Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 9, 1843, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 9, 1843 Page 1
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NMMNft " * **v'" ' ** * "'" T H Vol. lJL.?Jlo. 126.?Wholi Ho. 3330. To ilia Public. THK NEW YORK HERALD?daily newspaper?pubImbed every day of tlie year except New Year's day and Fourth ef July. Price 3 cent* per copy?or |7 38 por annum?postage* paid?cash in advance. THE WEEKLY HERALD?published every Saturday morning?price 6J cents per copy, or 33 12 por annum? postages paid?cash in advanco. ADVERTISERS are informed that the circulation ot the Herald is over THIRTY THOUSAND, and inrrearing ant. // hat the largest circulation of any paper in this city, or the world, and is therefore the test channel for husmest men in the city or country Prices moderate?cash in advanco. PRINTING of all kinds, executed at the moot moderate price*, and in the most elegant style. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, PncraiiToii sr the Herald, Northwest corner of Fulton and Nosssu streets a TO LET?Au elegantly- Cuiuislird House, for si* oi twrlve mnn'hs, lituatfed in one of the b -it streets Apply ?' this I ffii f <or thi- Ui8 2 JKL TO LET in Williamsburg?The while nr p? I or a pjw a neat three story hiick D?? I!-nu- Hu"- tn s, u |i 7 It JJM *' o?ar 1th *t., rent very Ins* Ap.l, to W. St J T T.prcmr, rt 1'.-rk slip. r* 7 re j*t HOl.Ur 8 fit LEI A1 *<?KKVILLe~-a targe ' 3 honset on the corner ol fcu'i smer tn.d jd avrime; either Wall of them is CHlcnlfitod for a pu lie house, grocery or private irsidi ncr On ill 11< tni. -s n, , liur table, r owliuu alley, Add a line garth ii. cjurist tug of 8 ot?, will, grape vines and fruit uees For urtru, iu.]oirr of Jt'lHN A. MORRILL, Esq., _trs No. 11 CliAtrbers st. amO. TO RENT?'The extrusive Buildlutr erected the pre ?eutsc'?"U hv the subf rnier, for his own residence, on '"til ' " Mflhwihe E ist Gowanns heights, two &ii(l?lnir milts from South Brooklyn Ferry, commanding rule"tlid views of the Bay and Jersey shore, the cities of Nrw York and Brooklt n, S'-aten Island ard the East and North ltivers. The H use isbiick, a superior biiildiug, five stories h ah, covered With coppei; ihe hall and stairs of marble: the water front ab iut one thousand feet, and the bulling within a ft w vat J, of the door, eicelle't fishing ard fowling in the im mediate vicimtv. The drive from New York is about fifteen minutes, and the premiss are not excelled by any situation near this city One hundred peisons can be accommodated.? Possession immcdiatclv. Apnlv to JOHN F DELAPLAINR. 08 Wall st. ALSO TO OUT, the three story brick House, 34 Walker street, between Broadway and Church street, occupied by Mrs. Vctplauck; and the two'torv brick House No 229 Nineteenth street occupied by Mr- C. W. Feeks?Rents moderate. al9 lrn*gc M~TO LET?1"he Mansion House at Bloniningdale, known as the " Abbey" situ it'd a sh >rt 'HUnce above ihe six mile stone, just above Slryker's Bay, sud m arly opposite St. Michaels Church. The place is well knowu as one id the most delightful situations on the Island, and is remarkably healthy iu the summer season. Tii" Bloomingdale stages pass and repass the gate every hour in the day. The gate is new, and numbered 101. The leut will be in accordance with the present state of the times. A ply on thr premises, or at 132 Chambers street. N. B.?ArraDi-ement could be made, if desired, by a satisfactory ter.aut, to let a part of the furniture now in the house remain, or a part of the house will be rented separately. apla lm*r wwl TO LET?The fire prool brick store, No. 104 *ou:h l.T.A st, Willi immediate possession if required, apply to jjB. WOODHULL (It MINTURN, m94r 17 Booth street. Mm! TO LET?The two sto'y brick House and premises, f??? No. 14S Woosler street, finished in the moat modern XkULstyle, with maible mantel-pieces aiid folding doors throughout. Apply to JOSEPH McMUHRAY, m23r 100 Pine street. TO LET OR FOR BALK?A three story modem bmlt briek dwelling bouse and store, wi h two lots of Jt^LgTOuud attached, situated iu Williamsburg, about two miDUtcs walk from the Peck Slip Ferry. Apnly on Ihe premises, comer of Fourth and South-Eighth streets, Williamsburg, or o W. k J. T. TAPSCOTT, a'4r 43 Pecv slip. mum 5,000 GREENHOUSE PLANTS?H7M. LE VENGS 1'uN inlortns his friends and ihe public geuerxlly, that - * Imc mail? ar'ariff'menfa with Mentra. G. 8. Maun 8c C..., No. 33J Broadway, comer of Anthony street, in thrir privat tales r .iii.i, a i stairs. 1 r the purpose of depositing and disposing of at privite tile, all ol In* large and extensive surplus vane v of Oreeahouse Plants, wh'ch were raised at hit well known estab!is' /r?utat Yorkviile 98rh street 3d-ventre. Kor viri t, beauty and tin iftv growth and laiRe assortment, they will lie found nnsu -passed by any others isised in this vicinity. Thty haee not been forced and will retain their buits and tlow ers as well as plants possibly can do hy reraising proper Mention to their culture, and for which Mr. L. flatters himself that hit pi >U't are well known in this market 1 hey will be sold lo - for cash. A daily inpplywi'I ba received during the season, Persous i urchasii g lo sell again will be liberally dealt with, 10. 0 tuberoses aud Malabar vines will ba sold very cheap. Ladies arc pa ticula'ly invited to attend. m8 lw*r Jtym FARM h OK SALIC?The beautiful improveu Hick?Cflt'', j uiove Karm sitnaied in the town of Mamoroneck, idfn i '1 county, iluee milearait af New Koch.;lle, a lew minutes walk tram the Boston turnpike, consistitg of 50 acres of choice lend, ten of which is wood land; hasd-ome deu de two story house, ten rooms. The house is snrrouudt d with nuiiie nut cherry, plumb, p?ar and ot'-er fruit trees, together with an apple oichird of ilie choicest k-od. The oir buii. i>gsaraa'li first rate repair; a hsndsoma aar-'en iu (root ol the house, laid out weh box aud grave' walks through,,ur, 4I?] is stocked with all of the rarest thru beiy, flowers, Sin.; handsome lawns in front <nd iesr ol the house. The itknry grove fluids on a rising g ound, twiury rods distance from the hous-, with beautiful lui y trees, and is kept as nltasnrc ground, having a good view of the Lot g Island Sound Th s pl.-ce is well worth ihe att-Diiun of any geullrman wanli-g a country residence. For tu.tlier information euquire o| ROBT LKWlH, corner Jones lanr and South street, or of Captain SaMUKL OliO v AS. on lha premises. mf 20t*r ?uu FAK.M FOR SALK, conta uing lony acres, iliirtyM five under cnltivation and the balance a good growth of jAgVood, On the premises is a honso in good repair, a new coach honse aud a large ham lu Iront of the house is au excellent well of wM,*r secured Irom the weather by a new well honse, and a fine lawn in front of the home. On the nbnre tletc tibed firm is fiuit iu ibuud iuce, such u apples, chenies, peurs, quinces, currants,goose her . ies, Sc. The above farm is two n iles from the steamboat lauding, one fr ra ihetowa of Rye, on the North street road. A full view ol the Sound ; cau see two light hemes when lighted; is in every res|iect a desirable location for a gentleman's residence. This (arm is in Westchester County. Call on the premises 01 on Mr. J. H. WELCH, Si Leonard street, al8 lm*ee or at the Tolite Office. Ad DRESS BOOTS. LATEST FRENCH STYLE. THE SUBSCRIBER respeetfnlly invites the citizens ol New York and strangers visiting the city, to call at 114 KULTON STREET, aud eianune a large assortment ?f Datss Boots, made in tin laterl fashion, andnl the finest French calfskin. Uenl eiuen can have boota made to ord r iu the best manner, at sis dollars per pair, and footed at four dollars, warran'ei to auy manufactured in the city at froui seven to tight do'lars. . Fersons having tender feet, or rung d.rt'uult to (It o .? e aunt of lumps, hi.uious. corns. It. .ecu have boon inaoe so at to Ik. easy yet uand'o'ne. by up a ibs<:nl-e '? ui llicd ol takinj a dia * iu. of <he leet a..u titling up ana keeping a l-nit ol Irs'j for aach customer. Sirtiigars having their measures eae, b7 writip--, have b->oti made and ioiwardeil ton em without d?lav. coniTaxiLv is H nd oise Boots, fiont $2 00 to fS CO t.