Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 29, 1843, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 29, 1843 Page 3
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JIOHBY MAUKKT. > fiun<lo)r, Mmy ?R?fl P. Jit. ti ' W'ejhave received the.following, on a subject which ii tl o.l vast importance to the national credit:? V Editoiof Niw Yok hoilo:? si Can you inform me of the manner in which the State (, of Illinois intends to raiie money to pay the interest on her which ia now becoming increased, should the pro j loan be taken, and what measures has she taken 1 to .tie her to the confidence of liond holders T As the 0| jv ^le of the State huve refused to be taxed, according to j. ' iir own statement, I presume the money wherewith o pay the interest, must be korrowtd, in the manner done E by the State ol Ohio, as they have apparently no other resources. PitUDENTIA. May 37,1843. ? The accumulated interest on the bonda subscribed to it the new loan, will be paid out of the first receipts of the ]{ canal,then on its completion. The interest on the non subscribing canal bonda will be paid, after which the principal of the subscribed canal bond*. Then the carnal re- it verts to the Slate. The ^advantage.w hich the canal bond J] holders enjoy is,that, under the new law, according to ^ the opinion of Chancellor Kent, those that subscribe to j, the new loan, will have full and perfect possession of the ^ cnnal and its property until their claims are discharged. |j Th? other creditors of the State will have no omer ^ benefit than the enhanced means of the Statu to pay them, c All the indebted States ol the Union, which have be- K come delinquent, are agricultural in their interests, and n ' the cause of their failure has been grounded on the want n ol some market of sufficient extent, to absorb the pro- p, ducts of their industry at remunerating prices. The re- ? raoval of the cause is the surest way of curing the evil of debt. Happily, alter a thousand paper projects of as ,jj sumption, ef banks, and what not, the true remedy in the y. proposed project ol national reciprocity in commercial Cl intercourse, seems to point the way not only to indepen- t( dencefrom debt, hut to national prosperity,on the basis of agricultural wealth. Since the close of the European g( wars in 1813, the tendency of national intercourse has 0| been constantly to increasing liberality. At that period, tj ttie first deviation from the navigation act of Oreat Bri- c tain, which was commenced under the protectorate, and u perfected under the 12th Charles II, chap. 18, took place, jj The navigation act provided that no merchandize of f(. Asia, Airica, or America, should be imported into Eng- j laud except in English ships,and goods coming from Europe in foreign'ships, weref,subject to ihigh diccriminr* ting'duties. ThejUnited States,soon after the Revolution, passed a law|similar in its provisions to the navigation | act. As the United^States grew in importance , it wa, a found that the existence of theae restrictions waa produc- ] tive of harm totboth nations, instead of good. y In 1915, therefore, a treaty waa formed by which the V ships of England and the U. States, were admitted in the ^ P orts of both countries npon the same footing, paying the E ?'ame'duties. This was in effect 'abandoning the restric- {j t ive policy. The remainder is all progressive from the same point. In 1812, Mr. Wallace, of the Board of Trade, [, introduced Ave bills which effected important changes in 1 the maratime policy of Great Britain, and immensely extended the Aeld of colonial trade,by allowing the colonies to deal with any country in Europe, Africa, or America, j, These movements on the part of England were followed 'I up l>y notiScatious from Prussia, that tho modifications y madein favor of the United States, would be required to H be extended to them. Other countries followed, and re- r ciprocityltreaties were'concluded as follows J 'I Year. Year p| Prussia. '821 Rio Plata acd Colombia, 187.5 j> Hanover, 1*24 France, W?6 l Denmark, 1824 rwedeo, 1826 q Hauie Towns, 1825 Austria, 1829 i. Brazils, 1827 Mexico, 1826 g So rapid was the progress of liberality. The effect of ^ the treaty of 1915 on the shipping between the two na- |r tions, is clearly defined in the following table li Table ok the American ash British Tonnaoe entered the United States in each Year? 4lso. from Parlia- p, MCNTARV HeTI'RNS. THE BRITISH ANU KoREION ToNNAdE ENTERED THE UNITED VlNdDOM IN THE SAME VeaRS 1 Entered the U. States. Entered the U Kingdom ia Jlmtrican. British. British. Foreign. 1815, 70(1, ;no 145,264 1,372.106 716,985 1816, 8*7,462 212,476 1,415.723 379,464 1817, 787,136 174,915 1,625 121 461,011 18 1818 , 755.101 118.538 1,886 391 762,457 g] 1819, 783.579 36,333 1 809,128 542.648 , 1820 , 801.253 47,365 1,668,060 447,611 <>' 1821, 765.098 55,188 1,599,274 395,256 h 1822 , 787 961 70.669 1,664,186 469,151 1*23, 775.271 89,553 1,740,859 582,996 T 1621, 850,013 67,351 1,797,320 759,411 jr 1825, 880,754 63,036 2,'4I,598 958,112 1826, 94 ',206 69,295 1,95?,630 691,116 Cl 1827 , 9 8.361 *9,114 2,806,89 8 751.864 r 1828 , 868.381 104,167 2,094.357 614,620 ^ 1829. 872.949 46,377 2.184.525 710,363 18111, 961,227 87.231 2,180 042 758,828 x. '811, 922.912 215.887 2.367,322 874,605 D 1832. 919,622 288.481 2,185,980 639,979 d' 1833, 1,111,441 383.487 2 183 8 4 762,085 . 1831, 1,074.670 453.495 2.298 263 833,905 11 1835, 1,352 653 529.92 1 2 44 4,714 8*6,990 bi 1836, 1,255 381 514 174 2,505 473 988.899 1837, 1,299.720 543,020 2,6'6.'66 1,005,910 1) 1818, 1,302,974 484,702 2,785.387 1,911666 ?i 11139. 1 190 279 405.363 3.IOI 610 I 33I.3K5 1840. 1.576.946 582 424 S, <87.501 1,460 291 W 18H, 1,631,91)9 61.6 623 2.9 0 749 1,081.380 _ 1812, ? ? 2,680,838 971,768 " If we compare the first four years of this table with the five ending in 1841, we have the following results ,s First foard1.096,778 687,596 8,108,474 2,876,566 ?' 1,UC " 7.301,824 2,721 122 11,601.453 6,090,645 Increase, 3,405,050 2,033,526 6.492,979 3 214 079 01 " peret. 90 300 80 116 p, The table divides itself into periods. The first down to w 1830, when the colonial trade was thrown open by the proclamation of that year- In the few years alter the war, ' the enormous influx of goods into this country employed a large proportion of British tonnage for its transport, j. In 1838, the high tariff of that year had a sensible effect in reducing the tonnage of both nations. Since 1830, the in- C) crease of British tonnage has been mostly in colonial ves- Q| set*. In a future article, we will elucidate the progress c) of the colonial trade. For the present, we will annex ^ the following table, giving the proportion of British ton' nage which entered the United States direct from England, English colonies, and other countries, in each m year:- ^ Counthies whence English tonnage entered the United States in each Year. *r O.Britain. N.Ji.C.ili. B.fV.Tndt. Other places. Tot. mi, M.JM (3,311 2.1,760 6,662 216,887 , 1S3141.566 108,671 27 3 8 10 916 288 481 Ul 1(83, 143,665 208,05 * 26,638 5.130 383.487 m 1811, 137.867 290 977 18 008 6,641 153 495 IS35, 112,781 387,350 25,13 1 4,856 529,92 1 81 18S6, 111 833 37',523 24.8<3 585 *44,774 0i 1817, 123,608 388 996 28.276 2 140 543,020 1*38 87.159 370.397 25.638 1,508 484,702 t? IS,9, 129,395 33 1 097 28,561 5.30# 495,353 1610, 151.788 38',947 31,582 8,107 582,421 Mil. 164.613 333,611 32,313 3,82(1 613,623 The actual increase of British tonuago from England direct, was about 81 per cent only, while the whole British ^ tonnage increased 300 per cent; the difference being 0{ 4 lromthe colonies. The following table showing, from tj the Treasury tables, the different countries from which b British tonnage entered, will be useftil^ Statement or the British Tonnaoe entered the *' United States in 1834 and 1843, distinouishino i he t'ountrt erom which it arrited. 01 1831. 1841. di No. T\>ni. No. Torxt. ^ Danish W. Indies, 3 172 13 1,434 * Belgium, 1 394 ? ? w England, 336 109,6.33 334 123,649 , Scotland, 38 18,108 63 23,118 bl Ireland, 33 10,114 30 17,882 11 British West Indies, 163 18,008 312 30,360 Da. Ouiana, ? ?41 13,174 ? Honduras, 8 1,470 4 1,030 Canada, 3,727 390,084 1,637 260,110 New Brunswick, 0 PO.t 1,766 133,601 ?] Hansc Towns, 4 OHO 1 280 a' France, 1 134 1 347 bl Cuba, 2 293 3 737 *' Portugal, _ ? 1 217 Bl Italy, ? ? 1 143 Trieste, ? _ | ,sao fr Texas, ? ? 3 416 fa Mexico, 3 276 I 273 ^ Brsiil, 6 1,718 1 180 v Africa, ? ? 3 390 T French West Indies, 1 101 ? _ N Other " 2 143 _ _ tc Hayti, 1 134 si Teneriffe, 1 184 _ __ b Sicily, I 193 _ ci Colombia, 4i 449 ? l< 8, SAO 453,496 1,03-J 6lA,tW3 111 Hiving thus observed the progress which BritUh ton. 7 nage has made in thedireet trade with the United State*, it becomes useful to examine how that tonnage has been ol employed. This we discover in the following table of Cl import* from, and export* to Great Britain, since 1834 iMroavs ivto this Unitko States vbom Grfat Britain. w jlineitrim truth foreign rtttrlt. P' JVs. Tom. Value. .Vn. Tutu. Value. W 1131, 03 *> ? r.l I 4?,457,326 417 117 *87 4,785,473 <t\ 1815, 5M 329 908 37,511 326 313 112,7*1 3,728,171 p 183(1, 547 ~ 212.130 77.612,510 361 141,831 5,053,458 till, 025 2*2,114 4(1, *13,882 303 123,008 4.073 061 Tot. 4 el VH, 2,205 961,003 211,483,071 1,427 510 113 18 510,163 fr 1838, 711 321,09* 42,103.720 201 87,151 2.758,#i2 "? 