Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 5, 1843, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 5, 1843 Page 1
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TH To th? Pabllc, THE NEW YORK HERALD?dailynewspaper?published every day of the year except New Year's day and Fourth af July. Price 3 centa per copy?or $7 36 per annum?postages paid?cash in advance. THE WEEKLY HERALD?published every Saturday morning?price 6} cents per copy, or $3 13 per annumpostages paid?cash in sdvance. ADVERTISERS aro informed that the circulation oi 1I.A " 1J oiuriiTiV TUATTU A VT\ onrl innrAfifliuD luaiicimu ut uvei inini i i nvuoahwi "?? n ait. It hat the large it circulation of any paper in this city or the world, and ie therefore, the beet channel for business men in the oity or country. Price* moderate?cash in advance. PRINTING ot all kinds, executed at the most moderate prices, and in the most elegant style. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, PnorniGTOK or tub Hkbald Establishment, Northwest corner of Fulton and Nassau streets MHOU8ES TO LET AT YOUKVILLE.-2 large houses ou the comer of 84th street anil 3d avenue; either of thrsn is calculated for a public house, grocery or privute residence. On the premises is a fine stable, howling alley, end n fine garden, consisting of 8 ots, with grape vines and fruit trees thereon. For terms, inquire of JOHN A. MORRILL, Esq., mil 2wr No II Ohambnrs at, ifcA TO KENT?Tin-extensive Building erected the prepTjB seutsesson bt the suhsrrioer, for his own residence, on XalJLtlie margin of ihe Erst River, at Uownnua Heights, two and a half miles from South Brooklyn Ferry, commanding splendid views of the Bay and Jersey shore, the cities of New York and Brooklr n, Siaten Island and the East North Rivers. The House is biicb. a superior building, five stories high, covered wilhcopper; the hall and stairs of marble; the waier fron'ab intone thousand feet, and lire bathing within a few r aids of the door, excellei t fishing and fowling in the im mediate viciuitv. The drive from New York is about fifteen minu'es, and the premires are not excelled by any riiuation near this ci;y One hundred persons can be accommodated.? Possession immediatelv. Applv to JOHN Y DELAPLAINE.C8 Wall *t. ALSO TO PET, the three story brick House, 34 Walker street, between Broadway and Church street, occupied by Mra. VerpUnck; and ihe iwo ?torv brick House No 229 Nineteenth atrei t occupied by Mr- C. W. Fcelts?Renta moderate. _alO lm*gc JlisA TO l.b'.T?The Mansion Mouse UC Blooinimrdale. M known as the " Abbey" situ it- d a sii 'tt di.tauce above .he sii mile none, just above Stryker's Bay, sud nearly opposite St. Michaels Church. The place it well known ai our ol the most delightful situations on the Island, and is rema-khly liea'thy in theminuier seasuu. T'ie Kloomingdale stages pass and repass the Rale every hour in the day. The Rate is new.aud numbered 101. Theieut willbe in accordance with the present state of the times. A ply on the premises, or at 132 Chambers street. N. B.?Arrangement canld be made, it desired, by a satisfactory tenant, to let a part of the furniture now in the house remain, or a part of the house will be rentsd separately. apli lm*r TO LET?The fire proof brick store. No. 105 South fT'-lt st, with immediate posti sunn if required, apply to ids. WOODHULL 8t MINTURN, in'Sr 87 8i nth street. Art TO 1~ET?The two stO'V brick House and premises, No. 145 Wooster street, finished iu the most modern JLirtstyle, with maible mantel-nieces aad folding doors throughout Apply to JOSEPH McMBURAY, m23r 100 Pine street. ^rtri. TO LET?Severs' Work Shop-, with Rood light, at ffv? in Aun ?t eet wul be let at low reuu to good tenants. iyJaLtciiuue of WM FULLER, 4th story, front budding, between tl and 1 nVock. >2'' 2w"r . ja.TO LET OH FOR SALE?A ihree story modern V" X built b-ick dwelling noose and stare, wi h two I >ts of giou"d a't-ched, s mated in William<burg, about two rriun'rs walk f om the Peck Slip Ferry Aptly on the premises, comer of Fonrih and South-Eighth-tree's. Williamsburg, or o W. fc J. T. TAPSCOTT, a 4r 43 Pec- slip. Art. FURBISHED ROOMS TO LET.?The first or se mrotid flour oT ihe home No 109 Leonard street, tear Bto?dwav ; would sail ooe or two gentlemen, or a fami';, who could be furnished with meals in their own ro <m? at any boor 1* o sire*. rot 2t*r H0 FARM fOR-^ALK?The be utiful improve.. HickKB?iy tnorc Hun sun-ted in'the town of Mamoro'eck, ^JLs. Wd c letter county. >h>ee notes eait ef New Horh he. a few minutes Walk 'rem the Boston turnpike, consist!' g ol 50 acr a of ghncg 1 iid. ten of whirh ia wouo laud; hand-ome deu .le Mb > Itorv hnns , ten nomi. 'J'be hou?e i--unound. d withnume ou" cbenrv, plufb, pear and other fiuit t-eer, together with an a i le mth r*l of ihe choicoat k ud. The ou uuil. i g rea'li fust rat* r pni ;a handsome garden iu front ol the house, laid ou1 Wi'h box a d g-are' Walks thr ugVu , and iastocke.i with all of the rarest ih u bety, flowers, tie ; handrom lawn* iu Iront - nd icar ol the house. 'I he <?kory grove Stands on a nsng g ' me, twrnty rods distance Inn the hi us-, wi'h beaunlul lof v trees, nu'1 is keotas tdiasnre g round, havi' g r good view of the Lo k 'aland Sound. _ I'h a pi c? is well h? att u'ion of ?m gentl mau wanti ga c imiry sidenee. F .r 'u ther information enquire "I ROBT L? W|-t, comer j nes l*re and Soutti street, or of Captain SaMUKL PRO - ICS, op ihe p emises. ml20t?r jn0 f AHm FOR 8ALK, com* uttig torty acres, trortytfCKl lire under cultivation and the balance a good growth of die ' On the premises is a house in good repair, a new coach home and a large baru. In (root of the house is an excellent well of water, secured trom the weather hy a M? well house, and a fine lawn in front of the honse. Ou -he above desttibed f?rm it fuit iu abundance, snch as applet, cherries, pears, quinces, cnrrints.gooseber.ies, ae. The above farm is two triles from the steamboat landing, one fr m ihe town of Kye, on the North atreet road. A full new of the Sound ; can see two light hemes when lighted; n iu every respect a desirable location for a gentleman* residence. This firm is in Westchester County. Call on the premises, 01 on Mr. J. H WELCH, Ji Leonard street, al8 lm*ec ota' the Police Office. S.OM GREENHOUSE PLANT8?H. tvi. LEVENU3kv&is I vjN intornis h? friends and ih public generally,'that ^^.he has made er aug menu with Messrs. G 9. Maun It Cu., No. 331 B osdway,coiner of Anthony "tteet, in their private sales rom. n stairs f r the purpose of depositing and disposing of-t priv le sele, all ol hi> large and citen.ive surplus vme v of Oremhouse Plants, wh ch were raised at his well kr r.wn estah'ishmeutat YoiltTille.98ih street 3d -vence. For vsri' t, eenuty and th.i'tv growth and la ge m sorti; euf, they s? ill be h.uu 1 uusu passed by any others raised in this vicinity. Tin y lute not been forced and wilt retain their burls and tlow ers as well as plauta possibly can do by receiving proper liention io their culiure, and for which Mr L. llatters himself that his plan s are werl known in this market They will be sold lo? for cash. A daily snpplywi'l be received during the season. Lsdiessre pa ticn'a-ly invited to attend. ml lw*ec DRESS BOOTS. LATEST FRENCH STYLE. THE SUBSCRIBER reepectfnlly invites the citizens of New Yo k and ttrancert visiting the city, to call at lit FULTON STREET, and examine a large .uno'tmeu af LIrkss Boots, made in the latest tashron, and "1 the Guest French calfskin. Gent eiurn can have boo's made toord- r iu the best manuer, ar sis dollars per pair, and footed ai four dollars, warranted equal to buy manufactured in the city at from seven to eight dollars. 0T5" Persons having tender fe? t, or being difficult to Gt on aacauutof lamps, bunions corns, lu. can have boots made so as to he easy yet handsome, by the subscribe '? method of taking a drawina of ,he leet and fitting up and keeping a pair ol laats f or each customer. Strang*ra leaving their measnrrs can, by writing, have boots uiaae aua lorwaraca ton em wunom ueiay. constantly ri? hand. e'liiU'ome BooU, from $2 00 to 26 00 ajf Bouu, ; 2 SO to 3 SO tUkiBooU, " 2 00 10 2 SO Shoes, " 1 SO fo 2 50 Slippers, " SO to 1 00 Pumps, etc., Ac., eqnally low. Tiun, Cash o> Dklitirt. JOHN L. WATK1NS, no lm*r 114 Fulton it. between ^aumaml Ditch ?'