Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 4, 1843, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 4, 1843 Page 1
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TH ot. IX.?Mo. 15? ?Wkol* No. S304 To tlaa Public. THE NEW YORK HERALD?dailynewspaper?pub11 shed every day of the year except New Year's day and Fourth of July. Price 2 cents per copy?or $7 28 pat anaum?postages paid?cash in advance. THE WEEKLY HERALD?published every Saturday moinief?price 8J cents per copy, or $3 12 por annumpoRt jpcs paid?oash in advance. ADVERTISERS are informed that the circulation el the Herald is over THIRTY THOUSAND, and increasing OKI. It hat the largest circulation of any paper in thii city, or the world, and it thtrtjort, the bett channel for hutinett sen in the city or cown'ry fncM moderate?cash in advnnc*. PRINTING of all kind*, executed at the most moderate prices, and in (he most elegant styleJAMBH GORDON BENNETT, PmoraiSTos ow thk Hkhslp Eitibi.iihsii>t, Northwest corner of Fulton and Nassau streets BH1T1SH AND NORTH AMERICAN HOVAL HI All STEAM SHIPS, Of HOtitons and 446 hone power each. Under contract with the Lords of the-Admir&lty. HlBERNIA, C.H. E. Judkins, Commander. BRITANNIA, J.Hewitt, do CALEDONIA, E.G. Lett, do AC A i)'A, A. ifyrib do _ COLUMBIA, It. C. Miller, R N do Will sail fh?m Liverpool and Boston, via Ha4fai asfnjlowj; suets Li*?.arooi, i0u lotto*. Acadia, Rvrie, J?? ? m.t i Columbia, I?ni?r, Mar 4 Ap'! i Britannia, Vlewiti, Ap"i> May 1 Bdwnua. Jortk'-.j, Aji'l 19 May It TP,- aorvxpkiodstious for passengers are superior. Pit versels are acceinpained by experienced surgeons, and amnhy supplied with Frances' Patent Life Boats, Passage rednaed to f ISO. No Berths ?o"PiT*d nhlil pud for. For farther information, apple W Dj^JBIUGHAM. JR.. at IIAKNDEN k CO?8, No. I Wall-st * Ntt*> ARKANGEnENT. FARE AND h HEIGHT REDUCED. ^REGULAR MAIL LINK?FOR PROK*55dC3*VinK.Nt K AND B OSTON, via BTQ NaC=Sat|vGTON AND NEWPOR^- -Composed of the iDlluwisg in-e-yior stssmjirt, running in eopnectiou with the Bteuihaton and Bos'.oa aud Kovidai.ce Railroad*:? VRHACHU8ETT8. Cant Com*lock. RHODE ISLAND, Capt lhayer, PROVIDENCE NARHAff V.N SETT, M(?"' - ** Tme Ofwhichwiir eave New York daily (Sunday* excepted) from Pier No I, Bntrry Place, N. River, at 9 P. M ARRANGEMENTS. The RHODE 1SLAN D, Captain Thayer, on Monday, and Wrdueic'ay lor Stt>niD?lon and Nedrpoit, and Fiidvr for Stoningtoo The MA8SA0HU sRTTS.Cap'ain Comatoek, on Tuesday and T iur?9?y Tor HtonlngUn, ana Saturday for Stcninglou, Newport and Providence P.ttacDRt'it, ou the arrival of the ate amen at BtoniugtOD, SI be rmmedia'ely forwarded in the splendid and com m true Cars bf the Rail >o*d to Prov deuce and Boston, and if Newport will r,n?-evil in the steamers on Monday, Wednestliv and Saturday, and on'he intervemnit days, proceed tit Suiliotmn Riilresd to Piovideuce. and from thsuce in the steamer loins, without any additional charge. Tickets 'or the route and steamers' berths can be secured on board, oi st the office of . HARNDEN It CO , No 3 Wall street. [T7"0d and after the lothiurt, freight will not her ceired nod for wa'ded af'er half p*st ? P M mo 6m* m NEW VOHK AJN1I K1>U S PON J3 dSAM FREIGHT AivD PASSAGE f,*JE. wwkM*l Kor Kingston, and IMaware and Hndson jHLfcJ*Canal?steamboats EMERALD and NOR SE2K3E.WICH. The EMKhALD, Captain John Ketrham, will leave New York foot of Murray street, every Monday and t'nursday at i o'clock P. M. Will leave Kingston (Rondout landing) every Wednesday and Saturdie at 3 'clock, P. M. The NORWICH, Captain John *amuels, will leave New York, four of Mar.ay street, every Wednesday and Saturday at S o'clock, P M. W.ll 1 a>e Kingston (Rondont landing) every Tnes ay and Friday at 3 o'clock, P. M EXTRA TRIPS. The EMERALD will leave the font of Murray street every Suiidy inorumg at 7 o'clock. Returning leaves Kingston at 4 o'clock nunc day. For freight or passare apply on hoard, or to WIlaUAMSON, BARLOW A CO , all 3m* r 16) West street. FOR BUFFALO AND ALL PARTS OF THE WEST ASSOCIATION PArSkOi OFMCE TO ALBANY. Utica. $1 no Ko'herter, $3 00 Syracuse, 1 23 Buffalo, 3 3d Oswego, 3 >3 Up & Lower CanadaS 3d For passage npply to .vi. L. RAY, m33 3m 03 Barc'ay st'cei NewYoik. STATE ft ISLAND FfiEKY^ Voot of Whit*hillstreet. On and after Thursday, lane the lit, uie steamboat* BTAl KV l?LANOh 8 and SAMSON, will make .be following iripa, until ranker nonce :? btirrA 4taten island, leaves new yorr At t, 9 It, 11. * M, At M.M, il, A. M 1,7,4 Vt7P. M. 1. 3, JH.5 6 7 P. M. On Facdnya, lean* every h or, from 8 A. HI to7 P. M. niTft r P OPx-K'i LINK OF STEAMBOATS fl25^Ua?KO* ALBANY?Daily at 7 o'clock, P. M. 3C3UE?TI<'?a|ii Direct (Sunday** excepted) froia t-a fcuaintmai Pier h? * en Cour landt and 1 iberty itieeta Snamhoat KOCM'.STfcK, Capt A Houghton, Will leave TUe*da?, Thnmdar end Hwurdav evenings, at 7 o'clock. itrambiat >OUTH AMERICA, Captain L W Braiuard, will loave Monday, Wedneaday and Friday evening*, at 7 o'clock. 8 ua in boat NORTH AMERICA, Captain M H Trne>dell, tallica attintrrm-diate placet, will leave Mouday, Tuesday Thursday and Saturday afternoon*. ?t S o'clock. riuiencrn raking thia Line of Boat* will invariably arrive in Albany in ample time to take the Morning Train of Car* for the *a*> or wcil O'The above butt* are new and enbetantial, are fnranbed with new and el'g-n' elate rnowa, and for cpeed and aceommodatio. * are unrivalled on thr Hudaon. Korpaaeage or freight, apply on board, or to P. C. Schnl'g at the nrtlee on the wh*rf. mice NEW YORK, m 4P?WS|LMOUN I AIN A EASTON., fllll ||T-J J.eoTr t~ foot of Conrtland atreet, 'daily (SnTd *ei; cpud) ni t k'o'ocU, A . M., by tailroad f um Jrr'ey city to Morriatown, thruce by Poet coeehea ihr. ngh Mendham,Cheater Sehooley'a Mountain, An.lerion Town, Port Colden, Wa*ki:ugtou, to Faeton. At WaaMngton, a daily line uiteraect* to and from Belvidere For sesta apply to J. Hiil, at J. Put too'*, Commercial Hm*'. 7JCcurilaud*treet. N.B.?Ettnj furnished u the shorten notice by applying to N. B. La-*. United Hiatw Hotel, Morriatown. tnyll lot ee ABBJMijdSi ^ ^UJW iafir,jC DAILY EXPKr.pS FOR \LBA\Y TKOY. BUFFALO, t HiCAUO AND 1 HC CANADA8 The inbacr.lyra havtoc completed their arrangements with the People's Liue of Steamboat*, on the North Hiver and the Rail Hoad ( om, "nies west of Albany tor running their Express lor the ssaano ol 1843. an Exurra* will Itavr their office. No. 1 Wail a tract,New York, every evening, "t qnerter to 7 o'clock, for the above nemcd a>d^nt^Mnt.dia^e^ilaeet. For the greater safely and aecunty of af valuable and money rockaxet entiXUted to their care, they have Salamander Iron Bate* ou b< ard of the steamboats, in a state room occupied exclusively by thcmseim*, and the meaaenger in charge sleeps in the a*me ro m with the iron aalrt. into which all aucV package* are placed. POMEHOY k COMPAiNYV^ mltc No. S Wall street. NEW JERSEY RAILROAD AND TRANS. PORTATION COMPANY. NEW YORK AND NEWARK. fflmlftto Fu-? reduced to 35 cent*. Vfmtnt fo?t of Conrtlandt afreet, New York. VK.verr -Iny? SudiM excepted.) few York Learn Newark At A. M. At t F. M. At 7 A. M. At IS P. M, 9 '><> I do. I do. 4 do. 11 do. < do ? do. 3S do. M< do. IAS 7* do. ?(M do. 9S do. ONBUNDAYB. From the toot of Cooitlaodt itreet. Learc New Votk, . Leave Newark. A'' Tnflf &iRkVA'"t8jW< ' " I.eate New York J < ** F.licaheib Town At * A. M. At I P. M. At 7W A.tM. |I P M do. 4 do. iS do. T do. 11 do. 4* ro. 10 lo. ?S do. SflrYdo. 13 do. The train* for YVealfiria. rteinflele, Bonndkrook, Somernll* Ae., connect with ?hei9 A M, aeflMXPM train* Irom Nen York, daily, Bondaya ereeyted. k'arr beiwean New York and Blimbeth Town M r?nu. K.ire between do and Bnmerrille. TJ cent*, rare -e ^ w. VORK AND KAW^AY. I.eare New York. Lear. Rahway. At t A.M. At.I PM. At 7 A M, At J P.M. 9 do t do R dr tS do II do 4V do ?/ da 9 do 'iH do US d < NRW >OI K AND hirw From t iot of l.onrtLnd itreet, New York, daily, loatr N n Yor1 . New Bniua A 19A.M. At 4 r M. A fi A M. Atll.SAM 5^ do 7 -f do IS f. M. ON BUND-.Y8 Le??e New Yo?k. Leere Mew Bmnawick. At 7 A M and P M At IIS A.M., and IS P M Pare, ; ichp in the Philadelphia Iran.* between New Yo-I ami n^w Itmniwiri. 10 eenta Brtwien New York end Pah way Sdcecti Paotiiatr* woo i roc ne Iheir ticaetaat the tieket ?in? , ic aire a ferry ticket /rati*. Ticket* are reeeired by the cot O.ieror only on the day when pnrrhaied. jv4r Hk . TVr A Jl ?t^R LlVtPhPOOL-P.ckrt 0'~thi hZjMV 7tli of Jo *?A ?id?ndid, fur.i,|,1K p.raet ahip wPI eMKila da-pr.tched end *atl poaiueely a? *t> >re Hav'ni ip'eu.lio a commodtt'ont tor cabin, aecond cabri and ?trrrt*< :a?