Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 2, 1843, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 2, 1843 Page 3
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f- rilK GENUINE E\TKA< I' t)K s\ s.XI'ARlI.LA, prepared by thejCollege of Medicine and I'haimacv, of thecity of New York, established for the sup. presslon of quackery,is possrRsed of all the medicinal properties of the beat South American Saraapai ilia, and pronounced by the Medical Faculty of the Uuited States to be the moat powerful purifier ol the blood at present known, lta effect ii trulv astonishing in all rates arising from an impur" state of the blood, auch as scrofula, tetter, malignant ulcers, chronic or inllamatory rheumatism, scald head, blotches or pimples on the face or body, pains in the bones or joints, ami all maladies arising lrom sc coedary syphilis or an n.judicious use of mercury. Sold in single bottles 76 cts; in cases containing half n dozen, $3 50; in do dooue dozen, $6?carefully packed and sent to all parts of the Union. Office anil Consulting Room'of the College D7 Nassau street. W. 8. RICHARDSON, Agent. Cfl?- STRANGE IT 18 THAT ANY ONE WILL suffer for a day with rheumatism or gout, when they can certainly and permanently he cured. Ask the Hon. J. Bryce, JesseCowand, Esq. or any one else who has had that complaint, what has cured them? And they will tell you "Hewea' Nerve and Bone Liniment and Indian Vegetable Elixir, ' which they procured from Comstock & Ross, 25 Magazine street. It has never yet failed in a single instance where it has bean used.?New Orleans Crescent CilV. The same is to bo had at 31 Courtlandt street.Naw York, where equally strong cases of cure will be given. 0Jj- ONLY ONE DAY MORE, AND GEN. TOM THUMB, tha smallest man that the world ever produced, leaves this city for several months, perhaps forever. Not to are him is to miss a sight worth going a thousand miles to behold. His Farewell Benefit takes place to-morrow, and it will be a great holliday?Several pnrformanc- s take place in the Lecture lloom during the day, the Oarden on the reot the Museum will be opened, Balloons will ascend, Music sound, llags Ay, banners wave amid the cheers of thousands of ladies and children?besides the young sailors and band of Music from the U- 8. ship N. Carolina, who will visit the Museum to take a parting look at the gallant little General. MORTISY KlAHKUr. Thursday, Jane 1?0 P. M. The stock market resumed, in some degree, its activity to-day. Ohio O's rose lj; Kentucky's Illinois 2$; Indiana 3 per cent; Delaware and Hudson J; Long Island rose 1 per cent; Harlem 2 per cent; Canton ?; Farmers' Loan fell 1 per cent; sales of Vicksburg 6 ; Morris Canal 3. At the hew board United States 6's sold at 116. We have received the following Miami Canal Extension, Ohio.?The letting for the completion ol this work is to take place on the 13th June next. The work consists of a reservoir on the Loramer's Creek; 33 miles of main line, principally excavation; 20 wooden locks; 3 or 6 aqueducts and numerous stone culverts. Payment to be made in Ohio 6 per cent domestic bonds, interest to bo paid semi-annually at the State Treasury, and the principal alter 1663.? Courier. What does this mean T It is only a few hours since we were assured " that if the State of Ohio" only could raise a million and a half, she would never want any thing more ; and, behold ! the ink is hardly dry, when we hear of payment to be made by domtslic bonds?"a new article, and peculiarly adapted to the season,'' as they say in Bond street, London. No matter?can't have too much of a good thing. There are $373,000 of the above lot tc come out, aDd how *\ many more can be ascertained when the manner in which the interest is paid is reported to the Legislature next winter. As to Ohio "assurances," the State solemnly pledged its faith that no more foreign stock should be issued, and before six months had elapsed, $1,600,000 new 7 per cent stoek was issuedjin violation of that pledge. When a State is so involved, as is Ohio, she rolls irresistibly to destruction. Tho following is from a morning paper The Herald thus comments " the tact of cheap goods is cheering. It is also true that it is the eflect of the tariff in some degree. Its operation has been by preventing the proceeds of foreign Industry from seeking the west in exchango for its produce, so to depress the prices of agricultuial produce, that its growers have not hud wherewithal to buy any thiog, and the prices of domestic goods have fallen in consequence." Ah ! neighbor '. you can't creep out there ! Will you say that tea, coffee, and other articles wholly foreign, and I?I iraiui ??>;, > inuigcu, ?i uui; ? lw W VUO IVI uue, have lallea equally with domestic goods 1 You Know they have not. Yet if free trade were sound, and your reason for low price < the true one, these should have fallen, and manufactured goods been kept up by the increased duties. And yet you know the fact is quite otherwise. And there is no mystery about it. The Her aid and the Tribune each afford an immense amount of reading matter for a small sum, because they have a regu. lar daily demanu for large editions. We can gather no clear idea from theso comments. Our proposition was that the onerous tariff, which went into operation last year, put a (bar to imports which fell offia the port of New York alone $30,000,000 in the six months succeeding the expiration of the compromise act. A necessary result ol excluding foreign goods from our markets, was to destroy the foreign demand for agricultural produce to an extent which affected prices so seriously as to leave the farmers no profit?of course they could buy nothing either imported or domesftc. The result has been antolmoit universal fall in prices. "Coffee" in particular has given way; and of all articles, perhaps, tho decline in that has been the greatest, with the excep tion of manufactured goods, whish fell 35 per cent in Bostou. Whenever the meaas of the agriculturists are diminished by depriving them ef the outlet for their surplus, the whole trade of the country languishes. In order to illustrate what we have said of coffee, we take the current rates new, and in July, 1843, m follows Prices lis New Yoii, July, 1843. May, 1843. Cocoa, lb.?Caraccas, 13 n 14 _ a -St. Domingo, 7} a 7} 6 a ? Coffee, lb.?Cuba, 8 a 9 7 a ? Brazil, 8 a 10} 8} a 81 Porto Rico, 0 a 10 7] a I.aguyara, 9 a 9} 7f a 9* St. Domingo, 7 a 7j Aj t 6 Java, 9} a 11} 8j a 11 Sumatra, ? a ? 7 a 7} Maracaibo, 8 a 10 7 a 7} Pkices ns Bostois. Coffee. July, 1843. May, 1843. r oi 10 miu, inn tu pi nun gi ecu, tu. ? u 11 o h hj Havana, 7j n 9 7 a 8 St. Domingo 6J a 7} 61 a fi) St. Jagode Cuba 8 a 10 t>J a 7$ Laguayra,. 9 a 9} 7 J a 8 Java 9 a llj Sail Brazil H a 9 7 a 8) Sumatra. 8 a 8j 6 a 7* Mocha 18 a 19 16 a 18 Theae era sufficient to ihow that coifee and free articles have fallen, although the above assumes rather boldly that we " know they havo lot." Assuming, however, that the effect of the tariff was to cause domestic goods te fall in prices, by the simple process of imposing a tax upon foreign goods, we are at a loss to understand how the domestic msnulacturers consider that n "protection." Such a result might be produced after years ef competition by conferring a bounty so high as to draw capital from ether employments ; but that a sudden fall of 26 per cent, such as is evinced in the 'following table, is any benefit to manufacturers, is a gross delusion r*i?KS or Domestic Goods is Boston at Different Periods. .4iiri rsf, May, Dec'r, May 17. 1839. 1811. 1812. 27 inch brown ihirliags, 6)4* 8)4 6a7 S ? < t 30 do do v-ry stout "Ua 9 7 s 7)4 6 s 6)4 5 ? 5)4 37 do sheeting! 9 alO 7 a 8 6 a 6)4 5'?'a fi 37 do do very stout 10 "10)4 U n 9 7 s 7)4 6)%a 7 40 do do llSal't 9 alO 8 a ? 