Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 20, 1843, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 20, 1843 Page 3
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my- RAYMOND AND WEEKS' MENAGERIE.?In addition to the many inducements ottered to the public to visit this humorous and well selected M magerie of Wild Beasts, now eshibiting at the comer of Broadway and 13th streets, we would observe that the managers, with a truly philanthropy desire, have gin n on invitation to the pupils ol the Deaf and Dumb Institution to witness the exhibition, and the miraculous feats of Herr Driesbach, at the afternoon performance this day. Such liberality needs no comment. ffeOVBY NABKKT. Friday, May 19?0 F, HI. The transactions were not large, but rates were fli m today. Ohio G's nt yesterday's rates; Kentucky ti's rose 3; MoUav. k I'll 1 per cent; Harlem }; Stuuington fell { At the nctv board, Ohio rose|; Harlem J; Long Island J The rates of exchange to-day are as follows: ? Kith ok Demesne Excha.vck us Nkw Yoax, June, 1811 snu Mat 20.1843. A June, 1841. May I, 1811. Boston, . par a % pu a M His. Philadelphia, 4 lilt ? a Kdis Baltimore, 4l*a 4)5 ? a Is Richmond, S>ja 6 l a t>< North (Carolina, S a ? 'M* 'J* Savannah, 3 a J ha V A-gun-a, 15 a ? Ma % Charts.ton. l)aa 114 Ma % Ajiilichiccla, 30 a ? IX? 3 i Mobile, 10 alO HXalJ New Orleans, 7 a T IMa I pm, Louisville, 8 a 9 hhia 1*4 di-, Nashville, 12>4? - 2 ?Dj Katchex, ? a ? 3 a S>4 St. Louis, 8 a 8 l\a 2 Ciucimiati, ? a 8 I Ha 2 Indiana, 7 a 7 ? a ? Minion, ? a ? ? a ? r. jl/. _ jlm'ltoil, " /*-? ? The folio wing arc rate* of irregular paperUnion, Florida, 19 prct.on the dollar; Southern L- and Trust Co., 10 do.; U. 8. Bank Notes, 61 64 ; Michigan Scrip, 75 on tho dollar; Illinois do., 10 do.; Indiana do,63 do.; Exchange on London, 8 a 8$ ; Exchange on Havre, 6 34 a 6 30. Theie rates of billa have, it ia seen, reached a rare degree of iteadinen and uniformity. The butinesi is rapid, ly concentrating in the hands of individual houses, and it is for that mason that the ratos are low and uniform. The instant corporate monopoly ia done away with in any business, that business assumes a regular, cheap and healthy aspect. We annex tho following report of the Bank of Commerce to its stockholders.? State of the Bank of Commerce in New Yoax, Monday, Mat 8, 1843. Loam anil discounts, $3,818,267 Of which (he following have been mailt) upon pledges of slock, in addition to o'uer sari-factory security, via i? Held at sePar val. curi'yfor United States S's, $360,000 $360 000 New York Mate 7's, 10 050 10,000 Do 6's. 38 400 38,180 Do 5fc's S.0' 0 4 750 Do 4X's 10,000 8,776 New York City 5's, 22 800 19,450 Ohio 6's 205,732 121,600 360 lull shes Bk rf Com., in N Y., 36,060 26.507 1,770 scrip d) do do 70 800 55,420 131 shares Fulton Bank, 3 930 3,930 100 do Men haou' K*c. Bank, 5 0>fl 3,000 100 do Ohio L. In?. 8t Trait Co, 10,000 4,000 400 do Bowery Fire Ina Co, in 000 7,5no 100 do Boat. & I'rov. It R Co. 10.000 8.500 150 do I lica ft Scht n. R.K. Co. 15,800 15,<'00 700 do N. J. Kiilr b Trans. Co, 16,000 9.000 $695 832 Bills receiv ibie, 43 9DI (The whole amount of loans, disoounts, and bills r*<v ivaMe, fall* due bv aveiajce io 63 day?.) Stocks owned by the Bauk. v.* !? Par value. United States G'?, ledrrinable 1862, S3 >1.009 351,006 n > 5S's, do 18<4, 496,000 496 000 New York State 4V?, do 1#?. 88,400 68,8 9 1)0 5's, do 1855 It 1838, 474,100 469,266 1,383,939 (The last mentioned amount hai been pledged as irc'iritv fur circulating nolo.) United States Treasury notes, 415,279 Foods in London, 182,266 Do Pair, 9 561 Do New Orleans, 69,< 53 D) Mobile, 21,921 Suspended Debt.viz Notts ol Win. D. Lav?r>-n'e, endoricd by 1 Lawrence, 14.01G Vole of Ki sa-n, S one & Co. end. by D.Khsam.Jr. 3,0"0 Note of Kissam (it S one, end. by do,and by J. Kissam, 1,500 Overdraft of A. C. Ishum h Co, 319 Jldance dne (rooi Crmmercial Bank, New Vork, 2,396 Bondsof M-rrhauta'ICxcliaiijre Company. 22.000 Cash, vtz .?Notes of other B inks, and checks, 366,1 (I Not s of Bat k of Commerce on hand, 224,533 Specie, 1,410 526 Due from distant Banks, 33 807 Lxpemes, 12,887 7.058,986 Liabilities. Capital stock, 2.7.379 fnll shares 8,037.904 29,621 scrip shares 1,181,811 Proft's on hand, 127,503 Bepoii es, 2,650,7)4 Doe to riiy Banks, 281,514 Due from city B Oiks, 201,62' Due to distant Banks, 527,14! Divide! rfs unpaid, 3,27 O > c rdraft, 8 < C iiculating notes received from Comptroller, 443 S4>4 $7,058,98-. Bank or Commerce in New Yon*, Mat 8,1843. JOHN A 8 I'EVKNS. President. UKOR4JK CCUTIS, Cashier. Sincethc la?tonnual Rtattment, the followir,:; chnngri in the suspended debt, then reported, have taken place, Til:? The overdraft of Wheeler, Hutchins 8t Co for $176 81 hns b>rn paid in full viith in'.'*rest. Thu note Israel Saunders lor SI 694) 76 has la o-i set. tlfJ. by taking l4Wwltrj additional secunty fnlkllall amount, with interest. On the notes of Wm B, Lawrence, endorsed l?y I?a?c Lawrence, the first dividend from the estate ol the latter has lieeii received for $4S3 16. No further dividend has been paid by the receiver ol the Commercial Bank ot this city. Thui the suspended debt existing at the time of the last statement has been reduced from $13,766 35 to $16,413 I'd. To this amount there have since been added? Ad < v> rdraft of A C. Itham St Co. $819 03 A no*e itr.iwii by Kissam, Stone k Co, and endured hr Ua-url Kiasam, Jr. for $3,000 00 A note i.f Kis-nm k S our, i udorsed by Dan jet Kuatm, Jr., and Jaae,h Kuiara, 1,600 00 4,600 00 $6,319 03 The overdraft is probably irrecoverable; and it ia apprehended that there will be delay and loss en the debt ol $4,500, ? hich is in prosecution. For the debt ol the Merchants' Exchange Company, which has so long been in the bank, their bonds havt been accepted lor $<3,000, of which the principal, and f percent per annum of the interest, are secured by these cond tmat mortgage to James O. King. A note lor $1,583 90 oi Souillard, Delluc &Co., endorsed by A. riunbett, which fell due since the last statement and after the decease of Mr. Souillard, has been compro mised lor AO pur cent and interest No other loss or suspended debt from any discounted bill or note, or from any loan whatever, or from any bill of exchange taken for account of the bank, has occurred from its organization to the present time, than those now set lorth. The temporary loan of $360,000 to the State of New York, and ol $160,806 to the city, have been paid in full. The post notes of the Philadelphia Bank lor $7,600, and of the Bank of Pennsylvania for $30,000, were lolly dis charged at or before maturity. The bank owns no stock but of the State of New York and of the United States, and never has owned anr other Of the former, $474,100, 6 per cents costing $409,300, are lodged with the Comptroller of the State as security lot its circulating uetes, and $88,006 of 4J per cents, costing $03,919 10, remain unsold. These two sums constitute all the stock of this description belonging to the bank. Ofthv loan to the United States at 64 per cent inW-reit. due 3lst December, 1844, of $1 010,000, included in thelasl report, there now remain $198,000, the property of the in sti u'.ion, the balance having been recently sold. The collu'eral arrangements which led to this subscription the price obtained for what has bean sold, and the present value of tue residue, plainly show its advantage to th> bank The only remaining item of this account is $381,OOf of the $800,000 of United States 6 per cent stock, irrcdeem able for 20 years, taken at par, u portion of the original amount having been sold. It will be perceived that this loan to the United States, and the recent sale ofsn equal amount ofthe percent stock, effected a change of halt ? million of short stock, bearing 8} per cent interest, into an equal amount of 6 per cent stock, having 20 years tc run. The conversion of the stocks owned by the bank, and not lodged with the Comptroller, into money, as it may b> m eded for commercial purposes, and as the interest ol the institution may srem to require, lies engaged, and wil rontinuato receive, the attention and consideration of lh? hoard. The amount of capital at the time of making up the las report, was $3,222,M0. No further instalments have baei called in. Since that time three shares of scrip have beer made full stock; thus making the present capita $3.222740. The number of shareholders on the 1st of May inst. wai 810, being en increase of one since tho 1st of May, 1912. A dividend ol 8 per cent waa declared in January last being the 6ii dividend; and a dividend of 8 per cent wa declared in July last, being the 7th dividend. The assets of the hank have been thoraughly examiner several times during the year by Committees of the Board The last examination was had on the 8th April