*?n*eta; for paamge earl* application *n. old b'made or vardotte W. a. J, T. TAP-COT J*' i *1 Peek Blip c ?r H uth it. FOR LONDON?Kraatar Packet of the 1* k4?FV Jane.?The apletn i.I well known fiat ??iline perkr JWtilS. .in. MEDIATOR, iaptam Lhadwick. wilfpo.i t r. Ii eil anore h?r r-*nlar day, Thie i hip ha* *| lend d amniiiiiodaiinn* for cabin, aecond ca bin, ami a(**r.\g? pmenanr*. peraona Wiihinc to aeenre beilha ahould not tail to make earle a ipliearion on h?arri, or to W h J. T. TAraOOTT. mi IJ I'erh Slip cor South at. AiArA " I'Ai.Ktt l FOH HA VKK?drcond Lint-Tin afKMAVihip ON KIDA, Jame < Funk, ma'ler. erll aatl on I hi ffFTOfclat of Jaly. BOYD k HlNCKKN J? ' . Tontine Building, Wall at. E NE a TO LRT?The modern Hill thren itory brick di??llif C. No 16 (Jr**n ?treet, ruuhrd wah fllfer ftirui* ta'a, ranblr mautlra arH grva* thr.'unnout A Hue Urrryard with u.v r failing cia'rrj. Will b: lei low. Foe further |*ti I till rs kj.j.iy 10 . A1TKKN, B?01 HPHS. Je2-lm ec _o. 122 Fiilo.e >lr?et Jflk "1 > LK/fTu Williiu.sbU'*? 1 lie All oc or i>? i oi a T.iS 4 "f" three <.-y fc-ich Dwilliua HotUr In Jou'.h 7ih nul Y*W ,ow Apply 10 W It J T Tap?enlt, 43 Pei k alip. 7<c ?hL BAIU LAV M'1'HKk.T-TO LEI-I he clegaut ejjff end c. in thr??> ouiv Irirk l.ou?e No 5! B .relay <fciM?*'raM, bui t iiiil oei-upirj b) vir. Thorn <a Br?ok? m ill the on ami t me. In etcrlkiit order rud filial ?il!i tn<( MBvewenci for a large fumy, an"! >i < roul of Lo l*ge I'IaCj. Ko terms apply at No. HO Water atreet. inti lin*r GKNIN & VAN VK ANKEN'S VENTILATING GOSSAMER HAT, ' FOF GENTLEMEN, 9Wb-|0;*IN0 U^LY iJi DUN EH?PBICF ?] 50 r THE Bohrerfbera bire iutioduced rhe abo-e mmad c h hat tor tumuui wear. Br comparing ihe weight o| thia attic's with ihr average Wright ol ihe following hala. iheuoe- 1 i? >?' " ?o? ' *? wear may bo tfi a lv n?D. 1 he average weight of the ordinary far hat ii? W entices. 11 do do Paoama S'< " i do do Leghorn 4 " ' Bein? filly couyinbrd that do ityle of summer hat heretofore Wtvn. has met with the general Approbation whl'h a hat i nisei lag all the qna'itice, tit* ligmneia, beauty, durability and ( cheapness, would be aure to receive, we kavr devoted much at- b teut on to the manufacture and finishing of the new style now b in ror'need by us. Ftov> the worn appioliaiiou eiorrsa d by r gentlemen who hare eiamined them. We feel sati.fii-d 'h *t they tl need only to be aeeu to be fh ly app'eci-ited e GENiN A TAN VRAMKKN, rri2dlm,,ec 214 Br ad way, opposire St Pali 's Church. t JaOOft AT THIS ! ^jSjf r Boots, of hut euallty.-"* $4 to $1 40 J,' P' o ch, do do 3 to 3 $0 Fine suited Boats, 2 JO C> 3 0') Pegged do a 51 ?, Mnro co do 3 25 j| Seal Skin and Grain do. 1 75 to 2D) Clu h button Oai;< 'l, 2 25 P'Unelli do 3(0 ~ Kioe Calf Shoes, stitched, J 00 4<?if' hoes, 1 Si to 175 B ,'v's duo sewed bouts. t 2 25 t ,f peg-ed b' ots, cdf. 110 " Sealskin ant Orsio, 1 12)d " Eiac Calf Shoes, I 24 .. ." ' Kip fihoes,".. * ? I '0 ' <. YouUi's 8ewi' Bit t>, 1 *0 te 1 SO .: IADlES' BOUTS fit SHOES?Ladies, in hei-s ores you f wi'l find tne greatest. ,<sa rtmen'. of'4ait*r B mis, Simpers, ,, Bnski. s, Ti?>, P nuella Bushius, and d?r* c iloted h.lf G.itets, lit use blipp-rs, whi e and black satin s'mpers satin ^ ga te s, Missrs and Childress'gaiiers, bu> aits, slippers, tiss, , and all ot> er kinds of boots and snots of our own manuficiur- j iuv with the beat of French goods and wPlanted to be thi bisl and as cheap as the chearest, at 307 B o-dway and 92 Canal st. jl mr GKEGOlll Ik LAHILL. PARI* BO iPS AND LABI'S MADE Tl> OHUKR By E. a USER, 175 Broadway, (Basemen/,) Our D ior from Conrtlaudt street, i K. SUSElt, Bootmaker, and maker ol Lasts, an sgpP@"ICIrt;" of Cleree of Pari* begs leave to inlorm his frieudsand fill the n nuteursof a gsailein 'tily "ehsussure,'" that he etn now make, in New York, with the best P'rtnch ma'eiials all that is so per'ectly made, in atis, by his master t the celebrated booimtker Clerce, whose numerous customers r oil this side of the Atlantic, are reap ctfully invited to try . SUSEK'S boois and lasts be I or- thry despair ol being "ehaus- ^ Sea" in New York, afrer the nicest, latest Parts fashion. j Ala".the genuine Paris Jet Blaek Varnish sold. tl m'0 7w "r r. ? - BUUT AND SHOE STORE. Ii JOHN BRADY respectfully informs his friends ti and tne rublic, that he has commenced business in the above line, at No. 9# Nassau street, where he will thankfully receive auu laujiiuuy circuir, an urucr? itc u-?y uc invurcu wiuiuu he mi'ttrfuon h'e term <orcash. 90 ffkOAD 'VAV. r 8., fc'RKNCH BOOT MAKKR, ^0BMF Ironi Parii, h? an assortment of ready-made r{ Boot* and Shoes,of the beat calf ikin,for fc'ive Dollari, superior n to any other how maker in the city in 10 lm*ec g TO THl? LADILB ?200 pair prime Oaiter ' ipRV booti of all colon and sizes of the btest fa* hi n, V M'nei and children'! Outer b >o'j and Buskins, L'.dies Bus 1 kins. Tin and 81 pp'ts, a aood article, from 4 to 8 shilling*;. !! A'so, a good assortment of Gentlemen's prime csll ititch boot*, city made, f'o . 2 75 tot dollars, sya-rnuted : good fine r pegged boots, 12 to 18 s'nl iugs. Alio, B iy's b iots, 8 to 12m ; "tuu gaiters, qu liter bsots and ih'ies of ill descriptions . id great abundance, at Walter's cheap store, 419 Broadway, '' carbrr C-ual ?t eet, ru24 lm*ec " TREASURY NOTES LOST. J08T. br the aubscriaef. bet weeu the cities of New Turk -a an I Philadelphia, a nocke t memorandum book, containing the following Treasury Nofei A No 19555 10 June, 1842, 6 per cent, to Syl. Brown "1 . . em ono-d 26 June, 312 1*- 100 B 19556 10 ? 6 ? 26 ? 18121'of. If 0 A '9588 10 6 ? 20 ? 812 f -S 100 A 34CO-I 10 ? 6 ? 26 ? ltiv! S . JO B 3H0I 10 ? 6 ? 3i ? 1242j J J JO C M< 02 0 ., 6 ? U 18.2 to B. Buiucn and R. L. Myers, JO B 112)5 8 Mar., 1842, *per cent, p? Syl.Brown, endorsed 12 -'?r h 1812, to IS. Rmvan and K L. Myers, SO C 20365 25 Apiil, 1842, Q. Lbyall, endortcd April, .'847, loK.L Myers, 50 tiao , All persona are lorewarned against the payment of the above notes. A liberal reward will be paid for the return of the book and 1 eoeiei ?, to (he subscriber, at 75 Month Front street, or rlestrt. v Allib . k ??, I Bouih Wturve?, Pni'silelphia, er to 0 t', Bryan It Maittaud, 174 fc'ront street, New kirk. ,ilsdnl| hid, 27th May, 1843 v , ,|20 I n'r ~ (Signed) R. L- MYER8. |j . JAIL BOAT I'HALLKNOE ? What i, the matter 1 Aye, J that't ihe rub' When the smothered growls of disappoint- j, e<i success lurks id the bosom of man. he loses sight of xmiabtIrtT, prostrates himself, and in turbulent array dies nuhceded and ouknown. Bach is the condition of a certain boat builde t of this city w ho seeks notoriety ihrough aanonvmout commanicatious. The anheeriher has tor ye ^rs etood 0|k>d the contested giouud of boat building, and long eiperience has taught him that ' "Large barks can ventoe more. But little barks must keep near shore." ' And when men think they can cope snth him in superior boat buildiug thev must not talk in paiabies, bat b -loly meet him b at his office door,there arrange for the unering test of proof; his fi challenge* are always made m cood faith,his oats to conquer. 1 Ui>oo this principle he forms hit I ulwark, aud now for the hue ? dr'th lime lie offers to show the stem of "Tronbler" to any g boat ('rolibs ever built or has on hano, for a trophy which will s richly repay the aioeriment. New where it your boasted I backers; wbere't your own daunted courage?draw the veil " and show yoursel to the world. c P. 8? One month's notice, any distance under fifiy miles, c The "Troubler" can be seen at hit bazaar. t (P. 8 ) C. L. IN0".R80LL, m5!m*ee 406 Waterstreet 1 Alt. 11 AND JRWltLLKUY lower Bran erer.-As ' the subscriber is constantly receiving all deseriptiqgis ef . gold ana silver waicnes. 01 me Bfwttl styles, uireci inmi me manufacturers, in England, Fiance, and Switzerland, lie u enabled to offer a larger assortment, and at much leas prices, at letail, than any other honse in the city- ?