Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 18, 1843, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 18, 1843 Page 1
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TH | ol. IX.?Mo< 135 ?Wkol* la. IMS. To til* Public. THE NEW YORK HERALD?-daily newspaper?published ?very day of the year except New Year'? day awl Fourth ef July. Price 3 cents per copy?or |7 36 per an num?postages paid?cuh in advance. THE WEEKLY HERALD?published every Saturday morning?price cent* per copy, or $S 13 per annum .'Outage* paid?cash in advance. ADVERTISERS are informed that the circulation <X he Herald ia over THIRTY THOUSAND, and incruusiwa ast It hat the largett circulation of any paper in thii city, *r the world, and it therefore the heti channel for banner am in the city or country Price* moderate?rash in ac ranee. PRINTING of all kinda, executed at the moat moderate prices, and in the most elegant style. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, PaoraiKToa or tsr Hiiild Eitablishmcist, Northwest corner of Fnlton and Nassau streets JtdL TO LET in Williamsburg? I'hr whale er nn t ol a If !l a Dra< three story b'ick Dwelling Hoar* in South 7th Jt'JUR it n??r 4th si., rent very low Apt ly to W. St J T T>pscntt, 43 Pork slip. m 7-oc ~Jmh ' HOU8r.fl Tw LET AT VORKVlLLf ?a urge |- house# on the rornei ol BAth street end Id avenue; either T'tlLof tl out is calculated for a public house, grocery 01 privine residtncr. On the premises is a fine stable, bowling alley, and a fine Harden. consisting of 8 otn, with grain* vines and fruit trees thereon hor terms, inquire of JOHN A. MOKKILL. Esq., m>?wr No II Ubsmhsrs ?t. MTO LET?The .Mansion Mouse at Bhwiaioitd le lr>.own as tne " Abbey" situ ll.d a sh rt <i.tance above h- sit mile stone, iusc above Btryker's Bsv, and nearly opii. ?.te St. Michaels f'nurch The place is well known as one ol the most delightful situations on the Island, and ia rema-kebly hea thy in the umincr season. Toe Hloomiagdale stestes pass and rrpais the gate every hour iu the day. The gate is new, au.l numbered lOl. The tent will he in accordance with the present state of the times. A ply on the premises, or at 113 Chambers street. N Arrangement conld be made, il desired, by a satisfactory tenant, to let a pari of the lornitu.-r now in the house remiiu, er a ixirtof the house will be rented separately. in 16 lm*r TO LET?The fire proot onck store. No. its ?ouih at, with immediate roas-aston if required, apply to WOODHULL A MINTURN, m"4r 17 8-mth street. MT'l LET OB FOR MALE?A three awry m?oeiti built biiek dwelling i noir xn' state wi h two 1'iia of X>on'id a'e-ched. itua'ad in Williamsburg, ahout two minutes walk f om cb? Perk dtip Ferry Ap "ly on rhe premises, corner of Fourth and Mouth-Eighth stree's Williamsburg, or o W. it J. T. TAPBCOTT. a 4r 43 I'er slip. jh? b'lBI.O'S GARDEN?0OO Donb'e Dxhl is ol errrr Kg shad- and hue, .1' >5 rents e rh Hos-s of the ehoicesi ,.ijk ki>ds for Par or or G id<n cubur- ; a w an I choice Geraniums in great rari- r ; Veibenss, of eaary snadr nd tmt i Ranunculus, "b n*ies, P imuLes, Polyanthus aplrnd'd Caciu-, Chioea Az>leu*, Stc i I full hi wn aud beaulv ; 33,600 plants, on ike h>w? at te m< f r ca?h : Tuberose, isl<di,lo?. Tigs Kloeera -nd Amar lis Hoots : Vines 01 choice kinds lor cove ring arb"-?. All 'he new una choice an nn il, biennial and uereutii. Fl 'Wer 8e<da. man* of which are yt t scarce in Ea r< p- ; Ir ah imported v-e etvbla 8-.eds, of-very dear b'a kind; red nod wh <.e Ch yer. T mo'hv, HoJ Top and It li-n by Oris* ; Bod Me-d "f a'l kinds ; fancy Bird Canes and Birds in rieat Tsrot ; Gobi Fit" aud Globes of various s tea ; 200 lbs Frepe white .lunar B et ured, for notk. All oi onr liirndssid he public era invited lo call and examine b-fore pu rh-aiii rh-wieni, tn!4 6 *r au| 6.UIW) Uresnh inse Plants Will or ? Id cheap f ir cash hy wHrhr s'ibscrihe'. a No 313 Bruadw ty. corner of Anthony iiti i - lul u line co lect'on will be touud, among other rare plants, a very fine as'Orrcn nt of monlhly a d anunai rosea; gnch ? ? hite a-id red meai. Yellow Harruon.C i 'rage G'e"ille, Mol.iflora. Yellow Tea, Yellow Noisette. 1 nvmiih o< Lenobug, Tea Bougere, viadsme Hersanre, Reine l ie de Boar hon.and a great variety of o her roses; G-raninma. Azaleas, C?pe Jessam n-i,Callaa Csetuaca, Pittosporums,Passion Vines, Corbeaa, Tuehaiaa. Heliotroiiea, Camellias, Heahs, Daphnes, Carmat ona. and a great variety of olhi r plants, all oi which will be found in a moat healthy and 'hriftv condition. Also, a fine lot of .Tube Hoses, Malabar Viuea, and Garden Pinki. Persons purchasing at wholesale will be liherslly dealt with. The la'.ies in particu ar and amatears in general are invited to esli and examine tHs colloctien, of which there will be daily rec- ived a fresh seppiy Bouquets will be made up. on notice being given a day rrevktts H. M. LEVBNOSToN, mlS6t>m 96 h gtrer . Thiid Avenue. esg FARM eOR BALE?Tne be witul imnroveu HickHH|oit Uiovi-Farm eitu*ted in the town of Mnmr>ro-ech, sdkw tVea'c'irstrr couuty. 'hre# miles east ?f New Uoch He, a few minutes walk 'rem the Boston turnpike, counsti' g o' 60 acres of choice I nd, ten of which is wooil land; handsome d-u.le two stnrv house, teu rooms. The house is sur ouudi-d with name ou< cherry, pin nb, te ar and other fruit trees, rogeflier with Ati biiiiIb ntrli rd rvf lht? rJi.iiPPif k nd TIip ran . i'gi ?r-aW i first rat? r pair; a handsome garden in front of the house, laid ont ?i*h box and grave walki throughout, and u necked with all of the rarest shrubbery, flowers, Ike ; liandsome lawns in front ?nd tear of the house. The iskory grove stands on a ruing ground, twenty rods distance from the bouse, with beauii at lot v trees, aud is kept as oUasnre gronod, having a good view or the Lot g island Sound Th s place is well woitniheatt n'ion of any gentleman wanting a country residence. For fuither information enquire of ROBT LKWH, eerier Junes lane and South street, or of Captain SAHUKL CiRQv Kg. on the piemises. m?Tot*r mtm FARM FOR SALIC. conta'niug lorty acres, thirtyVSQI f've under cnltivalion aud the balance a good growth of *aaaw wood. On the premises is s hoove in good repair, a new coach house and a lame barn In front of the boose is au excellent well ef water, secured from the weather by a new well hoose, and a fine lawn in front of the boose. On ihe above described firm is fruit iu abundance, such as spples, cherries, pears, quinces, currants, gooseberiies, he. The above farm is two riles from the steamboat Undine, one tr m he town of Hye, on ihe North street road. A full view nl the Sound ; can sea two light hv uses when lighted; is in rvdry respect a desirable location for a gentleman's residence. This faim is in Westchester Conn'y. Call on the premises, oi on Mr. J. H. WELCH, S4 Leonard street, alH lm*ec or si the Police Office. R*. N. *CH?LTEMA, SMETb UI Broadway, op osite the Park, resiiecifull / inlorms her custon.ers and the hdies generally, that the has juir received by ihe U'e a>rivajg fro Paris, sevcal esses, comprising a large and splendid assortment of Millinery, Embroideries, Bilks, aud other New Oor.ds for Dresses, Laces and Fancy Goods, of all descriptions. N. B ?Is the Dress Making Depnttnent all orders promptly executed in tbe newest and most approved French "tyle, being superintended by a I dy whahisjuai srnven. and who ha-had ei'-ermre ii t e moat fashionable French homea. Wi'l open sevvrsl cases of French Milrnery. Mo idav, Mav lit'?Co sisirn-i of C prttes, Terla'an Dresses, sple did nnb < idsred Cap- for ladies, of a verv new siyle, courtly diflarenr iran aav before offe ed; rich B true Dresees. t hildrv ?' Ha's, and a general assortment f iaucy articles, which will be ju's'. a very' low price a- usuto It lm*ec PALVIO'S"ARCAT E Bf?TH, 39 HAMB R *ThEET rpHE GENTLEME.VB SdhOu.h NOW OPEN.?Great J- Roduc ion Bsths ?5 cents. B iths with robes or sheets 37)4 " 24 ticke for- $4. The subscriber htvirig leased tie shove eiublishmen', for a term of years, hu cop rocnc d in p-nvemrnts nn a scale which when ompleted, w Ml. he flatters himself, vie in taste, in costly elegai ce ?n. m-gplficeore, wi'h any iimilaresrshlishtne nt in ihe woil ; hav ug tinted the be?t coottnced ba h?ii Europe, he feel- iw hesitation iu assmi'.a his feliow cilix us that ihe s in alien has for the pas' thirty vears acuaud im in pr in ling (uo matter at wl at cos'.) the most apim.di in u ions for r eir soviet eorrfert *?d conv ,si net-, hall net, on tbe pies' ut < cc ii n be )o?t sight of, aud tint to lha impr -v. m-o s ande'-g ncies uf th? Emo, tan Balis, he wi I tike ihe I beity of adding I" m t e nv. n'lve r<so? ces of til* own eulriv tru an<> wail km wn aite.all that lie has . hscived warning to render thr uieul nf abaih lEe '*nr pins u tit" of pi-rfic n n The La tea Hal ouwdlhe in reabuesj i-- a few d<ys. A fu 1 dtsenpiioo of be va/itd impr v, mvuu wil* be given when ?