last, wher all was lound to be correct, and to correspond with thi general ledger. During the year, John Rathbone Jr., one of tho origi nnl directors ol the asaociation,departed this life, and Da vid S. Kennedy was appointed h director In his stead; Jas Donaldson resigned as director, and George T. Adee hai been appointed in his stead; Archibald Gracie resigned ai director, and John C. Green lias been appointed in hii tead. There are three vacanciea occasioned by the re signations oi James Brown, Jonathan Sturges, ami Jamei Kent, as directors, which the Board ate taking measurei to fill. All which is respectfully submitted? JOHN A. STEVENS, President. GEORGE CURTIS, Cashier. This bank return gives a complete clue to the rrccn feverish condition of the stock maiket. The new stocl board wa* organized with fifty brokers, professedly with out capital. Immediately an immenso speculation em rise in stock took place. The Journal of Commerce criei out, as usual, "Land, ho !'' because the price of bubhl stocks rose. The greatest excitement took place, am those papers that coolly denounced the slate of sflaiis a unhealthy, were charged by tho sagacious tools of th broker, as intcri sted ai I' tcllcis ol stock.''What wet lb seer, t ol tne sudden bubble 1 A glance at the above re port or the Bank of Commerce giv.a it at oncc.Tlin farmers and planters of this country by their iudils try earned an imcm ns) surplus of produce to export, fo which nme $ I.v,000,000 in harJ dollars, haabeeu received Th" merchants who own this money have depositee,! i appears, $2,600,000 in tho Bank of Commerce 1 That ii Citation bi( a cipital of >3,394,740. Now, being a Baal ol Commerce ! how ha* it employed the fund* placed ii it by commercial men 1 Why, a* lollow* Loaned " the boy*" on Cock*, <895.034 Invested in stock*,' 1 305,0:19 " Treasury note* to be funded in stack*, 415.979 Suspended debt, 43,734 Total stock movement, 9 539,849 Specie lying idle, 1,410,698 Total slocks and *pe~ie, 3 (lyi.iig. Capital a* above, 3 334,740 737,664 A mercantile Institution has SO per cer.t o' i's capital in vested in stocks, 30 per cent Ij inT idle, and <790,0<)0 borrowed money unemployed, el' which *j97 is due conn ry banliJ. Can there be any doubt is to the basis of thi late stock bubble 7 Ohio stock Irs been forced up b] speculators 30 per cent in a few u eeks,and the Journal o Commerce has informed its readers that "capitalist tound it good to buy "?and that 1 two or three individual laid their heads together and bought <300,000 " Th Bank of Commerce, it appears, has loaned a few brokt r $121,000 on pledges of 208,732 Ohio 0 per cents, at 60 cent on the dollar. Others have run up United States 6 pe , cents to 113. If the other banks in the city have done u muck towards fostering speculation, $8 000,000 are nov waiting to be realised at the expense of irresponsible brc kcrs, who are paying the interest on the loans, and hop to make a profit The manner in which the Ohio bubbl was got up was very simple. First, tho commissioner make a report ; their tools then set about procuring pull for the report in all sections of tha country. The Wal street papers of course do it. Letters then appear in al the Ohio papers. The Ohio Statesman copies from th Portsmouth Post a letter irom New York, as follows "Ohio Stooxs.?We received a letter from a friend ii New York, dated April 29th, from which we take the fol lowing extract. He says, " let me give you the pleasini and certain, and to the whole State, most important intel ligence that Ohio stock is going up at a steady hard gal lop It has now gone up in less than ten days )<) per ct nl It stands firm at 79J. The great broken, Prime, Ware King <J- Co. have gone into the stock this day foi $18,00 at 78] ; and this taot establishes another, to wit : that i must, during the next week, go fully up to 85. Thenwl! the 7 per cent loan be taken to a dead and a moral certain ty at par, and then, too, will Ohio stand 1 redeemed, regc iterated and disenthralled'?clear of all embarrassmen for a breathing spell at any rate. The fear of Ohio's be coming a repudia'or, or getting hersell into a state of sui pension and bankruptcy next pay day, July, has passed This of course, to you and all, will be the most rejoicini news that I could communicate, and on it you may rely Too much credit cannot he awarded to our good and woi thy friends, Brovgh d- Ilubbard?they have obtained an secured for the State of Ohio the highest ^ -stimation fin good opinion, ' stolen (il you will) golden opinions fror all sorts of people.' The loantu'itl be immediately taken a par,and all Ohio stocks will he at par. This is to-day th current universal opinion (expressed to me) at, in am about the Exchange?all over Wall street, and through out tho whole city." The Albany Argus followed with a similar amusing pul for their"go?d and worthy friends." The same wires wer pulled in|all directions. Meantime,the bank controlled b; the "great brokers," lends money on the stock, speculator buy it, and the price goes up, of course. The trick is to glaring, however ; the proposals are opened, and an a tempt is made to make the people believe that a part hs been taken. The Buffalo Commercial Advertiser states" Messrs. Hubbard and Brough, Canal Fund Commii sioner and Auditor of Ohio, who have Intelv obtained 1 loan of $1,000,(100 !! ! by disposing of 7 per cent bonds t par, state iha' there are in Ohio 938 miles of canals, an i 631 miles of Macadam roads owned by the State, whic i cost $16,920,328 " In the meantime the 6 per cent stoek settles back 3 to percent. New, Messrs. Bankers, how much Ohio Ope cent stock have you got stuffed in your vaults ? Doyo intend "to carry" all the American stock held in Europe or how do you expect to get clear of the stocks wit which you are stuffed, when merchants want'their mc ney I Do you imagine that such tricks as those of Ohi are calculated to restore confidence in Europe, so far s to relieve you of the stock ? Who is to buy when yo 1 want to sell 1 Bales at tlia Stock Exchange, $2000 NY 6's, 1S3S 106% 45 al ls Canton Co 23 4000 do 1862 ldfi'i 5 Un-a (k Schen RR 120 40"0 do 1862 10G V, co Aub & Rochester 04 12100 NY 5'?, 1870 95 25 Mohawk 83 ' 500 do 95% 40 do 331 2?00 Ohio 6's, 1860 b7 8G% 25 Ho 33' 2100 do b7 36% 250 Harlem RR 23! 12000 Ho 865% 50 do 2> ! 2000 Illinois hoods sio i'f.% 50 do 23> I IC00 Oh OS's, 1856 85V 50 Ho S3 23! ! 2000 Kentucky 6's 9'% 50 do 23! 4000 do 5's 80% 50 Stouiastton RR 29' 1000 Brooklyn 6's 98% 50 do blO 20! [ 13 thus Bk Coin, full 99% iO do 29! 1 tO Mechanics'Bh 96'j 50 Paterson 47 ' 5 Stale Bmk 89% 25 Hi 46! 1 25 Farmers' Trust 22 109 Ho s60 46 60 do 21% 71 New Jersey RR 78 85 N O Canal 15 Second Board. 300shas Lome Islrnd 650 49% 25 uhas Mohawk 34' ' 175 Harlem 24% 17 do S4j 59 Mohawk 34% New York l*tabllc Stock Exchange. SKK0 N Y 5%'s, 1861 101 $1000 Kentucky 6's 95 t lNNOUtn,IW bit IBM 3nr,n do sin 96 loon d., s>n w.% nun Ho >eo so ilion do sio Oil!,' 50 shas Mich'sBke Ass n 82! 2001 do 8t.% 50 OaDtou Co 23' lOOO Illinois 6's, 1870 h!5 29% 25 Hn 2.1? 10C0 do b'O 09% 50 Harlem RR bl5 23! 1(100 do slO 29 35 do 23! 2001 do 29 75 do 23$ 100) Ho 28% 25 do blO 21 2000 do bl5 29% 50 H? bnw 24 2000 do h30 30 225 Loir* Island RR 49? 000 do b 0 29% 25 do sl5 49? I 5(100 III. Cnl bds. '60 b.30 31 ICO Ho <9! 3flno do Del'field do '60 21% 50 do bGO 50 3000 Indiana $, 25 yrs 29 second uonni, $5090 Illinois C'a, 18*0 630 29^ 25 ?hrs Harlem RR nw 24] ?000 do bl5 30 50 do btO 251 | 250 shas L Island BR 50 25 Stoniucton bl5 30] | State of Trade. The prospect of business continues good, without glv ingany indication of a sudden speculation or inflation i: ] any particular branch of trade. I Atktt?The market has been active atthedeclini Sales pots at 4 60. Cotton has been heavy, at the decline effected on th I receipt of the last news. The sales of the week ha* been us follows :.-2000 bales Upland and Florida, 5} a7J ' 700 do Mobile, 6 a 8; 250 do New Orleans, 6 a 8. Ifoof?Yates county fleece wool, } n J blood, 28 per lb I cash- At Boston sales are made of At ecu and pulled, ii I moderate quantities, without any improvement in price: I The stock of South American has been increased by sc veral recent arrivals, and some of the wool of ncent ire portations has been sold to the extent ol 200 bales of M? , ditcrranean. Hay?Sales at 40 a 44. I Provitiont?The business is moderate. Mess pork 9 5 a 9 37); pi ime 7 37} a 7 60. Sales old mess at 8 67} a 9 (X A lot of old Dutchess county mess, 10 50, cash. Beef 60a6 00, prime; 7 76 a 8 00 mess. Lard, 6} a 6 a 6} Ham ' sold at 5}, and beef hams at (11 25; smoked hams at 8. Flour and Meal?There is a good eastern demacd fo flour, and receipts are fair. Genesee, 4 69 a 4 75; Ohi , and Michigan, 4 50 a 4 69; New Orleans, 4 37} a 4 43] ] Brandy wine, 4 50: O'-orgetown, 4 60; corn meal, Brandy wine, at 2 87}, and 300 tbls. Jersey prime at 2 81}; ry flour, 2 87}. t Drain?Sales of wheat at 93. Corn, North River, 64 55; sales at 63 a 54, measure; New Orleans 65, weight; ry 62} a 65,for milling, oats, northern, 26 a 29}. Asaleof Tros took place, with the following result: [ Terms?Notes at fix months, payable in the city ol Net York, to be made satisfactory to the sellers. I Hyton.?34 chests 79}; 10 do 78; 30 half do 65; 43 chest 61}; 96 do 69; 5 do 55}; 46 do 55. 