Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 18, 1843, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 18, 1843 Page 3
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. Stale of Trade* The arrivals at the hotels are rapidly on tha increase, and business steadily improving. yt?ur?There is a steady demand, to some extent, for the east, at 4 63}; Michigan, 4 66} ; Ohio, 4 36, room) hoops. Sales New Orleans, 4 SI} a 4 35; Southern, 4 87} Sales rye flour, northern, 3 87}. Oram ?Sales Illinois wheat st 38 a 94c; Jersey yellow corn, 66; North River, 61 a 66; oats, 37 a 39; shorts, 7} a 8; ship stiitfs. 13} a 13. Salt?Liverpool fine, 1 43 a 1 63; coarse, 1 27} a 1 SO. Provinont?Mess pork is dull at 6 36; prime,7 37 a 7 60; heef. 7 12; city, 7 75*8. Married, At " The Woodlaads," Philadelphia, on the 9th instant, by the Rev. Albert Barnes, Jsmki C. Vaisdvee, Esq. to Elizabeth M. Sistdee, niece of tne late Thomas Kittera, Esq. Died, On Wednesday n orning, 17th Inst. Henbt Habuen Ckooce, aged 38 years. The friends of the family, and the members of Engine Cnmnonv QT nro rnonaoi11111V invitnd to thw I'll neral, this afternoon at 4 o'clock, from 34 Essex street. On Tuesday, 16th inst John St. Fklix Ellison, son of Lieut. Francis B anil Mary A.] Ellison,] aged 10 months and 16 days. On Wednesday, 17th inst., Mrs: Isabella Cabolan, wife of Oron Carolan. His relatives ami friends are respsctfully invited to attend her funeral, this afternoon at 4 o'clock, from her late residence, S Hague street. Weekly Report or Interments In the City and County of New York, fiom the 6th day cf May to the 13'h day of Vay. 1813. 32 Men ; 32 Women ; 44 Boys ; 36 Girls. Total, 141. diseases. Apoplesv, 1; Cancer. 2; 4'ainaltirs. 1; Colic, 1; Consumption. 29; Convulsions, 14; Crrup or hires, 4; Delr'ium tremens 2; Diarrhoea, 1; Dropsviu the head, 8; do in ihe eh?t, 8; Debility, I; Drowsed, 2; Dssentery, 2; Eisypelas, 1; Fever pnereeral, 1; d> scarlet, 2; do tvphnul, 3'. Hoo|ini( Coa^h, 1; Inflammation of brain, 2; do of bowels, 7; do of chest, 2; do of lungs, 11; do of throat, 5; do of liver, 1; Intemperance. I; Jaundice, 1; Lues venerea 2: Marasmus, 5; Measles, I; Old Age, 4; disease of heart, 3; Palsv, 1; Itlv-iimat'sin, 1; Puotuie, 1; Scrofula, 3; Small Pox, 3; Spinal disease, 1; Teeihmg, 3; Unknown, 3. a (ik. Under 1 year. 36; 1 to 2 years, 15; 2 to 5, 15; 5 to 10, 10; 10 fo 20, 0; 20 to 30, 16; 30 to 40. 14; 40 to 50, 10; 50 In 60, 8; 60 toTO. 3; 70 to 80, 3; 80 to 90, 4; 90 to 100 I; unknown, 1. flacks of nativitv United Stares, 181; Ireland. 21; England, 7; Germany, 6; Fraic*.4; H- llaud, 1; British Possessions in North America, 2; unknown. 3. Of the above, were from Alms House, Bellevu*, I; Hospital, Bellevne, 12; Blackwell'a Island, 5; Lunatic Asylum, I; Long Island Hospital, 2. Colored persons 11 WM.A WALTERS. M. D.City Inspector. Citv Inspector's Office. Mar 15. 1813. Passengers Arrived. Livkbfool?Packet ship Oxford?Mrs and Miss Rvlev. Mr and Mist Knott, of "npland: Arthur Hilar, Rev Mr Welch, of Brookl?n; Mrand Mrs Bisssil.of New York?and 270 in the steerage. Livkbfool?Ship Ohio?W A Elliot, T Farbet?291 in the steerage Havkb?Packet ship Oneida?Miss Clara Flandin, J Vaiqnes, "*ew York: Misses E'lzab-th and Frances Draper, Bos top; Mr Lewis, Mr Lewis Jr. Philadelphia; Win U qnhart, of Louisiana; Christian Perry, lady and child, Charles Perry, Kuglat d?308 in the steerage. St Croix and St Thows?Barque John W Cater?Rev^Dr McF.lroy and son, Charles Williams, lady and to", Mrs FA Hs'e, M'ss 8 Oiaydoa, C D Ccles, 8 ^ki >uer, of New York;J O Grirnell, Miss M Barker, New Bedford; J Taylor, Glasgow; Chalet de Brettes, St Luciv, Jonaihau Knuht, Philadelphia. Cubacoa?Schr Ontario?Mrs Tro's and two daughters. BMintxbo Bat?*chr Sir Lionel Smiih?T A Wasmonth. lade and family, T Somcrs, lady and family, L Marsh, Isdy sod family. Mobile?Barque Calisto?A Besse, E H Dillingham, R M Mitchell. Passengers Sailed. I* bom Bostox? lathe liibenna, lor Liverpool?Henry U*nard. Lt?iiio Ptipiufi. Mra Papsnti and seiTanr. Mi?? 8 K Pratt. George Pntt. Mrs Mary Mayers. Rr* A U'qnhait. Mrs Urqnhart, nurse and child, J (1 Ward, Re* R H Neale. Jacob Hittingr-, Rev Robr Turnba'l, Joshua Leaviit. Jona D S'eele; John Perrott, U 8 Donial -t M u'lai; Mrs T 8 Petrv. Providence, Rl: Don A Calde'on do I* Barer, late Spanish Minister at Washington aud in Metre. Mad Cald'ron de 1% Barea, Miss McLeo : John Bnt'crnley, Wm L*tti<rer. Lewis Atterhurv, B B A'te>bu?y. Mr Monkitrock, Mrs Munkitto'k, John C Martin. C W Sampson, Mr* Sampson, Chan' cey Ires, Thoa Cook, C W Thomas. Leonard I Wyeth, J H Wi'?on Steph'tr frock?r, F A Huntington Wm A Ryan, New Yo k; J H Willmer, Philadelphia; Meredi'h Calhoun. Louisiana; Eugene Rayaeau, John Maul'on. John Arrowsmith, New Orleans; Henrv Kara, London; Wm O English, Hn'l, Eng; Wm t .rawford, Glasgow; F A Campbell. Itovel Arriper'; H W Barlow. Royal Engineers; Chat L Roberta. For Halifax?H W Schwar't, F R Starr, Miss Hill, H Shaw, C D Hooter, A Wood, Joseph Ystea. Foreign Importation!. Litffmol?Ship Oxf rd?ii bales Ctmeronb Brand?b bj? H Anc1'nc'ns* k Son-?3 chain cables Avmsr Iccn?lle?es Sand'. F 't A en?2 ca?ei I iglis k Scott?I caak SHs?kell_| brie J Brown St co?7 bts Foelili, S'rc b-r It co?3 eka 1 rare I ro order? 2 hair? Job? Kyle?300 bin tin pla??* ord-r?7 botes Took-r. Mead k to? 2cases Richardson & Watson?30 eafce c-eper Mae* & So? 33 rraf-a 9 cits Adami, Brolhera?5 c Wells & Sprme?1 case Themis Prosser?3 cases I Im> n W Vysr?1 esse J D Walker?5 rnn? nig iron J Hnotiordon, Vo*w ch?12 eas a 1 hi aamp'ts O B More wo<-d & c ?1 cases A astin, WilmrrdiDg k c ?8 cares R & II Hsight k co?I ba'e Neviutk co?I c sc F Tomes & Son?1 esse Arthur Hi""!? 4 c*k* Choi C<rgdo~?22 b^xes Inhn F'rsuson?1 c< B Siddcll ?SbilraHen y Andr-w?3 cs Rnrrham k Baldwin?I csak Ha.m 'U k Hays?1 ci R 3* orral k San?1 eask A Van Nes'? I bale Patouk Sicisar'?19cs aud 10 ha'es G rprr fc co?3 Car-srrdon I 'a Hugh's, Ward k c< ?I rk .K Hrslop & Soa?230 cars >nd 42 bdl* ir n Eggleston k Bakewell?3 hales orderit John Oihnn & co 194 bundles liaxier* rods to order? 1 c? Bailer, k Fiudnn?10 cs W C Lw -ley k cc?2 ct T Hunt k cc?3 b a Smith Krng-r k co?4 cs Harvey k S1 gc?1 C Ac!' he.'dkcs?I csk J N Newbold?I c? Maymer k Htro?15 cs 4 his J McCa I fc co?2 bts Griffin k Putnam?I cs J H Jacot? 1 rs Terse b Brooks?1 H Gaasett k co. Boa ton?9 cks J Rosiest?1 hx pecie O T Cammen?i hi Hicks k co?60 tons coa 20)6 tacks salt C H M rshu'l?46 cratei 1 hhd 2 ci 60 tons p e iron too-der. Litis pool.?Ship Yatot?7 phgs mdz-^P.-tor b Sfewirt? kiui ?*' E. n 'I?JUM'n LOlBurcep? 1 |mK 1 Li I rffrr'i?10 caaet 4 boxes Gordon & H-dgea-I box Thomiaon?4 c??U C Ceilleye? 10 cka ikina N E Blackburn?10 cases 3 c?? 50 *' vila to order I itkn pool?8hip Ohio?41 ck* mdx Cunningham & Buchanan?1830 sarta w't, 4 b*i md7. T Trutlow?12 dor. m<l>, 40 cl ? 4 tkg*. B Thompson?14 bit 5 ba'ea C Brand?25 bx* S McCa'l?1 <lo H MorreH?21 cka I crate E C. Robbins?I case M I i?l*y?1 Welsh k Malony?BO J Leach?19 cratri 37 cki H tb inkier?~6 cl a I crate bale Vandervoorf fc Haywood? 602 bit tin Fhelpt fc Dodge?3711 ban iron 8 Cook?) Rebellion. Haras:?Bhip Opeidt?1 cue J E Hyde fceo?4 uo A C St-wirtltro?3doT Maillard kco?1 <M> B Andr'waken? 1 do E Lamb?I do B-llin k Bander?2 do Ani'in, W'lrrerdtng k eo?2 k? win- W Paiachetner?I ea B?il-v fc Kitchen? I do Li-,l? k Brown?ld)B Rosarge? 2 do Maion k Iieli ?4 do A H Wnd ko ? 2 do F R Me ?> ?10 A k R Waller-3 D Haddm k -on?2 bbla N Johnaon?I Colvill * Fir m'ng? I Dale k V?xw?-|l?15 J Areniinn?3CH Bchn.ede?I Bu-nhv k Baldwii?1 G Eriere?1 L J iinei?5 K Fiedler?I S'-age. Cmabi k er?1 A A M II>?I Bavlard?1 A Hegoux?I Bmit?!io, Koip Soco?1 F Stoughfo ?2 J De Wilhim?I Noltentm fc Paretistadt?I J Kayser?1 Ablei k 9 it ler?I Sc->aaatH, F rr? fc on?7 Bto'haup* k ? bain?I Warburg k Damme? I Sniea. Ch in kco?7 J A Voiiin k eo?1 B De Iternais k ro? 1 Englerk 0"o'ej?307 burr atonri 25 ea PAkH Kenauld k eo ?10 Emeat k Beth?u '?52 A O R bert?I L-ntay, Romd aux k Morao?1 do W H Hontman k en?7 do Ferikanl k Hut'o-1? 60 bbfa wine B'n-haod k The'and?250 do O Malert,-.?100 do Smi-h k Vol* '?2 ea-ea O B Dorr?50 hkta wine A L'ouhat?25 do 9cb?r eihnrn k Marcl ?8 ea F (i Berteau?2 do W Brewer I do ? C Roaa'erf k eo?5 beg* apece L V Fr?d*nrk?I dTMI) "T-na?5 do C.tumdl-r, now.ird k co?1 ca Pr'me.W id k Kina ?1 keg do J Blunt?3 e, mi*xe You- r, 8m:th k C' ?3 do E Raafir?1 ''o J R 9t Fein?I do A Cot eney?I do Lane.t em aon fceo?1 do Eelowi, k -o?I do Tiffany,Young 8t Ellia?17 do A Kdd;?2 do D G L D H inland?3 do 8 Haakell?14 do to order. St Caoix?barque J W Ca'er-166 bhda angar II tinea mm Aymar fc co?1 hhd augar B De Foreal k co?10 do 17 hhda molaaree ta mnt?r-810.0 to 11 order. Motrrtoo Bar?Seht Lionel Smith?160 bigs pimento 11,000 1b? old corper Dunacomb k ileckwith?5 ciaka ram to the matter. Domaello Impnrtatlonf. New Ont-rawa?Briz O'eaner?375 hhda ingarHaTcna fceo? 101 hj'ea cotton 58 toni 8 Dubois. New Ont.? ai*i?Brig Pa'dora?137 hhda tngar 25 bbla molaiac Brett fc Vote. . . , VontLE?llaiqae Celiifo?50 hale* cotton Hicki fc eo?19 do U.Ik. L. VI I ? ?... 1 1 Attakapa??