Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 4, 1843, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 4, 1843 Page 4
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l'oalfcfki DtwM Ob, Life : ihou art lovely dream In youth's sunshiny hour, | Whsu *11 our joy* so rml MB, Oilded with Hope's own power , Whin Lore fill* up the cap ot blue, Too irMt, too pure for world like tkie ; Ti? then, a* wo elide down the stream, That earth and sky in beauty gleam. Twer tb in I J reamed, when hope wai highMr spirit* were the light, That tint* at ere the western sky, Br-iore the coming night. T was theu, Un- Kutura opeM to riew L'fe'e hopea and joya of rainbow hue : Tea* then the Present gleamed witn flowers, To deck the bright and passing hour*. Then was no Past, lor Memory To call up scenes ot woe, To rack the heart, and dim ths eye, With what had been?ah, no. Dare, weeks roll'd on, few rare* had I, For Time on happy wings flew by j leaked no >thei fate to know. For Earth to me, was lieav'n below. Oh ' could such vision* always last llulil we reached the goal, Without a cloud to overcast The mirror of the soul, 'Ti* then, that we mi?hi live, and love A* spirit* pure dwell above, Without a thought ti mar tne acene, O. orrak ih fabric of our drvain. Jftw York, May Si, ISiS. R. B. V, Naval.?The following ie a list of officers attached to .he 1' S shop ol war Levant, now lying at the Muvy YarJ. and n? arly re dv for pea. It was at lint intended to send her to the Pacific, hut we learn that the Secretary fits ainee changed her destination to the Mediterranean, to relieve the Preble. Command*!*, Hugh N. t'ege: Limit* . Hobort O. Rot b. Robert H-ntly, I. W Adam* ; Acting Master, Louis McLane, J ; Puraer, Datigirfleld Kaunlleroy; Surgeon, Willi im Maxwell Wood Amatnnt Surgeon. ? ; Milahipmeu, D-vnt Ocbil'ree, Flitivard Gordon, dV ilham , M Gamble, L 'ward H. *?c?vall, G.orge W. Young, A R. Abercrombifi, John H. Tiliotton ; Captain's Clerk, Win. V. Tailor; Mi'tnV Mite, John Washington Wellington Dvwi; Bostawidn, John Diindeniale : Gunner, Steariman Milleg? B-ckwi<b : Carpenter, lohn Oreen ; Sailmake", William Bannatt; Puraart Clerk, J. P. Gill* ? Norfolk Herald Navy D. Counor, leave six mouths. Passed Midshipman W. Reip, from the depot of chart.-, to the receiving ship at New Orleans. Passed Midshipman H A. Wise, 'romspecial duty, to the receiving ship at New Orleans ? Midshipman R. R. Getty to the depot ot charts.? Midshipman W. G. Cnshman, front tbe Saratoga to the Independence. Midshipman E. A. Barnett, leave one month. Lieutenant J. M. Lockert, leave two months; Lieut. J Moonev, ordered to the receiving ship at Boston revoked; Lieut W. T. Smith, to the Washington Yard; Midshipman J. E. Jannet, from the Independence to the Decatur; Midshipman E. C. Genet, from the Independence to the Levant; Sailmaker R C. Iladrnan, detached from the Truxton and waiting orders. Tub U S Schoonkr Grampus ?The storv about this vest-el being una cruise, published in the A bany Evening Journal, we are sorry to say, is incorrect ? On the 14'h of March she communicated with Charleston, S C. at vvhich time Commander Downes mailed a letter for his'lady atCharlestnwn.M iss.,req nesting her to meet hint at Norfolk between the 8 h and 15 h of April. Mrs. D. proceeded to Norloik accordingly, but, after watting there until she despaired of her husband's safety, returned to Charlestown.?Boston Post Business of the Boston Post Office.?The im mense amount of business transacted in the Boston Post-office yesterday is worthy of note, and the accuracy ami despatch exhibited by the Postmaster and hi* clerks, is des?rvingof all pra'se. The Acadia's mail f'om Liverpool, received in the morning, contained 12,000 letters, and the Caledonia's mail, sent of! at two o'clock for Liverpool, contained 13,500 letters. The domestic letters which passed Iiiii.u^u iiic unite uuimg me uny wnr very huhk-rniis, and it is within bounds to any, that at least 35,000 letters, and 150 bushels of newspa|?ers were received and despatched at this office during business hoars The Boston letters by the Acadia, and the lettersjby the Southern mail were all assorted, cha-^ ttd, and got readv lor delivery, by hull past 9 0'-clock, A. M ?lioxtim Courier. Tiie Onto ?The river ,3 So low that the large class ol boats between Cincinnati and Pittsburgh have discontinued their trips for the present. Only four feel of water in the channel, and falling last, Sufficient water below Cincinnati for the largest cla-e of boats out to the Mississippi. Robbing an Immigrant.?A German emigrant by the name of Woolley, who landed in New York last week, and arrived here in the South America yesterday morning, was robbed soon after reaching this city, of a bag containing twenty-two hundred five franc pieces?hi# all. No trace has yet been discovered of the thief or the money. See ihe Police Report.?Alb-ivy Adv. Rearing Children.?The celebrated John Hunter's receipt for rearing healihy children was "Plenty o| mi k plenty of sleep, and plenty of flannel." This, had he added plenty of exercise, without which all the others would he of little avail, will he found equally efficacious in our own climate us well as that of Great Britain PHILAUKLPHTA DfGUEKREOTYPE ESTABLISHMENT. KX H \'-K BUILDING ROOMS ?C A i? TH'' n riliea havi g pr - ?r?-d *h? A*e?e i >-o e as'i-1 f I VOOTAVPERS IJ AGUEKREOT V PK APPAR AI US, o ?'iui--i<f *e on'oig io Trofiifr Peural'a cilcuUtiin have <-u hand ? lug* f?irn? nt of theae A; pirarn , and ?ti n At *?l: ? imi'i uri ol' their art, wiiho's to procure / good a.'ior lutwil fiotl it to rhe'r adviatate m roenrr iuE'r .in I1U ?'thu CODatmetinn The> n'so have lAtely m pvted a large quii 'tv i f O rmvi anil French platoa, and all the rliem.ra W iu th?if art, which they warrant in every re l-ect, <n ih v ?re made to It.eir order. Puliahwg siilisrencea, a-i I m.irocco c ta-r i-iid ali n-r a?-r> mttrriali. a-e aold on th" mo't-ta .o-He i?rm? The ft Mowing gentlemen have agr-ed to act ? their g nt . viz K Wh te. k'?i I7> R mdway, N.Y. I P H>a?. K?q , Waahiipgron U.C. l)r A Ca#:?n Kieir-nmd,Va. P 1 au eo K q avannah. (it. All uonimuinci iora (p at paid, and o-d?r?,accompanied with rvuoua'eea, ? ill be j" tnnfy attrn.Id to, riH-noul i be dire ted to TV k V. LAVGENH* 1M, _i?13n.i k'irhiuKt Bn Ming, Phia. PALMO'S AR' At E B<*TH, V> HAM 1 R STREET. rPHIfOK.NTLlCMt.N B 8AJOON NOW OPEN.?Ureal A Kedn-ti'? Hath* fj cent*. B ths with iohes or sheets .37% " 23 li'ke ? fni f?. The subscriber hating It **ed the abrv esublirhm n', for a icrm of yrirj, h i? roTmrae'd itrpruverneuts on a scale winch when, w ill, hr ft ittri? iiirotf !, vie id toile, id cwily elcganc- -iitj m gnificence, wt.h (U.y siiniljresiablishiiient in tbe world; hiv ng V oiled ihe ben conducted b.? in in tin- i toiw, lit feel? u'i hiiitHiimi in isturir.c hi* fellow cinx o? thai iht spirit whichhaa for the past thirty vs?rs actuated, im id providing (do maiNv n( vi at u?t.) tin- must *i>lrudi i in mi lions for f fir te risl comfort "rd cnuv--ni'ncc, hall Dot, ou tl e pre ? lit ice i?i- n he ton light of, and mat to the imprnfi mm ninl r if nciet I th- Bill.*, h>- wi'l tike the I'heity of adding f m I' i invintive Mor cn of hi* owo cnltivrted nr.d we,I kU' Wn aste, ill that he his observed wanting to rentie; the enjoyment of a bath t'e "ne plus n tra" of p rfecii' n. The Lr-i'i Hal ou will he in readiness in a few djs A n'l deseriotion e,f the v-nrd impi/V, m-nis wil he given when stompl-ied, and toe whole thrown open f r public in* action. It Sme hKBDlNANlt PALMO. SHIELD ? XYLOGRAPHlO PRESS, I No. 4b Maiden Lane. New York. THE PHOPK KTOK of :hu Wi ll known establish ment, respectfully invite* the aitentioa of Mtunfacmreri. Druggists Per'nineri, Grocer*. Hnd*?rr rud Dry Oood lieao r?, and all <lh?rs, t? hi* aitenai' e far I'irie* for the rxecnlion of Coppei Pl.te and Xylograihir Engraving aud Pri ting, that he hi* greatly eddrd tehia ttock of machinery, and many i Dew end improved plate* fax superior to thoae of any other euahli-hm-ul in America. Hn success has so far exceeded hi* eipecta'iop, a* to enable trim to challi ug?- a comp?ri?on wuh lho*e from the heat Euro- I (lean printing i ffices, and is uow fir pared to execute rtl order* in a ati Irua-fc be aurpasseilon either sole of the Atlantic. It w ill ^lh? aim of ihe proprietor to continue his improvements, ihat he msy be sble to sourly *11 ord-rs for show bill* circulars, wrappers, labels, directions, kc. of the be*r quality. at the lowest , ossihle prices. Original design* soil plates of ere?? description of inanofietvr:is, execot-d in Ihenrst style of the art, and < legsntly printed in gold or silver, bronze, or fstrcv colors at short u''tie?. A l .rge and general assortment of Urnggts's, Maunfaetarvri, Pvrfnm-rs, Oncers, aud other labels, constantly ou hand, and rn y "e had wholesale aud retail, and -.11 articles entire!* connected with the trade. Job Printing in every variety of stvie, neatly cieroted tooid'r, and on the most reasonable terms, and tne proprietor mnv here unserve. that the lowest feasible price it charged for work done id his establishment s sya'em wl t'h the great extent cf hit business , sables him folly to carry nut Ord rs wi II be eiecntrd with that pnnctnality and rij rd ln? die wishes of his ermmnert. which it is hoped, will afford the utmost a-tiafaction, and all order* from theeoratrr . wuernally artended to, and tne articles ordered or forwarded to hit part of the United States cr the ' auadas mlita'r CHA8. SHIELDS, Proprietor. 'THE AhUINT AM) WONDEHKUL EM PI Ha, Off CHINA?Descrihed, lllnstrstcd and Familiarized.--K. MAH riN <i CO have jo?l reeaivad from London "magnificent ilhistiated work on China, which they intend to i?*ne is monthly parti, with all the aids of engraving and printing combined, to present a beset ml mod instructive account rl tn.tasUi' ishlug end interesting country. The antiquity. ths granarnr. aud the exrlasiva ebaracrcr n( the insutnti ns of China, ye der such an s'Mtifii at hs present timr, peculiarly aprropr ntc and desirable, eonndering the interest which tr now fe I In I e Usitcd rwatcs, in coanection with the fact of onr com mere al oteratmna being so mncn esiend d with tha? singular and wonderful nation. Ths work wt.l he vsoed in unmbvrs r Dte.iniug three steel engravings in e?rh. Pure V) -enta P. MAHTl'-v s. r-ra idt7-1?wr Vi iohbitr-et. A GOOD SHAVING SOAP AT LAST, TO MAKE A GOOD AND LASTING LATHER SOAPihn it eamiKieedof is the olu Naples H..m?n 1 it kept III it ore >1 end 70 yen before u n iutiorted ? Thote who b.iee need it well know it* woi.h, end ?.?t i it the ere beM soap eeer medr lor jiwriti It mtket i ihiek nch Irating easy Uther, toftemn* to thara-trd end heali-p o the tkin ?i it ui? purified. beeoMfnlly seeDted tud put id ne.i. ehatiug jtei for rw.ii l,< ki tDillinm etch, by T. JON LB. ki Uii Prrfbinefy Lit-tnuhni'iit, turn of the Aiaoriren k.tfle, M i.'