-It Hi UK, " 2 50 to 3 50 Oate, Units, " 2 00 to 2 50 Siloes. " 1 50 ro 2 SO Slipper*, St to 1 00 Tumpe, etc., fcc., equally low. ' JOHNL'.'vtf ATKINS, nl lm*r 114 Fulton it. between N?mn ?nd Patch tn. ~~''jkADOLI'HK MONDRON, Boot maker,from r? HI. reipect fully informs the inhabitants of New York, that he hat opeued his establishment at No 1(1 Broad way, where he u icady to eiecute all ordereentrusted to him of the latret fashions Slid beet workmanship. Oent'emen wishing to hare an elegant fit will do well to call and etamine hit work. tl lm*t fL ~| BOOT AND SHOE STORE. JOHN HEADY respectfully iuformt hit friendi and me lublic, that he hat commenced butinett in the aboT? line, ai No. 99 Nassau itreet, where he will thauklully receirr and lanlifally eiecnte, all ordert he may be favored with or the m' tt reatomb'e terras for cash *23r _ LADIES, LOOK AT THIS! 7000 paira ol French (Jailer Boots, and 3C99 ptirt of Slippers, jus received, and lor tale whole-tale and retail, at ihe lollowiiq eery low prices 2000 pairs of Fiench OAilert, of the betl qu?luy, arid of all colors,$1,70; and 7000 port of Slipper*. 7! cents. at 367 Broadway and 91 Laual atrcct. ladies, in theae eiorea yon will fiud ihe greatest and brat at a -r limit in the world of lloota, Halters, Short, Slippers, Utc ami Mittca and Children's do. Or n Innrn, we wish to draw yrnr attention to ocr tplendii a-toriinrul of Boots, Shoet ami cloth hn'ion Gaiters, of lhi new style; French calfskin Boots, of the best pi -lity and mad, to order, $.7, aud k n-neti calfskin Boots on hand, from $3 to S per prill cloth button Haitcra. $>,70; Pmnella Si 79; the fines ol calfskin Shoet, 1,37 to $3; boyt'i Boo't of th? beat quality 1,17 to $3,77; Shoet, $1 to 1,31; youth's Booia, $1 to 1.7V, Shoe 6? ceuit to $1. Boots, Halters, Slippem Ties, Bntkint, Shoet Ike in endlett k",d aS3 lm*r and <13 Canal street. to soot-marertsl O. MORG TJ AS REMOVED from 132 to 139 Leonard itreet, where hi XI. coirinucs to cat Kit. On hand ready cut kit, Krrnel aud English. ml lm*ec a. thompson's blacking warehouse No. 2 Com tin rut t afreet. A THOMSON respectfully, informs the merchants o Lint city anil (lie public in neutral, ilist he tlill coi linnet to manufacture Ins inimitable I'atle Blacking, be _ l. ?i- .- ? - <' tmamiiMMfiMf. This lilspkmr it I known through the world, ami paitimiarly the United States aa Lee and Thomaon's H.,?ie Blacking. A. 1 hompsou wcult further inlorn ht> friendi that lie ha? made eaeuatya improve inriiU lu hii old uuuufacturiog establishment, which enablei h;tn to tupply them with any tiuautny aad at reduced prices Bi'w-ire ol interloper!. Steam ib a m idem application, and li aonictimea reaorted lo wit lion i much benefit. A I hutnmn never admitted ateam in any aliape to enter hn m UiuUctoryhu workmen are not likely to make mistakes and cnniequrnth It can be depended upon aa ginuiiie. A. THOMSON, late Lei k Thomson. fount rly 265 Broadway, now 2 Courtlandt atreet, near Broadway.' agenta tor the Waahingrou Fnetiou Mntchci Bhip|ien and olhera aupplied on leaaonable teimt, by cue o aingle gross nX lm*m T ATE IMPORTATION OF 8EOARS AND TO U BACtO.?Tlie Subscriber, having recently arrived roc Havanua, oilers to the dealer* and aniatmrs of aupeiiot aegan laeleited by himself,) the following branda, La Norma, L tmprera, Wotdville, Trnb'cco. Cauouea and Lord Byron, o vanona kinda, lat, 2d, 3d, and 4tn quality ol Havaua, auneno St. Jago aud Ouiaa tobacco. Ownig to the death of Sttphe Stmaiios, the firm of Samauoa k Hr.ithi f ia di,solved On the lat ot May, the old ratabliahment of the late firm wil b< moved to No, 6 Wall atiet, aecotid door below The agent: for the Lord By ron mannla tory in Havaua, aid for the Bcal farlati Tobacco, in Baltimore, are held by the BuhacriOei which he offera at wliolrsala aud retail. A. A. 8AMANOH. II lm*? Nil 4 Wall atreet, l xllAb'TB on nil patta ol England, Ireland and Scotland I U tanmaof ?3, ?10, ?15, ?20 to any ntneunt,|?yable at sight for sale at _ 18. J. SYLVESTER'S, m? Ott 22 Wall atreet aud IN Broadway. E NE EXCHANGE HOTEL. BALTIMORE? rPHlh hou?e havimr undergoue miuy imp rum I'tenfioni A ud tiior u h repairs. hsviug been 1*1 p*""' f?runii*h? d with rich and cit^aiii furuUure, u *g?ua open for the re cp ion of company. The position of this Hotel in oo well known to require a <letdi of its ttdfAnu < s. If is eotfrueil to be, for neo? Is of l?u?. ue*3 or pleasure, one of the most fworable of auv :u the irj The present proprietor intends that care aiul lu histrr thill not b warning to improve its intu^al <Uaon. es, under lit *u* perruteLd uice, and lie respectfully sol-cits the pi:roii'43 tf uii frienJs ana thr public. m a(llfTti J,/xf tM%m m ,, c. jv-vai ij.i uvi c, iin.'i. Baltim re, April M, UIJ. n."3 odJmr _ p kt ii in(it, hot*'.l.?toe proprietor feels rrn'efu! lor i. ts> patr-uage he continue* to receive fr"rn en enlightened mid lib- in! public.end beg* l*nve to iarorni hem i.f bit nuiemit ted eu'lenvor? to please nil who mike the exchange hotel ibeir borne. '1 he piie-i of board is now reduced to $1'5 d u s erday wuhou any "extia charge'or fire, i>k"ts," itc home importnut ch itige* li ve recent i v beru made in the officer* about the house w hi -h he feels asjored will meet with the approbali m ol the public. I He is elso prepared to receive a few pennaneut gentlemen | with their families, or single gen'lein-u, to board on the most liberal terms for the ensuing season. Orntlem n visiting the Exchange Hotel withtn ir looses, ore i fo'-> ed ttint the best care will be taken of ihem by Mr. JAMES HARDEN, whoa. Stable is contisuous to ihe Hotel. It*^" On and alter the lit i f May, the charge to yearly boarders, for ineals only, will beiednced,in the gentleman's Ordinary, to S2C0 per year; Ladies' Ordinary, $?25. JfRISDKltICK BOYDEN. Richmond, Ap il21st, 1843- ml iw ovltltwy r EXt HANOE HOTEL. POTTSVILLE , I'enu J. SEITZINUER, rcs)iectfullv nnnouuees to the travelling community, lh*t he keeps that larg- ami gplrudid establishment th- Exchange Hjtel, situate at the corner of Cemie and CaHowhill streets, neatly opposite the Town Hall, in the Bur cugh of Pottsville, which has been thoiughly rr|iair:d and materially improved for -he accommo- atiou of visitors. The hotel is forty f et fn ut on Centre strert. and one hundred and thirty eight feet front on Callowhitl, three stories high; it is admirably provided with t ailors, sitting rooms, reading room, and large airy chamber*?'he most spacious, pleasant and convenient dining room in the country?a new and supen r huhing establishment?olid every convenience and comfort to render it hi.all respects a most desirable hotel. 'Ihe stabling attached, is laiee and well conipucted,and superintended by experienced and attentive hostlers. Horses and c.rriages may be had at any time to convey persons to any part ol the co-ntiy. An omnibus runs from this hotel d?ily, to and ftom the depot to meet the can, for the accommodation of persons travelling on the Railroad No charge for omnibus fare to this hotel. Pottsville, Mav 1, 1843. ml lm*?c wadawanuck house, STOMNU'I'ON, CONN. rPHE above Hotel, erecte-i at a c st of between aixty and -1 seventy thousind d illars, a ,d lurniah-d in a sta le u t surpassed hy any aimilar es'abliahinent in this nowrpen for the reception of company. The liou e is located at the extreme end of the villiagr. over locking the tame, and frntn itr splendid p a?z a and ohs rvatoiv, can be had a beautiful view ol the Sound, id shipping and Lutnerous islands; at alto a view of Che ocean, from winch cau be rnj- yed ita bracing a.r and tea breeze. Tint establishment eijoya super.or advantage! for bathing, having in the hnuae hot and cold salt and freah water batha, aud at a few roda dialance, belonging to the hotel, there laa ba'hing hojse for aea battin g, with a large swimming b<th for gentlemen and one for ladiea, with dressing looms attached, aa well at i rtvate batha. Attached to the hot'1 the-e is a Billiard Room and Bowling Saloar, and for the ccccmmodalion of gentlemen and parties who are fond of fishing, there are a number ofsale and ct mmrdicui sailing boats, with careful me., to lake charge >.f them, w ho undent and the Iocs lily of the vaiious fishing grounds, for which this place is so celebrated . Iu consequence uf tne decreased state of the times,the charge for noa d it reduced to he following ratea Transcier l Boa d per day, $1 TO Persons rein 'ruing six weeks, in the mon>hs of July end Augnst, per week, 7 00 For six weeks, or lunge', i? the months ol Mav, June, September, or October, per week, 5 00 Children and servants, half price. The object of the subscriber will e to render his house a quiet grnteel hotel, end at the same time he wishes to study the comfort of his guests more than ihe establishing of arbitrary rules. HOHATiO BLAKE.. . formerly of the frm of Blake & Becd, of the Marine Pavilion, ; Kockaway, aud Waverly House, New York. m5 cod3w ROSSV1LLE BOARDING SCHOOL, ST A IE.