1831, 597 283,149 .',9.319,42? 271 1 9,39.3 (615,106 W 1810 , 7*8 37*.466 29,240,078 306 152,788 4,197.621 O 18(1, 01.3 116,818 40,855,040 329 16 . 899 5,807,773 Tot. 4 ' yrs, 2,718 1,100,133 171,537,266 1,109 335,241 10,689,514 c' 4s a- ol l.ovr 2.T85 %1,004 213 48.3,074 1,437 516,112 18,510,163 ei Inc. 51.1 339,129 ? ? 19,129 1,149.351 V. Drer, ? ? 41,947,808 318 ? ? Thi* presents the fact that American tonnage hiu in- t|. ci cased in the direct trade during the last lour years, *n di average of (40,000 ton* per annum, or33J per cent over 11 that of the first four embraced in the table} while the fo- " reign tonnage engaged in the same trode increased but hi 2,54)0 tons per annum, or 2 per cent only. The decrease ii the valno of goods imported is the difference he t'veen the excessive currency inflation of those to years, and the reduction of the last four. The fo- T r dgn tonnage which arrived I'rsm K.ngland was all )(l British, as appear* from tho table of Biitiih tonnage, U x low, it uppears, that the British tonnage|hrought during j le lait four, yearsfreights equal to $3V par ton, while ( le American veiaela brought $171 per ton lreight. , fhere the trade it on an equal lotting, the American vet- I sit can under-carry other nationt, particularly Kngland, j ecaute her ihipbuildertpay to many protectioni on the , lateriali lor building, that their thipa coit too much. < 'he effect of the high tariff" here,* it to destroy the ability 1 f American ships to carry cheap. The exportt ot the J United States are teen at followt; iXports from the Uhited States to Qrfat Bhi i aim ' IIP issl-and, DltTinuUliHINO THE ToitNAOE. In Jim. Foreign Jim. Fori tin I vet$rls. vessels. Total, tonnage, t'nane. lit, $29,115,849 1S.C9I.544 41 L'07 TO3 225 531 1113,665 I 135. 37.194 361 1 l.l?'?9.HV4 59 924,215 226 9 S 79.729 1 116 , 39.049.904 16,953,974 55.995 978 ?4i,34S 89,283 137 , 39 695,180 9,991,1126 49 686,2?6 281.260 75,233 'oUl 4 yn, 144 973.294 53,135 398 199,113,692 974 195 317,809 4A'VA'?.l6 10 626 621 351 545 83 221 ! 139, 43,313 578 12 698 600 55,972.17 1 273,119 98 420 I 43,331,708 111,960 468 54.192,176 404.043 139.997 ,U' 32 173 499 13 692,236 46,165,735 281.436 140,385 | \>t?l 4 yrt, 16I.8S5.86I 45 917.851 2C6,954 705 1,311.173 462,073 ! int 4 JT?, 111,978 29 1 53,135 398 199,113.692 971.995 347 809 ( serrate, 16,057,567 ? 7,841.013 336,178 114,134 1 'create. _ 7.217,514 The quantity of American produce'expsrted in Amerian vessels has increased 10 per cent, while] that in fot* ign vessels decreased 20 per cent. The American ton- i ago cleared increased 33} percent, and the foreign tonage 26 per cent only. The American vessels carry 80 er cent, and the foreign 20 per cent. The former carry 124 freight per ton, and the latter $1U per tonThus far the progress of tonnage, in relation to the irect trade between the two countriea, a* governed by ie navigation laws. The imports of goods into each inntry, under the respective tariffs, have been regula-, id on different principles. In the United States, since 1324, ie Compromise Act was operating, on a descending tale, down to July last; but it wc observe the above table f aggregate imports, it produced less influcncothan did ie fluctuating paper currency- In England no violent hange took place, but duties were graduallyameliorated, ntil last year a decided change took place. In order to lustrate the present position of business, we give the illowing:? arorts of English Manufactures from Enuland into thk United Si ates, with thk Present Duty lktied UroN them here. AND the exports of domestic PROduce from thk United States to England,with the Duties levied thereValue of imports from England. Duty, adealorem. 1839. 1840. 1841. Old. New. Iks. 3,314,599 1,343,8*8 2,744,9 5 free 25 Do & worsted, 4)1,010 311,152 520,453 " 25 inrns, 4,299,196 3,891 802 5 965,123 " 25 Woollens, 9,506.29 1 5 6 33 374 6,097.2311 20 a 38 25 to 50 honied, 4.3'6, ?0'4 1.336 628 1 979,099 20 a? 30 otmns, 11.052.089 4.760,999 9.361 416 60 a 80 100a 120 1 lard A ate, 5,122,170 2 415.318 3,156,075 23 a? 30 , irllienvsare, 2.188 027 1,811811 1,4 >2,420 20 a ? 25 ntikstee*. 4 113,383 2 567,256 3,147,280 50 a70 100al35 Ither articles, 2l.30g.763 9,547 235 12,275,796 Total, 65.971,471 33.679,693 46,662,815 i A'n. v%ls, 51 319,122 29,240,078 40,855.040 Do foreign do 6 62.5.166 I 197 E2I 5 am m ExroRTS of A mf.r1can produce to OheaT BrITA'1*. Duly, adcnlorrm. Otil. Ntw. :ott0B, 16 071 579 40,915,743 35,631.005 7 * ? 7 lour, 1,326 600 7 387 513 1,603,465 3160 3 10 50 "ohneio, l?"\f, 5.404.967 3,2'7 883 5,111 83G 1,000 1,000 Do. manuf, 118.1043 152,000 220,5o(l 1,200 1.200 Vbeat, 11.673 685,6(0 120,300 3 a70 3 to 50 lice, 423,651 288,100 381,627 75 a? 30 laval store*, 506.215 461.803 482,370 30a 150 6 to 75 Ml.tperm, 18.987 380,037 2.50,797 75 1 ? 33 'allow, ? 17,024 16,180 10 a? 10 u'.ter, ? 13,674 156,600 70a? 70 lams, 111 115 2,600 100 a? 50 ork, 130 ? 40,100 60a? 33 a-d, ? ? 20,000 20 a ? 8 ml, ? ? 61,000 80 a? 59 , ldiaucorn, 467' 6',560 7.13G ?a? 30 , ither ar idea, 3,086.420 3.768,000 I 2 642,690 I Total, 56,971,378 54.'92.176 46,165,735 1 Am v?l?, 43.111.378 43,"21 708 32 473.499 ifor'u do, 12,658.000 10 960,468 13 692,236 The "old" duty of the United State* is nearly the rates i lid in 1841. The new are those now imposed. The < new'' duties of England arc those imposed by the law J itely paste I, all rendered into ad valorum rates. I Our provisions have hitherto been excluded from Eng. j nd, but under the reduced rates, that trade ia rapidly 1 rowing. Now, it appears that in 1840, England bought ' r us more cam and less tobacco. Her necessities obliged or to buy the former, to tho exclusion of the latter. | here isa falling ott of $11,000,000 in the value of cotton j i the last three years, which expresses nearly the de- j line in prices, owing to the diminished consumption of ngland, consequent upon the high price of bread. The table of exports from the United States expresses ( ut a list of those articles which England does not prouce, and which she must have. The li.ot of imports from ] er expresses a list of things that the producers hero will i uy il they get them on easy terms. They ran do entircr without them without insonvenienco, as far as the ar cles themselves are concerned. But they cannot do ithoutthe sale of their own produce. Here is a trade of i mtual interests ;each nation wishesta deal with the other, ' ot for the advantage of that other, but for its own ad van. j igc. The farmers of Amerioa must get clear of their ] irplus, which surplus is composed of articles on which , >e salvation of England depend*. These facts are plain < ad palpable. The two countries have now reached a >int in the progress of events precisely similar to that 1 hich led them mutually, in 1815, to lay aside their re>eotive navigation acts in favor of each other. The >?(i enacts ana rapia progress 01 international prosperity ( tnler that treaty we have sketched. Since that period , ngland has outgrown its capacity to Teed its inhabitants, . id the United States hare outgrown their capacity to >nsume their agricultural productions. Another point " mutual concession is arrived at. The necessary con- j ssionsarein duties. A commercial treaty, formed on ' lis Vnsis, would soon give the law to Europe, precisely < i did the treaty of 1915. The fiye hostile European ' iritis of 1811, would be rendered nugatory, and the im. i lensc increase of business between the two countries J ould again fill the treasury ol each nation to overflow's The means and the will of this country to pay its ! sbta will be enhanced part patsu with its wealth, which iust be earned by industry] and mercantile enterprises, { id not by paper juggles or "obsolete" schemes of banks 1 : assumptions. The legitimate province of legislation is , i extend the markets^for indus'rial products, as far as it 1 in do so by diplomatic intercourse. Corn Trade. This market is poorly supplied with Western Flcur. 