Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 31, 1843, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 31, 1843 Page 1
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ill -J TH ol. IX.?Ho. 14? ?Whol* Ho. B301 To tlM Public. THE NEW YORK HERALD?daily newspaper?published every day of the year except New Year'a day and Fourth of July. Price a cenu per copy?or $7 36 per enAum?postages paid?caih in advance. THE WEEKLY HERALD?published every Saturday morning?price of centa per copy, or pS 13 per annumpostugee paid?caih in advance. ADVERTISERS are informed that the circulation of the Herald is over THIRTY THOUSAND, and increasing ast. It hat the largeit circulation of any paper in thii city, or the world, and it therefore, the belt channel for buiinen men in the city or country. Prices moderate?cash in advance. PRINTING of all kinds, executed at the mom moderate prices, and in the most elegant style. JAMES GORDON BENNETT. PBormiRTOB tr tub IIerbld Establishment, North weat corner of Fulton and Nassau streets BRITISH AND NOHTH AMERICAN ROYAL MAIL STEAM #HIP8, Of IZMstous snd 440 horse power each. Under contract with the Lords of the-Admiralty. H1BERNIA, C.H. E. Judkins, Commander. BRITANNIA, J.Hewitt, do CALEDONIA, E. O. Lott, do ACADIA, A. Kyrie do COLUMBIA, E. C. Miller, R N. do Will sail from Liverpool and Boston, vin Halifax as follows: s-rom livarrool raoss bostob. AeadM. Hyrie, Feb 4 Mar 1 Columbia. Miller, Mar 4 Ap'l 1 Bri: iWiia, Vewitl, Ap'l i ,M'T J ilib'diia. Judkins, Ap'l 19 May 14 Th accommodations lor passengers are superior. I ' e ve?sels are secwmpanied by experienced surgeons, and supplied wuli Frances' FateutLife Boats, we reduced to $120. No Berths secured until paid for. rSrtho information, applyLI* ? ... :".OUHAM. HARNDKN 8t CO'8, No. iWsll-st ' ? e M w ARRANGE vlENT. FARE AND 0 HEIGHT REDUCED. ?im% ja REGULAR MAIL LINK?FOR PKO-2*m3*V1DKNCE AND B'tRTON. via HTO?imitiim AND NEWPORT?Composed following superior steamer', running in connection wilh > taiugtou ind Boston and Piovidence Railroads:? MASSACHUSETTS. Capt Comstcck. RHODE IHl.AND, Capt Thayer. PROVIDENCE N 4K'tAO a N8ETT. MOKEGAN One of which will 'eaa-e New York daily (Sundays excepted) from Pier No 1, Battery Place, Ni River, at 5 P M ARRANGE viENTS. Tne RHODE lSLA^ D, Captain Thayer, on Monday, and Wednesday lor Stoniuclon and Newport, and Fiiday for ' Stoning'nn The MAS8ACHU 'ETTS.Cap'ain Comvtocli.on Tuesday and flmsat for StouiuEtvn, and Saturday for Stcningtou, Newport and Providence. Paisengers, on the arrival of the steamers at Stonington, will be immedi itely forward'd in the splendid and commoiwosis Cars of the Railtoid to Prov deuce and Boston, and if fo' Newport willtra e?d iu the steamers on Monday, Weduetdiy and Saturday, and on'he intervening ilajs, proceed via hloniufctnn Railrwad la Piovnleuce. nud fiom thence in the steamer loins, wiihont any additional charge. Tickets for the route aud steamers' berths can be secured on board, o it the office of HARNDEN li CO , No 3 Wall street (T7"On and after the 10th iusf, freight will not be r ceived ana forwarded after half-peat 4 P M m9 6m* m NEW YORK AND KING 8TON STEAM FREIGHT AND PASSAGE L*SIK *tm r or ivingsion, ann iieiaware inn nnaion Canal?tte&m boat* EMERALD and NOR X^aC3E.wicH. The EMKKALD, Captain John Ketcham, will leave New York foot of Murray atreet, every Monday anil i'nursday al 6 o'clock P. M. Wi.l leave Kingston (Kondout landing) e?ery Wednesday and Saturdav at 3 'clock, P. M. The NORWICH, Captain John Samuels, will leave New York, foot of Mur-ay street, every Wednesday and Saturday at J o'clock, P. M. W.ll 1. arc Kingston (Rondont landing) every Tnes ay end Friday at I o'clock, P. M. EXTRA TRIPS. The ?MEHAI,D will leave the foot of Murray street every Puudy moruiug at 7 o'clock. Returning leaves Kingston at 4 o'< 'ock same. day. For freight or passaee apply on hoard, or to WILLIAMSON, BARLOW St CO., a?i Sm*r 16,4 West street. FOR UUFFAL.0 AND ALL PART8 OF THE WEST Jtj>iTHj....ili m - -^WPi BdSSEKfinfll ASSOCIATION PA s8\Ui? OFMCE To ALBANY. Ulica, $2 no Itorhencr, $3 00 Syracuse, 2 26 Buffalo, 3 60 Oswego, 2 26 Up. St Lower Canad.i6 60 For passage apply to M. L. RAY. nitS 3m S3 Barc'av atreet New York. STATKN JSLANJU FERRY Foot of Whitehall street. On and after Thursday, Jane the lit, ihe steamboats I STaI i v and SAMSON, will make ihe following trips, nnul farther notice :? I LEAVE S 8TATEN ISLAND. LEAVES NKW TORE. At 1,9 10,12,* M, At 8,0.10, M, A M 1,1,1 S,?,7P.M. I.I.3H.5 5 T P.M. On Sundays, leave* every h >ar, from 8 A. M, to7 P. M. tn26_r _ HLn_| ftm M.WAKK AND NEW YOKK?Fare ^ jLLJo ooly 12M I enti!?The 11 lendid steamer jCmmMtJKL, PAS8AIG, Captain John Gaffy, hai been pat in complete ordei, and will commence her tnpi for the eaion, on Monday the K'th instant, as follows, until further notice Leave New York at 4 o'clock, P. M. " Newark at 7X o'clock, A. M. Freight carried at reasonable rates al6 6mec .Mtri mi P OPl.E't LINE OK STEAMBOATS A LB AN Y?Daily at 7 o'c'ock, P. M 3Kb>ZJKmK^ Throng It Direct (Sunday's excepted) Irora t- e r Pier r< ? en Conrilandt and l iberty stieets Si.amtxiat RGf-MESTKR, Capi A Houghton, will leave Tuesdav, Thnrtda ?nd Satnrdav evenings, at 7 o'c'ock. tr.imb a; >OV ( H AMEB1CA, Captain L W Brainaro, will have Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings, at 7 o'clock. Steamboat NORTH AMERICA. Captain M H, land L'g at.intermediate places, will leave Monday, Tuesday Thnridai tnd Satoids) afternoons, *t 5 o'cleck. Pwenceps 'along this Line ol Boats will invariably arrive in Albany in ample time to lake the Morning Train of Cars (or the eai or west. [T7"Tlie abore boats are new and anhsf intial, are furnished with new and eli gant state rooms, and for stierd and accommodations ate unrivalled <>n th- Hudson For passage or freight, apply on hoard, or to P. C. Schnltz at the office on the whsrf ralec ftl'lMh NEW YORK, HGHOOLKV'B sgtw. ^g^.MOCNTAlN?t EASTON Lr.i.t 11,r loot ofCnnrtland stree-, daily (Sn- d.,>s nepiro) at go'eh ck, A M., by railroad f oin Jr rtey city to Morristown, Dei cr by Post coaches thr ugh Meiidhain.Chester. Schooler's Mountain, A.idenou Towu, Port Colden, Washington, to V..s ... A? U'na 1 tr I sin it fljiilt/ I In* in'rrirrti In nnd frmn B?l?idtre For ?e?ta apply to J. Hill, Bt J. Patioii'a, I'on.ini rcial Hotel, 7JC? nrtl-nd ttrret. N.B ? Eat"* fnro'?H d t. the ahorteat notice by applying to N. B Lu i. United 8i?t-? Hotel. Mo'iiatowu. mi ll 3m ee d23SL?3. DAILY LXPHI.bR FOR \LBA\Y TKOY. BUFFALO, < HICAUO AND 1 HK CANADA8 The tubaaribr r? having com i It ted ihcir arrangements with the People's Line if Steamhotrr, on the Ninth Hiver and the Kan Hoed Comt^nira writ of Albany lor running their Kipreaa lor lb* aeatoii o( hi an Kitireaa wll lra?r tlo-ir office. No. 1 Wail trerl.Nrw Y'ik, rvery evening. 'I quarter to 7 o clock, for the above named and 'utcmedn r places. IMPOKTANT. For the greater avfeiy *nd aecunty of al ralnahle and money package, ent uttrd to their care, they have *al?milid'r Iron Safes on b' aid of the tlea' boats, in a irate room occupied egeln ivrly by iheinselvea, a> d the me??eng?r in ch iga aleepi in the tame ro in with the lion aalei, into which all sncV p ckagea are placed. POMEKOY A COMPANY, mire No. 2 Wall itreet. NEW JERSEY ttAlLKOAi> ANLi fUA.NS PORTATION COMPANY. NVW Vi \U V AMU MITU7A UV I V/IVU iVilJL/ 11 T* UJVU' ffilJSlSi jSyfeff ib&aiX Fare retimed to '4% rent*. Fr?a the foet of Cenrtlandt tweet, New York. (Kverj day?Smtiaya excepted.) Lrarc. New YnJ? Leavea Newark At A. M. At t. r. M. At 7 A. M. At 1* P. V. 9 do. 3 do* 9 do. 4 do. It do. 4 do 9 da. JS do. 5S 1*?H 7K do. ?K <lo. do. II do. ON SUNDAYS. From the foot oj CeartJmdt .treat. Leave .New York, Leave NtwarV. At ? A M. nnd ?"< P M. At IS P. M. and 9\ P. M. NKW YOMK, KLI/.AUT.TH TOWN. I.eave New York l.eac CI'TJihelb TCWn At I A. M. At 2 P M. At 7S A. M. MS M. 9 do 3 4 do. *>. 3* do. 4\ c. *<> 9* do. The train.for Weufield', Plainfleld, Boondhrook,SomcrTille, fce.. connect with the,9 A M, audi4X P M mm. from New York, daily, Sunday. eicepted. , _ _ Far? between New York and (Clir.abeth TowuJS emu. P^?ro between do and Somerville, 75 cent*. N*V YORK. RAHWAY AND NKVfr BMUNSWICA. Fare rednced. Frain the Toot of Courtlandt ?treet,aaily. Leaie New York. Lcare New ornuiwick. At 9 A. M. At ? A. Si. * P. M. IS " !>H " IIS uoon. ?