?. removal! " GEORGE B. GKANNISS' STO K OP BOOTS, 8 OKj^ Ac , is remnred ^PP9rru?. No. IIS to No. 96 Maiden LjQr. opposite tide, fiv. dooaaboye I'ea'l itreet. The firat siory iVfitted uu for retailing tine c If aewed BooU at THREE DOLLARS. The lot la lor hoots and ahoea at whnlrgile ml 6t*r WHO WANTS BOOTS It SHOES I " THE U eatoat Reduction in Prices eeer known. Only think of Oentl men'a fine dreaa call atitrhed BooU, of he moat f.uhintiable Wvsi>e, $1,75 to (3.00. Fashion*ble leggrdhoou 21 SO to a2,00 a pair. Ladiea fancy colored French and city made Garters lor Sl,3S to fl.SO a r >a i - And all the faihiona for 1243, for Gentlemen, Ladiea nd Children,from thirty to lorty per cant cheaper than 212 Greenwich at, comer of Barclay. JAB. WIGGINS. aS lm*r ADOLPHE MONDRON, Boot maker,from Paria, r> apect fully inhrnia the InhabitnuL of New York, that tie has opened his establishment at No 123 Broadway, where he it ready to execute all orders entrusted to liiin, of the lat'tl fashions niid heat woikmauahip. Gem emeu wishing to hate an elegant fit will do well to call and 1-aatT'iue tin work aS lm*t BOUT AND SHOE STORE. JOHN h KADY reaiwctfnliy luforma hiafriends ni u ine i ubhe. that he haa commenced hnaineaa in the nb< ve liue, at No. 29 Nass in street, whe re he will tn auk fully receive and faithfully eirca r, all ordera he may be favored with ou the no at a o ?h e lerru lor > ash >22.LADIES, LOOK At THIS !?? 'DUO paira of h t urn tinier Boot*, Rnu 3C00 port of Sli, pcra, jnat Itcnved, a'.rl or sal- wholesale and retail, allhe lo lowiug ? rv low pricea 2HOO paira of Freeh Uaitera,of the best <|U I'ty, ar c o' all culora.2i.S0; and 3000 paira ol Shppera, 7S cenu, ni Jh7 Broadway and 9! Canal atreet Ladiea, lu iheae sores you will find ihe greatest and best aa|or mo.t in the world of BooU, Goiters, Shoes, Slippers, lie. an>i Mines and I hildreu'tdo. O. n l< men, we wish :n draw renr attention to nnr splendid a'aoriiiient of BooU, Shoes anil cloth bniton Uaitera, of ihe new aiyle; eallakin Boots. of the beat qmlity end made to order, 2S. and h lerieli eallakin Boots on hand, fiom 23 to 24 prr p# ir; cloth button Gait rs,$',30, Ptnnella 21 SO. lh? finest I ca! fak in Rhoet, 1,23 to 22; boya's Boots of th? heat rjualiiy, I.2S to 22,71; Shoes, 2l to 1.23; yoruh'a boots, SI to 1.S0; Shoes SO cr ma lb 21. Boots, Ganera, S ipi'M. Ties, Bn.lulls, Snoea, Ac in endless variety, and all vrairant-d to he of the beat kiud. fill I-Gnu V A I -AII1LL. 3C7 Broadway j?23 lm?r ~ and 92 f'?n*l itrett. . TO BOOT-MAKERS. O. MuKCi w . Hah REMOVED frirn iw to i* Leonard (tract, wbf he coir mut* to cut Kit. Ua hwiil teady cut k't, rrencn n?l En .lib ml lw?tc A IE IMPORTATION ok hfcOAKr* and 10 BACl O.?Thi Stibcriher, hnviuit ricrutly arrived -oro Havamia, illicit t>' tli? il> ulrn And imiinin of ntpe.iot urituri, Iirlcitrd hy him?elf,t li'i- following brum!*, La N-unii La linpreia, VVo. il illr, Tmb cco. Ca .one* and Lord Byron, ol virion* kinili. Int, 2d, 3d, and 4ttv qu ility ol Havana, Murrmi Ht Jaito and Oum* tobacco. Ow luu to the death ol Httphen H.imanot, the firm of Samanoi It Brother ia di-inlvi-d on the II' ol May. the old enabliihmmt of the lai.. f,rm will b? movid to No, b Wall it'it, cniid dum below Tueageicy for the Lord By rou mai nln tory in Havana, ai d for the 8< af farlati Tobacco, in Baltimore, are held by the Subscriber, which he offer* at wholesale and retail. A. A HAMANOH, a?t Im't No. < Wall i reet. iv/ikV io i End?abhaiiavi j Jackson, Pawn b'Ohtit, No 68 ?<e*d? aireet? ne*r Broadway, loans n oni-y in la g? ??r small turns, us may be required. on water*es, jewel ry, silftr ware, Uiy ^omla, wearing apparel* and i>?i*oi.?| properly of ever? description. a2g 1tn*rc JjANKin voiron-n a-iimihoK., apl' ea No. 81 Libettyiirea TT71 Hi iM!i BROWN Ac CO.*8 One Price Hat Htore, 178 Chatham J^fesquare, corner of Mott st., where fashion, beauty, durability and economy are combined to adorn the head. The proprietors have the pleasure now to offer a new style of nat, the tinifat'on of beaver, which closely resembles tlvose formerly sold for $6 aud $6 at the low fixed price of $1; those who from iuclioati >n or necessity are induced to study economy in that indispensable article of dress, hare now an opportunity of doius so, and still keep up the appearance of the most fashionable.? Brown U Co. in presenting this hat to the puolic, think they have reached rh- ultimatum of beiuty, cheapness, neatness, durability aud coinlort to the wearer. All sales are for cash, therefore no good customer pays the losses incurred by the bad. BROWN Ac CO. 178 Chatham square, afl lm* eorner "f Mo t st rm 8PK1NQ KAtsHIO V KOR (Jh>iLtMKN'S The undersixued respectfully informs his customers and the ( ub lie generally, that he has now ready for inspection aud sal", the much a luiired spring style of ceutleinen's Hats, which for_he.tuty of fiuith and aud symetry of form, exceed any oriner ell"rl, lu (hit "r any otlie' city. To the economist they arc i desirable article, as they combine cheapness, diinbil ty and elegtnee, warranted equal to auy aad inferior to Done. In the manufacture of Hat* he challenge* coinprlioo; ie therefore solicit* a share of nublic patronage: he would a'?o call their attention to his la-ge ns-orimeut of Mcu's.Yonth's.auil children's ca p -, of cloth, seiset, tic. all of his owu manufacture, which for variety of patterns canuot be equalled. Also, h>s new style of children's drab and pearl colored fancy hats trimmed with velvet of varions patterns, fortprinvand summer wear, very much admired. A call will convinre the most sceptical of the superiority ol the above meutioued articles, now ready for sale at the o'd established -tores of ISAAC H ARCHKR, all lm?r >04 ami ^60 O'ccnwt- h st, V. Y. OUt Kl\D PA I HONS anil the public are lesoecliu it iuvi.ed to cM' and examine our stock of hardy herbaci u? Plants, consisting of Pnloxna of v-rions colon, Campanulas, Lilies, St?reu?, Sic Sic . together with red nd white times Rose*, yellow Htirunti and other hard - R ses, Tea and Chinese saiklf I sB? in great variety, 200 tarp irs choi e SMW D 'hlias, tube Roses, Am-ryliss s, Gladiolus. Sic. A number ol new and beauti ul C-eepcn for covering arb"n. 'O 00(1 green house plan,*, at ilie lowest lates veri table a d choice flower eeda of every variety, warran ed fresh. Krui' aud oinatnenta! "eea of every variety, on the lowest terms for cash. Those in w-lit v ill please call ai d judge tor tnenifelvcs. a238i*m NIBLO Si DUNLAP, 57t> Broadway. THfc WAKV1 SALT WATER BATH is now open at the foot of Desbrosses street, N. K. Kor its advantages over fresh water, see Medical Journals. Five Tickets one Dollar, apl6 lin'r INKRAL WATERS OF KIB8lMJ?N, Germany, called HAKOCZI.?The Raki czi has an acidulous saline flavor, of an sgreable taste, and being (lowerfnlly promotive of secrctiou and eicrenou. a purifier, a str ay so-rent, and at th. same tiin* st-eng'hening whhmt heating, it acts as a po tent spacifically on the I ver, the systema Venar. port and uterine svstem, and dttsipaiing auy existing obstrtictiou, il used according to direct'ons. The Hakorzi is sold at the following places, at 37X cent* a quart jnu, or t'1,b0 a dozen. Sold b ' Hmry King Si' o. Druggisrs, 461 Bro-dwa*, cor. Grand Boudlard, Drlluc Si Co. do 581 Broadway Si 2 Park row 'l'hrs. T. Gr en 399 Broadway. "I ho*. H. Hart, 278 Br ad way Church's Dispt-nsary, 188 Bowery. Wholesale-i d retail bv FLOR1AN STRAUSS, 66 Beaver street, a!5 lm*r up stairs. DAILY EXPRh.SS FOR ALB A V Y, TKOY BUFFALO, CHICAGO AND 1 HE CANADAS The subscriber* having completed their arrangements with (he People'* Line of Stenmhoa's, ou the Nmth Hirer and die Han Head Companies west of Albujy tor runninK their Ex.ires* (or the season ol 18(3. an Express mil leave thoir office. No. 2 Wall street,New York, erery evening, ?l quarter to 7 o'clock, for the above named a'd lute media enlace*. IMPORTANT. For the greater s-fety and security of all valuable and money packages ent.mted to their care, they have -alsm ind?r Iron Safes on board of the slea bouts, in n state room occupied exclusively by themselves, a"d the messenger in ch >rg* sleeps in the same room with the iron sales, into which all sue1 packages are placed. POMEKOY & COM "A N Y, nilec No. 2 Will street. J/SI COH NOHFOLTCTRICHMOND, ' ITY fi. t^jyfrgaroiNT. kc. Va. Steamer BCHTON. attain H( lines?1 hr strung and iujstuuti*l r teauiei Boston, will commence r gular tups oetweeu vew YorK and Noifdk, Va., on Bator 'av- 6th ioat, leaving Near York at 8 o'cock, A. M. and Norlfulk ou 9lh nut. Passage *ud fare to or from NoilO'X, $10 Forward Passengers do dn S Passive fr. m Richmond Citv Point, *c. bv one of the riv. r steamers. ?nd per Bj-tou from Norfolk 12 Forward paarengers, do do 9 Pa sage to Norfolk and buck, return trip 15 Forward l'asseug r>, do do 12 Freight taken atth? uroal ratea. Fo- frci,hi ?r 'nss?gc apply to iha Cap-am on hoard, or to WM TU KKR m2 lm e ^d WTIiStF'r No 56 Bioail street. a* P OPl F.'"? LINE ?i K SI EAMBOATS fe?a^yg^FO > ALBANV-1)m'v at 7 -cock, P. M XowaJK>S.'I nrough . irect ( ^uaH >y? rx'tptrd) troml e M-*iii '?,i Pier e.tween Cour lai dc and i ib >tv st.reis S t.m"'oa' ROCHESTER, Cap- * Hotigh'ou. will leare Toesda , Ihursdas -n?Sa urilai evenings, at 7 o'cli ck. Hteamb >at -OUTH AMK.hlCA, sotaiu L W B.