AT AUCTION?HENRY E. KIELL will *el< by catalogue i>n Kridav neat, May 1th, at 10 o'clock, at the large stores Not. 156 and 15BOreeuwi-h aii'tt, corner of Conrt'ardt *tr*et. an - tensive assortment ot beds and b:dding, inai.ufacturrd by Painnel S. Parker rtrre??lv for the spring trail-, cnusiatins of I boot 100 feather bed*, 300 holders and pillow*, 500 mattiaa?s, !f>0 bedsteads, French, windla** slat and cord, single and dotstrie, If0 mm'nrirr*, tingle ai d double, 25 pounds live gee-r Tea [her*, ?8'0 pounili curled hat , wardrobe and sideboard b*diteadr, with a variety of other article*, which will be sold in I its tosnit purchasers, and can be etaunned at any lime previon* to the sale. mil 3t*r R H. Tl VIl'tON, AnctioneeAuction nohce-jacob s. platt wiii.eiithi? dav, at 10 o'r' 21 Piatt street. 3M casks. eases and lot* Hardware and Ctrlerv, Ae Ac., consisting of Sheffield anvil*, blight face and coder key vices, storks and binge*, log rbailia, At wood's hammers, wrought nails, shovels amis, adet, hoes, rakes, scythes, scores, pick ties, east steel wood ties, pa ten metal tea kettles and sauce pans, brashes, shoe thread; paper, &c. Ac. Alio, a large and hi-trior assortment of table and pocket, viz. ivory in sell of 5' t-ier-s, stag, buck, self anil olaek tip, white boue and cocoa handle koivrs and forks, and carver*. Also, pocket and pen knives, razors, scissors, shears, Ac. Catalogues and the goods Cti, be eiainnied to the boor of sal* m4 lt*r By W. H FK* NKL'N, Auetioner. pABINEl FURNITURE?The public are respectfnlly v-f informed that the subscriber intends selling off at auction on Thursday the 4th of May, by W. H. Franklin, his entire stock uf splendid Cabinet Furuiture Being of hisownm'nu ficure, all is warranted to be of first rate workin-nsh'n and matrrials. Peratus abont purchasing are n it -esteil to call and esamine. SAMUEL WA i'EKBUBY, inl 4t*r if 60 Beeisman corner O -Id street. Guns, rifles," and pis i'ol ?j \cba s. tlatt will if II this il ly at 12 n'cluck, a 21 I I tt il'fet. en invoice of? utile aiid dnub'e barr I'eil p-reunion cun?, tone ol which ere ol v-rv line quality andlai'lbll lor ip< r linen; 'I il som-' of wn>ch will be told singly. Alio, 20 pair Amrrican rifle pistols, and one case nil-s. Ai this sale is peremptory, I lie at entiou of I il rhaa, ni ii M questrd. m4 lt?r UENJ MUONEY, Auctioneer. AUCTION NOTICE.?Heavy Hardware. Shelf Ooodi, Cutlery. Oui.i, I'litoli. Stc ?b. MOO.NEY ill CO will sell this day at 10 o'clock, at 91 ManDn lane, a general assortment of Hardware, viz. sadirons, flat, bastard and handsaw lile?, till, closet aud cupboard locks, tea trays, biace and bitts, mecUcles, shoe knives, butcher do, hammers, trame pullies, Hemmine k Son's needles, spoons, blac1 ing, Sic. Also, GOO dezeu superior table aud desert knives and forks, carvers, Ike. Also, 600 dozen I, 2, 3 and 4 blade pen aud pocket'knivcs, razors, Ike. Also, t cask Britannia ware. Also, 2 caves shoe thread. Also, 2 casks Wilkinson's cotter key vices. Also, Wilkinson's warranted anvils. Also, an invoice of plated and bronze candlesticks. Also, 160 nair pistols, smgle and double gnus, Ike. Also, '2,000 supeiior imported Principe aegars. Catalogues are nowreulv. m4 lt*r HOKaCK BOARD, Auci-neer. A UCTION N 'TICK.?Fine Arts?Charles S. Smith will -is- sell at auction, at his store, No. 202 Broadwav. ane door above Reade street, <1 Saturday morning nezt, at 10,4a o'clock, a collection of paintings, unequalled bv anv otfereu in New York for inanv a y?