Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 5, 1843, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 5, 1843 Page 1
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? TH I. IX.?No. 151-WMt !?. To tlu Public. THE NEW YORK HERALD?daily newspaper?p?N Ushed every day of tha year except New Year'i day cod Fourth of July. Price -J cent* par copy?or f7 96 per ?? um?postages paid?cash in advance. THE WEEKLY HERALD?published every Saturday morning?price 6) cent# per copy, or $> 19 per annuo portage* paid?oaah in advance. ADVERTISERS are informed that the circulation ol he Herald is over THIRTY THOUSAND, and increaaiag aat. It hae the largeet circulation of any paper in thie city, or the world, and ie therefore, the beet channel for bueineet mm in the city or country Pncee moderate?caah In advance. PRINTING of all kindi, executed at the moat moderate pricee, and in the moat elegant style. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, PaoraiBToa ar thk Herald Establishment, Northwest corner of Fulton and Nassan streets BRITISH AND NORTH AMERICAN ROYAL MAI STEAM SHIPS, Of liOMtoni and 449 horse power each. Under contract with (he Lords of the-Admiralty. HIBERNIA. 0. H. E. Judkins, Commander HRJTANN1A, J.Hewitt, do CALEDONIA. E. G. Lou, do ACADIA, A. Kyrie do COLUMBIA, E. C. Miller, K N do Will sail fYoin Liverpool and Beiton, via HaMfas as follows: riiiH LinarooL. rnoM sostoit. Acadia, Ryrie, Feb 4 Mar 1 Columbia, Miller, Mar 4 Ap'l 1 nnuiimn, jaewiu, Apl 4 mar 1 Hiberma, Jndkius, Ap'l 19 May 16 The accommodations for passengers are snperier. The Teasels are accompanied by experienced surgeons, and amply supplied with Kranees' Patent Life Boats. Passage redneed to SI JO. No Berths seen red until paid for. For further information, apply to D. BIUGHAM. HARNDKN k GO'S. No. I Wallet iSte ' NEW ARRANGEMENT. FARE AND h HEIGHT REDUCED. jam REGULAR MAIL LINK-FUR PROfe^aJLC3l?VlDENCK AND BEATON, via BTO <3E^J8E3E-!NOTON AND NEWPORT?Composed Ofthe following superior steamer*, running in connection with the Btnnington and Boston and Prorideuce Railroads:? MASSACHUSETTS, Capt Comstock. HHOOE ISLAND, Capt Thayer. PROVIDENCE. NARRAO A N8ETT. MOHEOAN One of which will 'care New York daily ( Sundays excepted) from Pier No 1, Battery Place, N. River, at 5 P. M ARRANGE viENTS. The RHODE ISLAND, Captain Thayer, on Monday, and Wednesday for Stoningtun and Newport, and Fiiday for Stoning'ou The MAS8ACHU aETTS,Captain Comstock, on Tuesday and Thursrav for Stoningten, and Saturday for Stoningtun, Newport and Providence. Passengers, on the nrrival of the steamers at Stonington, mil be immediately forwarded in the splendid nud eommodous Cars of the Railroad to Pro? deuce and Boston, and if for Newport will praeed in the steamers on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday, and on the intervening days, proceed yia Stonington Railread to Providence, and fiom thence in the steamer tolas, without any additional charge. Tickets'or the route and steamers' berths can be secured on board, oi at the office of HARNDKN k CO , No 1 Wall street. 0T>" On and after the 10th iiut, freight will not be r ceived and for warded after half-pest 4PM m9 6m* m flmUJa NEW YOHK, SCHOOLEY'S aaw^-.yjgff* MOUNTAIN fc EA8T0N. Leave tiie foot of Conrtlaud street, daily (Sundays eveptefl) at t o'clock. A- M., by railroad f om Jersey city to Morristowu, thence by rosl coaches throngh Meudhain,C hester Scliooley's Mount.iu, Anderson Town, Port Golden, Washington, to Kaston. At Washington. a daily line intersects to and from Belt idere For seats apply to J. Hill, at J. Patlou's, Commercial lotel 71 Onrllaudstreet. N.B ?Extras furnished ft the shortest notice by applying to N. B. Lose. United Slates Hotel MoTistown. imll3mee NEW YORK AND KINGSTON STEAM FREIGHT AND PASSAGE I.^NK. aA1 For Kingston, and Delaware and Hudson steamboats EMERALD and NOR The EMK?ALU, Captain John tvrtrham, will leave [Sew Vork foot of Murray street, every Monday and i'uuriday at 5 o'e'ock P. M. Wi,I leave Kingston (Rondout landing) etery Wednesday and Saturday at 3 o'clock. P. M. The NORWICH, Captain John Painoeis, will leave New York, foot of Mur.ay street, every Wednesday and Saturday at 5 o'clock, P- M. W.ll I ave Kingston (Rondont landing) every Tue,. ay and Fndiy atl o'eiock, P. M EXTRA TRIPS. The EMERALD will leave the foat of Murray street every Bandy morning at 7 o'el ck. Keturniug leaves Kingston at 4 o"' lock same day. For freight or p.issate apply on hoard, or to WILLIAMSON, BAHLOW 8c CO , a7l lm*r 164 West street. fimiafti /i^a /m. m. 'la aT DAILY EXPKe.&S FOR ALBANY THOY. BUFFALO, CHlCAUO AND 'i HE CANADAS The subscribers having comt letrd their arrangement# with thr People's Line cf Steamboats, on the Noith Hiver and the Rail Road Companies west of Albany lor running their Express lor the season ol IS43. an Express Will have their office. No. 9 Wail street,New York, every evening, ?t quarter to 7 o'clock, fur the ab ove uamed ai d interim dia e places. IMPORTANT? For the greater safety and security of al valuable and money packages tut.u.ted to their care, they have r*alsminder Iron Safes on board of the stea mboats, in a state room occupied elcln-ivrly by themselnes, and the messenger in charge sleeps in tlie same ro m with the iron sales, tmo which all sue1. Dickages are placed POMEKOY k COM TA N Y, Ik No. i Wall atreet. NEW~JERSEY RAILROAD AND TRANSPORTATION COMPANY. NEW YORK AND NEWARK. 7Pri?lv''Tw wHR. Ftr? reduced to 90 cents* From fh? (ou of rmrflaidt itrfftt. N#w York ikiiery diT?Suudnya e*iepted.) Uun New York Leaves Newark At I A. M. At 1 P. M. At 7 A. M. At IX P. V. ? do. 3 do. t do. 4 do. II do. rt do do. 9X do. JV< do. I0X 7X do. ?X <1?. #? do. I do. ON SUNDAYB. From tli' fool of Cenrtlandt itreet. Leave New York, Leave Newark. At ? A. M. nnd 4Id P. M. At 1?H P. M. and 9V P. M. NKW YORK. KLliiABKTH TOWN, L'ire Nrw York l.eewa ttlixibeth Tnwi Alt A.M. All P.M. At 7X A. M. 34 P.M. do. 4 do. t>r do. 7 do. II do 414 .0. 10 1o. ?X do. 4* 'do. 12 do. t he wain* for Weaineid, Plainfieln, Bodnubrook, Somervtlle, A . enunert with tlie ,9 A M, and, 434 PM train* Irom New V nrk. daily. Sundays aietpted. V rv briwrn New York and Kliaabeth Town >4 cent*. 0 .# beiwoeo do and Homerville. 79 rent*. ?W" YORK. AND RAH^YAY. Leave New York. Leave Hahway. All A.M. At ? P M. At 7 A. M, At 3 P.M. 0 do 4 do R do 6X do 1 do 444 do < do 9 do J4 do 11)4 d 1 NRW YOKK AND NFW ,HI'vawir* from I I* of Conrlland atreet, New York, daily. i.aatr N-w Yori. '.eave New Bnui* . A ? A. M Ac 4 P M. A fi A M. At MX A M 4* do V4 do IH r, M. ON SUNDAYS L'ire N'rw Y i'k Leave New Brnruwick. At* * M ? d 4*4 I' M At MX A.M., and 14 PM. y.- e ich?. In hr PniladrlpliM liai-a between New Yo-k ene * "? ini.ivi. 40 cent* A iwrea New > oik and Fahway Si centi. Inwierr a no piocuie .heir tieaet* at the ticket Oinct,,, teirr a'erry nrker eratia Ticket* are received by the eon aneaovewly ee the Jar when mu haaed. mil3.n*i Ml MM EH .1HR.4NGEMENT Nk.w YORK AND I'. IL * Dr.Li IDA haILKOAD LINK D.RetT, * Nmaaa Niw B't eawioa. PanrcKTOia, T*ki*TOn' Irtiitaioaa ano araunoTol*. aIJI .TitTCtiin^ix1 fnrni*? I. ?*r? Nrw Y? 4 4 M> ,rum ;lM. c.iurtlandt at aoeiwn ( Line * A M.? Mail Pilot Line at tX '* M. 1 > ? 1 f Li' proenedito BmiUbtowu, irom thence by ?r ?t to l t.1 kol a Ltatw '-'A dirert to Candan (oppoaite to Ph I dr>i*ia) with |t|a|r i.f cata. P ie eerie will proevta th-ir iiebeta at the off! I iot of r e Iter ' aireei, where a eea nediowa steamboat!*ill be in w diem ant heflg ar rreier en hoard. . .Orl.Ui bentiae ora e* are eotveytd from city to city, w Let ki< e?w?.id by it.* w?y. Lich tr in ia provi 'ed wi h in e el.i'h a,a a. enaaw* ltd firaeioa memt npraaalylor lb* I die,' R re nu I he liee* Lave fh led'tphia from the foot of Watre i?ew?, by Ween t. > na * * o'clock, A.M. *, 4 ty rnl n.d fi'.ie I rwdea, et 4e aim k. P M In ib-iI iilnni<?* ?,*' Phi ?d*'nhia al 7X A. M., and 4 r V ' ' or, 1 row Ntav knrk jet Z3E^h_ ItUt* fc < fiiTH kXPHKBS, t wall liut v. I?'< ?.? Ml.1 . n'a Inra of Harndrn fc Co.t Ki r-ai>? N?aV?b will r. aui.a? w raa it hrraiofora.lrar >? Waw Al, >ai <1.1 T> v dally, and will forward i *i B*aa P-.aatra Biodlaa, I at at of Oooda, Par ? < fc? Ml sa< a*. Ill a anib M<wi . MINI fc HoWitdi r? ?nd fr w (ha loOowii li'lifii ?i l't r? ... I.. (Hwata.Aatw'", haaata Y'lla.O nara, I ao . ... I.. .... I k|?.rt. hi Halo, Qatrntt f'tw"1' da. d h *av alaa u. Kioaai-w.To'Oa o and II ?mil|a* ? nafi * * kl Jar.