Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 6, 1843, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 6, 1843 Page 3
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B Y THE SOOTHE R N ~MA11. Shipaian.?Shipman, it is said, lias been arrested 111 Illinois, and will be immediately brought to Philadelphia. He lias expended but a small amount of the money taken by him. .-everai companies of thp Third Regiment U. S. Infantry, numbering in all six hundred and thirtyfive men, arrived at Jefferson Barracks, Missouri, on the 31st ult. from Florida via New Orleans. Mules of Mtocka af 1'hllaUelphla Yeiterday. 31 ihs Manufand Mechs Bank, 16}; IS do Reudlng RH, 6fs,33; 106 do, 31; $1000 Tenn Bonds, 76}; 8 shs Philadelphia Bank, 58} $300 City ft's, 1*46, 100}; 3 shs Farms and Mechs, 33; $3000 State ?' , 1843, 60}; $|H00 do, 1846, 60}; 40 shf Oirard, 4}; $U00 Wilmington RR, fl's, 1838, 71; 150 aha do, 13; $3000 Cincinnati W Bonds, 87; 10 sh8 M>.vam?nsing, 30; 46 do State 6>i, 1846,60; $1160 City 6's, 1846, 100}; 30 aha ManufSt Mechs, 16}. After Board?60 shs Wilmington RR, 13; 10 do Plant, era'Bank of Tenn, 18}; $1400 Schuylkill Navigation, 6 per cent, I860,76; 60 shs Western Bank, 43}; 135 do Oirard, 4), 40 do Mechanics', 19}; 100 do Oirard, 4}. LATEST SOUTHERN SHIP NEWS Philadelphia. May 6?Arr Mam*. Stetson, Port au Prince. Below, Treaty, Montevideo; America, NYnrlt. Baltimore, May 4?Arr Zrnobia. Oweoi, Nsgnsbn; Ann Penman. Howe, Bermuda; Home, NBedfis H; Oread, Bibber, Kastpnrt; K A Stevens, Brunts, New York; Usion, Smith, and Orn Washington, Phillips, Providence, Cld Baltimore, Haskell, Portland Nohkolk. May 3?Arr Uuion, Psinr, Boston for Richmond; Ann D. Hudson; S Rockhill, Hulon, and Couslirution, Jones, Ni w York; Thaddrus, Driscoll. Jersey City; Mi, Wnolford, Richmond for NYrk; Miranda, Cooley, Alci :ndna for Boston; Damascus, Freeman, Boston Mobile. April 28?Cld l.urv Rsm?? w?.l Nrw Oslkaiss. April 27?Anr Mallnrv, B'own. sml Mulison. Kreler, N Vork. CM Uutnu, EMrii'ge; Union, Russell, | ami (Jrli Wayne. K 0Q- FAMILY QUARRELS ARE MORE DIFFlCiiltito appease and reconcile than any other ; they often outlive one generation and are left to posterity as an inheritance, not as easily disposed of as the hard gotten gains of years of industry and frugality. To all such we recommend a supply of Sherman's Camphor Lozenges. 'I hey are wonderful appeasers of irritable tampers nnd disturbed nerves?they relieve the worst hradachn cr palpi'ation in a few minutes?quiet the nerves and equalize the temper, making you " as calm and composed as a summer's morning." We hare often known ol their efficacy, as also the Doctor's Cough and Worm Lozenges, and many a child now lives a blessing to its parents that would have heen in its cold and silent grave had it not been for Sherman's Lozenges. If any man is blessed in this world surely the Dr. is the one, for he is literally clothed with the outpourings of the overjoyed hearts of thousands who have been restored to health from his invaluable medicines. The Warehouse is at 1(6 Nassau street. 0&- DON'T FORGET THAT SEIXAS HAS REmoved from 89 Cedar streette 3 Maiden lane. If you want a good segar, give him a call, and he will make you smack your lips at the fine flavor ?r Hi a..? """ ..... i...a orgnm. I due our word for it, for we never get tired of putting hi* segar*. {ft?- ANTICIPATE DISEASE ?The old cuitorn of going through a course of medicine in the spring, is like manv other old customs which are scofted at by modern flippancy. Person* are usually more intemperate both in eating and drinking in winter, than at any other period ot the year. The l tracing healthy atmosphere of the season, however, prevents the effect ot these excesses being felt at the time. But when the warm spring air relaxes the system, the pores open, and the vital action becomes leas vigorous, the impurities which had laid dormant in the elements of the blood during the cold weather, begin to develope themselves in the shape of disease. These impurities should be swept away in the spring, by the use of proper medicine, and health and tone imparted to the digestive organs, in order to enable the system to bear up againit the enervating heats of summer. For these pur. poses there are no pruparations so speedy, thorough, and certain in their operation, as Peters' Vegetable Pills and Cathartic Lozenges. A few doses of either, taken at this season of the year, may not only save hundreds of dollars in physicians' bills during the summer, but perhaps life itsel. Be wise in time. A preventive is better than a cure. Office 1-29 Fulton, corner Nassau st; and 90 North Sixth it, Philadelphia. {ft?- THE UNRIVALLED TONIC MIXTURE FOR the cure of all the protean forms of dyspepsia, low spirits, loss of appetite, lassitude, cutaneous eruptions, general debility, and all complaints denominated " nervous." Sold in large bottles ?2 each ; small de $1; in cases con. taining half a dozen $5, carefully packed and sent to all parts of the Union. W. 8. RICHARDSON. Agent, .Office and Consulting Room of the College of Medicine and Pharmacy, 97 Nassau st. 0(7- IT IS A CUSTOM WITH MANF TO SHAVE the heads of persons recovering from sickness, to nrevent mem irom entirely losing their hair. Now it is a well known fact, that this sacrifice might be prevented t>y using the genuinf Oldridge's Balm of Columbia, from Comstock St Ross, 25 Magazine street. This article not only prevents the hair from falling out, but will positively restore it when it has been lost Tor years?N. Orleans ^ The same may be had of COMSTOCK St CO., 31 Courtlandt street, near Broadway. 00- PROFESSOR VELPEAU'S CELEBRATED SPEt IFIC PILL.forthe cure of gonorrhoea, gleet, and all unpleasant discharge* iiom the urethra. This is an invaluable remedy, and is guaranteed to perform a permanent cure in less than halt the time of any other ra medy known to the medical profession. It is now,the only remedy used in the hospitals of Europe. Hold in hoses containing one hundred pills, $1 per boxOffice and consulting rooms of the College of Medicine and Pharmacy, 97 Nassaustrert. W. 8. RICHARDSON, Agent. N. B. Person* residing at a distance can obtain a chest containing a sufficient quantity of Professor Velpeau's remedy, by addressing the Agent of the College, post paid, enclosing $3. Of?- KOLMSTOCK'S VERMIFUGE.-This remedy for worms is one of the most extraordinary ever used. It will effectually eradicate all s >rts of worms from children and adults, arid is sold only at 21 Courtlandt street, near Broadway, at 25 cents per bottle. 00- THE PARISIAN ALTERATIVE MIXTURE for the safe and radical cure of all forms of syphilis, who. ther primary or secondary, also for removing those cor.iplaints that arise from an abuse of mercury. This m ixture is composed of a combination of batanical remedial agents, which exercise a specifia etfoci on these terrible diseases. Sold in large bottles*! eoet,. ?m?n a~ _ ? , ??^i; in cases containing half a dozen fcft, carelully pack'd and ent to all parti of the Union. W. 8. RICHARRON, Acer t, Office and Consulting Room of the College of Medicine aud Pharmacy, 97 Nassau st. {K7- IMPORTANT TO PARENTS ?New York,May tth, 1943 Oents : I again write to you in relation to your invaluable " Hoarhouud Candy." My Child, 93 months )ld, was taken with the inflammation on the lungs. Some Tew monthslback, alter it had recovered from the iaflam mation, it left some symptoms of consumption, which threatened serious and severe consequences, an alarming sough and other bad symptoms were entirely removed ; ind I can say with pleasure that the child is entirely well. I must say that I was agreeably surprised, although well icquainted with the virtuea of your Candy ; and I say to ill that are parents, if you have not this remedy in your < douse, go to their store and get the article. Ifvourchil- , tren are troubled with croup Ac. in the middle of the . light, then you are prepared. I am, gentlemen, your 1 ibedient servant, C. TIIOMP80N, 506 and 609 Grand atreet. To Measrs. J. Pease A Son, 4ft Division st. Agents?Rushton A Aspinwall, 10 Astor House, 110 Broadway and P6 William st ; Everett, 93 Hudson st.; AIssenmiller 147 Eighth avenue ; Weir, 7ft6 Broadway ; Jr. Cro well, 386 Bowery ; Green, 399 Broadway ; Hedeniergh, 333 Broad street, Newark N. J. ; Mrs. Hays, 139 * i"ulton street. Brooklyn; Morrell,corner Main and James, treet. Brooklyn ; Redding ACo. No. 8 State street,Bo-#on ; Z eber A Co., No. 3 Ledger Buildings, Philadelphi 'a.; Robinson, Ne. 110 Baltimore street, Baltimore, Md. ' Ot^-THE METALIC TABLET STROP-lnv :>y O. Saunders, has been in extensive use lor tb,? ifcst wentyflve vaars, Certificate of its superiority from the i ollowing scientific gentlemen, are at present ii^ the pos. lession of the inventor:? I'rofassor J. Oriscom, Dr. Valentine Mot*, Gen. James I Tallmadge, President of the American ' na?itnte and M. I dilhkin, Cutler to the Royal Navy, ^,i*slr8nd ' Toilet articles. Razors, of the - { cl>lehrsted make, | varranted;a large varletv of' 'rushes, Perfumi ry and W?' .'0otl/' nail and shaving luality, an I sold at e*ce< V5i,n* 18?,p" ?f ream, which makes the ? i.D* 7 TLi'> iC*J' A.lmon^ inly 374 cents a pot. '-'I,ch"?t POMlble lather an<l at aetaref oftheMete" ,"ir?tor ?nd manu' -iic Tablet Strop, 163 Broadway. he^tlV1o"rr,hI?ru??'""TherPi!rnothi"* d,i',inK"i?hf" sent of his hair . ?