Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 28, 1843, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 28, 1843 Page 1
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TH 1. IX.?Ho. 149 ?WkoU Mo. S3AN To (bt Public. TIIE NEW YORK HERALD?dailynewapeper?publiihcri every day of tlie year except New Year'a day and Fourth of July. Price 3 centa per copy?or fT 98 per annum? poatagea paid?caah in advance. THE WEEKLY HERALD?publiahed every Saturday morning?price 6} centa per copy, or $3 19 por annum? poatagea paid?caah in advance. a ntronrriLjrno Ihaf thft flirpulntinn nt tVJJ V Ei U 1 I OliRO OTV IUIVIIHOU V1 the Herald is oyer THIRTY THOUSAND, and increasing ast. It hae Ike largeit circulation of any f after in tkie city, or tkt world, and if therefore, the keel channel for bueineee ween in the city or country. Prices moderate?cash in advance. PRINTING of all kinds, executed at the most moderate prices, and in the most elegant style. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, PaoraiiToa or thb Herald Establishment, Northwest corner of Fulton and Nassau streets. BRITISH AND NORTH AMERICAN KOkAL MAIL STEAM SHIPS, Of lSMttODs and 440 horse power each. Under contract with the Lords of the-Admiralty. HlBERNIA, C. H. E. Judkina, Commander. BRITANNIA, J.Hewitt, do CALEDONIA, E. G. Lott, do ACADIA, A. Ryrie do COLUMBIA. E. C. Miller, R N do Will sail from Liverpool and Boston, via Hakfai. as follows: I'ROU LIVASrOOL FROM BOSTON. Acadia, Ryrie, Feb 4 Mar 1 Columbia, Miller, Mir 4 Ap'l 1 Britannia, Mcwiti, ApT 4 May 1 Hjbrnna, Judkins, Ap'l 19 May 16 The accommodations for passengers are superior. The reasels are accompanied by experienced surgeons, and amply supplied with Frances' Patent Life Boats. Passage rednsed to S120. No Berths secured until paid for. For further information.apply re D BRIUHAM. HARNDKN St CO'S. No.l Wall-si i*)e ME* AKHANGE.viENT FARE AND a HEIGHT REDUCED. REGULAR MAIL LINF.?FOR PROfc-nrJMr?3,VlPEN( E AND BOSTON, via BTOtZ1j?CL|VOTON AND NEWPORT?Composed otthr lolluwiug superior steamer-, running in connection wuh the Stommrmu ?ud Boston and Providence Railroads:? MASSACHUSETTS. Capt Comstcck. HHODE ISLAND, Capt Xhayer. PROVIDENCE N\RHAG 4NSETT. M??HE4iAN One of which will 'eave New York daily (Sundays excepted) from Pier No 1, Battery Place, N. River, at 5 P. M nnnmiiiii nr.n 1 3. The RHODE ISLAN D, Captain Thayer, on Monrfvy, and Weduriiay lor Stouinglon and Newport, and Fiiday for Stnuing'ou The .W ASSACHU aETT8,Cap'ain Corastock.on Tueaday and Ttiuraray for Stoningten, and Saturday for Stoningtou, Newport and ProvidencePatstugrrs, on the arrival of the steamers at Stouington, ^1 be itnmediitely forward! d in the apleudH and comtno<HB's Uara of the Railroid to Pro* dence and Boston, and if lor Newport will pra eed in the steamers on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday, and on'he intervening days, proceed via Stoning ton Utilised to Pmvidencs. and hom thence in the steamer lolm, without any additional charge. Tickets 'or the route and steamers' berths can be secured on board, 01 st the office of HARNDEN A CO , No 3 Wall street. DT^On and after the 10th iuil, freight will not be received aniff irwa'drd after half past s P M m9 6m* in NEW YORK AND KINO 8TON STEAM FREIGHT AND PASSAGE I.TNE. For Kicgstou, and Jlelaware and Hudson Canal?steam boats EMERALD and NOR The EME"ALD, Ctptata John Ketcham, will leave New York foot of Murray street, every Monday and Thursday at 5 o'e'ock P. M. Wt.l leave Kiugston (Rondout landing) every Wednesday and Satnrdav at 3 o'clock, P. M. The NORWICH, Captain John Samuels, will leave New Yorkf foo- of Mur-ay street, every Wednesday and Saturday at 5 o'clock, T M. W.lll are Kinrston (Rondout landing) every Tnes ay and Friday at! o'clock, P. M EXTRA TRIPS. The EMERALD will leave the foet of Murray street every Pumly morning at 7 o'clock. Returning leavea Kingston at 4 o'e lock same. day. For freight er pasta re apply on hoard, or to WILLIAMSON, BARLOW k CO , all 3m*r 1(4 West street. FOR bUFFAbO AND ALL PARTS OK THE WebT A SOCtATION PA'S AGE OFFICE Td ALBANY. Ulics. $2 00 Ko'he-ler, S3 00 Syiatcse, 2 26 IttJTaln, 3 60 Oswego, 3 26 Up fc Lower Canada) 60 For passage apply to n u. X\A , n>M3m 91 Birc'ir >t'ret New York. " STATEN ISLAND FEiiRT Foot of Whitehall street. Oil null al'er Thursday, Jan* the lit, the aieembonts BTA'l b m ISLAND**. end SAMSON, will make ihe folio wing trips, nntil fnrther UOtice LEAVES STATKN ISLAND. LEAVES NEW YORK At t, 9 10, 12, * M, At 8.0.10, M, A. M 1,1,1 V.7P.M. 1.I.SH.5 6 7 P. M. On Sundays, Laves every h .or, from I A. M, to 7 P. M. mat r MQ M* NEW A ltK AND NEW TOHK?Fere ft. only m < rnu ?The it lendid iteamer ZZlkAL PASSAIC, Captain John (Jaffy, haa been put in complete ordet, and will commence her tripe lor the lessen, on Monday the 10th instant, aa loilowi, nntil further notice Leave New York atf o'clock, P. M. " Newark at o'clock, A. M. Freight carried at reasonable mtei. a!6 Cmec ^Mf| MA PEOPLE'S LINE OF STEAMBOATS ffiTWT*''"'' ALBANY?Daily at 7 o'clock, P. M. 3C^JKJK.Through Direct ( Sunday's eieepted) (torn t e Sti amDvet Pier between Courtlandt and l iberty itieeti St-amboat ROCHESTER, Capt A Houghton, will leave Monday, Wedueertav and Friday evening!, at 7 "'clock. "teamnoat SOUTH AMERICA, Captain L W BrainarJ, will leave Tueaday, Thuraday and Saturday evening!, at 7 o'clock. Steinnboat NORTH AMERICA, Captain M H Trueidell, land eg at.intermediate places, will leave Monday, Tueaday Thuraday and Saturday afternoons. ?t 5 o'elecb. PaaieDgera inking thia Line of Boata will invariably arrive in Albany in ample time to take the Morning Train of Cart for the eai'or weat. , , , . [r7"The above boata are new and snbat.ntial, are furnished with new and el'gant state rooms, and for speed and accommodations are nnriralled on the Hudson For passigr or freight, apply on boaid, or to P. C. Rchtiltz at ?i a.. .... .u- .. u ..r mu? -mm wn aa FULLRN & COW'S EXPRESS, 3 WALL, STREET. Tha snhsrriberv the old conductors of Harnden 8c Co.'a El presn from New Vofk, will oon'tntie to run it heretofore,leaving New York, Albany and Troy daily, and will forward Sprcie Bulk Nntea, P.aekaies, Bandies, I aiea of Ooodi. Pareel?, Ike kc , in connection with Metar . Bailey k Howard's "Ore*t Wftt'rn Kipfsa,"tu end frem the loflowii g places. T t' I't'ca, S? racire, Oswego,Auburn, Seneca F die, O ueva, Cauailaigua, Koches'er, Bntavia Leckporf, Buffalo, Detroit, Cleaveland and < h eago: alto,to Kingston,Toron o and Himilton, in Canada Writ By Jacob*' Northern Express, to Whitehall, Burlington, Champlain and Plittaburith; also to St J, lint, Montrrel and Qieier, in Canada fait They will alao rnnn?et with Hatch k Co't Soatkern Fairest at New York, and forward artielea of eiery detpription to Philadelphia,Baltimore and Washington. Particn'ar attention will be paid to the collection of Notei, Drafts, kc and prompt rrtnrnt mad* b? fiat Ktpreaa. Each messenger will be proTidi d with one of Wilder'a Talent Salamander Safes, thereby affo ding greater security in the transmission of valuable papers, kr OKriCES. PUf.LKN k COrP, No, .1 Wall street, New York. THOMA" GOUGH, No. 15 Kichange, Albany. A. O FlI.KINS, 22? River street, Troy. b JACOBS, Exchange Cuoit, St. Panl, Montreal. References?Mratrs l unie, Ward Ik Km;. Jac b Little k Co., John T Smith It (XL, I'eimon fc Hoffman, Ca pen er k V?r dye, Houghton k Co , Drew, Robinson k Co., N. York; E. J ynmi'lirey. Erq 'J homaa Gongh, Etq , Albany; John Pa/ Eq, cashier, r. Wells, do., 8' K. Stow, do., C. 8. D, p. Leake, do, Troy. tn6eod Arfaffttururvnur aoim/.i ?.... IjWflW MMIIMTAIM'i EASTON.f Le.iTe iiir loot of Conrtland atreet, daily (Sn udajeeii ernt. q I at 8o'clock, A.M., by lailrnad f om 'artey city to Morriatown. thence by roat coachea thr. ngh Mendhatn,Cheater. Stchooley'a Mountain, Anderion Town, Port Colden, W aching ton, to JLaaton. At Waahinaton. a daily lino intereaeta to and from Br Iridere For aeata apply to J. Hill, at J. Putton'e, Commercial Hole' 71 Cnnrtlaud atreetN.B.?Eitr-ia furniehed i t the ahoiteat notice by applying to N. B. La.o, United Btatea Hotel. Morriatown. mvll 3m ee DAILY EXPRESS FOR ALBANY