Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 3, 1843, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 3, 1843 Page 3
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The stats of the manufacturing districts and cetton bad advanced. A London pa far remark* a* follow* " " Wa have another oauaa which he* for aome time been working slowly, and ha* now aaaumed a more positive shape? we allude to the demand for money, in the interior, partly te face the discredit thrown on aome of th> country bank*, but principally to meet the increased activity in trade; it will receive a further impulae from the general tenor of the advice* received from America ye< te: day. We understand that the correspondents of th. leading American house* in London write in a tone ol greater confidence;- and although the rise in American storks cannot be esteemed a* a mark of prosperity more than the same circumstance in this is nevertheless, in this instance, accompanied by an active dc in a nd for manufactured goods." The Board exhibited some degree of re-action to-day ot the rapid rise. The news from abroad was, however, considered good. There were no purchasers of American stock, but the views of holders were mueh improved, end on the arrival out of the laat packet, it ia supposed that th* wavering of the public mind will be fixed in favor o' American stocks. At the Board prices generally gave way. Ohio i's fell 1 percent; Kentucky,!; Harlem,S; Illinois, 3J: Indiana,'! per cent; Long Island, 1 per cent; Mohawk, 1 per cent. At the New Board very little was done. lated position ol the city of New York in reapectto Rail road communication with the agricultural and manu. fanturing districts of the North and East. The want of such communication is a source oi evil both to the city and to the surrounding country, because in the winter months supplies are excluded from the city at a time when they are moat wanted, causing prices to rise upon the in" habitants without neneflt to the producers. The Harlem Railroad, built at enormous expense, bas for years been doing a business, which with economical management would have yielded dividends, although it has not, until lately, extended beyond Manhattan Island. It has now passed into the hands of wealthy and practical men, who having bought in at low prices are bent upon making it profitable. To effect this object they are gradually extending the road, at small expense into Westchester coun. ty. For this purpose recent arrangements have been made by which the road will be completed to White Plains on terms which require a cash subscription of $30,000 only from the wealthy proprietors is this city. Negociations are also on foot,we understand, to intersect the Housatonic Railroad by the line of Danbury. The distance is 30 miles of favorable ground. It is estimated that a connection thus formed with the whole! trade of the western end of M asaachusetts an JCoanecticut will produce an increase of travel sufficiently great to defray additional expense, and enable the Company to pay a dividend. In order to form some idea of the effect of such a connection, we must pre' mise that White Plains is in the heart of Westchester county, and Danbury is in the heart of Fairfield county, Connecticut. Now the Housatonic Railroad, leaving Bridgeport, runs longitudinally 40 miles through Fairfield county, passes Danbury a little to the East, and intersecting! the Western Railroad, opens a communication with all the river counties. Alhaav and nil lha Rail. em Statu which are cut by Railroad* in all direction* Confining ouraeive*, however, to (the promoted terminu* of the Harlem Road at Danbury, we extract from the censu* table* the following detail* of the increattd bu?i smi which it will command by inch a connection Fboduct* and Population or the Countib* Tapped bt the Harlem Rail Road. Ftirjitld Co. Putnam. tPutchtiter. New York Cut 'ron, too*, 280 830 1.2'5 3,000 Bar Iroo, " 718 30 ? ? Capital, 61,000 11,000 70,000 ? Ston* value, 910 3,000 76,900 ? Hanei, No. 5.687 2,062 6,285 7,707 Cattle, " 31,451 14,9i7 26,131 3,395 Sharp, ' 33,155 11,941 20,013 282 Swine. " 21,719 12,888 155,187 17,998 Poultry, $88.38) 12,172 56,646 2,069 Wheat buahe!, 10.802 12.250 35,567 ? Barley , 30 ? 1,181 100 Data, 319,781 16,421 449,090 1,105 Itye, 111,35) 35.36) 99,574 ? Buckwheat, 69.923 37 099 57,226 ? Corn. 2'6,89l 8G.679 318,028 2,525 Wool, lbi. 59,047 28,868 52,805 ? H|>*, 58 2 ? ? W??, 102 155 ? ? Potato**, buah. 651,587 142,584 620.920 18,585 Hay, 49,057 21,897 77,878 747 Heaip, lbi. 6,600 ? ton*, 205 ? Wood, cord*, 13.919 12.612 8,315 40 DatrT, $130,322 149,232 356,987 22,400 Orchard. $.6,268 17,1M 204,893 809 Oooda, family, $19 139 8,654 45,770 ? uaiaff, $300 140 1.180 91.290 11. teii tap tal, 821,250 105 950 525 900 68,566,795 ' har, " 67.000 ? 89,800 731,500 Bntrhar* and picker*, $17,600 4,800 500 648,780 Fiah, d<icd, qtla. 1,350 ? ? ? " pickled, 60 ? ? ? Oil call*, 64.571 ? ? ? Whalebone, $31,578 ? ? ? Alack,urry, $1,500 200 000 5,250 1,150.080 Hardware. $30,500 ? 49.700 135,300 Vfta |oodl, 48.800 ? ? 2.020,560 Stoas were, $5 046 10.000 ? 403,850 l?b ? 18.500 125 900 27,000 Woolcn(oed(, 141,500 500 143,850 ? Cottmi " 89,000 ? ? 150,700 Other, " 32,500 ? 1,700 1.801,700 Tobatc", 4,onu ? 30,800 ir,5oe Hat< *: d capv, 375,1(0 ? 41,7 ,0 1,031,346 UCiu-rr |UUU>, ou,*?u fcf.UVU 110 000 I.iHTJ.I.iO Hoa; . &C. 12,00* ? 3,1.00 1,173 000 > Druni, 10,000 ? 11,500 380,410 Kartl.euware, 12,5*0 ? ? 14,000 r?wr, 10 000 21,000 21,000 45,137 Sri it*, ? ? ? 1,8X0,000 Sa*er. *4C. ? ? ? 634,242 Cordage, 5,000 ? ? 24,500 4;um(-?l, 220,730 3,650 7?,?50 207,874 K'oor, 12,000 75,000 15" 000 ? Oil nulla, 20.605 30,000 213,985 171,800 Hhipi, 70 ( 00 ? ? 351,000 Fiirtiimie, 35.500 4,050 12.000 916.675 Hxutvx. 237.400 -35,990 110,132 1,889,100 Other *aodi, 89,950 81.1*0 46,7t!0 3.460,320 Totxl rasn'fd, 2.142,111 497,790 1.212,817 19,056,170 " product*, 1,750,000 650,000 2.874,000 302,0?KI Total, $3 892,111 1,147,790 4,086.817 19,358,170 Population, 49,917 11,385 4 8,61.6 312,710 " i niplofrd in ** (culture, 6.446 3,128 8.297 2 773 Coannrrco, 420 100 200 11,3*5 Yluul St titdei, 4.167 916 3.383 43, 90 NarigVKQ, 280 39 317 3,5(4 To'tl actirr, II 313 4.183 11,427 61 03) It will bo observed that Fairdeld county h*i a popula tion D??rly equal to We*tche?ter, but it* manufacture* are 7* por cent greater, and it? agriculture 40 per cent lea*, bacauie the lattar, contiguous to New York, has a cartain and good markat at all seaiona. The natural market for tho manufacturer* of Fairiald county i* New York, and Dantmry i* the centre of ell it* operation*. Yet th4* of laud carriage to market i* so great as to exclude it* produce from thia market. An intersection ot the Houaaloaie at that point tap* the whole trade of the aoantry, and peura it over the Harlem road into the bosom of New York. The receipts of tho Harlem road, now at it* very low price*, and only open eight miles beyond Harlem river, will averaga $300 par day. One day thi* waak they touched $397. Of thia bualneaa vary little, if any, i* it-eight. It arnet mostly from pleasure travel over a spaco of twalve mile*. At a verv moderate outlav. an addition of 70 mile* of railroad through counties yielding annually a* above, $9,105,000 of produce and manufacturer*, can be made to the buainea*. Thi* will doubtle** bo done, a* the werk ia now in the hand* of men whose enterprise and means are equal to their intelligence. The completion of the road to White Plain*, which will be made by October, will draw the whole trade of that county, which, as seen above, is over $4,900,000 over the road. Now the report of tha company, which wa* printed, ihowr that the current expense of the road for 1841 was $54,000, and the fare from passengers was $68,993. The incidental expens** of that year were enormoua. Those have now been cut off. Tha average receipt* this spring are $350 per day, equal to $18,606 per month, or $163,000 per annum' If now the additional trade ef Westchester County is pu upon the road, the company say they can declare a dividend inpanuary. A dividend of 3 per cent in January, at afprice of 46 pr ct. for the stock, would yield 6 per cent on the Investment, or 10 per cent per annum. These appear to be the views of the company. Sales at Clio Stork Rxchang*. $500# N York 7'.,'41. 105 47 Ohio Life h Trust 91 5u0 do I119, 109* 25 do 90W 5000 NYork ?*?. 1055, 98* 15 do bM 91 5000 do 99 50 do M 0OA Ohio Sixes, 1180, 93 10 do <tfl 7000 do 92* tsv Canton Co 2j 350 >0 do 92* 2* do VSO 29 2000 do 92* 150 Utiea It Seh HR b 0 120* 1000 ln<l Dol Bonds 37 5 do llta 1000 llltnrla Siecial Bds 36 * 25 Aub k Koch RR nw 99 10 000 do 36 50 Mohawk HH 37* 4 2000 fcseracky Bonds, 01* 25 do >60 37* 140*0 do ' 90* 50 do 38 7001 dot blO 98* 20 do 30* 21000 do 98* 25 do b60 38* 1000 Tennessee 5's 81 25 do tlO 38* 10 ah? Am Ei Bank 82* 25 do al5 38* 7 do SIX 50 Hulem RR 133 2 Bank of NYork III 50 do 31* 9) Merchants'.Bank 101 50 do 32* '20 Fulton Bank 111 50 Lon? Island 53 75 Mar fcx Bank 110 100 do 52* 20 Leather Man Bank 105 100 do 53 50 Pan* of Com (fall) 101 100 do blfl 53* ?) N A Tta.t 6 50 do nw 93* 12) Farmers' Trust 27 to do 93* 25 da bnw 70 225 do 93* do bjfl 29 25 Movns Canal 3 >5 do bow 2'K || Vicktbutg Bank 3 50 Uw 29 M N. Jersey RR 190 85 10 N O Oas 94 50 do 85 Second Board. 