Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 10, 1843, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 10, 1843 Page 1
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- mnmm* vmmt nnm. i(U ) TH of. IX.?Mo. 1'47 ?Whola Mo. 3340. To Uu Public. THE NEW YOKK H KHALO?daily newspaper?pub listed w.ry day of the year except New Year's day and Fourth af July. Price 3 cent* per copy?or $7 90 per an nun-|?ostages paid?cash in advance. THE WEEKLY HERALD?publishedevery Saturday morning?price 0| centt per copy, or |1 13 per annum? postages paid?cash in advance. ADVERTISERS are informed that the circulation of the Herald is over THIRTY THOUSAND, and increasing est. It hae the largeet circulation of any paper in thit city, or the world, and it therefore, the beet channel for butinett men mi he city or country. Prices moderate?cash in advance. PRINTING of all kinds, executed at the most moderate prices, and in the most elegant style. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, PitoraicToa er the Hebald Establishment, Northwest corner of Fulton and Nassau streets Jke TO LET in Willisinsburf?The nhnleor n\ t ol a 17 a beat three story brick D otliinc Hons* in Snn:h 7ih J"H si n-?r tth st., rent vtry low Apply to W. & J. T. Tspsc"U, 43 Pe<-h slip. m 7-rc HOUSfi-S TO LET AT YORKVILLE. ?Jt larxe I house* on the corner of 84th street and 3d avenue; either P iHB m^in is caicuiatca lor a punnc nnuse, grocery or private residence. On the premise! n a fine liable, howling alley, anil a fine garden, cuiuistiug of 8 .otv with grape viuea and fioit trees thereon. For lenoi, inquire of JtlHN A. MORKILL, Esq., m8>wr No. 11 Chatrbere at. TO LET?OR BRN WOOD COTTAUK, Q iwatiua, r" m Brooklyn, coot iniiig aix rooms, cellar and wood boait, JmMLwiiIi lupe garden. It'ia beautifully situated on the he gins, and commands an nnob'tructed view of theRay,8taten Island, New Yolk, &c. Uiitauca from the South Ferry, two and a half miles. Omeibasirs pa<a the end of the street several times daily. To a resrectable fam Iv the rent will be low. Erqoire of R MARTIN h Co . :4 John stl?et, New York, orat the Toll Budge. loot of C urt street, Brooklyn. nr9 lw*m JrvL. TO KENT?'The extensive Building erected the pre(? ? seulseason by the subarrioer, for his own residence, on XJflLthf margin of ihe Eist River, at (jowanus Heights, two andalialf miles from South Brooklyn Ferry, commanding splendid views of the Bay and Jersey snore, the cities of New York and Brookli n, States Island and the East and North Rivers. The H use isbiick. a superior building, five stories h'kh, covered W'th copper; the hall and stairsof msible: the water froui ab nt one ihotisand feet, nud the bathing witnina fr w i a<d< of the door. eicelle> t fishing and fowling In the im mediate vicinity. Th ? drive from New York it about fifteen minuses, and the preraiira are not excelled by any .ituation near this ci'y One hundred peisous can be accommodated.? Possession immetf atelv. Apntv to JOHN F DELAPL.AINK.G8 Wall at. ALSO TO IIKT, the three storv brick Hons-, 31 Walker tiret, between Broadway aed Church street, occupied by Mrs. Verplaiick; aDd the iwo >for\ brick House No. 229 .Nineteenth street occupied by Mr- C. W. Feelu?Rents moderate. alO Im'gc TO LET?The Mansion House at Blonmingdale, |. gr known as the " Abbey" situated a sh nt distance above .he six mile stone, just above Btryker'a Bav, and nearly opposite St. Michaels Church. The place is wall known as on* of the most delightful situations on the Island, aud is renn-kebty hea'thy in theininmer season. Toe ploomin.'dnle stages pass and repass the gate every honr in the day. The gate is new, and numbered 101. The isut will be in accordance with the present state of the times. A'jily on the premises, or at 132 Chambers street. N. B.?Arran .uncut could be made, il desired, by a satisfactory tenant, to leta par: of the furniture uow in the house remaiu, or a part of the house will be leutvd separately. apli lm*r MTO LET?The fire prool Drick store, No. 1(15 9oUlli st, with immediate possession if rvouired, apply to WOODHULL Ik MINI URN, mVtr 87 Booth street. MTO LET?The ivro story brick Home and premises, No. 145 Wooiler street. finished in the modern tyle, with tnaiblo mantel-pieces and folding doon boat. Apply to JOSKrH McMVKRAY, mC3r 100 Pine street. M TO LKT OR FOR SALB?-A three awry modem bnilth iclt dwelling house an I ataie. wi h two lota of J^MaRioaiid n'fched, aitoated in Williamsburg, about two minutes walk f otn the Peck Slip Ferry Apt ly on the pretnisea, comer of Fourth and South-Ktghth streets. Williamsburg, or o W. k J. T. TAP8COTT, a"4r __ 43 Peek tlip. >HL FOR SALE. KXCHANGB FOlTA FARM, OR pyjfr TO LET, possession given immediately, the Ergle J'^Ua.HOTt'.L m the village of Hit g Ring?one of the beat, if hoi quite, si nations in Write heater County, for a tavern and intrding house Any person having a farm within 50 o> luO m 1-a of New York city, or w shiny to hire, will please t at and aee, or tddreaa a line to C B CCON, on the premises, or t? A CCCKWOOD, Eiq Sing Sing. N B ?The whole p'operty, hotue, oat honaea, atore and g.nnnd are valued at 16000. Kent low. Sii g Smg.9 h May, 143 n.93:*r 5,000 WKKENHOUSE PLANTS?H. in. LE~VKNOKR3 t'\>K in'oruia Ina friends and ih- public gruerrllj, that 1 tn *- - ?a- -- -- [ ?"i- n*-TT~ S. Mann k Co., No. 331 B eadway,coiner of AnthoDy 'ueet, iu their private *alra r om. u stairs I r the pu pise of depositing and ditpoaii.g of. t pnv le aale, nil ol hi- large an t eateu?i?e surplus vane v of Orernhouse Plants. wh>ch were r t?ed at his well k <>wu at Yotkviile 98 h atreet 3d vence. Fo. v-ii t, hnnuiV olid th'i,vv growth and l4'ge assortteenr, they ? ill he iruu I un?u pasted bv any others taued in this vieinitv Th? y h me not o?.ru fore- d and will retain their bn>!? en<1 flow e.s as well as p'aots possibly can do by resetting proper Ucotton to tneir cul'nte, and fir which Mr L. flitters hiinaelf that hia pi 'n i a e weil krown in thi? market 1 hry will be aold lo for crah. A daily mpptywi I be received during the aeeann. Perrons i nrrhasu g to aril again w-ll he liberally dealt with. ]0 0 tnbero>ea aud Malabar vines will be sold very cheap. L- dnw ?re pa ticn'a-ly invited to attend. in8 lw*r K FARM r OR SALE?The be<u>iinl improve" HiekpM|oiy Uiore Faun aitneted in the town of Mitnoro.eck, .? *?. Wr chestrr cnuuly. 'hiee miles ea*t ef New Koch le, a few rmuutes walk trem the Bolton turnpike, coi'SHtii g ol 50 aci.-iol choice 1 nd, ten of which it wood land; hand-ome dm le tw) story house, ten reomi. The home it turioundtd withuunie out cherry, pin rob, p-arand otter fruit trees. together with an aoi le < uh rd of the choicest k ud. The on buili t gi r-a'li first rate r pair; a handsome garden in front ol the honse, laid out wi'h box a_d grave walks ihrt ugM ul, and i<stocked wi,hall of the latest shru >bety, flowers, kc.; naudsota; lawur iu trontend tear ol the house. '1 he ' lekory grove lauds on a namg ground, twenty rods Uisunce from the home, with beaatitd It f y trees, and is kept as pleasure g round, having a good view of the Loi g Island Sound Th s place is well worth i he atfuiion of nny genii-man wanii' g a country residence. Fur In ther information enquire ol KOB'P LEWI a, earner J -n s Im.e and South street, or of Captain SAMUEL tilllli ha t.u tin prisnei. tm.20i*r Kg FA MM FOH SALE, containing forty acres, thirtyfive nuder cultivation and the balance a good growth of kjEaVWd, tin (be ptemisci ia a house in good repair, a new coach home and a large ham Iu Ironi ol the home ia au excellent well of wstrr, arenred from the weather by a nrw well house, and a fine lawn in front of the home. On the above described lann ia fuit in aunDd nice, such as applri, cherries, pears, quinces, cumntsvgoo?eber'iei, ae. 1W aDOtC firm la m? n un Iiu'n inn Iu. one fr mihelown of Kpe, ou (lie North (tract road. A fall view of the H< id lid ; cau>e* two light honaca when lighted; it id every reapect a deairuble locati?u fcr a geutleman'e reaidenee. Thia ium u io Weatcheater County. Call on the rrrmiaea, 01 on Mr. J. H. WELCH, 15 Leonard atreet, all lm*ee oral the Police Office. DRESS BOOTS. LATEST FRENCH STYLE. THE SUBSCRIBER leapectfally ioTitaa the citizena of New Yo It and (Imagers visiting the ci*v, to call at lit EULTON STREET, and ei?mme a large ???o>tmett ef Dagas BooTa, made in the l..te-t taahina, nod ?