<r, the mtierityof which have rcccntlr b-en imported from Europe. "1 he lovera of fine arts are solicited to attend aud inspect them. The room will be lighted on Thursday and Ktiday evening. Also, on Tuesday evening following, at 7 o'c'ock, a collection of -pleudid English Engravings. jusr atri'ed if sh'p --wi zerland. m4-3tis*r AUli ' ION NOTICE?Elegant Furnitnre?'lips Day, at 10 o'clock, the entire s r,ck of new csbiuet furniture contained m the w-ierootn 63G Brnsdway, consisting of sofas o( ?opeii"T workmansbin, s?f? b dsteads, tur-aus. washst.ods, centre tables with and wi'liout m? ble tops, marble top work tobies, breakfast, lea aad dining t-bles, couches, divans, otn mans, secretary and book ca>es, French iccreiarv, mahogany hair seat rocking chairs, sewing, antique, sweep back chai-s. French '-2 aud 3-1 chairs, cird tables k icnrli bedsteads, curled maple Grecian chairs, sideboard. Egyptian and white marble top centre and pier tables, wardrobes. Sic.1 n>4 If ec ?. P. in'JRAHAM, Anct Auction notice?trowbmdoe & co. win sell Saturday Morning May Gtn, at their sales room, on accountof whom it mar concern, a very splendid glass show case, left in store hy previous ocni nan's ; also, some brass feidrrs. all of which will be sold to pay storage, as ihey csnnnt ascertain tka rirh-lal owners. m3 ts A UCTiON NOTICK,?To H irdwsre dealers noil others.? -'1- Trowbridge (It Co w II ?e I, at their sales room, Wll Broadway, oi Friday inornir g, May Jtii, by order of the nasi, urea, the en'ire s'ock of a wue cloth ?d seive fstahlishm- nt. consisting of 400 piecsof wire cloth ; 660 doi seivea aud riddles, made of brass capper and iron, beiag ilia stock of a dealer, and making a complete as-ortm*nt, well worthy the attention of hardw ire dealera, wire aeive sellers. he. mf-2m*r AUCTION NOTI'.'E?Dahlias and fine Planta?A. Lery wll sell on Friday morning, at U o'clock, at lil Broadway, 300 fineat double Dahl-a roota, all nam-d, Gladioluses, Ttiherrses, 7 aorta English Turnip aeeda, with a line collec linn of irreen hOMO jBltl of every variety. Alanthua Seedlinga, Samples of w> ich are now at ihe atore, and axe worthy the attention of Urowera Alto 'he Most lioaea, Rhododendona, double Carnation P.nks. &c. from Europe, if they can begot ont the veaiel in time for thia tale. ml 2t*ec C* BINF-T FlIRNITUHE-The public are retpectfully informed that the au'acriber intends telling at auction, on Tnriday.ihe 9(h of May, hit entire atock of Cabinet Furniture, being of his own manufacture, and it warranted of beat miterialt aud workmanahip. Persona wishing to purchase will pleaae call and examine for themaelvet. JAB. B. GAHRETHON, ml lt*ec 16 Beekman street. w 1 - - - .. t FURNISHED HOOM8 TO I.F.T.?The first or srond floor of ihe house No 109 Lrona'd atreet, near Broadway; wool I mil one or two gentlemen, or a fawho could he furnished with meals iu their own rooms atanvhourild aired. mt 2' *r UVLga FARM KOIl SALE?The besuiiful improved HiekM"'V Grove Farm s'u.ted in'the town of Mamoronrck ^JLs.wea'cheater cotiniv, three miles eaif ef New Koch -lie. a few minutes walk from the Boston