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May 30, 1843 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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g??p?^ TH Vol. IX.?Ho. 147 ?Wbolc Mo. 1300 To tile Public. THE NEW YORK HERALD?daily newspaper?publisli-.'d every day of the year except New Year's day and Fourth of July. Price a centa per copy?or fT 3d per annual? postages paid?cash in advance. THE WEEKLY HERALD?published every Saturday morning?price centa per copy, or |3 13 per annumpostages paid?cash in advance. ADVERTISERS are informed that the circulation of tha Herald is over THIRTY THOUSAND, and increasing aat. It hat the largest circulation of any paper in this city, or the world, and it therefore, the belt channel for butineti men in the city or country. Prices moderate?cash in advance. PRINTING of all kinds, executed at the most moderate e***A in iKo annflt illAFflnt dtvlfl. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, Proprietor ?r the Herald Establishment, Northwest corner of Pulton and Nassau streets BRITISH AND NORTH AMERICAN ROYAL MAiL STEAM SHIPS, Of llOMtous and 448 horse power each. Under contract with the Lords of the-Admiralty. HlBERNIA, C.H. E. Judkins, Commander. BRITANNIA, J. Hewitt. do CALEDONIA, E. G. Lott, do ACADIA, A. Kyrie do COLUMilA, E. C. Miller, R N do Will sail lYoiu Liverpool and Beaton, via Halifax, asfollows: Ellen LIVERFOOL PROM SOSTOM. Acadia, Ryne, >eb 4 Mar 1 Columbia, Miller, Mar 4 Ap 11 Briunnia, Mewiti, Apl 4 M?T 1 Hlbernia. Judkins, Ap'l 19 May 1C The accommodations lor passengers are superior. The vessels are accompanied by experienced surgeons, and amply supplied wilh Prances' PatentLife Boats, v Passage reduced to $120. No Berths secured until paid Tor. For further information, apply to D. BR1GHAM. JR.. at HARNDEN 81 CO'S. No.l Wall-st iJSe " NEW ARRANGE VIENT. PARE AND FREIGHT REDUCED. MM REGULAR MAIL LINE?FOR PROC^SSeSeVlDENCE AND BOSTON, via 8TON31 " * leoTio AND NEWPORT?Composed ofthe following superior steamers, rnnuiug in counectiou with the BtoninstoD and Boston and Providence Railroads:? MASSACHUSETTS. Capt Comstcck. RHODE ISLAND, Capt 1'hayer. PROVIDENCE NARRAG4N8ETT. MOHEGAN One of which will >eave New York daily (Sundays excepted) from Pier No 1, Battery Place, N. River, at S P. M ARRANGEMENTS. The RHODE ISLAND, Captain TJnjrer, on Monday, and Wednesday for Sloniugton and Newport, and Eiiday for Stoningrou The MAS8ACHU''ETTS,Captain Comstock.ou Tuesday and Tourseav for Stoningt(>n, ana Saturday for Stoningtou, Newport aud Providence. Passengers, on the arrival of the steamers at Stonington, mill be immediately forwarded in the splendid and commo.m?. r-.. ?r ii ..I... p.,,- a..,.. ...,i n ?.? i ;r for Newport will pra-ef(I in rhe iteamera on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday, and on the intervening dayi, proceed via Stouiokton Railroad to Providence, and fiom thence in the steamer lolaa, without any additional charge. Tickets tor the route and steamers'berths can be secured on board, or st the office of HARNDEN k CO , No J Wall street. [T7~On and after the 10th iuit, freight will not be r-reived and forwarded after half-put 4PM m9 6m* in NEW YORK AND KINO STON 8TEAM KREIOHT AND PASSAGE LTNR. a For Kingston, and Delaware and Hudson fl^tLLJp Canal?ste am boats EMERALD and NOH 3E?SCSLWICH. The EMEHALD, Captain John Ketcham, will leave New York foot of Murray street, every Monday aud Thursday at J o'clock P.M. Wnl leave Kingston (Rondout landing) etery Wednesday and Saturdav at 3 o'clock, P. M. The NORWICH, Captain John Samuels, will leave New York, foot of Mur.ay street, every Wednesday and Saturday at 5 o'clock, P. M. W.lll-are Kingston (Rondout landing) every Tuer ay and Friday at 3 o'clock, P. M EXTRA TRIPS. The EMERALD will leave the foot of Murray street every 8nndy moronic at 7 o'cl ck. Returning leaves Kingston at 4 o'tlocb same. day. For freight or passage apply on hoard, or to WILLIAMSON, BARLOW & CO , aSl 3m* r I6J West street. FOR BUFFALO AND ALL PARTS OF THE WEST * MESS&amtiB ASSOCIATION PA?8\UE OFblCE TO ALBANY, lltica, $2 00 Rochester, S3 00 Syracuse, 2 2b Buffalo, 3 00 Oswego, 2 25 Up it Lower Canada5 50 For passage apply to vi. L. RAY. i?W 3ni 91 Barc'sv street New York. ' STATE JN ISLAND FEK.K.Y Foot of Whitehall street. On eud alter Thursday, Jmie the 1st, the steamboats BTA'l H v ISLAND KB and SAMSON, will make ihe fol lowiuk mps, noui lunnei nouee LEAVES ATATEN 1ST.AND. LEAVES NEW YORK. At 1,9 10, 12, A M, At 8,9.10, M, A M 1,2,9. S,?, 7 P. M. 1. 2, SS.5 6 7 P. M. Ou Sondaya, leaves every hinr, from 8 A. M to 7 P.M. m2ii r 0m NEWARK AN1) NEW YORK?Ka.-e only 12X ( rut* !?The [ Undid stumer 3CI30L PASSAIC, Captain John (J.iffy, has been put in complete orde., and will commence her tnpa lor the aeaann, ou Monday the 10th instant, as lollows, until further notice Leaye New York at 4 o'clock, P. M. " Newark at 7K o'clock, A. M. Freight curried at reasonable rates. a16 fimec .MM mm PEOPLE'S LINE OK STEAMBOATS ALBANY?Daily at 7 o'clock, P. M. ^EMsSCaZeTh-ongh Direct (Sunday's excepted) from t e M.-amtiont Pier t> w en Conrilandt and Liberty stieets Sliamboat RCt '.HTKR, Capt A Honghton, will leave Tuesday, Thursday .nd Saturday evenings, at 7 n'e'ock. ' teamboat SOUTH AMEBICA, Captain L W Brainard, will loaye Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings, at 7 o'clock. Steamboat NORTH AMERICA, Captain M H Trneidell, land rg at .intermediate places, will leave Monday, Tuesday Thursday ?tid Saturday afternoons, ?t 5 o'clock. Passengers taking this Line ol Boats will invariably arrive in Albany in ample time to lake the Morning Train of Cars for the eat - or weat. [T7"The above boats are new and tuhatintial, are formated with new and elrgant stale rooms, and for spe>d and accommodations are nntivalled ou th? Hudson Korpaaesge or freight,apply oil board, or to P. C Schnliz at the office on the wharf. mlec ,/ N^RTHtK-N AND "WESTERN EMIGRANT PASSAGE OFFICE. The Subsaibera having completed their arranremenu, are new prepared to forward paste gera'o all the Northern and Weste'B States and Canada, hy daily linea of towboars. railroads and steamboats, via ibe Ninth riverand Erie Canal, apper Lakes, Philadelphia and PilUluigh. Ohio nver and Caual routes. The following are a few of the most important points Via Uliea, Buffalo, Pottsvill*, Orient, Svraenas, Cl-veland, Pittsburgh, Toronto, Stwego, Detroit, Cincinnati!, Kingston, oehester, Milwaukie, St. Louis, St. Johns, Leckpor', Chicago, Louisville, Mautreal. Also to any port of Ohio, Illinois, Missouri, Indiana, Michigan, Tennessee, Kentucky, Wiscnnsiti, ^ Iowa, L pper and Lower Canada. Having given sarh uuiversnl satisfaiion in their London and Liverpool hues of imckers, the subsenbers will endeavor to Imase in* present undertaking equally reserving ot public is vnr. Persons about to emigrate to any of the r' replace* are requested toenll on the subscriber* before i. .jing iht ir ar raugeo'eut*, a* they confidently believe the inducementsihey can offer are auch aa cannot foil to prove higtilv adv<nt*|eous. and they pledge thrmaelve* that every attention thai! be paid to -n?nre comfort -no despatch For further particular* apple to W St J. T TAP8COTT, at their General ml r l'a*?age Office. 13 P-ek ?lip cor (south ?t ftl'lflft NEW YOHK. BCHOOLKY'8 MflaRrf.yoiNTAIM * EASTUN gMferjg-?* Le.i?c i loot nl Conrlland ?trce', daily (Hu..d*>s e?-epii u) I t o'clock. A M., bv lailroail f om J'r?ey city to Morriatown, tt enoe by Pool cosches thr. ugh Mendham,Cheater Hchootey's Mountain, Amlenou Town, Pott Golden, Waknngtou, to Easton. At wn*t tugton. a daily line luteraacu to and from Belvulere For seata apply to J. Hill, at J. P.itton'*, Commercial Hotel. 71 Ceurtlano street. N.C.?F,itr>* furni*hed ; t the ahorteat notice by applying to N. B l.u.e. United Hotel, Morriatown. rnvli 3m ec Ql8B 0SBlJ 4e DAILY EXPRk.(s8 FOR ALBANY TKOY. BUFFALO, CHICAGO AND 1 UK CANADAH The subscribers having coinjleled llirir arrangement* with the People'* Line of Steamboat*, on the Noitli Itieer aud the Rail lload Companiea writ of Albiny lor running their Kioreis lor the aemon of 1843. an Espress will If are their office. No. 1 Well street,New York. every ? veiling, at quarter to 7 o'clock, for the above named at <1 iutermedia'e place*. IMPORTANT. For the greater ?*feiy ?ud aecnrily of all valuable and money package* enfiUited to their care, they have ial?mind?r Iron Bnfee on heard of the steamboats, ill r ?