-ainard, will liafe Monday, Wednesday and Friday event, at 7 o'e'ork. Steamboat NORTH AMERICA, CapMin M H T ue dell, land ug ai interm diate pi ire., will leave Tuesday, Thu sday and Saturday afternoons, ?t 5 o'clock. - ?' Pastenci rs 'akipg this Line of Boats will invariably a-tive in Albany in ample time to take the Morning Train of Care lor the eat i or west. [T7*"The above boats are new and substantial, are furnished with new and eh g?nt state rooms, and lor apeed and accouunodatious are unrivalled on th- Hudson For passage or freight, apply on board, or to P. C Schnltx at the office ou the wharf. ml -c ?0k PfcOPLIfi^ UTSTc or HTKA VIJSOAT8 FOR ALBANY DAILY, SuncU. s excepted jfcwJTm at 6 o'clock, P. M?Through direct?brum th? steamboat pier bet ween C-ourtlsndt and Liberty streets.? The stea'?<r ROCHES PEH, Capt A H-uvhion, leaves Monday, Wedne-day, and Fridat rvrui gs, at 6 o'clock The steamer SOUTH AMERICA, Caul. L. W Braiuard, leaves Tuesday, Thursday, and evemugs, at 6 o'c'ock. The steamer NORTH AMERICA."Capt. M. H Trues dell, leaves Tuesday. Thursday and -aturduy afternoons, at 5 n'ch ck. landing a intermediate places. The above B .atsare uew and substantial, are furn"hed with ? ... umu tut i|ivcu auu accuDimuaauonx are unrivalled ?n uie Hudson For passage or frcightapply on board, or to P. C. Sehnlrz, t the office on the wharf. *24 Imr M^in s?L ^ENIMH LINK FOP ALBANY, without Inndue ?From the foot of Barclay J^JUL street north tide, rhe splendid commodious Strainer DIAMOND, ("a -la n A Flower, w.|| lea?e as above every ruesiiay, Thursday, and *aturday,gi 6o'clock, P.M. For Pa<srge or Freishtarply to the Captain onboard, or at the office of said Bo it. foot of Barclay at. The above boat will leave Albauy the alternate days, foot ot Hamilton street. ap 6 r NBW YORK AND KINGS I ON R I EAM FREIGHT AND PASSAGE l.*NK. sd For Kingston, and Delaware and Hndvon Canal?steamboats K.MfcKALD and NOR SgjuoLwich. '1 he KMRt-ALD, Captain John Ketcham, will leave New York foot o( Murray stieet, every Monday and tnnrsduyatS o'c'ock P. M. Wi.I leave Kingston (Rondont landing) e.ery Wednesday and Saturdav at 3 o'clock, P. M The NORWICH, Captain John Bamnels, will leave New York, foo' of Vlur.ay street, every Wednesoay aud Saturday at 5 o'clock, P. M. Willi a>e Kingston (Rondont landing) every Tae ay and Friday at 3 o'clock, P. M EXTRA TRIPS. The EMERALD will leave the foat of Murray street every Pundy morning at 7 o'cl ck. Returning leaves Kingston at 4 o'< 'ock tam? day. For freight or pajiate apply on hoard. or to WILLIAMSON, BARLOW ft CO , *31 3m r '64 Wet' street. M ftpiR fiOK TO TH?. OWMLK I'F IHfc ? vlL m BOAT ? THl>UBLl?K.,,?-The owner of hmJBmJLthe sai boat ' TroubUr" having r ceived three rhtlleuMta from boat* bailt by Wm.Croliat within the lait six mouth*, and not hav u; yet accepted (be same, it i* presumed that in j<ubl:shtng his challenge to sail airainat anv boat f*ll built by Cretins, hit lOWSllm i agiuRtton has takeu a llik'ht I ruin the terra firiua ol Water street to those mystic legions? " Where the mail by many odils, Obiainsreceipts Irnm living goes." As soon as conveuient after he he has gut a few more of those reseipts, and derci ndcU frmn thitaenal manufactory ofhonois, it It hoped thai he will c udescend to DOtice some one of the cha'lenge* already giyea hiei s that " his soleohjcetof lest ing the sailing qualities of the boats" may be obtained?ifter which,if hit boasted" 1 roubler"does not proves sulRcunt troubler to him by capsixina his eputatiou as sue h-s dene henelf, he shall thi nhave the opimrtnuity upon his own tertrs, ? 00 per day lor two days, ol again seeing his vanmed nam* following ,iu the wake of Win.,' rolius, at the respectful rite ol three miles in rightren. as it did last spring. alg-lm'm A**- PA9HAOIC KOK LONO' ?N?Psck-t of the 10th Mat?The super or fast si i'iug packet ship MOM JMUMwThK.AL, Captain Tinker, will s?le as above , her Tcgula day. lias inferior accommodations for caliin, seenud cabin and steerige piss'ngvrs. Persons woh'iia to etubaik a1 <?tiI I early application to JOHN HK HUMAN, 61 South Street. N. B.?Persons sending for thrir frie. d< residing in -rest Britain and I eiaod, ran have them hr< n. ht out tu usual, hy any of the ships i omposing this line; and dralu furnished for , any amiunt. payable without diaeuuut thtoughout the United Ki gdom. Apply ss arpye. ml r P UH 1.1 V KRl UOL.? Kegnlar packet of the 7th Mo ? I'1-- very sni>erioi_J'st sailing packet ship K 1 oaptaiu Munition, will positively tallit above. Having very superior accommodations for cabin,second cabn nd lire rage panM-ngers, iiersoo* wuhipg 10 rk ?i . * make ?arly application, on board, font of Mudrn Lane, ..x to JOSEPH McMCitMAk, 100 fiue tt., cor Bunlh. Peraona wishing to tend for their Irienda residing in ihu i old country, can nave tliem brought nut by the above thip, or any ol the regular par ken, by applying at above ; if by letter, pott paid. mlr Afig- POH LIVERPOOL Picket 7th .viay?This yy jPffV'Plen'iid p cket ahip call yet accnmmnda'e a le w more ' JniUlfa' <ir aecood ctbi.iand at-e'awe i aan ngen, om rea- ' aonanis. term*, if eatly applicah n be made on hoard, or to W.St J T. TAPHt.O IT, ' tn2r '3 p,ck Slip cor South ?f. 0'1ALLKNUK TT? cnoLTUS" 1HK Sineen loot tail boat ''TltOUBLKH" will , XfJr?V'led ready to tail auv disiaucc, irom In to o inilet | jjftlMKatagninat any tail hoat ever hii't by Wm Crnlina, from the lirt day of Jnne un il the fint day ol Angti't uett, one | mouth'* notice benjg giteu.toiail two separate dava for the mm of (100, each day. The aoie object is to lest the sailing outline, of the boat*. . I N. B.?To tail without oara or tender*. C. L. INHKHBOLL. a7 lm*ee tog se^atcr afreet, AAA? I'AhSAOb. EUH LUINDON?Pack t 10 h May? rhe tple: did,last tailing p,ek? t ahip MON I HEAL, I lUij ' apt B. U. Ticker, will tail positively aa sbovi, Iter topi*r diyi Having lend d accoiemodalioas for cabin,eecond cabin ant! I alreinae p wingers, (or p utage e irly applicatniu ah uld b? made o i board, or to W. It J. T. TAPScOT'I , m2r _ 41Peek Slip cor Sonthtt "a? KOH LONDON?Krgnlar Packet of the 10th 01 1 May ?The yery ?tipenor latl sailing packtt shn JKU?moN 1 HKAL, Captain Tinker, will tail at 1 ab^veherregnlar day. Having very aui erior aeconimiMlationt for cabin, second ca bi'i.tainl teenage , atsengert. peitou* wishing to embark thoulc 1 make early application ou board footol Maiden lane or to ' ,M JOSEPH McMlJKHAl, 100 Tine ttroet, corner of South street, Pertoui wuhiug to tend lor their friend*, can have them j br mght out by the above .hip, or any of tke regnlar packeu, by apply iDg.a< above, if by Utter, poet-paid. ml I I *** J. ... UJ "Wgggg w vo NEW YORK, FRIDAY M SHI ELD'S XYLCK JRA PH10 PRESS! I < Nn. lit MaMitti I on? M?.n. v?-i? 1 * Tm: PROPK BTOiT of~thia" known e?t*b'i?hr J menf, reaiac'fully invi'ea the attention of Mannfactnreri f Dm,mats, P>-r umers, Urncert, Hvd ??re and Dry O ml ealrrs, and >U nth-n, l- hia exteu r*e fa. i f tea for th exncu- ( tion of Cnnpei P' -1** nil Xv lugr | hie Kh^r*viii|{ md Pri tiuX. that he h * ere'tly dded in hit tt*,ck ot innhinery, ml iu.nn , new end improred plates tar suiwiior to those of auy other | >*<t bli Inn in in America. , H a tucct as h?a ?o f tr i xceeded bit expects io", sa to enab.e him t. Obsl i nc a ciimn riton wnh thoae from the bea' Kurotan priu'iuc i flic a, audit now pr pa n il to ti* cute al' nrdera lu a *t It* uo* to be aur|taatt*d on eitbe. title of the Allan ic. It will lie the aim of 'he | roprirlor to c ntluue hi*. improve- ' in-on, h it hi* may be ahlr tn anpi ly -II nl r? for alio - bids I circulars, wrap en lab Is, directions Sic. o the Ileal quality, at the Inwea* i ostiblr piic-a. Oilti ial suns inu plates of e-e?? d-ac,ipiion of in uiuf cturirs, tx cut d in the firal alyle of the art. and elcmutlv piloted in ifuld or niter, hrouxe, or fancy colcra at abort uot ce. A I i|te and ite utml "aaortmeu' of Drtiyqis's, M i',ufactun raj Perfnm rt, Ur >cers, and other labels, c oatai tly oiih uid, iud s m y he h?d wholesale and ret it. ami II rticlcs eutirel coctirct-d with i he traje. Job Printing in it, i\ v-rietv of at ic, ] ne*tly ex-'oted to ord r, and ou the inott leasoaable terms, . and tht nmniitint ntoh*? *?*L- 1 * " price ii charged for work Hone iu his establishment a system which the srext extent r ( hit business t n?Mn him fullr to t cirry out Old ri will he executed with that i uuctualily ?nd . r K nl fo" the w ialiri of hl| OEIIONllllt w Inch it is hopiflt \ ill , r (T i d the u in at s tial'aciio.i, at (1 h|i orders from the country | .luuc'ua1!