Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 9, 1843, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 9, 1843 Page 1
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morning?prico cents per copy, or >3 l'J per annum postages paid?cuah in advance. ADVERTISERS are informed that the circulation of thoIleruld is over THIRTY THOUSAND, and increaaisg ast. It hai the larger! circulation of any paper in thii city, or the world, and i$ therefore, the beet channel for hutitiers %'mm in the city or country. Prices moderate?caah in advance. PRINTING of all kinds, executed nt the most moderate prices, ard in tho most elegant stfle. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, rxcraiktcx or tkx IIluai.d Eitaiiluhmkist, Northwest cornel of Fulton nnd Nassau streets BRITISH AND NORTH AMERICAN HOVAL MAIL STEAM SHIPS, Of IT00 ton? and O'J horse power each. Appomtrd by the Admuslty to sail litlMeen Liverpool end Bo,ton, calling at Hili'ax to land aud 'twin Passen singers and H-r M-jests's Mail'. HIBEUNIA, Captain Chinks H. K. Judkini. CALEDONIA, 1'sptaiu Edward G. Lott. ACADIA, Captain Altxander Ryrie. COLUMBIA, Captain N. Shannon. BRITANNIA Capiain S< hn Hewitt. Wil'sail for oston vis Halifax, mots Liviavooi. vaost aos-row. Acadia, Ryrtr 14 h Mty lf.ih Junu Columbia, itanunu ?th Juue 1st July Hibernis, Judkius, 19hJn.e IG'li July Oil'doiii, Lott, ?ih July 1st auk These shirs cairy experienced surgeons, an I Fiances' Patent X lit- Uoa's No berths seemed nntil pai l Co- Apply to D. BRIOHAM. JR.. Agent, _ jejr l\? s Wsii street, New York. FOR HALIFAX AVD LIVERPOOL. The Reysl Mail >t am *hip At Ai I \, Ah xinder Ryree, Commander, will ltave Boston for the abjve ptrts, tn Friday, 16 h June Passage to I iverpnol f;20, Passage to Halifax, 20, Apply O D BRIUHAM, Jr. Agent, j7rc No. 3 *Val- streetNEW YORK, SCHOOLKY'3 MOUNTAIN k EA8TON. Lease lre loot of Courlland street, daily (Su.d.tys e?; eplrd) at 8 o'e'ecli, A. M., by railroad f on Jersey city to Mnrrislowu, thenc* by Post coach's throngh Meudhain,Chester Schooler's Mountain, Anderson Town, Port Golden, Waihiuyroo, to ICh r.,i. \i inirf.,,. a dailr line intersect* to and tram ^?mm TH Vol. IX.?-Ho 1?<1 *-Whol? No. S36S To til* Public. THE NEW YORK HERALD-*daily newspaper?published every day of the } oar except New Year's day and Fourth of July Price 3 cents per copy?or $7 3d per aruiim?postages paid?cash in advance. Til v u/ecui v uii'u i i n mihlrnhndevery Huturdav Br Nnlere For ?ett? >pplv to J. Hill, at J. Pattou'a, Commercial Hoi?' 73 Cj urtltud street. N.B ?Extr>? furuuh' <1 I lite ?horte?t notice by applying to N. B La , Uuited Siatov Hotel Mowittown. inrii3oiec NKW YORK ANL> KI Ml x i U> 8 i EA.M FKElUHT AND PASSAGE I.*NE. -Cvnerv* mra For Kiaijiinn, end Delaware and Hndion ?ateambcau EMERALD and NOR The H. MBk ALD, Captain John Ketcham, trill learr New York foot ol Murray street, every Monday and i tmraday at 5 o'c'nck P. M Wi I leave Kinxiton (Uondonl landing) e?eiy Wednesday and Saturdav at 3 "'clock, P. M. The NOIIWII'H, Captain John "amnels, will leave New York, fooi of Warren tlrect, every Wednesday and Saturday at 5 o'clock, P M. Will ave Kingston (Rondou: landing) every Tue ay and Friday at J o'clock, P. M EXTRA TRIPS. The EMERALD will leare the foot of Murray atrect every Pundy morning at 7 o'cl ck. Returning leave* Kjncscon at 1 o'' loc? run' day. For freuht or paseare apply on hoard, or to WILLIAMSON, BARLOW Ik CO , al^mer 164 Wear street. NEW JERSEY RAILROAD ANL) TRANS PORTATION COMPANY. NEW YORK AND NEWARK. Far* reduieu to '45 cent a. From me io?i o( Courtlandt t'reei. New York (Every day? Bonds' ? e*ieptrd.) Ltn'riXew Vo-? Learn Newark At S A M. At 2 T. 11. At 7 A.M. At IS P. V 9 3 do. 8 do. 4 do. 11 do. 4 do 4 do. 5'-< do. 5* .!?. JOS ?S do. do. 9X do. 8 do. ON SUNDAYS. From the fool of Ceartlandt street. Leave X'er/ York, Leave Naw.s'k. At 8 A. M. ijjr M. At '2* P. M. end 9S P. M. V'BW ToilK, ELliAbETH TOW.n, New York 1 ?" Kliaahetb Tow? At 8 A.M. At 3 P.M. At 7 4 A.M. 3 < P .M. 9 do. 4 do. *% do. 7 do. II do <S o. 10 do. VS do. 6* do. 12 do. The trains for V. eiifieid, PLinfiela, tlounntirook, Soinemlle, Ac., connect with the,9 A M, and 4X I' M trains from New York, daily, Sundays excepted. Fare between New York and Elizabeth Town25 cent*, bare between do and Snraerville, 75 ccttU. ?iF?- YORK. AM) HAHWAY. Leave New York. Leave Railway. At I A. M. At S P M. At 7 A. M, At 3 P.M. 9 do 4 do 8 do 0% do II do 4l< do 9 < d# 9 do Si do US d NEW YORK AND NEW oKi'NiwtrK From loot of Coarlland street, New York, daily. Le??- New Yor>. Leave New Brna* At 9 A. M. At 4 P M. A 6 AM. At IIS A M 5S do 7 V do 8S r. M. ON SUNDAYS Leave New Y 'k. Leave New Drnnawick. At* A Mand4jif P M At US A.M., and 8* PM Fare, ticbp in ike Philadelphia trails between New Yo-y and Y?w Brnnswiet. jd cents Between New York and Rahway !5 c?nti. rasseniters wno (irceur# men tickets at the ceive a ferry ticket krvris. Yirfcets are received by ihe con doctor only on th> di.y when pprchascd mil 3.n*r SUMMER ARRANGEMENT NEW YORK AND PHILADELPHIA RAILROAD LINK. I) R?< T, Vie Ntwaa*. Nsw Bm/nswicx. rmycKTojc, Trkivto!*' OoiDESTova AMD urm.iMiTojt. Leaving New Yo'k doiylrom the to tof Con tlandt it A.oiiii ? Line a 9 A. M.?Mail Tilot Line at 4S p M. The Morning Line proceeds to Boidentown, irum thence by at' aiuboat to pni'adrl, hie. The Evrnmi- Line pioceds dirert to Camden (opposite to k Ph I delphim with ir chance of aart. Piss.n/' rs will piocuie their licke's at the ofli e |-ot of Courilaiidt street, wln re r com ondio"s steamboat.w ill be in readiness. w i n h?xn v? crates on board. r> iisdeti l.ii baax t?e creics are conveyid from city to city, wi hunt hi i 'fitOpened by the wiy Each tr in is provi 'ed wi h nca in nbicbarc a,'s ai d listing rooms ttprestly lor the I - dies' Use Ri ta-nii k he lines Lave Philadelphia from the foot of WalCU feet, by s'e.rn.hont t> Bo deii'i.wo at 7 o'clock, A M. and by rnihu-td from Camden, at J <i clock, P M The line- f >r Baltimore leave Phi'ede'nhie a' 7S A. M., and 4 P M. tvi is ? cnutmnaiion < f the lines from its fork j-4 FOR BUFFALO AND ALL PARTS OF THE Wfc?T AaBOCIATlON PA-StOni OFFICE To ALBANY. Utica. $2 00 Koeheslcr, $l 00 Syracuse, 2 25 Hr.ffiln, 3 50 Oswego, 2 25 Up It Lower CanadaS 58 For IltUAAee sn.ilv l.\ ?. L. KAY, m?3 3m <*1 Rarc'av atnet New York. No^n^ KH N EMIG^VN^' PASSAGE OFFICE. The Bnbto ib-rt haain< completed their arrauce inenta, are litw prepared to forward paear err*'o nil the Northern and Write n Stalea anil Canada, by daily Hnea of towboata. raiir.iada arid i'eambon'a, via the North riverand Kite Canal, upper Lakea, Philadelphia and rittabuiyh, Ohio river and Canal roatei. The followim are a fen of the n.oat important point# t? a V.a Ulira, llnlTato, rottarrlle, Galena, H irrnn, CI veUod, Pittalririth. Toronto, Oiwryn, Detroit, Oineitinatti, Klneiton, Korhe.ter, Miinankie, Pt. I.onla, St. John*. Lerkpor", Chicago, Lo"ieVil|p, Montreal. Alao to any Port of trhio, ll'lnoia, Mli?orrr1, Indiana, Mtchiran, Tennmee, Ke.itnray, W'?cem?in. ^ Iowa, Cpper and Lower Canada. Haying Iriren arrrh unlet mal aatlafae I 01 in their Condon and Liverpool lima of perkrta. the aiibsetibera will endrav'r to m .ke the present nndrrrakina cqnall* diaririoft of pnhlic fa v r Pt-raotia ahunt 10 emigrate to any of the e. ye placea are requeite 1 toeell on the anbaerihera before r. jina their ar rar itroienra, aa they cri'Adrrtile b.liarr ihe inducement* they e n otter are anch aa cannot fail to prove liighlv al? niaieona, and they pLd.e ihi marlvrs ilut every attention ahall be paid to n?nre comfort no deipat, h for further particular! aept to VV. A J. T TAPSCOTT, at "heir General *14 r I'aaaane Office, 43 I't rk sl.|> rnr ?tili ?t _ fTATEtf ISLAND FKRJB.Y r?* ?r Whiuhallatreet. tin and alter Thuraday, Jane the l$t, me steamboat! 81 A1 KM IhLANIHh and SAMSON, nill makV he fo" lowing rips, ninil further tartire LfcAVk rl HTATKN ISLAND. LKAVKB NK.W YORK At I,# 10. 