Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 10, 1843, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 10, 1843 Page 3
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BY THE SOUTHERN MAIL. Highly Important from Washington. By the Southern Mail last night we received inteligeuceirom Washington that the Hon Daniel Webiter on Monday resigned the office of Secretary of State, and that HughS. Legare, Attorney General of the United States, is appointed the acting Secretary. We also learn that the Hon. Caleb Cushing, of Massachusetts, is anoointed Miniatpr nnH f!nmmin. nioner to China, Mr. Everett having declined the appointment. ATTKMrTao Suicide.?Ptolemies, the individual who attempted yesterday to assassinate Mayor Scott, made an attempt upon his own life in prison, jasl night. This morning when the keeper went into his cell to give him his breakfast, he was found in a weak state sitting in one corner, with a handkerchief tied in a noose about his nect, and his bed covered with blood. It appears that lie had cut his arm and his foot with a piece of the blade of a penknife which it is supposed he picked up in his cell. The wounds were not expected to prove fatal?Philadelphia Gazette, May 9. > ? Fatal Steamboat Accident?On Friday evening last, as the steamboat Forrest was lying to, to nut out a passenger, about twenty miles up the Allegheny River, the steamboat Pulaski, which was coming up with about one hundred and fifty passengers on board, run into her, the bow of ih* Forrest striking the side of the Pulaski opposite her boilers. The boilers were immediately thrown down by the concussion?the steam pipes separating, and the hot Bteam rushing among the passengers and scalding aoine of them severely. The Pulaski immediately after the collision, sunk to the boiler deck. In the confusion some four or five are supposed to have nerished, either being forced overboard by (he violence of the concussion, or jumping into the water in their fright. Males or Stocks at Philadelphia yesterday* 21 shares Mechanics' Dank, 18}; $1000 State ft's, 47; 34 nharea Wilmington RR, 11}; (000 County #'?, ISflO, old, 90; 001 sharaa Oirard Bank, 4}; 40doTrust, 18}; IS do Weatrrn Bank, 41; 84 do Planters' Bank Tenn , 40Attfr Board ? 20 shares Farmers' and Mechanics' Bk. 81; 40 do Wilmington Tin 111. inn .1~ - ? - ?? nnn Reading RR bonds, 66: ftO shares Girard, 4J; 14 clo Louisville, 09j; 1*5 do Reading RR, SO. LATEST SOUTHERN SHIP NEWS. Philadelphia. May 9?Art Ann Stille, Wells, Mobile. Baltimosb, May 8?Arr Humphrey, Ualt, NOrleans; Paoli, '"Her, Bremen; Pontile, Corey, New Bedford; Po?t Boy, uray. Silen. Old Ben; wnio, Lnnt, Kingston, Jain: BtllingsIj-ate, Sweet, Nation, N P. Bid Henry She I ton, Lcngcope, Bremen. Alexandria. May 6? Arr Kdw Preble, Kaitport. Richmond, Mat 8?Arr Naisan, New York; Harriet Newell, aidEaghs, Beaton. (Kf- BRISTOL'S SAKSAPAR1LLA?Thia preparation of Sarsaparilla aurpaaiea any thing heretofore ottered to the publio aa a renovator of the human ayatem. Ita re. commendation by the medical faculty is auch, those afarHicted with diseases of the blood or nerves cannot fail'to be iully convinced that it will perform all that is claimed for it. The numerous testimonials of those who have successfully tried this article, plaaes it beyoud a doubt, that Bristol's Saraaparilla is a safe, sure and effectual remedy for all diseases of the liver, canaer, sarofula, salt rheum, indigestion, acd the various nervous affections, which is the unhappy lot ol many to be heir to. There has not appeared before the public, in our estimation, an article so well calculated to purify the system as Bristol's Sarsaparilla. The experience and standing ot Mr. Bristol is a sufficient guaranty to all disposed to try this eittcacious remedy. Sold wholesale and retail by Wm. Burger, M Courtlandt street, aud at retail by Rushton St Aspinwail; Mil. hau's Pharmacy Syme's, Bowery; Trippe's.lfls) Division t ; Wood St Morrison, 309 Greenwich St. OCT- THE UNRIVALLED TONIC MIXTURE, PREpared by the New York College of Medicine and Pharmacy, for the cure of all the protean forms of Dyspepsia, low spirits, cutaneous eruptions, loss of appetite, lassitude, and general debility, is confidently recommended by the College as the most powerful strengthener of the system and ronovator of the constiution known to the medical Rrofcssion. Bold in largo bottles, $3 each, in small do, $1, i cases containing half a dozen, $6, carefully packed and sent to all parts of the Uniou. Ollico and consulting rooms of the College.97 Nassau St. W. 9. RICHARDSON, Agent. 0(7- A RESCUE FROM KING DEATH.?The following certificate is from one of the most eminent artists in the city :? New Yoke, Dec. fith, 1S43. Gentlemen I was for a long time afflicted with a severe cough, occasioned by first having taken a severe cold, and neglecting the same until it reached such a ataga that it was impossible for me to attend to my busi ? WM WUIII|TCUru IV UCIIH IIUU1 III y URIlUt OB, HI 1(1 commenced the u?e of the usual remedies prescribed in Much casss, but without effecting a cure, or even affording me a relief. 1 subsequently made use of your Hoarhouad Candy, and such wera the effects I experienced fremiti use, that I was at once relieved, and by continuing its use but a short time, I was left in a state of perfect health. 1 am induced te lay my case before the public, in order that those suffering asay fellow my example and be healed. I reeomtnandM? n*o ? ell suffering. I am yours, with respect, To J. Feese k Bon. FRA'S BAKER, 106 Wooster st. Bold, wholesale and retail, 4* Division st; 10 Astor House, 110 Broadway, and 89 William st; Zieber. 3 Ledger Buildings, Philadelphia; Robinson, 110 Baltimore st., Baltimore; Redding A Go. 8 State st. Boston; Dexter, Albany, N. V. {a- PEARLY TEETH AND SWEET BREATH are insured to those who use Sherman's Tooth Paste.? The most delicious dentifrice in use?while It cleans the teeth and sweetens the breath, it removes all tartar, keeps them from aching and decay, herders the gums and loaves a delicious taste in the mouth?when such a dentist as Br. Castle uses and recommends it, and when such a chemist as Dr Chilton uses it, who will doubt its goodness t when the first families in America and England including even several of the nobility use it, who will suffer their teeth to decay or their br< ath to be oftensive 7 Get the genuine Sherman's Tooth Paste, from his Warehouse, 104 Nassau st, or of tho Agents, 110, 371 and 469 Broadway, 4 Stanwix H ill, Albany ; State at. Boston, and 3 Ledger Buildings, Philadelphia. 0(?- PROFESSOR VALPEAU'S CELEBRATED pills, fbr the cure of Gonorhcea, Gleet, end all unpleasant discharges from the urethra, are now oo well known a? not to requires lengthened notiee. They are only to be bad at the New York College of Medicine end Pharmacy, established for the suppression of quackery. Price $1 per box, or $3 per case, guaranteed to contain^ sufficient quantity to cure. Office and consulting rooms of theCollega.97,Nasiau st. W. S. RICHARDSON, Agent. ftr?- CELEBRATED GRAND JEAN".4 HAIR. COM. POSI riON.?Read carefully the directions.?Anoint the t.air every eve.ring with Grandjean's Composition, (the paste) after having dissolved it iu tha palms of the hands in the ?a?ie way as other poaiades,takingcareto rub well the roots of the hair, aa there are maoy compositions lor the hair which aro retransmitted through tho porta, on tha aseansion of the perspiration, which is more abundant during sleep. It is for this reason that the paste composition should be used on retiring to rest. The liquid composition is to be employed in the morning. It is composed of the juice of lierhs and astringeat roots, which strengthen the pores ; and in using it freely it fills the bulbs cftho hair, and causes a flight and salutary irritation. The conducting vessels, from their sensitiveness, are thereby nourished, and by repulsion furnish to the bulbs a more abundant aliment. The paste, must therefore, be used at nlffht, and the liquid composition in the moining. Tho paste in the evening has an assuaging effect, and causes a more generous nourishment, which saves the bulbs from a too laborious action, that would fatigue them, dry them up, and detach the small nervous vessels above alluded to, and lead to alonecia. MUSKY MAKKKT. Tuesday, May 9?0 P. n. The business at the Stock Doard was good to-dsy, and prices rose very high in some cases. Ohio fl's, 1S80, 'Jj per cent. Kentucky fl's 1 j per cent. Ohio fl's, 1968, ross 1} percent. Illinois fl's fell J. Harlem rose 1 per cent. Stonington J. New Jersey R. R. 3 per cent. New York 7's, 1849, j. Lafayette Dank I. At the new Board, there was very little done, except in Ohio fl's and Kentucky. Thaadvancein which kept pace with that of the other Board Some of the directors, lately dropped by the stockholders at the Mechanics' Dank, were among those who fortncrly miid.rteltd aftairs when the Bank sustained a loss of near ft,000,000 by a former President. An able and honest officer is better worth $6000 than an inefficient one is a million. Th* Tremont Inaurance Company hare declared a ?en?i annual diridend of twelre per cent. payable on demand. Tho election of the new direction of the Harlem Company, is a in alter of aome intereat, both to tho community who are anxioua for the welfare nnd auceeia of the road with a ?iew to the much needed communication with Alliany, and alao to the atockholdara, who hare an immediate pecuniary intereat in the matter. The whole number of eharee composing the capital of thia company waa aa follow*, Sept. 1841 : Sold at pv fir $73t,?'