>k P. M. _ ON SUNDAYS I,tare New York. Leave New Brnn.wiek. At 9 A M and 4Y< P M. At I'X noon, and IS P M. Fare between New Yo-hand New Sniuiwirk, Ti ceun. Hahway, aO centr. The far? in the # and ?X A. M. train from New Brnn>wiek. and 4 and P. M- tram from New York, ha. been re J MM. New York and New Bmntwick, to JO eenu. ' and Railway te I7X ' Pat.e neere who procure their ticketa at the ticket office, re ?etve a ferry tieket grain. Tiekefe are received by the eon actor ouly on the day when purchased. n I In ' JBfSjt TO* CONDON?Kegolar Packet of the lit Jnnr ?The >pletv<id well known faat .wiliner packet 4HnNL tut, MKDIATOK, f'aptain t hadwiek, will poailiti-ly tail a.altove h?r rentier day. Thi. .hip ha. aple> did aeeommodatinn. for cabin, .econd cabin, and aterrag.-ima.engrn.'peimoa wi.hing to.rcnre beilha, .hnuld not fail to make early aoplicarion on Hoard, or to W k J. T. TAPSf'OTT. ml43 Peck Slip cor. Sonth at. k E NE NE a TO-LET iu Williamsburg?The whole or part of a a Deal thrt-e sfory brick Dwellintr Hons* in South 7th al-?p*r 4th at., reut vtry low Apply to W U J. T Tapicotl, 43 Peck ulip. in 7-ec M UMl'LA HTK?ICT?TO LET ?iha elegant I;*:? and Cl mtnodioua thre story buck home, No 5i BircUy 2JflL?'rrr:, bunt and occupied bjr air. Thomas Ur-oks until the pres-nt t'tne. In excellent order "nd fitted with every convenience for i larfc f?n>ilr, and si u'tct dir> c'ly ? 'ront of College I'lace. Kor irinu apply at No. 110 Water street. mt5 lm*r MBLO'S (MKUKN. Jhgit ' HEAPFLANT-?The propiirtors of the large CouJRjfl|aeivat i v, 576 Broadway. b k to inhre the.* fri nds and ?dhw.h- public, lint they will ?ei| at very rt tiuced o ices, the present and ensuing wtek, prvicost* rcmjiing ir.eir latge stock i I PI tuts r0 th-ir summer ..natters, 2000 '"h > ce namtd D uble Dahlias. lO'O U ise< of virions kinds. IbOO Geraniums in soils. 10(10 ('actus'iu sorts; Callas, Jasmines,Oleanders,Camellias, Passion Flowers, Chinese Azaleas, Uhcdodeodrons, end 20.000 o her plants ol various kinds, tui stile for parlor or garden col ture, with a lar:e ai d select assortment of vegetthTe, annual, biennial, and pereuui ?l flower seedi; grass seed for law "a, bird seed ?nd birds, fancy cages, gold list as and globes, Ike , Ike. Our lady friends sra pa ticulsdy invited to call and examine our atock, before purchasing elsewheie m2> 6 *r NIBLO 8t DUNLAP. genin & van vranken's ventilating gossamer hat, FOB GENTLE vl KN, Wk'IO''!NO O^LT 2X GUN- KS?PRICE $3 50. fU TIIF. Subscribers have introduced the abn?cnsmeit hnt lor stimmei wear. Bv comparing the weigh*, of this utricle with the average weight ot the following nan, the sni>erior acivantagrs it poi.ieurs.over them for summer wear inay be read ly u ru. 1 he average weight of the ordinary for hat is 6? cunees. do do Panama 'si " do do Leghorn 4 " Be in* fully convinced that no style of summer hat heretofore wo 11 has iner with the general approbation wlii'h a hat josses siug all the qualities, vie I gU'Drsj, beauty, durability and cheapness, would be sure te receive, we hare devoted much atteutioulo th m.iuulacture and tabUs| of the new style now in roduced hy us. Fio* the warm hpptohatioo express d by gentlrmeu who have examined them, we feel sntisfu si,h it tiiey need ouly to be seen to he fu lv npp.eci <trd. OENIN tit VAN VRAVKK.N, m26 Im'ec 8M Br ad way, opposite St Paul's Church. NOTICE TO THE LAD1K S ?The I adies . f Wp^Ntwhrk (my cu'tpinvrs in part cu'ar)are respectfully luformvd, that noi withstaudint the advance of I utneYm na' aeges, (to which I hi veacceded) my Ladies shoes of ail the d fferent kinds made in the lat-st French srvle, will be soldashtretofo e at the one uniform price often shillings per p.i , (single ai d double soles) warranted fifty ier cent handsomer and better than ihoae sold at the cheap stores atone dollara piir. Lad'ra Slippers, tycs ard buskins, second quality: also, Toile tflippers at iix shilluivs per pair, a (ood article; Mi?<es and Child, en V Hnn's, and shoes of ail kinds at d pi ices; toadies Oii'er B >ote at 16-18. and nnde to order, at twe t.y shillings, equil to any in ti e. ity. With many th inks to my customers for their libeial; patronage, I hop-by strict atteution to business, to merit a c -miiiUMCe of theii fivbrs. 'Tis not iu mortals t> command success; Bui I'll do more, deserve it. J. B. MILLER, Ml Canal street, mts 6t*' between Thompson and Sull van streets. PARI i BO'?T* AND L AS PS MADE ill ORDER By E. SUSER, 175 Broadway, {Basement,) Unc D oorfjoin Conrtlandtstreet. E SUSER, Bootrnekrr, and maker ol Lasts, an "Elve" of Clerce of Paris, begs leave to inlorm his friends and all the amateurs ol a gentlsinsnly "eh'ussnre," that he cvn now make, in New 1 ork, with the best Frrich ma'eiials all thai is so perfectly made, in tans, by his master the celebrated hooim ker Clerce, whose numcrons customers on this side of the Atlantic, are resp.cifully invited to try SUSEK'S boots and Usis befor* they despair ol being "chausse?" in New fort,alter the nicest, latest Paris fashion. Also,the genuine Paris Jet Blaek Varjiah sold. m'O 7w * r BOUT ANU SHOE STOKE. wriSPfly JOHN READY respectfully informs his friends and the public, that he has commenced business in the above line, at No. 99 Nassau street, where lie will tuenklnlly receive ajjd faithfully execute, all orders he u.ay be favored with on he in<??t rea&ou?bte tcrmi for caih. y?22r __ 90 BKOAI) <#A V. s., FRENCH BOOT MAKER. Irum Paris, has au asi-nrtmeut of ready-made Bonis .tD(i Shoes,of the best calfskin, for Five Dollars, superior to any other hop- maker in the ci'y mlO im*ec TO '1HE LADIKS ?200 pair i rime Gaiter mSSIBrf boots of all colors and sizes of the litest fashi n. Misses and children's Uiitor hoo's and Buskins, L d'es Bns kins. Ties and Slippers, a pood article, from 4 to 8 shilling*). Also, a good assortment <t Gentlemen's prime csll stitch boots, city made, tlim 2 75 to I dollars, wit-ranted ; good tine pegged boots, from 12 to ISshil ings. Also, Boy's boots, 8 to 12s ; "ents. gaiters, iiuuter baots and shoes of all descriptions ru great abundance, at Walker's cheap sloe, 419 Broa.lway, corner Csnsl street, m24 lm'ec ~~ TO BOOT-MAKL11S.' C. MORG T-JAS REMOVED from 132 to 134 Leonard street, where he I-I cou'inues to cut Kit. On hand ready cut kit, Freuch and English. ml lm*ec FORTY YEAR**. rI8 A FACT that LEE'8w8ieam Blacking is universally admit trd to be the best article msuuf ctured in the United States. C. Lee has manufactured Blacking iu th s city forty years. The first thirteen years and two months by himself? then took in partnership A. Thomson?twenty \ ears aud ten mouths it was known as Lee fc Thomson's B>aclro g. Di solved purtuerabip with said Thomson, and the last six years have made it again on my own account, I ana the o'desr ulicbina Manufacturer id the United Stales. Have made more to quantity aud bet'er in quality than any other person in this conntry; bur. good as it always has been, it is greatly improved of lateIt is no* msaufac'iirrd by steam power, and known a Ler'a I in pre ,td Sieam B'aeking, No. 1 John str et corner of Broadvr . v. I. Innki tiiivvn wirL ennarinui nridp o*i fi.II cofMieti " and would only say to hi* customers and the public that till continues to inaiiaf-<cture Ins luprnred 8'eata Bluck-i?but why enlarge? a word to the wise is sufficient CHAKLe.9 LEE, ?30 lm*r No. 1 John street, c met of Broadway. PALMO'S ARUAl E Bt?TH, 39 < HAMB; II STREET. THE GENTLEMEN'S SALOON NOW OPEN.?Great A Reduction. Baths n cento. B iths with rohee or eheeta .37 X " "J") 'icke s for $5. The subsciiber having leased the above establishment, for a term of co'i.mencd in prove m*nts on a rcale which when completed, will, he Hatters hitncrll, ve in taate, in costly elegance and msguificetiee, wi h any limilarratablithment in lite wori.'; haviug visited the hot coudnctrd ba'hr in Kntoiw, he feels an hesitation iu assuring hi? feliow citiz-ns IMS obit which bar for the pajt thirty vtars actuated 'ill ill providing (tin matter at w' at cost.) the most solendi i mansions lor their social comfort and conveui- ncr, hall not, on the pres> lit occasion he lost sight of, and that to the iiAprnet men's and el?g>ucies of th? Eutoi tan ni l take the hbcity of adding turn t einvmtire resomccs of his own caltivMed and wellkaown taste, all that he has observed wanting to render the enjoyment of aharhlue "or pins n tin" Of p-rf? Citon. The Ladies Sal-ou will be in readiness in a few days. A u'l description of die varied impr .vrmenls wil be given when completed, ar.d the whole thiowu open for public insoection. m 15 3mec FERDINAND PAL.MO. A CLEAR COMPLEXION FREE FROM ERUPTION OR DISFIGUREMENT TVAAV BE HAD BY ALL. by nsing a remedy now well drA mown to he one of the most surprising inventions of the age It is made in the shape of a beautilal smp, as it entirely eradicates every eruption, snch as pistdes, freck rs, blo.ehes, scurvy, salt rliruin, tan, inornhew, sunburn, or disfigurement orthe skin, imparting to the fare, body, neck, or arms, a bratt tifnl healthy clearness 5'o mi representation is offered. One trial will sulticr to recoinmeud it to nil. It changrs the colar of darg, sunburnt or yellow skiu, to a liur healthy clear ear It hn? receired the approval of the Medical Council of Parii, who call it a '' miracle, a wonder, and a blessing." I have aeen thia cure several cases of eruption that |>eracna hava spent handrails of dollars on to cure in vain. It la sold at 53 cents a cake by T. Jnnoa at hia perfumery establishment, sic u of the American Eagle, 12 Chatham street, N.Y ; and by tlirse agent'?in Philadelphia, by Ziebcr, c ruer 'i't ird and Dock ata. or next to the Ame.icau Hotel, Wa<hiuatou, D C.; in Uoalon, I State street: in Charlearon, 8.C. 107 King aL; in Albany. 