Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 14, 1843, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 14, 1843 Page 1
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TH Tol. IX.?No. 131.?Wfcolo No, W* To the Public. THE NEW YORK HERALD?daily newspaper?published every day of the year except New Year'a day and Fourth ef July. Price 3 cent* per copy?or f7 36 per annua?postages paid?cash in advance. THE WEEKLY HERALD?published every Saturday morning?price 6} cents per copy, or M 12 P* annumpostages paid?cash in advance. ADVERTISERS are informed that the circulation of the Herald is over THIRTY THOUSAND, and increasing ast. It has the largest circulation of any paper in this city, or the toorld, and it therefore, the belt channel for business men in the city or country Prices moderate?cash in advance. PRINTING of all kinds, executed at the most moderate prices, and in the most elegant style. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, PaoraiBToa er tux He bald Establishment, Northwest corner of Fulton and Nassan streets m?m 1'/% I b'T ;n U7illi.mi.ko.. Tk? ?WnU a. ? neat three story brick Dwelling House in snath 7th near 4th it., rent very low Apply to W. k J. T Tapscntt, 43 Perk slip. m 7-ec HOUSES TO LET AT YORKVILLE.?* isrge ffvB houses on the corner ol?S4th street and 3d avenue; either JVJ&of thnsn is calculated for a public honse, grocery or private residence. On the premises is a fine stable, Howling alley, and a fine garden, consisting of 8 >ots,with grape vines and fruit trees thereon. For terms, inquire of JOHN A. MORRILL, Esq., in a ?wr No. 11 Chambers st, TO LET?OREKNWOOD COTTAGE, Oowanus, !"; B'Onhlyn,contiinipg six rooms, cellar and wood house, XaMLwnh lirge garden. It' is be utifnlly situated on the he gms. and cmn'nanus an unob<trucied view of iheRay.Slsten Island, New Yo>k, kc. Distance from the Soath Ferry, two and a half miles Omuibnsiea pa>s the end of the street several times daily To a resi eclable fam Iv the rent will be low Ecq'ire of R MARTIN k l'o . 26 John atiret, Neiv York, oral 'he Toll Bridge, loot of C 'nrt street. Br 'OSIyn. it 9 I w*m JM TO RENT?The extensive Building erected the pre fry* sent season b? the snbserioer, for his own residence, oa XitfLthe margin of the East River, at Gowanus Heights, two and a half miles from South Brooklyn Ferry, commanding splendid views of the Bay and Jersey snore, the cities of New York and BrooklTn, S'atea Island and the East and North Rivers. The House is biick. a superior building, five stories high, covered witheoppei; the hall and stairsof marble: the water front about one thousand feet, and the bathing within a few vaidsof the door, excellent fishing and fowling in the im mediate vicinity. The drive from New York is about fifteen minutes, and the premiies are not excelled by any situation near this city. One hundred persons can be accommodated.? Possession iinmetfiatelv. Apnlv to JOHN F DELAPLAINE.68 Wall st. ALSO TO I7ET, the three story brick House, 34 Walker street, between Broadway and Church street, occupied by Mrs. Veiplanck; and the two story brick House No 229 Nineteenth street occupied by Mr- C. W. Fecks?Rents moderate. alO Im'gc WW TO LET?Th? Upper parts of the new three s ory brick H uses Nos 31s. 317 ai d 3 9 Bmotae st-eet, J"'| h-twren the Bowery and Elixibeth St., with 12 rooms each, with kitchen and cellar. Also, the three story brick House and Store No. 350 Broome Street, to 'et N. B ?Pipes for th? Croton Water will bi in r-duced into either of the houses if r-q ire<i, and panes-ion given imme dialely. For f'irtbe? infurinatinn inquire of SCHULTZ k BLEIDORN, No. 91* Bowery. mIO Iw'n a j w LiEj i ? J. lie miusit'u nousr ?i oiuouuugudic, known a? the " Abbey" situated a ah >rt distance above the sixmile atone, jtui above Stryker's Bay, and nearly opposite St. Michaels Church. The place is well known aa one of the moat delightful situations on the Island, aad is remarkably healthy in theanminer season. Tne Hloomimtdnle stages pass and repast the gate every boar in the day. The gate is new, and numbered 101. The tent will be in accordance with the present state of the times. A ply on the premises, or at 132 Chambers street. N. B.?Arrangement could be made, if desired, by a satisfhctory tenant, to leta part of the furniture now in the house remain, er a part of the house wilt be lented separately. apl5 lm*r TO LKT?The fire proof orick store. No. ICS -outn pVTm st, with immediate possession if required, apply to ?J|L WOODHULL It Mi.N 1 URN, mw IT ftonth mre?t. *Sk TO l.Ef ?The two story brick House and premises, No. 14} Wooster street, finished in the moat modern .^JK,atyle, with maible mantel-pieces and folding doors throughout. Apply to JOSEPH McMVKKAY, m23r 180 Tine street. MFOR BALK OR TO LKT?The three storv britk dwelling hon-e No 67 Second Avece, corner of Fourth street It is finished in modern stvle, with under cellar, ma . ganv doors, and plated furniture in the parlors marble mantels and grates thriughr ut. There are in all sixteen rooms in the house, twelve of which are sleeping rooms. It will be remed at a low pnee to a good tenant. Apolv to FRANCIS B. BROWN, mil 3t*rl No. 4 v^l st, or Id Second Avenue. AS TO LKT OR.FOR SALE?A three story modern ( built biick dwelling i.ouse and siere, wi h two loia of J.'IK ground aroched, snoated in Williamsburg, about two minu'rs walk f on the Peck Slip Ferry Apoly on the premises, corner of Fourth and South-Eighth afreets, Williamsburg, or o W. h J. T. TAP8COTT, a 4r 43 Pee slip. M 3,000 GREENHOUSE PLANTS-H. M. LKVENU VM3 I'uN informs Ins frieuds and the pnblic generally, that ^Aw.he has made er ang-ments with Messrs. O. 8. Mann It Co., No. 331 B-oadway,coiner of Anthony street, in their private tales r aim. > ataira, f r the pu pose of depositing and disposing of r.tpriv ite isle, all ol hi- largo and extensive surplus vane v of Greenhouse Plants, wh>ch were raised at his well known establishment at Yorkville 98ih street 3d ?venue. For vari t, beauty nnd thrifty growth and laige aaaortineot, they will be found unsn passed by any others taised in this vicinity They haee not been forced and will retain their buds and flow era aa well aa plants possibly can do by receiving proper tleution to their culture, and for which Mr L. flatters himself that hit pi <uia are well knosan in thu market They will be sold lo - for cash. A daily supplywi1! be received during the season. Persona i urchaairg to tell again will be liberally dealt with. 10.0 tuberoses and Malabar sines will be sold vers cheao. Ladies are |? ticn'a-ly invited to attend. m8 lw*r 9 FARM tOR SALE?The bemtilnl improTeu Hickpry Uiove Farm situated in the town of Mamorooeek, Wrsichtater county. ihrae mile* rut ef New Kochclle, a lew minute* walk Iram the Botton turnpike, coraiatiig of 50 acre* of choice l>nd, ten of which i* wood land; hand?ome den lr two itory home, ten room*. The home i* anrionudcd withnnme oni cherry, pltf-nb, p*ar and other fruit tree*, together with an apple o>ch<rd of the choice*! k nd. The on baiki> g? n? all i firat rate repair; a handaume garden in front of the hou*e, laid oat Wi'h box aud grave' walk* throughout, and ia stocked wiihall of the rdrest shrubbery, flower*, Ac.; handaonae lawn* in Iront and rear of the hvnie. The ' i*kory grove tend* on a rising gronud, twen'y rod* diatance from the horn*, with beaniiiol lof y tree*, and i* kept a* oleaaure ground, having a good view of the Loi g laland Sound Th place i* well worth iho att-mion of any gentleman wanting a country restdence. For Imther information enquire of ROB'T LEWlR, corner Juuen Une and Sonth atreet, or of Captain SAMUEL (jROV E8. on the premiaea. mt^30t*r mtm FARM fOR~ SALE, containing forty acre*, thirtyHQ five under cultivation and the balance a good growth of ^J^WOOd. On the premiaea ia a home in good re(*ir, a new coach home and a large barn lu front of the home ia an excellent well of water, secured from the weather by a new well house, and a fine lawn in front of the house. On iht above described firm a fruit iu abundance, such a* applea, cherries, pears, quinces, currants. goovrb*nies, ?c. The