Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 29, 1843, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 29, 1843 Page 1
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TH] ot. IX.-?flu. 140 ?Wboli Ho, S3A0 To tba Public. THE NEW YORK HERALD?daily newspaper?published every day of tho year except New Year's day and i Fourth of July. Price 3 cents per copy?or f7 3d per annum?postagea paid?cash in advance. THE WEEKLY HERALD?published every Saturday , morning?price t)( cents per copy, or #3 13 por annumpostages paid?cash in advance. I ADVERTISERS are informed that the circulation of the Herald is over THIRTY THOUSAND, and increasing ? * a L-. a. I?.... .latum of anu vavti in tkii city, i or tKt world, and it therefore, the beet channel for bunneee Kit in the city or country. Price* moderate?cash in *1vance. PRINTING of all kind*, executed at the most moderate price*, and in the most elegant style. JAMES GORDON BENNETT. PaoraixToa sr the Herald Establishment, i Northwest corner of Fulton and Nassau street* ' BRITISH AND NORTH AMERICAN ROYAL MAJL STEAM SHIPS, Of ItOOiloni and 448 horse power each. Under contract with the Lords of the-Admiralty. I HlBKRNIA, C.H. E. Judkins, Commander. BRITANNIA, J.Hewitt. do CALEDONIA, E. G. Lott, do ACADIA, A. Ryrie do COLUMBIA, E. C. Miller, R N do Will tail from Liverpool and Boston, via Halifax at follows: from LIVERrOOL iron boston. rAcadia, Ryrie, Feb * Mar 1 Columbia, Miller, Mir 4 Ap'l 1 Britannia, Mewiti, Apt 4 May 1 Hihernia. Jndkins, Ap'l 19 May 18 The accommodations for passengers are superior. The vessels are acrerapauied by experieuoed surgeons, and amply supplied wiih Frances' Patent Life Boat*. Passage reduced t? J120. No Bertha secured until paid for. For further information, apply ro D BRIG HAM. JK .at HARNDKN A CO'S, No. S Wall-st i*le ' NB* ARRANGE viENT FARE AND h HEIGHT REDUCED MM REGULAR MAIL LINK?FUR PROVm fl iT~"ir"- AND BOSTON, via STOi. ~ If g.|NGTON AND NEWPORT-Composed of the following superior steamen, running in eoonection wiih the Slomuvtou and Roeton and Providence Railroads:? MASSACHUSETTS, Cap! Comttcck. KHODE ISLAND, Capt ihsyer. PROVIDENCE NAKHAGtNSETT. MOHEOAN One of which vail leave New York daily (Sundays excepted) from Pier No 1, Battery Place, N Kiier, at 5 P. M ARRANGEMENTS. The RHODE ISLAND, Captain'IJiayer, on Monday, and Wednesday for Stenington and Newport, and Kiidry for Btonmft'oii The MASSACHU aETT8,Cap'ain Comttock.on Tuesday and T 'Urseny for Stooingten, and Saturday for Stonington, Newport and Providence. P.iist niters, on the arrival of the steamers at StoningtoD, null be immediately forwartl'd in the splendH nud commnJwii Cars of the Railioid to Prov dence and Boston, and if lor Newport willpra erd iu rhe steamers on Monday, Wednesdiy end Satorday, and on the intervening days, proceed v.a Blouiubtou Rrtlread to Providence, and Lorn thence in the steamer Iotas, wuliont any additional charge. 1 Ickrts 'or me route nuu s'eaioeri oeruu can ne secured on board, o. st the office of HAKNDEN fc CO , No 3 Wall street. [T7"On sncl after the 10th iust, freight will Dot be r ceived >od fur wa'ilrd after half-puM P M tnfl 6m* m NEW YOKK AND KING 8TON STEAM FREIGHT AND PASSAGE I.YNE. .MM ?? For KinKSlon, and Delaware sod Hudson Canal?steamboats EMERALD and NOR SuGL wich. The EMEHALD, Captain John Ketcham, will leave New York foot of Murray street, every Monday and i nursday at 5 o'clock P. M. Will leave Kiugston (Kondout landing) e?ery Wednesday and Sa'.urdav at S o'clock, P. M. The NORWICH, Captain John Samuels, will leave New York, foot of Mnr.ay street, every Wednesday and Saturday at i o'clock, P. M. WJ1 leave Kingston (Kondout landing) every Tuei ay and Friday at! o'clock, P. M EXTRA TRIPS. The EMERALD will leave the foet of Murray street every Pnndy morning at 7 o'clock. Returning leaves Kingston at 4 o'i lock same. day. For freight or paetave apply on hoard, or to WILLIAMSON, BAKLOW fc CO , all 3m*r 16^ Weatslrvet. FOR fsUFFAtiO AND ALL PARTS OF THE WEST jinm ASSOCIATION rAo8\GE OFblCE To ALBANY. Utica, f. AO Jtoeherter, S3 00 Syecvse, 2 25 T-uKtln, 3 50 Oswego, 2 25 Up k Lower Cansda5 50 For presage apply to >t. L. KAY, ra23 Jm 93 Barc'sv street New York. ~~~ STATKN iaJLA.NO FERK.Y Foot of Wbitaball street. On and afte' Thursday, June the 1st, the steamboats STAl EN ISLANDER SDd SAMSON, will make he following trips, until further notice LEAVES STATEN ISLAND. LEAVE8 NEW YORK. At 1,9.10. 12, * M, At 8.9.10, M, A. M 1,1,4. J, , 7 P.M. I.I, JX. 5 6. 7 P.M. On Sundays, leaves every h mr, frota 8 A. M, to7 P. M. Ml r _Iirr i am NEWARK AND NEW YORK?Fare only 12X tents!?The s) lendid steamer 9Ca9C3K_ PASSAIC', Captain John Gaffy, has been put in complete order, and will commence her trips lor the I.n on Nlondav the 10th instant, as follows, until farther DOUC* I? Leave New York ai 4 o'clock, P. M. " Newark at Tfi o'clock, A. M. Freiaht carried at reasonable rales. a16 (tmec .MP1 MM p OPLIC'it LINK OK STEAMBOATS fcTTi KO < ALBANY?Daily at 7 o'clock, P. M. 3Eas9K^E?T' ">ugh Direct (Sunday's ei'epted) from t. e r i. am?ont I'ier ' W u Coorilandt and liberty itieeta Snamboar HC ( H .8TK.K, Cap! A Houghton, will leave Tnesdav, Thnridat <nd Hatnrdav evenings, at 7 o'clock. - teamb >ai fOUTH AMKHICA, Captain L W Brairard, will I wave Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings, at 7 o'clock. Steamboat NORTH AMEKICA, Captain M H Trneidell, land tut at .intermediate places, will leave Monday, Tuesday Thnrsdat >ud Saturday afternoons, >t 5 o'clock. Passengers aking this Line ol Boats will invariably arrive in Albany in ample time to take Hit Morning Train of Cars for the ess - or west. HIT"The above boats are new and sabattntial, are furnished with new and el.gnnt state rooms, and for sperd and accommod itious are unrivalled on th- Hudson Korrasssg* or freight, apply on board, or to P. C. Bcholtg at the office on the wharf mlec esaffi] fg?> ^0^ H^-aSF-ST a NOK.THe.RN AND WESTERN EMIGRANT PASSAGE OFFICE. The Sabiciibers listing completed tlicir arrangements, are new prepared to forwsid paaae gers o all the Northern and Wrsten Stares snd Caaaila, hv daily lin's of tow boa's. railroads and S'e-.mho I's, via the Noiih rivt rand Ene Canal, upper Lakes, Philadelphia and Pittsough. Ohio river and Canal routes The following are a few of the moat important noi its:? Via Utira, Buffalo, Pottsville, Otlrna, St racnss, CI, velaud, Pittsburgh^ Toroolo, Oiwtgo, Detroit, Cincinnati!, Kingston, Rochester, Milwaukie, St. Loul?, St. Johns, Lsrkpor, Chicago, Louisville, Montreal. Also to any part of Ohio, Illinois, Mistoun, Indiana, Nhchigsn, Tennessee, neijiuciv, rv iiLMmii, >??-! L pper and Low I Canada. Having given inch univvrani aatitfac i >n in their London and Liverpool lines of packets, the subscribers will endeavor to make the present undertaking equally deserving of public fa vor. Persona about to emigrate to any of the a! ve places are requested tocall ou the subscribers before b -jing their ar range-rents, as they cotfidei tlv bel'ere the induce menu they can offer are such as cannot fail to prove highly a-lvmtageons aud they pledee themselves ih it evt ry attention shall be paid to -n-or-- comfort tiioderpati h Fur further particulars apple to W fc J. T TAP9C0TT, at tlteirOeneral m4 r IV?n' Office. 43 P? clt slip cor ?onth st. NEW YORK, 8CHOOLK Y*8 MMmLMOUNTAIN k KA8TON Leave the /not of Conrtland street, daily (flnTd-iTaei- .!, ) in go'elock, A. M., by railroad f om J?rsey city to Morristowu. thence by Post eosches ihr. ugh Manrihain,Chester. #rPooler's Mountain, Auderron Town. Port (.olden, Wadlitnatoii, to Eastoti. At Washington, a dally line intersscts to and from e Belvidere For sc .U apply to J. Hill, at J. Potion's, Commercial Hotel. 