>0 14.733 ' i'H f?l i7l,H22 11,MO . . ?, si.oio.m rs.uj ll tued to J. J. r imer in liutt, o.Cl'O " to J Ward, in truat, 2,710 Oj hand. September, 181', 'l7j Tctal *H?re*, 31,808 Pclmc.-'i tmit withdraw a. ? S3 Troent nnuil>-r of ihwi, aO.Sfl* Thi? (look U held nearly n* followa:? Jtmti W*tt, Kiq B MW D^krri and AUtynr, ."i.Oi n Jam'* Law, K?gr 2,100 " " probably bonthlainee ih? arntUna, MO Litt'o ? Co. nod Cammm, Whtelmnae <i Co. 1,000 Or K?iri?, ii.noa R. Ki?k (Con* Island Railroad.) MO * ai.iro eattartag shares. 6,400 Tbeae gentlemen aredoabtleaa wealthy and highly in- I a ? .? ? - ? '? J i?wia? IT.un. ia I kcicaieu in mn weuare 01 in? ru?u. ?# ??* ? "? ?t one of the moit active and able officer* that ever presided over the road. He if a practical man, and understands that which if conducive to the mutual lntercfti of the road and the public who travel over it. J a me* Watt, K?q , the largest holder, entered into the speculation with great confidence in the ultimate value oi the road. The ether holders are mostly brokers. A great difference of opinion exists between these gentlemen as to the management oi the road. Mr. Watt entertains views in opposition to those of Mr. Law and the other holders cf the stocks. The latter gentlemen are in favor of low prices and an extension of the road through Westchester Mr. Watt is in favor of high prices, and romaining quiet until the road already built is in better condition, instead of borrowing more money to extend its length. A large reduction has lately takea place in the fates ou the road; the rate being now 12J cents from City Hall to Harlem, or 1J cent per mile ; and it is alladged that the great increase in the receipts of money fully Justify these low rates. It is very evident that i( a train runs to Harlem it costs no more to carry three car* full at 12J cents per head than one car full at 2S cents per bead. The 6,400 share* that are floating in the market, if voted on the side of Mr. Watt, would give-him the direction. If a portion only vote on the other aide, he will be defeated. It will then be decidedly to hi* interest to come in to the views of Mr. Law and further the interest ef the road. The public, the capitalists, men of property and men of busincss.areinterested in having a direction whose views and policy shall not enly benefit the Harlem road,but promoters connection with A.lbany by the shortest and most efficient route. We mentioned some time since the appearance of the new 30 year Kentucky 6 per cents in the market. The Frankfort paper explains it as follows : The Governor of Kentucky was authorized by an act of 1344, to cancel the six year bonds, the interest of which is payable at the State Treasury by issuing instead thirty vear t<onds, the interest on which is payable at New York. There were about $600,000 of the 6 year bonds issued. The Governor is now rapidly making these exchanges, charging, in the exchange, a premium of one per cent in tavor of the long bonds. We mention these facts to explain the appearance of the new 80 year bonds. The State is not increasing her debt but simply changing the form ef a part of the evidence of it. The Baltimore American, after remarking that the Globe had quoted an article.from this paper on the subject of the repudiations of foreign governments, closes as tellows:? It may be worth while to notice that the instances quoted from the Herald to show the bad faith of monarchical governments relate exclusively to the subjects of the governments themselves. There is no instance mantinned of swindling foreign creditors bv repudiation? and if theie were a hundred, it would make our case no better. The views of the Baltimore American are usually of that character which do not admit of reason or argument, inasmuch as they never present themselves in any tangible form. The above is an instance. We did not, nor did tbe Globe, allege that we cited instances of repudiation in all the monarchical government* of the earth in excuse for, otf in palliation of a wilful repudiation of jiitt debt* by the American State*. We brought them to view in order to ihow with how Dad a grace tho torrent of abuie, which haa been poured upon the American State*, come* from it* utterer*. The repudiation*, insolvencies or declared bankruptcies of all the nations of the earth, came from the same cause, viz. necessity; and it argue* very little sound sense, charity, or good policy,in one people, who have recovered from, or not yet arrived at such necessity, to revile another people who are laboring with the difficulty. In relation to the distinction which the American affects to draw between "swindling foreign creditors" end swindling domestic creditors, it betrays only a want of knowledge of the (acts. There are some ?50,000,000 of repudiated stocks, other than those of the United States, hell in Englund; but be that as it may, wo do not see the force of the distinction. A cheat is a cheat, no matter who or what the victim may be. If a State has the ability to pay, and refuses to do so, the iniquity is neither greater nor less because the creditor lives in another country. If a State is bankrupt, and cannot pay at all, it is a misfortune, and is not the moro a crime because the money is due abroad. Oa the other hand, according to individual practice and ^scriptural precept, all debtors are beund to look after their own household first. St. Paul says, 6th Timo. 8thv., "But if any provide not for his own. and specially for those of his own house, ho hath denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel." The American seems to be alarmed that tho creditors of this country will be tauntod with their folly in trusting republicans. To our mind, the taunt which should be most felt, is that the American people, professing selfgovernment and freedom from from all aristocratic taint, had yet the folly to aps the funding system, which was one of the worst follies of the tottering tyrannies of Eutope, without having the means er the ability to support it. In the oligarchy of England, and the governments of Europe, the people have no voice in the matter. The debts are contracted by the " government," and taxes to pay them levied by " the government." It the people murmur or resist, a regiment of government soldiers correct tbeir morale, and preserve the " laith of the government." In this country, the people were cajoled Into debt by promise* that they never should be taxed to pay principal or interest. Kvery one of these promises were broken, and the most onerous taxes levied to pay for money thrown away. If simultaneously with the creation ol every debt, a tax bad been levied for its payment, not one-tenth part of the existing debts would ever have been created?because the debt being presented in that practical form to the people, their consent for its creation would never have been obtained. The present discredit, as it is called, seems to be the practical results of attempting to engraft one of the abuses of monarchy upon republioAU institutions. It is at war with their very nature, and can not therefore flourish. The American people are thereby exposed to the taunt of not understanding the practical nature of their own government. Hale* at tlie Stock Kxchaitge. ilWNYt'1,1111, '06 50 BkCom (fall) 99 1000 do '819. 106)6 625 do (scmo) 99 15000 N V 5's. 1661, 101 25 State Bk NY 90 20CO Illinois Bord? TOW IJ AmEl jk 74)6 6000 do htl w 30)6 t0 t do 71)6 200? Indiana Bnuds 29 50 O.iio L 8c Trust 05 1000 Ohio 6*. 1840, IT* 5 do 67 1000 d? 81 25 Farmers'Trust 19)6 7000 do 81M 50 l.afivet'e Bk, C mi 40 1000 do 81)6 61 il<waid Ins 99)6 7000 do I860, 82)6 20 I, I i surance 95 3500 do 83 150 Canton Co 23 1:00 do iro, 81 52 Utioa & Schen RR 120 .4900 Kentucky Bonds 91)6 12 Mr hawk RR blO 31)6 11000 do 94)6 150 Bulrm Kit 2i 5000 do si2 91*6 10 Stoniogton RR 26)6 1000 do b30 9136 200 L IslAail Kit 4R16 JC00 da 13 94)6 25 Fatcrson HR 45)i 7000 City 5'a, 1858, 96 101 do 46 4000 do 1870 95 50 Anb fc Roch RR 9.4 20 Manhattan Bk 72 10 d > 95)6 20 riirnii Bk 81)6 100 N Je sey RR b60 71 25 Del k Had b60 104 10 do 70 36 do 103 Second Board. 