>Id wi.tehes as low is Hi each. Watches and jewel) eiy exchanged or boujhr. , All watches warranted to keep good time, or the money returned. Watches, clocks and jewellery repaired ir the heat . manner, and warranted lower than at any other place in the J city. O, C. Alton, importer of watches and jewellery, whole - J mle and retail, Ki Wall street, mostairs. m2.Ma Im'ec , T li let LADIES who aie ri-nuvatiDg their dwrllmgs, as a I co.rn limut 10 the nt ssoB, when all is buoyant a- d gay, * int.y lie Inriiiihe'l with Fancy i at Tisane Paper, for the cover- I inn of pic are fism s, lo .kings' eases, candlesticks, vases, grate aprons, hail lamp., kc kc , winch will greatly omunenr, at a very trifling eipcns-, at 1M Canai street, Id below Vaiick. < m6 Im'jgti l? a Vent preserved highly flavored p?r r Table MEATS AND sours. ?or ship storus. war ranted to keen 'or auv length of time, and in any climate, man ufactnred and lot sale, wholesale ?nd retail, by Wll LIAM MULLANE. ml Sw*r KM William street. , - J-OHN M. DA VIES <te JONEb, lhl WILLIAM STREET, CORNER OF JOHN, LI AVE just rreeired from recent impurtetinns, and of tlitir n own uiaoiikctare, t very superior assortment of Spring 2oods, consisting of every thing neat, tasty and fashionable in e gentlemen's furnishing line, which edded {o their former stock, comprises on assortment of goods rarely if ever before touud in one store, among which are;? CAPS?In every variety, for gentleman, yontb and children. CRAY ATS?Of plain and Dgaied si tin, gro grains, embricks, he. SCARFS?Of vesting satis, broche. ULOVES?Of kid, silk, brown and chene lintn, Kals, iron silk, kc, HOSIERY?Of cotton, merino, wool spun silk, kc, UNDER GARMENTS?Of Shaker knit merino, woolen, LlNETi"cOLLaUS? l'lain and Byron, or all qneiitiav and 8H flcFs-Of linen,moalin. French cambric, plain and with ruffles, Ac. HUf*rK.N DK.IIB?Of mm eUetie, milk, cotton, ke. OILED 8ILK8?Of white and fancy colon, warranted not to adhere in any climate. The above cumpritea only part of their aaaortment. and (mr haaers trill conanlt their own intereat by Clamming thia ariendid aaaortment of aooda before purchaaing. WHOLK'ALS AND RETAIL, at their old eaublithed Cap, Block. Linen and Oiled Silk Mannlhctpry, NO! 106 WILLIAM 8TB.KKT, CORNER OF JOHN. lit trn'm rpo COTTON A NO WOOLK N MANnFAC IUHKH8 1 AND CALICO PRINTERS.?For aale, an etcellent atone building, with water wheel, and a good etream of water, with a g??d h uae and out buildiuga, four or five arret of land, all in good order, aitutted at Qodwinaville, fonr milea notth ofPntenou. N. J.,recently occupied at a ec-tton factory. Any ' pertnn wuhing to itart the above buameaa, wonld do well to call, for father rmrticule.., on a ^ Corner nf T?llm?n and Bridte striata, in 14 lm*ee or #5 (J"ld at, Brooklyn, N. T CltOfON WaFKH EOH Hllll'PiNtJ? fhe no'lr ruglird icapcct nil? inform the owner* and matter* ol veaala in the Port of New Viwk, that (lh? Hydranta being now laid nt each pier for the nclutive nae of anppl inn the n withCroton Water! ihey ere now prepared to give toppliee in any qu'Dtity, at (he horcat notice We would autre for general iafo'mation,that no other persona are authorized (under iienalty) to furniah ?h piling with Croion Water exceptthe aaderaigaad BROWN k ORMOND. .. a General Depot. Hou'h Hide Falton Ferrr, wlllm're Booth atreet. New York. ' TMlNK FOB k QURHEi.TKH, BEIOHK IT IB TOO LATE. i PPHQMAS WILLIAM HARPER'1 COUOII MED1I a CI.Nr.?Thia medecine hat been befor the pnbl c for 12 years, which la proof of iuheing a good medicine. It h>aenrrd , r ?e? o< Aatlnna 30 yeaia standing. ha* never hren known to fail in one caae of the Wnoouiug Uoegh. It ran be givvn to . tiabiea 3 days old with perfect a?r*ty K it cough* and eoidv . there la not a be't'r m dieine. Put np in bonlea at i* X, 23 , ami VI ren t each. Ho'd wholes I* and retail at the eflir. ^ William street, three dooit son hoi Beekai-a ilreei Removed fr. m 7 I 2 Bowery. Hold at (3 Bowery, comer Walker at. my <6 Im ce I OAMUEL B'tOUWkK, r-apeetfully infnrma Ilia temprr* t J a ,c? lri< u n and the pnhlic, that his n petition Concert wileome iff oil Thn adav evraing J ine lit. 1141. (Ma last appeal lo hit Iri-ii'l.,) at Conceit H ill. 40* Biovdw y. on which occa ma the foliewjag ibimm talent wall sing and pr?> M* atriaao: Mi , B uton. H HI,* man. froai the Aairncau Mnarnm, h II. Todd cr'r rn id Itiah vncaliaf, <1 n J irkaon, fuit ai nearaner these i, n t ears, a piofeeaor, M tats. B iley, Poole, White, Co* i neii, Kidder, Tii mnore, H'stley. and Cellini, t Tickets, on* (hilling, to be had at 'he d voron the n irht of the concert, or Mr. B. D;or?pp*n?t X rial 7, concert XpistgoVcak, prteiaely. mlfl w rc JJ2W YOKK, SUNDAY J BXCHANGB HOTKL, BALTIMORE. T'HM hon-e hnTina uud-rg ine mnny unp< rtaul alterationi A and thi>r a.h repaira ha Trig been in par* refurnished with ten and elegant furniture u >gaiu open for (he reception of omiwny. The poaiiiou of this Hotel ia 'oo well known to require a dean of IU lursnti- ea. it ia cokfrned to be, for peot le of bunieae or pleaearr, one of the moat favorable of any in the city I'he preaaut proprietor intense that cire and ludnatry thall lot b' wanting to improve itr natural advantages, under nit iuerintend nice, and he reapaetfully eol eita the patronage of hia riettda and the public. ? , . ... EttASTUB COLEMAN. Biltim re. April 10. IttL a.'l -odlwir JH*RON 8FRINU8. PAVILIO.N, hCOHARi?" utTT -t Ttf. N. YThu inle dul and cotnm-itliou* Hotel hivii g ten i nl'rge l, repaiuttd an I refntmahed in the moat elegant iiD'jer throughout,, during the p at wintrr, will be opened lor In leceptiou of riaiiera by the aubacribeia On the ?ith ol .vlay ii an log. The nlfratioua and addition* to the interior will enable the in uaccnmmodaV a m ch wren et numb rof V'sitera tbniilormer'y nd in a n an' er > (finding tvety comfort u d conrenieuco The rumen d- gionoJa wit' De h nidgotnel relaiuout > Lh a Ti< w > afTo d lh" nuat udv.iu agrnua pios;ieit of the aitr etlud nc i uu ry. Th' toadi to and about the Spriag* a-e being im 0' 'tl and n* w unci opened tor grea'rr ac-oinmodarion o< tjneatiiana The uri undaand water ronraes in the v canity ot ?e ti lth H'lu-r hi7c alao been t-stefully laid out. Th B'lh n ia tjetiig enl 'tired ,-nd mttchjr proved and will ateal1 woo mav d-a re to bathe. There are lour new annipaeiu> BiHA I?ja which have la'elv her u erected The interi' r arin.iiuii nti of the Pivilton ir? air h aa to afford every nttention > the cjmfort and wiihea of vriteri wrh a well organned tirpa of ai-rvn.ta; and >n abort toe aubicrihera will be pieptred y receive their vtaitera in a manner not to be attrpaiied by an>'i hiDCot iu the rouD'iy. Of the Whte Sulphur Water of S-harnn Spr'uga it can be ud it ia not auipaaaed by any tiling ol the kind in th* known ror'd f ir lh- e.urr i f rh- un-aiib, cuiantuua.biliou t aad dyspepc coinpliinti, and for th? cure of rrvaepills, a-It rhrdm, aero ila, >i >r conaylaiat, and general dbility, ?a h.? been e- reified > lome ofihe moat emiueut mecicel protesrora By a recent ana'yaia made for rhc proprietora of the Spring*, ? one ol lh . in ,.l .li.mi.t. in .hi. e?n.,.ev 1 Tlr I'hil. to ot New York") the following results have been obtained Jui cue gallon of water t? Grains. Snlphate of Magnesia 42.40 bat' h > e of Lime 11162 Ch mide of S ilium* 224 Chloride of Magnesium 2 40 Hydr sulphuret of Colium > ??? V?g-table epiiedrrt natter J 160.94 ^ut; h'lre'ted Hydrocen flu 16 cubic inches. T' ese Sprmg* nre within a few hours' ride of Albany, Troy atatogi, fcl.eoeciaily, U ica, Ice; ai d *re see tsible either r un Causjohane, on the Alba..y mid Uiies Hailr.nd, where i?