97 do 64; 28 do 51; 10 b do 50); 39 do do 50; 41 do do 48; 22 do do 47; 25 13 lb bx 60}; 25 do do 49}; 26 do do 48}; 726 do do 47, 400 6 1 I do 49. . Hyson Skin.?15 chests 61; 15 do 59}, 39 do 40}; 79 di 40; i? do 39; It do 35 ; 66 do 32, 74 do 26}. , I'aung 7/t/son ?6 hfchests 92; 14dodo77}; 21 do do 6* in do do 64; 38 do do 62; 10 do do 61, 22 dodo 60; 13 do d | .49 J; 16 do 00 69, 12 do do 69}; '284 dodo 67; 13 do do 66' . 4H do do 66; '20 do 49; 28 do do 43}; 28 do do 43; 16 do d f 41; 76 do do 38J; 26 chest* C8; 62 do ami 318 half do 37} I !."> chests 86}; 46 do 36, 5(1 hf do 34$; 40 do, anil 140 chest 36, 105do34; 42 13 lb lixs 81; 26 do 87}; 126 do36; 60 do 3.4 36(1 do 31; 600 6 lb do 37; (170 chests, 697 hf do and 195 131 . boxes withdrawn.) . Twankay?100 hf chests 36; lOOdo 35. Gunpowder?6 half chests 77}; 8 do 77; 18 do 76J; 76 d , 76}; 16 do 64; 159 do 63}; 7 chests 62}: 10 hf do 61}; 33 d 61; 140 13lh boxes 37}; 860 do 37; 860 61b do 46}; 2.40 do K . 20 -ases, ea 12, 21b cans, 47}; 6 do46}; 95do 46. Imperial-10 half Chests *7; 27 do 76; 22 do 74; 54 do 7! 20 do 60}; 39 do 67}; 99 do 56. 6 chests 56; 200 1 31b boxe J 37; 600 do36}; 400i'bdo41; 120 cases 12 2ll> canister* 4! i'oircAnnc?16 half Chests 39; 10 dodo 36; 10 do 33; 6 I Chests 32}; 102 half do31; 224 do 36}; lOOdo 30; 60do 21 147 do 28}; 60 20lb boxes 43; 20 do 41; 20 do 40; 40 do 3? , 20 do 38}. , Oolone Souchons?40 half chests 60; K0 20lb boxes 4" 100 do 40. Sotie6?iig?190 chests and 28 half do 36; 113 do and 3 . chests 36; 140 do 34; (26 chests withdrawn.) i JProvlalon Market. ? W> have no particular change in this market to quot t this weak. Tne mnrket is poorly supplied with goo href and mutton. Vegetables are plenty and gettin i cheap. Good butter is mneh wanted. The price is at pri s sent loo high for the seas n?16 a 16 cents are quoted thi week. Shail is about through with; salmon is gettin cheaper and plentier. The price will shortly get down t a point to enable all to get a taste of this excellent fisl Wc make a lew alterations in our quotations tor this weel . I'hu ? op I'nnpidoro. Apple!, bbl "SI Ml a 2 75 Lobiter*, (I a ? C Aaparaitnr, nuncli***12 a lj Mutton as BeeLper lb 6 a 9 Onion*, per hu?h 10 a 50 Beef, per cwt***t4-V) a f? I'atinipi, pertlnz. ,--37H*"" I Beef, corned a S PotterHome Htcak* 1 a 10 . Blarkfiah," ? a 10 Pork, per lb 3 a ? II Beet*, 1 n ? Pi**, r er* ? a }1 f> Butter, fre*h, per IH 15 a IB Potato?*, built 37H t , Butter, firkin, per lb 9 a 10 Pmatnit*, Sw t,Uf | k.? a :!1 [> Crabi, dot I2H? ~ HatBuh**, hooch** ? a I n Chicken* "75 al 0(1 Kbnliatb, per bnucli, 5 a * Claim, 100 25 a 3?>4 Sirloin, lb 10 a 12 * Urietl Apple*, bbl* ? ?t')i S Im ri, ? a :tl p>li * 10 Hi'it.iacb 12 a 15 Kelt*, 15 for ? a I2H Strtpe.l Ba*?, lb*** *10 a ? f Krenh Cod a 4 Hamate* ? a S ? a 5 rnrtitpa, per bn?hei.*25 a ? low 'a a t Tripe, lb ? a 4 1 Lettuce,hrnl - * 3 Tnrt.i?? 1,fCa?L r Lamb, per lb 4 7 a VrJ t at, ' l?li|lnil* ljililn tattle Market. t Mar 19. ?Beevei?638 bceve* in market, viz : 110 Irot a Ib liana, 318 Ohio, and 310 reiiniylvanla, % Ohio cuttl i went to New York. Salts were generally made at fij to i 6J cts, ex'ra ',all sold. Cows?330 cows and calves?sales at $18 a 30; extra, $38 a 31. Calves, on foot, sold at $1 IS$a3 40; Jive weight, l|a9$ cents. Springers, $1W10. Dry cows, $6j9. Hogs?376 tat hogs?sales were made at 4?l j cents; 27 left over. 313 Ohio stocg hogs sold on foot (or the New York market?price of live weight general Ir, 3j|rents. Sheep? b70 in market?sales at $3 50 a 6 50; all sold, and in demand. Foreign markets. i Havana, May 6.?Sales of rice have been made at9rs future cargoes. Hug.irs ore active at advancing prices, at 4.} a 6 rt for browns, and 8 a lOj rs for white. Cottee fr m ') to t)c. Molaioes J rl per keg and scarce. Exchange on England 7| a 94 per cl pi em; ou the north I J per ct pri m. Freights have declined ?3 15, to Cowes and a market. Deans, white, 8 n 8 rlv, beef, N'o 1, 3, prime and mess, $tti7J; butter, Am yellow, 10jS5; candles, mould, 13ja 13J; sperm. 39.>30; chelae, Am, 0al3: codfish, qls, 3ja4; p llour, Philadelphia and Paltimore, 13J; do NewOrleans, f 11; hams, Am $4al3; heriings, smoked, 5a0; mackerel, I No. 3, 6; lard, N O, lla!3; pork, mess, 12J; do prime, 10 a 10$; do clear 14; do in boxes qt N O I'hilad, 8all;po'?* toes. 3; rice4Ja4j; soap, yellow, 7?8; do Marseilles 9a9}; s lumber, roitlund \V P, lOttOft 15a 16; do other eastern ports f IttOO ft 19al9. doP P tOOOft, 18?30. g 1'iarrien, On Wednesday evening, I7ih inst. at thfl Wesleyan Chapel, in Mulberry street, by the Rev. Mr. Janes, Air. s Johh W. Brown, to Mish Caroline Bennett, all of this v city. e Died, After a short illness, Mart Ann, daughter of Martin t. L* and Mary Waters, aged five days. s Funeral to take place this alternoon, at 4 o'clock, from the residence of her lather, IS City Hall place. N. B.? .. The Unionist's Association are respectfully requested to attend, without further invitation, d On Friday, 19th inst altera long and tedious sickness, a of consumption, Thomas Coyle, in the 49th year of his age. Funeral this afternoon, at 3 o'clock precisely, from his i late rosidence, 194 Anthony street. ' Passengers Arrived. Liyerf"or,?Packet ship Patrick H?nry?Mr and Mrs Kid- ] dell. Isvuly and servanti, of Upper Canada; R Huater. Mr and , Mrs Schaeffer, T Dana, Antwerp; R Rawkiu, Miss Astibarn, |> btockbridge?311 ia the steerage. j Foreign Importations. (. I iverfool?Ship Patrick Henry?19K0 bis tin plates 128 an? vil? 12 cks 4 sheets zinc Phelps, Dodire Si en?13 J bis tin pistes ' B Morewood St cc?50 cks do Pa> iher 8t Jackson -12 III bis 1 Pers'e & Brooks?l pki; Bamham tk Baldwiu?1 11 llodset?I ' R 8 Biitlciliel t?4 Sauds Koi St co?1 C Eyre?5 Dorr St Allen I- ?4 F Hirt?3C W Pendleton?4 D Collamorr?I W McClns| ter?3 B J Kvre?2 H Auehincloss?2 J Nicholson?13 J Gthon r ?9 -1 McOall?3 J Wallace?2 J I) Wilhan??I J t'hodei?4 * I.otU & Carter? 2 Tooker, Mead & co?2 Wriijht, Bturses Ik Shaw?2 E G Simpson?17 Place & co?I W n?H & son?4 Harrner Si Hayes?2C 11 Kelloaa?I F Thompsan?1 Ha's'cad d Ik Haines?t liens* II Si Haines-1 Baldwin St co?25 J M rtrnwd et?11 Richardson & Watson?3 Griffin Sc Pullman?I E K Coln lies?3 Ashley & Sanderson?113 his Cm plates Stokes tk Au'.ho. ny?I hi 250 sks salt G'in- ell, Miotiirn Si o. Livvrfool?Ship Washioatou?30C0 baas salt C W F Os. born. Richmond?1 cask mdse (', P Tahh. Norfolk. Domestic Importations. Nf.w Orlkam?B ig Vesper?170 l<h<i* 89 tc? 16? bbls molas(F ses J 8 Taylor. and E A Russell of MiiMletown. Ct ' maTi'tifeteTa i,o. 8 o Slilp iHMt ern a Ail A^enf i* . We shall esteem it a favor, if CAptiios of Vessels will give to Commodore Kohert Hilvet. of our News Fleet, a He* ,s port of the SUippirg left at the Port whence they sailed, the Vessels Spoken on their Passage, a List of their Cargo, and - tue roreigu Newumpers or News they may have, lie will board tmm immediately on their arrival. Agents and Correspondents, at home or abroid, will alio confer a favor by lending to this Office all the Marine Intelligence tlic7 can ? obtain. Nautical Information of any kind will be think fully a received. h FORT OF NEW YORK, MAY 80 4 ______ * surs Rises 4 111 MOOR RISES 12 12 ? SUBSETS 7 12 I HISH WATER 127 l? Cleared. h Br:gi Otto, Barber, ll.unbarg, EAT Poore; Eugene, Drinkwa'er, Bordeaux, Nesmith, Leeds & Co: Russia, Lane, Kingston, Ja. by the-ame; Jnstina, Shenheard, Port au Prince, John 0 Ogden?Schrs Admiral Colpoys, (Br) Guiana, Middleton & _ Co; Stnp'e, Bartlett. Baltimore, A B Cooley & Co; Fountain, York, Philadelphia, \Ym J McKee. u Arrived. Packet ship P- trick Henry, Dtl inn, from Lirerpoo'., April 27, with mdse, to Grinnell, Mioturn & Co. Phin Washington, Benson, 30 dan Irom Liverpool, bound to City Point, touched at Quarantine to loud 201 steerage passengers, to J. Herdman. Brig Vesner, Hopkins, 2ft days from New Orleans, with molasses, to Nesmith. Leeds A Co. *z Bchr Judge Hitchcock, HMhaway from Ntwbern, NC. with n. o .... i. nil.; i. \? Schi Lady Clinton, Cramer, from Philadelphia, with coal, to Ijj master. l, Schr Helen Maiia, If ldridge, from Thomaston, with lime, to \ master. K, Schr Hydaspe, Spauldine, from Thomaaton, with lime, to ? master. '4 Below. i One brig, ntknewn. y Herald Marine Correspondence. 4 Office of the Rhode Islander,) NkwroRT. May 18. 