Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 16, 1843, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 16, 1843 Page 1
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TH ol. IX.?Mo. 133?Whole Ho. 3346. To tli? Public. THE NEW YORK HERALD?daily newspaper?pub lished ?very day of tha year except New Year's lay and Fourth af July. Price 3 centa per copy?or f7 38 per an nam?postages paid?cash in advance. THE WEEKLY HERALD?published every Saturday morning?price 0J centa per copy, or $S 13 per annumportages paid?caah in advance. ADVERTISERS are informed that the circulation oi the Herald ia over THIRTY THOUSAND, and increasing act. ft hai the largest circulation of any fa/per in this city or the world, and is therefore, the best channel for hutinast men in the cxiy or country. Pricea moderate?caah in ad vance. PRINTING of all kiudi, executed at the most moderate pricea, and in the moat elegant style. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, PaopaiKToa ?r thi Herald Establishment, Northwest corner of Fulton and Nassau streets Ran TO LET is Willismsburc?The whole or rat ol a FjW a Deat three story brick Dwelling House in South 7th J'H st n-ar 4 th si., rent very low Apply to W. St J T Tapssnll, 43 Pelt slip. m T-ec JhT HOllSb-S TO LET AT YOKKV1LL.E..?s large ] " !* houses on the comer of 14th street and 3d avenue; either XraM of them is calculated for a public house, grocery or private reside nee On the premises is a fine stable, howling alley, and a fine garden, coaiisciug of 8 ols, with grape vines and fruit trees thereon. For terms, inquire of IAUM A UADSI1 I E.fl mil 2wr No. II Chamhvrs ?t. JtaA TO KENT?The ettenstvr Building erected the pre 1-JjW sent itn"l b? the mWrioer, for his own resideecr, on jyiithe tcariciu or' he Ent River, at Uowauus Heights, two and- lulf miles from South Brooklyn Ferry, commanding splendid vi?wa <>f the Bay and Jersey shore, the cities of New York and Brook I mi, 8'ate* Island ard the East aid North Rivers. The H useisbick. a superior building, five stories h'sh, covered W'lheoppei; the hall ard st?irsof marble: the water front about one thousand feet, and the bathing withma few a-d?of the door, excellc t fishing ard fowling in the im mediate v icinttT. T he drive from New York ia about fifteen minutes, and the premises are uot excelled by any tituation near this city Oue hundred peisana can be accommodated.? Possession iinmedVatelf. Arnilv to JOHN V DELAPLAINE. 68 Wall at. ALSO TO RET, the three story brick Honse, 34 Walker street, between Broadway and Church street, occupied by Mra. Verplanck; and rhe two story brick House No 229 .Nineteenth street occupied by Mr- C. W. Feeka?Rents moderate. aid lm'gc JtaA TO LkT?Th* upper parts of the new three CTw a ory brick H uses Nos 343 BIT a* d 3 9 Beoome at-ret. l"g h-rwten the Bowery and Eiizibrtn at., with 12 rooms each, with kitchen ?ud ce l?r. Also, toe three story btick House and Store No. 330 Broome'et N. B ?Pip<a f>r the Crofon Water wi'l b* in r dnc-d into either of the vnnsesif r q ire<4, and pa ses-ion fiveu iinme diately. F< r fortbe- information iuquire of R( HL'LTZ St BLEIdOKN, No. 91* Bowery. m 10 lw*m kd lO LET?The Mansion House at Bloomiagdnle, |...m known aa the " Abbey" situated a ah t? distance above ih- six mile stone, iust above Stryker's Bay, and nearly,te St. Michaels I'.hurch. The place it well known as on- ol the mow delightful situations on the Island, and is re markahty hea'thy in tlie summer season. Tne tUoomiugdale stages pass and repass the irate ever]! hoar in the day. The irate is uew,and numbered 101. The tent will be in accordance with the present state of the times. A ply on the premises, or at 1)2 Chambers street. N. it.? Arrangement could be made, if desired, by a satisfactory let ant, to lets part of the furniture now in the house remain, or a imrtof the house will be rented separately. ml8 lm*r MTO LET?The fire proof brick store, No. 105 soutli st, with immediate nosi-aiion if required, apply to WOODHULL It MlN TURN, m24r 17 South street. *JhT TO LET?The t'flio story bnck House and premises, TtS No. 145 Wooster street, finished in the moat modern JLJULstyle, with maible mantel-pircea and folding doon throughout. Apply to JOSEPH McMVKKAY, m23r 100 Pine ftreet. ma TO LET OK FOR SALE?A three awry modem . bniltbiick dwelling house an-* steie. wi htwoloia ol ground attached, situated in Williamsburg, about two minutes walk Tom the Peek Slip Ferry Apnly on the prrmises, corner of Fourth and Souih-Eurlith atree's. Williamsburg, or o W. k J. T. TAP8COTT, a'4r _ 43 Tee* slip. ?MBLO'8 GARDES?'000 Donb'e Dab l as of eyery shad* and hue, at 75 cents e >rh Roa-s cf the choicest ki.ils for Par or or O rdru culture ; urw and choice Gerauinms iu great vaiir y ; Ve.beues, of every shade nd Put I Ranunculm, Pan?ies, P imulaes, Polyauibut. splrudid Casta* Chiuesr Azaleas, he iu full blown aud beauty ; 30,000 plants on the lowest teimt for cash: Tuberose, vrladiolus. Tige Flowers - lid Amaritis Roots ; Vines ot choice kinds for covr r ing arbor*. All the ocw auu choice an null, bieunial and peri uui. F1 >wer Serds. man* of which areytt scarce ia Eu. r< p. ; ft-ah itnporud re/etible Seeds, of-very desirable kind: red and wh te Clover. T mothy, Red Ton and It li*n My? 0->ss ; Bml Se<d of all kinds ; fancy Bird Cages and Birds in teat vanetv ; Gold Fiso and Globes ol various nzas ; 200 Ibi b retell white Sugar B et Seed, for stock. All ol wl ic? oui 11lend*aid he public are invited to call and eiamire brfort pu clt'sin. els-where, mlf 6 *r mg FARM bOA SALE?The beauiifnl imaroveu Hick gMafcov airuvr Fain* sitoMed in thetowu of Mamoro. eck Wei c oster county. three miles eart ef New Rorh lie a lew minutes walk tram the Boston turnpike, eoosistii g of H acres of cho'ce I nd, ten of which is wood land; hsud-omi dru le rwo atorv bouse, teu raomi. The house it turoundrd with nume oui cherry, plumb, pear and other fruit trees, together with an aople 0'cn*-rd of the choicest k nd. The ou buib: r g? an 1 ' nrst rat? rr|in>i a hhij the home, laid oat With bos s?d grave walks throughout, ap< is stocked wi'h all of the rarest shrubbery, flowers, Sic ; handsome lawns ia front sod tear of the hoase. The lekory grovi stand* on a rising ground, twenty rods distance from the hoase, with beauii ul lof y trees, and is kept as nleasare groaad, having a good view of the Loi g Island Sonnd Th s place is well worth ih* su-nlion of any gentleman wanting a cunniry residence. For laithei information enquire of ROBT LKWli eeri er Jones Une and South street, or of Captain SAMUEL UKOvKS on the premises. nn!20t?r FARM FOR SALE, containing forty acres, thirtyAH five under cultivation and the balance a good growth ol wood. On the premises is a house in good repair, a new cnarh honst and e lame ham Iu front of the honse is an excellent well ol water, secured Irom the weather by a new well honse, and I fine lawn in front of the house. On ,ha above described f?rn is fru-.t iu abundance, such as apples, cherries, pears, quinces enrr tnts. gooseberries, *c. The a not e farm is two miles from the steamboat landing one fr m ihe rows of Kye, on the North street road. A ful view of the Pound ; can see two light houses when lighted; , is in evdVy respect a desirable location for a gentleman a resi deoee. This farm is in Westchester County. Call on the premises 01 on Mr. J. H. WELCH, S3 Leonard street, all lm*ee or at the Police Office. PALMO'S AROAPE B/?TH, 39 ' HAMBeR *?TREKT rpHE GENTLEMEN'S SALOON NOW 10P1N-?Orea A Reduc ion Bathe *5 cents. Bitha with robes or sheets 37)j " 23 'icke a for $3. The subscriber having leased ti e above eeublishmen', for i term of ?? ar>. his eon menc-d inprevements on a scale whir l when umpleted, will, he flitters himself, v e in taste, in ens ly elegu ce *no m-gniAcenrr, wi h any similar ettahlishinen iu the wurl '; bav-ng vitistd the ben conducted ba hsin Ku low, he reel' u? heeiu mo iii asanriug mi leuow citiz ns me the nint which lu for the put thirty rears actuated tim li nmvnliug (on metier it w> at coil.) (he moat apleudi > mm-ion lor ti eii social corrlort and cot mi nee, hill not, on the pre i ut rcc si"n be loit light of, *nd ttiat to the imprnrrmi-n and el- g ociei of th- Kmo, tan Bilhi, he nil tike the I'beiti of adding fn m I eiQviDiiee r#ioo eel of his own caltiv let nud weil km- wn mate, all thai he haa observed wanting to res iler the ei joymeut of a hath 0 e "ne plni n tia" of p rf? cucn The La nri Sal ou