*t coaeher doi y await the nmval of the morning car* from leheneetady and Utica, to eom ey v si ois to th* Bpnngs. a islai ce of ahon' eiit't miles, * rriving in time for d'niu-r; or by he turrp l>e from Albany to Ch?rry V iilev, by d >ily stages, einjt nh ntforty five miles west of ihe citr of Albany. Prisons raving New koilt in the yeiiiug boat' for Albany, arrive at he 8h..roti Springs the un| in time for rlioner C?AHK, GAKONER 8t HASKELL. April 28, 184S. a30eod3m*r AVON SPRING*. LIVINGSTON COU vTT, NEW YORK. pHK Proprietors would noti y the public that the season for a the annual vititninn < f thrse fonntains of health has arivrd, and thn there are five hotels and lour bathing establish* rents ready for the reteption ?l company. For i drire in reardto the probable effect of 'hese waters in their individual asea, and for analysis f the diffrr?nc sprioirs, they are | erinil d to refer to Or. J W. Francis, No. I Bond street; i ) Or. H. >. Bulkley, Leetnrer on diseases of the thin. No 43 Bleecher treet. or tn Or. Salisbury. at the Sprints. b 27 2m? r BELMONT HOUSE, NEW BRIGHTON. I^HE subscriber begs leave to inform his trirnds and the pub lie, that he has taken the above well know n house, which at been thoroDKhly repaired and painted in the best manner, ewly larnished throughout, and will be open- d on the Inst of 1 y MB. The t ouae is delightfully sitasted immediately opposite the Lenmhoat landing, aad from ita nuz^as commanda a view eifU'liwr op the Kills aud over the hay and harbour of Nrw fork. To those desiron* e( a pleasant residence daring the nmmer months, possessing the advantages of line salt water athiog, together with beautiful drives an.l walks, au<l conve nenl access tc th" city every two horns by steam, the Belmont louse offers inducements unsurpassed by anv Other ou the Isand, and the subscriber trusts th *t his former efforts to give atis action a* proprieto* of the Piviliou, with his renewed dceriniratiou to spare no pains to render his honse agreeable, vill ensure him the eooonnation of a paitiou of the patronage ic h?s heretofore been favored with. GEORGE PIKR1B, New Briohtoiv. April 12, 1843 nr. Hi ,tfr BnRE * D EAGLE HOTEL, 46 Whitehall street,orpositr the Battery 4}a'dcn. PUS house having undergone many alterations and repairshaving ' een newly fnrD'shed?ti e present proprietor rc pectin lly arnounces l? his friends of the old c nmry ami trseHirg i nblic generally, that it i< now open for the reception Xi.erinanriitaud trHD*cirnt boarders Tli* jtositioti i>f this hotel refill < ? hnt litt'e detail of i'a ad aulages, being Htuitcd fifing the Battrry Garden, and ci inr.fn.dii K < ("II > if w o( the Bay; wlth'n one minutes' wrlk of tie I hi a-'elphia, Boston anl Albany sle-mboats. The proprietor intends tfiat care and inducry ,and moderatinu a < har.t ?, ahall not be nautili* to merit the iwurocaye of the phlic. Home-brewed ale, winea, spirits, die, of th? hot qnality, hrce reuti a giasa, HK.MtV B. GRIFFITHS, m'Slm'r Late of Bath England. I'AViL'ON?KtlK r LEE. I^HE above esntb i hmei.t having been refilled in the moat f.uhiouab e and mod-rn atyle, w a opened on the first of day tor the rrceptio.i ol visitoia and permanent bo >di rs. No Iccati an cau surpass this for a-lubrity and convenience eit g > ituateo within nine mdea of the city at the cotnmenceaent of the Pelisadoea, on the weat hank or the Hnda n. For nvalids, or tlioae wiahinR retirement and recreation, thia atabliahmrnt present* many advantages, having rsteusiva ronuda lor promenade, where viai era are she'teied from ihe nmmer inn; with ronve- iencea for bathinc, anch aa ro pleaae he uioat faat'dioua. The eafenaive proapect from he Pavilion nd adjoiuing heights. are nnanrpaaaed for its bean y. Military oinpaniea on eccampmrnt or tarketexca nona, will fit.d every onvenienee. aa the grounds have been laid out expreaily for note purposes. (T^Theateamboat B aton, Captain Babeeck, will ply reguarly. giviag Uciiitiea to thoae having bnnoes. in eity, to iait daily. Fov terma or rartienlata enquire at JoKie'a Music Store, 385 Boadway. JOHN A. WHITFIELD, mil Im't Pr.Q.iietov. BATTERY AND HIl.ADfcLPhIA HOTEL. BAl'TKHY 'LA' E, NEW iOHK. "PHI3 establishment having undergone thor ngn repairs the J inbirriber begs to annonnce to her friends and ihe tr.vllicg nhlic, that it it now i;i com. let* order lor the rece.itioi, of tret'g'ra. 'Ihe home ii deligh fn'ly ai d< e<l, fiontioi: the i amiful Bry nr.d Battery of New York, and in the immediate icini'yif landings for Bo ton. Alb my, and 'hiladrli loa. The subacnlirr haa redncrii ine rate of fare to icnord with the tira>a, nid nnati bv strict attention t > the comott of those who honor her w.ith their fivo a, to mtrit a ,hare of i.uhlic patronage. P 8.?Meala arr aerved at any hour of the day wi'hont any sitra harge. and parties leaving by ths eurly bo?U, may rely i.n b ing called in proper time. m?6t*r MARY PETETE. corbynvs cottage, stk.ykeak.'s bay. rl NOW OPEN, and in full operation, lor the Spring and Surnm'r aetiona. Dnrnig the winter many alterationa and improvements have been made which ia believed,and materially to the comfort of viaitora A SALOON fory-five feet in length haa been erected for the accommodation of large partiea at dinnen, sappers, eoncera, or cotillona. A separate entrance haa been opened for the bar, rendering tno Udiee'mrlors quiet end aelected. Oflhe Wtivga, Liquoas, CoisrxcTtotvaBtits. ('beams, he., he , it is only nece-sary to say they will be. as heretofore. Ok THE VERY FIRST QUALITY. Civil and obliging attendants are engaged, and every effort will be Hied te sustain the repntatiou thia house hrs already acquired, and to render a visit to COttBY N'B COTTAGE desirable and satisfactory. An f)nlini?'v eiery "pnday at S o'clock. TVketa Si cents. (TP'S'niker's Bav i? a'tn.ited on tie Bank a of the Hudson, six miles from th* City Hall,by the Bloomingdile ro?d Stages suit every hour from the corner of T.yuu Place and Chitham street. Fnre IZHceuts. miSlmr T A OBrLACK-BULL'S iVlKHV?T ia d?li?zhrI J fit) ummcr retort, toimeily kept by Mr John P.ira' n, tin liner Ins rleceane Keen rnnliDUrd by Mr* Poo .on mil Mr Stephen M. Annett, who are now ready fur 'he recepti u of hoarder and vtiilura. A apletid.d ateemboa'. rmra rrgulaily (aee ndrerti.emetit) to the ferry, making it aa e< eeah'e a plaee (or recreation aa can be fornd. The bar intocked with the beit ol VMM and liquora. A aplendid ta get gronnd at the place, ami r.ompaoi.a on tarret eicuiaicna e.annoc be better accomnm-rared rlaewheia. ELIZABETH PONSON. STEPHEN M. ANNK.TT. PLANTERS' HOUSE. 9r, Lot'ia, Mo. REDUCTION OF THE PARK !?In eoneiderattou of tbe rreaenre af the timea, the meter-ignel liaa reilncrd tha price* of Boarding and Lodging to ft SO per i'V and the r?te c( '.Vfnea from SIR to 1*0 per rent, Ilia lahlaa will r. lit mar aa heretofore to be inrnliad with every lutttryth* markrr afforda Tm trvldilig la the latgear, moat mry, mil run.hinea more eom I irta than any in tha city, and u not anrpaaerd by any Motel in tie Wear. Krerv attention will be given by the nndortlmed, hia agrnta, and aervanta, to accommodate thoae who mav faeo him with a call. BEN J STICK NF.Y May S, 10-10. mis Swr WASHINGTON GAB DP. MB, HOBOKKN. TPHN In CLANDi the well known proprietor i f the Fiiat J Ward H met. No. It ,\ew aire-1, (corner of Kic'o.u g. Place,) grat-fnl lor the patronage hitherte rec i*ed from In. 11i- nda, and dea roni 11 merila c ntiuititioo of it, icaperifully mi l m them and the i nb'n HNI I y, that h* liaa larely i nreh-aed the large and commo 'i na H?u-r ai d Gardena, known aa the Wa?liiog'on Houar, annate in Hud.on itrret, H bokdo. within a few inluntra walk from the Ptrry, furm-rly occupied by tha late Jime? Swet oy, he w II be happy to recner ciltafiominr Iriei da of the late i ropr.etor, alao the public generally. Tbe Gardena being newly ard laalrlnlly laid out wilt br aupplied ilortua ttio naann with nu ri"'llrn( aaaortnen' rf tit r.reat anJ chofceet of flnwora. The b r, bring gri ally enlarged and newly fitted up, will contain a K ml .a anrtinrtuol Wiaeaami Liqno aof to.- moat approved q -alitv, and rig raoflhetnnat top ri r bramla?ilao sherry CubbUr?. Mint J*l*p? and lhinrh-a mad;- in the bra'atyle ; Uetiaahmenta. uielnding I -e Cr?ami, ?uii other delicicii a#r the araiiin. He hia nluo littrd np-ma are ami agreeable parlora for 'adira, * hie h front opoutli* U .y, aid f riUfh a yaw of the moil delight ill arruery. The iiinacribrivne'ermiiini (hat nothing thill h wining to arenra the r Af. rt i f hi. pati na, heaalto r- fitted the II iwlnui Smloona. wuh two emir new Al'eya, hivlt o.i the mn-t ai pr Tidp'rn, for ri-reite aid the rrcrra ion uf viaiu.r*. (If ihr altriitiou of the waitera.i ia un> rreaeary to aay more they will in all eatea he 'ouutl ntteutive to the wrn'a of the em tori. The anh-eiiber from hia inna eipermnre in the bnaim ??, rr?peetf?llt aolieita a hare of the public patronage, aud pit da a li-mielf thit nothing hall he warning on hia patt, or thine in hia eniptoy, to coy tribute to the eomfori and enjoyment of thua* who in <y ?uit tha Waahiugton Gardena.