\ ISLAND. WWE3TTHORP respectfully informs bis friends end the public, that his school will reopen on the 1st of May. Paienta aud guardians are also informed W. W. mokes it a point of conscience to guard iu every possible way the morals of children committed to hia care, from four to twelve years of age. Reading, writing, orthography, arithmetic, geography ' aud grammar taught. 1 he location is delightful and healthy; the orrhard, gardens and play ground are spacious; about tea 1 minutes walk from the landing. The steamboat Raritan leaves Barclay street a very day at 3 o'clock, lor Kouville. | Terms, for bou'd and tuiliou, including washing, $35 per quarter, paid in advan-e. References Pev. David More, Staten Island. W. N. Seymour, Esq., 4 Chatham Square. N..Y Henrv Stewart Segnine, Esq., Btaien Island. Wm I udlam, Esq., 134 Be kmaa street. John Qainn, F.sq , 30 Muuroc street. Mesirs. Col rill aud Fleming. Esq., 1< Cedar street. Capi Kdward Ferber, Esq., nicks strct, Brooklyn. M rs. Vwrian 31 E'eridge street New Voi . a2J lm#r CT. GEGKOE HOTEL.?The subat riher's connexion with kr Hi- a >ove-nainr d establishment Iras tins day craied, aud, consequently, he is wot responsible for its fut'ire liabilities Ne? York, May 8th Ml3. J. A. YZNAUA. N B ?It is mpecllullv requested, af those who -re iudehted to the above-named establishment, to settle their accounts wjih.tnt delay. m8 3t*m DA.vilLY iiUA^DINc* tn HUOL iu the country. A lady 1 who is an experienced teacher, wishes to rase into her family sis children as boarder* and scrola't. She will spare do pains o render her house a pleasant home to the pupil and to advance them in their s'ndies. Every proper attention wi'l be paid to their he-lth and morals The lora'iou is very healthy uin return. rso aay icnonn no mien. i'imi moarrate. R?fer to?Mr. A. Arnnui, H5 Kitlion ?t; H. Hunt. Esq No. , 9 Clumbers itieet;'Mr?. Peel, ibi Greenwich street; M ? B. F. Hurt, 3'7 Houston street; \lr?. Cumberson, 1:>6 Laurens atrcet! nil to Mr Joline J. Builtr, t9ii Itn street, where term* will he made known. m42w*r CHEAP JIMMY'S who csale au<l retail Theai, Needle aod variety at"re it No. 251 Grand st. cnr??r Forsyth where cotiniry merc'ianfs, my retailers, jied'rm, dress makers, it.-., ' will find a general asso: imei.t of 'hreads,needles, ? ? o? oii'ton, sewing silk, c rset lacss, tapes. kuit imr c. tt"D,nonib?, f lit ">j !, alorea, Hoaitrv, edgings, quilliu a, I .era '-1111 At-i fines! bct'a, &c. &C. cheaper tor c ah tli u at vy > r m i ins ei'\, ait! i o advau aye talt'.n of persons tint .icjniiutud "it'i Cho i value or qits'ity ofgotds. J\M?s ' i l'!AM, ' m Mi?r "5t O sod street. P', l>\r i rtKiy.KV Kl> HI .it . Kl. A VtJ.TfclT PuR. rABLK MhATd AND SUUPB, for ' ip stores, w iraut, ml to Pes p auv ientli of time, and it any clim it<s, in tunfe.ctured and lor sale, wholesale and retail by ; WILLIAM MIJLLANK, lBy8 tm*r 104 William street, (basement ) l U slitlsH WHITE LEAD?50 kegs very auiwrior quality fu English VVb>t? Lead, for sale by WOOD11ULL k MINTUHN8, a21 17 Bomb street. aMf) jai rOR N'OcsKOLK, RICHMONDTCITY & t1gr^?>'01NT'. k"- Va- Steamer BOSTON. ? 9 ' *! Holmes.?The strung ami substantial a .<aint r Boston, will commence r-gnlar tiijis between "?tw York and Noifolk, Va., on Batnr-fay. 6th lost, leaving Now York at > o'clock, A. M. and Norlfolk on 9th mat. rataage ?nd fare to or Irom Nortolk, $10 Forward Passengers do do g i Passage from Richmond. City Point, $c.. by one of the f rin r steamers, and per Boatou from Norfolk 12 Forward passengers, do do 9 Passage to Norfolk and back, return trip 15 ' Forward I'aaaeug-ri, do do 12 | Freight taken at the usual rales. For froiyhr or "assagc apply to ths Capiain on board, or to W.\l. TUCKER, m2 1m end WThfcK*r No 56 Broad street. , jga FOR ALBANY AND l'HOY-Withoul fir??4* Larding?Passage $1,50, b-rths 50 cents ?The splendid steamer DIA MOND.Capt A Flower. [ Mia leave MWtYdlK l"r Albany mid Truv. Irnm the foot of Bntclay street, North ?ide, thia afternoon, at 6 o'clock, Tun(' jr. F The steamboat MARIA, Capt Blaata, will leave on the nr. I rir<.| hi the Diamond at A b my for Trov, landing at the DmI ton Ma 'road Depot, and Weal Troy, each way. t The Di imobd I-avei New York on Tueidiya, Thuidaya j arc! Saturdays. Leaves Albany on Monday*, Weilneidays and Fridays, at ? o'clock. New Voile, May 9 h. 1843. For passage apply on I oaid, or to nltir THOMAS HAL!., office on the Pier. 1 jga r OI'l.K'a LINK UK ?l k'.AVlHOA 1 H * ft.?^trC^?F()a ALBANY?Daily at 7 o'c ork, r. M | jEwBijKadKwTliroDRli Direct ("(andij'? cr cptcd) limn ! e | M' Tier between CotiHlandt and I ib-ity sheets Stem boat KO'HKSTKK, Capi A Houghton will l-a'e Taeadae, 1 hnrnlav ?n,l Hainnlav evenings, at 7 o'clock. * rtteamh tat r-OUTH AMKHICA, (aplain L W Pnirerd, will kave Monday, Wcdneadar and Friday evemugs, at 7 o'clock. Steamboat NORTH AMKHICA, Cap'ain M II Ttneidell, land iik at iuterm'd'ate places, will leave Monday, Wedneiday ind Fuday aflernoona. at 5 o'cleck. Paarenitrra lakinirthia l.ine of lloate will invariably arrive in Albany in ample tune to take the Montng Train of Cava for . the ran or weat. [T7"The above boats are new and itihatiutial, are farnuhed with new and elegant Hate rooms, and lor speed and accommodation are umivalled on th- Hudson. ' Ko^iaaaage or freight, apply on board, or to I\ C. Scholia at the office it the wharf. _gjn_ ' jMiI n.OI'LK'hhl.NK OF HTKAMBOA'fS flw jfij" FOIl A I.BANY DAILY, Suuda.a eicenfed , t? o'clock, P. M ?Through direct?From the steamboat i.ier h.iw.i n ? :..,iril n?li ai,<l l.ihertv street*.? J The steamer HOrilKhl'Kli, Capt A B'UhtOtt, ImVO* 1 Monday, Wedneiday, and Fridav eirlli lis, al H o'clock. The steamer SOUTH AMKKICA, Capt. L. W Biamard, leaves Tuesday, Thunder, and Stiniday eveumin, at 6 o'clock. The steamer] NORTH AMERICA,* Capt. M. H. True? 1 dell, leaves Tuesday. Thursday and .-aturday efternuous, al 3 o'clock, tamting a luteunedivtc placet. ' The chore Boats are new and substantial, are fminhed with elegant bfate Kontni, and for speed and accommodations are unrivalled en tne Hudaon. For passage or fteightitpply on board, or to P. C. Behultv, ! ' the office on ihe wharl. a2? liar T NkfW YORK AND KINGS I ON STEAM KKKIUHT AND PA8BAUIC I.*JK. l For Kingston, and Delaware and lladion " Cajiahj-tteem boats KMf.ltALU and NOIl a Ihe kviM'ALD, Captain John Ketcham, will leave New I York foot of M may street, every Monday and Thursday al 5 u ? \v!,l leave Kingaton (Rondont landing) every Wednesday and Sasuidav at 3 . 'clock. P. M II The NORWICH, Caplain-John Samuels, will leave New y York, foot of Moray slreei, every Wedueaony and Satnrday at i", 4 WilTua^'e Kingi'on (Hondonl landicir) every Tne ay at.d Kr,day at I o'clock. r.MXTKATnir3 The EMERALD will leave the foot of Murray street eveiy n Hnndy morning at 7 o'cl ck. Returning leaves Kingston at 4 > o'clock same day. For freight or k CO. alDinOr l? Westitrtet. i % W V ( JEW YORK. TUESDAY REMOVAL. MK8 O. NKWCOMBE, TOBACCONIST, retu ns her sincere acknowledgements for the very liberal p-trou tue eiteudnl to her f.r the last 13 years, aud would Img leave to inform her pri ori ami the i u' !i<: gene ally that >he hat removed her old established snuff and tobacco warehouse to the spacious store No 4 Wall a'riot, Morimer buildings, where the would invite the atrutiouof cnnnoisirui to her large and well selected stork of Foreign and domesti- snuffs Just received fioui Hamburgh a large supply of Valine'* Kausster (lit, 2nd nud 3rd qii ility ) old aud very au parlor Turkish Spau'an, Srafa'lalti aud I'orto Rico, unik'iix tnbrcco; ravendish (various kinds,) and fine rut ch-wing ditto. A i ll dee assortment of th? best b amis of llir-iii* ami Principe igars, eonstaimv o? hind k'aorv tsn-s ig*r r see, snuff hoie-, po- ket li .'