-a.' Ntillaia lipra, laWMIf l?,r B< r|.a?i.i? I b-wfaaa awd PlaMaBwrgh: alao to Si J baa, twain *i <i ?, la I n.adi lai' "bay will ala e?Dan a nfc II* ?w I < a S fcnaifcaia I at rata at N*w York, a*' iuawafd II l*a of *? ** aasiniama Ui pMUdalffcu.Baluaaora vfr ,?), ?t law a art ?? #"?a Man wiM ko paid M tk* awllaatina of Notaa Doll fc- awM M*. aaa< ' ia??. wad- bi ft M 11, .? Latli nana > lw m< a Ad ?ih oa* af W l.l.r'a Paiai.l halo w?i ?aa? - aa Ik r*W a#.. ln | ciw*i?r at rurity ia ll>* l aw aftaa ad a.k , ar* ra fc* orrvga. ft'I 1 UN k < ?? p. ^ Wall MM, Maw York I i-0?*A ?*??' *?H * l? 'a. i-aaaa, Aioaai A U f^LBIk?, ?' Bia*r ataaat. Tro. * UI Bn kwtiiaa> <"? '?. fc rjai. M. airaal k.<*-- >- ?? U.nn row*. Ward fc E an Jaa. b LiuU h t* Ma T -w b fc I , faawoa fc H wan, U mn fc Va.M'iya HuaabJua fc I a fkaaw. lAbiaaoa fc 1%,, B.Y*A| a i H fcan. Ikodaaa H..o?b. Jtw, AJaaail J-ho fcjH. rfcL.Vvc ~r%-^s7 E NE 1 N ran IVVTAU IMHI PARTS OP THE WBBT asa-a- B&isti AffocuTiow PA-*AU?. orciric TO AI.BANY. UUf*. $, M K.ehe.?er, ?i W Pt.?. um. ? ts Ku*.in, 1 M Oawe.u. ttJ U|. A Lower LamdaS M Fur apply ui i. L BAT. lm W Btrr'n w ?ri New V irk. STAlliN UUWLftU KKti K root *r wh.Mi>*ii?tT??i. _ On andiF?r Tharaday, Jen* the UI, IM ateaaboati SlAlk* l*LANI>> K and MAM HON, will make .he lolloping trips ectil fvnkti Boliee LKAVKH ATAT'.N 1*1.AMD LKAVKS MF.W YORK At l,? I*. IS. A V, At ,?, It, 'I, A M ? _ I,?.??.?. TP. M. UIA1ITP.M. Od Sut.dijr. leaves every h ur, from I A M loT P M. mat r asaaNOITFTIEJSATJI^WTFTKRN LMIGRANT PARAGE OFFICE. The 8atxo>iben hitii) completed their inurrm>iilr,iie new prepared to fnrwaid |uu< irrt 'o ell the Nm,hem eud Werte-a Adlee end Caaa-la, hv daily lin*? of towhna'a rerroada and a'eamboa's, via ihe Ninth titer and Rite Ciu>l,U|i|?i Laker, Philadelphia and 1'itutiu ah, Ohio river aud I anal router 1 he followiug are a lew of the woet |UI|HJIUUI points Via Utica, Buffalo, Pottavillv, Orlena, S.racutt, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Tnrunio, Oivrrgo, Deiroil, Cii riunatil, Kingston, Rorhe.ter, Mil waul, ie, Ht. Lnui*. Ml. Joknt, Lackpor', Chicago, Louiaville, Montreal. Also to any purt of Ohio, lllinoit, Miamuri, Indiana, Michigan. TeIIa. rare, Kentucky, W it coaain, Iowa, Lpper aud Lower Canada. Haying given anch universal aaliafac I >n in their London and Liverpool liuea of packed, the auhaeribera will endeavor to make the preaeut undertaking equally deserving of public la vor. Persona about to emigrate to any of the aT ve placet are requested to call on the auhaeribera before a jing thi ir ar range" end, at they confidently balieve the inducements they can offer are auch aa cauoot fail to prove highly ade.uiagei.tis, and they pledge themaelve* that every attention shall be iiaid la ......P..rl . ...1 .1 ... I. For further particular! aonlv to . W. k J. T. TAP8COTT, at their General Kit r rasttRc Office, 43 Peck slip cor South at. PASSAGE FOR LONDON?Fir>t Packet-The )M9W splendid fast sailing Brush baiqtio BRITISH wSJmm QUEEN, Lo'd ma ter. wi I aail positively aa ab >ve. her regular day, tiBd cau lia di m>ly accommodate a limited numbrr of cabin aud steerage ptsaengera, it ea-ly -i.plicatiou ia made to W. kJ T. TAPSCOTl, miQ r '3 Peck tl'u, cor a u'h at. ' KOK LONDON ?Itegulo picket lor June the jJfK lOih -The >plen< id Picket ghiu WCLLINOTON, JmMuu D. Chadwick, matter, will tail aa above, her regular having very superor accommoda ioua for cabin, ?nd cabin, and steerage passengers, pert lis wiahina to embark ahou.a make early application on board foot of Maidrn l.ane. or to JOSEPH McMURKAY, 1(0 Pine atrret, coruei of Si,nth. Peraona wishing to aend (or (heir friends, can havethetn brongbt out by the above ship, or any oi the regular packets, by applying aa ahi re, (it by letter. p"st naid.) mM r NEW LINE LiVEKPOOL PACK Ta ?Packet afxjrV IS'h Jure?The splendid, fast sailing Packet Ship JKKMm ROCHES TKR. Capt Brittou, will aail poaitieely as anxTr, her regular day. The ships of 'his line are all 1000 tons burth-u and upwards, nud their mctommodatious for cabiu, aeiond cabij, and ateerare. paaaeugera, it is well known are superior to anv other liue of packets Those wishing to secure be'iheehonld not fail to make earlv application on board, foot of Bur tug Slip, or to W. k J. T APiCOTT, j4*c 43 Per k s1 in. cor er South at. fOK LIVERPOOL?NEW LINE?.tteguia alWPv Packet of 25th June.?The Splendid Packet Ship MMLOAKRICK, Captain Wm Sgiddy, of 1000 tons wiH politivcly sail na above, her regular day. For freight oi passage, having aecommodations uneqna'.ied for splendor or comfort, apply on board, at Orleaus wharf, foot of Wall atreet, or to E. k. COLLINS k CO. 56 South street. Price of passage, CI00. 1 ne Packet Ship Rocins, Capt. John C >11 ius, of 1110 iqus, will succeed the Garuck, ana tail the 25th of July, her regular day. Letters for the ships of this line will only be received at Gilpin's and Hale's Newt Room. Passengrrs may rely on the ships of this line sailing pwortiel It as advertised. m26r lig- FOR I I VERPOOL?Regular Par ket ISth Juno MfV3fV?The elegant, fast sailing New Yoik packet ship mBfeMteROCHE^TER, John Britton, master, will sail on her tegular oay, 18 h Jnne. For freight or passage, having very splendid accommodations apply to the Captain on hoard, weitside Bulling Slip, or to WOOUHULL k MINTUKNSf, 07 South atre't The fiue new packet thin Hottingner, Bnrsley, master, will in ceed the Rochester, aud sail on her regular day, 16th July. JU _ sagr CA-ihAUK hOR Li V - RPOOl?P ckn o the eMfyrth of Jnoe-A splendid, fast tailing packet ship will jQuvCebe despatched and sail positively at sbire. Haying splendid accommodations tor cabin, second cabin and it1 erage Ibo*r<? ru' W. * J, T. TAP^COT ?\ j2' 43 reck Blip car Hour hut OLD ESTABLISHED EMIGRANT PAs Jjffy BAGK OFFICE,?1 Booth Wren, New York-Reg jnatialii Line of Packets?The subscriber continues to Iormg out persons fiom any (>art of Ureal Briraiii and Ireland, who may be engaged by tneir fneuda here, hy the regular Iina of packet ahipa, sailing every six days 'rom Liverpool. Persons sending lor theirTrieods, may rely tliat jnst care will be taken to hat Ahem despatched without delay in Liverpool,and W'll always endeavor to merit a continue ice of the pnblic parsonage which has been so liberally bestowed for manv years past; and those remitting money can have drafts payable at all the Banks and brxnehes tnroofhout the United Kingdom. For further particulars, apely fifby letter, post paid] to JOHN hERDMAN, si South st. The subscriber has made its- gements with th* proprietors ol the lines of Kai'roads Mieamiio la. Ld Towbosts to f rwad. pas enurrs lo all he diffe ent place* on the Brie Canal and Upper Lakes, and by ateamb iat and railroad to a'l the principal 'owns o ihe route, to the Western States at the lowest rates. For further particular apnlv as ab ve m >2 MB? FOR LlVERrOOL.?Regular packet ot the 7m mHVW Jnue.?The very superior, last sailing packet ship jOBSKsOEOKUK WASHINGTON, Cape Burrows, wi I prsiuvely sail as above. Having very snpenor accommodations for eabin,second cabiL and steerage passcugers, persons wishing to embark should make early application to JOSEPH MeMUKKAV, 100 Pine stv cor. South The shove wi'l be socce-ded by the splendi' picket ship Un'led Suites, ''apt Biittun.aud sail on the IS'h Jane. Persons wishing to seud tor their friends in ths old country, can have them brought ont by the above ehip, or any of the regular packets, by applying as above ; if by letter post raid. mil t sWA- FOR NEW OKLEA NH?LOU I81ANA AND NEW VOKK LINK-p. sitiaely First Regnlm WM?Packet?The fast sail-ng packet ship OCMULQEE. Captain Per*, hating iwo thirds of her cargo engaged will have immediate despatch. For trcigni or rassage, having handsome furnished aenmmodstions, apply on board. at Orleans wharf, foot ol Wall st.orto K. K COLLINS fa Co. tt Soath at. Shippers mayrely npon tunnc their go ids correctly measnr ef.aud that the slupa of this line will sail pnnctnally as advertised. Any guarantee to that effect will be given and fulfilled that may be required Agents iu N. Orle us, Hullin St Woodruff, who will promptly forward all goods to their address. The Dacket thin Oconee, Captain Jackson, will sneceod the Oemalg e je3 r FOR FREIGHT OR CHARTER-The very yf^ftn sailing, coppered. New York built, ship Yazoo, i rain, 'uv iuui- niui y iu K. K. COLLINS St CO.. 31 ec J6 donth street. FOR FKE UrfT OR I HAH I'EH. ? I he Trrv IfWV'M' puling. coppered. New Yoik bqilt, ship MissisMMfa'irri, Capt. HilliarJ, 650 ro >a Apply ro t. K COLLINS k CO. <"31 ec 5? South at eet. AR TIFICIAL TEETH. ON THE PRINCIPLE OK ATMOSPHERIC PRESSURE. Ml.EVF.TT, Dentist, the in'mda'rr into thi? eonntrr in the year 1835. of inserting Teeth on the ahore scientific principle, as practised by himaell ALON E, conrti the attention of P e public to his great imirrovemrut. 