Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 6, 1843, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 6, 1843 Page 1
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TH ol. IX.?Ho. 1SI ?Wkol* Ho. S3CH To til* Public. THE NEW YORK HKRALD?daily newspaper?puN liahed every day of the > ear except New Year's day and Fourth of July. Price 1 cents per copy?or $1 'J* par anaum?postages paid?cash in advance. THE WEEKLY HKRALD-publithcd every Baturday morniag?prtce of ccntt per copy, or 13 per annum (Jiu i ? wun ixi aiivtuuvo* ADVERTISERS aro informed that the circulation of theHeralJ la over THIRTY THOUSAND, ami incre#ai?g ait. It hoe the large*! circulation of any faper in tkii city, or the world, and it therefore, the heel channel for trueineie oun in the city or country. Prioee moderate?oaeh in advance. PRINTING of all kinda, executed at the moat moderate prices, and in the moat elegant atyle. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, Paoraiavoa er tmk Herald Establishment, Nortbweat corner of Fulton and Nassau ?trente ftllftffll NEW YORK, gCHOOLET'8 J|Sm?RjLmountakn h easton. Leave r~foot of Courtland street, daily (SuTda~sri; ej-u-d) ai I o'clock, A M., by lailroad f om J r?ey city to ftiorristown, thence by roil coaclirs thr ugh Meudham,Chester, Schooley's MouoUiu, Amlenou l'nwu, Pott Colden, Wawiiuaton, to Easton. At was'ington. a daily line intertccts to aud from Be l'idere For ae*ti apply to J. Hill, at J. P.itiou's, Commercial Hotel 73 Ciurtland street N.B.?Ettrai furnished ot the ihorteit notice by applying to N. B. Lose, United States Hotel Monistown, m?ll 3m ee NEW YORK AND KING Hi ON S . EAM FKEK/HT AND PASSAGE l.+dE. not For Kingston, and Delaware and Hudson Canal?> team Duals EMERALD and NOR 9L-eMUK.WlCH. . The EME'-ALD, Captain John Ketr.ham, will leave New Yorh foot of Murray street, every Monday and i r ursday at 5 o'clock P. M. Wtil leave Kinaston (Rondont landing) esory Wednesday and Saturdav at 3 "'clock, P. M. The NORWICH, Captain John *amuels, will leave New York, foot of Mnr ay street, every Wednesday and Saturday at ft o'clock, P. M. W.ll l-ave Kingston (Hondout landing) every Tua. ay and Friday at I o'clock, P. M EXTRA TRIPS. The EMERALD will leare the foet of Mnrray street every Pnndy morning at 7 o'el< ck. Returning leaves Kingttou at 4 c' lock same dayFur freight or passare apply on >>oard, or to WILLIAMSON, BARLOW k CO , all 3m*r 164 West street. NEW JERSEY KAIEKOAU AND fKAJN* PORTATION COMPANY. NEW YORK AND NEWARK. Kara reduced to 35 cents. F'sm the I out of Cwurtlandt street, New York. (EveiT day?Sundays exteptod.) Leaves New York Leaves Newaik At ? A. M. At S P.M. At 7 A.M. At Hi P.M. 9 In. 3 Jo. I do. 4 do. 11 do. >1 do f do. W do. ft* do. 10X 7* do. IX do. ?% do. 8 do. ON HUNDAY8. From the tool ol Court!andt street Leave New York, Leare Newark. At 9 A. M. and 4* P M. At 183P. M. and 8* P. M. NEW YORK, ELIZABETH TOW,>, Leave New Yo'V Elizabeth Town At I A. M. At 3 P. M. At 7* A. M. 3 * P .M. 9 do. 4 do. SX do. 7 do. 11 do 4S? o. 10 lo. uX do. ftyft do. 18 do. i-< . ? r lA. n.,.n..h?.ni u : i i _ kr. connect with the,9 A M, and. 4*PM trims lrom New York, duly, Sundays excepted. Fare bet ween New York nnd Elizabeth Town 26 cents. Fare between do aad Somerville, 75 emu. VORK. AND RAHWAY. I tare New York. Lerve Kahway. At S A.M. At J P M. At 7 A.M. At) P.M. 9 do 4 do 8 do n* do II do 4V do #'< da 9 do X do llX d. NEW YORK AND NV.W ? From (not of Coorlland itrret, New York, daily. Imi> New Yore. taire Nea br.w At* A.M. At 4 P M. A 6 A M. At I1X A M i-i do T& do 8* r. M. ON BUNDaYS Leave New Y'>'k. Leave New Brnniwjrk. At 9 A M and 4* P M At U,la A..M., and 8* P M. Fare ?lebp iu the Philadelphia irai-a between ' ie*t Vn-t and "N.wdtronewor' JO centa Between New Yoik and Rah way ;5 cent a. t aue.^cra wno procure tneir ucaeta at the ticket uincc, u eeive a ferry ticket gratu. Tickets are received by the coo ereior only on it.r d: , wr en i .nrrl.ased m!l In*r MUMMER ARRANGEMENT NEW YORK AND Pi iL.a L)r.L?'HI a KAiLKOAD LINK D R-CT, Via Naiwamx, Naw B unawicx. PatnctTOiv, Trihtow' BeaoaixTewn and ctidiaaToa. '^'"U-OH" IXTIUIJKS^ Leaving New Y -k d ny rnm the to tot Cou tlandtat. Monntg Line a?9 A M.?Mail Pilot Line at 4* I* M. The Mor n.g Li.ii proceed? to Brtidaulown, irom thence by at'-a-ihoa- to l'hi>ac'el hi*. The Ev?u'ng Line proceeds direct to Camden (oppoaite to Th-i. dctpl is) WII . .U- cbante of eari. P ?? ti!i?r? will prneoie tbi r ticke's at the ofli e ('Ot of Cou.iiandt stiver, where a com "odious ateamboai will be m re- dtiitaa. with ha?g i?e eraica en board. F iladeli'hii bagg'Ke cratea are eouvuy'd Prom city to city, wi b at twing opened by the way Each tnin ia provi 'eit wi h a ca in which are it, irtaau'i and tres-ing rocma capreaaly lor the ladies' me Returning, .he linea leave Philadelphia from the foot of Walrn tieei, by s'eamb >at t> Bo deotnwn a' 7 o'clock, A.M. and by railioad from Camden, at 1 o clot k, P M Th* linea for Baltimore leave Phltade'ph.a at 7* A. M., and 4 P M beirg a coDtinna'ion < f the linea from New York je4 FOK bUFFAL,0 AND ALL PARTS OF THE WEfeT jfcS jstmjpsmi AhhUCtATlON PA?rt vUd. OFFICE To ALBANY. Utiea. $) 00 hoehetur, %i 00 hytaenae, I 15 Pnffalo, S .V) Oawego, 115 Up k Lower Canada5 36 For passage appiy to M. L. KAY. m^))7t >1 Bare'av atieet. New York. _ STATEN ISLAND FEIIRY. Foot of Whitehall street. ZSbmJKidEa SCnSKftaK On and alter Thursday, Jane the 1st, the steamboats BTAlK.N IFLAMlt.R and SAMSON, will make ihe following iripa. until further notice LEAVEa STATEN ISLAND LEAVES NEW YORK At 1,9 10. il, 4 M, At 1,4.10, >1, 4. M 1,1,4. 5,',7P. M. 1,1,3*,5,6.7 P.M. On Pnndays.laataa every h or, from I A. ftl to 7 P. M. m* r passage: from great Britain and keland M && H i VI *0 coDi'lll d fitrnRiirr dun important arrangemenu P'r Imugihg out neaseugeis from the old country, the subacriben can ? ith confidence inform those who may with to act" tie for frieuds to rmigwile the present season (1(13) that they will lind it their into v .t t > u.ike the neeesiary arrangements with ihia It .e; being the oldest or longest established out of this port, it is well koownthat that the arrangera-ntt are complete?the ship* of the first class s tiling weekly, and the accommodations fitted up expressly foi the comfort and convenience of passengers. Should those settled for decline coming oat. the passage money will, as usual, be refunded to the party from whom it was received, without deduction. A free passage per steamer from the various pons of Ireland and Scotland, to Liverpool, can be secured if desired. ApPly ** SAMUEL THOMPSON. Old Established Passage Ofiice, 273 Pearl St., Or to 0. OltlMSHAW k CO. 10 Ooiee Piazzas, Liverpool. Drafts on London, Liverpool, the National Bank of Ireland Northern Bniilniig Co. ml National bans ol Scotoma, a, aighi. and for aur amount. Appli as above. ml Im'i IdJ- FOR LONDON.? Regular Packet lor June the hfOTW tWi ? rhetohn. id P-ekrt 8H WELLINGTON, JMUkna U. Chadwick, master, will ssil as above, her rtguler ue>. Having very suveror aeeommoit ions for cabin, 2nd cabin, and tlecrrge passing? ri, It rs ns wishn r to tmb<ik ahnmd make caily application on bna.d foot of Maidi n I. ne.oito JOSEPH Mc.VlUKHAY, I' 0 I'ine vueet, C.xuet i f St nth. Psnona wuhing to tend lor their Irienos, can have them broi ghtout by the abeve ?hip, or any oi the regular packets, by applying ?s atu ve, (il by letter, prat peid ) tn30 r_ FOR LIVERPOOL?NEW LINE-.Reguls "u.-The Splendid Packet Ship JKhMw^A BRICK, Captem Wm Saiodv, of 1000 tons wot positively sail ee above, her rrgular dny. For freight oi passage, having s? cove Trade ueus nn-uua.ied for splendor of eoaifort, apply btmvl rt Qrtau* wharf foot of Wall street, arm K.K. COLLINS A CO. M South straet. Pr'MR Of LftMRC*. Hlfl. 'in* racket Ship Rneine, Opt. John 0 >lltn*, ol ii* tone, will anecsed the Oariich, end full the ttth ot Jnly, in regnlar de.y. Li-ttera for the ahipe ttftbia Mor trill only bnrocaiTed at pir. a ttul Hale's News Room. Iiauiwtn may rely ouihe thtpa o! this I sir at.line pane to 1 1 f <ir utvert'scd. mjhr iffSt >OV LUK HVRRrOOL PACK T8.