1843. \ Arr 17.h, Anuawan, 8 water, Richmond lor Fall River; Isaac H Bo'den, Brown, Fall Riveraad eld for NYork; Rienzi, Durfee, Providence for do. Caned tip, a deep laden herm briit, -opposed the Otho, from New Orleans for Providence; Yantic, ?j Stewarr, New York for Fall River; Geo Washington, Miller, Charleston for do. Sid Mal.igr, I Inrleston; Texas, and Onr co, Philadelphia; Hydaspe, Hem, and Franklin, N York. 18 h?A Imnbei loaded tot sail schr arrived this morning. Sid Dlnl We'istcr, Rappehat ix ck. Usvera". llacnrd. I' Packet ship CoLL'Mnut, Cole, sa 's for Liverpool this morn. ' ? ing. H r letter bigs ch-s'.: ..t Gilpin'.-, in the Exchange, at 11X > o'clock. Packet ship Gladiator, f r London, docs not sail till Men's day, the 2?d init. Wreck at Sea.?Capt. Eager, of the Prudent, from Mar i- *filles, repcr.'a that when in 1st 3G, dale not recollected, but f about a month since, lie saw n wrtck, apparently of a vessel " fr.m 'wo hundred and filtv toihree hundred tons; could not tell wl ether she was a coppered bottom vessel or uot, as only a small part of her was out of water; he judged at the time she was the remains of some eld wreck belore fallen in with. Disasters.?("apt. Meat s. of the Win. Crawford, from Lau guns, reports that the selir Cast ier Blanchard, of Gloucester, ? had brru ashore on Sits) bar?lost boat and anchors, and was 5 taken cossessian of by a Mexican officer, had been go' off and * would proceed to Vera Crnr. to be examined Schr Vigilant, Barber oi Philadelphia, from New Orleans, bound to Honduras, had sprung aienk, and in endeavoring lo nut into some port on t'.e coa-t, was taken possession of by a Mexican officer, Bird n bad beeD sent to Vera Crux lo be examined. Brio America, Stevenson, from Philadelphia, which put Into St. Thomas previous to 21st alt. leaky, had repaired and remained there on the 4th iusL to sail for Montevideo in a few days. e Whalemen. ' Edward, steering 8E, wet spoken 15th inst. lat 36, Ion 7S? by [; the Vetrer, at this port. Annawan, Dexter, Mattaroisett, IS days out, spoken 12th inst. 1.6 bbls sp. JJ Spoken. j. Ann & Mary,of and ?fl days from Stockton, Eng. for NYork, lit nut. lat 41, Ion 28?by the Washington, at this port. Ianlhe, Liverpool for Baltimore, 9:h inst. lat <3, Ion <9?by the MM Riga. Wil'iams, Matanzas foi Cowes or Cronstadt. April 21, Ut 35, Ion 61. Carolire, Gilkey, Philadelphia for NOileani, April 27, lat 33 5 50. Ion 74 30. , Georgia, Liverpool for New Oileati, 2d imt. lat 27 30 N, Ion ' 70 10. ? C aletlonia, Vamey, Havre for New Orleans, 3d mat off 8 Tortngas. Cratou, Mobile for Liverpool, paiaed 4lh nut. Balize NNW r 0 milea. ? Chester, Vandyke, 9 d<y? from NOrleana for l'niladelphia, ,, 9tl> 1 rat. off Alligator Reef l> Franklin, N'Ynrk for Mobile, April 28. lat 25, Ion 81 26?by th? O leans, a' Providence e Hanover, NOrleaus for Philadelphia, 7th init. lat 25 48, Ion 79 4J?hy the sirne n > usqnehanna, Mierckt n, Mobile for Liverpool, 10th inst. lat ? 33 22, Ion 76?by 'he srmn. Ceylon, l'h ladrlphia for St John, NB. 16'h mat. 1 it 42 59, Ion 69 30?by the Shaw, at Boato n. ' Anita, Beaton lor La Gua>ra, 14th inst. Cape Ccd S about 10 v miles. Wm riirrnmt n. Horlhirtl, 15 1 on a fin Bath 'or Guadeloupe, h 12 h inst. Seyiiin 35 n>ilva?by the Port Leon, at Baih. if foreign Porta. " Canrrraa, Apr 28?Ldg Lion, I atton. and Frances Louisa, b for Boston. Hosahio, Apr 28?L'lgCvbele, Edmanda, Boston. B Caimito, Apr 28?Ldg Charles. Svlvesrer, Newbnryoort. SsnTa Cm:z, Apr 28?Ldic Gazelle, WateiliO"ar, N York. Cakdi.tas, Apr 28? Ldg Old Colony, 4 have, NVork; Grand Turk, Loud, N?wp..ri; Poland, Smith, Poitland; Rochambe u, o Boston. ; Salinus la (liuMir, Apr 28?Ldg Ailnliue, Linscotr, New o Voik; K iscioako. Kobe. s, Ph ladi Iphia. Moivtri:al, May 14?Arr F'vorite, Orcetihorn, Greenock. Home Porta. S Bath, May 11?Arr Samuel. Sylre-ter. NYork; 14th. Port I) I eon, Little, Wilmington, NC; i5th. Can t, K< binaop, Baltimore. Old 16th, Noith Star, Smith, Giadah u;>e. Portland, May'6?Arr Helen Gny, Wass.tNYort. Sid Spaitan, Philadelphia. Portsmouth, Mi; 16?Arr Coral, WrMsby, Thnmeaton for 0 Alevanoria 1; Marru May li?Arr Bold Hanoi r Yinny, Port an Prince. Mkwhurtport, May 18?Arr lyai.hoe, Post, Phil idrlphit. j Boston, May 18?Arr Shaw, Lorrtt, Smyrna; Srhna, Pray, . an-i llirhd T.r, In.-, Koliiiiso i. Ntfrlea t; Pandora. T lli"yha.ti, Savtnnan; Chicktaaw, K"inlrirk, Baltmi re; R P Waiinir, " Loid, Newbrrn, NCt Alpine, French, K ppahantioek; Bnl1; liant, MclnUre; Choirs. Dodyr, and Sitiplns, Micliols, Pnils); delphia; Commerce, Royers, Araltchrenla; Marion, Modi y, S.-.vsnnah: Nile, Cash, Wilmityton, Del; Clarion, Colby, Al ,. bmy. Brlow, Susan, NO leenv. Cld D.nrhestrr, < ahlwell, ' Calcutta; Melvi a, Sfar-lcs, La Qutyru and Porta Cabe'.le; Amazon, Parkinson, Ven t rut; Draco, Se?r?, Ch rtlesmn; In5 pondence, Bike t, Philadelphie; (lapses, Allen; Utlrt.Braise, and A M Ma'r, Chase, N Vork. N'r.w Bkdpord, May 17?Arr An|, Birm-s, Havana f?r Portland; Timor, Snow, I'hi.adelphu; Snran, Ker.uson. Cha's(oti; Kllcn Hodman, Shr pheid, and Nantucket, Oiff.>r I, New e York. ,1 PaovmiNCK, May 17?Arr Orleans, Manton, Mobile; Brang tlvwine, Corson, and Brnokharen, P'ndeiaon. Pnilarlrli hia; ath, and Times, O ks NY. rk. Slil tilide,'. rrsse, and Model, Ireland, Philadelphia; M d?s, Dennis, NYoik. is Kali. Rivkr, May 15?Arr Patriet, felldridyo, l)i laware; loll dependence, Stunt, and Meridian, Lewis, New York; Subery, .. pi. l,j.l,,i?. 1, Pmi ADF.i.rHi*, May 19?Arr Bwn, Bnn'l, NOr'eaia; Mia, a a-ippi, Cuttiug. do; Or-cian; Hniiite.a, Kins, Mobile. CM Cicoc, Lo di?. Rio de Janeiro; Borah, Anthony, Wot Indiea; I ncy HI 'kr, lloairer, St John, MB; Lion, Baker, Ha if *; David Co*, Waldon, NYork; Kttlcrum, Noma, Sandwich; Klaah, L?kr, Kali River. Hu mm ed, Miy 17?Arr Narraganaett, Paker, Boaton; 18 h, O ndiator, NYork. BtLTtaioRir, May 18?Old Once Brown, Meycru,Rotterdam; N t ier > * d ord, Amatenlam. I HtHUiToa, May III?Air Ocear.nn, Bourne, Liverpool; (*? li nine i (*? ) H midinen. Cede Tin OibralUr; Ajax, 9rn?e. w \Oileair?. < Id I riron, (Br| Wilaon, Liverpool; Aurora,( Br) * ailoan, do; Lelaud, Keiidriek, toaton; Aldricli, B. ktr, Plnlad?l| bin. <*v?> aiH, May I.V-Arr Co re*,lnib)?, N Yoik. Bid Ellen, (Br)W|.r?: (iriee, (H'l -torgie, ami Snpliii, ( Br) D> ; er, 1,i?i rmol. Zanobia, H? nii'.a.o >. S I'rttrabn.g; Kxac', Ji h .?on. L'e-yvii, Lao urelle, f ta Ye k; Orator, Don, I' Moan.a, M y 12?Arr Ohio, Hi c i, Ban Falip?,H n. (lid Win Si ('li'?, Slieranl, Lienrvol; Kalco, (7a ter, Pmvidence; Olivia Brirkell, Tilby, NYi>ik;H udi, look*i llartf. rd Niw Outran*, May 1'?Air Ormue. Sagnry; Eat mil ilit. By at<.w; Yorkshire, (Br) Black, an I Mtdetnaeh.(.haae, Livey pool; btirluiifinn, Thin*, Antwerp; Mauran, Willi ima, Di> ppe; m e'oreat, Kobinaon, Thnmanton; V trah Ann Jane, Como, Bi-al: In I Kmpreaaiio. Uollim, Havana; Doric, t arlia, (Jharleaton. ( Id Oroiinibo, Mercy; Lord Baaton, Kituimmooi; Pouliac, Par ker, and Octvviua. Co'bnrn, Liverpool; Mendian. William-, ml Siiphrnni*, Nfwnimh, ll-rnbu g; Max-ppft, Colaon, ami Famine, Kitchen, NYnk; Washn gtn". Jiinnanu. L?R?ua; 3 Watch in an, Murrav, Matamoraa; I .ifivnie, Winch* iter. Norfolk and Hirhinoud; Ana. Prrau. Maracaiba; A guv Cuicoii, iffla. j WANTS a a'nuviou -1 w-.t none h? a he-tiiiy young American woman Can ba well ircommrnded. , Alao. wan'a a place for a child to he nonet out. Anvcom- ' in inda left at 21 New atreet, will .be punctually alt* ndeil to '! m 19 3t*ee * WANT! U-IJy a young l-dv a aiinati-n aatcacherina r eminxrv, i r i.-overne<i to a ft w pupila A note addicted j M W. nt iln? i (Tn--, atatiny wliers an iu'erview rniy he had, wi'l be u fnnl-d t* mOtin WAN IKD-I . \ i 11 MY, Ma Si (Standat,?m v . iniorin ocuu'ry ni' ;nt?, city ictailiera. pedlerv, end all ' 1 itrra'ua rr<|oiii.>K ' ? ..ifutirl a ifthr'ad and neadlc ariiclea, " pcola cotlon,ioin' dp m.inra, In ttng roiiou, ahoc and coraet l<eea, Iicm?-v i'i. v?a, com: i, iac> a, li U and cotton fancr [' a?Ua, fcc, with a crrat va >t? iiilltiu-, lltat fca i* telling by who left .lee rti-i',eh t; < r 11 iai are , iher atore ill lhn city, and uo advantftK" 'aken i t perac :a commciCiUif a retail butineaa.or 0 not acquainted with the value nfamclra. , N b?All articles warranted ? rear rerouted or the ironey returned. JAMKM BOYDAM, nillt*r Ml Grand at, cor Korayth. 1 Ml'^lt; WANTK.D?a ISuclir, Crumncrand Titer, Tor the Uui td Sure* ahip 8 la'oga, apply iinroedlately at the Water at. m2U6:*r " BO Ab HI NtJ?Wanted, a furniidud loom with board, by a ] gentleman and wife wnh two children?on* au in'nnt and ( the other thr?e yean old. I ocarina mnat be within five < mo ut>'a walk of the !I> ra'd Clfice. Apiivit- fami'v would be i preterred. A note aJdreamd o l>. 0 , at tliia office, atatiug Itnu, location hie, will be attended ta. mi9 Hgc . BOAUD IN A I " IV A T K hXviiLT?Aaingle acntleiiian j can he -ccomuiniUted with bond nud a v enteell v fur dahrd phi tent room, on h- accond lloor. Apply it II LUpemrd at.