^clir Vict >rine?21 hMs suijar T Town, New Have*?I2,0in gallon* molai c* ro mmrr. MA^ITTM E herald. ; Mhlp Mutin and Agents* We shall esteem it a favor, if Captains of Vessels will give to Commodore Robert Silvev, of out News Fleet, n Heport of the Shipping left at the Port whence they tailed, the Vessels Spoken on their Passage, a List of their Csreo, and an* Foseign Newspopers or News they m.iy hare, lie wil' board them immediately on their arrival. Agents and Correspondenta, at home or abroad, will also rouf?r a fiver bv sending to this Office all the Marine Intelligence they cat obtain. Nautical Information of any kind will he thuibfn'lv received. PORT of ?bw FORK. way 18 sow rises ?3| noon rises II 42 EOT SETS 10 I HIOH II 4 1 llleRrril. Ships Conner. Wolfe, Rio de Jsii'iro, A Foster fc aom; Sut ton, Galloway, C-hailesron. Gen autt >n.? Bng? Kaleou, (Ur) Pitt. Rermuda, H A Tncker: D B. (Br? Doudret, StJshns N|i. JsaH Braine ? ScVs Ur- 'ls, Rob-rls. Central Ainerrs. Tt son k Jndsh; Calhtrine Wilms, Liscomb, Richmo .il. A 0 Cooley It ( o; Victor, (iontd, Boston: Harnel, Cole, do; Mada washa. Small. Bath, Me. Nvtmith, Lseds k Co. Arrived. Packet ship Philadelphia, Hovey, from London and Torts mouth, April 23, with mdse. t? J. Griawnld Packet shio Oaford, Rnthbon'.froin Liverpool, April 21.with mdse, toC. H M rshall. Packet ship Oneida, Fnnck, from Havre. April II, and Lands Knd 23d. with m4se, to Boyd k Hit.cktn. Shin Ohio, Lyons, from Liverpool, April 15, with mdse, to T. Wmilow. Ship Yazoo, Traik, from Liverpool, April 24, with mdse, to fc. K. Collins It Co?250 steer.-ge passengers Ship New Yoik, Niven, 25 day* from Greenock, with mdse, to order. B*rqae Prudent, Paget, 42 days from Marseilles, with, kc to order Bur)"* John W. Ca'er, Davis, (of Philad'lph a) from St. Croia, and II days from St. Thomas, wi h sugar, kc. lo the master. Barque Calisto. Klrnchard, 15 dsTt from Mobile, with cotIon, to Nssmith, Leeds k Co. Brig Eclipse, Dillingham, 23' dsys from New Orleius, with 7000 htis'clt eorn to Churchill Sr Robertson. B ig Gleaner, KhP n, 24 days from New Orleans, with sugar, kc to master. Brig Psndnra, Sinpion, 14 daya from New Orleans, Willi ino lasses, to Brett k Voa?. British brig Joseph Ham, Curry, lldaya Irjtn Windsor, N8. wiih plaster, to mastrr. Schr O .tario, Vnial, II dan from Cnr-csa, with 225 bales kini 75 tons Rio Heche wood to Rooiitn Grin s B-itish schr Sir Lionel Smith, Stanley, 21 days from Mou'ego Bay Jam. with pimento, to Dauacomh k tleckwuh. Left no American vessel. Viciorine, Hnrnsdale, 21 diya from Attskepis, with molasii-t ro msatur. Sailed in Co. Willi schr Androscoggin, fm Norfolk. Le tschrSomhe ner, for NYork.soon. ec-r Twi Brothers, Tnlson, from Washington, NC. with ' navilstorrs. Schr Ann D, Hudson, from Norfolk, with mdse, to Slnrgrt fc Clsarman. Mchr f ichiDge, Clark, from Portland, Willi molasaes, ta F. O Thurston. Schr Reaper, Crowell, 4 days from Salem, with mdse, to the master. Schr Mary Elizabeth, Bailey, from Philadelphia, with ccal, to master. low. Dutch barn lie Vreeman, 13 days from Amsterdam, with mdse, to order. Alio, brut Boaton. and I ahi|i unknown. Herald Marine Correspondence. . . ? TaLCAHUiNA, Keb 3. 1813. In ronrei|Uence of the yellow ft*er which h-? keen r?KI'K a' Guayaquil. and the |iort? in iia vicinity, for several months, . II teasel. coming from any of the porta between Pansmt anil I'ombei, inclusive, aie subjected to a atrict quarantine in the port of thia republic. General Record. WnrciED ?The British haique Abeoin, Karon, from New0,11 _ n,K bound to New OHeaua. with a car^.j of 280 tons , : >?iri?ru un vape Antonio, on tne morning 01 the 24 April. Crew saved. Wi)tl?mrn, Htard from?0? NW C<>a?t io Atir. Mnntizom.i, 3000 bbls sp; Jiya, 1300; off T dcahuana Jan 20, John Well?, Knsu'll, Newark, 200 ap 1100 wh; uff Mocha Jan 15, Enterprise,Cannou, "Jjant, 900 ?p 550 wh; Writ of Massnfnero Dec 20. Cora Morris, Downs, Falmotith, 400 sp: Wade, Swifi, NB, 1050; ou the line, Ion i2l, in Nov, Mariner, Palmer. Nant, 13(0; Henry, Brown. do,l300; Hero, Chase, do, 300; Gang'?, Pitman, do, 300; off Cape Horn Jan 1, Mechanic, Pra't, New|>ort, clean; off Masaafuero Jan ">5, Catharine, Hunter, Nant. 1000 ?n (CO wh; Washington, 1050 ?p; Conirres*, ritni-u, Nant, 1350 ; 29th, Jaine? Monroe, Cushraan, FH, 1600 an 200 blkfiah; Kou??eim. Braytnn, NB,500?p; in Jan, Martha. Biker, Nant, 60O ?n; F>b I, Virginian, l nee. N'B,2200;off Ta'cahuaua Feb 1, America, Kichtn?nd, Briytol, 550 ?n, 460 wh. New Lsndow. Ma? 15?Arr Palladium. Frerti??, fm Crovott'? )6th F? b, St Helena. 26th March?1300 bbl? ml. 10500 lb? hone. Sp- ke Jan I9'h, Phf i-, Sla'e. Nl,. 90S wh 400 ap; 20|h, Cancare, Ketd, do. 5 win; 26th, haique Hale von. Lot, rlo, 5 do. Keb 8tli, Nep une. Greet e, do, 11 w lis. Heard from Nov 1, Cha Henrv, Jeffrey do 7 w ?; Igrb, John It " lil'b t", do, 8 ivn; 24th. Aramara. Hull, do, 750 wh 150 ?p; 27th, Teneno?, C e ler d i, 3 wh? Si?ke Feb 3d. btrqne Camilla?, 8H, 3 wh?. Heard from Jan 13, Timor, do, 1 wh; I8th. G m, do. 8 ?h?; 19'h, Portland, do, f t VWC.Iwhi: Feb 5, Nhnro \ do, 18 whs. Heard frem Jau 11th, A'ryop, NB, 1 wh: 28 li. Dn er, do, 750 v h, 31?t, Feoelon, ' wh? Heard from 2l>t Jan, Tna'arara, Whi'e, CS, 1000 wh. Heard fiom Jan 27th, Conirres', Leirer. Mvstic. 10 whs. rpolre Feb 1, Delta Greenport, II whs; Slh, heard fin Albiou, FH, 9 whs; Nov 11, Meicury. Stouintilon, 5 v>h, 3 sp-'m. Arr at New Bedfo-d, May 15. Detdemona, Phtnney, l'ae fic Pcecn, T'lcahuena Feb 6, with 800 bh'aap 300 wh and 100 blk fish oil. Left at T*l< ahuana, Daniel Webster, SH, 3100 wli/cr home; Geo Porter NB. in quarantine. 1600 ?p. dor Iris, ^, icon, do: St-itira, N tnt, 2700. do; Mt Vernon, She?rinan, NB, 3300,1"; Minerva Smyth, do, 1600 honod on a cruise; New Behfrird. NB, 120" do; Corinthian, do, 2500, do; B-suiiu, Whitehead, 300?p, for NW Coast; Hector. Marin, Wairen, 280 ap, honnd on cruise. Spoke Jan 20 P" lit Str, Knternrise, < inn o, Naot 950 ?r 600 wh: 25th, John Wells, Rn??ell, X??" irk, I If 0 wh 2 0 sp; Frb 10, Zepai. Cuflio, Nat t, 28(10 sp b'?i? w?l home; 15'h Coral, Seabttry, JB. 95 d? 0"t, clean; May 12, lat 40 N, Ion 79 W, Fhzab th, of Provi 'Crtowtt. Arr at Provineetowu 8ih, Samuel Si Thomas, Sorer, Bav of Mesic v, 700 sp, 14 mos absent. Left in the Bay, abt April 20 O m. Vckersnn, Pmvincefown. clean. PI uirhhoy Brown, from Pacific, of anl for Ntnt, went iuto H-'Iniea Hole 14th inat. Preston, ?f P ovii.cetown, with 100 bbla oil, spoken no d?te, lit 26 20, Ion 73 3t?by the Victo'ine, at thia poi t A letter front Cop'a, Taber, N B, dated Jau 29, lat 56 36 S, Ion 64 W, re nor a her?ith 50 Mils ap. Roacoc, reports in atltl'fion?Left at Talcshnany Feb 15, Isabella, How laud, NB, 1U0 oils ?p eil; Virginia, Luce, do, 1800 on board. Spartan, Small, of Provincetown, spoken Ja3 31, 6 mot out, 300 bMa. A Havre date of Aoril I7.csrrect? the report that the whaler Eliza had cruised on th? N W Coast; she had been fishing from Mellish Bank to the N W Coast of Aleutienuea and Kodinck, belonging to Russia, and instead of 14 whs it should have beeti stated that 23 whs produced 2(00 bbls. Bpoktn. Titos P Cope, Micrcken, Ltverpeol for Philadelphia, April 25, Is" 48, Ion II 50? bv the Osford, at tb:? port. R-indeer,( Br) Hartlepool for Quebec, 29 days out, 7th irst on Banks of Newfoundland?by the same. Same day, Thamts, (Br) London for Quebec, 23 days out?by lh- same. Vreetnan. (Dutch) Jj dars from Amsterdam for NYork, 1 Ith inst lat 42.1 OB 58 40?bv the same. Maryland, of Alexandria, NtwOrleans for Liverpool, 2d inst. off Havana?by the Gleaner, at this port. North Carolina, NOrlcani for Baltimore, April 25, I tt 26, Ion 85 50?hy the same. Ahlenaran. NYork for He vans, 7lh inat. Matsnzas SSW 30 utiles?by the Ca'iato. at this port. Ambassador, of N'Vorlt. 32 ilava from L verpool for Apalachie la. 4th met. off Key West?by the V-ctorinc, at this |>ort. Helen, Grand Caillou for P'dladelph a, April 5 Princess, Liverpool for NOrleans, April 16, lat 17 24, lon5l 30, 42 Have out. Yorkshire, Liverpool for NOrleans, 5th inst. lat 22 44, Ion 35 56, ont 57 days, with loss of all thrse topmast?by the Ayrshire. Mob-le. Sylvanus Jenkins, Bevmour, Mobile for Liverpool, 8:h inst, lat 31 40, Ion 78?by the G <ztHe, at P evidence. Fannv, Livernool for NOrleans, 38days out, 1st Key West?bv the Koaato, at Boston. Emily Elli-ott. Lattderman, Baltimore for Porto Cabello and La Goayra, 6th inat. lat 29 25, lou 65 30?by the Cadet, at Boaton. Foreign Porta. Havana, May 1?Arr Huntress, Boston. Cld Hazard, Portland. St Cams, nodtte?In port, Honlton. for NYork. 