1 'he demand continues very small, but prices do not fall ' IT. We quota (lenesse at 4 87] a 4 93]; Richmond coun. f at $5; Georgetown $4 69} a 4 75; quotations for other rands remain nearly the same as we last reported. The ipply of Flourhrom the interior is small for the season 'he complaint at Buffalo is, that there are not vessels nough to bring forward stocks at the West as fast as the pmnnd requires. At Cleveland, Chicago, and at all ' ther sea|iorts on the Lake west of Buffalo, the stock is lily increasing, in consequence of the cause above spo- * en of. We see, by the advices from Buffalo, that many 1 cssels have lately been brought into commission, , hich will do away with some of the trouble. The receipts of flour at Albany, up to this time, have i sen a Utile rising 00,000 bbls, most of which has found s way to this market. c The millers at the Wast are obliged to pay higher for heat than the current price of flour will admit, to keep ieir mills going, in consequence of the small receipts. i At Philadelphia, the 27th inst , we noto an advance of f full 37]c perbhl on flour, and the receipts have materi- * lly fallen off. On Friday sales at $4 12] lor common rands for export. On Saturday sales at >4 25 for Penn 1 idOhiofleur. On Tuesday at $4 37], and on Thursday <j *4 50 for both Pcnn and Ohio flour, for mnnrf nd/.it.. ie. Soraped $4 12}. Choice baker s bran.Is have sold I eely *} $9for city use. Today $4 60 ii offered freely ,r common brands, whieh is refused by holders, and the iarket closes in an unsettled and excited state. ? feck's sale lor ex|>ort 8000 bids. Kye Flour has also adanced?sales at $2 91}, and since at $2 95 a 9 97}. Corn leal-Free sales of I'enn Meal in Mils at 99 50 a 9 .">6}, I Jay some holders ask $9 02}, owing to its scarcity; 10 < lies in hhds. Exported this week .1,217 bbls flour, 977 C Ids rye flour, anil '20 hhds and 591 bbls corn meal. Wheat Ii nntinurs in brisk demand and prices have advanced 9 to ? )c per bushel. Sales early in the week at 91 a 9ftc lor { lir, and 97 a 99c lor good Penn red and red and white ' lix'ed? later in the week sales at 99c a $1 for good rod. 0 day sales ol hOO bushels fair red nt $1 0.1, and 2AP0 ushela red and white mixed, and prime red Ht ft 0> per ushal,atloat. Week's sales >0,000 liushels. Small sales r Southern at 97 a 90c. Wheat is wanted at higher prias. Ilye?Sales at 90to 00c for Penn, closing at the lat. f ir price. Corn?Sales of I'enn round yellow at 98J a 94. 4. pnn llat do at 92 a 69; Southern flat yellow at 51 a 62, and hiteatOOc, To day we quote round yellow at 64, flat eun at 93; Southern flat 91} a 50, and white 60 a 91. p feek's sales 14,000 bushels. Oats?Sales of Virginia at 9 Maryland at -28c; Delaware we quote at 29 a 29; and c enn at 32c. At Baltimore, the 27th iust-, we note an alvancein How. rd street Flour,(both from stores and wagons. At the oseot last week sales of good mixed brands were made . om stores at $4,29. The demand has been good, and iriy in the week holdera advanced the rate to f 4,37 j, at hich price sales were made, and subsequently at $4,44. r n Wednesday and yesterday further transactions took ? lace at $4,90 Holders generally are unwilling to sell ' : $4,60, and buyer* refuse to advance. We quote the re- . Ipt price at $4,37}. City Mills Flour?I ntlie early pait ' the week sale* to a considerable extent were made for ( iport at $4 .17}; more recently, sales of some 2000 bbls. f r more were niado at $4,90. and to-day there it none to ? 9 had at this last named price. AH the flour now mak- ' ig is to supply contracts already entered into. We note 1 ie sale ot 100 bbls. extra to day at $5 Ity? Flour?Mo. srate sales are making at $2,79 for 1st. Susquehanna . lour? Intheesrly part ef th? week a sale of 200 bbls. ' as made at $4,90. To-dav a lot of 150 bbls. to e only one 1 market, was sold at $4.02},cash. Market now entirely s are,mil the article wanted. Inspections for the week nbug the 27th, 9,909 bbls. and 6.13 half bbls. The de. landfor Pennsylvania wheats this wei k has been quite j risk, and although the supplies have been prettyfairns i quantity, tiny have no' l>, en equsl'oth" ihrnmd? ti he receipts thin week, ot this description, are at,out 16,K) bushels, all of which was promptly taken, according [J i its quality, at 101, 102, and 103 cents?principally at I ie last named price. To-day there is no Pennsylvania I ii wheat in market, and it in much wanted; one parcel It cnown to be on the way, of good quality, was sold in anicipation of It* arrival at 106 centa. These supplies are ? ill, of eourie, by the Tide Water Canal, and we may ? P< tere remark for the information ol those iutereated.that _i,v the towing of Canal boats between Hasre-de Orace and Si Baltimore is now done at so much lower ratea than be- 11 d ween Havre-de-Orace and Philadelphia, that the owner .nects a saving of about three cents per bushel on Penn- T< lylvania wheats, in sending them to the Baltimore mar- ton. ket. Corn?1 he sales ofMary laud Corn, both white and pellow, have been unifoim and steady throughout the U;| week, at 50 a 51 Cents, and we quale those rates to day for g 30th sorts. Hales of about 10,000 bushels Pennsylvania da*, fellow have been made during the week at 60 a 61 cents, tjj for good, including (ales to-day at 61 cent*. . At Albany, on the :17th, there was hut little offeiing. Some small lots of canal want olf at $4,01 a $4,87. ll'O yre 3rla. Ocneate, common brands, atloat, at $4,01. Mich. $4,75. 100hrls. ratind hoop Ohio $4,75. No change in _ {rain. We hear of a sale of 1000 bush. Oats at 'J7jc. Cro At Buffalo, on the34th inst., Flour was going lreely at fa|0 $4.18 for choice brands. Wheat was in demand, and all laui afloat waa in teaond hands, at 80 cts. At Cincinnati, on the -J4th inst., pretty much all at the canal waa sold at $3,28 a $3,30, inspected The receipts r by wagon are beginning to increase, and were sold on the b bottom at $3,30- The City Millers have put up the price sf Wheat here to 66c. Between two and three hundred ^ bushels havo been received by canal the week past. -p J., At New Orleans,,the 30th inst., flour had somewhat im- bru proved,and as the receipts arc very moderate, with little B or no stock in store, the maiket has assumed more dimness, and prices ate somewhat higher than at the date ol Dur last report. Wo now quote Ohio brands at $3 70 a , W 76. ajid ordinary St. Louis brands $3 75, choice baker's iio, j>3 ?7j per barrel lor superfine. Sour Hour ts inquired e for, but we are not aware of any lot* for sale. Arrived Na during the la t three day s, 8139 barrels; cleared for Ifew ' York, 2766, Boston 2217, Philadelphia 89, Apalachicola D" 192, Nassau, N. P., 371, Jamaica 146, St. Johns, N. F.,930 jy,. barrels. Gil At Boston, the 27th inst., the transactions in Genesee Inn comprise nearly all the arrivals of the week at 4 94 a $6 Wl perbrl, and fancy 5 12|. The stock of all kinds is uncom J monlv small for the season, particularly of southern, ga which has somewhat improved within a few days, 26c per tor barrel, anil at which rate holders are Arm. Sales consist t of 2 a 3,000 barrels Fredericksburg 4 37 a 460, cash, and 8 4 62J, 60 days; 600 do do Belmont brand, 4 87; 1,000 do do Gu extra Eagle, $5 cash; 100 do do do, 6 25, 60 days, on inter- ar'^ est; 10 a 1,200 barrels Georgetown, common, 4 62$, and do extra bakers, *5 a 6 12 per barrel; 908 barrels I'hiladel- cit phia, 4 62$, cash .and short time; 200 do Howard street, am 4 62$ cash. ?ci The demand for corn hBS been extremely limited, and Gj| at the close ot our report there remain Ave cargoes afloat p unsold. Yellow flat is offered at 66c without finding buy- Th ers. A cargo New Orleans, a little heated, sold at 51c, Rr< and a parcel in good order, 62jc per bushel; yellow flat Cit 54 n 66c, and round, rather green, 66, and dry 67 a 53a per J. * I ushel; white 63 a 64c per bushei. Northern Oats 30 a 31c; do Bye,6flc; 1000 bushels heavy Shorts, 30c, and 600 do light do 28c per bushel; Bran 21 a 23c. Bu BBMMHBBBaBmaBHBHMBaSSHaHHflmaSB Jj J Died, Pri On Sunday morning, the 23th inst., Emily Augusta, Kn daughter of Charles and Philena Jarvis, aged 3 years and Gu 8 months. The friends and relatives of the family, are requested to attend the funeral form 103 Canal at., this afternoon, at. hat half past 4 o'clock. rht HanaaMaMswa^M ?i> Sa| Latest Advices Sii RECEIVED AT THE NEW YORK HERALD OFFICE. Au Antwerp April 23 Macao Feb. 15 'OD Africa April 9 Madras Oee. 21 AutCayes F.-b. It Manilla Feb tl Jji Antiirua Match 16 Malava March 2R Ni Bombay Feb. 3 Mont, video March 19 J*a Batavia Nov. 30 Mara, am April 20 ' n Bermuda May 3 Matai./.s May 12 J,1] Bonaire 'm'1"', ? Mayas vex May 1? {j? ?i... niaioKi .siaracainn marcn 'J Baliia March 31 Matamoraj March 13 2" Beli/.e, Ilontl. May 8 Mexico March 28 Jj' Barbadocs April 19 Neuvitas May 4 Bogota Dec. 24 Naxxau, N. I'. May 8 2'.' Beroice Feb. 20 Onorto April II fji Cape Town, C.U.H-March 24 Oahu.S.I. Dec. 25 *7 Canton Feb 11 Paria May 2 t,u Cieufuegos Mar 6 Port an Prince April 28 *n< Cartliagena Sent. 15 Ponce, P. R. April I ??' Chagres July 1 Para April 1 l.allao Sent. 7 Pernambnco April 2 P1* Calcutta Feb. 77 Hi a de Janeiro April 6 '*7 Ladir April 11 Singapore Dec. 9 t?1 Demerara April 29 Syiho-v, N. S. W. Jan. ? X" Faval March 27 St. Helena April 11 Be, Jibraltar April 24 St. Tliomaa May 14 5P1' Uuayaauil Oct. 16 St. Barn Jan. 3 Xc. 3tiayama, P. R.