will be in reail'nrn i" few d-ye. A fn I des< rioiion of he vari. <1 impr ?? mrnli wil be giren whei eompl-rrd, ltd Uie whole ih.own open f?r t nblrc ina action, -jm r-Smee KKWDiNANU PALMO. CORBYN'S COTTAGE, STRYKER'S BAY. IS NOW OrEN, and in mil operation, for the Spring am Hni'm r lenona. Dnrugthe winter many alteration! and improrementa hayi been madr which ta beliered.and materially to the com fort or viaii-n A S ALOON fory fire feet in length haa been rrerted fo the acconiN odaiinn of large partiea at diunera, tappers, con eer a, or cotillons . A sepanitt entrance haa been opened for the bar, rendering th< ladies' parlors oniet -nd aeh etsd Oi ths Winaa, L tgu na, ConpgiTtois*aiea Cnr.aata.ltc. kc , it ia only uece sary to say^lhei wi'i be. as hereloiorc, OR THE TfcHT NHST QIMLII Y. Ciril ami obliging atteuriaata are engaged, and every rffor willben.ed to aastam the repntation tnia bonse baa ahead acquired, and to render a eialt to COtvBkPi's COTTAGE ' desirable and aatisl'ct jrr. An iirdmaiy every "unday at3o'clock. Ti knts J# cents. QT^S'ryker'a Bay Is situated oa the Danka of the Hudson aix indra (rom th- City Hall,by the Bloomingdale road. Stage a'ait every honr from ijie corner of Tiyon Hace and Chsthan streft. h.irejtH cej??s: ml3 Imr ri HE KRfcNt.H AMD AMERICAN HATI>0 HOUSE I No 61 and 6T> Naasan strret, between M nlm laae ?o John sires', ia I't'W beingl or the summer mon*ha thoronghl re . ireil,'he kitchen to be alt'red to the West India plan, o having the same in the rerr of thr hemes to prevent the odo and heat fr?m rooking, which ia in genrral very offei.s-re i no at re ii ( hottaea?and the dining saloon enlarged ahu drco rated in a a-ipeiioi Kin ch style, with ma.ble ta lea, anperli oi pamtines, m,rblr strtnea of General Washirgten, kc ; wher npwa.ds ?t SOprvooa con with convenience sit at ence make this house one of the mow gcnleel, superb and comf rfble as tat-hii.menis in the Union?wher from 61 lo 70 diahea ar d i y te re 1 np from 6 onita nd npwa ds; the best J art Col Or ei.d he fiurat black Tea at 3 ceutsacun; the beat Clara Wine ai 6 eenta a small bolt e. k . +i.- a..h.?.ik?r sens>h v rf the trmlh that retrenchment! the<?rdrr f tledty, U confident that Bo pace (Dili whrr tnetl* f the d acription furnished at hit koua# can be >u p aae ft>r lowaeaa of ch >rge,it ha?in b? en hia c??ni ant aim to endra Tor to ever at the mo t economical pncea It la uaeleta to men t?o niorr ih? f?nr ? f hit Hottat- ban g I ng tince eitahliah- d a the firtl i fita d tor p i?u iu tniaoi v Thoae ia doubt of th Mlir c id k r nti cmI by the cro*di of gentlemen of the fin reM?cr*biliiy that daily rei? r t*ere. W i h thruka to a aenernua and disenminatirg puhlie for thei past in d tl utering f*vo?a, the aubacrtbrr, d*air ua of rctainini a roiiti oanco of puronage, freeiy aigna t ima? If mil 2Wr H fc N?Y UPS LI N ( h_ PHOTOGRAPH PORTRAITS?Dr. L. M. CYRUP -a the inventor of thia new art, produce a by it not only a coi rect likeuesa of the original p rt rait, but also a parity ofderigt a bril i?ncy of coloring, which tar a >rpaaa tho chef-d\?UT.e ?whether ancient or modem?of the moat crlobr tedartut Oratifult r the encou agement he haa received from hia ne meroua frienda nmi the public genet a! y, D . L M. Cym would fain inform them that he haa fitted op, for the accommi d dion of litdiea, a aniio ofrooins to P tk Pi ce H ?rue, come vf Uroauway, wheie he rnata hia akill in hia t*r,?feaaion en I 14 ? t "'ion to .11 who may r onor him with their fitora, wi i iu e him a continuance of the petronjge hiihetto ao liberal I hea oa d nit him. Th? Doctor gtrea ivatrnction in efry d partment of the Di gnerreotypt and Pny graphic art. Iuat nmeiii?f.? t iking jk? tr ra on a i rg o aiu M ac le, for a*ln. as .ilao the nerniat chemical t re ^rutuna f r the taking of port.aiu m Phyt, gr p a or co'ora Tero a moderate. mlOl.n'r I'A'lfcNi LllTifc MOAT,' I?lteT No" * wil| ntt? t. mil EAU DK KCKITK D'OKANUk. k MADEIRA WINEKortnle kr,E. r. QUIDORT, No. S9 Clinton itroat, i I ow prlCM. m] lm*m E NE f BRITISH A > U NOKTH AM EKICAN HOY AL MAIL STEAM dHirs. Of 120(1,toll* and 140 horse power each. | Under contract with the Lords of thc-Admirall?. HlBERNlA, C. II E. Judkins, Commander. BRITANNIA. J.Hewitt. do CALEDONIA, E. O. Lott, do ACADIA, A. Ryrie do I COLUMBIA, E. C. Mi'ler. K N do Will sail from Lirerpooland Bostou, via Halafas .is follows: . .. rails r.ivi rtrooL skim sosTee. Acadia, llyrie, Feb 4 Mar 1 Colombia, Miller, Mar 4 Ap'l 1 Britannia, Vewm, Apl 4 May 1 Hibernia, Judkins, A|i'l 19 May 18 The accommodatinus lor (MisetigerS are superior. The vessels are acceinpamed by experianced surgeons, and amply supplied with Frances' Patent Life Boats. Passage reduced to $130. No Berths secured until paid for. For further information, apply to D. BRIUHAM. HARNDKN k CO'8, No. 9 Wall-st I Me NEW JERSEY RAILROAD AND TRANS PORTATION COMPANY. NEW YORK ANU NEWARK. CSsCSfiS) Firw redsscerl tjTiTcent?. Frvm the loo: of Cvurtlaadt street. New York (Kverv day?Suudai s ex epted.) Leases New York Leases Newark At A.M. All P.M. At 7 A.M. At I* P. N'. 9 do. 3 do. 3 do. 4 do. 11 do. 4 do a do. 5'( do. 5*< do. lOX 7K dn. ' do. 9X do. 8 do. ON SUNDAYS. From the fool of Cwnrllandt street. Leave New York, Leave Newark. At 9 A. M. and t\ P. M. Al IkF. E and P. M. NEW YOKit, ELIZABETH TOW A, Lease New Y?'h l ?" Elis..,hcth Town At 8 A.M. At! P M. At 7^ A.M. At is P. M. 9 do. 4 do. 8 hi do. 3K do. o. 10 do. do. 5* do. The train* for We.uieid, Plainfield, Bonndbrook, Somerrille, ke., connect with the 9 AM, aud. 4X I'M train* Itom New York, daily, Sunday* excepted. Fare between New York and Elixabeth Town 25 cent*. Fare between do and Somerville. 75 cent*. NEW YORE. RAIfWAY AND NEW BKUN8WICE. Fare reduced. From the foot of Coortlandt itreet, daily. Leave New York. Leave New Bruuiwiek. At 9 A. M. At 8 A. M. 4 P. M. 7 Jd " 1 5H " uoon. ON SUNDAYS *' M" Le?ve New Yo?k. Leave New Brunswick. 1 At 9 A M and 4X P M. At 1 % noou, aud 8-4 P Id Fare between Now Yo-k and New llruuawick, 75 cent*. Rah way, w cent* The fare in the C and A. M. train from New Bruuiwiek. and 4 and I*. M. train from New York, ha* been re J duced. New York and New Brunswick, to 50 cent*. " and Rahway to J7)d " , Pa**cnger* who procure their ticket* at the ticket office, re eeive a ferry ticket gratis. Ticket* are received by the con doctor only on the diy when pnrcha*ed. fll 3m? puLLE^^^?g?F5^^xytt^s6, 3 WALL STREET. Th* inbecriberv. the old condnclor* of Harndeu & Co.'* Ex pree* from New Yoik, will continue to run >* heretofore.leavn.g New York, Alhany and Troy daily, aud wi'l forward | Specie, Bank Notes Packages, Bundles, iase* of Ooode, Perce<s, tic Ike , in connection with Meser . Bailey tk Howlrd's "Great Western Exp en," to nud fr?m the tollowii g placet, v it Ulica, 8> recuse, Oewego,Auburn, Seneca F-lls. O neva, Cauadugoa, Hnches er, Batavia Leckport, Buffalo, Detroit, ' Cleayelaud and' h-cag'-: Kingston,Toron o aud H -milton, in Canada West By Jacobs' Northr m Exp c*s, tu Whitehall, Burlington, Champlain and PI iKsburgh; alio to St J hua, Montreal and Que ore, to Canada fast They will nl* < cmnnt with Hatch k Co'* Sontkern F.xrrrss at N'ew York, and i forward article* of every deapription to Philadelphia,Bain mure [ and Washington. r-Tticn ar atlen'ion will be pud to the collection of Note*, Drafts, kc and prompt r-tnmi mad" b? fi-at Express. Each , messenger will be provided with one of Wilder'a Patent Salamander Safes, thereby affo diug greater atcurity in the trausmusion of valuable papers, lie OFFICES. rULLKN It COPP, No. 3 Wall street. New York. THOMA" GOUGH, Mo II ''xchange, Aibany. A. G FII.KIVS, 22.' River street, Tr?J. 8 JACOBS, Krch*nue Comt, St. P-nl, Montreal. References?Mes-m Prime, Ward & King Jac b Little It ' Co., John T Smith It Co., Pepoon It. H fTinaij, Ca t>eu erk Ver ilye, Honihtnnk 1 o . Drew, Rot iosou It Co-., N.Tork; ei.J Hi nuhrey, Krq , 'J honias Guugh, Esq , Aloany; John Pair E.-q , cashier, . Wells, do., 8' K. Stow, d C. 8. 