Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 15, 1843, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 15, 1843 Page 1
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TH si. JLX,?Ho. 134 ?Wbol* Ho, 134S. To tlic Public. IMS NEW ?OKK hem alu?daily newspaper?published every day of the year except New Tear'* day and Fourth of July. Prioe 3 cent* per copy?or f7 30 per annum?poatage* paid?cash in advance. THE WEEKLY herald?published every Saturday morning?price 6{ cent* per copy, or f3 13 per annumpostages paid?cash in advance. ADVERTISERS are informed that the circulation of the Herald is over THIRTY THOUSAND, and increasing art. It hat the largctt circulation of any paper in thii city, or the icorld, and it therefore, the belt channel for burinete men in the city or country . Prices moderate?cash in advance. PRINTING of all kinds, executed at the most moderate prices, and in the most elegant style. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, PaorttKToa or raa herald establishment, Northwest corner of Fulton and Nassan streets a TO LET in Williamsburg?The whole or pa t ot a a neat three s4ory brick Dwelling House in Hnnih7ih si n??r 4th it., rentvery low Apply to W. b J. T. Taptcntr, 43 Perk slip. m 7-ec Amk HOUSES TO LET AT YORKVlLLE.-x i.irge til houses on the corner of Mth street and 3d avenue; either JSJMLoTthorn is calculated for a public house, grocery or private residence. On the premises is a fine stable, cowling alley, and a fine farueu, consisting of 8 ots, wi th grape vines and fruit tiebs thereon. For terms, inquire of JOHN A. MORRILL, Esq., m8 2wr No. H Chambsrs St. TO RENT?The extenaive Building erected the prepjV sent season hi the subsrrioer, for his own residence, on XJK'he margin ol'he Eist River, at Gowanns Heights, two and a half miles from South Brooklyn Ferry, commandiuK splendid views of the Bay and Jersey shore, the cues of Mi w York aud BrookI> n, 9'aleu Island ai d the East and North Rivers. The H use isb ick. a superior building, five stories hsh, covered whh eoppei; the ha'l and stiirsof maible; the water front abut one thousand feet, aud the bathing withina few vaidtof the door, eicplle t fishing and fowling in the im mediate vicuiltv. The drive from New York is abont fifteen miuu'ea, aud the premitrs are not excelled by any siluaiion near this city One hundred per soot can be accommodated.? Possession immetf atelv. A nritv to JOHN F DCLAPLAINE.68 Wallst. ALSO TO IJET, the three siorv brick House, 34 Walker street, between Broadway and Churcn street, occupied by Mrs. Veiplauck; aud theiwu ?torr brick House No 229 .Nineteenth street occupied by Mr- C. W. Feeks?Rents moderate. alt Im*ge TO LET?Th- Upper parts of the new three s ory brick H uses Not 34^ 317 ai d 3 9 B"?ome st'eet. b-tween the Bowery aud Elixibfth St., with 12 rooms each, with kitchen end ce'lar. Alto, ttie three story brtck House and Store No 3M Broome street, to Jet JV B?Pipes for th> Croton Water wi'l b* in rduc-d into either of trie looses if rqired, and pvaes-ion given imme diatrly. F"r firthe- information inquire of 81 HULTZ b BLEIDORN, No. 91H Bowery. m!9 iw*m bR TO LET?The Mansion House at Blonmingdale, pn* known as the " Abbey" si mated a ah <rt distance above B ihesitm'le atone,jttst above Stryker'i Rav. ynd nearly opposite St. Michaels Church. The place is well known as one ol the most delightful situations ou the Island, and is remi'kabtr hea'lhy in theanminer season. Toe Bloomingdale stages pass and repaas the gate every hoar in the day. The gate it new, and numbered 101. The tent will be in accordance with the present state of the time*. A' ply on the premises, or at 132 Chambers street. N. B.?Arrangement could be made, il desired, by a satisfactory tenant, te let a part of the furniture now in the house remain, er a part of the home will be rented separately. ap!5 lm?r ~X3T TO LET?The fire prool brick store. No. Its south Ivt it, with immediate ponruion if required, apply to Jim WOODHULL It M I.N TURN, uMi 17 South street. TO LET?The two atorv brick llouse and premises. No. I4S Wooiter itreet, finished in the most modern tyle, with maible mantel-pieces and folding door* boat. Apply to JOSEPH McMVRRAY, milr 100 Pine itreet. TO LET OR FOR SALE?A three ilory modern PI built brick dwelling home and itere, wi h two lott of _T;H f attached, ntnated in Williamsburg, about two muiu'ti walk from the Peck Slip Ferry. Apofy on the premisee, comer of Fourth and South-Eighth trceti. Williamsburg, or o W. fc J. T. TAPBCOTT, *4r 43 Pee* slip. I* MBLO'8 OARDEN?OM Doub'e of everv shad* and hue, at ?5 cents errh. ltos-s of the choicest kisds for Par'or or O rden culture ; ntw and choice Gerauiami in great van-'v ; Veibenrs, of every made -nd t>nt; Raiiuiirulnr, I'aniirs, P imulaei, Polyanthus. splendid Cacinr, Chloeie Aialeai, kc in full blown and beauty : S'l.OOO plauta, on the lowest teutis for cuh {.Tuberose, vltdiolus. Tire Flower* and Amir'lis Root* ; Viuti ol choice kiadi for core rin(t arbor*. All the new aud choice au nual. bieunial and prrennie' Fl >wer Serds, man* of which are yet acarca in Eu. rep- ; freah imported vreetable Sreda, of every desinble kind; red and wh te Clover. T mothy, Red Top and It li?n hyGrass ; Bud Seed of all kinds : fancy Bird Cages aod Birdi in freat Tsri-te ; Oold Fisli and Olobet of yarioua i res ; 200 Ibi 'rencS white Sugar B et Heed, fori'oek. Allotwhio our I Hands ai d i he public are invited to call and examine before putchrtipg ela?where, mil 6 *r jm FARM hOR SALE?The besuiifol imtiroveu HickMl1"/ Grove Farm artuated in the town of Mamoroneck, wea'chester county, ihree miles east of New Kochdle, a few minute* walk 'ram the Boaton turnpike, conaiatii g of SO acre* of choice l-nd, teu of which i* wood land; hand'ome denote two atorv houae, teD rooms. The house ii sun ouudr d with nume our cherry, plumb, pear and ot*er fruit trees, together with an aorle nich ml of the choicest k'nd. The ou buil. i< gi are all i first rat* r'pair; a handsome garden in front of the houae, laid out wi'h box aud grave' walks throughout, and is slocked wi.hall of the rarest shrubbery, flowers, kc.; handsome lawns in front >nd tear of the house. The -iekory grove stands on a rtsiog g-rund, twenty rods distance from the hone*, Will) dfouinai IUI y irvra, iua ip ?ci?i u unsure iruuuu, ??? irg a good view or the Lot g lalanrt Sound Th ? place it well worth the ttt-niion of any gentleman wanti g a country r?tideuce. For tuilhei informaliou enquire nl HOBT LKWM, earner Junes Une and South street, or of Captain 8AM UML tsRO v ICS, on ihe ptemiaea. rn'IWt*r M FARM FOR SALE, containing tony acrea, thirty poq| fite under cultivation and the balance a good growth of ^JkfeWood. On the premises is a house in good repair, a new eoeeh home and a large barn In front of the house is an excellent well of water, secured from the weather by a new well house, aud a Ane lawn in front of the house. On ihe above described farm is fruit in abundance, such as apples, cherries, peart, quinces, currants.goosebemes, ac. The above fafm il two miles from the steamboat landing. Ane ft m ihe town of Kye, on the North street road. A full View of the Sound ; can tee two light houses when lighted; is in every respect a desirable location for a gentleman's resifa oec. This farm is in Westchester County. Call on the premises, 01 on Mr. J. H. WELCH, 35 Leonard street, all lm*ee orar the Police Office. PAL.MO'3 AROAPE BATH, 39 HAM Be R hTHEKT ?T?H? OENTLEMKiVB SALOON NOW iOPKN.?Great A Reduction Baths '5 cents. Baths with robes or sheets 37% " 15 rieke s for $5. The subscriber having leased the shove establishment, for a term of years, hit commenced in prevemrnts on a tcale which when completed, will, he flitters himsrlf, v<e in laste^in cos ly elegance ?no m?guificeucr, with any similai establishment in the woilt*; havng vnited the best conduced baths in Europe, he feel* ou hiaita ion iu assuring his fellow citiz us that the s nrit which has for the past thirty rears actuated him in firovrling (no matter at w' at cost.) the most splendi i m-n-ions or their social comfort and convdni-nee, hall not, on the pres? nt oceiti1 n be loit tight of, ?nd thai to ihe impn?nni-n and eh g noes of the Euroi can B *11 tilte the bbeity of addiug fn m t e invmtive rctomcrt of Mi own cnltiv ted and well known 'aire, all that he haa observed wanting to render the enjoyment of a bath the "ne ploi u tia" of p rfi coon. The Ladies taal on will he in irad'neas. i-? s few days. A fn I description of >he sarin! impr v? menu wil be given when compl?'