Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 3, 1843, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 3, 1843 Page 4
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AMUSKMJiNiS. ? Ulatoe." ~? TWELFTH NIOHT OF THE FRENCH COM PANY. In which MADAME LKCOURT, ^madame'rk'her. MON8. BERNARD. MO.N8 MA1HIEU. MONS. DESSONVILLK. in MON8. OTKKNON, Will ap.iear. Second Night of LK OAMIN Dtt PARIS, , . K?<-?i> rd on 1 uetdav Lreuiug with conuuued about! o( .laagh Itr aud applauae wil be leprated thia arm ug for die laat dine. M mfi Hobillou, Mithn* *>d Eugenia. Meaara Richei, Mattieu and Buacher. SATURDAY, Juna 3d. 1MI. J'be entertai omenta will tum-'n ce with the OTertUJO to La Mnr-.te de Portico. After wlueh, U time, Cydrnre, the higtily popular Vaadoullo in? act?, oi LE OAMiN Da PARIS Br Maair* Bavard and Vaitdeibeoh. I * O her.l Mctin, M Bernard J >m,h HMl M Bk t, M?i wo Bmh t Mil i *. Ch Bay >i'm Di M mo, V 'm? Robiltca M'nc Mcu at. Mat.- Maihien LUn M icl.c Eugenia O igtual Otartan lathe B<m.> ogi, Nieolo To eo einde wi h, Ml tinea in New To k. by the preaent? A I't-'Ti the highly Mug <?ble it 'n set, by Hoffman, Mi'aie i>v Ni nJo, en"tli d Lea KKNtl&Z VOUH rouKQe.CtA DIITI laUTl It J alia, Madame Leeonrt time, M'lle Laai r Loniac, Madame Richer C aaar Meairt BeiamrJ Cbirtea, Richer M Dagraiier, Mu. iru Remand, Deaaout ille Jaamin, uLvfuou MONDAY? fourth Nijlit of MADEMOI8ELMC CALVE. Mi lie will appear la a ,>? Opera. lu R. hearaal?The Opera of La. DOWiNO NOIR, Mu.ic by Anber. Tlie entrance ta the Operatic Saloon will ba on Broadway, nun the ojieuiuc of the (jarden. which will take place about the 6 ih 01 June Pr f .in ace 11 oommenca at half-part 7. . -* Tichcta Kifly Cauta f >itk I'lltnja i tit,. _ Benefit of Mita Walten. THIS EVENINO. will be performed GRANDFATHER WHITEHEAD? Grand ather Whitehead, Mr Placioe. Atter wbnh Srtrril Suuc? aad Daneea. To conclode with HIGH, tow, JACK AND THE GAM a.?Kmc of Clubs M Placide. noxea, m cu; Pit, 25 eta; Gallery, I'M eta. Doors open at 7 p?rfo mane,? eommenee at hall pa?t7. CHATHAM THEAl'iie.. THIS EVENING, wil be performed, PRIDE OF THE Oi EC-? ach Spry, WG font a. Alter w ich ?'.00 ^OTR ?Bihy Black, Hi'i: Ha riet Arlington. Mre'ihorne To be followed by METH 81 OrE?SeUi H ipe, Hil'. To conclude w th SMU jO. KR'# DOG Pucea ol Adnneaioo?lireaa Circle 50 Centa; Second an T ord 1'irra 25; Pit 21; Oallerr I2H cruta. Doora open A be oi- 7?rnnain riae- at 1% o'. lock orecirely. AMKHIC iN THk.ATH.lC, WALNUi ST., PHILADELPHIA. TTWnPn TUP iMn?nm>/%a. - . ? X HL. v I 1 IUt> Uf MISS tUSHMAW Beiitfit of Mr Forrest. 1 HIS (iVENr.O. June 3 it I be performed, GLADIATOR To coeuluda; l HhKLsE. m?r K. A. MARSHALL. Le??ef<MS %. ? &N .!? H?vt. *? TENFOLD ATTRACTIONS?OVERFLOWING SUC CESS. Positively aud assure ly the Last Week of GENERAL TOM THUMB, Jr. The Manager hat engaged the wondeiful 0* if for positively on v one week looser, as he leaves lorAmmo and cities, oa Monday, the Vh Jane. The wonderful Dwar', who is II yearn old.23 in'hes high, well i.irmso, tin ly. and int-lligtnt. sad Q&- WEIGHS ONLY Id POUNDS!! WW Also enlaced, THE STEYEKMARK FAMILY. Their performaures wiM be tateraps'srd with sons* and ballads bv Mr. SHERMAN and Miss ADELAIDE PHILLIPS. Also rn**jvd for one week more, I HE GKEAT MODEL OF PARIS. Admission to the whole, 2b cents. Childrsn auder ten, hall pries. mil Sec PRALK'S NKW YORll 31C*- US ATTRACTIONS TRULY TREMENDOUS! ALL FOR ONE SHILLING Broadway, apposite the City Hall. Mr H. BENNETT, Manager. Has the pleu?TeKo announce thil he has engaged the follow| ing eminen' artists:? I The wonder of the World, ihetGlANT GIRL, tix years old, 4 feet "> inches high, and weighs 2?u lbs She it decidesly the greatest curiosity evsr exhibited iu America, and it it tm|M?siol< 11 form a correct conception ol her immense sixe SIGNOR BLITZ, the mighty magician, wondeafol Ventriiloqmst and pla ? dancer. Mr 4 BROl'WER, the celebrated comic auger. Mima N ADAJK, the rnnrh ailsr.ied Songstress. Miaa BLANCH I KD, the Grecian Jngglcreas, and splendid performer on the musical LA PETITE C KETO, .h- Douse use Euormoos Seipent. Large Sea Dog. Melodeon. Siamese Twins, Ac. Afternoon entertainments on Saturday at 3 o'clock. Performances in the Lectnre Room to commence at quarter past 8 ' "a anew castle oahdbh I* NO* OPEN FOR THE SEASON. THE Proprietor! of ihu well known retort beg leave to is fo.m the pu lie that in addition to it* fo-mer attracuont, they hare erected a spteudid fountain. tajoJied bv the Croton, with differ- nt rariatioo! e?ery week throughout the aeaaon?t Jgeth*~er ? a large saloon for promenade ana relreihmeut* A la , an t?t- ntgre Frame -d ou side the wa1 a of the Cat lie commending a *i-w of the whole Bay, the Narrowa, Ac. Prn i of admiaaioti lilX e-nti, for which refreahmenii wi 11 h I arm -bed ad Inr C1kccs-va 2iiall (jardfis; Under tlie Manage" ent of messrs. BANCKER, q. swc ET, It d. GARDNERGARDEN FREE. ADMISSION T-? THE CIRCUS 23 CENTS. THIS EVENING. June 3:1, the perforaaancel will commence with A Ora d Entree. Mr i ...D-iiu ni I introduce the Pony Fanny Elaaler. flora mil a in by Muter Alexander. U mu sue, I y t'.e whole company. Hura-m ,u.h p, b M'? Gardner. Hire He by ArTorif.. Q>a'.rr.' V..u to /auihall, on a Single Hone, by Mr.fc Wvj4?, late-rat aton ol t trty nn Tight Hope, b Mi O et. Two Hone Act. by H C o'l Duett by tfr nd Mo Gi. dt-er. Still Venlti-g by the Company, led by McFurl_nd. Gtetk W .rrtor, by Mr G Sweet, t'omie n.,ig by MrO r.tner P iacipal Act rf Horseman-hip, by v*r Carroll. Tncotic'ode wit ., The Adremu es-jf a Market D?y. I /' -loots cp n at 7M o'clock?Pertoriuauce commence! at o'clock. N .I ladies nnattei Jed by gentlemen will be admitted A limteu uumTei of Re-aon Tickets will be aold at %i each. The lift a d Broadway Omuibuaa.a rat, to and Irom the Vauahell <'-reus noul II o'clock in the oreiiin*. jl 6na*r FARK JHEATRE. miss Walters* benefit. : VflRS ANNA WALTER r' respectfully hnnoencea th>t i'l her Aral Benefit at thea re, will take placeou Satnr lay eveur.g, Jane 3rd. 1(13. Tickets mir be obtained upon application to Miat VValten, at her residence, No. (7 < >as str-et ni3l 41 is*r \1 K AL'STIN PHILLIPS respectfully announces to his j " In, oua and the public, thai his Conceit will take place at eert Hall, 06 Broadway.(which h-s been eiegtutly decoialed) .ii Monday E?e'g,Jnnr ith.whet, he will be assisted by the | ol, >- artiires, the lending n nsical tali nt of LI e car. who ! > r kindly rudcrrd their MjTic mis- mart tavlom, '1 lie FaTonu nf h- Olvrai'ic. mrs. hahdwi ic, mit?s .marv a. h sri) wick, Three yeeri old. MK. HOsitK. MR J. MASSKTT, It' , AN A.MATRl'R TftlKND. Violin, - uu vIaHKm I "DO i-'.rle, Solo'. - Meeara. T1MM k Al Ph.KB. \h? h??e poli'ely n (Tried their Tain .h'e m, mar, e. Couduetir, { Mr. OKOi.OE LDOhR. Wi e hat. with bu .eecnetomed kindue.i, volanteered hit aid. PROOK a MME. Pa?t i. 4 uceited?"Rrat ?Tirit, real," Mat Tailor, Ma Herawiek. Mr I'hillii* A Mv??et . Hooka Scotch Snug? Mra Ha riwick Lluet?"I ?e wudri'd lu dr ami," Mia* Ti7 lor i.nd Mr I'Ullipt, DaVenua So-g?"I'm Quern of a Fairy Land,*' Mita M,rr Hard wick, J f Knight Sr>up ?Mr ho<i?r Cone xud?"Thi* m??ic wore*Mint a i, T-iylor, Meoan foil I in, fc Mwoielt, Barnert Ballad? Ga'nt woi the uight. " Mr Phnlipa. tlnllad?" Tit trie Lamt Hue of.bnnmer," Taylor, l^efa Melody Duet?Violin and Piaoo Forte, Meeara. Maika end T< mm. IT^Between 'he P?,u Miaa Haidw.ckiud M' Philjine will lug the COMIC Duet, " I bo' yon think by tMi to eeg me," from lire oi-era of the Biage of Belgrade. ? Pair II. et?Piano Porre, Meaan Tunm aid A'pen. lilee?" t waa ite .Tlghtmgale* Mn Bart!wica, Mr PhilliiM and Awttrlr Friend ooag?"Come ?<ug me tbet >wcet air again," Miae Taylor. Boug? vtr M rnit oog? H.rdwick, Bong- Why cr# you wnnderug here, I i?-.' i Bardwick, Nathan .. "> " n?e not, ' Mita Taylor So'o Viela?^-Mr WVrka. DaVmcrt ? "rJbptstr&'AiSr Store a^'at M'^ 'r'Bttulari'Wo^'^r^Duaham'^PianoVefu Store, J6'. Bro .iwny atthe door. f ,he room on thfCenpgil W^tTee'r Mr A",n tl hUr*.,?u!ce*U < ..ncert 10 eomtnence at i o'clock, p etiicly. j2 4tec SINOINU ..ADAM HUTION. having arranged o leturnto Udy d? i ^e?IMU,.U? "i! ^""' P"'P?*?"ld?"'ng punia naitii tba om .to give lunching Iroao'ii in the ilelaea, bnncf., uad k.iedial atyle of Biufing He- method u t)iat penned l.y tfordogui nui vaetei. the Brat muter a in Jtaroje, ware aim. trie etieniAii aaa 0 ?a.|. ua with natotinhing rapidity. Her i>aj m will twee tki aorao .1 of Iier tinging with Uiem. which .13 be mirmi 1 ?'??*'r *' wh" h**e eminent lingers. Deuira d? '.?X Mal.ib.*1""* of JMadana Run ma a limited a tat iiomToSl^k Xa'' v *p"f,c,t,on" " xtriLu Ah^v v*A 'L,A<' E5S15DHCKET! 1 j VV'X^TL*'?*. f'1, WAlaLACB, (Director of (h a Concert of Vec ?! 'J. Dnbliu7) h it t'.? honor to a. unuu l ur d.v eTr,;,^, th^Jh ?V'T " to Mhc f ace ?jl will 11* rate aerrrol I antauat'au l's l|" i* *?/V'"oa " Piano K'?te. ot hu own eowi|K,%WM,n '! ^ ^ j4" ?oj .? ?.l the pnneipal Artiau ol 1,1 ,u" tl?? old o F ro/ramme in latnre advertia, m.,,,' '' . . U" A ir pK>L*-.T~a<^ITTJitX'7.7TiriAli. in"^^ & k >ne e ky K..b QUi(X)Ki *, .A, , ,',Ra WlNtw yr et ' '-hutou otree:, el naJ lm*m BRITISH AND ITALIAN STRAW (xOODS. A MONOST Hiii null, to which (he attention ef fftiow Mm A Meishants and Dealers is rvapeetfhlly invttsd. will Do found Plain Tuscan Plait, ol superior leksse fancy do da tihe II da da ^Ibyttjat BniHsatl Dctub Ilf. Alao. Imported Bouurtsof all the above kinda ot Plait mamafhc tared into the latex and moat fashion.hie ahapei ofLoodqm Puu, to which will be always added by coalinaons wnportarioti'; every new style ef Plauin? a? aoooaa invented, sd? all fraah shapes in boaaeU immedia ely that they ana kuowm to nni thr aiuirobaiiou ol the fashionable world. kdmund waller. .thomas Reynolds, L?NUO? A LDTOff. 