12, * Y, At I, a. |? i| a. M 1,1,4 5,?,7P. M. I, 1H.5 6 7 P. M. On Snndrya. Iraret erery It ur, from 8 A tvi to7 P. M. r?ift r J At Kill I OP'DON -lleLUli' Park. I to' June the fyf 0 h ?The ?p'f U. iJ P rkn S?i-, WKLLINOTON, JOMMUka o. Ch.dmck, matter, will tail ai above, her regular rluv. Itavhr veiy ?u er'or areomniO't* iona for cabin, ind cabin, end ?t?n pe passi ng'it. j., ra tit wiahne to tmb rk itnn d make early ap|iiication on roa d foot of Maiden I. ne, or to JOS-.PH MC.MURKAY, ? _ I'O Fine itteet, C oner i fSuttth. Penona wirhng to srnd for their Irientu, ean have ihrm brm fi n nut by the above ?hip, or any oi the reaalar packet* by' ing ? a" ve. ( ' ? y l-11. , ,< <i paidj mjtl r Ida 1 At K K i FOR HAVRK?Second Line?The ttFl'lV' '"P I'N l" IDA, June Funk, master, wll tail on the tfltftfiilrtof July. IIOVD k huv'ckkn Jl I Tonuna Uaildnig, Wall at. E NE a, TO LET?"'"he modem built three ttmy brick a-?ellug, No 16 Urrcn i t'eet, fiuished with silver furniture, cubic rnaiitjra an I grato Ihr u?onut A. Sue large yaru vrithnrr r tailing c a'eM. Willb: let tow. for furtnerimrt ctilarjapply t0 AlTKKN. B"1THKRS, a. 12? fnl"." -tr'et data uA!'- L v'i SThF:' M'-Tli L ft 1'?I lit- 1 teg uit !;;jM "ltd c> m odious thr * itory brick home. No 6! Barclay * fflRa rtet. bui't and occupied by Mr. 1 limn <a Mr oka nr.til the 1 irriit in eic-IIeut order "ud fitted with every couremeiica for 11 large f-ioily, and ri uate-i in tront of Co l-ge I'lacr. I'o' tecint a:-i ly at No. tl9 Water street. niJ.'i lin*r VALUABLE HEAL"IKrtTAiE. tTnc fi st tale of the Jackson Km e ia the city of Brooklyn, will positive y take place on Wedn-a lay,the 14th curr nr, at thy Mar hanta' E-chatige The inapt there rihihited A more par icular adver isemeut wil! appear in the papcri oil Kri iav. j8 -I'll GENIN & VAN VRANKEN'S VENTILATING GOSSAMER HAT, KOH GENTLEMEN, Wh'iO'nNG UNLT V/, OUN ES?FHIKR S3 50 THE Sn'-rcrihera hive introduced rhc above mated atrte'e with the average weight of the following hat*, the uperiot aovautagn it possesses over litem for suai.ner wesr may be read 1. seen, lhe avetrge weight of the ordinary fur hat ia t>'< ouncei. do do Panama 5\f " do do Leghorn 4 " deinr filly cncvincrd that no style of summer hat h?rrtolore won. has inet with the genera I approbatum whirh a hat | nssea stug all the qualities, viz* lign'msa, beauty, duribility and cheapness, would be sure to receive, we have devoted much atteut otito thr liianutacture and fiuiihing of the new style now in roi'ueed by us. Kro-u the warm approbation express d by gentle men who have examined them, we I'eel satisfied h t they need only to be seeu to be fu I y app vet ited. GENIN & VAN VHA*-*KK.N, m?6lm*ec 211 adway. oppcite St Pau '? Church. fl SPLENDID SUMMER HATS * 0. FISH, respectfjllv invites the i tt-Uti 'u of the pallic to his new st> la of Short Nap Fu Ha's, of all shatlcaaad colors, which t.r i lrgauca, lightness, duribtlicy. intuit' uf finish end style of hrtin, ciuloi be surpass- d by any article iu the cl y. He bar also, of the same stvle, a be.utifu' ani< le of light Beaver Hits, aid an cx-euidVe aasorrmi-m uf Leghorn, Ponam ami 9,Mining H-U. O'LaNLIO FISH, jSSttsMn 137 Broidavae, two doors .ibavi-die City Ho'i-I, THE FOUR TH OK JULY! -fi., j MOOT.a A SO SHOES anf&xi ("heap Moo*, and Shoe \laruet. No 519 G'eenwich sr-? at? L'.dies at.d gri?ll"tneu a c ad iieil to call at he above store and provide themselves with reasonable summer toots, >lip|>rts gaii ers fce, made up in the neatest and >no-t fashionable style, and sold as ehe ip if net a litt.e cheap'r than elsewhere. Heads ot will save money by c lluig here, it the che r d. pot. D n't forger 'ha number Clinton Ct esp B"Ot and 9 .o? M rliet, No 519 G eeuwuh street, corner 8, ring st. je8 lm*T HOOK AT THIS! Boots.of best qna'iry, $4 to SI 50 KieLCti, do do 3 to 3 50 Fine sewed Boots, 2 50 to 3 00 Pegged do 2 50 Moro eo do 2 25 Seal Skin and Grain do 1 05 to 2 00 Clo'h button Gaiters, 2 25 Prtniella do 2 (0 Fine Calf fihoes, stitched, 2 00 Calf hoes, 1 25 to 1 75 Boy's fine r.ewed boots, 2 25 peg- ed boot*, e If. I fO " S-alsktu ant, 1 I2)fi " Fine Calf Shoes S3 nip rrioes, i -u Youth's Bewr Bo t*, 1 OC to 1 50 LADIES' BOUTS It SHOES ? Ladies, in 'hes? au.retycn will find too greatest .us r ment of Udit'r B >ots, Slippers, Buskins, Tie >, T imells Bit-ikies, lirht anil dark colored htlf Outers, House hlipp-rs, whi e aud b ack satin s'lppert. satin gaiters, Mi?s?sand Ohildrei s' garters, bu'ai:s, slippers, lies, nd ail other kinds of hoots and shot s of our owu manuf icrnring with ihe best of Fiench goods ai d waoauted io be ihe b?sl and as cheap as the cheapest, at 367 B O'dway and 93 ('anal at. ji mr- OREOORt It t.AHH.L. PAKIi BO?il'S AND LABI'S MADE T(? ORDER By E. SUSER, 175 Broadway, (Basement,) One D >or from Conrtlaodt street. E SUSER, Bootmaker, and maker ol Lasts, an ?df|MBp' Jive" of Clerce of Paris, bets leave to inform hit friends aud ell ihe amateurs ot a gentlemanly "rhmstuie,'' that he c.n now make, in New \ ork, with the best Frmch ina ctials all that is so perfectly made, in 1 aris. bv his inastri the celebrated booim 'ker Olcrce, whoso numerous custumcri on this side of the Atlantic, are reap ctfully invited t > try SUSEK'S boots and lasts belor the y despair ot bring "chant see" in New York, aLor the nicest, latest Paris fashion. Alf>, ti-e genuine Paris Jet Black Vnrjish sold. _m O 7w*r At?t BOOT AND SHOE STORK, aaflfktws* JOHN BEADY respectfully informs his fricndi rod the , nolic, that he bns commenced business in the a'oorr line,at No. 99 Nassinstreet, where he will Mack lolly receivr end faulifulij eiecnre, all orders he n.ay be favored with ot he m''st reseon- b'e terms (or rash n22r 90 BKOAR -VA Y. 8. B08IDE11. FRENCH BOOT MAKER 409^^7 Irom Paris, has an assortment of rendymadi Boots iud Shoes,of the bestcalfskia for Fire Dollars, aupcrio to anv other ho,, inabi-r in the ci'y min im'ec M TO IHE LADIES? J0O pair prime Oaitei efPpy boots of all colors and size i of the latest faitu n, M'sses and children'* (J titer b-Hj-e aod Buskin*, L*d<-* Bus kins, Ties and St pp- rs, a rood aittele, from 4 to 8 thillingd. A so, a good aasoitmeut of Gent'emer's p.ime call srilch boots, city made. fro m 2 75 to 4 dollars, warranted : good fine pefge 'boots, from 12 I < 18 tn.l mg*. A'so B'v's biots, 8 to 12s; ritis gt'teu, ijui ter b iota and shier of all devcripfons io 14' abuudiuce, a'. Walker's cheap nt-re, 419 Br >a i way, e i *r Canal -teet, i"24 Im'ec TO ROOT-MAKERS. 0. MORG HAS REMOVED from 133 to 13a Leonard street, where hi con'iuues to cut Kit. On hnad ready cm kit, French and Enciish. ml Im'ec UTILE AND REMOVAL? F. A ArtTAULT, lately 16>H Fulton at. having dissolved by mutual cons'lit his copartnership, for giving all his attention to the Daguerreotype bus ness, respectfully informs his friends and the public that lie has removed his old Daguerreotype stand from I68H Fulton at. to 335 Broadway, 2i stnrv. where lie has just 0|ieneu several packages received by the last arrivals, containing 1008 French Daguerreotype Plates. No. 30 and 40 warranted French Aeromatic Lenses, and all the chemicals necessary?complete appa ranis lie will be very glad to see ell his old customers visiting his new place. Please to give a call?215 Broadway, 3d story, rooms Nos. i and 3. m4 lm*r REMOVAL?P. MAKE Hair Dresser and Wig Maker,has removed f'om 162 to 189 Broadway, a few doors brlow the Fraukliu H'Use, and opposite John sireet. Htvi gfi'tedupa new .