>l the fiueat French calfskin. Uent can n can hare boon made toord- r in the beat manner, at an dollars |<er pair, and footed at four dollara, warranten eignel tu any manufactured in the city at from aeren to eight do'lira. Peraona hiving tender feet, or being difficult to fit on account of Inmpa, buniona. eorua, lie., can hare boors made ao aa to he raay yet handsome. by the aobacnhe.'a method of taking adiawiiu'of he icet and fitting np and keeping a pair ol laau for each cnatomer. Straiigma leariug their meaanrea can, by writing, have boota made and lorwarded to ti em without delay. conaTaitTLV en Hiiro. H nd?ome Boota, fiom S3 #0 te $1 00 H ill Boota, " 2 50 to t 50 <?etri Boota, " 2 00 ro 2 53 Shoea, " 1 50 10 2 JO Slippera, " 50 to 1 00 Pninpe, lie., fcc., equally low. Tebms, CaaH om Dklivert. JOHN L. WATKINH, *01 m*i lit Fulton at.between Naaaan and Dateh ate._ BOU'l' AND SHOE STOKE. JOHN t'KADY rrapectfuliy lulurmi hiafrienda ai'U tne i ublie, that he haa eommenced hnaiuera in the above line, at No. e? Naaaan atreet, where he will thank tally receive and laiiiifnliy ereen e, all ordera he a.ay be favored with ou the tn' at rea?on?h'e terraa for caah s22r Lt)oTTAT~THl?"!?aooTpnira^if French Oaiier 0<m>u,r.n<i 3C00 pun of Hlii per?, jnsl ? aulae T?hnlAaalf? ond re tail ai t Km fnllAwilNP yrrv low prices 2tW> pairs of Fiench (latter*, of the best qu?lity, and of all colon,11,SO; aud jooo purs of Slippers, 75 crnta. at 367 Broadway and 91 Canal street. Ladies, ra these s-orra yon will find the greatest and brat aarr tai'Dt in the world of Boats, (inters, Shoes, Slippers, tie. and Mtiara and ' Inldrett'a do Oen Irmen. we wish to draw yeur attention to onr splendid atsi.nmeiii of Boots, Shoes and cloth bn'ton (Jailers, of i he new style; French calfskin Boats, of the beat qnality and made oorder, $?. and Krerirh calfikm Boots on hand, from S3 t > It Mr p> it; doth button Oait*rSv$,,S?; Prnnella fl 50; the finest oi calfskin Shoes, 1,25 to $2; boyi ? Boots of the best quality, 1,25 to ?2,75; Hhoes. SI to 1.21; youth's Bimts, il to 1,10; Shoes Menus IP SI. Boots, Uaiteis, n ippers. Ties, Bnsluns, Shoes, Ike. in endless vailetv, and all mairatit-d to he ol the beat kind. (JHMJOllV Ik CaVllILL, 367 Bto.tdway a|) ia*t ami >2 Caaad atrect. TO BOOT MAKERS. 0. MOllG HAS RKMOVKO from 132 to IS Leonard street, where he eon inn, s to rut Kit. Uu hand rendy cut kit, Krrnch Huil fCio'iish, mllm#rc A. THOMPSON'S BLACKING WAREHOUSE, No. 2 CouCLnu/L strrrt. A THOMSON respectfully it f.irmi the mrrchants ol this city and the inhlic in genera!, ihtt he still cot<inues to nMiinfartnre Ins inimitable Taste Blacking. beilia 'he sole inventor and mannfactnrer. This blacking ia known ihrouuh the world, and parti, nlarly the Uuited States, aa Lee and Thomson's K.ate Blacking. A. Thompson would fur her lutorw h i friends tnathe has made ri'enaive improsr mi tita in hia old nisi nlai luring rsL,hit?t, rami whirti enable* h m to toppiy them wnh toy qaantiiy ud at r*d*crd price* B *?ir? ol luterlnptra. Htttm i* modern application, toil ii sometimes retorted to wiihom much heat fit. A I himi >11 neeer admitted ?l?**m in any thane to ent?r hi* miunf.irtrry? hi* woikm:'a are out likely to mike iniittkra and cnnon. oily it etu be Ot pendrtf upou a* Pennine. A. THOMHON, late Ler. It Thornton, formerly 263 Broadway, tow 2 Conrtlandi street, ntai Broadway. Manofacinrera'aietita tor thr Waahiogrnu Friction ^latent* fWl Pi aud other* supplied on itaaouable turn., byciaeoi I iiia c JjT"** "26Jr?*m GUArt.H a I' Mo 3 uUH > "TRtl 1', jicir Bio dw*,,Da potoi HTOUVKNI'L A BHO 1 Hf.R l OW*? lianelac tory. the only place where iwopie can if't *tipp.ied, ehi apei than toy . [her |d ice i i thi* ciiy A fnll annrtnieMol iht riiheatrnt and pla n (laaa, L*mp? for hall', A*ti*l and Molai l.amp*, Uirandoln, French ami Kngliah China, Ac. Ac , til ti manuftctvy pucea. Kvery article matched to pattern. Ultu cat to order. Wholesale and retail for eityitud country trade At the abovo, toil at their factory, No. is Gold ft. ml lm*rc E NE N BRITISH AND NORTH AMERICAN ROYAL MAIL STEAM SHIPS, Of IJOWton and 14# Itorae powar each. Under contract bcrdaof the-Adciiraltr> HlBERNIA, C. H. E. Judkuu, 'omniandei. fKlTANNlA, J. llewitt, do CALEDONIA, K. O. Lott, do ACADIA, A. Kyrie do COLUMBIA, E. C. Miller, R N do Will aril from Liverpool auc! b ??toa, via HaHfav. aa follow* ! raoM i.iriarooi. yarn* ?o?top. Acadia, Rye, Eeb 4 Mar 1 n-cnuMWa, miller, Alar 4 Ap'l 1 Britannia, Vewiti, Ap'l 4 May I Hibrrma. JmlUini, Ap'l :9 May 16 The accommodations lor passengers are superior. 1 he vessel* are ace?mpanieol by esperienoed surgeons, and amply supplied with Frances' PatentLife Boat*. Passage reduced to <120- No Berths secured until paid for. For further information, apply to D. BKKJUAM. JK..ntHARNT)ENk CfTS. No. J Wall-at iinr NEW JERSEY RAILROAD AND TRANS PORTATION COMPANY. NEW YORK AND NEWARK. Fare reduced to '4ft oent*. From the foot of Caurtlaadt street, New York. (Everyday?Sunday* e?: epted.) Leave* New York Leaves Newark 41 a A.M. At 2 P.M. AIT A.M. At l* P. M. 9 do. 3 do. 8 da. 4 do. It do. 4 do 9 do. 5K do. J* do. ]0X 7K do. % do. 9>* do. 8 do. ON SUNDAYS. From the foot of Csiurtlandt street. Leave New Yore, Leave Newark. At 9 A. M. and 4* P. M. At IK I'. M. land P. M. NEW YOKE, ELIZABETH TOWN, Leave New York t.eava Kliz?h?th Town. At 8 A. M. At a P M. At 7K A. M. At IK P. M. 9 do.' 4 do. UK do. 3X do. 4X ' o. 10 do. !>* do. i>i do. The trains for Wosinetd, PlainAcld. Boumlbrook, Sotncrville, fce., connect with the 9 A M, audMXPM train* from New York, daily, Sundays excepted. Fare between New York and Elizabeth Town 23 cents. Fare between do and Somerville. 75 cents. . NJfW YORK. RAHWAY AND NEW BRUNSWIC*. Fare reduced. From the foot of Courtlandt street, daily. Leave New York. Leave New Brunswick. At 9 A. M. At 6 A. M. 4 r. M. t< 5R " 19S coon. tr p iui ON SUNDAYS Le?ve New Yo'k. Leave New Brunswick. At 9 A M and i'i I' M At 1 X noon, and R S 1* M Fare between New Yo-k and New Biuuswick, 73 cents. Rahway, i# certs The fare in the 6 and 7>{ A. M. train from New Brunswick, and 4 and 3ft P. M. train from New York, has been re i dnced. New York and New Brunswick, to 34 cent*. " and Rahway to 47X " Passengers who procure their ticket* at the ticket office, r< eeive a ferry ticket gratis. Tickets are received by the coti ductor only on tlio uny when purchased. I II Id.* FARE $-4 HO SECOND CABIN, 1 00 FARE REDUCED. GREAT SOUTHERN & WESTERN MAIL ROUTE. AFTERNOON LINE TO BALTIMORE. Dnilv, (?ict-iit Sunday*) at 4 o'clock, from Dock ?c wlnrf. By Ciim-na1 Union Line, via New C. stle and French.own Rai road, and th? swif rnd spletdid steamnoa'a ROBERT MORRIS, Captain Diotlaii. OH O, " l)aru. CONs riTUTION, " Chaytor. fc GEO. WASHINGTON, " Triipe. Through frcm Plultd :lp.,ia to Baltimore in (even houis and a half. To commence oo Monday. May 8th, leaving Dock street wharf dailv, Sundays excepted, at 4 o'clock, P.M. cirrvieg the I rent Southern and Wetetu Mail", and the only Afternoon ,ine connecting with the Lines for the South and Wtit, from Baltimore. Pa?aengera leaving New York via the mornin? line, will always arrive in lime for '.hia liua, and be in Ba ttinore the rams evening Thia ia the only Line of "tenmhoita rnncing in conn*ctioc with ice Railroad to and from Baltimore. W. L. ASHMKAD, Agent. m9 3t*m Dork ?treet wharf. MORRIS AND ESSEX RAIL ROAD, New Arruice.ieT^T^^ft.Mil iug grra1 expense with the most approved and heaviest H rail, to aeenn a aafe and expeditious conveyance between New York ami Moniatown,will commence mnuiug two tripe daily, Snudayi excepted, on and after Monday, Jan, '/8. FiratTrain from Moiri>lown will leave at7M A M. Second Train from MoTrirtown will leave at Ik P M. Kirat Train from New Yoik will leave at 9 A M?Nowark al MAM. Second Train from Naw York will leave at Ik T M?Newark at 3H P M. Passengers by the Morning Train from Morriatown will arrive at Newark in time for the 9AM Train to Ntw York, oi the morning Tram to rhilapolphia; by the Afternoon 1 rain they will arn*e at Newark in time for the 3$ T M Train to New York or the Rvtmng Train to Philadelpi ia. Passengers by the Morning Trai from New York will airive at Morrntown in time (n dine and take any of the Stage* run ning