K?f*r?te?*'VdiiDged N. B ?A hifrh'y fini?h?d, Irillhnt toued piano fort**. fornnle at above, at .1 p !< . mtirh below its v *lu*. m!9 2ti' *fc LOS T?Ou Kiidiv, I'tb m?t-tut, n I? ? t?' uold fever watch, No 1234? luade bp T. F Coop* r, London, and mirked A h.D 1827 Also, aiuchtd thereto a watch key and gold pen- , cil c-*ie. The fud^r will be naiuM? te warded by leaving the j aamc at 2f? Wawerley IMice or78 S.mth ?t- ml^ flt*r , APOLLO CONCERT SALOON, \ BHOADWAV. Mlt. H RUSSELL, piannii through New York 011 i hi? nu'i to the South, resi ertfully announces Wis inten- i Hon of giving a vocal eniritaiiimmt *t the A|>ol|n Saloon, on i Monday evening M?v, 2"M 1843, being hit on:y opportunity | ill ihit citv, nntil immediately preceding t.i? depsnure lor Enropr in the fall?oi wh eh occasion he will) have the honor of t i prisent ngto the lublic several ofhi? old favoiite ?otiu>o.i tions, together with ?u h of his niw productions which have elici'ed 'heir Aopmbation. [C/~The Piuno Eorte n?<-d on thi* on asiou, was msui' hy :Vlr. Chicki nrg, Boston, and from the stole cf J. L. Hewiit 6t Co. PROGRAMME. PAKT I. BONO?' Our way Across the Mountain Ho!" Wotds hy Charles M iciy, E*n. When lh? lerrp;?t* tly o'er the cl uily sky, And the piping tints sing wea ily, Oh, sweet i< the mirth of the social e'rth, When Ue ihmes are biasing rheenlj. Our way across the Monnt'in, ho! SONG-" The Brave Old Oak." Wnrdi by M. K. Chotley, Esq. A song of the o*t?the brave old oak. Who hs'h rul'd in the yrcer-wood longHere's health \td tenown to his brosd green crown And bis fifty aruis so strong. CANTATA?" Wind of the Winter Night, wbeuce contest thou!" Words by Ch rlrs Mackay, Esq. Wind of the win'er nighr, whence comest thou I And w1 i.her. th! whither art iInn wand'iiug now 1 Had, sad is thv vo ce nil >h's desols'e moor, Aut inouin'nl, oh! mnnmfut, thyhnwlnt my door. Hav. when; bait than li en on thv cloud-lifted car? I 8>v, whnt hia! thou seen, on thy r anung afat'/ Whit M>r ovt I US pall thes,llwl boisterous blast, Thin to Mourn and complain as f'on juruiest past I BALLAD-'Rockaway." , Word* by Henry John Sharpp. I On au'd L?ng Island's sea girt shore M in* an hour I've ? liil'd awsy, Id liti'iiing to the breakers roar Tint with the beach at Roclrawvy. OLD BALLAD?'"The fine old English Gentlemen." I "Allot the olden time. * "THE NEWFOUNDLAND DOG." Words by F. w N. Bailey. Life-saver!? Wave-stemmer'.? Deep diver !?sway! Night's shadows are closing '1 he portals ofdav; On the brevtofthe billow We hear his low wail? W' have put np the rsdder, And ftnI'd up the sail. No signal from heaven W|i| show where he br; And whertin he be driven We men cannot see. Ho, Carlo! Newfoundland! Go follow his cry, At it graipingly answers The sea-moaner's sigh? Stc, fcc. CANTATA-" The ManUc PART II. BONG?"'A Life on the Ocean Weve " Word? by E. Barge nt, Esq A life ou the scesn wave, A home on the roliing deep ; Where the ac'tter'd waters rave, And the winds their reve't keep. NEW BONG-"Land. Ho!'Woidiby G.P M or s, Esq. Up, up with the signal?the land is in sight! Wr'll h? happy, il never again, boys, to-night! The cold cheeriest ocean in safety we've p,st And the warm venial earth gleds onr vision at last. In tbe land ol the stranger true hearts we th*ll fu d To soothe ns in absene.u of that* lelt behii d! I a'd?land, ho!?All hearts bound with joy at the sight! We'll he hi tpy, if never again, boys, t >-nighl! The foiegohig ssr.g is intended to describe ill's feelings and emotions ol those on ihipb xird on first bcholdiuglacd, after a lorg and dreary voyage across the Atlantic. Their joy at reaching a strange cull, is in pa" subdued bv the uncertainty of thrir ever men inn the f lauds, or seeing the country thay wh'le inaiiioir siguil fo. a pi nt, alter the lirst glimpse of the hor? is can,' it t' *li- ciose o Jay. W':E\A--"The fehinrn Fire." W ids by thtrlr? MidDiy, Krtj. The sTim o'er the ceet.ii flew furious a. d fist, Al d tlie wave ro:.? in form it the ru ce of the llitl; And heavily In jonr'.! ti e Kale-beaten ihip. Like a stout-hei ted swimmer, the spray at hit lip. And ilnik wis the sky o'er the nin iter's peth, Kscipt when the light'ing i II urn '<1 r in writh. A vaunt mother knelt in the cabin helow, j And press d h?r fond babe to her rosnro el snow; She pray'd to her (J il, 'nndit the hurr.rane wild, ' Oh, Father, hive mercy, look down on my child!" MONO?' The Ivy O'een " Written by C. Dickens Ktq Oh ' a dainty p'anl is the ivy cieen, i It c-eepeih o'er rnin? old?etc I SONG?"My Heart's in the Highlands " My hesrt 'a in the hifclil- uds, my heatt is eot here, 1 My heart's in the highlands * rliaait c the d -er? A chasing the wild deer and following ihe roe. Oh! my heart's in the highlands, whatever I go! NEW BONO-" Fobin Huff" If i bad Wut a thousand a year. G iffer Oreen, If I had but a thousand a year? What a man w uld 1 be, and what sights would I ice, If 1 had bat a thousand a year?etc. etc. FINALE?"Let's he Giy''?(A Laughing Chorns) /Vt'imn an nm nhlnnpff Ort*ra I Ticket* .'<0 cent! iarh. to be had at Hewitt*! It Attwill'i m"*ic item, auit at the door. To commcuce at 8 o'clock. m20 3tr MR imOUGH RESPECTFULLY announce* that, at the reqneit < f many fro nrli, lie will hare lh?h*norof anpeariug for one night at a C'nee r1, at the Apollo Siloo , on Wrdn iday Evening next,May 24,on which ocra?ion he will receive the p'ofriaionll aimtaiceoi V1H3 MA?Y TAVLOR, MRS fc LOUKK. MH MARKS, MR. K BROWN, md MR. UEORUK LODEK, who will prelude at the piano forte. ' During the evening Mr. B. will ling the following lopgi.flrit j time in New York:? THE BLOOD HOUND. "Come Herod, my h-und, from the itranger'j lair, Old Iriend we inuii w.indrr the world once more. For no one lireth to welcome ui hick, Bo come, let ui speed on our fatsd track'-?Ac. NKIV BALLAD?" He led her to the Altar." i H? led tier to 'he altar, but Ihe b ide wai not hii choien, He led her with a hand ai cold ai tho' iti pulie had frrxaa: I Flower* were cru h"d beneath hii tread, A gilded dome w?i o'er him. But hii b'ow wai damp and hii lim were cold Ai the marb'e itepi before him?Ac. Ac RO vl ANCE of " The Admiral and the Shark," Onr Admiral grew piler and paler ai we Uew. Still talked he to hi? ofR teri and tmiled upon hii erew; And he looked up at the H-aven, And he looked d iwii on the iea. And at !a?t he i*w ihe cteaiure ihark that followed in out lee; He aliO' k, twai but an imtapt, for *pe? dily the pride Ran crimion to lui heart, 'till all chancel he d, lied; It threw boldmis on hii forehiatl, give fi mneii to hii breath, And he looked like inne giim warrior juit men tip from death. , THE DREAM. Written by the Hon. Mri. Norton. I ?ie,,t?a d h?ck to my earlv day* D'd '.urcy roamWhen mv heart ?*a? tight .md tnv hope* were bright, And my awn a hupp; home? fee, fee. NEW BALLAD?1' The t tie hent of Wono." NEW hONG?"Th? Fisher's Wife." 0 I every d?ik end .stormy oiihl, her be.iron light will bum, Tho'years hive passed,she still is seen, < vpectiog his return. She knows Ml Mi b r vtsved.euched form, 1 he suu'in more will teun, An I she ferls not he' her life is now, a fond delusive dream. Oh! day by day sh- if, r son th> gently breaking sras. Ai d at evet i k she liteus to the murmoiing oeesn breeze; And she que ti ins as the,- pass h' they still in safety keep The Kfhsrrnao, wh> lonz ago, was btirieu m ihs deer?fee.fee' BONO?'" Watred, a Wife?with I, lit, It,010 dollars." NEW BONO-" The Monks of old." J Many have told, of the Monks of old, W uat a sniiiily rare the? were, Bnt say whet yott will, let us drink to th em stil'. Korrhapty Was their plan?fee. And the followiug favorite Old Bongs BCENA?From Somnamhiils; Scenes ?i Cnildhood?or. As I view now, (Those scenes so charming. BALLAD?Krom the Mountain Sylph; Farewell to the Mountain. Mrs I.nder's, Miss Taylor's and Mr. Brown's songs wi I appea in the ?dvertisemeni? as early as possible Tickets Fifty C'ei ta e ch,'to be had at the usual places,and of vir Crnueh, at ih'Astot I'ouie. m2it2t*eodr T~ HE NEW VtlltK LEOAL OBBEKVKR of thi> day, a roatainirg?Remarkabl tr.sls, Jiinieson'sl Cass; Pr. c i- s c.l Polo's; Joint Sock Como nics ma ing cihs; the United Stales District C ttrt; the United Hta'es vi. five cases of Cloth md three ditto Csssimeres; New Tiisl, verdict aiao ?t , II in-; nnpenoi nirai , r.iin-ii- ,MI 11, t,wfn ; vfgllgeir , Non?ni't Ordnance of the Grrimra'lon o( Nn? Yotg; Com taon M"f?f '? Diilrnw, K', Pleading; Wh e va. Shetmai-1 PeBttrtcr (0 Bpecitl Plef, l?. gl-th Oa*e, Stlea 1 hy Aectto'i, Mi.cellaneeuv, Hhandau and Lotrt Kenyou; Sug(I n ami Brongham; Fe*at (f ftf. O rmnn.Stp lie r.ihliaii tl every Sa.tnrilav at 43 Annatreet, Mew York?Price on. abiding a copy or 19 per annum in advance. , KAMUf-'L, O va KN, Kdi'of and Prr p it tor. J f?y~" Volttipe cue of th wora may l> had liau lanmrly bond, price $3 The ttaual alio* ax ce to Boo'taell-r* and Newaavrnu; want-d agent* forth} lale of thu work; news hk?uu w.nil he preferred. t>H> ll*r I Nil I it: r ? All hiving any Irgal rlaimag nii-t Jna.B. f D- miniek.laie of the city of N. York.f.tfcher.rh re.i?ed,irr ierpi-at to prevent the avne wrrli the voucher! thereof, to the auntcriwr,a'the h uae No 9; M rrratreet. Aiao, all those indebted to ill- ' "'r1' ofrtiddec tiled, 'o make pry ment before the ni h d?