-com in ihe most fashionable style, he will c iniinue the same business, and will be pleased to see his olJ fiiends and patrons, and other* win u-av (asor him wuh a call. He has also private rooms for Ladies' h .ir dressing and jsmia.oing This powerful Extract of Jampoony is considered by thousands of New Yorkers aod srraugert as one o' healthiest aiticlrs for the curt of dr udrnfT and-trerigtheniDg the hair, u approved by the Faculty of Medicine in Tans, and oatented at Washington. Nothiug is more plea* -nt and delightful than to go through this operation in the hands of P MAK8. ml Jm*r REMOVAL. VARB. O. NEWCOMBE, TOBACCONIST, reta ns her A-"*- sincere acknowledgements for the very liberal patronage ezteuded to her fur ihe last 13 venrs, end would beg leave to inform her patrons aud the punlic generally that the lias remcsed her old esiahliehe-l suuff aud tohacco warehouse io ihe spacious store No 4 Wall street, Mor-iuier buildings, where she would invite ihe at'eution of souuoissenrt to l er large and well selected stork of Foreign aud dainetti - snuffs. Just received Hamburgh a large supply of V-uinaVKa. naster (1st, 2nd and 3rd iinalityD old and verv superior Turkish Spanish, Scafa,latti and Porto Rico, rmokmg tobacco; caven dub (various kinds,) and hue rut chewing ditto. A ch,-ice assortment of the best brands of Havana and Prin cipe cigars, constantly on hand. Fancy pipes, cigar cases snuff boies, pocket lights, Chinese tinder Ur. Sic All ol which lor tale on the most liberal terms, wholesale or rrtsil Str.iugei* aDd country deal; rs are invited to call previous to making their purchases elsewhere ml im'tt PATENT PRESERVED HIGHLY FLAVORED P"R TaBLE MEATS AND BOUtS tor ship stores, war lamed to keep for auv length of lime, and in any climate, man ntactuicd anil for sale, wholesale anil retail bv WILLIAM MULLANK. aaf 5w'r 104 William streat. I'O THE"LADIES?8TR.FEU'S S- LUTIO.N -There 1 is an occasion to wvar fa tr hair on account of the color of the hair. Ladies aie often troubled wi ll a pain or diiease in the head, occasioned bv the pressure of the false liair. Ladies can have giav hai changed to look nt well as ever it did, w thout injury. Mr. $. has a room expr-sdy to bo leaded by a lady, at his residence. Al'o. Mr H. will change geullrinen't hsirto any ihsde or color Druggists would do well to kcrp it 'or sale in other cities as humbug dyes are going ont ol date Whole talc and retail, at No. 5. Chatham at., opposite the register's flit np stairs. inii-im*r GUI I ARB. WHOLESALE AND RETAIL.-3*5 Broau w.-v near v?aker street.?MKIflKB. PH. ERNST SCHMIDT fk MAUL, Onirar m*nu'acture s, wou'd respeetfutIy call the attention of the public to their establishment. No. 395 Broadway, where they keep const ully on I. mil an extensive assortment of fine-toued guitars, finished in the best style. ... , . All 1 t'rnmen't trom inn m.iputactorv, long invoreny known in the United Suits. where it reraised the fir?ljiremiain awarded by the American inut'nte. for the lust Onu.u. nre made of sneh material! end in a inpcr.ur in nucr, ai ambles the maker to warrant lhe?i l? stand any ci mui. Strange s before pureh onu claawher", are r? qnnsted to call and examine the ?| leu nd vrorhtnai.?hip of then mttrnmcuis, and ateerta'n tr e t'ri ei. T hey will Be found lower ihan at any other house in tne city Mr. Ph. Ernst. rro(ea?or of the K ate and (Jiutar, begs lease to annonnee that the abore artan. omenta do not Interlrre in the least with Ins ntner engagements; he siill conlinnoeto fire Ig.sons as usual, at 3ft,'. Br eiMeae neer Walker st mtt Im'r LK-HT! LlOtIT! ! A BK1LLIAVT A^D B'AUTIK'M T.IOHT FOR S HALF A GENU A\ HOUR UnKLY, no n- iiprd wilk 111 (h burnt, *itn'he clearfit I'ght n ay he ln<i at a morely un nmil < ipru-r. Teny's raw Pafeur L -inpn. for bar ilk toy bind of laid. i?l'ow, or oil. withoQl i ions i?rt\ at.!?. u i n- , i?< Diet*< 11 habit l 11111 col ol or rr, 11 'Kiii.ieii toihpj a muit heniiiceui liaht ove? th s da k ilturt. Kti'r rprise aud compelt ion hat* brought the ILht 0* acieuc- and letters nto litrrnl conMct with the mi di of nil < iir popalatiou Ye', how ?h.ill tney perceive it,. nd i i blcstiLgs, uulrsi dtiling he mly hours of le tare which in< of uOf niiem p h pii, ilie sbieore of hi iuii be at pp'ied by some other armnary, w -use r?ya .hall he free to all ? A mi approiim nion to this great de<id*ra'um In# ju .t b en eCectto1 in he latent ion of TV<tf Lard L mp. n uncle one 0f which in ?v he m. d' to light a parlor, withou smoke or smell, bnllian'lt as the beat aairal lamp, at au expense o! bat half: cent n hoar. A.I lo era of I ght 01 ecouomy, or loth. are invited to cal and witueaa their operitiou, at hi. HAMKIsQN'rt. 9)1 fearl stiert, N. Y. N.B. Liberal terms will he offered to dealers f 4 im#re COLMA.V8 LONLON MUSTARD, Per ehip IhiliSJ phis:? 200 kegs second end line 20 i pige Lend 50 Vbls Alum Also on hm d? _ _ Priiitm* Pit ers???X4J ?X37 ?lX36 HX2I 21X31 22* Xi: Toge iher with a gt-ueisl .ssortmeut of w, itinn aim wappiu. pep rs. lor sete by 8. KlNlrblBY, rn21 lm*T j* Ms'd.-ii Lean | MPUM'I AM Tl> OLD LOUNTKV MEfk.?MB.PSH ' HMtNDIfiN * LO will drew el their Bist res, end Foreig Letter Office, No 3 Well street, small hills of .change tro *1 lo jMfti, in sums p> suit, peyeble at sight, lor the sicontm da ton nl persnr.s n .shir g toremit to (hew friends in Engh n If .tend, or Scotland. The letter hega tor the Koyel Mail Steanun r.trLi*; >roo ars elso made dp et thru office. For further information apply to HAHNDfcN ft < t>, I Wsllstra a Age Its in London? MACLEAN, MAKRIH k C'V ' Lirerpoot?WlLMK.k ft SMITH a I ' ? W YO NEW YORE. FRIDAY ft ~NEW~FIREWORKS LA60R ATOKY\ BY JOHN TRAOARDH. PYROTKCHNIHT, KR"M 8WKOEN. MKPSRS KOLI U? KH V TKAOAHDH have the honor to inform the pihlie that they htve an eitenlive an ; v.rritd ffaortmeut of Fire Work*, of "'I end ev-ry kiiil at t! fi t ftibliehtneii',. at* Dock in New Jersey, a half rule true Jeii*; ' iiv, Oppo.'lie en Yo>t which t 'ey ofT-rr to Committers en J other*, at l.'i? mrfst fiv.,rable prior*m the market. Bel n nig in the now trade principle of f rnode.-ate cash price for a good ankle, iliey rrq ;e?t i|i? fev ;f of the tuMicalthe above place, or ?f the f ore of Robert Johnston No. SI Conit laudt street. All order", ou any "caleo1 sice or variety,prompt I*attended to, by ddmawtic the subscribes* at ineiM the above pi itrs. MOHOLA3A, KOLLSKROkJ TKAOAHDH, my7-2tnvr Hsrstmna Lontr l)"cit, New Jrrtev. FiREWORKS, CRACKERS, dec. FOUR I'll JULY, 1843 COUNTRY and city deflate iu lireworka, will find it to a-' then advantage ca I aud esainine en ei otisive assortment of the best quality, at R. AYL'lFKf.'9 old est a* li hment, 8#; hatham street. A lfi(te quantity of fife cr?' krrs joat real i?ed. Krtneniber tue sign r,I the two mammuth tkv rochets and irold ker. ________ _____ C-lRKWfiKKd BV TllK MAM f a1 .1 itMttS ? D " 1VIOKAN St CO f'yro.c. h istc, 78 " li ill ao. street, offers 0 irie pumic a [iUndiU assvtinrct nl Kiir wt? ka, super or in q tality And maim ss to nuy iu this o any other country- The a'n ve have been inanuOcliitrd by ilieiii riprvs.lyfor thi mar kel; also can sell tn-co chrapr r than any veuder in t *?;i, a d c oJa Com their store. No pcddlim from thia place?No, 78 Chat amstriet. Gooda delivorcd to any part of the ct y free of espenae. N. B ?iioibit on Kireworka of aaprr or quality, with crimirn. red, |>uri le, Kreeu, yellow and tluelitei. A'to, Coloied lire, by the pound. jl lm*rc HANDIOMR APART V1KNT8, it Hons'nn atreet, ncar I) road ye ay to let, to gentlemen, with breakfast and tea, or lull board if required Ke'erences r?q >iiad. E quire at the bar t Nthlo', liitdtA, or at the home, ill llouaton at eet. m tl-lui*, c haih7:ut riNu* haiit cu i ting! h aim ci; < HILl, the iuimiiahle Hair Cutter, takes tliit method of mlottoirti hia frircdsaud the public in tscenl. that he hat removed from the Tcutiie Building to hia Old Stain , No 8G 1 ,?trl atn-et, Up stair,. immediately adjoining the Petri Street Houar, where he willne ill aard to operate on all who mar fa) or hia with a call, in truly iuio.itable sty le <,f Hair Cutting, which, tor i leumieeof design and beauty ot elocution, au pvaseannr thorr of the kind he-etolore iutroilocrd into the Uuiteii Stales The Tarioua branches of woik done at the following moderate prices :? Illimitable Knir Cuttine, 11)4 Cents. Do do Curling,, US S perior Shaving, 6* " m9 lm*t BILLIARD dALOON. NO. J BARCLAY STREET, THREE DOORS BELOW THB AMERICAN HOTEL. DKiCE REDUCED to Orit Shilling iier Hundred, from 8 a A M. to J P M.?The subscriber mlomu Ins frismds and the pnblic in neutral, that tie h a Five New Billiard Tablet, in separate apartments?two in the upper (rout aaloon?two in the rear aaloon, and our in the front room?all in lirat rate order. Each ge:. I nniu visiting the establishment will be furnished with a private Cue, for his especial use?the table, being id (litUreur&pa menu, ine proprietor thinks it will render it more selrctand i teoable to gentlereeri visil hir his house. Al.bO TWO b'IME BOWLING ALLEYS IN TIIIC BASEME ' V. His Bar will elwars be stocked with toe choices: Wint t and Liquors and the best Segars to be had?also Sherry Cobbler*, Mint Juleps, Punches; made in a manner not to bo surpassed N U ? The apartments ha ve niiilsmoiw a thorough re lining ?new pope/, pamliujt. e.e. ic7"Geutle;iieu will please to ccivarauuieate any neglect of duty of the attendants, at the her. fl'.A NOI ft MO NTK VERDE. mch!6 tni*r ? Barc'sr street. JKJbAOUItY WU1E.3 XjUII. 