15008 State SV 1255, bt 98* > 29 Faramn'Loan 20 1000 Illinois. 1870, 34 50 Mohawk RR 38 1000 Kentocky 98* 1000 Kentucky >3 9sV 2000 Hut a SY 1058. 98* 100 Let* Island RR 53I* .0 I.on* Island 1th 53V It Km RR ,Y" 1000 Kentucky 98* New York Public Stock Mac h an we. <000 III Sues, 1870 b30 38 50 do 1,7 <000 ?to uw 37 25 CsntO'i Co 5$ ' 10. 1 Ohio Biles. '40 92 * 20 do ?r ) ' Kentucky r,'s, fblO 99 75 do 2^,9 I ' b30 9") : 00 Long Island RR 53 ?o bl5 99 20J do 5jv 9 " t Snk .5) 550 do saw 53)! . \w. - 9 v 83 175 do 53>, to V ?- e ->7 50 do 53* 8'm.iu wrd. jlf )? <'i 4.-' |y 'srlfin RR nw 32', Stat* of Trade. Bat little doing in the market ?o-d?v Cofftt? Price* are low? 1?-* 3,000 bar* Brazil, 8} a 8) 1300 do Laguira. 7} a 8}; 800 do Cuba, 0| a7|; 100 do St. Domingo, 6} a 6|. Cotton?The market oc?1to. Price* fully (attained, with a (hade improvement. 6,80# bale* Upland*, 6} a 8{; 3,000 do Mobile, 0 a 0} and 10}. 1000 do New Orlean*, 6 a ? and 10}. Provision*?Pork, Prime and Mew, 8 00 and 10,00; *ale State Mew at $10 37}; Beef, Ciiy Men, at 7 87}; old Prime at 7 37} a7 60; Ham* at 4j cent*; Lard,#};Butter, #a 16. Aihes?Sale* of Pot* at $4 60 a 4 60}; Pearl* at 6 60. Provlalon Market. The market* were liberally supplied with meat* of all kind*. The lamb and mutton offered jvetterday were of *L. n..nlU.r _ at iiic ifd?? i|uaiji7, vuiiiiuiiinc very materially who in' lean-looking trash that stall# have been filled with during the whole springjpwe saw some handsome veal, only seven'weeks old, cut from a carcass that weighed 540 lbsand it looked like one lump of fat. Vegetables do not get plenty so fast as we expected; the unprecedented coM weather keeps all kinds of vegitation back. Ooosnberries and currants hav?|made their appearance at Is per quart. Oreen peas have been for sale, but they look small, and almost unfit to eat. The fish market is kept well supplied. Shad are still brought in, and sell at 91 cents for the best. Asparagus is still high?our quotations have advanced this woek. Dried peaches sell for $4 54 per bushel; plums $5 5ft do, ami apples $1 do. Trices in the annexed table have slightly changed this week, which we correct. Tbicrs or Provisions. Apples, bid*. 50 a 2 75 Lobsters, "6 a ? Asparaau*. bunch- 18 t0#5 Mutton . 7 a 8 Beef per lb ft a 0 Onions, iwrbush"- 40 a 50 Beef, per cwt- $4.50 all Parsnips, perdox. , -37)4#? Beef, corned 6 a 8 Porter House Steaks 0 a 10 Blacktish," ? a 10 Tork, per lb 3 a ? Beets, 1 a ? Pigs, roasters ? a 11 Butter, froth, per lb 15 a 16 Potatoes, bush------ 31* ? Butter, firkin, per lb 9 a 10 Potatoes, Swl.hf pk.? a 31 Crabs, iloz W4* ? Radishes, bunch ? a Its Chickens "75 al 00 Rhubarb, per bunch, 5 a S Clams, 25 a 37? Sirloin,lb 10 a 12 Dried Apples, bbl- ? a $1)4 Salmou, ? a 25 Eels 8 a 10 Shid, each 31 a ? Eggs, 15 for ? a 12)4 Striped Bass, lb*" *10 a ? Eresh Cod-3 a 4 Sausaues ? a 8 Flounders, ? a 5 Turnips, per bnshef,-25 a ? Jowls 2 a 3 Tnpe, lb ? a 4 Lettuce, do* 8c a Tnrkies 1.00? J 1.50 Lamb, per lb a 10 Veal 5 a 6 Philadelphia Cattle Markets June 1?Beeves?1043lBeeves in market, viz.? 948|from Ohio?550 went to New Yark. Sales were made at| 6} to OJcents, extra 0)' cents?65 left over. Cows and Calves?880 in market?Sale* at $13 a $55 ; extra J $30; Bptingera $11 a $18. Dry Cows, $5 a $# ; Calves sold at $1 a $1 60 ; extra 5 50; live weight, 5 a'Jf cts. Hogs?250 Hogs?sales were made at 4 a 4$ cts; extra 4} cents. Sheep?670 in msrket?Bales at $3 a $4 3& Foreign Markets. Trinidad, May 11? Freights?To Europe, none at all. To the States $11 per box for Sugar end $3 per hhd. for Molasaes were the last rates. But little or nothing doing. Price of molasses 4} dollars per 110 galls., cask not included. Married, On Thursday evening, 1st inst. by Rev. Mr. Poisal, Jamci W. Pincxney. Esq. to Miss Emcline E. Grander, all of this city. On Thursday morning, 1st, by Rev. Mr. Powers, Vicar General of New York, Dr. Wu. Makfitt, Asst Surgeon U. S. Army, to Julia, daughter of P. Chouteau, Jr., Esq., of BtdLouis, Missouri. %* May 30th, by the Rev. C. G. Bommers, A. M., William Thomas Kemblc to Sahah Ann Undebwood,eldest daughter of the late Thomai T. Underwood of this city. * Died. On Thursday, the 1st inst. after a severe Illness, Sarah Mowbray, aged 18 years. Her friends and acquaintanres, also the friends oi her brothers, Jehn and Themas Mowbray, are respectfully invited to attend her funeral thiaday, Saturday, at 4o'olk, P. M. from the reaidence of her brother, 495.Grand street, without further invitation. On Friday morning, 3d inst. Joseph Giannini, a native of Switzerland, aged 43 years. i ne lnenus ana acquaintance* are respectfully invited to attend the funeral at his late residence, 42d street, on Saturday afternoon, at I o'clock. Panengen Arrived. At Boston?Steam Ship Acadis?Miss Script is, Mrs do Coinics, and four children and female ssrvanr. Mr and Mrs Prizat, Mr Bidetmas, Mr S 'J homas, Mr W E Logan, Mr Henry Mason, Mr U Bereke, Mr Ryan, Mr W A Hcnpps, bearer nf despatches from the American Legation, London, II B Humphrey, Mr Montgomery. Mr 1 uruboll. Mr L Slurtrvant, Mr Gilford, C Jerome, jr. T Mowbray, RuchmulIsr, Geo Mackay, Mr Baker, Mrs Daly.4 children and ftmaie servant. From Halifax for Boston?Mr Yates, Mr Danicomhe Mr Bigelow. Caet Birdmore. At Halifax?Mr Morrow, M Hamu-I. Arthur Woodgale, Mr aud Mrs Ellisanl sou. Her J H Reid, MrsReid. Mr Sinitli, Richard Neville. FLUSNtNo?Shin Cetia?Deacon Arnold Jules, Bernard G A Albert. K F Rudslph, S Francis, Mrs A Thntchei?97 in ihe steerage. Passengers Hailed. Feoal Boston?In the steam ship Caledonia, for LiverpoolJohn Albree, Master Aibree, T M Peters, .Mrs Peters. James Dell, Mrs Delf aad child. Rev Geo C Beckwiih, W H Mann anil lady, Saml Saunders, Amasi Walker, of Bo.ton; Misers M E and M A Beers, Jos Wrigley, Saml P Williams, Heo B H aglish, Jas Owru, Wm Boston, Her Michael Comn, Lew is Tappan, of N?w York, Miss Richards and S Allinson, cf fhilnieli lira, Wm Gibson, of Bdlitno'e. George F Storm, of Ci nuectcut, Arthur Blake aud P Middletno, of Charleston, 8 C, Chs Oakley aud Michael Rvan, of lllidois, Wm Hnichiusou and Wm Laird, oi Mobile, Jas nagsr aud lady, H B Shepherd Dr John F r-ell, Mr (. bailee, Wm Prehn, j'., J B PLncbe, Jr., J E Pmohom'xe. A Prudhnmme and Joshua Pixou, of N Orleans, Wm K Heuiy. of Natchez, Miss , J L Stewart, of Jamaica, Oe<> Brown, Horduras, Ignatius Cnckshat', nf Bradford, Canada we.t. S P Andrews, Texts, Hev Root Brird, Jol.n Tamer aod H J flalgrove, of k'ngiaud. Aquiline Qtiifani.Carmtlo Sa-mirnto. Valentine Terri. aud Antonio Paris, nf New Grenada, Mr McCalmont, of Louden. Mr Thayer?66. For Halifax, Mr Sawyer and Lady, Mr Bind and ladv, Dr J I'resscott. Nathan Metcalf, J lines Ives, K Jard.te. J Barron, Crawfoid Allen, Philip Aden, G J Archer, Joh B'ete, lady and serveut?!J. Total.71. London?bscketsi in Mediator?Wm Roche, Amedee Pevrot, Alex Mtgarv, Mr Cook, Mis W Johnson, Mr a id Mrs Caiey, of New York; Rev John Mitel ell aud l)r Lewis S II ipkii'S, of Norlharnpiok. Misi; Jos K Evans, jr. of fluladi; (tool Brewn, of Washington city; John RBrsi ami lady and Km ly Prat, of 7. mesville, Ohio; Mr Bor- tn lady aud Mils Borron, of Yorkville; J'lin L Alma. Edward Alma, s.iss Alma, Mnrv and Emily Alma, nf Niagara, Catala; Wm Mathe.a ind lady, of Toronto; John Bscoanaii. of Scotland; P L Davis,?f London; John Hoy of Bnfeat, Ireland. Foreign Im|H?rt at loiso. Lrvr.nvooi,?Ship St Lawrence? 80 tor.s pig iron 11 Irrin?10 chls indigo O B Morr wor d?4 rrts A Winkl-v?41 M Hrowne ? I cks K Patrick A co?7 E Ik E llnbins A ci ?2 A McFarlanc ?700 -ks as It 67 bales iLx Hicks A co?500 ?kt salt M Browne? 781 boxes un plates Pheips, Dodge A co?55 crstei 5 bales to ord-r. Bin Gbande?Brig Alfred Hammond?4381 hides 41 hairs lo ordi r?1773 hides E Coruing A son?117 do 788 calf skins W Tate. Domeatlc Imimrtasllona. Nxw Orleans?Brig St Lawrence?22 kegs lard 4 cks bees wax J Mac.y A son? 43hbls lard 22 do poik 20 do flazseed 29 kits lard 9 cks hams 5 do shoulders Crocker, Hah A Warren?3 hxs b -olj Suvdain Sage A r.?.177 lacks wlie.t A Averi'l?262 ba*s iron Phelps A Eytinge?80 tiblstl ur Havens A co?275 sks coin 81 do wheat Allen A WhitUcaey?809 bara lead 1 case beeswax Strachan A S.'O'.tNew Oblkans?Brig Proxy? 