Newspaper of The New York Herald, 24 Mayıs 1843, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 24 Mayıs 1843 Page 1
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TH Vol. IX.?Ho. 141 ?Wbuli Ho. I3?t. To th? Public. THE NEW YORK HERALD?daily newspaper?publiihed every day of the year except New Year's day and fourth of July. Price 3 cent* per copy?or >7 90 per annum?postage* paid?cash in advance. THE WEEKLY HERALD?published every Saturday morning? price 0} cents per copy, or $3 13 per annumpostages paid?cash in advance. - i..i . ADVERTISERS are informed tuat me uircuutuua ci the Herald ia over THIRTY THOUSAND, and increaaihg aat. It hat the. largett circulation of any paper in this city, or the world, and to therefore, the beet channel for hunnet> men in the city or country. Prices moderate?cash in advance. PRINTING of all kind*, wxecuted at the most moderate prices, and in the moat elegant style. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, PaoraixToa ar the Heuald Establishment, North west corner ot Fulton and Nassau street* OLD LINE LIVERPOOL PACKETS .ilLA jIL* A despatched in the following order, exoeptipg that when the day of sailing falls oo Sunday, the ships will sail on the succeeding day. For New York. For Liverpool. The SOUTH AMERICA, (June 1 July 19 616 tons. Oct 1 Nov 19 D.u.Bailey, I Feb 1 Mar 19 The ENGLAND, I.June It Aug T 750 ions, ' Oct 19 Dec 7 B. L. Waite. ('Feb It April 7 The OXFOKD, (July 1 Aug It SOO tons. , Nee 1 Dec 19 J. Uathbone, I March 1 April 19 The EUROPE, I.July It Bept 7 cio tons, Nov 19 Jan 7 E. G. Marshall Mar It May 7 The NORTH AMERICA, (Aug 1 Bept 10 611 tons. 1 Dee 1 Jan 19 A. B. Lowbcr.l April 1 Muy It The NEW YORK, I.Aug It Oct 7 300 tons, .Dee It Feb 7 T. B. Cropper.! April It June 7 The CAMBRIDGE, i.Sep. 1 Oct 17 S50 tons, '.Jan 1 Feb 17 W.CBarstow.l May 1 June It The COLUMBUS, l.Sept 19 Nov 9 700 tons, ' Jan It Mar 9 G. A. Cole. May 19 July 7 Punctuality, as regards the day of sailing, will be observed as here'ofore. The price of passage outward is now fixed at One Hundred Dollars, for whicn ample stores sf ever* description wilj be provided, with the exception of wines and liquors, which will be the stewards. GOODHUE h CO.. 61 South st., C. H. MARSHALL, 19 Burling-slip, N. Y. r.a, l,.h n A HI Mli K It I It'll >< II t *, f.l . I>n?nl BRITISH AND NORTH AMERICAN KUIAL JMAii 8TKAM SHIPS, Of UQOitons and 440 hone power each. Under contract with the horde of the-Admiralty. HlBERNlA. C.H. K. Judkine, Commander. BRITANNIA, J.Hewitt. do CALEDONIA, E. O. Lott, do ACADIA. A. Ryrie do COLUMBIA, E. C. Miller, R N do W ill sail from Liverpool and Boston, via Halifax as followi: prom i.ivaarooL from boston. Acadia, Ryrie, Feb 4 Mar 1 Colombia, Millar, Mar 4 Ap'l 1 Britannia, Uerviti, Ap'l 4 May 1 Hiberuia, Jodkins, Ap'l 19 May 16 The accommodations for passengers are superior. The vessels are accompanied by experienced surgeons, and amply supplied with Frances'Patent Life Boats. Passage reduted to SI90. No Berths secnred ontil paid for. For further information, apply r? D BR1UHAM. HARNDEN h CO'B. No. 1 Wall-st jtOe *OR NE? HLbAhb. LOUISIANA AND NEW IRK LINE OF PACKETS M MMM.M. For the butter accommodatTo^of shipiien, it ia intended to a imp irwm mil imn un tne isi, 3in, nun, ijui. ivui, auu 23th ol each month, com i dicing the lftlh October auu continuing until May, when regular days will be appointed for the remainder of the year, whereby great delays and disappointments will be | rerented during the summer months. The following ships witl commence tins arrangement : t?mp YAZOO, Captain Cornell, i Ship OCONEE, Captain Jackson. Ship MISSISSIPPI, Captain Hilliard. Ship LOUISVILLE, Captain Hunt Ship SHAKSPEARlh, Captain Miner. Ship GASTON, Captain Latham. Ship HUNTSV1LLE, Captain Mumford Ship OCMULOEE, Captain Lwavitt. Ship NASHVILLE, Captain Dickmsn. Slap MEMPHIS, Captain Knight. Ship LOUISA, Captain Mulford. These ships were all hailt in the city of New Yprk, express for packets, are of light draft of water, have recently been ~jl wly coinwred and |>nt in splendid order,with accommodations lot passengers nneqnalled for comfort. They ai? commanded by exjarienced masters, who will make every exertion to give 5'ueral satisfaction. They will at all times be towed up End own the Mississippi by iteamnnats. Neither the owu.-rs or captains of these ships will be responsible for jewelry, bullion, precious stones, silrer or plated ware or for any It Urn, oarce! or package, seut by s rpst on board W them, unless regnler bills of lading are taken for the same ,an; the value theieon expressed. For freight or passage, apply ETk COLLINS It CO.. M South St.,or HULLIN fc WOODRUFF, Agent in New Orleans, who will promptly forward all goods to their address. The ships of this line are warranted to sail punctually as advertised, and great care will be taken to have the goods correct ly measured. .'HE M1W LI N E OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS J4t JfiL To sail from New York 16th, and from Liverpool Jth of each month. Ship RO?'HESTER. 600 ion., J,,.. . l-h B i ion i 16th June. Ship HOTTINOUER, 1030 tons, t ,,.l Ira Burselv, J 16th Jnly. .mew snip 1*1 v tnruuL, lion com, > ,?,u John Eldrigge, > ltth August New shir Great Western. 1750 tons ) B.?. . _ P->illp P. W?0.'hoa?e, J l?th September. , .These subitum iaJ, last sailing, hrai class sbina.all built in the eity of New York, are c mmauded by men of ezperience and ability, aiu will be despatched punctually on tha IS to of eaeh nn nth. Their cabina are elegant and commodious, and are furnished with whatever can conduce to the ease and comfottof paaiengert. Neithert e captains or owners of these shirs will be respnn aib'e foi any arcelsor packages sent by them unless regTtlai bills lading are signed therefor. For freight or passage ?pply to WOODHU1.L It MINTURN8, 87 South street. New York, or to FIELDEN, BROTHERS k ro? m 22-ec Liverpool. PASSAGE FROM GREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND m. hTVTMJ complet d eitensivr ami important arrangements fur bringing out passengers fiom the old country, the subscribers can Ith confidence Inform those who may wish to settle for friends to emigrate the present season (1M3) that they will find it their iDtcs t t > mage the necessary arrangements with this li e; b-ing the oldest or longest establi.hed out of this port, it is well known that that the arrangem-uts are complete?the ships of the first class snliug weekly, and the accommodations fitted upeipressly foi the comfort and convenience i f passengers Should those settled for decline coming out, the passage money will, aa nsual, be refunded to the party from whom It was received, without deduction. A free passage per steamer from the various porta of Ireland and Scotland, to Liverpool, can be secured ii desired. Apply to SAMUEL THOMPSON. Old Established Passage Office 273 Pearl St., Or to C. GRIM SHAW |g CO. 10 Goiee Piazzas, Liverpool. Drafti on London, Literpoo', the National Bank ol Ireland Northern Co. nd National Dana of Scotland, at aigtu. and tor any mnonnt Applv as above. n 8 lm*r FOR I IVEBPOOL?Regular Packet Ktth June kWJTaV ?The e'agant. faat sailing New To k |>ack,t ship HE-TK.R, Juhu Br,tt<-n. master, will sail on her ireular oey, II h Jnn - or ire-go in nminrc very -plenum iTnmmifltiioni apply to the Captain on hoard. ?r?v t side Boiling slip, or to WOODHl'LL A MINTUHNH, pa *>< <! Jt7 South stre-t. FOR LIVERPOOL (British vessel)?Sails on yHfiTlninliili, the 25th of M-tr. The lav-me well '' < "htiit Uritiah >hip C-in-tn Johu Dovle, will ?