<ate room occupier! eielnsively by ihrmsrlvra, acd the inoai iiger iu ch'tge sleep* in the same ro m with the iron sales, into which all sue1 p ckages are placed. POMEKOY k COMPANY, mIre No. 2 Wall itreet. QAIL BOAT CHALLENGE*?What i. the m*tter7 Aye, O thatH the rnh ! When the smothered growls of disappointed snccesa lurk* in the bosom of mau, he loses sight ol amiability, pioatralr* himself, and in turbulent array dies unheeded and nakuown. Such lathe condition of a certain boat biiilde of this city who reeks notoriety through annouvmous communications The subscriber has for years stood upon the contested ground of boat hnilding, aud long esperienre has tanght him that "Lsrye barks can ventn-e more. But little barks mnst keep near shore." And when men think they can cope with him in superior boat building they innsr not lalk in paiables, but boldly meet liirn at his office door .there airsuge for the nnerrng test of proof; his challenges are alwavs made m eoorl oats to entqner Upon this principle he f mma hie bulwark, and now for the hun drrth time he offers to show the sternof "Tronhl?r"io any boat < rolins ever built or has on hano, lor a trophy which will richly rrpay the eir eriment. Now where ra your boasted beck?rs; wh-re's vuor own dsnnted courage?draw the veil and show yoursrl to the world. P. H?One mouth'* notice, anv distance under fifiy miles. The "Troubler" can be seen at his bazaar. (P. 8.) C. L. INGKRHOLL, m5lm*ee 4Q> Wsterstreet LJA N'GlNw Is A Fr.BT?J080 lbs. Sue Iwhitr 11 < v m; I'apei TS. for sale by IPEUHSK ta UHOOKH, pkli?? No. II Liberty sifeat E NE NJ M. M. ^ PASSAGE KK0A1 GRKATTWTVAIN ANDITTPTSND BY J'llE BLACK BALL OR OLD LINE OK . , . .LIVERPOOL PACKETS. [Hailing from Liverpool ou the 7t)i and 19th of every mouth.1 Persona wishing 10 arm! to [he Old Country for their friend* can make the aeceaaary arrangements with tfie aubacribera, and have them come out iu this aunerior Line of Packet*, sailing from L iverneol unctually on the 7th and 19th of every month. Tt ey will alao have a lirat rate class of American tradmii ahip*, sailing every sia days, thereby affording weekly communication from that port. One of the linn ( Mr. James D. Roche) is there, t* see that they shall ha forwarded with care and desl>atch. Should the parties agreed for not come < ut, the money will K? ? fn-n-'l tknaa .-I,,. .,,.i.l ., h.,M * .ihnat AUV reduC tion. The Black Ball, or Old Line of Liverpool Pa2*et*, comprise the following magnificent Ships, vix:? _ The OXFORDT ^he NEW YORK, CAMBRIDGE, KUROPE. SOUTH AMERICA, ENGLAND, NORTH AMERICA. With ?uch superior and unequalled arrangements, the subscribers confidently look forward for a continuance of that support which liaa been extended to them to many yean, lor which they are grnteful. , , . Thote proceeding, or remitting money to their relative*, can atall timet obtain Drafts at tight for any amount, drawn direct on the Royal Bank of Ireland, Dub tin, nlso on Messrs. PRE8COTT, GROTE, AMES & CO. Banken, London, which will be paid on demand at any of the Banks, or their Branches, in all the principal town* throughout England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Apply.oraddre?.(ifbfele?e^o.Bt^HKK9 & 36 Fulton itreet. New York, next door to the Fulton Bank. N. B.?The Old Line of Liverpool Packets sail from this port fbr Liverpool on the 1st and lath of each month. Parties returning to the old country will lind it to their comfort and advantage to select this favorite Line for their conveyance, in preference to any other. d2T r OL^E8TABL(SHED PA3SA5E OFFICE. No. 01 SOUTH STREET, N. Y. PASSAGE to and from Great Britain and Ireland, via Liver pool and Loudon, by the regular packets, lading weekly to and from Liverpool, and in aud from London on the i*t, 10th. and 20th of each month. The lubsrriber has made extensive airangemeuti to criuv ont emigrants, and can, with great confidence, asm re those persons sending lor their friends,that every dne and iligent attention will be shown them, and all w> o embark with them. t'asiage can also be engaged from Liverpool ci'ect to New Orleans, Mohile, Savannah, Ba'timere, Philadelphia, B ton, aud to the different ports of the British Provinces. With these arrangements, together with the advantage which his i-dverp ol correspondents possess, being la ge shipowners,and eite>>sii'el> engaged iu the reighting usinesi?having I it yrar despatched uiiwards of 100 firet class ships to the various ports of the United Ht.urs. with freight aud paesengert. The facility offered by this establishment is nusurpassed, aud from the large number of lirnt oUaaship*employed in the line there can be no d-teuion whatever, which will be guaranteed The price Of passage will be at the lowest rates, an > should any of those sent lor i ecliue coming, t he pas sage money will t)? returned as customary. The ItoaMDOOt faie from the differct ports to Liverpool iau, as usual, be secured. Those remitting monev to their friends can have drafts to auy amount, arable in a'l the p incpal towns, witnout dis cou.-r, mrougnoui ui?a* dhuid iuu ireiauu, so arnugrnieui which lias given the greatest satisfaction. The subscriber li?i es to r, reive a continuat on of the public pauooage, which hn ft en so librrally bestowed for many years past. For further particulars apply, (if by letter post paid) to JOHN H K.ltDMAN, 61 South st, N Y. or J. St W. ROBINSON, No 16 Ooree Piazzas, George's Dock, and 1 Neptune st. Waterloo Dock, Liverpool. AGENTS. Thus. J. Timmins, Es< .No. 165 South Front st, Philada. Patrick Mdton. Esq . Buffalo. N Y. Josei h Kir-patricr, Pittsburgh, Pa. Michl McQ ade.Utica, N Y. J. A Noomau, Milwaukie, Wisconsin, Ty. Chs. McCorkev, Dubuque, lows Ty. J. K Elliott, Detroit, Michigan. Correhus Cahill. Peru, Illinois. John R ire-y, Roches er, N. Y. N. B ?The subscriber is also a> ent for first class packet ships sailing every few day dtrs fr un New York to New Orleans, Mobile, Charleston, aud Savannah, by which passage can be secured at the lowest rate. m2lr NEW LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS. V" ailfnui New York on the 25th and Liverpool onthellth jf each taunt h. M. M. J&. M r>??! Npw Yoint7 Ship UARRICK, Captain Wm. Skiddy, 25th February. Ship ROSC1U8, Captaiu John Collins, 25th March. Ship SIDDONS. Captain E. B. Cobb, 25th April. onip nnbniVAi>, uaptaiu p. A. Uepeyster, 2SUi May. KROM LlVRHPO*!.. Ship 8IDDON8, Captain K. B. Cobb, 12th February. Ship SHERIDAN. Captain F. A. Deneysler, 13th March. Ship UARllICK, Captain Win. skiddy, 13th April. Snip ROSCIUS. Captain John Collins, 13th May. Theses hips are all ol the lint class, upwards of lOMtcus, omit anthe city nf New York, with sncli improvements a scombine treat speed with nnusnal comfort for iiassengen. Every care has beeu taken in the arrangement of their accommodstioqa. The price of passage hence is $100, for which ample stores will be provided. These ahi|>s are commanded by experienced masten, who will make every exertion to five general atislacUon Neitb'r the captains or owners of t' sal. Mwill be responsible for v letters, parcels or package asen by them, unless regular' of lading are signed therefor. V might or passsgp, apply to E. K. COLLINS & CO.. Sonth St., new YoU, or w WM. St JAS. BROWN It CO., Liverpool. setters by ths packets will be charged 12^ cents per single enact; M cents per ounce, and newspapers I cent each. f3 r KT- FOR LONDON?Regular racket of the 1st June ?The splendid well known fist sailing packet Mlb ship MEDIATOR. Captain Chadwick, will posi tivrlv sail at above her regular day. This thip has sple< did accommodations for cabin, second cabin, and steerage passengers; persons wishing to secure beilhs, should uot (ail to make rnriv soubcarinn on nnard, or to W It J T TAP3COTT m2i <3 feck 8iin. cor. Soath St. JJCTQ PASSAGE FOR LIVERPOOL?Pack-t 30h May (Mffy ?The splendid,last sailing packet ship i HKsTKH, JEnBhaCapuin Doyle, will sail positively as above, her regua'dry. Haviug splendid accommodations for cabin, sernnd eahin and stre age p'sseugers, for passage early application shoald be made ou ooard, or to W. k J T. TAP8COTT, m2?r <3 Peek Slip ror South st. g*g- PASSAGE FOR UVb RPOOL?Sails posittve nfLI/ini Tueiday the 30ih oi Msy?The favori'e, very stur -u.. r-u k u rvu I .1... 