Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 12, 1843, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 12, 1843 Page 1
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??gBB?? m tt 1 m Vol. UK.?-Ho. !??.?-Wfcolo Ho. 93**. To tht Public. THE NEW YORK HERALD?daily newspaper?publishcd ?vcry day of the year except New Year'* iay and Fourth ef July. Price 3 cent* per copy?or f7 36 por annum?postage* paid?caih in advance. THE WEEKLY HERALD?publiahedevery Saturday morning?price 6J cents per copy, or $3 13 per annum? postages paid?cosh in advance. ? ADVERTISERS aro informed that the circulation of the Herald is over THIRTY THOUSAND, and increasing act. It hoe the larfrtt circulation of any paper in this city, or the worU, and is therefore, the heel channel for business wun in the city or country Prices moderate?cash in advance. PRINTING of all kinds, executed at tho most moderate prices, and in the most elegant style. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, PaoraiiToa ?? th? Hkrsld Establishmknt, Northwest corner of Fulton and Nassau streets TO LET in Williamsburg? Tlir whole or pat of a a neat three story brick Dwelling House in Month 7ih J'MI " n*-ar4ih it., rentrery low Aptly to W. & J. T. Tapac.ort, 43 I'e'k slip. m 7-ec Mm1 HOUSES TO LET AT VOKKVlLLt.-s nrge houses on the corner of Dtlb street and 3d avenue; either .il'T&of them is calculated for a public house, itrocery Qr private residence. On the premises is a fine stable, howling alfey, and a fine garden, coasisting oft .ots, with grape vines and fruit trees thereon. Foi lertns, inquire of JOHN A. MORRILL, Esq., nifi ?wr No. 11 Chambers st. MTU LET?GREENWOOD COTTAGE, Uiwaims, B o-ihU n, cont itat g six rooms, rd ar and house, wills luge sardeu. It Sis he-uufi . ..fuatod on the he'g'i". and communes an nnob-trucied view of theHsy,8taten Island, New Voik, he. Distune: from the South Ferry, two aud a half miles. Umtiibusies pa?? the end of the street several limes daily. 1 o a rr*M eciamc mm iv inc rrui win we n?w. oikj >i?e ui *% MARTIN It '"o 76 John stlret, New York, oral the Toll Bridge, loot cf C' ure st'eet, Brooklyn. n 9 Iw *ni TU WENT?The exteusive Building erected the preff?? lent kiwh h? the sabseriher, for hit own residence, on XJii'.e margin of he feint Hirer, at tiowanus Height*, two and a hall miles from South Brooklyn Kerry, commanding splendid view* ?>f the Bay anil Jersey snore, the cttes of New York and Brookli n, Stales Island and the East and North Hivers. The H mse i? thick. a inferior building, five stories h'ph, covered withcoppet; the hall and stairs of marble: the water front ab mt one thousand feet, aud (he bathing wtthina few vatdsof the door, ercelle: t fishing and fowling in the im mediate * icioitr. The drive from New York is about fifteen minutes, and the premiss are not excelled by any situation near this city. One hundred peisons can be accommodated.? Possession immediately-. Apolv to JOHN K DELAPLAINB.m Wallst. ALSO TO l!KT, the three story brick House, 34 Walker street, between Broadway and Church strret, occupied by Mrs. Veri lauck; and the iwo ?torv brick Hon?e No. 829 Nineteenth street, occupied by Mr- C. W. Keeks?Rents moderate. alO lrn'gc nd TO LfeT?Tn- upper pTta of the new three |K? a ory brick II uses Nos 343 317 at d 3 9 Broome st-eet, T 'B h-twren the Bowery and Elizabr th at., with 13 rooms each, with kitchen aud ca'lsr. Also, the thrre story bilck House and Store No. 330 Broome street, to 'et .... N. B ?Pipes far th* Crotnn' Water wi'l b? tnlrducfd tnlo either of Uie bouses if r-q ireit, and pa'ses-ion given immediately. For furthe- information inquire of 81 HULTZ Hi BLEI JOHN, No. 91K Bowery. mIO lw'm M 'l'O LET?The Mansion tlouse at Bloomtngdile, kuuWD as the " Abbey" situated a ah -rt rftitance above rh" six mile atone, just above Slryker's Bay, and nearly opposite St. Michaels Church. The place it well known at oue ol the most delightful situations on the Island, asd is remarkably healthy in the summer season. Toe Hloomingdale stages pass and repass the gate every boar in the day. The gate is new, and numbered 101. The tent will be in accordance with the present state of the times. A ply on the premises, or at 133 Chambers street. N. B.?Arrangement could be made, il desired, by a satisfactory tenant, to let a part of the luruiture now in the house remain, sr a part of the house will be rented separately. apli lm*r TO Lfc.!*?The lire prooi brick store. No. I OS south it, with immediate poss. inns if required, apply to WOODHULL it MIN TURN, m34r ? street. M TO I.ET?The two story brick House and premises, Nn HS Wtintl#r miiilmil in lh? mint moHrrn JUJLstyle, with tumble mantel-pieces ami folding doors throughout. Apply to JOSEPH Mc.MVRKAY, mS3r 100 Pine sirce.t. MA FOR SALE OK TO LK.T?The three alorv hnck dwelling hoi)?e No 07 Second Avi me, corner of Fourth XdaL*'reet It it finished in modem strle. with under cellar, ma gene doom, and plated larnitnrr iu the [nrlors marble mantels aud grates thr, ughi nt. There arc in nil sixteen rooms in the h iose, twelve nl which are aleepirg rooms. It will be reu ed at a lew price to a good tenant. Ap'le to mNCIS 8. BRoVVV, l st. or l"3 S? cond Arc tine. JM TO LET OR FOR SAL It?A three story modern p"? httilt b'ick dwelling l.onsr mil state, wi h two lo;s of X-'JL B'on id a-r?ched, tna'e l in Williamabury, about two siii.n'i s walk f'oni the Peck Slip Feny A poly on the premises, corner of Fourth and South-Eighth streets Williamsburg, or o W. it J. T. TAP8COTT. _? lr O -Pec> slip, i y^gg MRLO'S GARDEN?000 Donb'e D'M.isof every ffCrol shade end line, a' 75 rents e -eh. Kos*s of the choicest W<S kisdsfor Par'ornrO rdeu cultnr * ; nr w an I choice O'raniums in gteat vati-y ; Veibenes, of every shade n I tint ; Ranunculi*. Pen irs, F imtilaet, Polyanthus. spl.ndid Caclu Chinese Anitas, Ac in lull hiown aud beauty ; 3 i.OOO plan A on tke h west teims for cash; Tuberose, trlidi.ilus, Tu M Flowers and Amarilis Moots ; Viucs oi choice kinds lor eo / ing a'b"r.. All ihe new and choice annual, bieunial em/Trenuis' Fl iwer Seeds, manv of which are yet scarce ia Jtur< p- ; Ir- sh imported f eretsble Srvds, ofevery desirable kind; red aud wh te Clever. Timothy, Rs' Top and It li?n bye Grass ;'Bud 8c d of e'i kinds : fancy Bird Cages and Birds in I irat vsriete ; Gold Fish aud Globes of various S'zes ; 2u0 Iba Frerr i white Soger B et teed, lors'ork. Allotwhicn our liiends ai d ihe public ere invited to call and tsamine before pu ch<sine elsewhere, mil 3 *r 3,000 GREENHOUSE PLANTS? H. >i. LLVENG yMH I'uM in'orms h>s friends end ih- public generally, that ^he hee midc erargmtuts with Messrs. G S. Mann It i'? Mo sea R nadwsv. comer of Anthnnv street, in their nri Tate ??ir? r ciin. u > stairs, I. rlhr pu pose of deimsitirg and disposing of rt Ptiv 'to sale, all ol hi< large and extensive surplus Tine T of Greenhouse Plants, *>li rh were nised at his well known establishments! Yotkviile 98th itreet 3<1 ateuce. For Tiri t, beamy md ihiiflr growth and la'ge assortment, they will he found nnsn paaied by any othera tailed in this vicinity. Thty hite not been forcrd and will retain their buna and flow en aa well at piaota poaaibly can do hy rerriaiug proper i tleution to their culinre, and for winch Mr L. flatten hnnielf that bia piare weil known in lint market Th*y will be sold lo - for cash. A daily npplywi I be received during the season. Peraons t urrhaaii g to tell again will be liberally dealt with. 10 0 tnbero?e? and Malabar viuri will be aold very cheap. Ladies are pa ticn'a-ly invited to atleiul. m8 lw*r jnm KAKM eOK 8ALK?The beMt'ilnl improveu Hicktfflutoii Umve Kami situited in the town of Mamoronrck, jasLa. Wea chtati i county. >hiee nulea raat af New Horh. lle, a few tninutea walk 'ram the Beaton turnpike, cocaiaui g of io acres of choice I nd, ten of which ia wood land; hand'ome dm le two atory houaa, teD raoros. The