57 btatest; in Brooklyn, 138 Fulten. Agents wauled in nil other cities m5 Im'm I HE MO*T Df.LIOHTFUL OP ALL EXCURSIONS. * ?A sat across th- Hudson Hirer to Hoboken, and then a walk 'O the Klrtian Fields along the rx.eeuingiy bexutiful and picturesque ahotes of the place, will prore the most easily anon'nluheu and attractive ol all the rural rxcuratons that can be made from the city The gruund* now pr. sent a charming aspr ct, the trees being mos'ly in leaf and the soil covered with a rirh turf. The wa'ka are in excellent order, h <ving hern c-niaiderably embellished the prescat spring mlg itw ?ec CUTLERY. WM. 5XML.D, Manufacturer and luiro-terof Cutlery, No. 1(0 Division street, offers to ihe trade, ehsaii for caah, a beauti ul asao'tme t of one, two, three aad lour blade knives, with a variety of other good . As.Mr VV superintends the manufacturing of his goods, he can rTiipimend iheui t> be cipul to the best ma ufactiired go. dt in the euy T he ronn'ry dea'ert would do well to call previ'im to I urchning elsewhere m 7 lm*r COLLECT lOMt r nail parts of the United States, made on . the most la* orable terms by S. J. 8YLVE8TEK, tr.jv 6rr 72 Wall street and '30 Ur, HILLS OK EXCHA.NOe, on all parts oi F.'glaud, IralaiiJ. >r 8rotlnnd, in sums of ?5, ?10, ?15,?20 to anv amount, for sale at 8. J. SYL V e.STBK'8, m27 tit' 22 W,|| srreer and tan Hrnadway. MAN U h ACTURKR9' l'A.NK ol tie.I.rule ^trufir' tea, j|? >, Lumbermen!* Bank Notea wanted-jor a ihsrt time at 9 J ?Y9VK8T\R9 m27 6tr 2' Wet' ? reef rind 13(1 Broadway FtKEWUKKS, CllAC K EI(S, .tec, FOURTH JLL.Y, 181? COUNTRY v d city dealere in rireworki, will find it to their advantage to ca I and evan.ine an ei'eciivi aimrtmenl of the Sett quality, ?t M. AYL'lFFlt.'9 oldeita'li hm< nt, 86 < Imliam itrert. A laige qnantitv nl Pre cracker! jn?t reiri.ed. Remember the itgnoi the two mammoth iky rockeu and irold key. n>30to4jy*r ~ A YACHT FOll SALE, OF le'en ton! bur'hen, nine month* Id, aud in perfect lulling order, we I liiund in e?eiy re?pect,!?ch a? awning lor cockpit anennr, tripling, cahlea, parent iheayc hlocki, ?aila au'i ring ng ol the veiy bt at matenila, a ooinpn t? i-tt of t'agi, cleiti aid rudder head of h .-! , ha! a keaulifui eib o, fiuely fitted no with loeken, cuahioni a id locking glaaaea, ipy glii, and oihei fixture! appciiaimog to ihe Mine ; Im a I ri<e reliigeralor under the coclp f. that will hold 100 Iba ICK a'o>P rigged, carriea aquare topaaila, ten. tli 51 feci on deck, 0 tret beam, iruD keel, 11 inchea d?ep, 3H wnl nidahirn, bolt don kelatou wi igning icon ha., ai,u thoie ihu know the advantage of leverage powa', Will at once see that the cannot be knocked down in a aqnill, and in can per bolt' in ia atove ihe CaUnot aink, I! Ihe h,? the buoyancy ef 2?oti weight of eotk tietween her aide! and inling, aud u a very Ian aailer, P nr further pattlfiitara. inquire of J.JtNNlNUS, m30 Ib'u W Broadway cor John at. unataira. front room IDULkD FOOLSCAP f/Vl'Kn ?km ii re ami low tinced XV itiled foolacap, for lale by !'ER8a? & BROOK9, N",61 Liberty ?tr,r'. VT IVV'ION 'S M I > Kit A I. t>U Mll>\ WAT Ml ?Thia i> new , rticle. put in hal.-piat bottl-a, w:th Symp* of tinny different kmda, ii particularly rdrpted to hnteli, ateamh >atl packet', and fimtliea. It alfinda immediately a cool, r?f ratling and healthy iiimmer hever>ge. tlrdera left nt Ne?ton'a Mineral Water Depot, No 13 Rei k itreet.or with the drieer of the wigon, will be punctually attend"d to, and icnt to any pin of thecit), Harlem Brookl-n, Hoboken Ac. mo 3f m HOWARD < I.UU, NKW VI lit K ?N-1 I'll K the member! ot ihe Howaid Club are hereby notified, thai, puriuant to Article 2, Section a. of the revived rulei, the annual eleetiou lor officer!01 the Ulnb, lor the year commencing on the lit Thiindiv of .Auguat neit, will he held at the Club Koomi, on Thursday, the lit day of June next, the ballotting to commrnee at half-paat I o'clock, F. M,, p-eriarly. A innctnil atterdatice cf the memnera la reapeetfhlly requeued WM RICHARDS, Ii mtOSt'm Secretary. w ro W YORK. WEDNESDAY UNITED STATES TEA EMPORIUM. 121, late 129 Chatham tttrri, New York. AnJ 116 Fulton Street, Brooklyn. A?(t t 1!S lluCKCKKil ITllttT. \7H' uliSALE AND RETAIL. f'HK CANTON TEA COMPANY continue to offer for 1 tale caw and rrasram Test of tiv-ry variety and atyle. Their a'aortmen; auecially incltidra the mod delicioui end eowerfu' ...idea .. I tJreen and Black tL'err pack ire beam the Hamj) of ner.tne- rand elri^ance, and the 1 eaa therein are ac thoroturhly lecu cd from Inrht and air that th -ir quality and power <rill ism in unimpaired in any climate Theiravatem of iiroarcutinn .inaineaa it i erhiip* aearcely to be eirrlled It ia founded upon the ittinoat 'eirtrd to the riirhti of he ruatomor. eanecttlly with reaier'. to wentht tnd iinality, and umjrailed cheapneaa. All porrhaaera ere railed upon to return any articlca which jail tu give them liie fnllrai aatiaficnon, which try merchants, public estiblishmculs, head* of families, cm' shipmasters will find its decided advantage to supply Mem elves from chit establishment Okixdiixe Java CorrsE roasted every day. Order* from ell part* of the United rttutss executed with etomptitad'e and deipat:h. il/^ The only warehouse in America for the aala of Hontnri RUfb Tel. m25 lm*n TO THE LOVEKB Oil SUPERIOR BLACK TEAHowqua's Mixture?Thi? exrremeiy delicious and anparalItied Tea, to highly celebrated in China and Europe, joat imported, it now for rale at the Canton Tea Company' Oenem' Tm 10i'?l?li?hm?nt ]j| Phsthsmst New Vi?-r, and 116 Fulton afreet, Brooklyn?in stckages Price M rents and ai each in?5 '" *m ____ REMOVAL. MRS. O. NKWCOMBK, TOBACCONIST, retain. her sincere acknowledgements for the very liberal patronage extended to her for the last 13 yearn, and would bey leave to inform her patron* aud the public Kent-rally that the has remeted her old established snutf and tobacco warehouse to the spacious store No 4 Wall street, Mor'imer buildiuK*, where she would luvite the at ention o( eonnois eurs to her large and wrll selected stock of Foreign and domesti snuff's. Just received from Hamburgh a larKe supply of Varina*i.Kanaster (1st, 2nd i-.ud 3rd quality J old and very superior Turkish Spanish, Scafa-latti ana Porto Rico, rmok'nx tobacco; cavendish ( various kind ,) rud flue cut (hewing ditto. A choice asscrtmeut of the best brands of Havana and Principe i igara, constantly on hand. Kancv pipes, rittar cases, unff boxes, pocket lights. Chinese tinder Sic &c All ol which lor tale on the most liberal terms, wholesale or retail. ftraugers and country dealers are iuvned to call previous to making their purchases elsewhere mt lm*ec VTOTK'K AND REMOVAL.?F. A ARTAULT, lately 16?5* Fulton st. havinit dissolved by :nntaal consent his copartnership. for giving all his attention to tire Daguerreotype bus-nets, respectfully informs his fritDds aud the public lhat fie has removed his old Daguerreotype stand (rom I68K Kttllon st. to 235 Broadway,2d story, where he has just opeueu several packages received by the latt arrivals, containing 10UO French Daguerreotype Plate*. No. 30 and 10 warranted Freuch Acroinatic Lenses, an t nil ihrcheimeals necessary?complete apparatus. tie will De very glad to tee all his old customers visiting hit new place. Piease to give a call?235 Broadway, 2d story, rooms Nos. 2 and 3. m? lm*r 0 BKEVOOHT, formerly at 102 Knltou street, h'l re vi moved to No. 6". mSlmr MADA.Vle. FLORIMC LEFKVKE? Removed from 79 Franklin street 'o 20 Walker infi I in *t_ REMOVAL?I' MAK*, Hill Dr-sserand Wig Maker, has removed f-om 162 to 189 B.uadway, a lew doors below the F anklin H -Use, and opposite John street. Htvi gfpiednpa new n oio in the most fashionable style, h- will c -ntinue the tame