Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 21, 1843, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 21, 1843 Page 1
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TH Tol. IX.?-Mo. IN.?Whola la, 93*1. To tha Public. THE NEW YORK HERALD?daily newapaper?publithod every day of the year except New Year's day mod Fourth cf July. Prioe 3 cmnta per copy?or fT 38 per annum?poatagea paid?caah in advance. THE WEEKLY HERALD-publiahedevery Saturday morning?price 8J cents per copy, or M 19 per annum? poet ages paid?caah in advance. ADVERTISERS are informed that the circulation of the Herald ia over THIRTY THOUSAND, and increasing mat. It kao the largeet circulation of any paper in this city, or the world, and io therefore, the hoot channel for business men in the city or country. Pricoa moderate?caah in advance. PRINTING of all kinds, executed at ma moat moderate prices, and in the most elegant style. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, PaorBiBToa er the Hkbald Establishment, Northwest corner of Fulton and Nassau streets a TO LET in Williamsburg?The whole or i* t ol a a nest three story brick Dwelling House in South 7lh si nesr 4th sl, rent eery low Apply to W. It J T Tapscott, 43 Peek slip. m 7-ee a HOUSES TO LET AT YOKKV1LLE.?x large houses on the corner of (4th street and 3d uremic; either ol thesn is calculated for a public house, grocery or private residence. On the premises is a fine stable, howling alley, and a fine garden, consisting of I ots, with grape vines and fruit trees thereon. For terms, inquire of JOHN A. MORRILL, Esq., mSSwr No. II Chambers st. MTO LET?The Mansiha House at Blonmiugdale, known as the " Abbey" situated a sh rt Pittance above ihe six mile stone, just above Slryker's Bay, and nearly opposite St. Michaels Church The place is well known as one ol the most delightful situations on the Island, and is remarkably hea'thy in the summer season. Tne Kloomingdale stages pass and repass the gate every hour in the day. The gate it new, and numbered 101. The lent will be in accordance with the present state of the times. Apply on the premises, or at 133 Chambers street. N. B.?Arrangement conld be made, if desired, by a satisfactory tenant, to lets part of the furniture now in the bonse nralin, or a part of the house will be rented separately. m!6 lm'r 'hd TO LET?.The fire proof bnck store. No. 185 south Inll at, with immediate possession if required, apply to iilh WOODHULL It mInTURN, m!4r tt South street. M Tl) LET OR FOR SALE?A three story modem tow built brick dwelling bonse and stere. wi h two lots of JU&grouud attached, situated in Williamsburg, about two minutes walk from the Peck Slip Ferry Apply on the premises, corner of Fourth and South-Eighth streets, Williamsburg, or <o W. It J. T. TAP8COTT, gV4x 43 Peck slip. TiSg 5.0M Greenhouse Plants will be sold cheap lor cash hy 1 :u? - Ma 111 n eno/I tar ITT Pnrnnr nf AlithoilV pnmc UUblllR'tai l*lf , In this fine co lection will bo foond, among other rare plants, a very fine aaior'm.-nt of moothlr and annua' roaea; anch aa white and red moaa.Yellow Harrison Cottage Greville, Mul.iflora, YtllowTea, Yellow Noisette. Triumph of Lennbu'g. Tea Bongere, nadaiae lleraante, Keine Ulede Boar bon, and a great Variety of o her roaea; Oeraninma, Azaleas, C<pe Jessamines,Callas Caetnaea, Pmoaporums,Passion Vinea, Cnrbeaa, Tnchaiaa. Hrliotropea, Camellias. Hoaiha, Daphnes, Carmat ons, aud a great veriety of och<r plants, all ol which will be foond in a most healthy and thrifty condition. Also, a fine lot of .Tube Hoses, Malabar Vinea, and Garden Pinks. Persons purchasing at wholesale will be liberally dealt with. The ladies in portico ar aod amateara in general are invited to call and examine this collection, of which there will be daily received a fresh snppiy Bouquets will be made up, on notice being given a day previous H. M. LEVENG8TON, ml58t*m 98 h strec. Thiid Avenue. Sum FARM hOR SALE?The beautiful i in proven Hick0Qm<'ry Grove Farm situated in the town of Mamoroneck, .mI^. wea'cheater county, three miles east of New Rochrlle, a few ainotea walk Irem the Boston turnpike, consisting of 60 acres of choice lind, ten of which is wood land; handsome douule two story house, ten rooms. The house is suriounded with naae'ous cherry, plumb, pear and other fruit trees, together vsKan apple orchard of the choicest lend. The ou'buildings are all in first rate repair; a handsome garden in front ol the honse, laid out W181 box aud grave' walks throughout, and is stocked wiihall of the rarest shrubbery, llowers, &c ; handsome lawns is Iront snd tear ol the house. The ' iskory grove stands on a rising ground, twenty rods distance from the house, with beauti ul lofjr trees, aud is keot as pleasure ground, having a good view of ihe Lot g Island Sound Th s place is well worth the attmion of any gentleman wanti-g a cuiiury residence. For tuilher informaliou enquire ol llOB'T LEWI*, earner Jones lane and South street, or of Captain SAJIUEL GHO^ES on ihe premises. mQdt'r (JANDSOVIE APAKTMEN'I 8 in H >ustoo street. 11 to Broadway ?To let, to geu'lemtn, with break ast and tea R-ferencei required. Address, box 205 Park Post office mil tin >od*ec COUNTRY DEALERS are invited t" call at the great me dicin* and Perfumery Warehonse, 557 Broadway, where *J ? suhftlaeaU nil/1 rufail cVPrV I mat) Igr mp dicine, and the riehcit Perfumery in the country All o dera promptly executed aud neat'" rucked for auy diatanre. Call and make a aelection a2t eod2ar*r FOK THkl KACK AND 8KIN.?Eruptive disease a on the face aud akiu, auch aa phonies. blotchea, tan, tetter, ring worm ; alio freckles can be apeedilv eradicated by the use of Cliur- h'a Vegetable Lotion, which h&a been in extensive uae in the United States and in Europe, and it admitted to be the beat eoametic in uae for clearing and eitab'ishmg a brilliant complexion. Sold at wholeaale or retail at Church's Dispensary, IM Bowery, corner of Spring atreet. Price 73 cent* pel bottle. a 20 'm-oa?T A GENCY WANTKD.?A aentleman occupying a atore a? (open to the atraet) In the upper part of Wall atreet, near Broadway, la deairoua to u> der. ake the agency of come matrpfacturirg, mercantile, pat-ut.or any other reapeetable buai naaa. Apply to box No. 1(1 Upper Poat Office. ,ni lm*eodr NOTICE. rrHK TRUSTEES of the Village of Williamiburgh hereA by give notice, that they pnrpoae to adopt meaamea for the reedy liquidation of all legal elaime againa the Village.? Thoae, therefore, who have claima againata-id the chape of warrants either againa'. the village, or any atreet or weA and pump in the village, as well as those who may hold judgment or a <-laim of any deaeriprion for the payment of which the village is li ble, are heieby requested to give information to the Clerk of said village, at the Tr<e ee'a Hall, on or before the (3d day of May ins:.; luting particularly tbe nature, amount and date of the claim, together with the name of the origi' al owuer. Tbe said Truttees won'd also give no'ice. that they have made arrangements for procuring new aaaexsmeut maps of the entire village, in three distinct sections. All persona, there fore, holding real estate in that place are hereby requested to give notice, at aa early a period aa possible, to Mr. Edward Bnrcham, at the Trustees' Hall, North 2o at.eet, of ma nature and location o the real est-te held by them, so that hereafter all each pr 'party may be tax -d to the tree owner. By order of the Board of Trustees, JOHN C. MINTURN. President. Williamahnrgh, Mav 3. 1(43. m4 l33*ee WINES, BRANDIES, Ike. rpHE subscriber offers the following Wines, fce. for sale at 49 A Pine siraet, corner ef Williana. Madeira in pipes, hhds, quarter casks, demijohns and bottles, a part very old and high coat, dirvei and via India. Sherries, in pipes hhds, quarter eases and in glass, of variona giades?Amontillado in quarter casks. Port?Imported expressly for family use, in wood and in (las*. larete?Chateau Margeanx, Latoure, 8t. Rstaphe, Larose, St. Juli*d?also iu casks. Hocks?J ihanoesbert Castle,Marcobrunner Cabinet,Charxbergrr. Broneberg, Assinanshausrn, Urei hauseu. Hiutsrbausen. Rndesh-imer, Hattenheim P*isport*r, Leibfeaumilch, Oicenheimer Hochh*iu>*r,kc. k- kc. Sauterne, Barsac, Mustat, Chahlia , Burgundies?Clos He Voueeot, Chauibertiu, Romance. Very old Cognac Brandy, rintaie 171); expressly for summer use Fine Holland Oin. The ab-re arti lea are recommended to the infirm as a sorere ifu remedy for their maladies. (J1LBMIT DAVIS. ro) Im piAN^0 FORTES.?The subscribers respectfully inrite I their friends and the public in general, to call at their esta blishment, No. S6I blast Broadway, where they hare on hand a well assorted strck of mahogany an t ruse wood French grand action Piano Fortes, with all the late improvements warranred, and to be kept in tune lor one < ear. The snhscrbers also beg leare to inform the public, that this is the establishment formerly kept by Bennet and Hawkins, bat at present occupied by the rnbscribers The pr.ces will be found suiting to the times.? Purchasers are respectfully inrited o call and examiue. N.B. All kinds of pianos from C to 7 octaves will bemads to order. Also pianos tuned and repaired, or exchanged on the most reasonable terrua. Also se oud hand piano* for rale. HENRY RICHARD It JOHN RUCK, *>6 lm*r 761 East Bioadwar. <B> 1 Q nnn WORTH of China, (Haas and Kartb'n vvare ??