1 er.wiil tail a? above The Chester is wellkoowulo be one of the faateat thi pa in the Liverpool trade, making her lait. pnaage to that port in 19 dayi. fourteen cibio pailengeri, ? hich will be taken at very low ratei: and her tecond cabin and tteera.e will, on ini|ieciion, be found very ttipertor. Thoie returning to the old c uutry, will lind it to thur intereit toi-lect ihn conveyance. For freigntor pu.nge, apply on board, at Pier 13 Eaii River, or to the tubicriben, ROCHE BHOTHERS ?t CO., 35 Knlton it, nril door, to the Fulton Bank. P S? Pertoni tending for their lelatnei, can hare them brought out in tlui favorite slop, or in any af the ilopi of thu line, itilia t from Liverpool every lix dayi dating the preieut yt?r. Oraftt at light, for any amount, on the Koyal Bank of Ireland and on Meitri I reicot', Orove, fmei 8t < o, Bttiken,London, which are naitl free oI ducoutit oranv charge in every town throughout England, Inland. Scotland and Walei. For p teaage, hi: , apply aa above, or to JAMES D. ROCHE, ni26r 14 Ooree I i /.Z'i Liverpool NEW JERSEY RAILROAD AND TRANS PORTATION COMPANY. NEW YORK AND NEWARK. J ftfagtn JH&ft Far* reelneed to SO rents. From toe fool of Ceurtlaadt itreet, New Fork (Every day?Snadayi e*repted.) Leavea New York Leave* Newark At A. M. At 2 T. M. At 7 A. M. At 1R P. M. 9 do. 3 do. 3 do. 4 do. II do. 4 do 9 do. 5^ do. 5R do. I OR 7R do. fR do. 9R do. 8 do. ON SDN DAYS. the toot ol Ceurtlandt atreei Laave New York, Leave Newark. At 9 A. M. and 4* P M. At l?r. M. and 9*i V. M. NKW YORK, KLUABF/TH TOVV.N, Leave New York I ??? Y.ltraheth Town At 8 A.M. At 2 r M. At 7? A. M. US .M. 9 do. 4 do. 8X do. SX do. 4X 1? '.S do. &S do. Tho train* for Weaineld, Plaiutield. Boiinilbrook, SonieiTille, ike., connect with the 9 AM, andf4XPM traiua from New York, dailv, Sundays eieepfed. Kare beiwren New Yoik and Klitabeth Town 25 cenu. Kate beiween do aud Somerville, 75 cenu. vrw YORK. RA1IWAY AND NKW BRUNSWICK blare reduced, from toe foot of Conrtlandt afreet, daily. Leaae New Yoik. Leave New Bruuawick At 9 A.M. At A. M. 4 P. M. 7.X " iS " IIS uoon. 71 IX P. M. ON SUNDAYS Le?i e New Yo-k. Leave New Brunswick. At % A M and 4X P M. At 1 X noon, and 8S P M Fare between New Yo-k nnd New Bruuawick, 7i cenu. R diway, .. , ? JO cenu, The farn in the 6 and 7X A. M. train from New Brunswick. and 4 and as P- M. train from New York, ha* been re I raced. New York and New Brnniwick, to 50 crura. " and Railway to 17X, " Passengers who procure their ticketa at the ticket offire, re eeive a ferry ticket gratia. Ticketa are received by the eon dnctor only on the dm when purchased. m' I 3w smsmtiA PULLKV b COPP'S KXPKK8S, 2 WALL STREET. 1 ha an barrihe r*. 1 he old rondn tors of Harnden b Co.1l El press from New York, will ronunue to run ra lirrrtnlore.lraving New York, Albany and Troy daily, aud will forward Specie, Bank Notea, Purksyra, Bnndlea, Cases of Goods Parcels, be be. , iu connection with Messr . Bailey b Howard's 'Greet We.tern Yip est," to ?ud fr.,m the lollown g places, v * Utiea, Sirae-ue, Oawcito, Antrum, Seneca Fdla U ueva, r.unadrigoa, Rochester, Bniavia Lnekport, Hi ffilo| Detroit I Heave land and ' h'cag": also,to Kingaion.Toron o and H iinilion, in Cauada Weal By Jaeoba' ISorthnn Kap-raa, |,> Whileball. Burlington, Cliamplain aud PlaMthurgh; also to St J, hiis, Montrral anil Que we, in Canada mi They will also coniii c.t Willi Mulch b Co.'a Southern Kl| reas at New York, and forward nti-les of every drspription to Philadelphia .Baltimore and Washington. I'artienlar attention will he paid to the collection of Nolea, Drafts, be and prompt ntnrni mad' bv fi-at Kiprms. Kaeh ntesienger will be provided wuh one of Wilder'a Patent Malamander Safes, thereby affording grea'er Security in the transmi.aion of valuable PUf.LEN k COf'P. >o, 3 Wall street, New York. I' lOMAw (JOUtiH, No 15 b'i<haiiKe, Albany A. (i FU.KtNH, 22* River street, Irov. 8 JACOBS, Etchanse Comt, St. Paul, Montreal References?Messrs t'cune, Ward b Kmt Jac> h Little b Co., John T Smith b (m , I'cpoon b ll lfman, Ca pen er b Ver ilye, Houghton b 4'o , Drew, Robinson bCr., N. York; J '1"mihrey, Kan., Tnoinaa Unugh, , Alonny; John raff Kaq , eaahier, r. Wells, do., ?' K. Blow, do., C. S. 17 4glaa,(io., K. Leake, do, Troy. inbeod w ro EW YORK, TUESDAY ft ML TO LKT in Williamsburg?The whole or |>art ol a a neat three story brick Dwelling Hous* in South Tlh JJULm neartthst., rent very low Apply to W St J T Tapicon, U IVrk ?lip. in 7-ec MTO LKT?The Mansion House at Bloomingd ile, known as the " Ahbey"situated a ?h ut ''istanca above ihv sis mile stone, lust above Slryker's Bay, aud n-arly opposite St. Michaels Church. .The place is well kuowu as one ol the most delightful situation* on the island, and is remarkably healthy in the summei season. The llloomiuitdale stages pass and repass the gate every hoar in tlrr day The Kate is new, and numbered 101. The tern will be in accordance with the present state of the times. Aoply on the premises, or at 112 Chambers street. N B.?Arrangement could be made, if desired, by a satisfactory teoant, to let a part of the furniture now iu the house remdiu, or a part of the house will be rented separately. in 16 lm*t tTO LKT?The fire proot brick store. No. 105 aoutli st, with immediate possession if required, apply to WOODHULL It MInTURN, _ 67 Smith street^ a TO LKT OH FOR BALK?A three story modern I built brick dwelling house and state, wi h two lots of ground attached, suauted in Williamsburg, about two minutes walk from the Peck Slip Ferry Apply on the premises, comer of Fourth and Houih-Kightn streets. Williamsburg, nr io W. Ik J. T. TAPBCOTT, slfr 41 Per', slin. BARI'LAV STHKKT-TO LET?The elegant f^w and crm lodious thrre atorv brick house, No 52 Barclay JiJUsirret, built and occupied by Mr. Thomas Brooks until the pret*ul lime, In excelleut order ?ud lilted with every couveiui-iicc for a large f irilv, and ai-uateH directly in Irout of Co!l-ge Place. For terms apply at No. 110 Water afreet. m25 Im'r NIBLO'H GARDEN. WftdB '"HEAP PLANT ??The proprietora of the large Con(PCfSr'-ivatoT, 576 Broadway, b> g to inform their fri?nd? and w4L>.ihe public, that they will sell at very rrdaced p-ices, the present and ensuing week, previnua to removing their laige atock ol Plauta to their auainier quartern, 2000 '*h'i'ce namtd D uble Dahlias. 10^0 Rose* of variooa kinds. 1000 Geraniums ia aorta. 1000 Cactus' in aorta; Callaa, Jaaminea.Oleaudera.Cainelliaa. Pnaaion Flowers, Chineae Azaleaa, llh-dodendrons, and 20.000 O'her plauta of varinua kmda, suiable for panor or garden cul ture, with a Lrie and select aiaortment in n getthTr, auuual, biennial, and perennial flower ?eed>; graaa seed for law "a, bird aeed nud birda, faucy c.tges, gold fishes and glODM, Ike , Sic. Our lady frienda are pa ticulaRy invited to call and examine our atock, before purchasing elaewheie m2j6 *r NIBLO 8t DUNLAP. GENIN ite VAN VRANKEN'S VENTILATING GOSSAMER HAT, FOR GENTLE HEN, 9WEIGHING ONLY OUN' KB?PRICE ?3 50. THE Subscribers have introduced the abo?e named * hat lor auminei Wear. Br comparing the weight of thia article with the average weight ol the following hata. the uperior anvantagrs it poaaeaara.orer thi m for auminer wear may be readily aeen. 1 he average weight of the ord.nary fur hat ia ti"< cancel, do do Panama " do do Leghorn 4 " Beinr fully contincrd that no atyle of aumn<n hat h-retolorc wo n has met wilh the general approbation which a hat | oaaeaaiag all ihc qualitiea, via- lignmraa, beauty, durahiliiy and cheapneaa, would be anre to receive, we have devoted much attention to the manufacture and fiuivhing of the new atyle now in rodnced hy na. From the warm approbation expr-aa d by gentlemen who have rxamined them, we feel satisfied ih-t they need ouly to be aeen to be fu I v appreciated GENIN St VAN VRANREN, m2fi lm*ec 214 Br adway, oppoajte St Paul'a Chnrch. "Am THREE DOLLAR Bl'OIS?The rxtemive aale and dnnn d for Ihcae h ota lias enabled the Mauufacnrer to add mtteriallv to thrirquality both in durtbi lily and beauty. Fo aale at 15 Maidnu Lau-, one door below Peail aireet. Ai It ia onlyby large aalea and neruliar 'Milibai of this minufictory that a fi >r I or ali'ch ca f h Mt can he afro becomes thoae win. favor economy,to give theae b"ola a trial. Remember, in Maiden Lsue 115 m28 lt*r G~ O E. BAKER NOTICE TO THE LADIES ?The l adies, f wVi^Nrw vnrk (my customers 111 particular) are respectfully informvd, that noiwiihatandmx the advance of j urueymena'wairea, (to which I hiveacceded) my Ladiea Slmes of all the d fferenl kinda made in the lat-at French atvle, will be sold as herrtofo-e at the one uniform price of ten ah<llinga per p<i>, (tingle at <1 donble aolea) warranted lirty | er cent hatidaoiner and better than ihoar. sold at the cheap aturea at one dollar a p iir. Lad rt Slippers, tyea ard buskins, aecond quality- alao, Toil* t Slippers at >ix shillings per pair, n good article; Mis>es and Children'e Hoots, and ahoea of ail kinds aid pilcea; L>adiea Gaiter B rots at 10-18, and made to order, at twe ty shillings, equtl lo any in tnenty. With many th inka to iny cuitomrrs fur their libeial patronage, I hup-by strict atteuliou to b-iaiiiess, to merit a c of theii f ivnrs. 