<impl'<e d, aid Use whole th own op< n f r 1 uhhc ins action. ~ml43mee KK.RD/NAND PALMO. CORBYaN'S COTIALrE, STRYKER'S BAY. IS NOW OPKN, audio tall oprrati u, lor the Spring and riuiBB-r >Kiioiii. Uur ngthe wiwer many alterations and improremrn's hare been mudr which it belies, d and materially to the comfort ofvisit-m ? .... t . . A SaLOO^ for y-6ve feet in length hat been ercr ted for th? accoiu odaiion of large parties at dinners, sapper*. eonCers, 01 cotillon* A scpaiot entrance has been opened for the bar, reudering lb ladies' p?rb-rs Met md selr cted. Oi th- Witsss, Liqu as, Confkcti hames CaaaMt.ltc., lie , it is oi ly sece ssiv to ?ny. trust wi" tic. as he.cloture. Oh THE TfcRT FIKrt'r QUaLllY Civil and ooligitig aileudautJ are engaged, md every effort aili be i,rd to sustain the epnlatiou house lua already acquired, and to render a Visit to COttB tit's COTTAGE desirable and aatisf <ct..rv. An imiiua'v every "unday stSo'clock. Ti kets S<i eenfa. (T^P'ryker'a B?v i sltnated on the Denss nl the Hudson, six m let I rum th City Hall,by the Blooiniund-tle ro?d Hitgea ' Siart ??t ry hour from .he ol Ttyuu tlace and Ch -thani street. F?re US cents. nn3 lmt ?|'Hfc KRk.Nl H ArvD A vi^hicaN e ATI <) HOUSE, 1 No It *ud M Nassau street, b twe. u M d.uiaiie <nd Jolnnr.e, is 11 w or lha sommtr niontlisthi.ruaxhly re lipd, h klteheulo be alt-red to toe West India plan, ul ho ur the tame in the reir of thr ho tea to p eveeit ne ouor and best fr?ui cooking, wh-oh is in geu> ral ytry offeus Te in must ea i. g he.tuts?and >he di.ung saloon enlarged anu d corated in a lapenot Kiel eh style, with ma ble ta let, snperu oil pam'tnas, m.rhli stitneaof General Washiigt- n, kc ; where upwind. "I ilper-onseao with makes this house one of the most genteel, superb and enmf table es in the lluion?wlitr from 6* 10 70 dishes are d i y se re 1 np. fro?. ? o-uu ?nd npwa da; the best .lava Cof f-e rt.d'hr fiurst bl .ck l'sa at 3 cenisa cuo; the bsstClarei Wine at 6 cents a small bott e, It . The Hub?ciiher, tentib e if the trnth that retrenchment i. the > i dri ( lie day, it confident thai do pace ex.alt where in,-alt . f tilt d tcripiiun fnrniahrd at hit houte can be .n p tted furh.wness ol'ch harm breu lite -tst ant aim tueudraTo to ca.ei at ilie mo i economical prices It it useless to mrot.o nu.r. ,th feme f hit Hume ben g I ng since estah'iah. d at the first?fits d tor |> iou iu tnis ci y Those iu doubt of the anine c m i.e c ari m d by the crow d, of gentlemen of the tint rei.p?ct?bility pint dai y res-r ti ere Wi h ih'uks toe generous -nd d.arrnniiiatir g pnhlie for then past a> d tl .iieiinx f ro s, the subs, rrb-r, d'-tir at of r.-tsiniug a ci-uti lit. ce of pt rouage, freeiV tigus i imi- f mlllwt nge.ireej ?HfcN 4 y ooguNO PHG I OURAPH PORTRAITS ? Dr. L.~ M. CVHUH the iairntni of this new art, prodncrs by it not only a correct iileneit uf ths oiigiiul p rtr-it but tlso a purity of-if. ill i a hril i.ncv ul c . oiii.g, w> ich I. rs r, att t'i* ch. f-u'usnr . ? ?wlieh r ancient oi m. dem?of the most e. Irbr tedarii?t? Grateful I rih i-QCi.n -ge.orut he hit r?c in-d fnunlu- uun.eroi.t frieudi r.nd the gme a' y D . C >1 Cyue would f.iu iufom them ih it he has fitted up, for the acennitnod lion of l idiet, a suite ol rooms in P<ik Piece Home, come d.f U..... .-.. . .. I...... h. rnti, ki. .k.l, ... k... C !. . ?? ilit h tmiori to-ll who miy . oujrhim with tin ir I .?or?, will r him a continuance of the i*tron.>g,- hithtiiu eo liberally beeuiwtd m him. 'I'ne Un .tin *"' iDitrociion in e?r ry d.|wrtm*nt of the D guetreotyp* *"<) Poyt k< t'h'C nr. l ot uintu .fn t Jiiog pot tr.i ? on a largo 01 ?m II ae le, for a.,lr a? aim the mreaaary chemical r re f r tue taking of pgri aiu in Phyl..gfop aotcoinrt. Terms moderate. mlt I n? r "pKflNl I|H' lATfcNT LtHK Lattice [So 1 * Wall meat Mil "D^U Dfc KLKIJR D'OHANUIt k MADKIMA WlMfc' h? HI. K. qUIDOKT. No. M Clinton atreet. at ?> ml ia*m 4 "R fV R NJ iSicT. ,l* **"1 bf itfularly dispatched from hence and from Mai eiMea en the lit of each inonih during the year, thus-? . _ ? Frem New York. Maraeillea \!IN1RT A, Capt Brown, N'MT 1* Jan 1 Cap Sylvester, Dec I. Feb 1 r.?ySMn.%Jan I. Mar 1 rRE.SCOTT, Cap: Lawreree, Feb 1. Apl 1 Marl Mayl (JKIOLAnUD, bap Haili, Apl 1. Jun I Thry are all ccpperee Mid copper untuned .and hare en-eller ncoimnodatious for pxaaeuyeraThe price of cabin pass-wr will he flO? raclnaive o winri nd liquors Goods addressed to UO^ M N HIM' liEV the a iteuia. l*il >e forwarded free of aher harget than thu?e ctnally paiu. For ireu'hi or passage apply io O. HHDOM & CO.. or to o?r BOYD it HlNCKK.V Agent* OLD LINE LIVERPOOL PACKETS. PHE OLI^oVlE of PacUe^TTLirerpoo^nnlereafter be a despatched ia tha following order, excepupe that wheu the lay of sol lini, falls cn Sunday. tue allien will tail on the sneered on day. For New York. For Liverpool. Tha SOUTH AMERICA, (June 1 July 19 S16 ton*. {Oct 1 Nov 19 D. t?. Bailey, C Keb 1 Mar 19 The ENGLAND. a June 19 Auk 7 740 tows, \ Oct 13 Dec 7 B. L. Waite. f Keb 19 April 7 The OXFORD, Uuly 1 4ug 19 9<M tons, < Nov 1 Dec 19 J. Kathbon*. f Mtucb I Lpril 15 The fc.l> UQPE IJuly >9 Sepi 610 tous, ' Not 13 J/u. 7 E. O. Marshall I Mar 13 May The NORTH AMERICA. Aug 1 Kept It 6l(tous. 'Dec 1 Jan It A. B. Lowber.l April 1 May It The NEW YORK, Auk it Oct 7 900 ton*. .Dec 19 Keb 7 T. B. Cropper.I April IS June 7 The CAMBRIDGE, Sep. 1 Oct 17 650 tons, ' Jan 1 Kelt 17 W.CBarstow.i May 1 June 19 The COLUMBUS, I. Sept 19 Not 9 700 Una, \Jan 19 * Mar 9 O. A. Cole. May 19 July 7 Punctuality, a* regards the day of sailing, will he observed as Heretofore. The price of passage outward is now fixed nt Ou< Hundred Dollars, Tor which ample stores of ever* description wi|l be proTided, with the exception of winex and liquors which will be 1' the stewards. GOODHUE It CO., 61 South st.. C. H. MARSHALL. St Burling-slip, N. T ielt lyh BARING *HUTH^RS A CO.. LSp?ol. TAPSCOTT'S GENERAL PASSAGE OFFICE, 43 PECK SLIP, NEW YORK. ^ m m M The subscribers ben to call the attention of their irieuds and the publie generally, to their su|>erior arrangements for bringing out passeuaer* train, ami remitting money to, au> pW of England, Ireland, Scotland or Wales, in tne magnificent packet ships, comprising the " NEW LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS," VIZ.>Ship KOSC1U8, Capt. Cullius. Ship 81DDONS,Captain Cobb. Ship SHERIDAN, Captain Depeysier. Ship O ARRICK, (.aptain Skid ly New shin HOTTINOUER, Captain Bursley. Ship SOUTHERNER, Captain Wood house. Ship ROCHESTER.Captain Pelurcr. New ship LIVERPOOL. Captain Eldredgr. Sailing twice every month; and with the" UNITED LINE," composed of superior first class American ships, tailing evert ten days, will make 6ve ships in each month throughout the year, (or one every six davt) thereby preventing the passi osluv of unnecessary detention. Passages direct from Loudon, Bristol and Greeuock to New Also from Liverpool to New OrleaiM, Mobile, Sava" ". iVsiod. Philadelphia, Boston and Baltimore, and the varto > ' Oi'-s in British Nortli America, can at all timet be engaged an ill-era I terms. Persons wishing to send for their friends, will not fall to see the advantages to be derived from selecting this line in prefer ence to any other, and they may rest assured that unusual care will be taken to make the passage agreeable, the ship* being rutea up wiui on eye eoieiy to me eomiortof passengers. Id all eaaea whe (the part ire seat for decline coming, the money will be re ended without any deduction, aa nsual. A free passage Irom tlie various seaports of Ireland and Scotland eaa also be secured. The regular packets for which the snbaeribers are agents, sail as follows, viz >-To and from Loudon on the 1st, 10th, and 20th of each month. To and from Liverpool oa the 1st, 7th, 13th, 10th, and 25th of each mouth. New Orleans, Mobile, Savannah, aa Charleston, weakly throughout the season. REMITTANCES. Persons in the country wishing to send money to their friend* by enclosing the suui they wish sent, with the name and ad dress of Che parlies to receive it, m. y rely on a draft for tin amount being forwarded per first packet, after the receipt thereof, and an acknowledgement for the same returned pet mail. Drafts at sight, for any amonnt, are payable on demand, without discount or auy oth, r charge, at the National and Provincial Banks of Ireland and branches, Eastern Bank of Scotland, Greenock, and their branches, Messrs. James Bu't, Son It Co., Bankers, Londen, Exchange aud Discount Bank, Liverpool, and in every principal town of Great Britaiu and Ireland. Further particulars made known on application, if