1" 08T, by int- subscri ier, bet ween t ie cities of New York l j mi i Philadelphia, a nocki t memorandum book. coutai.-ing lie lollowiiiu Treasnry Notes A No 19555 10 Jnue, 1812, 6 per ceut, to Syl. Brown.') _j endorsed 26 June, '8t2 I ? 5 100 B 19.',56 m ? 6 26 ? 1842) o" HO A 19558 10 ., C ? 20 ? 842 f -? 100 A 34000 10 ? 6 ? 26 ? 18?2 \ Z 50 B 3><0I 10 ? 6 ? 36 ? 1842J 5"d C 34102 10 ., C ? 11 ? 18i2 loB. Rung *n and R. L. Mycn, 50 B 11255 8 Mar , 1812, ? per cent, t ? Syl.Brown, endors1 ed 12 xar"h, 1812, to d. Rmean and K. L. Myeri, 50 C 20865 25 Apnl, 1812, G. Loyall, eudorxd April, 1842, 10 K.L.Myers, 50 $550 All persons are torewarucd against the payment of the above notes. A liberal reward will he paid for the retnrn cf the hook and com tuts, to the subscriber, at 75 Sooth Kionl street, or Messrs. Allibane Ik ??. 8 South Wnarvca, Philadelphia, or to Messrs. Bryan at Maii-ind, 176 Krout street, New if oik. Philadelphia, 27th May, 11-43 , m30 lin'r 1 Signed) 1. L MYEK8. " fPO CONTRACTORS ?Propos Is will h* receivi-fl by tne s A subscriber lor rehui.ding the east abutine, t of Mamar.inic'i i Bridge, according to s, ecihcv ious which will be 111 niibtd. mill MM Wktt?? repairsof the former Brnlto- The pOpOMlf niev be for bo'h the abutment niid repsirs of the b-idge, together o.* si pirate Pers-ms -tilting to contract, will please band iu f their ettimates to the rubic.iters oa or urevinus ro ilie 12'h tn, flint, if convrnirnt alteril at hou?e of Epen- lus H ul Inn, Hyc, 011 that rlav, between the houri of oue sud ihrreu clock P >1 , when the Proposals wiir be ope ed Specific itiona can alto be ' fott'id at the flora < f ,M L'-nii.>?q eeir the Bridge. V II. MO HAL8IK-r.of Bya. U F ' AHTE.-! t Kit, 73 William ?t. N. Y Mann'otnck, Jan I. '813 j'-2 8>e CASH TAILORING ESTABL1SHMEN L\ O PH Lhll'H, Merchant Tailor, (late of 7 Astur House, O, ) imor sa-d with 'he nect-isity of u-re'tn. the etittney ol the tunes bv ihi ret ticii.inol Imp ices, and finding it imi oiitble lo do io while tthject to the t norm ns outlays a Bro ilwav locati tn nr-rs.aiilv tt-Clli, h?? rlei?rnnned on 'he oulywa to rffr-t ihts?without diip-rteeineiii to tiie lUilny of Ins garments; lie hi", therefore, teinoved his establishment ! to 136 vA-SaU 81KEK.T, corner if Hrekiftan, wlieie i gentlemen can uo* besupplied at a dt ducttun of ten per cent irnm his former low prices. 'I he following if snbmilted merely ai a specimen of the foregoing asser-iou Sujierfiiie Costs, ma -to in the best style, from $ 6 to $8 Enra da, of tlie lines', qn.liiy, 18 to 22 Ch ill e Ves a, 2 75 8. P begs conclusion, to ob-erre, the above articles may be relied on, in ell tflpscfi, to be cf thr tnos: genuine deseri|itiou,aiid lower than any other house furnishing the saute iu lily of artic es. jl 'mr DAGUERREOTVPE APPARATUS. JOHN ROACH, OPTICIAN. 72 Nassau, uear John atreet, N. Y. HAVING the Lena gtouml under his own inspection, and arranging them tit the imt.era nhsrttra lUKwII, h< lerls warranted in sat ing that operators using his appsratua have ob taint d more succeaa than those using c interns with foreign l?na. l"ir the latter are often imperfec , and still ofteuet imp operly adjusted. The adesrltser requests a trial for Ins cameras. Kir teen years prar'ice as Optician enables him to grind and struts i Lens to suit the purpose for which they are wauled, a lni*ee MOHT DELIGHTFUL On ALL EXCURSIONS. -A sal across thr Hul.un River to iluboken, and then a walk o the P.lssian Kirl s a'ong the el eei.tngly beautiful rod picturesque shores of the pi >ce. will prove the most estily accninliiheuarul nttractiveol all the rural excursions that can be mad- from the city The gr. nuils trow pr. lent a ch inning aspict, the trees being moa'ly in leaf and the sail covered with a rtfh turf. The walks ae in eicellent order, hivttigbeen cms. eraMv embeluabeil the present aprine in "> ?w eObbli K t?lr J tt-k k httSllh INoLKAiVOa. t.U.wiA NY?Office 36 Wall street. This Company contittae their bnssuesa of tnsurnuce against loss or uaii.aue by tire, on goods, wares and merchandize ami also, on vessels and their i ian oes against loss by inland navigationDIRECTORS. Tltotnas W Thome Elisha Ktggs ThotmsT Woodruff Betijamtn f! Hobsoa Joltr. 1< Dartser Fraueia P Mage Thomson Price. Joseph Al'.cu John II Lee John P Motive i Misses Turkey J.-.met K Holmes' Caleb C Tunis James H Whiting Anson Bakerl Wm K Tltern Joseph Urake Irad Hawley John C Mssrttt Thomas Morrell rHUMAB W| JHUKINJL, t r'lideiit. jf.o. t rofr. ^^ft#firr. tiilj igt> WINeS. BKANDIJCH, ?ce. 'PHE subecribt r oilers the followinfc Wines, lie. for sals at 43 I- Pine meet, comer of William. Madeira in pipes, hlids, quarter cnihs, demijohns and bottle*, a part rny old and high coat, direct and via India. Sherries, in pipe*, hhil*, quarter casus and in glass, of varii as grade*?Amon'illado in quarter casks. Port?Imported expressly for fanply aie, in wood and in (lata. Clarets?Chnteasi Margeanx, Latoure, St. Estaphe, Lnmse. St. Juin-u?also iu casks. Hock*?J ihaunesberg Cai'le.Marcobmnner Cab nrt.Chnrfxberxrr. Broueberr, A*? omhaiiseii, (iter hatnen, llintcrti'U ten, Kndesh-imer, jl.tlenleiin, Pciiporter, Leibfrauuiilch, Urt enheimer Hochhanner, Itc. St*- lie. Simtcrne, Batsac, Mn*-at, Chahln Burgundies?Clot de Vouaeol, Chamhertin, Romaaee. Very old Cognac Brandy, vintage 1781; expraatly for summer me. Fine Holland Win. The. ?b??e arli-les are reeorntneudej to the initio ae'a toyereign remedy for their maladies. GILBERT UAVIH. mj Itn THE AM IK.NT AM) VVDMIMIM 1. J>.MIIKK OK CHINA?Described, Illustrated and Kamilianr.ed.?K. MAA l'lN fit CO hare j'ut receiTed (rom London a m .guil'tceut illustrated work on Chiua, which they inn ml to issue io nonthly rarts, *?'th t*ll the aida of engraai ,g and printing combined, to present a heaot'tul and initrncltra aeeonnt oi tli <t aa toniahiug noil interesting r uiutry. The nntiqnity. the giandetir, and the oscluairp chuincler o( tlie inatitnti <ns of China, n rider stteh ntt aeeonnt at Ire present limr, tieenharly appropriate an rletirahle, considering the interest which is now fe t in the United Stiles, In connection with tl e Let of ourcom inerr al operations betne so mncn eslend d with that singular and wootlerlni tv.lion. fhe w. tk wil be letued in number* containmr thre? si-el engrarings iu each. Price .10 cents L. MARTIN ,V CO., mv7-lm'r 2ft .loin, sir tt. Madams. rLORIki LtfltVBworri irom m Fratikiin street 'to 'v*lker IDS lm*r monthly report of" piie NF.W YORK MEDICAL AND SUROICAL INSTITUTE, I NO. 71 CHA.VlBe.HH STREET. cases cunr.n. ' 1; Inflammation of the eye- 4 Diseases of the liter. I lid* 3 n tiarrTn of th? Iw.w els ' Syphilitic Iritis 3 Vomiti g. Gastrin 1 Amaurosis, three under 8 Diseases of the Womb > trealtient?doing well 11 nyptulis Opacity of the cornea, 6 u\tpep?ia I slight 12 wtuies, or Fluor Albns S Styes, by an operation '41 Oonorrhutt t Onanism < ie"". ? .... 