- Ma? 4 St. Jago dr Cuba-April 2 ~al Itonaives April 1 Sl Johns, P. R. May 6 2?' alveston May 10 St. Croix' May 10 ' "J Harre May 2 St. Martha Dec. 2 5D Hamburg Ajiril 28 St. Domingo April 4 9,?" Hayaria May 14 St John, N. B. May 23 }<re Hayti March 12 Surinam Marchl8 Lre Halifax May 19 Tampico April 15 leremie March 3 Tobasco Jan. 23 ?tn< lacmel April 25 Trinidad de Cuba- April 21 J,1'! (iriltston, Ja. May 9 Talcahnana Feb. 15 London May 3 Valparaiso Feb. 26 "eLiverpool May 4 VeraCrux April 25 t0' La iluayra May 10 Yucatan April 21 Vrl Lima Feb. 10 Zanzibar Jan. 21 PaMtngeri Arrived. Ve' Guatama?Barque Josephine?Mr and Matter Louia San- M?1 :hex, cf Unayama; AOiI'v. ? , Port Air Prir<.k?Br g Fairfield?L Uairjeni, J A .dros, C id lenrjens, C Neumann. Saml Marks. ?11' ? KrxoiTorr. Ja?Schr Jox Ilowt?L O Mather, Robert Cler- *YC mnnt, Liuis Verify?2 in steerage. '1 Foreign Importation*. \\ Guatama?Barque Joxephinf?19 hila snttar Merer Ik Stuck- of J ft,?22 Dunactitab It Beck with?131 B De Forest?28 his 15 l>6|x -pj j molasses to do?14 hds do Mason & Tr omi-soii?51 do J Whit- J ) tl? s?y. m j Tort ait Psinct?Brig Fiirfield?35 tons logwood 224 bags Wl| coffee 3 rrrnoos tobacco $6950 Skeldin-' & Ferru?45 bus cofIce K B Saekct?79 J S Brown?216 do >500 11 k W Delf field? . 155 h-gi A C Rnsiirre? $500 Omsh im A Schrteber. * Jobos, PR?Brig Maguelia?16 hds sugar Meyer & SrucVen? 14 do 16 hds molass.s Dnusromb 1c Beckwilh? '00 hhds 25 bbls ?.ne to 4 do sugar t2?05 lot old copper to order. M A R I T IM EI E1TALD~ gi1 ?????? m n0i Balling Day* et the Steam Ship*. i im from i.itf.rfool. from amkeirt, Caledonia, ........ Juue 1 re kc*di?, Ryrie May 19 June 16 tvi Britanuia, Hewitt June 4 July I Jv Packets to Arrlvs. r Packets to Mall. IDs _ frov litkrfool. i fob i.itfbfooi.. 'he *hclhe!d, Allen, May I (J.Wlahitigton.Bur cj*- ,June7 ,RUrtottiugo?r, Banley, May A Rochester, Button, June 16 ,le,[ Vlontrnimi, Lowber, May 7 England, Bartlett, June 19 on ' FROM PORTSMOUTH. FOh PORTSMOUTH. Juebec, Hebard, Mr y 1 Meiiiatur, Chamtdin, June I 4. Hudson, Moure, May 1 Welliniitrn.Chadwick, JnnelO A from havre. for havre a \rgo, Aniliouv. April 21 St. Nicolas. Tell, June 1 reee "ruucoii 1st, Ainrworth.Mayl Duchesse d'Orlt ans, June 8 hati ? taati Ship Tore tars unit Ag?nti< ^ We shall esteem it a favor, if Captaius of Vessels will yivs M \o Commodore Robert Silvev, of our News Fleer, a He- of K jort of the Shipping left at the Port whence they sailed, the new vessels H|>okeu on their r.iaaage, a List of their Cargo, and L' inv Foreign Newspapers or News they may have, lie will tou >oard tls-in immediately on their nrriial. Agents and Cor- tit 'espondents, at home or abroad, will also confer a favor by W ending to tins Olftce all the Manue lutelliaeuce they can j,;.,: ibtain. Nautical Information of any kind will be thankfnlly n.T dept PORT OK NKW VOUIt, MAY M iUR < 3J I rf.w moor 2 II bun IUR 7 2P I Hum WATRS- 9 it Asm ? whr Arrlvcrt. {'heJ Swedish ship Bluier, Soderftrin. fiom Orfle, via Daitmnuth, opt i En*. -15 days, with 700 ions iron to Bonrman, JohoMou Si Co. T Barque Josephine. Mitchell, 12 days Iroin Ouayama, PR with sugar, to B De Forest It Co. K Brig Fairfield, Smi'h, l ldavs Irom Port aa Prince, with log- . wo-da^d coffee, to Skeldmg k Ferris. "J* Br,g Washington, Dyer, 28 days Irom Maya: uer., PR. with J ?, 100 lihds sngsr to Alsop Si Chauncey. Vessels left before rt- I|, jotted. British irg Magnolia, Delano, 18 day? from J-bos, PR. with 1.1 lugar. to H. Butler. French brig (Jenrgc (Instavc, Knc; yaran, 24 days from Martilique, in hillast, ro lie I Forest. rliig Osceola, 30days from St. Croii, with surar and rum, to , r ird r. forl British brig Arrlhusa, Card, 8 days frcm Windsor, N8. with TP' ilasler, to Sou'e, W'.iluey k Co. 'his British sclu Joseph Howe. Haltus, 21 days from Kingston, Ja. n ballast, to Chastrlain Si Poovert. ?'< Schr Free Trade, Harris, 3 ilays from Portland, with lath, to Jmiih Sc Boyutoo. <<T Sehr Only Daughter, Tucker, 8 days from Eastpoir, with 1 ilsstrr, to n astcr. aril Schr Teiian, Leighton, 6 days from Easfport, with lath, to Wal ttuigrs V. Co ever Schr Cordtlia, Benedict, 13 day* from Thames'on, with tion imr, to master. he h Sclu Emblem, Strop, 10 dais from Clierryhrld, with lath, to for t Irorth fcloynutn. mm Hchr lireciin, Brown, 2 days from Philadelphia, with coal, to oii*i Below, firm One brig, nnknowr. ami Sailed. "J*" ' Barqnri Hebe. (Br) Wright. Liv*rpan|; Anotnmn, (H.c) 1 "fl,, ioaln. Palermo; Luzon, Gvodrich, Kollrrdam, Madeline. Phi- rorii vdelphia; ItriKa Kraacea Aan, Doty. Cape tie Verde; Wampa nr? nag. Colanu, Neuvitat; 8wan, (Br) Samzrd, Newfoundland; IT). lliluini, Stewart, ApalabhicoU; Exact, J .hni-u, do; Vol- - ? aire, Sleeper, Portland, and othera. \T/ Brig Win Put, Baker, (torn Philadelphia far Bomon, anchored i the lower bay Saturdae night,and tailed yesterday. '^'1 Herald Marina Carreapondenca. eihi Orrtcc or thf. hhoi>r leLAftngn,) ???i Newiairt. May 27. ISO. { to ih Art 26tli, Echo, Meascr, Wilmingtou, NC. for thia port and ftupt "all RiTrr; Orand Turk, Lond, Matsnzae; Velocity, Nash. ktI loldsboreugh lor a mkt. ' [> Hanaral Harnrd. Vip Lost aT Sua ?The .Marion, fiom Svl-m for Maranham, ann ^ oaed to be loat at in, "? in?"red at th? Oriental c dice in tl,n' lair m lor S I2.8C0, and at oue < tfioa in B istnu. Seven of the ,,lr'' tew on hoard have wivt a in Salem. lie Notice to Marlnera, " ',,f" ?. i mm Drpartmepit or Statf, > e>ty W*?Hiia?Toa, May gti. tan. ( oVto Information haa been ieceiv?,l fro n llie Consul <J-nrr I of m2 be Two Sieiliea. of the erection o( a nt w lighthouse at ihe ??. nlratice of ihe port of Napier. [yj The new light ta filed on the grcnt tower on the Mole at Na- u? lee; in let 10 drg SO mm 2S aec N.lon II SS Ig Eof the meridian J f Pai ia, (corrrrpnndiof with It de* IS mm tl aec Kof the meidian of Wreeawieh ) The light it placed at the height of ISO , , ,-et above the mean level ol the sea and will present bright ,u . lithe*. at intcivals of two minutes, between w liich the eon ' MM light will gradnally decrease to a minimum, and then in XL." leaae. The constant light will he v sible ill clear weather ? rom the Bocche di Capri, fr nn which place the bright ll nhes 1 nrl nar a'ao he -eeo when theatmnaphere it less favonbl ; in any r ' v,-aihei Ih- i't'cht llaaha* will be visible at lie distance of hill lie width of the Bay. Wliaalenien. vol Art ?t New London 10.h nut. Alert, MiddUtnn. Boaton. Hid ' ^ 7th. Friandf, Jeffrey, Indian Octan; 231, Oen Wi'lism*. Holt, rami 4W Coast. licet Arab, Wrlthirigton, FH, apoken Mch 17, latSt S, Ion 27 <0, '' ta Pith 2000 hbli wli 700 tp Oil. ?ll Spoken. ?? Ulnbc, ateering W, wis ace* Msy 27, laf 22, Ion 72 20?hy the diea, ? phina, at thia port. *re r Partolna, of Salem, for Maranham, May II, lit tl t.lcnSC? T the lliiter, at thia port. [a I Jna A ikma, Jacmel for Boalon, May 13, lat 20 8, Ion 73 34? lamp ad Icat one man by a.ckmsa?by the Joaeph Howe, at thia DI, ort I 1 . blat k Prince, (Br) Cuba fcr Lomlon, May 22, lat 33 22, Ion 74 S?by the tame. m3 C Fisher, of and from New Haven lur Ouadaleupe, May nl 31 10 N, Inn 61 1"?by the Concordl?. at Boston. 'ashing on, Portland lor Porto Kico, May 23 Ut 41 32, loo 1?by tne umn. iraoiai'a, London Tor (Lallan, '*> days out, lat 23 S, Ion 3d W r the Zenas Coffin, at Holinea Hn'e. irab Ann, McKarlane, Wi iniugton, NC. for <?u?daloo|>e, aya out. May 15, lat 29 20, Ion 63 20 Foreign Fwrtli >ht ao PamcK, May 15?In port. Cadmus,Tucker, for Bolide; Caroline, Bowru, of Philadelphia, wtg carlo. UiTiMi. May 16?In port. New Haven, to lail 17th; Muhe, Lee, Idg; hiurimr, ol Bristol, de; Albion, Mitchell, to I6ih. inostow, Ja. May 6?In port,'Passion,' of Boa'on; Leonilor N York, d si;. stare, v ar 21?Arr Sir decree Prevost, Savage, Newry. loNTBeaL. May 24?A r M i eery. Storey, Newcastle; Iui Chlel, Macartney; Prompt, Morton, and Unicoru, Allen, erpeol; Sarah. M'Leau, Glasgow , 2'ith, K'gle, Moilou, do; dk Young, Walla. , Newcastle. Lake Porta, urrat.o, May 25?Arr Boston. 6'nos, Manhattan; K Wartl, w*; Wyandot, M'Kay; Lady Washington, Hendetsouj Buli,Tyler; Kmc, M'Queen, and Iteiudeer. Davison, Cleve1; Kmina. Ba>, Grai d "iver; W Trader, O'Connor, Lower idusky; Velocity, Paiker, Toledo. Home Ports. asiink. May 22?Arr Leader, Hoadley, NYork. ath. May 21?A'r Maoawaska, Sma'l, NYork. Ikwhiiktpokt, May 27?Arr Krankliu, Matlhewf, NYork; net, Norton, do; Mary, Cook, Billnnore. ALKM. May 26?Arr Granite, Upton, Cayenne; Ainetici. adwell, and Klir.ibeth, Wiley, Philadelphia. A lull riKKt-il { went into (? ouceater this morning. Ioston, May 27?Arr Concordia. I).?rr, Ca'eutla; Woodstde, Irh, and (Chester, Hanna, New Orleans; Bowdltch, Finery, nfiirgos, Orleans Kldmlje, IMymniitb NC; Kag'e, Yeatnu, litiiotid; Fawr, Crowell, Philadelphia. Old Sirah Wilms, Thompson, C'eufuegos; I'orto Kico, Gray, Cape HayIdoartowk, May 24?Arr Bolivar, Barnard, Baltimore for mucket; Heto, NYork for Tlminastnu. aoTiDCiO'K, May iffi?Arr Utiliiif. Hunr, Wilmington, NC. W.irreu; Johu Jvy Nickervon, Philadelphia; Haruscrabhle, vis, Albany; J?? Go ham, V iil,.v d Etna, Hondout; Midas, <>nia. aud Jas L Lout, Hawkins, New York; Hi t ry G bbs, >bs, Hertford. SM.winil W. fresh, Virtiuit Hodges, Ko'i, Newbern, NCl Emily Lemuel, Cramner, and Div d Cot, liilden, Philndrl|ihin. IahtPobh, Mtv 2i?Sid Christiana. (Jaines, N York. Llbaist, May 2T?Arr Mandarin, Hiuckles, N York; John, rrnugha, Providence; Keeper. Kelsty, NHavcn. Sid 8eoa. Mason, and Hazard, IVarce, N York. Ihablestois. May Si?Sid I'lOinpt. Davis, Boston. Iavaisivah, May 24?Did Kanid, Mmnpford, l'oint Pelre, ad; November, Ellis Philadelphia. Sid How land, Blauch. Liverpool; Corea, G iidprr. St Prtorihorg. Lpil achicoLa, May 13?Arr Kraoees Aon, Jackson, and lienor, Allen, Liverpool; Koht W. its, Johnson, London ? 