above farm ia two voiles from the steamboat landing, one fr m.he town of Rye, on the North atreet road. A full yiew <d the Round ; can ace two light homes when lighted; ia in every revpeet a desirable location for a gentleman's residence. Tins farm ia in WesP-heater Cnun'v Call on the nremiaea, 01 on Mr. J. H. WEI.Oh, 36 Leonard street, SIR Im'ec or.,' the Police t Imre CORBYN'S COTTAGE, STRYKEAR'S BAY, 19 NOW OPEN, and in lull operation, lor the Spring and 8amm r teatoni. Dor ng the winter many alteratinni and improvement! hare been madr which will,it la believed,and materially to the comfort o' riiitor* A 9 ALOO V fory-five feet in length haa been erected for the accommodation of large partiea at dinnere, aoppen,concert, or cotillont A teparat' entrance hat been opened for the bar, rendering the lamer' parloreoniel ?nd telecied. Oi the WiwKt, Ligurnt, ConrccTionaRiae, Ciiiki, kc., lie , it it only eece tary to tay. they will be. at heretoiore, I OV THE V1CRY FIRST QUALII Y. Ciril and ouligina aiiendantt are engaged, and erery effort will be need te tottain the reputation toil hoote hat already acquired, and to render a r nit to CORBYN'S COTTAGE detirable and talitfactury. An Ordmaty etery -uuday tts o'clock. Tickets }a cenlt. (T^S'ryker't Bay .Ituated on the Danht ol the Hudtou, in in let Irom th- City Hall,by the Bloomingdile road. Slaget fan event hour from ihe corner ol Tiyou liace and Ch itham etreet. r arc 12)tcentt. naU Imr ri HE FRENCH AND AMERICAN KAT^O HOUSE, a No 01 and 66 Nassau atreet, between Miidenlane <ud Johnitreer, it now bring!' or the ttmrner mnniht thoroughly re. eired,'he kitchen to be alt-ted to tne Wett India plan, oi haenig the tame in the rear of ihr houses to prevent ihe odor and beat fr-m cooking, whien it in general eery offent rr in moat ea ii g hoiitit?and ihe dimng aaloon enlarged anu d corated in a tn|ierior Frei ch ttyle, wuh ma. ble ta let, tupern oil pamiintt, m-rbl-atituet of General Waahitrti n, lie ; where upwaidioi SOp-rona eau with convenience hi at once maket tin* houte our of the mow genteel, anperb and enmf rt-ble at tahlKiimeait in the Union? wher from 0a to 7u dithet are d i y ' np from 6 o nu -nd upwa dt; the bett data Coffee and he finett black Tea at ) centaa cap; ihe ban Claret Wine at 0 centa a email hott'r. It . The Subacriber, tentib'e cl the truth that retrenchment it the order I tl.ediv, It confident that no p'aca exalt white nit-alt i f the d tcripiion furnithrd at hit houar can be mip ated for lowiiert ofrh hatiu. bien hit cona ant aim to endrator l<> riser at ihe mo-- ccoaouiical prieat It it nteleat to mentio m?r> th ftear; f 'hit Houte b?it| I ng tiuce ettahliah- d at the firat f ita d ar.r'p ion in tint ci * Tlrnr i i douht of the tam- c ,n i i c Hti c-d by the crow di of gectlrmen of the firit re>p. ctabiliiy that itiny rea I ., , . . Wi h ih iik? to a arnrtorn mill d>aenminafirg publie fo' their psat a. d ti iitering f .?0'a, the aubicnber, d-air ua of rd lining ac-uti iM> ce of p,age, freeiy aigua j mil 2w9r HCNciT OUoLINO* P~" HOroOBAPH PORTRAITS ?Dr. L. M.T: Viirs. the iu. enter of thia new art, prndnc. a by it not only a correct nkeueaa of the oiikmmI p, but alio a purity of d. .tgo, a bril iaocy of coIoiiok, whtcn Ira ri aas tlia cb. i -.1 .??? . a ?'ah. h r ancient or m. d.r??of the moat c. lebr ted armta. Urat.ful I r the encea-egeiiietit he h*e rtctred from hia numeroua frienda and the public geDriaLy. U . L. M. Cyua would fain inform ihem thai lie ha* fitted up, for 'he nccommod >tion of ladiea, a auite of noma in I'.k Pi-ce Houae, corn*' of Broadway, where he rna'a hia akill in hair feaaiou rnd hia a t-a'ion loell who may rion irhim with ihur I .*?'?. will in?u e him a continuance of the |*ir?utg* hitheito ao liberally bea ow, d on him. Th* Do. tor giiea inalnrct on in e?"ry d partn.ent of the P gucin-oiyiw m,<l I'hyl gr?ph>c .rt, I ,a't uiurn.afo liking por ir I a on a large f?r aiu ll ac le, for aJr.aa alan the nec-aaary che-rical i re .arati'oa f r the tiking of tort aiia in Phytogr p a or coiora l era a moderate. mlB loi t dh 1 O nf\fT Is (100, ?5 OOtT II ooo, SliO. lo loan ou <|plX')UV/Uf muiiiagv, at MTrn per cent, (no com in if too* chrtiucd.) Applv _ CtflfcFFItLlN k FICRRlg, ml* >t*m C-oniiaellor? -t Law, in Chainbeil atreet OrpiiAfirTIft' PA jcNf XlPlr. Bo*T,' uthae fio^l " Wall airaat mil EAU DK FLEUR D'OHANOIC * MADEIRA WlNfcF .r .ale by E. t. UUIDORT. No. ? Clinton atreat, at low prieaa. ml im* m E NE THE MCW LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS. a on lit. Ship ROCHESTER. 800 ton., - I. Philip WooHhou.e, i Felrry. Shir HOTTINUU ER, 1050 ton., .... M . Ira Bur.elr, l6th M??*New .hip LIVERPOOL, 1150 ton., John Eldriege, l#lh Apnl* New .hip , 1200 ton., Itlh M?y. Their iub?tamial, fail .ailing, fir.t cl*? .two,ill built in th< city of New York, are c mntatidrd by oien of experience au< ability, ?u. will be <lr.patched i uuctunlly on the I6tli ol eael month. Their cabin, are elgant and eommodioua, and are furmther with whatever can couduce to the ea?e and comfort of pamen gen. Neither! e captain, or owner, of thr?e ?hir? will be respon ai.ble for any i an el. or package. >enl by them, uu'ea. rigula bill, lading are aigned therefore. " <""* <? ffSSM.l . MINTURN8, ^ _ 17 South atreet. New York, orUo FIELDEN, BROTHERS It CO., f 7 y r Liverpool. M M M PACKETS FOR MARSEILLES?The undermennonei Aiil? will be regularly dr.palched from hence and from Mar aeifle. on the let of each rnonih during the year, thua? From New York. Maraeille. MINERVA. CaptBrown, N-v 1. Jan 1 H'RY THOMPSON, Cap Sylreater, Dec 1. k eb 1 COURIER, Capt Dugan, Jan 1. Marl TRE8COTT, Cap*. Lawrerce, Feb 1. Apl 1 HELLESPONT,Capt A.l.iu., Marl. Mayl CORIOLANUS, Cap Haile, Apl 1. Jon I a n?*y arc an ccrpcrca auu copper iasicueu.auu narc eiceuru accommodations Tor passengers* The price of cabin pawnee will be $1M, exclusive o, wine and liquor*. Good* addressed to BOYD & MINCKKN, the a Kent*, wi) be forwardrj free of other harije* I'mui th??e actually paid. For irenrht or passage apply to O. BROOM (It CO.. or to BOYD It HINCKEN. Airenta OLD LINE LIVERPOOL PACKETS* . .it. Jfc THK OLD LINK of Packet* for Liverpool will hereafter b< .A ueipatched in the following order, excepting that wlieu thi day of tailing fall* on Sunday, tne ships wiiJ tail on the succeed ng day. Th. SOUTH AMKKIcMZV?'f' fit ton*. Oct 1 No* l! D.U.Bailey, I Feb 1 Mar 1' The ENGLAND, I June 1* Aug ' "0 ton*. Oct 1? Dec B. L. Write. I beb 19 April The OXFORD. I July 1 1 900 ton*. Not 1 Dec li Ttatuaor ?*"*?" !te<\; teS 1 (10 tons. No* 19 Jan E. O. ManhaB Mar 19 Ma* The NORTH AMERICA, i' Aug l 9^pT, i (It ton*. < Dec 1 Jan 1 A. B. Lowber.r April 1 Ma* 1 The NEW YORK. (Aug 19 0? MO ton*. Dec 19 Feb T. B. Cropper.I April 19 June The CAMPR1DOE. 1 Sep. 1 Oct 1 (50 ton*, .Jan 1 Feb 1 W. CBantow.i May 1 June 1 The COLUMBl/8, 1 Sept 19 No* 700 ton*, ' Jan 19 Mar O. A. Cole. May 19 July Punctuality, a* regard* the day of (ailing, will be obeerved t heretofore. The price of passage outward i* now fixed at On Hundred Dollar*, for which ample store* oferer* deicriptio wiH be provided, with the exception of wine* and lioiion which will be furnished, by the stewards. GOODHUE A CO., 64 South *t., C. H. MARSHALL, 38 Burling-*!in, N. Y. ieH lyh BARING *HnTHiR8 & CO.. LYeol. TAPSOOTT'S GENERAL PASSAGE OFFICE (3 PECK SLIP, NEW YORK. Xre m t y AQ2 ^iTiesubscriber^ieKU^all 'the attentiob of thei^rieno and the public generally, to their superior arrangement for bringing oat passengers from, and remitting money to, an par' of England, Ireland, Scotland or Wales, in tne magnified packet ships, comprising the NEW LTNE OF LIVERFOOL PACKETS," VIZ >Ship R0SC1U8, Capt. Collins. Ship SIDDON8, Captain Cobb. Ship SHERIDAN. Captain Depcyster. Snip UAH RH K. Captain New ship HOTTINOUER, Captain Bnrsley. Ship SOUTHERNER, Captain tVoodhouse. Ship ROCHESTER, Captain Palmer. New ship LIVERPOOL. Captain Eldredge. Sailing twice esery month; and with the " UNITED LINE, composed of superior first class American ships, tailing eser ten days, will make five ships in each month throughout th rear, (or one every ail days) thereby preventing the pots islitv of nnnecessary detention. Passages direct from London, Bristol and Greenock to Net AJsofrom Liverpool to New Orleans, Mobile, Sav&i ":.