writ or north from that place. jkfe Im'cc UMi aa NORTHERN AND WESTERN EMIGRANT PASSAGE OFFICE. The Snbtciibert hiring completed their arrangements, an new prepared to pane gen o all the Northern ami Weite-n Stales and Canada, hv daily line* of towboa'a, rai roadi and t'eainboa's, via the Not th tirer and Erie Canal, tippet L<kea, Philadelphia aud Pitta u gh, Ohio river and Caual routes The following are a few of the troit important P li >t? Via Uii*a, Buffalo, PottsvilW, Galena, Hiracnai, CI. veland, Pittsburgh, Torono, Oiwego, Detroit, Cincinnati, Kingston, Roehe.ter, Mi'waukie, St. Loni*, St. JjIim, Leckror', Chicago, Lomiville, Montreal. Also to any put of , Ohio, Illinois, Mis'ouri, Indiana, Michigan, Tenuiiiee, Kentucky, "5H iic-miin, Iowa, Upper end Low> r Canada. Having given inch unii-rii d satisfac i >n in their London ant Liverpool litiea ol |iacketa, the tobsvibcri will er.drav t tr mike the present undertaking equally thserring of public fa r it. Peraous about to emigrate to any of the above placet art requested to call on the tubscribns bi fore m king thtir a rauge'eenti, as they confid-i tly believe ihe ii.duoemeuta thel Can ofTer are each as canU'il fiil to prove highly a ly-iiltgei us, aud they pledge themselvei that every attention shall be paid to -n-nre comfort ami despati li For funher pattiru'srs apple to W. St J. T. TAPSCOTT, at their General m4 r Passage Office. 13 Peck slip cor fron'h st. DAILY KXPHk hS r(?R 1LB*NY,TKOY. BUFFALO CHICAGO AND 'I HK CANADAS The snbsenbers having completed their arrangements witl the People's Li ir of Steamboats, on (lis Ninth Kiver anil thi Hail Hoad Companies west of Albany lor tunning their Ex ores for the aaason of 1843. nn Express will If air their ofRee, No. wall street,New York, every evening, *t quarter to 7 o'clock for the above named ar d iolcm'dia'e places. IMPORTANT. For the greater safety tnd security of all valuable and monei packages ent.uited to their care,, they have faltmind-r Iroi safes on hoard of the steamboats, in s state room occupied ex elit'ively by themselves, a"d the messenger in charge sleeps it the s?me ro. m with the iron safes, into which all sucL. package, are placed. POMEROY St COMPANY, mIre No. 2 Wall street. passage to BfiGH5HI865HH pittsburg. THK .ahacriber ha. completed arratme ment. for the cod yeyance ol Paueniteraaad Morchandi.r to i'ltlaburii and int'r mi ill it- n'acer, ou the mint reaitonnble term., i?er' Citizen! Portable Bolt Lino " Prople about to proceed to the Westward, will find it much to their adreuiaite to mail" their trrnicmrnti by tni. d?rlrablr conveyance a- the .tricte.t attention will at nil tin.eebe pan! to the en foit of the paiaeiuere, well a. the punctuality o a dirrct conveyance with deapntch. For farther particular! apply to JOSEPH MoMURRAV algec 100 fine atreet, corner of Honth. ~ STATE N ISLAND FEKRT Foot of Whitehall .treat, Ou and after Monday, April Ifth, the steamer STAIES ISLANDER will leave as follow., until farther notice LEAVE 8TATKN 181, AM P. NEW FORK. At A M. At 1 A.M. IS U yH P. M, 'X P.M. fg 2* j 6 All good..hipped are required to be pVtic.niarlv marked,ant are at the riak of the owner, thereof. _ a9ec FARE ANft hRklOHT REDUCED aMQ jgm RKOULAK MAM, LINl1 ?FOR PRO K ANU Br,HT(IN. via HTO' T Hdg.|vor<>N AND NEWrOKT-l'nm,M.r,l oi me toil wins tniwrior .teamen, running in connection with the Stouineton and Bnemt) and I'rovidei ce Railroad.:? MASSACHUSETTS, Capt Coro.ti ek. HjMonr. 1Hi,aNU. PROVIDE >CB nAltxAU \M8KTT. Cart Woolaey. MOHEliAN, Cant rnayer. One of which will 'ea?e New fork daily (Snn.laya tieeytp4) irom Pier Mo 1, Battery Place, N. Kntr, at 5 P. M ARRANGEMENT*. The NARRAIIANsKT I', Captain Woolaey, on Monday Wrdneacav ?nd Kid.y for Rranmatrn Tne HHODK 181,AND, C'aouiu 1 haver, on Tueaday aoc T inraeay for Etouinwtan, anil Saturday Tor Stoniugtou, New port and Proaidence. Paiarnnera on the arrival of the ateamhoata at Rlotiinirtor will t-ahr the railniada eara anil proceed immediately to Pr-iai .In cr, anl il'honnd for Newport will -ah" the a'riimn lolai fiom ihi ire on T Jeadaya, Tharsdaya and 8aturdaya, without mv KUhtioal c large. ... 1 ickera or the rout* and ateantera' bertha can be arenred oil huird.o rt the i flice of * n.O fim in _ HAHNPKN k (1Q., 3 Wall atreat. VV. CROLIIJS, BARGE, RACE, CLUB ANl) SAIL BOATS, NO ai.O WATER AT" EKT, lonr doora of C.atheiine Market, New Yoik?Builder ol in Sultan of Muarat'i Pleaaure ll.irtie. the Kace BoaU Ware, G.telle Victoria. Atantic. Wakooa. Brooklyn. Ann o( Peehakitl, Waahington ,1, ll-irheia ol Hyde-Park, Bylrh an^Wara.. Mobile, Geo rye Stewart of LouiiTtlle, Madame Ce.erta ol Naw Orleana, he. ? ? ,. _ . _ Aiao, the tail boata William Crolma, kaahion. Eureka, Za out, rfur, Edwin Eonreat, ltd. lm*w w vr w v nu EW YORK, WEDNESDA 17XrHVN?K HOT Kl>.?The Proprietor fee'e ernvfnl lor t'r pair m(je he eontiuuea to raceire (V m an enlightened and lib' ra1 p'lb'ic md beat h ave t > iar?rm hem of hi> naiemir ted ruileavort to ptenao ell who mile tin- Excna'ige Hoiet iheir home. '1 he p>ic of board ii now reduced Pi $1 "J cru rr'lay wiiHod niit "extra rhrrae'or fire, hk 'ta," kc Some irnportaul ehaugee hive recently been in ,de iu ilie otfieert about tlie huuae whi -h he feela aaaured will meet with the epprobati in ol' the public. He 11 alio prepared to receive a few permanent gentlemen with their fneiliea, or aingle gentlemen, to board ou the moat libt ral IMM for t<M emuing MMon. Oetitlem n viaiting the Exchange Hotel within ir hnraea, are i. for" ed that the heat care will be taken of them by Mr. /AMK8 I1AKDK V, whoao Stable la eoutiiuona to the Hotel. tlT^On and alter the let of May, the charge to yearly hoardera, for inrale only, will be induced, in the xentleman'a Ordina ry, lo 9200 |>vr year; Ladies'Ordnirv, $225. FREDERICK BOVDEM. Richmond, Ap'iUUt, 1843 ml >w ,it hr wy r EX HAVOK HOTEL. PI ) I'Ta V lL,LE , P. LU J. SEI I'ZINGER. respectfully announces to l^e travelling community, tli?t lie teeps that larg and spluid d eitabl'shmrnt lh; Eli liinge H tel, situate ..(the comer of Cenne nud t'allowhil! ititiU, nearly in posire tlie Town Hall, in the Bit nuith of Pottsville, which has been tho.ughlv repaired and m ittria'lv improved for he sccommo atiou i f visitor*. The hotel il forty f etfr'nt ou Oeu'r** alrett, and one huadrrd and thirty eishi leet front ou Usllowhill, ihrtu stores high; it ia fedimrahly piov drd Willi i alon, silling roou>a, reading loom, null laige airv cli'.mh, r ? he moit spacious, pleasant and convenient dining room in the country?anew and auperi r bathing establishment?and entry convrniei ce and comfort to render it an all rrap<ctaa innat Hrsireblr hotel, '1 he tuiihuv attached, ia laiae and well conitiucted,and superintended bv ei|ierieuc?d and attentive hoatlera. Hone* and c-Triages may be nad at any time to convey persons to any pirf ol ill* co titiy. An nmnibua mi a from thia hotel duly, to and from the depot to meet (lie cats, fur the accommodation of peraona travelling on the Railroad Nochage for omnibus fare lo thia hotel. Pottaville, May I, 1843. ml lm*ec ROSSViLLE BuAKDING SCHOOL, S'fATE.> ' ISLAND. WWE3TTHORP respectfully informahia frtenda and the public, thai hia school will re open on the lat of May. Patent* and guardians are alao informed W. W. makes il a point ol coDscieuce to guard in every poaaible wav the morala of children committed to hia care, from Ipnr to twelve years of age Hea ling, writing, orthography, arithmetic, geography and grammar taught. The location ia delightful and healthy; the orchard, g inline and play gronnd are apaciona; about ten minntra w.allt from the lautliug. The Raritau le.