Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 7, 1843, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 7, 1843 Page 1
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TH Tol. IX.?No. 1!14.?Wluti* No. S337. To th? Public. THE NEW YD11IC HV.UA!.n_lailvnflW?nttD?r?DUb lished ?very day of the year except New Yecrt day and Fourth af July. Prioe 3 cents per copy?or |7 38 per annum? postage* paid?catch in advance. THE WEEKLY HERALD?published every Saturday morning?price Of cents per copy, or $S 13 per annum? postages paid?cash in advance. ADVERTISERS are informed that the circulation of the Herald is over THIRTY THOUSAND, and increasing ast. It hut the largest circulation of any paper in this city, or ihe world, and it therefore, the belt channel for burinett ten in the city or country. Pncea moderate?cash in advance. PRINTING of all kinds, executed at the most moderate prices, and in the most elegant style. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, PaoraiCToa er thk Herald Establishment, Northwest corner of Fulton and Nassau streets ~~REMOVAL. MRS. O. NKWCOMBK, TODACCONiST, retuns her sincere acknowledgements fir the very liberal patronage extended to her f r the last 13 years, and would b?y leave to inform her patrons and the r't^'ic cent- ally that the has rtmc? ed her old established snuff a> d tobacco warehouse to the spacious store No 4 Wall street, Mori user buildiugs, where she woulu tuvi'e the at'eutipnof connoisseurs to er large and Well selected stock of Foreign and damesti- snuffs. Just received ftoin Hamburgh a laige supply of Vaiiuats Kanasler (lit, 2nd ami 3rd <m vlity,) old and very superior Turkish Spanish, Scafa>latti aud Porto Rico, rmok>ng tobacco; cavendish (various kinds,) and fine cut chewing ditto. A ch >ice assortment of the best brands of Havana and Principe > igais, conatauMv on hind. Fancy pipes, rigar cases, mills fT linwe<e nnp Irut li rVtts f !titis>ce hnrlur kin kin All t\f which lor sale ou I lie ino?t liberal terms, wholesale or retail. Strangers and country dealers are iuvt.ed to call previous to inciting iheir |'urr''??es elsewhere in I lm*ec NoTTTTk and hemoval.-k. a. AKTAULT7lately 16"% Fallon st. having dissolve'! by inutaal consent his copartnership, for giving a'l his attentiou to the Daguerreotype bus uess, respec'fully informs his friends and the public that he has removed his old Daituerreotype stand from 168% Fulton ?t. to 235 Broadway, 2d story, where he has just opened several packages received by the lait arrivals, containing 1000 French Daguerreotype Platrs. No. 30 and 40 warranted French Aeroplane Lenses, and all the chemicals necessary?complete apparatus He will be very glad to see all his old customers visiting his new place. Pieue to give a call?235 Broadway, 2d story, rooms Not. 2 and 3. mi lin'r t)t.MOVAL?TOUNCLE & HALL have renrnvd rheir -I* Wool Wairhonte from No 26 Pin- strret t-< No. 283 Pearl at Vet, corner of Btrkman street. v?here lh-y offer for sale a'l kinds of American aud Foreign Wool on the most r aronsble tern.t in6 3f r O BHKVOOKT, formerly at 102 Full on ttreet, h's re k moved to No. 6". m5 imr VI ADAM s; FLOHI s K LKFEVRE?lie moved Irom 79 d.?J. Franklin street to 20 Walker in6 Imr K' removed his office from 75 Warreustreet to 31 Ceurtl.mdt street. mt 1 w?rc REMOVAL?P. MAE*. Htu Dt'ner and Wig Maker, has r-moYed f om 162 to 1S9 b.oadway, a few doors below the Franklin ll'uir, aud opposite John alreet. H?vi g fitted up a new r om iu (lie moat fashionable style, he will c niioue i It a same business, and will be pleased to ste his old fiitii 'a and patron*. and ethers who M ay lavor i im wiili a call. He has also private rooms lot Ladies' hair dressiug and jampnoing. TUs powerful Extract ot Jampovoy is considered by thousands of New Yorlten and steam ers as one o' bis hesllh'est srlicles for the rnteof dindrnff md strengthening the hair, Is approved by the Faculty of Medicine in rani. a"J natexted nt Washington. Nothing it more pleasantand delightful than to go through this operation in the hands i f P. \1AE8. mS rm'i HOUSES TO LET AT YORKVILLE.-* targe ! houses on the comer of 84th street and 3d avenue; either J.7J?Lof thorn is calculated for a public house, grocery or private residence. On the premises is a fine stable, bowling alley, and a fine garden^ consisting of 8 lots, with grape vines and frtut trees thereon. For terras, mquire of JOHN A. MORRILL, Esq., m8 8wr No. 11 Chambers St. wwt HOUSE $575?A House and two lots ot Ground, with Iruit trees and raspberry bushes, woodhoute, Ike. J'.'JflLiu Railway, N.J. Letters left lor O. P. O. Herald Olfi uv m5 3t*r ^hA TO RENT?The extensive Bnilding erected the prefV7? sent season hy the Mibtoritier, for his own residence, on |"i'B ' - margin of ihe Erst River, at Gowanus Heights, two and a haff miles from South Brooklyn Ferry, commanding spleudid views of the Bay aud Jersey snore, the cties of New Turk aud Bronklrn, Beaten Island acd the East and North Rivers. The H;'use is btick, a superior building, five stories h'th. covered with copper; the hall ard stairs of marble: the water Iron'about one thouiauil leet, find the bathing within a frw vards of the door, excellent fishing and fowling in (he im mediate vicinity. The drive from New York ii about fifteen minutes, and the premises are not excelled by any situation Hltudty. OMWiMtMMWM accommodated.? Possession iinmediatelv. Apnlr to JOHN F Wall at. ALSO TO I5KT, the three atorv brick House, 34 Walker street, between Broadway and Church strret, occupied by Mri. Ve'i lanck; and the two ?tory brick Hnu?e No. 229 .Nineteenth (trert occupied by Mr- C. W. Peeks?Rents moderate. a 10 lm#gc jjgA "TO LET?The Mansion House at Bloomiugdale, t!?jW known as the " Abbey" situated a sh 'rt i.tance above ?JJJL 'he six mile stoue.just above Stryker's Bay, end nearly Opposite St. Michaels Church. The place is w*ll known as oiie of the most delightful situations on the Islaud, aad is remarkably healthy in the summer season. Ttm lOoomingdale stages pass and repass the gate every hoar in the day. The gate is new, and numbered 101. The lent will be in accordance with the present state of the times. A "ply on the premises, or at 133 Chambers street. N. B.?Arrangement cauld be made, if desin d, by a satisfactory tenant, to let a part of the furniture now in the house remain, vr a part of the house will be rented separately. apli lm*r MTO LET?The fire prool brick store. No. 195 south st, with immediate possession if required, apply to WOOUHULL It MiNTURN, m24r 17 Booth street. iwk TO LET?The two story hnclTHouse sod premises, y. No. 145 Wooster street, finished in the most modern bULstyle, with maible mantel-pieces aad folding doors throughout. Apply to JOSEPH McMVRRAY, miSr 100 Pine streetMTO LET?Severs! Work Shops, with good light, at '9 Ann it-eet. will b? let at low rents to good tenants. Enquire of WM. FULLER, 4lh story, fiunt building, ru 11 and 3 o'clock. ?35 2w*r M TO LET OR.rOR SALE?A three. story modern ffv? built brick dwelling house and tieie. wi h two lots of J^JULriouikI att?ched, aituated in Williamsburg, about two minutes walk from the Peck Slip Ferry Apply on the prrmiae?, corner of Fourth and South-Eighth streets, Williamsburg, or 'o W. St J. T. TAPSCOTT, a'lr 43 Pec" slip. JM FAllMTOR SALE?The besuiiful imnroveu Hickypojv Urore Farm situated in'thetown of Mamnrnnrck, wkkm. Wes'chesler county, three miles rait af New Koch -lie, a lew minutea walk trum the Boaton turnpike, consisting of SO acr?a of choice 1 ltd. teu of which is wood land; hand-nine deunle two storv house, ten rooms. The home ii turioundrd withnume out cherry, plumb, prar and otter fiuit treer, together with an a >ple orch ird of the choice*! k nd. The ou'DUihi' g? are all ia firat rate repair; a handaoine garden in front of the house, laid out wi'h box and gravel walks throughout, and ii stocked with all of the rareat shrubbery, flowers, fcc.; handsome lawns in Iront snd tear of the house. The tekory grove stands on a rising grenad, twenty roda distance from the bona*, wuh beautiful lof y trees, and