3 Kiysiprlss 7 Secot dary Syphilis 7 II Ice rated sore throat 5ni*s 12 lilect?cured by new b Bubo, by a new method tf remedies treatment 3 Diseases el the heart 4 Sore Nipple. 3 Dysentery , ii-ccgssrui. svnoicst. ryrsanoes. ' 3 Operatiors lo. h.n up 41 in Ucsthra by 1 5 Op-rations lor iq liu'iug a improved in. thodo 3 Operations lor tiydrcecle core |2 Hiinotihoi in I Turn.its ie- 3 Oper<tions for fistula in lUotril Ano. 4 Club Font?cored 2 I'o ypus in the nose 3 R ecycled Tumors 4 Adi.osa luo oia rtnKTcd 5 Ulc, rs ou toe legs oared I I. if .?? ce of tone re2 I hy inosii i. oved Irom the aim n Abcrsaea opened I Amputation of finger * sr.inutiil I Cancer ttieast 1 Gravel cured I llyula te-noted 2 Retention of Urine DR. II BOSTWICK. Attending I'byiician and Hurgem C. McVANUS, Apothseart and Secretary II Im ts irk r [QttNING, JUNE 9, 1843. Court of Krrnri. The Hon. Senator Llennison, President. Jl'NK 8.? Smi'h Cutler el all vs. Edwmrd Doughty? Tin* w-as nil appeal liy writ of error fiom thejudxment ofthe Supreme Court, growing out of the construction of certain clause* in the will of the late Caspir Hainler. The testator, alter various bequests of nis property, directs the remainder ol it to he divided into ma equal parts, which lie bequeathed a* follows: to his stepdaughter Margaret one *h*ret to In- daughter Susannah, one share; to the children of hi* daughter Mary, one share; to the children ot his daughter F.lirabeth, one share, to the children ol bis daughter Barbara, one slime) uud to the children ol his son John, one share; and after some further directions, not material to the present iasue, the testator goes on to say, " It is By lurther will that in case ol the death of my said children, or my saul stepdaughter without lawful issue, that then the share or portion of my estate, which by this my will would have gone to such issue, be divided equally among the survivors ol my children or grandchildren in the same proportion as is hurein helorc mentioned " Mugaret.the stepdaughter, intermarried w ith John N. Grenzebachj she died, leaving several children by her husband. Barbara, one of the testator'* own laughlrrs, died shortly after her father'* death, unmarried and without iisue. Mrs. Urenzehach's children claim to he entitled under the will ol the testator to one tilh o. Barbara's one sixth ol the testator's property. The children of Mrs Greiizebach brought an ejectincut to recover the one-sixth ol Borhara's one-tilth, claim ing to be entitled theieto under the above clause in the tcvtutoi's will. A special verdict was rendered by con- I nsnr, and judgment given lor tun defendants in error. A w rit of error w us brought, upon which the present proceedings are founded. Mr. Garra'-d, lor the plamtirts in error, closed hie argument at two o'clock, when Mr. j O'Conor commenced his reply. The Court adjourned i to ten o'clock to-morrow, when Mr. O'Conor will resume his argument Meters. Staples and (S-rrnrd for plaintiff* in error. Mcss.-s. O'Conor and Sh. fllui lor defendants in error. C'onrt of Common Plena. Before Judge Ingralinin. June 8.?Samuel R S/ielmun vs. Motes Y Reach and John Tracu ? Tins was an action ol trespass on the case to recover damages for the illegal taking of certain property, ullegcd to he taken by the delemlauts, which had been previously mortgaged to defendants. The tacts were shortly these. A person of the name of Martin Moran, was indebted to plaintiff in the sumof $144, and in order to secure the plaintiff in the payment of said sum, did, on the 31st March last, execute a mortgage of certain articles ol metal and tinware. Previous to the execution of the mortgage, the MndtBlJllOh, obtained e judgment in one of the Ward Courts, against Moran lor $t>0 or thereabouts;U|a>n which he caused to he iss jvd an execution, and put it into the hands of Tracy, the officer, defendant, who levto I on the property mortgaged, and had it sold for tile satisfaction of his judgment. The delence was that the mort.age was fraudulent, and executed without consideration, lor the purpose of covering Moran's property from his creditors. It was also alleged for the defence that the propel ty was left in possession ol Moran, and thst lie traded on it To rebut the defence, it was alleged that Beach had been paid the amount of his claim, or the greater pait of it, and was lao a Urged by Ills ooaneel that the judgment was improperly obtained, inasmuch as the said Beach had contrived to keep Moran's principal witness out of the way. Alter counsel on both sides had summed up, his Honor convici Beach with the seizure and taking of the goods, he being plaintiff in the original execution would not make mm responsible. There ii no evidence of hi* having directed the taking olthis property; but thcie is evidence that he waa called upon in relation te the seizure, and he stated that he did not know, but desired them to bring n replevin, nnd have the property replevined, this was some evidence to connect Beuch with the seizure. His Honor soiJ that a debtor had u right to prefer one creditor to another, and ii thcy believed it was a bona fide transaction between Moron and the plaintiff, they should find tor the latter, but if they believed that the mortgage was executed to cover the property and deliaud the ere ditors, then then they should And lor delendunts. Tlie Jury will return a sealed verdiat to-morrow morning. E. C. Gray lor plaintiff?J. T. Brady for defendants. General Sessions, Before Recorder Tallmadge, and Alderman Scoles and Martin. James R. Whitino,, District Attorney. Junk 8.?Mitchell Ciiahthv, a furrier, who was formerly in the employ of Charles J. Taylor, furrier, of 174 Water street, was tried on an indictment for burglary in the third degree, auJ grm I larceny, in entering the store of Mr. Taylor on the 7th of March lust, and stealing fur caps, furs, skins, and ribands valued at about $1000. The accused was triad on the count of the indictment charging the grand larceny, that of the hurglury having been waived lor want of evidence to sustain it. Mr Taylor testifi- d that Chartry had heen in his employ, and that he wus led to suspect him in the first place as guilty of the offence, after u mm nnmed Anthonv J. Hindi had been arrested, and a portion ol the stolen goods recovered. Chartry wis arraated in Jersey oity,aad iha toliowiag letter post marked New York, March 8th, IH43 addressed to Henry Mitchell, Baltimore, was found in Ins trunk: ? " New Yokk, Match 8th, 1913. " DS.AH M.? "1 have heen down Water street, but have heard nothing of Mrs. Smith or the girls. You must be very consius.for Broda lost -2')') shotting seal-about a month ago, and every Body is Looking out for them Don't stay long in Baltimore you hud Better lie hear Several persons have ask me ware you are. Send mo word what you are at By Return of Post and if possible some monty for I wish to go a Little way in the country and take the Girls out of New York. I cannot do it until I hear irom you should any thing turn up 1 will writeyou. Yours, sincerely, WATKINS WYNN, Post Office, New York. The testimony of Heury Fay, of Baltimore, was read to the Jury, in which he testified that he purchased a quantity oi seal skins, nutria skins, pitces ot ribands, Ike , from tho accused, who rt presented himself as Mr Henry Mitchell. These skins and ribands were delivered to officer Bell, of Udliimore, and were identified by Mr.Taylor as a )>oiti<>n ot the goods stolen. The defence, conducted by Wm. ishaler and Wm. M. I nee, E*qrs., ofTered no evidunce, but contended that On the evidence of the prosecu lion, tho accused could not be convicted ot burglary, as it had not been proved, nor ol grand larceny, at there was no special count in the indictment under which he was tried distinctly charging the grand larceny as separate Irom the burgl.iry, The Kccoupkr charged that although tho