1 Pocahontas; Atalnnla, Kaymoni); May Flower, Weeks, I Nile, Johnson, Liverpool; Amene, McCliutoek. Proviice; k lorida. Crocker; Klniidiin, Br >wi, and Clnnyrora, k. NYorh; J B Woolfoid, Small,Kail Hirer; Plume, lJavis, stir, Ct. ii:\v ORLkAfis. May )!>?Air Klariiia. Jones, (Jenna: Kliza oriiion, Patterson, Hivre; J H Adami, [ Bremen] Rothfos, sinon; Luev Ann, Snow, Bosion; H-ro, S<hare, Hasnna ? 1 Ville de Paris, Trott, Boston; H Allen, Wilson, NYoik; u Mnrinn, "ylveaier, Laitnna. Arr JOili, Lady Arabella, npson, Havana; Genesee, Minn', Antwerp; L?ti ena, Smith, aster 'am; Gen-gia, Otis, Lirernool In port, Anne Ann?i K, L B r 1 Bolton: Birkenhead, [Br] Brown; Unke, [Br] ohanan; Hudson, FltSt OtSSS Queen. [Br) M'Bride; Kate isnnock, Druminond; Buckingham, Peiiha'low, Itoysl Alt, [ Br] Sellers; Yorkshire, [Br] Black; Kanny, Bisson, and lice of OrUMS, [Br] Dea, lor Liverpsiol; Auihisaailor, ight; Byron, KutselliCalrdnu'a Brainier, Moloney; Canton, is; Cey'ou, Rand; Chailotte, Oeriv; Delhi, Hurd; EspiuiloBarstow; prances Ann Jackson; Hannibal, Parksr; Laura, ow; Palestine, Littlefield; Pennsylvania, Gross; Ssveru eever; Earl of Dnrharn, [Br] Hncken: Georgia, Otis; Nait, Wioaor; Weyliosset, I 'oil ins, and Delta, Iliockley, frtor irtei; Alevaoder, Leeds; Berlin. Crocker; Caa, ar, [Bremen] ilker;Inmhia, Kuhiuson; Claiborne, Burgess; Garonne, tory; Klavius. Jones; Oir'rd. Uairden; Ladv Arabella, nrsoo: Leila. Hiffcius: Neva. Rrowm T?inm?l> rii;.i.nn. u*. f Brtin] Kortlaud; Antoinette, TKr] Snow; Eliza Thnru, D.ckeraon; Oenrsce, Miuol: J H At ami, [Brem] Kothfos; iirrna, Smith; Chriiti ana, Warren; Cynosure, Marloon; if, (innhy: Ladv Chapman, [ Br] Harriot; Matiurr, K'dder; mlde, Terrell; Anna Mar a, Peters: Cottage,Oerritn; Doric, Milord: Esport. OarCurr; Marv Elizabeth, Carr; Magnet, jwell; Nymph, Miller; Hiclid St John, Emerson; Sarah U if. Coffin, and Sarah, Anthony, unceitain; Apollo, Winsnr; wKvtrelt. gimp*on; Forester, Burav II; Halcyon, Patten; demaeh, Cha?e; North Bend, Crocker; l'lalina, Mauson; chall, Higgms; Tallcvraud, Healev} Wal ole, Thomas; vi?, Brigga; KiIby.Baratow; Caniro, Jarvi?; Francis P Beck, n-kpolf; Hokomok. lohnsou; H ainer. Watta; Lexington, ckman; L'Orienl, Wardwell; Massachusetts, Browned; gcr, Bates; Oncco, Butler ; Torn Paine. Auderaon, and are, Patten, Boatnn; A'chelaua, Boutelie; Delaware, Patten; rone, Barker; L'Amlelle, f Kr] Uatnam; Michigan, Hasty, 1 Windtor Castle, Olorer, Ha?re; Arkanaaa, Burgeai; CatmPatten; Damaaco*. Blisa; Franklin, Kennedy; Gondola, nne, llilah, Hammond; Hnntaville. Muinford- Panthea.Den; Sheffield. Porter; United States, Swanton; Lillius, Smal; Teazer, Crockett; Brazilian, Hick burnt Catharine, Rebini; O-orRiana, Dvis; Ohio, Dirls; Peeonic, Wilbnr; (.has L i", Uould; Madison, Keller, aud Taw, Almy, New Yolk; I'j Morgan, Julius; Sarah (land, derrick; Cohansey, Moore, I Gibraltar Yates. Philadelphia; Bornholm, Naaon, and Mt nion, McMannt, Rotterdam; Burlington, Thing, Antwerp; edouia. Massicot. Boston; Caledonia. Varney, and Rcmitco, Silsliy, Cette;Ch'teauhriand, [Fr] Lahorde; Boatonian, lerson, and Francis, L.nlien. Borrtenm; Colnmbia, Halev, Volu i i, Childs, Kurnp-; Clartssn Andrews Colby; Lor, Baker, and Leodea, Kohbins, Marseilles: Kdouant [Frl lis. one; Edwin, Robinson; Vandalia, Wall, and H L M'ady, Somers, ProridntKe; Oan Vea/.'?, Couillard, Bremen; ) Hallet, Howes; Jarob Penned, Hasty, and Duke of Cla:e,[BrJ Wilson,''owi a, fce; Olendorer, Parsons, Antwerp: try, Noyes, Loudon; Oregon, (Hidden. Marseilles^Ronert ker, DwightjLiveniool; Mct'ka, McLaren, do; 'I'allahasBaiitland; Talma, Cayol; Warsaw, Hathaway; Abbott d, Lowry. and Lory Ann, Snow, diay; Kocheatrr, Owen, sCiut; Archibald Oracle, Rice. Norfolk; Alitalia. Hatnid. nondOMt ll't-'li au Vr. Mathem , and Andrrw Rniy, itlew. cou'mir ; Iri?, Merryman, Amaterdatn; Theodore tier, [Brent] Briuymau, Vera Crux: Manran, William" a Crux; Grand Turk, Paraone, Rrchelle; Plauter, [ Bri'iah] rahall, London; Solomon 8*ltua, Gray; Genu, Lincoln, arm I lie, Bldckiuxtou, Baltimore; Caroline, Qtlkey, aud Lancet, fliea, Stvauiiuh: ElixvtBr] Coffin. Jamaica; Lime Rock, it, Matatnurai; Unoaa, Thomptoii, Havana; Dover, Cortia, limoud; Foreat, Robiuaots; Harriet; 8 in Houiton, Ricketa, raKorda. r ANTED?An honeat bo' of reapectahle family, to atterd to a ator* in Broadway. Apply at I in Willam it, comer lohn, m89 ll*r DAHDING IN BROOKLYN?Twoymtleineri and their wivea. or four aioy'e yentlemen, can be liaodiemaly accomlateil with board and nleaaatrt rooma, within three mirrntea k of the Fulton or Catharine Ferrlea. Apply No. 80 Adarna Kelerencea etch'uyed. m79 3'*m WARDING?A Unity or two can lie handaouielv ?c com undated will hoard at NtWuk, N J. The aitua'ion la of the moat deliirhrful in the place, an I buta few atepa from itop,,iny pla'e of the rail cara or further information apply at No. '27 Maiden Latre. 27 Im'r JAItDING?Gentlemen with their wivea, or atnyle, can find aereral very fine airy rooma, at the Hudaon tie, in Jersey City, Grand at, it briny the lecotid at tooth it the Ferry. Boats leave every filteen inu'ea. SAMUEL 8. LYNCH. Proprietor, 25 6t*? Late of the Thatched Cottaye Garden. CCEfTtON Of THE PRESIDENT.?-SEVENTH WA1U)?The citizen* of the Seventh Ward, without diatioo ol partv, are rri|Uftt>d to aiaemble at the Dernocralic id Qua,ten, in Madiaou atreet, on TUE9DAV rveniiiy. 3(1 n imlant, at A o,clock, for tnr purpnae oi mahiny ?rremrnta to co-.iperate willt the other wan'* for a an liable 'OtutM'ion of rrapect to the Pr'aidenl or the I nited Wtatea, lis arrival in thia ci'y. PETER SMITH, Chairman. Ti ll <i. Sll *|1P, In , Si ro t TV- in28 3t*r strwv bonneft and embroideries. T tin* aeaaon of the year, a* ihe I'dirt arr about leaving tli city. Miaa F. Gudelroy hega to inform that ahe Itta lately ived from the beat noiiaea in Taiia, aevera! caaea of it'aw i, very auitahle for the country, by their low price, aoed and eleyaut aimt licit" lie aale will beyin ou Wrdnraday next, the 3lit inaunt.and be continued every day of the aarne week, ita F. G will tell, at tne aaire lime, a complete aasrrtment iinbroideriea, that ahe will live below coat, wishing to reber aiwck for the ensuing seiaon diea ate invited to call to 319 Bo'dwey, oppoaite the CarlII u*. , up ataira. and ju lye for themaelrra m293'.*r Reck of The steamboat Lexington ? a part c.f it, eighteen fret lona by eight fett wid-, now r 11rax at Cattle Garden, for two d*>a only. Mr. M?rk W. le, rf Newaik, N. J., deacendfd in a divir y b?ll, to the h of 130 feet, ?n Monday, May the 22d instant, at 10 o'clock Id at a nVlnc. 111,,. I... I in ,? a nart n( wreck, weighing about five ton*, of the illfated steamboat ington, the destruction of wh'oh canted tuch % lamentable of life The part recovered it a (treat cnrinritv being .t and charred; end 011 the 24th initant he diipnied of the e to Mr U.-o A Weill, to 1 ihibit in New York and eltere,?hariDg made arrangement* with the rroprietori of Ca?iardeD, to eihibit it ou Monday and Tu-tday, ihit week,to e who ftel a uetire to it had better embrace lliii rrrnnity. icktt 12S centt rr>20 2tec WAllh Of (IOO1NTKBFKI 1'8?