Newspaper of The New York Herald, 20 Mayıs 1843, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 20 Mayıs 1843 Page 2
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I 11 art* wo to do this without founding for our!h i i wise, ? caution*, a comprehensive policy, not U.d .ljti.c our hand by narrow nc?# or meanness of rpir it ? nor on throther by an excessive or looliah liber ality . u ; an \ that shall n ur up end maintain and (urniah em.doy nn r.t to a body ol s-amen ? ho are to defend our rignts when assailed on the boundless ocean? lu ships and in *H?m>'ti to m n our ship* must the foundation oi a mililurv marine be l.iiri. Thr ca' rying tradr or a juat part of it, m ''r oura - tlie fisheries of " aw (England, of the whole r*cih ' - I mat *V thr tmriican fisheries, have apread ov< the world; the liardy men who enter theaeenterprises >u 1 ' 1 *' i he in ti|>on the weitern Coast, from Cape Horn to v rf.llt, thr coa*t of Japan, in the Indiea, In Ihr Rid See, u. l ? In r-i er thr) can pursue their hazardous voca'ion I1 i irum t e reunion navigating our commiicial ma " ' < iri. i!i.ji ) pow er on the ocean is to he formed I -non r. quire. This must forever be the foiiu- I oi ntloa rasps ctability which it is our aim to ai.o.itain now and forever amongst the nation* of the iwth Gentlemen, I will detain you no longer?I have b it it to 1 my duty as the beat hrmagc 1 could pay for this u :.tIr ot your civility and ri aprct to eapii?a myselt Up-1 . subj eta, on wliich, whether my sentiments beright or wrong, an-ot great importance to your city. and not ii. it only but to the whole country, and regarding which I h<*ve a strong deaire to urea remarked degree ol public utt M .on. V.r. Pr?-*ident, I thank you and the gentlemen pr-ai-nt tor the kindness manifested to me on thi* occasion. Let mo propoeeto yon? " t'rvsp rity to the inhabitant* of the Monumental City ?Always distinguished lor Commercial Enterprise, for iv.'.i.r. ini and for the warmest, moat cordial hospital! tv." "Mr \V(b?.'r'? speech occupied about one hour and I t. ni niter It was listenedtoihroughout withbreatlii,tn"i, and as he resumed la rest the feelingsot the ci. - i Moke out into loud and enthusiastic applause. 'M e uevt r"<(ular toast win ? " E' unit and liar Qo'-en " U;a li with ereat applause. .A.. Bull- B'itaniua.' J . W. thuh. Britisn Consul, returned thanks in a short speech of which we couldn't hear a word. The Chairman then said he was about to offer a sentiment in i-.onorcl a much revered friend?a manwhawas s distinguished when at the head of the commercial woi d . s now in the cnunciUorhis nation?as a merchant, i citizen ? <1 a peer of th-t realm, he has gained unfading honor, which long mav he live to enjoy?1 give you? Lord Ashburton " '' oik with great applause. V r ?" The fine old English gentleman." ' he next toast was? rV.o memory of John Martin." r. bji kr then rose and said that he proposed to do "i 'l ing ?hich lie was sure would not be disagreeable to tho cctt.nany, a? they would find if thoy would fill their gla ft. He would propose? ' The health of y our respected fellow citizen, Mr. Gilmore, the r-esident oftliis evening." Pr- k with great enthusiasm. v. r.?I patriotic sentiments were alterwards given, and o' *vtj e rl v hour the company dispersed. TORY or tub Yucatan Path tors?Surrender i the .mrxtcan Invaders !!?By tin* schoonerSaraii inn Jane. Capi. Coffin, which arrived Irom S - i . t-t evening, we have rece ved the latest news Iron* 'ampeachv and Merida. The Mexican lorce iti 2 (?iN) men, which adianced on the latter town wrh i view in its rupture, has been discomfited by : iti Yueatecos, anJ has surrendered atdisr' ion TI.e brave, but mild victers, permitted the r;. nlers to depart without tlfetr nrnis for their own if Hit v would do so shortly, otherwise they were lobe held and treated rigorously as prisoners hi v. ar. The Inde|>endeiit of the 25th uli , justly remarks, that the laurels which the Dictator of Mexico hoped to win in Yucatan, have faded as prematurely as those he gained at St. Jacinto At V rda. after the enemy had surrendered, there re balls and suppers, ringing cf bells, firing of i ,1-toi!. and every demonstration of rejoicing that \v< indicated hy John Adams after the declaration i our independence. It was believed, that there being no vessels at Telchack to convey the Mexi( nig no' <>t the country, they would be conducted to tti" h.tenor a?prisoners of war. Th" Vueataa troops at Telchack, it seems, have captured Lieutenant and part of the crsw of the steamer Montezuma, who went on shore for wafer, leaving that vessel with scarcely able bodied men enough to navigate her. A gentleman who came passenger in the Jane who w is in Merida on the 3d instant, informs us that on the 21 an express arrived from Campeachy \ 'ii til - information that Com. Moore had arrived < fi the coast, and that on the 27th ult., while be Mimed oil the harbor of Campeachy he was attaekeil by the two Mexican steamers, and that he heaiihemofl and entered the harbor without damHgP The f. (lowing are the substantial articles of the capitulation oi the assailants of Merida:? Don Jose Antonio Duarte, first lieutenant of Cava iry, ;iod Don Eotevan Paulada, Cant, of the local battalion No. 16, commissioned on the part of the Commander in Chief of the Yucatan Army, and th" Colonels and Lieut Colonels. Don N. Dela Port !a and Don Joan Banerili, on the part of the General n Chief ol the Mexican forces, assembled in the low. n of Tixpenal, for the purpose of concluding terms of capitulation, agree upon the following articles :? Art. I The Mexican division in the town of Tixpenal, u I--the r iTumsnJ ot (.Jen. Barrj^pn, shall evacuate the Siii'io1 Nil atan on the following conditions :? At* 11 T iey shdl take up the line ot march to-morrow rtiorr.ifiy ?h?? a Imip lpAvinr thnir arms exrent two pU'noiit of infantry, and moti lor the town ol Conk el, imr ?vhv they shall proceed to Telchack,whence they will i-m' iik >r tampi -o within the peremptory space of eie day s, 'n too vessels of the nation that brought them thi'h'-r. Art. Ill The general officers of the Mexican division ngret to inform their government in a frank manner ot 'he political unanimity prevailing in Yucatan, as ascertain I by them from actual observation, and apart from private interest. Art IV. Any necessary assistance which this division mav n quire, will he given to it by the people on the road i* r shall pass along , it being distinctly understood that thn pry all the expenses they incur from their military chest. Ar?. V. The Chief of the Division may remain here, on account of wounds, or lor any other cause, and be nurse 1 v the hospital,the Mexican Government defraying the expense. Art. VI. Farthe douhle purpoae of expediting the advaece ol ?V troops and consolidating tne peace of the country, all the cannon, with the equipments, shall lie conves od to Meri ts bv the Yucatan volunteers, to remain subject to th<- order of the Mexican Government, after the p'o-erit war sha'l be terminated. Two hours are agreed si 01 . 