47 hides 5 hags feathers Spear A Pattou?153 hhtlt 160 tibls molasses 115 sugar Kiberi* A Williams?50 bbls starch 1 do hams 2 do llour I do fmit I keg lard J K Milnaaks. MARITIME HE R ATD'T Ship Hasten and Agent*. We shall esteem it a favor, if Captains of Vessels will give to Commodore Robert Silvet, of our News Fleet, a lieport of this Shipping left at Ihe Port whence they sailed, the Vessels Spoken on their Passage, a List of their Cargo, aud anv Foreign Newspapers or News they may have, lie will board them immediately on their arrival. Agents and Correspondents, at home or abroad, will also confer a favor by ending to this Office all the Marine Intelligence they call obtain. Nautical Information of any kind will be thnnkfully received. PORT or UKW YORK, JUNK 3 UN RISES Oil MOON SETS 11 24 SDN SRT8 7 23 I HIUH 12 0 Cleared. Ships Adelaide, Adams, Havana, Snnfford, Tileston A Co; Alabama, Bunker, NOrleans, Wm Nelson; Saratoga, Russell. 4"ily Point, Va. W Nelson; Courier^ Duggan, Newark, Saml mvwmi?w||hi vcuiii, II" r nanr'ui rfrisc> iihuiu, iir. ixquuline It Co; I'oace, Oon'd.Keanebec, T Lord ?Schra Mirror, I hipm.iu. Ilwui, A B Cootey k Co, Hrro, Ridley, Mooleiro Bar, Ja. R Howe; Gen Lafayette, Jerria, Jackaonville, KF. K M At water. Arrived. Ship 8t Lawrence, Brown, 40 <lay? from Liverpool, with mdar. to llowland k Aepiuwall?140 ateerage paaaengera. P hip Celia. Thatcher, 37 day* from Flmliiug, with mdae. lo Schmidt fc Balchen, K (J Bertasu, C.haa KiagkCo, J McCall k Co, H Mull, Schneh.rrdt. Karre k Co. Britiah bng Arab. Howe. 41 daya from Bidafnrd, Eng. with 17? ton* cral to T. Irviu?49 paiar ngera. , Brig Hogan, Slaowood, of Portland, from Trinidad de Cuba, Mar II, With angar, la Cheatelain k Pouvert Brig Alfred Hammond, 8pear, of (duiocy, 49 daya from Hio Grande, with hide, kc. to G. llowland. Left no American "Bng'pr-iy. Brtdferd, 26 daya from Now Orlaana, with mlae" to Nramilh Leeda k C>? Brig St Lawrence, Oriffin, 25 daya from New Orleani, with mdge, to R. P. Buck. .. Brig Klin k Suaan, Dyer, <0 daya frrm Mobile, with cotton, to maater. Brig Temple, II daya Irom Georgetown, SC. with cotton, to matter. B'ltith achr Coraair, Lucaa. II daya froin St. Jolua, NF. in ballaat, to Dunacomb k Beckwith?4 paaaengera. Scbr Sarah k Mary, King, 16 daya from Kaanklin, La. with 22,000 gallona molaaaea to L. Sawyer. Scbr wanderer, Lewie, 25 daya from New Orleana, with 1000 bbla flour to order. ..J??!.' Parker, 13 daya from New Orleana, with 604 bbla flonr to order. Schr Geo. Wayne, Rebinaon, II daya from New Orleana, wi h 117 hhda angar 13 bbla molaaaea to Harrna k Ce Schr Uaoaba, weach, lldaya Irom New Orleane, with corn to K. P Back. Schr Virginia. Hall, fiom Darier, Ga. with cotren, to R. M. Deiaill?3 paaaengera. Left aloop William, for New York, in 3 daya. Schr Jeeephk Helen, Rider, 45 daya from Attakapaa, with lire oak, to W. Deal. Schr Commerce, Wray, from Wilmington, NC. with naval atorwa. Schr R. Thompion, Brooka, from Wilmington. NC. with cetton, to R. 8 Powell. Schr Alegandria, Lewie, from Alexardria, with floor, to Stnrgea k Cleaiiuvn Schr Semi C.Abbott, from Baltimore, with com, to Jobnaon Schr Ellen, Tyler, 3 dare from Philadelphia, with coal, to matter. ... , . Schr Gen. Haueon, Grant, Virginia. U. 8. ateaim r Utiiou, Lieut. Hunter, from Boaton. Ballad. 8h p Brooklyn, Jamei Hirer, nnd othera. Hkrald Marina Corraaponrtanca. OPTICS np thk Rhook lei.antra,) Npwrear, Jnue I, 1141 t Arr May II,-H A Weat. Phihidelphia lor Bo-ton; Trid?r, rtickeraoa, and k.lir.abcih, Nu kereou. Ilonoa lor New York; i I raaqatJ. Jonea, and Financier, Vela >r, do do; Hrlea, W.ud utr, Albsuy Tor Providence; Yant'c, Stewart, NYork Tor fall Hirer. Passed up, Wilde* P tValkrr, Matangaa for Proridenae. Air Jane 1, Ann Elizabeth, HbiUi, Philadelphia. Sid Tranquil, and Financier. General Kneord. Collision ?The Lewie, Steward, from Shielda lor Jeraer wae ma oa heard of amidthi|>e 9th ult. at I J a at, Dtsogenese betting N 4 or 6 miles, by the Jraiore, of NToik, from Centcn lor Amsterdam, -errvin* away the maat of the Lewie, and dcin* other damage The Jeaeore wae on the larboard tack, wi'li thr wind at N NW. Pibatri.?(.'apt. Drrkray, of the brig Walton, wae ^naeed bra piratical aehr off Jamaiee, on the 27th ol April, and flred into ihree tune*. UtrWrit, May 31 ?On the n:*ht of the Ifth the Britiali bri* Ann Johnton, of Oreenock, MeNe'l, matter, from New Orleans to St. John, N B. ran npon ilie Florida Reef, off Key Tire nice. On 'he 17th (he ?t< got off by oar wreckers, ailr r taking out one sloop load, brcusht to thit port, libelled (or sa'ra*e, and reeterdiy the case watjdeculed $1000 wae decreed to i li? ealroie The veteel was i n very tienloiii condiliep, and was insetted with great promptness and fidelity, and with t- little injury ihat it hi sailed on her voyage (hi moruiag.? The Conit ri|iei.s?t were $IT7 81. Thedccree in the case of lie barque St Halampy. it not yet givrn Thecaee of ilie b'"g I awreuce is to be tried ti -morrow. The case < f the Kodol| It, Or >?i'i- g. is not yet for trial. Dairr or the CVaRcriT?We learn from a correspondent, that a bottle was nicked no ou the 28th ult on the Island of riiippaqnidick,'boat h"lt way between Cane Pone Liehtand Waal qui Hill, by Mr Tridite Smith From the paper found in the bottle it eeina to hare brea thrown ialo the harbor at Holmes Hole, by John Holmes, Esq , from Holmes' NoitS Wharf, ou tha 15th ult. for the mirp >te of asctrtaiuing the prevailing rurrentof the South Channel, the wiutl at that time being 8W Commerce or New York.?The total number ol arrirala from lorriau porta (luring the month of Mar, war 203; for the aamr period laat year, 259. Clraraucea for May, 1843, 480. Commerce or Boston ?Arrivals during the month of May:? Ships. Barques. Brigs. Schrs. Sloops. Total Coastwise, 7 15 til 339 15 437 Foreign, 11 13 59 9.' 0 175 Ol the foreign arrivals, 1 ship, 2 barques, 16 brigs and 75 schrs were British. Clearances during the same peiiod:? Ships. Barques. Brigs. Schrs. Sloops. Total. Coastwise, 5 9 47 182 7 250 Foreign, 6 10 58 100 0 174 Of the foreign clearance 1 barque, 17 hriga and 83 selis were British, and 1 barque Swediah?the latter cleared via Stouiogtan. Commerce of PmLADELrHia.?Arrivals of foreigu veaaeU from Juue 1st, 1841, to June 1st, 1841 500 From June 1, 1842, to Jeue 1, 1843 410 In favor of 1812 90 Commerce of Queiec ?The arrival* to the 27th of Mav, 1842 83 1843 422 In favor of 1845 339 Spolc?n( Newark. Merwin,9 days hence fnr NewOrleans, May 20, off the Sarih lit Mary, at this port. Dublin, of Portland, steering N W, May 13,1st 26 39, Ion 88? by the Prouy, at this port. Alabama, NOrleana for Philadelphia, May St, off Cape May ?by pilot boat Charlotte Ann. VVolge, NOrleana for Liverpool, May 20, Tuacar KNK 25 miles, 55 dava out?by the Acadia. Cairo, NOrleaut for Liverpool, passed oft the Hock?by the Acadia. Claiborne, Burgess, Liverpool for NOilcaus, April 1C ,lat 18 30. Ion 41 15. Francis Whitney, Genoa for Sumatra, Feb 4Forester, April 15, lat 29, Ion 40. Whalemen, Averiek, Mitchell, NB, 28 mos out, wi h 1800 bbls, spoken 5lh Nov?had spoken 3 days previous, Pioteus, had taken two Ash, which we>e then alongside. Hobart Town, Dec 30?Arr Lacy Ann, King, of Wilmington, 1050; Jan 12. Gov Troup, Jruuy, N B, 1050; Marci*.Mother, FH, 800. Sid 10th, Huntress, Taber, NB; Jefferson, Ifowlaode Wilmington?oil not fitted; P?c25, Sab'na, Slate, NVork. Al Sydney, NSW. Jan 3?Martha, Whelde", 1500 brls, and tld Cth for whalirg; Dec 22, Sharon. Smith, 450 brls, and sld Jan Gih for whaling; 13th, New York packet, Gregory, Talcuhuana. Sydney, Jan 9?The Sharon, Smith (American whaler) late Morri>, put iu 23d nit t? obtain hands, the late clew hat it g mutinied and kilted the master. Off Norfolk Island. Nov 21. the American harnnn F.lieshefl, fm New Bei ford, 12 months'out, with 600 bits'speru oil?iii writ. New Zealand, Dec 3?The Ametican whaler Crescent was at the Bay of Islands, 11 moaths out, with 1700 bits, most of lha crew sick with scorer, Trc Alpha, Rodders, lot into the Bay of Islands, Nov 3, wi'1' lot brla sperm oil. The Flora, Mayhew, with 1800 bils black and IPS brls sperm oil, teaidea 1600 lb* bene, pot into the Bay the 7th Nov. Korclgn t'wrts. Antwerp, May 6?Arr Glide, Charleston; 11th, John A Rohh. Walker. NOrleans; 13th, Madison, Simmons, Virginia. Slil 9th. Irad k'errv, Chase, N York. Aloesiras Roads, Apr 23?Arr Etrrreaa, Meyer, Trieste. Aberdeen, Apr 30?Arr Tarqnin, Hosmer, NOrleans. Sid Mav 8, Superior, Christopher, Charleston. Bat or Islands, prer to Jan 11?Sid Henry Tuke, Rio de Janeiro. Batatia, Jau 15?Arr Argo, Billing, Mauritius; 11th, India, Nott. Boston Bombay, Mch 24?Arr John G Coster, Barlow, NYork; 28th, Zephyr, Johnson, China. Bordeaux, May 11?In the river,William, Johnson, Charlestor. Bremen, May 1?Arr Edwins, West, NYork; 8th, Doris, Gnesly, Havana. Bergen, Apr 26?Arr Ven^eler, Charleston. Belfast, May 14?Arr Lagrange, Wiuchell, Clyde for New York. Cowis, May 17?Arr Junius, Wilson. Havana. Cadiz, May 4?Arr Roscoe, E lis. Gibraltar. Sid Apr 28. Heleua, Newman, NYork; 24th, Cossuck, Tardiff, New Orleans. Clvde. May 15?Arr Navarino, McCormick, New'Yo-lc (or F.lmoulh. Sid 2J, Essex Haynes, Boston; 9th, Kobin Ho d, Fisk. do; 11th. Caspian, Bartlett, NYork ;13lh, Lagrange, Winchell, do and Belfast. Arr Menapis, Quinn, Savannah. Copenhagen, May II?Arr r sker, l,rawford, CI nrleaton. Cephalonia. Apr 20?Sid Ionia, Paul, Antwerp. Calcutta. Mch 12?Sid Carthage, Ausliu, Boston; DoTer, Au'tin, Bombott and Loudon. Canton,Wha?ip"a, Feb 16?Air Trincest, Sherman. NYork; 20th, nromamlo. Hunt. Manilla; 21st, Navigator. Gravea, N Votk; Utzelle, Sherman, Boston: 21d, Belviderj, Sid 22d, tlraftnn, Gardner, NYork Deal, M.iy 7?Arr Tiber, Covill, L'ndm. and aid lor Havana; 9th, Madison. Simmons, Virginia; 10th, H Hudson, Moore, London, and tld for NYork; lltn. Gen Scott. Cunningham, N York for St Petersburg. Passed hy, 12th lo 15'h, J H Cheney, Crabtree, NYork for Stettin; 7th to llih, Matilda, Clausen, (.'harleilon for Copenhagen; Sovereign, Fineh, Loudon for N York. Dover, Mav 17?