Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 2, 1843, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 2, 1843 Page 1
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TH I. II.?lo. 150. WMolg la. 1389. "jew TOtKl' iu Williamtburg? rhe whole or pait of e ? : a neat three ?4ory brick Duelling Hou?<? in South 7in 2' tftti. nor 4th it., reutvery low Apply to VP It J . T TapICQtr, 43 Perk slip. m 7-eC M BAfft LA V STREET?TO LET?The and e- in odiont thy e itory brick home. No 51 Barelay "i'B - ? bui't and occupied by Mr. Thomaa Br?oka until the prat' nt t'ine. Iu etc* Dent order ?nd fiuad ''J* convenience for a larn f eeilv, aod *i uate'1 direcily m rout ol Co l?ge Place. Ko. lermt apply at No. 110 Water tlreel. n<% lm*r GEN IN Ac VAN VRANKEN'S VENTILATING GOSSAMER HAT, FOP GENTLE *i EN, WfflO'MNO O" LT %% OUN >R-7PJ,,'? *3 50r% THE 8aKteribert have introduced the abo-e >3L hat -or igmmo wear. B? comparing i lS?' .J aitie'e with the avriage weight of the following hata. the B,*. rtor tovauUgrt it poMeaaei oTcr th.m lot tnm ntr wear may ^*The'iaVerage weight of the, ordinary tor hat it 6\ enneee. do do Panama 5% do do Leghorn i Peine filly eouyineed that no etyle ol iumn>*r hat heretofore wo<n hu me. with the general aoprohntion whi h a hat |ottrt leg all 'he quili'ire, vi?" liglrnrat, beauty, durability and cheapnea*, would be aura te reeve, we have devoted much at teut on to th> manufacture and fiui.hiog of the new atyle now in roenced by nt. Fro?i the warm apptoha.ion cipreat d by gentlemen who have eaamiued them, we feel tati.fied h t they need only to be teen to be fn ly app'vei ted GENI N H VAN VKAVKKN, mW Im'ec >14 Pr adway, oppotitc 8t P.<u 'aChnrch. ! PAUH BO"T* AND LABI'S M\DE TIlOHDtR l By E. SUSER, 175 Brondicay, (Basement,) One D lorfroin Coarilandtit'eet. K 8UBEK. Bootmaker, and maker ol Lain, en "Elve" ol (Jlerco of Paria best leave to inform hit friendaaud all the anatrnraot a gentlemanly "elwnt.ure," that he e m uow make, in New York^ with the beit Krmch ma eiiala all that it to per'i-etly made, iu I trio, by hit maatei the celebrated bootm ker t'lerce, whote nnmeroui cuatomert on this anlr ol the VUnti\ are re?p ctIu>Iy luvteu to try 8USEI4'8 book and laau helor the y dnpair ot brio* "ehans?e?" in New Y-rk, aher the ulceit. Utnt Peru fashion. Ale*. the genuine Pari* Jet Black Var?ithaold. m 0 7w*r BOOT AND 8HOE STORK. JOHN PEADY respectful fy lufrmi hi*friend* aria the pablic, thai he bai comuieuced buaineas iu the above liar,at No. M Nauao*treet, where he will tiiauktally receive and faulifully eieeu'e, all order* he u-ay be favored with ob he m"*t rra?oo?b'r terra* tor ca?h. -Wr N BROAD WAV. 8. BOBIDKR, FRENCH BOOT MAKER from Pari*, ha* an assortment of ready-made Boot* -tno Shoe*,of the best calfskin for Vive Dollar*. *upriioi nv other boo maker in th- city mil) lm*ec ^ Am TO 1 HE LADIES?too pur irime Oiiter W#Mr boot* of all coli r* and size* the l*te?t faiht n, M'sse* end children's (J-iter b 'Ote and Buskins, Ldes Bo* kin*. Tin and SI pp*i?, a rood aiticle, from 4 tot shilling6 A'?o, a good a**intmeut of Gentlemen's prime cill atiich boot*, city made f o- 2 75 to 4 dollars, sya-ranted ; good fine Saaed boot* from 12 t-r IS *"'1 ing*. A'so B >y*? b ?u?. 8 to i ; 'Nn.u yaitera, quirtcr b tot* and ?h"e? of ail dricription* l.i gre it abundance, at Walker** cheap (tore, 419 Brialway, carter Cantl - feet, m24 lm*ec TREASURY NOTES LOST. rOST, by the lubscriner bet ween tbe citie* of Ne w York J an Philadelphia, a rochrt meaorauilum book, eoutal.ins the loll: win* Treaaur, Note* A No 196)} >0 JOue, 1842, 6 per eent, to 8yl. Brown "I j en <rr?< d 26 lone, St2 I ~? 100 B 19666 10 ? 6 ? 26 ? 1842 1 3 & )"0 A >8668 10 6 ? 20 ,, 812 f -S 10fl A 341 Oil 10 ? 6 ? 26 ? 18sV | Z . J5 B 3?< 01 10 ? 6 ? 88 ? 1842J SJ C 34102 0 ,, 6 ? II 1842 toB. Bongm and R. L. Myers, 50 B 1'2i5 8 liar , 1843, * per cent. f> 8yl.Brown, endotsed 12 'ar h 18*2, to U. Riu?an and K. L Myen, 60 C 20866 26 Apnl, 1848, O. JLoyail, endorsed April, J842, to R. L.Myera, 50 B560 All person* are forewarned ag&init the payment of the above note*. A liberal reward will be paid for the teturii of the book and contents,to the anbaciiber,at 75 800111 Front street, or Meaari. Allibine k . 8 troth Wbarve*, Philadelphia, er to Mrasrt. Bryan k Maitl?nd, 174 Front aticet, New York. Philadelphia. 37tn May, 1643 m30lr.i?r 1 Signed) 77. l MYERS. QAlL BOAT CHALLENGE;?Whati the mttier f A.e. J tliat't the rob' When the smothered growls of duappointe d increu Inrks in thr bosom of in no, he low* light of smiabilitT, MMMM nimself and in turbulent atggy mnblM and nnkoowu Such i* the condition of a certain boat builde of this city who seeks notoriety through anauuvmous eoinmaB'c-liiooi The iubwrilier ha* for yean stood upon the contested ground of boat bnildiug, and long experience ha* .ought him that a "Lame bark* can eentn e m ire. But little b>tk? muat keep near shore." And when men think thev cau cooe with him in (nperior boat bailHiaii thev must not talk in parable*, but boldlv merthiin at hi* oflfir,. door,ihere strange lot the unering teit of proof; hi* chal rn,es are alwa** made >n eood faith.l,i* oat* to conquer. U|H>n in, principle he r>rm* hi* t-alwam, and now f ir the bun drnh time he offer* to ahow the alrrnof 'Ttouhler ' to any boat f'roliu* ever hnilt or ha* on hano, for a trophy which will richly repay the cirenmi ut. New where i* your b-?*ied backer*; where'* *<Ur own dannted courage?draw the veil and show vouriel to the world. P 8 ?One month'* notice, any diatance under fif.y mile*. Tile "Troubler" can be *eeu at hi* bataar. (P 8.) 0. L. INO'.RfOLC, m5 'm*ee 40S Water atreet. THISiD?OR \ 0l'R8El TE8, BEFOtlE ITU TOO LATE. rpHOMAH WILLIAM HARPER''* COUGH MEDIf CI .h ".?This medecine ha* been be for the pnbl c for 12 year*, which i* proof of it* being a good medicine. It h * cored C w o Aitlima JO yeai* standing, ba* never becu known to fail in one ca*eof th? Wnooping Coggh. It can be givru t babie* 3 day* old with i erfeet fety F >r cough* and co'di there t* not a bert r m ilicne. Put np in botdes it I' H. 23 and yd c< n each, Sold whole* I* aud retail at the ffin 266 Willwm street, thret doo.s so:n h ol Beekmm street. Removed fii m 7 12 Bowery. Bold at 63 Bowery, corner Walker st. my .6 Im ec _____ TO BOOT.MAKERS. C MORG HAS REMOVED from 132 to 13< Leonard street, where he con'inue* to ant Kit. Uu hand ready cut kit, French and kn*ii?h. ml lcn*ee PALMO'S AR''AI E B/?TH, M < HAMIi R *TKEET. rpHE GENTLEMEN 8 SALOON NOW OPEN-Great A Reduc ion DSinS NBU. Bithi with cobes or sheet* 37 X " 25 ticke for $5. Th? subscriber h.ving leased de above eiublishmen', for a term of ittn, hu Mu nrucd inprovem-nis on a seal* which w h?n < ompleted, will, h* Hatter* nimir II, vie io taste, in coaly elegance sou ra-goiliceoce, with any (imilareiuhlishmeut in tha world; havpi; visited the best contacted bn'hi in torope, he feel* no l.vritaiion in swam.