-vea Barclay atreetaverv day at 3 o'clock, lor Koasvillc. Tcrtna. for board and tuition, including washing, $33 per quarter, p ,id in advam e. References Hev. David More, Rtaten Island. W. N. Seymour, Esq., 4 Ch?th?ni Square. N. Y Henri Stewart seguine, Esq., Sta*en Island. Win 1 ndlain, Esq., 121 Beekmanstreet. Johu Quian, Erq , 3'1 Monroe street. .Mesm. Colvill and Kleminv. Esq., 14 Oder street. Capt Edward KVrber, Eat).. Hicks street, Brooklyn. Mrs. V 'ri n 71 K'cridge street New Vor . a22 lm*r JT. OKOHOE HOTEL.?The subscriber's c .unen m with E) til' aWe-named establishment has th'S day eisatd, and, cona-quenllv, lie ia not responsible lor its fut ire liabilities Nee York, May 8th IH3 J. A. VZ.NAOA. N B ? It ia re*pi-eiiullv requested, of those who arc indebted to the above-named eslabltiiiment, to settle their acci unls \> iihont delay. m8 3t#in TO HOTtL Ku-EPsRS.? the adtemse' Wishes an engaueine it ass'ipeii'itsudau oi head waiter in some first | ra'e est. bltshmetu, h tv tw fu'lilled the above siualion some yr'ri, cm give unexception ble references as to character and c nihility. Would not object'o the country. Address G. E. offlc- of thia i>aper. m6 eod3i-ee i t-rO iJAP TA' fsTS?A gentl*min and h i wife, late hotat A In ei era. wish to undrrlake the mau gtmenl ol a hotel in any pait of the United Sates. The moit uu xcepliouable references sa legards iutegrity aud canahili-y; aecuiitr given if required?w< u d not object to the steward hip of a steamboat Andreas ('. R at the cfBce of thia paper, will be a'teuded to. m 8-eo3t*ec dhlQAO "LEVEN PER CENT?A ere ?to-y frame P 10VJV7 H 'use and Lot 21 by ,00, situate on G >ud street, in lite v I lute of Williamahu gh.for sale cnean. The nurchf rer can realise eleven per cent ch the amount invested. $.'>00 can rem men mortgage for fonr yea s, (he ba'anee o be paid witlii'i one year in ca.-n?title perfect. The locstion i? one of the heit in the Tillage fo business. and la Dow occupied aa two atnrra and dwellings, by two familiea?a brick w sil 'litides the a'ores aud dwellings, The root" is covered with the beat of fin; he c la a wel' arranged y-rd. good pMp in a brick ci,tern, welcfmentcd The bnil 'Tig la compo" d of th-beat kind of m tenala, ?ud was bnilt by good workmen Kor panic tilers euqnire of W 8HAW, mO 3 e"d*m 121 Fulton at. N. Y. FOU THE FACE AND BKIN.? a motive oise .se i on the face and ?kin, aach aa pirn lea, blotches, tan, tetter, rata g worm ; also freckle a can be speedilv eradicated by the uae ol Chur'h's Vegetable Lotion, which haa beeu in extensive uae in the United States and in Europe, and ti admitted to he the beat cosmetic in nae for clearing and establishing a brilliant complexion. Sold at wholesale or retail at Church's Dispensary. 188 Bowery, corner of Spring street. Price 75 cent* ;>ti battle. *20 Wn"Qii?'j "FAMILY BOA1, D1N?J St HOOL in t-e country. A lady " who is an experienced teacher, wishes to ta*e into her family air children as boarders and scholars. She will spare no paint o render hi r house a pleasant home ro thr pupil and to advance them in their s'odies. Every proper attention wi'l be p-id to their he-lth and morals The lora'ion is very healthy and ictired. No day scholars aduiit'ed. Terms moderate. K-fer to?Mr. A Aruoox, MS Fulton at; H. Hunt. Esq No. 9 Chamberi street; Mrf. Peer, "6 > Or- euwich afreet; M-s B. F. Hart, 3 7 Honrtou s'reet; Mr* < umbersou, 106 Laurena street*. | and to Mr Joline J. Butler, i9 fohu street, whore terms will be j made known mS 7w*r CsllEAP JlMM Y'*i who eaale and retail Threat. Ne. die ' and viriety store is No. 251 Oraud at comer Forsyth where country mere ants, city letsili r>, pad art, dress makers, lie., will find a general arao. tmeut of 'breads.needles, spools cotton, t as-wing silk, enact lac's. tapes koit itnr c.tlin,e->mb?, hut ona, gloves, hositrv, edgings, qu lliu a. Urea and Cotton faocv netta, kc. (kc. cheaper tor c ah thni at any ator lutliieny, ai d no "dvaii ?nr taken of persons no1 acquainted with the value or qua tty ofgoods. JAMES hii YDAM, m H *r G and strret. ATen i' prleh.nveii hi 'h> i Ft aVomEU 1' iKTABLE ME AT a AND StlltPd, fo> ship Stcrra, wsrraoted to keep auv tenth of time, at d in any elim ste, m uinlactBVed ' end lor sale, who.csale and retail by WILLIAM MULLAVE, ?nj8lin*r 104 William street, (bnmncnt ) E*GL1"H WHITE LEAD?50 kegs very superior quality English White Lead, for sale hy WOODHULL k M1NTUHNB, s99 97 Month street. ' 7mm MA kOH NOnKOLK, RICHMOND, CITY &^agjr3?rOINT. kc. Va. Steamer BOSTON, ~ "* 7 1 a tain H> lines.?1 he strong and substantial ! h learner Boston, Will commence r-sular trips letwccn New 1 York and Noif dk, Va., on Saturday. 6th lust, leaving New York at t o'ciock, A. M. and Norlfolk on 9ih nut. i nsiigr iiu init iu ur inim ivonoia, 910 ' Forward I'aaseogera do do g Pkaaace from Itic'nnotiil Citv Point, *c., bv one of the riv. r steamrra. and |rr Button from Norfolk IS Forward r>a*>eiieera, do do 9 Passage to aNorlolk and bick, return trip - IS Forward I'.naen* r?, do do 12 Kreiwht taken at the usual ratea. Fc freii hr or - *a??ge applv to ilia C ip'a'n on board, or to WM TUCKER, m2 Im e"d WThkF#r No 56 Broad atreet. \ OA KOK AI.BANY AaD THOY-Wi thou t ft- L'tidici:?Paaaaue $'.50, berth* 50 Cent? ?The SL?2fc??.?plei)d>(l steamer DIAMOND,Cart A Flower, 1 v>i., irnfi at* York lor Albany and Trov. from the f.iot of Bnclay atreet, North aide, I Ilia afternoon, at 6 o'clock, Tuetciay. i I'lie ateamhnat MARIA. Capt Staata, wit) leave on tbe arr rival rl thi- Diamond at A'binv for Troy, landing at the Boar ton ttailroad Depot, and Weat T oy,each way. The Dumond I avea New York on Tue>d<va, Thnradaya ' and Saturday*. Leave* Albany on Monday*, Wcdncadaya and Friday*, at ? o'clock. Ne m York, May 9 h, 1813. For paaaage apply on board, or to alsr THOMAS J. HALL, office on the Pier. mm P-.OPLK't LINE UK STEAMBOATS yiayjiK)a ALBANY?Dai'v at 7 o'c'ock, P. M , jCi? CSK.Tiironiih Uirrrt (Soediy'a ri-eplrd) from t. o fcl imliunt Pier trtween Conr'landt and I ib-rty atieeta ' Steamboat ROCHESTER, Capi A Houghton, will leave > Tueada-, Thuradav and Sa'nrdav evening!, at 7 o'clock. Hteamb tat ."OUTH AMERICA, Captain LW Brainard, 1 will have Mondiy, Wedueaday and Friday eveniuga, at 7 B o'clock. H'eamkoat NORTH AMERICA, Captain M H Tinerdell, ? land ne at iuterm- diate places, will leave Monday, Wednesday and Fiiday afternoon*, -t 5 o'clock. Pease miera aking thia Line of Boata will invariably arrive in Albaoy in ample ume to take the Morning Train of Car* foi f the eat- or weat. 1 (r7"The above boata are new and auhatsntial, are fnrniabed wiin new and rlsgnn'atate rooeia, and for apeed and accummo1 datioui are nnriv.illed on th* Hudaon. Korpaaaage or fre-ght, apply on board, or to P. C. Schnlii at tbe (In ou the whnf. ml-c jMQ PEOPLE'S LINE OF STEAMBOATS Ba t if fOK ALBANY DAILY, Saada.a eicrnied JK??M NT at t> o'clock, P M ? Through direct? k rom the ateainboat pier bei ween Conrtlandt and Liberty atrceu.? The itraiari ROCHES PKit, Capt A H-nghton, leave* Monday, Wednesday, and Fndav ereni pa, at 6 o'clock. Tbe .reamer SOUTH AMERICA, Cant. L. W Brainard. 1 lease* Tccaday, Thursday, and Bstuday evening*. at 6 o'clock. ' The ateainer NORTH AMERICA.' Capt. M. H. Trace [ dell, leave* TnetiUy. Thiiraduy and atrrday rDeruooua, at I J o'clock. lai di-i* a intermediate place*. ' The hove B .r.ta are new and anbatantial, ate forn'ahed with elegant bfate Rooina, and for apeed and accommodation* are am.rail, 'I en tor Hudaon IT.if iLisim-e nr I wml.l o.elo nn k.-i?nl r>? In T? '' <1 the office on the why I. a2l Imr NEW YORK AND KINO* TON STEAM KRKItJHT AM) FA8SAOK. I * JK .MM ^a) for Ki iitiou, ?nH Pelawarc anil Hudson ^ ||^^M|^3i(<n|i<l|puviiboili EM r. KALI) and NOH The r.i'h' ALD, Captain John Xrfham, will leave New York foot ol Murray atiect, every .Monday and Yr.ariday a: 3 o'c'oek P. M. Will leave Kingaton (Rondnnt landing) every Wednesday and Haturdv at J ' 'clock, P. M The NOHWICH, Cepiain John "amnela, will leave New York, fori' of Mar ay alreet, every Wedneaday and Saturday at & o'clock, P. M. Willi avn Kingston (Rondout landing) every Tuai ay and Knday at I o'clock, F. M EXTRA TRIPS. The EMERALD will leave the (n?t of Murray atreet every ' Snndy innrnin* at 7 o'cl rk. Returning leavea Kingvtou at t I o'r 'ock ?am? day. for freuht or pos*a?e apply on hoard, or to WILLIAMSON, BAKLOW ?t CO, ?JI :tm*r 164 Weai vtrvet. NEWARK AND NKW YORK?Fare (A,?Cy-fc-? -le only IJHi t. euta !?The at lendid steamer XmJBLjIL PASSAIC, Captain John Oaffy, haa been put in C'linplrte oide , aurl will commence her tripa I >r the season, on Monday the lOih inatant, aa fo.lowa, nntil further notice Leave New York at 4 o'clock, P. M. " Newark at 7K o'clock, A. M. I Freiaht earried at reasonable ra'ca. aid 6mec ^waan -a, TO THE OWNER OK I'HE 8\1L A^3^,^3?BOAT " TROUBLER."