3 da. CttascoA, April 30-Inporl, Allen, Mxsou, fur Boston, in 7 da vs, Buknos Atres. March 21?In port, Edward. Steele, of ?nd for Philadelphia, 30 days; La Plata, Micha> Is, for do, 14: Elvi a, Groves, from Boston, via Montevideo, uuc; An-ora Doyle, do visGoreeand Montevideo, srr I9'h; Dingo. MeN>-ar, for NYork, 14 days: Bridgfon, Chickering, nnc; PamelH, logalls, for Rio de Janeiro, next day; Carolinian, Metry, for Patagonia, unc; Jcsey, (supposed sold); Sarah, Chase, fin Sautes, nnc Home Porta, Calais, May 9?Arr Ro?nnke. Knight, Georgetown, DC.? Shi 3d, Borneo, Durham. Baltimore. Castins, May 12?Arr Wettbrook. Norron N Yotk. Portland, May 13?Arrluerease, Verrill; Challenge, Keller, rud Auti les, Stan'ev, NVork; 14th, Centurion, Boston: Mill Cr-ek Philadelphia. Cld 13th, VH-garet, Bnker, NVorkOwl's Head, May 9?Arr Johu Crosby, Boston, aud aid 10th for Hampdm Nr-wBonvroRT. Mav 12?Arr Wm Schroder, Boston; '5lh, Retrieve, C'arksun, NYirk. Boston, May 16?Arr Steiglifz, Callogan, Pale?mo via Gibraltar; Locan, Woodbury. NYork; Cadet,Go-e, Bn*ttos Ayres; Elli t Bsker; Tntk, EMritlge; Oak, Ryder; Lodi, li.i'c; New Zealand, Polaud, and Ceylon. Colborn. Philadelphia: Jane, Drink water Mafanzat; Koi'to, Cook. NOrle*ti?; VerrroM. Davit, Charleston; Blue Rock, Bacon, Fredericksburg; DapI Francis. Small; Richmond, Holbrook, and J -u- Fi?b, Allen, Richmond; Forest. Kldridgc, Georgetown, DC: Friend, Howes, Baltimore; Gleaner, V ixon. Petershnr*; European, Rarnes, aud Cyprus, Sawa-er, Rondout: Renown Lovcll, New Yoik: Speedwell. (new) Thnrndike, C< html; rtlicthus, Han?on. St Peter*. Miq?left. Cape Fear, Young, hence, iust arr? came outside Sable I land, ai.d parsed immense <|uantitiea of ice between 8t Peters bank and Sable lrliod. Telegraphed, Ocean. Willard, and Prentice, Hopkins, New Orleans; Beni Franklin. Flinn, Philadelphia. Sign ,I for a brie. Cld Hib?f nia, (s) Jedkins, Liverpool; Colombo, Pearson, < Jibraltar; > Irs Burgess, BoWcts, Curacor and a mkt; G W Knight, Safford, Havana; Council. Baker. Norfolk, City Point and Richmond; Mandarin, Hineklev. NYork. Wahkham, May 14?Arr Krie, Wing, and Notus, Besse, N York. Sid Miami, NYork. New Bedford, May 16?Arr Cornelia, Ricbetain, NYork; I Pomoua, Shea-man, do; Jane. Reed, and Augusta. Nickersnn, Phi'ndelihia; Wm Prnn, Handford, Hudson; Henry, Look, Darien, Ga. Holmes Hole. May 13?Arr Caroline, Phinney, Augusta for O'orge'own, DC. Providence May 15?Arr Gazelle, Allen, Mobile; Bella del Mar, Ra, dall, Sav?n?ah; Lewi* Spicer, Molt, Rappah'li cell: Qoren, Bring*, Baltimore; Charleston Paeke', Crnwell; Thos Ire'and, Somrrs; Amy W Leeds, Endic'itr. and Model, I eland, Philadelphia; Jane Sally France*. Baker, Hudson; John. Burrongh, Albany; Willard, Miller; New York, Monro; Moses Edd<, Bhven; Chamnion, Yonng; Jas S Coring Hawkins aud R ei.zi. Dii'f-e, NYork. Sid Jas Liinpheer, Kenny, and Rhode Islam), Hull. do. Hartford May 14?Arr Anthracite, Marshman, Pitiladelph's; M>ry Ann, t'o*. Kincston. Sid Planet. T> rry, NYork Albany. may IS?Arr Black Diamond, McMurtne, Philadelphia, with barge NYork in tow; Orbit. James; Champion, Guernsey ; Perseverance, and Temperance. NYork; Ha-dscrsbble, Davis. ProriJeuce. Sid Leader, Benson, and Leopold, Hard, do. Philadelphia, May 17?Arr Marquis. Gin. Bucksporf, Me; Pat int, Strelmae, Great Eg* Hsrher Cld B H Fi-ld, Van Gilder, Mobile; Fame, Crnwell, Boston; Squire 8t Brothers, Steelmsn. do; Liberty. Tow send, Pr-vidence; Daniel Taker, Bak< r. Fall River: A Lnrd, rut. York Alexandria, May 15 -Air Mocatt, Reynolds, Boston; Phtbe Kl'za. Osoo n, NYork. Riciimoren, Miv 15?Arr I.'-online, Kuapp. New York; 14th, Calais Dumiog. NOrl?in';Fiiendshii', Scott, NYotk. Savannah May IS?Arr Atlantic, (Br) Robinson. Loud or; H '?re, Cart>enter, Liverro al; Wi'liam, Bsc hi, NOtleacs. '"11 h:isct, John on, New York; Eergeu, La'ou elfe, d-. Sid Olive Branch, h'ngliah ApaUchicnla; Voluira, Sleeper, New i ork; Sonhia, ( Br) D-ape r, Liverpool In port 12in. L'lcy, Little, NOrlcans for Antwerp, rep*; Lli Whitney. Harding, for Liverpool, wtg; Jo'vphiae, Mitli?>n, from do, do; Stirling, Stunners; Rowland. Bla'-chard; Brsd.disw. [Br] Young: Sir How?rd Douglass, [Bi] Ogilvv: Amy. [BiJ White; \!er?-v. Heed: end a rince Recent. fBrl Mnodv. I.?r l.iimuMl .1.1... Corea. Qvdner, St Peteraburg, l.lg; Th unei,Prince, I'm Hvvre, wtg; Bir.JTB] Mitchell, fur Chatham, Eng. Idg; New York Packer, [Br] L.imont. Liverpool, do; Havre. Carpenter, from tin; Willi im, B-enn, NOrlcaua; VCdirij, Bulkley for NYork, Idg; Pniln.a, Doene. do do: Rapid, V, unilort. Uuad t'uupr, do; Souther, Combed, from 'V.rt Leon, Hug; Charle* Jonph. Maoran for Havre, lilt; Neva Scotia, [Br] latteraon, *""?( Indira, do: ^un A Parker. B'ightman, from orw Orleana, dug; Caroline, Swriry. Matan7.aa, do; Mary Shield*, TVoithingtotr, for Philadelphia. Idg; Oraror, Davia Providence. do. Mobile, May 9?Arr Ayrihrre, (Br) Ba ker, L uJon: 8nl?i did, Crocker; Alexander, Andrewr, and Kockthire, (Br) Jickiod, Liv. niool; Harriet. Hand, thiladrlphia Cld Clarendon, 8t> ddard. Liverpool; Elir.a A Snann, Dyer, NVork. New ORLKarra, May 10?Arr Glondoveer, Paraona: Robert Paiker, Dwighr; Leila. Higgiua; Gondola. Kenne; Ila'cy n, Pattor, and Rorkall, Higgirn, Liverpool; ('ale onu, V<rncy, Havre; Lilina. Smalley. and Brazilian, Hickhurn, New Vo'l ; Boitouini, k ineraon, Button; Georgiana, Davia, do; Lclv Chapman. H rriot. St Anna Bay, Jam: Cherokee, Ualier. ail Barton. Lawleaa, Grand Caillou; towbrnt Miatiatippi, Dn i (rnntlie Ptiara, towed down Oclorara, St Cloud, Muuroe, Stri e\ and Eurotaa?brought np.Kickill, and Hale,on; toeboat Phoenix. Auuable, from the Pesos. with G mdola, Liliui, O-orgiana. Birtoti, aud Cherokeej lowb at Claiborne, J'boinp on. from llie P.iaaea, towed de?n Tioya, Ainelii, Uneaa. and Wanderer?hronght up Leila, and Caledonia; towhoat Siar, Heaton, from the l'.iaaes Willi Glf doveer. ami Kolit Parker.? Below, ronnug np, Michigan, Haaty, from I ivernool. Cld Megunricook, Mayo. M traoille-; Swea.(Sw) Olaon, H imhurg ; Snow, Snow. Savmuah; Snv, L Older, Lamina; New Orleana, Aldm, NYoilt; Chattalionchee, Doane, Havana. NEW STORE. New stoke eok the hale of birds-arch. OREIVE beta to inform the t>uh|ic that In conatqneace of Mr. Oeo.C. Thorhuro diacoiitina'tig (Si aviary bu*in.a< in h a t.looD, he haa taken th (fore No 5 John i trrrt, where he will keep coROautly on hv?d i variety of Canary and orher Song Birda. bird cage* nl every f r' bird fed, go d fi,h rid alobet. Abo, inda nakr, fruita f all rata, MlM jelly, p eklea, lha heal q i.dity Havana bt gar*, ol the moat approved branda, lie. he II-rrn-r. that frotn nine rear* experience in the rmp oy or M' Thorborn, he will he able to give siii.l'action, and ao'icita a share of public patronage. mF3r*gc BELMONT HOUSE, NEW brighton. TIJ> "baenber bega leave to inform hia frit ndt aud th- puh , 'lc? that he hu cvfccn th* ab?*e wrll know a hauif, wit cli hfen thoroughly r*|*tire<l aud pvnt'd in th* be*t mvrnrr. uiuiiiiifru uuougnon;, anl will be opened on the lint of M iy neit. The i onae i? delightfully aitnrted immediately oprnaite ill* ?t?an'#oal Inndim-, J from its niai.. ia cmnmandt \ view ' 1 tending lip the Killa ami over the biy and harboti: of N't* York. To th iee deairom ?f a plenum reaidriire Jnriug ti.c lummiT moutlia, pnaieaaiiif the advantage* of fine nil watoi hnthii.g, together with beautiful driven and waika,nn<l ennve nienf ercena It* the city every two honra by attain, tlie Brlini 01 Honae offtra inducement* 1111*11 rpaaard by any other on ilia la land, and the aubacriher tinata that hia former effort* 10 give aatia'aef on aa proprieto- of the Pavilion, with hia renewed <lrtermination to apore no paina to render hia houae agreeable, will enaiire him the eonnnnation or a paition of the patronage he haa heretofore been favored with. UEORQK riKHIS, New BnnawTOia, April H. IMl an 'Hvfr rpo CHARCOAL DEALKH8?UOM bnahela Charcoal ol JL good qil ility ami air-.hnrnt ihe paat fall; drlirerahlp along aide of veareli at Cold Spring Landing. Putnam Connty, which will he a Id 10* in lo'a not lei* *li n J'OO buihcla. Apply at No. Jdfi Btoo no at, at auy tune befora id o'clock in th- morn mg, mi<Jtia*r L WRIGHT & CO will open an office of dnei nflt and de p.itife aiO-wigo, N Y., on the lit o? M iy nttl, and w II make collection, ai d reuutianeea at rrnimialile rare*. lie fer to I) K.hbeti, Jr. "< ail , caatuer New York. Bny. am, Mage k CV, New Yoik. Uiow, Robinaon k Co. New York. A I) I'atohin, Kaq., cathier, Alhanv, Oiwego, April 20 1M_I *W *" * AIJr.Nf \ \V\\T-I> ?\ gentle man occupying a mitr ( pen to tli* aired) In (he nppi r pari nl Wall atiei t, p? it Broadway, la demon* ,n ip der. akc the ol aonie ni u.ti lai luru g, mercantile, pntriil, or any inner reafieetahle buap lien. Apply to boa No. lvl Upper Post Office, ml lm*eodr T17ANTED?By a young I dv, n situation aa Catcher in a " semin try, or goreroesa to a few punils. A note addreraSM1 to W. at this office, stating where an interne w may be bed will he a'tcuded la ml83iin YXfANTED?Bv the anbscriber, in the city or conntrv, a place aa coachman and groom. H ?a a wi Te who will accept of a place as rhamberceid end waiter or cook: unei"ei>tionah'e rrfeieiices f? lo capability, honesty, faithfulness, Ike ; accustomed to dri?e either two or f or if peeeaiarv, alio to br-ahiiig, training. <c-.; competent ol the i ire oflinreum sickness ir otherwiae ; thirtv yeara old and imart. Can he hear) from rr em until l?t of August at t7 Front street Anv oinina ds diree'ed to JOHN K D VV A llDB, w ill t'eproTlly attended to, if poet paid. ia!7 3t*r W" AN TED?CHEAP JJ vtMY, N "iTl", ndTt."wen's i luform country merchants, cav i-tHilii. ped'. . > and all lieraom requirieit la rye quautitiea of thread and needle articles, spools cotton, combs, buttons, knitting rottou, ahoe >ud cornet laera, ho?is?y. glovea,, laces, ai'k and cotton fancv nelta, fcc, with a great varied' of sittin-, thai he ia selling bv wholesale or retail.cheapcr than any other store in the city,and no advantage taken ol persons commencing a retail bimueaa,or not acquainted with the value of articles. N. li ?All article# w.uieulcd hi represented or the money returned. JAM Kb SUYDAM, ml5 6t*r_ _ 251 Grand it. cor Forsyth df*QC REWARD?Lost yeiterday, a pnrie containing betjpAtcJ tween twenty (lt d thirty half ru-i, a three doll-ir hill, nod some silver, The above reward will !> paid by leaving the same at ROBERT KAIT8, mil 3t#r 7*2 Broadway. MO' KINO R1HD LOST. on Tuesday A reward of five dollars will ba psid to any one who will return him t> William Burger,39 Courtlandt st. mlg il*ge SHU' ONEIDA FROM HAVRE?C uiunees will please send their permits on hoard, a' Pier No. 3 No-th River, without delay. All goods not p-rmitted by the 23d instant* will he sent to the puhlic e'nre mlB I tr PA CKBT 8HIP O ABTO N, horn N? w Orleans, is disch irgig at Judd's wharf, foot i f \l.