<'nU(',man l*?n,Lthan lhe r"?S?hion, nor arranae '* D/T?r foUn<1 A? th" fT"1"? ol Ur etit maitre h--J wllh the Punc 1,1,0 an tninutene(a of rhlch Clire? Jt in that moderate and happy medium ax introd .rugh only understands in his practice. He lien's* .needa system of cutting and dressing gentle is ? -air only known to himself, which impai ts that jt .ais una, which his taste, judgment, and delicacy of .ouch alone can give, and tells that you arc under the hand ol no ordinery artist. One of Canovaa sculptured heads is not easier recognised than one of the living arranged by the magic touch oftClirehugh. In both there is the same classic outline, the same lusuriant softness of espression given to the countenance, which can only be imparted by the hand of a great artist directad by a mastermind. Those who pretend to taste or fashion, should place their head under hiicharge, and mark the charge that one operation will effect on the outward man. Clirehugh is always at home to wait on those who wish to be operated on by himself. Hair Cutting Rooms, 50# Broadway, up stairs. Q(J- THE TWO MERCHANTS i OR, SOLVENT NO INSOLVENT?By I'. 8. Arthur, Esq., author of " 8ii Nighta with the Washingtoaiens," "Tired of Housekeeping/' " Insubordinate," lie. Published hy Zeiher h. Co., Philadelphia, New York, J. A. Tuttle.sole agent. Miram Newberry and Mark Lansing, merchants, of New York, are the heroes ol tliia unpretending tale. Oar is pourtrayed as a merchant "of the old school," whost. every transaction was lounded upon the strictest principles ot mercantile honor, whilst the other'a motto ' let everyone lookout for himself," was his governing prinNot only will this work interest the young merchont or clerk- the ladies will ulso lind a rich treat in store tor 'hem- And the sweet, pretty Miriam, whoso base lover fully developed a character, alaa ! often found out too late. Tue fury is another of those moral pictures of real lile in which the talented author greatly excels. It is neatly gat up lor one shilling ?a per 100 copies. J. A. TUTTLE, Oeneral News Office, No, 4 Ann street, N, Y. I ' 0(?~ THERE 18 ONLY ONE WAY OF DOING everything right, aud there i? only one sure and certain remedy for baldness and gray hair. If the hair is to be restored from baldness, and weak or thin hair strengthened or thickened, the skin must lirst be testored to its nu tursl healthy state, ths circulation promoted, and its ac tion kept up. The nerves, blood-vessels. Ac. connected with the bulb or root, will thns be acted upon through the skin and roused from their relaxed and torpid state ium ii <>niy io no accompusueu ny tin- use ami continued application of Clirehu$h'sTricopherous, or Patent Medicated Compound, which will excite the skin to eucrea ed activity, reanimate the bulb, and thus, at all ages, firoduce a new growth ol hair. Price, $1 a bottle. Sold >y Clirehugb, patentee, at hii hair cutting rooms, 306 Broadway; private entrance for ladies first door in Fulton street. QQ- ONLY GIVE IT A FAIR TRIAL?If people would take this methol there would be no reason to complain ol humbug. A. Grandji-an s Celebrated Consultations for the human hair, No. 1 Barclay street. A. Grandjean appreciates and combines with circumspection all the prescriptions tgiven in the best authors, giving no preference to his own remedies, except where the caie riqtiirus it, and where, moreover, experience for so many years confirms its efficacy. HOMEY MARKET Friday, May 5?0 F.M. The arrivaloftho now steamer Ili'oernia gives us again ten days later from Europe. The news is not importantThe steamer brings $1,300,000, of which $1,003,000 arrived in this city in the steamer from Boston, and probably $500,000 will come to-morrow. Tbe consignees are as follows:? 1 box, Wm Jones A Son 1 box, Roberts A Williams 1 do Fairfield, Lincoln, 1 keg, D S Kennedy A Co 1 box, E T Sise i do HarndcnACo 16 do Brown, Brotly A Co 1 do Ketcham, Rogers A I do JAMOiw Bennett 1 do Thos Adams 1 do Sands, Fox A Co 1 do J Wheeler 1 de ED Peters A Co 1 lot, Wheelwright 1 do to order 1 box jewelry, Newstadt A 1 do E Stone Barnett 1 do Gossler A Co 1 do to order 1 do T Dixon A Son 1 do Moses L Samuel j J do Merchants'Bank 1 do watches, to order 1 do Bank S.Carolina 1 do specie,DanuA Hen1 do Hicks A Co shaw, Irom Halifax do ?65,000 Harnden A 1 do Hardy A Baker Co 1 do Gove, Lock A Co 1 do Chandler Howard A 1 do Lord A Preston Co 1 do L Bartlett A Co 1 do Atkins A Freeman -J do JPTownsend 1 do T W Ward 1 do AVinsor ATownsend 1 do Boorman, Johnston 1 do E A Pierce A Co 3 do Thaver A Bates Being in all, about $1,300,000. This is mostly the proceeds of produco bills previously remitted. The bullion in the Bank of England continues to increase, showing a continued decrease of the quantity in circulation. The exchanges continue much in favor of England with regard to the continent and against in relation to this country. The rates are as follows ltii ts op Exchange at the Cities. Hamburg, April 13, 1843. Amsterdam, 2m 35.75 stivers for 2 p. Paris I8u,4? cents " lb. London 13. 0 marcs&s. banco- " If. stg. Genoa, 3m 191 cents " 1 p. Leghorn 226 lire " 300.m.banco Paris, April 15. Amsterdam, 3m 209% cents for 1 llorin. Hamburg 186 cents " lp. London 25.50 francs and cents- " 11. stg. Genoa 98% cents " llirauuova. Leghorn 83% cents " 1 lire. Amsterdam, April 14. Paris, 2m 56 7- l6grotes for 3 francs. Hamburg 35% do " 1 p. London 12.2% florins & stivers- " 1/. stg. Genoa 4o 13-16 cents of florins " llirauouva. Leghorn 39 11-15 do " 1 lire. London, April 18. Amsterdam, 3m 12.4% ) Rotterdam 12.5% > florins 8t stivers for 11. stg. Antwerp 12.5% ) Hamburg 13.14 marcs & s banco " 1 do ^aris 25.87% francs and cents " 1 do Lisbon, 60dg 53 nance stg " 1 milrea Genoa, 3m 25.9) lire ne. & cents- " 1 stg. Leghorn 30.70 lire " 11. stg. Bullion per ox. Gold standard 77 9 Silver do 4 11% 8. A. dollars 9%1 U. S. do - Spadoh<fo0ubloo'ns*-'. i 1-?* 1000 weighing-about 866 oz. Bogota 8t Mex. do 74 Popavan do 74 Money exceedinglyjabundant ; good bills at 1} per centThe paper currency shows a decrease as follows PiH? CuRRERCV OF Rl?Ol.lKD. England. Etb.5, >843. March*. 1843 Jlpril I. B.?uW ul n.i,gland, ?21,108,000 ?*>.310,000 ?19.039,000 Private Bants, 6,021,7,6 4.785,721 4,716,606 Joint Siock Bank*, 2,908,006 2,844,071 2,862,986 r- Scotland. Chaiurril, Private It Joint Stock Blu, 2,629,691 2,688,370 2,467,604 Irtland. Bank ol Ir-ltnd, 3,197,275 3,196,123 3,085,100 Private & Joint Slock Banks, J,117,341 2,097 225 3,019,740 _ ... 36,985.028 36 861 521 34,681,236 Bullion, 10,933,0110 10,081,000 Jl.420,1,00 The total decrcaio in circulation ii, it appear*, jC 1,300, 000. The Bank *eem* to be rapidly curtailing it* issues. From the higheit point in February it ha* dec.veased ?1,600,000, er 7 per cent, while the country bank* have steadily diminished their issues, corresponding with the small business doing. Tha returns ol the Bank of France for the quarter ending 36th March, a* corresponding with the quarter ending Deo. 25, 1942, present the following leading leatures Bark of Frari c Due. 25. 1812. March 25, 1843. _ , Ore. 1812 March 1813. Tnc. D?c C ora. discGUP.ti, 158,124 772 137 6 1.110 ? 20.813,662 Specie, 197 263,647 216.699,827 19,416 180 ? UircuUtie.a, 214,264,662 219,636,188 5,381,836 ? Aecouu'? current. ~ 37,711,930 37,573,768 ? 138,162 Comk.erciai. Operations Realized duriro the Quarter. Dec. March. tlommeicial bills discounted, fr 25 ' 9' 000 218.419 028 ( 'lash advanced on bullion, 7 635,600 3,766,900 , Cash advanced on pubbc secaii ies, 9,762.600 7,863.300 " " liom sundry accounts, 1,083.639,.6' 8 1,016,756,08.5 " p-id on sundry sccnunts, 1,003,656.700 1,016 885,313 ' Rrrsitrd from the treaimy, 119,'06,500 93.097,018 Paid 10 the t'eaaury, 114,258,110 91.091,712 > Cash received, 94,530.000 97,499 900 . Bills received, 49',665,.600 471,329 500 Casli paid, 682,l8u,50O 76.855.200 419.259,500 The general features here arc the same as those in Eugland, viz. an increase of bullion, and decrease of discounts. The comparative revenues of the two countriesi present, howevor, different results. The French revenue ( for the first quarter of 1943, as compared with that of | England, is as follows:? 1st quartrr of 1842. 1S43. Die. Inc France, f. 163,4*2.0110 183 I90.nnn ? 19.728 ono ' '* S 30.619,1,5 34 318 125 ? 3,697,000 Engl anil. ? 