iturapike, conaiatii g of H acrea of choice l-nd, ten of which is wood laud; hand-omr double 'wo atorv hOMt, fen room*. The house is auriouudri! with nume-oui cherry, plumb, i?ar and other fruit trees, together with an aople orch ird of the choicest k-nd. The ou huil. i> g< ire all i-1 first rats repair; a handsome garden iu front of the house, laid out wi'h boa aud grave' walks fhri ug'-our, and it stocked with all of the rarest shrubbery, flowers, Ike ; handsome lawns in front and rear ol the house. '1 he tskory grove H inds on a rising ground, twenty rods distance from the hous-, wuh beautiful lofty trees, and is kept as nltasnre ground, having a good view of the Lot g laland Sound. Th a place is well worth ihe attention of any gentleman wanti g a country residence. For further information enquire of ROB'!* LEWIS, corner Jones lane and South street, or of Captain SAM UEL t?KO v ES, on the p emises. in^201*r PHIL A DEL I'H IK BOTANIC UAFUEN TO LET Well known aa the MeArann f iirtien, situated on ?JLwAreh, Filbert, Scbnvlkill ar,d B'xih sireeta. id the eity of I hiladelphia, containing abiut four acres of ground, with d vailing house, bar, summer house,?xtensi?s green and hot houses, mi ill the*tre, scenery, transparencies, illamioating lamps, 8c a The Warden it tastefully laid ont in gravel walks, .- rubbery, and orna nenta shade trees. To a good at d suit, ble tenant, tie premises would be let r>? reasonable terms. Possession may be had -mintd-atsly. Apply JOHN W. KIlAoKR. m2 ia6t*r No. 79 imth T?nth itreet, Philadelphia. ?u| NIBLO S UAKDKNfl?Choice and rate Annual jfcH|Klowtf Seede, on* puckage containing '0 Tarn-ties, [ u neatly ? aenarate paneta, for our dollar?vis* Bartonia Anrea?On* of the moat choice and beautiful of al the beautiful p anra introduced from Calnornia, bearing a ricl gold colored llowrr Trnrie duin Peregnnnm or Canary Binl Flower?A r rj beautiful hardy Annual, aSowins cat and fringed tlowera, ra nary c Ion. Barer!) PannDouHIr Balaam*?Thia delightful plant haa loni been the faroiite of Flora. Sin rrb Herman Doable and Quilled Altera?20 anperbyarie lira mixed ? Choice Hearfaeaae?Thia aeed ia from named Priae Fluweri frem the principal exhibition* in Knglan-t laat year. r'hli'i Drammond ?Thia deiirahle border unu <1 mcreaaes in rarietv 'nil attraction ev.-ry year, there heingat mi time al lea>t 12 d atitir" rarieiiea, haeing tlowera *a ying frcm a deei roae-color velvet hue to a pale lilac like pink Purtularca Spleiiden*?Another deal/able border plant, eery dwarf, heaiieg a roar icirlet (lower. Fine M xrdZinniaa. Nierernbergia Tl ie licea? Thu annual will ccrer any hordei or trrllia work all through the auinmer with a bright purple (tower. Dwarf Rocket Larkipur, mixed colon.' Mexican (blue) Ageratuin. Harret Scented Alyaaum. Meguioaette. bine German Ten Week Block Oilli Fiower? 