-?ll ponttitelv as shore For freight apply ou board ai Tier n Kail Rirrr, or to tho subscribers? ROCIIE, BROTHERS St Co. S3 V?lton at. ininr n?tt doortnthc F I ton Bank. ijy OLD ESTABLISHED EMIGRANT PAS uMWWSAUK. OFFICE, 31 South street, New York? Reg Line of P'ck'ta?The subscriber continues to mug otit persons from any part of Great Hritain and Ireland, who may lie engaged by their friends here, hy the regular'in# of packet ships, sailing every in daya 'rom Liverpool. PerBona sending lor their friends, may rely that ,juit<-are will he taken to hatethein despatched without delay in Liretpool.and will always endeavor to merit a contiuua ice of the public patronage which has hern ao liberally bellowed for many yeara posit and Ihnee remitting money can hare drafts payable at all the Banks and brioches throughout the Unitrd Kingdom. Kor further particnlara, apply ftfby letter, poat jiaid] to JOHN HERDMA N. ?l Smiihst. The subscriber has made arrv Kementa with th' proprietors ol the Iidi a of Kai'roada, Steambo ts, nil Tnwbuata to f rwaid p aiennera lo a' I he il.ffe en'phriaon tie K'ie (,'anil and Upper Laser, and hy stesn.b rat and railo ad to a'I the principal towns n the r. me. to the Weatern States , t the lowrat ratea For fnrlhei p rttcnla a apnlr as m J2 *A NEWARK AND NEW YOKK-Fare ^rn n "ywwnd* Ojaly 11V6 Cents !?The si lendid steamer .? Etf lT~ PASSAIC, Captain John Oaffy, has been pnt in complete nrdei, and will eommence her trips lor the leaaou, on Monday the I'lth instant, as foilnwa, nulil further lotico Leave New York at 4 o clock, P. M. " Newark at 7>k o'clock, A. M. Freight carrieo at reasonable WIW. al6 3mec _R.fl-1 J0M F OI'I H.'S LINK OF STEAMBOATS KO a ALBANY?Dai'v at 7 o'e'oek, P M 3C?iJBL3E.'I'nroiigli Direct (Snailiy . eirepted) Itoin t e Ip .imiio. i I'ier rttween Conr Inndt and I ib-rty atieeta SI. ,m oat HOCHEHTKK, Capl A Houghton will leave Monday, Wedae-.lav and Friday evenings, at 7 ?'eloch. -tramhiat -OUTH AMERICA, Captain LW Brairard, Kill have Tnrsdar, Thursday and Saturday evenings, at 7 sr. , NORTH AMKIU'A, Captain M H, lnd .:g atkintermrd-ate plreet, will leave Monday, Tuesday Thn ?.'a. afternoons.-t 5 o'cleck. [' t enters aking this Line of Boats w ill invariably imre in Alhary in ample tune to take the Morning Train of Cars for lie or west. irT^Thc above boats are new and substantial, are furnished with new and ehy instate rooms, aud lor spetd and arcoinmo I itioi.a are unrivalled on th- Hudson Kor passage or freight, apply on board, or to P. C. Sehnltz nt he office on tbe wharf. ruler. E NE" NEV NEW JERSEY RAILROAD AND TRANSPOR.TATJON COMPANY NEW YORK ANTI) NEWARK. " ' * t'i'.i tic-".:' ('/--/'r, ^ . 'V.ri tl'c f.??i of P.rturtUnilt itreec, Nlmv Yovk. , ( Kverv J 'v?Susos'? e* efted.) ? ?'? York Ue.ivr* Newark M " A.M. At 2 T. M. At T A.5.1 Ai I P. Df. ? , J do. 2 do. i do. ? do. ' do do i '( do. 5K do. ,(!>* 7? <>* do. 9R do. 8 do. UN SUNDAYS. Krom thf tool ol C-artlanlt itreet. I.rnve Nrw York, Leare Nf-ark. At 9 A. M. and P M. At IK P. M. aud 9^ r. M. NKW YOitK, KLli-ABETH TOVv l.envr Nrw Yorl. I ? ?' Klir'tn>it> Town. At 8 A M. At 2 P M. At T< A. M. it ?i M. 9 do.. 4 do. 8,tf do. SK do. 4X o. 10 jo. do. l>i do. The train* Tor Wc.ujeid, Plainfield, Boandbrook, Somervilts kc., connect with the 9 A M, aud, tJdFM trpim trora Nei> York, daily, Sundays excepted. Fare between New York and Elisabeth Town25 cents. Fare between do and Hoinerville, 75 con's. MfNY YORK. RAHWAY AND NEW BRUNSWICK. Fare reduced. 7root the foot of Conrtlandt street, daily. Leatr New York. Leave New Brauifrick. At 9 A. M. At C A. M. 4 P. M. 7* " iX " 12s noon. ?X P. M. ON SUNDAYS 1 Leave New Y??k. Leave New Brnnawirk. At 4 A M and 4% P >1 At 1 K noon, and 8 \ P M fare betwecu ?ksw Yo-k New Brunswick, 75 ceu??. Rahway, jU cents The fare in the 6 and 7* A. M. train from New Brunt- I , wick, and 4 and 5* P. M. train from New York, hat been rrj duccd< I New York and New Brunswick, to 50 cents. , " and Rahway to 37)a " ( Passengers who procure their tickets at the ticket office, re eeive a ferry ticket gratis. Tickets are received bv the con doctor only on the uuy when purchased. m' 1 3m j PULLEv tk COPP8 EXPRESS, 3 WALL STREET. Th? tubtcriberr. ihe old enn 'u-tort of Harnden St Co.'s Ex i P'ett from New Yoik, will ronitnoe to run -t h-ret-forr.leaving New York, Al"*uy and Troy duly, aud wi I lorward . Sptcie Built Notes Piokitet. Bundles, C?>es of Goods Par- ' celt, Stc Etc , in couuection with iMrtir . B nicy Ik H w ird's | 'Ore*t Wf?t'tn Expes<,"to end fr tn tl-e lollowu g plac*s , v I" Utira, 8-rac-ee, Oswego, Auburn, Hencei F lit O oeva, | Cauad tgua, Roches er, Baiavi- Leckpnrt, tti ffaln, Detroit, Cleav- laud a d ' li cay : also to Knnrtion Tornu and H -milton, iu Canada Writ By Jacobs' North" id Exp es?, l.. Whitehall, Burliucton, Chimp'ain snd Platishurjth; also to St J litis, Montreal aud Q >e >ec, in Canada r art They will alt - c-nn-ct with Ha'cli St Co't Sontketn Erirrs? at New York, and forward -utinlrs of every despription to Philadelphia,Baltimore and Washington. P-tticu ar atten'ion will be paid to the collection of Notet, Drafts. See and prompt r. tnm? mad* b? fi-it Express. Each messenger will be provided with one of Wilder's Patent Salamander Safes, thereby atfo ding greater stcurity in the tiansmission of Valuable papers. Sic OFFICES. PUI.LEN St COrP. No. 3 Wall s'reet, New York. THOMA* GOUOH. No 15 hanse. Aibanv. 1 A. O FlLKlVS, 22? Hivrr strret, 'Pro*. H JAIKiBS, Exchange Comt, St. P-ml, Montreal. Referrne-s?Mei-rs Prime, Wird & Km* Jac'b Little It Co., John T -innh & Co., repoou & H ffiiian, Ca pen er It Ver ilyr, Houghton it t o , Drew, Koiiuaoii & C'N. York; hi. J S' mptirey. Krq , 'J homes Gongh, Esq , Alnany; John Paif E-q , cashier, Wei's, do., 8' K. blow, d>.. C. 8. P apian,do , V Trov m6 rod NE* ARRANGEMENT , FARE AND k KaluHT REDUCED. .Win OA REGULAR MAIL LINK?FOR PRO- i fl^^yL^eVlDK.Nt E AND B 'nTON, tria KTOv 3L_J?JLl^GTON AND NEWTOKT?Compoard ol tne loll..wing iu.<erior steamer*, running in connection with the Stouimrinn >ud Boston and Providence Railroads:? MASSACHUSETTS, t;?pt Comstock. HMODF. ISLAND, Capt lhayer. PROVIDE NCE NARMAO VN8ETT. M??HEOAN One of which will 'eave New York drily (Sundays excepted) Irom Pier No 1, Battery Place, N Kiver, at 5 P. M ARRANGE viENTS. Tne KHODE ISLAND, Captain Thayer, on Monxay, and Wednesday lor Stunington and Newport, and Fiidty for Stoniug'ou The MAS8ACHU 'ETTS.Can'nin Comitoclr, on Tueiday and T.mrseav for Stouingt^n, and Saturday for St'.nitigtuti, Newport and hroridence. Paisengers, on the arrival of the st*ameri at Stoniiiernn, will be iinioedittely forward'd in the splendid and commodious Cera of the Railioid to Pro* dence and Cotton, and if for Newport will i ra etd in the iteamen on Monday, Wednesday and Bvfnlav, and on 'lie intervening days, proceed via Oli ni", tnD Railroad to Providence, and thence in the ?'e-m-r lolaa, wnhoot any additional charge. Tickrta'or the route end sieMners'berths can be secured on board, o- it the office o' HARNDEN It CO, N'0 3 W *11 street [T^On and after th< lOih not, f-e ght will not be r ceived and for wa'ded after half-p'at ? P M in9 6m* m NEW VuKK AND KtNU SPUN S 1 KAM FREIGHT A ND PAB9AOK f,* /K 1 -"?wu ?a? For Kingston, and llelaware snd Hudson 5j^3?0tD?l-steamboats EMERALD and NOR 4 he EMERALD, Captain John Ketcham, will leave New ora foot ol \lurra7 atreet, every Monday and Thursday at 3 o'c'ock P. M Wt.I leave Kingston (Kondout lsnding) e>ery Wednesday and Saturday at 3 'clock, P. M The NORWICH, Captain John "atnuels, will leave New Yerk, foot of Mur ay street, every Wednesday and Saturday at 3 o'clock, P. M. W.ll 1 are Kingston (Rondout lauding) every Tnei ay and Friday at 3 o'clock, P. M EXTRA TRIP8. The EMERALD will leave the fo?t of Murray street every Pnnrly morning at 7 o'd ck. Returning leaves Kingston at 4 ?' loch same day. For freight or pasvnre apply on hoard, or to WILLIAMSON, BARLOW k CO, .? a?a. ? STATEN ISLAND Cktitit Fool of Whitehall street. On and sfier Monday, April 10th. the steamer t?TAl EN ISLAN'ORf, will leave aa follows, until farther notice >? LEAVE 9TATEN ISLAND. NEW VURK. i At A.M. At 9 A.M. It 11 i J'KP.M. I* P.M. a* a* i a . 6 All goods shipped are required to be pirtie.marlv marked,ani > ere at the risk of the owners thereof. i9ec FOR bUEFAuO AND ALL PARIS OK THE Wif?T \ i2A mo Wr 9HK. H iiefil5htv/fl A lilViATlOII PA*aui< OflICK Tu ALBANY. i Utice, tl 00 Ho'he?ttr, $.< 00 byratuse, 2 25 Bnfftlo, 3 10 Oswego, 2 25 Up b Lower Canads5 50 i For passage apply to .??. L. KAY. 1*13 5m 91 Barc'sv gfeei New Y ?b. COCflCl NEW YORK. HCIIOOLKV'S JPJ^LMOUNTAI.N k EA9TON1 t,, ,-.e inr i.?ot of Conrtland stree', daily (8n du>s n u) at 8 o'clock. A M., by railroad f om J rSey city to iVlnrriuown. tt-euce by Post cosehe? thn ugh Mendhain,Chester, Bchnoley's Mountain. Anilerion Town, Port Coldeu, Wash'natou, to Kaston. At w?s mgton, a daily line totersscts to and from B'leidere For seats apply to J. Hill, at J. Pattou's, Commercial Hotel 73 C< urtlaiid street. N.B ?Estns furnish* d t the shortest notice by applying to N. H I u ., United Htst?? H'tel Motistown. invltlm ec ttQQ j|4g2t **l DAILY EXPKe.StS FOR ALBANY TROY. BUFFALO. CHlCAUU AND '1 HE CANADAS The subscribers havtmr Com, letrd their arrangements with the Peopte's Line of Steamboats, on the.North Hirer and the Rail Road Companies wrst of Albiny lor ninning their K.apress (or the aeasou of 1843 an Etnress w II l< are their offiee. No. t Watl stresf,New York, erery e?rning, ?l quarter to 7 o'clock, for the ab ore named a tl iute-mr dt i e places. IMPORTANT. For the greatrrs-feiy end security of all ralnable and money packages ent u .ted to their care, they hare -al?m uid-r Iron Safes oa board of the stea >.boats, its a state room occupied eic'u irely by themselves, gr-d the mrssenger in ch rg" sleeps in the samr ro?ui Willi the iron salrs, mm which all ?ur'. n chapes are placed POMEllOY h COM' A \Y. mire N". 