/a'ten ied to, nuil t e aitirli s order-d or forwarded to any M( of the United 6tst * er ill-''? "!??. m? Hn*r CHArt. SlI'ELD'*. Proprietor. SO v ETH1NU NEW?Toil1 wh > would be earuitt?C ah Pai uri in E* b'i h uent, ItiS (ireeuw eh irreet. o ' 'he Paoi';c Hotel?To- Cheapest Vukunr and T'lminmu Kit b'ishmeutiuthe cit '?The p oprietors t ke this in-thod of rnocinieurtinn to all Kyntlnne wauti'X C.otlics, the rc minimal it item of i arena lie 'Iter own clot hi, then by saving ill- to rm N| profits ll 4 on 'he n rial by th i- tailors, fin Jjuwf trie in m oe and trimmed, for which lh'? establishment off. rsan ' 1 advantage over ail others, ilir proprietors haviug nude < x en- ' J >i>? arra k?*'n' ts to make thii the p, iucip tl branch of their ( btuiuesi, superintending bolti the cutting and tewiiigdepart- a in. ii' personal y t They do not p eirnt te the public a flaming lilt of reJured [ prices as an indue ment, but hope ihat a superio' style of wo k- , manship, as'udioui attention to the inriividutl taste of ur cm- < turners and the prevailing fa hiou, will a'ways be sufficient, [ and ihe best attraction we can offer to our patrons. t uo2 lm*rc POOLkY it BROWN. HAKDWARE. cutlerv and guns. rPHK a UBHCRiB ,',R3 are now opeaiug, by recent arrivals, J- their asaortmeut of Hardware, tie., which they of- < icr at the lowest mirket prices, for coih ur approved paper, I fix:? I Butt Hinges and Screwx. Fine Pen auu Pocket Cutlc- t Brass Snell Goods. rr. < Ja ?n?d Tea Trays. Table Reives and Forks I Tinned Hollow Wa-e. Season, Razors and 'hears. Baws. H iles an I Tools. Dimit Hons Wur?s. i Bolts, L icks, tic t asturs, Candlesticks, lie. Scyti es, 3 cktes, Shovels, S.iudes. lie tie. Also, a full as<ort neut o Uuns, Pistols, Rifles and Onn maun .Is, at lowir p ices than apy other h u?e Ml affonl to sell, itviDK been purchased at auctian and elsewhere, much betow original cuu, ' A W SPIES *. CO , a22 lm*r 218 Peril str et opposite I'latt street. i ONOTDEALERS IN CUTLERY^?Wm. Wild, No. Iu2 A Division stieet, MaDafactnrni ol Cutlery, otters to the trade, cheap for cash, 1000 dsieu of assortedCu (ery of tupeiiui quality, cousistioK of one, two, three and lour blade knives. ul11ji>?r FitAM'19 R CHUMP, Chiuuoincter, Watch uad Clock M-ker and Jeweler, formerly with H. J. Tobias for nearly six years, ami recently with Marquauds it o.. Broadway, upwards of three years,beg* ro acquaint hit frieudi and the public, that he has taken a store at 218 Grind street, where he intends to practise the shove business and trists from his mug exuerieuce and known ability, to meet with that share of patronage to which his abilities entitle h in. In rctu uing thanks tor all i past favours, he wonld remind his friends that he repairs every description of Watcli-s, Repeaters, Musical and Duplex, the ma.1 I? s Alio, Jewelry and Diamond wotk ?et ; PcptIi rn-'trang; every arti. lo fifty net ceut heaper titan any o in the city, being euabled to do the whole himself. and cot trust to tl?e in- i experience of other*, Glasses ail keys in proportion. Cash I I?i?l for i>W ???W ii'liiv-r strn"r \ 'VO dfcfN'ftKnt N \VM{J I > I KND 'I O ViH ? O-K i A iVIAllf-MH. Bl'liHt'S, P ofrsscr in ihe Povni M ilir.iv Corps of t.ail-ts i,i Oreid- u na itccomptod llous in hia a houst f-rg. ul ? i n .15 r. ai d I < g> la t He adli s. eihiinscl pouiculsi'y to > uc'r as, riming to Or., mn.y for ll.t.' purpose of fear i ug tne langiagr, with to itcil - d late th?i id>anc-ni'nt in niacicg iiuui*. ives niafaiuil) s Ai.t itiambsuntil spokes vtr Hugh-s, thnogh i*?oi)*fiva years a rcsnleu >u Oer nt n. is a Lsthwol om utviufoio hmmiimMhh i in his f-nu y as paitirulailv snrub'r f, r you tie Acucrirma in j their hie. mail s uJ i v?'uia ilutritv with b"ih laugmacs cna- ? tiling Inm to give, iu tile Course of oiiver?u';Oii, ' hose > *,'101! v J ions which every on finds m firstm na hi wai y. nal which he will at II times bo most willing to offe.-. q Toe different professors of the Cops oi Cadets ha it kindly | promised to ins. net auy Stnllrni'u n anting w.lli Mr. hu. has, 3 so that every fan iity is oil, n d i? improve iliosa sciences legnisitr for any Iu u e p of.tsslou. j For teims, etc , please to apply to Fiofessor Hughe?, Dr.#- { den. i Mr Aa'o . New York, auu Mr Th. W. W istna, < ' iinecti- , cn'.h v- kirdlv pr-in sed to answer any ' n mim a eiB in'rc I Afc'ltW UfcNTLtiMkiN ol st.. ady h bus u be ?cc jouno dated with good board and pleasant rooms m i priva e. (ami- ' IV. at 204 Knit' n street Alio, .a few day bornh ra C(a be . > , . modated on the most reas .nahle term. A parlor and be room to let, with or without hoard ?5ee WASHING TON GARDENS, HObOK.l N. TOHN IKh.LAND, the well Known propnetor of the First J Ward Hnnse, No. 28 New streri, (cumei of fc.Kch.Mige t Place.) grate'ul for the patronage hitherto received from his fneuda, and desirous to merit a continuation of it. res,a etliilli informs them and the public generally, ihil h.- M lauly pu - 1 chased the large and commodious House and Garde'n known as the Wa hu gton Hume, simate in Hndsou sheet Hoboketi. " within a few m nutes walk from the fc'errv, formerly uccunie* a by thu late James Sweeuv, wnere he w ill be happy to receive calls from ill-Iriendt of the Inte pioirietor, alio the public " gruerallv. Thi Gardens being newly ami tastefully laid out will be Siipplleil du'iDj ihe seasoo ?n escelleul asuot- J meut of ihe rarest <nd hoie-st of flowers. The bir, beiug i greatly en'.i g -d and uew'y fifed up, will contain a in d is- c sorniie ,t i.f Wmes and Liquors of the most approvt d ipi ility, b endcigirsif the most superior br<nds?also fciheiry Cobblers Mint Ju ens and''uurhes imde in the b.-st style ; Kelrerh nents. including lee Cre-ms, and otner delicacies of he season H- has also fitted up seperate and agree.ble anting par , lor- f i ladies, which front upo t the Bay, and furnishes a ? tetv J <f the mo>l delightful scenery. The sabsciber, determined . that nothing shall b? wanting to lecnre he romfort of ins ' p Irons, has also refilled the Bowling Saloons, with two e itire ;. new Alleys, bunt n th:- mo-t apposed pilan, for exerei ,e and the recreation of visitors. Of the attention of the waiters, it is unnecessary to saj- mote 'lun ihit they will in all casus be . ? ..... ? .... nuu.? v. mr sue, r Dot nil long experience in the business, respectfullysoli-tits , a sh?re of th- | ub 10 patronage, aid pledges'l tliai nuthiliac shall b w anting on his part, or those ia Ilia employ, 'o contribute to the comfort and enjoyment of those who may M viaii tbe Washington Gardens a30-2w*r JOHN IRELAND, Proprietor. ~~ 34 LI8PENAHD tJTRKKT TV/TADAMK C08TELLO, Ketnale Physician and Graduate r ivl as Midwife, offers her ptufessionil services to the ladies of this city aud conntry. The anatomical and ehysiolngicttl pccnliaritiea wliirli distinguish the female front the maie, un- T pose upoa her diseases and fuuctiona altogether het own.? Many o these disease* are eiceediugly complicated and obscure, requiring nn accurate knowledge of the female system to treat them with success. Madame Coslrllo having had long experience aud surprising snccess in the trratineut of ilisrases incidental to her sex, ap- * prises ladies on the point of continement, or those suffering * from suppression, irregularity, ohstrnc. ions, Ac. that she will be * happy loallord acomlortabla iemi>orary home at her residence * where they can always have the best medical treatment and the n most matron'v care and nursing, or if prelerrcd, will wait on n and attend them at iheirowu houses until perfectly recovered . Madame C. particularly begs to impress on the minds of thr ' delicate, thst she officiates personally in every case, so that } hcsitniiou or dread need n:v?i be apprehended. !N. B.? Mndame I 'ostello wauld inform ladies residing out ol the city, whose health would uot admit of travelling, that she 'J would devote hei personal nltrndance upon them in any part ol the Uuiied Slates within reasonable distauca. Madame (1 can be consuiteu at her residence, 34 Lispenard ' street, at all times and with trie strictest regard to the wishes of her p itients A I commnmcationsaad letters mast be pott paid I stUI 'm-er 1 DAGUERREOTYPE APPARATUS. JOHN ROACH, ? OPTICMN. 1 72 Nassau, near J.-hn steet, N. Y. HAVING the Lens mound under his own inspection, and arranging ihern in the camera obscilia bun.el/, lie feels warranted in sa? iug tnat operators as 'Uk his appirsta* have cb * tain d more success th?o thn.e using c imrr.'i with fb'eign tens. t f >r'he latter a.e of.e-i r nperfec , and s ill ofirner .mp operlf a jusied. The nd?ertistr reque'ts a tri tl lor li s cameras. Sixteen vears pricier as Opto!-c enables him to grin 1 and arrange Lens to salt the purpose for which they are wasted a/7 Ini > c p\AfJtl C.KR KOTYI'fc --L. B. BIN88S & . O. i.ilorm H Lc I hole, rapliisis that 'her have removed from the.rold stand No 34 viaideu lane, io No It William stiee', aoa.h w?.t corner of Maiden I ine, nu the rd floor They have on baud at pr seDt a complete asaortoient of |ilates, chemicals ami lenses, all n| en rile t quality to which ttisy respecifnlly invite the I attention ?l operators. Ariicles are in every instance war- I ranled. Their chem call are, trim th a laboratories of the 8 firs'clteni'sts in Peri*, urn! their plies specially s lectrd ov y heir p ituer there ics.d'Ug. bear their inum.s, nod are (ally t>