21 diilinct colon mixed, very fine. Lnpinna Craibahankil?The moat varied ard handaomeof any of the Lupina, haa (1 >wera of nearly every ah de between purple, blur, pink, yepow and white,and conliuuea in (lower from Joiie to theend of Augnat. liKimopaia Meg ana. Claikia Khg'na?A heanlifnl flower from Callfornu, roae color?kerpi in ll iwrr four mon lie. Hern ui? I lia ia (he in > ( handaome of all thia apeciea i I annual*, bean reI'uao (I iweraol yellow and acarlSt. Mcharholtzia Croce??A tine orange flower, and an abundant flowerer. Morning Glory. The pro|0ret<>r? heg to call the attention of thnr friend* and the enltivaior* of Flower*, t> the above aeleetion ol Annual Berda,choeen out of afci lit 710 of the moat choice v? ietice known at ihe preaent lime, all of which are Warranted freah Seed, nnpnried from Kurope th>a apring. Bnlboua Hoveiing Koota?viz: the Jacobean Lilly, GladioIna, h loribiindu*, and Poiarum, Mexican Tiger blower, Uoub'e Tuheroae, Double Dahliaa, tic (tc ?all of which are now ready for planting ?ut All orilera promptly cirruted Appy to m2 J'it r NIBLO h lillNL ^P, SH Broadway. WINKS. BRANDIES, <ke. rpur, mbrerib. r effei* the following Wine*, ke. for tale at I! 1 Pine itreei, corner of William. Madeira in nipei, hhd*, quarter caibi, demijohn* and bottle* a part veiy old and high coat, direct ana via India. Phcrrir*, iu i ipei. hlnli.qaaiter cava* and in gla**, of ranom grade*?Amontillado in quarter reiki. Port?Imported eipreuly for family nie, in wood and in glaai. Clareti? Chateau Margeant, Latoure, St. Eitephe, Larote. S' Jniien?alio In cxtr. tlocki?J hanneiberg Caitle.Mirmhrnuocr Cab uet.t'hirtjhi r;er. Bronebera, A ***n r uilrauir u, Onnthauten. Hiitnrb ii en, Kiitle*hMitirr, H ttenheun Pei?port?r, Lribfeanmrlch, Oie enheimer, Hoehhenrier, kc. 4te kr. teutonic, I) iiiac, Mai*ar, Chabln Buranud'C*?Cloi de Voureot, Chioiberlin, Romance Very old Cognac Bnndy, rintige PfM; eipreuly for .ammer He Fiot Holland Uin. . . The article* are recommended to the tulrmai a in ereign remedy for their maladie* .GILBERT DA V IB. ml tm AMUSEMENTS. R4HK THRATHC. THIS KVKNINO, will be performed. OKANDF*TH? R WHI riCBK.AU (Jrindrtllirr Whiteh-sd. Mr Plseide; Lrtiit*. IV ita Biiloul After which Mr BUl*T w n* 9M wil .Pr:?r. Aft,, which HIH l-AHT LKOB?OH M?ll* To eourltid* whhTHJC KKNTUCKIAN? Nimiod Wildfire, Vr H ickir rit, nrn; Onllery. I?H r?- Doon open >t 7; pctfo matter* n.minrr. n, v.nlt pr*?t 7. l ll.\TIIAJl Til KAT ? f'. Ornricr Mo* top *nd Cha* M?ur?r THIS KVKMMJ, ?,tl h. performed. MARrn.tVir? Mtrreline, Mr? Mount.. A t- .Irrli THE NVRVOUH MAM To I fining..I i,v i MA'l'.k.H O'VlALLKY. To ootie'iide with the 3 ' .ct of OT1IKULO. Price* of Adinitiior?Dtr** ( irrle ? e-ntt: Sreood in' Third Ti.r? 23: Pit l?K; Otl'trv IIS 'tun. Doors open X before 7?enrtain rise. at oVIock t rrriael* Ho? MHTI.I/H HI.) mPit rn '<>.?, IThIS EVKNP'O. w I' h. pe*formed A "OMNAVBULA. After^whjjji HOOTS AT,THE HWAN ..Afttr wnirn. ?1I i.r,r.?Amy uer, *>'< i unm; Lily Vor??o Mi?? Taylor Toconelode wi'h HIGH W A V v* AN? B<|tme Jjlly, Mr Nickirfon, Colonel (locket, M'Dnm. ,i/ 1 lie Doors will be oprued el 7, ?- >.miuMei eoinmcurc at helf-???* T. every evening. AMKRICAK mi'HKU^ The MODEL Ok' THE CITY OK PARI*. covering en area ol 250 feet. ALL IN CARVED WOOD, inrlad Kg every itreet, lare, bridge aud buildmg in that ?aat eity, the remit of euteen yeare labor, and eiccated with eoch remarkable fidelity that any iiereon who h*e been in Paris can point oat the Trry home in which he lieee. Mr WINOHKLL, in a doxen different char*cure. Mr HHKKMaV, the heantifal Ballad Singer, Miaa ADFL AIDE PHILLIPS, the beat Dinaanae in America. A LIVING SvA DOG, from New Knondland. ENORMOUS SERPENT. 