.ts. toi is t u 'er V tk A i1 of which lor sale on the tno t lib'. ral tor ins, win .1. <-le O- r? r | ?treug?'? jrd countr, ileal* is ore in ' l ed to tail pe i ns in m kn g ill ir pnrr ?a o ?e?h i in I , * NOTICE ? N l) iff J MOV ir-VXT A I I'A ULT "lately 16 Fultpu at. n ivi jy i?.o'v I by in tin il consent his co narmersnp. lorwwii u I In* .t illon tn ,l:? IJagnerrroryiie hns n<*<?, iciir ec fu'iy .of. r">? hn ?Vi?: ds and the pontic thai tie lou tern ,ved Ms n'd LV.ii'ieii'otypt stand from I68K Fulion it. to 225 B oad w v, 2.1 el'i v, w h r,. lie has just opened aeveral n?rka*i a reived by tin* lit arrivals, containing 1001 French Day ne'iie?iy>n* I'l it a. No. JO and 10 warranted French Aero in.tiie I.rluce ana .ill the cheuiii nls necessary?complete apjiv nii? He will lie very glad to see oil hisoldcustomeia visiting hi" new place. !'.? ue to give a call?235 Brotdway, 2d story, rooms Not. 2 end .1. ml lm*r V* BHKVOORT, formerly nt 102 Fulton ttreet, h*a re t moved to No.6'. mil>nr ADAM?; !FLORI MF. LKFKVRE?Removed Irom 79 Krai hlio ttreet 'o2Q Walker Ui6 lmr RE vJTTVAL?PA UL A. BR Z. Importer "i' Wftehei. hu removed hit office Irom 75 Wanen itreel *o 31 '"eiirrlandt street. ml 1 ? ? c REMOVAL?P MAF.m, Hiii Dr?a?er mid Wig Maker, hat removed f nm 162 t > ISO Bioadway, a few doors helow ihe Franklin H u?e, and opposite John atrret. Htvi g fined up a new r o"> in the moat raihinuable sly le, he will c ntinueiha taire buiineti, and will be pleased to aee hi a old fi lulu's and patrons. and othert who n ay lavor him wiih a e.ali. Ha has aUn private rooms I'or Ladies' liair dressing and jampnoiug. This powerful Extract m Jampoouy is considered by thousands of Ne w Yorkers and strangers as one o' toe healthiest articles for the core of dtudruff end strengthening 'diet hair, ia approved hv the Faculty of Medicine in Pant. a"?l patented nt VV aihitigtou. Nothing is mote pleasant and delightful than to go thromth tins operation in the hands if P. VIAES. m3 2m*r TYPE AT REDUCED PRICES. TYPES, AND ALL OTHER PRINTING MATEKIALS MANUFACTURED AT CO N N E R'S UNITED STATES TYPE AND STEREOTYPE FOUNDRY, Corner of Nassau ami Ann Streets, NEW Y'iRK. CAN BE HAD AT EIGHTEEN PER CENT DEDUCTION FBOM OLD PRICES. THE undersigned resueetlitlly iulormt the Old Patront of the Type and Stereotype Foundry, lormerlv known as Jamr8 Conner's, aud more recent!* as Connkr Ik Cooke's, aud the public in general, that tnev are prepared in exeeute Oldert for PRINTING TYPES, PRESS'S CHASES, CASKS, IMPOSING STONES. INK, FRAMES, and evrry oilier article uecrss-try to form Complete Printing Establishments, on as favorable terms, and o as good a oualily as a'jy other establishment in the United States. new prices, per pound. old prices, per pound. Agaie, . 86 cents. Agate, 108 cents. Nonpareil, 66 ,, Nonpareil, 81 ,, .Miuiou. 54 ? Minion, G6 ? Dr-vier, 46 ? Brevier,, |5I ? Bourgeois, 40 ,, Bourgeois, 46 ? Lone Primer, 36 ,, Long P imtr, l< J ,, Hnull Pica, 34 ? Small Pica, 40 ,, Pica, 33 ? Pica, 38 9 Borden, Cuti, Bras* Hule. and all other articles muuufactured at this establishment, at the tame reduced rates. New Aitides got up to order, on being furnished with paferus. The Type cast at this establishment, is, both in the style of Face and he material ofwhich it is made, particularly adapted for service in Newspaper Printing. All kinds of Steieotyping fumiahed to order. N. B.?Such Newspapers at will copy theabove three times, will be entitled to pay in Type,on malting a bill of lour times the amount of the tlnee insertions al BEACON COURSE. THOTTING. Wednesday,"' M iv 10th, t 1 o'clock, P. M" Match for $500, two mdr hea's, -u harness. A Vannesrer names bl. p. Barney. C 8 Busline do. bl. p. Kiank Brower. Imme'iately alter, parte 8100. n.ile heats, beat 3 in 5, harness 825 tn go to the second best horse. L. C Rogers ent-rs roan mare Mary Randolph, Wm. Wlieelan enters ch. m ''ocahontu. Iasac Wocdiuff eirers b m, F.tluoo. W. 8. R ed enters b.g. I4?rdw?re. Qe i. Spinrr enters h a. B| .q? Hawk. m8 3t*r TRENION RACES. The First Spring Meeting will commence on Tuesday, May oh First Day?Swwi'itakfi for fonr veart old, two mile heats, Sub. cloned willi fire subscribers. 1? annuel Laird enters bay c Delaware, by Mingo, dam by John Richards 2?Charles Loyd enters ch c Billet, by Mingo, dam by Mambrim. 3?J. K. Van Mater enters cli c Herel, by Mingo, dam ,y Erli|iae. 4?Joseph Hellingt enters b c D.Webster by i nai.), i.rt >' Fairy. 5?Pavid Toms enters ch c Stanley Eclipse, by flir.. is, dim by John Stanley. Sime Dau?A *nrre or*'n, m'b hen'", free for oil eyes. Bieond Dai? 4 purseot two onile brats. S ?me Day?S treeys'-he. >fyr 3 y-jHrs ofda, mile heals. Thi d Pay?A. pur-n io $300. three mile heals. Sarte P.-' - A HUM- Jl t'W, " ||* heals t\, surtiie ^ particular., ?tt New York 'Spirit of the Times.' MIJLX HACK. On Fridav Hay 12th,(which is the day following th> Races) a i n i o' it Iiift itf I tie given for a Mule Usee, mile heats, best iu lit * $ ' of which to go to the second best. JA^'LS BHOVVN, Proprietor. Tril'ton, N. J.. May 3d, 1843. m4 6t*rc r? BKOWN tit CO.'S One Price H it Store, 178 Chatham JP^Mjuarr, corner of Mott St., where lashion. beauty, durability and economy are combined to adorn the head. 'I be proprietors have the pleasure now to offer a lire style of hat, ihe imitarmn of beaver, which closely resembles ihoae formerly sold for %i and $6 at the low filed price of $1: those who from inclinati >n or necessity are induced to study economy m that indispensable article of dress, have now an ot portunity of doing so, and still keep up the appearance of the most fashionable.? Brown It Co. iu prercutiug this hat to the pnolic, think they have reached th- ultimatum of beauty, cheapness, neatness, durability and comfort to the wearer. All sales are for cash, therefore ho good customer pays the losses incurred by the bad. BHOVVN 8i CO. 178 Chatham sonare, a8 lm* corner of Mo't it "P*-8PKINU FAbHIOM FOH OfciMTLKMKn'S HATS ?The undersigned respectfully informs hit customers and the pnblic generally, that he has now ready for inspectijii and sale, the much admired spring style of gentlemena Hats, which for beauty of finish and and syinetiy of form, ciceed any oriuer effort, in this or auy other city. To the economist they are a desirable article, as they combine cheapness, durnbil ty snd elegance, warranted equal to any and inferior to none. In the mauulactnre of Hats he challenges competion; he therefore solicits a share of public patronage; lit would a'to call their attention lo his large a*?oriment "I p1cu i, * uui.ii p.'inu cniiurrii p cu[i^, 01 ci'ua.rrivpi, mc. nil Ol hit own manufacture, which for variety of imtterna canuot be eqnnlied. Alio, h'l new atyle ofchildren'i ilrah and pearl colored fancy hate trimmed Willi velvet of rariom pattern, for upnuir ana uuimer wear, vrry much admired. A call will conviin-e the most ?ce| tie.*1 of the mperiority of the above mentioned article!, now ready for sale at the o'd nublinhed imrea ol ISAAC H ARCHER, all lm#r *04 and ?60 Oieenwieh it, N. Y. IJlANO FORTES?The nnb?cribera reap-eifnllv n.vne A their friend* veil the public in General, toca'lat their eata bliehment, No. 7)1 Krai Broadway, where they have on In ml a well aiaoneil ?h c* nf nt ih >i(.iny an i r ie wood French grand at linn Pi.ino For tea. Willi all Hie lite inyroveinrn'a wnrranred, and to be kept in tone lor one or. The anhacr'bera nlvi be* leave 10 inform the pnb'ic. that ihii ii the eatabliahmen' lorinr rIv kept by Beip et anil Htvrkina, but at p-eaeut ncenpied by the nhvrihera The pr.cea will be fenad railing to the tiinee.? Parchnera are nayoetfaily in'i'td io call M eaamine. N.n. Allkiudaof pianos from 6 to 7octavea will he made to order. Alio pianoa tuned and rcpai-ed, or exchanged ou the moat reasonable termi. Alsose ornl h md pianoa for "ale. 