> * *?jVJV/VJ for sale at 17# Eighth Avenue, by Thom?i VlcB.,rl. -Thl, ?>? ti nnw ami, anil will ha sold to retailers. al the following prica:?blue mop ami flit Plate, Eteach ahapea, 7?. per dot ; lofiera, ia Id ; Pari* white plain, none per dot ; tuftera. i< : diahea, baker* and toilrtle ware equa'lylow; hown from It Sd to 4a. id; lamp*, oil, Liverpool, 12a; hall lampa from B6 to M.the aimraa the duwn-.owu atorea aell for (! and git; common ware for giocera, by the bu>hel. No ciedn ayat m nere N B. No charge Pr cratea to country merchant*. China tea aeta from I2?. te |ij Pnbfie aale on Wedlreadiy, iu in B oadway. ni2-lm?rc THE KRENCH AND AMERICAN KATIMJ HOUSE, 1 No S4 and M Naaaaa atreet, between M odeu lane end John atreet, it now belngl or the anmmer month* thoroughly repaired,ih* kitchen to be altered to the Weat India plau, o( having the aame iu the rear of the honaea to prevoaitihe odor and beat from cooking, which ia in general very off-naive in moat ea ing honaea?and the diuing aaloon enlarged anu decorated in a anpener French atyle, with ma.ble ta lea. an pern oil liaintinga, roarbla atatnea of (Jeneral Waahitgton, kc ; where npwaidtol SOpenona can with convenience ait at once makea thia honae one of the moat genteel, auperb and compilable ea tahliahmenta in the Union?wher from go to 70 diahea are d^iiy aeivelnp, from fi ?rnU and npwaida; the beat JavaCof fee and ihe fineat black Tea at 3 cenlaacnp; the baat Claret Wine at 6 cent* a amall bott'e, k . The Subactiber, aenaibie rf the trutfi that retrenchment ia the order ol the day, ia confident that no place eaiata where meal* of the d'aoription furniahrd at hia houae can be inipaaaed forlowneaa ofcharge,it hnvin. been hi* cilia ant aim to endeavor to caier at the moar economical price*. It ia naaleaa to mantiO" more th> fune of ihia Houae being l> ng ainre eatabliah- d aa the firat of ita d acrp ion iu tm* ci y Thoae in donht of ihe aame can he c avi <1 by the crowdi of gentlemen of the ftrat reapectabiliiy that deny re*, r there. Wi h iluukatoa gencroua -*nd diaeriminatirg public for their paat and tl ittrring frvo a, the aubacribrr. d-air na of retaining a c?nti uai'ce of pa.rouage, freeiy aigna < ima? If mil Iw'r HENi.Y (JUSLINO. PHOPOORAPH PORTRAITS? Dr. L. M. CYRUSthe M"Mnj of thia new art, prndncra by it not only a cor reet narnera ?i me ongiuat 11 rtr .il bui alto ? (.amy 01 ?rngn a bril ianev of coloring, wl.icn l>r nmi th# clu f-d'autn ?whe'hrr ancient or moil, rn?of the moat e> lebr ted arlirta. Urattftil I r llic encouragement he haa received fiom hi? mimeroua friend# and the public general'?, I) . L M. Cyitia would f tin inform ihem Inut he baa fined up, for the accommodation of Uriiea, a auile of rooms in P-ik Place Home cornsnf Broadway, whete ho .ruais hia akill in h,a profession ml Viia aitaction in . II who may i ouorhim with their I oar,, will luaue bin a continuance of the patronage hit loom $o liberally beamwi d on him. The Doctor giaea inatmclion in every d-partment of the Dagnerreotype and I'hyt graphic art. Iu?c-nrrieu ? f<> taking por trail on a large m am-ll sole, for sale,as alao the necataary chemical pre,.aralioua for the taking of yortiaiu in Phyt,. graphs or ooioia Terms moderate. mlO I n'r ?lL"?LA,>M lltt' PATENT Llh'k. B(I*T, other ,No 1 " Wall ereeei mt* DOR nALK?A highly finished Horiaoutal Piano, ol a fine " tooc ad hrilli at effect It war m inutaeiuied by an mcellent maker 'or the in r i anenl aar of a performer, and ia now aeld in cooaeonenee ol owner'a going to Europe, a Apply to WILLIAM A- KINO, U Liapenanl at, lietwaru tha hoots ol I and J P M, ml74teod*rc E NE r BRITISH AND NOUTH AMERICAN ROYAL MAIL STEAM SHIPS, Of ISMltom aud 440 horse power each. Under contract with the Lords ef the-Admirnltr. IllBKKNIA. C. H. E. Judkiiii. Commaudef. BRITANNIA, J. Hewitt. do CALEDONIA, E. (i. LoU, do ACADIA, A. Ryrie do COLUMBIA, E. C. Msllcr, K N do Will mil (Yom Liverpool ami Button, via Halifav. ?*fo!low?: I'HOM LIV1, RrOOL rROM BOSTOP. Acadia, Hyne, Feb a Mar 1 Colombia, , Miller, M ir 4 Ap'l 1 Britannia, Vlewiti, Ap'l 4 May I Hibcruia, Judkius, Ap'l 19 May If The accommodations I'nr puseunrri are (alienor. The vessel* are accompanied by eaperienced urj.eoua, and amply supplied with Frances1 Parent Life Bonis. Passage leduerd to t'SU. N? Berths seenred until paid for. For further information, apply 'o D. BKIUHAM. HARNOEN ft CO'B. No. 1 Wall et jane NEW JERSEY RAILROAD AND TRANS PORTATION COMPANY. NEW YORK ANI) NEWARK. From the foot of Courtlaadt street, Ness York. (Every dny?Sundays e? eptrd.) Leaves New York Leaves Newark it A. M. At * P. M. At 7 A. M. At \% P. M. 9 do. 3 do. t do. 4 do. 11 do. 4 do 9 do S*< do. 5K do. !0X 7K do, 'X do. 9M do. 8 do. ON SUNDAYS. From the foot of Conrtlandt street Leave New York, Leave Newark. At 9 A. M. and tX P. M. At IK. P- M. and 9J? P. M. NEW YORK, ELIZABETH TOWN, Leave New York I Eliv-hecb Town. At 8 A. M. At2 P M. At 7K A. M. lis M. 9 do.I 4 do. 8.S do. 3X do. A% >0. 10 do. 9* do. 5* do. The tiaina for W esinetd, Plaiufield, Boondbrook, Soinerville, fte., connect with the 9 AM, andi4XPM trains liom New York, daily, Sundays excepted. Fare between New York and Elizabeth Town 23 cents. Fare between do and Somerville, 73 cents. NEW YORK. RAHWAY AND NEW BRUNSWICK. Fare reduced, from the foot of Conrtlandt street^daily. Leave New York. Leave New Brunswick. All A.M. At 6 A. M. 4 P. M. 7* " 3X " 12S noon. 8X p. M. ON SUNDAYS Lewe New York. Leave New Brunswick. At 9 A M and 4|(PM. At I X noon, and 8S P M. Fare between New Yo'kitBd New Brunswick, 73 cetiu. Railway, no cents. The fare in the 6 and 7>J A. M. train from New Brnniwickjaud 4 and dtu P. M. train from New York, hat been re| New York and New Brunswick, to 64 cents. " and Rahway to I7X Passengers who procure their tickets at the ticket office, re ceive a ferry ticket gratis. Tickets are received by the cod dec tor only on the tiny when purchased. f 11 3m* PULLEV & COPP'S EXPRESS, 3 WALL STREET. Tha subscribers, the old conductors of Harnden & Co.'s Ex press from New York, will contiune to run rs heretnfore.leaving New York, Alnsny and Troy daily, and wi'l forward Specie, Bank Notes. Packages, Bundles, Cares of Goods, Parcels, he he , in connection with Messr . Bailey h Howard's "Great Western Exp ess," to and from the lollnwii g places, v x* Utica, Ssracnse, Oswego,Auburn, Seneca Fdls, G ueva, Canadaigua, Roches'er, Bntavii Lockport, Buffalo, Detroit, Cleayeland and''hicago; Kingston,Toron oaudHimilton, in Canada West By Jacobs' Northrrn Kxp'ess, to Whitehall, Burlington, Champlain and Plattsburgh; also to St J hus, Montreal and Qaenec, in Canada east They will als > connect with Hatch h Co's Southern Express at New York, and forward aiti'lcs of every despriptiou to Philadelphia,Baltimore and Washington. Partieu ar attention will be paid to the collection of Notes, Drafts, he and prompt r? turns mad' b? fi*st Express. Each messenger will be provided with one of Wilder's Patent Salamander Safes, thereby affo ding greater security in the transmission of valuable papers, he OFFICES. PULLKN k COPP, Nik 3 Wall .treet. New York. THOM A" GOUGH, No 15 b'ithange, Albany. A. O FlI.K I N8, 22.' River street, Tr<?>. * JACOBS, tich.nite Coait, 8t. Piol, Montreal. Referene-i?Mews rrime, Ward lit K">e Jac. b Little k Co., John T -nuih k Co., I'efioou It H ffniai,, Ca pen er 8t V?r ilye. Houghton it t. o . Drew, Ko' nuou k C?., N-Tork; k.J '!