*tston. Philadelphia, Boston and Baltimore, and th vano > cits in British North America, can at all times be ei gaged on liberal terms. Persons wishing to send for their friends, will not fail to se the advantages to be derived from selecting this line in prefe ence to any other, and they may rest assnred that unnsnal cat will be taken to make die passage agreeable, the ships bein fitted np with an eye solely to the comfort of passengers. In all cases whe-i the parties seat for decline coming, th money will be re ended without any deduction, as nsnal. i free passage from the rations seaports of Ireland and Scotlanc ca? so be secured. regular packets for which the snbseribers are agents, sai vt I llowt, viz >?To and from London on the 1st, Itth, and 20t each month. To and from Liverpool on the 1st, 7th, 13th .ilth, and I5th of each mouth. New Orleans, Mobile, Savac nah, an, Charleston, weekly throughout the season. REMITTANCES. Persons in the country wishing to send money to their friend by enclosing the sum they wish sent, with the name and ad dress of the parties to receive it, m.y rely on a draft foi th amount being forwarded per first packet, after the recoip thereof, and an acknowledgement for the same returned pe mail. Drafts at sight, for any amount, are payable on demand, with ont discount or any othtr charge, at the National and Provia cial Banks of Ireland and branches, Eastern Bank of Scotland uircuuift, IUU UIVII uiauciiri, IflMin. JdlUfl DUII, SOD DUO. Bankers, London, Ezchange and Discount Bank, Liverpool and in every principal town of Ureal Britain sod Ireland. Further particular! made known on application, if by letter post paid, to W. It J. T. TAPSCOTT, dSy r 43 P ck Slip, corner SoM ?t PASSAGE FROM GREAT BRITAIN AND 1RELANI m m & HAVTnO complex d extensive ana important arrange menu far bringing out nassengen fiom the old conntry. the tut scribera Can with confidence inform those who mtv wia'i to set tie for friends to emigrate the present season (1043) that the' will find it.their interest t > make the necessary arrangement with this fine; being the oldest or longest established out o this port, it is well known that that the arrangem-uts are com plete?the ships of the first class tuliog weekly, and the ac commndations fitted np expressly for the comfort and conveni enre of passengers. Should those settled for decline coming out, the passag money will, as usnal, be refunded to the party from wnom t was received. without deduction. A free passage per steamer (rem the various ports of Irelani and Scotland, to Liverpool, can be secured il desired. Ap ply to SAMUEL THOMPSON. Old Established Passage Office. 273 Pearl St., Or to C. ORIMSHA^ fc CO. Ill Goire Piazzas, Liverpool. Dral'a on London, Li?erpool, the Nationil Bank ol Ireland Northern Co. nd National b.iug o( Scotoma, s sight, and lor any amount Appl as ahnee n g itn'r NEW LIN I" Of LI V h.MI'PUL \l KMs. I'" ifrom New Vork on the 25th iud Liverpool on the ilt 0/ rach nonlK. M. m ttt Faesc NzwVssz. Ship OA 11 KICK, Captain Wm. Hkiddy, 25th Februaty. Ship ROSCIU8, Ca|>uin John Collins, 25th March Ship 8IDDON8. Captain E. B. Coltb, 25th April Ship SHERIDAN, Captain K. A. Dspeyster, 25th May. From Lirv.urooL. Ship 8IDDON8, Captain E. B. Cobb, 13th Febrnary. Skip SHERIDAN, Captain F. A. Deneytter, 13th March. Ship OARKICK, Captain Wm. skiddy, I3tli April Ship ROSCIUS, Ci)'laio John Collins, !3th May. These i hips are all olthe first class, ot>wardsol lOMtens, out I snthc city ol New York, with s?ch tmprovemenu sscombm great speed with unntnal comfort for ixiasengers. Every car has hern taken in the arrangement of their accommodations The price of passage hence is $100, for which ample stores wi) be provided. These ships are commanded by es^wriencei mnairra, r* hi urn iiuie crcry eicidiiu iw |i*c (menu miner uon Neither the captains or owners of I1 Ml. mwiII be reiponn ble for at y letter*, parcel* or package a*en by them, unle** re gular b? l|{* of lading are signed therefor. Forlrvight or pasture, apply to if,. K. COLLINS It CO., M Sooth it.. New York, or t< WM. It JA8. BROWN k CO.. Liverpool. Letter* by tha packet* will be charged I2K cent* per nugli boet; 50 cent* per onnee, and newspapers I cent each. 1) r Jit 464. Jtf aw AJKV PASHAOl^'ROM ORKATOffrAIN AND IRlTsNE BY THE BLACK BALL OR OLD LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS. [Sailing from Liserpool on the 7th and I9lh of every month.] Persons wishing to send to the Old Country far their fneudi can make the accessary arrangements with the subscribers, and hare them come out ill this superior Line of Packet*, sailing from L iycrpaol cnnctnally on ih* Tth and 19th of every month Tt.ev will also have a first rate class of American trading ships, sailing every sis days, thereby affording weekly communication Irom that port. One of the firm (Mr. James D. Roche 1 is there, ts see thai they shall be lorwarded with care and deapatch. Should the parties agreed for not come i at, the money will Oe returned to those who paid it here, *>(hont any redne tion. Tne Black Ball, or Old Liae of Liverpool Parseta, comprise the following magnificent Slops, vit:? The OXFORD, the NEW YOKK, CAMBRIDGE, COLUMBUS. EUROPE, SOUTH AMERICA, ENGLAND,. NORTH AMERICA, with inch superior and unequalled arriWKemeatj, th? subirritwra lu i: j r__ . ?,'lu ....... ^ey w'lTMefuP?" to them ?o many year., f?r which ri nIi nmc? n hiIm 1'"/ rrm,u,n>: money to their relatirei. car ,u ,he "RK8COTT, OROTIC, AMK8 8t CO. i I ra 11 e h eV'! n ''a1111 ,'e r,ri'n'l<'l"r"d " *",y "f M^i, "!, s' o;i^.l l,i W;!e.r',ml ",W1" :''r0l,sl'00' Kntfl.unl, Ire Apply,or nddreaa, (if by letter, nnai paid ) HOCHK BKOTHKHH 8. CO JJ billion ?trrn, New Vcrk N. B.?The Old Line of U^PMhett"'-ft ?"?ul1 ? Liverpool 01, the let ??l 19th of each .nooih Par!.V! "in,".!: to the "hi i "iintry will |i?,| it to lli ir comforr .n. .drama** to .elect tin. ftironte L.nt to. the.r ' , I I f I i' ',1 ' l.i III V >Ml ?'f. ' "IjJ* 11 JfllL. 'ASSAOK l-OM LlVh.MPouC-rp^~l WTXV vl*v?a .pleii'tul p clr.-i .hi,. W.II he d-.patched an, JiilKpnl positively a. aDure her n anlar day. Hauu. ?ph iidid accommodation* lor eabm. .ecoad c.bii ml itr.raae ia.nn.ei., for pa..a*e early application ,hm,l, be made on board, or to W.ltJ. T. TAPSCOTT. "9. 83 Peck blip cor South ft. 1*7 17 n T T J U NEW YORK. SUNDAY ] BRITISH AND NORTH AMKKICAN KOI AL MAUL STEAM SHirs, Or lltoitoas and 440 horse power each, i Undar contract with the Lorda of the-Admlraity. Jm. HlBEHNlA, C. 11 E. Judkina, Commander. BRITANNIA, J.Hewitt, d? CALEDONIA, E. O. Lou, do ACADIA, A. Ryrie do COLUMBIA, E. C. Miller. R N do | Will tail IVom Liverpool and Beslou, ?ia Hakfai aafollowe: I ?-bom LivtarooL rtoH bostob. Acadia, Ryrie, Feb 4 Mar 1 Colombia, Miller, Mar 4 Ap'l 1 I Britannia, Mewiu, Apl 4 May 1 Htberuia. Jndkina, Apl 19 May U The aceommodatinua Tor passengers are inperier. The vessels are aceempamed by esperienced snrgeons, and i amply supplied with Frances' Patent Life Boau. Passage reduced to $120 No Berths secured until paid for. For further information, apply to D. BR1UHAM. HARNDEN fc CO'S. No. I Wall-st i?e j FOR HALIFAX AND LIVERPOOL. The British and North American Royal Mail Steam sh-p HIBKKNIA C H E. Judsiuij nssmaoder, s.ill leave Boston L for the above p ru ou Tuesday, ICth May. Passage to Liverpool (120. Passage to Halifss 20 Anply to D. BKIQHAM, ir. Ag-ut, mil 4tec No. 3 Wall street. NEW JERSEY RA ILK OA U A.NIJ ~ FR AN S , POKTATION COMPANY. NEW V ()K K AN!) N E WAK K. Frumtnr loot of Conrtlaadt street, New York (Kvery day?SnndaT* e? epted.) Leaves New Yo,-It Leaves Newark \t A. M. At ? P. M. At 7 A. M At IX P. V. 9 do 3 do. 3 do. 4 do. 11 do. a do 3 do S'< do 5*< do. 10X 7X do. ' f X do. OX do. 1 8 do. ON SUNDAYS. From the toot ol Ourtlandt street. Leave New York, Leave Newark. ' At 9 A. M. ami P M. At IX P- M. and 9X F. M. ? NEW YONX. ELIEAItr.TH TOWN. 3 Leave New Y??k ' Elizabeth Tow* ? At t A.M. All P M. At 7-4 A.M. At 'n P. M. 1 9 do. i 4 do. 8R do. 3X do. i\ o. 10 do. 9>h do. ? 