8 '40,532 8.381.215 136 287 ? " $ 41,868 553 41.204,374 054,179 ? Ti e French revenue has arisen liom an increase in custi >ms and duties on consumable articles. On the other hand the decrease in English revenue has been from a de?lini i on the same resources. The following- are the dlmiui itions for the year in,Eugland: ? In the Customs, of 461,076,335 Excise, .1,069.093 Stamps 146.790 Taxes 146,083 Crown Lands 62,600 J.,490,801 These are facta which place iu a broad light the advancing state ?f France, and declining condition ol England. I In relation to American affairs the papers mostly discuss the movement of Colonel Young in relation to the illegality oi the laws by which the Slate credit was loaned to companiei. Their remarks display such an utter incapacity to understand Ameiicaninstitu. (ions, that they are not worth comment. In relation to Ihe movements towards compromise and settlement made by several of the indebted States, the "Times" remarks as follows :? The United States papers mention the report of Ihe com. mittee to which was referred the subject ofthe Michigan bonds by the State Legislature. The committee declares, that" The State of Michigan all those bond for which she has received consideration, as an equitab) and just debt." Ferhapa this report is but imperfectly quoted, and justice is not .tone to the committee, hut as- 1 suming that the above is actually the substance, we must 1 say the declaration is op ? of ill omen lor the creditors. For a State to declare thart it will pay those liabilities for which it has received consideration, is sayiug nothing, 1 for the most violent repudiators merely rqject their lin blliticson the ground that adequate coin notation has nui "run ircaivru. as men me uec.iaraiioii w?fu uif rally can mean not hing, we cannot help suspecting that it contains a ooviv. t meaning; which ia, that the Stale meant fa eel up the etale plea of want of cone Herat ion, to eacape from a portion of it* <!?bt?, and that ?otne unfortunate holders are contemplated a* victim* of " repudiation." i Thi* is a singular statement, when tho same paper con 1 tains a notice of the English government repudiating an , amount of exchequer bills equal to the unacknowledged Michigan debt,on the same "etale plea"of want of consl" deration. A London letter remarks London, April 18th, 1343. i Amcricaa Stocks ?Since our last advices we have no variation in the prices or transactions, of internet, to quote. The nswtOf the legislating proceedings of the dtfemt States, is not of a nature to restore confidence. The business in the stock market here was small, and prices went down slightly; OhioS's fell New York 7's 1; Kentucky rrse 4; Illinois fell Indiana I; Delaware It Hudson rose J per cent; Harlem rose J. The operations at tho new Board wore larger today, and a mufih fetter feeling was manifested. Ohio fl's f. 11 J. Thequantity of uncurrenf money in circulation is rapidly increasing, as the strangers from the Wast arrrlve wMli their Itinds. Rates or Domestic Exchanuk in Ni? Yoii, Junk, 1841 and vit i. 184j. June, 1841. May 1, HI?. Bast in, par a pst a Kp,tn Phtleili Iphia, 4 a 4Hi ? * tl dia, U'lliunore, 4 V'1* ? kl Richmond, )Ha A t alKjfn ^ North Carolina, 4 a ? 'Ha ifi | Savannah, 3*3 Aaguata, 13 a ? Vv *< Charleston, ,V>X - a g Ai'alaclucola, 30 a ? pat a Kiin0J.I*'bl|e. iu alO 17 alt Nt-w Orleaua, 7 a 7 pir a W r">. Luniaville, 8 a 9 1 a IX ill* Nashville, 12)<a ? 2 a 2X Ns'Chex, ? a ? 3 a IX St. Louis, 8 a 8 l>?a 2 o.tuuiuan | ?(in 1* luimia, 7 a 7 2 a 2H III iuuia t ? a ? la l)i Detroit, 04a ? 2>6> 3 These rate* are demonstrative of the superiority of a specie currency, and the competition of private dealera in regulating the exchanges ol the country. In private, business is always done cheaper, but more prompt, and with greater satisfaction to merchants than when con ducted by banking associations. The theory that a United States Bank is necessary to a regulation of exchanges, isoneot the most singular ever adhered to by the public, in lace of facts. At no time during the whole existence ef the late bank, were exchanges ever so low or so uniform as now. The reason is obvious, a banking institution is actuated by the same desire to make the most money in the shortest space of time as individuals. A large bank|being without a rival, keeps rates uniformly as high as possible, and this is the only uniformity which can grow out of its management. The United States Bank, with its splendid palace in Philadelphia, a long train of salaried otticers, each of whom supported a princely mansion, and grow rich,controlled a capital of $36,000,000. In each commercial city of the Uniou was also a marble palace with each its princsly retinue ol officers. All these collective expenses were charged upon the profits of the capital, which, in addition, was made to yield $3,000,000, divided among the stockholders. This tremendously expensive and complicated machinery, transmitted and collected 924,000,000 worth of bills per annum. This could not have keen done, but at high rate* of bill*' The marble palaces, with their throngs of nabobs, c?uld not have been support! d at low price*. Its united strength bore down all competition, and it enjoyed a perfect monopoly at the expense of the mercantile community. How different is now the case under a steady specie currency, when the rate is really that of the exchange, and does not combine with it the depreciation of aome vile paper used as currency! The business it in the hands of private houses, corresponding with each other in every city of the Union. They are bound together by no other tie than that of mutual interest, like commercial corres. pondents in any other branch of business. Their opera, tion* are bated upon skill, information, and experience. Their capacities are sharpened by that untiring attention totheirown interest in that particular, which enables them to be the beat buyers, end of course the best sellersTheir expenses are nothing as compared to the bank. We will illustrate. Jacob Little Sl Co. aro, from extent of capital, great experience, and unrivalled sigacity, per haps the largest dealers in exchanges in Wall street. Their situation naturally brings them in business con nection with similar houses in other cities, say?Uilbert k Sons, in Boston; H. Bean St Co., New Orleans; Reed 8t Co., Louisville; St. John, Powers St Co., Mobile; John Ilenly. Montgomery, Alabama. Now, with Gilbert St Sous it may be estimated that Mr. Little's business will reach $700,000 per month, at rates varying par to This to an Individual at small expense, is a good business, but a large bank could not do it that rate. It would drive Littlo out of the field, and " regulate" the exchange much higher. Little & Co. here, corresponding with all thes? affiliated houses, exercise the same power as the United States Bank, without expense. They all move on the same sound principle* of cash payments and small profitsIf a person here has an amount of money, largo or small' due him in Montgomery, Alabama, the bill left with Lit. tie and Co., is sent to John Henly, if payable in specie, and by return of mail the funds are paid here at'J per cent. Individual enterprise is there brought into action by the liquidation of the banks. This is the true Drincioln of exchange*. The whole system of lelliDg goods in thi* city for note*, at 0, 13, and 19 month*, payable at little rickety banks all over the face of the oountry, is wrongThe discount of these bills, with the endorsement of the seller here, has been a fruitful cause of all the evil* that have overtaken the country and the bank*. New York Public Stock Exchange, $5000 N Y7's, 18)8, 105V 17 Del 8i Hudson 101 5000 do 6's. 1862, 105 300 Phoeuti Bk 80 2000 do 5'?, 1855. 95l4 30 Nsliona' Bk 95 1000 Indiana Bonds 30 50 Bk of Com, scrip, 98 15000 Kentucky 6's 92V 50 Farmers'Tru?t 18 V 5000 do blO 92 V 10 Franklin Bk, Cion 56 2?00 Ohio 6 s, 1860, s 0 79V 10 Jackson Ins 53 2000 do 80 97 Syracuse k Unca 101 2000 do 79V 10 d<> 100 V 5080 City 5's, 1870 , 93V 1(0 Long Island RR 48 10 slis Harlem RR 19V 25 Aub & Koch 95 U do 19 25 do 95V Second Beard. 50 Lone Island 48 $1003 Ohio 6's 79V 100 Bauk of Com, scrip 98 4000 do b60 80 $1001 Stair 6's, 1*59, 1(5 5109 do 79V 6Anbkltoch 94 V New York Public Stock l?xckange. $2000 U ?C's, 1862, 112V ?r0 do 29V 1 loo do 112 1000 do >9V 5000 N Y 7's, 1848, 105V 6000 Ohio 6??, 1860, 80 1000 do K't, 1H6 (, lO.'-V 3)0(1 do 79 V ..-in, uu 1001, uu 111"! O Illtcill Dli AH DJU 7?>i 30(10 Kentucky 6's b3 92V 100 do b30 79 1090 do blO O'.'X "i dj b45 79 3000 do 92jJ 75 Cantou Co blO 23 1000 do blO 93'? 10 do 225* "lofl .... blO 93',' 50 Aab h Roch 95)% 3000 IlllDOU 6'?, 1870, 29>i 50 do 95 Second Board. (1000 Illinois 6'?, 1870, 30 $1000 do 30>i State of Trade. The trade of the city is palpably on the increnie, the surest indication of which ii the hourly increasing vol . nme of u.icurrent money in Wall atreet. The numher oi , itrangers iu the city is large, and their presence revivifies .rade. I Coffee?'Th ire was more demand, prices were, how- ' ever, unchang'ed. 3500 bags Brazil, 6 a 8}; 1500 do La- 1 gnyrs, 7} a 8; 1.900 do .lava, 11 a 11J; 800 St. Domingo, 8} \ a 6^; 600 do Cuba,. 