3000 Kentucky 95 1000 Bute 5)6'?, 10')* 1000 d? 40 Canton 103 23)6 3,00 Ohio 1163, 100 Harlem 24 2000 do 13 50 do 3l% New York Pnbllo Stock (Exchange. foot) N > r,'?, I (W.I, 107 1000 do bli 94k l(Nin NYik'l, IMI.bJO 10IK V>flO do 94 4C00 Ohio 6 ?, I860, H2k 7000 ilo 95 1000 do >10 (R^J 3010 do blhw 95 2H00 do 82^ 1000 d > 94^ 17000 do 82k 25 Stoiiinfton KR blO 28 4000 do S'% 50 Wburiili Inj Co t>30 285* 2000 K-htucky 6'?, 18C9 94?? Second Board. V) ,hi N Kir* Ii>? Co 25 1000 do rw 83k 25 do Outon Co btw 21 1000 do lllk t> do do btw 23 1000 do rw 83J< 2000 Ohio IW 85% 5900 do b.6 81 1)00 do rw Bl 1000 do h 0 81 3C00 do rw 8lK 3000 do iw 81 State of Trade. Business generally i* picking tip, and most dealers seem encouraged. The number of buyers in the city if large, and they hove a good deal of money with them. FiiH?There isbut little change in this market. At Boaton two fares of Bank Ktsh sold trom vessels at $2.00 per qtl., and aome few amall fish at (2.53, packing included. Mackerel are getting scarce, and prices are higher; sale*; No. 1,(9 a (9$ per bbl: No. 5. (5 87$ a (ti do do; No. 3, (4 50 a (4 75 per bbl. Salmon sustains the improvement previously noticed; sale* 2000 botes Herring within the quoted rates. Flour.?The market is heavy. Salt s Oanesea (4 87$ Michigan and Ohio (4 09 a (4.87$, New Orleans (4.atl, Georgetown (4 33 a (4 50, Brandy wine (4 50 a (4 61, Pennsylvania (4 37$. At Boston they quote a reduction nUofa dollar on nil descriptions; sales consist of 1000 hbla. Genesee at (5 25. cash; 4<H> do Fredericksburg (4 87, 4 mos; 600 do Georgetown (4 60, 00 days, to (4 56 a (I 02$, Imos; 200 do Richmond Canal (4 37 per bbl ; 200 do Philadelpbia at the same; Howard atreet (4 37 a (4 44, cash, .n/t Aft nr. t,m? V ' Grain.?Wheat, via New Orlcane tOOc. Jeraey corn 56 a SB, Delaware 66. RyefO. Oata 37 a 29. Provitiom?galea meaa pork $0 37, new prime $7.50, old m<?" $7.76 a $8, meaa l>eef $7.76 a $8, Lard 6}. Serdi.?Salea rough flax *0 SO a $9 00, Timothy $14 a $17. Home Real Entitle aalea on the 4th avenue and 13th ntreet, wore made te-day at $9,600 per lot. A Tea aala took place with the following reanlta i Term", notea at aix montha, payable in the city of New Vork, to he made aatiafactory to the aellera. Myaan-93 cheata at 91 centa per lb ; to catty boxee 87|; 300 ? II) boxee 44, (400 13 lb Imxe" withdrnwn.) Ilyaon Skin- 39 cheat" 17J ; 49 do 40 j 39 do 38} , 90 half do 40 ; fll ilo do 87 ; 81 do do 35 ; 900 13 lb boxee do 39. i Twaukay? 90 hall chcata 67J ; 16 dodo 55} ; 83 do do 44 eta. Young Hvaon?91 hi cheata 94 ; 9 do do 89 ; 346 do do J 74 ; '.'8 do do 70 ; 16 do do #9 ; 84 do do #7 ; 90 do do 0?1 | 118 do do A6 j 70 do do 06} j 16 do do 68 -t 10 do do 01 ; 80 ' Jo do 60 , 116 do do 61 ; 37 do do 64 ; 161 do do 62} ; 70 do do 60J ; 61 do do 46 ; 100 do do 4.'} ; 87 do do 40 ; 200 do do 33 ; 60 do do 36} ; HO do do 86 ; 684 do do 33 , 3d Chest! 34} ; 49 do 26} ; 60 61b boxea 37 ; (163 cheati, 1173 ball do ; 400 1311) bx? and 373 61b lo withdrawn.) Gunpowder?41 hf cbti 874: 81tdo(87 : 36 do do 66; 37 do do6>; 30 do do 641; 71 do do 00; lo'caity'bxs $1 30, 332 0 lb bxi 67; 160 do do 37); 420 do do 33; 106 canister hx? 13'2 lb 70; (962 131b boxes, 39H 6 lb do, and 90 canisters withdrawn.) Imperial?42 haircliaita 82), 18 do do HI,'29 do do 08. 44 do do. and 9 chest* 83; 141 hull do 83; 168 13 ih boxes 33, 30 8 lb do 67);000 do do 37); 71 canister boxes 12 2.11)66; (508 13.1b do 690 8-lb do,and 164 canisters withdrawn.) Souchong?167 Lf cht ats 60; 10 do 47; 136 do 40; -23 'JO-lb boxes 56; (337 hf chests and 7o '20.1b bxs withdrawn.) Powchong?10 hf chests 60); 58 do do 47); '211 do do 46; 30 do ds 42) 10 Jo do 40; 80 do do 35; (661 do do withdrawn.) Cassia?2000 mats 17). Marries!. On Monday srening, the 8th inst., by the Iter. Dr. Thomas Macauley, Mr. Amass* 8. FoiTxa, broker, of (hi* city, to Miss Lucind* Lasisom, of Concord, Mass ? On the 8th inst., by the lie*. Dr. Skinnor, Mr. Thomas L. Tatlob, of Kingston, R. 1., to Mis* Anna Sattehlbk, of New York. On Thursday evening,by ths Rev. C. T- E. Rtohlmann, Hksmiss Witte to Miss Johanna Moulton, all of Hamburg, Germany. In Williamsburgh, on the 3d inst. by the Rev. Mr. Wm. H. Van Doscn, Arthitb A. Bhown to Makv Ansa CabtwaioriT, both of the city of Brooklyn. Died. On Monday, 8th inst., Mabv Helen, wife of Geo. H. Geasir, Esq., in the '23d year oi her age, alter a long and painfnl illness. The friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend her luns.ra), at 65 Bond street, at 9 o'clock Wednesday morning. 3t Passengers Arrived. New Orleans?Shin Ocsnulgre?Miss Tardy, Miss Van Allen, F March, C W Bostwick, Mr DaIv, Masters Geo nnd Alrxr Strawbridge, Masteis Eugene end Kdw Jauiu?31 in the steerage. Mobile?Brig 9ulliv?n?Mrs Dr Webb and daughter, Mrs S II Bangs and servant, Mr* D C Lowber and niece. ! s Passengers Sailed. Glasgow?9hi|> H-Drf Knrelnml?Mrs Wells, Mis Locke, Mrs Drury, George Miln an I family, Mr Hay, Alexa-ider Robertson. Foreign Importations. Palermo?Brig Palladio?1320 bis lemons 2175 do oranges 70 qtls bnm.ioiio 8 Broom Mataouez ?Biig O W Gifford?80 hhds sugar 176 do 80 tcs surar Mason It Thotnrtnn. OoinMtlc Importations. New Orleans?Ship Ocmulgee?218 bb's lard 333 do pork Read It Scheimethorn?101 bxs sugar 111 hales cotton Masters, Markoe It ro?72 hhds ?ngor Thompson It Adams?20 Barstow It Poor?17 Roheits 8t Williams?25 lidstobacco H H Kllicott? 2 W Hirrisou?34 bhla lard 8 H Maybcr?26 do castor oil Lee, Dater Ik Miller?61 Wils n & Brown?9 bales skins A Patrul'o ?35 do cotton J 11 Mil'banki? 2 bbls pecan nuts H 11 Thompson? I do sugar 1 do moldssr* II Monroe?I box J Size?3 kegs nutmeg. H H Schefleliu?I box W dt J T Tapscott? 1 A Cady ?9 8 Williams?2 D Frit?2 J B Boisrrau?2 H Hewitt?1 Ooldbauks Ik co?2 B Ridde?3 Smith, Wright It cn?M30 pigs lead A Arrril!?'30 bbls Hour Saxton lit Webb?3 lihds tobacco Crocker, Sill & Warren?t box J Colgate?I bale B Ridde?7 pltgs W Howe?I box ? K Collin.?480 bbls Hour 106 bales cotton 400 ska corn Suydam, Sage 8tco?7 bales skins tooroer. M?bile?B ig Sullivan?20 hhds sugar Uaistow & Pop?150 bales rope cutting 1. L Taylor?46 do cotton H Coit & co?200 Goodhue It co?100 J H Talman?253 W Barnwell?19 Wisuer, Ode St co?20 to order. M AFTI TIM E HERALD. Ship Nastsrs and Agents. We shall esteem it a favor, if Captains of Vessels will givs Co Commodore Robert Siltiy, of our News Fleet, a Report of the Shipping left at the Port whence they sailed, the Vessels Spoken on their Passage, a List of their Cargo, end auv Foseign Newspapers or News they may have, lie will board tliem immediately on their arrival. Agents snd Correspondents, at home or abroad, will also confer a lavor by sending to this Office all the Marine Intelligence they ran obtain. Nautical Information of any kind will be thankfully received. -2? FORT OF If KW YORK, MAY 10 J IS RISES 4 50 I moois SETS 20 'Tit SETS 7 3IHISH WATER 4 50 Cleared. Ship Montreal, Tinker, London, John Griswold; Roseoe, Tercqa, Charleston, D W Robertson ?Baroues Sordini, Lindsey, Cadiz, K Richardson It Co; Klliion, (Br) Powdrell, St JoIid. NB. Woodhull St Mtnttirn.?Brigs Lyrv, (Br) Knowlton, II irbor Grace ?nd Carbonear, NF. Thoa Winniett; Algmiijuiu, Williams, NOileaus; Detroit, Anderiou, Apilachicnla, ro?i ? riii'iii'i?scnrs Mew Union, Uhase, St Tboinu and a tr.mket. 8 W Lewii. Brig Trojan, Bnckn*m,for Mayagnez; schra Leontine.Knarp. for Richmond, and Benj Bigelow, Beaise, for Boilon, cleared on the 8th. Arrived. Ship Monticello, Lawtou. from Havre, April 9, in ballast, to Geo. Colliua?157 steerage passengers. Ship Ocrnulgee. Pact, 21 daya from New Orleaua, with flour, he to E. K Co'.line k Co. B?niit* Ann Welsh, (new) Magna, from Stoning ton, in ballad, to E. D. Hurlbut k Co. She la intended for a Mobile packet. Sicilian brig Palladio, Mozanto, 103 daya from Palermo, with fmit, to S. Broom. Brig G. W. Gifford, Brown, 12 daya from Mayagnez, with molaaaea, to Maaon h Thompaon. British brig Falcou, Pitt, 5 daya from Bermndt, in ballaat, to R. A. Tucker?5 passel.gers Biig Sullivan. Brown. 21 daya from Mobile, with cotton, to G. Bnlkley. Sailed in co. with brgs Sterling, and Cordelia, for Liverjiool, ?nd parted co. 30th alt. off Cape Florida 8chr Hope, Mitchell, 14 daya from Mayaguez. with augarand Blolaiaea, to muter. Sclir Baltimore, Woglam, from Peterabarg. with tobacco, to J. Hunter. Bchr Priaeilla, Rich, 4 daya from Marblehead, with firh, to matter. Schr Gen. Staik, Doughty, * daya from Virginia, with wood, to aiaater Sloop Willard, Miller, 2 daya from Providence, with mdae, to m>ater. Below. Two brigt, nnknown. Sailed. Bremen barque Constitution, Bremen; brig Forest, Br lie, Hon;acbr Tangier, Bermuda, and othera, Uaneral Uocnrd. Brio Larcst?The undeiwriters have despatched an inapectortu thia vessel, ashore at Absrcom. The swell was ao heavy as to pr-vent doing anything on to the laataccnuuta Bare THoars, which tailed from Fall River for Charleaton on the 28th nit. pur bark on the 4rh irat. leaky. Draaarnn at Sna.?Lost oyeibos'd from ahip Windsor Castle, on the iiaasrge from Liverpool towards New Orleans, 4th alt. John Kobimon, seaman, of Liverpool, where he hia left a family. CoMltancn of New York ?The arrivals at thia port for the week ending 6th inat. were 14 ahipt, 14 baiqnes. 