Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 4, 1843, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 4, 1843 Page 3
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"bf oMicoiu, and the par centage levied at the pott hotisVsOT the verge of each territory. The new order of thing* has been in operation aince the b.-ginuing of the present year, and amongst other effects produced bv it it ha* changed the relation of exchange with Frauktoit, whic.h Is a matter of considerable importance to a large cl its of our merchants engaged in tha German trade. From the coutincntnl papers it appears that the Messrs. Rothschild h ave offered the Dutch minister of finance 64 for the whole Belgian debt due Holland, amounting to $bi).409 000, or $18,<ooo,000 leaving 2J per cent interest.? The maiket price of the stock is 60. The new French loan depends upon the Issue of this transaction. The accounts of the imports and exports of Bermuda for the past year, show an improving intercourse direct with this country. Year ending Jan. 1st. Imports. 1842. 1343. ? s d. ? s. d ?rrn Britain, 42,988 15 2 53,918 ? 4 llriiish ^''r.h America, 23,996 ^ 4 18.878 }7 H ? ii .-ii ?t ml juuics, iu.joo -{ 1 .?>? ' ; 1'uitnJ Stttes, 53,>99 16 I# 77,203 II 4 Fj.tign Stales, 18.277 19 7 8.161 9 5 Btrrlinf, 151,922 15 4 182.990 2 7 EiroaTa. 1813. 18U? s. d. ? I. d. Great Britliu 8 529 8 1 21 763 8 3 Briiiili N -.r[h Ameiica, 1,319 17 8 !? J Hn.ti VVnt Imlici, 13,931 9 10 10,325 19 2 Uai'rd ?la:as, 2 5? 911 4 80! 14 4 Fo ci>,u Stitcs, 4,110 8 8 96b 8 0 Pterlioc, 30,399 14 2 42.514 12 1 The dreadful consequencesof thefprotective system are *een in the present condition of the English iron districtsSome of the largest Welsh iron-masters have, it is understood, addressed recently and personally some strong representations to the Government en the present distress ed condition of mining affairs, a condition which, unimproved, may possibly lead to consequences which are to be deprecated. They are said to have stated that, without aisittancrfrom the Oovernment, it would be impessible much longer to afford employment to their workmen. They confessed to their own alarm at the consequences of discharging them ; the fear indeed which had long operated to prevent their adventuring upon such an extreme measure. But, it was added, necessity had no law, an I unable to mee> the payment of wages, they must, without aid, proceed to blow out their fires- The proprietary of one concern alone stated that by resort te such a desperate but inevitable) course,no fewer than eixteen thouemud persons, that is workmen with their families depend' ent, would absolutely by the cessation of their own works aleoe, he thrown out ef bread and upon the world. The Government, it was replied and justly, could not inter fere, for in snch cue every trade in a state of depression must have a similar claim and could not be denied. vr iia accumulated stocks air! no outlet Tor clearing them away, it will be impossible longer to keep their furnaces in blast and employ or pay their workpeople. The price ot bar iron,at the present moment,rules only at the rate of about 41 per ton ; some fire or six years ago, with works in full activity and orders for all the make possible, the prices ranged at 91, H, and even 111 per ton. Pig iron about the same time was worth about 71 or 71 10s per ton. The iron-masters assart that at 41 j>or ton their loss upon every ten connot he estimated at less than 23s, some say .10s, per ton for bar iron, which is the principal make in the two counties named. The statement ot the owners of certain large works may,therefore,readily be credited to almost the lull extent when they assert that they are and have been suffering an actual loss at the rate of 45,0001 a year. There are other oi their neighbors more or lass in the samo predicament as to amount of loss and extent of works. There are various concerns, or different works under one and the same proprietary, whose total makereackusto from 39,000 to 40,000 tons a year. The theory of Protectionists is to "encourage the investment of capital in domestic manufactures," in order to "roduco the priaes." In England the Oovernment has "encouraged" la-go districts into a particular business, and now after being so "protected" they want the Government to pay the wages for them. They have undoubtedly as good a right to demand this as that their fellowcitizens should be prevented from importing far their benefit. Sales at the Stock Exchange* $4000 N York 7*? '4$, 109 50 Hyractuefc Utica RR,102)4 12000 Ohio G's, 1800, 93 150 Harlem RK, 33 $2000 ? do do 91% 525 do 32J4 2000 do do nw 93 100 d > blO 33 2000 do do 92)4 50 do b30 33 900 CitV 5's, 1 f 58 , 91 100 do 32>4 10 sbts Manhattan Co, 78 315 Mi.hawk RH, 38)4 25 sh? Leather Miu Bk,105 50 do 38)4 100 Bk Comrade, scrip, 100)4 25 da >60 38*4 390 farmers' Trust, 26 125 do nw 38*4 Ml dj do sn?v 26 25 do c 38 H 50 do do nw 20 25 do ore 38*4 100 do do b60 26*4 58 do 160 39 25 do do 2514 200 L Iiland UK, 53k 25 Ohio L It, 90 50 do 5'ft 125Jted'> do blO 39*4 100 do 5314 25 do do b30 81 50 do 53 70 do do 83 50 do 5JV .50 do do 88 5M do 53k 13 futrdisu las Co, 105 loll do ?30 5?>4 118 U States lot Co 100 10 N Jersey RH, 85 2^ Canton Co, 28)4 108 Vieksbunj Bank, 3 35 do 28 Second Hoard. $1000 Ohio 6"S rw 93 New York Public Stock Exchange. t'000 U S 6's,M0,opg div off 114 25 do do b!8 27*4 2000 Oliio I s. Ufl, 93 25 do do nw 27 5MW do do bnw r4 25 do do 26 MOO do do bl5 91 25 do do blO 46'4 onoii Krntnckv |'?, 99 20 HirlemRK, 32)4 1000 I lia >>s 6's, 35 53 L.'ng lsUud RR, nw 5t Iiu.n sift tin hn* 349nn An An AO 4010 do d > bow ?4*i 100 do do 52X 11(10 Illiaou 6'*, 18*0, 35 150 d) do t>i\ locu do do 34X 'oo oo to mw 33% onro do do 3<% 10 do do 51\i 2 HO do do nw 35 350 do dl 53H luOO do do sow 15 50 do do 5371 SOi 0 do do bow 35 ino do do bow 53% 15 Farmer*' Loon, l'ue*. 27 50 Bk Com. (mcrip,) b3Q 102% 25 do do blO ?J Stmt* of Trade. Statement or tub hvawtitt or Floor, Tork, and WHIiAT KiroRlED MOM THE PORT Or CLEVELAND DlrIlINU THE WEEK ENDINO 37TH MAT, 1943. Bblt.Flour. Bh It. Pork Jiuth IVh't To U. 9. Port*, 32 015 1 SIS 30,303 To Canada, 8,557 1,13d Total, 26,203 3 839 30,303 Number of veaael* entered, 41 Do do cleared, 65 Total, 09 Proririont?There ha* been more doing. Pork ha< advance'. AO cent*, Mir* of Ohio Prime at $8 35 a $9 37}; Mi??, $10 10} a $10 37}; Prime at $7 62}; old Prime at $7 75; City Mess Beef, $8 a $9 12}; 100 do Country at $7 62} a $7 75; Prime Beef $5 62} a $6; llama at 4}; Shoulders at 3; Smoked Shoulder* at 3| a 3 J cent*. Lard?kega good at 6. Flour?Oeneaeei> $6 3i}; Michigan and Ohio, $5 26 a $* 31}; New Oil. an* at $5 12}; Georgetown at $6 26; ltyc Flour tell* at $3 13} a $3 35 for North Kivar; Jersey Meal at $2 81} a $2 87}; Brandywine $3; Short* 6} a 7; Ship Stuff* 10 a 11. Grain?Wheat from New Orleana at 100 cent*; milling at lOAcerta Corn?Northern at 59, weight. 11'AuAfy?Barrels are at 34 cent*; 23cent* offered. Sted*?Clover la at 6 a 6 cents, Timothy $10 a $12; Rough Flax $9 36. IOI1 Market. Lonbon, May 18 ? Sperm oil is in very limited requeat, and price* are lower; 67 ton* British (perm and headmatter, offered at puhlic aale, werediapoaed of, the oil of fair quality, at ?84 to ?64 6*.; dark, at ?63 to ?63 18, and the head-matter at ?66 10 per ton. Hambvro, May 14th.?South Sea Whale Oil, in imall lota on the apot aelil at 39 to 40 ach , and on delivery, 86 were aakrd ; blublier remained unaltered at 44 ach. Panengen Arrived. NkwOrlbahi?Ship John Minium?Mr* (Ji'ea Bibcock, 3 children and servant, Mr. Kdw ti H<de,chiM and servant, Mrs Irathron and child, H Thomas Jr. New Orleaui; Miaa M J Thomaa Connecticut; Mt* T Savage and 3 children, Canada; Mm j P Bullnrd and 2 clti'drcn, Mitt Ann K Marston, Louisiana?30 in tie eraae. Eebmuda?Hchr United State*?J 8 Roister and lady, C Roberta. Poaaenger* to Arrive. AwsU-Mrs Medltbrook Mr* Raws?n. Mrs C M HoynMo. Mrs Cram, Mrs Captain Siblev. Miss K A llnbbeli. Miss Craig, Mist Reives, MUa Newman Dr W H Cnyls rJA Oordon, H Medlebrook, W A Hawioti, ATI." vena, D I'lingle. Foreign Importation*. Tuaas Iilaisd?Brig Colonist?4C00 bnahels nit Mr Lightburn. Domaatlo Importation*. Naw OitLHAist?Ship lohn Mintnrn?UK halea cotton Ilirks & rn?1(2 bb's pork 48 do Isrd Lock wood It co?n hhda tobacco Beormsn. loliiitprn <k co?236 obla |?irk 1910 pigs lead A Averill k en?51 hbli B H KicM fc cr.-14 hlidi Victor * Dnckwiti-4* rtgr lead B L Woolrey?131 bill. <S bcga flpoSwd fc Tilejtoa? 11* bale* K L Taylor?31 hhdi KnharU k ^illiamr?WO bb t P (t?|ru jr?la In K Sieverron?322 bb'r N I. fc O Onrwold? 