2 Wal. street. MOFKAT'n LIKK PiLLS TH K subscriber has wnhin a shoit time discovered that the ahore inralurble inedirine haa been eonnte letted, and perhaps a considerable quantity haa been sold du'inv tnepast winter in tliii city and other parrs of the United Stales. The coonteifen medicines are pu' up in the rauir ties* nplion of chip bos s, with the labels on the bones c-u sining tlesimeen- , dorseinrut, with the couuteifiit sigmvnre of John Moffat, and , also con'aimng the a-nic maoriem'in on ?'ini . like enan'erfeit signa'nre. The roi yiight advertisement or ( pamh'ot ca led the flood hareanfan, has al o been c?n re - r feited and pat with ihe Imiiet in the envelope T'ie tn'scr her , heing about to take legal proretdings against th- railisen- , K 'g?d iu ihe matiu'ac'unng aid >rudn g heccnnterfri pi1 a. , will not, nt this nine, point on' the d.lfneucr between the real f arid enactsI'tii notices, pamphlets an I env-lopes, but dcsi'es j ihe puoiic generally to purchase only of hit Ituown >? euta, all . of wnom are in the receipt of loiters from the anUcnber ? L. St A McClure, Druggists of Albany, N. V.. were upi lied y hy the ntidetsignril w<tu Ins medicines until June 27ih, 1842, , since winch |um? he has Lot anpplied them, excepting on Ma? 3d, 1844, with bitters. And the un^enuned further notifies the pnbl c that he haa " not r .implied Jo n L. Thoinpaou It Co, Drug isit, ot Troj, N Y, with Ins medicines, and ana I no il , so ' binned, WILLIAM 3. MOFFAT ? ? .. per JOHN MOKFAT. 3 New York, M>v 1<l;_t*41; mir I . h piANO KOKTE8-The suh?cnb.Vs resp-cifullv i. vilf , ,th"r rr,"n,l".n"',..,h' t"bl,5 Keneral, to call at their aata hluhment, No. 2.M h-aat Broadway, where they hare on hand a well assorted smcg of mahogany an* rme nnod French grand 1 action Piano Fortes, with all the late improvements warranted and tobe kept iu tune lor ODe ear. The anhscrbers also beg 1 leave to inform ihe pnbtie, that this is the , subliahrornt formrrI' kept hy Bennet and Hawkins, but ai prrsei.t occupied by the iibsonben The will he f. n d suiting to ti,e times ? Purchasers are respectfully invis d o call ndciamine. N.B. All kinds of piano* from ? to 7 octaves will be made I to order. Also pianos tuned and repamed, or eachaneed on the i most reasonable terms. Also ?e oml lutid pianos for *a|e. , HENHY HICHAHDfc JOHN HUt K. I a2"> 1m*r Ml East Broadway. t TACriT KOH WALK, ol seven Ions bur lien, to , tin . old. and in perfect sail nt! order well lonnd in evaty res- ' pert, such as awi iog for cock pit, ai clt r, gnpiiug, cablet, p?- J t nt sh a?e blocks, sails nd >igi(i g the very Dest material,, 1 a comple set'of flags, cleats and rod ler head of brats, tins a bean ifuI c bin liutly fi led up with ioi kers, rn.hio?s and In h ing glasses, spy gl?s?, and other fii'utcs appertaining loth aim. ,has a larse refrigeia er under tha cockp t, that* ill hold In* ha r re, sloop nggen, c irtiet sr)usre top-ails, |e((th 24 le t i o deck, 9 I, ei bsatn, iron heel, 12 i rhes Hero, wide mid ' ships, not ed oo krlaitn w?ig ing hOO ibs, stnl hose hp know ,| the advantage pi lever >ge power, w ill atonce see toai she can f not be knocaed down in a si|uall,*nd in case her bottom is stove n hecannot sink, as she has the bonyancy of 2000 We'ght nfciik j bet ween Iter sides and seiling, and is a very last t,tier Korl'ar- r thrr particulars inquiry 133 Btuadway comer John si., up fairs, a front room. m33 iw#m W YO V YORK. WEDNESDAY a TO LKT in Williamsburg?The whole or pe't ot a _ Deat three t4<?ry b'ick Dwelling Hoot* in sooth 7th * tt a-ii 4lh ?t., leutvery low Apply to W. & J T. Tapicott, 43 Perk ?lip. m 7-ec AMI HOVUl-.H TO LKT AT YOKK VILLA.?? i-sige l-^Q houses on the corner ol 84lh siren arxl 3d avenue; eithei ^ .'4>ol tliesri it calculated for a public houte, grocery or priKte rcsnlrrice On the premises it a tine stable, I nwliag alley, ind a fine u irdeUj consisting of B olt, with grape vines and fruit reet Iheieuo. For terias, mt|uire of 2 JOHN A. MOKKILL, Btq., inn ?wr S" II Chambers it. MTO LKT?The M union House at Ulo imugd ,le, known at the " Abbey" situ tUtl i sh rt-'Luiice above h* tit twilr stone, just above Btryker't Bn ', -ml uearly 3. SPk-ot.te 8t. Michselt ('hatch The p'ace it well known at ou- of the most delightful titu itions on the Island, iHd it remarkably heahhy iu thetuimner tt itou. Toe Hhinintugdnle stages past and repatt the ante every 4nour in th* dav Thf p ifp is n?vu ami ?I iai The leut wifl he iu accordance with the present state of thr imei. A ply on the premises, or at 1JJ Chambers itreet. N 15.? Ari.iu.emeiil could be made. if desired, by a satis'aetory tenant, to lets par. of the furniture uow in the house pf em iiu, or a part of thu houie will be rented arparntely. V( in 16 lm*r ||( ?!% TO LET?The fire prom Drick store. No. lob south l : ?? (t, with immediate puss-sunn if renured, apply to ,?JA. WOODHULL It MIN fuHN, at miff IT tooth street. m VH PET UKpOH HAL It?A three su-ry iniUem I m tin 11 hick dwelling >nuer and steie wi h two line of . '.iP&K'OUud ar?'cKriL s-?4i*d in Williamsburg, about two ninu'ri walk f om th? PeA Slip Ferry Apoly on'he pr*mis- tl' as, corner uf Fourth and South-Eighth strer's, Williamsburg, o< >r o W. It J. T. TAPSCOTT, a, <r <3 feet slip. n yw KAKM KOR 8 A LB?The bemii iful ini: mveu Hick- 1,1 KSmy Umve Farui situated in the town of Mamorooeck, W ^Kwwekwtw OOttBty, 'hry ill? east sf New Koch, He, \\ i it w minutes walk 'mm tne Boston lurapike, tMHI If of 50 icres of cho re I ml, ten of winch is wood laud; liand-omr J-i le two storv house, ten raoms. The house is snr oundrd Rh with numc out cherry, plu ' h, |" ar and other fruit trees.1mge- cj ilier vmm an am le oicli rd of the cli icest k nil. The ou'builo- _ I gi. re alii first rat- r-pair; a handsome garden iu front of . :he house, laid out wi'h box aud grave' walks throughout, and tn is itocke.l wih all of the rarest shruibery, flowerx, Sic; hand- ar mine lawns in front *ud iear "I the house. The 'skory grove land* ou a rising g-rurid, twenty rods distance frnin the hous-, with beanu ul lof y trees, and is kept at oleasnre ground, hav- to leg a good view of the Lo g Ulnnd Sound Th s place is well ye worth iho att mion of any geutl man wanti g a C"Uniry r--si- .u leuce. Eor'n ther information enquire of llOB'P Lh.WlS, lomer Joust lane and Soutti street, or of Captain SAMUEL til nKO' I.S on thr p cni?et. m'jaofr ai HAMD8t)V'K APARTVKN I8 in H 'Ustoe str<et. close w to Brondway ?To let, to genie mm, with break n?t and w ea K'termers required. Address, box 203 Park Post office ill'2 tin ' ml * go HO NTR V L)r. -. L b K8 art invi ed t" call at the great me PC trV dieiue and Peihimrry Warehouse, 357 Broadway, where CC 'heyeanalw ei fiud, wholesale ami retail, tv-ry i>ojs ilar me ,|j ilicine, aud the "chest Perfumery in lit* country All o ders pn.a ptly exreutro and neat'" narked lor any distance. Call fp and in -he * srlerllon a29"-nd2w r (]| FOit THE FACE AND 8KfN.?Eruptive diseases on the th flee aud-ki , such as pirn les, blotches, tan, tetter, ring g(( worm ; al?o freckles can be sp-edile er-dica'ed bv the use of Chur-h's Vcgciahle Lotion, which has heen in exfei sive use to in the United tittles a d in Enrone, amlt admitted to he the pe best cosmetic in use for clearing nnil esrab'ish ng a brilliant c, mp'exion. Sold St wholesale or ret il at Church's Dispensar>, 180 Bowery, corner of Spring street. Price 75cen'? pel "i bottle. a20 m inis-n 111 Agency waNtbu?a gentleman occuoviug a store I O' ( )|a n to the stre-t) In the lit per nart of Wall street, near j| Broadw ay, It desi'ons to u der al,e the agency of some mat u- i farturiig, m-rcantile, p<t lit,or any other resne-table business. Aptdy to b is No '9'Ui per Post'7/T-ce. m5 lm*eodr W I'A li viO'.S AR^A1 e hTtTi, al 39 ' HA VI B R sTUEK P I" -T<HB GENTLEMEN S SALOON NOW OrEN-Great ti J- Reduc ion >r Baths - '5 cents. . Baths with robes or tin els 37>? " 25'icltesfor $5. th The subscriher hiring leased tie shove establishment, for a Fr :erm of years, h is cqo.menc d in