20 feet long, and ?? large ae the ... . body of a man The Melodian' Galtanir Gold and Silver Plating! Albino Lady! Kancv Glass Blowing and 500,000 curio*itirs. Day vmieri admitted same evening tree. Admission U? Muxenin and iintertainmeuta 25 cente?children half price. pkalk s hkw Vokk nuaiciia Broadway nopmife the City Hall. Mr H. Bl^NRTT, Manager REDUCED PRI K? ADMISSION ONE SHILLIvO. Mr JENKINS, Comic Drlineator, Teuor Singer and Bnuo Plaver. i 810^5? p*at Magician and Ventriloqaiat. Mira OKOVKB, the tntich adipired Dimrate Vaiter RATTLER, the beat Ethiopian Dancer in America. Taney Glau Blowing. Afternoon entertainments on Hatnrdty at 3 o'rlock. Day vlI liters admitted the same evening Iree ol charge, i Performances in the Lecture Room to commrnce at t o'clock* A splendid Sell Playing Melodeon to be seen SICvNOR NAGEL'S ' GRAND FAREWELL CONCERT. OIONOR NAOEL, First Violiniit to the King of Sweden, t' and pn pi I of Pigamni, haa the honor to announce to the citir.em oi New York and hii f lendi, that befbi* leaving for Europe he intrude to give a GRAND FAREWELL CONCERT AT THE APOI-LO ROOM, On FRIDAY EVKNINO, May 5th. Ha will be assisted hv the following artists MR*. KDWARD LODEK. MR F. RAKEMAN. MR DtMSTKR, the favorite Ballad Buffer. MR. Tl M M, to preside at the Plane. Ami other artnta, which will bo farther annoanead. By suggestion <>f many of Sigior Nigel's frienda, he has rvilucru hia price of tickets to Ml cents, ro be had at the Mnaie btorm, and at ihe door on the evening vf the Concert. To comm'n e at 8 o'clock aj# Jt r MONS. BLKY'S OR AND VOCAL A NO INSTRUMENTAL CONCERT, PREVIOUS TO HIS DEPARTURE FROM N YORK. lVjONH RLEY. First Violin Solo p'ayer at the Oymnaae I' I Moaicale in Paris, begs to announce a Grand Vocalj and Instrumental Conceit, at the APOLLO ROOM, on Thuridtv. the llth icatant, a'aiated by the following moat eminent talent:? Madame button. MONS. F HAKEMAN, mons. timm. And other eminent artiatea. At the snrgertion o( many friemla Mona. Bley has put hia tickets at 60 cents, to be had at the Music Stores and Hotels and at the door. For programme aee small bilia. Concert to commence at I e'clcclt mtfca Itr A CONCERT will be giren at the Pestalossian Inalitnte, No. (6 Hammond street, on Thursday Kreninc, May tth, at half-past 7 o'clock, lor the Beuefit of I lie Poor of th- Ninth Ward. Those who hold ticket! for the late Concert given lor t e same rnrpoae,and who were not admitted for want of room, are especially invited to attend. Tickets may be abtained at the door of the Institute, at 7S cents eaeh. ml lt*r MR BHADBUHY'S LAST JUVBMLK MUSICAL Festiral will be riven at the Broadway Tabernacle, on Friday evening May 5th, bv too of his beat young singers, oonatiruting the I) uirrd Juvenile choir. Thoie pieces that were ao much admired at the festiral of Apiil 10th, will be repeated with the additien of many new ones equally interesting. Mr. B. assure* hia friends who honored him with their presence at the first festival (April 19 h) thst he is ende ror Dg to propare a still ticher treat for them at hie last. Tickets 25 eents, For sale at 199 Broadway, 70} do, til do. 70 Bowery,200 Mulberry streer,.l22 Nassau street, It* do, and at the door. mt 1t*ec E EKIT CONCERT ?Mr. John A. Kyle reepectfullr inf arms his Iriends sad the taihlie that he will gtre his Anuual Concert at the An >'lo Rooms, on Moudav eveninv. Mav the 8th, 181). The following Artis es hare kindly volunteered their arsistance. ylz?Mrs. Edward Loder, Mri. Horn, Miss Mary Taylor, (from the Olympic Theatre, by permission of W. Mitchell, Esq.) Mri. W.