(iff, Matador, Charleston for Bremtn. Dieppe, Mav 9?Sid Seuthnort, Herbest, NYork. Eliinore, Mat 7?CM J Johnston, Lundwall, Stockholm for New Yoik; Denmark, Tburoe, Havana for Stettin; Methea, An-'erson, Chailesten ior Copenhagen; 3d, St Cawreace, Young, New York for St I'eti rslmrg; Wifsta. Rolofseu, do lor S'ockholm; April 29, Hindoo. Urauberg, Stockholm for New Yo k e.t.ex, rvuy 2?Arr toward. oulkley, NYork. Falmouth Mar 7?Off Ajax, o: NYork, from Canton for Amsterdam; 13th, Plato, fm Montevideo, and tailed for Atnsterdm GstNoa. Mav 9?Arr Orbeta, NYork; 7th, Anna, Havana. (ilBBALTAK, Mar 3?Sid Louisa. Chslker, Tauuiers; Cleopatra, Shepherd, Kio Janeiro. Arr 3d, Edinburgh. Croci er, Marti i; let, aud aid for NOrleaiu; lit, Ktiueat, Hacktie'd. Bremen, anil tld for Leghorn; Apr 34 Feni lit, Buntiuf, L'ghorn, ana Id for Sr Domingo. hid 33d, Hope. Dritrnl1, NUrleaas. Arr 32d, Sunn J me. Fletcher, Malta, and tld for Boston; 2l?t, Margaret Ann, Ciosby. NYcrk. IIavmk Mav t?Arr Atirelins, New Orleani;7th, Deuralion, Allen, d~. Ferax, Ki.arp, Charleston; 15th, Iowa, Linet, Mobile; Jason, Cn iz, Cliarietton; Mill, Queen Victoria, Kanlctt, Ntlrleint; lAnlhfort, NYoik; 4th, R"t> coa, Thompson, New f'rlsans. Sid lltn, G'Olias, Seam, NOrleans; loth. American, Waiiliit'x, NYirk; Bnguwlv , Licet, do; 7;h. Middlesex, Grozier, tlitaui; Miieeju, Oi?7, Mobile; Iwannwi a, Shino, U States; Kennebec. Smith, NOrieAUt: Persian. Itol bins, do; 3d, Kiu i'utou, ShumwAV, do; 3d, Francois I, Aintworlh, and Cahawha, Crfliu, NYork. ll.AMai'RO, May 12?Arr Norral, Simpson, ? ,hio; lOtli, Dolra Miria, Krute. Chir'etton. 81 i 10 h, Ware. Wales, |Kcchelle; 9lh, Otk, Howes, 1st, Abo. While, Archangel. Arr 1st, Hnntrett, Love'.t, New Ytrk; Virginia, Allen, Havre. Hxlvomt. Mav 5?Arr Hii'"rian, Dodge, NVork. Hihaht Town, Jan II?S|d C natt, Edgar, Valpanino. j Livvmpool. Mat 6?Arr S Baldwin, Oliddi n aud J Bolton, Teulon, New Orleaut; Maiiraret B.ilfonr, Clark, Virginia; 7tn Binn-. Tnrlnr. B us, and Hop*, Sonle, New Orlt-aus; Leander, Phelan, Savannah; I3tn, J Cadmus, Btanchard, Mobile; Biitamna. (steamer) Hewitt hence, via Halifax; 16th Champlaiu, Miller and Sea, Delano ft Orleans; Cincinnati, Barttow and Bengal, Gotham, Mobile; Shmandoah.Weat, Charts tton; 17th, Liveiponl, Eidrolge. New York; 18th, Columbus, Cowrn, M"hi|e. Off port lU:h, Greenock, from do. Arr 16th, Margaret Kerr, Char'eston; 13th, Covenanter, Patterson, Savannah; 8th. Acta:)., Falkirk, NOrlcani Sailed 3th. I?-ae Allerton, Torrev, NOrleant, tth, Palmyra, Simpson,acd Vi Picket, Brasier, Boston; Montezuma, Lowber; llinernii, tnoting; linttingner, flursley; Levant, Whittlesey, in'' It.I) Hoy, Arnold, New York; Solon, Buckuam, Philsdelphi ; Clyde, 'I In obald, and Dnmbaiton, Pendleton, Virginia; Kraneonis, Crabtiec, Savanuab; Neptune, Merrill; Saracen, Rogers; Suffolk, llilee; Sweden, Hemic; Rialto, Adams, and Genesee, Jsck.New Orleans; Louisa, SuiW.Hevma; 9!h, TliOs Bennett, Halse*. Charleston; Haigrave, Bailey, New Yor ; 0th, Hector, Spence, do; John (^arver, Pendleton. Boston; Northumberland, Jones, Halifax; 1Kb. St. Pitersbuig, Howaid, Ness Orleans; 12 h, Thompson. and Tiger, Cook, do; Olive h Klita, Mat shall, Mobile; Johu UunTap, Choate, Philadelphia; Hlh, Ontario, Jameson, New Orleais; Ba.haw, Howes; Liberty, ftorton, ai d Roach us, Collins, n o '5i' General Harviseu, Moore, Philadelphia; 17th. Paetolire Harding, Portsmouth; l?th, Kob Roy, Maisli, Virginia; 16th, Mary Kimba'1, Kreeto, Cadiz. Ctd and ready for sea. St Mirk, Butmaa. lor NVork. Loading, Cyrus, Carrier; Vandalia, Weston, and Adrian. Davis, for Boston; Shakspeare, Miner; Andrew Se?it, Emety; Vio'a, Jameson; Massachusetts, Wilson;Carroll nf CarroMton, Bird: Krilllickv. Kotrars: K:lrone. Ftsxber: Frs lltitan Forbes Cnrnelia/Fiencn; Reiubtic. Luce, and Independence, Nye, for New Vork; G?e dkolfield, Skn'lield, for Baltimore; Harkaway, Nicliolton Virginia; Rose, Coukling, for Apalachieola; AveUuche, Murray, lor N Orleaoa. Ad? I9"h. Lnconia, Porter, NYork, with despatch; Andrew Scott, Emery, do do; Republic, Lace, do 20tii; S Baldwin, Glidden, Philadelphia London, May 17?Old Outaiio, Brad:ah, NYork; 8th, entd oatwaro, Toronto, Giiewold, do; 6th, inwards, Niagara, Scudder, Bo.tcn Leghorn, Apr 28?Arr Effort, Koopman, N Yo-k. Sid 29th, Agrnoria, Ham. Antwerp. Lisbon, Apr27?Arr Bea Bird, Bearse, NYork. Marseilles, May 1?Arr Alabama, Raolett, NOrleans; 2d, ThosH Beu'ou, Shaw, do; 7th. Wrakeag, Spauldiug, do; Ith, Moutpelier, Starkpole, do. Sid 12th, Suwarrow, Slerpar, Boston; llth, Hellespont, a dame, NYork. Malaga, Apr 17?Arr Margaret Ann, Crosby, NewYork via Gibraltar. Mauritius, Feb 1?Sid Lehigh. Watson, China. Manilla, Jan 5? Sid O C Raymond, Denmson, Chosen Montreal, May 29?Arr Benj Hart, Douglas, Liverpool; 70th, Indefatigable, Sc tt; Siren. Barkley, and Emma, Innes, Liverpool Cld 19th, Great Britain, Swinbum. London; Magnet, Morton, Liverpool; 30lli, Commodore, Miller, Glasgow. OrouTO, Apr 21?Arr Gerard, Stevenson, NYork. Portland, no date?Off, Duncan, Putuam.lNew Orleans for Antwerp. Pi.visouth, May 5-Off, Virginia, Jansen, fm Baltimore for Bremen. Pentland Frith, May 10?Arr Oberlin Kcapp, llambu.g for Virginia. Quebec, May 27?Arr Oceau Queen, Laberge, Boston: Alexander, Liddell, London; 29'h, Intogene, Hick, do. Cld 29tn. Sir John Knlateff, Howell, Portsmouth: Barbara, Wilson, Liverpool; Svmm-try. Brown, Sunderland; Bolivar. Foran, Wateifnid. The Prudest brought up two cabin and 1(6 steerpaasetigera (roan the wrack of the Tom Moore on White Island Heel. Shields, May 6?Sid Sebcois, Hopkins, Boston. Arr Mth, Troy, (p oh,ably Oak) Howes. Hamburg. SwiNtmuNDE, May k-Air L'lnnoeeacr, Kngatron, New York. Stroisnrss, May I?Remains, Victoria, Woodbarv, St Petersburg for Boston?went on patent slip 29th ult. St PETEaseuRG. Apr 29?Yesterday morning the firing of guns from the foitincation announced the opening of the Navigation on the Nerva. To-day the Iaaacksbrtdge was again replaced. Our river is nearly free of flcatiog iee, but from Croi.sMdt we are yet williout ony accounts. . Swan an k. May 6? Off, Sea Eagle, Smith, Boeton for St Pete sbmg. _ . .. Sssvrna, Apr 28? Sid Horatio, Titrate. In port 19th, Attil i Watson, for Bo,ton, about 27ili. Sid Emma Isadora, Haiku Bono1* JB St ValiRTs Apr 28?Arr Danube. CUrk, NOrltnnfl# ^TDffiT, N8VV. J*n 26?Arr Neieui, Chapman, Bay of LUnda. 'J rustic, May 2?Arr Hector, White, St Jago. * . Tixn. May It? Arr Jenore, WatkiDi, Canton; April 25, Harriet, Hooper, 'Charleston1; *Uh, Commerce, AiMon, New York. Trifiipati pr Cuba, May II?In port, WaahiuRton, Shankland, N York, for floAton, Id' inii in 1(1 d*; Allioth, 8im; on, fm|Ha?nm, for Knnpe, idg. to??il in 5 rii; Alice. , divwi, fordo, Idg, to ml ii '6 dt; Kvtlinr, Perkins. NYo k, for Wiwraraef, Idg, to tail in 2 da; fid#*td BIfm, Cole .!* JVica. for B ?at??n, to e mmen e Idg neit da* ; Canonicu* Cowpland, NYoik, for N Voik, dis'g, uin ; MAdnd, ?, Jt MM. wl| Cei|bl; Sophia, Keuuey, <lo, ,wtg do; Helen,*?# do. looking for a Iraigbt, josr arr Woloabt, Apr 27?Arr Mathilde, Sthwank. Charleston. Horn* P orta. Uabooh , May 29?Arr Howard, Kldridge, Baltimore. Gloiickstkb, May JO?