Newspaper of The New York Herald, 13 Mayıs 1843, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 13 Mayıs 1843 Page 3
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r>? DR. TAYLOB'Sj BALSAM OF LIVERWORT. BOWERY We ere happy to publish the following ract from a letter just received from Mr. Wilkinson, o* four weeks since. was laid by his pbyticiani he Id not lire, and hla wife oame, with tear* ia her eyes, a bottle of the Livorwort t* a last resort New Yoik, April 31,1843. ear Sir?You wiahel me to let yau know how I . My wife en pret wted calling on yon by a fall. I 0 a alight |?in in my cheat, nrnl my cough ia Mill ihleaome, hut I am n great deal better finre I cornice 1 taking your Liverwort. There have lliaeu pera to are me, to know from myaelf if I had found beneio aoon from one bottle. I told them I had, and they 1 then they would try it themaelve*. 1 thank you, air, I ahall ever feel grateful, hoping in a short time to call you my fell. Youra. truly. T, WILKINSON, 22 Corneliastreet. lee the new wrapper is on the bottle, " To Prevent unterfeits,'' ami buy ai above, or of Dr. Leeds, agent, Maiden Lane, Mr*. Haya, 138 Fulton street, Brooklyn. ?T?- COMMUNICATION?TO THE EDITOR OK IE HERALD?Dear Sir: I am a manufacturerol Fire, irks, and on the 28th of April Uat, waa badly burned 1 injured by the bursting of some aky rockets while >rSi?K them. The explosion waa so great that it blew > roof from the house, the powder striking my face il hands,and injuring mrjso badly that I feared neing laid for a long time, and, perhaps, never being able to contie my business again. I had previously used somo of i Magical Pain Extractor for a similar accident with pat success, and thought I would tiy it again, and imdiately sent to Messrs. Comstock 4t Co. lor the article, d to the. great surprise of all who knew me, as well as 'self, w s in three days, by the use of it, nearly well, d in one week was about my business again. 1 feel it r duty to state this to the public, that all may know of s valuable remedy should they be so unfortunate as to burnt in any way. Messrs. Comstock k Co. are at No. 24 Cortlandt st. near oadway. N. F. BUNDY. Hew York, May 8,1848. New York, May 10,1843. s Barrt, 148 Broadway Dear Sir ( herewith tender you my sincere and artfeltthank* forth# real comfort and happinei* I have perienced since I had tho good fortune or purchasing ?m you my present head of hair, aa it far exceeda my >st sanguine expectation; forit fl's my head ao well, and >k*ao natural, that it haa even baffled the cloaeat scrutiot some ot my most intimate friend*. I have worn X* made by those who call tbemseftes eminent in their ofession, but they looked so unnatural, and fitted so dly, that really there was no comfort in wearing them; t my thanks to you again, for all that has been obviated; r 1 have no more trouble now than I had with my naral hair. Mr. Barry, you are at liberty to make what e you please of this letter, as I deem it a duty I owe you make the above statement, hoping it may be the means extending your business. I ahonld have been pleased have allowed yon to publish my name and address, but 'ing a bachelor, it might materially mar my prospects ith the fair sex. However, you can refer any gentlean to me who wants one of your wonderful heads cf lir, and 1 will submit mine as a specimen of your workanihlp. Yours, very respectfully. D. G. 00- DR. CHARLES J. CAREY, of Macon, Georgia, ie of the first physicians of the age, says Sherman's Longes are not only the pleasantest, but best medicine he er knew. He has used Medicated Loienges made by hers, but none that ever could compare with Sherman's, r. S. is the only skilful and scientific compounder of leucine in this form in America. 8 ch is generally known, id, therefore, the few who have attempted to follow in s footsteps, (have never been able to find manywilnv to trv their imitation* while the genuine Sherman's ozengt-s have been (old in enormous quantities in almost ery part of the world. Dr. Carey is not the first great man that lias used and icommend'ed Sherman's Lozenges. It is none but the arrow minded and selfish physicians that neglect to use lese highly popular articles. Dr. Sherman's warehouse i at 106 Nassau at. ft?- THE NEW MIRROR.?The siith number of lis elegant and popular weekly journal, embellished ith an exquisite etching by Chapman, is now published id may be had at No. 4 Ann street, also at the corner of eekman and Nassau streets, and at Atwill's music saion, No. 301 Broadway. The literary contents are as illows 1, The Taint-King, by Washington Alston, (ilistrnted) ; 3, Stella Lee, an admirable original story, by Lady ; 3, Daguerreotype Sketches of New York ; 4, 'ishmen in America, and soon, by Hibernicus ; 5, They re passing away, an original poem ; 6, Souvenirs of outh, a delightful sketeh from the French, translated >r the Mirror ; 7, Rome account of the Privatp Theatres f London?the Plry Night, the Dressing Room, the tage?Letters from Correspondents to Mr. Simpson, fee.; , National Academy of Design?second notice ; 9, Cha. ncter of Washington ; 10, Advice to Men who give up ieir Business to their Sons ; The Two Friends, ajioem ; layettes and Gravities, Varieties, ScO- <tc. Itc. George P. dorris, and N. P. Willis, editors. Every number eiquiitely embellished hy Chapman. New subscribers can >e supplied from No. 1, if immediate applieation be made, rhe terms are only three dollars a year, (invariably in dvance,) a sum so trifling in amount, as to place this deightful weekly journal within the reach or every body, tgents, newsmen and carriers supplied on the usual erms. Agents wanted far the principal cities and towns hroughout the Union. All orders punctually attended o, if accompanied by tlie cash. Address PECKHAM A CO., Publishers, no. ? *nn street, n. if. OfT- PETERS' PLASTER?PETERS' PLASTER? Meters' Vegetable Platter it an eaay and t ffectivc remedy or pain in th? breast, side or stomach, \s eaknesi or pain in he cheat, loin* or back, stiffness of the neck, affection of he ljmha or joint*, whether produced by rheumstism or )>herran*ea, habitual pain at tha head, or stomach, cold*, roughs, liver complaint*, weakness of the spine, predisposition to break out ill bile* and pimple*?lirlcssness of he frame, and for general debilitation. Children, a* well a* adult*, may derive great advantage from Peter*'Vegetable Plaster, c?peci*lly when autfering Trom cough*, cold*, teething, chincough, whooping cough, and *nch like, a* in all theie case*it i* a limple, ?uro, and speedy remedy. Read the following Nkwark, Not. 15, 1843. Thi* i* to certify that 1 have had a running sore on one of my lower limb*, occasioned by a fall, for eight years.? I had used in vain every remedy that promised relief, un. til a year ago, when I procured one ol Peters' Vegetable Tlasters, which, to my surprise, healed up the sore in a short time, and is now entirely well. I am positive I owe the cure to Peters' Plaster alone. ISABELLA NUTMAN, 95Broad st Office 135'Fulton, corner Nassau street, and 90 North Sixth street, Philadelphia 00- THE UNRIVALLED TONIC MIXTURE.?This valuable specific is compounded of five ingredients, the virtue of each being concentrated and all combined by a tedious,expensive,MM difficult pharmaceutical process. In all forms of dyspepsia, low spirits, loss of appetite, lassitude, sickening of the stomach, general debility or an impaired aonstitution brought on from indiscretion, this powerful strengthener produces a wonderful effect. The members of the College having thoroughly tested this preparation during the last year, feel gratified in being uble to recommend it as eminently adapted for the invigoration of the whole system, and the complete cure of all those distressing affection* lor which it i* the appropriate remedy. Sold in largo bottle* at $3 each Rmnll fin _ I fin. In rate* containing half dozen... A do. Carefully packed and tent to all part* of the Union. W. 8. RICHARDSON, Agent. Office and Contulting room* of the College,*7 Naatau at. NOHBr HIARKK-rT " Friday, May 19?0 P.M. By the Great Weatern we have again ten day* later newt from Kngland. There are on all sidrs indication* of a rapid revival of proaperity. In thoae diatricta were diatrcra prevailed to atich an extent a year aince, the greateat improvement in the condition of the people haa become manileat. The flrat great eUment of a profperont Internal trade of England, cheap proviaiona, haa been obtained, with every proipect, *o far, that the crop* will prove abundant. The change in the price of proviaiona ia distinctly aeen in the contracts of the board of guardians lor the aupply of meat, bread, Ac , to the Eaton union, in 184J, which comprises 19 parishes. The following table will show the amount of the reductions referred to:? Coistsacti ariTracn iisto at I.apt Dav. 1812 1813 Breed (the 1 lb 'oaf* 6Xdsnd7l Ad sad AXd Met: >rr Ibe p-nprrs, A'l per lb 3}fd|erlD. Mest for the nfficer*. fill per lb. Ail K pd-, per tnihel, 10s 7s Ontmeal, perewt 20i 1 As ' "i", |m ? f ZH* IN It will be perceived that there i* reduction in the price of every article aupplied to the union (with the exception of coala) of between 30 and 30 per cent. Thl* ie an index of what ha* taken place in regard to living, of the operative* all over the kingdom. Mr. Olad. (.tone estimated the aggregate coat of theae article* conlumed per annum at ?60,000,000. A reduction of 36 per rent in money price* give* $13,000,000 or $60,000,000 in favor of increased trade. The low price* enhance the abundance of money. The ?39,000,000 of bank paper re* preannt a* much produce a* did ?16,000,000 lait year, while the activity of communication cauiea the purchaae of imaller Mock*, and a more frequent turning of capital. Hence, although buiineic i* greatly improved, there i? no increaan in the value of money, w hich "till continue* at l|al) percent for be?t clan* commercial paper. While thi* ha* been tho rnto for undoubted bill* in London a* here, paper under No. 1 was not touched at any prioe. Confidence ia, however, font growing with the upward tendency. The condition of the bank wa* a* follow*:? Viri or Eivoi.Aivn F-5 25. March U. .1prtl V. 1811 1311 181' Cirealulon, ?l...i7<j.no5 ?io ooi.ono ??o mooo t)ap*?iu, 11,105,ono ti.uoi Ooo I H . >> hi 1'. inn 11 n n ?