-P7cke Ifffw |? I| Ju e ? Th ' aph udid, fast samui Packet Ship JMMMEw KiJtHk.8 ' KK. Opt M i.ton, will Mil poaitierlv a? ..i v . Her n-kolsr Hav. Tut chips Ol hi? ll'it lie ill 1(10# t.u* burth- n sod upw, xu.l their accoinni Mixtions t -r cablu, ?r o d eibi , ml ( rriic pMieiifit. it ? wll known lie np'iior to an ; other liue of pack* 1 Ii wi.lnn# to itenre beMhsshonld not fail to makeskdv application on b >onl, f..ot of Bur ui| Slip, or to W, ft J. T4P?COT P. juc 41 I ei k * ii>, tor ? Sonlh at. fort ,"N M. W MtlL&A Ns-LOlilSlAXkA AND VOKK LINK-P sili?ely *ir?t "'rnlsi jmtPtokn-Tnt fast Mil nf packet ship OCMllLOfcE. Cti'Ui Pent, ha?in? iwo third* of her cargo tniaged will have immediate despatch. Ifor .return or . ?**a?e, Iinyitm handsome furnished aecomnodatiou*i apply o? hoard, at Orleans whart, foot ol Wall ?t. or to T" K COLLINS ft CO. S noutn as ?hi; i*ra mayrely npyu harm* then eoods correctly nteasni J, sad that the ships of thii line will sail pnoetnally as aJvel ttaed. An# eoaiaJtae to that airnnt will be given and faltilled thai may ha remaned Agents in is. Orle M.Hnuis ft Woodruff, wnowill prom#? If ftryeard ill goods til their address. Th. cachet slut Ueonae. Captain Jackion, will succeed th, Ocmnle f _____________ )e3 r FOH KKKiOH I Oil CHAKTICR-Th, c?pp0?*d, N?w Yt ik tuui, ih p Tktoo, a co.. m.lec M South st ?*t. I)W??? 0t<T dtl'CHAHTCM.-Tha ?nn IgJBVfit* tilting* c?i-pci#d, New York hoiU, ihip Mimu JMBftstil pi, Capt. Hiliiard, 6S0 urn* Ar ply io k.. if COLL1NB ft CO , mil ec M South stieet. E NE N TV#I^IATUIllfi PORTRAITS copied from D ?gufrr#otyp^i in D^fupl color* on iTery. with p-ifcct accuracy, or wuh any lUtireii ?'l crafion or nn roranicnt.oij v- r? moderate terms. Rp? to be ?e*u in ihe Ddgutrre otyi ? ilncm, i\o. I, at 2J6 I n??r r.ulr Phtf. mJ5 f. ?i ( U A \D*OMb Apa li i viKft I'ti, i llouirt'Q itr*hi, near I ' , *:,y lo lot, to pe. tl?inen. wi'li hie k1 tat and tra, or Jul 'board1 if required Koleo Ei quire at the bat t Nihlu g Ctaruru, or at tlx Uou?.-, 411 Hoiutoua. ?et. m2l-lni*>e t WRIOH r si l -o vtill open an oilier o! 'IhculI aid i'o .T I* 'to at O>w<go, N. Y., on the Itt o' Mty neat, aud Will moke collctlii'ii .1 d mniiraunei at rrMounble ra. He 'er 10 0 Ehbrt-.Jr ' *q , caetiier. New York Kny .a o, *?ac k Co., New Yrvii. ' Diew, llobimou U <-o.. New Yo'k. ' A. U Tatchin, K?q.. cannier, Albany, Oiwerri Arril 70 IBtl u2a ,iw* HAIH CUT.UNO! HAlK CUTTINo! H AIR CU t TINO LI ILL, the inimitable Hair Cottar, take* tliia method of informiu* his friends and the public in irrnoral that ho ha* removed from the Tontine Building to hia Old Slam.. No. 06 I earl a treat, up stair*. immediately adjoining the Pearl Blreet Houne, where ha wdlbe pi aard tn npenta on all who may favor him with a call, in nit truly inimitable alyle of Hair Cut- j tniR, which, for eleeanreof deaign a> d beauty ol t-iecuiino, , an'iiaaaet any th nt of the kind neietolore introduced into the j United State* Th* various branches of woik done at the fol Inimitable tlnir Coning, 12K cents. Do do Carting,! 1JS " S perior Shaving, 6** " i a9lm*r , TO KAKMKHS, GRAElEttfl. at AORIC U L 1 11 Kin 1'fl < ? UU TTERMEHE, Dre^gisl end Chtmist Irom tug I laud, 68 E:sex street, New York, would earnestly''beet the amnion o> all concerned in the welfare of horses end ca'tle I to the following inv doable medirioea, prepared according to I the formula of oue of the moat eminent vetenn.ny turgi una now prictiamjt in the aoulk of England, and procured by the present propi mtoral considerable coal. DIURETIC HOR1E BALLS? ihree balla are a radical remedy for all diaoiden in horeea, nrLiug from impurity of the blood, grots hum rs, and obstructed perspiration, inch as grease in the bee la, swelled legs, atrtngury, gravel, era nl ions uu the skin. lie. They may be admiuiatered at any time or season, without change of dirt, or interfe rcuce with usual la bor. At the fall of the year, wheu horses generally undergo a change of hihtt, the regular use of these h?ll? will p on high ly bruefirul, and even a prerentiveol' many oiseases to which, at thia reaaon, horaei are peculiarly liable. Hold in packages containing ait ball*, 3a.. with ample directions. COKD1AL FELON DRINK?Decidedlv the beat medicine that can he adm.iiistered, for all disorders >o horned cattle, arising from cold, Inch as hidebound, fevers, I was of appetite, shivering, coughs, hoonng, loss of milk, Sic. Sola in packages, with directions. If 6d each. CLEAN8l.NO DItlNft for new Cgtyed Cowt-la cf infinate service and should never be omitted, in all casea where tlte placenta, aecundims, or cleauaing, is obstructed. It not _ oul forwards the discharge, but most admurnbly affords nature < timely assistance, in expelling tliat citram ous mii'er, wh'ch , im|>e<les the course of the alimentary canal,presenting the fulfilment of iu proper function. This drink also couuterecta a . variety of complaiws ro which tlia airmal is afterwards liablr, : whi'itthe flow of milk is wonderfully promoted, lu packag'a, with directions. 3s Sd each. RED FESTER BOTTLE?For aabdaiag inflammation and morbid swellings in horses, also an excellent cooling lotion, for relaxed siaews, bruises, sp-aiiis, galled backs, wounds, Itc In bottles, with directions, 2s 6d each. No stable thuuH be without it. VULNERARY BALSAM?For eradicating warbles in horses, healing cuts aud wounds, however deep or aggravated; al<o sn application to cankers in the haof urn) quick probes, 1 decidrdly the best remedy that can be used. Should be in every stable. Sold in bottles, with directions, Is 6d each. cordial, purging, and worm balls, liquid IH.IsTeK. A" Stc. At this establishment, the utmost caption is invariably observed, in (he selection ol genuine familv ine'ticioet. PHYSICIAN'S PRESCRIPTIONS ?J B. fully impressed with a sense of lhair vital importance, shall invariably observe the moat scrupulous Accuracy in the preparation of physician's prescriptions. The above medicines are prepared and sold exclusively at i the Mrdiaal Hall, *1 Essex stieet, three door* from Grand, op- I posite the Marhet, New York. i Orders from the cuntrv promptly executed alt 3m*r IMPORTANT TO FARMERS?The New Vork Nignt J- Soil Company are now paepared to rtceive and fulfil orders for manure, which is prouounced by the most practical < and respectable farmers to be superior in its fertilizing qnali- 1 li-s to any manure now in nse, nod they intend selling it at 1 such prices as to make it accessible to every farmer. For particulars enquire at the office of the agent, IS Chamber! street. Orders msy also be left for the removal of the content* ol j cess pools and sinks, which will be attended to with all possible cleaol-oes* and punctuality. They have be*n at th- jrvat 1 expense of purchasing vessels for the purpose of conveying it . from the ci y. aud to make it agreeable to the citizens, they have close tubs and, md have it so arranged as to hare a vessel ai me wn.iri, ucir.-st to where the work is going on, 10 J at in p evint'.he nnianci of carting it through the city. All orJers may be left or letleit address-d ,o the office of the agent. 15 Chamber* street. ui3 lin*p MILLIARD SALOON. NO. 5 BARCLAY STREET, THREE DOORS BELOW THE AMERICAN HOTEL. < DRICE REDUCED to One Shilling per Hundred, from I e A M. to 1 P M.?The subscriber informs his friends and the public in general, that ne his Eire New B>lliaru Tables, in , separate ep-irtinet>!*?two in the upper front saloon?two in the | rear saleoo, and on* in the front room?all in first rate order. | Each g-_. t.rman visiting the establishment will be furnished , with a private Cue, ror his especial use?the tables being in dif- , (erentapa inents. toe proprietor thinks it will render it more selec t and ? rreable to gentlemen visiting his honse. ALSO. TWO FINE BOWLING ALLEYS IN THE BA8EME\T. .His Bar will always he stocked with the choicest Wines and Liquors and the beat Segais to be liad?also Slictry Cobblers, Mint Juleps,*; made in a manner not to be surpassed. N B.?The apartments hare undergous s thorough refitting ?ne* ,>aper, painting. Ac. tt7r tsuuemru will please to coaimnnicate aer neglect cf d'lt.v . the attendants, at the bar. FRANCIS MONTE VERDE. ichlfi tin*t 5 Barcav ornet. NEW FIREWORKS LABORATOKY, BY JOHN TRAGARDH, PYROTECHNIST, KIMM SWEDEN. Messrs. A THAGAKLH have the honor to infoim the Amrr can public tnat they have au extrusive anit varied etsorlmriit of FireWorks, of all and ev ry kind, at their establishment, at Harsimns Lotg Dock in New Jersey, a half m.le from Jcisey City, opposite New Yoik, which they offer to Committees and others, at the most favorable prices in the market. Bel evmg in the new trade principle of a moderate cash price for a good article, they request the favors of the \ uhlic at