>m tire). Kiq , 'J liomas Gongh, Esq , Alnany; John Pair E?q , cashier, Wells, do., S' K. Slow, d C. 8. D jglss.du., K Le*?e, do. Troy m6eod S. CTfr NORTHERN AND WESTERN EMIGRANT PASSAGE OFFICE. The Subscribers having completed their arrangements, are new prepared to forward paase gerio all the Northern and Werti n States and Canada, hv daily linea of tow boars, railroads nod a'eamboata, via the North riverand Ktie Canal, upper I. ken, Philadelphia and PittshuiKh, Ohio river and Caual - ites. The following are a few of the moat important ii liuta Via Utica, Buffalo, Pottaville, Galena, Hvracnaa, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Toronto, Oswego, Detroit, Ciucinnatli, Kingston, Rochester, Milwaukie, St. Louis, St. Johns, Leckpor', Chicago, Louisville, Montreal. Also to any port of Ohio, Illinoia, Missouri, Indiana, Michigan, Tenntasee, Keutucty, Wisconsin, Iowa, L pper and Lower Canada. Haying given auch universal aatisfac ion in their London and Liverpool linea of packets, the subscribers will endeavor to make the present undertaking equally deserving of public fa vor. Persona about to emigrate to any of thif above places are requested to call on the subscribers before m kmc their ar range^ents, as they coufidei tly believe the inducements they can offer are such as cannot fail to prove highly advantageous, and they pledge themselves that every attention shall be paid to -n?nre comfort out despatc h For further particulars spplv to W. k J. T. TAPSCOTT, at their General ml r Passage Office, 13 Peck slip cur Month st. cam bbbimm DAILY EXPRESS rOK ALBANY TKOY. BUFFALO. CHICAGO AND THE CANADAS The aubaeriber* having comi lelrd their arrangement* with the People'* Line of Steamboat*, on the Noith River and the Rail Koad Companiee west of Albany tor running their Expreaa lor the leaton of 184) ail Exprras wll have their office. No. a Wall alrert.New Yotk, every ev<mng, at quarter to 7 o'clock, for the above named ai d intcmrdia e places. IMPORTANT. For the irreatrr avfeiy and aecurity of all valuable and money package* ent.uited to their care, they have ?alam >nd-r Iron safes on b<ard of the steamboats, in a atate room occupied exclusively by themselves, a"<l the messenger in ch"ge alee pa in the aauie ro m with the trim lafea, lino which all auc^ package* are placed. POMEROY k COMPANY. mice No. 2 Wall atreet. ftllflflW NEW YORK, BCHQOLEY'9 ecw^ ? ilWP MOUNTAIN k EA8TUN* Leave me loot of Cotirtland atreet, daily (Pu dm ex'cpirt*) ai 8 o'clock A. M., by railroad f om J r*ey city to Morrislowu. thence by Po*t coach** through Meudhain,Cheater. Schooler's Mountain, Audcrion Town, Port Coldeu, Wa*h>ngtoii, to Faaton. At wa?hington, a <1HiI v line interaact* to and from Brlvidere For aeata apply to J. Hill, at J. Papon's, Com me rcial Hotel 7) Courtlinil atreet. N.B?Extras furniah-d ,.| the ahortrat notice by applying to N. B. Lu e, United 8tat-? Hotel Morriatown. ma II 3rn ec .'HE NEW LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS. jtfc. jfil jk To anil Irom New York 16th, and from Liverpool 5th of each month. Ship ROCHESTER. 800 ton., I ink F K'.? Philip Woodhonae, i l6lh Feb 'TShip HoftlNOUER. ,050 ton., Mth Mlrt+1 New .hip ^V^HPOdL, 1.50 ton., |glh Aprll. New ,hlp , iJM tone. ^ May These aubatantial, faat sailing, flrat clasa ships,all built in the City of New York, are c muiainled by men of experience and ability, aim will be deapatched pnnctually on the l(th of each month. Their cabina are elgant and commodioua, and are fnrn1 ak'd with whatever ran condnce to tliv ease and comfoitof i>aa f era. Neithert1 e captain* or owner* of theae ahira will be reapou iKIa fnr anv . n rcn I? n r tia r k a !/* ?<* nt Kv htifi*. bdImi mrtlUr bill* ladiug arc *ignrd therefore. For freight or ha**a*e apply to WfioDHULL It M1NTURN8, B7 South ?treel, New York, or'to FIELDEN. BROTHERS ft. CO., ( 7 V r Liverpool. Afig- OLD LINE LIVERroOL PACKETS-lank t kMSE 19th May?The ipleodid, fa*t jailing packti dhMHaCOLUM BliS, Captaiu Cole, will ?ail pontively a* above, tic r regular day. Htying splendid accommodation* for cabin, iccond cabin and steerage pasieurs, early application thnulii be 'cade on board, otto W. ft J T TAPSCOTT, Bib 43 Peck slipi nr -outh ulreet. FOR LIV ERPOOL.?Regular packei of the 24th QKy May.?The very inpenor. fait sailing packet *i.i| BKlllERIOAN, Caiitain Depoyiter, wi't positively ail a* above. Having veryanperior accommodation* for cabin,second calm and steerage passengers, person* wishing to embark *lionb maka early application to JOSEPH MeMUIlKAV, 100 Pine ?t., cor. South Toe above wi I be snpe d?d bv the iplendi I prketship Otorge Watliiiigtna f apt. Burrow* and .ai on t e 7lh June Parsons wi-mng to lend loi their Iriend* reiidiua in itn old country, can have thein brought nm hi ii., ,i??. ,hn, m <nr of theregular peeketa, by applying at Vim ire -"if by letter WtP?w. mil r tAk? BLACK BALL, or Old Line n( LIVKKrOOL JrfJV PtcheU.?neguler packet end teilt on Friday, the 1 he CrU brafed end f,al eed-im iwch.i hip COL' 'MRUS, Capt Oeo A Cole, will tad poiitivelv at above, her r> gnlar dev. Kin pattagr in cabin, eeeond cabin, end et rr ge, apply on boa'd. foot 01 Beekmen elreet, or lo the tnbeeribert, ROCHK BIKITHKHh ft CO., V> Kulton et, unl door, to the Fulton Bank, p H?Prrtont tending for their iriendt can hive them b ought out in euv !' die iwcheit computing Hue line, wbicii teil from Liverpool I unctuallv On the 7tn and iflh of each month. UralU at eight, lor any amount, on tne Koyel Bank of Ireland Dublin. A toon the old ett ibluned hanking home ol Mettrt Preicott, Orove, Ainet k i o. London, which eie paid (ret o nek.orauv charge whatever,in all t< e niiacital towna U,rough ont Km land, Ireland Scotland and Walet. For piaaage, fcc , et p'y at aliote. ?l7ee piOLLKCTIO>S on all pnrtt ol ihe Unuad Statce, made on the moat favorable terine, by ?. J. SFLVKSTKH, m?o ftr It Wall ttreel and 1M Broadway. W Y O fEW YORK. SUNDAY M A/TONEY TO LKND.-ABKAHAM JJA< K80N. Pawn 1"J- Broker, No. 5# Heads street, n??i Broadway, loans money in la;ge or small sums, as may be required, on watches, jewel nr. silver ware, drv munis. weariritr aiinarel. and neisoual Dro perty of every "description a?g lm*ie " curleiThair, ~' and HAIR SKATING. Of) Artf\ POUNDS American Lulled Hair, of A?'',V,fvJV/ varn ue qualities Also, a general o>siirtm*nt of of Hair 8ea' inn,plain ami figured,from I) lo 30 iucliea inclusive, suiiaole for upholsterers hdH cdiin.t makes calesstreljr manufactured and always o? ha1 d lor sale by ua, JOHNSON (k GREEN, N-> 1JJ William street. Ordera from all parte of the United Starts executed promptly and with fidelity, lor cash, apprsvcd city acceptances or other satiefactory paper, at fmir months. in'3 lin'ua XYLOGHAPHIC PRESS, AND GENERAL JOB PRINTING OFFICE, 66 OOLii STREET, NEAR FULTON. rPHK Subscribers rrs|<ectfullv infoiin Druggist*, Perfumers, A Manufaetureri, Grocers ?ud others, that they have just completed th? largest and in is' spleiuLd asso nnent of X, In graphic Labels ever published in this country or Europe. Deal era can be fu'oished with any quantity ol labels suited to their use, at as low piiC'S as can u fun d New desigus and plates, suitable for all kinds of business, exccutrd in ihr firs' * y In of the art, and pri i ted in bronze, vangated. piaiuand fancv colors. Consumes are invited to i limine our assortment before pur chasing Extensive additions are daily making to our present CO talogue ol la v s j()H PRINTING?Their office is a'so supplied with every variety of t?pe necessary tor the ? cr'tion of every description of Fancy Job Printing. Circular*, h.uidb Its, bi Ills - ad , bills of ladi g, nod all kinds of meicauliie prinliug, executed on re-'sonah'e terms. PATENT LARD PRF.88?This machine is particularly ad pted to the printing of cards, which it executes wiih great , facility ard beauty; one |iersou b>iuc able to priul a pack of ' the brat u imrMed ca da m tw> minutes, with ease I Sop,-nor pnli lied surface cards (mauufteluird extiressly for | this establishment) furbished and printed at the following I 100 Cards for 50 tubs 500 Cards for (I 25 200 do 75 cent* 700 do I 63 300 do tl 00 1000 do 2 00 OCT"! Common Card* at less prices. v irrigated Show Cards?160 different Wind*, suitable for all kind* ot buaine** BHOWSON It CO . ml5 lw?ec 3d Hold *treet, ne?r Fu'ton. CROTON WATEK^DAY'8 *IK8T FFE MUM IN Dl\ RUBBER HO-MC is confidently recommended for any purpose* for which leather u used, and i* warranted to posses* the foil -wing p-operties 1st. It is perfec-ly light under pressure of the Croton. Id It is made of the strongest fabrics, and will not mildew to iDjure in the least, and requires no attention. 3rd It is not destroyed by coming in contact withoilor grease, nor stiffened by enld weather, nor can the rubbnr der< nspose, as inlerioT articles are in no care used. Should the least complaint be made of ih? Hose, not possesting ihe above properties, it will be taken hack, at anytime inside o sx months from its parchase, r.nd outer given in ex change wuhont charge 4th. Conning and jet pipes will be attached without charge Buvers will n?teth?t we are clearly satisfied that this hose (ihe proc ss ol making which it unknown lo any otner i > the trade) is just the article long wsuted lor leading water and many other liquids. HORACE H. DAY. m'6 'm't Aucccssor^to Rcxhury |. R_0. 