house is anrionndt d with nnme out chtrry, plumb, |m ar and ot'-er fruit trees, together with an aorle oich rd of ihe choicest k nd. The ou'huihi gtrrralli first rat* rrpnir; handsome garden lu front of the honse, laid out wnh box aud gtase walks throughout, and is stocked wi hall of the rarest alitu tbety, flowers, Sic.; hindsome lawns in Iront and tear ol the houae. '1 he i iskory grove stands on a rising g t mitt, twenty rods distance from (he house, with beautilul lof y trees, and is keot as tdeasnre ground, havieg a good view of the Loi g Island Sonnd Th a place ia well worth ilm att-niion of any geutl-mau wanti g a country residence. For in thei information enquire n( ltOBT LK\VM, cor rr Jones Une and Honui street, or of Captain SAMUKL OHQvt-8. on tha pieinises. mi;t0t*r wyMt FA "Kim FOR 8ALK, couianiiig foriy acres, tmrtyfire under cultivation and the balance a good growth of 2C?Mi < >n the premises ia a house m good repair, a new coach house and a large harn lu front of the house is an excellent well of water, seenrrd (mm the weather by a new well house, aud a fin* lawn in front of the house. On the above desciibed frm ia fruit in abundance, such as apples, cherries, tears, quinces, currants,goosebernca, sc. _ The above farm is two n>ilea from the steamboat landing, otic fr in ihe town of Hye, on the North atrect road. A foil view of the Sonnd ; can sec two jight homes when lighted; is in every respect a desirable location for a gentleman'* residence. This farm is in Westchester County. Call on the premises, oi on Mr. J. H. WKLUH, 15 Uronard street. *IB lm"re or*' the Polirr Offie-. ?i he kr&nlh and avikrican *Xt7Tg"house, * No 61 and CI Nassau itreet, between M .'den lane aid Johnitrm, it i i>w belngl or the nommtr rnnu'ha thoroughly re> aired, ihe kitchen to hu alt- red to tn? Wen India plan, of luring the same in the re ir of the hoises t > p-event the odor and heat fr> m cookiug, ?h rli it in general rcry ofTena re in moat t a i. g houirr?ami the dining *4(000 > til I'gcd an 1 d coratet in a superior K't-i oh style, Wl li ma bio tl 'Irs, aupein oil pain'inaa, in rhlr i t itura of tieneral Wsahiig'cn, ; where upwauli ut tiOper ons can with convenience >i( atr mtkea thi* houae our ol the ma* genierl, aii|)?ih ami comf rt?lile at tahltil tnrnla in the Union?-wher from Ot to 7ll dishea are d i y ae re I op, from ft c 11U >nd nptTaids) the beat Java Coffee and the fineat Mack Tea at .7 ceuMacut; the bast Claret Wine at 6 cemt a amall hott'r, k . The Jubrctiher, aenaih a < f the trath that retrenchment i< the oiden I it edtv, ia confident thBt no place ea ata where Uleala f the d-aeription furnished at hia houar can he itirptased for luwneia ol'cli harm. Iireu hia c >ij**ant aim to endeavor to c tier at the mn?i economical pricea. It u naeleaa to mention men the ftme 1 f 'him Home being I ng aince establish- d rs the fir*t 1 fita ri icrp ion iu tint citr. Thoae in douht of ilie same c*n be c >ari ml by the cronil. of gertlemen of the fa rot respectability llmt doily reicr. t?>er?. Wilh 1 h tubs to a generous aud dia"rtminatii g pnhlie for their flittering firon, the aubocribtr, il -?ir. us of retaining a c uti niece of pironage, frreiy ngui 1 un?- if mil 2w"r IIKNi.YUOSI.INO PHOruOBAni POHTHAlTi.?Df. L. M. CYHUi' the inn ntoi of tl ia new art, produce? hy it not only acot* reel iikenena af the original p rtr .it lint elio a 1 uriiy of .'ei igi, a hril i.ncy of coloring, w'tchl r a r, est the cht f-nhauv .a ?"hi h r ancient or mi d re?of the mo*t C'lebr led arinti. tirati fnl I r the t nc'Ur.igenie ot tie hia raciired from hia numerous friends end the puh ic geneia1 y, 1) L>. 1V1. Cy oa would f in inform ihrm ila .t he hai fitted up, fo- he accommod lion of Indie*, a suite ol'iuoiiia 111 1' ik Pi ce II one, coiner ?f Broadway, wheir he mats hia skill lit h a j r, feaaion end hi* a t -niton In II who mly I onorhim with iht ir I will i. au e him a continuance of the |iatronrge httheilo ao liberally iM-aiowd on hiin. Tha Doetorgirea inatrnction in av?ry d patlmeut of the Dagueirtioiy p? and I'uyt. gr.iphic art. 1'iaiiurneuia fji taking porIril.aona Inge orara-llsc le, for Sale, as also the nereaaary chemical 1 reparations f r thetiking of portrait* in rhyto* Kr'P ? Of color! 1 fmn moderate. mlO lie r rIMl it E LAUIE.S who ur renovation thru dwelllliRi, a? a A compliment 10 the leaaon, when nil ii buoyant a. <1 IMT, may be farniihed wiih Fancy i nt l'iiiue Paper, for the eorei* inn ot pic ore fiam l. lo -kinic irlniiei, candle uticki, T.tin, urate aprnaa. Ii?i| laanp , fcc Ito , wlrrli will creatl, ornunent, at a Very ti Hunt elpcUl , ai 161 Cauai aireel, 2d below Vaiick. mf> im jab _ _ _ ?fl? | ?> iwtA |9 uno, $J,00" s<,-eo, ooo, siuo. to i >n > in iia<t?e, at aiven per cent, (m i commitklulia llu kill.) A|>|'li I" _ . SCKlEFFELI.V k FERRIS, mKlit'in Contiiellora t Law, 2(1 thair.beit atieet. r|M> riRCHA.N TS'ANI) III .tHK.NM-.S- II,. A or fir. i to wl.oie care a paeka?c w? coiPRiieil by Mr. Jimri Pilbrow, ol London, lor Thomtl II ll. tl old. then of Kr?derickibnrit, V*., will pleare communicate with the laitc r iKronah the New Fork Pon Olfice m!0 Mr HANUINO PATER-.0.1) lb., line white H Paper, lor iili by PKRS8E 8t BROOKS, mil ac - No. 6i Liberty itreet. E NE BRITISH AND NUUI i! AMERICAN ROYAL MAIL STEAM VMlPa, Of l2t'd,tons ami I 10 'lorje power each. Luder contract with the Luril* of the AJi.unllr. HlBERNlA. ' C. H. K. Judltina, Commander. Hl'vJ'l'A.NNIA, J. Hewitt. do CALEDONIA, E. fl. Lott, do ACAUI \ A. Ryrie do COLUMBIA, K. C. Millet, R N do Will nil fiom Liverpool and b'-tlou, via Halifax a* follows: I'H.M Lin.llfO(H, FROM ?P?IO*. Acadia, Hyrie, Feb * Mar 1 Columbia, Miller, Mar 4 Ap'l 1 Britauuia, Vewiti, Apl 4 May 1 Hibemia. Judkins, Ap'l 19 May IS The accommodations for passeiiKers are su|>erior. The vessels are acrainpauied by experienced surgeons, and amply supplied with Frances'PntentLife Boats. Passage icduerd to S120. No Bertha aecured until paid for. For further information.apply to 1). BR1UHAM, HAilNOEN St CO'S. No. I Wall-at i ttlr FOR HALIFAX AN1) LIVERPOOL The Biiiiab and North American Koj al Mail Steam ?h p HIBERNIA. C. 11 E. Judkiiu,''o iimamler, mill leave lloatou fur ihe above porta on Tuesday, 10th May. Passage to Liverpool $120. Passage to Halifax 20 Apply to i). BUIUI1AM, Jr. Agent, mil 4tec No. 3 Wall itre?t. NEW JERSEY RAILROAD AND TRANSRJRTATION COMPANY. NEW YORK AND NEWARK. Fare reduced to ail cent*. Front tire loot of Courtlahdt rtreet. New York. (Everv day?Sunday e*i cpted.) Leaves New York Leaves Newark tl it A.M. Al 2 P.M. At 7 A. M. At 1H P. V. ? j uu. a uw. i u?i. 11 do. 4 do 9 do. 5H do. 5* do. 1034 7V, Ho. I 34 do. 934 do. 8 do. ON SUNDAY8. * From die Toot ol Cvurtlandt street. Leave Now York, Leave Newark. Al 9 A. M. and 434 P. M. At 1? I'. M. and 9*4 P. M. NSW YOHK, ELIZABETH TOWN, Leave New York ! ?' Elir-beth Town At 8 A.M. At2 r M. At 74 A.M. At l* P. M. 9 do.j 4 do. do. 334 do. 434 o. 10 do. tirt do. 9>k do. The trama for Wenheid, Plainfield, Boundbrook, Somerville, fcc., connect with the 9 A M, audi4341* M trains liom New York, daily, Sanday* excepted. Karr between New York and Elizabeth Town 29 cents. Fare between do and 8otnerville, 79 cents. NEW YOKE. RAHWAY AND NEW BRUNSWICK. Fare reduced. From the foot of Coartlandt itreet, daily. Leave New York. Leave New Brunswick. At 9 A. M. At 0 A. M. 4 T. M. 734 " 9)4 " 12S> noon. 834 L. M. ON SUNDAYS Le've New York. Leave New Brnnswirk. At 9 A M and 434 '' AL At 1 34 noun, and 84 T M Kate between New Yo-k and New Brnutwick, 79 cens Rahway, 90 cei ts The far* in the 6 and 734 A. M. train from New Bruins, wick, and 4 and 9?t P. M. train from New York, has been rcj duced. New York and New Brunswick, to 50 cents. " and Rahway to J7>4 Passengers who procure their tickets at the ticket office, r? eeive a ferry ticket gratip. Tickets are received by the con doctor only on the ilt.y