THOY. BUFFALO. CHICAUO AND THE CANADAB The enbaerihera harm* e?m|lrt.ed their arraiiRrmenfa with the Peopie'a Line of Bteamboata, on the Nmth Hirer and the Hail Itoad Comi-aioei weat ot Albany lor luumng their Kxpreaa toy the lenaon of 1843 an Bitireaa will Ware their office. No. a Wall atrerl.New York, eeriy earning, at quarter to 7 o'clock, for the ab ore named ai d intermrdia-e olacee. IMPORTANT. For the greater a?feiy and aecunty of all rnlnable and money park.ntet ent iiited to their care, they hare "<alammd-r Iron Balra oa hoard of the ateaoihoata, in a etate loom occupied eirhi ire ly by thrmaelrea, a"d the meaarngrr in chaise aleepi in the aanie ro m with the iron aalea, into which all ancV packages are placed. POMEROY k COMPANY, m tec _ No. 2 We|i afreet. QAIL BOAT CHA LLKNOES?What i> the matter? Aye, O lhat't ihe ruh ! When the amothrrrd growls of disappointed anccera Inrke in the boeom of man, he hiaea sight of amiability, prratralea nimaelf, and in tnrbnlent array dire nuheeded and ii r>k no ran. Such lathe condition of a certain boat boilde< of thia city who aeeka notoriety through annonvmoua coinmnmcatione The an^aenl er hae for yeare etood upon the conteated around of boat buildtua. and long experience hat langht him that 'M.arae barka can Tentn e more. But little baifca innet keep near ahore." And .rhen men think they can cope with him in anperior boat Imildinc 'hey muai not i.ilk in paiablei, but boldly meet him at hiaofllep door,'here arrange for the nnering teat of proof; hia ciiallen ra a*e alwara made >u rood faith,hia oata to coi quer. UpOU thl i rn.ciple he f tree hit ' nlwark, and now for the Iiuh ilrlli nine he off. re to ahow the atemof 'Tronhler" to auy boat l roone erer r uili or h?s on hano, for a trophy which will richly repay ihn eirerim. nt. New where it your b ailed bark-re; wh-re'a your own daunted eonrage?draw the reil and aho * vouriel to the world. P. S ? One month'a nonce, any dutanre uader fif.y milet. Vhe "Tronbler" can be a?en at hn baiaar (P. H) C. L. INUKRBOLL, mtlm'aa 406 Water atreet. E NE i t^L TO LKT m Williamsburg?'The whole or part ol a ? } a ueat three *4nry brick Dwelling House m South 7th XJist.near 4th it., lent eery low Apply to W. Sc J. T TapSCOlt, 43 Perk slip. m 7-fe M'l'O LihT?The Mansion Houte it Bloonuugd tie, known Hi the " Abbey"' situated a sh it "i uncr aboee li- tu mil* stone, jusi abort' Striker's Bar, <ud nearly opposite St. Michaels Church. The pince it well known ai our ol the rnosi delightful situations ou thr lil.tud, aud li re *rkablv li?-n!thy iu thciuniuirr season. Thr 'tloomingd tie pass and repast the gale erery bonr in tV day. The gate is tiew,aud numbered MI. The tent will he iu accordance with the present state of the times. A ply on the premises, ot ?i 172 Chamber! street. N (}.? Vrraiurmetil could he made, il desired, by a satisfactory tenant, to leta part of tiia furniture now iu the house V in 10 Im*r M TO LET?The fire prom buck store, No. I#3 "touth ; It. With immediate postession if required, apply to Idl WOODHULL fc MIN TURN, m34r V South street. TO I.ET OK FOR SAL 1-3?A hree story modern I huiltbiick dwelling house and steie, wi h two lots of Kiound attached, snarled in Williamsburg, about two minutes walk from the Peck Slip Ferry Apoly on the premises, corner of Kouith and South-Eighth streets, Williamsburg, or to W. k J. T. TAP8COTT, a14r d3 Peck slip. PALMO'S AROAPE BATH, 39 ( HAMBeR STREET. tPH? GENTLEMEN'S SALOON NOW OPEN.?Great 1 Reduction. Baths ?S cents. Baths with robes or sheets 37)? " 25 ticke s for JS. The subsctiher luring leased the above establishment, for a term of years, h is commenc-d improvements ou a scale which whrn completed, will, he flatters himself, vie in taste, in costly elegsnee and msguiticence, with any similar establishment in the world; having tisited the best conducted b.vlrs in Europe, he feels no hesitation iu assuring his fellow citiz-ns that ihe spirit which has for the past thirty vears actuated Hm iu providing (no matter at what cost.) the most splenitis mansions lor tl.eir social comfort and convenience, >hall not, on the present occasion be lost sight of, and that to the improve men's ami eleg -ncies of the European B.iths.hewil take the bbeity of adding fiom t'-e inventive resomces of his own cnltiv-tea and well known teste, all that lie has observed wanting to reuder the enjoyment of a hails the "ne pins u tia" of p-rftciii.u. The Lauies 8al-ou will be in readiuess in a few days. A all description of the varied improve mauls wil' be given when completed, and the whole thrown open for public iusnectiou. a 15 3mec FERDINAND PALMO. ME FRENCH AND AMERICAN tATI.vU HOUSE, a No. 61 and 66 Nassau street, between Mndenlane and John street, is row bncgl or the summer mouths thoroughly repaired, rhe kitchen to be altered to tne West India plan, el having the same iu the rear of ih? honses to prevent the odor and heat fr?m cooking, which is in general very offensive in most ea ing houses?and the dining saloon enlarged anil decorated in a superior French style, Willi ma ble It les. sitperti oil pain'iugs, inirble statues of General Washngton, kc ; where npw udsot '50 persons can with convetiieucr ?il at once makes tins house one of ihe mos' (SltSSl, superb arid comf "t?hle ?s lablishmcnts in the Uuion?whrr- from 61 to 70 dishes are diily seive I np from 6 cuts ?ud upwaids; the best JavaCof fee and ihe fiuest black Tea at 3 cenisacnr; the bssl Claret Wine at 6 Cents a small bott'e, k . Tim Subsciiber, sensible of the truth that retrenchment is the order of tl.e d ry, is confident that uo place ensts where uieals of the d scription furnished at his house can be mip isacd for lowness Iniviuc been his cnnsiaut arm to endenvor to cater at the most economical prices. It it useless to mentios fame of this House being long since established as the first of its deser'p'iou iu tois city. Those iu doubt of the same c in be CBviDced by the crowds of gentlemen of the first respectability that daily resur. there. Wilh thinks to a generous end discriminating public for their pAst and U cu ring f-.m-s, the subscriber, desir us of retaining a continuance of patronage, freely signs himself mil 2w*r HENnY GOSLING. WINES. BRANDIES, kc. rPHK subscriber offers the following Wines, kc. for sale at 45 L Pine street, corner of William. Madeira iu pipes, hhds, quarter casks, demijohns and bottles, a part very old and high cost, direct and via India. onemes, in pipe*, nnui,quarter casas ana in ciass,oi vanou* grades?Ainnuhllado iu quarter caakl. r<>rt?Imported eirrcssly for family use, In wood and in glass. Clarets?Chateau Margeanx, Latoure, St. Kstaphe, L arete, St. Jutien?also iu casks. Hocks?Johanncaberg Castle, Marcobrunner Cabinet,Chartzherger, Broneberg, Atamanshausen, Grei.baiiaeu, Hinterhau au, Kudeah-imer, Hatlenheim. Peisporter, Leibfeaumilch, Giesenheimrr Iioehheiuier.fcc.&e lie. Sauterne, Baraac, Mustnt, Chablia. Burgundies?Clot de Vougeot, Chambertin, Romance. Very old Cognac Brandy, rintage 1783; expreaaly for aummer oae. Fine Holland Gin. The ab?