5>k do. * The trains for YVcaitieid, Plsiutield. Boundbrook, Somervilie, ? Ac., connect with the 9 A M, aud,414 PM trains from New 7 York, daily, Sundays excepted 7 Fare between New York and Elizabeth Town25 cents. X Fare between do and Somerville, l'j cents. 2 SfW YOKE. RAHWAY AND Nlitf BRUNSWICK 3 Fare reduced. i f ruin the foot of Conrtlaudt street .daily. Z Lease New York. Leave New Brunswick. Z At 9 A. M. At 6 A. M. Z 4 P. M. 7X " :Z 5X " noon. It o - p V, * ON SUNDAYS ? Leave New Yo'k. Leave New Brunswick. ? At9AMaud4XPM At 1 X noon, aud 8* P M 7 Fare between New Yo>k and New Brnuswiek, 75 cerna. * Kahway, A ceuu * The fare in the 6 and 7X A. M. tram from New BrnnsE wick, and 4 and 3p% P. M. train from New York, has been rrj '' dncea. New York and New Brunswick, to 50 cents. " and Rahway to S7X " Passengers who procure their tickets at the ticket olfice, re eeive a ferry ticket gratis. Tickets are received by the con ; doctor only on the dt.y when purchased. 111 3m * * W&W&tiA t ^nJLLKv lcT6^'8 TXPnESg, " * 3 WALL STREET. y Th? subscribers, the old con 'u-tors of Harnden & Co.'s Ex It press from New York, will con! nine to run -s heretofore,leaving New York, Air-any and Troy daily, and wi'l forward Specie B nk Notes Bundles, ' esnf Ooods. Parcels, he he , in connection with Mrssr.Buley h H ward's "Gre?t Western Exp ess,1' to opd fr >m the loHnwn g placa*. vi- Utrca, 8< rac >te, Oswego,Auburn, Seuec i F dls, O neva, Canad itgua, Roches er, B.uavii Lockporr, Bi (Talo, Detroit, Cleav laud a. d ' h < xu : also to Kingston Torou laudHnnilton, in Canada West By Jacobs' Northern Exp-css, to Whitehall, Burlington, Champlnin slid PlaKshurgli; also to St J bus. " n-it widii Haicti V Co'a Southern E*rres? at New York, and j forward arti'les of every deapription to Philadelphia,Ballim ire e and Washington. P-rticu ar atlenion will be paid to the collection of Notes, Drifts, Ac aod prompt r> tnrnt mad' b? li-?t Ktpress. Each messenger will be provided with one of Wilder't Patect Sala wander Sates, thereby affo ding greater security in the transmission of valuable papers, fcc orricEs. PULLRN fc COPP. No. S Wall street, New York. THOMA." GOUGH, No 15 w'i< hsuge, Albany. A. G FlLKlXS, 2J;J Riverstrret, Trov. 8 JACOBS, Ksch iDire Comt, St. P<nl, Montreal. Referenc s?Mex>rs Prime, W ird St Kmc Jac b Little St Co., John T -tniih 8t Co., Hepoon St H ffman Ca pen er St Ver live. Houghton St I o , Drew, Homiuoii *C?., N.York; he. J |L?q , 1 homaa Uoiik*>, Ksq , Alosny; J^hu f Pai' ? q , ?%shier, *. VVeH?, do., 8' K. tttow, d C. 8. P tigli>,do , V. Leai'c. do. Trov nr6 "od FARE t* DO ! SECOND CABIN, 1 00 FAKE Rt DUCED. GREAT SOUTHERN St We 8 EMN MAIL ROUTE. AkTERNOON LINE TO BALTIMORE Dailv,(except Sundays) at 4 o'clock, from Dock at wharf By Citizens'Unioi Line, via New Castle and Frenchtown Raiiroad, and the swift and splendid steam ma's ' ROBERT MORRIS, Captain D >nglaai. i' OH O, " Davis ' CONS riTUTION, " Ch.ytor. St GEO. WASHINGTON, " Tmpe. ' Throngh from Philadelphia to Baltimore in seven houra and a h If To commence ot Monday, May 8'h, leaving Dock atreet wharf dailv, Sundays excepted, at 4 o'clock, P.M. carrying the 1 greut Soutb-rn and We tern Maii?, and the only APrrooon Line connecting with the Lines for the South and West, from Bslimore. Passengers leaving New York via the mortrng line, will always arrive in time for '.his line, and be in Ba.uuiore the same a, evening This it the only Line of Steamboats ranting in coon-etinn l- with tee Railroad to und from Baltim >re. , W. L. A8H.MKAD, Agent. f m9 3t*m Doek 'treei wharf. MORRIS AND ESSEX RAIL ROAD, gauaa faiaga ^T> 1 New Arrangeeieot?Tnis Road having been re-laid at great . expense with the most approved and heaviest H rail, to aeenre a safe and expeditions conveyance between New York and h Momttown, will commence running two tri|>t daily, Sundays excepted, on and after Monday, Jan, v|. First Train from Morristown will leave at7X A M. Second Train from Mu7rittown will leave at IJa P M. First Train from New York will leave at 9 A M?Newark at l ?XAM. Second Train trom New York will leare at 2X P M?Newark at SH P M I nsseugers hy the Morning Train from Morristown will srrive ai N- warli in Pine foi 'lie 9 A M Train to New York, or n inr mnnin.t i rain 10 rnrapeipnia; oy ihp Afternoon I rail1 ihey will arrive at Newark In time for tlie 3K P M Tram to Naw York or tlie Kvening Tram to Fhiladelpi ia. Paaaengera by the Mcning Ttai from New York willairiee at Morriatown in lime to dine aud take any of the Stagea ran ning wear or norrh from 'ha' place j2? lm? -c NORTHERN AND WESTERN EMIGRANT PASSAGE OFFICE. The 8?b?c:ibera hnvin e< mpletrtl their ar anenn nt?, are t naw prepared to fnrwaid pmr g-ra o II the Northern and f Write n Staler and Canada, ha dilv tiu ? of toaHoa'a rai e roada and a'eamhin'i, via ihe North >i*rraiid Kite Canal. Mnprr i. Likes, Philadelphia and Pitta a gh, Ohio r.rrr and Canal I rnntes The following art a lew of the n oat important I |i n ra e Via Uii a, Buffalo, Pottavilla, Udenn, S racnaa, CI yeland, Pittsburgh, Tnron o, Oneego, De'roit, Cincinnati!, Kingston, Knehe.trr, M'wau ie, 8t. L iui", St. J Oral, Lacktor , Chicago, Louisville, Montreal. Alao to any p rt of i Ohio, Illinoia, Mia'oari, Indiana, Miehtgtn, Tenniaaee, j i i Keutueay, Wisconsin, Inwa, Upper and Lowi r Canada. Having given aorh univalent snief-e i a in their London and Liverimol liuea ol peckrta, the snbaenbers will endrar r to mike the preaent undertaking aqnall, <.' anting of public la I ? ir rrraons about in emigrate to any of the nhnye i lacea are reqnrated to rail ou the rahacrihera before rn king ihe ir ar range enta, aa they cm fide' ilv believe the inducements ihey | can offer are such a? emmd fail in prove htghlv a'T niagei a<. , and they pled.e themselves that every attention ahall be |iaid I to n-nre comfort <iii deepiti h For further particulars ai pi to W. k J. T. TAP9COTT, at their General ml r I'aaaage Office, 43 IVrk ahp mr Hoath at. 5SS?3_0Sfi.^ld* _ Scriinr u \ i L I PiAinr-^fl f iin iLUI >1 rvtlJY DUKPALU, ?;HlGAUO AND I HK CANADAS The auhacribe r? home coin. It l il thnt ..iMMrme. ii with 'he Penpie'e Line ol Steamboa'a, ou lh? Ninth Hirer ami the Kail Koad Cflmpauiea writ of Albany lor tannin* their Kx.ireaa I or the araaoii nl 1843 an fcmrraa w II li an- their office. No. t Wail atreat.New Y- rh, every en mug, >l gamer to 7 u'vlock. f .r tlie- ab ov- named a il mtr- m- di i r placet. IMPORTAN1. Knr the greater t-fe,y end aecunty of all ralaable and money i packtgca cut.niti-d "> their care, they hare "alamnid'r Iron Helta on bi aril of tin tteanboau, ia * irate room occupied exi clu ively by ihrm?el?ej, v-d the mcatetiKer iu clnrre alerpa in the an me rn rn with the iron (ilea, nun which all auc\ iMckngra are placed POMtJKOY It COMPANY, mice No. > Wall atreet. ' fdafil NKW YOKK, HCHOOLKY'K^a^.-, _ MOUNTAIN k *A8ToN. L,, ..,, i,? i. nt ol Conrtlaud atrec', drily (8n d ,,a ea n"| n 8..' h ck A. M., by railroad f om J raer city to .Vl-rrtaiown im i,i f\?i enarher the nab Mm.ill haatee. S. i.,?I. Mnnnluu. Aadenou Town, Port ( nUm. tVaefviiytou, to 1 Kiuton. At w?..,10, * d..ilv It 10 It tern eta to aud from | iJrl-idorr K >r acata epply to J. In!', Cuti im rcial Hotel. 7J ' Cinrtl'ind atrret ' .VB ?Ettr?? furtii?h?d ri the a. orteat notice by applying to f. B. I.n r, United 8iat-? H >:el .\Wii?towu. n\MI3nee LWKlOHl k t- ? will pell an office of dnci nut and tie I p >eitr ?l 0.wt*o, N Y., on the lit ot May neat, end will make colleclu in end rrmitiaucee at reaeonable ra>e>. He j otto D Ebbeta, Jr. ? ?g , caahier. New York. Snyuaio, *a(re k Co., New Yoik. Diew, Robinaou It Co.. New Yotk.