45 MainenLatre. TAKERS OF THE CROTON WATER, WHO have paid for a supply until th* 1st ol May inst oulv, are notified that on the 2lltl. instant the , hutting off of the water will be commenced incase* where payineut shall not have been previously made lo 1st ol May, 1844, at the office ol the Croton *q 'educt Board. In all iustances where the water shall be stopped the expense of clou v and reopening the ferules, must be paid on a renewal of the licenses. New York, May 13th, 1843, ! By order A. B. BIOELOW, ml3io2iir Register. klAHTlN Ik COlfPA. Umtar Manufacturer*. No. 3(6 IV! Broadway, np stairs, have constantly ou hand a large as 'rvinrnt of Guitars, manufactured from ttie Veil material* of superior tone and perfect in every re?i>ect. Martin fk Coupa, having made several improvement* in the manufacturing branch are enabled to offer their instrument* lower than any other establishment in the city. Strangers before making their purchases will find it to theii advantage to call and examine their assortment which it the largest in the United States. N. B.?The Guitars are warranted to stand any change of climate. Sold wholesale and retail at 385 Broadway, (up stairs.) No conuecrion with the muste store below. Mr. J. B. Coupa continues to give lessons on the Guitar at usual m 12 to 31r KECHKS! LEKCHEs ! LEEi'.HES'??6000 very flue large healthy Germau Leeches, just received, for sale wholeiale or retail, oi carefully applied by a competent person, at Apothecary's Hall 36 Catherine st *21 lm*r SAIL BOAT CHA LLENf JES?What i- the matter! Aye, that't ihe rub1 When the smothered growls of disappointed success lurks in the bosom of man, he loses tight of amiability, prostrates Himself, aud in 'urboleot array dies unheeded and unknown. Such is the condition of a certain boat builde of this city who seeks notoriety through aunonvmous communications The subscriber has tor yetrs stood upon the contested ground of boat building, and long experience has mag hi him that "L*rve barks can ventn e more. But little btrks must keep uea- shore." And when men think they can cope with h>m in superior boat building they must not talk in pat able*, but b"ldlv meet liim at his office door.'here airange for tne unering test of proof; his rhalieuges are always made >n rood faith,his oats to coi quer. I7|m>u tin- principle he f ruts his tulwars, aud now fur the Iiuh dr-th time he offers to show the stern of "Ttoubler" to any boat t'rolius ever built or has on hano, lor a trophy which will richly repay the experiment. Now where is your loaded backers; where's suur own daunted courage?draw the veil aud show yonrsel to the world. P. 8 ?One month's notice, any distance nuder fifty miles. The "Troubler" can be seen at his bazaar. (P 8 ) C. L. INOfHfOLL, m5 Im*ec 406 Water street. NEW AlOfANOEMENT" EARE AND f Ke.luHT REDUCED. 0? REGULAR MAIL LINK?ff'K PRO &-t?r^3,v")l':Nry- ***> B*?HTON. via 8TO?TT If dgLlNQTON AND NEWPOKT-Composrd the tjtoinnntnn ?nd Boston anil\iailroads:? MASSACHUSETTS. (apt Comatock. HHODK. ISuAND, Capt 1 hayer. PROVIDENCE N*liBAO*NSETT. MOHEOAN (?ne of which will 'eave New York daily (Snndays nee pled) (rom Pier No I, Battery Place, N Itiver, at 4 P. M ARRANGEMENTS. The RHODE I9LAN D, Captain Thayer, on Monday, and Wednesday for Stoningtun and Newport, and Ft id ay for Stoning'nu The MASSACHU 'ETTS.Csniain Comatock, on Tueaday and T inra-sv for Stoningfn. and Saturday for Stoningtun, Newport and Providence Paistngsra, on the arrival of the iteameia at Stouiugton, will be immediately forwarded in the splendid and commodious Cars of the Rail-.oid to Prov deuce and Boston, and if for Newport will rra erd in the steamrri on Monday, Wedneaday'and Sstnrdav, and on the intervening day*, proceed via Sicnioston Rail read to Providence, and fmm thence in the earner lolaa, wilhont any additional charge. Tickets for the route and steamers'berth* can be secured on board, or st the office of HAKNDEN fc CO, No J Wall street, (t /"On and afrer thr 10th not, freight will not be r ceived and fa-wa-dr-d after half-p at 4 P M m98m*m , OK NORFOLK. RICHMOND. CITV ^ ^Vv3?,'OINT1 kc. Va. Steamer BOSTON ^^JEaLt attain Hi Imea.?'I he atrotig and anbatantial w lenuiei b -ston will commence rgular ttl|>a nelween New Yora and Noifolk, Va., leaving New York every Batorday at 8 ofciock, A. VI. and Norlfolk every Tuesday morning. I'aaaage "lid fare to or Irom Noiloia, SKI Km ward I'aaaengr rs do do ? Paaaave from Uichmoud Citv Point, ?c.. by oue of the riv?r steamers and per Boalon from Norfolk 12 Forward passengers, do do 9 Passage to Norfolk and baek, return trip 14 Forward I'aaaeng ra, do do 12 Freight taken at the usnal rates. For (reuht or "aassge apnlv t.. ,1.. I'........ .... K..-..I 117 VI Ttli-VL-ll " m2 Iiii e id WThikP'r No 56 Broad street p oplkm link ok Steamboats KO ALBAN Y?Daily at 7 o'clock, I' M SLa^aJE-jC.TiiroliKli Direct ( Snudty'r cl^eplrd) trom t r ?n Hmnn.ii Pier Conrilandiand ' ib-rty stiver* 8n-*m!>oat HOCHE8TK R, Cap A Honghtou, will leave Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings, at 7 clock. "teambiat "OUTH AMERICA, Captain L W Briiuard, will l.,ave Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday evening*, at 7 o'clock. Steamboat NORTH AMKKI'.A, Captain M H Tine*dell, land i:g at interm- diate placea, will leave Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoon*, "t 5 o'clock. Passengers aliing thi* Line of Boats will invariably arrive in Albany in ample Uine to take the Morning Train of Cars lot the ea? or west. (T^The ah- vr boat* are new and *uhattntial, are formated with new and eh gam state rooais, and lor spe< d and aecominodatioi.a are unrivalled ou th Hudson Forpasaagr or freight, apply on board, or to P. C Scholia at (lie office on the whrtf. nil't NEW YOHK AND KINGSTON S TEAM FREIGH T And passage i.*4r Mtm For Kingston, and Delaware and Hudaon ^^^^KB^^SkCanal?steamboats KMEKALD and NOK The EM&nALD, Captain John Kclrham, will laave New York foot o( Murray stieet, every Monday and I nnrtday at 5 o'clock P. M. Wi,I leave Kingston ( Kondont landing) e?ery Wednesday and Satnrdav at t "'clock. P. M. The NORWICH, Captain John samnels, will leave New York, foot of Mnr.ay ttreel, every Weduesuay and Saturday at 5 o'clock, P. M. Will-are Kingston (Kondout landing) every Tno ay and Friday at 3 o'clock, P. M EXTRA TRIPS. The EMERALD will leare the foat of Murray street every Snudy inoruing at 7 o'cl- ck. Returning leavea Kingston at 4 o'< Iocs same day. L ._ r w? ? ?- -- ? *- 1 rui uciftiiw 01 I'wnrr ni'l"/ ?iu "WIri|, or lO WILLIAMSON, BARLOW At CO, "H 3m*r IC4 WhiuhH. NO MONOPOLY jWQ agtI^UKPKNUKNT OPPOSITION LINK ?^"a.w * KoK ALBANY?Through direct, without .1L?B?J?.Mii<Iiiik?Kmr ftp?The n.w. awtfi, and apltndin > ramo it nKW JKRSRT, ' ptiin R H. Fury, will leave the uew a: earn boat titer,loot of B .rclar ?. ree', north aide, on M ndaa even tig. May i'e Ma, a' 1 o' look, and c ,ntii tin-o to r III duiig the wae n. R? u!?r daya from New York,Mom dtya, *? edn. tdaya and F.tOay. ; tri m Albany, Tiirula a, I'tntr dot. and Safu daya. The New Jetaey ia anew boat, l?rre ai d cotnin, h ivirg a large number of elruautly lUiinatied arate rooma; -tut for aperd and apteud.d acc.niniodatlona will hoi be ,nrpaaa?d by anv "'earn'oat on the Hudmii n?er. Ligh frt tgtn taken low. All prraona are cau'inut d agaiaai una in? any perann on aeeount ol aaitl boat or w. era ml7^c R H rtJBY, Capt. ~BBS jam NKWARK AINU NKW YttKK?Fair Ja only I2X I rut* !?The a| letidtd NMM1 lEmmJWCmL. PASSAIC, Captain John Uaffv, haa beet, put in c mph-te nrde , and will commence her trip* lor thaeaanD, on Monday the loth inalant, aa loilowa, until furthei nonce Leare New York at a o'clock, P. M. " Nr ware at 7X o'clock. A M. Kreivht r irnen it reaaoiioble ia i , ,! ? i inei STATLN ISJiANl) I LKIt* Foot ?f Whitehall atreet. Un and alter Monday, April 10th. tha ateamri a'l'AI 1st AN'Dh h will leave na followa, until farther notice Lf.AVK HTATKN ISLAND. NKW kOKH. At I A. M, At > A. M. lft II :>RP. M IX P.M. >X S? ii ft All gnodeahipiied ate required to be particularly marked,ano ftre at the riak or the owuera thereof. aft ec R R E ORNING, MAY 21, 1843. EXCHANGE HOTEL, BALTIMORE. THi.d hi m? having undergone many linpt riant alt? rations and thor u?h repairs li iviuk been i 1 par' refurnished wiiii rich and el< gam lurntuiu is gmn open for the reception of company. Thn position of this lintel i> '00 wi ll known to reuuire .1 detail of Its advauta. re It is confessed in hr, for pern fe of bunDees or pleasure, out of the mnst I ivorable of any id the city The present proprietor intends that caru and industry eli.ill not bi wanting to 1 in. rove