burglary had not been proved, the jury could under tho evidence before them, if they thought it sufficient, find the accused guilty of grand larceny under the second count of the indictment, which ve-diet was rendered, nnd the prisoner then remanded lor trial on another charge ol grand larceny The counsel ior deience took exceptions to the charge. John Williams, a lad, was tried on a charge of grand ...n.,; iu; u. uuu >>c wai.. ...... ...ii'i property valu"d at about ^od liom the hotel of Hatvey FAutiery, No. 13 Turk How, on the 13th of February last. Th? piosecution proved by Charles boss, ol Anthony street, that tne accused gav. him ad utile barrelled pistol to pawn the moi ning a tor the property is said to have been stolen, w Inch pistol v <s identified as the one taken from the hot? 1 ol Mr Aubery. Tho accused was defended by Kaoch ? Camp, who contended that under the evidence the accused could be convicted of petit larceny only, as naught but the pis'ol was traced to his possession,and there wsano evidence that all the articles alleged to have been stolen were taken at one and the same time The Court so charged the jury, and alter a short absence they returned a verdict oi guilty of petit larceny only, nnj theCourt sentenced him to the penitentiary for six months. The (Irsisd Juhy came Into Court, returned a number of bills of indi tmcnt, and retired for the transaction of further business. (ir.oHOK Olives, alias Holiday, alias Roberts, was tried on an Indictment of burglary in the third degree, in entering the tailoring store ol John \1..jor, J3'J Canal street on the 18th ol January Inst, anil at aling n quantity of ready mide clothing. Charles Nichols, who had also been indicted for the same of! nee, was called as a wit ness by the prosecution, a fio/leprnsryni having heen entered in the suit against him, anil trstilied that the acctr rod was not p esent at the burglary, but that it was commit'ed by himself,Oibha alias 1 ihhin, Ned Hales, and Fay Theie being no evidence against tha accused eicept the factol his having a portion of the atolen goods in his possession which Nicholls stated was given to him alter the buiglnry. llo was acquitted and remanded fortrial on another charge. Foarsirrn niceorsiraisnvs?Thennmesof the following perions having bsen called, and not answering, their ncognisances were lorfeltod, and ordered to be prosecut( d lottliwith :? James D Yates, charged with per|tiry in a suit before Jni'ice null, Wl b l)rtT (I linker ; Imilcd by David Allen E. Slmona, for keeping a diaorderly houi.- in BmadMreet; bailed by O-orgeVnn Inwrgen. John Hullivan, for paaaing a c >unterf? it J>IO bill of the Seventh Ward Bank, on David II. McAlpiD.on the 6th of Kebrtlafy last, io company .villi John Noien ; bailed by De Ku?h l.ambnrt. Thowat Baxter, for petit larceny, in atealing a live aowj hnilc 1 by Cornelius Sullivan and Willinm Hamilton. Chrtio * It lYttit, for insuring nunibera in the lottery ; bailed by Chailt a T Barnard. /tmoi.ri ani> battvair.a ?Jacob Varian, lar striking and heoting Elsy Ahn Rogers ; bailed by gewell V. Dodge. Rimer Berllett, for pulling Joieph Utilick's hair j balled by Jonaa Bartlett. Wm. K. lioyt, for atrikme Margaret liercy j bailed by Abin. W. .Morse. Sylvester Spencer and Elias (J. Slarel, for healing John Dannnl* b illed by John L. Martin and Mary Hood. Isaac Wark and John 'I homp?on, lor beating John Brown, a watchman ; iMited by Joseph Wark, S imea Thompson and Thomas Craig. The Court then adjourned to this (Friday) morning at II o'clock. Thn Special Sessions meet at 9 o'clock. ourt t nlemlnr. Circuit Court?Nos, 4J, 196, 113. 46, 90, 14, 19, 77, 9i 13', 61, 67, 93, HI, 46, 69, 99, 96, 14, 19, 63, 101, IUJ, 73, 74, 81, 8'J. 94, 96, 118, 117, 99 gprraioR Court?Aj 46 67 , 69,69,60 , 61,63,64,65,66, 87, 6b. 6" 70,71, 7'i, 73, 74, 75, 109, 3. Comma* Pi k*i.-76, 77, 79, 80. 99 ,90,67. Tiik ''Ikioiihoks?Uy Miaa Bremer i translated by Mrs Hewitt, The Harpers have published this po. pillar work.lor one alullnw, the ch? apeat yet, and the beat withal. It lorm* No. xx. ot the " Library I ol Select Novcka." [ERA Tlic (ieoi'Kc Washington. " She walk* the water like a thin^ of Life." ' Br how. t Hen with what iwan-likc grace along she glide* * O'er the bright bosom of the sparkling tide*; Unfurls in proud array each snowy sail, l To woo the influence of the lav'rmg gala; l Her home "is on the sea !" the boundless di op Embosoin'din whose depths wild spirits sleep! Rude *toims may come, but may the O'er-ruhng Pow'r Never desert hei in that trying hour ! Ever may she her Ocean p itli explore, lit fleeting honor to Columbia's shore ! Now York, June 7,1843. Pittsburg. [Correspondence of ihe Herald.] Pittsburg, June 5,1843. Death of Mr. Charles H. Eaton, the Boston Tragedian Politics Business? Theatricals? Netvs Items. J. G. Bennett, Esq.? i Dear Sir? It is with feelings of no little regret that I announce to you the death of Mr. Eaton, who is wel. known, ns a tragedian of more than ordinary me it, in your ciiy. On the eveningof the 1st iust , as Idr. Eaton wan retiring to bed, while walking over ihe corridor, be made a mis-step, and wits pre< ipuated i over the banister, and fell on a br k i << mp* :.i some 1 twenty feet below, which Itac nad '.^skuil. He i lived five days in treat distress, and p*ii! ,h? !aal debt of nature at one o'clock this ni orn ug .Since his arrival hi this city, he has been b tardtog ai the Exchange Hotel, where he had the best attention ol the landlord, and the best medical aid of the city. In the death of Mr. Eaton the stage has lost a star, and the public a worthy citizen Politics are in a bad state in this city. The great body of the blue noses are much dissatisfied with a majority of the candidates nominated at the convention, and some of them make no concealment of their intention to oppose a portion of the ticket. Business is brisk here at present. The river is in a good stage tor boating. It has risen some six or eight feet within the last week?the navigation is good lor the largest class of boats. The travel is very considerable, if 1 am permitted to judge from the number of strangers at the Exchange Hotel This hotel will vie with any establishment in the country. The table d'hote is A No. 1 It takes the Herald and other eastern pa|>ers,ai)d is "title via tor " It is kept by Messrs Kiver and Smith. Theatricals have been quite brisk lor the last two weeks. Pickering, the inimitable delineator ol the Jocko sot, has been getting offhis drolleries, to the universal satisfaction of his audiences. The quaint and quiet humor of this Pickering, in this description of character, is irresistibly comic, and may be said to belong to himself alone. News is scarce. ] will not lorget to say thnt yesterday was remarkable for being the first dry Sunday that we have had in two months. The ladies of this city are neither lashionuble or handsome.? iNut Bert." Yours truly, E. W. Tlic I.ntc Jacob Itldgway, the Millionaire. Philadelphia June 4, 1848. James Gordon Bb.nneit, Esq Deah Sir:? As there has been much speculation in reference to the life of the late Jacob llidgway, Esq , of thin city, I have felt an interest in collecting from authentic sources information which, with that 1 received from hitn personally, and what from my own knowledge I can give, may serve to gratify the public curiosity. Mr. llidgway, styled the millionaire, wan born near Tuokorton, in the Sha'e of New Jersey, seventy-five years ago, of wealthy parents. In Europe his father would have been regarded qh one possessing lordly domain, and altogether worthy a title and rank among their nobles. He wore a title here, ""ionn Kio p*?iniKli/>nn f^llnur Pttiypna nl iniinitplv greater value ihan all tiie diadems of Europe?that ol an honest, henvolent, and good man, winch lie never l-rnished, but carried with him to his grave, leaving to his descendants each a legacy a prince might be proud ot, and all true men know