.vhtin tireot, N V. end by tueee ifeou lie? Albany .ai 37 Bute , iu Philadelphia, at Briber's. i orner ol 3d and Dock at I IB Button. I Rtate at ; iu Biooklyn, 130 Knlton street, mi lia'm PaPER ~~ pBllBRE k HHOOKH, No. 01, Liberty ureet Jharaffor aa * the following? 10?1 en rat newt priunm 13 by JO ? I, 32 by 41 ? ? ? kT ? 4J .. .. - t by 37 3* 9v 47 ' S * by so ? M .1 o f* ' 31 hy 31 Aloe, b f?ior, 10 by 14. 74 l>y 23, and 34 , hey * . t Urge aMi <.l writlt andiwrti pin* ' ta at, .1 different itei and gnaiitiM, which t ey offer at the low eat market piiesa. rat aa # .BRITISH AND ITALIAN STRAW GOODS. A MONdST thii stock. to which the itentioa of Boa w Hat J A Meiahuiu and Dealers it r-tiwcifullr invited, will ba * (onoil Plain iuuu Plait. ol tuiwnor farne . Fancy do do . Shell do do J Albert (or Brilliant) * Kotlaud P toot w 8,.lit Straw Drr .'ii, he. he. Alii. Impor'rd bonne is of all the above kinds o'Plait raann- " factored iu'<> the late.; au<! mo?t fashion, fcle shapes of London el an ' I'-iis. i? which "111 be "'ways added by c<>iitiru<<at tin- *i Ilortd ni.: ever) u w itvle of Pliu'ius *? toon at invented,and * all fresh shapes in bouneit immediaeTy th?t tbey are known to 11 in et (he in..ob lion ot the fashionable wor'd. tl S.DMUND WAleLKK, .THOMAS REYNOLDS, t. LONLO v h LUTON. 149 Ptarlaireei, New York. " nil lm#r tl M~R?. N. ?CIIELTE"*Ta, 8 VETS *44 Broadway, npoo- J! site tlie Park, ret|*c-ful| > in'orirt hri cuttooiert and the , ladies generally. Inat the h.ta jnai received by the la'e a rivals fro Fans, seve al cases, comprising a large and aplend'd at amtineut of Nillinery. Embroideries, 8ill.?, aud other Neva ( Goods for Dresses, Laces and Fancy Goods, of all litacrip ,, tioi a N. B ?In the Dress Making Department all orders promptly rveeoicd in the newest and moat approved French style, b< nut U|ieriiitcnded by a lady whahoijnti arriveu, and who has had einepeme it t*e moatfashionable French homes Will opeu several cases of French ivlihnery. Monday, May r 14th? Cot siatiuir of U <p atea, T.nUtan Dreaaea. aple did emb'oidered Ca|i? for ladies, of a verv new style, entirelr dil*rrcut fro n any before offe ed; rich Bnege Dresses,' hildrsns' Hats, and a general assortment of fancy article!, which will be u put it a very low price i< uanal. ml4 ltn*ec a FKKNCH MILLINERY GOODS. ? OPItNING OF -\ HE St'BIVG FASHIONS. >' AT THE MAuA^tN PES MODES. M CANAL ST. '' MADAME u. BuIKMAN be. a to inform her unineruns " ;nrnd. ni d 'tie unlit that she hat jntl received fron j1 Fr ;i c? at en'ire new and beautiful tlyle tl tdk materi,la lor ladies h u, an'ahng with it tome ca?et of Paha Silk Halt, i w> teh. foi novel'y and ele. enee of t'yle never vet wete pre- J seated to the public b-lore. among which it moai pre-eminent r a tilk hai calle ' a CAPOTTE DE F.LfcNOKE, which it .ndeed eiutilen itieal of Paiii'.au intte. ( Madame B has 'ntt opened several cases of French import- c ed tincy Straw Hn t, \maz>nc, imperial, brilliant. Fine v Eualiih Jnuatable, HaiUud, Albert. d Also, ? larce and varied a*r rime t of F'rench Lawn Ha'i, o from iulaiit't mie up to Indus', the whole of which Maiiarac B. f baa delrruiineil. in Older to ineel the evigeucy of the timci, to i offei ?t tncli low prices at meat mtore her the cou'iuuauce of fc her patient w ho have h.inorrd he wiih their commands, and trnart I'-ibram toe piefeiem e ol tln-sc whose tauonaije the c now solicits. An eaily call it requested at the old ! rench [ eaniblithinrot, r MAOAZIN DES MODES, 60 CANAL STREET. ? Madame 1>. haa ivito received au aitniticeiit of Paris lloweri and rib bout, win h foi variety aud sty lea in y oe calls i c inI nl>re m5 tm?r ' TO THE LADIES. I CA8HIONABLF. MILLINERY GOODS.?'The pmnne- ' ? tress Miu 8. KINO, daughter ol the celebrated I 'art Kin* ' offers for sale a most s> lert an J choice assortment af Mill uery Goods for the sprint; traile, never as yet presenter' to the publie, hoth as rrgntds the quality and cheapueaa of the i The assortment coDtisu of the following J The celebrated S'lk Hat, called CAPO I TS A LA RACHEL. ??????? which is indeed emblematical of Parisian taste. SHERRb-D SILK, entirely new and original sty le, and Lawn Hats, do do. An entire new style of Hats, called ' MODINE 4, APOTTKS, CHINESE COTTAGES." Pans and Enuliih * FANCY STRAWS, < of the finest texture, in great variety. The proprietress res. ectfully solicits the ladies to favor hei ; with a call, aud ri-nnDr her elegant and varied stock of Mil) aery for thcu-i'Ivrs, before they purchase elsewhere, as it will be a great saving to them in phre *n?> a gieat ad vantage as regards the variety and quality of the goods. 8 KING, Magan. de Modes, | *23 lmr 29 'H Br ad way STHAW GOODS. T BENNETT, 24 John afreet, Irat'orterand Manufacturer J ol Italian. Eusl'sb, and French Straw Go'ds, respectfully informs his cu-tomers that he cuti lines to receive aeces- J sions to Ins splendid stock o' Lidits'fashionable Straw Bon- ' l.eta, made of the moai superior quality of hi* cla, an I ofler'd now to the ru'.l cat rednc< d prices; vix ?"'.uglish and French Dunst-blea, Italian Rtit'ands. Piince A-b-rt Briids, Fancy Snell and Imperials, Victori B aidv (a new and splendid-iti cle,) Tutctua, Biillitub, French Wha'ebone (a p ettv article for sum,per ate, p< sirs-iug the lightness, colur jnJ b-aulv of the chip, aud ha strergtu and durability ol the Tuscan) . French Lvce, b reucli Chin, Modeua Ac. Ac. The ghove-aicntion.-d at tides are ruauufictnred tu the most superior str le and , in the blast shapes, pirlicularly in the Oileaoi Oipsv, the ( most fulnonable uud most becoming shape iutronnced this season m3' lin*r FASHIONABLE SUMMER GOODS. tpHE Subscribers offer to strangers and cit'zena tne largest J and best selection of new and fixhiioabte goods tu he lound 1 in an* est blishment in Ihis city, having bern <slablislied in 1 this city since the year 1828, f xi ho'diag constant correspon- ' deuce both In Paris and I oudon. Theii assortment of the lol lowing goods will at all times be found extensive, ti"1" ? . and Sc irf? of rich Satin, Mohair and Si'b bleck. gold and silver figure d, f?> - _, piam Hack, figured Crav.ita of Italian, b -> > colored, Ac. Ac. Satins, plain and'" -gush, German a. d French Silks and Glows r ' - urorcd, buck rich fancy figured, Ac Ac. Ac. of*1' ,,-t "a ft*!41 H"n? I'uan.Lile thread and cotton i .. qualities and r'rncripion. Suspenders, Euplith. German, French and Americau, iu great variety, - f silk, xnni clastic, buckskin, plain and with ! tp'ingt, embroidered, Ac. Ac. Under Garments, silk, m*r<no, lanr.bswool, cotton, licen, liucd and bu< kskin shirts and dnwtrs. Shi'ts-Lineu and muslin shirts made iu the most faithful ' and lashionab e manner Lin-n Co Its and Dress JYontiin great vanety aud forms, round and square comeVs. Byron, Ac. Ac. a '.Cic ,rCjieS,of illdeicriptioni, ready hemmed for use, Spitalfiera lnd<a Linen, Ac. ,tDfeasiug bovos, Hos.ery, Purses, money and riding Behs, U u, brell as. Walking' s,and in fact all articles spue training to a gentleman's wardrobe The subfcribers w?nid par icularlv recommend their superior a'tic'e. ui" Inn roved .vlini rva Shoulder Brace. This article is iu<> nried to brace tlie ahou'deis and ex..and the chest, and will be round of immense benefit -o II i>eri ns of studoni ahits, or iietsous of eith'r sex wno have -rquirrcl the habit of stooping To children vrhn h *va acquired that habit, theywil'be found inve.uable. Tbey s:il| c. niinue the maun acture of their cdebrat.d . lame Stocks, 8. art rid t'ravat Stuck* . ., . J , ? PAHSELLS A AGATE. Old established Liucn Drapers ind Stock Ml u* clurers, 111 14-1 rr 37 Hllisdw:,, Sl.n SOMETHING NEW?Toali who would ue &avius?C ?h Tauoriuk Etubli liinent, 168 Greenwich icrert, u-?r the racist Hotel?The CheatedJVialilUR thu Trimming Establish uimtinthe citv ?The proprietor* take ihia method of rei.ommending V> ell Rerllrine wanting Oio'hea, the ec nomical system of purchasing their own cloth*, thereby tartne thr enorin as profit* ta d on the m itrrisl- by their tailors, atn (eitin| the in made and trimmed, tor which th>a establishment oifrraau advantage over all other*, the proprhiors haling made ei'eu*i> a arrangement* to make thu the principal branch of their basinets, mpe riuteuding botii thecnlliug and le wing depart inent per?oual y. They do noi present tn the public a flaming list of reduced price* a* an indue nient, but hope iliat a superior style of ?o kinauahip, a t'lidioar auentioti to the individual taste of o(tr eustomen and toe prevailing failiion, will always be itifltcisnt, and lire beat attracticn we can offer to our patrort. m? lin'rc POOLEY k BHOWN. MARTIN'S GASH TAlbORlNO bSTABLISHM ENT . 154 fViCtur* Sir erf, Corner of An n Street, IB deeidedl* the cheapest in the city. There it always on I h**d t sele ctstock of seasonable goods, purchased for cash, trMfch will be made np to order in the style of make, tit, trimming. kc., lb a has given rack, general satisfaction during the lut four years, and at a positi . # saving otWpsr cent. Gentlemen are requested to eat: and eramin*. These .whe Issuish th'etr o wn Roods, can 1 ave then. MADli? AND TRIMMED. 9res* Coats, made ?nd trimmed, $7 go te J* SI rock Coats, do jO 00 to 9 M Pacts and Vests, 175tc JO# Over Coats, * 00 to 11 ft , tT^ Terms?Cssli on de'ivery. P.6J-- MICHAEL H. MAHTIN CHfcAin A*H TAILORING KMT A B USHME N T, 62 John air et, near William. GENTLEMEN in want of new and lashionab e Clothing shoul call and rsamine the subrrriber's select rtockof good* brforr purchasing rltrwhere. A trial will he enffirient tocni'ViLC-the ino?t tc^n jmical. tha1 for brrnty of fit, style ol workman hip and at such In - prc-s, this estah iahmeni-an sot Be snrpawed ly anr ther lu the city. SkMIBM w ol black Erench or English dress and fiock c??:? as low a* $13, wsriamed a g md tr. and m de anJ trimmr d ?f the nest n.