* hi* fellow citix n* lh*t the spirit which ha* for the past thirty rear* actuated in id providing (no ineitee ?t what cost.) the most *i>leiidi m<o ion* ler their Mcial comfort and ennveni ncc, hall nut, on the prei nti cc si 'ti be lint sight of, and mat tt the impr.iVi m-D and eIrg nciea of lh* F.uioi can Btths.hrwil take the I be.ty of adding from I e invi ntive rrsou cea of hit own coltiv led and weifknewa 'rate, all that he has observed wanting to render the enjoyment of a bath t> e "ne pins u tia" of p rfre ion. The Laoirs rial ou will he in readiness i? a few d?ys. A n'l description of 'he v?n-d impr vmniswil be given when completed, and tlie whole ihiown open f ri.ub'ic in* ec'u.u. 15 3,ne M.RD NAN!) IML.Mn Cv I'aVK3 '8 Justly Celrbral- d Wa'er i n Coimoaitina, ' for Harness and I arriase Heed', Self Shining Harness Liimd, T.dishias Paste. It - fcc ?t, ihe nndeisigurd. hm (t snflfirpntly tested Chailes Pavey't Wslerpro r Cnmp-iS'ti >u f ' Harneas and Carriage Hear* also I is Sell Shilling Hums* Liq"i , co.u'der them to be toe best article* fur besutili in* ai d prsterviug harm ev*r mtr duced in tha rity. and which hu g v> u th*-uim >si sa isfhci ion to those who bav M ihera C. P?vry also m uuloc- I tares an article aop< riot r* any vet offcied to 'he pabl c. lor cleansing t ie naoantinga of hsaen, and ira be nsed fui silver and silver plated gon?a, (isimvn silver, brass, Itc. lie , without Ui< se destructive effee'a so generally pr iluc. d t>y corosive articles?Jno. B It *.. Boll, Sad'hers toe Biovdwav ; Wood Qihsoo, rladdJtr. bO Fulton at, one d im from Broadway; 8?ml. L., Cor Broad ?ay ?nd Murray * : Johi H Hversou, do, *79 wery: Kvrr It Hughe ,do 611 Broadway; Inn. rt. M.nd?uald do, 603 Bioailway ; Ju> O Imo-e, do, ? ?mh Avenue. J as Curr, d? HI Usual at; <) Derrick, do, 6'6 Broad war ; Fraucis, do. 33 B- wery; Thos, 14 Broedwy; Win Keilv. do, 5.0 Broadway ; Robert K Story, do, 25 Fallen Bro- klyi ; Juo Baxter, do, I I High at, do; Jas L Moore, do, 35 Fulton at, do; Thos Hollins, do, Fulton street de. C. Psvev piesainev the sbeve testimony of se many competent judges to be qui e sufficient to cmsinee the pntilic that the above nm. d amcles are truly valnablc tod daaerviug of their TftVnll the ptiucipal Saddlers aud Harness Makers ? I hv net. I.iiiui-', m ?ton- notiis, 25 c#u't each; Wttrrprmf Compos tiou 25 ernia and ttf is |?r bos; Pol shiug P s e I2X and 2 Ceulaeaeh I ne Pn'islum paste lo' cleann g Uertcau si'sei Bntui', Biui kc. k<- may alt be obtains d at ih principal lamily a d haidware ateies. Miuu'acory 47' Pearls rest, near Chatham, whrrr all orders will he P'i inptiv attended to N B. Oh i r e . ftrsimilie of C. Pavey'i sUuatnre, attach- d to each label, without a hi h uone < gr nun* ai2<2 ? re CUTLEKY WM. " 1LD, Mannl etnre and Im o'te- of Callery, No 1*0 Division street oilers to .he traoe. chi*,i lor rash a brauii'ul *s?o in.*wi of one. two, three aad lour bitnle knives, wnhav rietv of other good r As Mr W sniwiinteuds ihe msnof.ctariDg id hit gO"dt, he can r "mine nd heui t? be aqaal to the beat ma n'acinreil go< ds in the city Tha coo."i> dealers would do we! to call previous to parch taing elsewhere m 7 lm*r FiitEWOKkd, CRACKERS, dec. FOURTH Jt LY. ii4l. rvOCNTUY a d rity Jflers it fireworks, will find it t* Vx thjn MTibtik? t ) it 11 d pidiiii m an ei i&iin auor mant of the test quality, at H. AYL'iFFa'S oldest* li hmeui, 66 hf ham atrei 1. A Itige quantity of fire crarkers juvt re<.si>ed K?man ber the sign ol the two mammoth skv rocket* and geld kev. mMn 4(y*r a yacht for sale, , seven tone bar hen, nine mon'bt Id, and iu perfect a?il ..... . , ~ ? W ? ? ? t?i iwuiuir lor cock pit atit or, graph?*, cables, nu.rnt she*te blocks, sni's KU'l rug I z ol thr eny best ma(sM<tls, t ismi<i?(s 11 ?.f flats, clcota .Ml nduer hsad of h ? , hns a bedouin* <vih n, fi .#-1 y flt'ed m* wnh lockers, cushion d looking glasses. spy g| it, and oht? rtitios a pfiiaiiiiiig to'h>-a^ro?'; naa a I vrye rr ! ?gemot under the cc*p t_ thit will hold 1 on Ins ICE o n? figged, carries square topsail, ten .th 74 leet on deck. 9 lift be m, ir.n ktel, litters dep, JVf wid midshitM bolt don k?tsu>u weighing IC01 hs.. ar.d those (hit know the ads am Ate of I ? rag? power, will at ouoe see that she cannot be kno? k? d d"wn in a aqu II, \tid in case ner bait- m is stofe she cmum sink, as sh h is the buoy n y of HOd W'>iht of cork between her sides ai d selling, and is a very ti at sflil* f. ? or fur'her pellicular*. inquire f J. JEN Nl NOB, m30 lm*ni 192 Broadway cor John st. up it*trs, f-ont room, vf ANlJf Af; I UHp Hg tiANTToT Bo I- TUltr O.r fir tor, iTA alto, itneui B o k Nntt* want'd-Jor ahjil I'M. at __ 8 J SV8VK8T K * mlTBr J? W..|l ? rr.linil IJO Broailwav THK GASH TAILOrt.lNi> LSTABLISHMKN 1". SPH LLII8, Mnrhant Tailor, (lat. of 7 A>t- r Hoom, Broadway,) improaa?d with the nrr'inty of nceiin.thc ol th. tima? bv th* radic i of hi* p icra. and fii>dm? il in'| oinble tod > ao while aahjret to the .norm >? Hitnya ? Bro-dway I'C-tl'ti n.rcaaaiily ueira, hat .lei.rro.n? d an >h oulywa to offo'l ihia?withont diaparaai to tl.e n?lo? Of hit or?'"i?t h? ka?, tharrrre, minora 1 hit crublohm. nt to I .Ml ,y A HaU StHEKT, corner rf Dcokninii, alie.t |.<nil?nieD ea., no.r h. anppliad at d< dnction of ten icr ecu* from hi* former low , ricca. Th- f I owimt i? uimitt.d merely aa a iptclmcn of the fnrrfoini aaacrifou J? Batir.rflu- loa'a, in* c in thr brut aly'c, from t'C ta f 8 k.Itr* do, of the tinea quality, I, |0 )> Cm II Vca a, 2 75 A P. s?g, in r inrlnaion, to obiorro, lh? aho<-? .rtic ra may ba irhed on, in all materia, to h* of th. mntt rei nn a dm rip i. n.a d lower tliao any olhrr houae furniahinn tlo aanu quality ol uticiM. ji imp E NE" N Mm OL(? ESTAHLWE1) PA?gr<?E OFFICE. No. 61 SOUTH STREET, N. V. PASSAGE to ami from Groat B iruaianii Irelmd, via Liver no-1 Mid London. t>> lb* regular packet, ih 11 g wi oLH to ami fioin Liverpool. and in and fr m l.ofl ?? on ilie ? ., 10 h nod 20th of each month. T'e ilbacriber bar in.da < * euaive airaogenirht to ?riiw out emigrant', and can, with grail cmfi eric?, aa ure tho?e penju, eeiidiiw or tlir r fr:m lr .tliat eVrry One and il gain tU'ion *lil bi ahnwu th>ui and aL w'o emhark with them. a? arc can al?o bo engage I fro n Liver pool i I eel to V.w Orieina, vio ile, Sa- auuali, Ba timwie, hi'adelphii. B ton. and to the i Ifcrai't |K>rt? of the Briiiah Provinces ith these ariauaCIDruU. together Willi the -dwnrage which bit iverp ol c rresp >ndeuts poisrsi, b< ing a ge ihinort nersaod eaTe ?i". el engag d iu the reightiug u luest?having 1 at v ar despatched unwirds of 100 Ant class ihipa to lha vaiioua p rta of ih? Uu t> u States. with freight and i)a*aKiiir?*rm. Ths tspilitv nffprstl (liu Ptrshluhmc t u on- n arpaaaed, and from the Uric uumbrr of tint claaa thipa e*i- J ployed in tile line there cau be no d t*n mo whatever, which ri will be *u?runt ted. The prtce I paaaage will be at the loweat ct rrtea, au ah"ald any i f thote seat tor ecliue c mi g, t he paa nt|. money whI t>> returned n* roitomtry. The a'e-mboat ta Fate from the different porta to Liverpool. au, aa aaaal, be ae- u< Bated Thoae teuiittiu* moo v to their frieuda cau have dratu to any aiaoaut, avable in a I the p tuc i>al t >wn?, without div u ttoo t, throughout Giea* Britain and Ireland, au arrangement n, which baa given the greatest latiafacttou. fr The subscriber b"i ea to r i eive a continual on of the pablic patiouage, which h a 'ten ao liberally bealowetl for maty years past. For fnrrtier particulars apply, (ifbv letter poat r paid) to JOHN HKKDMAN.61 Mouth at, N Y.or > J. It W. RMBINHON No 16 Ooree Piazzas, ^ Oeoige'a Dock, aud I Neptune at, Waterloo Dock, Liverpool. ' atvENTB Tin a J Timtnina, Es .No Iti 8 >ulh Front at, Philada. ' Patriel- M Itou. Esq Bntf to. N V. * J sr. h Kir patric, Pittsburgh, Pa. . Mirhl MrQ ade.Utica. N Y. ' J. A No .ma t, \1il*Mukie, Wisconsin, Ty. CI a McCorkey, Dobique. Iowa Ty. I J. K Elliott, Detroit, Michigan. Correhue Cahnl. Pern, Illinois. J dm R ia y. Koc'nea er, N. Y. p N. B.?The subscriber ta alan a ent fo' drat claaa packet ahipa 'J aaiii g ever, few d iy diva fr on New York to Nc w Orleana, / Mobile, '"hdrleatoo, aud Savanuah, oy which paaaage ca i be , aecaredatthe loweatrate. mPt .ft iR i PA89AGE FROM QREAraKfrA*! AND'IRELAND t BY THE BLACK BALL OR OLD LINE OF e LIVERPOOL PACKETS. [Sailing from Liverpool oa the 7th and 19th of every month.] ,, Peraona wiahiug to rend to the Old Country far their friend* w can make the aeceaaary arrangementa with the subscribers, and (i hare them come ent in thia annerior Line of Packeta, tailing f, from L iveroeol nnctnally on the 7th and IVlii of every month. t, Tt ev will aUo have a lirat rate claaa ol American