?d, the wt.ole thiown open r r i ublic ins action. SmIMmec KKRDiNANU PALMO. CORBYN'S COTTAGE, ! AT STK.Y Kbit's MI. IS NOW OPEN, and in tall operation, for the Spring and Samm r uuont. Dor ng the winter many alterationi and improvements have been made which ia believed,and materially to tha comfort of visitorsA "ALOO V for-y-fire feet ia length haa been ererted for the accomm odation of large partiea at dinnera, suppers, eonMl?, or cotillons A separate entrance haa been opened for the bar, rendering the ladiee'parloraunlet ?ud selected Oi the Wings, Liavnta, Conrtt-ti .isaaica. CaatMs.ltc., fee , it ia only aece ssry to "ay. they win be si herelulore, OS THE VERT FIRST HUALIIY. Civil an<l obliging attendants are engaged, and every effort will be a,ed te sottain the 'etntatmu hoote baa already acquired, and to render a visit to COAB*.V?? COTTAGE desirable and satialacurv. An Ordinary esery ''opday at 3 o'clock. Ti beta 5? cents. ,Cy??irykert[Bay l-s tashed an ibe the Hudson, su m lis Irom the Citv Hall,by the Rloomingdala rosd. Stage* rail everj hour from the corser ol Tiyou llace andChitham street. F?r? l?Hcents. mi3 Imr ri HE FRENCH AND AMERICAN h.ATI> O HOUSE, I No SI snd 66 Nssaan street, b-tween M ndeu lane and John street, it now balngl or the summer months thoroughly repaired, 'hi hitcheu to he alt* red to the West India plan, of hsviug the same in the rear of ihr houses to prevent ihe odor and heat fr-m cooking, wh'ch is in gem ral very offers ve ia most es it g honaes?and the dining saloon enlarged an i d corated in a superior Frei ah style, wuh ma. bis ta lea, superb oil paintints, nurhle ststnea of General Wsshugtin, fee ; where npwsid.ut Jgp*r ooa can with convenience *it at > nee makes this hoose one of the mow genteel, superb ai d enmf 't-hie as tablisbmenta in the Union?wher from 6a to 7U dishes a'e d i y ae ve np from 6 e nta nd npwa da; the best Java Coffeestd 'he Aneatblick Tea at I cents a car; the beat Clsrtt Wine at 6 cents a until bott r. k The Subrciiher, sensib ? r f the tmth that retrenchment ia tha order'! tl.ediy, is confident that no pace ex an where nieals i f the d script ion fnrnish'd at his house can be > u p ased for li wntss nf ch hsvin h> en hit enna ant aim to endeavor to ca er aijlit, n?n.. economical pricta It is nscless to men t'O' mor- in- lime . I hia Home U'lug I ill tucf eiwo'iin. o m the f rat of ita d aer p iou in taiisei Th >ae ia oouht of'no innrcnwc ovi c> d by ihe eroedi of gettlaman of the nrat rnnrcMbili'v 1U1 diii) m r t"f? Wiih ih'uka to a gem rout ?i?l diarriarinatii g public for their put tod If ilterwg frro-a, the aubecribrr, d 'air na of rrtaiuiog a cnti ni"H of purouage, freely eigne i ime- 'f mil lw?r HtlNnY UOHLINO pHOTOOBArH PORTRAITS-Dr. L,. M. CYHUS, * the inventor of thie new art, proriucra by it Dot only a corrtct likrneaa of the oiigioal p rirail.but alao a parity ofdoiga, a bril iancy of coloring, which tar a riaaa the clnf-d'iauT.ra ?whe'h r ancient or mrd.rn?of the moat Ct lebr tcdartiita. Oratifull r the encouragement he haa rec-ired from hie un naroua frienda and the public geneial y, D . L M. Cyua woa'd fain iuform them lhat he haa futrd up, fo? 'he accommod-tion of l.idiea, a auile ol'rooma in P-ib Pi?ce Hoaae. corner of Broaatway, wheie lie roale hia skill in h>a profession and liis a t-ntiou lo-ll who may > onorhtm with their I .tor., ye ill i' iu e him a continuance of the patronage hilhaito go liberally heatuwi d on him. The Dortoi girea inatrnclion in ea"ry d pertinent of the Dagnerreotypeand Phyt gr phic art. I iat omens fo Irking por tr ii a on a i. rg- or am ilac le, for aele.aa alao the nec -itary ehrmical i re areli >na f r the liking of port.aita in Phytogr-p anrcO'Oia 'ferira moderate. mil I n' i ? ? L"KAN? 11H' FATiCM T LlVt~Bt)> T,' uihce IVo 1 ' Wall toaat mil ?UUIC FLltUfe D'oftANUku It MADEIRA WIMtPoraala by.E F. QUIDOHT, No. VI Clinton atraet, at low pricta. ml lm*m E NE J P*OH THK FACE AND SKIN.?E runt ire i<iivicion lie I " ftce au-.l kin, such r* pirn des. blotches, tun, tetter, riIt! worm ; nl'o frecklrt c*o he s(?-"dilv rr-dica'ed by the use ??I Chur> h'i Vcge'ehle Lo'iou, which hd* bee a id es?e? sive use in the United States and i.i Europe, \ud i? ad mitred to be the best ^osmetic iu use for cleanng and estab'ish uk i htilliaut ftomph ii?>n. Sold at wholesa'e or retail at Church's Diapen ary. 188 Bowery, corner of St ring street Prico 75ce*?'j pel bottle. a 20 m cu?!P DIAVO FORTES -NUNN8 k CLARK, ?rtei <>r tale at I * tticn ware loom, (formally 137 Broid *a>,) No 210 Broadway, opposite ihp Park, a I?r.e a.soitmeiit oi ioj. wuihI and mahogany Piano Forte., at redoccd |>r c s. H?via^ ircta'ly ui .b ruy inporivt i protem nts iu regaril to ou It, inur an' construction uf llie'r Piaaoa, ihey invite puicli.sers to limine tUm hel'wrr pj>cha>ii>KeUewnere. N. k C. have i i.II finished two elrgan' mil wood s?Vt n octave ill trumen i, which they offer for the eivmimtiou oftha public. m8 - oiilt* ______ A OENCY WANTttL)?A gentleman occuuvmg a rni'i a*- (open to th- stre-t) !c tbe upper i>art of W ill atrert, near Broadway, It desi'ous to u der aae the agency ofaonip mai u factu.'iag, in-rcantile. pst-nt, or any otltpr reanectable busilien Apply to bis No 19'Ut per Post Office. m) lm*eodr CURLED HAIR, AND HAIR SEATING. 00 000 POUNDS Somh American Curled Hrir, of Ar* 'jV/UVJ various qualuiaa. Aleo, a geueral assortment of of Hair 8pa iiu and figured,from 15 io 30 inches inclusive, au'tanle for upholsterers and cibinot makns extensively manufactured and always on ha- d lor aale by us, JOHNSON It HRKEN No 152 William street. Orders from all parts of the United Stales riecutrd promptly and with fidelity, lor cuh, approved city acceptances or other satisfactory pauer, at foui months. in J lm*m TAKERS OF THE CROTON WATER~ WHO have iwid for a i apply unti* the 1st of May inst only, are r otifird ihatou the 2utl> instant the hutting off of the water will be commenced incases where pay.neul shall n-t ? ha?'e been previontlv mat?; to 1st of May, lilt, at the office of | the Crrit?n *q educi Board. In all instances whei* the water shall be stopped the espeuse ol clou g and reopening the ferules, must be paid i.n a renewal of the licenses. New V oik, May i3Lh, 18(3, By oider A. B. BIQELOW, ml3loJir _ Register. SAIL BOAT CHALLENGES-?What i the msttei7 A\e, thal't ihe mb 1 When the smothered growls of disappointed success Inrks in the bosom of man, he lusea sight of nmiablity, prostrates Himself, and in 'tlrbalent arrat Hies unheeded and unknown Such is the condition of a certain boat builde of this city who seeks notorialy through annonvmons communications The snhsrriher has lor yeirs stood upon the contested ground of boat building, and long esperience has taught him that "Lsrye barks can ventu e more, But little btrks must keep ueai shore." And when men think they can cope with him in superior boat building they must not talk in pa'ablet, but boldly meet him a' his office door,'here airtnge for the uneriug test of proof; his challenges are alwa?s made >u rood faith,bis oats to co< quer. Upon thi. principle he f^rms his enlw-rk, and now for the huu drrlh time he offers to show the sternof "Troubler"to any boat Croliui ever built or has on hano, for a trophy which will richly repay the ezrenmt n'.. Naw where is your boasted backers; where's your own daunted courage?draw the veil and aho ? vonrtel to the world. P. 8 ?One month's notice, anv distance under fif.y miles. The " Trouble r" can be seen at his bazaar. (PS) C. L. INOtRSOLL, m5 lm*ec 406 Water street TOOLS?TOOLS?TOULS A LBERTSON'S, Conger's, Uorton'sand Oifford*s wairantA rj Call Steel Coopers. Carpenters and Ship Carneaten Edge Tools, can be had at wholesale aud retail .or OSBORN Ik LITTLE, 33 Fulton street. New ork, (U per cent allowed to merchauta) and who keep on hand a full assortment of Coopers' Tools, Iron RiTets, Truss Hoops, Stave Jointers, Stock Howells and Crezea. Also, Importers and General Dealers in English, Germsr snd American Hardware, Cutlery. Nails, Ac. Ac. .CHARLES 98BQRNl 1 11 MB ?e? I HAHLH.H H LITTLE. TO THE OWNER f)K THE SAIL fl^^p3>BOAT " TUOUBLKR."