44 Vietd, Thnmprnn k eo?54 Kmanuel k Kmnkleek?15 caakr hi* *r k Pattnr? J3 hhdt R L Wailland?Ol to order. Ngw Oar.yaRr ?Brig ? tirppa?170* piga lead B N riald? ?327 hda tiuar an halei cation l.e Hoy k co. Nrae Om.r.AM?Bmqne l.,ma?536 hhti lloor 2200 bnahrW com P I .Xevina k ?oa?1400 do wh-a> 400 do co.u Newbold k Crnft. marTtTSTe herald. Hltlp IHaiUri and A|(?nU. Werhall citeeoi it a faror, if Cgptaiua of Vaaacla will girt to Commodore Uobkrt oii.tkt, of our Nerrr Fleet, a |4? DO t of the Skipping left at the Port wlience they railed, rhc Ve.anlt Spoken on their Paetnge, a List of their Cargo, rud an? Foreign Newrpaperi or Newe they m iy ham. lie mil l.o i"d them iinrnediately ou their arrival. Agcou nod Corret i nidrnu, at h inia or abroad, will nlro confer a fl\?or by cnlm^ to thir iKBce all :he Murine Intelligence they con obtain. Nantieal Infrrmiuion of any kind will be thankfully leea red. coiiT or bk.w vont, jmik *, hi 4 32 | moor n iy ?IJ ?> 7 24 1 m ion war km It i Cleurerl. Bhipe Ann VcKim. Vernier, C-inum, Hnirland kArpinrrdl; lUtucca, (ire" ) Urwern, Ire men, Oelnclu k Kmgir; Mnry F.aLcea, Ifnbhard. Mobile Stnrura k Clerrmin ? Barque H?hi i,|0w dirh) Arander, Steiun, Wm VVaiaaer.?B.igt Mary I'en all, (iiren, Vtra Ctm, Nriunlb, Leeda k Co; Nauroo, r -b????????? Uuruham, Trinidad de Cob*, Ramos de Zsldo: Oxello, Meak. Krinklin, L?.A K?toa, Nancy J?oe., Hsnith. Charleston, A C Vlariclc; Solon, Bui'. Norfolk, Neamith. Leeds fc Co; Ann da. Hell. Phil-delpb'a, D Curtis. Jr; Magnolia, Delano. Poialaud, II (latter.?*rhr* Boston, Brail"*, Caracoa, J fclwaH St Co; larrirt Smith, Smith, Eleuthera. H T IWan; Ann Hviins Pollen, Newheru, NO- Mrdid Plait: Aon D, Brdrll, N ililk, stunrei <t Ciearman: K A Brayens. Brings, Baltimore, J & N drruts; Milliseut, Cole, do, Johnson k Lowdcn. ArrlTad. Ship Louisville. Hunt, 18 days from New Oileti.i, with colon, to K. VC. Collin* & Co. Ship John Miutnrn, Waik, 18 dar? frcm New Orleans, with cotton, tkr- to Pi at 8t Phillip*. Btrnue louia, Whealer, 16 days from New Oil:ana, with (lour, lie. to or 'er. Biiu Wm. Dana, Bear*, 58 Jays from Amaterdain, with 260 b*?auc<r, to H. Haviland. B.itiah briar Colonist, Durkte, 17 uav* from Turks Island, with salt, to J. H. Briiue. Brie Maxeppi, Colaon, 20 day* from New Orleans, with iu?'ar, etc to order. Brig Comet, March, II d.y* front Franklin,L'. with 28 000 gallons mol uses ti A. Ytat u, New HaVtn. ,. Tempera/ c--, Qarc t, (of Ge'irgrhiwn) 25 days fiom brauklin, L'. with live oak. to J H IVuahty. Br g D tnoa. Hokinsuu. i days from Charl. stan, with cotton, ro Dunh m & Ditnoa. S?br Unit, d ctat>s. Moote, 11 days from Bermuda wi'h 6 hales coiks to Mldd'ctOn 8t Co; 11 cs 10 hf crrs'rs mdse A J P nnis'on. Left achr Ttuttirt, di*g. Schr Ermiur, Hutchinson, 10 days finm Nasr.u, NP. with pine ai pu s to master. Schr Julia 8t Na-cv, Feiguson,7 days from Newbern, NC w th naval stores, to R. lata, liwell. s.rhr Hi ?ulu i, II <w lias. 6 days frim Wilmington, NC. with taval stoes, to E. S. P. well. St ltr Elizabeth Beas'ou.from Richmond, with coal, to Lain? la Randolph. Schr John Clark, Collius, 2 days from Delaware, with corn, to B N Fc x. eel r Herald, Smith, 3 days from Virginia, with wood, to the master. Hcnr Albion, Arey, from FianLfort, Me. with mdse, to Bratt Ik Voae. At Hiker's IsLatrn?Barbae Isabella, from New H.ven for Work. Below. Oae ship, one brig, unknown. Herald Marine Carrespoitdence. OrrtcB or the Rhode Isiardf.*, ) Newimrt, June 2,1813. 3 Arr Helen, Price, Atlantic Ocean, last from Jamaica with 75n bhlsrpn and M do bllthsh oil, out 14 moj. Spoke Mch 23, .ff J 'tnaici, Exchange, of Plymouth, clean; May 2,off Tortugas, 'Anahawk,'steer ng E by S Also err, Anawan, Swasey, Fa'l River for Charleston; Indintry, Cushman, NBrdford for NYork; Hienzi. Charles, ?"<1 Amity, Providence for do; Three B others,1 Bristol for Al baay. Oenerat llecord. UiernECEDEriTCD DrsrsTCH.?The ship Ann M, Kim. Cnpt. Vasiner, arrived at this port Irom Canton on the 23d of May, aud ch ari d on the 3d iust list ing been iu port on'v 11 days. Fas iohts ?To Liverpool?Cotton 8-16,1 a J^d per lb; Na- | rai oiore*. ii h i apt p*rurl; flour, ? 4"?; tlsavy (Joods, 2i~s i?'per tou. To Lsudon?1'obicco, T6a aSOiperhhd; N ual Storei, 2s 6d a 3i, Mrun'll Oneds S1i a ? >61100: Heavy Goods, 3<l? a ?; Hire St Se?d?, 7? a ?ptr tee. To Havre? CoJton, Jfc a *? : tier lb; Vibes, 88 a 10 per too; Rice. ? a 8; Quetcihrou Bark, 10 a ? ; Whalebone, Xc a ? per lb; Measm't (iondi. la ? per ton. fraMMl' Wkiei with small stires?To Enrope. ptr inoii'h, ? ill; Mediterranean, ? 13; Wnt Indiei and Now 0 leaui, ? a 13; Coasting, IS a ?; ?ut 10 a 12; South America. 12 a?. Wages to Philadelphia with small storesWest ludiea and South America, 810 a II, E?at ladies, $13; Codling, $14 a IS; Europe, $14 a 16. Whalemen. Fairy, Tom Boston, out 14 moa, 2C0 bbla oil, 3 whs alongside and Tut to the fourth one?spoken May 14, in the Bay of Mexico, by the Temperance, sr. this pott. Franklin, ChsJ wick, NB, reported May 3. lit 36 30 N, Ion C7 30 W, rill Well, clean. Lafayette, How I and. Nil, repoited Jau 1, on Off Shore, 27 tnos out, MC0 sp. A wl ale biia and achr were aeen 27th ult. trying ont oil?by the Colonist, at this port. John & EdwrrJ. Hudion, NB.reported off South Coast of New H.Haul, lit 40 S, lou 120 E, Nov 22, 510 brjls oil, 351 sp, 18 tnos out. Nass'u, Weeks, NB,r ported D.c 12, lat 0 31 S.lon 121 W, 15 tnos out, 700 sr. PdriGc, T iber, NB, reported mid lie Nov, 27 tnos cut, louo ? board?sent home 110 bbla. fmily Morgan, Ewer, NB, spoken Dec 11, 8 mos out, 150 bbla sp. Addison, West, NB, at H nsant Island Oct 1.16 mos ont, 500 bbla. Arr at Sag Hatbor 22d ult. Washingto j, Grilling, fm Pacific, 1700 bbla. Arr at New Bedford 2nd, Arab, Wnghtington, fiom Coast of New Holland, St. H> lena. April 9, with 2?i0 bb's. oil. Keports spoke off New Holland, Oct. 1, Jelfprsi , Howltud, Wilmington, 9% mos out. 150 sp, (rep lOchlOOsp); Nov. 3, I'hocion. Corey, NB, '5 niduut, 1200 wh; 18th, Agla, Hivre, 800 wh; U'li. Jilt 1 at Edward, Hudson,NB, 18 mos out. 350 sp, 14 rt whs; Die. i4, Condor, Norton, do, It mos. 1500 wh; 16tn, Newton, Sawver, do, 18 mos, 1300 wh. 300 sp; 20thtCasa*uder, Dennis, 1'r jvideuce, 13 mos, 300 wh, 200 sp: 21.r, May flower, Uiffotd, NB, 17 mos. lion wh; Marial Theresa, Taber, do, 4){ mos, 3 wh; I5th. Gov Troup, Jeuney, do, 9 whs this season; Jon-?, Nant7., I500 wh; Gcean, do, 3 wh; 25th, Julian,Bremeu. 3 wh; Sophii It Elixa.CofTtu Duiburv. 17 inn 800 sell; Julian, Mas hew, NB. 12>s tnos. 1300 wh. 170ap; 25'h, Lagan. Stott, do.7>k m s, 7 wh; Jan. 4,'43, Vetmuut, Aliny, Poughkerpsie, ?5 mos, 2100 wh, HOOsp; Connecticut,Crocker, NL, 17>? mos, 1300 * n, 200 sp At Hobarl Towu,Jsu7, Hipe, Ilobiosor, fm South 9its ; 1 th, Cassscder, Deuuis, Providence, do; 15lh, Ilarrett, ??, do; 25th, Elizabeth, Winilow, Freeiown. Spoken. AlleKhauy.of and from Philadelphia for Liverpool, May 31, lat 38 32, Ion 72 10?by tire Uoited States, at this port. Amazon. 9 days from NOrlrar.s for Liverpool, May 21, lat 24, lou 83 8?by the Mazeppa, at this port. Hose, LamphiT, Baltimore lor B ilh, June 1,1st 37 38, lou ?, by the same Creightou, NOrleans for N York, no dtte, off Cape Canaveral? bv the Comet, at this port. St ning, Neef. .Vanilla for B jston, Feb 24. 25 miles Boulh of Sfaits of Uasner. Nouautum, King, NOr'eins for Liverpool, May 14, 1st 31 30, lou 61 40. L"dy Colebrook, Bilfast for Mobile, April 9. lat ?0 12, lou 38 5, ss ith lots of both topmasts, had upjury masts. Urozimbo, Warn, Liverpool fur Santa Cruz, Mar 5, lat 47 N, Ion 9 W. St Petersbu g, Howaid, Liverpool for New Oilcana, May 14, off Tu .lur. Cyuih.a, Bryant, New York lor Catton, Maich 28 lat 10, Ion 26 Golnare, Gibson, reroambucofor Hamburg, April7, lat 22 N lou 46 Ci riolauas, Hile, New York for Marseilles, April 25, lat 41, iod 28 Sarah, Anthony, Philadelphia for Barbadoes, May 22, lat 36 10, lon71. Grenada, Hammond, NOileans for Liverpool, April 14, lat 36. ion 7z. Francis Stanton, Mobile for Havre, April 6. i B ilivir, Nyr, Mazatlsn fur Oaliu, Mch 13,12 hinn sail for Honolulu, 33 days out, short of provision; and wttcr, was supplied. Hehring, Snow, Boston fot Oahu, 127 dare out, Mch 14. Toulon, NOrleans f r Rotterdam, April 7?by the Bengal, at Liver|>oil. Pr'rr Hattrick, Port, Mobile for Liverpool, May 21, lat 24 30, ltn 80 20. Russell Glover, Howes, NOrleani for Liverpool, May 22, lat 30, loa 79 30 A ship, standing B, showiof signals 44 23, was passed May 15. lat 44 55, Ion 34 15 iVio Pnee, Biltimore for llio Janeiro, April 25, lat 3 30 N, Ion 26 40 W. Tei dor, NYork for 8t Thomas, Yay 27, lat 36 40, Ion 71 20? hid lost fore and maiu topsails, fore yardaud fore sail. Geo Brrmer, was passed May It, lat 42 50, Ion 31?by the Ro sebulla. at Boston. Leander, from Ssvannah, April 30,34 diysout. Lake Ports. Bt'rraLO, Msv 31?Arr Alert, Scoville; Swallow, Appleby; Oicfolt, Da a: Watson, Jones; I.