'or tt.e ratification of these articles of capitulation.? A*. O HvlUtin. Accident ?Ah one of the Fulton ferry-boats was leaving the dock yesterday, a man by the name <>l Harort, about 80 years of age, tried to jump on board, and missing, fell into the water. He was rescued with great difficulty. Accidents similar to the above a fe almost a daily occurrence. A .iiiKxr.?Capt. Kelly cf the schooner Reaper, of V w Haven, preparing to sail on Thursday from A"jcuy, while Ftanding on the deck was struck by tip boom and knocked down. He was badly intureJ about the head Circuit Court. Before Judge Kent. Mai 19.?F.xra Filth vs. W. AT. Sill-?This was an act'on hi" ifht lor h note given liy defendant, which fell into ban la ol Fitch. The note was dated in Novem i . 1411, pavahl* in one year. The defence is, that the i was not properly protested to hold the endorser. Vet Uct for piainnft, $.499 75. '.. rwood k Co., for plaintiff; Edward* It Mann, for dsleudai't. r\ n ]fard \ t. .lames This suit is broueht 'o ' >ver th" balance o' account.Kited to be' about IbJJOO 1) - i ( set up i< that the tutute ot limitation* bars the . rt 1,1 n' the aeon .! ended in March, JS3.S It n proved, ii. a i ver lhat Mr. Lee, the defendant,rljd promise to pay M."'l i-i A nil, 18'<7, u hi-h he said wag a balance of ac. Count. Verdict (or plaintiff. *t-o44. K'nern n and Pritchard, lor plaintiff , K. M. Cone, foi defr .dent. vs Jlurlcn.?Thi? i? an action broueht on the v. i rartv o' a pa rol iior*.?sold by rt'i-ton to Mr. Doug' v| o reside* on Loi-p Island, for $4"0, in Match, I*4J. v.arra r> w?s redoced to wreinp. I' is alleged that ne th? horses, ifnot l>otb, was unsmmd, lame. Burton t el. t ? horses over to Iaoi.g l.-lard?the overseer, Mr. ) . in. u ?s . brent ; Douglass wished Burton to stay all /i: . tiit Mr. Johnson's return, in order that heminht in , t e h"i belorp ih" purchase ?Burton asked $500, ! it ri i' lU'i 'i to fake $400 rather than w ait over night ; t m ry ? li paid, Mi?d Burton 'eft. The horses wete smiid. "Jverel to be unsound Burton was legally notified id 'he (, and required to come and take away the ?, < l orv. is- they would be sold according to law In !fii -'id not come, and the horses were refold at the r?r |t r, in Crosby street, on the 30th March, same roeut' . lor $.'oO. The suit is brought to recover the halnnci mt, I rpei.'as. Heveral witnesses testified to their r -ii', ft- and among them a Doctor, (1 horse Doctor) ' Br i-p testified that one of them, in hii opinion, in . o re lo r diaeuae than what would naturally arlae in funis u tiui?e from a state of nature lo a state of art ? (Laugh's.t ) One of (he horses had a sensible frog.? (Lsgnter ) ii MitMi'?Wat it a sensible Irog, or an insensible lr"sr 1 (Much laughter.) W i r *i ?s?It sens * sensible frog. Mr. VIAis is ? What do you mean f Witm -Why, 1 have a sensitile nail (holding tip h s flogs r .> d an insensible nail The in-ensible nail Causes 1 he sensible nail (Renewed laughter.) Hie defence we understand to be a total and uuquslifi .. ( denial of the unsoundness and proof of the same The ease is still on. Court of < oo mon Pleaa. Before Judge Uishoeffer. Msr 19?ICdiear A Clark, hy William Clark hit nm i nd If John It'a'/i anil Henry l> lAtomit.?'This win io-i oftrespass for faking a trtink illegally Thi ii. n tried ami rcimrted once before; therefor . ll t ru ll i go over the facts. Mr. Hoath bad si *. .i i e<un,st a Mr. Mortimer, who for the la?t j ea rt of under auctioneer in Chatham Sqners il> . . . ii upon and took sundry of Mortimor's prO| pi ty i u u' (lu r things, the trunk in question. Th rii i i n tiii' ' a purse wsl'h >71, a watch, a hat, hoets .i < ? v ' I -a 1! j,'d to have lieen worn hy Mortimer I gi-dtl <i the plaintiff Clark, who is n minor, 1 i I' i . ii i-l 1 bet ween Heath and Mortimer. T la< q - i .ii of c us-, whv, w ho owned the trunk,Clark oi VI irii-ier I T ?e key, by-the-tiye, was In the possessici . | k, So Kaveotli' i pr .of of ownership, \Vhrn<b? r ! tiefure, the juiy rotill no' sgree , nor <sU i |ik?ly to ngtin (S ill) A sealed verdict e 11 l? 11 niuiedto morrow. VIr. Blount for plaintiff? Mr Brady lor defendant. \T.\V YORK HERALD.* \?w York, Niiuntny, fit*y *0? ie+3. Hrrild ljlt?rmrj P?P"'< All tb* new and cheap literary puUic*tioB? of the day ire lor sale, wholeaale and retail, at the Hium Ornca, aorthwevt corner ol Naa'au and Fulton street. ft7- 9i'B*caiBKR*rhangin|f their residence, will pleoae notitj at this utter, corner ol Nassau and Fulton street!, wlit re they want the Herald left hcrehftrr. Mr. YVrbsfcr'a Brrat Wpeecli In Baltimore ?Commencement of a New Political Revolution. We give to-day a lull and interesting report of the great speech of Mr Webster, delivered in Baltimore, at a public dinner given him on Thursday evening. A meagre outline ol this very important discourse appeared in one of the penny papers in Philadelphia and in an extra Tribune yesterday. We give the cmopsvli utilU all t Ito ttalitoKlo ofotietinal tnltloa introduced by Mr. Webster. In this instance, we are confident that our readers will perceive that we have exhibited our usual superiority of arrangements and talent, in presenting the world with ample and accurate reports of all matters of public interest. We give in this report a mass of information of the greatest possible interest and value to the commercial community, and indeed to all who desire to understand properly the relations of this country with the trading nations, and which could not possibly be obtained from any other quarter. The Committee, who made the arrangements for the d'nner, nware of the great importance of this speech, and anxious to have an accurate version of it placed belore the world, had formed the design of excluding reporters, and soliciting Mr. Webster himself to furnish a report of it. As soon, however, as it was ascertained that we had sent our reporter there, Mr. Webster expressed his perfect confidence in the ability of our representative, and the Committee reversed their previous decision, of which the private Secretary of Mr Webster info tried our reporter in a highly complimentary manner. We tiust that the manner in which our reporter has discharged his duty, w ill show that the confidence reposed in our arrangements was not altogether misplaced. This speech is unquestionably the commencement of a new era in the political and commercial history of this country. Beyond a doubt, it is one of the most original, philosophical, comprehensive, and patriotic efforts that ever came from the great intellect of Webster. It justifies, in every point, the views w hich we have heretofore given of his position amid the confusion of party, and contests among great interests. Mr. Webster has commenced a new movement on the most comprehensive principles?a movement ,u?. .1 -11 .L. -IJ -r uiai uiiuwD iiiiu aiiiiijuiiy mi iuc uiu comcrls or tariffs, banks, and currency question*. With a mighty grasp of mind, he groups into one picture the great interests of nations into one harmonious whoie. This speech will place Mr. Webster at the head of one of the mightiest movements that ever took place in this country; and have a tendency to re-organize all the political elements throughout the nation?yea, even throughout the