am im*re JOHN lRELAI^ D, Proprietor. ! >RK 1 MORNING, JUNE 4, 1845 COM M ER CI ALTACADEMY, . 1)AV AND KVfc.NINO. No. m NASSAU STKfcKT. 'T'Hf AMitRfOA.N Slmd-rd System of Wr.ting, langht by a iirtr P. J. Arnauld, linn Albant ? the ouly iulnilible mrtlm] tj become a fiuiahrJ writer in the eoorae of five to eight !f? one of one hour etch. Sure e.a ? tnfaranltfed 10 all, front iho ?, ? ol 12 in 10 Such au rrcedented impic'cuimi iiu this beautiful sty If- of writing, ' > iruly icie^tilc, mat the iaosi eceiiiietl h?ie yi-ldul to ilie eii'eune Tfrtne no emle. Only one dollar ami Mtv eeult tor the cour r of U-s?oiie. Bo >h K-'pigir,double auil single entry.?A complete modem system of single rutn, o? doable eutr, tiuitbifird.tiy ?hi h the tune rsn't i* o taioci! -? ttm in o.mble entry. Also, d< ublr entry bjoli keeping, in five ilifTcrm forma, etonired in from ail week t to ( <ao mouth* Kive uollsra lor the course of iua auct on*. Air A: ii* .Id, at hia 'ei-urc h ni?, continues to wife np, post and bit mcr tr-I, men's and me nliMits boot a, to make out the 'it "f affairs, to eiiume and y?.ny noiib* or acconu a done into d (order, to a |n-t ludinduil nod partuereh p concern .and to a niit apecmeui or pl?u,ol honks , d nlpte d to .my buainesa, art-used by the m ,at >11011* cuuciae and aatufactory 'num. N. B ? vlr. A. will *ire lusliu'ti ua at the reaideuce it requl'rd, and 11. ac plenum, on moderate term* Referoucea? f? Joi n 8. Vau H n-*eUe-, Kaq at Howard's Hotel, Alderman Ar old Nelaon, and to the wAce of the Son .viercniv ti?9 tod SI*? Ml 'GATllRE PORTRAITS cnpi.d Irons D<gutnrr?iyi?i ia mtunl ciloisoa ivery, wuh p rfect accuracy, or with any desired *1 erati n or im .lovemeni.ou v r- moderate term* Sp*. iutriu to be ?r?u in (be Daguerreotype Room, INn. 1, at 23S Brnailmy. near Paik I'lnre. mllS 6 *r HA >1) at) VI t, APaIII' vi KIN rs, in Houston street, ue? Uroadway to let. to gentlemen. with bre ks ist and tea, or fali board if required Ke'?ieuce? rtq nreil. ICiiinire at the b? t Niblo'a Garden, or at lliu huuic, 411 Houston at cet. m2l-lm*ec L WRIGHT Sl CO. will open an office of discount and <le p Kite at O.wrifo, N. Y., on (lie l?t o< May next, and will make collection aud reui.ttauces at reasonable raiea. He fer (o D Klibctr , Jr * an , caalner. New York. Say.a'n, "age k Co., .New Yoik. Diew, lliihia.ou k Co.. New Yoik. A. Li Patclnn, f-sq., calmer, Albany. Oawern. Arril 20 Hit .2RRwe HAUL CUT 11NO! HaiKCU I TINv.! HA1K CUi TING HILL, the inimitable Hair Cutter, likes this uiethod of inloimnie hi> frirudsaud (he public in vrneral. that he ha* removed front the Tontine Building to hi* Old Stam , No. 86 Irarl itreel, upstairs. immediately adjoining the Heart Street Houne, where he will be id med to operate on all who mav favor liini with a cell, in nit truly inimitable style of Hair Cutting, which, for eleganceof design ai d beauty of execution, U'paiset auv lli n" of trie kind he-etofore introduced into the United States The varions branches of wmk done at the following moderate prices s? inimitable Hair Catting, 12^ cents. Do do Curling,; 12)* " S .perior Sharing, 6)* " n?9 lm*r _ ATLANTIC OARDEN. N<is 9-and U Broadway, near the Bittery sail oipsane Bowling (irceu, extending to anil open11 g hi Greet.wicn sinet. The subscribers, on op niug this pleasant retreat for the setson, beg Lave to tender iheir sincere hanks to i heir liiendt and th puhlie for (lie very lib ral pat-ontge bestowtd ujani .hens the last ih-ee yrsr>, and would i gain present themselves lor a c n inn nee o'r ublie favor. ICE CREAMS. S()i>A WtTER, and every variety of re.'. i f superior quality, served by at'en ive waiters. Dot's worth's celeoraud band will perform every fir evening Sundays ixcepced. THOS. F. PEERS, WM ALLISON. N B?Milit'ry Companies and other asiotiaiiors can be hrn'somely arc'mmcdittd with collations at sh rt notice. Admittance tree mH 4t8*ec No ribt ?All persons having any Lgnl cla<magainsc Jas .B D min>ck,lnie of th city o| N. York.bu'cher,deceased,ire I imiMil. ... ......iit II... . , v, n I, the vmiel.Mr, lliereof 1., the UiiitCri wr, at the h >u?? No *K Mn 6-street. Alio, r>II ihote i.dhied 10 the ea'at of iiid Di e urd,1o make p?ymeut belore tlic day of N jvemUer next to ANN M. DOMINICK, KiN. m?fl to Vvll fimltaw'flr I.N tUHSUANCK of an order of the Surrogate of the Coun* tv of New York, notice it hereby giveu t all persons hsving claims against Peter Murphy late of the city ol New York, gentleman, deceased, to present the tame with the voachen thereof, to the siioscribt-rs, nt the office "f Edmund 3. Uerry, No. 51 W ill atreet, in the city of New York, ou or before the eighteenth day of September next Dated New York, the I5tn dav of March. IMS. JACOB HARYEY, JAMES C. BELL, cnlS lawSm r Administrator* with the will annexed. IDTATtMKHB. GRAZIERS, A AOKK uLl UKtia'l S a ? BU TTEKMEKE. Druggist and Chemist, from Eng. laud, 58 Essex atreet, New York, would earnestly direct the at'eution o< all concerned in the welfare of horaea and cattle, to the following rnvtluable medirinea, prepared according to the formula of oue ot the moat eminent veterinary surgeons now prtctiting in the south of England, and procured by the present proni ietor at considerable coat. UIHRKTI'! (lOKSE HALLS?'thrae bnlla are a radical remedy for II disorders in horaea, anting from impurity of the blood, groaa hum in, aud obatructed penpiralion, toch aa grease mthe heela, swelled legs, strangury, gravel, ernntioni ou the akin, Ac. They may be administered at any lime or season, withont change of dirt, or iuterfe rence with usual la bor At the fall of the year, when horaea generally undergo a change of hibit, the regular use of these halls will p-ove high ly, and even a preventive of many diseases to which, at this aeaaou, horses are peculiarly liable. Sold iu packages containing six balls 3a.. with ample ilirectiona. CORDIAL FELON DUINR?Decidedly the beat medicine 'hat can be adm.ojsfered, fir all disorder* in horned catlie. arising from cold. -uet, aa hiiishouusl, freer", lass of uppetite, ahirertne, cousha, (moving, loss of milk, Ac. Sola in packages, with directions, 3i 6d each CLEANSlNO DRINK for uow Calved Cows?Is of infinate service and should naver be omlHed, iu ail cases where the placenta, tecnudims, or clcauaing, is nhstrncted. It not nul- forwards the discharge, bat most admirably affords nature timely assurance, iu expelling that extraneous matter, wh>ch impedes the coarse of the alimentary canal,pre?entinx the fulfilment uf its pr mm function. This drink also conn'eracts a variety of complaints to which the an'inal is afterwatds liable. wlii'slthe How of milk is wondcrfally yrumoted. In packag-s with directions. Js Cd e-cli RED KE8TER BOTTLE?For snhdning ioffsmmation and morbid swellings in hor?es. also au sxcrlleut cooling lotion, for iclaxed smews, bruises, tp-aiui, galled backs, whip ilt, Ac Iu bottles, with directions, 2s bd each. No Stable shout'* be witlmal it. VULaERAllY BALSAM?For erndicaiing warbles in horses, he.iliug cuts aud wonnda, howe ver deep or argrava'ed; alto an applira'100 to cankers in the hoof and quick piobes, drcid dly 'he best remedy that can be nseil. Should be in every stable. Sold in bottles, with directinns. Is6d each. CORDIAL. fUHOl >fl, AND WORM BALLS, LI QUID Bl.lsT-K Ac. Ac At this establishment. the ntinast cautiou is invariably observed, in the selectiou ot geunine familv medicines. I HYSfCIAN'8 PRESCRIPTIONS-J B fully impressed with a sense of their vital importance, shall iuvambly oba-rve the moat scrupulous accuracy in the propagation of pliyaici-nS preacripliona. The above medicines are prepared and sold exclusively at the Medical H?ll, 'I Kneel atieet, three doors from Graud, oppoai'e the Market, New York Orders from th> c untn prompt'y esecnfed nil Sm*r TMI'OKrAM TO KARMh.KS? t he >e-? Vork Nignt 1 Soil Company are Kin prepared to rrceive and fulfil or d>-rs for manure, which is piouoooced by the most practical and respeetjble farmers to be superior in its fertilising qoaltti s to any manure now in ose, _.iud they iutrud selling it at such prices an to mnkc it accessib'r to every farmer. Km particulars enquire at the otfice of the agent, 15 Chambers street. Orders insy also be Irll for the removal of the content* ol COS pools and sinks, which will be attended to with all possible cleaplness and punctuality. They have be-n at th- girat exneuse of purchasing vessels for the pa-pose of conveying it from the ci y. and to mike it agreeable to the citizens, thev have close tuba end carts, and have it so arranged as to have a vessel at the wharf, nearest to where the woik is going on, so as to p ev. ntthe nni-anre of carting it through the city All orJers may be left or letters addressed 10 the office of the agent. 