'I'he (established reputatiwu of I>r. Levett, hi? eaay, well known, peculiar and scientific adaptation in sanwIyiuK the deficiencies of the Teeth, and tne unvaried s'tisf. ctTon given which he fully gnaran'eo in all caaei, wamnta hia inviting tr-e attention of the ladies and g'ntlemen who have had artificnl Teeth nnakillnlly set, ot who may require new Tor those nisi laced by na'nre. M. LEVETT, Dentist 260 Broadway, Co ner Warren st. opposite the Paik. [Copy of s Letter from M. M. Noah, E?q ro Dr Levett.r b rw Yon*, May 2tth, lilt. Dear ?ir:?It ia both a trailer of dntv and pleaanre to state, that the set of artificial teeth on the prilMlllia Sr MMMMk pre,iurr which you mnde for a l?dy in mv family, liai succeed ed in every respect, in appeataoce, comfort, and utility* and has given entirs satisfaction. I am, dear sir. your obedient servant, rs.gned] M. M. NOAH. Dr. Levett haa p- rmlaston to refer to aonae of the elite of the eitfsensof New tors m v- liti*er TYPE AT REDUCED PRIUE?. TYPES. AND ALL OTHER PRINTINO MATERIALS MANUFACTURED AT CONNER'S UNITED STATES TYPE AND STEREOTYPE FOUNDRY, Corker or Nissan ?ao Akk Htrrkts, NEW Y?iRK, CAN BE HAD AT EIGHTEEN PER CENT DE DUCTION FROM OLD PRICKS. 'PHF. undersigned respectfully informs the Old Patrons of thr ' Type snd Stereotype Foundry, formerly known at Jaisks Corner's, and mote recently as Cokksr fc Cooast's, rod the public in geiwrml, that Uie^ar^iirej?im<no_rnecute Olden tor PKE8 * 8, ?HA8E8N CA.8K8. IMPOSINO 8TONKH, INK, KRAMK8, and every other article necessary to form Complete 1'nutiag Establishments, on rs favorable terms, and of asfgood a ouality aa any other establishment in the United M|.itei. kkw rnicKi, pan pound. old pait ki.'pkh pound Agate, 86 cents. Aitate, 108 cents Nonpareil, Gf Nonpareil, 84 < Minion, 54 ,, Mu,ion, 68 Brevier, 48 ? Brevier, S4 Bourgeon, 40 ,, Bourtiroia, 46 ,, Long I'rimer, M ? Loug Piimer, 42 ,, Small Pica, *4 ? Small Pica, 10 ? Pica, 32 ,. rica. 38 . Borders, Cuta, Braaa Ilnle, and all other articles tnaniifar tared at this establishes t, at the same reduced rates. New Articles got up to order, on beiug famished with patterns. The Type east at this establishment, la, both in the style ol 8'aee and he material of which it is made, particularly atmpted lor serTice in Newspaper Priority. All kinds of Hteirotyping furnnihed to order. V u ?Hnch Newiiiaoers as will copy the above three times wdl be enroled to nay in Type,on making a hill of lour timer tie >ia?am of the tnier insertions al Til i Oil l.NAM) vfOtlLf N MANUk At i URe MX AND CALICO r llllNTEas,?1|?, gale, an eice'leni stonr huildnn, with water wlieri, nod a good stream of water etth a good h ate vud out buitd'ngs, four or ri>e acr s< f l,ud I: in good order, slutted vi Ood wmsvil'e, four miles noith ofpatereon. N. J..recently occupied aa a cottuu factory. A .y ,w*on wishing io vtart tho above business, would do well to i all lor further particulars, on an. tor p- JOHN A. VAN R1PKR, Corner nl Tollman and Bruise streets, a 14 im*ec or ?3 Oold st, Brooklyn, N T, W YO EW YORK, MONDAY ? MIMATUR1C PORTRAITS cnpi.d from D iguerreotypes in mtur-l colors oa> very, with p-rlect accuracy, or with any desire-l al.^ration or imniofement.on yerv moderate terms. Hpe, iiai-na lo be ?e?n i r ihr DagutrreJlyi Room, No. J, at 235 Broad * r v. lo-ar Paik P'ncc. m25 # ? AM)Tovlf. APaKI'vIKN'I'S. im Houatou .tr^eiT una. Uroadvrty to let, to gctlemeuwith bre >k' \st aud lea, or lull bo.irJ if required Reference* rrq iired. ?i qtiire at the bar t Niblo'a Garden, or at lire house, 411 Hounou it tel. 21-1 m'-c LWRlOH I' la LO aillo[i<!iati ofllrr of dr-r, u::t ind de p mtr at OtWego, N. Y., oil the I at o' May neat, aud will make collect!- i>. and reinitiated. at reasonable ra.ra, Re fer lo 0 Khbela.Jr an , carliirr. New York Stiy an, ??agr It Co., New York. Dicw, Robin-tin It Co.. New York. A. Li Patchiu,, coian. Albaur, Ovwegn. April M IIM3 .jr* HAIRCUT I INO! HAIR CUTTING! H \IK CU i TING HILL, the inimitable Hair Cutter, lakes this in-tliod of intormina hia friends aud the nubile iu general that he haa removed from the Tontine Btnldiug to hia Old Stain . No W I earl street, do stain. immediately adjoining the Pe.irl Street House, where he willbe til yard MoNfM on all who mar favor him with a call, in nil truly inimitable atyle of Hair C?t? line, which, (or eleitanceof design a- d beauty ol execution, an paaara anv th n- of the kind he-etolore introduced into the United Sta'ea The varioua branchra of woik dune at the following moderate prices Tuinntaole Hair Cutting, llkctnti. D? do Curliug,; 12h " 8 perior Shaving, " m91m*r I'O KAKvlV.Kte OHaZIKKB, at AUlllLli L> 1 UUiaTl ? l?U I'TKItMKKK, Dm, mat end Chemist, trom Kng land, 51 Curl atreet. New York, would earnestly hiiect the at'rution o< all concerned in the welfare of hnrars aud ca'lle t< ih? fl Mow lag inviliiablr inedie ices, prepared according to the formula of one ol the uioal eminent veterinary aurgeona uow prictiaiug in the aouth of KngUnd, and proenred by the preawitprooiietor at considerable eon Dll'RKTI' HOH*? BALLS?t hcae balls are a radical remedy for all Uiao dura in horses, ari.iug from impurity of the blood, groaa hum -re, and obstructed perspiration, ruch us greaae in the heela. awellcd legs, strangury, gravel, eruotioua ou the akin fee. They maybe adminiaiered at any lime or season, without change of diet or lulrrfe rence with uaual la hor At the fall of the year, when horses generally undergo a change of h ibit, the regular use of these halls will |i ovc high ly hruefieial, and even a preventive of many diseases to which, at this season, horses are i-ecnliarly liable. Sold in packages containing an balls 3i . with ample directions. CORDIAL KKLON DRINK?Decidedlv the beat medicine that can be ndai.nistered, for all disorders in horued cattie, arUing from cold, tack as hidebound, fevers, leas of appetite, shivering, coughs, hooving, loss of milk, Ac. Sold in packages, with directions, 3i 6d each. CLEANSING DRINK lor new "Calved Cowa? la of influale service and should uaver be on^ked. in all raaea where ihr placenta. secnudims, or cleansing, n obstructed. It not ouli forwent* the discharge, but most Admirably afford* nature lunch assistance, in eiiwlling that extraneous matter, wh'ch imtwds the ceurse of the alimentary canal,presenting the fulfilment of it? proper lunctiou. This driult also counteracts a ranch of complaiuu to which die au>mal is afterwards liable, whi'stthe (low of milk is woudcrfully promoted, lu packatt'S, with directions Is 6d e >ch RED FE&TEK BOTTLK? For subduing inflammation and morbid swelling* in horses, also an excellent cooling lotion, for relaxed sinews, bruises, ap-aius, (tailed bucks, wounds, he In bottles, with directions, 2s 6d each. No stable thouH be without it. VL'LNEKARY BALAAM?For eradicating warbles in horses, healing cuts and wounds, however (tsp or argrara'ed; aho an application to cankers in the hoof and onick probes, decidedly the best remedy that can be used. Should be in svery stable. Sold in bottles, with directions. Is 6d each. COHDIAL, PURGING, AND WOKM BALLS, LIQUID BLIsTe.H, jkc. Sic. At this establishment, the utmost cantion is tnvaiiably observed, in the selection of genuine family medicines. PHYSICIAN'S PRESCRIPTIONS ?J B. fully impress-d with a sense of their vital importance, shall invariably obs-rve the most scrupulous accuracy in the preparation ol physician's prescriptions. The ahove medicines are prepared and sold exclusively at the Mediaal Hall, Essex stieet, three doors from Grand, opposite the Market, New York. Orders from the c 'ontry prompt'y executed all 3m*r IMPORTANT TO FAHMbKS?The New York Night Soil Company are aow pieparrd to rtceive aud fulfil order* for manure, which is prounnneed by the most practical and respectable farmers to be tuprrior in its fertilising qualiti a to any manure now in use, aud they intend selling it at such prices as to make it accessible to every farmer. For particulars enquire at the office of the agent, 15 Chambers street. Orders may also be left for the removal of the content* ol cess pools aud sinks, which will be attended to with all possible dear' ties* and punctuality. They have be?n atth- g'^nl ripenee of purchasing vessels for the purpose of conveying it from the ci.y. and to mike it agreeable to the citizens, they have cloie tubs aud oris, ind have it so arranged as to hare a vraael at the wharf, nearest to where the work is going on, so as to p evi ut the uuLauce of carting it through the city All orders may be led or letleis addressed to the office ot the agent. 