by letter, post paid, to W. It J. T. TAPSCOTT, d5y r <3 P ek Slip, ri.roer *o?t it. PASSAGE FROM GREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND M Ha VINO compfeud extensive auu import ui arrangement* r bnngiug out passengers fiotn the old country, th-- stibscri'-tr, can with confidence i- form those whouiav wis'i tosetth for friends to emigrate the present season (1843) that thrfy " I find it their interest t > make the neeessary arrangements f ih ihis li >e; being th- oldest or longest established ont of ins port, it is.well known that licit the arrangem utv are comiplete?the ships of the first class s riling weekly, aud the accommodations fitted up expressly for the comfort and couveui ones < i imiwngtn Should chute settled for decline coming out, the raassgc money will, iu usual, be refuuded to the party from whom it wee received without deduction. A free passage per eteainer from the various porta of Ireland and Scotland, to Liverpool, can be aecured il deiired. Ap Pl> l? SAMUEL THOMPSON. Old Kitabliahcil Pac ire Office, 273 Pearl at. Or to C. ORIMSHAW at CO. 10 Uoiee Piazzas, Liverpool. Drafts on London, Lneri>oo1, thr Natioual Bank of in i-u <1 Northern Banking Co. ud National nana of bcotianu, St sight, and for any amount. Apply as above. n g lin*r NEW LINK Ob LIV KHPOOL l AUEt l o. Tn g'lfrom New York on the 25th and Liverpool on the lllh Hf rach mtnth. ek &. M. m r ??h Nr.* Vui'.s. Ship GARRICK, Captain IVru. Sluddy, 25th Frbruaiy. Ship ROSCIU8, Captain John Collins, 25tli March Ship SIDDON8. Captai i E B. Cobb, 25th April. Ship SHERIDAN, Captain F. A. Depeysier, 25th May. From Liverpool. Ship 81DPONS, Captain E. B. Cobb, 13th February. Ship SHERIDAN, Captain F. A. Deneyster. J'lth March. Ship UA11RICK, Captain Wm. Skiddy, i 1u. April Ship ROSCIUS, C'U'taiu John Collins, ISiN May. Theeca hipe are all of the liml class, upwards of ISM lens, Duiit lithe city of New York, with such improvements a scombiur great speed with unnsual comfort fur passengers. Every care has bvcu takuR in the arrangement of tli?ii accomnuidatioru The price of presage hence is $100, for which ample ston-e will oe provided These ships are commanded by csiierieneed natters, who will make every rscrtion to give general ausfactioo Neither the captains or owneis of t' Ml . swill be respousi ole for ar y letters, |>arcelt or paekag. ssen by them, unless re gnlar bi 'ly of lading are signed therefor. For (might at naa'.sgt, apply to E. K. COLLINS It CO., 5* South ?t., New York, or to WM. It JA8. BROWN It CO., Liverpool. Letters by the packets will be charged 12H cents per single sbe? t; 50 cents per ounce, and ut wstianets I ceut each. Pi t m m4$ PASSAGE FROM OREAT BRITAIN AND I HE LAND BY THF. BLACK BALL OK OLD LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS. [Sailing from Liverpool ou the 7th and 19th of every month.] Persons wishing to send to the Old Country for their friends can make thr ueeeesary arrangements with the subscribers, and hare them come out in this suneriot line of Packets, sailing from L iverpwul uuctually on the 7lh and 19th of every month. rt ev will alto have a hrit rate class of American trading ?hii*. tailing every tix days, thereby affording weekly cominnmcation from that port. One of the finn { Mr. Jamet D. Roche) it there, te tee that they thall he forwarded with care and del oateh. Should the parties agreed for not come < at, the money will be retnrned to tbote who paid it here, *.ihoat any redue tion. Tne Black Ball, or Old Line ofLirerpool Pai-ets, compner the following magnificent Shun, vn r? The OXFORD. the NKW YORK. CAMBRIDGE, COLUMBUS. EUROPE. SOUTH AMERICA, ENGLAND, NORTH AMERICA. With inch superior and unequalled ai raugemeata, the tab cnbert coulideutly look forward for a continuance of that tapport which lot* hern extended to them to many yean, tor whiel they are grateful. Those proceeding, or remitting money to their relatives, car atall tiinea obtain Drafts at tight for any ainouut, diawn direct on the Royal Bank of Ireland, Dublin, aim on Meter*. PRE8COTT, OBOTE. AMES k CO. Banker*, London, which will be paid on demand at any of the Bank*, or their Blanche*, in all the principal towns throughout England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. to,,.., t CO 15 pulton street, New York, next door to the Fallon Bank. N. B.?The Old Line ofLirerpool Packets sail from this port fbr Liverpool on the let and 19th of each month. Parties retaining to the old country will find it to their comfort and tdvantage to select this favorite Line for their conreyonee, in preference to any other. dZ7 r -'HE NEW LINK. OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS. ML Ml ML M Te sail from New York lluh, and from Liverpool 5th of ssch mouth. Ship ROrHESTER, woton.. I ,.,u rnnip wo'n<hon>f, Ship HOTTINUUfcR. 10S0 ton?, icth March. Ira Buraelv, New .hip L. VKKPoUl. 1.50 ton.. :. lWh Apnl. New .hip , IM ton., May. The. tubatannal, tau tailing, tint clan ah..a,*11 built iu the city ol New York, are c uiiuandtd by uieu of eipeneuce ai d ability, an.. will be deapatched i normally ou the IStii of ea b n.ath. Tlinr cabin, are el.ant ami commodious, sod are fun ah * iti. whatever can conduce ? the en*-ami comfort of y> ate sera. Neither t e captain, or owner, of thc?? .hi . will be re, 011.ible foi any . arcel. or rtea.|te? aeut by tin i?, unlet, regular ill. Ming are signed therefore. Kor freignt or p.."*'- apply to WOODHULL It MINTURNB, (7 Sooth .'reel, New Yo k, orto PIKLDfcN. URIITHKKN ta ( O., fyyr Liveriool. A**1 PASSAUa. kOK LI V r H I'OiiL-?I. cam 13 JlaSW \|?4 ? A .men-lid ii ck< t abip will be d.apaiclio. .0 jUC^L.aiip amrely.a aooveher regular <lnv. iphudul nccommutlation. ior e.bin, aeco.d rabir nut M-.ragr ngeia, fer passage early application should be made onboard, otto w kj. T TAP8COTT, m9r 43 Pack Blip cor South at. wmr I? /\ v\ x \t ew york, thursday a 1\*ONEY TO I END.?ABKAHAM J J \CK?ON, Pawn "A Bioker, Nn 40 l!e?d? etrrrt, near t'r.i i lw y, lo?Ut money W u lege or small anins, as Diav he requited. on watches, jewea *3 1, silver ware, dry goods, wearing apparel, and peiaonel pre- lis petty of every description. all !in*re an CURLED HAIR, hair bating. " QO 000 ''OU^D-t S??'h a menc in Cnrlrd Hrir, #f v . >. rj I aa qn < ilia A'?i i aeuernl a sor'ment of qli if H .it S- a 'in ai.d rianred.'r m '4 30 inelira meluaivr, ee it inule fur npmilstema and c.biii -t make.a??cite 'Sivrly 'hai.uiac and always o> im <i loma'r hy u?, a JOHNSON St MKV'EN. til N i 14.' William ilreer. Older* ffm '.II par'a of the United States rtereteH p'Otni lly a* inil with fidelity. to? cnh app.oved city accept, nee* or othyr a? liti f.ctnry pa er, at fwi nou'ha m ] im'n o VVToo" 4111 I ' IlK-m. Si AND GENERAL JOB PR|STI\0 OEEIt E, l.i H6 OOL j 9 THEE T, NEAR EUL I ON. d> THE Pubac ib. ra reapecfu Iv infmu IJ|UI|I>U, P- rfumera. x( Mmufact'irera. liroca lid >(' rr* ih t 'h>y havr .mat completed the largrat and ni ?t apl'i.d d aaan tmentofX.lo _ grap1 ie I abrl* ??<-r poWln'" d in tnn . oumrr or Europe. Dea.l rtiMU be fu-uis'.cd with any quintiy ol labcla auiied 10 their aa?, '.t a? low i ic-aaac.n u I u <1 4 New d*i Ktia and pl.tte*. for all kind* of boaine??, Bi f?-cuiril 'u firs a ylr nl tin art. aud pti i ted id hroni.-, Tart- to Kfltad, plain and (hut v colon. * Conaameaare hntrillAtwaiM our pg?nrimen' Mbn pur , chaa.nK KiirKeive addition* are daily nalu g to onr preaeut J e laloaue 01 la ir a. jOU PRI\TI NO?Thair office la a'ao aupplieil wi'h eaery aa.iniy o1' t? |ie in c-.aaty for P i- r* C'ti n o?'? ve y deacipiiou 41 ifEaucyJob PriDinit i ircular>, haudb ll?, Willh ad-.bolaol fri ladi g. ?nd all kind* of mr resettle priuiina, eircuted on th ?e aonab'e terms. mi P-vT' N'T* Af'D PRt-'SS?Tbia man ine ta particularly th idtOMfl to the p-fatlo n r.r'? winch it ret cntri wi h I r- at on la i' fy a* d In n < : oti? no inn bailor ab(? print a pack of Si the be?t ii nir 1 d c i d" in two in note*, with r. e | at Superior poli hid aurfaie earda (m iuufictui. d eeprr-?ly tor | thia < ?(. bailment) 'nrtiiahrd and pribteil at the following j P'icea:? 