| nil <?n BaTfion.To,945,?rn Vl.SMMO Vl.w.'noii Tbii again "hows an incroaaa ofbuilion and circulation, with a decrease in deposits, which i?an excellent featnreThe consumption o( cotton la immense, at the rate at which it it progi erelng, it will far exceed that of any former year. The average weekly consumption waa ea follow# t? bait I. (senary I, 184), to April 2tl, 21.158 " i, is is, " aii 2ft,ai# Increase, 20 per cent, 4,8(11 This coniumption o( the raw material is based upon the consumntion of (ooils in the home market, growing out of (he low prices of provisions, and the small purchaauaof the past lew years, which have left tho wants of the com. munitj great. There ie every probability now that the 1 9ir to ' i ? ?*n?ttfci'<ir? s * crop having nearly all gone forward, and the demand continuing vigoroua, prices will rise for the remainder of the year. All articles of American produce seem to be on tha rise, and growing in favor, more especially lard and tallow, which are of qualities and at prices to defy competition. The Manchester Ouardian state* as follows :? The Americans are not content with sending lis cotton; they are also sending us cotton manufactures. We unA ??-?A sV-4 ??^n/vot the euooni ahinmnnti from Manr York are from 800 to 400 bale* of calicoes; which, however, we presume, nuit be intended for reahipment to some other part ol the world. They will discover that low price* and a dear currency in the United State*, will do more towerd* competing with England than all the tariffr in the world. The newsjby the steameris considered goo 1. She brings ? 484,000 in gold at 4 80, $1,341,400 The packut of the 19th of April carried out the rate of (pccie here at 6), on the receipt of that probably the shipments will cease Although it i* possible that after th* departure of the Western, on the 26!h, the rate ol hill* here will recede, notwithstanding which some lots have been engaged for France. In nlation to American stocks a letter of Barings, under dato April 28, states " We have nothing of interest since our last advices ; Pennsylvania 6's are heavy and much olfercd at 38 per cent, and some Ohio 0's may be had at 00 per cent. There is a buyer of New York State 6's at 88 per cent." The debate in the British House ot Commons, on the 25th ult, on a motion of Mr. Ricardo, in relation to import duties, is important, as developing the liberal policy of the British government in relation to commercial intercourse. Sir Robert Peel, Lord John Russel, Mr. Ricardo, and Mr. Gladstone, tookfpart in it. The tenor of the whole debate was to the effect that the condition of England is such, and her commercial affairs in such utter di*tres*| that a prompt and large reduction in duties is of paramount necessity. This appeared to be an admitted principle. Tha division of opinion was, whether in accordance with the motion of Mr. Ricardo, the ports of England should be thrown open to the goods of all nations, at reve nue duties, without reference to the tariffs of other coun tries, or whether the proposed reductions should be made llflfl flftn nPOAiiro K? ano/tiol Oftmmoertinl irnoiioi a OArvas. ponding reduction from other countriea. Able arguments were adduced on both sides,but the result was ,that Sir R. Peel's view, that corresponding reductions should be demanded from other nations, was supported by a vote of fll to 135, notwithstanding that the treaties with Brazil and Portugal had failed, and those of France and Spain were expected to meet the same fate. This seems to decide the policy of the government to be,that reductions in future will be made on the products of any nation, no faster than that nation makea corresponding reductions in favor of British goods. In relation to the United Slates, Sir Robert Peel remarked? " Then, with respect to the questions between us and the United States, I think that in the course of this year 1 heard the noble lord say that nothing could be more con. ducive to peace than a good commercial treaty with the United States; that the noble lord stated this very year. Is the noble lord prepared, then, by assenting to this abstract proposition, to tell the United states that we look for no return whatever from them for our remission of our import duties on their articles?'' The onerous tariff of the extra session ef Congress is likely to be of very serious injury to our agricultural interests. The operations of the New York Stock Board have been good, Ohio 8's rose J; Canton, j; Illinois, J; Long Island, J. At the new Board there was a small business at similar rates. To-morrow, the 13tb, the proposals for the 7 per cent Ohio stock, issued in violation of the State faith, will be opened. It is probable that it is taken in small lota by diffisrAnt r?arti#>u hnhlprn nf thp fi nor rp.nt atnrlr with U.n view to sustain the late rile in that description. The repudiated Treasury Note* are rapidly coining back inta this market. We have seen one for $500, letter B. date March 31, 1841, stamped on its face as follows:? " Interest paid to Jan. 1843 by the United States." It is alleged that these notes were lost July 1842,j and in April 1843 they had not yet come to hand. Yet in Jan. 1843 they were received at the Treasury Department, and the interest paid on them. Three months after the interest was paid, they are repudiated because it is alleged that they were lost belore the interest was paid. The community will noi tolerate such gross injustice as this. The Directors of the Bank ot Kentucky are perpetuating an act of gross injustice on the stockholders in this part of the country, by the withdrawal of the transfer books The greater part of the stock is owned in this city, and when it was subscribed, it was conditional that the books should be kept here. When the (rand occurred in Philadelphia, the New York books were removed. If Philadelphia is dishonest, it is no reason why New York should not be trusted. The effect is. that while all stocks are rising, and investments are sought after, Kentucky Bank stock is selling at BO a 55, although the books show it to be worth 90. The reason is that the trouble, delay and risk of transfer at a distance, makes people decline buying. If the books were opened here the prices would rise to 80 at once, producing the best effects. Who knows but Boorman would brush,up his old contract, and out of "Christian spirit" come forward and take his stock of Little & Co. at such prices 1 The following is a table of the rates of domestic bills :? Rates or Domestic Exchange in Nem Yore, June, 1811 and Mat 1. 1843. June, 1841. May 1, 1813. Boston, par a % par a Xprm Philadelphia, 4 alii ? a % dis Baltimore, 4*<a 4X ? a ',* Richmond, 5Xa 6 la Ijaprm North Carolina, 5 a ? lXa IV Savannah, 3 a 3 par a Kdis. Awitusta, 15 a ? X* % Charleston. l>?s IX ? a X dis. Ap&lachicnla, 30 a ? par X rm. Mobile, 10 alO 15 a 16 New Orleans, 7 a 7 par a k pm. Louisville, R a 9 la IK dis. Nashville. 12ka ? 1 a 2k Narchem, ? a ? 3 a 3>? St. Louis, 8 a > lSa 2 Cincinnati, ? a 8 Hal Indiana, 7 a 7 2 a 2K Illinois, ?a? 1 a IH Detroit. <Ka ? 2Ha 3 Exchange* are all io low and uniform row, that the variation ii not material, with the exception ot Mobile, on which point an improvement has taken place in the depreciated currency. The following ia a table of the affairs of the bank* of South Carolina Baxbs or South Cabolik*, Mat 1, axd Apfii. 1. dprtf 1. May 1. Tenant. Specie. /.nnn. Specie. Bank of State, R94.174 137,206 781.,329 145,796 Branch at Columbia, 717.398 8,815 708,644 8 R71 "AH Camden, 387,339 1,491 381,041 1,078 Southwestern RH. 468.906 161,367 420,618 124.0C9 Planters'St Mcch's, 699,770 110.884 7 30,161 179,971 Vniou Bank, 672,031 92,227 640,701 111.732 Total, 3,780,228 471,993 3,632,340 571.'27 _ . , _ Cite. Dept. Cire. Dtps. Bank of State, 768,117 410,841 702 648 5 9,8 1 Branch at Columbia, ? 