-ideshoper, pnpil of Mr H. Timm, Messrs. Alp-rs, Timm, Kossowski, 9??, King, Marks, Hosier, Maisstt and Kyle. Part>cniais in fn'nre anrsrti emrnts. Tickets. Fifty Cents, to be had at the principal mu'ic stores, and at Mr. Kyle's residence, 41 Forsyth street. m'r VAlilHALL QAHDEN?Open for the Seatou?The sab * scriber begs to inf:rai the pnblic that this aronte place of resort will open forth* season on Snnrfay evening. A nl 30th. For the belter arcommodation of the natrons of tne establish I' ent. and to keep out improper persons, I % cents admission will be charged on Sunday erenn g?. for which refreshments wil' be furnished. Other eveni gs ail mission free. Pnhliejwtronage gratefully solicited^ ^ ^ u < WATCHES AND JEWELLERY lower than eser.-As ?" the snhscriber is eonftantly receiving all descriptions of gold aud silver watches, of the newest styles, disect from the manufacturer*, in England. Fiance, and Switxarland, hois euabled to offer a larger assortment, and at much less prices, at letail, than any other house in the city. Gold watches as low as tlfi each. Watches and Jewell fry eichanged or bimght. All watches warranted to keep good time, or the money returned. Watches, clocks and jewellery repaired in the nest manner, and warranted lower than at any other place in the eity. G, C. Allen, importer of watches and jewellery, whole sale and retail, MfWalf street, up stairs. aH-lm ina'm jR sown^PTLOT. AWKN PRESCOTT, Pilot, takes charge as master of rt9v / sels bound to New Bedford, Nantncket Shoals. Boston, Portsmouth, Portland, Kenneheck, and OTHER PORTS east of New York. Office at Frye 4 Shaw's, Ml Water street, corner Reekman Reference to a number of Memhaats, ana the several Insurance Companies in this city, Boston, and Portland. alt Imisv WATCHES, DIAMONDS, See. THE Snhscriber having retired from the late firm of Gel* <ton, Laild Ik Co. has commenced business at the comer of Broad and Wall streets opposite the Cnstem House, for tne sale of line Watches, lliamouds and Gentlemen's Jewslry,at prices in accordance with the times. All Diamond Jeoery honght of the subscriber will bare I urehared by him aftrr d -ducting 7 per cent; tnereby offering to purchasers an opportunity to convert their diamonds into I money at an* time they may please. Fine Duplet, Lever and Lenine Watches, which ho can reI commend aud warraut as good time keepers-^lso.Oold Chain, Pencil Cases, Watch Keys, Stc Silver Forks, Spoons, and Tea Sets, of the newest patterns, Ill, ?ri y oca, i,u - my mvi w VI m niiikiuii t . ...... - -MV? I on the manufacturer's prices. All the above article* shall be ecMi'l to the best made in New York. Watch's and Clocks repaired onder his personal snperintendince, with the assistance of the beat workmen. Diamonds, Pearls and other precious S roues and Silver bought or exchanged, WM. K. LADD, 12 Wall street, opposite the Cnstotn Hons*. *20 I m is m JOHN HENLEY, BANK AGENCY AND EXCHANGE OFFICE, FOR THK COLLECTION OK BILLS. NOTES. DRAFTS, Sc. Sc. MONTGOMERY, ALA. RKFEHENCK. >Messrs. Maxwell It Co. \ " Persae k Brooks, ) " Jacob Little k Co. > New