15 Chambers street. tn3 lm?p BILLIARD SALOON. NO. 5 BARCLAY STREET,THREE DOORS BELOW THE AMERICAN HOTEL DRICE REDUCED to One Shilling per Hundred, from t 1 A M. to 3 P M.?The subscriber informs his frieuda and th* public iu general, that ne ha* Five New B<lli iro T-htes, in aenarate aiiarlmenls?two in llielir-ne. frnni ulnnn^twn !. 'I. rear saloon, and on* in the front room?all in first rate order. Each ge. Peman visiting the establishment will be Inruished with a private Car, for his especial nae?the tablet being in different apa mints, the proprietor thinks it will render it more select and a reeable to gentlemen visiting his honse: ALSO. TWO FINE BOWLING ALLEYS IN THE BASEMENT. His Bar will always be stocked with the choicest Wines and Liquors and the best Segars to be had?eilsn Sherry Cobblers, Mint Juleps, Punches; nude in a manner not to be surpassed N B.?The apartments hare undergone a thorough refitting ?new paper, painting, ate. O*"i lentlemen will please to eswimunicate an v neglect of doty of the attendants, at the bat. FRANCIS MONTE VERDE, mchlfi tia* r 5 Bare'ay arreet. EXPRESS FOR CLEVELAND AND DETROIT 'f'HK subscribers will send an express through from ttiis city, * t a the above named and intermediate places, on the morning of the 9th met., tor the transportation of specie, hank noter, bundles and packages ol goods, collodion of dralu, bill t not> s and accounts,and all aneh other busin- as as may be entrusted to them. POMEHOY A CO.. 2 Wall at., N N. B. Immediately on the opening of lake navigation, thr rbove express linr will be extended to Chicago, Cincinnati, Sir., and continued throughout the euwe MM, in conuexion with their New York, Albany, Tioy, and Buffalo daily expteas in 6 r a UAMH a tO.'b NEW YOKK AND NEWARK fc t PRESS.?The public are respectfully informed that : e utMcribera have esublianed an Express between New Yo i nid Newark, N. J., (or ibe transmission and speedy delive r of packages, bundles, money, Ac. Ac.; the collection of uoi *? and bill*, and all other iHuinrsa appertaining to an Expseaa Orders for articles to be returned by the Express will h delivered free of charge. Office in New York at No. T Wall stseel, and in Newark, tai SMITH'S Newspaper Depot, No. 120 Broad at. Leave New York at U>? A. M. and HK P. fid. Leava Nawail at 9 A. M. and 1H P. M dttec SHAMS ?r CO IMPORTANT TO OLD COUNTRYMEN.?ME88K8 a H AK.NDEN A CO. will draw at their Express and Foreign Letter Office, No. J Wall street, small bills of etchange from LI to ?100, in sums to snit, payable at sight, for the accomm odatioe of persona wishing to remit to their friends in England, iteland, or Scotland. The letter hogs tor the Royal Mail Steamers forLive spool are also made np at their office. For further information apply to HARNDF.N A CO., I Wallitrao Agouti in London?MACLEAN, MAKRIS A CO. Liverpool?WtLMF.R A SMITH c_ NEW FIREWORKS LABORATORY, BY JOHN TRAOARDH, PYROTECHNIST, FROM SWEDEN. MESSRS KOLLBKUO A TRAOARDH have the honor to inform the Ainenc.aujinhlic that they have au extensive ami v.iru d assortment of Fire Works, of all and evrv kind, at then establishment, at Hariiintti Long Dock in New Jersey, a hall urle from Jeitey City, opposite New Yo k. which they offer to Coinmuteea and others, at the most favorable prices in the market. Bel evmgiu the new trade ptineiple ol a moderate cash price fora good article, they request ihe fav rs of the public at Die above place, or it Die store of Robert Johnston. No. In Court laudt street. All Older*, ou anv scale o' sixe or va-iety,promptly attended to, by addressing trie subscribers at either ul Die above places. NICHOLAS A, KOLLBKROA J TKAOAHDH, my T-Iin'r Harsimm Long D^ek, New Jersey. | FIREWORKS. CRACKERS, See. FOURTH JULY, IHJ. /COUNTRY and city dealers IB hrrworks, will find it to C* then advantage to ea I and examine an eaienatve asiorimerit of the best quality, at ti. AYL'lFFg.'M oldest i II hrarnt, 86 I hatham street. A laige qnantily ol fire crsckrrs ju.t reeeised. Remember the signol the too mammoth skv rockets and gold ke.r. ___ kW'djr'l ' FMREWOIIK UY THE MANUFACTURERS. 1) MOM AN in CO Pyrotei h-isis, 71 ' ' street, ntfp s o ihe puolic a spit ndid aseoinnn.t ol Firrwe ks. sn|*r or in q lality and n-aiU'ss to auy in thiso any other con ivy Thr ket; alaocan aell m xh ch?a,? r Man any ?????? iu l>?o. a d Rnrrantee all i: tula f om llieir ature. No prdiiliia fton thie place?No. 78 Chat am atrial. U<? di debarred to auy pert of the cry free "I rt|>en?t: N. B ? b ii.ibit on Kireworki of anpr r or quality, ai h trioten, red. purple, Ktrro, yellow and clue tie*. A'ao. r. lined Ore, by the pound. jl lm*re TO BOOT MAKERS. 0. MORO LIAS REMOVKD from 113 to IS< Leonard atreet, where he 'A con'mura to cnt Kit. Ou hand ready ent kit, French and Knciith. _ ml lm*ee TREASURY NOTES LOST. LOST, hv tue tubtirier bet Ween the eitiei of New York Hn I rhiladrlphia. a Docket memorandum book, eoatai.iad the followiua Treasury Note* A No 19555 10 Jnue, 1142, 0 per cent, to Syl. Brow* 1 . encored M lane, kit I * t 10" B I9.VK io ? 6 ? at taav ; i<o V >9550 10 ? 6 ? M Ma; ;* lie A MOM 10 ? 6 ? 24 I0.> j , 50 B 3n fit 10 ? 6 ? 20 ? H42J Jj 20 C 24'02 0 ., < ? II ? li.Jt.iB Rnuit in and K. L. Myen, 20 B 112)5 I klar , 1142, ? percent fi Byl.Brown.endora(d II ax h. 1042, to tl. R.iuvan and K L. Myrta, 50 C J0045 25 Apiil, 1842, O. Loyall, anuorxd A| ril, 14*, to R. L. Mycra, 50 $550 All penona are forewarned agaitiat the payment of the ahute note* /V norm rewirs win ne pain mr wic rnnrn ni in* noon uu commie, In the enbacriber, at 7S ftoam Kront etrrrt, or iVllibiue Si ?, I Pnath Wharret, Pm'adrlnhia, ar 10 Mea'ra. Bryan h Mait'and, ITS bront Ureal, New York. Pbil.iilrli hit, Y7lh May, IM3 mto hri'r (Wiancd) H. L MYKKB. rPO t'ONTKACI OH8 ?Propoeola will b? received by tnr 1 inbeetther tor rami ding ihr eaal aliutme t of Minn uict Brular, ureoiilinir lo teilio.i lont wh ch will hr In nianm. ud . I?u for Iba repairt of the foimer Bridie The p op tilt u..y or foi bo-h he abutment and rapaira o| he b nl(*,r * th r or wp'iate Pert na i hi .* t c onaet, w>|i pirate i.ainl . h'lr e.llM.oles In ihr abc i ill or r Vn.u-m h it h i tint, il convenient auei d at hoaae of Kprn- lu. Hid Jon, Hye in ilitt .lay ctweeuthe mart of on* tud horn eloci P vl when ihr P. upiaala ? it "e upr rd Ap cilic .tinaa ran alao br found at iheitore . f M Lv?o I* ?| *aar th. bnoyr. P. il. MO HALS ' K. >.ol Rye. U K > l.PL . i CH. 73 William it N. Y. Mimt'onich, Jon I M3 J't I t 'PH K Uil'lKs who a<e n novating their dweiiimra. aa a ? eoinjilim. ul in the teaaon. when all it huoyant ad gay. inay he famished with Fancy at Tietne Paper, for the covernut ol pic ore fiatnra, lo lung cl.iaaet, tandla aticka, vaaaa, k rate prima, hall tamp,, lie kr , which will greajy ornmnant, at a very fritting eipvna, at 114 t anal t, Jd b-low Varick. n>? laa?;gb >RK I fORNING, JUNE 5, 1843. to let -the modem huilt thrce itory brick gtjw d^elhi if, no 16 gri-en street, finished with lilver furtiiuturble m<tu(lrs *n<l grate* tl%r ug'iout a fine i*r/e yard wiihui? r tmliug citfrru. willbs lei low. foe further pot rutin apply to altkftn, b*othkrb. jet'lanc - o. 122 fult??" tr-rt jmk to-let in williamsbur*? i ho *he?ui j?i i ? a ft peat three s4<?ry brick dwr-.ltio; hoflir in hoiih 7ih al&st o -jr 4th ?tm ieut very low apply to w a j. t taptcotr, 43 pck slip. m 7-er jmi bar' l~vv strktit?to let?i he ele#*ut tttw and c* m odious thr c story brick house. no 57 b trrlsy lsib?trr"rt* built iud occupied b? >u. thorn u br oke olto the pr?