87,301 ? 83,439 " Camden, ? 41,'43 ? 40.422 Southwestern UK. 423,310 87 090 438.12 5 328.274 Planters' It Mech'a, 222,8(0 199 791 210,180 185.403 Union Bank, 8.437 163,314 16.206 180,220 Total, 1,424,703 1,229,486 1.397,919 1,337,592 By recapitulation, these aggregate* give the following results Sept. Jan March Jtpril. May. Loans, 4,077,7*6 4,013,730 3,917,965 3,780 2"2 3,612,340 Specie, 419,112 444.384 421,438 471,993 571,327 Circulation,1,091,993 1,383,420 1,488,001 1,424,705 t,397 919 Deposites, 1,600,334 1,364,394 1,317,109 1,229,486 1,337,59* Their exchange movement* is seen in the following table Sept. Jan Feb. March. Jtpril Ma]/ Dom. bills, 208.272 529,061 729,202 611,269 091,177 271962 Foreign, 20.653 215,530 222,659 327,295 313,299 315,800 228,915 785,191 973,863 958,7651,005,032 790,162 The ipecie end depoeito* of the banks show an increase for the month, while the circulation and deposites are on the decline. Sales at tl*e Stock Bichsngs. $1500 use's, 1821 IC2 2000 Citr 5's. 1870 95% 5000 do 1862 112 20(0 do 90 3500 N K 7's. 1828 1C6% 500 do 95% 5000 do6'?, 1801 107 i Bk of New York 112 715 do 5's, 1845 96 50 Mechanics' Bank 96 3000 do 1816 95 5 Bk ol America 94 5000 do 1055 95V 25 Stale Bank 90 1000 de 95 V 13t*mE*Bk 77% 2800 d ? 1858 96V 100 Bk Corn (icup) b60 99% 11000 III special Bds 31% 5 do 99% 901.0 Indiana Bonds 30 25 Fermera'Trust 23 1000 Kentucky Bds sis 96V >09 (|o an ' 33* 12000 do 96 25 do 22% 16I.II Ohio 6's, 1850 87 50 do _ 22 70" 0 do 87V 17 Ohio L k Tiust 70 2759 do 18.56 87 28 Lafayette Bk 50 30o0 do I860 b5d 88% 10 Mutual Ins 1(0 7009 do 88 22 N H Ins 107 10(10 do 87V 50 Canton Co bnw 23', 1(00 do Uw AS 25 do 23% 21590 do 87V 5 do 23% 2000 do slO 87* 13 lilies Si 8 c Inn RK 120% 2000 do 87? 100 MohawkKK s30 3t% 3000 do 160 88 25 do 31,% 10C0 City 7's 109 Second Board. 25 Mechanics'Bk 90 2000 Kcnteeky b:0 95% 1000 Kentucky 95 New York Pssbllc Mask Buhaafe. $4l<00 U A 6'r, 1862 112% 1000 do 107V 1(08 Kentucky 6's 96 fro do jo?% |( 90 do 95V 1000 ? do 5VV 1061 1((7% 1090 d j Sl5 95% 95 Msehan Bk? Asso *'% 13090 do 95 75 Am R* Bank 78 | '(M? l'linois6'?, 1870 31% 300 L laland Kll 49 I hum ?io ? rm 1000 do si* 1WI ? do SH< J|(I? Ohi0 6'?, IWW W 25 fltoulng'on RR J|V ir,no do MJ? 50 Fanncra'Loan 1000 N V 6'a, 1S62 att i#7Ji Kwond Unard. lr on Indiana Bnnda SO 100 L Inland RR bM SO 10(10 (J'ment Loan, 1002 112 Mate of Trade, The nnwa fiom England la of a favorable nature, and a teUar face ia given to trade generally. Cmfftt-la dull. A public aalo ia announced, which ? .U<w iujavc eC j/vla III II may affect priaea. The *ale? have been?4000 baga Bra- I zi), ? a 600 do Cuba, 6 a 8; 300 do Manilla, 8; 600 do I Java. II MfWl <1r? T aorit i ra 71 ?, U. ITAA /In nnminirn \k I , ? '1 "> ?'"V "? a 8L Cm ton? Since the uew? the market ba? lost activity .and a ihade lower baa been acceded to. Holder* lefuie to make c nciasion Sales 1600 bale* Upland* and Florida* as ; 1C03 do Mobile*. 6 a ?4 ; 800 do New Orlran*,6 a Hi. ' A'ami Starts ?Turpentine North County at $1 60; ditto Tar. $1 37J Spirit* Turpentine at 80c. Oils?Sale* South Sea Whale at 31c; Palm Oil 6} a 8Jc. Linseed in demand. Provisions?Pork dull, owing to considerable receipt*. Sales of Oh o Mess at $>9 37 J and $>9 80; I'rime $>7 60; Old Men $9. Ohio Lard at 0 a 0}; smoked Ham* a 7^ ; Beef, 7 a 7^; Shoulders, 4 a 4}: Provision Market. Our market* vary 1 ut little from our last report. A* the aeuson advance* vegetable* will become cheaper. Asparagus, Sallads and Green* are very abundant. Eggn are plenty, we alter our rates in this article this week. Fish is abundant, Salmon is selling at 43 cent* a ixiuiul, which is a decline, but yet too high for anything short of a rarity. Meats are getting down a little, but owing to the backwardness of the Spring first quality is hardly to be found. Complaints are loud against mutton, that brought in this week; it is far from being first'rate, and what little good there is command* a good price. After a fair bite of grass comes, in the ceuntry, we shall have fine samples of fat meats. Among the visitors to Washington market a great deal of fault is found with the Corporition,|lor not removing the old fish market, so a* to giro more room to farmers and country women, who wish to parade to good advantage the good things they bring lor us citizens. On referring to the following table it will be seen the prices of many articles have changed since last wesk. Prices op Provisions. Apples, bbl .-$160 a 2 75 Lamb, per lb a 8 Asparagus bunch- 16 a 18 Lobsters, 6 a ? Beef per lb 6 a 9 Mutton 7 aR Beef, per cwt--?$4.60 a |f Ouions, per bush 40 a JO Beef, corned 6 a 8 Paisuips, per dez. ,--37>4?? Blaekfiah, " ? a 10 Porter House Steaks 9 a 10 Beets, 1 a? Pork, per lb 3 a ? Butter, frosh, per lb 12 a 15 Pi*s, roasters ? a SI Butter, lirkin, per lb 9 a 10 Potatoes, bush 37)4? ? Crabs, dot 1214a? Potatoes, Swt.hf pk.? a 31 Chickens 75 at 00 ltadishes, bunch- a 6)4 Clams, 100 25 a 37)4 Sirloin, lb 10 a 12 Dried Apples, bbl- ? a $1)4 Bind, each 12 a IS Eels 8 a 10 Striped Bass, lb -10 a ? Eggs, 15 for ? a 12)4 Sausages ? a 8 Kresli Cod........ 3 a 4 Turnipa, per bushel,-25 a ? Flounders,. ? a 5 Tripe, lb ? a 4 Jowls a 3 Turkies 1,00a $1,59 Lettuce, he?d ? a 6.\? Veal 4 a 6 married, Ou Thursday, the 11th inst, by the Rev. Mr. Holt, Mr. Henit Wales, of Boston, Mhss., to Caroline Matilda, youngest daughter of the late Capt. Thomas Harding, of this city. On Tuesday evening, 9th instant, by the Reverend Dr. Macauley, Mr. John Stevenson, o( Albany, to Miss Ma t Jane Scott, of this city. * At Bnratield, Mass., on Tuesday evening, 9th inst., by the Rev Mr. Pitridge, Silas C. Herrino, Esq ,merchant, ofthiscity, to Miss Caroline S., daughter of Elijah Tarbell, Esq., of the termer place. Died, On Friday morning, 11th instant, of typhus fever, Mary Koch, aged 83 years, 3 months and 30 days. The friends mid acquaintance of her husband are repec.'fully invited to attend her funeral on Sunday at 3 o'clock, P M., from 332 Mott street. Philadelphia papers will please copy. On Friday afternoon, 13th inst., after a lingering illness, which she bore with Christian I'ortitudo, Miss Martha Ecpmkna L Stout, in the 36th year of-her age,only daughter of the late John Lewis Stout, Esq., St. John, Newfoundland. The funeral will take place from the residence of her step lather, William McVitter, No. 7 Avenue C., late I lieutenant of the 99th, or Prince of Wales Tipperary Regiment of Foot. The friends and acquaintances are respectfully invited to nttend her funeral, Sunday afternoon, rt half-pu?t four o'clock, without further invitation. New Orleans, Newfoundland, and Halifax papers, please copy. Foreign Markets. Bermuda, May 3.?There was only a moderate demand for American produce, the market being generally well supplied. Beof was selling at $8 a S1 per brl.; Pork, $8 a a $10; Flour 6 a 7; Mackerel; No. 3,$7, No. 1, $9; Cheese 13 a 16; Lard $16; Potatoes 35 a 30 cts per buahel; Corn Meal $4 per bbl; Oats 50 cents per bushel; Rice 6 cts per lb; Spiuce Lumber $13 per M; White Pine $16. Pswsengers Arrived. Liverpool?Steam sh:p Great Western?Dr B'onson and lady, Mauler J Brnnann. New York; J R Bonsall, E V Childr and son, Philadelphia; J S Donnell, Baltimore; Albert Dsvv, Pennsylvania; Jaa Eddy, 8 W Forbes, Miss Smith, Boston: T Oliver, Maryland; Mr and Mrs Beetle, child and servant, Mrs KBeutlgy and two sons, G C Crook, J Day, J Froste, Mrs Higg'nson, 4 children aid J servants, W H Jackson, P H |Mnrtan, W II Ilidgeway, J Tanner, England; Miss de Troy, Mr 'inn and lady, P Falconer, Mr and Mrs Keatherstmihaugh, J Gyngell senr, J Gyngell jr. O B Hall aad ladv. P Holland, R W James, A Krazeu, Mr Leckie, M Le Roy, W W Moore, H Miller, K MacGregor, Mr Partison and lady, Miaa Patlison. W H Ritchie, Mrs E Reynolds, J Roger*, O Tenlon, D H Whittell, D 8 WaDend. Canton?Ship Z-uobia?Edward Taylor, Jr. of New York Foreign Importations. Canton?Ship Zenobia?4244 hf chts young hyson 600 chests 253 lil do hvsrn 599 chts '03 1,1 do hyson skiu 398 nf do 710 boxes imperi 'I 530 hf clits 920 b*s gunpowder 1697 III chta 120 chts 1122 has souchong 443 chts 410 bss pecco 262 chts 1298 hf do iHitrchong 47 pkgsteas 18 crses mdse Tafhot, Olyphant b co?629 hf chests young hysnn 79 hf do 20 botes hyson 27 chts hvson skin 73lif do impeiial ir,9 hf do gunpowder 22 chts 8<2 hf do 511 bx? s> nchong Ml) hf rhts |M)ucliong P pbgs teas 46 do mdse ton file. 60 bxs ginfter 4666 mats cassia Gordon b Talbot?25 chts 129 hf do young lysou 70 hf do gunpowder 41 hf do imperial 14 chts pecco 92 hf do souchong 12 has poucltong 46 do ginger 40 pks mdse 12 gongs Capt Putnam?178 chts 792 hf do 9 bates young hyson 302 chests hvsnri 55 do hvsou >kin .392 do 1 hf do I li \ gunpowder 148 half ch's imperial 54 chts 6 hf do 315 boxes souchong 218 chts 2 hf do prceo8 pks mdse to order. MARITIME HERALD. 