7JC' urtlandstreet. N.B ?F.itrss furnish-d r-t the ahortest notice by applying to N. B. Ln<e, United States Hotel, Morristown. uivll 3m ec mMSk DAILY EXPKKS9 rORALBANY TKOY. BUFFALO CHlCAUO AND 1 HE CANAPAS The snbscrihert having com|!eled therr arratigevnenU with the People's Lino of fltesmbosn, on the Noitb ilieer and the Rail Road Companies west of Albany for running their Express lot the se-ison of 1143. an Etpresa will leave their office. No. t Wall srreel,New Y ork,? rery evening, at quarter to 7 o'clock, for the ah ove named ai d ii.te. media ei.laces. IMPORTANT. For the greater a?feiy and security of all valuable and money packages ent.n.ted to their care, they have ialsmind?r Iron Pales on board of the steamboats, in a state room occupied exrin iTely by themselves, a> d the messenger in ch tree sleeps in the same ro m with the mm safes, into which all snch packages are placed TOMEKOY k COM PANT, rol?c No. i Wall street. SAIL BOAT CHALLENGES? What i? the matter f Aye, that't the mh ! When the smothered growls of disappointed success Inrks in the bosom of man, he loses sight of amiability, pfstrates himself, and in tnrhufent array dies unheeded and unknown bach is the condition of a certain boat builder of this city who seeks notoriety through annonymons communications The subscriber has for years stood upon the coi tested ground of boat building, aud long eiperience has taught him that , "Larre harks can ventu e more. But little harks mnst keep neer shore," And when men think thev can rope with htm in superior boat boil-hug t ey must not talk io parables, but k-ldly meet him a" his office door,there nrranae lor the nnertpg lest of proof; his challenges are alwave made ip ?ood faith,his - oats to coi qner. Upon tin* principle he fares his t-nlwsrk, and now for the hua dr'th'iin# he offers to show the stent of "Tronbler" to any boat ' roline ever tail! or hat on haito, loy a trophy which will richlv ie|>av the eipemn nt. New where is your h-atu-d haek-r?; wh?re't your own daunted courage?draw the veil and show yoursel t0 the world. r. H ?One month 'a notice, nnv distance under fifty miles. The "Tronbler" ran he teen at his bazaar. CP. 8 > U. L. INOERPOLL, m5 Im^ee 406 Water street ITRvN( 15r l1 ATKNT TIFE BOAT, ' 0#C? Noi~T " Wall street. mrtl E NE" JN a TO LKT iu Williamsburg?The whole or part ol a | a neat three ?4 >ry brick Dwelling Hon** in Snath 7ih si. near 4th it., rent very low Apply to \V. Ik J. T Tapicott, 43 Pack ilip. m 7-ec a l l) LET?The M lusn.u tlouir ai ttloomingutiie. ' kao'yu as ilir " Abbey" situat. da ih rt Pittance above in - ill o lie stone, just above Stry ker's Bar. and nearly opposite St. Michaels Church. The p'ace is -veil known ai men! the moit ?*eli?htful litn itions on the Island, and ia reMr"inly hea;thy in thesninmer season. Tne Lloomiiig.Ule stakes pass and repass the gate every bonr i" the day. The gate is new, and uumbcitd 101. The leut will be iu accordance with the present sta'e of the timer. A' ply on 'lie premises, o* at 172 <lhnmb?rs atreet. N. 11.?Anau.rmeiit could he nude, if desired, by a satisfactory tenant, to let a part of the (uruiture now in the house remain, or a part of the house will be renlsd aeparately. in 16 lin*r TO LKT?The fire proot crick store. No. M5 soum (Tram st, with immediate possession if required, apply to Lll. WOODHULL (k mINTUHN, mJ4r gT Honth street "jgf Tt) LRT OR FOR BALK?A three story modern ??? bnilt brick dwelling house and store, wi h two Iota ol ground attached. situated in Williamsburg, about two ninntri walk (rum the Peck Slip Ferry Apnly on the premism. corner of Fourth and South-Eighth streets, Williamsburg, ,r to W. k J. T. TAPSCOT T. as<r 43 Pec- slip. MBAHCLAV" STREET?TO LET?The elegant and ci m . odious thr< e story brick bouse. No 57 Barclay street, bui't and occupied by Mr. Thomas Br*oks nr.ul es-nt tune. In evccllent order end fitted with every convenience for a large f-mily, and si'uato'l dirccily iu front of Co'lege Place. For terms apply at No. 110 Water street. m75 lm?r NIBLO'S HARDEN. CHEAP TLANT ?The prnpiietors of the large Con{KS-etvato-y, 676 Broadway. b> g to inform their ftii m!i and ?J^ he public, ihit they will ull at very reducedp ice*, the pirsent and eusoiiig week, previom to remc.iug their latgc Hock 11 Plant* to th-ir *uminer quarters, 2000 Ch > Ce named D uble Dahlia*. lO'O Ro*et ofvarion* kind*. IbOO Geranium* in *ort*. ItiliO ('-ictus'iu torts; Call**, Jasmines,Oie~nders,Camellia*, Passion F!ower?, Chinese Azalea*, Rhododendrons, and 20.060 o her pla it* of varir.u* kiDd?, sui-aile for parlor or garden cnl ture, with a'arte and select assortment of vegetihle, annual, biennial, and perennial tlower seedr; itrass *eed for lawn*, bird ceil and bird*, fancy ciges, gold Cubes and globes, he , tic. Our lady friends "re pa ticuURy invited to call and eiaroine our stock, bel ire puichaiiug els*wheie m216 *r NfBLO it DUNLAP GENIN & VAN VRANKEN'3 VENTILATING GOSSAMER HAT, FOB GENTLE viEN, 9WEIGHING OvLY 2% OUN'ES?PRICE ?3 50. THE Subscribers hi?e introduced the abo?e mined a hat lor anmmei wear. Bv comparing the weight of this aitic'e with the average weight of the following hat*, the >nperiot anvatitagr* it possess's.over them for summer wecr may be rend Iv seen. i lie average wtight of the ord.nary fur hat ia 6 V ounce*, do do Panama 5ld " do do Leghorn 4 " Beinr fully convinced that no style of summer hat heretofore wo n has met with the general approbation w hi' li a hat t oasessiug all the qualities, viz* lighfntss, beauty, dt ribility and cheapness, would be sure to receive, we have devoted much attention to the tncnulacture and finishing of the new style now in rodueed by us. From the warm approbation evpress d by gentlemen who have ezamined them, we feel satisfied ih't they need only to be seen to be fu ly appreciated OENfN & VAN VHANJCEN, m?6 lm*cc 214 Br adway. opposite St Paul's Chnrch. vtfceki THUEE DOLLAR BOOTS?'The extern ire sgh*^/ sale and drmsi d fot these h >ots has ru-bl'd the Manufacturer to add materiallv to rhrirqmlity both in duribility and beauty. Fo sale at 15 Maiden Lau-, one door below Peail street. All is only by large sales and peculiar 'acihci** of this m 'uufactory that, a fi e I ir stitch ca'f b >ot can be affo tl.'d at three dollars,it becomes those who give these boot* a trial. Renumber, iu Maiden Laue US m?8 st*r O* O. E. BAKER.NOTICE TO THE LADIES ?Tit* I adies . f New Vork (my cnitomtra in part'cular) are respectfully infoimvd, that notwithstanding I he advance of j nrneymms'wages, (to which I htvracceded) my Ladle* Shoe* of all the d.fferent kind*, made in the lat"*t Frencli *tvlr, will be told a* hrretofo-e at the one uniform price often shtlliug* per pait, (single ai d double sole*) warranted firty I er cent handsomer and better than those sold at the cheap stores at one dollar a pair. Lad<e* Slippers, tye* and bu<kins, second quality: alio, Toile t Slippers at til shillings per pair, a good article; Misses and Childieu'e Boot*, and shoes ofa.l kinds anl puces: ladies uauer u wu.n io-ib, auu inaue to oraer, at ivtu-iy innings, equal to any in trie city. With many thanks to my customers fur their liberal patronage, 1 hope by atrict attention to business, to merit a ciuiiuuance of theii f.vors. 'Tit not in mnrtala to command success; But I'll do more. deserve it. J. B. MILLER, !42 Canal s'reet, m?5 6t*' between Thompioo and Sullivan streets. PARH BOOTS AND LASTS MADE TO ORDER By E. SUSER, 175 Hroadway, (Baument,) Une Door from Courtlandi street. E. SUSEK, Bootmaker, and maker ot Lasts, an "EIve" ol Clerce of Paris, beat leave tu intorm his friends and all the a uuleurs el a gentlemanly "th.ussure," that he Can now make, in New York, with trie best French ma'eiials all that is so perfectly made, in t aria, by his master the celebrated booun iker Clerce, whose numerous customers on this aide of the Atlantic, are reap ctfully invtrd to try SUSEH^S boots and last* belor- tliey despair ol brimt "chaossee" in New York, al e: the nicest, latest Farm fashion. Also.t><e genuine Paris Jet Blaek Varnish sold. m'O 7w *r PALMO'S AROAT E BATH, 39 < HAM lie.It STREET. ?T?H- GENTLEMEN'S SALOON NOW OPEN?Great A tf. luciion. Batlis -T5 cents. B iths with robes or sheets .37X " 23 ticke s for I he subscriber hiving leased the above establishment, for a erui of years, h is commenc-d improve innits on a scale which when completed, will, he flitters himaell, vie in taste, in cosily elegance and magnificence, wi'h any similar establishment in the world; hayinit visited the best conducted ba in m Enrope, he feels ii? hrsitaiion in assuring his fellow cilii-ns that ihe spirit which has for the past thirty vears actuated rim in providing (no matter at what cost.) the most snlendia mansions lor their social comfort and convent nee, ' hall nut, on the pre ? lit occasion be toil sight of aud that to the improvement and elegancies of the European Baths, ha will take the 1'beity ofadding fiom f e inventive resou'ces of his own cultiv-ted and well known taste, all that lie hat observed wanting to render the enjoyment of a bath the "ne pins u tia" of p-rfrction. The La.iies Sal'ou will he in readiness in a few days. A n'l drserintion of the varied improvements wil be given when completed, and the whole thrown open f"r public inspection. w IS 3mec FERDINAND PALMO. W1NE8, BRANDIES, fee. HP IIE snbscriber offers the following Wines, fcc. for sale at 45 1 Pine street, corner of William. Madeira in pipes, hhds, quarter casks, demijohns and bottles, a part verv old and high cost, direct and via India. Sherries, in pipes, hhds, quarter easas aud in glass, of various grades?Amontillado in quarter casks. Port? Imported expressly for family ase, in wood and in glass. t larets?Chateau Margeaux, Latonre, St. Estaphe, Larose, 8t Jnlien?alto in casks. Hocks?J.ihannvtberK Castle,.Marcohrunner Cabinet,Chartrberger, Bronebert, Asstn?n?hausen, Grenhattseu, Htoterhauteu, Hudesh'itner, Hettenhenn. Peisporter, Leibleanoiilch, Uiesenheimer Hoehheuner, fcc.