6 a 8. , Colfon?The market lias bee.1 firm, with increared ac- | livity, and at a sh ade better prices. Sales as follows:? 4000 bales Upland ansl Florida. 6} a 7j; 2500 do New Or. ' leans nnd Mobile, 5} ? 8$ and 9 a 10}. Prnviiione? Sales old Prime Pork at $7; new Prime | (7 62}; Mess $9; old Meaa $8 75 a (9. A taleoflnrdat { 5c. Pickled Hams at 8c. Smoked Hams at 6} a 7} for good. Smoked Sides at 6}c; smoked Beef7 a 7}. Buttar? I Western at 6}c. Cheese at 4 a 7c Pith? Cod and Mackerel are higher. Sales of dry Cod at $2 60; No. 1 Mackerel. $8 50; 2, (0 12; $3, (6 Provision Market. Our markets are much the same as last week. The beef is not so fine as heretofore, particularly in Clinton mar. ket. We saw some yesterday, at Broadway k Duryeau's, corner ol Hudson and Hammersley streets,of a superior quality, and to-day they have some equally as good, with some choice veal, and expect to have green peas. Asparagus, lettuce and radishes, are in market. The fust at 31 and 36 cents a bunch, the two latter 6 cents a head and a bunch. The display of flowers, trees, and shrubbery of the various kinds, adds much to the beauty of eur mar. kets. Pricks op Provisions. Apples, bbl*. .*$150 a 2 75 Lamb, per lb 4 a 5 Asp?ragiM, Dnnch- --31 a 3G Lobsters, 6 a ? Beef,per lb S a ? Mutton ......j a 7 Beef, per cwt... $4.50 afs Onions, |*>rbush* 40 a 50 Beef, corned 6 a 8 Parsnips, pcrdez. ,..S7)<t? Blacklisli, " ? a 10 Porter Houte Steaks 9 a 10 Beets, 1 a ? Pork, per lb 4 a 5 Butler, fresh, per lb 12 a 15 Pork, per cwt $4 a $5 Butter, firkiu. per lb .2 a ? Pigs, routers ? a $1 Cellery. bunch S a I2X Potatoes, bush 25 a 37)4 Crabs, dot l2Xa - Potatoes, Swt.hf pk.? a 31 Chickens 75 al 00 Hadi.hes, bunch ? a 61% Cabbages 5 a 6 Sirloin, lb 10 a 12 1 Clams, a 37X Smelts, 12 a ? Caulinewrs 12}?a ? Sh-d,each 12 a 15 p/ied Apples, bbl* ? a$I>4 Stripril Bass, lb* 10 a ? |???.ls 8 a 10 Sausages ? a 8 , 13 for ? a I2H Tumi;*, per bushel,.25 a ? Fresh Cod 3 a 4 Tripe, lb ? a 4 Flounders,. ? a 5 Turkies 1,00s $1.50 Urcsc ?75 al 00 Veal .......... . 4 a 6 1 Jowls 2 a 3 Venison, a 10 Leilncc, hesil ? a 6l% Philadelphia Cattle Market. Mav 4.?019 head of BeefCattle at market; 259 Pennsyl. vania cattle, and 186 Ohio sold in tbe Philadelphia mar. ket to the butchers, at 5} to 0}, the principal sales were 1 S..ISI tn Rf I Ml llh.n roll,. In M??. V?.l, . lo left over. Cows and Calves?411 at Market. Sale* made , ht $10. Married, On the 4th inat., by Rer. J. Poiaal, JoacrH Mria, to I Miriukit 9 , youngeat doughter of the late Joshua Biirnea, E?q , East Cheater, New York. | tiled. 6th inat., the Rev. Thos. C Livma, aged 64 yya-a. > Funeral on Sunday, Irom hlalate residence, 3ttl broome itreet, at 4 P. M. On Friday, 6th inst, Fnaiscia PmLireois, E?q., a Dative jf France, for many yaaraa resident of this city, aged 90 yearn. His fricnda and acquaintances are respectfully requested to attend his funeral, irom his late residence, No. 177 ; Dunne street, on Sunday afternoon, at 4 o'clock, without lurther invitation i "6th May, Hi-trm M. C., wife of Thomas Kelly and daughter of John Palmer, Esq , aged '18 yean. 1 '(the frUnils ot the family are respect I u 11 y requested to | ntteftd her funeral, to morrow afternoon, at half past 3 o'clock, trom her late residence, No. 8 Elizabeth street, I without further invitation. At Peterson, N. J , 27th of April, after an illness ofsave- ' ral months, Thomsj Wsi.skb, aged 61 years. He was a irood father, a kind heart* d and industrious man, and was lor a number oi J-ears at the head of a large calico print ng establishment in Peterson. He has left a wife and family to mourn his loss. ( ?a?????????p??i Paiisngrrs Arrived. Bti.rarr?Barque Agitator?Mi? YiUug and family, and 110 ia 1 he steerage, LkuHoais? Bii qne Harmnuv? losenh Vaccari, John Mancini, New Ymk: D mirnek Br* ic ,ro, Genoa. Av Bostiiis?iu ihr Hm rnia, from Liverpool?Col Holloway. Mr. Hoi oway an" 5 rlii drrii, aovtrnesa, nurse and inali ervaat: Mrs Korayth anil daushtar, Miss Stewart. Miss Seney, ' Finch, Mr and Mrs Bennett, Miss Ornd.ii, Mr snil Mrs Wniu? risht, Lieut Col Slsde, Captain Rohinson and servant, Lisu' Tipen and servant, Cspt Broiishtoe, Messrs Braud, (liner, J Oliver Colt, Whits lord, Bhaw, J tiilmore,Forsyth, W Coign houu, John Smith, Allan, Jobs Finch, Bwckcsby, Thomas , ( urrv. Whitehead, Al.xr Brand, John Stewart, Morjan, Lhv nauird, BominitiKer, Chat D Le*v, N Uorid, McKinnon. Petleraou, fcrye, Olaaa; John Laurie, hearing despatches; J H Van Allen, Oreeushilds, K,thirds, n. Hiudmau, N.nimo J H M Barthtt Aleiarder, Oakev. English, Pc.con, Koy, 0 Mentriuat, Hi t.." and 6 gain ers. Sir and Mrs Murray. T Waddell iwawHi ?mm AnMOTfR, Mn I ;iavlnn. child anil nur.t*. Mmri Jame* Prak. Mac.ulry, A Ritchie. Thoa WilaOD J ? Johuaon, Murphy, Huttou, Turns, luchra, C Ferguaon. G B Hymta. A Bridge*, Hunt bridge*. Divnl ('aiiuou. Froit, Black, Bament, Fmlong, Cliaa Ht-wart. In* Antrain. From Hilifa* to Boatou:?Dr p raarr, Miaa M Cnolidgr, Mr Kidaton, Mia* Khatiiion, Mr* Cromebee and aeivaul, Mr and Mr* Graain and 6 chi'drea. Foreign Importations. Caatoi*?Ship Niamic?( Reported yettrrdav)?281 chia 6059 hf do 1580 bia youiig hvion 55 hf chla 1100 bit 200 cannuter do imperial 139 til clita 1300 baa 200 canuiater On gunpowder 256 rlila 53 (if do HtO bta hyaou 518 ohta byaon akin 1R9?ht* 385 hf do 1450 I6lb baa aouchnng and pouchong '352 bf cheat* twankav 400 121 h bija aouehong 4320 m \'a ca?aia N I. k (1 Una wold?30 bta young byaon 4 do mdar 20 plgi J N A Onawold?103 hf cheat* young hyaon 20 rlifa 3 hf cut* anuchnDg 14 ca 3 hdla D Hepburn. Cahtoa?Barqu-Oacar?( He, n-teil yealtrday)?2"0 cheat*, young hyaon tea. 3560 rfdo, 823 I3lh ha*, 11 101b ty do hvton; 100 I3lh boa a 510 1 lib c .tty hoaea, 300 6lb cattv do. 8 IPlb ca'ty do Chum litaou ; 113 cue*'* li ivn akin ; 245 hf cheat* gunpowder ; 962 13 b beta*. 1180 61b d). >83 canniater b tea; 11 401b ca tv ba<, 9 che-la imperial ; 271 hf chralf, 674 !3lb hoa-a lliOGlb. 225 eaun a I'O hi ch Twankay, 644 do Pouchong. <01 do Niug Yonf,631 do NiiwYrungaonchang; 100 20 b ha Houchong, 46 ca faaait nil, II 00 ba fiic cracker**, 310 roll* floor inattingr, 7200 mat* c naia. 23 ch?at*. 207 lilf chf, t ? Win 8 We'mor.?10 half cheat* young hyaon, 17 do souchang. 8 hnndle* Malacca can**. 4 caaka .ilka, to (apiam Litkbpool?Ship Lauaaune?1730 rack* aalt 50 ton* coal Woodhull la Min'urn?80 era ea 8 C WilUita?*n do hleachme powders Clark k N Conner?70 do Wilson fcB-owu?'OOdo soda 150 do paint roltnry k Jenkins?I box A Ring'?26 tr>B? iruD 51 do date 15 baskets 75 anvils loo p ukases 34 bag* nails to order. TatESTB?Brig Pieo?10 fa?ki cream tartar A K C Cunningham? 2 J U Maorewood?1 ta lligrrle)?100 bund es hemp I* mdz 8 caska cream tariar 1 rate I pkgr k?. Duliih?7 casks cream tar at I26bx? steel Marry tv I ague?43 |hs mustard arrd I rkge Biuiltteir, Ko-pkco?1 hox "u'zs Bouchad kTkehtutl?4 A O S-ont?5 eka ntim tartar 20 tassel* Cinna 9 gnus O Meyer k Ho"?5 cream t-itar5hhda 16 i a-e- guns I pkg II L Roult? 6 cases whits bad T A Breith.nrpt?4 case Stonr?12 cask' Bvthia k Rszin?1 case toysW Wagner?1 brx 1 bnudlc J H I'iersou? I donkey Master? R biles auiimoay 200 bis st?el 6 txi rail* 5 bill turpentine?2 eks wine l'bnx 1 nkg do 7 cka cream tartar 5 caava Samuel Berries?5 raaet liquorish 1 cask flab boor a I ba'e 5 caars I pkg M .strr?2 lix mi'z tl O Shaw?5 pku R Crooks?876 balra rags to order. LaoHorns?Baiqae Harmony? ( Hepartril yesterda?l?2 bia s'lka 3 ilosilver works H >1 IMntie d?I boxes mdr. K K Davis? 50 bags 600 bf casks oil fi cks cream tartar Id lixi mi'z I* Harmony fc Co?8 caars mil/. 2 hf ches's oil 7 ca-es porter II 1. Route?6 cases 5 pkss nnlz 43 > illtue k '"o?23> cases mdz II Boigli?29 kg? hats A < assi lo 5 c ises silks A Robe.dson? 4 pigs hits D Hail.len?3 bl ck marble 6 pl>gs gum 100 bxs aoan 2| cases straw lists 7 cases silks 3 bjes silk velvet 2 bales se w ins silk, te order. BsLrasT?Barque Agitator?160 casks bleachiug powders 100 to-'s coal 30.000 fire bricks to order. I'oiscb?Kiig Marv Avrrill?