8Mp Mastan and Agenta. We shall esteem it a favor, if Captaina of Veaaeli will giye to Commodore Hoar.RT StLvrT, of our News Fleet, a Heport of the Shipping left at the Port whence they sailed, the Vessels Spoken on their Passage, a List of their Cargo, and an* Foreign Newspapers or News rhey may have, lie will board tkrra immediately on their arrival. Agents and Correspondent!, at home or abroad, will also confer a favor by sending to this Office all the Marine Intelligence they ran obtain. Nautical Information of any kind will be thankfully received. PORT OF MEW YORK, MAY 13 UN 4 47 I FULL MOON 5 50 UN SFTI 7 6 I HIOH WITH 7 53 Cleared. Brigs Geo Henry, Blahely, Tnrks Island. M P'alt; Tarn O'Shantrr. Thomas, Curaroa, J Foulke b Son; Lady Harvey, (Brl McDonald, Ht Johns. NF. Onnscomh & Berk with; Geo M Boule, (Rr) Mann, Halifax, Snnle, Whitney b Co; Globe, Hillert, N Orleans, Filch b Co; Geerviana, Bedell, Savannah, John Oakley; Dimon, Kobinroo,Charleston.?Schrs H-nriette, (Bn men) Harsloop. Bremen. Noltenius b Pavenstedt; Cnrlew, Robinson, Curacoa, West Indies. H W Lewis; Clinton, Harding, Norfolk. A B < oolev b Co; J W Smith. Jarvis, Rappahannock, Ho: A F Myricv. Jones, Richmond, do; R Toinlio, Tomlin, Tomlin, Philadelphia, oo. Arrived. Steam ship Great Western, Hosken, from Liverpool, with mdre. to R. Irvin. Lef. Cohurg Dock, Liverpool, 40 min. past 10, and passed Prince's Dock I. o'clock 29th April?passed 8*nd Hook at 11 r. M. lllh Msy,and stopcedat Q'tarantinr at midnight? mating the passage in 12 days 13 hoars, Minting time, fm Liverpool to New York, the shortest passage ever mide across the Atlantic to the westward, by any steam ship, dist. nee considered The weather has been fine nearly all the way The wmda 7 days easterly, 3 dat a neatly calm, and 2 days westerly. Average .peed per hour, 10,'4 nautical miles. Ship Zcnobia, Putnam, 10U days from Canton, Macao Feb. I, with (os, silks, be. to Gordon b Talbot. Died at sea, Feb. 13, Jim i jrn?'u>. cu.i?. Brig John H. Stevens, Hall, !0 days from Bermuda, id ballast, ] to J 8'evens. Se'ir Weymouth, Cauch, 4 days from Richmond, with mdae, to Allen ft Paison. Hchr Regulator, Clouoo, from Lubee, with plaster, to Smith ft Boynlon. Schr Fame, Thominon, from Machiai, Me. with lumber, to master. SrhrTnlent, Batei, 3 days from Boston, with plaster, to the master. Schr Tangent, Boardman, 3 days from Boston, with mdsr, to master. Sloop Velocity, Imm Hartford. Below. One brig, un' nown. Railed. Ships Vontreal. Tinker, Loudon; Palmli, Tnwnsend, Oihrail's: Roscoe, Ch'rleston; British barque ",1'nnn, Powdrall, Hi John.; briga Wi'aon Kul er, Savannah; Geoig aaa, Bedell, do, an I otii< rs. Usnsral Record. Scull Tw > T\>li taa. Fountain, a missing vesai I. that silled from ftvs , oit for B iltnn'-re, was lallei in with 72 I March, 130 If-?ie? > of Cap. Haiti-rat. in a sinking state, by the Chrisre;,-c '' limb, Coindet, from Charleston, the crew taken from b< r a* d earned to Havre. Arril 36 ?The K.mpress, Scott, of Yarmouth, NS. fin r... ' >n fir l.ondnn, i? arrived in the Downs, with loss of foremi.' a d bowsprit, anchor an I chain, stem injnred, anil other Hi a-gr?having been in contact off the Start with the French Si.q'ie Ch?rlei. the latter supposed to have gone down with all on noa.d, except a boy who got on board the Kmpress. Ostfud. April 22?The repairs on the American barque Konohassett, which arrived here on the lstol Jai.uiry last, iu a I. a'v atate. are nearly completed. She hu had new copper and mists, and is now loading her cargo, coala. for NYo'k. OinasLTsn, Apnl 13 ?The Tnrner. from Potl'and, Me to Made ri, was struck by a sea and filled?crew saved, after heina 16 days Ml the wreck, by the Furet, Cou'iu, and landed Bsuqt'* Navattnvo, McCormick. from NYork, which put into Falmouth, Fug with damage, had commenced taking iu I,., ..... CI 970. ete Lirgarooi. Ai nl tl ?Tbv Duke of Larieaater, fnm ('ilratta, and Ra?f, from ApaltchirOla, were in eonrtct Scat mulit in tlif ilrrr?the former left quarter galley, aud the latter her how?prit. Hnia Trtff, rilUharr. of and (taint Thnmaaton for N York, wlih lime, In going into Glimeetter harbor rh nut. got on a Irdpeof roekf, hut w got off wiihou: material injury ky ilie of re* cutler Hamilton, Cart Htnrgio, and proceeded on her voyage Sth. Bald Rmrcc*. M'Ouirr, of Hobhinatno, Me. at Areeiho, tailed ftom NYo k for Neyit abt Men 0, and on the twelfth dae oat. It wu diiro?ered that the had ih? ftnoll r>o* on board?one of the aetmm died; and on ber airiyal at Nevit, Mr Jonos, fi-at i llicar. of K'ftport, who had taken the diaeaae. Wat loft in the rare of the U 9 Contnl at N Several othere of the r.rew were airk, and ('apt M. had only four men to take the brig to Ht 'J'lioma?, where he aliirped two othere. Notice to Marlnan, AfffTKfDaM, April The Director General of Marine haa given nonce, under dale Rtli met. that in coneriinence of an allegation m the grounds brtwecu the itlandt of Vlieland and rlehelli'g, rh? tmoya of the outlet Hooleuoort have been relieved; matead of vehie'>. Imoye will be laid down at the new channel,called the North-.iaat Inlet, "inning between the Thnmai Stmt G it and the new cat, the number of which and their hrarinni will in due lime be published The aaid Director Orrirralof Marine li*i alio farther notified, under date Jlih inat. that the poaition ol ilia Tialk, whieh grounded znth '? arch on iha northern thoa of the Vley of iiain-kma, it about eight elf? wifhln the hlaek buoy, ent?e.fiiert1y oufaide of the channel, and ihe mafif Tfirmna rill a'andiug in a SK a-d north-weateilv <liwcflon with fhe Abhy tteep'c of Mlddfehurgin a group of tioef ifn the laat frtm on Niettwland^ that, fhnher, the towel run on Hong of at anchor off Rameliinf, and funk, in the Vley. it in + edit' dctth of water, hearing S and Nat the mfrka of the HIV. steeple of Midrfelhti-g and the him i f the ahoare men 1J5e ?? wm?h v#stet *Uo iht mtM remains *nu?i nt I J Thr following it fro? thr Board Of Trade at Stockholm, I dated April 15s-'* An official report has bten reseirad from the | l ? I Al/UJ, .. it I i| I .. tVlJUliflltUAl) ,11ft. tf# iiu? * authontiei at Wiaby, in the iiland of Gothland, that in conaequture of the contemplated coiialriictinu of a breakwater on'aide the reliance to the port of the town of Wiaby, and ilia cnary ainktni of alone boxei, which work will be commenced about the middle of the prcient iiionih. the line of the break w iter has been marked ant by means of points iu ?ueh manner (hit the fnm navigation is kert 0|irn to the northward and southward of the txtreme p uu's; but as these seamiiks, ty re..sou of storms, rnrrants, or other earner, may easily change iheir position, entrance into the |>ort ( ugr.l not to be attempted withonl the assistance of a pilot " Wlinlemen. An if New Bedfeid. May 10. Messenger, Batlee. Indian Ocean, Pott Kl'zibsth February 13, witn two bt Is (360.sp)oil Spoke Dec 13,1st 40 H, Ion 7t to k,, Tib*',N Bedlord,900 wh; s-m? lini",flood Return, Tab-r, do, 1000, liOsp; Dec 33, lat 10 41 8, I n 71 30 K. t ictavia, Huwlan I, do. 1300, I'O tt>; no dale, 1st 3 31 8, l?n 32 III W, Sanders (Br), of Jersey, fruin Naples for Rio Jauriro. Died->u board ship Messenger, July M, 181 i, in Moctnto Bay, John Jeremiah Kogen, colored, sentntn of ti e M Also arr. newjboat Ann Elizt, Allen, from ncrnise. Boarded erterday u'trtnoon. off t'uilyt uok, Cossack, Delano, from Iniliau Ocean, last fiom C?ne Town, of and f?? Hippie n with ll00bb<r(]Msr)oil. Spoke off Croietles, Jan 8th. lioscoe, B nrne, N B, 800 wn, and ssw liiin lake 2 whs same day, lOtn, M jrs'ic, 11 i?ei, N B, 7 whs; 12th, Henry Lee, 8 H, 5 whs; Itlh, Hudson, do, clvau; heard from J ui 10, Dryadr, Rogers, Matta noisette, 1 what same date, J ts|ier Bennett, N B, 700 bbls; 95'h, spoke Ann ita, Hull, NL, 5 whs, 110 sp; Cant Hull re por<ed speaking two days previous Macon, Merry, 1 isbury, 3 win; J n us, Tit ntr, N 6 3 whs. At I?le ol France in Oct. Isra'l, Lake, N B. pui in in cousctpience of inul'uy, and toproture Ml, Arr at Edgarlown, May 9, At antic, Hoag. Pacific Ocean, via Ta'cahwina, with H50 bhls sp oil, of and lor Naot. Rtports in Sept on the line. Ion 133 W, Montana, Conn, Nam, t tnosnut, IliO; Oat9, at Nooaheva, Splendid, C< Ifin, F-dgartnwn, , 35 m-is, 2350; Henry Aator, I'liikhatn, Naut, 32 inos, 1350: Erie, I Luce, FH, St mm, 850; at K.imeo, Chas St Hcuiy, ol-man, I vant, 21 moa, 350. Left at Talcalmaui Jan 17th. Pl.unrhhov. I Drown. Nail', 800 rp70G wh, for hsiiii-in8 days; Kranklin Bet tie, NB. 900 sp, for home in 6 d?\s; Milton. Lewis, do 7 mos, 100 >p 700 wh; Daniel W. Int r, Baker, S II, 18 inns, 3300 wh, lor home in 6 daya^ Lummuy, 1'iiee, ol and for Warren. 30 0 wh, riding ija^rautuie nt Qatrrrquince, and was to atop 25 d ly ? before si.e could eoiar the |i ?rt of Talrahuiua. Heard from rff Tecairusiu De , I'hen t, Hnaihlin, Na'1, Ifi'iO; Jan 26, let 35 20 S, loa It W, stoke Cares. Ayres, W.lmuig.nii, 16 too#, 150 sp; 291 h, lat 35 8. loo 82 30 W, spoke John Jay, Rogers, S H, 112 data out, 100 sp, ben il to N W coast. Sid from fcidgartowu, 10th, Peru, Barnard, Pacific; Pavilion, Adams. Ailan'ic. Arr at Holmes Hole, May 10th, Kichard Mitchell. (larduer, Paeific Ocean. 