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alt-ntlad to, by addressing the aubacribera at tilher ul the above pi ices. NICHOLAS A. KOLLBKROfc I TKAQAHDH, mv 7-tm'r Harsimns Lonv D-ck, New Jeiarr. T?Hb. ANCIKnT AND WONUlCReULTM7TR?. OK A CHINA?Described, ll'uitrated end Familiarized ? H. MAH l IN a I/O have just received from London nmiguificent illus'rated work on Chins, which they intend to isiur in amuihly parts, with all the aids of ensiavi a and priatiug coinblued. In |>ri lent a beaut tul and instructive "crouul 01 th t as tonishiug i <1 interesting country. The antiquity, the a an di nr, and the ti-luiive chaiacter nl the inttiiu i n< i f China, r nder inch all ac?ct?nt at ha treaent tim?, i>eeuliarly appropriate an i di irablr, considering the interest which is nnw fe't in t' e United Utiles, in connection with ti e l.ct of nnrcon ir rcisl nieratious heiua so mncn eitend d with that siugular ami wnLdeiial nnii in. rhe work wid ne 'sitied in nuiriberi containing three steel engravings in each. Prt?e to cents H. MARTIN ?t CO., my 7-lm'r W John street. HAVANA BfcOAKa. BM. P1CABIA. No. ?* Libeity steet, near Nassau ofer for sa'e the following :? 100,0(10 La Norma thenars, 1st quality, very snrerior. 30,000 Diana do no do 23,(00 Favnrita do ?to do ts.o 0 Bncltn B isera, very old, and do 40,000 Ks|?tanra do do JO,000 Regalia, Dai. a, and I ono.ies, do do. .The whole entitled to dcbeuluti, and iu lots to suit pur fhaaert. aula tm*r R LKAcTfi S UTl) VV 0 ?7h ?I JO casks Bt yas sunt ii.r bleach I ing Powder, lauding (tola si in Agnat r, lot ??!< by 1 PLH?8fc k BHOOK8. I ?7-*oc No. 01 Ltbetiy st. >RK I MORNING, MAY 9, 184c City Intelligence. Escape from tub City Prison.?Yesterday, as Justice Matsell was approaching the entrance to the City Prison, on Franklin street, at about half past four in the morning, lie perceived a siring of blankets torn into strips, and tied together, hanging over the roof ot the watch house lock up prison. Being sat'oli -d that it had been used to effect the escape of a pri oner In-give the alarm in the prison, and on making search it was found that a man named William Johnson, who was tried last week, convicted and sentenced to the State prison for seven years, ..ii a vwnis' "i i.ui^uiy iii me secunu urgrrc, mr entering Jackson's pawn broker's shop, hud escaped troin Ilia cell Upon examination it appeared that he had cut through one end of his bunk withapenknife, nnd then broke it into pieces. With one of the side ends of the bunk, that was shaped like a wedge, he then pried oil'the cast iron plates covering the ventilator, one of which was cracked in the centre, and then raising the remnnnt of his bunk removed sufficient of the stone work to allow him to pass through the small aperture. On reaching the aperture he drove apiece of the bunk, about two feet long, in the outer wall, just above the hole, to which lie fastened his rope blanket, and then descended, a distance of about 30 fee t, into the prison yard. Kroin thence, by the aid of an outhouse, he reached the corridor, which is neatly ol an equal heighth with the cell opposite, and then drew the rope blanket (rom its fastening. He then passed round the corridor on the north side, and aicended to the root of the lock up watch house by the aid of a wooden ventilator that had been erected for the purpose of carrying off the gas from the furnace below. TIiiih reaching the roof all he had to do was to fasten his rope blanket to the cornice on the outside and descend into the street and esca|ie. The blame in this case lulls entirely upon the watchman who was stationed in the prison yard, as the noise of a black fellow laboring under delirium tremens who was confined in the cell underneath that of Johnson was such during the whole night, that the movements of Johnson could not have been heard on the inside of the prison.? We understand that Johnson made kis escape from the Leverett street Prison, in Boston, where he ws confined some years since, and there is no doubt, from the evidence of his genius as presented in his exit, that he is an old stager and a burglar whose daysshould end in a State prison. He told a prisoner in the cell adjoining to him, on Sunday night, by speaking through the water pipes, that " he hud a wile and two children, and if ne did not get out of the prison that night they would find him a dead man in the morning." His manner of escape was the same as that contemplated by Monroe Edwards when he was detected. The knowledge of the manner of ins exit, circulated as it will be immediately throughout the prison, will prompt others to follow bis track, and unless a strong watch, who should be armed with a loaded musket and bayonet, be immediately placed in the prison yarn at night, we should not he astonished to hear of a general jail delivery belore the month is out. Johnson escaped without any shirt, coat or vest, and he may thus be detected. Infamous Attempt at Conspiracy by a Husband to Frocure Divorce.?Timothy Mount, boiler ma Iter, who was recently tried before the Court of General Sessions on a charge of attempting to poison his wife, the late widow Mary Hingston, of Beaver street, was arrested on Saturday night by officer A. M. C. Smith and others, on a charge of conspiracy, in combining with Charles Southwick, to procure a divorce from her by subornation of perjury. The charges, are that Mount has filed a bill of divorce,in which he alleges that Southwick has committed adultery with her, and also that Mount had given a note to Southwick lor #50, payable in case he Bhould succeed with the divorce. Charles Farrington, ol 58 J.louston street, testifies that he was present when Mount agreed to give Southwick one hundred dollars if he would swear to the truth of the contents ol the following paper, which he alleges is in the handwriting of Southwick " A Bout the middle of Jan aa I was a Walking in Cannon stone evening t mat A woman That wna verry sociable & fcrmillier St she invited me to go home with her St my not knowing anything about the lady I excepted the invitation St I cald Occationally afterwards, But I was all the time in Ignorance in regards to her being A married Lady, untill some timu the Latter of Feb I cald on her, St she was in her bed room, St she verry Politely invited me in, it was about 10 A clock in the evening, St after a little conversation with her I Puled of my Brots and the Beit Part of my close St Layed Down on the Bed, St I supoae 1 had ben in bed A J an hour Before I heerd footsteps coming up the stairs, St my Lady appeared much confusrd nnd Kritend St Requested me to sump St catch my close St Run for she Belevcd it was her Husband, St it was the first knoledgeot my hnving that she was A married Lady, but to my supprise as I got to the head of the Stairs, A man cought me by the shoulder A I Diooped my Boots, 8t made good my escape C. F." Farrington also testifies that Mount drew up the following note, which he gave to BoumwicK as pari payment of the $100 promised him, which whb found in Sonthwick's possession when he was arrested by officer A. M. C. Smith :? " New York, Aperill 34th, 1943. '* ninty Day* alter Date I promo* to pay to my one order fifty Dollars providing I get a Bill of Divoa against my Wife to the Barer of this. $ft0. TIMOTHY MOUNT." Charles R. Bloomer, of 35 Houston street, testified that he was when Timothy Mount requested Southwick to draw up the paper given above, and also admitted, in his presence, that he was to give Southwick $100 i I he succeeded in getting a bill of divorce Irom his wife. Also, that at the request of Mount, he. Bloomer, conducted Southwick to the house where Mrs. Mount lived, on Sunday morning, in order, as Mount said, to enable Southwick to describe the premises when he should come to be sworn on the trial. A fellow, named Elijah Carman, was also arrested as concerned in the conspiracy, but will be used with Farrington us a witness. Southwick has long been known to the police as ulmott an outlaw, and his associations arc. almost entirely among pickpockets and thieves. More or the Shepherd Gang Arrested.?Thai old coua'erfeitress, Eliza Severance, and Jane O*Brian, the sister-in-law of Honors Shepherd, now in the State Prison, were arrested on Sunday evening, charged with passing an altered $3 note, purporting to be of the Vernon Bank of this State, on