-The mott cnnclotive 1 vidence of the tolreucv and good rcputrtiou of a?v hankinatitntioat in ay be gathered from the fact that knaret will uterfeit their notet?tor broken hauka are too well known ne public o mdnce roguet to doto. Tint ia incontrover' I holdt good at it regardt valuable and detervedly n'ar medicinet. '1 he well earned popularity of l)r Hunters I Drop hat induced inanv au nnpricinled knave to counter thlt medicine, and the wretch who hat the hardihooo to 10, would nor refrain fiom forging hank noteiftbe principles ig the tame) could lie do it with impnnity. The genuine die radical cute can only he obtained at Ian. 3 Division it r ether place in New York city or Stale. A cjunteifcit >>f med.eine i? patted off on the pnblic in Albany, by a p non wat formerly in agent. The rooms are privately arranged me hran ch of practice only. ire $1 tier h otic tn?9 lt*r I THAT YOI K OWN HAlK OR A WiO," taid Sliriidan to a countrymsn, whom he met carrying a hare, by to taring he won a wager meile with the Prime of let, that he would make the worat pun ha l- in al Highoett heard. No man who wat tane could put bhcriraii'j qnet to any one woo had uted J lyue't Hair Toeie, even though iad aeen the individual perfectly lu'd within the mouth, he hair produc d hy fhit invt'uthle preparation it even ir, more glosiy, and more lutiiriaut that 1h.1t winch natu'e mally supplies. If ihc ha r 't falling off, it will al once it the woik of apo.lation, and hy removing all nhitriictmna I the |> ires of the tralp, facilitate the circulation of blood DP itiiire ao absolutely nr ''flamy to the MMMM of the 1. II uted wbcu ihe hair ia brgitining totu-n grey, it will ent that portion rrtnti- iug unr hat gtd, froin whitening, dil by A. B. A D. Hantlj, Drnggia'a, No. 79 Fulton ilreet, er of (J0I1I Alto, told by D. Hault A Co., No. 77 Krat II way; A. B. Bands It Co , No 271 Broadway. Trice $1. !8tm.U*r CLUABLK KRAI. KSTATK ?The lint tale of1 pnft of rhe .Fackiou cttate in Ihe city of Brooklyn will |><>aiy take pl<ceatthe Mcrchantt' Etchaagr, Wall ttreer.on 'netdtv. June Hfh. Tha mant are all now com.le id ami bited in the K*chan(re room. All persona whoate ifeairn i nir'.ase In a are mailed toviai'. the property prenrns essIf. Wilkinak Kol.ins and William Dmnont are the oiec rs _ mJJ I re oil r ) I I1 < .? I > !?. '? who in k k' in old mi ifnil romhined wi'li inmry?Pr'ce reduced?O'd Kstabliihed Medicated orB'tlu ?) i'or lanslt street. ra CAKKOLL. m arc irdauce with the e vgencirs of the a, bra reduced the mica of her hatha,and solicit a couliiuol the pttronaie of the Prettify in partrularand the pubn general. Colds, aorc throats, swelling of the glands, null mo, tliffneaa of 'he jomta, ague and fevar, Sir kr. are rdi.a'ely re'ieTttl. Portable hatha arnt t<> any i ar' ofiha ol Brooklyn. Open hom all in the morning till nine r|i at Iinilit. Hai| liar Baths require one li ,ui ? Lotice. 7_2wjsr _____ ..DO Al. i)K I KVa.NH h*a riinnnd Ina Old Oilrn7* Held l)i?|ii-naarv to 10 J Chatham, near Pearl at reel, wlirrr ontiooea hi a aafe, ?|ieedy and effectual treatment and core I delicate d aeaara, and where (lie real old Dr hvana will nod hv lua numerous impii ing frtrnda. It ate, acieure forty ve.ira' eti-erienee entitle a practitioner to prefeience, IJr. h. would direct the atteniinn if a discerning pohiic in ircattgation I lua claims. He wiahea the nblic to know he haa nothing to do with any office in Perk alip. Ilia (e are moderate. His consultations confidential. . K pni? up parrels of medicine for the erne of one apeciea I lease for Si, and particularly attends to g'ert and atuc i. mW I ec I UICAL AID?!)H. Ul-OVEH, apprise! thoae whodc aire to consult a plivaicioD regular medical acquirela and practical experience, (hat h* will be found at his ofat ?ny hour in the day or fxening. The Doctor haa been red in an office practice for the last H veara in this city; a the anther of several treatisca iiiion thnxe'diaentea thai engafi d his attNtiO* during thet lime. I lie rrceip diaries in rhemiatry haa put into his hands aome new renuwhirli are xer? qniek in reif irming rurea. Ilia mcdirinea sit op in parcel* at $1, with all neceaaery direction*, and a ' bonk giving avail turns. Ireatment, ai d cure, t'tfi-.a in I Arn streei?priaate entrance 4th door from the Museum? miiwr door- ohi'i*a K A1 III Ml P< >W liMf mi . i iks <>i Boyd s, re ret d rrahipi Agitator and E-g'e. far sale hy I'k-llSBK k BttOOKS, !t Jtac No. 61 Liberty etreet. AUCTION 8AI.Kg. < Jlersj Hm.UJnn ?nd 113 follow I'J?l.i MONDAY. ? At l#X o'clock ?' No. I6!l Oram! St., M" Centre Market. Euraiture Sal.-Will be mlil. ilie lumjtnre contained .nth' o|i|>er par: of the home, eoesrria UK the bandimne larbiraru ol two parlors, he<l rooms and kitchen,a valuable piano foile, inrtuui.rlevtnt pictures, tarpets, sml the usnsl hau some assorlmctit to be met wi h in a genteel family. ...... A'so, a fine tsinrtmenl of splendid carved aud III'p'tlnra 'run s, virions sires, very rich; 2 snpeih solas. The piano 'orte tens male by 8'oddard, Worcestf t U)uih?B. The krch eu lit rut t is re- is first rate. TIIKMDAY, At 1AI{ o'clock, st the s.les room Large sate of fashionable d ; goods, suitable for families end others?Cors'stisg, in rnnntiuat'on of the sfoeh of a wholesa e and and retail Dry Hoods tmre, together with several consignmiuis or goods suitable to the season. Also London and French cloths. ca?snneres,sninmer stnffs, pantaloon stutf. retinitis, hosiery drillings shirts, Ac Also, an invoice Ol 'oper til ale mill Krench cloths, easelmeres, aambroons. suminer cloths, drillings, Ac Also a voriety of articles pledged oVe.ohe rear. WEDNESDAY, At 10J< o'clock, in (he sales room Large sale ol splentiiil furniture of a'l description. At 11 o'cli ck in the salerooms. i Kitr* sale of Clothing. I'iino Kortrs and Valuable I'aint* I ings?Eitst, 2 trunks < Irgtt.t seasonable weaiii g apparel, and at II o'clock, in the Knlton street note, bv c-talouue,S superb piano fortes, both second h tml Mid lit w, including i tint were limited,and 2sold by order of the sheriff; 2 elrruut rosewood and I beautiful premium piano, 2 '<> initially dimaged oil the way Ivoin Boston, md 2 very ftue Mcacham Alhauv d i. Sa'e wnh'ntreserve. I'niuiings and Binls?Also, 27 bepu'irul original pa nnnysia handsome fiamcs, various interesting suljects; 2 splendid do on steel: cases stureo utris, ancient ?wi rr vesc* aim town*! olmki, tUt At ft>4 o'clock precisely, it No. I Mulberry at, cor ofl'lialhain upstairs over the Jeweler'* store. To Fringe and Tassel Manufacture'!, Kiirnilu'e Dealers and otlirr>?\V ill be sold, the looms, w heels, reelr, mills, and Other ipparatM, theproperty m i uMi and Itiwi mm mtmw? so uprisinga'I the machinery suitable for the business, iirport?d n great espense i ml in tine order. Alao, a quantity of atnek molds, he. Seine time, a variety of pi tin (umature. Alio, a unrip press, toola. Ike (.'atslopne* on Tueadav. by cartkk st"c6 Store No. 316 Broadway, Gothic Kill. WkTTnE4DAY. 31st May. At half-nast 10 o'clock, at the atore. 3iti Broadway. Furniture, Punns, Crock*rv. tkc?6u extrusive ami eleiiant aaaortmeut n* aiti>erb city inade turnitnre of the choicest d> cription. atid mail" of the very beat mate rids, inelmliugFreuch and hall French aofaa, dressing bu-eana, French bedateada, hi, Maud full Frenrli mahogany chairs, aniall biireaui, h lir ami velvet'rockert, ottoinaa, divan*, ntnrble top and mahoKany waihstatids, hook Caaea, wardrobe*, card, centre, hrraklast and diniii( t ild a, sew iug rorkeri, work (ablea, criha, Ike. Several larve dinner'lid toi'et aeta, ml glasses, tumblers and diahev; ivory hindle cutlery, kc I Alao, two apleu did rosewood grand action piano forte*. Sale posiuve. in2'l1lisr \|h. vi i'l) viti announce* to the public id c inaeqneiice evi *f jjjj thy Apollo Saloon having h-en oeetioled oo irnty '' veuisg. for a Concert, the aale nl Fancy Good* Paintings, Marble Sla'tiarv, fee, is piaipmied to Thio F.veiiing, 06 aeven o'clock, when it wdl pon ivrlv take plica, osiniiig in pait ol Vei.uj de Medicia, do of Cinnva Ftrutcm and Orec an IHWUlI vases, lirve Med let* agate vase, do of ta77.-e. girandoles, solar and astral lamps, four column alabaster end ebony elocka, do of bronze and gilt, Watch B?*?t. papier mache baaketa, waiters, 2 superb ta7.7.e on sqn ire pedestals, vj' sea for Howt is, and a rrear vaiietyof mantel oruaineuta. Also, a c dlect'oh of piin'.iuita Th? trood< will be r-ady lor examination on the day of sale, and in 'lie evening Ibrilliantly lighted, when the public are re. spcctfullv mvited to inacert the aiticl's. Sale without reserve, as Mr. Vito Viti leaves the c>ty Tuead iv morning HTIi re is added to this aale a'beautiful assortment of Frerch goods received by last |>aclret. in20 It'ec ne.njam i n ivjuunigx, auctioneer mpa A I c TIOM IMOTI1 K?Waiclies sud Jewelry?B. Mooney Hi Co. will Mil thU il v. II I" o'clock, at 91 Mul len I, Me, a ?n enor assortment of English koIiI Level. Du,de x, Author fc.?c*|icmeir, Lepine and other watcnes. Aiso, a large invoice of well assorted jewelerv, viz? broaches bracelets, breast pins, head chaini, seals, Levi. liu-ier lines, Sir Sic. 10 W*M AUCfION~CAHii-( AKTKU Si CO. taken the latge store and basement, JIG Bma Iwav, Gothic Hill, each 100 feet deep, beg to inform the pib'ic tbat they ate prepared to make the most liberal advances to any amoutt, on every description of goods or iiiercbaud ze,either for auction or private sir. Regular Auction Hales of Furniture,Wines and other miscellaneous art'drs, wi'l take HMO HUM or four times a week, and returns will be rendered the diy after the sale, or on the same day if required. No interest, or extra commistion charged on advances. m29eod Stisr AUCTION NOTICE?Choice Dahlias, Plants, Mid Seeds,? A. Levy will sell on Monday morning at II o'clock, at 131 Broad way, a choice collection of Dahlias of new sorts?also a variety of Greenhouse Plants, in fine order and inauv torts Alts a quantity of Garden and Flower Heeds, rat up, assorted hoses. Also 1110 lbs White Sugar Beet Se il.sshieh will he told in lo's to suit all. Those dealing in the article of seed will do well to attend, as the tale will he positive. Farmers might not to he without the heel teed?nothing it equal to it for feeding cattle. m27?2t*in Auction notice.?yvilkins u Rollins wi i sell at their sales rooin, II Bro'd street, on Tuesday m ruing, :10th iuitrnt, at 10 o'clock, 100 lbs. Frecch Sugar Beet Seeds; a number of lu xes containing two doz-u Varieties of vegetable seeds, sitirabl for eropping a sinah garden; also, i0cu choice Double Dali.ias, ueally parked in baskets, containing sight Of ten v irirties each, 'lliey ar fri in the nuinernns collection of Niblo Si Dunlap aul will be warranted as represented. Catalogues distribute!) on the morning of sale. m!7 3t* je BATTERY AND PHILADELPHIA HOTEL, BATTERY PLACE, NEW VOHK. PPHIS stablishment having nnilergone thorough repairs, the I subscriber begs to announce to her friends and the travelling inhlic, that it is unw in conirlete orJcf for the reception of atrsi gers. 