> ot N.ivi-mN-r neat, to ANN II. DOMINICK, Ki'I. ] m?0 to Nvi! ?mir;w*8r _ J BTsSCl. flfiN OK PA it f NKR8H1P. eplt V t a,t-t nlu,-'.e i. rolo" ? i-v t-ctwrau JOHN BFOI Ql'A "d l.tll'i- NKI VII 1, V., 73 Usual at, WM dia f solve - > e l'tt> i tut an', hy i;i PUtl c >ati-C. , L. NCUVILLK, frt n P .in, I. .diei Krench U iu-r Brot and ?hae minnftc.urrr, begileevc t - ar litit a c Utiiaaii ? of that -tjttingaishv J patronage with which the l ite firm ha* been f t v i red I ..... I fro it quint et Sottlier* pour dame* dan? le fen e de Pali-, 74 Canal reet. up tttira, m30 3t*m a* Between Marctr It OrecneMi. , AUCTION SA l.F.S. THOMAS BKt.i,, Ancti meet. UY BtCLL ft UOWAM1J. (filers* Nat.UJtnn n nrt 114 hUl?i% l!??.'l> HA I UROAY. At l#X o'clock, at the tales room, Kxt? nsive and ele*?nr sale of choice cabinet and honsenold ltniiu-e of all ''cieriptiona, and rvery variety of housekeeping nicies rarnets, looking alassea, vases, clocka, lamps, lut'rea, iriuilolra. Vr . i . wi * dditiona! splendid lot of second hand 'urmtnre; a lot of lanle allery, chics, pla'ed and glass ware, rich waitera, c n?? ! I*B" id birdi, curiosities, ftc. MONDAY, At lfl>4 o'e'orh, at the sales room. Large Pale of Piano fnrin, iMiulc HfooU, Punting, ftc ? ompr'sinr f) superb rosewood aril tnahrgsny new and ,*'on, and | i<n > for'ea, by the belt mikers in the wor'd. fstodda'd, Vor ester to. Du'ham, Nunns. s hicheeirg, Meacbam, Barnore's menuum, K-arnuy, Uripgi, As., forming the brst cataDgue olf-rrd Irr years. Aim, 10 niuiic stools, mauufacitirer't materials and various ilber aitie'ea iu the line. Also, 37 splendid original pair tings, a ipiantity of eleg nt urniture. W O. C.sHTKK Aucdoneer. BY CAHTKK ft CO ?SouhIiv. 2flth M ty, at half pait 10 o'clock, er the store No. 316 Breadway, (} ithic Hall? aPLKNPIO WINKB.toe iy Camion te ? A most superb as inr meat of very choice Winet, Brandies. Oin ?nd Hum, in rood, bottles nd demijohns, vi7 : < Id Pontliside Monteire ai d HI >ckl)urn,. 1831 aud 3d ;iiipeiinr Pde Sherry: Amontillado >nd Brown Sheny ; old L?i,doiiaml Dnnbtr Port ; ture Swan Jin; old Cognac ami Omul Emily ; St. Croix and old Jamaica Rnm. Alao. 56 baskets of Ai c 'o?, Lausern* aid eomanee Cliainravne in pirilsand t| ?; I* M imp rled Principe Sfsvrj.U cm iters Youi'g Hyson and 8t iichonu Teas These wines are nil grime of iha choicest suiugei, iom? of them are under lire Custom House loc't. The sale will be positive and the Catalogues are uow ready mil) i?3 *r Lxpue sack ni-' 7vro( kkhy and fuhnituhb. ?THOWBKIDOK (k CO. will se'j thin inmuug at 1(1 s'ch ck in 'he s'oie. ' 01 Broadway, corner of lonane alreet? A trge assortment of white, green sprig. and roloied tea and Hinlersett , bi'Ora and urns, toilet aetta complete, plater, coffee ind .tea eu,> , whit* edged and colored nappies, caritera, jowls, plain, Sic Ur. . in Iota ta suit buyers A'io, an excellent aaaor'ment of beat city made furniture, insli ding d" aai> g and pi in ture?na, top and plain enclosed tea hatanda, marble tonceiitre labha dining do. ottomans, diratis, spring and tnl ed aofia, sofi b d?t*ada w.atdrobe, French bedsteads piano'erte. foot atoola, looking glasses, fcc &c. Also super ingrnn Carpeting, Wilton and Chinese rngs, Can ton maitiog, tl or ml clo h, See &*. Also one rplendid r gram carpet made xp, conteini: g '16 \ ds. Kale peremptory. (r rods rn ly ho examined until the bonr of sale. m20 lt*m WA*HINOTt>N d\tfDKiNH7"Hi?BOKKN JOHN IMKLaNO, the well known proprietor of the First Ward House, No. 28 New slre-t, (corner of Kxcbunge Place,)gral'ful for the patronage hitherto received from his i'uds, ai d ileal roil* to merit a c ntinuation ,1 it, rrsiteeifully tilo m ihem and the public ge ier lly, that lie has lately par has-d the large and oummorlious Home aud (iardens, knowu ri the Washington House, rituate iu Hudroo street, H leikeu. within a few rnt utes walk from the Ferry, f.irmrrly occupied rv the late J imes Sweeny, where he will be happy fo receive :alls from the friends of the late nropr etor, also the public jenerally. The (J rdeus being uewly aril tastefully lard not, will he "implied dniina toe season with an tf lie nt assortnent of the rsrest and eholeest of flowgrg. '1 lie li r, being {ratly vnlar. fd and newlv fitted up, will contain a good sslor'meut of Wines anil Liquor* of the most approved ipialitv, si d cigars of the most sop ri r brands?also (>n* trv Cobblers, Ju'ep* and Punoh?s made to the hi s s'a le ; Uefrcshineuts, including Ice Creams, and other ile'ic icitsof the s?aion He h ? alio lilted up sepaiale and ngr cable siting parlors fur ladies, which front upon the B iy, and f. rnish a v?w of the most delghtn1 soenery. The mbtCftbtt Jararmiqsd that nothing slull be wanting to secure the c nnf rt < f his pair lis, net alio rrncieii me n vriiug r>aiooi*. ?r niwo cn ire new Alleys, bmlt on (lie roost appr veil (ilan, for rt-rciaeand ntMoiwioaofruitrn- Of ikr tiuutiokoi 'lie waiUn.ii i> unnecessary lo stv more than that tlmy will irt all cases lie lound attentive to the wn's or the visitors. The sublet ilier, from liia 'wig experience in the business, respectfully so'ici a r'.ae "f the put lie patronage,and pledg s himielf th >t nothing ihali be w lining on Ills put. or those IB hl? employ, to contribute to the c imfort and et joyinent of those who may visit the Washington Gardens. BifO lin'ic JOHN IRELAND, Proprietor. MKDtCAL BOOKS withiut chars? to the sick?Hghiy important '? ile alflirled ? The sick man's vifde to health a valuable work lor the sick, of 16 pages will be diit'iln'ed to th? sick wi hone charir-, cominsuciny this mo ning, a' JfJ B-oome street, Dy Doeto' John Thompron. The inl'tmation in this little bo ? is very valuable to ilie sick. Call in soon i r you lose j cur chance for a copy. ma 20 ltwyfc3!'ly*r M NKW KLOlVEKt)?Kussell a American Seedling Wfl|Oeraiiiums, viz.:-Hvry of the West, Daniel Webster, aJk^Kair Maid of Brooklyn, aud asup*rb celltciion of viol 's (er heattsease), verbenas, a7. diss, lite., are now in splendid bloom at his new establishment, late pait of Mr Perry's Greenhouses and Oronnds, Henry street, near the South Kerry, Brooklyn, where he has also for sale a select collection of roses, pmonier, lonicerai, f lematises, poimnlases, cactus s, Polyanthuses, calceolarias ixiaj,gladioluses.dtphues, magnolias, bignoni-s, wisterias, cyclnnous, carnations, pinks, gorteriis. cameli's, rlioilod nitrons, dab i <s. encomia's, tnher roses, a?d other desirable rlanti and mots, at reasonable prices Bouquets beautifully m->de up, at low pnera. All orders delivered in the cities of New York and Brooklyn. Good practical gardeners recommended. G'rdrus made, and kept in o il r IX.B? The ladies are paricti'arly invited to see his new heartsease (Viola, or Pansey's) in2a ins 3 *r f . HORHK. WAGON AND HAKNKS9. fciT^* IW1 r" snlv a bay horse, perft ctly gentle and kind in eaiand en trol his mile in three minutes to a wa gun. The wagon with pole, it new, patent mail axels and leetlier top, made to order; the hsrneis is also n w. They willbo sold below iheir sa'tie, the owner having no use for tlivr-i Can be seen at the Club Stable, No. I5S tast Broidway. Apply at No 18 Kerry st mid 21? r GKNTl.BMfcN AND LaDIs.S' LKKT UKK WAllDB OBt?O'ntlcmen or families desirous ol converting their left o(T wearing tpparel into cash, can obtain for lie same th-highes rash price. To families and gentlemen quitting the citv or changing re-rdence, having anv supeitlnous effects to diipoke of, will find it mnch 'o their advantage to ssnd for the anbsrriber, who will attend them at their rcsi lence by aoroinimen'. No. 1 '4 Va ick street, New York A line ill ouch the Post Office, or otherwise, will receive promi>t attention w2W lm*r RKvIIT'I AX ks to England^ Ireland- Hcoliaud or Wales i Bi l? of Kvcmce, parable at sight on all parts of KoglauJ,. Irel. nd, Scotland or Wales. iu an ma of ?i, ?10, ?10, ?20 to auy aineuut, without disc amir, for sale at ?. J. 8YLVE8TKH'3, miiO 22 Wall street an'1 If RrnadwaTOX'". < KNT HKWAHll? Uaoway Irom ili<- sub c i'>cr on ihe'llth instant, Cornelius Myers, apprentice to the ait of boot and shoe making All persons are hereby f irbid htrboriuz or employ i*g the said boy, or di y will he dea't with according to law. NICHOLAS JONES, Jr . m!9 1t*rc 339 *leecker tt'eet. 1 Of) MEW AhU?Any person giving such iii'mmston a1 ijpxyw will lead to the apotehension or ileiection in any city I witbiu the United States, of tr.e person oi John Cordell Moi re M .crow,shall recriie the som of Fifty Dollars, and upon conviction of said J C. M .Marrow, aha'l teteive an additional Fifty Dol'an to the before mentioned sum. The aaid JC. M. M'crow occupied store No. 288 Pearl at, as s perfumer, Ac , is au Knclishmu by birth, and standi about 5 feet 5 or 6 inches hub: has blue eyas and filr coinplection? wears a icalp wig, and has a scar of a eul or wound on the aide af his head. Was last seen in the city of New York on the Wih April last, J he cartmen engaged in removinir the roods from No. 218 Pearl arreef, and also trom ? c ed ir in Laight street, will please ca'l nimn THO V AS CH ARLTON, No. 15 Piatt at. and give any informal ion ihev mn / he posaeaaeil of. ml*) 3t* r llhOC REWARD?Lott ye terd?y, a purse containing heifl>eitrJ iwevn twenty and thirty hafl'eag-a, a three dollar bill, and some silver, The above reward will b? paid by leaving the same at KOBEKT MAIT8, in 18 3t*r 262 Broadway. 