the above place, or -t the store of Robert Johnston, No. JI Conrtlandt street. All aider*, on any scaleo* site or variety,prom, tly attended to, by addressing the subscribers at eithrr of the above pliees. NICHOLAS A, KOLLBERGItJ TUAOARDH, mr7-Jm*r Harsimus Long D"ck, New Jersey. FlttE WORKS, CRACKERS, See. FOURTH JULY, 1843. /COUNTRY and city dealers in iirrwoiks, will find it to Ag their advintnie to ea t fid examine an ex ensiva msor.ment of the best quality, at K. AYL'iFFE'S old estVOi hment, 81 I hatham street. A laige quantity ol fire crarkers just rtcrited. Remember the sign ol the two mammoth skv rockets ami oold key. n?30to4jy*r E1 IRE WORKS B? THE-MANUFACTURERS.?D " MOHAN Ik CO. PyroteahaisU, 78'Ihatnam street, offers to the public a splendid jsvntineut ol Firrwa.ks, super,or in q islity and n. arm ss to any iu this or any other cuimry. The above have been manufactured by them for tliir mar ket; a'so can sell much chsaper than any vender in t >wn, a d gmrsuteeell g ods Tom their store. No peddlnur from this place?No. 78 Chatnam strict. Goods delivered to tuy pan of | the cry free of espeose. N. B.?ixnibit on Fireworks ef soper'orquality, withcrimsen. red, purple, green, yellow and tine fires. Also, cdoied fire, by the pound. jl lm'rc TREASURY NOTES L03T. r naT v,? .. .. ... k., v?, 'J kd Philadelpliia, a noekei memorandum book. containing , ihe foil': W'ug Treaaurv Notes:? A No 19535 10 June, 1842, 6 i>er cent, to Syl. Brown 1 j . eurorvd >6 Jnue, I E 100 . B 19W 10 ? 6 ? 2b ? 1842 1 oS.1'0 A. I9M 10 6 ? 20 ? 842 f -3? 100 , A 3410 ) 10 ? 0 ? 26 ? l?*y, ?! . JO . U S? 01 1(1 ? 8 ? 30 ? 1042J 50 , ? nit" ?,? V m * ? 11 " 18,2 WB' 1 Uungan and H. L. Myera, 30 B H2v5 8 Slar., 1843. 8 per oent. ta Syl.Brown, nndors d 11 ar- h. 1842, to B. Knucin and K L. Myen, 30 C 241885 25 April, 1843, O. Loy all, endorsed April. 1842, I io K. L. Myers, 30 0330 All penona art forewarned against the payment of the above ( not'*. A liberal reward will be paid for the return of the book and co.- (elite, to the sabicnber, at 75 Booth Front etrcet, or iVleeert. Allib-ue St ??. 8 South Wharves, Philadelphia, er lo Means. Bryan 8t Maitiend, 174 t> root elieet, New Vork. Philadelphia, 27tli May, 1443 m30 liu'r (Signed) 8. L. MYERB. fPO CONTRACTORS?Topnaals will be received by the j A anbscti-ei lor 'c'mi iliug the eaet abutme t of Mamar pick Budge, according to si-ccitic uioua wh oh will he furnished, ind <il?o for the repairs of ' he f,tuner Bridge The p opotals may he for bo'h the abutment and r^tnira ofilia b idge.tog. th- r oraipnate Pera-na i hmg t.i c -iiuacl, will please hand in .heir to ihe tuh-c ioera on or ,.reviuii? to ihe I2h lninni, if couiement attei.d at home of Epen< tin Htddnn, Kye, uu tliat day. between ihe houraof one and ihrrro clock P. M , a?hen the Proposals wiil be opei ed 8p>cilic itiona can a Ian be I found at the atore < f M L'-oo, Kan ?e?r the brirtve. P1 II. MO - HALS I SO. of Rye. U F i-AKPhl.a i ICR, 7] William at. N. Y, ^Maina'tniek, Jon i. 'Mj Je2 8tre HMM-E LADIES who aie renovating their dwellmca, aaa , A romi-linnm 10 the aeas.-n, when all ia bnnyant and gay, may he furnished wiih Fancy I nt Tlaane Pai>er, for the coven- j ing ol pic lire fiam-a. lo king IWWt, candlesticks, vaaea, gnwe . aprona. ha'l launp , lie 8tc , which will greedy ornament, at a I very trifling eipenii, at 184 Canal atrer t, Id below Varich. i mt lin jgh | MONTHLY REPORT OF THE NEW YORK MEDICAL AND BUROfCAL INSTITUTE, INO. 75 CHAM Br RA STREET, nates coKar>_. 14 lcflammitioti of the eye- 4 Di??aaea of the liver. Iiila 3 n flum'n of the hovels 8 Pyphilitic Iritis 3 Vomiting. Oasuitis 2 Amanmaii, three nnder V Dl?eaa?a of the Womb tieniaent?duiug well ll ->yplnlia 6 Op city of the cornea, 8 diiptpit alight 12 tVniira, or Fluor Albm 8 Btyea, by an operation II Gounihmi ' On.-.nnm 4 gtser 3 K.iyaiprln 7 heem dary Syphilis 7 Ulcerated tore throat 5 Pin a 12 Uleet?cured by new g Bubo, by a uew method cf remedies trei'ment 3 Diseases el the heart 4 Sore Nipple. 2 Dyacntary .. , auccKssrtJL suiaictL rrggaTiows. 3 tlpeiaiiona foi hireop 2j Stncimet in Urethra by 5 Operations lor iquinting an Improiad method oi 3 Operations lor Hydrocele cure 12 Tumors re- 3 Operations for fiatule in moved Ano. 2 Club Font-retired 8 Po y pus in the noae ' 5Tmuon 4 Adi oee lu-nois removed 5 Ule ra ou tne legs cored. 1 L .igi ,.i. ce of toue re2 t hym-<aii n oved from the arm s Ahceaae. opened 1 Ampnu'ian of finger 2 To ,ii a r- inovtd 1 Cauctr Bit-sai l O arel eur<d I Uvula le.novrd 2 iUiculum "I Urine DIl. TJ BOSTWICK, Attending Phyiir inn and Hn.vico. C. McMAPrVA, 1 Apothecary and Secretary j 1m en 'PO ~H?>T?X Kktrfcia*. oTtAMBOlT FmoFhLV i 1 TORS ai d Ptaceo ol Public Amueetnen Ac?JAMKA i (I. MliKKK f, 13 I'rine- eireet. Ni w Vuth, m no ini n a .upc ior urticlcel Sheet Brut, amiable fur li iu.r tuir?, which , lie*offrre fin Hie cheap He alto hoiihet ia I t ?U ibem on in i a tnnerior etyle, at the ihortett n tice, tad on th? moot rra eotuble urma. , ">23 lta#r I W YO EW YORK, TUESDAY a TO LET?Tha modern hndt three atory brick d?ellii g, No 16 Urreu atreet, tiniihed with tilrer furui tare, i' ubln miiitlrt an I grate* rhr..ughnul A An* ari? yrrd with mt r 'ailing c;?l?-r.i. Will b-s let low. For urtht rini! ctil..rsht>p y to AITKKN, B 'HI HKR9. jel-lro^ec _ * o. 'gg Knl ?.' -ir^et Jttl TO LKT ill VV illi* ilk M r ? iir |u I ill t Y*! . &< tliri-e i4o-y t> .i ll Uwi.ihtw H <uv in Sooth 7th CiAil *1 n i 4th it., rentviry low ApilytuW it J T TapiCn I , 43 Pfh ?l ip. ni T-ee jfcfl BAlt 'L Vi bTMKKT?TO I.K. I ?I'm i legem flrT? icd c ra-odium thr'eetory trick I num. No 51 H iri 1-y ta'/f" "" t. bin t ti. I oecupo it h, i r. I m m'? i'r Itkt nctil >ie i n*i nt fin . in roHml order ?nd liitr I with every :outi*i n ic for i ln-ge1 ?n.'v, iud ti n r- .'ire ly <k rout of Co l-ge Place. Ko. t-nnte,ply at No. 110 W<il?r afreet rn'3 lm*t 0 GENIN ic ~VAN VltANKEN'S VENTILATING GOSSAMER HAT, FOH OKNTLEtlKN, WllflNO 0>LY i% OUN h.H?THICK si 50. IE TIIR Subscriber* h.i>a introduced the abo'enimed h?t lornainmei w><r. Br comparing ihe weight o| thij irtic'e with the average weight ol the following hate. the tapeior epTumag.i it poMCMM oeer th m lor lunmir wcti m?r ?e re- d It ieen '1 he arerage weight of the ord.ntry for hut it uunces. do do Tannine 5tg do do l.rghoru 4 " rteinr f .11 jr convinced that no atyle ol autnin'r hat heretofore *o n hi? met with the geueml anpro'int'on whi- li a hat Iogaea iiuic all the iiut'iti'f, fit- I go-in ??, heantv, durability and heapnoi?, wonld be tore to reeve, we hi?? devoted much ateut-outn ih- manufacture aud fmirhii.g of the new ?ryle now ii roi'nned by in. Fio ibr worn anpiohaiiou by lentlrmeu who hare rgimiind tlirm. we feel taiiafied h-tthejr teed only to Do aeen to h- fu ly app *ci .ted. i ok f AII f u/\ * aril, n 28 lm * ec 314 "r iil??y,>n?itc St. Pan '? Charch. LOOK AT THI8! Boots, of b?it quality, $4 to $t 50 F ei cn, do do 3 to 3 60 Fine tewed Bouts, 3 60 tj 3 0) Pegged do ? 61 Morn eo do 3 36 Heal Skin and Orain do 1 16 to 3 on Clo.h button Oai'rrs, I 35 Prunella do I tO Fine Calf Phoes, ttitc'-rd, 3 00 C*!f hoes. 1 35 to 1 75 Boy'a fine sewed bona, 2 36 peg ed boots, e If, I 60 " 8-nlxViu aiu Grtio, I 12)f " Fiur Calf Shoes I 25 " *' Kip Hhoes, I '0 Youth's Scwe- Bo t?, 1 00 to 1 50 LADlES' BOuTSIt SHOES? Ladies, in 'hate amret you wi'l find the greatest ass r meul of (liiter Bu tt, Bliorers, Snski i, Tie , I'nnelli Bixkios, lirht and dtrie colored hilf J .iters, Home hlipp ts, whi a and b sck satin slipper* satin [aitera, Mi>a < and Clnldrei a' saner*, b'l'Si:s, slippers, list, nd all ot' er ki-ds of boots and short of our own mauuf ictur* ng with the best of Freuch goods vd ws ranted to he the b>st ind as cheap at the cheapest, at 307 B o?dway and 93 Canal at. J1 ror tiKEUOKi & I AHII.L. PAHIiBO'iri AMD CASTS-MADE TO OttUK.R By E. SUSER, 175 Broadway, (Batrment,) One D ior from Conrtlandt street. K SUSEK, Bootmikt.r, and maker ol Lasts, an sfTiitl"r' |i i " ol Clerce of Paris, begs lraee to inlorm hit Iru-nds and all the amateurs oi a gmilemanly "ch-usmie," that he Cin now make, iu New York, with the best French ma etUli all that is so perfectly made, in f ari*. by his master the celebrated bootm>kur Clerce, whose nntnetons eustomrra on this side of the Ailauti;. are resp ctfully invited to tiy SUSEK'8 boots and lusts beior- they despair ol being "chauases" in New V ok, alter the nicest, latest Paris fashion. Also, the