bmintss, aud will be pleased lo see Lis old fiiends and patrons, and others who i av lavor him wnh a call. He has also private rooms foi Ladies' tnir dressing and jampcotng. This powerful Extract m Jampo >uy is considered by thousands of Nerr Yorkers and ttransers at one o tue healthiest articles for the cure ol dindruff and trengtheuing 'he hair, it approved by the Faculty of Mrdiciue in Pans. a"J patented at Wa-hiugtou. Nothing is more pleasant and delightful than to go thronxh this operation in the hands of P. MAES ml -m*' SELPHO'S FIR IT I' llEMiU vt A -OlESEY LEU. INTRODUCED iu'o this country and made solely by Wil1 liam Helpho, No. 80 Spring streei, near Broadway, New i urn. i nil ne?eripuou?i /arunciai jl,c|{ ut-rivrs iu unme tre-n (he c?leb Rtcd Marquis of ADi;leS'-y. (e?eii a(. thia day ihe first horseman in Europe) by whom it Las been adapted and worn ever liner its firs'invention by the l.ite Mr Potie, of London, to whom the present artist was, lor eleven years, a pupil and assistant. The Anglesey Ley is patented in England, and differs radically aud essentially from allnthersubsrirutr.fnr namrutated limb. Ill Murope it is worn bv Prince Ernest of Chillijistall, and hv o'tier Continental as well at British Nobis men, and Naval and Militnrv ilenMe""n who suffered is the late wars. Also by many latkes of ik'stinction. It is allowed by the inmlemiu. nt European SuigeoiM to he the nearest approach to the Natural Lei;. hith>r'o produced, an opinion which, both as to its lorm aud ucti.n, has been uinie recenily confirmed by m my of the most distinguished of their prolessional brethren iu the Uuiu-d States. And durum Ihe short tunc the subscriber has beeu in this countr r, it*, advantage i have beeu fully tested by a nninberof patients of tlie Inchest res;>eetability, who have lelt with him the strongest certificates in laeor of iis snprri.'iiiy. W 3. wit' out meaning to reflect upon any maker of the old style oi l-c considers it hi.iduty to caution tbe public against being misled by iicrsons preteudmr to imitate or improve upon he Anglesey Leg. W. .v. has had seventeen yeats experience in his profession, and the mechanical principle npon w' ich the peculiarity i f this leg deiientfs, is known only iu the United States to himself. W. S. may be consulted daily at 80 3ptinK street,or by letter, post paid. [krom the New World.] The Anolkjev Leo ?I'his invention and its introduction into this con- try by a pupil of the inventor, and an adept in in re mechanic*) ikill, will be li'i'e'l witli joy and g latitude by all who need its assistance. The workmanship of the Leg ta very beau .iful, am' it at the same ti"-o strong and I'nrahlp. The joints are ex*c:ly si nilar to nature, ami the most fiuiaeed sculptor m glit sainiv endeavor to fashion a more peifcct model ota human limb. We commend to onr readers especial notice, the praiseworthy artist. His adrertiseineut may be relied on as telling the literal truth. ml1 lm*m CtttlTON W A ILK?DAY'S -IH8T I'HEolUM INDI \ RUBBER HOSK is eonlideuily recommended for any purposes for which teaihtr is used, and is warranted to possess the foil w mg pioperties lit. It is perfec ly tiaht nnder pressure of the Croton. 21 It is made of the af rougeat fabrics, aod will not mildew to injnre in the least, and requires uo .itreution. 3rd. It is not d-stroird by commit in contact withotlor grease, nor stiffened by cold weather, nor cin the tubbvr deci siLvie, cs inferior articles are in no cte uxil. should ihs leest complaint be innde of th? Hose, not possessing the above properties, it will he taken hack, at any time inside o's * months from its purchese, and uiner given in eichange without charge 4th. Coupling and jet pipes will be attached without charge. Buyrri will BOtstkst we ore clearly satisfied that this hose (the proc-asol making which is unknown to anv otner i 1 the trade) is just the article long wanted lor leading water ?nd many other liquids. HORACE H. DAY, uil6 Im'r Successor to Bezhury I. R C. 45 VUincoI.ane. A A. BAMANOH, NO. 6 WALL AND 289 BROADWAY, offars for sale toe following arti. 'es. viz '8 Bales of stipeiior Oniia Tobacco. 10 Biles of yaiions qualities of Havana Leaf. 48 Drums of superior Tn-key Smoking l'obicco. 12 Bags of I h.nce Coffee, 'or fimily use A S'?ail lo' of Airow Ro >t and Cocoa N ut. 10 Cas?s of 10 snd 6 d> r. -aen Hcs'srlst'i Smoking Tobacco, 6 Dcz bot.lcs oue pound eicli Natchi'.oches Snuff, oi New Orl-ai s. 193,000 Lord Byron Regalia Trabucos, Canonei and Pana tellss. I.a Norms do and mcdiam size. Venus Regalia 111 bona of 100 snd in 30. Plantation Begin and Maniil Ch*roots. Azrora' az tdores, ^Voi-ville. Prgur\d?d, Port Havanos,'La Kinprrssn, G 11 a, mail Y.ira etd Prircipees. German '1'obacco, 111 dilfe-ent qualities and Spanish. An asjortineut of chewing tohaecs, pipes, bowls, tubes, ambers, muff boi-s, segar cases, m itches of different qualities, long Tnrki-h i.herry "terns, and a general assortment oi piper segara. Viz; Gircit. Mendota. Perit, Star ani Loid Byron and many other articles two numerous to mention?al. are offered ?r .I re 1 aiI Aim). 8 of Pill or Wafe* B net, of different tize*. _ni2Rl m r 8 fRa W BONNE.TS AMU BMBKOIDBRiES. AT thu araaon of the y?ar, at he 1 'diet ate about leivng lha city, Mitt F O dtfroybest to inform that the h .1 lately received Irom the bet' r.ouita in aevera' ctteaof thaw hnta, eery suits-It* for the country, by their low price, loud taa'e and ele.nnt tiem hcirv The ?ale wil begin ou Wcdneaday neit, Ihe 31st ir.itaut.ard will be con irnad ceerv day of the tame week. Mitt F. (J Will tell, at tie tame lime a complete amortmrnt of Kmhroideriet, th>t the will tiee below coti, wi*.hing to renew her neck lor the enaui'ig ir-inn Lmfirt air luvited to rail to 319 Broadway, oppoiitr thaOrlton H )U?e, up ttaiia, and jsdge for themt'lret rr'29 3 *r f)Lu ANB SUPERIOR LOMSUNO" SOUTH i*IDE MADEIRA?At Public Auction, on 'J hurtd.iv, 1 at June, at 12 o'clock, at the itor of the > uhaciihr r, No 4 New afreet near Wallitreet, New York, will be told on liberal credit. 75' pipet and qr eatkt of very tup-rior old Sooth Side Madeira Wine, from the celebra'ed and asei-nt flout- of " L<mrli no," who pottett totne of the choice-t vineyardi on the (tltnd I here wines ar itl mat remain f the imporrat'. ni direct by VIeitrt. Peter Harmony Ik Co. and are under ' uat< m Hoot; Lock Sample* can be teen *t my tforr end they will be off.-red at piivale tale until lit Jane, when all tha> rrmnint rhail be told on t at day to ihe highest bidder, without rrte ve at the thip tneiitt must be cloieu. W. A. CAKTiR, Wine and Coininitti en Merchant, m?3 tlttjr 6 ew etr. et, New York. PHO POORaFh PORTRAITS? Ur. L. M. CYRUS the in* ?ntor of thit new art, produce t by it not only a cor rrct nbruett of t> e original p rtrail but alto a purity ofdeaign abril wncy of ro oting, which lar t riatt the -htf-d'oanv ?whether ancient or modrrt:?of the moat ci lebr ted art it La. Urateful I r the eueou-igeinent he ha* received front hit nninerout frieudt end the pnhlic generally, D'. L. M. Cyrut wonld f?in inform them that lie bat titled np, fo? the accommod lion Of l?'lira, r ?ni(? ofnWM in P'lk Place HOJMO. corner of Broadway, where he irntlt hit skill in hit proli'ttion. and hit attention io ell who may rnnorhim with their lavort, will ii.ttt-c him a continuance of the patronage hitheito to liberally bellowed on him. The Doctor eivet instruction in erery department of the DafoonootypeIN rhyp grapllie art. Instrument* fo. tiking pop triita on a larpe ni am-ll tcrle, for aalr.ns alto the nereaa.try chrmical preparations fjr the taking of nortiaiu in Thy to graph* or con' Term* moderate. mIO lm*r pLfcAHA.NT BOAP LMNtJ? Several lamillea rau oe ac r eommoilated at ftratton'r Point, one mile Irom the trillage of KinhiDg; (o and from which a ateatnoonl tnua twice i day. Bathing on a >>n < beach within forty rode,with dretaing hoiur,