*e articles are recommended to the infirm ai'a aovereign remedy for their maladiea. GILB1CRT DAVIS. m3 Im 0 MaDEIRA?At Public Auction, on 1 huraday, lit June', at 13 o'clock, at the ator of the tubsciiher, No 5 New atreet. near Wall atreet, New York, will beeold on liberal credit, 75 half pipes and qr casks of Tety mpsrior old Sonth Side Madeira Wine, frcm ihe celebrated and aaci-ut Home of " Lnmeli no," who possess some of the choice-t Tineya ds on the Island. *1 he>e wines ar? all mat remain ?f the importations direct by Messrs. Peter Harmony Ik Co. and are nnder < nstom Housj Lock Samples can be seen at my store and they will be ofTered at piieate sale until 1st Jane, when ell that remain! shall be told on t at diy to the highest bidder, without reae ve as the ship marts must be closed. W A. CARTiR, Wine and Commissi >u Merc!,ant, ir83tlsrjr 5 rw ?lreef, New York. PHOTOGRAPH PORTRAITS?Or. L. Ai. CkKUS 1 the inventor of this new art, prodncra by it not only a cor, rect likeness of t'-e original p rtnit bul also a parity of design abrilisucyof cnioiing, which lar s r, ass the chtf-d' ?wli h-r ancient or m"d(rr?of the most c< lebr ted artists. Grat fil f-r the encou-ageoseut he has received from his uumeroM friends and the public general y, D . L. M. Cy us old f'ia inform them that he hasfutrd iip,fo'ihe accommoinn of l.idice. a suite of rooms in P*ik Pi'ce House, corner I f Broadway, wherr lie ,rus>s bis skill in hm profession, end his a'tention to-II who may nonorhim with lheirlivor?, will e him a continuance of the iiatrunage hithe to ao liberally beamwr d on him. The Doctor girea imtruction in every department of the Dagnerreotype and Phyp graphic art. Iu?t*nmenis fi taking portr-its on a large or am- II ac. le, for sale,as also the nec*ssary chemical preparations fir the taking of portraits in Phytographs or colors. Terms moderate. mIO lm*r xtc> i l<'it Tit i hv. uiti.iik'.Hia nir ii.i.iimmim ....i iN Michgan Caual Bondi and Sctp. Th? I5o k? are now open at the American Exchange Bank. 34 Wallit'eet. N. Y. for subscriptions to the loan enthorired by the act ol the Legislature ol i'Iidois, approved Feb. 28th, 1813. Subsciiberx will be required to exh bit their bondi and scrip, and register their d .ta, Lutnoer ai d amount at the time of subscribing. 1 he book* will continue open at the above place until further notice is given. CHARLES OAKLKY, MICHAEL KYA.N. m23 6tr Comin'rs for Illinois. A BEAUTIFUL HEAD OF HAIR TO BE HAD FOR THREE SHILLINGS?READ, THEN JUDGE. DEADER, if we prove an article to be good, will yon betVlieve it 7 I. seems that yon have been humbugged to often, that if an article is even,proved to be good, you wont try it. Now read. These are ti.e real and positive qualities of an article whose price will prove it no nostrnm. Junta' Coral Hair Restorative will general y improve and beautify the hair. It will force the hair to grow or. the head, face and bo dy, or any part where nature intend, d hair to grow, by making the scalp healthy It stays the hair falling off, and thoroughly cures all scurt and dandruff. Another ol its propeities is to make the hair grow naturally dark and beautiful. Jones' Coral Hair Restorative is sold at the sign of the American Eagle. 81 ohstham street, New York. Agents?Zeiber, Third and Dock street, Philadelphia, and next to the American Hotel, Washington, D. U.; I 9 ate street, Boston ; Cleveland. King street, Charleston, H. C. : 37 State street, Albany ; Mitchell, Norwich, Chenango, N. Y.; Martin, barber, Catakill, . N. Y.t and 139 Fnlton street, Brooklyn. re3 Im* HAIR CUTTING! HAlIC CUTTlNti! HAIR HI i TtNU HILL, the inimitable flair Cutter, lakes this method of i?I Innuing his friends and the public in general, that he has removed from the Tontine Bnildiiig to his Old Stano, No. 86 Trarl street, np stairs, immediately adjoining the Pearl Street House, where he will he pleased to operate on all who mar favor him with a call, in his truly inimitable style of Hair Cntting, which, for eleganceof drsigti at.d brainy ol execution, surpasses auy thinv of tne kind heietolore introduced into the Hutted States. The various brauches of woik done at the following moderate prices :? Inimitable Hair Cutting, 123d cents. Do do CurliugM 123* " S perior Shaving, 63% " n>9 lm*r A CLEAR COMPLEXION FREE FROM ERUPTION OR DISFIGUREMENT TV,!AY BE HAD BY ALL, by nstng a remedy now well i'J known to be one of the most surprising inventions of the age. It is made in the shape ol a heautirul soap, as it entirely eradicates every eruption, such as piisples,, blotches, scurvy, salt rheum, tan, morphe w, sunburn, or dishkuremrm o< the skin, imparling to the lace, nooy, neck, or arms, a bran tiful bealiny clearness. .No misrepresentation ii offered. One trial will suffice to recommend it to all. It changes ihe Col o of dark, snnhurnl or yellow akin, to a liar healthy clear nesi it hn? received Ihe approval of the Medical Council of I'aria, who call it a ' miracle, a wonder, and a blessing." I have seen tins cnreteveral caaet of eraption that persons hav* spent hntulrrds tf dollaia on to cnre in vain. It is sold at M ccnta a cake by T. Jones at hit perfumery establiahmeiit, sign of ihe American Kafir, >2 Chatham street, N.Y ; aud by thrie agents?in Philadelphia, by Zirber. comer Third and Dock ill: or next to the Amencan Hotel, Washington, D.C.; in Bostou, 8 Slate atreet: in Charleston. H.C. 207 Kmc St.; in Albany, 57 State at; in Brooklyn, 139 Fnlteu. Agents wanted in all other citiea. m5 1m* ns "THE MOST DELIGHTFUL OK AM EXCURSIONS. * ?A aai acrossih- Hud.on River to Hobokon, nnd then a walk io the Elysian Fields nlobc the exeeeoiagly beaiitifnl and pictureaiiue ih ).ex of ill* pi ice, will pro?e the moat easily acompli.hed aud nltractive ol all ilia mrsl rxcnriioni tha' can be maa.-from the city. The ground*now present a charming *?!>? et, th* trrea being mosily in leal aud llie soil covered with anehiurf. The walks are in exeelleut order, hiring been cnnsiderabl y embellished the preaeat ipring. tn!9 2w*?e If K.N(yH CARCtl, LAMPS, Caudelabret, Lustres, ks. r ~ 1 he snbscrbers have jnat npoued a splruuid iiisnrtnirnt Ol the** gooda, together with a variety of othrr articles in the line, ol entirely Dew arylea. An impaction of Ihe m la invited. Depot ol Mechan cal Lamps, 2fl John street, , . A. DIACON It E. D. 8AXTON, _ Agents. L. Lit. will open en office of discount aud de wH I.k"? 9.,W<B?- N. Y ., on the 1st of May next, and wil make collections and remittances at reasonable rates. Kei fc*to ? eta, Jr. *so , CMhler. New Yorlt. "age It Co., New Yoik. Diew, Robinson It Co. Mew York. 0*wego. April 20 1m P lCh,,, caahier. Albany._^ T, , JOHN HENLEV; ? BANK AGENCY AND EXCHANGE OFFICE KOR THE 1 COLLECTION OK BILLS, NOTES, DHAKTS kr *tc MONTUWM E H Y.ALA. kc" REFERENCE >Messrs. Maxwell It Co. 1 " Perue Ik Brooks, ) " Jarob Little A Co. > New York. " Perkins k Hopkins, I " Abraham Bell It Co. J ' St. John Powers ACo. I M?k;i. ... Whitaker A Sampson, { Mobile, Ala. John Whiting, Esq , Cashier ol 1 Branch Bauk, I Jack Tliiniiigton, Esq., / Montgomery, Ala. P I). 8 yer, Esq. Phillip k Mumhorl, J mi im ? ee QPANlSH DOUBLOONS and Amnicau Unlil lor sale at I hJ th* lowest maikrt rates by 8. J. SYLVESTER, * M Wall street and IF) Broad* ay. Us W YO VEW YORK. SUNDAY M< OLD UNE LIVERPOOL PACKETS. Jfe MT<HE ol.lVuNK orPr!!?t?T?l.iverjK><frfTlTTrre?ft?rb? 1 de?ratched iti the following order, excepting that wReu the . lay ol iailiuK falli ou Sunday, the ahiim will tail ou the euceeed- ' DM dar. Kor New York. ITor Liverpool, f The SOUTH AMERICA, CJur.e 1 July 19 ^ die toiu. < Oct 1 No* 19 I D. (J. Bailer, f Kelt 1 Mar 19 ' The ENGLAND, I June 19 Aug 7 I 750 tOB?, {Oct 19 Dec 7 } U. L,. wane, f Hrb u April 7 1 ! The OXFORD. I July 1 Vig ? " | 800 tons, ' No* 1 dec 19 . J. Htthbom, March 1 ipril 19 11 The &UROPE, Inly l? Sept 7 1 610 tons, , Nov II Jau 7 .. E. G. Marshal I Mar II May 7 S The NORTH AMERICA, I Aug 1 Sept It 1 618 tons. Dec 1 Jan 19 A. B. Lowber.i April 1 May 19 The NEW YORK, ( Aug If Oct 7 900 tons, ' Dec 19 Feb 7 T. b. Cropper.r April II June 7 *' The CAMBRIDGE, Sep. 1 Oct 17 P 850 tons, -Jan 1 Teb 17 W.CBaratow.i May 1 June If The COLUMBUS, ilSept 19 No* 9 * 700 tons, Jan 19 Mar 9 0 U. A. Cole. May 19 Ju|y 7 ruuefuality, as regards the day of sailing, will be observed as heretofore. The price of passage outward is now fixed at One ? Hundred Dollars, for which ample stores of ever* description , wiU he provided, with the exception of wines and liquors, " which will be the stewards. GOODHUE & CO.. 61 South St., C. H. MARSHALL, 38 Burling-slip, N. Y. left l*h BARING ?Ri>THFK8 8t CO.. L'pool. TOR NE\ RLEANS. p LOUISIANA AND NEW IRK LINE OF PACKEI8 n Mt. M. Ml ' Tor the better accotnmodatiou of shippers, it is intended to despatch a ship from this port on the 1st, 5th, 10th, 15th. 20th, and ?5th ul each month, com i rncing the 10th October and conlnrtlug until May, when regular days will he appointed for the remaindri of the year, whereby greut delays and disappointments will he j reveiited during tlie summer mouths. The following hips will commence this arrangemunt : I' Wop YAZOO, Captain Cornell. ' Ship OCONEE. Captain Jackson. 