&r Re. S tuterne, B trsac, Muscat, Chablis. Biuituudies?Clot de Voueeot. Chambertiu, Romance. Very old Cognac Brandy, vintage 1733; expreasly for summer use Fine Holland (Jin. The ab?ve articles are recommended to the infirm aa'a rovereign remedy for their maladies. GILBERT DAVIS. ta3 Im A~BEAUTIFUl7HEAD OF HAIR TO RE HAD FOR THREE SHILLINGS.?READ, THEN JUDGE. 'DEADER, if we prove an article to be good, will you befViirve it 7 I. seems :hat you have been humbugged so eften, that il'an aiticle is even proved to oe good, you wont try it. Now read. These are t'.c real and positive qualities of an article whoae price will prove it no uosirutn. Joins'Coral Hair Pestorativs wi'l general y imp ose aud beautify the 7,air. It will force the hair to grow or. the heal, faca and bo dy, or any part where na'ure intended hair to grow, by making the scalp healthy It stays the hair falhag off, and thoroughly cures all scurl aud dardiuff. Another ol its properties is 10 make the hair grow naturally dark and beautiful. Jones' Coral Hair Resv-rative is sold at the sign of the American Eagle g7 whathim street. New Vork. Agenta?Ze'bcr, Third aud Dock afreet, Philadelphia, and next to the American Hotel, Washington, D C. : 8 8 ate strut, Bostou : Cleveland. Ring street, Charleston, S. C. ; 37 State street, Albany : Mitchell, Nuiwien, Chenango, N. V.; Martin, barber, Calskill, N. Y.| and 139 Fulton street, Brooklyn r?5 Im* HAIR CUTTING! HAIK CUTTINO! H AIR CU i UNO HILL,the illimitable Hair Cutter, takes this method of in' forming his friends and the public in general, that he has removed from the Tontine Building to his Old Stauc, No 8fi l'?arl streei, no stairs, immediately adjoining the Pearl Street House, wnere he will be pleased to operate on all who mav favor him with a call, in Ms truly inimitable style of Hair Cutting, which, for elegnnreof design and beauty ol execution. n passes anv Hiiiit ill the kind Heretofore introduced nilo the United Htates. The various branches of woik dune at the following moderate prices Inimitable Hair Uniting, IIX cents. On do Curling,J I2H " a perior Shaving, 6>4 " ra9 lm*r A CLEAR COMPLEXION FREE FROM ERUPTION (>R DISFIGUREMENT 1VAAY Bit HAD BY ACL, by naing a remedy now well 1V1 known to he one of the most surprising iuventiiMS of ili? age It ii made in the shape n| g ktMUitU MM,? it entirely eiadieatei errry eruption, such as pita idea,, bloichrg, scurvy, salt rliruin, tan, morohew. sunburn, or diaiianrement orthe akin, imparting to the lace, bods-, nerk, or erma, a b?>u tifnl healthy e.carnesa. No murepreeentatlon is offered. (Vie inal will snihce to recommend it to all. It changes the eol ir of dark, sniihnrot or yellow skin, to a fine healthy clear neas. It has receiyed the approval of ihe Medical Conncil of Paris, who call it a miracle, a wouder, and a blessing." I hare seen this enre aereral caaej of rrtt|*ion that persons have spent hundreds rf dollars on to cnre in rain. It is sold at 54 cents a cake by T. Jones at hit iierfuinery eslaolrshmrnt, sign of the American Kagle, 43 Chatham street, N.Y ; and by these agents?in Philadelphia, by Zieber, earner Third slid Dock sts; or nekt to tho Ameucau Hotel, Washington, D 0.; hi Boston, * State street; in Charleston. B.C. 307 King St.; in Albany, 5' Stalest;in Brooklyn, 130 Knltun. Agents wanted in all other "'tree m'i Im'ir 'J HK. MOST DELIGHTFUL Ok AH. KXCUKSIONS. ,7" - V' i',1,0** Hnrtsou Hirer to H?boken, and then a walk '? ths e.lvstan Firl's aioug the emmnuingly beautifnl and picturcrqoc thoies of ilie pl-ee, will prove ihe most easily accoMtulnhed and ot all ihe rural excursions that can be made from ths city. The grmnds now pr. sent a charming aspect, the tree, being mos'ly in lesl and the soil covered eeith a rich turf. The walks ara in escellent order, h.ring hern Considerably embellished the rrreeat spring. mi!> yw-ec cuTCER'fr^ : WM. M ILD, Manul. cturcr and Imro ter of Cutlery No ISO Division street, offers to ihe trade, lor cash a bean'! ill tree r of one, two. three and font blade knives With a variety of other good t. ' As Mr W superintends the manofrctnring of his goods ho can r?conwiend iliem t be equal to the best tna, nfactnred goods in the eity. The country dea era would do well to call previous to purchasing elsewhere. nan |mer MARINE HUHVKYOft'B OFFlClt, ?7 Wallas eet. west ide.on 'he co ner of aVster Purveyors appointed by the Chamber of Commerce, and ihe Poaid col lliiderwritars. to survey and Hours from OA M lo 0 P M ft B UMLE*, 1 Y. H MMsitV, HAML. CHANDLER. I JOHLTH TWICKHAM, J Surveyors. A J. CAKTWKIOH r, MU!t8e.LL *TUHOI?, } R. Y. NOMHIS. Uevk. >*7?U W YO EW YORK, MONDAY M PRINTERS' AND !BINDERS'" WARE ROOMS, ' No?. if) and 31 Gold street, N. York, April, 1843. I, PRICES GREATLY REDUCED. a The hoe pkin nxo press machine and saw } MA vUEACTOKY, iu <'uim-i|ueuce <>( ihe addition of ' lew mid impr- ved machinery to their works, and the reduc ' :ion in tli" cost of materials and labor, am entiled tr?atly to r ' dace the prices ot their Pr? ssrs, ?nd ol Printers* and Binder*' mateiials itene-ally. as will be seen by than newly printed [ rircular, to which tney hep lease to refer. This establishment is sti'l under the personal superintend* Mice of KicHaao M. Hoc and Hobkrt Hub, and tney assure their friends ill t, nr>twi hstandiuc the ureal reilue'i n in ? priee?, all articles inMlufachi'ed hy thia estahhshnreut shall re cvd niRn rr)'in?ii'in which in y nave niinerm suaisiueu. It wi Ii >oIk their eon*taut endeavor to itnproie the gustily o'tliem in every particular. They flatter themselves a'so that their o <1 fiieuds will uot on!v. con'in le their fivo >, but tint Printers generally will appreciate their < ndeavors to lurniah the eery neat ?rticles at btiely r. inuuei ring pricei. Ordetsfrom nny pait or th- country tor all artielea n?ed by Printrr* or Bindera, including Typea, Ink, Parer, fcc-. will be executed with tlie greatest care and promptitude, and on the be-l terms. Jobhiug work and repairing will he aone at the loweit poa lib'e prices, with every attcu'iou and expedition. N. B.?All artic'es manuf ctured by this establishment will beat.tmp-d K HOK It f'O ,so thai pereooe from abroad may not be -mp wed upon with spurious artielea, made in imitation of iheiia. Printers of newspapers who publish thia advertiaement, with this note, three times before the first of July nest, and tend one of their papers to us, will be entitled to payment of their bill on buyiug four times the amount of it. apTOis r ~LONGI-EY'S GREAT WESTERN INDIAN PANACEA. UTIIKNIVER thou art sick, .hy stomach and head appres** sed. thy bowls costive, or exhibiting other symptoms of eril condition, and it occurs to thee that it might be well to call upon the doctor, or buy a box of pills?then is the li ne, sir in lit way, for thee to procure a bottle of this Panacea. And whenever thou thmkeat u- a prudent mm.'hu it might be well lo h ive some g od family physic in thy hon e, for the heDefit of ihy wife and litt'e ones, in cate ol need; tlien a'so thou sh mlilst lose no time by delay, but while the liberal and care In! feeling is oil tliee, aitenu to its dictates, surrly thyself with this medicine, and save thyself cost The Pamcra ia a nut" vegetable cathartic ; it is pleasant ta the tss'e, aud is freely tia*n by chldreu; it operates ngrevi bIy and wiilicut pain; it gives t< ne to the stomach anil bowels, anil leaves them in a good condition; it acts as an alteratiV" nor u lh" liver, ihe stomach, and the Mood, therehy pnrirying the springs of life aod in the treaim nt of Hyspei aia, and all ihe varieties of bilious disease, whicuso much abound, its success is uuuvnlled. In Asthma, tho relief isalmast inslantaneoiis, and nearly as 1 certain is that the medicine is administered The Panacea is, ' moreover, lonsideritig the numoer of doies in a bottle, the < cfrapes'cathartic in market. _ i The Hon Hooer Morrell, judge of the sixth circuit in the slate of New York, says ol this tnrdi"i"e?I have found it the I best remedy for bilious attacks, to which I am subject, that 1 h ve used. VU Kinsom, k'sii . I iwy<r,61 John street. New York, says t ?I ha t betn an invalid for 12 years much of the time inept- 1 tun 1 'I IUI uimui |'U*INC?, Uj^tr.nii, nousi-in < t y i:n?u*n, iroutleil vviih a dry hir cough, ?nre thrii't. the Myhralthir compw?