trading shine. sailing every siv days.lhereby affording weekly commuuica- p tion (rom that port. One of the firm ( Mr. James D. Roche) it there, t. see that they shall be lorwarded with care and aet- f, patch. Should the parties agreed for not come > nt, the money will be returned to those who paid it here, ithout any rednc tiou. The Black Ball, or Old Line of Liverpool Pa nets, comprise the following magnificent Ships, viz:? The OXFORD. The NEW YORK, CAMBRIDGE, COLUMBIA EUROPE, BOUTH AMERICA, ENGLAND, NORTH AMERICA. With such superior and unequalled arrangemeats, the subscribers confidently look forward for a continuance of that sup- y port which lata been extended to them so many years, lur which r they are grateful. ,, Those proceeding, or remitting money to their relatives, can , atall times obtain Drafts at sight for any amount, drawn direct j on the Royal Bank of Ireland, Dub lin, also on , Messrs. PRCSCOTT, GRO'fE. AMES It CO. J Bankers, London, j, which will be paid on demand at any of the Banks, or their t Branches, in all the principal towns throughout England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Apply, or address, (if by letter, post paidj ROCHE, BROTHERS ft CO. 15 Fulton street. New York, next door to the Fulton Bank. ' N. B.?The Old Line of Liverpool Packets sail (rom this port fbr Liverpool on the 1st and 19th of each month. Parties r returning to the old country will hud it to their comfort and r advantage to select this favorite Line for their conveyance, in R preference to snv other. d27 r c NEW LINE UP LIVERPOOL PACKETS. r ailfrom New York on the 25th mid Liverpool on the llch * if each manih. & 1 ii m ' r ROM NEW York. L Ship GARKIOK, Captain Win. Skiddy, 25th Ftbruaiy. , Shir ROBCIU8, Captain John Coll?iu, 25th March. j Ship S1DDON8. Cap tail E. B. Cobb, 25th April. Ship SHERIDAN, Captain F. A. Depcyttcr, 25th May. n From Livf.rporl. . Ship SIUDON8, ('antdin K. B. Cobb, 13th February. i Ship SHERIDAN. Captain F. A. Dcpey?ter, 13th March. k Ship OAR1UCK, Captain Win. akiduy, 13th April ? Ship ROSCIUS. Captain John Collins, 13th May. Uaiwn ?i|run? nncne??er, oniiTi* u?c*i?ort, olttaw, ii'irou, i CleiTel.-u>d and ' h eago: Kr.eamn Toint, . andHnml- a ton, in Canada Wmt By Jacoba' Nor?h. id kip ru, White hull Burlington, Lhrmp'ain md nnttahurgh; .ilan to St J hna, i Moutrml and Q ie?i e, tu Canada rail They will c< n I n<ct witii Ha'cn A Co'a Soolkerit (i at New York. and fiirward mti a of earry dcaptiptton to Philadelphia,Balttwtore i and Washington. .. ,., Pittieu'ar attenion will be paid to the i oilection of Notes r Drafts, Ac ami prompt r?tuin? mad? b? i. 'e*? Karl uiesaeng-i will be provided with oue of Wilder a "stent kali- a otaiirirr Sales, thrn-hy affii ding giet'er itcurity ib the t ana i miaaion of valuable papera, lie ' OS'KICKS. _ * PUI.I.KN It COPP. ^o, 1 W*|| street, New York. J THOMAS OOUWH, No li k i<hange, Albany. A. <J FlLKIN", 22' Hiver street, I>??. c M JACOBS, Kirhnmr Con t, Ht. Poll, Montreal Heferrne's? Vle??ra Prime, Ward V K r>T far b Little 4 Co., John T "imth A Co., Pcpooo A H iffmai, Ca len'er A Vermilye, llouahton A I o , Drew, Hobluaon A C'., N. fork. .J. II mplirey. k?q , 'J liomas dough. Ktq . A'.nnny; Join Pnnr. Ktq, eathirr, *\ Wella, do., S. K. Stow, d >., C. K. Ltong'aa, do; K Leake, do. Trov >o6?n l ' / iHO I ON W ATKR?Many ot the tikrra ol the ( rofiOo W Water haemg been nudrra belief tint ih- renewed pay | meni i? mtilcj #ould e for m m nth* only, in const quenc ,, of w hie lliey wer n t prepa ed to tay >? ji? M > moo , toeirc II a V e office.the ri ara rent n quired by law to h paid , in adaarce, it baa hem determined t intend the li ? ol abutting off tie water f'nen i li <e hou rs wl i, h birr ot b rni'U . fot nn'il ibe 7ih June toat . alter Wi tch time no fu indul gei.c-ae-n' a granted. 'I h ?e who wi.h t. e.nd a c o ad ai il nooafqu nt del y wil l, th-y call ai the office, will p'eaa t? i- d ronn in ttir in'' in. diate data between the liou.s ol (I I M. atid nalt-pait 2 I' VI t fli e ol the CrOiO t An "du t B >ard, No. 7 Old Alma Honar P. k. ByerdT. j 6 n A B BIOKLOW. Reiiat, r I ilrtrtOI UTI1 iN?Th U- mtner hip n, r. *i?.??, I ' miller I he ft m ol WAlKKH A AtcKK NZIK,'a iht, da> di 'o r d ht i n n.ilc nieut. _ 1 J be tnainr.a of the I .tr tirm will be a'juit. d b; ritner of n,, z,1>J<M?V7 W'A.'-KV H, i ALfcX. McKKNZllt. New York, Jiwa 1,1ML Jl lw*m inlhr city of New York, with sach improvement! aacomhtue | peat ?(>eed with unusual comfort for passengers. Krrry cue i rvu been taken in the arrangement of their nrciiiiiiiioiLuiotu. | The puce of pawnee hence it J100, for winch ampleItorw will , be provide J. Theie ships are commanded by esincriruced | masters, who will make erery eiertiou to give general atisfacnoo Neither the captains or ownen of tl -if t rwill be resDonaible for at y letters, parcels or package ssen by them, unless regular of lading are signed therefor. Foi rvtght or pasaagb. appiy to I E. K. COLLINS tk CO., St Sonth st., New York, or to WM. It JAS. BROWN It CO., Liverpool. i Letters by the packets will he ctargeil I2i? cents per single .ss-t; SO cents per ounce, and newspapers I cent each. fS r ( MmT t oil LI V EHfOOL.?Uegulai packe nt the 7tti ( HP0fV '"ne ? rhr treri snperior, last tailine packet sliif 1 JBQIiOfcORUfc WASHINGTON, Capt Borrows, Will ' positively -uil ss shove. t Having very superior accommodations for eabin,second cabin and steerage passengers, persons wishing to embark should 1 maks early application to f JOSEPH MeMUKKAV. 100 Pine st., cor. South. t The above wi'l be sncce-d-d by the splendi p eket ship Un ted States,' apt Biiiton, and 'ail ou the II h June. Persons wishing to seud lot their Irieuui in the old i eoautry, cat) have them brought ont by the above ship, or any of the regular parktu, by applying as above ; if bv letter j post paid in2.' i 1 NEW LINE LIVERPOOL PACK T8-Packet Mnk^V I6'h Ju e ?Th* splendid, fast sailing Packet Snip jHMKe KUI HKS I KK, Capt B ittos, will sail positively as ?h-v<. her rvuulsr day. The ships of 'his li'-e are all ISOO t ns bur hen and upwards, snd their accommodations for cabiu, se-.o d cibi i, an 1 sferave passengers it is w-II known a-e upeiior to env othor line of packe's Th >se wiihing to seems berths should not fail to uiakeearlv ?p| In-ation on board, or to W. fc J. T. T APrtCOT T. 43 ' e- k s in, cor. er Seu'h st. The Gar'ick will tuccted the Hochester, and sail loth June in el r I j&E- FOK FKfclOHT OK CHAHTLR ?The rety ?i"'ing eoppened New York i unl, ih |> Yaaoo, i JlSlfa('4',*u?iou Aopyto 1C. K. COLLINS 8c CO., milec X duu n at,art XX3E?- F3R fHROrtT OR fHAHTK.H?fhe very ' iflwyfrti ?i line, r I|..r d, New V?,H built, shi|> MttaiaJlUb if.pi, Capt Hillinrd, 640 *o ? A ply >o I t. K COLLINS 8t CO , ? m3l rc 56 S. uih ?c ret. I j NOR nihilN AMI Wh>TRRN EMIGRANT PASSAGE office. ? The Snb?e iberi hiti u completed (It- it ar auei in-utt, an ' new prepared to for*-id p'aai vera o "11 the Northern nod Weiten State* and Ceeadn, h\ d-ily liti of to?hu*t* rai road* aud I'eimln a, via the Ninth riferand Ene Canal,upper Lake*. Philadelphia and Pitta' u gh. Ohio r vet and t.nual rootea. The following are a lew of the o oat important poi i. :? Vla Uti a, Buffalo, Potuvilla, Oelena, Hi rat'uaa, CI veland, Pittahurgh, Totomo, Oawego, Detroit, Ctiieinuatti, Kiugaton, i Hoe better, Milwauaie, St. Limit, St.Jokna, Lackpor', Chicago, Council le, Montreal. Alao to any port of Ohio, Illiooia, Mia'onri, Indiana, Michigan, Tenutasee, ' Kentucky. WiaeouMti, Iowa, Lpper and Lower Canada. Having given anch univnaal autiifac i n in their London and j Liverpool liuea ot p?cketa, the at.barribera will endruv r to m ike the pretent undertaking equally (naertiug of public la vor. Peratma about to emigrate to any of the r re place* are , requested tocnll on the aubaenbera before r. jing rlit ir at i range enta, at they cot fide'll\ b ine the ii nurenu-nii they Can offer art- anch a* cum it ftil to prove higlilt a 'v mug*. ut, and they pledge ihemtelvea ihit every aticuuon ahall be paid to utir" coinOitt -iin d-ipiati h For further iwtticnlura *ptil> to W.k J. T TAPSCOTT.attheirOeucral ml r I eaaage Office, 43 Peek alip cor nou h at. , ?3t? WS^ ; PULLRV It ( Ot'P'S EXPRESS, t J WALL STKIKT. I Tha a-ihacr oer*. the old condn una ot Harnden It Co.