?The owner of the sailboat ''Troukl. r" having reeived three chilleuuei irom boats bailt by Win. Croliaa within the laitsix months, and not having yet steeped the same, it ia presumed that in nubl'shing his challenge to sail against any boat ever built by Crelins, hts towering i 'agination has taken a flight Irom the terra firms ol Water street to those mystic regions? " Where the man by many odds, Obtains receipts from living gods." As soon as convenient after he he has got a few more of those receipts, and descended from thataenal manufactory of honors, it is hoped thai he will c-ndescend to notice some one of the challenges already given him s that " his sole object of test iog the sailing qualities of the boats" mgy be obtained?after which,if his boasted" Troubler" does not proves sufficient foubler to him by capsizing his epmation as she has dene herself, he shall thmhave the opportunity upon his own terms, (OOperday (or two days, of egain seeing his vsnnied name following in the wake of Woi. I rolins, at tne respecifnl rate ol three miles in eighteen, sa it did last spring nlS-lm *m W. UKOLIUS. BARGE, RACE, CLdb AND SAIL BOATS, NO 4M WATER 8TM KET, tour doors East of Catherine Marhet, New York? Builder ol In Ho I tan of Muscat's Pleasure Barge, the Race Boats Wsve, Gazelle, Victoria, Atlantic. Wakona, Brooklyn. Anu of Pe-kahili, Washington of Poughkeepsie, ttuche?s of Hrde-Park, Sylph an Wave of Mobile, George Stewart of Lonisville, Madame Celeste of New Orleans, lie. Also, the sail boats William Crolins, Fashion, Eureka, Za noni. Star, Edwin Forrest, lie. all Im rr FARE AND K RKlUHT REDUCED. jggt REGULAR MAIL LINK?FOR PRONCE AND BOSTON vis KTO aK iCaLbOTON AND NEWPOK+?Composed 01 ti .il wing suia-rior steameri, rnnniogin connection with t' e Si. invton and Boamo and ProvideLCe Railroads:? MASSACHUSETTS, Capt Comstcck. HNOnr, 1SL.AND. PROVIDENCE NaRKaG 4N8ETT, Capt Woolsey. MOHEUAN, Capt Inayer. One of which will reave New York diily (Sundays excepted) from Pier No 1, Bairrrv Place, .\ tti?er, at 5 P. M ARRANGE viENTS. The NARRAKANsf ET I', Cap sin Woolsey,on Mondsfi W<dnesCsv -nd F id<y for Stenington Tne RHODE ISLAND, Cspuin Thayer, on Tuesday and Tnurseay for Stoningtvn, and Saturday for Stouingtou, Newp<<rt and Providence. Patsengsrs on the arrival of the steamboats at Stotiiorrton, will 1,1. ik. nll,.,>a, >m.I imm.Jln.l,. P.,.., debce. and if bound fur Newport will >ak? the Centner lolat fiom inence <ui T letdsys, Thursdays and Saturdays,without any additional charge. Tickers 'or the route end steamers'berths can be at cored on board, o ?t the office of n9 6m m IIARNDKN h CO.. 3 Wall street. agfl OK NOoFOLK. RICHMOND. CITV ^ TV|r3arniNTl ate. Va Steamer BOSTON. SmJCJE.1 attain Hclmes.?The strong and au'oalaotisl h trainer b. stun will commence r gular tups between New York and Noifulk, Va , leaving New York every Saturday att tjriock, A. M. nnd Norlfolk every Tuesday morning. Passage -nd fare to or from Notfolk, $10 Forward Passengers do do I Paasase from Richmond Citv Point, be.. by one of the rivs r steamers, and per Boston from Norfolk IS Forward pasreusert, do do 9 Passage to Norfolk and back, return trip 15 Forward Pasaeng rs, do do 12 Freight taken at the nsnal rates. For freishtor 'sssage apply to the Captain on hoard, or to WM TUCKER. in2 lm e-d WThfcF'r No 56 Broad street. j P OPLK'H LINE OK STEAMBOATS r3*yOf* ALBANY?Dai'v at 7 o'c'ock, P. M 3K*lK3e-Through direct ( Snaday's eietpted) from t c bt- amiHul Pier tttaern Cnorlardt and i ib-rtv stieets Steamboat ROCHESTER. Capi A Houghton, will leave Monday, Wednesday and Friday eveniuga, at7-'clock. Meambvat *OUTH AMEBIC A, Captain L W Br-inard, will 'wave Tuesday, Thursday and Satnrday evenings, at 7 o'clock. Hlemnboat NORTH AMERICA, Captain M H T.ucdell, land ng ai interm- dtate pl?ee?, will leave Monday, Wednesday nd Friday afternoons. ?t 5 o'clncb. Pas'engers 'aking this Line of Boate will inyarably arrive in Albany in ample ume to take the Morning Train of Cars lor the eat or west. [T7"The ab ve boats are new and substantial, are furnished with new and rl-ganr state mows, and for speed and accommodations are unrivalled on the Hudson Foyiasatge or freight, apply on board, or to P. C. Sclmls at the om-e on iho whsif. ml -c MM PEOPLE'S LINE OF STEAMBOATS /V *ML?3aFOR ALBANY DAILY, Sund.i.s eicei.ted "1 f fr " 6 o'clock, P M ?Through direct? krom the steamboat pier between Courtlandt and Liberty street*.? The atea'eer ROCHESPER, Capt A Heughton, leavea Monday, Wednesday, and Fndav evenings, at o'clock. The steamer SOUTH AMEHICA, Cant. L. W Brainaid. leaves Tuesday, Thursday, and Satuiday eveniugt, at < o'clock. The ataamer NORTH AMERICA. Capt. M. H Trues dell, leaves Tuesday. Thursday and enturday afternoons, at 4 oVb'ck. landing a' intermediate place*. The above Biataare new and anbsiantial, are faru'ihed with elegant ? tate Rooms, and for ipeedaud accommodation* are aonvallt'd ?n toe U idaoo. For passage or freightapply on board, or to P. C. Sehul't, st the office on the wharl. all ln?r NEW YORK AND KINGSTON STEAM FRElUHT AND PASSAGE I ,?JE. For Kingston, and Delaware and Hndaon Canal?etramlioau EMERALD and NOR 2K***a^wL W It. H. 1 he E MEii ALU, Captain JohnJblnham, will leave New York foot ol Murray at/cet, every IWmflay nnd i nnnday at 5 o'c'ock P. M. Wi.l leave Kingston (Rond?nt landing) etery Wedneaday and Satnrdav at S "'clock. P. M. The NORWICH, Captain John Samuels, will leave New York, fooi of Mor-ay atreet, every Wedncauay and Saturday at 5 o'clock, P. M. W.lll-a*e Kinsaton (Rondout landing) every Tuc ay and Friday at S o'clock, P. M EXTRA TRIPS. Tlie EMERALD will leare the foet of Murray atreet every Pnndy mornins at T o'cl ck. Retaining leave* Kinsaton at 4 o'clock *am? day. For freight or paivage apply on board, or lo WILLIAMSON. BAHLOW A CO , all lm*r UN Weal atreet. am NEWARK ANl) NEW YORK?Ka:e only Ilk < ent* !?The *| lendid ateamer PASSAIC, Captaia John Oaffy, haa been pot III Complete orde., and will commence her tni* lor the aea*?n, on Monday the IWh instant, aa loilows, until further notice r? Leave New York at I o'clock, P. M. ? . . " . Newark at 7? o'clock, A. M. Freight c"rtieil at reasonable ra'rs. aid f mee OlAItN laL^ANU FEIttU ? 001 ?f WhlteluJ" ktraei. ^sad^/taffi* .-V"? Mnaffi*' M,??dty' 1Mh- the ateamer B1A1 EN ISLANDER will leave a* follows, until fnrther notice ? LEAVE STATKN ISLAND. NEW YORK At i' A M' At * A,M* :;rM i " All KomU ahipped are repaired to ha p-trtiroiarlv marked ant are at the nth ./the nwnera thereof. Vgr. PAB9AOK TO HBlMl PITTSBURG. TIIK mil?rriber hat romplered armn?einenu ftr the eon rtTu.ce ot Pai?<-ii8m and Mcrchand'ie i? hunt and mt-e mrdi te ?n the moat reiuonable te'ina,par' Cuiaena Portable Bout Line " rpAiilp about to proceed to the We?tWRpl, will fiud it much to iht ir t4r*aiaifl to tlniraroatoiofjtfa wj .h.? d-*irabi conveyance. * the iifict*?t attention will at all timet he paid to the c? lott of ihe pn<*en*er?, at well aa the punctn\litf of AfldfCl conveyance with d-tp.ilch. *otft.,that part,enlara.P^.O H MoMURR a I Ire HO Pine it taet, cotoer of Booth. W YO VEW YORK, MONDAY 1 EXCHANGE HOTEL. BALTIMORE^ 9nH ui'vi i:npt^?