21 Ship MIHSISHHTI. Captain Milliard. n Ship LOUISVILLE, Caiitaiu Hunt. "J1 Ship SIIAKSPEARE, Captain Miner. d Ship GASTON, Captain Latham. e Ship HUNTSVIlLE. Captain Muinford P Ship ocmulgee, Caiitaiu Leavitt. Sliip NASHVILLE, Captain Dickinson I' Ship MEMPHIS, Captain Knight. v Ship LOUISA, Captain Mulford. ' These skips were all built in the city of New Yprk, express si for iiackeis, aie of light draft of water, have recently been si ( wly coppered and put in splendid order-with accommodations p lor passengers unequalled for comfort. They are commanded si by experienced masters, who will inaka every exertiwn to give p 3eneral satisfaction. They will at all times be lowed up ;md w own the Mississippi by steamboats. H Neither the owners or captains of these ships will be responsi- ?? ble for je welry, bullion, precious stones, sih er or plated ware. fa or for any letters, parcel or package, setn ty ? rpstt onboard of ci thcm.uuless regular bills of lading are taken for the same ,and t< the value thereon expressed. ci Yox freight or tiassage, apply w E. K. COLLINS fit CO., 56 South St.. or HULL1N 9t WOODRUFK, Agent is New P' Orleans, who will promptly forward all goods to their address. y The shi|>s of this line are warranted to sail nunctually as ad- pi ertised, and great cue will be taken to have the goods correctly measured. m? G .'HE NEW LINE OK LIVERPOOL PACKETS. M M To sail (rom New York 16th, and from Liverpool 5th of each month. Ship ROCHESTER, goo ton., 116th June. Ship HOTTINUUEH, 1050 tons, J Ira Burselv, J 16th July. New ihip LIVEKPOOL, 1150 tout, ) nuh Ammat *1 John EldridRc, ll?th August M New ship Great Western, 1?50 tons,) ,c,t, ,e Pnilip P. Woodhonse, } 16th SePff mberThese substnuiml, last sailiUK, lirst class ships,all built in the v, city of New York, are c mummied by men of ei|>eneuce and ability, auu will be despatched punctually on the ltth of each I month. Their cabins are elecaut and rommodions, and are furnished , with whatever can conduce to the ease aud comfoitof pasieuRera. Neither t' e captains or owners of these ships will he responsible for any parcels or packages sent by them, unless reRriat bills lading are signed tharelor. For lreiRht or passage apply to WOODHULL k MINTURN8, 87 Son ill street. New York, or to FIELDEN, BROTHERS fc CO.. ns 23-ec Liverpool. PASSAGE FROM GREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND ? mmmm ? 'HaVI.nG conudeti 3 estensive ana important nivauRe menu f"r bringing out nasscugnrs from the old country, the sub- I u tcrihera can ?illi confidence inform those who may wish to set- tit tie for friruds to emigrate the present season (1843) that they will find it their intoeit t > make the necessary arrangements bli with this li >e; being the oldest or lougest established out of g? this port, it is well known that that the arraugrm-uti are complete?the ships of the first class snliog weekly, and the accommodations fitted upeipressly foi the comfort and convenience if passengers. Should those settled for decline coming out, the passage ah. money will, as usual, be refunded to the party from wnom it was received, withoist deduction. J A free passage per steamer from the various ports of Ireland fl and Scotland, to Liver|>ool, can be secured il desired. Apply to [ SAMUEL THOMPSON. h? Old Established Passage Office, 273 Pearl St., fi Or to C. ORIMSHAVV Ik CO. *" 10 Uoiee Piazzas, Liverpool. Draft* on Loudok, Literpoo*. the National Bank of Ireland ? Northern Co. od National to.uiK of Scotland, at j sight, and for any amount. A|iply as above. n>8 Im'i M LII mi The nndermentioneu ships will be regnlarly dispatched from hence and from Marseille* *u the 1st of each month dnnng the year? J From New York. Marseilles. fi COURIER, Cant Doggan, June 1. Aug 1 1" TRE8COTT, <7ap; Myrick, July 1. Sep I "i HELLESPONT, Capt Ailam*, Aug). Oetl ,i? CORIOLANU8, Cap Haile, Sep 1. Nov 1 a. H'KYTHOMPSON, Cap Sylvester. Oct 1. Dec 1 ,* They are all coppered and copper fastened,and have excellent tccommodatious for passengers- -j-| The price of cabin passage will be $100, exclusive o wines ,0 id liquors. Goods addressed to the a gents, BOYD St HINCKEN, will be forwarded free of other harges man these actually paid. For freight or passage applv to BOYD & HINCKEN, Agent*. 1 No. 9 Tontine Buddings, or w S. BROOM ? CO., ||J m2fl r 1113 Front street. _k TAPSCOTT'S GENERAL PASSAGE OFFICE, J 43 TECK SLIP, NEW YORK. wl m. m. " The subscribers beg to call the attention of their friends i and the public generally, to their superior arrangements for bringing out passenger* from, and remitting money to. a*y A par of England, Ireland, Scotland or Wales, in tne maguihcenl 1 packet ships, comprising the ~a " NEW LINE OF LIVERPOOL FACKETS," VIZ.:- m Ship ROSCIUS, Capt. Cidlins. Ship SID DONS, Captain Cobb. Ship SHERIDAN, Captain Deneyster. Ship GARRICK,Captain n? New shin HOTTl NGUER, Captain Bttrsley. \\ Ship SOUTHERNER, Captain Woodhonse. ro Ship ROCIIESTER,Captain Palmer. L New ship LIVERPOOL,Captain Kldredge. ro Sailing twice every month; and with the" UNITED LINE," nn romtintnl nf iniM>rinr finf flma Amarionn *Iiiii* silim, ...n ir ten days, will make fire ship* in each month throughout the Tear, (or one every six days) thereby preveutang the pout lulilv of unnecessary detention. Passages direct from London, Bristol and Greenock to New r. /\kofrom Liverpool to New Orlrana, Mobile, Sava" L II Arslou. Philadelphia, Boston and Baltimore, and the vario i ?.,??in British North America, can at all times be engaged on liberal terms. Persona wishing to tend for their friends, will not fail to ace the advantages to he derived from selecting this line in prefer- | ence to any other, and they may rest assured that unusual carc Li will be taken to make the passage agreeable, the ships being m fitted up with an eye solely to the comfort of } tssengers. v > In all cases whe stlie parties sent for dsSoM coming, the money will he tr snded without any deduction, as usual. A rai free passage from the various seaports of Ireland and Scotland, cai can also be secured. an The regular packets for which the subscribers are agents, sail to as follows, viz >-To and (rom London ou the 1st, 10th, and 20th J of each month. To and from Liverpool on the 1st, 7th, 13th, 19th, and I5lh of each mouth New Orleans, Mobile, Hasan- i nah, aso Charleston, weekly throughout the season. REMITTANCES. N Persons in the country wishing to send money to their friends by enclosing lliesnm they wish sew, with the name and address of the parties to receive it, tn?y rely on a draft for the amount being forwarded per first packet, after the receipt thereof, and an acknowledgement for the same returned i?t mail. Drafts at sight, for any amount, are payable on demand, without discount or any other rharge, at the National and Provincial Banks of Ireland and branches, Eastern Bank of Scotland, Greenock, and their branches, Messrs. James Bait, Son It Co., Bankers, Li nden, K'chsnge and Discount Bank, Liverpool, and in every principal town of Great Britain ,wid Ireland. ai K?rth?t partictt! us made known on application, if by letter, post paid, to W. A J. T. TAPSCOTT, d5y r 43 P ck Slip, corner Hoot*' st. tdf- FOR H WRK-The snp-rior French brig OTHI JV^WLIA, Capt Cidore, (or freight api I* to JkfiiSi BOYD A IIINCKx.N, Agents, in/.") r Broke rs, 9 Tontine Building. FOH OHKENOCKAULASOOW-Th, hne Br CT'jkVVbaione EAOI.F, Lang, mister, is now loading at At jjUHHaUeektnau st wharf. Can take ihe hn!k ol 700 hbit on fieiglit, lor which OTpassage, anplv to the inasfer on board, or to WOODHULL A M1NTUKN8 m25 r 07 South street. ' FOR LIVERPOOL (British vessel)-Sails on yC JhCTW Thursday, the 25th of May. The Inv- rite well i NKUMLluinwii very fist 'ailing British ship CHESTER, i;?pt?in John Doyle, will sail positively as above u. For Ireight apply on board at Pier 13 Eaat Riser, or to the nbscribets? ROCHE, BROTHERS A Co.. 35 Vulton st, mlOr pi si doorf n the F 'Iton Bank. OLD ESTABLISHED EMIGRANT PAS SAGE OKKK E,6I South street. New York?Keg dttMBaulat Line of Packets?The subscriber eoniiunes to bring out persons fiom any part of Great Britain and Ireland, who may be engaged by their friends here, hy the regular .'ins .. Of packet ships, sailing every sis days 'rom Liverpool. Per- , sons sending for theirfneiids, m.iy rely that just rare