(Reported rrsterdav )?21'hhila molasses 127 do 25 lb s sues' II S nilimav d k sou?50 Ithtls do 2j bbls do 25 puns rum J w Arch bald. Oomaatlc Importation!. New Cri.eaiss ? Brig Jefferson?308 hhds sugar 1000 ska corn 49 bills moliases D Hart. MA R I T 1 MIT'H E~RALD.' Ship Masters and Agent(< We shall esteem it a favor, if Captains of Vessels will give to Commodore Robert Bilvkt. of our News Kleet, a Re port of the Shipping left at (be Port whence tlicy sailed, th? Vessels Spoken on their Paas.age, a List of their Cargo, and auv Koveigu News|>aperi or News they may Imve. lie will boanl them immediately on llieir arrival. Agents and Correspondent!, at borne or abroad, will also confer a favor by sending to this Office all the Martue Intelligence they ran obtain. Nautical Information of any kind will he thankfully received. PORT OK RKW YORK, MAY O. U.. >!? - - s OO 1 HUOn 17 IUH SKTJ 6 59 I HISH WAT KB 12 38 Cleared. Ship Newark, Merwin, New Orleans, Wm Ne'son.?Brigs Tuscany, Pun'e, Tri,?ie, T F Youngs k Co; Meteor, Brown, Fianklm. La. D L Say re; Mercator. Br:wn, Wiiidinr, N8 Soul , Whitney k Co; Factor, Htudv. Goldshorough, Nesloitn, L?t ds k Co: Granite, Hmlgil- n, Bangor, Me. do do; Jas McCobb, Balchelder, Barh, B De Forest k Co.?Scbrs Ciroline, C?"eu. Pens col?, H Sou hinayd k Sou; W 11 H,rriaon, Coraon, Wilmiugtou, Del. W W McK e; Jotin Drew, Alden, Wilmington, NC; Cohannet, Bartlett, Kingston, Maaa. Foster k Nickeraon. Arrived. Ph:p Lausanne, Morey, from Liverpool, April 9, with mdse, to A. G k A. W B-usuu?157 steerage paaaeugera llritish bsique Agitator, Henry, 39 days from Belfast, with mdse, to A. Richards. Swedish brig Ariel, Sjoholm, 37 days from Nantz, in ballast, to Oelrichs k Ktuger. Danish brig Meliita, Jacobscn, 70 days from Golteuburg.with 210 tons iron to Dicksnu k Co. Brig Pico, Harris, (of Boston) from Trieste, Feb. 6, via Gibraltar Apnl 2, with iruit, to urdur. Brig Cordelia, Woodworth, 50 days from Rio de Janeito.with 2300 bags coffee to P. Harmony k Co. Brig Justiua, Shepheard, (ol Baltimore) from Bahia, March 41, mm iu(?i nnu tuncc, lu I icaeriiglll 01 l>0. E.1perlelicell very heavy weather ou the coait?aplitiai'.a and sustained other damage. Briit Jefferson, Dyer, (of AdlisoD, Me.) 22 days from New Orients. with sugar. Sic fo Nesmilh, Leeds 8< Co. Srkr Maduwa.ka, Small, 11 days from Wilmington, NC. with naval stores, to Bakei Si Co. Below. One brig, unknown. General Record. Shit Ft. Petersburg, of Boston, at Liverpool, had nearly completed her repairs on the 19th ult. and would be ready for sea aboat May 5. Schr Franklin, of NYork, was fallen in wilh?abandoned ?by the Oakland, at Liverpool. She had a deck load *f lumber and crates; appeared to hare been in that situatiou but a sh irt tima. Shit St. Leon, which sailed from New Orleans for Hivre, on the 8 h ult. grounded on the bar, where she remained at last accouuu. Smr Hewes, Han<on, from NYork for Hull, ran ashore on the Uoodwin Sauds, 13th ult. and became a total wreck. Part of cargo saved. The. Dale, Farley, from Liverpool for New Orleans, sprung slealc and fonndered about 60 miles off the rock of Lisbon, ou the 7th ult Crew saved Ship James Rvder, Alexander, from Charleston for Steltio, was wreck'd on the J.dder 24th March. A pari of the cargo hujrren saved in a damned state, and the great" part of h.r materials, but i will b difficult to get the ship i ff aga n?the crew sa'rd. It is said that the m slortuue occur ed in conseluruce of the irregularity of the ch ouomcter, ai d a in scalculationoflhe curre.ti - n onr coast Sell it K.mi.Rai n.? Kxtract or a letter from U. 8. Consul, dated ' Tahiti, Deo. 22, 1812?We have to advise you of ihe >o<s of schr Kim raid, of Bos'nn. which vessel was si recked on Wingi nsteiu'i Island, about 3(10 miles KMC from this place. The schr is a total les ,save ner tackle and apparel, much of which he* been saved?also a portion < f hercirgo in a damaged state." The K was ou a voyage collecting |iearl shell. She was insured in Boston. Cap'. H 'll I- ft the wreck in an open boat, an was 4 days in teaching Tahiti, tlie rain falling in torreDts ihe whole time., Apri1 10?The weather! as l>tely become boisterous. 4ln huudav (9.h) several ships le'tthcpoit aud were [breed m return. having suffered cou. iderable damage; one lafen ? ith I in e'd cake for Holland, sprung a leak, 'n ' is nbbgnl t? diechirge her cargo. I'is now blowing a gale of wiud. SSvdnev. N. . W. Dec. 3? Tne Sarah arrived hire 3'st t ton hedatKingf} orgv's Sound on her voysge, at w Inch [dace there were eleven American and two French wlia'er re ruitiag, Their narnrs were i ot rasceriained. The Sarah has nought r m i hrnce eleven resii en bel uging to ihe Amcrr;an whiter A n Mara, of New Lu don, with 210 bbls of iperm, and I 010 bbls black oil on board. She was rundown iv ihe Krench whaler Aj x, of H ere, dnriu: the night, at bell re r?i orted Tie wre. of 'he American shier Anis, eiiich was cast away near King (J-o g Sound Willi 800 bbls black nit on hoard, was tol l by auction lor S30>, Commerce oe Charleston.?Harbor Master's Report for April:? Arrivals?ifiitliipt, 12 liari|uet, 29 brigs, 51 schrs, 0 sloop, 46 steamboats. . Clraranec*?IS ships, 14 banpies, 29 brigs, 61 schrs, 0 sloop, ft ite ainboa's Iniort, 30th n!t? II ships, 6 banjoes, 9 brigs, 8 schrs, 0 sloop, 3 steamboats. Notice to Mariner*. The Director O nersl of ihe Royal Netherlands Marine kss given notice the 3tlth of March, that ru.tend of the black outer luioys of Dvou ?i rshaveu, the former iron pyramid buoys will be again substituted. Whalemen. The Oscar, from Canton, via St Helena Mch 14. reports that the Marcus, 8H, left St H same day, ou a fuU' Bios cruise end men home, had 500 sp snil 7011 wli oil. Vesper, llaminoud, Plyin nth, >30 sp, sol same time for Western Islands. The cat tiin of iiie Maicus reported that while ships were very numerous about ihe Croxcttes, from whence he curie to St Helena, and no whales to be seen. The weather was constantly stormy, with much ice, a d the ships being ?o thick, they w?r.- ob iged tokeeprhcir bells ringing constantly, to prevent comin; in coniact with each other. T iad, Case, of Oreeuport, from South Pacific. was boarded yesterday, 50 miles 163h of the Highlands?by the pilot boat J 4 Bat aril, Kordham, Oreenpoit, 73 daya from St Helena, mi boarded at tbr umi* rune a he) place. Arr at Mtoniiuiroii 4th init. Herald Br'Water, Indian Ocean, 1700 wh 231 sp, 16."(10 lbs hone. Dec <i. off S Pant's. North America, Ni , 2 whs; Jan 24, off Madagascar, MessenKrr, NB, tall, bound Inline. Kmeiald, of an for New Bedford, 4 nsos f'om Otaheite, wilh 164.0 htil* sp oil, Apnl 13, lat 13 40 N, Ion 31 W?retained by tlie Joanna, at this p rt. Piil'ems, rfvt wster, of and for Btnniegton, rsdaysfm New /. aland, 1900 hb s wh 200 tp, Apnl 26, in lat 3J, Ion 68 40? by ih-' Jusona, at this poic Zone. Miliar, of Naumcket. from Talcahnana, with 19)0 sp, ihort < I provisions, April 29?b the Ju lius. Kdw Cary, Tobev, Nam, and Massachusetts, Nickersen, do, ipoken July 17. in Timor Straits?the former oat t moa, 230 ap, and the leper II moa. 330 sp. Klira L B Jenny, Church, KI1, spoken Jati 8. on the Abrolhos B.nks, 40 days out, clean. I I nks Chase, Nant, spoken Jan 26, meridian of Greenwich, lat 31 S. 300 si> Spartan, Small, I'rov incetowa, (token Jan 20, with 300 bbla oil Herald, Hathaway, KM, apoken Jan 31, no report. I aissack, Delano,, at Cape (J tod Hope Fab 24, 1800 Mm oil. Adt li ie Oibbs, Baylies, of Vaiihaven, reported last of Oct, wi'h 330 bbla sp?all well Arr at Boston 4th lust. Carter Brrx'on, Sparks, Bay of Mel co, of and via I'roviucetown, with 130 bbla tpm and 30 do black fish oil. __ At Oahu Nut 2*, Mt Vernon, Nant, 1000 an on board. At Algoa Bay Feb IT, Mraungrr, Butler, NB. 2C00 >bl?. On the lllh, while- endoavonng to In,d in a boat at Port Elizabeth, it capsized, and one tnan drowned. Spoken. U 9 ahip Dt laware, font Monit, from Rio de Janeiro for the Mi dilerraneiu, April 26th, off Bermuda 300 inilee, atreriug K* V.. Zw, (Br) hlr of France for t'owea. Feb 21, lat 32 10 8. Inn 1131 b ?reiKiited Lehigh, of I hiladr Iplna at late of France 7th Ian?by the Oaesr, from Canton, at thta po-t Hobt Bena, (Br) Greenock for Aden, Mch 23, let 3 00 8, Ion '6 12 W ? bjr the Omar. Adeona, (Br) Antigua for Alexandria, DC. April 23, lat 29 30, 1 ion 71?by the Oacar. Ann, (Br) from Bombay. Mch 4, lat 35 9, Ion 19 E?by the Drear. Treaty, of and for Philadelphia, from Montevideo, April If 1 at 16 38 N, Ion 32 3? by the Nilotic, at tbia poit. i Sidney, 7 day? 1mm Ne.fulk for Mayagun, April 23, lat 28 5, Ion 66 43?by llio Niantic. li.chtnond, of Halcm, laat from 9t Helena, no date, near the in.?by the Niantic. Telurnah, of Newcaatla. Me. 15 daya from Genoa for NOrleaiie, April 2, off Cape de Gat?by the Harmony, ar thia port Viamla, of NOr'cana, Iroaa Hnll, Eng. for Vera Crux, April 10, let 37 23, Ion I'.?by ihe Harmony, Black Hawk. 9l Thomai for New Haren, bvnrded May 5, 40 i loner E82. 1 f the Highlands?by pilot boat J E Dafideon Amy, of Condon, bonnd to Savannah, April 21, lat 23 25, Ion , 55? by the Jua ina, at this port. A rhip ehowniy a bin.- burgee, with Delaware in if, arreting io the wertwird; ?iunr day. paaaed Louiaa, of Philadelphia, th. f captain ol winch would not auawer whin hailed?by the Juan >ia, at ihiajiort A a> ip inow Ing a ? bite r enal wtb letter U in it. Branding E. April 29, lat 40 5, loll 57 33?by ihe Lauaanne, at thia t o t Be I vide e, of Boaton, for Batavia, Dec 25, off St Paul'a? by the Herald, at Stoningtcn. \ lunatic, (Br) 5 daya from Norfolk, April 20, lat 29, Ion 69? the Herald. I Alabama, Liverpool for NOrleana, Apajf 21, lat 29 27, Ion 62 10? by the Columbine, at Charlraton. Foreign PortE Aiarwr ar. Apr 3?Arr Elizabeth,Gihbona, NOilcam; 6ih, Albviuna, Saunatka, N?w XwEi Old*, Baxter, Boelou, Kb, Elard JWestel*. New Orleans, 9lli, Duu. au, Putnam, ?lo; llih, Echn/Arkerson, Charleston. Arr in the river 14th, Irad per- J nr. Chase, NOrleaus. Sid 9th, Otlomaa, Amman, and Talma, I Wiusor. i Amithdam. Apr 10? Arr Isabella, Baird, Genoa; Smyrna, Cramp'on, NYo*k. BiKMEft, A or 2?Arr Bremen, Honer, NYork; 5th, Caroline, | Volrkinaii. Virgiiiin; 6rh Johan Kriedrich, Wieting, Char'es- j too;7th, Leontme. Wietiug, NOrle-ms; 8'h, Sehoois, Hopkins, , Porto Pico; llth, Oc^anus, Smith, Virginia. Sid 1 m the Ho ids 10th. Columbus. Ililrken, NOrleans. Hid 4'h. Paoli. fuller, BaltimorijB Bohlen, Henrke, NOrleans; Diana. Bsetjer, do; Charleston, Cattermole. and Hudson. Hohorst, NYork. 