|J ! la I H I TTi fPHlfl linu.e liavtug uiid, rgone many imp'runt alterations and tlior ath repair* havinu beeu in part refurnished with rich and elegant furniture, is again open forttie recepiiou of com pan v. Tnr poti'ion of this Hotel ia 'oo well known to require a detai. of its It it confessed to he, for peoi la of basinet* or pleaaure, one of the most favorable of any in the riry. The preseut proprietor intern's that care and ludustry shall not b< wanting to improve its natural advantages, under nia superintend ince, and he respectfully solicits ihe patronage of his friends auu the public. ERA8TU8 COLEMAN. Baltimore, April 90, 18U. a?3 >od3mr E10H\NO? HOTEL.?The Proprhtnrfeels' grateful lor t| e patmuace he continues to receive frnm an enlightened and Lib-ral public.and begs have tn inform 'Item nf hit umemit ted endeavors to please all who make the Exchange Hotel their lome. '1 he p'ic < of board is now reduced tn $1 73 cr n s er day wohou any "extia charge'or fire, lights," lie Home important changes h 'Ve recently been in tde in ihe officers about the house whi h he feels aaiured will mtet with the approbati'ii of the public. He is also prepared to receive a few permanent gentlemen with their fnoiliet, or shtgle gentlemen, to board on the most liberal terms for the coming a'asou. Gentleui u vititiug the Exchange Hotel wilhtn ir horses, ore i fo' ed that the best care will be taken of ihem by Mr. JAME8 HARDEN, who*.. Stibl* is con tit nous to the Hotel. 'fT4 On an I after Ihe 'at f May, the charge to yearly board ers, for tuealt only, will be leduced, in the gentleman's Ordinary, to $200 per year; Ladies' Ordiuar'*, $?25. FREDERICK BOYDEN. nicnmcna, .e p-n 7igr, igi3 ml 7w <r Ni'wy r X" HANCK HoTtXl I'DTTHV ILLE, I'. un J. 3EI I'ZINOEK respectfully announces to the travelling community, th?t tic beeps thai larg- aud gplmd-d establishment th En lunge H tel, situnte at the corner of Ceoire and Callowliill streets, nearly o, posire the Town Hall, in the Bor ou^h -I Pottsville, which Iip? becu tho-uglily repaired und mv ttnaMv improved lor 'he accommo stion ?f visitor*. The hotel i* forty fret fn nt on Ceuire strert aud one hundred and thirty eiaht feet front on Callowhill, three stores high; it ia admirably provided with oa-lors, luting rooina, reading room, and laige airy chamheri?he most spacious, pleasant und convenient timing room in the conutry?a new and superi r buhinK establishment?and every eourrnie' ce and comfort to render it in all respects a moat drsirable hotel. 'Ihe aunliuu attached, ia large and well conafucted,and snperin'ended by experienced and atteufve hoatlera. Hortea aud c . rriages may be tied at auy time to couyey peraoua to any part ot th- co ntiy An omnibui mi a from thia hotel d*ilv, to and f oin the depot to meet the caia, for the accommodation of peraoua travelling on the Rulnad Noeha Re foromnibua fare to thii hotel. Poitaviile, May 1, iR13. ml lm*ac KOSSVlJLLE BuAKDINQ SCHOOL, sTA PEN ISLAND. WWE3TTHORP respectfully informs hia friends and the public, that hia school wilf reopen on the 1st of May. Pa-euta and guardians are also Informed W. W. m <h<-> it a point ol cotiaciciice to guard in every possible way the morals of children committed to Ins care, from ton- to twelre years of age. Heading, writing, orthography, aritlirnsi'e, geography and grammar tuftsin. i he location is delightful and healthy; the orchard, gardens and play ground are spacious; ahoui ten miuatra walk from the landiug. The steamboat Raritan le-rvea Barclay street averv day at 3 o'clock, lor Kossville. Terms, for board and tuition, including wasning, $25 per quarter,!paid in advan-e. References Her. David More, Rtaten Island. W. N. Seymour, Esq., * Chath-m Square, N.;Y Henrv Stewart Segatne, Eso., Sta eu Island. Wm l.udlam, Esq., 131 Beekman street. John Quinu, Esq , 3-1 Mauroc street. Messrs. Colvil and Fleminr, Esq., ic Cedar street Capt Edward Ferber, Esq , Hicks street, Brooklyn. Mrs. Variau. 21 E'cridgr street New York. n22 lm*r WADAWANUCK HOUSE, 8TO VINO TON, CONN. tpHE above Hotel, ererte" at a e at of between sixty and 1 seventy thousand d rllars, a.,d luruish-d in a stale n t surpassed by any similar establishment in this country,is nowopen lor the r- ception of company. The hou e is located at the extreme end of the vi'liage, overlookiDg the same, anil frnm it< splendid p an s and ohs rvaterv, can be had a beautiful view ol the Sonud. its sh-pmag and rumemus isltn-la; as also a view of the ocean, from which can be ' ltj yed its brae ug a r and sea brreze. This establishment eiiovs auneror advantages for bathine. having iu the house hot and cold salt and fresh water baths, and at a lew rodadittanee, belonging to the hotel there is a ba hitic ho.-ae for sea bathit-g with a large swimming b-th for gentlemen aud oue for ladn s, wi>h diesstog maim attached, as will as rivste baths Attschei to the hct?l the e is a Bilia-d Room and Bowling Saloon, and for t^e soccmmodition ol gentlemen ard parties who are fond of fishing, th-re are a number o'sale aid e i in on dioui sailiug hnata, with sarefnl me., to take charge i?f them, ? bo understand ihe facility of the various fish iug itronlids, for whirh this place is ao celebrated. In conn qneitce of ti e depressed state of ihe limes,the charge for uoa d is rn need to 'he following rates:? Transcie-i Boaid pe'day, SI 70 Persons nn inipg sii weeks, in the momha cl Inly end August, per week, 7 00 For six weeks, or looge , i- t^e months of May. Jane, September, or October, per week, 5 00 Chil 'ren and servants, half pr-ce. The object of the subscriber will e to render his honse a qniet genteel hotel and at the sam? time h.- wishes t > nudy the cmfoit of his gursts more than the establishing of arbitrary rules. HOHATlO BLAKfc.t Formerly of the fi-m of Blake It Peed, of the Marine Pavilion, Reckaway ,and Waverly Honse, N-w Yoik in5 end!* COMMERCIAL ACADEMY, I) *Y Avn KVKNINU. No. 109 MASS4U RTMh.KT. 'T'HIf, AMFRICAJM Stand rd Sys'em of wr ting, taught by I- v'r. P. J Arninlil from Albans?the only in'a lible method to become a finished writer iu the course of five to eight Ira ons ol one hour ei-h. Succ-saia itutrvue'd ui all, from the ?< of 12 to *0 Such nn recedented imp svemeni on this beautifal style of writing, so truly scie .li'ic, that the most sceptical hate yi-lded to 'he evidence Teimi no rrate. Only one dollar and otty cents lor the conr>e of lessons. Book Keering, Conble at.rl single eutrj.?A complete modern system of siigle entry, or donble entry simp' whi h the tame rrsolt is obtained as th?t kept in d uble entry. Also, double entry book keeping, in five riiffVrmt forms, acquired in tr<<m six weeks to two months Five aollars for the coarse of iut xuct ons. M. l.n.-ll .1 V... 1.. V, . .. , mid bil mc<- tradesmen's aud me chants booi a, to mike out the slate nf affairs, to eiauiine and verily bonks or arc inn a gone into d ororr. ton jn-t mdividuil nod MMItk pconcern .aad to rnu>ish specimens or plans of books adadptrd to an) business, arranged by the moat aimple. concise and satisfactory forma. N. B ?Mr. A. will give iuatiu"li< nt at the residence if required, and in ac idemiea, nu moderate trrma. Referencea? I's John S. V an K nssel.e', Esq. at Howard's Hotel; Alderman Ar. old Nelson, and to the i tHee of the Snudar Mercury. u9 aodlar WASHINGTON GARDENS, HOBOKEN. TOHN IRELAND, the well known proprietor of the First ? Ward Houae, No. 28 New alrert, (comer of Ei change Place.) gratefnl for the patronage hitherto reccired from hia friends, and deairoua to merit a continuation of it. reapectfully informa them and the public generally, thit he hta lately purchaaed the Urge and commodious Houae and Gsrde'u*. known aa the Wa h>rglon House, situate in lludaon afeet Hobokrn. within a lew m>uutra walk from the Ferrv, formerly occupied by the lata J sines Swetn*, where he will be happy to receive enlln from th? friends of the late proprietor, al?o the public generally. The Gardeua bring newly mul taetefully laid ont. will be anpplied during the irainn wlm rn aecellent assnrtment of the rnreat and choicest ol' flower*. The