77 ?7)4 40 do do liue ? a? 10 at2 10 *10)4 9 am 46 do do do 15 alfi 12 al3 11 a? 8)4' 9 30 do drillinvs do 10)4411)4 9 alO 7)44 8 fi'ia 7 28 do bleach'd do 11)4012)4 10 all 8>9 7 a 8 28 do j*aa 12Hal3>4 12 al3 9 k 9*4 8 R 9 30 do do bleached ? a? ? a? 10 410)* 9 alO 10 do shirtlug 9)4al2 8 a 9 7 a 8 7 a 8 37 do d> llHalt 11 a!4 9)4'I2 9>4<I2 Negro plain cottons 12 at5 12 a 5 10 al4 8 alO Negiolinseyi 20 a23 18 t23 16 a20 16 a20 An enormous fall took place, it will be observed, before the operation of the compromise act. Under the stagnation of tiade, however, which succeeded that event, a further fall of '20 pr ct. took place?not on new goods manu factored by a cheaper proceas, but on precisely the some goods. In the Boston warehouses were stored enormotia quantities of those articles, which could not find sate un til Trom the absolute mammy 01 the larmeriol this coun' try to consume them, the price fell, as in the caae of twen ty-scven inch brown shirtings, lrom 6 to 4 cents, a fall of k 20 per cent between December and May. When such heavy concessions were submitted to, a foreign demand sprung up,and took off those stocks which American farmers could not buy, because having the foreign matket for their surplus choked by the folly ol the manufacturer, the accumulating stock here depressed prices below the cost of production, and the home trade as well us the foreign, was crushed. The manufacturers now feel the force of the rebound. The great scarcity of money in the interior has tin doubtedly been a great auxiliary cause of the low prices' But the indirect and insidious operation ol the tariff has been the cause of the anomaly that, while money is accu. mutating on the seaboard to an unparalleled extent, a large portion of the west is absolutely without a currency. Tha Treasury Tables show that up (o the 1st of July when the compromise act expired, the trade of the coun try for 1843 presented an excess over that of the previous year. On the expiration of that law the uncertainty which succeeded for sixty days produced an absolute paralysis That uncertainty was succeeded by a prohibitive tariff.? Its requisitions in regard to cash duties were such that imports could not revive. iThe whole commercial de mand for money ceased. Cotton, rice and tobacco con tinned to go forward, and tha bills they created were all ha means of investment of the banks. Tha proceeds were imported in specie, ol which $1.1,900,000 are bow un employed in the N York banks alone. The impossibility ? of Importing goods under the tariff, prevented any demand for American produce as a means ol remittance abroad. There was nothing to remit. The consequence was, that nfter s long winter agricultural products were elu api r OB the seabeard than in midsummer, as follows Paicas in Niw Yom. flour. July, IMS- May, 1343. Western Canal, 6 94 a 6 00 4 76 a 4 Hi Ohio, via Canal, 6 74 a 6 8b 4 63 a 4 89 Michigan,flg 6 74 a 5 Cb 4 41 a^l 09 Orleans, ft 76 a 6 8H 4 18 a 4 37 Philadelphia, 6 75 a ft 88 4 31 a?4 37 (leorgetown, 6 00 a 6 13 4 44 aJ4 40 Naval Stores, bbL?T?r, 1 50 a 1 814 1 34 a 1 31 Pitch, jfftl 1 3ft a 1 37} 1 3ft a 1 37} . Rosin, 1 06 a 3 60 ? 73 a? 87 Turpentine Wilm'tn, 3 ?9 a 3 87} 3 60 a Ninth County, 3 ft<? a 3 63} 3 3ft a 3 50 Lard, 6}a 7} ft|a 6 Butter, OoshrU, lb. 1ft a 19 13 a 13 Dairy, 10 a 11 7 ? 1? 9 Shipping, 6 a 7 6 a 2 ? Cheese, lb. 6}a 7} ft a c* 6 Salmon, 14 to alft 00 13 00 al3(ftO Smoked, lb, 14 a 16 10 a 13 Mackerel, No. l,bbl. 11 60 all 00 9 00 a No. 3, 8 00 a 9 00 7 00 a iSHNo. 3, 4 50 a 4 76 ft 76 a Shad, No. 1 Conn., }bbL 00 a 0 3ft 6 00 a Now, it will be observed, that these prices fell under a u< wuminiiung uouixtance 01 money,showing that, aa low ai weio prices, the tarill, weighing like an incubus upon mercantile attain, destroyed all enterprise. When produce was so lew ob the seaboard, at the opening of the spring navigation, what temptation was there to send forward fresh supplies 7 Clearly none. The price would not command expenses to market. Hence, however abuncant money might he on the seaboard it did not benefit the interior ; on the other hand, had the com' merce ef the country not been interlerred with, goods would have arrived in the place of specie, and a steady export of agricultural produce in retum would have sustained a constant demand, and disseminated Atlantic capi" tal over the interior, causing the channels of trade to (low freely and healthily,|giving to farmers remunerating prices, and enabling them to purchase domestic goods in return. There would then have been no fall in Lowell manufactures. Salca at. tlie Stock Kxr.hangs. $10000 U S 6's, 1862 xdiv 113 150 shas Farmers'Trus' 30 00(10 Ohio 6'?, If50 9214 25 do 1)30 29)4 tiOOO do 1060 93 25 do 29)5 2000 do 9:1)4 50 do 1)3 29 5000 do 93)5 SO do 1)60 29)4 2000 do sow 93)4 25 do 29 6100 do L15 9335 Ohio L St Trust 86 1000 Illinois bonds 32)4 10 do 88 20u0 Illinois spul bonds 38>? 76 Lafayette Bk, Cin 55 loot do re 30)4 6 E"gle Insurance 100 2000 do 39 175 Stouingtou KK 35 1000 do 39)4 50 do bf.O 35 1000 do b30 40 25 do b60 35)4 2000 do s3<> 38 15 Mohawk KK 39 1000 do a30 38)4 25 do tw 39 1000 Iudiana $ bonds 38 110 do 38)4 2000 do 39 51 do 1(30 39 1000 Indiaua sterling 35)4 50 N O Canal b60 25 7000 Kentucky bds 99 *4 20 do 35 1000 do 99)4 50 Merchants'Ins 90 CIIOO do 99 100 NKIusmance 110 2000 do blO 99)4 1 25 i'suton Co 29 80 slias Midi's Bk 100 75 Ulica St Scheu KK 120 w 220 PneBix Bk 92 30 do 12(04 5o Greenwich Bk 50 15 Aub St Koch. RK 93)4 ill Stale Bk 91 10 do 91 50 do 91'4 60 Faterton RK 58 100 do 91)4 15 Boston & Frov 101 50 Mech's A kg Ass'n 51)? 800 L Island ItH 54H 50 Del & Hudson 109>a 100 do bio 51)4 75 Bk Com. scrip b30 102 50 do 5'X 150 do 101)4 100 do nw 54)4 50 do 101)4 200 do >60 51 20 Am Kicfk 82 275 Harlem RR 35 10 do 81 50 do 1)30 35)4 10 do 82)4 50 do bl5 35 20 do 30d 82)4 25 do 31)4 20 do 87)4 60 Vickibure Bk 5 45 N Am Trust 6 60 Hi racuse St Ulica R 105 50 do 574 >0 NJersey Ktt 86 Secontl Ho aril. S1000 Ohio 6's, 1860 94 25shas Vicksburg Bk 4)4 Innri A.. l.o i?r/ J IUUV ww UJ w/l 4j "O 17* 21100 do 93 k 50 do 4 1000 do >3 93k 50 Hulrm Hit 34k 2000 Kentuckr 99k 100 do 31 30 shas M laiiattan Ou 88 10 Ohio Trust 91 25 Cantou Co 29 50 Fanners' Loan 29 New York Public Stock Kickcngc. $5000 U 9 Ln,5k> 1814 116 25 itiaa Vicksburg s3 5 1000 Kentucky 100 135 Cauton Co 31 1000 do 99k 52 Merck's Kic Co 5 90 Kentucky 5's iu NY 94>? 150 Lout; Uland 5414 10000 Ohio 93k 100 do 51k 5000 do b3 9?k 50 do b3 54 k 17100 Illinoii, 1870 38k 50 do a J 54 k 5000 do 38k 100 do 54k 1000 do b3 38k 25 Hirlem bl5 35 1000 do b3 39 50 do 36k 1000 IUiaoiaCnl, I860 38 100 do 35 2000 do 38k 25 do 31V 50 aim Am Bzc Bk 82 25 Farmers' Loan 29k 25 OliiaL. IuslkTr 86 75 do 29k Second Board. $6000 Ohio 6'a, 1860 94 $1000 Illinois 6's, 1870 c 59k 5000 do blO 91k .50 thai Fanners Lu bl5 29k State of Trade. Sales of Real Estate were made as follows The two story brick house and lot of ground No. ? Forsyth street, near Walker street, containing 25 feet (rent by 100 feet deep, sold for $4000 The unexpired term of '21 years from May 1st, 1837, of the dwelling house and lot of ground No. 197 Ninth street?ground rent $66 per annum, sold for 1,260 Flour ? Genesee Hour $6,35; Michigan and flat hoop Ohio at $5,12} a $6,35; Georgetown at $5,13} a $5.26. Grain ?Wheat 100 and 102 cents: Jersey nnd North Iliver Corn at 68 a Ml cents; Rye at 06 cents; Oat* SB a 29 cents. Whiskey.?Sale* have been made at 24ot?. per gallon. Provisions.?But little doing. Prime and Mess Pork at $7,87J and $9,87$. Seeds.?Clover Sa0c. Timothy $10 a $12. Tallow?Sales Ot city rendered at 7$c. for export. Freight*. Savannah, May 27.?Foreign are exceedingly dull, and no vessels loading for a p. rt on the continent. To Liverliool the rates are the same as last week, |L for round, aud 5 I6d. for square bales. There is soaiething more doing coastwise, htit no improvement in the rates. To Boston, $1) per bale for Cotton; to New York, 7a cents lor square, and $1 for round bales, and AO cen s per cask fur Rice. Married. On Thursday evening last, bv the Rev. Mr. Holtt Mr. William Swan to Mrs. Ann McKav, daughter of (John Stoker, Esq. all of this city. Died, On Wednesday, 31st inst., Francis Kerrigan, in the 40th year of his age. His friends and acquaintance are respectfully invited to attend his funeral, this day, Itom his late residence, 41 Orange strpet. On Thursday, 1st inst., Edwin Ridder, aged 34 years 2 months and 16 days. The friends and acquaintances are respectfully invited to attend the funernl at his late residenoe, A7th street, Cato road, on Friday afternoon, at 1 o'clock. fSjfl On Thursday afternoon, Mr. William Abbott, Com median, late ot Ccv< nt Garden Theatre, London, recently otthe Park Theatre, of this city. His funeral will take place this afternoon, at half past three 'o'clock, from his late residence, No. 63 Murray street, his friends are respectfully invited to attend without lurihcr notice. ?<at?at Atlvlce* RECEIVED AT THE NEW YORK HERALD OPF1CK Antwerp April 2S Macao Feb. 15 Africa April 9 Madras Dec. 24 AntCayes Feb^ II Manilla Feb _ I Oi,m " mama march 28 Bomoay Feb. 3 Mont, rideo March 19 Batavia?