?The owner ot sir J ,i... i*i>boat 'Troukl having revived thlm ek.lleoaea Irom Ixh'i built hy Win. Crnlim wit!,id tlv lait an mnmhi. and nnt htr n< yet a. cepird the tame, it i? nreatimid that in pnbleliirj hn rh illenRr tn nil agaioat any hoar ever built by Crnlnia, hit Mweii ( i itRitiatiou haa taken 1 a flight Irom the terra Arma ol Water etroet to thoae iny >tic iegiotie? " Where the man hv rn'iiT ?dde, Oh'aiut recripla Irom livina g? ? " A? anon aa convenient -fter h he ha* goi a f?w more of thoae reeeipta, anrl dr?e? nJ< il from 'h t aenal tiiarmf.ictoiy of houma itiahom H thai he will c nde.tcend to notice aoma one ol tin eha lengea already Riven hlai a that " hit ao'e <ihj?et of teat i i?r tee tailing <|n? itiea of the hoata" may be obtained?>flei which, if hia bouaied " 1 rouolei'*iJoea not prove a aulTleii ni trouhler to him by raptinitia hia epinatmu, aaihe h?a dan. Jj'fjeir. he ahall thenhave the opportnni'y upon hia own terma, f 11*1 per day for two dart, of again teeing hit vaunted oamr '?' owing in the wake of Wm. rolina, at the reepectfnl rate ?fthree milee in eighteen, aa it did laat apriag. alMm*m I 4 IRK 1 Y MORNINCJ, MAY 10, 1 REMOVAL. MRS a. NKWCnMBr;, TOBACCONIST, retmni her aincerr m hn iwletKein.-ni* f rihe *erv liberal p'trnnoge eiten'l' il to her f r th* 'a?l 1.1 yrtn, and would b"K leava to inform her p it-oui audi:;* i u >'ic Kriie ally that ihe haa re* ince.l her old . mull" a d i< beceo wwehouae to the apaciout atom No I Wall I'rtei, >lor imrr bui'diog*. where lie woul.i invi'e ihe nt'entiou of c?i noiiacu toi er large and W? It aelected itoek of Foreign and d.uneatt aiufTi. Juit neeived funn Hamburgh a large imply of VatinaN Kanaater (lit, 2ndaud 3rd quility jold and ?erv iuperior Turfciah Spun ill, Bcnfvlntli anil I'oitn llicn, mok ng tubicco; cavend?h ( rarioui kind',) and fine cut cbewinx ditto. A eh lice aaanrtineiil of the beat braodi r,f Havaul and Principe 'i?\n, COuaUntly on lnnd. Fancy pipt'i, *tgar caae?, kiif boxe-, pocket li.'hti, t hineae tinner ktc St". All of which lor a ale on the man liberal trrnu, wholraale or re till. Stranger* and country dealt ia are iuviied to call ptenom to m. liian iheirpnrc t--t tvli. ic ml ltn*ec NOTIOF. AND RF.MOVAL-F A. AHTAULT, lately 16H>a Kultou tt. ban UK iliaaolved by mutual etiiiaeut hia copartnerahip, for giving nil ma attention to the Dnguerreotypo bua'tieia, reapec'fully infnrr.i hi* friend* and the public that he ha* removed bii old Daguerreotype it and from Iti8){ Fulton at. to 235 Broadway, 2d il irv. where he ha* |u*t opeued aeveral package* received by the In t arrival*, containing !00n French Dtguerreotype Plat-i. No. 30 and to watrauted French Acro tnatic L'ttaca. au l all the chemii ala tircessary?complete appv ratua He will be ?t ry glad to tee all hit old cuatomeia nailing hia new place. Pieaae to give a call?235 Broadway, 2d itory, ronmi No*. 2 and 1. in4 ltn*r 0 BHEVOUKT, formerly at 102 Fulton atreet, h'? re k' moved to No. 6'. m5 Isar V* ADA MEFLOKI v K LEKEVRK?Removed ImiTM a" Franklin street 'o JQ IVaJier _ infi linr T) E.nuV AL?BA llL A. UK'/. Importer of Wntchei.has T? removed his office from 75 Wanen atreet to 31 Ceurtlandt atreet. ni4 le*ic tJ KMOVAL?l'. MAK*, Htn Dr'sser and Witt Maker, has K removed f om 162 t*? 189 Uioadway, a few doors btlow the Franklin lOuse, and opposite John atreet. Htvi Rfi'ledupa new r< otn in the moat fashionable style, he will c>ntinne the aame business, and will be pleased to aee hia old fiieii'ls and patrons, aud others who n tv favor him with a call. H-r has also private rooms for Ladies' luir dressing and jam|i>oin|[. Tl it powerful Extractui Jampoony is considered by thousands of New Yorkers and stunners as one o; tor healthiest articles for the care of dt ndrnfT "lid strengthening t Vie hair, is approved by the Faculty of Medicine in Puis, and naleiited at Washington. Nothing is inoir pleas <nt and delightfiil than to go tbrouRh this operation in the hands of P. MAES. ml <in*t TYPE AT REDUCED TRICES. TYPE9, AND ALL OTHER PRINTING MATERIALS MANUFACTURED AT CO N N E R'S UNITED STATES TYI'E AND STEREOTYPE FOUNDRY, Corner or Nassau ?sn Ann Streets, NEW Y'iRK, CAN BE HAD AT EIGHTEEN PER CENT DEDUCTION FROM OLD PRICES. THE undersigned respectfully informs the Old Patrom of the Type and Stereotype Foundrv, formerly known at James Conner's, and more recent)v as Connvr (It Cooke's, aud the public in general, that tnev are prepared to rsc ute orders for PRINTING TYPES, PRESSES. CHASES, CASES, IMPOSING STONES, INK, FRAMES, and every other art'clr uecessiry to form Complete Printing' Establishments, ou as favorable terms, aud 01 as Rood a oUaltty as a ty other establishment in the United States. new prices, per pound. old pmces, per pound. Agate, . 86 cents. Agate, 1118 cents. Nonpareil, 66 ,, Nonpareil, 8t ,, Minion, 54 ,, Minion, 66 ,, Brevier, 46 ? Brevier,. 154 ,, Bourgeois, 40 ? Bourgeois, 46 ,, Lour Primer, 36 ? Lour P inter, L44 ,, 8m ill Pica, 34 ? Hnnll Pica, 40 ? Pica, 32 ? Pica, 38 _ Borden, Cuts, Brass Rale, and all otheT articles manuftctut I'd at this establishment, at the same reduced rates. New Aiticles got up to order, oo being furnished with patterns. The Type east at this establishment, is, both in the style ol Face and he material ofwhich it is made, particularly adapted for service in Newspaper Printing. All kinds of SteieotvpitiR lurnished to order. N. B ?Such Newspapers as will copy the above three times, will be entitled to pay in Type,on making a bill of tour times the amount of the tniee insertion!. al BEACON COURSE. rpKOTTINU Wednesday, May Itilh. t 3 o'clock, T M Match for $500, two m le Pea's, <o harness. A Venn-stor names hi. R. Bwney. C 9 Ratline do. bl e Fiank Brower. Imme-iately alter, tunc Slip mile heati, beat 3 in 5, harness $25 to go to ihe secncti best h-vse. L. C HoRei* eat. ri roan mare Mary Randolph, Wm. Wheelao eolera eh. m Pocshoutts. Is -ae Wortl nffen r ra b m F hion. W. 8 R ed elite s b.g H-rdwsre. Qehioe> renters H ir. a|?ca Hswk. m8 3t*r I ft 9P".<|.\ii KcVbHIO S hOR tifc NTLEMICN'H HATS ?The andcrsieneii rrapecifully informs his cutt.ioiera and the ,-nblic generally, thet he haa now ready Tor inspection anil sal?, the mn?h admired s.i-ina style <-( cenrlem- u's Hats, which Tor beauty of fiuohand and sfmetry of lorm, exceed ans Ormer effort, in this -r auy othc city. To the economist they are a desirable article, as they com bine cheapness, durabil ty <od elegance, warranted equal to any and Inferior to noDe. In the manufacture of Hats l.e challences ciestelioiit ne therefore solicits a s1 are ..f coblic patronaae: l.e would a'so call their attention to his la Re assortment of Meu'a.Yonth't.aud children's eap?, ofclnk,velvet, fcc. all of his owu manufacture, which for variety of patterns canuot be quailed. Also, h-a new style of children's drab and pearl colored fancy hats trimmed with velvet of variona patterns, for tprinir auo sumrart wear, v-ry much admired. A call will convui'e the moat scei tied of the ruperiority of the ibuve mentioned articles, now ready for tale at the o'd ?st lbUsUrd stores of ISAAf. H ARCHER. all lm,y >04 anil >00 Oteenwirh it. N. Y. PlA.NO FORTES.?The subscribers respectftill>' invite their friends end the public in Keneral, to call at their esta blithiaent, No. 331 East Broadway, where they have on hand a Well assorted stock of m>.h?Kauyao1 rosewood French grand action Piado Fortes with all the late improvements, warranted, and to be kept in tnne lor one * ear. The mhier'bei-a also bey to inform ihe pub ic. that this is the establishment formerIt kept by Bennptand Hawkins, but at present occupied by the iibtrnDrn Thf pr.ces will be f nrd Milting to the times.? Purchasers are respectfully invi ed o cull md examine. N.B. All kinda of pianos from 6 to 7 octaves will be made to order. Alio pianos tuned and repaired, or exchanged ou the moat reasonable ranra. AI?o ?e ood lnnd pianos f"rtale. HENRY RICHARD fc JOHN RUCK. r25 lm*r Ml East Bioailwar. NEW FIREWORKS LABORATORY, BY JOHN TRAOARDH, PYROTECHNIST, KR"M SWEDEN. MESSRS KOLLBKKUk THAU.WUH hare the honor to iuf.nm ihe Americ in p ibl c that they have an extern aire an J varied assortment oi fite Works, of all and ev-ry kind at their establishment, at Harsimss Lglb Dock iu New Jeney, a half m In from Jeis?y City, opposite New Yoi?. which they offer to Committees and others, at the most far?rable prices in the nnrket. Bel evng in the new trade piineiple of a moderate cash price for a good article, they