^tralsj English and French tancv elastic eaatiaiere rap's 5 to S?. g'lntiio* os, d tilings, tweed*, rummer ataimeres, 3 M to Si: V'S'.inar, illk, ratir, .M is i les, Vi'entia, kc. It- 2 into t'i Making nd rimming i.ress coat* 7 to $9, frocks g to gtO, I vest* end | mis I 40 to t2 All orders thankfully teceired and nuncta illy atterd'd to. mt Imec J AMhS LAt, S .42 John ?t. a 79, SHIRTS-79, WILLIAM ITRIET, THIRD BASEMENT dELOW ? AILEN LANE. N. Y. * ?li nn 'oubtedlv the cheapest Shirt Manufactory in the eity. Wholnsledesleis will find this usaertion to he mining leas tlian a p'tiiive feet. It i i not the intention of theiubs-nbartonak. this advertisement appear a* a pnff, hot he merely wiahea to announce to his friend* and cu*P-meis, that he has oiiened I he shove establishment to tu. plv them with Shirts, Collars and Bosoms at a much lower rate than they have hither tv i/v? u iu viic >t?uiv oi paying eiiewnere. H. ARONSON. Senior pa-tn?r of the late firm of aHO.nSON ft WiLSON. 1 tT7~Be particular in the numocr, 79 William street, third ba??.. euioe'ow Maiden I ane, N. V. T 8?Parncnlai a teution pud n> prjvale orders jl lm*r CMSHINO TACKLE.?J''HV CONROY,52 En ton, cor " uer of Cliff street. In* jusr. rrcrived .'.00 Ba'iiboo Rods, of n J brant lfull <pi r. tor sale m snail or laote carcrls A''resh supply of Canton tirass Line*, b the raitir or dozen. The lo v? re of angling 're lintrd to insp?r( Ins grurral assnrtm- nt of . taiklc, whieh will he found >qu il to any nil g of ihe kind in I Euiojie or thl? < ountry. He gti iMiitres to tell every rticle of the brat description and ou moJe-iite tcrtni in'lllw*ec ' LONDON AND MANCHESTER INDIA It UP- ? BEK. GOODS. h WHOLESALE AND RETAIL, No. Wail atreet. Tb d *' subscriber has received and offers for tales large assort- tl est of iinroried India Hu'rhei Water Proof Uooda, rig; c Coata and '-apes, ofaupermr Lama, Cashmere Lama, Persian, n M-rino and Cotton, of all colnra and I ilea. ( Cloth?India Robber, Water Proof, as per Lama, tana far- k aian and Cotton, nrepsyred for tailor*. India Rubber Webbings for aaanenderi, corsets. fce. n all km'r CH AS. ABRAHA MSON. f NEW CARPET STORE.?Carpeta at retail, lor auction J pricea. J Rnaaia, la Od to 2a Od per yard " Ingrain, 2t 6d to 3a Cd ? Extra fine do 4a bd to fa Od ,, Together with erery artlnle congee's d with the trade, at equally low pricea. J WIlUON OllhESIf, mil ?t*r 161 i h-tham atreet. h TWINES, He? Bridport Selu Twine. ? 1 Bale and Be! I do jj Cotren t rapping k Si in do _ Gotten Varn and Wick. a Gotten Warp, aic \ American end English Show Thread, of various nnmhera d end iiaa met, for sale in lota to anit purchasers, bv H. KIM18LEY, ? mat Im r 117 Maiden Lane. r-l'IIAItS, WHOLESALE AND R?.TAIL.-3tt Broad 'T w?y, near W? ker atreet ?VEdSRB. Pld. EHNsT _ SCHMIDT k MAUL, Unitar m>Du'ac'nre.e, wonld respect- T fully cell the aitcnri u of ih< pub ic to their eaubliahinrnt, L No. my Broadway, where they keep eonatiut'y on hand an di in i,aivc assortment of fiue-loued guitars, linnhed in the best di style. I v All Instruments f'om this menafseiorT, long favorably di known in lll^ JulitN H'stts, where it reieised ihr fint tre- ni "--wurii n me dim f Inatitnte. Ten llie b -el (in "i i 1)1 .u? t nid iii ?orh aiuiirior mitiuer, a* ill ?. .* P?" 10 **r'?n? l'>?? "> .Undaay ci mtfe. di end r< mi! elaewhaia, err rrqneaud In call n hbH S,l m "d wprkm?i,ehi|i ol then inilrnmetiii, pr 1 h" f-und ' ? to tan n^ha. h**??' ?f lh' rin" ?nd (Ju??. >'*? lr?Tf M ro Aonouor* tf,?t Abort *rroii?f< menu do not intrrfrrr in Ui V iS r??*JrnueXitM' coatinoe. to 40 l i>< ,n> M uat>*'. *1 Bror.dwn> , nrar Walk*, In^ |m#r _ QhUOLUTIl 'N?Tti? C< - , aitoer hip l.nMnfnr* < xiatitie Jr. ISfTeL'" h w,"' WALKA?< * bjeRK.NZIE, ii ihudav dutolerd bv n.a udl c mirnt. ' The baaiDPM of theUte firm will be edjuet.d by either of ihe nnilereiu.ed,at No. ji (erlei ?'rre , ii|> et.'rt H JOHN J. VVALKKH. ALKX MoKKNZIE " New VArk June I, IglJ H1w*m pi'lP ' II?IM unit r Df iih flh . i , .. < I , ^ l" > >'*r >rle, inmoleciund liom ihr bi?l ore, and win, tn ?*? \cXr * ft'SOTh'alo.01 w " ' M Movth MtMC , r??????M?A? AELPHOU FIRST PMJI.MIUM ANGLESEY LRU NTRODUOED into this cnuntry and made solWy by William Belpho, No. M Spring street, near Broadway, New 'orb. This description <*f Artificial Log donvos its name from ic celebaled Marqnia of Anglasey, (c?ao at this day the Brat or tew an in Europe) by whom it Laa boon adopted and worn rer since its first invention by the lata Mi. Potin, of London, i whom the present artist was, foi elevoniyoam, a pupil and aastant. I be Anglesey Lea is patented In England, and differs radially and essentially from all other substitutes for en amputated mb. In lterope it is worn by Prince Ernest of PhillipL?li, and bv o'h?r Continental aa well as British Noblemen, nd Naval and Military t lactic en who suffered in the late I'arv. Alto bv many ladiet of ekilinelton. It is allowed by the i stenuu nt European surged u? to be the nearest apt>roach to \c Natural Lea. huh' r'o prod nerd, an opinion which, both as j its lortn and aciivn, has been mote recently Confirmed t>y i-n v of the inost distinguished of their proleaaional brethren in le United States. And during the abort tune the snbscriber aa been in this, it> adv-uutges have been fully tested v t uumlerof patreDts of the highest respectability, who have gtt with him the strongest certificates in lavor of i-s (Minority. W 8 without meaning to reflect upon any maker of the old tele of lea considers it his duty to caution tl.e public against ring misled bv person pretendmc to imitate or improve upon be Anglesey Leg. W. f. his had seventeen yeais experience i h.s professiou. and tun mechanical principle upon w'ich the rculiariiy if this leg depends, is knowu only in the United irates to himself. W 8. may be consulted daily atM Spring street, or by letter, ' at paid. fh rum tile New World.] Thk Awolesky Leo ? -"his invention and its introduction nto ti it com try bv a(Upil of the luvemor, and an adept iu ice mechanical .kill, will be hailed with joy and gratitnde by II who urt-d its assistance The workmanship ol me Leg is erv beau tful, and it at ike litre strong and t itrable. The lints are ti ailar to nature, and the inost fiui-erd sculpor in ght vainlv endeavor to fashion a moie peifect model of a mman limb. We commen-i to our readers especial notice, the raise worthy artist. His advertise rneut may be relied oa aa tlii.g'h- literal tru'h. ml Im'in D HO I'OUKAI'il l'< 'HTHAlTsi ?Or . L M. > VttU -. i uie inventor of this u* art, produces by it not only acorert likrueis of the oiigiual p ririit.but also a purity of deign, bril isucv of coloring, which far si nass thr chtf-d'tcuv -wlir h-r ancient or the moat celebr ted artists, frateful I -r the encou-ageinent he has received from hit ?uneroot friends and the public geneial y D . L. ol Cyrus v .hi l<l f'in iuf rat them that he has fitted up, fonhe accommoI dion of ladiei a suite of rooms in P'rk Pice Home, corner >f Broadway, wheie he irua'a his skill in h'S profession, "tid lis a'ten rion to ell who m?y nnor him with their favors, will su'e him a continuance of the patronage hiiheito so liberally WUtQWfd Q> BUB. The Doctor gives inatmction in every d partment of the Dsruerrcotyiw and Phyt graphic art. I .at uincnui fo tilling pop r its on a large or sm II sc le, for sale, as also the nee-ssary iheir.ical nrepar-iivns f r the taking or portraits ia Phytotrsphs or cq'"is Terirs n'oder .te. m 0 lir.' r PLtArtAN J" HOAP IlINU?rieversl families J t>? ac commodaied at Slratton'i Point, one mile liom the village if Flushing; to aud from -ah'Ch a steamboat ruua twice a day i'tliitig on a tan . beach within forty rods, with dressing house, nral waUs, and a prospect uusurpos-ed, bv lend and water kpply to P. tJTRATTON. mid ira*r A. A. 8 * M ANOS NO. 6 WALL AND 289 BHOaDiVAY, offeia for sale t e 0 I owing arti. 'ea. V'E ;? 18 Galea of sniwrior Guisa Tobacco. 10 B?rs of various qualities of H-ivara Leaf. 10 Drrms ol superioi Turkey Smoking l'ob.cco. 12 Bags of I heite Coffee, 'or firoily use A so all lor of Arrew Bo S and Cores N ut 10 Cases of 10 and 6 d x acn "cafarlatti Smoking Tobacco, 6 Dux bot lea one pourd each Natchi.oches Snuff, of New Irleaia. >90.100 Lord Brrin Krgalia Trabucoa, Canouea aud Pans alias. La N"rmi do aud m-di?m size. Veens Kegalia iu b >m cf 100 end la so. Pi mlstinn Si g.irs end Maui.l Ch roots. Aarora' ?r dorra, Von-til.'e. * guridad, Port Haranoi.JLi ?mp.-r s*a, G ii a, Y<ra nsd I'nncipees. Oerinau Tobacco, m different qua'ities nod 8|?mih. An ?a?0!imrut of mewing lohaec >, pipbo-*'?, tuhea, Hubert. snuff boi ?, setar cases, m stche* of differc Dt qu'hilts, ouK Turbo h hrrry alt ma and a general assortment ot p.pei it gara, nz: Gireii, M> udozv Penz, Star auo Lo d Byron.and naay o'h> r aiticlra two Bumeroui to mention?al: ara offered it wholesale and mail. . Alio. 8eaakaofPill or Wafer B >zes, of different aizea. mW Im'r CURLED HAIR, 4ND HAIR SEATING. r>G flfUY POUNDS Souih American Curled Hair, ol wv jlJvU various qualities. Ala.*, a general assortment ol Df Hair Seating .plain and figured,from 15 to 30 iuehea inclusive mitaule for upholsterers and c binet trakeia??txtensivelj manufactured and always o# hand lor sale bv ui, JOHNSON & ORKRV No IS" " Ordera from all parta of the Uni'-J __ .yijlfowi street, and with fidelity, tor ca?>* ... own-, executed oromp'.i satisfactory pa'w ..., aporaned fill* fWctpiances or otke .pjpj??? ., ( fnwr ibdtttha. m<3 )in*in - viOPPF,R-PLATE As MUSIC PRINTERS AND PUBLISHERS, &c. t?OR 9*LE, a fir.t-rate Iron Copper plat* or Marie Print " ipg Preaa, (tweu y tight ami a li.vf inch rollera). Ha been in Use but a ihokl time? ii in perfect order. .Alio, one o tw. nty si* incnea, and a wooden one ot t wenty four do. They will be aold at a price worth a i urchasers rromp attention. Apply to R W. TUNE. m3l lm*r If Cortlanot ?iie?t. New York. l?> "I O f)AA WORTH ol China, Glass and K-rtU n Wart 4? A Atj\J\J\J for >ale at 170 Eighth AreDoe. by ThOin?s Me 8'irlr.?Thia ware ia now open, and will be aold to rctailera at the following priest?bine a'-up and flit Plates, breed ih.apei, 7a. |ier doz ; tuftera, 5a ?d ; P-ris white plates, atont ware. 6?. per doz ; tnfteri. 