prove m-nts on a scale which 1 when-ompli ted, w iII, he ft liters ni msi II, v-in taste, in ens'- 19 ly elegsnce -no msgiiiliceuce, wi h any siniilarestahlislitnent gl in ihe world; har-ug visited ihe be-t conduced ba'hs in Eu- ^ rope, he feela O" hcsita-iou iu assuring his feliow ciliz ns that . he spirit which has for the past thirty vrars actuated him in providing (no matter "l w* at ens'.) the most splendi i inm inns th lor their social corrfort and conv. ni nee. hall not. on the ore- u. ntnccri 'D be lo?t sight of, and tout to the improvi m-n a soil elt g ncies of th-Emo, eau wi I tike ihe I' u< Df adding fn in I etnv. Dttve rrson cr? of Ins owu cultivMrd rtl and well known'"are, all that lie haa observed wanting to reu- (a iter the enjoyuietit of ahathihe "ne pint u tia" of p rftc ion l The La lies Snl ou wll be iu learborat i" a few d'ja. A n'l description of lie vari- d impri.v- mn's wil be given when bi compl-trd, at d tlie whole th.uwu open I r public ins rctinu. s! m Id 3me* KKBDiNANU PALMO. .. D". NTI tT.?To those who I ave decayed ter'h, and h'Ve n-go cted to have thera uttenili d to.?l'h-r Irnin fear f ita t"' not being pro pei ly done, 01 the hi h price nsnally chaigrd can IT now have eny operation per ormed tierta'ii g ts tb? te- tb, iu a Hi careful a* d pr per manner b; oallH o* W>E PAA90N9? 24 V aey at , where lie la in attrndanc at nil >iinra and prepared to hi tc th and iuiert, from one in a full art, on the beat C P'iucii l?a now kurwn by any dentiat in ihe -ity, for piic-a (, tluit will cotreapond with the tim a, and wi bin the niea a of . everyone Mr P. invitea all iu need of his aervics to call on hun and they-hall not b- disappointed by any o-e ation r ot 111 bring properly i erformed, and in (act perfect satisfaction in alt jp ca ra will tie given. N. B tret iuiem of hit wukcan be aeen in hit ortire, a?d nl referene.ra g v if rrqn red. m2?l?*r gl no net il "yHK TBUSTEK8 ol the Village of Williamaburgh hereA hv give n tice.thnt thev pnrpoa - to adopt me.ian.ea for thr (jr i e dy liquid nion of all legal claima agnna the Village.? [| Toose, the-eforr, who have claims - gainst a id vitlaEr, iu tht , r idi ol warrants either .mains' the vi'laee or mv street or CI Well and puinp in the village, -s wr I th' se wlio clay hn J f)? iidp-ent or a lain of any description for the payment of ... nhieh the village is li blr. arc he-eby r quetird to give inlor* , motion to the Clerk of soid village at thn Tr s ee'? Hall, on ot before the23d day of May ins'.; statiug particularly the na- Rl lure, amonui <ud dale of tke claim, together with the name of n) the ongr el owner. The said Tru-tees won'd a'so give no ire, that they hare 8V made ar etutemcnts for pr> en >ng n. w asseasmeut maps ?f the w rutin village, iu three dis.inct sections. All peisons, theie ol rote, holding re?l estate iu that 11 ice are he.t by requested to ? live notire at at eirly a p nod as possible, to vir kTtavard " Burcham, at the Trustees'Hill, "v or h 2 . sleet,oft e nature vt mil loctnou u tne real est te held by them, so that hereaIter f,, ill such pr nerty mav be :ax d to the true owner. ByorJerof the Boa-d ol Trustee-, "I JOHN C. MINTUnN, President. 8A William bosh. Mar 3 I git m< t21**e VvilNr 8~BHA>.DIK8. kc. Cr THE subsenh, rofTe t 'he following Wiues, kc. for sale at 4S ?r Pi e siren, corner nf William " Madeira iu pities, hhda, quarter casks, demijohns and bottles, v> i pait very old and high cost, direct ami via India. q| Cherries, in pipes hhds, quarter c .sua and in glass, of trades?Amon illado mqnliter ca?k? Tori?Imported expressly for family nae, in wood end in f? llaa?. in ' larets?Chateau Marge am, Latoure, St. Estaphe, Laraxe. ,j Si Jn.ien?also iu casks Hocks?J -hannesberg Castle.M.ircobr.iimer Cab net,Che rtz- ',r Merger, BroDeOerg, Assm-rmhausen, (irei hanseu. Hintarhsu \\ leo, Kudeih inter, H.ttenheiui Peisporter, Leibleaun ilcli, > Uie-enheimer Hoehhvirnrr,kc. It- kc. Sauterne, Barsac, Mns-at, t'hablis ne Burguudes?Cloa de Voueeot, Chtmbertin, Romanes. CH Very old Cognac Brandy, vintage 178); expreaaly for summer ise Kine Holland Oin. T* The ab-ve arti let are recommended to the infirm as'a sorereigu remedy for their maladies. GILBERT DAVIS. i? ml Im _________ dh "1 Q WORTH of China, Glass and h.*rtk- u Ware , dp I , VJ VJ VJ for tale ai 170 Eighth Avenue, by Thomas Mc- "1 S.irlv.?This wate is now open, and will he sold to retailers, to at the following priest?blue s-up and tl t Plate", Htench ,|. shapes, 7s. per dor. ; lufters, Ja CI ; Peris wk te plates, s'unware.6< per dot ; tnftv rs. 5- ; dishes, bikes and toil-ttr ware n> equa'lylow: bowis from 2s 6d to 4s. 3d; lamps, oil, Liverpool, vi 12* ; hall lamps fmin 26 to SC.ihe aame a? the d .wn-ti wu sl'-rev p. sell for tlO and (12; common ware for grocers, by the bu hel. ' No ciedi'. svst m ??i?. N B No chirg.-f .r crntta to oouutry to merchants. China tea sets from 12s. is $'5 It Pubhr sale on Wedh< ?.| IV, in SI4 Boiad W"T. mj-lrn'rc ,j 'I'ME KKKNCH AND AMKKICAN r.ATI - GHUUbE, it J No St and 66 Nassau street, b- twrrn M id.-n lane ?nd 1 John street, is row beingl or the snmmi r mouihs thoroughly repaired, 'he kitchen to be alt-red to tee West India plan, ol it having the same in the reir of the ho ises to prevent the odor th and heat fr-m cooking, wh-ch is in genrral very ofTrus ve in I: most ea it R houses?and the dining saloon enlarged awl d-co "I rated i" a tnpennr Eiei ch style, wph ma ble ta les, suprm oil hi pain'inga, mirhlr stitoea of General Washngt, n, kc ; where (h JO p?r oris can with convenience * it at 'ice makes thiv home one of the m-a'genteel, superb mil comf tble as w tah'i .r.ments in the Union?wher from 67 to 70 dishes are by I l y se ve ' up Iron- 6 c uts -nvi upw.t ds; the best Java Cof ,M, fee and he finest black Tea ai 3 cenlsacup; the best Claret ' Wine ?t 6 cents a smill bott e, k . w Tile Huhiciih?r, seusib ? < f the truth that retrenchment L ne iha-rdet I tlediv, is confident that no p'ace exisis whenmeal" I the d teripiion famished at hn honti can be m p ssrd , ror loiTue"t havm b- en his c-ms ant aim to endea- m ro to ca et at the mo-- economical prices It is useless to men- 9f ho - morr 'h fame of-hit House b -log I ng since establish'd as |nl [he first i fits d scr-p ion in tnis ci. v Those in donht of the mm-* c in oe c ?vi crd by ihe crowds of gectlemen of the first ' e?pr rt.ihiliiy that daily res r there. in \Vi h ih'nh" to a generous mid discriminating public for theii y, H?[ ? (I 11 iMennii urn i,mr innirnun. n nr on 01 rcluiuiK i ennti u*"ce of purouage, freeiy signa i im? If 11 mil l?'i HCNwY OOBLINO A( PHOTOGRAPH PORTRAITS-DT. C >1 I VIIIH the intenter of t)>ia ntyt art, produot by it Dot only ?cor- of ect likeness ?f the minimi p rtr tit bill elso a i uriiy ofdesign on i bril lancv of cn'oring, which Itr a rtmt tha rht f-d'unrin ' -sthrhr anrirnt or m< il rn?of the moat c- lebr ted rtiats. Jrattful I 1 Cite fDro?-?gOl^iit he has rac-ived from hia bo- it nerona friends and the public geneial y D . L M. Cyrus |lf) aronld f .in inform them th it he ha? fitted tip, for ihe aeeommo- . I -'ion of ladies. a auite of rooms in I' ik Pi -ce Hin.r, comer >p| >f Broadway, where he irna's hia ?kill 10 h a profession antl rd iia nttai'tion to , II who miv ' oojrhim with than I vor., will sn uiti-e him a rnnlinitnnce of the patron if hithe to to liberally iet OWi il i n htm. 81" The Doctor Ktrea inatmction in e??ry d partmrnt of the Da- nR ruerreotype and Phyt graphic art. loat nmeti.a fo tvking por- w, r Its on a large or am II ac le, for Sale,as also the nec*aaary hemical rre.iariti.ina f r the taking of port-aits in Phyitr as [rapha or cd'ora Term* moderate. m'OI"*r mi NO ill K lu 1 HE HOLlE 8 Oe ICLil.Nulo aud Al M'ch gtn Canal Bond, and hc-in VV( Th Bo ks ?re now open at the * m-ritan Fxchaare B nk, 14 Wall steel IV Y- for anbicnn'i ma lo the loan 'nthori'ed >T the at.t ol the Degisla.are ol Mi"ou, apprt.Tid Feb 2?ili, tic Bubsetibera will be riqmred to eah bit their biodi and ?erip **? md rrviitai then d te, oituibrr ai d amoual at ihe lime cf sob- '1 iciibiw. I he hooka w i'l continue open at the ?boTe | l?ee uuf fur- pot h r not lite is given. C" A HLVH OAKLEY, -k. Mil Ha El. VA\ " mJK'r Ci mm'ra fo II''n i?. ,H fX I'mA< T Iroin th? MiuUtea ol the J.nut Committee on hit "e eire W ater May Plh 18 3 ? "Vhereaa, aevt ral of the |i? Cngine and Hook andL tdiler'l 'em no If s, hare, since the snon mil ice hare been renu Tad irom the alre?u, conliatitd (on Hti ilarin ol li.elto ding their an,. ritui upon the sidewalks,inert- C01 ijr ei dingeriog he lire* and destroy ing tne property of thr HR tltixene, tlier- (ore Mesnl-ed, Tint the Chief F.ngtn'er he directed to notify thi .. iiemen thr.iuhlhe i ublic pipers, th>t iO inurh of the O'di "It lan e aa raises ti <i atiting Engines, Hoar Carriages, anil int 1"tik and Laddrr Trucks, an the tul'Wss., -"i'l hereifier b' (o tiictly eutorceil. ABU .HAM HATFIELD, , Chjirman Ji i it Cotnooi''e Fur and Water. c" i;OHiv'.A V. ANDKKStlN, d m H yr hier EwMMtt. ^Ii rtaU rilrh ?i nn Oi aioteu an Auditor lient ml - Warrant rcr ^ on the Treasurer of MiC 'igan, for IWo hu .dteil a. d tillV ollir, drawn I faiornfU II mg' n , tun d tin.In U I mipon.l, Andimr i?eue-al. 