how to value. The object ot this sketch left home at an early age?nu.t content with the tranquil enjovmenl and ease of competency in rural lite?came to Philadelphia and entered that ot a busy, bold, nnd enterprising merchant. He commenced on a small scale, out by hia industry, integrity, economy,and attention to business, he rose rapidly ?Dame Fortune smiled?he, in common parlance, became a shipping merchant?he visited Europe to superintend a branch ol the house with which he was connected, and soon alter, having the confidence of the mer chants ot our country, was appointed American consul at Antwerp, where he laid the foundation of his great loriune He shortly after retired from mercantile pursuits, having applied himself so closely as to impair his health?then made the tour of Europe, and returned to his native country with his health bnt little recruited; he placed himsell under the care of two of our most experi enced physicians, visited by their directions the Virginia Springs and other watering places to no purpose, he then settled himsell in our city, entered extensively into the improvement of it and the city of Camden on the opposite side of the river Deleware, and in proportion as he improved them, so did his fortune and health increase, and Irorn being the owner in early life of a single farm he acquired possessions and wealth, ihe extent of which has perhaps never but once been equalled in P nnsvlvania, and in all human probability n?v r will be, , bv any one man again It is in v.- ?t tins tiin * toattempi to calculate with certain!, i; b, M hose to whom it has worthily descenfit 1. an > tin as yet no proper es;imate. Mr Ridgway * < 'brmighout life a plain-truth loving man, who inspired co ifidence in all with whom he come in contact; his dress and depoitment were plain; his manners Ireed Iroin hauteur, yet they were such as to command respect from all and to avoid undue familiarity with any. He was judiciously benevolent; ever lound rp*Hv n> enrnnraire the man ol limited means, and ^end him on the road to loitune?lhi? was natt'icu1-irlv manilested in his directotsl.ip of the Bank of Pennsylvania, in which lie was a large stockholder, always refusing discounts and accommodations to the rich and extensive operators or speculators, prefering the humbler mechanics, tradesmen antl merchants; his conduct in that particular may serve as nn index to his business intercourse with the world. Indeed lor the last few yearn of his life he had little other than business intercourse His time was occupied in the employment antl payment of a vnst numbered the humbler poition of our citizens, to whom and the city of Philadelphia generally his loss will long be felt, mid many a family ol respectability, whose fortune has fallen . Irom nnder them within the last few yeHrs. and who were tenams ol his, will live to mourn his loss, who knew and Jelt for them in a way not to be misunder- ' stood Mr. Ririgway left a son and two delighters, to whom, ill equal proportions, after providing in a handsome manner for all closely connected with him in business, including his household servants? ! he bcqiif aihed Ins vast fortune. In this last act of ' this prosperous and good man's lile he showed him- 1 sell a irue man, his children were entitled f# the products of his enterprise ?they have received it without stint, limit or condition, and cither ol them may be considered ns wealthy as any citizen of our Btale. ThesonofMr. R idgway ten true American nobleman?so plain, unassuming and unpretending , in his manners Hnd deportment, that he might well he mistaken for a gentleman of htunhlr lortune. 1 One of his daught-rs is the wife of Dr. James Rush, a man of science and high reputation in his profession He is the son of the celebrated Dr. Rush, late of tliiscitv. Mrs. Rush is well known for her benevolence and extended charities; site is a lady of i commanding intellect, and great sprightliness of character? the leader in fashionable life; yet never forgets the poor. The other daughter of Mr. Ridgwayisthe widow of Mr. Roach, who was a country gentleman, and has lived lor the last few years a country life; she is said to be betrothed to Dr. J. Rhea Barton, our successful and far-famed surgeon. We have thus given a brief history of the life of Mr. Ridgway. Ol the loading traits of his character and kindness to the virtuous |>oor, we speak from personal observation and a limited acquaintance for the last few years. Rut a few weeks before his death, he was in perfect health; tie was injured in walking along the street, by m 1 pair of horses attached to a vehicle running away; | He was taken home, and within a week we called < at his office to enquire after Ins health, and was - urprised to find him sitting in his usudl seat, and in t tine spirits. We expressed pleasure an.I surprise at 'his, when he replied that lie was not seriously in- ? jured, and shewed us a gash on his head caused by the accident re ferred to. He was in a lew < ays i after confined to his bed, and we never saw him f more. We attended his funeral, which was in per- 1 lect keeping with the plain dignity ol his life. We , ?aw there the Ex-Preaidcnt of the United States, LD. Frlea Two Con*. Fohn Qmncy Adains, his Secretary ot Stale, Richir?i Rush; the Ex-Minister to Russia, the Honorible George M. Dallas; Horace Rmney, Charles Dliauncey, Joaiah Randall, l'avid Paul Brown, and Itichnrd Willing, Enquire*, and many other of our noei distinguished citizens. The coffin was plain; in the breast wan a silver plate, with thin inscription; JACOB HIDOWTAV, Died April 30, 1H43. In '.be 76th year of hi* age. t His remains were conveyed to Laurel Hill Cem etery and deposited in the family vault. Rrquittcat in Pace. Hamilton. Mr. Brnnktt Permit me to correct an err-neons statement which apt<eared yesterday, respecting Dr. J. M. Greene, ot the navy. The accusation of the Coroner being founded in error, and injustice to himself and to Dr. G., he will no doubt acknowledge this, when apprised ot the lacta. Dr. G. did not even give the certificate, nor had be any thing to do with the removal ol the body. Nothing rude or ungentlemunly was observed in Dr G's deportment. Justice. Sandwich Island*?On the night pravioui to the cei ioo of the Sandwich Gland*, while the city ot Honolulu lay expose I to thu guns of the Bri i?h Irigate, and the au tnonnea 01 me island* wore deliberating what to (to in the extr- mity to which they wete driven, the Kin g requested the attend,nice of 'he American and French reaideuta, and od'eied at day break to hoist the American and French Ittga, declare hit under the Joint protection of those pow eiH, mid risk the Aire of Lord I'aulet and bisGovernment, if the residents would assure him 01 the supi?'