w.irt nited to ,ve the proportion of silver, which is sumiwd m ysithem. Any perpro* who lure tbetr doubts on the sale o uw ? waie mill aplS lui*r ir DAGULKRKntVFFT > TO THE PH TOOHAPHIC AHTT9T8. J FA. ARTAtJLT fc CO , tdH Fulton afreet. oppoefte St. i. Panl'a ehuirh, re>perllir v iulonn t) |ihoiographie artitta, i miitMrviwiKMi rrsj.'fil I! d ?n* reoivpe hn in*m, ihauhey A will receive bv preset tliiin Km r?'d and V : r de Lvov ? WOO Kren-hd gue-rr.,lype ,1 trt, ?>Si uichee bj IH[ > i. jO; 12 Piencli ?c oni c |en?e*,}\< nc i?d'..menr, m ue h) I. ' i. ax and vlf Uircm; I r ranch net nunc leritea, 4>i inchet liaiaeter, prei'i'ia d by h?valier, for '.ahiuir lame .iae.of nor iraila; SO ounce* b . mine: Wnaneea chi 'ride of i Milne, and ill the amklb IMWI (1 lor ihe I uncrrmi pa *lni?. , !>R.'\viili:lkh, (XriJLLsT. 1 OOUHRnMH' H-Trie Kl\ ncr the B It. rv, N V..r?- , JO ?p rtflit'> inborn*'be i tihii , t iat an?r g th' m n? hn ? tiidi". *?e* which lie ha* attend* d, many < f n *m have been IK jper led on by i. ht.'profe?? rtwih insure. ai and pri u uind by thuin iu< ui ible ; y?t he h * never f i rd fu emdicoe tin ' Im-aae and iffect a ]> if cu e d< ? it* of ier> <l<? if yam ge j. wh'ch may have pru. oieu i?e'f, ind in man i.nti. r * a'm *r !i igaiuat hope. It ii this nnpr .rr d'ntrd aoereai in nie Ural i?nt , J >1 the v Ii mi (hitherto eilDald red fiif.U iihle) <tie- ?*r* f h. * e, rh <t -ii hie* him with deter t > r> fry th'. (Hiccd ?h * na< ir anic |0 .int. d wnh lirm md hi? mi'd mod* of tr* .i n.g ' he dinrder ol ihia organ, io uuineroii* icMunil lerirnti in I e lint cla.a oiioiifty, i ranee iuir hie too mtio.i i ill nnil* ,,, in being pie-em'uent in liia >u:ci?? i? a ecii millc ocrn'if. Chronic ii fl nam'tion of the eyelid rr ?orr eye., h .wev- r 1 oim ?!? < iiig einbe ePectnal y and permam ntiy rui r; li'in .p ck. he iemo?ed and cnied with 'it mi,ic I o, e efe", ',. I attract* itmoud by any i f ti c operation, ir*cusidhere or or in Europe. STRABI8MUI, [Com noiilv r illed fqniiriiig) cored in .1 *ew record* OU ,tl liurroi'. c Imrate I p1 n, I'l'ro (iiimp'i, i d in. r Olfc hour* f"> 8 A. I P. M, after which hour* L, be vlaila > u door pttitMli ___ _ l0' I'n'.r ' FOIt THE 8 ACE AND SKIN?8 rui tire ?iT*.*>ari on ;he th fare and 'kin, >uch >ia pnn de* bUitehca, tan, tetter, ring Hi worm ; al?o freckle* can he speedily er dica ed by the nae C. Chrir-h'* Vegetable Lotion, which hu hero in ettc aivr u*< ai u the United Si ilea a il in Enroiie, and l> adantted to 'e ihe i. st "imrnrtic in use for clearing mil eatab'ish ng i hnllion . mi'h xi.>n. Sold a* eholru r or ret il at Church'* Duirii miy, 188 B iwrry, corner of Spring atreet Price 7Jcrtnap. r lettle. nXi m oil ?m I'd THlTrOVEHB 0? 81)PLHIOH BLAt.a I r.a Howqna'a Muturr?Thia eatremrly aud uuparal _J eled Tea, en highly celebrated in Chun and Europe, juat ini A lotted, ia now for talr at the Canton Tea Company'* Ocnera C fea h atahliahmrnt, til Chathamal. Mew Ye? t?in aarkrgae. Friae Meenuand tl each all lm*e? i iRK I [ORNING, MAY 5, 1843. t?1<> nnn W0Kninf<'>m;.,O'a?sanHB-rth.-nWare IP1 ?V, for i?Jr*r I7U Bnt'oh Avcnu< by TMll'l Vlcsnrly.?This wire i? ,vw o. eu *ri1?il| h? sold Co ruailirs, it the following p.ic - oliii ,?ii|i an I ll i Plat.'?, > reach ihapcs, 7?. jmsi do*,; tul'irrs, 5t C I ; Pjiia white places, stone ww^tj per do* ; tjifters, 5< : Uhc ,b n mm. jortrBW unci I|?n n ? ?? . mow - II ill I' I .1. J !, <I.ui;>I, oil, L? ? rpool, :2i ; hull l.unns IV in $5 S6,.li- saute a. tin- il .wn- wii store* irll for *ll) and #12; oiiii'io ? i x , e, i by llir liu'hel. Nocudi hv i IU e \ r, \,i clruu l' i Ciales to country Bomb 'uls bum i*i ?< (? Icoin Ut. i< i V Pnhli mil ii Wnlin ? ! iv, in Lit B il mi V. in2-lin ' r* LWKKJH i < \1 will ii, uflueol due uiil ii'l at O wigo, .N Y., UK the tat Ot May neX'.. and a ill ui&ks ColK'Ctli ii a' ! r iii uaui'i i at r Mmiuhle ra.c Kr er to I) K'ib?l?.Jr. mi , cashier Ni w York Buy am, aig< k l< new Yu k. Dies*. It..biu?ou k < m. New Yoik. A U I'atcliio, Esq., cashier, Albanv, Oswero April 20 1841 "28 liw* ~ KUtsSVlLLE BtJAKDlNO SCHOOL, ?TAT1CN ISLAND. IIT WE8TTHORP r'sncetl ully iuforins his friends and the ?* public, thai liis sckool will re open nu the 1st of May. *<sients aud euinliu# mo also informed W. W. inakea it a Dint ot conscience to mard in every possible wav the morals 11"children committed l.i his care, from lour to twelve years of ige. Heading, writing. orthography, arithmetic, geography id grammar taught. 1 no location is delightful aud heiltliy; h'. orchard, gardens and playground are si>aciotts; aiiont tea uioates walk from the lauding The steamboat Riritan eaves Barclay street vverv day at 3 o'clock, lor Rossville. Terms, for boaul and tuition, including warning, $25 per [Uar'ei, paid in advan e References:? H> v Li.ivid .Viors, Ststen Isl iuil. W. N. ."leyuiou,, Esq., 1 Cliilli in Square, N. Y Hi nr? Sic wart sesame, Esq., Sta tu Itlaud. Win ' ud'fim, Esq 21 fi. Lilian street. John Qniai. Esq , J VIonroe street. Messrs. Col . ill ami Kii mmi. Esq., Il Cedar street. Capt Edward Perbei, Esq. Hmki str.-it, Brooklyn. Mrs. V iiv). 21 Ehindue street New Yo v. >22 lm#r FI hid Hut) K? AN a KINHINO TaCIKlE-I. k J. BA 1'E haet- received by the late arrivals from 'heir man - | f, - kt icrn 1-idilk'pui ui su|>e lor r ?n tlonks i'd Kishiuz fick'e. which th -v offer for sale r u the cheapest eras; Vl? tin K-tlv's (Dublin) Limerick Hooks; salmon, > via. black. Week, tr'lit, pickeril nud cat Fl li Honks; [isten ilk guti;hamp and .,ras* Lme?; rods, reels, "ask is ; i l fiid Flies; salmon and trout S. inwls on gun.; double and sin;te Gu't, with a variety of articles, suitable for Americau fishing. Superior dribed eye'l Needles. a2>i m* r 'I'. St J BATE. 70 Msid?H lane, uo stsirs. TOOLS?TOOLS?TOl ?Lh. A LBERTBON'S, Conger's, Horton'saud Gilford's warrantft ed Cast Steel Coopers. Cariieuters and Shin Carpenters Cdge Tools, can be had at wholesale and retail .of OSBOKN t LITTLE, 53 Fulton street, New ork, (IS tier cent allowed 0 merchants) and who keep on band a lull assortment ol "copers' Tools, Iron Rivets, Truss Hoops, Stave Jointers, Jtor.k Howells and Crozes. Also, importers and Urarral D alers in English, German ind Americaa Hardwaie, Cutleiy, Nails, 8tc. Stc CHARLES 08BQRN. ' Utin ec? CHARLES S LITTLE. TO THE LAIMES. DH. HULL'S UTERO ABDOMINAL SUPPORTER new InstruT.eui for the radical cure of rrolapsus Uteri A or Falling of the Womb, by external application, supermsdtig the use of the objecliennl Pessary, is confidently rccornaetided to the afflicted as the means of perfect restoration to isaltli, it never having failed of performing a cure, even under he most aggravated circumstances. The Supporter has attained a very high character in Europe i* well at m thin country. It is adopted tn the entire disuse ot le-isarics.and all other painful Mqrieal expedients,in the Lyiimn-Hospitals or London and Tana, and is universally reconi uendea iw Euro;* by medical uieu of the highest muk In this tommy i tis sustained by the leading members of the faculties ;f Colleges and Hospitals, and by all the eminent private peae1 doners. Rooms have beeu (mulshed exclusively for ladies, a: No. 4 Fesev street, having a separate entrance from the busiuess department, wherr ? lady is in constant attendance, to appl* I'rasses and Supporters to female patients ai lini FIFTY CENTo PER BOTTLE. BY LETTERS PATENT of the Unit. d Statcs.-The Trie pheious. or Medicated Compound 'or ihe Hu nvi H ii r. is will conlid nee rreommiuded to all wli >** i i is becoming thin from disease, scu f, end tin d uff. . u.ov uiruy iu I'leicill un'iiDTSS HUU Kiev llalr. I li - in^st healths dr. ssiug that can possibly he appli d to Cue lead, r t rier ug tne ha r soft and xlossy, and freeing the scalp Voin all hu'jio s and irritations, removing every particlrof tirl Mid dandruff. and dispo. itig the air to curl. Itsfequrnt u?