5' ; diahea, bakera and toil#tie wan equa'lylow: bowls from 2s. 6d to 4a. 3d; lamps, oil, Lirrrpool 12? ; hall lamps from $5 to $G,th<* tame as the dawn- owutiorei sell for 110 and $12; common ware for grocers, by the bu-hel Nociedi syst mot-re N B No chatg. f r cranes to couutr] merchants. China lea sets fi^m 12s. In $15 Puhlir tale on Wediieadvy, in 414 B nod way. m2-1ni*rc GLASS AT No 3 JOHN STREe. I' neat Broadwa.TlJt pot of STOUVENKL A BROTHER'S Glut vlannfae tory. the only place where people can gtt supplied, chrape ihan any r-fher plice in thia city A lull a ,-attract tol th richest cm and plan glaas, Lamps for hall; Aatial and Sola Lamps. Girandoles, Eretich and Engli h China, Ac. lie . ijll a mm. u fact i?y prirt-a. Every article matched to paitern. Glas cut 10 order. Wholesale and retail tor et'T aud country indi at the above, and th? ir factory. No 2*> Bs'4 at rr 2 'en're DOOR PLATr.S : D.tOU PLATES !-Th at in w-nto a handsome, cheap and uurnhle Biiv-r P a led r Rr<as Don Plate, c-rtiobt.-u th.. above rrticle at R ROBERTS'Si:vt PUtiug. Engraving and Door Plate Estab ishmi ut ,lt>7 Bowery Alan, uihic Numbers, a pew and i-raoiifnl eiiicle for unui bering dwelling houses, church pmi, s> ip stale rooms. Ac. It KOBEKl'?, 157 Bowciy. mf 1isi*y 4th doer above Bro< me at-, east slue. WATOfi MAKLRS AND WATGHTEWELLERS. T 8 WALLI3 A CO., No. 156 Broadm**, Od floor, be J . I.e. M .1.1. n I an. I .K.r . ?l ~,.?la . .. ?2.C. It acquaint their <r<et>di and the public, who wish 10 havt chronometers, clocks, music hoVua, o any deicrtption o watches, however hne or I jtricate, repaired or jewelled. A'?o e?ery drartiption of 'scptmenla renaiied or made new, rub' rollers for dnp'ex, pallets for chronometers, rnby cyletiders lo leottirs. ruby piua tor le?ers, diamond caps, kc.. and w ttche, jewelled io a style not turpaaaeJ tyany ia Europe Fnaee a.nd wheels cat, and teeth ron ded; publ c clocks and banl time pieces kept iu o-der by 'he year as tisuat. From Ml lonu experience in the trad*, they poss sa the eapnetty am every facility required to moke rutire, or anv parts ul watch" s eqnal to artv imported, and wilt give tke best of reff.-rencea i required. I barges moderate. nils l'u*r rpi) HTlthL KEiblEHK, STtfiA.MBlMT PMOPUIE L TOR* aid P.aces ot Public Amnrtmen*.. kc.? JAMEJ O. M"FFET, It Priuce u'reet, New York, m*un'actn-ra a npeiior article ot Pheet Brtas, suitable for In in* siairs, whirl he off-ra for a<le cheap He alar fiuiahe< and puts them ou it a superior style, at the shortest n.tice, md on the motr rea son ib'e t* rmt. m23 lm*r OFbJi K OF JEFFERSON INSURANCE COM PA NY?Office 36 Wail street. This Company conl:nae their brusness of insurance against loss or damage by (ire, on goods, wares and merchandize end alto, on resjeii and theii cargoes against loss by inland navigation. DIRJCCTOK9. T oioas W Thorno Kliaha Rim Thomas T Woodruff Benjamin R Robaon Joint R Davisen Francis P Sage Thomson Prise. Joseph Allen John II Lee John P Moore M ?ses Tucker Jamas E Holmes* Caleb <1 Tuttii James R Wh.ttng Anson Bakerf Wm K Thorn Joseph Drake Irad Ha why John C Vairitl Thomas Morrell THOMAB W. THOKNK. President. flk.O. T HOPE, kerir mII r nrb WlNt.8 BHANDIE8. kc. ~ rHE snbscrib. r utfets the foi'nwiny Wines, kc. for sale at til Pi.e street, corner of William. Madeira in pipes. hhds, quarter casks, demijohnx and bottles. i pa t very old a>>d high cost, direct and via India. berries, in pi|>ei hhds,quarter c .taa and iu glass, of various riades? Amoo'illado m quarter casks. Port?Impoitad expressly for family nae, in wood and io [last. Clarets?Chateau Maigeanx, Latoure, St. Eataphe, Lai ate, tt. Jauen?also in caaka. Hocks?J ihannraberK Castle,Mareobrnnner Cabinet,Chartxlerxer, Brnneberg, Asupenthaosen, Oreiihanseu. Hintarbauico. Rndrth-inter, H itlenheiui Peiaportrr, Lsibfeaumilch, [JiceiiheimeT Hoehheiiner.kc. k' kc. Sauterne, Barsuc, Mnt-at, Chablia. Burgundies?Clos de Vouueot, Chambertia, Romaaee. Very old Cognac Biandy, vintage 17(3; expressly for anmmer lit, Fine Holland (Jin. The abave arti-les are recommended to the infirm u-t sove etgn remedy lor thtirmaladies. OILBEKT DAVIP. ui3 Im rilEAUTIKUL MEAD OF HAIR TO BE HAD FOR THREE SHILLINGS.?READ. THEN JUDGE. DEADER, if we prove an article to be good, will ron he* ^ii??? ill I. teems that yon have been humbugged ro ofen, that if an article is eveu (.roved to be good, you wont try t. Now read. These are tke real and positive qualities of ii article whose price will prove it no noetrura. Jon-s' Coral lair hestoratirs will general y improve and beautify the air. It will force the hair to giow on the hea I, face and bo y, or auy part where nature intended hair togrow, by making lie aealp healthy. It atayathe hair fal'ieg off. and thoronahlv area all aenrl and da. d nff. Another ot ita piopertiea it m inke the hair crow naturally dark and beautiful, Jonea' '.oral Hair Heaoratire told at the aign of the American janle, II ohatlnm atreet. New Vork. Agent.?Zeiber, Third and Dock atrert, Philadelphia, and rtt to the American Hotel, Waahington, D <>? : 8 S ate treet, Beaton ; Cleveland. Bin* afreet, Charleatan, 8. C. : 57 Itate atreet. Albany ; Mitchell, Norwich, Chenango, N. V.; dart in. barber, Catakill, iN. Y.? and IU atreet, Irooklrn. n,6 lin* HIGHLY FMFOK.TAN f. rOWNBRS OF HORSk.8?8. BUSHEL, practical Vef'fiii >rv Snrgion, wonld inform ,he i nhlie that h? ha? ad aeven jeara practice tu the Biitiah Aimy. 8 B will ay erery atten ion to horara at the own'r'a alible. Chtrgea lode rati 'o ami th? tnnra. He would inform carmen whuae Oitaa require ihy.ic, tHit the mo.t a >rm,>rttl? naae to call ron d he on 8atn day, .xi tliey will he all e to nai them on lot day. A I kirida of liorae merit ine h-pt on hand. r a Ball* of . very dracr'ptio'i, pt c *5 c-nu; romr and e inition powdera, <5 ci-nta; blistering o mm ut, t5centa: houf intincni, I2S CtuU A in erior article of horie liuamrnt, ir ii raina, h ui<e> k" . ptMt 71 taitl Advice gratia, at hit uio'ter, No. 49 Rubtnaoneirari, corner of Greenwich atreet. Jil lm*i? JAM KB W. ATlRII UK'8 TINCTURE KO ' INJ Hit. t lb < ? ? - ? L - ? ?1 L iniiii th lait ftliy years h is saved tt'omarids from th? ja*? of rath, both h mope ski] Ameiica, is now introduced i ublie' to thr man; victims who nre snR-ring from the a ore named strrsmug dueaie The propiielor wrhu it decidedly .0 be ideistood, lthou*h ha t<kes this method of m king the temepublic, that the Tincture is net cilculatrd to cure all th? seases incident to t'e li.un, trame, bur merely thoie kiced by a disordered state of the a'lnn-u art c*nal. and known I lid tiestion or Duptwia. '1 he ?ri il ef a nugl* bottle will ova to the moat'cvpueal thar, by fallowing the directions hich atciitni an; it, that tetiibl; diseaat miy be entirely eiarated ^u tie ooa testiiiioni 1s iniy be seen by apn'yiDg to eaars. Carte fc Nepbew, corner ol Water street ai.J Maiden e. WOI sale, who estl,- and retail,nl the above named aiore, d at I It Bowery. mMlin'r DAGUERREOTYPE APPARATUS. JOHN ROACH, OPTICIAN. 71 Najmq, neirJohnilint, N. Y. IAVlNp dw LtH |VMM undfr hit own loftptetkNLIM 1 nil BSVM ?n llw Man mtmbft himirlf, hr 1Mb rtf ti, t ? y inu ihi MMin ua u* Iiii gppgfttM hav? obru (I mote Biii < en th?a rh??B? tiling ctmrrm with foreign IfDi. i ' I ?fi*r.? ? of i ? pdrfVc , i' "J fill of'f ii?r vnp opcrly i * ! run i r? <!? ( a tria tor hit ciom rai. Hn frail I raciice ii Opticus- riiniitci hnu to grind ind ifTie t Ltii.1 (O in it Ih? pttrpot* lot which ibgy erg wggtio. i ' 1nfw m epical. DIL MORRISON. f Burgeons, London, and form atly Barnoa in Um British Nd ry, eoutiuues to be consulted daily an all dmain ore delieal' ntlure, and all thoae distressing symptoms consequent on till* iiciooj treatment, and the imprudent um c fquacs medi ft nee Dr. M. has had an experience of twenty t wo yeais "'treaties delicate dieeaeea in all limit various andc implicated Inrme, a?? sees a mild, safe and infallible substitute lot mercury, a radical mg the venereal vires with certainty, without subjection th< SnM to any risk or restricting hint in I .tutor I diets or Mr suns while fiis medicines are agreeable t. rate and smell, re' laaininl obstructions in the nretnra moo as strictures and en iw-gtroenlof the trrosute gland, tv-crmrauied with much iin tino s and doll pain about these par is, are some of the couec aasnces ol mal-treaunent Dr. M. treats strictures in a seieu :vfie manner, promoting absorption of the tniekcued ettcalar stent bntoe wathoutauy pain. C( INSTITUTIONAL DEBILITY.?Thouacttd"of young aeu are saftcnug Irom t le consequences of indulgence in a ae snt ilettrueure habit.and whose nerves are further injured finis tuetiseid nostrums, m d pretended spec dies, which stimulate oolj to induce greater depression. Dr. M. tienta st'fh cases on purely pathological principles,and nerer fails in establishing ears ?tbs strictest honor and confidence are observed. Lectors post paid, and containing a statable fee, will arisare lie lorrespoodeutfull advice, and medicine to aav part of the ' Um so. bv hit giwtig a history of hia ease in detail ?MU Vol ton west, near fireenw ir.h. itg lt*r QUACKERY Us?0 Ul?'!! tpilE davs ol the monster Quiekery are numbered; his reign 1 will soon b over, and the thousands and tens of thousands who are suffering uudcr seer; t ?is?ates. and the equally inlolira le impositioui of unprincipled mercenary quacks, may dow rejoice at their appr. acing deliverance. The dark vet* ol niysitry which has hitherto enehrouJed the treatment ol these i.iae ses, is removed, and ih-rinrxut lor obtaiuing relief is j placed within t^e reach ol a I. Let tliose who are wise avail . theioselves at 'he oppo tunitv with ut delay, ad procure at : once a copy Ol the Glide f .c ihe irea'ment of secret I .'isr uses, by the justly celebrated Ur VAUttHEN. for mai.y y Ms tlie principal i hysician of the Duhlti, Li ck Hospital? This treatise contains a clear and thorough cxamiuttion of ! Venereal diseaies, in all their various forms, with useful and ileciual mud's i.f trearmeut, which all miy understand and Hr. c-ice without the aid uf a physician, or risk of discovery ? 