4 BoBDtaux, Apr 3?Hid Saratoga, Bedell, NOrleans; Mch 30. 1 Ohio, Kenvon, Philadelphia. ^ Bofta, Mch 15 to25?Bid Anais. Rival. NOrleans. Bristol, Apr 10? Hid Cosmo, Outerbridge, NYork; Diuid, Browu, Boston; IIrh. Jane k Barbara, Coleman, do. 1 Bahia, Mfh 29?Hid Ksraluft, Htiiuhope, Coast of Africa; 27, a trailing voyage tu the 1'ACilie. 31st?INO a American vessels in |>ort. a Chatham, Apr 10?Arr Lorhlibu, Taylor, HiTtDuali. a " Cltdie, Apr J?Arr Kaies. Kavun, Char eston: *lh, Bonnie a Dnndee. Brown, NOrleam;6lh, Colossus, Leunni.t'ha*leston; ? 7th. Caspian. Barrett; Emerald, Leiihtou, and La O-ange, WtDchell, New Oilrans; 8th. Tanar, Smith, Mabile. Sid 3d, Pe?th?hire, Simpson, Charleston; J met. NVork. j Cork, Apr J?The Hirbinoud, Cheyney, has pat back, snp- , posed to hare ararted a butt. Sid 0th, Petersburg Whitman, N York: 14th. Formosa, Crawford, A psl<chic,|* ('owes. Apr j? Arr Irad Kerry, Chase, N Orleans; 0th. Sea, It A'len, Trio dad; Mtil. Huntress. Luvett, is York for Him^u a, 1 wi'h loss of fore yard, and s d ISlh. Sid llth, Ellen, Brown, Antwerp; 9h. Aik. Klauders, Matanzas. In port 17m, Tiber, j Conll from City Point. wig orders. CorcmiAiilT, Api 10?Arr Augusta, Christian on, Charleston. Cadiz. Mch 31?Arr Washington, Benson, Gibraltar. CARDIFF, Apr 13?An Diana. Nowlan, Baltimore Dartmouth, Apr S-Off, Duncan, Irom New Orleans for Antwerp. Sid Blinton, S"derstroai, NYork. Dcai., Apr 3?Arr New K ig'^nd. New Orleans: 5th, A'esto, i Whitmg, Havana; Aldebarau, Kishwick, Savannah; 6th,Gleaner, Steyeua, Hasans; 7rh, Tropie, Kobertson, NOlleans?from \ the River; I0h, Ht George, Rae.N York Sid 1st, Columbia, | Cha leston. Pataed by I7(h, SUjold, Peterson, Charleston for | Copenhagen. Arr 12th, end proceeded, Aun It M ry, Jackson, i Hi ,,e k . To, M v,,,i> D>l> I'.,.....,? ra u?I r . rut. Con, and ild 9tli. i Dover, Apr 10?Off, Diaua, Boeder, from Bremen for New , Orleans. i Dirrre, Apr 4?Ar Belliaire, Lemmner, Charleston; 12th, Caliawbi, Ceffio, Mobile. DonAtiHADtE, Apr 12?Passed by, Rosebauk, Helftat for N 1 York l Kai.MiuTH, Apr 8?Sid Ganges, Leach, Havana. Put in 7th, t Messenger, Jonei, Charlntou lor Liverpool. r Ghavksknu, Apr 4?Arr Leone, Harvev, NYrvk; 3th, Are- "] thus, B utrr, Cliarlestnu; 8th, Jaa Oray, Carter, Virginia; 7th, i Quebec, Hehard, NYork. Ghent. Apr J? Arr Orel, Blanchard, Savannah Oi? altih. Mi ll 24?Arr Carmen, Luriiiaica, (*> Orleans; 3l?t, ; Hope, Drucoll, NYork; Apr S, J run. Manner, NOileam; 4 b, | Cambridge. 4 hair, Aleiandria, an * ild for Boalon. S .I lit, . Adolpho, Krtrado, Boiloo, Arr Mch 31, Pico, Harrii, Triei'e, j end -Id for New York; 25ih, Lincoln, Edits, Menina, an I ild for ' Baltimore; Oibita, Michellini, NYork. Sid 14th, Kenhawa, . Pane, Malaga. ? Genoa, pre* to Apr 1?Sid Dirdano, Seiaccaluga, NYork.? In port Men 27, Warsaw, fo? CliHileAiou, MOB. Gottennuan. Mch 30?Off. Virginia, Janven, Batavia. ' Galveston, 'I'rm Apr 15?Old Colombia, Baltimore. Havbe, Apr i?Arr Loan XIV, Jnge; Charles, Henderion, n arid Arabella, NOrlranv; Oneiila, Kuni'k. NYork; 2d. Jamei H i Shepherd, aud Sea Lion, NewOrleana; Catherine, Cnarl it< n; a 4>h, h lien Brooks, Howea, New Orleaui; Champion. Warren, \ Charleston; 6th, niytnpia, do; Superb, Mobile; Krarrcois I, Aimworth. NYork; Mszeppa, Smith, Apalachicola. Sid 12th, ; Damiriieolta. Howes, Havana; Tippecanoe, Gray, NOileans; llth, Sully, Burrows, NYork; Dili. Taruuin, Moody, Mobile; Mary Knntalaad, Weare: Norman Kenrick; Wakona, Borland; Moinicello, Lawton; Tyioue, Spear; Auitusla, Ilsley.and \ Clinton. H rrtle\, N Orleans Himsuiii, Mch 31?Ar Philip I, Farren, New York; Apr 3, " Kinma, Tecklenumg, do; 8'.li, Oherliu, Kuai p, Charleston; N , Kngland, boater. New Orleans; Wilson, Campbell, B.ihia;7lh, <] Ninrr'd Wood, 4Jenna. h Hklvokt. Apr 5?Arr Louisa. Burnham. Charleston. e Hlll.Lt Apr 7?nld Aoraran, Webat, r, NOilrans. j Ki si ale, Apr 11?Off. New Kugland, Liverpool for New Orlt ibs? u LIVERPOOL, April 8?Arr British American, Pritrhanl, and , Kagte, llr.sou, Mobile; Virginia Packet. Br zier,Apalachicola; Ooucod, Lowe; Corouatimi, Hichardson, ami Powhitlan. I'ro'kle. Savannah: Chas Carroll, Dean, NOrleaos; Jas (iaskell. ^Hiuiiy i nniuiBm, l) llll * I s; nilf nuroil, <L llrt MCSh ?tl. MOlllngner, <J Bun ley, N York: 10'h, Si Andrew, Siorer, Anal'dHCoU; I'J h, I h Mo7.irt. Wei ll, NOrleana; ltth, Dumbarton, Pendleton; James u Edward, aud Soak,psare Miner, NOrleam: Virginian, Allen, NYork; ChieftanLnnxlou, and Abigail, Valpey, Savannah; t Tremout, Gillespie, Charlesto : Oakland, Berry ; Pursuit, Sprpre; Lamp >rt, Anns'rung; Viola Jainieaon; Ulverslo ?, i SniHIi, and Saxon, Manalirld, NOrleaus; Hebrew, Cair, Mo- I lull1; Solon, Buekmau Apsl chieola; Marathon, Brown, and Barlow, Hall. Charleston; 13th, Hila, HuKhra, Baltimore; 18th. I Columbia, (a) JutLon, Halifax; Queen of me Ocean, l'urley, a Mobile; John Benlley, Dixon, Savannah; Jcsepha, Leitrn; f Joloi Caiver, Peudleton, and Adama, New Orlean,; ID h, Johu i Dunlap, Mi bile; Massachusetts, Wilson, NOrleana; 7th, Lug- r mud. Johnson do. Off port tilth, Hosciue, Cornell. NYork. c Sail?d 4ih Thr-'ciau, Brown, Havana; Liverpool, Agry; Uni- a led Si ilea, 8wanton; Diana, Free > an; Hannibal, Paik-r and a Alibaoia, Merrill, NOrleana; ll7.aide.Tli ver, Boalon; Oceanui, Bourne, Charleston; Mary 8t Suaan, Grace, Apalachicola; r Jib. Lautun ?, Miney. NYork; Potomac, Drew. Philadelphia; New England, Lowell,and Altbama, Merrill, NOile?ns; Iflth, a Brooklyn, Kic h .rtlson, \Y"rlc; lull, Meirnaiil, Murphy, Bal- i timore; 12th, Sliakapeare, Ileuderaon. NOrleana; Bra7.1l, Andrews, Boatou; Howard, Callau, Savannah; Stephen Lurinan, J Buxton, B illinmre; I3ih, Harriet It Jenie,Co nor, Charleaton; c Alkinir. Eustis, NOrleana; Orpheua, Hill, NYoik; Noiman- J die, Spalding, Mobile; lith. Ohio, Lyon, and Oarrick, Skiddy, NYork; Kuaaia, Oilliat, NOrleana; Loo Choo, Wbppen. 8a- J vaunab; 16ih, Jane Roaa, Morrill, NewOrleaus; 17th, Danmnrk, Froat; Chailotte, Tripe, and Aaia, Banna, New Orleans; I8.h, ' Hi 'Ooo, Porter, and St Cloud, Emerson. do. The Indian Chief, bound to Mr-utrra!, in proceeding; Jdown the river on tlie I2'b, ran foul ol the Oarrick, Skiddv, bound to N York, received damage, and baa returned into dock. Loading 18th, Virginian, NYork; Rosalama. Savannah; Caledonia, Chma, Perdimuet, and Francoma, NOrleana; Illinois, St Lawrencd. Oxford, Excel, Levant, Henrv I'ralt, Yaxoo, Pat- t rick Henry, N Vork; Hiberuia, Bunting; Virginia, Eaton, and Orrat B itain, Ho,kins, do; Virginia Packet, Bra7.ier, Boston; ' Venice. Thompson, Mobile; Ueorgiana, and Thomas P Cope, < Philadelphia. j Cld nud ready for sea I8th, Washington, Benton, NYork and t Virginia. 1 Loisuoia, Apr 17?Ent inward, Toronto. Douglass, Charles- a Inn. Cld Philadelphia, Hovev, NYork. But outward prev to Uih, Sovereign. Finch, do; Quebec, Hebard, do; Hoaab-lla, t Koboins, Boston; 7th, inward, James Gray, Cart r, Virginia; v 6th, Aretnuaa, Baxter,Charleston; 3th, Leone, Harvey, New 11 York. , , e Losdospfbrv, Apr 7?8ld Abbotaford, Everard, Philadelphia; 8th, John Ker, Jewitt,do. __ X Loire, Apr 1?Arr Macon. Bibbins, Charleston; March 29, | Lewis. Barker, do. ), Milford, Apr I?Arr Oilord, Burn*, Saranuah, with lou of t lhr<e boats butwalks and smnr aail*. j Marseille:!, Apr 12? 3ld Tiescott, Myrick, NYork; lit, Valhalla, Tliaicher, NOiieans; Prudent, Paget, NYotk. Mikini, Mch 23?Arr Hhoda, Smith, Venice; 2lst. j Mar- i lhall, I'oy ilr-eas, Triraie. and sld prev to 29th lor City Point, in ballait. 8ld 29tli, Courier, Duggaii, NYork. Mortrosc. Apr 7?Sid Hebe, Simpson, Charleiton. Mortevideo, Feb 25?In port, Ohio, Rogers, Phil*delphia, J nnc; Mad una, Wue. due; Treaty, Ba'iiartl, Philadelphia. list * day, Win Thatcher,Oreen, do, dUg; (Jen Piuckney, bord.Bal- D tiinnre for Rm, few days, Cl Naples, Mch 24?*>ld Aialanta, Hhapley, Palermo. 