when purchased. f U 3m l'ULLEv kToiT'S h-XPrtESS, 3 WALL STREET. Tha inbseriber*. ihe old condn-ton ol Harnden b Co.'s Ex pren from New York, will continue to run *s herctnfore.lrav. lag New York, A|t>?ny and Troy daily, aud will forward Specie. B <uk Notes, P.trketes, Bundles, ( a?esof Goods Par be , in connectiou with Messr . Bnicy b Howard'! "Greet Western Kip est," to and from the lol'owii g places v X- Utica, 81 racte, Oswego,Auburn, Seneca F<lIs. G ueva Canad tig sa, Roches er, Biiiavi* Lechporr, Buffalo, Detroit Cleavelaud sod' li'cagn; Kingston,Toron >audHimi|. ton, iu Canada West By Jacob*' Northern Express, to White hall, Barliugton, Champlsiii and Plaltiburgh; also to St J hna Montreal and O leoec, iu Canada r aat. i hey will als> c<n nrct witii Hatch k Co.'s Southern Express at New York, ant forward ariHes of every description to Philadelphia,balumjre and Washington. Particular atien'ioo will be paid to the collection of Notes Drafts. &C and prompt ntnins made b? fi st Express. Kact messenger will be provided with one of Wilder's Patent Saia mander Sales, thereby affo ding greater security ;n the tians mission of valuable papers, kr OFFICES. PULLKN it COPP. bn, 3 Wall street, New York. 'J'HOMA" GUUOH, No 15 xchange, Albany. A. O FlLKINS, 221 River street, Trie. 8 JA410BS, Exchange Comt, St. Paul, Montreal. Referencs?Me'?rs Prime, Ward tk Ko>g Jac b Little 1 Co., hu T Umiih & Co., t'epoon k H ffinsi,, Ca pen ?r & Ver _ e. Houghton Itlo. Drew, Hohimou k C'.. N. Turk b mitirry. Esq, 'I hnmas Gongli, Esq , Alnany; J?hr 1 ^ ^.vq , e-snier, Wells, do., S K. Stow, d >. O. 8 JW .us,do . K. Leave, do Trov ir6 -?d FARE $'4 00 SECOND CABIN, 1 00 FAKE REDUCED. GREAT SOUTHERN SI WtS I'UHN MAIL ROUTE. AFTERNOON LINE TO BALTIMORE Datlv,(?iCrnt Sundays) at 4 o'clock, from Dock at wharf Br Ciiiieiis'Union Line, via New Castle and F'reuchiown Rai read, and th? swift and splendid steameoa's Rt'BERT MORRIS, Captain Douglass. OH O, " Davis. CONSTITUTION. " Chaytor. St GEO. WASHINGTON, " Trnpe. Through frt m Philsdrlptiia to Baltimaro in seven hours and a h If To commence oi Monday. May 8th, leaving Dock street wharf dailv, Pnudays excepted, at 4 o'cloek, P.M. carrying the greut South rn ai d Ws.lern Mails and the only Afternoon Line connecting with the Lines tor the South aud Wist, lroni Baltimore. Passengers leaving New York via the moru'nif line, will always arrive in time for'.his line, and be in B& denote the sains SVeuitW This is the only Line of Steamboats turning in connection with lee Railroad to and from Baltimore. W. L. ASHMKAP, Agent. _m9 3t^m Dock ?treet wharf. MORRIS AND ESSEX RAIL ROAD, SBQ. JBHte S0Q. New Arrangeaieut?This Road having been re-laid at great expense with the moat a;iproved and heaviest H rail, to secore a sale and expeditious conveyance between New York and Morristowu, will commence, running two tnpa daily, Sundays excepted, on and after Monday, Jan, V8. First Train from Moiriatown will leave at73< A M. Second Train from MeSristown will leave at IN T M. F'irst Train from New York will leave at 9 A M?Newark al MAM. Second Train from New York will leave at 2X T M?New ark at IK PM. rire at Newark iu time for the 9 A M Train to New York, 01 the morning Train to l'hilapolphia; by the Afternoon Traic they will arrive at Newark in time for the 3ht P M Train tc New York or the Evening Train to Philidelpt la. Pasaengen by the Morning Tiai from New York will airivt at Morrutown iatime to dine and take any of the Stages run nine wrator north from (hat plane. 126 lm*re northern and western emigrant passage office. The Sobacribers having completed thrir arranermrnta, am new prepared to forward paaae gera'o all the Northern alnl Writen Stales and Canada, by daily tinea of towhna's. rai roada and t'r imhna's, via ihe Noitli liverand Erie ('anal, tippet Lakes, Philadelphia and Pitta u gli, Ohio r vt-r and Cnual rontei. The following are a few of the n oat impoirart poiita Via Uti a, Buffalo, Puttaville, Oilenn, S,raruss, CJIi veland, Pittsburgh, Toroni", Oiwrgo, Detroit, Cincinnati!, Hineatun, lioehe-trr, Mi'wautie, St. LooD, St. John*, Lvckror , Chicago, Louisville, Montreal. Alao to any p at of Ohio, Illiooia, Mii'onti, Indiina, Michigan, Tennisiee, Keutuclry, Wiirumin, Iowa, Upper and Lower Canada. Having given am li utiiveva d satiafae i m in their London and Liverpool 11tn a ol packets, the inliaenliera will ebdrav >r to mike the preirtit undertaking equallr deserving of public fa vor. Persons about 10 emigratr to any of the above placra are requested to call on the tubacriheia before m king the ir at raugements, as they confidently believe the inducement! iliey Call offer are uncii aa cannot flit to prove lughlv a lv<iitageotia, and they pledge themaelvei that t Very attention siiatl be paid to -nanre comfort ann deapah h For further particular! apply to W. Si J. T. T APSCOTT, at their General in t r l ais ge Office, <3 Peck ?Iqi cor Bonth st. DAILY KXPKr.nS FOlt XLBAVY.THOY BUFFALO, CHICAGO AND 'I HE CANADA* Tin iiili.?.ii... i...: i . ., .i .. ..a the People a Line of Rteainhoata, on (li- Ninth Kiver and llif Mail Mono Convamea ?ril of AH) my tor tunning 'beir hiurcii mr the araanu ol 184] an Ktnrrea w>ll Ir at e their office. No a Wait etreel,New Y> ik, every e'roiiiK, ?t <ju mer to 7 o'vlock Tor the above named at <1 loto-ov d>* e nlacca. ... , IMPOUTANT. f or the greater vfeiy and aecunty of all valuahle and money packages entiUited to their care, they have oalamuid'r Iron Bales on ""ard of the ateamboata, in a atate room occupied eg elirively by tlieinaelvea, ^ d the ineaariorer iu oil rac?- aleepa t the earns room with the "on eafes. into which all ?nc\ package! are placrd. POMfcHOY k COMPANY, ml*c No. i Wall atrect. Aajafetij New YOHK, BCHOOLKT'S JTioM' ck" A >1, by railroad f ,,m j rHy city to McVrittown' v tnee bv Pott coteh^t tbr ngh Menlham.fJhrtUr. S<:tioolr\'i Vnonttni. Ander?oi? I own, Port (.olden With'tiuton, f<i ( sitoM. At '*'a*'.h Rtun, # duly lnif LUtfMfCU to and from Brl Knr niu npplr to J. Hill, (''rcial Hotel, 7J ( ouitl iik" ?trre' .... N.B ? Kttf* lurii'?h'd t the ?hnrtent n tict by *i plying fa N. B. I?M?>, United 8l?t?> H .irl Mo-iiiluwn. 11 toi , c LW It 11 ill i ?t i i? ?nl .iprn *u office of duc< nut <nd de . pniiir m O.wtgo, N. Y., on the lit o? M*y ueit, mid will make collection, aid rrmiileiicc* at rmi lutblr rmri. Ke ftr to 0 Kbbf l?, Jr. w'tq , CMhirr. N? w York. Mufuaro. fiage k Co., Ntw Yoik. Dirw, RobintonlkCo.. New Yotk. A. D. Palchin, fciq., cMhier, Albmiv. Oiffefo, April 20,1M1. ?20 6w* w 17" r t j a vj NEW YORK, FRIDAY I TO ''APITA' ISTS?A gentleman aud hia wife, late hotel keerers. wi?h to underlain- the man gement of a hottl in any part of the United S at-i. The most unticeptiouakle refere nee a* iryards integrity and caoahili'y; aeenritf given if r*ouirt d?w< uld not object to the steward-hip of a ateamboat. Address C. R. at the office of thii paper, will be a teuded to. ui8-eo3t*cC FTTIt THfcTK AC K ANO SKIN.?-Kroptive diaeeae a on W>e fare and skin, audi aa pirn ilea, blolciiea, tan, tetter, rillg worm ; also freckles can be speedilv cr-dica'rd by the am o I Char*h's Vegetable Lotion, which hit heeo m es'ei live nae in the United sit ilea a d ill Kiimue, and I admired to he I lie beat r.nanietic in use for clearing and rsub'lah ng a brilliant r.i mp'raiou. Sold atnholesa'e orret-il at Church's Dispensary. 