** Ft f prei?frotn New York, will continue to run hrrei?lore,lr, v- | nig New York, Al??ny and Troy daily, and will forward i Sjtei- Bank Notet, Pack*tea, Bniidle*. ( a*ea of Oood* Par- I cela, lie ke . in connection with Meaar . Bailey k H winPi a 'Ure-t Weatmi lip cat," to and fr. m the IiiIIowii g place* t v g- Ultra, Sirar te, Oawego.Anbnrn. feLece F 'la O eva, t VV TO EW YORK. FRIDAY M< EXCHANGE HOTEL. BALTIMORE. ^H^^^^SSnwiiiiiaiHHiiiMPSSSSSKSS^ PHI* h*u?e haviUK nud? t% ? .e rnnu> imp rt<uit alterations p widlhor a h repair* I ifiug h#ea in par' rrfaruuhrd with c ch ALU elegant furuitaie u Again opeu for tiic reception of tflr |>osiriouof this Hotel is too well known to reunite a do- . li. of ibidvtuu ei. It is cotTtiipd to t>e, for neoi le of busies* or plessure, one of tlie most lavorable of auy id the lity. it The preseut proprietor inten ' that care and induitry shall . ?t b< wauling to improve it* natural advantages, nnder nit ?u- 0 eriuteud nice, and he respectfully solicit* the patrouage of hit s ieuda and tlie public. ERASTi'B COI EMAN. h Ualtim re, April 20, 1843. a23 -odlmr f, JIM RON SFRINOft. I'AVTTION, t-COH ARIE I OU .N ' TV N. Y Thin side did and coninnidluut Molrl h vi g 11 ecu nl?npH, r paint, d ati refurnished in the mini ele am r i uner thrnughout during itv p at winter, will be oiienrd lor i receptiuu of vuitert by the atihacriocra on the 2htli of May c Mtnar. (| The alterations aud additions to the interior will ruabl* th'in ac'ommuda'e a in ch giea c nun b' rof vsitr't thaulorinrrly nd ir. a ii-au?er Hoidmg eveiy co irio t ai il coutrtiieucr The n romen d gio >nds wir be hmdsomel relai"?ut * ith a Tiew c laffodih^ moat advau igeous piospetl <f t ie sum timing j luu'ry The road* to nnd about the Springs a r be<oa im o??d ai d D-w ones ope ed lor greater ac ornraodaiiou o' 0 lui ai ila ? The grcu'da and water onraea in llir v ciuitv of n ir Bath H''Uae h ivr also been l*strfuriv laid out Tv B Ih C I >u e it hen g eul <iged and much i proved and will acrooimo- Jate al'? ho mtv il?a re t i hatlie. There are (our new and tpaci- t( ua BaHAdeyt which have la'elv her n erected The inini rarin.tMiieuia of the Pivilion are au h aa to afford every atiention ' i the comfort and wishes of vi>il>n wi hi well organized P Jrpsolservauls; and in short toe subscribers writ be prepared H > receive their vtsi'ers in a maimer not to be surpassed by an tl iiiibli-hmeot in the coun"r. c Of the White Sulphur Wafer of Pharou STngs it can be f, lid it is not surpassed by auy thing ol th- k'nd in th- known ror'd f'r th* core f rh- umatic, cutaueous.briiou t atd dysi ep c coinpl tints, and lor ihe car- of ervsepilss, s It rh< um, scro J la, li'rr complaint, and general d hility, sa h<s been c rtified , y some of the most emiueut mei'icrl prulesiors r By a receut ana'ysis made for the prnprietora of the Springs, v one n< the m itt erainenr chemists iu thiscuonrry (Dr Chil- I' in ot New York) the following results hare b*eu obtained v am ens gallon of water 1? g Or'ins. p Sulphate of Magnesia 42.40 i. Sul h> e of Lime 111 #2 Ch oride of S din or 224 Chloride of Magnesiuni 2 40 Hydr'snlphuret ol Colium ) 2 21 n Vtg table eznaciive matter > ISO .94 a Sulphuretted Hvdrosren Oa? 18 eobic luctiea. -| T em Spruita are within * few hour*'rid* of Albany, Tr iy 'matoit*. "cbenactaity, U ica, fcc ; a> d ic accessible either fom ' aaajoharie, uu th' Alba y and U ic* Kailr .ad, ?hfi? R K)?t coarhat dai.v await the arrival or the morning c-n tiom t Ichenectady and Utica, to coutey on (o the Mpnnga. a iitai ce of ahont eiit t milea, . rriviua m omr for dinner; or hr n he tamp 4e from Albany to Ch-rry Vallev, bv d .?ty staves, , cine ab .nl forty five miles weat of'he cita of Albany. ravinf New 1 oik in the'venmg honp for Albany, arnve at * he Sharon Springe the n-r" m time for dinner. C?AHI, GARDNER k HASKELL ( April 28, 1841. alO r?d3m*r I AVON SPRINGS ' LIVINGSTON COUNTY, NfeW YORK. rlR Proprietor* wonld notify the pnhln that the arason for | the am ail viaitnion of thcae louuraina of health haa ar- < ived, end ih \t there are five h otela and iour bsthinv establiahneuu ready (or the reception of coin'any. For edrice in re- . ard to the probable cfT-cc of 'lirae water* in their individual 1 aaea, and for analvaie f the differ, nt spring*, they are i ermit- 1 ed to refer to l)r J W. Kraucia, No. I Bond atrert; i > Di 11. ( ). Bnlkley, Lecturer on diaeaaea of the akin, No. 43 Bleecker treet r.r to Dr. Salisbury. at the Uppnga. n27 2.n*r , ~ UKLMONT HOUSE, NUW BKkJtlTUN. t PHE aubvcriher begs leave to infurin hi* tie nd? and the nob 1 a lie, llw he haa taken the above well Ituown houae, which j m* been thoroughly repaired paint-d in the best wanner, lewly inrniahed iliiounlioul, a..J will bo opened on the lirat of ilay MIL , The t onse is delightfully aita-ted immediately oppoaite the I leattiboat I mil inc. and from iu iii.i7._u e mwai ds a vi.wiv eDdiug up the Kills and ovpi tfie bay and harbour of New 1 fork. To those desirous of a plemaui residence during the 1 utnm't month*, possessing the advantages of fioe ?all watei t lathing, together ?ith beautiful drier* and waihi-ain' conee in1 tit -eceaatr the city every two botna hy steam, the B-lmuni hioute offer* inrinceinrtits unsurpassed hy luv other ou the la , end, and the aahtctib'r tiuats thai hta former effort* to give ?tiara<toiii aa proprietor of the Pavilion, with hi* reneweiTde- 1 ermmaliou to ?i>are no pams to render hi* houae ag'eenhle. | will enaute him the continoatioti of a ptitiou o| the ptlrouage re h'a heretofore been favored with. UKOKGK PIKRI8, Naw Bair.iiTow. April 12, IMS ? '3ntfi 81KK -.D KAGI.K HhTKL, tl Whitehall street,opposite the Battely Garden. T'HIS house having uuoerg me many alter'tn n- and repairs? 1 having 'een newly furn'shed?t: e preaent proprietor re ipeetttllly announce* t? hi* friei d* of the nid c uutry in Irarrlling i iihic generally, that it ii now open to. the reception ifJiertnaur at and trail-dent boa dcr* The pontion i f -hi* hotel ie?jui e* bnf lilt e detail of i'? ad I rentage*, being m tuned facing the Battery Garden, and ct n?- I nandii g I II > ie w o< the B~y; with n rue minutes'W'lk of , h- hi 'a 'elphia, Boe'ouan I Albtuv ate iabo*ta The proprietor intel d* that care and iuda?irv,*iid moderation n rhargi a, shall not be wauling to merit the patronage of the mhlie. H.'inr-brewed ale, wine*, spirits, tke, of the he?t quality, hree cent, a gla*?, HIORV B GRIFFITH*. , m'i Im'r L ?te .?t hath Kngland I PAV L'ON?KG IIP Lh.K. i T^HF. above eatab i httient laving beeu refit'ed in the most , * faahiouab'r and mod m *ty e, w.scorned o.. the tiral of ( Vlsy lor th* reception of Vint >? and perm urii' ho-ders. No licali in can stirpa** this for sMuhnty and tonvruiruce ' lei g innate within ume miles of the city ai h* "oinmeieeneut of the Pali?adoe?, on the w>at hank of the Hud* n. For uvatirt*. or lltoie wishing IftntMM aiid MtaadsS, ihi* aiablishmeul present* many advantagra, h*viug eitenaive ironiid* for pr mni'de, wtiere vi?i eit are aheiure i from the ummer ion. with ?onve ieuce* for bathing. such "a to Heaar he ir.oat ftat dl Us. TlMMMMNMUMl liom he Pavilion ind adjoining heights are r Dvnrpassrd'or i.s beau y Military lotnpanie* oo ei can pm>nt or taiketrscn ?"ot s, will Gtid every umveiiiaDce ns the gr< uuda have been laid nut expressly foi MM pU'|Misra. (T7" 1 he steamboat B' ?ton, Captain Babeeek, will ply regu a'ly giving lacntties to those having bo?int aa in t >e city, to iait daily For tetm* or parlicnlars ennnire at Jolhe Mu?'C fftore, 3k'. B oadway. JOHN A WHI1 FIKLD, mIS lin'r r mirror BA1TEHY AMD ' HI AUMPnlA HOTKL, U * TIT K V LA' K, 'KW VO K. rll* e?t biumrnt limin uu l? rem e thor neti re^aire thr nbar rber ben? to ?unnunc? to hrr frit nd> and ihe tr ylli.y nblie 'lint I'd mi *v in mm. lo or'e n.rih- roce tioi. ol ' IM' ip ri. the h o*e it >h hgli fu ly ? u oil, f notion thr I i ill ilul B ly mid Bitti ryof Now York, end in thr immediate r 'Cioi y.f the n'tMinsrt lani'iugi for Bo tt,u A!bi?v, and ? 