|>?rly res-ortd uude- the use of this remedy. 1 would uo> be wihout ii ou ?nr cousid ration Martin Ha vley. Ksq , of B i jfhamptnn, N. Y., says thataftcra protract-d bili ui vtick oltao rnon'lis dura ion, and the failure cf two conrsr a of aaltveti iu, and all the ordin ry m idea of ire-tment to restore him, while niiti'eriDg from nausea, vom itipg. fever and dysentery, 1 was induced to tiy your Panac ea, and from the first n?e of it, my pii ful >yin(itoHiH h?*an to give way, and iu one vre-.k 1 was Bble to start for New Yorlt ou bu sineti. >ly aypeti'e reiurot d, and lam now in better health than I hive ?moved for two years past. Dr West, of Rinshanipton, s?y??Ihave used yoar Panacea in onv family, and have reoearedly pi escribed it lor pattenrs an der my care, and am satisfied that i is always a safe, and iu very tnauv cases an iuv.,Iu.ible medicine. It acts ca laxaiive without nausea or paiu, ami while if ? ffectualiy obviates coslivruess, act* upon tbn stomach and >ivtr son alterative, correcting aacidity, abd restoring the healthy condition of those organs. Dr. Btrtridge, of Binghampton. recommends this medicine as the b-st remedy within his knowledge for Asdirnn, forewarning the stomach at d bowels, and purify tug ih-blood. Ihave testsd its merits, says he, iu my practice, and I do not hesitate to say that it is the most pilatsb'r, and atlh- same time the mo?t eff-ctive cathartic 1 have ever used. I di earnestly recommend this Panacea to the public patronage, aud especially to ihe patronage of the med'Cal proles lion. UiWs Orcutt, E-sq , ihe well knov a host of tbc Phrnit Hotel, Bitighamptou, wasgreatly afflicted with dy-pepsia and bi- 1 lious attacks. Bays he, I wis speedily relieved on nsirg vour ( Panacea, and ven-urs to say that it is the mort effective aud excellent eathivtic medicine now in use. I Mr, T. A Thayer, merchant of Binghamprnti, iay??I waa ! mucin troubled Willicosliveuess, and was entirely restored by ! the use ofihe Ureal Western ludiati Panacea I lo ve used the J blu-pill, and in my opiuion y ur Panacea is a complete substi tute for cnhimel in any form. Mr. C Knapp, merchant of Binghiinpmn, savs?I wis afflicted with liver compl nut, and a general derinprmeni of ihe stomash aud bowels. L>st Ja.uary I procured a bottle of lour Panacea. If rum that time to this 1 have iu-d iuall between ue and ?wo hott'es, gteatly to ho ben- fi ol my bealili cud ! spirits I sad not taken more thin Ii tlf a bo'tle, hi fo.o I felt like a nr w mm. As acethanic and cleanser of -he system, it is of all others th? most effectual andv-t agreeable n m- dv tliit 1 have any knnw'edg* ol. I will not, if lean avoid it, be without Irs medici r ID my f m ly. as a family medicine; aid as a preveuil.c to d.sea-r it is i valuable Mr. A F.iich'hl. of L sle, re oited to the Panacea af cran scute truck i f inflammat o on t e lung", with gre-t benefit to the di?a-ed organ ai d to his general health. M J-mes Bigter, of Newnurg, certifies tl at his wife was severely > ffl cted with the uthmt, so that i lie could not sleep or rest liiitlite, < seept by being holrte eil up in a ?ittiug posture.? Alter taking the fust dost of this Panacea, she retired t - rest, and slep'quietly through the tight. A part of a bottle entirely restored her to health Mr. Bteph n Woolverton, of Vni >n. was more thin 55 years of age, and had b'en for ten ye^rs and better b-ok-n down with a complication of bodily ailments, amor g the most afflicting ol whi-h was the -slhin . He commenced raking the I enacea in ' ... k. . I 11,n an,I In . ur. -L. ,..1.1. .. .. completely restored to health In Julie. 1842. he h i- 1 continue to enioy as good health as I ever did in my youthful il ij a. i Considering my advanced age, and tin able to attend to all of my bnsinmsas well aa I ever could at any period of mv life. vlr. K S Katon of Hou kvi le, mi?1 hid b en afflicted wfth c tlirn i from infaucy to the age of 28 yr ars, anil much of the time 1 coo'd not sleep, eat, or transict business,except its misery. After trying every thing elae, aud coining toth- cnc u ion that his disease wis iu-ursble, Mr. E. fimily res,?rted to the Pa-acea, and f. und aliens immediate relief. Home five months after he cunm nc d t king it, he asys?I hare continued to use the Panacea modoratrly, unli1 I hive taken in all two and a h df bottles. I am now comparatively well, andjdo not hesitate toaay, I believe the Panacea is au efTec uil core lor astlima. Mr J. Mather, of Schnyler, had been afflicted with asthma t-n or lif een years. The Panacea rc lieved Ii m, and before he had t-keu htlf a bottle, he says he could sleep qtiiatly the entire uight. A so.i of Mr. Wm. N Andrna, at 46 Broadway, New York, aged eight years, was afflic ed with a rerintis ulcer on ths head, called a acrofulous so e, which covered almost ihs entire ton ol hi> h-ad. L-amiog the niture of yonr P.naoea, sayt Mr Andros, aud the numerous cu es it hid effected, I was induced to , obtain a bottle, and from its use my son is entiely restored This'ast case eshibits, in a sinking p iutofview, the pu ifying effects of the Panacea uiK)n th ; blood. The certificates in full, horn which the above statement is condensed, may lie se< u with the *g nts Price $ 5fl p-r bottle?-nd for sale at the Principal OfTice, 15 Broadway, tin-New Vork pitetil intdiciue st ire.) aud by the publish <f agents through tliecty and the Union, in25 Irn'r DEAFNESS. DRS. CASTLE & EDWARDS, AURIST3, OQ1 BROADWAY.?Ertract :? OQJ X " | c-.eeilully com, ly with the request of Lient. Mcintosh to teatity that he was invalidc 1 home, as unlit for duty, <n couseo'ience ol total deafness and diacharg s from his ears; that while >n New Yrrk, on h s way to England, he placed himself under the professional care of Urs. i.'aat.e aud Edwards, Auriats. Uudrr their treatment he recovered his heating, and has returned to his militan duty. Bsgued, H. McNEVKN, M. D. Surgeon to H B M Forces, Jamaica. ACOUSTIC DROPS, A sure cure for Mpint danfucss, earache, pains, bnrrlnsi, or singing sounds in the cars, collections of hard was or vitiated seen Hons of the organs. Their Acoustic Oil has been a popular remedy as a curative in all disraies of the ears for upwarda of twenty years. Offices removed to 181 Broadway, corner o White at. ?2 > lm*e pROTON WATER-LAST NOTICE.?It hilling been ^ represented that many ycrsona taking the Crolon water, are not apt riscd cf the nec-stily of obinining new permit* irom inr isi iviay instant. ami pay tog for the snpply in advance, *' !.a beeu determined to eiteud the time at winch the supply Will be closeii off to the 3*t of May instant On that day, the Water Purveyor will be directed to shut off the water in eseiy esse whrre iwyment has not beeu pievinusly made at the office f the Crolon Aqurdiict Board, No. 7 Old Alms House, in the Park. In all imtaores where the water shall ba so wih be necessary for the applicant for a tenewal, to pay all the eipeuse ol opening aud r'-openii.g ih s'reet. in addition to the animal rent. By order. A. B. BUiKLOW, R.-nuti i, New Vork, May 21st, 1841 m'14 7tec THINK FOR Y OURSEiVKS, BEFORE ITTS TOO LATE. THOMAS WILLIAM HARPER'' COUOH MEDICI N v.?Thn medrcine has beeu befor the pnlil c far 12 years, * liirh is proof of its being a good mediciun. It h s cored c spi o' Asthma 30 yeais standing, lias uerer bren known to fail in one rase of the Wnnopiint I'oagh. It can be givr n to babies 3 days old with | erfsct s lety F >r coughs and colds there is not a bc't-r m-dieine. Tut up in botiles at I'H, 21 ami M ci ii? each. Bold wholes lo and retail at ibe ffi < m Willism street, three doors somh ol Bet km-n street. Removed from 17 12 Bowery. Sold at 63 Bowery, comer Walker st. my '6 lm ec FUll 8ALE?A highly finished Horizontal Piano, ol a hue tone ad hnlli iu effect. It was inauulactii'eii heaues cedent makr r lor the per < anent uae of a performer, and ia now aeld in r.ousennrnre ot owner's going to Europe." Apply to WILLIAM A- KINO, 14 Lispenanl at, between the boors of I and 1 P M. m!74teod*rc pOLLKbTIOhk on all parts ol the United Starts, made on V.2 the most favorable tetma, by S. J. SYLVKHTKI, m2ia r 73 Wall street and 130 Broadway. tVf'i; At KEDUCKD PKIOBB. " TYPES, AND ALL OTHER PRINTING MATEKIALB MANUFACTURED AT CO N N K ll'S UNITED STATES TYPE AND STEREOTYPE FOUNDRY, Corvfh or Nassau Atvn Arrtt Strkrts, *N It' W Y< ?KK CAN BE IIAD AT r l<JHTEE^ PER CENT DEDUCTION FHO.V1 OLD PHIOES. H'HK nndersigned reauectlolly lulotms the Old Patroni of the -I T> | t- nritl Stereotype Fnindrj, lornrierly known as Jamrs Conrsva's, and mote recent!? as Conns a at Cooac'a. and thr public in general, that thejare prepared to ' areata oiders (or PRINTING TYPES, PRESSES CHASES, CASES, IMPOSING STONES, INK, FRAMES, and every other article oeceasary to form Comp'ete I'nntiHg Establishments, on as favorable terms, ami ot as good a quality aa any other establishment in the United S(.ite? n*w rmcM, run rotrnD. old prices, rtn rotttsn. Agste, M cent*. Agtte, 108 cents. Nonpareil, 66 .. Nonpareil, U4 ? Miniou. 