civilized world. We know very well that Mr. Webster has not broken ground in this great movement in favor of comprehensive commercial treaties, without knowing the sentiments of the French and English go' vernments. Intelligence has been received, infor" mally, of a disposition in both those nations to enter upon such negotiations with the United States. Mr. Webster, it is true, is not a member of the United Slates government at this time, but in the event of a commission being sent over here by England in the course of the summer, it is almost certain that Daniel Webster and John C. Calhoun, would be ap. pointed by President Tyler to meet them on such a great work. This new movement is essentially a measure of pacification over the nations?and general utility throughout the commercial world. The ground is now broken, and the whole country will be excited in the discussion. If it succeeds, the policy and the prospvets of Clay on one side, and of Van Buren on the other, are equally demolished?equally 14 obsolete." The progress of Mr. Webster towards the north?the visit of the President to Bunker Hill ?and the plain indications of abandoning Clay and his policy, given out by the whigs of New England, indicate that we are on the verge of great revolutions- A new political combination is certain?Webster, Tyler, Calhoun, Fpencer, drc., against Clay, Van Buren, and the ultra politicians. Look out for signs. News?New Way of the Wind.?The Wall street papers for sometime past have astonished their readers repeatedly with late and important news from all parts of the world, but particularly from Mexico, South America, and the West India Islands. Among the important announcements we find the following, viz.:?" Grand Cayman Islands sunk by an earthquake"?"Arrival of the Prince of Joinville at Buenos Ayres, and his grand reception"?" Earthquakes in South America and Mexico"?" Capture of Campeachy by the Mexicans," &c. Jcc. That they have never appeared in the Herald is sufficient evidence of their incorrectness, and of the imposition that has been practised on the whole Wall street press by dock loafers, mongrel news collectors, perfect Jeremy Diddlers, who have invented this mode of raising money. The Warren Coun ty Murderers.?The examination of persons iu the neighborhood is now in progress. A suspected person has been under ex ttniniHMOII ? VI BDIIir u?p. nc uuur* luc I'lUlJU* matinn of a reward of $500 by the Board of County Free holders. Th is, with the $300 offered by the Governor, and $1,000 by the family Iriends, swells the reward offered to $1,900:? FtVft HVOtlKD DOLLARS REWARD! FIVE HUNDRED DOLL ARS reward will be paid by the Boa-dot Cho.en Freeholders of th?- < ounty uf War. ren,in tne Rtaur of New Jersey, ti an\ prison or persons who ahall apprehend, and commit to the Jail of said County of Warren, the person or persons who murdered John B. Parke, John Centner, and Maria, hit wife,and a child of said Caatner, at Change* ater,in the township of Manstield, in said Conntr of vVarren, on the night of Monday, the first day of May, 1843, and their accomplice f or accomplices (if any,) in sa'd murder, and a proportionate part of said sum for the apprehension and c?m. mitmen* in sci.i Jail of said murderers or their accomplices, to l?e estimated according tathe number of persona who shall !>e proven on the trial and conviction of any of said olfendeis to have participated or have been accasso lies before the fact, in orto s.nd murder; said reward or such proportional part thereof to be estimated and paid by said Board immediately on the conviction of any one of sai l offenders. By order of said Board. May 11,1843. JACOB H. WINTER, Direcfor Mrs. Brougham's Bknifit (To-night.?This popular actress, and great favorite, takes her benefit tonight. Plie appears in two splendid pieces, an Rosalind in Shakspeare's comedy of As You Like It, and as Lady Gay in London Assurance. Vandenhoff appears as Jacques, and Placide as Sir Harcourt Courtly. We hope the Old Drury will be crowded, as it deserves to be with such attraction. Njbco's French orkra ?The saloon crowded? the Orchestra unequalled?all the actors and actress's were well received?Le Cour and wife were called out?Benard caused much laughter. We must go earlier to-night to be sure of a good seat. ine rrcnuil uic I^oicdi jmi mill'. i niuiy ElUler. Chatham Tiieatrk ?Last night Mr. Hill clewed J a very successful engagement Ht this house, and ? this evening presents a very attractive bill, lor his * Benefit Those who iiave been flocking to this r place of amusement during the present week, at!. tracted thither by this sterling son of Momus, will I not sur- ly torget hun on tins occnsion. On Monday i, evening, we understand, the new drama whica haa ^ been po long in preparation, into he produced. ReP port from the green-room tpeaks hiahly of its poer tic tl qualiues, end inimechanical and attistita! fan' cy rnd design it is said is unequalled. We ha\e no I doubt, it we nre conectly informed re p cling this 1 proluction, it will create a sensation in theatricals unknown in tlna city for years Dibtbict Attorkxy Whitiwu?i.1d1ct1iint or Moses Y. Beach.?We have something further to say of the indictment against Moses Y. Beach and the official conduct of|District Attorney Whiting on the case. We shall probably give it on Monday next. We shall do injustice to none?but we shall exact justice Irom all. The Two Jacks In Bed. Jahn Tyler wa? tin- President Of this our happy land ; A liravr old Cant am aku was he Of the Corporal Band. John Botts ho km a Congrrssman, From old Virginia'sthoies; A living friend of " Tyler too," A doctor of the laws. Now these two Jarks, at Brown's one night, While cruizing made a halt; One says he took hut Adam's ale, The other took the malt. Howevertiue this tale may he, We know they " put" to bed ; And just before John Bolt*, he put A night cap on his head. Like Siamese twins they closely laid, And talk'd of Bank and State; John Botts got wrath and swore he'd leave The Caption to his fate. To make things woisejust at the time, " O surely 'twas too bad While John was talk m ; somvthing bit, That set him raving mad. The Captain tried to cool him off, But John he was so dry, That he got up and made a vow, " To head him ottordie." Now let us sing?long live John Botts? Long live John " Tyler too And may when next they go to Brown's, Call?single beds for two. FUZZY. Mysterious and Alarming.?We find the following extraordinary announcement in the Montreal Herald. We give it verbatim et literatim. There certainly must be trouble brewing on the border. Webster, our grc >t arbitrator of boundary difficulties, has left the cabinet, and the regular government ent for that region of country is understood to be playing billiards, and we fear there is no one to look after this foreboding mischief Advertisement. THE ONLY SECURITY. The soul that sinneth it shall die?Eztkiel, lfthc. 4th verse. All have sinned and come short of the Glory of God.? Rom* 3d?33d. Therefore, by the deeds of the lawtheri shall no flesh be justified in hit sight, for by the law is the knowledge of sin.? Romi 3?30 b. Bnt God commandeth his love towards ns in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.?R?m 6?9. Believe on tho Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved ?~1cts, 16th c. 31st v. May IS 64 N'rw ivn TluiirTiPTir. S-r\ r.v hit Sii vpn.r-OT.nlir.n Hats ?One of the most beautiful hats ever introduced to the public, has just bee a got up by Messrs. Genin and Van Vrankin, of 214 Broadway, opposite St. Paul's Church. It is called the ventilating gossimer hat, and is ot a rich silver color; and what is most remarkable weighs less than three ounces. It is decidedly the prettiest article we have yet seen in the market, and must have a great run. To show the difference between this hat and others in point ol weight, we give the following statement:? 07.. Average weight of common black hat, 01 Do do Panama do 5} (Coat of do. ffl to $20 ) Weight of Leghorn hat, 4 Average weight of ventilatiog goiiimcr bat 2| Price $3 SO. These hats are now for the first time introduced? and the first ever made. Gentlemen will please call and take a look at them: Bark Empress?Report of the Captain ?Our remarks in regard to this vessel were taken from the " Daily Periodical," a paper published at Malaga. The facts, as stated by Captain Townsend, are that he had on board two hundred barrels of rosin fcr ballast, and so informed the authorities. There was no attempt to smuggle, or break any law of the port. There was no covering the vessel with the American flag to prevent officers from coming on board, and from the Captain's statement, we can gather nothing, but that he acted straight forward throughout his difficulties with the Governor. The Captain of the Empress has commenced a 'suit against the government for detention, having been more than thirty days in port longer than necessary. Thbatiiical. Movement?, liootii, together with professor Risley and son, have just concluded their respective engagements at the Tremont, Boston. Professor MafHtt has been addressing the I. O. of O. F. in Boston. Mr. Maffiit is certainly an artiste of varied talents. Vandenhoff closed his engagement last night at the Park. He is underlined to appear next at the National, Boston. Russell gave a conceit at Troy on Thursday evening. Brougham i? playing at the National, Boston. Dr. Lardner is at Natchez. Thk Queen City of the West.?The city of Buffalo seems destined to be the mightiest inland city upon this continent. Its trade is rapidly increasing. It already claims 3,0(10,000 of inhabitants tri butary to its commercial interests?having an import and export trade four times as large as the whole foreign trade of the thirteen Colonies at the commencement of the Revolution. SurERINTENTlSNT OF ScilOOJ.8 IN CANADA.?This office has lately been filled by a Frenchman, to the great dissatisfaction of the natural born British subjects in Canada. The Montreal Herald says But while the colony possesses hundreds of Englishmen of high intellect, many of whom arc especially qualified for such an office, we have seen them passed by with scorn, and the leelings of the whole mass of their countrymen trampled on by the selection ot a French man, alike destitute ot learning and ability. This Superintendent of Education, tnis Doctor Meilleur is, we say, a man of little knowledge of his own, and less ot any other language, a man possessing not one necessary acquirement ; totally ignorant of the different systems of education ; intellectually and nationally incompetent to the duties of the office. His incapacity is only exceeded by bii presumption, which dares to opealy infringe in himself and advocate the infraction in others, of that very law to which he owes his place. We subjoin a few specimens of erudition of the Superintendent of Education, extract ed from his official letter to the Chairman of Common School Commissioners of Comptoti . " A journey undertaken to comple'e my visit of the municipal districts, which circumstasces did not Allow me to terminate In 1849, has been the cause of this delay, as I havenobody to supply me in the office, while a.? sent.:' !* ? " In the school districts whero there is no school bouses it is not necessary to build ono to be entitled to the allocation " * *?* " My adviceisthat they should build large school houses isolated from the thi k of ihe population,and well aired, as this would be better both lor the health and progress of the children, we might say fi.r their morals " Navai. ?List of officers attached to the U. S. brig Somers, now at Norfolk, and bound on a cruise in the West Indies John W. West, Lieut. Com mantling ; Win. J. H. Robertson, 1st Lieutenant ; James F Armstrong, 2J do.; J. R. W. MulLny, Acting Master; H. M. lleiskel!, Purser; Wtn. B. Sinclair, Assistant Surgeon; George W. Clark, J. W. A. Nicholson, Win. H. Hudson, Midshipmen ; Paul Loyall, Commandant's Clerk ; John Ritter,.Master's Mate ; Edward T. Storms, Purser's Steward. Literary Notices, Tkavki.s in Egypt, Araiua and Paijistink? By Stephen Olin, D. I).?Harpers <te Brothers.?We predict for these exceedingly handsome volumes, will all confidence, an extensive and long enduring sale. The estimable and accomplished author, it will be seen from the title, has gone over the same ground that was traversed by Stephens and by Dr. Kobinaon, and he seems to have combined in due proportion the attractive and valuable qualities of both His work is more ample and complete in description than that of Stephens, and in the prepara tiou ofit he exhibits more knowledge, both general and scriptural, while there is more of incident and variety than w?s consistent with the plan of Dr Robinson. The rerult is a work upon some ol the most interesting countries in the world, from which the reader for utility will derive abundant instruction, while the reader lor a-nus rnent will find it in the highest degree entertaining. It is illustruted with a number of engrnvings on steel, after draw tngs by ('ntherwnod, fur supeiinr in execution and finish to tliooe we ordinarily see in hooks of travel. In iHCt, they would not he thought unworthy to appear in company with the finest engravings prepaird lor the larger and better i la?s of annuals POST S C RJ[P T. FOUR O'CLOCK, A. M. FIVE DAYS LATER FROM ENGLAND. ARRIVAL OF THE Steamer Caledonia AT BOS l'ON. The steamship arrived at Br*tou yesterday niorna( b o'clock, bring news to the 5ih inst. The overland mud from India had not arrived, and nothing of importance can be f ound in our files. The free trade jwrty were making converts among the furmeiB. The Queen, we are hannv to state, is to-dav so well that it was not thought neceFsary to issue any bulletin. The luneral of the Duke of Sussex, will take place this day, (Thursday) in London, where, from eight until one o'clock, the shops will be closed. Theatricals were never known to be at so low an ebb. Burnt kept Covent Garden open until his treasury was exhausted, and with the exception of the Italian Opera, there is not a theatre in London paying expenses. In the provinces, the same depression exists?the best proof of the poverty of the middle classes. The Emerald had arrived at Havre. Intelligence had been received from the Islands ol Marquesas which slate that the French Governor and suite had been murdered by the natives.