will he taken to hasrthem despatched without delay in Livetpool.and ! wll always endeavor to merit a continue ice of the public patronage which hat baen so liberally hestowed for many years J* past; and thoae remitting money can have drafts psrahle at all the Banks and brtuches throughout the United Kiugdom. Forlurther particulars, apply [if by letter, post i?udJ to JOHN HERD VdN. ?l South sf, ' The subscriber has made arravgemtnfs with the proprietors ol the lines of Rm maris, Mieamho is, til Towbosts to forward P'sieniiera to all he ilifTe-ent pliers on tie Erie Canal and Upper Lakes, and by steamb >at and rai'rr a.I to all the principal A towns on the ronie, to the Western States ,'t the lowest fares * For further particulars apply as above. in It n RK 1 ORNING, MAY 28, 184 & M AIHAOT^ROM OHKAT^HPTAIN ANDIRETAM BY THE BLACK BALL OK OLD LINK OK LIVERPOOL PACKETS. Sailing from Liverpool uu the 7th and 19th of every month. Person' wishing to lend to the Old Country for their friend an unite the seressary Arrangements with tlie subscribers, wi< iave rhetn come out in tins superior uiue of Packets, sniliui rom L iverneol uurtimlly ou the 7th and 19th of every month I'l rv wfll also have a lirit rale el in of Ainerie iu trading shi|? ailing every six days, thereby affording weekly continuities ion from that port. One of the fmn ( Mr. James D. Roche) i here, le see that they shall he forwarded with care and del atch. Should the parties agread for not come rut, the money veil e returned to those who paid it here, aiihout any reduc ion. The Black Rail, or Old Line of Liverpool Pa:Htts, eomprisi he following magnificent Shins, vir. The OXKOHD, -flic NEW YOIIK, CAMBRIDGE, COLUMBUS. EUROPE, SOUTH AMERICA. ENGLAND. NORTH AMERICA. With such su|>erior and ntieijualled airaugemrats, the sub cribers confidently look forward for a continuance of thatsup ort which lias beeu exteuded to them so many years, lor whicl hey are grateful. ? iiruvecuuiK, or remmiiig money to their relatives, cai tall times obtaiu Drafts at sight for any amount, drawn direc n the Royal Bank of IrrlanJ, Dublin, alio oa Maura. PRESCOTT, OROTIC, AMKS It CO. Bankers, Lam ion, rtueti will be paid on demand at any of the B inks, or thei tranches, in all the principal towns throughout England, Ira wd, Scotl nd end Wales. Applj, o. iddi'-sa, (if by letter, postpaid.) ROCHE. BROTHERS 8c CO. Ji Fulton street, New York, next door to the Kulton Bank. N. B.?The Old Line of Liverpool Packets sail from thi ort for Liverpool on the 1st aud 19tl> of each mouth, i'artie turning to trie old country will tiud it to their comfort an [Wantage to select this favorite Line for their conveyance, i reference to any other. d'f7 r at OLuTST A RUSHED PASSAGE OFFiuk. No. Oi SOUTH STREET, ?J. Y. PASSAGE to and from Great Bmainand Ireland via L'v 0 I ml LomImi kf turstnlirneksthri'luii*tt 1 loan on Liverpool, and in and fp m Lond ,n on Hie 's> Huh >u 1th o? each mouth. The rubseriber has made x ensiV" a ingemeuti to trine nut emigrant', and can, with great mn'i ence, astlire those person, sendm* 'or the r friends,that " ue and attention ssill be shown t'l'in and an v' i?haik with them, ''asiage can also be enr (tin n ' ve 001 elect to New Orleans, Mobile, Samnuih, p ? ? arc hiUdelphu, B ton, and to the d fferent |ior's o< " Riitis rovinnes. with thtise arrangements, together win. i >e ?i antage which his Rivarp ol correspondents i s , hrini t ge shipowiiers.auil exteosivel v engag'd in the f .1 i : :g t uess?having I at year despatched upward.* of " n'tclai lips to the various p< rts of the United States. -v i -n, tit an a'scugers. The facility offered by this est [Within* tis"t rpsssed, and from the large number oflirst diss Inpsen loyed in the line there can be no d'tenion w t , aim'ill be guaranteed The price of passage will be at 'be Inwr* ites, an < should any of those sent lor i ecliue cooo y, r he pa ige money will D* returned rs customary. The . c.mbos ue from the dilfrrc t ports to Liverpool i.iu, as nsud, he s> ured. Those lemittiiiB inon -y to their friends can Ian dralt > any a.ooum, i arable in a'l the poncipal towns, witliout itii iu t, throughout Grea'Britain and Ireland, an arraugnueii hirh has given the greatest sa'isfaction. The subscriber ko| es lo r-ceive a continuation of the pnbli itmuage, winch h's leeu so libeially bestowed for man cars past. For further parficnlars apply, (if by litter poi ud) to JOHN HKRDMAN, 61 South st, N Y, or J. St W. ROBINSON. No. 16 Gotee Piazzas, leorge'a Dock, and 1 Neptune st, Waterloo Dock, Liverpoo A GENTS Tin s J. Timtnins, Es < . No. 165 South Front st, Pliilada. Patrick Milton, Esq . Buff Ho. N. Y. Jose I h Kir1 patriot. Pittsburgh, Pa. Mtchl McQ lade, Utica, N. r. J. A Nooman, Milwaukie, Wisconsin, Ty. Chs. McCorkey, Dubuque, Iowa Ty. J. R. Elliott, Detroit, Michigan. Cornelius Calinl, IVru, lllianii. John Reary, Kuc'nes er, N. V. N. B.?The subscriber is also Brent for first class packet shipi ilie every few dry tins IV on New York to New Orleans, obilr, Charleston, and Savannah, by which passage ca i b? cured at the lowest rate. m2<r NEW LINK OK LIVERPOOL PACKETS, n ailfrom New York on tin* 25th and Liverpool on the lltf of each monllc. j Kbom Nkw Yokk. Ship OARRICK, Captain Wm. Hkiddy, 25th February. Ship ROSCIUS, Captain John Collins, 25th March. Ship 8IDDON8. Captain K. B. Cobb, 25th April. Ship SHERIDAN, Captain K. A. Depeyster, 25li> May. Krom Livr.nroeL, Ship 81DDONS, Captain E. B. Cobb, ISth Febraarv. Ship SHERIDAN. Captain K. A. Depeyster, 13th March. Ship OARRICK, Captain Wm. slriddy, 13th April. Ship ROSCIUS, Captain John Collins, 13th May. Theses hips are all ofthe first class, upwards of ltM lens, bail ithe city of New York, with sncli improvements ascombin eat speed with unnsual comfort for passengers. Every car is been taken in the arrangement of their accommodatioiji he price of passage hence is $100, for which ample stores wil i provided. These ships are tyimmandrd by esneriencei sites, who will make every eiertiou to give general atisfac Mj Neither the captains or owners of U Ml .'' rwill be responsi e for at y letters, tiercels or package ssen by them, nuless re' lar hi lis of lading are signed therefor. Forlrvh-ht or paistgfe, apply to e. K. COLLINS & CO., 56 Sonth it., New York, or tc WM. Ik JAS. BROWN k CO., Liverpool. Letters by the packets will be charged l.'K cents per single ft: 'i0 cents per ounce, and newspapers I cent each. f3 r GCae- FOR LONDON?Regular Packet ot the 1st EfXVJuut ?Thr splendid well known fur sailing packet Ik ?hi[ MEDIATOR, Captain Chadwiek, will |>oii 1 v sail at above her rt'Kular day. Thia rhip Ins sple did accuiauiodaiiona for cabin, aeoond eaa, and steerage passengers, peraoua wishing to crcnre beitha, nn'd not fail to make earl* anplicarinti on hoard, or to W It J. T TAP8COTT m25 43J>ckJJiip. cor. South st. jgg #ASSAOBFOK LlVk.HI'OOL?l\ck t 3ndi May ?The splendid,fan .n in; picket ahip c.HKlTEIt, HUKeCaptain Doylo, will sail positively aa above, hei juaiaiy. 1-iavu.g splendid accommodations for cabin, second cabin ami cage pissengera, for passage early application should be ide on board, or to Vv. It J T. TAP8COTT, tn27r <3 Peck Hlip cor South at. ? PASSAGE FOR CIV* RPOOL?Sails positive njyiron Tuesday the 30th of May?The favorite, vera UKa'cst sailint ship CHESTER, Johu Doyle, , will sail as above flie Chester is well known to be one oftha fastest shi ps ir a Liverpool trade, making her last passage to that port in I! ys. She con handsomely accommodate fonrteeu cabin pas ogers, ? hich will he laken at very low rates: and her second bin and ateerave will, on inspection, be lonnd very superior in>e returning to the old country, will find it to thsir interest lect this conveyance. kor freigmor pis,age, apply on board, at Pier 13 East River, to the subscribers, ROCIIK BROTHERS It CO., 35 Fulton st, neit door, to the Fulton Bank. P 8?Persons sending for their lelatites, can hive thrin ought nt in rh.i favorite ship, or in any el" the ships of (his ic, s-i'ia.' from Liverpool every six days during the present at. Drafts at sight, for any amount, on the Royal Bank of Ireland d on Messrs Frescotr, Grove, Ames & i o, Bankers,London, rich are raid free ol discount or any charge in every town ' tugboat Eli* land, Ireland. Scotland and Wales. For passage, lie , apply as ahove, or to JAMES D. ROCHE. in26r M Ooree Fi r.xss Liverpool PASSAGE OFFICE The Suhtciihers having completed their arranvm nts, a < iw prepared to forward passe gers o all the Norihe i ,ml 'eaten Stales and Canada, by daily line" of to*ana's. - i ads and s'e imhors, via the Notih tiverai.J K.r.c Can-.I, u. nc akes, Philadelphia anil Piltsbu gh, Ohio r re. am' .ma utes. The following are a few of the itoat hicnit ii1 liuts la Ulica, Buffalo, Pottsville, Oo-na. Svracnss, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Toiui. o. Oswego, Detroit, CiiiCinuatli, hi. Rochester, Milwaukie, St. Louii, 8,. J U", Leckpor', Chicago, Louisville, Moot,.. Also to any port of Ohio, Illinois, Mis-on i Indiana, Michigan, Ta n, .set Kentucky, Wisconsin, low. Lpperand Lower Canada. Having given such universal satisfac ion in their f.'