188 Bowery, corner of Spring alreel Price 75ce->'* t'ti buttle. ?2(l 'in-oda'P P1A N () St IR T V. 8-NU.NNSfc^LAKk. oiler or sale at A their wire room, |fortne-|y 137 Broidviay.) No 210 B oadwiy, opposite the P*rk, a I-ir e aaa nlineut oi rosewood and inahog -uy 1'iauo S'orte*, at reduced pr ci a. Haviug ircently in i .e eery important i provem-nts in regud to ou h, tone an I construction of their Piai-oa, tliey invite purch-.aera to txiuiiue them before pjtchasitig elsewhere. N. tk C. have j iiniahe-l two elegant iuse wood aevr n octave in trumeu s, which they offer for the examination of the public. m8 eoia4t* AGENCY WANTED?A geutlrinau occupying a awe (o|n n to th- atre-t) !u ihc upper part of Wall atre< t, near Broadway, la demons to u der,ake the agency of aonie ni u u factum g, mircantile, pat-lit, or any other teaccctahle buiiueia. Apt-iy to b >? No 181 Upper Poet Office. mS Im'eodr CHEAP JIMMY'S who reale and retail Thread. Needle and v iriety atore ta No 251 (Jrand st. comer Forsyth,where couniry merchants, cuv retailr r?, |K-diara, dreas makers, Ac., will find a general aaso.tment t f ihrrads.ueedlea, ai-oola cotton, at-wiug silk, c-iraet lacca, tapes, knitting cutton.comba, t-ut'ona, gloves, horn rv, edgings, qu-iliu.s, lveea and cotton fancy neria, See. ike. cheaper lor c ah thin at any atore in this ciiy, and uo -dvau age taken of persons not acquainted with the value or quanty ofgooda- JAMES slIYDAM, in 8-6 *1 251 G aud street. SJAlL 8GAT CliALilsSiNoEh?What i. the msttei I Aie, tJ lhal't i lie mh ! When the smothered grow la of disappointed ?ucc?sa lurks in the bosom of man. he loses sight of amiability , prostrates himielf, and in 'urb-ileut array dies unlier dad and Itnk'iown. Jtncli is the rnrdirmn nl' ? h?,i K...I.I of thii city who jerks notoriety through annnnrmous commulocations The subscriber has lor years stood upon the contestt" gruuuJol boat building, aud Ion:; experience has muiihl him (hat "L'rye barks can ventn e more. But littlr bilks most keep uear shore." An l when men think they cm cope with him in superior boat building they must not talk ill payables, hut boldly inert nun at his office door,'here airsnite lor the nnrring test of proof; his challenges are always made m eood faith,lus oats to coi quer. Upon thl? principle he (jiwb his olw?rk, aud now for the huu drthume he offers to show the stern of "Troubler ' to any h int Crolius ever built or has on hauo, for a trophy which will richly repay the eirenmr-nf. Now where is your b"asted backers; where's stur own daunted courage?draw the veil anil sho n soursel to t?'e world. P. d ?One month's no tier, any distance uuder fif.y miles. The "Troubler" can be seen at his bazaar. (P S) C. L. ING'.ReOLL, m5 lm*ec 406 Water street 4Ww> ~*m TO-Til?r OWNER (IK THE SML ?^S^*ROAT- TUOUBLEH.*?The owner of w bt r the sailboat 'Troukhr" havu s r reived tiiree Horn boats built by Win. Ciolius within the la?t six months, aud not luv 114 yet a, cep'ed the same, it is oresuinrd that in yubl-slnrg hit challenge to sail against any boat ever built by Crulius, hit tnweii >g i ragiuaiiob has tnkeu a flight from the terra firraa of Water street to those mystic legions? Where the man by many odds. Obtains receipts from living gods." As soon as convenient after he he has got a f-* w more of those receipts, aud deict u'cd frnin that aerial uianiifjctoiy of houois, it ii hoped thai he will c iiiletceu l to notice some one of the clu leuges already given In hi t that " his sole ohjeet of lest iug toe sailing qualities of 1 he boats" may be obtained?nftrr | which.if hia boasted" 1 roubler"does Hot prove a suftici'nt troubler to hiin by capsizing his epii'aiioti as she lias done [ herself, he shallthruhave the opportunity npouhit own terins, j S 00 pt r day for two days, of again seeing his vauu'eil nam* fo'lowing in the walte of Wit.; rolins, at the res|iectful rate ol three milrs in eighteen, as it did last spring. alft-lm*m W. CROLIUS, BARGE, RACE, CLUb AND SAIL BOATS, NO 400 WATER ST MEET, lour doors East of Catheiine Market, Mew Vork? Builder ol In Sultan of Muscat's Pleasure Barge, the Race Boats Wsve, Or.zelle, Victoria, Atlantic, Wakoua, Brooklyn, Ann of l'e>kskill, Washington of Pouihkeepsie, Buchess of Hyde-Park, Sylph an Ware ot Mobile, George Stewart of Lonisrille, Madame Ce.este of New Orleans, Itc. Also, the sail boats William Crolins, Fashion, Eureka, Zi pom, alar, Edwin Forrest, Str. all lui'tc FARE ANT) kRKlUHT REDUCED. ?> s32l REGULAR MAll- LliNb? FUR PRO1 fi^^V^*VIDENf E AND BOSTON, via HIT) v ^ r*?b imitosi AND NEWrOKT-Coinposed 01 itic toiL.wiug surrrior steameri, running in connection with ' the SlOLinitou ?ud Boston and Providei.ce Railroads:? MASSACHUSETTS, Capl Comstuck. HHOnK ISnAND. PROVIDE M .E : NaRmaO^NSETT. Capt Woolsey. Mf>tlEGAN, tJapt fnaycr. I t\ ? I..-1. .. .II aj si?' ?o , ' ut Ui will cure i^rw a un inny t nuuoays except* i-d) Irorn Ti?i >o 1, Baiterv Place, N River, at 5 P. M A KRANOB ViENTs. J The NAIlRAOANsET 1 , Cap til Woolsey, on Monday, Wei'nescav 'im K idiy for Stonuigion Tne KhOD>. ISLAND, Captain Tlnrer, on Tuesday and Tours-ay for StouiDgtan, and Saturday for Stouingtou, Newport aud providruce. Paistugers on the erriral of the stramboats at fltotiirsrtOD, will tike the nilrnadi cart and proceed iininedi itely ro Prof del ce, and if bound for Newport will take the rem" Inlaa fiotn ineoce on T'esdays, Thursdays aud Saturdays,without ' any additional cargo. . Tickers'or the route and s'enmers' berths can bo atcurrd on ' in.-? tt atdMoAMof n'Jfimtn HAHNDKN la CO., J Well atrret. ? OK NO-?KTL^ KICHVIO!ND, CITY ft *HLC-3? POINT. fcc. Va. S'eainer BOSTON. " ' - H. lutes.?") h? strong and substantial Mrainci Boston, will commence r gular tups between "low York and Nmf.ilk, Va, le-ving New York everv Saturtlay at 8 o'clock, A. VI. and Norlfslk every Tuesday morning. Passage *11(1 fare to or from Notion, Sin Forward Pssirngers do do 8 Pasta: e from Richmond Citv Point, ?c., bv one of the rtv. r tteamera. and tier Botton from Norfolk 12 Forward pae'eni'trs, do do 9 Paraage to Norfolk end back, return trip 15 Forward Patient r?, do do 12 Freight liken at the utnal rates. For freirhtnr -savage ap1 plv to ihs Captain on hoard, or to WM TUCKER, in2 Im e"d WThkF'r No 56 Broad street. >'OK ALBANY AND TKOY-Wnhoal fx c -erf Landing?Passat* $'.50, h-rths 50 centr ?The Jl^j?_?p!etidtii * trainer Dl A.VI ONI),Cal l A Flower, wi.i ie.,ve i?ew Yolk for Albany and Troy, from the f?ot of Bmclsy slieet, North tide, this afleruooti, at 6 o'clock, '1 uet* ?'ay. I'he itermhoat M ARIA. Capt Blasts, will Nave on the arrival of the Diamond at A btny for Troy, landing at the Boston Railroad Depot, and West T<oy,eaeh wsy. The Di I uvea New York on Tuesdrvs. Thursdays ard Saturdays Leaves Albany on Mondays, Wednesday a and Fiidays, at ? o'clock. Nee York, May 9 h. 1813. I For passage apply on hoard, OT to aftir THOMAS J. HALL, offee oa the Pier. P-.OPLE's LINK OK STEAMBOATS ^r3*FOA ALBANY?Dai'r at T ?'c ock, P. M lfi > Jr 'fur?h' I'ir -T ( 'tti ' y'- Irom t ? Mrinii?[ I'irr rctween Cuunlandt and I ib-rtv sheets Steamboat ROCHESTER, Cap * HoughtoD. will leave Tuesda-, Thursday snd Sa-urdav evenings, at 7 o'clock. Steamb-at >OUTH AMEBICA, Captain LW Braioard, will have Monday, Wednesday and Knday evaniuga, at 7 o'clock. Steamboat NORTH AMERICA, Captain M H T.ue.dsll, land nit at iiiierm-diate pl?re?, will leave Monday, Wednesday ami KiitUy afternoons. ?t 5 o'clock. Pia'cuitm aking thu Line of B?at? will invariably arrive in Albany in ample tune to lake the Mott.ii g Train of Can (or t the- eat or wo?t. [[/-The abuve boata are new an 1 inbstvntial, are furnished wiil> new and el?g 'nt itatc rooms, and for ipetd aud accommodalioui are timivalled ou th* Hudaon Korpaang' or freight,apply ou heard, or to P. C. Bchnl'i at t the office on the wharf. ml-t ! 0M PEOPLE'S LINE OK STEAMBOATS iflt U*'''"' ALBANY DAILY. Sunda.s eicet.ted , A?KJL't 6 o'clock, P. M ? Through direct?Krom tliu atcaniboal pier brtween 'lourtlandt aud Liberty atieetr.? The steamer ROCHES TEH, Capt A H-n^hton, learet Monday, Wedue-dav. and Kndar evenings, at 6 o'clock. The steamer SOUTH AMERICA, Cant. L. W Brainard, leaves Tuesday, Thursday, and Satuiday evenings, at 6 o'clock. The s-reamer! NORTH AMERICA. - Capt. M. H Traes , dell, leaves Tuesday. Thursday and .