-di, Tubes; ku-knor, Davison: Rochester, Van Tassel, ard Whig, Perso a. Cleveland; H Clay. Root. - oron; Wairen, Keiehum, Milan; Buckeye, Bain, S?n<'uahv; Baldwin, Sweet. St Joseph., Ohi >, M ,y 29'h?An Avlpb, Col'ins; H Ainswor.h, Pneett; () P Statkev, Hivd; Sc ote, Uuviev; K Watd. Crowl; Asa Wi'cov, Herd; J H Lyon, Riske: Sandusky, Davi o' ; Jnha Gran', Mitllio; llu-rn, C-neelly; H Crevolin. Ctldwell; C J Marshall, jJeijsraio; N diddle,NormaniAlps. Ovrea; Warner, J B'gelnw; Victory. Cook; l.aci ds, Fislds:, Browning; Wn,neb*go, Kimball; Owa ungah, Mou gomery; Prtble, Richa-ds; Gen Her ison, Androns; Highlander, Luonuu; M?rshsl Nev, Johnson, aud Morgiina, Peve, Buffalo. Josephine, Whaler, Dtiroit; Carnliuv, Clark, '.lack Pork; Hubbara, Hasadr.w, Port Huron. 30th, Trenton, Rood; Jane L uis', horsy th: Col Benton, Perkins; Alias, i u rtuj j v* nine, i.if*vei\nn, Siaiia d; Com- itntion.Wate; h. O Merrick, vlmo:; B I i more, Sprayne and Queen hi-lone, I lark, B.'ffilo; balt.c.D-i rotle, I'oit Hnrou; Dewits Clinton, K ?n:>>en, for' It-swan; Tom f'otwin, Ferguson. Borwrl'; Herald, Walcoft, L Point; May1 -wer, 'Union Bennett, and Roh?rt Peel, 8a*aye, Porr Huron Ma? 29.h,Cld Charles Cronks, Welch; Arrylr, H'nd; Trader, Earl; New York, Butteifi-ld; Kndora, Cobb, Buffalo; Nivipitnr, Snow. Detroit: Koacoe,Chalmers, and New Mink, Huarion, Riadasky; Western, Diton, Oswego; Josephine, Wheeler, Dunkirk. forel|n Porta. B thu?it, May 13?Arr N. ptnne, Sunderland. Calcutta, Mch 31?In port, Aryn, Corliaa, from Boeton, arr Itth; Koukle. Proctor, fer do. It or 20 dt. Uentoo, Hollii, for do. went to sea abaut 1st. Cardenas, May 8? In port, Rowre, Allen, for Providence, ld(. Cape Hattiei*. May 10? In pert, Kaglr, Pedrick Norfolk, diss; Illinois, Hnttltaon, wtg carte, doing in, Oralloo, LufKin, l hil ulelphia. Paliiousie. May 12?Arr'd, Hiben.ia. Miller, London, John *t Hinnah fJ-oson, do ; I5:b, Ann Elir.abelh, Mowat, Loudon ; Britannia, Oliver, Ncsvenstle; I6'h, Elizibeth and Sarah. Wilsoo, Portsnonth; Helen Douglas, Forrest, do; El'zabeth, Uaher. Load n Greenock, May 17?Sid Tennessee, Wise, NOrleani. Omau BaiIam. Dec 26? Off, Edw Barley, Barbe, Tor the windward. Honolulu, (Haudwirli Nlmils) March 12?'ii Port, Willhm Gran, Stirancy, for Bnstou, nuc Ids; Fe in i, Iliyer, fin Monteroy, ncc; Jos Peifcody, I'ominia, for Chi .a, n ic. Siilrd about March I, Bartholomew O isnold, lliiitell, United, havi i* lepeirrd loss oi mitxcnn aat cot awry masevcie Kile while at anchor off Knloai K-.u ii. Ht vrk. May 11?Sid Queen Victoria, Ranlett, NewOrleans; Snnlhport, Herhest, NYork. Liverpool, Mar 19?Arr Echo, Sill, and Scotland, Merrym-<ii. NOilrans; Greenock, Mobile; Tar. lints, Smilh, Aralachiciia; Sheffield. Allen, and New York. Crop|>e-, NewYork. In port i9<h, Hope, Brule, coppeiing. Adv Ar-atns, Lincoln, for Boston. wi'h ilea; Columbia, ( } Shannon, do, Jane I; Hihernm, do 13;h; Ureal Weatern, Nk nrk, 17th; Snirjiehaniii, for Philadelphia, 20tti: Shenandoah, and S U 2iih: Hope, Sonle. NOileans. wirh des; Cincinnati, Wilsan. China, June 5. Ldg Rose, Cockling, lor Analachicola; Cyras.Cnmer, Bostou; Massachusetts, Wil on, NYork. Leghorn, about May 1?Sid lodta, Sclby, NYork and PhiltMessina. May 4?In port, Wm Tell, Gardner, seeking lit; Mohawk, Pieree. for N York. 4 or 3. Marseilles, about May 1?In port, Washington, for New York. Mav 31?Arr'd, Scinh Eik, Wisnhnrt, fm Liverpool, to Harrison k M|Ta\ ish, grBcial cargr; Autili u, Baridge, fm Newcastle, to Andrew Muir, Jr. gereral cargo " \1atan?.as, Msy 17?R-cheile, Hu kins, lorCronstadt, 25 .h; Oitor.l.Cutler, nnc; Dun'ap, Gordon, do; St. Patrick, Deer, for P ovidercr 3 dai s; Ea-rern Star. Demi'ion, anil Garden -s, ChnrrheM.f-n Portland, dt g; Oik Hill, Line iln. In B itig ir. jnai ar, "iia ottir a not rtcollrcted Billed Tyro. AdiitlA, lor Card* AMNaiiau, NP. May 23?In port, Oil Blaa, Seeley, for NYork, eoon. Palarmo, M*y 2-Bid Nil*, Wn?, Boelon; Powhat-n, (Jirdler, NYork; Apr 31, M rcellt, H' Saiwt Awprkws, May 19-Ar'rt klliion, Powdiill.New Yoik ; 23rd, Northumberland, Ade, Sutherland ; 23 li, Unity, Hn'ton, Tobnto. | Hi. |Btchiei*?, May 22?A-r*d Flora McDonald, Abbot, Liverpool ; Blnm )?e, AJb e, Weal Indira MiRAMtCHt, May l>?KnlrrtH, British (Jn?-n, Moir, Cork; Colnmbna, I'riraott, Leith ; Water Lily, Loi.gatnff Bumlrr land' 4 h, OailloR, Allan, London ; lflib, Kaaide. White, I.ou Inn ; Manner. Ruaaell, Por. Olvgow ; Z jller, Prueae Pommy; Mary, DonaUa, London; i9ih, Arie', Stewart, Cork; lumber, llo.ikeaon. Hu'';Tyne, Bjaaitaw, IVnv.tucet Taylor Yoitena, N?wculle; JO h, Imprrlrr. McC in ly, Liverpool. finer*rial*, Va? 0?1 lie Tay, Baiubiiiae, nnatrr, of Smith ifhielda, ar ived at the enlranre of t-i? harbonr on the till init , mil OD theaameeveRiug, the wind hl..wina a irale, ahe waa driven on itie Oramlr Ualteau, where ahe now lira, with the tida llowieg into her There are aome ho|<eaof Ratting her off She ia eonaignvd toJotieph Cnnird k Co. St. JoMie.N B, May ,t?Arr. At n, Hnghaon, Newcastle; 29'b, Vdintton, Kinney, NewOrletna; 231 Ceylon, O.affim, fliiltdeli tva; M h. Thetia. VangMn.; Hentl nd. i O.ienoa, Clyde; Jan* I.Mitl n, oekrriin*. I. vrrponl; 27th lorgianr, H .mi ton, Be'fiitt Val#f. v, MrtLath, 8*. I homa?; Sally Hemnv'or, Dtlrbbi'r, Br If-at 2?d, eld binge inn, CraiK, Itifi'rpool; \Vm He tl "tan, Mirhn I, B*utot; I urn* i ley, Top'iff, bnndcrland; ' 5th Mo*imb'nue, Bella.' l. 'tol m' Abeona.Bodd-e. Liverroul; JO b, Si Henry Huntley* Kalei, Liverpool; 1$ h, he'ipe". ivileli -n?r, St. Klita; Jihn Hoyaton, k'rancia, liar,lord U 8; 29ih, I c lualanl, Beacon, Liverpool; . Albion, Morau, Li ear poo; Pandora, Brown, do; Kni'd 29th j 'or landing Norman, Belts, Liverpool; Portland. Robinson, London. Tries , May a? l.i port Wm Knit*. Of, Irr NYork,aboot res- y; Hector, WPit*. fm St J?iro, arr 2d, deatiuation une. Tu?u Isla.iu. Mat 18 ?Sid Cre cent, Philadelphia. In I ott,, ttawver, ju?t Arr from WilniDftcg, NC. di?s'' a ?ehi of Dennis, Ida (or NYork. Qtphcr, Mav 29?A't Monkwearmonih, Nellia. H?rtlrrool; >1 tnlo d'latn, Ifrou, P.ytiioo'b; Liviuta Bn-wm, Stocht t ; lieory Volant Kwing, Billnhamion; John K.*nci?, K ut, Cork; KliztVtcth, l)a;;na|l, Loud ,n; Nrato', Smith, Plymouth Atntz>n, I'eara n. Hull; C'oit ) ay, Turner. Iiv<rpnnl; Cove, loherta. llu'l; Lady Mary, Bowen, Suud-r'aiJ; Siiteri, Itruce, Aberdeen; Hnu-ri a a htbelb. Cowell, do; K '. t< n Carry. CI eib.rure; A'bien, Howell, C rV; (Ja."l!e I1 . i1 Dor. aal. Maria B-enuen, Mil I man, L iverpool; A'doineda. O tit, Mewciat'e; William and J seph Crisp, Po"b<e fAn , R.liXe.and fane. Lessnte, Ncw-e.tle; 811 Willinn Wnll ce And< on, London; Ko tune Wi'.iun, do; Hrlrauua, Smith, Truri ; Emerald, Leixhton, Glaiuow. Hoinr Ports. KasTroRT, May 30? Arr Teezer, Ur'enlaw, NYork. S'd 25th, Roanoke, Knight, llenntrtowD, SC; Lncrctia. Wade, I hilad-lphia; 39th,Splendid, Mi-ckford, do. Belksst, May 26?Arr Sparta, iBrowu, Philade'phia for St John, NB; 23 h, Oua Bolivar, Thouiu, New O leiui for Mar oil let. Caitivb, May 30?Sid Helen Mar, M'Caelir, Baltimore. Bimmk. May 30?t/ld Ornate, Hod-don, Wiatrm LUitd*. TuoMiSTniv, May 2-t?Arr Win H-nry. No ria, N v^it; 28'h, Anu Mami, Parke-. Wiliniualoti, N<l. Cld Jlst S,i? 11 l.uiwiit, Cushtng, Alexandria. 8 d 29 h, Wild r, Stnbler, Norfolk. Pohtlird, May 30?Air B.nlah. Merrill. NYork Salem, MayJO?Arr Spr tig Bird. New York; Juue I. Zone, Georgetown, DC; i H liernrk, NYork. S <1 itomj, Clark, Cayenne; Barnham, NYork. Boston June 2?Arr H aabella. Ilobi a, London; Raleigh, Stewart Washington. N( ; Nile, Bell, k'redvriek&ha.'Ki Mechanic, Siwya; Fancy, I 1 Myatic Churchill, Is York; Cyceuin. Andcraon, Waahinetoo, NC; Dt ?a, S-n ill, Phtladelhia. Below, AliPfllia. Dill, Baltimore. Siruul for 3 On ?.? Jacob Stoiv, Hurd, Cope lltyiirn; Susan Jana, Fletcher, Ch aleiton; Tennessee, Schilild, Puritan.; Koaeto, Conk, Mobile: Baltic, Croaby. Albany New Bkdkord, Jane 1?Arr Gteenport, Briiaut, Baltimore; Jaa & Lucy, Keen, Chaileiten. SI 1 Plnladelp' i-, I'liaiu, Philadelpbin, Bristol., June 1?Ar 30t\ Chapnel'. Sawyer, Wilmit g on N( ; 'I -,r 1 Brothers, R< yuol a, Providence for New Haven and All...., I < ovinv.Nre, Jans 1?Att Wildes P- Wa'ker, Fdtrcrmb, Cardenas vii MiIudih; Lion, Clilt, Ara'ariiic ll', via NVorV; George & Wi'iiim, Merriman, Darian; Star, Crnwell, Baltimote, vii E G-eenwich; James Barbour, l)rti, Philnc Paleim'r, Chevaleer. d ; Patriot, Eulriilgc. do; Os'et'a, Leeds. d 1; Sa-ah Brewster, B l> e, Komlnu'; Hamlet, Tattle, do; Oi I Bmtn rd, Pot'er, N York. A coal ImImi foe cud aft schr w# nt iuto Beckno'iClnnuei at night Sailed Cli -rles Misoj.llieczi, Du'fcf, a.d Qeu). Brain*id. NYoik. Albany, June 2?Arr C'sriou, Colema-', Bosrou; President, Nickersnu, NnHtncket. 9!d Tigress, Lovell, Boston; Miner *a, Johnson, Norwalk. Philadelphia, June 3?Arr Turk, Eldridite, aud Lnili, Bnt?r, Button; Su*an, Wasgalt, Arc-ibo; Fl ub, Luke, A lord, Pitt, and Henry, Nickerson, NYork; Win Halt, (J'inly, Wi'mington, NCt November, Ellis, SarsuiHi: Tiourt, Snow. N Bedlotd; Danl Parker. Curtis, Troa. Cld Poet-c Baxter, Crowrllj Jov, Uagr, aud Eugene, Cooka.