1 Niarn Apr 10?Slcl Baltic, Gregory, NOrl'Sna. Orar,McIi25?Arr Bonne Celeste, Value, NOrleani; et Amelia, Par ei, do; Sid Phili; pine, (Junir*. do. jf Perzari t, Apr 10?Sid Looia Philippe, Lahoid-, Galveston. b> Portimopth, Apr 11?Sid H>'( nree, Lewis, NYork. id'.h, i.i passed by Hend ik Hudson, N Ynik lor London. ti Palermo, Apr 3?'n port, Eirhange, wtg frl; Vesper. Syl- ~~ wstrr lor NYork, U ifToii, Blake, for Boston, ready; M?iJ of Oilo*lis, Wiswell, for do, 3; Maiito, Lane, for NYoik; Marce!la, do. S'd Mch 24, Emily Wilder, Brown, Boston; 27lh, Steiglitz, Collegau, do; 23lb. ' ycoining, Jenkins, do. Shields, Apr 15?Sid Faiifiald, Westlake, Mrlla; 14th, Prinee Albe t, Scot-, NYork. Swarsea, prev to Apr 15?Arr Krieuus, Sheen, Baltimore; Ch ir pion, Hclt, Valoara so. Ssivrra, Mch 21?Sid Susan Jana, Fletcher, Malta. In|ioit 28th, Catharine, (Jardn r, for Boston, about Apr 4? had thrown over part of her c m on her passage; Atlila, Warson, for do, ab' IJ'H. St Hki.era, Mch It?Sid Hjrhmoad, Salem. Tabi.r Bat CUH. Feb 21?81d Cato, HalUtt, Boston for CRlcutta Trieste, Apr 1 to 4?Sid Louisa, Van Hagen, NOrleans. Valparaiso, Jan 4?in i ort, Chile, Kuowles, bound to lee- (; ward. Ill a lew davs, onl> Am Teasel. .. Wioht, Mch 28?Ulf, <j n:us, of NOrleans, for NYork. d Home Ports. tl FraRKFort, April 30?Arr AlbionjArey, NVork. ft ,N e* bi'rtpor r May 3?Arr Anti, Tarr, Mayaguez. ? Bostor, Ma 4?Arr Hibernia, (t) luilkius, Liverpool: Delaware, h is'er. Plnltdi Iplua; Creole, Wymnn, H ivaua; Draco, Se ts, and Melvins, Staples, Charleston; Marble head, Pilinin, St Pierre, Mart; Sarah Wales, Jny, Elizabeth City; Abstract, M'Keni on, Richmond; Delp i, Couk, Fredeiicksburg; S| artel, Dill, and Bretnta, Swett, Noifolk; Saml M'uowell, Hitehens; Calcntta, Strelmtu, end Cleopatra's Barg*, Baker, Phil.ida.lphia; Osrar. Baker, suil Telegraph, Chase, New York;, Long Wharf, Cook, I'roviucetowu?saw going in this morning. Hide- , at. Cook, from Georgetown, DC. for Salem. Signal for two brigs Cld 'I hoosi, Lawton, Aus Csyes; Senator, Pepper, Mo- ' bile; Uobt Walu, Sears, Philadelphia; llnwvus, Young, Ca;ie Haytien; John 4 rnshy, Wheeler, Hampden; h rancea Hallett, 1 Roger*, Savannah; Victor, Halleit; Mall, Nichols, and Fountain, York, N Yors. New Bedford, May 3?Shi Jane, Reed, Philadelphia. Ware ham . Mav 2?Sid Noiua. Betse. NYork. KdoaHtowh. IV'nv 3?Arr aeveral vein It from the westward hnut d K, one of tlirm the llemJe.of NewYork??ii(l remain, Willi (lie K nervy, for BikIiih s Providence, May 3?Arr Henry Brown, Philadelphia; Tecmnseh, Child; Vigilant, Heath, and AdvaLce, Nichols, New ' York. Hartford, May 3?Arr Triton, Francis, and Speaker,Tock- " er, N Vo k. r Hii.aor i.piiia Mar 5?Arr Louisa, Ol'agtirr, Val(ia- I1 raiaovia vi q,mi<I?o Mien, Whel<l,u, Boston; Acarn Howes do; Br iij Franklin, Flinu, do; St Klin, We.b rby. ' Wilmington, N ; Herald, Unodw.ti, Newtim port; Lucia. *e A lea, Nkork; Escort, Br.out. I alaia. Old Valh<il<, Hugh's > ilmington. NC; Htrnei A Hannah Smitn, Norfolk; New X-slind Pol mil, Boston; Ol de, Urease, rrotideuce; Lady II- If n 8 nith, Provnlri re. Kichmoisd, M iy 3?Sid Bachelor, Horton, Havre; Daniel Fir1 c s Sins I, Boston. Ciuni.s.sTos, May 2?Arr Columbine, (Br) VS a!eh, London; Calm un, Mves, NYork; Daul Webster, Hsuaon, tiainlmra ; Cmi ider, ( Br) John on. Liverpoo ; Ir s, (llr )l)o k tra, U cmoefc; vsrive. (Br) Conrv, Belfast; Krnily, * Sliarwood, NYork; Paul '1' J ure, Ireland, Pn lad; Kn^riie, ,u Cookaoa, do. I Id Havoc, Tiearott, liavaut; 'Fremont,Chase NOrlesus; Tarqnn, Soi.ks, bt J .hiis. Pn; Maranhani, (Br) klcmiuK, Civeipool. bid, Kieharil Anderson, Bennett, L'jxrel; V Maria, flgooaar, Newport, HI 1st arr, Orator, Davis, NYork " for larrmh, h? Savannah. May 1?Arr Corea, Gunner, L'rool; Amy, In While, Louden, Thamer, Prnice, Harie; /enotia, rteiniDg- if t'".Ii, Providence, Mary blur wis, Worihin,t .u, N Y n ; J mea ci A 8amuel, Hornets. Kichmood, C'd, I'aadora, Tillinahaat, Hoaton; Brlle Del Mar, liandall. Provide oce; Rpv. R^men, I .. Walter .\i, Hitchcock, St Auitmtioe. Hid. Quern, Dicktnii. Liverpool : Jaii*. Yoim.. N?ibau: Love. Nicktrouj. Boston; Spy, Snnert. I'hilad; Alicia, Hall, Bait. Mouilb, Ap il 27?Arr Hogar h.Ktdn.aii, Havre; PioDeer Q Smith, B ialon Arr 2H h, Miwrv*. Buck L'ihkiI Cld, lleiih Lj B .ug* T.iene; .Nimr .d Viung. Aiukaptt; 1'wo .Mary* AJiit r I hnad; Orleans, .Marstou, riovideuce; HeiJ Hover, Aiey, B.iatou Nkw OBi.Kina, April 26?Air Walter, Bayde, L'pool via | Cork; M-rs. P?tars.>n. L'pool; Lcceiurar Wetcoft, do; Cla rista, Wrln, Pin ad; Treuton, I'lttman, Kio de June ro; Lafa.alio, Winchester, Brit. Cld, Soldnd, Shaw, L'pool; Cheaior. Vaudykc, I'hila.l; Washington, Tillaliury, NYok; Lull, Do, bar, Trieaie; William, Bacon, Savannah; Veaper, Hi p- A kiua, NYnik; Lriington, Unkman, Boilon; Mitsiaaippi.? ut- i!" ling, Phr'ad; Kdwin, Hinckley, Boston; Servian, Park Vera |? Cr I/.; Kxport, (J.rdner, Liguria Below, co-sing up, Metoka, L" .McLaren, fin L'i o. I; Kuirrald,Krancitville, Providence; B-ein bark Anna; Clarraaa, Pertin*. Beaton: Malory, Brown, NYork ** bng I oken; Torn Paine, Anderson, NYork. Abont 10 bngt >" and ?chr? namea unkoown. *' L'OK 8ALJC-TI1K HACEJBOAT "WAVK," which for [ k ai>eed and beauly of model it probably unequalled, either t., with loar or tig oars, length .hirty-ntne feet. Apply to ,, WM. CKULIUS, the Builder, f m64tl?r 400 Water ttreet. m VIADAMr. FLOKIVk LKlVe.VKfc?Heu.oved In.m 70 k rai.kli* alrret to 20 'valker ui6 Imr fo 'PHI1. MtV. e., M CliA' IN, ol Ctiarle lowu. Mao , will k pn ae'i in the Koi rth Uul>ertalitt Church, k ixahetn ?t. J'.1 .1 moriow morning, at hall put teu o'clock, and at half put ' mven in the evening, ' The He*. Aah?r Moore, ol Philadelphia, will preach in the T un.o ||.f it hall pa?t three P M n* lt*e< LADlKS' MIHDWAl.NKHO' WOCI 1 Y ?An adj.iurue.1 ? meeting uf the Safety, will be held at the hr u.eol.V ((l< klager, No IOi Elizabeth itr-ct, on Moodav, May 0 h, at oitie ,,f .'cloak lu li e Binnin g, to go on t itriko for tho liat o: wagra C|| adopted at the laa' meeting. , ... K ?ol Every peraon interested in the remit it it eipected wiiioe UA, present without fail. J. C. PtJLIS, Secretary. m02t*r the WILLIAM HiOOfNS ia hereby auu-ed that htinqwwth tad folly gran'ed, and it urgeatly requeited toialiiume- wit p*rt,c"U"-"fc. D, w. LU.UENOAHL. ? |) AHTNKK WANTKD-A yoauf man, with?em?baapital wmi* in eiii?>r as partner iu aome rash buiia'st A In*i arid rw used t,, Partner, at the offtre of fh>? p*P*T, will ?.s?t itteinion n u.n ? niiiil?*iM>?- ?*l>a?n ved. a>6 1H*m A iJh.Nt V WANTED.? \ gentleman ocnp^fS a (opsn to lh? In theupprr imrt of Wall strsrt. nrar Is roadway, in tleiimns to u ?Ur nlte tli^ agency of aoror* mmaU? lunrt(, m^rraotiU. ptr#-i.r <>r ,ny other rean^rtahle butlApply to boa N vo-rrr re 3 \y AN I KD A am all ireonnt T.{ iTlorida 9aevfitiaf in 55 ,.e.hW,7rof?thwt kintU. Any psrson hariag l small lot of Union B ink Bonds, Po?t Notes, or other aeeu iti?? of the territory, rnsy be treated with by sddresaimr a line ivilh particulate, to ROBKRTALKX JOHNSTON m5 Jt int*m Vpr<*f ?ni' Offie*. [ITANTKD by a * man, an Anw In, .m?7tl v V characN r, a iifastiou to travel with a ??n'lein n u vale'; vould "ave no objection to going to any part of tint country ir thr oM; or the advertiser woald have no nhjaitinn to sip-nd uv getit'eman who ie an iuralid. A line addreasrd to J. K., t the nfficeof fbi? pipe', will meet with iumedla'a at'an ion. latisfar.nrv reference will he given m4 'P?c FRfSH SA'.MON A KINK large Kresh Salmon will he eerveil no thia ><ay, at din tier. Aleo, Asparagus, Curambe-a. Radishes, kc, kc. ie PaTTINSON'8. el pace Corner Na?a?u 'n't Ann etreeta flSH [7j7'OJ(JWOKTHV, branch -nd Knvlish Coraet Store, (Jraud strait, No. 872, and Dreei Making. mfi It?r PO PAINTERS. CARTMEN ANO OTHK K8 ? d ol-n a- on Timr-il ey n'ght lait, from the ato e door, eorrier Broad ay and White atreet, one raak white lead, weighing ahon' 650 xiniidt. A rrwi'd ol twenty-five dollara will bo paid by the nbeerihet for aech infotmatioa aa wtl' l??d to the raaevnry or laid While lead. 81MON CLANNON. mfi lt'te THK OLD OALKN'S H*"AD D1SPKNSARY formerly of No. 12 I'vek *li|iie emovnl to No 1(0 Chatham street where the public will lind the old Dortor, sod no where else in ihn cilv. The Doctor continues his confidential practice aa l nal. Ifege, acience and very e-ceoaive eviieriece entitla he practitioner to preference ovor the mete tyro in the healing irt, the proprietor of No. 100 t'.hatham atr et beva leave to direct the attention of a discerning public to hi, new location A llurility of office' or rooms for thaSe-nveniene- and privacy of ratients, are provided Chargca rcaannable. Advice gratis. [ O. of O. F.?The brethren of Conatitatien Lodge No. 1 I Indepe*vdiut Order of Unod Fellow*, ar? herehy notified hat the regn'ar (Uirterly meeting will ba held ou Tuesday veiling neit, Ma* 9th, at 'he Lodge-renin gfo Ka*t Broad air. Hie attendance of the brother* i* particularly req??ated, a* bu ineia of importance ha* to be tr?n*aeted. By order of WILLIAM J PIKE, O P. HIf.NKT HADKINU, O.. Hreretarv. rogg?lt*r nj(MW PLATrH! DOOR PLATES !?Th-.e m w.nf0r a liaiiiltoitie, cheap and ilnraMe Silver P'ated r Br??? Door Mate, r nrihten I lie above article at It ROBERTS'Silvar 'latins. Hint ravin* and Door I'lite Ettali'ishmrut 117 Bowery il?e, Mnaf ic Nuin^r?, a n? w mid Dfnutiful avriele nam>?riiik dwelling home*, church p -w? ?hip stut* r >'??? lie. R. ROBERTS, 117 Bowery, trl'i lm*r ttli door above Broome*t.,ea?t?ida. rH'tSK. LADIES who are renovating their dwelling*, as > compliment to the aeaion. wh*n all i* bnoyant tad (ay, nay