-alnrday afternoons, at i o'clock, landing a intermediate places. The above B talsare new and substantial, are famished with e!i g-.nt k rate Rooms, and for speed nud accommodation* ore unrivalled i n toe H-idson Eor passage or freight apply on board, or to P. C. 8e.huleg, at the office oo the wharl. a?l Imr NEW YORK AND KINGSTON STEAM FREIGHT A>0 PASSAGE I,*JE. .MM aa Kor Kingston, sod Delaware anil Hndson ^L-?' "'*1?ste;irnboats EMERALD and NOR i he h, vi h aI.D, Captain John Kctchntn, will leave New VorK foot oi Merray street, every Monday and tinrsdnyatJ o'cork r. M. Wi I leave King-ton (Roodont landing) e?ery Wednesday and Saturday at 1 'clock, P. M The NORWICH, Captain John ?amnels, will leave New York, foot ofMnr av street, every Wednesday and Saturday at J o'clock, r. \1. WJII n?e Kinm'on (Ilondoot landing) erery Tuei ny md Friday at 3 o'clock, K M EXTRA TRIPS. The EMERALD will leave the foat of Murray atreet eyery fnndy moruiny at T-o'ci ck. Retaining leaven Kiugiton at 4 o'r toe* imr day. Kor freight or pwnrr apply on hoard, or to WILLIAMSON, BAhLOW h CO , all Im^r l?14 Weal atreet W /X* NKW*A0 NEW YORK?Ka:e 1^? ?** ? ?J* only I2H Centa !?Thr (| lendid ateamer !L^UL PASSAIC, Captain John Unify, han been put in r ninlite orde<, ami will commence her Irni I <r the a, m.n, on Monday the loth luataut, aa loilowi, until further notice t? Leare New York at f o'clock, P. M. " Newark at 7M o'clock, A. M. Freight eanied at reaaou.ible ra'en *16 timer STATES ISLAND FKR.ll* foot of Whitehall itreet. On and alter Monday, April 10th, the a tea mar KTA'l H.N ISLANDER will leave aa followa, nntil further nonce - LKAVK STATKN ISLAND. NEW YORK, r At I A. M. At 9 A. M. i? 11 i :??P.M. iK P.M. I JK 3* 3 u All goods *hi|'i<r<l are required to be pVtie.alarlv marked,ant are at the riak of the ownera thereof. atec PA88AOK to eosasbniheinl pittsburg. THK subscriber has eomtdeted arrangements f>t the con i eeyaiireot PaasMiger* and Merehand ae m PittibUrg and lnt?r' mtdi le n'Te?, on the most reasonable terns, |wr' Citizens Portable Boat Liu,-" I l'i o(di ahonl t" |iroceed 10 the Wo tward, will find it much to their adraatatr ' mas their ir anurmeiiis I v ihia d-sirabir coii?ryaiice. a the airictiat ?tteut">n will at o'l litersbe paid to the to lort of the pa<sen?ers, as well at the pnuctual.ty of a direct eonvevaiicB with despatch. Kor further particular* app'y to jOrtKH! MoMUKKAV, illae 1(0 I'ine i teet, corner "f ttwnti. If J dial H H III ; h. L,b,Al)?M aeg? > cry uiti 7 ^ English Wb<t? Lead, lor sale by woodhull k mintukn8, " t7 South street. * . <\ - >RK I dORNlNG, MAY 12, 1843. Portland. [Correipondrnce of the Herald.] Portland, May 9th, 1813. ('/ itnimil Trials in Porlluml. Duak Sm? This) morning, at 9 o'clock, the jury in the case of the People ? * Thomas Thorn, indicted lor the murder of Elisha Wilson, came into Court with a verdict ol guilty, and Thorn was remanded to prison. Another jury were then empanelled for the trial ol Mre. Louisia Wilson, also indicted lor the murder of her late husband. Klisha Wilson, and the trial is now in progress before the Supremo Court of Maine. Present, Chief Justice Whitman and associates Sheply and Tenny. Counsel for government, Otis L. Bridges, Attorney General,and Augustine Haines. County Attorney. For Mrs. W., Messrs. Howard and Osgood. \ Mr. Haines opened for the People by defining the i crime of murder, and produced askull He said he i should prove that Klisha Wilson was about forty l years oi age, and stupid ; that Thorn was about 21; Mrs. W. about 20. That Thorn was engaged to ' be married to Mrs W. about two years ago, but ' that Wilson married her while Thorn was at sea , Mrs. Wilson sat in the prisoner's box, looking through the iron grating placed upon the door?iron bars round, square, pointed, curved?the ten of diamonds ; a remnant of barbarism ; a reproach to the i present age. Mrs. W. is a pretty woman, fair complexion, auburn hair plainly parted, and almost hid ! by her black bonnet; contour pleasnnt, innocent? indicating much of the simplicity which Yankees attach to the word clever. You will have seen the evidence of the three i doctors, MtKeen, Cushman and Lincoln, in the case of Thorn, and therefore I omit to copy it from i my notes. The Doctors were permitted to hear each other testify, while the other witnesses were sent 1 out of Court, under an oflicer, and perhaps to pri 1 son. Samuel Toothache r, called hy District Attorney? ( Lives in Harpswell when at home, between thirty and forty rods from Elisha Wilson's late residence. On the 5ih Feb. between 3 and 4 A. M called to scene of murder; went to the bed; nut hand on W's face: appeared not cold; band cold; warmed his hand and then found the face cold; colder than his hand; one foot cold; did'nt feel the other; don't know that 1 made inquiry how long dead. Mrs. W. said she sent Thorn to call witness; she told witness she was frightened; thought her husband was faint; did not know what she did (Counsel for Government ask leading questions without note or comment from Court or opposite counsel.) Saw a piece of cotton in wound about as big as is used id an inkstand or small vial; asked Mrs. W. how it came there; she said she put it there to stop the blood; no iiiiiowH nor musters on oeu; sonic mna 01 cioui under heud of deceased; not much blood; little puddle as big us a dollar; began to shave deceased; turned up his head when blood gushed out; gave up rnizor to another man; witness shaved no more; blood upon deceased as low as waist; not lower; witness probed wound with shears or scissors hall' an inch wide; end broken of! square; half an inch wide ; no blood on clothes ol Mrs. W. or Thorn; looked particularly and saw none ! Such Mr Bennett, is literally the testimony of the prosecution. 1 have not time to copy more Irom my notes, which are full, before the mail closes. The counsel have proved Mrs W. u dutiful and affectionate wife. II they have much more proof of this sort in reserve, they will prove her an angel.? More to-morrow. Natlonnl Academy of Uettlgn, On entering the Sculpture Gallery, we were pained to perceive the paucity of works in this highest and noblest walk of art. That such should be the case, however, is no matter ?f surprise, vhen we consider how poorly it is encouraged. The United States have already produced artistB in this department who rank at least equally with the most distinguished of their European cotemporaries. This speaks well lor the genius of the country, but little lor its taste, when we know that such men are forced to seek a foreign market for the reward ol their ta lents. The fact cannot be disguised that there i9 but little true feeling lor this department ol art, even among those who aspire to be considered patrons and cognoscenti, and, with the great mass of |>eople, the tinesi piece nl sculpture excites less admiration than the veriest dauh that disgraces the walls of an exhibition room, especially if that daub he a portrait in which an opportunity isallorded ot speculating upon the likeness, and marvelling at the wondrous fidelity with which a wart upon the nose ol the original is transferred to canvass. In this we fall far short of most European nations?in France, Italy, Germany, Austria, and even among the unimaginative Hollanders, we tind a fair proportion ol sculpture gracing their exhibitions, and an ardent love ol it pervading all clashes. The statues of illustrious men adorn their nunlio squares?the immortality of actual greatness is wedded to the immortality of the ideal. But with us, even if with great exertion a subscription be raised for the purpose of erecting a statue to a distinguished countryman, the popular taste is displeased,if the work partakes at all of an epic character. Thus the sublime conception of Greenough in his " Washington," is ridiculed rather than appreciated. Washington never wore a Roman toga, nor went with his arms bare, says the multitude; they would have had htm in a starch uniform