-Arr Cougreaa, Brown. N York. Bai.xi*, May Jo?Air Stranger, Nickrrson. Oooigetowu, DC. CM 30th, Boatou, Whiting, Writ Indies. Brazil and Coaat of Africa. Hid America.I rowrll, N York; 31?t, Northumberland, Dewing, Par* and a mkL , ? Boston, June 1?Arr steam ship Acadia, Ryrie, LVh>I; M"' rrland, Kartell, Haowhill, Md; Hobin Hood, Fiali, Glasgow; Mozart, Reynold*, Alexandria, Wm Put, Baker, PhiUd; Laikin, Churbuck, do; Trio, Nickerron; Wol'ott. Hyder, and Mozart. McFarl<nd. NYork; Mrnlor, Hunt, Georgetown Big nal for a barque. Cld, sleamihin Caledonia. Lot*. L'pool; 1**dor#. Springer, Maunzaa; Mary Ann. Wl iimore. Cape de Varoa; 1 rrmon', Yarnngton, Gambia and a mark*!; Democrat Howe*, NOmaiu; Mnsiell, Matthew*. I'ni'ad New Bsdkobp, May 31?Arr Cornelia, Ricketaon. NYork; Philadelphia, Tliain, plan ncket for Philadelphia. Bid lodortry, Cuaninan, N Yo'k. Arr June I. Wm Browu, and Oaec i, Philadelphia; Sachem, Kirby, NYork; Conquest, do; Georgia, Charleaton PaoriDKnck. May 31?Arr Tlio* Fenner, Nicaerion, Rapra haunock; Helen, Gardner, and Fa ne, Splendid, Albany; Bei j I Franklin, White, Kondout; Rienzi.Dtirfer, and Yankee .Chain, New York- Md Amy W Lerd*, b ndicott, and Glide. Crt*ae, Philadelphia; J u L Long, Hawkim, end Time*, Oak*, New Nrw Hayirr, May 31?Arr Mo?elle. Stannard; Pacific, Boerry; 8 R Smith. Bill*; Miracle, and Lady Washington, 1 homa*. Albany; H 'it, Thorn i in. Kingatot. HanrrokD. May 31?Arr Token, Trie', NYork; Anlhrae;te, Marahmaii, Philadeli hia Sid 3lllh, Mail, Binder*. Pliil'dc.phin; Cilizen, Scofirld, Albany; 3l*t, Velocity, Gaiue*. New York. Albany, June I?Arr Victory, Thompson, Hndton; Celeste, Wright, and Tantiry Chapman, NHa*eo. Sid Ganges, Allen Boston; Horace, Bum*, and Lottery, Mason, NYork. PmLanaLrHia, Jun 2?Air Delos, Rckfehlt, Ponce, Pit; Rather kliza, Rice, 8i John, NB. Cld John W < ater, Dovh, St Thomas aud St Croix; Mparlau, Stoyer, Portland; Liberty, Townaand, and Cape Cod, Nickerson, Boston; H T Hiuckley, Slander*, Jamaica; Mesico, Tomliu, Trey, NY; I'ncusrt, Curti*. Saco; At hr*h 0, Dmiglsss, New Yo>k; Kzact, Fojreu, Hanford. Arr at Kirhmond Railroad Whaires, May 31, Batito, Cramner, and Ragl , iialithe, Boston Alxxandria, Mav 30?An I' Ignin, Dodge, Boston, n....... M... ... ? ?? luvnavnv, ?> ji ? /sir IMI1U, LOOinllS, ;NUMeaUS. BIU N*rragHiiaeti. B.\ker, Boston, Ckihuiton. May 30?Arr Chat man,Thompson, NOrleaus. Sid O-ympit, Dolbeilon. Havre. Savannah, May 70?CM Bridahaw, [Bi] Young, Liverpool; Havre, Ceriwnter, Boston; Auinis'a, Sherwood, N I ork. Bid Corea, 8t Petersburg; Ch i? Joseph, Havre; Poland, Havsm; Ceres, Bath, Me; Kdw Ail,una, U'ston; K D Dekker, Smith. Baltimore. Arr 29lb, Diamond, Hallock, Philadelphia. Cla Monmouth, Patten, Bitli, Me. Mobil*. May 25?Arr Sc-lraa, Smith, N York. CM Delight, Wooteu, Griitio. Ntw Ohleans May 25?Arr Wellington, Mclntvre, Liverpool; Frcedom^etit, Tobaseo. CM Rochester, Owru, Vert Cioz; Arkansas, Burgess, auu Caspian, Patten, N York; Bevis, Hriggs, B stoa; Then Korner, Bongemann, V?ra Crnz; Planter. (Br) Marshall, London; Cohaus?v, Hainer, Philadelphia; Eli 7.a, (Br) Coffin, Halifax; Cocas, Kauch, Havana; Dover.Curlis Lnguun. QQ- FOR ~1MUSF.MF.XTS, SEE LAST PAGE. NIULO'S GARBBV. HC7~ The public are reapectfnlly informed that (he Garden will be OPENED FOR THE SEASON ! On MONDAY, June 5th. The beat Aitista have been employed lor the last two months in painting n*d decorating the Saloon and Promenades Many valaxble Plsnts have been procured from the Couservatoues of Philadelphia, added to the already very extensive collection of rare and choice specimens attached to the Conservatory and Green 11 ruse of the Garden. No ontlav will be spued to produce attractions of the highast order, and a s-u cession of novelty will be the feature of I he Summer Campaign. The highly talented FRENCH COMPANY From New Oilesns, now at the establishment, will perform a short eagagem rnt ?ud produce severtl OPERAS! Of Donizetti'a Halerey. Auhrr, and Adam, in which M'LLE. CALVE Will appear on alternate nights, with the ENGLISH VAUDEVILLE COMPANY ! ! Und-r the direciiouol' MR. JOHN 8EFTON. Mil. W. jl'. BURTON, The celebrated psrformer, together withoiher eminent talent, ia engaged to appear i>< Comedy. THE INIMITABLE RAVEL FAMILY, Under the ditectmn of UABIUEL RAVEL, Have been secured, ami will appear iu the early pait of the seaaoninucw Comic Pautomimes. MONS. MARTIN AND MISS WELLS Are also engaged, and will appeal in aereral new and popular D.nces. Arrangements have bean made wi.h MR EDGE, the nurivallcd artist in Fire Works, who w II during the season produce sevrral new originally designed and execnted specimens ofhia peculiar art. THE GRAND ORCHESTRA! Consists of 30 Musiciaui, carefully selected from those ranking high in the r profession. Conductor, MR. U. C. HILL. The newest Ovuitures and Compoait ens in MUSIC of Musard, Straukt, Larrat nud Labitkiy, received from London and Pars, will be succesi fully brought forward in iho course of the Season, between the parts of the entertainments, in (he Apollo Saloon. The GARDEN has been highly ornamented?Grottoi, Fountains, Art-curs, end Promenades, all newly arranged n.l Aft*.I .... i. ?i II.. I . I.r. and variegated Lumps, ard open EVERT EVENING?(Sunday Eicepted.) THE REFRESHMENT SALOON, Has been snleuddlv decora ted, and Three Magnificent Chandelien briliiautlv lighted with Gas, impended from the ceilitg, giving a splendid eri'ect to the whole. BT7* The Refreshments will be of the choicest variety. Ice Creams, Fruit Ices, Ike, of superior quality. No erdeavors will be wanting to render NIBLO 8 GARGEN worthy a continuance of the liberal support it bns hitherto received, and maintain us character of ant crpating the general wish el' the nublic and tendering the whole establishment unsurpassed in America or Europe. A strict Police will be enforced, ai d great care taken to prevent the admission of improper persons. !t7"" Frice of Admission, Fifty Cents. QL"7" A limited number of Season T.ckels will be disposed o:?. GRAND CONCERT vauxhalU garden. W7TTHOUT ADDITIONAL CHARGE -!2>S cents adV ii'issmn, for which refreshments are furnished, The propi ietor n! this establishment lakes pleasure in announcing ihat for the fui th'-r gratification of his patrocs, he h is engaged a autjerior Band under the directum of VIr. Myi rs. wlie will perform several pieces of Sacred Music art Sand ty e?eurugs, Cnuimenrrug on till ?f June. The f.dlowirg pic res will be performed: ? Ninety Seveutli Psalm. Aniheui Advent. Great .Millenium. Denbcrgh. Columbia. Chorus, Halliluiah Italian llvmn Cnorus,Salvation to the Lord, clioitiv, Carihage. je 3-lt?m TUESDAY, OTH JUNE. 1M3. GRAND VOCAL AND INSTRUMENTAL CONCERT, DY MR. W. V. WALLACE, Director of the Aeacieontic O Sociaty and of the Italian Optoa, Mcsico, ?u 1UESDAY EVENING, the 6!n Instant, at 1 HE ArOLLO oALUON, Assisted hv MADAMK SUTTON, MR. F. BROWN, MR. HkLOMONSKI, MR J A KYLE. MR. u. C. IIILL, & MK. TIMM, Who wid preside at the Pi inoforte. Director of the Quintette, Mr. u. C. Hill. rO*" bor Programme see small bills. Tickets SO cents each, to be lial at the Music Store* aLd Hotels aud at the iloor. C 'uorit to comin?uce at 8 o'clock. j3 4tr NEW CARDINALS?Inst received by the Catherine, a splendid asso'tmen* of Rich Pans Embroidered Cardinals. " " T .rlctou Cardinals, s ilk and Satin do Silk Shawls and Scarfs, Fillet Net Shawls aud Points, Fillet Net Cardinals, Figflred Cardinals, Plain Lace Cardinals, Cashmere Shawls and Scarfs, Fillet Net Scarfs, riaiu heavy 1-4 Fillet Net and Silk Lace for trimmings, at low prices at JAMES BECK It CO , jl 3i*m 35'J Broadway. LOOK AT THI3! Boots, of best quality, $4 to $1 50 French, do do 3 to 3 50 Fine aewed Boats, 2 50 to 3 00 Peggeil do 2 53 Moro co do 2 25 Seal Skin and Grain do 1 35 lo 2 no rUtl. Km,,.... O...... .... I W Prunella do 2 CO Finn Calf Shoes, stitched, *00 Calf'hoes, 1 25 to 1 73 Boy'a Hue tawed boots. 2 24 " Pcgned boots, c ilf. 110 " Sralskiu and Uniu, 1 I2X ine Calf Hhoes, 1 25 " Kip fthoes, J 10 Youth's 8a weH Boots, 1 00 M 1 50 LADIES' BOUTS It SHOE8?Ladies, in hew tiores yon will find the greatest assortment of Waiter Boots, Slippers. Buskins, Ties, Prunella Buskins, lirhl and dark colored hull Oaiters, House Slippers, ?hi'e and black satiu slippers, satin (aiters. Misses and Childress' (niters, busaits, slippers, tits, and ail other kinds of boots and short of our own raanufacturinir with the best of Frend) good*,and wauanted to be the best and at cheap as the cheapest, tt 307 B-oadway and 92 ( anal St. jllmr UREUOKl It CAHILL. IMPORTANT TO FEMALES. T\R. MKLVEAU. office 129 Lioerty street, near OreenLI wich street, whose (rent success in the treatment of complaints-srisin( Irom the irregularity or total suppression of tht menses, has gained for lnm so (rest NNbmtfiMWI it tM jiutlce to acknowledge that much of his tnccess belougs to the truly wonderful effects of the Portuguese Female 1'ills, for which he is agent, and importer for the United States. Their csrtsinty in all female ohstrnctiona is surprising. (See adrtrtisenieut on last colnran el fourth page.) Dr. Meiveau can be vonsnlteVI ou all complaint* incident to females with the strictest confidence. ml8 1 rn" dyftwyr A YACHT FOR SALE, YYF seven tons bnrthen, nine months rid, and in perfect ??ilU ing order, well found in erery respect, each as awning lor cock pit. anchor, grapling, cables, patent sheave blocks, sails and rigging ol the very best msterials, a ewmpiete satr of rlagt, cleats .end rudder head of brass, has a beautiful cabin, fioely fitted no with lockers, cushions and looking glasses, spy glass, and or lira t futures arpertaiuiug to the same :kas a large refrigerator under the cockpU, that' will hold 190 lbs. ICE, slorp rigged, carries square topsails, length 24 feet on deck. 9 feet beem, iron keel, 12 inches deep, 