'Ihe pob ic iirtnlion?d agrloxi rr< leuoeit ii i or receiving the m - ,aa ym\ ment It is he ,-n stopped. at'I Inv person giving information re preu ir tanl w irrant vt i ! be nil hiy rewarded by rKRShK k MHOOKM, wJi 3ti 81 Liberty meet. RK I morjvijnm;, may 24, 1 'he Great Newnpaper War between Knrope and America. [S"rnm t)>e LdikIoii Q-ivterly H?view ] ft XVI?1 The New York Mnrninp Courier and Enquirer : The New York Herald: October to Ft binary, 1812 3 I At Amiruains en Fvrope, et bt Fumy tent aux Ft itt Unit, (Ame irons in Europe, and Europeans in the Umted States, by Philarite ('hastes: Revue des I) ux Mondtt, February, 18-13 ) Fans 1843 I At Et?ts-Uais : Souvenirs d'un Vnyaj^eur. ( the United States : Recollections of a Truvellir ) Pur M Itidore l.owmtern Paris ani IAiptic. 18-12. 'I he North American Review J or January, 1813. Boston, U. S. [Continued from yesterday's paper.] We have never denied that we have an infamous ess in Eingianu: we jmt mm tact forward m the ry front ot our first exposure of the literary deiqoenciesof America, and we do not desire that it tould be lost eight of. It marks, in a manner too rtking and salutary, the ditlerence in the moral id social condition of the countries. That inlaous press, we cannot too often repeat, is limited to vo newspapers, published weekly, and in circui ton, as in every other respect, the lowest of their mtemporaries, Position, they have none; intence, except with those ot whose bad conscience cowardice they make a market, none. Any one ho pretended to talk ot their poh'ical import, ould be laughed at. The real English people have j concern with them, any more than with the tmhling houses or otherscenes of vice in this most owded metropolis of the world ; or than with the i called fashionable men who resort to them, and whom these libellous papers find their readers id their friends. It happened, not many weeks r.ce, that one ot them, through its chief conducr and proprietor, indiscreetly placed itsell within ach ol the healthy classes of our people in one ot eir places of public entertainment, when the man, mugh what he then proposed was harmless enough, id might possibly have had some merit of itp own, as igtiominioiisly driven out of the public sight, nil vehement contempt and execration. It was, ltnevery sume evening, matter of and and pomma complaint in the Utilise of Lords, that the law >uld not etleciively reach these libellers ; when it us fell to the good fortune of some hundreds, repsen'ing the good old hearty English feeling, to id at that instant one of them self placed within eir reach. IVe can punish him, at any rate, they id: aud how they did it, is little likely ever to be rgolten in the annals ot scandalous English newsipers But the absence of mere personal scandal does it necessarily imply the good conduct of a journal i other important respects'? We admit this. It is ur charge against a vast many American papers, iat have no specially libellous vocation. We must so admit, then, that England can this way sin at ell. As in the other case, however, the instancet re only two, and to be found in that part ol the ess which is published weekly ; but the circulaon is larter, aud in one of these instances, is said i exceed thirty thousand. Thirty thousand pol ouses ring all the more noisily for this one day in leweek ; things that should be reverenced ana rejected, are made the subject of vulgar abuse ; there violence, exaggeration, and intemperance ; all eat evils. But were they evils fitly limes ns great, leyact within a limited sphere, and cannot peneate beyond. There they exhaust their tury and leir mischief. In such a country as ours, where rery class (except, we grieve to say, the lowest laBring class, to whose condition, t?od be thanked, ien'8 minds are at last awakeninel are to some cer in extent protected against every other class, and *ve each, in a greater or less degree, their special nlwark of shelter from the gross or false pretenons ot the rest,?even the very worst shape which tese opposed and counteracting interests can asime, has its lurking principle ot safety. Tneii lost evil and moBt vicious element dasnes itsel gainst the general structure of society in vain. But what is the case in America 1 There is are ent expression in m ich abuse, and which promise! > become fashionable tor all kinds of purposes, tin /runny of the majority. For ourselves we do not i the abstract do-cover anything so very frightful t what it expresses If there is to be a tyranny ot ly kind, this seems, on the whole, to put forth the eatest amount ofjust prrtenston. The misery of is, in the present state of the republic, that it is a ranny altogether unexampled in former limes and vernments, because utterly without the least control we are asked whether we sutipose it possible to teck the further advances of the democratic tenncy in the United States, we answer no, but that oBt possible and practicable would it be, by a very nerent course irom that which is now pursued, to lide, to elevate, to redeem it, to conduct it to a ?ble and enduring destiny. As it is, everything veils the lorces ol society in one direction, against hich not a singlp effective stand is made in any le quarter. In ihisstate of things the " New York erald' made its sppearance some eight or nine ars ago, and found society thoroughly prepared r its career of infamous success. In one immense vision, utter recklessness; in the other, where fety lay, utter indifference. And what a lesson r some present resistance against dangers still to imc, is embodied in the past course and influence this terrible fop to decency and order ! AII those ces of the republic which should have beengradu ly wearing away?the prving, inquisitive, unholesome growth, of a young and prematurely reed society?have been [tampered and bloated to creased enormity. For as nothing breeds so raply as vermin, the " Herald" brood, within ihis ief space el years, has almost covered the land ? re are told, and we can well believe it, that the Herald" has imitators and worthy disciples in very arly every small village, town, or city in Amerilt seems at tirst incredible that no strong effort ould have been made to resist all thiB, but a little flection explains the cause. The existing press of America had itself effectivebrought the curse upon the land, of which the foreign" adventurer (ior Scotland voided him over e Atlantic) who started the "Herald" simply ok advantage. This whs the press which, before e birth of the "Herald," Governor Clinton had mounced in terms we quoted in our former Keew, and of which, some years earlier, Jefferson rpressecia strong conviction in liis correspondence, irti iirtu iih iniriiii?