-rtoi e itecilve countries, or the American flag alone, il the American citizens thought (hat ou> government would come to his assistance The French Consul ,nid lasidents w ere disposed to give him the assurance on the part of their government, hut the Americans hesitated, and finally declared that they were afraid to pledge the ' lined rttnttes as it hud never been the policy ot our government to acquire colonial possession*. Captain Long, alto, of the Boston, pursued a cautious policy, and declined to do auy thing for the defence of the town in the event of its attack bv Lord Paulet. And so our colony?for such, in tact, it may he considered, as it derived its civilization, its commercial importance, its schools, its churches, its religion, all frorr. our country, as itspiopsrty of greutest value belong to our citizvns, as enr whaling vessetato the number of two hundred a year, resort thither as to homo ports, anil as its people always looked to this country ns its friend anil proti etor : anil so those islands, having such claims upon us, and we upon them, anpculing in vain lor our assistance, passed under the dominion ot Great Britain II any thing wore wanting, to show that the demands for protended injuries which Lord Pauiet presented, were any thing more than pretencas, designed to hide, hut really exposing and increasing the iniquity of his real errand?which was to rifle the islands ot their independence?we might mention a great many circumstances which huve not yet appeared in print, all going to show that so tar from having any injuries to complain ol, Great Britain hersoll bad long been an aggressor in tba island*, and apparently bent upon picking a quarrel in the prosecution of winch she might do what she ha* now done.? For example, the British Consul, Simpson, who, it will he remembered, was stated in the letter which we published lust week to have run away in debt, and left an individual of very had character to act in his stead, previous to hi* departure, was in the habit of usinir the most in. solent language to the authentic! ol the islands, and otherwise conducting hi sell in u manner to show that lie lelt sure of the protection of hi* government in any outiugo he might commit. Were a diunken English sailor talten up in the night by the police, or an English re. sident sued or his property attached for debt, or did an Englishman in any respect violate the laws oi the islands and redress was sought in the usual way, tha Consul,half drunk, would rush to the Oovernor, with a complaint, and swaggering about the rights of " her majesty's subjects," threaten to send home lor a vessel of war to chastise the islnnds, if Englishmen were not treated with greater consideration In this way the English Consul and residents have been the pest of the islands, and with such sgeuis the British Government has managed to annoy the natives and keep them in constant dread of ita power, at the same time securing to its subjects almost entiro immunity from the penalties and responsibilities kr.own to the laws ul the local government.?AT. O. Built tin. Insurrection in Cuba ? We learn that several Spanish gentlemen, who lelt Havana six days ago, declare they had not heard of an actual insurrection ii< the neighborhood of Santiago de Cuba. Their version of the alary rum thus: The Governor ot Santiago having received information that English abolitionists contemplated making an ex|>edition from Jamaica, with tin intention of creating a servile war on the southern side of Cuba, sent an express to the captain general ill Havana. The lutter thereupon ordered the Spanish vessels of war and steamers then in Havana to repair with due diligence to Santiago. No over act of revolt had occurred.?N. O H'p. Thk Montkrry Affair ?A Mexican |?per, the Ooroiliador. alluding to this affair, says that "the public have already pronounced their judgment, and whilst the United States refrain from condemning in a formal and explicit manner, the conduct of Commodore Jones, until the manifests which he published on landing his force, shall be disavowed officially, a manifesto declaring that his operations were conformable to orders from his superiors, the Mexican Government wilt have reason to doubt the n<luifli rif 11 a Nnrl horn nitioki lio ?*u anrl f nr mis part we shall believe that the attack win made in consequence of a plan iong ago concerted by the U. S. Government." AcyuiTrAt. ok Lewis ? By Saturday morning's mail from the West, we received intell gence of the acquittal of John Lang Lewis, who had been on trial in the Superior Court, charged with being concerned in the late robbery of the Trust Company, at Columbus.?Auguatn Sent,5lh. Navy Orders?Lieut. Charles H Davis, to command ilie V<ndr rhili on the coast survey. Lieut J. McCorrnick, Irom ihe Missouri to the Macedonian. Assistant Surgeon J Hopkinsi n, to Ihe receiving ship at Norfolk. Midshipman W. W. Polk, leave three months Boatswain E. Crocker, leave one month. Tan Canal?The table below exhibit* the amount of article* ahipptd down the canal, on the lit, 3d snd Sd of June:? H'htat. Flour. Pork. Jlohtt. June 1, 8,718 A ,015 63 189 ' 3, tl i?H4 6.130 977 4C* " 8, 10.698 16.SH0 1,939 416 36.496 37 035 3,967 1,006 Amount of toll* received during the *ame time, in 1843. 1843. June 1, 3,676 84 1,671 49 3, 3.380 03 1 633 66 " 3, 8,340 03 3,708 73 14.196 89 6 0)3 86 Total amount ree'd from May 1 to June 3, 1848. $S9 6?>4 t 8 Do do April 30 to June 8, 1843, 86.913 36 lucree?e over la*t year, 68,600 78 ?Jllhany ,1dr. MOIJ8T CftOTON UABDKN. near the Ihainhate RraerVf ir <0 h ?ira?'?The antwr b?r re?i eetfnllt 'Bli'im hu and thr |>tihlie id irrneml, Ih t he h .a open-d the above t'Arden, a d i? i ow r?iilv to lu'Dnh tl em with the l.e?'of Li?tior?. W iuea Pi-gar*, ai d oih?r refreehmeLti. B .on ut* beautifully rna.l- up At low i re-j4 V'J NOAH TUQWVLL. TUB UNDKRHIONRD, W. A 8MBTR. being about to leave for Kinope on or ah tit ihe Bib lost for the pur '.oee <>( irania'tin* ho-iDeaa for the fall aid epriog uait?, oo eommievion "r otherwiee, ami in ei.ding to give hia pari tenia* ttrniion to tlie rnrehate of Pari* faoct gm>da rmsroide>ie?, Brereh r.D'l Belainm la.fa (-a he will vtalt bottiFranee andHolland.) T??|wrtf"tly rt inert the patronage of thoae peraona who intv * i?h to oidrr aurh artr'ee, t aaurin* them that tueh oi den will br promptly attended to, and mill perucn'aily tuifl led; It Pterin* hiwae'f that f om hia known opp otanitiea of being rmniieie, i to In fi I anch demanda, pereora who may mtim Mm wiih -omuii-eiope wih Ire| n > heaita ion "n Ihe euhl-el WAS rttnrna It anhe to hia ftiendt and the public tor the a?ry lib. rtl pa'ionage beafowed tipon him lor a numocr of yeara, and rrapecftVTiy n rjoeeta a eont'nnaoce of it for hia eo-rnanr I. Srhellema. who will reeeiae a 1 bills due to him, and who ? j'l ae'tle any claima that may be outstanding ag >> at I im at 35* Broadway. W A BMBTS. j h'e'nt CCAllPA'8 OIL ?Tt e deaf are all ee >Venug th ir h<arif ( VJ by the me oi t i? medicim?there ean heaodoabtot it. proofs sr^ coiriDg from rjtiirtor oT fhc connrrv, n i 017 i?i ti r form of letters, ctr'incites *?d on! feitiraomes. *ut in thi* nh p* nnrood bunk nor?-i or hard rai ?indeed, ?n immroit fntnot h*t "eon sold,? nd ih- sales ire daiN lucreesing Those who Mil car tro?r p?ts. hate d cUred war iffiio 1 OlJ {^cirua? bif it it of no n?e, those who hare hee* cared b/ hit O I?a host, are all on hit tide. Physician* and 0?rf aous highly recommend its n *. Po d try A B.AD Sards, Dmfftsts, ff>. 79 Fallon street; 77 Kisr Broadway: 271 Broadway. j7 3l*?c ETWffffF, VTOS. 175k !? refpeeifallv incites the citizena L> 0f -\.w y ,rg, m l mraouf fiom abroad whn mar be 10joarnioK >ti ihe etiv. to calf at h? ronmnaud emnine the mn?norer r ciroen, of l)j|tnerre<ityi>e Portraits, grnape, toil iketehee whien bo if nowe ?hibi'ii>g gwrniitrn-ly. dr Wliit* If the manefmf? T of i new, aeperb, and costly ippir'tav, or which he i? Aeblrd to tike the litrurMofa ehole family, ?rgrnii|i of m$t<t of iro nertoe, ?t one ti oe, >ml in 4 manner to perfect, iiraphie, and distinct n to equal in u>i estarce the mnar beautiful and liniihtd cot p-rplate, ireel, ir wtt )'int ngiavmg. IViilii u: de.or tic to (I -rn^a'e from the nrerenicm of o her Cr.1'1 or, of ihe rhotoaraph'e rt, ? e teartvaal* ch-llrnt-a he eoo'e world in p mtiice pertr - i'j of the iit*,actarirr,ei i atria icviluaof those is Ills eihihitinn, 41 here i. no o h r appari* oi nnse in any part of the globe ei hrrin ea'ent, capacity or 0?t r ,|nl to h i Mr. Wh'te b-gito edd. th't nr.rwilh,tenting the infinite up# iority of lm peiliHiti, and he ?r lux 'h- only person capv il Of pi ('ucine, on a tingle pitta, in a f wtn ondt, correct nd h- aatiful like r??et ol gron| i "f f tn to ten parson,, in chirget are ao eit emely modemfe ? lo place within the e?ch m i> ditid iali of the note limited means, ike abilltr to urcnie a ttuiy ?p en,lid fee timile of thrmtr Ivea and Iriinda. * lusiiuctlotis given in (he D gnerotypc ^cirncr and all lie neeeaaary apparnna tupplied. on raisonsbU term*. )T4ti?*

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