is kei>l as nltauire grouud. having a good view of the Lot g Island Sound. Th s place is well worth ih-stt niinn of nay gentleman waoli g a country residence. For lu.lher information enquire of KOBT LEWlt, corner Jones late and South street, or of Captain SAMUEL uRQvEH. on ill3 piemises. mti20t*r FARM FOR SALE, containing forty acres, thirtyCtSql f|Vr under cultivation and the balance a good growth of wood. Oo the premises is a house in good repair, a new coach home and a large barn, lu Iront of the houae is ao excellent well of water, accnred from the weather by a new well houae, and a fiae lawn in front of the house. Ou the above described hrra is fruit in abundance, such aa apples, cherries, pears, quinces, currants, gooaebenies, kc. The above farm is two miles from the steambost landing, one fr mihetown of Rye, onlhe North strett road. A full view <>f the Sound ; can tee two light houses when lighted; is in every respect a desirable location for a gentleman's residence. This (arm is in Westchester County. Csll on the premises, oi on Mr. J. H. WELCH, IS Leonard street, alB lm*ec oral the Polite Office. dT?a TMJ L'UO U/V^TbJ -- LATEST FRENCH STYLE. THE 8UB8CR1BKK teipectfully invites the citizens of New York and strangers vintiiiw the ci'y, to call at lit FlfLTON STKEKT, and eiamine a large assoitinett ?f Uacn Boon, inadc iu the latest fashion, end < ( the Burst French calfskin. Qn| ,-rmn can hav? f ooia made tnnrd-r in the best manlier, at six dollars per psii, and footed at four dollars, warrante d e.|ual to auy inaurfactured iu the city at from seven to eight dollars. . , . . , (TV" Persons havinrj tender Pert, or being difficult to fit on **e mnt of luni|>s, bunions, corns, Ac .can hare boors made in as to he easy v?i handsome, by the inbsciibei's method of takmg a drawing of ihe lect and fitting up and keeriog a pair ol lasts for each customer. ,, . htr.uiit?rs leaving their measures cau, by writing, hare boots made itud loiwarded totrem without delay. coxiTairri.T cir Hairo. H-nd-ome Toots, fiom $2 00 to IS 00 Half Boots, *' 2 50 to 3 50 <?4ter Boobs, " 2 00 to 2 SO Shoes, ' 1 SO to 2 St Slippers, 50 to 1 00 rumps, Ac., Ac., equally low. Tkrmi, Cash ox Dklitkrv. JOHN L. WATKINR, A9lm*r 114 Fulton st.lietween Nasi an and Patch s's. AOOI.I'llh. MONUItON, Boot maker,from I'a"tmBW ris, res|ieet fully inftirms the inhabitants of New York, that lie has opened his establishment at No 183 Broadway, where he is rendr to execute all orders entrusted to him, of the 1st*at fashions riftd beat workmanship. (Seni'emen wishing to hure an elegant fit will do well to call and examine his work. _ all lm*r Jt^k BOOT AND 8HOR 8T0IIB. . JOHN MCADY respectfully luformx Ins friends and tnr ubhe. that lie hit commenced hntiiieit in the above I iu.-, ei No. 03 Nassau street, where lie m ill th ink tally receive and faphfuliy execu'e, all orders he u-nv be favored with on the most reason' b'e terms lor .-ash .2?r LAPIBM, LOOK AT THIS! NN pairs of Kii'in li tiniter Boots, SM 3C00 piirsof Sli| pers, JU-1 received, and lor s?l? wholrsidc and retail, at the lo.lown K verv low prices 2000 pairs of Fie-eh (Jailers, of the best juslity, and of all colors,81,50; and M00 pairs of Slippers, 75 cents, al :tt>7 Broadway aud 92 I anal street. Ladies, m these stores yon will find ihe greatest and best asa rm-lit in the wnrId of Boots, (Enters. Shoes, Slippers, Ac. inn iillllii aud CnildrcUY uo. Oentlrmeu. ws wish to draw your attention to our splendid arsoriinrnt of Boots, Shoes and cloth hntton Oaitert ofihe new style: French calfskin Boots, of the bevt quality Slid made to order, $5, and Kiencli calfsk n Boots on baud, from S3 to St I*' P? J,', cloth button (Jail* is, $',50; Prunella SI SO; the finest el ca.l.kni Slides, |t2j to S2; boya's Boots of the best unalitv 1,27 IO S2.75; Shoes, SI lo 1,25; a ouih's Bonis, Si to I,so, Shoes' 5(1 C? UU IO SI. Boots, Uaiieis, Slippers, Tics, Bushins, Shoes 0(C. in endless variety, and all wair.inted to he ol the belt kind . . OHBOOuY A OAHILL, SOT Broadway in Hn r nil M Canal street. I alt AS 1 ? oil all pairs of England, Irr Ian I and x. oilaud in sums ol ?5, ? 10, ?15, ?2# to any ainennt,payable at sight for ?iif ?t 1 H. J H VLVKHTKH'8, 4 H Wall *tre? i and I JO Broadway. E NE fl NEW JERSEY RAILROAD AND TRANSPORTATION COMPANY. NEW YORK AND NEWARK.^ ' Kart ? tw. " frcm Die fost of Conrtlaudt meet, Now York ( day?Suada} * c* opted.) Lravra New Yoik L>earea Newark Al 8 A. M. At 2 P. M. At 7 A. M. At IX P. V. .9 do. 3 do. I do. 4 do. Il d>. 4 do ? do JX do. i.X do. !0X 7X 'k do. 9X do. 8 do. ON 8l/NJ>AV8. k ioin the foot oi Counl.vDdt attest. Leave New York, Leaee Newadt. At ? A. M. and \\ P M. At IX P. M. and 9\ P. M. NKW VtluK K.LI/ABETH TOW IN. Iicve Nrw York 1 Eli*-beth Town. At 8 A.M. At 2 P M. At 7* A.M. At I* P. M. 9 do.' 4 ill. 8H do. 3X do. 4^ >0. 10 do. 9* do. !i>4 do. The train* for Wemhenl, Plninfield, Bonndbrook, Somcrville, kc., connect with the 9 A M, dnditXPM tram* from New York, daily, Sunday* cicepted. Fare between New York and Elizabeth Town 23 cent*. Fare between do and Homerville, 75 cent*. Nk'W YORK. HAHWAY AND NEW BRUNSWICK. Fare reduced. From the foot of Courtlaudt itreet, daily. Leave New York. Leave New Bruuswigk. At 9 A. M. At 6 A. M. 4 P. M. 7 id " 5X " noon. au f M ON SUNDAYS Le?ve New Yo-k. Leive New Bruniwick. At 9 A M and 4X P M. At 1 noon, and 8<k P M. Fare between New Yo-!iand New Brnuawtck, 75 cei-t*. Rnhway, 00 cei Is, The fare in the 6 and 7)$ A. M. train from New Brunswick. and 4 and -jp% P. M. tram from New York, ha* been re| MM. New York and New fiinnswiek, to 50 cents. ' and Rahway to Tl)i Passenger* who procure their tickets at the ticket office, re eeive a ferry ticket gratis. Tickets are received by the con dactor only on the di.y when purchased. I 11 3m* WinTerAkBaNoemkn'i . NEW" YOnTAND73ffi:r(>E^.rrAlL?o70T.NE DIRECT. I Via Newark, New Brunswick, Princeton, Trenton, Bordentown and Burlington. THROUGH IN SIX HOURS. Leave New York,from the loot ef Courtlaudt street,daily, at 9 A M and P M. The iiioruim L,ine priceed* to Bordentown, Iroia thence by steamboat to Philadelphia. The Evening Line proceeds direct to Camden, (opposite Philadelphia) without change of cars. PasteuKera will procure their tickets at the office foot of Courtlanat street, where a commodious steamboit will be in read'uesss, with baggage crates on board. Philadelphia baggage crates are conveyed from city to city, without being opened by the way. KhpIi train i? nrnviilad wirW a V.a<liM (.?r in urlai.-*h ??>n?K meuts and dressing rooms expressly for the Ladies use. Returning, the hues lease Philadelphia from the foot of Chestnut street by railroad from Camden, at 9 o'clock A M.and i o'clock, P M. The Lines for Baltimore, leave Philadelphia at 6X andg AM, and 4 P M., being a continuation of the lines from New York. d28 Jm*r " MOitKia AN1) ESSEX KAIL K.OAD, &BBL ???& g"?g3 New Arraugeeieut?This Road having been re-laid at great expense with the moat approved and heaviest H rail, to secnre a sale and exiieditious conveyance between New York and , Morristowa, will commence running two trips daily, Sundays , excepted, on and after Monday, Jan, M. First Tram from Morristown will leave at7X A M. I Second Train from MuTristown will leave at IX P M. First Train from New York will leave at 9 A M?Newark at X A M. | Second Train from New York will leave at 3X P M?Newark at 3H P M. , Passengers by the Morning Train from Morristown will or- ( rive at Newark in time for the 9 A M Train to New York, or , the morning Train to Philapelphia; by the Afternoou Train they will arrive at Newark in time for the 31$ P M Train to , New York or the Evening Train to I'liiladelpl la. , Passengers by tlie Morning Trai from New York will airive at Morristown in time to diue and take any of the Stages running west or north from that place. j2K tm*cc l PULLEN & COPP, 8 WaU street. ! flUBB JQE&CA jD Ti NET/ YX5R? ALBXN?. TROY AND MONTREAL EXPRESS. Messrs. Harnden A Co. having disposed of their route Irora Nsw York to Albany and Tiny, the subscribers, the oid conductors of Harnden & Co's Northern Express, from New York, will continue to ruu as heretofore, leaving New York, Albany and Trey, Daily , and connect at Troy with Jacobs' Montreal Express, auu will forward Specie, Bank Notes, Packages, Bnndles.Cases of Goods. Ac., to any place between Nsw York and Montreal, ana I throughout the Canada's. Also East, from Troy and Albany to Boston, and West Irorn Albauv to buffalo. AM business entrustec o ineir charge will be promptly attended to. Particular attention will be paid t" the collection of notes, drafts, acceptances, Ac., and prompt returns inads for the same, PULLEN A COPP. Offices? Pnllen A Coop, 3 Wall street, New York. I Thos. Uough, 10 Exchange, Albany. A. O. Filkms, 2?8 Kixer street, Troy. 8. Jacob's Exchange Court. St Paul si, Montreal. REFERENCES. I Nkw Yore. Albsnt. Trot. Prime, Ward A Ring, K.J.Humphrey, Jno. Payne, Jacob Little, A Co.. Tbos. Gough. 