14 ? Minion, 66 ? Brevier, 46 ? Brevirr, 54 ? Bourgeois, 40 ? Bourgeois, 46 ? Long Primer, 36 ,, Long Ibimer, 41 ? Small Pica, 34 .. Small Plea, 40 ? Piea, 32 ? Pica, 38 _ Borders, Cats, Brass Hnle, and all other articles maunl'sctnrrd at this establishment, at the same reduced rates. New Aiticles got up to oider, ou being furnished with patterns. I'h* Type omt at thii fnt,bli'.hm?nt, i?, both in the atylt of Face mil he material o f which it is made, particularly adapted for service in Newspaper Printing. All kinds ol Stcirotypiug Inrniahed to order. N. B ? Such Newspapers as will copy the abose three times, w.ll be entitled to pay in Type,on making a bill of tour timo the amount orthe truce insertions al EAJJ DKKLEUH U'llKAMIh * M AUEl It A~ W IN r. for sale by Hi. ff. igl'UMilt J, no. 36 Clinton streei, at ( Wpriaaa. ml lm*m RK I OWNING, MAY 29, 1843 pO KARVIK.R8. ORAZIKRB, fcToUICULTURIHTS * ?tiU 1 TKKMKKK, UiUkKiil md Chcmiit, from Kugand, Ltiei iircet, New York. would e irueatfy direct the (tendon o> all concent d in thr welfare of horiri nod cnltle, o the following invaluable jnedieinri, prepared arcoiding to he formula of one o( th? i,-.oat eminent vi tenuiry inrgeona iow pr<ctiiniK hi tne touth <f Kngtand, aud procured by the ireamii proprietor at eoniiderable co?t DICROTIC KURdK UALL*? I line belli are * radiral emedy for ell dtaoideri iu horsea, nrhiug from impurity of the ilood, gro?a hum iri, mid ohiiructrd perspiration, luch hi ;rea?e lu the heeli, swelled legs, strangury, gravel, eriiptioni in th? ?kin, Ike. They mry lie administered at any lime or easnu. without chamrr of diet, or nitrife rence withu?ualls mr. Ai the fall of the year, wheu horaes generally undergo a :haoge of li kbit, the tegular u$e of I lieie halls will p'ovt high y beueficial, and even a preventive of mauy uiieaiei to which, K thia season, hones are peculiarly liable. Hold inpackagea tOiitaming nil ballt Ja . with '.mide directions. CORDIAL FLLON DIIINK?Decidedly the beat inedione that Call be adin ioitered, fur all diiordera in horned catle, arising from cold, ..ucU as hidebound, fevers. lass of aune He, shivering. coughs, housing, Inn ?f mills, See. Sold in >ackai;es, wiili directions, 3? 6d each. CLEANSING DKINfc for new Calved Cows?Is of infinite aervie* and aliould never be omitted, in all cases where :he placenta, secuudims, or cleansing, ia obstructed. It uot juIv forwards the ditch >rge, imi m-at admirably affords nature umely assistance, in esiielling that extraneous matter, which mpe-des the coune of the alimentary canal,presenting the fuli'rnrut of ita proper lunction. Thia drink alao counteracts a rariety of complaints to which the animal ia afterwards liable, whi'stthe flow of milk ia wonderfully promoted. In paAIgea, with directions^Ja 6d e-ch RED FESTER BOTTLE?Kor subduing inflammation nid morbid swellings in horses, also an excellent cooling lotion, for relaxed sinews, bruises, sp-aina, galled backs, wounds, See In bottles, with directions, 2m 6d each. No Itahle should he without it. VULNERARY BALAAM?For eradicating warbles in aorses, healing cuts and wounds, however deep or aggravated; ilto an application to cankers in the hnof uiui quick probes, decidedly the best remedy that can be used. should be in ;vary stable. Sold iu bottles, with directions, Is 6d each. CORDIAL, rUMGlNG, AND WORM BALLS, LIQUID BLIbTe.K, Sic. Stc. At this establishment, the atmust caution is invariably observed, in the selection of genuine ramilv medicines. PHYSICIAN'S PRESCRIPTIONS ?J B. fully impressed wth a sense of theit vital importance, shall invariably observe :he most scrupulous accuracy in the preparation of physisi,iti'a prescriptions. The above medicines are prepared and sold txclnsively at the Mediaal Hall, '-8 Essex street, three doors from Grand, opposite the Market, New York. Orders from the c mntrv prompt'y executed a18 3m*r rw PORT ANT To FAKMEU8?The New York Nrgnt ' Roil Company are now prepared to rrceive and fulfil orders for manure, which is prouounced by the most practical ud respectable farmers to he superior in its fertilizing qnalili s to any manure now in use, ?ud they intend selling it at tuch prices as to make it accessible to every farmer. Kor iianiculais enquire at the office of the agent, IS Chambers street. Orders may alao be left for the removal of the contents ot cess pools and sinks, which will he attended to with all poslible cleapl'tiess and punctuality. They have be?n at th? gieat expense of purchasing Vessels for the purpose of conveying it from the ci.y. and to make it agreeable to the citizens, they nave close turn una cms, mil nave it so arranged a* 10 nare a vessel at the wharf, newest to where the work ia going on, to s? io p'evt nt 'he uui -aiice of earring it through the city All crJcr: may he left or letter* addressed to the office of the agent. 15 Chamber* street. mS lm?|i BILLIARD SALOON. NO. 5 BARCLAY STREET, THREE DOORS BELOW THE AMERICAN HOTEL. pRICE REDUCED to One Shilling per Hundred, from8 L A. M. to 5 I' M.?The lubtcriber informs hi* friends and the public in general, that ne ha* Kive New Billiard Table*, in separate apartments?tvi n in the ui'per front aaloon?two in the tear saloon, and on* in the front room?all in lirat rate order. Each ge- tieman visiting the establishment will be (nruished with a prirate Cue. 0>r his especial nse?the tables being in different apa incnts. tn- proprietor tlnnlis u will render it more select and - leeable to gentlemen visiting his house. ALSO, TWO KINK BOWLING ALLEYS IN THE BASEMENT. .Hit Bar will always he stocaed with the choicest Wines and Liquor* and the best Segars to be had?also Sherry Cobblegi, Mint Jnlep*, Punches; nettle in a inunner not to be surpassed. N B.?The apartments have undergone a thorough refitting ?new paper, painting. Sic. O^Oentlcmen will please to communicate any neglect of luty of the attendants, nt the bar. FRANCIS MONTEVKRDK. inch 16 1m*r_ 5 Barclay street. EXPRESS FOR CLEVELAND AND DETROIT 'pHE subscribers will send an eipress through from this city, 1 to the above named and intermediate places, on the morbus of the 9th insl., *or the transportation of specie, bank notes, mudlcs and packages of goods, collection of drafts, bills, notes ind accounts,and all such other business aa may be entrusted to diem. POMEKOY k CO.. 2 Wall st., N. Y N. B. Immediately on the opening of lake navigation, thr vbove express line will be eiltuded to Chicago, Cincinnati, kc., and coulinued throughout the eut-re seasoi., inc um xioti with their New York, Albany, Ttoy, and BfTl!' dmi) ei press mi; r a DAMS fa CO.'S NEW VOHh AND NEWARK U.T| ? I'ltESS ?The public are respectfully informed that t s in'psciibers have establish'>1 en Tiptess V ween New Yc s and Newark. N. J., (nt tin transmission speedy deliro t of cacbege*, bun.i'e?, 'coney, " e, ?ie.; ths collection of no'm and in lis, ami all other business appertaining to *u Erjrcsv Orden for article: to be returned by the Kapres* will 3?a delivered free of charge. Office in New York at No. 7 Wall street, and in Newark, 'at MITH'B Netvvpaper Depot. No. EM) Broad st. Leave New York at Il>< A. M. *nd 4V P. M. Lesve Newark ei ? A. and Ui P. M. 2tare _ ADAMS It CO IMPORTANT TO OLD COUNTRYMEN.?MESSRS 1 H ARNDEN 1 CO. will dmw at their Kiprej# and Foreign Letter Office, No. 3 Wall street.small bills of etchange from A-2 to ? 