'Tis not in mortals t > command success; But I II do more, n?serv? it. J. B. MILLER, M? Can*l street, m25 betweeii Thompson ai?rt 8ull?v,m streets. PARI* BO??T* AND LASTS MADE TO OHDKR By E. SUSER, 175 Broadway, (Basement,) One Diorfroin Conrtlandt street. R 8USEK, Bootinikrr, and maker ol Lasts, ?n "Elvr" of Clrrce of Par is. begs leave to inlorm his friuuls and all the a nutrurs ol a gentlemanly "eh.ussure," that he Can now make, in New York, with the beat French ma'ciiala. all that it so perfectly made, in t aris. by his master the celebrated bootm?ker Clerce, whose numerous customers on this side of the Atlantic, are resp-ctfnlly invited to try SUSKH'9 boots and laris belor- they despair ol being "chausses" in New Y>>rk, at er the nicest, latest Paris fashion. Also, the genuine Paris Jet Black Varjishsold. mi 0 7 w * r BOOT AND SHOE STOKE. JOHN HKaUV resiwetfullv ipforms his friends and the ruhlic that he has commenced business in the abuse line, at No. 93 Nassau street, where he w ill th n>bIIIII y receive end faithfully cxecnte, all orders he n.ay be favored with on he moat reason'b'e terms 'or cash. ->22r 90 BROAD WA V. s. KOBIDER, FRENCH BOOT MAKEK from Paris, has an assortment of ready-made Boots ud Shoes.of the best calf ikiu for Five Dollars, superior to anv other boo maker in the city mill im*ec TO THE LADIES ?2011 pair i rime U iter hoots of all of the l?test faihi n, M'sses and children's Outer h>o's and Buskins, Lobes Bus kins, Ties and SI <ppris, a rood article, fiom 4 to R thillingli. A'so, a good assortment of Gentlemen's prime cill stuch boots, city made, from 2 7J to 4 dollars, wa ranted ; good line pegged hoots, from 12 to 18 s'nl ings. Also, B >v's h ots, 8 to 12s ; 'Jrnts gaiters, iju irter b lots and shoes of all descriptions in great abundance, at Walker's cheap store, 419 Broa-iway, coruer Canal street, m24 lrn'ec TO BOOT-MAKERS. O. MORO HAS REMOVED from 132 to 134 Leonard street, where he con'inues to cut Kit. Ou hand ready cut kit, French and English. ml lm?ec FORTY YEARS. IT IS A FACT that LEK'SvSieam Blacking is nnivertally I admitt .-d to be the best article miimf ctured in the I'uited Statr-s. C. Lee has mauufactur'd Blacking in th s city forty years. The first thirteen years and two in?uihs by himself? then took in pattnrrshtp A. Thomson?twenty >ears and ten mouths it was known at Lee It Thomson's Backing. Di solved partnership with said Thomson, and the last sn years have made it again on m? n?n account. I am the o'dest ol icking tilv aud bi-t'rr in quality Itian auy other |*raon in lliii run utry; but Rood an it always has been, it is greatly improved of luteins now inauufac'ured by steam power, aud kuowu a Lee's Improved Ste nn B'ackiug, No. I Johlsty et corner of Broadway. C L looks down with conscious |iride o i all competition, and would only sav to his customers and the public that lis still coutuucs to mn>uf>rturc his Improved S eam Blacking?but why enlarge? a word to the wise is sufficient CIlAULr.H LEE, a?0 lm*r No. 1 Johnatreet, e rner ol Broadway. PALMO'S AR<"A1 E 19 ' HAMBe H STREET. THE GENTLEMEN'S SALOON NOW OPEN ?Great Reduction. Baths 75 cents. Baths with robes or sheets .37>k " 25 tielie s for $5. The subscriber having leased the above eitablishmeu', for a term of years, Ins coo ntenced iir nrovements oil a scale which when completed, will, he Hatters himself, vie in taste, in costly elegance ano magnificence, with any similar establishment in the world; hay-ug visited the best conducted ba'hs in Europe, he feels no hesitation in assuring his fellow citizens that ihe spirit which has for the past thirty years actuated t isi in providing (no matter at what cost.) the most sideudi i tnan-ions Ini their social comfort and conveni* ncr, hall not, on the pres*lit occasion be lost sight of, and that to the improvemen s and eleg-neies of the European Baths, he wi. I take the libeity of adding frcm t - e invr ntive renin ces of his osrn cultiv .ted and well known teste, all that he has observed wanting to render the fnjoymeut of ahaththe "ne pins n Ira" of p rfectii.n. The La.iies Ral-on will he in readiness in a few d*ys. A n'l (lesrri|ili?n of rhe varied improvements wil be given when completed, at d the whole thrown open f t public ins ection. m 15 3mee h EBDlNAN'D PALMH. A CLEAR COMPLEXION FREE FROM ERUPTION OR DISFIGUREMENT TVAAV BE MAD BV ALL, by using a remedy now well P'-l known to he cue of the most surprising invention* of 'he age It it made in the slia ie ol a heautilul soap, as it entirely etsdicsies every eruption, such as pin ides, fleck es. blotches, srurvy,salt rheum, tan, morplie *. siinhu-n, or disfi.nremrut of the skin, imparling to the lace, body, neck, oi arms, a beau tiful healthy clearness No mure presentation is offered. One trial will suthee to recommend it to all. It changes the nil a of dark, sunburnt or yellow skin, to a I'm. healthy clear nets |t lias leceived the approval ..f the Medical Council ol Paris, who call it a ' miracle, a wnader, and a blessing." I have see II ti.iv cm. s> Vera I eases nl rrnpin>ii ti,.-t persons hav? spent hundreds r.f dollars on to cure lis vain It is sold at 54 cents a cake hy T. Jones at liiv perfninery establishment, sign of the American Eagle, 12 Chatham street. N.Y ; and by these ageetv?in Philadelphia, by Zicber. Corner Third aud Docksts; or ne It to the American Hotel. Washington, D C.( in Boston. 8 Htair street: in ' harlestou. is U. 707 Knot ?t ; 11: Alb.iny. 57 Stalest, in Brooklyn, IT) Kill ton. A|er,ii waned in ill other cities in5 lm*m I He MOST Dal.IOHTKUl.Or ALE KXcUttrtlOM). -Ani ncron th' Hui?on Kiter to Hobokeu, and then a wn|V o the Elman Kiel's n'auK ill- pi ee.negiy beautiful ruil picturrrqur ihnies of ihe pi CP, will pro?e ihe mo?t c??ily icoHinlohrd mil aitractireot ill the rural ricnrsions that can be mail'from tin city '1 he grounds now pr. sent a charming npi rt, the tree? brum mostly in leal and thr nil covered wuh a rirh turf. The watk* ore in eicelleut order, h >viiik been considerably embellished the prrsent spring iti'9 ew re CUTLERY WM W|Lt>, Manuf ctorcr and lin'O'te-of Cnllery, No IbO Diiuion street, offers to ihe trade, th^aii lor rash a he onr i ul asro tire I of one, two, liner ami lour blade knivt s, Willi a variety ofothergoodi. aiMr W anpeiintends ihr inannfactnritm of his K0 il?, lis ran r*comnend ihem t be equal to the brat ma. nlactnred , o dt iii the city. The country dealers wo?!d do well to call , re a inu . to i urr h i?n,kr elsewhere. ns't7 lm*r MAH1.NK >1 KVK.YOH S OHKH E, i 7 Wall ti er! west ule, on the co ner of Walet Surveyors appointed by the Chamber of Commerce, and the Hoard ol Underwriters, 'o surery ships and merchandize. Honrs Irom 6 A M to f> I* M M B'VMLBf, 1 Y. H ME Kit*. MA ML CHANllLKR. I JOSkTH I WICK HAM, J Surveyors. A J. CAK I WKIUH r, I HUmSc LL ?TUHOIrt, J K. Y NOHKlS, tlerk. m}7gir ... f^iOLLICCI IONS i n all parts of toe United States, made on ^ the most lovorable trims by 8 J. SYLVESTER, mJ'Str sj Wall t"ert and Jtl Bn ml way IJILl.rt lib kXi HAAOa on oil parts m E gtami, Irel nd, 'T or Hrotl.ind. in sums oi ?5, ?10, ?15. ?HI to soy amuuot, lilr sale at M.J 8 Y L V r.S'l'E H'S rnf? lift yg IV.II street aioi 1 HI Broetlsvav. ANUeAt l i II h HS' HANK ni Be I Vilie .r tin lei, lf l also, Lumhrrinrnt' Bnuk .Notes wanted-jor s short time si S J. 8 ?lt it Wall sireetand IW Broadway >RK t IORNING, MAY 30, 1843. 'TNTTKD 8TATE* TKa emporium, 121, ate 129 Chutluim tirvrt, \eu- YtfikAmi

116 Fulton Ktreet, Brooklyn. A?lt\ V IIS Bl.KKCKKIt ITIKIIT. Will I.K8ALK AN!) RKTAIL. ISHfel '-AN I'CIN TKA COMPANY on'.inue io offer for l tale new aad imgraut Tea, of every variety and ttyle. Their saaorttneir specially iucludet the ir.ntl deliciot and powerful grade, j Green and Black k>ery package beavt the tamp of naatue-> and elegance, end the Teat therein ars to thoroughly teen .ed Irom light and air thnt th Mr uuality and power will iein in cniuipairi-d in any climate Their ?v?tem of prosecuting rnniiru i? ;<erhap? tcarcely to be excelled It it founded upon the utrnoti lenatd to the right! of liecuttomer, etpecially with r'tpect tn weight arid luslily.a'id un. railed cheapness. AU purctiatert are called upon to return an? arliclet which lail to give them the fallett intitfactiou, which the money will be cheerfully and promptly refunded Coun try merchant!, nuhlie e,t jhh.l.m...,. 1....1. -r f-.-. 1 ? - .j shipmasters wfl I find its decided* i>1rantju{i to supply thr-?selves from this establishment Ukivuiivk Java i'orrr.v. routed every day. Order? Irom ell parts of ttie UaiUd Lenten evecuved w~ n lOinptitude aad despatch \Z *' The only warehouse iu \meiiev tor ihe tale of Hot* c.?lehvaied pi.,-1- TVs ni2V'*,m TO THK LO Vr.kV ot rSOt'tLiuott ?laV;k rk,a1 Howgua's Mivture?'This extremely delicious ausl unpara! (tied Tea, so highly celebrated iu China end fcurope, put im ported, ii now for sale at tlw Canton Tee Company'" <setirr?l Tee Ks'shluhinrnt, 151 CHethainai New Vo-r, end 116 Fulten street. Brooklyn ?ill ?rckiu-e Pnee On rent" and a I earli m?5 *m REMOVAL?" MK8. (J. NKWCOVBK, TOBACCONIST, returns her sincere erkiiowledyeinenta for the very lib-ril patronage extended to her f-r the last 13 yenrs, aud would beg leave to inform hey patrons end the pahlic generally tliet "he lias reinsved her old establish? 