*s? nt i?cn?-. .|a rtollrni order ud titled with j cobvcmcnc for alarge fmilv, and si uatc4 hpc ly ? 'rout of co 1'ite place. Kor terms apply at no. 110 water street. m?5 lm*r gen in ac van vranken's ventilating gossamer hat, kor gentle vilcn, awmo'fmo o ly V/i oun k??rsick. $3 jo. the su''aciibera have introduced (he abo-e u iwm n hat lor aummtri we <r. bv comparing the weight o| this artic'e with thr average weight o< thr following hate. the utienor aovanttr. a it lameii-a over them for .umm.r weir may be rerd i. wo 'j he average weight of the ord.nary for hit ia i% .unee a. do do panama 3 if " do do leghorn 4 " beior f illy convinced that do atyle of auminer hat heretofore wo n liaa inei with the general approbation whh h hat i oaaea nog all the qnviiin, vii* i'fn nrai, beauty, dorahility and eheapneaa, would be aure to receiye, we h?y devoted much at teot'onto th- inauu'acture and fiui.hh.g of tha new atyle no* in roducrd hy ua. fro^ the wa'm appioba ion noma d by gentlemen who have flammed the in, we feel aaimird ih-t they need only to be aeru to h- fu ly ted oenim ?. van vhamra-.n, m26 im* ec 314 rr ad way, opnoeiie st l'aU''? church. look at this! boot*. of beat quality, $1 tn $t ml k'eicn, do do 3 to 3 so fine tewed bneta, 3 jo tj 3 00 feyfed do * so moro co do 2 2s seal skinaud grain d > 1 7j to 2 on clo h buttou uai'vri, i *s prunella do j 10 ipit.u falf .....k-.d - ? i?> Calf hoes, l 2> lo 1 75 c Bay's line sewed bo >t?, 2 17 peg?ed hosts, e lf, I iO " Sealskin ami Or tin, 1 12)4 " Fiue Calf Shoes I 25 " Kip Phofi, I '0 Youth's 8ewe Bo t*, 1 00 to I 50 I LADIES' BOUTSfc SHOES ? Ladies, m 'he?? au.rei you I will fiud the greatest ??? r ineut of iJiiler B > ts, Simpers, | Buskins, Tie'. P uiiellt Burkina, lirht aul il irk calored hilt (Jailers, House hlipp-rs, whi e ami b nek satiu I'lriKn an in janers, Miss-sand Children' gai'ers, bi-ai:a, slirpers, ii?a, 1 Mid all Other kinds of ho,its ami shorn of our own m uiuf mmting with the best of k ench goods v d iri tauced to be ihe b-?t and as cheap as the cheapest, at 3*>7 B O'dway and 92 ('anal at jj mr UKKliOKa k < AHII L. , rAKI 4 BO'lTS AND I.AS IS M ADK I'll OKDr K By E. SUSEli, 175 Broadway, (Bailment,) One Door from Conrilandt sfeet. K 8USKK, Bootmaker, au I maker ol Lasts, an "Elye" ol Clerr.e of Paris, begs leave to mlorm Ma friends and all the a natenrs ol a gantlemaiily "chsusaiite " that he can now make, in New York, with the beat ma'eiials all that is so perfectly made, in i aria, hv his mastei the celebrated booimrker Clerce, whose numerous custom*rs nulhiaside of the Atlantic, are reap ctl'ully invited to try SUSEIt'8 hoots and lasts helor they despair ot being "chatiaaes" in New York, ai'er the tiiceil, latest Pant fashion. Ala",the genuine Paris Jet Blaek Var pish sold. mJO 7w*r BOOT AND SHOE elUHh. JOHN I'-KADY rnpgctfully inf rma hit friends ana the rubl'c, that he has commenced business in the above line, at No. 99 Nassau street, where he will thauklall y receive aud fauhfully execn'e, ail orders he may be favored with on lie most reason bio lernu 'or cash 'Mi 90 BKOAU WA V. S. HOBIDER FRENCH BOOT MAKER Irom Paris, hue au assortment of ready-made Boots anil Shoes, of the best calfskin,for Five Dollars, eupriioi to any other boo maker in the city mlo nn*ee TO THE LADIES?300 pair prime Oliter boots of all colors and sues of the latest fashi n, M'aaet and children*! O liter hoo'a.and Buskins, Ladies Bus kins. Ties and SI pprrs.a rood article, from 1 to 8 shilliiigti. A so, a good assortment ol Gentlemen's prime call snicli bouts, city made, fro " 2 75 to 4 dollars, warranted ; good line pegged boots from 12 to 18 shil ings. Also, Bty'sbtols, 8 to 12s ; <Jeuui gaiters, guirter b nits and shoes of all descriptions in great abundance, at Walker's cheap store, 419 Bros I way, corner C-ual stieet, m24 Im'ec M"OTICE AND REMOVAL.?F. A. AitlAUH, lately La 168)4 kullou st. having dissolved by mutnal eouseut his copartnership lor giving all his nttentiou to the Dagnrrrtolyin bus nest, renpecifolly informs his friends ,iud (he public thai he has removed 'Isold Daguerrrotypc stand Irom IB8H Kalion si to 235 Bioadway, 2d storv, where he has just openeo several packages rccrived by the last arrivals, containing 1009 Kreurh Doguerreoiype Plairs. No. 30 aud 40 warranted kreuch Aero mafic Lenses ano all the chcmir.aU urceuary?complete apjia ratoa He will be very itlad tuaee all his old customers visiting lua uew place. Pleaae to give a call?235 Broadway, Id a lory, ronma No*. 2 and 3. inl Ini't O BHEVOOII 1 , formerly at 102 Fuliou street, haa re * ? moved lo No 6 mi lair AD AM". FLOKImK Lk.KEVRE- Keuiored from 7? Krankli" alreet'o 20 Walker ink lo>*r Q JCMllVAl l> Or ..S W., M.Ir, 2* removed f om 162 t - 189 B.oadway, a few doors below the Franklin H u?e, arid opp >aife John afreet. Htvi g fi red upa new T' orn in the moat faahionalrle at) le, hr will c otinur I lie aame buaioeaa, arid will he pleaard (j are bra old fi ietids aud pntrooa. and othera who r ay favor him with a cnll. He liaa also private mums for Ladies' hair dressing and jampooiug This powerful Extract iv Jampo my la couanlrrrd r>v lhiiu*aDi'a of New Yorkers and fran. era as one o toe healitprsl articlea forth* cureol dindrnff *ndi>lrrngilieiiu if ihe hair, ia approved bv the Faculty of Medicine in Pr it. a-J rate .ted .'t Wa-hiugton. Notht .p ia more pleasant and thin to go through this operation iu the hand* < f P. MAES. ">2 'm* REMOVAL. ACAKD-Tv Ihe Frahl mable World-GUERINOF.H b L A1 APIE.Mr chin. T ilon of the fir n ol PU On rinarr Jt Co. con.r ol C, rtrea ani ' nttoiri H<.u*e str. eta New O leans. I anus rniKiard f or. eg Bravet airret lo 108 Broadway, comer Ol Pine afrrrt, wa'd aun uric- t> the pub1 c t'-at the r as.orlment ol Csssiinerea, Vettin .a he -re uuaurraaa. d by any limiac iu tlua cry. Or at. can hare a lull *nit made up m a few houra notice, and a perfect lit guaranteed iu 4l icaaei mv27lw* | REMOVAL MK8 O. NKWOOV1BE, TOBACCONIST, reln-us her sincere acknowledgements fur the very liberal p*lr< nagr extended to her f.>r the last 13 year*, and would bey leave to inform her patrona and the puMic geneially that the haa retrieved her old eatabli*heO anuIf and tobacco w .rehouse to the spacious atore No 4 Wall street, Mor'iuier buildings, where alie would invi'e ihe at'eutioDol sn.inois.eun loner large and well selected atock of Foreign and dauirsti snuff* Just received from Hamburgh a large anpply of Varina's.Kanaater (lit, 2nd and 3rd quality J old and very anperior Turkish Span ah, Scifa latti and Porto Rico, amok-ug tobacco; eaveudiah (various kind.,) and fine cut chewing ditto. A choice assortment of the beat brands of Havana and Principe rigars, constantly on hand. Fauey pipes, cigar cases, anuff bote*, pocket lights. Chinese tinder he he All of which for sale on the moat liberal terms, wholesale or retail. Strangers and country deal* is are inn ed to call prerioua to making their purchases elsewhere in4 'm*ce OATENT PRESERVED HIGHLY FLAVOHED P^R 2 TaBLE MEATS AND BOUI8 for ship stores, war ran'ed to keep for anv length of lime, and in any climate, inan ulactuied and lor sale, wholesale *nd r> tail hr Wl'. LI AM MULLANE. Ul8 5w*r KM William atreet CHEAP k XEROI8E. SPLENDID BILLIARD ROOMS, AT the coinr r of Broadway aud Chamber >tr* rt I'he ai U?.MOU is apacioui and airy, with tour rir*r rale tah'es 'Jentlr men are requested to call and judge for themselves. T'.e relreai m-i.ts are ot tne beat kind. Mid the pi ice rr game ilnriliB fit#* i1.iv it nitp iliiHm ; and in IK- m 'niticr llV c-nli |c6i?r i_H RISTIAN FHlDKNBIIH'.HKK. A CLEAR COMPLEXION FREE FROM ERUPTION Oft DISFIGUREMENT AAAY BK HAl) BY ALL, by using * remedy now well W known to )-e one of the in oat mrprniuK inventions of 'he if It is m.ide in the abaoe ol a