1'. Wells, John T. Smith, A Co., S K. Stow, repoon (k. Hoffman, C. 8. Douglass, Carpenter It Vrrmilys, F. Leake goughion & Co. rear. Robinion & Co. l34 BRITISH AND NUK'l H AMERICAN HOkAJL WAil STEAM SHIPS, Of I300iltons and 440 hone power each. Under contract with the Lordi of the-Admiralty. HlBEHNlA, C.H. E. Judknu, Commander. BRITANNIA, J.Hewitt, do CALEDONIA, E. O. Lott, do ACADIA, A. Kyrie do COLUMBIA, E. C. Miller, R N do Will i&il from Liverpool and Boston, via Halifax as follows: mom Livt.arooL fhom boitoh. Acadia, Kyrie, Feb 4 Mar 1 Colombia, Miller, Mir 4 Ap'l 1 Britannia, Vewiti, Apl 4 May 1 Hibernia, Jndkins, Ap'l 19 May It The accommodations for passengers are snperior. The vessels are acc?mi?med by riprrieoced surgeons, and amply supplied with Frances' Pateut Life Boats. Passage ledneed to S120. No Berths seemed until paid fcr. For further information.arply to D. BRIOHAM, HAUNDEN It CO'8, No. 1 Wall-it jMe VHE NEW LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS. Jfb -M To toil Irom New^TurlMSiJi, and IronTTmirpool Stl^i^ac^! month. Ship ROCHESTER. 800 ton., ,,lh Philip Woodhouse, lCthPeDry. Ship HOTTINUUER, 1050 ton., 16(h Mafch. New .hip LIVERPOtJL, 1150 ton., ,.,K . John Eldridfe, 18th April. New .hip , 1300 ton., ,#lh M>y Thee substantial, fast soiling, first slaps,all built in the eitT of New York, are commanded by men of experience and ability, ana will be despatched punctually on the 10th of each month. Their cabins sre elgnnt and commodious, and are fnmished with whatever can conduce to the ease and comfoit of passengers. 1 Neither t e captains or owners of these shirs will be responsible for any parcels or packages sent by them, tin'css regular I bills lading are sinned therefore. For height or pannage apply to WOODHULl It M1NTURN8, ] 87 South street. New York, or'to FIELDEN, BROTHERS It CO.. 17 V r Liverpool. | M M ; TaCkV.TS KOl^^niRSEI iT^TS?The undermentioned 4mm will be regularly dispatched from hence and Irom Mr.c , seilles on the 1st of each month dnriui: the year, thus? From New York. Marseilles, t MINERVA, Capt Brown, N >t 1. Jan 1 j H'RY THOMPSON, Cap Sylvester, Dec I. Feb I ^QURIER, CaptDugnn, J^n i. Marl i rni.B'yUi i. (-ip: uirrrrw, Feb 1. /* i>l 1 HELLESPONT, Capt A.lamj, Marl. Mayl COKIOLANU8.CapH.nle, Apl I. Jim 1 j They air all cr pperea mil copper ftiteued.aud hare excellent t accommodation* lor pat*en?rr? The price of cabin pa**age will ha $100, eiclunre oi wine* uidli'iuor*. Good* aildreued to BOYD St HINCKKN, thea gent*. will be forwarded free of other haiye* loan thoie actually paid. Kor Height or pa*sage apply ro | U. BROOM St CO.. or to ! _o? BOYD It HINCKKN. Anentt. t OLD LINE LIVEH POOL PACKETS. m. ml : TUB OLD LINK, of PaekctJlor Liverpool will hereafter be < deipatched iu the following order, excepting that when the lay of sailing falli on Sunday, the ?hip* will tail on the aucceedin* day. r Kor New York. For Liyerpool. n The SOUTH AMERICA, (June 1 July 19 c Slt> ton*. .Oct 1 No* 1# i D.O.Bailey, I Feb 1 Mat II * The ENGLAND, i Jane II Ang 7 t 710 ton*. Oct 19 Dec 7 h B. L. Waite. I Keb if April 7 I TheOXKOKD. (July i Aug 19 J ?00 ton*. Nor 1 Dec 19 o J. Ha'htmi*. I March I Ai>ril it The EUROPE, i lily ? S10 ton*. Nor If Jan 7 E.G. MprdiaMi1 Mar If May 7 The NORTH AMEITIC A, ( Aug l (,tp, n i til ton*. 1 Dec 1 Jan 19 ' A.B. Lowber.l April 1 May 19 " The NEW YOKK, Aug II Oct 7 0 900 ton*. ' Dec If Pet 7 0 T. B.Cropper.# April It Jane 7 The CAMBRIDGE, Hep. 1 Oct n dSO ton*, '.Jan 1 Keb 17 W. C Bar?tow.r May 1 Jnna It The COLUMBLH, (Sept If No* t t 700 toe*. .Jan It Mar 9 J O A.Cole, t May 19 July 7 *, Pnnrtn.ility, a* regard* the day of aailing, will be obarrved at heretofore. The |>rice of 1 wage outward 11 now fixed at Out Hundred Dollar*, for which ample nlore* of ever* deacriptioi will be provideo, with the exception of win-* and liquors which will be I' the aleward*. OOODHUE StCO.jttl Honlh ?t., ' C. II. MARSHALL, M Bnrling-alip, N. Y. r< 1*U lyh BAKING HHQTHKKBA CO.. L'pool. m "UUtANCir PATENT LIKE BOAT,' 0AM No. " Wall ttnel toll i W YC JEW YORK, SUNDAY IV *IS& O LlHJsT A RIASHFU PASSAGE OFFICE. No. fll (SOUTH 8TRKET, N. Y. PASSAGE to and from Great Britain and Ireland, via Liver po'd mid Lot.don. by the regular packets, lading weekly to and fioin Liverpool, and to ami fri in London on the >st, 10' h, and 2'lth of each month. The ubarriber hat made ex eusive airangemeut-to nrm* out emigrants, and can, with great coufir'ence, as. ure those per tout sending (or the(r friends,that every due and il'geut attention will be shown thrin and air w* o embark with them. as-age can als* be engaged from Liver pool < i eel to New Orleans, ' 'ol>ile, 8a>aiiuan, Ba'timire, 'hi'adi-lpliu, B ton. and to ti>e I ff-reut pons of the British Pr'Viliees With these ananremeiita. together Willi the advantage which his i.iverp ol c oresp indents poisess, beiug a ge shipowners audeite-'tivel' engag-d in the r-ighting utiiiess?-having I st year despatched upw .ids of 1U0 lir-t class slops to ihe various p ots of tins United Stales, with freight and pa-sciigers. The facility offered hy this establishment is unsurpassed, and from the large number of first class ships employed hi tin? line there can he no d-ten ion whatever, which will be guaranteed The of passage will be at the lowest rates, an I should any of those sent tor ecline Coming, t he pas sage money wnl_ D-i returned as cuitomsry. The s'rspiboat 'roin ine uinrre- t porls to Liverpool i?u,a* uiuil, bo secured. Those remitting inon-y to their frieuils can have drafu to any amount, i arable in a'l the pal towus, without discou t, liirouuhout Gtea' Britain and Irrlaud, au arrangrment who h has given the greatest sni isfact'ou. The subscriber hoi es to r reive a coutinuat on of the public patiouage, which h ? ft en so librially bestowed for many years past. For further particulars anplv, (if by letter post paid) to JOHN H hit DM AN, 61 South st, N Y. or J. St W. ROBIN HON, No 16 Goree Piazzas, George's Doc It, aud 1 Neptune st, Waterloo Dock, Liverpool. A iiENTH Tlics J Tirnniins, Es , No. if>S Smith Front st, I'hilada. I'airic'i Ml ton. Esq Butfiio. N. Y. Juseili Kir pitrio. Pittshurgli, Pa. Michl McQade.Utica. N Y. J. A Noumea, Milwuukie, Wisconsin, Ty. Chs. McCorkev, Dubuque, Iowa Ty. J. K. Elliott, Detroit, Michigan. Correiius Calml, Pern, Illinois. J ilin R ea y, Hoc'nea er, N. Y. N. B.?The subscriber is also a ent for first class packet ships sill gever) fear diy divs fr on New York lo New Orleans, Mobile, Charleston, aud Savannah, ty which passage ra i be MtMUwd at the lowest rata. m2'r TAFSOOTT'S GENERAL PASSAGE OFFICE, I 43 PECK SLIP, NEW YORK. m ^ M. The subscribers beg to call 'the attentiou of thei^rieuds and the t>ubltc generally, to their superior arrangements for bringing out passengers from, aud remitting money to, any par* of England, Ireland, Scotland or Wales, in tne magnificent packet ships, comprising the " NEW LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS," V1E >Sliip ROSC1 US, Capt. Collins. Ship SID DONS, Captain Cobb, hhip SHeKIDAN. Captaiu Depeyster. Ship GARKK'K,Captain Skidly. New shir. HOTTINGUER, Captaru Bursley. Ship