'I he house is delightfully sinned, fronticg the bgautiful Bay and Battery of New York, and in the immediate vicinity of the steamboat landings for Boston. Albaey, and Philadeli Ilia The subscriber has reduced Hie rate of fire to accord with the turns, and trusts bv strict altentiou to the comfort of those who honor her with tiirir favors, to tnrrit a share of public patronage. P. 8.?Meals are served at any boor ofjthe day without sny extra charge, and parties leaving If the early boats, may rely on b-ing called in proper lime. m29?'?r MARY TETETE._ POST OFFICE, 1 New York, May 27ih. I8IJ. S ENGLISH MAIL?Letter Bags per Royal Msil H,earner CALEDONIA, which will leave Boston on the 1st of June, will close at Ihe Upper and Lower I'osi t HPces or Wed ncscny ucxt, ihe list iu?t. at 4.'i minutes past 4 o'clock, P. M. JOH > LOKIMER GRAHAM, ratlllr Pott Mas'er. OltMKb!?WOHM8?!!WOKM8!!?To destroy .hose trouhlrsonie and H.iugerous inhabitants of the stomach >nlh,?.l< ?l?rh il?. I ..III, ,,?l ,l...i,.,t. il,. lives < f children, in* Dr Janyue's Tonic Vermifuge, a certain and safe H>pMltiM far the rrmivil of the larmus kind* of wotmi, dyapeina mur stomach, want of ariirt'te, infantile lover and ague, and debility of I lie slom icU and bowel*, and o'irnni of digestion. Prepared oqIt by Dr Jiyne, No SO Sou.h Third it, Philadrll hi* Sold in New York, by A. B ki D. Sands, Druggists,No 7'J K'llron it, 273 Broadway, and T7 F.ast Broadway. mM 'it in?*r BEACON COURSLri'ROTTING. MONDAY, May 29. it I o'clock, pree-sely. Third aod laat treat match brtwreii these unrivalled Troriin* Horae* KIPTON AND AMKHIGU8! For *2(100?one mile and repeat in liarnei*. Arimitrion?Club Stand $1; Pavilion 60 cents; Ua'lery Staad 26 cenu. mJ7 2t i* eod*m IMPORTANT TO TRAVELLERS AND HOUSE * KFF.PEHH? Life and Property Preservers?Pa'ent Self Cocking Hevnlviug Pia'ol*. which can he discharged lit time* in na in my aecondi, merely by | ulloi* the trinrr. The chamber and barrel are ill ope t leee. and ih -refore cannot be b'own apart, like eome repea'ug putola. The construction is vety simple?hey can be drawn liom ihe pocket and used with one hand, without the hue of a moinei.t. For travellers, home and store keepers, captains, planters, public officers, and others, they are an u.disi disable article, at they can protect their lives and prcjie-ty ir attacked by many pcrons. If i'linteia would arm tl eirselves with this weapon, they would have no cause to fear the insurrection of their slates. The pnblic are invited to examine the satne, aa their simnlicity, being warranted not to get oat of order, and their perfect safety, will certainly recommend them over all others. Wholesale and retail. J. (J. BOLEN, 101 Broadway, m'S lin eod is#re between Wall ai d Pmr it?, POT A t OE8?The tnbse iher Iprraj made irrstigements lor a leynlar sipply rd Scotch, English and Irish Potatoes, Tcsoecifnllv solirirs the na'ronsc- of the rnhlic. OKI). BHOIDHUHBT, 751 Spring atveet N. B?Delivered in any part of the city. ir27 3? r KOH ALBANY. THOV, and Intermedial' fli .J" Places ? The splendid low presto re i [combos! SWALLOW, l^ptnio McLean, will leavthe foot ol ( ourtlandt street this Monday afternoon, May 2'ith. at 5 o'clock. The above la a substantial boat, fitted op with e'resat State Kooms and Tor accommodation la nori'elled on rhw Hudson. n.21) r KAKK REDUCED New ludeteinleut M-'i Jp Oi pntiiinii Line for Albany, direct?Ear* 50 jiL^MMLdKLcts, no charrr for Perths, Dark Passage 25 crs ?The < ( ininnilnnia ateamboat NKW JERSEY, Cajit K H Fury, will lea*' the foot if Barely at, north si'e, this after noon, Monday, May 29th, at 7 o'clock. The New Jersey i? furnish-d with elegant stale-roc mi, and aecmmn >H<toina i> not surpassed by any ileambosion the llnlinn Hiver. Freight taken al tow boat prion. Kor fre'glit or passage ap. ply on board maker NEW YORK ftSfc k BOSTON SOUNDTlU )T. OWEN PRESUOTT. Pilot, or takea charge aa maaterand pilot of teasels hound m New Bedford, Nantucket Shoals, Boston,Porfttnnnth,Portland,Kennfbeek.andOTHER PORTS ' east o( New V ork. Ollirs at Krye 41 Shaw's, 22J Water street. ' corner Peek man. Reference to a numbered Merchant!, and * the several Inanruice Cetapanica in this city,;, Boaion, and 1 I'oetlari'f. mil imiar I ftjHL; FOR LIVERPOOL?NEW LiN E-. Reno is HAa Tarket of 25lb Jane.?The Splendid Packet Ship JBpnBpOAKHICK, Captain Win Sniddy, of I0o0 tent 1 will positively tail aa ahoye, her regnlar day. Kor freight or passage, hnyiiut ascommodatloua mienna.led for splendor or t eomfort, apply on board, ar Orleans wharf, foot of Wall ttreet, orto K. k. COLLINS It CO. M Sonth (treat. Price of passage, f 100. 1 lie Packet Slop Rrciat, t ept. John (J dime, of IIM n IO'ii. will ancceed the fiariick, and aail the 25th ofjnly, hay rsvnlsrdar. k Lettera for the ilupaofthn line will only btreceirrd at (ill- ,1 pin'a and Hale'a News Room. t Pa??en*ers may rely on the ehipe of thia line sifting isn'teal < If as advertised. m7#f KOH'LONDON?Packet of the 1st of Jnui?'1 he 1 ifl|y ipleudid. faai sailing packet ship MEDIATOR, 0?pt ' aBSMbO had wick, will be despatched for London is above, her vgular dry Those wishing to jecutc berth< will reoaire to mike early atpi,cation to JOHN HERDMAN lil South at, uear Wall ?t. N. B ?Passave can also be secured to and from London by anv of the regnlar line ol packet ?hio?, tailing on the let. Kith , and 20th of each month, and to and from Liverm ol on the 1st , 7th, I3fh, I9'.h and ?5th of each month, ?t th- loweur ratca, a, d drifts furnished for any am< nnt, ray >ble in all the pnncii al t io?ni th'oaghcut the United K ngdom, on application a< n boy*. mW' >JOL)A A8H?20 tons of superior Sodi Ash, Findum In in I ' O ship Prince Albert, from New Cattle, * d tor sdr by PKKSSE St HHOPK*. ? laltHi c aNo. *1 Lib'rtV street, I j I'OnTi t.chSK Ktvui.i) FILE*. I THKSK far fataerl ami celebrated T from Porisgal. era I ?" ' We pareeiya, to be obtained'n it t? onntr?! Ssciadyamatl | ?M usiths last golnswc. f<rsri? as r. AMUSEMENTS. - JC3 ini/ra. Heeoud Niahtr.f , MADBMOIHKLLE CALVK. ? ? I'n/.f El.**, M. mt>rr of the Cowm nire. and Kirat ?u>ger of ilir Ope,a, Pari*, who will appear a* ritNKIETTB. Hnpportri) t y the tnllnwiuK Principal Yoealiata, MADAMK LKCOURT. M'SKKI k I.AWIEK. MADAMK MATH I PIT. MON8. I RCOURT. MO VP. KK.'HK.K. MONH BERNARD. Ami >11111 and efficient Chorne. MONDAY. Mat ?, 1 h'CtltertainrneDU will commence wilh the Overture U? L Amhaii'ilno. Anber L'AMHAMHADKK.E. IIIITBIBI'TICN Venri'tte, Puma Doora, M'lle C*l?a Aaoruipally l*rforired by h.-r in Pa'ir. Charlot'e, Madame I icoiirt Mndamr Blftri. _ M'm? Mathit-u Ll CmiImm Aii "' de Ifieraahenberg, M'tellr Le One de VaJberg, M Leeonrt Kortun.tue, M Bernard Benedict. M Richer The entrance to the Operatic Saloon wi'l be on Broadway, nmil the (iprDinK of the Oardru, which.will lake place about the first of June. fr furmance to commence at half past 7. II Fifty Cent*. >* . KK TIIIC A I'MJita U'urfitof Mr. Himpeou. THIS KVKNINO, will b- performed. APOSTATE? IVieui, Mr Booth After whim Madame Otto wi'l appear hi a Oraod Srena from I.a Hounamhu'a: Mi?* Writer* wi'l j'Pf-r hi Zrppin: and La Oulliatin* l.y Mis* Ttirobull and a Toiniu I-a-'y. To conclude with OKANDFATHEH WHITKHKAD-Orantllathcr Whitehead, Mr Macule Hotn, mi ci*; 1'it, 26 cts; Oallery, Ith cu. Door* open at 1 perfo inane. a eommenre at hall pa?t 7. CHATHAM TIIKATiik., " MONDAY EVENING will ?, performed the OHEKN MOUNTAIN H()Y-.le,|e,liah Homehred, Mr Hill. After which ETHIOPIAN MKHKN ADKH8. To he lellowed by A WIFE KOH A DA V?Na>h*n Tucker, HO To conclude with DIJMII SAVOYARD It HIS MONKEY? I'ei ruo, Mr Wood. Price* ol Admission? l)r??* Circle 60 c?nta; Sreood and Third Tier* 26; Pit 2V, Oallerv l?X cent*. Ooor* o|?n X before 7?curtain ri*e? at 7X o'i loch precisely. AJIKh/u.I IV TIIKATUK, WAhNUi ST.. PIIItiADKLIMII A. UNDER THE DIRECTION OK MISS CU8HMAN. MONDAY EVKNINO, May 29. will he perlormed. BHUTU8? Bru'u*, Mr K"r.