'hlladoli h>a. Tho nubioribt-r h ia re docrd loo ra.enf biro to , ccord with the inn a, and'a by air ct attention 11 tie com- , bit o'thone who honor hot w.uh thrir fivo ?, to merit a ha r ol IlltbUe tatr. nage. ' P S?Mi ala aro a? rved at any hoor of the day wi'hnnt any i \tri liatKo, and pariira learinx by thaMl)boats,mayllt| i n b ioz called la proper time. , ui29b ?r MARY PKTETE. , CORBYN'S COTTAGE, STFIYKRR'S BAY. ' 19 NOW OPEN, and tn toll operation, lor the Spr.ue and I 9umm r ae na. Hor n, the winter many alteration! and improveaiee'a harr < brrnmidr which will,it ia bclievtd.aiid materially to the com < r?t of yiei'nra A 9\LOOM forty-lire feet in length haa been ere ted for he accommodation of large parliea at dinner!, nippers. eon rrr a, or eotillona A separata entranee haa been ni<ened for the bar, rendering ;be Udire'p.rloraoniet and selected Oi the Wines, l.iqu<a?. ComrKLTi .naaiEa. l inua.kc , he , it u only wrreaarv to ?a> they will he, aa IrreUilort. Oh THE VARY FIRST qiMLl I Y Civil and o.-'iguiK attendatita are engaged, and rrery effort ail, he sved te aualain the 'eputatinu hoote haa already icqmrrd, and to render a emit to I COoBh N'H COTTAGE i leasable and eatiafact rv. . An tirdina-v every unlay ( J o'clo"h Ti kef?y cents, or^^rryhei'v B v i situated on tl,?- n n?a of the lludai i> ii tnilei (mm th Cite lull,by the Bloomingdilr ro d Btagre ait ever) honr from ha corker of Try, h rlacr and I h tham tract. Fare I2H Cebti. millrn I IV dlli'lli |t"itTwo IHWMUA ?.-Tn, b.r, b r I I hl< rrc"t'l> d- |>ni' 'I m li ? Ki aeiVni (til' .1 Iv m i III 'ie (Joited tutu*.! 100 Oil fl'i* hfnlthv Pwrr-l-ah LrtcVi, in ' iider 'o k?cii th?m healthy a>d n good entidi'ioo. foi leeche' aonnt be pr?aerved in a hi a!fh\ atate not of no f ira, an

itt'tht?r?ca hair th?ru caug t nn rrth ir oen i iiaclion, ir c?D btain ih?m in a- y qnuiltea ul the I mirk"' ( ire f*om'he atibaciher or I ir Hgrtira, b. gi' nut fi or hnn>? , lotice. I hey may elan rrat i-aor d that they d> i otreceive rrchea thai l ave heeo already need, for n< ither hi-aeif o laro'a aiplv Inclira, hot timl thr ir b"aia aa io th? aalr ! hrmoiiiy K or the of lar e onlrra, lour or five h on ii t c Will be aboila-'ly me-a?arr io of'er n btain th i. ( 'reah fmm thr r??er?oir : atid the aoha i?rr will be hip, y it | irto pane any anrh phva ?ian< or dttuiiia'a aa may far I n i ( ? rrat in thr m ittor, to an n a rrlmn hi? rraere or auv m. rung at I n'el r.e 11 e walk n a beantifal n> r "f am-tit - milrotn Wi lia" ahu gh fvrr. The tawrrmn wt't c iitimanrnl hi tit timeyeart an C , and arr an c matraetad -hat rrchea t e.ll teiaiti a a fine hr.t >h and h i a ! in ih'tn a1 moat aa well ?a t hay do in llor !??auil in hit ancr??atol "tpe i tent t?o Ame lean Inatittitr rt cently awarJril a ailrrr inrtla1. Thr anoarriba t h u> matir arrai.gemctita f'"rr?*l?i g a c itt ian? aup ly bv eve'y Vitrei arriving from H m n g, and itv y . mill be rami abed f/aal. every day by ma g ntJ. .tthea.tnn ' ric aa at hr det ot Wood x \'Orri?"o, whol-aale "nil iat#i ' ?(r a in Drnga mil Mi d cinev, A n an Oirrbw.c i a'rrat, nod I hn Sy me, w holea'le and r<t-il Urn.gut, cor er h'nltou i<> i iVater atrre'a, ate tgeiita for lirir rrapacuvo areiion. of th< ity. JOHN AI.? AvOLA, I-n nr'er t,f Lerthea jiJt'r do. IM Bowery, e >T ct of Heater at. S Y. FHTCaPKLPTffX I) \(".UK? KEuTYiMi ESI ABLWH.VIt NT. EX H kN(JK BUILDING BOOMS ?6 Si i7 I^H*' h"ha nheia havi.g pt inarrd'h-Age-e to (he tale of VOOl'ANi E li S DAQUE'tKKOT t PK A TP ABA , lUS, o mctid ac on'ii.g 10 l'r>fraa>r Pt tr.i'acilcn ii ii. hare on hand a I ?g" oa r m nt of thrae Aipiraln , md irti la aa wall aa amala nra of their art, wi.hi g to po c it, i got d anparatiia. will fi id i to thrir adr intaj e to roc te i< nrnma nta jf ihia eonatrurtnin. The a an have lately ii pi-t i| a lar. e q't ntitv of O rman and K-enc 11 .tea, ami at t' r hen teala ih ti" ir a t, wh rh they wair at In . ry ir ipOCt, aa ill rate made to otd.-r. Pnli.hi'g till etau. r iu i mnrocco caaea and ah| uedraa ry tnit riala, a e aold tin III no-tnaa -n hie I'rma ' he t< llnwtug g u leiiieii h tve . gien' o act aa their ( nt ,vi* k .Vh te, k.tq . 17 H oi-lway, N.Y. | P Haaa, Eao , lAaahmg Ml, I .0. I)r A Uaa ari Burn no d, Va. P f an di P.-q aramiah Ot Al'rowninnir i mna (p ?t pntl) and nril*ra,.trc"tnp>ninl w e,iiitraiH:ea, w ill be pr iai?tlJ alt ti td -o, n ; ia?-u h .iie ted to wlf. I AS OKNH- IM, I JeHmf ll?rt>iiitr Ba Ming, fhra. 31)1)A AMI?' Toia I ani 'OI -t il. A l>, lai.iTig?tjjr I < ^ ah.o Prinre Alio rt, I om N - w t aa and lot aile hy PERUSE Ik HKOOKH, mllllK I >o (.. I ibnty atreet, I I RK E JRNINfi, JUNE 2, 1843. City Intelligence. Sunuei* Drath?Mrlsncholv Accidrwt.?About 10 'clock on \Voduridn) nigUt, a fine promising youtn, son t Mr. Hrnry R. Cornwall, r<eiding at No. 4-23 Grand 7 trert, came to bin death under the lellowing :~About 8 o'clock in the evening, alter tea, ha sit his lather houHM to meet two young frienda, who ccoinpanu J him to an auction t ore in I'ark R >w. where icy remains I aoine ten or fiftesn minutes. Thence they roceeded up Chatham street, and being in lull spirits, njoying the ?|?ort of cupping each other, the ill lilted uth, when about the corner of Chatham aud Dunne ireela, started off at full spaed with the cap al bia com anion William W. Cotton, and ran lull tilt againat a olored man who was coming in a contrary direction. " 'he lorco of the con-uuien waaso great that ha fall in p ensible on the pavement, and notwithstanding every r< id was rendaawd, and medical aaaiatanca obtained, he q ied in about Itteen minutes after the unfortunate colli- # ion, and was borne a corpse to his father's house, which (| e had left but two shot hours before in the vigor and j reiiiupxi ui youtn and lilt). Doctor biiveu made an exjrnal examination of the body, and the jury, under di- '' i-ction ol the coroner, returned a verdict "that the do. n eased Henry L. Cornwell came to hi* death by concu* ' ion of the brain." tl A Child Poiioxvd?The infant child of a couple p unied Cronley, residing a' Merrisiania, Westchester ? ounty, came to itadeath by having administered to It a o*e of laudanum, under the impreision that it was ay rup si i rbubaib, as ordered by the physician. Whether the liatake occurred at the druggists, or trom want of proper aution in the mother, is not apparent. Doctor Helme.ol ? larlem, was immediately sent for, who u?ed every eff irt C a Chech the progress of the poison; hut it was too late; it he infant died in half an hour Hiter the fa'al dose had f< >et n administered. The coroner was sent for to hold an || nqueston the body, so aa to have it interred in the Ca- [ noiic Cemetery of this city, hut as it was 111 Westchester ounty, and beyond his jurisaiction, he declined interBiing. P Rathli Peculiar.?We regret to learn that the Alms '' louse Commissioners have refused to silow the Coroner " he use of the "Paper Snatching Room" in the Alms House luildiugi in the Park, to hold the inquests on deceased >erso"S taken to the dead house. This privilege has always been heretofore extended to hiin, and we ran aer no I c ;ood reason why he should now he deprived of it. Per