101, in sums to suit, payable at tight, for the arcomm odatmH of person* wishing to rerun to their friends in Englnnd, halted, or Scotland. The letter l-ags lor the Royal Mail Steamers forLire spool lie - Iso made up at their office. For furthsr information tpply to HARNDEN k CO., } Wallstre Aasntsm London?MACLEAN. MART IS !k CO. Liverpool?WILMER Ik SMITH. *_ NEW FIREWORKS LABORATORY, BY JOHN TRAOARDH, PYROTECHNIST, FROM SWEDEN. MESSRS KOLLBEKOIi THAUAKDH have the honor to luform the American punlic that they hare an riteulive ana yaried assortment ol Kire Works, of all and ev?ry kind, at their establishment, at Harsimns Lotg Dock in New Jervey, a half nrle from Jersey City, opposite New York, which they offer to Committees and others, at the most favorable prices m the market. Bel eving in the new trade principle of a moderate cash price for a good article, they request the favors of the public at the above place, or st the store of Robert Johnston, No. 51 Courtlandt street. All orders, on any scale of size or variety .promptly attended to, by addressing the subscribers at either of the above places. NICHOLAS A, KOLLBKRGfc J TRAOARDH, my 7-2m*r Harsimus Long Dock, New Jersey, uin ei iiu vvi i oil? a duio dd naa onIUIjL/ o a i uuvTivni niv a ivuuu) No. 4A Maiden Lane. New York. THB PBOPKiKTOH of ihia w. II known establish -1- ment, reainctfnlly invite* the attention of Manufacturer*.*, Terminer*. Orocera, Hardware and Dry Mood dealer*, aud all oth?rs, t ? hi* exten*i"e facilities for the exccolion of Cooper Plate and Xylogtsi hie Engraving and Printing, that he ha* greatly added to In* itock of machinery, *nd many new and improved plate* for superior to thoie of any other establi>hm-ut in America. Hi* *nccr*( haa *o far exceeded hi* expectation, a* to enable him to challenge a comparison with thoae from the beat Enro|h an printing office*, and i* now prepared to execute all order* in a style not to be *un?u*cd on either tide of the Atlantic. It will be the aim of the proprietor to continue hit improvement*, ihat he may be able to supply all order* for ahow bill* circular*, wrapper*, label*, direction*, lie. ot the bett quality, at the loweat i?ssible price*. Minimal design* auu plates of every description of inanuf ctur r?, execut?d in the liril ttyle of ilie art, and elegantly printed in gold or silver, krotixe, or fancy colors at short notice. A large and gr neial Msortment of Druggists, Manufacturers. Perfnmers, Urocers, and other labels, constantly on hand, and m>y be had wholesale aud retiil, and *11 articles entirely connrcted with ihr traue. Job Printing in every variety of stvle, ue'lly excuted to oidr-r, ind on the most reasonable terms, and the proprietor may here unserve, that the lowest peasible price is charged for work done in his establishment a ayttara which the great extent of his business t nsbles him fnlly lo carry nut Ord rs will be executed with that punctuality and rrk'trd fo'the wiahea of hit customers, which It it hoped, will afford the utmost satisfaction, and all order* from (he country .mnciualiy attended to, and the articlei ordered or forwarded to any nartof the United States or the ''ansdas. m2lrn"r UHA8. SHIELDS, Proprietor. GUH'AMS, WHOLESALE AND KETAIL.-3I5 Broad wry, uetr Wi ker atreet ? ME3SHS. PH. ERNST S'.'IlMfDT h MAUL, Onitar m-nur'aenrers, would respectfully call the aitenti >a of rh" public to their eatabliahment, No. 395 Broadway, where they keep const mil y on hand au exrenaive assortment of lioe-toued guitars, finished in the best style. AII I'S'rumen's frrm this manufactory, _ long favorably known in the United Statea, where it received the first premium awarded by the American Institute, fbr the best Muitai, are made of such materials and in such aruperior tnnnrr, as en -bits the m ikrr to warrant them to stand any cl'ra ite. Strange.* hrloie pn-ch .Mini elsewhere, are requested to call and **amme ilie a. le.i isd woikin tnahiu of thei, Histrumt ills. ami aiceru n toe in' ea. *1 liey will ue found lower than it any < thcr home in trie city. Sir. Ph. Emit, Profeaaor of the Flute and Ouitar, bega leare to aunonnce that the aborc amtn. riaenta do not Interfere in the lr it with hi) nthere-gignneuti; he i<ill routiuuri to gi?e lemma aa nanal, at 103 Broadway^ near w.elkrr at t?i4 Im'r THK ANCIK.?T AND WONUKHULIL LMI IHt OF CHINA?Deacrtbed, lllnatrated and Kamiliarited.?H. MAHI'I.N a CO hare ju<t rece.ved Irom London a inaamtireut illoatrated work on China, which they intend to iiane ui monthly parti, with all the aide of cngrariug and printing combined. to prraent a brinMnl and inatrncttre aceonnt 01 th <t aa tomahiug a ,d intereatine r .entry The antiquity, the grandeor, nun the eicluai?e chamcter o( the intntnti na of CVinia, r nder anch an ace mat at he preaent tune, peculiarly approp-iate and dctmble, ConaidenDg the lutercat which 11 now fell in l: c United *titea, in connection with the (act of our com anercal <>ia-ratioii? hcincao tnncn eitend d with that lingular aud wonderful n .lion. The woik wi l ne tailed in numbera containing three ateel eorraribga in encn. Price SO e?nra. It. MAKTlN & CO., mvT-fm'r 76 John a;r>et. liUU. TKUIiSLSi. NOTK'fc TO KUPTUUK PERSONS. PERSONS nettled with rnp" rea may rely nponthebea t instrumental aid rha v 'rid affo rda, on application nthuh.-.e, N't. 4 Vewy atrect, or t. either oi the agent* in on pnncip-' towaa ;n the Ur'ted Sulci. Be careful toeiamiue tha buck pad of Htjll'l trnai-i, to are it thryar- endomcd '-y !\ Hull, m writing. Now ire tannine wr to l?ie.' . up. 4ood with" Hit ligti'tu e Many i*r>( u hn?n umlr i tri . t> . u .?. a of ;.?il*a aalnbra.ed ue aci, ai.ii the aai i a,a nr.,: ? 'i >! n. -me 4vc.j:c T!' * irntttttoui cant be clic pun ; c? art nada by c!'?*" fht metl'i ca, and are oc be- -t than tot ordiaa;y trvitea. HooMthem bt-eu fl'.ted ipat Nr.4 Vetey atreet, eir'ni-ily foy ladica, hiitt ih a aeparr.te entrance Irom thy bu s men depart -tent, where a ftmala ia to cocatntt aiteodnii-i to wait jroc nnalo pannota mS " i PAFKK.. ITERSSC It BROOKS, No.3l Liberty at re rehire;fot an * i. the following? It o re .ma newa printing 13 by SO 300 " " " 13 by 40 :S0 " " " If ?y 46 50) " " " 1- ay J7 Id i " " " 28 by 41 250 " " 14 hy M 150 " " " 13 by 33 5(10 " " ' 31 by II Also, hook paper, 19 hy 14, 24 by 38, and 24 by 33. Thev tare al?o a large an.irtment o( wntinr audi wrapping paper, of different aiiee and oaalltica, which they offer at the 111wI I market pricey. tn9 ec BkfcNCH BRKi OTHlLlA?Debtn which may be eon U traded hy the crew, will not by t?id by tha Captain not the aonatgnaea. naMtn 1EKA I I. Fasiiionabi.e Watering Peaces?Stoninoton ? rr This ia a fine place for a summer rea.dence?and al the Wadanuck House is well kent. The air ia (j, pure, fresh, and invigorating, and the sea bathing fn excellent. c< Sharon Springs.?This place is getting to be con- jj" siderably frequented. It is quite a romantic, hall- tc mountainous country, and the accommodations n< this season are in good style. Last year they were not au fait. q Catskill.?This resort is so well and favorably * known, that we need but refer to it. in Avon Springs?These springs have alreadyattained a very favorable celebrity. The public houses are |? well kept, and the accommodations good. These X springs, which are sulphur, are much resorted to by ^ invalids, for their medical virtues. ^ Saratoga.?The season here is already beginning tA ftiwn Th>> wnrlH knows what this place is. The W W|?VH. * "" * # |l air is certainly unequalled by any on the continent, unless it be the air of Niagara Falls. The soil of tl the surrounding country is ol a dry sandy character, h and furnishes no materials for miasma. w Niagara.?The Falls are becoming more and y mors frequented every year. It is becoming a re- pi sort of families, not only for a few days or weeks, e but for the whole season. The air here is said to * e be the finest in the whole country. Thk *^ka SitoRK.?Many of'the places along the seashore are objectionable, on account of the impure air arising from low lands in the vicinity. This g objection, however, does not apply to Long Branch, ? which will shortly open for the season. ? ti Chicago. tl [Corrcipondencs of the Herald.] d Chicago, III., May 16, 1843. J An Excursion from Buffalo to Chicago?The Herald, v tyc. fyc. * Jamis Gordon Bcnnitt, Esq :? v Sir i? ? At the urgent request of several of my fellow pas- c sengers, I take the liberty of giving you a short ac- t( count of a trip from Buflalo to Chicago, on those beautiful expansions of inland waters, Lakes Erie, 1 St. Clair, Huron and Michigan. ] Precisely at 2 o'clock we started from the Man- ? sion House, and were safely conveyed on,board of j the splendid steamboat Great Western, so ably i commanded by Capt. Walker. Though the ship J was advertised to leave at two, the number of pas- i sengert (nearly six hundred,) and quantity of bag- 1 gage to%>e taken on board, prevented her from < leavinvtuPtil jm-?t 4 o'clock, sevural families Having waited some days at Bufliilo in order to make the trip in this their favorite boat. On leaving the dock, th" weather being rather hazy, we retired to the elegant cabin, and were fortunate to obtain a copy < I your interesting paper, of which there were several on board, and which were eagerly sought after. At the usual hour the gentlemanly steward, Mr. P., came down and informed our lady passengers that supper was on the table, and shortly the in?rrv peals of the bell gave the gentlemen the me mire. able intelligence. Here let me oh>?rvv that the fare 011 board of the Western canim* b urp-e -cii bv anv hofc I w the Union; and to I . . , it seemed mv fellow J.