36 brigs and 61 achrt. The clearances for the aame period were 9 ahipa, 1 barque, 37 brigs, i) achra. Whaleman, Arr at New Bedford 7th inat. Emerald, Merchant, fm Pacific Ocean. Ottheite Dec 21, with 1600 hbla spin oil. Left at O aheite, Java, Price, St J dint, heaving out. Spike Feb 3, lat 64 44 8, Ion 79 W, Levant, Ruatell, Wareham, 100 daya out. nil w. II, no oil; 9th, lit 47 30 s, Inn 71 30 W, Mt Wnl'ea'nn.Sab m, 30 moa, 2300 bbls. 400 ao; 12th, lat 46 30 8, Ion 61 W. Sonlh Boston. Crowell. FH. 90 daya cur, 140 ?i> Also arr, John Howiand. Whitfield, Pacific Ocean, Rimeo 134 days, via TaJuti, with 26 0 tpm Reports *poke and heard from?Sept 13, Erie, Luce, >H. 21 mos, 800; Oct 27, Murnry, Haskell, MB. 17 moa, 800 At Nooaheva July 4, Potomac, Hutaey. Slant, 7 moa, 350; 21d, Rajah, Weat, NB, 12 mos. 800; 8ept 14, Russell. Stall, do. If, mos, 600; Oct 8, Splendid, Coffin, EdIartown. 33X tuna,1300. Heard from on Off Shore. Sepl 1, levan, P-tk-r, N-nt. COO; Ocean, Parker. Nant, 800; Oct. Snaau, Howiand. NB, IBS mos. 340; Samuel Robertson, Warnrr, do, ltX mos, 300; Chas k Henry, Coleman, Nant, 23 moa. 340; (Hi is Carroll, Andrews, do, 28 mos, 2000. Died on hoard the J Howiand May 4, Wm Wood, seaman, of Kumford Point, Me. aged about 25. Sailed Irom New Bedford 7th, Two Sisters, Mritu'ld, Indian n - Arr lit Holmra Hole 7th. Zone, Hiller, Pacific Ocean, Talcahuaua Jan 10, 1900 ?i>m. Lrft-tT Milton, Lewia, N B, 6 mot out. Ton whale. Spoke Not 6, lat 4 51 8, Ion 110 20 W, Young Hero, Brock, Nant.SK moi, no oil; 19th. lat 20 6 8, Inn 116 IS W, Ann A leianderj'' aber, N B, It mm, 200; 2lat, lat 5 19 9,'lon 117 60 W K.agle, Coffin, ilo, 26 mm, I3'0; Dec 13, lat 34 14 S, Ion S035 W, Virginia. Luce, do, 28 mm, Igoo on board; 26th, lat JG 22 W. Ion 97 3 W, Iria, Spooner, do, 1400. The Neptnne went into Bagharbor, and Triad into Greenport, 7th inat. Three whale ahrpa ware roing into New London, 7th mat. at 9 am. A Inter from 9 K Blackler. K*q. U 8 Conaul at Tahiti.dated Tahiti Dec 3, IM2, reporta that the Vineyard, of Kdgartown, put in there in conaeqneure of an aggravated revolt ah the part n( enme of her crew. Air Bept 23, Nile, Ceok, NB, I6X mo?, 1000 ap; No* 12. Vineyard, Crocker, Kdaartown, 24 mot. 650 ap; I5lh, John Adama, Bwtaey reported matter, Nant, 14 mm, 13a yi; 19th, Timoleon, B^yliet, NB. 36 moa, 1050 ap; 2?d, !4man, Ru?aell, Nanr, II rata 360 ap; 2tth, Henry Clay, Bayre, do, 35 mot, 2300 tp. Spoken, John A Robb, r f Baltimore, NOilrant for Antwerp, Arril 26. lat 47 40 N. Ion 29 W, 27dayt ont?by the Mtinticellu, at tint pott. Ovtodo, Nirholt, ol Bi lfatt. II dai't from Aiulachieol.i lor Liverpool, April 27, off To'tugaa?by the Bollivao, at thia port. Klir.aheth Brnee, 14 days from New Oileana for Liverpool, May I,off 'Memory' Hock?by the Bullivan. Wanderer, of Halifn. atandiiif S, April 30, lat 4140. Ion 64 JO?hy the Paoli, at Norfolk. Helen, of Bottoc, atanding BSK, May 3. lat 38, Ion 73 23?by the Paoli. Belize, NOileant for Boston, May 4, lit 37 40, Ion 74 10?by the Paoli. Calabria, from Bremen, Me. for NOrlcana, May 5, Cai o Cod, Chatham, light N by W, 26 milet. Vintage. Bnow, Buenoa Avret for Balem, April 9. lat 4 30 B, lat 35 11 W, 26 daya our. A alup thowmg a while e'gnal witha bin* hall, and the letter! (' K n ih bail, wat 1 aated Jan 30, lat 65 38 S. Ion 63 10 W?by the Zo nr. at Holme a Ho'e. Delaware, from Lirarioolfor New Orleaua, Ap:il 31, lat 21 25 Inn 65 V. rk. Morrill, Trini lad da Cuba for Falmouth, May 2, 11 daya not, lilt 32 49 loa 89 30. Wevboaaet, Colliua, N York for NOiIcani, May 2, off Capea nf Delaware. A packet ihip from NewYork f< r Harrr, *? la-acd April 29, lot 41 5, Ion 57 S3. Probably the Ville da Lyon, St.ddud, taib <1 April 14. Franera Ann, Lirerurl for NOrleana, April 31, I,at 25, Ion 66 10 '."Ida. nut?by iha Bmer, at Smlam. Ellen, Philadrlphia for flaco, May 6, off Montaak?by lb- John Howland. at New Bedford. Flavint. Jonea, Henna for NOrleana, pe.ried with off Cape ' P; artel, April 7?by the Earn , at Boaton. t'ambrdr', for Boaton, from Aleiandria aud Meiaina, April B?by the Fame. Klir.<beth Brotley, Ht John, b B. for Liycrpool, May 5, lat 41 ' Ion ?5 ''5?by the Fame. Le Ferdinand,(Fr) Matte far S mtb America, Mch JO, lat 4 3, Ion 31 19?b<' the Commiaaaty, at Boaton. ' Bowd t'h.Crowill, Lirerpool lor NOrleana. Apiil 21, lat 27 i N, Ion 62 W. ? j Foreign Porta. Hamilton. Bermuda, Miy I?Air John 11 Sf phena, Hall, Alia-n Iria; Apr 24. S4|.a't*ti, Btiioba, Frankfort; I'uited Bt?tea, Keater, NY-ik,and cbl 27th for Knitted C.ld 2tth. Nora Hrotia, Patteraon, Bar inuih Sid M nerra, Brown, New j M iTaouit. PR. Apr 26? In port, Charlotte, Fuller jnat arr; 1 Waah nitfon, Dyer, for .NYok, Bepj L Swan, Bei i win, one; 1 Ann Hmith, do; Henry, Bint, of N> wport, (or Pliiladelphii, 1 neat day. M*nairrraH. Ape 1?In port, Waahinttin'.i Barye, Appl-ton, ' N York, 4 day*, only American. Pana. Apr 1?In port, Malta, Tracy, from Boaton, ria Ma- ' rauhim, diay. only American. 1 Hio lie Jaitaiao, March II?In j.orl, Hortenna, Lambert; Lor? IVnniman, Keller; Hoheit, t oilier; Hnaan, Newconab; ( Areti-, Knaik; Hniaian, Himp<on; Citir.en, Thina; H/PSum- i acr, Howland, aad bhawmnt, Krmhle, all nnc; Harriet. J irtia, or B lumore, 5 day?; Leader. Drama, fir Boaton, 25; Warwick, Cheerer, from Boaton, came in leaky, waat) aai In a few Java fir Tfew Z-atand. SM'Mth, T?eW, Mrrrrr ~tnr " Baltimoie. lat-r or Krakck, Feb 7?In port, Lehigh, Watkiua, of Phila- : delphia, une. Ilnmi > nrt?. FaaTroRT, May 1?Arr Father Klin, Philadelphia. <, April M?Arr loir, Norwood, NYork; JOth. Harriot, Tibb'tta, Bulimore. Sid SR'li, Outra, Horn, NY" kWiacaaaKT, Miy 5?Sid Z nla, CiiDiii'jithatn, Trinidad de Cuba. m ( PoRTaMouTH, April 29?S.d Turk, Now York; Oen Warren, | Philadr It hia. , NtwBiiRTroRT. Mav6?Sid Baltic,Porto Rico; Helleapout, Woodbury. Philadelphia. Bor-ro*. May 7?A>r laette, Krnnrka, Bueiioa Avrea: Com , miaaary, Smith, do: Fame, Scott, Smytna vi v Kayal; (l-u'ral , Siaik, Langihorn, NrwcnatU, Del; Wilder, Siiblre. Richmd} , Palm, Howea; Mill Creek, Scarka, and Louisa, O'ii. Phi'adel- ( phia; Bethel, Lldridge, Fredt-nekahurr: Tutus, Loyell, Albany; Ma'ch, Mailliewa, and CordalU. Stmllev. Iludaon. NY; Maud nil, Hinckley, and Miranda, p.'ryy, Ntw Y"tk Hailed. Hutu iliy. wind NE 10 E?E and 8SW. John (Mlio. Calcutta. ] Thnnsa, Cordelia, Napoleon, Creole Rnhert Wain. I I'd from the Kotds, Brisk ?^nrday, wind 8K to ^9W, Trio, ] U inge?, Cer-antes, Harbinyer. Wrn .VI Rogers, Harriet. Tlie , b'aiiklin anchored ill the narrows, aud Cygnet in Nautasket , Roads. Clarion lilted on Thursday. Arr D h, Independence, , Biikrtt, Marseilles ait Oibral'a>: '11, >t Hopper. Bri'ir, Mara- , raibo; K oc?. Chaie, New York. Telegraphed, Gambtidge, Ch'ae, f"'tn Messipa. Signal for a harniie, supposed the Com- , pierce, ( Br) Ellis, Irom Glasgow via Coik. Cld Aldfbtiau, ] Wrb't, F. itt Indies: Lawrence, Mayo, Baltimore; Moxart, , KevnoliU, Alexaudiia. Plymouth, Matt. May 4?Arr Wyoming, Nickeraoo, Philadelphia New Br.nroau, May 7?Arr Helen, Perry, NYork; Iuduttry, , Cuahman. do; Caroline, Burl, Wilmington, INC. I NaiYTUcgFT, May 4?ArrCc'umbut.Gardn'r, Edgartown, in | toiv of steamboat. Sid Hope St Susan, Win?low, Norfolk.? Air 5 li. Elect, Macy, Albany bid Daul Webster, Starhuck, j Edgart' fn for Pacific. Paoviiiant'it. May 6?Arr Timet, Oaks, N York. Sid Henry Brown, Philadelphia. Arr 7th, J.u Lamplieer, Kenny .and Jat L Long, Hawkins, do. Nr.