100 Ciirda for fiO 'ettaa 3'0 Card* for $ 2"> 2'<0 do 73 ceuta 7 0 do I a>3 3(10 do tl O i 1000 do 2 00 ? [J77* Common Car ta at ltaa iricea. A? anga'ed Show Carda?300 dilf.rrnt kinda. atlitable for all an kin''* ol buainea* BHOWSON & CO ml5 lw?ec 3d Odd atrert, ne?i FuRon. A CHOTO - w ATEh?D \ Y"9 IK9T F> E rlfC M I.N D1A RUBBE'f Huaic It onfldei.My rrcvmm ndrd for A any piiriMigr* for winch teathrr t* uatd, and >* wariamrd to poa- /' ae-n the fi.ll nmt p OP-'itirs i lit It ia perfrc fy itahl nodei preaatire of the Croton. i? 2l It ia made of the aroogcat fabriea, aud will not mildew to injure tu thr leaat. and requires an at rtitinn. aa It ia not d-alroved by cemtrut in contart withoilnr f, gre??e, nor altffened by cold weathtr, nor cu the rubber de- m ci mpose, a* in'eriur article* ate ia no ci e uied. Should y, t he Icaat complaint be mbde nl |h> llnse, nit poaaea Q, ioK the ahoer proprrtita, it will be taken back, at any time in- a<1 aide o an m-niha from ita pnrehaar, ud otner guru in ex IK change wi.hoot chanre hir Ith. Cnnphig nd je'pipea will be attached wi'noul charge jt Buvera will note th-r we a'e ''ear'y aatiafitd thst this hoar ('he pr<>c a* of makin; wli ch ia unknnwu to any other i the trade) la juat toe ariicle long w?nud fo- Irading -?atrr "d many other liqinia. HORACE H DA Jtfc m'6'mT 9uec?a?or to R. ihnr7 I. R C. 43 Mun'nl.ane TAKERS OF THE V ROTO IS IVATER, WT "UhdTe 1)111(1 nufil th? Ut nf M?v in?t rttil* VV ar- yi'.fi.d ihal on the 2utl> iua'ant tin- ihn iting i.ff of the I water wpT bt- commenc-d in cues where payment shall uet * ha*e been previoualv made to 1st ot viay, 1814, at the office o( tlie Crnt*?n *q educi Boaid. >? In all instances wl e e the water shall he stopped the rspense l" ol cloat b and reopening the 'ernlea, mast be paid on a renewal m' of'he'icenses pa New York, May 13th, 1848, ui By otder A. B. BIOELOW M mlj iol*ir Fegia'er. Jit SAIL BOAT C.HAL,LEN'?E>?What i the m.t.e I A.e lhat't ihe tnh 1 When the smothered gro wis of disappoint- i ed inccees lurks in the bosom of man, he loses s'ght or atrial)'- w litv, prostrate* nimsetf. and in lurbnlent array dies unh< cded t) aud unknown. Anch is the condition of a certain bo-it buildr t of this city who seeks notoriety through annonvtnous eonuiiuoicatious The subscriber has lor ye*rs stood npou the contested ground of boat building, and long eiperience has taught him that "L'ree barks can Ten to e more. But little barks mast keep nea' shore." And when men think ihev cau core with hiin iu superior boat buildiug they mnst not'alk in pi'ablea, but b->ldlv meet him la' his office door,'here airange for the nnering test of prool; his challenges are always made in sood Uith.hia oat* to co> quer H Upon tin sriuciple he f rmi hia halwaru, and trow f >r the hua J1 dr-th'ime he offer* to ahow the aternof 'Tiouhler ' to any !}! boat I'rolioa eTer bnilt or hat ou hano, lor a trophy which will 1 richlv repay the tmeiinp nt. New where it your b'>aaied backers; where'* ?t nr own daunted courage?draw the Teil ami aho ' runnel to the world. P 8?One month's noticr, any distance under fif.T miles. 11 The "Troubler" can be seen at his bataar. c" (P 8 ) C. L. INU'H?OL'., mi itn'ee iftft w?'?ruwt TO fHt o<V>Ek Ok flit. 8ViL BOAT ' THOU BLEH "-The owner of ei 3E_^JKsdBL.lhe s.i i'boat ' Troukl. r" has trig r eeired J three oh dleuges Irom boat* built by Wm.Croha* within (he g_ la t*i* month*, and not yet accepted the same, it it v, Cresumed that in pabt'shirg his challenge to sail sgnutt any 0j oat ever bnilt by Crnlins, hu toweri g I agination haa uken a flight Irom the terra fir ma ol Water street to ilioee myittc ic- ri gious? m " Where the man by many odds, J, Obtains receipts from living gods." At soon u convenient after he he haa got a few more of thoee j? receipts, and descended frem ihit aerial manufactory of honors, it is hoped thai he will c -ndescend to notice some one ol the cha lenge* already given him * that" his sole ohieet of teet ^ ing ti e siiliog qua.iiiea of the boata" mgy be obtained?after which,if hi? ho isted " Troubler" does Dot prove a suffice nt tronbler to him by <ap?itinr his . epn ration as stie nas dene C herself, he shall 'henhave the opportunity npou his own terme, f 00 per day tor two days, of again seeing hia vanned oam? co lo'lowing in the wake of Win. ' rolint, at the respectful rate mi of three miles in eighteen a* it did last pri"g alMm* m ('? KARIC AND ? RtlGHT REDUCED ?? jMM 0* KEGOLAR MAll- LLNK?FOR PRO- .'ei J? AND B 'STON via STO*. kj lSCZ.!^UT()V AND NEW'OKT?ComiMM't ,,'j oltuc (Oil win* to. I finr steamer , running in connection with nn the Stoniuetnn md Boston and Hniiroada:? ... M A 1SACHUSFTT8, Cajit Comiuck. H"Onv. MUAMO. a, PROVIDE vCE |v\RKAO*NSETT. Cart Woolaey. 10l M'??E(JAN. Cepl 1 naver. "! <?ne of which will ea?e New Vnrk daily (Snuriaya except- ,,,, ed) irom Pier >o 1, Battery Place, .V (titer, at i P. M ARRANGE VIENT-*. to The NARRAOANsET I , Car ain Woolaey,oil Mcnonf, on Wcilocmiav ?uu F id ty (or ItMnlli n I Tne KHODK ISLAND, < anuin 1 luyer, on Tuesday and ? Tnurseay for_ Stoning! n, and Saturday Tor Hlnuingtou, Newport and Providence __ PaiarnKtra on the ar'ia1 of the at'amhoats at Htobingtnp, y will take ti e r.ii road* c?ra and prce?eii immedi itely to Poiv. iit'd if bound ('.? Newport will aa? ihe a r-m-r lolai " fiotu in-nee "i P iradrya, Tn iraJ.v, a and Saturdays,wilhont P? any additional c' arye Tickers *oi the mute and ateaniera'berth, can be arcured on ** buerd o UIMIiltld '!} mJImm H A H N DF. \ It CO.. 3 Wall itreet. th! I .Mft jOL ON NO FOLK.. RICHMOND, CITV OINT. fcr. Va. Sfeamer BOSTON I SBwaaJl^mZai a uiti h< linea.?1 he strung and substantial ,ju l ami'i tt a wo wih'DCe r *ul ir tups etweeu tee I York ai.d No f.ik, Va, le vii.j Ne* Vora every Saturday ' at 8 i'c ocli, A. M.und every Turaday | I'asiigt nd fire to or imm No.lo a, $10 Km w a'd "S<eug*ra di do t Pa'Mr? fr m liic mmd Ci't Point, *c bvoneofiho tiv riteiin ii iud ier B.iitoo from Norfolk '2 ( Forward pas-eiuen, do do 9 i'auiartr to Norfolk and haek, return 13 Korwaru Paeseug r.,- do do 12 |J Kreielit taken <ii the Urua'raiea. Ko. freight or laatiye ?|v ?f pl? tn h Cap am on hoard, or to WM TIT "KER, o m2 lu> e d WThHtK*. No 56 Broad Treat. **_ a> -am r OPi. K's LINE OK SI K AM BOATS Ai I tt^r"*Zj55*FO ALBAW-D-i v ! 7 o'cok, P. M ' ; T iflr ir '' r'- irecl ( Su?il*y'? ex- ept ri) Irniii l a ,t vi in .! I'm n> te en Cour ia. d: and ib-rtv at.eeia * S . ..m uat KOCHEMl'fK Cap' 4 Hunghtoc, wil'leave lv. | Moudat. Wedc-a'ae nnl Fridsv rvem-gt, at 7 'rloek. nt I team b-at -OUl'H AMERICA, < apiaiu LW B i m, in I will Vave TursJar, Thu.tday and Saturday evenings, at 7 rV o'clock. I I Stidiiib'iat NOtt'f H AMEBICAt Captain M H T, laud at intertn d'ate place*, will leave Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons. ?l 5 o'clock. ' Paatenxrrm ak inf (hla Line ol Boats ?ill invariably arrive in *' Albany iu ample time to lake the Mon.i-1 Train oi Cara lor ' the eat or weah [T^The an. A boats are new and inbst'Dtial, are fnrnuhed T" wiin new and el gam itate ino* a. and lor aped and accuunno- ' dano.-a are umivrtlled on ih Hanson ate For passage or freight, apply on board, or to P. C. flehnl x at wi the office on the wh-if. mire al' NEW TURK AND KINO* i ON 8 t KAM FKKIoHT III At D PASSAO*. I.*IR {.. -MW) For Kingston. and IMawarr and Hudson ^L, '"U*l?aieimooau KjtliRALl) au<l NOR aE-K3E.wii u. (in K ME A LD, Captain Johu Kei'ham, will Isavr New v or* font 01 Murray stieet, etery virnday and i.onduy at 5 ' I o'cock P. M , Wi l |nw Kingston (Rnjadnet lauding) e?ery Wednesday clu and Kataidat at j "cloak. p. M The NOkWiCH, c.'pism John "runnels, will 'esse New , York, foo> of Mot ay street, etery Wednesday and Saturday at ? i o'clock, P. M. 1 Will n?e Kingston (Roudout landing) etery To# ay and " Friday at I o'clock, P. M" tXTRA TRIPS. 1J The K VIEllALD will Irate the foM of Mnmy street etery |,ia Handy morning at 7 o'd ek. Returning leatas Kingston at 4 >Ia o'' loc" ism' nay. Dt< For or passage apply on Koard. or to the WILLIAMSON, BARLOW It CO , n". aJl 3m*r >ss West street. ?f| i .MH 0m NEWARK AiND NEW YORK-Fare only 13K t ents !?The S| leudid steamer SL_M3L PASSAIC, Capuiis John Unify, has bean P putin c. mnlrte order, and will commence her tripe lor the J season, on Monday the loth rue tacit, aa lotlowa, nntil farther Ne notice >- _ fuf Leate New Tork at 4 o'clock, P. M. 11 1 " Newark at 7>i o'clock, A. M. CUJ Freight carried at reasonable rates sl? Smec f STATEN ISLAND FERRY ^ ^ and Foot of Whitehall street. ^'p On cud alter Monday, April 10th, the steaiurr^T^Tp.' SLANOK.h * ill leave ?? follows, until farther notice ,, LKAVK STATKN ISLAND. NKW YORK. 1 At I A. M, At * A. M. rv :S II P w-* ;r-M- -5 All eoods tlnnrred are reanired to he .itrtiemarlv marked an, u !J ire ..tlhc ri?li fthe ow?o-r? thereof "" a??-c r-T'ub PA89AOF. TO PITT8UURO. P?? THK .nhaenber hue eomol.ted vriDitemeiiU for the cod too eey.LCeot Fuioki r? *utl Mirchandiae to PttUbttrgatid mt*r- m<? mull te iilitr, on the Bio.t reanon.ble tettn., i?r Citizens Portable Line" .... People abont to proceed 10 the We.twitrd, will find it much ~~ to'hi'r adv m iite to malt their ir aDeementa by thia d'sirabl it uuu'ejr.iice i the .rnrt> ?t attention fill it ill tin rs b- pinl 'IP ' ,i ii>* C? loili f he . I > .??, an well <u too pauctuility of ?> t tdi.