15 Clumber* street. m] lm'p BILLIARD SALOON. NO. 5 BARCLAY STREET, THRKK DOORS BKLOW THK. AMMIICAN HOTEL. DRICK REDUCED to One Shilling per Hundred, from I C A M. to 5 P M.?The subscriber informs his friends and the public in geueral, that he has Five New Billiard Tables, in separate apartments?two iu theui per front saloon?two in the rest saloon, and on? in the front room?all in first rate order Each get-1 emsn visiting the establishment will be famished with a private Cue, for his especial use?the tablet beiag in dillerentapa menu the proprietor thinks it will render itmore selectaud lecable to gentlemen visiting his honse. ALSO. TWO KINK BOWLING ALLEYS IN THK BASEMENT. His Bar will always be stoeued with the choicest Wines anil Liqoors and the best Segars to be had?also Sherry Cobblys Mint juleps, Punches; made in a manner not to be aorpastea. N B.?The apartments hare undergone a thorough reGtlinj ?new paper, paiutinjt, Sic. d7*Oeutlemen will please to etnsimnnieate air neglect o duty of the attendants, at the bar. FRANCIS MONTKVERDK. inch]A tm*r 5 Barclay street. EXPRESS FOR CLEVELAND AND DETROIT rpHK subscribers will send an e sorest through from this city A to the above nsraed and intermediate places, on the morn ing of the 9th iusc, lor the transportation or specie, banknotes bandies and packager of goods, collection of drnlta, hills notei and s> eonnu.and all aneh other busin< ?a as may he entrusted It them. N. B. Immediately on the opening of lake aavnratiou, the above evpress line will be etlended to Chicago, Cincinnati ate., and continued throughout the entire season, in connexion with their New York, Albany, Tioy, and Buffalo daily es presa m*r "A DVVB at MJ.8 NEW YORK AND NEWARK K * TA PRESS.?The poMlr are reapccuntty mionnefl tnat t i a'.weiiber* haxe r?tah|i?hed an Eaprr** between New Yo t ud Newark, N. J., (or the trtnsramnn and apeedy delire. I f uackiwet, bundle*. money, Ac. Ac.; the collection of not ji and bilta, and all other boainea* appertaining to an Exptesa a Order* for article* to be reroniril by the Ktprem will gt debarred IVee of charge. Office in New Y ork tit No. 7 Wall at-eat, *nd in Newark, fw SMITH'S Newspaper Depot, No. SH It roe H at. Leaxe New York at I IK A. M.anddV I'. M. Naw*~k at A. M. and IX P. M. dike* ADA MB * CO I VIPORTANT TO OLD COUNTRY MEN.?MESSRS I 11 AHNDEN It t.O. will dr"? at their Exprew and Yortiuti Latter OfRce, No. 3 Wall street, ainall bill* of cicharute from ?.? to ?100, in same to eoit, payable at fight, for the accurate otatloa of [>er*ona wishing to remit to their frieuda in England, . land, or Scotland. The letter kiga lor the Koyitl Mai' Bceainei forLire 900I ue alto made up at their omsr. Vor farther information apply 10 HARNPEN It CO, I WalUtrnn Agantain London-MAt I LEAN, M ARRIS A CO. VI KR It SMITH *_ NEW FIREWORKS LABORATORY, BY JOHN TRAOARDH, PYROTECHNIST, KR"M SWEDEN. MESSRS KOLLBKHOA TRAOAKDH hare the honoi to inform the A merman public that they hava an eitru tire am ?tried aaaoilmrnt of Eire Works, of all and ex-r> kind at themetabliahnient, at Hammtu Lot a Dock iu New feney, a halt m le Iroiu Jeie-y City, opposita New Yp a ?hioh they offer to Committee* and other*, at the moat f?T.rale prieei in the moil t. .... Bel ri IUW iii the new fade principle nl a moderate raah price lor a good article, they req ic?t ihe fax ra of the 1 nlilic at the iboxe pliee.or t the atore of Robert Johnston No. Ji Con it atidt atrret. All order", on any scale o; aiae m ?*'iery,prompt y atkndadto, by addressing the aubaenber* at either ol the rhoxe pi >ce*. NICHOLAS A, KOLLBKRO A J TRAOAKDH, my 7.2-n* ' Harm-no* Lone D-'ek, New Jersey. TO BOOT-MAKERS. O MORG HA R REMOVED f;om 137 to II- Leonard atrret, where h? con iiiuc* t? cut Kit. On hand ready cat kit, Errnei mJ Emrtiah. ml Im're KANOINO PAPER ?idco lb*, fine .white liana,ug En.a lot salt by ? PERSSE A BMUOKR, mil ? No. ?1 Libortyat ant IERA }. VORKIGN k DOMKftTfC-FRUIT*. 8KQAK8. he? 1 " C. H. 0ATKMON wiahet (o m'orm hia frienda end the public generally. that he ht? remove) Co !JJ Broad way, one door Irom Lib*nv creel, where he will keep o? hand a (apply of Foreign ?nd Dmrit e Fruili. Hweelmea'a, fcc. Alt,i, C ji fet liou try r>t every ducri[ tiou, all of which he wi'l ?' II a' rrduc-il line, a N B ?The brat brtuda of imported Began cnnatanllv on band. rajf lw*r " united aTArsa TBa emporium, J CI, late 12P f '/uttAatn itrret, Ntic York And 116 Fulton hireet, Brooklyn. A?kn ;t Jit Blekckkb irut ?r ! WH i,ESAI.l? AND IIETAIL. CHE. CANTON TEA COMPANY rontinne to offer fo* iiltni* and ifl;r?n( Teaa of every variety and itvle. Pheir uiorrmen' ipreially ir-cl"de? the moat delicioui ?n<) Doworful gradei j I Ureen and Black K'ery package bean th? taoipuf naatneiiand elegance, and tlx Triu therein ar? *i> SoroughJy ,ecu ?d from light and air thai than oualiiy and jiiwcr will iei'1 in unimpaired in ana climate. Their (Titer ?f nrosecntiug ..nuneii 11 |m rhap* icarcela to he eic?lled li 'ifonuded apun the iitmoat leirard to the right* >f mtiiium ir. especially with rrij^ct to weight and .|u?litT. and an. eajleu cheapness. All porchueri are ex,led upon to rituru ana uticles which l to giv.r them the fall.-n i?;i?l'*rri on, whic' (he money will be cheerfully and promptly relulided Coup try merchant*, pnhlie eitehiiafime ito. icada . (' iV.miliea, and thiDmisters will find it a letidad ntvu l! i to eapuly Ihew flrei fmai thi? eir.-.hliihniert Oairuiiaa Java (Joe-PKE roared ere/r lap Order* ;rom all parti of toe United rt'.ut** rxc>Ltr.i will reinptitixie and despatch. Sy" The only wejrel.onan in America for ihe i*!e of K_n"kn rw- t*? i.i3a Th7 THE TTdVEKo Ob BUI EHIOK BLAth I'EA? l Hownoa'i Mistnrc?This eilremely delieiom and dnparalleled Tea, 10 highly celebrated in China and Europe, juit im ported, it now for tale ?t the Canton Tea Cnoipan*'* 'V??r?l r?< k.irahliihwi-iit, <21 Chalks in at N?w Vv', and 116 Fulton street, Brooklyn?in rsekagm Prige 50 e< n:i si*. * r?ch in'5 *ni _____ M'APtJt.hON COUitTIN, No. 168H Fu ton itreit, opco TN ,ii, Si Paul's' haiili Varil, avai ? hiimell ?f ihecelumns of ihe M 'in ng He.aid, to <ulorm Itii Irieudi and cu tnmrn who may eon inne ro honor him wnh tneir patronage, thai he Co. tti.uei the Win* and Liquor craile at hu old More * above, ami ihai h ha? now ox I.-mi nn eve .lent ?nd lull auxnn r .1 Fruicli Brandy and La)* >ra, of French and Foreign Wioti, ol ihe bed iiuanty, vintages and brandi, wl ich hi Will lell by he birrel oi aa'lon, be the. cam or dozen. He hu auo lor rile fine F'eoch Vinegar Olivet, Cnperi, he He bem ilao to rteimmend to the favor of the pnhlie. hii ccmniodi ui la'oou, where he keejn eonitanilv on h d ilie Hint '? a<melu.eiti Bay Ovit- r?, (fresh or pickled.) His bar ia ruri iihed With cardial Chablii. b ucur . anierue, Banae, Cbarnberliu, nod Chump laue winei. A celd collation a U Fran?.ite, eve y evening. Families sippln d to order with nyitera,winei, lie mJO lm*r PIAWFUH ( ES ?The sdbseriban en rct'ully iniorm d*ej Irieudi and the public in general, thatthai hnve removed from their la'c place of hoiiuem. 343 Broadway, to 116 Franklin street, between Chore', aad We l Bioidway, where hey will continue to matmiaciure their Tranipoiiiig Pi <no Forte?. This instrument Co mi a beauriiul, liciand new el* tr ri r. bo h ihaiie aud uratnrji, b. sidri a tone full, brilliant and melodiom. The great advantage derived fiom thi.uew toiuitthev c.iliif.oi ki an <tc mi'inmrut of miv other instrument, ami therefore worthy the attention of tlx- amateur, as well a* the anal. A large assortment of tablet Piano Fortes, rosewood and inahogauv.i and 6X octaves, with Freucli grand action, are alto constantly kept on h tnd, and wi I be told at a rt do e l pticr. O'd Ttauo Fortet taken in rscliaage, alto Piano For tes ke pi for h i re L1NDELL, WENNERSTROM It CO. m!2 tin*ec 115 franklin street. MU8ICAI. INHTitUMfcN 18, Wholraale ..nd Retail.? J. F. WtlLTBt, 16 We.t Bro dwav, offers lot tale a new tet of Brn? I stiammtt, at U irlea Tuimoeta, Trombones, Coro?i?, Ft-neh Hums, and Oi h.cliaes The?e ii.stinmenti are w rranti d ceuent in every rrrn ct, at the vubscnber i? a frofrttnr ol Munio hiintell. Lenders and mtuibrra of Bmdt wid flDd a good ait'.cte. Alto, Violiua, Ouitart, aud B"ws of every description.? Italian aud Cerinaii Htriugs, for Hirpa, Violin, Al'oa, Cellos, DitibleBia* nd Guitars jeltw*ec MONTHLY RETORT OF THE NEW YORK .MEDICAL AND SURGICAL INSTITUTE, NO. 75 CHAMBERS STREET. CASES CUBED. 14 Irllammation of the eye- 4 Diteatea of the liver, litis 3 inflam'u of the bowela 3 Syphilitic Iritis 3 Vomiting. (Jumps 2 Amour, air, three under * Diseases of the Womb trealn out? doing well II nyphilis 6 Op city U the cornea, 6 Uispepaia slight 12 Whites, or Fluor Albut 8 Styes, by an operation 21 Gonorthmt 4 Onanitni 4 Fever 3 Erysipelas 7 SecOLtlary Syphilis 7 UlcetHtrd sore throat 5 Piles 12 Gleet?cured bv new 6 Bnbo, by a new method of remedies treatment 3 Diseaai t ef the heart 4 Soie Nipple* 2 DytenUry successful susotc ii. r pr.naTiotas. 