* Havkiy, M iy 7?Arr Bine* Hawk, Armstrong, St Tliornaa via N York; Kiiecific, Perry. Albauv; Empire, New York; i New Yoik, do. Sid Tiinidad, Duell, Barbid set. I IIihtiohd, May 7?Arr Abm Brown,Philadelphia; Amanda, i N York. i'Uia, May 9?Arr rotnmac, Drew, Liverpool; i Ohio, Heynegom. Bordeaux; Matilda. Spates, E-stpor*. Cld i Lodi, Bixtcr. Boston; Savannah, Merriinan, do; Berry, Sears, Calais; Charleston racket,Crowell, Providence; Peru, West, NYo-k. Nosfolk, May 5?Arr Paoli, Fuller, Bremen via Hampton Roads. Chablicsto!v, Mar 6?Cld Lana-kahire, [BO Carmiehael, Liverpool. In port 3th, Tecumseh, Ripley, lor Havre, loading; Moselle. Hunt, do, ready; Triton, [Br] VVilton; Elixabeth, [Br] Warren, aod Southerner, Palmrr, for Liver|M>el, loading; Cambridge .Barstow, to load for do; Calhoun, Myers, for New Yoik. Idt. Lucas, Eldiidge, and Lelnud, K.ndriek. lor Boston, big; Washirgtou, Aoatna; Moscow, Carter; Jas Calder, Webb; Uuilnie, Cusliinni; North Star. Skellingfon; Medora. Turner, and Coltim'ine. [ Br J Wa'sh, all wtg; Lanarkshire, [Br] Carinichael; Cli istuna, [Br] Simpson, and Aurora, [Ui] Sloan, Liverpool, Ids; Lagraug*, Porter, for NYork. reed*; Crusader, [Br] Simpron. from Liverpool, dise; Nina. [Br] Eden, wtg; Midi Elly,[Fr] Derpsjol, for Senrgil, Idg; Jurrler, Carter, wtg; Dsnl Wi lister, Manson. for North of Europe, Idg: (7onaervative, [Br] Carey, fm Belfast disc; Daniel, [Brem] Wencke, for Hamburg aud Bremen, Idg; Araliiau, Fosier, for Havana, rendi ; Hoiiense, Smith, for Bostou, Idg; Osceola. Boynton.fnt do, di?g;_Einily, SherwooJ. for New York. Idg; Paul T Jones, 1'e and, Philadelphia, do; Victoria, Elwrll, Apalichicnla, rln; Thomas P Hart, Pendleton, lor Key West, ldg. Susquehanna, Tatem, to undergo re|w.ira. Savannah, May 5?Arr Olive Brinch, English, Liverpool.? Cld Douglass. [ Br] B cwitrr, tjiebec. la |>oit, Josephine, Mnttumi, and Olive Branch, Ki>uIiili, from Liverpool, ttisg: Stirling, Blunders; How Unci, Blanchard; Bradshsw, Mlritish] Young, and Grace,[Br] Siorgit, for do, Ida: Cores, Gardner, Ht Petersburg, ldg; Mersey, Reed, froui London, wig; Amy, [BiJ White; > rinca Regent, [Br] Moodv: Seaoatria JUrJiMcKeuxie; Ellen, [Br] White; New Yoilt Packet, [Br]Lamont, and Sarah, ( Br] F'etcher, for Liverpool, Ma; Thames, Prince, fm Havre, wtg; Zennbia, Remington, for St Petersburg, ldg; Bee, [B'l Mitchell, tfor Chatham, Eug. ldg: Pnilutn, Donne, fr-ra NYork, disc; O B Lamar, Sannemann, and Win Tiylor, Hory, for do, ldg; Rapid, Mounlfort, Ouadalou|>e, do: Prince de Joinvil'e, Gardner. Havana, do; Envoy, Thomas, for West Indies, do; Wellington, [Brl Foster, for Glasgow, do; Mary Shield*. Woithlngton, and Oiator, Davis, fm New Voik, disg; Jainrs !i Sunuel, Homers, lot Boston, log; Sophia, [Br] Draper, Liverpool, do. Mobile. May 1?Arr Martha Aun, [ Bi] Kerren, St Pierre. Mart. Below, 1 shin, 1 hippie and 3 schrs, cumiug in. Cld Diadein, Barstow, Havre; Birmingham, Robinson.?nd Craton, Towne, Lirerp vol; Leonora, Collins, NYork; Uaidee, Klituer, Boston. New Orlkaiss, May 1? Arr Maty, Myrick, Baltimore via Matanzas. WANTED?A Bootmaker, to woik in 333 Bowery. mIO It*r W ANTED?A yonug man. 18 years of age, and of good edu* v cation,is desirous ol obtaining employment in a wholesale grocery,hardware, dry goods or bookstore, or at nny respectale business. Testimonials of the highest respect ibility as to character, Ac.,will be givru from the city and country. A line addressed to W. M. G., at this office,will meet with pnnclual attention. m9 3t*ec. "117'ANTED?By two respectable young women, with good V' city references, situations, one as chambermaid ard the o' waiter, in a private (amilv. Tliev would be willing to assist in washing aud ironing, and would he found of infinite advantage in a respectable family. AdpI citioss to be made at No. 91 Conrtlandt street, np srai's. tti9 2t*r T N FORMATION W A NT ED of Mr. F * E DERD IK GU N1 TElt, who sailed from New York, with his wife Mary, for Mich-fan. >u the year 1833. or of his step-brother Henry Miller who sailed as captain on the Lake, between Buflfilo and Detroit. auy information ot the above will he thankfully received by their friends by addressing a note to Mr. BTUART, No. 41 Allen street, New Yoik. ^Michigan papers please copy. mIO Jt*r SEAMEN WANTED?A lew mime seamen warned lor the uew sloop-nf-war SARATOGA, Josiah Ta'iiell, Esq. Commaudrr.?ihe largest and li"est sloop in ths service. Apply atthe Nav.ll Rendezvons, Water street, where a Shipping Officer from the Saratoga will be in attendance. Several Petty Officer*, births are still vacant. mIO Iv'rt TiOARD IN THE COUNTRY W ANTED?Pleasant I ' anaitments BM board n r a single gentleman, a lady, child aud nnrse A location on New Yoik Island wonld be preferred. Address J. P. at this office inl0 1i*r T3LEASANT BOARDING?Several families ran be ac ' commndated at Strattnn's Point, one mile from the village of Flushing; toandfinm wlpeh IstBBWlhoatims twice a day. JBvthing on a sanJ-bench within forty rods,with dressing house, rural walks, and a prospect unsurpassed, be land sin! water. Apply to P. STRATTON. _ mIO lm*r A FEW GENTLEMEN of steady habits ran be accommo date.) with good board and pleasant rooms in a private family, at 204 Fulten street. Also, a few day boadera can be accommodated on the mest reasonable term. A parlor and bedroom to let, with or without hoard a9 ee AGENCY WANTED.?a gentleman occupying a sto>e (open to the stie-t) In the upper part of Wall street, near Broadway, la desirous to n< deriake the agency of some maunfacrnrtsg, iiitscaotile, pac-iiLisr any other respectable business Annlv So ho* Nn 101 llnnrr PllBf ClPRfr. ml ImV.nS. d?1 9 nnn l9.00". fi WO. St.iOO, 12 noo, $800, to loan od ?P 1 4*,\J\J\J , m>rtgagr, at aeven per cent, (uo committi >ua cha-ged.) Applet" 8CHIEFFELIN k FERRIS, tall 3(*m Counaellort ft Law, 20 Chamber* atree'. 'PO .? EHCHAN l'S AND I' O NSIUN EES?The peision A or liri to whoie tare a package was c-niigii-d by Mr. Jamea Tilbrow, r.f London. for Tlioniss 11 H?tlend. then of Frtdcrtcheburg. Va., will plea*n communicate with (lis Utte r tlir.neh the New York Pin- Office. rnlO Itr UkMNASIUM. JT ROGERS iiifnrtni hia fneo 'a and the public, thai hia ap'eud d Gymnasium at Nor. 17 and 19 Canal meet, near Kim strict, ia now open for the reception of anbicribera. Gentlemen are invited to call and tiew this ee'abluhment, which will be fcund the meat enenaive and complete one of th< kind in the eniin'ry. inlBiiIi*r TO BANDBOX MAKERS?2000 pieeea Bendbot Paper, for ?ale cheap, in lota to mit purcli taera, to cloae a concern. Apply at No. 138 William atreet, in the atore. m 10 3t*m JmA TOLfcT?Th* nnper porta of the new three !. > a.ory brick II uvea Not SO, 317 and 3.9 B'oorae at'fct, XJ4lh?t ween the Bowery and Elizibeth at., with 12 rooma each, with kitchen and ce'ler. Alao, the three atory brick Houa* and Store No. 3J0 Broome tr?et, to let. N. B ?ri|>ea for th? Croton'Water wi'l b- introduced into either of tne hnnaea if nq-ired, and pitaea-ion given immediately. For fnrthee information inquire of 8CHULTZ k BLEIJORN, No. 01? Bowery. mlO Iw'i TO THE MEMBERS OF THE COIIDWAINKRS SOCIETY?(Jentlemen:?Hia op> reaaiou and want iuaer which y?a, your wive , and your little ouea have long and rainftilly eufT?red, haa barn to me a of deep regr?t, and when I reflect ihit thia auflering and penary haa been forced upon you ptiocioally by men who have litt'e or no knowledge of theladica boot and anoe hu^ineaa, whose knowledge ia only in thmry and not in practice, and who impudently h ing up a lign Latliea' French Shoe Store, thereoy de uilin; and impolitic on the ladi.-a at they pais, with pricea below all beggary at the eipeaar ol 7rur labor, ana at the inffering and privation of ycur tainiliei. 11 ii c >nt ritul ituu thsf yon !,??? made an eIfort to throw off the aharklea, en I to rr lr-ae yourselves from the loaupportable burd-n under which yon have ao long groanet. 1 cordially acqnieice in the position you have i ik n, and I hope that prudence, unanimity, and giod order will cnuact?rize your aocitty, and 'litt your efforti to obtain ? fur m l j nal eorni>eteney for i onr I: bor, will be crowned with much lucceas. I have received your liat of wagej, and acquttace with it and remain youra respectfully, _ SAMUEL. ALLEN, 70 L'tptnard at. Toeiday, 9th May, 1813. wagea, for whicn tlvy will receive thalhankaof iheiociety? Meaara NiMH,WbilNTi A. Hogers. M'Couichy, Williams, Htillwan, Miller, Neve man, Ur*h.m Cuubar, Hun: & Hunter, Golden, Baldwin, Dunham, Keyn ildt, Hawkins, Himil'lll, Delr.tll, Hoyt, Scott. VV L. Whiting, Croit^, KeeJ (ktliy, O-dney, N. K Ferguson Labatonr Si Rex. Tiiwlea & Jours, Hollenback, Aekermau, Rogers. II sr iu, O em, ke. Au adjou'ned mcetirg of ti e Society will t.kc id ice this morning at 9 o'clock, at the house of v. Mager, 101 Elizibrth atrert.acd all who are not members ar reipectfully invited to attend. I By older of the Soeie'y, i mlOtt'm J. C. puhs, Secretary. PHOTOGRAPH PORTRAITS ?Dr . L. M. CYRUS. \ the inventor of thia new art prnducs by it not oolv a cor- , rect like ueaa of the oiiginal p rtr lit, bu I a ao a purity of de> urn , n brilliancy of coloring, which (?r snr, asa tha chef d'i?u?.ra i f the moat ci lebritid artiita, whe li'r ancient or mnl ro? ] Grat fill I i the aucuureg- inei t he baa rec-ived fiom hia nu- | maroui'friendi end the rob'ic geneial y, D . L. M. CyJus would fnu inform them tint he haa fitted U|i, for 'he accomino<1 >tioa cf I nliaa. a auite ol ronni in l'<rk Pi >ce H me, corner ' t f Broaoway, wlieie lie irnan liii ikill in h.spr.if.'ssion. and * log a t-n'ioii to *1 who may houo'him with tlinr I ito'i, will ' i'liu e liiui a continuance of the patronaga hitheifo ?o liberally liea'oeeil on him. * Tho D ictor gives instruction in every d 'partment of the Da- , gnetrentvpa nod Phytographio art. Initniinenu fji liking par ruts on a latge or smal'scale, lor alio the necessary chemical preparations for thettkiiif of port ails in I'hytograph*or color* Terma moderate. mlOlin'r , PAt KKT SHIP OUMULGKK. from New Oileana, la dia- \ charging at (irleaus wlinf, foot ol Wall at. 0 Consignees will plraae atlrnd to receipt of ihtir goods immediatrlr. m'Om I GREAT REDUCTION IN