'THE MOST DELIGHTFUL Or ALU ttXCUKPlO.NS l. ?Asm arrosa the Hudson River to Ilobokeu, and then a walk 'o tha T.lssiau Pie I a along ilia ri?eeningly beautiful lud picturesque in > ei ol >ti? place, will prore trie raoii t?niy ?c<ouipliilie d anil ntirnctiveol nil ilia rural eirnrsious thai cm 3r made (mm th? city. Tat BMUjt now pnMBt a dmalM upect, the rreei being moa'lv iu leaf ami the a~>iI covered Willi I rich mrf. The walka are in eteellent order, hiring been onaiderahly embellished the |ireae?t a print in'9 >w*ec L WRIGHT St CO. will opeu au office ol discount iud de poiite at Oawego, N. Y., on the lit of May nr?t, and will make collection! and reinitraucea at reaaotiahle raiei. Re, Vr to D Kbbetn, Jr. b'aq , caahier. New York. Snvnatn, 'age It Go., New Yoik. Diew, Robinioti It Co., New Yoik. A. 0 Patchin, K.sq? caahier, Albanr, Osweeo, April 20, IIMT a20 (iw* BELMONT HOUSE, NEW BRIGHTON. T'HK anhacriher begi leare to inform bi? friends and the pub I lie, thai he has taken the aho?e well known hou.-.e, which iss hern thoronithly repaired and painted in the beat manner, trwly lurniahed thioughont, and will bv opened on the first of VI iv near. The brnse ia[delightfully limited immediately opposite the teimboat landing, and from its niar?.ii cominaedi a eiew rx ending up tke Kills and oror the bay and Inrbourof Mew fork. To those desiron* of a pleasant residence during the ummer months, posseising the adrantages of fine sa't witei tn'hing, together with hvantiful drirea and wMka.aiid coure lient egress to the city erery two honta by iteain. the Belmont House offera indncementa unsurpassed by anv other on the li and, and the luhacriher trusta that hia former efforts to tire latisfaction aa propriety of the Pirihon, with his renewed dc ^rmiuatioo to spare no pains to render his hru*e agieeahlr will ensure him the continnatioti of a p'rtiou of the ,.".rennet ie his heretofore been farmed with. GEORGE I'll ?1S Nkw Bhkihtofs. April 12, IH3 r '3"tfr BARRY'S WIGS AND SUA LPS. AO. BARKY, Artm in Hair, lr< m l,oi don.?The real Heads of Han s ill tlan l i re-emincnt shore all o'.brra riieir pe' ulmr lialit, gossamer and ventilating chiracte r?iheir lei .g shaped eiacil v ?s the na'itra1 hair grows iheir elamei tj ind their ?u|*ric>r matsri>1 and wo kitimthtr, it well as their tylc <>f finish and airatigemri t, a'l com one l<> fo'in >ach | ?' < ft head* nl hair, that (hey muit be se? n to be folly appreMM A new system of (heart of Wig Making taught in five leeoni. See a ape -im-n of Barry'a W igs and Seal s, which will atisfy the moat fastidious thai he ia the ' r t and cheapest mater in the city?146 Bioadwiy, cottier of Liberty aireet. op taira. mlllwiDa'ee LARD?6 bbia pume Leal L.aid. for ?alr by K K COLLINS It CO ? tHf V ?ooth tlreM MEDICAL AID. DR. ORKOOKY?vav be consulted cot.fiden'ially at all hoars of the day or t n uu.g, at hia priva'e retideoce. No. 11 Ltrcl.iy street, near Broadtaav. He his been very ancrrisfii n the treatment ot many' half cur, d" cases which aometimea esnlt Irom concealed or h dd-u causes, lu'. ofteuer from inia at en or tat xperieiiced p>a litiotirra. Auolher iwporrant coatderat on which l aa not b?en oserlookr i, ia ihe adapting of em'diei to the convenience of patienta. who atnenlly drsir o obtain ? cure as speedy and as privately aa possible The )octor is also consulted in caaes where the conatitntion has >?tn injured hy certain ladiscreet habita of you hfnl inda'grnr? which produce a tra n of paina and evils called ' G inatttu ionsl debility " '<** COLLECTION! on all parti ol the United Bin CM, made on ^ themoat farorable ternia, by B. J. ffrLVBSTB*. pi20 6 r M 8^*1' 'treat nil* 'la n-eadway. 2>ANiHTTUOULOONS. 80' iTfium, and Ba * of p.mlaud 5 Ni tea fir ?alr ' t 8 J. BK.LVK-TK H'8, 2) ??r [tWill mini ud 110 Imdmr. uj/KBII'INU I'Ai'^M?2ion rf#nn of gno<l Cap ami Crown '? K ? Wrat ptr* Pa," r, jn?t r.-reircd aid for nl? by PKKS8K It BHOOK8, mil Sir 61 Liberty atreet 3ALT?2 00 ar.clit Aahthon, factorv filitd, tnrniUK Ir in ahip 5 Oariick, Kor aale by K. K. COLLIN* lit CO . mil sa 8 nth nr,t XMr KUH LI I r KrUOL? I h pukft ali o ti'LU ' itWkJV?' " Cap'ain George A.. Coir, w li tail ioii ivr'y MUmK* bi di", Satnra,'. at 12 o'.bcK A few irorc cabin, riTr li.n m d tree-age pair< ugira c*n yetb takiu it ap licatiii'i .? mule ti h tnbae.-ilrera by 10 oY'O'k 110 HK bROTHK.n? HCO. ,15 Fulton street, ln'0 r i cX- a-eyln Wn'l-.i. *? n ' fdMr VoK LiV r.ut'mii.?,,, .? jj m-ant?i c dHWy flirt clan eai'i'g hip H" HB, Ciptiio WTng1 t, w II b*HMBeai>e ?t atched at ahoee. Her acommodatium f? a mi . axengere am tnncrior to any of the pcClirt thipt. a d ?e itlMrr ? ill be at tne I nrnl iter rage rtre?; anlya li'.erl i innb -r < I pM'rngert em ba t ilien, than# within* t t ur ber li will riqu.rt; to makee iHy afplicitio nibtflrl# It I , at pier 12 k'ati Hirer,or to ? JOHN HKRBMAN, ill ."oiitti eir?ef, N. B.?I'attaae from irreat Britain an 1 I alarm, etalit ell im?t be 'ecu'ed by the re.n'tr line i f patkeii, inling wee* y rem CiTrrporl.and ilrafte turuiahrd for any am mot '*' '"J t ? I the principal towna throughout It# HaltedKlifilom #j pplicalion aa abort. 1 AMUSEMENTS. t _ BMVM> ??rnsn niiiht ov FRENCH COK PA NY. V |IOM TNf. N K.W O" I.KA^'8 THF.ATRK. SATUHDAV. ViTWh. Th* Pr-p'i^fOf of -h*? r*t'h,'?hm?'nt h*' the honor to ?n "oiinr? *o 'lie Naw Vo?h public.>htt he h?a mode orranoemei to wi ll thr ab-irv r.imhui iinn of Artuti of the hi hoot eelobnty, in eTeiy department of nPKBA, DR* VIA, 4!?D V A I'D V1LLK An fill-mil. O-- lientM, c .ibr-cimr th? latent of the moot officii nt artut*. w I *II? ad'i|0Hr , ffict fo the pcrformanceo. IT"NO B l-i IIKCHVRO.~?j) Tfie rntratieH to tl" <)| crati. MoIomi will heon Brnodwor. until the opM ins of the L>aid< n, which will-aha place about the firat iif Joiie Pi- firm noo ' ' rninwii-nfe a'. Iitlf paat 7. ic-'"Tichi-ta Fifn* t 'nra P.IIH rilKA KM.. Benefit m Mil Uronahnm. THIS EVENING, will he r-'windl. ah YOU LIKE IT?I<CII1??. Mr G Vandenlioff; R"w?''m|. Mr? Br< h|V>im T.i co.r'ude with I.OVDON AS8URANCK??ir Harrou:t, vtr Plir de; L'dy Gay H|>tnkrrr. Mrs Brougham; (bare Hulciw?y, Mm En1 M. B <ir?, so ct?; I'll, ?<U; Jallery, Hit eU. Door* open at 7; p?rfo mifirra mnmrn e a? hall paal 7. CliA I'll AM THM4I taifi. Be iffit of ur Hill. THIS KVE.NING, wi!l he performr.!, NEW NOTIONS -M.j. wh- I' Mr HHi A ter wh cli AKTH ?LO'lSath SI.ire. Mi H 'I. A Iter wh.oh AWfEE FOR A DAV Na h-nTuck.r Mr Hill. To ba followed by CUT AND COMIC A l?IN?lie turn Mr""*. Mr Hill. To conclude wi:li FOREST KOSE-Jnnrthin Plorghhoy, HII. Prnea ol Aitiiiiaainn?Ore** Circle Ml fuu, rtaenud u' Third Tiert 25; I'll JM (J-illerv 11% cent*. Door* opus H before 7?curtain rite* at 7t{ o'. lock prrciaely. ' 4" " ? ' I.IVw IlL't Hlfll. 'I'M ? * ?"? THIS EVENING, will h. rerfnrmed BAH?ACK ROOM. After which SMt ATOli A SPRINGS. To he lollowed hv^MUh. NORMEB. To conclude with THE OMNIi r~ Tha Do. *i will hi r.p-r ad a| 7, aad ?