bar, being greatly enlarged and newly fitted up, will contain a good assortment of Wines aud Ltqnors of the moar approved quality, endcig,ranf the moat tupenor brruda?also Sherry Cobblera Mint Ju'epa and''unrhea m ide iu the beat alvle ; Refreshment*. including Ice Cream*, and other delicacies of the teason. He lias alto fitted up acperate and agreeable sitting par lors fur ladiea. which front U|k> i the Bay, and furuithea a v tew cf the moat delightful scenery. The tabacriber, determined that nothing shall b* wanting to tecore ihe comfort of hit p irons, hit also refitted the Bowling Saloons, with two entire new Alleys, built op the most approved plan, for eternise and the recreation of visitors. Of the attentiou of the waiters, it la unnecessary to aav more than that they will in jll cases be found att ntive to the want* of the visitor*. The subscriber, from hia long riperieuce iu the business, respectfully solicits a ahsre of the pub ic pntronage, and pledget himself that nothing shall be wanting on his part, or those in hia employ, to contribute to the comfort and enjoyment of thoee who may Tiif the Waahingion (Jardena aJ0-2w*t JOHN IRELAND, Proprietor. FAMILY BOAvDINti St HOOL 111 the cooutry. A iKfy " who ia an evrer.eneed teacher. "iihri to ta?e into hat family ait rhilrireii aa boarders and acrolata. She will at>are no paint o rruder ht r ItoOar a (MM MM to the pnpil and to ad vanm ihegi in their amdita. i very proper attrntion wiM b. paid to thrir hc-lth and mm ?'? The lo' a'toa it very healthy and "tired. No day scholar* admit ed. Terma moderate. Refer to?Mr. A. Aruoui, OS Pulton at; II Hnut. Esq No tChatn'iera atreeti'Mfi. Teet, Or>enwich arroet; M a B. f. Hart. t"7 Honaton a'raett Mra t.nmtcrvon, I* Latirent street and to Mr Joline J. Butler, ib Jobu atreet, whrre terma wll be made fcoown. m4tw*r MU.NZa?ROZELT ft CO. imi>ort the abore artiele otiael from their manufactory, whtcn enables them to aell ?ery much lower than any other home. Uealrra attd coanmera should evamine onr ttall and splendid aaaortmen efcre iturehaainy ele* 'i a'l Ina'r ROZEL'I fc CO. I Fine at NOTICE. THE TRUSTEES of the Village of Williamshnrgh hereby give notice, that they | tirpoae to adopt meaantea lor thr a aedy liquidation of all legal claima againa tha Village.? Tnnae, ihe-eforr, who have claima egainat a id village, in the a'-ape of Watranis either acaina' the vi'lagr or any aireet 01 well and pump in the village, aa WeU as those who nay hold judyent or a latm of nay tlosctlp'iou for the pavineut of which the village ta li ble. are he.eby requested to give information to the (Herb of aaid village, at ihe Tr a ee'a Hall,on 01 before ihetJd d-v of May uia-.t stating pa'ticnlarly the nature, amottnt and dite of the claim, together with the name ol the origito I ownc. The aa-d Tru-leea won'd a'ao give no'iee, that they have made ar>n?emvnra for proen 'Og n, w aaaeaameut mapv of the entire village, ill three aiitiuct sectiona. All pcaona, there fore, holding real relate in lhat i Iter ar? he,eby requested to give notice at aa early a n nod aa poeaible, to Mr fcdwartl Bureham, at tlie Trustees' Mall, >or h So at eet, nf C e nature ami locationo the real cat-te held by ahem, ao that herealtei all aecb pr >perty may he :an d to the true owner. By order of the Board of Trnateea, JOHN C. MINTURN, Preaident. Wi'1iimiba>vh, May t. i84J. m4 US'ec CHINA, OLA8* ANI) EAHTHENWAKE.?Notice ? Tne whole f ihe ei euetve and taahionabl* at< rk containrd ia he atore II hatorhouae, comprising every article in the line, ia now ofTeicd for sale at and below, coat to cloae the concern. ^ f imil ,lhu in aether with a eplenditl aeaortu ent of fine f utlerv, conalalitig ol M7nr?,iriaaort, prnktnvt-a, dreaaing cue., Ouv. lie. DKAK> KSd ? The <look and lie of th* Ao.oietr. inatmmenti uaually kepi in thia eaubliinmeat will h? diapoaed of a bargain. R. flVIPsON, N *. The alore to let. 8 Alter H. me. Mf I -lm*tr Fimi HoOKs ami i <rx> l.? i. It J. llATt tra?e received by the late ariivla from -heieman fact >y a iinUi'i, ? a aorli .ent ul iniw mr Kiah Ho< k> ? d Kiitiin* I' ck'e, wlneh ih y offer for e,'e 11 the cheapen tenia ; Mi tin Kellv'a (Dublin) Limerick Hooka; aalmoa, biaa, black, wrrk. tr. ut, pirkeril end cat Ki-h Hooka; paten n'k cnii;hfin|i |M riei I. Me; r l< reel*, haeh'ta ; ert.ll rial I liea; aalmou and Iront Muoode on guno; double and no gle Outt, with a variety of artifice, amiable far American rianinir. Superior drilled eyed Needlea I alt in*r TAJ. BATK. 70 Maiden lane, up atain. id ir x 1 lll\ X MORNING, MAY 15, 1841 Home. ICorretpoDdcnce of the Herald.] Home, [the Eternal City,] April 17,1843. Holy IVeek in Rome.?An American in the Vatican? His Singular Feelingt?Detcripl ion of the Scarlet Jjuly of Babylon?Kitting the Pope's Toe?Piety of the Romant?Fo'ly of the English?Curiosity of the Yankees. I leave here tomorrow morning for Marseilles, and of course will he my own poit-boy to that city of ihis and the enclosed letters. Our present intention is to take the steamer for Spain, which will afford an opportunity of touching at Barcelona, Valencie and other cities on the coast. On our arrival at Malaga, we purpose to visit Grenada, Gibralter, Cadiz, Seville, Toledo, Burgos, &c. <Sec., cross the Pyrenees to Bayonne, go to Bordeaux, and then return to Paris. We have juat completed the grand festivities of Holy Week, to witness which, (1 learn lrom the police,) there are not less than 33,000 persons from foreign countries assembled here in Rome. This is the last week in lent, and intended to commemorate the passion of Jesus Christ The first ceremony took place at St. Peter's on Sunday, the 9th inst., which was the consecration and distribution of the nalms bv the Pope. Among those who aniiroaehnd him for the purpose of receiving them, I was not a little surprised to find several English officers in full uniform, who went through the humiliating ceremony ot kissing his foot. An immense concourse of people were present?seats were provided fot the ladies on platforms, who went in full mournin?, and no gentleman waB admitted within a certain distance, unless in similar costume and dress coat Among the display of uniforms of strangers, that of Bustamente, General and ex-President of Mexico, was the grandest, having quite a profusion of diamonds on his badges and collar. The Pope, after being carried in and out, seated in a highly decorated chair, borne on the shoulders of a dozen (>crsons, returned, and taking a seat on his throne, which was richly ornamented, assisted at mass, the service ot which was very fine. On the 13th I went to St. Peter's to see the benediction. At about noon, the Pope made his appear ance, in his usual 8tate,at a balcony in front of the church, when the crowd assembled in the piazza mostly knelt down. After the blessing the bells began to ring, accompanied by a salute from the cannon at the castle of St. Angelo. We then proceeded to the saloon in which he waited upon table, serving in person the thirteen apostles, as they were called. The table was decorated with flowers and small gilded statues of the apostles. The dinner was profuse and apparently very good. Although the Pope handed them the plates, thev were presented to him hy bishops on their knees This was to show the Pope's homtli ty, I presume. He also washed the leet ot 12 pilgrims, and pertprmed otner ceremonies in St. Peter's, for wuich, however, I have too little taste to undertake a relation. On Good Friday, some relics were shown from an upper Gallery of St. Peter's, said to be part of the real cross, point of the spear and handkerchief of St. Veronica, which retained the impression of the face of Jesus Christ in blood, she having wiped his faoe with it during his sufferings. The greatest display took place yesterday, being Easter Sunday. The Pope performed mass in person, with great pomp, assisted by the cardinals. The vast aisles of the builcfing were filled by the people to suffocation, except a square