PRICE. the largest, the '"heapest, and best assortment ok WIGS AVI) SCALPS, ARE TO B E POUND AT i CLl HE HUGH'S, J Jiyt BROADWAY, ENTRANCE IN FULTON ST. r T'H man? aitcinpti that are daily miking to imitate theae ti 1 celebrated Wiga and Scalps, are jnat to many proofs of'ha o liali chwacter the, have atta'neri, and the eatimitioD they are a ->*)d iu by the trade Bnl the public will obaerte that C. la the ti ariainaI maker On this country' of d the ventilat1no and oossameit " WIGS AND SCALPS, f <wri hout metalic strinos.) ind that all olhrri a'e but leebla altempu at imitatiou. waut Jj, lug the ganiua to diviue or direct the principle on winch they o ire m ide to tit, aod the skill and (ractice In eiecnt?. All wcATCta nud cimnciiacnrs arc invited to inapert hii _ heads of hair. j,1 which, for elegance, I'gblirsa, an l_ durability, may be claaard ,, Mnoat me "rat P ouucuona 01 mouetn time*. In their ininn j lactuie Ik'V diflir from all otliera made here. Tim hair it lipKly iuaoit'd, and in i q'lally diatrinnted aa to arpear j**t i?iuiuk (mm ihe akiu; they cov< r no in ire ol the bmw than ilie lalnrnl hair doca, and having no metallic apring.alldia.igrcenble l>re*?nrn ia obnated. Fo, a nathern climate, (heyarein- I "'tunable, beinir only one or. wriyht Senatora. Meinbera of llongrcai, and pantlemrn f on every loartrr of the country, who are now warning C.'a wi<?, can be ref'rrt d to. The price* will be found to tuit the ctrcnmatancea of all elate" mlfli?6l*r ? T'Hl'NK BOARDS?40C0 ponnda of inperrior 1 rank mtkrra B( ar ia?for sal* by r rKRSHK It BROOKS, J mldr No. ill Liberty etreet. AUCTION. S A LK>. THOMAS BM.l., Aucti ineer. HY HELL k llOWAKn. 11Urtt N'i tl Jtnn uwd III WEDNESDAY, At I0>? o'clock, in tho Silea Hoom* Large aale cf new and afcoad haad furniture of all onacripiona? C"m|irmu? aa iuureiiinx and valuable a ' " If a inuaekerping articlai ? liaa been prrar tiled to the public Ihta eaaon. Alan counting room furniture, coQDteia, deak? Si*. Alan, a larke additional lot of iulienor aecond hod furniture, if all kluda, from BI?omiuadale and Brooklyn, icciii ii g Bimicla, Wilton, Veni<iau ai d luvraici carpet*, ru.a, ocl clotha, : hairs, tablra, sofas, piano fortes, china, glassware, looking [laaiea.kc THURSDAY, At lOlf o'c ock in the aal*a room. F.atensive ea'ra aale of truly rleg tut Furniture,P ano Fortes, Be,*. colas, mmngHiiy I li'. Sic comprising, hrsl, ihe splendid furniture ofalunily giving ni>housekeeping,large Frrncli plate pier glaaae', cunvrv nurr >n, curtain', Bruiaela md other carpets, rugs. pier und cenlrr files, marlil s !?p M'.il dam bureaus, a suieib roiewond pr< inium i ist,n (orte, giruuInlet, lamps, end luttrrt, beautiful mantel clocks, vasis fire ietu, china glass lad pliitd wire, Sic Alio, by or 'er of a rrc - iver, W tuprrior lie ? s'y le tprior mil nation irit hair stuffed sofas 5 do h< >t ill French parlor chain; 13 tuprrior rocking and easy ch -ira; 12 mahogany French bedilradi; II mahogauyand cedar rain I,no do. FRIDAY, At I0>{ o'clock, iu iheialet room, l.arie ta'e of dry Kiiodt, aummrr clnlhi, v<stings, London ink French c'otlia, caasirneres, sheetings,, lineut Calicoes. a hi i inr, challya, (ilka de liiins,-. ud a general vatiety < ' itas'Dable dry Kooda, clorhinit. Sir Alto, fancy and pledged goods, gull and silver watch'i, lewrlrv, iniisii 'I inslrumi nts hit: BY CAllTKlt * CO. (At their Store No 316 Broadway. Gothic Hall.) FRIDAY, 12'h May, a; hall past 10 o'clock. Cabinet Furniture, Cutlery, kc.?Lvige and eitensiee sale of mo?t rdrgaut city inade furniture, by cati'ogue, viz: French and half Fieuch aulas, i uihionc I and spring seat; |>ailor rocking chure; \ and loll French inibuganv chairs; d ?ana; ottomans; d, ulile and single turl sed washstandt; rnirble and inahngauy lops; ladies ku"e anlsrwing chairs: Freuch bedsteads; elrgsnt trannd breakfast tables; dressing baeaus; wardroher; book cases; cud and muble lop cantie tablet; plain mahogany bureau!; rosewood tables: work tables, Ac. Also, the billa-ce n' the S.<rlf)cld I ntlery. dinner sets, cut dishes, and inmblcrs, from I -st sale. The articles are all made ol the very best materials, and in the most fashionable style. The ratalnguos will he iraily thu day previous to the salt, wlieg the furtrtare may be rxvininrd ml03tia*r RKJINAI.OIt7rAfNTINOH handsomely'ram.d)-E. W. H.NOW vti'l aril a: eucioit ouHituril ly morning at II o'clock i i hi i n- w Gailrrv, 322X Broadway, opeoaite the llosp.til, a moat ralutble collection of ancient and moduli Oil rain! mica, just received lit ins ills t rivate collection of an em n ut (h-uiioisi Ur, combining miny clu ice aubjecra by the lirti masters of :h- 'iicient and in >diru schools They must be *' # 11 lak hta ;S III iraa.-1 at <?sl* Thetf Mr* tlslW frhllv fair ??lllbiti<in with cattlrg e Adiniriisiou free. Sala pcriipplory. _m II it*i AIM 'T ON NOTICE?Dahlias iu Pots. Moss Koica, lie. ?A. LEVY will ssll on Thursday morning, at 11 o'c-ock, at 131 H'oadwny, M0|>ois 'lio it Uanlias, all named and III uti. Alio the M<>?? and, other Hian, Rhcdr.demlior s, Azaliai he , In all s joat received from Europe. Alan, a variety ol Green Hnuie I'lanti, all in lull bloom; Strawberry Plant*, 10,Odd A'eanthua Seedlings, he, he. mid It* in B a.S J AMI N iV? (lONk V, Auctioneer. A VCTION NOTICE.?H.-avy Htidware and shelf goods? II Mooney It Co. will sell thii day at 10 o'clock, at 91 Maiden lane, a superior assortment of htary and ahelf Hardware,' utirry, Pistols, he , viz: I caak sledge liammert; 3 do. hook* *nJ hirgo; I do. ptae hicgei; 1 do. jappened pint; croai cut aawa; O H. go ?ds; tumbler padlocks; rim locks; bed keyi; braces and bit*; Wilkiuiou's vices; sickles; jappnned bread btskets and tea trars; table hinaes; Istier paper; brais stair rod*; sparables, h;. Alan, 13 0 dozen superior table cutlery, stag gnaid carvers, Ac. Also, tine 1, 2, 3 and 4 blade pocket cutlery. A'so, C. 8. abovels; curry combs: handsawliles; pistol'; silk WM cut for liehtng; alioe'lhrrail; cotton twine, he. Also, at 12 u'clock, for accotsul of whom it inay concern, for cash 918 straw aatchelu. inIO lt*r AUCTION NOTICE?Will be sold oil Thursd y, thelltl iust. nl No 203 Broadway, an ez'ensiro collsction ol Tlir l'g'cal and Classical Books, se Acted frcm W A. 1 . i gre-t stock?To b; sold without reserve. Sile to < , .ce a'. 4 o'clock I'. M. mIO 2t is*r ANSEL EDWARDS An, tton, cr ROADWAY. Jfsg-d 8. R< r.K, FRENCH BOOT MAKER, sgnwk| Iron, iris, lias ,n 'siortment of ready-made Boots and Shoes,- r best calf skin,for Five Dollars, superior to any other boot i er in the city mlt lm*ec PARI* BO'i I' -> VND LASTS MADE T ORDERBy E, SUSEU, 175 Broadway, < nemcnt,) One Door from Conrllauilt j E. SUSER, Bootmaker, at, ,1 Lasts, an "Klve" ol Clcrce of Paris, bi nformnis friends and all the amateurs ol a genii that he can now make, in New York mareiials, all that is so perfectly made, in t ar the celebrated boottniker Cleree, whose nutn on this aide of the Atlantic, are reap ctfully m ly SUSKH'S boots and lasts belor- they despair ol hem. cliausse?" in New York, al'er the nicest, latest Paris fashionAlso, t'-e genuine Paris Jet Black Varnish sold. tn'O lw*ec TJAKDWAHK PAPER?J00 reams glazed Hardware Paper, al 2li;7 22s32,24iJ6, for-ale by PERS8EE It BROOKS, mlOr No 01 Liberty street. JOHN HENLEY, BANK AGENCY AND EXCHANGE OFFICE, COLLECTION OK BILL?, NOTES, DRAFTS, lie. lie. MONTGOMERY, ALA. REFERENCE :Me^iri. Miivwe'1 fc Co. 1 " I'rrsse k Brook*, I " J senb Little k Co. }Ncw York. " IVikina fc Hopkins, " Abraham B r II k Co. J ' St. Join Power* kCo ? ., Whttaker A SamprtD, * Mo,"'e? Al?* Jolin Whiting, E?q , Cashier vl 1 Branch Bank, I Jerk TliirrioK'nn, Eiq., > Montgomery, Ala P I). 8-iyer, Esq. I Phillips fc Mnmford, J m l Im ? re mnra; C"OH SALE?A lot of choice camry bird*, very (rod sinter* p and id a hrallhr state 4 P> r? >l1 annul p'irch-.?i.,g would do well to call at Cooimer cal Hotel, 7J Court! sad t street. mO *1* m POK SALE? I HE RACK BOAT "WAVE," which for A (peed and heautv of model i? probably unequalled, either with io?r or ail oars, length th'.ty-nine (cet. Apple to WM. CIIOLIUS, the Builder, _ wi6 6ti* r 400 Water ?treet. PRINTERS' AND BINDERS' WAREROOMS, Not. 29 and 31 Gold struct, N. York, April, 1943. PRICES GREATLY REDUCED. THE HOE PHIN riMO PRESS MACHINE AND SAW A MANUFACTORY, in con?equence of the addition of new mid unproved m.iihiiirry to their work*, ant! the reduction in the co?l ol material* and labor, are enabled greatly to reduce the price* of their naw**, and of Priuter*' and Binder*' material* generally. a* will be seen by their newly rrinled circular, to which they beg leare to refer. Thi* r*tahli*hmrtil i? mil under the peraonal inpcrintendWire of Richard M. Hoe and RoaunT hut, and they asanre their ftiend? that, notwiihatendiiiR the great reduclion in priee*,all article* manufactured by tlna establishment shall retain the high reputation which they bare hitherto anatained. It will a'ao be their conataut endearor to improve the quality of them in every particular. They flatter themselvea alio that their old frieuds will not only continue their favo *, but tint Printers generally will appreciate their endeavora to Inniiah the rcry beat articles at barely remunerating price*. Ordet* from any pan of the country lor all article* n*rd by Printer* or Binder*, including Type*. Ink, I'aier, kc.. wul be executed with the greatest care and promptitude, and on the best term*. Jobbing work and repairing will be done at the iowe*t pow ible prices, with every attention and expedition. } N. B.?All artie'e* roanuf 'ccured by this establishment will be lumped H. HUE k CO , in lhat persona from abroad may Dor. h* imposed upon with rpuriout article*, made ia imitation of theiis. Printer* of newapapera who pnbliih thi* adTerriaemeot, with thi* note, three time* before the fir*t of Jnly near, and send one of their paper* to n*. will be entitled to payment of their bill on buying four time* the amonnt of it. apMis r TNOOR TLATtS ! DOOR PLATES !?These in want or L' a handioine, cheap aud durable Silver Plsteil-r Brim Dior Plate, c?n obtain ihe above article at R ROBERTA' SllTar Plating, Engraving and Doer Piatt F.stah'ishmrni. 