-. ii ' is had not 1.1 ( ir i;. petites on shore. They inconiin. - 'ly till ii, | good tilings, and in an incredibly si ort pac . f time the savory steaks uid cutlets, togetln r with choice , t-meats, and sweet-breads, di.-appcajed (nun ihc dishes, which were, however,instutitly replenished. Alter supper an excellent hand of inusiciaur, , which is always kept on board, entered the spacious , saloon. Mr. P. then requested such ladies and . gentlemen as wished to dance, to form e cotillon ; i and wiih the truly lovely and interesting daugho rs < of Mr. A., from Syracuse, the Misses P , from Hu ' ron. Miss D , from your city, Mrs. F., and ' others, we were able inform two or three sets, and danced until fairly tired out, when we retired to our e'egant state rooms. 1 The next morning we arrived at Cleveland, Ohio, < where the boat stopped long enough to give us ample t opportunity for a stroll in the city. During our stay here a number of gentlemen came on board, anil > anxiously asked ler a copy of "Bennett's Herald," I as they called it, and were gratified with several l copies by some of our fellow itassengers. It seems ! to me your paper is very much in demand here in t the west. A merchant at Chicago informed me ^ that it wns the only paper they depended upon for t truth and correctness of its statements. i In the evening we had another dance, and I must i conless I have never met with apparently so happy i a company. They seemed to enjoy themselves in I as much security as if it had been at their own " homesteads; and well they might, on board of hs t staunch a steamer as the Great Western, which for strength, comfort and speed, is unsurpassed by any other boat. She is commanded by a thorough sai- 1 lor, who for years has been a successful navigator, and is known to be one of the ablest commanders on these Lakes. On Monday, after having stopped at Huron, Detroit and Mackinaw, we arrived at Milwaukie, W. T., where we landed about two hundred emigrants. The next morning the Western stopped at Southport, W. T, a beautiful and rising town of only three years growth, but which at this time already contains nearly two thousand inhabitants. Here we also landed quite a number of emigrants, and after a short and pleasant run, arrived at Chicago the same 1 morning , novfini* an#J at fka diflarAnt afnntuno nla. ..v..,, -..v. ? v?? ,._ ces, tows of friendship and remembrance were exchanged among the passengers, and I do believe some of a more tender nature had been exchanged on the passage. All of us will look back with pleasing recollections to our trip on board the Great , Western, and long remember the gentlemanly conduct of Cain. Walker and his steward, and their 1 pleasing efforts to minister to our comforts and enjoyments. The price of passage from Buffalo to Chicago for this season is, cabin 815 and steerage $7. The boats generally go through in five days. Yours truly, Portsmouth. [t'orrnpondence of the Herald.] PoRTSMomi, N. H , May 14, 1843. " Cur Toiin," or " Clom-shell Corner"?Our Lighthouse?Navy Yard?The Saratoga?Our Neighborhood? Oreat Men? The Herald. James Gordon Bennett, Esq? ftR :? As you are the greatest man in creation, except Captnin Tyler, and I am the next?and as your pa. per circulates, ns it ought, throughout the universe, I have concluded to oper a correspondence for pub. lication therein. I have been grieved, at looking over the numerous densely crowded columns of your superior paper, never to have seen any letter frsm our town. The cast, and the west, the north and south, Europe, Asia, Africa, the White House, and the states prison, have all been heard from, but no mention made of our old town. For the benefit of vour readers, I will just state where it may be found, in order that, if any one takes it into Ins head to travel east, ne may know where to come (t is located, then, in the south-cast comer of the 9tate of New Hampshire, that at rung hold of hard -""I*" TauuP Fill! / i-.lft'll If * I t m shell Corner," and by that nam* ! * i' *< . ' 'he ?'Hy, shaking of Isaac, it in sit d, ih it in . i ty to this town, h- one ront?'iii| nt .! i m<>\ I light liouso Iroin our harbor to the toi. t i.l .<i.? ? , hi ohs' urc place about n*iy miles ini.t <1 t 'he situation of hs.?r?*r might be >>iv? n to on-' ol .n* family. He in vi ry popular in this town. Portsmouth is on the Kastern iiatlroad, i r rather that road is built partly on Portsmouth ; it hi ?S.iMK) inhabitants, eight churches, a jail, court hous \ lota of abolitionist#, Millerites, Non-resistants, pretty girls, raacala and hypocrites, an aristocracy worth having, a lyceum, and several other things. There 1a a splendid harbor, where a thousand navies like ours might ride through the greatest storm which conflicting elements ever raised; a navy yard of dimensions equal, as far as I know, to any in the country, where the best ships in the navy have beer built, but where, in the optn'on of the wire men at the head ol the government, a hurricane deck can't be built to a sloop of war. The .Saratoga was or J d'-red round to your city lor thHt purpose. The first , attempt that she made, the intelligent captain weigh- < d anchor the day before a storm, and in less than 24 hours, he was glad to let it drop gain.on "yc J Beach, minus all nit masts and rigging. This little , damage having bean rapairad hara M wall aa our L D. PrtM Two Cents. lerhanirs know bow, riw baa St hnl arrived safe I y*ur city, to have a hurricane deck put on. In our neighborhood are some of the prettiest rives winch chii he found any where, and beautiil scenery too j mairnifieenl beaches skirt the sea>e?l within a few miles ot the town. Nahant is it a loot path to some ot them. Hundreda of rangers visit these places in the summer months, i enjoy themselves and kill time | and old tune, at backward, is all the time retaliating, and killing tern. I fere, Samuel Cuslitnan, whoso soubriquet of P. , was bo well established by a seat in Congress, as raised, and still lives, shaking hands, and bowig and smiling with every body, (especially the retty girls) in good democratic style. Here, Jeretiah Mason practiced law, until he got to be too irgetorthe " little fishing village." Here, Daniel Vebster studied and practiced law, until he, too, iund New Hampshire the wrong place for him. ind many other worthies, tin church and State, ave also flourished here. Having thus given you some idea of our town, >r the benefit of your readers in every nation under tie sun, I will just premise, that shortly I shall enter pon particulars, and give you faithful accounts of tli? rvrnnv ?opn#?a nf irit??r??ut wluoh uro ? * ere. Some ol these nre rich in amusement, and rill well repay the reading. 