1M Pearl atreet. New York. , aJh-.V sORkLTEMA, 8J.UtTff.tJi Broadway. oppol'1 site the Park, respectfully informs her customeri and the ladieaarDerally. that the has inat received by the late arrivals fro n Paris, imt'tl cue*, comprising a large and splendid aw sortmentof KiUinaiy. Embroideries, Bilhs, and other New Goods for Dresses, Laces and Fancy Goods, of all descriptions. N. 8 ?In the Dress Making Department aM orders promptly executed in the newest and moat approved French utile, brine superintended by a lady whe has just arrived, and wno hashed mnuta Itui most fashionable French houses. Will open several eases of French Miliosry. Monday. May ISth?Coi aiatine of Crpottea, Tarlatan Dresses, aptandid emb-oidered Caps for ladies, of a very new style, entirely different froti any before offer ad; rieh "B-iege Dreaaev, Childrens' Hats, and a general assortment of fancy articles, which will be pntata very low prions mil. ' ' m!4 lm?ec FRENCH MILL1NEKY GOODS. _ QPENINO OF THE SPRING FASHIONS. AT THE MAOAZlN DCS MODES. M CANAL ST. *U[ADAME 1). BERRMAN h*ki ti> mfe-m In r nuno-runi 1,1 furml> and the i nblic that ibr baa jaat received frum France an en'ire oew aud beautiful iyie ?l ai'h ipftlerjtle lor Ixdit-a' h ts aii'tab n? with it sotnt run of Pans Silk Hats, waich for i 0?d'y aud ele-ian r ol style meer yet Were presented to the onblie b- lure, antrum which it moat pre-eminent a silk hat calle" CAPO PTE 1>E ELKNORE, wnirh ' indi - ' rraolr>. atieal of Parisian taate. Made me It. h<s jnst <>,<eued several caaet of Freoab Imported tancr Kmw Hv?, Arauxoae, Imperial, Brilliant, Fine Ku lub Ours able, Hotlaud, Albert, kc.Ac. AI*o, ? I r., and varied iinunment of French Lawn line, from lufniir's sua irji to tudiss', the whole of which Madame R. has del r.iurwl, iu order to mret the exigency of the times, 10 offer at sneli low meet as muei insure h>r the contionauce of her jialrres. who hare houored her with their commands, and truer* t? obtain the ptefereoce ot those whose patronage she now solicits An early call is requested at the old French establishment, MAGAZIN DKS MODES, 60 CANAL STREET. Madame U. hai also recejred an asaoitmeotof Paris flowers and ribbons, for variety and stylet tniy be callr I compute m5 lm*r TO THE LADIES. [FASHIONABLE MILLINERY GOODS?The proprier tress Miss 8. KING, daughter of the celebrated Carl King, offers far sale a moat select and choice aaaoitment of Mill oery G?odt for the spring trade, never as yet presented to the public, both at rettarda the quality aud cheaiiueaa of the articles. The assortment cnnsiata of the following The celebrated S'lh Hat, called CAPOrTB A LA RACHEL, which u i'deed noblematical of Parisian taste. SHERRED BILK, eniirely new and original style, and Lawn Hats, do do. An entire new atyle of lists, called " MOU1NK CAPO PTES, CHINESE COTTAGES." Tana and English FANCY STRAWS, of the finest lextare, in ureal variety. The proprietress res, ectf'ully solicits the ladies to favor her with a call, aud ex?raioe her elegant aud varied stock of MiHe eery for themselves, before they purchase elsewhere, as it will be a great saviDg to them in price and a great advantage us regards the variety and quality of the goods. MISS 8 KING, Mmraxi- de Modes, _atl lmr I93ht Bnertway. STKAW GOODS. T BENNETT, 2t John street. Importer and \lauufactorer ol Italian, English, and French ittraw Go ids, respectfully informs hit customers lhn< he continues to receive a< catsions to his spleneiJ stock o' Ladi-t' Itshiouable Straw Bonnets, made of the most superior quality of br?ids, and offered now to the public at reduced prices: viz.?English and French Duaati-blrs. Ilahan Rnt'ands. Prince Albert Br ids. Fancy Shell and laaptrals. Victoii - Braid* (a new and splendH arti cle.) Tuscans, Brilliaou, French Wlialebone (a p ettv article for summer wear, possessing tie lightness, color and beauty of the chip, and the strengtn and durability ol the Tuscan), French Lace, French Chin, Modena. Ac. Ac. The above-mentioned articles are manufactured in the most superior str le aud in the latest slut pes, p.rticularly in the Orleans Gipsy, the most fashionable and most becoming shape introduced this ! season mi' Im'r FASHIONABLE SUMMER GOODS. ' rpHEj Subscriber* offer to strangers and citizens tne largest ? ana un: selection ul new ana lasniouuDle goous 10 oe icuua in any establishment iu this city, having been established in this city siacc the ytar IMS, <g>u holding constant correspondence both in Paris and I .ondon. Their assortment of the fel lowing goods will at all times be fonnd extensive, rich and fcahionaolr Scufsof rich Satin, Mohan and .Silk. pla:n black, figured black gold and silver fipired. fsucy colored, he. be. Cravats of Italian, English, German ai d French Silks and Satins, plain and figured, black r h fancy figured, be he. he. Uloves of kid goat skin, silk, linen, Lile thread atd cotton of all qualities anddescrip'ion. Suspenders, Kngliih, German, French and American, in gTeat variety, < f silk, gam elastic, buckskin, plain and with springs, embroider d.Atc. he. Under Garments, silk, m-nno, lambswool, cotton, linen, thread and bnckskin shirta atiu drawers. Shirts?Linen and mualin shirts made iu the moat faithful and fashionable manner Linen Coders and Drass Fronts in great variety and forma, round and square corners, Byron, he. he. Pocket Krrci iefs of all descriptions, ready hemmed for use, Spilalfield, Ind'a Linen, he. Dressing crowns. Hosiery, Purses, money and riding Bel is, Umbrellas, Walking Ou^s.and in fact all articles tpi training In a gentleman's wardrobe The suSsenbcrs would par icnlarlv recommend their superior article, the Improved .Yliutrva Shoulder Brace. Thisarticle is intended to brace the shon'ders and exoend the cheat, and will be found .if immense benefit to all persons of stud ous habits, orpersousof either sex who have acquired the habit of stooping To children who have acquired that bsbit, they will hp fonnd invaluable. Tfcey still continue the manu'scture ol their celebrated elastic Stocks, Start and Cravat Stocks. PAKSELLS h AGATE, Old established Linen Drapers end Stock Mai.uf-cturers, inH-lrur* if37 Broadwav. corner of P^rk Place SOMETHING NEW?To all who would be Saviug?C?*h C Tai.oring Establishment, ICS Greenwich street, uesr the Pacific Hotel?The Cheapest Making and Trunin .it Establishment in the city?The proprietors take this method of recommending to all grbllrme . wonting Clothes, the ec nomieal vstain of purchasing their own cloths, thereby saving the enorm us profits la d on the luitsriari by their tailors, and getting them in de SLd trimmed, tor which this establishment oners an udrantaua over all others, the proprietors having made et'enti?i, arrangements to make this the principal branch of their business, vj; ei u-i.iliug both the cutting and le wing depart mem persoual y. They do not present te Ihe public a flaming list ?f reduced prices as an luduc-tnent, but lioiw that a snperior style of woikmanahip, a sudioas attention to the individual taste of onr customers and the prevailing fa?luon, will always be sufficient, and the best attraction we can offer to onr parrons. m? lm?rc POOI.EY k BROWN MA HTiIf'8 CASH I* 1L U& 1 N 13 ESTABLISHMENT. 164 William Street, Gemvr ?f gian Street, IB decidedly tht eheapyct in the city. There is always on hand asele itstoca of>easo..rbls roods, purchase! for cash, which will b? .aatle up te order in the style of make. fit. trio wing, Sic., tii a has given se e genera! satisfaction ucioi? tbe as', .'our yeai s,anu ar a w> s<c sating oi tt re- rem. Gentle ?ri are requested to eail and rw una T' 95* .who <k!ir... in'f< own c?"<is, cau ioi<e them MADE ANT f KM MED. XJress Can, resJa srd triry vd,-?- -t? t* fee ?cica i ",ik? ?a w ? i *w H' n an (ibis Slid Vera. ' 1 71 to IN j l)?*!Co?b, IN MUM I'tmi?(j?li <"n delivery. pit sip michael e. martin cheap oa1- !' taii.uhinu ESTABLlSri.ilfc.NT, ' ' John .'i el, near William. c* entlkme.s in want of new and tashionsbie Clothing VI (huu d call rgJ rum lie the subscriber's select stock ?f goods be-fore wdwilil elsewhere. A Mat will Iw RfnCMM tPC"Dvinc? the inu?t economical. tha' for beauty of fit, atyle ol workmanship, and at such iuw prices, tins ettah nhmeut ran* tot be surpassed ty any other in the city. Superfine w ml black Krench or Evglish drrsa and fiock cos's as low as $13, warranted a g >od fit and in idr and triininid of the beat unite rals; English and French fancy elastic cassimere pnnis5 to $F, E mhroons, dulling!, tweeds, summer rassimeres, 3 into $3; vesting*, silk, satta, Matstilles, Va'entia, Ac. A". 2 J# to ti. Making ud >rimming drees coat* 7 to $9, frocks ( to 919, | rests and p uils I M to 93 All orders tiiansfully teceieed and punctually attended to. ml Imec JAMES LACY ,63 John at. 7$T"SHIRTS. 79. WILLIAM STREET, 'PHIRD BA8EMEN1 BELOW MAIDEN LANE. N. Y. J ?Is nni'mbtedly the ihtxu est Shirt Manufactory in the city. Wholesale dealers will find tins aaser ion to he nntnitw less than a posture fact. It is not the intention of theiubs-riber to n ak. this advertisement appear as a i>tifT, but tie merely wishes to anuonaca to Ins friends and enstnme'i, ihat he has opened I he shore establishment to supply them with Shirts, Collars and Bosoms at a much lower rate than they hare hitherto been iu the habit of pay ing elsewhere. H. ARONBON, Senior-pa mrr nf the late hrtn of aro.n*on a wilson. ^ tT7*"Be pellicular in the number, 79 William street, third basement Wow Maiden Lane, N. Y. P ft.?Particulsi a tention paid to prime orders. jl ln*t TPIBHINO TACKLE.