.idon anil verponl lines of |>arkrts, the subscribers will n .1, ir r to ike the present undertaking equally deserving ol | nblic fa r. Persons ab.nit to emigrate t i any of the Htfti arrs are liiested to call on the subscribers before m king rlieir si ,ge cents, as lliey confide' lly beliete the inducementsthey II offer are sncli ss cannot fail to prove highly adv-ti' an as. d they pledve themselves (hit evt ry attention shall be |?id n<tire comfort sun despatch kor farther ivirtictilars at.plv to W. It J. T. TAPSCOTT, at their General n4 r Passage Office, 43 Perk slip cor Sonih st. KVV JKRSEY RAILROAD AND TRANSPORTATION COMPANY. NBW YORK AND NEWARK. 0S8S. J&08S. From tne foot of Cwnrtlaiadt street, New York. (Kverr day? Bundaya e*tepted.) I.rirriNt? York Leaves Newark ? A.M. At 2 P.M. AlT A. M At Ok T. V. 9 do. 3 do. 3 do. 4 do. It do. 4 do * do. 5S do. 5H do. !"?< 7S do. f H do. do. ft do. ON SUNDAYS. From the foot of C?artiandr ttrert. I,r?v( New York, Leave Newark. At J A. M. and 4?< P M. At IK P. M. and 9* T. M. NlfiW YOilK, KLI/ABRTH TOWN, Leave New York !.??* Kliralmh Town. B A.M. At 2 P M. At 7'< A. M. US .M. 9 do.? 4 do. SS do. SX do. 4lk '0. 10 jo. is do. 5H do. fhe traim for Wrrificid, Plainfirld, Hoandbrook.Sornerville, ..connect with the 9 A M, and,4VPM traina from New >ik, daily, Sundays eacepted. Fire between New York and Klizabeth Town 25 cents, i'nre heiween do and H.imerville. 75 centa. IV YOUR. RAHWAY AND NKW BRUNSWICK Kare reduced. I rn.n the foot of CotirtUndt street.daily. I ea?? New York. Leare New Brtuiawiek. At 9 A N. At 6 A. V. 4 P. M. 7 W " 5H " us noon. 8? P. M. ON SUNDAYS Leave New Yti'k. Leave New Brnriiwiek. 9AM and i\ P M. At 1<X noon, and Bs P M fare bi tweco New Yo*k and New Brunswick, 75 cenu. jahway, ... . . fO cento rhe fare in the 6 and 7)^ A. V. train from New Bruntck.atid 4 and i* M. train from New York, haa been re! eea. . . New York and New Brnntwick, to 50 cents. " and Rshway tu 7TX " NateiiBen who i rocure iheir tieketa at the ticket office, r? ive a ferry ticket gratia. Tickets ate received by the cot ctnf . nlv on the 'li.r when pnrehancd. mM tin It I (> I KNK.YU-.N 1 LUMBERS ~ N Kiperianced Plnmber can have i uinedi He employment at liueril wiges, bv applyiat at No. 32 Park Place. a26 It'ec 3ERA] 3. The Comet?Terrible CoNCuaalon. to I From the Philadelphia Gazette.] j? j } Brio v will hr found a communication from Mr. i Sears 0. Walker, on the recent comet. It will be pei ] seen that Mr. Walker averts that thits body, if it may J be so termed, came into actual contact with the huh w' g on the 27th ol February. Tins startling conclu- l'1' i. sion?for no other so wonderful in the annals of *" astronomical science has, we believe, ever occur- ' , red?is arrived at by calculations wh?se result can- Im. i- not be denied. These calculations, occupying the w|, j c'osest attention during the past two months, have she been all duplicated, and in many parts triplicated, am by Messrs. Wulker, Kendall, and Downes,and can- pei 1 not be forced even to give any other result. The >,l,< inlerenees of the result are to be left to each to Irame y? for himselt; but of the fact that the nucleus of the l(1| comet struck point blank against the sun, there can gfl , be no doubt. One inference is, that the comet re- ry r bounded This would of course be the case were Ke 1 rnfllPlM untiil Imrfipu Lnr inuattiitnh nu lh#lf A TP Kill in ? times thinner than the thinnest clotnls, thinner than t the vacuum of an air pump, stars being visible through a nucleus 10,000 miles thick, it could hardly be so. The more probable inference is, that ,rt t the sun passed immediately through it, and such i- parts of it as escaped its influence having remained, Sc gave to it the appearance which it had of a headless comet, and will account lor the position of its tail when first seen at the High School, on the 23d ol ? February. After the concussion the comet moved a ofl" in a curve called a hypeibolu. The credit for the discoveries of the phenomena " of this comet is due to the gentlemen hum de the tio observations at the observatory .<t the 11 nl. School in this city. It was first seen if r .m in. Z'd of J"' February, before it was noticed in - miier part of ell( ih>'United States. Its first recorded appeara* ce in mj, New England, was on the 27ih of Fehrut ry. It has rrt since been seen in almost evry part of the world, sun ,i and especially in ihe North of Europe. It was Inst pin seen at the High School Observatory on the 10th an' April, and in another part of the United States by ?rt ? Professor Loomis, of the Western Reserve College, :!y. r on the 7th. His instrument was not sufliciently ' powerful to enable him after that date. j?j I. The most recent elements front Europe, especially r from Berlin, Paris and Geneva, accord with those wl obtained at the same dates by the observers of the ha. (i High School. cis > High School Observatory, ,io I" May 20th, 18-13. Lo lt To the Editor of the Philadelphia Gazette? reJ , You will please fin.l room in your column!) for a con it elusion?perhaps a final one -concerning the great comet 01,1 of the 37th of February, 1843, tbomoat roaarkabla tio.iy , ever seen by mortals, anil whose visit to its perihelion 'j on that day will for ages to come constitute the most me- , 1 morable epoch in the history of the world. The lost Plei- ., c ad, which by the by was not iost,ha? boon sung by the y poets?the tail of the February comet, wandering without | , u a head, remains to be sung,or rather to tie related in hum , hie prose. You have doubtless read in the columns of the I United States Gazette, as well as in your own, of the pro- "f gross ol inquiry relative to this strange visitor. Kirst he j' was found to have come nearer to the sun than any Comet on rocord, except that of ItUO j next he was supposed by ourselves, (see the Philadelphia Gazette of April 6'.h) to' he the same aa the great comet of 1689. Prior to this his identity with that of 1668 had been suggested Hy Professor Pierce, and subsequently by Mr. Cooper of Venico, and by Professor Schumacher of Den- L mark. HI* reeeablance to that of 1689 was more fldly ? 1 confirmed by Professor Pierce, in the Boston Courier, !' e ; under date of April 10th, and finally in the United Statas ' Gizctte of May 11th, Professor Kendall and myself point- ! ed out its resemblance to both, and suggested the proha- J,1*' , hilityofa period of 31} years. Lastly, in the United States Gazette of the 18th instant, we stated that the resuit of acarefai and deliberate discussion of the observed places, and of the conic section in which it moves, lead !"" us to the full conviction that the orbit was an hyperbola, ' and that the perihelion point was within the body ol the sun morn than halfway to its centre. Finally, in the ?n! United States Oazttteofthis morning we have given the hyperbolic elements and the corrections of Mr. Downvs' ''I' Ephemeris, computed from then, compared with the simi- ' , lar corrections ol Mr. Downes' Ephemeris, computed from , the best Parabolic Element*. The sum ol the squares of ^ the errors of the Hy|ierbolic Ephemeris ii about one hun- wt t dredtli part ns great hs that of the Parabolic Ephemeris, |'r< e leaving no doubt that tho Hyperbola is the true conic e section. wo Last evening F saw, for the first time, a communication ?