-??? Jin. II Maranliam April 20 Bermuda May 3 Matanz .a May 14 Bonaire April 9 Mnyaa.ez May 12 Buenos Ayrea March 21 o March 9 Bahia March 31 Mntamoiaa March 13 Belize, Hond. May A Mriico April 10 Barbailoea May 4 Neuvitaa May 4 Bogota Dec. 24 Nassau, N. T. May 10 Berhice Krb. 20 Oporto April 14 CapeTown, C.O.H-Mar:!i24 Oahu.S. I. Dec. 25 Canton Feb II Paris May 2 Cienfuego May 6 Portan Prince May 15 Carthagvna Sent. 15 Ponce, P. B. April I Chagrin July I Para April I ("allao Sept. 7 Periiambnco April 2 Calcutta Feb. 27 lit i ile Janeiro Apiil fi Cadiz April 11 Singapore Dec. 9 Demerara Aptil 29 Syifvey, V. S. W.-?? Jan * Kayal March27 St. Helena April S5 Gibraltar April 24 St. Thomas -May It Guayaquil Oct. 16 St. Barra Jan 3 Guayam.i, P. Ho May 18 St. Jago ile Cuba- April 2 Gouaivea # -April 1 St. Johns, P. R May 6 Galveston May 16 St. Croiz' May 10 Havre May 2 St. Martha Dec. 2 II nnh;irg April 28 St. Domingo April 4 Havana May 15 St. John, N. B. May 26 Hayti March 12 Surinam May 4 Halilaz May 23 Tampico----. April 15 Jereinie-- March 3 Toba?co?--> April A l.irmel April 25 Trinidad ile Cuba May 21 Kingston, Ja. May 9 Talcahuana Feb. 15 London May 3 Valparaiso Feb 26 Liverpool May 4 VeraCrnz April 25 La Ouavra May 10 Yucatan April 21 Limn Feb. 10 Zamibar Jon. 21 Passenger* Arrived. Post ao I'i.att?Brig Clara?Mrs >, 1 ir.a Harrison anil servant, Philadelphia. Savannah?Biig mldison?Mn Force, MriJ P Force, A Force, Mi?? O Force, Mist II Howell, Mrs Ives, Mr Lakison, Mrs Lakison sriil child, Mrs Woodwo'th, Miss C Woodwonh, Rev S Sprint, Mr Beardsall, Mr Tarboi, Cspt Baker, Mrs Biker, H J Hyde?25 in the steerage. Passengers Sailed. Havrk?Packer ship St Nicolas?Henry Mahler, U 9 Consul to Zurich, ltd*, two children and servant, ol Naw York; Wei S Campbell. U S Consul io Rotterdam, and Isily, New York; LncienMsilia?d and lady, A Berger, lady ami two children, Mrs John B Pell, Miss t'ell Charles Slnrray, Jules llalnnaun. Mrs Cuanlnirhsm, M s Drake and child, Edwin Burr, John II Young, all of N ew York; Autiist Payen, Charles Jesud t. ?.f Mobile; A Qnertter, New Orleans; J B Sorapure, A Motlcs. Jem.ics.Wl; Omtave Muller, Steitin, O Degmair, Wr tilar, lad\. four children and nurse, Anguste Kra/-r, ?Jer many; Louisit Dnreve, Belgium; Peter Luidermanu. Bivarn; ,1 r White?J2 in the steerage LiVKitrnnL?Shin Chester?F.dward Quail, of St Croit J's Pringle, J P Tage, Newcastle, Canada; John McLaureu, New Orleass?110 in the stcerigs. Foreign Importation*. Port air 1'latt?Brig Clara?190 ccrootn tobacco (10 pes mahogany 165 ha s coffee Avmirlt co?lot ceroons'?b ceo W Cnmtnings, Philadelphia?192 J Fenner, do?181 R V W Thorn ?4 A C Rossiere. Minar.P Island?Brig United S at-s?(Reported yesterday) ?tftO'i bsshcls salt Nrsmith, Leeds & co. Sisal?Schr Henry Clav?5'? hales hemp It do skins A I'a trullo?1150 do hemp 2 do skins Bniichaml ?t ThebruJ. Ilnmoitlc Import at Ions. New Oslkans?Brig Alhert?220 hhds molasses Al-op la Chssncev. ArALacmcoLA?Schr Meguntieook?129 bales cotton Hoibrook, Nelson k en?75 Sui th, Mills k co?19 J Mr1?5 ' enir r k en?I Rolt?n, k Livingston?I D Poniroy?29 Bradley, B look-It co? 11 Wnl'irout k Anvolc, of Providence?i: Mil lootik, Center k co, B stm;?7 do 48 hi 'es J Terbnrl, ilo-t h? Pe kiny Hnpkius k co?34 hides k, llowlttul?13 hales .kins 70 Id,It s K Tnwisend. bATARNAH?Brig Madison? (Reported yesietdsy)?70 bales Parmelre. Kilbara fc Rogers?31 H Kronen ? 11J Buiw* It Pop*?it A OM'llur?62 I) Lesu-r?m <lo 1 truuk 1 bis Tayli r k Rich?1 A ('omacock?'it hales to order. MARITIME HERALD. Balling Day* of (ho Steam Ships. prom i.ivf.rpool. nna aMPRICA. Acsdia, Ryrie May 19 June 16 Brilauuia, Hewitt June 4 lulr 1 t?. Western, Huaken June 17 July 1J_ Packet* an Arrlv*. Pnrkria m Sail. rank i.ivKaroni.. ton litkrpool. Sheffield, Alton, May 1 fl.W ishingtnn.lltir ows,June7 Hottiugtier, Bnr?ley, May 9 Rochester, Hr ttnn, June tfi Montezuma, Lowlier. May 7 Finland, Harriett, June 19 prom Portsmouth pnh pohtsmoitth. H. Hudson, Moore, May I Wellington,Chadwick, Jnne 10 Ontario, Bradish, May 19 Quebec, Hebard, Jnne W PROM HAVRP. KOR HAPRR Argo, Anthony. A|?ri12J Dnrhesse d'Orlr ins, Jnne 1) Franoois 1st, Ainswortli, Mayl Sully, Thoinnson, June 10 Ship Piatt si's and Agents. We shsM HI..m if . r.v?. IP .f 17 111 to Commodore Kobkrt Siltky, of our News Fleet, a 14snort of the Shipping left At (he Port whence ?hey soiled, the Veisels Spoken on their Passage, a Lilt of the-ir Cargo, and an* Foreign New?i>ai>eri or News they may have. Me will board tin-in immediately on their arrival. Agents and Correipondcntt, at home or abroad, will alio confer a favor by leudiuK to this Office all the Marine Intelligence they call obtain. Nantica! Information of aur kind will be thankfully teceivrd. PIMIT or kKW VOKK, JUNE 3. mw 4 33 I Moon UTS 10 51 IVtl 7 23 I HlfiH WITH II 45 Cleared. Ship Brooklyn, Ilichaidion, Jamei Hirer, K Richardson 8i I'll?(tuque Franklin. ( Bremen) Sleehoorn, Hdlnhuig ?Briv* Henrietta (Pim) Selieni/, Stettiu, Win W?i se<; Androdai. Rilchie, Bordeaux, S T Nicoll; fhilu-a, Doanr, Savannah, Dunham & Diinon; (lei-go, Hull, Charl'-itou, (leo BoMey; Lucy, Bangs Buatou, Foster St Nickerson ? Schrs Sir Lionel Smith, ( Br) Stanley, Montego Bay, Jam Dunscomb St Beckwiih; Aun Maria. Bitter, Ncwbern, NC- S L Mitchell; Tui carora, Sranck. Hichirumd, Allen It Psxson; Phi-be D, Smith, Baltimore, A B Cooluy It Co. Arrived. Daniih brig Clara. Donham, 14 day* from Port an Piatt, with tobacco. Stc. to Avmar 8r Co. Brig Peruvian, Watson, 27 dsyi from New Orleani, with mo laiaei, to NOtolith. Letdi St Ci>. Brig Albert. Woodbury, (of Boiton) 27 daya from New Oileaui, with molaitei, to master. Brig Geul Marion, Sylvester, 15 days from (New Orleani, wuh auga-, Sic. (o Badger St Peck. Brig Sabine, Blackitigton, (of Thoinaiton) 18 days from New Orlratis, with molssses, to order. S'-hr Alabama. Harris, 25 days from Tobasco, with specie and fuii'c, to C. W. Vauitavaren. Scbt Hmry Clay, Tncker,28 days from Siial, with hemp, to R. St W. Thome. Schr Megnnticonk, Dime, (of Camden, Me.) 22 days fiom St. Mirks, with co'toii, to Nesmith, Leeds St Co. Schr Joseph Brown, May, from Philadelphia, with master. Sch? R. Tomlin, Tomlin, from Philadelphia, with coal, to master. Schr I'urdy, Engle.from Deep Creek, with shingles, to the master. Schr Eliza Jane, Snow, 8 days from Thomast?n, with lime, to masfr. Schr Patriot, Gates, 8 days flora Machias, with lumber, to master. Schr Banner, Gould, 4 days from Boston, with tndie, to tho master. Below. Brig K.I17.i & Susan, of Prospect. Also, 1 brig unknown. Hailed. Ships Mediator,Chadwick, London; St Nicolas, Pell, Havre; Chester, Doyle, Liverpool, and others. Herald Murine Correspondence. Tampa Bav. EF. May 21,1813. Arr 12th, J Cohen. Jr. 17 days from N Forlt. with stores for the army, landed them at Kori Brooke, and sM 18th for Apalachicola; Pacific, Imm Baltimore via Key Weit, and aid from Tampa 20th; 14th, U S [army] scar Esses, fm Key W, it; 17th, Georgians, 18 days Ironi NYork, with stores for the army, au l *M 19th for NOrleans; 19th, Only Daughter, of Baltimore, from Port Leou. Sid 18th, U 8 brig Oregon, Lieut Comdg L M Powell, in prosecution of the survey or the coast of Flo ida to the inouth of the Mississippi. In port 21st, U 9 steamer Poinsett, [uaval] continuing the survey ol Tampa Bay, all well; U 8 steamer Col Harney, [army! (or Tort Leon, next day; U S schr Essex, [army] for Key West, do. General Record, Wrfckkd.?Brig Geu. 8cott, Littlejohn, of Portland, from Georgetown,',SC. for Havana, struck en the Great Guauua Key, a little to the East of Ahaco, May 1, at about half-past 3 o'clock in the morning, and bilged in about 30 minutes The crew provided themselves with about half a barrel of bread, took to their boats and were saved. Part of the rigging, Ike. was saved by tiie wreckers. She was owned by the captain, Judali Chandler, and others?oue quarter only insuredBrio Albert, Staphs, of Portland, from Boston forStJigo, with ice. put into Portland 30th ult. in distress. 19th. lat 36 30, Ion G8 to, when t days out, eipetirnced a severe HE gale, Inst stein boat, had long boatstove out o( the chocks, rec-ived other damage and sprung aleak. Cleared away deck load of bo* hooks, lumber, Ike. and scud NW and N 10 hours, both pumps going, siuce which time she had been making lor the nearest port. She has how three (Vet watt r in her hold. Lk kv ?Schr Sarah Ann Jane,which cleared from NOrleans 2M nil. for Lacuna, returned ou the 23d, in distress, having spiuuga Irak. Spoken. lliusell Glover, NOrleans for Liverpool, May 22. lat 30, Ion 79 30?by tl e Albert, at this port. Senator, 11 days from Boston for NOrleaus, May 20, lat 24 SO, Ion 80 30?by the Megnnticook, st this piort. Oswego, Wood, NOrleans fur Liverpool, May 25, off Cape Canaveral?by the Monmouth, at Savannah Hussell Lampher, from Liverpool, out 38 days, and Me tamers, Wight, from Boston, May 15, off the Moro, bound into Havana?hy the Cybele. at Boston Jauies, from Kichuiottd, Me for Savannah, May 29, off Cape Cod. VVhatlcinen. Etir?v, Fisher, of Providence, on Off Shore Ground Feb 2, Willi .;o"u noil '111, ivu *1) Knterpiise, Bailey, ,\B, on Tristan Ground Jau 20, 1 ruo?, 300 hbls oil. Klixa L B Jenuey, Church, of ami 85 daya fm Fairliavcu for Pamfi-., 50 sp Willis, Daggett, Mattapoiiett, was spoken May 12, 12X raas out, with 350 sp 50 humpback. Cbpt Shnckley.of the Lucas, at St Helena April 25, reports while cruising on Tristan Oionisl, captured a ipi rm wlule making 121 bbls oil, obtained from the head alone 52 bbls. foreign For**. Surinam, May 4?In port, Salem, Upton, for Salem, in 4 days Port au Platt, May 16?No American vessels in port. Lake Ports, Buffalo, May 29?