A. L>. Patchm, kaq., caahter, Albany, Oaweto, April *, 1MJ. an ?w* i n iz t ' l\ j.j MORNING, MAY 14, 1843 FOR THK FACE AND 8KIN.-Krui.nre 4Uwset on lilt face and skin, such ai pim deii blotches, tan, ttttei, rut g worm ; aitio freckles can be speedily eradicated bv the use > f Church's Vegetable Loriou, which has been 111 eittnaive use in the United States a id in Kuroi?e, and it admitted to be tlie bent cosmetic in use for clearing and establishing* brilliant complexion. Sold at wholesa'e or retnil at Church's Dispensary. 188 Bowery, coruer of Spriug street Price 75cen'* pel bottle. a20 m od??P PIANO V i>It t KSN U N N * r LARK.orter or sale at their wtre iooin, Iforme ly 137 Brotdvta?,) No 210 Boad* Wit. oppn?'?e ?he P.trk, a lar eass otmeut 01 iOS wood and mahogany Piano Korte?, at reduced pr c s. Haviiu lecently in i .e very i nporiai.t i prosem* at* in regard 10 ou h, l<?ur au 1 countrnctMiu of their Piai o?, they inrite pU'ch sers to ? xawiue them before pirclia?ivy el ewhere. N. <R C. have j si (iuishe** two el? K*Q' rose wood sevr n octave in irumeu *, which they offer for the ex mm uiou of the public. m8 oi?4t* CiENCV WANTKU-A gentle nau occu >vi"f a atO'e I (op. n in th* allot) !u it>. ii(i|wr i<arc of Wail atreet, uear Broadiv.iy, la deairoua in u der ate the agency of aouie inai> u faetuneK, in-reantllr, ut. or any other reapeetable buaioeia. Apply to b >i No HI 111 ir f'mt Office. mi lm*eodr CHEAP JI MM Y1 i ' wh'i'e.ale ami retail Thread. N erdle aud t inrty atore ia No 251 (fraud at. coraer Forayth. where country merc'iauta, city retailrri, pedlara, dree. nubera, fcc., will find a if ueral arao.tmeut rf thre de.ueedlea, epoole co'tou, eewiuit ailk, coraet lain, tapea, kuit.mir eutton,combe, hut'ona, glovea, ho.itrv, edginga, qirlliu.a, Ucee and cotton -fancy BK'ta, Str. iic. chca|i?r tor c ah than at any atore in thia ciiy, and uo adriiraiie taken of iieraoua not acquainted with the value or qua ityofgouda JAMES SllYDAM, in fr6 * r 251 Quid atreet. C u r!?d ~H AIR, allD HAIR BATING. Of> flflfl roU^DS Souih Aintncm Curled Hair, of Ar J. ' va'ii ua ijualmea. Alan, a general a-aor'ni-ut of St .? ing.jd ill and figured, >. m li o 30 inebca incluaive, au'tanle for upholaterere and c bin t inake.a eiteueively mauufacmred and alwayt on ha 0 lor aale by u?, JOHNSON A OKKEN, No 152 William atreet. Order, frmn all parte of the United Statea necuttd promptly aud with fidelity, lor cuh. approved city acceptuncve or other 1 aitiaf ictory paper, at foui luoutlia m 3 lin'oi TAKERS OF THE CROTON VVATER, ' * are i oi'li-d i baton the 2utl- leant the ilitming off of the water wi'l b- commenced 10 cnaea where nay iieut ahall U"l havr Ween previously mad. to lit ol nay, 1841, at the office of the Crot 'U 'q eifnci board. In all iuataucea whe e thr water ahaM he ?topi>ed the expense of clou t aud reopening the femles, mn>t Ire paid on n renewal of the licenses New V nrlt, May 13th, 1843, By oider A. B. BIOKLOW, ml3 loUiir Henuter. SAIL BO AT CH A LLEN< ?E ?What i-the m.llerJ Aye, lhal'l the rnV When the smothered growls of diaappoiute;l ancceaa lurka in the bosom of man, he loara sight of ainiab litv, pros tram liimaelf. aud in 'urb ileot array dies uuheeded and unknown Such is the condition of a crrtaiu bo it builde ofthiacity who techs notoriety through animnvmous cnmmnuicalioua The suhS' riher liai for ye irs stood upon the contested around of boat building, aud long experience haa caught hnn that "L'rae birka can rentu e more. But little birka mnst keep neat ahore." And when men think they cau co.'e * itli lion in auperinr boat buildim: tliey inuat nut talk in paiablea, but boldly meet him at ins office door,there airauge for toe nnerinc teat of proof; hts are alwa<*a made in sood faith,hia oats to coi quer. Upon tin. principle he f unit hia 'ulw-rk, aud now fir thr hun dr th lime he offers to show the stem of 'Trnuhler" to noy boat f rolina ever huilt or haa on hano, for a trophy which will richly repay the tiiemn. in. Now wheie it your h -ancd backers; where', n ur own dauuleil courage? draw the veil and shoo yoorael to the world. P. 8?One mouth's notice, nnv distance under fif.y miles. The "Troubler" can be aeeu at hia bazaar. (P 8) C. L. 1NO '.K'OLI., mi lm*ee 40t> Water atreet dVa'A Tt> t-Hic OWNER OF-^THK~8Ml ^ ^-*,73*" TROUBLKH."?The owuer ol 3CjE3Lllie sailboat ' TrouWU r" having r ceived three ch illeuges trom bona built by Wui. Crolius within the laitsii months, and tint hav n^ yet accep ed the aame, it is preiuuud (hat in publ'shing his ch rllenge to tail against ativ boat ever built by Croliua, hia towering i i agiuatiou haa taken a flight trom tlie terra firtna of Water atreet to those myjtic regions? " Where the man by many odds, Obrarna receipta from living giu's." As soon as convenient ?fier h- he has gor a few more i rihoae reaeipts, and deiceudcil from thstaenal inanufictory of honors, It la hoped thai he will c mleaceud to notice some one of the cha lenge. alreany given Iiihi a th it " his sole object of teat iog the aailiug qualities ol the boats" may be obtained?after which, if hia boaaled " Trounler" does not prove a auflicient troubler to hiin by capsiziux his epuiatio.' aaane li-a done henelf, he shtll iht uhave the opportunity upon Ilia own terrcs, t 0(1 per day for two days, of again seeing Ins vauuied nam fi)1 lowing in the wake of Wi . ; rolius, ai the ici|>rciful rale of three miles in eighteen, as it did la?t ipriog nlft-lm* m W C.KniTTTa BARGE, RACE, CLUITANS SAIL BOATS, NO 400 WATKH 9Tt?EET, lour doom East of Catherine Mailtrt, Sew York?Builder el in Malum of Muscat's Pleasure Barge, the Race Boils Ware, G.".xelle, Viclori i. Atlantic. Wikuua, Brooltlyu, Anu of Peekskill, Washington of Ponuhkeepue, Duchess of H 'de-Park, Sylph au Wave of I Mobile, (ieonte Stewart of Louisville, Madame Celeale of New Orleans, Ike Alto, the sail boat* William Croliui, Fashion, Eureka, Za noui, S'.ar. Ed w in Forrest, kr. all lm*rc FARE ANO hi EIGHT REDUCED sMf) mm REGULAR MAIL LINK?FOR PRO VIDe.Nt E AND B NTON, via PTO'^ ^ iMi-r.1%1 a\D NEWPORT?Compoaed 01 tin- loll wwg superior steamers running in connection wiih tbe StouiDKtoil end Boemn and PrcvideLee Railroads:? MASMACHUSETTS, Capt Comsttck. KH()HK. ISI.ANU. PROVIDE aLE MR' AOt.SgKTT. Capt Wocliey. M"UE'IAN, Lapt Inaver. One of which will ea?e New York daily (Sundays excepted) irom Pier No 1, B-irerv Place, N Kiver, atSP. M A KRANGK viENTS. The NARRAGANsET I , Cap a in Woolaey, on Monday, Wx'neii'av mi K id <y for St*nin*t> n Toe RHODE ISLAh D, Captain Thtyer, on Tuesday and T mrseav for Stotiingt-D, and Saturday for Stouingtcu, Newpert and Provideuce Paistng-rs on the errival of the steamboats ar StouinrtoD, will take toe r-i'r.iS'ls cars and proceed immediately to Pros. and if bound for Newport will lake the s eemer tolas i Coin th ance->0 T uesdays, Thursdays aud Saturdays,without any additional csarge. Tickers'or the mute and steamers'bertha can be secured on board n ?t the office of ir>9 6m m HARNDKN k CO., J Wsll street. MM 'OK NORFOLK, RICHMOND, CITY ftTUa?jJr3?r01NT. fcc. V.I Steamer BOSTON, jL^LLi a: tain H< Imes.?T he strong and su'oslsuti-l toainet B .s'on will commence r'RUlar trips netwern New York and Notfulk, Va., leaving New York everv Saturday at S "Viock, A. M. and Norlfolk every Tnesday mon in*. I'usage-tid fare to or from Noilo.a, $10 Forward Pane tiger* do do 6 Pasaace fr m Richmond Cit* Point, *c., by one of the rtv< r steamers, ml |*r Boston from Norfolk 13 t I r. -S Pa'sage to .Norfolk aud hick, return trip II Forward I'aiaciiR n, do do 12 Freight taken at the usnal rates. Foi or asa?ge apple tohe Caoan ou hoard, or to WM TU'KER m2 lm eod WThlkF'r No 56 Broad street. 7mm ma P OPLE's link ok steamboats fc=3??s3?FO< ALBAN V?Uar'v at 7 o'c ock, P. M SCULZ.1 hronglt I irect ( Sunday's ex'rptrd) from t e - I- amihol Pier ritarrr Conr laodt and ' ib-tty streets Sir.m ion KO< HESTKK, Cap * Houghton, will leare Tneada , Hitirolai >ud Sa nrdav earnings, a( 7 o'clock. "teamb at "OUTH AMERICA, Captain L W Bninard, will hare Monday, Wednesday and Friday eveniugs, at 7 o'e'ock. Htesmb-at NORTH AMERICA, Captain M H T ne dell, land lis at interm d*ate place*, will leave Monday, Wednesday and Fiiday afternoons, -t 5 o'cleck. r isse users sking this Lioe ol Bosls w ill invar ably a vivo in Albany in ample tune to take the g Tr in o! Cars for the os* or west. dT^lheah ve boats are new and sabst,, are fu ins ed wiTh jew and el y in' slate mows, aud for spe'd at-d nceunmod itioos are nuiiv tiled ?u th Hu laon KoriMSSeg' or frc'Khl, appl y iiu board, or to PC Sch"ltt -t toe i flier on ihe uh.rf. nil: C .Mar-> PEOPLE'S LINK OF STEAMBOATS ar^Vrj*k OR ALBANY UAILY Sondt s eiceiited j^aJLaLat 6 o'clock P M ?Throas' direct? kt in thv steaoiboat pu t betwern '"onrtl ndt and Liberty strei Ibesttate-r ROCHESTER. Capt A H o^h'on, haves viouday, Wednvday. and Frtda-. evenings, at 6 o'el"Clr The ?t? irner SOLTH AMERICA, Ca.