-n, Boston. Baltimore June 2?Arr Il'rald, Watts, Amsterdam;' Readv nhiijo,(Br) Curry, Windsor, NS; Convert, Scofield. Matunzrs. Cld Uebe, Grern, Hio rle Janeiro; Qiadrnple, (Br) S?an, Detncrara; Orchilla, Harding, Boston. Richmond, inne 1?Arr Manchester, Worth, NYork. Below, Fiee Trade, Mayo. Boston. Sid Morea, Smith, do. Nokeol*. May 31?Cld Androscoggin, Davit, Jamaica. Sid M?ry Jane, McMath, NYork. The Mary Phillips, Pratt, from NYork, has gone up James River, lu Hampton Roads, bound up, Echo, Th-roaston. Air June l.Orleans, Smith, NOrleat-s; Eleaior, Hobbs, Charleston lor Baltimore,; ut in to land U S seamen. Sid Androscoggin, Davis, W ludiss At ^eavrcll's Point. Alexander, Robi son, Thomastnu Inr A lexandria. Charleston, May 31?Arr Marion, Hanim-n, Fratkhvt, Me;Cassius. Priestly, NOrleaus. Cld Emma, Bancroft, Philadelphia Sid Cougaree, Doane, Antwerp; North S ar, Skellington, Liverpool; Deborah, Handy, Boston. - Savannah, May 3f?Arr Loo l.h >o, Whippen, Liverpool.? Cld Creole. Wyman, Boston Sid Monmouth, Patten, B ith; Augusta, Sherwood, N Yo'k. Apalachicola, May 12?Arr Marv & Snssn, Grace, Live.nool; Alfred, Myers, do Cld Nile. J huson, and, [Br] Jones, do; Liou. ''.lift, Providence. Mobile, May IT?Cld Maty & Jane, F'lirner,Boston; Acton, Lambert. Phil -delphia; Marmiou. Smith, New Obleans, May 26?Cld Talleyrand, 11-a y, Boston; Frsnkl-n Keuntdc, and Damascus, Bliss. NYork; Vo'uaia, [Br] Childs, Liverpoo'; L'Orient, Wardwell, Boston; Julia St Heir ii, B.nlait, Laguna. T? LKT?Splendid large room,, furnished, Tor Single A- Gentlemen. wnh bieakfast ana tsa. ib at gj Walker Stir CI. nesr Broadway. j,..| )m?< c d iCHaRD DAW. Otherwise DAWES, formerly orSirCS JA Helen's, in the Isle sofjWight, Great Bntun, who was born ahont tha year 1716, and is surp-sed to have become an American citizen about the year :8lt. is requested to apply, post paid, to Messrs. Beavan and Anderson, 2 Adelphi Terrace, Loaaon, Great Britain, without delay, as he will hear something gr'*tty to his tdvantsge. He ij supposed to have entered tire Amrri :an n*vy Applieation may also be made to Messrs. George i.tid John Laurie, New York. jd IQfr T7LOUK?800 Barrels superfine Flour, choice brands, ex " ship Louisville. For sale by E K. COLLINS & CO. jed ee 56 South street. CHEAP STRAW BONNE PS AND EMBH01DEKIE A ?la ennsequenceof ths ine'emency ?of the weather during the last sseek, Miss F. Godefroy's sale of goods, below cost, will be coiitinueduatll S-ltt'diy next,the 0 II inst. Ladies are invited to call at 319 BroaJwar, pposl'e the Carlton House, tied judge for th?mselves. jed lw*ec QOLMAN'8 LONDON MUSTARD, per ship Phildiel200 lugs second and fine 200 pigs Lead 50 bbls Alum Also on handPriuting Papers?28X41 26X37 2tX36 HXtl 21X31 22r,XJ2 Together with a gt ueial assortment of wtitina and wrapping papers, for salo by 8. KlNGBLKY, m23 Im'r M? Maiden Lane. T7HANKL1N SALT WATER BATHS, castle -U GARDEN?T e prop ietors, hating availed themselves of the rxperiene of the past year, and conformed to the suggestions of many of their subscribers, b.-g leave now to pre sent to tv em. and the public in grn-ral. th? most complete arrang, meats fur public sad private bathiug Shower baths upou rnlirrproved prinriple, and boya'swimming school, thai ever was off?red to public pstrotmg-. Haviug established a constant and thorough succession of salt water, all surface matter is completely r xcuded. The Frautlia Bath ia now rcrdy at i s usual s'atiou, the north side oM'aitle Garden Bridge. Books am open f r the saason tubsciip ion, and the inspection of citizens end strangers is rsspecllullv solicited jet wtc HAMS.?2d Hhcls P.ckl.d Ham?, 25 do B n on do, ex s ip I L misville, from New Orleons. For sale by s ? E. K. COLLINS ft CO. jed ec 56 South s reet. _ LIGHT! LISlnTi BRIIItlANT AND BEAUTIF'U' LIGHT FOR HALF A CENT AN HOUR SURELY, no one need walk in da kuess, when the e'earest light may he had at a merely noui< expense. Terry's rew Patent Lamps, lor burning any kind of Iain, urn*, or oil, without previous preparation, inconvenience or liabiLtV to Ret cut ot order, is destin^ shed a moit hsncticent light over th'a datk planet. Enterprise aud compeiitiou hate brought the light o'scteuce and letters into literal contact with the mh'ds or nil our population. Yet, how shall they perceive it, and its blesiirgs, uulesi dining'ho only hours of le'sure which most of our citizens pas'ess, the ahsenco ofihs inn be pp ie i by tone other umiuery, whose rays shall bo free to all I A r ear app ovimation to ihis grsat desideratum hasjitith en averted in the invention of Terry's Lard Lamp, e single one of wh'ch may be niada to light a parlor, withcu' stnoke or smell, at brilliant!? as the best astral lamp, at au cxpenje ol but half a cent ti hour. All to.eis of light 01 economy, or loth, are invited to call and witness their operation, at E. HAHRItlON'8, 211 I'earl sheet, N. Y. N.B. Liberal termi will he offered to dealers j -4 nn,r-e T AIID.?126 barrel) Leal Lard, n slitLoui.rile, fruin lu New Oileana. For sale by K. K COLLINS St CO jti ee 66 ^nuth ntiret. f ARD ? 210 Kega I'nuie Leaf Lard, in snperit r order, el L ship Louisville, fr rn New Orleans. For ?hIs by E. K COLLIN a St CO. jel ec 66 S. u'h sl eet. CI'AVEY'S Justly Celebrated Waterproof Composition, for Harness aud Carriage Headi, Self Shining flatness Liquid, Ai'iiliiug Paste. Sir. Stc. We, thi undeisigued, hni g sufficiently tested duties Pavey's Waterloo I" Comp mtnu f e Harness and Carnage Heads, also his Sell Shining Htruess Liq ii , consider ihrin to be the best articles for beautifying n d prrsemng Ham ss tin introduced iu this eity^ and which ,h?s g v 'n the utmost sa isfactioo to those who hgvt used them. C. ILvry also in unl clures an article superior t? any yet offeied to the public, for cleaisrg the mouutings of harness, nod ma? be used for silver and ?liter | Wed goo ?, (>i nnm stiver, brass, btc. Stc., ? th< u: th "se ('estiuciite efT'CU so geutrally pr dticrd by eorotirv articles?Joo. B & las. Boll,Saddlers. 206 Riosdway ; Wood Uihsop, Saddler. 160 Fulton st, one door from Broadway; Sarnl. L. Post, do, cor Broad way sud Murray at; John H. ltverio i, do, i'9 dowery: Kvcr It Hughet,do, 612 Broadway; /no. H. Mirdouald, do, 603 Broadway ; Juo O Imore, do, 9 t itth Avenue, Jas 193 Canal st; (3 Derrick, do, 4i6 Broad wty; C Francis, do. 39 Bnweiy; Thot Wp|Ve,do, 81 Broadway; \Vm Kelly, do, 5u0 Broadway; Robert K Story, do, 26 Fu I ion st, Brooklyn; Baxter, do, 1'8 High st, do; Jaa L Moore, do, 36 Fulton at, do; .Thos Idollini, do, Fulton street do, C. r?vty presumes the above testimony of so many competent judges to bo quite sufficient to convince the public lint lh? above osmed aiticles are truly valuable nnd deserving of their patronage Sold by all the principal Saddlers and Harness Makers.? Composition 25 cents ami 5g certs rer bos; Polishiuv Pjitc 12% ninl 2) cents each The Polish ns cast.; lor cleaning silver Britania, Brasi kc.fcr, may also lie obtained at tb? principal family gioceres ami hudwars stores. Manufactory 47' Pearl s'reet, near Chatham, where all orders will he promptly attended to N. It. Observes fseatmilieof C. Pavey's aisnatnre, attnch?d to ea?li label, without win. Ii II in- are grnnine mm tw*vc WhEvFI?150n Bushels Prime Illinois, eg ship Louisville, fiom New Oileaui. For sale by K. K.COLLINS !t CO Bf eI ec .'id South < ef. (0ilKATHl.NO PA IfiK-tO bales, a very sn-wrior a licle, I to and well calculated lor ship's bottoms and roofs of houses, for sale by K X COLLINS k CO. ) l tc 5i S hi th street. /"NROTON WATER?Many cl the takers of ihn Crototi I Gv Water having been uudrr a b tlirf that th* renewed pay inent in advat.cj would e for six in mills NIT, in CM II <|WMI1S of which they were not prepa.ed to pay on the I'm May upon turirc ill at the oilier.the years rent required by law to Ii" lwid iu rtdvscce, it ha* bet n determined to ritrnd the ti 'e of shutting tff the water from those homes which hive rot h?eu pa d for until the 7.h Junr iust, after which time no fuither indulgence* can be grunted. Tn ise who wiih tj ?void a ciowd and aconsequ nt delay when.thry ca II at the office, will plcau to attrrd soon in the intermediate daya and between the hour* of 9 A M. aud half-past 2 P.M. Office ol the Croto lAquednrt Board, No. 7 Old Alms House By eider, jl6tm A. b BIGKLOW, Register. MAD\VI( .1 \MMK hegs respectfully to inform the sort that the his removed her establishment fr< m No. 23 Murray street to No. 48 Vesey street, up stairs, where she eomiuuas to clean lacrs, veils, embroideries, sua plcil collars. inlO 3t*r CHEAP KXEUCIHK. SPLENDID BILLIARD ROOMS, A T taa comer of Broadway and Chamber street The si u?il linn is spacious and airy, with tour lirit rate tablet. 