3X wide midships, bolt-d on kelston weighing 1000 lbs., and those that know the advantage ef leverage power, will at once ace that she caannt be knoekfd down in s i.pull, and in case her bottom it stove she cannot sink, as she hs< the buoyancy ef 2090 weight of cork between her sides and selling, and is a very (aataailer. for further pattiruiart, inquire of J. JENNlNUB, m30 len'm 192 Broadway, cor John at, up etairt, front room CUTLERY. XITM. W|LD, Manufacturer and Importer of Cutlery, No. rV 1(0 Dieision street, offers to the trade, eheap for cash, a beaati'irl assoitinwit of one, two, three and roar blade knives, Willi a variety of other goods. As Mr W. superintends the raannfactoriag of his goods, he can recomarend them to be equal to the beat manufactured goods hi the city. The connrry dealer* woald do well to call previous to purchasing elsewhere. mJT Irn'r Ft it E WO R KS, CRACKERS, Sic. KUURTH JULY, 1943. /COUNTRY and city dealer* in firework*, will liud it tv v their advantage to cad and eiemine an egteneiv* ateor ment of the beet quality, at K. AYLIFFfc'8! liihinuit, 99 Chatham etrert. A large quantity ul firecrackers just received. Remember the sign of the two mammoth skv mekns and rold key. n,3?t?4jy*r VfK'MflANN A. mTKMMLKR, Attorney at-Law inN. 1*1 Yc rk, is li'ieby requested to answer please to my lettr-s Ol D?e"inbe-, 1(41, ami Frhruary, 18(3. about ihe suit against II. F. Ketohsm, I bad placrd in Ilia hands; otherwise I thsll l>e obliged to lay the whole before the public. L. b RANK, Ns.w OkLians, May 12,1943. in26? iw'.e WANTED? A aitnai on by atcadv womanto dogen ml houee-work; one tint cm give the twat f city r- lerti re*. Apply -t No I Atauton at, at the rear of No. H jl H*'" A UKNCY WANTED.?A gentlemau occupying a ??'. an. (open to the street) In the npper part of will itiHl, i?u Broadway, la deai'ona to tiodertake the agency of aome maimfactoring, mercantile, p*t?nt,or any otner ree pec table bug near Apply to bo* No 191 Urper Poat OBIce. mi Im'toot T OST?Book of the Dink of Having*, No. 64,417. The flnder ia rciineateil to leave it at the Bank, No. 4S Chamber* atjl 3t*r __ i TJ^ARdINU?A few Mingle Oeutieinea, or Gentlemen and u their Wive*, can be accommodated with pleaaant room* an*hoard, by applying at .11 Verey atreet mJO lm*r DOAKDINI4? A family or two can ba handvomely accomL> modeled with board at Newark, N.J. The aitaation ia one of the moat delightful in the place, and batafew atepa from iheetopping place or the rail car> hor further information apply at No. 177 Maiden Lane. mZ7 Im*r rPO MANTUA MAKERS OK MILLINERS ?To Rent, i. a Hoom, diandsomely furniahed, lor the above bnaineav Any person requiring the raine will pleaie enquire at 309}$ Broadway. Afao, a Room lor Portrait Painter or Dentirt. m30 6t*r (JAND80ME APARTMENTS in Honatoa atreet, claae 11 to Broadway.?To let, to gentlemen, with breakfast and tea Keferencea required. Addreaa, bo* 203 Park Poat office. inl2 Im eod'ec fpIcBURY FOR bALfc.-A iiip-nor Loudon inade Tilbu- I 1 ry, haa ran but two ytara, and ? new painted thin apriug, for aale cheap. Apply to MESSENGER'S Stable, i*10 2w?ec fig Lumber Ureet, a'g I fair _P?li*>men*., gr? ?..?,l...l _. l iVi go?d peiformer* in uSmbtr a* may be requested, with punctual atteidince. 8. 8IMPBON, j3 lt*r 57 Centre street rnRTTi TN D KR81UNICD, YV. A. BMKT.8, being about to J- leave lor Europe. on or about the Ith mil. for th? pu.pose of transacting bu'iues* for tin--fall aid spjing . uu ciiminiaiii>u|oi otherwise, ami intending to rive his lartirntar altcliliou to|tlie purchase of Pari* fancy. good*. tmvioiderirs, Enoch and Belgium,(a* he will visit both France audHo1land.).-aidully rr.|iie*u the patronage of tlioie persons who inay t ith to outer such article*, assuring them that such orders will be pr< >m;itly ntteiil-d to, and rno*t iwriicularly In HMod ; 11 tlleriug linnso I tint from hi* known opportunities of beii K MfMlll to lain I IUCII trnHti pennus who may entrust hi 111 with commissions will feel us hcsita'iou on the suljicl. W. A. Sr. itturus tl auk* to hi* friend* slid the public lor the fry liberal patronage bestowed upon hi in for a number of yeais, aud respectfully ri i|uests a continual ce of it for his sui cessor I. Schel tenia. who will receive a'I bills due to him, and who u i1! settle aay claims that may be outilaudina against l.iin at 258 Broadway. W.A BMETS. j> 3-lw?rrc T'HK NEW YOJtK~l KUAL OBSfcKV Kit, ol ins Uay, routsius article*?Piae ice of h ju-ctione?U. Hutre Districtt omr New York?In Admiralty? Bed's I Hi'l and others, ve. The Brig Triumph?Seaman* Wages?U. H Di'tiict Court Maine?I* A-'miraliy?Petlingill?Aieanlt aid Balteiy 011 the Hish Hess?Vice Chancellor Sand ford'* Court ?Lawrt net* Admuuihatt v. Bunckerhoff and Hchrimsrho n, Executors for pavm-ult, lie ? Superior Court? Kuu* v. Thtrian aud Uonart!?Liability ol Cousiguee for Freight?English Cat' hefuie Loid Lyudhurst?Mine. I'atieous. I'tihlished srmi inoti hly, at One .Shilling a copy, or $3 per annum, iuadvaucr, att'.i Ann street, Nrw York. 8AN1UEL OWEN, Editor mid Proprietor. Je 3 lt*m Love, courtship and makiuagf.-Ju.u.ubiuhed Mysterie* and Revelations tu Love .Courtship snd Mariiaae?an infallible guide book for tnarrlrdtud single, tu matters of the utmost impmtance to the liumau race. By Eugrue Becklard, M D. Translated I'rem the 34 Pane edition, by Philip M. How.'iil. Ainoagst the matter* duly considered iu thiiNvcrk, are "Mar cent 01 serious importance to single autJ yourg maineu persons." ' The fames of,nud ceitain erne Tor barrenness." ' 1 lie arta ol beamy-mil c< urlahip " "The dinner of soli'sry practices, anil how the habit way be removed, and ita effects cured."? ' The causes of lore and jrslonsy, wiJi infallible rentediea for eradicating from the miud the art da of a hoprfeaa "t an niiha|;py peaaton." "Offspring, w>tli newlr diacortred modes, bleed on scientific priuciplea, for the preventi n, or propit.atiou there of." "lutermariiege." "Dress, with me forma and cn'ois most becoming to the van ui shnpea and complexions." The moat auspicioimfseasou for.wedlock" "Aud most other mutters of inttreat in single aud m.irned fife, as relates the principal aubjecte lb ive noticed." F or aile wholesale anil retail at 108 Nassau i treet, N- Yo-k A poat paid order eecloan g one dollar directed to HOLLAND It ULOVER, New York City, will procure a ropy of work bring aent to any part of i-he United Slates, or the Canada!, or three copiea will bcaeut for two dotlara. je J dlmtkwy DR. CARPENTER IS AT HOME DAILY AT NUMBER FOUR riCCK BLIP? Knm7A. M. until 10 o'clock, P, M , moat assiduously devoted to tha welftre of hia numeroua p.xtmii. Dr. Carpenter's old established Peck Blip Dispensary, No. 4 i'eck alip, near Pea-I street, private and confidential. Separate officea and eotrancea Patiebta are never exposed to each other's observation. Dr. C. ia a licentime ef ihc New York State Medical Society, end has had more than 30 yeara experience. Perfect cures in nil cases tear anter dJ Charges taaaonable. j 3-2t ia'r EXPERIENCE MAKES WISE?Empty pufliug may succeed, but for a ahrort atason, for it fails iu the pr rfor uauce of ila promise, aud <he deception ia di'coierrd, aud meets the just exrciatioua of the public; bnt truth will nbide the eeyeieat oideal, and shins blighter Such is the cise with Dr. Htmtei's Red Drops. It has performed all it ever promised to the afllicted, aud ita jHiiularily deity increases, because it is tased upon the solid fonLdatiou of imtr.u'.a le truth, which the ntraordinary cures made ha* abundantly proved. This mediriuc is for sale culy at No. 3 Division at. Price $1. jc3 It* LEARY <fc CO. GENOA HATS ?A for fabiic oftuperfine teitnre and delicate hue, expressly adapted to geulltmen's summer wear, by lessen ol exceeding lightness, beauty, elast'eity tuddurabi ltty, now ready aedirrsule bv LEARY It CO., No. 4 It > Astor H. use. A'so, a choice selection of the elrgaut Rocky M< untain Beaver Hats, foriu-omer ute. j3 #tina*r RECEPTION OF THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. 'PHE JOINT Committee of the Common Council are now i. engaged in the airiugemeiits for the reception of (he Pre sident. AH Societies, Public Iuatitntions and other bodies, who dcsign to lake part in the ceri ini.ies on this occiaion, are request ad to notify the Joint Committee. in writing, al room No. 8, City Hall, on Monday next, the Jth inataut, by 12 o'clock, or as soon thereafter as prcctic.ible. City Hall, June 2d, 1818. ELIJAH F. PUIIDY, ABRAHAM HATMELD, WILLIAM V. BRADY. CHARLES P BROWN, B\ V ID T. WILLIAMS, j3 3tr JAMES D OLIVER. MEDICAL. DR J. EVANS has removed Ins Old Otlen'a Head Diipenaarv to 10J Cfiatham, near Pearl street, where M cnntinnrn his safe, speedy aud effectual treatment and core cfall delicttf d.aeasea, and where the rral old Dr. Evans will be found by hia inquiting friends II me, acieuce and hirty years' experience entitle a nraeiilioaer to nielf fence, III, li Dr. K would ilirrct the attuminii f a diaceruina unhiie in an investigation of his claims. He wishes the ntiblic to know that lie h?i notliiiiig to do with any office m I\ck slip. Hit cli. rg.