1> F. Lea?c. do Trov rr6 epd FARE OO SECOND CABIN, 1 OO FARE RhDUCED. i URK VT SOUTHERN A Wn.8 iXHN VAIL ROUTE. . AFTERNOON LINE TO BALTIMORE j r nli, (eieent Bandars) at 4 o'clock, from D.ick si ?h?rf 'J , Ci use us* Union Line, via New Castle and French.own ' it ,i.mad. and th' swift and splendid steamnoa's f ROBERT MORRIS, Captain D mglass, i OH O, " Davis. CONSTITUTION, " Chiytor. fc GEO. WASHINGTON, " Trn pe. Through from Fhiltdclpt.ia to Baltimore in seven hours and ' half | To commence on Monday. May Ith, leaving Dock street whaifdailv, Sundays 4 o'cloei, P.M. eairving the , greut Southern and Ws.tein Mail', and the only Af'ernnon , Line connecting with the Linea for the 8omh and West, from Baltimore. Passengers leaving New York via the morning line, will sl'r ways arrive in time for '.his lint, and be in Ba tunore the same 1 evening This is the only Line of Steamboats running in connection ; with tee Railroad to and from Baltimore. W. L. A8HMKAP. Agent. [ m9 3t*m Dock street wSarf. MORRIS AND ESSEX RAIL ROAD] fijesffi 40* gytffla New AirangeaiMt?Tnis Road having been re-laid at great expense with the most approved and heaviest H rail, to secure ' stale and expeditions conveyance between New York and Morristowa, will commence running two trips daily, Sunday* excepted, on and after Monday, Jan, vg. First Train from Morristown will leave at7J< A M. second l rain from Morriitown win leave at ixr M. Firit Train from New York will leare at 9 A M?Newark at t 9k A M. Second Train from New York will leare at 2k P M?Newark at 3k P M. Passengers by the Morning Train from Morriitown will aril Tt at Newark in time for the 9AM Train to New York, or * the moraine Train to Philadelphia; by tie Afternoon Train 11 they will arrire at Newark ia time for the ]? P M Train to New York or the Evening Train to Philadelpt ia. t Passengers by the Morning Tiai from New York will airire i- at Morriitown in time to dine and take any of the Stages runt ning west or north from (hat place j9S Im'rr i NORTHERN AND WESTERN EMIGRANT PASSAGE OFFICE. i The Sobiciibers haviu< completed tnrir arrangements, are > new prepared to forwaid passe gers o ell the Northern aud Weite n States aud Canada, hy daily lines of towboa's. rai roads and s'eamboats, via the Noith rive rand Erie Canal, npper Lakes, Philadel|>hia and PituLu (It, Ohio nvrr and Caual rontes. The following are a few of the most important poi'.ta;? Via Uli-a, Buffalo, Pottsvillr, Cltlena, ) Svrscnss, Chyeland, Pitubnrgh, Toronio, Oiwego, Detroit, Cincinnati!, Kingston, s Rochester, Mi'waukie, St. Lnult, St. Johns, Leckpor, Chicago, Louisville, Montreal. Also to any pjrt of r Ohio, Illinois, Misioari, Indiana, Michigan, Trun-ssee, Kentucky, Wiscnuain, Iowa, Upper and Low- r Canada. Haying given inch nuivrisnl saii?f-s i >n in ihetr London and , Liverpool lines of packets, the anbscri bera will endeay; r to mike the present undertaking equally deserving of public (t vir. Persons about to emigrate to any of the a no ye places are t requested to call on the tahscribrrs before m king their sr t range-rents, as they confide tly believe the ii ducrmeuts ihev can offer arc such as cannot fail lo prove highlv a Iv nisgsi isa, and they pled?e themselves that every attention shall be paid lo n-iire comfort alio deipauh For further |*rticnlars sijilv to . ! W.kJ. T. TAPSCOTT, at theirOeneral , mt r I'aasage Office, IS Peck al.p cor booth it. - cmaa M \ DAILY EXPRESS rOK ALBANY TKOY. BUFFALO, ' CHICAGO AND 1 HE CANADAS ' The aubecribrra hrring completed their arraiigeraenta with n the People1* Line of Btcamhoara, on the Noith Mirer end the 'j Kelt Moad Comieniea Weif of Albany (or tanning 'heir Eiprcee ' (or the aeaeon of IM3. an Eiprraa will learr their omec. No. J Wall atrert, New York, eyery r?rning, ?l quarter to 7 o clock, for the abort named ai d nite-mrdu rnlacea. ' IMPORTANT. r For the greater i'feiy ?nd aecurity of all ralnable and money . peekayea cntn.trd to their care, they hare *alam .nd'i Iron safea on board of 'he atea i.bnnla, in a aiale room occupied egelu iyely by themaelrea, a>'d the meaaenger in ch?rg-aleopa in the earn# ro.m with the iron eafea, mm which all ec1 pickagea 5 are placed. POMEROY A COM' A > Y, mlrc No. 7 Wall atreet. i- .'HE NEW LINK OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS. : jflk & M T^TuTCrom New'^^^^Stli, and iS^^^erpool * month. I-rr-rr. "" . :uo, Mm*. h New chip LIVEHPodL. 1IM tona. ..... , John Kldridge, l?lh April. New ahip . .200 tona. ; |M| M#y Theae anhatantial, faat aailing, firat elaaa ahrra.all built in the eitvof New York, are commanded by men of enierirnce and ability, anj will bo deapatched pnnctnally on the Itth of each month. Their eabina are elgant and eommodioni, and are farmahed with whatever can conduce to the eaae and comfort of paaacn" gera. V Neither t e captaini or ownera of theae rhira will he reapontihlr fm any nrcela or packagea aent by them, nuleaa regulai I- Mills lading are aiyaed therefore. r For freight or pa.rage apply to V wOODHULL A MINTURNH, j f) Sonih atreet New York, or*to FIELDEN. BROTHERS A CO., "y < T y r Liverpool. A NTftiOM?One of Porter a Patent Anebora, waighing a boot - t.00 pound*, for Ml. ^ COLLINS * CO., I (Mm M South itrtet, 1 I w vn MEW YORK, TUESDAY r)K THE FACE AND SKIN.?Eruptive oiwieiunthe face and ikin, inch hi pirn dei. blolchei, tan, tetter, mi g worm ; al?o frecklei can be ipeedtlv eradicated by the uie oT Char* h'a Vegetable Lotion, which hti been in extensive uie in the United Hfitei a'd in Knrnpe, and t< adentted to be the beil comrietic iu ore for clearing and eitab'iih'iig a br11 Hunt ci mplexion. Hold at wholeia'e or retail at <'huri'h'i Diapeniary. ISM Bowery, comer of Snriui; ilreel Price 73 cent* ;>e> bottle. aid 'or inie'-P PI A NO FORTES-NU\NHk<'LAKK, otter ... taie at their ware loom, t formrily 137 Brotd?*>,) .No 310 U oadway. opproite the P>rk, a hr ? a<aoitmeul Ot toiewood and uiahngsuy Piruo Forte., at re'need pr en. Havnw ircentlrini every i eportai t i provenvnta iu repaid to ou h, tour an 1 construction of the'r Pianoi, they inyite pnreh ?er? to r i amine Uem hefore pore hating elrewnere. N C. have i ?l finished two eUitan' rmewood eeveu octave in trninrn ?, wliirh they oiler lor the exrmm itiou of the public. jn8 roi>4t*_ AOETMLV WANTED.?,\ gentle nan occupiing a More (o|ien to th* itre-1) In Ihe nti|ier part of Wall itreet. near Broadway, ii deiirout to u der ake the agency ofiomv ui mm f.ifturirg, mrrcantile. pHt*nt,or any other leroectable businen Apply to boa No I91 Upper Port Office. inS Im'aodr CURLED HAIR; HAIR SEATING. GO Don POUNDS rtouih Amnictn Cnrled Hair, of . varit naqualitiei. Alio, a general a'ior'in-nt of of 11. i r Hea' liu and liyured/roia IS io 30 iurhet incluiive, lu'tanle for aphnliteren and c binet tnakeii??extensively roar.ufaetpred and alwayi ah ha> d loriale hy u?, JOHNSON fc OHEKN, No 132 William itraet. Order* from all parta of the United Mta'ei executed promptly and with I'n'elity, lor eath. approved city acceptancri or other aatiifictory paoer, at fom tnonthi. m'S lm*m TAKKliS OF THE CROTON WATER. WHO have twnl for a rupiily until the l?t o( May inn only, are i ot fi-d that on the 2<itl> ini'ant the lintlinit off of the water wid he commenced tucaaea where pay nenl ihall not ) ha?e been previonilv made to lit ot >lay, 1811, at the office ol til* CrOtOU *<| eiluci Board. a In all iuitancei whe-e the waterahall be (topped the expeme I ol clo>i v and reopetinii the fetulev, must be paid on a renewal I of the 'iceuiea I New York, May '3th, 18(3, By Older A. B. BIOELOW, ml3iu3'ir _ Rogiater. SAIL BOAT CHA lL? NOKn?What i the matter? Aye, I lhal't ih? iuS' When the smothered growls of disappointed incceas laika id the boinui of man, he loses sight of amiability, prostrate* nim?elf aud in 'nrbalent array dies at.heeded anrt unknown. Snch ii the errnditinu of a certain boat builder of ihiacity who seeks notoriety through annouvmont cntnmod'calioua The subs'nher has tor yeara atood upon the contested grouuJ cf boat building, aud long eiperieoce haa laaght htm that "L'rte berks can rentu e more. But little birka moat keep ne?? shore." And when men think they ctu cope with him in auperior boat buihliuii they rnuat uot talk iu pcables, but b'ddlv meet him a' hia olBi e door,' here airange for the unenug teat of proof; hia eh>lleu,ea are nlwa-a made >n eood faith,hia oatt to coi quer. Upon tin priiiciple he f rn a hia > nlwark, and now for the nun dr th lime he offer" to ahow the stem of 'Troubler * to any boat rolins erer built or haa on hanu, lor a trophy which will rtchlv repay the tireiimml. New where ia your b"aated backera; wbere'a tour own dannled courage?draw the veil and alio a annuel to the world. P 8 ?One rnonth'a notice, nnr diatance under fifty milesThe "Troubler" can be ?een at hia bazaar. (P 8 ) C. L. 1NGERPOLL, mS lm'ee 406 Water afreet. TOOLS?TOOLS?TOOI^S. ALBERT80N'S, Conger's, Norton'sand Gilford's warranted Caat Steel Cooi-ers, Carpenten and Ship Carpenter" Edge Toola.ean be had at wlroleaale and retail, of OSBOR" it LITTLE, 11 Kulton atreet, New ork, (II per ceul allowr to rnerchanta) and who keep ou mind a full aaaortment Coo tie ra' Toola, Iron Riveta, Truaa Hoopa, Stare Jointer Stock Howella and Cror.ea. Alao, Importer* and General Dealera in English, German and American Hardware, Cutlery, Naila, fitc. 8tc CHARLES OSBQRN. f U3m ee? CHARLES 8 LITTLE. .MTt am TO THE OWNER OK THE SAIL BOAT " TROUBLER."