-J->HN CONROY.52 Eaton. cor " ner nf Cliff street, has just received 'M Bamboo Rods, of a beautiful I.per, for sale in small or large parcels Also, a I'reah supply of Caolnu Grass Lines, b the cattie or dozen The lo rer< of angling are invited to inspect hit general ansnrtm- nt of tacklr, wliu h w.ll be found equ il to any thtrg nf the kind in Eur#,* r this country. He guarantees to sell every article of the beat description and on moderate terms mil lw*ec IsONTinv *. Nil NlAMr.wvjaTiCP rvni A nun bek CKK)dsT \I7HOLiSALE AND RETAIL. Ns.t Wall street. lb subscriber hit received and offer* for itle a largo assort rat of imporwd India Rubber Water Proof (food*, rixs Coats and Cape*, cftupenor Lama, Cashmere Lama, Persian, M-r no and Cotton. of ail colon and (ice*. Cloth?India Rabber, Water Proof, laper J.ama, ba a Petstar and Cotton, prepared formation. India Rubber vfshbipg* for tnsneiiden, corn.u, be. aMdn*r CHAB. ABH A A A MfiON. N ew Carpet ?Tukr ?Carpets at retail, lor auction price*. Kama, la Od to 3* Od per yard Ingrain, ii (d to 3* 6d ? Vlira boe do 4a 6d to 4* Od ,, Together with every article connected wnh lti? trade, et equally low price*. J. WI l. h O > UtlK&NE, m3l e>t*r _ 101 i.h'tl.ain street. TWINES, & ?Bridjiort 8ein Twine, riale and Bill do Cotten Wrippiny k Bun do Cotica Varu and Wick. Gotten Warp, fee. American and Engl ?h Show Thread, of various number* aid qualities. tor aale in lot* to tait purchaser! hv H. KJN(18LtV, Iti33 lm r 117 Maiden Gone. /J. Ul ! Arts WHOLESALE AND RETAIL.?3yJBroad ? wsv, neir Wa'her ?ue*t.?MESSRS. PH. KKNBT SCHMIDT It MAUL, Unitar manulacttireii, would rerpoctfully call the aitcurto* of ihe public to their establishment. No. 395 Broadway, where they keep constantly en hand an eiteusive assortment of fine-toned ftnitar*, finished in the boat style. All Instruments from this manufactory, long favorably known in the United Stat**, where it received the flntyrtminm awarded by the American Jiutitnte, for the best Onitat. are made of such materials and in such a rnperior m nnrr, aa enab'ea the maker to wariant them to atand any ehmue. St anuria before puichaiitig elsewhere, vr rrqnested to call and ii mine the splen l*d woikuaiiahip of then inatiurocnu. and aseenain the pri ea. 'J hey writ be found lower than at any < th?r house in tn* city. Mr. Pn Ernst, Protersnr of the Piute and Unitar, beg* leave So announce that me above arrangements do not intarfere w the least with hit other eneageuiecit*; he still roatmnes to give twoiiski usual, at 395 Broadway, near Walker at. rn>4 lm*r A RC/iOK? i nenf I'oii i'a celebrated intent Anchors, I Odd ? lis for sale by h K < OUlNH kCII. IjStM id Smith aire. t. CHEAP H.XERCIRE. 8PLKNIMD BILLIARD KOOMrt, AT th CJiiiifBi ilw .iy I Chan.b r itrest Vl iie-iuatiog is spacious and airy, with lour t r.t rue tal-'en 'lentl men are requested to cnJl and judge fo* themselves. Th* ref rihmrnt* are of the beet kind, and the pi me per name during t it diy is on* shilling, ami in the evening cent*. CHRISTIAN PKlUENfiUiCHEK. I v;;(TKf)V? t ? w^mmmsmmmmsmmBSBSssssmsssm hull'S trusses. NOT1CK TO AUFTUKU) NLIUONS. pKRIONl afflicted with lonnrn may rely upon the beat *. metre mental aid the world affords, oa application at tlx offlee, No. 4 Vacey street, or to either df the agent* ill (hi principal town* in the limited imm. so eagefbl to rxatnim the bach pad ol Hull's trnceec, to aaa if they are endorsed b] DrJHnll. in wri^ None are genaiae, or to be relied upon m good, without his signature Many parsons have undertaken to rend imitations ol Hail' celebrated trasses, and thonsands are itsooeed a poo in couee qnenca- These imitations cannot ba relied upon ; they an made by unskilful mechanics, and art no better than the oidi nary lroues. Keoms have been fitted up at No. 4 Vesey street, tzctaaivsh | for ladies, having t separate sntrsnce I torn the business depart meat, where a Temue is ib constant attendance to watt npa feme Is .etieuts. , mlO tm m private self cure] ' ?~ TIOCTOR JORDAN'S Specific Packages, No?. 1 god i J-7 for the prompt cure of ?eciet diseases, arc not auy net nostium, either if foreign or domestic origin, bat hues he? fully tested for the last nine yean witn eucourasiug succea Kech package coaiaiui beery requisite for trie cure of then diteaies, properly adapted to the varied symftomi, accorapi nied by the Monitor a private treatise on secret maladtsi whstein la every direction, with all necessary advice. Thaa packages were the original ones for the suppression ( qenackrry. and from their well known popularity. have had host of imitators. GoHraUtee, iu cases wbr-re additional mid fines are r?quired. 1.0 Airther charges made. P,i-e fS eacl Prrsoui orderikg by letter Talways ,<o?t |*iil] mast ssy|whetli< f t p'Class is required for goi.orrhcst or tenereal diuasr The Monitor alone is M cents. One dollar post paid eusures fin*. D ctor Jordan's Specific Packages enable the patient t make a prompt enre without suspicion. Sold only at Drug Store 641 Pirn's street, corner of Mario street, a few doors east of Niblo's Garden. Private entrinc and offices for couruliatiou, 89>4 Mariouslrest, continuation t Center street one du>r below drugstore. is26 m* r TsoCTflP a mm as i f i>n itr * 'I'f ? nvi?-i.- t. D poitant wiih many people in need of medical aseisrano lh?t they nbtsiu good advice p ivalelv and prom p'I . All *h may thus desire to O'.nsult a Piofrsaioual friend ah mid by al meant < bum and read lha book cillvd the " Kuoicou," Th f.'Urih edition, which tin b?eu loccotly publish) <1, ii much in pioved and enlarged to nearly three lime* its former size, an embraces many snhtects aid dis???s uoi brfore alluded to.thr will be > spec al y iulerettiug to Irma es, particularly manic ladies, as well as those who ought to be nam d. Tee varons forms of bodily and menial weahuess, incapacit and suffering wtuch ci ine under the head of Private Maiarlie' me Unhlully delineated, ind the beat practical method of ot taming sound health. It is a work plaiuly and practic illy adap cd to the oar of all those who may unfortunately need its fri.n. ly assistance, of whitever age or aex. That podion of th wurk reeling upon Impotence, Ua-rrune**, and a certain di strnctful habit of vonthfnl iudiacixlion, from whom* result "con.-uiutmoal debili y," will be found both useful and in atrecling t > all classi s?it is a friendly, yet silent monitor whet sensual or sexual d bi ity has made threatening inroads upo the health or conarilu t n. and points out not only the means i: esca|Hi. but tne certaiutv of restoration. The work igwritte by a pliviicion of experience, (who ia still in practice imhi city.) It sh-ws how oflrn pne ta and others are deceived b the outwa d physical appearance?how the at enua'ino of t frame, palpitation of the heart, derangement of the net toll avstein, cough, indigestion, r nd < train of symptoms iudicatii of e nmmption, are often ascrib. d to wrong c nsrs when 1 rrali'y ihev are the cou-equsncet of an alluring and pernieien practice alike deytiuctite to ti e mind -.nd bodv. The price c Ihc book IS the same as heretofore, 50 cents. For sale by th author at his residence. No 11 Barclay street, uear Broadway and at the folio wing agenci a, which are drug store,;? can V, No 79 Fulton street, corner of G>dd .treat. 's, " OP Willi m street, ne .r Maid n lane. S> ine's, " ? Fulton street, coraer of Water street. David 8 nJ, St o77 ICael B.o, d way, corner of Markets ? V No. 63 Bowery, corner of walker street. Dr. Churches' Dispensary, No. 1W Bowery, ceruer of Sprin street. Dr. A. W. White's, No. 146 Delancy street, corner of Suffol street Chilto- 'a, No. 19 Canal street. It will be tent out in a sealed envelope to those who may d< sire so to order it ITT" prdeis by mail enclosing SI. directed to Box 567, i post paid, will pay fur the bonk, which shall be sent anmrd alely. at nirrcie.l, Ii*ewise f ee ?f poitige. m'17-lm*i di* 1 O Aflll WOKl'H ol China, Glass and btrtb n Wat sP for sale at 170 Eighth Avenue, by ThOm?t '> ? Sorly.?This ware is now open, and will be sold to retaileri at the following pries:?bine s up and flit Plate*, h renc shapes, 7s. per doz.; tnfters, 5s 6d ; Peris white plates, stun wa:e,6? |ier doz ; tnfters, 5'.; dishes, bakers and toilette war equailylow; howls from 2s. 6d to 4s. 3d; lamps, oil, Liverpool 12s ; hall lamps from S5 to S6,the tarpe as the down-town store sell for fit and $12; common ware forgiocers, by the hu.he No ciedr. syst m here N B. No charge fircovtea to countr marchanu. China tea seta from 12s. to SI5 Public tale en Wednesday, in 414 Bmadway. m2-lm*rc f^LASS AT No. 3 JOHN STREET, near Broadway, J> " pot of STOUVENKL k BROl'Hh.R'S Gloss VLanufat tory, the ouly place where people fcau gt t supplied, cheapc man any f iner puce lu this city. A lull aoortmeut el Hi richeat cut and plain glass, Lainpi Tor hall; Attral and Soli Lamp*, Uirandoles, French and Kuglixh China, Ac. Ac., all i manufactory price*. Every article matched to pattern. (Jlai cut to order. Wholrtalr and retail for city and country trad a: the above, and at their factory. No ? Hold at. mj !m*re OOB PLATES ! DOOK PLATES !-Th' ?e in want < a handsome, cheap and curable Silver Plated -r Brain Doc Plate, can obtain the above article at R ROBERTS' StlVt Plating, Engraving and Door Plate Establishment. 