bcuntiinl soap, as it eutirel aiadicaiea rv- rv rrn|<tiou, su th ia pi* idea, freck ea blochea, scurvy, salt rhiurn, tan, moinhear. sunburn. or disfigurement [ of ihr akin, untuning to th lace, body, nrca, or arms, a bran tilul healthy clearuesa No mnrepreicuutiO'' ia offered, due trial will suffice to recommend it to all. It change* ihe col it of dark, sunburnt or vellew akin, to a fine healthy elect ueae. It hat received the appn*al of the Medical Council of Taria, who call it a ' miracle, a wo.ider, and a oleaatng." I h>ve aeen thia cure aeveral caaea of erniuion that peracna have apeatliandrrda nf Holla s on to core in vain. It i? aolil at N eeota a cake bv T. Jouea at hit perfumery eataliliahioent, .ivn of the American k'ag'r. X Chatham atreet. N.Y ; and by thr ar agrat ?in Philadelphia, h, Zicber, c rner Ti ird and Dock alt or neat tii the Avnr'ican Hotel \Va?hmaton, D C.; in Boaton, I Atate atreet; iu Charles'on, AC. 107 K'Og at.; u; Albany. J7 AtaUsCni Brooklyn, Ik Kiallon, Ago u warned to ill otheeil at aa -e ' I "1 ' , DH J A.Mr. 9 W AT l Kit (Ir.VA M.Ni 11 oh k tT ~~ digeatlOu, i Dvspe|*lt ? t his iiVtinabe remedy, winch daring th la.i Mty yisra h <a aave.l thousands rrorn ihe ja? a of death both in r nroi>e aed America, ia now introduced publicly to Ihe many Viclima aln ale Kin mm fmm the a' ove uauird diairraaiog diaea e I he prnprtet r wuhea II decidedly n be nndentied, llh..?, lihet kea ihia iiiethi d 01 ui king lie re med< pahlie, that the Tinciure >a nat ejrnlatid to cure all th litr aaea ineidaat to Ihe hntnau Ir-me, but merely thoae ludnerd bi a d aordered ata'e of ibe alimen art Ctual. and known a* I id yea'ion or l)i p reia. Ihe in I el a utigle bottle will pmve lo li e moat evprica' that, by f-Mowing ihe direction* which tt in. ,Di it. ihai le uhle disease m,y he entirely eiad raird kuae ow Irginnai la mil ke s??u by app'yitig to Meaan Cane A >rphvw, eornerol Water atreri and Maiden |?ne. Fee tale, who eeele and rct*il,*i the ahove named aiore. and at I I l?w> rv. iniAlin'r 1 'po P? R9??\9 mow THC COUNTRY -.Now that the I liaaiahoi n.eam whwn ihe diaeaaea of Ihe akin are keonght to m iterity nd ar m is' violently on I raytrm nid 'ken by lei| he* ing ih- Inn at membr ue? of ihe a'om ch and I h in'i homing >ha (aima aa^ an-e'h dacm| (ea, ten ly in children) a I hoae tr u ileaome and fatal ?ff- e inna of the ato awh a d bavrla I we I haIp ao lervibly lo All aplheOillaof ooitalin Dr W HKKI.EK, II Orevnw eh atreet, with mnrh aatiafae- j lion, kaa it ia ha? jaowyr I'. ff'V a remede, the aa|?-ry<>r c ritiva librae, "f which, tweutv yeara eijcuenee haa Mampcdaabe ' o-g cr/ a u Thia gala ifl ot Musrttello ia e mpoaed of yrge- I talde medic in* a of ilo uaoat healing ueture, ha in nitmg in , h. rai?n gat eemMwatiag ag m eeeygagm me dieeaeeeo( ti e hswrta, v t ' Diaolmw Dyaenteiy. Ch lera Mor ea, <0111111 r C<Maa|d*iu . S|M??iudi' CmIm, <m i./l-ininiti u of the mil( < ni in'iiii'i. hi. lM D Wh.?l?r mi imhliahed a p iol>M?' lor 'i.r hi- ?fit "I immm. ri|>lilil >'l| ?( ihr p-tuliii ? rteea :li*' llil ana of Morratello iomiihi ai a reatiirailTi*. run ol whir'. he will he h-|-|?v Ui lUTii ih g aiuiti.ual, In ny i.iity or OiMHotn Pi WlwrltiS B<in..i hit ih* iwrnliar feature ae ? in.dirui* Ilia II n iKrnllji y Hruwl uilb. W> I?l?,ihaicli'l4n? #ill??f?ili lit. it. which lo itu ai molar annd.riu n,va ueblr Or. * linear eremite i I h laaj ? ?nal I miliar i < .!. iii'.i ri aner In ihr hiah ( ai. l of Itir in* ruble ureal ol h a HImb. nf M? t Iclln? .*n. W rd M C W. aicnclcr ; (fori a. P. >'i.rri?. M | 0 Mile. I' t Ar?)(* P H|llfl.a.i| , Iwlaii tin*Oil d r 4 | C*|>T OrPnalrrni c |..e?-l Bh> ri an; h.iUa llut ci ? , J it L ilj k.114 ) J ain A Bufi*am, blaq ; Ml.ilea id aeicham, Kaq . cud n.nur .'.hen of go I tndiiui. ? 1 lan'ae PO THK LkDIKt?H nt .KfcR 8 * LUT'ON -Theie 1 it an ..cciaiiiii to wear la ar t.n-r on ire uut > f Ik# c.l.11 nf baMir Loli' na ni. t Ii.hiM. f ?1 h 1 |aia ? fic<e la ho h all. ncraW' liea kg Ik* i.rc.aa a of ike I. a* hoar. Lnrii. a 1 an hat* liar eha d in I. < k aa WtII aa rear if dad, w th ai miiarv Mr I* hu a n> a n,.< i.l> in he eu rd bi a lory at Ilia rrnidnl.** Ala.. M. ? Will clung. dcutlem. ?' hail to auy abide at color Urugfttta *.'*> Well to boep if 0' aalo in other ciliea aa haiab<ig dtea ar* goiuc owe *1 daie Witoio' tale and reunl. 01 No. t t.kaikoOi at., "rveaii* the 'egani.y'a Her, ?i> atain. m M? i?*r IERA Divorce of Mrs. C. F. Mii.lrr.?Thin crrc came up before the Legislature of Connecticut on Thursday afternoon last, and created considerable debate. The committee to whom the petition was referred, reported in favor of granting a divorce. Mr. Curtiss, the Chairman, made the following report, which we take from the Hariford Times:? Mr. Hpeaker, thin in a case which has occupied much time, given rile to a long and interesting discussion, and occasioned much display or talent. I have no time to give a miaute detail, hut a general statement of thecir. rumstances must aultioe?and in communicating to thia House the views of the Committee, or of a maj irity ol them. I may perchance give such views as are peculiarly my own. The parties were married at Yonkera. on the 15th of September, 1834-petititioner being then 17 years of age, and the respondent also young. The petitioner rharges him with repeated instances of abuse ami pe< sonal violence, and flnnllv the abduction of her Iron Standout, Conn.,to Norfolk, Yirgima. R 'spniident says >hat he livi d with petitioner from the tiineol their marriage until March, 1843,in uninterrupted peace and amity, save on one or two occasions when he was drivan to the use of violence in support of his marital rights. Counsel for petitioner introduced evidence ol acta committed out of this state, not as ground lor a decree of divorce, hat umply as indicative ot the "quo nnimo" ?f the resp in lent -thus was introduced a chain ol circtimntant ei, reaching from the marriage up to the timeof final separation. The deposition of a miller in New York city was read,detailing a couvrrsatien with the respondent soon tfter his marriage, of a most revolting character, relative to his private intercourse with his wife, such as I could not at first believe, had ever emanated from one, who seemingly had moved in the higher ranks of civilized so. siety. Tho wile heard ot it?she passed a w hole night in tears?and refuted to walk with him in the street Up to the time of separation in March. 1841, few instances ol [h rsonal violence are disclosed. In 1835 the parties then residing in New York city, Mrs Wells, aunt of thepeii doner, made a visit to her?on which occasion petitioner sxhibited lomo bruises upon her arm. an I made complaint if harsh treatment. Mis. Wells charged the respondent with these acts, to which he made no disliuct reply. Only tine other was testified to- the parties were living in New Jersey; the mother of petitioner made h> r daughter a visit; one night she was aroused hy a cry proceeding From het daughter's sleeping apartment; she ran lu,ami Ihe daughter exclaimed, that the i e?i<>n lent had seized her arm, and she thought mcaut to kill her However, ii'iu-i kniiouii M'hMiicu, nun id4 nio'nei wnniiruw. i ui'it1 io no', it ii true, provetrequent acta ol violence; but as in matters of every day life, events few and lar tietween nerve at landmark!, ?o these instance* induced the committee to 'hebeliei tliat th>re did not exist that general ordi r and quiet which mark the well regulated lamily. Mr. Miller, lather ol the respondent, n gentleman of reapertab lu. a-id even imposing appnaram e, testified that they lived "lime two or three yeara in hia family, during which time, aa far aa he knew, their intercourse waa always kin I and agreeable, not marred by a "ingle inatance ol the interchange of tinkind worda. Petitioner remained at her mint'" after the funeral -respondent aoon alter went for her?her friehda raluaed him admittance to her presence, declaring the connexion existing between them to be at an end. The reason* alleged were bad treutment and hia determination to enforce the claim against the estate. Respondent's lather then went, and with similar sticcesa. |t was urged that petitions 'a friends were ac. touted by the base motive of pecuniary