Frederick Miller, grocer, of 320 Water street, in payment foi two glasses of liquor, and receiving the change Also in attempting to pass one of similar charactei upon Henry Gurgeus, grocer, corner of Water anc Dover sireets, on the same evening, which was refused. The notes proved to be altered from the fraudulentGlobs Bank. They were both commit fed ; nnd hr the trtrntrr will be lully proved, it is to be hoped that the community will be relieved from tlif-ir depredations tor a time at least Old Mrs. Severance has been known as a dealer in counterfeit money for the past twenty years, nnd lias managed diring the whole lime to eacii|>e the ends ot justice. Gbwwml Sermons ?At the meeting of the crurt yesterday morning, Fmily Tucker, convicted of keeping a house ol prostitution at No. 3 ueiMl M., was brought into court by officer Stephens on a bench warrant, and sentenced to 30 uays imprisonment in the city prison uud #r?0 fine- The names of the petit jurors were then called, and the Court adjourned to Wednesday at 11 o'clock. Monit Cot NTKRFKIT3.?A woman entered the grocery store of Margaret McArdle on Saturdaj night, and attempted to pass a spurious9.3 note, ot the Canal Hank of Albany, in payment for some few articles that she had purchased. Mr. J.' De Forrest happened to tic in the store at the time, and recognised the woman as having previously ottered the fame hill to him n short time previous, which he had refused She was therefore arrested, and lully commuted at the Upper Police office. Circuit Court. Before Juiltie Kent. Mir 3th?Bowrn and M'Xamre vi. // Camp and 0. Terry ?One ol tha defendant* reaidea nt Buffalo, and the other at Martha I, Michigan. They obtained credit ol plaintiffs, who are merchant* in New York. Terry atterwarda came to the city and made repreientatioim which induces! plaintiff* to take on par cent in full forth) debt. Camp iulMe<piently arrived here, and denied that the firm was unable to meet its Jemainla. Action i> brought to recover the remainder of the original turn Verdict for plaintiff, subject to the opinion ot the court. Kal/il1 Hulkley V* ./irum i. nana?in ma wnnn 1841, tlia stoop Uoo<l Intent, (Iy in^ at n pier belonging to defendant,in Brooklyn,) was struck by a Held ol fixating ice and mink. She lay at a place interim mg with t i railway ol Morgan ami Mersereauj it became necessary to get ber up. The pieaent ia an action ol trespass, to recover damages for the loaa and destruction of the vessel, it being contended that the had been cut to piece* titinc ceaaariiv by dalendsut, her mast chopped away, and the vessel destroyed and lo*t. Thia wat strongly denied by defendant's conniel, Mr. Dana, who usserta that no mori injury was caused than became necessary to raise thi vessel. Verdict for plaintiff, $100 damages. A. L. Jordan and Abraham Crist for plaiDtitf, and A- H i Dona for defendant. IERA t. Common Council. Board or Aldkrmkn, Mny stU.? Present, Alderman Wooilhull, President, in the cn?ir. The Committee of Kinanen reported in favor of selling the Jot comer of Water street uuJ Pike slip, lor f.i.500, cash, to James Nash?Adopted. Street Contraete?The Special Committee, to whom was referred the Rubject of the manner of giving out the street contract, presented a report, in which they came to a conclusion that the contract wan made in good faith, and therefore have nothing to nay relative to the matter Alderman Pur.ov said that considerable evidence had been presented to the committee, that had tended to satisfy him that a contract could have been ma le of far mere interest to the public than the one given out, but he had not hail time to prepare it for presentation in the ?ha, e of a minority report, and he therefore wished that it might be laid on the table tor the present, Aldermen Uivukrwoou and Stewart sustained the views of the committee and Alderman Leonard opposed it. This battle having been fought over and over a dozen times, and no original ideas having been introduced, a report is unnecessary. The motion to withdraw was withdrawn, and tka report was then adopted by a vote of six to eight; Alderman Balis declining to vote, and Alderman Bonnell absent. Gravelling Wl/t Avenue?A resolution to gravel 10th avenue, from Blooming tale rou 1 to 1-lflth street, was adopted. Also, to repave Washington street, from Morris street to Battery Place. Adopted Milk Market.?Alderman Jonvs MBM to take np mo voto of tho Mayor relative to tho occupancy of thn house on the square loot of Uuano street as a milk market. Tlia Mayor mated in hia veto, that the reasons prompting liim to rofuao the lease of the property, ore, that it was Riven to the city hy the Triaitv Church, for market purposes alone, anil therefore could not be appropriated for private purposes. Alderman Jonks said that Mr. Solleck, the applicant, had a lease of the building for one year, and the renson he desired a lease for three years, was to justify him in adding to the building nn ice house, in order to keep thn Orangu county milk cool and sweet duiing the summer. Alderman Unns.awoou said that he conceived that Mr. Selleck was a public benefactor in this business; that he had introduced the Ornngo county milk into this city, and thereby had reduced the price of milk lrom 6 to 4 cents a quart. Alderman Purdt said the only question was, whether the Common Council had the power to lease it for tho present purpose or not. Alderman Jonks said he concurred with the Mayor that this property shouU be used ier markst purposes nlono, Bud he believed that the use oi it as a market for the sale of milk,butter and cheese, brought the lease within the intention of the trustees of the Trinity Church whuu they gavo the property to the city. Mayor's Veto.?The Mayor sent in a veto against the pnymrntol $500 to E. R. Sherman, contractor, lor digging hard pan?ordered to be printed. Paying Printers ?A resolution from the other Board to pay S. D. St K. White $114 for printing Register's list of 14th Ward in 1840. The Park Theatre?The committee of assessments reported in favor of altering the assessment of the Park Thoatru from $100,000 to $70 000. Aldermen Okdnkt opposed it on the ground that although Mr. Simpson, the lessee, was the applicant for reduction on tho ground that ho was unable to attend to the assessment, before the books close l, on account of sickness in hi" family, yet thoreduction was uncalled lor, and he would ask, if male,who was it ta benefit??John Jacob Astor. Alderman Smith also opposed it, and it was defeated by a vote of 13 to 4. Offices in the Twelfth Ward.?A resolution from the Board ol Assistants to abolish the offices of Dock Master, Street Inspector, and Superintendent of lteads of the Twelfth Ward was called up and adopted by a vote oi 11 to 6. Chapel street Assessment ?The resolution relative to the postponement of the payment of the assessment for the construction of the Chapel street Sewer were received from the other Board with an amendment te compel those assessed to enter into bunds to indemnify the city against any loss that it may sustain in any way or any shape by suit brought by the contractor. The amendm-nt was concurred in by a vote of 12 to 3. New Jersey Transportation Company ?A resolution from the other Board in favor of leasing Piur No. 1 lor one year to the New Jersey Transportation Company or Eastern steamboats, was concurred in. Papert from the other Board.?The resolution te release J R. Cowpertliwaite from $50 fine for interring n dead L body less than six feet from the surface of the ground was I sent in from the other Board, non-concurred in. Also to change tho name of that part of Lumber street f in tho rear of Trinity Chul ch to Trinity Place, non-con* curied in. p'auntain in Bowling Green?A resolution to allow Win. K Wilmerding and others to erect a fountain in f Bowling Grce:>, a; their own expense, was then taken up. Alderman Piiidv and Smith opposed it, and Alderman Underwood advocated the measure, which was finally laid OB the table without any definite action. I failing upon the Mayor.? Alderman Davif.s moved that a committee ' appointed to wait upon tho Mayor and inform him tl . this Board is about to adjourn.and ascertain whcthi r he bus any thing to communicate. The