<ik*t street, tlotisigneea will please attend to the receipt of ill' ir goods immediatelr. uil6 ?pHE U. 8. CUTTER, BFUfTjTKKk"RSON, will be sold J- st pub ic auction on Sa'or'av ueit, the 201* insotnt ai 12 o'c'nck, at the Merchants' Kschanee, by 8 DRAPER, Jr., Auctioneer. The brig Jefferson was built five years ago iu Baltimore, is a fast sailer and her tunings is about 140 tons; s?ils and r>rgiiiff in good Older. The vessel may br i> spected a> Webb It Alien's Ysrd, at the loot of Beveulh street. Terma cash. The armament, bil'sst end furnitme will not be sold. EDWAHD CURTIS, Collec oNew Yoik, May 16.1843. ml* 3ijgh PLAYING UAMD8?An asaortmcnt of the various kinds o^ * laying Cards ofs different makers, a'sa fine ivory surfaced whist cards, with gilt -cues and prin'ed in gold, const tu'lv for sale by the il.zen or (mailer quantitv, at moderate prices, by J. C. BARNET It CO . 167 ilroad rny, between Cooitlardt and Lihe.ty streets, sistU litis rt<d*in PAViLION-FORT LEE. THE above eslab'i-hineut having been refit's'd iu the most faslnonah'e and modern stye, was opened on the first of M v lor tb-i reception ol viutoi* and pcrm' nent ho'ders. No h caii on can snrpass this fur salubrity and convenience bei g silonted within nine miles of the city at the commencement of the PallliOOSI, on the west bank of the Hods on* For inrsliils, or those wishing retirement ntid recreation, this -stnblishmect peasants many advcui iges, having riteuiive gronnw torpromamda, where m m aiashaitartdfrom he summ?r snn; with conveniences for bathing, such as to please the most futilinui. The extensive prospect from the Pavilion and adjoining heights, nie vnrurpsste'l lor i J beHU y. Military companies on encampment or tarketexcu'tions, will fiud every convenience as the grunnds have been laid cut expressly for t"Q?e pii-poaes. (T7*T lie steamboat Bi ston, Captain Bibcock, will plv rggul.iiTy. giviag facilities to tboachaTlng business in the city, to For lerini or particnlais enquire a' Jolh"'s Music Store, 385 B-oadwsv. JOHN A. WHITFIELD, ml8lra*r frn?ietor. PHKAC TaBl.K CUTLMtYv> 6 ? uoz mpe'ior Teblc Knives and Forks. $1 00 per dox 53 do common do do t'o 75 30 do do do do do 10 50 pair* e'eftantUaiver* with Forks, 50 per pr Al-o.afewd.z c Table Kuivcs without Forki, all of which west he told immediately, at :o Maiden Laue, up stairs, No. I. in IS II *r BEACON COURSE. TKOT'l I NO. i , SATURDAY, May 20ih, 3 I*. M.?Match for $500, two mile heata in harness. H Woodruff Dames br m Dutchess. Wm Whelau names hr g Hector. Immediately after, match $200; one n ile hcati under the (addle. H floucklin names b m Fashion. H Jones urnes br R Bine Dick. Monday, May 23d, JO. M?The HeooudUredtMatr.h between Am-riens and K'Pto", for $2000, two mile h-ais in harness. Thursday, May 25th?A pu'se of 8100 will he Riven, twe roila beats; under tbe saildV; fiee lor hoise* nerer wona purse over that amoun'; $15 to to second best; entries to be made at K. Smith's bv 9 o'clock, Sa'U'd.T eveniiiR. mP 3t*nB RED HOUSE PLtAsUKE OKOUND. A Turscof $10, to come off at (lie above track, on Fiiday, Mjijr 9i at 4 P.M. ir jl lie iuiiuniiijj nuori eutcreu n?r liicmuc) c purse;? L C Roger', b m Kate Hum. J Woodruff. h ra Fashion. C Barnn, b h Apology. WmWhelan. bhAgactai. A Lo.'tie.s h Plumb Bob. New York, May 17th, 1843. mil 2tgc L. C. ROGERS. Proprietor. WRAPPING PApER?2600 reams of g od Cap and Crown Rig Wrapping Pjptr, just received and for sole by PERS9E k BROOKS, m!8 2tr 61 Libeitr itreet WATCHES, DIAMONDS, tec. THE Subscriber harm* retired from'tbe late firm of Gel* toil, Ladd & Co. lias commenced holiness at. the corner of Broad and Wall atreets, opposite tlie Custom House, for the sa'e of fine Watches, Diamo.ids nud Gentlemen's prices in accordance with the rimrs. All Diamond Jewelry bought of the subscriber will be re I nrehased by him after deducting T per cent; tnrrrby offering to pure lasers an opportunity to convert their di lutouda into money at any time they may please. Ki?eDup'?i, Lerer and Cenine Watches, which he can recommend and warraut as good tune keepers?abo,Gold Chain, Pencil Cases, Watcn Keys, Stc Silver Forks, S(>ooti?, and Tea Sets, of the newest patterns, and very hist <ju I it y and workminship at 5 per cent advance on the manufactu-cr's prices. All the above articles shall be erpt il to the best made tn New Fork. Watch-* and Clocks repaired nudrr his personal inperintendiiice, with the assistance of the beat syorimen. Drill nds. Pearls aud other Lpreciohs Seniles and Silver bought or exchanged, WM. F. LADD, 12 Wall street, opposite the Custom House. a2S Ion it*m IMPORTANT"TO FEMALES. DR. MELVEAU, office 129 Lintrty street, near Greenwieh street, whose great tuccess iu the treatment of complaints *ri in.: I cm th" irrrgnlariry or total suppression of the menses, hrs gained for htm so great Celebrisly,deems it but justice to ackDo?v'edge that m ich of his suect*? b-lougs to the trnty wonderful effects of the Portuguese. Female Pills, for which he is agent, and importer for the United States. Th?ir certainty iu all female obstruct on? is surprising . (Seeadserlis nent on last column of tourtti page.) Dr. Meivi ic can hr co'suite I ou all compliin's incident to females-vith th'strictest cwifidetiee. ml8 in*iiyl?wtr ~ liARRY'S WIUJTAND SCALPS. A C. BARRY, Artist in Hair, Itom l.opdou.?The real fV. Heads of Han still stand pra-omiai ut above all olh?r< Their peculiar light, gos umer an I ventilating charactr r?their bei .g r.hsped ciactl, ?* th- ucura' hair grows - their elasticity and thci- superior msteriil and wo km 'nshij, as well ai their ?lfie of fnnh and a-rangemei't, a'l combine to form s ich pci ct heads o( hair, th .t they must be se-n to be fully ap; ree.iated. A new system of th" art of Wig Making taught in five Irssons. See a speeim-n of Barry's Wigs and Seal. s. which will satisfy the most fas i linns that he is the te-1 and <heape-t maker in the city?116 Broadway, comer of Liberty street. ?p ttairs. ml2 2wius*en dl 100 CHATHAM STREET. THE OLD GALEN'B HE a D. DR. k'.YANS respectfally lulorms the public that he hai h.tii mnrfl t>s,kn (orfu v#?n . ?,iori.-ne? its k"isA 1 rica, in extensive hospitafa anl ill private practic?haa devoted mmy yearatothe treatment ol particnlar dneaara, alao debilltiea, old nlcr*a, ob?troc"on?. mercurial diaeaiea. female comnlatnta, he alflicted w uh deplorable caaea, patched Hp by ignorant preteudcil, are adviaed to call. A reaulence cf niorr thru twciitv years in the city of New York has e?ti.bnahed his cl< iracter for reapcctabil'ty and superior skill in the treatment oi'thoae dutaaei. Consult ltioas perfectly private and coufidot. ial. Make no roiatik*, find ilia Old Galen'a Head, No. ICO Chat no ateret. No cjiincttion with any other office, nil J eodi<1t*r GREAr REDUCTION IN FRIGE. THE LARGE3 I", THE CHEAPEST, AND BEST ASSORTMENT OF WIGS AVD SCALPS, ARK TO BE FOI/ND AT CLIdE HUGH'S, 2in BROADWAY, ENTRANCE IN FULTON ST. T'lik. many attempt* that are daily making r? inmate iheie eelehialed W igi and bcalpa, are just a i m u.y proofa of ihe hiah ch'iacter th?? h ive aita'neri, and the estitnamn they ate ti'Id in by the trade But the ptihlic will obaerre that C. la the original maker (in thia eonntry t of THE VENTILATING AND GOSSAMER WIGS AND SCALPS, (WITHOUT METALIC SPRINGS,) and that all nthera are but terble attempt* at imitation, wantinc (he geuiua to divine or direct the principle on which they ar- mule to tit, and the skill ami , ractice in execute. All wearera aud cnnnoinenrv are inrit d to inspect hit HEADS OF HAIR, which, for elegance. lighiuew, aud du ahility, may be claaaed amonit the firat pioonctioin of moJern timet. In their maim lactuie lliey differ from all otbeia mad- here. The la aiugly inaertrd, aud ao njoailv diatri uted aa to apiiear jeat leaning (mm the akin; tbev covLr no more ol the hrnw than the ranral hair doea, ..'id having uo m- la'lic spring,all dit.igieeaWIe re autre ia obviated. Foi a tnutheru climate, they arc inestimable. be inn only <>ue ox. weight. MMtOtfh Meinbt rt of' Hugrett, and gentlemen t om every inarier ol the conulry, who art now wearing C.'e wiga, can be .e'vrred to. The pric^a will be found to tuit the eircomatareea of all c'ataea ml0i?6l*r THE NEW YORK i MEDICAL AND SURGICAL INSTITUTE, No- 75 Chambers aireet, ESTABLISHED TO RENDER TO THE AFFLICT! Pa Kt) anuinl and Scientific Medical Aid. All kind of diseases will be frrated, and inrgical operations of evety description performed iu the moat careful and tcirulilic manner. One ,il the lirst ocouliata in the city will attend to the treatment ol 1 ill dis-aaeeof the eye olid ear I'ariicula' attentiou ia paid f.. II. ? It.nltn.i, r nl w!l f.'inale eninnl jin'a Paliinl. M.1... deane it will he viiited *1 their noning. Thoar wln??e ini-aua are limited will ouly be renuigjd to pay for their nirdi- . cine*. Three or four room* are provided for private coiiaulta lion. The Jniit department i< alt tided by an apothecary o( treat eiperienee, ar.d a I iii?dlcine?di?|icD?ed mav be relied on ca pnie and nenuiue. Cappiua and le-cliinit will be dooe .it the ahorteat notice. Open day and night I'a'n nt? from the conntry wiihimt to avail thcoielve* of the treat idvanlaitea thu Inititutiau lawaeaaea in the treatment ( ( rrofnlona affreiiona, cnlaneon* liiaeaaea, and atiritieal operafiona, can he accommodated with board and rooma in it* immej dlate vicinity. DK. IIOMK.R BOS'l'vViCK, Attending l'hy*iciau and Surgeon, TS tthamheia at. ihl home weat ol Broadw .y rhia limitation i* under tna patronage and commendation ol tlia following gentlemen UKV. UK. ED. Y. MIUBfcK, i Ke.V. nil. W. C. BROWN Li K, Ka'.V. OH. OKU. POTTB.| t KKV. UK. U. BrRINU. , I alb lmll ee HEV-aDH. BCllKOCUfcll, HANDSOME APARTMENTS, u Houston street near Broadway, to 1st. to geutlem- n, with breskfast and tea. or fall board if rrquired. References required. Knqnii# at the bar at NiMo's uarden, oral tlie house, 411 Houston street. m|7 lt*m ___ HANDSOME Al'ARTmE N18 iq Houstor streut, ciSSe rn Broadway?To let. t" gentlemen with b'eak'ast and 1 tea R-ferenrrs required. Address, boi 20J Park Post office. m12lm?<d*ee LOS l?On Fudsy, Pit instant, a la lies'gold lever watch No. U3>, made by T F. Cooper, l.oudou, and m .rked A h.D 1827 Al?o, attached there t/ a walrli ley aud gold pencilcaae. The fmdrr will bo suitably rewadtd by lusviog the ssmc at 26 Waefr'ry PI ire <ir78 S iut' ?t. ir.15 6t r WHA I CAN BE MOBE trying to-he feeho?a?l " m >ther,