interest, but the testimony would not warrant me in coming to that conclusion. I think they were not?they feared nis violence. Respondent then resorted to a writ ut habeas corpus?petitioner waa brought up before a magistrate and examin ed. He declared her free to go with whom she choae. Respondent seized her; a struggle, an uproar followed; he succeeded in placing her in a wagon; prepares to get in; tho horse "tarts, and the wile is thrown upon the ground, and taken up aeoseless; respondent ia bound in a band of one thousand dollars to preserve the peace, he having knacked down ono man during the contest. Petitioner returns to the re?idenco ol her aunt; he c?me next to Stamford, and it is alleged by respondent's counsel, for the purpose of getting a divorce. They have made searching inquiries aa to motives, they disputed tho ground inch by inch; they have displayed consummate ability; but thare is no proof of tho allega ion. I d > not think she came for a divorce; I think she fled from violence,as a young fawn that srenta the han ter's approach. In H week a defendant arrives at tha hotel In Stamford; discovers her retrea*; asks lor fleet horses; displays n 6 barrel pistol; warns tho people not to interfere, and goes to the bouse. He finds hi* wile upon the sofa; approached her; she resists his embraces, and shrieks lor assistance; the |>eople flock in; a scuffl ensues; he loses his pistol; the wife faints and is borne out; she lies in a stste ol suspended animation through the night; eyeaopen hut i?sensible to the touch; limbs lifeless Sheeventually recovers; petitioner then went to New Canaan, and again to Siamlord. lives secluded; res pondent again appears there with coach and four with several companions; she is out of town; lie is lolled and I retires. On the SAth of January, IH4S. res|m?rleiit sgnin onp.ars wit k a raat l| *11(1 fOfll I'Jlfl IOI1B?f(>?? tO >h? hotel whrm ih? full) ir(, into her room and likri her in hi* arm* and hear* her oil - place* her in the carriage, and the horse* are urged to t ha fop of th< ir apeed towards New York It ia in evidrnce th it she was carried screaming through the village, without hood or cloak, and with dishevelled hair, during the whole ride. There was, however, clothing in the carriage, hut she declined using it. Alter a sao t stay in New Yolk, they proceeded to Nortolk. Hhe there passively acquiesced in a journey to the West Indies; hut the cireun nances hecoming known to some Naval Olftrer* on that st lion? they interfere to protect her.and a letuin to .New York it d cided upon. Respondent in liis answer rhtrges her with misconduct. A man, it he he unscrupulous as to the means, can always impugn a woman's viriue. He hss in troduced a lady Irom New York, with w ,om they l>oarded, and two or three de|>o*itioiis, all charging the p.tmoner with impro|ier intimacy with a triind of her husband aail a boarder withthi-m. But I mu*t confe s that all Mir circumstances attending the testimony and the man ner in which it was obtained, give it an exceedingly e quivocal appearance. These remarks are eminently hjc plicahle to the youth trim New J-rsey, who volunteered to publish his own th me. gor my part I gave no credence to it ; his story aremed to thro ? a toul mist over the wholu MmM| th-r# is no a-f-ty in society if auch men are to her believed Remonstrance ot Charlc ?g. Miller, against the petition ol his wife, Martha E- Miller, read. It was a very long document, hated principally on the ground that the ja-ti tion- r came into this state solely for the purpose ot oh tainirig a divorce, and not with the intention ot gaining a permanent residence; that the charges which he preferred against of auch a nature as i roper I y to come before another tribunal, where they could be m?r? com pletely proved, that thi re was a question pending bet ween him anil the petitioner, involving a promisory note of $90, 000, which he wiahedto have settled in a proper manner, and before the proper tribunal', tha' he hn I preferred a petition to the Legislature of New Jersey , where alone a hill ol divorce could be legallv and of full effect be grant ed; that he hud gooil and sufficient cause for his conduct towards her, situ e her strange conduct towards him, and that his conduct was such as was d mnnHad btr his rcla lions to the petitioner as liuslxnd, and in Justice to his own personal and pecuniary lights?that he did not desire to ever again asiociate in ihe marriage relations with the pitionor, bat tier conduct having liern such as to involve his name in shame and dis grace, he desired that the Connecticut Legislature -hould not hy any action, give sanction to her conduct, hy grant ing a divorce, inasmuch as lia intended to have all the facts and circumstances placed before another body, where thp jurisdiction could not he questioned. The pe lllisn itf Mrs Milli r man than r nail This a I .n tuns lz-ngthy, and claimed the right of t ring divorced. on tb< Hround that her hmhand tor several years, hrrsmeenld and inattentive to her; iha? he ahu?ed, twat, choked, and otherwise inflicted pTsinul injury upon her; that hear sociated with other women, many of them ol ill tame and had chara ter: that when ahe repaired to other towna in order to avoid him, he followed her, and entered the house where ahe boarded, armed with loaded piatola. and, with violence forced her from her room; and, on ano'hei occasion, lorced her into a carriage, when ahe wa? not aui'ably rlo'h-d, and took her to New York against liei will confined her, nfterwarda took her to Norfolk, V.i., andhy hie couree towarde her, and hi? petaonal violence, hud injured her health very materially. Afiar a long diacnaaion this alternoon the question waa decide J in favor ol granting the divorce? ISA to 31. Going to Liukria ?Mrs Margaret Allison Heed. <1 Illghlr r <T C iptHin Isaac Rose, ol Mississippi, nod relict of the late Thos. B. Heed, who died Senator eject ot the United States from the State ol Mississippi, by her last will and testament, bequeathed her entire estate to l'r. Ste(ilien Duncan, of Xa clo z, and Kev. Zebulun Butler, ol Port Gibson, Miss , with the exception of fltSjklO to her lawyer, the late Wm R T Chaplain, E*q Her estate consisted of about 130 slaves and I (SKI acres ol land in JeJFerson county, Miss. The executors who were also the legatees, in accordance with a wish of the deceased, and their own feelings, took measures to transport the slaves to Liberia. The proceedings of the execuiors were stayed by an injunction, but a title was perfecied in the legatees by the High Court nf Errors and Api>eals of Mississippi On the 9.h inst seventy-one of the slaves ol this estate sailed Irnm Vau? ( irlouna in llio ltd rnIIA U unnUfn Thp FP. ndue ?t the slaves will embark after the gathering i?f another crop, and sale ol the land and stock. " Hioh Flown" Rhrtoric ?Col. Isaac T. Pres:on, a brother of the eminent Carolina Senator, is he present Attorney General of Louisiana. The Louisiana Courier gives the following, trom a print-d speech, in ihr Case of Municipality No 2 vs. Oreant Cotton Press, as a specimen of Mr Preston's hetorici?" Not a human being lisped that the title vas unsettled, until a debt of three millions, imoosd in the 2 I Municipality by useless expenditure arte eehless extravagance?its bonds at 3d per cent liaeouol?called with the roanng ol an earthquake Ipou the ephemeral gods that presided to grasp lot a vation ai a straw on the billows of the Atlantic, itihough ien thousand tons of round stone -wan* irouud their necks, covered indeed with grass, but vbich only addvd to their s,>ecific gravity, was pietipiuiing them to the very bottom of the ocean. GriTtNO ttsst) To it ?Matrimony, said a lady.on King a third husband, is like a cold bath, very lornidable the first time, but when you have tried it , iften you become uaed to it LD. Price Two Cent*. Boston. [Correspondence of the Herald ] Boston, Mav 80, 1848. Highly Important to Vommerrt ? 'the ffttat I Under alum obtained?The true Quadrature <f iht (ilobe Ditrovered Jambs Gordon Bennett:? Drar Sir:? 