coat, In:fI breeches, and boots Their ennnnt er>no?.i?re that the statues of the great should be fashioned lor posterity, and not lor the ever varying and capricious tastes of a few fleeting generations The design of Greenoueh, in his statue, was that future ages might recognize in contemplating it, not the fashion of a garment, but the classic embodyment of that glorious mind and patriotic heart winch moulded the destinies of a mighty nation. He wished no lower or meaner associations to mingle with the proud and lofty retrospections it should produce?that for centuries hence, when the con ventional forms and habits of our present society should be known but in dim and obscure tradition, an American, gazing on the work, might say?"This is worthy to image Washington." It is absurd to confine the artist to a mechanical imitation of the actual. The poetry of nature, though it he given to few to penetrate it, is not less existent than its materiality. Why do we call Shakspeare a great depicter of human character and passion^ Did he not illustrate them through the medium of the ideall Men and women in real life do not speak in measure or in rhyme?yet Shakspeare makes thein do so, and yet we do not question their fidelity to nature. From our soul we pity the man who so enshrouds himsell in the chilly mantle ol a false utilitarianism, as to shut out the sense of that " ideal," which is alike the source of the purest pleasure, and the best proof of his immortality. But we fear we are digressing too far?and will therefore proceed to our direct subject, which, truth to say, may be very summarily treated; inasmuch us there are but three specimens of sculpture exhibited. !Vo. 2w ?Br st or a Gkntt.emaii?Iliram Towers, (II )?This is a finely chisseh d head, worthy of the reputation of its author. No Zfift?15i st of a Child of lv Takmi kv, Esq No. 3'X??!???T. flatten ?Mr Batten is unknown lo us by reputation, but we think that he tsdestined to be both known and admired. The?e busts are very delicately and beautifully handled. There are lew works ol their class with which they might not compare favorably. We trust Mr. Batten will persevere in the high department ol art he has chosen?but the slut! of which martyrs are made is rare?and certainly an American sculptor who liven at home must be considered one. We shall speak of the drawing and the miniatures, of which Inst there are quantum tuf., on another occasion. Mr. Editor:? Will you permit me to inquire, through the medium of your valuable paper, of the different emigrant societies the object of their establishment, if it be not to protect their countrymen frmn imposition and wrong on their first arrival in a land ol stran gersf II the object of these societies be really humane tind philanthropic, why is it we see the tinsus|>ecting emigrant, for the want of timely information, coming in an auihentic form, robbed and plundered by the hordes of runners and boardinghouse keepers that immediately surround him on his landing, to the exclusion of very honest man. A cheap conveyance to the Far West, whither they are mostly bound, is of vital importance to lliem, and suitable exertions on the part of these societies, in eivuig tlit ir countrymen the earliest information of the price* at which they can be conveyed to the interior, would save in the nggregate, in passHge alone, more than sixty thousand dollars per annum to the emigrants pasting through the canals of this Jtate. rKIKND TO THK EmIQRAMT. New York, May 10, 1843. A SitzttRK.?We understand that a seizure, ton large amount, lias been made by the vigilance ol Col. Ilrooks, the Collector ol Detroit, consisting of dry goods of all descriptions, valued at seve. ral hundred dollars. The smuggled articles were brought over to this city from Canada, and here packed in boxes, the ore easily to escape observation and detection. I ???? 1 ?????? TEH A ' I ecu it (uiirt. B<'lori' Juiif* Kent Jamti (Sermond ?i. Jugu^tut FlnkUr ? Thia waa ?n action to recover tor an aa-milt and htttrrjr con milted upon Master (turret' (iermond, ionol plaiotiiwho is 17 yeara oM, liy a certain dog belonging to lelenJunt The attack by the dog vn made on the 17th Spring atreet. The l o\'? right arm waa badly lacerated It waa itresaeil by Dr. Archer. Tie arm *Mte ialkg tome four or liv montha. The boy ? >* Colin. J to ha bed nearly three wet ka. The dog had atta kn.1 the laijr before. Klickler hail been warned i*U?ie th- leg ? ? Jangeroua, and ahouhl betaken care ol II ? n r>i eighteen shillings per week. Dr. Archer c,t u,?; wound wa? ol a very anioua chaiat ii i At tie..- h. waa vready afraid the arm would lime to I* amputate ' Dr. tileaaon waa ulao called to attend upon the hoy t>.boy wus unatile to do any manual later lor aom. ti> month"; my bill wan MO lor m> dical ?. ran < a Dr <m.? son'a bill would be aliout fIS The arm will prot , bly ultimately get entirely well. The dig ?n pr.?.l to be of bad churacter. Mra. Middh ton, w ho uura-.l ttia lioy, conaidera beraervicea worth { bt In ilia charge Judge Kent remarked that in anch a ca.. aa Ihi" two actioua might be brought one bj tin '.i at MM by the "on. The jury then-lore m'i?t I in mnolthat aa this action ia brought by the father becaa only n-rovei for the loss olaervices. Prison* ai.iv keen dofa and other mild Matured animals under c?*rt?ui regulations, hot *!* awner is responsible for damages if the animal is ol a mis chievous prrpensity, and u the ??nr i- mi.. I* - ,' ml ed with the tact. There is tome discrepsnry in the trati mony as to'he character of the don The attack w aa made in the morning early ami without any prevocation, f our families resided within the etirlosui where this dog was kept loose at ni ht, and until a lat> hour in the morning, and this fact heart hard upon the defendant, who should have taken care of him. In tins case, however, Ilia father cannot recover damage* for the Injury .lone his hoy. He can only recover for lots of services, medical attendance, nursing. Sir. Verdict for plaint ill, $185. Alderman Scoles lor plaintiff?Mr. Sherwood for defendant. Graham vt. Waller.?'Thia case was reported in error in yesterday's Herald. The action was brought to recover for one years' taxes of tho premises in ijueation. Mr. Graham leased the premises to one Yates for one year,with a privilege of four years more, at a rent of $.'>IK) and the taxes. Y.,tes afterwards let the premises to Waller, and the plaintilt sought to make Waller liable in an action of covenant tor these taxes on the ground that Waller had received on assignnment of the said lease, and the isiue was whether Waller was the assignee under the said lease, which was denied. Mr. Waller insisted that he bad duly performed his agreement with Yates, and that Graham had no claim against him in the matter. This cause had been tried once before, and the Jury could not ngn e. The Jury on this trial gave their verdict for the defendant. Theodore Sedgwick for plaintiff; John Cook for defendant. Court ?f Common Pleas, Before Judge lnglis. Msv 11. ?Jasper F. Cro/isy vs. 1 Km. If. Sharp*.?Thia was an action to recover u hoard hill. Mr. Cropsy, some lOor 12 years ago,married a widow hy the name of Sharpe, with several children, of whom the defendant is one. 8ome property fell to the widow or her children by the death ofSharpe. It wui alleged that. Cropsy got this pro perty by his marriage, and lost it all in speculation, lie. The defendant, one ol the children, hoarded in the family, ami this action is brought to rrcover for said hoard. It was claimed hy the defence that a portion of the property referred to of right belonged to the defendant, but had been squandered by the plaintiff", and that on this ground the defendant is not liable. The case is still on. General Seaalons. Before Recorder Tallmadge, and Aldermen Hatfield and Purely. J W. Strang, Esq. acting District Attorney. Mat II Trial for