genuine Puis Jet Black Var.ith told. m o 7w*r Akd BOUT AND SHOE HTOUE. JOHN i'EADY respectfully informs his friends tiiu the i ublic, that he hat commenced business in the above line, at No. 99 Nostan street, where he will thankfully receive md faithfully eiecute, all orders he u.ay be favoted with on he mi's treason b'e terras for cash. o32r ~ 99 BKOADtV'A V. 8. HOB1DER, FRENCH BOOT MAKER, from Paris, has an assortment of ready made Boots ana Shoes,of the best calfskin, for Five Dollars, supe riot lo any other ho?' maker in the city mil) ini'ee dftns TO THE LADIES.?200 pair prime Outer boots of all colors and sizes <>f the l?test fashi n, Vl'sses and children's Gaiter boots and Buskins, Ladies Bus ?ius, Ties and Shpprrs, a rood article, from 4 to8 shilling#!. Alio, a good asaoiiment of Gentlemen's prime call stilcli boots, city made, from 3 75 to4 dollars, \ya: noted : good fine cogged boots, from 12 in 18shil ings. A'so, Biv's boots, 8 to I2w; '"flits gaiters, qu liter boots and ah >es of all descriolions i great abundance, "at Walker's cheap More, 419 Drw'i way, jorner Coial cfeet, m24 lm*ec to boot-makers. o. morg fJAS REMOVED from 132 to Hi Leonard street, where lie ? cnn-iuurs to cat Kit. Uu hand ready cat kit, French nd F.r.ciish. ml lro*ec OTICE AND REMOVAL.?K. A AttTAULT, lately I6*K Fultou st. having dissolved by mutual coiis'-ut his co[Wrtnership, for giving all bis attri tion to the Daguerreotype, respectfully iuf.>rms his friends and the public ihst he ass remused his old Dsguerrrotype stand (roin 168>6 Fulton st. to 235 Broadway, 2d sl..rv, wheie he has just opeueu several Bickages received by the last arrivals, containing 1000 French auuerreoiype Plate s. No. 30 nod 40 warranted French Acrounatic Lenses, and all th? chemicals necessary?complete appa ratus He will be eery glad to see all his old customers visiting his uew place. Please to give a call?235 Broadway. 2d story, rooms Not. 1 and 3. in4 lm*r O BKKVOOHT, formerly at 182 Fultou street, n?i re k ? moved to No. 6'. m5 I me MADA.Vlr. FLOKIaE LEIfEVRE?Removed Irom 79 Frat'hlm atn-et 'o iO walfccr infi lm*r DEMOVAL.?P. MAE*, Hair Dresser and Wig Maker, has ft removed f urn 163 to 182 B.oadway, a few doors below the Franklin H Use, and opposite John street. Hivi elV'cilnpa rew p om in the most fsthrouable it)le, he will continue ihe lame business, and will be pleased to see his old fiien Is aud introns. and others who i ay ravor him with a call. IL-has i'so private rroms for Ladies' liair dressing and jainpnoiug rris powerful Esrracto< Jjmpo >ny it considered by tlion acas >f New Yorkers nod strangers at one o t .r hralth'cst articles "or the cm* of dm dm if and'tn-iigthenirg ths hair, is improved )V the Faculty of Medicine in Pttii, a-J nate-rted at Washing:on. Nothing is more ple?su<t and delightful than to go through :hrs operation in the hands of P. MA EH. rot 'a'' REMOVAL Vf R8. o. NKWCOMBE, TOBACCONIST, returns her sincere ecknowledgements for the very liberal patronage itend-il to her far ihe last IS years, and would beg leave to nform her patrons and the public generally tint she has relieved her old established snuff and tobacco wire house to the ipaciout store Nu 4 Wall street, Monmer building', where me wonld invite (he al'eution of sounoiseeu.s ro i er large and ell selected slock of Foreign aud demettr snuffs. Just received from Hamburgh a laige supply of Vaiina's K.v taster (1st, 2nd and 3rd quality ^1 old and verv superior Turkish ipi.msh, Hcafailatli aud Porto Rico, rmok ng tobacco; caveulish (various krnd-,)and line cat chewing ditto. A choice assortment of the best brands of Havaua and Pirn:ipe cigars, coustautly on hand. Fancy pipes, cigar cases, muff hoses, pocket lights. Chinese tinder fee kc A'l of lor sale on the most liberal terms, wholesale or reuil. Strangers nnd country dealt rs are invi.ed to call previous to naking their purchases elsewhere m4 'm*ec PATENT PRESERVED HIOHLY KLAVOHED P"HTaBLE MEATS AND 80UI8 for ship stores, war 'anted to keep lot anv length of time, und iu any r'imate, man ifactured and (or sale,' wholesale and retail by wlf.liam mullave. nl 5w*r 104 William street t^kusses. _ ivuii ?. iu nuriumu itnouiia. PERSONS .fflcttd with rupiur*- may rely npon th? best inst'umen'al aid the world affords, od app.i.ation at th* >lfic-, No. 4 Vesey street, or to either of >h? struts n the ru c'i?al towns in (he United States Be earefu to eg imine he naelt pad ol flail's truues, to see if they are endorsed by Llr.Hnll. in writing None are genuine, or to be rtlied upon as ,00 d,VftMlthtsnp ture Many parsons have undertaken <0 Tend imitations of Hall's celebrated russcs, And thousands are imposed upon in ronseli'itce I hrse uni.ati ns ciucot be rtlied npon; they are mad by umlu.ful mechanics, and ate lo better than tr e o.diuary tin ma H-o.nt h-?e been fitted op at No. 4 Vesey street, rxelnsivly for ladies, having a separate entrance Iroin the business demit tneut, where a ranisfe is in constant aitendince to wait upon fam-le .Jitieiita. m?0 1m m FkR. JAMES W. AT J RIDGE'S TINCTURE KO't IN'-'digestion, r Dyspepsia.? 1 his iuvslnabie remedy, which daring th last fill y years hts saved thousands from the jaws of death, both iu e.arope and America, it now introduced publicly lo the many rtctima who are suffering from the ar ove named liarreisiog disease The proprietor wishes it decidedly o be indeistood, Ithouah he tabes this method of m king the reinely public, that the Ttuctnre it not calculated to cure all the lutasrs iucidtut to the hnmeu irnne, but merely (hose inlaced by a disordered state of the atimno ary cinal. and known is Indigestion or Di?p-naia. Thetriilefa single bottle will prove to the most >eeptic?i that, by f illowing the directions which accompany it, that terrible d seas* m ly be entirely eralicated Nmiir oiis t-sliumni ils tn iv be seen by apti ying to Messrs. Csrte fc Nephew, corner ol Water street end VI tide a aie. T'nr tale, who esale and retMl, at the aboTe named atore, tud at lit B?w. ry- into lm*r TO PERSONS FROM THE COUNTRY.?Now thattne leason hus airi>en in whicn UM diseases nl 'he skin an jronitlit to maturity and act most violently on t' e system and hereby implicating th-liuiug membr net of ih- srom ch tnd ufestiics foimlng the geimt and su etUdacing (es,tc>a ly in thildren) ail iliose trptiulesome and fetal affrc pins of the stontch and bowels that help so terrbly to fill up the Bills of nortaliiy I)r. W HEELER, 31 Greenwich strrer, with much satisfacfon, has it in his power to offer a remedy, ilia lapguof MMM (ficney of which, twenty years experieuw has stamped as belift certain. This Bslsrq of Movatrllo Is rimposed of vegeanle mediefnes of the most healing nature harm tilling In herapentical as to owrsntiw the diseasesnl the wwola, v.x: Diarihoac, Uysenteiy, Ch lera Morbas, !*ninmer 'omplainc. Spasmodic Gaelic, aim mflvminaiion of the maoes mrmhraaet, fcc. Re Di. Wheel*r bp? pebluhed e p .m met ior meter,tnioi arrange ri. atrian* ory ol thep-cnliar 'IWm tha'hii BaLamof Moacatello ununin n a restorative, > copy ol which he will be h am>y to fartuth ainitnntl, to any .ady ot 'JcDtleman. Dr Wnerler'i BilMmlvt the peculiar satnre aa a medicine tlia' it ia cascading y plenum'. to the paife, thatehildrin will etg'ilv take it, which to it, m gnlai (f'.cacy renders it a* a family medicin invaluable. Dr. V* he?-r preaenti tee fo lowi .g i minim g- uti? mi l na refercncea restive to tile high atanding and of the invariable sneers* ol lua I laam of Mo e tello? Uen. VVird. M C. W.-nehmt. r; (Jan * P. * I orris, Mai C. Map**, U. 8 Army | >V P ilallet.Kni ; lokn Uruwoid, E*<i , Cant. DePevster o'tna packet 8li-riiU?; h.rlea, k sg i J- B. U?dd, Krij. ; J met A Huydam, ?