request 'h far or s of the ruhlicatthe above place, or ?t the store of Robert Johnston, No. SI Court landl street. All ordrr>, on any scale ul size or ratiety,prompt ly attt uded to, by addressing the subscribers at either of the above pls-es. NICHOLAS A, KOLLBKROfc J TRAOARDH, my 7-2rn*r Harsimns Long Deck, New Jersey. The ancient and wonderful emu re of CHINA?Descr'hrd, ll'uitra'.ed and Familiarized.?K. MAAlTffktCO have just received from London amigiiifcent illustrated work on China, which they intend to issue in monthly parts, with all the aula of engraviug and |.riatit>g combined, to prcsem a beam tul and instructive >ccouot ot th tas loniahtmr a- d in'srestinr r. untry. The antiquity. tha gutiileur, autl the exclusive character of the instinui mv r.f China, r. nder rttch an ace.ennt at h* iresent time, peculiarly apnroi priate ana destrablr, rnnsidering the interest which is now fe't in the United St<tea, iu c innrclii n with it e lect of our c m mrre al operations heiuxso much ezlerid d with that singular and woLderfnl naiitn. The work will oe 'siued iu Humbert containing three steel engnvings in each. Price 50 cents K. MARTIN k co., my 7-Im*r Jg Jnhii str-et HAIR CUTTING! HAIR ("UTTl Nt> ! HAIKCUt TtNO HILL, the inimitable Hair Cutter, takes this method of iulormins his frientlsand the public in general that he has rtmoved from the 'I 'online Building to his Old alast. No. 06 Pearl street, uu stairs, immediately adjoiuing the Pearl Street House, where he will I* pleased to operate on all who in iv favor him with a call, in his truly ininit ihle style of Hair t'utt ng, which, for elexaiiceof drtign s< d beauty o< rxrruti in, at past-a anv thins of the kind he etolore introduced into (he United Stares The various branches of work done at the fol lowing moderate priori Inimitable Hair (intting, llKcntt. D.i do Onrling, 13H " 8 perior aSh.iripg, <t*< " ml lm?r T'HB NEW YORK LEGAL OBSERVER > published every SatorJny, at <2 Aun itreef, Ni* York, anil contains Report of C'aaes decided in the ircuit and Putrid t ourla, Sitii k in Admiialtv, both ciril and rrimiual, thr Atauiaiit Fioi < hnnc-llor a Oonrt?ih - Uupi rior < ourt, and thr liout cf Common Pless. 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And when wen tt ink thev r on, c with linn in mi peri or bom Imil.'ina they tnnai n >t talk in pa ablea, bit b It)Iv meetliiin at lua olRi e door, here airanae ft)' t " n?eriu( trat of proof; hi . halli ii. ea nr alwa'a made 'u tooil f iitli,l.ii ottt to coi ijnri (f | on tin. ; nnciple he f tma hia ' at war a, and now for the hue drthtimr he offrra to ahow the atern of "Trouhler" to am boat < rolme ever ha tit or lua on haiio, lor a trophy which wil. richly irp.iv (he tirennwnt. New where la yonr b'ailril baokrra; where'a ri ur own daunted conraitt?draw the veil anil aho ? voertel to the world. r. S ?One month'a notice, any diatance under fif.y mile a The "Tronbler" can be arm at hia bataar. <P H) C. L. INOSHHOLL, mS la*tf 40d Water itrert. i TERA 843. The CJrent Iff oral and A malgaraatlon Ball at the Apollo Ma loon yesterday. The great annual gathering of the American Anti Slavery Society,took place yesterday at the Apollo Saloon. The audience was chiefly composed of the fair sex, and seldom have the classic walls of that temple, consecrated to music and the dance, contained a more brilliant display of feminine loveliness. There were all sorts ot beauties. Prim, Hhylooking " friends," with eyes as mischievous as their bonnets were provokingly concealing?fresh, plump, rosy-cheeki d girls from Huchess County, Weschester and Long Island?comely matrons from the upper part ol the city?and an agreeable sprinkling of very pretty yellow girls?perfect models of African beauty. As for the male portion of the audience, the virtue was doubtless unquestionable, but the less said about the beauty the better. Tall, lank, down-east methodist preachers and class lead era?em'Tiy v^uanera?ana a very reBpecitimr representation ot the colored male population. One thing was remarkable about the gentlemen?the enormous dimensions of their shirt collars. We never recollect to have seen at any public meeting such a quantity of starched linen. The platform was erected at the upper end of the room. Immediately in tront of the chairman's seat was the folio wing placard :? ooooooooooooooooooooooo O 0 o SONNETS o o and o o OTHER POEMS, o o by o o WM. LLOYD GARRISON, o o o o For Salic Here. o o o ooooooooooooooooooooooo Then at a little distance from the platform was a table covered with the " Sonnets," in plain and fancy binding. Conspicuous amongst the audience we saw the beautiful and intellectual face and head of Abby Kelly. She had laid aside her bonnet, and sat with her hands folded on her lap, and a pleasant smile lighting up her features. Ersiscii Jackson, Esq., of Boston,one o( the Vice Presidents of the Society, took the chair, and t emarked that an opportunity was then afforded to any one who wished to olfer prayer, or read a portion of scripture. Hero there was silence for some minutes, when a color, ed gentleman named Pennington, Irom Philadelphia, ascended tho platform, and made a brief and appropriate prayer. C. llathiwu, Esq., read the annual report. It was dull and prosy, and put to sleep numbers of tho brethren, who had travelled from the country that morn ing, and were suffering from the combined effects of fatigue and the so|x>ri(ic effect of the cotiee at the temperance hotels. Somebody moved the adoption ol the report, r but if Mr. Bostwick, of New Hampshire, started to his feet, and objected. He did not agree with some of the sentiments and language of the report, and moved that it should be laid on the table. Here there were some s) nip tores of a storm; hut the report was eventually laid on the table, and quiet was re storm to tun nail room. Mr. James Monroe, a young gentleman ot great self, possession, and a nasal voice, then rose, anil proposed the first resolution?" That ulaveholding is necessarily destructive ot national prosperity, and that wherever it exists, every friend of the best interests of his country, is hound to strive for its immediate abolition." He concluded a very long and bombastic speech, by speaking of the danger to which the nation was liable Irom the chances of some bold aspiring spirit arising, and leading to victory and freedom the masses of the niggers. It might be thut the enslaved Samson might arise and pull dowu about their ears the pillars of the Commonwealth. (Great ap plause.) There were millions of slaves ready to rise up at the first tap of the drum. (Cheers.) Was it n time to build the nation on a magazine ot gunpowder, w hen the world was cracking with the flame ol liberty 7 (Great applause ) .Mr. Monroe w o confoundedly prozy, and spoke so long, that a good ul of uneasiness manifested itself in tho neighborhood of ne platform nmongst the brethren who had come pri pared to hold forth on the occasion. Watches were pulled out and consulted?the jaws of bursting orators expanded to the very ^borders of dislocation? shoulders wore shrugged in dramatic agony?ami one pale gentleman with spectacles, elegantly curled hair, anil an awful shirt collar, who had been writing (he reso lotions ot the reporter's table, almost went off into hysterics. At length, however, Mr. Monroe came suddenly tea top, and then there were loud cries of "A song!"?"a song!"