- % aie moderate. His consultations cot>fideiitial. Dr. E pu'a up |>ar. els of medicine for tin cuie of one aprci'i of disease for$i, and Iart-cnlerly item's to'gleet and stiicturea jllt*m VIEDICAL AID -DM. OLuVEH, apprises those whodeMie to consult a physician of regular inedicsl acq it cements and prariical rxperieuce, that he will be found at hit o(lins at my hour in the day or evening The Doctor has heeo i.gaged in an office practice for the last 14 years in this city; an I ? the anther of several tieatiiM up n those dise Be that have ensued his attention durtnit that tltne. The recent <Jiscoveries inchcmistiy has , nt into his handsome n<w rent" (lies, which are very quell in pctfonnn g cures. His inrdi?inrs are put op in parcels at II, with all necessary direct ot , d a mall book giving, treatment, and cure 11 Blues in No 2 'i ;m slreel?iiiv.ile etitrance 4th door from lb" \'u*euin? liu at inner door. j3 it*m BAKKY'^ Wkid AND Sf-ALPn. ~ Ac. BARRY, ARTI9 I' in HAIR, FROM london. ?The real Heads of Hair still stand pre-eminent above all others. Their peculiar light, gossamer and ventilating character?their being shared i CMUy as the natnVnl hairgrows -their elasticity and their so peri or material and workmanship, as well at their style of finish and arrangement, all combine to form sjeh pericet beads of hair, that they most be sesu to be full) ippre lated. A new svstem of the art of Wig Making taught in live letsons. ^ee a specimen uf Barry's Wigs arid Hcales, which will satisfy the most fastidions that ho is the l>eit and chrs|>est maker iu the city?146 Broadway, corner of Liberty sircar, up stairs^ jl2wis*m km'i.kmbn AND ladies' left off wardpobe? Gentlemen or families destrons of converting their li ft off wearing apparel into cash, can obtain for 'became the higlm e tab price. To families and gentlemen quitting the cite or changing rr-'dence, having any inpeitlnous effects to dispose of, will find it much 'o their advantage to send for the subscriber, who will atteud them at their reti Jeucc by aproiiitment. h. levktt, No. 6 John st. and 144 Vaiirk street, New York Aline th'ough the Post Oflce, or otherwise, will receive prompt eitcmion. jei 3ir a to le'p?linmediatel), lite second floor, togch-r with the basement anil other apsrtinenta at the brick house No. 89 Chathainstreet, winch has just been paint, d and put iu thorough repair ; relit reasonable. Inqnire on the premises. j3 It is*r a TO LET?The modern luilt three story orick duelling, No. 16 Oreen st-eet, linithed with silver furniture, ro uble mantles and grates throughout. A due large yard, with never tailing cistern. Will be let low. For farther parPculars apply to AITKEN, BROTHERS, je2-lm*ec ^ o. 122 Fulton strreC thk CHEAPEST litehai'i'hf, yet is to he i.toou t 1 WATTS & LONOWORTH's Shakspcare Gallery, 44-j Broadway, or Hi Nassau et. viz:?works not to be obtained at auy other stores?A burlesque translation of Homer, by Lord Go-rge floisell, 2 vols. 24 plates,curious, is the set: Orlando kurioso. by.Hoole, 6 vols, bound, pistes, lie the set; Evenings at Home, by Mrs. Barbauld 2 vols, 90 nla'.es. 2s lid the set; Sal- I loagiiLdi, 2 vols, plates, 2s 6d the set; Hunt's late War, writleu in the style of the Bible, Is; Teltinachu-, 2 vs. ?vo? plates,, line copy, b -and. 12s the set: Dnulap's Lift of George F. I Uoo*e, 'j roii, piaics, it ?i tne set; DUfr'i t nil, it; rr>neau's Poems, 2 vnli, I* fid the set; De Witt Clin'op'a Dh.* courses, Is; Darwin's Botanic Garden, 1?; Enchanted Plants, fid; Fngltth Fleet in 1394, 4d; Langh' rne's Fable*of Flora,10i'; Foote's Works,Sys., 3* the set; Oil Bin IU Krsnch, by Wiiumhrocl.t, Is 6d; Johnson's Travels in Russia, 8 to.. 4*0 pp.Is6d; l'ort*I of Lose, li; 101 Scripture Priuu from the bes' mister*, Lonil 2i; Rsmvav's lint, of S. C iroliiis, 2v 8vo., ino h> 4?fid tinsel; Minvtrel, Shipwreck and Hermit. lOd; Rrcuil Choisi, Is; Vocsl I'oetry; 220 Amatory Songs, It 3d; Hsyley's Triumph of Timper, 6dj Hey'i Christian Doctrine, 8<J; Gregory's Legacy to hii D iu?ht*r,3d; Joseph Andrews.2 vole. Is the set; Moore's Anscreon, 2 vol l< fid th set; Musical Dictionary 8d; Lientmil's Synopsis of Meditiae. 8 * >. 400 pp 2e fid?besides nume-nni oiheri, c<|uilly cheap, which nothing but an inipectio i can convince. N. B.?1000 line Old F.ngdvh on sale, at one quarter the nsuil price, all IS Nassau st. je 2 2t*?c WATTS St LONOWOIITH. JOHN HENLEY, BANK AGENCY ANI) EXCHANGE OFFICE, FOR THK COLLECTION OK BILLS, NOTES, DRAFTS, Sc. lie. MONTU8FMERY, ALA. REFERENCE >Messrs. Maawrll It Ce. ,T Pcrsse fc Brook*, " Jacob Little It Co. New York. " Perkins It Hopkins, " Abraham Bell k Co. St. John Powers k Co. Mobile. Al. Whitaker k Sampson. Mob"** Ata. John Whiting, Esq., Cashier ol ' Branch Bank, Jack Thirriogton, Esq., Montgomery. Ala. P. D. Buyer, Esq. Phillips at Mumford, ml Imis' ec * kJDTfiJE?To those who seek health and coiufort cow err is with luiury?Price reduced?Old Established Medicals I Vapor Bsths. 21 Cnrtlandt street. Mrs. CARROLL, in arcordanee with the eiiteneies of thtimes, haa rtdoccd the price of her baths,and solievta a eontieo nice like pvtrnnape of the Facility in particular ami ihe pub tic in general. Colds, sore threats, swelling of the glands, rheumatism, stiffness of ihe joints, agne and fevsr, kc kc. ar invinrdiaiely relisred. Portable baths sent to any iart of if* cur of Brooklyn. Open I'om sis in vhe morning till un.o'clock at night. flnlphur Baths reqnire ,,ae hoar's noriee. inJT_2wia r COLLECTION!) on all parts of the United Slates, made o.i the most las or Ale tsi mi bv ' _ R. J. SYLVESTER,' J3*tr 22 Wall street and MB Becmlwsr BANK OF F.NOLAND NOTE*. D.mhl.V." Iia N-ole." F.nglnh Bilvfr, and all hindtoi fdlfifnfoM iiw -i'"r bought and sold at g. J. BjrLVKBTEB'B. jJOlf a Wall stieet vud 180 BtoAuway. i .<'iV oAL^bx THOMAS Uh.'.l., Auetieoeer. BY BELL It flOWAKD. t kterto Hot. n jtnn tot II) /'*.U/r? ?Jrrr* ' *A TUHDAY. ? At I0)< o'clock, ip the *alea roout npleudiu ?*|e of elegant tecot d hat d and net household au4 cabinet fuiu'ture, of all dracripiiona, of Uuiiliea removing. Also, ;u continuation, a larce lot of hotel furniture, and an upholsteiei atocW. Alan, eurtaini, window ahada,' chit a, rut uha?, plated warn, arUelea *' *" aumtroua other valnaVe houaekeepiug MONDAY, At 10* o'clock, in the taint room Larva talc of valuable watchea, jewaliy, told and tilvar ware, d am"odt, Ac Alto, levaral tplendid tecond hand watthet, 20 braat work clockt, glaaa and show catea Ac TUESDAY. At Kid o'clock, in the talea room Larva Hale of Elegant gcatooable Dry <} unit. ol all deaeriptioni, ciothi, caaaimnrnt, vetting", hotierv. glovea, Ac. Alto, in continuation, a beautiful (election (mui , wholetaln and retail dry gooda ?\oj|n^hj^^lcm^f uiu n'o. At I0H o'clock, id thn tain rooma, Laige, enteuuve and elegant, at Well at valuable tele ofiuparior tecond baud and e ejjjJg1jja*^0^* ' daaenptiona. At 10)4 o'clock, at th" tale room* Toaitiva tale of apleadid and valuable new and tecond hand piano fortet, viz: 12 firat rate roaewoob and meliogatiy piauo fortet, b%thc tnakrra inthe world new aad nearly new, all in fine order, touch and tone, tevcral with a warrantee. Mote of the above ire totil under the direction ol a receive*, and by order of thv aheiiff Alio, '*> valuable painting! and other valuablt. Cttalngneaon Weilneaday. I I TION NUTlCK-UKO. S. MANN ft (77) 333 Bro dwayr,coiner Anthanr it, will tell ti n morning, tt 10 nVlflftll hf pn-j'tuilia it wj.iai.t ftf ?u-l -?-?