rural walk*. end a pri*(>cct uu?uipa*?ed, b? land and water Apply to P. sTRaT TON. in 10 1 in*r H AMMOMlC XPaHI'?iKNTS, I > Honamp atrrei, near Broadway to let. to gentlemen. with brrahfaat and tea, or fall board, If required Kelereoce* required. g. quire at the bar t Niblo'e Uardrn, or at the bona , 411 Hottitou snect. m21-lm*ec LWHIOHT Ik CO. will open an oltice of divcnant and de polite at Orwego, ,N. Y., on the lit of May neit, and will make collection* and rrrnittaiicci at reoaonable rate*. He lerto I) Kbbet*. Jr. ^ ?q , caahier. Ne w York. Snyuam, ''age k Co., .New Yoik. Die*, Kobinaou k Co., New York. A. U Patchin, k.?q., Cramer, Albany, Oiweto. Arril 2fl 1*4 a2*i'.w* SAMUKL BliOllWKH. rrapeetfully inform* hi* temperance frirnitt and the public, that In* repetition Conce-t wilcome ( (Ton Thn'iday evening J me i?t. 1841, (hi* laat a| real to In* lri?inl?,) at Concert Hall, 106 Bimdwy. on which occa ion the following eminent talni will nog aad pr mule *t| iano: Mil, Birton. II ''he man, from ilie American Muieum, It H. Todd celeora til Itlih vnealiat. (I.o J irkaon, fint ai iiearance iheie ten yeaia, a profeiaor, M ur? B-ilev, Poole, White, Colon, K id ler, Tr< mpore, H alley, and Coliiiia. i n arta one ilnliing, to be had at ihe d-ioron tha n ght of the co cert, or Mr B. D^ort optn at H pait 7, coecerti)* put 8o'C'i C? , prr curly ">40 > *t fNOLMAVS l.f BO a MUSTAUD, per chip Philadt 1 M phia 200 Hlb kegi of line and aecond Bead?20ii piga _ _ ? Printing Pa, era-28X42 21X36 2?X37 24X18 82-*X31 2 XII 19X24 together. With a genetal aa*ortment of writing, ervel. p-. and wrapping Iapera, tor sale by 9. XlN'jkLEY, in21 im'r 1W luden Lane iRK I ' MORNING, MAY 31, 15 po KARMK.RB GRAZlKUfTaTAGRICULTURISTS 1 ? BUTTbK.MKRK, Dmvgiat and Chemist, from fcny land, 58 Katei street, Near York, would c irneslly direct the nt'culion ol all cnucrrni'il in the welfare of horses and ca> tie to the follownm inr lmblr no di, inrs, i>r?-pared nccorduiB to the formula of one ol the moat ainineut veterinary aantroua now pncriainf in the loath of K'ojtaud, and procured by the preaent proprietor at considerable ro,t ? DI' KK.TI' HORdK BMXS-, Vse balls ire a ndira' remedy for all diao dera in liorara, irisiins from impurity of the blood, Brou humors, and obitructcd perspiration, such aa urease in the herls, swelled lem, a ran^Ui . , K ivel, eruntioua on the akin. he. They maybe admiiuatereil at auy time or aeaaoli, without change of do t, or luterfr reoce with usual la bor Aline l.ill til il.e, when horses generally uuder|fo change orh ibit, the regular use of these balls will p uvt high ly beiielici 11, and evcu i preventive of uiaay <Ji?' ues to wliich, at thi? season, honra an? peculiarly liable. Hold iu packages containing six hall" ia , with tmple dirrctmns. CORD1AL FELON DRINK?Decidedly the beat medicine that can be adm.ujatered, for all diaordera in horned cattle, arising from cold, >uch aa hidebound, fevera, laaa of appetite, shivenug, coughs, hooving, loaa of milk, Ike. Said in package!, with direction!, 3s 6d each. CLE AN Hi NO DRINK lor new Calved Cows?U of inflnate lervice and should never be ouiRked, in all ca?ea where the placenta, secuudims, or cleansing, ta obstructed. It not onlv forwarda (he discharge, but ami admirably affords nature timely assistance, in expelling that eilraueoua matter, which impedea the courae of the alimentary canal,presenting the fulfilment of iu pr i|ier function. Thia drink alao counteract! a variety of complaint! to which the animal ia afterwarda liable, whi'stthe flow of milk 11 woudtrfully promoted. In packag-a, with directions, Si 6d each. RED FESTER BOTTLE?For subduing inflammation and morbid swellings in hones, alio an excellent cooling loliou. for lelnxed sinews, bruises, sp-ai:is, galled backs, wounds, ftc In bottles, with directions, 2s 64 each. No stable should be without it. VULNERARY BALSAM?For eradicating warblei in horses, healing cuts and wounds, howrver deep or aggravated; alio an application to cankers in the hoof and onick probes, decidedly the best remedy that can be used. Should he in every s'able. Hold iu bottles, with directions, Is Gd each. CORDIAL. rUHUl^G, AND WORM BALLS, LIQUID BLISTER, Ike. Ike. At this establishment, the utmost caution is invariably observed, iu the selection of genuine familv medicines. I HYSICIAN'S PRESCRIPTIONS -J. B fully impressed with a sense of their vital im|>ortJiice, shall invariibly observe the moat scrupulous accuracy in the preparation u4 physician's prescriptions. The above medicines are prepared and sold exclusively at the Medical Hsll, "8 Essex stieet, three doors from Grand, opposite the Market, New York. Orders from the country prnmpt'y executed a 18 3m*r IMPORTANT TO FARMER*? The New York Night 1 Soil Company are bow prepared to receive and fulfil order* for manure, which i? pinuouuced by tin- most practical and reipectable farmer! to be superior in its f< mlizing qnnliti i to auy manure uow in uae, and they intend lelliug it at auch price! a* to make it accruible to everv farmer. For particulars enquire at the office of the agent, 15 Chambers street. Ordvrs msy also be left for the removal of the contents ol cess pools and sinks, which will he attended to with all possible cleaid'tiess and pauctnality. They liavs been at the great ei|ienic of purchasing vessels lor the purpose of conveying it from the ci.y, and to make it agreeable to the citizen*, they have close tubs and carts, and have it so arranged as to have a vessel at the wharf, nearest to where the work is going ou, so as to p event the uuiaanre of carting it through the city. All orJers may be left or letters addressed 10 ihe office ol the agent. 15 Chambers street. m3 Im'p m<; WLLIARD 8ALOON~T7~ ~ ^ u. j i PI ixtPj i, i ri i\ r, r_. i?uuno TT THE AMERICAN HOTEL. DRICE REDUCED to One Shilling |ier Hundred, from I I A. .M. ro 5 P M.?The subscriber informs his friends and the public iu general, that tie has Five New Billiard Tables, iu separate apartments?two in the upper front saloon?two in the rear saloon, and on? in the front room?All iu first rate older. Each g?r t fffiiu visiting the establishment will be Inrnished with a private Cue, for his especial use?the tahlei being in different apa iik uU. Uie proprielot thinks it will render it more select and i teenhle to uentlenien visiting his house. ALSO. TWO HNE BOWLING ALLEYS IN THE BASEMENT. His Bar will always be stocaed with the choicest Wines and Liquors ami the hest Sccats to be had?also Sherry Cobbliys, Mint Juleps, Punches; made in a manner not to be surpassed? N B.?'I'lic apartments have undergone a thorough refitting ?rewpaper, pa inline. Ssc. (TT^Oeutlemcn wili please to communicate any neglect of duty of the attendants, at the bar. FRANCIS MONTEVERDK. mch'6 1ni*r S Barc'ay street. EXPRESS FOR CLEVELAND AND DETROIT fPHE subscribers will send ati ami through from this city, J. to the above named and intermediate places, on the morning of the 9th inst., lor the transportation of specie, banknotes, bundles and packages ol goods, collection of drafts, bills, notes and accounts,and all tne.h other business as may be entrusted to them. rOMKHOY St CO.. 2 Wall st? N.V N. B. Immediately on the openinir of lake navigation, the above express line will be extended to Chicago, Cincinnati, Re., and continued throughout the entire season, in connexion with their New York, Albany, Troy, tud Buffalo daily express mti r Adams st go.'b new york and Newark enj PHES^.?The public are respectfully informed that t t snhnCTibers have established an Express hetweeu New Yo k and Newark, N. J., lot the transmission and speedy delive y of packages, bundles, money, kc. Ike.; the collection of not ta au>l bills, and all other business anpertainingto an Expscsr Orderx for article! to be returned by the Express trill be delivered free of charge. Office in New York at No. T Wall street, and ia Newark, fat ovtiTU's v n ..... v? ttA nM.a ,t Leave New York at II)< A. M. and P. M. I .???? Newark at t A. M.and IK P. M. dltce ADAMS fc CO rMPOKTANT TO OLD COUNTRYMKN.-MESSRS A HARNDEN li CO. will draw at their Express end Foreign LeUer Office, No 3 Wall alreet,small hilla of ei change Iroin i.I to ?100, in sunu to mit, payable at sight, I'oi the aceoinioodetioa of persons wiebirg to remit to dirir friends in England, it land, or Scotland. The lettet K-lzi lor the Royal Mail Steamers forLive apool tie ala." made ti|i ni their office. '/or further information apply to HARNDEN ?c CO., I Wallatret Agents in London? M ACI.itAN, MARRI8 It CO. Liverpool-Wfl.MKR It SMITH, e_ NEW FIREWORKS LABORATORY, BY JOHN TItAOARDH, PYROTECHNIST, KR'?M SWEDEN. MESSRS KOLLBEltU h. TKAOAKDH have the honor to inform ihe American public that they have an eatenaire and varied assortment ol Fire Worka, of all aud ev-ry ku.d, at then ealabliahnient, at Haraimua Lor.