*q | Charles (J. in, Eaq.. and many other* of iqu I (Midlll. m T Im'et PO THE LADIES?8TR.KER'8 SOLUTION?There I ia ao occasion to waar la a? hair on account of the color ol he hair. Ladle* aie often troubled wi ha ptiu or disease in the i ad, occaanmeU by tne preaaure of the falae hair. Ladle* ran lave giav nat changed to look aa well aa r?er it did, w th'.ut njory. Mr. 8. ha* a room eippaaly to be ten ted by a lady, at na residence. Alao, Mr. 8. will change gentlemen's hair to toy ah ide or color Drnggiati weald do well to boep it 'or tale u otliet cities, aa humbug dyes are going out ol date Wnnle ale and rrtul, at No. 4. Chatham >1., opposite the 'egut-i's op Hair*. m II?im'r DOCTOR BULL. I \OCTOil BELL devotes his personal attention (daily, rev U nl 9 P.M.I to llie removal of prifate disease* in evirv I itage. All aulfering uuder protracted cases, aggravated or nomeceaWulW treated by ineipurieneed or leetemled i memo om?tin*. laboring under the destructive ellreti of mercory or luaea uoatroui*. and all who suspect the icmain* of di eea* larking in in* ivsaem, may consalt Dr. H alway* with a guar uitee of a cuie. . , IVrson* contemplating marriage, whu luiva been the subeeta af delicate diacaaea, inay cousul^ Dr. Bell with honorab,g :onfidenee. raat-paid letters, deactibing the cose of peiaona t i distance, hare hi* promptattruiion ?r. B.'a treatment icviy rtpoae* to avapieion, ay I is wall known t* le sale and peimgtent. lC^ Private' IflcesgT CEDAR STHEET, two daora from Broaaway. ml lui*f IRE I MORNING, JUNE 6, 184: EXCHANGE HOTEL. BALTIMORE. houir bavins and. r^one many imp< riant alterations j- and Ihor a. h ieptir?. harm; been iu part refnruiahtd with tichar.d 11 (.Rant furniture, u if-iiu opru for the reception of comiwoy. The posi-ion of thii Hotal ii too well Lnown to require a detail of it* advauta- ra It ia cntf. aaed 10 be, for i eoi Ie of bnai- i naas or pleasur-, our of ihe moat (ivorahle of any in the city. The present proprietor inlen'a tl ?t care ami indnatry ahall not bt warning to imorove it> natural advantages, under nia superintend inca, anil lie leapectlully aolicita the patronage of In* friends anil the public. KRA8THB COi KMAN. Baltim re. April 20, IMJ a 23 .odlwr SHERON 81 HINtlii, PAVILION, r-COHAKlE i UU s Tl, N. Y.?This aide- did and ciiiiim.ri'ioua ot-1 h. ?l i been-nl"r?f', rrpain* <1 an' refnmiahed in the moat ela-aut m-nner thronaboiit. i'nrini<'In p at winter, will be openedIt lli- rrcrptiou of Tiailera by the aubactiiieia ou the 2Mb oi May ensuing. The alfration* aud addition* to the interior will enable them 11 aceominoda'e a in ch (n-fir mm krof visiter* thanlorinerly anil in a manner .ffontum evoy coiulot md convenience The promrn degtondawi! be haudaomel. relm'< nut - iih a vie w to affo d lb moat advau ageou* pioapeit of the lur < uud hit couo'ry. The toadt to and about the Springs a-e. heme im p-orrd and in w ouea opt- e l lor grra'rr aconiniodacion of qaeatriaM The tn u-da and water i ouraea iu the vciuilv of the Uath Houae have alio b-eu tmefnily lard out. Tin B-th H >n e ia being cnl -mi d >ud much i proved and will nccouimodate al' v ho inav da* re In l athe. There are lour new anil spacioua BallAilry a which l a- e la'elv I ei u erected 'I lie inteii< r arrangement* of the PiviIioii ire an It ag to ufforderery attention to the comfort and wialiea of vnit-r* wnh a well orgauized corpa of servants; and in ahort toe auhacrihera will be niep-ired to rereiva their viai'era iu a m inner uol to be ruryaared by en ea'uhli-hiuent iu the couu'V. OI ill, tl/ H?I..S?, W ,r?, t. .... k. an! i'. It m*t suipasned by tiuy thing ot th? h<nil in ih- known wor'd far tha cure f rh> nn'aiic, culnucou*,bilion i aad dyspeptic complaints, and (or the rnr of crvsepilaa, s it rheum, aero Alia, li rr complaint, and general d hility, > his been C. reified by some of the most erniuent medical protrs'ort Bra recent ana'ysis made for (be proprietor* or the Springs, bv our* ol the moat eminent rli*-muia in thi* country (Dr Cliilloa ol New York) the following reaulta have been obtained (raw aua gallon of water >? Or (int. Sulphate of Magnesia <140 ttulphve of Lime 11162 Uh'nride of 8 dium 2 24 Chloride of Magnesium 2 40 Hydr .anlphuret ot Colium i , ,B Vegetable extractive matter J 160.94 Sulphuretted Hydrogen G.i* 16 cubic niches. T' eae Spring* are within a few hour*' ride of Albany, Troy Saiutoga. echeaectaily, U ica, die.; nrd ere accciatblc either from '.aunjoharie, on the Albany and Uiica liailroad, where po?t coache* daiiV await tlie arrival of the morning cars from Schenectady aud Utica, to comey v sitors to the Spiing*. a dialai oe of about eig't tnilra, rriviug in time for dinner; or by the tump te from Albany to Ch trry Vallev, by diily stages, leiug ab'Ut forty five inilea weal of 'he citv of Albany. Peraona leaving New aoik in the?yer>i".y boat- for Albnuy,arrive at the Sharon Bpriuga the n-c" U,y in time for dinner. C. AHK, GARDNER Ik HASKELL. April 28. IMS. a'JO ead3an*r COMMERCIAL ACADEMY, DAY AND EVENING. No. 109 NASSAU 8THEET. spHE AMERICA N Stand .rd Syatetn of Wr.ting, taught by A Mr. P. J. Arnaold. from Albany?the otilv infallible method to become a liuiahed writer in the eourae of five to eight lea oua, of one hour each. Success ie guaranteed to all, from the eg# of 12 to f0 Such uu rccedeoted impinveiuent on this beautiful style of writing, so truly scientific, that the moat sceptical have yi'lded to ihe evidence Terms tro crate. Only one dollar and tilty ceuu (or the conr*e of lesion*. Book K< eplng, double and *ingle entry.?A complete modern system of an glo entry, or double entry which the ?m? runlt is obtained as that kept iu d mblc entry. Also, doable entry book keeping, in five difTerrat forms, acquired in (torn six week uo two month*. Five dollars for the conraa of (us xuct on*. VI r Aiuauld, at his leisure h urs, continues to wite up, poat andbilaucr trade.iuen'? and ine chants books, to make out the state "f affairs, to examine und verity hook* or accouu a gone into d snroer. to a ju.-t individual and pnrtnersh p concern .and to 'n niih specimen* or plant of books adailpted to any business, arranged by the most simple concise and satisfactory forms. N. B ? Mr. A. will give instiurtii ni at the iesideuce if requlced, and in ae idemien, ?m moderate terms References?I'e John 8. Van K- nsselac, Esq. at Howards Hotel; Aluerman At. old Neliou.aud to ths office of the Buodav Mercmy. m9 sod 2?r GUJDt. TO SUUiND JLElbiU A DESIDERATUM IN OENTIBTRT. DK. K. V. CATTLE. REMOVED TO Ml BROADWAY, cemet-of WHITE STREET, lies a Paste for fil-e in,' dewed hollow teeth. It can be pnt into Uie most teirdet taelhwitaontaoy pauior inconvetoeuce,Willi which it becomes iinpswtr. into ONE hard sohii bouy.rhus restoring ana preserving (hitherto pminlal and nseless teeth) artificially sound,and p-rfect in all trieir respecii. : use* for Jife? preventing IN ALL CASKS, the n* esitiy of estrtciion. Ladie* the most distin ,'Uishcd in society, otter Mieir tesiimonials in the most vivid terms, at to its efficacy. The Editor of ths Evening Post, says:?"It is admiinbiy adapted for tendet teeth end nervous prisons, and Dr. Cuttle operates on the teeth with great care and iliility " "1 he New Yvr\ Aurora, says " It makes the teeth in all rMpeets perfect for (if-." The Sun, say?>1 Dr. Castle lx?ob.lined much celebrity fui hiseicellentmode if filling the toeth." The most eminent geuileinen of tlx Medical Kacultr 'we person ally tried auu recommend Dr. <*a-itic'? Paste for '"UR the teeth. M onth-ache Pills, one of > .licit pet ia the echini. t.roth, will etfeot * permanent cure. (Emm lac Journal of Commerce.] nf LitAiE. Ann "IUU' .aaniL (ji KKATiur^-Uf A. C. Cattle hru replaced by a most ingenious piece of deatal " . nanism, the lot*, portion! of the nopei and lower;*" doom, not away in the ease of Lieut. 'i - of the U. B. N.. who inei with this terrible ami severe casualty, while in r.ursnit of tne In.liaus in Florida. We hin icpii Mttsr (roin L.rut. 8. confirms! iy of this extraordinary core and ila rutirc success, thai the losi of thee* importnnt oman. eo (kill oily repl iced by D Cratle it now no m?re a our * of rcgr t to ill l.iru'enaut. Ur C. iNiorte -rtificial teeth on ihe principle ol adhetiou by -tinnsphenc pretiure Dr A C Cattle refer* to the Spanish, Km nch and Eighth Aoibatt&do t, Ml Stoughlnn, the Sp.rui h Conaal, He r Admiral Walton, L rd M irpetu. Wen McCartv, Gov Mtioo, Dr K U J has u. Prtsid-tnt of ihe Medical Society, S N Yt Mre (Jen Games. J B Bck, M I): Or J A Himth, Dr B PsCfielil, Dr Beadle, Ur Boyd, Dr Huger, Dr J C Chrrauun. Dr A H 3te?ena, Ur I Torrov, Dr Bavliet, l)r Wm Wrayaen, Dr, kc, fcc. Office 391 Broadway Im'ec Dili MORRISON. NORTH RIVER DISPENSARY. IMK EoIcon street ne? Oreepwieh.?Ur. Mormon, Memberof the Royal College of Surgeons, London, and formerly Surrrcon in the Brit.ah Nil ry, coutiuoot to he couanlte l d?u!y on all disease* oft delicate .arure, and all those distressing symptoms to.'iaeqnent on injudicious treatment, and the imprudent use r fqnaeli medicines. Ur. M. has had an experience of twenty t wo yeate ir trea ting delicate disc ?t in all llieir vanont anitc implicated formt^ane diet a mild, safe and 'nfaHrble anbstitute lot mercury, ervlicatlog the venereal virus with certainty , w ithout inbjeating the patient toanv tisk orrrstrictinir himiul isnsial diets or pursuits while his medicines are agreeable rale and small, rer aatuenlobstructions in the nretlira sum as strictures and enIncitement of t;ie rrrststr gland t?