- wi'loreservi ill- hair iu health and beau.y to the latest |>? i?dollire. Foi iu'a' t heada it i invaluable To b- had only t the Hair Cutting Rooms, 146 B oadway, coruer ol Liberty up sta rs, or ol lie <*p nint d euro's ad9 Im'rc DOCTOR BELL, IAOCTOK BKLL devotes his personal attention (daily, onL-? til 9 P. M.? to the removal of private diseases in every I taxe AH suffering uuder protracted cases, aggravated or nnnccesfullv treated hy iuexperieuced or pietelided praciilion.a? !..? ? .shoring uUik-r tlie destructive elfiM'ts of in< rcnry or laack nostrums. and all who suspect the let.iains of dt rose urttiiix in Uietysieut, may consult Dr. 0. sl?v ys with a guartitee of s cure. Persons contemplating marriage. who have been the subeels of delicate diseases, m-ty co"*"'1 Dr. Bell with honorable lOUIide ce. Pasi-niid letters, describing the esse of (leisons at i distance, have Ins promptalleiitiou > r. B.'s ' realineut never xp-ises to suspiciou, and is well knowu to le safe aud permute nt. If?" Private offices 4 Conrtlandt street, two deors ftom Broad Ifay. as l,n*rc Tllfi ORhEtNWICH BAl'H, NO 337 Hudson street is now open for the season, with warm and co'd CROTON WATER. Single Baths at the reduced price ol I8<d cents, or eight ickera for $1. af7 l.o-ec AI VX'H MAH?HALL[MPOttTA NT?OfclKMA v SJL VKK! OK K.MAN slh. I VER-JAMKS O MOhRKT. 121 Print- street, N Y? ff-rs for sale, wholesale and retail, 1409 lbs ol Uerntan Silver, i the low<-s*. market prices. if'-lo const- inrnce ol" uinuutacturiug the article himself he an wairaDt it fur sum-mot to suy cv?r before manufactured iu lis country, and fit), -qual to the imported al9 Im-m yTEW * Ott K AND H OR LK v1 IIA jT'rti i A I) t OMPa ' NY-N'ci i.-c is li re v giv, n lha the tian? er oolrs of this omp n> w ill be c'osi d ftom the 1st to the 17th ol May next, otn days iu,lustre oyurueroi me. Doaru 01 LMrecro*. BttNJ'N. COX, 8< cfary. New Vork, April 27, i843. 28 20* OLUVBK OAOUEKHIAN G\iuLh.HV K r,\Tr..\T L Colored I'll .to^ra, hi B*oadw iy, of Murray street, de* Vork ? I'he iole privilege of taking i> t*-ni co ojed D r uerr otype Likenesses, being couiiiied in this establishment I hasheeu recently murb improve I end enU ited for <lie a e nl acco inodalic.n of ladies, and now embraces no fewer than dilFerenlapaitmenrs. Pl'imtie'a Patrnt Coloring Dagnerreotype Apparatus. and 'lnmhe's Pnteui li ilvarnr Oildin Apparatus, ami Instructions ud P'.taut Ki?uts for each.lorwardad to an* part of (he Coiled lutes. Phi topr^phers snpplied at lower rates than at any other place i (he city. Onleatiie Qildipg iml Siteenng door o order. Portpaid h-tieisnnly attended t? s22 |m*r UARHY'o WlGc< ANU SCALPS. pfi importation which all ages haee attached to the Head of I 11 n*.is. e.eai in el of the valu- set on personal figu ihe by s mi e p-icious freak ol Nature the human form i< tp'ived al 'ts lair prop rtiou. An is resorted to, iu order, by rulicial means, to u|iplv the d#fcim cy. lleuc? hare anseo i ?e wondtrfu* dm nserirs which bid Nature deft nice, Bart's V ulilati'i.: .il ifnssamer WlUia AND SCALPS, till s'su.l p.e-. mirieitt above all others. Their peculiar light, oaaam-r, and vein lU'iru character, their being ih u ed eiactlv s the hairs. ? ws; their elasticity, sud their superior ma erial rid wnrkinauship, as well as their st) le of fiuish and arrangelent, all combiue to form such perf.ct heads ot hair, that they mat be see. to be fitl y appreciated. The mm Irte succ- sstnat the ab ive named has met with in ae manufacture o< his unrir II, d hr?os o' hair for th* last two ears, lareiceeda hi? m >stsanr uiue ipeclatn-ns. fie respectnilv solicits a call, confid Bt of s .tisfviug the BUI't fastidirli lilt he lithe tint and cheapest in iker in th city. They c n illy be it 146 Broadany, corner of Liberty it., up it.iira. 'nvite rooms for fitting wigs and toupees. m2 ltn'ic "PO I' LINOIh BOMJHOlD HS?A General Mrrtirg I of alt ihiie ititrreit* (1 .1 the birds or script of the Bute of reqacsted at the Alto* Home, 00 Wrdii?*day the 0 h o( May,at 4 o'clock. P. M. It will be for the iutereit el lie BouUt olden to give l general attend Hire. The Booh Will be opened to rec ire fohicriptioni. under he new caul Inw, at the American Kichnuge Tb i'e iay. the llth ot May. CHM1LES OAKLY, )r?? ii,3 to Kir MICHAhL I'KYNN, \ Com' of lllln?'? TA.MIC8 li. MOkKKT. I2i Prince n., ihew Jtora. has at ' ways on hand ard otferi for iale by wholetale aud retail, a he loweit market price*, vix >? lierman Silver of different thickueeeee, a very euperio, article 1 Sheet Broi; Plate'* do; Cooper*' Bra** ; Pail and Rivet* ; Umbrella, Paraael and Shade Kurnttnre. Which he rrarranti id quality equal to any in lite United t.itcs, and ofhiaown manufacture. 4fold. Silver, end all km i* of m?t*l. rolled at the shortit noli-*. a 9 'o> 01 FORTY YFAR-. THAT ACT lit t LKh-'s H r ,111 Blacking i? unirer*ally adiiii't d to be'he hot article m Hint rturid in the I'uiled tat'*. C. I ec hai maunfactur d Bl ick 11 g in th ? city forty ' rare. The fist 'hirteen yean at d two m trhs hy tnmiell? irn lock in i*itnrr*hip A. I hom*on?twenty ;ear* and te" lontlii it waa k' own ai Ler Bt TIiOiiimiu'* II O'k g Di so'vrd irtpeiahip with laid Thorn* id, and th: last *>< yrar* have ade it again on my o 11 accouut. I an (tie ti'driiu eking 1 in Tactu er id the United Matre. Have in.ide rrorw in quanty aud bet'; r in qu ,'ity than any other pe *on m ti l, rou utry; it good a* it ilway* h la bren, if i* grritly impto, ed if late11 now maaaUclitrrd by steam p wer, 11 <1 known a Le ni roved Htetia B'arking, No I John tret corner of Broad ?. C.L looks down wok coiiicn ui pnde o all cooip. ti on, and wou'd only 1 av to hia c ut .111, n and the pub ic thai ,,nil coin n iea 10 laanuf'Ctu e hi* liaproird S eaiil Ulncak?but why eularge? a woid 10 the wue 1, anlTio e-iit CHAltLr.S LKE, 30 ! m*r No. I Joh" *treet. c run of B'oailw ?y. I ' t) AN Ok S3 at,000 KOK AHHEAHAOkH TO CO> a IIIACTOKS AND OTHKKs Oh THE PUBLIC fOKK*.?The C mmiasionera of the Caual k'nud, by virtue the ici entitled "An act to provide lor paving arrearage* to mtract m and other* on tne public work*." p>*<ed April II 4} hi r'" y pie uot'Ce that ?ealed propi.saW will be received til h'liday the 5th dav of May nest, at 4 o'clock in t e afieri n fthat day, for 1 loan of three hmidreu ihmi and dollars r which ratulera do certitica es ol sine*, timi ar to those l?i esc u I?' "eut* of lilt and 1819 will be isaned 111 the uniui 'the Peopfe of the State of New V'ork, bearing inte eat at the te of 1 g i?ir cent pet annum, payable quarterly, and the prin ,>kI te mourrable at the pleasure of the Commisatouen ol thr toil haul a'te> the year i860 It is to b- nade'Stood that the Commissioners are to Ire ai yerty f(? t-ke a lata anm. If the, off r* are not such t* in tbeii 10,., 1 r ?l, I., icr"ill to 1 tie i,t. re- ts o' In- ?n ,te. l i,c inav iX! lor the whole or any p irt of laid loa [, i- 'rs? "'in f 10 nno; ill proposals to i,c seatei n > and odor* i' !,<?*?ii |V?r ill" i n in i t of an, irs?e? to conuacror* and othe 11 itln. i' ii' i' v>>i k auil enclosed iu an eiiee'ooe durctad K e Co pi II a' Alhaov. r, The moin'y will be r quired to be paid on he 6th of May, t' ciedit oi tti* ( omiwuiioiiei* "( the ( anil ! '" d, in >nr ' ?Vh iii 'he fiiv of N?w foih or Alba v a* ?hali he driifua e> il - tile Oomin M'Oiiera |i ntockh '*:?r* lesuliug In the let and 2il S uite District*, ami ote re?i'l>U|| onlof the Htate, illrtcriTe 'he interest on th? 1 mk Held by hem, quarterly, at the b uk of the VlaiihatUi u jKicauy, m ihe ity of New York; all other stockholder* t| 'he New V oik St v B ink n 't e eity of AI ben Dated La.'iiU Deptr'nen , A K"'V. April 19. I?IJ. D, 8. UH'KiNBON. Lieut-Wot. Ii A C. KLAUW, ' ' iiiptroller. .1 H YOUNW -'ecn-'air of Stale. T V 1 KM IN O ON, Treasurer. O P. UAKKk.U, AU'i Wenerai. c I'ltoM' < x I' tN k. 1 S'I'Teyor Ibns'sl - Main* O a ol i ortn * fntcut Aaicuor*, WoBiiiim aouBt k 10(10 i on "its, for tale by ? I k. K. COLLINS k CO.. " iJOtc 56 South street. I IERA lioulaTllle< [Correapoudence of the Herald.] Louisville, April 21,1H43. 