1 cannot conclude without saying a word about our truly and transcendantly valuable and useful uper. It is held in high esteem here, the people vincing the correctness of their tastes, by taking a reat number, notwithstanding the carrier is cockyed and crooked. I am, Acc. Jaqijkt. Detection or a (Ji. amino Fiuud upon the City?Aw .ldehman in Limbo?Oar quiet city was thrown into a reat excitement on Saturday by the arreit of Alderman 'altonot the Second Ward, on a charge of embezzling ity warrants which had been redeemed by the Treasurer nd ordered to be destroyed. He underwent an examinaon before Ezra Williams, Esq , and was held to bail in lie sum of two thousand dollars to answer the rharg?. l writ of baheas corpus was sued out by his counsel, and e will betaken before Judge Morell this morning,with a tew to his discharge on some legal quibble?that the warrants stolen were of no value?or something of that ort. The facts of the case are briefly these Sometime last sinter, (under the old Board,) about $13,000 of warrants nd shinplasters were ordered by the Council to he mrned. Aid. Cannitf and Dalton were a committee to ount and burn them. They met with the City Treasurer o discharge that trust. Two or three days were occuiie I in counting, and for an hour or two of the second lay, Aid. Dalton was engaged alone in doing ro. After he count was completed, the warrants and shinniastera vere burnt br the Treasurer in the presence of tne two Udrrmen and the City Marshal, and a report of the imountmadeto the Council. It now appears that Aid. Jalton atole a large number of the warrants, and pledged f>3,lU0of them to Theodore Homeyn, Esq. for the sum of ibout $400. Other smaller sums were disposed of to leveral individuals in the city. By the energy, tact and perseverance of Aids. Van Dyku and David Smart, a full discovery of the fraud was made on Saturday, aad they succeeded in recovering $J,4/>0 37 of the stolen warrants. A special session of the Council was held on Saturday evening, and a clear and succinct statement of the facts was made by Aid. Van Dyke, who delivered over to tha Council the amount of warrants which he had obtained. iVekave not learned wha* action was ttken by the Council in this matter, as wo wrru under the necessity of leav ng the Council at an early hour in the evening. It is n 1.1 ..... w.u ... uvt :onnocted with the Council, are accessory witli Mr. Dal011 in the j>"rion of thin trnud ; and it ii hoped that i searching in'-o?tigation will be made of the whole mater.? Detroit Jldrtrtiter. Thihi T)iii?m* ami Si* Rati* Fi.atc*?That 1*. of our?e, two 1>-:i- < plates to one dream. The dream* were pit upon ti i " nice - live night*, by a young man nam1 Wii, . , ..I Ki. .. ri.. !.- ..ot the classic ground ?f Lin* nv. ul t ' ,.et a?but somewhere in Illinoi* , and Ii. ki* > .i tit'c: Mini; up, exhumed and discovered p.,,- > t '- U to t wolve penou*. among whom wa* i Mormoni1.' I"h iri'onn.i'imi was reduced to writing lv. Mr. J 'Hubert*, of fiUe f. utity, and communicated by i.i 111 to the ? iter ol (ho (inmcy Whig, in which paper W. find tilt: ?toi v. The anuiunt of' it is, that it in another emixaion of bra** pint) *, ?t inch have oeen auhmitti d to Joe Smith, to he interpreted lor th. cause of ccience, literature, and Mor mut ism They wore dug from a mound, at a depth of levi n net, in con eqtience of the dream* aforeiaid If foe Smith doe* not succeed in int rpreting the hicroglvjhic* favorably to,the plate* are to be brought in and submitted to Horace Greely or Albert Briibane, to c<> if the plates do not contain some revelation respecttig Kourierikm. PROTxeTivv Dot ir?. ?There is no small agitation now ;oiiig on thi oujrtiout Canada in respect to the imposition >f a protective duty upon United S'"e? agricultural nroIxice, winch i* now artiixittse) into the colonial market* ree ot duty. It is iuid that Canada ha* not of late year* produced a lutticiency of too l for her own con*umption j and one nriT say*tlie cause i* the Iree admission of U Stats* iroduce. The other party demo* it, and attribute* the act to other and very different cause*. Mr. Web*ter'? ' nrnmgement" with England would settle all thi* agitainr,. end let both the Canadian and American farmer* mow precisely what to ezpnct, nn l whether it iimoat for hair intoreat to grow wheat upon this siiln of the line or ipon the other. IffR. KAUA^N A. STKMMLKR. Attorney ai-Law in N. VI Ynrk, it h*'eby teourated to answer please to my letreri >f December, 1841, end Fcbiuary. 1842, about the luit against 4. K. Krtcham, 1 had placrd id hit h"Dds; otheiwue I ihall ic obliged to lav the whole before the public. L. FRANK. New Oiiun, May It, 1843. ??IWac 17"AN(LLA BEAN9, Itc?2 ea??i fresh Vanilla Bran*, for V tale low by JA9. 8. A9PINWALL, 88 William atrret. Alio, 12barreli White Jamaica Ginger Root. Mi)0 oz. Sulphate Qaiuine. wtt lt*r A A. SAVAN09. NO. ? WALL AND 289 BROADWAY, offers for laic t<-e following artialea. riz 18 Bales of superior (Joiaa Tobacee. 10 Balea of varioua qualities of Harsra Leaf. 48 Dmma of anpenor Turkey Smoking Tobiceo. 12 Baga of rheice Coffee, lor family nee A amall lo' of Arrow Root and Coeea Not. 10 raaeaoflO add 8 dnz each Seafarlatti Smoking Tobacco, 6 Dnz bottlea one pound each Natchitoches Snuff, of New Driest: s. 190.800 Lord Byron Regalia Trabucos, Canonea and Fana tellaa. La Norma do and medium aire. Venua Regalia in boira of 100 and la SO. Plantation Segars and ManillaCheronta. Aurora Cazadoies, Woodtille, Segnridad, Port Haranoa.'La Kmpressa, Maim, Small Yara aad rrrncipeea. German Tobacco, in different rjuc'itiea and Spanish. An aaaortment of chewing tohacea, pipes. bowla, tnbei, ambers, snuff bozei, aegar caaea, matches of different qualities, long Turkish cherry atema, end a general assortment of piper segara, tiz; Utrcia, Mrndnza. Peris, Star and Lo d Byron and many other articles two numerous to meution?all are offered at wholesale and retail. Also, 8 casks of Pill or Wafer Bozes, of different size*. m28 Im'r 'T'O BROKERS?Wall a'reet.?A aitoation ia wanted (Or -a- a partnership would be preferred) with some respectable stock or eichauge broker, by an actireyoung man of good addiets, brought up in Pearl street near Wall, and well acquainted with easiness, who will girett his inoit nudirided attention! Can command 4 to SAOO dollars, with some facilities All answers strictly coi fidential. Please addi'as L-M R. at the Herald office P S ?A jobbing house in Pearl atrret, wisbingan attire partner with this add tional apital, and doirg a safe limine s, wculil aui', or an aoction or cemmirsion house established, would not he objectionable. in''7 2;*r HKMOVAI-. A CARD-To the Faahiunable World?(JUE Rl NO E K k I. A'l APIE,.Merchant Tailora, of the firm ol PI/ (*a<rinrrr k (/? eornar of Chertrea and (.niton Honiralrrrit New Orleans. I rung removed fiom < Bearer itrret to 101 Broadway. corner ofPiue itrret, nnn'd anniooo to the public that their aaanrtmrnt of h tench f/eaaitiierea, Veatimra. Ac are nntarpaaa* d by any heme in tliia city. Oenu ran hare a lull anit made np in a few hoor* notice, and a perlrct fit (oarantrrd in al I cases. riivtT I w FOftibToN A DOMESTIC TiCUITB. SffOTinr Ac ? C. H BATKSUN wiahet to luiorm hia friends and the pnb*ie generally, that he hu remnred to 152 Broadway, one door trout Liberty a'reet, where he will keep on hand a anpply of fnrei.'n ?nd Domeatir Froiti, Sweetmea'a, Ac. Alio, Confectionary of erery dearrfptioo, all of which he will a?ll at redncd pricea N. B ?The beat brands of imported constantly on hand. tnryr |wr AVON 8PRINOH. MVINOSTON COU.NTT, NEW YORK. THE Prnpnetora woeld notily the pnblic that the season for the ancnal riiitiiion' f three tonntaina of health haa arrired, and that there are lire li rtala and tour bathine establishmenta ready for th.i rereption oi company. Foradrire in 'cyardto the (irnhible rff'cr of ih*ae watera in thair iLtliridnal caara, an-' for analeaia f the J iff- r-nt sprints, they are rermiit?d to refer t" f'r I W Frrncn, No. I Bond atreet; t i Dr H. 0. ilulkl'y, I eettirer on .'ia-aaea of the akin, Bleecker atreet i>r l)r mm ny o ' ^pringa. n?fTttn*r f 1 LI *; 'I |o t i, II p r'aof the United Btat't, trade on ip in at i \ r i I '.ettra by 9 J. STLVRSTER, Mr WWalta'eeet ard IB Br. id way. P. I I ti\ltNK?* AND VILII'ART k IQUlPMh a i ?The ?nha< libera havmit rem ir d to the mwe |> II "I the 'Odit k II Fultonatrcat,oppoeite the I nijed St tea 111". i ui W Met %ir-rt, wnere they ?re now prepared to x cute ai d fu ui?' at tl e ahorteat notic" Military and Merae Equipments i f all dr cri ti ui. conformable with the b nited Id! tea r I ulatiOM Van. a IP ueral arid coraple'e assortment of Slddl-r, B.iril a.-aibifl Mioddoe le Haror.s 'h* mir v it patterns. A'ao, an a- 'tlBent of I rnuka, Values. Cmy?T* ' HENH V J. STORMS A CO. ?iTT?"m?Txi \ 'I parta or England, Ireland. ,i, Seotlrnd in ? '? >' jC3. AH. JEO, AW to any amennt. . "i 9. i ?YLVESTER'S, mr 'li " w.ll atreet end IB Broadway. jT\7) K V VINO? IV L. Ormabe, n ten tor of the Oram mar, iph i marl or lyraring letter! for msps, cards, lebela. Ac-, ho "'i u ' '1 cheap?alao myento'uf a machine tor Iran tie Tiny ee*ra?rd deaeaa on Herman silver ci mba i?it? rap duy. B. k Note, Portrait, Historical, Et>*r?rI,ik ind Pii1 m . i-cvrd n til- h atayh ? Name PI -ea for t rri'ifi Mid pian elor' m '" ta?Number PUtea for ale imbeat ?. riha, L) or Plat-a. Ac. ugiaurd on bi as bv a new el'daiit, md ccMfionrcil proce r I he chca|icat Ktigrnvin Ea obliah pent iu th world. No. IM v aaao, co>ncr of Beekmenat, m!7?Af*r \A \\77rA< U l It*' ti.A <K of rte l-yille I Tl >ir.-le?, alao, L jmh<nncna B in* Notaa wantrd^or a abort rime it 8 J BYSVEBTuRS mP Dtr 11 Wall aireetend IM Broadway

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