-ersnnanied with much irritation ajd dull pain about these, parts, are tome of tht conse S-isnees of mal-treatrnent. D- jV). treat>strictures in s scien tifir. manner, ignuotic; absorption of the thickened circular eintrrnne without any pain. CONSTITUTIONAL DKBLLITY.?Thruairndsof yonng neu are snftermr Irom t \e consequences of indulgence in a sestet destructive habit.e.'ivl whose nerves are farther injured from th-uieof nostrt'ins.a: <1 pretended specifics, which stimulate only to induce yreato i depression. Dr. M. treats snph cases or. irarsly padiologu-al mmeiples, *fd never fails iu establishing a cere?the strictest honor and confidence are observed. Letters post paid and eocuininga lettable fee, will ensure tSe .-OTTMrpoodein full advice, and rnrdicine to any part of the IJr'on. lit his givsr.v a histoty of hig cne? iu 304-d KuJ ton street, ueai Gram* ich. mifi 8t*r QUACKERY USED UP ".! THE daysol the monster Quackery are numbered; his reign J. will soon br. over, and the thousands and Una of thousand! who are suffering under seer-t titrates, and the equally intolera Ir impoaitiom of unprincipled mercenary quarks, may now rejoice at lh-ir appr..aching delieersuce. Tbe dark reil of mys'try which has hitherto enshrouded the tie itinent ol these diseases, is removed, and the'meant for'obieimng rtlief it placed wilhia t'>e reach ol a I. Let those who are wise avail themselves ol rhenppo-tunirv with nt delay, aid procure at once a copy o' Ihe Medical Guide fir the iraa'ment of secret diseases hy Ihejnttly celebrated Ur. VAUttHK V, for many y? vs the princiial phyncnu of the Dublin L"ck Hospital ? This treatise contains a clear and thorough ciainuiuinu of Venereal diaeate<, in all their forma, with uteiul and or i ? .a . . r t. .11,.,,. ... i line ice wilh<mt the "id of* phytici in, or ti?U of dficoyery ? Thia work cannot I'll to prnae nira'uahlc to farther*. aeefning men an1 othrra, who are of en i laced in aitoatioua where they cannot obtain medical nd?iee. Ir may be nbraiued at me Book at?nd, 92 Naaaan it corner of Fillonat. Price ".J eta. Ai.v perann tending $1, by poat, will hare one copy faiihfiilly forwarded to them. m gfriin'r ^HERMAN'S LOZENGES. ENORMOUS noaniitiea of theae popular medicine are aold during the year, and mill the demand cnnaiantly inereating. In nre yearn the Doctor haa none Irom a few ponnda op to #7 toea in a year, aud where it will atop we rannot couerire. tVhi'e Shermae'a Lcteugea nre ao pli-aaant (hat "children cry for them,'" they are wondrrfnlly alfleient, or they would not be r>tron<r*d by nor worthieat einxena, ae fur inaianee?Ki-Mayoi lurk, J. Hlirrmnn llrowaell, Kaq.j Kcgia'or ml the city, W. II Unun, Rao. deputy regiater, Iter. Mr. Rnnbar, of the McDongal afreet CMldtl, fiey. Sehae'.nn Streetrr, of Boat' n, Re*. Mr. Anthony, of the Oneida Conference, Hon Senator Archer. Col J. C. Rahiiakie of New jeraay, and hnodredaof ethera ol the like hiah r-apectahility. Bhermtna Worm l.nxenpea?Teated in over a million o( caaea. and acknowledged by the medical facnlty to be the only a .fe and certain worm drtfroying medicine m tn# world. They ire pieacribnd t'aily by oeei'y all onr phyweiana. hheimana Loxcngrt alone hare a'-y reputation?ihe Doctor ia a member of ihe Medical ociety tnd akilfnl rracmi.i.ier. Pbertmah Cintphor l.n/eng'r?Ile.idaehe, tea aickneaa, palpitxtioa, lowncaa of ai-inta, and deapoedency, cored in a lew minntea by lln in. Tnay have ocen fnlly proved in n mulntmle f caac and r arer known tn fail. Bh'rmne'a Cough Lorengra allay all tickling or irritation ol the t?ni*l or m gi, l rorncto PXi rctorrlion and cure the moat narrnaai'ia cottah or c> Ida in one da*,; alao asthmt ana trhon|e inc coo. h, ill u tightneaa of the chea'. Conanmptio.i haa ie pentedly been n^t only relieved l?u: cffrctonlly eared by bhrr nati'a ( Loteucea, when nil oilier tneena failed 8oie Ni|>ple? poattirely cured bv 8hrrm*n'? I'np llnr* Oil. Ho d.rlOB Niwi ?'ie't, nud nold by nKent*, m 88 Bowery, 77 B ?. 8romlway. rfl B eecker it. 227 llndaon ?t, M"?hton Ik Aapiownli, New Vork; lit Pulton it. Brooklyn; t V,u?ntk' 84 1 he?nul >t. I'kiUdelt hin Dr He?d,eot Ony and Sntloya it? Uittinn* ; Thomnj, IV, Miin ?. Oiucinnuti, Ohio. A Uath"ir, 4 8 nnwii Hnl'. Albany; <. Dyer Jr. 47 VVeattninaier it, Pn yirten-?; Heddtmt.S 8'ate atreet Boaton; mtt Imr pat'ktt" PKH8SK, Ik I1HOOK8, No.61. Liberty ?tr et.Uiaye.loi iy ? the tollowini.? 1'iiJ re mi newt prnting 23 by St jo: " ' js by 48 M " " " W <y 46 ;pJ " " " 2 ny 27 Ml " " ' tfi 9y 42 " " " 2, br M 3w ? tie n SMI " ' ?\ by J! A!?<>, Book ynrer, 19 Sy 24 , 24 by 29, nod 24 by 18. Ttiey btie nlaon laiye netjitme t of wrttm- nudlwrapt int I rwper. of different ?i?e? end d?e'it ee, wl ich try oflrr ,i the , low r>t market price*. mite I IERA 3. Albany. [Corru?i>oQd*uca of tha Haralil.l Albany, June 6,1843. The Great Thorough/tire?Immentt Pattern Trade with Veitelt and by RuiJtoad? fjinii and River lYantpnrtulion? Iron Slrimboat*, /j-c. tfrc. Jamks Gordon Bennett, Esq? My Dear Sir i? There is probably no city in this independent Union through which is transported more passen gers and freight than this substantial city oi ours.? It is the great centre oi all the travel from and to th four prominent points of the compass Immigrants from many kingdoms of the old world, who come hither by thousands everv year in search of liberal institutions, employment, and wealth, mostly ascend the Hudson river and land at Albany, on their way to our western woods, lakes and p-airies The Buffalo itiid Boston chain oi Railroad arc linked together here, and affords to travellers of pleasure or upon business, thegreatebt facilities of intercomrmi'.ication. The bus nes with our eastern brrt'irei. has increas ed more than a hundred per cent during the ,<r ceding twelve months. The Boston trade espee *tly will warrant this assertion. There ure now three regular lines of Boston packets?Geo. E. Gay's, C. W. Rentley's, and C. T Prnyth's?each with eight or ten sail, which arrive and depart with freights aa full as they can swim. These vessels transport im mense quantities oi wrought iron >n harp, slabs, and pigs, which n brought down th<* northern canal from the ore mountain* of Vermont and the north em part# of our own State The Howie lead mines produce hundred of tons of lead, large quantities of which are now being transported to the seaboard through the Oswego and Erie canal, and the Hudson river. The eastern railroad is doing a freighting business which would astonish any jterson unadvised of the lact. Very frequently six engines are despatched from the depot in a single day, each propelling forty freight cars, containing fifteen or twenty tons apiece. Immense shipments of flour go by railroad The facilities for unloading boats and loading cars by the same process of power at the same time, are not surpassed by any other establishment in the country. A stationary steam power is being con structed, which will enable them to unload from seven canal boats at once. The lines of transportation on the Erie Canal have become so numerous us to excite a ruinous competition. The time was, a few years since, whan a combination of half a dozen men could control the canal?establish rates of freight and passage?und prevent any " wild boat" Irom entering into any competition with them. But of late years hnndreds of additional boats have been built and put upon the canal, new associations formed, prices reduced to a mere nominal sum, and consequently much capital invested which must ultimately be sacrificed Such is the tact, also, in relation to stdfem vessels on the river. When the Livingston monopoly held the river with the bouts Richmond, Kent, and Chancellor, immense profits were realized. Gibbons, of New Jersey, by the aid of the Supreme Court of (he United States, crushed that monopoly ; and, upon its ruins, he, together with the enterprising and indefatigable family of the Stevens', established what wss afterwards called the " Old Line," consisting of the boats North America, Albany, Constitution, Constellation, See. A difficulty arose between the proprietors