formed by the troops?the platforms were filled with ladies, and the effect was gr ind beyond description. Even this was exceeded a short time afterwards by the display in the piazza, when the Pope was brought again to repeat the ceremony ol giving his blessing to the multitude assembled below. The troops were present, and on his appearanre, the cannon, bells and drums gave him a deafening salute. The neonle knelt, and it i? said thai there were not leas than 150,000 present on this occasion. It was certainly a very effective and imposing ceremony. Our position was on the top ol the circular corridor, where there was quite a display of beaucy, as well as a commanding view of Uie whole. In tho availing, took n carriage and went to see the illumination of St. Peter's, which was magnificent beyond conception. On our arrival the whole facade, the lofty dome, cross and ballon top of it, together with the corridors around the piazza, were lit up with thousands of lanihorns, tastefully arran ed so as to strike out the features of the architecture in the chastest style, and without anv profusion of ornament. When the clock struck eight, the bells rang a peal, and instantaneously the whole church, dome and corridors, were in a blaze of light, from the immense number of fires kindled on them, perhaps by means of pitch or some such combustible material, systematically arranged T he eff-ct was magical and well worth a visit to Rome to witness. We afterwards wsnt to the Monte Pinces to get a dis'ant view of the same. The whole building appeared one blaze of light?the cross, which is about 450 feet high, (as high as the Pyramid of Cheops,) somewhat brighter than the rest After writing the above, we proceeded to take our position among several other Americans, on a balcony which we had secured overlooking the Tiber, to witness the fireworks from the castle of St. Angelo, and which was to be the closing scene to the festivities. My expectations had been raised very high, Irom the reports I had heard ot them, but were more than satitfied. I never before lelr the inefficicncv of language an on this occasion. No descrin. tion can give the least idea of this magnificent scene, and it is well worth a trip across the Atlantic. When the clock struck nine the cannon from the castle gave the signal tor the opening display?which wan a burst of thousands?perhaps hundreds of thousands?of rockets, so disposed as to imitate an erup tion of Vesuvius?the whole sky was in a blaze, and the number was so great that flames rose a considerable distance over the castle. This was succeeded by a splendidly illuminated cathedral, the spires of which towered on high, and which was some 200 feet in length. The whole building appeared to sparkle with diamonds. After a gorgeous display of fancy hreworks which covered the whole castle, it was caused to assume a brilliant crimson colour, (probably by reflection) of which the smoke that was hovering over the scene also partook At times bursts of rockets of a peculiar description would cause a heavy shower of purple and pink rain, accompanied by immense flocks of birds and serpents hissing through the air. At intervals a brisk feu de joie with the accompaniment of heavy artillery proceeded from the castle. This splendid scene kept constantly changing to fountains imitat ing those at Rome?the falls of Tivoli?or some new and attrac'ive shape, until a filial eruption of rockets like the first, if called on hereafter to name the most stupendous and attractive scene I ever witnessed, I should have to answer that I never beheld any thing to compare with the girandola of the castle of St. Angelo. Philadelphia. PniL*rEi.rniA, Satu ay, May 18. Dear Bennett ? Yesterday quite an ^interest was excited by the sudden nnH linejuertpd arrival of fhe Orent West. ern, and the Herald, an timial, ahead of all its competitora, was eagerly sought alter. Hy the way, the able and interesting reports given of the anniversary meetings during the week, have afforded much amusement Tom their raciness and humor. A wide field for the same kind of literature exists in this city, and could you, in your columns, afford sufficient space for similar reports, it would doubtless enhance the value or your paper in this State. It has been currently reported in town, that Mayor Scott was more frightened than hurt on the late thrilling occasion. He has not yet made his appearance in public, although his wound is of a very trifling character. Shipman was taken to his lodgings for examination, immediately on his apprehension, yesterday alternoon. Charlotte Cushman had a most cheering house at the Walnut last night. The house was filled to the ceiling, and, at the present reduced prices, it is calculated 9400 were taken at the doors. Dan Marble has not come tipto the expectations of his Irienda rtilsbee, who has been playing at the Arch, is nearly as good, with less pretence. Forrest has refused, it is said, an ofler at theWalnut, for reasons unknown publicly. The concert for the benefit of the Gaudaloupe sufferers was poorly attended. 1 no r rencn innaDilantaof the city were almost exclusively its only patrons. Yours, in haste, Thorax. Sir Cimri.ks Baoot ?The Kingston papers of ihe Dill ins*. eay thai Sir Charles Bag.t's health is on the .v|,ol better, but continues to be very fluctuating, rhe fine weather we have had for the last week to in hia favor. As his health is such aa to permit m his travelling only by water, the Warspite will proceed from New York to Quebec, to receive him. lie will thus be able to go all tne way home by water 117 1} A JL 'AJL*/ il. 3. Charleston. [Cor. xiwotleuce of the Herald.] C iaiitjwton, 8. C., May 6, 1843. The love of notorh ti -Mc Hemic? Hugh S. I Agar t, sketch of him?Poinsett anil the veterans of the Rev olution?Division among the Hebrews?City Government and elections ? President Tyler and Charleston?O*Council, <f-e J. G. Bennett, Est).:? drah sir :? Our city papers wisely abstain rlrom chronicling the errors of fallen Eves, or the street broils of petty combatants. They will not stoop to pander to a morbid thirst for little notoriety, which, it is more than surmised, made many a poltroon sera it t>y the tools of the duello, and mounted more than one Lady Stanhope on a donkey?and alas, it may be, sent some poor friendless Cromwell and Small to an unnecessary grave, kindly provided by the most gentle, humane, and gallant commander ! He who would deal in small scandal will find no support or countenance here. Every attempt at publications of the kind has resulted invariably in the disgrace of the projectors and the advantage of theassailed? generous Carolina furnishing in this way a shield more potent for the protection of innocence than the vaunted " cheap defence." of those ten thousand swords that were said to be ready to start from their scabbards in its defence. The Attorney General, Legare, has returned to Washington, and it is said will be put in the temporary charge o( the Bureau of State. Upon his recent visit to Ills kinfolk here, bis delight seemed to be in recognising the playmates of his youth and all his old acquaintances. Nilkcetold us a famous story of a swimming leat, and of the awful fist of the indomitable Hugh?Righton says he was always a hard student, distancing all competitors, and the very devil at Greek?writing, reading, and talking it as if he owned Athens, and not Charleston, lor his natal city. Wilson has a tale of his once bothering Judge Richardson with such a cloud of civil, canon, Teutonic, Breton, Gothic, and other barbaric codes as almost set the old gentleman crazy. But it wits among the descendants of the Huguenots, that his elastic spirit and playlul fancy breathed the genial atmosphere and found the home of joyous youth. Happy conformation of matter and mind, that can thus fay aside the cares of State, and enter into the enjoyments of sweet retirement and doinesiic peace. It is among the felicities of the life of this great jureat