1 suulf and tobacco w-rehouse to the spacious store No K Wall street, Mor'iiuer building", where she would invite the at'eutionol connoisseurs to her larite aud well selected stock of Foreign aud dainesti snuff" Just received froin Hamburgh a lame supply of Varum' Keuaster (1st, 2nd aud 3rd ipMlity A old aud serv superior Turkish Spanish, >i iIh I nn and Porto Rico, -mok ug tobacco; cavendish (various kiud ,) aud fiue cut chewiuit ditto. A choice assortment of the nest brands of Havaua aud Pnn rip- . mars, coust.iutiy On hand run pipes, -agar cases, snuff bore-, |K>cket lights, Clupese tinder hie Set All of which lor sale OM the most liberal leiins, wholesale or retail Atraugert aud country deal-rs are invited to call previous to in-iking their purchases elsowbof rn4 lm*tc NotI&E And removal.?f. a aktault, uteiy 1611)4 (i'uIiod st. having ditsnl vedby mutual OOBMOl his copartnership for (Hag all Ha ttentiou to tha Damarnoiypo bus'uess, respectfully informs his friends and the public that ne has removed his old Daauerrrnrype stanrl trom 168)4 Fulton st. to 235 Broadway, 24 storv, where hr has just oiieueu several tacuages received by the Inst arrivals, eoutaininir 1000 Kreueh laguerreoiy|>e Platrs. No. 3D aud 10 warranted French Acromatic Lenses, ami all the chamil -rla necessary?complete appa ralus. He will he very - I ol to tee all his old customers visiung hit uew place. P.ease to Rive a call?231 Broadway, 2d story, rooms Not. 2 and 3. ml I in r O BKKVOOKT, lonuerly at 102 Kuliou street, lis? re tnoved to No. 6 '. ni'i I or ADAM-. FLORIMC LKFKVUK?Removed Irom 79 Krankli" street 'o 20 Walker ___ 1116 lin"r DltMOVAL?P. MAH>, Hill Dr ssrr nd Wis Mik-r, lias lernoved f orn 162 t-> 188 Bioadway, a few doors below the Franklin H use, and opposite John street. Havi g ti-red up a new r-o"? iu lire most fashionable sty le, he will c ntiuue the same business, ami will be pleased lo tee bis old friends aud l-atroua. ami others who u av tavor him with a call. He hat alao private rooms for La-lies' liair dressing and jamp-'Oing. This powerful Attract or Jampo my it cous-Jerrd by ihoiitaoat of New Yorkers and strangers as one o' toe hrallh'est articles for the cure of drndniff andstrengthening the hair, it nnpioved bv the Faculty of Mediciue in Pant, a-4 nale'ited at Washington. Nothing is more pleasant aud delightful than to go through tins operation in the hands i l' P. V1AKS ml -m"SKLTHO'S FIRST PttE.MiU M A .OLFSKY LAW INTUODL'OED into this country and made solely by Willi .m Selpho, No. 80 Spriov srreer, near Broailway, New York. This description of Artificial Leg derives its uarne fr-stn the celeh Med Margins of Anglesey, (even a' tb.s d-y ill- first horseman in Europe) by wh->m it been adopted and worn ever >iuce its firs-invention by the late Mr Pui s, of London, to whom the preseut artist was, for eleven years, a pupil aud o sistant. The Anglesey Leg it |iatented in F.nghnd, and differs radically aud eaaentially from all other substitute" for -namrutatrd limb. In Khirupe it is woru bv Prince Finest of He se Phillipstall, and bv o'lier Continent-I at well as British Nohlinieu, and Naval and Military sJentlc ?n who itiff-rrd iu the late wan. Alto liv many ladies of distinction, it is allowed bv the mnstemllitni Kutui ra i 3uige..u? to Ur lite nearest approach 10 the Natural Leg, hilh-ro produced, au opinion wnicn both as to its (nrm anh aeiivn, has tern inoie recently c mlirined by in * 11 v ol the inost distinguished of their p'otessioual brethren in the United States. And duriuit the short time the subscriber has beeu iu this country, it> advHlilnget have beeu fully tested by a number of patients of the hiithest respectability, who have lett with him the strongest certificates iu lavor ol i.s superiority. W 8 without meamtiK to rt fleet upon any maker of the old style of leg Considers it hisdnty to caution toe public aitaiust being misled hv persopretending to imitate or im|irovc upni the Anglesey Lea. W. b. his had seventeen years eitierience in Ins profession, nod inr mechanical principle upon wich the pecul.arity <f this leg defiemis, is known only iu the United Stales to himself. W. 8. may be consulted daily at BO Spring street, or by letter, post paid. [krorn the New World.] The Anoleset Leu ? I his invention and its introduction into ti is com try bv a (Upil of the inventor, am' an sd-pt in uice mechauical lull, will be hailed with joy and gratitude bv all who nerd its assistnic*. The workmanship of the Leg very bean iful, and is at thr same li" e strong and cuiahle. I he joints art enc:ly si mlar to nature, and the most finivri il sruliIsi ill gbt vailtlv rh4rs?yf i? fashion n more iwrfect to .del of i ham an limb. We commend to oar readers espc lal notice, II e praiseworthy artist. His advertisement may be relied on as tailing the meml truth. n|l im'm imunM WA i P.K-UAI'S mhsi rut iiuti i> v Dl\ RUBBER HOHK ? 'oiiflilrntly recomm-ndt d'or any purposes tin which leather used, and is wananted to potsets the foil -wing p'Operties 'st. It is perfectly ualu nuder prmtore of the Crotou. 21 It is trade of the srougest fabrics, and will not mildew to injure in the least, and lequires uo attention. 3rd It is not d-slroved hy coming in routsct with oil or Itrnse, nor stiffened hy cold weather, nor cm the rubber dec> mpotr, as omti r articles are U no cue used. RhoiM the least complaint be made of th* Ho?e. net pnssessinit I he above properties, it will be taken back, at anytime inside o a i months Irom its pnrchase, and otner given in exchange without charge 4th. Conpliug mil jet pipes will he attached wittiont charge. Buyers will note that we are elearly satisfied that this hosefihe process of ma'aiur which is Unknown to any otner i the trade) it just the article long wanted for leading water ?i.d tnauv other liquids. HOHAfK H. DAY, m 16 Im'r Successor to Itrxbmy I. R C.4i Mai nan Lane. A A. SAMAN08, NO. 6 WALL AND 289 BKOaDWAY, offers for sale toe following arti let. tix 18 Bales of superior Gnita Tobacco, 10 B-let of yaiious qnelitiat of Havana Leaf. <B Drums ol sn|ierior Tu-kcy Hmming I'obicco. 12 Bags of hoice Coffee, 'or family use A feall lo' of Airow Ro it and Coma vut. 10 C.asetof IB -nd 6 d"7. *ach Scafarlspi Smoking Tobacco, 6 Do/, hot.lea one pound each Natchitoches Snuff, ol New Orient a. 190,(00 Lord Bvriu Regalia Trabncot, ('amines and Pana trlles. La Nrrma do and medium air.e. Vei.lis Regalia lu b in a of 100 and in 50. Plantation St gin and Maul'l Ch-roots. Aerota < indores, ^o> viile. ftgtirulad. Port Havanor, La Kmpres'a, <J o a, wm.11 Yara anil Pnnripees. German Tobacco, in different ipia'ities and Spanith. An aaaoi'ment of e'ewing toharc t, p'P's. bowls, lubts, ambers, inn If box- s, sryar caaea, m itchc ol difft rent qn ilitiet, long Tnrki h berry stems, and a general aaaortmeiit ol p pet aegais, t,/-. Uireia, Mendo/a. Perix, Star an ' Lo:d Byron mi many other artie.les two nuuierou* to mention?al' are offered at wholesale and retail Also, 8 casks of Pill or Wafer Boxes, of different sixex. m28 lm*r Hh'MOVA L. ACAHD-To the Kith Worlil-OUKR'NGKK k LAI APIE.Merchaat T ilors, of the firm ol PL' Go rrger 8c Co coiner ol Cb rtres and Custom House street* New Orleans I iving removed Cox. 18 Bi aver street to 108 Br idway, corner of Pine street, w u'd ami unc t ; the mib'tc P'st the r asiortment "f h tench Citsimerrs, Vesting* ?tc le uiisarpau-d by any house in tins ci y Gents can have a lull suit made np in a few hours notice, and a perlect fit guaranteed in all c i.ei m\ 27 I w FORV.IOV k DOMK8TIC FRUIT* SEGARS, kcC F. 8ATKSON wishes to inorm his 'riewfs and tlie i lib IC generally, that he hu innorc1 t.? 152 Broadway, one don- irom Lib-iiv s reel, where h? will keep on hand a supply of Foreign -nd D on. it c Fruits Sweetmeats, kc Ai??, Cm fee tiotiaty ot every description, all of which hp will s-ll ai reduc-d orces N. B ? 1 he beat brands of imported Begars constantly on band m- V Iwr STRtW BONNATS AND KMBROIDKK'ES. A T this season of thp ypar. at hp I<dipa arc about lp ? u* ih ?? city, Miaa F t> dtfovhegs to inform th t ane h alitly received from the best nous s iu Pais several c <a ? < f l?? ha'a, vpry ?uita lp for thp country, hy their low price, go d taste nd pie tit aim I cii" The sale wil be^in on Wednesday m at, th 31st instant,at d will he c< n it osd everv d y ol thr tame wrerk. Miss F G "Hi sell at tt r same time a con plete as crtinent of Ctnt ro.ili net, th?t she will ive be I iw c at, wi hn g to re nrw Iter a nek for tt * rUsui a re son L'diea ate invited to call to 319 B osdway, opposite th I' .rltou H ase.apataira >011 a U -t r lliemerlrs Ii293*r OL.i ASH SUPKRIOlt Ltf M ".LINO" SOUTH ("IDE M \DF'.IRA?At Public Auction, on Thuraday, 1st Jun. , , ai 12 o'i lock, at t! p ator of the tuhscii 'ft, So 5 Sea Hurt near Wall street, New York, will be told on liberal credit. 