* Dock in New Jersey,* hall m-le from Jersey City, oppoaite New York, which they offer to Committees and others, at the moat favorable price a in the market. Bel eviug in the new trade principle of a moderate caah price for a good article, they reqaeat ihe favora of the public at the above place, or *t theatore of Robert Johnatou, No. }l atrict. All oider>, on any acale ol site or variety .promptly attr ndad to, by addressing trie subscribers at either of the above placei. NICHOLAS A, KOLLBERUfc J TRAOABDH, mv 7-2m*r Marairnm Lone Dock, New Jeraey. SHIELDS XYLOGRAI'HIC PRESS, No. 4A Maiden Lane. New York. r-pHE PROPRIETOR of thia will known establish J- inent, respectfully invites the aitentioH of Manufacturers. Drtuiriats, Pertiimers, Orocera, Hardware and Dry Good dealt-ra, and all others, l* liia extenaive facilities for the execution of Copper Plate and Xylogrsphie Engraving and Printing, that he has greatly added to hia atnek ol' machinery, ?ud many new and improved platea far ani>erior to thoae of any other eambliihrnent in America. Hia ant craa haa ao far exceeded hia expectation, aa to enable him to chel'enge a compariaon with thoae from the beat European priming offices, and la now pr- parej to execute al1 ordera in a atvie 1101 to he surpassed on either aide ol the Atlantic. It will be the aim of the proprietor to continue hia improvemrnra, ihat he may be able lo supply ell ordera for ahow bills circnlara, wrapirera, labr la, direeliima, flic, of the beat quality, at. the lowest imssible prices. Oiigiual designs and plates of every description of mannf.ictur ra, cxccroed in the first style 1 of (he art, aud rlegantly printed in gold tr ulter, bronze, or fancy colors at short notice. A large and general assortment of Drnggiata, Manufacturers. Perfumers, Orocera, and other labels, constantly on hind, and may be had wholesale and ret il, and all articles entirely conI nected with (he tr.vie. Job Printiug in every variety of stale, I ne<tly exe-nlerl to order, and on the moat reasonable terina, i and tne proprietor may here observe, that the loweit peaaible I price is charged for work done in his establishment a system which the great extent of nta business enables him fully to carry out Ordrriwillbe executed with that punctuality aDd r.jrrd fo* the wishes of his cnsiomerv which it is hoped, a>ill 1 afford the utmost satisfaction, and all ordera from the country I punctually attended to, and the articles ordered or forwarded I to any part of the United States er the t'anadaa. m2 In'r CHAS. SHIELDS. Propnetar. GUI TAH8, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL.-34S Broad wr-v. near wa ker atreet.?MESSRS. I'H. KHNs'I I 8!'HMIDT (St MAUL, Guitar msniiiacrurera, would respect i..ii.. ..n .1.. ?r i v... .... I. .. ... .1 Ki._ 1. Jl.... No. 395 Broadway, whore they keep coast 'ally no baud ?i eitemiie aaiorunent of fine-toned liiimn, lim.hed (he bed atyle. All I ' 'rumen** from thii manufactory, long favorably known in ihr Lulled 8tt.t*?, where it received the firrl premium awarded by the America'' luiti'nte. for the be*l (Juitai, are made of auch uiatcnl* end in *uch a iuperior m nuer, ai rn b ii (he maker to warrant the in to Hand any cl m ite. Strange'* h> fo e puich i-ing el?e?h*r?, are requested to call nrd examine the *i lei' ud workinaiahip ol thai' inatrnmenr*, and aacitia n the nri ei. '1 hey will on found lower than at any other home in the city. Mr Ph. Krn?\ Prol??inr of the Flnle and Guitar, beg* leave j to announce that the above arrangement* do not interfere in ' the leaat with hi* other rng geineut*; he a> ill continue* lo give ' leMona aa tuaal, at M Broadway, near ' ' Herat in It Im r ri'HK. aniJIENV AND WoNUKKFTir ZHFIEE OK 1 I HliNA?l)e*cr bed, lllnatrated and Kamiliarized.?R. MAil VlN * fO have ju*treceived froin London amignife cent lllnatrated work on China, which they intend to laaue in monthly part*, with all the aula of rugraviug and printing combo oil, toprraeni a heant to I and inatrncttve acconnt ol that aaloniahiiiv aid iniereatiuu Country. The antiquity, the gtandenr, and the exclu*iv? chaiacter of the imlltuti in* of China, ri nder *nch an acaonnt at he prr?ent time, peculiarly appropriate and detirahle, con* ide ring the mtere*t which i* now fell in the United Stile*, in connection with the Tact of our com mercial Operation* being *o mncn extend d with that aingulai and woiiderfol n.lion. The work wi I ne iaaued m nmnberi containing three ?tre! engraving* in each. Price 50 cent*. M. MAUXIN Ik CO., my7-lm#jr fohintr>ct. A (K)Ol) SHAVING SOAP AT LAST, TO MAKE A GOOD AND LASTING LATHER TuK SOAP this is comi??>st ?i f>f it ih<* old Nanles 8?mi ? i 1 is Kept iu store 'I and 20 yens before it it im.orted.? Those who bave used it we II know i't worth, and swat i ? the vers best soap errr medr for ilutlw?it nusryi thick rich lusting easy l.ither, tofleniiiK to the beard and|{ to ihe skin?i, it n w purified, beantifnlly scented and put in uea sha> iuk jars for use, at 1, t k i shillings each, by T. JON h.H at his I eifninery Establishment, sign of the American Kagl-, BJ (o.athim sireet, N Y and by torse agents in?A Ibany, at 57 Btato t' ; in Philadelphia, at Zribrr't, corner ol 3d ami Dock at ; in Boston, 8 Htate tl ; in Brooklyn, 139 fulton street, mli Itn'in "" P/VPfcK. PK, 118t*K 8t BUOOK8, No.81 Liberty street,'naye'lor sa s the following? teg reams newa printing II by 50 700 " " " 12 by 38 ?50 " " " II by 46 '4)J " 1 " ?. ny 37 80 ) 2B by 42 236 21 by 38 ?0 " " " 12 by 32 J00 " " ' 21 by 31 Also, booh paper, 19 by 24 , 24 by 28, and 24 by 78. They hase also a large tasoi merit ol wntir ' audlwrippin* esper, of different siteie aud ijealitiea, which th-y offer at th 'owesi market prieea. inker AA All A MK J \ M VIK rga rrapeeUaily t inform t r idiTs IV! that the has ren orad her establishment f?? m No. 23 Murray itrret to No. 48 Vetey street, up stairs where she roulinu is 'v clean Ucis, Vcila, embroidtrics, aad plei: collars. m30 1t*r IERA S43. National Academy of Since our last we have made i carelul review of the works exhibited, and tind thai th> re i^ still much demanding our notice, and we ahall therefore continue our remarks at some length. W. take this opportunity of assuring those inquisitive personages who have been so busily speculating as to who may or may not be the author of these criticisms, that their curiosity is as futile as it is unnecessary. Suffice it that they were commenced, and will be carried through, with a determination to advance, as far as possible, the interests of the art which ihey discuss, by careful investigation and hh honest and fearless expression of opiuion. We had hoped to unvc rcucivcu asoiaianur- in uur ittuuro ui^pu^n mr notices ol some of our cotemporaries; but we find the few that have appeared, made up, for the moat part, if not entirely, of the same farrago of stereo typed cant which has hitherto distinguished newspaper criticism on art ; equally extravsgant in their praise and censure. They do not condescend to assign any reason for the sentiments so oracularly pronounced. Such a picture is declared to he good? and such a one had ; another splendid, and the rest execrnhle; but for any clue to the causes which induced such conclusions, we look in vain. Now, we should he glad to learn of whit possible utility such criticism can be?how it can either enlighten the public or improve the artist 1 It can do neither. The effect is directly opposite to that produced by just and legitimate criticism. The sensible painter who is thus applauded, derives no satisfaction in the laudation, and he who is condemned laughs at what he esteems an impotent ebullition of ignorance or malice. The conductors of journals who permit their columns to be disgraced by these senseless tirades, have much to answer for. They oppOM stumbling-blocks to the onward march of taste and genius in the country, which have, heaven knows, enough of unavoidable obstacles in their way. We have genius for art among us?high, pure, vigorous, and original genius ; but it has not yet attained its full stature?it is the infant Hercules. Let us, then, by every means we can command, foster its growingstrength, and sustain the generous and quick pulsations of its mighty heart?few artists need but this. They are surrounded bv lolty and glorious sources of inspiration. They find this in the exhaustless stores of grandeur and loveliness which Nature lias lavished upon this western world. Nor need they seek in foreign history themes for the epic pencil. True, they have not here the shadowy and dreamy poetry that clings about antiquity? the mysterious sublimities of tradition ; but, then, they have the glory of the present. Let the European bask him in the sunshine of tiis own idealrevel in classic story?still gaze "on ruined lane and fallen architrave"?they are beautiful inspirations. But let the son of the new world erect, lor henllll/ Hnfl ttnhlimilv new nltora . luf lum turn irom Greek and Roman story, and conceive the grandeur of a kingdom wrested from the woods? where civilization is moving with the stride of a giant onward, and the axe is