\rr "d Clay. Root; M Helm, McHarry; Ketrhum; Osceola, Dana, and Woodhr'dg*, Vlnnroe, Huron; Parte r , Cary, Cleveland; Rochester, Van Tntiel, To l?<?: Juliette, Ctingle, Detroit; Juneau. Jeffers. Chicago; Merchant. Johnson. Sandusky; F Jenny, Davis >n, Milan. Cld k.lfort. Pope Krie; Haunah, Gibhs, Mil in; Ocean, Chase, Cleveland; M ircy, Bigley, Sandusky; J Smith At.dross,Toledo; Planus, Allen, Dunkirk; Geneva, Sweet, Ashtabula. Hume Form. Pom land. May 30?Arr Mary Pease, Shields, Trinid dde Cuba; Ai i rt, S'apl' t, B ston for St Jago, in distess; Warren, Titc imb 1 ieufuegos NrwRitRvroRT, May 30?Arr Hellespont, Wo dbury. Philadelphia K nk'in, Bryant. NVnrk. <?i, r< fc?tk'<. Ma> 27?Air Norman, Shackleford Boiifon (or " ihi inuton, NC?since tailed. Arr 29lh, M'-xctn, Uop?rs, Suitmm. HtLtM May 29?Arr Elizabeth. F>aker, Oemgetown, DC.? Cld *n (i B (ten, Wni-iiiK W at I ad in ('.nsTON. May "?^'r Stranger. Nirlt?r*OH, Georgetown, DC; Joseph Atkins, Humus, Ja*tnel ?n Holmes Hoi* ; Cvhele, Edmonds, H n rim; Zone, Crowvll. Albany; J C'ooley it Co,, N York. Sigi>>l for a b ip Cld Mary Kllen, Dearborn. Canton; Emily Wilder Brown Ginrapnr via NVork; Lycoming, Coneland Genoa: Lea er, Dewing, Hinde Janeiro and a lukf; Prentice, Paine, New Orleans; Ar rn, Hn??i. and Sijoive St Brothers, Stri Iman, Philiadelphia; Hnbicoa, Dnanc, ai d Augusta, Ni<k>rson. NYo'k. Nantucket, May 28?Air Bolivar, Barnard, Norfolk. Sid 30th, Philadelphia, Thain, Phil idelphia. Providence, Mar 3f?A r Peru, West, Philadelphia; Moses Eddy, Blivvn, 'hd Times, Oaks, .Work. Sid M B Koberson, Posh, Newborn, NC. Albany, May 31?Arr QnlTie. Manton, B ston; Director. If lines. New Y- rk. Sid Vi tape, Bearse, Boston; Amanda, Nickersnu, do; Elizabeth, Hoyt, New Haven; Burlington, N Ynik. I'hilaoi i.phia, June 1?Arr Nicholas Brown, Head, Mobile; Mexico, Tom in Kail Kivri; Elizabeth, Bonnie, Mjltr.iugton, N''; Mary, Tre'ilheo, New York; H.idassah. Knowlton Portsmonth; Plielie Baxter, Orowell, Boston, Joy, dale, Halifax, i\S below, E.iza Williams, Bollee. New Haven. Cld Ann Slille, Wt lis, W Indies; A B Ed * ards. Somen, Providence; Charles, Dodite, Boston; Lewis Bnice, Stinlley, do. Arr at Hichmotnl Railroad Wharves. May 30, Spartan,acd Defiance, Boston; Active, Meek*, NYotk. Baltimore, M"V 31?Arr Herald, WatM, Amsterdam; Katharine Jackson, Meyers, Rotterdam 8ld Onltiare, Brown, do: Paoli, Knller, Bremen; Rochester, Wis , NYork. Richmond. May 30?Arr Aurora, Woodbury, Newburyport. Sid Mt Moritih, Ropers, Boston. I.IIAHI.HTO!*, ,?I?7 a? firr rsnaiispcAre (mi Memicrson, Liverpool. Snl Cambridge, Bars tow; th.lBr] Warren, ami Nina. [Br] F.len, Liverpool. liriRaiH, Miy 27?Arr Monmouth, Patten, Liverpool; Baltic, Gr.gory, Nantz te'ow, a ship supposed to be the Loo < hoo, from Liverpool, Cld Chas Joseph, Msman. H ivre. In port 2fith, Kli Whitney. Hsriling; Siirliug, Siiindtrs; Mersey. Moid; Bradshaw, [Br] Yountt; Sir Howard Douglass, [Brl Ogilyy; Amy,[ III J While, and Priuce Kegtn , [llr] Mordy, for Liverpool, Idg; Josephine, Matnon, from do, wig; 1'hamei, Piince, for Providence, Idg; Wilson puller, Cobb; Clinton, Lyon; Gcorgiana, Bedell, and Augusta, Sherwood, New York, do; Osceola. Brown, fm do, disg; Kobt Bruce, Kitzgenld, for Baltimore, Idg; Halcyon [Br] Dean, Amigua. do; Hivana, Gilpatrick, Havana, do; Creole, Wyman.and Havre, Car|>eu petiier, Boaton. do; Rapid, Mountfort, Gtiadslonpr, do; Augtista, Ha ch, ftn Camden, dug; Ceylon, Crooker,Point Pelre.wtg; F I) Dekker, Smith, for Philadelphia, Idg; Mary Shields,Worthingtnn, do, wrg. Mobil*, May 23?Arr Paragon, Brsyton, Boitou. Cld Henry, H Iter, Cork; American, Burgess, Havre; Morea, Flanders, and Wetompka. Fowler, NYork; ?Mary, Sullivan, Liverpool; Afghan, [hr] Black, Quebec; Alexander, Russell, Providence. Cld 2lth, Marchioness of Bute, [Br] Kemp; Hogaith. Itedman, ?nd Oea Wiltshire, [Bi] Leslie, Liverpool; Uni'ed Kingdom, [Br] Eshelby, Quebec; Choctaw, Loomis, and Equity, Post, Hartford. A r 2Jth, Marine, Vena'd, Boston. Cld Hairiet, H ind, ifsltimore. Ngw Oii.kavs, May 24? *rr Lady Mary Fox, (Br) Galbraith. Deuierara; Maria M Klots, Warren, Attakspas; Frede>i k, Jordan. Kictimond. Cld Meloka, McLaren, Liverpool; Europe, Barker, Havre; Lime R ck, Anlo, Mala moras; Belle. Miller, Havana; Hra Bud, (Br) Orint, Laguna, Nymph. (Br) Miller, Kingston, Ja; Miehd St John, Kvcrson, Belize.Hond; Eultan, I rnmb, and Hsvsua, lacker. New LimOnn. Art 2'M, Martha W.i'hiugton, S'evens, Liverpool; Mary Kingaland, Weare, Havre; Maria & Fanay, ( Han) Cammongsy, Emilcn. Tremout, Chase. Charleston; Aickitect, Ofay. Vera Crag; (Colorado, Swan, Kingston, Ja. Cld Wall ole,Thomas; Cameo ! J nvia; Hokomok, Johnson: Francis P Beck, Hlackpo'e, and ( Delta, Hinckley, Boston; (fraud Turk, Parsons, La Kochrlle; i 11 bar i lie, KoIiiih hi, and Tasao, Almy, New York; Denmark, Wright, Belize, Hond Arr 21st, Liverpool, Agrv; Sir Colin , Campbv'l, Penticost, and Adams, Gay, Liverpool: Manchester, Bosworth. Glasgow; Victor, Gorlu.m, Boston; Karoiita, Esc null- I,'I'lib'sco. cheap kxehcire. -am 1 SPLLND1D BILLIARD ROOMS, ' AT the CO'ner of Broadway and Chamber street Thetitua- j lion is spacious and airy, with fnnr lirst rate tablet. 'Jettl'tien are taspietled to call and judge for themselves. The refresi mrnts aie of the best kind, r ml the pi ice per game during the day is one shilling, and iu th evening I8\ cents. , 12 r ' HRHITIAN PHI1) K N ft11 I fc 11 EK._ ! \ Qfound and LAST MUSICAL ENTERTAIN- 1 k? MENT at the Siri.ty Library Hall, (cornerof l.cojanl ami Briadwav,) on E'ridav Keening, June 2<l, Mr. DEMPSTER and the Misses CUMMING, respectfully auuoiiuee t h - it second end I st Vocal En ertainmeiit for the seasor, ' hhen among other ; mces the lollowiug will be introduced on th programintThe ' ainrn'. o( the Irish Emigiaut, by Miss M A Cnrrinieg; A?ld Hebm Gray; Death <>l Warren: >aw a Johuis ? c- Miiuu I Wo?n the wind bewailcth; Duett, What w 'I a' the lads do I Phillip's new Duet. " Day is now Dawning, ' words by (fen. Morris, fust time m 'his city; The Angel'.. , Whispei; Th- B'iud Boy; Dart, The Keel Itow, dull kets 50 rems, Willi programme, may be had at the Music Stores, or at th door on the evening of the entertamm -nt jl ttr rp Wl \ e.S?20u hale. Briilt'url Twines, coinprnii.g -eniii- I 1 plet" assortrneni, from 5H to 3ii lbs, of super.or quality, for sale by K K. COLLINS ? C< . < Ji ec 'SI South -treei , y Htll. TiiKEaD? io hales naieui English ihresd, inlau I 2 oz. balls, for sale ou reasonable terms, be jl?c K K COLLINB fc CO. 56 South at ? XT1!\ I II WAKII?Tlir> of IhelNmth W inl ere re <r,,*C i. ">?'' 'I l? attend a public meetinit to he held at JiRnon Htll, on Friday Kveninit, June 2d, at I o'clock, for thr purpoae of aelertink appropriate rommilteea to co oper.iti with atouler committed of other wardi and with the committee ofthe (common fiinnril, in makmt; iintablr arrangement for thr reception of the rrraident of the (foiled Htatea, who i* elrecteil to arrive in th-a city about the 12th ot June itial. Mo>e> o Leonard, JtHopkina Stewart . " Jatrea Kamary, lanec R "mitr, John Alwaiar Kdw,Id Pattern, Him hen D Laymar, Rilph Rfjart. -ri n ,",IBIU1' h D <?ard->er, Henry Suyditn, Cliaa W-eka jr, I. Bwackhamer, J ??e Bni-h, n*Tidf. Ro derick, C Bedc'iff. Tarlrton B Karl Win T Godfrey. John Van B imriit, Hamu-1 B Van Wart, JI;nrS Sjpofford, A iah O I'almrr, Wrn Miller, Silaa Maoville, ?er'"?,e?tervelt. Sainnel I Bookataver/! , ,'n v,,ntrr*ti>ck, fKdward Crowell, J.?..n ?'lh?:r'. John Tall man. M ' **? 