'his work ccnnot l?il to prove luva'uablc to p-avellers, sealarinc men aud others, whe are of en t laced in situations where they cannot obtain medical advice. It may ne ..brained at ine Book stsud, 92 Nassau St. corner of Fulton st. Price It era. Any person sending $1, by post, will hive one copy faithfully (orwaided to Client. u. 14-im'r VjrlJ ] Ufc. iO rfUUND TEETH. A DESIDERATUM IN DENTI8TRT. DH. A. 0. CAHTLK, REMOVED TO Ml BROADWAY. ceruerof WHITE STREET, has a Paste lor tiling dec.tvc J lioilow teeth. It ran t>? put iuto the most tender teeth without any pain or inconveaieuce, with which it becomes impacted into ONE l.ird solid burly,thns restoring an' p referst ig (hitherto laiulul and useless teeth) arttficialTy sound.and perfect in all their reapecti. e uses for life?pre venting IN ALL OASES, the necessity of extraction. Ladies the most disttn guiahed in society,uB<r their testimonials in the most sivn' terms, as to in etneacy. The Editor of the Evening Post, ays " It is admirably adapted fcr under teeth and Dermis persons, and Dr. Castle operates on the teeth with greai care anJ ability." '1 he New York Aurora, says it makes the teeth in all respects perfect for life." The Bun, says " Dr. Castle has obtained muck celebrity for his excellent mode of fillmc the teeth." The most er.iiuent gentlemen of the Medical Faculty, have personally tried and recommend Dr Castle's Paste for filling tne teeth, 's ooth-ache Pills, one of which pnt in the achius broth, will effect a peimanenl cure. [From the Journal of Commerce. 1 DELICATE AND SUCCESSFUL OPERATION.?Dr A. C. Castle has replaced by a moat ingenious piece of deatai mechanism, the lost portions of the upper and lower jaw bones, shot away tn ttie ease of Lieut. A?, of the U. S. N.. whe met with this irmble and severe casualty, while m pursuit ol the Indians in Florida. We have sreu letters Irom L,eut. 8. cnolirmat ty of this extraordinary cure audita entire success, (hat the lossof these important organs so skill oily r? placed by D C stlc is now iio mure a-our-e of regr. t to th-Lieuteuaut. Dr. C. ikirtu i rtincul teein on ine principle oi adhesion oy tnni?i henc pressure Or A C Caitle refers to the Spanish, Fre itch mill English Auibtsssdo s, MI Stoaghton, ih? Speniih Consul, Heir Admiral Walton, Lord M 'rprtc, Gen McCartv, 1 Gov M uo>\ l)r K U J hut u. Prraiii* in ot 'ho Medical 80i ciety, 8 N Y: Mr? Gen Mnati, J B Beck, M Ui Dr J A Smith, Dr K. DcLfield, Or Beadle, l>r Boyd, Dr Bnger, Dr J C Cher?mvn, Dr A H 8te?ens, Dr I Torrey. Dr Baylies, Dr Win Gtayson, Dr Oeninc, to, Ac. Office 361 Broadway. UiJ'ilm-ec NO CURE NO PAY DR. COOrER, of lt Ouane street, betw?? Cha'ham streets, takes this _ . r zen? and st,augers,that* ,?*?#>Jff, ; to*.!"-"utaf he c 'tiiu-i-d with the utmost cou _?? in the ^i4^"s cases of dnlicdte. diseases l)r. Cooper, from S rtnuL'itce of many years in hospit-Is in Europe,devoted to the it of delicate diseases, a; d from an extensive du eller in this city, for the last ten yeais, in this particular y bran-h ol rhe profession,guarantees a sale,speedy add effuctna r cure to such persons as put themse'rss ttuder liis treatmentl Recent cases cured in f.-.o or tnree days. Dr. Coop* ruses, no m-renry or any other dangerous medicine- Dr. Cooper's > mil J and judicious mode of treatment will require no interruption from business or alteration in diet. Persons afflicted with . protracted and deplorable cases, nerd not despair of complete > rctovety. Dr. Cooper informs the public that he if the only 1 regularly qualified surgeon who advertises in Du&ne street, and exhinits no d'pioma from the Stuvvesaut Institute of this city, t procured by lalaecertificates and false pietencas. The mo tin yiolable secresy obierved in all con ultations. Separate offices so as patients c 0 sot come in onset Letters, post paid, attended to. Chaws moderate. Office open ire in 7 in the morning onti! 10 o'clock at niitht. Office 14 Duane street. m!3 lm?r I DOCTOR BfcLL. i 1YOCTOR BELL devotes his personal attention (daily, nos *-? til 9 P. M.) to the removal of private diseases in every , stage. All suffering nnder protracted cases, aggravated or un successfully treated by inexperienced or pietended practitioners? tbos v :auori;m nnder the destructive effects of mercury or f quaes nostrums, and all who suspect the temains of disease lurking in the system, may consult Dr. B. always with a guarantee of a cure. r Persons contemplating marriage, who hure been the subjects ?f delicate diseases, maT consult Dr. Bell with honorable t confidence. Past-paid letters, describing the case of peisotis at P a distance, have JiL pron\i>taiteuliou it. B.'s ireatmeut never r etposes to suspicion, ano is well known to be sale and pertna. nent. 1 I/" Private offices 37 CEDAR STREET, two deortfrom r Broadway. m? lm*r - KAWAKD--fiMOBS' SPECIFIC M XTI RK 7* cov' / v for th,o BUM nf f).inn,3rilim ? /llosGa inrlnvas anA r au Jagoos e irn>i*int? of the rvfaUS ii I generation r Of all tcrlelias pot discovered Tor the above complaints, ikta ia the most certain. It mages a speedy and permanent cure, without the le?st te stricuon tu die. drink, exposure, or change id arplicatiou to business. VVe (ire oo Ions quack recommendations to deceive the pub'ic. If the mediciae does not sp*ak 1.1 iiecif, no one had spehk for it. Opr object is tn notify where n can be bed. n-idthe pp nrietor cha!lrn>r*sr. staple e-se of recenLli .t.i. 'i. t'leu*. to is brenght, in a Inch the Hiixtme will nlKeifecta I ra' iO rare, under a forfeiture of 9000 f This is a disrate that u'.lonumti ly pervades all ranks of so f eiety?h-ph, low, rich and poor, matrimonial and si,ig e Ttej are here presented with a remedy ky which they cau cure th mj selves without the least exposure in the shortest t:i,ie possible. r Further, the iliseas- cannoi be contrac'ed if a dose of toe , uiiitare is taken at night on foicg to bed when etimaril. , It it pot up in rotties with full directions accompanying- it, i at fl a bottle. One bottle lasts a week, which generally cures? r many srr cured In two days. j For ssie only at Wm. H. Milnor1*, 19} Broadway, corner of John street, opposite Frseklin House, New York ; J. Jones, f corner of (hestiiet a ad seventh streets, I'hiladelpuia ; sou at J. M. Hmith's. Ill Weshi'uroa feat. Boston. inS ,n\*r 54 LIHI'ENAKU HTKEET. I MADA.MK COSTKLLO, Female Physician and Uradoate as Midwife, oftrrs her tnofessional services to the ladies , of tliis city and country. The anatomical and physiological i peculiarities which distinguish the female from the male, impose upon her diseases and functions altogether her own.? Many o i these diseases are exceedingly complicated and oh score, requiring an aeenrate knowledge of the female system to treat them with success. Madam* Cositllo having had long experience and surprising success tn the trratneut ot diseases incidental to her sex, ap Kses ladies on the point of confinement, or those suffering m suppression, irregularity, obstruct ions, lie. that she will be happy to afford a comfortable temporary home at her residence, where they cm always have the best medical treatment and the most matrobiy care and naming, or if preferred, will wait on and attend them at their own bouses until perfectly recovered Madame C. particularly begs to impress an the minds of the delicate, that the officiates personally in every case, so that hesitation or dread need never be apprehended. 1 N. B.?M.ida.neCeitello weald inform ladies residing ont of the city, whose health would not admit of travelling, that the wonld devote !iei personal attendance upon them in any part ol the United Htatcs within msonable distance. Madame can be consulted at her residence, S4 Lispenard street, a: all times and with tne strictest regard to the wishes of her patients A 1 eoamanieationsand letters must be post peid. m24 Imayre "IrR. POtTT'S KRAblCATOR." TAR. rOETT'R Kradcator (establiah-d for 10 years in this Lr citT ) is detnued o surpass every otiwr remedy, for the radical c re of ponor hae, gl< et, and all del iliuas of the urinary organs, fr-m its certainty o-_action, plaasant taste. aLd lis being the icsu't of 20 year* experience of a regniaily srucated pliyti ?i*u. Whaever relies on this medicine tieeu nev*r ba a -pre hensite of falling into th- huidsof nneducated, palling peraout, as handreds have bee effectually cured after n ' ing ;?id large sums to lh ae persons Hold wholesale and ret iil at the fol- 1 lowing resectable drag stores?corner of Fulton and Water. J corner of Fulton and Oold; comer of Church and Chambers; ' corner of Walk?r and Bowery; 00 Bayard street, and 136 Ful 1 ton ?t Prce >1 mil 'm*r ' HULL'S TRUSSES. ! NOTl" e TO HUPTURED PJCKHONS. t DKH8O.N8 -fll ceil arnli rnpinr*> may rely U|>on th'best I ' instrnmcural aid the world affords, on appii.slion at tha office, No. 4 Verey sircet, or to ei her of the agents m the i prucipal towns in ihe United States. Be cwcfhl to tx imine mi. ?<. jmu ui nun s iruties, 10 ace n tuey are endorsed by ' Llr.Hnll. iu writing None are genuine, or tobe relied upon ai good, without Ins aign <turr ( Many persons hare undeitaken 'o Tend imitation! of Hnil'a ( eelrbraWd rusart, ai d thousands are imposed upon in eouse- I qui bee. 'I hi an imiiati-us caueot be relied upon; they are I mad.! by unskilful mechanics, and are 1.0 belter Lbau the o.di- I uan tiutata. i H?oms hare been fitted op at No. 4 Vesey atreet, rgelnsirely I for lai'ien having a separate entrance Iro n the boaintaa depart ? mcnt, where a female ia in conalant attendance to wait upon fenr'le atlenta. m20 lm m t DICNTMT.?To those who hare decayed teeth, and have J neglected to have them attended to, either from fear rfita not being properly done, or the bith price uaually charged, can ( now have ruy operation per nrmed perta'amg to the tei ih, in a careful and prnner manner by calling on W. K. PARSONS, 1 24 Veaey at , where lie ia in attendance at all timea, and pre- t pared to fill terth and invert, from one io a full aet, ?n the beat < principle! now known bv any dentin in the eity, for prices t that will corretpnnd with the time*, and within the mean* of r very one Mr. P. invite* all in reed of hi* lervio^ to call on him and they shall not he disappointed hy any oncatinn not t being properly performed, and in lact perfect satisfaction in ail ca e? will be given. N. B specimen* of hi* wotk can be seen in his office, aid > referomr* given if rrqnirvd. m2tlia*r fO" rftKStl.NS k'RUM I HKI OUM'ttY.?Now that tne J A seaion has airi.ed in whicn the disease* of the slliii art .t hrouihi to maturity and aci moat violently on t e system and , thrrrhy Implicating th* lining metnbnbea of the stcimehand , intestiei s foimlng the gi.rrni and su* e inducing (es, in g children) ail hose ir..u drsomi: and fatal affections of the stomach a id howel* that help so terribly io fill up the bills of * mortality # _ Dr. W HKKLRK, JJ (Jresnwich street, with mneh satisfae- , lion, has it is his power M offer a, thesn|ierior curative t efficacy of which, twenty year* eyperience has stamped a* he ^ mgee 'ain. This Bsl*. m ol Moseatrlio is composed of vegetable medicines of the ..Mist healing nature, herm biting in | iherapeu' cil combination, so as to overcome the diseases of the towels,y.t : Uitrihoie Dyaenteiy, Cli lera Morbus, Huiumtr a Complaint, Hpatmodic Ceelic, and inflammation of the macons m-mhrsues, In., lie Dt. Wheeler has published a p n?phlet lor the herefit n| strrug-rs. e*|.lanaory of the p-culiar v.rtues that h.