forever ringing with a restlessness (hat is sublime. Rut we fear we may already have trespassed too far upon our readers' patience in this digression? we return, therefore, to our direct subject. No. 2 Moonlight?Scene in Scotland.?A young lady.?We are loth to criticise the effort of a lady when we cannot approve it?but we are constrained to say that ttic fair author of this performance has been ill-advised in publicly exhibiting it We hail with pleasure any evidence of disposition on the pari of ladies to cultivate a taste for and practice art; but we would respectlullv suggest the propriety ot confining the exhibition of their early effortBto a private circle, where they are certain to command a degree ol admiration. We commend the young lady, it she wish to become a landscape painter, to a careful study of Nature. She will then discover that shadows are not naturally of an indigo hue? and that the color of foliage cannot be well imitated witli chrome and Prussian blue. We would also suggest that at least one course of drawing, under an Hole master, might be advisable. No 11 Portrait of a Gentleman.?G. Callaway Really thai this thing should have been admitted by the committee, is too bad. We cannot conceive what pleasure they can take in seeing "the human face divine" thus wantonly libelled. What colors Mr. Callaway uses in the composit on of his tints, i3 to us a mystery. The flesh m several turta appears to be in a state of gangrene; anil tile whole has so ghastly an aspect, that if it bear the remotest resemblance to the gentleman for whom it is intended, he is most heartily to be jiitied. No. 133 Landscape Composition.?R. A. Powers.?A very brilliant Hnd well hnndled picture. 'I he artist has evidently studied carefully the character of fall foliage?and he delineates it in a masterly manner. It is unfortunate that he was not more successful in the sky of this picture?it lacks atmosphere, and is deficient in those pearly tints which give so much value to a rich foreground. No. 218. Magdalen ?J. Whitehorne, N. A.? That this picture will never be mistaken for a Raphael, is certain It is coarse both in conception and execution We know not what color the painter intended his Magdalen's hair to be?possibly auburn?but we can assure him that it is more than "approximating closely to, and verging towards the confines of" a positive red, and is withal of a texture too nearly akin to rope yarn to suit our ideas of beauty. It requires powers of no common order to grapple with a subject which Titian, Guido and Domenichino have already immortalized?and we must say, that as yet,we think Mr. Whitehorne has given no evidence of such capacity. 117. Landscape?Winter.?T. Cole, N. A.?In this picture. Cole is more himself again. It is full of truth and nature, and though not characterised by the bold and magnificent effects of some of the artist's past works, is still a credituble specimen of his |>encil. The sky is exquisitely aerial, and the effect of sunset upon snow exquisitely fine. 116 Morning near Sing Sing, looking over Tappan Hay. North River ?R. Havell. A very clear und mellow picture?hut much wanting in strength in the foreground. We think, too, if the artist would introduce less of positive blue, and more of grey into his distances, they would be improved ? The handling of the picture is free and beautiful. 123 Childhood.?S A Mount, N. A ?We have not before seen so discreditable a production, by i this clever artist. Not only is the composition un ! graceful, hut the coloring is of a tawdry character, , what one would hardly pardon in a French print. 1 224 Portrait of L M. Hoffman, Esq ?W H. Powell, A.?A very life like, finely-painted portrait. The half shadows about the face are managed wiih - a skill and delicacy we have rarely seen excelled. k It is altogether one of the best portraits in the exhi bition. i 172 The Retreat to Fort Necessity, June, 1754 J. O Chapman, N. A?We are act among ihe most ardmt of this artist's admirers, although by no means insensible to Iii9 merits. He is, we think, i most successful in cabinet pictures?for in these the correctness of his drawing and delicacy of coloring atone for the want of strength of effect. But in his larger works, the deficiency in this necessary quality is too apparent. The present picture is pretty? nothing mote. The essential attributes of a fine historical work of" art?energetic action and effect of chiara scuro?are wanting. Commead us to a picture by Chapmun, on a pannel 16 by 20, of some rustic sufqect, and it is ten to one but we must look far, to find a match for it in excelh nee?but we have yet to see an historical composition by him tnat shall rise much above the level of mediocrity. Literary Notifies. Ftethkn's Misckllaxkous Essays, by James Stephens?Philtulelphia, Carry ami Hart.?Tins volume is very neatly executed, and contains the Life of William Wilburlorce, the Lives of Whitfield and Frande, D'Aubiane's History of the Great Reformation, Life and Times ?f Richard Baxter, Physical Theory of Another Life,The Port Royalists,Ignatius Loyala and his Associates, and Taylor's Edwin the Fair. These are all Critical Essays from the Edinburgh Review. Macaulky's Miscellanies?Complete in one volume?cheap edition.?The publisher in his notice says:?The very general and high commendation bestowed by the press and the community, upon the American edition ofMacauley's miscellaneous writings, has induced the publishers to issue a new and cheap edition, embracing the remainder of the articles in the Edinburgh Review, and several ar'icles written and published while the auHioi was at College. No Sf.nsk Likk Common Ssnsb? A TuUhy Mary Hmvitt.?This is another one of those u> .u <? o tidy works emanating from Anpleton's prolific book ' press. It is ornamented with some very pretty en cravings,and purports to be passages in the life of Charles Middleton, Esq It is a very neat little vol utile, and we doubt not, from the high reputation of 1 L D# Prlea Two Cent*. the author, that its contents' are equal to ita eiecution. Hkctor O'Hali-ora.n, and his Man Mark Antony O'Taouc?Cheapest edition?large type, with two illustrations. By Appleten The price of this work is such as to bring it within reach of all classes. Ft has an immenee sale. Farmer's E^cycjjopmdxa?No. 7. with a Dlate? 25 cents Curey Jc H?rt, Philadelphia Invaluable to the farmer. r?odky's Ladies' Book for Jon*.?There are no new fashion*, but some beautiful embellishment* and one ot the most beautiful conception* that h<t* ever api>eared in an American Magazine. Ge*thwdk Howard, tiik Maid of Humrlk Lif* ? By IV R. Engtuk. This is styled tempatione resisted, and a com|>anion for Hoatna Meadows. J-A. Tuttle, 4 Ann street. Thk knickkhboceer for Jun*.?Rich and varied as usual?a princely wruk. Circuit Court. Beioro Judge Kent. Mat 30.? Maiterlon and .Smi i h ui tha Mayor and Cat* notation of tht Cily of Hrooklyn.?Thu ia notable case by way *f illustrating u certain pas>sge Iram the gospel according to St. Luke, chapter XIV,'28- SO verses, which may be considered the text from whic h Mr. Lord preached a very able and effective sermon, this morning, to the Court and jury here congregated. The text is as follows Verse 98. Which of you intending to build a town [or City Halt] sitteth not down first, and counteth the cost, whether he have sufficient to finish it I '29. Lest haply, alter ho hath laid the foundation, and is not able to finish it [nor pay the contractors] all that behold it begin to mock him, 30. Saying, this man [or city] began to build, and was not able to finish. Uearlv beloved, this is an action on a contract to tarnish the marble forthr Brooklyn City Hall. In tha year 1 H3M>. the Mayor and Corporation of the city of Brooklyn intended to build a City Hall?or according to the test, a tower?which is the same thing. The scripture requires that in all such casas the party shall firat sit down Bnd count the cost, and see whether he have sufficient to finish it. But, beloved, this being an ungodly city, that does not read the Bible, instead of sitting down to count the cost, simply set down and drew ant their plans for their City Hall, aud then contracted with Mastevton and Smith, my clients, to furnish marhle lor the same, for which they agreed to pay some two or three hundred thousand dollars. The City exacted sureties of Masterton and Smith, for the fulfilment ol the ceutract,to the amount ot $30,000. They even commenced the building, and laid the foundation thereof, according to the scrintnres. hut went not nblu to tiniah -nor could they pay the contractor*, anil herein hath been fulfilled