5 McDonald, J. hn Bull. f.'T* Hamue ?'hll ir., Wd'iem Trayia, H mnel Radcliff, Wm Hmlaoo, Rntjer B rotten, John Mark, 3J& Oeorve Oreen, Wm McKibhina. I. D airing*. Corn* H Vo?l urgh, Kichtrd McG'ennan. n*veil nrnnr. John Gibson, ,"lst Teener. O 8 Battles, John Pinsent, b reem u-CampbtU, Hrnrv Smi'h. Geo W Bleeder, tt Haydock White. i2 1f?B 'T'O CUNTKAO'i'OK8.?Proposal* will ha re-rived by too i subacriber for rebuilding the eaat ahutrnent of Mamar-mick Bridge, according to specifications which will he fu-nishrd, end alto for the repairs of the former Bridge The proposals may he for bn'h the abutment and repairs of the b' i lye,together or separate Persons wuhisg tocon'MCt, will please hand in their estimates to the subsiviners on or nrevinUs ro rite 12th instant, if convenient attend at hon*e of Epen? tus Hidden. Kve, on that dav. between the hours of one and three o'clock P M , svhen the Proposals w iil be ope-ed Bp cilic itions can also be found at the store < f M I. Ks,| ... ,r the Uridre. P> II MO HALSTEO. of Rye. v- W. F < \RPE.V I KR, 7J William st. N. Y. Manuronick.Jane i i:n JKm TO BRIDGE BUILDERS?Sealed Frooossla for building a swing drawer, for the stone pier bridge over Newtowu Creek, on ' oily Island, will be received until Wednesday, th7th dnv of June, 1811, at 12 o'clock, M.. at 221) Front street, New York, where the pint" and speeitie?tions are now read/ to he exhibited JNO. B. HYATT, President. Nrwtown. June 2, 1813. ,25t*r QINOING BY NOTE ?A NEW CLA88 ?The subscriC her will eomme' re a ?ew class is learning to sunt bv note, on WEI) sESBAY EVENING, Jane 7, at S o', in hts Music Room. No. 411 Braidwar. This is the only evening c'aas which his erigngam-lit t?i I permit for the present season. Term, 12 Lessons?the flrat ritBF.. fhe cln>? is open for both Ladies and Or n'h inan J F WARNER.. * Translator of Weber's Theory of Musical Composition, Knitter's Vocal Elements, Berg on the Modes ?( Teachii g, fcc. je 2 3'*r HUNTERIAN DISPENSARY?E tabli.hed in 1835? No 3 Division atre-t, th- only place in the citv where the real genuine Hunter's Red Drop, a medicine never Vuown to fail in curing the most desperate eases of disease, can be obtained. Price SI, warranted to cure any case in a few days Use the right medicine in the first p'ace, and there will ha no half cured cases. After you have read all the little hooks | noted ns this disease, and used all the medicines sold elsewhere, without being cured, try this, aud if it dou't cure we will not take pay. j2-lfr a TO LET?The modern built three story brick dwelling. No. IS Green street, finished with silver furniture, m.irble mantles and grates throughout. A fine larje yard, with newr failing cistern. Will he let low. For further particular! apply to AITKEN. BROTHERS, je2-lm*ec No. 122 Fultop street. YXTANTED?A situation by a steady woman to do geur rr l vv house-work; one that can give the best of city inferences. A pely 11 No 3 Stanton st, at the rear of No. lib j I 31 * in TlfANTED?A House, furnished or unlitinirhed, where vv the rent will be taken out iu Board, with the privilege of taking a few other Boa-ders. Anply by letttr, addressed to E I. , at this office, or at No. 91 William afreet tn3IJtr RESPEOTABLE YOUNf> GIRL wisluito take care of children, and do plain rearing, or general house work Best of reference given. Apply at 65 Chsrry atreet, up stsira . tnll 3t*r J OST?Book of the Bmk of Savings. No^Cl 117^ The find jI Vt*r^'"1""":'? "" LOST, between Tradesman's Bank end Wall street, in Tuesd.v morning, Maf Mk, a Bundle, cnutainimr 3*i yards fine French black cloth, 8 ysrds (inured silk serge, and 8 yards brown linen The finder will receive a suitable reward by le.a?ing the articles at Conrad Biaker's, No. 8 Dunne street. tn3l 3t*ec BOARDING ? A few Single Oentlemea, or Gentlemen and their Wives, can be accommodated with pleasant rooms and hoard, by applying at SI Vesey street. m30 lm*r BOARDING?A family or two can bo handsomely accommodated with board at Newa-k, H< J. The sitna'ion is one of the most delightful in the place, anJ bill a few steps from the stopping plana of the rail cars For further information apply at No. 37 Maiden Lane. in27 lm*r T0 MANTUA MAKERS OR MILLINERB.-ToRent, L a Koom, 'liandsomely furnished, for the above business. Any person requiring the tame will please enquire at 308,S Br adway. Also, a Room lor Porirait Painter or Dentist. m30 6t*r H"~ ANDSOME APARTMENTS in Houstoa street, close to Broadway.?To let, to geutlemeii, with breakfast aud tea References required. Address, bos 203 Park Post office. ml2 lnr cnd*ec rPILBURY FOR SALE.?A superior London made TilbuA ry, has run hut. two years, ami is new painted this spring, for ssle cheap. Apply to MESSF.NGKK'S Stable, m3fl 2w*ec *i8 Lumber slreet, TIf '-HEAP h ST LITERATUKE yet is to b found a 1 WA TTS it LO NO WORTH'S Shakspeare Gallery, ?!) Broadway, or lit Nasrau st. viz:?works not to be obtained at any other storrs?A burlesque translation of H imer, by Lord Ge'rge Russell, 2 nils. 24 plates,curious, .'is the set: Orlando knnpso hy.Hoole, 6 vols, bound, pi-tes, 12s the set; Evenings at Home, li" Mrs. B lrhnnld 2 vols. 90 nlates, 2s fid rhe set; Samagundi, 2 vols, plates. 2r 61 the set; Hunt's late War, written in the style of the Bi'de, It: TSwaWPBI, 2 vs. Sv 1, platet(. line copy, b und. 12s ih* set: Dinlin'i Life of George k. Cooke, 2 vols, pla'es, 2? fid the vol; Baxter's; Trrmain's Poems, 12 vols, Is 6J the let; Dr VVitt Clinton's Discourses, Is; Darwin's B dan.c Garden, Is; Euchauted Plants, fil; English Flee, in 1391 4d; Lanirhrrne's Fsb'eiof Flora,Ifld; Foote's Wii'lu 3vi., 31 the vol: Oil Bla? in reach, hv Wanorhrocht, is fid; J lmso.i's Trivels in Russia, 8 vs.i 480 pp. | s fid; P ir'sl of Love, Is; low .scripture Prtnis tror.r th? hssi mtsters, Loud ? ; Rstn-ay's Hist, of 8. Carolina. 2v,8vn, 800 pn Is fi I the ??t; Minstrel, Si,aw reck aud Her,nit, I'll; KeciiPChniti, Is: V' cal Poetry 220 Ann' rv h'<*ng?, Is 3d; Hvl?y's Triumph of Trmrier. f,:l: K - v's I' lire I tail D efnue. Kl: f?. l'- rv's I see to hi* D<tUi;li6?r.3d; J >-enh An lrcw*,3 vol*,ls the set; Vlonie's Aivcreon, 2 no! I* 6d th* *et; Musical Dictionary 3d; Lientaud'i Synopsis of Mnlkuu, 8 vo4Wp 2i #d?'besidea iinnerousothrrs, iqnaily cheap, wh cli nothing but an inipectio I cau convince. M. B.? tflOfl fi i' Old Eng'iih Eugravir gs on *ale, at one quarter the nan I : ?ir?. WATT9 St LONOWORTH, 116 Naatau it. Je22,*<c OHKATHIVG'PAfKR-Zn hale*, a ? rym ariol i i I-. k anq ??II caiculatt d lor ship's bottoms ami roof* of house , for tale hy E K COLLIN - & I'O. jt re 50 South ttrert. COPPER?100 catr* k nalish 9h stbittg < Opper, a reiy superior anirle, tns.ufactnri <1 ftotn ihe b#>t ore, ami with thr greatest eare, comprint!* a lull fmin 16 oi to 32 nz , loraale by E K COLLI VS b (X) jt ec 56 S<.ml, street A fkCHOh?<li < ol Portet'ac-'eb'Hteil patent Authors, 4000 r* la*., for tale by E K COLLINS fit CO. j2 ee 56 Month street. W A CART Ell. Alice ti'er 1 lOl'OiH, SMCRi, WINKS l Nil TEAS?CAPIJ > EH &.CO. will *'ll on SATURDAY Jm 3, ?t io? o'clock, a? the Sale* Room, No. 3'6 BuhiIwa) , fl rbie Ha!>, 1(9 demijohn* ot old Couoi-.c, i ore Mw (Tin. lam ia n l Sr.Cr n Bum. pale, sold and biowu Sherry, Madeira, Port, Sir Ik Also, 50 bott'ea Lhampagns, of arietta bunds, IPO d /en Madeira. Sherry and Port; sn>trior Principe Megan, 2il cuiy burs ami canisters; Younx Httoa and touching Tear, tar je 2r LAUD?30 barrels and 155 k> gt prim Leaf Lard, for sale by i j? K K COLLI NS lit CO. 56 South *t. HE MP?150 bales .Missouri Dew Hoi Until , I >' sai by _ j2 K K I OH.I N9 St CQ. 56 9- nth St IMPORTANT TO TRAVELLERS AND HOU9K1 KEEI'EBS-l.ile and Properly Preserver*?Pateut Self Corking Rrvolvimj Pistol*, which can be ditcharKed si* times in asm nv teeouds, merely by pulling the trigger. The chainber an ' barrel are in one piece, and therefore cannot be blown apart like some repeating pistols, The construction is very simple?hey can be drawn linm the pocket and used with one hand, wnthoiit the loss of a moment For travellen, bnnre end storekeepers, captains, plsnters, public officers, ami orhera, they are an indispensable article, as they can protect their Jives aud proiwrty if attacked by many perrons. If f lanteis wonhl arm themselves wilh this weapon, they would hsvc no cause to fear the insurrectiono( their slave*. The public are im ited lo eiamine the same, a* their siintdieify, being warranted not to get out of order, and their perfect lafety, will certainly recommend them overall other*. Wholesale and retail J. O. BOLEN, 104 Broadway, mM Im end i*?er between Wall and Pine ?ts, MPLEM ID BATM HOLMST FOR SALE. tpHE BATH HOIISK. forn'crly called and keown as the I "Psvilion Hath.