?The owner of SLaawJBwJE_the aailboat ' Trouhler" having r-ceived three oh.Ileuses liom boa's built by Wm. Croliui within the l w mi motitha. and not hav n^ yet accep-ed the same, it is presumed that iu i ubl-alneg hia challenge to sail agaiust any boat ever bnilt bv Crelius, hia lowering i ragiowtiou haa taken a flight Irum the terra firma ol Water atreet to those mystic regions? " Where (he man by many odds, Obtains receipt" fiom liviug gods." As soon as convenient after hi- he haa got a few more of thoae receipts, and derci tided frcm that aerial manufactory of honors, it is hoped thai he will c ndetcend to notice some one ol the challenge* already given him a that " hia sole object of lect ing tne "ailing quaities of ihe boats" may be obtained?after which,if hi? boaa'ed" Treubler" does Dot prove a sufficient troubler to him by rapsiziu* hii epntanon as ane has done lieitrlf, hi* shall thenhave the opportunity upon hi* own terms, >00 per<lay (or two days, of again sering his vannrcd nam* following to the wake of Wm. rolioi, it the respectful rate ol threr miles in eighteen, as it did last "pri"g nlg-lm'tn W. UROLIUS, BARGE, RACE, CLUB AND SAIL BOATS, NO too WATER ST? EET, lour doors East of Catherine Market, New York?Builder ol tn Sultan of ,Muscat's Pleasure Barge, the Race Boats Wave, Ocielle, Victoria, Atlantic. Wakona, Brooklyu, Anu of Pe kskill, Washington of Poughkeepsie, Duchevs of Hrde-Park, Svlph an Wave of Mobile, George Stewart of Louisville, Madame Celeste of New Orleans, lie. Also, the sail boats William Crolius, Fashion, Eureka, Za noni, Srar, Edwin Forrest, Sir. all lm"rc FAKE AND h HKlGftT REDUCED. _>ri REGULAR MAfl. I.INk?FCH PROfiCT?**?r3e VIOKNI K AND B 'HTOfl, via CTO?SSZ^IuLINOTON AND NEWrOKT-Compoaed 01 the loll, wing u-rrior sfamer-, runuiue in couurctiou with the HtouimrtriD -nil Boston and Providence Railroads:? MASSACHUSETTS, Capt Comstock. liuprtK peuANtf. PROVIDE LE N ARo'AO ^ NSETT, Capt Woolsey. MI'HEiuN, Capt fliaver. One of which will cave New York dtily (Sundays excepted) trom Pier No 1, B'Hi ry Place, N Kiver, at 5 P. M ARRANGEMENTS. The NARRAtlANsET I, Cap sin Woolsey, on Monday, Wrdneseav ?nd E" id.y for Sronuigtnn Tne KHODE I9LAN D, Captain Thayer, on Tuesday and T mrseay for Stoningtsn, and Saturday for Stouingtou, Newport and Providence. Paiatng-ra on the arrival of the steamboats at Stotiingtoo, will take n>e rai*roads cars and proceed immediately to Prov. and if bound for Newport will 'uk- the s exm?r tolas fiom tnauce on T.iesdayi, Thursdays and Saturdays,without anyadditior al c'arge. Ticker*'or the route and steamers' berths can be secured on board o vt the office of m9fim m HARNDKN k CO., 3 Wall street. Met ' OK NOvKOLK. RICHMOND, CITY fl^-ajtfc^'OlNT. Itc. Va. Steamrr BOSTON. a tain H< Imes.?The strong and substantial b trainer b .sum Will commence r-gular tup* netween V* YorS and Noifjlk, Va., le.ving New York every Saturday atS ^piock, A. M. nod Norlfolk every Tuesday morning. Pas rage-ud faro to or from Noilo a, $10 rorwaru i ?*<engr rs un an ? Passat e from Richmond Citv Point, *e . by one of the riv?r steamers and per Boston from Norfolk 12 Forward passengers, do do 9 Passage to Norfolk and back, return trip 12 Forward Passeug rs, do do 12 Freight taken at the usual ralee. For freight or omega apply to 'he Cap'am on hoard, or to WM TUCKER, ml lm end WThfcF'r No 56 Broad afreet. /&L P OPLE'9 LINE UK MTEAMBOAT8 & W3* FO~rt ALBAN V?Dai'y at 7 o'c'ock, P. M Tnrough direct ( SusHay', eiopii d) from t a bl'nmiiMi Pier tetwean Coorilandt and I ib-rty atieela Steamboat ROCHESTER. Cap. A Houghton. wilMeave Monday, Wedm*?''av and Friday evenings, at 7 oVIock. * teamh >ai **OUTH AMERICA, Captain L VV B'liisr.i. will loare Tnraday, Thursday and Saturday ereniuga, at 7 o'clock. Strain boat NORTH AMERICA, Captain M H, laud us at interimdiate place., will leave Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons, at 5 o'clock. Passengers akmg this Line of Boats will invariably arrive in Albany in ample time to take the Morning Train of Cars for the eat - or west. [T7"The abi-ve boats are new and substantial, are furnished with urn and eh gent state rooms, and for speed and accommodations are unrivalled on ih- Hudson Korpasstge or freight, apply on board, or to P. C. Scholia at the omce on the whrrf. ml-c .MM PEOPLE'S LINK OK STEAMBOATS dT^LSsfOK ALBANY DAILY, Snnda.s escented SE_ at 6 o'clock, P. M ?Through direct?From the steamboat pier between Courtlaudt and Liberty streets.? Thesteaierr HOCHES TEK, Capt A H?ughton, leaves Mooday, Wednesday, and Fndav eveni'gs, at 6 o'clock. The steamer SOU til AMERICA, Capt. L. W Brainard, leaves Tnesday, Thursday, and Satniday evenings, at ( The ateamer NORTH AMKRTCA,' ('apt. M. H True* dell, leawa Tueaday. Thnradav and eaturday afternoon*, at 5 VI ck landing a intermediate place*. The above Boat* are new and *nb*uuti*l, are fem'thed with elegant state Room*, and (or ipeed and accommodation* are unrivalled en the Hndaon. For paaaagc or firight apply on board, or to P. C. Schnlrg, M the office on the wharl. aX Imr NEW YOllR AND KINUSION STEAM FRttlUHT AND PASSAGE r.^E XI For Kingston, and Delaware and Hndaon .7?^^^^Canal?eteamboat* EMERALD and NOR 9ESS9uwk;h. The EMEtALD, Captain John Kelcham, will leave New Vork foot of Mnrny atioet, every Monday and annrsdayati o'clock P. M. VVhl leave Ringvton (Rondont landfaiK) every Wedneiday and Raturdav at I o'clock, P. M. The .NORWICH, Captain John Samtiel*, will leave New Yotk, fooi of Mnr.ay *treet, every Wedue?oay and Satnrday at J o'clock, T. M. W.ll I ave Kingston (Rondont landing) every Tnei ay and Friday at 1 o'clock, P. M EXTRA TRIPS. The EMERALD will leave the fo*t of Mnrray street every Fuudy mortniig at 7 o'cl ck. Returning leaves Eingaton at 4 o'r loca *amr day. For freight er pa?*a*e apply on hoard, or to WILLIAMSON, BARLOW It CO , ail 7m*r 114 Wear street. Taxjn Mm NEWARK AND NEW TllKK-Ftn only 12K < enta '.?The *| leudid steamer XknawHCjE- PASSAIC, Captain John (Jaffy, ha* been putin c mplete orde,, and will commence her trips fur the itunD, on Monday the loth inalanl, as loilowa, until further notice Leave New York at 4 o'clock, P. M. " Newark at Tkf o'clock, A. M. Kreight caniert at reaaonahle rate*. >16 Imec SlA i lin lOLAHU Mi.IV It I Foot of Whitehall street. On aiid "Iter MondAy, April Ifth, the ?teemeiTJ7A?!!ttF} ISLANDK.h will lease at follow*, until farther notice Lr.AVK 8TATEN ISLAND. NEW YORK. At * A. M. At A. M. I* 11 IX r. M. IX lit i , All good* thipjped are reqnire d to be p-trtieetarlv marked,ant, are At rhe natr (the owners thereof. efec PA8SAOE TO BBBHaifli PITTSBURG. THK anhscriher hat completed arrangement* for the con revance ol Pass'tigera :ind Merchandise 10 l'itt? burg and niterno ill .te i>!acc<, nn the inoet reasonable terras, |mr' Citizens Portable boat Liue " People aIkidi to prjeeed io the Westward, will find it tenth (o their adreniagr to malt their amusement* by thie desirabi conveyance, a the a.nctr at attentioe will at all tieirabe pa.d to the ce , lort of the p*?st>n.ers, is well u the punctuality of a direct conveyance with despatch. For farther pertic.l.r. apj.j^ M.MU altec (so Pins street, corner of Booth. RK I MORNING, MAY 16, 184 . boot AND SHOE store. ... , JOHN READY reajwctfully iaforma hia friends aud Lhe i ublic.thai he tui commenced huauieae in (he above line, it No. 99 N????a utrret, where lie w ill t i ink lull y receive and faithfully ciecu'*, all ordera he u.av be favored with on he ro< at reason b c ternn (or rath --Mr Ladies, look XT this;??ooo pairs of Ktouch Gaiter Booti, ana 3000 ptir* ol Hlirpere, juat recnvmi. atd lor a?U wholesale and retail, at the following v<rv low pr'C? 3000 pair a of K.c'cli Gaiterr, of the brat quality, and o( all colora.ii.90; and 3000 pair* ol Slippeia,75 cent*, at 307 Broad vi ae ami 91 Gaunt atri-et tallica, iu tlieae a urea ; ou will 1'iuil ilie greatest and beat aas r mn.t in the world of Hoot*, Outer*, Shoes, Slipper*, itc. and Mia,es aud ' Intd-en's do Or n leiuen, we wiali to draw your attrullon to onr aplendid aasortmcut of Boota, Shoca mil clo'h bu ton Uailera, of I he new atyle; Kien hcalukiu Bonis. of the beet qr.lity and made o order, $9. and Kieueh calfskin Bo na on hand, from S3 t SI per p> ir; cloth button Out is, $>,90; I'ginella tl 90. the tineat nf calfakili Shoe', 1,29 to $2; boya'i Boota of th? beat quality, 1,29 to $2,79; Shoe*. (I to 1.29; voudi'a Boo'*, tl to 1,90; Shoe* 90 ceu'* to tl- Boota, Gaiteri, S ipp'ra, Tiea, Biuakins, Shoe*, itc. in eiidlea* variety, and all waiMufd to he ol the brat Itiud GREGORY & CaAHILL, :?7 Broadway a23 I m * r and 92 Cauad (treet. 