~ I in the Courier des Elate Unis of the 23d April, by M. Ar- anJ rago, containing a statement of the results obtained by the Astronomers of the French Academy. Their ele. ments are as follows, compared with those which I pub- >] luhed in tho Inquirer oi April 18th, a few days previous r. to Arrngo'scommunication , Arrago.?Perihelion passage. Feb. ln 27d. 10h. some min. m t Paris. CUI Walker and Kendall 27d. lOh. 38m. " " nei Arrago.?Longitude of the perihelion 378? 46' 30" 18 Walker and Kendall 277 43 34 I"" Arrago.?Longitude of the ascending node2" 10' 0" 1,<!I Walker and Kendall 1 65 19 *1' Arrago?Inclinations 81* 31' 30' t(> J Walker and Kendall 3ft 31 1 f*' Arrago.?Pel ibelion distance 0 006400 r* Walker and KenJall 0 007019 ' (Mil Arrago.?Motion?Retrogade Walker and Kendall do "|r I The elements of the Parisian Astronomers are nearer hoi to ours than any we have seen. They will probably i n give the places of the comet with errors about the . same as ours?that is to say, many time* greater than our recent hyperbolic elements. 8iel ' The hyperbolic 'dements are:? atti Perihelion passage, Feb. 071 8336ft m t Green Ihc Longitude of the perihelion 090" 47' 1 l>8m.eq. Mh.30 tioi ) Longitude of tho ascending j'^r Node flfl? (f 8. 80 I Inclination 47s 14 60 .08 .... Perihelion distance 0.009o7A19 ?. Eccentricity 1 00,14911 Mean siderul daily motion 938 .6940 ?HI Motion rctrograile CU We compared all our observations with the best Ephe- err meris we could obtain, which was computed from our Ru elements at our request by Mr. John Dowries, the editor tilt of the United States Almanac, and obtained from the ave- |eo rage corrections concurring together nsar the 30th and ,h,. 30th March, and 9th April, three aormal or average pla- i ces of the comet: for Greenwich mean midniirht, which are far more correct than the result el any single measure. . ' We ?ive them for the use of astronomers, freed Irom re. "ol fraction,parallax anil aberration:? ene Dec south. Go March, 20J VIOths; K A. 4r, d 4m ? | 0 , 45?. 5 snh Msrch, 3M Vlffliht: 59 d 5rn I in 5/s -i April, 915 I "In; r,: ,1 5m. I > 4 5 ? 7 1 The para' 'lie eleni i.ts which gi> pas mg ' through the first n.l la-t places with a . n. . -v .1 if JO w[' days,snow nn acceleration or parabolic ex<- .s i for the mid 5\ h dlo datejof 228 sec. This might be somew nut eimir nhtsl nr? hy varying the elements, but in doing so the perihelion tnll point would full within the sun, as before, t his excess cm of i'JS gee. we cannot as before asp,uhe to tho en or of tie f>(, 1 middle normal place, which we believe io be not greater -i than ?sec. The parabolical elements of all the computers frail torepresent the place of the tail on the'iS 1 of February. They 'J1'1 locate its direction south ol Orion, whereas we know the that its direction was north of that constellation. Ourhy* ani perholic elements give its place correctly. ?ti The corrections ol the Kphemeris computed by Mr. t;ri John Downes, Irom these elements, are in seconds of arc. It||llyprrholic Orbit. Parabolic Orbit. [q ' Cor. R *1 Cor dec. Cor li ,4 Cor dec r ' 1 Msrch 20.5 ?0.5 ?0* 5 ?0? n a. I aS.I 2 tor M irch 30.5 ?1 5 ?54 U ?3 57.2 ?7. S ne( Ap'il 9.5 ?0. 5 ?U. 2 add 0 3 8 add I. 4 jjC( These sre the established facts of the case. TbeOomet ollI struc k the sun on the 27th Kebru ry last, and sn the 28th was seen in tho day tune departing from the sun 'u a J?" curve called an hyperbola. Its tail on the 23d, when seen at the High Scnool Observatory by my brother, sis- ?[0 ter, and myself, was in position more nearly vertical five than it was early in March: that is to say, it was atuint yea middle way between the position on the llthof March, fati I ami tnat ot tnemarai nuiu n wai umiucr tun morn ?,,y ' fan shaped - the long red rays of the tail were blighter ~rr ml better marked So there ?re to be explained? Jj 1st. The position of'he tail on the 2.11 ol February, ',** midway between that of the zodiacal light and that of the c!ff tail on the 11th of March. *"r id. The almost point blank conclusion of the nucleus tl"" with the body of the sun Wh 3d. The appearance of the dtbrit of the comet in the otir daytime on the 38'h ol February ami 1st ol March. It n (| 4th. The departure of theie ithrit from the sun to die- |mr| tant regions, in that particular conic section sailed an hy- y petbola. . flth. The protiahle identity of this comet with the co- R, meta of 1668 and I6h9, with n period of 21} years, and a ' consequent elliptic orbit of the nucleus previous to the ?tvt concussion on the 27th of Kebauary. spei One method of explaining part of these facts is, to sup- met l>o?e the comet struck the sun and rebounded. This / would not change the conic section, six?the hyperliola; but would merely change the position of the line of up sides in the plane of the srb:t, leaving the position of the I. plane in apace unchanged. This theory will not account by for facts Nos. I and 5. The line ol apsides must, hetore c?u the rehound, have been too remote from its sui)sei|uent V(lf, position, to locate the tail on ths 23d of February, where wo know that we aaw it ; and the previous hy pertmlic or- BRn bit is not consistent with the identity of the comrtaof nea 1868 and 1689. Inn The aecend method ol explaining these five facts, ia to Iiish suppose that the centre of gravity, (an imaginary point,) son actually poaaed through the body of the Sun, eighteen otll millions of milea from its centre. Thia idea was stig- thai g. ste.l some weeks since by Mr. John Downes, and last con evening to the American Philosophical Society by Pro- >?, feasor Rogers. As the Comet could not actually pass through the solid body of the sun, take the possible view I of the caae, and suppose the sun went through the almost . ' > spiritual substance of the Comet?a substance thinner ' >? < than the vacuum of an air pump. In fact Professor <d tl Loomis, ol Ohio, conjectured that the entire weight ol ths An* Comet was not greater than a few pounds of earth. On this hypothesis a great portion of the central nucleus j. would have been intercepted by lh? sun, and those parts . ' only would have escaped which, from their remoteness "y ? from the Centre of the nucleus Could pass outside of the '"'K sun. The tail in particular seems to undergo repulsion Mut by the sun, snd would resdily pass outside, and adhering' met 1 Li D. Wei Two Centa. the dthris of the nucleus would ?o on in thn curve due its orbital motion, and the temporary repulsion of the iu Vow thil theory will explain our fire facts. The hyrbolic elrmenta will locate the tail on the iU of Feh'y t where w? law it at the High School Obierratory. ft 11 account for the departure of the tail anil the dtbrit of i nucleus, in an hyperbola, even if the nucleus itself i veil in an ellipse. It will therefore he consistent with s comet's identitv with thoso of 1668 and 16H?. It will reover account for the headless appearance of the Cot in Match, which led superficial observers to doubt mther it was a comet or not. (n order then that it in Id tie the name an one or both of the cometa of 1AM t I'i-b, it |i only necessary that in the laat period the iturhationa of the perihelion diatance ahould nave been nit the two bundnl part of the eerth'a mean diatance im tha tun, a change not greater than Halleyt or icke's cometa ar? known to have undergone in a revoion, from the effect of pertnrbationa. I nave here preited the facta aa far aa known , I have suggested atheoto explain them all. I have only to add that Professor ndall and Mr. John Downea, who have ahared with me the laboura, concur in theae opiniona. Yours truly, HEARS C. WALKER. To the above we eubjoin the lollowing extract* im the Philadelphia Inquirer :? [ Translation ] ientiflc Corrcapondenceof the "Courier dea EtataUnia." The Comet of 18-43. Im I) mansions, Position, AnoICorasa. We escaped it elegantly the /7th February. Park, April JA, 1943. ri?" comet of IH i J. nfter having canned much con versan. begins 'o depai t Irom ua, and plunge itaelf for many p. i hups, in the cohldepth* uf the