?" a song!" Chaibman?Will the gentlemen from New Hamphirc favor us with a song? A Voice?They ain't here. Another Voice?They hadn't no idea that they would he called on for a song. (Cries of " Douglas"?"Douglas") A tall sturdy mulatto, who rejoiced, it seemed, in the classic name or Douglas, then rose and addressed the meeting. He proposed the second resolution? " That the Anti-Slavrry movement is theonlyhope of the Aiffciic.iin slave." He had himself been a slave, and he could speak from experience of the matter. Even when a child he taw in the anti-slavery movement the hope of his race. Instead ol thinking of the musket and the imttle-axe, he then reposed all his confidence in that movement, and a hope blighter than that ol day itself arose in hi* soul. ( Tremendotu applause) The Anti-Slavery Society had kneaded into the very bread of the communion table? had mingled with the very wine tjpifying the Mood of Christ, abolition eentimente. (Great applause.) Thoy saw great hope in the fact that the jails of Massachuscta wore locked against the reception oftho runaway slaves. (Great cheers.) [Here a young man with very re4 hair and short pantaloons, rose irom the vicinity of the platform ami approached Abby Kelly. A short conversation ensued between them, and the young man with Ied hair and short pantaloons returned to his seat apparently much delighted with the success of his mission, and Abhy smiled sweeter than ever. Mr. Dovolsss soon concluded, and there were then loud cries ol " Kelly?Kelly?Miss Kelly." Aaar then arose and ascended the platform, amid thandeis of applause. TheCHsiRMin introduced Abhy to the meeting by simply saying?"Abhy Kelly"?which elicited Irean demonstrations of applause. ann? iui uupeuru uki |irciiy u uuu n|>uiv<- tt? iuuuah? Well ha* my brother, who has just set down, said that the only hope of the slave is in this movement. Mad they any hope in thcPre?byterians? No. In the Baptists? No. In the Kpiscopal chnrc.h? Na. In the democratic wlui(iur republicans? No. They prated eternally about liberty?but what liberty ? The liberty to plunder, and teoppress and kill. No ; the only hope was in the abolition movement. And hodnottbnt Spartan band pood encouragement? Soon will our enemies be driven before us like chall'before the wind. Were these not pood omens ? Look at New York and Virginia. Do we not recollect when the little band 1 of three hundred were dispised by those in the vallir* below ? But how was it now? One had become a thousand, ant ho who said that the expectations of the poor I shall not perish, will arise. Shall we lay dowh onr arms? No. By the simple sound of breaking the pitchers, we shall put ten thousand to flight. (Cheers.) Hone is reviving in the hearts ol all who bateslayery. Nojlknowthe American Anti-Slavery Society will never he abandoned. (Cheers ) Abby then seconded the resolution, and retired to her seat. W11.LIXM Li.ovo (J*aaisor? was then lotiilly called for, and ascended the platform. He said he was there against the express orders ol his physician?that he had been sick ~hut his love for the cause impelled him to coma and speak. H referred in a rather discursive manner, and with great vehemnnco tothe Latimer case, and the law of the Legislature of the State of Massachusetts, respecting runaway slaves. The South had found out that in that law they had caught a Tartar ; and Mr. O. then related the story of catching a Tartar, gieatly to the delight of the audience. The slave-huuters had better take care ol the North now. (Cheers.) There Is a far greater chance of their being carried off to Canada than of the slave he ingcarried back to the south. (Cheers and laughter ) ? Mr. O. then went on to comment at considerable length In the report of the committee ofthe Legislature of Virginia res|iecting the Latimer esse. But, said he, the legislature gave all that report the go hy?and it could hardly be said then?" Old Virginny never tire (Laughter and cheers.) Mr. O concluded by exhorting the society to increased ellorts? " Blow ye the trumpet over the sea, Jehovah has triumphed?the tiondsmen are free!" Rsisoall Thillim, Esq. uext addressed the meeting and pro|>ored a resolution to the elfect that it was absolutely necessary to break the ecclesiastical tionds whieh held slavery in existence. (Cries of "good," " geod ") He had conversed with George Latimer the other day, and his opinion had been asked respecting the propriety of his coming to that platform. Mr. P referred at length to thecaseol Latimer. But it was euough that sympathy hail arisen in behalf ol that illustrious man. They should people the Bay S'ate wi h Oeorge Latimer's. (Tremend on* applatue.) Alter nil Ueargo Latimer wa* bought.? (" Shame !" ' *hnnne Ho hoped the time would ?oon come when not to eilver and gold would the jail* of Ma*- 1 arhuiett* open, tut liberty would cloae them ataintt the poor rutiaw> v (dare. (Cheer* ) Ho hoped Ma* aachuivtt* won ' ?oan bur?t from her mooring* and be no longr the v nam I of a ?Uve holding State, (tremendotn ap| u?e ) lie ipoke with great veheme nance ot the trt ou? and internal law of Maaiachuaette iu relation to the ' ve. Hut he did not think much of the power o( law in thi* day. What wa* the influence even of that intellect w htoh had been chliitened the "god-like' in compari?on with the con*tnnt dropping of the New Kngland pulpit? (Hear, hear, hear ) It wa* thareligion" eiitimrtit oi Atnerii i that wa* re?pon*ibli.' lot ?Ihv. ij The clergy and the churche* held in their hand" the pul *ea ol t te national heart. He hopetl that Oeorge l.atimet would be the Luther ol tho now revelation. Under nee rircumatance*, aaitl Mr. T., yew mutt lay '*? churcMtan (A* Conalttution undar your fat' (Cfcear* and i LD. Price Two Cent*. A young man about the centre of the rrrm roue and called out?"That's fanatical!" (Hisses ) Mr. PHU.Liri went on?I make no new prnpssition ; I ink you to do nothing more than the chialeat of the revolutionary heroea did. (Cheer*) Let the t roiperhy of the nation go where it might, but I w ill provide for it* ri?ht esusuess. (Cheer*.) Let u(, aa Graaville hharpe did, promulgate truth*, and let result* ilult lor themselves. (Cheer*.) Several other speaker* addressed the meeting, but their speeches presented nothing remarkable. A hymn waa then sung and the meeting dispersed. The Anniversary of the Monday School Union. This moat interesting ami immensely valuable sooiety held their Anniversary yeaterday. The occasion waa a most delightful one. Kurly in the forenoon the children of the respective schools were assembled in the school room* of the several churches with whiah they are connected. Alter they hnd gone through their uaual exercises,they wore marched down to the Tabernacle about tlo'clock?Here the sight was of the most pleasing character. Eight or ten thousand children, all well dressed, all looking hearty Bnd strong, and all uppurently happy, were unlting aa with one voice, in prnying to and singing the pruisea of Hint who holds the esith in the hollow of his hands. It waa in the truest senae of the word, a suhlima spectacle. Alter the usual exercises were over, the children all walked down to the Batterv, two and two, forming a string of about two miles. When they reached the Bat. ,1 _im?.. oil., en,,.i iv. ...a,. ._-i?? Such a collection of beautiful and well behaved children could not bo produced in any other city in the Union? carcelv in auy other city in the world. Almost every school had on elegant silk banner with the number of tha school on it, and various appropriate inscription*, such as " Suffer little children to come unto me," " They are of the kingdom of God," " Ood is our light," and various others ol n similar character. Alter the children had amused themselves by walking around the Battery, and looking at tha vessels that crowded the bay, fcc., they were all admitted into the Castle Garden by the liberal proprietors. Kren 'hk Heiser. Here thcacede waa of the most animating description. Tho children completely Ailed np the spacious ulterior of Castle Garden, and the whole of the extensive platform uround the battlements, and their joyousness would have dispelled the gloom of tha most determined hy pocondriac. Tijey ran and racsd round the platform, singing, laughing, and clapping their hands with unalloyed delight; Mid out of the numerous spectators drawn thither by the pleasing scene, the few who came to scoff" remained to praise. True, there were a few miserable scoundrels, very few, who, by their impertinence, tried to stare the truly beautiful young women, the teachers who attended the children, out of countenance; hut even the impertinence of these ruffians could not mar the pare (1- light of such u heart-enlivening scene. Where all did their best, all did so well, it may ap' pear invidious to particularize ; but there were some of the schools that deserve an especial notice. No. 80 made tha best appearance of all ; the female childreu were nil very b? uutilul, and appeared highly intelligent. This certainly bore off the laurel. No. fli came next, aa regarded the beauty ol the girls and the neatness of their dress. Nos. 58 aud 88, from the same church, ore truly noble schools in every respect?both as to the beauty and