tliau to behold her inlaut wiitlntii in the aaoi iea of I cholic, or wasting uwny under that t rrhle ac< urpr o( inlancy. I cho'era infantum, or summer enmplainf I And yet ? radical I cure ran be rllVotrtl with speed and eertU'ury, by adrrinis'rriolt to the little sullen r that nieatiinahle preparation?Jayus' Caini'iiative Balaam. No bnute aliould be without thia indispensable (amily medit-in .which is adapted to all complaints of ibeatotnech, bnwela, liv. r er nervous ai atein. occupies a promiuent ;naee iu nearly every domtatic me'lietne cheat. Sold by A. B. lit I), hands . Duigiiiita, No. 7 t Fulton street roraet of Gold. 27J Broadway. 77 East Broadway. mlSSrif m I PRINTERS' AND HINDERS' WARE ROOMS, Nos. 29 unil 31 Gold struet, N. York, April, 1843. PRICES GREATLY REDUCED, cpHE HOE PRIN PINO PRESS MACHINE AND SAW 1 MANUFACT' 'KY, in consequence of the addition of new and improved inaih'nery to their works, and the redaction iu the Coat of materials and labor, are enabled greatly to reduce the'pric ea o( their Prt asea, and ot Printers' anu Binders' [ materials generally. e.s will be seen by their newly printed i circular, to which they bey leave to reter. This establishment i? still under the perianal superintend, wire of Richahd M. Hoe and Hobkmt Hob. and they assure their frieud< that, notwithstanding the great reduction in prtres.&lt articles manufactured hy this establishment shall retain the high reputation which tliry have hitherto sustained. I It will a'so be their constant endeavor to improve the quality oflhem in every particular. Thav flatr.r I? ?u? their old friends will not only continue th- ir favois, but tli-t Priuters generally will appreciate their endeavors to laruiah the cry beat articles at barely rsmuiiera'mg prices. Ordelsfrom any put of the coHiitry tor all articlea oaed by Printera or BiDd. rt, inc'udinq Typ a. Ink, Purer, Stc . wnl be ezecuied with the greatest c re aud promptitude. and ou the beit terms. Jobbing work and n>paiiini{ w II i-r acne at ihe loweat i o.i aib'e pricea, with evi ry attru'inuand aapeiljii- n. N. B?All ar ir.Va maunf etnred by thin e?.'ahl!?hui?nt will be stamped U. IIOK M 'O ,a>< that pcrso'is irem ab.oad a ny not be imp 'ecd upon with spuriom articlea, in ide in ieiitatiou uf'lieiia. Printers of uewi!>ap?s who pub'iin this adverii*ein?nt wiih Chi* uole, three timesbefore the l<r?t of July Deal, and send one | of their papers to us, will be eulith .1 to payment of th'-i; bill en | buying four time* the smmmt of it. ?,.3cii i Foil TH C RACK ANlT HlilN.?i'lruphve di*ohi. ? on rti r face and akin, aach is pim ilea, blntchut, tin, t-i'.ei, tt? n worm ; .dsn freckles citu b* speedi)'-crsdira ed by the nse o I'a Vegetable Loiiou, which hai been ip er'ei.aive ua? in the Uuiteu States a*>d in blerooe, and la admitted t?i be the be-t eoamelic ita use for clearing and estab'uh uk ? brilliant ncaipl-xinu. Sold at wholean'e orreuil at Churcb'a Dispensary, 18a Bowery, Corner of tiering street. Prlc- 75een'* ;m bottle. > i at iai-a rr? PATK.NT PrlKSfciiVr-!) HloRUT KTXVOIir i I'oR. TAB Lb'. Mb.ATH AND SOLI'S, for ship st r s.wttf.iuted tc> keep any tenth or time, aud in auy climite, inaunt ctured and (or aale, wholea&le and retail by WILLIAM MUL.'.A* >'., ray8 lm*r 104 William a'reet. (baio-m-n' ) THKANCIKN'f ANb WO.NDKKFUL KMIIHI Of CHINA?Described, Illustrated and Familiarized.?H. MAJ llM k bO have justreceived from London a m-giiificeul illustrated work on China, which they intend to mar iu tnon'hly parts, with all the aids of engraving aud i Hating combined, to prrs ut a benut'tul aud iuitrnrKve account o< tntas touiahini: a ii iu'erratine c nntiy. Tlie antiquity. the grandeur, aud I'm ezlnsire cha>aeter n( the inaiituti ins of China, r-nder sue1'an acacuntat he i resent tune, peculiarly appropriate hi , de'irable, considering the iitrrri? which is now felt in De Uaited States, in coaorctnu with i* r'?ct of our cm mrrcal ooeratioua beiuc to tnueb eztt ml d with tuat si ocular 1 Rjd v>oi dei ul n i i hi. The Wi ik vn I Ue ,s"ie.l in ..umbers com lining t,.rit steel eugr& in 1 ich. Price Ml ecu's K. MARTIN Ik CO., mv 7-lrn*r 28 John sir ?t. vi AN SILV' GtHMAN Vlfl 1 Vfc'.K?JAMfc* (i MOFFKT, 121 Princ- street, N. offers for sale, wholesale and retail, 1S80 lbs ol German Silver, at the lowest market pricea. iL'7* In enuse lueuee of manutaetnrinrr the article himself ho ran warrant u far sup-rior to any ever before mauufiietnred in this country, an I fu'lv equal to the imported a!9 lm*tn JA.MKs O. .vlUbb'ET. 121 Pnnce it., New kork, basal ' ways ou haud and oilers lor sale by wholesale and retail, a the lowest market prices, viz i? German Silver of different thicknesses, a very tuperirr article : Sheet Brass ; Plate's do; Coopers' Brass ; Psil K.rrs and Jliicts ; Umbrella, Paras?sl and Simde Furniture. Which he warrants in quality equal to any in tits United States, and of his own manufacture. (T7" Gold. Silver, and all kinds of metal, rolled at the short est notiea. a'9'm?m Fish hooks and fishing taCKll-j;. * j. BATK hare received by the late at tvals fioru 'heir man factory, Kuglsid, a general assortment ol superior Fish hr obs ami Fishing J'sckic, which they offer furs V en the cheapest terms : Ma>tin Kelly's (Dublin) Lunnnck Hook-; salmon, bass, black,;w?rk, to u? oirkeril and cat Full Hook ; i?'rm silk ?utt;htmp aud gross Liner; rods, leels, baskets ; ar' ficial burs; salmon auu trout S. on.Is on gimp; d.iaidr. and single Gall, with a variety of srticlts, suilaole lot American Ki-hiug Superior drilled eyed Needles. n2f, lin*r T. lit J I* 8Tb . 70 Maiden lane, up stair*. NORTHERN AND WESTERN EMIGRANT PASSAGE OFFICE. The Bnbsoibers havni< completed their urtamrtrn-oli, ate n*w prepared to forward passe. gets 'o all the Northern and Western Stater and Canada, bv daily liues of towboa'a. railroads and 1'eambiH'i, via the Ninth rivrrand Erie Canal, it, jar Lake*. Philadelphia and Pittsbuigli, Ohio river *ud Canal router The following are a lew of the most impon.ict poi its Via Utiea, Buffalo, PottsnlL, Grleua, Syracuse, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Torouo, Oiwego, Detroit, , Ciuciunatti, Kingston, Rochester, Milwaukie, St. Louis, St. Johns, Lsckpor', Chicago, Louisville, Moutrtal. Also to aov part of Ohio, Illinois, Misrou.i, Indiana, Michigan, Tenuessee, Keulncav, Wisconsin, Iowa, Upper and Lower Canada. Having given audi universal aatisfac i >u in their Lond"u u.d Liverpool lines ol DUcketa,thi subscribers will endeavor to make the p.-csctit urn'er'aking equally deserving of public la vor. Persons about to < migrate to any of the above places are requested to call on the subscribers before m-king their nr range'oenti, as they r.oolideotly b.lteve the inducements they can olfrr are such as cannot fail to prove highly advantageous, and they pledee themselves that every atteution shall be paid to - noire comfort uno desp toll For further particulars arplv to W. & J. T. TAP8COTT, at the ir General m4 r Fas sage Office, <8 Peck slip cor Sooth ?t. am DAILY EXPRESS FOH ALBANY TKOY. BUFFALO, CHICAGO AND THE CANADA8 The subscribers having comileted their arraugementa with the People's Line of Steamboats, on the Noith Kiycr and the Kail Head Companies west of Albauy lor lUnning their Express for tbr season of 1M3. au Express will leave their office. No. J Wall street,New York, every evening, "l quarter to 7 o'clock, for the above named ai d luteirnedia'r place*. IMPORTANT. For the greater t>feiy and security of all valuable and money packages eut.uit-d to their care, they have nalsmvtid?r Iron Safes on b"ard of the stea eboats, in a state room occupied exclusively by thrinseivei, a>.d the mcssengrr in charge sleeps ill the same ro itn with the imti sales, m'o wlinli all rue1 p rkages are placed. POMEMOY 8t COM "A NT, oilrc No. 2 Wall street. fij?8S9 NEW YOHK, SCHPOLEY'.S *rr%~ Unii'l l 1|-| k EAbTONl Lecye the loot ofCeurtland stteet, diily (Suadsis excel leu) at S o'clock A. M., bv saitroa < f otn J> iScy city to ilorristowj, thence by Pott ciiuch?? ihr ugh Meiidhntp,Chester. Fcho -ley s Mountain. Anderson Town, Port I uldiii, Washington, to Kaston. At Jessing on, a d-ily line intersect. to and from Belvidtrc H ot srau afi'lV J- Mill, a! J. I at..hi's, t omnir-culH >(>l 7.1 C'outtUnd street. N.B ? Litres furii 'h' d >' the (honest notice by jrplniig to N. II. Lor, Unittil Slst's Hotel Mo-ris'own. n?llSne? fi/M BKOULAtt OI POSI ! ION TO ALB ALnJP.'