iaps the Comm tsioners cau give their rousous. I. so,let's iave them Afoilut PaonucrD er ivTsMncasacx.? An Inquest ' vas held y I'sterday on the body ol Eliza Edmonds, ai her 1 lousu No 9 Pitt street, who diid suddenly about twelve 'deck yesterday. She had been intemperate in herhahi'.s nd frequently complained ot dizziness in her h"ud. Dr. Pumpkins examined the body aud pronounced the cause f death to have been Apo| lexy, produced by intempernce The jury returned a verdict in accordance with be opinion of the Physician Inquests were also held at the Coroner's office yesterday ifteruoon on the view ol the body oi an unknown man, vho wasioundon Wednesday evening lying in the water it the loot ot bank street. The body had isid in the water ipparently tor some 10 or 14 days. He was dressed in soauneu tough clothes, and had on a red flannel shirt and ingani, much worn. The jury returned a verdict of omul drowned. Also, on the view of the body of a woman named Anloinette rtey mnur, lying dead at the house of Mary Ann Jato, No. SI Orange street, w ho died yesterday morning ibont fi o'clock. A post mortem examination was made jy Dr. W. 8. Tompkins, and the right lobe of tne lungs were found very much diseased. Verdict " Death from list'Bseo! the lungs." Also.on the body ef a womon named Margarei Swee ley, lying deal at 161 Anthony street Sue was en int mpersie woman, and a common prostitute?died about ' lAitl .. .-I .....l ... ,lu.f I. (mm In I .in t ...... .....5. I...U...V-. erance. ^ Bukolars at Large?The house of Mr. U. C. Car- t. tenter, in 17th mreet, was broken into by a gang ?' burgarson Wednesday night lam. Parte! tin- lamily were n the house at the time, but the villain* being very ex>ert and cautious in their business, suoci tdid in making heir escape with about two hundred dollar* worth ot iroperty. Among the article! taken was a mahogany Sale, bound with hrasi, containing lour dozen of ivoiy isndled knives and fork*, also a ha', made by Archer ol Sreenwich atri et. Tne atiove nam-d article* may lead, [>orha|*, to the detection ol the thieves. ^ Vice thanci lloi'e Court. Bef"rp W. W. Campbell, Master in Chancary. Mrs. Xancy Beach vs. Mom Y. Beach ?Thiscase which was retorted to Master Camptiell to decide the amount of alimony which it was proper for Beach to allow his wi s pending the suit agsiust him in Chancery, oa a petition loi a divorce on the ground of adultery, came up yesterday belore the Master Some testimony was taken, >ut the i xnDii'ia>k>n u as not finish, d It will probably e conclu :ed lo-dav, and a decision given within a day or wo. h ?__________ a Clicull t Mint. a B fore Judge Kent. ? Juws 1 ? Masterton f Smith vs. The Mayor and Corpn a/ion of the City ?J Brooklyn.?The eVmeuce in this Case las been finished, and vlr Butler summed up this mom* ng lor the defence and Mr 0'Conor rejoined on the part it the plaurill.. When he concluded,the Court adjoinn d. Mr. Wood will finish lor the defence to morrow tnorning, and Mr. Lord will conclude for the plaintiffs. Court of Coiiiiuou Fiesta. Before Judge UlsboefTer. JtJtsa 1.?Roach vs. N. Y City ?In this case the jury renoeied a sealed verdict this morning ol $160 for the ,daintifi's. Mr. Graham told them that they or any ot hem hud the light this morning to dissent if they rhoae >n being polled. On this, Mr. Cail King dissented, notwithstanding he had sigaed ih verdict, which, he said, washy way of compromise He said he did not agree with the rest in giving a verdict for the p.ainiiff The ury were ordereu out 'gain, and alter a long tima return, si without agreeing, and were discharged. \noth?r ca.e came on in which Col. Craft* was plain itt, which we do not think it expedient to report. DRFAPFUL P-1PLOBIOfV AND L< OF LeIFB.? I U0 ITMrn nw l)ottt Piiemx, Capt. F. Amiable, in moving the ?hip | r ?laviua to the atave ya d near Huretville, in the act ot . " 'eating off Irom the ahlp, ye?ieriay, threeof her b ulora fi isploded, anddiapUcing th - five remaining on?<, carry ing I vith it nearly tun u hole ol the boiler deck, chimneya, Ira Noranae can be anaigned ler the exploaion The Hiiler* were only thtee yean old, end weie thoroughly iverliauled and repaired lam lull. Capt Unliable,on near ?g the point w h?,re he waa to leave the ?hip bad aa initial ndered the lire doora opened and the a earn cooled do* a, ml when the aliip wa? c.iat oft' only a mo b rate bead ol iteem waa tip. VVe regret this accident aa the Phemx *a? conaidered one ol the beat hoata in the ti ade, and the Captain and officer* part owneia ol tae i ?at The following i? a correct lmt of the killed, wounded lad miaaiag:? Rob Ri |i, fireman, killed; John Flinn, do Jo ; John R ihertaon, do badly aceldedjUeu. Vtanning,do. Jo.; Thomat .deckhand, allghtl) ; O *o At jii wood, lo. do-John Paatair, do. aiiaaing; Chan Divia, do. do ; J iUn H.Clark, pilot, badly acalded ; Jamea Akinner, id eogineer, do ; L iwrence Foreat, deck uend, miaaing. The Atat engiueer, B.C. Full, and the real ol the officera, escaped unhurt. C?pt. Amiable ia deaerred'y one of the moat popular coriimaudera on the Mi?aia*ip[.i?energttic, rareiui and |>uli e and weaincerely aympathne with him in hi* dia tuaa Irom thia mt aterioui exploaing, and hope that be may shortly be able to raoe he Phinixio lit- and vigor, md re-umv th? loutuie of hia induatnal purauia ? JV. O. Bulletin. Naval ?The U. S. ahip -itrAtnga, bearing the i Jrond pennant of Cem. Maihew C. P? rry, Com- I ininder-in chief of the African Squadron, wj | sail in Saturday nt x\ for the Coh?i of Airica The lol- i owing ia a list of officera, viz:? | Joiiah Tattnall, K?q., Commtnder; Chaa. M. A rmmron* 1 Charles H. jw.od, C A B >gt? BAR Dtrnugon, | ind K. O I'arrett Lieutenant"; H N Olentwortli, SU'ge in; H Budge. Purser; O o Wella, Acting Vti?t- r; v\ . p ftodgera, ComaanJora'* secretary; J. T. Doughty ieut Mariner; C A Bitea, Amatant Singers; J C. Waii and } W Rixlgera, ra-aed Mid-hlpmen; H. S. Newromh J P. i n r c a* vju u ? ii a rv..i,... i. r l> u/.n ...., . v. ....... OI, ......... j , r. v, ). K. Bn 'gtr D A. Cheerrr, and 8 i'mhinii, Mi ,?hij>ii?u;A W Riiinall, CnpUiii'f Clerk; Senjimi.! F K<rri?, 'um'i^HlwkjWm C Burn*.Boatswain: John Bur.Oun ler. R *rr B Biirrbstnri, Hsilmakar; L. Mauaou, Carpeuer; H P. Lunt, Matter's Mate. Tmk Cavai..?The following table exhibit* the irinctpnl articles shipped down tne canal Ironi tue !3J to the 27ih, inclusive >? Wheat. Flour. Pnrk. *1thee. day 33, 1 943 30 673 WIS 713 " 34, 3 1309 1 3 736 3 360 1,104 ' 33, 33 939 SMI 1,7?3 7->7 ' 38, 1600 6,930 1,14 1 67 3 ? 37, 6,376 6,139 1,169 667 63.046 64,369 7,363 3,993 The tolls received during the nam'-period this .ear, and the corresponding days lnet year, were us ollows:? IMS. 1943. day 33, >6193 91 9 994 67 ' 31, 7,7 4 33 3 969-9 " 96, 5,399 44 3 193 '.0 ? jo, 8 8i3 no ] |m n ' 37, # -01 76 9 SOU 66 736 600 47 13 3 .9 14 net)n?e in same time, iu 1943, >18,36i 83 -Buffalo Courior. Artii.lkry for Liskria?The steamer Osrt ola hroualit down Ironi W uahi, kioti two irarspieces ot Artillery (t ur pounder*-) rriouned ,rid supplied with all ihe reiju.atte apparatus Ti ey ire to Oe shipped ofl to Liberia lor the delence ol w hat colony.?Norfolk Herald. a [ERA 1 harliiton, B, C. [Oorr?t|i?uilruc? of tho Herald.] Charleston, 8 C., May 20,1843 ''lia Seaton?Trade?Commerce?The ft i ?k>? Gov crnment O/fiitrt and the Mtchantct?7fie Flour Mark-t? IVoman, Invilier tfian the rote and nea ter thun the peijume of a thovtinid gardent?Mr Low din and the Somira?Lyn/h t-o wye* a?England and America?Dr. Jnhntmi and hit t'atron?The Saifort and our Flag?The<Jrws, 4*c. amkft UoRlM)n bennett, krtj.: ? [)k?H SIM ? I ' Genial showers have fallen on our'thirsty ci'y and i urronuding country, and the spring, though late, romises an abundant harvest. Trade i? graduilly fviving, and our mechanics are more