its natural advantages, under his superintend nice, end lie respectfully solicits tha patrouage of Ins friends ami the public. KKA9TU3 COLKMAN Ballon re, April JO, I8ij &f] oiftuir EX(HANGK HOTKI,, POTTSVILLE, Pom?J HEI I'ZINUER rrspectfu'lv aunnaiiccs 10 t' c travelling conimunityili't lie keeps that larg and spl> lid id establish inrul tli e.K liruite H -tel, situate at the corner of ("eul e aud f'allowhill streets, nr ar'y opposite ttie T >su Hall, in the Ror ouith of Pottsvil'.e, which has 'lean thm uglily repaired slid matena'lv nni roved for he acconnno atiou I visitor*. The hotel is forty ftet lr.ut ou Ceuire slrert and one hundred and thirty eiiiht leet from ot I'allowlnll, time stor i? nigli; it is admirably provided with isnlors, sitting rooms, reading room audlaige airv eh imhers?'he most s|tacious. pleasant snd consc lent dining imu in the country?a new ami superi r hailntig establishment?and every eonv-uience and comfort to render it IU all respi eta a most desirable hotel 1 he stanliug attached, is laige rod well const1 acted,and superintended br riperieuccil aud attentive hostler*. Hurst* mid c.rriages may be had at any time to convey persons to any part ol the cO'.uLiy. An omuibns run* (rum this hotel duly, to ami fotn the depot to meet the cars, for the ucconimodation of persons travelling on the Rnlroad jNo ullage for ouiuihna tare to this hotel. Pottsville, May I, 1843 ml lui*?c VVADAWAMVK iioitsk, 8TON1NOTON, CONN. 'T'HE above Hotel, erecte" at a c st of between *iity and 1 seventy thousand d illars, *..d lurnish-d in * scvle u t surpassed by any similar establishment in this couuiry,is now open for the rr eeption of company. The house is located at the evtremeend of the vi'lisge, overlooking ihe same, and from itssplrndid p'axiis ami obs rvato rv, cau be had a beautiful view ot the Sound, its alnpnisg and numerous islands; as also a view of the ocean, from w hich cau be r-uj yed 'ts brae ug a r and sea brcexr. This ettablishmriit enjoys super.or advantages for bathing, having iu the liousr hot aurl cold salt ami fresh water baths, and at a few rods distance, belonging til the hotel there is a ha hing ho.'ir for set baitin g, with a large swimming b th for gent'emen and one for ladies. Willi dressing inoiiia attached, as well a* , rivate btlhs Attached to the hoirl Owe is n Uil laid Room and dowling Saloon, and for the accommodation of g< utlemeu and parties who are fond of fishing, there are a number o' safe ami n mmoilioui sailing f,oata, wnh careful me., to take chaige ,.f them, who understand the locality of the various fishing grounds, lor which this place it to celebrated. Tu consequence of the depressed state of the times,the charge foruoa d is iei.uc.ed to the following rales:? Tr.insctie I Boaid per day, SI 10 Persons setnsiuiug sir weeks, in the months ol July and Augos', per wreelt, 7 00 r or tii wrrus, or hinge , i? l"r mourns 01 May, Juue, September, or October, per week, 5 00 Children aod servants, hair price. Tie object of the subscriber will r to render his Iron so a quiet genteel hotel, anil at the satne time he wishes to study the eomf'ort of his guests more tlmn the establishing of arbitrary rules. HOKATtO BLAKE.. . kormerly of the firm of Blake It Bred, of the Marine Pavilion, Mockaway, and Waverly House, New York. m.1 eipftw Hl'llKtO KAOLK HOTEL, Whitehall street,optiositr the Battery Ma-den. rPH!tt house having undergone many alter?t'on> and repairs? ' having CMU newly fiirti-slml ?tt e present proprietor re sper.ttnlly announces i? Ins friends of the otd c untry ami travelling i ub'ic generally, that it ii now open lor the reception of permanent and trail cient boarders The position of ihrs hotel regui esbu* lilt r detail of its ad vantages, being situ tied facing the Battiry Oardeu, and c minaudii g a I II iirw of the Bay; wllhiu one minutes'wslk of the r hi ai'elnhia, Boston .tun Albiuyste tnboats The prrpiietor uiteids tfiat cate and industry,and moderation in chargi s, shall not be wanting to merit the patronage of the public. Home-brewed ule, win'*, spirits. Sic, 'f the he-i quality, three cent, a glass, HENRY B GRIFFITHS, m'5lin"r Lite of Bath England I'AV'L ON-FOR I' LEE rpHE above estab i hmeut havit g heeo refitted in the most T faslitoirab e aud inod-rn style, wis opened on the first of M<y lor the reception ol viiifus and permrnen' bo?ders. No Iccati in cau surpass il'is for s-lubrity and convenience bei g -iiuate't within nine miles of the city at the commencement of the Palisadoei, on the west bauk nf the Hails n. For invalids, or those wishing retirement and recreation, this siablishrii'El present* many advantages, having ntcusive gioni <! fur promenade, where visi era are sheltered from i he summer snn; with ronve iences for bathing, such as to please the most fast di us. The evtensive prospect from lie Pavilion and adjoiuiug heights ure rusuipas-e<l'or i.s beau y. Military I com pant* s ou nncarr prmnt or tarket i icu ions, will find eve y C.iOi.r purpose*. |T^ The steamboat B"?'ou, Cupiaiu Bibcock, will plv regularly giving tacnitiea to th rse having bn?inr*s in the city, to visit daily For tcrini or particulate enquire at Jol'iea Mn?'C Store, 385 Boa.lwsy. john A . whitfield, ml8lm?r Pr?oiietor. CURB Y N rS _(3oT TAG E, strykear's bay, IS NOW OPEN, ami in lull operatt .n, lor the Spring ami Sumtn r seisnns. Durmg the winter many alteratinna and improvements hav? been made which will.ii is believed,aud tuali ri.illy to the comfort o' visitor* a 8 A LOO V for'y-five feet its length has been rreered fc the aci'Oinniodaiion of large imrties at ilintiers, sup|iers. collccr s, or cotillons A separata entrance has been opened for the bar, reode ring tile ladies'parlors unlet end selected Ot the wiivrs, Lttttions, OoriKKLTion*Rirs Csraui, str. kr. , it is only uece -saty to say. they will be. as herctotorr, Oh THE VKHY FIRST QIMLI I Y Civil ami obliging attendants are engaged, and every effort will be Haetl t? snstain the reputation this honse hat already acquired, and to render a visit to conbvn's cottage desirable nod satisfactory. An Ordinary every sunday at 3 o'clock. Ti' kef* 3d cents . OTr^Stryker's Bay is situated oa the Dunks nl the Hudson, six miles from tie City Hall,by the Blootnitigil lie road. Stages stait every hour from the comer of Tryon I lace and Oh ilham street. Fare 12 V4 cr itts. nalj Imr planters' house. ItT. Lopts, Mo. Reduction of the fame t?in consideration ofihe ..r !,. ....... ,1,. .,.L, , ir.1 I,,, r. a am. it ,1,.. prices if Boarding 411 t Lodging to $1 Ml per day. and (he fir bf Wines foim J % to 100 per cunt. Hi? tables will c itiiMiie as heretofore to h* supplied with every Innryth- market affords The hu Iding is th- laities', most airy, and < ne hines m re coin for's 'htn any 111 the city, and is not surpassed t>v any Hotel in the West Everv attention will he riven by the undersigned, lii? agents, and servants, to aecumrnetUte those wli" may faeo lorn * 11 h a call. BENJ. 8TICKNEV May S, 1013. tnlOiwr COMMERCIAL ACADF^MY, Us V AND EVENING. Vo. 100 NASSAU 9TKKET. AMKRIC-AN Stand rd Sys'ein of Wptirg, tanttht by * v'r. P. J. Aruaiild Irorn Albain? the only infallible method to become a (hushed writer 111 the course of five to eishtlesons of one hour each. Succ -ss is guaranteed to all, from the site of 12 to 0 Such nil reeedrnted impieyriorui on this beantil'nl style of writinir. so truly scientific, that the most c.-oticil have yielded to ihr evidence Terms rno crate 1 Jul v one dollar and oily cents lor the conr-e of lessons. Book Keeping, double and single entrr ?A complete modem si sleut of si 0(tie eutrv, or double entry at mo' whi h the nine resnH is obtained as ih't kept iu 11 oible entry Also, double entry booh keeping, iu five diffrrrnt forms, acquired in from sis weeks 10 two mouths Five dollars for the course of las suet ons. Vlr Atuauld, at his leisure h'-nrs, continues to wife an, post snd balance tradesmen's and me chants houVs, to make ou the state "f affairs, to era.nine and verily tooks or MS MM s none mm u aornrr, to i> jo?t iioIivmIu il and partner?h p concern .ana to rOUiiih *pr cuneut or plan* of booka adrdptrd In <b) bimneai, arranged by the in >at aimnle rnucite tud irili>r?ilniy foimi. N. 8?Mr. A. will give inet u-ti' lH at thr reaideuce if leqnlrrd, and in ac tdemiea, no moderate terma Referrncea?l'o Jotiu B. Van K. mar lie-, K?i) at Hn??nl'i Hotel; Alderman Ar old Nelaou,and to th? office of the Bun day Mercmy. in# and 2 a r KOHSViLLK BOAADINO SCHOOL, STATFS I BLAND. WWE8TTHORP respectfully inronnibit friends and thr public, that hia school will re oprn ou thr 1st of May P.ienta and gnardlaua are alto informed W W. make* it a point ol conscience to guard m every possible wav the moral* of children comnntied to hia care, from lour to twelve yeara of age Heading, writing, orthography, arithmanc, geography and grammar taught. 