3 Opercthms lor hire tip 21 Strictmes tu Urethra by 5 (Iprreti'ina lor quinliDE an improved method ol 3 Operate m lor Hydrocele due 12 Tumors re* 3 Operations for lislule in moved Ano. 2 Club Foot?cored 2 Polypus in the nose 1 Ft cystrd Tumors 4 Adi, ose tumors removed 5 Ulc rs on trie legs cured 1 L irge ptere of tone rait Pnvin sn moved fiom ihe arui 0 Ahcessea opened 1 2 Toosi tr'ioovtd I Cancer Breaat 1 Gravel cund 1 Uvula removed 2 Retention of Urice DR. H BOSTWICK, Physician and Hnrgeon. C. MsVIANUS, Apothecary and Secretary. j Imec OTICIC AND REMOVAL.?F. A. AKTAULT, lauty I6*K Fuluin at. having dissolved by mutual rnnseut his coCsrtnerahip. for giving all his attention to the Dagnerrt otype us'Ui ss, revpec.fully iiif rms his frieuds and the public that he has removed l is old Dagucrriolype stand (rora I60X Falion st. to 235 Bioadway, 2d slorv, wheie he has just oprnru several packages received by the lait arrivals, containing 1000 French Dsguerrroiyiie I'latr s. No. 30 and 40 warrauted French Aeroinalic Lmsea. and all the chemicals necessary?complete appv ratus He will he very glad to aee all his old cuitomeis visiting hia new place. I'leave Pi give a call?235 Broadway, 2d itory, rooms No*. 2 and 3. in4 lm*r O BltEVOOICP, formerly at 102 Knlton street, has re moved to No. cv. u>5 Imr ADAM". FLORIN K LF.FKVRE?Removed I ram 7# Frank Ii" street 'o 10 Walker _ _ __ inb lre*r REMOVAL,?Y MAE?, Hiii Dr-aser and Wig Maker, hat rmoved fun 162 t 189 U.oadway, a lew doors brlow the c.,nlii.. u J h .rioted nn, new J. oro in the most fashionable ?t> le, h- wi.j c limine th dine butiurti, null will be plroe ' 10 ?<e In. olu fiiriida and MttOOm and othert who ay lavor I un wish i? call. He has also private room* for Ladies' n.iir drrtmig mil jeinpooing Tnis powerful Eitracto' Jampo >uy i> eeusnfr red by th?>i* of New Yorkers and s'riihera is one u t ie li I n cat articles for the enre of d.udrntf mH %lrrugi.lieii" g h*il, i? yp'oved bribe Facnlty of Medieine in Pmi * ' ?t'e.itd nl w.-,.hinKton. NoUiinK la more pleasant and drlighlful in u *n tnrough thi* operation in the hand* of P. nAKH >' on"' M Li " A CARD-To the Kashim.sble World?GUERINOElt fc LAI APIE.Mrrhsoi T ilcrt^of the titm ul PIJ Gu ringer & Co coi n*r nl Ctwrlre* ani < oitoni Hons,-strrc'a New Odaant. I a* mr nmofti fro*. 41 Brarer*ir>et lotM0Mid> way, cornsr ot Pine street, *r<>n'd snip nnr* p the public that the r asroriinei.t <>f hiencn C***imerr*, Veninv* lie ere nn arpa**>d hy ary hooae in thi* cuy. G<- it. can hare a fall auil made np n a few hour* notice, and a perleet fu guarantor d in al ea.??s men lw* CKbtO^ "wa FFR?"BaY'8 - IK8T Pf EnJUM fN D1A RUBBE'l HOIE i* ronfideurly recumm-uded for any purpose* tor whirh leather u n*ed, and ta warranted to poa*e*i the full winy p-ppertie* lit. It i* perfec ty light nnder rremire of the Cruton. 21 It ia made of the rrv.gcsl fabric*, and will not mildew to injnre in the le**'.. and require* no attention. 3rd. It U not destroyed by commit in contact with oil or grease, nor ililTrnid hy cold weather, nor can the tubb?r drc< moose, a* inferi. r artielr* are ia no caie nied. Khonld the |ea*t complai it he mud* of lh? ho*e, not posses *ing ihc above properties, it will be taken back, at any time inaide o> * I month* from it* pnrchaie, ,-nd other given in e* Change wiihuot charge. 4th. Coopin g and jet pipe* will be attached without charge. Buyer* will noteth*l we are rlrarly satisfied lhat this hose (the process of making which is unknown to any mlier i i the trade) i* just the article long wrnted lor leading water and many other I liquid*. HORACE H. DAY. inl6 1ra*r Bucccnor.'to lto*h?r7 I. R C.4i MainenLane. , ~ REMOVAL V/TRS. O. NKWCOMBE, TOBACCONIST, returns her f 1YJL *iUcere acknowledgements for the very liberal patronage i eitrnded to her for the last 13 yean, sod wonld beg leave to , inform her patron* and the rublic generally lhat she ha* rrmcted her old established innfTaud tobacco warehouse to the * I spacious store No 4 Wall street, Mortimer building*, where sne would invite the at'eobon of connoisseur* to ner large and , 1 wall selected stock of Foreign and dsrnesti snuffs. Just received from Hamburgh a large supply of VsrinaVKa, nssUr (lit, 2nd and 3rd quality J old and ?ery superior Turkish I 8punish, .Hrnfa'latli and Porto Rico, rmokiig tobaeeo) eaveu I dish (various kind<.) and fine cut chewing ditto. i A choice assortment of Iht best brands of Htrtu and Prin- I cipe cigars, eonsranny on hand. Kauey pipes. cigar Clara, I > auulT bose?, pocket lights, Chinese tinder Uc$u All of I , which for sale i u the moat liberal terma, wholesale or retail. I Strangers anil country dealers are invned to call prerioaa to inr.kiin: ihr-ir purr i..?ea rl.rwliete. ml lm*ec ' A KibW OKNTLKMICN of steady hnhita can be lerwmiao | A dnied with good bonrd aud pleasant rooms in a private fami I ly, at 304 Knit'.ii atrcet. AJao, a lew day bonders can be aoccm I -nrdntrd on the most reasonable term. A pallor and bedrooss r is 1st. w<u> os wKhaai taars as ec ? THt MOIT DJELIOHTPUL Of ALL KZCUMIQjML ' 1 ? A aai reroaa th- Hudson River to lloboken, and thru a ' wilk io the Plysian Kirl's along the el eejingiy berntifnl and picturesque >hires of iheplvce. will prove lite most easily ' ac -OK'nlished an I attractive of all the inral etcnrsiont that can be mad from the city. The {round* u?w pn sent a charming | avpaft, the treet being mtM'ly in leal and tlta aoil covered with a rich turf. The walks a'e in eieellent order, hieing been cnuan'e'ahly embellished the present spring. mHIW'ec ENORA VINO.?W. L. Ormshv, ineautor of the Oramaiagiaph, a machine for sagrsv nig letteis for mips, rsnls, I v i beta, lie., be nti nl aud cheap?also inventor of a machine lor i tr.v sfrriing engraved desnuv on Oermnu silver combs , I witngrea. rapidity. Bank Vote, Portrait, Historical, Eugr?vng and Triminc egecn'ed in theh-sts'ylt?Name Plate* frr I | <s mage and i iano-iorls makers? Number Platea for stcambeat berilis, Doer Plate*, kc . ngraved on br at be a new. elegant, and ecuiomctl process Tha cheaiiest Cugmvin k>* ablish Bent la the world No. 138 N'taan, comer of Beekmvnst, mt7??i*r cpO l UNTRAiM ORB ?Piopoaals will be received by toe 1- vuhscrihcr for rehurdiiig ihn east abutment of Mamaronick Br dge, accoidin* to ai ecifiesnoni which will be fnrniahail, md-lie for the repairs of the former Bridge The piopoeala may he for bo'h thv ahntment and repair* ofthe bridge.together or acptia'e Persons ?nhiag to contract, will please hand in h-ir c.innate* to I he suVc ibersoa or previous to the IJrh iv tant, if convenient attend at house of Epenatm II sddon, Hye, on t.wt dav, between the lioar* of one and three o clock P. M , when the Proposals wiil beopered Specific vtioaa can also be loaLd al ths store f M L*on. Vsq aear the Undue. P' II. MO IlXLSrKn.ol Rye. U K t. AilPE wKR, 73 William st. N. Y. M imi'.K.ick, .1 in j, M) j?J8ec THE SUI'HCKIBKRB have < partnership, u er A the lism of Peter Pirnie k ? o , at 166 k rout street, l?r the purpose of dealing in L'qu irs, Wines and Cordials, in couoeciou with t ie Wholesale (in.eery Buso >* I I'KTRH PIRN IF. OROROIC PIR.nIK. , | kdwahd brown. New York, Jnn? I, U13. ji Jt*m I 'TO BRlOO". BOIL D KR--S.alyd TTo. om I. lor b?, (ding I * aftAinK ilidWr , tor ih* too* pi ?f i Creek on OUg 1*1 mil. Will he received an'il Wednesday, '.h nar f J I8H, si l< .-'clock, M , at *? ' '??'? ' Slew Yoik where the |lsu? and ipeeitjc'tn'"" 'i' ' I o be ghihitrd JNO. HfkTT. PresideW. , ISawiowu. June 8, 1841 ' l| ?^???mm L D. P*Im Two Coota. I. ondon, f Correspondence of the H-mlrf.) London, May 18, 1R4S. Stat* (4 Trad* and Butinea? American Steuriiita The IVeather?Parliamentary Dabatea, tcr -tjrm<i<m Fathionablt Ntwa?Fanny Elaakr?" Her It" Triumphant?S. Knoudta and other $ My Lhun Sir,? Ah you will perceive by your files of English pi' pen, there appears to be a steady and improving business transacting in nearly all the manufacturing districts, and intelligent merchants in Liverpool informed me, that the trade of that port was exper.enciiigthe like beneficial change. 