and profound scholar, that the tempests of Karty could not shake the esteem in which he was eld by men of all shades cf opinions. Thus Birhop England loved him with an ardor due the defender of civil and religious liberty in lb28 With Bisho|>s Rnwpn umi ( Kp wiiu mm i h? lanf 1 nrr ni* <> Itrn. tlier. The S ate rights party made him Attorney General of South Carolina. General Jackson sent him Minister to Belgium. Poinsett, Petigrew, Huger, Bennett, George 8. Bryan, and |Dickson, were among those that suggested his recall, and sent him to Congress It was there, with the animating incentives to action which can only be duly appreciated by those who arrive at that national and social height that he exhibited those vast stores of erudition nnd glowing eloquence which has given him n place, by the common consent of the nation, among its great men. Mr. LegHre is not a politician, in the party acceptation of that word ; he is too intellectual to mix adroitly with party men, yet his pure character lor integrity and moral virtue, benevolence, patriotism, and justice, must make him a valuable support to President Tyler's adminintration. Mr. Poinsett is also here, and looks to be in the enjoyment of excellent health; the life of a planter, therefore, must be more congenial to his feelings than were the anxieties of the Bureau of War lie is one of the most frank, true, generous, and kindhearted of men. The old veterans of the revolution and their widows and orphans have cause to bless ! him. While he was in office, although he approved ' of the severe scrutity which the Commissioner of I Pensions, Mr. Bdwards, instituted lor the prevention of fraud, he yet threw no obstacles 1 in their way: but once satisfied of the justice of the claim, he look a pleasure in acting promptly on the decision of the ruiiunissioner. There has been a serious difference among the members of the Hebrew congregation. Forty out of sixty voters are in favor of an examination (among other matters) of the origin and obligation of keeping so many holidays. They aver that the true ones are duplicated; they state that, in those ages of confusiou which followed the irruption of Alaricand other barbarians, the traditionary rites and time honor* ! festivals of their lathers were for a time disused c neglected, and that at the return of a more tolerei ' -'re, their ancestors in the faith labored to resto- them, but in consequence of the i r.perfect state < nxi.onomv and mathematical calculations, they were unable to fix with certainty nn thp nrppiop f htif nnrrhf to hp Irpnr* anri k?n/>n in order that llie venerable days of the law should be observed, they resolved to keep two days in order to make surety doubly sure. This the reformers say may now be corrected because of the more ad vanced state of knowledge and science ; but the minority, embracing as it does, a large portion of the learned as well as the most respectable, and venerable ana pious of the body, protest against this, as an innovation of the reformers, and are determined to hold fast in the old paths Every friend of religion and of this ancient race, must regret this occurrence The impious of all sects laugh at these exhibitions as indications of weakness or folly. Hut the reflecting and the |ust desire to see both parties acting with moderation and forbearance, and consenting to give to each full time for reflection, and then to leave the adjustment of their disputes to persons of known integrity, and of undoubted attachment to the honor and interests of their name. Our city " is" governed by a chief and twelve aldermen, and a long array of boards and officials. The aldermen and boards are governed by one Mayor. Complaints at first hinted at, and but whispered, are now growled oat, loud and. deep, against a system of dictation, to which (he dynasty of Hayne affords, it is said, no parallel This gives the aspirants lor office line capital U> work with, sad they are busy. Others are for striking off the salary altogether, and reviving those goof times, when Carolians could be found, whose fortune enabled tliem and whose capacity fitted them to preside over the city without pay, and with distinction. In the mean time, the present incumbent is not idle. He is a business man?active, prompt and sagacious ? He has commenced a more efficient system of cleaning the streets, and looking after the lamps, that ought tobe but are not lit. Even the hideous nuisance that for years disgraced the city, and filled the neighborhood of Gadsden's wharf with excre tiona and with the horrid and sickening odour, an sing from an accumulation of nameless horrors and disgusting objecla?of rotten carcases and filth, and putrid substances?even this, thai.Its to the fears and the hopes of a contested election and the press, is about to be abated. President Tyler is winning his way into the very hears of the Southerners, by a wise and impartial distribution of the Federal revenues. We have for the first time in the century a naval station, a sloop of war, a rendezvous, for recruits, and a liberal allowance of TJ. S soldiers and offifrs, and appropriation* for the arsenal, naval hospital, etistom house, Castle Pinckney, and forts Johnson and Mouhrie.? This is true justice to Charleston, and we are not an ungrateful people. By the bye, I did not see in the Herald his noble speech in reply to the Benevolent Association of Washington. " Eighteen millions of Americans, emigrants or the descendants of emigrants!"?the great Republic opens her ports to the oppressed of all nations?and liberty, after being hunted round the globe, finds an asylum here?mark you this, and mark O'ConnelPs declaration, that there may be a war between England and America, but that Ireland will have nothing to do with it. There shall be no war between Ireland and America. Haa O'Connsll opened a correspondence with the American government 1 Great events are at hand. Riad. Moraus ix tiik Laud of Steady Habits.?It is said that a large number of applicationa for divorce are made to the legislature of Connecticut, now in seseion?probably several dozen in all. Mrs. Miller is now living in that State ts qualify her for a like purpose. Down East Bijxof Farr.?The'following is a bill of fure" of a grand entertainment given at Hull, down east Whale toup, pickerel pie, pohagin atew, coddled eela, roaat grampua, powdered clama, loh?ter muah, cod crumpota, pickled i~i arrpent, hallibut j lidding, baked croco- i dile, deviled hippopotamua. Drought.?After a long drought at the South, that was injuring the young crop of cotton, they have had refreshing rains United Mates flrentt Court. The Court will take up the Argument Calendar*, on the discharge of ftir Jury, in the following Law Argument; i Vnuity f'aaaa, S. Appeela and Write i of Error, 4. Bantu HH Caw. j LD. Price Two Cents. City Intelligence. Rumored Murder.?A rumor was quite current yesterday oi an assassination that had taken place the night previous in some part of the city, asd a person called yesterday morning at the Coroner's office giving information of the fact, but his whereabouts could not be traced, and therefore it was presumed to be a hoax. Such a rumor, however, creates little excitement in our community, as the recent assassination of Corlis, the attempt to kill the Mayor of Philadelphia, the brickbatting of John fjogan to death on Friday, and numerous other offences of like character, have rendered the public so familiar with scenes of blood, that astonishment or surprise at a murder is scarcely expressed. Great Railroad Excitement?Yesterday afternoon about six o'clock, a little girl named Bridget Mehan, aged about nine years, while attempting to cling to ose of the Harlem railroad trains, containing three cars, as it was passing up Centre, near Anthony Ptreet, slipped and fell, the wheels of the rear car drew her so close in contact, that a flesh wound, three inchea in length, was inflicted on her left ancle, and the toes of her right foot