-ict e<>n?e>ance with if ipalcli Kor I in thri puticulara ipp'V l<> P 5rt?KrH McMUHRAV w*. R|g?ar 1Q4I Piup ifipfl, i-omrr Of ftowth rqu t"pWT N P.H?JIHl t>ale? fcn.lnh a id, orl I Wiuea ot ?u,e >0r '^j| * quality, a complete aaaortme01, Irom 1)4 to 2Mb, rednod price, by ( R VQLUm ^ me, mtr H Booth .tract. RK. i k a 11 \r i i r i tt ?r? < ix/JVNimt, MAI !? 104 BOOT AND SHOE STOKE. . . W JOHN KKADV rr?,nctfulir iul ?nm hi* friend* a the ?utolic. that he hat commeueed businesa in ths above ir, at No. 99 Natttu fttr**t, where he will thankfnlly receive d faithfully en-cut", nil orders he u?ay be favored with ou ) iflt'it rcg>ou o e terms lor ? nth. ?tflr &?A 1)IKS, l,Oi)K AT I'MItt -two palia of Stench if.-itor Ho- r?, ;.nn 3^00 pu?a of Hlii-pera, ju?-t BriVeo, <M<1 or snl wli let*!? an.I iriai', al the lo'lowiii* rv low pre. !?2wh? pn,r* ??f F ?-t h Gnif.-r*, of |h-b? at t*l?ly, .in of i?l! color*. $' j(i; ,r ?f iuimi |? irs ot 8tijn?e-a, 7.> Dts.v 3e7 Br?.a- wai and 9* l . a *r?'?-et Lad'uj, ia ftp v r. iiu-i yon Hilt lintl 'he irfeatest and hear h*r ineut'uti.f vs.?rlij of B<? i n, Ou'en. Shoe-. djipp'.n, fee '' Mo*act and ' h itheii't do. Oefli leoien. w wis tocU vv u tlemiow to ni i Id ftonmeot of Boot* Shoe* alio cloth bn ion On tiers* of ?l? w st> | |Vi b k die bt q>i ty sod aiai orf . $j tJ J- v., ho k < B >k "*1 ? fion if f S< ri> Hi -t billion <? i ? % ,>(? tiu* ?? fi 50 h fi *?? cis Mi ll Shoe*, I,?') $2. tmy/. I) ?iti ol ih* ?e*? quality, V o it 7j; Mjoo* & r.? i 2 ; on li*. t).*o a. $ o I, >? 8h >r? Cr ii > ?ll ti o Uai.r- <, S ipp rs, Ties* Bu?Winn* Shoes ; ui tudltai v iii t\ . And all *% i rtnt d :o he ot th* beat kind GKMiOHv ta (HHUL, 3C7 Broadway lm r an?? 9v ('wild at reel. flu finiflli V. 3 HOhlpfR KKIlnCH BOOT MAKL.H 'mm P<rii, r> * , n ikuiiuciii ot ready made torn lid Shoes,nf the nest call s*iu fur Fiso Dollais, supe 1101 any other hoo maker in the ci'y ml" im*ec I'AH 1 . BO I1* A 3D T TsTs VI \|>K I'M UttUr ]K By E. SUSER, 175 Nronitway, (Beuttnent,) kju# L) orlrotn Cmiril'iudi at"*?rt. ^ HUSisiH, Bo >liri-ik< r. auj tnukur of Laitt. ail 1 ICiv?-" of Cleric ot* P^.u b*u? lr/tve to iuform hu innJi .iiiti Ml the a nuttara ot i <n!y Meh-u??uie ' at he c n now ruikp, m New \orU with th? be?f Krr?-rh i tiiith ul' i lift' i? to perh ctly m.uie, in 'aria, bv hismnsur ? c? U braed boo "? ker Cleren, whose nuintto ui? ciutouirr* side of* the \ Unu . *?t: ?etji rtfujly iov red t? tr> L/SKH'S b<-?tr and U- 3 thM ii ?pat? of b?*in< "chhO?b"ih \cw \ "'k. .\l ?'tlf iif-e t. I gt Pant f*?hi*>ti. ^Ir.MiieiUiu' I'truJei Buck V u ?uh 4*>id. m Ojw ec TO BOOT MAKERS. O. VIORO FAS RKMOV!*"D from 132 to 13- Leonard street, wheie lit I con min i in cur Kit. Un hind i?.idy cut k't, French I F.rn lis'i. ml 1m*?c . TlIOMPa<>N'S BLACKING WAREHOUSE, No. 2 Con thindt street. THOMSON respectfully informs the merchants ot this ci'y and the nuiilic in general. ih't he still CO' iui's to nmnufariure his inimitable Piste B arking. he; he sole u.Tentnr aud m.iunfic uten This blackiug it own thr ugh the world, and parti'y the Untied Sla'es. L?e fhoins in's P He Bi trkinit. A. Tnoinpsou would r her iu'orm h s friends t >.st' e Ins .uade n eusive nnprnvoiite in his old uia nl'a ;mi"H es'ah mhuteai, whicn ?nables in to supply them with auy quality aud at r .luced pacta :w ire ol interlopers Steam is "in idem application, and is inetiuies resorieu to wiihou m ndi benefit. A )h m? u las ?er admitted steam in auy shape to euter his m nolactory? i workmen arc uot likely to uiake mistakes an r<>uaeourntly etna be depended upon as c-name A THOMSON, laic Lee tk Thomson, fo'merlv 2M Broadway, low J UourtlHUil tirrtu,"f?r Broadway. Mantirsciurnrs'agents lor ill. Wash.ogr'iu Fr rrioti Matchea, li.p.rt n;id others supplied on :ea.sO;i il>lc teimi, by r .?e or i*legro?i hM liu*m FORTY YEARS. r 18 A FACT that LEK'd Hieim BlacVimx i? universally admiit d 10 be 'he beat article m .not ctnred ill the United it a. C. 1 ee ha> maWactur d Bluckig Hi th city forty are. The 'ntr'een yean aid two in u h? by tumuli? en took m |4iitiirrahip A. 'I homsou?twenty , ear? aoit te" [>mh< it was k 'Own as Lee It I Iioiiimiu's b ucki g Di aolyed rtuem.ii) with said Thomson, and the last ?>I year- hart ad- it again on inv o*u account. ata the o deal a ckiug an facu er in the Uuileii relates. Have iu?dr u ore in quia Ly and Del er in qu Mty than any other pe sou i thii country, it good as it il ways lias been, it is greatly impro.ed i f late, is uow mmofte nr. d li? steam p wet, and knowu a Le a nproved 8ie on B aching, No I John tr ct corner of Br ad ay- - L looks down will conscious p.ide o . all con.p. ti on, and won'd only say to his caslotm is and the pub ic that i still coin nues to maiiaf'Ctn e his 8 cam Blackig?but why enlarge? a woid to the wise is snfficent CHAKLe.8 LEE, a30 lm*r No. 1 John street, c rner ol'Broadway. PLANTERS' HOUSE. 9t LiOMi Mo, ) EDUCTION OF THE FARE !?lo eon-Herao..'. of 'he V pressnre of ths limes, the uiol. r igne i lias redtrt.d the ices ol Boarding and Lodgii g to $1 40 per day. aod tne r-te 11 fines f oin 3 X to 100 pei c?nt. His i> be* will c ntigue as rtlolore to ttc supplied with every liuo-y th n.Hrket affords he i n Idmg is the lames', must airy, and io?bnei in re enm r>s Inn any in the c.ty, and ii not snrpaastd by an; Hotel in e West Even attrnti n will be civen by the nnderti^ned, hit agen's, id servants, to accommodate those wh mav fsvo h tn with a if. BENJ. BTICKNEY May 5. IM3. mifiiwr SI RE U it AGL* H'tTEL. O Whitehall street, oppmit the Battel y Ua-den. "'HIb housr having undergone many alter it.? n and repairs? having been newly turn shed?ti preseat proprietor r? ert'nliy announces t? his Trie'ds of the nid c untry sn< tradlii g inb'ic generally, that it ii now i peu to. ths reception ' permanent and tran oicnl boa tiers Th* position of his hotel tequi cs bu' litt e detail of its ad images, being situ < ad facing the Battrry Garden, and c trial, d" g 11 II >icw of the Bay; wlth-n cue minutes' wrlk of e t bt'a.'elphia, Bostonand Albruvste mboata. The proprietor inter ds lliat care sod iuduory.and moderation charges, shall not be wanting to merit the patronage of the iblie. H-nre-hrewcd ale, wiD*?, spiri's. Ac. of ?h* best quality, ree < euts a glasa, Hfc.XKV B GRIFFITH1*. mi lm*r L te .,( Bath T. 'gland. -o 11n -up. ni/i f,l. riM i riibLb, reuu.?J. I reaiiectfu'lr announces 10 t' e travelling mmunity th?t lie keep* that larg aud aplrudd eitabhah !Dl th En h nge H tel, aituate at the corn?r of Cente and illowhill atreet*, nearly u; polite the T 'Wu Hall, in the Bor gh -f Pottaeille, which hi>? fteeu tho ughlv repaired *nd mila'lv 'HnrcVeiJ lor lie ccmou atiou i Tiaitnr- The hoi? fort) f-elir nt ou Ceu'r- atre,t and one haudrrd and irty ei?ht teet front on Callowhitl, three ator e> nigh; it is mirnbly p.ot.dcd wi'h na lor?, aitittig rooma, rradiug >0om il large aire ehonh. r? he moat apaeioua. ph aaant end eonnient dining rnoa in the country?a ne v* au ' anper. r bathing aWlphuionl?tnd err ry ennvrntei Ce and comfort to render n all i ap cu a mote desirable hotel 1 he iluhliu* ati-ched, la laige and w<II couat acted,and perin rnded bi rx.ienrnced and ?ttent re hoatlera. Hortca d c. rriagea may be had at any litne to convey peraoua to any r> ol th co n'iy Kit omnibua m- a trora tliia hotel d'lly, to and f orn the depot meet the ca a, for the uccoinin.dmon of peraoua travr lling the Ruin ad Nucha ge f?roinnibiia lire to thia hotel. Poinviiif, May 1, 1843 _ml U'jaiSV LLfc BEARDING SCHOOL. o'l'Allt.N ISLAND. iJ WtSTTHORr cat ectfnll) iuionna hia friends aod thr ? panic, '.ha' hia MM0 will reopen on the lit of May en's and miardi.. a are alao informed W W. makes it ? tnt ol eonaeietice to gua-d in every poaaible way 'he moral * children Committed to hia c\re, from to twelve year* of r H. tiding, writing, orthography, Hrirhm*i<c, geogiai>h\ il gtainm tr unyht I he lo-.itojn -a deliglrful and ipg>ohy; r or- loud, g.rdma and play groaea areaiuicioaa; a'otp tee uno a from the Undine Tie Riritao -,e? Birrla-, street a?cri do ol 3 o'clock, lot ttnvaville. retina. for bott'd and tall , including wtuitug, $13 pt atfer, piid ic advaa-r Keferencea p? Kp? Ur.vid More, St (ten I? lid. W \ Sev moor, Ktq.. 4 Ch ith-m ognare N. X H-tir- Stewart taeynn e, Esq , 3ta en lilunl. VV'ir ' ndlcin, H.tq , 2i 6-ilmanitrtet lohu Q ohu. Kaq , id .Ylunroe street. Meaars. Colril1. tud Klr-nni . K*q., Cedar aire.-!. ?apt b dward ?"er;ier. Eaq Hielti atr.. r, Brooklyn. Mir. V .n -n 21 E .'dge ?tr, e New Vm i?*> lm*t LEAsAiT HO\H UlNU? Uiiuliia '-u m a>. eommoda'ed ai St.rat on'- Poiu . one mi'e Item the rill.igi K tuning, to and ii om which a steanih >a' rnna t* ce ad y ihii g oa i a an beach within forty rod*.with dreoiug bou*r, ai walks, and a proa, er; auauri rated, h l*td ml jf.i.n -pit to P bTRaT fon. n'O im'r Kk.'rV GF.NTI.ICMKN ol steady It "hits .