7J lis) pipes and ?jr Casks of eery iwp-ii tr old South Side Madeira VViue, from ihe celebrated and aaci'ut lions'- ot " L- inrli no " who 1 omasa tome of the choice t yiueya-da or the LI -nd Iheewncs ar al> tnat rem uu - f the importations d.rvrt by ! Messrs TeterHaim my k Co. ai.d ate uudtr list m Huus Lock Samples can be seen at my store and they will be off red *f pnvalr 1 tic m,111 1st June, when all that rentaii tlka.l hp s Id ' nut at day to the highest bidder, wiihout irtp re as th* ship mei ta must be closed. W A. CAHT ',H, Wine and Commission Mnrchont, i> 23 11st J r i cw .trcet, New Ynrb UHO roORAPH PORTRAITS-Dr. L M. CYRUS ? the insentor of thia tipw art, prodacra by it not only acor rert lilt cue as of thc nngitial p rtr t also purity ofile? ign, a hrtl isncv of co tiring, wl>icn I- r s r, as* ths chtf-d'iauv i s ?whe'her ancient or mi <1 rn?of the most c-lehr ted artists. <irattfull r the enc u igrment lie hta received from his uuloernos friends anl the public geneial y D . L M. Cynis would f in inform them that lie has filled up, for ihe arcommodition of I idiei, a suile of rooms 10 P<rk Pl-ce House, come' of Broadway, where he rusts his skill iu h i profession and his ait'ioiou to ll who may nonof him with their ftvor., will 1, sii r him a continuanca of the patronage so liberally ps owt d 011 lum. The Doctor gives inttruriion in pvpry d'partinpnt of the Daguerreotype and I'hyt graphic art. lustiuineiiu foi liking porir ilia 011 a large 01 sin lite le, for sale.aa also the nec-ssary hemical preparttiont for the liking of portraits in Phytic 'graphs oreo'ors Terms moderate, mlQ Im* r PLfcASANi' BOAP ill NO? Several families ran dp ac comm.ulaied .11 Stratum'- Point, one mde ftom the village il Flushing; to aud Irom winch a aleamboat runs twice a d .y . faib 11 g oh a tan . beach within loity rods.wiih <tre>siug house, loral walks, and 4 prospect uusuipassed, b land ai d water. Apply to P. STRATI ON. 1111 u lm*r ________________ i I A v ll-Od h AI' iH I t N I S, in Houston sti.r, arc is tlrinnlw-y to let, to gfgilem-u, with bieiklaat?ud tea, nr ul b.ianl if required Heir rucea fi quired. Ki <|nire at the liar t Niblo's ttardr0, or at the house, 411 Houston s eel mll-lm*' c f WRIOHI k CO. will open an office of di , imt ml 'a 1-4 pisite it Oiwego, N. Y., on the 1st 01 Ma? neat, a. d will make collections and reimtlaucrs at reasonable rates, lie, fir to D Khbets, Jr. " so , cashier. New Yotk. 1' Bnyuam, S.tge k Co., New Yo k. Do w, Kohinaon St Co., New Vork, A. U. Patchiu, F.sq., easmer, Albany, i Osweio, April 30,1WJ. ad* t>w * c [ERA I T? yARMKHg. QRAZIKRS, fc AGJUCUUTUmifTO ? ~HJTTEKMKHIC, Orlwlit ?lid Chemist, from England, 58 K??e* street, New York, would e iruestly i irect the attention 01 all concerned in the welfare of home* and ca'tie to this following luraluable medicines, pit-pared according to the formula of one ol the most eminent veterinary surgeons now practising in the south of England, and procured liy the l-resrtntpropiietorat considerable cost. DIIIRKTI'I HORSE 8dLLH?'llirie halls are a radical remedy for ell diamders in horses, arising from on punt v ,,f the blood, gross hum iri, and nbtrroe.rid ,-crepitation, ?nrh as grease in the heels, swelled leits, s'r incurs, g- tv--1, mint ions on the skin, itc. They may be administered at any inn or season, without change of diet, or inte.h with uto tils hor. At the fall of the year, when liors. s _t-ner-llv undergo i change of hibit, the , egnlarnse of ih-s-S-'ls wol (> , *> nigh ly beneficial,and even ? preventiveof ma v uis isestowbhh at this s-asoii hors s are iiecolisrly li ble. S ild in packages containing sn bolls, ti . with iinnle dlrecti ins CORDIAL FELON DKINK-D c dedlv the best medicine toil can be adin -sic rod, for ill dtsoiders in horned cat Me. an?, ig from cold, !ucn as hidebound fevers, lass of anpe Mie. shivering, coughs, hooving, loss of milk, Stc Sold iu packages, with directions 3i8d each nate service aud should Dover be ousted, in all cases where the placenta, secuudims, or cleausiuit, is obstructed. It not onlv forwards the discharge, '>ut mmt admirably Affords uauire iimelv assistance, in expelling that extraneous matiri, wlpch impedes the rourie of th" alim-it iry canal,prc?eutiii/ ihe fulfilment of it* proper Inaction. This drink alio coaii'eracts a v ,riety of cnnifdauita to who E the airiual is afterwards liable, vhi'stthe How of milk it wouileifiilly promoted. In pacbag-s. with directions,)*bd eich RED E'E.BTER BOTTLE?E'or subduing inflammation and morbid swellings in not**s, alto an vnrllrtit cooling lotion, for related sinews, bruises, sp-aius, Killed baolis, woundt, he In bottles, with direction! It fid eaeh No ttahle shoul.t be withoui it. VULNERARY BALSA M?Kor eradica'ing watblet in hortet, healing cuts ind wooud,, however deep or uvgruva'ed; alio an application to caukers in tin- hem" an i i-iick probes, decidedly the b--st r inedy thai call be used Should be in every t'aWe. 8 ild iu bottles with directions, I< tid each.' OiiHDIdL, I'UhOINU, AND WnirM BALLS, LI QUID BUST- K he. he. At this establishment, the utmost caution it invaiiuhiy observed, iu the selection ot genuine hail) me ItmoM, PHYSICIAN'S PRESCRIPTIONS.?J B Tully impress-d with a ?eme of theii vital importance, thill iovciiblv iibt'rve ihe inntt scrupulous nccnrncy iu the preparation of physician's prescriptions. The ahove medicines are prepared nod soli exclusively at the Vlrdieal Hall, '>8 Essex street, three doors Iroui Gruud, opposite the Market, New Yoili Orders from the c oiutrv promptly executed 18 )tn*T IMPORTANT TO IfAJlMERB? I'he New York Night 1 Soil Company are now prepared to receive and fulfil orders for manure, which is pronounced by the m ot practical suit resectable larinert to be superior in its feminine qnaliii s to auy manure now in use. mid they iuteud selling il at such prices aa to inaki it accessible to every farmer. Kor particulars euqui'e at the office of tl.e t.g?lit, 15 Chambers street. Orders may also be left for the removal of the contents of cess pools and tiuks which will he attended to with all possible deanl ness and punctuality. They h iv? bc?ii at th- gi at expense of purehasiug vessels for the purpose of it from the ci>y, and Cimike it agreeable to the ciiiteus. they have close robs atnf c ?rt?, mil hlVI it SOimDflcd as to hxTC i vessel at Ihe wharf, nearest to where ihe s in pev.nt 'he tmi?aiiee of Carting it through the city All rJers may he left or letteis addressed to ihe office ol the .igeut, 15 Chambers street. nid I in * p BILLIARD SALOON NO. 5 BARCLAY STREET, THREE DOORS BELOW the: American hotel PRICE: REDUCED to One Smiling per Hundred, ftom 8 A.M. lo J V S1.?The subscriber informs his friends and the public in general, that at has Ehve N'W Billiard Tables, in separate apartments?two in them per front sslooii?two in the tear saloon, and ouv iu the front room?all in first rite order. Each gc t'cmau v isitiiiR the trablisbuient will he furnished with a private his especial use?the rsble- being in different apa tncnts, the proprietor thinks it will render it more selec and 'erahle to gentlenirii visititoi Ipt bouse. also. two eine: BOW li.Mi alleys in the basement. His Bar will always be s'.oesed with the choicest Wines and Liquors and the best Begun to be had?also Sherry Cobblers, Mini Juleps, Punches; made iu a niaunr r not to be surpassed N B.?The apartments hate undegona a thorough refitting ?uewj?i|>rr, punting Ike nv iveiiurim-u win |>icn?r ca-nnuuicnie nnf ueRirci ui duty of the attendants, at the bar. I?'HA1NCI8 MONTKVKRD1C inch 16 1m?r 3 Bardmr street. EXPRESS FORTTLEVELANL) AND DETK.OIT 'PHK subscribers will send an en re.s tbrowjh from thix city, 1 to the above named and intermediate placer, on the morning of the 9th mat., lor the transportation ni specie, bank uotea, bundles and packager ol goods, collection of drills, lol's not. s and accounts,and all such other biuiu. ss as may he enlrusted <o them POMEHOY It CO.. 2 Will si., N.J N B. immediately on the opening of lake navigation, the above express line will be extruded to Chicago, Cincinnati, Ire.. and continued throughout the entire season, in connexion with their New York, Albany. Troy, and Buffalo daily express in6 r V RAMS Ik CO.'S NEW YOKK AND NEWARK E.YI ? PRESS ?The public are respectfully informed that I e lu'nscribershave established an b ipress between New Yo g and Newark, J., lor ibe Lransiuission and ipeedy deliver f of n'.ekagei, bondl. s, money, Stc. ire.; the collrrtion of not it and trills, am) all orhe' busiuess appertaining to an Express ? trders for articles to be returned by the Express will jt delivered free of charge. Office in New York atNn. 7 Wall street, and is Newark, (at SMITH'S Newspaper Depot, No. 120 Brocd st. Leave New York at I IK A. M. .ud t* P. iJ. I,es?? Newark ? A. M and IK P. M dive ADAMS > CO IMPORTANT TO OLD COUNTKYM EN.