'teeth neu are requested to call and judge for themselre*. Trie relresl meuts are of the best hind, and the pi ice i er irame during the day is one thillinr, and in the errning 18V ennu. < IIKIal'IAN I'KI PEN'BUTCH Fit. DORK ?450 B irrcls Mess I'oik a 150 do f'l'ar Pork I'O d.i Prima Pmk E* ship Louisville, frrtn New Orleans. K irsileby K. K. COLLINS Jt CO, t jet iC 5i) tfon h siraet. A yaght for sale, OF seven tons burthen, nine mon'ln rid, and is perfect filing order, well found in eveiy respect, s-rch as awning lor cock PI' anchor, grapliug, cables, iwent sheave blocks, suits *:i't rigg rif of the very best materials, a compote sett of flags, cleats end rudder head of h:a?", has n taeautifu' csb ii, finely fitted no with losirers, essahinn* and looking glasses, spy gl **, nuu OiHe> liaturra arpeiiami '* iu inr aim-; imniim rrniireruor under the cocip t. tint will hold IJO Iba. ICK, ato >o rutaed, t-irriea iquare topaaila, lenelli ?4 feet on deck. 9 feet beam, ir >n keel, I i inrhea drrp, 3>{ wide inidahina, holt don rlitou wiifiiina iroo ibe.. and ilio-e ihit know the ailienM#* fl? venae |>-..w?', will at once ?ee ilitt ?he emnol be koocktil l iwu in ? aquill, nud in caae ner bottom it etov# ihi cannot link, at ill- kit the Iunyaney ?l 2A00 wn*lit of cork betwe< n her a.dt* and inline, and iiavery lilt itilrr. b or further 1*1tiru are, impure nf J. JKNNlNtJS, m:tO lui* ie IN Broadway, cor John it, ito it >i n, fio-u room p ^ NK or tNOLAINIt NOTES. Ooubkxme, Napoieona, rcinliah Silver, and all kinda of lorriRn fold end ulrer, bought ind aold at 8. J. 8 VL VE8TEH'8. JJ *u 23 SfaJI etreet and IN Broadway A OENCV WANTED.?A gentleman occopvwg a store " (open to the street) !u Ihr upper part of Wall (tract, ncai Sroadway, la deiirous to U' der.akr the ageucy of aome in.n n ficturing, mercantile, patent, or any ottier respectable boa ceta Apply to bii No 191 1 'tp-r Post Office. m5 lm*aodt BOA RUING ?A few Huigle 'Jeuliecif n, or Gentlemen and lli-i* Wives, can Ik? accominml iitd with pleasant ro?iuia 11 1 i -I. i k i I ' 'iI V rr street m30 l"?*.r_ ROAH0IN V?A Uriuly or iwo ran be handsomely accoolio dited wth fond t Ntw-nk, N J. The sitaaioni* ' ie of the moat deiitrKrfal in the place, anJ butafew steps Irom ill" ?ti p.'in't | Ice of the rail earl For further infor.nation apply at N >. 27 Maiden Lane. m?7 ln"r 7'I L \ MAKhltS Jl- ,n 1l 1.1 NEKS ?To Mint, I a Room. handsomely fuii.i.lii ', loi the above, business \ny pctioa uqairiuj ilia mm? will pltrue euqaiie at309^ Dr. nilwiv. Alan, a lionu lot P.,riau Painter or Dentin. mJ0 6t' r CJAnDSOMK APAHTMKNlB hi Hnoatoa atreet, cleae 11 to Kro-idway ?To let, to gen'lrmrn, with break.'ast and tea R fer-ucs required. Atldrtss, h.ix 203 Park Post office, in '2 loi eod*i c '"Pinil)HP f'()U bAL.lh.-A nip 'lior Loudon made '1*11 On- I ' ry, h a run hut two years, an I ie new painted thia eprtUK, fur ss'e eheap. Apply I > MESSENGER'S Stable, in'.li i *#rc H Lmiiher atreet. THE I' NDERSttiNKD, W. A. Svlt, fA.bsiug about to leave for 7u n.MHur ib'ot th- 8th nut for the |iur , ose of transacting buiiatis for the fill aid apiiog trade, on i-rmnia inui r othrrwia*, and in n idiug to mm ion to the pii'i.hne of Paris fancr goods. cmMon's-ics, i"r*:.inh and Brl'iium I ues (as he will rnil bothFraucc andIfolI iud,)i -speclfuMy rniu-jt, t'?- pafiouage of those periona who rniv < i It tonid:r auci artic'es, assuring them that tucli orders will bepr mptly .ttiud.d to, and nio't pariicu'arly lutfi'led; II nteriui, hi uar'f that from his k.rown oppuriuuitiea of being compete 11-?fu'ti I such demands, persona who may entrust I Itn v kh com ..i nioiM will teel no hesitation on the subject. \V A. Id. rttnrn tt auks to his friends -ud the public lor the verylibral jifci'ige bestowed upon lum for a number of ve.' s, end reepectfu lv r, nursts a coiitinnance of it for his earcessnr I. Schc!terna. who will receive a'l bill* due to hi n, and who ' i I settle any claims that may be outstanding against him at 25S Broadw. y. W. A 8METB. j ' 3-lw*irc LOVE, t OITRT8HIP AVD MAUKIAOE?Ju?t published Povsiol"iic"l Mysteries .ud ttevclalioas in Lore,Courtship-nil M'.riia e?an infallible, guide book for msrrudaud cing'e, in ui.'teri of the utmost import lure to the human ties. Uy Eugene Becklard M D. Translated fiem the 31 Paiis edition, by Philip M. How r.l. Amongst the ''ers duly considered in this work, are "Mat t- rs ol serious importance to sing's aud young inatried tiers us." ' Thaicauses of,and oeit in en . f?r barrenness." "The arts of liean.v cntl e. urtship " "Tlii d-ager of soli'srv pracltces, 0'id how the habit may h i rrmurpd, ami its effects cared ' The c-U'cs of love and j-slousy, with infallible remedies for radicating from ill- mi.i l the set dr of a Ii ipiless or an unliapI y past! n " ''Offspring, with n wly discovers.I modes, hased on scientific principles, lor the prevntiou. or propit.atiou thereof." "1 iterinariisge." "Dress, with the firms and colors most becoming to the vui. ui shapes and complexions." The most auspiciou tseason for wedlock" "A ul most other matters of interest in sir g'e cud m im-dlif*, pa relates the ; riuciud subjects ehave uottc, d." For s .le wholesale and retail at ICS Nasssn rtreet, V- Yo k A post pa d n d-r e closh g one do.lar diree'ed to HOLLAND & GLOVER, New York City, wi'l procure a cmiy of w.irk. b-ing s rut to any part ol the Uni'ed States, or the Canadn, or three copies will be sent fur two doll era. jej dlmltwr DEEdYVAX ?l Bam l Prime Wnv. For sale by JL> E. K. COLLLN8 A CO. jei ee .'.6 houth street. ,DR. CARPENTER IS AT HOME DAILY AT NUMBER KOUIt I'E(;K 3LIP-From7A. M. tinnl !0 o'clock, P, M-. mast " iilir'usly devoted lo the welfare ol his numerous patients. Dr. Carpenter's old established P.ek Slip Duprnsiry, No. 4 reck s ip, near Pearl street,, pri ju 111. .TynriLi' unices mi') euirauces riuicms are fever ixposrdto e.icli other's observation. Or. 0. i? a licentiate of ihe New Yorl: State Medic il Society, hnd hsa had more "han JO tcara experience. Perfect cures in all cases guaranteed. Charge* reasonable. jl-2iis*r LKARY fe CO. PJ, ENOA HATS.?A fur fabric of suncrliue tc dure and deli* ? cete I lie, expressly adapted to (,'t ut't no u's auuiiner wear, by le leou ot exceeding ligh'ness, beauty, elasticity and durabi lity, uow ready and Certain by LE AKY A co., No. 4 fc 1 Astor H? uie. A'so, a choice ??lection cf the elegant Rocky Mountain Beaver Hats, for iu nmrr are. j36(irs*r RECEPTION OF THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. THE JOINT Committee of the Common Council erenow f engaged in the airaugeuients for the reception of the PreX't Public Institutions and other bodies, who design to taae ptrt i? to* rerun mies on tlrs occasion, are request ed to notify the Joint Coswktee, in, at room No. 8, City II til, en Monday next, the a i. in,.nnt, by 12 o'c'ock, or as soon thereafter as practicable. City Hall, Juue2i, lflfl. ELIJAH F. PURDY, ABKAHAM HAT "I ELD, WILLIAM V. BRADY. CHAKLKn P. BROWN, B AVID T. WILLIAMS, j3 3'r JAMES D. OLIVER. HARRY'S WIGS AND SO A LPS. AC. BARRY, ARTIST IV HAIR, FROM LONDON. ?The real Heads of Ilair s til stand pre-eminent above all others. Their peculiar httht, gossamer and ventilating character?their being shaped exactly as the natural hair grows ?their elatticity nr.d their superior material and workmanship, as well ai their style of finish and a'rangemeut, all combine to form such perfect heads of hair, that they must be seen to be fully appreciated. A new system of th-art of Wig Making taught in five ler sons. See specimen of flury'a Wizs and Scab s, which will satisfy the inott fastidious that he is Uie be-1 nud cheapest maker ia the city?! 16 Broadway, corner cf Liberty street, up a tain. jf 2wia* m Gentlemen and ladies' left off WARDrobe? U-nth men or families desirous ol converting their left off weant.g rpparel into cash, can obtain for he aeine | lb' liighes cash price. To families and gentlemen quitting the cit* or changing residence. having any superfluous effects to dispore of, will find it much to their advantage to wed for the subscriber, who will attend themnt their residence by appointment. H. LKVKTT, Nn. 6 John rt. and 114 Va ick street. New York. A line th-ouirh the Post OSce, or otherwise, will receive prompt attention jot Sir NEW i A It DIN A Lw.?Just received by the Catherine, a splendid asso Uncut of Rich Pans Embroidered C'a.dmals. " " Tarlelon Cardinals, Silk and Satin do Si'k Shaw's and Scarfs. Ki'let Net Shawls and Points. Kil'et N?t Cardinals, Figured Cardinals, I'lai i Lice Cardinals, ash me re Shaw's and Scarfs, Fillet Net S *rft. PIsinheavy a 4 Fillet Net and Silk L?ce for tiiinmiugs, at low priers at JAMES BECK It CO., j33 -m 3*8 BroadwayJOHN HENLEY, BANK AGENCY AND EXCHANGE OFFICE, for the L-vuu dv a iv/n isr uiuko, I'wirin, i/iiar a ot ?w< MONTIWMltHy, ALA. REFERENCE Meters. Maiwell 8c Ce. ) " Perttr Ik Rrooki, " Jacob Litt'efc Co. New York. " IVrSiui * Hopkins, " Abraham Bell Ik Co. ' h.\ John Towers A Co.' m-mi* ai? Whitaker A Sampson, Mob,l??AUJohn Whiti' g, Esq., Cashier of ' Branch Bank, Jack 1 hirringtno, Esq., > Montgomery, Ala. P D. SiV'T, p'.aq. Phillip !i Mnroford, ml lmi't ft Nil l i k? I o thote who *eeU health and comfort co.p om?d wi ll mmry?Price reduced?Old Established Medicated V i?