the prophecy which saith ?all that have beheld it have mocked, saying. "this City began to build, but win not able to finish"?tor thev impended the wmk in 1837,and my client* areitill unpaid. They were stningcrs.and the city o( Brooklyn took them In. And now, beloved, we atk tor remuneration for the damages we have received in the non fulfilment of thil contiact. They tell u* that in 1880, when thii contract wa* entered into, that money wa? plenty; bat that, shortly afterward*, it became scarce, and they could not go on with the work. But, brethren, this ii not a righteous answer; had this been a Christian city, n Godly aity, a Bible reading city, it would have tint *at down and counted the coit, ai the scripture directs, and carefully calculated whether they should have sufficient funds to finish the tower or the Hall Now, therefore, having committed a very grievous sin, we ask that this city may be duly punished by the imposition of a suitable fine, for we desire not that the city be imprisoned. We ask that we may receive damages, equal to the amount of piofit which we should have cleared had we been allowed to go on with the contract until it were finished. And we also ask that the Court will rcuuire this unaodlv citv ol Brooklvn to at tend a Sunday School,orotherwiae Warn to read the Scriptures, and walk thereto according. Messrs. Lord, O'Conor, und D. B. Ogdrn, lor plaintiff1, and Messrs. Butlur, Wood and Waring lor defendants. Court of common Pleas. Beforo Judge Ingraham. Mav 30.?Pliillippe Jlxibtrnnn and Company vs. George Leuit and iVm Fairman.?This is on action of assumpsit lor a quantity of Prench cassimeras. The d< fondants, uftei they had received their goods, and sold a quantity, discovered that six pieces were rotten, and one niece imperfect. They then made an examination all through, and found ten sound pieces?they then proposed to have the whole examined hy a committee of mora bants; the plaintiff's declined. They then tendered the pay for the ten sound pieces and declined paying the balance, but sent back the other seiun pieces, wliicn the plaintiffs declined to receive, and brings this suit for the value of the whole lot. The plaintiff's claim that the goods we'e all sound. Specimens 01 the goods were shown to the jury,and it is for them to decide whether the goods were sound or unsound. Verdict for plaintiffs, $671,44?whole amount. Measrs. West and Kussell, for plaintiffs?H. B. Allan, tor defendants. TKKASl KY NOTKS LOVf. (OBT. by the subscriber. bet ween the cities of New York J nu Philadelphia, a pocket memorandum book, couialking the following Trriunrv Notes A No 19665 10 Juue, 1842, 6 per cent, to Byl. Brown 1 j j eo''ort<il 2b lune, i?t2l?t too B 19554 10 ? # ? 26 ? 1842) o e lfO A 19658 10 6 ? 20 ,, 1142 f j-S 100 A 34001 10 ? 6 ? 26 ? ISsJ S 55 B 3?0I 11 ? 6 ? 20 ? 1842J gJ C 34*02 10 ., S ? II 1M toB. Ituiurno and R. L. Myers, 50 B 112>5 8 hlnr , 1142, 8 per cent, t? Byl.Brown, endorsed 12 v'sr-h. 1812, to B. R'<n<ran and K. L. Myers, 50 C S0865 26 Ap,il, 1842, O. Lijn'l, endorsed April, >142, lo K. L.Myers, 50 $550 All persons are forewarned against the psymant of the above notes. A liberal reward will be paid for the return of the book and en in euts, tn the subscriber, at 75 Booth front street, or Measrs. Allibsne it . 8 Booth Wharves, Philadelphia, er to V easra. Bryan 8t Maitland, 178 front street. New York. Philadelphia. 27th May, 1843 m3Q lm*r ( Higoed) B. L. MTERB. SAIL BOAT CHALLKNOP..-?What i< the matter? Are. that't the rnh When the smothered growls of disappointed success lurks in the bosom of man, he loses sight of amiability, piostrates himself, and in turbulent array dies nuheeded aud unknown. 9orh is the condition of a certain boat builder mention! The subscriber has /or years stood upon the contestad ground of boat building, and long eiperirnee haa taught him that "Large baikiean rental's more. But little barka mnat keep near shore." And whrn men think they ean cope with him in superior boat buildup, they muet notia'k in paiablaa, but boldly meet him at hia office door,there airsnge for the aoeriug teat of proof; hia challenge* are nlwats made in mod faith,hia oata to conquer. lf|M)u thu principle he f/rirs hia bulwark, and now for the nua drrth time he offera to ahow the aternof "Tronbler" to any boat Crolma ever bnill or ha* on liana, for a trophy which will richly repay the eaoeiimrot. New where i* yonr bleated backera; where'* your own daunted courage?draw the yeil and ahow you reel to the world. T. A ?One month's notice, any diatanee under fifty mile*. The "Tronbler" can be aeru at hia bazaar. (P. 9.) L. INOERMOLL, mi lan'oc to* Water atraet. THINK KOK VOl RSKI.VKS, BKKOHK IT 18 TOO LATK. 'T'HOMAS WILLIAM HARPKRM COUUH MCDIL Cl.Nr.?This medecine haa been befor the public for 12 ycira, whir-h it proof of it* being a good medicine. It haa cured csey at Aathma 30 year* standing, has uerer been known to fail in one case of the Whooping Cough. It can be given to babies 3 days old with |erfact sale'y Kor coughs and colds there is not a better medicine. Put up in bottles at It H. 23 and 'A ecu s each. Bold wholes,le and retail at the effiee MS William street, three doois south ol Beekman street. Removed from 37 I 2 Bowery. Bold at S3 Bowety, corner Walker st. my it I in ec DAGUERREOTYPE APPARATUS. JOHN ROACH, OP TIC I AN. 72 Nasaau, near John street, N. Y LTAVINU the Lent ground under hia own inspection, and n arranging them in the camera obacura himself, he feels warranted in saying that operators oaing hia appiratns hare obtain, d more success th?n tho.e using cameras with foreign lens, for the latter are often im per fee, and still oftcner iipp-operly adjpated. The advertiser requests a trial for his cameras. Ariteen years practice as Optician enables him to grind and arran, ? I.ens to suit the purpoie for which they are wanted, s 'Tlm'ee CPAVEY'8 Justly Celebrated Waterproof Composition, for Harness and Carriage Heads, Self Shining Haines* Liquid, Polishing Paste, k" fce. We. the undersigned, hating sufficiently tested Charles Parey'? Waterproof Composition fsr Harness and Carnage Head*, also his Sell Mhinuig Harness Liquid, consider (hem to be the bes' articles for beautifying and preserving Harness eyer introduced in th'S city, and which has g yen the utmost satisfaction to those who have nsed them. _C. Ptvey also manntac lurea an article anperior te nor vet otlcied to the public. Tor cleansing the mounting! of harurva, Mid noa* be aied far silver and niter plated goods, (himin nlvcr, brass. kc. ke , wthou t 'hose destructive cffcetv ao generally produced by coroaire articles?Jno. B k lea. Bull, Saddiem, Mil Broadway ; Wood (iihaon. Saddler. <M Pulton at, o?e door from Broadway; Ssml L. P"s?, do, cor Broadway and Murray at; John H Hyeraou, do, 279 3"Wery; Kyer k Haghei,do. 012 Broadway; Jn<>. H. Macdonald. do, at)] Broadway ; Jno Oilmore, do, 9 Suth Avenue, Jaa Curr,d? 19] Canal at; O Derrick, do. tl? Broad way; t- Krancia, do. 39 Bowery; Thoa W.Ike, do. |4 Broadway; Wm Keily, do, J->0 Broadway; Robert R Story, do, 25 Kul'on a', Brooklyn; Jno Baitrr, do, I 9 Hi(h at, do; Jaa L Moore, do, J4 Fulton at, do; Thoa Hclliny, do, Kuliou atreet do. C. Ttety preanmea the aheve testimony ofao many competent jndfea to he quite sufficient to convince the public dial.the ahoee named aitielee ate truly valuable and deserving of their patronage ... ,, . Sold by all the principal Saddlers and HsrnesaVla hers.? Hamcaa Liquid, in atooe boltlea, 24 ceote each; Waterproof Composition 25 cenla and Wceata rer boa; Polishing "?eie I2H ind 2) tent* e%ch The Pol..h.iitf put'tr?rKf!f^D* *i!r?r Britu.n, Brus. Br.Ilc, may a?bt? obtained at ih prin8'Mann^aiertwy'll^'l'ea*I ittott,"Cm ChatSiam, where all order. Will be mompilT of p?T,T', signature, attached to each label, without whi h none are gemnne an94 j?erc MARTIN k COUPA. iluiur .Maoufactnrere, No. 3*3 Broadway, up itairs, hare constantly on hand a large ae.meicut of Oni'ara, maunfactn ed from the beet materiale of .uperior tone mJ perfect in every respect. Martir k Coupe, having made aeveml improvemeute a the nauuiacrnrinit branch are enabled to offer their laslxunients lower ilieoeny nth?r establishment in the city. St- ingrrs belore making their purehaeee will find it to their advantage to call and riamine their aaaortmrnt which te the largestlu the United State N B ?The Unitart ere warranted to atand anyehanreof climate. . . S ild wholesale and retail at )g5 Broadway. (up tmra.) No conneettoj with the maaie store below. n_ -. Mr. J. B. Coupa cootiunee to give loaaoua on the trailer as tiftmj null to Sir ,