employed, 'he officers ofjgovsrriment ai Forts.M"ultrie,Sumier nd Johnson, taking a hint from the lneiidly spirit tat they see radiating from Washington, seem a ttle more willing to encourage Carolinian emloyees, and even the banks confess a more melting lood. Our murkets are well supplied with vej dale and animal food, at lair prices, and sparkle >vitli , te mingling tints of sun lit (lowers, which are ressingly offered for sale by respeciful servitors, it morning dawn and eve, beuuiilul women may he , sen in those flower gardens which are so profusely c pnnkled over the citv, and which indeed fernt ' , i ne ot its characteristic and peculiar ornaments? , arefully tending to the culture of t-lirubs, and plants, , nd flowers here waving them among the verdant , iliage, or there mixing their tints and odors with j ie umbrageous shade ol jessamines and vines t lappy tranquility ! sweet it is thus to see woman , ivalhng the lints ol the rose upon which she sheds a ortion of her own matchless lovelinewq ai d heigh- ( -niug its psrlume with the sweetness ol her own , entlenesa and modest beauty! Tint writer who seni you the donation under the , iguature, "One of the Heirs ol Paul Jones," . i undeistood *"to he a a respectable nor . hant of this place. His descent is Irom a stork , osilie to lyrants, and he claims a hereditarv right o cultivate letters and succor the oppressed Heucr i- dunaiion and sympathy lor the bereaved mo her nd wile ot rimall and Cromwell, who per sln d in , lie " Sowers," and Ins abhorrence of that system ot xercisuig "a rigor beyond the law," because it a , [lisiake should happen, the consequences are disss rou? Besides, who does not know that it was 1 (ion thix ground or upon 'he stale one of necessity, hat caused die devoted servants of the Deity to lis 1 utchered in the prisons ol the " Abbey, the Car- , nile, and of Laforcel" that it nurtured the monsters i Hries, Scruggs, Clare, and Bereslord?and that it lave being to the miscreants who, in our own tree rountry, would fire convents and perpetrate crimes, ind then would seek to cover then cowardice aiid ivoid shame and punishnv nt in the crowd ol a Lynch club 1 It is becoming, then, in a people who told their freedom by the right of arms, and a writen constitution, to protect, upon all occasions, igainst oppression or aggression, no matter how tumble or uufortunate rnty be the victim, or high he party offending. Dower ever appeals to force tn'f majorities? minorities owe their safely to the nffuence of moral sunn merits and enlightened pubic opinion. Let the friends of the constitution, mid aw and order, then, cherish the piess and appeal u it for aid. The renegade radical. Lord Brougham, and the j rish apomate Duke of Wellington have been graiuusly pleated to eulogise the Republic, tlravo' ny Lords, we are 18 millions. (.ireat Britain, inluding the Kingdom of Walea, rejoices in 16-5 of ehotu are starving, and are desperate, panting and ager tor the moment when they can, danger in land, strike the British heart and arm, and take 'wild justice of revenge!" When til- poor scholar if Lincoln craved the honor ol titled patrnnail, it ,vas conlein|)iuously refused: But he grew to lie lie giant of English literature, and behold, my Lord tendered his smiles. " No." said Dr Samuel Johnson, " vou refused it when it could be it service. You offer it now because you think me itrong it is iio longer required It corms too late, ind I reject it becsuse it is not sincere." The great tirpublic lias grown to be one of the might lest of he nations of the earth?I'.nglaud feels her iuflunce in every market, and fears tier power in any uturr|war?she would bow, and bow, and littler, iecause she can nuiher betray nor crush Ami lence the enlightened and free, the unconquerable uid un'errtfieu democracy receives with all possible I raliiude and c nsideration the very hone>t I 1 ind sincrrs eulogiums of these organa ot I lie British anstocracy. Ann yet this proud 1 oung nation of 18 millions pay "tribute"? ' ye "tribute " to 16 mil ions of Englishmen, inriurl- , iff the aforesaid 5 millions ol pauper*. H o ?l 1 Vny, in this? a free-born native American g<>i g i? en hi an American bottom, is obliged to g-1 a paper il "protection" troin a custom house, in order to mm- > isly John Bull, loisooth, 'hat he is not a Briton ' )o Britons carry protections to please Jonathan! Vhat ! the very idea of such a degrada ion puis ' ohn into a toweling passion, 'g he not the master idtion?the inistresa ol ihe seas 1 Why he rriasii- rs, it this resi>ect, brother Jonathan slotie. he dares < tot lit ask even a degraded Spaniard h.r 'hat which te so iusolenily demauus from an American But ve trust ttiat President I yler, the liou-heared and 'emocrattc son ot old Viigima, will wipe this slain rom the national escutcheon, and establish the doc rine "that our flag is our protection." The Hebrew population of ibis city, now so deepy excited by recent events, is perhaps over 5(H), and t ta tnore than probable has na I -rge a number ol n<>ral, opulent and learned individuals anion* ihem, is can be louud in any other congregation of the drlomination ol ihe same number in our country ? Jencr their influence here, and the attraction w hich heir divisions have lor the public. The-e di virions inve been growing lor years The conflagraiion ol 8T8, which laid their church in ashes, luruished a ( avioable occasion to many ol the leading mernh. rs o piopose lor adoption certain disciplinary and rnual storms, which, while n leit dac tines untouched, vould render religion more impressive and insttuc ive, and the subliiit' morality and truths ol the hi [ lie familiar to their children. In pursuance ol Ins >lan, a constitution was adopted, affirming the per teiual reteinion ot ihe Hebrew language tor the relord ol articles ol taiin, but adopting ihe ver.iacn , ar tongue lor the prolessors ol exposition ind moral instruction The use of an organ was ilso permuted. '1 hese "returns" to ancient usages, is ihey were designated by ihe majority, were denounced as innovations by a minority ot ihe corpo- , ration, who a eoidingly seceded Ironi 'he ancient Synagogue, and took the name of the "KemtiHUts nf Israel." lu the mean time, the majority, emhrn citig, as it unquestionably does, a majority ot the members tllosl deeply learned in the lawaatul Verted ill ihe customs ol the nation, and des> ivrrtly stand ng high in ihe>r own church, atid m thec< iiiiiiunii>, leadtly pursued Ii??- urwiy adoptedconstitution,and rarrd upa beautiful temple ot gien value, fimirut lor architectural t xcellence, tor < ostly ilm mIOUS, Hnd lor a fi ,r and i ultivated tsslr; III h Word, in oriitmfot lo the city ot (Jharb kIoii Thrw gen lemrii.thcn, *i re left in this w?i trom that lime to he present, in I lie peaceful pownsi n ol t lint houe' ^ Inch they erected, and that mode ol w orthtp w Incli dry deemed mo-t acceptable to their (.iud l u hrn cauir the question o' abingaitug the nuinhei I holidays?on the I4ili day ol the moon 10 the !l?l?(-ay April.) seven dupe ale nidrp d to b' kep1 i?|y convocation lo the Lnrd Alter tile rirstruc ion ot trie second temple t?y Titua, tin* faithful and ersecuWd people were driven trom Palestine am) mm the hatred city, anil scattered round the g,< kr 'an we wotider, that hue situated, exited and ep reseed, the uoubt ol keeping the true days ot the 'd*ch, contused their minds and induced some ol lio.