# ia ormaaeea "prTim-'f-a i ap pn 7t ?v^ T eniDB, AMRKIUiN TIIKA'IMTic^ WALNUT IT. I'll I LA I) KL I* III A. UNDER THE DIRECTION OF MISS CUSHMAN. THIS EVENING. May JO. will he performed, MARKET STREET MERCHANT. To eorchide with YANKEE KA RV1EKS. jn'6 r E. A. MARSHALL. Laaaae. """~~ a oi Httfl'.A I* ?l HEi'h ' TENFOLD ATTRACTIONS?NOVELTIES NEVER EQUALLED !! RETURN OF GENERAL TOM THUMB. GENKU?L TOM THUMB, the wonderful dwarf, haajnat le'urned from hi' highly >it-rea?fril Souther Tour, and will remain A SHORT TIME ONLY preaioua to hie de earfure for Boaton. Since leaving thueity he haa been aiaited by 3t> 000 Indira and gentlt men, including the Fuat Fauuliea in 'he Southern State* ! The General ia uot only the imtileat dwarf in the world, but h< SMALLEST PERSON THAT EVER WALKED ALONE ! Hr i? in perfect health, livrly, Mlkitive, intelligent, tl yean old. 25 inches I'ivh, end Q&- WEIGHS ONLY 15 POUNDS!; -/? that being precisely his weigh' when hut lit moot hiold ! He can he teen thronehont the whole diyaod evening. Al o to be teen dav ?ed evening, the MAGNIFICENT MODEL OF PARIS! til in raired wood, the labor of IB yean, covering an area of 250 'ert, and representing the city with sich peifeet fidelity thai L persons wno have been j , tint great metropolis, can point out the very honae in which thev lived ! DR. VALENTINE! the greet comic drolleriit, will give Ilia comic cccentrieitiee, imitation* anil Parlor Entertainment* M' H G SHERMAN, the popnl ir singer. Mis* ADKL*1DE PHILLIPS, lh? beautiful danteuae. tha MELODEON, a living SEA DOG! from Newfouud'and, and |500,000 curiosities. Performanc-s in the Lecture Koom every evening at S o'clock, and Wednesday and Saturday sfteruoons at 4 o'clock. Day visiters admitted tame evening FHKE. Admission tothe whole, 25 cents. Children nnder ten, half price m 17 <t ee PKALK'S IIKW VOHK MDfiEI'B. REDUCED PRI E?ADMISSION ONE SHILLING INCREASED ATTRACTIONS. COMPETITION FAIRLY VANQUISHED. Broadway, opposite the City Hal'. Mr. H. BENNETT, Manager. Miff Darling, the Enchantress. Mr Delsrue, the Mimic Mr Bendall, the Cemic Singer. La Petite Cereto, the Dansense. Siamese Twins. Melodeon. Large Sea Dog, Enotmoos Set pea Afternoon entertainments on Saturday at 1 o'clock. Day visiters admitted the same evening free of charge. Performances in the Lecture Koom to commence at! o'clockCASTLE GARDEN IS NOW OPEN FOR THE SEASON. THE Proprietors of this well known resort beg leave to in form the public that in addition to it* former attractions, they have erected a splendid foantair. supplied by the Crolon, with different variations every week throughout the seasonaa-wgellier with a large saloon for promenade ana refreshments. Also, an evt- naive Promenad* outside the walla of the Caa| lie, commanding a view of the whole Bar, the Nanowa, fce. Price of pdnvssiou l?H cents, for which refreshments will h lurni-hed in 13 4mr COLONADE GARDEN. Ilalt AND SALOON, TO LET?A great bargain. Applv immediately to h B. Fitch, on the premises. To a good tenant the rent will be nupiuls low. m 17 31* rc MILITARY GARDEN. THE Proprietor has the pleasure to announce tint be has ef fectrd aii engagement for THREE NIGHTS ONLY with MR. HILL, Tcc celebrated and uari??lled Porsonetnr of Yankee Character, familiarly known ni YANKEE HILL, who will aire a Hnirerous Entertainment on MONDAY, TUE"DAY It WEDNESDAY EVENINGS, 22 I, 2?l and 21 h of May. a (lie Splendid Saloon. Military Garden, where he will introduce iheremliaritiea of Down East,by A LECTURE, DIALOGUES ! ANECDOTES! ! SAYINGS ! ! ! IMITATIONS ! ! YANKEE STORIES. Ac!! Which have been received wi h the utmost enthusiasm by brilliant a id fashionable audiences in ihe principal eitica of Europe nnd Ameri- a. iTT^Thr entertainments will be varied each evaaing. Tickets 25 cents each, to be hid at Gatden only. Doors open it 7. Lecture and ent? r'ainmeut to commence at I o'clock. In the conrse of the cve> iny the celebrated Amareur Brass Band of New York, wil' perform serrral favorite Oterturri, Walixes". The Gtrden will he Brilliantly llluiainatad, and Itcfrrshmerita of the choicest kind maybe had in'oifr UNPRECEDENTED ATTRACTION. CHEAT NOVELTY. At the corner ol Broadway and Thirteenth street, VfKSSRS RAYMOND, WEEKS It CO. will conliaae t's to exhibit their menagerie, being romroaed of the New York and f hiladelpliia Caiavtns, together with Herr DriesInch's grnnpe ef Lions. Tigen, Leopards. Pan'hers, fce.. andsr a large, airy and spacious Pavilien, eapnble of centainiag Mb thousand persons, on this dav, Sa orday, the 20th. Open from 9 to 12 o'clock A. M , ftoui 2 to 6, and ftom 7)f to '0 o'c'ock P. M. The Pti >iIx or the l>s,l and Dumb Institution, have aacepted the icyitationof the Manegsrs to > isit the Exhiblion this aftert-rnorn. Admittance 26 cents; children rnder 10 rearslllKcent*. '1 he performance of tieir Dn-sbach in Ine encounter witii a large Brazilian Tigrr.the hame-siug end driving ol a majestic l.ion and bis rn*erimr the den of the Linns. Tieeia. Leonards. ['tilth- ri, fce., congregated together, subduing find controlling tli?rn, stands utinvalled. mM Itr SINOINU. MADAM SUTTON, having MpfM 1 eturn to Italy the * beginning of August, purposes receiving pnpila antil that give finishing lessons in the Italian, Ki nch, and English style of SitiRiuii Her method ii that punned l-v Bordognt and, the first masters in Europe, increasing the strength and compaas with aatouishing rapidity. Her r>n| lis will have the advantage of her aingtug with them, which ran be panned by marten alone, who have been eminent nut,en. Ladies delimits of availing themaelvea of Madam Banna's limited stay, may ascertain terma, fcc., by application at 77 Chamban street, from 9 o'clock till 2 mM laa'r uMQ 0m KOH ALBANY. TROY,and IntenwedioU fL .I Places ?The splendid low pressure steamboat SuJiOL'-WAI.I.OW, Captain MeLean, will leave the loot ol Courtlandt street this Saturday afternoon May 2Mb, at 5 o'clock. The aborr la a sntutautial boat. Acted op with e'tiaU State Rooms, and for accommodation it unrivalled on the Hadeon. n 2n Itr ?& M M a ^^^IAHSRILLES LIMi^hPPACKET^^^ The uudernietitioueii ships ivili be regularly dispatched from hence and from Marseilles en lite 1st of each month daring the year? From New York. Marseilles. COURIER, ("apt Dtrggan, Jnne I. Aug 1 rRF.SCOTT, Cap*. Vlyrick, Ja y 1. Sep 1 HELLESPONT, Cnpt Atlanta, Aog 1. Octl ' .ORIOLANI'S, Cap U tile, Sep I. Nov 1 rl'RY THOMPSON, Cap Sylvester. Oct I. Dee I They are all ccppered and copper fattened .and have eseallgBt eenmmodatioua for passengers The price of cabin raasnge will be SIM, exclttaive o wines tod liquors. Ormds addressed to the a genu, BOYD k HINCKKN. will ae forwarded fYee of other -hargea loan those actually paid. For freight or passage apply to BOYD k HINCKKN. Agents. No. 9 Tontine Bn Idtogs, or S. BROOM It CO., m2fl r 107 Front street NEW YORK fflK k BOSTON soufffrH^ >t. OWEN PRKSCOTT, Pilot, or takes charge as master end pi let of rvsseli hound to New Bedford, NantucketBhonla, Boston,Portemoulh,Pnrtlaud,Kennebeek,audOTH ER PORTS -ast ol New Y ork. Office at Krye fc Shaw's. 2221 Water street, corner leekman Reference to a rnmber of Mrmhants, and -he several Insurance Omneutes in this city. Button, and I'rftlftad. mil Imiar mdD. MJlC LONUON?Kegalar racket ol the 2SU> 01 JMk Mev ?The very ?ti|>erior fast sailing pocket ship JBSbCoLADIATOR, Captain Britton, will anil M ibovenarregular day. flavins vcrv int erior sccommndatioDs for cabin, second CO Oiit, mil sierrnge passengers; persons wishing to embark should ntkr early application on board Toot of Maiden lane, or to JOSKPH MeMURKAY, 190 Pine street, corner of Sooth creel. Pen mil wishing to ?end for their friendi, ru have them brought out by the nbove ?hip, or any of the regular packet*, br spoiling a? shove. if he letter. post-mid. mitr /.?? LIVKIIP OO L?NKW LINK-.KeaulTr ffJfV ? $**? Of ?th M?v;-The Splendid Packet Ship KSISfcSHIr.RID AN, Captain 8. Depeyster, of I MO too* rill positively sail as abore, her regular uay. Kor freight or rtssage, having aecommodanons one jr.... led for splendor or rt, apply 03 hoard, at Orleans wharf, foot of Will street, <*Jo . K. K. COLLINS k CO. M South street. Pi.:e of passage, SIM. lna Packet Ship Oarr ck, Cape. Wm Sknldy, of IM ions, will succeed the Sheridan, end sail the Mth of Jnne, her e,'al'iday. Letters for the ships of this line will only bereeaired at Giltin's and Hale's News Room. , , _. Psisangers may rely on the shirs o'tbis line sailing pane leal I as advertised mTr xdQ4- h*. w I.I v s. "uTr.KrUUC rACK VA ?Packet 2} h Msv ?Th splendid, fast sailing Packet Ship SH?KIDA>. Copt- uept-rs er, will sail positively is ah ivr. her regularity. The shii>v of ih't line are all laea t n b ir'h< a ami upwards. and their arcninmndaliona l's,r cabin. ,r?nl csbi , ani ?i?crare parse 11 gemi, it is wejl known are srp-itorlo my oth'T line of isekeis Those wishing 10 secure inihsshonld not fail to makeearly spplieation on board, or 10 W. kJ. T. TAPdCOTT, m.'O r _ <1 Peck Slip corner Booth st'eet. idkh KOh I I VKM POOL?KeguUr Pv kst ie<h Junv vfJWW ? The elegant.feat sail 11 g New Yo h paekst ship dUtSbHtx UK TKH, Jvlm Br,Urn, mtste*. will sail cn .t r in 'ihr usy, id h June. "orfrr igli or paasa?e, navirg yery plrndidarcommodations pply to the Capitis on Iwt'rd ?? tside bnrliig slin, or to WOODHULL St MINTUBN9, in bee tn Soech slrael l*UtH OUUb&L f PMALE PiLl SrHKS4'. far-is ire I am) oeleMued I ilia, from Pr rtugml. aye, we oetce'Ts, to he oHsjusiMn ihie seen Mr# itvctadrssaMasetealtha UstMlevg, fvrrth yeee. .?

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