137 Bower] Also, Metallic .Number*, a new and Beautiful article for nun dwelling house*, church p'w*. *hip staterooms. Ac R ROBERTS, 147 Bowery. rr.6 ln>*r 4th door above Bro< men.. ea?t ?id?. WAfOH MAKtKS AND WATCH JB.WP.bLERS. T 8. WALLIS It CO , No. 146 Broadway, 3d floor, be v tweta Maiden Lane and Liber.y street, would mi ertfn It acquaint their Irieuda and the public, who wish lohavi chronometer*, clock*, music boxes, or any description o watches, however fine or intricate, repaired orjtwelled. Alio e*ery description of 'scsptmenta repaired or made new, rub; roller* for duplex, pallets for chronometers, ruby eylender* to lepuirs, ruby pins for levers, diamond caps, Ike., and watche jewelled in a style not surpassed by any in Ea'rope Knave and wheels cut, and teeth rounded; public clocks aud banl time pieces kept lb Older by the year, as usoai. Kroin thei long experience in tha trade, they poxxrs* ti e capacity an every facility required to make enure, or any puts of Walchel eqnal to any imported, and will give the belt of reflV reacet i required. Charge* moderate. in 14 |.n*r TO HOTEL KEEPERS. STEAMBOAT PROPRlt! A TORS acd Ftaceeol Public Amusement. Ac.?JAM E. O. MOKFET, Ui Priuce street. New York, muiu'actures < superior article si Sheet Brass, suitable for limnx stairs, whic he offers fot stle cheap. He also ftnishet and puts them on i a superior tlyle, at the shortest u .tice. snd on the most ret soluble termi. m23 lm*r OFFICE OF JEKKEKSON INSURANCE COMPd NY?Office Mi vvsll street. This Company comma their bass tun of insurance against lous or damage by tor on goods, ware* and merchandise aud also, on vessels and thei Cargoes against loss by inland navigation. DIRECTORS. Choices W Thome Elisha Kiwi Thomas T Woodruff Renjamiu R Hobsc 'ohu K Dav sou Francis P Sage Thomson Price- Joseph Allen John 11 Lee John P Moore Men s 'J ucktr James E Holmes' Caleb C Tuuia James R Whiting Auiou Bakeif Wm K Them Joseph Drake Irad Haw ley John C Ma wilt Thomas MomII THOMAS W. THOBNE, PrtsiJeM. B CO. T. HOPE. Seereterr. mU f ?rt? CjTDnr EB. BKlDLEW, HARNESS AND MILITAUl Mi KQUIPMKN I'"*?The snbseribers having removed to thr 'owe part of the building 34 Fulton itrnt, opposite the Unite States Hotel aud Water street, where they -re now prepared t X' cute and furnish at the shortest notice Military and Hers. Equipments of all description!, conformable with the Unite States try u! .lions. Also, a general and complete assortment o Saddles, Bridles, single and Uoo de Harness of the lai s. am im.rov.d patterns. Also, au asaortmcnt of Tniuks, Yalisei Ca pet B gi, Ac. my27? *t HENR i J. STORMS A CO. WIN hi, BHANLME.J, ate. THE subscrib.-r offers the following Wines, Ac. for sale at 4 A Pine street, corner of Willi.irn. Madeira iu ripei, hhJs, quarter cailts demijohns and bottlei a part vei v old a.,d high coat, direct and ?ia Inula Sliernea, iu pipes, lihils, quarter casax and in gloss, of vari u grades?Amontillado in quarter casks. Port?Impo. ttd expressly for family use, in wood acd ii glasi. t .aiets?Chateau Varge.iux Latnnre, St. K.tephe, La.ose St Jnip-D?also in c 115X1. Hear?J haanenherg Castle .Mareobruuner Cabiuet.fhaitx larger Brnrebe-g, Aisir.aniliausen. Ore; lianseii, HinterP u sen, Kii.|e*h?inier, H.ittvnbeim. P. isport-r, LtibLautnilch Oietenheimrr Hochhviuier, Ac. St" Ac. Blfltime. blimp. Mm"it r.hnbln Burgundies?Clou rie Vougeot, Chnmbertm, Uoinusee. Very old Cognac Krnndy, vintrge l?li; cipritsly for inuime; ass. Fine Holland Gin. The ab-ve articles are recommended to the infirm av'a soye. reigu remedy lor theirmaladies. UILBKUT DAVIS. ml Im . A BEAUTIFUL HEAD OF HAIR TO BE HAE FOR THREE SHILLINGS.?READ, THEN JUDGE. DRAPER, if we prove an article to be good, will you be(Vlieve it? 1 seems that yog have been nombngged so ? ten. that if an article is even proved to De sood. yon wont trj it. Now read. These are ti.e real and positive qualities ol an article whose price will provs it no nna'rnm. Jon-s' Coral Hair Restorative will generally improve and beautify th> hair. It will force the hair to grow on the hea I, face and bo dy, or auv part where na-U'e intended hair to grow, by makiat tbe scalp h- althy It stayslhe hair fal'ing oft. and thoioughl] Mres all scnrl and dandrnlf. Another of its properties is tt make the hair grow naturally dark and beautiful. Jones Coral Hair Restorative is sold at the sign of the Amcrioai Eagle, aJ .hatham street New VorU. Agents?Ze<ber. Third and Dock street, Philadelphia, ant neit to the American Hotel, Washington, D (J. ; 8 9 au street, Bostou ; Cleveland, King street, Charleston, 8. C. ; 5' Htate streel, Alba iy ; Mitchell, Norwich, Chenango, N. Y. Martin, barber, Catakill, . N. Y.t and 13} Fulton street Brooklyn. n'j Itn* ~ HIGHLY IMPORT AN I. TO OWNERS OF HORDES ?8. BUSHEL, praet ea Vefrin.ry Snrg< on, would inform the j ublic that he hai had seven tyrars practice in tbe British A'my. 8. B wil pay every attention ro horses at the owner's stable. Chirgei moderate ro suit th* times He would inform carmen whosi h uses reqair* phasic, that the most a ipnpmtn time to call wou d be on 8ata day, as they will ba ab n to nte them oi Monday. A I kinda of horse medi iue kept constantly on hand V s Balls of r very description, pre 35 cents; rough aud con dnion powders, 25 cents; blistering ontm-cil, 35 cents; hoo ointment, 12K cents A superior srlicle of horse linamrnt for sprains, (raises, fce , price 75 cents. Advice gratis, at ha resident", No. 43 llobiusoastreet, comer of Oreeuwieh street Jel lm*m R JAMES W. ATiRlLUE'8 t INt l lj HE hO.. I.v digestion, r Dyspepsia?'1 his iuValuabie remeoy, whiei during th last fifty years h-s saved thousands from the jaws of death, both in Europe and America, ia now introduced publicly to the many victims who aie suffering from the a-ove named distressing disease The proprietor wishes it decidedly io br understood, -llh<u?h lie takes this method of m king the rerne dy rahlic, that tha Tinriure m list CtlcnUled to cure all th? dise ises iucidant to'ti.e human frxnie, but merely those indueed bya disordered sute of ihe alimen sry (Ml, and known as Indrges'iun or Disp nsia. 1 he tri si of a tingle bottle will prove to Uie most sceptical that, by following the direction which accomianv it, that t ruble disease m.v lie ennrslv em. dieatrd. Numtioui teatinionixla m y be ?;n by applying In MG.rle It Nephew, corner of Water atreet awl Maiden lan<. K.n rale, * ho raal? a id retail,at the above named atore, and at Ilk Bowery. inJO lm*! UAOUEKKKUTYPK APPARATUS1. JOHN ROACH, OPTICIAN. 71 Naaaau, near John attest, N. Y. U A VI NO the Lena ground under hi* own wnpeetio'i,' nd n ar.aioniiK ihem In the tan.era obn.uia hinorW, he fe? 1 warranted in taping thai operator! na it-k h i apparatus have rb taui'd more anreea?th?h tho.a nunc eimetaa with foreicn i'na for the latter are 0O0 imperfec , and mill ofirnei imp oparly a inated. The advertiser iet)iieai? a trial for hia etmrraa. rtn lei n yeara prartiee at Optietap eirblee hi a to grind and er may t Lena in anil the parpoaa lot winch they are wanted a *7lm*ec M'Lfc.Nl 10 BAT H JlOt I nit K'lH *At.K rPHK BATH HOUBK, fore rrlycalled and Known at the a "Pirilioti Ball!,' at New Brighton, St'ten lalaud ia Dow offered for sale. This m gnlAeeut ri obnhnarnt ia In pnfret repair, aod > ontaim tw - niy ei?ht com modioli" drr-t ina-rooma. swimming h?tha, 1 aeh forty-two by thirty feet. Fofeligan-1' and rout' wane* "I arrancemi well aa lor the eaceilcom ,nd> i.bilil ol iriateiialt, ton Bathiiw Henw ia uuignalled by any ?ttni ar firoernra in New Yorli.o n? ueu hbo hood. Ii pre n.t I nr., 11. u it n?m?di t y in fr 1 t ol B I mow ,?n?i [a o r ed l,om tl a hark by a apart- na.anlVai.d <. mi odi.,u< at w i Tl.r b .iv. v. >H tol J at pabiic anatiou on Monday nest,the Mil ol Ii u '. at tho hi.m oi Uu'C o'clock, hi the ?fi i.,oor, oil' Ires pn ?i.m?ly dispoaad ol by private mle. Aj plreation to be made to the proprietor, PATRICK DOKAN. New Bnghlou, May ?th, IHJ jl lt*r MEDICAL. [ I A CARJJ-THONAH ROKRTS ft CO, Drtnuti Mi AMtdlaM VirtiWiof (Com Coert,L<*4ne, Hukit Plane, i Mauehss'er, and Md Bmdair, New Yolk, respsctfhUy U>, noutce to the public, that having succeeded in calling attention i to then invaluable Medicine, "Pair's Life Pills,"and i-t efficacy, betas no w fully tested, and iti incceie as a carxtiv* estuo.

lithed, beg to iuu uilt no medicm* ?vtr Offered to mankind ? h?e to rapidly obtained inch distinguished celebrity, audit ie . questionable If there 11 any pari of the civilised world where . iu extraordinary healing Virtues hive not been exhibited. Theproprietora are therefore doubly anxions to recommend . the I'iUa to those wjioee loae ot health by dyspepsia or iheumsi tic affections require a Speedy sud ceium renovation. ? ' The opinions of its value by some of the best medical men of die day is a sure foundation that its success does not depend upon any system of advertising or mentncioos putting, but up <n it? own virtues amongst those wlr>selextehaive medical acI quuemeuts aud high chamcter for integrity, piece diem out of s the possibility of aiding quackery. Thomas Huberts It i'o, n have the peimtmmu of Dr. Filler, of P..ilt<lrlphu, for stati' g i, his strong recommendation of the use of these Fills in dsa ranged biliary compl-iou, und flying rhenmalie symptoms By such undoubted testimony ax ihis the t ublic are begini uiug to uuderetand andapreciata the superior efficacy of this.mild e medicine to the powerful ru'gatires thit have been biih*rto ,f told them in the shape of Pi Is, which tna? give relief for a short A | wvr v* ? 1 M.D C1|TIUV VI U1Q IJIICW. UJ ?