heaven*, but in the irt spaceof time during which it has traversed our sysn, it has lef. in the hand* ol the aatrouomera a large nigh number of observations to enable them to deterin with precision the elements oflts orbit. Phe computationa undertaken in varleua place* at the ne time arc n?w terminated ; the reaults have been iced by Mr Arugo upon the table of the Academy, I it only remain* now to chooae between the four 'it*, more or les* different, viz. flrat at Oaneva, riantamour?second, at Berlin, by Encke? rd and fourth, by E. Botavard, and Laugier 1 Mauvnii, at Paris. In view of thcae result*, presentf paipalile differences, the choice had bi en perhape imrra-sing, if the great number of observed positions, iich amount to ?ix Bt the Observatory of Paris ulone, I not furnished the mean* of verification altogether dn. ive. In submitting the different orbita to thia verifican, it it found that the elements calculated by Messrs. tigier and Mauvais, alone satisly all the conditions, and resent all the ohiet vulion*, Willi an exactness unusual, itch does the greatast honor to thrsc two youDg astrou. icra, and conffrm* fully the results of their labors. The comet of IMS passed the perihelion 47th February, some minutes past 10 o'clock in the evening. Wh know now the element* of the comet. Now among t-*e element* there ta one which presents a singularity tremely remarkable. The perihelion distance 0 OOM fer* very little from a radius of the suu itsell exprea1 by 0 (MI&'J , it is tha smallest perihelion diatance, known > to this time. Thus on the 47th of February, tha comet 1943 approached more near than any star baa ever no to the surface of the sun, that it hae grazed it in eome r/.? (Itti'mil* tl rn*m ntl MLmlniim a/irf* \ E*mm tkla al??" :inity which took |>lnc?- un instant between the net und the centre of attraction around which it revolv resulted (or some time an eitraordinary speed. At this >ch, the comet made 104 leagues per sreoud, attaining is a velocity fifteen times greaterthan that of the earthon the '27th, from '24 minutes past 0 o'clock to SO mins past 11 in the evening, in this short interval of two irs and some minutes, the comet descended under the iptic, and ascended above it, passing its perihelion beten its two nodes. There would without doubt be ise to say with the poet, that the comet Aet tont tkroufk h a vtry ilifflrult intrigue,' but these very elegant phraaia unhappily excluded from astronomical language, 1 the profound ignorance of genius lias alone the right pretend to such liberties. )n the some dnv,-27th February, the comet presented other remarkable phenomenon, in interposing itself tween the sun and the earth, so as to produce a sort of rtial eclipse of the sun, visible upon tne other hemisere of oar globe. At this period the tail of the comet, lich extended behind it to 00 millions of leagues, nearencountered our world , and to appreciate the danger ! have run, it is enough to say, that if thla cometary ilongation, very remarkable for its small breadth, had ;n in this dimension twice as large, the concussion uld have infallibly taken place. 'he Kreucli word naruil. it translstsd node, knot, intrigue? this enu ii is diffic ult to render in Kuglish The War of Tariffs.?The disastrous' results the infatuation which lt d the Tory Government, 1815, to throw away the golden opportunity of se? ring the ascendancy of tree-trade principle!, are coming more and more Hp|?arent every day. It now admitted that not only are all the leading wen* of Euro|ie leagued together to establish a petuiil blockade, by means ot restrictive tariffs, linst British industry, but that even all our efforts obtain, from subordinate states?such aa Portu, Spain, and Naples?some slight concessions in urn for any large advantages proffered on our t, have proved, up to the present moment, entire ures. State after State secedes from our comrcial alliance, and loins what, to all intents and poses, may be called the hostile league. For iv, in fact, does the present continental system ler from that which it was the main object of Naeon's policy to enforce 1 Merely in this: the ge is turned into a blockade, the impracticable ?mpt to annihilate British commerce and manutures at once, by a general and absolute prohibin against their introduction, is exchanged for the more dangerous and |H>ssible attempt to starve m out, by encouraging rival domestic manufaces by means of discriminating duties. Why did ipoleon incorporate nation after nation ia his giatic empire, and finally risk that empire itself in a isade, in which the whole military force ofwrsti Europe was launched into the frozen wastes of issia I Was it not to compel the ndoptioR of hos: commercial measures against England 1 Napon has fallen?the Colossus which overshadowed r.irth, has crumbled into the dust, but his policy i survivei him. If he had conquered at Water, an I dictated his own peace, what worse condiis could he have enforced against his eternal niv those whicli the imbecility of her owq vrnmeut and the perfidy of her own allies have ijpct'-d her to 1 hese refh etions have b< en forced upon as by re-nlt of the various commercial negotiations ich have been lately attempted It is clear that, i rens, in 1^15, we were in a position to command ietH to every marltet in the world, on terms of reciprocity, in 1843 we are not in a i>osition to nmand a s.iglit re iuction on our w oollens from rtugul, or on our cottons from Spain, in *inge lor such a modification of the duties on their ph produce, wine, as would give them the comud of the British market It is clear, also, that principles of restriction are crossing the Atlantic (1 that eVen the Brazils and the other American ites, in which Canning boasted that he had atetl a new world for British commerce, are ' ady adopting or meditating measures adverse our interests. <iire|y, in the face of results like these, it is time those in authority to consider the utter hopelesew ol attempting to preach what we do not prac.?to |iersuade other nations of the sincerity of professions in favor of free trade, while we intain the corn laws. The eflects of the restric1 system have been abundantly tried. If things on as they have been going lor the last twenty years, if the corn laws are maintained lor many rs longer, it is evident that the commercial isoon of Ungland will he completed. That is to , our manufactures will be excluded from all the Ot civilized nations of the earth, with the exce pl, perha|is, of yam, machinery, and other arti. necessary for supportiot rival manufactures oatl. They will takr nothing from us which y can possibly contrive to manufacture for themres hy the aid of heavy protection duties, and unrestricted intercourse will he confined more more to our own colonies and to remote and barian countries. /e defy any one to say that this is not the natural inevitable tendency of the policy which the rernment seems bent upon pursuing, viz., of ng free trade the benefit of their theoretical eches, while resttiction continues to enjoy the re snbtantial advantage of their practical su^orf. iZnglith Paper. ?ono CotTRTsmr.? Married, at Woodplumpton, the Rev. I. Mossop, incumbent, after a tedious irtship of nearly fifty years, Mr. John Almond, iman, to Miss Alice Whiteside, both of the te place. The sprightly bridegroom bends beith the yoke of" three score years and ten," and ? will be the sixty-seventh year the buxom brid* seen the " bud upo' the timmer " The blitheie pair had forgotten, or did not know, that any ,-r person would fnve to witness ihe ceremony ii the officiating clergym.111 and his clerk, and, sequently arrived at the church without either an o' maid." After some delay, two persons e picked up hy chance, who kindly lent their and the loving couple were "tied to each other" lie remainder of their lives. The united ages h? se four individuals amounted to 2U0 years.? f/i*/i Paper. tomtit Death ? Mr. John D. Watts died sudden 1 Baltimore, on Thursday evening, by the burstol a blood vesae!, at the punting office of Mr. 'phy. He waa engaged at hia ordinary employ* tt, when the fatal occurrence took place.

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