.i s? NY tlnecl, wi'lvu Yn? h .t> ? i'Ur ucTB ' *l*Bf it : d fi?l s?il.UK straw bo* WAVE, Captain v.i durhi't, will c mmeuce m u tm O" MotiUv.the l"?li u?' , by lesvint; th* toot of Kobinson stree", it S o'clock, P M. Ha e? ' bi i r %' ; <Wk M c. ut? ; b- riii? f ? . Suppe 3?K cr' ta. The W'avo . as liven fi'ted at> iu lint-rate rvder, and p.s.ei.vets m..y test assn ed rh*t th y wilt b< i titne for ;he r i ro d, at d t'at everything will be don. O' r' rir fouifort. IN U.?Tin* b.j.t has no connection witb any Jin t bo it on the river, anil Ci itain V wdrrbilt beii it aula owner won it bi ihank'ui to oil tlioae that will p itronise bii boat. Light f-ei|(lit will be taken at low prices. All per. ua are lorbid tracing any one <n account of the boat or on tier mta2tia"r sT EoK AI.BA.NY and TKt?Y?Withou flL. . Tt*?w?^*L"iidinc?Passive $1,50. bertha 50 cents The 3i^_isajflCSL'plriid'd staniner DIAMOND, Capt A. Klowar. will leave New York lor Albany and Troy, from the foot of Bfii-lay itn t, n r'h aide, Thiirsil (Amoga, at 7 o'elock. The steamboat M ARIA, apt Htaata, will leave od the amyal ol th? DIAMOND at A'biDV for Troy, landing at the Betton. MmIrosd Detail, and Watt Troy, each way All bsgiraee. freight, spec a, hank b I 'a, orotn?r property taken, or ai.ipix d, on thx Boat, must br at tho li.k tf the owners thereof Di'innd leav>a New Y.rkoj Tuesdays Thtrtdaya, and Sitardajr*. Lev--s Alb my on Moudn*, Wednesdays, andKiid va, at ? o'cloeli. mil Itr /MK KOK ALBANY, I'KOY, nud luteiuiediata it Plnett ?Th? apleudid low prraaare tianmboat - W A LL'IW, Captain Mr Lean, w ill leiv he foot o! Coortlandt atreit thia Thiuaday afternoon,May ltlh, atS o'rl ek. The aVivr ia a snb?tantial boat, fatted up with e'reant State Booms. and for aacornrnodstiou it unrivalled on the Hndaon. mil It NO MONOPOLY. Myai *31 INDEPENDENT OPP08ITION LINK. ^M AIJIANY? Hjough direct, without JHT it Hn,ling~-e Mr tl.-?The n? w. awift, anH tiren* dul meinib *t NKW JK.K&KY, ( aptain R. H, Fnry, will leave the new ateamboat pier, foot of Barclay atreer, norin aide, on Monday evening, May i* ? 224, at 7 G\ lock, and c?nfit ue ?o to mn du inf the aeatrn. R?i tilar daya from New Vork.Moud.iy?, Wrdncadiya. aud F>icjiv? ; from Albany, Tae?da*a, Thursdays, and Sat a. day*. The New Jeraey m a new boat, laraeand coinmodicua, Kaviafc a large nuaiber of elettaruly !u.nishcd atate rooma; and tor apecd nnd aplend d iccotonaodatior t will not be *urpaa?^d by anv are ?tub oat oa thr tladrtu rivet. Light freight taken low. All p?r? >oa are cautioned agamai htiamv any i>eraouon account ot laid boat or ow. er.? m R H FURY, f^?t. KOR LONDON?Kegular I'aeket ot the 20li rl ?|?^WMay ?Th^ rer>' wpcrior t.nat tailing packet ahip *$% ? <rLADlATOR, Captain Britton, will aail a? above her regular day. Ilornnr v*rv iiinArmr aCCOmmod?flilM fnr bin,{and steerage passengers; [?rjo,n wishing to embark shonl.: make early application ou board foot of Malilen Hue. or to JOHKPH McMUKKAY, 100 fine street, corner of Houth itre-t. I'eriom wishing to lend (or their friends, can have them bronirlit out bv the above ship, or any of the regnlarpaeke'i, by applying as above, ifbv Utter. post-paid. rntdr KOH LIVKHPOOL.? Regular packet of the 25in .yfrSW M1V ? The very superior, fait tailing packet shii .VmuML^IIKHIDAN. Captain Depnyiter, wi'l potitirely ail ti above. Having very superior accommodations for cabin,seeeud rabin and steerage pnssetigers, personi with ng to embark should make early applieatioo to JOHK PH MeMllKUA Y. 100 Pine it., cor. Sooth. The above wi'l be tnpe ??d?d by the tplei ill I piek*iil,if (Jeorge Washington. ('.apt Burrows and sat on t' e 7th June Persons wi.htac to send lor their Iriejus residing n in* Idconntry , can have them bronght ont b~ the above ship, or tny ofthgrcgnlar paekeu, by api tying as above ; if by let er SMlpti'f Ml 1 r old link liverpool PACKET a?Packet iJHMfV O'h Mav?T)ve splendid, last sailing packet sin auMIBsiLOLIlMIOi A, Captain Cole, will sail positive y as >b?ve, bet regular day. Hiving splendid accommodations for cabin, second eslln and ttevragr passetirt, e.vrly application shoald be irvlenu b ' iJ, it to W. It J. T TAP8COTT. ml.r tj feck Slip coriMonth slrett. AUCTION SALES. TMO.W " 3KC.J., Auep >aeer. .'Y HKJ.L V HOWARD. IMUrit N rf 13 Jinn and 115 Fullou itr Mi.) TlltTK8DAY, A I I0X o'c'ocfc in tlx sulci room. L-irt? >a e of rota-, i hair*. French and other bedsteads, upholsterers flock teoemlly ?'umpriaii'g ' alegant Grecian Mid Fi'tieh sofas and con hes; ( second haul do and 5 sofa beds, 1] dorm elegant parlor, drawing ?ud br dmnm chair* and rocker*, divans and *>ttori an.* 15 mahrgaiy Kranch bedsteads ft do hifth po?t do, 8 csdar do. a Isrge lo' mattresses, pv'isate a. beds, bedding, quill*, sheeting and o'l.a houa-keepirg aitictci. FRIDAY, At lo>< o'clock, in the talci room. aj?r ?a'e ol dry goods, summer cloths, vesting*, London ank French cloths, cassimeres, -heelings, shirtings, linens, Cslieoes. mus'iuf, challys, silks. ,! Imni/s, sinl a general variety n' seasonable drr goods, clothing, ho Alio, fancy and pledged goods, gold and ailrer watchfi, jewelry, musical instruments d<<v SATURDAY, At o'clock, at the tales room, Eslrtmve and elegant aale of choice cabinet and household furniture of all descriptions, and every variety of housekeeping a"iclei, carpets, looking alasses, run, clocks, lamps, loitrei, girandole*, he. MONDAY. At MX o'e'ock, at the ailet room. Large Sale of Piano Fortes, Music Hioolt, raintiug, he? Comprising 9 superb roaewood and tnahagsny new and aecond hand | MM fortet. by the hett makers in llie world. Htoddard, Wor eater h Dunham, Nunna. Chicher'tig. Meacham, Bsrmore'a pteminni, Kearaing, Btigga, he., forming the beat catalogue offered tor year*. Also, 10 music stools, manufacturer'* materials and various other ariie'es in the line. Also, 37 splendid original paintioga, a quantity of elrgint furniture. by carter Store No. 316 Broadway, Gothic Hall. ~FHIDAY. Ma? 19. At hall pvat 10 o'clock Fstensive aeaortment of Fashionable Cabinet Furniture? conaisting of French bed Heads, solas, wa drobes, bookcases, mahogauv chairs rockers, sola*, divans, bureaus, 'ables, desks, and every other article necessary to a well furnished h' usThe. articles are ill of a very superior Mylft IH tirtlllftl materials Hal- po? itive mi? 2'r H. C T1MPHON, Auctioneer. HARDWABK, cutlery. of.rman silver W A KK, fcc.-JA<'uB S. PLATT will sell this d ,v at to o'clock, al 21 Matt atieet, 300 casks, case*, aud lots of husry aud she'f lisrd ra-e aud ent'ery, consisting of an ils, s diron-. books rod I fig. i, b sskct'lrs Merman and Amorcin'-CTihes Carolina bo s, iwtent metal tea kettles,g'u?, saws, Clark's narrow and broad holt;, files and rasps of all kti.ds. butcher's goods, Hin<'nsid0 oil atone, parliament liiogrs, b.usbt-s. a-dd'erv, bra-. goods, nail* rivets, locki he. A'so 250<li:'< liav and uiauare fi.rkr, Am-rletn anil (ierirnn scyth's, h .es, rak** revthe snathes and >h<>vels. Also,si I'li't'ick, lofl single and double cuns and cast steel barp l ntles and i airs ol prfttolft, to close a nankiupt es'ate. Alsn.suvrral pieknges well-ss iri'd tai le knives and forks, potket an ' pen knit**, fine rcisorv razors he., to which the tt'n'inn ol conntry as well as city dealers is p que sled, in 18 lt?r 0 AT A LO "1 IF 8ALF. f)F KU H~NITUH E, CUTLERY, CROCKERY he ? IROWUHIDUF. h CO . w ll sell This Vomiug, May iftih, at 10 o'clock, st iheir Sales Fooia 301 Broadway, cori cr Dusne, to close invoicrs. an a*s im.eut of new a*d second hand Fiiruiture. carpets, nil cloth, matting, wi-duw shtdes, oil painti'gs, clicks, China dinner aud breakfast retts, he. he. Hales to comnieucn prrc'sely at 10 o'clock, rain or shine. Catalogues ready m'8* I gc R. H TiMI'SOv Auctioneer. TJAY AND MANURE FOHKS, SCYTHE 8VATHES. 1 1 iiai.uu nrnn a in a vp _;ii ? n .l:_ ,i in o'clock, at No 91 Plait ttreat. 260 J >r. hay and m.nure forks, arc the snathes, G'rmau and American icy then, taken, shovels, 8te. (sale neremptorvl. mlg lt*r BENJAMIN MOON BY, A> ctionecr. AUCTION NOTICE?GOLD ft SILVER wATCHES, JEWELLERY, kc -H MOOVKYSt Co. will sell th s dai ?" tl o'clock, by cetslo.ue, at 91 Maiden l?ne, a fine easirrmem ot En ilisli and Frem h watches, tit., gold I* ver, duplex, an hor eicai menr, leuitte and other wat-hes. Alan fine silver watches. Also, an in?oic- o( superior city msde jewellery, con-ir'ii g of br.c 'eta, watch key*, finrer ri as, guard chains, trail, See f'.at.i'rL'U "i are ' o v rr ail 7 m'D It * r K. 11. TTMPSO n. Auctioneer rjUNH. RIFL"?. A*- D riHTOLS?J \COB B.PLATT 'T wi'l sell this day. at 11 o'clock, a? 21 Plstt street. IHO sintie nud double hurt! guns, cast steel rifles, and pairs ?f pistols, to dose a h-nk ucte tntc. ml8 lt*r 1IOU E BCM IIn Auetiotmer WINES, LIQUOR-, ShOtR-, & -1 hsrl.s 8. dmifh is ill sell by ca-a'ovue ou Thursdav in oning at 10 q'c'oek, at >he sa'esroom 291 Bmsdwav a g. nil assortment of wiuea, I qgors, segars, be . consiii.g of port sherry, claret, and madeira wi es, in woo l and finis; Fr?nch anl O rin 01 wines, of lornteine, neirsn iDc*. hoefhrimrr and st i weiu, in gl ssjufn. Champagne.?Double gia|it. anch r, ncissard, and other brands, in c red order. Sefttrs?Havana, regalia, and pilncipe segsrs, i i half aid quarter, Al'0? Black Tea, in cans, a g rod article; and about SO do P.larliur CatklofW? on the moruiui. of sale ml7 2l*ec^ LAND AT AUCTION.?Will be sold at III- Me' E*c-apgeon Thursday resr, May 18.1),at Uo'cloclr.a