* B il.aei of .Vine ttello i ossetaes as a retioraiive, a copy oI which he will be h?ppv to furnish g aiuitnuil to any l-ady Oi Gentleman. Dr W heeleiV B alsam lot the |ieculiar feature aa a medicine thai it ia ticrediug y pleasant to the pa- ^ late, tliat children will eagerly take it, whieh. to it* si gnlar > fti< acy rvnders it as a family medicin iuva'uable. Dr. V* he*- JJ ler presents the foilowi g r miueul g-otlrineu as references re- ( lativs to the Ipgh tiaudir.g aud ef the invariable tnrceat ol his Balsam of Morc-tello? ticn. Ward, M. G. Wrstehestr r ; Gen G- P. Morris, M?j C. Mates. U. 8. Army; W r Hallet.Leti ; " John Griswnld, Kaq ; Capt. DePevster of tie packet Sheridan; Charles Butlei, V wi ; J. B. Uodd, fciq. ; J met A Huydam, * Ktq ; Charles U. Krtchum, Kaq.. and many others of rqu I ( Ming- tn 7 lin*ic TO THK LADIF.H?H f R.KKR'H 8' ?LUTlON -The,, is eo occasion to wear fa te hair on account of tht color ol the hair. Ladles are often troubled wi h a tustis or diirate in the heed, occasioned hy the pressure of the false lisir. Ltdiet can th have grav hair charged lo look aa well as eter it Hid, w thoui or injury. Mr A. has a room espresaly tn be tended hy a lady, at e l hit residence. Also Mr 8. will change g.nileim n's hair to gr any aha le or color. Druggists wi ulddo well to kc-p it lor silt in O'her rilies, as humbug dyes are goiug out ol data. Whole, salt and retail, at No. v Chatham St., nppe*ii* the regular's Mi,stairs. m tv-lm*r ?4i LONOLEY'S OK EAT WESTERN INDIAN? PANACEA. WHKNtVER than anarch. .by atomaeh and hand >?? , aad. ihy bow l? coalite, n? rahiM'od "Iw of oil aondilioa, lai || mcm ta Ibr* that il aw hi W well t? call poo tha doctet, m bar bat o< tmlla?then atlilt MB*. I'llliinr, for I ha* I* tnttrt i ktuli of 'hit Pmtti 4m w ha nam then rttmhaul * pyedeM naau.ihat K BlaKI ho well ' ha?* MM | od family phytic la thy hnu *, fof th? ban*Al Y 7j". Ron i?a id rat* ol otf ; thro a'to tha . /? ii_^* *? H ftltr. hoi t? 'lh ih* liherni tod car* ( I feeling it oo tht*. a Ira. p. m diauiaa, aui ply ihyaalf with ihtamed-ciu*. end tart th,Mlf c<?i "auieaa it a nor* itpuMi eeihirtie ; i? o la ""f'' l " 'inUftt, M itp'titt iiiMt 5 I ""I*0"1 (*M| M gyyae t. n* u. lh* Mowaaeb a ad buvrle. *M "4TM Imo la a |otd (tahiida; it acuta at elaerut ?*t epon Lht lir*r thy ttotaacb tad it, rfood ,h.r*ht mn'yine h?t,.ii-?tof life and io lh* uvaiB at ?t d-.tia. and Jl he eaneuatof bil.ona dlaeaad, wh.c-.aa Both aVrnad .u aocc*m it aaiivalli J In Aathma, the rrlitI it almnat imliattat.ita tod naarty at ccitain u thai lU n t.l < ua m admimaatrad The * M, moreover, ronaidrrind iho number af doooa la ahr.ulr the cl.r apra'ratharie IO BtrhcL Th* Hon H >o*r Mnr.ell, jnda* of ihaamh rvrwet th* atalo of New York, aayt ni ihit medi-i-*?| y,,, ^ 1 beat r*i?rtlr lot hilioua aiuckt. lo oh eh las ith"i ihu I have ua*d. A. U llaat- m. Yea . I?wy> r, 44 Joha arraet. y,m Yoth. aaye ?I had been an inv'ld <oi I2y?an much of Iht ila? ,?r cilat. d loi doing butinrtt. fr on Irapvtolti conalawiiv r out*. ' ironMrd wiih adtj har- r?nih. ao?* Ihto-t, he My health ii eoBMra'irrlr k miI Olid*' lh* oa* of ihia r?oi*dr. I ooold noi be wi'h lot il on toy conard rauoo Mailiu Haolra. Kmi . fen Cbasp'ra. > V . aara thai af Icra prot'actrd bill- ua a'tarb of too moa'ha dara too. and Iht failure i f loo court a of aaliyalnm, and all lb* otdia-ry madia of irrtintrol to r*alora him* taltnai from oaaara, no itiri, Irrti uddvwMrrf, I aat n.dacod lo lay lad. Piatt ci, noil from iha Aral * of H. or h?i fa I troi'lnao hr,a? to g.ea w ay. and iu ou? wt-k I waa anf# oaur lui^r* Y.>d wta tipcat. My appetite ramrod. and las ata la hvlur htthh lh -0 I h'?r?i.\uiril for loo >*ara fiat Or VVrti.of Auitiamidvfi, a*jr ?I hat* nerd yowr Panacea in uiy family, and Kara repealed!. irtte- h*d r lor .no* a (a drr my car*, and am ta'nf I ihti i i. tlwaya a taf* ?nd la vary mau> Caret an tut 4ua|ilr medicine Il acIt aa a Itit na trithoalnaaaaaar pain, and while u >fl*rtnaby of tialna ea*liirn*tr, cc't hi ou th* at >ina< h and liter aa an altemften, coy ecliug aacidiiy, and retiring iha healu>y condition af ih.m* organa Dr. Uldriii(*,of Bmahtmproa. rrroma'ud> ihia med,. ia? a* th* beat remidr within hit ho wit d?r for Ar bma, lat rlynaoirur tho at much ai d boaryla. and yorilyiue ihe Miwl I hay# tnli d ,u B*ri'a t.ya he. in my i?n lire, aud I do tot haaiut* to aay that il it the moat ntlaiab e, tad at h? tame lim* tha moil "fficnve cathartic I haer riri aard. I <1 < a meetly I* commend Ihia Panacaa to the t ablic p*ir?ra*e. and ?ii*?.tl- 1 ly lo iht PHtroupfe of ih* medieat rr>ltiuiw. Oil* a Ovcntt, l*j , lh* well hno t n boat af tha PhMni Hatel. Singh BNM, etna (toady aCr led Willi a. iprpnia and ht- , lioua atiacka. Have ha, I w .t aioedily retieead on aair g roni Panacea, and vru tut to ray that it it lb* ami < ffrc.iea and e? cc'leut cathartic medicine not* in na*. Mr. T. A Thayer, meichant of Binahtaptoa, adya?I etat snun troubled With eot:i?rueta, and <?aa rntir*ly rati or, d h) Ihe oae of .he Oreal Wi -tern l-idian Panacea I M blu pill, and in my opiuirn y nr Panacea it a compiata anbau lute for raluiuel in anv f ?rm Mr. C Kiiipp, meirlui't of Binghami-'nn, aay t? I yraa alPic icu TVI1II nvcriuui|'i Mill, ?i u aRriKrai ri'^rinru <>i .n?? > miuh and b w lt. L'?t Ja uaiy I rn turd Ixxile ul iour I'ji'ti''. b'roui thai lime !o thia I ha?r us. d u> l' Wioiri. aa and r wo hott.ea. greatly to ha hcn-A ?l my haatth and spirits I had nr.t tnkru mora Ihvi h >lf a bonle h. f. a I Ml like a nrw man. Aa aeathar ic aud cleauaer ul iha system, u ia of all otliera (ha m >a( efleeiasl and ? I agteesbl* t-m?d? ths I have any knowli dge ef. 1 will n.v, if I ran at' id p. be wnheul th>a medicie in my family, aa a Lmil> madiciua, at d aa a pre venuve lo disease it ia invaluable Mr. A R.i'ch-ld, of L ale, reorted to th? Pan*eea aa acuta air tea uf n on l< e lo .f v is iih gta,l baueSt to the (lisaa ad mgau and to hia icueral health M J "rnn Butler. of Nrwou.g, carlifna tt at hia w fa waa aaveialy i HI.cteil with Me aatlnna, ?.?that h? could n t alary or raat nixlr., acre by bring bdstr nl uy iu a sitting |>. stare.? Alter P.king the fuat dose of this Panacea, aher?ti'?dt trat, aud slap' qui-lly through the Light. A port of a b <ttle autiiali ra-tof? d har 10 health Mr. Staph n Wonlvaiton, ol Vnion. wo more ih*a 33 years of -ge, aud had barn f r leu ya'ra aud bait* b oh-n down Willi a complication of hodilv ailuirnta, uno> r thr iu at *|Hi ting o wlii h w ia the talliin i. H<-com iieucrd lak ua Ibe lauaca ia >o?emhe-, 1840. anil iu a law wreka, 11 hia | rat a compltttly rraioigd tohra'ih In J coraiderm"" """* " " - ?. >"*. he a ... ' ....?iin M I aver >'id I.i m> louthfnl d >ya. uiy advanced a* j, and .in able to-tta.d touilof uiy tmainari J* we'l ea I ever cqu'd at any pariod 'f tby life Jyle. H 8 Kat'ob of Hod kvl l?, use?I had b an afflicted With.t tlirn i from infancy to thr -gr rf M y-ura, -ufl much pf the trme I dou'd not sleep, e?t, or Irani .ci buainraa. no. pi iu misery. After trying every tbiint else, and cuiaimlnim c?i* c u'ion tbaqhis die-a*e wu in urablr, Mr K. finally n a.iitrd to tile Paaacea, and f utnl aln oa iirm-d'ate rati. f. feme five months after h- cninm nC'd t king it, he says?I 'nave continued to use the Panacea IBMONta 'y. unti' I hate takeu in ill two and i h It bo:tles. I ain now comparatively well, and.ilonot besi tare t J My, I believe the Fauces ia an effec.ual curs lor aathma. Mr J. Mather, of Schuyler, had been afflicted with aathma ten ot fif een years. The Panacea rr li??ed h tn. aud before he bad t>ken halt a bottle, he sift he could sleep quietly Lie entire ufent A ao.i of Mr. Wm N. Androa, at 46 Broadway, New York, aged eight yeat?, was afflicied with a irrious ulcer oo the head, called a s rofulout so>e, which covered alinoat thr entire top of hi- h ad. L arniug the tnturr of your P.n.cea, aays Mr Aodrns, aud the numerous ru ea it had effected, 1 waa induced to obtain a bottle, ard from its uae my aon is ruli.a'y restored This Isst case ailiibiis, iu a striking p-iut of vi. w, the pn ifyitig ffecta of the Pan cea upoutli; bio -d. Theceitificat a iu full liom which the&buve lUtemem is condenaed, may be ean with the ag-.nt? Price $i 5(1 p-r bottle?