=ir I i- | fcrbling it una rendering u mora liable to rsceiv* again other I , i complaints. ? ' The tame high medical authority, in describing the simple virtues of this medicine, save: "As it differs in many respects it very esse i tially from the pills thit have huh'rto been brought batorr the public, it is advisable to make the public acquainted a with the gene ml properties they possess Pan's Life nils, as a i uniauvc, are found to act very gently?indeed when they do n purge freely, it is owing lets t) their purgative qualities'ban e ' the very bad condition of the system tht y are actiua upon. The ,( vegetable ingredients of whieh ihry ere strictly composed, will in all instances chemically decompose the deleterious matter - I that is geuem'ed ty vari us causes, and impedes the vital and i | organic operations of nature in the human frame. Their action ), is principally by decomposition?invigorating by increasing the -> teue and qnality of the blood?str. ngthening all the organ efI' ' fei tu.illy without auy of that itimulauug effect ao injurious to e | purgatives generally." j ihry are aold retail at moat of the respectable druggists in a . New York, and by duly appointed agcui in every ci'y and it towu 'rum Ma ne (o Louisiana. Canada, the British provinces, J Havana, the Wear India Islands, and South America, iu boxes, 51) and '-5 centa each. T Testimonial* of ure from person- whese diseases were of tne < rrnsl mvrterate kind, and ol long standing, may be aeeii at the >- office of T. Hoberts It Co., Clarendon House, 304 Broadway, office 1st floor. '* Country Agent* will please address letter box 807, post office, e mil- ni 'I MADAM b COSTELLO. i- T7KMALK PERIODICAL PILLS?Guaranteed in even e " case where the monthly periods have become itn regular from colds or other causes. Their certainty of if action has long boon acknowledged by the medical profession, n and hundreds that have uselessly tried various boasted tomeis dies Care is sometime* necessary to their use; though thay y contain no medicine detrimental to the conautution. Add-as e given gratis to all those who use the Pills, by Madame Cos is tello, 14 Lugeuard at, where the rills are sold geoB'Uc. Priet *1 o*r bov w'tla'nt B TO tEE LADifcS. >r UTEHp ABDOMINAL SUPPORTER. _ , ' I'nio new tusiruaueui lor uie rauieai cure 01 rroiapsns ULeil A or Falling of the Womb, by external application, snperaed' nig the use of the obiectioual Pessary, it confidently recoremsuded to the tillicted as the means of perfect restoration to haalth, it never having failed of performing a core. evonnndei the must nggrnrated crTeuiustaoies. , The Supporter hat strained a very high character in IChrqpa ueiUai in this country. It is adopted te the entire dm Use oi ? pessaries,and all other painful surgical expedients,in the Lyingtn-HospiUls ol London and Paris, and is uniyeraally reeooil mended in Europe by medical men of the highest rank In thia country i lis sustained by the leading members of the facultiea of Colleges and Hosnitaii. and by all the eminent private pxac tt tinners Rooms have oeen furnishtd exclusively for iadiee, at No. 4 If Vesey street, having a separate entrance from the business de. oartment, where a lady is in constant attendance, to applv Trusses and Rnnrnr-ten in frmslr patients mfilmr ; LUCIN'A CORDIAL; OK THK h ELIXIR OF LOVE. " In olden time, among the Jews, ' Th..t man a second wile might choose? ,? Who.e first, by Fate's nnkindly doom, ' htavhildren bore to blest his home. A0c ed thus, the Roman m itron . Flawed to Lni me, the midwife's pation ; ' Egyptian wives, in such a c.isis, Callsi> to their aid tlie Priests ol Ivis ; _ And evan now .the meek Hindoo? e Warm as her clime, and tender too? 11 chi dleea twelve mouths frosa ' er bridal ir Flies weop'ng to her senseless idol, e And with raised hands, inhccsuu wild, u Petitions Bramali lor a child : it For well she knows. Love shuns to bless it The Hindoo bed of barrenness. Ie So much for love in day's by-gone, _ And savage enstoms io onr own : if But say, eeen now, d< ea L >ve's communion ir Bless in onr land, a etenle union 1 ir No! oil?iines conjugal felicity, r Is thui disturbed?ay, e'en in tnia city, i- Yet inay ihe barren, if they try The mesne, "increase and multiply.'' With "Love's Elixir" for h rlriend, The childless wie's repinings end But not the procrealire power Alone, is this Elixir's dower. Consumption's ills it will prevent, ] With vivo' clothe the impotent; P Suppress a gleet, whate'er iti date, f And all tile's fanciions renova'.e. Eruptions from t -e akin it chases, i And hnnga back beauty and the graces: r 'Tie woman's trm t?aud ne'er deceives her ( From Fluor Albns it relieve* her; a And each disease, (with proper care, too,) It Her fair and fragile form is heir io. , These are but truths, who calls them fiction j t-hall have stem proof in contradiction. , Letters?all forms of attestation? ,J From the aavans of eveiy naion; Witn grateful missives 'rom all quarters, - Penned by Disease and Quackery's mar,yrn, < Thonsanda who lay, with flittering breath, * .Almost within the jaws i f Death; Now in their nightly pray art reiieat ' 1 hanks to Lite's friend, in Naetan street, D An- sometimes name the very nnmber? "Ninety-two Nassau,"?ea-a in tbeiz slnmbar ; Or, dreaming of Diaeare'a ord eal, t Cry ont for the "L->ciua Cordial." r Persona ordering ihii m-dicme f orn the country, by sending i, a remittance, can nave it boxed np and tent to any part of ihe ir Union Price fi3 per bottle,or SSI per duxeu. It ia also for sale in Philadelphia, at 90 North Hixth sucet. mil lm*ec DKAFNES3. DRS. CASTLE & EDWARDS, AURISTS, ! OQ1 BROAD VP KY.?Extract "Vii ' I cheerfully comply with the request of Lient. Mclut'?h, to testify thathe was invalided home as unlit lor duty, iu consequence of to al deafness and di.cha ges from his tar-j umrmn iu in* on, on mi iit 10 muciauu, ne piacea himself onderthe professional care of Dts.Casue and Edwards, Auri.ts. Under iheir treatment be recovered hi* hearing. and bai r-turned (o hn military datv, Signed. H. McNKVEN, M. D? Surgeon to H B W Forest, Jamaica. \ ACOUSTIC DROPS. d A sore cnre for incipient deafneii, earache, naini, bortisgs, 0 or singing sounds in the e?n, collections of hard wav or vitiatt ed secret) one of the organs Their Ac rustic till haa been a ,1 popular remedy as a en rati re in all diseases of ike ears lor up,f wards of twenty years. Offices removed to Ml Broadway, 1 corner of White street. mil lm?r >, OIR ASTLH.Y COOPER'S justi* celehrasust end uulv effi O cacioas Halve for eorns, biles, tninors, 3s-., usi been basely connteifeited and sold to an nnknown ciieot. Vt caution ill - ag mat buving without a careful eiamiuatn o. T'rt only genii m- it sold at 357 Broadway, and by H ladlrr, Ptieipa and Co., 5 142 Water atreet: Wiloams, Mabee land n, ! Ma.den Lone, wholesale drurgiste; al-o by the refutable diuggists rhrnughoni the country. Price 25 cents per bu*, and warranted. Principal office 317 Broadway, New Yn-h. o-yti |m*r ' nitlSTOL'S p epor-u u of A-? Pars. pa.nla surpaair-s spy thing heietnfore offered to the pnb'ic as a r> nuvator r f thp hnman system. Its recommend Ition by t' e ii elical faculty is iuch, those afflicted with dis' eases of ihe blood or nrrves cannot fail to be lully coarn ctd that it will lerform alt that i* c aimed lor it. F< rsale by reputable Druggists and Agents throughout the country. CITS AflEIVTS FOR THE SALK OF BRISTOL'S SA RS AVABILL A. William Burger, wholasale agent, 50 Cmiriiaiidt aire t, and IBS Greenwich st; and at retail at the following places ? Milhau's Pharmacy, 183 Broadway; Ruthton It As-mwall, MO Brosdwat. 88 William it, and 10 Aat r House; James Byrne, M. D , 63 Bowery, and John Sime, 30Fulloa. cot. Waiei si; Robert Lesgett, M. D., 17 Aveuue D; B Quackenhuab, 70# Greenwich st; A Hill. 707 Greenwich st ;J aud J t oluibatoti. comer of Spring and Hunston street; X) H Bart sett. Turd Avenue, corner ol El,hth at; Philip Marble, 333 G audstiaatl i Daniel B Tucker. 36 Grand st; IC H Tripp. ISO st; and a. 26u Bowny; Ji ho B Halt, 348 Grand, cor ivorfolk st; Wood aud Morrison, 109 Greenwich at; K Cromwell's. M4 Grand st: 8m th's Medicine store, No. 337 Br-adwsy; J. L't. gett, 177 Hou too st; A McClaory'a. cor. i ivision and tl4. lidge st; Prw "More, cor. Broome and ha Sulk sL n Mayuard ANoyes, Boston f Orosvenor A Chase, Providence, R I. I W B B at enridge it Co . Norwich, Conn. D'ckiuson A Goodwin, Hartford, Coun D. Smoli, juor. b Co., New Haven, Conn, i Henry Bael, 51 York st, Jersey City , P. M. Cohiu A Co., Charleston, 8. C. , I. O. Reed, 141 Fnltoo st. Brooklyn, L. 1. m27 lm *r /YRRI8 TOOTH W A HH?Pre pared Irons the onanist. ,' Vf aipoalNo.8 Gold street. New Yrok?l'hc thru 'loot' . Wash is purely a vpgetable i,reparation, poaseeamu the proper ' ties o teloaniac the teeth and mouth restariDg the gums to a ??wauj ?? ? fiV fVUUUK ?uj HupiC^HUI Ullf OT OOGQI IB 7 (be month, wififcer aruuig fro a d#c?rrd teeth or frbio t ringed itttt of the ^oewa. It it design:*) tab? uted wiui atcwth brbeh, utC wilt be takolo tapeneao int. nxceeeiry u U powder ,keeping tU teeth cleai. " tod preventi i( the weaiing away af the gaias fr hi the teeth It ti pertieot'.xT a>t ''ul iu catri oi ipenuTgam*, leatoring there I to a healthy <UO. au-l caiions them to contract am ami the teeth. Id pa nfn)aff>..-tio!:*of the teeth end gum*, seising frotu 1 expoemre to will be ioaad highly beaetimil. It it car tiealsrly MgngegMh to ate the Orm Tooth Wath M lueht jott ? before retirin; to reit Vhu method is rectainetxied by emi aenl dctiLtle, ?9 by to doing all particles of food trhteh ?cr? 1 melate dnrio.- the <l*y trc entirely removed. and the newtb kept through tfte.night in a oltati, tweet, and beahhr rate. Hound tenth mm white frui tre the taoet waivable port! OBJ ' of poor hait-aiuly; bat how rnMty neglect tiio attention ne taiurr fur the ir preaotvttiuu, ores when tatrotinded by all the > tinum uecde 4 Anions-ret : w; ?oow ef nooeuiote pleaaant tod effectual than the urns Toc-'-a Wath -it cleanses and whi tens the teeth, itrengrheiit the gam.-, do flet the mouth, ana iweetoiu the breath. We rtctiiiMM it neo to all, yoakgand M.?llloatcn aloiaina Po*r. ! The Orru Tcolh Wuh it the 5mI .'atorcett we orr atad an ar enamel.?( Cotton Trm.'