-Ml- SSR8 * HAKNDKN Ik I.O will draw >1 their l".t| reas ami EorrigD '.filer Office, No J Wall street, small hill, of exchange Irom . .7 to ?100,ill sums to suit, payable a* sight for th" tc'iimiDoj'ation of persons wishing to remit to their friends id Kcihind, I f laud, or Scotland. The fetter hags lor the Key si Mail Steamers forLiv -spool are also made up atllieir office. HARNDEN Si CO, 1 WalUtr** Aonti in I,ondou?MACLEAN, iVlAKltl? V rn LiVfrp.M.1? WILMKK fc ovji rM . NEW FIREWORKS LABORATORY, BY JOHN Tn IOAKDH, PYROTECHNIST. KKi'M #W?"KN Vt ES9RS KOLI.BKMi S. THA'iAM'll vr ilir honor IYJ- to iuform the American jiultfic tSfl thry m rvtcn?ivf IM IMMMMIMIIW Kill Wfllli 01 . ill kind, .it tl.eir rtublivlinieut, at Hiimiiiiii Lol, Duck ill New Jfriry, a half ni l' from Jeiaty Cny, <vp mc Y . ?, which tl.ey offtr to Committee* and nth. r?, .t the moil ftV^Mble pri'f* ill the milkel. B'l evmu I,, the n<-wti*d? i?in i, If ol 'nodfaie cmh |>ric? fori good arti If, ih'V req.ini hr lav .* of the i ohlic at the above pluCc.of tllieatnre of Hubril loi intou. No.41 f'.ou'I Undt fctfet. All oid?t?,ou an. tca'f o1 *ize m variety, ly a't*uded to, by addrraiiDK 'lie ubirifbtr* at cilhrr of the II ? pi i" NICHOLAS A, KOLLBERUStJ TKAGAHDH, inv7-2in'r |irr*i'iin? Lnnu D' ck, New Jer*er. SHIELD S XYLOiWlAPHUTPRESS, No. 4ft Maitlt ii Ltuie. New York. THK PROPRIETOR ol ins w II bm fsublish 1 menf, respectfully invites rhe Attention of Minrfactorers. Druggists, Periumers, Ol-'C h? H* d vare and Dry Goon dealers, and all oth rn, t nis iteirive fa* ii'i* s for th* exrrntioo of P*?te n?l \ ' 'Kr,l hie Engraving aod Pri .dug thv h? h ? u'rntiy in hit stock ol machinery, >ud many i * iid improve! pi im u snperipf H Qmm oeny otftti e tablr lirn^Dt in \rnrrici. His tuccs* hit so fir exceeded In > expect* io? , as t > enable him t ? c^d'cnge a comparison wiih there fVom fh* uef! Euro* yean r?riiifii'ic ' trices, and u now i re pared to extern* at orders j a style not to l?c suipasted ou either side of the A Untie It will tie the Aim of ill" proprietor to continue III I?n|if ?veincuts, Itst he imy he able fo so pi ly *11 ,rd r* for show bill* circuld-s, wr.ipK rs. I ibels directions & . o; the best iality. at th?* l"Wes? ; ossib! - prices. Original designs aim yd.i'et of errr d -teripti m of maunf;Ctnr rs ctecnt'd in the lirst style I fin* art. tlc,anr!y primed iu gob' or si her, bronze, or fancy colors at short notice. A Urge and geneva! assortn err, of V ggists, M ufactur* rs. Perf'im rs, Grocers,&i;d olh?/ labels, Ciui'aut'v on hand, au?i in ?y he h \d wholesale and ret i uid ill articles eutirels con* ! eted with the tva J"' Printing hi i i r" "> ofnt e, ne?tlv ei?" uted toord r, .i:d on tl". most reasonable terms, aud 'he proprietor nay hrre ohs^rrc. t'.at the low. it |te?sir>le i rice is ctiaritrd foi W r don in hU ts( \ ishmetit ten which the kreat extent rf his business (.ushles bin lully to cirry out Ordr r* will he ev care I wnh thai i uiu 'ddhty aud regtrd fbr the niahei fins eitstomers, which t h p#d, ill afford the utmost s^titfaction, end all ' rders from the ronntry ^unr'ivally artenied to, indtne artic' ? ordc red or forwarded to any nan of the United State* or 'ho rar ?ns m2 i.i*r 4 HAS SHIELD , Proprietor ( * U! I AltS, VVHOLH^ALe'AND tU/TAlL^-M~Brosd wry. near shaker sirrret ? VIItHSit?i. Pji. EKNAT s HMIDT ik N1A l L( Onitai m nufactn m, sotld n | at* fully call the aitentiou of ih public to their establishment, No. Sid Broadway, where rliev ! cep const inly on ' ?ud an exrnisive assortment of fine-tou *d gnitart, run bed in th** b?*st s'yle. Ail I s'Mimen'* from this inannfactor*, foug favorably I uown iii 'he Unned Hr. tr* where if. received the fir.4 premium a warded by the America I isd'nte ."or (lie b st (fuit.aj, made of'such inaiennls nd in such a Hper or rn nuer, a* en b'ss the maker to * arrant tin m t" stand any c m te. r?v '"?p?r ^ *" 1 ' ~ |'u *- ? ' ??i4 wr <1 ' iimiM the S|Jc* MMt WorkmA ?h?|> ??f thci. m<?trtimt:it'j ??>d n?fpm n ti e d?? fi 1 h: y trill ne founii low*r than ?t 4AV ' ther hoQK n? tne city. Ml. in. Kru*, Pruicior ofth* Flute and Guitar beifi lea**to .muouii' i thai 'ha above irran. emcuU do not intertcr-in the !e tt with hit 0t> er * ? ineuts; he till coutiuuet to fit* it u Qto ?'. at V t Br?. d* ?j . iie^r y*tfc??r it. nU4 lm?r THK ANCIK l AND '.VOS'UKKMi L KM I IH l? OK r CHINA-UfMnM, lliniir.t *U and Kamiliiiiiril,-K. VI A ,< I'l N Si 4.0 hare jmr reeeiyed ! ro:n l.onuon amiynilirut illuairated work on China, which thry ititi ud to lame in monthly parti, with .ill tin- ,.ida ol ."ntinvi < nnl triii'init comlined, to |ir.n-Dt a beaut tul tuil i 1rit- t vr iceoont u tn t 11 .( oiihitnt a d inlereattua c matty Trie antiquity, the gran!t ur, and tin- eifln live char arte r it tho iutlllii in M Chun, niter inch an acr?uut at he preieDt time i^enliarly apt,innate anil deiirabla, emu,derm* the ttitereat which now lint i tl e United States, in cnaiieclu<u with the'act of our com nercial mn-rattoua heitiii an much eiteud d with that aniitular i d wonderful n tion. The w'k tail be taiued in number! idtAiu.UK three ileal rutrraviuus in each Price Jn ccqti. H. MAKTIN k CO., my 7-lni*r Hi John atr-eL ftt;i.^ TtJ.I JSE& NOX1CK TO 1-. Prune i'KHfcONh IICHhlJtVS alllMted vs.t ru, raiuey isle n, no toe b?i mitrumrDtat aid the work! ilfo-rla otj allocation at the cct, Nc 4 Veiey itrcet. or t either ot the incuts in the .ncipol l iwna in the United Sulci Be caretnl to eiamiue the ck pad ol Hull's trunei, to arc it they are eudursed by Ur ' oil, in writing Nona are iciutrnr, or to be relied upon \i od, withnnt Im iiitnatare >)my periods hsee undertake n to feno lenrn Hnll'a iehr-ted liaiiei, and thoniamli t'l nnroi' iron in couae jeuce Tine imitation! < ant, it be relie upon ; they are :ade by anakillnl raeehaniee, aud r no h-ntet' tliau the urdt rry mniri Hootni h?*e been titled 4p*> fic.4 Vne; ttieet, riclumal? ir ladiri, ha*iim * separate entrance ton the buainen depart i-ut, wi.tteafe ale it t e inn l ?:te < to wail npn "I' "" ?? rn'i I ir papkTT >h.KSSI<. \ liRt/OKS, No. 81 Liberty Hreet Jhaee tot an t the lollnwitiK? hO renins newt prtumtt I) by '.0 JO'1 " J! by <1 250 " " tl by t? 3tl " " " 1. y n JO " " ? a ?* ? 25e " " 14 ny u> IM tl by fi 500 " ' ' lit J Alio, nook paper, 19 by 24, 4 by It, aid 24 \ i hey hnye iiio lance aeeo tniei tof eruir I ' ' rappine V|ier, ol different eiiei and iialitiea, whieli Bi -y otley at tne ?e.t market prreei m,t> ,1! I M IIrTO O l HILIA?Oebii w urn may Or con tracird by Ibe ?f, wnl not Be |MJ b the Ca.uin ion the 1 ouaignetO. UjJue 1 LD. Prlro Two Cent*. Muprtni*' Court. M*v Tun-Dmhioo-Nr-w Trial Drnird Davit ad. ' Jreenvanlt; Saudlord v? llalsey, Boiirit of rtuperviiora of Onandago county v?. Bright; Gutheiia ait. McHu([h, lie.: Spencer ad. Whitney; Cameron, Kx'r, See vi. Irwin and a|.; Bnindage va Warner; Kergeraon ad Korahay ; Cameron, Kx'r, See. v*. Fowler; Munaell vi Lewn; Woodvi. Colvin; Pratt yi Clark; Taylor, Survivor Sec. ad Law rence; lliimie Lead Mining Company ad. Mom; Keyeiad. Mom*, P.iriom ad Morris; Miniatara, tic of Dutch' hurch of Sehenec'ady ad K*-lly; Howard ln?uranco Company ad. (i up; H eum Navigation Company and Trowbridge ad. viator Se>' ot Albany; Newton et al ad. lime; Lake ail. Kppn; Alexander and al ad Oreene; Leland and al vi. Benueti. Borat v?. Bovee et al ; Benedict ad Hiplay; Bjrit et al ad Merrick; Leaviit, Prendent, lee. sd. Htanton. Pieiident, See ; Mclnty roet al. ad Rippj Newkirk v?. Nelt et al ; Bellinger vi Ktherl ge; Church iid Bull and wit' ; Swaitwout va Tuthill; Townaend ad Long laland Bank; La Orange vi. Lewn et al.; Could and al ad Thomii, Donaldaon v? Dav daon et nl ; Field ad. Sanborn et ai ; iseeo ml Moody ;4'tiIki If* ft al. ail. Walker; Wells and Arms ail Richard ft nl , Oibba vh. Hurt ft al.; Dry Dock Com pan v vh.Mcintosh; Keyesetal vh. Rayneretal. iSTeu' Trial Granted ? Costs to abide ewnt?Turner va. Cooper; Chi hart v? French, Jr ; BahcocK ad. Bank of Owego; R11 RHe 11 ad. Greene, Potter va. Mutual Insurance Company; Hunt ft al va. Brown, Saratoga Mutual Inaurance Company ad Burn tt ; Howell ad Dean , Lord ail. Chare; McCullotign a I Moss; Banyer et al. va. Kmpie; Harriaunad. Vim-Kiips; Noyeaetal. va. Many; McEweu et al vs. Montgomery .Mutual Inaurance Company , Sage vi. "-In rmaii et >i| , Terry et al nil Wing; Kline et al. ad. Rohiu-; N dile i Eastman vs. Holmes;Seas, -<heritt,kc ad. B- v fii rt al ; Hinall ad. Herkimer Manulacturiiig and Hydraulic Company ;aainead. same; Nearing va Brll; Utica an I Hrheoectady Kailroml ompany ad. Van Horne; O.l lici t ad, Smith; I'rentiHR nil Fellows et al ; Brown et al. ad. Karrington et al ; Pitcher et al ad. Mechanics' Exchange Bank; Sackett el al ad. Pent7.; White nil. Cole; Convema et al ad Watervleit Bank; Heron va Shepherd; Kearney ad Pierce t al ; Mndiaon County Bank a t. Kuni-eU et al. Judgment ?Nelson, et el, vs Boat wick, et al, Bar wi vs Rose; Dowd va. Htal; Kirkland vs Wilton Judgment Jlffirmed ? Commissioners ot Highways of (.Ortl?ii Iville v> Peck; Cay ugu County Bank va. Bennett ct al; Fry-alt, et al va Sullivan county; Buffalo and Niagara Railroad Company vs City ol Buffalo; Howard Insurance Company vh. Scrihner, et al; Ogilvie vs