SOUTHERNER, Captain Woodhonse. Ship ROCHESTER,Captain Palmer. New ship LIVERPOOL. Captaiu Eldreilge. Sailing twice every month; aud with the" UNITED LINE," composed of superior first class American shi|is, sailing every ten days, will make live ships in each mouth throughout the year, (or one every nil days) thereby preventing the possi bthtv of unnecessary detention. P.ssagcs direct from Loudon, Bristol and Greenock to New r . A ki from Liverpool to New Orleans, Mobile, Savan L ' vtesion. Philadelphia, Boston and Baltimore, and the viri) i > t ,es in British North America, canal all times be engaged on liberal terms. Persons wishing to send for their friends, will uol fail to see the advantages to be derived from selecting this line in preference to any other, aud they may rest assured that unusual carc will be taken to make -lie passage agreeable, the slops being fitted up witli an eye solely to the comfort of passengers, 111 all cases wile'(the parties sent for decline cumiug, the money will be re a tided without any deduction, as usual. A free passage (rom the various seaports of Ireland and Scotland, can also be secured. The regular packets for which the subscribers are agents, sail >. follow. vi? .n.1 i.?a u- ... .?.L --J ??.!. of each month. To and from Liverpool on the lit. 7th, 13tli, 19th, arid 25th of each month. New Orleans, Mobile, savannah, aiu Charleston, weekly throughout the season. REMITTANCES. Persons in the country wishing to send money to their friends by enclosing the sum tiiey wish sent, with the name and address of the parties to receive it, m?y rely on a draft for the amount being forwarded per first packet, after the recoipt thereof, and an acknowledgement for the same returned per mail. Drafts at sight, for any amount, are payable on demand, w Ithont discount orauy othrr charge, at the National and Provincial Banks of Ireland and branches. Eastern Bank of Scotland, Greenock, and their branches, Messrs. James Bull, Son Si Co., Bankers, Loudon, Exchange and Discouut Bank, Liveipool, ind in every principal town of Oreat Britain and Ireland. Enrther particulars made known on application, if by letter, postpaid,to a -j W. Si J. T. TAPSCOTT, d5y r 43 P ck Slip, corner Sunt*' st. DAILY EXPRESS FOR \ LB ANY, TKOY. BUFFALO, CHICAGO AND 'J HE CANADAS The subscribers hiving completed their arrangements with the People's Line of Steamhoa's, on the Noith Kiver and the Han Koail Companies west of Alb iny lor tuuniug their Kxoress for the seasou of 1843 an Express Will have their office, No. a Wall street,New York, every evening, 't quarter to 7 o'clock, for the above uamcd a> d inferno du e pines. IMPORTANT. For the greater safety ?nd security of all valuable and money pack igei ent uited to their care, they have ealsm md?r Iron Safes on hi ard of the steamboats, in I nate mom occupied rxrln ivrly by iheinselves, a"d the messenger io charge sleeps in the |i|ii? to. m with the iron safes, in'o which all sue1, packages ire placed. POMEROY Ik COMPANY, in If c No. 2 Wall street. MA OK NOttFOLK, RICHMOND, CITY fia rW^3>rolNT- kc- Va-?BOSTON. iTs f I attain Hrlmea?1 he strong and sii'.istauti <1 h teamei Boston, will commence r gular trips oetween ">tw Yorx mid Noifilk, Va., on Saturday. 6lh iust, leaving New York at t o'clock, A. M. and Norlfolk on 9lh inst. Passage -nd fare to or from Noitolg, $10 Forward Passengers do do 6 Panaic fr m Uichmoud Cit* Point, $c.. by one of the. nv< r steamers, and per Boston from Norfolk 12 r x't "aiu |>aiicu?ci?, ?J'? UU # see ^ I Passage to Norfolk aud b-ek, rrturn trip IJ Forward Panel,g r?, do do 12 Freight taken at the usual rate*. For fr?*i> hf ?r as*?ge apply to iha Cap'am no board, or to WM TU'^KKR tn2 lm eod WTh&F'r No 56 Broad street. gMMja P -OPI.KM LINE (IK HTEAMBOATS t ALBANY?Daily at 7 o'c'ock, P. M ** ''' i-y?. from t e pp iinnmt Pier t-etween ('', ami l ib-rty kticeta Stc-mboat ROCHE8TKH, Cap A Houghton, will learn Tneada-, l'huradav and Na'nrdav evenings, at 7 o'clock. Pteamb >at sOUTH AMKliICA, I'm.tain L W Braioard, will bave Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings, at 7 g'e'oek. Steamboat NORTH AMFKI^A. Captain M H T neidell, land ng at interm diate placet, will leave Tuesday, Thusday and Saturday afternoons, 't 5 o'clock. Pistenvrrs'akiDK tbia Line of Boats will invariably arrive in Albany in ample time to take the Morning Train of Cars lor the eat I or west. d~7~The above boats are new and snbstintial, arc furnished wnli new and elegant state moans, and for speed and accommodations are iimivalleri on th* Hudson For passage or fre'ght, apply on board, or to P. C. 8chnl<? at the office ou the whsif. ral-c gMf) MA PKOPLt'S LINK OK STK AM BOATS FOR ALBANY DAILY, Snnda.s escented 3B? JBLd*-at 6 o'clock, P. M ?Through direct?From Lhv steamboat pier between Courllundt and Liberty streets.? The stealer ROCHCBTErt, Capt A. H?nghton, leaves Monday, Wednenlay. and Friday evrniegs, at 6 o'clock. The steamer SOUTH AMP.HICA, Cant. L. W Braiuard, leaves Tuesday, Thursday, and Satuiday eveuingi, at 6 o'c'ock. The steamer, NOHTH AMERICA,' ('apt M. H Trues dell, leave* Tuesday. Thursday and eaturday afternoons, at 5 o'clock, landing a intermediate places. The above B >atsare new and substantial,are fsrmihed with elegant btate Rooms, and for speed aud accommodations are unrivalled ?n tne Hudson. For passage or freight apply on board, or to P. C. Schultx, i the office on the wharf. a2( Imr MA KVYTNINO LINK FOR ALBANY, without landivg ?From the foot of Barclay 3k??3LJK- street north side, the splendid commodious Steamer DIAMOND. Captain A Flower, will leave as above every Tuesday, Thursday, aud "aturday, at 6 o'clock, P.M. For Paasigenr Freight apply to the Captain on board, or at die office of said Bo it. foot or Barclay st. The above boat will leave Albany the alternate days, Toot of Hamilton street. _ _ ap 6 r NKW YORK AND KINOHI'ON HITCAM FKKIUHT AND PABHAUK ^rS For Kingston, and IMaware and Hudson lL T***?I.?]pf'arnil?steamtroats KMkKALD and NOR X^JQLwii h. The kmKkALD, Captain John Ketchain, will leave New fork foot ol Murray stieet, every Monday and Ji,nrsdayat5 I'c'ock P. M. W1.1 leave Kingston (Uondont Isnding) Cietv Wednesday ind Saturday Jit 3 "'clock. P. M Tl?t* NORWICH, Captain John "amnels, -will leave New Ifork, foot of Mur.ay street, every Wednesday and Saturday n( i o'clock, F. M. Will I arc Kincston (Hondottt landing)eTery Toe ay and Friday at 3 o'clock, P. M BiXTRA TK1F8. Th? EMERALD will leave the foot of Mnrray street every nndy morning et 7 o'ch < k. llctnining learea Kingston at 4 i'< lore a.ime ilar. For freiiht or pesiare apply on hoard, or to WIJLLIAMHON, BARLOW A CO, a3l 3tn*r J61 West street. aMn ,afll TO THE OWNER OK THE HAIL ^=ywUtJ*nOAT *' THOUBLKH "?The owner of B^JKMEathr a.i'boat ' Troubler" havicg r ceived nrer rh .lleours Irom boats bailt by Wm. Croliiu within the art?ix months, and not hav n( yet aeeepied the same, it is iresumt d th it in l.ubl'alnrg his challenge to sail against any mar ever built bv Cretins, his tnweii ,g j -agination has taken (light Irom the terra lirma of Water street to those myitic rejeie " Where the man bv many odils, Obtains receipts from living (tin's." As soon as ronveiiientafter he he has got a few inore of those eseipts, nnil deter n-'ril from thataenal manufactory of honors, t is hoped thai he will c ndetcend to notice soma one of the hi'langes already given him s < that " his sole ohjvet of test ug tne sailing qualities of the boats" may he obtained?after vhich.if his boasted" 1 rnuhler" does not prove a sufficient ran tiler to him by repairing his . epn ration aaanehasdoue leoelf, lie sh ill the ubave the opportunity spun hit own trrms, .0(1 per day lor two days, of again srring lua vanuied nam? ii'lnwing to I lie wake of Win. mints, si the retprclful rate .I three miles in eighteen, as it did last rprirg. aliMm'm ~~TTITALLENUE TO CKOLIiTtT THE Huteen loot sail boat ' THOUBLKK" will vftsV""""1 r""'y to-ail nnv ditteuce, Irom in to:0 miles gUyt^ig.i.iist suy sail hurt ever hint by Wm. (.'roliua, from he lira day of Jnne