-t. L. W B-ainard. leaves Tnesdsy, Thursday, aud Situ day eveniugs, at 6 o'c'ock. The steamer NOPTH AMKRICA. Capt VI H Traes dell leaves Turad<y. Thursd ty and ratorday afternoons, at 5 'cl ck lai.di 'K a iliierninli tte places. TheaboirB aisare uew aud subatauri>1.are faro?hed with ohsmoi >tate Rooms, and for peed aud accotnmod itious are anrivaMed n ti.e Hodson Forpassaite or lieiglit apply on board, or to P C. flcho I't. the office on thewharl a2f tmr NKW YORK A NO KINOSfOV 8 I CAM FREIOH I A^D Pa8SAO? |,"*JE ayt For Ki tston, and IMaware and Hndsou I IT .mhoats K.OtKALD and ,\(>K , amJUL W The e. t'k, Al.D, Captain John Bsaeham. Will lent Now ^ nrk foot o' Murray street, every Akwnday and _ i ursday at J o'c'ock P. M Wi I leave Kingston (Kondnut landing) e?eiy Wedncadav , and Saturd at 3 'clock. P. M , The NORWICH, Captain John Uaniuct?, will leave N?w York, fooi of street, every Weduesoay and Snturdei if , j o'clock. P. M. Will are Kingston ( Hondout landing) every Toe ay < i; Friday at J o'clock, P. M EXTRA TRIPS. The KMKKALD will lea?e the fo?t of Mnrray street every Fnndy morning at T o'cl ck. Return tig leaves Kingston aM oYlocs tame day. For freight or ptssare apply on hoard, or to WILLIAMSON. BAhLOW k CO . all 1m*r 164 Weaf street. , NBWAKK AND NEW YOKK?Fare &nASKr only 12S * cuts !?The s| lendld steamer jHL_JIKJC- rASBAIC, Captaia John Galfy, mu been put ill c inplrle orde , and will commence her trips I t the , season, on Monday the luth instant, aa follows, until further notice Leave New York at i o'clock, P. M. , ' Newark at T)< o'clock, A M. Freight r-n ICQ at reasonable rafts. aH tmec 3TATEN ISLAND FERRY Foot of Whitehall street. On and alter Monday, April 10th, the steamer a'i'Al fcN ISLANDER will leave aa follows, until further notic< LEAVE 8TATKN ISLAND. NF.W YORK. At I a. M. At 9 A. M. IS 11 i'XP.M. I)f P.M. S>t , 9 I Align his slopped are required to i e pirtimiarlv marked,am. It risk t the owners thereof. a>er ..Jnn?h I passage to b^mkehab pittsburg ,! I HE schwiikst ha* CM rapleted jgfUfSVHIBU I a 'he con , eryiiienol I urn Lite re niii .vicrrnanaiie 'o ritieooric .inu im-r;nt ilt ie p' .ce?, on the most reaeoustile teuns, per' Ciuk.pi Portable Boat Liu." pi-oule about to proceed o tlie Wniwirtl, will find it noch in their adeautaee m mux their eranireinenti by line d'tirabl conveyance,a the einctr ?t alteution will at all tiuiee lie pa.d tn the ee fort of the pa-iuii.ere, i? well ae the punctuality of , direct conveyance with deepatch. For farther particnlare apply to jOHKfH McMURRAV, allec IM Pine ttreet, corner of sooth. V I F K A ^00 DRESS ROOTS. LATEST FRENCH STYLE. PHJ1. SIIBSI'KIBMt M-niwririiliv invites the citizens of * New Yoik aud alnui-eis vasitiug the city, to call ul in FULTON STREET, ino namine a large assortment of Dmtsa Boot*, made iu the latest fashion, and of the lined French cilfakin. Gentlemen can have boo's made loord-r in the beat manner, ?t hi dollara per pair, and foiled at four dollars warranted equal to any manufactured in the city at from seven to eiitht dollars. 'O"Persons having tender fe.t, or being difficult to fit on ac* taunt ot lumps, bunions can have boots made so as to be easy yrl handsome, by the snbsrnbe 's method of taking a drawing of he teet and htting np aud keeping a pair ol las s 'or each customer. Straugets leaving lliei' measures cau, by writing, have boois made aud forwarded to ti em without dulay constantly cn haiw H*udiome Boots, from ti 00 tu to oo Half Boots, i 50 to 3 50 (Ifti i Boots, " 2 no io 2 w Shoes, " 1 20 to 2 JO Slippers, " 50 to 1 00 Pntnps, he., ike .equally low. Tmims, Cash on Uklivkht. JOHN L. w ATK1N*, aV !in r 114 Fulton st. between Nassau and Uutch i's. BOOT AND SHOE STORK. mtfMT JOHN hKADY respectfully informs his friends ami the i utdic. that he has commenced business in the above line,at No.'>9 Nassau street, where he will lu.ibklull> receive aud faithfully eieeu'e, all orders he may bs favoreu with on he host reason, b'e terras lor cash "lit LADIKS, LOOK AT THIS! voots pairs of Fieuch Gaiter Boots,ano 31100 purs ol Slippers, just reccivsd, and lor sale wholesale aud retail, at the following y?ry low prices 2000 pairs of F,ech Gaiters, of the brat quality, anil of all colors,Si.50; and 3000 pairs ol Slipimrs, 75 cents, at 307 Broadway aud 92 Canal street Ladles, lu these Korea vou will find the irrenteat ami best as. fx mi* lit in tin- world of Uooti, Gaiters, Shoes, Slippers, Itc and Mutts and Iluldreii's do Gen lemen, we wish to draw your attention to otir splendid S'suriineut of Boots, Shoes anil clntlt ho ton Gaiterr, of ihe utw siyle; Fieri- h eallikin Boots, of the best qu I it v ami mailt 0 order, (5, and k tench calfskin Boots on hand, from (3 to $1 per p it; cloth button Gait* rs, $',50; Prunella tl 60. 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SUSEfi, 175 Broadway, (Basement,) true D or from Courtlandt street. jKgrk E SUSEIt, Boot linker, and maker ot Lasts, an "Eire" ol t;|erce of Paris beys leave to mlorm his friends and all thr a nateurs ol a gentlemanly "eliausvure," that he Can now make, in New kork, with trie best Frn ch rna'eiuls all that is so perlrctly made, in t aris, bv Ins master the Celebrated bootmaker Clerce, whose numerous customers on this side of the Adauti--, are reap etfully invited to try SUSEIOS boots and lasts beior- they despair ol being "chausses" iu New York, al er the nicest, latest Paris fashion. Als", the genuine Paris Jet Black Varjish sold, in 0 iw ' ec TO BOOT MAKERS#. O. MORG HAS REMOVED from 132 to 13 Leonard street, where he con'inues to cut Kit. Uu hand ready cat kit, French and Finnish. ml lin*ec A. THOMPSON'S BLACKING WAKEHOUriE, No. 2 Cou tlandI street. A THOMSON respectfully informs the merchants of tins city and the public in keueral, lint he still conlinues to manufacture his iuimitahls Paste B'ackiog, being ihe sole inventor and maunfaciurer. This blocking is known through the worlu, and partimlarly the United States, as Lee and Thomson's Paste Blacking. A. Thoinpsou would furl Iter inform h s friends that he has made ex'enaive improvements in his o'd 11111. nfattnring estab'ishment, which enables lorn to supply lliem with .my quantity and >t r JmoiI prices B'ware ol interlopers Steam is u m nlern application, and is sometimes resorted to wiiliom much bem fit. A I boms >11 never admitted steam in any shape to euter his m-nulactory? his workmen are not likely to make mistakes air' consequently it can be depended upon as genuine. A. THOMSON, late Lee k Thomson, fb'merly 265 Broadway, now 2 Courliaudi street, near Broadway. Manufacturers' agents lor tli.- W<uhiugrou Friction Matches, Shi| pert and others supnlied on reasonable teim?, by case or sinyle groan n26 Im* in FORTY YEAR>. IT IS A FACT that LEE'S S eam Blacking is universally 1 adiniit .d 10 be ihe best article msunf ctured in the. I1 mted Slit-a C. Lee has manufactur d Blacking iu th s city forty years The fiitt thirteen yeais and two m"U'hs by Inmsell? then took in paitncrship A. I houisou?twenty years and ten 1n011.l1,11 was known as Lee It Thomson's Backr a Di solved partnership with said Thomson, and the last six years have made it again on iny o<*n account. I am the o'dest Dl icking Maniifactuier in the United States. Have made more in quantity and bet'er in quslity than nr. other peraon n this couutry. but good as it always has been, it is greatly iiuprov ed uf late. Il is uow nnuuficurnl by strain power, end know u a Les Improved Steam Blacking, No. I John str et. corner of Br"adwa y. C L looks down with conscious pride o-i all coupe ti tiou, and would only say to his customers and Ihe pub ic that lit still cout,nuea 10 manufacture his liaprorrd MB Blacking? but why eularge? a word to the wise is sufficient ins ni.s.h i.fir. ?30 lm*r No. I Job" street, c rnei ol Broadvisy PL U M B ft, DAGUhKRlAN GALLERY OF fATfiNT Colored Photograi hi, Broadway, corner of Murray street Ne-? York.? I"he idle privilege of taking patent colored Di(rucrr otype Likenesses, being confined to this eitabliihmuut l( ha? beeu rereutly much improved and enla Red for >he sue cial acco modauuu of Indict, nnd now embraces no fewer than diffeieiit.