-e out ot Palestine to keep 8 days instead ol the mentioned m the sacred volume? The erudite rteet, \tr Pornarske, in a recent discourse before he congregation, unlortunstely slued these facts, nd but juht hinted at the propriety ol entering ino n examination of thern. Twenty members ot (id aw, or thought they saw, in ttvs discourse, alio Itei tternpt to innovate doctrine, and not ouly protested gainst all change, hut (irininctrd the dismissal ol lie unhappy Priest. Th'* executive du tea of th> ody are discharged hy 7 trustees, elected every 3 ears by voters duly quslilied The trustees, or i tajoriiy of them, elect or admit new members, but ticy must not meet but u|S)i, the requisition ot thr 'resident Now comes the point ot law ?4 ol the rusteea go with the protesting majority, and thereire the President refuses to convene them?the a nwevr, assemble, tmlms ro/tis, at d re-admit the 1 reeding Remnants, thus making the minority ot 22 i swell to be tlie majority ?>t 16 i he tony prote-i gainst this as an unconstitutional irregularity, unr ot bmdiug, and both parties ttave ap, ealed m tin iW Judge O Nt ll IB to beHr the at l/liauit e;.ext week, ami you will mark the interest rxcite< y this atiair, when you are informed that the pinertv coiitendeit lor is ot great amount, lor ih? ueslioti to be decided is. who shall own the tempo \ aitttes and tuiidsot the Church?wtoch ot the pal- ( lea proteas the ancient doctrines ol the nation, am rho adhere with most fidelity totln laws ol Mo??e I nd the customs ol their venerable lathers. Mtwrs. | ? LD. Prle? Two Canta, Pefigree and Attnrne* Gereral HaiIv appear for the pa'ty <4*1 ) Meaar* Mermtnusi r and Judge Kii<( for I lie ?5 The f rty ?rr ,i|.. AinT.fMii# The minority of th- 66 ;?re haid lone emigrant* fr?>m various nntiona. The forty charge 'hat ihe 6ft want foHlioli-h the tabernacle, tnlence die orgiui interdict lie light ol English ina riiciion, and di?miw their earned, amiable, liberal and *< > on pbahed I'm m Th" 66 charge that ih?* forty have mtroiuced uoveliiea unknown to iheir Uthera, nyt w?rHiiied by the law, and aavelenml laliiuiliiiHriainfm leetrnctive totheir nationality and nam* H? mem rer that we do not apeak hv authority Ve only live ihe ruinora *a they are abroad We ret ret hat we apeak ao unlearuedly on a aubject eo very uiereatinf A. B C. Tampa Bay. IGorTeapoinleiH'.enf the Herald.] Tampa Bait, E F , May 21.1&43 Emigrant* to Fast Florida?fiaturt of the Court try ami Lund*? Some sound Advice. James 'johdun Bennett. Esq ? A number of emigrants ^frnm Waal Florida aid Alabama, have settled oa (be *' Manitee," which empties into the Bay of Tampa, E F., and many rubers are constantly arriving in search of land on which to settle Much difference of opinion exists as to the valuw (if the "Hammock" land in that region; hui n is JUIte certain lliat therr art' as mm y now tl *te ae ran he euppli- r) with land capable ol success! nl < alivation; and, from motivea ot pure dimnfr testedjese, we advise al1 those w ho are anxious to settle n Florida, to go first nnit look lor themselves, I# nmig their tanul es out of the territory until ihey lave made their selection?thus saving then selves i vast deal of anxiety, and much distress to the r wives and children There are m- ny points on ihe west and east roasts of Florida, highly available lor settlement ind agriculture,and the climate tsdelightlul; hut the iieatta of travel or transportation ?l< ng ihr coast, jnhss in a vi seel employ) d especial y. are altojeih rpiecarious, and many cases ol sufl^rng. anil artiul starvation have occurred there from tfta :ause We sav, " look betore you leap " I here Hre five conmanies o| troops at " Fort Brooke," Tampa, Major Wright, commandi g The post enjoys excellent health. The situation of his post is a delightful one. Yours, " Ami?o." &UI ' An8, WHOL?>AhtC. AND tlx TAIL.-3s4 Bu.?a wiv "sir nr??t ? > XisflUH p, . x, Nsl" S' it V I l)T Ik v AU L, (junsr m iiu ?c'oii! ?, ??? ? i"|i.pi nil, ...ll >1,. ..I 1, nilK ... t? .1, ?I.f Nn. 395 Briiaoway, whcr li.ev -eepcoai ui v ' t '"uJiu fin naive itaai.timeul of Au*-luued guilat., Imi had iu h beat ny'e. All I t'rutn.o'a frrm (hit ni><>afartnrv, luvg favonbly known iu 'tie Uni'ed Wt. tva whe'e i' re-ai-ed th fi i \ rem"ini iw udeil by the America- Inu'nti fo ilmb it* i.ede of ?ui;h runt? i-il? ml in ?o?-h ? u.ernr in nuei, eJ eu b'?e the mikrr tn nar-t-nt tin m'< aland aaye m .'e. Hi hi ,(e a be lot. |>? ch iui elae ? h- ir, ere r- qur I' d *n calf aid eiHmi'ir the i, le nd wn'kina-'ehip <il ih. in.trumeiie, aud a< till n c e pi' re- Th?> will n? found lowi r haunt any i itw i on!" in ine ci y Mr. fn. Krin', Prjftrinr of h> Flute and Uuicar b?f? leave to annualize that the above anas emiiita do u. t liner em in the with tin other e t?g-mr ?; he itili coatiuuet to give leas on n una1. at IBS Br ilwat, near '"all. ' at nii(4 I pi *r DAGUERREOTYPE APPARATUS. JOHN ROACH, OPTICIAN. 72 Nam%u, ura/ J..hust. eat, N. Y. LIAVINUihi Lent under hi* o*;. i> sp? ctiou. atid I * arr iikiuk them iu 'tie <Mii.rr* ? b*i ura hi roe t<, n*f**U Marmot* d i ?a>iiig t iat'iperMtor* us'Uk tna epp*:?ifi2* have ?b iiime tiicre?ll* 'i thn*i using c ?n? i*? with fo * wit ,-u?. r ihcIntteraie of ?*'j i icrOc, and a ill ol cut/ mpoperly l 'j nated. The ail* artiser request* <v trial lor ht* c?ni? ra*. ei'ii yan practice a? Opt ciai* rmblea tr ?n i?> gnuo i?d ai* 1 n* f t .eti? to ?uit it-e puipo** tor which they him wi led. s ?1ro?*e 4 CHIAP CA-H TAILORING KHTABLIiH.V LM, 02 Jotiuair ei,bC4r W? lui . GKNTL MK f in wii i.f ui vi *Ld iliio'. b - (lit n-g hou d call nnl rum l? rh* anbrrtibera ?e *cf tick of go* tin In lore pu c>>&. I g rl* ohair. A "inl I*ill he at fticiri t t c UVI.C the III 't .C<'u line I. lf?i foi b 0U of fit, *l> rot wurkmio-h p "ml at such * pr c *. (in* e*uH i htneio u nut Or in I'Aiiid l y I). thtr in <he riiy. Kuicr. Qe vr "I h ncl* K'enc or English d'? n nu<l fu ck c? ** low a. $li,'etl * g ?'<f to, 4ini m d. and tii- m?d?f the * ??! m '? r ali; hei/luli ami r eucli f?ic? flame caa*it*er*? i Mi't 3 to S3, g nil?ro >ti*, d things, rwted*. tuairnn . hininmta, J 5o (u $?; ? tun * a i't, til'ti, >1 is ilea, V 4 mtia, lie. A 2 SJ to 13 Miking nd limming ? rest cull* 7 t.> (9, If. Cs* to #i9, tests und p .ura 1 30 r < *2 All orik r* t au-f jll> teceir d and puip tu vllf a??e? d d o. J 1 A* i .<12 John at. A RFAITTIF1TT IIFA n OP UAIU T# 1 MP NAll FOR THREE >H)LLINGs.?READ, THEN JUDGE. UKA1 Eli, if we prove no article o be food, will yn*b?*V??:*?? ii? I hceui- ih I yoo baft b-eu humbugg d >u (tu, that if aii at i?r le is fieu pioved ;o oe good, yr. u wolfi try it. Now rrao. Tliof tie t,e red si d p *itiv? qua itie? of hi *rticl whose piice will prove it no n ruiu Jon i'l oml Hair I esturarive wi'l gem-rsl y .mi ove and bmuu'y the Kair. It will foice 'he bar to grow on rhe heal, f*e? an*. bo iv, o any | ar? ? he e na tie iui? ud. ?l ha r t grow, by n. king he sea i> h nlihy It iey? trie hair fal irg off nud tho ooghly rwri'M I irti'l ii d d.i d uff Anoint o t? r roper ties is o make he hiir gr.?w iikum Iv d.<rk a'id b*a?Mful* 1 oral 11 -ir he* orarive is -ol?l a l the iigu of the a nn?r eau Entile h ih m street New \ oik Ah in?Ze <?rr Tnif/ and I) tk street, rhilade*phis, and jegi to he Aur riCili Hot* I, Waihinftnn, D : B afe I'rret, B?it<>u ; CI v? lend Vina s'rvr , Ch^r-tinib, n t. ; 57 Jraio streti. Alba y . Michel., Noraitn, 1 i.**?u#o, N.V.; vi-?r'h, barber, i atskill, N. Y.; nod ISO Kullrn street, ItiKikl. a at la* II7ATCHE* AND JJCWfcLLKhY lower than everas v* i?ie snhscriher is im riant/* receiving all deaeri| t h*j? *f (old atid silver watches, of the u - west styles, direct freiu the MUM factum*, II England. K ance, <Uid twilHTHMl, he >s imbed to niter a larger ?? <* tincul, sod at much lets prices, at etail. than any other h* use in the city (Jold watches u b* i $15 each Watches and ew? II ery eicbainred or ou*bt \ll watches warranted to keep good Mmc, or the money renmed Wstthes, clock* and jewellery repaired in tks best u&usf ., titd warranted lowei 'ban at toy nthn |>!*< a m the iry O. C Alien, irniorter of watches inn tewtftltry, whole# . I# #r<t rftjiil ti Wn|f?ir??' at-ft ii*. 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