P ,\V. Byrnes, Esq , long connected with the packet shit 8 between Liverpool and New York, is dead. The Havre Theatre was destroyed by fire on Friday night, the 28th ult. Mr. Fortier, the manager, who resided in apartments attached to the theatre, lost his life A second edition of the Chronicle contains the following extraordinary express Irom Paris:? " Paris, May 2 ?The afuirs of Servia are arranged. The Divan has conceded all the demands of Russia. Prince Georgewitch is to abdicate, his councillors and Kiamil to quit Servia, and a new election to take place, probably in favor of Prince Milosch. "An attempt was made at Milan to assassinate the Viceroy, which failed " The Chartist Trials.?O'Connor and the other Chartists, tried at tne late Lancaster Assizes, together with White who was tried at Warwick, aud Cooper who was tried at Stafford, have received notice to appeai at the Queen's Bench on Thursday, May 4, to receive judgment. The celebrated danseuse Fanny Cerito, accom panied by her lather, arrived in town on Saturday irom Milan, where she has been "starring" during the winter alternately with Taglioni. Adele Duniilatre returns to the Academie Royale at Paris. House of Commons, May 3.?The House met at lour o'clock, wnrn a good number ot petitions were presented against the educational clauses ot the new Factory Bill and the Corn Lews. The house, at its rising, would adjourn until Friday, in honor of the Duke ol Sussex's luneral. In reply to Mr. Borihwick, Sir R. Peel stated that there was no intention on the part of either England or France to place unnecessary restraint on Don Carles; but, at the same time, they thought that no unqualified liberation of the prince would interfere with the tranquillity of Spain. Markets. London Money Marclt, May 4 ?There is nothing new in the operations in public securities Consols started at 9H} lor Money, and have since been done at 96}. These changes clearly show how easily the market is affected in constquence of the absence of transactions of magnitude. We, indeed, expect no dhange until after Mondap, when the Chancellor of the Exchequor brings forward the Bugget of the year. Exchequer Bills are a shade firmer, ami are quoted OS 70 pm. Th' re has been little or nothing done in the Foreign Bond Market, except in Spanish; the live per cent were sent down soon altet the commencement of business, to 2I|; and the three per cent to 31 J, but they have since recovered to 23 and 32 respectively ; Mexican, 39 ; Portuguese three per cent, 45; Chilian have been done at 88}. The share market has been very inactive. Oreat West ern Railway shares have improved to 91}, Brighton are 35}, Croyden Trunk 10$, and Northern and Eastern 33}. Four o'clock?Consols for Account closed at 9oj; Spanish Bonds 231. London Cokn Exchange, April 3.?We are without any tresh arrivals of English wheat this morning, and we hare no alteration to note in piice; which may also be said ot foreign. Barley, beans, and peas remain as on Monday. Oats of all descsiptions sell on rather better terms. Londosi Produce Market, May 4?Coffee?The market is very flat - Good ordinary Cey Ions me offered freely atbOspercwt; 390 bales Mocha were ottered far public competition, but only partly sold at a decline of 2s per ctvt; good yellow suld at 03s perewt Tht-vo in an improvcJ feeling in th? morlirt. About 4(10 chests have been sold since the last public sale at steady price. Liviupqol Cotton Malket, May 4?The trade have continued to purchase a tuirquanty of Cotton daily, since the departure of the Great Western, the accumulating stocks, however, have had the ed'ect of impaitiuga dull to the market, and the demand has been very fieely met, mere especially as regarded the common qualities of American. All descriptions above fair ate scatce and very fi'm in value, and iu prices altogether we have no change to repoit. The state ot the manufacturing districts is encouraging: many circuins'anc# s induce an cxpection of a continued inpri.v, ment in the tradegenerally, and the consumption of cotton continurs greatly on tne increase. The Sdles, imports, &c. u ill not be made up by the brokers until the close of the week, but the quantity so'd during the frur last days, will not fall shoitof 2.200 oales. Born?The transactions since our previous report have been on a very limited scale. Holders have displayed rather more firmness, and at Tuesday's market an advance of Id to 3d pur 70 pounds was generally demanded, but sa the trade bought sparingly, those terms were complied with in a few instances only. A parcel of inlerior Sicilian in bond, was sold at 2sGd per 70 lbs. Flour was not much ooticed at previous rates. Oatmeal?Met a poor sale at a decline of 3d per load. Havre Mahxet, May 2?Ashes.?We have to iep#rt uli baC I IA hlila a inoriran Pntaeh Ut hmn^a ot (p ill Oft and 66 bbl*. Pearlash, at f. 44 to 46, per 60 kilogram*, duty (I. 1 26) paid ) Prices have become timer, although the temanT ha* not been very brbk. The JLmerald, from New York, brought in 13 bbl*. Potr. Cotton*.?Thu same want of spirit that predominated in business at the close or our preceding report, has con tinned to prevail throughout the presentwoek,for although towards the close rather more briskness was manifested, the demand has however not been of an animated character, and the buying has not extended beyond the current wants for consumption. Our apprehensions that dealers would purchase but sparingly, unless at a concession on the partot sellers, have been lully real.zed, and to this must be asciibed the slight revival that has taken place, but which docs not as yet bear the stamp of much activity. Prices which had previously exhibited some degree of firmness, have therefore given way, and a decline of I. 1 to 2 has taken place on ordinary and middling United States descriptions, at which reduction holders willingly meet the inquiry. There is neverthch ss a flatness in tiansactions, owing to the large accession toourstock within the lust week, and, in luct, a general dullness in the aspect of our mat ket, which does not seem warranted by the circumstances, as the advices from the F.ngl'sh markets and elsewhere are not unfavorable, ar..l it is dif. flrult to sccoiint for the absence of improvement, when here was every reasonable ground for anticipating that ttie reverse would have been the case. Our latest dates 'rom the other side ot the Atlantic cr" to the 9th inst., hut hi y were not productive of any feature of peculiar inter OS). The imn.irts ol rotten durinr this ninnth umnnnt In 11,309 hale*, and the outgoings to 19,300 bale*. The no leu of the we k amount m! to 34,000 hag*, including ft 000 American, 300 lYrnatn and 1,100 8Hrat for export. The imjiort wan SO 053 bale*. The American abort staple wtre quoted as toliowa, vie. ordinary 3Jd to3)d, mid fair IJd to 4|d. Henry L, (loldhng vs. i'lte Congregation Bhnrl Nadlck. Nkw York, May 19,1813. 9uu?