90 BUUAlf'-VA Y. s ROBIDER, KRKNCH BOOT MAKER, Irom Paris, has au assortment of ready made Bool* and Shore,?f the heat calf akin for Five Dollar*, auprrioi to anv other boo Maker in the city, mlO lm*ec PARI ? BO~ f- "AND i.AS"l'S MADE I'll ORDER By E. SURER, 175 Rrmdway, (Basement,) Un? D -or from Courtlandtatreet. E 8USEK, Booimtkrr, and maker ol Last*, an " ol Clcrcr of I'aria. be** leave to inlorm hi* frieudaand all the amateur* ol a uruilriinnly ", ' that he c?n now make, iu New k ork, with the brat Krnich ma cliala. all that la ao per'ertly inadr, in I aria, by hi* maater llir celebrated boonn k--r (fierce, whoae numerous cuttomrr* on thia aide of the Ailauti are reap ctfully invited ti try SUsEK'8 boot* and last* belor they deepair ol b-iuq "chaussea" in New Y<'ik, al'er the nlreat, I neat Pari* feahiou. Al*",tl e geuuiue Pari* Jet Buea Varnshsold. ni 0 IWrc TO BOOT-MAKERS. O. MORG HAS REMOVED from IJ2 to 13? Leonard atreat, wh-re he cou'inuri 10 cut Kit. Uu hand ready cm I I, F n h and English. ml A. THOMPoON'S BLACKING WAREHOUSE, No. 2 Cow tlam/t street\ THOMSON respectfully inform* the merchants of -**- Ihia city auil ilie public in general. >h r h- siillcortiuuea to manufacture Ins inimitable Past- '* ttkiufi being 'he sole inventor a ml munufacurer. 'l ira backing it known thr ush the world, and parei . ularly i' - U red Sutra as Lrr a.d Thomson's Piste Blacking \ T .on psoa would fur'her iu'orin h a friends t >at he hsa nadc n cr.sive improvem nil in his o*d ma ul'aeturing estsb'nh ueu', which enables h in to supply thrm with any quautny a-nl .t r dnced prices B.'w .re of interlopers. Strain is ? mule rti tMltaalioa, and is sometimes resorted to without. min h bi oofu. A ' honunn l-as never admitted steam in auy shine to enter his m nufactory? his workmen are not likely to make m.aukcf m ' c meiiuently it can be depended upon aa genuine A. THOMSON, late Lee It Thomaon, formerly 3fi'> Broadway, now 2 Courtland' a: i . ,\r Broadway. Manufacturers' agents lor the Washii > Friction Matches, Shippers and others supplied - terms, byciseor tingle gross *36 liu*in FORTY i KA R **. IT IS A FACT il. Blaakit* it uirerullT ' adini't :d lo be the I. . irlicle ni etured in the L'uited s. IV Lee has ni i ii .i iur d. iking ill Ih srity forty rt. The fust 'liirtren years and l m?u'hs by himsell? u look in |ailnrrship A. 'I homaon?twenty j ears and ten nouihtit was known aa I.-eSr Thomson's b'ackn g. Di solved partnership, with ssid Thomson, and the last six year* have made il again on my o u iccouut. I am the o'deit ulscking Maoufar.tuier in the Unilr States. Have in ,de mora in quantity and bttirr in quality ' in any other person in this country; but good at it always ha n, it it greatly improved of lateIl is now" 1 steam power, anil known a Le 's Improved Steam 11 N 1 John-tr et corner of Broadway. C.L. looks cons s pride in nil competi tion, and would oi -rs sud the public that he itill conr nuet ' rami S eam Blacking?but why enlarge / .i sufficient 11AKLK8 LF.E, a30 lm*t No. I t, c rner of Broadway. TU COTTON AND WOOLISN~ MANUFAO I URk.KS AND CALICO fhl hTh.ltS.?For ta'e, an excellent stone bui'ding, with water wheel, and a good stream of water, with a gnnd h uie and out bui'ibngt, four or five acres of laud all in good order, situated ?' G.idwinsvil'e, four miles nnith ofPateraon. N. J .r-centl? ore ipied as a cotton factory. Auy persou wi-fi ng to nart the above business, would d s welt to call, for luither panii_nlars, n JOHN A. VAN RIPER, Corner ol T-llinan and Bridse streets, in 14 lm?cc rrr 95 Hold it, Biooklyn. N. V. partnership of J it P Piruie has this day hern dissolved -I- hv mutual consent. The business of the fitm will be closed by Johu Piruie. JOHN p:RMF.. PETER P1RN1ENew Yotk. May 11, l?43. Tne tuba tiber wi.l coutinne ahe business, at 2'Or ngest. mil Iw'ec JOH*d PiKME. "WATCH MAKERS AND WATCH JEWELLl? IIS. T 8 AVALLIS It CO . No. 1J6 Bro-dway, 2d floor, beJ twee M aid. n Lane end Liber y street, would respectful Iv acquaint their trends and the public, who wish 'o have chronometers, clocks, music boxes, O' any description of watches, however line or i utricate, repaired orjewelled. A'so. every ale#, ription of 'serptments ren-i cd or made new, ruhy rolleis fordnp ex, pallets for chron- m -tars, ruhy crleuders for II- lurr. rule |.ina lor ler-rs. cfiswiaiid cai , 4ac.. and w itche* ji-w, Med in a style not surpatscJ hysn> jn K irope Fusees and w-hrels cat. and iceih roui ded; publ'c clocks and bank lure pircn k-pi in o dfr by the year, at usoa'. prom their long m e'icure in the trad-, Hiey put* at the cano-uy aud every f. eilsty r.-quired to m.ike entire, or anv pitta ol wt'rhi ?. equal toady >mtr.i>>ed, ?u? will pin- the belt of red rence. if r> quired. Cha'gev mnder-te. mMlm*r DN. I'AKK. A. M., Surgical aud M? ht-ical Demiat and Artificial Of til at, after a few dtT(' ahienee. returned t hiaoffi e r 181 B oadway, N. Y., having li d ten years'constant practice, nine years on the tarn* premises, is now in eadine?a fgr vr-y <1-?crii tion i f dentil treatment, combining all the tnvenliona and im rnvt meo'a beth of the piat and of the preienr ag?, on the mo?t acirntific aud atiptuved prineipl, a, adnplrd by the moat til n'ed andlearnxi iu the prufeaatou, b >'h iu thia crmnt'y.ind to Europe,On teima ad p'ed to the pre sent luuai I coudit'Q'i ol b ia n-aa Hl'v ll-l''ec PLUMftE HAOUKKKiain UAl.Ua.RY tTF pate NT Colored Photographs. Broadway, eorner of Mnrray atreet Ne w York ? I'he ante privilege of taking p-teut colored Daguerr otype Likrneaaet, being coulioed to Una eatablialiment it has hern teeeutly much improved ?ud enla ged for ihe ai'e etal acco tuodaumi of ladiea, and now embraeea no fewer than d i lie re nt ainitme nta. Plumbe'v Patent Coloring Daguerreotype Apparatus. and PlnmPe'a Patent Galvanic Gildin Apparatus, and Instructions and Pitant Kuhti for each.forwardad to an> part of the United Statea. rhi.tofrrapbera anpplied at lower ratea than at any other place in the city. Otlvamc Gilding and Silvering done o order. Povtpaid lettera only attended t? ^ _ _ ?B laa*r PATENT PRESERVED HI'JHi.V KT.AVOKEI) PORTABLE MEATS AND SOUPS, for ship atorea, warranted to terp anv lenth of time, and in any climate, manufactured and for tale, wholeaale aud retail, hy WILLIAM MULLANK, my8lm*r Kit William atreet. (basement ) HE ANCIENT A>L> WOM)i.R>UI. EMtlRv. OK CHINA?Described, Illustrated and Familiarixed.?K. MAd I IN a CU have just leceiveo from Londoo amigntficent illustrated work on China, which they intend to issue iu toiiihly parU, with all the aids of engraviug and priatiug combined, to pr?aent a beaut tul aud instructive ?ceonut ot th taa tomshiug and interesting c qutry. The antiquity, the fandrur, aud the exclusive chaiacur of the inatituti na of China, r nder rnch an aeennut at he rreient time, pecnharly appropriate ami desirable, eona'dering the interest which is now fe t in the United Stitea, in connection with tl e of oar c m mere al oreratious being so muco extend d with that iiugnlar and wonderful n.tion. The work wi i ne issued id numbers containing three steel engravings in each. Price SO en'" K. MARTIN It TO. my 7 lm'r 28 John art PlANO FORTES.?The subscribers reap- i vi'e thrir friends and the public iu general, toe-Hat theiieati blishment, No. 251 East Broadway, where they h v? ou h ml . well asaotted ati-ck of mahogany and rosewood French grand action Piano Fortes, with all the late improvemeo'a warran e.1 and to be kept in tune for one v ear. The aur-ei hers also b j. leave to inform the public, that thia is the cat, oliiho en' hirn.erIv kept by Beunel and Hawkina, but at pres' 11 oe. otiii d by the -_l? Tk. ? -.11 I? f?n,.l .>i i> t.