York. I " I'erkins k Hopkins, I " Abraham Br II k Co. J ' St. John Powers kCo > ... Whitake. k Sampson, \ Mob,U' AU" I John Whiting, E'q , Cashier el 1 t Branch Bank, I Jack Thiriogton, Esq., > Montgomery, Ala. I P. D S y?r. Esq. I i Phillip Si Mumford, J ml Im a ec DR. CARPENTER'S PECK SLIP DISPENSARY. t TJH- CAR! ENTER is a regular educated physician and inr ' geon, and receiving his diploma in this eity in the r*?r III'; is a riad lata ofLnion Colls g ; was a sari eon in the army of the United States dm inn' the late war. as may be ses n By a i reference to the arinv and navy register of officers thereof; ia a Licentia eof the New York State .Med. Soc . and for the laat twenty-nine yeara a iiraentioiirr of this city : has kept hi* efflce t for many yeara at No. I Peck Slip, near Pearl, and wnat ia i roost important to know, ia the fnct, that mail delicate sad ..j.' ilnrlfmn n- ,. ... bird to psiform speedy (rd effectual cures. Dr. C. won d most seriously ciutiou the invalid to beware of the numerous catch penny uosirums thtt are continually paraded to their notice by >a host of unprincipled and uneducated pretenders, as al<o many otherwise respectable druggists, who hare seen lit ol late to sanction the imposition by advancing and vending as infallible specifics, their multifarious and dangerous compounds. How important, therefore, to the victims of indiscretion, in the iueipient stage of disease, to place themselves in th-care of an eaperienced physician, on whose judgment and discrimination thev may rely with confidence, as the issue of life or death ere olten determined by the first application in his lormidable ma ad . Dr. Ca penter would add thnt his rooms and offices am admirably adapted to the invacyof patients, and his charges will be found reasonable Office open until 10 o'clock. u>3 tuns'r COPPKH?J0? eases Kogliah Copper from M to JJ o*. manufactured from the beat ere and with great eate, for sale by E K. COLLINS at CC. alter Vi Soul sm w a NORTHERN AND WESTERN EMIGRANT PASSAGE OFFICE. The Sabicviber* h??inf completed the?r an?ffBfoU, n*w prepared to forwmd ger? <> *11 the Western States sud Caaada, hv daily lines of to-boa's. railroads and s'eamboats, via ihe Noith riverand Kiie Canal, upper Lake., Philadelphia and Pittsbn gh. Ohio river Md Caaal routes. The following ara a few of the most important i ^i'aUtTea, Buffalo. rottsvil'e Oilena, S\ rarusf, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Toronio, rV,...?n Detroit, (incinnatn, Kinrstoo, Rochester, Mdwsukie, 8t. Loul;, St. John., i Lsckpor', Chicago, Louisville, Montreal. Alto to aov p>'t of . Ohio. Illiooia, Mlt'ouri, lu.liina, Michigan, Tennessee, Krutncav, Wiic mm, Iowa, ITppcr and Low- r Carta la. Having given amh nniveianl saiiafae i -n in ihetr London and Liverpool lines of ptclsvta, the subscribers will endeavor to nuke the present undertaking equally deserving of public fa v >r. Persons about to emigrate to any ol" the above places are requested tocall on the subscribers before m>king their as is Kc-oenrs, as they confidently halieve the indncemcntsthey |c*n off?r are ?nch at cannot fail to pror* h'?hlT artrancageou^ ami they pledr* tlietmrlrr% that ererf attrnlion anall to pant to 'Utnre comfort nnrt il-?p*trl< Koi furthor tmiliru1* ? to n . m v* {JL?ttE?.TUS".2*S....