of the passageboats and the association of tow-boats, in relation to the transportation of lreight, when the Rochester and Ulica catnc on the river under the plausible appellation of the "People's Line," in orde* to break down the monopoly. That enterprize eventually succeeded, and, for a year or two, Drew and Newton controlled the river. This season things have taken a different course. Several boats have Dt'cn hnuen?mr Luumonti, me i/urus recR, c.mpire, New Jersey and others?by which means the I monopoly enjoyed for two seasons, by the People's Line, has justly been destroyed. The fare is now so low that it is absolutely ruinous to the business. The iron steamers are beginning to attract much notice and observation. The experiment made, of , running them between this city and Philadelphia direct, hassucceeded with such admiration, that capitalists are completely awakened. Two of these boats have thiseeason been put on the route between New York aud 9t. Johns, U. C., passing through the Cha-nplain Canal. The Oswego Line haw \ one running (rom that enterprising and thriving , port, and arrangements are in progress lor the construction of several others, which, when completed, will form a medium of transportation, entirely eu- i perceding the drudgery ol horses. It is only when the Kite enlargement shall brcome completed, that so ain power on the canal will become useful; when that time arriveg.ihere will b? no transhipment ot height between Buffalo and New Yoik, and vice vtrsa The tow boats now employed on the river, will then become uselul; and in truth, they i have nearly become bo already, lor there ia not a i day but a dozen or two ot lakers, are towed to and 1 from the citv of New Yoik Upon the completion of the enlargement, an entire revolu'ion muat take place in the transportation of business on the canals , and river. t In addition to the iron steamer already alluded I to, a project is on loot to establish a line of them between this city ttnd several of the ports and places ulong the Sound and Connec'icnt river. WV learn that the New Haven line will be idy in the corn ing autumn. Bymeansof th' new system, a regularity in transportation will h es'*v. shed, which now could be clone by the precarious -it p'oymfnt ol wind and sail. In predicting that the method of transportion will be entirely changed in every direction from Albany, within ten or fifteen years, I feel confident that iL will be realized Steam will universally be substituted for wind and horse power. These are both too uncertain, slow and iardy, for the railroad speed of the times; and those persons who are not prepared to keep pace with the modern improvements of the Hge, will reach their destined port, always in seaaen to be too late. Yours with respect, .ItREMIAlI. 1 From Nassau, N P ?By letters from Nassau, dated May US, received at Baltimore, we learn that six er eight ' slaves had stolen a fine pilot boat sloop Irom Key West, nn I made good their escapa to New Providence, or soma one ot'he neighboring islands They were pursued tip to Nassau by the owners, tint neither they nor the vessel ! could be lound. The latter may probably be recovered, but the negroes, on reaching a Biitish colony, are at once free, as has been seen in several instances. Such occurrences are well calculated to keep up an angry reding on the part or the southern states towarda the Engliih <i>v*rument, lor thui encouraging runaway alavat without making any remuneration Tor the loaa of property. The Government Home, the residence of Sir Francis Cockburn, waa near being blown up lately from the careleaanett of a aoldier, who, with three or lour othera, were at work in the cellar. The aoldier accidentally dropped from hia pipe a coal of fire, among eome loaae powder, which exploded, dreadfully wounding, if not killiDg, the aaen, and aetting the building on fire, but by the prompt exertions of the garnaon and citizens, the flame* worn extinguished witnout eery great injury Thia building waa erected by the colony at great expenae, for the residence of tbair Oovernor*, and Would hare breti a serious loa* ifdeatroyed. There ia no other i ncwa of importance. I Fbom St. Thomk.? Theachr Ninetta, Capt. Hoffman, 1 arrived liom St. 'i'homaa, which port ahe lelt on the 18th ' ult. W# learn from a gentleman, passenger o? board, ' that the proviitons generally wera looking ap, though pi irea were still low aa compared to preaent ratea here. 1 Flour $A 60 a 93 76, and rising. Corn Meal per barrel >8 60; do. Crackara, J bbla. 91 16. Pilot Bread 9* 60 ; ' Navy do. 99 7* a 99 Meaa Pork per bbl. flO, Prima do. 1 98, both scarce. Meaa Beaf $?, nona In markst. Soap 91 1 per 20 lb. box. L umber?White and Pitch Pine plenty and dnll at 913 ' a 913 per M. Freights scarce Exports?Porto Kico Coffee $8 60 a ft; do. Sugara 99 so a 93 so St. Croix Rum 18 cents per gallon. In St. Croix the weather had been very dry, and the 1 prospects aery poor for the next crop of Sugar*. The old crap wa* not yet all off.- Phila4. Oat. , Thi Aaxaifia* Muaoaace.?We mentioned the other 1 <Uy the reported arrest of the notorioui Stewart, of Co lumhia Co., Arkaniaa, who, in March laaf, murdered wood chopper, and threw the carcaae into a krnnel to bu devoured by hit blood hound*. Soon after the murder, the Governor of Arkansas offered a Isrge reward for hla npprchension, and the citizen* of Columbia oftei ed a atill larger one. The Natchez Courier, of the ldthinit , give* the following account of hi* an eat:?" He (led to Tex**, but retuiued a few week* linceto Wathington, Louisiana, He went armed, and bid defiance to the whole country. H ? wa* warned that hi* presence would not be endured, and that tinle** he speedily left tbn country, be would be apprehended. He diaregarded the wanung, and a few day* nine* he waa captured by three or fonr apirited citizen* of that part of the country, after a moat bloody and desperate engagement. He waa aimed with a doublebarrelled gun, a pair of duelling patois, and a bowie kniie, nor did he surrender till be waa brought down by two discharge* of buck-shot, and even then wanted to continue the fight with hia knile. He ia badly woundad. and it i* doubtiul whether he ever recover*. What makt a <h<> transaction mora marvellous, ia, that Stewart is a man ol large property, had nearly two thouiand dollars about hia person when taken, and own* a large farm well locked He is a man, however, ol vindictive passions, and ha* boen the death ol sevetal others. On one occasion he killed a m*n at a gaming tabla?the battle was fought w ith bowie knives. He is remarkably handsome ma i, ot about thirty years of age, and but sny c other appearance than that of being the daaparat* charac- il tar ha ia." t] -1 L.-. Illl I ' LD. PrlM Two C*ntl, City Intelligence. Furexai. or Auiiw* Bonnsn.. i hp famnl of tblo gentleman, recently Aldermen the Thirteenth Word, was numerously attended. i>* Common Council, wHh their staves ?f office, preae ,ited un imposing appearnnce and many uftheoffi ei ? r I the Corporation, including a large body of the Pol ire, with insignia ol otli ?, at'.tnded to pay the lost mark of respect to this excellent and wot thy man. a H4IWK or PrRJunr Dismissed.?In the matter of W. A. Rikrr, whose orreit on a charge of perjury, was published in Saturday'? "Herald," a full hearing of the caae waa had before hia Honor the Recorder, on a writ of habeas corpus, when it waa aatiafactorily proven that Riker waa the owner ol the property, aa he had represented, in Trenton, N.J The mistake occurred in its being recorded in the name ol hia aiater, which waa done, we believe, to shield the property Irom being levied on by the She rilf. Riker it fully discharged. Cast. or Shipmir?Ater examination held yesterday n? i brio ati I'dire ottt.-o, it waa agr ed to hold the inJlvulual to bail in the smo of $12,0(10, heing the amount of money not yet nccoanted for?he will be ready with hia suretiea this morning. Steali-so a Watch.? A man nimad William McOur kin. waa fully committadlor stealina aailver watch woith $13, from a woman named Ann McCarthy in Heater straet to whose houso he went to get his breakfast. Roaaitso a Brio ?During th" morning of Sunday laat, soaie peraon or persona unknown, entered the cabin of ihe brlr "Haoovar,*lying near the foot of Clinton ?tre.