7fi< Herald?Trial of Godfrey Tope, atul hit Acquittal?A iScene in the Court liuom?Cvngret tional Campaign cvmmmutd?Bania n, fyc Pkak Bennett:? Am you have had no advices from tine pluce. for some tune, and having every reason to brio ve die writer of the letters sigued Hawkeye, lias l< ft the city, we (my cousin and rnyaclt) propose to enlist under tire banner of the Herald, and give you regular and accurate advices, of the way " things are done up," in the " Falls City." Of the notoriety given to your p iper by the correspondence from this place, and the excitement that prevails, when it is known that a letter has appeared, you can have no idea All the old maids, bachelors, young lasses, and beaux fly to the several news offices, some on crotches, some on horseback, some on foot, 4tc to get a Herald; and when it so happens (as it often does.) that these news offices have not been furnished with a s ifficient number of copies to supply every body and his cousin ; then vour subscribers have either to put their papers under lock and k'-y, or be bothered to death bv these old grannies, with the continual application of " Mister, will you lend me your neraiu a tew minutes !" lliisihmg is out of ilit* question. Can't you read them a lecture on the subject. The trial ol Godfrey Pope, charged with the murder ol L Bliss, jr commenced on the 13ih and concluded on the 15th instant, which resulted in the acquittal of Pope. A great ntauy witnesses were examined on both sides, and it was proven positively, that Pope hunted Bliss out, took his hand, drew a pistol and shot him down ; hut still, the jury, alter retiring about thirty minutes, rendered a verdict of " Not Guilty." We have heard it said that P.'a father is a man of considerable wealth Considerable excitement prevailed during the trial, and when the verdict was rendered a general hiss was raised, to the great displeasure ol the Iriends of the accused, and the annoyance of the Judge. A scene took place during this trial, which we derm not unworthy of relation ; it is as follows? The weather being rather wsrm,and the Court room very much crowded, made it unpleasant for a man, when he had once gotten in the rooni, to stay in, and difficult to get out again, even it he was suffocating with heat. In this situation was placed a rather portly gentleman. Well, Jesse had been trying for some time to his own discomfiture, and the disturbance of the Court, to out of this crowd ; but only succeeded in getting pushed and shoved about until he found himsell standing in the lobby, right between the bar and the bench, which caused the following dialogue and contusion :? Judge?'* 1 wish you would get out of there, sir; what are you doing in there, any how, sir; go out sir" The Sheriff here made a move towards Jesse, when Jesse thus replied in a low tone of vnice Jesse?" 1 have been trying for ubout an hour, to get out of the Court House, but it seems the haider I try to get out, the further I get in." Judge?"Well, you had better hush,sir, or I'll fine you." Jesse?(In the same low tone of voice)?" If you were not shielded by the dignity ol that bench, sir, I wouldn't take thai." The second renlv In tlie Todas* rnu>l< bin dianitu " across the face and eyes," and lie ordered the sheritt to take Jesse into custody. Jesse hearing the order given the sheriff, darted throORh the crowd, with the sheriff alter him, over men, boys, and benches, creating a tremendous contusion and excitement, particularly among those who had been knocked " heels over head," and trampled under the feet of both Jesse and the Sheritl By accident of the Sheriff's clumsiness in falling down the ste|>e, Jesse succeeded in making his escape, uninjured hi any other particular than being very much Luatsed. So completely did this disorganize the Court, that a receso of a few minutes was held to get things in order again. The Congressional campaign in this district, subject to a Conventional nomination, to f^ke place shortly, has fairly and warmly opened. Three candidates on the whig ticket are already in the field, and nave, each and all of them, several times addressed their fellow citizens, and avowed the principles which shall govern them, should they be so lortunateas to receive their confidence and support. The Hon John Sprigg, our late representative, has expressed his determination to not submit to a con ventional nomination, but to run on his 4> own hook," and the laurels he won at the late wssion We had the pleasure of hearing Mr. Tomasson, one of the candidates in nomination, last evening, when he affirmed that the democratic party had no principles at all; thHt one day they were for a pnrti citlar measure, and the n?xt, they repudiated it Mr. T. said that (I five the substance of his remark ) the majority of the democratic party were in favor of a whig tariff, but were afraid to acknowledge it; and put the question to the democrats present to that eflect. When the learned "trillion purp of democracy," rearing his head a lull " feet" above the heads of those that surrounded him, sung out in a sonorous voice, " No, never." Thequestion was put again, and nobody replied, but the same, " No never." Mr T. said " I expected no thing else Irom his brother, but I ask the democratic party." This caused a tremendous cheering, and the learned was soon seen making his way out ot the crowd. Business continues dull here; but we look for an improvement so soon as the weather becomes a little settled, and Miller's milennium month passes by. What is the cause of the irregularity ot the mails? Can't you stir up Capt. Tyler and the Postoffice Department? 5>otne times we don't get a mail lor two or three days Yours, Cousins. IlulTiilo. 1 iCorrenpoatlonCf of the Herald. ] , Buffalo, May 1, 1843 I Spring?Trade and Cownerct. ? Money Mallei s? 1 Auction Houses?Hotels ? Post office?Politics? lieliettm?'lTuutrirafs?Gnural Matters, tfc. fyr, James Gordon Bbnneit, Esq :? 1 Dear SIR? As your numerous correspond nts of this city have for a long time negl?c*? d io furnish you with a passing chronicle of the turns, 1 am again induced to snatch a few moments from my business pursuits to converse with you, and through the columns of your paper, the people of the whole civilized world. After a long and tedious winter, spring-time in nil its loveliness has again burst upon us. The wild birds of summer may again be heard warbling forth iheir sweetest lays, and the season of roses and flowers will soon be with us. The fields and lawns covered with their beautiful carpets of green, 1 and the forest will soon be clothed with lovely and 1 luxuriant foliage. As usual during the winter here, trade has been ' remarkably dull, but as the business season is about ! Bommencing, it begins to brighten lip, and the pros- I iect8 of the season, so far as I am able to judge, are 1 luite flittering for those who manage their affairs 1 n a prudent manner. The credit system siiiong ' is has alni'st entirely exploded, and those who par- ' ;hnse goods (f our merchants, as it should tie, ate ' ibhged to give an equivalent therefor. '1 his will > mahle regular iradeis, tho-e who wi-h to maintain ' heir credit in your c ty, to meet their creditors iromptly and honorably the pre-ent spring I am 1 nvnir miiL mr cirini <m our nuuaio mercnanrs n? < ?een somewhat unpaired in New York tor some c tearp, produced in a ureal measure by iiresponsible " neu, those who, when tliey purchased, never inended to p.iy. I am sorry to say we have had such '' nen among tra, but it is a lamentable lact, the truth ' d which ih well known to your neighbors in the netropolis. However, in justice to our regular mer- ? :hants, I am constrained to ay a better state of at ' airs is developing itself nmong us. 1 here may, even * it tins time, be a tew exceptions, but they are rare o ind comparatively trilling. liulltlo, from her nam ii al and artificial advantages, is destined to be- ? nmr a great and flourishing depot, and 1 am glatl < n be able to inform you that indications of a more i ealthy s'ate ot affairs are pr vailing here a I have little lo communicate in relerenee to rtv iiey iatt' rs, except that it has been exceedingly lure ' obtain any considerable amount,? veu upon gone nencttnihered real estate ?ince the explosion of out M lutlalo banks. The banking boures of Vtessrs. Let nd Seymour oiler advantageous facilities to tho-? rlio wi-h to transmit lunds to the eastern cities; hu ' ieir means are enti'ely too limited for the business t a city like this. They should have correspondent? ii all the cities of importance in the country, wliep \ heir dralta would b? payab'e at siglii. In the n ase the ailvaiit.tges lo the commercial conunuui') .vl tuild hardly beestimated. *' The auction and commission houses ol this city m ppear to have commenced a very profitable season ,,u I he principal houses are those of Aleiwrs Faulkner <hi uid i'limpton, C. M. Martin, Marcy Ac Rollins and he LD. V?a mi t? 1 'T" j.nomas rarmiam. i nere are several others that maybe classed as " Peter Funk " establishments. Several heavy credit sales have already taken |.lace, which have been well attended. The t>i<tn were spirited and the goods knocked down at tair price.-. One of the firm of Messrs F & I' ie now in your city, niakitur f xiensive arrangements f??r the piessut season, and from the well known reputation ot this establish merit lor promptness and general nu.