-i?iii;c uuu uiihiiiiihw urrn nnwn in the lime of Washington, they would have riven lhat great man Irom public life. This was ie press of which, when Captain Hamilton was in meriea, that intelligent and acute observer made his business to read specimens " from all parts ol ie Union," and pronounced it as his opinion that ley were so contemptible in talent, and in abuse so irribly outrageous, as to disgust him far more with e people who could endure them, than with the riterswhohad produced them. And, we repeat, > this press, when the " Herald" appeared, the re iblicwas already afflicted with that Spirit of Party Inch is too nearly allied tolhe Spirit of Licentious 'ss to be able to check its career Pari jhiuu with e other has it since continued, giving and taking mrishment from the same polluted source, till we e its hideous consummation in such a paper asthe rgely circulated iiifl lential " Courier and Enquir," and have 10 grieve over its deplorable excesses even such able, respectable, and well conducted, ottgh for that leason, not widely popular journals, the " New York American," the " Boston Daily fvertiser," the "New York Evening Post," and me few others. Here, therefore, was the safety the " Herald." Even the honestest men of the posite parties were too hotly engaged in tearing ch other to pieces, tobethink them how far better had been to make common cause against the disnest and infamous, the enemy of all So?uninterred with?went on the "Herald," till it has reachits daily circulation of upwards of thirty thound : till it can boast of the favors of the Chief Maurate of the Republic ; till it forces its vagabond enis and tools into the public service: till, in a trtf, it lias become A Power in the state. It is of little u-e fuming about this, as to deny, in the itter of slavery, the degradation and depression of narica below every other civilized country in the >rld. Let tliern lume as they will, the thing is so, d until they do something better and more pracal, so it will continue. The President of Ameriis not a dolt or a madman, and would hardly ice himself in such rrlaiions wiih the " New York raid" without a sufficient reason. His present anion hasa tendency to sharpen the wits, and to dw him where profit lies. WetHkehis authority be,therefore, thafjin this paper? this wicked, coldioded representative, not so much of any sjieciJ rty, as of the reckless, outrageous, licentious, an. ominable qualities, of which all party is now corned?he sees his best protection in the long rtin ainst the storms which threaten him. But we have promised in this lievirw to describe ; 'Answer'we have received, and it is time to reduce ihe flattering reception which was given our article of October ny the journal, whose aracter, as we hope, we have now thoroughly plained: the 'New York Daily Herald.' It is tMrative of much tlint we have offered to th? ider's consideration, and may also very possibly id hint to sujipose that beneath hII the tone ot Itless bullying it exhibits, beneath all its boasten I glorification in disgrace and shame, there is ill ncealed fear, trembling, which will have way, iu which puts on sorry grimace, and the bitter TER A 843. sense that, librrtin** jack pudding as it may still attempt to show itself, our Keview has placed a noose around its neck, which it would onlv ack one spirited demonstration of the decency and intelligence ol America, to tighten eftectuully, a' once, and forever. But we reserve any further remark till we have printed the extracts. Though we have aliri ged even those we quote (never to the omission ol a syllable that looks in the remotest degree like answer or delence,) and omitted some dozen times the number with which we might, if inclined to so eor ty <1 work, fill more tliiin another number of our 'Review,' tliey will yet, in nil probability, be much too numerous for the reader's liking. He must bear with us, lor the purpose we have in view Tlie truili is, that since the 'Foreign Quarterly' ol last October reached the United States, scarcely a day lias passed in which it has not furnished a leading topic of outrageous abuse to the "Herald" and us associates throughout the country. What we now give are al! taken from the most prominent leaders ol the Coryphtnus ol the herd. All of them dale on separate days, and not a syllable more is quoted at any time, than may serve as a sample ol the rest. 1. "This extraordinary Review is, without exception, one of the most savage articles on a literary subject, that ever appeared in British journal; mid moy he c hauler ed ds the manifesto, or declaration ol war, of the London literati, against that portion of the newspaper press ol America who oppose the Copyright law, and refuse to acknowledge the supremacy of English literature and English genius." 3 "This remarkable Review contains twenty-six octavo pages, or seven columns of minion matter, written with all tho force and originality of genuine blackguard, ism. . . . The papers cut up in this savage article are the Heiald" and 'Courier and Enquirer;' and the style in which they are treated, is a caution to the Mohawks. . . The'Weekly Herald' of this day, price only fid., will contain this womlei fill article at length, and next week we shall enter upon an analysis of its views, facts, falsehoods, assertions and purposes . . . Aristocrats and monopolists have dictated to the writer. . . . The war i' now begun, and 'd ? d ha ho 'hat first cries Hold, enough.' " 3. "Shockingly false reasoning, apparently founded on the grossest misinformation." "Vein ol personal spite " "Dictated by th? aristocratic circles." 4. This Review is the first gun in the long war that has at last broken out in tlie literature of Ameiica and that of Europe, for the empire of Ihr human mind in both heiniijilieni. ('. !) It is one lit the most savage and barbarous tirades that ever disgraced tho literature of any country. It is falsehood?lury?misrepresents ion, misquotation ? violence, vulgarity?heart leanness?coarseness?and all that low ipeciei of tact which distinguishes \ho literary works ot Dickens already belore tho public. . . . We consider this singular Review as a step in the general revolution in literature, politics, government, liberty, and light, which the press of this country have begun, and which is destined to overrun all the existing institutions of Europe at no distant day, and to create in their stead republican government, republican literature, and republican philosophy !! At our leisure we shall revitw the Review, and make Dickens drink to the very 1 dregs c he very cup he has mixed tor others to take." I 6 "We understand that a literary gentleman of dis lingiiishrd reputation is now engaged in writing a reply to the Review on American Newspaper Literature, | written hy Dickens, and first appearing in the 'Foreign Quarterly Review ' This gentleman is intimately acquainted with the British, French, and American newspaper press He will show the different characteristics newspaper literature in the most original that ever appeared in the history of civilization', that it unitea philoso| hy, poetry, n<I wit, in tuch proportions and i/uantities, as will produca one of the most remarkable, intellectual and literary revolutions that ever blessed the world. . . . This review ol the Keview w 111 be issued in a lew days, in an extra 'Literary Herald,' and an edition of 60 000 copies will be published; one-half ot which will be sent to England and France. The literary war has now begun between the Old and the New World, and it must go on !" 6. ' Din Dickers white the Rktiv.w I Several papers have ui (lertaken to throw a doubt on this question In i the first place, Doctcr , the English correspondent of Noah's paper, says the authorship ts universally attributed to Dick, ns, and that tuch is the impression in Lon- i . don. Secondly,several persons who have recently nr rived herefrom England, say that it was generally talked atioul in the literary circles there, that some such review, written by Dickens, was shortly to appear. A gain, 3 several private letters have been received by gentlemen : in this city, com Dickens, in which bespeaks of the newspapers of the United States in exactly the same strain as the review in question does, tic. lie. We could state the name?, but, . But even admitting Dickens was not author, it is quite certain that he had a hand in it, in probably under the direction ot the celebrated clii/ue ''O tent him oul here (I) This clique consisted of tnogi ? nu signed the lamous letter on the Copywiight Lav > ich was published in the 'Evening Post'before Diclti It t here. And taking this view of the m itter, it would then prove that this review is the result of a conspiracy umong the member* of this clique to abuse and falsify by every means in their power the institutions of this country, and those who are daily endeavoring to sustuin them withtheii best energies. And this conspiracy has for its ultimate object to monopoize a market lor the sale of their books View it in whatever light we may. it is a most metD, selfish, and disgraceful movement. We shall not quit the subject till the authors are thoroughly eiposed " 7 Letter from a London Correspondent (forged, we have little doubt) in support of the above argument : ' He lashes the American Press unmercifully, and there is strong reason to believe he is the author of a very caustic and severe article in the last number of the 'Foreign Quarterly Review,'on the newspaper literature of the Uni'ed States." 