Stealing* a ForcePump A negro numed William Henry Jackson, was tried on a charge of petit larceny for stealing the chamber of a force pump, valued at $*26,lrom Theodoaini F. Secor k Co. The evidence was conclusive. The jury convicted him, and the Court sent him upforsix months. Charge of Stealing Money?A fresh looking Irish girl named Mary MrCarty, was tried on a charge of petit larceny fur stealing $40 in money from the trunk of James Mahony, sailor's boarding house keeper, of No. 61 Chsrry street, on the 22d of April last. Mahoney stated that she confessed taking the money, and returned $39 on a promise by him that he would not prosecute her. Andrew Harrison, lor prosecution, stated that Mahony told him a the time the girl returned the money, that he owed her for three month's wages at $6 per munth, and would pay her out of it. The defence called no witnesses, but set up as a plea that she took the money because he owed her wages, and also that her confession of taking the money was obtained under a promise, that, in thn eye of the law, should shield heri. jm conviction. The Itecordercharged that a larceny had >o doubt been committed, hut the promise held out to hr by Mahony in inuking the confession, was such, that nil ugh illegal on his part, entitled the prisoner to an acq at. ' from the jury, which they rendered without leaving their seats. The Recorder, in discharging her, remarked that had the money been found on her person at thn time of the larceny, the jury would havo been compelled to convict her of grand larceny, and the court to send her to the state prison, and that such a narrow escape should serve as a caution to her in future. PrececfouM Depravity ? An Irish boy named James Meigham, aged 14 years, ami a mulatto boy named Joseph Jackson, agod 13, were tried on a charge of burglary in the third degree for entering the newly finished house corner of 3*2.1 street and Lexington avenue, on Sunday morning, the 12th of March, and taking off, with intent to remove, eleven l-rass door knobs, fiva spindles and a lock. It was proved that Meigham opened one of the window blinds of the basement with his hand and then broke a pane of glass with a stone and entered the house, where they were caught in tha act of attempting to bng DioLmwiKc nml lnrli Thn ifirv fnnml thnm noth cruiltv anil the court scut them to theflouse of Refuge. Ttif way to Trick a Tailor.?A fellow named Warren Simons, wn? tried for petit larceny in ohtaioiug u auit of clothe*, worth $ 19, from Humbert Hellman, tailor, o* 42 Broome street, under the following circumntancrs : The accused came to the tailoring shop ot the complainant and desired to purchase a suit of clothes, which were car ried to a baker's shop at 26 Broome street, at his request Ho then said that ho wished his brother could lie allowed to tiy them on; and the German consenting, the accusej escnied with the suit He was arrested sevi ral times afterwards, and escaped. Thu clothing was filially recovered by the complainant at Levy's pawnhro ker's shop, where the brother of the accused had offer ed to pawn them for $1 50. A girl who said her name was Maria Srriber, and that she tended the cake shop for George W. Simons, at 26 Broome street, here came forward and stated that she was present when the tailor came t > thp cake shop, and he allowed the accused to try on the clothes, ami went away anil came hack in abou' a half an h'ur afterwards. Several inquiries were mado by the court as to the rea.'on why the brother pawned the clothes, and Acting District Attorney Siraxo remarked to the jury, a* this witness laft the stand, that he thought there were other things dono at the house where she lived, besides selling cnk<a. (Laughter) The Jury found him guilty, and the Court sentenced him to the penitentiary for six months, remarking at the same time, that that was the extent ofthe law, and that they believed that his brother Georgo Simons, the baker, was no better than he was. Grand Larceny ?A somewhat notorious young thief named Adolphus W. Stewart, aged only IS y> ars, and another named James Johnson, aged IS, were tried for entering the house of Dr. R. H.Mir, lay ,42 East Broadway, on the evening of the 24th of April, and stealing Jewelry, Sic , vdued lit about $200. A portion of the stolen goods were found in possession of the hoy Stewart, who entered a plea of guilty by his counsel. The jury returned a verdict of guilty, and the Court sent St wart to the II mso of Re'uge, and Johnson to the state prison lorthree years. Jlunult and Battery with intent to kill.?A colored man named Reuben Moore, was tried for an assault and batte. ry with intent to kill a colored woman named Susan Crawford, of Little Water street. It appeared that Moore had lived with her as man and wife for the past four or five years, and her husband coming home, she told him she was going to live with hm, ami desired the accused to go away. He then sail he was glut of it, and asked her to cive him some mons-y to go to nui.ideipbia. Thie he f?aM ?he would endeavor to tin, and at hil request the allowed him to remain in a room in the house. A day or two following, while thn w?i standing nt the bar in the house, herald to her," I've a great mind to kill you,"and then seised her round the neck and stlbbed her in the ide and abdomen sevarnl times with a knife, cutting her clothe* through and through and herbodjr in one instance nearly half an inch in depth. The knife was not pre. *ent< <1, and it waa alleged hy T>r. James Johnnon, who examined the wound, that he thought it must havo been inflicted with one of small si7.e. The defence contended on this point, that therefore there was not evidence snfti cient to justify the jury ineonricting him with intent to kill, hid merely of an assault and battery, which verdict they renderad after half an hour's nhsence, and the Court sent him to the penitentiary lor ona year St fling hontt ?A G?rm*n named Henry Ripch, a shoemaker, was trieo on a charge of Grand Larceny, in stealing five pair of gentlemen's hoots, Ave odd hoots and a pair ot patent leather shoes valued at M-h from Ihe store of Richard Jamea, -JS1 Broad we.y. It was proved by defence that the accused liought the hoots Irom a hoy lor sixpence who said he ha.l found them in the itreet. Tte |nry therefore returned a verdict of acquittal and th? accused was discharged. .It full and Hot/cry.?John Hallett wai tried 'for an assault and battery on Joseph Waller, at the American Museum, on the ?th of February last, it appeared in evidence that the complainant went to the Museum with hi* cousin, mother and wife, and taking a stand in the pwsage way of the lecture room, obstructing the view of persons seated behind them, and refusing to remove hia l>o?ition, Hallett, whose business it was to keep order, laid h<i 1,1 nf him and milled him down the nassocrn ? The delenco contended that in standing up, as tlie pom plninnnt did, he obstructed the view of a number of persona in tho roar, and therefore that Hallott nil justified in insisting upon hi* boing'seated. Tho Jury took a different view of tho ease and found Hallott guilty of assault and battery, hut recoj n< ndod him to tho merry o! tho Com t Tho Court then Mourned till thia morning at eleven o'clock. Navai.. ?Tht ol'lhr-line Ohio, hits taken her aummorstuiion receiving ship <>ii Long Whatf. Boston harbor Harndkn 6c Co., will please accept our thanks lor Eastern papers, in advance of the mail. t ,r>. Man Twa CmU. * iRUIIIltiif#. Aur? Hm^i AwrTT -Al?u?4fr *tr?rWi Km , hwlf appmavd A'm? agent by th?- Aim* ||l>l|?e f!ommMa>n?nefB A?Mi' "ll?f rrlion Ormriat I*Ttr<? We yraterday tnormag mw (.n.oftlir !?? ofTii-rrt <>l po .<-r <d . ?? I, ,i| th ? lurr-? .m l?* !'<>? t..r?n |||. air- nt a |-.liry brohef'a l?f?H e PtrMW* |%am ?<b? Wedaendar eveaing an aide rU ? 'Hi- r,,tried I. /? A Ml M ' tl' native ol --11 M.-wn, I I, ?bn f.