* I * .. ~.i F tine, cantiatiHg of mahogany French bedsteads: 4, \ and lull p reueh chairs,mfa h-Mruils, caid utiles, maiioaaiiv rockers, o'luin ius,dt> iui, plain "iiJ inirnle ion d'essiug hnreitia, insttrasies, pahisstara, double and an gle Fencn (cherry) hrd te'ds. Also, a tot ol line ivory table cutlery, rtstors, hock and champagne wine, glasses, decanter*, spied lid astral rvS solar Isuips, cot dulies, wri'mg deilu, ladies wet a bases, caudlcitsicks, cauJlebras, jirauil,ilea, liquor ti<?i, Stc.fcr. Hale peremptory jt 3-ll*r BENJAMIN MOUNFY, Aucioneer. Ml AUCTION NOTICE.?Hardwatr, Caileiy, and Fancy Omuls.? B. Moony & Co. will sell t it d.ty n 10o'clock, at 91 Maiden Lane, a gener I aaaortinrnt of 11 a ilwarr ?nd fancy Goods, tia: 1, 2, 3, and 1 blade Pen and Pccke* Knives, Har.ara, Scissors, J> awing Knives, Mahogany Knoba, Bell iwa. Cry i J"oda, !c> (kc A'ao, au invoice ol Unlo uiiau Olaarwarr; alio, 200 cards superior Knives. Catalogues are now r? ?dy jj lt*r M HENHY , Auetiouerr AUCTION NOTICE?Hypothecated Wa ches-Htrrud Jt a*. Ptny will aid I Una dav at 11 o'clock precis-lv, nt No. 1.16 Brordvav, without reverye, for caali, the following vilnab t> gold oatenf lever welches, 2of wh oh art heavy double eaaed 17 li lea jewellnl; 2 heavy double bottomed, with the aaine number nl jewela ;2 with hand di'la. They art. witi out any xeei'ti'itt, aa good as c>n be foui d in tliia country?can be ex ammrd any time previous to tha sale. Also! of the detaahed levers, gold >1 'nil and gold caps, 13 holes j- welled. Hale positive. jq3 lt*in W. A. CAR I KK, Aucti neer 1 IQUOKH. HEOARn, WINES AND TEAS.?CARJ-J ? KR & CO. will sell on 8ATUKDA V, Jn 3,. at I0>6 o'clock, at the Sales Room, No. 316 Broadway, Oothic Hall. 1(9 demijohns ol old Cognise, pure Swan Qiu. Jamaica and St. Croix Rum, pale, gold and brown Sherry, Madeira, Tort, Itc. It:. Also, 50 botl'ei Champagne, of virions brands, 100 doxen Madeira, Sherry an I Port; superior Priaeipc Sugars, 20 catty boxes and canisters; Young Hysoa aud Boat lung Teas, (kc. je 2r UCTlON NOTICE.?CHINA, OLA8S k EARTHENWARK. TABLE CU I LK.H Y, kc.?On next, Jane6th, wi'l he sold by au tlon.lthe large and faahionabbi stock contained in the store B Aa'or house, comprising a full nsaortmeut of every description of Diuaer, Tea, and Toilet Seta, Cut and Moulded Ulaas of nil kinds. Alan, a quantity of p ime table catlery, together with a aplrn did aaaortureut of fine cutlery, couaiatipg of razors,si inori, penknives,dressing casea, Ike. A quantity ol Ivory Coinba, Clothes and Hair B u-hea. Sale to commence at II o'clock. Goods on view ou Hatuiday and Monday. I'uvate sales very low. N B. The store te let. 11- SIMPSON. may l?-lm*r R15AGON (lori)J!';?TUOTTIN<I. MONDAY, June 1th, U 3 o'clock, P. M. Purae 1100. $23 to go to the aecoml be at horso O Spier enters gr g Warhington Irving. H Wo tlrulf tutersgr m Ann-Douglas. A Concklin ni ters bl g Cottage Boy. K llrforreat. enteis ch g Plum Bob. r ...... i.... Two Miles and Rriieat, m tinmen.?Immediately after, a mvch Tor $21II, between the picing horses Ktuderhook Touy anil Indian Ned, one mile and repeat, under th* raddle. Alio, a Mvch for $100, between two crack horses, well known on the Third Avenue?One Mile and repeat, in harneu. jldft jiMA /aO( KARK hKill.CKU?New Ir.derrndent Op^U?,M?hJ* posh ion L ine for AI bane, direct '1 he coinmndiona steamboat NKWJKK SKY, Opt H. H Fury. will have the foot of Barclay at, north ai-'e, nu Monday ofte imon J use 1th, at 7 o'clock The New Jer<ey m fnroiahed with elegant af'te rooma, and foraccr mmodatiom ia Dot sue, used by any steamboat on the Hod-on River. F.eiglit re ken at tow boat prices. Fur fieiftht or passage apply on hmrd j< k ( HEAP AND ITKAHANT KXI UR.SION TO STAT K.N ISLAND. .MQ J|l The lent imlirit atramboat WAVE, Capt. ^_jteft?^av*!.derhilr.wilt eonimenre her regular eacur!KHDLM'ina on but,.lay Ith instant, for the araaou, bv leariinr tii r No. 1 Kaat Riser, eveiy hour?Fare 6X centa. N. B.?Captain Vauderhill hopes by rei'uciuK the Csie in confatality to fa.e on nil he other routes, and to suit the times, to ahare a liberal a iptiort from the putdir, aa he haa to eouteid against achaa'ered oonopoly. j>3 lt*dB .uORM.vU LI VI. IUH ALBANY, cL^?J?Tiov. and intermediate Ladings. from tie jL?JKJkLrooof B relay at?Leaver Albany every Mon'ay, We neadav and Friday at 7 o'clock, A M liudug at Cald wa la.Weat Point, Newburgh. Hampton Poeghk'epaie, Hyde I'erk, Hlitosbeck, Upper lead H ink, Briatol, I .atskill, Hudson, Uoarackie, At Kinderhook? k.ire II cant*.?The new low pr< s?tirr ateainhoat TKOY, f 'apt A f hitham, this, S.ilurdiv inorii'tig, June :t 1, at 7 o'clock. Fo' passage, appiy at the office, foot of Bare ay street, or on boa>d. The low pressure rteamboat EMPIRE, Ca|t 8. K. Hood, leave< on Moodsvbiinruuig, at 7 o'clock. Notice? Ail g.Mida, fr'iyht. baggage, bil'a, 'perie.or nv other kied of ("ro.iertv, taken, shipacdnr pnt on lioard the boata of thialine. mn?t lie at the riak of the ownera of ?ucb goods, freight, baggage, he. j3 Itr EVKNINO LIN E AT 7 O'CLOCK. .MM jgt FOR ALBANY AND TROY? Without ^Lr-vJM'ww^PLriiiticg? II riipieacad, passengers will he JK^._JKL>aK.I>i>di'<l at the Weairru Depot, Aibatiy. always in tic e for the Morning Train. The spleintnl auamer DIAMOND, Capt A. Flower, vei l leave the new Steamboat Pier a'the loo' I B . c ay atreet on Thia (Vatumay) Afieinoou, JitU' 3, at V o'el ok. For Paraaite f r k'r eight, appl7 lo 1 hoi. J. Hall, at thef'ffico on the Steamboat Pi-r, oi to the t'apiaiu on b?.,ud. j3 Itr --S FOR AI.IIAN V, T KO Y, aod Intrru vliate I'.. J" *" ?'ft... h>w pressure treainhoal 3EL?JKadfc- " W ALL' itv , i aptain McLean, will leave the lent of LouilUndt atreit Sunday after no u. Jnna Sih at J o'clnek. The above la a inhalant >1 boat, fitted no with e.ennt Stat* Rooms, and for accommodation la unrivalled on the Hnds- n. lit MS F'JK ,KEW UNl<>A'v>v-bVVI!IIA^/l A.HU tJwWNKW V OKK LINK-P ailitely V.r.r Hrgnlar JHHKsP'ck't?The fast sail'tig picker ship OCMULGFK. Captain Pert. Iia< ing iwo third* of her cargo engaged will hare irnmrdia'e despatch. For freight or passage. l emur handsome furnished acinmmodatiojj, apply on i oeii. at '.Menus veliart, fbot ol Wall st. orto V. K roi.MNi Ik CO. M Mouth si. Shippers uiayrely upon lit run their goods correctly ineaxnr .'.and that (he snips ol' this .in? will ?.nl louclaally as adrertiaed. Any htiartuioe to that effect will liu given nod fulfilled that may he reqm red. Agent* in N. Orleans, Hnllin b Woodruff, wlro will promptly lorward nil goods to their address. Th< nacket shin Oconee, Captain', will succeed the Oemnlif e. je3 r roil LI V MU'OOL?NKW LI.Nfc- .Regale Packet ol Hitl- June.?The Splendid Packet Ship fSBmSfeOAKHII.'K, Captain Win Saimly, of 1011O 'on* will positively sill as above, hef regular day. Kor freight or passage, haeing atcoinmodsliori* fi-qnaiied for splaunor or aomforl, apply on board, at Oris an* wharf, foot of Wall street, or to K. k. COLLINS Ik CO. U Ponth st-tat. Price ol passage, ii?0 The Packet Ship Hncins, Capt. John C illitu, of UN Ions, will snrceed the Gariick, and sail the kith of July, hat tegular day. Letter* for the ships of this line will only be received a: Gilpin's sod Hale's New* Room. Passengers may rely on the ships of this Una taking pnoetaal leasadeartised. n-26r " A*3^ KOH LI VfcKPOOL?Hrgnlar Packet i?th June iHfL-Tlir elegant, fast sailing New Voik packet ship iflHbHDCHKsTKK, John Britten, master, will sail on her reaular day, Kith Jnnr. For freight or p?ss*?e. haeing rcry splendid accommodations apply to the I aptain on hoard, west side It nling Slip, or to WOOUHCLL It MINTUKNff, tn Sooth street. The fine new packet ship Hottingner, Rnrsley, master, will succeed the (tocheiter, and sail ou her regular day, 16th July. Jl l PASSAOIt FOR LIVKRI'OOL?Pachrt ol (hp ( S^^Tth of Jnn#?A splendid, fast sailing packet shin will i'oi'uMioI ind sail positively as shore llaring splendid accommodations for cabin, second cabin and st'erag* Cisae tigers; for passage carle application ah> old be made ou lard or t* W. fe J. T. TAPNCOT r, j2r 41 Peek Blip, cor Bmthst. " " I'A' KK'i K" K HAVRK?Becond I^B^Vship ONKIDA, J 'ine< Funk, mailer, wll sail on the SQLlatof July. BOVDkHINUKN. jlr No. 9 fon'mc Bnildiug, Wall at NEW YORK ?9^ St BOSTON SOUNWhiOT. OWEN PRESCOTT. Pilot, or takea charge si matter and ' ' piUt of ftuili Ikium (o Niw Beiilord, N inturlirt 8h. alt, Botuin.Portsmoalh,P?rtlaud,Kennebeek,andOTHER PORTS easl of New York. Offica at Krye It Shawb,2ja Water vtreet, corner BeekmnD. Reference to s nntobertol Metal - and lha several Insurance Cempmictfin this city. But mi, and Portland. -ml niit PORTUGUESE FEMALE PtLIrS. rPHEBE-far-famed and eelebeated rills, from PortuemJ, - A we peiceive. to be obtsi ledin it ii eoontrrj Heeladvenro. mm+t r\m- *1 + I?wd iMJimt eji4- hp, FIRE WORKS. ISAAC EDGE, JR., PYROTECHNIST, moit eiteraive, varied, jwd brilliant *ir* 1 Works ever mannlaeturrd ?*> <" any,other ennffr, am now ready for daliTery on the loweit te"MMO lou toum? ermtmittaes and psrtii-i for the celebration of Fourth of Jnly, at lha United Statu Laboratory, J;r*'j J Orderi left with I W Holberp-n, TJ Maiden Lane, or at M1U.1. n ,r(|an will TtCti^t immediate fltfPlltlOII. (Im.di dihT^d to an"part ol the city free of eipeme. Wwv34t?Jtih)'.?ee Tsntt-wnKK* BY THE MANUFACTURERS. D .T MOHAN * CO Pyn?tathaiats,7i Chatham street, offers m the public ? aplendid asi-rtment ol Firrwetka, superior in ona'itv ">d neaiaeM to any in tins or say other cone try Tha above hire been man n far tared by them expressly for this mar krti also ran sell tnnih cheaper lhan any vender in town, and ana'rantee all xooda from their store. No peddlinn from this place?No. 7g Chat'-am ?tr, >L Uoodi delivered to any part of ihe ei'V free of eapenie. N. B.? Exhibition rirtworkaef or<|nalitr. withcrimi ton. red. pari le, green, yellow and nine Area. Also, colored rVe.b'tne pound. jl lm*re (III l.S Oh KX HAMI- , , Table at aialit on afT H, Iraltnd aid Hcottan.l, ill mi ma of C), ?10, ?15, jtm, nVoy amoani, for ml* at ?. J. 8YSVKSTk K,.h jlbtt t> Wall alraetand IM Broadway

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