-iiiitinu 11(1. Plumbe'i Pat-nt Coloring Daguerreotype Apparatus. and Plumite's Patent Galvanic Oildiu Apparatus, nnd Instructions and r<tant Rights for each.lorwirdad to nn> part of the United Stales Photographers supplied at lower rates than at any other place in the city. Galvauic Gilding and Silvering done o order Poitpaid letters only attended to >22 1 m* r PATENT PdKsKltVKI) HI fHhV Fl AVOMKD P'lKTA BLE MKATK AND StlUPS, for ship it> rrs, warranted to kerpany lenth o' time, and in any climitc, maoulactured end fir sale, wholesale and retail by WILLIAM MULLANK, n>r#lm#r 104 William srreet. (basement ) rPHK A NCIE "> T AND WONDtRfUI. hNU'lK- OF A CHINA?Described, Illustrated and Familiarized.?K. MAA I IN v CO hay? just iece tcj from London am guificeni illustrated work on China, which they iutrnd to is>ur in monthly parts, with all the aids of e< grating and t rintii g com. bined, to |irtseui a besut tul and instructive recount o th tas tantalum: ai.d inierestiur C' uutry. The inequity, the g'andeur, and the ex-lusive chattel* r of the inslituii m ?f China, r nder luch an sec ni,t at h* prcsrut tiin i>eciiliarly appropriate an desirable, considering the interest which is now fe t in the United Hotel, in connection wtb ttei.ctof onr c m mercal operations heiug so muc'i eiteud d with that singular and wonderful n .iton. The w,rk wi I oe sailed in uumbers coulainiiig three stesl engririugs in each. Price SO cents H. MAKTIN k CO., m y 7J m r 26 John sir et PlANjO FORTES.?The subscribers rcsp- ct full a inrite their friends and the public in general, to call at their esta blishmeut, No. 2SI East Broadway, where they have on hand a welI assorted stock of mahogany an r se wood Kreuch grand t< turn Pi iUO Fortes with alfthe late improvements warranted, and to be kept in tune tor one ear The subscribers also beg leave to inform the pub ic that this is the establishment formerIt kept by Bennec aud Hawkins, but at present ocrnpied by the iibscribers The pr.ces will be f u-d suiting to tne times Purchasers nre respectfully invi ed ocall lid ex.imi'ie. N.B All kinds ot pianos from 6 to 7 octaves will he made to order. Also pianos tuned and repaired, or exchanged oil the most reasonable terriia. Alsoie oud li-ud pianos for1 al-. HENKY KICHAKDk iOHN RUI K, 'Vt lm*r 15' Eis' Btoadwac. f rt K W \ II VI SALT WATER |) ATM is now often at th- foot nf Detbross-s strest, hi. K -? 0 or it.* ad* images over tr an water, see >' u c.o J trrtm Fee Tlckeia our Dollar. a: 16 '111* r ONEY I O L END ?aBKAHAM J JACKSON. Pawn B o?M, Nil J# Hr -de street, nr >r Bro.olw y. In lis none) in la K'i or small aiuris, ss may be mjiiiird ?ri w?tn e*. jewel T, silver ware, dry gcoda, wearing apparel, aud le.aonnl propeoy of eTerv description a'II lrn* r mULS^TUtJlj*?1 < 'Ot^ ? ALBERTSON'S. Conger's, Morton's and Uifford's warrant ei I asi Sterl Conner*. Carpenter* aud Shin Carpenters Edge Tools nau hv li*<l al wholesale aud retail. of OSUOK v * LITTLE, II Fulton street, New ork, (l( per cent alio we. to merchants) and who Weep oil nand a foil aainrimeii' o< Coopers' Tools, Iron Rivets. Tflta* Hoop*. Stave loiniers Stock Howell* aatd Crotes Also, Importer* md Weneral Dealers in Kngiisn. (ferny nd American Hsrdwa-c ''utle:* Nails. St. J?e CHARLES (>MBOK\ ; n no re HAHi.itA < i ITTLK DRAFTS on llpirti 0* England. Ir land and S oil ud in suuiso. ?'j, ?10, ?17, ?20 to any anrnnol.payable *t siant, for sale at S J. STL V ESTER'S, m6 <itr 10 W'll oree: an I 'fl ft. .I ? o sr. RIO OHO " ' 1 CMm, OIm*ud S rth a Win JJ7 1 AjVrWvr for ale at .70 Eig'th Avenue b, T'i"l? i Alp orlv.?This ware i? now 01 eo. and will he sod to retailers, I r),e billowing piie-t}?Mae s np and tl-i Plate Krerch liapcs. 7s. per don; tnfiers, Ss El ; P ri? ah'tc p'ates sionr 1* 10 .6 per do* ; tuftrn. 7 , dishes, bake s and toil tic woe oua 1 low; bow t from 2s 6d 10 4?. 3J; lemps, oi L verpnol. ; hall 'amps imm (7 r > $6,ihj same a. ihe d ,wn- < wo s rrn I: for tto ..n I $12; common wire for g.rcers, hy th ha lie! 'Inc rdi ay St m ere N B N ch 'it f r crates to con try ueri-hants Chilis tra seta I' m |j<. > g 7 Public sale on W rdii'H'1 *v. in 414 B '.id^rvT. m2?lm*rc J THE UKEENWIGH BATH, ^O. 337 Unison street ia now oren for the season, with * warm aud coi d CRQTON WATER Single Bath* at the reduced price ol UK centa, or eight ickets for $1 *27 Im ee Al EX'H MARSHALL MPORTANT?UKIIMA v SILVER! UF.HMAN talk I VER?JAMES O MOFFKT, 121 Peine-treet, N Y 'ft rs for sale, wholesale and retail. 1.700 lbs ol tfcartnan Silier the loavea'msrltcf pri e* y- In Conse inenci of macifaetarina the article hirnsell he warrant it far superior tn upv ever before manufactured i s country, so' fully -oil'I to the imported a 19 Im* in fAMES (J MOKFKT. Ill Prince ti.. New Kork. ' as at win on hind -i d offers lor sale by whol-sale aud it ul, a Silear of different thickneseei, rery inperioi *e litlf , , , fi r. Tlr^n ; rU(? l do; t'lionto' Brart , Pail Kara and KiTft ; l/mnrella, Paraewl and Shade Kurnitare. Wlnph he wariaritt id quality eqnal to any in toe United 'tatee, and ofhuown manufacture. (fold Ailrer, and all km 'a of tnrtal, rolled at the ehoit ft untie* a19 m m j? (il.l-l- WHlTK l.K.A 0?'?! k-sa very m.iiiry la Kugliah While Lead, for ?yl? hy ' WOODHVILTt St MJ.NTUHNS, aW PI Konth .taeet ujoSTLATi> R ! D(>OR PLATE8 Theee in wapfo' ' a haudiome, chtapand durable riirer P ited rBr'??Door late, e-jn ohnin the article a' H UOBKK I d'Snr.r latum. Enpratiog and Door Plat# F.uab ishnwnt 157 Bower; il?", VI. able >nnp-era, ? a w a..d ouaniifnl oiicle f r uui"ennx dwelling hooter, church p ?f, ehip r'ate r > ??"? Ac K ROBEKTs, 157 Bowerv. n 6 lna*r lti< door ebovr Hro> me ?r . ea?t aid PH 'tit LADIES ?ho are rrnoaatiDx their dwelling*. ? * S- coinjiliinrut id tlie ?. a?on, wheu all i? buoyant a?d gav, lay he fnruirhed wi.h Kane; Tut Tireue Paper, for the coyerig of pir are fram 1, lo king |l?uri, etnd'e etielie rate#. ? ? prone. hall lamp ,kc Ac , which will trendy ornun'et, ery trifling eipeuer, at IM Canal eireet, Jd below vaiica. I 6 Im'jgs LI). -?- =^t? PrlM Two Cento. Experimental. Trip op tiif. Aeriai. Machine ? An account had been forwarded to us from Scotland of an experiment tried a lew days ago, near Glasgow, with a maahine constructed on the name principle as that of Mr Heneon The experiment was made by a Professor <Jeolla, a foreigner, and but fer an accident, it appeare would have emabliehed the principle contended for?viz ?the ca|>ability of navigating the air Not wishing, however, to rn, ke aiiv*ini.sre|ireiterition u|x>n the |H<int, we give the particular!