117 Bowery. Also, Metallic Number*, a new and Deautifnl article for numbering dwelling lum?e*, < lurch p?ws, ?hip s'ate mow*. ke. R ROBERTS, 157 Bowery. irfi lm?r 4th door above Broome St., east sid?. ?CE?RANCI8' PATENT Lift" BOAT.' Office No. 7 C W,ll .treat o<7l EpHE OLD GALEN'S HEAD DISPENSARY formeily A of No. 12 Prck Mijii* removed io No loo Chatham afreet, where the public will Had the old Di ctor. au I no where (lie in thi* city. Tfee Doctor contiuur* hi* confidential practice a* usual. If age, science and very eatenaive experience entitle the practitioner to pre'ereoce over the mere Ml HI the healing art, the proprietor ol No 1(10 Chatham street begs leave to direct the attention of a discerning public to hi* new location- A plurality of office* or room* fur the convenience and privacy of l> ilir nls, are provided, ( h.i.gei reasonable. Ada ion gratis. rnlO lt*r KVPRY HUMAN HAIR isapeifeet tnlie, tne innumerable ramification* of the arlerie* branch aloug ita inn-r snrtace. Through these vessel* th* hlaod. wh cb imparts vitali y to the hnr. circulates, and when l orn obttnic inn* in porr-of the scalp the supp y of blood *ud moistures is cnt iff. the Imr loses its gloss, becomes diy aod hirsh, aud falls off Now it i* obvious lhat tinleia the loresu' the scalp be oteied, the capillary action of the blood restored, and ilie >coif and dsedrnif proceeding frotn aopp'easrd nerip ration ronoved, b'ldnes* must apeedilv en ue. JANES'. IfAIR TOM'-will produce til these i ff cis?nsy more, it will re-clothe the h.ild places with igorouaai d luiur Hnttreisrs, and ensure a healthful and rertuuI lot growth of nair, <s long a* it is nseil iu conformi y with the printed directions whiih sccomimr each botile. and to which ir? appended i,nm mm testimonials of irs effic icy, from some if ?nt most di?rngu hi d c'crgvincii , hi ! | h' ans. ooiu DTA d. ? u. cniggnia. rvo. 7U r> 1111on alreet; n. B. Smdi It Co., No 273 Broadway; D. Saudi & Co., No. 77 fiaat Br railway I'r re tl. ml", ?'mn ARK, YOU rr u''|pd with a feeling opprratmn alter (mini I Do yon ip?nence a I iuf and iliyr.y cnaau.iu after taking irJt'H tl-rciae T Arc von afTliced with griping or spvamodic >a"n? i'j the atcnnth and bowel?7 A c you a'liioyed with aome rurtationi and olhi r ayinpromi i f i/np'if'Ct dig> ation7 Ha?p ou a doll fut conatant pain in yon: rght aide, orbetwern yoar hou'dera7 Co you eiperience uneeaoieaa in the rrgion of the lithiey, ace, rnnamed hy ahootirg peimof the back'/ In one vord, have you any of the symptoms which denote a diaorderd ?t de of the stomach the low, la, or the nerrpe 7 If the anw rr la adirinai ire, and y< n wiahto change'it tea hearty end oyona nyruive, try a bottle or two of JAYNK'S TONIC f K.KM Ik UUE. and, nnlraa there if a at J formation in your rgan.e airuciure, we guaraatep a core. Sold by A B it I). hands, drtiggiits, No. 70 KiiRnn draft; A. I. Hands h Co., No. 273 Broadway; D Sands It t o No. 77 '.sat Broadway. in6 6tinar THENKW YORK MEDICAL AND SURGICAL INSTITUTE, No 7S f'hambcra atreet, FSTABLISHKD TO RENDER TO THE AKKLICTi t-a ED Bound and Scientific Medical Aid. All kind of dnaapa will be treated, and aurgiral operationa of every deaerip on performed in the moat carelnl mil aciruti/ic manner. One f the first oeonliata in the city will attend to the treatment n| II dUcueiof the eye and ear I'articola' attention paid a the trr.itmpnt ol all female romplaiiita. f'aticnta who eaire it will be viailed at their houses. Those whoie leant are limited will only be rr<)ai(ejl to ; ay for their mediinea. Three or four rooina are provided fov private eouinlta on. The department it attpiided by an apothecary of n at ciperiencc, ai.d a I medicineadit|i< nacil may be relied on i pure and grnuinr. Capping and leeching will be done tai ic ahorteat notice. Oi?ii day and night. I'atiepu from the country wishing to avail themaelvea of the reat advantages tilib luatitntioii possesses lu the treatment nf trofnluna affections, cnlaneona diaeaaea, and opctaona, can be accommodated with board and rooma iu iti iinmef late vicinity. DH ItrtML' H anaTivicv _r>$: 5 ft; a^aB / P''K8K PK^ALE PILLf*. 11 " P*rr'ir?, Co b? ob?t?u?w frm rV-Sr?s?/, ?r? I I ? " for* iS^I!' S^wAKj I ( -J- g PtltK TllfCATHK. THI?, P-VKNINO. w,U hr performed. ('RAND FATHER WHITKHKAD f]r%a Ifa'l ar Wl ir. Iir/id, Mr Plieir(e; V*i- ?.* Barry; l.oniaa Mm Bu'oid A'ter which Mine | Juli* To mm'I and Miet W?|o-r? wi1' dance Kl Bolero Ta cnnclade with ALMA MATKU-C an' Paye, Mr Barry: ' Hnnt ? H*'caam. Plac da; Widow Ventara, Mra H Boies, Mete; Pit, r> etc, Gallery, UH ete. Doore open nt 7; peifo w?nw< commence at > nil pa?t r. CHATHAM filkA'i'o M.. MR FORREST >;-n M1S1 CLIFTON FOR FIVE NIGHTS ONlY THIS EVENING. will he [t-rf>*ru'?il, MKTAMOHAM'Uinea, K Korre?t; Hor-lio, W MarthaR; Mahmcobre, Mill J Chiton. To e.inelndr with the BLACK DWARF? Klih'ft WMarahal|. Iiil'tl Mr* Midiroo; Grace ArnMironii Mr* HtUtonTille. Pricea ol Admiettnn?Preai Circle 'A cglii Second an < Third Tier* 25; lit 1?K; Gillerv I2H cent*. Doon opon before 7?ctirfain ii?e? at 7X o'< lock prrciiely. IIICLL'H OLVMFIC THA* t < THIS EVENING, will be performed, FRA DIAVOLOFr* Diarole, Mr? Timrn ; Briino, Mr Mitchell. To con' rlodd with AMY LEE?Lilly Morgan, Mr* Timin; Biddy Mi** Taj I ir. , i- in* llw.n will b* opened ?t 7, din* * onu*ui immeiice ?' lalf-?*?- 7. *yerv ereiunir. AINBKICAN Bff'BICtm. L**r week o 1 the much admired and Magnificent MODEL OK PA11IS, ALL IN CAHVKD WOOD, eoTenag auaraaof JAO feet, ami re[ le'rnting rcrry portion rf that great city with anch perfect accuracy that rermn* who ha?* been in Pari* in point nu' the rare houae in which they li?e?. PROFESSOR J OARVEY A -ON, will pertorm their won drrlul Kiptilihiiurr*and Ovmuaitira. Mr SHKKMaN, the heautifnl B?llad Singer, MiuAUrLUPK PHILLIPS, the hrei Dimeaie in Ament*. A LIVING S1- A POO. from New Fonodland. ENORMOUS SERPENT. 20 feet lone . . The Me'od'-n Oilianic G >H and Silver Plating! Albino Le dy'. Fancy (ila*< Blowing and 'i#0,000 curio'itie*. Pay vititer* admitted *ame evening Iree. Admi**lon to Mnteiim and entertainment* ti cent*?children ' ?If price. fKAI.K'tl NKW VOKK IIKJMEUN Broadway nppoaite th? City Hall. Mr. H. BENNETT. Manager. REDUCED rill ,K?ADMISSION ONE SHILLING The following eminent perlormer* will appear? Mi1* MART DARLING, the *ccnmrlnhed Knrhautrc**; Mr DELA RUE, the uuri?