* at New Brighton, St 'ten Island, is no w offered for isle. Tlii* msgniliceut esMolishmrut is in |*ifeet repair, and contains twenty ei*ht coininodiout dressing-rooms, swimming baths,eaeh forty-two by thirty feet. Forrlrgange and convenience o| arrangement,as well as lor the e*ccflenee and siahility el niatri ials, Bathing Hsusa is unequalled hy any simitar strnciure in New York.o- it* neighborhood. Is present Incatir u is iininediifelv in front of B-lmont Hous-,and is approached from thr back by a spacious,safe aud commodious st nrw iy. The above will be sold at public auction on Monday next,the 5th rfJune, at the In ur ol three o'clock, iu the afternoon, unless previously d>?p< -d of by private sale. Appliration to be made to the proprietor. PATRICK UOHAN. New Brighton. May-frith, lid j I lt*r THE SUBSCRIBERS have foimed a lnitnerahip, ute'er the fum pf Peter Pirnie 8t ' o , at 166 print street, lor the purpose nl'dealing in Liquors, Winea and Cordials, in connection with the Wholesale Grocery Business PETER PIRNIE, GEORGE PIRNIE. EDWARD BROWN. New York, J nil* I, HI?. ii <t*m MEDICAL ?DR J EVANS h?s removed hut Old Oilen'a He id Dispensary to 100 Chatham, near Ptnrl atreel, where he continues lis ?afe, speedy and effectual treatment and rare nl"all drlieiie diaraaea, and where the real old Dr Etana will he (nund by hia numeroui inqui'ing friends. Il age, acience and lorty years'eipeneuce entitle a praeniioner to prefeirnee, the ii Dr. E. would direct the attention of a discerning poh'icto an invealication nl hia claiina. He wishes the rnhlic to know lint be haa nothinit to do with any office in Pickalip. hia ch rge aie moderate. Ilia couaulu'iona confidential. Dr. E pnta up parcel* of medicine for the care of one apecira jf disease fori1, and particularly attendi to gleet and atnc area. )2 If ec MEDICAL AID.?DR. GLOVER, apprises thoie whodraire to cnnanlt n phyaician of regular medical acquirenotitr Old pratti-al experience, that ha Will he found at hi? n(- 1 icea at any hour in the day or evening. The Doctor haa heen j sng.iged in an i ffioe prictire for the last 14 yeara in thia city; 1 in ! a the author of several treatiaea upon those diseases that ! lave engaecd his atteut'on during that time. 'l'ho recent dia- ' tovetiea iu chemiatry haa put into lot handa aome new rente- ' in a. which are Terr quirk in performing cures. Ilia medicines 1 ire |iat opinparcela at ili with all necraaary direction', and a unit' book giving symptoms, treatment, ai d cure. Offices in So.2 ^loii atreel?private entrance 4th door from the Museum? Impinner door. j2'lt,m ] wrr Pfc.cK slip. , DOCTOR CARPENTER connnueaaa usual to devote hia , entire personal attention to the treatment of all delicate t ind private dieeaaea. t Those who hive been aoiinfo'ttinate aa to beeotre tli* victimi , if unqualified and unprincipled charlatans with which itiia city , ibounds, itl eouseqiittice of the laaity of o ,r laws titillating ; tie medical profession, re respectfully solicited to cut at his dd ctuMiihcd Dispensary, No. 4 Pec* slip, where I. 11.1 tnotr | inula h ire i een made to rrjoic ' at a happy deliver, nee Loin :hi tr manifold diseasei. To strangers. Dr. Carpenter begs teat* to add t atheii a i*ti?e birn iair n, that he la a graduate ofuoion CEIIp^e, and rcaive i hi-diplo ii* in thia ci'y; [claims! no equi\,ual ron.l mil is] '? a Ho ntiat" of the New York State Menu til Soel-i nd hat had neaDy thirty yean practice e?d etp i in ths ( Illy; n w-oit ii inns'imi ri.ui', ne apeediti i 41 1 n a 11 y i Hps ltd t oti. ' Separateoffi -a andentranrra lor the privae. f |, usnts.wl o , an never come in contact. Ohsrges rentoniole. e jl2us*r ] AUCTION _SALJW>. THOMAS Aucti >oe?-. BY BKLL ft flOWAMD. {llerti ft it. 61 ?f?n and lift fvllvn tlrttl.l THIS DAY, At I0}{ o'rl rk. II) the sales loom. Large sale of !? nit clothing of alt descriptions, hosiery, gloves, ilurta, npruders, Ac. Alao the balance stock of n mm haut tailo . Alao, iucootinu.vion, at II n'cloek, (he elegant, valuable. aeaaoiiahle .mil well assorted atork of a wholeaale aud retail dry goods at ore, tannin,; a desirable vanrty of articles ir the line Alao, hosiery, gloves, silkt, Ac. Trnnka?a'a > an niTmce of trtrailing1 trunka and packing do, raliaea, bat cnaea, Ac. SATURDAY, At IOS o'clock, in ihe sales room Splend u aale of elegant second haud and new honaehold and cabinet furniture, of all descriptions, of lamilica removing, Sic. Alao, :n continuation, a large lot of hotel furniture, and an iphgUHKM atork. Alao, curuiua, window ali?di, china, cut glass, plated ware, tab'e cutlery, and LUineroua other valuable housekeeping articlea. MONDAY, At 10o'clock, in the aalea room Large aale of valuable watches,'jewelry, gold and silver ware, d am >nds, lie Alao, aeveral aplendid aecond hand watchea, 20 braaa work clocks, glass and allow caars Ac UC riON NIITICK..?VViuta. Liooera, Hcgars. A.? Ac.riiOWBRIDOK A Cl>. will sell Tbia Mornimt. June '.!. at 10 o'clock, at their tiilea Hooin 301 Broadwav?liO deinijohna CYguiae, Chaini acne and Tale Brandy; Jamaica and Santa Croia Itum ; Madeira, Sherry, Port nnd Champagne Wince A'ao.30 demijohns Swan anil I'iae Apple <}iu. Alao, it small lot of Mouongehela Whiikey, warranted pure, M ? e \r? old. Alao, 10 packages Hvon, Yonns Hyson and Imperial Teaa. Alao, a ft w bags Si Domingo and J iva Coff -e. Scycra. Segara !?30i ,006 imported La Norma, Li Flora, m-.i:- n-. . I. it:' in a ?, ... ? mm ., i iu< lit- miu fl??.lll i Clegs.s I Aim a large at torment ol domestic aisslr, which inu?t be ?o|d to c'iMe con ianneut rod r. pay idvaiC's. I . 2 H-c At'i 'HON NO'iTCK ?Oil Painting Stata-rv, Sic?A. LfcVV will Hvli i-ii Pi idav morning at. tl o'c'ock, at I5i Broadway, up alaiu, a anull, but choice collection if Oil P.< utii gs, mo o ru and aucieul Amoi'ic ihcin arr fine of Krha'ds u'a beat I audio pi a Alio,4 ,011 ra statuary,the Vmui Aledion, ITy< he, PruiM Albert, fa?wo one eery kitw M centre table, I camphor trunk, large, I caae 1 iidi, with 1 umetolM *lie ar'iclca je t-Jt'm AUCTION CAHO-i AHTKK & < O. hav ng taken the lute store and bueraflH, Sit Broi Iwuy, Gothic H II. racli 00 Irct d-rp, hcit Jo inform tho public that thrv are prepared to make the uniat liberal advances to aoy auiiiunt, on eveiy deacriptiou of uoodi or merchandize, oithrr for auction or |irirate MM, Uegulnr Auction Sales of Knrn'ture.Wiuea aud other miscellaneous artcles, wi'l take place three or four timra a week, and returns will be rendered the day after the .sale, or on tho aaine day if required. No interest or eilra commission charged on advancci. m2!) rod 3t ii r UCTION NOTICK ? CHINA, GLASS k KAKTHE SWAKK, TABLK CU 1'bEII V, Sic-On Tuesday neit, Jum 6th, wi'l lie aold by anrtlou,(tlir Urge and fashionable stock contained in ihe store 8 Astor house, comprising a full assortment ??f every description of Dinner, Tea, aud Toilet Sets, Cot aud Moulded Glass 01 til kiuds. Alto,a quantity ol p line table catlery, together with a spirit did assortment of fine cutlery, consisting of razors,scissors, penknives, dressing eases, lie. A quantity ol Ivorv Combs, Clothes and Hair Brushes. Sale to commence at II o'clock. G sods on view on Satuiday and Monday. Pi ivate sales very low. s3N B. The store to let. H. SIMPSON. may M-lm*r I BEACdfN COURSK?TlvOTTIN'i <. MONDAlf, June 5th, at 3 o'clock, P. M. Purse #100. #25 to go to the second be st horso. G Snier enters gr g Washington Irving. H Woodruff eutersgr in AtnnDouglas. as. e-oiieniin m ien III g I.iiumt Doy. r. Oeforrest enters cli it Plum Bob. J Woodruff enters I) m Fashion. Two Miles iind Repeat, in Harness.?Immediately nf'*r,a ma rh for $2111, between the pacing horses Kimterhook Pony and Indian Ned, one mile and repeat, under tli? saddle. Also, a Match for $100, berweeo two crack liorsei, well known on the Tliird Avenue?One Mile and repeat, in harness. j2 4t?t fiOk Ml MONOPOLY !?FAKE REDUCED Q| sjW* for ti e year 1811?New Independent Oppmi^ Line lor 50 cents, Bertns fee, Deck Passage 2") ets.?The ew swift aud commodious steamboat MCW JERSEY, Cept R. H Fury, will leave the Pier foot of Barely st, north side, this afternoon, Wednesday, M y 3lit, at 7 o'clock. Regular days from New York, Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. From Albany, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. The public are IMPCC fullv informed til U the owners nf this boat will not rsiso tfir. fate above the present t rice, doio g the season Were it not for the New Jersey,the Odious Monopoly would be charging two dollars fare instead of fifty cents. Let the publie judge lor themselves. Look at the opposite night" from those that the Ne-v Jersey leave, and what is the (are? Why they chart e the moderate t ree of $1 50 passage and berths 50 cents. Will the travelling public support or patronage su h imposition? I hnpe trot, th; New Jersey is pledged to run at tlie present fare during the season; passage 50 cents; no charge for hcrihs, deck passage 25 cents. The New Jersey Ins a large number el splendidly ntraisbed state isosu, ami for speed and accommodations it not surpassed by any steamboat on the Hodson River. Light Freight taken less than tow boat rrices. For freight ' or . assage apply o.i hoard. The New Jersey crosses thn Inr at l lie lowest water, wheu the huts off M n, M.ek f - s r niDI. .wn agj! FOR NORFOLK, RICHMOND, C1TV Cy r?