>' Bftln 15 Cot laud'. str?et. Mrs CARROLL, in arc rdanre with the et'gcuciri of the linti, h a r iluced the pric* ofhiw batrif,an<l aolic ts a couti'turn e tike p'Tou igr of the Faculty in part cular and the public in g'rnral. Colds, lore thro.ata. ?w tiling of the glands, r i uni itiim, stiffness of th" jo'uts, ngns and fevei, ice Jie. are ly I. ie?.d Portah'e bat' s ?eut to any i art of the city i f Brooklyn. Open I < in lit m ilie till nine o'c'ork at ii'ght. Sulphur Baths rriiuiie one hour's notice. inX7 2w Ift r IMPORTANT TO FEMALES. DR. AlELVEAU. office 12!) Liner'.y treat, near Greenwich utrcet, whose rreftt tucccl* in the treatment of comrising (ram the irregularity or total suppression of the menses, hm gni:<t d for him fto arest celebricty,deeras it hut jntll, e to acknowledge that much of bii snccrts belongs to the truly wonderful tffVcts of the Portugneje Female Pills, 'or whic he is agrnt, and imiiorter for the United States. Their certainty iu all female obstructions is surprising (Seeadserlie mr nt on last col-imp of fomth page.) Dr. Mc.reac can be consulted on all complaints incident to females with the .tricle?t confidence mlH mi* OyUwyr CUTLERY. WM. WILD, Manuf cturcr and Imrorter of Cutlery, No. 1(0 Division street, offers to the trade, ehaap for cash, a beanti'ul asso:tm%st of one, two, three and lour blade knrvrs, wth a yariety of other goodt. As Mr. W. suimrintends the manufacturing of his goods, he caa r'Commend ihc:n ta be equtl to the best matiufactursd goods in tlir city. The eonntrv dealers would do well to call lireriout to purchasing elsewhere. m77 lm*r fire Works. ISAAC EDUE, JR., PYROTECHNIST. 'T'HE molt eitensive, varied, and brilliant exhibitional Fire J W orki eerr manufactured n#>is or auy other country, ire now ready (or delirery on the lowest terms, in Iota to suit committees and psrtici for the celebration of Fourth of July, at the United States Laboratory, Jers-y City. Orders leY with '. VV Holbritrn, 75 Maiden Lane, oral Nib Ill's Garden, will receiee immediate attention. (lends de'ireTed to any part ol tht city free of espeeae. r y 21 toJulO ia*eC FIREWORKS, CRACKERS, <&c. FOURTH JULY, l??. CCOUNTRY and city dealers iu tireworks, will find it to <1 tlirir advantage to ca.l and esamioe an ex enaira assortmenl of the belt qn ility. at R. AYLIFFfi'S oldestabliihment, ?d huhara atrert. A lai(te quantity of firecrackers jnit reteiced. Remember the rig" ul the two mammoth skv rockets and gold key. n?30Ui(jy*r QINOiJiO BY NOTE?A N'ei W~CLA98.?The snhscriO r>,r will commi-r re a ae w class is learning to sing by note, on WEDNESDAY EVENIhO, J in a 7, at I o'clock, in his Vui c Room, No. ill hro'dwar. This ii the only ereniDg ftass which hit engag m-nt > i I permit for 'lie present season. Term, 11 Leaso ??-lie first ratr.. t he rla-s is op?n for both Ladies aadOentlemu. J F WARNER, 3lTrsn?li\iar of Weber's Theory of Musical Composition, KiibWs Vocsl K.lemrnrs, Leig on the Modes ?I Teachirx. 8tc Ja?3'*r CASH TAILORING ESTABLISHMENTS SI'II 1,1,119, Merchant Tailor, (late of 7 Astor floose, Br<-adw rr,) imprrss-d with ihs necessity of meetint the exigency ol the times by the redaction of his prices, and finding itfioii o.i si hie to do so while subject to the enormous outlays a Bro'dway location necessarily n cars, has determined an ihe only sv s to s ffert this?without diipiragement to the quality of 1.1? u ir: ienr?; he ks?, therefore, removed his establishment fi I3C .-AvSAU B1HEKT, comer cf Beekman, where gentlemen can no a b- snpplicd at a deduction of ten per cent Irom hi i former low prices. 1!i-> ft>llowmi? ii naDmit'ril ni'Tciy 11 a ipeeimen or the fnr.'RoiDg nneriiou Sn.xrloe Colli, ina ? in Ibe but atyle, from $r, to $;g b i n <!?, of (lie fiiml quality, II to 21 Cl> ill r Ves i, 2 Ii ft. P brg? leart.m oncluaion, to ob:eyye, the above articlei mayherolifd on, ia ell reaped*, to be of the mn! genuine ,lea.-riplion,and I ,wet than any other hoaiv furnishing tni mine roslity ofnrtic'ea. jl imr DR. WHEELER, OCCULIST. QQ (1HBKMWICH BTUr.KT, near the Battery, N. T?reOO spectrutly inform* the i nblie, that amoi g the many hundred! or eniei which he ha* atten<l?<l, many of them have been o|<-rated on by other profniora without luccru and prru ruuccd by t em incurable ; fit he hi* never failed to eradicate the div ne amf effect a perfect cure devote of every diaadvamafe which any have preaeuted it'clf, and in mauy iiivtaneef almott , It la thw nepveoedepteo eweceee in hie treaty it o'l the v rioue (hitherto con?id?rtd iucurnble) diaeaiei of the e/r, thaten'blr* him with confidence to refer the afflicted who may t-e uoeC'iu tinted with him aud hie mild mode of trealini the disorder of thi? organ, to nttmeroua reatoved panenta in the rir' i'avaof aonety, reelecting hia proleitiODliable abilitiea an I hit pre-eminent 'kill a? an ocrnliat. Chronir n.fl-mmaiion ofthe eyelid, or aore eyea, however be v't teahy ud p-rmsnently furro-. n'm* P rhr, .%c removed and rured withont aurgical operation. Ca'aracte removed by any of the operation* practhed here 01 ia Europe. 8TRABIHMU 9, Commonly filled Pqmnting) cored in a few teeondton Jn rui'i erlehrafrd rl?n, whteh ia free from pain or daowr. ii - Office hoora from I A. M. to 1 P. M,, after which hour* he vUita out door peuenta. mt lm*ec AUCTION ?ALKj^ THOMAS BELL. Aiiet>?ne?r. U Y HELL 9t HOWARD. 18l*T*i Nnt.U jfr.n and 115 FuUtmU ifL} MONUAY, At 10,4 o'clock, in the ?ales room . Lute sale of valuable watches, jewelry, gold and nlver wore, d am Dili, Ike Alto, several sidrudid eecond hand watchcf, JO brass work clocks, g'tssa? d show ewe, Ac TUESDAY, At 104 o'rl ck, iu ilie sales 100m. Largs Sale of ? It-gnu Seasonable Diy Ooud?, ol all descriptions sloths, Mtai marts, vesting*, hotierv glovt a, lea. AUo hi < o.,tii,union. a Ik iu il'ul selection liom a wholesale aud -ctail d.y goods s ore. liy > drr of assignees. WEDNESDAY. At 104 o'clock, iu the sale rooms, Laiye. eliteusive and elegant, aa well a* valuible ifele oftupenof stcoui! baud and lew furm'.irc of a'l description*. THURSDAY, At 104 o'< I rfc, at ill* i ile roome. Positive ssle of and valuable new aud s'coud hand piauo forte*, six: 12 hrst rate iosr ooa and mahogany pi <nn lortel, by the mtkrri in ?lie world uew and ueaily new, all iu tiue nider, touch aod tone, tevi ral Willi a wsrnutee. Nloat of the ahnre are sold uuder the direct-on cl a receive*, and by orderofili sheriff Alio, 29 v .Instil- pointings and other valtiabli. C tlalcguet on Wednesday. UCTIuN CARD-CARTEU It CO. having taken the laige store and baseiurut, 316 15f?a1*aiay, Ooihtc H II, rach loo teei d*ep, hrg lo in'arui the public that ih.-y are prepared to n>ake the moai liberal advance* t > any amount, oo eveiy description of goods or merchandize,either for auction or private sale. Regular Auction Ha'es of Furtr-ture.Wiurs and other mitral- i lanaom art cles, wi I take place three or four lime* a week, I and returns will be rendered rhe day alter thu sale, or on the ! same day if required. No interest or extra comniistioa charged on advance!. m29 cod 3t is r A ijcTIO.V NOTICE -CHINA, ULA88 * EAHTHA ENWAItE, TABLE CUTLERY. Ice.?On Tuesday text, JUU'6 h, wi 1 br sold by an'tion, the Itrge aud frshior.ah'.. st, ck contained io .he store 8 Astor house, comprising a full aaurtineut of every desciiption of Dinner, Tea, and Toilet Sen, Cut and Moulded Wats of all kinds. Also, a quantity of p. imo tble cutlery, together with a splen did assort,i cut of fme cutlery, consisting ot razorj,scissors, peukuives,dressing cases, Ac. A quantity ot lvorv Combs, Clothes and Hair B uslies. Bale to commence at II o'clock. (J loda on view on Satuiday and Monday. T rvate sa'es very low. N B. The store to let. K. SIMPSON, may H-ltn*r BEACON C0UR8E-~TR0TTING, MONl) AY, June 5th, at 3 o'clock, P. M. Purse (100. (25 to go lo the second best horse. Q Srier enters gr g Washington Irving. H Woidrufftntersgr ra Ann Douglas. A Conrkliu erters hi g Cottage I1"!. K Heforrest enters cli g Plum Bob. J Woodruff entera b m Fashion. Two Mi'ea anil Repeat, in Haineas ? Immediately after, a m\rh for $3(0, batweeu Ilia pvcing horses Kmderhook l'ouy and Indian Ned, one mile aud repeat, under the aeddle. Alio, a Ma'clt for $100, between two crack horaea, well known on the Third Aveauc?One Mde and icpcat, in harneaa. jt 4t*r kd TO LET?Immediately, the tec <nd lloor, touch r ffvT? with the basement other apartmeuta o| the brick XJUL house No. 80 Chatham itreel,which haa just been painted and put in thoiouith repair ; rent reatouable. Inquire on the premis'l. jl$tis*r SUMMER jlRRJiSOEMENt NEW YORK AND PilIL? UKLPHIARAILROAD LINK D.RBCT, Via Ntwaait, Niw Baunswick. Phiucbtow, Tmoton' Boidf.ntown and Huminotow. WW# IHIIOUGHTN ?IX HOURS. Leaving New Yotk duly from the fo tof Cou tlandt at. Morning Line at 9 A. M.?Mail Pilot Line at P. M. The Morrintt Line procecdi to Boidentown, from thence by ateambnat to I'hiladel. hia. The EveuingiLiue proceeds direct to Camden (oppoaite to Philadelphia) without chance of cart. Passengers will procure their ticked at the ofnte foot of Courtlandt atreet, where a comuiodinns steamboat]* ill be in reaaiiMu, with baggage cratea on board. Fmladrli n;? hngg igr crates are coureyad from city to city, without bring opened the way. Each train it prori led wiih a car in w hich are a, arlineui. , j dressing rooma expressly lor the Itdiea' uae. Returning, iho linea leare Philadelphia fi<-m ihe foot of Walnut'treet, liy afeamboat to Bo dentown at 7 o'clock, A.M. aud by railmad from Camden, at 5 o'clock, I*. M. The linea for Baltimore leave Philadelphia at 7H A. M., and 4PM beinga continuation of the linea from Nrw York. je4 jMQ .?a KARE itEUUCEli?New Independent Opffll position Line lor 3CiijEdC> 'Ihe commodioua ateamboat NEW JER SLY, Capt R. H Kb t. will leave the font of Barclay at, north ai''e, on Monday afternoon. Jure 5th,at 7 o'clock. The New Jersey ia furaiahed with elegant atate rooma, and for accommodations ia not ru passed by any ateamboat on the Hmlma River. F eight taken at tow boat prices. For fnight or paiaare ?pply ou board. i?