President appointed Alderman Davies and Leonard to perform that service. Superintendent of Markets.?A resolution to pay Mr. Rich, Superintendent of Markets, $97 AO lor extra services. Committee from the other Board ?A committee from the other Board here entered and iniormed the Board that that they were about to adjourn and were ready to receive any communication that thoy were ready to otter. Paying for Croton Water Medals.?A resolution to pay Mr. Lovett for making tho Croton water medals was adopted. Report from the Mayor.?The committee appointed to wait U|X>n the Mayor, reported that they hao pet formed that duty, and he had nothing further to communicate. A Committee was here appointed to wait upon the Board of Assistants, and inform tbcm that this Board was l about to adjourn, and ascertain whether they had any communication to offer to the Board. Aldermen Crolius anil Hatfield were appoiuted. Reports were presented from the resident physician and Comptroller, and were received, and ordered to be printed. The Closing Scene ?Alderman Plrdt rose and said, I that he was about to introduce a resolution which caused feelings of pleasure, mingled wiih regret, at it was the forerunner of a separation among the members to whom he had become attached; but still it was a duty that he felt compelled to perform, and therefore should oiler it :? j Resolved, That the conduct of Caleb 8. W'oodhull, Esq , as the presiding officer of the Board ol Aldermen, has been kind and courteous, deserving the approbation of its me mbers (hat the thanks of the Board are due to him for (partiality In presiding over our deiihara tions ; a nas entitled himself to, and that we hereby tender o < > i nest wishes for his (uturc health, happiness and prosperity. Alderman Leonard seconded the resolution with ai'ew appropriate remarks; and it was than read by the clerk, and adopted unanimously. The Prkiidrmt then rose in reply, and stated that tho term ol separation ol the members was at hand, and it was n matter ol gratification that they could separate as I friends, although differing in political faith He then returned his thanks for the aid that had been rendered him in the duties of his office by the numbers of the Board, and in alluding to tho duties performed by the Board during the year, lie stated that they had hold *7 sessions, received 1 1076 petitions, 765 repoits, 06 communications from dei partments, and disposed of 3000 papers ol various kind* ! and descriptions. He then concluded in a neat and pertiL nent manner, wishing the members health, wealth and r prosperity, and bade them an affectionate farewell. The minutes of the meeting were then read and adopr ted, and the Board adjourned tine die Tiis New Boards meet this day in their respective chambers at 13 o'clock. i Board of Assistants, April H.?Farewell Benefit.?The Snpirme Court being in session in the Assistant Alderman's Room, this Board met in the Vice Chancellor's Room, directly underneath. Fountain in Bowline Green.?Wm. E. Wilmerding, Stephen Whitney, and others, petitioned fir the privilege of arreting a fountain within the enclosure of Bowling Oreen, at their own expense. Laid on the table lor the present P. 8.?The petition was subsequently granted. The Geological .Surrey.?The Mayor sent in his veto to a resolution giving copies of this work to the Members of both Boards, Clerks, lie. to the number of 3D copies, at |6<? each, making $l!'5(). The New Book of Corporation OrdinanceThe Mayor sent in his veto to a resolution to have 600 copies of this work, recently prepared by Counsellor Graham, printed. The reasous were that it has been prepared by a party now in power, whosu opinions differ widely fr?m tho party now coining Into power, which party will soon make important changes In the ordinances, which will rrmiire anew Bonk immediately Laws of the State.?Tho Mayor alio vetoed a Similar resolution relative to printing thi* work. Washington Market Tho Mayor also lent in his veto to tho resolution appropriating $l'iflO to building a shed over the vacant apace in Washington Market. Tho principal oltfection wna the shortness of the Treasury. Chapel street Sewer.?Tho Committee on this aubject reported that it was inexpedient to take np and rebuild thu Hewer, hut In favor of conatructing aewera in Frank lin atreet nnd other cross streets at the city expenae, ia order to enable families to construct drains thereto from theii houses. Reposing While street.?The Mayor vetoed the resolu tion to repay* this street. Regulating Forty seventh street.?The Committee recommended a concurrence with the Board of Aldermen in regulating this atreet between 8lh and 10th Avenues. The resolution was concurred in. Geo He Bride?This Board concurred with the other Board in paying this gentleman M, as attorney or curtain persons by the name ol Power. Repai in* Washington street ?Thin Board concurred with tho other in repaving this street from Morris street to Battery Place. Cah and Hack Runners?An ordinance was concurred in prohibiting any runners or other persons other than Ml ' ""rani or lutu owner", ?u* iiuin >un> iiinn at vtenmboM landing*, place* o( nmuacment, the. tinder a penalty ?f $|(t. 'he object of thi* ordinance it ( prohibit l>oy* and ot... r disorderly perron* Irom creating di* turbance at these ilacct by their impoitunato ?olicitation? for passenger*, Ik Isit corntr i*ik ami Wattr tirttft.?Ordinance pa**ed to tell thi* lot to . nrn-t Naih lor $4,MM). Mary William*. -Rewind to pay Mary William* one fifth of $183 90, she being neat of kin fo Diana Duboif, from money* depnulted by nee, ike i I Changing Lunik* > tlratt to Tnaity Jflart. A raWlltlOU LD. ? ? n???W Price Two CenUu wm introlucnJ to ch*??? ih?n?... .i-u. -? O Mil. .urn to in* nitv ('loco. Alderman Watcbmax opi>osed it, as it would diaturb title), Ac, and was a mere attempt to support aristocracy, and not a democratic measure. Alderman Nesbitt said that the original name waa Lombar street, and not Lumber, aud that all the owners of property in the street were in tavor of changing the name. Alderman Daown moved to strike out " place," and insert " street." Lost 0 to 6. ('resident Adams said he should vote against the change for the reason that he was horn in Lumber street, and he hail no idea of being born again in Ttiniry place, now in the decline of his life, ft was but a step from his cradle to the grave, and he should stick to his birth place. Abler,nan Duuok, of the Third, said nothing on the subject, but looked every moment as if he wereatrongly iu tavor of the change. On taking the vote, it was nonconcurred in, so that Alderman Adams is still a native of Lumber street. Superintendent of Markete, $97 50.?A resolution was ottered to pay Mr. Rich this sum tor extra services? Adopted. Extra Pay to Deputy Market Clerks.?A resolution was ottered to give them extra pay?live percent ou their collections. Opposed by Aldermen \W. Dodge and Nesbitt, and Waterman. Non-concurred in. Ice and Snow in the Fourth Ward ?