1 he loeation i* delightful and healthy; theorehard, gardens and play ground are apacioua; ahi at ten initiates walk from the landing. The ateamhoat Paritnn leave* Bateluy atreetaverv day at 3 o'clock, lor Koaavi la. Terma. for hoard and tuitinn, incliiding washing, tfj per qtiar'rr, pud in advanee. Reference* p? 8et t)avid More, Btateu Uland. VV. N Beymour, Esq., 4 Chath in Square, N. Y Henrr Stewart Seguine, E?o., Sta en lilaud. Win t udlam^Eaq., 12< Bergman alreet. John Qmibii, Eaq , 3" Monroe street. Mraara. Colrill and Firming,, IS Odar atrret. Capt K.dward kertier, Esq . Hicks *treet, Brooklyn. Vlra. V'riati 21 F.'fndgr ureet New V,n >22 im'r PLEAH A N f BOAR 1)1 NO?Several fa mil lea mo or ac 1 cuinmodnled at Htrntton'* Point, one mile Imm the village of k u*hiug; to and ftotn winch a ateamboat rnna twice a day Bathing on a aau ehearh within forty roda.with dressing houae, rnra1 walka, and a proapect unaui|>aa*ed, b? lend and water Apply to P BTRATfON. wit Iw't WA Ml >Ul "rl U?HUKi>8, HI18UKKN. IfHN I fc.LANU, the well known proprietor < f the Firsr ? W'pl H u?e. No. 28 vtw s.rc t, (co uer of KicVo g' fl?e,)|r?l"lnl for the patronage hitherto received from hit In tide, ai d di siwui t' merit a c ntinuation of it, respcetfully info in thrin and the i lib ic jjeuer I y, that h- has lately i ureh the I rue md commodious II n?e aail Hardens. known as the Washington Honse, situate in Hudson street, 11 bikeo, within a f< w on utrs w ult from the Kerry, formerly occupied by the late J ones H??niv, wrere he will be h?ppy to rrceisr c 'Hi from tor Inei ds of the late iropr etor, also the intblii generally. The (I rdrns being newly and tastefully laid out will b.- <U'i|ilied rlonns the a. aeon wnh an es - llent assorttie tit of ih rarrsi ami choicest of flowers. The b r, bring if r atiy eularsid and newly firted on, will contain a foil issir'men I of Wines sue Liquors of tr>,: most aphrovid i| 'i ta. id ik rs ollhe moat tup ri r brands?slso Pin rrv Cobble r>. Mi t Jul-(> and I'll io h^s made In Ihr hes1 style: Uelreslmettle, i 'finding I'e Creams, lid other deicicirsal the s? on He his aloo li'ted tip leoaiate and nKri eahle sit iiig pa' lots for allies, ?hn h tront nponihs H v, ami f rnith a van of the inns del'ght nl scenery. The >n ?crthir de'ermlnen that sluil I) w ml u to secor - the c ml" rt i f hi ati n?, to s also r< fitted it i B iwlmg Ssloons, wnh two emir new Al rya, hnilt on the mo i at pr v d plsu, for ei rcise aid he ti crra iou of visitors. Of the attention ot the waiters i is unnecessary to say more than that ihey will in all cases b> omul attentive to the wants ol the Visitors. The siibtr, ibet from his on* esperieuee in the huaimae, respectfully soliri a hare <1 the ponlio palmiiHge.aiid pledgra himself that nothinit shall he w >n.init on his part, or those iu his emoloy, to con 'rihnte to the comfort ind enjoyment of those Who may ?isi the Washington Hardens, in 20 I in* re JOHN lltKLAND, Proprietor. fERA BOOT AND HHOK HTOKK. JOHN I'KADY reapactfully luforim hi? fnenda and the r nblic.tlut lie hni commenced husiucaa lu the above No, * N.miu ?treet. where lie will think ltill> receive tad fnHliluhy eiecur**, rt 11 order* he ti.iv be favored with on Ire IIII'at reaami-hv irrrn lo: . ash. .Mr La1)Tk>, look AT 'I'll |H 1 M| | -IO Of I troiirh (falter Root*, una MO purs of Mlippera, jaat received. mj<1 for nn\r wtvileMte and remit, at the folown.g v%ry low prir.' ? 2000 pairs of Fie?rh (tatters, ?(* the qu lity, and of ell colors, $?. 50; and woo lMlr? oi Hipper* Tj centa. M 367 Broa-tw.iv ami 9! < afreet vfmwur in the warid of Boots, Gaiters. tthoes Slippers. b.. ..i.l Mi> iv* a nil ' hildren'i do Orii li n.fii w* winh to draw yiur ?tt*t)tion to oar at Iruriid iisortmeiiC of Root*, Hhnrs anil cIaMi hu ton O uters, of ihe new style; Krett li chlukm Booti, of the he?t q?i lity mt?l iii.tih 0 order, Kuuirh calfskin Boots ou band, from $:< f.? %\ [ rr p> ir; cloth button Gait' rs, $>,50. Piuuetld $I 50 ih? finest ( i MlfiRio SImmi, 1|S& b) $t? boy#*! Boot? in thu Ihni inaliiy, 1,95 U> S3 7j; Bboifi <1 to 1 2'i; vomit's Bootf, S1 1?50 Bho*S 50 CflUs t? f I. Bool.*, (Jaiteis, $ i|>|??*ra. Ties, BosUin*, Shoe*. Sic in endless variety. anil all wainut'-d to bp ol the best kind (JHKOOKY k OAHILL. 387 Bro.ulwa, iff la1 r ind M J ?|| li St tfl bkoai. va y. S. HOBIDKR, FKfciNl'H BOOT MAKb It from Paris, lit* au assortment ol' ready made Bn.iu oi.l Short,nfihr best calf skill for Five Dollnr?, >ui*not to any oilier bo., mrbrr in Ihr eily mil) lm*?c TO B()< >T MAKERS 7" O. MORG HAS REMOVKD from I3t to 13' Le-nard street, where he rou'iiiur* to cut Kit. l)u hand teady cut k>t, French auu .ill. ml loiter A. THOMPSON'S BLACKING"W All KH()U8ir, No. 2 C'oit. tluiult sheet. A THOMSON rr?i>ectfully ii.forma the merchant* ol this city and the t.uhltc in neutral, th t he still eot.liuues to manufacture his inimitable 1'islc B acking;, bein.' 'he sole inventor and m.iuufac'ure.. Th's blacking is kuowu thrcugh the world, and twrli. ulurly the Cured States, us Lee and Tlioins >u's P .ale Blacking A. Thompson Woultl fur'her in'orin h s friends that be has made el'eusive unprovrin-ills in Im old ma. ulaeturing establishment, which enables b in to supply tliern with auy quantity and at reduced prices Br W ire ol interlopers Steam is a in ideru application, ami is sometimes resorted to without much benefit. A I h.ims .u I as never admitted steam in any shane to enter his in'tiufactory? his woikmeu are uot likely to make mistakes.aii'i eonseiiurully it can be d? pnM upon as g. uuiue. A. THOM >() N, late Lee Ik Thomson, formerly 265 Broadway, low 2 Courtlamlt street, near Broadway. Manufacturers' agents tor the Washington Friction Matches, Shippers and others supplied ou reasonable terms, or single gross .26 liu'in FORTY YEAR*. ~~ IT 18 A FACT that Lhlk'3 flieam BUrking i? nnivenaily 1 admit t d to be the beat article mvnut ctured in the United Stat-s. C. Lee hat mauufaclur <1 Blacking ill tli city forty years. The fust 'hirleen yeais and two mnuihs by Inmiell? then to?l? in paitnership A. 1 hninson?twenty j ears arnl teu months it wu known a* Lee It Thomsou's B acki e Di solved partnership with said Thomson, and the last in yearv have made it attain on inv o?n actuunt. I am the 'deal 0''ckiiiK Mailt.faciuier in the United Btatra. Hare made more luquautity and betn r in >]U.t>ity llinn .ii,y other |ie'ioti in tliii ronutry, bat good .11 it always has been. II is greatly nnpio.ed oflate. li is now in lUiificHtrMl by steam power, and know u a Le s Improved Hteim U'ncking, No. I Johu ?tr et. curlier Of llmad way. C L looks down witk conscious pride on all competi lion, and would ouly say to his customers and the pub ic that ho still cont nues In mainiftctiire Ins liMprured S rain Blacking?but why enlarge! a word to the wise is sufficient ClURLf.H LICK, a3(llm*r No. I John street, c. nut ol Broadway CHINA, (JLAS^ A rD K'AKTHKVWAKK -Noii'iv Toe whole t f ihe ex eusive and fashionable stt ck containrd in he store A Ustor house. comprising every article in the line is now otfeied for sale at and below, cost to close the concern. A's"," quuitityof n ime table cillery in setsaun dozens, to ui*111rr with a splendid asiortn ent o|' line cutlery, consisting of ra7ori,s issors, penknives,dressing cases, Sic.. Itc. De'.AK.N E8S ? The stock .mil site of the Acoustic initio meiits usually kept in this establishment will he disposed ol a a bargain. R. 8IMP8ON, N B. The store ta let. 8 Aslor House, may I4-Im*ec rjUOK PLATe 8 ! DlillH PLATES !