-iinr facilities, 1 have no hesitancy in say ng ids' all kinds ii irterchanise eiitiuel d to them, hy New York merchants, will he will disposed ot, and the proceeds promptly remitted or paid over The principal hotels of the city, to wit: the American, Western Hnd Mansion House, are beginnn g to fill up wiih strangers. The Washington Hotel, recently opened by Messrs. Thomas it Goodwin near ilie American, is large and commodious. The proprietors are well and favorably known here, and their house will no doubt merit and receive a liberal support from our citizens and the travelling community. It ia pleasantly located, and any number ot hoarders may he comfortably accommodated at reasonable prices. The facilities lor tourists and travellers are now so advantageous, that an unusual number ol strangers ure expected to \t-ot the n ighty cataract ot Niagara during the seasnii At this fashionable and delightlul summer resort, you can salelv recommend your friends to stop at the "Cataract," an excellent house kept hy Messrs Whl'.tiev <V, Soi s On the opposite side is the "Gin o t II u-?, which I '-relieve is to he under the -u, tvision ot Mr Griffin, formerly of the "Eagle " This gMtileman is too tnvoratily known to visitor-1 to r><|utre a word ol praise It is enough to say, that those who slop at his house will he well "done for " Some weeks since a runner was prevalent here that Dr. Hadduck had been rrmovid from the Post Office, mid that Geo. W Clinton, Km) hud been appointed ai his successor. I' turned out, us 1 anticipated it would, all "bosh !" So that the Doctor w ill probably hold on to his office as long as Captain Ty ler stands at the he rn in Washington. The editor of the t ommerciul is very hostile towards Dr. H. Cause why ! lie occupies the very station that he himselt anticipated filling Previous to the appointment, 1 was very much opposed to both the Doctors, bu' the affairs ot the office have been so well managed undi r Dr H. that I think it will be best to have him remain in office, hvery thing p< Naming to its duties has been done in a systematic manner, the grumblings ot the Commercial to the contrary notwithstanding. Nothing new 111 reference to political ehanp has transpired hereot late. Little is said touchinr th in \t Presidential election,though it is genei.i >'? , ved by the knowing ones that the demo undidate, whoever he mav he, will succei I I an incliu ed to believe 'Mr be; man. The relipn ocieties here apiearto be in flourishing cir lances, us great numbers have been converted iring the winter and spring, who are new, ton ,'pearances, zealous and devoted christians. Tl. difficulty between St. 1 ouisChurch and the Bishop, I am informed, lias n settled, and that a new minister is expect* <1 I . in a few days, to fill the place of the Kev.' M The Rishop, I learn, is not to receive th ui>< I tne. church, as they are to be di., o- k to the wishes of tne society. The temple of the sock and h Lagle street Theatre, is soon to be opened, under the management of Mr. Bice, who 1 am n lotined will Intve an excellent stock company, and present to the lovers of the drama a great variety ot pleaait g ewe ruiiiunenis during ine season. Many new pieces wrl be produced in the course ot ine summer, and scv r-i! ot the principal stars ot the country are to appear, which, with new scenery, decorutiona, iXic will add much to the popularity ot the house. To-day the water is to be let into the canal, and Buffalo will again be bustle on I prosperi y. Mr. Sutton, the superintendent, informed me that the breach had been repaired at Tonawanda, so as to permit tioats to pass, and that the lock at Black Kock had been enlarged so as to hIIow the large and beautiful packets to reach this city by Wednesday, 3d inst ('apt. Hrornly, of ( tie ol the new packets, lias been on the spot, and is well pleased with the progress of Mr S. Capt. B. is one of the mom gentlemanly masters on the canal, and will continue,as heretofore, a great favorite with the travelling public. The Herald, as formerly, continues to be the first New York paper sought lor on the o|iening ol the until, and Mr Hawks, your agent here, appears to study your interest (and his own) " to a dot." Yours, cVc. S. Title to Ileal Karate?At leu. An alien, who is not an enemy, as the law heretolore has been, and is now considered, cannot take real estate as heir, although he may take as a purchaser, subjectto certain dhahiliti'-a Upon the decease of an individual leaving no heir, r-xcept otic wh<> is an alien, his real estate does not descend, hut escheats to ihe government An xlim'an enjoy the estate himself, until " office found," which is a proceeding ins ituted in behall ol the government , ? " mrirupiK luimvr ine estHte of the alien declared to be lorieited 10 the (roverr.ment, but in default of such proceeding, the estate will not descend to hiB heir, although such heir be a citizen released Irom the right oi government to have a forfeiture (or such previous alienage. Neither can an alien purchaser convey his estate to a citizen, div? sled of the right of the government to make inquisition, and thereupon to have an < scheat. although the citizen purchaser bought the estate in good faiih, at its fair value. Such are the disabilities of an alien in relation to the ownership of real estate, as understood and sustained at the present age. The only principle ti|?>u which these disabilities can be sustained is, that the government, ss a means ol sell preservation end protection Ircm loreign influence, must be clothed with |k>w er to prevent an alien from acquiring an ind. feasible estate in the son of the country. The principle is a sound one, and should be adhered to so far and so far only as the self preservation of the government and its protection from foreign influence may require. Where the reason foils the rule should also cease to operate. Analien may purchase and hold real estate subject to the right of government to divest hia itle, and it would seem to follow as a necessary consequence, that an alien who is heir to a citizen should inherit, subject to the right of thegovernment to divest his estate,whenever the government should consider it necessary to doss Such doctrine would he more in accordance with the enlightened principles of government and intlividua! ruh\ as now understood and inculcated in the United States. No one can pretend that the political existence of the government can be endangered hv allowing an alien to inherit real estate, subj? ct to the right of government to divest the estate, whenever the exigencies of thegovernment may require, unv more than hyallowing such alien to take an estate^by purchase. suriject to sucti rigtit ot divesting it The principle in hImo inapplicable to the cave of a purchase by a citizen trem an alien, honestly made, because the moment such owners-hip ? acquired by a citizen, all dancer which may arise from foreign iniluence ceases to exist. Connected with this subject it is also important to enquire, to what government, in case of an escheat, for the cause of alienage, does the estate go, the National or State sovereignty ? It las heretofore been considered hi a matter of course hat the escheat is for the benefited the individual State in which the land escheated is situated. The propriety of this is doubled?the national governiient has 'he power, and has exercised it, ot saying ivhHt shall release an individual from the disabilities if alienage?it also has the entire control of our foreign relations,and it would seem, is the government o be protected arid guarded against foreign in Hurt re. In 1794, by treaty wuh Great Britain, citi: us of hngland who then held real rs'ate within he I tinted Sia'es, were in relation to such real esite. rel-Msed from the disabilities of alienage, which x in;.Hen extended to the heirs of sui h aliens In n-e ot any such alien, no State could df spoil him t his property?and no reason is perceived, which an riBhtlnlly authorise an maividual S^tatetrom in rfrnng ma case not embraced by the treaty ot' 791 These suggestions are made to call the attention I the public mind to a consideration ot the subject, he United States have made great advance in the cience of political economy; this advance will fail I its per'ect work utile?# similar advance is made it its judicial principles, so that every department f the government may exhibit an harmonious part f a syinrn trical whole. It seems to 'he writer nost consonant to an enlightened jurisprudence ihat II alien, who is not an enemy, may hold real estate iy descent as well as by purchase, subject to the. ight of government to divest' his title?that such sht shall not be exercin *d ag i ns- a citizen who is, I good laith, a purchaser from such alien?that an sen eat when it occurs shall he to the United Slates nil urn to the state in which the land may be situa d. Ctvis. .VtrnnuR aud Insanity ?Thomas Thomas and his ife, residing in Wuodlord County, Illinois, were ordered on the night ot the 17'ti ult. by their son, ho is a maniac. Hearing a noise in the direction a building in which the unfortunate young man dbeen confined, Mr Thomas and his witr went it to ascertain the cause, when they were met by s maniac, who had effected his escape, and were rribly murdered with the leg of a bench.