< I? nines ? Purchaser* are retpecifully inrited 'o call ml "l iti'io. N.B. Allkiudiof piano* from 6 to 7 oeu?e* will bemadtoorder. Alto piano* tuned and repaired. '? etchon-ed on the mo*t reasonable term*. Alto ?e ond h".d piano,. lor tale. HENKV HICHAKD k lOHN RUOIC, a?5 lm"r 7 E<?' Btoadwar. THE WARM SALT WATER, BATH ii now open at the foot of Desbroeaea ttreet, N. R. For its advantages over frtah water, tee Medical Jonrnal*. Fire Ticker* oue Dollar. ai>!6 Im'r MONET J O LEND? ABkAHAM J. JACKSON, Pawn B'Oker, No. M Heads atreet, near Broadway, loan* money in la fe or iinall rami, at mav be rtqnired. en w.iteiie*. jewel ry, ailver ware, dry goods, wearing apparel, and peitonal property of eTerv deacnption. a2l lm*ie d>10 nnn WORTH of China, Olatt and K.rth-n Ware ? i ?)uUU for tale at |79 Eighth Avenae. by Thomei McSorly.?Thia ware it now oten, and will be ?<>'d to retailert, at the lolluwing piic-t;?bine loop and 11 t Plater, Kreach shapes, 7a. per do* ; tnflera, Ja 6d ; Parit wli'te plntet, atone ware, Gi per do* \ tnfierr. 5' ; dithet, b.ike-s and toilette ware equa'lylow: bowit from la t<l to 4s. Id; lamp*, oil, Liverpool, Hi ; hall lamp* from $5to $G,ihe lament the d 'Wn-.i wo titiret aell for f 10 and til; common wire for grocers, by the hn.hel. Nocedrtvtt m acre N B No chug,-f-r crates to conutry merrhaiita China tea aeta from 12t. tnS'S Pnblie tale on Wedneadiy, in 414 Broadway. mUm'rc THE GREENWICH RATH, NO. 777 Hntlaon atreet i* now open for the season, with warm and cold CROTON WATER. Single Baths at the rednced price of tlV centi, or eight tickrta for II. a27 lm-ec ALEX'R MARSHALLr\ 4/iiik nil kfvrvpw I n niKiuuh' a. i n . u Photeviaphiats that they h??r removed from their old lUnil No. 34 miden lane, to No 13 William itieat, south writ eor net of Maiden lane, an the 2d floor. Th?y have on hand at pr.'irnt a complete aaiortinent of platri, rhrmicali and Irniri. all ofnce'le t qnality, to which they leapectfnlly incite thr attrntii.n "I operators. Articles are in erery instance warrantrd. Tnetr chemicals arc frism the laboratories of the first chemists in Paris, aud their plates specially s-lectfd hy their partner there residing, hear their initials and are folly warranted to aavr the proportion of silver. which is stamped npmi them. Any persons who have their doubts ou thr subject. are 'erjiiested ro have them essayed apl5 lm*r rOR LIVERPOOL.?Rennlar packet of the ZJtn jnVkM.T?The eery superior, last sailing packet shi| QafcSHKRlDAN, Captain Dcpnyster, wi'l positively sail as ?bo*e. . Marine rery superior accommodations for cabin,seeend eahit, and steerage passengers, persons wishing to embark shook make early application to JOSEPH Me.Ml'KKAY, 100 Pine St., cor. South. T'-c aboye wi'l be iupe-?'d?d be the splendi I p ran ship Ororga Wmh.ngton, Capt. Btiirows and sal o>t e 7th June Parsons wi-hieit to send loi their Irienda residing in Ho old country, can have thi m hrnnght out by mo above ship, o any of the regular packets, by applying as abcre ; if by letter oft paid 1*14 r Old link Liverpool packkts-packet May?The splendid, last sailing packet ahi,. jlLIsii OLl'MBllH, Captain Cole, will sail positively aa *' 'li't'ing'splendid aceommodstions for cabin, second cabin and Steerage psssenrt. early s^h^atjoyhould^w^rmsds on board, "mlir 43 Peck Blip cor,Booth strtet. IERA A Clourt of Oyer and Terminer. Before Judge Kent an I Aldermen Lee and Waterman. Mat 1ft.?Trial of Jumei Lrary for the murder of Jjme? MeDonough. Alprlo Phm.iih, Kiq . opened the c?3e for the prosecution. The murder is alleged to have been committed on the afllhof Oct . 184 J, w ith a club. The deceased died on the It h of November following. Mrs. Sarah Ml-Doaouoh sworn?1 was the wife, and Am 'he willow of James MeDonough, the deceased I last li w him on the-J7th ot Oct. last, lie left in the morning in good health to go to a meeting; I next saw lam on the morning ol the dSth; ha win brought to my hou^e; he was brought there h> a number of gentlemen; ha was insensible, and knew no .ing; he wu* bruised about the i.? ck and h"H.I; he died on the Grh of November at live minutes before ten; he wi * i'> years o! age last May, a year ago; he was au. n j. I b; li *Sinitti, and other physicians. William Haw sir a ;<|mte young) ? I It now James Lesry; I let In.n on Lee '.ing of the 17th of Oct. last, in the Hon oorrerol Allen and Houston streets; Idid not know James MeDonough; I saw bun ibJ next morning in the store; h? w as walking op and dots n the back room; it was between rt And 7; whenLeaiy attack, him he was asleep, or appeal t J to be js|eep in a chair, with his head down; on the morning of the -.'U'h Oct. I found MeDonough walking up and down, when I got to the store; he was saying that it he could see Leary he would break bis damned neck; he took a l ook out of his pocket, and began to look at it; he noddid in his chair and dropped the book; some one picked up the book; be then laid his head on the table, and fell asleep; my brother then went eut; I was there alone; I took a broom and went to sweening the tloor; and while 1 was sweeping, Leary came in very lightly, and looked around tbc screen; he then went right on, and jumped over the counter; he could see MeDonough aa he look'-d round the acreen; be went behind the bar, and through the entry into the yard ; I went on sweeping; I saw L'-ary come baik with a stick behind him? (wnieh is shown in court)? he walked towards the I runt door?opened it?he then refill ned to the h ick room, and said he wanted to hit Jim (Mc D) I said " you can't". Ilo replied?" see here w hat he has done"?mid took oil his cap and showed bloo-l on his forehead. He said he would hit him ; I said "you'll kill him with that club." He said "No, I won't kill him." Then I got to talking with him, what he would do with him, il he killed him He then put down the stick, and looked in the looking glass and saw llio tear ip1u,m, In. cul.l MaH had liriick him, (111 thttll came back, and wanted I should let him strike him once with his tint. I told him if he wanted to strike him I'd wake him up and let him go out in the street, and then they might fluht. Then he pointed to him and said, "aee what a larip man lie is; I wouldn't have no sight with such a munasheis" A gentleman then came in and inquired for my brother. I told him 1 would tell the man all aliout it" if he didnt he (till. He "aid he wouldn't do no more alwiut it, and sat down. He again *a d, "1 want to hit lim once." 1 told him he shoulJn't. He atill threatened He did not then have the (tick. Soon aft? r, v imall boy, named Tom Maraden, came in. I told him to go and oak some body to come in there. Leary Huid ' No)oil needn't"?lee here (poitingto hia forehead) what he has dona to me. His foreword was then bleeding. Soon another little hoy came in lor liquor?Leary id, "go behind the bar and give the boy his liquor." I wouldn't go. Then Jim went into the front room anil got the stick, and said he was going to strike him. Here my brother Oaorga came in ana we pushed him hack. George is I t years old. Jim (Leary) said,"go away?go get me Dick's pistol."JIMaradeu was then in ihn front store Some words passed?Leary had the stick in his hands?he pushed nie one side?(I was trying to wake up McDonough) and struck McDonongh on the back ot his head, who had raised it up about 0 inches?i interfered, and he struck him aguin with the stick in one hand?he hit him S or 4 blows, and then took the stick in both hands and hit him a last blow. The other lioys ran out and ihollored murder ; I hollered murder too. L<-ary tln-n went out, and walked slowly up 3d avenue. Twomen caught him and secured him. McD. did uot raise his lieud after the first blow. 1 first called the doctor, and then ran to the police. Cross-examined by Mr. Bahukr?Leary appeared to be a little flighty that morning when he came in-, he is a still, quiet man when ho is sober. I shall he IS next July. I never saw him flighty before. On that morning be scted strange; would laugh without any cause that I could see lor it[Here Mr. Barber asked the witness if, in his opinion, the prisoner at that time was not flighty ] This was objected to by Mr. Smith, and argued on the defendant's side by Judge Edwards. [It was the same question, substantially, as was put, and allowed by Judge Elmer, in the late trial of 9ingleton Mercer.] Judge Kfxt allowed the question to be answered. Witness?I can't answer the question; I don't know whether he was or not. If I were to speak my own mind, I should any he had not his own natural senses at i that