-Th se iu wm.i of L' a liaudsoine, cheap and durable Silvi-r P'aied r Ur us Door Plate, c-ii obtain ilie above article a'. R RUBER I S' Spver Plating, Engraving and Dour Plate Establishmi nt 157 Bnwery Also, M' lallic Numbers, a new and neauiiful article for numbering dwelling houses, church pews, ship stair rooms. Ike. R. ROBEUTs, 157 Bowery. mO lm*r 4th door nhova- Broome su, cast sill*. WATCH MAKERS AND WATCH JEWELLERS. I 8 WALLIS&t'O. No. 156 Brordwn -, ad twee. Maid* u Lane and Liber y street, would irspectfnl Is acquaint tlieir Irieuda and the public, who wiah 'ohtve cnroimmeters, clocka, music boxes, q any description of watches, hnas ever linn or intricate, rr pair* d or jt- welled. A so. e very description of 'scaptnirnts renaired or made ucw, ruby rollers for dup'ex. pallets lor chmm m-ters, ruby cyleuders lor U,nues, ruby pins lor levers, dia neud cais. Sc . and watel ei jewelled iu a style not su*passe4 hyanv in Europe Fusees and wheels cut, and teeth mm ded; pubic clocks and hank time pieces kept iu o d?r by the year as usna>. From tl en long experience in the trad-, i lit-y pen <s tin- capacity ltd every f. cility required to make entire, or auv parts of wuichrs, equal to any imported, and will give the best of reff r* ucea if n quired. Cha'ges moderate. rnN Ini'r A KEW GENTLEMEN of steady habits can be accsinmo daft] with good Do irdauu pirns mt moms in a pnvnre family, .it 291 FaJtru Also, a few day boatlers ran br acc< m mod unl no the inost reasonable term. A parlor and bedroom to In. vith Of without hoard aft rc uNiTLl) SIATKc? tea emporium, 121, lute 129 Chatham tbret, New York. And 116 Falton Street, Brocklyn. Aijkw ? JIB BLBKL'KKH itrkct WHv i.KSALK AND KKTA1L. l'HK CANTON TKA COMPANY continue to offer for * *ale new end ragrRUt Tea* of every variety end ityle Their assortment *necially include* the nr.oit delieinut end powerful grade* J : Green and Black k>ery package hear* th? stamp of neatue- Tud elegance. and the 'lea* therein are ? thoroughly seen ed from light and air that their quality and power will rem in unimpaired in any climate. Their syitein of prnsecutiug I n*ine?* i* perhnp* icareely to be eteelled. Il it (owned uon the utmoit regard to the right* of heetutoro r* eipeeially with re*|'eet to weight and imlity, and un. vailed cheapne**. All pnrchn*pr* are called upon to return any lea w'noh (ail to give them the fnlleit satisfaction, wine' BH money will he cheerfully auil promptly refunded t 'oun try merchant*, pttblic establishment*, Ueail* of familie*. an<* ihipmaatert will find it a decided advantage to *nn"Iy ther* trivet from thi* e*tabli*hment OgrsL'trvg Jay* Corrn. roasted every day. Ordei* Iroin all patts of the United Atnte* executed wit, *roinjititnde and dcapateh erjr" The only warehoo*? in Amorica lor the tale of Hoi * n'a oplehraie.1 tVsriiTea all 1n?*eC PLUMBkTITAOTJEhrTA1N_O~AY.Lk.ItV i>V rAT2ST Colored Photograph*, Broadw ,y, rorner of Martay atrret New York ? 1 he aide privilege of taking pitent colored Daguerr ofypc Likcue**ct, being confined to thia e*tahli*hment it ha* been recently much unproved and eula ged lot the *;<e ctal accommodation of ladiea, and now embrace* no fewer than different .ipaitmetit*. I'lumbe'* Patent Coloring Daguerreotype Apparatn*. ami Piumlie'* Puteut Galvanic Uildinv Apparatus, and Instruction* and Pitent Right* for each,forwarded to udt part of the Uuiteil Stare* I'h lograpber* inpplied at lower rate* than at any other place in thu !v. tj Ivanic Gilding anil Silvering done o order. postpaid letlera "Illy ittendetl te *22 lm*r I MPORTANT?GERMAN SILVER! GERMAN sifc I VKR-JA MK? O. MOKKKT, l?i Prince ?treet, N Y offer* fill tale, whuleiale and retail, I.Tilli lb* of Uermun Sliver, at lite lowest market priee*. IL'Jf" lu come inence of mauufactnriug the atlicle himself he can warrant it far inprrior to any ever before muuii'actnred in tin* country, and fn'lv e<|nal to the imported alt lin'in TaMKS G. MOKKKT, 121 Prince it., New kork, tiaaal ' way ? on baud and offer* for *ale by wholeiale and retail ,1 the lowest. market urice*. ?ti :? German Silver ofdif. rent thick ureses, a very superioi article : Sheet Brass ; Hate's do; Coopers' Brass ; Pail Kara and Rivets ; Umbrella, Parasel and Shade Furniture. Which he warrants in quality equal to any in the United Statei, anil ofhisown mauu fact are. Hold Silver, and all kin's of metal, rolled at the short *t? untie* a 9 'fT' * m '"PH >.*K LADIES who aie renovating their dwelling*, *? a A corvii'lim nt 10 the season, when a'l i? huoyaut a d gi?, may he furnished wnh Kaucy * ut Tissue Paper, for the covering of ptc are fi am s. lo king glasses, caudle sticks vases, ur>te aprons, ha'I lamp , 8tc fcr . winch will greatly ornament, at a very tr fling ei|*?u* , at 154 Canal street, 2d below Vaiick. Ml la jgb Late importation ok segars ERB To BACC-O.?The Sub<criher, having recently arrived rom Havanna,offers t" the dealers and amateurs of aupeioi scgurs, (telei ted hy himself,) the following brands, La Norma, La Ktnpreaa, Vvo? dv ille, Trab cco. Cauones and Lord Byron, of virions kinds. 1st, 2d, 3d and Itli <ju dity ol Havius( fuoerior jifo Kod I Nits tobacco Ocio to the deceit ?' BUpini Saroanos, the firm of Hamanos St Brothi f is dissolved On the l?? of May. the old establishment of the late firm will he moved to No, 6 Wall sir et, second door below Tie agency for the Lord By rou inamifa tory in Havana, and for the Sealfarlati Tobacco, in Baltimore, are held by the Subscriber, which he offers at wholesale aud retail. A. A. SAMANO0, iff i 'ii * r No 4 Well street. OLABS \ l No JJOlfN nTKKM', nearBroaJway,0e VT |M>t of STOUVKNKL It BKOl'HKK'* Gins Ylansftc torv. the oulv idaee where nconle can art sUDDtied. cheiner than any other pi ice iu (his city A lull ai??rimnit ot ihe richest cat ami plan class, Limps for hall; Astral ami Solar Lamps, Uissmlolra, French ami Kugli'h China, kc. kc , all at rnatiulactory puces. Kveiy article matched to pattern, (Hast cut 10 order. Wholesal* ami retail lor c?y and country trade M the shove, end at their factory. No 29 Hold sr m2 'in*re PIANO-FDR I E8 ?The subscubers res ?C"ully inform their Iriends and >he public ill Keneral, that that have removed from their la'e place of bnsinesa MS Broadway. to IIS Franklin street, between Church aid We t Broidway. where hey will continue to manu'scture their Transposing Pi no Fortea. This instrument to'ins a besu ritul, lien and new estr ri< r. bo h <u shspe slid nearness, b-sides a tone foil, brilliant and melodious. I'he great advantage derived fiom this new invention is, that music may be trausp sell into any key desired to suit they caliit.or fo an .co impanuiieul of am other instrument, and therefore worthy the atfeiuiou of the amateur, as well as the arnst. A large assoitmeut of tablet Piano Fortes, rosewood ami inaliogauv, 6 and 6>* octaves, with French a rand action are also miiafautly kept on band, ami wi I be sold at a redu e i price. U'd Piano Fortes taken in eiehan*e, also Pisno Koites ktptlor hire LINDF.LL. WLNNKUSIROM k DO. m'2 Im'ee "5 * rank I III street. to (UCntlemkn whiTTVTknu i o Vifi i o?.T< A MANY?MR HUOHK8, Pofessor iu ihe lloyal Mill tary Corns of Cadets in Dresden, i as acennimod lions in his honst fnrgsut'emen as hoarders autl Im'gvis. lie addr. s.trs Inmaell particularly to i nch aa, oining to U-iin iuy for the purpose of lear.i uu tne language, wish in lacilitatr their edsanceuient in it, b? placing tin mtelvet iu a family where it is constantly spoken Mr. Hughes, though iweuty-five yeaisa resident in Uenns uv, is a native ol Fhnrland, and Ih* refore considers a residence in Ins family is iiarticnlaily suitable for youmt Americ ns in liieir Utnman s rnlie?his.a iliaritv with bulk languages eni ding loin to give, iu the course of oitveractiou, those esplanaiiius wbltri eycry mc (Vols at first s i necessary, and wh ch h> will at II times be most willing to offei. l'ne different professors of the Do |>? o' Cadets ha e kiinlli promised to lusottci any asullr men residing with Mr. flu. In so that every facility it one red ta impiuvr those scieucvs e inisitr for any futme piofrssiou For terms, etc , incase to apply io Piofessnr Hughes, Urss Mr. Asm . New York, ana Mr Th. VF. Williams, kind I v prom to *ny rti ?wirt''? * w ,n T WINKS?280 hales English Biidpon I ? p " ; "r A quality .comprising a complete assortment, Ironi r* to oin, for reduced price, by # R toLUN(| ? Cl, , ! nil1r M South street L D. Two Vont4? Tho Aerial Trip. Proteaaor Oall, of Adiilepato, In oci<*nce doth delight, 80 Mole il potent aerial To take a " tlv hy night." Of courne, he being ' a foreigner," A atranger, and quite poor, He could not ba bimaelf at the coat Of making one, we 're aura j Rut mill, he being a gen'roua man, Not necking to make pelf, Hot. lb 1 to aerre great Henaon'a eauae, lie riak'd hia precious self ; All by himself. too and alone, lie freighted hi* strange hark, To Niil the ocean of mid air, And launched her in thr dark. None witneaa'd how hnatruck hia light fir " 1.aggers," hut he flew By ateam, to mount o'er mouutain'a high. All lull of " mountain dew " How he untoniahad '. nobody, Tliat happen J to he there. How strange ! steam-engine whirligigs Should lilt themselves in air ! Yet h<' look'd on, quite cool and calm, Bach barometric mark, And ??w-ay, all that should be seen, Though he was in the dark Ho met ioihh witches on their 1 rooms, And pigs with wings, no lark , And then a duck of wild ducks that, On soring him, cried, </u<u/c I Anit when the sun, like him, arosr, Mo fast flow the clover elf, To save bia eyesight he'd to turn His back upon himself. Beneath him nasi unconscious towns Of people as he flies ; Mo he some " drops ol comfort " took, And hail