un il the first day of Anguit next, one smith's notice beti g Liven,to sail two separate das s for the sum ft 100, each day. The sole object is to teat the sailing qnalitiea f the boats. N. B.?To sail without oars or tenders. C. L. INUKRHOl.L, aT tm'ee _ iOTi Water street. KOR LIVEHFOOL Packet 7th .sTay-'Pfi nfdMfy sptrndid |i'cket ship can yet accommodate a tew more MitBacabin. second csbtuand st-craje rassriureis, ou rraii iiabn. terms, if early application be made on board, or to W. It J. T. TAPAOOTT, mi' il Peck Hlipcnv South et. AdHE PAS8AUE KOli LONDON?Pack t 10 h May? XJl^WTlie si lei did last s .ilin* p,i k? t ship MONI REAL. '.i( i K. U. Tinker, will tail positively as \boVr, hei U uar day. living s- lcnil d cccoiumodalimis for cabin,second cabin and leerage pasaeigera, for passage early application should be lade 01 board, or to W it J. T. TAPHCOTT, 43 Peck Slip cor Seulh it. i >RK T iORNING, MAY 7, 1843. BXOHANtIE H( >TEL. BALTIMORE. rT1HIS liimip havini; umlr ruonc many unpi riant alteration! i- and thor u h repairs. havitiK brrn iu parr refurnished with rich and elegant furu'ture, 11 mini open for the reception of company. The poii ion of tliii Motel i> 'on well to require a detail of iu advanti ' ta. It ii corfe??rd to be. for rem te of limine** or pleasure, one of the most favorable of any in the city. The prt?ent proprietor intends that care and industry shall not bi wanting to im. rove it* natural advantage*, nniler his *uperinlcnd nice, and lie, respectfully solicit* the patronage of his friend* and me public. KRASTUS COLEMAN. Baltim 're, April 20, I8IJ. a23 roilimr WAIJ A W ANflJCK HOUSE^ STON1NOTON, CONN. 'T'HE above Hotel, erectea IU c it of between liity and A seventy'hiius md d dlars, a d tumuli'd in a stile ii t surceased by any similar ea'ablithment in tin* country,ia now open lor th? r- caption of company. The houe i* located aithe extreme end of the viMiaye, overlo< king the "ame, anil from <t< splendid p'axzis and oh* rvato re, cau be had a beautiful view of the Sound, its sltipotag and numerous itl auds; as also a view of the oceau, from which can He enj yed 'tsbr.ic<ug a r and sea lirrer.?. This establishment eijovs stiper-or advantages for bithirg, I a*|iii{ in the hntise t o' and cold salt and fresh water balhi, and at a lew rolls distance, b-longing to the hotel, there is a ha'hi in; ho.-s- lor sea ballot g, with a large swimming b th for gentlemen and one for ladies, wnli diesting looini attached, as w-ll as . rivate bills Attache! to th* Inl'l thee is a Ell ta-d Room and Jowl nig Salouo, and for the accr.tntnod ition ol gtnlli livu aril pirtiei win sre loud of fishing, tlr-re are a number o' tale ai d c, mwcilioui tailing boats, with sareful inc.. to lake chsiire ?f them, ss ho uu-Vstind the locality of the various tishnig grounds lor which this place is to celebrated. lu coun ijuence of tt.e depressed slate of ihe limes,the charge fori-oa tlisieduced to 'lie following rates:? Tratiscient Boa d i e day, Si 19 l'ersout rem lining six weeks, in the inon.hs ol July and Augis-, per week, 7 00 For sis weeks, or looge , i? the moniht ol May Juua, Si pl-iuber, or October, par week, 5 00 Chil'ren and servants, half pries. T| e object of the subscriber w ill e to render his house a luiet genietl hotel and at the same limn h-wishes t > study the c irnfort of hit guests more than the establishing nf arbitrary inles. HOHATlO BLAKE. . Formerly of the firnof Blake 8t Heed, of the Marine Pavilion, ityckaway, and Wavi-rlv House, N--w Ymk. m.'i end tw BELMONT" HOUSE, NEW BRIGHTON. 'T'HE subscriber begs leave to inform hit friends and the pub * lie, that lie has taaen the above well known house, winch has been thoroughly rep ii'cd at:d psillt'd iu tlip best manner, newly luruuhed thiongliout, and will be open d on the first of M sy neit. The rouse is delightfully situ sled immediately opposite the steamboat lauding, su J from lis pist^at e nnina dsa view extending up ike Kills and ovor the hay mid htrbou'of Mew Tork. To ill >tde eairou of a pleasant residence during the suuuucr upintns, possessing 'he advantages of flue salt watei baihuif. together with bvautiful drives au<l walks, and couve nient -ccesstr the city every two hours by steam, the Belmont House offers inducements unsurpassed by any other on the Island, and tho subscriber trusts tint Ills former ellorls lo give satis action as propneto- of the Ptviliou, wills hit renewed determination 10 spare no pains to render hit house Rgreeahle, will euture linn the connnuatioti of a psition of the patronage lie has heretofore been favored with. GEORGE PIKK18, lir W DKIHMTOW, Afiril Id, IMJ *?' .'JIMir KOsjbViLLK BtlAKDINO SCHOOL, HTATKN ISLAND. WWESTTttORP respectfully informs his friends end (he public, that hil school will re open on the 1st of May. Poems ami guardians are also informed W. W. makes it a poinc nl conscience to guard in every possible way the morals of children coinmitied to his care, from our to twelre years of age. Heading, writing. orthography, arithmetic, geography and grammar taught. The local on is delightful and healthy; the orchard, gardens and play gioamt are spacious; about ten minutes walk from the lamliug. The steamboat Ilaritau leaves Barclay street ??er\ il <y at 3 o'clock, tor Kossville. Terms, for board aud tulliou, including washing, $"j per quarter,!paid in advance. Keferencrs Kev. David More, Staten Island. W. N. Seymour, Ksq., 4 Chlth-m Square, N. Y H-tirs Stewart taeguiue, Ksq , Sta en Island. Win I udlaui, Ksq., 121 Bcekman street. John Q iinu, Ksq , 31 Muuroe street. Messrs. Colvill and Flemmr. Ksq., IS Cedar street. Cain Kdward Kerber, Ksq., Hicks street, Brooklyn. Mrs. Varian. 21 K'aridgestreet New Yorv. r22 Im't TRENTUN RACES. The First Spring Meeting will commence on Tuesday, May 9ih First Day?Sweepstakes for four vesra old, two mile heats, Snb. t!- 0. closed with five subscribers. 1?.annuel Laird enters bay c Delaware, by Mingo, dam by John Kicliards. 2?Charles Loyd enters ch c Billet, by Mingo, dam by Mamhrino. 3?J. K. Vail Ma er enters ch c Hevel, by Mingo, dam by Eclipse. 4?Jaseph Hellings eaten b c D. Webster, by Priam, oat of Fairy. 5? OaTid T'ltni eaten ch c Stanley Eclipse, by Buriris, (lam by J'liui Stanley. 8-ime Pay?A unrseof tin, mile heats, free for all ages. 8i l)ay?A purse ol two tnile heats. Same Day?Sweepstakes. Tor 3 years olds, mile heats. Third Day?A purse o' $:i(in. three mile heals. Same Day?A purse ol $100, mile hrais For farther particulars, see New York 'Spirit of the Times.' MULX.BACE. Ou Fridav, May 12th,(whirh is the day followiog th? Baces) a rune of 1100 will he given for a Male R(ce, mile heats, best in five, $.5 of which to go to toe second hest. JAMES BBOWN, Proprietor. Trenton, N J.. May 3d. 1843 m4 61* rc CO/NTRY DEALERS are iovi'ed t ealt at the great ine diciae and Perfumery Warehouse, 337 Broadway, where they ean always find, wholesale aud retail, every popular me dicinr. aud the richest Perfumery in the coantry. All o ders promptly eiicuted aud aeatly packed (or auy disrauce. Call and make a selection. aJ9 eodZw'r fN PURSUANCE of an order of the Surrogate of the Conn* ? tv ol New York, notice is hereby given t all persons having claims against Peter Murphy, late of the city ol New York, Sntleman, deceased, to present the same with the vouchers errof to the subscribers, at the office of Edmund 8. Uerry, No. 51 Wall street, in the c;ty of New York, ou or before the eighteenth day of September next Dated New York, the 15th dav of March. 