-3i NEWARK AND NEW YORK?Fate &ir-^>tar only 12W Cents '.?The ar leudid steamer Tt UfmSIr PASSAIC, Captain John (Jiffy. Oi and after Monday, Jane 5ih. will ru? as follows : ? Leave* the foot of Buc!ay street, New York, at 10 A. M , and 4 P. M. cLeaveathefoctof Centres* eet, Newark, at 7X A.M., and 1X P. M. Kronen t carried at rety low rates. ad Sm r fsKW LINE LIVERPOOL.'PACKtTS?Packet NnK I6'h June ?The splendid. fiat sailing Packet Ship JMMmm ROCHESTER, Capt Button, will aail positively as above, her regular dav. The ships of 'hia line ate all 1000 tons burth?a and upwards, aud iheir accommodations for cabin, seeot d csbij, and ataerave passengers, it ia well known are superior to any other line of packets. Tlmse wishing to aerura bertha should not fail to make earl v application on h >artl, foot of Bar ing Slip, or to W. k J. TAPSCOTT, j4tc 43 Teek ilin. corner South at 4 ~4ai*- KOR NEW ORLEANS?LOUISIANA AND br*?k.NEW YORK LINE-Poailivelv Kirst Regular 4MNE.Packet?The Tut uil UK packet tkip OCMULOKE, Oaptaioreet. baring iwo tliirdi of her cargo tn~a?ed will have immediate despatch. For freight or pasta#*, Iiaviui; handsome fuinitlin! ac-'nmmodetioni, ap: It os i-oard. at O-lenm vrharf, foot of Wall it. otto K. K. COI.I.IN8 It CO. 64 Month n. Bhipixra mayrely ui?u Imvid.-, to ir go ?di correctly uieaaur 0-1,and that tnr alum of thit Iid* will sail pnnetaally \? sdver tiaed. Any gnaraniee to that effect will be siren and fulfilled that may be required . Agouti in N, Orleans. Hnllin It Woodruff, who will ruotapp ly forward all goods to their addreu. The racket ship Oeouee, Captain J action, will suceeed the OcmnU e. je3 r FOK LIVERPOOL?NEW LINK?.Hegnu tgjSvrVPicket o( 2611 Jnue.?The Splendid Packet Ship ,w*;"ort?.OARK!< K, Captain Win Ssiddy, of 1000 toua wTrpofitieely aail as above, her regular day. Kor freight or paiii'.-c, hating neconntoilattous unequal ied for splendor or eoicfort, aoply on board, at Oriaans wi,uf, foot of Wall street, or to E. K. COLLINS A CO. 66 South itreet. Trice of passage, COD. J tie Tacket hiiip Br.cina, Capt. John C dlins, of ,1 0 lorn, will succeed the Uuiick, ana xail the 26th of July, hoi regular day. Letters (or lie hipsolthis line will only bo recti red at Oilpin's end Hale ' i\ewa Uor o. Passengers may rely on the ship* of this lineaatipg nucetcel Ir at advertised. m2gr " AAg- rOK LI V EH POOL? Hegtil ar Packet idth June The elegant. fast tailing New York packet ahip AKwEttaHOtlllE^TEH, John BriUnu, matter, will tail on her regular Cay, 16'h June. For freight or pnaiage, havicg eery splendid tccommodationt apply to the Captain on hoard, weitiide Bulling Blip, or to WOOUHULL k MI.NTUIINH, f.7 8#Uth strertThr fine new packet thin llottirgner, Burtley, matter, will tn ceed the Rochester, auii sail on her regular day, 16th July. j't NEW YORK fc BOSTON souwpilot. AWKN PRK3COTT. Pilot, or take* charge at n-.aiterand A/ pilot of yeaaclt hoittid to New Bedford, Nantncket Shoala, Boston. rortamouih.Pnrtl and, Kenneheck.aud OTHER PORTS M? c ? L. ram,. .. ir_? t, m w.,., corner Beehman. Reference to a number io( Merahaits, anJ the several Insurance Cemraiiiti Tin this city,; Boston, end Fortlaud. inlt Imiar PORTUGUESE FEMALE PILLS TfESE far-famed and celebrated Pille, from Portugal, Ire weperceiva, to be obtained in 'bitenanrre# Hvelndvartos wn1 TJMREWORK8 BY THE MANUfAClURERB. D " MOHAN It CO. Pyroteehaists, 78 Chttham street, offers to the public a splrndid assortment of Firewarkt, superior in Quality end naainras to any in this or any oilier couutrr The above hare been manufactured t>y tliem cipreaily for tnis mar ket; alsoean sell tnach chtaper than any renin in town, ard guarantee all goods from llieir store. No peddling from this place?No. 78 Chatham street, floods delivered to any part of the city free of eipenae. N. B.?Inhibition Fireworks of snperor Quality, with crimaou. red, pnrple, green, yellow and Hue fires. A'so, colored fire, by the pound. Jl lw*rc Bt? Li OF EXCHANGE, pivahle it sight on all p.rra of Knglaud, Ireland aud Scotland, in sums of .?}, SL 10, ?15, X20, to any amount, for tale r 9 J. 9Y9VKST?-R,9 jJStr t! Wall atreetend 110 Broadwae PRINTERS' AND BINDERS' WAREROOMS, No*. X and 31 OoM afreet, N. York, April, 1R4S. PRICES GREATLY REDUCED. rpHE HOK PRINTING PRESS MACHINE AND SAW A \1 A N11 If APITP It Y in rnnfrnnenre id the addition of new and improved m.irhine'y to their works, aid the redaction in the coit of materisli and labor, are enabled prettily to redact the prices of their i'rtssrs, and of Printeri' and Binders' materials generally, its will be seen by their newly printed circular, to which they bee lea*e te refer. This establishment is still under the iwrsonal superintenddure of Hit Kiln M. Hoc and UosraT Hoc, and they assure their friends, not withstanding the great reduction in prices, all articles manufactured by this establishment shall retain the high repittarion which they hare hitherto sustained. It will a'so be their constant endeavor to improve the r|tl*l>ty of them in eeery pirticular. They Jitter themselres also that thnr old friends will not ouly continue their favo a, hut Printers generally will appreciate their endeavors to furnish the very best articles at barefv ramnuerating ibices. Ordets from any pait of the country for all articlei used by Printers or Binders, including Tyjies, Ink, Paper, lie., will be execntcd with the greatest eare and promptitude, and on the best terms. jobbing work and repairing will he done at the lowest pos sib<? prices, with every attention snd esiiedition. N. B.?All articles mannfactiirrd by this establishment will be stamped R. HOK fc <T> , so lhat persons from abroad may not be imposed upon with tpiiriout articles, made in imitation oftheiis. Printers of newspapers who publish this advertisement, with this note, three times before ihe iirst of Jnly next, and send one of their papers tons, wi'lbe entitled to payment of their hill on buying four times the amount of it. sptOis r IMPORTANT TO TRAVELLERS AND HOUSES' KEEPERS? Life and Property Preservers?Parent Self Mocking Revolving Pistols, which can be discharged six tim-s in at m.iny seconds, merely by pulling the trigger. The chamber air! barrel are in one (usee, and therefore cannot be blown apart, like some repea'ng pistols. The construction it very simple? hey ean be drawn horn the pocket and used with oue , hind, without the loss of a moment. Kor travellers, home and store keepers, capt tins, pLotcrs, pibtic office re, and others, they are an indispensable article, at they can protect their lives sad property if attacked by maiy persons. If Flacteis would arm themselves with this wcaijon, they would hive no cause to fear the luturrectimof their tunes. The pnblic are invited to examine the tame, as the r slrapUcity, being warranted not to get out of order and t ieir perfect s?lety, wi'l certainly recommend them over all others wnoie sain and retail a flor ^ :e( Broidway, mM Im end is*ee ' w '" ?"