?cnpt. | for avJa by the principal drusinac in ti * city aft ; 'po PERSONS FROM THE COUNTRY.?Now that the a teamD hat arriied io which the diteaaea of the skin are ; broairht to aatunty end set mntt violently on the ay item and ' thereby Implicating the limn, membnue* of the and iiitritiaee fanning the grime and tai en:.daring (e?, eeiaily in children) a'l bote troujlrioma and fital afficnoua of the tto; mich and bowela tnat help to terr bly ro fill up the trilli of ' uieruliiy Dr. WHEELER, I) Greenwich street, with mnch tatiifartinii, hat it iahia power tn ffrr a remedy, the tnpenor curative 1 I efleacy ?l which, twertyyears expeiience Int MaMnkd at bring certain. Thie Helton of Motcateilo is eompoacd of vtge, table mcdielott of the imi healing nature, hum mixing in , combination,to et to ovarenmr the ditesaes oTthe | howela, vit : Dianluue. Uytentery, Ch lera Morba', Pommel Complain'. Upatmodic Gaelic, aad inflammation or the mocom membrane*, he. lie Dr. Wheeler tula published a p mphlel for lue beuefit of stranger*. txpUas'ory of the ptoodiar ' virtnet that hit flahain of Motcatello rotaettet at a reiioxaiire, a oopy of which he will be happy to (urii'th giatnitnntl i to any , Lady or Gentleman. Dr Whoelai^a Balaam hrt the peculiar feature at a medicine tlia? it it exceeding"y pleasant to the Mlate, thalcliildrra will aageriv take it. which to ie* ti- gnlai tflioacy random it a* a family awflr.ia> Invaiaahle. Dr. flirtlar presents ti e lolowiig eminent gentlemeu at references relative to the hiali itandirg and of the invariable toecett of hit Balsam of Moteitello?Kan. Ward, M. C. Wetichetter; Gen 1 Jb E Morrit, Mej C. Mnpet, U. 8. Army} W. J", Hallel.Riq ; oka Griiwoid, hut; Capt. DePeyiter ol th* packet Sheridan; Charle* Rntiei, I ?i -, J. B. Undd, Esq. t J met A Rnydam. Eaq } Cnnrlca U, Kclchum, Ktq? aad many other* of eqa I l-admit. m-T lm*ee 1 TO THE LADIES?fl l'K.KEK'ft 8TTOTTION-There \ it ao or.cation to wear la te hair on accotwi of the color ol ] tha I air Leilit" . .c ofien troubled ?i ha palu Or diaeue in the j bead, Oct luunrt hi the prevanre hf the falae liau . Ladira can , have grav t-M- changed 10 look tn Wi ll a* rvi r it did, w thnul ( iajary. Mr. S. Inu a room rapr>t?ly to ho icuded b},? lady, at ( bia ri-aid' > ce. Alto Mr. B. wiil idiankc gent I em. ub iiairin ? any tnaq.'or color. DrO?g?u wr ulri d<> well to keep it lor talt . . in other citiea, at humbug dyet are uoiug ont ol Whole j ale and reuil, at No. V Chatham at., oppuare the regiatei't i oflat, up itair*. Bl JJ?lm*r M t ,, angbgffl&SSW&i. n. T..f^ I DO spesafaljy informs the public, that amorg the urlwdradt a. caaci which ha haa attended, dust of than hara been ope retail on by other ptofaaaoie without ?uee?sa and prcmcttnesd by than incumbl* ; yet. ha h?a never failed ? artUicata the duets* and ilect a perfect cure detune of every disadvaatage whichroay have preaented itself. and in roanv tptnpcat alreoat gainst hope. It it Una unprecedented lacccts in his treatment o? the virions (hitherto considered incurable) diseases of the eve. that enable* him with confidence te refer the afflicted who may be uuac'iuaiutad with him and hi* mild mode of treating the diaordar of thia organ, to uumerona restored patients in the find < las# ol apvaty. reapecung hit piolaaaion&iable abililia* and hid pre-eminent skill aa an ooculiat. Chrauic inflammation of tha eyelid, or tore eyas, howevet long standing, can-be effectually and psrmanently cured; films, specks, he removed end cured without surgical operation. Cataracts removed by any of the operations practised here ot ia Europe. 8TBABI8MVI, (Commonly called Squinting) cured in a few seconds oil ; Ouerin's crlanraivd plan, which la free from pain or danger. I gfy- Office hours froiu g A. M. to X P. M,, after which hours j b* visits out door patients m? )m*ec ARTIFICIAL TEETH. I ON THE PEINCIPUt OF ATMOSPHERIC PKE88U HE. MLEVETT, Oantist, the introducer into this country in the year 18to, of inserting Teeth on the above scientific principle, as practised by himself ALONE, courts the attention of tl.a public to his great impUovement. The (established repntatienof Or. LeVett, h?s easy, well known, peculiar and scientific adaptation in espying tha deficiencies of the Teeth, and the unvaried satisfacron given, which he fully guarantee* in all cases, warrants his inviting t- e attention of the ladies and puucniKQ ?n> oinnu irancm icnn unsiunuiy set, 01 who may require sew for those displaced by narure. M. LEVtTT, Dentiat, 360 Broadway, oo oer Warren it. opposite the Park. [Copy of a Letter froai M. M. Noah, ?tq ro Dr. Lrnui New Youa, May 34th, 1443. Dear Sir:?It it both a matter of duiy and pleasure to state, that the aet of artificial teeth on the principle of atmoipheric pressure which yon made lor a lady in uiy family, haa succeeded in every respect, in appearance, com tort, and utility, and hai ! given entire laliafaci on. 1 ant, dear air. your obedient servant, i r Signed) M M. NOAH. Dr. Levett haa p- rmliaion to refer to tome ol the elite of the eitlaeniof New Yor? in 7.|m*ec TtENTIST.?To those who have decayed teeth, and have >XJ neglected to have thrin attended to, either from fear cfite not being properly done, or the hiph price umally charged, can now have my operation per ormed pertaiaiug to the te< ih, in a careful and proper manner by calling oil W. 1C. -PAK90N8, 14 Veaey at , where he ii in attendance at all limea. and prepared to fill terth and imert, from end to a foil act, on the belt principlei now known by any dentiat in the eilv, for priori that will corrripond wiUi the limn, and wiihig the meant of evary one. Mr. P. inviteiall in need of liia seincy to call on htm end they thai I not be diiapnointed by aery efe'ation hot beiug properly performed, and m (act perfect tatisiaoiion in all ea aa will be given. N. B specimen* of hia work can be teen in hi* ofllee. gad refeeencei g yen if reqnirtd m M-lm*r BWAN'8 ATMOSPHERIC SODA FOUNTAIN, AH MINERAL WATH.R APPARATUS?United States O Letten Patent, Nov. 1,1MB Manufactured by L. B. Swan, Rocheiter, N Y. The attention of Druggists and other venders of 8oda Water ia lolicited to this useful and economical mbititute for the espeuuve, complicated ana troablnome apparatus heretofore in ue. The advantages of the Atmoipheric Fountain over the old method, are, the economy ol its apparatus, the original cost to the purchaser being log than one quarter that of the old fountain, ita simplicity of construction being such that any one of ordinary capacity cau readily Understand ita operation and management; the trilling expense of materials lor supplying it, together with the small amount of labor required and ita compact form. It ia now in use in various parts of the United States, Canada, the West indies, and Sooth America; and, as may be seen from certificates in the hands of the proprietor and his agents, gives entire satisfaction. Druggists and others in the Southern States and West Indies, will find this fountain particuly adapted ro their climate, as ine syrups will not ferment or injure in the warmest seasons. Full directions for potting up and neibg the apparatus, pit paring the different varieties of syrups, Ac., accompany racn. Fale sale by the proprietor, also by Geo. D. Cogger hall, 431 Pearl street. New York, General Agent. K. Liese, 143 John street, (up stain,) kawrence A Kerse, 131 Maiden Lane, obiuson A Ward, t43 " " Williams^Mahee A Clapn, 83 Maiden lane. Hoadley Phelps A Co., 143 Water st. A. R. A D. Sands, T9 Fulton st. (C^C AUTION?All persons are cautioned against manu facte sing or ntiog any infringement upon this sppsratos, as that Patentee is determined to protect his mtetesis against the least encroachment. L, B. SWaN. ?3 3m?ec SHERMAN'S LOZENGES. 17NORMOU8 quantities of these popular medicine are sold ? during the year, and still the demand is constantly increasing In five years the Doctor has gone trom a few pounds ep to it tons in a year, and where it will stop we cannot conceive. While Sherman's Lozenges are so pleasant that "children cry for them," they are wonderfully efficient, or they would not be patronized by our worthiest for instance? Ez-M ay or Clark, J Sherman Brownell, Ksq.. Register of the city, W. H I Bonn, n.?i. deputy register, Her. M-. Dnnbar, of th? McDoagal street Church, Rev. Sebastian Sireeter, ol Sott'-n, JUv. Mi. Autlumy, of th* Oneida Conference, Hon Senator Archer. Col. J. C. Zabiiski* of New Jereey.and hundreds of others of the like high r-spectability. Sherman'* Worm Lozenges?Tested in over a million of eases, and acknowledged by the medical faculty to be the only safe and certain worm destroying medicine in tbe world. They are prescribed daily by nearly all onr physicians. Sherman's Loxeiiget alone hate any reputation?ibe Doctor is a member i of the Medical Society aod a skilfnl practitioner. Sli?rnnn'? Camphor Lozenges?Headache, sea sickneaa, palpitatioa, lowneaa of apirits, and despondency, cured in a few minutes by them. Tbey bate been rally proved in a multitude bf cases and never known to fhil. Shenrun's Cough Lutengee allay all tickling or irritation of die throat or lungs, promote expectoration and cure the most hsrrassing cough or colds in on* day; also, asthma ana whooping cough, anil tightness ofih* chest. Consumption has repeatedly been not only relieved bat effectaally cored by Sherman's Cough Loxeuges, when all other means tailed. Sore Nipple* positively cured by Sherman's Pap Hart Oil. Soid a'IOC Nassau stiee.t, and sold by agents, ai 08 Bowery, 77 Eat; Broadway, 121 B eecker at, 227 Hudson ?t, Hushton It Aspinwall, New York; 139 Knltoa si Brooklyn; t VanYerk' 19 Chesout it, Philadelphia; Dr Heed, cor Oay and Sartosa sts Baltimoso; Thomas, 147 Malusl Cincinnati, Ohio. A Oathnie, 4 Stanwix Hall, Albany; O Dyer, Ji, 42 Weatmineier at, Protidense; Kedding, 8 State street. Boston; m85 Imr TpilE PillVATI TREATISE.?This is a little m.unie ot A certain dUoiscs, in which the mot: convenient and-pntew means of cure, ere yuteu in the plunest possible mannei. And col oniv arc directions given foe the more simple nud receui e-see, but those wrhich nave fallen into improper bauds, and e mtino* on from month to month, us perticmlarly dweltoa.? Such persons will aee immediately the diflicnlues which up rede their cum, whatever they may be, as well as the phn U be pursued iu each particular case, it is obtained onl* ot Ins author. Dr. Ralph, M Greenwich *t. Price $1. Dr. Ralph also taaei this epportaity