*rv3?l'OINT. ktc. Vi Stcatner BOSTON. jLoJha?s' ni tain Holmes.? I he strong and substantial hit.titi i U'is'ou, will coi.unetien regular Irips lietween New Yorit and Norfolk, Va., leaving New York every Saturday at 8 o'cloek, A. M. and Norlfolk evny Tuesday morning. Passage and fare to or from Norrols, $11) Forward I'astrugers do do 8 Parage from Richmond City Point, Ce., by one of the rivr steamers, and per Boston from Norfolk 12 Forward pasteugers, do do q Passage to Norfolk and biek, retnrn trip 15 Forward Passengers, do do 12 Freight taken hi the usual rates. For frenhlir passage epply to th- Capraw on board, or to W M TU' KKR, m2 Ijn e ld WTIifkF*r No 56 Broad street. xfM hint \L15\NV, PROY,aud Intermedialt-j - ' gr-ryf* Places ?Til splendid I "* pressure .learnboil WALLfJW, Captain MeLeau, will leave | the luoi o |i eurtlaitrlr street tins Friday aflernoou, Julie 2nd at 5 o'clock. I'hc ahovr is a suh'tantial noal titled tip with e'eeaut Stare * W inns ale' for accommodation is unpvstled nn the Hudson. f _jj_r *3tlk ~ MORNI.NO Ll.NF.-At 7 o'clock. Fare 5? ^t^f^VpeJaeanis?fc'nr Albany, Troy, m.i luterniedraio ' Jb^LjLl Hidings, from t e Too, of B relay si?l ire * low pressure steamboat b Ml'IHE, Capt 8. it. 11) .re, leavi s lli-s. Fri lay morui g, at 7 . eh ck. The low pressure steamboat TROY, Capt A Oorham.on None.?All gooda, Irrikh', baggage, hank bills, ' cut other aied of | ro;*rtv, taken, ahipced. or put on board the ' boala < f (' !? line. i nit lie .it the risk of the owurra olancli gooda. fr-igh'. baggage, &c j2 rc AfJP ' ft)!'. LI V ( ; H POOL ? NKW LINK? It eta 11 <JF2j4%. Packet .tl 23lh June.?The Splendid Pack.I Slnf i ,MX|F|i-i < 1AII It I < K. Captain vv in Sgi Idy, of I0t)3 loot j Will poeitively tall ss above, h?r ri|ttar day K.>r AttaklM NMiii lufiw aeeomtsodationa laaqoaiM for aplepdor or ( comfort. apply on hoard, at Orlanu* wharf, foot of Wall at rear, or to K. IlOLLUSS 81 t O. i6 South atreat. Price of paaaa4,-e, < 1 lie Packet Ship Bi cmi, Cant. John C, of ilu , torn, will auccaed the (Jtrnck, and aail the 24th of July, her regit la. day. \ Loiter) lor the atupa of tma hue will only be received at Oilpin'a md ITate a ^rwi Boom. Paaaem.'era may rely on the ahmaofthia line aiding peijetn 1 ly a? adyertiae<i irTfjAfie KOK I IV KM POOL?IteauLr P.i. ktt ISdi June F nJrW^V?The r'egant. faat vailing New York packet alnii jipWifalt'ilTl K TKlt, John Br.tton, imater, will tail on her tegular day, 16'h Julie. k'oi or paiaige. hayiint very lplendid accommodation! apply to the I Kptiiiu on on ird, weit ante IInin e slip, or to WOODHULL St MINTUHNS, 87 South afreet y The fine now packet ihip Hottingner, Buraley, inaater, will j an card the tiocheater, ami aail on her regular day, 16th July. li jl r 'AMAOI VOR LIVERPOOL?Packet o4 th? ' MHr^^Tth or Jim.?\aplendid. I'nat a uliug packet ahni *i I nSNKsh'-i deaiwt. hail and aail poaitieely ai above. Hermit aplenilid accommodations for cabin, aarond cabin and ateerag.paiarngara; for pavaage earl'' application tlx uld be made on , board or to W. at J, T. TAPICOT I', j2r 43 Peck Blip, cor South at. . idlf- KOIt s a K?To cloae a roncrrn ? Tin- l'ne faat MjjUVeailing packet chip'l. t'apf. Kldrnlge, 430 tsii>. I JBflUKaaingV deck, luii't in tbla city in th- r>ry bra' inaonr r, by Mcvera. Hin'lh St Drilling, haa handsome furu.ahei accnm modatioDa for 34 pa aengsra, newly coppered, i new sou .i iail?. and in perfect order for a three yeara voyage Apply on board, at Judd's whail, or to I. K. COLLINS St CO., in3l ec V? Woudi aireet, PORTUOUE8E FEMALE PILLS. rPHK.Hfc far-famed and celnbanted Pilla, from Portugal, are A w? perceire, to b? obUine 1 in ti'? < oBntrrj Sarluivt'ii < VfUSICAI. INSTKUMKNTS, Wholeaala and Heiail - tl 1*^ J. K. WOLTKR, 116 We?t Bro'dwav, offera for aalt a it newartof Brae* 1 atrnmrnla, aa B glea. Tiumivtv, 1'rombonea, Comr.ta, French Horut, and Of hiclidei Theae inatru- s menta are warranlrd cerrect in ererv reaioct, a< the aiibarribrr ia a Profiainr of Vuaic himarll. Leaden and member! of fl Band) will find a good article. Alao, Vi dina, CJuitara, and B w. of every deacription ? Italian and Herman Striuga, for Harpe, Violin, Alma, Cellca, Double Baaa and Guitars- j?l2w*rc (l IPlHEWbKKS BY THK MAM KAt; I I KKR8.-?D. MOHAN k. CO Pyroter|i?i?u, 78 Chatham ?tre?t, offVn to the tmMic a tplrndid assortment of Firf works, snprrior^ft shore har* been inamifaetmed l.y them eipresily for (hit mar krt; Him rm sell much rheaiier than any render in t"wn, and guarantee *11 b nd* f-om llieir store. No peddling from thiplace?No. 78 Chatham street. Goods delirerrd to any part < f ni the city free of nprm. tli N. B.?k ihibiton Fireworks of nt>eror quality. with rnirion, red, purpl , Braen, yallow an I I lue lirea. Also, colored lire, by the pound. jl lm*rc ? NOTlf'K?Tnthnae who seek health and comfort eon Dined a wiih luinry?Price reduced?Old Katabliihed Medicated V Vapor Baths, 2^ Oorlaudt itrcet. . Mr* arc irdatice with the esigencirs of the o lines, hea redui ed the pt1C? Of her baths,and ioIic ts a ronti o w inee ofibo pitrrnage of the Faculty in i>articalar and the pub j. lie in general. Col da, sore throata, swelling of the ulanda, , hriimstmn, stiffness of the jointa. ague and fevar, Sic fee. are mmedia'ely reliared Portable hatha sent to any i art ofth;itv o( Brooklyn. Open f'om sit in the tnorninit till nin >'clock at night. Sulphur Bath* reiinue one hour'* notice. m27 2wla r 1 IMPORTANT TO FEMALES. ? DH. MKLVK.AU, office 12b Liberty atreet, near Oreen I V wich atreet, wboae ?reot ancceaa in the treatment of com cr ilainta ariiing from the irregularity or total suppression of t) ad nenaea, Itaa gained for him to great cclehnety-,deems it hoi jn h> Ire to acknowledge that much of hia aucceas belongs to tie an rttly wonderfnl effect* of (he Portngnrae Female Pill*. fi r mi ehich he it agent, and importer for the United " 'I he r In lertaitily in all temale obstruction' is surprising. (Sceadrr isrmant on last column of louith |>agc.) Dr. \1eive it; can b consulted on all complaint* incident to emaira with the atr cleat cootitctirc. nil* ni*ily*taar ejt NKW YOKK A BOSTON SOU^DTTI-OT. ( OWEN PRESCOTT. Pilot, or takes charge is master "i I Ni le of tassels bonnil to Ne? Bedford, Nantucktt Shea'' ( loston. Portsmouth, Portland, Kenaelwk.andOTH EH POR1 fa * ? iasi of New > ork. Office at Frye It Shaw's,22? Water attest. Conerteeki. au. Reference to a nui berjof Mewha?|a, and P be aeeera! Insura ice Ceteuuuit" ie Iht* city, , Boston, and u 'ottiMd. WI Ai?i' MiAliiiN i ?>. PAH K THRATKR. Mr w H William'* Benefit. THIS KVK.NI.mO, will o, performed, SCHOOL Or Wfe.lfOR'M? ke, W |l Willi*.,,, After which GRAND KA rilKK WIllfKHKAO?Of*nilf*ih?r Whuehe.d, Mr 'J,cJd,'L C" 'I.el*'l? with BlNKS THE B4OMAN? Bmkt lh? PUeide; Kit i 'rtiyirAjn*, Williams Boi^i, iOcU; Pit, ttru; <,?l!ery, 11^ eti Doon often at 7 ptTIO,lll*t?r?? romiuPTu p a? i alt pnat 7. CHATHAM THKATliK. THIS EVENING w,|. ^performed, KOHKST KOBE. Afr#r wlnrh OHK.ICN MOlJNT\|N HoV To bafi-1lowed bv A WirK FOR A DAY?Mr Hill tuteinuif the I rinriiMl ^hirartrr of i ipcp. To eonrlttile with ihn KIN(J!k DESERTER?Aide t>rrt. Wood Price, of A diiitMion? Urei, Circle Ml emu; Seennd en I Third Tier* 25; Pit 25; (taller.- I2X cent* Door, open % helor* 7?rurtein rue* at 7% o'clock preci,*lv. ADIEHIOAIf THKAT It R, WALNDl AT. PHI LA DKM'IIIA. UNDER THE DfKECTION OF MISS CUSHMAN. La*' nmhtof.Mr Forre*t'? engagement THIS EVENING, J u hi* 2. will be performed. JACK CADlt ? Marianne, Miia Cuahman. To" codcIii le with YOUNG WIDOW. m'ft r K. A. MARSHALL. Letaee. aUKKICAl RHTMCl'jn TENFOLD ATTRACTIONS?OVERFLOWING SUCJ CESS. Poaitively anil aaauredly the L m Week of GENERAL T?M THUMB. Jr. Tire Manager haa engaged (he wonderful Dwarf for positively oulr on* week longer, n? he leaves for Boston and other eitiee, on Mond iv, th? 'oh June. The wonderful Dwarf, who is II years old, 25 inrhea high, wi II formed, livlv, and mt-lligent, and (H?