-an he accomuio dated witli good botrd and i les'ut room* iu a prira'e lam l 204 Falti o 4treet Alio, a few day boadera cao be ?ci tie id rtetl on the meat reasonable term A parlor and bedroom let. with or without hoard i.3ec "H ELADIE* ? ho ate rt n ?ati 'g t. > ir dwelling*, aa a corei lim nt to the ?eaa n wh?- all i* buoyant a d g .a , ly he ftiruiahei' wi h Kmcy ui ri aue Paper, for the core t of pic tire 'i am a. In king g'eaaea, e*nd eaticki. ra*"?, urate rom Iidl lamp , 4tc & . wfl ch wi I grea l, orn aM Dt. at a rv frfling eii<ctis , <l i64 C tnai ?trert, 2d below Vaiick. 08 Im jgb H? COTTON AND t*OOLTN M\\U)?AC ' UR*KH AND ('ALIfO CH *TMiH.-Fo' < e, ?? eace'iroi ine bui'diey, with water wh-.l, >nd a good "re- m of water, ih 1 ( mi K u e 'i:d not bin'd gi, loar ur five icrr a of I <ud iu good or-lee "itu itt d e O id ?iii r l r, foer nn'ra nmth P?t?r?on N. J ,r cm It owe iplad ?? a e.nttou I ?rt' ri. Any raou w< li rig to tia'i tin- above uaiues*. wou d d > well to for lunhcr i>ar:i.aU>a. n JO IN \ VAN Rl UK K, Corner ol T I'minand "nd.r<lir<ia, iHJra* e _ . rM (J. I.I .1, B n kjkb N <f 'H'. p rnera i > of J k I' Pom- h*. Ihi I d y -w a dix lived i-y mit-al eoni'ul The boaiueaa of ihe Inra wi I heard hy John Pirllie. JOHN P RMK, PKTKIl PlitNIK few York May 1', I it J ['rem-b. ribci wi Ic.-uUune ?he business, at 1 Or nge at alt I Wee JOHM PlKMK I N I'ABK A. M., Sarfie I and or h leal Den lat -.lid AniA* al O. a'at, af't r a few -'ava' abie re. returned t -ffl e HI B oadway, N. Y , hwme It d ten yeaia" cw nt pr.clfe., rune wars on th? a m premises ii now id cadiia fir - re y d-'crinttou < f den'il tr- Him-uf, eon bunny a'l inrenliniM and im rOT< me i a ha.h nf ihe p it and of the aeu- ags, no the tnnat tcitn iAc and ei.pioved pri-vipl-s, nit. d by ihe most '?l net and learn, a in the profrssiou, h iu ihn cnunt-y >nd mi r urnpe.Ou trim, ad pied to the pre t Suauci .1 coudii-oii ol b - a n aa in y l4-|w*ee Li:MBr. r AOUKRKIAN U A i, C IL K Y OF fATfcvT Colored Photographs. Brovlw.y,corner nf Mnrray street, w Ynrh ? 1 he sole privilege of taking pit.nt eon red Dairr otype Likrneaacs, bring conAued to this establishment las been recently mneh imiiroved ?nd enli ged lor the aie I accii (Bodainiu of ladies, and now embraces no fewer than liffeienr inaitmenta. loinbe's Patent Coloring Daguerreotype Apparatus, and inne's Patent Oalvamc Oildiu Apparatus, aod luatrnctions i P.taut for each.torwardad to any part of the United tea h tographen supplied at lower rates than at any other place h? city. Idvauic Oildint aod Hilvering il< ne o order . 11 paid '. Hers only attended to . alb let'r lANO FORTES.?The subscribers reap-ctfolly invite their friends and th- public in guueral, toe .11 at their rata hmeut, No. 211 Broadway, where they h we on hand a II ed ?t< CB uf mihoaaoy aui r-ae wood French grMid Inn Pi trio Furies with all ihe late iinprovemeu'a warrau'.d co u- kvpi hi tun* iui vue r i. ? nf in?cr orr# auo ?? * ,? 10 i iloiui iKti pob ic, that ihi? in the < tiabliatn. in l.,riu -f irpt by 8*11 el aud H iwknu, but a, p eteul oc npied by the acnbart Tna pt.tea will b? I" u d ruititw to lua timet.? oli it?r? re leapectlally iuvi i d *o call ud examine I B Allkiudtol pianua Irotn 6 Co 7 ocravet will bemad, i lie r Alio pianoa tuned and repai ed, it exchanged ou the it teatouable turiiia. Alton ond h nil pianot fur tie. HK.NHV MlCHAKUli JOH N KU< K. Ii im'r J5| fcun Bi 'idwiv. |i) l),U\ WOK A'H "I Ol.iua, Olaaa and Keith- n Wart I Zij'-'lJVJ fi,| in ,i 7N it> k tH Ayenue by 'I n>>m-t ..c I, .?'run w ue it 0'it? i>) en, Aud will ne m d tu n taili-rt, iba lullowilnl pile ":?doe u?. aud tin Pi iU", Kind pit, 7a. pari doi , loflert, Jt 6 I ; I' tu * h te plate*. alun. e. #. p> r ilni ; tulle it, 4' , diaht a, bikeit and toil tin Win .. lylow . bow a Irom 2* (id lo 41. 3d; lamps oil, Liti rpool l inii. ainpt Irmn tilo $6,iln tame a, the d .wip i Wu imiji fur 110 ninl III; cumcnui ware lot (u cert, byth* ba-hcl. c e ll a>?t m era ,N B Norhirf. f <r cratea tu coil..try rcbauUi Chiua lea teta Inim lit. lafii. nblic aale on Weduetday, in 414 Bmadway. mMm*re IEK A 3. NOTICE. A LL buameas fonDftmu between the Subscribers having notice U h rsby given that Che Subscriber, David H-O >nld, is the aole nrnprrtor of the Refectory and Ksting K?t tbh?lnn ut, No. 10 Kultoti street (Copy) DAVID H. GOULD. ? __ _ DAVID PfcARsALL. New York, May lit, 1841. ... u A"D. All bo? mess connection hvnv ceased on the'lst o( Mv , 1841, bet-wert) D*v.d PrMttill Aid Dvd H.Gould, at in he nbove noriee stated, 'h** Hub^C'ib^i will cootmu* it thr % ie romi-.tor ??f ?h- R-iectory ma ?,ati * Kauoli hm?n . No ?0 Pu'fo i street, (op-naif rVton inirk-t,) when* w II I nappy to ?< e h?s f"iio * r <?t in*-.* rh'* ri'db uliN^iil > n ? the Ut *1v i?i*t Ia j.t .Uonie'y iitii ip.l a, d tflit .h-; r i j ted h ' !? ; t ?\i.h 'in v>ni'nr* i y t Coral, it end ? I- cm ih - I f i *|.j .i I >?-ry r*-tperf q * ' to \\\y iu h c y f > v y *? i i. ? aipl ? he < lie* a TH* ill iHIT rn >m |Mci?)tfN *.,?! I y a h i' (UHi | hn ntlih|| r'^liH a'tich?"i wn*re wi i b t u ^ ,|*t ftrrii'. ii? wa a. era ol"Uie day. Altaih.d to ?he eo??ki y d*|M ttwit art a-roe i?f tha beat cook# ihat ih?- city c u \ to ncr.aud with atti n'ire . n't nb'igiiiii waif* ra the h*>o a raUhliihm u will V'? w'tli in* other in the Uoi- n No puna thai, bei|tn ?1 to suit each visitor, aud bv st'ict, attention to luainr?? the Sub acri- er h-p*s t" me it a >h*re of ?b* pablic patiotiage. N>w Vn k M<y 15 'HI rolft 1i?i MOFTaT'* LIKIC PlLLS. rPHK tnh'iciib i Ii *h Muhm a abort niiir discovered that the A above iuva u able n?ed?rin* baa been com t?? feited and i eih .pa a coliftidt* .ible ijo.ititirv haa been add <lu iitr tie past aiuterintbi c?ti and other pans of the Uni'td Stipes. The b?i ? with the label* ?>u tho ih.?x c*ii Milling li e??niM en doraeut< nt u i'h the counte. f-tt vgta urn "T lnhti Vollu and aIio coufniMing ihf i iif rndonem i.t *?n .h?- wrii'mr ?* 'h a ike o'.birtrf. ?t ?*Miia ? re The C'>?ytaht miirKii^inrot 01 Ih ii h ?t c.a d (iood ha' aritau, ha? ul o b-eu c-n (* 'eiteri . iid put with ih- )*oie? ii the envelop** T e >u s< r b-r icn g ibou t?> r legal pri r+t diug* i >il tli > u * en* c g-*d in 11 ?* hiaT'u "C u iwu Ht cl vi odiig litr ?* u-'trrl* i |>< . will ?i, ?i this m* (niut ur. ih. d.ff- e; ?* b?t?Vff u the ml ami covuUi < \.u> uce* i m.pi.It is ta i ope* bn d i m the i u ? ic g u?*mI v to nrch v -mlv of ! i- kn- wn n euu, *11 of wnoni *re in tlu rrr? ot nf I* teis from th* ?niicnbrr ? < 'orv.rtiH k Ik ('n. nl \,-%v Y rk we t* prrvi<a?lysu plied by the undersigned with hi luv lmb'e m oid ?, bu? ??r h- lt?i i x m >uths t?ie u uIim net n?t sol! to r?mi ock & o. h ? medirtn*!, a d shall not do so L It A McCllittf, Dr iggistf I ii- , N v , wttf -Hi-.: f Um 'in"* yfH-dtV'tnkii medicine*, tintJ Ju >r ?7ib, J8I2, ?iuie wh'oli t n& he has not applied them, txetptfaf on M t $J, l$41, frith rs And the au'Vihi?oed further uoutus the g ubl c thatbe has oe r opp'u d Jo u Ii. Thompson it Co, Drug* iti*. o! Tio , N T, with his 01 didoes, mil iiiall .?? d Higned, WILLIAM :t V OFF AT per JOHN MOFFAT New York M*y 16 *843. m 17 Im^f TO Pf IlS'tNB FROM THtt COUNTl* Y.-Now that the nino Msevrfved In whtfch h dlifuva <?l thaslin ore brought to iiibtu iiy and ac. inom violent!* on t f* In p'irattiig ih tvi g in**rrbr 'i.e of 'h-< aii m cb and iiitts i *-a foimiog he g mt<iidmt e-i* doc i>g (*? #r a ly children) a I hose ir u ??. ?om ff c i na of th*- ?tomich ard bowel* ttint hf l|? ?o ?err bly m fi I p the 11 In of mor d'ity l)r. \VMEKlFK, 3) Or. wne cli afreet, w ih mach ?ati*ft ti in, his it im his power to ff?r a *f mcdv , the si?im nor r r ttixe ? flic try * f w hirb, twntv yturi t ipeii??ncr h 1.1 iu<nii?*'t a? be it f ce ' lio. Tips Bali m of Moan*p lie is c mpont'l of yegc* tn lie medicine* of the moat h?\ilii u nature, ha in nixing m h rap u c?l c tf?biti'iiou,ao' to ot*rr in the diseases of tin: hi wel*, r a : l>iar h ? IJyienteiy Ch bra Mor'??, Uuii.m*r Coaip M'i , .^pasmodi <>?tlics, and ifl inmaii**i) of the mac u. in inhrau^s . kc D Wheeler has published n p m* phler tor fLe 11 efitol stranger* einl ?naaory of the p cu iar rtucstha b'? tfj| a*n of Mo C Utile i obsesses as a rts*or ? ive. a copy o( wl ich he will he h ppy io furu sh g aiuit? nil to an, Lad\- oi OvUllernan. Dr Vt hec erL B dsa .? h i the peca.iai' fcttu'e at medicioa tha it L < x^ro?ii. g y pleaa*iit to the r^liitc, 'hat eh id*?n will ?jg iL t*k- it, whteh to iu ti g'llar atticacy retide rs it as a faiuilv medicin inva u. ble. Dr. v hs^ler preseutn t* e to lowi g . initieni g utir men w? references relative io the hivli staudi* g and ?f the in? rinble auccras of tvs BiUam of Mo c telle?tj*u. W <rd M C. W? sichesUr ; 0-*u O. I' v orris, M j C. Mares. U. 9 Army; W P Hallet.Frq ; JoUn (iri-wu d fe.