$3*2A were appropriated to pay for the extra removal of ice and snow in this ward, Four Slaht in the Hand.?The Comptroller was ordered to pay K M. Tellfair, a city watchman, $25 tor injuries sustained by him on the 12th April last, in making an arrest. The Mayor.?Assistant Aldermen Browne, Atwill, and Mead, were appointed a special committee to waiton his Honor the Mayor, and inform him that this Board warn about to adjourn tine die and that they were ready to receive any communication from him. The committee wait ed on his Honor accordingly, and reported that the Mayor had no communication to make. After some little business done, Alderman Wstsbmaiv rose anil made some very appropriate and touching remarks relative to the separation now about to take place between the members of the Board. He alluded to the kindly leeling that had uniformly suhaiated among them during the pust year, and took a brief view of the history of the past year. He concluded with a resolution giving thanks to the President (Adams) of thaBoard for the able, courteous ami faithful manner in which hediachargrd his duties. This was seconded with equally appropriate remarks by Alderin an Brown. The vote was tsken by tne clerk, Mr. Williams, ami passed unanimously. President Adams read a very beautiful and affecting reply, returning hii heartfelt thank* for the kindnet* and honor conferred upon him by the preaent rote of thanks The Clkrk then read the minutes of this preaent meet, ing, which were approved. The Board ot Assistants then aJjourned Sine die. C onrt of Common Pleas Before Judge Inglia. Mat H?M. Flynn vi. Oearge Barclay and .Simon Huff, {Sheriff )?Springing a Wife upon a /.audlnrd ? I'hi* wu an action of trover, to recover the damages ariiing from the conversion by the defendant to his own use of a horse belonging to the plaintiff'. It was a very curious case, and peculiarly illustrates the value of matrimony, and the worth of a wife ill protecting a man's property. Thia is a case in which apoortenartt sprung a wifeujion an innocent landlord, very much unawares, and to the very grant advantage of the said tenant. It appear* from the evidence, (hat Mr. Flynn, an unmarried young man, rented sundry rooms and apartments up in 'Jlst street, of a Mr. Barclay, at $13 per month, payable in advanca; cemmen. clng in June, 1841. Time ran along till this preaent month, and seme fiOO rent had accrued. Mr. Barclay is. sues a landlord's w arrant for the amount, and takes a cer. tain horse belonging to the plaintiff, which is sold for $40. The plaintiff brings the present action of trover, on the ground that the horse was exempt from execution under the now $150 law. To take the benefit of this law, a man must be a householder, or a man of family, and not possess over $150 worth of property?and in this preaent case the plaintiff must have been the owner *f a "leant," for so the statute read*?"necessary tools, team," Ice. As to .the matter of "family," it appears that young Mr. Flynn taking advantage of one oi our natural and inalienable rights, which are not interfered with by any civil law or constitution, and without consulting his landlord, Mr. Baicluy, committed matrimony about four or tfve month* ugo This act at once istaldished him a gentleman and a mm of honor, and especially a "man of family " within tho meaning of the statute in such cases made and nrovidiul. Tim law. Mr. Flvnn's wife wo moan im. mediately threw around him and hi* property her fair protecting arms, nnd the sheriff'* warrant, ahot from a lawver'a quill, fell harmleaa at hia feet. Mr. Barclay looked on with astoniihmeut?he waa caught in a auare? a wife had been sprung upon him unawares?and he was remediless. Aa a wile therefore can protect (190 worth of property, anil no morn, it may be salaly considered that the moat precise value of a wife, which has ever been established by law is < 190. There wns another very important point in the defence which muat not be omitted. The statute protects a poor man's (earn. And Mr. Benedict, the learned counsel tor the defence, denied that one horse and cart was a team? In proof of which he quoted any number of authorities to the no small amusement of the Court and Jury, for they were authorities not olten quoted, to establish the lt> w before a Court?such as Piers, Ploughman, Fabyan,Holland , Hpencer.Chapman, Homer, Beaumont, and Fletcher, Virgil, Dryden, Cowper. Gay, and we believe Hudibras. By some of these authorities it was proved that a fitter of pig? (democratically considered) was a team?a whole team, we suppose, and may he regarded as going the whole-litter. By other authorities it was proved that there might be a "leam of ducku," and so on. Cowper has the word thus There from the sunburnt hayfield homeward creeps The loadeiLwain; while, lightened of its charge, The wain that meets it passes swiitly by ; The boorisa driver leaning o'er his team Vocif'rous, and impatient ot delay. In short Mr. Benedict considered that according ta all authorities he was safe in pronouncing that one horse and cart was not a team. On the other side, Mr. Dlwitt contended that It waa capable of mathematical demonstration that the whole was equal to all its parts, and that the greater must necessarily include the less. It was admitted that two horses and a cart were a team, and were exempt by the statute ?sue horse and cart must be half a leam, and a fortiori exempt. He also contended that it was the Intent, by the spirit ot the law, to exempt the means by which a poor man gets his living; and he gave it as his opinion that a landlord's claim for rent was no better or greater than a baker's for a loaf of bread. Juduk delivered a very learned charga, in which he went into the subject legally, philologlcally, lixicographisaliy, etymologically, arithmetically, grammatically, financially, and matrimonially. Whether a litter of pigs coulj be democratically considered aa a team, the Judge did not say; hut he was clearly of opinion that a horse and cart was a team within the meaning of the statute, although he was equally well assured that so far as the usage of the word team was concerned, all the old F.nglish authorities used the word in a plural sense. [No case had been cited in which a single pig, although he might be" democratically right," had ever pig to go the whole-litter.] From the phraseology of the law, the Ju>lf?e supposed that it must have been drawn by tome country member of the legislature? and if such member had been naked if he meant the word team to protect a cartman's one horae anil cart, he had no doubt but that he would have replied in the affirmative. The law means any laboring animal, ami intend* to protect the poor man. He also decided that anvmanwaia householder who rents the upper part of n house, even though his apartment* do not touch the ground. Verdict for plaintiff, $6fl damage*. Mr. Benedict for defendant. Mr. Dewitt for plaintiff*. L"'Lf T." ' Th? ?tib?rrihe r*. rh* old rondo -ton of Haroden fc Co."* K* pre** from New Vn k, will ronmnie to run r* heref' fore.leavibg New Turk, Alnany and Troy daily, and ?i I forward S;.rci- B'nh Notes, Piekairs. Bundle*, Caie* of fluid* Parcel*, he tee , in connection with Meatr . Buley te Hnwird'* "Great We?t?rti F.xp rs*," to and fr..m the lolhiwii gtilare*, v/ Iffes, Srraema, Oswego, Anhnrn, deni r\ F dl* O neva, Can.til nsna, Kochf* er, Boinvia Lechport, Bi ff do, Detroit, Cleaveland and '"hirag"' *t*o ro Kingston Toron' aud H 'railton in Canada Writ fly Jacob*' Northern Krnres*, t? Whitehall, Burlington, f'hamplain and riattsbnrsi ; *l*o to St Jr-hos, Montreal and Qieaec, in Canada P a*t They will al*o connrct with Hatch k Co.'* Sonthern Kxpres* at New York, and forward article* of every de*rtiption to Philadelphia .Baltimore and Washington. Particu'ar attention will be paid to the collection of Notes, Drafts, tec and prompt retain* mail* bv fi'st Kipress. Each meatenger will he provided with one of Wilder'* Patent Salamander Safe*, thereby afftndiDg greater security in the trine, muaion of valuable paper*, tec OFFICES. rul-I.BN fc COPP, No, s Walt street. New Tork. THOMAS GOlJGH, No 13 Exchange, Albany. A. G FlI.KINH, Zit Biver street, T*ov. H JACOBS, Kichamt* Couit, St. Piul, Montreal. Heferenrra? Mes-rs ( rime, Ward te King. Jacob Littl* te Co? John T *,ni't* te Co., I'epoon te H ffmah, Capemer te Vermtlye, Houghton it Co . Drew, Kobiuaon te C*., N. York; rc. J. Humphrey, K*q , 1 homa* Oough, Esq , Alosuy; J 'hn Piine, E?q , ea?nier, Well*, do., S if. Stow, d C. 8. DoukN?,uo , h Leatee.Uo, 1 row mt> p-o?i F ASS AO If. TO SSfcfllififiSA PITTSBURG. THK laWnbfT hw completed ,rra?*emfnU,^r Ihrcon yeyance ol Paumicers and Merchaiidiee '? nrudl.te placei, on the mull reiionable teime, per (mieua ^vjd* ?bontt'|Dproeeed to the <,willfijidit?ach to their adruntaue to m??- the.r erMnaemruu bv thn *?ir*bl* conveyance, a- the ,iricUit attention will at all tiara be paid to the re ..lort of the pa>*en?eri. aa well aa the punctuality of a ilirect conveyance witn deepatch. For further particu an ?' ^g?1?FH Mo MURRAY, aHec 100 Pine aUeet, coiner of Month. STATEN ISLAND FKRK.T j*"?p< ?f w,iit*hai'"rrf"tOn ?nd after Monday, April loth, the itrtaaei STATKN (SLA^nO'lt will Irarc u follows, until fuither notice LKAVK STATEN ISLAND. Nf.W kOHA. At I A. M, At 9 A. M. 10 III :?HP. M. IX f- M. I* J* All goods shipped are required to he ?.uti? mailt' ntarked,an<i are at the tiak vtthe owners thereof'