-nd for aale at the Principal Offiee, 36* Broadway, (the New Vork piteni m'dicine st >rc.) and hy ilia Dt)hli?hf><( At'pnfi thrnnvlt iKppiIv atwl iVte I 7s>n.t> ir9'i Ifll^r ON STRtOTUKb AND i'J> GUIth.. T^JIK rOL^OWlNQ BB.MARK8 WILL PLACE BE A POKE the public a few not. deeply inter nmg facts.? Fleet, That the disease called Atmctukb, u?'inir/if?ut? ccurrtnce and often exiiti in jiersvn* who at* no. m the lean aware of it; next that a very err/memo notion jrrevatlt to epoetin* Stricture, and that tgu'stanl cdvntirme people ake a had advantage of thtierrone-MU notion; then, that theft or* three particular eircvmetancee hy which a Stricture may it aiuayr known>?and in the lart place, that the curt of Stric tnre it certain, fret f'om rain, ana generally accompkehee in a eery tittle time. With regard to ti e Ant of theee remarks:? It it well known that Strietore it the result at s be Uv treetei Gonorrhea If, for instance, that direase ts in tint a to ton linae on from month to month, it slides into a elect. Now there it no pain or incot,ver?rnce in gleet, and theielore it it often raftered to remain indefinitely. Bat it should be liuowi that elect implies a chronic inliammation ofuie passage. whie! aararallr in thicken lop, and this thickening at one port ot other ol the passage is ttnelnre ; and. fmtiier, that ai thoegh atrictnta mar tool n train unnoticed for a length of time, it is far from laying dormant, bat it the,hidden ctats ot may tenons maladies, not only of a sexual, but thots alt# ot a ner eons and dyapeptic kind. Bot what especially leads theat eniioa off from thin disorde ia the idea that stricture e annot exist so lone as no impediment to the flow ot nrine rs observed, which ia quite a mistake. A stneture often exists for years Without pruenc.nx any Terr triking charge in this respect; indeed a aimnusnea or inter 'Opted stream of uric* belongs only to the worst ol eases, and it is to prevent this very state that these remarks are published. The advantage, hoWtvqr, which ignorant advertising people take of this erroneous notion is very erngl. Every body knows how men of this dimr.nption swarm about this city, and thai they will tell their L as trams as long as any one wiunay them. Now, it ia a faet, and one which every real physician will immediately acknowledge, that all ths medicine in the world, alone, can never care a stricture. In proof ot this, nothing ia more common tha^ for the writer to be consulted by persons who have been taking all Dinner of things?as ealored drops and pills, and cordials, and the like, Air many mor.ins together, bat whom, on seeing tbe real natare of the case, he haa eared n as many days. With a view of preventing these impositions, there tors, H seems desirable to lair before the public a few plain circumstances by which a Stricture may be known, whien ean be easily done : foi although the srmf coma of this disease are numerous, thsre art three oi especial import, and these truer may Ot stated very briefly?the r are the following : The tint relates it 7V scanner of .trinahng.?It has been already said thesl ream need not be maob dimiLishrd or impeded. But observe atten tivelv, after it is Inishsd and the clothe* are readjusted, wheth- I mt a drop or two will ever steal away, so as to wet a little? 1 nothing is more indseative of stricture The next is i The time a Gonorrhoea hat remained uncitred.?It is diffil aaltfto say how long a Gonorrhoea or Gleet may run tnd not produce a stricture, for one is naturally mora disposed to stricture than another ; oat, as a general role, if it should be suffer* d to go on beyond six weeks, chit alone would afford sufficient ground, at least, for the aaspieion of a stneture. The last ie? 1 The effect a etriclure hat upon the wind.?The effect ol taricture is to dt ,,-ui the spirits, and olesaen both bodily and men ted activity. This also ia one of ice most common effects Not, however, that it it seen alike in every individual, bat it is 10 common that the writer rarely sees a case of strictme (and i he sees many every day) in which the patiantdocanotcomplayi more or lets, tlial he ia .-.ot so capable ofbuain-at'a* formerly. It if gratifying also to witnevi ths uniform return ot spirits,'ui;' the disappearing of other maladies as the care progresses. With regard to the car* of ftmetare, on this subject it is sal flcieni to observe (and it Is .staled with confidence and pica sure) that this it certain, free from pain, and generally aeeom ] plished in a very little time. Ho much as this cooJd not hav* 1 been advanced some years ago ; but tneh has been the ire grovement in this art, and such the practical experience of tnr ' writer, that he can n-iw accomplish the core of stricture to > 1 aaany days as formerly it demanded months. The writer also begs to siate, that for those who wieh to at- 1 let take the cure themselves, he nas published a little volume, i celled " 77ie Private "Preatiee," in which not only stricture, >nt the cure of all those delicate diseases which reguire espe- ' rial care and privacy. is ilirect*d in th? nl.inMi mnn>,r I* ? i idrisable, however, that tnose who suapect astrirttrre, if poesi J )l?, should c.odiq11 the author personally, and nothing willagr { iriaa tham more than tha eaaa and certainty of bia meant o' mre. Separata room*, alao. are iirtaiii fcr thoaa who mat ' tare to wait a little. 1 It only now re maim to uy a word or two on the around o* which the public, and especially strangers coming to ttlii city nay rely with confidence on wnat baa been advanced. With , hu view Dr. H&lph begs ta state that. besiJe his rauh as grad J late of Kdinkurgh. fce. fcc ?he haa been engaged in the cor* if thr diseases ho in in hospital and city practice, for mot* hin thirty years, and haa published two editions of a work as ireasly on tnem ? Alto that he has testimonial letters from the 1 nost eminent physicians in Uarope to the most eminent in 4 kmerica? as Sir Aslletr Cooper to Dr. Mott. af New York, j it. IViyetck, of Phi'sdelphia, and others, anil that he is permit ti to relet to sIkos* every Physician of emtnccee la thia litT. Dr. Ralph is eonsoltad at his private residence. No. M Uraaa J rich street, towards tha Battery. at any how.?He may alio be ' (insulted by post The little rolsrae aoove referred to is oat ' lolls*. mi lm*r 4 I \KK18 TOOTH WA3U?i"ropsrcd Iroia the original re ! ripe at .No. j Oold street, New Yrok?The Oms Tooth I iVash it purely a regetable preparation, p.taaetsing the ptopar- I iea o tcleanipg the teeth and month restoring the gttiet to a a lealthy state, end presenting any unpleasant uste or odonr ia ( ha month, whether arising from decayed teeth or fiofa a de{ ; eoged state o( the stomach. i It ia designed to be bred with a tooth brash, and will be fnud o supersede the ay resaity o fit powder .keeping llae teeth clean nd presenting the wearing away of thegwaa n m tb- tenth, i t ia particularly ueefdl in eaaea of spungy gnras, restor" 7 them J 0 a healthy stale, and canning them to contract amend tha . aeth. In pe nftilaffeerioiiiof the te*th and gums, wi'iiy from ? 1 one tire to cold, it will ha fiend highly beneficial. It it par enlarly sersicrsble to use the Orrit Tooth Wath ar night <nw efore retirinmto rest. Thia method ia recommended l-emi a ent dentista, re by no doing all pertielea of food which tern , alate daring the day are entiroly removed. and the montl. t ent through tha night in a clean, sweet, and healthy state 1 hound teeth and white teetn are the mott suitable imitions f poor ho mania, hot how many neglect the attention ne essary for their (reservation, even when inernnndel by all thr . team needed Among these we know of none more t lessen a od effectual than the Orris Tooth Wash -it cleanses and whi a :na the teeth, strengthens tho gums, no Ae* the month, and ^eetens tha breath. Wr rcroicra-n I it. ase to all. yogng aa? ? Id ? I Boston Morning Post. , The Orris Tooth TV ash is the beat deterrent wa arsr seed ?t 1. ar enamel ?( Boito-i Transcript. Tor tale by the punctual driggistt in tl seity a4 r g _ ARTIFICIAL TEETH. * ON THE PKIN IPLK. Ok' ATM08PHKKIC n r . s-VLm-e , PKK.B8URE. H VI li . V Dentist, the int'oda'cr into this counta i" year 1Mb, of inserting Teeth on ihe above scientific nneiple, at practised by Inmtell ALONK, courts the artenon of n,e public to hia treat improvement. The lestebllahed put-itien of l)r. Levett, In* eaty, well known, peculiai and nentilic adaptor ion III laqgiyiug tha deficiencies of the Teeth, iiiiiFci<on given. which lie tuny anar*n'rr? I all r i?ei, waraenta hie invitiae t< e attention of the laifiea aM _ -ntletnrn who hare had artificel Teeth onehiltnlly eel, ?? ho may require new for thoee iliai lac-d by namre. M. LKVfcTT, Deotiat. *0 Broadway, eo n?r Warren at. oppnaile the rath. N fCopy of a Letter from M. M. Noahy U ? Dear Sir:?It i> both a matter of duty and pleMore to atete, ,< at the aet of artificial teeth on the prinemleof aimnapherU ? ettnie which yon made lore lady in my family. hM oceeed^ in every reaiiect, in appearance, eomlort. and utilit* and haa nl rrncntireaatiafaction. . ' ~YV,?A r?"f ? MM. NOAH. VtS mnt*rt0t0m' oi 4' ^IJOOTOM. JSWAYNtfS COMPOUND SYRUP Of WILD CHERRY. mm i'IBM in the cast, in ?* WB.t. lathe Berth, aod IB the eootb, a tr ml alwaea ptoret (? eold. apittiac b'ood nckhJY or nwn? Miaaatioa la the throat, broach urn. whoopn* coach, Mb MO. wrahtM' ot the aereoa system, or impaired cowaMoliea from car cum. and to proreef persona from lalln.i lato a decline, the medieta* hu oo eqaal ; a great aonbor of the eery boM laiiBwub ot Hi ri-toea atT bo mob by ctllioo at Da H. itiia'1! OlSca, No M North 8uth irret. PhiUdolpli a Caurnn?All rI*parat ' am from this rateable troe, rxeopt tho ahoro, l)o to- tWAV^It'S COMHhUND SYRUPOY WILD CHKRRY aro both Acutiuao aad aaawter'alt K-'imIoooW at DH. W H. MILNOK'S Dray H urr 1*3 Brvar way corner of Joha at. Alao??w?> Ba a hpecilic lor Uvut and Hheataatiata. JMl ?M*? _ LKti laKA-LBBCMKR-LKKCMB*. . , Pft (VW\ LAIIOK.healthy 8w?edi'h and (rerman Loeehea OU|Uvv ?ran i-eetted t-er Roland, Wt inJuio and Howard fr-wo bo on -nd daily rtprcted . tamiuli aud ?J. rmau Loeehea. per Sir Lane New to* Iroaa Uambaif. Sot a-1* atthe^lowrat tj^a'kr'iljrje^hp at Im*r Import*!-* of Leeches. Ill I'eaxl at. PAUR'S LIFK PILLS. A RE tare! ten t family awe inn*. and to pa meat ofsedan n <*rt uocapatMnw aad bab->*, will be foonl inraloable,bo ?oy of a mild Beta?t, aad rery eAr ciaa la atnriw thb cObb l i.reted aad robttr to Bli el-ta oT the eommaa-ty T' ry are aho BorsiaaileJ m it MOVlhf the DOtBtraai diaeaoed on i-otd m tno ai-rtna of the year, ariatac from im porrtiraof I - Mood aad other aaaari Tha mat Pyr.w.ih taa Saa aaaianaaa. and drat Amancan oatiMouiala of eama rffeetee in Tha United State.-? liner Aatiaw all Umeyist and Choanal William street t Rroodway rod M A?tor Hoaae; Abraham P-adahi o draacwra aod ehrdiiata, c-iaita boildinea. No. JTJ Broadway, eoroer I huaoer street, Da rid Sanda h Co No. TT d*et Broadway ; P. Di kn, tit Rroodway, comet Litptnara easel . Jnha 1 Dodd, draws*. Broadway. corner Rleeeber ST!*1* ?W ** . ???o"T MadAmo nara, Jt? fii.wory i?ha r Jtot. Jrnai! at. tit 11rand, corner Norfolk ftreel; hymeN Vcdirioo store U RnWeey. coiner Walkor atreet s J Hii ftyme, a-woe i k a I too aad Water atrreta ; Horace Keeper. Jrr.i?ist, M Hadeoa at; I. h J. Coddinctna. apnthcearieo. IT HarUon, j| Mftin* (treat; K. L. I oura rhcMiat and ap-.irec-ry tii Bleeckrr. roruor Jopea r-.rcrt J Wrodorer, drneviai and invW-ry N? l?| arcaao. Booblya?4*. Walla SiMoaa, drey patent medietas tad aaedo rrliojae. 1MH Yailoa atroet. and wholesale at t he pro prieror . . T ROSKRT7I It CO, Clarrudim H.ioaa. IM Broadwai ,eor. Uaaa si,'Wat floor. Sr.a lam a *. trate. I-ar*a or loinily botes M cruta. fara.iua dor.r mo >f obta in; aa areacy for their sub in the Oooorry. will pleaM di.eri rhoir tellers, post paid, in T. Ro beta h Co le?t?r hor W. tar T"rb i]l tm*m |Mrt?r?TAVT lO ALL.