time?but I can't swear whether he was flighty or not. Dr. C. V. Archfs, Coroner.?I held an inquest on the body of James M'Donouah on the 6th of November at No. 7 Caution street. I saw and attended upon him he. forchedied. I saw him on the 38th October; be had been removed to 7 Cannon street ; I examined the patient; lhere were seveial wounds : a small cut over the risrht eye ; en extensive contused wound on the back of the I head, made by some heavy bludgeon , a wound on the I Ieit aide of the bead which extended to the skull ; the I Rkull was fractured ; (this wai on the 39th ;) the patient | was insensible ; he was in charge ol Dr. Smith and one or two other physicians; I saw him almost daily after that. At the post mortem examina'ion, we found the scalp tumefied, bruised and echymosed ; the ahull was rery extensively fractured indeed, and appeared t* have been produced by the blows upon the back pirt of the head. ; both the parietal bones wvre extensively fractured, the temporal bones were also fractured , as also the occipital bones ; these fractures extended to the base of the brain ; the brain was found protruding from the head, and very much softened ; blood was found under the dura mater , the pin mater was much ii jected ; the lateral ventricles of the brain contained some pus and serum mixed together there was an iufusion of blood over the ei.?ire sm I' ce of the brain, extending to the rue. dullsobloPtaia. These wounds were produced h blows, and ? e s'lfheitn't > produce death 1 saw the pri-oner on the Si.h, end h- ip. eared very much d?jected ; I don't think this man rouiu uuve lived under ai.y circum?tan< . ?, dim V ?>i s< b-r"; Iit Leary say that he was very sorry tor Vi'Donoiixh. Or Isaac 8 Smith i-vorn. I wns called to see James M'Doneugb at 7 Cannon street on the 09th October last.? Dr. 9. confirmed Dr. Archer's opinion. He said?I r?moved ten pit Cesol the shuil The prosecution here ret td. Mr. Barbkr opened the case for the defence, which is understood to lie violent provocation? (a blow having been struck with a gun by M'U. about an hour before)?or insanity supervening ironi the blow. Richard G Hawkins, sworn.?I was subposnaed here on the part of the prosecution ; I resid- corner of Ludlow tnd Stantoa streets. Leary and McD > no ugh had been in company together pretty much all nig ht, between three and six o'clock Leary picked up a gnn in the room, and said something about it; showed it to McDonough ; McDonough took the gun from him,and said Leary knew nothing about a gun; ami told Leary to act as Captain.and put him through the military exercises ; McDonough told him to say "present arms"; as Leary said the word, McDonough hit him over the head with the barrel of the gun; it made a wound about an inch long oh his forehead; it appeared to stun him a little; Leary said when he reco vered from the blow he didut think McDonough did right, i >r Hi- whs ? larger muu tnnn ne whh; u? hi i mn muw hurt him considerable; McDonough also catehed hold of Deary and pushed hirn out of doori, and kicked him three times; Leary had a cap on at the time he (tot tha Mow; previoni to going through thil military exercise VJcDo nough had Seen throwing dice; McDonough wu every way moi e ahle ho<lied than Leary, who is lome '10 or 32 yean old; Deary lived with my father IS month*; was always very civil, very mild when nober , not wry quarrelsome. Cross-examined by Mr. Smith.?McDonough ami the party (hut Dot Deary) had been playing that night; they commenced about 11 o'clock; at the time of the blow from McDonough he said he did not mean to hit him ao hard ; Deary laid he would have satisfaction sometime or other; McDonough said if Leary should raise any weapon to bim he would kill Leary; the latter threw a atone through the window and hit McDonough on the arm; there was some further qnarrelling. Dr Oi't?inn 8. Btneoaa, sworn.?I have practised medicine in this city since 1980. Dr. Bedford was asked as to the eflect of a blow (as Mc.Donough's upon Deary) in deranging the mental faculties. The Doctor knew so little shout this case that his answer was necessarily somewhat vague Dr. Valkxtive Mott, affirmed.?I have practised medicine nearly 40 years; the case of McDonough's blow upon Leary was stated to him. and the Docor said serious consequences might result within an hoar or two from such a blow. The Doctor's testimony waaof lome length, but it was difficult to make it bear very forcibly upon the present case, owing to his not having seen the case; every variety of result might take plaoe. Dr June W.Smith sworn?Such a blow might produce coucti'sion, or a shock upon the brain, which would affect the mental faoulties; inflammation is the result of concussion Dr. JontsR. McCotts, sworn?1 saw Leary at the tombs; hi? health ? ni aevevely wfected; I tnongni ne niigm u?in live to come to trial, and that ha wu going into consumption; the wound upon hif head wni an inch or two long: it muat hare been a pretty hard blow to have produced auch a wound. Dr Divin L. Rnnrna awom?1 harepractlaed medicine in thia city aince ltfJS; tuch a blow might produce a dieorder of the mental factilliea. Some other witneaaea were examined, hut pothing new developed of amy importance. Meaara. Banana ami Judge EDwaan* aummed up for the defence. Mr. Smith lor proaecution. Judge Knur charged the jury. In the couree of hie charge he laid down thecaae very tally and clearly, but pronounced no opinion na to what degree thla caae came tinder. He alao recapitulated the facta of the caae. The Judgedidnot aeem inclined to admit theJuatneaa of the plea of insanity <n thia caae, and did not an interpret the vague opiniona given by the phyeiciana. He alluded, in th?- clone, to the prisoner's tinitorm geoa character. The jury "were out twenty fire minute*, and brought in a verdict of manslaughter in the second degree, the pun. ishment of which in imprisonment Irom lour to seven year* The Court propnaed to pa** lenience immediately, no exception having heen taken during the trial. Thi* ?? assented to? the prisoner <va* arraigned and the Judge told him that the Court entirely concurred in the decision I , ol the jury, and he wa* pleased also to add, that the Jury I I entirely disregarded the pie* of in?anity, which in tni? I case had no merit at all The Court sentenced Jam.* I , Leary to hard labor, in, the state pnaon at Mount ri?a. | ( | sant, for seven years. ^ * LD. Prt?? Two CtDtl. Wry * ?'> for on" <i?y' w?'kIt in proper here to in) , tl'.nt Jn.luc E IwtriU vu tinior counsel for th>' 'let. nee, ?"J thnt it iibm flr?t ippetronco in n criminil cjseiroc" ho left the judge's ?**t. II* appeared to have loit but little of hia meotol f?*<ilti?*. ?nd ledoed mode very feroroble impression. It wn oUn?nt to see him out again. Theatrical Movements. We condense all the threatrical movements throughout the country. In New V-.rk, Forrest and Miss Josephine Clifton have jutif finished "lirir engagement at the Chatham theatre. \VV have not heard what their future movement* will be. rhe Brougham* are at the Parli theatre, and so is young Vandenhi <7. Haekett ia travelling out towards Niagara Falls, d-iivering lectures u mn the drama, and picking up bits ol rv<tu.