* In the re port nflorded in your paper oi the above entitled cauae, ihe evidence given by me on the part of the defendant ia erroneous. I can readily believe that the report complained of arises more Irotn a misconception of the facta, than 'rom a wilful desire to misrepresent; I therefore has1 ten to correct you. You state that my interpretation ofthe word Shuumus was, " reader, llabbi, learned and reverend; ( 'hat is, a learned man, a teacher of the laws, and a married man, which in Hebrew means reverend man, whether he has children or not." The sen t'-nce in your paper being given as if the word admitted o! ail these interpretations. Conversant with the ancient Hebrew from my arliest infancy, and having heretofore made u the law" my ardent and devoted study, it v. ould have beej impossible for me to have given so incorrect a iranslation of the word in question. stated in my evidence that the proper definition of the word Shautnu,* whb " servant in holy orders." I refer you to the following authorities lor the satisfaction of those curious in puch matters, as susisininK this trail- lation :? Talmud, Mishna, Souta, chap.7. Mill na 7, pig? 11(1 sanhadrin, Miilina, rhap. 7, Miahna lit. Talmud .Mishna Vouma, chap. 7, Muhna", Miahna lit. The following authority is most decisive on the questions?Mishna b'ouka, page 118, where reader tnd Shautnu* are stated as synonymous. The word " l\ abbi," I defined to be " a man lei rned in the law;" on this subject no authority is requisite; few can fall in error. No mm can clothe himelt within thisiitle till it is first conferred by high and proper authority. Hiving never filled the office ol High Pries', f must declu e the honor of ihe title. No such ofTiier is now known in our places of worship. I am, sir, your very obedient, Lyon Levy. BY THE SOUTHERN MAIL. Philadelphia. (Correspondence 01 the Herald ] Philadelphia, May 1^, ltW3. Dka* Bennett Every hole, cornier, and garret in this city is crammed with the professofs of religion. The Protestant Episcopalians, and the two assemblies of the Presbyterian Church, have attracted the attention of all classes A genera! row is anticipated between the " old light" and the " new light" professors. A lengthened discussion will tuke place on the subject ot matrimony rs at present dispensed, many ol our fair readers taking separate views on the subject. The grand jury of the Criminal Court, seem determined not to recede an inch to the tyrannical interference of the sitting Ju.lge. They have issued an address to the citir.ensof the State, in which they justiry their conduct. The fountains in difl'vrent parts of the city are now in full play, but they fall infinitely short of the beau'iful and magnificent daughter of old Croton, s-en to such advantage in the Park of your favored city. Shipman's friends are doing their utmost to obtain his immediate liberation on bail. The charges brought against him will undoubtedly end, as all other cases of a similar natnre generally do, in smoke. Amherst, of tha Olympic, lies commenced operations. The whole intehor is to be remodelled, and the saloons fitted up in a style of Parisian magnificence. The various departments of performance will be entiusted to artistes of the first celebrity. P. Richings will be stage manager, and under his direction snccess is certain. The Walnut, at present, lias all the field to itself, and is doing a tremendous business with Burton and Silsbee. The latter gentleman made his first appearance last night, and forever established h:s reputation in Philadelphia. His performance met with unqualified approbation, and he appears every night until further notice. The company is decidedly the best in the United States, and so the public seem to think. Marshall and Cushman have \Von laurels, and in future, in this city at leaBt, their names will alone give tone to any thing they undertake. Disturbances between the Fire Companies have lately been of such frequent occnrrence, that it hecomes an imperative duty upon the authorities to take some step to repress these dangerous outbreaks. Much bitterness is kept up for want of proper coercive measures, which would be best for all parties in the end. hast night a bloody encounter took place between the members of the Independence and Northern Liberties Hose Companies, in which the result has nearly proved fatal to two or three of the belligerents. The matter in dispute is comparatively frivolous. The neighborhood are about to petition for the abolition of the companies implicated. Yours in haste, Thcrax. Mr. Cushing, Minister to China, left this city on Wednesday afternoon for Norfolk. Mr. Fletcher, Secretory ot the Mission to China, also departed from this city yesterday morning for the North preparatory to his embarkation tor China.?Madisonian May 18. 0CJ- The Madisonian says that the Acting Secretary of the Navy has issued an order authorizing the enlistment of landsmen lor the naval service. Capt. J.- McKeever has been ordered to the command of the Independence* Departure of Brekdlovk, Jewell, and Reines. ?We understand that the three prisoners who were committed on suspicion of having stolen a large amount of Treasuty notes at New Orleans, were yesterday morning removed from this city in custody of Deputy Marshal Harper and officer Cottom, and one ot the auxiliary guard. Two passengers on board the steamship Alabama had been arrested at the Balize by Capt. Taylor, of the revenue service, on suspicion of being concerned in the above robbery at the custom house. They were brought to New Orleans in charge of Captain Taylor.?Nat. Int, May 19. LATEST SOUTHERN SHIP NEWS Philadelphia, May 19?Air Edgar, Wooater; Hiratio Amn, f-audio 111; itri ublican, Hoover; D M Metier' le, Young; R Tomlin, Tornliu; Louiia, Hoover, suit John CUrk Collins, NYork. Below, Cnester. Delia, and John McCrea, NOr earn; 9t?|>hrn Wright, (Br) Bell, Newcastle, Rag. C!d Albert Per ins, Clark, Saco Trident. (Bi) Looglmrat, St Johns. Baltimore, May IS?Cld United, Iu^raliam, Mobile. Sid Lincoln, Kilis, West Indies. Alexandria, May 17?Sid Bt-oj Rush, Boston; Miranda, Ssleia. Nobpolk, Mav 17?Arr Elir ibeth. Baker, Georgetown for !*alrtn,rul in to atop a leak in the bow, above water; Narragausett. Bak?r, Boston f ?r Richmond?Southerner, of NBedtord, came in in co. and proceeded op the liar; Mary Scinch burn, e.lli?, NHavrn: Boston, (si HoIikcs, N Vo-k. Sid Pailhrou, Allen, Riblimona; May Flower, Kelly, West Indies. At BetWell's Point, Oto Thom-s, Herrick, Lnhtc lor Richmond. City Intelligence. Escape from Sing Sing.?A convict named .lames Allen, sentenced to Sing Sing Slate Prison lor burglary, from thiscitv on the 18th of July, 18-10, tor ten years, escaped on Wednesday. He is about 4fi years ot age, durk complexion and has a paralytic shake of his head which is partially bald. A reward ot $50 is ottered lor his apprehension and delivery. More Drowned Bodies ?The present week has been prolific with these cases for the Coroner. Thursday morning the body of a boy supposed to be about 15 years old, was found in the river at the Battery bridge. He was dressed in a dark roundabout and pants, with Valencia vest and checked eravat, and had woollen mittens on both hande. The bodv will he !e(t nf the UrnH liniiap ilnrincr ih?? .lo? -- > .mv u.y otj~ I HE 8WORD SUSPENDED BY A HAIR. OVER (he head ol the tyrant of Syracuse, is typical ot the fate impending over thouaandi in the shape of consumption.? 