<<] ; Cant DePevster o't c pick* t Shcridau; t harlt-s butlei, V sq ; J rt podd, K?q ; J mes A Suydam. Kq ; Charles ti. Ketchu n, fcliq. and induy other* of ?qu 1 ?t'tiding. in 7 lm*tc QKAMLN WAN JEO-A 'ew prime sen?-eii wan ed loi FJ the u^w sloop* of Way 8aH\T()(JA, Jo*iah Tatucll, Ksq Commander.?I he largest > nd liicsi sloop in the ?nvice. An rlv at (he Naval Reudezvous, Water street, where a Shipping Officer from the Saraiogu will be in attendance. 8 veial fvtty Officer's births are mil ranui. miOlweec pHINA, OLASf A D fcAkTHR sWAKK -Nonce ? O T-v whole f ihe ex cui?r anil la.hiou.b'? ?t< eh contaiued in he (tore t haiorhoiue. cnuiiiri.iuie everv artirle in the line II now offend fur .ale al mid below, eoat to clote the CO' rem. A'.", - quintity of n ime tib'e ctlery in aetx an dozen*, to ire lfr with a si-hndid anurt ent of fine rotlerv, con.iiiu k of M7or>,a iiaoti, peiikuirea,drruiug e.?e?, ke.. kc. DeiAK.>l t8S ?The xtock mil nlo of th- Acooatie initio uieuti u.nally kett in thia e.labliaiiment will he diaixxed ol a ab'rfiain. H. blMPaON, N B. The store to let. 8 A?tor Home, may l?-lm*ec EHI.I-H WHITE LEAD?SO keg* very raiwrior quality Eucliah Nhiu Lead, lor nl. by WOODHULL k M1NTUHNS, aM 87 South .treet pvOOK I'LAl e.O UDUH I'LAl M'.-IH ?r ID wmt 01 L/ ? handaome, chiap aud durable oiiver P tied r Br Door Plate, e n obtain the above article at R RUBER I'B* Borer Platiug, Engraving aud Door Plate Eitab i?hm> ut 1ST Bowery Alto, M' ialiic Numbers, a new and oeautiful article I. r numbering dwelling hontei, church p-wa. a'-ip itate ronaaa. kc. R HOIBltTa, 117 Bowery, nrf lm*r dth door abnvr Uro. mra. ea?t aide. WATCH MAKERS AND WATCH JEWELLERS. J 8 WALCIS It ro . No 155 lro'dw*v, ad floor, be twee Mrid-nLenr 'ml Liber y ?lreel, wou'd ,t?ectfnl Iv acquaint thrir trends and rhi nuolic, who wiah o htvr chronometers, clock*, inoiic bna-a, o auy Jetertptinu of watchea, iioenc hue or i .tr eat , rtpiri d or jewelled. A an efcry dea riptinuof 'ac ptmrnra renri ed or made new, ruby rollers for dupea. pallela lur ch on. m lera, rub\ cv leudera tor le iu?? n?by . ins tor le'-ra diamond c? a, kc. andw<tcl?, jewelled in a atyle not aurpaateJ by ,n, in Eurnim Kuaeva and wl.eela c it, and teeili rou ded; pnbl c cl- cka and bank lin e pi. Cr? k pl iu o d-r by h- year as ua a . From tfer 'ona eiiericune in the trad , hey poss aa ti.e cap" t> ami every f eility required to m-ke entire, or an'' pirta of wa'rh-s equal to any imported, an-i nil. sire the bertof rrff rnce. if r. q nreil. Cha-gee umd-r't?" mil I *r CnOTON WATER k'ft kHIPPINO?The wdvlstaadi tea,*ctitilly inform ti.e u?D;u d mailers oi Traa'a id the Tort of New York, t liar (rli- Hydrant* be inn now laid at each pier for th? *cluai?e n e of auppl ing then with Croron Water) they are now prepared to give inrplirs in any quint it/, attheahori'sl notice We would a ate far general info maiinn.ihht no otii rperaona are authorised (under i>eiialtv) to farniah ah pping with Cro on Water eicepllhe Uudeistg ed aROWN k ORMOND, General L)e|.ot, 8< a h Bide Kuliou PVt*. miS 1in*rc Konili aa el v?-w York LOI T*i 1NRICH anai reipec'idlly m?i'e> Ins Ineui' auu the , nbi.c in cenerai, t' ca'l at hie ertibtiahinen and nrrect hi'? !<: 'n n o n u Diaiio d Watches ami ri h a/aer mnto'Jrwtlr inn Silver Ware of every d?cripiion all wh ch liave I'i 1 been selected-li r 'h- urweu putt. >ui Iron London, Pa ia en l Germany, and ate offered a *<it mnl.r r? pr eea. L 5 ci'Ia the i>- t - i uhlic in V- w York, *n beg, leave to remark, l..r a'l, thai hia e.ianliahut u ii -.t ivo 8 ,1 !i I'hani a rt-i t, and hia aamrtm in. in mi e ,uj.l b. ao'y e.iui.ot be aurpai'ed in any of tho fashion ill* Mr- ''?a, at rra. n? 17 3 * r UNITED oTATb. f h; A EMPORIUM. 121, Use I'2b ' Viatha*> ttrvet, tVetc Vrrh. And lib Fulton Atieet, Brook); n. Ana < I 8 riLRKc h?* WHv a.fc. ALE AM) RETAIL. |' iin cANTOA I SA LOMTANY oontiuua to ofle'fot 1 .? e -jew and Teas of avery variety ,ud atyle ' ri. aaaortrnru ir,- I> iiiciutlra the u.< ai 'elicioua ac uwe.'lu .(ridesj I (urn. a.t<i black Every milage uriira tie atM.'p of ip.atne. '.rd aleg .uce end tile l eas therein art i< . .11 ... I ?il Iruii. mill anil an I ,nt rh ir lualilt it. i ,.rr *>'.1 rem to itnimpmrcd m euy . T'i i-?vat?n i' piotei-olioii naiheaa ia ueriiapa ttarocb h be eeee'led. ! ifounded J| Om the ulrauat reirard to the "K'.U >! .'rutlun' u, r?peeia'ily wch ictpeet to weight ;n<! qu.ility, and niu. i-v cheapnrua. All pure? i?r? are called opou to n tur. .iiiv .rtioles wmchfail to ijive them the fallen aatiaiauion, which ';ie inotry wti'be rheerfull? and promptly refolded Coup JY ftMrehanta, puMie c>t*bltahint-uii. head-i of fatuiliea, aofir-?a.-ten will tU<' ill Jecided -dvau'.-jr* to aa.'ply theotrivet from *hi? em ahlHiment tle.NVtWK J*e? Cornea jaatrd *v?rf day. i.Jroen irorii all parti nf the Upi'.rO ittnw? elevated Wit F ij.oi '.it i<lo tud "* The oni* wnre'eivat in Atnertea f?t the aalen! Ho; aoe'i itUtiwoJ 8ImI Tea. til tm*ec f^O NTR V DK ? L H It S in lull cd t rail at 'I rt it .?e > dif i r and Perfuor rv Wa.rhoune, ti7 .Bruadw ly, wh?r? 'h- y ?ui always tiui, nhol'iale and retail, ry jooului ?e M'e.Of ? d the richaat Irrfuin. ry ill lli cohutiy Allodna ( t?> i .if ex-rated and ue.ti'e >** h* d lor a.iy ilwtauce. f ail Mill in a lie a?lernon a?wiiB?*t Wl.VrS B It \ ^ L)l th hi 1'HE atibacribvr i ffe a 'he loUownia Wibea, he. for aale at 4b l'i e aireel, rorurr rf Wj'liaui \lndeira in pipea hhda. quart r ca?k?. dem johna and boltlra a list.t eery old ai d h gh coat, dirt et and *ia iiidii Hh. rriea, in pipea hhda.qnarur c iaaa and ia a'aaa, of aan. aa id.idea?Amon'illado mquaiter naaha. Port?Imiioited expreaaly for family nae, 111 wood and in lloaa. 1 lareta?Chateau Marceaux, Latoore, St. Eataphe, Laroae, S Ja!i'0?alio lu caaka lli eka?J haoneaberg Caatle.MareohriiuneT Cab net,Ch?rrgheitrrr. Broneneix, Aaa n-nthauaen, (Jrei hanaeu, Hiutvraaa ten Kudeih uner, H-tienbeini Peiaportar, Leibleauinilch, (Jie enheimer Hochhenner.hc.h he. Saaterne, Biraac, Mua-at, Chabhe Btirgnndea?Cloa do Vonueol, Chaoibertia, Romaaee. Very old Cognac Brandy, vintage Hll, exprtaaly for aammer aae Vine Holland (Jin. i The ?b??e am lea are recommended to the infirm ai a aotereigu remedy for theiruialndiea. (JILBKHT DAVIS. nil Im NOTICE. THE TRUSTERS of the Villain of Williamahargh hereA by gite n >tice,lhe* they tart**' to adopt mr.iae.ra for thr i e*dy liquidation of all legal claima agniua the V illage ? Tnoae, thcefore, who hate claima alanine id tillage, in the a' ape ol warranta either attaint' the nil?|? orruyetreet or wed and pump in thr tillage, at well at thiee who aiay hold indcTnt or a laim of aey deierip ion for to* payment of ?hich the tillage ta 'i ble. are ho rby r-qneated 'o gite information to the Clerk of aaid tillige. at the Tr or before the 23.1 d-v of May lua'-t elating particularly the naturr, amount <nd dite of tie claim, together witn the name ol 'lie origiio-l owoer. The aaid Tru<teea would alto give uo'ice. tliat they hati nadt ar"wreo>ent? for proea-'ng u, w aaae>ameot mapi of th. utire tillage, in three diatiui t teuton*. All pemona, theie fo'e, hold.tig real ettate in that |.lir<. ar* he,ehy iei|Ort'ed u ite notice at t e rly a p. nod ?a, to Mr h ilward Inrrham, t the Tiualu.a' II ill, .Nor h I . ?l eet,oft ( Mug t.d locationii the re?l eat te hrlo by ihein, to heteattoi II auch pr i*rty mav he :*i d to the trne owner. By order of the Bna'tl ut Ttoat<ea, w JOHN C. MInTOEM, Preeident. William-ha ah. Mat 3. imi. ijje,, the uhkknwlfih rath VT O. 3J7 tla<l*<>u Mitel u now 01 eu lot Ui?* ituon, witi I lx warm ami co'il I Cl OTOJV IVATER iihiRlp Batht tli? rtducd pnc# oi ig* or tight I iekr'? Icr $1, J <17 Wee AI WW MAWPHM.I.- 1 I'd 1HK LUVIs.n* Op DlUMlUh ot./vt/ft I a.* I 1 Howqntk'l Mitturr?Thit citr*ine:y dtlicu.ut and ?"i V*' I led T??, to highly celtbrttcd in Chin> md Katoi-t, iat' m? I orted. u now lor till* tt the Canton TmCwi*"** "" I m K.ubli.hmmt, 111 CkathMtt. N.w V#' '-'" "V - I >*riM M r?nu and 11 each Ullm'i# | V JL, P. Pries Two Cent*. Romp. IConnpogdnir.ol the lUmld.) Rome (italt.) April 8d, 1843. Americans in the Eternal City?American Artists in Italy?The Anurican Consul?lie Pope?Conversions of Amer icans? 7 he < 'omit in Italy It is curious, ai ter coming lrora union* th?