Frost, administratrix, kc; Koote vs Fire Department ef New York; Tauner vs. Trustee* of the village ot AIhion; Farrell va. Higlie; The P, ople vh Morris, supervisor, kC; Young vs R'imtnell; Pierce va Brigham; Baum va Clause; Hchtiltz vs White; K ctli vs. Starkweather; al, va. William-, Harriott va. Van Cott; Doughty v* Bowery Insurance Compau ; Drummond, et al vh Andeiaon; Biadshaw va Brower; Otiemaey vs. Maynard, De ijroot, et al vh Hutchinson Motion to ? t as dt report of refer ees denied ?Hill va. Oihha; Piatt ml Case: Everill et al. va. Strong, Biown ad Rack well; Hart et al ml Uown; Dunlop ad Tracy ; French vs Matqiiund; Williams vs. Tiuateeaol the village of Syracuse; Lamhertsnn ad Mason; Adam ad Brown; Valk ml Tompkins et nl. Hart ad Gould; Halt ad King Report of Referees tet aside Corte to abide event ?WilIriiI et at ad McMurray; Beers hiI Leavitt, President kc; Bank of Oileans vs. Wells; Bav ley et al. va. Tillman Judgment for Plaintiff ? Harkiiess va. Darkness; Willis vs Glet n; Rogers et al. vs. Matthew s et. al Judgment for plaintiff on demurrers ? Leave to amend on usual ternat ?President 01 Great Western Turnpike Company ud. Babcock; Steuben Co Bank vs. Matthewson; Brady ad Adait et al; Stone ad Cooper; Ramsey et. al ad. Taylor et. al ; Gould ad L'Aor.oroux; Lcland et. al. ad. l)ayo;Clark vs. Nixon; McLean et. al. ad. Barton. Judgment for Defendant on demurrer? Leave to amend on usual terms - R atlibone et. al. nil. Douglass; B nnett ad Starr, et. al.; Babcock et. al- ad. Gossip; Wyokoff ad McF.vers et al. i/uuf?rm jot iiaimtjj on urmurrtr?Lymau vs I. U r tiss ; Seneca Co. v?. The Auburn and Rochester Railroad Co. Judgment reversed?venire de novo?Costs lo abide the event?Carpenter va. Nixon ; Jackson va Walker ; Aicher vs. Zee ; Ogilvic vs. Hull ; Swartwout et. al. vs. Roddis : Row vs Reynolds ; Carey vs. Ore em an ; Trumbull et al. vs. White ; Wood et. al. vs. Randall ; Habershaw vs. Wogan ; Jacobus et. al va. Scott ; Reformed Dulch Church in the City of New York vs. Rollins ; Tainter vs. Miller. Proceedings reversed.?Master of Richard Wing.ill, a soldier ol U. S Army, on habeas corpus.?Master ol Peter D ivle, Sic ?People vs. Cas?ells. Motion to let mide im/uiiition denied ?Smith ad. Steven!. Conviction a/firmed ?Beetle ad. Thn People. Judgment for the defendant?Hubhell vs. Lines. New trial denied and proceedings remitted to Chenango General Sessions.?The People ad Padgett. Judgment of Common Pleat reverted and that of Juetice affirmed - Brownal! vs Flagler; Anthony vs. McDougall ; ftilkworth vi Wurren. Jndgmen' respondeat ouster?Hall vs. Smith. New Trial granted ?Taylor ad. The People ; Newman ad. The People. New Trial granted on payment of costs?Williamson va. Smellie. Ksuch Rsi- Hft?n? ?To morrow the railroad from Paris to Rouen is to lie opened with great pomp and care' mony Oneof the sons of the King oftheFrench ia to grace the spectacle; the Minister of 'he Pu'lie Works, with many other official authorities, will attend hia Royal Highness, in order to give eff.-rt to the completion of the great) st undertaking of the kind yat accomplished in France. These. ho? ever, are onlv minor narts ol the ceremony. A vast number of Englishmen ar? to be present on the occasion; wo do not apvak of visitors, bill of contractor*!, engineer*, and laborers, who have been working in harmony with Frenchmen 'Or the last three ars, who have possibly executed the moat diftlcnlt portion of the operations, and who are equally anxiotta wi'h the inhabitant* to testify their joy at the reault. Thii noble duplay moat forma aubj ct ol roiigratula ion to all civilized n tiona. Twocomitriea, which have lor many eg a oei n engaged in bloody wara? which have waated their strength in furious conteata, ol which no rational being could ?ee the object?which have dectreyed the gieutcst fleet* and armiea that the world ever aaw, and till very lately had nourtahed the moat il re hatred against each other,are now rivals in the arta of peace. But thirty yenta ago. and later, an Englishman at Rouen would iiave been regarded as little hettei than a savtge, an animal to tie trampled ti|a>n an enemy of Franca, and a being w hom every good Frenchman would have conaiilered himsell justified in ex posing to every contumely and puniahment. To morrow, tliuiiaanda ol these Englishmen will be present, and will tie welcomed by that gallant nation as coadjutors in this splendid work, which forms the first great link lor uniting the two first states in the world. This is oneof the blessed I nuts of pence, and no Christian can nontemplate the scene without the most In joy. England and Fiance are now turning their awords info ploughshares, and ttuur spears into pruni "g honks," ainl we look forward with confidence to the 'ay when lb. y will not only be united as brethren; when in i he w-or ls ol Cnunt 8t. Anlaire, the sons of England wi I uiittry the daughters ol France; when London and Pans ran be visited in the same day, and a Frenchman can stait Itom the capital in the morning, and sit down with his F.nglish guest in the evening?but when they w ill spread theii influence over the world, and give effect to those divine laws which cherish good will and peace to all mankind. England and Fiance united can defy the world All the intrigues of Russia, all her att mpts to i xnnd her va?t empire, to poscesa Constant!nope, and the fvrtile r. gions ol the South, would be only vain efforts.?London Surt, id May Joe. Kim K.scsrgD - WoxDt.aruL Frat?Cbeismo or Jo* ? Joe King premises to become as lamous af the celebrated Stephen Burrows, in his prison escapes , and to verify his repeated boast that he cannot be kept in any pri on He is once more at large, having broken the county jail eatly this morning. He waa onlv chaine.1 by his legs in a cell by himself, adjoining the cell occupied by Heath. He contrived by some means to wrench his chain from the iron rings upon his legs, and then with some instrument, which h-had procured, took out enough of the wall'o admit him into Heath's cell From this he easily worked h'S way into the passage, and Irom thence forced a stiongly locked ami bolted door into the yard, and then taking to his instruments gain, h" oikelottta hole through the thick wall, and about sunrise this morring made liee tiacks once more, w ith his iron bracelets on his legs, but all his o h'-r tranniuir* oft Heath might have escaped also. had he been willing to take along his chain* ; but he either Jul not (tare attempt this, or he w a* not disposed to go. Where Joe is at this time, la of conrae allconjecture ; but we feel pretty po*ilive that we ahull to-morrow write the particular) of hll re-arrest for Monday'* paper? aa he poaitirely declare* th?t hi Richmond he will atay, in apiteof men o? devil*? Hi* ctiiiHitig, activity, *tr ngth and resolution, have *o tar made nim more than a match for all the prison keep* i r?, thi* being we think his sixth t-tcape. within a very Rhort apace of time. He i* really a comical ge in*, taae him any way you please.?RicAsisnd WMg, '17rh May. I,at* from Poivt*.?The achooner Gey Ion Capt. t'.rooker, arrived yesterday from Point Patre, Ouad., which port ahe h ft on the I Ith in*t. We learn from a paaaenger that the ateamer Oomer had arrived at Point ret?e, from France, bringing out the v? ry liberal appmpt iation made by that Government of J 800,1100 fi inc* to relieve the sufferer* by the late earthquake.? Variou* amount* had al*o been received from other place*; from New York, >10 000; from St. Thoma*, >4000, and .lir e remittance* Irom Trinidad?amount* not knOwnThe attpplie* of proviiion* were entirely too large f?r conatimption, the great decrease of population having boon overlooked. Beef waa aelling at ftf; Pork >9 per bbl; Hama 10 cent* per lb; Rice >3 per hundred; P P. I.umber mo n $18 per M. in moderate request.?Sue irimiA Rep. May 15. Thi Tf.xas Sqi'Anaov rut British The New Orleans Tropic *ay* : We learned last evening, the It ittsh frigate Spartan, 35 guns, left Galveston several ' iv* ago, the commander having in hi* possession the 1 ito proclamation ol Preai lent llouaton ( apt- Elliott, I British Minister to Texas, sailed from this port in the 'earner Alabama, in her last trip, for Havana, and no doubt i* entertained that he|had Houston'a proclamation t i his posst ssion. Theae movement* clearly indicata a termination on the part of the agent* ol the British Ooi eminent in thi* quarter to aid the President ol Texaa in ,it mad crusade againat th? Navy ol that Republic. Canai. Tolls?The tolls oo the New York State i ties Its. Up to the 22<f ol May in each year, have een da follows, Vl?:? Conn I Dm/s to Total Jfrtratt opmtd 11 d May collnttd ptr <f?y. '19, April 10, N 9*19 071 10 0*3 4 40, 10, 81 107,948 9 87S <141, ? '14 -IS 347,438 11411 441, ' lo! 91 310,57# 9 t#? 043, May 1, 1*1 943,99? 10,01*

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