* from a narrative drawn up by Professor Geolla himaelf The Professor, after stating that he constructed hia machine in exact accordance with Mr Henaon'a apeciftcation, and that he had paid geeat attention to all the circumetancea conueeo d with the flight ot birds, says he fixed upon the hill of (turnback, near Glasgow, for the trial ? He then proceeds thus : ? " The aerial machine was properly placed at an altitude of 3S<) lineal feet from the earth, and fixed at the top, (near the flag post) in the usual way, being held hv daggers, perfectly similar to those used by shipbuilders, and only requiring one blow of the maul to free it and allow it to flee. It was with no small degree of trepidation, not unmixed with a lively excitement, that at an early hour, before the dawn had scarcely tinted the eastern horizon, I found my preparations all complete, and every thiug ready lor my unusual and interesting fight A' 3h 35m. P M. I entered the car, and exactly at 4h 38ui 59sec. I struck the dagger and liberated the [machine, and away she shot with the speed ot I ghtning Belore she reached half the extreme end I of tne ways, the mercury in the barometer had risen one and a half tenths, which exactly coincided with my calculations, ami proved that the angle of the inclined plane was 32J degrees. On reaching the end of the ways the velocity acquired, not only from descent down the plane, hut from the operation of the vertical fanners (die engine having neen net going simultaneously wnh the precipitation of the daggers.) she had begun to lilt, and on clearing the brow, had. in fact, risen u few yards, aa was plainly indicated l?y the faffing again of the mercury. This gave me great confidence, and enabled me to make a few necessary observations more calmly thHn I otherwise would have done, had matters not succeeded so favorably. On looking hack, I observed that I was a considerable distance from the hill, and in fact, the flag post waa scarcely distinguishable?1 had risen likewise625 feet (per barometer) in addition to the height of the brow of the precipice originally set out with, which, as stated, being 380 feet, made my present altitude exactly 972 feet The thermometer here stood at 30 degrees, being two degret s below the freezing point ; but on account-f the greHt interest I felt in what I was about, as welt as from the slight heat emitted by the furnace of the engine, I did not feel the cold at all, "I must now speak of the engine, which did ita duty beyond anything I can conceive or describe The strokes of the engine averaged 922, with a pres sure on the safety valve of seven and a half pounds to the square inch, and a vacuum in the condenser of ten and three-quarter pounds; the speed, as far as I could judge by the imperfect instruments I had, being at the same time about fifty-two and a half leagues per hour; my altitude (per barometer), exactly twenty-two minutes after launching, being nearly a mile. Matters thus progressed, niv altitude getting greater and greater, and my speed in proportion. However, I must state a curious discovery that I made at this particular moment, and which, but for the explanation that immediately followed, would have given me considerable unea?inets and alarm. The engine which, at my former observation, had been, as 1 have stated, 922 strokes per minute, I now found to he only 741. This, as I have said, was alarming, and would have immediately determined me to descend to the earth again, hut that I happily was able to account tor it hy discovering, through the ajplication of Professor Mussel's indicator, the incompleteness of the vaeuum in the condenser, and which I likewise ascertained to be entirely owing to the great height I had then attained; indeed, I found that the vacuum wasreduced to only six and a quarter pounds, and the barometer indicated at the same time that I had attained an altitude of nearly three miles from the earth. From the extreme rarity of the air at this high elevation, I now underwent the usual giddiness of feeling, similar to that described by those individuals who have ascended Mont Blanc, and particularly by Dr. Humel, of St Petersburgh. I had, in fact, considerable head-ache and ringing in my ears, so much so that I determined to descend to a height not creator than a mile and a half from the earih. "Tins I easily effected by depressing the tail of the machine, which up to this moment f had kept at an angle with the horizon of nine and three quar ters degrees to that of 18 My course 1 had not va ri**?l since leaving the hill; it was, per compass, south-west-and by-west-half-wcst, passing over Ayr shire, and in a direct line from Dumbuck to Atlsa Craig, whither indeed I was lending, with the view of landing, the latter being admirably suited for launching the machine in a similar way to that adopted at Dumbuck, on my return home again. " Daylight had now broken, and the scene was most gorgeous I passed many ships, and in particiilar one steamer, but whose paltry speed inconipmison with mine was nothing. Alas, however. tK;* was not destined to last, tor just as 1 had sh*t ati"" of the6teamer, which was steering \ASVV, something went wrong with the machinery, and the faaners slopped. This did not at ati alarm ine, lot. en described by Mr. Henson, these fanners are oniy necessary lor propulsion, and not at all requisite for maintaining the machine in the air. Unlortunately, however, I perfectly forgot, in the hurry 01 the moment, to remove the weights Irom the satetvvalve, and the efl? ctsfroin this were disastrous in ttie extreme The great accumulation ol steam that took place was too much lor the pipes, auo consequently bang went three of them at the same instant. Tne machine at this exact moment feeling its equilibrium altered,surged considerably,and the remain ing pi|>es necessarily followed the example ol tne others, fizz, bizz, whizz, away they went one alter the other, like pop-guns. I'nfortunately, one ol these pipes in flying off, struck a bamboo stretcher, and shattered it so that the machine, losing bearanee on one side, toppled over and became unmanageable; she, in fact, whirled over and over in a way that may he imagined, but which is altogether impossible to describe. " I of course was now descending with fearful rapidity, and nothing w*a left me to contemplate but death and destruction. I can onlv compare my sennations at this moment to those experienced .n a nightmare, which every out knows are not the most agreeable in the world Sensibility now forsook me ; and, indeed, this was not to be wondered at, in const qut nie ol tlm whirling ol ihe machine. On coining to my senses again, I found myself in bed, with severe headache, nausea, and vomiting, the u-uial accompaniments ol such a flight through the air Kill tliunll t#? PeiiUnlu.KHJ I .. rw? ??> ?. m ? I - i way ot recovety, and willing to perform the aame feut again " It appears that the commander of the steamer had eeiit a boat to the ae~istaiice of the intrepid exjwriiReritalist, and saved Inm, but the machine was lost. ?London Allan Miutaky intklugincie ?Fort Brook, Tampa Rav, has been added 'oihe Iter of chaplain pas's Adjutant General'* I >r pariinent ?Brevet MajorBCooper, Asst AHj (General, assigned to duty a> the head-quarters ot the Sil military department, and to reiiort to Maj. (.Jen G.iines, at ft Louis Brevet Gapt J H Prentiss Assistant Adjil'anf General, assigned to duty at the headquarters cd the first military department, to r? port to brig Geo. Amuck Is, at New Orleans i-.nytaeer Corps ?Captain John Zanders, in charge of improvements on the Ohio river. Addreaa Putsburg. Pa. Topographical Engineers?Captain C. Graham, ?n survpy of the communication from Albemarle sound to the Atlantic ocean. Address Wilmington, V C. Captain G. W Hughes, on duly in the Bureau. Captnin T B Leonard, at Natchitoches, Li , in charge of the improvements of Red river ? Lieut W H Kmory. attach'd to the Bureau Lieut. J E Blake, on duty in Florida under Gen Worth. Lieut. L Sitgreaves, attached to the Bureau. Every member of the corps is on duty 1st Artil'ery.?Brevet 2d Lieuts. Joseph ^fewari and 0. L. Ktlhotirn, relieved from duty at Port Adms, and assigned to companies in their regiments where their services will be mostly needed lid Artillery. ? Brevet 2d Lieut W. J Johnson, transferred to company A, and to duty at Fort Johnson, N. C. 5th Infantry ?2d Lieut. Paul de Getsse, transferred from the 6th, to take rank nejtt below 2d Lieut. \orve!l. and assumed to company L. 7rli Infantry?2>l Lieut H<nrv Little, transferred it <m rht flth, to take rank Mow 2d Lieut. Henahaw. nd assigned to comyany H. Pkospkct o'an OvKKfLOW.?The Natchez Cou, fTofthe 1st instant, states that the river has been ingat that place tor several clays, and is now llerably toll and still rising The Meteor, down rom St Louis yesterday morning, re|>ort8 a heavy se at that place, which will reach here in a tew ' tys. Almost every tributary of the Mississippi, hove the northern boundary of the State, isreportd to be rising rapidly. The prospect tor an overlow is somewhat alarming at present.