of say rag that h* mi) be consulted on the peculiar dicrese* above referred to, #4.iu pmate rest d* une.r : any MU. Aware, however, of the deep and ;as*. solicitude which many feel to consult a person or integrity ca well as exrerieaee ir Uteae peculiar complaints, tie author ocems it rrerer to giyr th* following short sketch of uie opportunities he has i ad to fil himself for this trust. And this he s th* more inclineo to at many bars assured him thai for want of information of thii kind , they have selected from a list of advertising people the ae who had boasiei most of wonderful cure*?bm not Withont th* bitterest repentance. He therefore begs to state that, heaide his rank t* ; radon* of Edinburgh, Ac. lie. Ac. he hat been watching these diseases, both in hospital and city practice, for more lhan thirty years, and has published two editions of a work txpreasly oa then. Also that he has testimonial letters from ths most eminent physicians of Europe, to the most emi nest in America?at Sir Astir y Cooper to Dr. Slott. of N.Y ana Dr. Phyaick of fhilsdelnioa. and sthers: and l'nrthe . chat he ties the privilege of referring to almost every phvneui of eminence in this city. Nothing cu be statsd, he conceives, u better ground of confide ac? to thoee who ue (timet Ken to htm. Consultations rr.itT be made by pott, mm) for inch be hu a lltJ-rrivi-.r chest, containing every thuuj necessuy for a speedy md private erne. Itu forwarded at may be airccud friaell). m5 lra*r J. PEASE & SON'S CCOMPOUND EXTRACT OK HOARHOUND CA VDY, J for the core of Coughs, Co'ds. Hoarteiiets, Irritation oi the Throat, Croup, Whooping Couth, Asthma, Palpitation of the Heart, Liver CnanjilatDt. Night Sweats, Difficultor Pro fuse Expectoration, and all Diseases leading to Consumption an < D- ath. Tiiia pleaaant medicine it formed by a combination ol twenty-fi e difTerert ingredients, a'l celebrated fo? the cure ol cold*, cougha and pulmonary oomplamta; and br its combine tieo, if one ol the* art elrs abo ild be uaea id afford no re lief, in the Compuaud k id act el Foarhcu d thev ere ao amah gatuated that the ben. fit ot the whole la tiprneaccd in OM ""Jbn'lmportaut ingredient in this candy ia saraapxrilla, and foi that reaa< n a area many phyaiciant recommend it aa a nun fie? o. the blood and reoovater < ( the tyatero. Hold v,h>leaalr and retail at <,6 Dmaion atrect; 10 As to: Huoae.liO Bro dway. aadW Wi liam street: faEAU THE OPINION Ob CLfRUYMKN. The undersigned have used J Prate It sou's Compound Extract of Hoarhouud Candy, aad freely recomruen I it to thoaa afflicted with r ough*, co'ds hoarse, eat, aud cooaumptive cow plaints, aa an excellent recnedv in these oases, and lor the use of the v ice pr ftstiuiially, nothing can equal iu We reeom mend it to our brethren throughout the Union gv. J. Liodaey, lerem pastei M . E. Church, Second at. ev. J. Crawford, pastor of the second M. E. Chuich, Hudsou, N. Y. hex. Mr. Lucky, presiding elder New York f'ouference. Re*. Mr. VVhittaker. pastor of Presbyterian Church, cornet < 1 V a .Von and Catharine sue eta. Sav. W. C. Hawli-y, chaplaiu a' City Hospital. ev. Mr Oiffei. paat'-r of M. E. < hnrch, Bedford neer. Rev Mr. I art. re> ant pattt r u< Bep ist Church, Gold street, MMdencr 631 Peart street. Ray. Mr. fangs, pastor of M. E. Church, Foray th street. NO HUMBUG. Esteemed Friend?1 ntn no fne> dto pofli-gor qaackery, but hatiig been cured of a vry bad cold by the use of yoar tnvelaable Compound Harounl Candy, 1 leel desirous to recomnaeud it to ot-'era, that each one may give it a fair trial, and then judge for himaelf. Tours, respectfully. SOLOMON JENNER, Teacher, ? 75 Hrary at. N. Yoak, id mouth, 30th, 1Mb To Meexra. J. I asask H< n IX 1 # The following la from John Trior, President of tho United Suite >? W ammo Ton, April ('.h ,1143. Tho President datirti me to return Mmr-. Faaae ft Sou In* acknowledttnruaa and rery (foe* thanki fcr tin, ?> w? reeaivad at thair hand. Me hunted if with mnen benefit l? himaeif m a remedy Mr eotd and cough. I am, with*reat rrapett, JOHN TYLER, It. Frirata Seaiatuy. Mr tare. Faaae h Bon. Aeetita?Rnahron It Aipine all, It Aator Hooae, 118. flroatway, and M William at; Owen. I t}i?h Arenne; '1 iciyaot, oor William and Fulton at.: Badean, 398 Bowery; C L Cop ton. 3B3 Blrcater at; Martin, cor flat at end 9th Aveune; Mr?. Fink, lower Pott Offitet lachirflln. M4 C.tual a.roet: Dodd, 771 Broadway: Leconnt, jnn-tion ol Grand and Uivhii.d *.t? Ghnreli'a Datpeaaary,1M BoWery, cor Spring at; D W Atone cor Montgomery and Hndaon ala, Jeney Ci.y; Bnrdett, 19 3rd arenne; Godfrey, II I'-armnie ?t; Briglmin co. Houston at, nd ayruoe B; Kruted. Mt Broadway; Kefr, 748 llroadway; Melt umta, cor Chnreb ?"?! Chainbera afaiBmith 93 Weal Broau wr.y; Roger*, 107 Wett Broadway; Chilton, KH>a Carat a'reet; Timer, 341 Spring at; Roarhmilh-r, 311 Bleeder tl; Graan, TO Broadway; Drum., 681 Bioadwoy. it. R.? Fteh agent wM eella the ftmninr Horrhonnd Candy, hat a tertifieate signed J. IVmc It Son, 43 Divianyi at. .Agenta oat of the City? Barren * Zicbai, No. 3 l.edyri 1 SuBtaMs, Phladelphu; Redding k to No. 8 Slate atreet, gotten; Drner, 97 Blare at, Albany; H.,I,Irion. No. 110 Btlti more at. Baltimore. Md.; Weed & Wtteia, Troyt Meroar, U^ ljHmii ?ado Fultou it, Broolilyu; end Hai.A CLEAR OOMELKXfON FREE FROM KRUPTION OR DISFlCillREiMENT ]MAT BK HAD BY ALL, by naing a remedy now well atiewn to be eno ol the moat aurprlaing invention. of rhe tfe. It w madr is the abare of a beaulilul aoap, u it entirely areaiea'ca eeery erapnon, inch u pin olea, freefc.ea, blotch**. rohr*y, >(ilt rlirnm, tan, mnriplieiv, annbn:ii, or dian?uremeni j ?.rrhe abin. imparling to the lace, body, neck, or arma, a beaa trial healthy clrarneaa. vo mi.r?|rr?eiit.ttioi la offered, tint trial will suffice to recommrnd it to all. It r.hangae ihe color if dam, annbnim or yellow akin, to a fine healthy c'j*' iiaaa It haa recrired the approval of ihe Medical Council ol Paria, who call il a ' miracle, a wonder, and a bleasiu*. > i tare aeea thit cm- .eventf cater of eruption tt at peraoua hav. , ipenr han lre?l? f doll > on to tare in tain. Il Hi" '' 11 ^ ' :enta a cake by T. Jonea ?t hi. perfn nery eitahllrlttji'nt, ?igu )f flie American Kagje, 83 Cluttham ataaet. N.Y 1 igeeta? in Philadelphia, hy Zither, corner Third end | irneiMatiia dmancan Hotel, Waahiegino, D C-; in' I State >tre<-t: m < harleaton, B.4.,. 787 Kim at.i in Albeay^sr <ut[ at; in Brooklrn, 188 Falton. Agents wanted ^ COMPOUND SYRUP OP WILD CHERRY. ... vsssztssn* uiroat, woaenma. wfcootuac unih, aath ?. weahaao? of the mt*om rrSSm, mpaired oowbuooi from ur mm, mi u V . W peno?? from falliac into ? fec^iaa, ti,,. STal. "atejftiijvji&pjrcu! r Da. H. Swath** Oftee, No. M North Bmh tiNt, Philadelphia Cadtiow?All prep*, rati' n? from llrie T&laahU tru, eiaeoc tho above. Do-tor SWAYNlC'S COMHOUND SYRUP OF WILD CHRRRY are both fictitiona and eoantaHeit. For tale oalv at nn w u Mif.Nnni Drug Store.193 Broadway, corner of John it. Alio?Swayne's Specific lor Gone and Rheumatism. n>6 ltn*r LF.E'HES?LEECHES?LKKCHEB. QA nnn LARGE healthy Sweediih and German Leeehee OUjUUU ?jail received per RoUnd, Fruktii and Howard from Hamburg and daily expected. 30,309 Sweediih. and German Leechet. pet Sir Iaaae New ton from Hamburg. For isle at the_ lowest ^wrkei fjre^by salt lm*r Importer! of Leecbea. 440 Pearl it. PARR'S LIFE PILLS. I A RE an excellent Family medicine, and to peraona of icden I ft tary occupations and habit*. will be fonnd invaluable, be I ingot a mild nature, and very efficacious in removing the com| plicated and subtle dieeaaca common to thie cl"ia of the eommumty. They are also unequalled in rt moving the numerous diaV*** incidental to the ipring of the year, arising from im pontiri of the blood and other eauifi. Tho following are the exclusive aeeots for the sale of Parr's Life PHIsaWhere mky be had gmitii the Life and Timet oi Thomas Parr, with two fine engravings. and brat American teatlmouiaU of cores elfectea in the United 8ut?a>James Aspinwall, Druggist and Chemist, M WiUiam street; Rnabton It Co. 110 Broadway and It A*tor Honte ; Abraham Sands A Co. druggists and chemists,_granita bnildinsa. No. 271 Broadway, comer Chamber street; David Sands k Co. No. 77 East Btoadway ; P. Dickie, 413 Broadway, comer Lispenard street; John B. Dodd, druggist, Broadway, corner Rlecrker street ;I J. W. Badean, Bowery Medicine atari, 363 Rbwery John C. Hart, druggist, 343 Grand, comer Norfolk street; Syme's Medicine store 31 Bowery, corner Walker straet; John Syme, comer Fniton and Water streets ; Horace Everett, druggist, 83 Hudson at; J. k J. Coddingtou, apotheesriae, 337 Hudson, corner oi Spring street; E. L. Cotton, chemist ana apothecary, Jil Bleacher, comer J a nee street; J. Wepdovn, druggist aud apothecary. No. 14] Eighth avenue. Brooklyn?C. Wells Simons, drag, patent medicine end seed warehouse, I34K Fulton street, and wholesals at the pro prietor's office. T. ROBERT'S k CO, Clarendon House, 314 Brondwav.eor. Duan< st., first floor. Small Doxea 13 c ots. Large or family boxes 33 cants. Arsons desirous of obtaining an agency for their sale in the country.'will please direct then letters, poet paid, to T- Re beta fc Co. letter hex 987. New York a37 lm*m TMPOpTANT TO ALL.?Uaddonfiild, N. J., April 10. 1 1043.?On the IJth dap of ?'ctober, 1041, 1 m attacked bp a severe pais is t' eshir, in the region of the liver, which continued tonne five dfyt. The pain waa then reliavM bv the breaking of an absceaa internally. Snbsequentv, am (lanng the whole wiutef of 1M1, *42, 1 suffered intensely from Aw same came?continual pam in the aide, except when temporarily relieved bv a discharge ol matter from the abaceaa. Oaring all thia time I waa confined to my houae, had a violent cough, raiaed much bloody matter, and waa anpppaed by mysslf and othcra to be in the last stages of consumption. The February following, when arpvrrn'Ty my life wa? near its close. I procured a bottle of wietar'a Balaam of Wild Cherry. Aaaoon aa 1 commenced the eae of it 1 began to recover. The aoreu aa of my aid constantly grew lass, piy cough gradually left m*? tba profuse txpeetoratton and splitting of blood ceased, and my g-neial health becamr by deurvm r?