>'and bus of gold by the wuy. Among musical [leop'e there is much more in the way of niterebi thun there mnmong theatrical people. If uracil, who has created euch an excitement in the muaical world, hue just returned trom Boston and the linst, where he haa given fifteen public concerts, and probably cleared 8fi,000. He starts tomorrow tor Albanv and the west Mrs. Sutton is preparing to give her farewell con- * cert in this city to-morrow evening, preparatory to her departure for Italy, which will be m a few months She is one of the most splendid vocalists that have ever appeared in thta country, and we have no doubt she will be fully appreciated where she is going. The Rainers are at Cincinnati giving concerts. The remains of the Italian company, from Havana and New Orleans, have arrived at Cincinnati, where they propose to give six concerts. They are on their way to New Yoik. They have lost some of the leading stars of their company, such as Salvatori. Madame Rossi, ami others. They will probably be engageu at th- P irk theatre in opposition to the French opera at NibIo*H Saloon. Signor Nagel gives his last concert in this city tonight. He leaves in n few days for Bremen, or Hamburgh, and then Stockholm. He haa met fill, < ??? ?nd #f i>a? .../J nil iwaae in tlltO AAitnfVW IJ wiiii gicui aiiuiirnci ?r a ouiucoo m hiid u'mmj. will be assisted in Ida last concert by Mona. Nourrit. rnif# French '"nor, who is highly spoken of. The Sequin* are peiforrning at Baltimore. K isley and son, the famous gymnasia-musters,who dodged the Guudalonpe earthquake, are peilorming a short engagement at Boston prior to their (lepartuie for Furope. The Ravels were performing at the TaconTheatre, Havana, on the 25'h ult. They had juat arrived trom Matanzas, on their route north During the pnst season there have probably been performed in this city nearly 100 concerts. Still there is a general languor in all musical and theatrical amusements. The legitimate drama seems to be still in the decline ; and we know of nothing that would draw well in the way ot amusements unless it he the appearance in this country of some Tagli?ni, Dumilatre er Grtsi. Curiosity is very great to sea either ot these danseuse. Literary Notices. Hkthrria, or Lettrr? on thk Troth of Catholic Doctrines?By C. C. Pise, D D.?This in a very eUgantly got up volume, just issued from the press of Mr. Dunnigan, of Fulton street, one of the principal Catholic publishers. The letters are written in a very pleasing, graceful, and' spirited style, and will doubtless be very popular arr.ongit members of the Catholic Church. They al?o deserve perusal by other denominations. One great merit of Dr. Pise's work is that it is entirely Iree Irom bigotry and sectarianism, and is in that respect a good model for controversial writers. Illustrated Natolron ?D. Appleton & Co. have this day published volume 3 of their beautiful edition of Napoleon's Life by M. Laurent de I'Ardeche, member of the Instiiu'e of France. The work contains 5(10 illiiniraiions, besides twenty original portraits executed by Horace Verne', the celebrated artist of France. The price of this work is onlv fit) cents. We arr clad to see th? nonular stsn Ward worku arsuining the pyosrnl chcou |i?nn.?(July I one more volume to complete the work. Wreck of tub Bare Brunette.?The Quebec Mercury of the 10:h inet , gives the following particulars from Cup*. Thompson Crr St Paul's Isi.srm, ) Brig Portia, April 'Jtth, ISO. J GCNTLEMKK:? I 4(11 hoi ry to inform you if the loaa of the bark Brnno'fe, on the al*ive named Island, on the evening of the JMtta. All hand* saved, but 1 believe, at the present nron.ent, we will have to abandon every thing about the wreck. On the '^7th, at P M., fell in with heavy ice, aud then 1 took in all sell, hut tlin twa donhlo-resfed tonsutls? laid thr one tops*!.' "'"tck, and th" other lull, and Ju?' going easy as we could to keep clear of tho ice. Abe nt haif-paat. eleven at u ght, on the J7tli, the mate aud two handh looked out forward, myielf ait, we heard breakers, the fog being to dense 'nut we could see nothing; we put the helm down und she cume round, Plied the mamvard and set the courses; in 4 little it fell caJrr, an 1 aha was hove stern on the roeks, and filled directly ; we could aoe nothing till sv e w < nt ashore off the spanker boom end. We are upon the middl-of the Island; tho water is over the rails, uuJ I tbn.k she will be all to pieces in a couple of days. F"V HAN OH Hi'TEL. fUTTBVlLLE, Pti.n ? J. > eEl I ZINOEa n sp-cHnll? announces >o tee travelling foTrmm.ily th-i he Veepa tl.-t 'srii and splendid oltaUilbment ih r.i'hiogr H tel. sir ate el the -inter of Cent t and l.'al'owhili sir?is, u'-"r v o i>osi s the Town Hall, in tli? Bor ough ~f Prtttsnlle, nhirh li?s teen tho oghlv r?paired ?id mati naUv tin. rovrd fo- he 'rcuamt "tisn of visitors. The hotel is forty Pet front on Centre ttrert and one handled and thirty eight feet froui on Callowhill, three stories high; it is admirably pror'ded with colors, siUibc rooms, readiaa room, SDd large airv ehamberi?(he most spacious, pleasant sod eoorement dining roots in the country?a new and superior bathinK establishment?and ereir convenience and comfort to render it in all respects a most atsirable hotel. The stabling attached, is large and well const'acted,and superintended bv eiperienced and attentive hoatlere. Horace and e.mages may be had at any time to convey persons to any part ol the conntiy. An omnibus tnra from this hotel d?ily, to and pom the depot to meet the can, for the uecoinmodrtion of persons traveluac on the Railroad No cha ge for otnnibns fare to this hotel. Potisvilie, May I, 1843. ml lm'ee KUHSViLLE BUAKDINO SCHOOL, BTAl?N ISLAND. WWKSTTHORP respectfully informs hia friends and tho public, (hat his schoo' wi I reopen on the 1st of May. P.rents and gnardiaria are a'so ir formed W. W. risires it a point ol conscience <> bus- , in rery possible way the morals of children committed to 1 is care, from fonr to twelve yean of age Rending, writing, ur'hoy "phy, arithmetic, geography and grammar taught. I he loce.t on it delightfal and healthy; lha orchard, gardens ted pit' ground are spacious; about tea inmates walk from the Ian" .if. The steamboat Raritan leaves Barclay street e' erv ' .y at 1 o'clock,tor Kotiville. Terms, for board and tu on, including washing, $16 per quarter.piid in advance. 1 ference.a :? Kev band More. Stater lalai W. N. Seymour, t?q , 4 ",h*'h m Sqcarr. N.JY H-ury Stewart Sevaicr, Eac, , Sta'en laland. Wm I udlnm, Kiq Be< yman itrett. John Qmnn, Kri)., |i Manr'-- atreeL. Mrura. Colvil 1 ? .<1 F einin-. K?q., I? Cedar itreet. Capt Kdward Kerhet, ICeq , Hick* atre<t, Brook1. a. Mri. V'fini. 31 E'-ridve ?" cf New Vqt\. tfj im*r p"AMILY BuA"DINk 'I Hofit in tti' tnintry. A lady 1 who an riperencad reach, viilai i.i tar* into her family iii children a* ooarderi and aci.olari. She nil' >pare no peioi o render her home a plraaant home to thr pupil and to advance them in their a'ndies. 'very rfup?r altrmion wil' be pud to their he'lth and mora'# The location i> very healthy and retired. No day acholan admitted. IV ma moderate. Refer to?Mr. A. Arnnei, 143 Fabon at; N. Bum, Esq. No I Chamhera afreet ,'Mra. Pert, T8J Or?enwich "treet; M-a B. W. Hart, Si>7 Hooaton alreet; Mr*. Camberaon, lid Lauiena timet: and to Mr Jolinc J. Butler, ID John atrert, where P rma will he made known. m< tw'r A FEW (JK.NTLfcMEN of aleady be aeceinmo' dated with rood board and pleaaant room* in a private lamely, at lot Faltun atreet. Alan, a few day boadeia can ba aceemmodated ou thr moat reaaonalile term. A pallor and bedroom to let, with or withont board ad ee Fish hooks and fishing tackle?t. a j. DATE hare received by the late arrival* (Vom heir aaancfaetory. Kn?laid. a urueral aaaortment of.ay* tor F.ah Hooka aud Fiahina Tickle, which they offer for tale on the eheapaat , Ma,un Krlly'a (Dnblio) Limerick Hgoka; aaliaon. but black, week, trout. pickaril. and cat r?.h Rook*; patent ilk net;hemp noil grass Lines; rode. reele, nann.'? V nil Flic*; salmon and trout 8 looda on giin, ; double end an* gle Outt, with a yarieiy of artielea, suitable for AfMntao Fishing Superiordrilled eyed :Needles ,K iin'r T It J B ATK. 7H Mvdeo la*e. wr> states. often for Mile, wholesale and retail, UN lbe of Gorman Silver, at the lowest market prices. . C7- lo consequence of msnn factoring the article kimstlfhe can warrant it far superior to any ever before manufactured in litis country, and fully equal to the imported aUlm*m IAMK8 G. MOPPET, 111 Pimce ?i.. Ntw fork. has JT J ways on hand and offtrs lor nil by wholesale and rsttil, a the lowest market prices, ?ii 5? _ German Silrer of different thiekneeeee, a rery tupersoi aw tide ; Sheet Brass ; Plate's do; Coopers' Brass ; Pail Ban end Ri rets ; Umbrella, Paraael and Shade f ereirare. Umtnd Which he warrants in quality equal to any m toe United Sutes, and of his own ft*"" V" 'i.r*7 ?I relied at ike short. (T7" Oold.Silyer. and all kinds of metal, rolled utMtMr* si notify EV(iLI - H Will TTT>.A P-M?cgs rery superior q.alter English loOHL?LL k MINTURNB, ? ft 8cmt> .tjet W=wwan pi ati S ' D'H'S PLATES 1?Those in >wto e'"-?paud eershte "iiTer P'alrd rBr?*lwy?' Pure c-nXa h^b fmrle at ROBERTS' tins' rutin* F.iigni' og sod Door rtetc E.f b'iihm nt Ii7 Bowery V, v'|. i?i,k: iiuthers, a ? w \?d beiuulul aruele tor anmn.r.Mdwell.Li ch -rd. ^"VeWKTow.^, TO THE LOVERS Of BJTERIOR BLACK 1XAI Howgnt"! Mut,u?? tormelT dtlieiow ?d oni y?t l*d T?, ? ) hi*Wf cel?hr?i?d i i Chuui ?nd fcnrop#, !? ?* jorwd, ? "?? for ta!e ?t II* ( ?iIub T* Cwf''11?"*1 r? p'.M*hiub?*>', in chutHMX.n?? v-'-iS.TiV*?* PilM M hM ud t1 Mch U1

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