tract of laud, consisting of lf.00 ncrtn S tid l?uil is in Ulster un , M*t KlUttM, Null Ol New York, in the immdttt* vic of u number of the river markets. The nereis in very easy ncd th-situation is healthy. The land will he disposed of iu quantities to nu-t ; ui chasms. Terms inadu known at the t rov of rale. To criemn's, and all others in want 1I a good farm ai d a snug house, nt . rices and terms to suit their fnems, ihu amre isle aflords an excellent opportunity. The M'uatiou bring-a remly healthy, and mid way between III two r rca; cities New York and A!bdDV. The many that loeb milt to the west for a horse, unacquain'ed with the numerous difllcu!ties thst beset a new settle, are r irnestly riyucsteil to give ilia -ihov at'en ton ? To such nothing can offer greater itj.lncmitiu ti'&n the food ifnation rod easy access that appertains to the above lard. Tli-laud wII be fully described, and all loriher partico'ara given at the tim of sale. mi7 2t*ec Ad ft. VIT77"VITI?has the honor to iiifiirm tne ladies and irl g-ntlemen, anil his friends of New York, that bis sale by auction will take place ou Friday morning, the P?th inst., at 10 o'clock, and will lie ontinued iu the evening at eaily candle light, nt the Apollo Hall, Broadway, near Canal street. This splendid collection of goods will he opeu for public inspection on Wednesday ev-ning, ih- 17 inst., when the hall will be brilliantly illuminated and will remain open on Thursday, and in the r veuir.g also, illn ainated. This collect on of the fine srts, b- , consists of marble statuary, alabaster do, l-rg- Etruscan and Viedici vases for recesses, inches, and corners of parlors: larce assortment of alabaster 0 nan t Einlih solar ai d .slral lamps, candelabra* with 1 rystal droa.s, |iapier inache baskets ?nd wsiiers. 1 lat-d ware. Also.a collectii u of mod ten and ancient Ita'iao psin'iogi, and a very estensive collection of fancy and useful articles All the goods will be so'il without rcsetTC, as Mr. Viti inteudi retun tut to Italy 10 .1 sh ut lime The ladies and gen''emen are respectfully invited to call and exiimue this splendid collection of goods; if they do not svirh t*? purchase, he hopes they will not fail to call and inspect | them. If any cf Mr Viti's friends or acquaintances from New Orleans, St Louis, Cincinnati. Louisville,Lexington, Nashville, Huutsville, lit., are iu the city, he would be very happy to ste them at the Apollo Hall, 410 Broadway near Canal street. mU Jt*cc 1 W. O. CARTER. Auctioneer. SPl.ENriO W1NE8, BRANDY, GIN AND SEGAIl*. Thursday, at half past 10 o'clock, at the atore No. 316 Br'to way, Gothic Hail, by CARTER It CO?enlisting of 160 demijohns si d 61 ilcz-n eld Southside Madeira, Blackburn, Pale, Gold and Brown Nherry: Ota,d and H-nnesev Brandv ; turn Swan Gin; old l.tnaica and Hi. Croix Rum; 60 baakets superior Lauseinc; ifomsnvc and Anchor Champavne , iu niiarts and nil's. and 10 M Prineine Sevan. entitled to dehen. I turn. Tlx He Winn are all of the ben vintages, and or very anperic qi litr. worthy of the atttentiou of couuoiseais. m'6 It ia*r K H LtJDLOW, A uctioueer. Auction notice ? dm paintinga-e. h.ludlow k CO. will sell at aucton on Thnraday, Mae 18th, a'11 o'clock, at 3*5 Broadway, 2d atorv, a private collection ol about 70 oil paintirgs. in verr good preservation, and framed, being th" property of a cpnnoiairur. The sale will he without reaerve and those wishing to acquire Rood paintingi of original m<s:ere. are reqnvsted to call and examine for themselves on tlirdivof sale, rr on the day previous after ' o'clock, p.M. Am. tig thia collection are aome very fne cabinet lictires of high cost, a?d alio a pair of laige gal'erv paintiugs ol acri|>tnral auhjreta, suitable lor u church or exhibition. Cata'ogues now re til y ml63tia*m NEW YOKK BOSTON ROUHjf PILOT. OWEN PRK.SCOTT, Pilot, o t ikes charge a? masterend pilot ol v?ate'a hontid to New Iledlord, Nantucket Hboala, Boa n.lYrUinonili.Pnrthir.d.Kr'iucherV.andOTM F.R PORTS east ol New York. O/B' at Kryc I* Stiuw'a.222 Water atieet. corner eclttnan Hefrreuee to a number of Metcha its, and the several Insurance Companies in tins city, Boston, and Portland. ill 'miar KOR NKW TTRLKAN"?LOUISIANA A^D NKW YORK LINK?Regular Packet-The fast ^MMNbaail ng packet ship OCML Ltib.E, Captain Pre?. hor freight or nattage, having haipisoma farnisiied aerotnmod.v tiona, apply on hoard, at Or'eatvs whart, lot.t ol Wall st. ot to K. K COI.LINS 8t CO. M South st. Shippers rnayrely upon having their goods correctly ineasur ed au.l that the ships of this linr will sail punctually as advertised. Any snat.iniee to tl et eifrct will be given and foli llrd that may be required . Agents in N. Orleans, Huiliu k Woodruff, who will t roops ly lorwa-d all goods to th?tr address. The packet shir Oeouoc. Captain Jickson.will nrr*"1 t , Ocmnlv a 111I8 r ??- OLD RIV K BALL LINK OK PACKETS agHWtFOK LIVKKPOOL? Pnccef of the let Mtv-The JNMCW<-II known firat cleaa packet ?hir SOUTH AVKHICA, t rpt Bailey, will bt deapatcned aa hove, her regular day. Her accommodation* fir cabin. 2d cabin and (teeiage i?t fengerf, are uiiMiro.iiacd b inv other ship.?thote wlanngto (ecure heithaahoul 1 tn?k ee trlv application on hoard or to JOHN HEKDMAN. SI Bcuth ureet, near Wall at. N 3?ra*?age Irom England, Ireland, Scotland and Walea Cfn be engaged with the anha tuber by aplendid lirat clan tacket hint failing w?,klv Irom Liverpool, and Dr.iftt ran u*U4 > be fiiinitlieo Ir r any amount, payable without discount t.'naghout llie I'ui.rd Kingdom. Apply aa aio?e. r> Iflr rVbA- e"i)H T.Tv EMPOOI ? NKW LI N < --'Fer, u u, fUctV r tcker Ol Vill May.?The Splendid Packet Shit 4M|( SHE RID AN, S. Depeyeter, of :<Ml3 toca Will potitively fail aa al>oT. hri regular day. For height or oanage, haring MMMMdMOM ipeijnailed for i'deuaor c: comfort, apply on board, at Orluana wharf foot of Wall atrret, Of to E. K. COLLI>'S fc CO 'A South atroet. Price of raaaage, (IM> Tn. Packet HbTp Oarrck, Cart. Wm, of IM ICut. will aueeaed the Bheridau, and fail the fftth of Ja e, her rtgnlarday. Tmtten for the ?htp? <>t this line wtll only be received et (JUpio'? and Hale'a ,New? Room. Paaaengcra may rely on the ih'.pe ofthia line carting penetnal I * ? aPeeetraed m7r tJKP. BLACK BALL, or Old Line of l.iVKKI'OOL JNlK Packed ? Regular pnrkct arid taiia on F. iday, the .'WWkfipl'Jib of May ? The ccltlmfd . -nil f .at aadrnt prkrt li.rp COLl' VI It US, Copt Oto A Cole, will aail poiineely ua above, her regular day. For psaeagc in rabru, aecontl cabin, and at-er'ge, apply on bat-d, foot ol Beekinan atreer. or to the tnbacriberi. ROCHK BROTHERS !k CO., * V> Knlton at, nrit door to the Fulton Bank. P S? Pertona (ending for their trienda can have fh? m b ought on' fn any ef the nacketa eomprifing Una line, which jail (rom In punctsallr on the 7ti> and ih'h of each month. Dr ifta a' fight, for aay amount, on toe Royal Rank of Ireland Dublin. A'to on the old aatahlfhed hanking house ol Mesara Prccott. Orove. fmn It t o London, which saw wU lr?. ritk, orauv rliaigw whatever,in -til tre principal towm through out Kualanrl, Ireland. Scotland and Walea. For |> ?n?f, kr , apply aa abort. ml7ee NKW LlTTfc LiVKKHOOLTACK T[^=KS..? MnMV May.?Tha pleijdid, fast smi 11uk Packet Hhip JMMMBii HIIK KlDAiN, Cgpt. Dfi*vrffT, will tail positively a* above, her regular <lav. The shii* of 'his line a/e all ink tma burthen and upwards, and their accommodations for cabin. iei*ord cam , and teerase passenger* it is w ll known sre superior to any other line of packets Those wishing to secure beiths should not fail to make early appliestion on board, or to W. kJ T. TAPdf'OTT. HI It f 4) Peck *lip comer Booth street. LIVERPOOL (MritUh"7iso?Th~Bu)s oa ?*fW. Thursday, the 26th of Mn The *f," nown very f'*t "ailing British *hm IHKsi t-'s (TiiiiuiiiJ.ihu Doyla wili siil r ?itifely a* a*v>?c Kor irei^ht apply on hoard ut i'ier 13 Kate Bosr, or to trie ",h'Cr'h"lU)OHK. BROTHKKM A Co . JS hulton at , mlO? uait door to the p "Hon nana- j OODA ASH?30tonaof Soda A br.< i"j n:v.jual r.raivrd k' and for aalr by PfcKHSK k SkoAKH. p, || ,r 61 Libarry irratl. CJ ALT?I'O" tarka ground Alum Salt, TaikImat from .hip ' O Vaioo, aid fale by IC. K. COLLINS A CO , mlg r M South sueet. I AMUSEMENTS. ' ' i.i im ? WtBWVM. ? ? nioht of -thk lo/JL1?;...' n ?H COJCPANY. r?w.. ?nj -K.W oh Lk AM* THEATRE ? KRiPAY. May l*h, ?J The ' ?r !'|? -at'b'ial.mi-it hit the honor to an nounca to the .tew York public thai he h\? made arrawreaaante with the abor* eombiuitimi Am,ta of the hi;heat oel.brity. in every deparruieut or OPERA, DRAMA, ami VAUDEVILLE An eitenaire Orrlieatra, embracing 'h- utc it .,r (he moat officitnt artiaU, will gi'e adnjnate elfrc.1 to t! - nrrinrinaueea The ent- rtainmenta willcnmmrnre with a uew Valid ville. in'wo aeta. called LA NUIT AUX SOUFFLETB. DIITBIBUTIOK. ? a Chevalier Cindolle, M M. l.ecourt Herce'e Ml. Deaonville Rene de Montelione, Richer Un Hinaaaer, Chaffary Ilelene, Madame Richer Carlotta, Mad'lle Amelia I Chamberlain, I Page. Overt are to Polirhinelle Mootrort. Tocouclade with a new Onera Buffa; in one act, celled POL1CHINKLLI. irMTBlgtTTiorr. "elio, M. M. Lecoart Ramholine, Bernard In "oraratirjue, Chafftry Lauretta, Madame Leeonrt Bochrtta, Madame Ma'hieo The entrance to the Operatic Saloon will be on Broadway, opening outil the of the Garden, which will lake place about the firat of Jon* Pe'forra?nce to commence at half naat 7. (T^TickeU Fifty Canta. TilKAT|1 K. TS!!VoKiX.,,fiNlw0, w'!l ,t," Performed. PUBPIC'OUS HUSBAND-'Ueger, () Vandenhoff ; Strickland. Barrv; (darinda. Mri Bro-gham To coiu-lndc ari li BIRKH THE BAGMAN?Biiiha, Mr Plaeide; Kit Cmnmiua, Williama; Mary M'igga, M ? Lovell. li 'tea, Ml cu. fit, '<5 CM; Gallery, I3.S eta. Doora open at 7-, perfo mincer commence at I all patt 7. ClUTllAfl THKATi K. THIS EVENING, Will he eerformed. C ? 