*|led Mimic; l.A PETITE CERITO the graceful Danaeti* . Mr H. BF.NDALL, the celebrated Gninic "inger The Siame-e Twin* lergt aijife; * large r'l u V, Iirmr n IHI long; AO euarinnus Hcrpcnt ; The M'-loili-n plays it variety of Overtures. Alteruorti entertainments on Saturday at 3 o'rlock. Day visiters admitted the same evening free of charge. Performances 111 the Lac I a re Koom in commence at! o'clockMONS BLKY'S (.IKANL) VOCAL AND INSTRUMENTAL CONCERT. PREVIOUS TO 1118 DEPARTURE FROM N. YORK MOVS UI.KV, Fust Violin Solo player at the Uytuaase .Musicnle in P.iris, begs to announce a Grand Vocal, and Instrumental Conceit, at the APOLLO ROOM, on Thursday, the llth instant, arsisted by the following moat rtniueui talent:? MADAME BUTTON, MONS. F HA K KM A N, MON*. TIMM. And other eminent atti tel. At the suggestion of many friends Moos. Bley has put bis tickets at 30 cents, to he had at the Mnsic Stores and Hotels and at the door. For proKrninme see small bills. Cnaeert to commence at o'clock. mlfti MR. HOSIER'S CONCERT. APOLLO HOOMS. WEDNK.8DAY, May It. BEETHOVEN'S Pastoral Symphony. Mendelsohn's Midsummer Ninth's Dream; Weber's Jubilee Orertnre.will be pis veil by a numerous orchestra Thrre olJ Italian ?rd English Madrigals, will he sung by twenty voices, Itc. kc. bull particulars iu small bills Mrs C K Horn, Mr Austin Phillips. Mr M iyiiari, Mr Mas ?'t., Mr Meyer, Mr Scha fcuberg, Mr Tiram, Mr Alpera, Mr M irks. Mr J A Ky le, Conductors, Vlessrs O Coder and K W Hosier. Tickets SI < ach, lo be had at the resideace of Mr Rosier, Ml Pearl itcct; at the principal Music stoics, and at the door on Pie evening of iierfotmance. m >-3t# SINGING. M ADAM SUTTON, having arranged to i eturn to Italy tha ''1 beginning of August, purposesrreeivi ng pupils outil that time,to itive finishing reasons in the Italian, Ft nch, aud English style of Hinging Her method it that pursued by Bordogoi and Vac.rii. the first masters in Europe, iurruasing the strength sod compass with rstonishing rapidity. Her put lis will hare tho advantage of her -inging with them, which can be pursued by masters alout, who .hare beeu eminent singers. Ladies desirous of avai'ing themaelres of Madam Sutton's limited stay, may ascertain terms, Ac., by application at 17 Chambers street, from 9 o'clock till 2. mM Sm*r plANO'FORtEB?NUNNBIt CLARK, offer tor sele at 1 their ware room, (formerly 137 Broadway,) No. 240 Broadway, opposite ilie Park, a large assortment ol rosewood and mahogany Piauo Fortes, at reduced pricrs. Having recently made very important i v proremtats ia reganl to touch, time aud construction of their Pianoo. they invite purchasers to r tamine them before purchasing elsewhere. N. k C. have i usl finished two elegant rosewood seven octave initrumeu'a, which they offer for the elimination of the poblic. mt-eois4t" FIVE DOLLARS REWARD?Lost. on the 2d of May, in Ba'clay street, a smill white I'oodte Dog, hie bach shaved to Ilia shoulders. Apply at 179 Broadway. tn9 I *t MLO ?T-Yeiteiday, in C.hambera s'reet, e email Spanish Poodle Dog The finder will be suitably re warded by leaving it at Ihi- office. ip9 3tr THOSE LADIES who are renovating their dwelling*, as a eomptimeu 10 the NWI> when all ia buoyant nod (ay, may be furnished willi Fancy Cut Tiiaue Paper, for the eovariugofpic ure fiam-s, locking glasses, candlealieka, raaei, grata aprona, hall lamp , Uc tic . which will (really ornament, at a very trilling expense, at IG1 Canal atreet, 2d below Variclt. mr.lm'jgb WATCHES, DIAMONDS, See. 'PHK Subscriber having retired frotn'tha lata firm of Gel ? atoo. Ladd It Co. ha* commenced business at the comer of Broad and Wall itreeia, opposite the Custom Honae, lor tna sa'e of fine Warches, Diamonds and (Jeutiemen's Jewelry,at prices in sccordancu with the rimea. All Diamoud Jeweiry bought of the atrbscriber will bar* f urrhased by him after deducting 7 per cent; tnereby offering to pnrchaiers an opportunity lo convert their diamonds into m inry at any time they may please. Fine Duples, Lever and Lenina Watches, which he can recommend and warraut a* good time keepers also,Gold Chain, Pencil Cases, Watch Keys, Stc Silver Foihs, Snoous, and Tea Seta, of tha newest patterns, and very best ijuality and workmanship at 5 per cent advance on the manu fncturer's prices. All the above art'rlet shall b* eipial to the b?st mide in New York. Watch's and ('locks repaired nnder his personal snperinlandince, with the assistance of the best woramen. Diamonds, Pearls and other precious Stone* and Silver bought or exchanged, WM. F. LADD, 12 Wall street, opposite the Custom House. a20 1m i**m WATCHKS AND JEWELlKAY lower than sver.-A* 'V t'le subscriber is eoiirtnritly receiving all descriptions *f gold and silver watches, of the newest styles, direct from tha manufacturer*, in England. Fiance, and Switxerlaad, ha is ruah'ed to offer a larger assortment, and at much less pnees, at irtail, than any other house in the city. Gold Watches as low ssflieaeh. Watches and Jewell enr eichanged or boughl. All watches warrauled to keep good time, or the money returned. Witches, clocks and jewellery repaired in the oe*t manner, and warranted lower than at anr other place iu tha city. G, C. Allen, importer of w itches and jArellery, whole sale and retail. TOlWall sireet. up stairs. 'a!3-lm ins*m J? SOUNTHTIiOT. AWEN PHK9COTT, Pilot, takes charge as master of reeve sell hound to New Bedford, Nantucket fthoals. Boston, Portsmouth, Portland, Kenneb-ck, and OTHER PORTS east of New York. Office st Frye Ik Shaw's, 222 Water street, corner leekman. Reference to a number o< Mesehaats, ana the several Insurance Cemnanies iu this city, Boston, and Portland. sit imia* PASSAGE FOR LONDON?Psck-t Itih Mm ? kmSVW The splendid,'nit sailing packet ship MONTREAL, iMklba''<pt K. (i.'Tinker JwilT rail positively e* above, her regit ardiy. Having splendid rceommodslions for csbin, sersnd rsbin and steerage passengers, for passage early application should b* in ide on board, or to W. k J T. TA PSCOTT. in*' 42 I eea "iip mt Booth at. ACT- PASSAGE KOK LONDON?r?ek?( of the IOth Mat?The superior fast soiling packet ahip MONJNMMEsTKEAL, Captain Tinker, will sale aa above , bar rcL'ula day. Has superior accommodations for cabin, aeeond cabin aad steerage passengers. Persona wiah<ne to embark should make earl7 application to JOHN HKKDMAN, 61 Sooth street. N. B.?Persons lending for their friandi residing in Oiest Britain aud J eland, ran have thein brought out as usual, by any of the shfps composing thia line; and drafts farniahed for any amount. payable without discount throughout the United Kingdom. Aptily aa aitore. mt r KOH LONDON?Kegalar Packet of the iWfo Vav ? The eery superior fast sailing packet ship JKBLMONTHKAL, Captain tinker, will sail an above her regular day. Having eery superior accommodations for cabin, second an bin.rand steerage passengers; persona wishing to embark should make early application ou board foot ol Maiden lane, or to JOSEPH MeMURRAT, 100 Pine street, comer of South street. Persona wishing to send lor their friends, can have them brought out by Die above slop, or any of the regular packets, by applying as above, if br letter, post-paid. r *'OIL LIVERPOOL?NEW LINE?.Macular xffn- Packet of 2Mb May.?The Splendid racket Ship AMUbSHKRIDAN. Captain S. Depeyatrr, of lt$t tone will positively sail aa above, her regular day. For freight or passage, having asconnnodj lions unequalled for apieoaor or eomlort, apply on boar.l, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall streat, orto K. k. COLLINS A CO. it South street. Price ol pas*.-.**, $160. Tne Packet Ship Oarr ck, Capt. Wm Skidd y, of 1M tons, will sneceed rhe Sheridan, and sail (he 2Mh of June, har regular day. Li-ttars (or the shipsol this hue will only be received at Gilpin's and Hale's News Room. Passengers may rely cn (he ahipa of this line sailing punctual lyaeadverti.-d eiTr Sl&jt FOR LIVERPOOL (British vessel)?Saale ou wSM^Thnrsdiy, the 26th of May. The lave rite, wall 4HMk>l<ij?wn very fast sailing British ship CHESTER, Captain John Doyle, will sail positively aa shove. ror freight apply on board at I ier 13 KtiC liner, or to tho subscriber!? |ROCHK, BROTHERS & Co.. ? Kulcon ,t. Dl (Or IK it door to the Falton Bank. PASSAUK KOK LIVERPOOL Peekat llth tfffy Way?A iplrrKlid packet (hip will be despatched and JMtlfaiail poaitirely at above her regular day. Ha?iu< ipU ndid accommodations tor cabin, second cabin an l at?era?e passengers, far passage early applicarioa should be made on bonrd, or to W.fcJ.T.TAPSCOTT, _m9r <3 Peck Blip cur Sonth at. i&i? bOH LIVK.RI'OOL.?Regular packst of the llib jHWyMw-Thf ?eiy eupermr, fast aailmg packet shir aSatsrknit.N WHlTNfcY, Captain Thompaou, wi'l pmurtly tail <a above. Having veiy tnperior aceomioodationa for cabin,ascend eabia an I steerage passengers, persons wi*bin? to embark (heold make early application, on board, foot of Maiden Lane, or to JOSEPH MeMUNMAr, too Pine ?t.. cor. Booth Tie abore wi'l he (iipe-aedid by the ipleudi I pteket (hip Bheiidan. C?pt. Dapeyaty, and iai' oi the Jit i inat . Ptraona wishing to tend lor their frieuds residing in the oldcoontry, can hare them brought oot bythe above ship, o* any of the regular packets, by applying aa abora ; if by letter, poattuid m1' " roil hAVKK-'lV superior Ereueh bnrqon iMWWAlOLK.copierrd and eopiar l.uteued, ?i.1 be diajfi?SalLoat. lied immediately for N,Ir,ir|(]NVTTV K^Sght apply to A. SMGNfcTTlE. it fi ?t*m * -?' .* .._ et'lv > h tv o?U.a>i-LOLISIANa AND VOHK t,l>n.?lueiUTeiy rI ret Kenui 9Abl'.ii'kcl-T>< Mil I lie 15th May Tn? tut roiia* paean >hi|> MLMPIIIS, (.'aitaiu Allen, will poeitively *') ? above, her ruoUrday. Kor Irewhl ii oMMite. harm* handioine turaulird accommodation*, apply > !) >?>J. al Orleua wharf, foot ol Wall it. or to K. K COLLINS k CO. 54 Aoath at. .Ih'Piwr* rnayrely npon hi? not iheir god* correctly ineaear] ail e*d that tfca (hint of thu line will utl pnnetoally aa ad Verio, d. Any guarantee to that effect will be given and fa I filed ;hst may be reinired Agent* in N. Orleeoa, Hnllia k Woodaaff, wnewitl preaape y forward ell f >oda to thpir *ddr*s?. I Die pecttt ship Ofmvl***, C*ruin T#et,wttl en?e?*4tfc? Mcmphu. a c* %

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