he furnished with Fancy < utTiisue Paper, for the soverng of pic ore fram**. lo king glasses, candle sticks rues, ante prop*, hall lamp , Sic Sir , which will 'greatly ornament, nt a rrv tr fling eipcn* t, at Ifit Canal afreet, Id below Vaiick. mi; Im"jgb rO HOTEL K KEPER8?The advertiser wishes an engagement assupe'i'iteiidau or head waiter in soma first ate establishment, Inv iu fulfilled the shore situation son* ears, eau gire unexceptionable references as to character anil nahilitr. Would not tibject 10 the country. Address G. JC. ffloe o' this par>er m6 eodlf*ec RCWABD-LsM, in coming fr.nn 'h'liieleenlli street, pe-tvy by way *f the Bowrry down to burling Blip, a porset ooh contai una forty-one d'tllars,in bdlaofHerenih Ward Bank, nd a nor- drawn by E. Howe, lasor Theodjre Jones, due 4th one, $ BO 91. Persons are hereby cautioned against uegatial-ng the s-id iote. The finder asill ecei?e the above reward by retarnirg aid pocket book and contents to THEODORE JOVKS. m6 2t*r I9lh st. first door west cf3d srrnns. fcp?nn REWARD-rilOBS' HPECIFIC MIXTURE, P'J\J\J for the cure of 44unno'th(n*, Gleets, Btrietnres and u-tnguos complaints of the organs oi gene ration. Of all reme'i-s y-t discovered for the abuse complaints, Ins is the moat crrtain. It maaes a speedy and permanent cur", without the la'st reitriction to die: driuk, exposure, or change iu application to insinrss. We give no long tjuacb recommendations to deeeire the ml) <c If the medicine does n->t sp*ak f, r itself, no one ihai speak for it. Our nhject ia to notify where it can be had, md the iproioietor challenges a single esse of recent O mnoihoaa to be rre"gh", in which the mixture will not effect a gold Core, under a forfeiture i f $'jOO This ia e disease that ulnrtou telv p-rvades all ranks c| sonety?high. low, rich ai d poor, mitrimonial and tingle. They re here presrrf- d Willi a remedy by ss Inch th-y c?n cure them rl*es without the least exposure in the shortest um' possible. Further, the disess* cauno' ba eoutreced if a cose el the nutate ia taken at night on going to bed when exposed. i ii put lip in ottlr? with lull direction* accompany lag it, t $1 bottle. One bottle Inati a week, which generally core*? nanv ere cured in two day* For eale only at Win. H. Milnnr'e, 191 Broadway, corner of dm street, oppcaite Frtaklin Houee, New York ; J Janes, :ornrr of I hrsimit ?od neventb etreele, Fhiladelpn'a ; end at I. M. Fmith'a. 1IB Weekinrfnn st'eet, Boeton. ir6 Im'i B? 1 f\(A llhWAKU-The above maa will be paid by'ho |p A W enbeenhr r, to any one who will give lueh inlorraa;ion ae may lead to 'he diecovery and conviction of the perron >r persona, who wil'nlly and ircretly destroyed in hia '.ore, ibont thirty Ladiei'Bonhets.eoniiating of Amar.ones and other kindi. by mean* of oil rf vitriol. Thia maliuou* act wn com mired on Saturdiy Evening laat. JOHN BURTON, jn4 3t*r 9IK Bowery. {lOflfl "LttVKN I'fcK OF.NT?A one atory frtmm Sp 1 ?"V' II >u?e aod Lot 22 by 100, aicuate on O'"0d atreet, in the vil lage of Wil'iainahnrgh, for aale cheap. The pnrehaler can realiae eleven per rent r u the amount inveated. JiOd ao rem in on mortgage lor four yea a, rho ha'auce *o be paid vithiu one vear in carh?title perfect. The location i? one of he beat in lha village fo'buu'neae. and la now occupied ? two torea and dwelling*, by two families?a brick wall -litidea the ores and dwelling*. The roof ia covered with the beat of in; 'here ia a wel' arranged yard, good pump in a brick ci tern, re'l cemented. The building n composed of lb beat kind of irtenala. and waa built by good workmen For particular* nqnire of W. fl. 8HAW, m5 J'eod'm 121 Falcon at. N. Y. F.ECHEN?LEECHES?LEE'IIKH?Jun received Irom -* Hamburg, per bark Howard, iu 28 ilaya paaaage, a very fine >t ol Swedish Leerhe* very large and healthy. For aale at 7 per hundred, by JUHN ALL A I OLD. 106 Bowery, and by OHM LYME, corner of Fulton aud Water atreeta. m2 6t#r NLASB AT No 3 JOHN HTREf. I 7 near Broadway, Dey pot or HTOUVENKL k BHO 1 HEM'S Ola*a Manafac iry, llie only place where people can gi t annilicd, cheaper lan any ether place iu thia city A full aoertmeutef the chert cut an I plan glass, Lamp) for hall; Aatial and Solar .amps, Uiraiidolea, French aud English China, fce fcc , all at ialufactory piicea. Every article matched to paitrrn. Ulna* ut io order. Wholeaalt and nte'l for city aud country trade I the above, aud at their f't o y, No 29 Oold at n lm,ie_ ?fl FOR SALE?At the .New York Livery Stable. 'i |N Bro-dwav, between IJ'h and lull *r llama I Xi _ mnare. one pair of very fine inarched g ey Horiee? oh .e.i.ark.ihlr line fa '(lie Hoi*e , kind ia every r-apect A amber of other fine II >r?ea for ailr. puce aui able to the rnea. ad e?' asddle rlnrie* in perticnla', m6 lt*ee A I'arae of two will be BIT"1 to fnmf oH oyer the above : urar, on Wedueatay, May llh. $1) to ce givm ta the cond beat horae. .Mil* tieata, beat three in fire, in harueaa, if iree atait; three or more to make a race. Free for any horae i* lever won a par a over ih rta doMaia. K.o'riea to he nude at K. Smiin'a, by 9 eVIoek P M. ob eta d ly, Maa 8th rrj tt*r TRENTON RACES. phe Firat Spring Meeting will commence on Tueeday, May Firat Dry?Sweepatakea for fonr yeara old, two mile heata, nb. tiMi, cloud with fire anhaeribera. 1 ? *onine| Lnird entera bay c Delaware, by Mingo, dam by oho Kicharda 2?Churlea Loyd entera ch c Billet,by Mingo, dam by Mamrin >. 3?J K. Van Ma rr entera ch e Kerel, by Mingo, dam by CclipM. 4 - J iaeph Hellinga entera b c D Webater, by Priam, oat of r?iry. 5? David Tnioa entera ch c Stanley Eclipse, by Baairie, dam y -I'hn Stanley. Same May?A rnrae of t'lfl, mile heata. free for all agea. Second Day ? A puree of $ 'Ml, two mile heata. Same Day?Sweepstake*. lor 3 yeara olda, mile haata. Third Day?A puree or f3dti three mile heaLa. Same Day ? A rurre of f 100, rrile hea'a For farther particular*, tee New York 'Spirit of the Timea.' MUL2 MACS. On Fridar, May 12th,(which ia the day following Lh* Hacea) t u? of thin will he giren for a Male Race, mile heata, beat five, $.5 of which to go to the *ec"nd hear. JAVK.8 BHOWN, Proprietor. Trenton, N J.. May 3d, 1843 m4lt"re ILL BE PLfSUriHItl) an Seta (Dy mormnr, Bank rant Stories, Pert I, edited hv Harry Franco, bankrupt. Will t 'saued monthly (or oftenet) -n uumhere of 80 pagea tvo, il tratrd w>th an engraving The aeriea will be opened with v very intereitiug alory ifthe Manute ' Merchant. Price Mid lira. JOIINALlKN, ni5is2t*r lit Nassau atreet. Mi; DE FLEL'R D'HHANUK k MADEIRA WINK? ' F<raale by K. F HUIDORT, Mo. 59 Clinton atreet, at ? t'ti'-ea. m! trn*m [TKAW WKA'TINta FAIKK?Suitable for shipping, in ' Iota to lu.trpnrehaaart, for aale hy PKK8SE k BROOKS, m5 3tr No SI Liberty atreet "MIF. ttRKATEST collection ol wild living Auimala from'deipma, having mined with ihe N.York Inatnute, are w mi their way, and will arrive about the I lib or l'ftb iust., d exhibit in thia city for a few daya, on the corner of Broad av and Thirteenth a'raet, the ground annually aaed by tha mvrican Inatitute for their cattle faira. On the arrival a amat ivrl a,ectacle ia lo be witneaaad by coup'ing anu attachmg ur prodigioaa elephvnta to a tnmic car, which will be drawn r theae moving mountains. Accompanying thia ia the eeleateo Herr Drubark, one ol the moat eitraordiasrr men or tne ie, in training and aubdaing asvage aaimala go I?r hash# trlected thia, &a to harneaa and drive a wdd ';<> i!"*," u>" eut triumphal ear, with eaae and safety Thia " e moat egtrnaivc ever eahihited in this ni livvu knnrufi airamrera that he continues to be } conatilted itt hn office. Hr h? derated alten011 to two branehea of the peofeas'on, which haa enabled him rum thoae difficult and protracted caara which hate baffl-d ic abill of othera Kaperience makea petfect, especially in i*die*l aeience ... ., . . . Dr. (J coniinuea to ap|dv Inmaell with the tame aaanlnity aa rirerly which enablea him to keep pace with the improveenta in in dicine and ohi miatry Or O. makea hia charyea odarata. to auil th- tinn ? and circuiiiat.tneea or the t>ati?nt ? a |>uu epiwrcela for the cu.e of one apecica of che dtaeaae Hia officer are in No. 2 Ami meet. Private entrance frurlh nr from ; he iMua'iim L ?in|i at inner door. m6 lt*r XPh KlhlNCh AND CAPACITY combined in medical i inen, will al wave meet with aucieia, h-oce the cnte of ' "iw" 0 I'vo nietor of the Hunterne Dtapen y, No 3 Division street, for he ha? t' e eapicity of a physiu, and with the tip i.f twelve vean n true city, deled entirely to the treatment of a.l diaea?aaof a delieate nre donint whi-h time it h a vanished btl'ore aiaenpvnor H. and for which le haa gained a mrrned celebrity all over Cuion ; he now cnalleogvs the world with every rvepeet the medical fac lty .r to nrodinw a rvinedy that will compete lh hia far tainr d Dr Hiinfer'v Kcd Drop, to enriup tha ive diaeaar Sold only at No J Diviaion itreet. Priae t( i bottle, warranted to all caeea mk ?*|

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