*"?f Tullia, Mia* Cushman. To coucludc with SCAN MAO. mlflr K. A. MARSHALL. Leasee. A fflKKICAIf MCTMKa'H, TENFOLD ATTRACTIONS?OVERFLOWING SUCCESS. r<>?itiTL>ly and asrurClr the f,i?t Week of GENERAL TOM THUMB, Jr. The Manecrrhi* rORaitrd the wondeiful Dw?rffor poritirely oulr one wrek Inmrer. a* he learn fur Boston ami other cities, on Moud.iy.tlie Vh June. The wonderful Dwerf. who i* II year* old. 26 inhe* high, w- II formed, livrly, and itrt>IIiicwut, and Q&- WEIGHS ONI.Y IS POUNDS!! A'-o eniiaited, THE STKYEKMAHK FAMILY. Their rcrforinanee* will he intrrsneisrd with nous* anil ballads hv Mr SHERMAN and Miss'ADELAIDE PHILLIP*. Also engaged for m wrrk more. IIIE GREAT MODEL OF PARIS. The Living Hea Dog, and the Mysterious 4iipsev Oifl. aM 500 tiO)turnmiirv ? erformauces in the L'cture Room eve.p evening atfto'clork, and Wednesday and Saturday afternoons at 4 o'clock. Day visiters admitted same evening FREE. Ailmiuioii to lire whole, 25 ccnti. Children under ten, half price inlScc PKALKT NEW YORK BIM" t? ATTRACTIONS TRULY TREMENDOUS! ALL FOR ONE SHILLING Broadway, opposite the City HaII. Mr. H. 4ENNETT, Manager. H u the pleev'tre to aiimmnce that he hi? engaged the follow iug eminent graceful artists:? 8IONOK BLITZ, the inrghty mauician, wondetful Veuui ilstouist aid pl-s ? dancer. Mr A BttOl'WER, the celebrated comic tiuger. Miaa S ADA IK. the much admired Songstress. Miia BLANCII Ml D, the Grecian Juggleress, and splendid performer on the musical glasses. LA PETITE C- RETO, the Dauseuse. Enormona Seipent. Large Sea Dok. Melodeon. Siameae Twiui, Ac. Afternoon entertaiumenta on Saturday at 3 o'clock. Perforinaucei in the Lectnre Room to commence at Quarter pait B. in Iter CASTIsE OAKOEK IS NOW OPEN FOR THE SEASON. THE Proprietor* of this well known resort heg leavelto in form the puhiic that in addition to it* former attraction!, they have erected a splendid fountain, supplied by the Croton, with different varialion* erery week ibroiigboat the Aeaaon?t >getiler with a largeiaIooii for promenade and refreshments. Also, au extensive Promenade outside the walls of the One lie, coinmsuiliiig a virw of the whole Bay, the Narrows, Ac. Price of sdinissiou l?S cents, for which refreshments will be furnished. _ __ jl 4mr OiGNOK T. LACARCEL, from Spain, begs lease to ant' nonnce to the pnHic. that lie intends tu mve a GRAND VOCAL AND INSTRUMENTAL CONCERT, on Mouday Evening, May 21)'.h, at the Washington Hotel, on which occasion the following artists will sppear:? MRS EDWARD LODER, MR. ERNST, Flute. Mil. TIMM, Pianoforte, SIG. LAcAHCEL, Guitar. M'. Timm will preside at the Pianoforte. PROGRAMME. Pa AT I. 1?Introduction?Pi-noforte, Mr Timin. 2?Grand Ana?"Ciel pietoso," Mrs Loder, Rossini 3?Grand OTerture?For the Guitar, Signnr Lacarccl. Lacareel 4?Faulssie?Flute. Mr Ernst. Cottignirs 5?Aria?From the Opera Connrs, "Vo vivia felice." Signer Lacarccl, with Hate, pianoforte and i nitar acroini animcnt i Rossini PART II. 1?Brilliant Varittions au the favorite sir? "Angel's Whisper"? Piauofirte, Mr. Timm, H. C. Timet 2?Celebrated Waltr?Guitar, Sig Lacarcel, Sor I?Suns?Mrs I.osier t?Sul. ?, Var'ation* on an Air ft on "Cen'rentola," with Finale a la Paga hum, earruted by Fig Lara eel ou one atring wilb one band only, Ltcarcel I' onrert lo rominenre at 8 o'clock. Ticketa M crura each. To be had at the frineipal Mnaic Biuret, and at the Waahington If all on th? eveinug of iierforn anre The Concert will take place under any circamatancea of weather. in?9 lt*r MR. DEMPSTER, artn thi MISSES CUMMINO, HA V E the honor to .innouiice that they will unite in giving a V' cal Kntrrtainrneut, at the Society Library, corner of Leonard au<l Broadway, ou Taeaday, 30th of May, conai.ling of a choice aelertiou of their inovt popular HONOS. BALLADS it DUETTS, including "Licxiu Lindsay," "Craev Jane," "Bonnie A nolo I auric, '"The American Emigrant* Farewell.'' Duett?"My am Ki'eeide," "Bnki of AberfelJy," "What's a' the ateey Kiiniuer." Sir. he ' Lament ol the frith Emigrant," "The Lonely An'd Wife." "I'm with you once again," "Blind Boy" "John Atidcmon my Jo," and other melodies not hitherto introduced. Ticketa Fi'ty Centa with Programme!, con'aining the worde o'tlirurwaud Iraa lamder aonga, may be had at the Music Stores and at the door ou the evening of the enterimnment. Doom open at 7, eutrrtai'imeut to commence at 8. B l hia entertainment w ill he repeated at Brooklyn, on Thorn day evening, June lit. m77 4t*ee MK. HIMfSiJS beg? leave respectfully to inform hia lie nJ* and the | nblic, that hia Benefit will take place on Monday neat. May 2?th. on which neraiion Mr BOOTH haa kindly vnliiu'eered hia aeryircg. The performances will be the tragedy ol . THE APOSTATE. Peacua, Mr. Booth. AnJ the Dra"a of ohandfa'phek whiteheadOr iidf.itljer Whitehead. Mr PI'eide, Wirh or ivr eplerraiiiinenta mJ7 Jteod'r PARK THEATRE. w h williams' benefit. V17" H. WIlLI AMS very re?|i*cifolly beg? 10 announce to '' hi* fiiepda and the politic iu gen-ral.that hia Benefit will take i lace on Friday Evening tiett, June Id, on which orea inu he will me hia hea' r fforti to nrovidv an entertainment worthy of a rontinuaere ol thove favora. with which he haa breo heretofore honorrd, and ia prond to acknowledge. in78 3t*ec SINGINU. MADAM SUTTON, having arranged io i eturn to Italy thn beginning of August, pnrpoaeareceifing pupilv ontil that time,to give finishing l??aon? in the Italian, Fi -neh, and English ... i. ?r u-. ?.i.. j .L... 1 i - b?i : ?j V?Mi, the tirst nuifri in K.orope, increasing toe strength and compass with astonishing rri|n<1 itr Het 'po| ill will have the advantage of her singing with them, which can be panned by masters alone, who |have Keen eminent singer*. Ladies de iMnaof availing themselves of~.Madam Sntti n't limited amy. may ascertain terms, kc., by application at 77 Chambers street, Irom 9 o'clock till 2 elltm'r FIRE WORKS. ISAAC EDGE, JR., PYROTECHNIST. THE most eitensiee, varied, and brilliant exhibitional Eire Works ??er mamifactured in this or any other coontry, are now rsady lor delivery on the lowest terms, in Iota to snit committees and parlies for ihe celebration ol Fourth of Jaly, at the lltiired States Laboratory, Jersey City. Orderv left with 1. w Holbert'n, 7JI Maiden Lane, or at Nihlo's Garden, will reeeiee immediate attention. Goods delivered to any part ol tht city free of eipenae. my 21 toJuM is*ee tCtECHANICS' 0ANKING ASSOCIATION?New York. 1,1 May Jh. IUI3 Dividend?The President sod Directors have this day deeUred a H video of three and a htlf per cent, pav able on and after the 7lh d*y of Jnne nest. Tin- Transfer Books will l>? closed from t'-e 1st to the 7th day of Inns JOHN H. CORNELL, Cashier. rn'Oltisfm GREAT REDUCTION IN PRICE. iyi.iivc.niM>n 3 NATIONAL OAf.LKRY'OE WKiS AND NCALPS, ?' BHOADWAY, NEXT THE COK. Or FULTON ST. CLUIKIirilll (u a luge aaaortmrnt of hit cilibntril Wu< and Sralpt now On hand. and will acll them at very recnerd pricea. All wearen and roonoi.aenra are invited to inipcet hil MEADS OK MAIM, which, 'or elegance. Iightueae, and du-ability, may b? claaaed imong the first p.odnctinna of modern tinea. In th?ir ntro acinic they differ from all othera inadc her*. The hair la hi ifly manned, and an finally diairinoted aa to appear jsat lamug Irom ilie akin; (hey cover no more ol the brow than tha lalnral hair doea, and having nn metallic ai ring,alldiaagieaable ireaanre ta ohviateil. for a rnntheru climate, they are inat inahlr, being only one oz. Weight. Heualoia, Membera of Congteae, and gentlemen f om every narter of theconutry, who art uow wearing C.'t wigt, can be efe rrvd 10. The pneet will be found to iuil the circnmatancea of all Uetet. mJJiatl'r i) f S P K P 9 i A . (T7"r-raoni afflicted with thia mott diatretting diaeaae, are uformed 'hat OLIVER HAL8TKD, haa reanmed the practice inre the puhlira'ion of hit hook, he hat made inch additional liacoveriea, aa to induce him to believe, lhat he can now core he moat obitinate and inveterate caiea; no matter of how long He hat aaaociatcd with liitn Dr If. BOHTW.i K of thiacity, vl.oae m-d.eal and anrgical attaiarneiita arc only appreciated iy the mblic, 74 ChamDera atreet, 2d Houac wrat of Broadway m?4 ?'ia?r WATt/HEtS AND JEWELLICKV lower ever?Aa the aubacriher iteonrtant ? receiving ail d< script lone of told audtilver watchea, f the u tweat atylra. direct from the nanolactirera, in England, h ance, and Switzerland, he la nthled to offer a larger aseortment, and at mnrh leaa prtcre. at etui than any etner honae iu the city, (fold watchea aa low it |I4 each. Watch.a end jewell ery cicl anged or botuhl. VII watchea warranted to keep good time, or the money re rni'd., eloeka \nd jewellery repaired in Ike beet nt'iner, "ud warranted lower than at any other plaee in the i-y (J. f. Al'eo. importer of watchea an? jewellery, whele>le and retail. JO Wall atreet. ap'atair*. mM-ia lm?ee JiAw.- rOK LI VERfOOL?the peeket ah.pCULUM jVfywVBI S f'ai'aia Oeorge A. t ole, will rail toaitive'v wlwlhw hi. dar. Saturday, at IJo'rlrk \ few more cabin, i: >i il rahu> a'.d steerage poaaengrn en vet be taken, if ap lieation ia made t" ih" anbteibera by 10 V'ork. ROCHE BROTHERS It CO., J4 Kulini atreet. uijfl r nail deer to Fulton Bank.

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