8 " The ce'ebrated review by Dickens and his tail bas created a terrible cemmotion wherever it has be-n read, and particularly has the sensation centred about his re. marks on the ' New York Herald.' " 9. " A correapondent s ates it to be much more probable that Fenimore Cooper wrote the ' Review on American I Newspaper Literature,'than Dickens did- We will think ol this. Will Mr Cooper deny it 7" LD. Prlw Two Cinu, meeting ; the threat to arreat the shenfl . the money that Mrmril to flow like water ; the various bribes ; the mock piety , the holding aort ot levee in the hall on the day ol execution ; the horrid marriage ; the shocking im. cide ; and the huiningof the jail?all oombinr to form a hiatory that throws romance and labia forever in the hade." 19. " The London Newspaper Preaa, following the cue of the 1 Foreign Quarterly,' i? assailing in the most hitter manner the American Nowapaper Press?for the purpose, as ihey avow, of arresting the progress of republican ideas, and republican principles in Europe. The cat is out of the t>8|{ at last. The frev institutions of this happy land carry alarm to the uohlesse of Europe, and liberty must tie uttacked not by the sword but by the pen. Very well, come on. This willcatise a sensation throughout the United States D?n't bunt Cup cool. Be ifuttr." i "20. It ia very unlikely that the presa ?or the English literati, who resort to writing principally became thsy " . , "viiin ut the bur?will be left to light out the battle. This war ol opinion will one day end in a trial of phyiicat strength " 31. " Tlie moit important feature of the 'AesdiaV intelligence in the breaking out ol a war in the l.ondon New*, paper Preas and the atrange and amusing chaiacter of the contest that is going on in London and Paris about the talent, circulation, and influence of the'New Volk Herald.' One of the ablest ol the London papers, The ing Star,'(!!!) takes up the cause of the. New Yoik Herald,'and prove* that all this is to prevent us from attacking the rotten institutions of England " 33. "We give our readers to-day a series oi the most remarkable articles that ever appeared in Englaud on the American people, literature, and institutions. It consist* of extracts Irom the London ' Times,' lie. lie. . . . " It will he perceived from thesa extraordinary extracts, that the famous article In the 'Foreign Quarterly Review,' was only the first gun in the war that is now going on in Europe against American morals, literature, finance, and politics. I hat article, supposed at first by manytolinve been written by Dickens, but recently attributed, we a person bv the name of Donald McLeod,formerly a letter writer in Washington, in conjunction with is now known to have been only the coanmencement of a long newspaper war, which the privileged aristocracy of England have started as a locus penitential, to hide the weakness of Lord Ashburton in hi* political, and of Dickens in his literary negotiations. " Hut the great?the solemn truth is now revealed. There is a clique of small brokers, stock-jobbers, and liter at eurs in this country, who are secretly leagued with the privileged aristocracy, stockjobbers, and liter at eurs of England, and who furnish these foreign foes with the materials of falsehood, misrepresentation, and rtpioarh, to destroy I he character of this country in all its i elatious, and through all its popular elements. It is now perfectly evi tent, that, in England, a newspaper war against New York and the U. Htates is declared, similar to that made againtit Paris and France in the times of the repitthlic and the empire ? This war is began immediately on the return to Ens land of Lord Ashburton and Dickens, both of whom had either failed or been out generalled in their several negotiationsThe literary, financial, anil political systems ol England are in danger, from the influence, the example, and the energy of those in the United States. H'nce the present outbreak in nil their violent tory join. an. But what core weon thil lideof the water? The luck ?the move, mailt ii with u?. We have the prestige and the sprit of the age on the aide of the United Htntes. The ariitocratf, stock jnlibera, literateura, and brokers of Europe, with their secret agents here, will be met with rn enthusiasm nud an energy that nothing can conquer. Theae very fnltehooda ef travellura, reviewers, and newspapi r wrlters. u'tll only make us mend what is wrong?improve the unimproved- and carry out the civilization of the world." }J "The war ol opinion has broken out with the settlement of political differences. This war embraces every shade of opinion, and every principle in religion, society, and government. It has just now broken out, on the part ot the Old World, by a general and savage attack, through the English and French periodical press, reviews and newspapers, on the literature, morals, finance, government, and institutions, oi the New World. We need hardly enumerate the organs of this attack?the 'Foreign Quarterly Review;' the London 'Times,' 1 Chronicle,' and other daily prints ; Dickens and Ashburton ; nil parties and all sects in England, with the exception of the popular party [the London ' Star !'] unite in this war of defamation and execration against the United States. But in every thing that is original, racy, energetic, and liberal, be it in politics, religion, moralis. literature or society, wo are fnr before the formal and priest or soldier-ridden communities of France or Engiend. In time we thall mend our faults. and increase the jiower ami influence of our institutions." J4. ".... There is every appearance, from this and other works, that a grand conspiracy has been concerted by the stock-jobbers, book Jobbers, and government Jobbers of Europe, to depreciate and libel the character of the American people, in all the elements of society and government. The credit of the general government baa just been crushed by such a combination among theaa capitalists, on the ostensible ground that some of the Siates repudiate, or are unable to meet their engagements, American literature, morula, and aianners aie depreciated hy a like conspiracy among the pcnnv-a-liners and book-makers Jlnd thei e are clii/ues of blnckheade in thil city, so rert rant to every feeling of se'f respect and patrier Hem, at to aid and assist such a deteetahle movement, in order to deetroy the influence of America on Europe and the world " lb. " In congratulating our r> aders, patrons, advertisers, and the public, on the glorioue advent of the birthday of our Lord and Saviour, we sincerely assure them ol tilt feelings oi gratitude that we lev I lor the unexampled support and patronage exhibited towards the ' Herald'(/ .') No newspaper has passed through such a fiery trial of attacks, abuse, libels, and atrocious calumnies as we have experienced." 16. " We are, beyond the possibility of doubt, the JFa poleoo of the jrress in both hemispheres. The ' New York Herald' is in questionably the gieatest and mightieet intellectual institution ef civilized society in the present century. Look at the excitement, the ferment, the luas and the tury, which its existence, progress, power, circulation, and influence, cause in both the old and the new world?in London and in New York?in the grave Quarterly Reviews, and in the newspaper press of both countries It is a nhennn-enon in the hiaiorv of civilization During th^ last month. on the other aide of the water, the ' London Foreign Quarterly Review,' ami the London Newspaper I'reaa. have endeavored to stop our career a# they Hid Napoleon's, by ?l. aorta ol abuse, lalaehood, and a solitary truth Hear taothin (!) On thia aide the water, we have announced our establishment lor tale, then withdrew it. 1 hen we proposed to take the benefit of the bankrupt law ; then postponed that solemn scene of whitewashing till doomsday And straightway the whole newspaper press, little and great, daily and weekly, have been in a state of general excitement and amu aingeffervesence ever since. They have stormed, an fnnned, and raved, and lied, and puffed, and sworn, and abused us in all manner of ways. Thia most amusing, moat laughable, most absurd, moat silly, most foolish excitement among tha content;>?rtry newspapers in New York and ehewhera, has produced one most as-ounding a"d curious result. The circulation of the ' Herald,'both in city and country, has increased so much and so rapidly since this new war broke out in London, that we have had to give a large additional order tO 'Ur paper manufacturers !" '27. " iVe are situated in thii community somewhat like what Socrates was