- WEIGHS ONLY 1ft POUNDS!! -fifl Al'o engaged, THE STEYEHMARK FAMILY. Their performno ra will be mteraperaed with songs and hal'ada by Mr. SHERMAN and Mia. ADELAIDE PHILLIPS. Alao engaged for O , week more, I HE GREAT MODEL OF PARIS. Admission to the whole, 2ft ctuta. Uhildrrn i.nder ten, half price 'eJHer PKALKS *KW tiiUH 'iialTT AT Tit ACTIONS TRULY TREMENDOUS ALL FOR ONE SHILLING Broadway, oppoaite tin. City Hall. Mr. H BENNETT. Manager. M is the plc-irettn announce that he list engaged the follow iug eminent artists:? I'he wonder of the World, the GIANT GIRL, ?ii yearg old, 4 feet y inrhea high, and weigh* 240 Iht She la deeid?4|y the gr?atest cariosity everethib ted in America, and it ia iwapoaainlelo form a correct conct pi inn of her immerua aix? SIGNOR B1.IT/. 'lie mrghty magician, woudeaful Veatriilnciuiat ai d pla e dancer. Mr S BROUWER, the calehrated comic amger. Miia S A l)AI It, the innrh adani'ed Songstress. Mm BLANUHARD, tha Grecian Jugglereaa, and gplendid performer on the music il glaaaes. LA PETITE Oh KETO, (he Pansanar Enoimoua Seipeut. Large Sea Dog. Melodeon. Riameaa Twiua, lie. Afternoon entertainmentaon Saturday at 3 o'clock. Performances in the Lertnre Room to commence at <iuarter paat 8. mUco OASTLK OAKDEN IS NOW OPEN FOR THE SEASON, t THE Proprietors of thia well known reaort beg leave to in" form the public Ihnt in addition to ita former etlractinna, thev have erected a splendid fountain, supplied hv the (/'roton, Willi different variafiona every week throughout (he leaaoo?together with a large aaloou for promenade ami refreshments. Also, an esfensive Promenade outaide the wal's of the f^ae tie, rnimnandiuc a view of the whole Bav, the Narrowa, lie. Price of admiaaion UK centa, for which refreahmenu will be formatted mil iaor ClRCUS-VAlIXllALh OaHDKPT Umfkr the Management o( MESSRS. BANCKER, G SWEET, It D. GARDNER. GARDEN FREE. ADMISSION TO THE CIRCUS 2S CENTS. On FRIDAY EVENING. Juno 2nd, the performance J will commence with A Grand Eutree. Mr Johnsou will introduce the Pony Fanny Elaaler. Horsemanship by Matter Aletauder?': Gv mn-iitica, by the whole r.ituiany. 1 loracmanahip, bv Mra Ganlaer. Slac* Ro|ie, by Mr Thrift. Quakera' Vint to Vanghall, on a Single floret, by Mr B Wood. Intermission of thirty minutes. Tight Hope, by Mr O Sweet. Two Hone Act, bv Mr Carroll. Duett, by Mrsud Mrs Gardner. HtiM Vn"ltiog by the Company, letl by McFarlaad. Greek Warrior, by .Mr O Sweet. I uimie Sorg, by Mr G rdner. Principal Act of Horsemanship. by Vr Carroll. To conclude wit.i, The Adventures af a Market Day. it T^Doot* op.u at7>k o'clock? Performance commences at o'clock. No ladies n- alteml-il by gentlemen will be admitted. A liiniteit number of Sertou Tickets will be mid at $J each. The Cera ami Brnadwiy Omuibntoa run to and from th* Vanxhall Circua until '<! o'clock in the evening. Jl6tis*r I'AltK THEATRE. MISS WALTERS' BENEFIT. Z AAI88 ANNA WAL'' K.HS' reapectfully announces that her fint Benefit at thin theatre, will take place on Satur day evening, June 3rd. Iflll. Tickets mtv lie obtained upon application to Miss Walters, at her residence, No. 37 I'ak itfet m3l 41 is*r Mil. AUSTIN PHILLIPS respectfully announce* to hi* friends and ihe public, lbs' bis Concert will take place al Concert Hall, >0G Broadwsy.i which has been elegantly decoraf'd) in Monday Kve'g./une 3th, when lie will be assisted by the following artistes, the leading musical talent of Uie city, who h ive kindly rendered ilu.ii seiners:? MIBS MARY TAYLGIl, The Favorite of ihe Olympic. MRS. HAHDWI K. mi-is mary A. hardwick, Three years old. MR. HO si Kit, Mlt J. MAB8KTT, Ik AN AMATF.UR FKIKND. Violin. ... - mr MARKS riano Forte, Solo's, Messrs TIMM k ALPKUH. Who hare politely offered their T.ilu ah'e assistance. C udiielor, - Mr GKOHGF. LODKK. Who has, with his accustomed kindness, volunteered his aid. PROGRAM MK. I'aht I. Concerted?" Rest spirit, rest, ' M ss Taylor, Mis liarlwiek. Mr Phillii s Ik Masset , Rooks Scotch Song?Mrs ii trdwick Duet?"I've wtudei'd iii drtams," Mis* Tay lor and Mr Phillips, De I'euua Sons?"I'm Queen of a Fairy Land,'' Miss Mtry ILidaicli, J P Knight Sonr?Mr Rosier Conceited?"Thia magic wove scarf," Miaa Taylor. Messrs Pnillins k Mssseit, Barneit Ballad? (Vm was the night." Mr Phillips Ballad?" 'Til tnc List Rose ol Hummer," Mm Tay'or. ^ Irish Melody Duet?Vi dm ?t.ij Piano Forte, Messrs. Mark* ai d Timm. r^ 'lie Parts Mist Hardwick and M-Phillips will iug the Comic Duet, " Tho' you luuk by this to ?ei me," rom the oiiera ol the Sisge of Belgrade. PtkT II. duet? Piauo Forte, Messrs Tnnm and A'per*. Jlee?"It was tne \ightingsle" Mr* llardw i ts, Mr Pbi'lips iiiu Amateur Friend Soap?"t nine s tig me that sweat air airam " Miii itong??li M?utU houg? Mrs Hsrdwick, Suug?"Why are wandering here, t i ray f Mi?? lltdwick, Nathan Duct?"Heaven, tempt m? uot,' Mm Taylor and Mr rn.llips, Bellini Solo Vn tin?Mr Narks, Da Bsriot Song?"Young Aroes '. Miss Taylor, Beliim Ballad? 'I'll waieli for thee," (by particnlar draire,) Mr Austin Phillips ilea?"Sleep, gentle I, dr.', Messrs Hosier, Phillips, Coder and Maarrtt. Tickeis i# ceuts each?To he proeorrd at the principal Magio Itori , it Messrs Sp .lap, Worcester Si DaolMtn'a Piano Fart* itrirc 1113 Broadway, at the door of ilie room on the earning of icrfo,in?nc , and of, Mr Phillips, at hit residence, 14 V\1 laer street. Conceit to commence at g o'clock , piernely. )t tteo NIBLIt'S. KBIDAY, June Id, 'OSITIVKLY THE LAST NIUHT OF THE OPERA or thk L'AMBAhSADRlCB. Third Night of MADEMOISELLE CALVE. [Iy*"The | ublic are respect fully informed that in eomplisnre rub (he wislirs ol many families wuo weie prereoted obtsioi.g reals from the crowded state ot the Theatre on the two irst representations of th I Ipera L'AMBASsADRICE, twill be reprated this Evening, frridiy, positirely for the last time. The eutertauiments will commence with the Orertnre to L'AiotMssedrice, Anber, To be followed by, (id time in Ne w York,) the new Opera in three acts, with all die original music, conducted ind ed by M. I'rerosi.aew Mens Derelle,Dresses,Ike. Mimic, by Auber, Composer of ' F i Diarolo." "La Bayadere," "Le Domino Noir,""Les Ditinaiia de la (' urouue,"anu "Aciwou " called C'AMBASSADRfCK. Wrnriettr, Prima D"U,i, M'lle Calve As origu ally performed by h-r in Pans. Charlotte, Madame Lseonrt Madame Hirnsck, M'me Matluru .a Cointease Au usta de Fierschenberg, M'sallr Lagiere Le Due de Valkerg, M Leeonrt Fortuaatna, M Bernard Benedict, M Richer 5T7"The Libretto of "L'Ambasidrice ' may be obtained at ye h reuen book store if f. <1 B, rteau. No. tl3 Broadway .and i the Siloon on lha eveou.g of perforraanca. ATUKDAY?The K-anch Company will perform Le gamin de pahis. Irceived with applause and laughter on Tuesday last; and tae Opera Bontfon of the! yHKNDEZ VOC8 BOURGEOIS. 1 Kal.earsal?The Opera of LE DOMINO NOIR. LES FEES L)E PAHIS, ROdEKl MA? AIRE, .Mirri .ti.rmrr, >1 uecourt | Bertram!. M DruonvilU * LK POS'I'ILLION UK LOtfJUMEAU The entrance to the Operatic Saloon will be on Broadway, itil the (^iriiinic of the Uardeu, wkich_*ill take place about fifth Of Jour I'eiform*nee t > commence at half.rait 7. Tickets Kifty Cents MR WALLACE'S CONCERT. UILLIAM VINCENT WALLACE, (Director of (he * Anacr.onfc Society, Dublin.) h>i the honor toa. hoc# Concert of Vocal and In.' nuiemal Muaie. to take place on ueiday evening, 'h. Srli of June, m the Apollo Saloon He ill aaeciiie aeyrral Fantaaiar and Soloa for ih? violin aud lano Foiie, of hit own composition, and will hare the aid of im-of the principal Artufa of tkia city. Programme in Intnre adrertiacinenra rail ttin.r SINGING. A ADAM SUTTON, Iiann* arranged to i etnrn to Italy th# '* beginning ?f Angus!, purposesreceivi ng pamls nnttl that gire liaiahirig leaaona in the Italian, Flench, and English yle of Singing Her method it that penned by Bordogm anal aec.ii, the tint hi latere in Knrope, increaaiug the ttretgrth and irnpaaa with ratonia'iuig rapidity. Her pnyila will have the leant'tge of her <ing:tig with thein, which can be rraraned maatere alons, who hare bean eminent amger*. oua of availing thetraalvea of". Madam Sutton's limited stay, ly a.certam term, he., by application at Tf Chambers street, or 9 o'clock till if m?e tm * f FIRE WORKS. ISAAC EDGE, JR., PYROTECHNIST. 'HK moat extensive. varied, and brilliant eihibitional Fire Works aver manufactured Atii. or any other caaotry, era w ready for delivery ou the IdWe.r terma, in lota to anit corattaea and panics for the celebration of Fonrth of Jnly, at tha lited Hta'ct Laboratory, Jertry City. Jrdera left with f w ffolharton, TSlMaiden Lana, or at hlo'a Garden, will rreeiae immediate attantion. for Hit delivered to auy part ol tha city Irae of eapens#. ay 2d foju30 ia*ee AU DF, FLKUlt D'OHANOE k MADEIRA WOk.? For .ale kv KJF. Ql IDOKT, No. M Clinton street, at irtcea. >

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