! r">* '"j/NOLLECTI0>* on all parts ! U?f United States, made cm O the most favors bis teims by # y SKLVKtfTEH, jJ6u as Wail street snd 130 Broadway. .a.VUKSKMENTS. N'HL J'S GARUE ?, wtPbe The P?b'ie rr,'"cir?n>' iufurmed that the O trden OPEN D FOR THE SEASON ! ! On MONDAY. Jnuebth. Mr. JOHN 8FFTON. h i rat ink lit. iu New Y,>il< ,nl luber'. Grand .Opera of Lh, DOMINO .OIK, In wi.ieh MM.I E. CALVE The highly popu'ar Pnin* D-mnt. will appear a? Angela. lha Black Uomiuo. Thiitecnlh night of ik* FRENCH COMPANY 'l'he pr-fo Buira to eomoieuoi at h .lf past 7 o'clock. with the I rigiutl Or "r nie t? leO Dtnno Noir," Anber. To be followed by, let time iu New York, the new (rand Ope-.i, ii lac's by Hciibe, Music by Au .er, composer of L'AMb AAttADHICK ! FRA UHVOLO! Lr.S diamans de le couronne, and AO i EON ! Willi new sc.emrv, by M' n? Develley D-eorateor to the p .eoeli i.'niaiauy. M ichincy bp Mr. Hitchioga. To give ndlninnil rffec' to the Cr.Deent 'hoi uses, 10 I iele, they ssrl be aicompMinrii oy a Gr.nd O-gan erected pa th" la^e, ti.e Music of the Oi era | lodneru ui.ocr the direction of Midi. Pretoa', eliti led LK DOMINO NOIK ! ! ( I he black Domini !) raaso'rscnita aoticri Angela, (the Black Domino,) Mile Calve brigitie, her roDtidnitte, Madame Lacoart Hinnuthe, Mathiea Uriule, Kohillou Due notice^vrjlCD*- \t R*Ks'"^ ^ Iu Rchearael?The U:?r? ot LE POSTILLION UK LONJUMEAU ! And ihr Meln Drains nf ROBERT MAC AIRE ! Robert Mac&irr, M. Lecourt Bertrand, M DcstoiiTille. On Tuesday, Prat uiyht of the ENGLISH COMEDY!! On wl ich occasion th eju>tlv < elrhrtted Actor, Mil. W. K. BURTON. (Who is en.iag-d for a limited period) will perforin in two .pieces. (TT* Tickets Fifty Cents. May be had at tha Garden duiinc the cay. CHATHAM TIlBATIlK, MONDAY EVENING. June J:h, 1811, will be performed, PEOPLE'S LAWYER?Solon Shingle, Mr Hill. After winch, LOAN OF A LOVER?Gertrude. Mn Thome. After which, VANKF.E JN TRIPOLI-Abu?r Tsnner, M'Hill; Jack Call, Mr W. G. Jones. To conclude with TRIAL BY BATTLE-Henri, Ms W.O. Joaee Prices ol Admrssiou? Dreaa Circle M cents; beeond anS Third Tiers 2b; Pit 2b; Gallery 12R| cents. Doors open M be lore 7?curtain rises at 7K o'clock precisely. AMERICAN THEATRE, WALNUT ST., PHILADELPHIA. UNDER THE DIRECTION OF MISS CU8HMAN. Fiist night of Mr. l?'orres''? Re engagement. MONDAY KV C.NIlNQ. June 3<h. will be performed. THE P ATHICI AN'S DAUGHTKH. To conclude wilh AbON HASSAN. inia r K. A. MAHSHALL. Leu**AUKRICAil nilSKUa, AND GARDEN ORAND GALA WEEK ! Opening of the Oar leu on ilia Riof of the Mantua. BALLOON ASCENSIONS will take place every evening. Admistioa lo the Garden Krse to Muitum visiters. Engaged for Tlirae Nights only, the celebrated ETHIOPIAN 8KRENADERS ! Or, Boitou Miistiels'. Cons'stint ol Six Performers, eirh one of whom it t Profenor of Music ' MH. M. O. 8TANWOOD. Pi'oleiior of ihe Accordi >o, IIU no rnual intnewonat Mr. 11. (i. SHERMAN end Mile ADELAIDE PHILLIPS ere engaged. Positively the last week of the Model of THE OH EAT CITY OK PAWS ! Mysterious Gijwey Girl, Phrenological Examinations, and 300,000 i uriosities. Admission to the whole,23 cents. Children under ten, half price. a./"* Thursday next, day anil evenin.', Benefit and Last Ap pcarance of the Ethiopian Serenade ta. Jfee HBALK'S NEW YORK 1HOIEVE ATTRACTIONS NEVER EQUALLED! IN EUROPE OR AMERICA ! AND ADMISSION ONLY ONE SHILLING S-The wonder of the World, the GIANT GIRL, six years old, 4 feet 7 inches high, an! weighs tin lbs She udeeide'ly the grratest curiosity ever exhibited in America, and it is impoitiolc to form a correct conception of her immense siae. Broadway, opposite the City Hall. Mr. H. BENNETT, Manager. Has the ple*?ire'to announce that hi has engagsd the follow irg eminent artists:? MINSTRELS OF THE RHINE : Mite Katcrina, Mr. Joae Habernicht, and M. Anaon Werner. Mr S BROUWER, the celebrated comic ainger. Miea BLANCH MID, the Grecian Jugglereas, and splendid performer ou the glataea. Mm H ADAIR, the inneh admi'ed Songstress. * : LA PETITE CEHETO, lha Dauseuse. Evrnii a Performance* in the Lecture Room to commence at 8 o'clock. jet ee CASTLE 6AHDRN IS NOW OPEN FOR THE SEASON. THE Proprietors of this wellknuwa resort beg lease to io| form the puh.ic that in addition to its former attractions, they have creeled a splendid fountaio. supplied by the Croton, wilh different variations every week throughout ihe seasou?together with a large saloou for promenade mo refreshments. Also, an extr usive Prom made ou'aide the wal'e of the Cas tie, commending a view of Ihe whole Bay, the Narrows, Ac. Price of udmi'siou I?X cents, for which refreshments will be fu rim lied ml] tsar CIHCCS?VACXHALL GARDEN: Under the Mauagereenl of MESSRS. BANCKKR, O. SWEET, a d. gardner garden FREE. ADMISSION TO THE CIRCUS 23 CENTS. MONDAY EVENING. June 3, the performance will commeuee with A Grand Eotree. Mr Johninu will introduce the Tony Fanny master. Horse mat ship by Matter Alexander. Grroneatica, f.y the whole company. Horsemanship, by Mn Gsrdner. HIac? Hope, by Mr Thrift. Quakers' Visit to Vaashail, on a Single Horse, by Mi|E Woodi. Intermiiaion of thirty minntaa. Tight Rope, by Mr U Hwm Two Hone Act, by Mr Duett, by Mr and Mra trarcavt. Still Vaulting by the Company, led by Maf artano Greek W.imor, by Mr U swanComic Sorg, by Mr G.nuae. I'riacipal Act of Horaemaoahip, bv Vr i.armTo eoiic'adc wits. The Advemnrasof a bursal n?? rt7"Booia ep- n at 7K o'clock?Perlormaace aniaiaaaaaa . i o'clock. No ladiea unattended bv gentleman will he admut A limited number of Se-aou Ticket* will be aotd at aaeaee * The Car* ami Broadway Omnibnaata ran to and from tne VruiheHCircm innil 13 o'clock in the evening. jI ltia*r JV/I R- AUSll.N PMlCCIPti rr*i>rctfnlly annmineei to hie fiieui'i aud the public, that hit Concert will take place at Conaert Hall, r0? liroadway,(which haa been elegantly decorated) iu Mood ly Kve'g,4nne 5lh,wh*n he will be aaauled by the hollowing ariuiea, the leading maaical talent ol the eity, who ha?e kindly rendered their aemcn:? M18S MARY TAYLOR. The Favorite rf ibe Olvmrie. MRA HAHDWI K, MllS MARY A. HARD WICK, Three year 01 MH. ROSHCIt MR J. MA8SETT, k? AN AMATEUR FRIEND. Violin. I MR. MARKB Piano Forte, Solo'#, Meaar*. TIMM fc ALPEHS. Vlio have politely offered their nlu ib'e aaaiataare. Conductor, I Mr. GEGJlGE LODhR. Who Ina. witn hia accuatomed kindneaa, volunteered hit aid. PROGRAMME. I'art I. Concerted?"Reit apirit, reat," Miaa Taylor, M a IlarlwirV, Mr Phillipa (t Muaet , Hooka Scotch Song?Mn Hardwick Duet?"I've wmdei'd in dreama," Mia? TayJ lor and Mr Phillipa, Da Peana Song?"I'm Queen of a Fairy Land," Mia# Mary IIirdwick, J P Knight Song?Mr Roaier. Concerted?"Thia magic wove aearf," Miaa Taylor, Maun Pnillir* k Maaaett. Burnett Ballad?Calm waa the night," Mr Phillipa.1 Ballad?" 'Tia the Laat Uoae of ;8nmmer," Miaa Taylor, Iriah Melody Duet?Violin and Piano Forte, Meaan. Marks and Timm. IJT?"Between 'he Part* Mia* Hardwiekand Mr Phillipa will ainglheCemic Duet, " Tho'jroa think .by thil to u* e, from the opera ol lite Siege of Belgrade. iPaar II. Daet?Piano Korfe, Meaan Tiaun and Alpert. Glee?"It waa die Nightingale'* Mn HardW'clr, Mr Phillipa and Amateur Friend. Soag?"Come aing tne that aweet air again," Miaa Taylor Bong?Mr M <aeett. Song?Mia Hirdwick, Boot?'Why are von wandering) here, I i r*> /" Mia* Ht-dwick, Nathan Due:?"Heaven, tempt ma not,' Miaa Taylor and Mr Pnillipa, Bellini Bo'o Violin?Mr Mark*, De Behot Song?"V"Ung Aanea" Miaa Taylor,* Bellini Balled? 'I'll wateli for thee," (by particular draire,) Mr Austin Phillip*. Glee?"Bleep, gentle L dr.', Meears. Hoaier, Thill'iM, l.oder and Maaaett. Ticket* i9 eeuta each?To h? procured at the principal Muaie Storra, at Meaar* Stodarr, Worcester k Dunham** Piano Ferte w II.?..I_... ..?!.. .1 .u ? u .k. .r rrfoTitMiic-, Mill uf Mr Aeatio Phillipa, at hia residence, 14 Walkar itreet. i nncert to commence at I o'clock, ptcciaaly. H 41m TUESDAY, OTH JUNE. IMI. GRAND VOCAL AND INSTkUMENTAL CONCERT RY MK.W.V. WALLACE. Director of the Anacreontic Society. and of th? Italian Opera, Mraico, on TUESDAY EVENING, iha 6tn luaunt, at THE APOLLO SALOON. Aaiiated bf MADAME SUTTON. MR. F. BROW!*}, MR. SALOlltONSKI, MR. J A. KYLE. . .. MR U C. HILL, A MH. TIMM. Who will pre.ida at the hanoforte Director of the Qiiuiette. Mr. U. l?. u.n T7- For Protramma ?ec loiall bilia. ? . Ht..,. , Tickcta SO cen'a each, to be hal at the Mime Stonri a Hu'.els and at the doir. . ,, . Conceit in commence at t o c oca <*"' SINOJNU. ail ADAM SUTTON. h.a?m? arrnnaed to i erero to Italy the M Wai?ni.niof Aoao.t. parpoacar?ceif.n? r?r>ila aatil thai time,to ?> e taUtW "eaao" in the Italiaa, F.-Dch, and K*|l?h ....... . II.r ,n.rliod ? that niirmectl l.r Botdoem e-,e Vacaai the fitnl muoere Km rife, incrieaioK Im atremath w -ompwa with mmiiu'uog mj-ulity. Her pujilawni have iiw ideanowe of her iui.'iiii; with (hem, which can be on ran-e hy muteri alone, who hare been eminent run. eta. Ladiee ?e 1 nruna of availing thenuelrei of Madam Sntlnn'a banian ateiiav eieertMD (emu, *c , by application at 17 Cnambera itreet, Ifinn 9 o'clock till 2 ai??m*T M\L~WKLLACfi'S coNcKkf l\riLLI\M VINCKNT WALLACE, (Director or the *' Arnrreont c Society, Dublin,) hti the haor toa-nonnce a Concert of Vocal ?ucl Initiomr ntal Mmie to take place on I ue day earning, th? 6th of Jane, in the Apo'lo Saloon ile rill ?arcu'e reyeral R.intviai and Soloa for the Violin sad Pian > Voile, o' hu orru compoaition, and will hare tne ate of ?om of the principal Artiha of thii my. Prritratame in 'mora adrertnein""? "??' tttaar l? > U DK Ki.Kl K D'f.h a irr. iT MiDfcWA WINI? & K r ?alg ky QUiDOKT. No. M Clinton awe*. at lowpricee >! "

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