partially bruised. She was taken up by some persons passing,who immediately conveyed her to the City Hospital where the wounds were examined, and strange as it may appear, not a bone was found broken. Her shrieks on being carried tliroiiuh the street uruve rise to everv Heaeriniinn r,f rumor, and in a few moments it was currently reported among the crowd that had assembled, that both of her legs had been cut oftj and that she died on reaching the Hospital. This rumor spread like contagion through the ward, and in a very few moments several hundred people had assembled, some <>( whom were venting all sorts of epithets against the railroad and the corporation lor allowing it to pass throagh a street where children are as numerous as hoptoads after a shower in June. The crowd gradually enlarged in numbers until some lew more daring than others, placed paving stones, from a pile near by upon the rails, in order to stop the cars as they passed up the street. The police were here called in and the obstructions removed. Orders were sent by the police for the cars below Chambers street to paes up, and as each went by it was hailed by a portion of the assemblage with " three cheers," " three groans" and " one more." A request was sent by the magistrates of the lower police to the agents ol the cars to prevent their coming down with passengers below Canal street, which was complied with, and the crewd then began gradually to disperse. During the passage of the last car up the street, some ruffian threw a paving stsne that passed over it, and struck a small boy on the body, injuring him severely. The police gave cftaBe after him, hut he escaped. Not the least blame can be attached to the driver of the train of cars, as the horses were going at a slow pace, and the child would not have been injured had she not attempted to cling to the car without the knowledge of any person connected with it. Arrest of William Ford.?Bill Ford, alias "Buffalo Bill," celebrated for his feats of knock down-and-drag-out-ism, as practised along the wharves, to the terror ol Bteamboat agents, runners and waiters, was arrested yesterday morning, by officer Relyea, while he was in the act of stepping on shore irom one of the North River steamboats. Ford Rtsnds charged with committing, several months since, a violent assault and battery on William Francis, steward of the steamboat Telegraph. In default of bail he was locked up Another Counterfeit.?On Saturday night, a child belonging to Mrs. Grace McGee, of No. 3 i James street, received a $5 note of the Commercial i Bank of Florida, which she gave to her mother, I wno attempted to pass it on Robert McKinisterj of fll) Catherine street, who pronounced it a counterf'uil r> ii/l liu/l f I111 m/iman avpautnrl Kir tKu uroteL * kut not'appearing against her, she was discharged. The following is the tilling up of the note:? "The Commercial Bank of Florida promise to pay Gen'l Case or bearer, on demand, Five Dollars.?St. Joseph, Feb. iOth, '43. MAIIC FASHION, Prest. Jnaa A??, flashier." A Rich Pauper.?Yesterday morning, a man calling himself William Patterson, applied to Justice Stevens, of the lower police, to subscribe to an affidavit that lie had made in order that he miaht recover property amounting to about #75, including #40 in gold that he hod left last fall at Davis's pawnbroker's shop, on a pledge ticket for #5 On enquiring, it appeared that he had entered to the Alms House last lull, and remained there during the winter at the expense of the city, notwithstanding he had the above named money, and about #00 that he had deposited elsewhere. " The pauper" recovered his money and ciothtng, but before doing so, the Alms House Commissioners should have been informed, who then might have compelled him to pay his winter's board, and thus punished him for the imposition practiced upon the community in obtainingentrance to the Alms House, when he had means to support himself. Common Council.?Both Boards ?f Aldermen meet this afternoon, at 5 o'clock, and afterwards go into joint ballot, to make such appointments as may have been agreed upon in caucus. Presidents Purdy and Brown will also appoint the standing committees of both Boards, for the year, on whose action, investigation and decision so much depends in this great and flourishing city. These committees are the very keys to the lock of legislation, and therefore their importance. Look on foe Pickpockets.?A pocket-book containing #200 in money, and some valuable papers, I was stolen from the pocket of a gentleman at a fashionable hotel in Broadway a few days since. Th. M..II.I ik. r tr ?.n tr: 1 1 i ur waiici i/Uiiiaiucu iuc iisiurn ci lj ct r.AlUKBiaUU written in it. A reward ot 9200 ia offered for ita recovery, or a fair proportion for the paper. Gold watch Recovered.?The elegant and valuable gold watch obtained from Mr. Ay res byChauncey Larkin. who repreaented himself as one of the Ravel family, has been recovered from the person in Albany, towhom Larkin sold it, by officer Relyea. Counterfeits about ?The public must keep a look out for 93 notrs of the spurious and fraudulent Globe Bank of this city, which have been put in circulation. LlUrary Notices. Life cf the Rev. 1. T. Thomasox.?Appletan St Co.?A very interesting memoir of an estimable Missionary. A great deal of important information relative to Eastern Asia and Hisdostan is communicated. Travels m Persia?By the Rev. H. Southgate.? D Appleton St Co. This ably written and attractive work contains a great mass of interesting and valuable information relative to the East It is printed in elegant style?two volumes?price 71 cents. The Daughter's of E.voland?By Mrs. Ellis? Another of the delightful works of this most delightful authoress. It has bean published in elegant style by the Langleys, who deserve great credit lor putting these valuable publications in the reach of every person in the community. Boz's New Work -The last published part of Martin Chuzzlewit, and also Blackwood tor May, will be issued by Winchester this day. Lanr Sale's Journal or the Disastirn in Afghanistan has just been published by the Harpers, in an elegant beok form?price one shilling. Alison's History or Europe, No 9, is out. New Yore Legal Osservrr, (May.) Samuel Owen 42 Ann street. Tom Burr or Ours?Nos. 7 and 8 are out. The Rovkr ?Nob. 7 and 8. La Bree (V Dean, 162 Nassau street. Fanny F.lssler in Breeches?Fanny Elseler caused almost a great crush on the occasion of her benefit in London lately, when she appeared in the " Hal sous Louis Quartorte," as a courtier of that brilliant period, and danced with Mile. Dumtlatre attired as a fine lady in appropriate costume. An English paper says " Torsturnto the all-conquering Fanny Elaaler, now about to leave us, and the graceful Dumilatre, as they appeared when treading that lofty measure (the minuet ds la cour,) with atately dignity, yet perfect eaae and quiet, neas. Who could ever <lrv?aim that jhe fairyjorm of Du milatrc ?a# mcmeu .u ?. ?m - -r ? r teenth century-end yet the expansive farthingale, the peaked stomacher, the nipped elceve, the stack of powdered heir, in t the high heeled shoe, became her exceedingly Fanny Klmler, too. in the white aetin coat, the velvet amalis, and the formal peruke, was the beaa ideal of the courtier end rerina<l gentleman of the period, and looked he witching ly elegant in her endowment* of a lee v# and [ >..ill' No one would havnguesaed that Dumilatre, that I ronoui, long hacked person, with her lower frame muffled in thnae prodigious layers of rose-tinted silk, was the airy creature whoclears thnatag* in three hounds: and,a* for Fanny Elaaler, aha seemed to perceive a drollery in the antique part the was playing, and she mimicked the alur. giah ease of bag-wiggitm, with an archness and mock gravity quite irresistible. She glided about with adivertI ing self complacency, and touched the fingers of Dumllatre with stoical indifference.

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