1143. JACOB HARVEY, JAMES C. BELL.' miR tawitm r Administrators with the will annexed. BROWN (k CO.'S One Price Hat Store, 178 Chatham sipiare, comer of Mott St., where fashion, beauty, durability aud ecouomy are combined to adorn the head. The proprietory have the pleasure now to offer a new style of nat, the I mi tat on of heaver, which closely resembles those formerly sold for $5 and $6 at the low fixed price of S<; those who from inclinsti m or necessity are induced to study economy in that indispensable article of dress, have now an opportunity of doing to, and still keep up the appearance of the most fashionable.? Brown Ik Co. in pre-eiiting this hat to the pnhlic, think they have reached thi ultimatum of beanty, cheapness, neatness, durability and comlort to the wearer. All sales are for cash, therefore no good customer pays the losses incurred by the bad. BROWN k CO. 178 Chatham square, >8 la* corner of Mo'f at | fE SPHlNO FASHION FOR GENTLEMEN'S HATS 8^-?The undersigned respectfully informs his customers and the public generally, thst he has now ready for inspection and sale, the much admired spring style ol gentlemen s Hats, which for beauty of fiuish and and sytnstry of (orm, exceed any ormer effort, in this or any other city. To the economist they are a desirable article, as they combine cheapness, durabil ty sod elegance, warranted equal to any and inferior to none. In the manufacture of Hats he challenges comprtioo; lie therefore solicits a share of public patronage: hi would a'so call their attention to his large as-orimrnt of Men's. Youth's,aud children's cap-., of clock,velvet, 8tc. all of his own manufacture, which for variety of patterns canuot be equalled. Also, h'S new style of children's tlrah and pearl colored fancy hats trimmed with velvel of various patterns, for iprimr aud ummrr wear, eery much admired. A call will convince the must sce| ticnl of the ?uperi?rity ot the ?boTa mentioned article*, now reaily for aale at the o'd established stores ol ISAA?: H AR< HKK, all lm*r >04 ?nd T60 Oreenwich at, V. Y. A. THOMPSON'S BLACKING WAREHOUSE, No. 2 Cowtlanrii street. A THOMSON respectfully it forma the merchant* of thia city mid ihe public iu general, that he still cot,tinnea to mnnufactnre (us inimitahle Taste B'aclsing. being ilie sole inventor aud maiiiifscnrc'. Tina hlrckiug is known through the world, and particnlarly tbe I uited States, as Lee and Thomson's P ate Blacking. A. Thompson would farther in'orni h a friends that he has made el ensive improvem-nta in his old mai ufaernring estab'irhmcut, which enables h m to supply them with any quantity ami at r'dserd prices Beware of interlopers. Steam is a modern application, and is sometimes resorted to without much be or fit. A I h uns-'n las neeer admitted steam in auy shape to eutr r his m'Dofactcry? his workmen are not likely to mate mistakes an ' anwsi inently it can be depended npou as g-nuuie. A. THO.MbO V, late Lee kc Thomson, formerly 26J Broadway. iow 2 Court'sndi street, ' ear Broadway. * Manufacturers' agents lor the Wasli ugron Friction Matches, Shit |iers and others supplied on reasonable teimi, byctsenr siugle gross e26 lm*m a Beautiful head of haik. to be had for three shillings.?read, then judge. RKADKt, if we prove an article o be good, will you bilieve it ? I ser ins 'hit you have b-eii Fiumhuggrd mi o' ten, inn it an sitide u cvmijwovmi" or good, you wout t?y it. Now read. These arc C.c re al anil p aitive qoa'itu i of an articl whose pi ice Will prove it no no*-rum. J onet' Coral Hair P csraralivs wi'l general y improve and beautify thfair. It will fnree ihe hair to i{row on the heal, fare and body, or anv part ?he-e na ne lotend. d ha'r t"itrow, by m-ltiuv he sca'n h-althy It ?'aj? the hair faille* off anil thoroughly cures ail acnrl ai d dai il nft Another 01 iti tropertiei i> in make the hair grow iltiura'ly dark and besnful Jones' ''oral Hair Res'ora'ire ta lolil at the <ign of the A mer cin Eaale ?! ' '<ithim >treft New Vork. Agrn't?Ze her, Third and I), rk street, Philadelphia, and nest to the Americw Hotel, Washington, I). 'i. ; B 8 are street, Beaton ; Cleveland. King street, Charteatou, 8. C. ; 57 State ttreet. Alba' V ; Mitcli til, Norwich, Chenango, N. Y.; Mart in, barber, Catskill, N. Y.; and 139 Kalton street, Brook I in. mi lm* ? HAVAN * XEUAHS. BM. PH'ABI \. No. <9 l.ibcrty at.ret, nsar Nassau.offer fi ' t-a'e the Pillowing 100,000 La Norma Sen art, lit quality, very superior. 30,000 Diana do no do 95,0(0 FavnriU do do do <1,0.0 Bnclta ilase/a, very old, and do <0,000 Esperanna do do 50.iron H-galia, Darea, and Conones, do do. The whole entitled t" drbvntnr#, and in lots to ?nit rnrchsseis, spit lin*t T F K A Tl??j Lom of the Molwiiy?Mr. IjKiie'a (the I Parser) Mnteimnt. The Solway left Falmouth on the 3d of April, with ' the usual mails on board, and arrived at Cornnna at , 12 o'eleok on Friday, the 7lh, having experienced , heavy south westerly rales in crossing the Hay of Biscay. She took 111 81 tons ol coal at Corunna, 1 and left the harbor on her outward voyage at halt past nine o'clock the same evening. They passed 1 the lighthouse about 10 o'clock L'. M., and were ! proceeding at full s|>eed, wh n at about 12 o'clock ! midnight the vessel struck on a sunken rock The passengers were ali in their berths at the same time, but Captain Duncan and several of the officers were ' on deck. The shock was of the moat tremendous character, and created the utmost consternation.? Immediately on the vessel striking. Captain Duncan ordered the engines to he backed, and this having been done, she came off apparently easily, the violence of the concussion having probably caused her to rebound in some slight degree. Her head was now put towards the shore, and all speed made in the hope of grounding the ship, and thus saving the passengers and crew. The injury she had sustained I was, however, ol too serious u character to allow UI13 IU lir ilUUIMIipilMir-U, illHI VT I III III a T*-IJ ?' ** ?nwments of the ship striking, it became evident that ahe waa settling fast by the head. Mr. Lane was asleep at the moment the calamity occurred, and in common with th passengers and crew, was awoke by the shock. !! immediately ran up the forecastle , ladder, and found the vessel sinking fast. The scene is described by him to have been at this time ot a | a m^at heartrending character. The female passengers were ail on deck in a stale of mind more easily | conceived than rle9cribed, every person expecting , the ship to go down instantly, ^hehad still good way U|>on her, the engines having apparently suf | fered no injury, when, while proceeding towards the shore as described above, a general rush was ( made to the pinnace, which hung at the davits on the larboard side ; 25 persons got into her, and having seated themselves, cried out to those on board to ' lower away." Captain Duncen, who evidently foresaw the great danger of lowering the boat while the vessel was proceeding at full speed, endeavored to prevent this, but the confusion was so great on board, and his own attention so entirely devoted to the great object of getting the paddle life boats afloat and making the shore, that Ins opposition was of no avail, acd the forward tackle was let fly by the run, and the bows of the boat dropped in the water.? ' The situation of the poor wretches who had i made this their hope of escape, was now penlous in the extreme. A cry of " For God's sake let go the alter tackle," was answered by some of the crew as soon ns poss'ble, and the pin- i nace fell into the water. The ship had still full i speed upon her, and a heavy sea struck the boat ub she floated for an instant, and swept every soul into the water. One or two sailors only, who hung on the tackle, succeeded in again reaching the vessel. Ten minutes only had now elapsed since the vessel first struck, during which every exertion had been made bv the officers of the ship, with Captain Duncan at their head, to get the larboard lifeboat afloat. While thus engaged, the boiler suddenly collapsed, and an immense (piautity of stearn, du-t, ashes and flames, burst ftv>m the engine room. All oil board thought that the vessel was now about to blow up, and two or three pers'-ns were so much alarmed as to jump overboard. Throughout the whole of this trying time Captain Duncan is described to have acted in the most cool and seamnnlike manner, endeavoring, while giving effect to his orders, to keep up the spirits of those on board less accustomed to the dangers of the ocean. By great exertion the larboard paddle life-boat was eventually ca|"si/.ed oyer, and in righting, half filled with water. The gig had previously been lowered, and 10 persons had got into her and rowed away. The first and second cutters were also afloat, each fi led with ihe passengers and crew. Mr. Wilder, the chief officer, with Mr. Lane, and two or three other officers, now lowered themselves into the life boat, and brought her alongside the gangway. The engines had entirely ceased working Irom the. moment the boiler collapsed. The water had now reached the fires, and the ship it was evident could not float many minutes longer. Captain Duncan and the oiher officers now handed the passengers into the life boat, exerting themselves to the utmost to save all the female passengers. 