1 I desire to give information through the columns of your extensively circulated journal ol the solu tion of that vast geometrical problem, which has for ao long a period of tims puzzled the heads ol the wisest men in Europe, viz: "the quadrature of the cirile." Cap'. G. H. Thompson, ol this city, has devoted exclusively the last twenty years of his time to obtain this great result, and he is now absolutely and unequivocally certain of having arrived at correct conclusions. This tact he is ready to demonstrate to any geomancer or navigator who may call upon him. Capt Thompson wiote gome time since to Hon. Dan el Webster upon the subject, for the purpose ol having him introduce it beiore Congress, but received answer that the Massat huseiis legislature must first recognize 'he truih ?t the science, and 'hen Congress would take measures to investigate it, but sot before. He has also written to the Secretary of the Navy, soil received answer that the subject should receive attention, hut nothing asyet has been done. Hia drawings were show n to 'he ( omnia infant ol the GhnrleR'ow n Navy Yard. who pronounced them correct ami entirely original, and expressed a willingness to assis! him in every resiiect excepting a pecuniary one. Others have also decided in his favor, but still they are unwilling to render the requisite assistance, front the fact, as they say, that the scientific men of Europe, from !Sir Isaac Newton down, having been unable to solve the probb m ; it must consequently be impossible that an humble individual of Boston should have succeeded in eclipsing them all Here is a contradiction in terms, solely theresuit ?f selfishness; they (ear it will fail not wnlistHndtng Capt. Thompson can clearly d< niomtidte ita practicability C^yt T. is in destitute circum?tnnces. otherwise he would ere this have proceeded to Washington, and laid his plans personally before tha Government. The discoverer of any new science or problem, however useltil and important to the world, lives unrewarded, and dies destitute, and otherH reap the rich reward which an incredulous public are slow in adopting. It should not be so Capt. Thomson desires to awaken the commercial public to a just senpe of the vast importance of a discovery so deeply interesting to the whole maritime world; therefore,by giving this com-minicalum publicity in the columns ol th* "Herald" you will be rendering great service to a worthy man, and perhit|>s be instrumental in interesting tha scientific in favor of the subject matter. Yours, respectfully, L. Colbv. Bridgeport. |t'?rrs>|iou<lruee of the Herald. 1 Rridokport, May 80th, 1843. Housatonic Railroad?Office Holders atul Office Seekers?The Herald. Dear Bknnktt:? i nave once more maen my pen in nana, almost deeming it necessary to drop a line to you in order to give you a little idea of the matters and doinga within the peaceful realms ol Bridgeport. The question is often asked, " What course will the Railroad Company pursue1?" I can answer that that the road will evenmally have to be sold to meet its present liabilities; therefore, the quicker it is done, the better. They might continue on some years longer; should they do so they would net only involve themselves still deeper in ihe mire, but plunge themselves into unIorseen difficulties The company a.e now endeavoring to get some hocus pocus work Irom the Legislature; how they will succeed, time will determine. Suffice it to say, it is a rotten concern from beginning to end. Office, office, office, hue almost set some of our loco locos raving rnaa They are troubled with a peculiar kind of distemper quite common in these latter days, and more especially under the present atiminieiration? that of John Tyler. They hear he joytul shouts from the different places throughout the Union resneciing removals from office, and appoiiiinienis to office, and look forward with eyes almost strained from their sockets, and wonder why " the trooper* have not yei come." It Deems thai whigs hold most all the prominent offices in Pridge|>ort,or rathersailing under the black dig ol John Tyler They were appointed under the short reign of (?i-n Harrison, but wnen Tyler took the helm, oh ! what beautiful Tylenteg. Joe, (he olleetor.was a real right up and down radical whig in 1840, singing songs and swigging down hard cider lo kill, whilst ke ( he Postmaster), would stand still wi h his hands in his breeches pockets, and shake Ins sides wonderfully to hear Joe pour forth ill those vociferous straina?"Tippecanoe and Tyler, too, dec. The locos are bent on removals, snd aspire to ihe offices themselves. In all probability there will I fie an entire change in theciiy shortly Little squads ol locos m*v be seen most any hi ur of the day cougregMed i n the corners, whimpering in one another's cars, all trimmed up in regular form, headed by the " Prophet," hi d btouglit up in ihe rear by ihat longshanked indefatigable Peaborly, who you will recollect was k candidate for the Posl-nffice (nominated by himself), and got six or eight signers to his paper, which was drawn up by himself, setiine forth his brilliant capabilities, dec , together with his gassy head lully d*ve|nped?sent it on lo Washington, and had tlie satisfaction of learning that it waa "no go " 1 will endeavor to inform you ol the results of tha foregoing statement. Pi runt me, dear Bennett, lo say that the Herald is the prince of pap* rs ; it s'anus unrivalled for truth, correctness, and knowledge; it is read here three tines as much as any other paper aHo t _ For myself, I hid much rath-r go without my dinner than to tail of nerusing ihe co urnns of your inestimable she* t Good link to you JlC JiJiUVtrvn) OBNS&AL PUNTZNtt ESTABLISHMENT, V W COHVKR OH VI LTO\ AND NAAAAU 8T?. ? ?ui plied with fere m enel : for 'he I'O wicr m C. uxt ffiwrnif (I rMWliwi ?(?? !) itrKnii um ol MiSMSato 3. i'q lir r? .u??i?d U : !? r? "lta*m*ni tu ' ? ir?f?r* ?h'f Amp'f ?!! ? w ?,(* wil1 h? gMf i ' i - ? hv, firvn ??ork. iiihI rh ( c? ?tho?* w^i r guirt (bucv . r ommon, Urur or am ll work uul Siw4fr??M?ftif irra erf LABKLH CNK' Rfl. WAT BILL*. riKrt L KM, ?HOW 8 LI 8. BALL rirKEfo, BTk.ARBOAT RILLB, bill* of LADIVO, RAILROAD "ILI.8. iuSIN* A? c \RD?, hTAUE BILL*. < AT ALOOl'tB PAMPJ'LTA. BILL MEADR, HANflBII.'A. NOTKM. Ml m? rHEATRCH, CIBCUARA. CONCERTS. MUBRUM8. LECTURER, PUBLIC MKETIXOn, ' lr enr nth-r |d?rei wliere the de.en, linn o' unnf iug ia 'fjai H Thf faeitiiie. for tl>M work are no e>|oalled bv \ur mee iu thia ettr, for. bfiijn rhe Ittw twriMUnf PiAJM AMID OHAAMlAVAi. VITA, Thia Mrlilnhiirtl haa the LARORBT Pin MR? IN THBB CITY. (Jreat peitia hare Seen taken to prneide are<7 material that "an p??aihtr he of aeiriee and rherelorr para ana hannt ore a .inn for Hhowhilla. will find it K'eallT to heir adraalaa* to patronize thia eatah'ishmrnl. Aor mib or form of Bill can b? formatted at rerr ahort 1'lHt e If "DR. POETT'S ER ADICATOR" DU POElT'8 Kratl trior (eat.bli.h d or 0 \ fr* m thia cit\ ) i- dfa'inert o .nr-maa e??rr nth?r rem.di, for the m dealt re of conor hit |lei, and aft de i.itioe of the ar'n-rr o nana, fruit ita certainty o aetron. ple.aaut laa'e, at d na hei i< he reau 't o( M ytar? elnr ri-nt.- of a re?n ady .rliie.ud phyar ei-n Wheerer renea on r ia meihet e ner-r be a pre aenairr offaDme mm ih htndaof ni-decile4. r em ?, t. hundr da hare bee eBbctnallreBied afirr h not paid ar<e i?m* to ih ?e inraox M- I?i * h ? r,il? in* imoairg raa, *cut\ lr drat ?to.?* >' a '?? " '-?*. 1 iri*r ol bn'tun and <1 Id! * iupi nf' ?" ?no ' b?ii?hrr*; orutr if Wmbr*?d ?< *rdetra?t, tad IV ral ioa -1 Pff* |i *"'* RlfLl/"TKIHSKS SQl I I O l"'H'KED r?.*??ON** Pi RgO\ <* (fl < H w h ftii* iir r f ' n.-on -S-b *' in" inn i il *? I" " "d " ?> a *i k* 41*-, N ? Vr.r ? r.-t, .'f o ii hn ol b '(no ai r r, e *1 tuarn' in ih. Ui, il 1 '.? "rewlu ,u ,t ^ h n?c? p*d Hull ? iru ?? I trr il fir t .ir r 111' r**ii by r Hull. I ?t ' inn >11,* lae, r to b? rclitd ap.>, i* I, il, wiihuni h ?igo t?'e vi?iit ?n ni h*?r audrruii?n-o ? ml I mbuiou* o' Hail * . i b *tid nun ' d thoa** !* * mp ?r ' an n n**ii urr I h m i ii n oi ot k- r ti .1 i p i. ( lb*r ? ?y un?ai ful in r irnii-* -nd ar* iob or b?u I o do urr Hum K oin* b an Oreo Aii'd ip K Nn I Viuy n'mi ieb ly rli ir? b?r,ng ? i ihr batiuM* d part limit, whrrr a frm ilr it iu ruaiu lulnrl'Mi In ?*.( ap<>? ? " In patient*. a*M im <n

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