* A rabe, to find one's self in a christian city, anions familiar names and faces. There arc about a hundred Ametans here,mostly from the North? The Van Itens' Helpers, Vaiideiibnrahs, Soy dams, Kings, I tela fie Ida, Micks, Austins, Nmsworthye, Fergusons, of New V'.irk ; Halts and Parkers, of Troy; Brooks, ^ullivans, Parkers and Elliots, of Boston; Caiv-rte, of Baltimore, and a whole try ot small fnh from ali along shore, to say nothing of Madame 'a Generals Scott, as her card tells. The 22J ot February was celebrated in the usual manner, by eating a sumptuous dinner, and imbibing patriotism in good wine. About tiltv aw-' tnbled, and were presided over by a New York physician, and a twin merchant Aa republicans cou>d admit no other blood at table, the only Client was of the imperial house ot Buonaparte, Prince Cnnino, a learned ornithologist, much beloved in Philadelphia and New York, where he lived many years The great and only American iculptor here is Crawford, one ol ihb> t ot th> du> tlin Orpheus is unrivalled in modern deys. It is ordered and finished tor the Boston Atherfflom, already so rich in un- aris. n is ? 'Miiymeiie ami nn? in worm a Jew's <"y?-, and ought to go to Now York Severn! ol his smaller statues, and sunt" rxqui*ite fancy hnsis will go there this summer. His lame is before mom ot any of his countrymen. except Powers, at Florence, who alone is Inn equal, and that only in bums, lor he has not as yet executed any etatue or group. Hp is destined to bp the greatest sculptor of the day. Mr Terrey is thp beat Amrtican painter, and has been long engaged upon a grand scriptural piece, Christ disputing with thte Doctors >n the temple. The figures are the sire ot life, and number more than twenty The coloring is harmonious and th* whole effect extremely good As an artist and a man, we may feel proud of him His portraits are striking? he has done two Knickerbockers, father and son, that almost speak. You will ace them in the Exhibitiori this summer, lor they leave in a few days with the at iginals, for New York. Thev established sn American Academy, or Lilo School, here IhhI winter, wnh funds fortnree year-; but the treasurer *'mismanaged the funds," or, in the present phrase, had "a discrepancy in his accounts," and his friend, the president, Mr. Crawford, supports it this winter at fits own expense. The great item of iheday here is Mr. Green, the American Consul, or as he styles himself on ths card he leaves for " foreigners," " The Consul General of the U States ot America." He contrives to keep all hia countrymen in hot water free of expense and is to them the chief topic of conversation? Green and the Pope sre more talked of than Rome and its wonders. His great diplomatic talents were so deep, that he has never tuen lound out till this last year?but he has regularly and generously be. friended and aasiat* d all his countrymen His attentions are meaaured by the length of a purse, and when it was long he has always contrived to dive deep into it, for the benefit of his country. Nearly every one has been asked to endorse his documents this winter, and a refusal is construed into patriotism? a compliance is followed by generous acts, and an endorsement produces a new suit of livery. His generous conduct last year aided much our artists to leave Rome, and his " integrity in money matters" has built up the Academy. He sells at naif a dollar a-piece, permit* that are sent to him by the authorities (stamped gratis) lor gratuitous disuibution, l* beloved by hi* countrymen, and almost worshipped by the sober minded Italians. The old Pope is a glorious fellow; every inch a gen leman?honest, upright, pious?has a splendid set oi Cardinals, men ol hiRh standing and grvat intellect, and is himself the head of the first Judiciary Court in the world They say the decisions of the Rota are quoted with great respect in Eogland and France. The grand church ceremonies baffle discretion, and are very imposing?captivating the eye, and seducing the weak. Two beautiful daugh'era of the head of the army, General Scott, have become I atholica here this winter, and last aeuaon iwo eminent American clergymen were converted to the same laith. < ne is now here a-< a priest. Ths great wonder here is a comet, with a tail of sixty-eight degrees. It was at first <onsid-reda miracle on account of an insult offered to the Virgin, whoj-e silver tiara was stolen a lew weeks sgo. The thief has be- n punished, and the comet ia now going away The weather is getting hot, and people wait only lor the Holy week, the illumination of St. Peters, and the fire-works, to ran sway. Carriages ana horses are already engaged, and not a snare conveyance can now be found. Happy those who etay 10 roast here. From Hayti ?By an arrival at Boston, We have a- a ?. at... iVI J _ I* A ! I ttg _ C 1 - I- / If icuiMimn (?> mr ???i in n.j?rn. w r nnu ine loiiow* inf published in the " Le Manifeste* of April 9 h r? The Haytiens have entrusted the administration to a "Ciouvernernent Provisotre," composed of five distinguished indtv-riitala from the civtlatid military. Tuey are Irnbert, Voltaire, Jn sre'ier, Uuerrierand Ifiviere The latter was the military commander of the revolutionary army. An eleetion is to take place immediately throughout the island, ol an "Assen.blee 1 ixi-tituaiiie " Thin body ast-oon at-chosen, will meet at Port Republican, and form a new constitution, wh ch wdl probably differ not very moch Iront the old one, excepting in limiting the Presidential term, probably to five yeaia. and tn 'he mode oi electing 'he Senate, which will now be t>y ihe vote of the people. The " Manifests" rebnk'S the |ieople (or being too elarnoroua for office, and asks very t>ro|>er|y, how ti.ey expect to have an eco mimical government. if every needy matt expecieto >e fed from the public crib 1 A council board of rune prominent revolutionists is cbreen to act with the commission A decree, dated April 12, make* ir rnaritime an'* commercial relations tree between Havti and the West India (elands, with whom they trade, in order to remedy the evils whtch the restrictive pohcy of the late government had caused. Lxtkk from Boknoh Ayrss ? Hy an arrival at Bunion we have account.* to the 18'h of March. The hesi? Ring army ol General Oribe still remains in its position near tn< wallsof the ci'y. Skirmishestake iMn?*e- uriwi-ni mr iwincrgrsMinn maauy, id w nicn h<* fripnds of each |>mriv represent the other to have Hiifl'-red severely Two days ago nev? ral mortars und a quantity of bombs were landed by Admiral Urown, whose t-quadron has since taken tip a portion in the harbor justou side the men <d war of foreign nations. A decisive atack upon 'he city is now daily and fnghtly expected. Opinions as to rs probable success, generally speHknig, according to the predilections of those who give ihem. From all I etn I am, I think ihe city mtistyield in a few wee k*: for hungry s'omachs will ex- rcire an important iiifluence U|ion ihisr who have little or nothing to gain or loss in the matter?and it is by no means certain that a majority of ibe wealth and in Hue nee of the city is not favorable to General Oribe. The pr-sent stste of things is truly deplorable, and ony change which may occur will be very likely to prove for the better. The ladies belonging to the family of the American consul are on board the frigate Columbia, Com. Srhubnck The Enterprise has gone ( Maldonado, to look after American interests there. The John Adains is in port. ?Boston Pott. Oufk.v Pkas were exhibited at the Norfolk'market on Saturday, selling readily at $1 80 per peck Of course, the salmon, or rather the salmon tiout, were not wanting either. The Norfolk Herald says strings of four, each trout from 18 to 30 inches long, were wiling on Monday tor three cents ! and adds. " Trout is rarely caught in our waters in large 'jiiantities, and are generally very small in the spring season?the fall bein(j the usual time for their rial's, when they are in their prime, and much betterthan those we have now ; but this season we have already had some hundreds ot cart loads of them hi oar nurket, and lor the most part ne.irlvful! grown ? How they came to pay us so unseasonable a vi?it in such traat shoals, i? a problem we are unable to solve. The grey trout, too, which epicures prefer to the salmon, h-ve afso been abundant, and un' mmonly large, some of flu rn being 2 1-aleet in eneth And besides this extraordinary volunteer relief to the pressure ot " hard times. ' we have the nek fi-h in great abundance, ami of the right size lurthe table?and any quantity of chub, perch, and .ih< r imnd fish The same tlvag occurred in l?ll virh the -hcejwhead, of which, though a summer 't-ii hmofreds were brought to our market every corning lor more thhn a week, in the early jmrt of day This phenomenon wae jocularly accounted tor ..aone of the traits ol the Whig triumph ! We ire h ippy to make the acqua niance ol a good aue.hle aheepshead at all times ; but we would agree to hatain from that luxury henceforth rather than re? uch another whig tnumph !

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