110 days from 'I'alcahuaas, with I2U0 hblssp nil, of and lor Naot. Hi porta at V-l|>arai>o Dec 27 Uarclav. Bl*ney, Naut, SOj sp; Cbili. Know lea, Boston, leading; off Missafuerro Jan 7rh, Htatir*, bolter, Nanl, 2700; 10-.h, Congress, Pi.* man, do, 1350; Ca|>t Pi'min had apokeii Dec 20ih. Stalesmau, Doane. Salem, clean; 21d, Draco. H.v. K H, 900 ; 26th, Minerva Smyth, Brnwncll, N B, IftOT; Jan 7tn. Was' ingtnn. Bailey, Ns'.t, 1000; 9th, Golcontla, Iliwliinl, NB. I5A0; 22d, Mare Milcliell, Lawrence, Nant, lOOtp on board; off titafu Laad, Keo 16 h, Maine, Maitee, Kairhaveu, 87 dtya out, clean, all well Air at Sag Harbor May 7, Neptune, Ludlow, Scuih Pacific Oesra, with 7650 hMa wh and 20 an oil, 28 POO iba hone. Spoke Jan 27, lat 58 H, Ion72 W, Magnolia Simmons, 77 cats from N B-dfoid. for N W cnas', clean; 31st '*155 30, loo 57 40, Moi'rt, Kisher, 81 daet from Bremen, tor ,N W cii'St, 70 sn. Arr at do 10 k, shipa Ann, Cu'ry, and Henry, Younga, wilh full cargo. a of oil and b ne. Art at Urt e pnr , L I, M iv 7th, Bay?rd, J N Konlh'm South Atlantic via St Helena 1900 hMs wh 750 sp oil, ted >4,0001ba hone. Led Si I'?'ena Marrh 9, Ma* us. Loner, 8 H 700 wh, 500 s ; V-ap* , II tinmoud, l'lymou h 130 ap; rep rti as ?|iokeiib/Mnu .t ' Helena, from the Cr> 7. (tea; Jau, II mm bal, 1 wh; 1*- .I i d 6 hs, last iin; Amerieau, 6 win; Alaione, I wh, Jau >; Huron, 2 whs, >ast Jan; Komulns, 4 w as, for NW; Roanoke, 5 wh .do; Aetata, 3 wha >ast Jan; Canmns. 5 whs, do; Oimllus. 200 p 100 ws; Hamilton, 900. last Jan; Baibsra, 800 wh do; Han y i ee, l?e do; Mun ninth, CnldapMue, 2 whsdo; Suteri ,r,0 whs do; Delta, 7wh?do; Usm, 500 bb|r, lest Jau [had been nut to 48 lat, no whales] Ships all insight, they had not taken any whales for 15 days, in the height of the season. Air at do 8th. T 'i id, Case, from South Pacific. 2100 wh and 110 spm, and 12,010 ihs hone Spoke off Cape Horn, January 29th,Copii, M Bedfuid, hound toiheN W coast?wished to be ro 901 ted. Spoken. Senator, ( Bi) Mauritius lor London, 38 dayt out, Mcli 25, off Cape Good Hone?by the Zenobia, at this port. t\,W.i.? 11 .. r ir.o..,;. r / -!??? I our. Mch 27,1*1 31 10 8, Ion 12 E?bv the Zenobii. Etil of Ilardwick, (Br) Calcutta for Lodnn,53 day* out, Mch 31, lat 24 JO S, Ion 7 E?by the Zmobia. James Edward mid Virginia, of N York, and Marathon, of Boston, a'l being towed out of Live pool, were passed April 29, at M a in?by the Great Western, (a) at this port. Superb, ol and from Greenock Tor NY oik, passed April 30, lat 54 28, len 8 W?by the Great Western. D-rwent, (Br) of Workington, standing W, passed May 6, lat 45 30, Ion 45 30?by the Gieat Western. Pulitetse, (Fr) of Dieppe, standing W, passed May 6, lat 45 26. 'on 45 10?by the Great Western G-rrnde, Morgan, Boston for Demeraia, April 18, lat 24 3, Ion 62?by the Ghenamus, at Boston. Wevbosset, Collins, NYork for NOrleans. May 3, Int 36 55, Ion 73 30?lost overboard in a gale, Hubert George, of Newbttrv, and Henry Lil ie, of Andovet?by the Chenamus. Ceylon, Ctocker, Savannah for Point Petre, Apr 19, lat 23 40, Ion 61, 14 days out?by the a returns, at Boston. Tuscan, Coy gins, Boston for St Thomas, May 2, lat 36 56, Ion 70 27?by he A returns. Newburrport, Mobile for Liverpool, May 5, lat 35 10. looTI 20?by p-e Cnsssck, at Sinpicau. t'c'oner. Crowell, NYork for La Giayra, May 4, lat 35, Ion 71 25?by the Atlantic, at Edgartnwn. Eiperimet.t, Philadelphia for Triuidad, May 3, lat 32 20, Ion 68 15?by the R Mitchell, at Holmes Hole. Banuer, Snow, Boston for Green Turtle Bay, May 6?by the same. Windsor, passed May 5, lat 36, Ion 51?by the same. Windsor, Lionel!. Trinidad for Cowes, 9 dajs ont, April 23, off Tortusaa?hy the Wanen. Ashhnrton, Plnmmvr, Matanzia for Rotterdam, April 27, lat 32 40, Ion 68 10?by the Neptnne, at Sag H lrhor. Oce<da, Kuuck. Havre for NYork, 2 days ont, Apri' 20. Conqueror, J.i rerpool for NewY ork, April 10,1 at 45 30, Ion 25 -all well. Henry, Liverpool for NOrleans, April 5. 'at 23, Ion 24. Active, of Baltimore, from Charleston, Mch 27, 42 days out, short of water?supplied Blake. Cnsrlrston for Liverpool, April 11,1st 45, Ion 25 Francea Whitney, of Boston. Gibraltar for Sumatra, IS days ont, Mdi 27. I t 3 13 N, lou 21 28 W. Louisa, Wencke, Bremen for Philadelphia, pasted April 24. An English brig for Boston, Apiil 20, lat 49 N, Ion 67 W?understood the name to be Wm Fraser. Foreign Porta. Amtwirf, Apr 25?Sid*", Pntuaui, New Orleaus;19lh, Olga, Thazter, Hivaua;CorioUnus., Apr 19?Sid Arab, Howe, NYoik. Bristol. Apr 25?Arr El its, Warwick, Virginia; Elisabeth, Carey. Baltimore. Roawcaiis. Aiw II?Sid Commercial. H'ndcrson. NOrleans; 20th, Kulalir, Thnre, do. Brkmviv, Apr 18?Arr Ocean, Stnrge, New York; 22d, Utile, Hanson. Charleston Belfast. Arr 18?Arr Falcon, Smith, Ode?*a. Cantois. Whampoa, Jan 30?lupin Ann McKim, Vatmer, for xewYork in 10 days; Oneida, Swifi; Or Aon, Gardner; Panther, Martin; Hopewe'l, Engle; Nstehez, Waterman; Calumet, Leach, am Lowell. Pierce, nnc. Cadiz, Apr9?Put bark, Adolfo.Ettr.plo, for NOrleans,with loss of lore topmast. Sid llth, Boston, Hamilton, NYork. CoFF.rtWAOi:*, Apr 19?At Skjnhl, Charleston. CriHAVii*, Apr 21?Arr Naslma, Pernr, NYork; 26th,Wave, do; 24th, Damascus, Chase, New Orleans. Sid 17th, Ligonia, Waterliooac, Havana. Clyde. Apr 16?Ait Tennessee. Wise, NOrleans; 20th, Tay, Longwell, Mobile, with lost of qua let boat, sails, hulwarka, be. in n gale; 22d, Robin Hood, Mobile. Sid 18th, Springlie'd, Ray, N York^ 20th, New Yerk, Ni?eu. do; 26'h, Colossus. Lennox Apalachicola; 23d, Adonis, Morrell, 8t Thomas and New Orleaos. Cork, Apr 23?Sid Formosa, Crawford, Apalachicola; Richmond. Chevnev. Charlsaton. Passed bv 21st. Pandora, from N Orleans. Cowks, Apr 22?Arr Denmark, Thnroe, Havana; 24th, Bar riet, Honper^do; 2') t h, Caledonia, Henry, do: 26th, Doris, Matanzas; Camilla, Havana; Norvel. Himpaon, Bahia. Calcutta, Feb 27?Arr John N Goaler, Chriatopher, Philadelphia; Rouble, Proctor, Boa'on. Bid 22d, Oentoo, Hollia, Boston. Arr 2id. Pt-kin, Lning. Canton. Care of Good Hon., Feb 27? 91(1 Delhi, Bvron, Calcutta; 21st, Ctlo.; 13th, Mesaencer, Baker, N Bedford. Cars: Hattikn. Apr 29?In port, Jacob Store. Hurd, for Boston, iu 10 days; Orion, for Halifax, 5; Illinois, Huttleton, crew irk. Dartmouth, Apr 21? Off. St Lawrence, NFork for St Petersburg; Colnmhus, Hilchen, Bremen for NOrleans. Deal. Apr 25? Arr Manchester, Jsrman, St Domingo for St P- tershurit; 24'h, Arelhnta Osxtrr, for H trans, from the nrer, and proceeded;21st; Meta, M yer, Bremen for NewYorh; 18th, Louise, N York for St Petersburg; 21th, Tarouin, Hotmer, N Orleaus for Abetdeeu. Passed by 27ih. L'Innocence, Engestrom, NYork for Baltic; Areron, Charleston for Hotter'am; K.sker, late Crawford, do for I open1"geu; 21st, Dromo, Hamburg for Cobt;20th,Oalt. Howes, NOrleans lor Hamburs; 19th, Huotrrts. Moore, NYork lor d*. Sid 26th, J is Gray, Carter, Lot don for U States. Down, Apr 20?Off, Favorite, Bremen for NOrlean'. Dixrrc, Apr 23?Arr D.tunbe, Clark, NOrleans. Dtrtspti., Apr 20?flld Mobile, Martin, Archangel. D untie trass, Apr 24? Off, Louise, YYencke, Bremen for rhiMilphla Klsiisore. Apr 19? Atr Fortnna, Neilson, Charleston for Kjohenharen; 21st, Creole, Moller, Charleston; Triton, Paulson, St Croix Eddtstonk, Apr23? Off, Wrenspite, New York for Stockholm Falmouth, Apr S3?Arr for orders, Abeona, Wilson, Alexandria. Fi usHtrrr , Ap- 24?In the roads, Olga, Thaxter, Havana; Cells, Thatcher. NVork; Rebecca, Dewes, do Favsl, Ai.r 1-Md Fame, Scott. Boaton. Otnnai.tah. Apr 12?Arr Steivlitz, Collsgnu, Palermo, and aid tor Boston; Ic'n Marshall. Poythress, Messina, and aid for Hampton Road , t h, U S shin De'aware. Com Morris, Rio da Janeiro; 7rh, Nrti l. Bevsn, Me'sina, and aid for Cadiz. Gottkivbuho Apr 13?Arr Virginia, Jansen, Hatavia. Glasoow, Apr 23 - Arr Robin Hood, Fisk, Mobile. OaATtsKND, Apr 2?Arr H Hudson, Moore. NYork; 23d, Tiber Covill, Viviiia; 27th, Ontario, Bradtsh, NYork. Havre, Apr 16?.Arr Cotton Planter, Doane. Mobile: Igth, Cliristnphe Coloinb. Condit,Charleston; I9 h, Iwanowna.Shinn, Klorula; 20th, KtniimtM, Shumwav. Mobile; 21st. Pcnggg, Rahot, Choleaton; 2'd, Persian, Robhin?. and Middlesex, Oro M renao, Gray, Mobi'r; 21d, Fortune. I.emartr, Cherleatnn; 24rh, Quern Virion , Rnnlett, NOrleana. Bid 2>lh,, lahard, Moneeidco: Bra Lion, H iwn, NOrleana; 24th, J H Bhep'aerd, Redman. do; Mt*?ppa flmiih, Mataniaa: Car aritie, Berry, NYnrk; 2:kl, Snper-i, Oatchell, Mobile; 10th, K Brooka, Howca, NOrlrui*; 19 h. Waeertey, Snow, New York; IKtli. Oar i la, Kunrk, do; Arabella. Kunek. do; Arabella, Rice, NOr eini; ITtli, Lonia \ IV, Jnge, do; I6:h, Kdaaund Perkiua, Ingeraoll, do: Coarlra, Hrtideraon, do; Champion, Warren, CharleatOD. Veaaela np, Krancoia lat, Ainaworth, New York, May I; Bruirandv, Wotten, do. |th. Mull. Apr 21?Arr