-idr-j ta th I'an.l I i 71 < a f , retired lo feat at- ' II ? oat.-. , an- i I' w miau'r-a l.e|,,r.. II ?-i licani u> i"*' aim "Mra tiraebr fclre Hru-h. l?ndvm?" Mra I I all immediately ar?>?e and rnehed in her rnnm and l-mad the old lady in a dy ing rnndmim, and in twnt* miantea aha aspired 1* Toiii| kina au railed a|?m by lh? t ofonar to hold a |??i im-rtein raainiaaiioa ?a t|??- body, the remit <4 will! It w?a thai the jury return* d a verdict of death from " hyptWoifcy ?t the heart ** i?v a Haavanr ???n the Sph ot April the dwelling id !* W Wra,M 17 Peart at waa robbed I la o p ittrn - l-r ?. k -if-- \ , valued at gb?"it f'to C 'H' rr li.irlar ?if -ird t c?. t> d inaa named acob ? unitni ga. wb?> had ' em , a?r\?nl m Hie bouse at Mr. snd traced ihc stolen nyotwrlr l<> Simpson's I'M wn broker's tlio; where be had left it. Thr dl'lloiim servant waa lu ly commuted t Child l>?t Mrs Jane !* , ul ?11 h w*ry, is sadly (I strewed alx.irt the Io n <( her child, m M y?*r*o|d, named Kll/a Mean, who went out id an errand on Saturday afternoon. .md has net irr l?t on heard ol Any I*r>"ii *ho run lurmeh ny n formalion about thr child w ill confer a favor on i distracted parent hy immediately sending word t" Mrs. I Van at her rrsidenre Naval.?The IT, s frigate Columbia,-hip John Adams and w hr Knterprisr were at Montevideo on the 19th of March. Officers and crew all aThe U. 8. sloop Vandalia, Com McCJuney, bound to Chagrrs, drop|?*d dow n to Hampton Koada on Saturday, to nail ns soon aa Com, Dallas and Mr Hrown.r.S. Commissioner to ihr Sandwich Inland-, joined her. The following orderi were given on the 8th mat.:? Lieut John T. Sherburne, leave three month*; Lieut. Joseph II. Adams, rloop iVcatur; Lieut W A. Jones, receiving ship at New Orleans; Lieut Ch. C. Harton, sloop Levant; Surgeon Daniel l.gbert, Hultimore station; Lieut Ch Steedman. Coaal >ur. vey; Lieut. J. 0. Walali, do ; Lieut I liumohrr)*, do ; Lieut. A. it. Davis, do.; Pawed Middo; limn Maxwell Woodhull,do ; Panned Midshipman Daniel Aiimien, do.; Panned Midnlnpinan Charles Smkier, do; Gunner Thomas L?wis, driat tied Irom tha Unton and ordered lo thr Decatur Can>entrr John M. Webb, to the Ordinnry at New York Later from MoirrariDKO ? By an arrival at Philadelphia, we have newa up,to the ivm gg March. The contending lorcea remained pretty much ua they were by previous accounts, and no feara were entertained of Onbe being able to cany the town, either by assault or starvation; on the contrary, he himself wua rather between two firm, having the late President, (Jen Rivers, with a strong force in his rear, and in Iront the army ot General Paez, of 6000 men in the city, ready to repel mi attack, or to make a sortie in co-operation with Rivera. There had been some skirmishing, in which n few lives were lost, but no general action had been (ought. Montevideo, which is situated on a peninsular, is protected with a well defended breastwork, hmi ditch clear across it, and elpvated batterieH were being erected, from which to annoy the besiegers Admiral drown was still oil the port, but it was not regarded aa a blockade, his force being insufficient lor the purpose Th* American squadron, under the command of Commodore Shubrick, and also the French and Fng Iish equations, were in ine nsroor, 10 protect in?* persons and property ol their respective citizen* Prom ihc two latter, detachment* of marine* and seamen liad been landed tor that purpose, and Commodore Shubrick was ready to do thr Maine, it necessary. Several American veaaela had hern chartered to proceed down the river, and bring op supplies of cattle, and the United Stated brig Enterprize had been despatched to protect them Montevideo was well supplied with all kinds of American produce, except Hour, which would command in bond #12. Later fiiom Mkxico.?An extract from a orivate letter, dated Saltillo, April 2, says :?" We are void oi news, save the certainty of seventeen oi the Texian prisoners having been shot at the Salado and the barbarous act comnnt'ed there It seems that one of the unfortunates received two halls through his body, and fell, as it was supposed, dead among the rest of his companions. Alter the butchery was over, a sentinel was placed to guard the bodies; when night came on, he observed the sentinel asleep, made himself ready, and pat oft. Next morning the guard went to take them up lor burial, found there was one missiug, and having seen a bloody trail, the bloodhounds followed it, and soon came up with the poor unfortunate man, who was brought back and immediately shot a second time." literary Notices. SorrHQATK's Travels.?D. Appleton & Co. this day publish two works suited to the religious strangers now in our city, in the cheap form of the day. Narrative of a teur through Armenia,Hindostan and Mesopotamia, by Rev. Horatio Southgate, missionary, with plates, maps,tec. 2 vols.; only 37J cts. a volume. This narrative is exceedingly interesting. Sargent's Lipk of Thomason, containing 35ft pages?price 25 cents. This is a delightful book, containing much important information. a?? A .? Th-ffm.l. Steel, on her passage from Philadelphia to Montevideo was struck by a sword fish, the sword of which penetrated through the copper, pUnk, and ceiling, into a barrel of flour, causing the ship to leak the remainder of the voyage. The Captain had the plank cut out, and intends bringing it home as a curiosity. Whaling.?By the ship Columbus, arrived at Nantucket, the owners of the whale ship John Wells of Newark, have received 16,000lbs sfwhalebone, sent home by Capt. Russell. The John Wells was left in the Pacific, all well, and prosecuting hervoy. age with a good prospect of filling up. Feom La Guayra.?The markets were abundant ly supplied with American Goods. The country was in a very <|uiet state, owing to the absence of a standing army, the cause of so many bloody internal revolutions in the neighboring republics. Collector op Nkw London.?Clins. F Lester has been re-appointed. He was removed about a year ago. Movements.?The Secretary of the Nary and Commodore Warrington, were at Norfolk on Tues.1... VarA Amm Anotokr Pardon.?Eight rowdies, convicted in the court of Perry county, of creating a riot at a temperance meeting, and sentenced to one week's imprisonment, and to pay a fine of $10each, have been pardoned by his excellency Pavid It Porter. Oty Now that the city swarms wi'h strangers, an J country costins are as abundant as blackberries, they must occasionally of an evening find time hang heavy on their hands; the best way to banish ennui, is to patronise I'eale't Museum, where, for the trifling sum af one shilling you obtain as much amusement as the moat enthusiastic advocate can desire, and that too of a description that is calculated to please all parties. There is Misa Darling, in her feats of magio; Delarue, in hii imitations of Kean, Booth, Jtc.; Bendall, in his comic songs, abound, ing with humor; La petite Cerito, the danaeusa, a perfect sylph in her graceful and elegant movements; besides which, a splendid picture gallery, sod half a million o curiosities, are to b# seen. I yVil r.ftK M> IYI>. -L. I! BlN*8KSl < O ' ' I ' V>to. mi hurt ihnt they h??e rrmo??<f from thrirold stind Vo 31 ri aiden lane, to No 81 Willia.P atie# , aouth weat corner of Million lane, on the ?d floor. Th*y hare on hind at pr> aeut a cotnplelr aaaortment of plates, eheaiirali and lenses, ill ofeacelle t qnality, to which they respectfully inrite the attention of operatota. Artielra are in eeery imiinee warranted. Tneir chemicals are (r?*n the lahnratoraea of Ihe in Paris, niol their plitea sp-eially a-lecfd hy their puttier iheia icaidnu, bear their initials, jud are lully warranted to have the proportion of ailrer. which ta stamped npsin them. Any prraona who hare their doubts on the subject, are renuestrd tohaic tiieineaaaved aplj Im t

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