1 he hard dry cough, the levered hand, the eye prctcraaturally bright,the Hushed cheek?these are the signs that murk the approach of the destroyer. Reader, if you have one of those you stand in jeopardy. It may be that but a brief time ia left you to choose between life and death.? Ib sitnte not a moment?fly to that sure refuge against consumption?Jayne's F.vpectorant. If disease has not already perforated your lungs, it those dreadful ulcers, that no human art can heal, have not abeady formed | there, your cure is certain. That invaluable medicine lias never bean known to fail when taken in time. Procure it at once?to-morrw may be too late. If you doubt, read the testimonials of the cures it has wrought, and il you are still skeptical as to its efficacy, you must be more incredulous than Thomas. Dr. Jay no's Hair Tonic, Expectorant, Vermifuge, and Carminicative Dalaam, are sold at wholesale and ret.-il by the agents, A. B. k D. Sands, Druggists, No. in Fulton st. corner of Gold; 77 East Broadway; 373 Broadway. QQ- AMERICAN MUSEUM.?This is the first of a seriisof Saturday holidays, got up by Mr. Barnum for the amusement of children, " just let loose from school.* Among this da) 's attiactions will be the Tisit of the pupils ol the Deaf and Dumb Institution, at 2 o'clock, tbe afternoon perlormances at 4. The beautiful model of Paris, the overtures of the grand sell-playing orchestrion, the living i-eo dog, tbe saloon amusements, and glorious little Tom Thumb, with his new house, his fountain, and all the paraphernalia ot his pigmy hingdum. It is hard to say whether parents or children will be most delighted. {K7- SHOUT ITS PRA19K!?Rome, Dec. 16, 1942.? Gentlemen ? I have been afflicted for the last five ychrs with the bronchitis, al?o with hoarseness, which at times rendered It difficult for me to speak in publlt. But your Hoarhotind Cardy was unknown to nie until about two years ago, last w inter. I was then sadly afflicted with hoarseness, and a severe rough and cold, which I was fearful would deter me from addressing a large rongregatlon: hut. unon using a sm.,11 uuantitv of vour Honrlmtind Candy, about three hour* previous to the appointed time, I waa enabled to address the meeting without difficulty, an-' it iimy impression that it 1 had not used your invaluable candy I could not have addressed the meeting at all For previous to using it I could not articulate abovo a whisper. I now use it in my family for all complaints of the lungs with great success, and I recommend it as one of the'.test articles now extant for healing diseased lung" and rlraring the voice No family or public speaker should be without it. I remain, Your obedient servant, EL! W. R. ALLEN, D D, To Messrs. J. Tkisr k Sou, 4ft Division st. N. I! ?As 1 am not a resident of the city 1 will refer for inquiries res|?ecting me to Dr. Peck, office 300 Mulberry street, also Rev. J. Demjaiter, late missionary to Beanos Ayres, now pastorof the Methodist church, Vestry street; and also RevM Lane and Sandford, agents of the M. E. Book Establishment, 200 Mulberry street. 0XI- GENTLEMEN'S " VENTILATING OOSSAMER" HAT, WEIOHINO ONLY 2j OUNCES-PnlCE $3 ftO. The subscribers have this day introduced the above named Hot for Summer wear, by comparing tha weight OI ini?, mm tun irriign weiglll Ol in? follow ing Hats ; the superior advantages it irossesses over them for nimmerw ear may bo readily neon. Tito average weight of the ordinary fur hHt ii fl{ ounces, do do Panama ftj " do do Leghorn 4 " We are fully persuaded there has been a great want of an article of this kind, invented anil introduced by ua, an 1 !rom the decided approbation expressed by gentlemen who have examined this article, that they need only to be soon en,) worn to he fuilv appreciated, OKNIN J. VAN VRANKF.N, 311 Broadway opposite 8t. I'aul? Cliurci. (g7- " A WORD OR TWO"-The author of - A Diary of a I'hj tician" rava that a slight cold is an egg w'den when hatched, products pleurisy, inflammation or w lungs,aatlimn and consumption. Therefore, Ron le he ye main or female, beware of "-do riot ^n oglrcti b t n?e Sheiman's Ootlgh Lozenges, and > immediately. H, v. ral thou/and tarxe. here be. a> sold dtir ng the present spring, 11 storing o i _ ,^rmK ,ln. aim id every stage of consumption, and thoa. laboring un der mort dlstress.nt ronghs and cojd . 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There will be un entertainnieni this afternoon at 3 o'clock Those who think they can discover her decep. lions by daylight, will have a tine opportunity of carry, ing their plan into execution. Delarue, the mimic, whose faithful imitations ot Booth, Forrest, lie , are the theme of universal admiration, appears, in conjunction with Band, all, the comic singer, and la Petite Cerlto, the datiseuse. Splendid picture gallery, half a million of curiosities, &c., are, we think, sufficient attractions for one shilling. Ot?- THE FOLLOWING INDISPENSABLE FAMlly medicines can be had genuine of Messrs. Comstock It Co., HI Courtlandt street Hewes' Nerve and Bone Liniment and'Indian Vegetable Elixer, a sure cure for rheumatism or gout, Dalley's Pain Extractor, the best article ever made lor all swellings, bruises, old sores, ulcers, salt rbeum, and sure to relieves all pain from a burn in five minutes, and heal withont scar. Hayes'Liniment, a warranted cure for the piles ; the East ludia Hair Bye colors the hair in eight hours a jet black, and will not stain the skin. A certain cure for the sick head ache?Dr. Spohu's. Call and see certificates from the first citizens in the city. (to- A FRIGHTFUL ACCIDENT FROM SODA WA TER YESTERDAY.?The neighborhood of Chatham stieet was thrown into a state of excitement yesterday. A gentleman called in the store 81 Chatham street for a glass of soda water. Jones was busy serving customers, (he always is,) so the gentleman helped himself to what he thought w as syrup, paid, and left the store. In two hours he returned, a dreadful spectacle?his throat, the inside of his mouth, and the outside, protruding two inches from his lips, was dark silky hair. Header, he had mistaken for syrup a bottle of Jones' Coral Hair Restorative, which was leying on the (jciunter?joking. It is well known that Jones' Coral Rair Reiterative will force the hair to grow, stop it falling out, cure scurf, dandruff, and make light, red, or grey hair grow naturally dark. It is sold at the low price of 3, 5, or 8 shillings a bottle, at the sign of the American eagle. 83 Chatham street, New York; by Ziebor, corner of Third and Dockstieot, Philadelphia; 8 State street, Boston; 130 Fulton street, Brooklyn. {ft?" SUOAR-BENJ. ALBRO, store No. 801 East Broadway .corner ot Scammel street, near Grand, where he will sell best New Orleans sugar at 3 shillings for seven pounds, good sugar at 3 shillings and nine pence; best St. Domingo Coffee , green, at 7 pence; ground, 10 pence; best old Sumatra Coffee, ground in his store every day, at one shilling per pound ; best Java db. Is. 3d. , Also, just received, a large assortment of Teas, by the WIWI Jigui. 