Ockbrnok.Lawaon, NOrleana. Sid Itth, B r Kdw Hamilton, Lnndy, New Yoik. Arr 2 tat, Jnlia, Wadawnrtli. Boat on lltMauari, Apr IT?Arr Bordeam Facke?. Bfeph-naon, New Orleaua. Bid 17th, Olbera, fcxtor, do; IS'li, l'tuchita, Gray, Newbury port. Hr.i.focT. Apr25?Air Oeean, H'ftine, NOrleana; Hubim or, ( endlxli, Manilla. Bid 16th, Kath Jackaon, Myera, Balti mora; Kloridian, Pratt, NYork. Lirr arooi.. April 19?Arr United State*,NOrleana; Reacina, Cellini,aud Liberty, Norton, New York; 20th, laaae Allerlon, Tnrrv.and Oeneaee, Jaeka, New Orl'ana; Robt Ken, Aaaew, Mob I'i franconia. Crabtr?e, Sarannah; Woodatock. Charleatoti; 2lit, Kmprraa, and John Denniaton, Mobile; Crtna. and Dtnntleaa, Apalarhicola; Creole, and Klira,Savannah; Kntopr, New York; Andrew Seoit, Cnarleeton; 22d. Clyde, Britannia, Kdinbmah, Kentucky, Pandora, Pollock, end Rialro,NOrleana; Acadia, Carroll of Larrollton, Cornelia, Hector, Rob Hoy.S-r?r--u, and Vandalia, Mobile: Blake, Charlanton; 29 I, Bolton Abbey, O'o Skolft-td, Lord Maidstone, Neptune. Ontario, H itelua, Bwedeo, and Ywrkahtre, New Orleans; nennblie, and Lnirta Mobile; Rote, Apalacbirola; Majestic.and Via Ward, Ki'id, Savannah; Jamet Dean, LapwifR, and Thoanaa Bennett, Charleston; 2?tli, Hllroo, Leandrr, ami Suffolk, New Orleana; Idiconh. Anniachicola; Yorkshire, Charletton; ?5th, Francis Depau, Forbes, NOrleana; Independence, Nye, N York; 215th, Urn Harrison, and I'aetolea, M ibtln; Mary Kimball, Apalaeh - com; SI Mirk, Bntnan. < harlrttoo; 27th, Ullta It kdixa, Analachirola; Htli, Elita Kei:b. Mobile: Tiger, and Aralaocna, NOrleint. Alto gjrh, Jan* Walker, (Jillu, Vobile.. Sailed IHh, Florence, Dteker, Havnui, Waahiogtnn, Benten, N York and Virginia; Caledonia, Oar in. N Or leant, ():otglaua. Belnn, Philadelphia: Hoard a ma. Hockley, Baranoah, 20, (Jhaot, and IVrdotuiet. NOrleant; list, Frai ronia, doTVtoice, Mobile; lllinoia. Kveleigh, N York* 23d, Miami, and Powhatttn, NOrle'n*; T P Cope, Mierckeo, Philadelphia; 2uh. Or firrt, Hailibnne; Ht l^wrence, Brown. and Yaxm. Tragi. New Work; European, and Don Joan. NOrieana; 27Ui, Patrick Henrr, Delano, and .V miatippi, Hiiliard, N York; Culewhtia, and Qnniaka. NOrleant; Saion. and Concord, Havana: 28Ih, Eluabreli Frith, IVarce, New Orleana; Virginia, Talbot, Analachicola. Alto tith, Charlet Carroll, Dean, Mauirata. Caledonia. Pine*. NYork; JaaCaaki*. Fills'raiy. Newbnrvi ort; Mth, Oak| land, flaring, NOrleane; Milo. Cluck, do: Mourt, Wrlth. do. ' Loading ?0(h, Ht Peter* inrg. NOrleant; HoUiagnri, Battler; Itvred, Sherwood; Cerent; Henry Pratt. Kaiifnwl; Hi hernia, inn mitt Montetuma. I.ewlier; Margrave. Bailey; (jlaagnw; Sliaktireare, Miner, anil Virginitu, Alien, New York; Hebrew, Carr St Mint; Tqrbo, Beaachaatp; Virginia Ptcbtl.Brairer, Pit mi 11. Hampton, and John Carter, Pendleton, Bbatotf; CalrI i.m, |e) I. it. Ilalifatand, Cld and ready f,r ten. Bmhaw, NOrleasi: Marathon,' harlaauni; Uaited Biatei, and Jamet Kdward, NUrlaana; Virginia, Kut Tor Ida 21th, Detdemona. Clark, NOrleant; Fratjconia, Crahrree. Sar iuoeh; Tremoat, Taylor, Chatlntotl; Dnmbar j con, Roddlaaton, Virginia London, Apr SI?Km outward, Hcndrik Hudson, Moore, N York; 23d, inward, Henry Hhelfn, Baltimore; Tiber. Covtll. Virginia. Old ?<Sih, llosabella, Hebbiiis, Boston; 27th, (Quebec Williams, NYork. Lkohokis, Anr I'?Sid Kenells Bt Domingo. Loiuk, Apr 17?Arr Natrhet. Snow, NOrl-ans. Lizano, Apr 25??7(Y b d waid, P.ulkle*. New Yo'k lor Hamburg; ;0th, Urcnni, NOrleins for Ainsteidim; I9<li, Paragon, Cur is. Bataeia for do. Macao, hYb I?In rort.' La k, Tlbbefs. from Sydney; Barer, une; Cat uga, SiarPnrk. from South Amrriea. At anchor at 2d bar, U S (hip Constellation. Com Kearney. Mauirii.i.Ks, Apr I)?An Huwarrow, Sleeper, ami V lhaut, 0-Fnril, NO,leans; Hlh, Sophia Krelina. Sehaotz, New York. Sid 13 h Kleanor. Duobs. IS Oi leans: Ch*s Wuginao, H<>nes. Baltimore; 12>l-. T.ejcottj Myrtck, NewTork; I8lh, Kdiuburg, Crneke-, INOrleaui. Mi.wtm al. may 7-Arr Caledonia, Allan; Jane Brown, Wyllie, au-t |loinmod.ire, Millrr. Olaagow; (S eat B iiain, Swinburne, Louden; Sib, Mel, twk, Kergumo. (3!a-gnw. Naivte?, Apr 18?Hid Lewi*. Barker. .NOrlaaLf; ITih, Natch z, Hunw, do; ig h. Macon, Bibhiue. NVork. Maplh. Apr ft?Hlil Carolina. Hewitt, Palermo. Plymouth, Ai r 21?Off, Maritime, Wietiag, Bremen for Ba'tui ore. Portimouth, An* 21? An Philadelphia, Hovev, London for NYo'k, ami aid 21.1 Pehtlaixd Frith, Apr 21?r,uaed throoih, Sir Kdw Hamilton, Hn'l I'orrNYark. PaI.krmo, mcii 31?sm Cuba, Leitch, Lira',a. Arr 27th, A'alaDtA. Sha- ley, Naplra. Sunderland. Apr 26? Sid (hove, ThomAi, New Haven, US ?an repotted Swansea, Apr 25? Sid Bo>y. Kurnl'e. Oharlt atnn. Shieldi, Apr 23? Sid (Jenmnia, Wolff, NYork. Arr 19 li, Jlue, Baxter, Antwerp; Orient, Niclio'.aou. Kotlenlim; limymeile, Clark, do. Start, no dale?Off, Ho'dham, Bremen for NOrlean*. Hiitrta. Apr 7?Arr Km ma laadora, Halleit. Benin. Trayi'Ml-nde Anr 14?Arr Middlebory, Munrn,Cliarleilon; 15th, Coni|i|'al, (1 fford, do. Off 21 it, Ar.n, Walker, do. Trieiti:, Apr 8? Sid Tiber, Ram?av ; Oiprey. Way, and Elite, Nowlau, M-haiur Arr lOtli, Unii|nr, M taucva. Table Bat, COH. Feb 23?Arr Childe Harold, Willia, Bombay. Vt.mci, Apr 13?Arr Z D, Bataett, NYork. Homa Porta, Portland May 10? Arr Teaxer, Thompaoii, Baltimore. BotTorr, May II?Arr CheuamRi, Co-en, C Inmbia Rirer, Oah-i and Oiaheite; Areturua Bullen Hnenoa Ayrea; Sileuuv, H <rily, Ca|>e Haytien: Belie", Dawev, NOrleani. Telegreplied, St Lawience, and Leader. Migual for 3 brig*. Old Inez, Long, Richmond; Izetle, Frauki, Salem; Creole, Howea, New Orleana Warkham, May 9?Sid Monitor, Besae, NYork. Caledonia, Hix-'man, Hudson, NV; Native, Pm th, Hondout.? Bid Hardicraoble. Di?is, Albiuy; Ji? L Lon?, Hawkins, and Time.. Oik. NYo k. Bristol, Mav 8?Arr Thos Fenner, Niekrrion Providence, and aid Oth for Fredericksburg Air 9th, Monarch,'1 yler, Al h.iay. WAiata, Mav 10?Arr Lanrrl, Whiihen. T>midlid ?>r Boston; Stranger, New York for Dushury; Granite, do for B>ngor; Fulcrum, Sandwich for Philadelphia Hsrtkord. May 10?Sid Ohio. Farnlnm, NYork. Aliisny. May II?ArrOlivr, Fuller, and 8*r>rgf r, , Boston: Friendship, : Express, Bailey; B Alt d; ; nd Altai, Hunt, NVo'fc; Q? , Disbrow, "roiidence; Piu'on, Falmouth; H M R ilgelev, Priudle, Bridgeport; B lie Portland, t'l: Amanda. N cker-on, Nantucket. -Id, Trans port, Amea; G'?r'on, , and Benoer, Lewis, Bo ton: Carr l French Hli'lad: K ih?rt Purns, Oreen, and Hinry, Jones, NY ir ; Alba y, Q.hbs Piovid ic, PHiLAiiEi.riiia, May 12?Arr Falmouth, Haw, NOrleans; L it h, Al ' ii, Tnuid id de Cuba: I'rident, Longhurs', Turks Is and; Pickrri g, Woodbury. Georgetown; Violet, No* lin, nnl Flash, L'ke, NYork. Below, Lncv B'ake, Ho?m r. Mo bile; John Jiy, B-ker, Providence. Old. Kinma, Bai croft, Chail sion; N diddl-, Walton, Wilmington. NC; Purveyor, Trowergv, Boston; Jaue, Herd, NB uford; Leo, Green, Norfolk and P-te thing Norfolk, May 9?Arr Jane, Kirwan, Ba't bd to retariburx; R Aimsirong, Mist-r, llaltbu 'o Richmond; Fox, Harrington, Bait bj to Richmond Be'ow, Boaitan, Slurbs, Hami'ton, Bermuda The lo lowi vessels fin James Riier went to s-a on ru day hst Pamlico, Ut ddard. Hi.gham; Weymouth, N York; Drloa flandwi h; Vim WW er, Boston Charleston, May 9-ArrHow-ll, Noma, Havana. Cld, Southerns-, Palmer, L'pool: Calh"un, Myers, NYwrk; Mary Hammond, Norwood, K y West. 8 d, Lagrange, P.irter; Kmi y, 8herwocd; Calh un, Myers, and Fruiniil Vine. Nye, N 'Yo k: Arabian. Cooper, Havana; Wm Allen. 8pe|ding, and Tom Wood, Hugh-*, Bait: Moselle, Hunt, Have; La ar hire, Carmirhael. I.'pool; Hor'rnse, 8 '.'to, Bost ei Ar.LacHii'OLa, Mav 3?Cld Norman, Praf; Hodge. Knapp; Mary, Ri-'h rdaon, and Metamnra, Aaliby, NYork; Tenor, Smith, and Maen-t, Taylor, NOrlcana; Helen. Kdwards, aud Cumberland. (Br) P wra. L'pnn ; M.vy Ani, Hard ng, Boston; Hover, Jor inn, Norfolk. Yea els in port, K liaac, 8herma i ; Ata'auta, Raimond.and May F'ower, L'pool; Nile, Johnson; C mmeice, J >ucs; J Brow-r, Sntt-.n, and Timoleon Rlivt-n, wig fit; Florida, Croiger, aud Democrat, Howea.New Yo'k. Mobilf., Mav 5?CM Cltra, Penhall'W, Havre; Nicholas Brown, Ili ed, Phdad; .Vrginlia, Hitchcock Bilt; Long I lind Ho? ell, NYork. Nkw OtLtiSi. Mav 1 ? \rr Tiver. D.ker a d Ocean Queen ta-Bride, L'pool; Chapman, Thompson, Charles on; tl Bnd Turk, Parsons, Havana; Sea Bird, Or?M. B*rbadora; Caariu*. rriestley, l.erma. Cld, Orleani, Stars; Oip*ay, Giylord; O i. ay, I rowell; Prow. Bradford. Aimed*, A?li y; Monro-, Oile'lrist; Cr?vru. Godfrey, au.l Wanderer, Lewi*, NYork: Cheater, Haura; Uccar, Wilao-, and Metallic. Simnnaon, Bmtnn; Cjif.on, Ingeisoll, Hme; Ociora", Smi li. Glasgow; Dumfries-hire, Gow.n, L'pool; Kupl?r, Kttdor, Boston; Poua, Ora ham,'ar; Zealand, Cnnmb*. Norfolk; Mal'an AfTl ck, Kiags on; T Street, McConuell, Havana; Impirter, HarWod Marseille*; Grecian, H*rdioit, I aauu*: Marc-mat, Wrile .Bait Envois, Hall. R-ngor; Ms-y Wilkea, Gilt, St Tr.omaa; Amiriea, Aa' oy, NYork. LararETTK, La., Apr 26? Arr Andrew Bin*, NYoik; 28th, Pultan. Jamaica. WET NUR8K WANTED.?A