in* telligenceofthe teachers and children. No.SS stood next in order of excellence. Nes. 3d and 73 contained many, very many lovely and intelligent children and teachers. No. 1, No. d, No. 4, No. 47, 54, and 74, also deserve tsp?. cial mention for the excellent appearance they made, too good behavior and high state ol intelligence manifested by both teachers and children. And a school whose numbar we could not ascertain, but that marched immediately in front of No. 18, was second to none in any point of view. There were two things that struck us as in bad taste ; one was the indisciiminate mixture of black and white children and teachers in some two or three of the school*; and the other w as the allowing some few puppies to walk alongside the grown up young ladies (teachers), paying court to tliern, making the females blush and titter, ana themselves look ridiculous. The latter waa certainly out of place on such an occasion. After tha children had amused themselves for half an hour in the Castle Garden, they were re-marched up both sides of Broadway to the Tabernacle, and tormed a complete line from the latter place to the Battery. Beside* mis, omnmuases were provided lor nunarens oitnose wno were too tired to walk. From the Tatk to the Battery, Broadway win lined with delighted spectator*, male and female, and the latter appeared to contemplate the scene with an intense and hallowed delight, especially those who bud children of their own. At the Tabernacle they were all dismissed, under the charge of their teachers, to their respective borne*. It was 3 holy -a sublime scene ; and long, long may such continue to grace the streets of our noble city. Tin Kikrcisks ( the Evening at the Tabernacle. Strange to say, there was a smaller number oi persona present at the Tabernacle last evening than upon any former occasion of the anniversary of this most excellent society. Still there must huve been nearly 3000 persona present) and a large majority of these were young fe. males, apparently of the wealthier classes in life ; and what is worthy of oil commendation, there was no at. tempt at display in dress nmong the vast assemblage?all were dressed neatly and in good taste, and still appearing like beauty, " when unadorned, adorned the most." The arrangements for the reporters were fully attended to, owing to the kindness of Mr. Andrews, the able leader of the choir, anil that of the sexton. The menagere, however, were behind their time in commencing i but notwithstanding this, to the great disgrace of the.parties, several clergymen did n?t come in until long alter the report had been read, and then made so great a noise, walking heavily across the platform, that the reporter* at tneir table could scarcely hea^a syllable of the annual report. The report gave a very flattering account of thestat* of tne Sunday Schools in this city ; the number of children have increased, the expenses lessened, and a pious and truly religious teeling has prevailed throughout all the school* : an important revival ha* taken place recently in the schools, and several conversions made to Christ. The re)iort concluded with an earnest appeal to all who wished to evangelize the world, and gather children from the snares of Hstan to the fold of God, to come forward end devote their beat energies to the cause of Sunday Schools. An addresa was read, in which it was stated that ainco the establishment of the Sunday School Union there had been (1000 converts to Christ. It also recommeaded that much more care should be tsken belore a young girl or a young man shall be admitted to teach in a Sunday School class ; and laid the blameot the low state ot some schools to the frivolity, immorality, or fashionablenese of some of the young women and men now teaching in the schools. A full hour was consumed unnecessarilv in readiD* those two papers full of generalities, with scarcely a single fsct to relieve them. The choir sang three pieces of music in most masterlr m aimer. They tar excelled all former efforts of the kind in this city. The Her. Mr. Hsoux, of Boston, offered a resolution that Sunday schools weje particularly deserving support on account of their conservative principle, from the people ol this couUtry, in their character merely as citizens of a republic lie said, that it was wondered by the people of the old world bow this government could be held together without an established chnrcb, or a paid priest hood. The Almighty had in the workings of art aud nature effected a revolution in one important branch of literuture. In comparatively a few hours, a steamer touches our shores from Europe. The news ske brin|n la instantly seized by the penny papers and scattered through the country by the hands of lioys ; sent up our rivers, scattered along our lakes, and in a lew hours distributed to the log cabins ofthe back woods. And thia has been brought about by Ood through the workings of natnra and ol men. But a still more wonderful influence can be exercised by Sunday School*. They can make the whole rising generation, moral Bnd religious, decreaso crime, bind the bonds of this Union tighter, and place this rountry foremost among the nations of thn world. Sunday Schools can make tha neighliorhood of their operations a heaven on earth.? Libraries and Lectures on philosophy ami science hsve doubtless done much to improve the tone and morals in Ibis land, but the great lever in the work of morality is the Sunday School, lor it is founded on the rock of pure and ucdeflled religion. And of theday when a pure lona ol morality (hail overspread this land, the Sabbath School is the harbinger?the bright and morning star. A single sentence learned in a Sabbath School, "My son, if sinners entice thee, consent not," up in one occasion, in alter life, flashing upon the mind of a hardened sinful man, saved him from the commission of a dreadful crime, and was the means, tinder Clod, ol bringing bin to the footstool ol Jesus, and of securing his eternal salvation ! Clod grant that every man, woman and child may know and feel and experience the invaluable blessings of thn Sabbath Schools. Dr. Two, of Philadelphia followed. He made soma yery bountiful allusion* to the immense congregation of children assembled this afternoon at Castle OanYen. Ha *|Kik? of the immense responsibilities resting upon pa iviiii nun ictiuuciii iu innii nuiiuiiivu. WJUi?w wh * fry flowing and ornamental, and quite intangible unless reported rtrrhahm. He said he held it to be unanswerably demonatrabie, that tho aame care and responsibility which a parent had lorhischUdren,should behad by each present generation for the generation which succeeds it. What an armament of responsibility then devolves upon this generation of Chiistiuns. On this subject the Doctor enlarged at gTeat length, and with a variety of illustrations, but no new ideas. He aaid that anarchy was laying held of the hearts of our children?and indeed ho maintained that in thia respect our country waa on tho ere of ruin. Thia Is a great generation, and is destined to see great things. There is no dependence to hefurther placed upon the sanctifying influence of edueetion. The Bible is as good ss driven from our schools? and Unitarianism is spreading ever our land. He deliver, ed a violent philhpic against foreign influence, which broueht down the house in s round ol applause. He was equally violent againet l*0|>ery anil inOdelity. The Sunday School Union, on the contrary, came in for a great ?hare of nr?i?i' It hae under ite care a (10(1,000 childrenhad puhlidhed 600,000 aeparate rolumea during lha laat war, hi ?nl-? giving Ubranea to dealilute ichoola. It had received H 4 (K*i in donatinna. He danl that aolil and I freezing eertarianium wudtha greateat of the evila which ?fflp tedtherhurrh. He waa an tCtaacopallan, but he had no idea ?l l>eing immured within the walla of a aectarian priaon, within whoae w alla he could never look out with aneyeof kindneaa upon hie fellow Chriatiana [Great applauea J Among the erila whieh afflicted the land, wereaome of the penny papera, one ot which tweeted-hnt ha trnated It waa one or the liea with which it waa dlled? that it had a circulation of *0.000, a amgl? number of which doea more miechief than half the ptiblioaUoM

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