'The PulfM ?f nnlfivn sJai?is*s? ? L w%?'H uui iai^ I lie IBSI WCCI WCTO very large, amounting to about fiO.OOO bales, bat except ? slight advance in the inferior qualities of American, the market closed at previous rates. The sale* en Monday were small, and the market without animation. The statement* ntade Irom our aide of the water in relation to the backwardness of the spring, caused some speculation here in regard to its probable influence on the growing crop, but the large amount offered kept pace with the demand, and the market ia now rather dull. From what I can learn, the fasting in regard to American securities hns not experienced any marked change, but there is more disposition manifested to separate the dividend?paying mocks from the general discredit attached heretofore to all our securities?and to cau-e some little inquiry ill relation to the former clasa. The share market is without any serious change, but the impulse given to trade has caused raiber more demand for money. The weather here has been fine lor the season, and the grain crop appears promising. The debates in Parliament have recently been quite animated, and from the tone of the high tory and radical journals, it would appear that Sir Robert Peel's late fjpeech on the subject of the Corn Laws waBrsther of an ambigaous description, which ike radicals interpret as unseating the premier's conviction that the repeal of these laws tnust soon lake place,and the Tories are displaying Sir Robert's treachery to the principles which he is bound in good faith to advocate and sustain. The Ann-Corn jaw I-ague ia moviag heaven and earth to accomplish the repeal of the Corn-laws, and (heir missionaries are laboring with great zeal and ability The Fducation Bill, and the Irish Repeal Agitation, add to the difficulties of the Ministers, and furnish food for speculation among the politicians of this region. London is, as usual at this season, quite gay. and the fashionables and i/ittinguh are in the full tide ol enjoyment. Tha Queen will soon again appear in public, and the haul ton be rejoiced at the renewal of ltoyal fftei and iestivities. in theatricals, Far.ny Efssler having departed, Cerito appears to be the star at her Majesty's theatre, where they are performing operas as the staple, and ballets as tbe contingent attraction, as with us the heels carry the day triumphantly. Last evening Sheridan Knowles played at the Drury lane in Julius Ctesar for his benefit, and I trust, was successful fori am pained to learn that his purse greatly needed replenishing. He is a noble fellow, and should be independent. The French playsat the M. James's are well patronized by (he nobility and gentry, and a long list of tilled personages art) gazetted as having attended on Monday evening, to hear the Parisian troupe hold forth. Lord Brougham and Daniel O'Connell have been giving each other a taste of their quality, in some choice specimens of fierce invective, and really they are both au /ait with their weanons. 1 am, your obedient servant, C. London, May 18,1843. Tim Season?Conn-1aiu Discussions?The Budget? The Fashionable IVorld?Dull Season?Social Entertainments?Atmacki? The Opera, and the Toilet? Mr. J.umlty. Mr. Editori? The season is under way again, but iloflerijn no point of view anything especially worthy ofcomnienr. A drowsy discussion of the Corn Laws has just closed in the House of Commons. It is probably the last of the session, as Sir R. Peel has stoutly declared that he will not consent to any further alteration. This " queslio vrxata" continued to occupy general attention, and such is the cogency of argument and the earnest zeal employed against these unjust laws, that any one without aspiring to prophvtic gifts may safely loretell their late. Public opinion, headed by that powerful lever, the " Times" newspaper, is setting strongly in favor of a fixed duly, instead o' the " sliding scale," now in force. Common sense and justice both demand it, and the resistance of the land owners is useless as it will be impotent. The budget has been presented, with an ingenious speech by the Chancellor of the Exchequer?but the Premier was obliged to make the mortifying declaration that he had erred greatly in some of his previous estimates?deficits had risen up to "shake their gory locks" at him when he expected returns of a much less questionable shape. His income tax, however, came timely in to save htm. The year's return from that source yielded him a total of ?300.000 Hut a truce to parties. Tue fashionable world is truly in a most lethargic state?never at so advanced a period was so little promise given of a gay season. Those splendid social festivities so common at this epoch in London, and that give a distinctive feature to English hospitality, elevating it in richness, cast, and massive magnificence, above all rivalry, are really lew and far between. Many princely mansions of the " West Endt" that used to give their balls, concerts, and dinners, on a liberal scale of two and three a week,are now content to furnish one?to be sure that one is equal in every way to its former self. Nothing certainly in the way of description can paint the im. osing effect of English wealth as it gorgeously displays itself in their social entertainments. The noble extent of their mansions?the richness and taste of their furniture and draperies? the variety and value of the many priceless objects nf urf iuiii(t>nlifiillv ?fn tiered unmnd?the x*li/< ?/,?!. and beauty of their family plate, ao enormous in quantity?together with the rare delicacy of tho viands?all combine to make the banquet of an English nobleman more sumptuous, grand and truly magnificent than any other country of the world run lurntah, or afford, on the sama wide and general scale. " Almacks" has thrown open irs fastidious portals, and the aame rtrhtrcht throng press forward to fill and adorn it, aa of old?there are certainly no balla in London ao agreeable reunions?not because of their excluaivenese, but that one meeta here the noblest representatives of all the beet circles of London aocietv?whereas, in private houses one only meeta with a set, and that of the tory or whig creed; (or though these rival factions intermix somewhat, they mostly herd together?but at "Almacks" a kind of neutral ground presents itself where the highest nobility and royalty itself, come forward to do homage to the divinity of fashion, that presides ao loftily over these brilliant/etea. The ball-room ia certainly the finest in London?and has been elegantly and richly fitted up with come fine mouldings, and pretty devices, in excellent taste. The toilettes of the first ball, the others now following iu a weekly aeries are necessarily simple from tha half mourning now prevailing?black and white were the predominant colors, and the effect was exceedingly good. English beauty waa never better net or more radiant. Tha opera this year ia prodigiously attractive?never, certainly, was there so extraordinary a combination ot wonders in the vocal and chorographtc arts; never such variety, force, and array of talent as has been this year brought together to bewilder and delight the enthusiastic votariesof this elegant temple. One iscertainly at a loss what most to remark upon ?opera and ballet both overrun with such quantity of splendid material, comment and praise, that oHr o'ercloyed pen hesitates, however, inviting the task. Mr. Lumley has displayed an energy, taste and l iberality such as his predecessors never dreamed ol?whoever will aspire to the directorial mantle after him, will haves hard vocation to fulfil. He is the first that ever ventured alone and unaided upon the various and difficult tasks of his uni>ortaiit post?the prodigious extent of labor he daily wades through would astonish any one? how he accomplishes it all is marvellous, indeed. Lomis Philiup and the Duke of Wellington are probably two of the hardest working men of the day ; however, much less important and dignified, perhaps may be considered the functions of Mr. L ; it is certain he undergoes a daily wear Hnd tear that would likely, in tke end break down either of the illustrious workees just alluded to. On some future occnsion.I will enter into some statistical detail ol what I have here hinted so generally, that will extenuate, I hope, the heavinea of this letter. Idios. The Col. Johnson meeting at St. Louis on the Urttn, appears to have been a momentous affair. The Itepubiican says?Two highly momentous resolutions were pro|io?ed. One nominated the Col. for the Presidency, and the other whs, thai a collection -hould be taken up to pay tor the candles? Both passed although the former h?d the most votes decidedly. One man had hia pockets picked in the courts of the evening