111 L"tt Whittle, Hill; O iptwaldt, W Ma auall To gov elude wi h. the KNIGHT OF THE GOLDEN FLEECE ? Sy S?eo, Mr h'll. P-icee ol A dmiaaion? Dreai Cirele SO CtiiU; Second an Third Tiera 2S; I'll *H Gallerv UH centa. Doora opeu % beiore 7?curl on riaea a' 7\ o'i lock rreciaelv. r a-ra M.'JI OL,h'.?lP IV ? *raTHIS EVEvINO. will h. nerform.H GUY MANNER I NO. After which THE PET OF THE PETTICOATS. After which AMY LEE. To conclude wirh GIOVANNI IN OOTHAM I n. vo. tr will he opened at 7, are u>? ? erroaneea ornrnenc'?r ,?!' 7. -very e renin::. amkkicmn theathe, walnut st., philadelphia, UNDF.R THE DIRECTION OF MISS CU8HMAN. THIS EVENING Mnv 13. will be perlormed. MARKET F'>H MEIICHANTS To cone'ode with FOUNDLI O OK AN API LE ORCHARD ui 8 r e. a. Marshall. lewe. aeiKlllCAN MUbKUfe. In accordance with the reijneat of many of our fiiat lami'iee. in* manager lia. 'e-mgegrd for on* week more the maaniCceut MOUKL OK PAIU8, ALL IN CARVED WOOD, covering an area of 250 fret, and representing every portion of ilint great city with such perfect accuracy that penona who have been iu Paris can point out the very hooae in wh'*h they lived PKWKEK80R J. OAKVKV A WON, will perform their won derfnl fcijailibnumaand Oymnnaiica. Mr MRKKMaN, the beautiful Ballad Singst, Mill ADELAIDE PHILLIPS, the ben Dameuie in AmiriM A LIVING Sv A DOU, from New Eon nd land Day visiters admitted aauie evening tree. Admiaaien to Musenm and eotr rtainmenta 24 cents?children ' alf pnea. PKALK/N REM ?U?IK WvSJSvm. REDUCED PRI E?ADMISSION ONE HHILL1NOB INCREASED ATTRACTIONS. COMPETITION EAIKLV VANQUISHED. Hro<dway. onponte the City Hall. Mr. H. BENNETT, Manager. Mill Darling, the Euchantreia. Mr Delime, the Mimic. Mr Bend >11, the Comic Singer. La Peti'e Cereto, the Daaietme. Biameie Twini. Melodeon. Large Sea D ig, Enormous Serpent Afternoon entertainmenu on Hatnrday at 3 o'clock Day rllitera admitted the same evening tree of cl arve. Performancei in the Lectnre Knom to commence at o'clockCASTLE GARDEN IS NOW OPEN FOR THE SEASON. THE Proprietors of this well known resort beg leave to in form the pnbiir that in addition to its former attractions, thev have erected a iplecdid fountain supplied by the Croton, with different variations every week thmuLhout n* season?together with a large saloon for promenade anu rcfreihmrnta. Alto, an eit> nsive Prom-cad- ou'side the wal a of the Caa tie. commanding a view of the whole Uav, the Narrows, Ac. Prree of . dintssioti cents, for which refreshments will b - liirni-h*d ___ mil tmr A/I 11. HENRY RUBWELL, pasting through New Vork *n A*A hia route to the Soo'h, rrspeolu ly u.nouucrs his intention of giving a vocal en;*i'.A'nnren' on Mends* evening nest, the 42d May. at the ,\|>o'l<> Siloou, being his only opportunity in this City, until imrnvdiately tr.cedin* drparrure It r Europe in ;Ire faH?na winch occas uu tee will have the honor of I r'senttng to ill* rnb'ic several of his <dd favorite comtrosi lions, roi *lher with arteh of bis new piodocnou which nave elicited th< ir Approbation C ods of admission, 50 cents, to be had at the music stores of Jsmes L. Hewitt A Co., and >lr. Altwill, and at the dooref the Apello Saloon. To coinmeuct al g o'clock. m!7 it a* MM. BKOI HH respectfully ann uucra his inrentiun TOrng a C"ucert, ou Wednesday esst. May 34th, on which occasion he will hare the honor of singing a number of new songs, wlnrli have u?" yet been prodneed in this country?vis : ' The Admiral and ths bhs'k," " H* led ber to the Altar." ' _'l he bloodhound." " The Di earns of* Persian Maidsn.", " The nou heart of Woman."! " The Mo?bs of old." _ _ Ann 11 new null oaiiaa, ywimiy Carew." by LoreiJ TU Concert will take place at the Apollo Honmi. Tickets Fifty Cecls, to he had or Mr Brough, st ihe Astor Hou?e. and at he'St iocs Mu?i 8*. rea tel71t*ee COLON ADE GARDEN BAH A.N IJ SALOON, 'T'O LKT?A great bargain Apply immtdi itely to *. B. L Fitch, on the premises. Tu a good tenant the tent will be uncommonly low. ml7 3t*rc AMKRICAN MUSEUM. TENFOLD ATTRACTIONS?NOVELTIES NEVER EQUALLED ! RETURN OF GENERAL TOM THUMB. GENERAL TOM THUMB, the wonderful dwarf, has just returned from bis Highly successful Southern Tour, and will remain A SHORT TIME ONLY previous to his de l arture lor Boston. Since leaving ihisricy he has been visited by 36 000 Indies end gentlemen, including the Fust Families in ihe Southern States ! The OeDeral is uot only the smallest dwarf in the world, bat lie is also the SMALLEST TERSON THAT EVER WALKED ALONE ! He is in perfect health, lively, talkative, intelligent, 11 years old, 23 inches high, and Q&- WEIGHS ONLY 15 FOUNDS!; -fifl that being precitelv hit weight when but six months old ! He can be seen Ihronghont the whole day tod evening. ALolo be seen day avd evening, the MAGNIFICENT MODEL OF PARIS! all in catved wood, the labor of Id years, covering an area of 260 feet, and representing the city with such peifset fidelity that per sou i wno have been io th <t great metropolis, can pout out the very house in which they lived ! DR. VALENTINE! the great coinie rirnl-eri t, will giro hit comic eccentricities, iisita'ionv and Parlor kntertaiuaievts Mr H. (J SHERMAN, th- i*?; siar singer. Mi.a ADEL IDE PHILLIPS, the hrauti'til daneense. the MELODEON, a living 8KA DOG! fiom Newf.iunJ'aiid, and 640,000 cor-osities. Performances in ihe Lr r-ture Room every evening at < o'clock, and W, .l-e-day anu S.lnrd-v if'ernotut at 2 o'clock. Day visiters ndmitt-d ainr i veni"g FREE. Aduii. .inu to ihe whtle, 25 e?nts. Children under ten, half price m 17't ec UNPRECEDENTED ATTRACTION. OR EAT NOVELTY. At he corner of B-oadwav and Thi ternlh street, Messrs Raymond, weeks a co. win continne toeshihit their menseerie, being composed ol the New York and 1 hiladelphia Carnvinv, tugether with Hen Driesbtch's grnui-e >( Lions. Tigers, Leopards, Panthers, he., under a la'ge, airy antf apacioui t'aviliou. capable of ceutaining ten thousand persons, on Monday, Tuetdsy, Wednesday end Thursday, the 15th, 10th, 17th, and llth nut. Optn from 9 to 12 o'clock A.M., from 2 to 6, and Com Ik to 1 o'clock P. M Admittance 25 cents; children under 10 reartU2H cents The iierlormance of Herr Drieabaeh in the encounter witli Urce Brazilian Tiger, the hrme<sing and driving ol a majestic Lion, and his entering the den of the Lions, Tigers, Leopolds, | Ptuth- rs, k:., congregated together, subduing and controlling th in, staDds unrivalled. ml4 5tec PARK THEATRE. MR. GEORGE VANDFNHOKF respectfnlly annojuees his BENEFIT For FHIDAY EVENING, the 19th instant, when will be presented (not acted here for 2 years) Dr. Hoadley's comedy of THE SUSPICIOUS HUHnAND Ranger, Mr. O Ven?*enhoff. Clancda, Mrs Brougham. After which, will be retired, the favorite operatic play of ROB BOY; Or, Auld Lang Hrpe! Rob Roy. Mr. O. Van-Gnhoff. Mr Owen. ? Mr. Plaride. Helen McGregor, Mrs. H. Hunt. _ml8 2tis?r SINGING. MADAM SUTTON, having imaged to i etnni to Italy the beginning of Aa?-nit. pnrpoemrereinmg ponila nctil that time,to aire finishing Ireeou* in the Italian, h i nch, and English ityle nt Hinuii,; Her method ia that punned l.y Botdcgoi and Vaecni, the first nuutera in Knrope, itirr.-aju.g tne aire lurth and eompaae with astonishing rapidity. Her r>n|ilswiil have the vdraatage nt ber siuging with them, which can be panned by uiaateraalone, who hare been eminent mm,en. Ladies de irons of availing themselves of .Madam Motion's limited etay, may *ae-rtain terms, lie., by application at 77 (.'hamben street, Iroin $ o'clock till 1 ell lay tlTATt.HKe AND JEWELLERY lower than ever -Ae vv ih' inh?<-riber ii en itantly receiving all descriptions ef gold and ?il?er wutehra. of the neweet styles, direct from the rnana'actorere, in England, Fiance, and Switzerland, he ie enabled to offer a larger aaaoUment, and at much leae pncee, at irtail. rh.rn any other home in the city. Qold wntchee aa low ntlieach. Watchee and jewellery eichanged or buoght. All watchee warranted to keep good time, or the money returned. Watcln-e, clocks tnd jewellery repaired in the beet manner, and warranted lower than at any other piece in the city, O, C. Allen, importer of watchee ana jewellery, whole e.le ami retail, TO Wall etrref. op ttaire. mlHirr JOHN HENLEY, BANK AGENCY AND EXCHANGE OFFICE, FOR THK COLLECTION Ok BILLS. .VOTES. DRAFTS, fcc kc MONTOOAiERV. ALA. REFEHKNCE >Meeari. Maiwell A <;o. 1 " Pcreac fc BropMt IM v?,b Jarob Little A Co. J New York. Perkins ? Hp*'?' " Abraham BeII k Ce. J Ht. Johu Power? CO. f K0^,|a Ai, ? Whinkrr * S?mp*on, J ?<"?" Aim. John WSitir*. K?g , Cwhier ol 1 B'-uich Bank, I J*ck Thi"iufto?, > MoDttomorr. Al?. PhiMip? ?' Mamford, ] ml im OTKAW WRAPPING PAPER?40(0 rciai, gnod utiotr, h~ jiui rtceired nod for i&le bj PER88F, k BROOKS, mltltr 61 Liberty itreec pAo iaTFR ?10? rtr? B'? P*per, * reiy ?upenor tSSli? Ju?t rtceived ?ud for nil; b? PEK89E k BROOKS, mil Itr 61 Ld?erlY?tre?t. ?J A L l'?tiOO wck? A.hlhon, Inefiirr rtl'*d. tjndinB fr m Ship Untuck, Korealeby K. K. COLLIN* k CO., mlSr W kinih ? (, PORTLGUK^K FEMALK^ILLS. rllCS E-fnefiised tnd .elebnted PilU/ftos PortmirW, are, we perre??e, ro be obtained ? *h * cowry* Sw|i?T?kls| HI oatho.!** tbiu. frank M*. J