hit steak in the shirt. And when the ocean met his view, No hydrophobia had he, Mo flx'd to fix his pegasua Fast to a peg in the sea. And then the engine merry was, With whiskey in its head Anil rose so high, he cock'd its tail, And so it downward sped. Penmen, in plenty, kept their watch, Vet none saw our great Gull, Till swift ' the flying Dutchman " he " Brought to" his kindred hull. Now list?his water hoil'd too hot, (Air's pressure was so light,) Ho all his hug pipes burst, and down H" somersetted quite. His gravity remained Still, Nor lear'd he smash appalling. But cooly marked the barometer, And saw that it was falling At length, poor Gull, his head was turn'd, His hamhoo gimc.rack too, And apparatus, all incog, Into the salt waves llew. The flshes?Father Matthew's friends? Nearburst their sides with laughter, As he, with whiskey, plied a cod, i nun roue mm inrougu inu wnier. Tlie machine (conveniently) was loat. The proluaaor'aaunaes to-, And he and the cod the Dutchman caught, Both in a pretty atew. But now he " ia himself again And science must receive him, For he will make another trip, If you will but helieve him. Great European and American Capitalists ? The London Morning Herald, in an obituary notice of the late Richard Arkwright, Esq has the following interesting remarks relative to the comparative wealth of certain leading European and American capitalists:? "He died, possessed, it is reported,of not less than seven millions sterling in personal property alone, irrespective of landed estates. As an individual capitalist there is not one in Europe at the present time who can approach within half the distance, excepting, perhaps, the excellent no less than wealthy Mr. Solomon Heine, of Hamburgh, who, according to general repute, is estimated to concentrate in his own person the representation of many values to the vast amount r four millions sterling. It must he remembered, I 'ever, that rhis sum represents the whole nropert) Mr. Heine, whereas the late Mr. Arkwrtght was p wd of landed estates perha|)s one or two milho -ond the amount at which the personalty is Immensely wealthy as are the Barings, tl thsehilds, the Hopes, Acc , of Europe, there is i. is not been, one that could he placed at all in - comparison ; not all the magnificent fortunes drawn out of, with all the vast capital remaining still in, the princelv house of Baring would, perhajis, all combined, reach to the amount: not all the splendid capitals of all uit- ivoinscnims inroiignoui r.urope ingeiner, equal probably more than one half the enormous miw of the accumulated hordes left behind by the late Mr. Arkwright Out of Europe the only capitalist who could approach the comparison would be Mr Astor. of New York, whose name will be familiar w ith all travellers from the massive and magnificent pile ol buildings which, as Astor's Hotel, has administered totheir convenience?a building which, of th? description and for the special use, stands unparalleled in the whole world : with this palatial structure it must be understood that Mr. Astor neither was nor is otherwise connected than as planner and proprietor, ami Hslortning part of his vast estate. The reports current about the enormous wealth created and accumulated by this extraordinary man, carry it as high as sixteen or seventeen millions of dollars, or say about four millions sterling ; but, of course, w hilst he is living, tins can only be matter ot conjecture, though perhaps not lar from the truth. In illustration ol the fact, however, a curious anecdote has been in circulation in the United States. During tne lifetime of the late Stephen Gtrard, who, from a poor outcast exile from St. Domingo, driven out bv the former slave population, became th* great banker and capitalist ol Philadelphia, it was a subject of something like rival contention between the |>eople of Philadelphia Hnd New York, which possessen ttie greatest capiraiiHt?tiiat is, which was the more wealthy man, (nrard or Astor Doubtless the question was not without its interest to ihe money making parties themselves The death of one or the other, or both, could, however, alone solve the speculaiions, Hnd in the former case then only to the survivor. Accordingly, on the death of Stephen Girard, some years ago, the actual extent of his wealth was verified by the publication of his testament, by which the largest proportion was bequeathed for the establishment and support of literary and public institutions. Wlien Mr Astor was informed ihat the total sum of Gtrard's wealth reached only to some eleven or twelve millions of dollars, he is reported to have exhibited signs of satisfaction, and, in an undertone, as il speaking to himself, to have remarked, "that would not do"?meaning, of course, that it did not come np to the mark of his own prodigious possessions. Court of Common Pleas. Before Judge Ulihoefter. Mat 3# ? Clark va. Heath ?The verdict in this cue was rendered this morning for the defendant. SHIELD'S XYLOfiRAPHIO PRESS, No. 4A Maiden Lane. New York. 'PHK PKOPK KTOK of hi? II krown eiubluhl meot, reinecifiillv invi'es the a'tentiou of M.nnf>cinreri. Druvitiiti. Per nmrn, Grucrri, Haidware anil Dry Uoua dealers, md all "th-ra, t? nil riten?i"a farPiiiai for ttv ri.catiou of C'tpper Plite and X\lofr?|'hic Enir^rirg .nil Pri ting, that he h irrctly dded tohn iloek of machinery, nd mauy new and improved platei far laiasiior to thoae of any other r?t?bli'hrn?ut in America. Hit incceM has in fir eireeded hn eipeculion, aa to enable bin, M nbahenu.' a rommrlion with Ihoie from the beat Kuro rau pruifiuK offirra, aud la now pr pared to riecnte al' ordrra ill a alt lr 1101 to b.- aiirpiwac d on either aidr of the Atlantic. It will lie thr aim of thr propneroy ro continue hia im( royrrncnia, ihit hr may be nblr to aitpply ?ll ?rd ra for ahow billa, cirmlara, wrapner* lab* la, direrlinna. Ac. o the beat qaaiitv, at thr lowea'i oaaiblc pric-a. Oimiual dtaigna ana uutrt ol r?c'T dracnption of tmniif ctnr ia, ra'cnt-3 in thr nrat aiyle of thr art. aud rlrg .nily priuted in fold or ailacr, bronae, or fancy col ra at abort notice. A I rge and gr nrial 'aaortmeni of Drngfiati, Manufacturers. Prrfnm ra, (Jr n-era, aim ofhrr labrla, not antry ou baud, and m y be bad wholraala and rrt it, and all artielaa entirel couu. ct?d with 'he trade. Job Printina in carry variety ofatue, oe-tly ei- otrdtoordr, 'nd 011 the moat reaeontolr trrma, and the proprietor amy here onser?e, that the loweat peasib'e I tier 11 chanted for won done in hia establishment a ayatem wl.ich the itrrat ritent tf hit bnainraa . nablra him fully to carry out Ord ra will he etrrnted with that punctuality and r-g rd fo' the wtahea of hia cnaioinrrt, which it la hoped, anil afford the urmoat a tiafartmn, aud all ordrra from the country uncrnnliy attended to, aud tbe articlra ordered or forwarded to any part of the United Sut-? or the Panadas. mJ lm"r CHAB SHIELD*. Proprietor. MOFFAT'.* LIKETILLA rPHK anbaenbef h .a wiihin a abort lime diacorered that the I* above inv* .uabte medicine baa beeu connle- feited. and porhapa a considerable quantity haa been sold du-itif the oast wiuter in thi'citv aud other paoa of the United Sla'ea. The comnetfen tnedtciiiea are pu up in the lainc ilca? rtption ol chip boiea, with the laaelt ou the bo?' a cm aiuing it e same endoraeincut, with the conutrifait imp ure ol Johu Voffat and lao emir aim na the a air codoriem - lit on thewtapprr ?uh a ike conn'erfyii aiaoa nre The copyiifht advertiaement or I am hat ra Icil tbe (Jm.d haiearitan, haa al-o beeu c*n..te>eitrd and put with ihr latars 111 the l urelope T >e an1 acri ber rum aboui to'aVe leijal proceedinita auaiiiat the tarti- a en* j K m ,hr mauu icunnu aid tending he eonulerfri pi'-a, will ot, it tnia in p ont on the d.ff euc- between the real ndrountii ti nmtcea patiiphl ta an I tut lopea. bat d >i ea In-i it i.ic * nt rally to r?fchaa? only of hia auown aaenta, til if wnom ire in thi recent of le>tera from tbe au'acnher ? i omatitcli A Co 01 New V orb were previonaly earn lied byhe iinileraiitned with hi inv Jnahle m dicit e, bin mi he laat tit m lutlia the wnd*rai. 0?d haa uit aol 1 to f'oma ock A o a-a -eiln in-a, ai d mail not do ao L A A VlcClu r. Dritrfiata. f A'h ny, N. V were -upi lied ny the uuee signed w to hia nedirine-, nnt I Jn-.e T7ih, 1811. time which urn- he baa not u-piled them, ttceplti on ?Ist J I, IMi. with ra And the un'i-iaiiurif Inrther tniiiltii the publ c that he haa ie r (applied John L Ti onipton A Co, Drug-ist", ol Troy, N Y, with hia inrdicmea, and anail no-d ao hiuned. WILLIAM ? VOFFAT , in in it, win ^ jyHN MofrAT< New York, May Id, JUL m11 ll**l

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