52 persons were already in the boat, and Captain Duncan was still handing in others, when a general cry rose of " She is going !" and, giving one tremendous plunge, she went down head foremost, leaving the life boat, already half filled with water, afloat. This fact is represented as perfectly miraculous, the suction arising from the vessel being abundantly sufficient to swamp a boat in a much more seaworthy condition than the life boat was at this period. The screams of those on board were awful as the ship went down, and Mr. Lane states, that the last seen or heard of Captain Duncan was an order for all on board to "fly to the rigging," towards which he appeared to be making himself, and it is supposed that in getting up the companion ladder towards the upper deck, lie sank with many others. His conduct appears to liave been most noble; he appeared to have no thought for his own safety, and wiien called to by some of the officers who told him that the ship was foundering under them, he refused to leave. The lile-boat now drifted away, and so great had been the contusion ^ arising from the hope to save all on board that it was only then discovered that she had neither oar nor rudder. Shoes and hats were used to bale out the water with which she was more than half filled, and alter drifting about for a quarter of an hourshe fell in with the second cutter, having Lieutenant < Hemsworth, the Admiralty agent, and several ( others on board. From this boat they obtained one oar. Hud Lieutenant Hemsworth then returned to i the wreck with the cutter: shortly alter they fell in t with the first cutter, whicn wasgreatly overloaded. They took several persons from her and obtained a ! bottom-board ; Mr. Wilder, the chief officer, going t on board the cut'er, and taking the life-boat in tow. <t The single oar obtained from the second cutter was 4 now rigged over the starboard quarter of the life- i boat with a grummet made of braces, and the hot- P torn-board was similarly arranged on the larboard j luarter with a IV handkerchief, by Mr. Lane. Mr. f Bevis, the third Ticer, rowed the boat, while Mr. L Leigh and Mr. < arid?, of the Thames, steered. Bv ? this means the bout was kept tolerably free, and drifted before the wind, Corunna-hill being all the t time visible, it was still quite dark, and daylight was looked forward to with the most intense anxi- p ety. The conduct of all on board was mo.-t praise- j, worthy, not a syllable of insubordination, escai>ed, f and all appeared to be resigned to the worst that might happen. The ladies especially (seven of , whom were in the lifeboat) behaved most heroical- t lv. Some of them had merely time to esca[>e in . tneir night-dress, and, although seated in water up to their knees, not a murmur was uttered. At day- J break the mast from the first cutter was stepped in , the lifeboat and Isgsail set, when she steered to- t wards Corunna, and on entering the harbor was ' met by a Spanish launch, which was coming out in J search of the boats, having heard of the catastrophe from those who escaped in the gig, which had made . ConUM so early as five o'clock 111 tl)6 morning? ' The launch took the life-boat and cutter in tow, and 11 brought them safely in, when the survivors were ^ landed and every attention paid to them by the authorities. Mr. Lane speaks in the highest terms of ? the admirable qualities of the paddle lite beat, J through the instrumentality of which alone nearly i, <k) lives have been saved under circumstances of f> the most exttaordinary difficulty and danger. ll Charleston, (CorrenpoDdeuce of the Herald.] ' Charleston, April 28, 1843. Elopements, No. 5?The Devil thll in Town. Jj J. G. Bennett, Esq.:? Dear Sir :? Since the illustrious example of Dr. Appleton, elopements are all the rage; and the first question b> that greets you Ht every corner is, "Have you heard (? of any more cases!" Ans.?" Well, what's your 1,1 last 1" " Widow , and the retired grocer." rti "Oh, that's old; there are two rases since. Old " 's daughter has eloped with somebody; and e' there is a rumor of another, in the highest circle of tr fashion. Can't say positively, but there are good w grounds for believing it." So we go; there is no telling where these movements will end. The * young widows seem to be the most desperate; and J wives whose husbands are absent at sea, and else- j where, rannot look out upon the green trees and | the opening flowers?the summer's sun warming I every thing inio new life and beauty?without leel- l< ing an impulse to ruth out, and revel in the freedom f and beauty of nature. The barrier which religion had thrown up against sinful indulgence is now ^ inadly overleaped, and there is no bridle strong i enough left to curb the unreflecting " in the heat of Uf vouthlul blood," as they drive in hot haste down the J," long, dark alleys of sin. What is our young nation Ai coming to, my Hear Mr. Bennett T Much depends j*j on the count" of the Herald, and the prayers of the by righteous. Do write lor us, pray for us, and we t>ri may yet be saved. The happiness and prosperity ol *r< a nation mist depend upon the virtue of its people (t(f Ihe laxity of moral* manifested in almost every th< LD. frl?? twv OwU? grade und phase of society, ih alarming to ?very traa patriot and philanthropist of the land. The eye# of nil nations are upon us; let ua he up and doiaj. Who shall lead in this great moral reform! Who mm lead, with such promise of success as the direetsr of the New York Herald 1 the niiahueat ensue iwaying the minds of men in our young repufths. if lot in the civilised world. The efforts of the pijlpit ire paralysed by (lie frequent derelictions of thus* who minister to ilie mind through this medicine, tome master spirit, occupying higher grousd ban the mass of the clergy, must stand fotsh. And, as Nmhan said unto l)?vid. " TVm art the man." Society is wrongly organised?the whole system of femalv education us wrong and rotten?the vices of the old world ara stealthily and rapidly creeping into our social system, mid none of the wisdom to render them innocuous. Fathers are at fault?mothers are at fault. Pray enlighten them. Pluck the scale from their eyes, and become still more our nation's benefactor. The father of'his country done much?bat more yet remains to he done. lie gave us freedom ?but it will be a greater labor to preserve it. There is nothing of news?local, business newa? afloat. Trade continues dull?and thu packets la the north are beginning to go full of passengers. The friends of M r Calhoun are much pleated wilk the stand taken by Pennsylvania in lavorof the D(^ mocratic National Convention in May, 184-4 General Hamilton has taken up his reaidenae la Georgia. His is a noble, generous, restless, yet tJla ii. i..,i.. ct.. ? i ti|'|HMlliru n|'iii(. ilia tv uuir nic anu curi|ic? llKTf been devoted to the glory of his native Stata, yet, in his trying hour, she forgets his claims?forge* him. He is a voluntary exile?and, in many r?spects, resembles the immortal Napoleon. The theatre will probably soon cloae. A round of benefits are to take place, and the Seguina go Baltimore. No manager in the Union haaanmeaded better than Mr. Forbes, with hia musical troeyw. It was a capital hit. Youra, <ko. t yracuae. [Correiiioiidnuce of cha Herald.1 Syracuse, April 28, 1843. Sayings and Doings?Religion?Morals?Liter a' ture?Business. Dkar Bennett I am an attentive readeriof your' valuable 'fiepar, because in it I find every thing that ia new, interrs'ingand important. All arena the qui vive to obtain a sight at it the moment it arrives?in is u very text book for our merchnnta, mechanic^ and all. As you have no regular correspondent ia this place, I propose'occasionally to give you and your readers a bird's eye view of what ia going oa in our go-ahead and business-stirring village. The past winter has beeaone of fun, pleaaure,aad excitement. Balls,'dances, parties, and wedding^ have been all the rage, and an" eternal round at pleasure, dissipation, and deviltry, has been the consequence. Millerism and Magnetism too, have had . L..,'. Ava.toil .... tiicrki uny ii? i*., aim ticaity ail CAl/UCIU?UI aiUIUil unaccountable. There are four protracted meetings now in progress here, and the religious people are determined, it possible, to drive the devil out of town?