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There has not appeared before the public,in our estimation, an article so wellralculated to purify the system as Bristol's Sarsaparilla. The experience and standuig of Mr. Bristol is a sufficient guaranty to all disposed to try this efficacious remedy. Sold wholesale and retain, by Wm Burger, SO Courtlandt street, and at retail by Rushton & Aspinwall ; Mil haus'Pharmacy; Syms, Bow. ry;.Tripp's, 168Division st. and Fulton street; Wood & Morrison, 309 Greenwich St.) Smith's Medicine Store, 367 Broadway, and Druggistsgnnerally DR TAYLOR'S BALSAM LIVERWORT, 376 BOWERY ?We are happy to publish the following ex tract lrom a lettei just received from Mr. Wilkinson, who four weeks since, was told by his physicians he could not live, and his wife came with tears in her eyes, for a bot| tie of the Liverwort as a last resort:? * New York, April 31,1843. Dear Sir?You wished me to let you know how I feel. My wife was prevented calling on you by a fall. 1 havo a slight pain in my chest, and csngh is still troublesome, but am a great deal better since I commenced taking year Liverwort. There have heen persons to see me, to know from mysell if I had found benefit sn soon from one bottle. 1 told them I had; and they said they would try it them selves. I manic you, sir, ana snail ever leei f5ra1e.n1, hoping in a short time to call on you mysi If. Youri, truly, T. WILKINSON. 23 Cornelia st. See the new wrapper is on the hottle, "To Prevent Counterfeits," and buy as above, or of Dr. Leeds, a j< nt, 123 Maiden Lane; Mrs. Hays, 130 Fulton street, Brooklyn. ffiT- THE METAL1C TABLET STROP, INVENTed by O Saunders, ban been in extensive use for the last 2) years. Certificateso! itsiuperiority from the following scientific gentlemen, are at present in the possession of the inventor:? Prof ssors J. Oriscom, Dr. Valentine Mott, Gen. James Tallmadge, President of the American Institute, and M. Millikin, cutler to the Royal Navy, 001 StranJ. Manufactory IDS Broadway. Toilet Articles, Razors of the most celebrated makers, warranted, a large variety of tooth.nail aod shaving brushes |ierfumery ami washing soaps of the best quality, and sold at exceedingly low prices. Almond cream, which makes the tidiest possible lather, sold at only 37} cents a pot. G. SAUNDERS, Inventor and Manufacturer of the Metalic Tablet Strop, 163 Broadway. 0&- SANDS' 8AR3APAKILLA?Norwich, Conn., February 10, 1843.?Messrs. A. B Sands (1 Co.?Gentlemen : 1 thankfully improve the present opuortusity to inform you and the effiictcd, ol the wondernil effects of your Sarsaparilla upon me. About two months since 1 became afflicted with a roughness and hardness of the skin upon my face, neck, hands and arms, which wss followed by extensive and deep cracking, attended with night sweats; this was succeeded by swellingi upon the whole surface, which soon began to discharges yellowish matter. In this way, unable to use my hands, and distressed much with the inflammation upon the surface, I tried several kinds of medicine which were recommended, and also the Thomsonian treatment, without b-nefit. I then applied to Dr. Mnthewson, who gave me a bottle of your Sarsaparilla, which almost immediately removed the distressing stinging, and the n'ght sweats. M' hands nnd arms are entirely cured, and my face is rapidly regaining its natural feeling and appearance. WILLIAM ROBINSON. New London County, as. Norwich, Feb 13,1843 ? Personally appeared William Robinson, and made solemn oath to the truth of the facts stated before me. JOHN D'WITT. Clerk of County and Superior Court New London Co. We. the undersigned, being acquainted with the abovo named William Robinson, hereby certify to the correctness ofhis statement. JOHN BARNES, THOS. KINNE.Jn. For particulars, see advertisements in this and other city papers. Prepared nnd sold, wholesale and retail, and for exportation. by A. B. HANDS, Sc Co., Druggists. (Granite Buildings) 273 Broadway, corner of Chambers street, New York. Sold, alio, by A. B. & D. Sands, 70 and 77 East Broadway, earner of Market. fty- ASTHMA-A MIRACULOUS CURE.?A. Williams, Esq.. No. AO William street-Dr. Wistar'a Asthma Remedy ?I have been afflicted with spasmodic asthma for twenty-four years, sometimes so severely as to be confined to my room for weeks ; and although attended by various medical advirers of the highest reputation and skill in the country, the relief was but partial and temporary?twice the disease proved nearly fatal to life. tinins few weeks ago I commenced taking Wistai0* Balsam of Wild Cherry, which gave mo instant relief, and a single bottle produced in a few days u hat I beiieva to lie a radical and perfect cure. A. WILLIAMS, Counsellor at Law, No. AS William street. New York, Jan, 25.1813. Price $1. Sold hy Isaac Butts 133 Fulton str ">t; Dex. tor, Albany; Mrs. Hays, Brooklyn; Badger, Newark; Uorhi.m, New Haven. QJ- HUMOROUS AND ORIGINAL?The picture abet i ol the Sunday Mercury, which will contain complete the benutitul story of the Beauty and the Boost, as illustrated hy Fit* Squab, will be published on or about the 1st of June without fail There will be twenty four large engravings, one of which will contain upwards of fifty fig una. The reading matter will he unexceptionable, and fit lor the perusal of the most fastidious. It will f - . . pa>. t iu> a lamuy sncei 01 inn, ntimor nnu uimiuanircent* a single capy ?to agent* and newsboy* $'M a thousand, f 1ft lor Ave hundred, and $3 a hundtawd copies? Agent* will please *end their order* immedfctely. In conii queiice of the defalcat'on of several agent* in the principal citie*, other* are wanted to supply their place*. The Mercury far to-morrow will contain twa of the richest picture*, and one of the richest portrait* of the second leader at the Bowery and late at Nihlo**, that ' ever were seen," beside-1 i' usual variety of stories,fun, humor, criticism, new*, kc.fcc. Price a cent* a single copy OIHce 100 Nassau near Ann atreet. Inconsequence of every other paper having reduced it* price, the Mercury will now he sent to any part of the world one year for $1 sent in advance Advertisement* received till 10 this (Saturday) evening. QCf" TO THE HEADERS.-From the first introduction of Orandjean's R?medy for the Hair, it ha* been received with that approbation which can only he accorded to ?n article that hn* been well tried and not found wanting. Theconfi lenco reposed In this remedy, alter a lapse or time sufficient to try it* meiit, i* n conclusive evidence of its high appreciation, and of the great notoriety it has obtained. This composition ha* been of great service to tho*e who have used it, m cording to the ins'ructions, w ih rate and per'evernnce, !in I all may experience th"'| ennfit < ( its nurpriiini: f ff rl*. A. Ornndjeun lunv be consulted every day, during d?, light only, ill No 1 Barclay streit. All a| o'htcmi. a, druggists, 8tid country inercbeilf, nrn rrspi ctfiilly ri quested to give their order* in mo I Htely for Oriind)'iin's Hair Composition, if lliry v, i o prevent delev. Kne.h liox rontnins ta (i I o ties one of paste, to be use I in the < vi n up, snd one of liquid, to be u oil in the morn ing.