#t< red. I routinued natng the Balaam, and by the latter part of March I r<aum ed my trade, that of a carpenter, which my health ha si abled me to couliune without interrupted throughout th e pest year1 w II further remark,this remarkable cure was effected by the use of only three bottles of Wistaria Balsam of Wild Charrv. THOMAS COZENS. Gloucester Connty, N. J., as.?Personally appeared before me. the suUscribct, ose of the justices of the prace mand for said eonnty, Thomas Coxena, who bei g duly affirmed according to law. saith the above statement ta in all things true. Affirmed bciore me, she 10th day of April. 1043. J. CLEMENT, X P. A. Willwmv, Esq., counsellor at law. No. M William wraet, was Cured of s|>asmodie asthma of twenty-lbu- years aMHtng, by the use of one bottle of the Wild Ch.ny Balsam. Let those who doubt thia wonderraLcure ell at his nffiee and see him. Jaa. W. Woodruff, of f lixebethtown, N.J. waacured of da grrona bleeding of tbe lungs by the use of only one bo tie. Two justices of the peace certify to thia earn. We have no room to name any more of the nomerona similar eases. Price 21 per bottle. Sole at 123 Fulton street, comer of Nassau, by Isaac Bntta; Dcitrr, Albany ; Gotham, New Haven. a27 im*ee BARRY'S WIGS AND SCALPS. rPHK Importance which all ages have attached to the Head of A I clear tndeX of the vatne set on personal fign-e.and when by some C'priciona freak ot Nature the human form is deprived ol its fair proportion. Art is resorted ro, in order, by artificial means, to supply the deficiency. Hence have arisen those wonderful discoveries which bid Nature defiance, Barry's Ventilating aud Gossamer WIOB AND BCALP8. still atnnd pie-eminent above all others. Their peculiar light, gossamer, and ventilating character, their being shared exactly as the hair grows; their elasticity, and their superior material sad woikn.aiiship, as well aa their style of finish and arrangement, all combine to forte such perfect beads oi hair, that they meat be seen to be fully appreciated. The complete succrsa that the above named has met with in the manttfaeoire of his nnrivaUt d he.-as of hair fur the last two years, far eioeeds his most vans uine expectations. He respect fully solicits a call, confident of satisfying the moit fastidious that be is the best and cheapest maker in th -city. They can only be bad at I4C Broadway, comer of Liberty it., up stairs. Private rooms for fitting wigs and urapees. n2 fra*re - A I XiON to FKMALLtr MADAME BJCSTELL. FEMALE PHVSiClAN, wo.Id 4U inf.-rm ladies who whh a proper deiicncy, Uiva a rep-g ueea the treatment of their comidaiew enceptbyou* of tux rtva sex, Jrnt in all oases she attends to (nasi rx permnce, umeuec and knowledge enables her to do so. the deems it necessary .<> itais this, at she dors out wi?h u te eimsed with the pr?tondrik continual ty appearing and disajpeti tag, advertising as "fea tls Physicians," who too iguot^at ?.d incompetent themselves are obliged to get tome scarcely leis if-u>rai.-i qnack to experiment instead. (.enualunr ierlo-s and residence 1*1 Wreenwioh meat, between Conrtlandl sou Li berry ctrcela Musts of attandtuce from 9 A. M.tefP. V. alt 2in*r FEMALE MONTHLY PILIA rhWING to iha eslebnty, efficacy, and invariable saecsu a' " Madam* Kast*ll\ Eemai- Monthly fills in all casts o> irragniaiity, sumresaioe, or stoppage of (Lose functions of ?a tare upon which the health cf avery (eicaJe ospeuds, sines I their .ntaodwtiou into tbe United States, noiv a Lent foaryrva sorntertvils and imitations are constantly attempted to be Mined elf far the genuine. Cheap eomroou pills ere purchased at twelve eenta a bos, net ?n in different boxes, and callecS"Vemds Mogtbly PiU,h with theebieetof seihngtnem. if pOMtble, at one or two deMan a box. Is mates are tnerufon -sutioned against t uefv attempts to impose upon them. It ir . sufficient bare to slate that all Female Monthly rilis are eoun MtfeiW, except these void at Mad?m? HestelPs Pnncipel Jfikee 141 Greenwich (trust. New York and I Essex street.'boetea. rpoeju. DuniH mihui limine la written oa the cores N. B ?ihey caa be assd 07 married or single. by follow as the directiens tvuotti im-ie of see! hos. Held aiaa by ' P - ointment at SM <2ra.nd street. corner ol 'Allen. New York >!<? r TO MARRIED LADIES jl/fAPAUt Kit HI iCLL'b PKIT. V KNTIVJ? FOWD2HH l'tiase itrsloable Powders have been universally adopted la ftnrope, bat France in partieiiler, form *wi of dnny ye-?' at well aa bj thousands in tti>? counay, at Wmy, the only aiM. safe, and efneacionj remedy far mimed ladiaa. w orn h stick'jidt a too rapid increase <vf family. Madame Boaul). aa u waJ| known, wu lor untr yaui Pal mala Physician in int two pnnc:p6J r*ra#J# Uo*piL-!* in *? rope?tboae ofYtenna end Parrr?Where favarec l-y her creel orpenence and optoruuitir*, ?>? attainbd tlial celebrity >a thus* (rro.ti <!iirovtrier in ratdieil scione* so spocialfy aiiaptod to the fe^itala fisrao, far which hat Mbethciaea naw stand pari relied, as wall in this country ra in Kuropa. Her aogiMMituioe with the physiology and anatomy cf the female frame, enabled her?by tracing the decliorand ili bcafthof married lemtltt. carte m the meridian 01 !>fe. end tlie consequent rapid aim rKaa appercatly inespflcahle caoieiwhioh consign many? fond ibottier to a prematura grave?to their trae louree?wear rreiti knowledge of (he primary tineer ot famals iniitspoai .teas?especially of married females?whieh, in IMg, lad V (he diaooTery 0 her celebrated " Vvirentirr Powders.' Their adoption bar been the mean* of preferring not only ins yslth. bot ova* the life of arrrw met lioaau Wife ami fend mother The adve-aaar leet'.ag the el (hi; *uu,cos, ana ot ..mating the east baasuts mui m* to tMu<atiJr by their vioy Lon, would most reiif?eU?;Jy voutiic attention ot tl.? mar led, by all that tbay hold nbtty and dear, to tneir r.cyudsvsttui '* it not wiaa sod virtuous to poaveat evHa to Which we are saV oct, by. simple and hoaitbr meant within oar couuoL trtr fisnaasionats, rirtnoys. and enlit+ranrd mind wrU ualiesitat ingly answer tathr. ajturtr.alivs. Prite Am dollars 1 pockets lcoompansed with foil and iwrtifujai directions Thai ran bo forwardod by mail te any part of the Uniifl! States All letter* motl be post pa 19, ami addressed to MAUASI E HKft T&LL.. Female Physician. Principal offira, 141 Ortoawitb art*'. Now If oak. O#" noasa I row A.M. tea o clock P.V a rtop office No.T Ksstsf am ?-*r PORTUGUESE FEMALE PlLlsB M. lit BOUUK^O^r*^AMDf?"^1*1:,()Nl v 'MvOAii THE Scion tillv oosnhmanot. cf IStrpimrM* of which these A. Pills are cotnuwd, liavo made Ihrfu die wouder rui adms ration of the world They are known all over Km ope tc ts Ike only preparation ever dsseanwied thai lias proved invariant* eortain iu producing the .aonthly turns Then ceiauuty,??afi 1 < ouea, being seek that the* meat not be card daring preguanty. Mr though cl way* mild, aaCt. and hoalrhy, they w oertarp to prodaee raiaeamage n nsetl dwnng mat pen?d. The directions are translated into Y.nelisb .and n.e en rsii red teandwith Ike seal of the importer, srsmpeo Kaen bo/aocf twna the tignatnro of M. de Btxde'O^e^ ci;' th? bnglue di reetiona ham Mo dtSIW of Or. h -MIT. VW.AV thorsed mbi for the sontiaost of Aasonea ISsyw w rvm^nue by mail te any pest.?i ike u?imd Stales. Sold by Dr f m*lvpae. u?f nrf .1? United State*, olllce 17$ Libert* etieet, anar Oreaawieh etreet. Price tS?half bote* $3. No half bote- rent hy mail. Sold, also by appointment of *. F. M? at IS) Cherry etreet, near Catherine et LetW* directed to Dr.*. none*'., *i t, Net y orb. will ate* with immediate aaenOot W letter* me? be poet pQid. raid Imddlw ivl ADA :i) h Khltlilili, 0EMALK PT1TS1CIAN. Oflce and residence, ita vireoo ' wicn itreet, botwaea CeorSaodt and Liberty-stresta. wbarr he can t>* eonanlted with Oka errieteat '."nfWwie* <"> * elaiati in:.dam to the fateaie fraaia. Madame RmtsiI sxpenaoeaand kiiew.eilpe m tii#'jn dm of ohstintlacaretrf female inetralarity, stoppey*. S4fpt#r?'jb?, ic., l? siftn m to retjni-e bat a few day* te rtfoct ? pr-fsrt we. Ladies dctir n? propsr mediealatteMtnredarinc cr"'Dement or inibr.viitiosi. will he sceommossted ovum eeh time, with psi'Me and resectable board. . j "Prercruiee Ft- e.ler*," for i?arri?d Hates, wf *r? -fa ueate or precmrion* heaiUiMbUO'ttSolMMterMea10 (sin lay, Till be ?ent br mail to an* eart of.the d? ? pack-.**. All Lettere (row paid) addrM|pd to brt* nt Nsw Vork. Bottim Oliea. Ne y. Esses . W. B ?Madame HH.8TKLL ' Ml of tha city, whose haaith ' mi thTm ^f'^7, iht wrtti'ri > i n?r?ori?l itranaii'je open then to 151 iirt of the United States within reasonable alt So* IVfARINE SUBVEYORIB 0^10^.7 Wall stisst. weat ea^yn?raKKi'i'li'ed'bT tb? iJhamkM of Commerce, and the R?Id .if Under; ritem. to surrey ahtr* and mteUdiw. Hoemtrom.A^to^M T. H Mltitity. gurrsyoas. Ht/asi LL -TUHOli' K. T NOintl*. LUra. -*Z?L~ PUBLISHED DATL* BT ? .IIIIKH QIIHOOM BRblPTT. < W.CORNEB. FULTON AND NASSAU STRKKT?; T?a Nnw V?aa HeaaLu?A daily paper. tamed every i aoruiim of'he week? i-nec two cent* per copy. Cenupy sai* icriher* f*n<ian<-d at th? same rate, lur any spenltc period, <>? l reHMttance in advance No paper aeut, unlet tieid in adrnuoe Tan WciKLf HnaaLD? lmned ereiy Saturday merwaear lioa o c ock?p ice six and ai/umrter cult per copy?(nwaVtee o roun re subscriber* at tl.25 per aonna, in adeanoa, or at tie " erne ra e for any aoe ifed period. Ctuiomna are mumd nfffMsm'thair' lattem to iaSSii v'uum. Krrfir*"