-Ua-ld .aH Id. N. J., Apnl ?'. I tail?i Hi the IWh day nf itctobcr, 1141, I WM .. tack ad by 4 aarrre tmto to t e aide, to the rraiou of the liyor, which OiiOtaaoid maa Aya <R\a. Ti.e pais waa then rclieOad hr iho break >aa of an ahsceaa iMeraally. Sabaon'-enc, And darti* the whole winter of IM|, *?2, I auflrr-d .aiaascly from |ha asm* Can-e?r.n ti ua iw.n iu iha aule - ?. ~ i.? ....f Ivwtieved b? iKMii* el matter from lb* ibtm. Uortu* til this mum I war. c wfu*.l to t? boat*, had t violent cguK, raised merh bio. ,l| mil rt tad Wat a->f-poa.d by myvrlf igij jilwit la b* in I Km lati vagee of contaaipdon. The febratry following, whet- ti'j'tT'LMy aT HA til iwultaMota, I mdenrdabottlanf BaJtdm of Will C^,,. A..?>o at leoia-t.roctdibe ate ol n I begin to re-?wr. The aorea Hiil my ai t em.irai.tly * rw I mv gradnally I.ft m , the prorhv* < tprrior*ti"ii tad arantiug of biood eraaed. tnd luvt iwitl h?t' i, bc< tia - b. dwt'irai r"* ' -* * ' ed ui,on Ihr Biltun, tnd h- ' rd r?? ^ uutar part ?f Mfrh | r. taia uiai al t ear; enter, wh.rh my hea'th hoj ti ablad me nir?atii,ai wiihoej lulrtmr urn throaghoa- Ik- paar yrafIwllfurtrMi rrmejk.i'iia rrn triable eerv Wat rfrei d by *ba aat 01 only iknr bottles al ffimrV Ja.'Hn ?w WilJ CSerrv. TllOMAf C ftKNi). tl|rvice?trr f nasty. N. J., at ? Peifr>u*lly apt* trvd before mr. tlir inli'iitib r, nar of lit Justices of the p, ace taaud fpr arid eouuty, Tliomti Coven*, wh- b-i a doly aftrmed ar.ordint In law, ttillt ihr abort ua (turn it in all lit. pi (Hit. AA'jitd ktioit mt, tot SbUi nay ol April tfil. " ( ItMlCVT. J. t A. Williimv, Etq , coaartllor m law. No. tf William aural, Wat cared of u?iui xlie ant hum of twruiy-ffia )( nMiMmi, by ihr ntr of her botilr of the Wi>d Ck riy Btlttm. Ul ihoat who dnnbl (lilt Wordrtfal catr -all al hit idBer tad to- him. Jet. W. Wnodr iff ul I r br'iilntu, N J. wntcnrrd of dt geroaa bleeding of ihr laoat by the at* of onlyoue ho, lit. Twojailifrt nf iht p?arr certify to (Hit five. We haft Ito ropin to ntmr pay note of the ffmerone sthiilar craag. 1 nrr Ji ! *( rxrtilr. holt <i hu r'ulioo ti ret, cof-r of- Nattan, by laaac Bulla; l)uki, Albany ; (Jo,ham, N'rw Harea. t?T lm*rt BARRY'S WIGS AND SCALPS. rpHK Importancr which all aget bare attarhrd to ibe Head of f H i clear im rt of ike etlat aat oa pemooal lit a-r, and when by u-.wr cpncioaa freak ol Naiarr ihr iiaman fata it deprived ol 'la fair prop mot An it retortrd ro, iu order, by artificial meant, t? vappl) the de' Heuee hart aritea thote wor.dtrfal diaeore'ira which bid Nafare defiance, Barry't Ventilating and i>ota.imcr WlOB AND bcalps. Kill Hand pre-eminent aimer all otnara. Their peeeliar light, gnatamer. tod veotilai m?. rhirartrr, wb being ah >ird eiactlv at the hairgmws; iheir elasticity, ittd their teperlor ma-r rial and workmanship, at wall at fheir tt\ la of Amah aad arrangement, all cooibinr to form tueh perfect headt of hair, that lliey mnal be trruto be fnliy appreciated. The complete euccreethol the above named hat met with la the manofaeiarr o* hit ai-rir. Ilrd heaaa of hair for tb* I tat two yean, far ai.-eedt lilt in at >au- Bibe rt; t (-rations. Ha retpactfnllv toliciu a rail, conAdrnt of satisfying tha mott taaudions that he iathe beat and che <peit maker in th- city. They can only bu had at 146 Brood nay, eorurr of Liberty it., eg Main. Private motet foi Ctliof wigt and toaaort. _mllm*re " CAI.l ON To PliAiALi.SVfADAbiS ICMBi KLL, JTKMALK PHYSICIAN, woaid tTk inf. to i.idirt -:.o a th t pr^i-er dtixary, haet a ranofaanae ti ihe treauuaut of their oomniaiota eactpeby out of their awn aex, -hat <a all c* ten he attrodt to tie m paraowally Jmr at errienee, iimu4 r* end ki. <?!*.'** rcabki bar to da to. BSa deamt it aeeraaary to tlatt Jnt, at toe do., not wUbia ba a'utad w-th the pratandrA eoaunaaity appearing and du<p;iaai lag, adeartleing at "bemala Ptiya.naoa, wba toe iguoraoi aad taecrrr<eUQl 'hrmartraa tie obtwed to aat ao-oa a< trraly laaa igriorant qaark t? mpei.latdt inataad. r.oaaal.tim poriora and raai-fenca 143 Srceuwi.rh riraat, beiwaaa Courtlandt aed LI bertyatteeu U^araof at'.eixltnco tram I A. M.tokP. V. alt iJ'r PISMAlaE MONTHLY PlioLSi 0 WINS te the eaicbryy. effleorv, and iniariabla aaaaam at Madam# Keat'll'i Female Mttrthiy nlle ta all ?aaaa a IrraKalaiity, anpprraaioa, or steppage tt tkoee fWaetioa* of ua tare agon whiah the health of every feitUa atpeods. aiae* their iBlodaetiow into tha I'aited Btetea. ooir abaat foar yean aoeutar'aita and im.tatiou are eeodtancjy attemrted ta ba oa/mad off for the genuine Chaag couraoa mHa are parchaaad at lwaive eanu a boi, pat eg in difbeent kw?ea.aad ealtod" Female Monthly I Us." with the abivrt ot aaU> kg in*ra, M geaiiMe, at one ar two do Mara a bom. Fa maiea at a umrefoie aauboMd againat taa"? attaiarts to iraaoat oyao mam. h taffieieut hare ta state that all gamala Monthly riMa are aoata tvrfeita, atoagt the at mkl at Mad?ma Hriulla IViacipaJ Jffea lit Oraanwieb ttraac New Yora mad 1 Kaaei i -aat. Kaataw Prioe Bl. Madam* Rratall'a atgwatata ia wwtaaa aa the aovar N. B?Thay <ti be need by avn?4 r? tangle. by foliew nt the dweehtns eneloaed lunw of #a?i< bm. Mid alee by ? pnintaeat it 1m Hrird tweet. mtmi of Altaa. Now Vail ihla'r TO MAKKJF.U LADIES. MADAMS IUC8T1CLL-8 PBEVENTIVK POWDEBB iaralMbU PoWiUr,ha?? bora an reseajly odirad la Ksrope, bat Plane* in parficalar, for ay *a; da of Ouitr roan u well u by ihowaandsin thia ooaawy, m boiaa tba oafr miM, ait, and axneeiona remedy fbe warned Indian, aim boom forbid* a too rapid ineiaaa* of family. Madam# Keiteil a* ta wel| known.trie fat thirty y?e? Pal main Phyrioian m the rwo pr.neipai Pomolo Hospitals la Ealope?those of Vienna ond Tanw-whoro fbrorvm >? bor great xporisnc* and o,>portcuuti#a. ana a'tomhd that ealobrirr 1a Ihono aroat d wooer riss in medical a* tea to oo specially adapted to the To malo frame, for which bor madieiatn now stand man railed, as wsll 10 this oooatrr is ia Eoroyo H. r aotimaitaom with the phrnoliMty and annumy of th* female frame. onab.o* her?by tracing the doelmc and ill health of mmeri ttraslM. Marco in the meridian ol bfe, and the conooq^eai raptd awl ?ften apparently taesnlleeMe otnaoe whirh oonetan many > fond mother u?"a ore-nature *rtrr?to the t rise at a hnow<c<fga at'(bo pr.mary raaooi of dome'* udw|. ?< IMMM?eopociolly of mairiod female#?wh<el>, ta Da. loot, the dieoorrry o her celebrated " f>di?t'reo Towdon Their adoption hat been Che laeaua o< prenn >at r>'.| oaiy Iho Jiaith, bsi o?en th? life of aia* ta a*?: w?fe ano maMWI The ad~ * rata ire ha* mo maoramoonf una s?a>oca,aan a* . stating (he teat bene. u rosuiuna in uwotti da by tbe>' adnp ion, wcmld noil aronaa no awtolioo ad tie' war ied, by all that thoy hold no*/ and dear, to 'heir ooioiooii t?o? la it not triit and oirtonai to preronl or iU to o hwb So am aab ect, btaiitnple cod health r reeana WiOno ??r cowerwl. Kraty lunaasiuants, Tirtuoia. and euligtuenad mind wrtl uabeaitai ugly answer in the afTnnkure. Price fro dollar* a par lane iccompaincd with fail and raettealar duyiiona The* *n be forwarded by mail to any pan of tiie UaiidSl IMmne AI, ettora moot bo pott paid, and addressed in MADAME BbB I'KLL. Jr emiU* Pbyneiaa. Principal alien, 14* Oraeiwtth itraet. Now Tork. Offfro nous from f A.M. teg aeloeh P M lotton offiee No. 7 Kiart ? a t tw*r PORTUGUESE FEMALE PILLH. M. DB BOUD??LT"5h" ET'LllYoK, r B I I uab THK Beiennh* e imeinatioa of tug-'iOeaw of ow. owon Pills are eomnpaed. bar# made them the wonder and alwl innn of the worTii. They ara km-an ail orei - .? . he only proparatioo arer dipeorered thai haa prmrd trrtain in prodndum the monthly tnrin i kew /attaial*, te si sura, be i a# each chat U?e min ool be seed <tan.#r pee ens... ?, Or though alwaya mild safe. and i.'Slihy, ihey ara mimi la irodnce miscarriage if need Jiiuna ui?i period The dtreewont are tranalatod nun kagiish .and am oner?pod ornd with thn aeal of (he importer. euuapad back bod* inn aina the ainanniN of M. do D-wdehxmp aof th# buglw* di actions hate the tigoatarc of Dr. P. MKLVEAU. istlimwed ureal far the eoQl'.ooiti of Am new They can he 'mn.mitton ky mail in any nan ho " n ?d States. Sold by Dr p. Melrean, agent and import'? far Mm [J nited States, office lit Liberty ?fro't, none Oeorawirk ititeL irtee El?hall boiea fj. No half bote, ooat by mail Moid, ilao. by appointment of r P. M? al IM Cherry aareot, ana* vttherineet Lett-ia directed li llr ? tieie... ... ? Va? York, will aw with immediate attawoun Al* 'runts im? be postpaid. wis iwdAw MADAME RESTELL, [PKMALS rUTBIOIAN, Ofiee and -aaideoca. )* (bran? ? wtch atrest, between IlonnUndi nd Liberie ettoaaa whaaa ha ean be mnrat ad with the , netnet cemideeee w a#* lainta incident to the famalo frame. Madame Batteli'aexrerirDca dnd baowlndaam the ue-uooai f obstinate enaas of female irr'iielarity. woinas*. eoia*""? ie.,isaweh as to leqaito twi a few nty# to #ffr?t a p? f#.t are. Ladies .iesiritis i?on#< m?dir#l dw-ti?? n?. aement or other indtspesition, will beaceimwiMtased dsr. arh tune, wiih invate and -raorotat ' PreyeMtTS rrwdsrs," for msr>iod lasiot. wr a, sa rate or preenriona iieslth lorbidt atooramd inrroasoe Mr-re, rill be aant b? mail to ?ii? par; ofth* l/nitad diaisa I ---a J package. All Utter# (r??? g*">> te ' bet raatdtag t of the city. whoac h#?ltl> w.hiU i:ot <Jdih <f irieellinc.u> | ia weeld Herat# herpmew attend* ice apoa them ia ?#J art of tha United Htatea wi?hm rnu?wU? dimaaaa. al?l ?? jTAKINE BURVKVOR'3 OrriCE. tT Wail atiaat. wee rl ,jde, on the co ner of \V?ter run aynri ai>|KiiDte<l by tb* Chamber of Commerce. tad tha nard ol Underwriter#, iu earrey stupe *ud merrhand ta [our# from 6 A M to G r M H B iIIMLEV, T. H MKHliV. KAiyfL CAM LKH. J'tHr Ptl I INCKHAM. Sorreyom. A J. CAKTWHIUH l\ JKUnAr.LL vrUKUId, H. T. NOKRI8, CI ra. PUBL'SSKD DAILY BY JAMBS OOHUOS.BKYSirTT, '.W. CORNER. fULTON AMD NASSAU BTREETS. Tnb Ni.? Y It llaaatw? A da ly paper, itaned avert inrnin* of the weak?price two een/t par copy. Country aab ribere larmsnrd at the apme pita, for air apw Ac period to remittance in -idraaco No pai ar aaut, unlet. | ?i,| Ul ?d?aiiaa Th? WllUi Hbiiald?laeuad eyary Saturday muma. at n# <> f IM'M?nrfB fir fntl n truirrf* r# t f- .A.J ?? fiuit 'mm i. " ? i?TO,5sr^ * '

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