(thera is no mi-take hut that he in here!) A Mr. Casileton, who is preaching at the Congregational thureh, seems to draw the largest audience. If thara avac was a saint, he is one. We have had no less than three rapes committed here during the past week, and all hp married man. The most aggravated one is that up?n a young setvant gi*l, only 12 years of age. 1 na man waa exa* mimd a day or two since, and held to bail in the sum ol $1000 for his appearance at court. Nat sua* ceeding in obtaining it, he was sent to jail. His parents, wife, and all, have deserted him, ths beastly wretch ! Rum was the cause of tha oat* rage. Last night he attempted ta commit aaicida by cutting his ihrnat, and so far succeeded that it is not thought he wilj recover, by medical men who are in attendance this morning. Truly, " thia ia great country," as some rich scenes, which are be* ing transacted every day, bear witness. I must not close mv letter without alluding to the " Young Men's Literary Society," whiaE flourishes finely, and is well attended. They hat* heir meetings every Wednesday night, and the lays and debates are of the first order. The yoang adies lend the aid of their sweet smiles and happy aces to encourage the young men: and the beauty, ton, and fashion of the place are found here every Wednesday night, listening to the eloquence tad oratory of these modern Ciceros?who are, in ftafc yet " imbibojuveni Business is improving here, and it is thought whan the canal opens on Monday next, it will artill ifnlrove. Most of our merchants are now in ysuf :ity, making their Spring purchases. bhould I observe, " through the loop-holes ofur etreat," any thing of interest transpiring, I will ake the earliest opportunity to inform you and yoar eaders. Quii.i.deivm. TYPE AT REDUCED PRICES. PYPES, AND Al.L OTHER PRINTING MATERIAL# MANUFACTURED AT CON N E R'S UNITED STATES TYPE AND STEREOTYPE FOUNDRY, CuBSEK or Namau and Ana iTlllfl, NEW Y"RK, ;AN BE HAD AT EIGHTEEN PER CENT EB? DIJCTION K1IOM OLD PRICES. 1*HK andrriiKiied reineetlnlly iuloime the Old Patrons af Ae Type suit Stereotype Knnndrv, formerly knows m Jum CosnKB'i, and more recentU a? Cessra It Cooki'i, tad the mblichiganatal,thaitneyare preparedtewale oi<?r? tm PRINTING TYPES, 'RKS<VS. CHASES. CASES, IMPOSINO STONE*, NK, FRAMES, mid every other artiele Decenary le Em Complete Printing Establishment*, mi ? favorable terme.aeS >1 ? good a Quality aa a*jy other eatabliibmeot in the UaiteS Hatea. nicw mires, r*R rovnv. old raiega.'eem rem. tgate, Sti cents. Agate, ISO eeew. doniAreil, 6f ? Nonpareil, M ? 1inipn. 5* w Minion, ,, Irevier, 46 ? Brevier, M ? loorgenii, 40 ,, Bourgeois, 44 ? .0110 Primrr, 36 ,, Long I*.inter, 41 M 'ica, 32 1, Pica, M Border*, Cnts, Brass Hole, and all other article* mauafaaaured at this establishment, at the same rednced ratea. New Article* not ap to order, on bring furnished with atrerna. The Type cait at thi? establishment. *, both m the style o4 '"are and lie material ofwhich it ia made, partiealarly aa*t*l or service in Newspaper Punting. All hinds of Stereotyping (orniahad to ord*r. N. B ? Such Newspapers as will copy the shots tire* UMk fill be entitled to pay in Type,on making a bill #f t*ar um he imonnl of the thiee inserti ons at FOR THh PACK AND SKIN -Kraptiv* iawsanafc* fare and kin, such as pimnles, blotches, Ma, MtMa, Si* worm ; also freckles can be speedily eradicated by the Mm of !3hur?h'a Vegetable Lotion, which has beeu in extesaive Mm n the United Sutet a"d in Korope, and ad ?i teed M he the >e*t cosmetic in nse for clearing and eatab'ish'Dg a brilliant tomp'riioQ. Sold at wholcsa'e or refil at Church's Dnpeaiary, 180 Bowery, corner of SpriDg street. Price 71 cents pes rattle. _ ago 'm-odsia REMOVAL ^ HARLKS COX. TAILOR and DRAPKR, la's <1 Tim-J siu street, rrsprclluHy informs hit patrons and the son nullity, that he hat removed to * o. 71 Maiden lane, nsar Nas?si street, iu eonneclioti with Oallsy ft limey's Cluth and !"r'mrnnii! Store. Ornflernr n desirous of ohserving fashioa with economy, sij sited to call ind 'I'mine a laige and fashionable aeso'imsdg f line and medium cloths, cuiim'rn, wa sreostings, drilling a. ;c , which the subscriber a facility for obtaining at the isipss r's prices, enables hiai lo make 0" at an immense redaas mdfe oin uanal charges (for eaah only), at the same time fusses s* ig a c nttnuance ol hit long known anperior style, fit, an d ste nice of workmanship. Making and trimming on proporue* [e | w terms. Particular attrntion paid to uniformi of every deiaripMea. D B ibcock connrnet in the cut ing department CHAHLK3 COX, No. 33 Maiden lane, ilT lm I w ini'rc third door below Nasaaa at. .-(if) REWARD-CROSS' SPECIFIC MIXTURE, V)\I\J for rhe cu e of 0.,oDorrhais Uleets, Strictures and ?-lognns cmoiaints of theo'gauaof geueratien Of all reme <i*s yet di*c<>Tered for the above compliant** na istiie in oat certain. It mages a speedy and permanent cure, withovU the Inset MSliction to dirt drink, eapoture, or hauge in afpflcatlou 16 rsinrss. We give no long |ttack recommendations to deeeive Hie tb'ic If the meuiciae does not sp'ak f r ikieil, no u i a I apeak for it. Our object ia to notify where n ,t?au he I^K id the proprietor challeugea a single e??e of resent hns i* iffls to be hreughs, ia which 'he mixtare will aolefcatn ud eare, under a forfeiture of tMO This is a disease'hat U'llortnn itely p*rvadea all*** ** etv?high low, richanrl poor, matrimonial and mm-*- * - ncrr |'rrwr"q wtin a remedy oy wnirn inerfwi et wiih >at ih least ri[>o?ure id the shortest fia?r t.?as Further, the discs** cannot he contmeted if a the i t'ure it taken at ni^ht on k ling to bed wheu eipoeed. I is put up in bottle* with fall directions acrorr. jMiiviuf I. t Si * Vttle. One hoit?e lusts a week, which grncre/ly cam*' tativ are cured in rwo davi. _ , m for sale 011I7 at Win. H. Mi!n?r'?, IU Bro.dw.17. loaMuf nhn street, mipcrite Kra.hlui HonH. New *?' ? H#? urnr r of 1 hes'nm * J iseventh .tree!., I hilad.lptua . a a. M !*mith'?. 13d .''on st'eef, Bolton lt>9 f fcECHKf?LEBC'HRB? LKK HE*? Jn.i rvaeivrd Iron J Hamburg, ih r bark it (laiir* |.*asage^ verr In. u of Swredisn Leerh.'s, very large ?nil health?. SoM|ft?a. 7 1 or hundred, hv J0H5fAL(. A TOLD. lOfi Bow.ry/?SVr OmN LYME, corner of Kulton aud Water itreet*. mi tit* r HMK UKKATEHT collection o( wild using Animal. fi.a L Ptnl-delt>hi.i, having joiu'd will, the \7York IrMfc % *? Ml iw Oil their way, ami will arrive about tha 11th osgB a ?Jk, d rshibit in thii citv for a few day., on the corner ?t B <M ? it and Thirteenth ?'r?et, the ground .onually ved lr It. msricsn Intitule for their eitllefair*. (>ti the amwdaaiotf vrls.ectacle i? to he witnt.a.d bycoun'i ; am ^Bbtwug tr prodigious elrt hints to a music car, which will (Rbawii these moving mountains. Acorn penyng this is ine ?e'?iteo Horr l?ri<haelt, on? of the most f itrs Bar of lha I. in training and subduing savage animal. Bo^Ht ha. h# rfecteil this, as to him**, end drive a w Id Ijou an .? tit tr ttmphel rar, istth rase ai.'l ...frty. Thts col.erfou Ig ! moat ciicuaii e eve exhibited ut tiue city

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