in the citt or Athens. That eminent philosopher was persecuted and abused by the sophists and defaulters, the cheats, and swindlers, the bankrupts and fools of that gay capital?till they gave him a popularity that has surpassed that of all othera in every age. tliecalm, quiet, virtuous lift ; hit elevated philorophical a- d correct ideal ; hie direct eptgramatic and sarcastic wit and good rente , urn a constant eyesore to tha sophists, politicians, and speculators of Jlthens This rar.cisri.t ova eosition hiss. We ass the Socrates or New Yuan. But wt are supported by a community that Will enable i's TO revel all attemfts at rtRtlCVTION." And now, it the reader has had patience to travel through these not incurious specimens of the literature of the American daily newspa|>er of largest circulation in the States, he will discover, we venlure to think, that our Review ol October last has not been without its use. The so often promised reply?'he review of Ae Review? wherein the 'distinguished literary gentleman' wm to set about hit* very needless proof that this literature ot American newspapers whs the most original that hud ever appeared in the history of civilization?which was to make us drink to the dregs the cup we had mixed so bitterly?which was to he " out" so" soon," and to he n "screamer"?has alas! never come out and never screamed at all. The onlv answer made has been such as these quotations give ; impotent, cowardly, blustering, contemptible ; offering neither aigument nor fact in defence, and not even one miserable plea in mitigation of punishment. Rut it has ihe merit of saying for our ourpose all that remained to be said, and of finishing those parts of the portraiture we had found nurselvss incompetent lo paint, with the touches of the only master that could do them perfect justice. The reader has but 10 imagine besides, a paper nearly half filled every lay with details of indecencies, blasphemies, and iltn (which no respectable journal can do more han distantly allude to,) and, with the extracts <iven, he sees the daily delight of?(moderately computing three readers to every number)?a lundred thousand American citizens Can we -xaggerate such an enormity as this 1 Will the Westminster Reviewer j>ersist in the attempt to fix <uch a charge upon us ? Does he continue 10 think ihere is nothing monstrous in the avowed countenance and patronage ofsurlmn organ by ihe ( hief Magistrate of a great republic ! Will he repeat the outrageous assertion that the moral tone ot this newspaper is not #olottus that of ihe party papers of To'us it seems that the absence of all moral sense in every part of ihe writing of this wretched man, ia most dreadlul to contemplate. We could laugh at the imbecility, ai (he ignorance, at ihe impudence ; >ut the other consideration arrests us with a feeling if something awlul. The hideouscomplacency with vhich he describes (Kxtract 17) his own organized vstem of obscene scandal; the fiend like recklessess of his contempt lor all sacred things (2D); and is perfect confidence in the taste of his hundred musand readers, with which he seiaforth tf osederriptions of the Republic and her Congress (14 and "?); are -uirely very frightful To the impudent permit! bullying as to, " Who wrote the Review," we till only say, that next to the distinguished honor ot aving it attributed to the writer whose name we nve hitherto left blank in this article (because w* 10. "Who wiiotic it7 ?The authorahip of the article in the last number ot the ' Foreign Quarterly Review,'and which has been imputed to Dicken*, ia aacrihed to Dr Lanlner (!!) The editor of the ' Troy D.ily Whig' aaya tie ia informed by a friend ef Dr. L. that auch lathe fact [We < on'' believe it.]" I 11. " Who waoTr thi. Review of the American New apapera, in the ' Foreign Quarterly Review'7 It haa been attributed to Dickens, t.> Dr Lardner, to Fenimore Coo. per. Arother ia now added : J. B. Gllddon, who published a lecture iant aummer on Egy ptian traveller*. Let ua eiamine thia." 13. "Who wrote that Rr.vir.w7?This queation ia atill diacuaaed in the newapnpera, but conjecture ia eer tainly at fault. The moat probable gueaa that we have heard ia the nameof Gliddon, a young Kngliahman, who reviewed Cooley'a work on Egypt. There lathe same aty le, the arnnr temper, the tame prejudices, and the aame genernl ignorance in both review s .. But whoever ia the author, there ia now no doubt of Dicken 'a endorae ment?and when you cannot recover from the drawer, law ami equity untitle you to bring in your bill against the endoraer. H?teafte.r, so all intents and puruoaes, we shall consider Dickens the responsible person, who must answer (or all the errors, blunders, falsehoods, pretensions, and malevoleme of that review .. . We have a 'rrply to the review,'in the shape ot counter review, now in a state of preparation, and written by a distinguished literary gentleman of this country. It will be out toon, and will be a tcrearner." 13. ' We are a live lion, and it ia dangerous for any long eared animal to protrude his poateriura towards ua in a hostile nasnner " 14. " Thit is the most original and varied country under the tun, and none other it worth Urine in- ... Every ele ment of thought, svciety, religion, politics, morals liters. Hire, trade, currency, and philosophy, is in a itate of agitation, transition, and change . . . Every thing ia in a state ol t fterveacence ! 40 IMIO persona have taken the benefit of the act, and wiped out debts to the ameunt ol 80,not),00<i ol dollars. In religion we have doiena of creeds, and fresh revelations starting every year or oftener. In morals we hare all torts of idem ; and in literature every thine in confusion. Sceptical philosophy and materialism seem, however, to be gaining ground and popularity at every step." 14 "Congress mav repeal the law, or it may have a, tight in ftsticutta on abolition?it may modify the tariff, or it may kick tip a row about the door keeper?it may pass an exchequer system, or it may impeach the Preaident? hut its real business will be to make hot nttnch in the grog shops below, and the next President in the h a 11 a above, by forming cliques each in tavorol its own candidate, and then legislating to help on the intrigue. One thing is , certain. The country will be overlooked and diaapiwtint. i il i thn publie interest! will be sacrificed to private apecillation! ; and the character of the nation tarniahed by 1 the pamoni of rival politician!." I 10 ' We ihall ihow that the newapaper literature o' < New York rnn compare with that of any other capital in I the world or beyond it?be it Loniton, Paria, or Pnndnmo i nium?be it in talent or independence?in moral! or rat- . cality ?in genius orpretenanin?in mndeity or impudence ?In manner! or mutton. A fig for Dickena !" 17. " We liava now twenty spirits of the upper region! ' of theatmoiphere in our employment, tar more potent in ' finding out secrets than even the Ariel of the magician Pruipero, mentioned in one ol the philosophical worka of i Shakapearo. We receive every night a regular report I Irom these * apiriti of the blue ether,' of the doing! in every faahiotiahle circle of New York ?every saloon in town?every ftoi/duir in Broadway. All movement!, good, bad and indifferent, masculine feminine and neuter, are letailed to ua " 19. " The at range proceeding! on Calt'a trial, aa pub isheil and commented on by ua, were denounced by the Kngli-h paper" aa fabulous ; and Indeed they formed the baiia (!) on which the ahualve article in the ' Foreign Quarterly Review'waa founded. Tka scenes connected | with the trial and conviction of Colt were the burthen of | hat article. . . . T irty sic memhereof the hnr met to fro. ( tut against the rej ai of a new trial to Colt. . . Through- ( nut the city the p i. vere in a petfect lever, and number! feared that h. id escape nt last. It waa drawlnt * near toward" two i bright star wot seen in thr north n trest o) uncnmmn incy- It wna Ventl"; but Peine t -o nnuanal n siah ,e middle of the day, all believed 'I tl betokened somethir rod tut. and 'hat it was myete>sous/y a. connected with the J .te of Coll Th.e increased the excite. || mant almost beyond tsidssrani a. . Take it altogetherthn murder ; the ho* ng up nt th?- bo-ly ; the nib geu saltmg of it . the trial ; firing piatola in court ; cutting off the head, nnd briefing the skull ?f the dead man helore the 1 jury i the sentence, and dutiance to the judge) the Puk "

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