respectah'e woman ia wanted to take a elnld to her own residence ; one that haa loat her baby will or preferred. Address A., Herald office, mil 3'*ee TNFOKMATION WANTKU. of Haitman Betilen, a native a o! Ruisingcn, Oeriniuy, who left home about 5 yeara a'nee, for thia country, ?i ice which uolh ns his been heard of him. Should thia meet his eye, or any one who can eire an7 information respecting liirn, will confer a f*vo' by addressing a few lines to Ins brother, JOHAN BEHLEN, m'2 3t*r No 80 Pi't stieet. New York. SEAMEN WANTEO-A few prime r.eameu wanted lor the new tloop-of war SARATOGA, Joaiah Ta-nrll, Esq. Commander,?the largest and lincst sloop in the lerrice. An rlv at the Naval Rendezvous, Water street, where a Shipping Officer from the Saratoga will be in attendance. Si veral Petty Officer's births are still vacant. mIO Iw'ec SOCI.Al- REFORM?The Vesting for the 0-seuuion of the right ofPrope ty and Coroe ration Associations, stand* adjourned to the National Hall, Canal street, at 9 o'clock, this, Saturday morning Messrs. Collins, Whiting, Ferris, Brooke, Walters and others will he present. Seats reserved for the ladies All are invited to attend. m!3Ifr dj?C REWARD?Loat, a sca'let and bine Paroquet. The tinder will receive the above rvw ird and the thanks of the owner by returning the bird to No. 9 Wurren street rnl33t*r A FAMILY, or two or three b -enters can he comfortably accommodated in a private fau.ily, on Vauxhall Road, Union, New Jersey, about ten minutes walk from Mridlevilte Turnpike. Apply at No. 50 C >ual street, ea*t of Broadway. ml3 3t*m DLEASANT BOAPDIN(J?Several families ran be aei commodared at Stratton'* Poin', one mile liom the village ot noshing; to ana worn which a steamboat run? twice a day. Bathing on a aanJ-beach within forty rods,with dressing house, rural walka, and a prospect unsurpassed, b? land and water. Apply to P. bTKAT TON. mlO lm*r A FEW GENTLEMENof steady habits can be accemmo dated with good board and pleasant rooms in a private family, at 204 Fnltrn street. Also, a few day boaders can be accommodated on the meat reasonable term. A parlor and bedroom to let, with or without hoard aS ee P"OCKET BOOK LOST -Lost yesterday, a Pocket Book, containing about one hundred aollira in money, and sarions notea payable at Bank. The finder it welc one to the money, if i e will return the pocket book and notes to box 1042 Lower Post Office. mH 3t*ec_ LOST? At the Lower Post Office, at 1 o'clock ycsteidty afternoon, a Gold Chain A liberal reward will be naid by tearing it at the oCce of B. L. WOOLLEY, mil If m 88 front street. a TO LET?A parr of the house Mo. Tfif, Broadway, together with the furniture. '1 he rent to be taken nnt id board by the present occupant and family. For particu araapply on the prrmiaee, between the honra of three and fire, P- M. m i Ifr LOST?Oa Friday ereniug. May 5th, in returning from the Concert at the Apollo Ho m, a a:mp!y mounted Stane Cameo, witli two fiaurss. A lib, rat reward will be paid to any one who will delirer the tame at No I Washington Place, mil 3 *i ROYAL MAIL FOR LIVERPOOL ?L tier lor its, Europe, to go by the Royal Mail Steam Ship tlihernia, close at Harnden and Co.'a Foreiga L-tt" "Sice, on Monday, liih mst., at 4\o'cl?ck. P. M. HtKNDKN fit CO. ii> 12 r _ No. j Wall street. LJAKPKR fc BROTHERS ri'BI.ISH THIS MOHNII I NOLADY SALES JOURNAL or THE DISASTERS IN AFGHANISTAN; PRICE ONE SHILLING. There were four tho iaand copies of thia work aold in England, within two day* after ita publication. ALIO, Will he ready at ene o'clock, THE HOME: OR, FAMILY CARES A 'D FAMILY JOYS. BY FREDERICA BREMER, Ai'thor or " Thi Nr.ioimoras," TRANSLATED BY MAllY HOWITT. ml32ii?-m PRicE ONE SII'LLINO. CORBYN'S COTTAGE, STRYKER'S BAY. IS NOW OPEN, and in lull opertti m, lor the Spring and Hnrnmrr aesanna. Dur nzthe winter, many alteratioua and improTemen'a hare been m id' which is beliered.and materially to the com fort o1 visitors A 8 ALOO V for y-1*e feet ia length has been erected for e? Mi, or cotillom. A teparata entrance hat been opened for the l>a-, rendering tiie ladie*'parlcrt aniet end aelreted. Ofthe wi*ki, LiqurM, OoitrrcTnfriiiirt, Cer.tMt.Ae., Ac , It it only aecr-iary to ?ay. itwy will he, a* heretofore, Ok THE VERY FIR ST QUALITY Civil tod obliging attendant! are eogaard, and every effort will be aied u tatraia the relocation (hit hoote hat already acq ai red, and to re n der a v iait to COttBYN'8 COTTAGE detirable and tatiifactorr. An Ordinary every Sunday at3 o'clock. Ti keti 51 frntt. IC^Biryker'a B?v it timated on the Dan'aa of the Hndton, tit milcafrom the City Hall,by tht Bloomingdile road. State rait evenr hour from ihs comir of Tiyon Place and Chatham treet. hare l3Heenl(. ml3Imr f PH E Nldw YOfeiC UtUAL OBSERVER of (hit day A contain!?Art UaCt IM Trwtt, fovrvrt? Practical rouitt ?Law of Attorney?tf niled Statea DHtrht Court in Admiralty?'Thaiu v S'etm Boat Worth America?OalneMe neelirenee 14 not having light and w ?teh on board? t londee v. the Br* Aaldey, aniynment by Seaman of wa* ? atvca Proctor lir a for eoatt. Auiitant Vice Chancellor Sandford'a C nit. Van Neat r Veo et al, art enment in tmtl for erediiiny to hinder and delav fraudulent and Void. Conrt of Common P ear, L*wi? v. Anhernan?Demurer? Knyliah cite??MneeMaoeoni. fce., Ac I'll iliahed every Sitnrdiy at ona thi'lio* a copy, or f > per anenm, in advance. SAMUEL OWEN, Editor and Proprietor. ITT'Vol. I af thl* work may he had huxitumel v bound,price II The utdil allowance to-teora and bookar lleia. mil lt*r . CURLED HAIR, HAIR SKATING. nit ill 1|) ruu.iun nouiri stmericin i.nnru ri?ir, 01 I *U,uUv rtrieni qatlitiet. Alto, * general nntnrtment nl I of II i r Sen'mg.plniti end fisared.ftom tj ?0 10 inehet inclatirr, I tU'i?M? for apholiCcrer* Mtd cibtoet maker*??extrattvely I a *jul icinrtd unit al wnyt on h*?d (or Mir by nt, JOHNSON k miECN, No. 142 William alreer. Prrtfre (mm *11 partt of the United f?t*te* ryeryted promptly m<l with fidelity, for c*ih, nppTired city MCeptanete or other itilfictory piucr, *t f'nr month* m'3 lm'? TAKERS OF THE CROTON IVATER, WHO hare ptnl for * tnpply mtll th? In of Mny iett only, M' rotilied that on the ml. in*t*nt the hntiire off of rbr Met wt'.l bo commenced. id cn?e? wherr payment ihtll ?>; J*?e bten preyiomlv made tn lit ol Hay, IN I, ?t the oflb-* ol it Crotfin Aniriiuct In all iu*t*nce t where the water ahall be Hopped the etpeme ?f clotim *nd reopeting the fetnlrt, muit be p*?d "? reoewm of m e llcentet. New k oik, May 13'.h, 1RIJ, _ By oiiltr A BBIOKLO"V mlJtotih . Rettrtter. I .Mmul.l .\JJ?AU+?on ?*..?? amuskmf.n'is. P4KH TIIKATKIC. Till* " vf.nino, w ii he rrrfonr.ed MUCH ADO ABdi r notiuno?ArairtHet. Mr O VandeuholP Don Je?u. Beatrice Mia I'nuiihim. Tne?nel?i* with binkhtmk. baov1 an?Biuhi, Mr Plaeide; Mary mo??a Mia IwaaU. B; ic, ,# eta; rit,*l rtet (fellery. It* eta. OaMKpMMlt l?lfn >i I all pa it 7. IIAI'IIAM illhTAT'i THIS KVKNINU will rrrfomril. th- ORKKN UUN ' ?IN B<>V ?J-itrdiah HutnrKrrd Mr Hill Af'er 5,vtew;,w, j ??v " ?tht I f-irm id Ailin.eainti? Dreae Circle c nt?i Maenad and I Third Tiera f); I'll J'i; Uallerv UK rente. Dome a pan % te'ore 1?curt Mil i net at 7K o'- loch nrretMly. 'aprii iet.lyK oi.V MfKI Til pa i'H? THIS EVKNINO, will he peiformed, the mna.eel opera of AMILIK-*Amilic M a Tiam. To cwciad* with. Ant tiae in'h e theatre, the til ac: of OUY M ANNKKINO? Henry Bertrtm, Mr Dunit. a f I ' e U'> >r< Witt na opened at 7, aae 'he a oibumi f '.mra*a< rM hal' ??' T. e?er? evenine. " itJJKliltAI JH nKOIt. " L?a? week oI 'ha much nlm iril 11H M irnifiernt MODEL OK PARIS, ALL IN CARVED WOOD, coverlat an area of 2'>fl feet, an t rei le'eming every portion of that great cily wilh such |>'rfect nrrurac y that prriooi who hare ban in Pari* an point out <h? verv boaae re which thty lived PROFESSOR J.UAKVKY It ?iON,wi!l perlonn their won derfnl Kijiiilibriuma and Oymiina'i<*a. Mr IIIKHMaN, the heautifal Ballad HiOfar, Viva A OK LA IDE PHILLIPS, the brat D'naeoar in Anurias. A LIVING 8"-A DO'I from New Foundland. ENORMOUS SERPENT, 20 fret lou* The Me'odi'u UiUaui' OjMand Sil'tr Pitting! Albino La <*v! V iucv U'aa> llli>win?