-t, and stole a quantity of the Captaln'a wardrobe, and about aixty dollars in Mexican silver?and all while he lay aateep in hia birth. Surrotm Bu anLsaa?Two men were arrested at the upper Police office, anppoatd to vave been engaged in the burglary on the house of Mr D. K. Minor, but there i* no proof to implicate ihem. Baaxc his Nick ?A man named Griffith, of lis Lewia street, tell dawn stairs last wet k while in nsta.aoi partial intoxication, and fraotured the vertebra ot his neck, which caused bis death at the City Hospital yesteiday ? The Coroner held an inquest on the body which resulted iu a verdict of accidental ilsnth, and it waa alao ascertain d that be waa recently Irom Now Bedford, and a seaman by occupation. Rkcookiskd?The man found drowned a. the ft ct of 13th street, on Friday Inst, haa been recognized as Thomas Crass, a native of Hull, Ei gland, who rcoontly arrived in this ronntry in the ship Ganges Thb Accident on the Inbefendbisok?The y. ung man named Storm, who was kil'ed by an accidental fall on board the U A. Ship Independence od Fiturdey, <"s< interiad without an ioqueet baing held by tha coroner at this city, and the persona concerned in the buna), aa alao the assistant surgeon of the vessel, who gave the eertifl cate for burial, have thus rendered themselves liable to a severe fine and imprisonment. The col oner of Broo'i tyu refused to hold an inquest, at the accident occurred in the jurisdiction of this county; and coroner Archer,on application at the vessel, could find no traoo of the body. Per on* listing any iniormauon wiii communicate it to r, ,m at hit office in the Halla of Juitice, Centre street, this morning. Dec talon a In Clawncerjr. Before the Honorable Lewie H. Sandtord, Assistant Via# Chancellor. ?Jim* a,'43?J rut. II Graham, Jldm'r, ft. va. Chat Die kinion end Jno F. Delaptaine, eurviting sx'rs of Iioat Claim? Mr. H. P Ed wards for complainant, Mr. John Ambon lor defendants. Defendant'* exception* to master's report en itating account allowed in part, and in part disallowed. No cottt to either party. Geo B Thorp and otheri, executors gc. of Richard Jintot ra. Elizabeth Jlmot and otheri?Mr. W L Mori it lor complainant*, Mr. H. K. Clark for camplainant*' executor*, fcu. and lor infant defendant*; Mr. Derry and Mr. O Conor lor Willoughhy and wife; Mr. J. Leveridge for Mr*. Thompson; Mr. Dan. Martin lor W. R. Miller and wife; Mr. Aitkin for Van Beuien and other*; Mr. Devereux for Fleming and other*, and lor infant defendant*; Mr. Milspnufh for defendant, Elizabeth Amoa; Mr. J. vv. Brown lor other infant defendant*; Mr. W. 8. McCam lor all the other* infant defendant*. Decree aaainit the validity of the donatio mortie causa of $<0,000, all?g< d to have been made by Richard Aiuo* to hi* children. Van Beuren and Mr*. Thompson declared liable to pay to the executor* the $10,000 divided by Mr*. T. among the children of R. Amoa, and each of the children liable for tha sum received by them respectively. Co*t? of the com. plainant* and defendant*, who are grand ct" ildren of R. Amoa, out of the estate. Edgar Ketchum, put)lie administrator gc. ra. Eztkitl Petty and wife?Mr. Ketchum in person, Mr. E. W. (Houghton for defendants. Usual decree of foraolovnr* and shIr. The Farmers' Loan and 7Vu?< Company ra. The Mavor gt. of N.w York and Oliver Cobb?Mr. H. Ketchum for complainants, Mr. D. Urahatn, jr., for defendant*. Demurrer allowed, and motion for injunction denied. Bill dismissed with costs. B'ephen Conocer v?. Israel C. Langdon and Jfthemiah Brush? Mr. D D. Field for complainant. Mr. W. C. Russell for I.anffllin Mr \1 Huffman lor R ttik VoeantiMia lA master's report on stating account d sullowt.d, without Costa. Decree for the general cost* of Brash, aad his debt out of ?he lands held by him as security. Complainjnt to pay hi* costs if those are insufficient Benjamin Springer vs. JaeoL and Frederick S P"<md?t~ peel Mr. C. 8. Uoodhull for complainant, Mr. W. C. tVetmore for F. S. Vender; oel. Dec ree setting aside assignment of lease, and for trenafer to receiver. Defendants to pay coat* it fund insufficient to pay complainant's debt and costs. < ourt of ' rrors. Jena 6.?At half past 10 o'clock the Coart was called to order by the President, alter which the Clerk proceeded to roll over the names, and a quorum having answered, his Honor enquired if there was any business reedy The rhoucelior mse and announced th? death of the Hon. William Rugei, Senator of tne 5th District, and alter an eloquent etiloym n ou the public andprivate worth of the ilece sed, his lienor concluded by offi-ring a resolution of condolence to hia widow, which waa seconded in an eloquent and feeling address by the Hon. Morris Franklin, ami unanimously adopted. The following is the resolution It being announced that it hath pleased our Heavanly Father, since the adjournment of this Coi-rt in A-rillast, to remove oce of it* membets, the Hon. William linger, ol' the 5th Senate District by d. ath, Resolved, that the sur. viving members of this Court deeply sy n-nuthize with hia widow and surviving relstives in this afflicting dispensation of Diviae Providence, which has deprived hei of e devoted and efiectionafe husband, and tn-m of a beloved relative; and that as a mat k of respect for the memory of our deceased brother, we will wear the usual badge of mourning during the eeseioo of this Court, and that the t.lerk transmit accpy of this resolution to the widow of the deceased. Upon motion of the Hon. Mr. Strong, the Court adjourned to 10 o'clock this day. Circuit Court. June Se-Hii Honor Judge Kent, heard law arguments in thr Ion noon ol yesterday, and waa occupied in Chambers in tha afternoon. The Court aits this day lor the trial of cause*. Superior Court. Jnisa 5?The Couit met at 11 o'clock yesterday, empsnnallad a jury, and adjourned till 11 o'clock this day, when the trial of causes will be proceeded with. Court of Carnmoa Pleas l nil caurc mi mi* morning lor me inai 01 ciuni General SiMleni, Before Recorder Tallmadge and Aldermen Martin and Hcolei. Mosdav, June ?Thie court commenced the Jnua term thii day, but owing to tbe fact of it* heir# lie 1e' of election lor icbool commiaeionere, adjourned unui Tueiday next at II o'clock witbont doing any bOAirv-f. On examination of the calendar, we fin J that it containa the following new caaea: Manslaughter I; aaaanit and battery with Intant to kill I; rape I; producing abortion I; forgery 9; burglary I, peijury 9; grand larceny 14; n.e>ieioua treapaai I; diaorderly home 1? total 30. Previously Indicted IS; Treeionaly convicted 9?total It. The caae of Moiaa T. Beach for libel cornea up thia morning, Tuesday. Diatrict Attorney WmTiae announced the decome of Aidertnao Bennell, one of the Judgee of tha Court, and moved that from reaped te hla mamory, tha Caurt now idjourn until Tuaaday marnfng. The Reooanaa reaponded to the Diatrict Attorney, and the Court than adjourned. Fmoat Havaha.? By an arrival at New Orleans, are have received advices up to the tSd ult. On the 22d ulttimo, an expreaa arrived at Havana, bringing the melancholy intelligence of mother inaurreclion among the negroes on the south ride of the Island, in the immediate vicinity rf St. lago de Cuba. From accounta, the plot appears to mve been much more extensive end deeply orgalized than the outbreak at Caudinas, some five or ix weeks ago, and much more de^erati- and bloody n its execution A large number ol planters, with heir overseers and tamiliea, were the hapless vicims of the infuriated blacks; considerable property vas also destroyed. So important was the intelligence, from its astounding report of the loss of lite md property, as well as the extent ol the plot of the naiirgents.thbt the Admiral of the port, (Jen I lloa, mmediately despaiched a man of war steamer to ihe scene of not, and orders wcrr mau guruiuri Irigate, two briffo ot war. and another steamer t? follow the troop* without delay. Theae veaeela were ai; to >R|| by the 2lth.Oen Ulloa going in command r?f the expedition. Hy our next accounta from the Havana, whirh we ahall look for with anxiety, we nay expect to hear more fully the detaila of thia meancholy accident. The English steamer Tav had irrivetl at Havana from St Thomas She, howver, brought nothing later from England than ha* Iready been received here Passengers by her tate, that it war generally believed that on the ocasion of the recent los* of the unlor*tiuate S,,lway, ie man at the helm waa drunk, and the officer of he watch aaleep when the veawl atruck.

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