- and 500,000 cariosities. Diy vnitrri admitted vaine evening tree- Admission to .Mnaeiiin anil enteitainmrnta 25 cents? children Pelf price. I'KAIiK'N IfKW YORK iBOdlCVA Bioedway opposite |h? City Rail. REDUCED PUl ^-ADM^T^N'ONE SHILLING. eminent ixrlorrntra will ap.rear?Mi*a MART Sft5 ""'mplished Enrhantreaa; MrOELARUE. the a an vailed Munie- (.A. PETITE CERITO. the graceful Danven. . Mr II. BEND ALL, the celebrated Comic "mgrr The Siame.e Twine as Urge aa lift; a I area 8a* Dog, nearly II far i Inn* An anormima Serpent; The Mclodi mi playa a variety of Oaerinrea. Afteino-ru entertainments on Saturday at J o'clock. Day vlaitera adiiiittail the time creiuait Irra <>( charge. Perforinaucea in the Lecture lloom to commence at I o'clock. ~ " CASTI.E OARDK1 IS NOW OPEN FOR THE SEASON. THK Proprietors of thia well known retort hey leave to in fnrm the pnoiic that in addition to its former ettrie'i"na, they have erected a vnlendi 1 fnnutaiP tnpp'trd hv the Croton, wiih differ-nt riria'iniii every week ihrnnaho'it the areaon?t nether ?i h n lirre aaloon for promenade ana rrfreahmentv Alio, ?n eit naive Promeoad* on'atde Pre wale of the Caa lie coinmandirnr a view of the whole Bae, the Narrows, Ac. Price of admission H>i cciita, for which refreshments will be furniihed. >13 Imr NIIJLO'S Ol'EKATIC SATaOON. SIO. NAOEL'S FINAL GRAND CONCERT, U' itrd with MON8. NOUBRIT, The celebrated Tenor Vocalist, and Profeaaor at the Conaarya* inrio of Plrii. On TUESDAY EVENING. MAY l?th. AT NIBLO'8 OPERATIC 8 A L O.O N. I AaaiafoH hv MRS. EnVYARO'LOnEK, MR. TIMM, An'l other eminent artists, will be further announced. Ticket* 50 r'n i, to be had at the principal musie stores, tad in the eveuitig at the door. Door* open at 7, to i' mmence at I "o'clock. For programme ee email hill* m13 4tec VOCAL. CONCERT BY T II K JF. O L I A V H . A T CONCERT HALL-The HUTCHINSON FAMILY a take pi aanre in announcing most rvspectfully to dM Ladies and Gentlemen of New Yo>k. that thev propose firing their introductory often inn'en' of Vocal Mnticat CONCERT HALL. 406 Broadway, on SATURDAY EVEN I NO, May llth.whe-i thev will introduce a variety of their moat ropalar Quartette , Trio* antl Solo*, each * have not failedVo pleaae fashionable audience* in Boitou anil mauy other citie* and town in New England. Ticket* fifty cnt*. to be had at the principal Muaic Store*, at the Hotel*, at Saxton and Mile*'* bookstore, and at the door on Saturday Evening. Doors open at 7, Concert to commence at 8 o'clock. Eor programme *ee published email hill*. mil >t*r I'AKK THEATRE. ' MR PLACIDE'3 BENEFIT. MR. PL AC IDE ha* the honor of informing hie friends tad the public in general, that hi* first benefit in eighteen month*, will tak- place at ih? above Theatre,on Mnndsy evening neit, Mar I5<h, when will be presented for the first time in twenty months, the com-dy of WEST END. THE IRISH HEIRESS. Written bylD. L. Baurricnle, Esq., author of " London Anaranee," "Alma Mater," Ac. fkc. Aft-r whi'h. GRANDFATHER WHITEHEAD. (For the la?t time) with oilier entertainment*, he. mil Vac SINGING. MADAM BUTTON, haviug arranged lo i etern to Italy the beginning of August, purpose* receiving popil* entil the* time,to give fiuisbing lesson* in the Italian, Fi nch, and English style of Singing Her method is that punned by Bordogni and Vatcoi. the tint masters in Europe, increasing the strength and compass with astonishing rapidity. Her put ila will have the advantage of her liuging with them, which can be rtuised by masten alone, who yhave been eminent singers. Ladies desirous of availing themselvea of Madam Sutton's limited atay, mav ascertain terns, he., by application at 77 Chamber* street, from 9 o'clock till 2 el tm*r UNPARALLELK1) EXHIBITION. Messrs. Raymond, weeks a co. having usite* all the animils in the Uoi t-tl States, will eihibit then . on Friday aid Saturday, the Ifrli and 13'h initials, ander a large and spacioos pavilion, erected for that parpese. capable of ennr ining from sis to eight thousand people, on the v scant pis' nfrroand at the corner of Broadway and Thirteenth street. The Proprietor* having engaged Herr D'ieshach. the unrfvtled animal subduer.lwitn his Leonards. Panthers Tiesfi, and majestic Lion, will introduce him in the character of so oatea?t slave, haaiihcd to the loreef, expiring from hunger ant fatigue, when a fierce Braxilian Tiger.derts upon him from an upper cavern, orestrates and seize* him by the throat?a fight tiMoe*. in which lie anhdnes the Tiser, anl finally secures him in his d< n After which he .will harness his do Me Lsee In an ancient car. and drive over a road erected acrosa the pawilien . Concluding wilh the n o*t hoi'4, grand, and daring displays! courage ever prevented, in having a whole caravan of wild animnlr let loose u.on him at the same time, who, then will play* fully exhibit hii skill iu subduing and controlling this matchlest exhibition. The exhibition contains a larger number and greater variety of animals than has heretofore b?en exhibited tof*th*r,Che whole of which is srenred in strong iron cages. Op*n for the admission of visitors from 9 o'clock to II M ., and from I to 3 o'clock, and from 7 lo 10 o'clock, P. M. Performance from 4X and 9 o'clock. Tickets 25 c-nu; children mder 10 years of age HXcant* . t The Prupriet rs deem it needless to remark, that in tie eihibitiou here offered, nothing will bs allowed thetctn in the I..., ?<r.?.i !.. g...r .L ? ?. _:n thing be permitted ofTeua ire, ??th? r to morality or good (lit*. mlt 2t r til MNAhIUM. JP ROOKRH inform! hia frienda and the public, that hi* tplendid Uymaaeiam at Not. 17 and 19 Caul treat, near Kim atrret, ia now open fnr the reception of enbecribera. (ientlemen are invited to call and iew thii aatabliahment, which will he found the anoat enenaiva and complete one of the kind in the country. ml9i?3t*r JOHN HENLEY, BANK AGENCY AND EXCHANGE OFFICE, FOR THR COLLECTION OK BILLS. NOTKS. DRAFTS, Ac. fca. MONTURMKRY, ALA. RKFKRKNCF. :? Meaart. Maawell fc Co. 3 " Peine It Rrooka, I " Jacob Little fc-Co. J Raw York. " I'erkioa k Horkma. I 14 Abraham Bell k Co. J * St. John Powere kCo ) ai. Whitaker k Sampion, J Mob,l?- AUJohn Whiting, Ew| , Caahier ?l 1 Branch Bank, Jack Thi'rioaton, Krq., > Montgomery, Ala. P D. 8-yar. Kaq. J Phillip- It Mnmlord, J ml In i* ec_ SHP ATHlMj PAPEK?s.oliafeaauperior aheathing paper, an excellent articlekfor 0100*0 bo rnmi and roola of honaea. for le by i K. K. COLLINS k CO , m'3 r 3a Sontn a treat. OA HOUR ? HANUKD rOR 'ALBANY? flr?? fj* SteamhoatDIAMOND learea Thia Afternoon X?IUE. Saturday,at 7 o'clock.from tha foot of Barclay at art all It? aKW AlJO" ALBANY,TROY,and InUrmadiata fiei&iaP Placet ?The tplendid low pre aa are i ream heat SE_3CSLhWALLOW, Captain McLean, will leave the foot ol Conrtlandt atreet on Saturday afternoon, May 19th at 3 o'clock. The aborr la a anbatantial boat, flttad np with e'ejmat Stake Konmt, and for accommodation ia nnriralled on the Hudaou. m 13 >ML REGULAR OPPOHI riON TO ALBA^eaJs'wida NV direct, without Towh-lata ? The new aLiwRUL audfatt tailing itevmboat WAVK, Captain Va derbilt, will Commence in-nrnx on Mot da?, 'he 15th mat., by leaving the foot of Kobinaon .treet, at 5 o'clock, P. M. * e?''ehi i i aaaengera SI ; deck JO centa ; bertha free. Sapper T7X cnile. The Wave i at beea fitted np in Aral-rate order, and pavneiiger* tnty reat aaan ed lh-t th-y will be in time for the r i ro<il, and tbat everything will be done 'or their comfort. N.B.?Thi? boat hea no connection with any other boat ou the river, and Contain V inderbi'l bung aole owner would be thankful to ell thooe that will p.t unite hit boat. Light freight will be taken at low pricet. All peraona are 'orbtd (mating any cue en eecr uet of the boat or ow per ml3k!3 tl'i KYKNING LINK FOR ALBANY AND flSSftsr?* TROY?Without Landing?Paaaage S'.JO. M Wl h-riba 50 crnta ? On the arrival M the DIAMOND at A hvny.paaaengera will be fotwardad to Troy in the atarmboat MARIA, landing eaeh way at the Beaton Railroad Dtnot, and Writ Troy- ? . The iplesdtd ttetmer DfAMOXD, Ctpt A Flower. will Irtve the rew teaipHoat p?rr nt the foot of Bflidajr atreet, lh?? affrmooti, at 7 o'clock, ttaturday, May lie*. Fo,P,...?e0r ?i,Wt,,Pp.f-o)MAg j HALL mltrn At the office <> the Steamboat Pier. M " SOWNI) PILOT. OWEN PRKSCOTT, rilot, takea charfe ai master of tmaelabonud >0 .New Bedford, Nantncket Shoals, Boston, Portsmouth, Portland, Kc.-iueherk. and OTHER PORTS ml of New Vork. Office at Krya St HUaw'a, Mt Watat altatt. corner leek man Reference to am her of Mawliaati, and the several Insurance Cempaiiirs ia this city, Susaea, aad Portland alt Ireiar MTTPB LONDON?Keyalai Packet ol the 20th o f May ?The very superior fait tallica packet akip OLADIATOR, Captain Bmton, waff tail m reanbtt day. Having very superior aceommodatioDa for cabin, aecood sa bin. and iter rase eastern; era; peraona wish ice to embark ahoafd make early application on board foot of Maiden bine, ?rto JOSEPH Me.MUiRAV, tM Pine atreet. comet of Snath arreet. Penona with ma to tend for theiri frfeade, sea Ha ee them brought oat by the above ship, or toy of the resnlar paekeea, uy applying aa ahnea. if hv letter, wnettwid. , AJOh foil UAVRE?fbe aopsnor Efencb hauiao {MBVaiolk, copprrrd rd<I copper fMfmrJ, will bt ^Wlrivetr hod iinuiedtateiV ft ^V.IONRtTE, 3' WMIIUW .^if M)K VKW OHJ.KANS?l.( HI IHI AN A AND JUL isKvv yoKK MN*.?Po.itT?aly rim Regular ir !I?1U(, ^^7k?lW?$nl* WniMUd acronmndatinna, apply c b2fi? *t MOS wffif, foot ol W til |L or 10 " *. * fiWlfLim M#* *> * M. "hipp'rt will pleaae tend inihfir rtiTU or lading thiaday. Shipper* nnyiety upon luring Own too4a correctly laeaaar ad. and that IK' ahipa of thia haw will H^HMInn-lly ai adrayAiry giuraiimt in that ^ijyrgiren and folrillad T?*t.?4l i#aaa?<hha I &?' ? fm'-H J.; /',r ViW^T vnr " '? I :

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